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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 1

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 5

September 2014

When she shuts the front door, she considers going to speak with her son but decides against it just as she comes to the bottom of the stairs, so instead she turns to the kitchen and starts preparing something to eat for when her husband gets home and after an hour David walks in and smiles as he is embraced by his wife, she then lets go and tells him to sit in the kitchen as she finishes cooking and plates the food up, before sitting down with her him and during the meal they discuss everything that had happened and how they should just let their son sleep and come to them in his own time, David agrees while taking hold of his wife's hand as they talk about ways to make up for their behaviour, eventually after finishing eating and cleaning up they continue to talk until they decide it's time to sleep themselves.

When Matt eventually wakes up he looks over to his clock, he is surprised to see it's already eight in the morning and rubs his eyes just to be sure he is reading the time right and really can't believe he slept for over sixteen hours, so decides to roll out of his bed on to his feet before looking down at himself to see he is still wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday and sighs when he thinks about what had happened at the park and slumps back on to his bed, while he sits there feeling like he wants to cry again he suddenly hears some voices outside his bed and tries not to make a sound.

"Do you think he's awake?" Sarah asks her husband, causing Matt to double his efforts to remain silent, the last thing he wants is for them to think he was awake.

"I don't know, just remember what Ben told us Sarah, we have already messed up once, so just let him wake up on his own and he will come to us when he is ready." David responds and Matt can't help but actually smile after hearing his friend had put his parents in their place and aren't going to hassle him.

"I know, let's just go downstairs and I will make us something to eat, I just hope he doesn't hate us David, I couldn't bare him not speaking to us again like last time." Sarah then states with tears in her eyes, the thought of getting the silent treatment again is almost too much for her to think about and Matt almost calls out to her after hearing how upset she sounded but stops himself, he just wasn't quite ready to face his parents yet and he knew his mum would be fine.

After making sure his parents were downstairs, Matt decides he needs to get out of his clothes and take a shower so after putting his clothes in the wash bin he can't help but check over his body, he has never really taken much notice of it before, but since his talk about puberty with his friend yesterday, he can't help but be curious and look at his penis and is surprised to see it sticking out and not really knowing what to do with it, he just ends up staring at it for a few minutes wondering why it was hard, but the sudden need to pee forces his thoughts to more important issues and he quickly makes his way to the bathroom, the last thing he wants is for one of his parents to catch him naked with a boner, that really would ruin his life he thought to himself.

Successfully making his way into the bathroom undetected, he quickly locks the door behind him and instantly encounters a new problem that leaves him completely baffled, he is now standing over the toilet and wondering how he is meant to aim, so he tries to hold it down but that just hurts and ends up just standing there scratching his head, while considering his options and reluctantly decides he needs help, as he is getting desperate to pee and doesn't know what to do and was getting close to panicking and deciding to swallow his pride, he opens the bathroom door slightly.

"Dad are you there?" Matt shouts out nervously, but after a few moments of silence he is about to shout out again but his dads voice interrupts him.

"Yes Matt, are you okay?" David shouts back up and looks over to his wife with a smile and she smiles back.

"I have a problem and need your help, can you come upstairs please, I'm in the bathroom." Matt asks, a little more quietly than before as he becomes more embarrassed, he can't believe these things keep happening to him and just wishes he could be normal like everyone else is.

"Okay Matt, I will be up in a second." David replies, before giving his wife a shrug of the shoulders and getting up from the chair and heading to see what his son needs help with.

"Dad please hurry." Matt then shouts out as he hears his dad walking up the stairs and peeks his head out of the door to see his dad appear at the top of the stairs.

"Hey Matt, what's wrong?" David asks as he walks towards the bathroom and looks a little bemused at seeing his sons head sticking out of the half opened door.

"Dad it's er... Dad I really need to pee." Matt says, but is struggling to tell his dad what is actually wrong due to the embarrassment and just blushes, which causes his dad to look on even more bemused.

"Then just use the toilet." David states, not really understanding what the issue could be.

"I can't Dad, just please don't laugh at me again." Matt then says, looking a bit upset as he starts to squirm around.

"I'm not going to laugh, but why can't you just use the toilet and I promise not to laugh at you Matt, but you have to tell me what's wrong." David responds, trying his best to reassure his son, but still not understanding why his son can't just use the toilet.

"Dad it's hard and I don't know how to pee when it's hard, it just won't go down." Matt then explains, with a very cute but sad expression and the penny finally drops, as David realises what the issue is and quickly tries to think of a solution, while also hiding his amusement at his sons predicament.

"It's okay, it happens to everyone Matt, is it okay if I come in so we can work it out?" David then asks after trying to reassure him, he knows how embarrassed his son must be and genuinely wants to make this as painless as possible, but he knows from his own experiences that no matter what he does his son is going to be feeling mortified.

"Okay." Matt answers after a few moments of thinking whether or not to let his dad see him naked with a boner, but he knows he can't hold out much longer and quickly opens the door and closes it just as quickly when his dad walks in, David however is surprised to see his son completely naked, he hadn't expected this and just assumed he was at least in his underwear.

"Son I know this is embarrassing, but I just want you to know I'm actually really proud of you for asking for help." David tells his son as he rubs his shoulder to comfort him. "There is no reason to get upset and now that I can see your problem, I can tell you honestly I know how exactly how you feel, I went through the same think when I was your age, well actually a little bit older." He then says sincerely, catching his son by surprise by his admission to having the same problem and David smiles as he sees his sons mood lift slightly and knows he is doing a good job.

"Dad I really need to go though, I can't hold it any longer and it's starting to hurt." Matt then says sounding close to tears and David realises that he has to think fast and mentally scolds himself for not thinking of a solution, as soon as his son told him what the problem was.

"Don't worry there are a few ways to fix your problem, but we don't have time for me to explain them right now so what you need to do is get in the shower and pee in there, it's not ideal and definitely not something you should make a habit out of Matt, but for now hurry up and get inside and just let it out." David instructs his blushing son, while almost pushing him into the shower cubicle, the last thing he wanted to happen is his son peeing all over the floor, the mess would be bad enough, but it's the emotional stress it will cause his son that has him worried the most.

"Okay Dad." Matt responds as he finds himself ushered into the shower.

"Do you want me to wait in your room so we can have a talk or we can wait until after you have had something to eat if you want and I can get your Mum to go for a walk or something so we have some privacy." David quickly asks, thinking this is his best chance to get his son to agree to talk with him.

"Dad we can talk after we eat, but please go quick." Matt replies quickly, hoping his dad hurries up and leaves before he starts peeing, the idea of his dad watching him is mortifying and he can't cope with the humiliation and is relieved to hear the bathroom door open and close and the moment he relaxes his bladder finally wins out and lets out a sigh of relief as he empties his bladder.

"Is he okay?" Sarah asks as soon as her husband walks back into the kitchen.

"He is fine now, but don't ask what happened it's a guy thing and something I'm going to talk to him about after he has eaten something." David replies, while giving his wife a quick kiss before sitting down. "Sarah it would really help if you can go for a walk or go visit Martha for a while, just to give us some privacy." He then states, hoping she will actually be happy to not be around for the birds and the bees talk, he knows she has always been adamant that it was his job to talk their son through puberty.

"How long do you need?" Sarah asks in response, she knows this is going to be the birds and the bees talk and she doesn't want to be around for that and she is sure her son would prefer her not to be there either.

"I have no idea maybe a few hours and I can always give you a call if it doesn't take that long, I think Ben talking with him will have answered most of his questions, but there are still a lot he may ask." David responds and is genuinely unsure how long it will take, but he was grateful for Ben at least covering the basics as it should mean his son will be a little less embarrassed, although he wasn't going to kid himself, he remembered when his dad had given him the same talk and it was an awful and awkward experience.

"Okay Honey, I can go see Martha then, I still can't believe this is happening already though, he is only eleven and still just a baby." Sarah responds, still not quite being able to comes to terms with her son growing up so fast.

"I know Sarah, but it's happening and after yesterday I have to do this right whether I like it or not." David responds honestly, he was going to make a joke about their son not being a baby any more after seeing him naked, he had seen him with a boner yesterday, but he was wearing his tighty whiteys and they definitely did their job as even he was surprised by what he saw, considering his son is only eleven, but he really didn't think his wife would appreciate knowing that.

After he is done peeing and finishes his shower, Matt starts drying himself and notices much to his horror that he has gone hard again and sighs in frustration and wonders to himself whether his life could get any worse and then he remembers he is about to have what he assumes is the 'birds and the bees' talk, that his friend had told him about with his dad, who had just seen him naked with a boner and just wishes the ground would swallow him up.

Then deciding there is nothing he can do about his boner, he quickly leaves the bathroom with the towel around his waist, although it does little to hide the fact he has a boner and almost runs inside his room and quickly closing the door behind him, he tosses the towel into his wash bin and tries not to think about his penis as he starts to pick some clothes to wear, after a few minutes he is happy with his choice and starts to get dressed and as he pulls his underwear up he notices that his boner is starting to go down a little and quickly puts on the rest of his clothes and just praying it doesn't get hard again.

He then gives himself another quick check over until he is happy that everything is where it should be and makes his way downstairs, where he can hear his parents talking in the living room and relaxes as he overhears his dad telling his mum to give them some privacy, so at least he wouldn't have to have the 'talk' with his mum being there, he then quickly spots the plate of breakfast his mum has left him and carries it into the living room and manages a weak smile to both his parents as he sits down.

"Are you feeling better now Matthew." Sarah asks her son as she watches him sit down.

"I'm fine, but can you stop calling me 'Matthew' I don't like it when you call me that Mum." Matt replies without looking at either of his parents, he is still feeling slightly embarrassed about everything that has happened and didn't want to look either in the eye just yet.

"Sorry Sweetheart, I didn't realise I was doing that." Sarah says apologetically, she really hadn't realised and felt bad because she knew he didn't like it. "I'm really sorry for yesterday as well Matt, that was unforgivable." She then adds nervously, not sure if it's the right time to mention the events of the day before.

"Maybe we can talk about that later Honey, let him just eat his breakfast." David replies not meaning to upset his wife, it's just he doesn't want his son getting upset before their talk.

"It's okay Dad." Matt says as he looks up at his dad before turning to his mum. "I forgive you Mum, Ben explained what happened and well it was mean and not nice what you both did, but I really don't want to be angry any more, so can we talk about it another day because I don't think I can cope with much more stuff today." He decides to state, while being as honest as possible, he was dreading having the 'talk' more and more as the minutes passed by and the last thing he needed was his mum hassling him about yesterday.

Matt finishes his breakfast and is relieved when his mum announces that she is going to see Martha and will be back in a few hours, he kisses her goodbye and sits back down, while trying not to look at his dad, but as soon as he hears his mum leave the house he nervously looks up to see his dad looking at him with an awkward expression.

"Well I guess we should just start now and I will be honest Matt, this is going to be embarrassing for the both of us so let's just be completely honest." David explains, trying to make this as painless as possible for the both of them.

"Dad, I don't want to do this." Matt suddenly says, catching his dad slightly by surprise, but David knows this has to be done now and he has to take charge otherwise his son will bolt at the first chance he gets.

"Matt listen to me, we have to do this because it's an important part of growing up, every boy go through this including me when I was a boy and being totally honest this is earlier than I thought we would be having this conversation, but I promise you Matt, this isn't going to get any less embarrassing in a years time or even two, if any thing I actually think it's going to be less embarrassing if we just got it over with right now" David says in a calm but serious tone, he doesn't want to force his son to do this, but he is going to do his best to convince him now is the right time.

