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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 1

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 6

September 2014

The boys after getting a good look at each other, decide to watch TV and talk, this time though they are sitting so close their bare legs touch and they pretend not to notice and try to carry on as if they don't realise, although they are both enjoying the feeling they are getting from the contact, but to their disappointment they realise dinner will be in five minutes and reluctantly get up and get dressed, each taking quick glances at each other while they do so.

Once they are fully dressed, they head down for dinner which turns out to their delight to be Steak and Chips and while it isn't New Zealand Lamb, Matt makes sure to thank Mike for the meal and makes short work of the delicious food as they all make small talk, which just like the car ride home is centred around the trip the boys will be going on tomorrow and once the meal was over the two boys again volunteer to clean everything up and Mike and Mitch know there is no point arguing with the boys, so they head to the living room to sit down and just like the last time once the boys are finished they head straight up to Ben's room and quickly strip off after Ben remembers to lock the door.

For the next hour the boys play a few games, until Matt then eventually starts to pack his friends bag for the trip after getting tired of his friends nagging and as he is sorting everything out he starts to blush as his friend starts to wolf whistle when he comes to his underwear, but just as Matt had hoped his friend is paying more attention to his body and his boner in particular more than what he is actually doing with his bag, something Matt knew his friend was going to regret once he figured it out, but by then it would be to late and they would already be at the camping site.

With the bag fully packed, well what Ben thought was fully packed, both boys start to reluctantly get dressed again after Mike had shouted up that Matt's mum was on her way to pick him up and both boys again talk about the next day and what time Ben has to be ready by before they head downstairs, where Matt thanks Mike once again for a great dinner and gives him a friendly cuddle which he also does to both Mitch and then his friend, but the cuddle with his friend turns out to be completely different as both boys feel the others penis start to get hard and they quickly break the cuddle and blush, but while Mike isn't paying attention to the boys Mitch was and while he found himself feeling uncomfortable, he also thought they we adorable and wondered how long it would be for the two of them to realise what was happening between them, but the sound of Matt's mum pressing the horn causes Mitch to refocus and watches as Matt reluctantly leaves the house towards the car, although Matt can't resist turning around quickly to wave goodbye to his friend and they both smile shyly at each other before he gets in the car, he then gives his mum a smile and a kiss before she starts driving them both home.

"So is Ben all ready for the trip tomorrow then Honey?" Sarah asks her son, as they drive home.

"Oh yeah, he is definitely ready for the trip thanks to me." Matt replies with a mischievous look on his face, which is mum notices.

"Thanks to you?" Sarah asks her son, wondering if he is up to something, after the look he just gave her and couldn't help but smile a little bit.

"Yeah the lazy sod didn't pack did he, so I did it for him and I bet he doesn't even check the bag either." Matt replies, with that same mischievous look on his face again, which makes his mum smile again as she thinks she already knows what her son may have done, although she does wonder if she should let this happen, but decides it is just boys being boys and if you make someone else pack your bag then you deserve what you get.

"Well I guess if he doesn't check, then it is his own fault if something has been forgotten." Sarah replies, giving her son a knowing look and a smile so he knows she isn't going to ruin his fun.

"Yeah, who knows what I could have forgotten right?" Matt then says, he is delighted that his mum isn't angry and is actually joining in with the joke.

"So stupid question Honey, but you're all ready to go, because you know your dad wants to leave around ten at the latest tomorrow." Sarah then asks, she knows the answer already, but just wants to make sure he hasn't been to distracted, she has noticed he hasn't been himself these past few weeks and she was worried about him.

"I have a few things to pack still, but only things that had to wait until now, me and Ben did our homework round his a few hours ago, so I'm all good to go Mum." Matt states with a proud look on his face, unaware that his parents have picked up on his change in mood these last few weeks and have started to worry about him.

After a little more small talk, they arrive home and Sarah parks in the driveway and almost as soon as the car has stopped, she can only smile as she watches her son leap out of the car and run inside, leaving her with a bemused look on her face, while she slowly locks the car and heads inside closing the door behind her, once inside she sees her husband sitting in the living room with an amused look on his face and Sarah suspects it is because of their son.

"I don't know what got into him David, I hope he is okay." Sarah says, she was a little concerned by how quickly her son ran to the house.

"Oh he is fine Dear, by the quick look I got, he was just desperate to..." David begins to say, but is interrupted by the sound of the toilet being flushed and smiles at his wife. "As I was saying he was desperate for the toilet." He then adds and they both laugh before composing themselves, just as their son comes into the room.

"Better now Honey?" Sarah asks her son, who she can't help but notice is looking very relaxed now.

"Oh yeah, I've been holding that for ages." Matt replies, before blushing after realising what he had just admitted to his mum.

"Holding it, why didn't you just go at your friends house?" David suddenly asks, causing his son to jump a little and blush even more, as he had obviously not noticed his dad sitting there, which causes both his parents to chuckle at him and he somehow manages to blush even more.

"Oh er... me and Ben were busy with something and then Mum turned up, so I thought I would just wait a little longer." Matt answers, a lot more nervously than he had intended, which causing his parents to give him a questioning look, but to his relief they didn't press it any further.

"Okay well I think you better get yourself a shower and finish any packing you have left and get some sleep okay." David tells his son and instantly sees a look he knows very well from his son and decides to do a little damage control. "I know it isn't exactly an early start for you Matt, but we have to load the car up and make some food and I need you rested." He then states, hoping his son believes him as he wasn't exactly lying, the morning would go a lot smoother if he had is son fully alert and rested to help him.

"Make some food, why would we need to do that?" Matt asks, he can understand his dads point about being rested, but he doesn't understanding the need to make food, surely they would be catching their own food or at worst they would go to the shops.

"Son we are going camping for real, not to some little park with a hundred other people with us, there won't be any shops nearby and we might not be able to catch food every day, so we will just be making some sandwiches and others things that we can re heat just in case we get hungry." David replies, slightly amused by the fact his son didn't realise they were going camping for real and not just at a park like they used to back in England.

"Oh well er... is it safe?" Matt asks in a nervous but serious tone, even though he realises how stupid the question is, because there would be no way his dad would take them somewhere dangerous and even if he did, his mum would never allow it.

"Honey I am sure it is safe, your Dad wouldn't take you somewhere that is dangerous, he knows what would happen if my little baby got hurt." Sarah replies, she then smiles as her son pouts at her and she knew it was about the baby remark.

"Your Mum is right, I wouldn't want to hurt my little baby either, so you will be perfectly safe and I am sure I can even ask Ben to look after you in case you get scared of some wild bushes or flowers." David then says, deciding to get in on the teasing as well and laughs as his son turns to him with the same pout as he was just giving his mum a few seconds ago.

"You two are just impossible, I'm just going to go now." Matt states in an annoyed tone, he then starts to walk out of the room, but just before he leaves he stops in the doorway and turns around. "I love you Mum and Dad." He then says sincerely and smiles as his parents stop mocking him and just look at him proudly, but before they can say anything he turns back towards the hallway and disappears upstairs to his room to get ready for his shower.

With their son gone David and Sarah just look at each other with smiles on their faces after their sons words, they really weren't expecting it and it has made both their days and they realise how lucky they are to have a son like theirs.

"I can't believe how lucky we are to get such a wonderful son David." Sarah gushes to her husband, who smiles at her in agreement.

"I know he really is one of a kind and I can't wait until tomorrow, me and the boys are going to have a great time together." David says genuinely, much to his own surprise by how excited he is and even to have Ben come along and although he still has his issues with that, he can't deny that over the last few weeks the young boy has managed to grow on him quite a bit.

They continue to talk about the trip and what Sarah has planned while the boys are away, they then hear their son go to the bathroom to take his shower and then again as he goes back to his room and decide that they should head to bed themselves, so after waiting ten minutes they head upstairs to their room, but they have more than sleep planned and kiss passionately before making their way upstairs, although Sarah can't resist and quickly checks in on their son as her husband goes straight to their bedroom, she smiles when she sees that he is already sound asleep, so closes the door quietly before quickly joins her husband in their room and closes the door behind her as she climbs into bed with him.

The next morning Matt wakes up early and stretches out, he then looks over to his clock and gets an idea that makes him smile, so quickly getting out of bed he quietly sneaks out of his room and creeps towards his parents bedroom as quietly as possible, trying his best not to giggle in excitement, as he slowly opens the door and creeps inside and looks around the room and he is happy to see both his parents asleep and an evil grin spreads across his face, he then quickly runs and leaps onto his parents bed while making a loud roaring noise as he lands on top of his parents, but after a few moments though he gets up on to his knees wondering what is happening and when he pulls the covers back to reveal pillows where his parents should be he realises he is in trouble.

Just as the penny drops Matt suddenly hears roaring behind him, but before he can even react he suddenly hears a squirting noise and feels something wet and sticky covering his almost naked body and tries his best to cover himself and can hear both his parents laughing hysterically, until after a few moments the squirting stops and he looks down at himself and then at his parents who are still laughing and just pouts at them, which sends them into another laughing fit.

"Eww what is it?" Matt asks with a confused look on his face, while he rubs and pulls on the sticky mess that is almost covering his whole body, much to the amusement of his parents who finally start to get their laughter under control and get a good look at their son.

"It's just silly string Son." David replies, almost bursting into more laughter at the sight of his son, who just looks ridiculously adorable covered head to toe in silly string with that killer pout on show.

"Eww it won't come off though, you guys are mean and how did you know I was even coming in?" Matt states, he is embarrassed that his parents out smarted him again, but is also genuinely worried that the stuff isn't coming off, in fact it is actually hurting a little when he moves and tries to pick it off.

"Don't worry it will come off in the shower and well we know you too well son, so it was easy to guess you would try something." David responds to his son, who still just looks so adorable covered head to toe in silly string but he blushes slightly as he notices a certain tenting occurring on his son and decides to take pity on him before his wife notices, after what happened a few weeks ago he really doesn't want him to be embarrassed like that again and he knows at that age he has no control over that part of his body, not that it gets any easier as you grow up but especially at that age.

"Don't worry Honey, a hot shower will sort you out, but we can have a little fun before that." Sarah says, not noticing her sons potentially embarrassing situation and even Matt himself isn't aware, as he is preoccupied by the silly string and Sarah is just about to tackle her son to the ground to tickle him, when David suddenly surprises the both of them.

"Actually Dear, I think he should get in the shower now just to be safe, this stuff is fine but you never know and I'm not sure it is meant to be on bare skin for too long." David quickly says, getting a quizzical look from both his son and wife, but he knows if either of them knew why he was interrupting them, they would both be thanking him.

"It's not going to hurt me is it?" Matt then asks in a genuinely concerned tone, although he notices his dad motion for him to look down and when he does he turns bright red, when he realises he has a boner and quickly forgets about the silly string that is still actually hurting him a little.

"No Son you will be fine, but just to be safe I really think you should go take a shower and I think you agree right?" David states in a knowing tone to his son, who understands loud and clear what his dad means, although his wife gives him a strange look but doesn't say anything.

"Oh yeah right, I will go take one right now." Matt responds, trying to avoid looking at either of his parents and quickly makes his way to the bathroom and closes the door.

"What was that all about David, silly string is perfectly safe." Sarah says in a questioning tone, she knows her husband is up to something and wanted to know what.

"Trust me dear, you definitely don't want to know why I sent him to the shower." David answers with a wink and while she is still not quite understanding what he is on about, Sarah decides if her husband thinks she doesn't want to know then it is probably best to not to find out.

They both decide they had better clean up the mess on the bed, noticing some silly string missed it's target and they set to work quickly.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Matt quickly tries to peel off his underwear but struggles, the silly string has already dried in places and causing a little pain as he pulls them off, eventually after a few winces he has them off and chucks them in the bin after coming to the conclusion they were ruined and he might get a new pair out of this whole thing, but just before getting in the shower he can't help but laugh at the state he is in when he looks in the mirror, but then he remembers that his dad had seen him with another boner and blushes.

