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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 35

December 2015

"What's so funny?" Tobias quickly asks in a curious tone, after enjoying a few minutes sitting next to his brother against the tree, while watching the others playing catch, before hearing his brother chuckle at something.

"Sorry, it's just er... well I know we've talked about it before a couple of times, but I don't know, just sitting here like this, it just reminds me of when we were back in England." Matt responds in a contented tone, as he thinks about the last time they had been under a tree back in England and despite the others being close by, it did almost feel like the old days.

"Oh, well er... I guess so." Tobias quickly responds in a slightly confused tone, before seeing the look on his brothers face. "I'm not kissing you this time though." He then states with a grin, after remembering what had actually happened back in England and despite talking about it a couple of times now, he didn't mind and it was one of his happiest memories, even if he wasn't gay, it was his first kiss and he would never forget it.

"Not even a little one? For old times sake?" Matt quickly retorts with a mock pout, after deciding to have a little fun with his brother. "Oh wow." He then says with a slight blush, after feeling his brothers lips against his own and while he had only been teasing him, he didn't think he would actually kiss him and despite himself, he couldn't help but smile.

"I miss this." Tobias then says with a slight grin, which widens a little bit after he looks down and sees that they were actually holding hands and while it wasn't anything sexual, they had moved beyond those feelings for each other, it was nice and it did give him a sense of calm, that he hadn't felt that much since they had both lived in England.

"Me too and I know we don't spend as much time together as we used to, but I still love you Tobias and I know we're brothers now, but you're still my best friend too." Matt responds with a sincere smile, before looking down and seeing their hands in each others and while it could look a little odd, he was in no hurry to let go and he could tell that his brother felt the same way.

"I sometimes think about whether we would have been boyfriends, you know, if you never moved here and er... well you know." Tobias then decides to say in a slightly shy tone, before blushing a little bit, after realising what he was saying and despite not regretting it, because he didn't, it was still a little embarrassing to say. "Why is that funny?" He then quickly asks in a slightly hurt tone, as he pulls his hand from his brothers and edges away from him a little bit.

"Oh shit, sorry Tobias, it's just that Ben and I were talking about this before we came out and it just made me laugh, sorry." Matt quickly responds in an apologetic tone, as he realises how hurt his brother was by him laughing and the last thing he wanted, was to hurt him.

"Oh, okay." Tobias then says in a relieved tone, he didn't want to be mad at his brother, they had been through too much for that and he just wanted to be happy from now on. "Hey! Wait, you've been talking about us being boyfriends with Ben?" He then quickly asks in a surprised and slightly annoyed tone, as he suddenly realises what his brother had just said and couldn't help but wonder why they would talk about something like that and how it even came up.

"Well not exactly like that, but yeah, it came up and he kind of thought the same as you, that we would have been boyfriends." Matt responds honestly and smiles as he watches his brother moving back next to him and taking his hand back into his own and again, while the others might give them curious looks, he didn't care and when it came to his brother, he never would.

"Don't you?" Tobias decides to ask in a curious tone, because they had talked about it before and he never got the impression that his brother didn't think they would and while it was a little silly talking about it now, because they had both moved past those feelings, it was still interesting and he definitely wanted to see what his brothers response was.

"I think for a while we might have been together, I mean I was around Ben for a couple of years before I realised I liked him and I know we kissed Toobias and I think at the time, you and I loved each other, but I don't think it was like what I have with Ben or what you're starting to have with Lily, so I think we would have done stuff and maybe even tried being boyfriends, but at the same time, I don't think it would have worked out." Matt answers honestly and while there was a bit more to it than that, he was happy to wait for a little while and gauge how his brother took what he had just said, just in case he reacts badly, even if that was unlikely.

"Why wouldn't it work out? I mean I think I know what you mean about the love thing, but I remember the feelings too Matt and they were real and I don't regret them." Tobias asks in response, as he gets a little defensive and although he kind of understood what his brother was saying, he wasn't quite sure he felt the same way, they may not be together now because of how things turned out, but he definitely felt something and while they weren't quite the same as those that he was feeling for his girlfriend now, they weren't that different.

"Because you're straight Tobias and knowing you're straight now, pretty much means you would have turned out the same no matter what happened." Matt responds with a soft smile, as he decides to just be honest and while he didn't think his brother would get upset, he was hoping by smiling, he wouldn't take what he said the wrong way.

"Well er... maybe, but er... I don't know..." Tobias then begins to say, but as he struggles to find the right words, he just trails off and looks at his brother with a slight frown.

"It's okay Tobias, I'm not saying it in a bad way, it's just how it would have ended up and I'm kind of relieved, because if we did mess around and I fell in love with you, it would have hurt when it became obvious you were straight and I wouldn't want to go through that." Matt then says in the same tone, after again deciding to be honest and while he was getting a little nervous about how his brother took his honesty, he wanted to keep the conversation going, especially after thinking about his earlier conversation with his fiancé, just to find out what his brother thought about it.

"Oh." Tobias responds in a quiet tone, as he takes in his brothers words and looks at him curiously. "I might have fallen in love with you too and been gay, I might not have been straight." He then decides to say in a slightly unconvincing tone, after a few moments of silence and while he wasn't that convinced himself, not after experiencing the feelings he had gotten with his girlfriend, compared to the ones his two friends had given him, he still wasn't quite willing to accept that he and his brother could never have been more than they were.

"Come on Tobias, neither of us is that naïve any more, you're either gay or straight and you don't just choose which one you want to be." Matt then says with a slight smile, which turns into a frown as he thinks about what he had just said. "Well okay, there is bisexual people and pansexual and some other things, but you're definitely straight and nothing would have changed that, I mean look what you did with Carter and Wesley, there is no way you would have stopped doing that stuff with them, if you were gay, not a chance." He decides to add, as he tries to make his point a little clearer, because he could tell that his brother wasn't that convinced by his initial response.

"We didn't do..." Tobias then begins to say in a slightly defensive tone, before frowning as his brother interrupts him and while it was annoying, he kind of expected it anyway, as he knew he was trying to deny something that had obviously happened.

"Tobias, you pretty much told me everything that happened, well I'm guessing there is more that you didn't tell me or Ben, so don't try and deny it, because I know you enjoyed yourself and you liked the feelings they gave you a lot and not just the physical stuff and yet you still gave that up so that you could have a girlfriend, which is exactly what would have happened if it was us and we were still in England, it's just the way it is." Matt states in a serious tone, although he makes sure that he was smiling, just so his brother knew that he wasn't trying to make him feel guilty or upset, which he knew was a possibility and something he had to be careful to avoid.

