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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 1

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 11

January 2015

"We have to get out soon, Mitch will be home in like ten minutes and I don't want to make him angry by not being downstairs." Ben then says reluctantly, after noticing the time on the clock.

"I'm so going to have to start taking more baths, I could stay here forever." Matt states blissfully, after seemingly not hearing a word his boyfriend just said.

"Hey come on pay attention, we need to get out." Ben says again, after realising his boyfriend is too relaxed to pay attention and with a grin he reaches down and gives his boyfriends now soft penis a few squeezes to get his attention and giggles when he yelps in surprise.

"Okay... okay no need to play dirty." Matt states, as he reaches behind himself and squeezes his boyfriends soft penis a few times, before slowly rising and stepping out of the bath, Ben follows his boyfriend and they both head to his room to dry off, after realising they had forgotten to take any towels with them.

They then both decide that it would be fun if they dried each other, so spent almost five minutes rubbing and caressing each other, which inevitably leaves them both springing boners and giggling to each other as they look down, before Ben looks up and sees the time.

"Oh shit Matt, he will be home any minute, just get some underwear on and we will go down in them." Ben instructs his boyfriend and quickly reaches down to find his discarded briefs from earlier before slipping them on with his boyfriend doing the same, although when they both see the obvious tenting in each others underwear, they just shrug their shoulders and quickly run downstairs.

Literally just as the boys sit down and cuddle up to each other the front door opens, the boys hear the door being locked and smile as they watch Mitch walk into the living room. although the look on his face confuses the boys and their confusion turns to concern when he just stands in front of them staring for a few moments.

"Mitch, why are you staring at us like that?" Ben asks nervously, trying to break the awkwardness of the situation and Mitch suddenly starts smiling as a huge grin appears on his face.

"You dirty little fuckers... so how many times did you do it?" Mitch asks still grinning, he couldn't know for sure what they had done, but if the glow the boys seemed to be omitting is anything to go by, he would have to guess they had discovered mutual masturbation.

"Huh, wait what?" Ben responds, he is totally taken by surprise at the question and while Mitch thought his little brothers reaction was funny, when he watches Matt going into panic mode it's just priceless.

"Huh what, how did you know we touched each other... OH MY GOD did you see us tying each other to the bed as well... OH FUCK.. you saw it all didn't you?" Matt blurts out, going into some sort of complete meltdown and while Mitch stands there totally amused by the panicked confession, Ben is sitting open mouthed in shock, as his boyfriend tells his brother everything.

With his boyfriend still rattling off confessions, Ben desperately tries to stop him spewing out everything, eventually Ben just pulls his boyfriends head around and kisses him deeply, it was the only thing he could think off to shut him up, although he couldn't deny he was enjoying the kiss a lot and when he felt his boyfriends hands slide into his briefs he moaned into his boyfriends mouth and moved his own hand to his boyfriends tighty whiteys and slides it inside, both boys forgetting that Mitch was even there and just enjoy each others mouths and hand.

"Holy fuck, you perverts can cut that shit out right now, I don't want to see it." Mitch suddenly states, noticing the boys wondering hands as they get carried away and he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Er... oh sorry Mitch." Ben apologises sheepishly, after breaking the kiss and realising what he and his boyfriend were doing in front of his brother.

"Sorry Mitch." Matt then apologises as well and to his boyfriends relief, he has stopped blurting out all the stuff they did.

"Well at least you managed to stop motor mouth over there telling me any more, although I'm guessing he pretty much covered everything right?" Mitch then says, causing Matt to blush in embarrassment and a slight look of annoyance to spread across his little brothers face.

"Yeah, the dumb ass pretty much told you everything, you aren't mad at us are you?" Ben responds honestly.

"Mad? No way I'm happy for you both, but I am starting to think it wasn't such a good idea letting you do that stuff." Mitch replies honestly, noticing the boys hands have already reattached themselves to their new favourite play things and can't help but smirk.

"Huh?" Ben and Matt say in unison, seemingly unaware of where their hands are at the moment.