Deciding it probably won't be the last time that happened, he puts it out of his mind and climbs into the shower and turns it on, he then begins to wash the silly string off after the initial refreshing cold blast of water it quickly warms up to a comfortable level, but after just a few minutes Matt starts to realise he has a problem and even with the hot water the silly string is proving to be very difficult to remove and is actually getting more painful where he is scrubbing, so he tries to use some shower gel as well, but it also proves to be useless and then to his horror and embarrassment he realises that even if he somehow manages to get his front and sides clean, there is no way he can clean his back and blushes as he realises what that means.

After Sarah and David finish cleaning up the mess in their room, they decide to go have a cup of coffee, but just as they pass the bathroom they stop as they hear their son call out.

"Dad is that you?" Matt calls out nervously.

"Yes it's me, are you okay?" David replies, wondering if his son is okay, after hearing the nervousness in his voice.

"Is Mum with you?" Matt then asks and this time David can hear the embarrassment in his sons voice and knows something is wrong.

"Yes Honey, do you need help?" Sarah replies, sounding a little concerned as she also picks up on her sons tone.

"Er... yeah but I need Dad, Mum can you er... go away please." Matt states nervously, he doesn't want to sound rude but is starting to panic a little bit because he is totally naked and doesn't even have a towel with him, so the last thing he wants is his mum to see him naked and especially since his little friend is still standing to attention.

Sarah looks at her husband with a confused look, but he just nods his head to tell her she should probably go downstairs and Sarah figures this must be another boy thing and quickly decides it's probably for the best and makes her way downstairs.

"Son is it okay if I come in now, your Mum has gone downstairs?" David asks, knowing his son probably wants him to come in, otherwise he wouldn't have asks for his mum to go away.

"Yeah but please don't laugh." Matt replies shyly, knowing his dad will probably still at least chuckle at him, although he is kind of angry because it's his parents fault he is in this mess.

"Okay I promise, I'm now coming in so don't worry about it and don't be embarrassed." David responds, he then slowly enters the room and quickly closes the door behind him, immediately he sees the problem as his son is still covered in the silly string and the areas where he has tried to clean it off is almost red raw and looks painful and he starts to grow concerned that they may have hurt their son.

"Dad it won't come off and I can't even reach my back." Matt tells his dad, he was close to tears and looking very sorry for himself, seeing this David's feeling of guilt grows and there is nothing cute or adorable about the state his son is in now.

"I'm so sorry Son, I didn't think it would be that hard to get off, it's just silly string and I have never seen it stick like that." David apologises and is shocked as he really has no idea why it is not just coming off.

"Dad what are we going to do, I can't go on the trip like this and it hurts too much to get off." Matt asks and now has tears running down his face, leaving his dad feeling very angry at himself, it was just meant to be a bit of fun and now it could ruin their whole week and his son was clearly not handling this very well.

"I don't know what to do, but don't get upset there is probably an easy solution that I just can't think off." David replies, then realises that he is not exactly doing a great job of reassuring his son and decides to get some help. "Just try to relax and I will go speak with your Mum and see what she says, she will know what to do and I will be right back, but please don't get upset Matt, everything will be okay I promise." He then says and he quickly leaves the room, while Matt just sits on the toilet feeling both sad and embarrassed.

As she walks into the kitchen Sarah starts boiling the kettle, when she hears a knock at the door and is a little surprised that someone would be knocking this early so slowly walks out of the kitchen and to the front door, when she opens it just after another knock, she is surprised to see Ben standing there with his backpack and looking extremely excited.

"Hey Sarah." Ben quickly says in a cheerful tone.

"Good morning Ben, what are you doing here though, weren't the boys meant to pick you up in a few hours?" Sarah responds. still a little surprised to see the boy standing in front of her.

"Well yeah, but I was so excited and I think Dad got a little fed up, so said I should just come round here and so I did, you don't mind do you?" Ben replies excitedly, although he is starting to wonder if he was being rude or something as he studies her face.

"I see well it's fine, just a little bit of a surprise come on in though and pass me your bag, I will put it with the others." Sarah responds, she then moves to the side and takes his bag which is surprisingly lighter than she had expected, that is until she remembers what her son had said last night and she couldn't help but smile.

"Thank you, can I go up to see Matt now please?" Ben then asks enthusiastically, as he walks into the house and sees his friends mum close the front door, but can't help but notice a strange look on her face. "What's wrong?" He asks nervously, wondering why she is looking at him like that.

"Nothing to worry about, it's just your bag feels a little light did you pack everything?" Sarah answers, with a wry smile on her face knowing the answer already and wondering if the boy knows what is in store for him once he reached the camp site.

"Oh yeah, I mean well Matt helped me pack and he is good at packing, so it will have everything I need." Ben replies, not really understanding the point of the question but he decides to be polite anyway.

"Okay, it must just be me then." Sarah replies, resisting the urge to tell the boy that he might be a bit short of a few essentials, she just can't bring herself to ruin her sons fun and was sure it was just a bit of fun banter and Ben had done something to deserve this.

"So can I go up and see Matt now please?" Ben asks again, deciding that he really wants to see his friend, he had spent the whole night thinking about how cute his friend was naked and had hoped they could spend a little while being naked together before they left for the trip.

"Oh er... hey Ben, what are you doing here?" David asks in surprise, he had just walked down the stairs and thought he heard voices, but he really wasn't expecting to see Ben and now has a slight problem in regards to his sons problem.

"Apparently his dad got a little fed up of his over excitement and told him to come here so he did, but I'm just going to give him a phone call just to make sure he knows where his son is though, I got a suspicion he was just joking when he told him to come here." Sarah answers before Ben gets a chance and he can't help but give her a funny look after hearing that his dad might have just been joking around and was actually worried he would be in trouble for coming here.

"Can I go up and see Matt now please David?" Ben then asks quickly, he is really nervous that he is going to get in trouble and wants to talk to his friend quickly.

"Maybe now is not the best time Ben, he has a little problem in the bathroom and I'm not sure he would appreciate anyone else knowing, so just stay in the living room for a bit please." David tells him honestly and sees the disappointment on the boys face.

Although he is disappointed, Ben does as he is told and goes to the living room and switches on the TV, David then walks into the kitchen and sees his wife hang up the phone before looking at him with a smile.

"I knew it, the little devil didn't realise his dad was being sarcastic, Mike didn't even realise the little tyke had gone, but will come pick him up if he is getting in the way." Sarah informs her husband, while still smiling.

"He will be okay here, boys will be boys I guess, but we have a problem with Matt and I am stumped Sarah." David tells his his wife, whose smile begins to drop slightly.

"He isn't hurt is he?" Sarah asks, instantly thinking the worst.

"No, well not really it's just the silly string isn't washing off and the bits that he did manage to get off his skin is red raw, have you got any ideas because he is getting quite upset and thinks the trip is ruined and to be honest I think we might have to call it off unless we can come up with something." David explains and can see the confused look on his wife's face.

"How can it not come off, it's just silly string I have used it at parties before and never had any problems, I should have a look and see if I can think of something." Sarah answers, as she starts to move towards the hallway, but stops as she sees Ben standing there.

"Er... sorry for listening in, I just wanted to know if I could get a drink." Ben says nervously, he really didn't mean to eavesdrop and is hoping they aren't mad at him and starts to blush.

"It's okay Ben and yes you can have a drink, but I might have some bad news about the trip." David tells the boy, expecting to see a disappointed look on his face, but is left feeling confused by his reaction.

"Why? Is it because of the silly string?" Ben quickly asks, causing both Sarah and David to give him a funny look, they didn't know how much the boy had heard and also couldn't help but notice he seemed to not be concerned about the trip being called off.

"Well yes but I don't think..." David starts to say, before being interrupted by the now grinning boy.

"It's okay I had the same problem a few years ago, I bet you used some of that cheap stuff from the supermarket in town didn't you?" Ben then asks and again Sarah and David look at him in surprise.

"Yes, but how did you know that Ben?" Sarah asks, wondering how he knew and if he had a solution for her sons problem.

"Well like I er.. said it happened to me too and Mitch had to help me because er... I couldn't get it off and it was er... so embarrassing, but in the end it came off easy once I let Mitch help me." Ben answers honestly, if not a little nervous as his friends parents looking at him curiously.

"How did he get it off though, Matt already tried with hot water, shower gel and a sponge." David responds, now feeling a little sceptical about the boys story.

"I tried all that too and Mitch said that I almost rubbed my skin to the bone, but you just need to mix toothpaste and soap and then cover yourself with it for a few minutes, before washing it off, but it takes two people because you can't do your own back and well it is just easier with two people." Ben states confidently enough for David to take him seriously this time and Sarah decides this is probably another boy thing and isn't something she can help with so announces she is going to make a start on the sandwiches.


"DAD ARE YOU STILL THERE?" Matt suddenly shouts downstairs, he was starting to get worried with how long it was taking his dad to come back.

"Yes son I will be up in a moment, everything will be fine, I know what to do now." David responds quickly, much to the relief of his son. "Now Ben why don't you wait in the living room and when Matt is ready I will tell him to come get you." He then says as he looks at his sons friend, who is still standing in the kitchen doorway.

"I don't want to sound rude, but I think I should go help him instead of you David, you will never be able to fit in your shower with him and be able to get it all off." Ben suddenly suggests in a serious tone, causing David to give him a strange look, however after giving it a few seconds thought he realises that the young boy is right, their shower isn't very big and would be a tight squeeze even for two little boys and it just wouldn't work with him in the shower.

"Well you're right, but I was just going to stand outside and help him, I wasn't actually going to get in with him." David replies while not quite being honest, he really hadn't given any thought as to how he was going to help his son wash the silly string off and he wasn't too keen on the idea of the two boys being in a shower together, but couldn't argue with the boys logic.

"I know it's embarrassing, but trust me you will need to be in the shower with him and well it would be easier if I did it and it's not like we don't shower and change in front of each other at school so it won't be weird, well okay him being covered in silly string, toothpaste and gel is going to be a little weird but I promise not to make fun of him." Ben quickly adds, hoping that David accepts his suggestion, despite lying slightly about the showering at school together thing, it was rare that anyone ever used the school showers, be he felt that he had to say something to help convince his friends dad.

"I'm still not sure about this, but I guess you're right and if he is happy then it's okay with me, it will give me a chance to get some of the bags in the car as well." David responds, trying to hide his reluctance, he certainly didn't want his son in a shower with another boy, but couldn't come up with a better solution and Ben was right about them seeing each other naked all the time at school, going from what he could remember about his own school days, so he just accepted the situation and hoped that his fears were unfounded as the consequences would be devastating.

As he stands waiting impatiently for his dad to come back, Matt almost jumps in glee as the door opens and was grateful his dad is finally back, but as the door opens he gets a shock because instead of seeing his dad standing in the front of him, he sees his grinning friend.

"Hey Matt, hope you don't mind but your dad said you had a bit of a problem." Ben states in a happy tone and can't help but look his naked friend up and down and tries not to laugh at how ridiculous he looks, although as funny as it is, he can't help but think he looks cute and adorable and he blushes a little as he feels his penis twitch a little bit.

"What are you doing here Ben and where's my Dad?" Matt asks, not knowing how to react to his friend not only standing in front of him but obviously ogling him too.

"I just told you Dumb Ass or should I say Cute Ass." Ben responds as he makes no effort to hide the fact he is checking his friend out. "Your dad told me what happened, so I told him I had the same problem a few years ago and volunteered to help while he starts putting stuff in the car." He then says, explaining the reason he is actually there.

"How can you help me though? And stop staring at me you creep." Matt tells his friend half seriously, although he still can't believe just how comfortable he is being naked in front of his friend and how excited it maks him feel, knowing his best friend is checking him out.

"Well at least a part of you looks like it's happy to see me." Ben then teases, as he looks down at his friends now hard four inch boner, but Matt just looks at his friend in confusion, before following his gaze and suddenly blushes as he attempts to cover up, but fails miserably much to the amusement of his friend. "Come on don't be a dumb ass Matt, I've seen it before and anyway we have to get that stuff off you so warm the shower up, while I get my clothes off and we can get started." He then casually instructs his friend, who suddenly looks at him in surprise.

"Wait, why do you have to be naked?" Matt quickly asks, not that he would mind his friend being naked and it would make him feel better knowing he wasn't the only one, but he still didn't see how it would help and wondered if his friend was just being a pervert.