"I wouldn't of hurt you though, not if we were doing stuff, I wouldn't do that to you." Tobias then decides to say in a quiet tone, as he thinks about his brothers words and while they were true, he still wasn't completely convinced that if things were different and neither had come here, they wouldn't be boyfriends, because even though his brother had made some good points, he still felt like things would have been different and while he liked being straight, he didn't exactly hate doing gay things, because he definitely enjoyed what he did with their two friends, he enjoyed it a lot.

"Come on Tobias, I liked you a lot and the fact that I fell in love with Ben, pretty much means I would have fallen in love with you too and you would have liked me back, just like you like Carter and Wesley, but it wouldn't have been real love, not the kind that I might have felt for you or that I feel for Ben and you're starting to feel for Lily, so it would have never worked and I know it sucks what happened to us both since we kissed under that tree, it sucks so much and I hate so much of it Tobias, but I'm also kind of happy that I did move, because it meant that we're still friends and well even better than friends, we're actually brothers now and I love being your brother, so I know it's weird and stuff, but even though I think we would have been amazing boyfriends, it just wasn't meant to be." Matt then states from the heart and while it was a little longer than he had planned, he was hoping his friend would take it the right way and not get offended or upset.

"I guess I get it and well it doesn't really matter, does it?" Tobias then asks in a slightly distracted tone, as he thinks about his brothers words and how their lives had changed and more specifically, his family, who he still missed and were the main focus of most of his nightmares still.

"I guess not, but I still think about the past and what our lives were like and what they might be like now, if things were different." Matt responds in a thoughtful tone, as he thinks about their time in England, while at the same time looking over to their friends and his fiancé. "We could go for a walk and somewhere more private if you want." He then suggests with a sad smile, after looking back at his brother and seeing his expression and while he wasn't crying, he knew him too well to know that he was a little upset and thinking over what he had said a few minutes ago, he was pretty sure he knew what was on his mind and he couldn't help but feel like an idiot for not choosing his words more carefully.

"I'm okay." Tobias quickly responds in an unconvincing tone, before looking up and seeing his brothers expression. "It's just hard sometimes Matt, because I sometimes think about things like you and our lives, but whenever I do that, I think about my family and I know I have all of you now and I love you all and I'm happy here Matt, sometimes really, really happy, but I still miss my family and I always will." He then decides to say and while he wasn't telling his brother the complete truth, it was enough and it wasn't a lie, he just didn't want to get upset and ruin the rest of the day, because he was having fun and despite the conversation they were having bringing up his family, he was enjoying it and he always liked talking with his brother like this, even if they didn't do it as often as they probably could do.

"Sorry for making you think about them." Matt then says in a sincere tone, as he shuffles a little closer to his brother and puts his arm over his shoulder. "We will go back to England soon Tobias, I promise." He then decides to say in a warm tone, as he rests his head against his brothers and looks over to the others, who all seemed to be having a lot of fun.

"I know, but I'm not going back without you." Tobias responds in a contented tone, as he manages to squeeze his arm around his brothers waist and enjoys how close they were, as he looks over to his friends and despite feeling sad about his family, he couldn't help but smirk a little as he watches his friends bums in their tight shorts.

"Gayest straight boy ever." Matt then says in a teasing tone, after feeling his brother move a little and looking down to see him adjusting himself, which didn't take a genius to figure out what he was looking at or to be more precise, who he was looking at.

"I can't help it, I really like them and it's confusing sometimes." Tobias then decides to say in response, as he thinks about their friends and despite knowing he wasn't gay and that he loved his girlfriend, he also found them attractive and he had had more than a few naughty dreams about them, even after getting a girlfriend.

"I don't really understand it Tobias, but I guess it's okay, as long as you three have stopped messing around, because even if you weren't going out with Lily, it was still a little weird, especially since they're a couple, I mean if you three were all single and just experimenting, it would be okay I guess, but they are a couple and well it was a little weird." Matt then says in a slightly awkward tone, because while he knew it was up to his brother and friends what they did, he still thought it was wrong and his fiancé agreed with him, so they were definitely happy that they had stopped messing around together.

"I guess so." Tobias quickly responds with a half smile, as he continues to look over to the others. "Apart from Ben and I guess me as well, have you ever thought about any of the others, you know like er... well you know, like naughty stuff?" He then decides to ask in a curious tone, as he thinks about what they're talking about and how it was a good way to get his mind off his family, at least until they went home and he could let himself get upset about them.

"Honestly?" Matt quickly asks in response, as he looks over to their friends and his fiancé with a little smirk.

"Yeah, I mean I know you love Ben and you two said you only liked each other, but er... well our friends are really er... well you know, cute and pretty." Tobias response in a shy tone and even though he knew his brother wasn't looking at him, he couldn't help but blush a little bit as well.

"Seriously gay." Matt then quickly teases, before feeling his brother leaning away from him and he couldn't help but giggle at the look on his face and when he starts pouting, he couldn't help but giggle even more.

"Smelly Head." Tobias then half mumbles, as he blushes even more and while he was actually enjoying the teasing a little bit, it was still embarrassing and it did make him wonder if his brothers and friends would ever stop saying that to him.

"Okay, okay, but er... well I don't know if I would say I would want to fool around with them, because I don't think I would, but I guess I've thought about Carter and Wesley a couple of times and Peter is kind of cute, well in a weird way, but still cute and I like how clumsy he is." Matt then decides to say, after taking a few moments to compose himself and while he really did only like his fiancé in that way, he had had a few dreams about their friends and it was kind of sexy, even if he would never actually do that kind of thing with them.

"Peter? Really?" Tobias then quickly asks in a surprised tone and while he kind of guessed his brother would say Carter and Wesley, because they were really close friends and really hot, but he was expecting him to say Jordan or maybe even Alex, but not Peter, who wasn't ugly or anything like that, in fact he had actually had a naughty dream about him once, but it didn't make what his brother say any less surprising.

"Yeah, I mean he's cute, especially since he got his eyebrows sorted out and his bum sticks out and I like that too." Matt answers honestly and while he knew this was a bit weird to talk about, he was just happy to see his brother smiling, especially after almost causing him to breakdown by bringing up his family. "What about you and you can't say Carter or Wesley either." He then decides to ask in a curious tone and while he probably didn't need to exclude their two friends, he didn't want to give his brother a chance to get out of answering his question, especially since he just revealed that he kind of thought Peter was cute.

"I don't know, I kind of thought about everyone I guess." Tobias responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, as he looks back over to the others. "But I guess, I like Peter too, not as much as Carter or Wesley, but he's kind of small like me and Carter and I like that." He then decides to add, after thinking about his answer a little bit more and realising that he had kind of dodged it a little bit and his brothers expression after glancing back at him, just confirmed that.

"We better not let Alex hear us talking about Peter though, he might get a little paranoid." Matt decides to say after a few moments, he was a little surprised by his brother saying Peter as well and while he couldn't exactly question it, because he had just said Peter as well, he was sure he would have said Jordan, the two of them seemed to have become decent friends and because they both had girlfriends, the friendship was a little different from from all the others, so he was definitely more than a little surprised by his choice.

