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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 36

December 2015

"Okay and I will call you later and er... well bye." Tobias then says in response, as he gives his brothers an amused grin, before heading out of the room and back to the house without waiting for his brothers to respond, he could tell that they were in their own little world now and while he was tempted to stay a little longer, he knew his mum would be getting impatient and he really didn't want to risk making her angry and maybe even not letting him go to the sleepover.

"You're getting really good at this." Matt states in a dreamy tone, as he feels his fiancé's hands occasionally squeeze his bum cheeks, before working their way back up to his shoulders and even though he was still aching a little bit, he was definitely feeling a lot better and knew that after his fiancé had finished, he would feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

"I asked Tobias to get some bath salts for the jacuzzi out for us, so just say when you're ready." Ben then says with a happy smile, he loved making his fiancé feel good and while the sex stuff they did was great and he actually was hard right now, this wasn't about sex, it was just about making him feel better and for him, that was just as important and special as everything else.

"Less talking, more massaging." Matt then says in a contented and happy tone, as he melts into the bed a little bit more and lets out a long and satisfied moan, as he fiancé presses a little harder and deeper, which just made him feel amazing and relaxed.

"Today was fun." Wesley decides to say in a soft tone, as he sits down and looks out of his bedroom window and thinks about how nice it was to spend time with everyone, they hadn't done it for a while and he was surprised by how much he had missed it.

"Yeah, although you could have tried a little harder." Carter responds in a slightly teasing tone, as he sits down on his bed and leans against the headboard, which without his boyfriend being with him, always felt a little strange and lonely, even if that did make him feel a little needy.

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" Wesley quickly asks in a surprised and confused tone, as he sits up a little and turns to his bed, before shaking his head at himself, as he quickly remembers that his boyfriend wasn't actually in the room with him.

"Oh come on, if you spent less time checking out Tobias's and my bum, you would have noticed how competitive Jordan and Alex were being and showed them who was really the best." Carter quickly answers with a slight smirk and after hearing his boyfriend make a weird sound, he couldn't help but giggle and knew that he had caught him off guard and despite not being in the room with him, he could picture his face, which he knew would be priceless.

"Oh ha ha Carter, very funny, but I wasn't the only one checking out his butt and that wasn't all you were doing." Wesley then states in a smug tone, after waiting for his boyfriend to stop giggling and deciding to have a little fun of his own, because while he might have been checking out their friend, his boyfriend took it a little further than that, he just didn't think anyone else would notice, but he had.

"What does that mean?" Carter quickly asks in a slightly hesitant tone, as he stops giggling and sits up, because there was no way his boyfriend could have seen anything, it wasn't like he was being obvious, so he was sure no one else had seen him.

"I'm not blind Carter and besides, you said it yourself, I was checking him out, so if I was checking him out, I would have to be blind not to notice you rubbing and brushing against him as much as you could and don't deny it either, because you know I'm right." Wesley quickly responds with a grin and while he couldn't see his boyfriends face, he could hear him sighing and knew exactly how much he was probably blushing right now.

"I wish we didn't both have to sleep at home tonight." Carter then says in a slightly down tone, after deciding to change the subject and hopefully avoid having his boyfriend teasing him, even if he did start it, he knew they couldn't talk for much longer and he wanted it to be a good talk.

"We can't be together twenty four seven Carter and after what happened with your mum, I don't think we need to do anything to annoy her and I kind of want to spend some time with my parents, I know it's been tough, but you were right and I don't want to keep pushing them away, it doesn't make anything better." Wesley responds in a thoughtful tone, as he thinks about how he had acted towards his parents and while they had to take some of the blame, because they handled everything badly, he had been out of order and definitely needed to grow up a little, even if it had taken his boyfriend a little while to make him realise it.

"I know and they let you off a lot with what happened at the church, even though you deserved worse, I think they realised what they had been doing to you and it will be nice for them to spend time with you Wesley, they already lost... one... sorry..." Carter then begins to say in a sympathetic tone, before trailing off as he realises what he was about to say and while his boyfriend had accepted what happened now and was slowly getting to a stage where he could talk about it, he still struggled sometimes and he mentally kicked himself for potentially upsetting him.

"It's okay, well it's not, but I get what you mean Carter and I don't want to lose them either, they may suck sometimes, well a lot, but they do love me and I love them." Wesley then says in a sad tone, as he wipes his eyes with the back of his hand, he was getting better at talking about his brother, but it still hurt and he could tell that his boyfriend was feeling guilty for bringing it up, so he wanted to let him know that it was okay, especially since he had just noticed the time and knew that they both had to go and have dinner soon.

"My Dad just called up for me Wesley, so I got to go, I love you." Carter then says in a reluctant tone, after hearing his dad calling him down, which was frustrating as he really wanted to keep talking, especially since he could tell that his boyfriend was now upset and even though he knew he would be okay, he still wanted to comfort him, even if it was just over the phone.

"I love you too Beautiful." Wesley quickly responds with a sad smile, before wiping his eyes again. "But I'm okay Carter, I promise and I will call you before bed time, okay." He then decides to add in a more positive tone, as he hears his boyfriend making a weird sound and knew it was probably him trying to hide a sigh and while he could have been wrong, he pretty much knew he wanted to carry on talking and while he did as well, his mum had just called up to him and he knew they had to both go.

"Okay and we're going to Face Time, because I hate talking to you over the phone and not being able to see you." Carter quickly responds, before blushing slightly as his dad calls up to him again and he quickly calls back down, before getting up from his bed and walking towards the door.

"Okay, bye Carter and I'm hanging up." Wesley quickly responds with a happier smile, before hanging up and getting up from his bed and while it was a little mean, he had heard his boyfriend being called twice now and considering that they were meant to be doing their best to not do something to make their parents angry, he knew he had to do it and quickly starts to make his own way downstairs, before his mum has to call for him a second time.

"Seriously? It's all pretty much done?" Ben asks in a slightly surprised tone, they had talked about it a few times now, but the last time was a while back and he didn't think his fiancé would have it almost done already.

"Yeah, I talked to my mum and your dad and they're already starting to get everyone's passports ready and I can pay for it all, so we just have to wait and decide on an actual date." Matt responds with a shy smile, as he looks across to his fiancé, while gently playing footsies with him under the water and while they normally sat next to each other and cuddled up in the jacuzzi, he was enjoying sitting opposite him right now.