"Well because I don't want to get my clothes wet or dirty, when we get in the shower together." Ben answers just as casually as before, although he smiles at the shy look on his friends face, he just loved that look.

"Why do you need to be in the shower?" Matt then asks, he is still confused by the whole situation and Ben can't help but just grin at his friend and enjoy teasing him some more.

"To rub the stuff we need to cover you in, so that we can get the silly string off Dumb Ass." Ben answers, this time dropping his casual tone for a more cheerful one.

"What stuff?" Matt asks, even though he wants to get this over with as quickly as possible, his curiosity keeps getting the better of him.

"Well to get that stuff off, we need to mix some toothpaste and soap and then cover you in it and then just let it soak in for like five minutes." Ben starts to explain and can't help but notice his friend isn't even bothering to cover up any more. "Then we need to both get in the shower so I can wash your back while you get the front." He then finishes explaining, deciding that he has had enough fun teasing his friend and also a little worried that if they spend too long in here his friends dad might wonder what is taking them so long.

"Oh well okay I guess." Matt responds, he really just wants this to be over with, although he also liked the idea of showering with his friend, which for some reason gave him those confusing tingly feelings he doesn't quite understand again and as he is turning the shower on to get the water ready, his friend quickly starts to strip off and by the time Matt turns back around he is confronted the naked body of his friend, who to his surprise is also sporting a four inch boner and doesn't even try to hide the smile on his face.

"Hey, my eyes are up here Creep." Ben suddenly says, realising where his friends attention was, he just can't help himself and teases his friend, who quickly snaps his head up as if to say he wasn't looking.

With a couple more glances at each other, the boys finally get to work on the paste and together between them manage to coat every inch of Matt's body and both burst into giggles at the sight of him.

"Oh man I wish I could take a picture of you, you look so damn adorable." Ben then teases, a little more honestly then he intended, but luckily his friend seems too busy looking at just how ridiculous he looks to no pay attention to what he had said or that is at least what he thought.

"Oh shut up you creep, how long do I have to stand like this, it's starting to burn a little and it feels weird." Matt suddenly says with a small hint of concern in his face and knowing the feeling from his own experience Ben decides to be serious and just be a decent friend, because since they have known each other they quickly learned to never go too far with their teasing and they both appreciated that when it mattered they had each others backs.

"It's okay it isn't going to burn you, it just means it's working, trust me I know what it feels like and if it gets too much just say and we will wash it off." Ben answers reassuringly, much to his friends relief, he was getting worried he would be burnt, but he trusted his friend and if he said he would be alright then he would be.

After a few more minutes though, Matt finally has had enough of the burning and tingling feeling and quickly jumps into the shower before giving his friend a nod for him to follow him, once they are both in, Ben decides to get straight to work and slowly starts rubbing his friends back which catches him by surprise, he really wasn't expecting it and lets out a soft moan, which causes Ben to giggle a little, normally Matt would blush and be embarrassed by doing something like that, but the nice feelings he is getting from his friends hands are distracting him too much and he is finding the whole experience nice but confusing.

"Just relax, I will try to be gentle and don't forget to do your front unless you want me to do that as well." Ben says reassuringly, although he can't help but hope he gets to do the front as well, that would really be awesome he thought to himself, although again for what seems like the hundredth time recently, he finds himself completely confused by his own feelings.

"You would as well wouldn't you Creep, but just stick to my back, I can do my front." Matt retorts half heartedly, he would be lying if he said he wasn't tempted to let his friend wash his whole body, but he just couldn't bring himself to admit it and was scared his friend was only joking, however if he could see the genuine disappointment on his friends face he would have known he didn't have to worry about that being an issue.

Even though after just ten minutes Matt is fully clean, the two boys find themselves now just facing each other, where they then spend a further five minutes just enjoying each others presence and it is only when they hear a knock at the door that the boys snap back to reality and realise what they were doing.

"Boys are you done yet, we have a lot to do and time is getting on." David asks through the door, he wasn't quite sure how long it would take for his son to get cleaned up, but thought they had been in there quite a while and he was a little worried about what they were doing.

"Sorry Dad, we are almost finished but we kinda forgot to get some towels, can you bring some in please?" Matt says smiling and misses the startled look on his friends face.

"Sure just hold on a few moments and I will bring you some towels." David says relieved that the two boys are finished and a little amused that they had forgotten to take in some towels.

"You can't let your Dad come in here Matt, he will see me naked." Ben suddenly whispers to his friend, who to his dismay just smirks at him before stepping out of the shower.

"It's okay, he has seen me naked loads and like you said we pretty much look the same anyway so he won't mind." Matt replies casually, taking great delight at how uncomfortable his friend is looking and just couldn't resist getting a little payback on his friend for teasing him earlier.

"You can't let him see me naked Matt, quick give me my clothes, I can put them on before he gets back." Ben then says with a little desperation in his voice, as he starts feeling a little panicked about being seen naked by his friends dad.

"You can't put your clothes on yet Ben, you're still too wet and we are all boys anyway so just relax." Matt answers with a smirk, although he has no intention of letting his dad actually come in and see either of them naked, his friend doesn't know that and it was too funny to tell him the truth.

As Ben is about to grab his clothes the door handle slowly turns and the door begins to open, but just as his friend is about to go into fully panic mode, Matt quickly stops the door opening any further.

"Dad just pass the towels in please, you don't need to come in and it's not fair on Ben if you see him naked." Matt then states in a calm but serious tone, which gains a chuckle from his dad and a sigh of relief from his friend, who he sees sort of half crouched over with his hands over his now soft penis and he can't help but smile at how adorable he looks.

"Okay Son and sorry Ben I didn't think about that, now hurry up and get ready because I need some help." David then says apologetically, chuckling a little at the two boys modesty.

"You did that on purpose you dumb ass." Ben then states, he is more annoyed at letting his friend get one over him, than he is angry at his friend for scaring him like that.

"That will teach you for ogling me, you creep." Matt states triumphantly, he then throws one of the towels at his friend, who isn't paying attention and hits him straight in the face.

Pulling the towel from his face, Ben just sticks his tongue out at his friend before he starts to dry himself, thinking to himself he will get his own back during the trip, while also taking the chance to check his friends naked body out while his friend is too busy watching him, to start drying himself, Matt eventually snaps out of his trance and remembers his dad is expecting them and quickly starts drying trying to catch up to his friend, who is almost fully dressed already and now smirking.

"Come on Matt hurry up, you know if you spent more time drying instead of checking me out, we would already be downstairs." Ben says, teasing his friend and laughing as he gets a dirty look from him.

With Matt finally dressed the boys head downstairs to find his mum in the kitchen and his dad carrying some bags to the car, The boys decide between themselves that Ben should help David whilst Matt helps his mum finish making some food and they both get to work much to the welcome surprise of both Sarah and David, with the boys help David finishes packing the car and Sarah makes a good supply of food for the trip, then looking pleased with themselves the boys jump up and high five each enthusiastically and with only a few more things to do before they leave, Matt quickly gets an idea and pulls on his friends arm.

"Hey follow me Creep, I've got an idea you are going to love." Matt says to his friend excitedly, before turning to his Dad. "Hey Dad, I just need to go to my room to get my guitar okay." He then says getting a nod from his dad, who is busy double checking everything.

"Shut up Matt, you're the creep." Ben retorts, as he lets his friend drag him to his room.

As soon as he is in his friends bedroom, Ben walks straight over to his friends guitar and begins to pick it up.

"Hey, what are you doing that for?" Matt asks and Ben looks back at him in surprise.

"You said we were getting your guitar." Ben answers and is a little confused by his friends question.

"Well yeah but if I wanted to just get the guitar, I wouldn't need you would I." Matt then states with an evil grin on his face.

"Why are you grinning like that, what are you up to Matt?" Ben asks curiously, he couldn't help but get a little excited to see what his friend is up to.

"Well I was thinking since you're such a creep, you wouldn't mind going commando in the car." Matt explains casually, he then starts to take off his shorts and underwear in one go and just stands in front of his friend on full display for a few moments, before pulling his shorts back up and throwing his underwear in his wash bin with a big grin on his face.

"Wait what? We can't do that, what if your dad notices?" Ben responds blushing, he just couldn't believe his friend just stripped off like that.

"Oh right, because my dad is going to do a quick search to make sure we are wearing underwear." Matt states sarcastically, only just managing to keep a straight face. "Now come on hurry up and just throw your undies in my wash bin, you have plenty of others in your bag." He says with a mischievous smile, as he puts the next stage of his plan into action, but he is quickly distracted by the sight of his friend pulling down his shorts and briefs and he starts to get those weird feelings again.

"Well if you are doing it, than I am too you creep." Ben states, as he finishes taking off his shorts and briefs and returns the earlier free show his friend had given him, before pulling up his shorts and throwing his briefs into his friends wash bin.

Happy that his plan had gone easier than expected, Matt quickly grabs his guitar and tells his friend to hurry up as they run down the stairs and outside to the car, where he sees his next door neighbours standing with his parents and couldn't help but smile, he loved them both like they were his real grandparents.

"Hello Ben it's good to see you looking so well." Martha states as the boys walk over to them and quickly pulls the boy into a big friendly hug, which he welcomes with a giggle.

"Yes it has been a while since we last saw you Young Man." Edward says ruffling the boys hair, which causes him to giggle again.

"Morning Mr and Mrs Taylor, you guys are the best." Ben tells the older couple, as he breaks away from the hug with a big grin, he really wished he had grandparents like them.

"Hey, what about me?" Matt then says in a slightly downhearted tone, feeling a little left out and a little jealous of his friend for getting all the attention.

"They obviously have good taste, if they ignore you in favour of me." Ben teases and only just manages to jump out of reach of his friends playful punch.

"Now, now boys behave yourselves." Martha tells them with a small smile. "Now come here Sweetheart and give me a great big hug." She then says as she opens her arms for him and Matt quickly cuddles up to her.

Edward quickly ruffles the boys hair, just as he did with Ben's, before noticing the boys guitar leaning against the car.

"So are you going to give us a special performance before you go then little man." Edward asks hopefully, as he ruffles the boys hair again.

"That would be wonderful Son, you did say you had been practising a song for Martha and Edward." Sarah suddenly states, deciding to have a little fun at her sons expense, she knows she won't get to see him for almost a week and she can't help but smile at the look he is giving her right now and knows she will probably be paying for it at some point when he gets home.

"Oh a song for us Matt, how lovely of you to go to so much trouble." Martha declares happily, she really enjoys the rare occasions the boy performs for her and her husband and doesn't quite notice the look of embarrassment on his face.

"I er... well I don't know." Matt begins to say, clearly not having a clue what he should do and starts to panic a little, but he is relieved when he hears someone interrupt, although his heart sinks a little when it is his friend and he can't help but wonder if his friend is going to help him or not.

"Mrs Summers that's just mean, you know Matt's been practising hard so he can give them a special surprise and you just ruined the surprise he planned." Ben states sternly as he quickly winks to his friend, he then turns back to his friend mum with his best pretend serious face and almost giggles when he notices she doesn't quite know how to react to him coming to her sons aid.

"Sarah that is a really mean thing to do to the poor boy, I can see the disappointment on his face and I'm surprised you would ruin his surprise for us." Martha says somewhat seriously, as she looks between the mum and son and Sarah just shakes her head and decides to admit defeat at the hands of an eleven year old boy.

"I am very sorry it was very rude of me, I guess I was just a little excited when Edward mentioned the guitar and couldn't help myself, so please accept my apologies Martha and to you as well Matthew." Sarah says in fake sincerity, she knows Ben is looking out for her son and can hardly be angry at the boy for that, in a way she is actually quite touched by his willingness to look out for him.

"It's okay Mum, I know you're proud of me and like to show me off to everyone, but maybe next time you could try to avoid ruining any more of my surprises." Matt responds, making sure to give her a knowing look, which she understands and smiles back, Sarah knew that see could ruin her sons surprise for his friend, but after Ben had ruined her fun, she decided to let her son get back at him for her.