"Do you think they will be boyfriends again?" Tobias then decides to ask in a thoughtful tone, as he looks over to their friends and while Peter and Alex had talked a little and seemed to have fun together, he could tell that they were still awkward around each other and it made him a little sad, because he knew they made each other happy before and now they were barely even friends, so he was hoping they would get back to how things were before, because he liked seeing his friends happy.

"Honestly, I don't know Tobias, because while Alex definitely wants to be boyfriends again, Peter is still not sure and if he doesn't want to, than there is nothing anyone can do to change it." Matt responds honestly, before sighing a little bit, after thinking about their two friends playing together and while it was obvious Alex was doing his best to give Peter space, it was just as obvious how much it hurt him to have to be like that around him and he really did wish things were different.

"Yeah, I guess so, but it's still not fair and I hope Jarred gets put in prison, I don't like him and I'm going to punch him in the nose if I see him again." Tobias then states in a serious tone and while he knew he probably sounded a little stupid, he meant what he said and also knew that he would probably do a lot more than just punch him in the nose.

"So how's Lily?" Matt then asks with a smile, as he decides to change the subject and even though he felt the same way about Jarred, it wasn't the kind of conversation he wanted to have, they had had enough serious and upsetting conversations and today was meant to be about having fun, so he was keen to change to something more light hearted and as his brother begins to respond, he cuddles up to him a little bit more.

"So you did do it?" Patrick asks in a stunned tone, as he sits opposite his best friend and while he had heard about what happened, he still hadn't quite believed it completely, especially since it involved Ryan and he wasn't sure how to react now.

"I didn't know what they were going to do something like that, I just thought we were going to scare them and then leave." Barry responds in a quiet tone, as he struggles to look at his best friend, who was just staring at him in disbelief.

"Just scare them? Why would you even do that Barry, we're meant to all be friends and friends don't do that, especially with people like Jarred and Ryan, what the hell were you thinking?" Patrick couldn't help but ask in response, as he just shakes his head at his best friend and again, finds himself wondering what the hell he was thinking, because it made no sense at all.

"Friends? We haven't been friends with them since Matt was attacked by his dad and you know it Patrick, we've barely spent any time with them since he got out of hospital and moved into their new house." Barry quickly responds in an annoyed tone, before looking down at the table in embarrassment, after seeing the look on his friends face and knew that he wasn't impressed at all.

"Okay, so we aren't close like we used to be, so what, friends grow apart and we were still best friends, so you don't go trying to be friends with pricks like Ryan and Jarred, so you can get whatever you were trying to get from hurting Peter and Alex, it's stupid and moronic Barry and you know it." Patrick states in an angry tone, as he stares at his best friend and while he was struggling to decide what to do about their friendship, he definitely wanted to try and figure out what he was even thinking, because he wasn't stupid and he had never done anything like this before.

"But they told me it was just to scare them, they never said anything about hurting them or kidnapping Peter, I wouldn't have helped them if I knew they were going to do that, you know me Patrick and I'm not like that." Barry then quickly states in a defensive tone, as he tries to justify what he did and while he knew he wasn't exactly lying, he was hoping to convince his best friend that he wasn't a bad person, even if he didn't believe it himself any more.

"Like that makes it any better Barry, they were our friends and okay, I guess we were never really friends with Peter or Alex, but still, you actually agreed to mess with them and you even used their trust to help Jarred and Ryan, which is just fucked up Barry and you know it." Patrick then states in a firm tone, as he continues to stare at his best friend and watches as he slowly looks back up at him with a self pitying expression.

"I know." Barry responds meekly and while he wanted to try and pretend that it wasn't his fault, he could tell that his best friend wasn't going to buy it and he just felt even worse about what had happened and knew he was going to be in trouble soon, because there was no way Jarred wasn't going to tell everyone how he had helped him and when that happened, he knew everyone would hate him.

"Why do it though, why even agree to help scare Alex and Peter, I mean sure, Alex has been a bit of a prick to us and even bullied us a little bit, but that was years ago and while Peter was in that group of idiots, we all knew he was just trying to protect himself, so I don't get it Barry, why do it?" Patrick then decides to ask in a warmer tone, as he really tries his best to give his best friend a chance to explain himself, because their friendship was hanging by a thread and unless he was honest and gave some kind of explanation that made sense, he knew he could never trust him again.

"Because it's not fair Patrick." Barry quickly responds in a bitter tone, as he thinks about his reasons behind what he did and while he was more than a little ashamed of using it at an excuse, it was the truth and he still didn't think it was fair how things had turned out.

"What's not fair?" Patrick just as quickly asks in response, as he looks at his best friend and wonders what he was talking about, because while he had no idea what his motive was, he wasn't expecting that answer, which didn't really make any sense to him at all.

"How Peter and Alex got to be their friends and how Alex even has a room at Matt and Ben's, yet we pretty much get frozen out, we were their friends since we started school and they don't even invite us to do anything any more and it's not fair, just because we didn't visit Matt in hospital, we still asked Ben and the others how he was, but compared to what Alex did to us over the years and he even hurt Carter really badly earlier this year and he's still allowed to be their friend and it's not fair, what he's done is worse than anything we've done and you know it Patrick." Barry answers honestly, in an angry and pissed off tone, as he decides to just get it off his chest and even though he knew it didn't justify what he had done, well maybe if it had been just scaring them, he still felt like he was making a good point and he could tell by his best friends expression, that he wasn't the only one.

"We aren't frozen out." Patrick then responds after a few moments of silence and while his best friend kind of had a point, he knew he was over exaggerating when it came to how close they were to their friends now.

"So that's why we saw them all down the park playing and we didn't get invited?" Barry then quickly retorts sarcastically and while it was a little childish and he knew he shouldn't really be trying take any kind of morale high ground, he couldn't help himself and he knew he had a good point, because when they had walked past the park, he could see his best friend was a little annoyed, so he definitely couldn't deny it now.

"Okay sure, it was annoying and I was angry too Barry, but Peter and Alex were both there and they knew you were involved with what happened now, so do you really think they would invite you to play with them?" Patrick answers in a slightly annoyed tone, after taking almost a minute to respond to his best friend, because while he knew why they weren't invited and he couldn't blame their friends for it, it still hurt a little bit and it also made him resent his best friend a little bit, because it was because of him, that he hadn't been invited and it was annoying.

"But we were their friends first, not..." Barry then begins to protest, before quickly trailing off and blushing, after seeing the look on his best friends face and didn't need to be a genius to know what he was going to say.