"Dad I know, it's just so embarrassing though and I don't even know what to do or say." Matt admits, even if he wasn't embarrassed he has no idea how this talk is meant to work and if he is meant to just listen or ask questions.

"I only want to do this one time Matt, so I just want you to ask anything you can think to ask, it doesn't matter how embarrassing you might think it is, I will answer and I will fill in on some of the things you either forget to ask or don't even think of to ask, does that sound okay to you?" David asks, trying to be as clear as possible.

"Okay Dad." Matt responds a little dejected, he just knows this is going to be the worst moment of his life and he has had too many of those already in the last few days.

For the next hour and a half Matt asks his dad question after question and to his surprise his dad answers them all, some in more detail than Matt to his dismay really wanted, David for his part was actually surprised that this was easier than he had first anticipated, even a little amusing at some of the questions his son was asking and also the look of horror and confusion at some of the answers he received and as the talk progressed David started feeling a sense of appreciation for Ben, who had done a decent job of explaining some of the basics to his son already, which helped speed up the talk and he was actually beginning to think for the first time, that having his sons friend come with them on their trip really was a good idea and made a mental note to thank his wife later on, the 'talk' eventually comes to an end with both of them looking a mixture between embarrassed and satisfied and David couldn't help but laugh as he also noticed a sparkle in his son's eyes, as if he had just discovered the greatest thing in the world and is caught a little bit by surprise when his son looked up at him with a smile.

"Hey Dad, thank you so much you're the best dad ever and I love you." Matt tells his dad sincerely, although he can't quite make up his mind if he should hug his dad or not, it seems like the right thing to do, but at the same time after what they just talked about, he can't help but think it will be weird.

"I love you too Son and just to save us both any further embarrassment, let's not talk to your mum about this okay." David says holding out his hand to seal their pact and smiles as his shakes his hand and winks, Matt however is just glad that his uncertainty over whether to hug his dad or not has been sorted out by the handshake.

After sitting in silence for a few minutes, Matt decides to make a break for it and announces that he has some homework he wants to get done and quickly makes his way out of the living room and up to his room, while David just watches in amusement at his sons quick exit, but he doesn't mind and was just feeling very happy with himself at the way the dreaded 'talk' went, then noticing the time he decides to text his wife so she knows it's safe to come home now.

When Sarah comes through the front door, she smiles as her husband hands her a cup of coffee and leads her into the living room, where they have a quick talk about how things went, although keeping his promise to his son, David doesn't go into any details but does make sure his wife knows everything went as well as it could have gone, as they continue to talk they hear their son running down the stairs and look towards the door in amusement as they watch him try and catch his breath.

"Hey, can I go round Ben's please?" Matt then asks, while looking at both his parents expectantly.

"Well I don't know, I was going to do dinner in a few hours and..." Sarah begins to answer, before being cut off.

"Ben already said I can have dinner round his house, his dad is cooking New Zealand Lamb and I love New Zealand Lamb, please can I go, please Mum." Matt pleads and uses his best puppy dog look to convince his mum to let him go.

"Only if you're sure Mr Walker doesn't mind." Sarah replies, knowing she didn't have the heart to say no to her son when he gave her that luck and blushes as little as her husband mockingly shakes his head in disappointment.

"Matt don't forget it's Monday tomorrow and you have school, you can give me a call when you're ready and I will come pick you up." David then states in a firm tone, leaving Matt in no doubt that he is serious and wants him home before it gets too late.

"Okay Dad and thank you so much, I promise I won't be late." Matt replies with the biggest grin on his face, he then quickly dashes back to his room excitedly, before returning in record time after changing into a cute little t-shirt and shorts outfit and to both his parents bewilderment, he has even managed to style his hair that just made him look adorably cute.

"Are you sure you got everything?" Sarah asks with a smile, she can't help thinking how cute her son was, to go to all this effort and wondered if he even knew why he was doing it.

"Yeah I'm ready, bye Mum, bye Dad, I love you both." Matt responds, before giving each of his parents a quick kiss on the cheek and then almost flying out of the house and running to his best friends house.

"How the hell did he do all that so quick?" David then finally says, breaking the momentary silence after watching their son leave the house.

"I have no idea, he was only gone for a few minutes." Sarah says genuinely at a loss, but got the feeling her husband didn't pick up on reason their son had changed and styled his hair and didn't want to bring it up.

They decide however to forget about their son for a while and take advantage of having the house to themselves and smile before cuddling up to each other and start to kiss passionately, before David suggests taking things upstairs and without needed to say anything his wife just nods her head as they both get up and walk hand in hand towards the stairs.

After managing to make his way to his best friends house in record time, Matt quickly checks himself over to make sure he looks nice, even though he doesn't quite know why he cares how he looks and once he is finally happy with himself he knocks on the door and waits for a few moments, when no one answers the door he decides to knock a bit louder but again there is no answer and he starts to get a little frustrated and wonders why no one is home and he is just about to knock again when he suddenly jumps in shock as he feels a cold wet feeling explode all over his back and quickly turns around to see what is happening, after the initial shock of the cold water hitting him passes and is about to shout out in anger but is stopped in his tracks, when he sees his friend rolling around on his back laughing his head off.

"What the hell Ben?" Matt calls out and doesn't hide the fact he is angry, as his friend eventually stops laughing and looks up at him with an innocent look on his face.

"What, you looked a little hot, so I thought I would cool you down." Ben responds in a mock serious tone and suddenly falls on to his back again laughing as his friend just stands in front of him pouting.

"Oh very funny you moron, now what am I going to do, you ruined my outfit, I picked it out because I thought you would like it and now you ruined it." Matt then says in an angry tone and can feel tears forming in his eyes, but when Ben finally composing himself enough to sit back up, he notices the look of hurt straight away on his friends face.

"I was only playing around and nothing is ruined Matt, it's just water." Ben states, he was confused by how upset his friend is and even more confused by the fact he had picked out an outfit he thought he would like and if he was being honest, even though the outfit was wet, it did actually look really cute and kind of sexy.

"I'm going home, thanks a lot for ruining everything Ben." Matt then states, before turning away and begins to walk home as tears fall down his face, he just couldn't believe his friend ruined everything.

"Oh fuck, Matt please don't go, I was only messing around." Ben pleads as he gets up to his feet and quickly runs in front of his friend and stops him by holding his shoulders, before looking straight into his eyes. "I'm really sorry, I just thought it would be fun to mess around and I do really like your clothes, they look really cute and I really am sorry for getting them wet." He then says sincerely and the more he actually looked at the clothes, the more he liked them and he just wished he never got them wet.

"You really like them?" Matt then asks, almost completely forgetting the fact he was angry and upset after hearing his friend saying that he liked his clothes, which just sends a warm and happy feeling throughout his body and he lets a small smile spread across his face.

"Yeah I really like them and I really do feel bad for getting them wet, while I mine are still dry." Ben responds and instantly regrets his choice of words, when he sees his friends expression change. "Don't you dare..." He starts to say, but he is too late and is suddenly forced on to his back, as his giggling friend jumps straight on top of him and starts to rub his wet clothes all over his friends and after a few minutes of both boys rolling around playfully wrestling each other, until they suddenly hear someone clearing their throats and look up to see Mitch grinning at them from the door.

"Dad said once you two love birds finish cuddling each other, it might be a good idea to get get yourselves cleaned up, you know unless you're enjoying rubbing against each other, that is." Mitch teases the boys with a huge grin on his face, before he just turns around and heads back inside without waiting for a reply, the look on the two younger boys faces was enough for him to know they understood what he was implying, the boys then quickly untangle themselves and get to their feet and look at each other with shy smiles on their faces, but neither understood what they were feeling and were just left a bit confused.

"Ben look at my clothes, I'm going to have to go home and get changed and mum and dad are going to..." Matt begins to say, but Ben sensing his friend is getting worked up again decides to interrupt him before he gets to upset.

"Matt you can just get dried up in my room, it's only water and apart from that, your clothes are fine." Ben quickly says, trying to avoid his friend going into full panic mode and smiles as he sees him relax and smile again.

"Well lead the way and let's get dried up before we miss dinner." Matt responds wanting to get cleaned up as quickly as possible, although he is still a little upset his outfit got ruined before his friend got to see it properly, but he didn't want to let it spoil the rest of the day and he did really enjoy when they were wrestling each other.

"Don't worry about dinner, it's going to be at least another hour, Mitch was just messing around with us." Ben responds. He then grabs his friends hand and pulls him towards the house and although he was initially surprised by his friend grabbing his hand, Matt can't help but smile and let himself be pulled inside as they make their way to his friends bedroom.

"Why did you lock the door?" Matt then asks his friend, after watching him close and look his bedroom door behind them.

"You don't want anyone to walk in when we strip off do you?" Ben replies casually as if what he said was perfectly normal, Matt however goes from bemused to shocked and looks at his friend trying to figure out if he is being serious or joking around.

"Strip off, why would we strip off?" Matt asks, still not sure if his friend is messing around, although deep down he can't help but get a little excited at the thought of him stripping, but he doesn't understand why he is suddenly finding it exciting, they had stripped off in front of each other more times than he can remember, but recently he has started to get these strange tingly feelings and he couldn't figure out why or what they meant.

"To dry our clothes dumb ass." Ben replies sarcastically and grins at his friends reaction.

"But I don't have any other clothes to put on." Matt points out and blushing in the process, much to the amusement of his friend who smiles to himself as his plan is working just like he had planned.

"Well yeah you dumb ass, why do you think I locked the door, you can just wait here while your clothes dry." Ben responds and smiles as his friend blushes again.

"Well can't you go get a towel or something, I'm not going to stand here naked for you to just stare at me you creep." Matt states, he really doesn't want his friend to see him naked and especially now that his penis seems to have a mind of it's own, which just makes it even more embarrassing.

"Yeah sure, it's not like I want to see that little thing again anyway." Ben retorts smirking, although he is disappointed that he might not get to see his friend naked again, especially his penis because he really wanted to see it again.

"You're such a creep Ben, huh wait again, what do you mean again?" Matt asks genuinely shocked, much to the surprise of Ben who was expecting his friend to get embarrassed or joke back, but wasn't expecting this reaction.

"You know I have seen it before, don't you remember?" Ben replies, wondering if his friend is just messing around or if he really doesn't remember and decides to be a little cautious.

"No you haven't, you're just trying to trick me you pervert, I think I would remember something like that happening." Matt replies and is clearly a little annoyed at his friend trying to trick him into getting naked, sure they have changed together before, but never actually seen each other fully naked from the front.

"Oh come on, remember when we first saw each other at your house and you ran to your room embarrassed?" Ben states, as he begins to wonder if his friend really has forgotten and if he should have just kept his mouth shut.

"Huh, stop lying Ben, I wasn't even naked, I was just sitting at the top of the stairs." Matt responds, while trying his best to remember back to that day, but still not seeing how his friend could have seen anything, he would definitely remember something that embarrassing.

"You weren't naked, but you might as well have been, a towel doesn't cover much when you sit like that at the top of the stairs Matt." Ben then states, still thinking his friend is pretending not to remember, but from the mortified look on his friends face, he suddenly realises that he might genuinely have had no idea he had accidentally exposed himself and now felt like the biggest jerk in the world as he knows his friend is not going to take this well if it was true.

"OH MY GOD! That is why you looked so weird." Matt suddenly blurts out, louder than he intended and instantly blushes hoping no one else in the house heard him.