"Well I'm glad that is sorted and Matt even though the surprise is ruined, I know I speak for Martha as well as me, when I say we are looking forward to what you are planning for us." Edward suddenly says, which momentary wipes the smile of Matt's face, he then realises despite his friend helping him, he actually choose his words carefully and made sure he didn't exactly save him from having to perform at some point.

"Well I think we will all look forward to that Edward, but we really should be hitting the road now, it's a long journey and there is now way I am letting either of these two rascals drive if I get tired." David states, ruffling both boys heads as he saves his son from any more potential embarrassment.

After they all say their goodbyes, the boys jump in the back of the car and smile as David pulls away to begin the long journey ahead of them, the ride itself is not as bad as David had first feared and is genuinely pleased that the boys are making a genuine effort to include him in as many conversations as they can as they don't want to be rude, grateful at the effort the boys are going too he decides to let the boys have their own conversation for a while and lies to them about having to concentrate on this part of the journey and neither boys pick on the on the fact that this part of the journey is no different to what they have been through already, David can't help but smile as he picks up some of the conversation and laughs at it's apparent randomness.

After a few hours David makes a quick stop at a petrol station and tells the boys if they need to use the toilet, to do so now as they might not be stopping again, both boys nod their heads and head to the toilets, while David decides to fill up and make a quick phone call, when both boys reappear with suspicious grins on their faces David quickly hangs up the phone and wonders what they have been up to but he still has to go inside and pay for the petrol and decides to let it go and when he returns a few moments later, the boys are happily talking away about something that David can't quite understand, so he just gets in the drivers seat and reminds the boys to wear their belts as they get in the back.

The boys continue to include David in their conversations, asking him questions about the trip and what they will be doing and although he doing his best to concentrate on the road, David gives as much information as he wants to give the boys while also trying not to give to much away, he knows both boys will be blown away by where they are going and if his friend was telling the truth they were going to have the whole place to themselves.

A few more hours pass and the boys begin to get a little bored, but before David has to worry about them becoming restless he finally turns off the main road, which causes a bit of excitement for the boys as instead of the now repetitive views of buildings, roads and cars, they are bombarded with trees and bushes of all kinds as well as some some birds and small mammals, Ben especially enjoys the new sights and takes great delight in naming all of them and in the process impressing not only his friend but also David, who again adds another thing to the list of pros for him coming along on the trip.

"Dad I really need to go to the toilet badly, can we stop please?" Matt suddenly says with a sense of urgency in his voice, which causes his friend to snigger and his dad to sigh, he was hoping this wouldn't happen and as he looks ahead, he knows that it was the worst possible timing.

"Sorry Son but we can't stop here, there is no where to pull over and it isn't safe to just stop on the road." David replies in a caring but firm tone, so the boys know he is being serious, if he could pull over he would, but this was probably the only dangerous road on the journey and he couldn't risk stopping.

"I really need to go Dad, I've been trying to hold it for ages hoping we would make it to wherever you're taking us." Matt confesses, sounding a little more desperate this time, he really had tried to wait until they arrived, but he knew he was in trouble of wetting himself if he didn't go soon.

"Can you hold it for another thirty minutes, because we really can't stop." David replies, hoping he doesn't have to either stop and put their lives at risk or have his son wet himself.

"No Dad I really got to go... I'm... I'm really sorry." Matt responds, clearly getting a little upset at the fact he is on the verge of wetting himself in front of his friend and dad.

"Just try to hold on a little longer Matt and if I see somewhere to pull over I will." David tells him, trying to reassure his son but preparing himself for the inevitable, as he knows there will be no where safe to stop, this is definitely not the start to the trip he had in mind and will definitely be something his son will have a hard time getting over.

"Hey, he can just pee in a bottle." Ben suddenly announces cheerfully, gaining a surprised look from both his friend and his friends dad.

"We don't have a bottle though." Matt replies in a disappointed tone, for a moment he thought his friend had saved him again, but that hope quickly faded after realising they don't have an empty bottle.

"I have a bottle of water, I will just drink it and you can use it." Ben answers and doesn't waste any time, as he pulls a bottle from the bag at his feet and starts drinking as fast as he can, much to the amazement of his friend, who despite his desperation to pee, can't help but get a few of those confusing tingly feelings as he watches his friend down the bottle.

"Well aren't you a little genius when it comes to solving problems." David states after being genuinely impressed by the boy yet again, he could really come to like having him around and is starting to to wonder why he hadn't taken the time to know the young boy more since he had become such good friends with his son.

"There you go my 'little buddy'." Ben then says mockingly, as he hands over the empty bottle, Matt however is far too concerned about the need to relieve himself to take any notice of his friends teasing and is about to start pulling down his shorts and underwear so he can pee, when he suddenly remembers he is going commando and his dad will know if he looks and begins to blush.

"Er... can you two not look, this is kind of embarrassing." Matt states, even though he is at the point of no return if he doesn't hurry up, he doesn't want his dad to catch him with no underwear on and he knows he would have to explain why and that wasn't a conversation he wanted to have with his dad.

"Don't worry about me Son, I'm too busy driving to watch my 'little baby' wet himself." David replies, chuckling to himself when he sees his son pouting in the rear view mirror.

"Yeah don't worry Matt, there are much more interesting things to look at outside the car then a little maggot inside the car." Ben answers teasingly and even gets a laugh from his friends dad in the process, which makes him blush a little with pride.

"What ever, just don't look." Matt tell them both again, he then quickly pushes his shorts down and positions the bottle just in time as his bladder empties itself, but as he relaxes he realises that his friend is watching him with a strange look on his face and realises he is actually enjoying the show and blushes even more.

Without being able to do anything about his friend watching him, Matt just gives him an evil look, but realises there is no point as his friend just winks at him and smiles even more before lower his gaze back to his penis again, much to Matt's embarrassment, sure they have seen each other naked and even with boners but being watched whilst taking a pee is almost a step to far for Matt and he will definitely be having words with his friend later when his dad isn't around, eventually he finishes and screws the lid on the bottle tightly before pulling his shorts up with his free hand, while still being aware that his friend is watching him and suddenly getss an evil thought and without hesitating chucks the bottle filled with his pee at his friend, who instinctively catches it before realising what is happening and has to stop himself swearing in anger.

"All done Dad." Matt announces happily, now that he has not only emptied his bladder, but got a little payback on his friend for watching him in the process.

"Eww that is so gross, why did you throw it at me?" Ben asks in a disgusted tone and looks directly at his now smirking friend, he is angry still but at the same time he has to admit that he had it coming and the bottle wasn't wet on the outside.

"What? I was just giving you your bottle back, you might need it later." Matt replies casually, as if he did nothing wrong and enjoys his friends reaction.

"Okay boys knock it off, Ben throw it out the window and Matt that is disgusting and I will be having a word later, now behave yourselves because we are almost there." David interrupts in a serious tone, although inside he can't help but find the boys antics hilarious, to be young again he muses to himself before turning his attention fully to the road again.

After finally arriving at their destination both boys cheer in celebration and promptly fall flat on their faces, when they eagerly try to get out over the car causing David to laugh at them both as they get up and blush.

"Okay Boys calm down before you get hurt, we are a long way from help and the last thing we need is one of you to scrap a knee and cry for the rest of the week." David says teasingly and receives looks of annoyance from the two boys, but it only takes a few moments before all three are smiling.

"So what do we do now?" Matt asks curiously, totally forgetting the fact his dad has told him a million times what they have to do.

"Well I'm glad you were paying attention to all those times I told you before we left and even during the trip here Matt." David states sarcastically as he shakes his head in disbelief. "Right anyway, first off we are going to unpack the tent and a few other things, the rest can stay locked in the car for now, so come on and get a move on boys." He then tells them both firmly, making sure the boys know he is not messing around and wants this done as quickly as possible.

Ten minutes later they have the tent unpacked and ready to be assembled, along with some other essentials they will need for the first night and David can't help but smile as he watches the boys, who are holding the instructions to the tent and looking extremely confused and he can see them looking from the pieces on the ground to the drawings on the instructions with a dumbfounded look on their faces and despite finding it amusing, David knows they don't have all day to put the tent up and had already decided well in advance of leaving that he was better off assembling it himself and had planned for the boys to go off and search for some fire wood, which would also give them some time to explore, he had been told that this area was safe for people to roam around without the fear of predators, so he had no worries about the boys safety and knew they wouldn't go far.

"Okay boys, I have some good news for you both." David states with a smile to gain the boys attention.

"Huh?" Both boys say in unison, as they are still trying to figure out how to assemble the tent.

"Well to save us time I am going to be putting up the tent on my own, while you two go off and find some fire wood." David informs them and can see their initial excitement already. "Now I have spoken to a few people and they have told me that this is a safe place, there aren't any predators so we don't have to worry about those, however you still have to be careful and I don't want you to wander to far away in case you get lost, do I make myself clear?" He then says sternly, he doesn't want to sound angry or strict, but he needs the boys to understand what he is saying.

"Okay Dad, but are you sure it's safe and what if we do get lost?" Matt asks, he is a little unsure if they should be walking off on their own so soon after arriving and he trusts his dad of course, but they have never been here before and he can't help but want to be sure it's okay.

"Hey chill out Matt, we aren't exactly going for a hike and we can always yell if we need your dad to come and rescue you from a scary looking flower." Ben teases, somehow managing to hold back a fit of giggles, which almost proves impossible when his friend pouts at him and when he hears his friends dad chuckle he almost loses it as well.

"Now, now boys try not to get into a fight and fall out, however Ben is right, you shouldn't go too far and if you need any help just shout out and I will come get you, just be extra careful and watch where you step.

"Okay Dad and don't worry about us we, like teasing each other and it's just a bit of fun." Matt tells his dad sincerely, he doesn't want his dad to think they are serious when they tease each other. "So how much wood do you want us to get anyway?" He then asks, remembering the actual point of them going off alone.

"Well that is good to know and as for the wood, just get as much as you are comfortable carrying, but don't over do it, your safety is more important and we can get more wood when ever we need it." David answers, again making sure they both understand that their safety is the most important thing.

"I understand Dad and don't worry we will be extra safe, I promise." Matt replies confidently, as he and Ben high five each other as they then begin to venture into the woods leaving his dad to work on the tent by himself.

As the boys make their way further into the woods, Ben can't help but laugh as his friend seems to either bump into everything or almost trip over various things on the ground, then after walking for ten more minutes the boys stumble upon a little clearing with some decently sized pieces of wood and they both agree that it's exactly what they were looking for, but instead of heading back with it straight away Ben decides they should have a chat for a while.

"So are you going to tell me what is up with you then?" Ben asks his friend bluntly, causing his friend to just sigh and give him a sad look.

"Not now Ben, I promise I will, but this isn't the right time." Matt replies, he was hoping his friend would at least wait a few days and is disappointed he asked so soon.

"Why not now though, we are alone and your dad is no where near us." Ben asks, not quite ready to give up on getting his friend to open up to him.

"Just drop it, it's been a long day which isn't even over yet and I already promised you I will tell you so drop it." Matt replies almost angrily, although he actually wants to tell his friend everything, this really isn't the right moment and the long journey has made him a little cranky.

"Okay you win, so what do we do now?" Ben then asks after admitting defeat, earning a look of surprising look from his friend and although he wanted to keep pushing and thought he could probably get him to talk, he could also see how annoyed and tired his friend looked and didn't want to cause him any more problems.

"Well we pick up the wood and take it back to our camp Dumb Ass." Matt replies, while looking at his friend in disbelief at such a dumb question, although he is grateful that he isn't being quizzed any more about what is wrong with him.

"I know that you dumb ass, I was just trying to change the subject and that was the first thing that popped into my head." Ben states defensively, he really was just trying to change the subject but even he can admit that he couldn't have said anything more dumb if he tried.

"Sure of course you were, whatever helps you sleep at night Dumb Ass." Matt retorts laughing, before leaning down and picking up as much wood as he can carry safely and starts walking back the way they came.

"You're so going pay for that Fat Ass." Ben retorts back, as they both makes their way back to camp, with as much wood as he can carry.

As the boys make their way back, they continue their friendly banter and enjoy themselves right up until Matt trips over a root and land flat on his face, causing his friend to burst out laughing.