"Yeah and we fucked up Barry, not just you, but we, because we should have visited Matt and not just at the hospital, but when he first went home as well, we didn't even call or text him, so we fucked up and we ended up not being as close to them any more and that sucked Barry, it really did, but we still talked to them and things were getting better, plus we made a few new friends, who I actually really like and yeah, Alex and Peter getting to be their friend like that have been, is a little hard to accept, especially Alex, but still, they had their reasons and it's not up to us how people think and who they are friends with." Patrick quickly states almost angrily, because while they were both equally to blame, things were starting to get back to normal or at least as normal as they could be and his best friend had definitely ruined it completely now and he was really struggling with what he should do.

"Yeah, but..." Barry then begins to protest again, but this time he is quickly interrupted by his best friend and he could only just stop himself from looking down at the table in shame again and knew that he was close to losing his best and only friend.

"Just shut up Barry, you fucking helped two people we hate, almost kill Alex and kidnap Peter, so don't try and make fucking excuses, because you fucked up and you need to grow up and just stop trying to make excuses, because no one is going to feel sorry for you, not after what you did and if Ryan decides to tell people what he made you do for him, then you're going to be a laughing stock as well." Patrick quickly states in an angry and unimpressed tone, as he looks at his best friend and again, found himself considering if he could even be his friend any more, because there was a part of him that wanted to just walk away, but they had been friends since before either of them could talk, so it wasn't as simple as just walking away and it was the reason he was trying to give him a chance to explain himself.

"I didn't know they were going to hurt them, I promise." Barry responds meekly, as he looks down at the table and signs, he knew it wasn't an excuse and the more he said it, the more pathetic he felt, even though it was the truth. "Wait! What do you mean what Ryan made me do?" He then quickly asks in a surprised and slightly horrified tone, as he realising what his best friend had just said and while he had hinted to his friend that Ryan was bullying him, he had never told him how and the way he just said what he did, he knew he knew more than he had told him and he could feel himself blushing.

"Who do you think got him to leave you alone." Patrick responds almost coldly, as he stares at his best friend, he had thought he was helping a friend and he gave up something pretty massive to get him out of the mess he got himself into, but he was definitely doubting whether it was worth it now, especially since he was learning more and more about what his best friend had actually done and it just added to the growing resentment, he now felt towards him.

"But I er... what did he tell you?" Barry then decides to ask in a nervous tone, as he tries to work out whether his best friend actually knew what he had been made to do or if he was just being paranoid, because if he was being paranoid, the last thing he wanted, was to actually tell him the truth, because that was too humiliating.

"Nothing much Barry, but it was obviously something bad and probably humiliating, so we can leave it at that, unless you want to tell me." Patrick responds in a more sympathetic tone, as he sees how embarrassed and humiliated his friend was right now and despite still being angry at him, he knew what Jarred and Ryan were like and he could actually see how they could manipulate him, even if it still didn't justify what he had done.

"Does it matter? You hate me and everyone else will too when they find out what I did." Barry responds in a self pitying tone, before sniffling and rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

"I don't hate you Barry, but when everyone finds out what you did, even though you might have been tricked into it, people are going to be angry, you had to have know they would be, you aren't stupid." Patrick responds with a soft smile, he could see this was hard for his friend, but despite feeling sorry for him, he had brought it on himself and he deserved to be given a hard time, it was only fair in his mind.

"I know." Barry then says in a meek tone, before forcing himself to look at his best friend again and while he still looked a little angry, he was still here and it gave him a little hope that he might somehow, still have a friend after this is all over.

"Have the police spoken to you yet?" Patrick then decides to ask in a curious tone and even though he was still debating whether he could stay friends with him, he was also curious about what might happen to him as well, because everyone had heard that Jarred was in serious trouble and could even go to juvenile detention, but so far he hadn't heard much about his best friend or even more surprisingly, what was going on with Ryan, because he hadn't really been mentioned at all and he couldn't understand why.

"I have to speak to them again tomorrow, but it's just an interview and I have to give an official statement." Barry responds in a surprised tone, as he looks up at his best friend and wonders why he had changed the subject, because while he wasn't going to complain, it was still surprising and he wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not.

"But they know you helped Jarred and Ryan." Patrick quickly states in a confused tone, as he wonders how his best friend was only giving a statement, because surely he should be arrested or something, not that he wanted him to be, they were still best friends, well for now anyway, but he still expected him to get in some serious trouble.

"Well er... they do, but well it's complicated I guess and er... they don't really know about Ryan." Barry then says in a quiet tone, as he struggles to not look away from his friend, who he could tell was now even more confused.

"They don't know about Ryan? How can they not know about Ryan, you told me that Jarred and him tricked you into it." Patrick then quickly asks in a dumbfounded tone, as he tries to understand what his best friend was telling him, because there was no way that the police didn't know about Ryan, it just wasn't possible.

"I don't know, but I can't tell them and I think Jarred won't either." Barry answers as honestly as he dared to, he still wasn't completely sure what his best friend knew about what Ryan had been making him do and he really didn't want him to know, he just wouldn't be able to look him in the eyes any more.

"You have to Barry, you're going to be in trouble, so he shouldn't get away with it, especially if he tricked you into it." Patrick then quickly states in a confused tone, as he tries to work out why his best friend wouldn't want to tell people about Ryan, because it didn't make any sense not to.

"Just stop it Patrick, I'm not going to tell them and I don't care what you say." Barry then quickly states in an increasingly upset tone, as he looks at his best friend pleadingly, he didn't want to tell him why and he was praying that he would push it.

"What did he do to you?" Patrick then decides to ask in a serious tone, as he looks into his best friends eyes and ignores the pleading looks he was giving him, because while it was obvious he didn't want to tell him, he wasn't going to let him get off that easily, not if he wanted him to still be his friend.

"No." Barry quickly responds in a quiet and meek tone, before staring back down at the table in shame.

"Either tell me Barry, or I'm walking out of here and we won't be friends any more." Patrick then states in a serious and firm tone, as he decides to change tactics and while it was definitely mean and harsh, his best friend had put himself in this position and if he wanted to at least have one friend at the end of all of this, he needed to be completely honest about everything that happened.

"But, I er... but..." Barry then begins to try and protest, but as he reluctantly looks up to his best friend, he trails off and blushes even more. "He beat me up until I got naked when he told me to and he made me do things when I was naked." He then says barely above a whisper, as he feels tears running down his cheeks and quickly looks down in shame, he just knew his best friend would hate him now and was half expecting him to start laughing at him.

"He made you..." Patrick eventually begins to respond in a stunned tone, after almost two minutes of silence, but as he tries to think of what to say, he just trails off for a few moments. "He didn't make you do er... you know er... he didn't touch you or make you touch him, did he?" He then somehow manages to ask, as his sympathy for his best friend, quickly begins to turn to anger for the other boy, who would pay if he hurt his best friend like that, because there was no way he would let him get away with it, no way at all.