"Look down boys." Mitch tells them, he is struggling to contain his amusement, but the mortified look on the boys faces as they look down to see what they are doing, is too much and he bursts into laughter, while both boys quickly remove their hands and pout at the older boy mocking them.

"Look guys don't worry about it, how about you two go make us some drinks and I will stick some noodles on and we can watch a film together?" Mitch then suggests after managing to compose himself, he really did want to spend a bit of time with the boys and would use that time to chat with them, he had some worries about his little brother, after Matt had let slip about him misunderstanding his previous talk about masturbation with him and needed to make sure his little brother hadn't misunderstood anything else.

The boys quickly jump up and head to the kitchen following Mitch and the three of them set about their tasks, before heading back to the living room, Mitch then turns the TV on and puts a half decent film he thinks the boys will like on, although he was more interested in talking to the boys, than actually watching the film and they didn't seem to be paying much attention either, although he noticed they were distracted by each other, as much as they were by Mitch talking to them.

"So well er... boys I know this is probably not something you want to talk about, but if you could just get your hands out of each others underwear for a few minutes, we can have a serious talk." Mitch says half smiling, after noticing what the boys were doing, but he really did need to talk to them and lets them quickly straighten themselves out and stop blushing.

"Sorry." The boys responds sheepishly, after being caught again with their hands in each others underwear.

"Ben this is mainly towards you, but Matt you need to listen as well." Mitch begins to say, but has to pause to stifle a chuckle, at the boys expressions. "Now what you said earlier Matt, about when you were er... tied to the bed." He then says, but has to stop again, this time due to his own embarrassment after thinking about the fact the boys had tied each other up. "And my dumb ass little brother well er... kept going after you know what." He then says, stumbling on his words as he struggles to keep a straight face and the mortified looks on the two boys face does little to help him keep his composure.

"Eww, do we have to talk to you about it." Ben then states, he is horrified his brother keeps talking about their private stuff.

"Well apparently we do, because while everything worked out alright this time, it doesn't mean your next misunderstanding will end in the same way, I know you are both fine now, but seriously from what you let slip Matt, you were both very lucky not to cause each other a lot of pain and you might even have passed out or worse and then what would you have done?" Mitch answers, lecturing the boys with a stern voice, this was for their own good whether they like it or not and despite not wanting to do this himself, he knew he had to.

"We aren't stupid Mitch, if something happened we would just call an ambulance." Ben says, defending himself and his boyfriend from his brother.

"And just how would you explain what happened to them or how would you then tell dad what happened and how about your parents Matt?" Mitch replies, hoping his words hit them hard enough to get through to them and the boys realise that there are consequences to what they do.

"Oh." Is all Ben can say, as he realises what would actually happen, if something bad happened when he and his boyfriend messed around.

"I'm not having a go at you or telling you off okay boys, I just want to make sure you are safe and if that means having embarrassing conversations that none of us want to do then so be it, now be honest both of you, is there anything I have told you before, or your dad has told you Matt, that you didn't fully understand?" Mitch then states, then smiles as he can see both boys thinking hard and he knows they are taking him seriously.

The boys eventually relax enough to ask Mitch some more questions about things they were either too embarrassed or too young to understand what certain things meant, when they received their respective 'birds and the bees' talks, Mitch while finding the conversation difficult and embarrassing himself, makes sure he explains everything as clearly as possible, he wonders to himself if he is being over the top, but this is his little brother and he doesn't want anything to happen to him or Matt, who he has come to love as a little brother as well.

To Mitch's surprise, he realises that they have been talking for almost thirty minutes, before he is happy enough that the boys understand everything he thinks they need to know, based on their questions and they all settle back down, deciding to watch the rest of the movie, although Mitch notices the boys are more interested in each other, than they're the film and he has missed too much to really be able to enjoy it himself.

"Hey guys I will be back in a few minutes, do you want another drink or something?" Mitch asks the boys, as he stands up and starts to walk out the room.

"Yeah an OJ will be great Mitch." Ben says, before accidentally letting out a moan when his boyfriend nibbles his ear, before whispering something Mitch can't hear. "Matt wants one too." He then adds giggling, as his boyfriend continues to nibble his ear.

