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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 1

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 10

December 2014

"Ben, I'm really tired." Matt then says reluctantly breaking the moment, he doesn't want to upset his boyfriend, but he really was tired after such an emotional day and is struggling to keep his eyes open.

"Go ahead I don't mind, you look cute when you sleep anyway." Ben replies happily, he is a little disappointed he won't be able to see his boyfriends eyes any more, but he really did enjoy watching his boyfriend sleep just as much and he could see how tired he was.

"I love you." Matt then says, before leaning over and giving his boyfriend one last kiss, before closing his eyes and falling asleep almost as soon as his head hits his pillow.

"I love you too." Ben says, gently kissing his now sleeping boyfriend on his forehead, it always amazed him how quickly his boyfriend could fall asleep and after watching him for over ten minutes, he feels his own eyes begin to close and soon falls into his own deep sleep, with a smile on his face.

When the boys eventually wake up the next morning, they give each other a quick kiss and cuddle, before just looking into each others eyes, they are just about to kiss again when they hear a cough and suddenly in shock sit upright, realising someone else is in the room with them and begin to panic.

"Calm down boys it's okay, I already know about you two." Amy says in a warm and caring tone, hoping to help calm the boys down. but she can see they are both terrified. "I'm sorry about scaring you both, but I promise I'm happy for you both." She then adds and this time to her relief, see notices the boys relax slightly although they clearly aren't sure what to do.

"Where are Mum and Dad, did they see us too?" Matt asks nervously and fearing the answer he instinctively leans into his boyfriend for support.

"No, your parents went out an hour ago with the Taylor's, they didn't see anything I promise and I'm really sorry about surprising you both like this, I only came in to see if you were awake and well I couldn't help but watch you sleep, I was just about to leave when you woke up and well you didn't see me." Amy responds honestly, looking embarrassed about her behaviour and being caught.

They all stay where they are for a few minutes in silence, with no one really knowing what to say or do, but nature lends a helping hand much to Ben's embarrassment as he starts to blush.

"Er... I need too go to the toilet." Ben suddenly states and is clearly embarrassed, Matt is just about to giggle at his boyfriend, but suddenly as if just hearing the word toilet, realises that he has to go as well.

"Er... me too actually." Matt then says and is now blushing himself.

"Go ahead don't mind me, I'll keep one of you company while the other goes." Amy responds helpfully, although she is about to find out her being in the room is not exactly ideal for either boy.

"Er... well do you mind er... leaving for a bit please Aunty Amy?" Matt asks nervously and Amy gives her nephew a curious look.

"Come on boys, there is no need to be shy, I've seen plenty of boys in their PJ's before." Amy then states, she really doesn't see what the issue is, even if they are just wearing underwear it's nothing she hasn't seen before and she knows her nephew walks around the house in his underwear most of the time anyway.

"Er... well we are kind of er..." Matt starts to mumble and is too embarrassed to say it out loud, but luckily his friends need to relieve himself overcomes his embarrassment.

"Aunty James, we are both naked." Ben blurts out, now really having to try very hard to control his bladder and hoping his boyfriends aunty makes a swift exit.

"Oh my... well okay, sorry boys... oh I will just wait downstairs for you." Amy stutters, as she quickly leaves the room blushing slightly, she had confirmed her suspicions that the boys were boyfriends, but to find out that they were already sleeping naked together was something she hadn't expected or even thought of and clearly the boys were a lot closer than even she had thought.

The boys look at each other in relief, once they hear her walking down the stairs and both make a move towards the door at the same time.

"Hey, guests go first." Ben says smiling, as he begins to open the door, neither of the boys had bothered to put on any clothes, so he was giving his boyfriend a very good view and was enjoying the attention and couldn't help but grin.

"I got a better idea, let's just go at the same time, it will be fun." Matt then suggests, holding his boyfriends hand before he can get out of the room fully.

"What about your aunty?" Ben asks, he is a little nervous about using the toilet together.

"She's downstairs and we won't be long." Matt counters and this time he pushes his boyfriend out of his room and then pulls him into the bathroom.

The boys quickly relieve themselves and have a quick wash before running back into the bedroom to get dressed, usually they would tease each other by dressing slowly, but with Amy waiting downstairs they got dressed in record time, taking a quick moment to kiss, the boys slowly make their way downstairs and find themselves standing nervously in the living room doorway.

"Why don't you take a seat boys, I made some drinks for you both, so help yourselves and we can have a talk." Amy tells them both, but she can't quite bring herself to look either boy in the eye, she had no issues with the boys being boyfriends, but for some reason knowing they slept naked with each other, rattled her slightly, although it hasn't changed her mind about being happy for them.

The boys tentatively take a seat on the sofa, quickly holding each others hand and leaning into each other for support, they know they don't need to hide their closeness any more, but that doesn't help ease their worries about what is about to happen.

"First of all just to be clear boys, I have no issues with you being boyfriends, nor am I going to tell your parents, who I assume have no idea about any of this." Amy states, now regrouping herself enough to make eye contact. "So just try to relax and not get upset because you are not in trouble." She then adds, just to make it clear to the boys this is not going to be a negative conversation.

"Why do you want to talk to us?" Matt decides to ask, breaking the few moments of silence that had built up.

"I want to talk about how you behave around each other, especially as I assume you don't want anyone to find out." Amy replies, keeping her voice low and friendly.

"How would anyone find out?" Ben asks, joining in the conversation.

"The looks you give each other when you don't think anyone is watching, the body contact and if I noticed it, than I'm really surprised no one else has to be honest." Amy explains, before taking a sip of coffee.

"The body contact?" Ben asks, slightly baffled by what that means.

"You know, always brushing against each other, even when you're standing next to each other, you might as well be hugging with how close you are." Amy says, before turning to her nephew and looking him in the eyes. "Not to mention you stroking his bum and almost sliding your hand into his jeans and underwear, when you both gave me a hug when Ben came round yesterday." She then states, not dropping eye contact and she can his eyes widen in embarrassment.

"I did?" Matt responds, he hadn't even realised he did that and the fact his aunty saw him, makes it even more embarrassing.

"Yes, you did and that is why I wanted to talk to you both, you're so comfortable around each other, that you don't even realise you are doing these things and I worry about you both if people find out, not everyone will be understanding and accepting and you're only eleven years old, you shouldn't be exposed to that kind of prejudice." Amy tries to explain, she didn't intend to lecture the boys, but she is genuinely concerned about them.

"We try really hard though, Mitch keeps telling us to be careful and we really try, but it's hard." Matt replies defensively, they really did work hard to make sure no one finds out and he is feeling close to tears, after realising they haven't tried hard enough.

"Who is Mitch and how does he know about you two?" Amy asks, she is instantly concerned about who this Mitch is and what his motives might be for helping out a couple of kids to hide their relationship.

"Mitch is my big brother, he knew about us before we even knew." Ben then explains, feeling he should be the one to talk about his brother and Amy instantly relaxes at the news that it is Ben's older brother and not some pervert, although she is a little embarrassed about not remembering that Ben's older brother was called Mitch, she had never met him herself, but she had heard enough about him.

"I see and he tells you the same thing, that I'm trying to say to you both?" Amy then asks, she is actually really glad that the boys have someone to look out for them.

"Yeah, he is always making sure we are careful, we don't get much alone time, but he lets us be together when he is at home and doesn't bother us." Ben responds, he is now smiling because he realises that he doesn't have to lie or be afraid of getting into trouble and can just be honest.

"He lets you two do stuff?" Amy then asks and can't hide her concern by what he means.

"Yeah he is cool, but we only kiss and hold each other, he keeps telling us to enjoy just being with each other and not to worry about having to do the other things too soon." Ben responds and is still smiling and not picking up on her concerned tone.

"Yeah, he is so cool Aunty Amy, although he told us if he walks in on us naked one more time, he is going to cut our balls off and feed them to the birds." Matt then says before giggling, causing his boyfriend to do the same and even Amy can't help but smile, at her nephews revelation and puts her concerns to rest knowing that the boys had someone keeping them on the right track.

"So this is going to sound really embarrassing, but you two don't do other stuff do you, apart from just kissing I mean, I don't want to know any details or upset either of you, but I was surprised that you sleep naked together." Amy asks nervously, she wasn't sure she even wanted to know the answer and then there was the possibility of upsetting the boys, which would be a disaster.

The two boys quickly look at each other for a few moments, before Ben nods to his boyfriend and both turn to Amy with shy smiles.

"We just like to be naked together, it feels really nice and it makes me feel safe having him that close to me." Matt begins to explain, but pauses and blushes when he feels his boyfriend give him a quick kiss on the cheek. "We only kiss though, Mitch told us there was other stuff people in love do, but he wouldn't tell us what they were and just said we were too young." He then says, after returning the favour, by kissing his boyfriend on the cheek and then letting him take over explaining.

"Yeah he told us we were still young and if we loved each other, we would discover them for ourselves together eventually and that it would be more special if we didn't know about them until we were ready, so well we just hold each other and kiss, because that is what we want to do and we love each other." Ben then explains honestly and gives his boyfriend another quick kiss, he was really enjoying being able to be with his boyfriend like this, with someone else around, not that he wanted someone to watch them, but to not have to hide because they were there felt nice.

"Your brother is very wise it would seem, you're both very young and if you do love each other, then you will discover new things together, like he said just don't try to rush into things, now do you have any questions you want to ask me, while we are talking?" Amy responds, before giving the boys a chance to think about what she has said, although if she was honest to hear them both talk about being in love surprised her, but she didn't want them to think she was patronising them about their feelings and decided not to mention it all.

"Not really but er... just are you going to tell anyone?" Matt asks tentatively, he knows she already said she won't, but he needs to ask again just to be sure.

"Of course not, I would never betray your confidence like that and besides I'm sure when you're ready, you will tell people yourselves." Amy responds in a loving tone, reassuring the boys that they have nothing to worry about.

The boys both quickly stand up and almost crush Amy, as they bundle on top of her giving her the warmest cuddle they can, to show how grateful they both are before eventually letting go and standing a little sheepishly and watch as she tries to straighten her clothes out.

"Sorry Aunty." They both say in unison, much to Amy's amusement and she can't help but think how adorable and cute they look together, especially now that she notices them holding hands again.

"Aunty Amy, you don't mind if we go get a shower together do you, we have to go see Mitch before he heads out for the day and then go and sort out our psychologist appointments" Matt decides to ask, with a hint of nervousness at how she will react to him wanting to shower with his boyfriend.

"Boys I don't mind at all and I was thinking of heading into town to look at some shops anyway, so if you could make sure the door is locked before you head out, I would be very grateful." Amy replies with a smile, she wasn't too sure about the boys showering together, but after the talk she was sure they wouldn't get up to anything more than kissing each other and Sarah and David wouldn't be home for hours, so didn't see any risk of the boys being caught.

So as the boys make their way upstairs, Amy clears up the empty glasses before heading out the door, she really did enjoy looking around shops and comparing them to other cultures she has experienced.

The boys make quick work of stripping off, as soon as they hear her leaving the house and find themselves standing in the bathroom together and enjoying looking at each others bodies.

"Aunty James is so cool." Ben then says, he then brushes some hair from his boyfriends eyes and smiles.

"Yeah I thought she might explode or something when she saw us kissing in bed and then found out we were naked, but she was so cool and I know she won't tell anyone." Matt replies, before leaning in for a light kiss.

"We should hurry up though, Mitch said he had plans today and he isn't going to wait for us." Ben then states reluctantly, he would rather stay like this all day, but knows they have important things to do today.

"Spoil sport." Matt responds and gives his boyfriend one of his trademark pouts, before turning to the shower and setting the temperature, while he likes the initial cold burst, he knows his boyfriend likes it nice and warm and is more than happy to give his boyfriend what ever he wants.

They then both enjoy washing each other, although they are still too shy to wash each others more private areas and when they're happy that they are clean, they head back to the bedroom and dry off before choosing what they are going to wear for the day, since the boys stay over each others so much, they both have a few clothes at each others house, so they don't have to go home for a change of clothes.

"Aren't you forgetting something." Ben asks with a grin, while he watches his boyfriend pull his jeans up.

"Huh, like what?" Matt replies, before stopping and looking up to his boyfriend.

"Likes these." Ben responds, holding up a pair of tighty whiteys with a big grin on his face.

"Oh shit, well it doesn't matter if am wearing any though, no one will notice." Matt replies and starts pulling his jeans up again, until he feels his underwear hitting him in the face and loses his balance and falling over, much to the amusement of his boyfriend who is now giggling.

"No way we are going to the doctors with you going commando dumb ass and besides Mitch always seems to know when we do it, so put them on." Ben then states and finds himself enjoying giving his boyfriend orders and makes a mental note to remember that for some fun in the future at some point.

After getting back to his feet and still pouting, Matt pulls his jeans all the way off and then pulls his underwear on, before getting dressed fully and then performs an adorable over the top twirl, as he turns to face his boyfriend.

"Good enough for you Sir!" Matt then asks mockingly, which sends both boys into a fit of giggles.

They then give each other a kiss before leaving the house and as they walk the short distance to Ben's house they only just resist the urge to hold hands, settling in the end to just brushing their arms against each other while they walk, when they eventually make it to the house and let themselves in, they find Mitch sitting down on the couch, watching some crappy TV show that he only seems half interested in and quickly sits up looking happy to see the two boys.

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Mitch asks, he is genuinely happy to have some company and even happier that it's the two boys.

"Great, how about you?" Ben responds, before he jumps on the sofa beside his brother and leans against him, surprising Mitch a little bit, although he loves these rare occasions that his little brother snuggles up to him.

"Yeah we are doing great, but we need to ask you something important." Matt adds and quickly jumps on the older boys free side and leans up against him as well.