"Told you that you were going to pay Fat Ass, karma's a bitch right?" Ben taunts, but as he continues to laugh he doesn't watch where he is going and manages to trip over a rock and land flat on his face causing Matt, who had just got himself back to his feet to laugh at his friend.

"Yeah that Karma is a real bitch Creep." Matt responds teasingly, while offering his hand to his friend to help him up, although they enjoy their banter they are still friends and know when they have to stop messing around.

Ben accepts his friends hand and is pulled to his feet and quickly pick up their pieces of wood and continue their journey back to the camp, this time making small talk about what the week will be like, instead of trying to wind each other up.


"Ah about time boys, I was about to send out a search party, what took you so long?" David asks the boys, as they emerge from the woods and can't help but notice the state they are both in.

"We were just enjoying our little trip in the woods is all Dad." Matt says sniggering and is joined by his friend which gains them a suspicious look from his dad.

"Well I guess you two should get cleaned up before I let you in our nice tent." David says, looking over to the perfect looking tent he has managed to erect all on his own, in half the time he expected it to take him and the boys can't help but gasp in surprise as they only just now notice the tent and wonder how they didn't see it straight away and are left in awe and disbelief that David was able to do this all on his own, in such a short amount of time.

"Wow Mr Summers, how did you do all that, it looks so awesome." Ben quickly states, totally in awe of the tent in front of him.

"Yeah Dad great work, can we look inside?" Matt asks his dad, who just gives them a quick smile before shaking his head.

"Thank you boys, it's actually pretty easy when you know how and as for looking inside, well not in that state you aren't, so get cleaned up and then we can start unloading the car.

"How do we get cleaned up though Dad?" Matt asks, as he looks around not seeing anything obvious that they can use.

"Well just through there, about two to three hundred metres is a sort of lake where we will be fishing tomorrow and I have been told it is perfectly safe to go swimming in, so I would say you are good to go and get cleaned up once we get the car unpacked." David answers and points in the direction of the lake so the boys know where to go.

"Sounds good to me Mr Summers, I wouldn't mind a quick swim either." Ben says enthusiastically, not noticing the big smirk on his friends face.

"Then it's settled and while you two are getting cleaned up I will start a fire and we can have something to eat, how does that sound boys?" David announces and laughs as both boys cheer and give him a thumbs up.

While his dad and friend are busy talking to each other, Matt quietly goes to the car to get to his bag, where he quickly pulls a pair of tighty whitey's out, he then drops his shorts to pull them on carefully making sure he is out of sight of his friend and dad.

"What are you doing over there Matt?" David asks, after noticing him on the other side of the car.

"Oh er... just getting started on the unpacking, sooner we get it done the sooner me and Ben can go swimming." Matt answers, managing to keep his cool and not act suspiciously.

David just nods his approval at his sons initiative, deciding not to be out done though Ben quickly jogs over to the car to help unload it and David decides to get the heavier stuff into the tent himself and after only ten minutes they have everything they need inside the tent and the care securely locked.

"Well I guess you two boys should hurry up if you want to go swimming before it gets too cold, so get changed into your swim suits and go have some fun." David announces much to the delight of Ben and the excitement of Matt as his plan is about to come to fruition.

The boys quickly go to their bags as David starts to get the fire wood ready, Matt quickly gets a pair of black speedos out, before looking amusingly over to his friend who has a worried look on his face as he practical searches every inch of his bag.

"Hey, you okay over there Creep?" Matt asks as casually and as straight faced as he can.

"What happened to my speedos, I can't find them and OH MY GOD!" Ben suddenly shouts, a lot louder than intended which causes Matt to try and hide a chuckle by coughing.

"What do you mean you can't find them, I put them in there you saw me pack them yourself." Matt quickly states, again managing to not give the game away, he made sure his friend was watching when he packed his speedos and underwear, so he wouldn't suspect that he had anything to do with them being missing.

"Boys is everything okay?" David then asks, as he rushes into the tent worried something had happened.

"I don't know Dad, it seems Ben can't find his swimwear." Matt answers quickly, before his friend can respond himself.

"It doesn't make any sense, they were in there." Ben then says, sounding a little upset and confused and David feels a little sorry for him, but he comes up with an easy solution.

"Well if they aren't in there then there is nothing we can do about it, but don't worry just go swimming in your underwear there really isn't much difference between those and your speedos anyway and it's just us three out here." David suggests and smiles as the boy seems to cheers up a little as he searches through his bag again.

"Cheers Mr Summers." Ben responds, a lot more cheerfully as he continues to search through his bag, but quickly starts to discover it isn't just his speedos missing and is soon looking very sorry for himself again, much to the delight of his friend, who is still managing to not give himself away.

"What's wrong Ben, it's okay you aren't the first boy to go swimming in his underwear, I did it enough when I was your age." David then says, trying to cheer the boy up but this time with no luck.

"Come on Ben I won't laugh and after this morning I have seen you in a lot less then your underwear." Matt says reassuringly and still managing to keep his act up.

"My er... my underwear isn't in here either, I don't get it." Ben states, he is totally confused by the whole situation, he saw them being put in the bag and no one else has been near his bag and it just doesn't make sense.

"Your mean you have no underwear either?" David asks, wondering how the boy could have forgot those as well and just when he was thinking the boy could do no wrong, he is a little relieved to find out that he has fallen short in the packing department that seems to foil every man who has ever attempted his own packing.

"They were in there though, I don't understand where they are." Ben repeats, which causes Matt to hide another giggle by coughing and while his friend doesn't pick up on his behaviour, his dad does and gives his son a questioning look.

"Well just go in the underwear you have on now Ben." Matt then suggests casually, deciding now is the time to let his friend know what is happening and at the same time keeping his dad in the dark, although he gets the impression his dad suspects he is up to something, but he knew once his friend figured it out he wouldn't say anything while his dad was there, they had made a pact a long time ago that they would never no matter what get the other in trouble with their parents when playing pranks on each other.

Matt couldn't help but revel as his plan unfolds perfectly and the look on his friends face is just priceless as he realises he has been set up and looking like he wants the earth to swallow him up.

"Yeah that is a good idea Matt, we can sort out something later but for now just go in your underwear Ben, it will be dark soon and you really need to get washed up." David says in a serious tone and even pats his son on the shoulder for his initiative.

"I can't." Ben says totally defeated, he has no idea how he is going to explain this and can't help but want to punch his friend and tell his dad what his son has done, but he knows he can't do that and just has to take it on the chin and wait for his chance to get back at his friend to even the score.

"Of course you can, you were going to go in your underwear anyway so just go with the ones you have on." Matt states grinning widely, now that his dad is facing his friend, who is turning a brighter shade or red every second.

"I can't because er..." Ben begins to say before trailing off, as angry as he was and he was angry, he had to admire his friends handy work, this would go down as one of the best pranks they have ever done to the other, he thought to himself.

"Of course you can Ben, now come on you are wasting time." David says a little more sternly than intended, he didn't understand why the boy was hesitating, he was just going to go in his underwear, so why is it bothering him now.

"I don't have any on though." Ben says in a totally defeated tone and can't help but glare at his friend, who is sticking his tongue out, safely knowing his dad's focus is not on him.

"What do you mean you don't have any on, why aren't you wearing anything?" David asks, he is taken by surprise at the revelation and not sure what to make of it, he had gone commando as a kid himself, but it was never where he would be at risk of being caught and especially wouldn't of been on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere with just his friend and his friends dad.

"Eww, you were commando the whole way here?" Matt suddenly says in fake shock, which causes Ben to think his friend has made a mistake and if he is going down then so is his friend.

"Well you don't have any on either Matt." Ben suddenly says with an evil grin, but as soon as he notices his friends indifferent reaction, he begins to wonder what is going on, if he was his friend right now he would be very worried about what he just said.

"Neither of you is wearing underwear? Matt why aren't you wearing any and I want a real explanation right now!" David asks sternly, even though he is actually finding the whole thing amusing he doesn't want the boys to know that and he does want to find out why they are both going commando.

"Dad he is just lying to draw attention away from himself." Matt states, successfully pretending to be upset at the accusation, while thinking that this is going exactly how he thought it would and he couldn't wait to see his friends face in a few moments time.

"He is lying Mr Summers, I saw him when he took a pee in my bottle, he didn't have any on." Ben then states, thinking he has beaten his friend at his own game, but again his friends reaction confuses him, surely he shouldn't be looking like that unless he was hiding something, he thought to himself.

"Okay enough both of you pull your shorts down a little, I want to see for myself." David says in a firm tone, that lets both boys know he is deadly serious, he is getting a little tired of this now and needs to get the boys to go clean up before it gets too late.

Ben is first to get it over with and quickly lowers the side of his shorts to confirm the absence of any underwear, which isn't really a shock to anyone, however when his friend lowers his shorts down to just above his knees, Ben gasps at the sight of the tighty whiteys covering his friends modesty and he couldn't understand how this was happening.

"See I told you he was lying Dad." Matt says triumphantly and Ben is just left standing there looking confused about the whole thing and now angry at himself for being outsmarted by his friend yet again.

"Well now I think you owe Matt an apology Ben and then well I guess there is one more option you have left, well two but that would depend on Matt." David says, looking disappointed at the young boy for lying to him, although in the back of his mind he couldn't shake the feeling his son was up to something, but his annoyance at Ben lying gets in the way of him actually putting the pieces together.

"I'm sorry Matt, I guess I just didn't see them earlier." Ben apologises, trying hard to sound genuine, but not quite sure if he succeeded and hoped his friend has had enough fun and would give him a break.

"It's okay Ben, I'm not bothered you were just embarrassed, I would be the same." Matt says, deciding to play along and accept the apology for his dad's sake. "Dad what did you mean when you said he has one or two choices and one of them depended on me?" He then asks, he didn't expect his dad to suggest anything, but if it is what he think it is, then his plan is about to get to it's end game and he couldn't have wished for a better way of making it happen.

"Well he will either have to go naked, there will only be you two around and like you said earlier you have seen each other naked already so it's no big deal." David states, before pausing for a few seconds to let what he has said sink in. "As long as you cover up before coming back Ben, because I don't want to see your little white ass or worse, coming towards me." He then says and can't help but smile at the look on the boys face.

"What about the other option?" Matt asks, the first option is exactly what he wanted to happen, but he can't help but be curious about the other option and decides to see what it is.

"The other option is if you lend him one of your speedos or a pair of underwear Matt." David answers, he would prefer the second option, but the first option would be a half punishment for Ben forgetting to pack either swimwear or underwear and for also lying about his son not wearing any underwear, so for him either option was alright with him.

"I don't want to go skinny dipping though, please Matt can I borrow one of yours... please." Ben pleads, he really doesn't want to go skinny dipping with his friends dad knowing about it and again hopes his friend has had his fun already, but just in case he is hoping his little show will get his friends dad to make him do the right thing.

"I only have one speedo and just enough underwear for the trip Dad." Matt states and smiles to himself as his dad seems to be buying his lies, while his friend just looks completely defeated, but seeing his friend genuinely down like that makes him realise that this is meant to be a bit of fun and right now it's going too far. "Oh wait no sorry I do have something for you Ben." He then suddenly adds, after deciding to help his friend out, although it wasn't completely innocent as his friend would still have one more shock to deal with.

"Well then there we have it boys, now go get changed while I start the fire, just remember to be careful when you're in the lake and don't go too deep and don't let each other out of your sight." David tells the boys in a serious tone, he knows the boys aren't stupid but it's something he just has to say to give himself piece of mind.

"Okay Dad, we will get changed in here then head out." Matt says, as his dad just nods and leaves the tent, once he is happy his friends dad won't come back Ben turns to his friend with a scowl.

"You did this on purpose you Dick Head." Ben states quietly, but with enough venom to get his real mood across.

"Well yeah you dumb ass, did you really think your stuff just magically disappeared." Matt retorts mockingly, enjoying the look on his friends face.

"Why would you do that?" Ben then asks, he was still angry at his friend, but also curious about what made his friend come up with this pretty great prank, even if it does pain him to admit how good it was.

"Why not, you're just pissed off because you didn't think of it and you have to admit I got you so good." Matt replies proudly, knowing his friend is a good sport and will more than likely get his own back in the near future, they really do love messing with each other as they know it's all a bit of fun.