"Okay, just remember to not get too carried away, I will be back in a few minutes, so behave." Mitch says, before walking out the living room and upstairs to the toilet and can't help but chuckle to himself at the boys behaviour and just hopes he doesn't walk into something he doesn't want to see.

After using the bathroom, Mitch heads straight to the kitchen, where he sits down waiting for the kettle to boil, just as he is about to get up and make his coffee, he suddenly turns to the door as he hears his little brother shouting.

"MITCH.... MITCH.... HELP!" Ben shouts out, Mitch instantly jumps up from his seat and rushes to the living room to see what's wrong.

"What's wrong, what happened?" Mitch asks in a panicked tone, as he sees his little brother standing up looking terrified, he then looks down to Matt who is shaking, it's only then that Mitch notices that the young boy has wet himself. "Ben what happened" He asks, turning back to his little brother and turning him so that they are face to face.

"I don't know... we were watching the film... well he was and then suddenly he went all stiff and then starting shaking... and then he... just started peeing... Mitch what's wrong with him... he won't move." Ben tries to explain, but starts to cry as he watches his boyfriend shaking on the sofa looking terrified.

Mitch stands frozen for a few moments, trying his best to process everything, but he knows he has to think fast and quickly moves his little brother to one side and kneels in front of Matt, who seems to be in some kind of shock, he first tries talking to him, but soon realises it's pointless and when he touches the boys shoulders he pulls his hand back at the coldness of the boys skin and turns back to his little brother.

"Listen to me Ben, go upstairs and run a hot bath, don't ask why just do it and then shout down when it's ready. but don't come back downstairs, just do it okay." Mitch instructs his little brother and despite pausing for a few seconds, Ben does as he is told and quickly runs upstairs.

Mitch again tries talking to Matt, but there is still no response, so he then takes a moment to look around to see if anything could have frightened the boy, but can't see anything that could have caused him to react like this, he then turns his attention to the TV and sees the film is still on and watches it for a few seconds and something in his brain clicks, but there is too much going on for him to understand the connection and decides to turn his attention back to the terrified young boy and figure out the rest after he gets him in the bath.

"Mitch it's ready.... Mitch?" Ben shouts down, with obvious concern in his voice.

"Okay stay there Ben, I'm now bringing him up." Mitch shouts back, he then leans down and scoops the still shaking Matt up into his arms and carries him up the stairs, where he sees his scared looking little brother waiting for them by the bathroom door with tears in his eyes.

"Ben you are doing great okay, now I need you to help me get his underwear off, when I get him in the bathroom okay." Mitch instructs his little brother, while he carries Matt into the bathroom and holds him upright.

"Okay." Ben responds meekly, as he pulls his boyfriends wet underwear off and throws them into the wash bin and quickly turns back to his boyfriend in his brothers arms.

"Right, now get yours off as well and get in the bath first." Mitch says, giving his little brother one order at a time, knowing he is too upset to focus on anything more.

"Okay." Ben replies and without questioning his brother, he strips off his briefs and steps into the bath before sitting down.

"I'm now going to lower him in so he's sitting back into you okay, when he is in place just hold him and comfort him." Mitch then states and carefully lowers the young boy into the bath, helping him into the right position and watches proudly as his little brother quickly embraces his boyfriend and pull him in to his body tightly.

"Mitch, what's wrong with him?" Ben then asks, rubbing his boyfriends chest soothingly.

"I think it's shock, I need to go clear up the mess downstairs and check something out though, now listen carefully Ben, this is important, just comfort him and hold him, don't try to ask him what happened and if he does start talking, shout down to me and I will come back straight away." Mitch tries to say reassuringly, but knows his voice is full of concern and can only hope his little brother can hold himself together, until he gets back to them.

Ben just nods his head and continues to rub his hands up and down his boyfriends chest and whisper into his ear, Mitch takes a few moments to admire his little brother's love for his boyfriend, before heading downstairs and back to the living room, after getting a sponge and bucket of water from the kitchen, once he reaches the sofa he quickly dips the sponge in the water before rubbing the sofa over the wet patches, he then strains out the sponge and rubs the wet patches on the floor, but luckily there isn't much mess and he is sure his dad will never know someone wet themselves on the sofa.