"Is everything alright?" Mitch asks, he is starting to get a little concerned, but as the boys seem in high spirits he tries to relax and enjoys the feel of the two boys snuggling up to him.

"Don't be mad Mitch, but I told Matt about when you had to see the psychologist..." Ben begins to say, but is quickly cut off as Mitch suddenly frees himself from the boys and stands in front of them.

"You did what?" Mitch hisses at his little brother, he trusted him and couldn't believe he would tell someone.

"Don't be mad at him Mitch, he didn't want too, but he just wanted to help me." Matt quickly says, he then quickly gets up and puts himself between the two brothers to protect his boyfriend.

"Help you? Okay explain yourself boys and quickly." Mitch responds, he calms down a little, but he is still pissed at his little brother for telling someone about the psychologist, even if that person is his boyfriend.

"Please don't get angry it's my fault Mitch, he only told me because I need fixing and he thought your psychologist could fix me." Matt explains, with tears already in his eyes, neither had expected Mitch to react this way and they were both scared.

"I just wanted to help him Mitch, I thought I was doing good." Ben then states, with tears of his own, with both boys on the verge of breaking down, Mitch realises he has over reacted and scared the boys, who had obviously come to him for help and Matt's choice of words had actually worried him a lot and his big brother instincts quickly kick in.

"What do you mean fix you?" Mitch asks, as he kneels in front of the tearful boy, hoping his calm voice will help calm him down.

"There is something... wrong with... me... I keep crying and.... getting upset for no reason.... even my parents were going to take me, but Ben thought of it first." Matt manages to stutter, after pulling himself together.

"I'm going too, because it's been really hard helping him and I need help too and..." Ben starts to say, but trails off as he feels his boyfriends arms around him and they comfort each other for a few moments, Mitch watches the two boys and realises this is his fault and pulls the two boys into his chest and holds them in his arms until they settle down.

"Boys, I'm so sorry for being a jerk, you just caught me off guard and I really want to help you, I still have the number to his office on my phone, but it would be a lot better if you went to the office instead of phoning." Mitch suggests after apologising for his reaction, hoping the boys now knew he was on their side.

"Thanks Mitch and I'm really sorry for telling your secret to Matt." Ben then says sincerely, he then pulls himself from the embrace with his boyfriend and they both sit down on the sofa.

"Just don't go telling anyone else Ben, for what it is worth though, I think you did the right thing and if he needed help, then I am glad you told him." Mitch responds honestly, he loved his little brother and had come to love Matt as well and if this could help the young boy, then it was okay with him.

"We don't know where the office is though and how would we get there?" Matt quickly asks.

"It's okay I will take you there, we can take the bus into town and then walk the rest of the way." Mitch offers the two boys, he had plans but this was more important.

"Don't you have plans though?" Ben then asks, feeling bad that he is messing up his big brothers day and doesn't want him to feel like he has to look after them.

"I did have plans, but don't worry it wasn't that important and well to be honest I wouldn't be able to enjoy myself if I didn't help my two favourite little nudists out." Mitch responds teasingly and stands up so he can ruffle the boys hair and smiles when they start to giggle, he really enjoyed when the boys giggled, he thought they sounded so adorable and just reminded him that despite their maturity, they are still just little boys at the end of the day.

The two boys then suddenly jump up and tackle Mitch to the ground, cuddling him at first, but after just a few moments the three boys start rolling around the floor laughing and tickling each other before Mitch reluctantly ends the fun, because he doesn't want them to miss the bus.

"Come on guys, we better get ready or we might miss the bus, so if you need the toilet, now would really be a good time to go..." Mitch announces and is about to go get himself a drink when he notices a look between the two boys and before they get a chance to ask him, he gets in first by saying. "Oh for fuck sake you two... just go to the toilet together you perverts and be quick about it." which causes both boys to blush a little before running up the stairs hand in hand.

"Little shits." Mitch says to himself, smiling as he walks into the kitchen to make himself a drink, while he waits for the boys.

When the boys return from the toilet, Mitch can't help but notice the look on their face and just smiles to himself knowingly, as he walks out the front door behind the two boys who he notices are holding hands, he decides to let them enjoy themselves for a few moments, before coughing to get the boys attention after he locks the door.

"Guys it's up to you, but you might want to let go of each others hand while we are outside." Mitch suggests and smiles when the boys give him a confused look, before realising what he is talking about as they follow his gaze and give him a shy smile.

"Sorry Mitch." Ben responds and starts to blush slightly.

"Hey no big deal guys, if you want to hold hands I don't mind, I'm just looking out for you both and I know you don't want anyone else to know yet." Mitch states, before stepping between the two boys and putting an arm over each of their shoulders as they walk towards the bus stop.

On the bus ride, Mitch gets the boys to open up a little bit about why they think they need to see a psychologist, although he doesn't get much out of either boy, he does get an idea of how much he has failed Matt and even how he thinks his parents had failed their son, because no one picked up on the young boys issues, well not everyone because his little brother noticed, but in the process he suffered himself in trying to help his boyfriend, so he decided at that moment he would have a word with not only Matt's parents but also his own dad, to see how they all missed something that must have been so obvious, especially as he listens to the young reveal some of the more recent incidents, before he can give it any more thought though, they arrive in town and the three of them walk off the bus, the two boys follow Mitch as he leads them to his old psychologists office and they continue to talk although this time it is centred around what they are going to do after and they all eventually decide upon going to a restaurant for some lunch, just as they arrive outside the building.

"You sure about this boys, it's not to late to change your minds or even get our parents to go in with you." Mitch decides to say, giving the boys an out if they wanted it, although he already knew they wouldn't take it, he felt as the eldest he had to at least give them the option.

Just like Mitch had thought though, neither boy wanted to back out and followed him inside and to the reception desk.

One month later

"Hey Matt, wake up dumb ass." Ben whispers to his sleeping boyfriend, trying to wake him up without drawing attention to themselves.

Matt was enjoying a nice nap, but every now and then he would feel a nudge or hear someone talking or some other noise that he couldn't quite make out, but he didn't feel like waking up so ignored them and continued to enjoy his nap, Ben however was doing everything he could think of to wake his boyfriend, before their teacher realised what was going on, he was just thankful that Wesley seemed to be distracting him with another amazing performance with his violin.

"Matt wake up, come on get up." Ben again whispers, he is actually starting to get a little worried, he knew his friend wasn't sleeping well and knew why, but he still felt concerned, until he suddenly gets an evil idea, although he might pay for it later and decides it was worth it.

Matt was still enjoying his nap, when again the sound of a familiar voice seemed to be calling him and he could hear something else that just sounded so beautiful, but he was still not going to wake up because he needed the rest and as far as he was concerned there was nothing else to do today anyway, so why not enjoy a lay in and the voices and sounds slowly fall away again, until he suddenly feels like a bolt of electricity has run through his entire body, when he feels something grab his penis and give it a gentle squeeze, his eyes fly wide open and he just about manages to hold back a gasp, when he realises where he is and although he didn't make much noise, his sudden movement drew everyone's attention to him and even Wesley had stopped playing to see what was happening.

"Mr Summers, can you please explain what you are doing." Mr Morgan asks sternly, although he was suppressing a smile, he had actually noticed the boy sleeping earlier, but choose to let it go as he knows what the boy has been through and although unknown to either of the two boys, their parents had informed the school of their therapy and it's effects it was having, especially on Matt, but he couldn't let it go now the boy had suddenly made the whole class aware and had to at least do something to deter the other pupils from doing the same.

"Er.. what.. wait... Sir?" Matt stutters, he is totally confused and disorientated by the situation and can feel himself start to panic.

"I said, can you tell the class why you were sleeping in my classroom?" Mr Morgan again states in a stern tone, although he can't help but feel for the boy and knowing his situation he is about to cut him some slack, when Ben suddenly speaks up.

"Sorry Sir it's my fault, Matt wasn't feeling well last night and didn't sleep much, he asked me to make sure he didn't fall asleep and if he did to wake him, but I kind of forgot, sorry Sir." Ben lies, but in a confident tone that seems to convince the other kids, who just let out a few chuckles before concentrating back on Wesley.

"Okay thank you Mr Walker, that is very mature of you to own up like that, but in future please come to me if there is an issue that may affect my class and that goes for everyone else as well, do I make myself clear?" Mr Morgan states and gets a collective 'yes sir' from his class. "Okay well now that Mr Summers is back with us, we can get back to the class, so Wesley I'm sorry for the interruption but if you would like to carry on, I think we would all appreciate it." He then says, as he turns to the boy who smiles at him.

"Sure Sir I don't mind, it might sound even better without Matt's snoring in the back round." Wesley responds with a big grin on his face, as the rest of the class burst into laughter, even Mr Morgan can't help but chuckle at the remark, although he does look over to Matt, just to make sure the boy is okay and apart from blushing slightly he seems to have taken it in good spirit.

"Okay, okay settle down boys, Wesley if you would do us the honour and this times without the wise cracks, that would be great." Mr Morgan then states, deciding Matt has endured enough, although he had decided he would hold him back at the end of the lesson just to be sure.

"Sorry Sir." Wesley apologises, before he brings the violin back up to his neck and starts playing.

"You okay Matt?" Ben whispers to his boyfriend, just to make sure he is okay.

"Yeah, but you're so going to pay for that later." Matt whisper back, with an adorable evil grin that makes his boyfriend blush. "But thanks for waking me, I haven't been getting much sleep lately." He then adds, looking slightly upset, seeing this Ben slowly and carefully takes his boyfriends hand into his own under the table and gives it a few gentle squeezes, before letting go and gets rewarded with an appreciative smile from his boyfriend.

"We can talk about it later okay." Ben states, as both boys give their full attention to Wesley and enjoy his beautiful performance.

The whole class give Wesley a standing ovation as he finishes taking a bow, letting Wesley enjoy the praise from his fellow classmates for a few moments, Mr Morgan decides it's time to get on with the rest of the class, although he wasn't looking forward to the remaining twenty minutes of lecturing the boys and would much rather listen to one or two of the other boys performing.

"Okay settle down, Wesley that was marvellous as usual, if you would like to put your violin away and rejoin the class, we can get on with the more mundane side of this class." Mr Morgan says and gets the expected chorus of sighs and moaning from his class, but decides not to tell them off this time.

Just as Wesley puts his violin away and starts to make his way back to his desk, Mr Morgan can't help but sigh to himself and is about to start the rest of the class, when he notices Matt's hand raised and gives the boy a curious look and starts wondering if something is wrong.

"Yes Mr Summers, is everything okay?" Mr Morgan responds, with a little concern in his voice and notices even Ben is giving his friend a surprised look.

"Er... Sir nothing is wrong, I was just er... wondering if it would be okay if I could er... you know sing and play for the class." Matt asks nervously, as he stutters out his request and in the process causing everyone to stop what they were doing to look at him in surprise, even Ben lets out a surprised gasp, as he wonders what has gotten into his boyfriend, he knew that since their camping trip his boyfriend had been a lot more outgoing with his singing, but he had still be reluctant at school and wonders if he is feeling alright.

For a few moments there is silence, as everyone is still shocked by Matt's request, all except Wesley though, who just has a big grin on his face and stays at the front of the class, waiting for their teacher to say something, although as the seconds tick by, Matt begins to regret even talking as the silence is making him increasingly paranoid and embarrassed but eventually his teacher starts to talk.

"Of course you can Mr Summers, I think I speak for everyone here when I say we would really appreciate you performing for us." Mr Morgan says and smiles as the rest of the class give a chorus of approval, when Matt stands up blushing and wondering if he can really do this.

"Thank you Sir, I just need a few minutes to get ready if that is okay." Matt responds, managing to find his confidence again, when he looks round and sees the excitement on his class mates faces.

"I will give you five minutes to prepare and I would like a quick word with Mr Walker before you begin, so go ahead and get ready Mr Summers." Mr Morgan replies, but gets a curious look from both boys, at his announcement that he wanted to talk to Ben. "The rest of you can just relax and do whatever it is you kids do when you are waiting for something, but remember keep it quiet because if you make too much noise, I will make you sit in silence and Mr Walker if you don't mind can you join me please." He then states, giving his class a bit of free time while letting them know he expects them to behave.

As Ben slowly makes his way over to his teacher looking nervous, Matt is making his own way to the front of the class and is about to walk past Wesley when the boy grabs his arm gently.

"It's about time you stepped up, I've been carrying this class since we started and waiting for you to help me out." Wesley whispers in a friendly yet joking tone, he really liked Matt and was actually one of the few people who knew just how good he actually was when it came to singing.

"Huh?" Matt responds, he is caught off guard by Wesley's statement and wasn't expecting it at all.

"Come on since we started this class, I've been the performing monkey for events and school assembly's, I've been praying that you would get over, well what ever it is that stops you performing like I know you can, so you can take some of the load of my shoulders." Wesley explains still whispering, he really enjoyed performing a lot, but despite some of the other boys being good, like Jake and Eric, their teacher always preferred to use him to show off the schools music talent and it was starting to get tedious.

"Oh but you're good, why would you want someone else to take over?" Matt responds, finally catching up with the conversation and immediately trying to get out of performing more often.

"Okay first of all, I'm not good Matt, I'm amazing and secondly it gets tedious to be the one who always has to perform." Wesley states, although he was a little more blunt and cocky than he intended to be and hoped Matt didn't take it the wrong way.

"Oh right, yeah sorry you're amazing and I understand, my family kept hassling me to perform and it got really annoying." Matt replies sincerely and smiles to Wesley, he really liked the boy, but they weren't really in the same circle of friends, Wesley was probably the most popular kid in their year if not the whole school, even with playing the violin he somehow maintains his status and is pretty much great at any sport he plays, so to have someone like Wesley even talk to him, made him feel good about himself, if not somewhat intimidated.