"Wait seriously you didn't know? but you ran off to your bedroom looking embarrassed and I just assumed you realised you flashed me." Ben then says and hoping that his friend is really just joking around, even though he knows he isn't.

"Oh my god, oh my god you saw my penis, no... no... no this is not happening." Matt says totally horrified by what had happened and Ben realising just how upset his friend is getting, tries to reassure him.

"I'm so sorry, I honestly thought you knew, but I never said anything because I thought it would be awkward, Matt please don't be embarrassed you have nothing to be embarrassed about trust me." Ben states, while gently rubbing his friends shoulder and really hoping he doesn't have a meltdown or something.

"I think I should just go home now." Matt then says, before shrugging his friends arm off his shoulder, while looking down at the floor and Ben can see his friend is close to tears.

"No way Matt, look I'm sorry but honestly we are both boys, sure it must be embarrassing but we are best friends and you know I would never make fun of you or tell anyone else, you just need to try and see the funny side." Ben replies, not really having any idea what to say and is just hoping he doesn't make things worse and is just about to say something else when Matt suddenly looks up at him with a strange look on his face.

"The funny side, what funny side? You saw my penis, how can I see the funny side of that." Matt retorts with a bit of anger in his voice and is clearly not happy with his friend trying to make a joke out of it.

"Well at least that time, it was your fault I saw it." Ben replies a little too quickly, without thinking it through and almost takes a step back in fear, when his friends eyes open wide in shock.

"That time? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN THAT TIME! How many times have you seen it Ben, have you been spying on me you pervert." Matt shouts with venom in his voice, although he manages to keep his voice low for most of it, but for the first time in their friendship, Matt is genuinely angry at his friend and wants some answers fast.

"Wait no, no Matt please it's nothing like that, I'm just saying everything wrong please... please just let me explain please." Ben says, now on the verge of having a meltdown himself, this was definitely not how he thought his plan would end up and he was praying that his dad or brother hadn't heard his friend shouting.

"I thought we were friends Ben, this is just... I... I don't know what to think... just tell me now before... it's too... just tell me what's going on Ben." Matt then asks, totally unsure how he should be feeling, on the one hand it's kind of a relief that Ben has seen him, but on the other hand he can't help but feel violated at being spied on like that by his friend and he is desperately fighting the urge to run away and just hoping his friend can explain himself.

"Twice Matt, I have seen it twice okay." Ben responds in panic, but realises he is going to have to explain it more, after seeing the look of anger on his friends face. "That first time at your house on the stairs and the second time was at the park yesterday remember? When you know those guys, well you know stripped you" He explains, hoping he hasn't just lost his best friend, he just couldn't bare not having him in his life and was on the verge of tears.

"Wait... oh, but how did you see er... huh?" Matt asks in a confused tone, his mind just couldn't keep up with everything that is going on at the moment and he is starting to feel like the world hates him and he is being punished for something.

"You know what happened, we talked about it remember, they stripped you before Mitch got there and well I tried to get you to get dressed, but you were just out of it." Ben starts to explain before pausing to wipe his eyes. "I was really scared that someone would see you so I er... well you know had to dress you myself and I couldn't help it Matt, please believe me I didn't want too and didn't look on purpose, but it was just there and I saw it, but I got you dressed as fast as I could." He then adds honestly, hoping his friend believes him and is about to start crying.

"Oh er.. damn it Ben, why didn't you just tell me, I thought you were just a pervert or something." Matt says in relief, all his anger and embarrassment just seems to have vanished, but when he looks at his friends face, a flush of guilt washes over him and just as Ben is about to reply he is suddenly bundled on to his bed as his friend cuddles him tightly, then after a few moments Matt rolls off his friend looking a bit sheepish. "Oh er... sorry I got carried away." He then says with a cheeky grin and after seeing his friend looking happy again Ben gets himself under control and smiles himself.

"Oh man don't worry about it, but that was horrible, I thought you were going to hit me or run away or even both, oh man I really messed that right up, I only wanted to trick you into getting naked." Ben blurts out, unintentionally revealing his plan to his friend and turns bright red as a result.

"So you were trying to get me naked you little creep, twice wasn't enough for you huh?" Matt says mockingly, which surprises Ben who was sure his friend would hit him this time.

"Huh wait no, I just wanted to er... I don't know I thought if you know er... well I kinda of wanted to show you mine." Ben finally manages to say, almost to quietly to hear, his friends face however much to Ben's surprise seems to light up and a big grin spreads across his face, making him wonder if he is going to regret what he just said.

"Well go on then." Matt then says, looking at his friend expectantly.

"What do you mean go on?" Ben asks nervously, he really isn't sure what is going to happen.

"Well go on show me yours then, it's only fair you got to see mine twice now, so come on let me see it." Matt answers confidently, openly challenging his friend to show him his penis.

Ben however isn't quite sure what to do, sure he wanted this to happen, it was the whole point of coming up with this plan in the first place, but now that the moment had arrived though, he was feeling very self conscious and couldn't help but think his friend was only joking and that he would laugh at him, so just stands their frozen.

"I was only joking Ben, if you don't want to it's okay, although it's a little unfair that you have seen mine and I haven't seen yours." Matt then says, realising he has maybe over stepped the mark and upset his friend, although now that his friend told him about wanting to show him his penis, he found himself becoming more curious and actually wanting to see it.

"Okay I will do it, but you have to er... you know get naked too, I mean we have to dry our clothes anyway." Ben replies nervously, even though he was trying to sound confident and make it seem like the logical thing to do.

"Well apparently according to my creepy pervert of a friend, I got nothing he hasn't already seen. so okay I will do it, just hurry up and go first." Matt replies and surprises himself by how excited he is getting and decides to drop all the pretence of pretending otherwise.

"If you back out I will kick your ass." Ben replies smiling nervously, he then stands up taking a few steps away from the bed in the process, before taking a big breath and starts removing his clothing until he is standing in just a pair of tight blue briefs, but then hesitates as he looks nervously at his best friend and tries to figure out if he really should do this.

"Look seriously Ben, if you don't want to it's..." Matt begins to say after noticing his friends nervousness, but stops as his friend quickly pulls down his briefs and kicks them away, exposing his two inch soft penis and small balls, Matt not quite believing his friend just exposed himself completely, can only look on with his jaw almost hitting the floor while enjoying his friends naked body and just couldn't believe how good it felt to see his friends penis and balls and didn't want to take his eyes off them.

"Er... well what do you think?" Ben then asks shyly, forcing himself to not cover himself up with his hands, he can see his friend is looking at his penis and balls and then after a few seconds, he notices him blush and smile shyly.

"I er... well I don't know I er... I er... think it looks cute, just like the rest of you er... I just can't believe you just did that... this is so cool." Matt replies in a slightly stunned tone, as he was getting the strangest feelings going through his body that he just doesn't understand, but his attention though is quickly pulled back to reality when his friend suddenly grins.

"So come on then Matt, get them off." Ben orders excitedly as he points to his friends clothes.

"Oh yeah, okay I guess." Matt responds and takes a long deep breath, before standing up from the bed and slowly removes his top followed by his shorts, trainers and socks, but just like his friend did, he hesitates when he puts his thumbs in the waistband of his tighty whiteys and looks at his friend nervously.

"Matt trust me, I almost backed out but as soon as I did it I felt great, then when I saw you didn't laugh or make fun of me, it felt even better and I promise you I won't laugh or make fun of you." Ben quickly says, reassuring his friend after noticing the fear and apprehension on his face, although he has already seen his friends penis, this is the first time he can look at it properly without feeling guilty and he couldn't wait.

Taking another deep breath and closing his eyes, Matt using his thumbs that are already hooked in the elastic of his tighty whiteys pulls them down before stepping out of them, unintentionally closing the gap between himself and his friend as he stumbles a little and after realising that he isn't being laughed at or made fun of, he looks up to his friend nervously to see him looking directly at his two inch soft penis, with a happy look on his face and can't help but return the favour by staring at his friends soft penis again, they both continue to just take in the sight of the others soft penis's for a few moments before giggling as both their penis's begin to grow, although they are only aware of what the other is doing and it takes a few seconds before they realise their own penis's are getting hard and instinctively try to cover themselves up.

"Er... I don't mind if you don't, it's not like we can go anywhere else and we still have to dry our clothes." Ben suddenly says, after deciding to break the tension, much to the relief of his friend, who really didn't know what to do.

"I don't mind either." Matt replies, he actually realises that he doesn't mind his friend looking at his naked body and he really enjoyed looking at his friends.

After the boys agree that they will remove their hands on the count of three, they can't help but giggle as they see each others hard four inch penis's spring up and slap their navels and after the initial amusement they just take a few moments to admire each other.

"Wow we are the same size and they even look the same." Ben suddenly says, as it occurs to him that it was like looking in a mirror, which he has actually done a lot since he had his 'talk' with his brother.

"Don't they all look the same?" Matt asks in a curious tone, he had never really given it any thought before and just assumed they all looked the same.

"Not really, Mitch told me they are all different, you know like size and shape and stuff, but ours look the same and are even the same size." Ben answers, trying his best to explain to his friend while not taking his eyes of his friends body.

"Oh okay, that is cool I guess, so what do we do now?" Matt responds and really isn't sure what to do with himself, although he could stare at his friends naked body all day long as far as he is concerned, but knows they can't just stand there all day naked.

"I don't know, I have some towels we could wrap around ourselves I guess, I really don't want to though, I mean can't we just stay like this and talk or something?" Ben responds with his own question and really hopes his friend doesn't mind being naked, it's not that he just wants to look at his friends cute body, he was just surprisingly comfortable not wearing anything and is in no hurry to cover up.

"Yeah let's stay naked, it does feel kind of nice and comfortable." Matt agrees much to his friends delight, although their happiness however is short lived as the bedroom door suddenly swings wide open, causing both boys to jump up in a panic and trying to cover themselves.

"You dirty little fuckers, what the hell are you doing?" Mitch states, after he is completely taken by surprise by what he is seeing and just stares at the two boys, who are now standing bright red with their hands over themselves, looking like they were on the verge of tears.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god Mitch, please it's not... oh god no please." Ben pleads almost bursting into tears and Mitch quickly gets his head together and realises what is happening and the look on his little brothers face, tells him he needs to do some damage control, so he quickly shuts the door and steps closer to both boys.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry guys, don't get upset and I'm not angry, I promise." Mitch says apologetically and is genuinely sorry for walking in with out knocking, but this was the last thing he had expected to see when he came in to tell them dinner would be ready in half an hour.

"Please don't tell dad, please don't Mitch... please." Ben then pleads, thinking his life is now over and without realising he reaches out for his friends hand and squeezes it tightly.

"Calm down Ben, I'm not going to tell dad anything, you just need to both calm down." Mitch quickly says, trying to keep the boys from freaking out and feels relieved when they both stop shaking.

"you aren't going to beat us up and tell dad?" A confused Ben asks, he was surprised at his brothers reaction and still hasn't realised he is holding his friends hand.

"Guys it's really okay, now I have to admit, this was definitely not what I expected to see, but I'm not angry so just relax." Mitch tells the boys as calmly as he can, he really isn't bothered at all and actually thinks it's really quite adorable to see the two boys being this comfortable around each other.

"How did you get in though, Ben locked the door I saw him." Matt then asks, finally managing to speak after recovering from yet another worst moment of his life and just added it to the ever increasing list that he has built up recently.