"Damn it I can't believe you got me and yeah it's pretty great, but you just wait though Butt Face because I will get you back." Ben replies and even manages to laugh as he can't help but admire his friends handy work. "But anyway we better get changed. where is your spare suit?" He then asks, just happy and relieved that the prank is over.

"Oh it's right here." Matt says as he chucks his friend a white speedo made of very thin looking material, which Ben catches and inspects curiously but decides he has worn worse and it just grateful that he has something to cover himself up with.

Both boys then strip off completely and don't hide the fact they are glancing at each others bodies, Matt is the first to pull his suit up and watches his friend struggling to pull his small looking speedos up, Matt then notices the tent door is not done up and plans his next move, he then turns back to his friend who has just managed to get his suit on and Matt can't help but smile at his friends reaction when he realises just how small and revealing it is.

Matt quickly moves past his friend grabbing his arm in the process and half drags him outside before he can stop him and as soon as he is outside, Ben becomes even more aware of just how ineffective his suit is, but he knows it's too late to do anything about it as his friend shouts out to his dad causing him to look over to them and Ben can see his friends dad look at him in surprise and his attempts to cover his chuckling with coughs, lets him know his friend has set him up again and there is nothing he can do but stand there in the tiniest and tightest speedos he has ever worn.

"Hey Dad we are heading to the lake now, we will be back before it gets dark okay." Matt says and begins to pull his friend along with him as his dad continues to struggle to not laugh out loud.

"Oh okay boys, just remember to be careful." David replies as seriously as he can manage, he is still half shocked at the state of Ben and while he was a little unhappy with what he saw, he realises his son may have been intentionally trying to embarrass his friend and as long as it was safe and not malicious he decided not to interfere, although he was going to have to have a quiet word with his son later on about going too far.

A gleeful Matt and a less than happy looking Ben finally make it to the lake and both boys jaws almost hit the ground at it's beauty and decide to just stand there taking in the amazing view for a few minutes before Matt grabs a hold of his friends hand and slowly start moving towards the waters edge.

"You knew exactly how this was going to play out didn't you?" Ben then asks his friend, deciding to get straight to the point.

"Well most of it required a bit of luck really and to be honest I didn't think it would work out this well." Matt admits truthfully, it had really been luck that made it work out. "You aren't really angry at me though are you?" He then asks, genuinely worried he may have gone too far and he also noticed the look on his dads face and knew he was going to get a lecture at some point from him.

"Well at first I was, I really wanted to punch you or something, but that was just because I was so shocked, don't get me wrong Matt I'm still pissed off a little especially giving me this, well I'm not really sure what I should call it, to wear." Ben answers honestly as he looks down at his very tight and revealing pair of speedos. "You know I will get my own back and when I do you will know how I feel especially getting seen like this." He then adds and smiles at the fact his friend, for the first time actually looks worried.

"I know, but totally worth it and well I just couldn't resist the speedos and I just knew you would look totally adorable in them." Matt teases, he then quickly lets go of his friends hand and runs into the water, intending to escape the coming punch from his friend, but instead shrieks in surprise at the ice cold water and only just about manages to turn to face his friend, who almost doubles over while laughing at him.

"Not too warm is it Dumb Ass?" Ben asks teasingly, he is enjoying not being the one on the receiving end this time, but after a few moments his laughter turns to concern, when he realises that his friend is still standing still, with the same look of shock on his face. "Hey Matt, are you okay?" He then asks, growing more concerned as his friend still isn't moving.

After still not getting any response he decides to take a few steps into the water himself to go get his friend, but as soon as he takes a few steps in he realises just how cold the water is and jumps back a few steps and now knowing how cold the water actually is his concern grows for his friend, who still hasn't moved and he can see how much he is shivering, but deciding he can't risk leaving to get his friends dad, he slowly eases himself back into the water, taking it as slowly as he can so his body can adjust as best it can to the coldness and is relieved that his plan seems to be working as he manages to reach his friend and wrap his arm around his shoulder and starts to slowly walk him back out of the water, then after only a few moments Ben has his friend safely out of the water, but when he feels just how cold his he is he decides to sit down, while pulling his friend with him so his friend is almost sitting on him, he then wraps his arms around his body and pulls him in tighter hoping to slowly warm him up.

"It's okay Matt, how are you feeling?" Ben asks, he can still feel his friend shiver, but he is definitely slowly warming up.

Ben then decides to gently start rubbing his friend, while he holds him to warm him up a little faster and after a few minutes smiles as he notices he is no longer shivering and definitely feeling warmer.

"Hey Matt, are you okay?" Ben asks again, although this time he is a lot less concerned then he was a few moments ago.

"Thank you." Matt replies weakly, he is still in a little shock from the water and feeling a little sleepy.

"Thank god Matt, you scared the crap out of me for a minute there." Ben states in obvious relief, he didn't know what he would do if anything had happened to his friend.

"Scared the crap out of you? Sod that I thought I was going to die, I have never felt water that cold before in my life Ben and believe me I like cold water." Matt replies truthfully, he actually quite enjoyed the feel of cold water especially when he takes a shower, but this was a different level of coldness and it sent his body into shock.

"Yeah it's cold, but not that cold Matt, I just think because you basically jumped straight in your body just went into panic mode, when I went in slowly it wasn't too bad, don't get me wrong it was still freezing but it was bearable." Ben then says, sure it was freezing at first, but if you give your body enough time it will adapt and Ben knew they still both had to get cleaned before they headed back.

"I will take your word for it Creep, but there is no way I'm going back in." Matt tells his friend firmly.

"We have to Matt, look at us sure our feet and stomach got wet but that is all and your dad told us to get clean, so just go in slowly with me and it will be okay, I promise Matt." Ben says as reassuringly as possible, but he isn't going to push his friend too hard, because if roles were reversed he would be reluctant as well.

"Can't we just stay like this for a while though and then go in?" Matt suddenly asks, catching his friend by surprise, Ben had been enjoying the embrace himself, even though he didn't understand why he got a quick tingly feeling when his friend asked to stay in their embrace and why he liked it.

"Er... yeah it's fine with me, you're still a little cold so I guess it makes sense to warm you up first." Ben responds, he then realises that he is still using his hands to warm his friend up and then suddenly realises to his horror that he is enjoying this maybe a little t0o much, as he feels himself start to get a boner and begins to blush.

"Yeah it feels, oh what's that?" Matt asks, as he feels something digging into his back and is about to move when he feels his friends hands stop moving.

"Oh shit er.. shit sorry er... we should er..." Ben starts to stammer in response, he knows he has a boner and the fact his friend has noticed just makes him want to get as far away as possible, so he tries to get up but feels his friend suddenly grab his hands with his own.

"It's okay Ben, I don't mind and it's kind of cute and feels nice." Matt says, before suddenly blushing at what he just said, he couldn't believe he just told his friend he thought his boner was cute and that it felt nice, well if his friend wasn't going to get up before, he was now he thought to himself, but after a few moments of silence his friend still hadn't tried to move away.

"Oh I guess er... please don't tell your dad or anyone else." Ben pleads, worried his friend is going to tell every one, although he still couldn't quite believe his friend had just told him that he thought his boner was cute and it felt nice and wondered if he had imagined it and if his friend was going to tell everyone.

"I promise and you don't have to be embarrassed, because I got one too Ben." Matt then states, trying to reassure his friend, but in the process not thinking before he opens his mouth, he couldn't believe what he just admitted and couldn't understand what was happening and why he was saying these things.

"Wait what, no way you're just saying that to make me feel better, we should just get in the water and head back." Ben responds nervously, he has no idea what is happening and isn't even sure if he is just imagining this, because it's all too good to be true, wait what he thought to himself to much to be true? Now he was really getting confused, did he want this to happen he started thinking to himself, but before he can give it any more thought he is shocked back to reality.

"I'm not lying, I have one as well, see for yourself." Matt states in serious tone and before Ben knows what is happening, his hands are being pulled down and moved over something hard and it takes him a few moments to realises he is now holding his friends boner and he couldn't help but smile.

"Oh shit." Is all Ben can say though, he now has his hand on his friends boner, well not quite on it because the thin material of the speedo is in the way, but this was just so exciting and confusing and he really had no idea what was happening and why it felt so good, but deep down somewhere in his mind, he wanted this and he didn't want to let go.

"Er... shit Ben, I'm sorry let's just get washed up quick and head back." Matt apologises after suddenly getting embarrassed, his friends hand on his boner had felt almost electric and it scared him a little and quickly gets up to his feet and out of his friends embrace, he then walks a few steps closer to the water, feeling too scared to look at his friend in case he is angry and upset for doing what he did and just wishing he hadn't been so stupid.

"Matt what's wrong?" Ben then asks in a concerned tone, before getting to his feet, he was worried that he has upset his friend.

"I'm so sorry Ben, I didn't mean to make you er... you know touch it." Matt answers and Ben can tell his friend is on the verge of tears.

"What no wait, it's okay it was just a surprise and er... well I thought it was cute and it felt really nice." Ben replies with a smile on his face, he hopes if he mimics his friends own words from a few minutes ago it will help calm him down.

"Wait what... you mean you aren't angry with me?" Matt asks in surprise and turns around to face his friend, he then smiles once he sees his friend smiling and can't help but sneak a few peeks at his friends boner, which is barely concealed by his tiny speedos, before finding himself staring into his friends sparkling green eyes.

"No I'm not angry with you, I thought you were angry with me." Ben replies gazing into his friends eyes, he never really noticed just how beautiful his friends green eyes were and the way they seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, wait did he just think his friends eyes were beautiful he thought to himself wondering what is happening and why he is feeling so excited and happy.

"I think we should go in the water now, before dad comes looking for us." Matt then suggests, as he reluctantly breaks eye contact and immediately starts to miss the way his friends green eyes sparkled in the sunlight, but he knew time was getting on and they had to hurry before it got too late.

Reluctantly both boys slowly waded into the ice cold water and just as his friend had promised, Matt actually starts to enjoy the feeling of the cold water as his body adjusted slowly, he could actually stay in here forever and couldn't believe how it seemed to bring his body alive and to his pleasant surprise it has had the opposite effect on his boner, which seems to have gone into hiding much to his own he relief, although both boys can't help but check each other out a few times as they wash themselves in the water and after what happened a few moments later neither is shy to get the other to wash their backs and even in the cold water their bodies can't help but react and both boys start to feel a strange feeling they have never felt before, until they eventually find themselves face to face end up staring into each others eyes and just when it looks like they are about to lean into each other, they are suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of someone shouting.

"BOYS COME ON IT'S GETTING LATE AND DINNER IS READY... WHERE ARE YOU BOYS?" They hear David shout and they quickly pull away from each other, before slowly making their way out of the water and just as they get out David appears from the tree line.

"Oh hey Dad sorry." Matt says a little sheepishly, he was sure his dad couldn't possibly have seen anything, well hell he wasn't even sure what that something was exactly, but for some reason instinctively knew he didn't want his dad to see it and he was sure he didn't.

"Boys I told you to not take too long." David says sternly, looking at both boys waiting for some sort of explanation and at the same time repress a chuckle, as he can't help but glance at Ben in his tiny thin white speedos that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, especially now that they are wet and practically transparent and had to give his son credit, when he plays a prank he goes all out.

"It's not our fault Mr Summers, you never told us the water was ice cold and well the dumb ass over there, ran straight in and almost went into shock." Ben says in a very serious straight to the point tone, which actually catches David by surprise and brings a smile to his friends face.

"Oh come on guys what kind of excuse is that, my colleague said it was a little cold but a little cold never hurt anyone." David replies sceptically, he thought they would at least come up with something a little better than the water being cold, especially since he knew his son loved cold water and just shook his head.

"Dad with all due respect to your colleague, he is a dumb ass and if you don't believe us then why don't you go in and see for yourself." Matt then says, deciding to challenge his dad to prove that they aren't lying, although he would be lying if he said a part of him didn't just want to laugh at his dad, after he found out just how cold the water was for himself.