"So anyway, what are you going to sing and play?" Wesley then asks, suddenly changing the subject, after taking the subtle hint about being hassled and he could respect that.

"Oh I don't know, probably something by The Beatles on the guitar, I really like their music and it's easy to play." Matt answers honestly with a smile, he was glad Wesley changed the subject about performing more.

"That would be cool I guess, but I have a better idea if you don't mind me suggesting something." Wesley then says with a warm smile, Matt still couldn't believe how cool Wesley was, usually people like him were jerks and bullies, but Wesley was different and would always talk to people no matter who they were and he had never seen him bully anyone and it made the fact he was still the most popular kid in school even more impressive.

"I think I might just stick to my choice, but I don't mind hearing your suggestion." Matt responds honestly, he didn't want to be rude and thought if he was honest then Wesley wouldn't get angry at him.

"Well I was thinking, Ben would really love it if you sung him 'All of Me' by John Legend and if you played it on the piano it would be even more incredible." Wesley responds with his idea and grins a little when he sees him blush.

"Wait what, er... huh?" Matt mumbles, he can't help but start to panic at Wesley's choice of words and wonders if he knew that he and Ben were boyfriends and he could feel his bottom lips tremble a little.

"Whoa there, calm down it's okay, I know about you two and I don't care, I actually think you are cute together." Wesley quickly says, keeping his voice low so no one else could over hear them, he had to be quick though, because he saw the panic and fear in Matt's eyes. "Seriously it's okay, I won't tell anyone and I'm serious about the song, we can even move the piano to the front so you can look at him." He then adds in a warm and friendly tone, he realises that he really didn't handle this well and is relieved when he notices Matt relaxing a little bit.

"How did you know?" Matt asks nervously, wondering how Wesley could possibly have figured it out.

"Honestly, I had my suspicions for the last month or so, you guys are really careful and it wasn't until I saw how Ben woke you up while I was performing and then hold your hand a few moments later to comfort you, that I was certain, seriously though you guys are like, totally awesome at not being seen and no one else even suspects a thing, unlike Carter and Jordan, man those two need to take a leaf out of your book." Wesley explains, chuckling a little as he mentions Carter and Jordan and watching Matt blush even more.

"Oh fuck, you saw Ben grab... you know... oh shit and wait you know about Carter and Jordan as well?" Matt responds, he is totally amazed and embarrassed at the same time by Wesley statement.

"Yeah well most of the school suspects Carter and Jordan are fooling around together, but no one really cares, there are few idiots who make jokes about them, but mostly people think it is kind of cool, but I don't think your friends have any idea that everyone thinks they are fooling around with each other." Wesley answers. while secretly hoping it helps Matt realise that he has nothing to worry about if his relationship gets discovered, he honestly thought the two boys made a cute couple and would be accepted by the other kids.

"Really, no one cares?" Matt asks in disbelief, he can't quite believing that no one would care.

"Not really no, I mean like I said there are a few pricks, but no one has outed your friends or teased them, but I have to be honest, I don't know what would happen if they or you and Ben actually came out publicly, you could get some shit then I guess, but I don't think it would be that bad, although being honest I wouldn't have the balls to come out if I was gay." Wesley confesses, he doesn't feel the need to lie to Matt and just wanted to give him his honest opinion.

"So you're not gay? Why are you so cool about it though?" Matt asks curiously, he doesn't understand why a straight boy would go out of his way to help him, especially when they weren't even friends.

"No I'm not gay, but my older brother is gay, so I have no issues with people being gay and I wasn't lying earlier, I really think you and Ben are cute together and now I know for sure I can maybe give you some advice some time, I don't know everything, but with my brother I might be able to give you some advice that you might find helpful." Wesley then offers, surprising himself with just how comfortable he is talking with Matt about this stuff and wonders why he hasn't made more of an effort to get to know him before.

"Oh that would be cool, but I think we are okay... I should start getting ready though, Sir might start to wonder why we are just standing here talking instead of me getting ready." Matt says, remembering that he is supposed to be getting ready to perform.

"Cool, so which song are you going to play?" Wesley then asks, hoping he picks his suggestion.

"Well if you don't mind helping me move the piano, I think I want to sing to Ben but er... wait er... you don't think people might you know er... work out that... you know?" Matt responds nervously, surely if he sung that song to his boyfriend, everyone in class will figure out they love each other.

"Well how about you have the piano sideways, that way you can just sort of glance at him a few times and no one will know you're singing to him, I will even sit down next to him and let him know it's for you if you want, although you might want to let him know that I know about you two before I do that though, so he doesn't freak out or get defensive." Wesley then suggests, he is really enjoying helping Matt and can't wait to see Ben's reaction.

"Yeah, that's a good idea and thanks for the help Wesley." Matt replies smiling, he can't believe the most popular is not only talking to him, but also helping him surprise his boyfriend.

They then quickly walk over to the piano and attempt to move it to the centre of the performing area, but much to the amusement of a few of their classmates who had noticed what they are attempting to do, they find themselves struggling to even move it an inch and decide to try again and then again, Mr Morgan can't help but smile at the two boys attempting to move the piano and when he turns back to Ben, who is still at his desk, he can see the boy is equally amused.

"So do you want to tell them or should I?" Mr Morgan then states to the young boy, who gives him a mischievous grin. "Okay fine, you can do it." He then says, he is curious about how the boy is going to tell his friends.

"Sir me and Matt kinda call each other er... dumb ass when we do something stupid, so er... would it be okay if I say it in front of the class?" Ben whispers to his teacher, hoping he doesn't get angry and waits for his teacher to answer him, normally Mr Morgan wouldn't encourage that sort of language, but he has heard worse and if it was in good humour then he didn't see any issue.

"Okay Ben, I will allow it just this once, but I don't want to hear those sort of words in my classroom in the future please." Mr Morgan responds and smiles as the young boy smiles widely at him.

Ben then winks at his teacher and turns to face his boyfriend and Wesley, who are still struggling with the piano, much to the amusement of the rest of the class and takes a deep breath.

"Hey dumb ass, try taking the breaks off the wheels, it works better that way." Ben then says loudly, as the room falls silent in shock and first looks at Ben, who is still grinning widely and then to their teacher, waiting for some sort of reaction, there is an air of apprehension as Mr Morgan stands up and they are sure he is about to tell Ben off, but as he turns to the two boys by the piano he stuns the classroom.

"Yeah come on dumb ass's take the breaks off, we haven't got all day." Mr Morgan states with a big grin, as the class erupts into laughter, as both Wesley and Matt turn bright red and look down to the feet of the piano to discover not only does it have wheels, but the breaks are on and just look at each other in shame and embarrassment at being so stupid.

Mr Morgan lets the class enjoy themselves for a few more moments before settling them down, he knows if they get too loud they could disrupt other classes and quickly turns towards them.

"Settle down boys please... quiet now... Ben why don't you give them a hand and remember what we talked about." Mr Morgan says, as he successfully settles his class down.

Matt seeing Ben walking towards them and quickly turns to Wesley.

"Oh shit Wesley, I don't know how to play that song on the piano, what do I do?" Matt asks in a panicked tone, he only just realises that even though he knows the song, he has never played it on the piano before.

"Oh crap, I didn't even think about that er... don't worry I got an idea, just give me two minutes okay and while I'm doing that, tell Ben I know about you both and it's all cool with me." Wesley responds, before turning to their teacher. "Hey Sir, can I have some music paper please, it's really important Sir." He asks as he walks over to their teacher, who happily hands him a few sheets, although he gives him a curious look, but decides to not ask any questions, Wesley then quickly pulls his phone out as he sits at Matt and Ben's desk and starts writing something on the sheets.

As Wesley gets to work, Ben helps Matt move the piano into place.

"Hey Ben don't get worried or freak out, but Wesley knows about us." Matt whispers, making sure no one else can hear them talk.

"He what, oh shit is he going to..." Ben begins to say quietly knowing they are not alone, but is interrupted by his boyfriend.

"Hey, I said don't freak out and no he's cool, his big brother is gay and he was just letting me know that no one else knows about us and he is there if we need any advice, because he knows what his brother went through." Matt explains, quickly putting his boyfriends fears at ease.

"Oh cool, but shit how did he find out?" Ben asks, he was sure they had been careful and not done anything to draw attention to their relationship.

"He said he suspected it for a while, but he didn't know until he saw you grab my penis earlier to wake me up and then he saw us holding hands under the desk." Matt explains and now smiling at the situation, after having time to see the funny side.

"Oh shit, I thought he had his eyes shut, but okay I guess it's cool... so anyway what are you going to sing?" Ben says as he smiles, if Matt was okay with this and not freaking out, then he knew it was all right and decided he might as well change the subject.

"It's a surprise, now go sit down, I think Wesley is going to sit next to you so act cool, he is pretty cool to talk too and I know you will like him." Matt responds and his boyfriend gives him a quick nod before heading back to their desk and passing Wesley on the way, who is returning back to the stage with his sheets of paper.

"What are these?" Matt asks, when Wesley hands over the sheets.

"What do you think they are, you think you can learn it in less than a minute?" Wesley responds smirking, he already knows the answer when Matt's face lights up as he studies the sheets and has the confirmation that he wanted, that he was gifted when it came to music.

"I can't believe you did this, but how?" Matt states in awe, while he looks over the sheets again.

"It was easy, I just looked online and found the right site and wrote the notes down for you, now come on go knock him dead." Wesley replies, giving Matt a cheeky wink, as he goes and takes his seat next to Ben, who gives him a nervous smile.

"Hey Wesley, you okay?" Ben asks, trying to be friendly, although he gets a little nervous when Wesley turns to face him.

"Hey Ben and you're welcome." Wesley replies, before turning back to the front just as Matt sits down in front of the piano giving the sheets one more look.

"Huh, welcome for what?" Ben asks in confusion, having no idea what the other boy is talking about.

"You will see in a few seconds, just enjoy it Ben." Wesley answers, still grinning but not taking his eyes of Matt, who is still looking at the sheets.

Ben is still looking at the other boy with a curious look, but realises that he isn't even looking at him and decides to not worry about what he said for now and just sit and enjoy his boyfriends performance.

"Okay Mr Summers, start when you are ready, the rest of you I know it goes without saying, but I want you to stay quiet and if you want to talk, then I don't want to be able to hear it okay." Mr Morgan states to the class, he normally wouldn't say anything as the class is always respectful of the other pupils performing, but he couldn't help but be a little on edge and wondered if this was the moment that he had been waiting for from the young boy and he was finally going to show his full potential.

"Okay Sir, I'm ready now." Matt answers, he then gives his boyfriend a quick glance and smiles shyly, before running his fingers across the keys and takes one last deep breathe and begins.

"What would I do without your smart mouth

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

You got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down

What's going on in that beautiful mind

I'm on your magical mystery ride

And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright

My head's underwater

But I'm breathing fine

You're crazy and I'm out of my mind"

Ben can't help but sit and watch with his mouth wide open, he then feels a nudge in his arm and turns to see Wesley smirking at him.

"Cause all of me
Loves all of you"

"Like I said you can thank me later." Wesley whispers, before turning back to watch Matt.

"Love your curves and all your edges"

Ben is about to respond, when he notices his boyfriend is looking right at him with a shy smile and Ben finally realises that this is all for him and he can't help but blush as he mouths 'I love you' to his boyfriend, who winks at him before turning back to the piano.

"All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you"

"You're my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I'm winning

'Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you, oh"

Mr Morgan can't help but feel proud of the young boy, who is singing his heart out, the boy has performed many songs before in his class, but apart from that one time, where he overheard him singing to Ben in private, this is the first time he been able to hear him give it everything and give it everything he does Mr Morgan thinks to himself, the only thing that dampens his mood slightly, is that he isn't recording the performance like he normally does, because the video recorder was broken by the previous class by accident.

"How many times do I have to tell you

Even when you're crying you're beautiful too

The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood

You're my downfall, you're my muse

My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues

I can't stop singing, it's ringing in my head for you

My head's underwater

But I'm breathing fine

You're crazy and I'm out of my mind"

Ben blushes as he feels tears run down his face, Wesley gives him a quick look, but doesn't say anything and is actually touched by his response to the song, it's at this point Ben sees his boyfriend look over to him again with another smile and Ben can see his boyfriend also has tears in his eyes and it takes all of his self control, not to stand up and run up to the front of the class and kiss him.

"'Cause all of me
Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you

You're my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I'm winning

'Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you, oh

Give me all of you, oh oh"

"Thank you." Ben then whispers to Wesley, catching him a little by surprise, but he still turns to face Ben and smile at him.

"Cards on the table, we're both showing hearts"

"You're welcome, now shut up and don't forget to wipe your face before you get up after he's finished, we don't want anyone to see you crying." Wesley responds in a warm tone and can't help but smile at doing something so nice for two people he barely knew.

"Risking it all though it's hard

'Cause all of me
Loves all of you"

Ben just smiles back in appreciation, before turning to face his boyfriend again and he can't help but think to himself how much he loved that boy.

"Love your curves and all your edges

All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you

You're my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I'm winning

Cause I give you all of me

And you give me all of you

I give you all of me

And you give me all, of you, oh oh oh."

When Matt finishes, there is a moment of silence as everyone seems to be stunned into silence, not quite sure how to react to what they just heard, Matt starts to get worried that no one liked it and starts to feel a little upset, until he sees Wesley stand up and clap and is soon followed everyone else doing the same, he even sees his teacher giving him a standing ovation, but when he turns to boyfriend his heart almost melts when he sees tears flow down his cheeks, but from the smile on his face, Matt knows they are happy tears and right then in this moment in time he couldn't be any happier.