With the water soaking into the urine soaked sofa, Mitch turns his attention back to the TV and the film is just coming to an end, he quickly checks the title of the film and pulls his phone out, after a quick search, he pulls up the film on IMDB and starts to read the plot, it doesn't really give anything away to indicate that it could have sent Matt into such a state, so he checks further down the page to the view content advisory link and reads the little snippets of information available, the only thing of note he notices is a boy being spanked by his teacher, but Mitch doesn't think that scene could have had any affect on Matt.

He thinks back to what the boys had been up to earlier and if being stripped, tied up and teased didn't send him into shock than why would this, it couldn't be the spanking either, as Matt had let slip that Ben actually spanked him for real and he didn't freak out then, so gives it more thought and wondered if it could be the teacher thing, seeing a teacher abuse a boy could have caused Matt to have a flashback, but still it was just a movie he thought to himself and figured that something more must have happened, so he decides to read the plot again and as he is scrolling up he sees the cast and character list and suddenly his jaw drops and it starts to make sense.

Mitch can't help but feel guilty, he hadn't taken any notice of the movie he had picked for the boys, otherwise he would have been wary of the plot considering Matt's not so distant trauma, but if he had seen the lead characters name was Matthew and the teachers was Mr Jones, he would never have let the boys watch it, he felt a surge of anger that even after his death the teacher seemed to still have this hold over the young boy, Mitch frowned and just wanted to hurt the man and wished he had been the one to kill the pervert, but it was too late for that and right now he had to be strong for the boys, so he turned back towards the sofa and again scrubbed it with the sponge until he was sure the smell were gone and watched it dry, taking a few minutes to wipe his face and calm down a bit, so his little brother wouldn't know he had been crying.

He then composes himself and rinses the sponge in the kitchen sink, before putting it and the bucket away, then makes his way back to his little brother and Matt, just before walking into the bathroom though he wipes his eyes and cheeks again, just to make sure his little brother wouldn't be able to tell how upset he was, then takes a deep breath and walks in the door, as soon as he gets in the room the first thing he notices is that Matt is now on his side with his head buried into his little brothers shoulder and is crying his eyes out, when Mitch looks at his little brothers face, his heart almost breaks at the pained expression and he can tell he is trying his best to stay strong.

"It's going to be okay Ben, you are doing so well and I'm so proud of you." Mitch says soothingly, trying to help his little brother by letting him know he is doing and great job and kneels besides the bath and strokes his hair gently.

"Is he going to be okay?" Ben asks, doing his best to fight against his tears and emotions, he was determined to be strong for his boyfriend and wouldn't let him down.

"Yes he will be, I think I understand what happened now, but I will explain it tomorrow, right now we need to get you both dried and into bed." Mitch explains to his little brother and slowly stands up.

When Mitch attempts to scoop Matt up into his arms though, he immediately moves back as the young boy tightens his grip on his little brother and is clearly terrified.

"Ben, I need you to tell him to let me pick him up please." Mitch says softly to his little brother, then he watches proudly as his little brother whisper into his boyfriends ear, before looking back up to him.

"Okay, try again." Ben says, he is still clearly upset, but Mitch can tell he is doing a little better than he was a few moments ago, but is still far from being alright.

So Mitch again attempts to pick Matt up, this time though he is more cautious and gentle as he slowly lifts the boy up and as soon as he is fully out of the water, he feels the young boy latch on to him, hugging him tightly and Mitch can feel him shivering and crying into his shoulder and this time Mitch can't do anything to hide his own tears with the boy in his arms, when he turns to his little brother.

"Ben dry yourself off first when you get out and then help me get him dried and into your bed." Mitch instructs his little brother, in a much more confident tone than the look on his face suggests.

Ben does as he is told though and after a few minutes Matt is tucked up in his boyfriends bed, although he is obviously in need of his boyfriends comfort, so Mitch quickly tells his little brother to get in with his boyfriend, Mitch then wipes his eyes as he watches Matt quickly embrace his little brother as soon as he gets in the bed with him.