"Yeah what gives Mitch, I locked the door, how did you get in?" Ben then asks as well, he is just as confused as his friend is about how his brother had managed to just walk straight into his room.

"Because you're a moron Ben, the lock has been broken for weeks remember, you have been bugging dad to fix it almost every day." Mitch answers with a grin, although he is a little dumbfounded by his little brother, as much as he loved the little guy he couldn't help but wonder how for such an intelligent bright boy, he could be such a dumb ass at times.

"Oh shit." Ben suddenly says, feeling embarrassed with himself for forgetting something so important.

"How can you forget your door is broken, what if your dad walked in instead of Mitch." Matt then states as he turns to his friend, a little bit more aggressively then intended, but he just couldn't believe his friends dad could have walked in and seen him naked with a boner, it was bad enough that Mitch had walked in, but his dad would have been too mortifying.

"Come on guys, no harm was done." Mitch says trying to stop the boys from getting into an argument, although he had to admit it was adorable seeing the two naked boys getting angry. "Now why don't you let go of each others hand and go cover yourselves up with something, I think I have seen enough of your little boners for one lifetime." He then teases playfully, after realising that the boys didn't seem to realise they were actually holding hands, which only made the situation even more adorable and he had to wonder if the boys knew how much they obviously liked each other, although he doubted at their age they would even understand that sort of thing.

Both boys then suddenly turn bright red as they look down and realise they really are holding hands, but instead of letting go they just look shyly at each other and smile, Mitch then realises that they aren't going to let each other go and coughs, causing them to quickly let go of each others hand and quickly grab a pillow to cover up and Mitch can't help but grin at the two boys as they look so cute.

"So are you two going to tell me why you're both naked?" Mitch then asks and smiles as they both look at each other, as if they are communicating telepathically.

"We were both wet and Matt doesn't have any other clothes here, so I suggested he just takes them off to dry out and er... well my clothes were wet as well and we are both boys so er... yeah." Ben answers awkwardly and Mitch has to admit, if he didn't know any better, that his little brother made a good point.

"So your clothes are piled up on the floor all over the place to get dry?" Mitch then quickly retorts, trying hard to repress the laughter as the two boys look at each other again.

"Well er... we were then going to sort them out..." Ben starts to reply, but Mitch decides they have suffered enough and it isn't fair to keep messing with them.

"Guys I'm not stupid, I know you were just comparing and being curious, hell I even believe you about the wet clothes because I saw the state of you both outside." Mitch states, interrupting his little brother, he had done his far share of comparing at that age himself. "I remember when I was your age, it was only a few years ago and it's perfectly natural to be curious, although I suspect there is more to it than that with you two." He then adds with a warm smile, he was curious to see how the boys would react to the last few words, because he had suspected for a while there was a strong connection between them and even now seeing them like this and obviously enjoying looking at each other, he couldn't quite be one hundred percent sure.

"Thanks for being so cool Mitch and yeah we were curious." Ben admits before looking over to the pile of clothes. "What do we do if our clothes aren't dry in time dinner though, they're still wet." He then asks, when he realises that their clothes are not going to dry in time, Mitch however almost slaps himself in the face in disbelief, as once again his intelligent and bright little brother, manages to make himself look like a complete dumb ass again.

"Jeez Ben, you're meant to be the intelligent one in this house, but you can really be dumb as fuck sometimes." Mitch says shaking his head, as his little brother looks up at him in confusion. "You're in your room, full of your own clothes and you can't think of what to do if your clothes are still wet and before you say it, because I know you will Ben, Matt is the same size as you so just..." Mitch says, before suddenly getting cut off by Matt.

"Hey wait, what do you mean you suspect it's more than curiosity between us?" Matt then asks in surprise, as his brain finally registered what Mitch had said.

"Nothing Matt don't worry about it, I just meant you're best friends and you practically look like twins, so you probably had more reason to be curious than others." Mitch lies, he had just got the answer he was looking for from the looks on both their faces, after Matt had spoken up and didn't want to embarrass them, he was just happy for the confirmation and knew that the boys would figure things out for themselves eventually.

"Oh okay, I guess." Matt says, although he isn't quite convinced of the older boys explanation, Mitch though could swear he could hear a hint of disappointment in the boys voice and thought maybe it will be a lot sooner than he thought it would be, for the boys to figure it out he mused to himself.

"Well dinner is like ten minutes away now, so get dressed and hurry up downstairs and just remember to be more careful the next time you two get curious." Mitch says in a semi serious tone, before looking at his little brother, than the Matt and just ruffles their hair before leaving, making sure to shut it behind himself, as soon as the door closes both boys start to giggle and throw their towels on the floor so they can be naked again, but before they can enjoy it too much they realise that they have to start getting dressed and Ben quickly walks over to his closet.

"I think we should just wear a t-shirt and some shorts for dinner, are these okay for you?" Ben suggests as he holds up a dark blue t-shirt and white shorts, Matt quickly looks them over and nods his head, they are okay he thinks to himself, but he wishes he could wear his outfit and struggled to hide his disappointment.

"What about underwear though?" Matt then quickly asks, as he grabs the shirt and shorts from his friend and realises he hadn't been given any undies.

"Oh right yeah, well I was thinking it might be fun to not wear any." Ben replies with a grin on his face, he had gone a few times without any underwear and it felt great and the shorts he picked out for his friend were quite short and loose, so he thought he might get a nice view when his friend sat down.

"What if we get caught?" Matt replies, he is a lot less enthusiastic then his friend is about the idea of going commando and was worried Mr Walker might find out and then tell his parents.

"Well I'm not wearing any, but you can wear them though, I mean if you're too scared." Ben teases as he pulls on the shirt and then the shorts, he knows his friend is going to take the bait and just enjoys the extra time to stare are his naked friend.

"You're such a creep." Matt replies, but pulls the shorts and shirt on anyway, despite still being nervous.

Now dressed the boys hurry downstairs and into the kitchen just as Mike is about to shout out for the the boys to hurry up, Matt happily sits down and takes a deep breath as the smell of his favourite meal hits him, when everyone else sits down they make small talk as they eat, Mitch however notices the cheeky grins the two boys keep giving each other and wonders what they're up to, but before he can give it any more thought his dad asks him to pass the gravy and they start another round of small talk and he forgets about what he was thinking about, once they have all finished the two young boys surprise both Mike and Mitch by insisting on doing all the cleaning up, explaining that it the least they can do after such a fantastic meal and Mike wasn't going to argue with his youngest son, although Mitch was a little suspicious about the boys behaviour, but he still couldn't figure out what they were up to.

"Okay you two old farts go take a nap or whatever old people do in the living room, while we sort out your mess." Ben cheerfully announces with a big grin on his face, while waving his dad and brother away and Matt can't resist smiling at his friends theatrics.

"Okay boys suit yourselves, Mitch and I will relax while you two have fun." Mike simply replies, keen to make the most of the two willing slaves so he can relax.

After twenty minutes the boys finish washing and clearing away the aftermath of dinner and decide to head straight up to Ben's room, only taking a few seconds to shout out that they have finished and not even waiting to see if anyone had even heard them and as soon as they get in the bedroom Ben strips off and looks at his friend expectantly and smiles as he only hesitates for a second before stripping off as well, they then decide to just chill out and talk for a while after checking out each others bodies again and chat about everything and nothing varying from the trip that is fast approaching to school among other things and barely notice that it's time for Matt to head home, who sighs at the realisation before he stands up and is about to walk over to his clothes, which are now dry when the bedroom door swings open and turns to see Mitch chuckling.

"Fucking hell guys, didn't you listen to me earlier about being more careful." Mitch states in mock surprise, causing both boys to blush and cover themselves up with their hands, much to the amusement of Mitch, who couldn't help but wonder why they were naked again.

"What the hell Mitch?" Ben says, clearly annoyed by his brother barging in his room again.

"You two owe me big time." Mitch then declares to his little brother, who looks at him in confusion.

"Why would I owe you for barging into my room?" Ben responds defensively, he then once again unknowingly reaches out to grab a hold of his friends hand, who accepts it without even realising, causing Mitch to smile at the boys subconscious affection for each other.

"Because Dad was just about to come up and remind you two that it was time for Matt to leave, but luckily for the both of you, I said I would come tell you because I was going to my room anyway." Mitch explains with a grin. "Plus I just knew you two were up to something and it's a good thing I did, because I'm not sure what dad would say at the sight of you two being naked and holding each others hands." He then adds as his grin grows wider and just like earlier both boys look down and realise they are holding each others hands again, this time though they let go straight away and blush.

"You really are the best brother ever." Ben states gratefully, trying to move the attention away from the fact he was holding his friends hand again and not even realising.

"If I had a brother, I would want him to be just like you Mitch." Matt quickly adds, which genuinely surprises Mitch, who is touched by the young boys words, although he just can't help but be distracted by the fact the two boys are still being naked and not even covering themselves up any more.

"That means a lot, I really mean that." Mitch says sincerely, but he really can't put up with them being naked any more. "You two really need to get dressed now though, I really don't want to be looking at you both naked again for a very, very long time." He then tells them, despite the initial amusement at seeing the boys in all their glory, he really didn't want to see them like this any more.

"Oh yeah, sorry Mitch we were just er... you know curious and it feels kind of neat you know." Ben replies with a little shy smile, he is feeling a lot more relaxed than he thought he would at the situation, however the same can't be said for his friend, who he notices is already half dressed.

"I guess that would also explain why you two little perverts, weren't wearing any underwear at dinner then." Mitch suddenly states and grins as both boys freeze and stare at him in shock.

"You knew... but... how oh no." Matt stutters in embarrassment and quickly gets the rest of his clothes on and sets about straightening them out to distract himself from having to look at his friends older brother.

"It wasn't until I saw you cleaning up, a bit of advice if you're going to go commando. don't wear small baggy shorts or ones that are too tight, they don't exactly help hide the fact you don't have any underwear on." Mitch tells them and despite the teasing he is actually quite impressed by the boys bravery to go commando in the first place.

"Oh shit." Ben says as he realises he had to be more careful next time. "Next time we will be more careful Mitch, I promise." He then states, getting a questioning look from his friend, Mitch however smiles to himself at his little brothers admission that going commando is not just a one off and thinks about the things he used to get up to a few years ago.

"Guys it really is time for Matt to go though." Mitch tells the boys and thinks the boys have been embarrassed enough and doesn't want it to go too far.

"I need to call my dad to come pick me up though." Matt suddenly says, he had forgotten all about having to call him and worries that he will be angry at him.

"No need little guy, I already sorted that out for you and called your dad and he is fine with our dad taking you home." Mitch tells him, he could tell he was getting worried and wanted to keep him from getting upset for no reason.

"Really, you did?" Matt asks in surprise and even Ben can't help but be impressed by his brother looking out for his friend.

"Yeah I convinced Dad to give you a lift home." Mitch answers before looking over to his little brother and he just can't help himself. "Besides with dad gone, I can beat a little common sense into this half wit." He then says and before he knows what is happening Ben finds himself being tackled to the floor and tickled by his brother and cries out laughing and tries to beg him to stop, much to the amusement of Matt, who eventually takes pity on his friend and jumps on the older boy to free his friend and the two of them quickly get the older boy on his back and begin to tickle him, although he could escape the boys without too much effort, Mitch decides to let them have a little fun, eventually though Mitch has to remind them that Matt really has to go now and reluctantly they get up and straighten themselves out.

"Thank you so much Mitch, I really meant what I said earlier about wishing you were my big brother." Matt then says sincerely, before giving a very proud looking Mitch a big loving cuddle.