"Well, well, well Mr Summers, what can I say..." Mr Morgan starts to say, but has to smile when Wesley interrupts.

"You could say that was epic and pure awesomeness Sir." Wesley shouts out grinning, although as he turned to face his teacher, he catches a glimpse of Ben and regrets drawing attention to himself and worries that the others might question the state he is in, but luckily Matt had been paying attention and steps in by running his fingers across the keys to get everyone's attention.

"Hey er... sorry, I just wanted to say thank you for listening and for being so nice, I was really nervous and well er... I just wanted to thank you all..." Matt begins to say, before realising that he had no idea what he was going to say, he was just trying to draw attention away from his boyfriend and didn't think this far ahead.

"I don't know about everyone else, but I just hope we don't have to wait that long until another performance like that Mr Summers, some of us aren't getting any younger." Mr Morgan decides to state, realising the boy was struggling to think of anything else to say and receives a round of chuckles from the class.

"Thank you Sir and well I guess I will make more of an effort from now on." Matt responds blushing, this public speaking was definitely something he didn't enjoy, he quickly looks towards his boyfriend and smiles as he seems to have composed himself and is now on his feet with a happy look on his face.

"Well I hate to say this, but if everyone could take their seats please we have about five minutes left, so if you would like to just get ready for the next class and talk amongst yourselves, we can just all take in that performance, just remember not to make too much noise thank you." Mr Morgan states to the class, before sitting down and making a few notes, although his mind is on Matthew Summers and just how amazing that performance was, he had heard many versions of the song, but the emotion the young boy had in his voice was something else and it definitely intrigued him, although he didn't pick up on the looks between the young boy and his friend, otherwise he would have understood straight away.

Matt begins to head back to his seat, feeling like the happiest boy in the whole wide world, until he sees the same look on his boyfriends face and he is so distracted by his boyfriend that he almost walks straight into Wesley, who had just stood up to let him sit down.

"Remind me not to stand in front of you, the next time you're daydreaming Matt, oh and by the way awesome performance mate." Wesley states with one hand on Matt's shoulder.

"Oh shit sorry, just got a little distracted, cheers for everything Wesley and thank you so much for being so cool." Matt responds and starts blushing slightly.

"Hey no problem and remember what I said, if you have any questions come see me." Wesley says reminding Matt about their earlier talk, before turning away and walking back to his own seat, leaving the two boys to themselves.

"So what did you think?" Matt says, as he sits down next to his boyfriend.

"I think I want to rip your clothes off and kiss the most amazing boyfriend in the whole universe... that's what I think." Ben says almost whispering and only just manages to stop himself from doing exactly what he just said he wanted to do.

"You're such a creep, but thank you, I really meant every word by the way and just to let you know, I can't wait until you rip my clothes off." Matt whispers back, almost kissing his boyfriend but managing to resist the urge.

"It's a date... oh by the way Mr Morgan wants us both to stay behind after class, it's nothing serious, he is just worried about you falling asleep." Ben responds, deciding to change the subject as he was definitely getting a little too excited by the current conversation.

"Am I getting detention?" Matt asks in a concerned tone, but at the same time he cant be a little happy by the change in topic, because he was starting to get a boner and the thought of trying to walk out of class with one was mortifying.

"No he just wants to talk, I think the teachers might know about our therapy, but I'm not really sure." Ben answers honestly and muses over the possibility of their parents informing the school and actually surprising himself, by not really minding them knowing, at least it showed they cared, he was just hoping his boyfriend felt the same way.

"Oh I see, well I guess it doesn't really matter if they know, I'm just glad he wants us both to stay, because I won't stay in a room alone with him." Matt then states in a serious tone, he liked Mr Morgan and all his teachers, but he had also liked Mr Jones as well and he wasn't prepared to risk it happening again and it didn't just stop at school, he had made sure he was never lone with a man, unless it was his dad and even then he had to try really hard not to freak out a little.

"I wouldn't let that happen, even if I had to handcuff myself to you." Ben responds with a cheeky smile, although he can't help but notice the mischievous grin on his boyfriends face. "What?" He then asks, letting his curiosity get the better of himself.

"Just thinking, you and me handcuffed together isn't such a bad idea." Matt says with the same grin on his face, but before the boys can give the thoughts any further attention, the bell rings to signal the end of class and as their classmates slowly leave they stay seated.

"Hey guys, you coming or what?" Wesley suddenly shouts down to them, after he realises they haven't moved yet.

"We will see you later, need to have a word with Mr Morgan about something." Matt shouts back and waves as Wesley nods and leaves the room.

"Sorry to keep you behind boys, but I think it's important and I wouldn't be doing my job, if I didn't look out for my students." Mr Morgan states, as he walks over to the boys with a chair and sits in front of them.

"Did I do something wrong?" Matt then asks, even though his boyfriend had already told him he wasn't in trouble, he just couldn't help but think the worst.

"No not at all Matt, well apart from falling asleep in my class, I can't say that I was best pleased by that." Mr Morgan answers honestly, trying to keep the conversation light and not terrify the boy.

"Sir... you never call us by our first names." Ben suddenly says. noticing his teacher is acting differently and alarm bells start ringing, when he remembers his boyfriend telling him that Mr Jones changed how he talked to him and Jordan when they were alone and his instincts to protect his boyfriend start to kick in.

"I just thought it would help us feel more comfortable talking to each other, if it bothers you I can keep calling you by your surnames." Mr Morgan says, although he is a little taken aback by the boys defensiveness.

"It's okay Sir, Ben is just looking out for me, it's because Mr Jones used to change how he spoke to me and Jordan when he had us alone and did er... you know." Matt explains in a sad tone and suddenly Mr Morgan feels like a fool for forgetting something like that, the teachers had been made aware of some of the details and been giving briefings of how to handle both Matt and Jordan, so he felt angry with himself that he had upset the boy already.

"I'm sorry boys, I forgot... well okay, let's just start over and I will get right to the point." Mr Morgan states to them, hoping they understand he is no threat and don't have to be frightened.

"Okay Sir." Ben says, but he doesn't regret his behaviour, he would do what ever he could to protect his boyfriend and vowed to never let him get hurt again.

"Your parents have informed the school, that you have both volunteered to receive some therapy, which I might add is very impressive, but anyway, I was just a bit concerned that you were so tired Matt... sorry Mr Summers when you mentioned you hadn't been sleeping, I felt like it was my duty to speak with you and make sure everything is okay." Mr Morgan then explains, but thinks he may have caused the boys to be either embarrassed or annoyed that their parents had informed the school, as they stare at him before looking at each other and is about to apologise when Matt responds.

"Sir it's okay, I just have nightmares and Dr Walker said it was normal, because I had been er... repr.. represti.." Matt begins to say, but can't quite remember the word his doctor had used and turns to his boyfriend for help.

"Repressing Sir, he means repressing." Ben quickly states, it only took a single look from his boyfriend to let him know he needed his help and the smile on his boyfriends face, was all he needed to know he did a good job.

"Yes Sir, repressing my memories, so now that I'm finally remembering them, he said it was normal I might get some nightmares and it may affect my sleep." Matt finishes explaining, but gives his boyfriend another quick look, that his boyfriend understands and turns straight to their teacher.

"The nightmares aren't just about Mr Jones though Sir, some other really bad stuff has happened to him as well and he has to deal with those as well, but the doctor says that the more he remembers and the more he accepts what happened to him, the quicker he will recover and be able to move on." Ben states, finishing for his boyfriend, who had given him the signal that he was starting to get upset and needed help.

"I see, so you're okay then Mr Summers... well apart from the obvious, sorry that was a stupid question." Mr Morgan asks and quickly apologises for, after realising that the boy is obviously not alright.

"The doctor says he will be himself again, but it will take time, it was just my fault he fell asleep though, I wasn't paying enough attention and I should have been looking after him better." Ben then says honestly, he isn't happy that he didn't notice how tired his boyfriend was and blames himself.

"Don't worry, it's not a big problem and you shouldn't blame yourself Mr Walker, anyway like I said, I just wanted to check to make sure you were okay." Mr Morgan tells the boys, happy that there is no issue that isn't already being addressed, although he is a little concerned how quiet Matt had gone and Ben's quickness to blame himself, but he assumed that is also being addressed and he shouldn't try and hassle the boys too much.

"The doctor keeps telling you not to blame yourself Ben." Matt then says, coming back into the conversation and trying to stop his boyfriend from always blaming himself. "Sir, thank you for talking with us, but can we go now please, I don't want to be late for the next class and have to sit and talk with Mrs Lee after her class, about how I am feeling." He adds turning to his teacher with a look of tiredness spread across his face, he appreciated his teacher caring about him, but it was also tiring and he didn't want to keep having to talk about how he is feeling all the time.

"I know but, I lo... I er.. you're my best friend and it's my job to look out for you, you would do the same for me." Ben says and instantly blushes as he almost said the wrong thing and just hoped his teacher wasn't paying attention to him, although his boyfriend looks at him with a startled expression.

"Okay boys, go ahead and thank you for talking with me and Mr Summers fantastic job earlier, it really was quite a remarkable performance." Mr Morgan says sincerely and lets them leave for the next class, thinking the talk went well and that he had done the right thing, although he could tell that the young boy didn't enjoy having to talk about his feelings and what had happened to him and he couldn't blame him for it at all.

The two boys quickly pick up their bags and head out of the classroom and down the now empty hallways, as they head to their next class knowing they have just about enough time to get there without being late.

"Thank you for looking out for me Creep." Matt says sincerely, but with a hint of teasing as the they approach the science room.

"Any time Dumb Ass and just so you know, I haven't forgotten about how I'm going to thank you for singing to me." Ben replies, as he opens the door and the boys quickly take their seats without anyone paying them any attention, except for a quick glance from their teacher, who just smiles happily knowing that the two boys appear to be okay, she like all of the teachers, was worried about Matt and Jordan and knew she had to be more lenient with them as much as possible.

"Mrs Lee?" Ben suddenly asks, as all the attention in the room turns to him and he can't help but blush a little at the attention.

"Yes Ben?" Mrs Lee replies smiling at the boy, she knew she shouldn't have her favourites, but Ben was definitely one of them and she thought he was a little sweetheart and she also thought his friendship with Matt, who she also favoured was adorable.

"Where are Carter and Jordan?" Ben then asks, after noticing his friends were missing and starts to worry that something has happened to Jordan.

"Carter was sick and Jordan went home with him Ben, so don't worry about your friends and concentrate on the class please." Mrs Lee answers, but despite being touched that he had even noticed his friends absence, she really wanted to make a start to the lesson and didn't want any more interruptions.

"Oh okay, Sorry Miss." Ben apologises and looks at his teacher a little sheepishly, but when his boyfriend laughs at him quietly, he nudges him in the ribs and smirks at his now pouting boyfriend. "Don't give me that look or I will add spanking to your reward later on." He then says with a big grin.

"This reward is sounding better and better as the day goes on." Matt whispers back and the boys struggle to concentrate on the class as they start staring at each others eye, although when they do look up, they see their teacher staring straight at them and looking less than impressed, so they quickly compose themselves and start to pay attention.

The rest of the day passes without any further incidents and the boys are glad when they walk out of the school gates, to see Mitch waiting for them and to the older boys amusement, they quickly run over to him excitedly and almost both trip over at the same time, but somehow they manage to stay on their feet and just keep running.

"Hey guys, hows it going?" Mitch says to them both, just before they crash into him and give him a quick hug.

"It's going great, I did a song in front of the whole class today." Matt answers, with obvious pride in his voice.

"You did, that's great to hear and I bet it was great right?" Mitch responds sincerely and he can see the excitement and pride in the young boys face.

"Great... no way Mitch, he was amazing... even better than amazing and everyone says so, even our teacher." Ben then says, even more proudly than his boyfriend had sounded and Mitch couldn't help but smile at the two boys excitement.

"Well I will take your word for it boys, what did you sing though?" Mitch asks curiously, as he walks the boys home.

"I sung 'All of Me' by John Legend to Ben and everyone really liked it." Matt replies and can't help but give his boyfriend a loving smile, that Mitch quickly picks up on and he can't help but feel a little sorry for the boys, because they can't express their feelings in public like they would if one of them was a girl.

"No way... you sung that song to Ben, in the middle of class... you're joking with me right?" Mitch suddenly says, after realising what Matt had just said and the look he gave his little brother and all three of them quickly stop walking.

"He really did and it was perfect, why are you getting angry?" Ben responds and looks his brother in the eyes questioningly.

"Whoa calm down little guy, I'm not angry, but seriously, weren't you worried people would know you were... you know?" Mitch says, trying his best to explain his reaction and hopes he hasn't upset them, he knew Matt was fragile and he also knew his little brother was extremely protective of his boyfriend, almost as over protective as he was to Ben himself.

"Give me some credit Mitch, it wasn't like I was serenading him, I barely even looked at him, except for a few quick glances to make sure he knew it was all for him." Matt responds, with a little annoyance in his voice, he didn't like Mitch thinking he was that stupid and could feel himself starting to get upset and shake a little, until he feels his boyfriends arm around his shoulder pulling him into his chest.

"Okay guys, I think we are getting our wires crossed here, you know I love you guys too bits and I'm really happy that you are performing in front of people Matt, I was just a bit surprised is all and you know I worry about you both." Mitch says apologetically, trying to take control of the conversation, to avoid any more misunderstandings.

"Sorry Mitch, I love you too." Ben says sincerely and reluctantly letting go of his boyfriend, he doesn't want too, but they are in public and anyone could see them and neither boy wanted that to happen.

"Yeah sorry Mitch, you're the best and thanks for looking out for us." Matt says genuinely, as the three resume their walk home, although he is a little upset that he can't hold his boyfriend in public and does his best to try and keep his emotions under control.