"Ben if you need anything and I mean anything, just shout for me and I will come, don't worry about waking me up, I won't be angry and will come straight away" Mitch tells his little brother reassuringly.

"Thank you so much Mitch, we both love you." Ben replies from the heart and Mitch has to wipe more tears from his eyes.

"I'm going to clear up in the bathroom and then downstairs, I will bring you both some OJ in a little while, before I go to sleep and Ben I want you to know that I love you so much and Matt as well and I will always be there for the both of you." Mitch then says sincerely, before leaning down and giving both boys a kiss on the forehead, he then heads out of the room making sure to leave the door opened slightly with the light off and walks to the bathroom.

The next morning, Ben wakes up to find his boyfriends arms still wrapped around him and his head buried in his chest, he smiles to himself at his beautiful sleeping angel, but the events of the previous night start to weigh on his mind again and he starts to worry that the therapy they have been doing isn't working and that his boyfriend might never fully recover from his experience, but he tries to bury those thoughts and instead lightly kisses his sleeping boyfriends forehead and tries to relax while watching him sleep, he soon feels himself just starting to drift of into sleep again, when the sound of his door slowly opening startles him and for a moment is afraid his dad is going to see him and his boyfriend in bed together and there is nothing he can do but watch in fear, until to his huge relief he sees his brother come into his room, closing the door behind him.

"Hey little guy, how are you doing?" Mitch quietly asks his little brother, as he walks over and sits on the edge of his bed.

"I don't know." Ben answers in a sad tone, he can feel himself getting upset and just tried to make himself stay strong.

"You did great last night Ben and Matt will be fine I promise." Mitch states confidently. which seems to raise his little brothers spirit. "How was he last night?" He then asks, knowing he wasn't woken up, he knows nothing bad had happened, but he still wants to know as much as possible.

"He just cried for hours until he fell asleep, he hasn't moved at all though, should I wake him up?" Ben responds with a sad look in his eyes.

"Not just yet, I wanted to ask you whether you can help me get him to see Dr Fisher today." Mitch says quietly, not sure how his little brother will react.

"You really think he should?" Ben asks in a sad tone, if his brother thinks he needed to see the doctor, than he definitely wants to help. but at the same time he can't help but feel protective of his boyfriend. "You said he was going to be okay though." He then states after thinking about his brothers suggestion and couldn't see why he would need to see the doctor if he was okay.

"I wasn't lying when I said that Ben, but he is clearly still having issues and I just want to make sure he is alright and the doctor will know how to help him get through this." Mitch explains, realising he had accidentally worried his little brother and wanted to quickly reassure him.

"Okay, so should I wake him now?" Ben then asks, as he agrees to help convince his boyfriend to see Dr Fisher.

"Yes, but this is what we will do, I will head downstairs and make something to eat, you then wake him up by er... you know er... however you normally wake each other up and then just talk to him casually, don't try force him, just talk with him and when you're ready just bring him downstairs and I will talk to him about things while we all eat." Mitch then states. explaining his plan, but his little brother suddenly looks at him with a concerned look on his face.

"What about dad, what if he overhears us?" Ben asks in a worried tone, he had forgotten about his dad being in the house and was no worried his dad would find out about him having a boyfriend.

"Ben it's almost eleven in the morning, dad went out with Matt's parents for the day and won't be back until around six." Mitch replies, he had actually made sure their dad went out before he came in to see the boys, he knew it was important to keep Matt out of sight, until he was sure he was feeling and looking better than he had done last night.

"It is? Well okay you better go then and I will wake him up." Ben responds in surprise, but Mitch can't help but see the spark in his little brothers eyes and the small smile that appears on his face, so he quickly makes his exit and heads downstairs to the kitchen.