"You know what little guy, I would be proud to have you as a little brother and if Ben doesn't mind sharing me, I would be honoured if you let me look out for you." Mitch replies sincerely, he has surprised himself with how much the boy has grown on him in such a short space of time, but he really felt protective over him and wanted to look out for him, although he starts to worry that he may upset his little brother by telling another boy he wants to be his big brother, but his fears are immediately put at ease as he feels him join in the cuddle.

"You're the best Mitch, of course he can be your little brother as well." Ben declares and after a few moments the boys break away from each other, however just as his friend is about to walk out of the room he pulls him in close "By the way, I really like your outfit, it looks really nice and very cute." He whispers into his ear and stands back with a shy grin, Matt just stands there blushing and not really knowing what to do with himself.

"Thanks" Matt then replies, not really knowing what else to say, hearing his friend tell him that he liked his outfit, made him feel really happy and he felt his soft penis start to get a little hard and blushes even more.

"I meant it." Ben then says, after he notices that his friend is getting a boner and he soon starts to feel his own getting hard and blushes himself.

"Okay well you better head downstairs Matt, see you later little guy." Mitch then tells the boy, although he has no idea what the two boys were talking about, but he did notice both boys were starting to tent and just smiled as he watches his little brothers friend walk out of the room.

"Hey Sport, you all ready to go?" Mike asks, as he sees his sons friend walking down the stairs.

"Yeah thank you so much for the dinner and giving me a lift home Mr Walker." Matt replies sincerely, he really did enjoy the food and was really gratefully for the lift home.

"Come on Matt, I have told you before to just call me Mike." Mike tells the young boy with a friendly smile. "Besides I should be the one thanking you for cleaning up afterwards, that was a really nice gesture and I'm more than happy to give you a lift home Sport." He then says sincerely, he really did like the boy and definitely thankful for how much happier his youngest son has been since they had become friends, although he would never say he was a lonely or sad boy, because he wasn't, he had friends and was a delight to be around, but he knew there was something missing in his sons life, ever since his wife and the boys mum had passed away and Matt seems to have filled that void.

"Sorry I keep forgetting." Matt apologises, he always found it weird to call adults by their first names and it was confusing, because some adults don't like kids using their first names, while others like Mr Walker seemed to insist on it. "I like washing up and it was the least I could do, after you cooked for us and I love New Zealand Lamb." He then explains with a big grin on his face.

"So I have been told, well come on then let's get you home and hopefully my sons won't kill each other while I'm gone." Mike says with a cheeky grin and starts walking towards the front door and opening it.

"They wouldn't do that to each other though Mike, they love each other too much." Matt replies, as he walks out of his friends house and walks towards the car and Mike just smiles at the boy naively taking his words literally, but didn't want to embarrass him by pointing it out.

"You're right Sport." Mike says still smiling at the boys naivety, as they both get in the car and he drives towards the boys home.

When they pull up outside of his house, Matt thanks his friends dad again for a great meal and they both say their goodbyes, he then hops out of the car and practically skips in happiness to his house, waving goodbye one last time as he disappears inside the house and Mike just smiles at the sight of the boy skipping in happiness, it reminded him of the way his own son skips when he is happy, he then decides he better get home and just hopes his sons haven't murdered each other.

Eleven Days Later: September 2014

"I can't believe it's only one day until we go on the trip, I've never been on a real camping trip before." Ben declares excitably, although a little louder than intended drawing a little attention from the rest of the class.

"Oh jeez Ben, try not to get us in detention on the last day you dumb ass." Matt quickly whispers scolding his friend, he is just as excited himself, but after the last two weeks he has just had, he just feels stressed and on edge and getting detention is the last thing he wants.

"Oh sorry mate, I wasn't thinking, I wish you would tell me what is bothering..." Ben starts to say, but his attention along with the rest of the class, suddenly turns to the front of the class were their music teacher Mr Morgan is looking less than impressed.

"Mr Summers and Mr Walker settle down please, it's the last day and I really don't want to be handing out detentions, but I will if you don't start paying attention." Mr Morgan warns them firmly, he really isn't a fan of handing out detentions, but isn't afraid to use them as a threat to his students in line.

"Sorry Sir." Matt and Ben both say in unison, earning a few sniggers from the rest of the class.

"Okay knock it off everyone, now as I have your full attention I think it would be nice to have some of you show us the progress you have been making, so for the next five minutes I want you all to prepare something to perform for the class." Mr Morgan announces much to the dismay of his class and just smiles at them as he knows they will do as they are told.

After just a few minutes Ben gets up, ignoring the questioning look he gets from his friend and walks over to his teachers desk, Mr Morgan looks up a little surprised to see him standing in front of him as he is usually the most reluctant to do any kind of performance.

"Sir is it okay if I ask you a favour." Ben asks his teacher nervously and tries his best not to turn back to his friend.

"You can ask Mr Walker, but you know the rules when I set the class a task." Mr Morgan answers firmly, he is interested to hear what the boy has to say, but he also wants him to know that he may not get what he wants.

"Well it isn't for me Sir, it's for Matt, he has had a bad couple of weeks," Ben starts to say but pauses, he feels bad for talking about his friend behind his back, but he is really worried about him and just hopes he doesn't get angry at him for trying to help. "Sir he normally tells me everything, but he won't tell me what's wrong and I'm worried he is bottling things..." He then says, but before he can say any more he is interrupted.

"Well I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm not sure what it has to do with this class or the assignment." Mr Morgan interrupts, he doesn't want to sound rude or abrupt, but he has a class to teach and while it's not nice that one of his students has been having a bad time recently, he doesn't see why it has to disrupt his class.

"Well when he sings or plays, he tends to well you know get lost in what he is doing and if he is bottling something up, then I'm scared he may er... you know it might go wrong and..." Ben stutters, but trails off as he can't quite figure out how to put his concerns into the right words.

"I see, we definitely don't want something like that happening, do you have any suggestions?" Mr Morgan responds and although he already has a solution, he is a firm believer in letting children work out problems on their own and form a solution for themselves, so he is keen to see what the young boy can come up with.

"Well it wouldn't be er... well it wouldn't be fair if you didn't let him take part, so what if you call out just a few people to do something, that way no one can feel left out because they won't be the only ones not performing and I know it will work because there are a few who really love performing and I will even volunteer to be one of them." Ben quickly suggests, hoping his teacher says yes to his idea.

"I have to admit it's a very good idea Mr Walker, in fact I'm actually very impressed, not just for coming up with a solution, but also how much you care about your friend and wanting to look out for him, yes very commendable Young Man." Mr Morgan says genuinely impressed with the boy, he has always liked Ben despite often being frustrated at his lack of interest in his class and at times he was convinced the only reason he took the class was to be with his friend and he only let it slide because he noticed how much more Matt seemed to come alive when his friend was in the class and as long as Ben actually maintained his grade to pass the class, he wasn't going to force him to change to another class.

"So you're saying yes Sir?" Ben asks nervously, he had hoped his teacher would understand and he would be so happy if he did.

"Yes I am Young Man, like I said you have impressed me, however as much fun as it would be to see you actually take part in this assignment, I think you can relax and just stay in your seat, I'm not in the business of embarrassing my pupils and we both know you're not exactly a natural performer Mr Walker, now go and sit down before I change my mind." Mr Morgan responds and smiles as the boys face lights up.

"Okay Sir, thank you Sir." Ben says gratefully and quickly makes his way back over to his seat and sits down next to his friend who gives him a quizzical look.

"What are you up to?" Matt asks in an agitated tone as his friend sits down.

"Just looking out for a friend, no big deal." Ben replies casually, ignoring his friends questioning look and smiles as their teacher stands up from behind his desk to address the class.

"Well it appears, I have made a slight miscalculation, we won't have time for everyone to give a performance so I have decided to just have a select few take part, so with that said would Peter, Eric, Jake, Simon and Wesley please carry on preparing, I will give you a few moments to get ready and we will begin." Mr Morgan announces firmly, making sure the class understands what is going to happen, he then looks over to Ben and gives him a quick nod before sitting back behind his desk.

"What's wrong Matt?" Ben suddenly asks his friend in a concerned tone, as he notices him slump back into his seat with a look that he can't quite figure out.

"Nothing." Matt responds coldly, causing his friend to grow even more concerned.

"Did I do something wrong?" Ben asks, convinced he has screwed things up by talking with their teacher.

"Don't worry about it, I don't care." Matt answers with a little venom in his voice and Ben can't help but look at his friend in surprise, he was now genuinely worried that something is seriously wrong with his friend.

"But I didn't mean to..." Ben begins to say, before being interrupted.

"I said I don't care." Matt interrupts angrily, leaving Ben on the verge of tears, he has never seen him like this before and it scared him.

Sitting in silence not even looking at each other, the two boys watch the boys their teacher selected perform one by one, Ben then takes a quick glance other to his friend, who is still looking a mixture of angry and upset and it suddenly occurs to him, that this is almost the same way Jordan has been behaving recently and wonders if it's related.

"That was really good Peter and the same goes for Eric and Simon as well very good performances, you have all shown great improvement over this term and you can be proud of yourselves." Mr Morgan announces as he gives the boys some much deserved praise before continuing. "I think we will take a few minutes break before we hear what Wesley and Jake have prepared for us." He then informs the class and in the process snapping Ben's attention away from his thoughts and back to the class and his teacher.

Mr Morgan takes his seat behind his desk again and studies his class, he is happy to see the boys who have already performed get a great reception from the rest of the class, however as his eyes settle on Ben and Matt's desk, his happy mood drops slightly at the obvious tension between them, thinking that they have just had a disagreement about something, he contemplates whether to ask Matt to perform or not, he knows he made a deal with Ben and doesn't want to upset the boy, but he can't help but feel looking at the two of them sitting clearly unhappy, that maybe Matt really wanted to do something and if he was being honest he was a little bit disappointed himself as he really wanted to see the boy perform, there was no denying he has a natural gift and while he isn't the best pupil in his class, that accolade goes to Wesley who plays the violin beautifully, he just knew if the boy really went for it then he would surpass even Wesley.

To the casual observer and anyone who has seen Matt perform in class, no one would really give the boy much attention sure he was good, well better than good but he was always missing something and when he had first arrived, Mr Morgan had been very excited as he had heard from his various sources that this boy had potential, but as the months passed he failed to see what they had saw in him, he was good yes and his natural ability with both the guitar and piano impressed him, but it just seemed to him that the boy wasn't trying and eventually he had to just accepted that the boy was as good as he was ever going to be and gave it no further thought, his assumptions however about the boys talent were eventually proved wrong though and he started to remember the day around six months after Matt had first arrived, when he discovered there was more to the boy than he had given him credit for.

Twenty Months Earlier: January 2013

With an important visit the next day, Mr Morgan had no choice but to try and get someone to spend their lunch time cleaning the music room, he couldn't do it himself due to prior commitments and was just expecting that he would have to almost force someone to do this task, as it meant giving up their lunch hour and he wasn't looking forward to seeking out volunteers, so when Matt Summers jumped at the opportunity he was more than surprised, but what surprised him even more though was a few moments later, Ben Walker was almost jumping out of his seat volunteering himself to help as well.

It wasn't so much that someone had jumped at the chance, because while that was an unlikely event in itself, it was the boys who had volunteered, they were good kids and did everything they were asked but it was clear early on they were not all that interested in the class, so this really was surprising and unexpected and he couldn't help but initially thinking maybe they were just going to mess around, however the genuine look of enthusiasm on their faces made him realise that they were serious and he couldn't help but feel curious as to why they were so keen, but he needed someone to clean the room and he quickly accepts their offer, before they could change their minds.