"Patrick, I don't..." Barry begins to plead in protest again, but quickly trails off for a few seconds. "Nothing like that, well not really, he made me get naked and get a hard on a couple of times, but he mainly just got me to clean his room and er... some times I had to lick his shoes or feet, but er... well nothing er... you know er... not sex stuff." He then says in a mortified tone, with a look to go with it, as he decides to just be honest, well as honest as he wanted to, because there were a couple of other things, but nothing really bad, well at least nothing sexual anyway.

"You have to tell the police Barry, you have to." Patrick then states in an angry tone, as he thinks about what his best friend had just said and while he was relieved that it wasn't anything sexual, it was still bad and he definitely wasn't going to let Ryan get away with this, although he knew he had to be careful, so he really was hoping his best friend would tell the police about him, instead of having to figure out how to make him pay on his own.

"I can't." Barry quickly responds sadly, before sniffling and holding his head in his hands, he hated himself and knew he deserved it, but it was still hard to accept and he knew that it was only going to get worse.

"Why not?" Patrick then asks in a confused tone, as he again wonders why his best friend seemed so unwilling to get the other boy into trouble and wanted to try and understand why.

"He has photos and videos of me doing the stuff he made me do and I'm naked in most of them and doing embarrassing stuff Patrick and if he gets in trouble and he thinks it was me that told on him, then he's going to put them on the internet and everyone will see them Patrick everyone and I can't Patrick, I can't and you can't, you have to promise Patrick, you have to." Barry quickly answers in a panicked tone, as he gets to his feet and looks at his best friend pleadingly, with tears running down his face, he just couldn't bare people to see what Ryan had made him do, it was too humiliating and he knew he couldn't handle it.

"Fucking hell Barry, how could you let him do that to you, you stood up to your dad and he put you in hospital, so how they hell did Ryan get you to do that stuff and film it?" Patrick quickly asks in a dumbfounded tone, as he looks at his best friend and despite still being angry at him, he couldn't help but feel sorry for him and while he still had doubts, looking at him right now, he knew there was no way he could abandon him, they were basically family and even though he would get some stick for it and probably abuse, he was going to stick by him.

"Because I got scared, when they told me about what they were going to do, I was just meant to get in Alex's house and open the back door, then they were going to scare Peter and Alex and maybe tie them up or something and humiliate them, you know like leave them tied up naked and something like that, then Jarred hit Peter really hard and then Alex came down and Jarred hit him as well and then we ran, but when I looked back, they had Peter and I got scared and then we took him to some place I've never been before and when I said I was going to tell someone, they told me that it was my fault and I would get in trouble, but I didn't really believe that, but then they said that without me, they wouldn't have even been able to get in the house, so it's my fault Patrick and I got scared and I didn't want anyone to hate me, but then they started to hit me and push me and stuff and get me to get them stuff and I was just..." Barry begins to answer as best as he could, but as he begins to cry and struggle to keep going, he feels himself being hugged tightly.

"You're an idiot Barry and you really fucked up, but you have me and we will deal with whatever happens." Patrick states from the heart, as he thinks about what he was saying and even though it will be tough, probably tougher than he can even imagine, he was going to be there for his best friend and more importantly, he was going to make sure Ryan paid for what he did.

Two Hours Later

"I'm half tempted to send you back over there, just so you can tell Ben to get a grip and stop sending someone over here to talk to me, I'm not a baby." Matt states in an amused tone, after looking up to see his friend standing awkwardly in front of him and while he was actually glad to see that it was him, he was a little annoyed that his fiancé kept sending someone over to talk to him, even though it was a little sweet as well, it was still slightly annoying.

"He would probably ignore that and send two of us at a time." Peter responds with a shy smile, as he struggles to decide whether he should sit down now or wait until his friend tells him to sit down.

"So I take it, that you guys know what he's doing as well." Matt then says with a wry smile, as he glances between his friend and over to his fiancé with a shake of the head. "Just sit down Peter, you don't need to wait for my permission." He then states in an amused tone, he loved how awkward his friend was and he was glad that despite what he had been through, he hadn't really changed that much, well he had, but he was still the same boy he was before, he just needed a bit more time.

"Okay." Peter responds with a smile, before sitting down and looking across to their friends playing. "I didn't just come here because Ben asked me." He then decides to say, after sitting in silence for a few moments and thinking about what his friend had joked about and while he had come over when he was asked to, he had wanted to come over and sit down for a while anyway.

"I know and I appreciate it, it's fun just watching, but it's nice to talk to someone as well." Matt responds with a smile, as he glances at his friend and then looks back over to his fiancé, who just like every other time he sent someone over, kept trying to sneak looks over without being noticed, which was quite amusing and kind of sweet.

"I remember quite a lot now and I remember you getting tired a lot quicker before, than you have done today." Peter then says with a sincere smile, he liked his friend and he was glad that he was getting better, even if he still felt sorry for him, because it must be hard to have to sit and watch, instead of being able to play all the time like everyone else.

"Yeah, I've worked hard and I could probably play more, but to be honest Peter, I kinda of like watching you guys play and even more honestly, I like being lazy sometimes." Matt then says with a cheeky smile, as he looks across to his friend and quickly giggles at his expression.

"So wait, you haven't been getting too tired to play?" Peter quickly asks in a surprised and slightly suspicious tone, as he tries to work out if his friend was just joking around or actually being serious.

"I would say it's around fifty/fifty." Matt quickly responds with the same cheeky smile. "Don't look at me like that, I work hard Peter and while I like playing, sometimes it's just nice to take a break and watch for a little while and I get to talk to you guys one on one for a bit, which is kind of nice too." He then states in a more serious tone, after seeing his friends expression and quickly working out what he was thinking, which while he could have felt annoyed about, he actually found quite amusing and he knew if their roles were reversed, than he would have probably been thinking the same thing.

"Does Ben know?" Peter then decides to ask in a curious tone, as he looks over to their friends and could see Ben looking over to them curiously for a few moments, before he turns back to the others and continues to play with them.

"Sometimes he's asked me after we go home, but he doesn't mind, he knows how hard I work on my physio and stuff, so it's not like I'm being completely lazy and avoiding playing, so he gets it." Matt answers honestly, as he thinks about how his fiancé had confronted him after a while and it made him smile at how annoyed he was at first, before thinking about it and then getting all embarrassed for thinking the worst, which he had enjoyed teasing him about.

"It must be nice to have someone care about you like he does, I mean I know our families love us, but they're family, so they kind of have to, but when it's someone that's er... well er... you know er... well it's different you know." Peter then tries to say with a shy smile, but as he stumbles on his words, he couldn't help but blush a little, although he was relieved to see that while his friend was smiling at him, it wasn't a mean smile and it helped him relax a little bit.