"So how come you're walking us home anyway?" Ben then asks, realising that it has been a long time since his older brother had walked him home from school and wondered why he wanted to today.

"Honestly I have no idea, I was just walking around and saw the school and thought what the hell, might as well wait for you two to come out." Mitch responds honestly, unaware of his choice of words.

"You're going to be waiting a long time, if you are waiting for us to come out." Matt then says, before laughing loudly, closely followed by his boyfriend, but Mitch just looks at the two boys in bemusement for a few moments, until it finally clicks at what he said and can't help but laugh along with them both and also the boys quick wit.

"You little shit, you guys kill me sometimes you really do." Mitch says, while still laughing, he really did love being around them both and wish he could do it more often and he knows as time passes by, it will become harder and harder to have these moments and he was determined to enjoy them while he could.

"Mitch, when is Dad getting home tonight?" Ben then suddenly asks his brother in a shy voice, causing his brother to give him a questioning look.

"I think around four, why do you want to know?" Mitch answers, normally he would have just said the time and left it at that, but the way his little brother asked him, made him think there was more to it.

"Oh no reason, never mind Mitch." Ben replies disappointedly, which causes Mitch to realise there was definitely something going on and by the way the boys had been acting and with Matt singing and the looks the boys have been giving each other, he had a pretty good idea what that something was and again felt sorry for the boys.

"I do remember though, he was telling me before he went to work, how he is going out for the night with some friends around six and probably won't be home until after midnight." Mitch then says casually, then watches his little brothers face for his reaction to the news and smiles when his mood suddenly goes from disappointed to excited and confirms his suspicions.

"Oh that's perfect... I mean you know... it's good that he is going out with friends because er... friends are important right." Ben responds, tripping over his own words and realises he is sounding way too excited by their dad going out.

"Why do you want to know if your dad is going to be... oh er... oh right..." Matt begins to asks and starts to blush when he realises why his boyfriend is asking and regrets saying anything as he looks over to Mitch and sees him grinning.

"You couple of perverts, okay tell you what Matt, why don't you call your parents when we get to our house and see if you can sleep over and if you can, I will disappear for a few hours after our dad goes out and give you two some time alone." Mitch suggests, he did think about teasing them, but decided the boys were too fragile and deserved to have something nice for a change and the look of happiness and excitement on their faces, makes his choice even more worthwhile and he couldn't help but smile even more.

"You're the best." Both boys say in unisons, almost knocking Mitch over by cuddling him, but he just about manages to stay on his feet and ruffles the boys hair affectionately.

"Yeah I know, but in all seriousness boys, I don't want you two doing anything you shouldn't be doing, you are still kids and I want you to be sensible and careful okay?" Mitch states sternly, letting the boys know he is being serious and was trusting them behave themselves.

"Thank you so much Mitch, you have no idea how much this means to us and we promise to behave and not do anything we shouldn't be." Ben says sincerely, he knew what sort of thing his brother was hinting at, but as much fun as those things sound, he knows that neither he or Matt is ready for them and they were more than happy to just continue with what they have been doing, although he definitely had some naughty ideas for his boyfriend once they were alone and he couldn't wait.

"Yeah Mitch, you're the best and you don't have to worry about us, we won't let you down." Matt adds, sounding very happy at the idea of getting some alone time with his boyfriend and he couldn't wait.

"Well you still have to get permission from your parents Matt, so don't get too excited and I want you to tell them dad is going out and I will be looking after you." Mitch then states, looking at Matt seriously.

"Why does he have to tell them dad is going out?" Ben asks, he doesn't see why they have to know and is worried they may say no if they knew his dad wouldn't be there.

"Because if they found out you lied, then you would be in big trouble and not to mention I would be as well for not telling them and I think I have done enough for you guys to not have you land me in the shit don't you." Mitch says calmly. not wanting the boys to think he is lecturing them or having a go, he just wants them to be aware of the consequences and that they needed to be responsible.

"Oh okay that's cool, we don't want you to get in trouble, it wouldn't be fair." Matt responds genuinely, the last thing either boy wants is for Mitch to get in trouble, without Mitch they know that they might not even be boyfriends and they owed him so much more.

They walk for another ten minutes before finally reaching the house and when the boys quickly run inside to find Mike, Mitch can't help but chuckle to himself at the boys enthusiasm and then shakes his head at their no nonsense approach, when he walks past the kitchen to see them firing questions at his dad, who looks a little bewildered at the unexpected attention and barrage of questions, but Mitch decides to just walk on past, instead of helping his dad and heads straight to his room to call his friends to see if any are free for a few hours.

"Okay boys calm down and take a seat or something." Mike instructs the clearly excited boys, he then quickly pours them a glass of OJ each, before sitting down himself. "So Ben, what were you saying?" He then asks and prepares himself for more questions.

"Can Matt sleep over please?" Ben asks quickly, wasting no time in getting straight to the point.

"Sorry Ben but not tonight, I'm going out and I can't leave you two boys home alone all night." Mike answers, hoping the boys don't take it too badly, but he really can't leave them home alone.

"Mitch will be here though and he is sixteen." Ben responds quickly, expecting that response and knowing how to counter it.

"I'm sure Mitch has better things to do, than look after you two boys." Mike replies, he actually forgot about his eldest son, but didn't think he would appreciate being lumbered with a sleepover to watch over and remembered him saying something about having plans as well.

"No he hasn't, we already asked him and he said he doesn't mind." Ben counters quickly, the quickness of his sons responses, causes Mike realise that the boys have probably discussed the sleepover already, but there was one problem he was sure they wouldn't have considered and felt a little guilty about saying no to them.

"Okay well I guess it's fine with me, but Matt you will have to ask your parents and let them know Mitch will be looking after you and that I won't be home." Mike states, knowing that the boys parents might not be so keen to leave the boys in Mitch's care, he knew they trusted his eldest son and Mitch was a good kid, but this would be the first sleepover with no parent around and like himself he knew they would be hesitant.

"Oh cool... so if they say yes, than Matt can sleepover?" Ben asks confidently with a smile, causing Mike to be surprised and realise that the boys really have thought of everything and was actually very impressed, although he started to suspect his eldest son may have played a part in all of this.

"Yes Son, I trust you and Mitch, but don't get your hopes up too much in case Matthews parents don't feel comfortable with the idea." Mike says trying to keep the boys from getting their hopes up too high, although he didn't actually think the Summers would have a problem with the sleepover and the boys have obviously put a lot of thought into this already.

"Sweet, come on Matt let's go to my room and you can call them." Ben says excitedly, already pulling his boyfriend by the hand towards the stairs.

"Whoa, you don't have to pull my arm off Creep." Matt replies in surprise, as he is virtually dragged up the stairs, much to Mike's amusement.

After getting a yes from his parents, Matt with his boyfriend almost jump down the stairs to tell Mike, that he is allowed to sleep over and before he can even respond they both run straight back upstairs, leaving Mike smiling at just how happy the two boys are, he is just about to head back to the living room, when his eldest son walks down the stairs smiling to himself.

"Hey Dad." Mitch says, noticing his dad walking to the living room.

"Oh hey Mitch, are you really sure you don't mind looking after the boys tonight?" Mike asks, he just wants to make sure his eldest son hasn't been guilt tripped into it by the two boys, he knew how much he loves the two boys and would do pretty much anything for them and couldn't help but be a little suspicious.

"Well I did have plans, but they seemed so excited and it wasn't really that important anyway." Mitch admits, not seeing the point in lying to his dad.

"It's not too late you know, I could always send the boys over to Matthews house or just tell them to wait until another night." Mike offers, although he knows his sons answer already.

"Nah don't worry Dad, but is it okay if I leave the boys alone for an hour, It's just I have to drop something off at Connors house, I was going to do it when I went out, but now I'm staying here I can't and it is really important." Mitch asks, deciding to just to cover himself for leaving the boys alone and if he could get his dads approval it would be even better.

"I'm not sure, what time will you be going?" Mike asks, he isn't really that concerned if the boys are alone for a little while in the evening, but any later and he would have to say no.

"I was thinking I could leave around seven and be back by eight or half eight at the latest." Mitch answers truthfully, although he intended to stay out until around nine just to give the boys enough time to be with each other privately.

"As long as you lock the doors and make sure the boys know what to do if anything happens, I think it will be okay, just don't be any later than nine, I don't want the boys to be alone at night" Mike replies, trusting that his eldest son wouldn't let him down or do anything that could endanger the boys and the fact he was completely honest with him and even asked for permission, let him know that his eldest son was responsible.

With the boys entertaining themselves upstairs, Mike enjoys some small talk with his eldest son, until he decides to take a shower and get ready for his night out, Mitch decides to make the most of his time alone and chills out in front of the TV and after almost twenty minutes Mike reappears and says his goodbyes to Mitch and the two younger boys, who had come down excitedly with him, knowing they were going to be alone very soon.

As soon as his dad has left the house, Mitch turns to the boys with a warm smile on his face.

"Okay guys, I'm going to make us all some dinner and we can have a quick talk before I head out." Mitch informs the boys, he then gets up and heads into the kitchen, until he hears the disappointed moans that come from the boys, who had expected him to leave almost straight away.

"I thought you were going out?" Ben asks, not bothering to hide the disappointment in his voice.

"Wow, trying to get rid of me already, after all I have done for you." Mitch replies in fake seriousness, wanting to tease his little brother for being so rude, although he knows he is just excited to be alone with his boyfriend and he wouldn't let it go too far, just in case he upset the boys.

"He didn't mean it like that Mitch, we just thought you were going straight out, but food sounds good to me and we haven't eaten since lunchtime." Matt quickly states, coming to his boyfriends rescue, who had started to look a bit sheepish after realising he had offended his older brother.

"It's okay boys, I'm just teasing you both, but I'm here until seven and I knew you wouldn't make yourself anything to eat, if I just left you alone and besides I need food too." Mitch then states, now smiling as he walks into the kitchen and gets three pizzas out of the freezer and puts them into the oven and chuckles when he looks back to his little brother who looks at him curiously.

"Three pizzas, we get one each for real?" Ben asks excitedly, now looking very happy about his brother sticking around a little longer and Mitch can't help but smile at how little it takes to change his little brothers mood.

"Oh wow thanks Mitch, I never get to eat a whole pizza by myself and they look huge." Matt says honestly, he wasn't a big eater anyway, but he did get a little annoyed that his mum wouldn't let him eat too much when he was hungry and couldn't wait to have a whole pizza to himself.

"No problems, just don't tell the parents, I got these earlier today so we don't even have to worry about dad finding out." Mitch responds smiling, he had planned to take them to his friends house, but with the change of plans he was more than happy to give the two boys a treat and thought they looked adorable when they were happy.

The boys decide to talk a little bit about music, while they wait for the pizzas to cook, although much to Mitch's amusement as soon as the pizzas are ready, the boys soon forget about the conversation and wait eagerly for Mitch to get them out of the oven and on some plates, once he has sat down with them, Mitch shakes his head with a grin as the boys get stuck in straight away and he decides now is a good time to set some ground rules for the evening.

"Guys I want you to listen now okay, I have some ground rules for you both, while I'm out and I want you to take them seriously." Mitch informs the two boys, who both quickly look up at him and stop eating in surprise, they had not expected any rules and were a little apprehensive about what Mitch is going to say.

"Huh, ground rules?" Ben asks nervously, fearing his evening of fun is about to be ruined.

"Yes ground rules, but don't look so worried, these are for your own good and safety." Mitch responds, sensing the boys nervousness and wanting to avoid either boy getting upset, especially Matt.

"What are they?" Matt asks, not being able to hold back his curiosity, which for now is holding his other emotions back.

"Well first up, I want you to remember this isn't just about you two okay, if anything goes wrong or happens my ass in on the line, so listen to what I'm about to say." Mitch states and waits for both boys to nod before continuing. "Keep the noise down, don't make a mess, please don't try to cook anything although the microwave and toaster are fine, keep your mobiles on and near you at all times, if I call and you don't answer or they are off, then I'm coming straight home and calling dad, do you both understand?" He then says, lecturing the boys, before giving them a few moments to digest what he has said before he says any more.

"Er... well okay that er..." Ben starts to say, but stops as he tries to take it all in.

"No Ers about it boys, now next up, if anything happens call me straight away, I don't care if it seems silly, if you think something is wrong call me, I will only be at the park so it won't take me long to get home and Matt this is really important, if your parents ring then tell them I have gone to the shops and to give me a call." Mitch says as he turns to face the young boy. "They have my number and I will answer it, but make sure you tell them I have gone to the shops and wouldn't be gone long." He then adds quickly, just to get his point through.

"Okay, I will and don't worry my phone is fully charged and I won't let it out of my sight." Matt promises, he doesn't have any issues with what Mitch is saying and knows it is for their own good.

"Right and now for the embarrassing stuff, I don't want to know what you have planned or what you are going to do, but I want you to remember what I told you about not rushing things and that you are still young." Mitch says and can see both boys starting to blush. "I know, this is embarrassing for me too, but it has to be said, all I ask is that you just be sensible and apart from your bedroom Ben and the bathroom, I don't want you two to be naked anywhere else in the house and lastly I want you both to have a bath or shower and be dressed and sitting downstairs when I get back around nine." He then says, finishing off his list of rules and looks at the boys to see if they managed to take all that in.

"Why do we have to be dressed and downstairs?" Ben asks in confusion, he gets some of the rules, but a few are a bit strange to him.

"Because quite frankly, while I'm okay with what you are doing and have no issues with you two being boyfriends, I don't want to hear or see it, I've seen you two naked together way too often and if you want me to help you guys out, you need to respect the fact I don't want to see that kind of thing, so be washed and dressed, underwear or shorts will be fine just don't let me come home and find you both naked." Mitch explains in a serious tone, so the boys know he is not joking around and understand that they have to respect him.