"Oh man, Tobias is going to be so happy, I know he plays it down, but it's obvious how much he wants to go, so he's going to go crazy." Ben then says with an excited smile, because while they would be going for a sad reason, it was still exciting and he knew how important it would be for their brother and also his fiancé, who he knew missed England and he was also curious to see where he grew up and whether some of his old friends were still around, because it would be almost four years since he lived there, so a lot could have changed.

"I just have to talk to Lily's parents, well Mum is probably going to do that, but I want to be there too, because she's important to Tobias and I think he would want her to be there and Erica is going, so with her and Mum, she won't be the only girl going, so I think she would be okay." Matt then says in a soft tone, as he thinks about their brothers girlfriend and while it was a bit soon right now, by the time they went, they would have been going out for ages and he was hoping her parents would let her go, because he really did think his brother would want her there and he wanted it to be perfect.

"Are we definitely not inviting Carter and Wesley?" Ben then decides to ask in a slightly unsure tone, because while they would love them to be there as well, they didn't think there should be too many of them, it was meant to be about their brother and his fiancé, so it was a little bit hard to decide what would be the best thing to do.

"Honestly, I think Tobias wouldn't mind, but it's not really a holiday Ben, well it is, but you know what I mean and I think they will understand, I mean it's not like we can't go on real holidays together one day, so yeah, what do you think?" Matt responds honestly and while he was tempted to invite them as well, he really didn't think it would work and even though he just thought of potentially going on holidays with their friends one day,, he actually found himself thinking about it seriously and he thought it would be cool if all of them went on holidays together every year and it didn't even have to be abroad, they could try all sorts, as long as they had fun, that would be all that mattered.

"I think you're right and we can talk to them about it sometime and I like the idea of maybe going on proper holidays together, we should talk to my dad and your mum about it, because it will be fun." Ben responds in an enthusiastic tone, as he thinks about the possibilities, he was thinking more about things like camping and that kind of thing, rather than going abroad, although the idea of going somewhere like Disney World in Florida sounded fun and they could spend two weeks there and visit all the parks and stuff in that time.

"Yeah, I like that idea and it will be fun." Matt then says with a sweet smile, before staring at his fiancé for a few minutes, as they sit in a contented silence. "And you remember our agreement?" He then decides to ask in a slightly awkward tone, as he thinks about what they had agreed before and while he had been tempted to break their promise himself, he hadn't and he wanted to make sure that his fiancé wouldn't either, because if he did, he knew he would be both annoyed and feel guilty for not getting him anything in return.

"I still don't see..." Ben begins to respond in a confused tone, before trailing off as his fiancé interrupts him and despite being tempted to interrupt him back straight away, he decides to just listen this time, just to see what he says.

"Because we have enough stuff and all I want from you, is to be with you Ben, no presents, no grand gestures, just us and you agreed, remember." Matt states in a firm tone and while he knew he was probably being more than a little unreasonable, he really didn't want his fiancé to get him anything, he knew everyone else would probably spoil him, so he just wanted one person not to and he wanted it to be his fiancé.

"I know, but it's Christmas and it's..." Ben then begins to responds again, but pauses as he sees the look on his fiancé's face. "Okay, I promise not to buy you anything, but I won't promise not to surprise you, especially before we have to go see everyone else." He then decides to say in a seductive tone, as he slowly moves forwards and carefully pushes his fiancé's legs apart and moves in between them.

"You're such a creep." Matt then says in an amused tone, before wrapping his legs around his fiancé's waist and putting his arms around his neck. "Such a creep." He then half moans, as he feels his neck and then his ears being nibbled, before being kissed properly and quickly returns it passionately.

"Hey Perverts, when you're done playing with each other, there are jacket potatoes, with pork chops and some beans under some tin foil on some plates, so don't let it get too cold." Mitch suddenly calls out and despite being on the other side of the door, he couldn't help but grin as he hears his brothers splash around and make a couple of cute surprised noises and even though he should feel a little guilty, it was too funny and he didn't regret it for a second.

"Mitch!" Ben then just about manages to shout out in an angry tone, after slowly composing himself and making sure that his fiancé was okay, because they had both jumped and while he had ended up back where he was originally sitting and his butt hurt a little, he was more concerned about him being hurt.

"Hey, I'm bringing you food, just be grateful that I volunteered and came alone, it could have been a lot worse." Mitch quickly calls out in an amused tone, as he moves back over to the kitchen and checks to make sure both plates were wrapped up properly, he wasn't sure how long his brothers would be, so he wanted to make sure they stayed as warm as possible.

"We said we would cook ourselves something." Ben then quickly retorts in the same tone as before, although after seeing that his fiancé was not only okay, but actually trying not to giggle too loudly, he couldn't help but smile and while he wasn't going to let his brother know it, he couldn't help but admit that he got them good, because neither had heard their front door opening and the way they had both reacted, was funny, even if it was embarrassing.

"Is it okay to come in?" Mitch then decides to ask in a hopeful tone, he wasn't going to see either of them until at least the day after tomorrow and he really did want to see them, even if they were naked and in the jacuzzi.

"It's up to you." Ben says in a quiet tone, as he looks across to his fiancé with a happy smile, he loved seeing him looking so relaxed and happy and decided to let him decide, because the mood had been ruined already and he was kind of hungry as well, so he didn't want the food that his brother had brought over, getting cold.

"Come in Mitch, but if you get wet, don't blame us." Matt decides to call out, after taking a few moments to think about it and despite being naked, the bubbles was covering them and it was their brother, so he didn't really mind.

"That's all you're wearing?" Ben quickly asks in a surprised tone, as he watches his brother walking into the bathroom and while he wasn't exactly undressed, he was still surprised to see him in just shorts and a tank top.

"For now, I was actually going to get ready for later, I'm taking Erica out for a meal, but I saw Sarah with your dinner in her hands and decided to do you both a favour, I know what she's like and I know you two are perverts, so you're welcome." Mitch responds with a small grin, as he walks to the side of the jacuzzi and sits himself on the edge, with his feet in the water.

"We're not perverts!" Ben then quickly protests, before sighing and crossing his arms around his chest, after hearing his fiancé giggling and seeing his brother smirking at him.

"Stand up and if you aren't naked or hard, then I will never call you that again." Mitch then decides to say in a confident tone, as he gives his little brother an expectant look. "I thought so." He then states with a smirk and while it was a little mean, he knew his little brother would take it the right way and he could see him trying not to smile.

"Are you okay?" Matt then decides to ask, after enjoying watching his fiancé and brother having a little bit of fun and despite technically being teased as well, he was more focused on why their brother was there and was hoping that there wasn't anything wrong.