"It's okay, I know what you mean and you're right, but it's not just because he's my fiancé Peter, which I know is special, but when I think of people like Mitch and Mike, they don't have to care about me, I mean sure I'm in love with Ben, but they could just tolerate me and be civil and stuff, but they don't do that, they actually care about me and I know they love me, maybe not quite the same as they do Ben, but they love me and they love Tobias, so yeah, it's nice and it makes me feel safe and cared for." Matt responds from the heart, as he thinks about his friends words and while the love between him and his fiancé was special, it didn't make the others any less special, just different, which wasn't a bad thing, not in his mind anyway.

"I think I make Alex sad." Peter then says in a quiet tone, as he looks over to their friend and while he had pretty much remembered everything now, he still didn't remember them being boyfriends and he wasn't sure what that meant, because surely if he did love him, than he would remember, which made him wonder if there was a reason that he couldn't remember and the idea that it was something like that, made him feel a little nervous and awkward around him.

"You still don't remember? Not even a little bit?" Matt decides to ask in response, after realising why his friend had probably wanted to come and sit with him and while he didn't really know if he could help, he wanted to and he was going to try his best.

"It's just so frustrating Matt, I remember almost everything else, I mean not everything because no one can do that, but when it comes to Alex, I just remember us hanging around and being friends, that's it." Peter answers honestly, before sighing and slumping back against the tree a little bit more.

"Do you remember him telling you that he loved you and stuff, you know like way before you two became boyfriends?" Matt then decides to ask in a curious tone, as he tries to jog his friends memory, because he knew he remembered some stuff that happened just before they became boyfriends and he knew Alex had basically told Peter he loved him way before that, so he was hoping something might click in his friends mind.

"Kind of, I mean I remember us hanging around and I would catch him giving me these weird looks, but that doesn't help Matt, because I know he loves me and I must have liked him back, but I don't have any of those feelings and it's just frustrating." Peter answers with another sigh, as he stares across the park and sees their friends having fun and while he had enjoyed himself as well, it was still a little awkward.

"I've seen you staring at him though Peter and they weren't normal stares, they were the kind of stares that Ben and I used to give each other before we even realised we liked each other, so maybe you do still feel those feelings, but for whatever reason, you just can't remember them." Matt then decides to say in a slightly awkward tone, as he tries to think of something that would help his friend, but even as he finishes talking, he could tell that it wasn't quite as reassuring as he had hoped it would be.

"But what if the reason I can't remember them, is because something..." Peter then begins to respond in a nervous tone, before trailing off as he struggles to find the right words to describe how he was feeling.

"You can trust me Peter, because while I want you both to be happy and together, if something is wrong, you can tell me." Matt then decides to say in a sincere tone, as he shifts a little, so that he was facing his friend and could gauge how he was really feeling a little easier.

"Matt, what if the reason I can't remember, is because I don't want to remember, what if for whatever reason, my mind doesn't want to be gay or have a boyfriend." Peter responds in a quiet tone, as he looks at his friend shyly, before glancing over to their friends and Alex in particular, who seemed to be having a lot of fun, which did make him feel a little happy inside, even if he was still feeling frustrated about not being able to remember them being together.

"Only you can answer that, but you must feel something, because you do stare at him Peter, so I don't know, if you look at him now and er... well don't think about anything, you know like how you were boyfriends or not being able to remember being together, just look at him and tell me how you feel, just give it a try." Matt then decides to suggest with a sympathetic smile and while he didn't really have any idea what he was talking about or if it would even work, he wanted to try something and he had been reading quite a few psychology books recently with his fiancé, which after what had happened to them, were actually quite interesting, so he wanted to try and use that to help his friend.

"I've been doing that since you all convinced me that Jarred was lying to me Matt, but I still can't remember anything." Peter then says after a few moments of silence, as he continues to look at his friend and again, despite the nice feelings he got from seeing him happy, it still didn't make it any less confusing or frustrating.

"You looked like you were having fun when you were playing and you invited him to spend the day with you in a couple of days, so that has to count for something Peter." Matt then says in a curious tone, after deciding to change tactics and try a different approach, because he knew that he must have asked him for a reason and he was hoping if they talked about it, it could make him remember something about being boyfriends.

"I like being his friend, even if it is weird sometimes Matt, but I don't know, I kind of feel guilty as well and er... he's kind of cute and I think he's funny I guess." Peter responds with a shy smile, although as soon as he looks back at his friend, he couldn't help but frown a little bit. "I know Matt, but it still doesn't make me want to be his boyfriend and it doesn't help me remember anything, it's annoying and I don't understand why I can't remember being gay or having a boyfriend, it doesn't make any sense." He then quickly states in a frustrated tone, after seeing the hopefulness on his friends face and knew what he was thinking, but as much as he tried, he just couldn't remember.

"Have you tried kissing him?" Matt then quickly asks in a curious tone, after deciding to change tactics again and while he really had no idea what he was doing, he was sure that by the law of averages, he was bound to suggest something that would work or at least he was hoping he would, because he really did want to help his friends, he had seen how happy they were together and seeing how they were now, they were definitely happier as boyfriends.

"I've thought about it and it might work, but I don't know, I don't feel gay Matt and I don't really want to kiss anyone." Peter responds with a shrug of the shoulders, this wasn't the first time one of this friends had suggested he kiss his friend, but he honestly didn't really want to and not just because it's gay, he just didn't really get the sexual stuff and it didn't really interest him that much, even if he did get some weird and nice feels when his penis got hard and it rubbed against something, it was still all a bit gross to him.

"Well you're still only twelve and I know we all do stuff, I mean I even have a fiancé, but we're still kids Peter and before you and Alex started fooling around, you weren't really interested in kissing and stuff." Matt then says in a slightly hesitant tone, as he thinks about what he was saying and while it was the truth, it also wasn't really helpful, well not in getting his two friends back together anyway.

"I know, Alex told me that too and er... so did Wesley and Jordan, but they didn't quite say it like that." Peter responds with a small smile, as he thinks about their other to friends and how they worded it and despite it being embarrassing, it was also a little bit funny as well.

"I bet they didn't." Matt quickly says in an amused tone, before taking a quick glance over to the others and smirks, after seeing his fiancé quickly turning away and couldn't help but find it funny. "But seriously Peter, why not just try kissing him, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but it's worth a try." He then decide to ask, as he turns back to his friend with a warm smile and while he wanted to push a little harder, he knew he couldn't do that and if his friend didn't respond to this, he was going to change the subject and talk about something else, because he didn't want to annoy or upset him, that wasn't what this day was supposed to be about.

"Because if I kiss him and I don't remember anything or even like it, then it will just hurt him even more Matt and I don't want to hurt him, I just... I just... Matt, I just want things to be how they should be, because it's not..." Peter begins to respond, but as he struggles to express himself, he just trails off in frustration, before letting out a long sigh and slumping down a little bit more.