"Oh right, er... okay we promise and thanks for everything Mitch, this means so much to us and well thank you." Ben says sincerely, he then looks at his boyfriend and they both nod that they understand.

With the ground rules set, they all enjoy the rest of their pizzas and watch some TV until Mitch looks at the clock and decides it was time he headed out, much to his little brothers annoyance Mitch goes over the ground rules one last time, before getting up and walking out of the front door, locking it behind him and heading to the park to meet up with some friends, as soon as the boys hear Mitch lock the door, they get up and go over to the window to watch him walk away and once they are satisfied he has really gone, they turn to each other smiling and lean into each other for a passionate kiss.

"So what do you want to do first?" Matt then asks, breaking their kiss with a smile.

"This" Ben answers, quickly tackling his boyfriend to the ground and immediately starts pulling his t-shirt off.

"Hey Mitch said..." Matt tries to say, but loses his train off thought, when he realises his boyfriend is just about to pull his t-shirt off his arms and despite his best efforts to stop him, he loses his shirt.

"Mitch isn't here and you.... well I just want you naked sexy." Ben says and throws his boyfriends t-shirt across the room, he then looks his boyfriend straight in his eyes before kissing him, as Matt relaxes from the kiss and starts to enjoy it, he suddenly realises too late, that he is being distracted when he feels his trousers being undone and pulled down.

"Hey, you're cheating you creep." Matt says, desperately trying to keep his trousers from being pulled off, but just as he is succeeding his boyfriend leans back down and kisses him again, this time using his tongue to probe his boyfriends mouth and once again Matt can't help but give up struggling as he enjoys the kiss, losing himself in the pleasure and excitement and it takes him a few moments to realise that his boyfriend has stopped kissing him and is now kneeling down by his feet and pulling his trousers off and throwing them across the room closely followed by his socks.

"You looks so sexy right now, but you seem to be a little over dressed." Ben then says with an evil grin and jumps back on top of his boyfriend, who tries his best to get away, but Ben is too quick and pins his boyfriends arms above his head. "I love your body so much and I can't wait to see Little Matty come out to play." He then states, just before he leans down again and kisses his boyfriend one more time, but this time he lets the kiss lasts for almost five minutes, before slowly letting his boyfriends hands go.

Smiling to himself that his boyfriend is too caught up in the kiss to realise what is happening, Ben scoots himself slowly down his boyfriends legs, making sure he doesn't break the kiss, he then gently slips his fingers into the waistband of his boyfriends tighty whiteys and slowly pulls them down, he manages to get them down to just below the knees. Before his boyfriend realises what is happening, but is too late to do anything about it when Ben quickly sits back on his heels and pulls the underwear off and tosses them across the room, Ben then smiles as he quickly gets back on top of his boyfriend and straddles his thighs, before pinning his boyfriends arms by his sides and looks down to enjoy his unobstructed view of his boyfriends naked body in all it's glory.

"You better get off or you will be sorry." Matt tries to say in a serious voice, but Ben can't help but laugh at his boyfriends bravado, considering his position and starts to tease his helpless boyfriend by planting small kisses all over his chest and face, enjoying his boyfriends little whimpers and protests.

"I haven't finished yet Sexy." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear, before licking and nibbling it, while his boyfriend moans in pleasure.

Before Matt has a chance to even process the meaning behind his boyfriends words, his boyfriend suddenly shifts his position and somehow rolls him over on to his stomach almost effortlessly and can feel his arms being pulled behind his back, he is about to protest again when he feels something being pulled around his wrists and tightened, the zipping sound causes Matt to realise that his boyfriend had just zip tied his hands behind his back and knows he is now totally at his mercy and when he is rolled on to his back again, he can only pout in defeat as his boyfriend leans down and kisses him passionately.

"I love it when you pout, I'm going to have so much fun giving you your reward." Ben whispers in his boyfriends ear after breaking their kiss and can't resist nibbling his ears and enjoy the sound of his boyfriends moans and whimpers, he had actually planned this to happen once they went upstairs to his bedroom, but he just couldn't stop himself once he looked into his boyfriends eyes and now that he is in complete control, he couldn't be happier and intended to make the most of their time alone.

"Let me go, come on you..." Matt begins to say, but is stopped as his boyfriend pushes a finger over his lips and shakes his head.

"Sshh just enjoy it and look Little Matty is enjoying himself." Ben says in a sexy voice, as he moves so he is laying next to his boyfriend, he then looks down to watch as his boyfriends two inch penis slowly grows to it's full four and a half inches. "Oh wow it's bigger than the last time I saw it." He then says in amazement, when he looks at his friends fully hard penis, he had noticed his own grow a little and had wondered if is boyfriends had grown as well and now he had his answer and smiles.

"Oh come on Ben, let me go." Matt pleads, but this time it's his boyfriends lips against his own that stops him from saying any more, so he gives up and realises that for now at least, he is at his boyfriends mercy and was atually loving every second of it.

"The safe word is 'Shark' by the way." Ben suddenly whispers in boyfriends ear, after he breaks the kiss and smiles at the confusion on his boyfriends face.

"What?" Matt asks, he is really confused by his friends statement and wonders what 'safe word' means.

"I want this to be fun and exciting for both of us, but if you want it to stop for any reason at all, just say 'Shark' and I will let you go, I won't be angry because I just want you to be happy and that is all I care about." Ben explains, before he sits up and straddles his boyfriends stomach with a loving smile on his face, he knew doing this to his boyfriend was risky, due to what he has been through before, but he was sure that as long as he was careful and let him know that it could end whenever he wanted it too, then his boyfriend wouldn't get angry or upset.

"Oh okay, thank you... I love you so much Ben." Matt then says smiling, knowing his boyfriend had thought about his feelings and happiness, helps him to relax knowing that this is all for him and nothing bad will happen to him and that he is safe, because he was starting to feel himself getting scared, but he trusted his boyfriend and knew this would be fun for both of them.

"I love you too Matt and just because of that, I won't punish you for talking, but from now any word that come out of your mouth earns you one extra spank, so keep it zipped my sexy little prisoner." Ben replies, with an evil grin replacing the friendly smile he had moments earlier.

"Huh wait, spanking?" Matt begins to asks, but stops as a finger presses against his lips and realises he has just made a mistake.

"That's three extra spanks already, my oh my aren't you a naughty boy, I think I better take you to the spanking area immediately, before you break any more rules." Ben says, in an over the top serious tone, as he stands up and walks around collecting his boyfriends clothes.

"What rules... oh shit..." Matt starts to asks and instantly realises he has just earned himself more spanks and despite knowing he could end this, he doesn't even give it any thought and was enjoying himself.

"Oh dear, that's four more spanks for the naughty boy, you know I'm starting to wonder if you want to be spanked and well I like to give my baby what he wants, so from now on you get two extra spanks for each word you say." Ben states and smiles, he knows his boyfriend will fall into his trap before being able to stop himself and wondered just how many extra spanks he will be adding to his boyfriends total.

"Hey, that's not fair, you can't just..." Matt starts to protest, but suddenly stops speaking, realising he has probably just been set up and from the look on his boyfriends face as he straddles his thighs, he knows he is right.

"Oh dear, was that seven words, that equals fourteen extra spanks, so let's add those to your other violations and you are already up to twenty one spanks, if I were you, I would be a good boy from now on." Ben states, wondering if his boyfriend will make any more slip ups.

Matt is just about to say something, but just manages to bite his tongue and instead he just nods his head in defeat, he actually then did think about the safe word, but didn't want to spoil the fun and despite the prospect of being spanked, he was still enjoying himself and he knew his boyfriend was having a blast in his role, so he decided that unless something really bad happened, he wouldn't use the safe word.

"Oh you're learning, that's a shame I was looking forward to more spanking, well let's just hope you learn the other rules just as quickly, now let's get you up and to the spanking area, but be warned if you have both feet on the ground at the same time, I will add one peg to your punishment." Ben then states in a causal tone, before standing up above his boyfriend, he then leans forward and reaches down to pull his boyfriend to his feet, although he had no idea what he meant by pegs and wondered why it popped into his head.

"Pegs what..." Matt says and immediately sighs, realising he just added four more spanks to his total and despite his desire to keep the game going, he is starting to wonder if he can really let his boyfriend spank him and stop himself from freaking out.

"Well looks like I gave my little sexy captive too much credit, that's four more spanks, which brings you up to twenty five spanks." Ben states, clearly enjoying himself as he pulls his boyfriend to his feet finally, after a little bit of a struggle and turns him around to face the stairs and can't help smiling as he looks down. "Such a naughty boy, that's one peg to your punishment already." He then says, causing his boyfriend to look down in dismay, realising he had already forgotten about that rule and quick raises his left foot off the ground.

"Good boy, now as for your question, well let me make a deal with you, if you really want to know you have to ask me again properly, however as I'm such a kind master, I will suspend the spanking punishment for your question." Ben says before pausing and just as he sees the look of hope on his boyfriends eyes, he finishes his sentence. "However instead of each word costing you two spanks they will cost you two pegs, so the choice is yours my little sexy prisoner and you have until we reach the top of the stairs to decide." He then says with as smile, as the look of hope drops from his boyfriends face.

Ben decides to give his boyfriend a quick nudge and Matt gets the hint and starts to hop towards the stairs and his heart sinks when he realises that getting up the stairs with no hands and only being able to use one foot at a time, is going to be impossible and turns his head and pouts to his boyfriend.

"Well come on get up those stairs, you only have one minute and for every ten seconds you take longer than that, I will add one minute of tickling torture." Ben states and grins at the look of horror on his boyfriends face. "Your minute starts now." He then suddenly announces, he had no idea where these ideas were coming from, but he was having so much fun teasing his boyfriend, that he wanted to carry on, although he wasn't actually sure if he would follow through with any of the punishments, because he couldn't ever hurt his boyfriend, although he had started to think that his boyfriend was enjoying this as much as he was, if he wasn't than he could have used the safe word already and with that in mind, he kept the game going.

Matt just stares at the stairs in front of him and then looks back at his boyfriend with pleading eyes, but to his dismay his boyfriend just smirks and points to the stairs, Matt then sighs and hops forward but instantly realises that he can't get up the stairs, without earning more punishments and sighed again.

"Oh dear, thirty seconds gone already and you haven't even got to the first step." Ben announces mockingly, Matt can't believe his minutes is half way over already and now probably even shorter, so he attempts to hop on to the first step and smiles as he succeeds and manages four more steps, until he starts to lose balance and puts both feet on the steps to stop himself falling down.

"Well you're almost at the two minute mark Matt, seems like you really want to be tickled." Ben then teases and wonders if his boyfriend will work out that he could have just walked up the stairs, the rule was to not have both feet on the floor, but if he really thought about it, then he would be on steps and not the floor, so technically he wouldn't be breaking the rules.

Matt quickly decides that the tickling would be a lot worse than the pegs and how bad could a few pegs be anyway he thought to himself, so he quickly raced to the top of the stairs and immediately hopped on one foot looking very pleased with himself, until his boyfriend started to speak and his brief moment of joy ended.

"Well very good Sexy, it took you two minutes twenty seconds, so by my calculations, that equals ten minutes of tickle torture." Ben announces and purposely pauses, waiting for his boyfriends predictable outburst.

"Hey, it's not ten minutes Dumb Ass it's only eight... oh fuck... shit" Matt says, before realising he just walked straight into another set up and if he could he would slap himself several times.

"Oh sorry Baby, you are quite correct, but I believe that is thirteen words, so adding those to your current amount brings you up to fifty one spanks and just because you called me a dumb ass, I'm going to add two minutes of tickle torture so it rounds it up to a nice fun ten minutes." Ben states smiling, although he almost waivers when he receives the most adorable pout from his boyfriend that he has seen, but figures that until his boyfriend uses the safe word, than it is okay to continue to have some fun. "Oh and just so you know the steps don't count as the floor, so you could have just walked up the stairs normally, now come on get that cute bum in my room and on my bed for your rewards to begin." He then says smiling evilly, watching his boyfriends face process and react to what he has just revealed.

"Oh and I almost forgot, would you like to ask about the pegs now?" Ben asks, just before pulling his boyfriends face to his own and kissing him deeply and then slowly reaches around and begins to rub and squeeze his boyfriends cute bum, causing his boyfriend to make the cutest little moaning noises.

"No I don't..." Matt begins to say and is too distracted by the amazing feelings he is receiving from his boyfriends lips and hands and only just manages to realise he was being tricked again, before he said any more, although Ben was distracting his boyfriend more because he still had no idea what the hell the pegs would be used for and really wished he never mentioned them.

"That makes fifty seven, but I like even numbers so we will round it up to Sixty." Ben states and pauses to see if he would be adding any more spanks, but after a few moments of silence he decides to move things along and on to his bed.

Ben then smiles as he follows his naked and restrained boyfriend into his room, where he then manoeuvres him to his bed and pushes him down so he is laying face up.

"Now from my calculations you have sixty spanks, ten minutes of tickle torture and twelve pegs, due to you walking with both feet in to my room... " Ben begins to say, but to his delight his boyfriend starts interrupts him.

"Ben, my wrists are starting too hurt really badly." Matt states apologetically, he doesn't want to ruin his boyfriends fun and could feel himself getting a little upset and wishes he wasn't so pathetic. Ben looks down and realises his boyfriend is serious and is about to untie him, when he gets an idea that will keep the game going and help his boyfriend out.

"Oh I see... well I will let you off further punishment for speaking that time, but I don't want my sexy boy in pain, so I have a deal for you and you can talk freely because no more punishments will be added from now on, so do you want the deal?" Ben responds with a grin, as he brushes some hair away from his boyfriends eyes.