"Yeah, but I did want to give you both a heads up and before you get worried, it's nothing bad, but it's important and while I might get a bit of stick for this, I think you're both old enough to listen to what I have to say." Mitch answers with a warm smile and while he knew his dad and Sarah would likely have a word with him about this, he wanted to give his brothers some information, instead of it all being dropped on them in a few days time.

"What are you talking about?" Ben then asks in a confused tone, as he looks up at his brother and like his fiancé, he couldn't help but be a little worried.

"It's nothing bad, it's just that there are a few things we need to go over with you and by we, I mean your mum, Matt and our dad, Ben, but instead of just dumping it all on you then, I just want to give you... well a heads up." Mitch responds with a reassuring smile, although on the inside, he couldn't help but think that he was making a mess of this, because both of them looks confused and even a little bit worried and he was starting to wish that he had just left earlier.

"Okay, you're being weird Mitch, so just tell us, because er... well you're being weird." Ben then says with a confused frown and while he had gotten the fact that it wasn't bad news, it was still worrying and he was hoping his brother would just come out and say it, instead of carrying on with his pretty impressive impression of their dad, when he tries to tell them something important.

"It's just about Conner and what's going on with him and also Jarred and Barry, it's nothing bad, well not for you guys or your friends, but it's important that you know and I think we're all going to sit you and your brother down and talk about it all with you and answer any questions you might have, that's all, I promise." Mitch then explains with a slightly awkward smile, as he realises that he really should have just waited, but it was too late now and he just had to hope that his brothers would prove him right and not overreact or want to know everything now.

"And it's definitely not bad news?" Matt quickly asks in a slightly hesitant tone, as he thinks about his brothers words and while he was definitely curious, he wanted to make sure that it wasn't really important, otherwise he would want to know right now.

"Honestly, if it was, you would know already, you know we wouldn't keep it from you if it was anything bad." Mitch responds honestly and with a more relaxed smile, because this was definitely not how he imagined this talk to go and he was hoping he would be able to salvage it and not create any issues.

"Why not tell us now though, why wait until the weekend?" Ben then asks in the same confused tone as before and while his brother had made it crystal clear that it wasn't anything for them to worry about, he didn't understand why they were waiting to tell them, because surely it would be better to just get it out of the way with.

"Honestly, while it isn't bad news, there are some things that you don't need to know about and it's nothing to do with your age or your maturity, there are just things that you don't need to know and some things I can't tell you because of work, so we're just going over it together and also trying to make sure that we all know enough, to answer any questions you have, because it will be a bit of a mess if we have to try and work it all out at once, don't you think?" Mitch responds with a smile and while he could have handled it better, he was happy to hear the questions they were asking, because it showed that they did understand and he was proud of them and more than a little relieved that he hadn't made a big mistake.

"I guess so, but why tell us this now Mitch, surely it would have been better to just wait until you were actually ready to tell us anything." Matt then decides to ask in a curious tone, as he really thinks about it and despite wanting to know about Barry, he understood that he wasn't going to get any answers now, so instead tried to work out what the point of this conversation was, because he really didn't see what their brother was trying to do.

"Well er... honestly, I was just trying to give you a heads up, so you could maybe think of some questions to ask, because it will be a lot to take in and er... well, to be honest, I've pretty much made a complete mess of it and I'm willing to beg you both, to forget about this conversation and let me off the hook." Mitch decides to responds with a hopeful smile, after just admitting defeat and just letting them know that he had made a complete mess of the conversation, even if it did open up the possibility of owing them a favour or two.

"After teasing us and calling us perverts, you want us to let you off the hook?" Ben then quickly asks with a big grin, before standing up and moving over next to his fiancé and while the water just about covered him from the waist down, he wanted to try and make a point to his brother and as he sits down, his grin widens as he sees the look on his face.

"What's it going to cost me?" Mitch then asks in a defeated tone and decides not to bother trying to get out of it and just hope that his little brother doesn't take it too far or suggest anything potentially embarrassing.

"Really?" Ben then asks in a surprised tone, as he ignores his brother and looks at his fiancé, who had given him a subtle shake of the head and while he wanted to argue, he knew he must have a reason and was reluctantly going to go along with it.

"Really what?" Mitch then quickly asks in a confused tone, as he looks between the boys and wondered what was going on, because Matt hadn't said a word and his little brother was clearly not talking to him.

"You've done enough for us Mitch, so you don't owe us anything and despite making a mess of it, thanks for telling us about what's going to happen, because while I don't really care about Conner or Jarred, I do care about Barry and I have a few questions already, so er... yeah, it gives us time to think of some questions." Matt then decides to say in a serious tone and while he was going to let his fiancé do the talking, he could see that he still wanted to try and embarrass their brother, but he wasn't in the mood for those kind of games and was more interested in having something to eat, because he could actually smell the food now and it smelled really nice.

"But you still suck Mitch, so can you go, because we're naked and we need to get out and dried, so we can eat." Ben then decides to say with a grin and while he was risking his brother embarrassing him in some way, he couldn't resist testing the boundaries a bit and just about holds his nerve when his brother stares at him for a few moments.

"Fair enough Matt and thanks for understanding." Mitch decides to say in a slightly surprised tone, before turning to his little brother. "I can't believe you're letting me off, but I will take it and even though I'm pretty sure I have Matt to thank for it, I will remember and next time you fuck up, I'll have your back... well unless it's something too hilarious, than I might not be able to resist, but we will see." He then decides to say in a slightly amused tone, as he thinks about how lucky he was and while he would always have their backs, when it came to teasing, anything went and he definitely owed them for this, so he was more than happy to pay back the favour when the time came.

"Okay, but seriously Mitch, go away, because we need to get out and er... well just because we're brothers and we've seen each other naked, it doesn't mean that er... well come on Mitch, just go." Ben then says in a slightly awkward tone, as he looks at his brother and despite not really caring about being seen naked by him and he knew his fiancé felt the same way, he did want to have a bit more privacy and not be seen naked as often as they had been over the past year or so.

"Okay, okay, I'm going and just for the record, I agree about the nudity, even if it's not really an issue, I do understand Ben." Mitch quickly responds in a sincere tone and while he was tempted to have a little fun, he actually did agree with him and maybe they did need to set some boundaries again, especially after more than a few unfortunate incidents of walking in on them both, so they definitely needed to have a real talk about this at some point, although that definitely wasn't now and decides to slowly get to his feet and walk towards the door.