"Less of the attitude the both of you, but okay I will go in and show you that you're overreacting." David says confidently, he knows it is probably a little cold but not bad enough to make the boys story believably and he couldn't wait to blow their little excuse out of the water and was already thinking of some way to punish them in an amusing way.

However he surprises both boys when he slips his shorts and sandals off, leaving him in just his boxer shorts, he takes a quick cocky look at the boys before turning to the water and jogs in and within a few seconds he is submerged just above his waist, when he suddenly lets out a sound that the boys could only assume was meant to be a shriek but just sounded like a sort of whimper and after only a few seconds David almost leaps out of the water, he then stands shivering in front of the two now smiling boys and has to take a few moments before he could even speak.

"Holy shit that's cold." David states, while still shivering a little, while both boys look at him and almost double over in a fit of laughter and David knows he owes the boys an apology.

"A little cold water never hurt anybody huh Dad?" Matt then suddenly asks, as he straightens up and looks at his dad with a straight face.

"Okay smart ass, I'm sorry about not believing you and I'm going to be having words with a certain colleague of mine when I get home." David states, as he slowly starts to regain his warmth, while trying to ignore the mocking looks he is receiving from the boys.

"You should have more than a few words Mr Summers because all joking aside Matt might have drowned or something if he was alone or if we both ran in together, we could have both drowned" Ben suddenly says seriously, deciding this shouldn't just be laughed off because it could have been very different if he didn't react as slowly as he did and had ran in after his friend.

"What do you mean, sure it was cold, okay freezing but he could have just walked back out." David responds, not really understanding how his sons life could have been in danger, he knows for himself now that it was extremely cold, but all he would have done is walk out, like he had just done himself.

"No you just walked out because you only when into you waist, this dumb ass sprinted in and the water was almost to his his neck before it hit him and I had to go in and get him out, he couldn't move because his body was in too much shock." Ben explains in a deadly serious tone, letting not only his friends dad know how serious it was, but also to letting his friend know too.

"Oh shit, sorry but, shit are you okay Matt?" David then says as he moves over to his son, as the boys words hit him hard.

"Thanks to Ben, I just didn't realise it was that bad though until he just said, it all seemed to happen in a few seconds to me." Matt responds honestly, he really didn't know what had happened, he was just so shocked and cold that time didn't exist and no he owed his friend his life and felt awful for what he had done to his friend earlier.

"Thank you so much for being their Ben." David suddenly says, then surprising both boys by pulling Ben into a massive hug, before releasing him with a slightly embarrassed look on his face, but the boy had basically saved his sons life and he couldn't ignore that.

David then quickly gets dressed again, after realising his only had his boxers on, before leading both boys back to the camp, when they reach the camp the boys can see David had been busy since they were at the lake and had built a decent sized fire with three chairs around it, he had also moved the car and started work on a little temporary enclosure of some kind which both boys look at quizzically, clearly having no idea what that was all about, David can see them staring at it and let out a little chuckle.

"Oh that's just a little something I thought of as an extra place to get changed, the tent is massive but to be honest I don't want to be seeing your naked backsides every time you get changed and I certainly don't think you two really want to see me getting changed either." David explains and tries to lighten the mood after what had happened at the lake, he didn't want the boys to realise how much it had actually shaken him and ruin the trip.

"Oh that is so cool and well really neat." Ben states, he is quite happy to have to avoid any embarrassing moments when it came to getting changed in front of his friends dad, his penis had a mind of its own at the best of time, but around his friend it seemed to have only one setting and that was hard and he didn't want his friends dad seeing that.

"Yeah it's pretty cool and you're right, I don't want to see your big flabby bum Dad." Matt says jokingly and receives a much deserved playful punch from his dad, who then smiles at him.

"Less of the cheek Son and you two might be a little less than impressed when you see the toilet I made," David then states with a sly smile, he could only guess at the boys reaction to seeing the hole in the ground instead of an actual toilet, that he is sure they are actually expecting.

"You made a toilet? Wow that is so awesome." Matt responds happily, setting himself up for a not so pleasant surprise when he discovers the hole.

Deciding to not to tell the boys what to expect he just leads them through some bushes about two hundred metres away from the camp, where they come to a small clearing which leaves both boys a little dumbfounded as they look around and don't see anything resembling a toilet and both turn to David in confusion.

"Look down boys." David then instructs the boys, with a big grin on his face and sure enough both boys faces drop, as their eyes fall on the hole in the ground covered over by some branches that are easily moveable.

"Wait no way, we have to go to the toilet in that." Ben says in disbelief, not really expecting an answer or really wanting one as he surveys the hole.

"But won't we fall in or something?" Matt suddenly asks, mentally trying to figure out how to use it.

"Yes that's the toilet and well I'm sure you will figure it out Matt, it's not exactly rocket science to figure out how to squat over a hole in the ground." David answers cheerfully, while finding the looks on the boys face highly amusing and although he feels a little guilty, he thought it will make them appreciate what they have at home a little bit more.

"This is so gross, what if one of you walks over while I am, you know er... using it." Ben then asks sheepishly, while blushing a very amusing shade of red, which almost has David laughing his head off.

"Well Ben that is why when ever you need to go, you tell both of us and that way we won't accidentally have to see that horrific sight." David answers grinning widely, which also causes his son to laugh and giggle before blushing himself after realising the implications of what his dad just stated.

"Wait what, we have to tell each other when we want a dump, Eww Dad that is so gross, I don't want to know when you two are taking a crap." Matt says, he was now horrified by the situation and hoping that this is all just a joke and there is a real toilet somewhere.

"Well unless you want to risk someone walking in on you in action or walking in on us then you need to get over yourself Son, we are all men here and I would rather you tell me, rather than walking in on you, so just man up." David states firmly, deciding to refer to them all as men in the hope a little ego stroking helps them get over their obvious shyness, not that he could blame either of them, this was definitely not something either boy would have ever experienced before and he had to give them a little leeway.

"This sucks so much, but your dad's right Matt and I promise not to laugh at you, if you promise not to laugh at me, we have to go and we just need to deal with it." Ben then states to his friend, impressing David with his mature attitude and then smiles as his son follows his friends lead.

"Okay fine I promise, but it's still gross." Matt responds, still looking less than impressed, but at least there won't be any teasing.

"Well okay let's get some food and then we can get ready to sleep, it's been a long day and I could do with a rest." David then announces and all three head back to the camp and sit around the fire eating and chatting for a while, David then goes through with the boys what he had planned for them tomorrow, before they decide it's a good time to get some sleep, as they are all struggling to keep their eyes open and they want to be refreshed for tomorrows activities.

"Okay Boys, I will quickly get changed into some shorts to sleep in then come out here to get the fire sorted while you two get changed, I'm sure you don't mind changing in front of each other." David says as he walks towards the tent.

"Er... Mr Summers?" Ben suddenly says, stopping his friends dad in his tracks.

"What's wrong Ben?" David asks, as he turns to face the boy.

"Well I kinda normally just sleep in my briefs, but I er... you know don't have any and I don't think my shorts are going to be comfortable to sleep in." Ben explains, he is now blushing slightly as he hadn't thought about what he would wear to sleep in until now.

"You can wear some of mine Ben, we are about the same size and I don't want you to be uncomfortable." Matt suddenly says cutting in before his dad can answer, he really did feel guilty about his prank and hadn't really thought of the consequences of what it would do to the rest of the trip and wanted to do what ever he could to make it up to his friend.

"Well I was going to say just wear your shorts and see how it goes, but if Matt really doesn't mind letting you have some of his then it's fine with me, now let me go get changed and I will be out in a moment." David states settling the issue as he makes his way inside the tent, although he is still not all that comfortable with how close the boys have become, David sets aside his thoughts for the sake of his son and does genuinely appreciate Ben for all he has done recently and decides that he is imagining things and puts it out of his mind.

"Your Dad is pretty cool." Ben says to his friend quietly as they wait for him to come back out.

"Yeah he has his moments, by the way I'm sorry about the underwear and speedo thing, it was just meant to be a joke and well I really didn't think this through, sorry Ben." Matt tells his friend apologetically, he really wishes he hadn't done it now as it is proving to be anything but funny.

"It's okay, like I said earlier I was angry at first but it was pretty funny, just hope you have enough underwear to cover both of us for the whole trip." Ben responds kindly, not wanting his friend to feel bad, sure it is not ideal but it is hardly something to worry about.

"Well yeah, but I'm still sorry, as for spare stuff I think we can work something out, not like we can't go without for a day or two and dad will never know if we are careful." Matt says making sure he keeps his voice down and just as he finishes his dad emerges from the tent in some really ridiculous looking shorts.

"Don't say a word either of you, they are just for sleeping in." David tells the boys, he is more than a little embarrassed at shorts, knowing they look ridiculous but they were comfortable and that was more important than looking stylish when he slept.

"Wouldn't dream of it Dad." Matt replies, holding back a fit of giggles as he really doesn't want to embarrass his dad too much, he has been so understanding recently and doesn't want to ruin it, luckily to his relief his friend seems to pick up on his feelings and doesn't make a big deal about it either.

"Yeah they aren't that bad, I think my dad has something like those, must be an old man thing." Ben says cheekily, okay so he doesn't want to upset him, but come on you don't wear something like that and not get mocked a little bit, he thought to himself.

"Damn it, I really should have thought more about the sleeping arrangements." David says almost laughing, he knows how he looks and appreciates the boys going easy on him, so tries to make sure the boys know he is not mad.

The boys finally make a move to the tent and once inside quickly strip off, they had pulled on a shirt earlier so it didn't take them long before they were naked and openly checking each other out with smiles on their faces, something had changed at the lake and both boys seemed to know it, although they still didn't understand exactly what it meant or how it would affect them, but knowing his dad is outside Matt quickly goes through his bag and pulls out two identical tighty whiteys, chucking one to his friend who looks at it before slowly pulling them on as Matt does the same, once both boys take a final look at each other they call his dad to say they are ready and slip into their sleeping bags which they pulled side by side.

"About time boys it's getting a bit chilly out there, right I see you have sorted where you are sleeping which is fine by me, I get all this side to myself." David says happily, he didn't want to be awoken by a kid nudging into him in the middle of the night.

As soon as David turns the lights off, all three are asleep within minutes, however after just a few hours David is awoken by a noise, he isn't to worried because he knows it is nothing to worry about but he is slightly annoyed that it woke him up, thinking he could do with a little drink he looks over to the boys to see if they were woken up, but it's too dark to see anything so he decides to take a chance and hope they are still sleeping and turns the light on, his eyes take a few moments to adjust to the light, but the look of slight annoyance he had from being woken up turns to anger as he looks across to the two sleeping boys, they were on their sides facing each other closer than he was comfortable with, but that isn't what is causing him to be angry, it's the fact the two boys are actually holding hands and he isn't quite sure what to make of it or how to react.

Although he decides after a few moments not to overreact or wake the boys up, instead he quickly pulls out a bottle of water from his pack, drinks half of it before turning his attention back to the two boys and wonders what he should do, he takes a few minutes before he quietly moves over to them and gently separates their hands, he then rolls Ben who is furthest away onto his back and then does the same to his son, now happy that they are now further apart and not touching each other, he quietly goes back to his sleeping bag turning the light off and goes back to sleep.

A few more hours pass by and this time it's Matt who wakes up and when he opens his eyes he almost jumps up in shock, as he is faced with his friends face only inches from his own, not only that but he also realises that something is attached to his hand and as he looks down he realises that it's his friends hand entwined with his own, then having no idea what to do after the initial shock wears off, he starts to actually find himself enjoying looking at his friend like this, he then starts to gently lay back trying his best to not wake him up and just watches him sleep and admiring just how cute his friend actually was and starts to get a very pleasant if not surprising feeling inside, before noticing his friends eyes starting to flutter and realising he is waking up Matt can't help but smile in anticipation, but suddenly hears something behind him and remembers his dad is also in the tent with them and quickly pulls his hand free from his friend and turns over and sighs in relief as he sees his dad is still asleep.

"Morning." Ben says, making Matt jump a little before turning back to his now awake friend with a smile.

"Morning Sleepyhead." Matt replies and blushes as he realises he had grabbed his friends hand as soon as he turned back to face him.