"Peter, we all want things to be how they should be or how they used to be, believe me, I know and it sucks, but sometimes, you just have to get on with it and I know you don't want to upset Alex, but he's not some little kid... well okay, we're all little kids, but what I mean is, he isn't going to break and get depressed, just because you kiss him and don't like it, sure it will hurt him, but at least you will both know and that has to be better than not knowing." Matt then decides to say with a sympathetic smile, as he watches his friend slowly sit up a little and turn towards him.

"I guess so, but I'm not kissing him now, but maybe when we spend the day together, but only if I want to." Peter quickly responds with an appreciative smile and while he was still just as confused as he had been before, he knew his friend was trying and he had a point about how it would be better to know for sure, instead of carrying on not knowing.

"Want to go and play with the others again, I think I've been lazy long enough this time." Matt then decides to suggest and while they could keep talking, he knew they would probably just go round in circles and wanted to give his friend a chance to finish the conversation.

"Okay." Peter quickly responds, before slowly getting to his feet and then holding out his hand to help his friend up. "Thanks for listening Matt and I'm going to think about kissing him, I promise." He then says, as he helps his friend up to his feet and slowly turns towards their friends.

"Any time Peter, you're my friend and friends help each other." Matt responds with a smile, as he reaches for his cane and then walks back towards the others, who he could see were still having fun playing catch.

Four Hours Later

"Are you really okay?" Tobias asks again in a worried tone, as he dries himself in front of his brothers after taking a shower and walking back into their bedroom.

"I will be Tobias, I just ache a little bit, but I will be fine, I promise." Matt responds with a slight shake of the head, as he watches his brother drying himself and despite it being a little annoying, his brother was just looking out for him and he did appreciate that.

"Seriously Tobias, if I thought he was lying, than I would go get your mum, but it's nothing serious and he will be fine once he rests for a while." Ben then decides to say with a warm smile, although he was a little worried about his fiancé himself, he knew it wasn't serious and he was looking forward to massaging his foot in a little while and he was looking forward to massaging his thighs and hips as well.

"Okay." Tobias then says with a slightly suspicious expression, as he looks between his two brothers. "It was fun today and Jordan and Alex are really funny." He then decides to say, after staring at his brothers for a few more moments and deciding that he was worrying about nothing.

"Yeah, they're really competitive, but in a good way." Matt then says with a smile, as he thinks about their two friends and how they kept trying to out do each other and it was funny to watch.

"It was funny, but they were just lucky Wesley was too busy staring at Carter's bum to take any of the games that seriously." Ben then says with a grin, before looking at his brother. "And your bum as well, I wasn't sure which one of you was staring at the others more, you, Carter or Wesley." He then adds with an even wider grin, after deciding to have a little fun at his brothers expense and the fact that his fiancé had giggled instead of elbowing him in the ribs, just made it even better, because it meant that he had seen it too.

"Smellyhead." Tobias quickly retorts with a slight pout, as he tries his best to not let his brother bait him and finish drying himself.

"I'm just surprised you noticed anything Ben, what with you constantly looking over at me every time I went to rest." Matt then decides to say in a nonchalant tone, as he looks at his fiancé with a little smirk and while it was a little mean, they often ganged up on their brother and he wanted to be a bit fairer this time and was more than happy to tease his fiancé whenever he got the chance.

"I was not!" Ben quickly protests, before folding his arms across his chest and pouting at his fiancé and even though he was just playing along, he couldn't help but be a little defensive as well.

"Yeah you did, you even got hit in the head by the ball a couple of times, because you were looking at him." Tobias then quickly states in an amused and slightly relieved tone, as the focus goes from him to his brother and quickly gives his other brother an appreciative smile, because it wasn't often one of them took his side and it was always funny when it did happen.

"Okay, okay, but can we stop with the teasing and yeah, I know I started it, but you're going to Jordan's in a little while Tobias, so let's talk about something else." Ben quickly decides to say, after really thinking about it and while it would be fun to have a bit of a laugh, even if it was at his expense, they didn't have much time together and he didn't want to waste it.

"Fair enough, but I swear to god, if either of you ask how I am and if I'm okay, than you will regret it." Matt quickly responds with a small grin, as he shifts a little, so that his fiancé could massage his foot in a more comfortable position.

"I think we're going to play strip poker tonight, Jordan asked me to bring some cards and we kind of talked about it a little bit as well." Tobias decides to say and quickly blushes slightly when his brothers quickly look at him in surprise and while he was risking being teased, he was hoping that his brother was being serious about them teasing each other and avoid it.

"Well we can't tell you what to do Tobias, but you know you have to be careful, even if Jordan's parents aren't going to be home until the morning." Matt responds in a slightly cautious tone, as he thinks about what his brother had just said and while it was a little worrying, Jordan was going to be there and he trusted him to make sure nothing bad happened.

"And it is just strip poker right? You aren't going to play dares as well?" Ben then decides to ask, after just about holding himself back from teasing his brother, which was easier said than done, but he had been the one to suggest they stopped doing that for now and he knew they would just gang up on him anyway, so it was better to just try and make sure their brother didn't do anything stupid later on.

"We might, but Jordan said that he would make sure everything was okay, he knows what I've been through and he said the girls probably wouldn't want to do them anyway." Tobias answers honestly and while he was unsure about doing dares himself, it wasn't like he hadn't done them before and he trusted his friends and girlfriend, so if they wanted to, he would play as well.

"I'm just surprised Lily and Ashleigh would want to play strip poker, I didn't think girls played games like that." Matt then says in a surprised tone, he wasn't really sure what girls were like, but every show and film that he had ever seen, girls definitely didn't play games like boys did, especially girls their age.

"Jordan said that they might not want to, so we might just play normal games and he told me that it will be up to them." Tobias then says with a shy smile, as he thinks about how he might get to see his girlfriend naked and Ashleigh as well, although he wasn't really interested in seeing her, he was just curious to see if girls were different, like boys were.

"Yeah, it should be their choice, but it's yours as well Tobias, it's all of your choices and if one person doesn't want to play, than you shouldn't, no one should do anything that they don't want to do." Ben then says in a serious tone, although he couldn't help but smile a little bit, as he thinks about how many times Mitch had told them all the same thing.

"I know, but it will be really fun if we do, Jordan said that he has a couple of movies and lot's of food that his mum made us, so it should be really fun." Tobias then says with a grin, before frowning slightly, as he hears his phone ringing and quickly looks over to the table.

"Well answer it then, it's probably Mum wondering why you aren't ready yet." Matt quickly states in an amused tone, before smiling appreciatively at his fiancé, who was doing a really nice job massaging his foot and it was already starting to feel better and more loose.

"Ready for me to do your hip?" Ben then decides to ask in a quiet tone, as their brother talks on the phone and while it was amusing to see him walking round naked as he talked, he was more focused on his fiancé and he wanted to try and help ease some of his aches, so that they could enjoy a nice evening and night together.