"Bye Mitch and thanks." Matt then decides to say, just before his brother reaches the door. "And can you tell Mum that I love her and thanks for the food?" He then quickly asks with a slight blush, as he thinks about his mum and while he had told her that he loved her earlier and he and his fiancé were going to cook something for themselves, he appreciated what she did for them and wanted her to know that, even if it was embarrassing to ask his brother to tell her.

"Sure and see you either tomorrow or the next day." Mitch quickly responds with a warm smile, before turning back to the door and shutting it behind himself, as he makes his way back to the house.

"Why let him off Matt? We could have at least got him to stop calling us perverts." Ben then quickly says in a slightly annoyed tone, after waiting for a few moments, just to make sure that their brother was gone and while he really wasn't that bothered, it would have been nice to get something out of it, even though he guessed they still would, because one of them was bound to mess up eventually and having their brother back them up, especially if it was embarrassing, was definitely going to be a good thing.

"Maybe, but come on Ben, it wasn't like he messed up that badly and we can think about some questions now, plus I kind of like when he teases us, it's normal and I don't know, I just think it would be weird if he wasn't like that around us, you know?" Matt responds in a thoughtful tone, as he decides to be honest and not make up some excuse, because he really did like how their brother treated them, even when it was being teased, it just felt right and he didn't want it to change at all.

"I guess so, I mean it would be weird if he suddenly stopped, but I'm not sure I like being called a pervert, even if it is just a joke, it's still embarrassing." Ben then responds honestly and while he didn't mind that much, he still would prefer not to be called that and was a little surprised that his fiancé just said that he didn't mind it.

"Well okay, it's not the best, but we call Tobias worse things and he doesn't mind, do it really bother you though?" Matt then decides to ask in a curious tone, as he looks at his fiancé and tries to work out what he was thinking, because for himself it wasn't a big deal at all, but if it genuinely bothered him, then he would go along with him and ask their brother to stop calling them that.

"Honestly, I don't hate it, but it's a little embarrassing, but I guess it's a little funny as well and I guess we do tease Tobias the same way Mitch teases us." Ben responds with a half smile, as he concedes the fact that they probably did say worse things to their other brother, than what Mitch said to them and his brother had always looked out for him, so he probably was just overthinking it.

"Well if it does start bothering you, just say so and we will talk to him, but for now, help me out of here and we can go eat, because it smells really nice and I don't want to have to reheat it." Matt then says with a smile, before standing up and turning to the side and while he could get out himself, he didn't want to risk undoing all the good his fiancé's massages and the jacuzzi had done for his foot and hip, by slipping as he tried to get out by himself.

"Can we eat in bed and watch a film?" Ben decides to ask in a hopeful tone, as he gets out of the jacuzzi and walks around to his fiancé and holds out a hand for him to take.

"Sure, but nothing romantic or funny, well funny is okay, but I don't want to watch a comedy." Matt responds with a smile, after letting his fiancé practically pull him out of the jacuzzi and despite how similar they were in size, it always amazed him, just how much stronger his fiancé was compared to him and while it annoyed him a tiny bit, he actually liked being dominated a little bit and wasn't going to complain about it.

"Mad Max?" Ben quickly asks in response, as he gives his fiancé a hopeful smile and while they had seen it once already, he wanted to see it again and knew they both liked it, so he was hoping it would be okay.

"Okay." Matt responds with a sweet smile, it might not have been his favourite film, but it was fun and had plenty of action, so it was a decent choice and as he follows his fiancé out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, he decides to make them both a drink and limps over to the fridge, while his fiancé walks over to the plates and pulls the tin foil off the top of it.

The Next Day

"So what did you really think?" Jordan asks in a curious tone, as he tries to distract his friend and also find out what he really thought about last night, before the girls came downstairs from his bedroom and he missed his chance.

"That I'm a baby and they're probably laughing at me." Tobias responds in a self pitying tone, as he continues to just stare down at his feet in shame and embarrassment, he just hated how pathetic he was and he just wished that he could stop doing it.

"Look, honestly Tobias, I've had some pretty shitty nightmares and I've wet myself a few times, so I know what you're going through and you know your brother does as well, so you don't need to be embarrassed, especially around me." Jordan then says in a sincere tone, as he gives his friend a sympathetic look and while he could have been a jerk and teased him, he would never do that to his friend, especially since he knew exactly what he was going through, because he still did it sometimes and it sucked so much.

"Lily and Ashleigh will make fun of me though, I'm a boy and I wet myself, I'm pathetic." Tobias quickly responds in a frustrated and angry tone, as he thinks about what had happened and even though his girlfriend had seen it happen before, he was sure she would be embarrassed by him this time, because it was in front of her friend and that had to be embarrassing for her, he just knew it.

"Well firstly, Lily wouldn't do that to you Tobias and you told me how she reacted that time you slept round her house, so don't be stupid and secondly, trust me, Ashleigh might be a bit like me sometimes Tobias, but I've wet myself around hers and when she's slept round mine and she isn't going to make fun of you, I promise." Jordan then decides to say, as he takes one of his friends hands and pulls him a little, so that they were now facing each other on the sofa.

"But..." Tobias then tries to protest, but quickly finds himself being cut off by his friend and just stares at him in embarrassment.

"But nothing Tobias, you had a nightmare, it happens and it sucks, it really sucks, but instead of thinking about that and making yourself feel like crap, why not focus on last night, because that was pretty big and I know for a fact, that was the first time you've seen Lily naked and you got to see Ashleigh as well, so there is no way you should be thinking about anything else." Jordan quickly states in a friendly tone, as he decides to try and get his friend to stop feeling sorry for himself and again, while he couldn't really blame him, he thought that he would definitely want to talk about what happened last night, because it was a big deal for both of them and their girlfriends.

"I guess so." Tobias responds in a slightly down tone, before seeing the look on his friends face and despite himself, he couldn't help but start to smile a little bit as well. "It was really cool and er... well er... it's weird that they don't have a penis or balls." He then decides to say in a quiet tone, as he begins to blush for a completely different reason now.

"I thought you saw Erica naked?" Jordan quickly asks in a surprised tone and while his friend sometimes killed him with the bizarre things he sometimes came out with, he was more curious about why he seemed so surprised that their girlfriends didn't have boy bits, than laughing at his randomness.

"Yeah but er... well er... it was just a quick look and er... well it's confusing, that's all." Tobias responds in a slightly meek tone, as he decides to try and be honest with his friend, because while he knew a bit about sex now, to his embarrassment, he was realising that he only knew about boys and what they could do and not what girls did or could do, even though he had had the sex with his older brother, more than once, because seeing it and hearing about it, was completely different..