"Will you untie my hands?" Matt asks, after hesitating for a few moments, not sure if this was another trap and still trying his best not to ruin their time alone by letting his emotions get the better of him.

"Well I can't just let you go, so how about if you let me tie your hands to my bed above your head without you trying to escape." Ben responds before pausing to give his boyfriend a chance to think about what he has said, before continuing. "If you agree not to try and escape and let me tie you to the bed, then I will half all your punishments and just because you are so sexy right now and I love you so much, I will then ask you a question, if you get the answer right than you get a big reward and it's a real reward and not a trick, I promise." He then offers, before giving his boyfriend some more time to think his offer over and secretly hoping he accepts.

"What happens if I try to escape?" Matt asks curiously, he is seriously considering trying to get free and turning the tables on his boyfriend.

"Well I will stop you, then double your punishments and add a surprise punishment, so what's it going to be?" Ben replies smugly, although inside he is almost praying his boyfriend takes the deal and was even hoping he would get the question right, so he could do something he had wanted to do for weeks and in the process avoid giving his boyfriend any of the punishments.

"Okay I want the deal, but can you please untie my hands quickly, they really hurt Ben." Matt responds and Ben quickly rolls him over on to his stomach, he knows his boyfriend wouldn't make it up, but at the same time he couldn't resist having another bit of fun, now he had him on his stomach.

"Ouch.. hey.. ouch." Matt suddenly says loudly, as he feels a sharp pain on each of his bum cheeks, although he had to admit he kind of liked it and it wasn't really painful, it was just a bit of a shock at first.

"That's for making me turn you over, so I can't see Little Matty any more." Ben replies and playfully spanks each of his boyfriends bum cheeks four more times, although he doesn't do it very hard, he had no intentions of actually hurting him and he would hate himself if he went too far.

After taking a few seconds to admire his boyfriends firm cute bum, which was now slightly red, Ben then reaches over to his bed side cabinet and grabs a pair of scissors to cut the tie wrap off.

"Now remember no struggling." Ben says, as he cuts the ties and frees his boyfriends hands, he then rolls him over on to his back again and leans down for a deep and loving kiss.

Matt enjoying the kiss, feels his arms being push above his head, but this time he resist the temptation to struggle, he then sighs in disappointment as he feels the kiss being broken and feels his boyfriend climb up his body until he is straddling his chest.

"Aren't you going to get naked?" Matt then asks in a hopeful tone, when he notices the bulge in his friends jeans and to his slight embarrassment, notices for the first time that his boyfriend hasn't removed any of his clothing yet.

"Get the question right and we will see Sexy." Ben replies seductively, as he tie wraps each of his boyfriends wrist to the corners of his bed remembering not to tie them too tightly this time, but still effectively leaving him at his mercy once again and he couldn't wait to do what he had planned to do, when he originally came up with this whole idea and he just hoped his boyfriend would love it as well.

Now happy that his boyfriend can't escape, Ben slowly climbs back down his boyfriends body, nibbling at both his ears and then his lips as he eventually gets into position straddling his thighs and smiles as he looks over his boyfriends body, now even sexier with his arms spread to the corners of his bed and he couldn't resist kissing him again.

"So er... what's the question?" Matt then asks, in a mixture of nervousness and excitement, after his boyfriend breaks the kiss and stares at him

"Oh it's a really easy one, so my sexy little prisoner, who is the sexiest boy in the room right now?" Ben asks, before leaning down and nibbling his boyfriends ears and then kissing him deeply, he then moves down to his neck and kisses all around it, before moving back to his ears and repeating the process as he waits for an answer, Matt however is finding it extremely hard to concentrate, under his boyfriends wondering mouth and is already moaning, which causes him to hesitate and actually think about his answer, instead of just blurting it out, unknown to Matt though that is exactly why his boyfriend is distracting him and is intentionally making him think about his answer.

Matt tries his best to answer, but his boyfriends kissing and nibbling are causing him to sigh and moan in delight instead, eventually though he manages to concentrate a little and starts to think of everything that has happened, how he has been tricked into doing the wrong thing, so he thinks about the question again and try to work out if it is some sort of trick, before he loses concentration again as he feels his boyfriend playfully bites his bottom lip.

"Tick tock Sexy, come on, who is the sexiest person in the room and you have one minute to answer or I treble all your punishments." Ben informs his captive, before going back to nibbling his ears, he wanted to help his boyfriend think about his answer, but he didn't want it to take too long and decided to speed things along a little.

Matt though suddenly realises the answer, he thinks about everything his boyfriend has said and the amount of times he has called him sexy or cute, since this whole game began and knew the obvious answer would have been to say his boyfriend was the sexiest boy in the room, it was the predictable answer and Matt was sure that is what his boyfriend thought he would say and smiled as he knows the answer he wants to give.

"I am." Matt states, but before he can see if he is right, he starts moaning loudly when his boyfriend intensifies his kissing and nibbling, until to both his relief and disappointment, his boyfriend finally sits up and looks down at him with a grin on his face.

"What?" Ben responds, pretending that he hadn't heard what he had said.

"I am the sexiest boy in the room." Matt says with more conviction this time, he knows he is right, although the the look of pure joy on his boyfriend confuses him and he started to doubt his answer.

"Yes, yes you're and you're my sexy boy." Ben says happily, before leaning down to kiss his boyfriend deeply before breaking the kiss after almost two minutes. "So anyway, part of your reward is to remove two whole punishments, so sexy what's it going to be." He then asks, after sitting back up and can't help but giggle as he watches his boyfriend instinctively trying to maintain the kiss by lifting his head and Ben can't help but give him a quick peck after his boyfriend pouts in disappointment.

"I don't want to be spanked and I don't know what the pegs are for... so I pick those two." Matt replies, after realising the kiss had ended, he is a little bit nervous in case this was another trick, but he trusts his boyfriend with his life and he knows he loves him.

"Oh thank god." Ben says with a sigh of relief and causing Matt to give his boyfriend a funny look.

"Huh?" Matt asks quizzically, his boyfriends response had taken him by surprise and he wanted to know what was going on.

"I know I spanked you a little earlier, but there is no way I was going to spank you for real, especially that many times and as for the pegs I have no idea what I was thinking or how that would even work." Ben explains honestly and giggles, he then starts stroking his boyfriends stomach and chest, while he looks into those beautiful green eyes that he loves so much and he can feel his heart start to race at the contact with his boyfriend and knows he can't hold out for much longer before he gives in and hopefully give his boyfriend the best feeling ever.

"Oh." Matt says and starts to giggle, after realising for the first time that his boyfriend was making everything up as it happened and it just made him love his boyfriend even more. "Wait, you said that was part of my reward, what else do I get?" He then asks curiously, he had almost forgot what his boyfriend had said and was now keen to know what it was.

"Oh right yeah, well the next part of your reward is, you get to see me in my briefs." Ben responds with a smile and slowly removes his t-shirt, while still straddling his boyfriend.

"Wait you aren't getting naked?" Matt responds disappointingly, although the sight of his boyfriend topless makes his boner twitch and a moan escapes his lips, Ben gives can't help but give his boyfriend a surprised look after hearing the moan and decides to tease his boyfriend by slowly standing up and undoing his jeans.

"Maybe if you're a good sexy boy for me." Ben responds, as he lets his jeans fall down to his ankles, he then slowly lifts one foot at a time and soon has his jeans thrown on the floor on top of his discarded t-shirt, he then removes his socks quickly before resuming his position, straddling his boyfriend with a big grin on his face.

When he sees his boyfriend leaning down to him, Matt expecting another kiss lifts his head, but instead of a kiss he feels his boyfriend blow softly into his ear, which causes him to moan softly at the new sensation.

"Do you trust me?" Ben then whispers, before nibbling the same ear.

"Yes" Matt responds instantly and watches his boyfriend shift position and lay by his side.

Ben smiles and turns his boyfriends face towards his own, he then slowly kisses him while lightly using his fingers to trace his boyfriends body slowly from his neck, then to his nipples and gives each one a quick squeeze, which to his delight and surprise causes his boyfriend to moan, and decides to play with them for a few moments longer to hear his boyfriend moan some more, before he then continues down and runs circles around his bellybutton, which causes more moans, he started to love just how sensitive his boyfriends body seemed to be to his touches, but then decides to to nervously continue his exploring down to his boyfriends naval and can hear his boyfriend gasp in surprise and stops briefly as he builds up the courage to make the next move.

"I love you." Ben then says, after briefly breaking the kiss, before leaning back in without giving his boyfriend a chance to reply, he then moves his hand further down and wraps his fingers around his boyfriends boner and gently gives it a tentative squeeze, which causes his boyfriend to moan and gasp in surprise and then suddenly breaks the kiss as he realises what is happening.

"Huh... oh... ah... Ben what... ah... what..." Matt mumbles, in between moans, as he feels his boyfriends hand slowly stroke his boner and he is about to speak again, when he feels his boyfriends lips against his own once again and just surrenders to the passionate kiss and the amazing and intense feelings his boyfriends hand is giving him.

Ben continues to kiss his boyfriend and stroke his boner, he couldn't believe how weird it felt, it was so hard and yet it felt really soft, he had played with his own a few times since Mitch had told him about masturbation, but apart from feeling a little nice he never really saw the point and never got the amazing feelings his brother had described, but right now hearing the moans of pleasure coming from his boyfriend, he started wondering if it only felt good when other people did it to you.

He could feel and hear his boyfriends breathing getting more erratic, as he seemed to be taking shorter sharper breaths and he decided to break the kiss to watch his boyfriend, he kept stroking his hand up and down his boyfriends boner, but it was the twitches and shudders of his entire body that excited Ben and when he looks up to his boyfriends face, he notices his eyes were closed and he had a sexy happy grin on his face, spurred on by his boyfriends apparent blissful state, Ben decided to play with his boyfriends nipples with his free hand and smiles as his boyfriend gasps and moans in pleasure and he then notices that his boyfriends hips had begun to rock up and down in rhythm with his hand.

As Ben continues to watch his boyfriend twitch and moan in a state of bliss, he suddenly gets an idea after he notices his boyfriends nipples are hard and leans over, Matt eyes suddenly fly open as he gasps in pleasure at this new sensation and lifts his head to see what is happening and is greeted by the sight of his boyfriend licking and sucking at his nipples, but the feelings are so intense that his head falls back to the bed and he just closes his close tightly, as loud moans of pleasure force themselves from his lips.

Ben keeps up his assault, until he suddenly feels his boyfriends body shudder and spasm, the sounds coming from his boyfriend though are of pure pleasure and he decides to intensify his efforts and speeds up his hand and nibble harder as his boyfriend starts panting and breathing heavily, Ben just grins and continues to work away, before suddenly freezing as his boyfriends body tenses fully and lifts off the bed.

"AARRGGHH... OOHHHH... AHHH... FUCK.... AARRGGH!" Matt suddenly shouts out, causing Ben to sit up and watch his boyfriend, when his body twitches and spasms and wonders what is happening at first.

From his conversations with his older brother, Ben looks at his boyfriend in confusion and after noticing he is still hard, he remembers his brother telling him about how masturbation works and that when you do it long enough you orgasm and stuff shoots out, although Mitch had told him that he was at least a year or two away from that happening to him, what confused Ben though was that his brother had told him after an orgasm your penis goes soft again, but clearly his boyfriend was still hard and unfortunately as his boyfriend was about to find out, is that Ben had misunderstood his brother and assumed that since he had not gone soft, he hadn't actually had his orgasm and decides that he should continue until it went soft, so he takes a deep breath and starts stroking his boyfriend again.

Matt instantly starts to moan again, as the feelings of pleasure return, although this time they are a lot more intense than they were before, but still incredibly pleasurable and when his boyfriend returns to sucking and nibbling his nipples, Matt thinks he has died and gone to heaven and it only takes a few minutes for him to reach his second orgasm.

"AARRGGHH... OOHHHH... AHHH... FUCK.... AARRGGH!" Matt shouts out again, this time even louder as it felt even better than the first time, but unlike last time Ben doesn't stop and carries on thinking this is just what happens before someone has an orgasm, not realising his boyfriend has already had his first two ever orgasms and is already fast approaching his third in as many minutes.

This time however, Matt starts to realise that although everything his boyfriend is doing feels amazing and incredible, there is also the feeling of his nipples and penis becoming almost painfully over sensitive, although not quite enough to make him want this to end and his third orgasm comes and almost knocks him out, his whole body lifts of the bed and tenses up before collapsing back down, his eyes are locked shut and he even starts to whimper a little as to his dismay his boyfriend doesn't even slow down.

Ben can't help wondering if this is supposed to happen, surely by now his boyfriend should have orgasmed, but his penis was still hard and the moans coming from his boyfriend told him that he is loving every second of this, so decides to carry on and double his efforts, completely missing the uncomfortable and almost painful look on his boyfriends face, Matt however realises his boyfriend is not going to stop and desperately wants him too, but he can't even open his eyes and when he tries to say something, all that comes out are moans mixed with whimpers and to his horror he can feel his fourth orgasm approaching and can feel tears in his eyes as he almost loses it completely and doesn't think he can handle another orgasm so soon and just before it hits he somehow manages to finally scream out.

"SHA...SH.... SHAR... K.... SHARK." Matt finally manages to shout, but it is too late and his fourth orgasm hits him hard, which causes Ben to suddenly stop what he is doing and jump of the bed thinking he has hurt his boyfriend and stands by the bed frozen, watching as his boyfriends body spasms and twitches with a mixture of moans and whimpers, as his fourth orgasm rips through his body, for the first time Ben actually hears the whimpers and his heart sinks, thinking he has really fucked up and hurt his boyfriend.