"Wait until Tobias goes, he won't be much longer, not from the look on his face." Matt responds with a contented smile, as he looks over to his brother and could tell that their mum was telling him to hurry up.

"Okay, but remember, you're taking it easy for the rest of the night, no arguments." Ben then states in a firm tone, as he gives his fiancé a look to go with it and while he didn't like ordering him around, well he did, but only when they were messing around, he did enjoy making him feel better and he knew he was getting better at giving massages and he couldn't wait until their brother left and they could get naked, so that he could give him a really good one, before they got in the jacuzzi.

"I got to go." Tobias then says, after putting his phone down and pouting at his brothers, because even though he was excited about going to his sleepover, he also liked spending time with his brothers and despite the fact he normally ends up getting teased, he still had fun.

"You better get going then, if your mum has to call you again, she might make you stay home." Ben then quickly states in as casual a tone as he could manage, while trying not to laugh as he wonders if his brother would just walk out of the door or realize what he was missing.

"Oh, okay, bye." Tobias quickly responds with a happy smile, before turning and walking towards the door, he may have wanted to spend a bit longer with his brothers a few moments ago, but there was no way he was going to risk his mum stopping him from going to the sleepover, but as he reaches the door, he quickly looks back in confusion, as his other brother calls out to him.

"Tobias, you might want to put something a little warmer on." Matt states in an amused tone, after giving his fiancé a less than impressed half glare and although he was actually tempted to let their brother go back to the house naked, it was a little mean and he wanted to make sure his fiancé knew that he was going a bit too far.

"Huh?" Tobias quickly responds in an even more confused tone, before looking at his other brother, who had started to laugh at him. "Oh... oh you're a Smellyhead Ben, you did that on purpose." He then states in a mixture of annoyance and embarrassment, as he looks down at himself and realises that he was still naked and that his brother had obviously tried to make him go to the house like it.

"Tobias, just get dressed, I will make sure Ben knows what an idiot he is, I promise." Matt then decides to say with a shake of the head, before giving his fiancé a firm stare, just to let him know, he wasn't just saying that, because while it would have been funny, it was also mean and they had made a promise that today was a fun day and it was important to him, that they took that seriously.

"Okay, but he's still a Smellyhead." Tobias responds with an annoyed half glare, as he looks at his other brother, who to his slight amusement, was actually looking a little worried and while it still didn't make up for him almost walking into the house completely naked, it was something and he knew his other brother would make sure he was sorry and as he starts to get dressed, he starts to smile to himself.

"Don't forget to take some briefs to sleep in Tobias, because the girls will be grossed out if you slept in the same ones you're wearing now and then put them on in the morning as well, so take two spare pairs, okay." Matt then decides to tell his brother, who to his amusement, looks at him with a confused and then relieved expression and knew that he had made the right decision to tell him.

"You should wear your Batman briefs for the strip poker, you look cute in them." Ben then decides to suggest in a helpful tone, before quickly blushing as he realises what he had just said. "Well he does and it's better than him getting all paranoid and wearing plain briefs." He then states in a defensive tone, as they both just stare at him in amusement and while it was hardly the most embarrassing thing any of them had said, it still made him blush.

"He has a point Tobias." Matt then decides to say with a shrug, after waiting a few minutes, just to make his fiancé feel as awkward as possible and while it was a little mean, it was a decent way to teach him a lesson for what he had almost made their brother do, even if he was still going to have a little fun at his expense later for it.

"I guess so." Tobias then says with a slightly shy smile, as he pulls off his blue briefs and walks back over to his bag and pulls out his Batman briefs, which despite being a little unsure about, were one of his favourite pairs and despite none of the others wearing cartoon underwear, his brothers and friends had always told him to wear what he wants to and he did like wearing them, even if he doubted himself sometimes.

"Ben, can you do my back now, my foot feels better." Matt then asks with an appreciative smile and while his foot and ankle were feeling really nice now, he knew if his fiancé carried on, it would actually start to hurt again and he didn't want that to happen.

"Sure, take your top off and roll over." Ben quickly responds with a happy smile, as he let's go of his fiancé's foot and moves to the edge of the bed to give him enough room to lie down, before glancing over to their brother, who had just put his waistcoat on and was reaching down to put his shoes on.

"Do I look okay?" Tobias then asks with a sweet smile, as he watches his brothers and while they still had clothes on, he knew that they would probably get naked as soon as he was gone and despite it being a little weird, because they were his brothers now, he still thought it was nice and kind of romantic and he had started wondering when he and Lily will be that comfortable around each other.

"You need to do your hair again, it's a little messed up." Ben responds with a smile, as he sits on the back of his fiancé's legs and looks over to his brother, who did look really handsome and even though his hair was a little messed up, it still looked nice and he could probably just leave like it was, but he knew his brother enough, to know that he liked his hair a certain way and quickly grins in amusement, as he sees him quickly walking over to the mirror.

"Is your phone charged up?" Matt then decides to ask in a slightly distracted tone, as he adjusts to his fiancé sitting on his legs, but quickly begins to moan a little, as he feels himself being gently massaged and quickly feels himself relaxing and melting into the mattress.

"Yeah." Tobias quickly responds, as he continues to mess about with his hair for a few minutes. "Is it okay now?" He then asks, as he turns back to his brothers and despite being a little paranoid about his hair, he couldn't help but smile at how happy they both looked and again, just like a few minutes ago, he found himself wondering about his girlfriend and their future.

"It looks perfect, but you should get going Tobias, your mum won't wait forever." Ben responds with a contented smile, he was enjoying massaging his fiancé and the sounds he was making were turning him on a little bit, which just made him want to make him feel even better and slowly worked up and down his back.

"Okay and I will call you later and er... well bye." Tobias then says in response, as he gives his brothers an amused grin, before heading out of the room and back to the house without waiting for his brothers to respond, he could tell that they were in their own little world now and while he was tempted to stay a little longer, he knew his mum would be getting impatient and he really didn't want to risk making her angry and maybe even not letting him go to the sleepover.

"You're getting really good at this." Matt states in a dreamy tone, as he feels his fiancé's hands occasionally squeeze his bum cheeks, before working their way back up to his shoulders and even though he was still aching a little bit, he was definitely feeling a lot better and knew that after his fiancé had finished, he would feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

"I asked Tobias to get some bath salts for the jacuzzi out for us, so just say when you're ready." Ben then says with a happy smile, he loved making his fiancé feel good and while the sex stuff they did was great and he actually was hard right now, this wasn't about sex, it was just about making him feel better and for him, that was just as important and special as everything else.

"Less talking, more massaging." Matt then says in a contented and happy tone, as he melts into the bed a little bit more and lets out a long and satisfied moan, as he fiancé presses a little harder and deeper, which just made him feel amazing and relaxed.

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