"Why was it confusing?" Jordan then quickly asks in a curious tone and while he had an idea of what his friend was hinting at, because he was completely clueless himself to begin with, he still wanted him to actually say it, instead of saying something himself, just in case he was wrong and if he was wrong, he didn't want to have to explain it all to his friend if he could avoid it.

"Well how do they er... well er.. you know... how do they feel good, they don't have anything to er... you er... well, with boys we play with our willies and balls and it feels good and then we orgasm, but girls don't have willies and balls, so how am I meant to make Lily orgasm?" Tobias eventually responds in a nervous tone, after taking a few moments to think about how to ask what he wanted to ask and although it was embarrassing to talk about this with his friend, he was curious and if anyone would know, it would be him.

"Oh, fucking hell Tobias, I thought Mitch gave you the sex talk, like twice." Jordan quickly responds in a surprised tone and while he wasn't far off from what he thought his friend would ask, it was definitely a lot more than he expected and while he was ready to talk about their girlfriends stuff, he wasn't quite expecting it to be anything this in depth and if he was being completely honest, he wasn't completely sure himself, well he had done stuff with his girlfriend, but it was still mostly a mystery to him still.

"Yeah, but he er... well he told me stuff, but not er... that kind of stuff and I er... want to make Lily feel er... well make her orgasm, because er... she will make me and boys are easy, so it's not fair." Tobias then says with a slightly frustrated frown, because it really wasn't fair, because boys had their bits outside and it was obvious when they were horny and what you did to make them feel good, but after seeing his girlfriend and Ashleigh naked, even closely, he didn't see anything obvious and he thought it was unfair.

"Oh crap, look, the girls could come down soon and I don't know everything, so we will talk about it later, well in more detail, but er... well they have these little things on their puss... vagina's and it's called a clit, you know that little bump thing you saw, right?" Jordan then begins to say in a quiet tone, after looking up towards the door and making sure no one was eavesdropping, because this wasn't a conversation he wanted anyone else to listen too, especially his parents or their girlfriends, because that would be more than mortifying.

"Yeah, I thought they were little willies at first, but I know girls don't have them, but er... Mitch said something about them, but it was confusing and they're tiny, so how are you meant to masturbate them, you won't even be able to hold it." Tobias quickly asks in response and like his friend, he made sure that he kept his voice down, because he knew this was a private and kind of naughty thing to talk about and there was no way he wanted their girlfriends to hear them talking about it, especially his girlfriend, because he wanted to be a good boyfriend and if she knew that he didn't know how to make her feel good, he just knew she would be disappointed in him.

"Oh wow!" Jordan responds in amazement, as he stares at his friend and he wasn't sure whether to laugh or hug him or something, because it was just too damn funny being around him sometimes. "But you need to talk to Mitch about that kind of thing Tobias, I mean I could probably tell you something, but I don't really know much myself and the girls or my parents could come down any minute now, so we really can't talk about it right now." He then decides to add, after seeing that his friend seemed to be unsure of what to say next and while he wanted to help him out, especially the basics, this really wasn't the time and he was also struggling not to laugh as well, because his friend was just too funny and he knew if he tried to tell him anything, it wouldn't go well and he didn't want to risk upsetting him.

"Okay, but er... okay." Tobias then responds in an unsure tone, after trying to decide whether to press his friend for more information or just listen to him and talk to his big brother later on, because if anyone knew about girls and how to make them orgasm, it would be his big brother, because Erica was beautiful and nice, so he must be making her feel good, otherwise she wouldn't be so in love with him.

"Just do me a favour Tobias, because I think I can hear the girls, don't talk about clits and orgasms with them, trust me okay, just don't say anything about that kind of stuff." Jordan then decides to say in a serious tone, after hearing a door opening and closing upstairs and recognising his girlfriends voice and knew he had to make sure his friend didn't say anything embarrassing, because while it might be funny, well probably hilarious, he had promised his friends brothers, that he would look out for him and he wasn't going to go back on his word.

"Okay, I promise." Tobias quickly responds in a slightly suspicious tone, before smiling, as he hears his girlfriends voice and quickly moves around, so that he could see her walk into the room.

One Hour Later

"Ben?" Matt calls out in a slightly tired and groggy tone, after waking up and realising that his fiancé wasn't in the room and while it wasn't that strange, he still couldn't get used to waking up without him and as he couldn't smell anything cooking, it just made him even more curious and when he doesn't hear anything in response, he slowly gets out of bed and slips on a pair of loose shorts. "Where are you?" He then calls out, as he limps over to the door, after deciding to leave his can next to the bed and slowly opens the door.

"Just give me a sec." Ben quickly responds, as he looks towards the bedroom door and sees his fiancé standing in the doorway looking at him and while he was distracted by the almost hilarious conversation he was having with their friend, his fiancé always took his breath away and even though he was a little disappointed that he had put some shorts on, he could see that they were tented and he still looked stunning.

"Okay, but don't be long and can you get me a drink please, I'm thirsty." Matt responds with a sweet smile and while he was curious about the phone call, especially since his fiancé was grinning, he didn't want to interrupt and just stand there watching him talking on the phone to someone else.

"Sure." Ben quickly responds with a loving smile, before concentrating on his friends voice again, after watching his fiancé disappearing behind their bedroom door and closing it behind him. "Hey." He then says with a small smile, as he walks into the bedroom and despite still finding the conversation that he had just had with their friend hilarious, seeing his fiancé on top of the bed and completely naked, just made him stand there and stare for a few moments.

"Hey and thanks." Matt quickly responds with a slightly smug smile, after seeing the look on his fiancé's face as he walked over to the bed and gave him his glass of OJ and knew that he hadn't expected him to be just laying on the bad completely naked.

"No problem, but you might want to wait before drinking it, because you're not going to believe what Jordan just told me." Ben then says with a smirk, as he places his own glass on the bedside table and slowly slips out of his briefs, before getting on top of the bed and despite being tempted to wait and see his fiancé spitting his drink everywhere, it would be messy and a little mean, so he decided against it and just smiled at the confused look on his face instead.

"That was Jordan?" Matt then quickly asks in response, as he gives his fiancé a surprised look. "Oh god, what did Tobias do?" He then asks in a slightly horrified tone, after seeing his fiancé just grinning in response and knew that it had to have had something to do with their brother, because there wasn't anything else it could be, not with their friend calling so early and his fiancé looking so smug and amused.