"I think I really like you Matt." Ben then nervously confesses to his friend, he knows it's a strange thing to say, but he just felt like it was something he needed to say and he thought he was starting to understand what his feelings meant.

"I think I like you a lot too Ben." Matt responds just as quietly and smiles even more, he then gently squeezes his friends hand and feeling a little surprised at himself for not regretting his words and instead just enjoying the feeling of happiness inside his heart.

Before the boys can talk any more though, they hear the clear signs that David is starting to wake up and they instinctively pull away from each other and sit up, they then watch as David stretches out and open his eyes.

"Morning Sleepyhead." The boys say loudly in unison, causing David to snap straight to attention after forgetting where he was for a few moments, he then quickly smiles to the boys as he looks over to the both of them.

"Morning boys, hope you slept well because you're making breakfast, while I go use the five star toilet facilities." David informs the boys as he stands up. "Oh and get dressed while I'm gone, I will get changed when I get back and no messing around." He then adds and pulls some toilet roll from one of the bags and leaves the tent.

"Well guess we better get dressed then." Matt declares as he stands up out of his sleeping bag and gets a shy giggle from his friend. "What are you giggling for?" He asks his amused looking friend, with a grin as he wonders what's so funny.

"You got a boner," Ben responds with a shy smile. "Was it because of me?" He then asks and couldn't help but hope it was because of him and even though it was still confusing him, he was really starting to understand what this all meant.

"Well er... well I bet you got one as well and er... well I think so, I mean er... holding your hand just felt nice, you know when I woke up we were holding hands." Matt answers with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, he couldn't believe he just told his friend that, but at the same time it felt so good to say it and he didn't regret it for a moment.

"We were, that's weird but er... well I don't mind I like holding your hand too." Ben decides to admit, after trying his best to process what is going on in his head and whether this is really happening or not.

"We have to get ready though, my dad will be expecting us to be cooking breakfast, so come on get up and put some clothes on." Matt states sternly, but with a hint of humour as well causing his friend to get up quickly and mock salute him.

"Yes Sir!" Ben says and smiles as his friend starts to giggle, he just loved that giggle so much and thought it was adorable.

Both boys decide to just pull on some shorts before heading outside, relieved that it is already nice and warm they quickly set about lighting the fire and getting started on a fry up for breakfast, when David returns he quickly gets changed into some shorts and a top and sits on one of the chairs around the fire, he then sits watching the boys as they finish up cooking and can't help but be impressed by how well they are working together and how good it smells.

"Smells great guys, if it tastes as good as it smells I might have to make you cook all the meals for the rest of the week." David states smiling as the boys both give him a pout, strangely he can't help but compare the two boys as they give him that look and decides his son really has mastered it, although he has to admit Ben isn't far behind and both boys are going to break a few hearts as they grew up.

The boys make sure to talk to David throughout breakfast out of respect, they know that he has gone to a lot of effort and to just ignore him was not something either of them wanted to do, David for his part was enjoying the attention, but knew sooner or later they would need to go off alone and just be boys without him cramping their style, he was young once and is actually quite impressed that they are putting in this amount of effort into making sure he isn't being left out, once they eventually finish breakfast, which to both David's delight and surprise actually did taste as good as it smelled, he doesn't follow through with his earlier teasing and decides it's time for them to head to the lake for their fishing lesson.

"Right boys go get your swimwear on, we're going to head to the lake and do some fishing." David instructs the boys, trying his best to sound stern but can't help but smile at the boys enthusiasm as they almost sprint inside the tent and within a minute both boys are back outside with their speedos on under their shorts, but ditching their tops after deciding they won't need them, David though actually wonders if there was any point in Ben wearing the speedos, they barely hid anything the last time he saw them and that was when they were dry, when he saw them wet he might as well have been naked.

With the boys ready, David gets them to carry the fishing gear he had offloaded from the car to the lake and watches as they struggle with the rods, it isn't that they are heavy but the shape of them makes for an amusing sight, as the rods twist and turn in the boys arms as they try to balance them and hold on to the box they are also each carrying.

"You know you could help us Dad." Matt whines half heartedly, knowing his dad is enjoying this too much to actually help them out and decides to not even bother looking back at his dad when he replies.

"I could I guess, but I think I would rather give you boys a chance to impress me by not breaking anything." David replies mockingly, if he thought the boys were really struggling or might get hurt, he would step in but he knew they would be okay and while they were safe he was going to enjoy watching them try to keep everything balanced.

Luckily for the boys, it only takes around five minutes to reach the lake and they sigh in relief, but unluckily for them David suddenly announces that they have to go further down the lake.

"Why do we have to go all the way over there though Mr Summers?" Ben asks in a surprisingly sincere tone, David had been expecting one of the boys to moan, but to his surprise the boy actually sounded more interested in the reason instead of whining about it.

"Good question Ben, well again I have never been here but my colleague, yeah the same one who gave me that cracking bit of advice about the water not being that cold." David says and chuckles along with both boys as they remember the previous day. "Well he gave me a run down of the best places on the lake to fish and also told me to fish away from where you boys might go swimming, because the fish will quickly learn to avoid that area for a while." He then finishes explaining after the chuckling dies down and is rewarded with a huge smile from the boy, who seemed more than satisfied with the explanation.

"That is so cool." Ben then says genuinely impressed, much to the surprise of the other two, who both look at each other and shrug, although David was still really impressed by the boys enthusiasm about the lake and the fishing spots.

"It is?" Matt then asks, he isn't trying to make fun of his friend, but he is genuinely interested in why his friend seems so impressed by where the fish go and why.

"Well yeah, you know like the fish learn to avoid areas where there is a lot of noise and people, but then knowing when it is safer to return, I just find it interesting I know you probably think I'm being weird and boring, but I like this kind of thing and er..." Ben replies, although he strays off towards the end as he feels slightly embarrassed about his fascination with how the fish react to things.

"Well it's kind of weird, but I like weird, I like weird a lot." Matt says with a sparkle in his eye, which his dad doesn't notice, but he can tell his friend understood what he meant, when he starts to blush and he smiles to himself.

"I actually think it's pretty amazing someone so young, would be mature enough to think about things like that and be genuinely interested Ben, so don't ever feel embarrassed about enjoying something just because others don't." David states seriously, he wanted the boy to know that he has nothing to be embarrassed about and he is really happy that he decided to let him join him and his son on this trip.

With that out of the way the three of them make their way along the side of the lake, they walk for about ten minutes where to the boys relief, they finally reach a spot that David is happy with as they were starting to really struggle with the awkward gear they were carrying and with help from David, well with a lot of help from him, all the rods are quickly ready for action, David shows his son how to cast off first and lets him take a few attempts, each time reeling the line back in until he has just about right, well near enough anyway, but when David turns to help out his sons friend he gets a surprise as he seems to be either a natural or has been fishing before and David can't help but be curious.

"Have you done this before Ben?" David asks the boy, feeling the need to know to save himself wondering for the rest of the day.

"Nope, I just watched how you showed Matt and it looked pretty simple." Ben answers, while his words sounded arrogant his tone was full of modestly and David couldn't help but put another plus in the pro Ben list.

The three of them sit and talk about a range of subjects, with David trying to avoid any talk about school as he doesn't want the boys thinking about that while on holiday too much and it wouldn't be a fun topic for any of them, so they stick to music, films, TV and even cooking, after a few hours pass all three have had success. although surprisingly to every ones disbelief it's Matt who claims victory, as he managed to catch three more than either his friend or his dad could manage, despite barely being able to do anything right much to the bewilderment of his dad, who can't quite believe it and wondered if beginners luck really did exist, David then decides he wouldn't mind staying out here for a little while on his own for some peace and quiet and tells the boys they should go for a swim back near their camp and enjoy themselves before coming back to help him with the gear.

"Okay boys, just remember to be safe and shout if you need anything, I may not be able to see you but I will be able to hear you and try not to be more then lets say one hour, I think that's a fair amount of time right?" David instructs the boys, who to his relief seem to be happy enough, he really did want some time away from the boys, he had enjoyed their company but he could tell they needed to mess around for a while and he could do with some relaxing time on his own and maybe make a phone call.

"You're so cool Dad, we promise to be safe and we will be back to help you with time to spare." Matt says enthusiastically, with his friend nodding in agreement, they then quickly start making their way back to the part of lake closest to their camp to enjoy some messing around and just be kids for a while, although secretly they both had something else in mind and could barely hide their grins and once the boys get back to their spot, they both drop their shorts and slowly make their way into the water remembering the day before, however much to their surprise the water is a lot warmer than it was yesterday although it was still on the cold side.

"Wow it's actually not so bad today." Matt says, as they both make it just far enough out so the water is above their waists.

"Yeah it's pretty cold still though, but I don't mind." Ben replies, before getting a big evil grin on his face and before his friend can react, Ben drags both arms through the water towards his friend and drenches him in a huge splash of water, followed by two more before Matt decides to dive under the water and get his own back, they spend the next thirty minutes messing around and occasionally chatting before they decide to dry off on the side of the lake and just have a talk while they rest.

"Matt can we talk about the last two weeks at school and what happened now?" Ben the asks nervously, he isn't sure if he should be pushing this right now, but at the same time he doesn't want his friend to think he doesn't care about him.

"Okay." is all Matt says in reply, causing Ben to pause for a few seconds to make sure he heard his friend correctly.

"You sure? Because we don't have to if you don't want to, I was only asking." Ben says making sure his friend knows he isn't trying to pressure him at all.

"I was going to wait until later today or tomorrow, but with my dad out of the way this is as good a time as any I guess, you just have to promise me Ben and I mean it, this is a promise that if you break we will never ever be friends again, so promise me that you won't tell anyone else about this, you got to promise me Ben." Matt then says in a tone that lets his friend know he is not joking around and that this is a big deal.

"Matt you can trust me and I know you wouldn't say that unless you meant it, so I promise hand on my heart and hope to die that I will never tell anyone else, you're too important to me to ever hurt you, so yes I promise with all my heart." Ben replies sincerely and he couldn't mean it any more than he did and smiles as his friend pulls him over and gives him a warm cuddle.

"Okay I'm sorry, but I had to be sure and it has been killing me not to be able to tell you already" Matt says and Ben can feel the sadness in his friends voice.

"Just take your time Matt, I just want to be able to help you." Ben says sincerely, he really does just want to help his friend and he knows something bad must have happened to explain his behaviour these last two weeks and maybe even explain why Jordan has been acting weird all this time.

"Okay well it all started that day Jordan was acting like a real jerk and called Carter a sissy boy remember?" Matt starts to explain, knowing his friend could hardly forget it was only two weeks ago, but wanted to make sure and wanted to try and get this over with before he broke down and started crying.

"Uh huh, it was was the other week, give me some credit Matt." Ben replies jokingly, hoping to ease his friends worries about telling him what happened, with a little humour.

"Well you didn't know it, but if Jordan hadn't sent you to come rescue me, I think Mr Jones would have er... well I think he would have er... touched me Ben." Matt reveals before stopping to look at his friends reaction, he had ignored his friends attempt to make him smile because if he was going to tell him everything, he needed to stay focused.

"Touched you, what do you mean touched you?" Ben says confused by what his friend has said and not understanding the implications of his words.

"You know like what Mitch told you and my dad told me about the er... you know er... sex stuff." Matt explains, before again pausing to judge his friends reaction, before looking down in embarrassment and shame as his friend finally seems to understand and his jaw opens wide in horror.

"You mean like touch your penis and stuff?" Ben asks in total shock, he had always liked Mr Jones, he was so fun and nice and a part of him can't believe he was one of those bad men, but this was his friend and while he is many things, being a liar is not one of them and if he said it happened Ben believed him.

"Yeah, but because of Jordan looking out for me and sending you, well you see I know you joked about it at the time Ben, but you really did save me from him that time." Matt then says, pausing yet again, he has decided that for now he would only reveal a little bit at a time, until he felt comfortable enough to tell the whole story.

"What do you mean by that time? Oh no Matt, please tell me it...." Ben begins to say but trails off after he looks at his friend, who has lifted his head back and can see the tears rolling down his friends face.

What the boys hadn't realised though, due to them being too busy talking to each other, is that they were being watched from the bushes.

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