As his body begins to stop twitching, Matt finds himself caught between the most amazing feelings he has ever had, where every movement seems to bring a jolt of pleasure and the worst pain he has ever felt, as his now over sensitive penis and nipples react to everything, even the cool air hitting his exposed glands causes him to tense up and wince a little, seeing this Ben still feeling very guilty about what he has done, slowly approaches his exhausted looking boyfriend and unties his hands from his bed and kisses him on the forehead before standing back a little.

"I'm so sorry Matt, I didn't mean to hurt you... did I do it wrong?" Ben says meekly, he is full of guilt and on the verge of tears and tries to work out how he could get something so simple wrong.

Matt can hear his boyfriend and the sadness and fear in his voice, but he just hasn't got the energy to respond, he knows his silence is only going to make his boyfriend feel worse, but no matter how much he tries, he just can't respond in any way.

"Matt please don't hate me... I'm sorry for hurting you... I didn't mean too." Ben then says, as tears roll down his face and now he just wished he kept his stupid fantasies to himself.

Realising he has to do something, Matt somehow manages to open his eyes and with everything he has in him, reaches up to pull his boyfriend down to him and manages to kiss him passionately, the feeling of kissing his boyfriend seems to give him a new burst of energy and he just about manages to pull his boyfriend on to the bed, so they are laying face to face still locked in the passionate kiss before he finally starts to tire again and ends the kiss reluctantly.

"FUCKING AWESOME..." Is all Matt manages to say, before collapsing on to his back panting as he slowly recovers, Ben though after hearing those words, can't wipe the grin from his face, he had thought that he had hurt his boyfriend, but now he knows he did the complete opposite and he was just so happy that he could give the person he loved more than anyone else in the world something so wonderful.

"But you said the safe word though." Ben suddenly says, remembering his boyfriend screaming it and was confused as to why he would use it, if he was really enjoying himself and started to wonder if he was just pretending to be okay and is just waiting to recover before getting angry.

"It... was amazing... but... it... was... too much... you made me orgasm.... three times... in... a row and... I... the fourth was... too much." Matt manages to respond, in between his deep breaths and panting.

"Wait what, you didn't have an orgasm though... your penis was still hard." Ben responds, sounding completely confused and watches as his boyfriend struggles, but eventually succeeds in sitting upright, although he has to lean against the head board for support.

"Huh, what does it being hard, have to do with not having an orgasm?" Matt asks, now able to talk properly after getting his breathing under control, although he still feels exhausted as he looks at his boyfriend.

"Mitch said after you have an orgasm your penis goes soft." Ben explains, not realising he had actually misunderstood his older brother, Matt though starts to laugh as he now understands why his boyfriend kept going, despite having made him orgasm several times.

"Holy shit you dumb ass, you would have put me in a coma before you made my dick go soft, jeez Ben maybe when we get older our dicks will go soft straight away but we are young, my dad said at our age it takes a lot more to get rid of a boner and the way you were playing with me it was never going to go soft... fucking hell, didn't you notice me twitch and shake and shout out?" Matt says lecturing his boyfriend, although in more of a bemused tone than angry and he really did enjoy what his boyfriend had done to him.

"Oh fuck... shit I'm so sorry, I just thought it was part of the whole thing, you know you shake and make noises and then you go soft... fuck are you going to be alright, I didn't hurt you did I?" Ben responds with genuine concern in his voice, Matt just chuckles at his boyfriends reaction and leans over to give him a soft kiss on the lips, although even that felt exhausting and he slumped back against his headboard.

"Am I alright, Fuck yeah I just had my sexy boyfriend, give me my first ever orgasm, well first four orgasms, of course I'm alright and it felt FUCKING AWESOME!" Matt declares ecstatically, he really couldn't be happier and loved his boyfriend even more than he thought possible.

"It really felt good?" Ben asks nervously, wondering if it really did feel that good or if his boyfriend was exaggerating, although from the sounds he was making and how happy he looks right now, has him wanting to experience it and find out for himself.

After hearing his boyfriends question and the look in his eyes, Matt felt himself come back to life, he now had a burning desire to give his boyfriend the same feelings he had just received and with a devilish grin stands up from the bed, although a little unsteadily and looks directly at his boyfriend who gives him a curious look.

"Get those off and lay on the bed with your arms above your head." Matt orders firmly, pointing at his boyfriends briefs and smiles as his boyfriend does as he is told.

Matt can't help but stare at his naked boyfriend for a few moments, before he slowly straddles his boyfriends midsection and leans forward as he secures his hands to the bed and starts lowering himself to kiss his boyfriends lips and then mimics his boyfriends earlier actions by nibbling his ear and smiles as he hears him moaning and knows he is going to make his boyfriend happy just like he had made him a few minutes ago and although he is exhausted he doesn't care and is determined to make his boyfriend orgasm.

"Do you trust me." Matt whispers, repeating his boyfriends own words from earlier.

"Yes!" Ben replies, mimicking his boyfriends reply from earlier, with a big grin.

"I'm not stopping until you have four orgasms by the way, I want you to feel what I felt." Matt then announces, before kissing his boyfriend deeply, effectively not giving him a chance to respond.

Ben wasn't sure if he was excited or scared at the thought of being given four orgasms, he had never even had one and all he had to go on was his boyfriends reactions earlier, he knew he had enjoyed it immensely, but also knew the sensations were so intense, that he had to use the safe word, because he couldn't handle it any more and he couldn't help but wonder if he was as strong as his boyfriend, he was still thinking this over when the feeling of his boyfriends fingers wrapping themselves around his boner makes him gasp and then moan in pleasure, as he feels himself being masturbated by someone for the first time.

Matt hearing his boyfriend moaning smiles and decides to do everything the same way his boyfriend had done it to him, well as best as he could remember anyway and things mirror what had happened earlier when he was tied to the bed, right up until he had given his boyfriend his second orgasm and started to whimper and moan as his boner twitched and jumped like it was being electrocuted. Matt knew what this felt like, but he hadn't felt it until after his third orgasm and his fourth orgasm was about to hit him and was considering stopping because he didn't want to hurt him, but he decided unless his boyfriend told him to stop then he would carry on.

For his part Ben was doing everything he could to not beg his boyfriend to stop, he felt amazing and every touch brought new pleasures to his body, but it was so intense it had started to also become painful and he felt like he was going to pass out, he would have stopped it almost straight away, but didn't want to disappoint his boyfriend by not letting him finish and felt like he had to go through what he had put his boyfriend through, because it was only fair, so did everything he could to not scream out for him to stop, that was until his third orgasm approached and he just lost any control he had left.

"AARRGGHH STO... OHHH... NOOOO... STOOPP... PLE... SHARK... SHARK ARRGGGHHH!" Ben screams out, instantly making Matt jump back off the bed with a worried look on his face, he had screamed out as well, but there was definitely more pain in his boyfriends screams, then there had been in his own and he quickly set about untying him from the bed, which proved more difficult than he would have thought, as his boyfriend was still twitching and shuddering as he came down from his intense climax.

"Shit... are you okay Ben... fuck I'm sorry." Matt says in a concerned tone, feeling guilty for hurting his boyfriend and when he looks down at his boyfriends body, which has calmed down, his chest is still rising and falling as his lungs try to suck in some air, Matt then watches his boyfriends eyes slowly open and a small smile spreads across his face.

"FUCKING... AWE....SOME!" Ben suddenly says, before closing his eyes as he tries to recover, hearing his boyfriend mimic his own words from earlier, washes away the feelings of guilt and concern Matt felt and he quickly lays down beside his boyfriend and kisses his forehead and cheek, before finally reaching his lips and they spend the next five minutes enjoying each others tongues wrestling against their own.

"I love you." Matt then states lovingly, brushing his boyfriends hair out of his eyes and smiling as he stares deep inside them.

"I love... you too... I can't... believe how good... that felt." Ben responds, struggling to get his breathing under control, before leaning over and gently kissing his boyfriend.

"It was FUCKING AWE...SOME!" Matt then says, after breaking the tender kiss, with a big grin and both boys burst into a fit of giggles before kissing again.

"Oh fuck..." Ben suddenly says, after breaking the kiss.

"What, What's wrong?" Matt asks, after being startled by his boyfriends sudden panic.

"Fucking hell, Mitch will be home in like forty minutes and we still gotta get a bath and stuff." Ben explains and tries to quickly get up from his bed but struggles after forgetting just how exhausted he is and Matt is just about to laugh at his boyfriend, but when he tries to get up, he realises that he is just as tired and ends up on his back again.

"Oh shit I forgot about your brother, but I can't get up yet." Matt says, as he pants a little next to his boyfriend.

"Me neither, fuck, fuck let's just try again." Ben then says in a frustrated tone and this time when he tries to get up he manages to get to his feet, but he is still holding on to the bed and wondering why his legs feel like jelly.

"Okay, fuck we need to..." Matt begins to respond, but he decides to stop talking and just get to his feet and like his boyfriend he can't believe how wobbly his legs are.

Reaching over Ben takes a hold of his boyfriends hand and starts to pull him out of his room and towards the bathroom, both boys stagger a little and lean against each other, giggling a little at just how weak they both are, once they make it inside the bathroom Ben quickly goes over to the bath and starts running the water, while his boyfriend watches him curiously, as Ben pours various liquids into the water.

"What are they?" Matt asks, genuinely ignorant about what his boyfriend is doing, he rarely ever had a bath and when he did it was just water, so the liquids were a mystery to him. although they did resemble shower gel he thought to himself, well apart from the weird little stone things his boyfriend pours in.

"Oh right, I forgot you're a shower boy, well my little sexy boyfriend, you will love this and you can show me how much later." Ben responds with an adorable wink, that makes his boyfriend blush in excitement. "Oh wow, four orgasms and Little Matty still wants to play." He then says with a grin, after he looks down to see his boyfriends boner.

"Well Little Ben seems to want to play with Little Matty as well." Matt retorts with a sexy smile, as he looks down at his boyfriends boner and both boys giggle, before kissing each other.

The boys kiss for a few minutes before remembering the bath is filling up, Ben then walks over and tests the temperature, before telling his boyfriend to go get one of their phones, just in case his older brother calls after remembering the rules he had set them. Ben then watches his boyfriend return after a few moments with the phone and place it on the cabinet, Ben then gets in the bath and sits down and ogles his boyfriends body and can't believe how sexy he is and how lucky he is to be his boyfriend.

"Come on get in Matt and sit with your back to me, I want to hold you." Ben instructs his boyfriend, who happily does as he is told and climbs into the bathtub, sitting down and sliding backwards into his boyfriends arms and he can't help but moan in pleasure when he feels the bath salts around his body and especially his boner which is still over sensitive anyway.

"Oh fuck, wow... what the hell is that?" Matt asks, feeling the pleasurable tingling all over his body and feels himself sliding down into the water, until only his head is above the water, resting just below his boyfriends chest and relaxes with his eyes closed and can feel his boyfriends fingers playing with his hair.

"That's the bath salts, see I told you that you would love it and you're welcome." Ben answers and starts to slide his hands from his boyfriends head, down his body until they are under the water, where he starts to play with Little Matty, which brings moans of pleasure from his boyfriend.

"Oh god that... aarrgghh feels... oh god... stop Ben... it feels... too, stop... please." Matt begs his boyfriend, panting heavily, a part of him wanted his boyfriend to keep going, but he was still feeling too sensitive after their earlier activities and actually still sighs in disappointment as he feels his boyfriend removing his hand and resumes playing with his hair instead.

"Sorry Sexy, I just got a little excited, but just so you know, you won't stop me later tonight when Mitch goes to sleep, you are all mine then." Ben says teasingly, before he reaches down with both hands and starts to rub and squeezes his boyfriends nipples, earning him a surprised yelp from his boyfriend, before returning them to his boyfriends hair, he didn't know why but he felt happy and relaxed as he ran his fingers through his boyfriends hair and his boyfriend seemed to like it as well.

"I won't try to stop you, if you don't try to stop me playing with my new favourite toy." Matt responds with a grin, before managing to reach behind himself and give his boyfriends boner a few squeezes, before just enjoying the bath salts tingling all over his body, causing him to moan in pleasure and can't help but smile as his boyfriend moans in appreciation.

"We have to get out soon, Mitch will be home in like ten minutes and I don't want to make him angry by not being downstairs." Ben then says reluctantly, after noticing the time on the clock.

"I'm so going to have to start taking more baths, I could stay here forever." Matt states blissfully, after seemingly not hearing a word his boyfriend just said.

"Hey come on pay attention, we need to get out." Ben says again, after realising his boyfriend is too relaxed to pay attention and with a grin he reaches down and gives his boyfriends now soft penis a few squeezes to get his attention and giggles when he yelps in surprise.

"Okay... okay no need to play dirty." Matt states, as he reaches behind himself and squeezes his boyfriends soft penis a few times, before slowly rising and stepping out of the bath, Ben follows his boyfriend and they both head to his room to dry off, after realising they had forgotten to take any towels with them.

They then both decide that it would be fun if they dried each other, so spent almost five minutes rubbing and caressing each other, which inevitably leaves them both springing boners and giggling to each other as they look down, before Ben looks up and sees the time.

"Oh shit Matt, he will be home any minute, just get some underwear on and we will go down in them." Ben instructs his boyfriend and quickly reaches down to find his discarded briefs from earlier before slipping them on with his boyfriend doing the same, although when they both see the obvious tenting in each others underwear, they just shrug their shoulders and quickly run downstairs.

Literally just as the boys sit down and cuddle up to each other the front door opens, the boys hear the door being locked and smile as they watch Mitch walk into the living room. although the look on his face confuses the boys and their confusion turns to concern when he just stands in front of them staring for a few moments.

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