Eventually as the class ends and Mr Morgan watches as his students leave, he is pleased to see both Ben and Matt standing in front of his desk, he had half expected them to make a run for it after deciding they would rather have lunch and play with their friends instead of cleaning.

"First of all boys, I would like to thank you both and I really appreciate you volunteering, you two have no idea how happy I am that you saved me a lot of head ache." Mr Morgan says warmly although Ben gives him a quizzical look.

"Sir?" Ben says curiously.

"I mean you saved me the trouble of picking a volunteer myself." Mr Morgan says clarifying himself and hoping the boy understands.

"Oh, okay Sir." Ben says with a shy grin, which almost melts the his teachers heart and if Mr Morgan thought that look was adorable, when he then turns to the blushing yet smiling Matt he almost loses it, damn they were just the most adorable little things, he thought to himself.

"Okay boys, well the room is not in that much of a state and with two of you, I think you could get it done and even catch the end of the lunch hour if you really try." Mr Morgan then says in an encouraging tone.

"Thank you Sir, we will get it done as best we can Sir." Matt responds confidently, with his friend nodding in agreement beside him.

"Well I had better let you get on with it then and I will see you in an hour if you're still here." Mr Morgan tells the boys as he begins to leave and as soon as their teacher is out of the room both boys survey the room and smile to each other.

"This is going to be so easy and fun." Ben declares, surprisingly enthusiastic and earns a wry smile from his friend.

"Yeah shouldn't take more than half an hour and then we can go meet up with the others." Matt replies happily, although he isn't quite as enthusiastic as his friend appears to be.

"Well I was thinking of something a little more fun than meeting up with the others." Ben then says teasingly, as a cheeky grin spreads across his face, causing his friend to give him a questioning look.

"What do you mean?" Matt asks curiously, he is really hoping that he isn't gong to end up in trouble.

"Well we have the whole room to ourselves and no one else around, so why not make the most of it." Ben simply replies, purposely not telling his friend what he actually has in mind.

"Make the most of it how?"Matt asks and can't help but wonder whether he is going to like what his friend is really up to.

"Well I was thinking, I could take a nice seat over there." Ben says, as he points to their desk. "While you sing for me, maybe even play the piano." He then says, hoping that he can finally get his friend to come out of his shell and sing.

"Wait what, I don't even play the piano and you know I don't sing." Matt responds defensively, he really hadn't expected his friend to suggest anything like this and he starts to feel nervous.

"Oh shut up Matt, you know you can sing, I've heard you sing loads of times and I have seen the way you look at the piano every time we come to class." Ben retorts, deciding not to mess about and give his friend a chance to make an excuse to not sing.

"Ah damn it, I thought I stopped doing that." Matt says, feeling frustrated at being caught singing, he has really tried to stop himself doing that ever since Tobias had pointed out just how often he sang without even realising.

"Stop doing what?" Ben asks in confusion, he had no idea what his friend is on about and what it has to do with anything..

"Singing without realising." Matt answers before deciding to elaborate. "Tobias once told me I did it all the time without realising, no one ever told me though because they were worried I would stop doing it, so I've been trying really hard not to do it any more, because I don't like singing to people." He explains honestly and feeling oddly comfortable talking about something so private with his friend.

"Well I hate to burst your bubble, but you do it all the time, even in class you sometimes hum a song or tune, it's cute and anyway it's not something to be embarrassed about you're really good and I bet you're even better on the piano." Ben responds in a sincere tone and hoping his friend relaxes enough to sing.

"You have to promise not to tell anyone though, I don't want to sing in front of people or have people hassle me to do it, if you don't than I'm just going to go meet up with the others." Matt states sternly to his friend, he really doesn't want other people to know because it's something special to him and it wouldn't be special and not something he wants anyone else ruining.

"Matt you know you can trust me, I would never do something that hurt you and I promise I won't say another word to anyone." Ben replies as sincerely as he can and he would never knowingly do anything to hurt his friend.

"Let's get started on the room then, we have wasted ten minutes already and then if we have time I will okay." Matt then suggests and starts to put some things away without waiting for his friend to reply.

"Okay lets get this done." Ben replies enthusiastically, hoping to get the room cleaned as quickly as possible.

Working well as a team the boys make quick work of clearing the room up, even managing to do a decent job of reorganising the room into a more organised set up and as they stand back to admire their handy work Ben glances up at the clock and grins before turning to his friend.

"Well looks like Mr Morgan was right Matt, we still have like twenty minutes to spare and you promised." Ben states and quickly makes himself comfortable by sitting in the chair next to the piano and motions for his friend to sit at the piano.

"I didn't actually promise anything Ben." Matt teases with an evil grin, having decided he was going to perform something for his friend, he couldn't see why he couldn't have a little fun teasing his friend in the process.

"Yes you did, you said if I promised than you would, you can't back out of a promise." Ben retorts in an annoyed tone, clearly not impressed with his friend trying to back out of a deal.

"Okay calm down you creep, I was only kidding around so no need to get your panties in a twist." Matt says, while continuing teasing his friend, he would have carried on but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

"You prick, I really thought you were going to back out." Ben replies in a relieved tone, even though he isn't sure why he really was getting upset that his friend might not sing for him.

"Language Benjamin." Matt says in mock shock at his friends words, which earns him a playful punch on the shoulder and both boys giggle for a few moments.

"So come on then what are you going to sing then?" Ben then asks, wanting to get back to the subject at hand.

"Well I have been learning a couple of songs recently so maybe The Scientist by Coldplay." Matt suggests, while he doesn't want to sing for people any more, he still practises when he has the house to himself and likes to try different songs and he hope his friend would like it.

"Oh er... well I don't really know that one, but I'm sure it's good if you like it though." Ben responds honestly, he really hasn't heard this song before, although he knows who Coldplay are and likes some of their songs, so he figures he will like the song.

"Oh okay, I really like it and I think you will as well." Matt states with a smile on his face and couldn't help but like how his friend had said if he had thought it was good then it must be.

"I'm sure you will make it great, so come on sit down already." Ben replies eagerly and smiles when he notices his friend relaxing.

With his friend already sitting down, Matt takes his seat at the piano and quickly plays a few keys for no real reason, he then glances over to his friend and almost giggles at his look of approval as if he had just done something amazing already and not wanting to tease his friend or confuse him, he turns his attention back to the piano and begins to play.

"Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you're
I had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
Oh, let's go back to the start
Running in circles, coming up tails
Heads on a science apart

Nobody said it was easy
It's such a shame for us to part"

Unknown to the boys though, their teacher had decided to check up on them as he couldn't help but think they might have been up to something from the looks on their faces earlier and as he made his way towards the classroom he wasn't surprised to see no one else in the hallways, it was a nice day outside and he couldn't blame them for making the most of it, but when he walked nearer and nearer to the classroom, he realised he could hear a noise coming from inside, but couldn't quite make out what it was.

"Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start
I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling the puzzles apart"

Now standing outside his classroom, Mr Morgan couldn't believe what he was not only hearing but also seeing, there sitting next to the piano was a very happy and excited looking Ben Walker and next to him playing the piano was Matt Summers who he realised was also singing as he played, Mr Morgan vaguely recognised the song as 'The Scientist' by Coldplay, although he couldn't quite be sure if he was right or not.

"Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart
And tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh when I rush to the start"

With his jaw almost hitting the floor, Mr Morgan finally started to understand all the hype his sources had been harping on about the boy and all his potential, he really couldn't believe not just how good his voice was but also how well he played the piano, sure there were a few little errors to the trained ear, although nothing a little coaching wouldn't correct, but he still couldn't quite believe it though, sure the boy was okay in his class and he did as he was told but everything he did just seemed to be lacking something, it was almost like he wasn't even trying which frustrated him a little, but wasn't too concerned because the boy was still a good student.

"Running in circles, chasing tails
Coming back as we are
Nobody said it was easy
Oh, it's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be so hard
I'm going back to the start

Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh

Ah ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh

Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh

Oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh"

As the song came to an end, Mr Morgan was contemplating whether he should enter the room or not, on one hand this was obviously a private moment between two friends and if he came in it could embarrass them both, but on the other hand he was too intrigued as to why the boy never performed like this in class so before he made his decision, he decided to listen in on the two boys, who had begun to talk to each other.

"Oh my god Matt, that was amazing... really, really awesome." Ben declares excitedly, which causes his friend to blush.

"It was okay I guess, I'm just glad you liked it." Matt replies, still blushing from his friends words, although he didn't understand why his friends opinion mattered so much to him..

"Okay? That was perfect, seriously Matt how can you not want to do that all the time?" Ben asks and seriously wondering how his friend could be so reluctant to show of what he can do.

"I just don't want too, it just feels more special when it's more personal and ever since Tobias, there hasn't been anyone special that I wanted to sing for." Matt answers honestly, realising that he has just told his friend that he feels the same way about him as he did Tobias and suddenly started to blush.

"You think I'm special?" Ben asks nervously, he knew how his friend felt about Tobias back when he had lived in England, so to hear him say he thought of him in the same way as Tobias made him feel incredibly happy inside, although those feelings confused him.

"You're the only reason I like it here Ben and you make losing Tobias easier and well er... yeah you're very special to me Ben." Matt responds honestly and he can't help but smile shyly as he looks at how happy his friend is right now.

"I think you're special too." Ben says, as the confusing feelings continue. "You should sing more often though, if it was me I would be proud of it and want to show everyone and you would be the most popular boy in the school." He then states, hoping that his friend stops hiding his real talent, although he knew he was being a bit of a hypocrite but his friend didn't need to know that.

"I am proud though, I just don't want too okay." Matt replies slightly annoyed, this was one of the reasons he didn't want to sing in front of people any more, they always hassled him to perform more often and it annoyed him.

Still watching on unbeknown to the boys, Mr Morgan actually does understand what the young boy had said and everything seemed to click in place for him, he had already been forming a plan to get boy to perform more often after hearing his performance, but after what the boy just said he knows that it would be a waste of time and he respects the boys reasons, some people just didn't like the limelight and as far as he was concerned there was nothing wrong with that and decided he should leave the boys to themselves, but just as he is about to walk away, he turns back curiously at the sound of Ben's voice as the boy starts to speak again.

"I think I understand and it's okay I won't bug you about it any more I promise, but we still have like ten minutes and by the time we find the others lunch will be over soon, so have you like er... got any more songs you can sing?" Ben suddenly asks nervously, he really was surprised by how good his friend was, sure he had heard him sing when he was distracted and not paying attention, but he was so much better when fully concentrating and he wanted to hear more.

"Well I guess I could, but do you mind if I play the guitar instead, the song sounds better with a guitar and this is one of my favourite songs." Matt replies, surprising his friend a little, Ben had thought that he might have to twist his friends arm to play another song for him and wasn't expecting it to be this easy.

"Sure anything you want, I just want to hear you sing, what song is it though, will I know it this time?" Ben responds, he was genuinely happy he was going to get another performance and again his confusing feelings return as his looks at the cute smile that spreads across his friends face.

Now standing back at the door, Mr Morgan can't help but once again be surprised by the boy being able to play the guitar, he had just got his head around the fact the young boy played the piano almost flawlessly and now he was going to have a go on the guitar as well, well he was definitely going to stay and watch now he thought to himself.