"Oh, he didn't really do anything, but it looks like Mitch is going to be having another chat with him and I wish we could be there when it happens." Ben quickly responds with a grin, before bursting into a fit of giggles, as he sees the confusion on his fiancé's face and thinks about what their friend had told him over the phone, because it really was hilarious and he couldn't wait to see how his brother was going to react.

"A chat? What the hell are you..." Matt then begins to ask in an even more confused tone, before trailing off for a few moments as he slowly connects the dots. "Holy shit, you mean another sex talk?" He then asks, as he tries to give his fiancé a chance to calm down a little and while he almost started laughing himself, he couldn't help but be more worried than amused, because if their friend had called to tell them that, than their brother must have done something at the sleepover, but was even more confusing, was that their friend must have been amused and light hearted, because his fiancé wouldn't be reacting like this, if it was anything bad, but he still couldn't quite help but be worried, just in case their brother did something stupid.

"Not just the same talk as he gave us and Tobias a couple of times already Matt, from what Jordan was saying, Mitch is going to be giving him sex advice, at least that is what Jordan has told Tobias to talk to Mitch about." Ben then says with a grin, after just about managing to pull himself together, because while it was funny just thinking about their brother obviously being confused about girls, it was even more funny to think about Mitch having to tell their brother about it and he really hoped he could at least see his face when their brother actually asks him for the advice.

"Wait... he told Tobias to ask Mitch about sex, like real sex?" Matt quickly asks in a slightly agitated tone, as he takes in what his fiancé had just said and while he did find it funny and again, almost laughed, he quickly thought about what their friend had done and couldn't help but be a little mad at him, because it was a pretty lousy thing to do to their brother and he should know better than that.

"Whoa... calm down Matt, it's not like he did it to embarrass Tobias, he may be a jerk and we both know what he can be like, but when it comes to Tobias, you know he has his back and he wouldn't try to humiliate him for a cheap laugh at his expense, you know that." Ben then quickly states in a slightly surprised tone, as he quickly realises what his fiancé was thinking and while he kind of had a point, he didn't know the full story and he knew he had to reassure him before he got too worked up, because even though it had been a while since his last freak out, it didn't mean that he would never have one again.

"Than why?" Matt quickly asks in a forceful tone, before seeing the look on his fiancé's face and sighing. "Sorry Ben, I'm okay, I promise, but what's going on? Because you're acting like it's funny, but it sounds like Jordan is just setting Tobias up, so what's really going on?" He then asks in a calmer tone and even manages a genuine smile, after realising how he had sounded and he knew that he had to calm down.

"Well we know Tobias walked in that time on Erica, you know, when she was naked with Mitch, but that was just a quick glance, but last night he got to see Lily and Ashleigh completely naked and Jordan said that he was really confused and didn't really know what he was seeing and they talked about it this morning and Jordan said that Tobias really didn't understand what he was supposed to do with a girl, you know sexually, because all his experience has been with boys and since he is a boy, he knows how to feel good and make boys feel good, but seeing the girls like he did, Jordan said that it was obvious that he needed help, that's why he told him to speak to Mitch, although he did admit that he would love to see Mitch's face when Tobias brought it up, but come on Matt, you and I both want to see his reaction too, because it will be priceless." Ben then says with a smile, as he decides to just explain what their friend had said and hopefully stop his fiancé from freaking out, because it really wasn't anything bad and as he sees him starting to smile, he quickly relaxes and reaches our to run his fingers along his fiancé's thigh and hip.

"Next time, start with that Dumb Ass." Matt then decides to say after taking a few moments to process what his fiancé had just said and also enjoy the feeling of his fingers gently caressing his thigh. "But holy shit Ben, I can't believe Lily and Ashleigh actually got naked, I didn't think girls did that kind of thing, especially girls our age." He then decides to say, after grinning a little bit as his fiancé pouts at him and couldn't help but find it a little bit sexy.

"Me neither, I mean I thought they would play strip poker, because Jordan said that it was Ashleigh's idea, but I figured they would either somehow cheat to get Tobias and Jordan naked or just go down to their underwear or something like that and stop, I didn't think they would go all the way and they must have let Tobias have a real look as well, otherwise he wouldn't be all confused about sex and that stuff." Ben responds with a slight shake of the head, before grinning himself a little bit, as he glances down and sees his fiancé beginning to get hard.

"Yeah, but as long as he's okay, that's all that matters." Matt then decides to say in a slightly distracted tone, as he feels himself reacting to his fiancé's touch. "Maybe later." He then says in an almost apologetic tone, as he reaches down and reluctantly stops his fiancé's hand and fingers, because while he was definitely more than a little turned on, he wasn't really in the mood to mess around and despite the disappointment he could see on his face, he could tell that his fiancé understood.

"Okay." Ben responds with a slightly disappointed smile, before thinking about their other friends. "Do you think Carter liked the present that Wesley got him?" He then decides to ask in a curious tone, after seeing the look in his fiancé's eyes and guessed that he wanted to change the subject and while he did want to mess around a little bit, he knew that there was a reason his fiancé had asked him to stop and he respected him too much to try and press it any further.

"Yeah, Wesley texted me and said Carter loved it, although I had to tell him about a million times that there was no rush to pay us back, because he definitely doesn't like borrowing from people." Matt responds with an appreciative smile, he had been thinking of a way to change the subject and he was more than happy to talk about their other friends, especially since they had made up and were back to being happy.

"After what he spent on those graphic novels for Carter's birthday, there was no way he had any money left for that Star Wars stuff and the tickets to that premier." Ben then says with a smile and while he was tempted to make a joke about how it was his fiancé's money and not his, he knew what his response would be and while it might be a bit of fun, after managing to calm him down once already, he didn't want to risk getting him worked up again and decided instead to just carry on with the conversation.

"Yeah, it's this Friday night as well and Wesley said that there will be a lot of pictures and even though he isn't that into dressing up, he wants it to be perfect for Carter, so he's going to make sure there are plenty of pictures and he said Mitch already had a word with the cinema and they don't even have to queue up, they can just go straight in and go to their seats and because of the tickets they have, they don't even have to get up and get food or drink, someone will get it for them." Matt then says with a smile and while he was actually starting to get more than a little jealous of their friends now, he was just happy for them and he and his fiancé had something special planned for Friday night anyway.