Ben waits a few moments before lightly kissing his boyfriend, but he has no intention of waking him up like that and slowly moves his hand down as it inches towards it's target, he is careful not to break the kiss though as his hand gently wraps around his boyfriends soft two and a half inch penis, before he starts to squeeze and then rub it, he keeps his eyes locked on his boyfriends closed eyes and smiles when he feels the softness turn hard, as his boyfriends penis goes hard and he can feel and hear the moans his still sleeping boyfriend is making.

He continues to stroke and kiss his boyfriend, who is slowly starting to wake up, he manages to keep the kiss going, even as his boyfriends eyes open wide in surprise and instinctively tries backs away, but just as quickly he starts returning the kiss, Matt then uses his own hand to reach down and finds his boyfriends already hard penis and begins to stroke him and they both begin moaning into each others mouths, until Ben breaks the kiss and releases his boyfriends boner.

"Morning sleepy head." Ben says with a big grin, before moaning as his boyfriend continues to stroke him.

"Sorry." Matt replies in a sad tone and releases his boyfriends boner and shifts away slightly in shame, he can't quite remember what happened, but he knew he freaked out andd he was embarrassed.

"Don't be a dumb ass, you did nothing wrong so don't be sorry." Matt says and quickly leans forward and kisses his boyfriend softly, before backing away again smiling when he sees his boyfriend smile shyly at him.

"Okay Creep, but what happened?" Matt replies, causing Ben to give him his boyfriend a surprised look.

"You don't remember?" Ben asks curiously, he couldn't see how someone could forget that sort of thing.

"Not really, I remember shaking, then crying and being in your bed and then waking up with you kissing and er... you know." Matt answers with a half smile, although wishes he could remember everything and knows by the look on his boyfriends face that he is forgetting something.

"You don't remember wetting yourself or the bath?" Ben then asks in concern, he knew his boyfriend was in some kind of shock, but he would have thought wetting himself and being in a bath would be something you would remember.

"Oh shit, I wet myself?" Matt responds and moves even further away from his boyfriend, feeling mortified and can feel the tears forming in his eyes.

"Hey, don't do that." Ben says and quickly reaches over and pulls his boyfriend back closer to him and wipes the tears from his eyes. "I love you and don't ever be embarrassed around me, because you and me are forever and it's not like I haven't wet myself recently." He then adds and leans in to kiss his boyfriend for a few moments, before breaking the kiss.

"Okay sorry, but it's still embarrassing and what about the bath, I don't remember having another bath." Matt then states, feeling better about wetting himself and knows if it was the other way around he would tell his boyfriend the same thing.

"Yeah you were shaking and cold, so Mitch said we needed to get you in a hot bath to warm you up and that we needed to clean you anyway, after you er... you know." Ben explains, but the look of shock on his boyfriends face confuses him and he doesn't know why he is getting embarrassed again.

"Oh shit, Mitch saw me, oh my god... he saw... oh no..." Matt mumbles, as he starts to panic and Ben suddenly realises his boyfriend had forgotten Mitch was with them and can see his boyfriend is getting upset, so does the only thing he can think of and rolls on top of his boyfriend and kisses him deeply, until he feels him start to relax and return the kiss.

"Matt just calm down okay, Mitch loves you and so do I, he understands what happened and wants to talk to you about it and try to help and I promise you he doesn't care about you wetting yourself." Ben explains, after breaking the kiss, but stays on top of his boyfriend, who gives him an uncertain look.

"What's the point... I'm broken and I'm never going to get better." Matt responds sadly and starts to cry, he just feels like he wants to give up.

"Hey, don't say things like that, you are everything to me and don't you ever give up, I couldn't bare to not be with you." Ben states sternly, his boyfriends words and tone had scared him, but he was determined to stay strong and help his boyfriend through this.

"Sorry, I just... Ben I'm not getting any better and I don't think I can do it any more." Matt then says honestly and wipes his eyes with the backs of his hands.

"Don't be a dumb ass, we are going to help you and Mitch has an idea already, but I'm not sure you will want too, I just want you to hear me out please." Ben tells his boyfriend before giving him a quick kiss, he can't imagine what it must be like for his boyfriend and seeing him looking and sounding so defeated breaks his heart.

"Okay..." Matt responds, still sounding upset and disheartened and Ben has to take a few moments to compose himself.