"You should know it, but I'm not going to tell you what it is." Matt responds with a cheeky grin on his face and when his friends face scrunches up a little, Matt almost laughs at just how cute his friend looked, Ben though instead of saying anything, answers by just nodding his head before moving his chair so he can face his friend, who has already walked over to the get the guitar before taking his seat and Ben just sits with a shy smile s his friend begins.

"Imagine there is no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky"

Mr Morgan's jaw almost hits the floor as he is blown away again, the earlier thoughts of not trying to get the young boy to perform more are almost forgotten straight away and he just can't help but think how good he could be and only just manages to put those thoughts aside for a few moments so he can see how well the rest of the song goes.

"Imagine all the people
Living for today
Imagine there's no countries
it isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace"

If his mind wasn't made up before, it was now and he just had to work out a plan to get this boy performing for as many people as possible, even though Mr Morgan knew it may be a futile task, he does after all respect the reasons for the boy not wanting to perform and certainly wouldn't force him to do anything he didn't want to do, but as a professional he felt he had to at least try and so just lets his mind wonder as the boy sung his heart out.

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You, you may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will live as one"

Managing to restrain himself from barging through the door and showering the boy with compliments and praise, Mr Morgan decides to make a hasty retreat before being spotted and start to formulate a plan to get the the very talented Mr Summers performing in his class like he has just seen.

"Sir are you okay?" Ben asks his teacher, who suddenly snaps out of his thoughts and back to his class of boys, who he realises to his slight embarrassment are all staring at him with odd looks on their faces.

"Sorry Boys, I was just thinking of something and well don't worry I'm fine, right anyway where were we?" Mr Morgan responds, still feeling a little embarrassed at being caught reminiscing and tries to refocus on the class.

"You were going to tell us something Sir." Ben answers helpfully, although not exactly the informative answer his teacher was looking for, but it somehow helped him remember what he was about to say.

"Thank you Mr Walker, what I was going to say before well you know, is that we have quite a bit of time left and while we still have both Jake and Wesley to perform there is time for at least one more person to do something and I was thinking." Mr Morgan begins to say, before pausing as he locks eyes with Ben, who gives him a very harsh look as if to say don't do it and it makes him hesitate.

As he quickly wonders whether to carry on with his plan, he can't help but think of all the times he has tried to gently push Matt into performing more and to the same standards he had overheard all those months ago, each time however to his own frustrations he had failed and he had given up and wondered if this would end up the same way, so he takes another look at Ben and can't help but feel bad for what he is about to do and knows he may damage the trust and respect the boy had from him, but after deciding that his plan was a good one, he is just about to continue when someone knocks on the door and a young boy slowly walks into the classroom.

"Mr Anderson, what are you doing here?" Mr Morgan asks a somewhat nervous looking Jordan, as the rest of the class all turn to face the unexpected visitor.

"Er... er... well sorry to interrupt Sir, I was sent by Mr Jones to ask you if he can see Matthew Summers." Jordan informs the teacher meekly, causing Matt to suddenly tense up and to turn white at the mention of Mr Jones and the fact he was going to be forced to see him again.

"He sent you here in the middle of lessons to fetch Mr Summers, did he say why Mr Anderson?" Mr Morgan asks the boy, he was genuinely surprised by the request as it's very rare for this kind of thing to happen, but if the boy is needed than he had no choice but to allow it and knew his colleague wouldn't disrupt his class for nothing.

"Sorry Sir, he sends his apologies and told me to tell you that it's very important and that he would explain to you later." Jordan answers, again looking nervous and when he makes eye contact with Matt his head drops, Ben then almost jumps out of his seat as he feels an almost vice like grip on his hand, he only just manages to hold back a gasp and when he turns to his friend, he is shocked and concerned at just how scared he looks.

"Hey, what's wrong Matt?" Ben whispers to his friend but doesn't get a reply, he then uses his free hand to gently rub the back of his friends hand which is still holding his other hand in a vice grip.

"Well I guess that is fine with me." Mr Morgan responds calmly, although he is still not happy about having his class interrupted like this. "Mr Summers, I guess you better go with Mr Anderson then as it sounds urgent." He then says as he turns his attention to the young boy and he can't help but be a little surprised by how tense and upset the boy looks and can't help but feel a little concerned about him.

"Hey Sir, can I go with them please?" Ben suddenly asks, breaking his teacher from his own concern about Matt's reaction, he is about to say yes after seeing the state of Matt, but Jordan suddenly starts to speak.

"Er... sorry Sir, Mr Jones said to only get Matt, it's very important and he didn't want anyone else to come." Jordan interrupts before the teacher can say yes to the request, but then he glances at Ben and gives him a look as if to say sorry, but his head drops again quickly as he notices the look of fear on Matt's face and knows exactly how he is feeling and wishes that they didn't have to go through this.

"Well I guess that is a no then Ben, but it sounds important so Mr Summers I think you should hurry up now." Mr Morgan replies, he is a little concerned himself at this unusual situation, something just seemed wrong, but he couldn't quite work it out and he had a class to teach so puts the concern out of his mind.

"Matt it will be okay, Jordan will be with you so it can't be that bad." Ben says quietly to his friend, who is still gripping his hand tightly and after a few moments his friend suddenly turns to him and forces a small smile, before letting go of his hand and getting up.

"It's okay Ben, sorry for being a jerk earlier, talk to you later okay." Matt replies in a strangely calm tone, which makes Ben feel something inside hurt, although he doesn't understand what it means, he just knows that it wasn't a good feeling.

"Okay I'll come find you as soon as class is over." Ben answers, but his friend is already walking away towards Jordan, who he now notices looks just as scared as Matt had been and knows that something is definitely wrong, but by the time he makes up his mind to run over to them, he realises they have already left and his teacher calls his name to tell him to pay attention.

Outside the room Jordan and Matt walk down the hallway in silence until they turn right and see at the end of the hall Mr Jones office.

"Jordan, what's going to happen to me?" Matt suddenly asks, almost whispering in a fearful tone which causes his friend to stop and gently pull on his arm to stop him as well.

"I'm so sorry Matt, this is all my fault, if I hadn't been such a jerk and..." Jordan begins to say before being interrupted.

"Jordan it's not your fault, it's just not fair and I don't like it, I just don't understand why us, what did we do to deserve this?" Matt interrupts, with tears already in his eyes as he remembers the past two weeks, then suddenly Jordan has a thought and looks his friend straight in the eyes.

"Fuck Mr Jones, Matt we aren't going to see him." Jordan blurts out causing his friend to give him a worrying look, but Jordan knew exactly what their teacher was going to make them do and while he had already been through it on his own, he just couldn't let his friend go through it and wanted to protect him.

"We can't Jordan, he will be mad at us, I don't like it when he gets angry." Matt replies clearly scared, as he remembers what happened when he had made his teacher angry before and it sent a shiver down his spine.

"I don't care if he gets angry, we aren't going in there Matt, come on let's just go somewhere just the two of us until the next class, he can't do anything if he can't find us and I want to tell you everything." Jordan states firmly tugging on his arm and starts walking away from their teachers office.

"What do you mean everything?" Matt asks, he is still worried about what their teacher will do to him the next time they are alone together, but lets his friend pull him away anyway.

"You don't know everything Matt, compared to what I have been through you have had it easy these past two weeks, but trust me there is worse to come and I'm not going to let it happen to you." Jordan states sternly, while still not great friends the boys have grown closer these last couple of weeks and Jordan also felt extremely guilty about the way he treated his friend, just because his accent reminded him their teacher, he knows it was that attitude that got his friend involved in this mess and couldn't let it go any further.

Not knowing how to reply to what his friend just told him, Matt decides to just follow him and listen to what he has to say, if what he had been through was a walk in the park compared to what his friend had experienced, then he was definitely in favour of being as far away from their teacher as possible.

Ben sits impatiently staring at the clock, while counting down the final seconds before the bell rings, he had already packed up his and his friends bag, after realising his friend had forgotten to take it with him, but at least he would have an excuse to go straight to Mr Jones room, he thought to himself and smiles as the bell finally rings and quickly leaves the classroom before anyone else even stands up and almost sprints to Mr Jones office, but when he is almost at the door someone suddenly pulls his arm and almost slams him against the wall in the process and is just about to hit whoever grabbed him when he realises who it is and a look of surprise and confusion spreads across his face.

"Matt, what the hell?" Ben asks, trying to get over the initial shock of almost being thrown into the wall by his friend.

"Sshh, keep it down and follow me." Matt whispers in reply, before quickly making his way outside and away from Mr Jones office with his friend following him.

Once outside the boys keep moving until they are in a more secluded part of the playground and Matt finally stops and sits down with his friend just standing in front of him wondering what is going on.

"What's going on Matt, are you okay? What did Mr Jones want?" Ben asks in a concerned tone, worried that something bad had happened.

"I don't know, we didn't go to see him." Matt replies with a little worry in his voice, which his friend picks up on.

"What do you mean, did Jordan lie to Mr Morgan?" Ben asks, thinking his friends have been doing something they shouldn't be doing and can't help but feel a little annoyed at being left out, despite still having that strange feeling inside that is telling him something is wrong.

"No he didn't lie, we just decided we didn't want to go see Mr Jones and well I couldn't handle it anyway so we just went and talked about stuff." Matt replies as honestly as he dared, not quite sure what he should say to his friend, he wants to tell him everything, but he can't do it and risk getting his friend involved, when Jordan had tried to talk to him, he had found himself in his teachers web and he couldn't do it to Ben.

"You didn't go because you wanted to talk and stuff, come on Matt this isn't like you what is going on?" Ben asks firmly, he really wants to know what is going on and doesn't want to give his friend a chance to avoid answering him.

"It's complicated but now isn't the time, I promise I will tell you soon, just not right now though okay." Matt tells his friend bluntly, he realises he has to tell him, but this isn't the time or the place and he would have to wait until they were at least as far away from Mr Jones as possible and then he remembers their trip and knew it would be perfect.

"Then why did you drag me out here?" Ben retorts, trying a different approach in the hope his friend tells him what's going on.

"To stop you going to see Mr Jones, I realised I left my bag and knew you would use it as an excuse to see me in his office and I had to stop you." Matt answers honestly, he knew his friend well and wasn't going to let him end up in his and Jordan's situation.

"I don't understand Matt, just tell me what's going on please." Ben asks, almost desperately this time.

"Ben please drop it, I can't tell you now but I promise when we go on the trip I will tell you when my dad isn't around, it's really important and I want to tell you, but you have to just trust me okay." Matt answers, pleading to his friend who gives him a questioning look.

"Okay, but you better tell me or I will make Jordan tell me when we get back." Ben states as he realises he isn't going to find out until the trip. "So is this why you have been acting weird these last two weeks?" He then asks, just not being able to help himself asking one more question.

"Yes it is and I promise to tell you when we are on the trip, just forget about it for now though, we still have a few more lessons to go and then we are free and I was thinking we could get our homework done tonight together and then we don't have to worry about it." Matt replies, trying to sound a bit more upbeat and hoping his friend lets it go.

"Fine and sure we don't have much to do anyway, so it won't take long and you can even help me pack." Ben responds with a cheeky grin, he knows he isn't going to get any answers today and decides to turn his attention to the trip instead and he hates packing so just can't resist getting some help with it.

"Wait what? You haven't even packed yet, we leave in the morning Ben." Matt says with an actual gasp, he is genuinely surprised that his friend hasn't even packed yet.