"Why don't you get on your stomach and I will give you a massage." Ben then decides to suggest and while he still wanted to carry on with the conversation, he was still feeling a little horny and even though he knew they wouldn't be doing anything, at least for the morning anyway, he was more than willing to settle for massaging his fiancé.

"Just a massage?" Matt then quickly asks in a slightly suspicious tone, as he sits up and tries to work out if his fiancé was up to something, because it was obvious from his earlier touching that he was a little horny, but he really wasn't in the mood and he didn't want to get his hopes up by letting him massage him.

"Well not just a massage, I mean well yeah, no funny stuff, like er... fucking hell Matt, just get on your stomach, I just want to make you feel relaxed, so I'm not trying to seduce you or anything like that, just a massage, I promise." Ben quickly responds in a slightly awkward tone, as he stumbles on his words and while he really was just trying to be a good fiancé, he had to admit, he was hoping he might get his fiancé in the mood, even if it was just a little bit and they just kissed for a while, but looking at him now, he could tell that he would have to wait until tonight for anything like that to happen.

"Well , I don't think there is any danger of you seducing me." Matt then quickly retorts with a grin, before frowning a little bit at his fiancé's expression. "Ben, I'm really just not in the mood, I just want to hang out for a while and then spend some time with our parents and you know, just be kids for the day, okay." He then decides to say, before smiling shyly and slowly rolling on to his stomach and while he was still a little suspicious about his fiancé's initial reason for wanting to massage him, he knew he wouldn't try anything, not now that he had made it crystal clear how he was feeling.

"You don't have to explain Dumb Ass, it's not like I haven't said no before, so just shut up and relax." Ben then quickly says with a grin, before carefully straddling his fiancé's thighs. "And I could seduce you if I wanted to." He then adds in a sexy tone, as he begins to gently massage his fiancé's lower back and slowly works his way up and down.

"Mmmm, so good..." Matt then moans out in a content tone and while he had wanted to say something funny in response to his fiancé's words, he was caught off guard by the feeling of his hands gently and almost expertly massaging his back and just trails off and enjoys the massage.

Eight Hours Later

"You want to know about what?" Mitch quickly asks in a stunned and slightly horrified tone, as he looks down at his brother in shock and while a part of him was hoping he had misheard him or that this was some kind of joke, the look on his other two brothers faces, left him with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"It's okay Tobias, he's just a little surprised, just keep going." Ben then decides to say in a quiet tone, as he tries to give his brother a little help and while he was finding this amusing already, he knew this was actually important and he wanted to support him, well until their older brother made him and his fiancé leave, but until then, they would try and support him.

"I want to know about girls and how to er... well to make er..." Tobias then begins to try and explain, before trailing off in embarrassment for a few seconds and glancing at his other brother, who gives him an encouraging nod. "I want to know how girls work and feel good and er... well they don't have anything to play with, so what am I meant to do?" He then asks in a mixture of embarrassment and curiosity, before turning back towards his other brothers and pouting, after hearing them both let out a little giggle and couldn't help but wonder if they were setting him up for some kind of joke.

"Did you two put him up to this?" Mitch then quickly asks in a questioning tone, as he ignores his brothers question for a few moments and decides to find out what was going on, because it was definitely a conversation he didn't want to have, but one that he would give, but if the other two had just put him up to it to embarrass or humiliate him, than he wanted to put a stop to it straight away.

"It's nothing to do with us Mitch, but he is curious and you know what he's like and you're the best person for him to talk to and you know it, because dad would make a complete mess of it and I don't think Sarah wants to give her son this kind of talk." Ben quickly responds in a serious tone and despite still finding it all more than a little bit funny, it was a big deal for their brother and it was something he thought would help him, so he wanted to make sure their older brother knew that.

"Seriously Mitch, it's funny and your face was priceless, but we wouldn't encourage him to talk to you about it, unless we thought it was important and I know you probably don't want to talk about something like this, I know I wouldn't, but you're our big brother and we trust you with our lives and I guess Tobias could figure it out for himself, I mean most people do, but it can't hurt to help him out and we would talk to him if we could, but we don't really know either, so we would probably make him even more confused, so please Mitch, this isn't a joke or a setup, we promise." Matt then decides to add in a sincere tone, after seeing that their older brother wasn't completely convinced and while it was true that people figure this kind of thing out on their own, he also knew that their brother was different to most people and he knew this talk would help him.

"Okay, okay, I get it." Mitch then says in a calm tone, as he tries to decide on what to do. "Okay, so you two don't need to be here for this right?" He then asks as he looks at his two brothers and gives them a stern look, just to make sure that they would be honest and not just hang around to get a cheap laugh, which he knew they would, especially if they thought they could get away with it and while they were generally mature for their age, they were still boys and from the look on both their faces now, he could tell that they were a little disappointed by his question.

"Well, not really I guess." Ben reluctantly responds with a slight frown, as he tries and fails to think of a good enough reason to stay and the look on his brothers face, left him in no doubt that he wouldn't be impressed if he came up with some lame reason.

"Do you want to do it here, while we go and see my mum and your dad?" Matt then decides to ask in a helpful tone and while he had wanted to stay and watch, he and his fiancé both knew that their brother would probably make them leave and thought they might as well spend some time with their parents, while also making sure one of them didn't somehow overhear the conversation their brothers were about to have.

"Sure, but seriously, give me a bit of notice in future, especially when it's something like this, I've had a long day at work and I was looking forward to just relaxing for a while and then going to the hospital to visit Simon, so next time, give me a heads up." Mitch responds in a slightly tired tone, as he thinks about his plans for the evening and while this talk wasn't going to take that long, well he hoped not, he could have done without it.

"Oh." Tobias quickly says in a disappointed and slightly hurt tone, as he looks down at the floor, he could tell that his brother didn't want to talk to him about this, but as he starts to feel himself getting a little upset, he feels himself being pulled into his big brothers arms and cuddled tightly.

"Guys, why don't you head out, I got this." Mitch decides to state in a warm tone, as he gives his two brothers a reassuring smile, while he slowly rubs his other brothers back soothingly.

"Okay, just give us a text or call when you're done." Ben quickly responds with a smile, before waiting for his fiancé to pick up his cane and then walking out of their pool house, even though there was a part of him that wanted to reassure his brother and he could tell that his fiancé felt the same way, but he knew his older brother and he knew he would calm their brother down.