"Well I have packed some stuff, I just thought it would be fun if I watched you do it for me and you can even pack my undies." Ben says holding back laughter as his friend pouts at him in mock annoyance, Matt though can't help but feel a weird yet nice fuzzy feeling at the mention of being able to pack his friends underwear and although he didn't understand why, he couldn't hold back from smiling at the thought.

"You're such a creep, always trying to get me to touch your undies." Matt then retorts, before bursting into laughter as his friend gives him a dirty look, although again he gets that weird feeling thinking about his friends underwear.

"Shut up dumb ass, now come on let's get to class, it's Science and I don't want to be late." Ben retorts back and sticks his tongue out, he then holds out his hands and smiles as his friend holds them and pulls him to his feet and they both giggle.

"Okay Creep, wouldn't want you to be late now would we." Matt then teases as he walks side by side with his friend to the Science block, both boys with smiles on their faces and Matt couldn't believe how after just a few minutes with his friend, he felt so much happier and better than he had done a few minutes ago.

The remainder of the school day passes without any further incidents and apart from one close call with Mr Jones where he almost saw him, Matt couldn't help but smile as he waits for his friend to finish in the toilet so they can head to his house, they had already cleared it with their parents and even though Matt won't admit it, he really is looking forward to packing his friends bags for the trip and he has even thought of a great surprise for his friend, to teach him a lesson for leaving his packing until the last minute and then getting someone else to do it.

When Ben emerges from the toilet looking a lot more relaxed, the two boys walk towards the car park where they quickly meet up with Jordan and Carter who were standing just outside waiting for them, they make small talk and Ben can't help but notice how much closer Matt and Jordan have become recently, just a couple of weeks ago he was sure Jordan hated his best friend, but now they are almost the complete opposite, although there is still a noticeable tension between them and although it doesn't seem to be hate or anger there is something still there.

He has also noticed Carter and Jordan seem to be a lot closer than he remembered, but again he can't quite work out why or how they just seem to be together a lot more and just decides to put those thoughts aside for now, as he was just happy that everyone is getting a long and is happy to leave it at that, when the boys eventually make it outside the school entrance they talk for a few more minutes until the school bus arrives and Carter and Jordan both jump on board before waving good bye.

Almost as soon as the bus drives away, the two boys see Ben's dad Mike pull up in his car and to both their delights, they see Mitch in the passenger side smiling at them and while his friend decides to stick his tongue out at his brother, Matt decides to just smile and wave to the older boy, before both boys climb in to the back of the car and with both boys in and seat belted Mike drives them home, they all make an effort to make conversation, mostly about the trip and how excited the boys are with Mitch making the occasional joke at the boys expense, even though they don't quite understand some of the things he is implying, although if they did they would have both been blushing.

As soon as Mike pulls into their driveway both boys jump out and scramble to the front door, where to their embarrassment they have to wait for the door to be unlocked, when Ben realises that he had left his key in his bedroom, so after a little bit of teasing from Mitch, both boys get inside and quickly make their way to Ben's room and as soon as the boys bundle into the bedroom, Ben turns and locks the door and gets a questioning look from his friend.

"Don't worry, I got my dad to fix the lock and now no one can barge in on us." Ben says, after pre empting the question he knew his friend was going to ask him or at least that is what he had thought.

"Yeah you already told me that when he did it Tuesday you dumb ass, I was going to ask why are you locking the door." Matt then says with a smirk, as he thinks his friend is going to blush, but he couldn't have been more wrong about his friends reaction.

"Because I wouldn't be able to do this, if I didn't lock it." Ben answers, before stripping off all his clothes until he is standing naked in front of his friend with an expectant look on his face, causing Matt to just stand stunned in silence with his mouth wide open. "Well come on then, get naked as well." He then quickly adds, after noticing his friend doesn't seem to get the hint.

"Why though, it's a bit weird isn't it?" Matt then asks, while still feeling a little shocked, sure he liked seeing his friend naked before and even now he can't help but think how cute his friend is naked, but it's still a little strange and it's giving him those weird confusing feelings again and he can feel himself blushing.

"Why is it weird, it's not like we haven't seen each other naked before and I like being naked with you." Ben answers honestly, although he is a little surprised at his friends reaction as he was expecting him to want to be naked together again and can't help but feel disappointed that his friend didn't feel the same way.

"That was different though and what if your dad or Mitch come in and see us?" Matt answers nervously, he doesn't quite understanding why he is so reluctant about getting naked, he had actually been hoping for this to happen and now he was ruining everything and could see the look of disappointment on his friends face.

"Well yeah you dumb ass, why do you think I locked the door, now come on get naked or go home because I'm not going to be the only naked boy here and I'm not getting dressed." Ben announces confidently, although he has no intention of letting his friend go home and knows this is the easiest way to get what he wants and smiles as his friend starts to get undressed.

"Fine you creep, but that lock better work this time or I'm never talking to you again." Matt says sternly, letting his friend know he better not be messing around and also taking a mental note of stepping up his plan to get his own back on him tomorrow when he packs the rest of his friends things for the trip, for the threat of making him go home, although he knew his friend was just bluffing and he loved it when they wound each other up.

"Well about time, now let's get this homework done and then you can pack my stuff, while I admire the view." Ben says now smiling happily as his friend is finally standing naked in front of him and laughs as his friend just pouts at him in mock annoyance, he loved his friends pout, but quickly started to blush when he felt his penis twitch a little and quickly made sure his friend wouldn't notice.

The boys quickly make light work of their homework and after just forty five minutes they have everything done and decide to kill some time by watching TV and just talking about the trip, Ben then gets an idea and is about to suggest it to his friend, when the door handle suddenly turns, Matt immediately jumps up and tries to cover himself, thinking they are about to be caught naked but relaxes as he realises the lock on the door actually works and looks over to his slightly amused looking friend.

"Told you it was fixed." Ben says matter of factly, just as the door handle turns again.

"You little perverts, you're naked again aren't you?" Mitch's voice suddenly asks from the other side of the door, causing both boys to look at each other nervously. "Ben come open the door, there is no point pretending you aren't in there and unless you want me to go get Dad." Mitch states and before he has to say anything else, he hears the lock on the door being unlocked.

Surprised that the boys had actually unlocked the door, Mitch slowly opens it and squeezes in before shutting it behind him, but he can't help but look on in bemusement at the sight of the two boys standing awkwardly in front of him while completely naked.

"Jeez I was only kidding, I didn't actually think you were naked again, seriously why are you both naked and come on at least cover yourself up I don't want to see your little penis's and balls hanging there." Mitch says, now feeling slightly embarrassed himself, although funny and amusing, seeing two young boys naked like this was not exactly something he was comfortable with and the fact neither of the blushing boys were making any attempt to cover up still, made it even worse.

"What do you want Mitch?" Ben asks in a slightly impatient tone, ignoring what his brother had just told him and his friend.

"Seriously can't you put something on, or at least use your hands to cover up guys, I don't care if you want to be naked for whatever reason you have, but I don't want to see my little brother and his friend naked every time I come in here." Mitch states again in a more serious tone, which to his relief finally seems to work as he watches Matt grabs his tighty whiteys and pull them on, before his little brother reluctantly pulls his briefs on.

"So what are you doing here?" Ben asks again, after covering himself up, although it does little to hide the fact he is excited and the slight tenting doesn't go unnoticed by his brother, who again suspects there is more to the boys friendship then even they realise.

"Well I came to tell you that dinner is going to be ready in twenty minutes, so get yourselves ready and don't be late okay." Mitch replies, managing to stifle a laugh as he notices both boys underwear are now tenting slightly and that the boys are holding hands again.

"Okay we'll be down soon, so you can go now." Ben informs his brother firmly and wanting him to leave as soon as possible, after realising he has a little problem starting to make it's presence felt and not even needing to look to confirm it, when he notices his brothers knowing smile and blushes even more.

"Okay I'm now going, I told dad I would help him finish up anyway, you two better just get ready or next time I will let dad come get you instead." Mitch states, making sure what he said hit home with his little brother and hoping that he understands that he is just looking out for him and his friend.

Neither of the boys say anything in reply though and just nod to Mitch as he leaves the room to make his way downstairs, Ben quickly moves over to the door and locks it again before turning back to his friend who is blushing a deep shade of red as he notices the tent in his friends underwear, Ben however can clearly see he isn't the only one with a tenting problem and smiles shyly.

"You should be more worried about your own boner, before getting embarrassed about mine Dumb Ass." Ben then says in a mock serious tone, before laughing as he watches his friend look down and somehow turning even redder.

"Oh shut up you creep, I can't help it, the thing has a mind of it's own and it's your fault anyway." Matt responds defensively and tries tries to will his boner away with no success.

"Hey come on, I was only kidding it's not like we haven't seen them before and I doubt it will be the last time and that is why I don't mind being naked with you, because I know you won't make fun of me and make me feel bad." Ben responds honestly, trying his best to get his friend to relax, Matt then smiles and quickly pulls his underwear down and this time it's his friend who is the one left surprised.

"Well come on then get yours off, we still have a little while before we have to go downstairs." Matt instructs his friend with a cheeky grin, he was determined to not waste this chance to see his friend naked with a boner and enjoy the confusing but nice feelings it gave him.

"Yeah and you say I'm the creepy one." Ben retorts, but still slips his underwear off and looks over to his friends boner and smiles.

The boys after getting a good look at each other, decide to watch TV and talk, this time though they are sitting so close their bare legs touch and they pretend not to notice and try to carry on as if they don't realise, although they are both enjoying the feeling they are getting from the contact, but to their disappointment they realise dinner will be in five minutes and reluctantly get up and get dressed, each taking quick glances at each other while they do so.

Once they are fully dressed, they head down for dinner which turns out to their delight to be Steak and Chips and while it isn't New Zealand Lamb, Matt makes sure to thank Mike for the meal and makes short work of the delicious food as they all make small talk, which just like the car ride home is centred around the trip the boys will be going on tomorrow and once the meal was over the two boys again volunteer to clean everything up and Mike and Mitch know there is no point arguing with the boys, so they head to the living room to sit down and just like the last time once the boys are finished they head straight up to Ben's room and quickly strip off after Ben remembers to lock the door.

For the next hour the boys play a few games, until Matt then eventually starts to pack his friends bag for the trip after getting tired of his friends nagging and as he is sorting everything out he starts to blush as his friend starts to wolf whistle when he comes to his underwear, but just as Matt had hoped his friend is paying more attention to his body and his boner in particular more than what he is actually doing with his bag, something Matt knew his friend was going to regret once he figured it out, but by then it would be to late and they would already be at the camping site.

With the bag fully packed, well what Ben thought was fully packed, both boys start to reluctantly get dressed again after Mike had shouted up that Matt's mum was on her way to pick him up and both boys again talk about the next day and what time Ben has to be ready by before they head downstairs, where Matt thanks Mike once again for a great dinner and gives him a friendly cuddle which he also does to both Mitch and then his friend, but the cuddle with his friend turns out to be completely different as both boys feel the others penis start to get hard and they quickly break the cuddle and blush, but while Mike isn't paying attention to the boys Mitch was and while he found himself feeling uncomfortable, he also thought they we adorable and wondered how long it would be for the two of them to realise what was happening between them, but the sound of Matt's mum pressing the horn causes Mitch to refocus and watches as Matt reluctantly leaves the house towards the car, although Matt can't resist turning around quickly to wave goodbye to his friend and they both smile shyly at each other before he gets in the car, he then gives his mum a smile and a kiss before she starts driving them both home.

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