"Now, as for you Tobias, I'm sorry if it sounded like I was annoyed or angry, I'm just a little tired and cranky, okay." Mitch then says in a soft tone, as he slowly loosens his hold on his brother and leans back a little bit, he had seen the look on all three of his brothers faces as soon as he had said what he did and knew that he needed to do a little damage control and while it might have been easier with the other two here, he was pretty sure he could calm their brother down on his own.

"But you're tired and had plans and I ruined..." Tobias then begins to responds in a slightly emotional tone, before finding himself being silenced by his big brothers finger pressing against his lips and while it was a little annoying, he trusted him too much to protest and knew that there must be a good reason for him to do it.

"First of all, I am tired Tobias, but that's no excuse for me to make you feel like you did something wrong, so I'm really sorry, secondly, you're my brother and I love you, so you can come to me for anything at any time Tobias and I will help you, never forget that and thirdly, I can still do what I wanted to do, it just means that I have a shower instead of a bath and we both know that I prefer showers anyway, so it's not a big deal and you have nothing to feel guilty about, okay." Mitch states in a serious, but warm tone, as he slowly moves his finger away from his brothers lips and smiles reassuringly at him and while he would still honestly prefer not to have this talk, he was still going to go through with it, even if he still had to decide on just how much he actually told his brother about sex.

"Okay, but I'm still sorry, you're always doing things for us and er... well I er... well, we all really love you." Tobias then says with a sincere and shy smile, as he looks into his big brothers eyes and while he still felt guilty, he knew he wasn't really mad at him or anything and while he thought the talk was going to be embarrassing, he was glad that it was his big brother doing it and not his mum or uncle.

"I know and I love all three of you as well, but as I haven't been home that long, why don't you make me a coffee and yourself a drink, while I go and sit down and think about what to tell you." Mitch then decides to suggest in response, as he smiles at his brother and slowly walks over to the sofa and sits down.

"Okay and er... thanks again Mitch, you're the best." Tobias quickly responds with a happy smile, before walking over to the kitchen area and filling the kettle with some water and then sets about getting both of their drinks ready as quickly as he could.

"Now, get comfortable Tobias and while I want you to ask questions, let me finish each part first and we can go over it a bit at a time, is that okay?" Mitch then asks in a casual tone, after taking his coffee from his brother and taking a sip, he had had a few minutes to think of the best way to approach the conversation and had decided to take it a step at a time and take it slowly, which would hopefully make the whole thing go quicker, because he really did want to go to the hospital and see his friend and knew that he couldn't leave it too late.

"Okay." Tobias responds quietly, as he takes a couple of sips of his drink and shuffles a little bit to get comfortable and calm down as well, because he was both excited and embarrassed about the conversation now and he knew he had to stop himself from doing or saying something stupid and decided to just let his big brother talk and not interrupt him with silly questions.

"Well okay, but I will be honest Tobias, I'm only going to tell you the basics and what I think you need to know, because you're still young and to be even more honest, some things are just better when you find them out for yourself, but I will tell you enough to get you started, deal?" Mitch then decides to say in a slightly nervous tone, his brother was only twelve years old and while he had lost his virginity early himself, he was sensible about it and he was determined to try and make sure that his brother knew enough, to know what was acceptable and what wasn't.

"I guess so, I mean er... well I know you er... well I get it, I just want to know some stuff and Jordan said you would be able to help me." Tobias quickly responds in a calmer tone than he was really feeling, because he was about to learn how to make girls feel good and while he knew it was different with girls and he couldn't do the stuff he did with Carter and Wesley with his girlfriend, but that didn't mean they couldn't do some stuff and when his girlfriend was ready, he wanted to be ready too and when his big brother nods his head and begins to talk, he settles himself down and listens intently

Two Days Later

"Are you sure? Because I could come back later." Mitch quickly offers, as he stands outside the room and looks at his friends parents in surprise, because while he wanted to see his friend, he would have thought that they would want to be in the room with him now and not leave, so he wanted to make sure that he wasn't imposing on them.

"We've been with him all night and morning Mitch, so it's okay for you to go in." Mr Kelly responds in a warm tone, as he glances inside the room to his son and then back at the young man in front of him.

"We need to go home anyway Mitch and we don't want him to be alone, so please go in and don't worry about us, we won't be long." Mrs Kelly then decides to add, as she gives the young man a warm smile and while she knew that the boys weren't as close as they used to be, she did know how much the young man meant to her son and she was happy to see him here right now, because it showed her that he was a true friend and while neither she or her husband wanted to leave, they had to go home and collect a few things, before coming back and having the young man here, was a blessing and meant that they didn't have to leave their son alone.

"Okay and thank you for calling me." Mitch quickly responds with an appreciative smile, before glancing back inside the room. "Are you sure it's okay to wake him, I know what Matt was like when he woke up from his coma and the doctors insisted that we let him rest as much as possible." He then decides to ask in a hesitant tone, as he turns back to his friends parents and while he wanted to speak to his friend, he knew he would be tired and still a little out of it and the last thing he wanted to do was cause him any issues, he had already been through enough.

"Relax Mitch, just try to wake him and if it doesn't work, than just sit with him, we just don't want him to be alone and he will wake up on his own eventually." Mrs Kelly responds in a warm and reassuring tone, before looking at her watch and again, while she didn't want to go anywhere, they really did need to sort some things out and it was important.

"We've also talked to the nurses and doctors and you're okay to be in the room Mitch, well unless they need you to leave, but we know you know how these things work and we trust you, so don't worry and we will try to be back as quickly as we can." Mr Kelly then decides to say, as he sees the uncertain look on the young man's face and while it should have worried him, he actually found it reassuring, because it showed how much he cared for his son and he knew he could trust him to be there as a friend and not as a constable, which had initially worried both himself and his wife.

"Thank you and I promise not to leave him alone, even if I do have to step outside the room, I won't go anywhere else, you have my word." Mitch responds in a sincere tone, before turning back to his friends room and while he may have woken up during the early morning, he still looked exhausted and he couldn't help but remember what Matt had looked like and he had to swallow a lump in his throat at the memory of seeing that.

"Thank you Mitch." Mr Kelly then says with a smile, before giving his son a final look through the window and then taking his wife's arm and walking away from the room and the young man, which was harder than he had thought it would be, even though they would be back in a few hours time, they had thought they had lost their son and now that he was awake, he didn't want to leave and knew his wife felt the same way, but they had to go and the faster they went, the faster they would be back.

"Hey mate." Mitch says in a quiet tone, after taking a few moments to enter the room and sit next to his friend and even though he did want to wake him up, he still kept his voice low and decided to let him wake up by himself, if he didn't respond to his voice.

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