"Mitch wants you to go see Dr Fisher today, I agree with him because I think he can really help explain what happened and I want you to go, but I love you and if you don't want to go, then I will be on your side and won't force you too... but Matt I really do think you should go or at least just listen to what Mitch has to say." Ben tells his boyfriend, as he explains what his brother wants as best as he can.

"I just want to go home Ben." Matt then says, as he wipes away the tears from his eyes again, he just wants to go home and be alone to cry.

"Please just let me help you Matt, if it was me instead of you, then you wouldn't just let me go home and I would let you help me." Ben says, before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend again, although inside he can't help feeling a little hurt by his boyfriends words and knows he is being stupid, this isn't his boyfriends fault and he just has to keep being strong for him, just like Mitch had told him to be.

"What if he laughs at me for being a baby?" Matt then asks, after his boyfriend breaks the kiss, despite his self pity he couldn't deny having his boyfriend kissing him was making him feel better and he could feel both their soft penis's touching, as his boyfriend lays on top off him and it made him feel safe.

"Now you're really being a dumb ass, Mitch would never do that and you know it, so come on let's get dressed and go speak to him and by the way he even made us food, so at the very least you get to eat something." Ben responds with a grin, hoping to get his boyfriend to smile and when he does, he leans down and kisses him passionately.

"You're playing dirty by kissing me, you know I can't say no when you kiss me." Matt replies, after breaking their kiss and pouts at his boyfriend, who just grins and kisses him again, this time deeply and both boys moan as they feel their penis's rub against each others, until Ben decides they should get up now before they go to far.

"Come on get dressed, I don't want cold food and Matt, please just promise me you will hear Mitch out." Ben states in a serious tone, as he looks down at his boyfriend.

"I promise." Matt replies, but this time he pulls his boyfriend down into a passionate kiss.

After a few more minutes of making out, the boys eventually get out of bed, although they both decide to just go downstairs in their underwear, after Ben explains that his dad had already gone out and it would just be them and Mitch, when they reach the bottom of the stairs, the smell of bacon, egg and sausages invade their senses straight away and they both smile as they walk into the kitchen to see Mitch putting their breakfast on to some plates.

"Morning boys." Mitch greets them, when he notices them at the door and is relieved to see Matt is awake and looking better than he did last night, although he can tell the boy is far from being alright.

"Morning." The boys respond in unison.

"How are you feeling Matt?" Mitch asks straight away, he seemed to be in good spirits, although if he had to guess he would say his little brothers wake up call is probably the reason and the thought makes him both smile and feel a little awkward.

"I don't know really, I'm feeling okay now I guess, but I don't remember much from last night, but I know it was bad." Matt answers honestly, he didn't see the point in pretending he was alright, because they knew what happened and no one would be alright after something like that.

"Well thank you for being honest, I would have been more concerned, if you tried to pretend you were alright to be honest." Mitch responds honestly, he was still worried, but the fact the boy was being open about how he was feeling was a good sign. "Now I'm sure Ben already told you about me wanting to talk to you and I hope you are okay with it." He then asks, as he puts a plate in front of both boys before sitting down in front of his own.

"Yeah and I don't mind listening." Matt responds, but avoids making eye contact, he wasn't sure about seeing the doctor and deep down all he wanted to do was be alone and cry, but he had his boyfriend now and he didn't want to let him down and disappoint him.

They then spend a few minutes just enjoying the food, until Mitch decides to start the conversation he was half dreading and just hoped Matt wouldn't get upset or angry, he started by asking again if Matt was okay and what he remembered, he was happy to hear his little brother had already filled him in on the details, he then explained what he thought caused him to react like that, which he hadn't told his little brother about yet and both boys reacted the same way and both gave Mitch the same look of understanding.

Mitch then asks Matt the question he had been dreading, he still wasn't sure how the boy would react, he was hoping he would agree, but there was always the chance he could react badly and see it as some sort of attack on him and Mitch didn't want that to happen, but knowing he had to at least try he took a deep breath and just tried his best to explain why he thought it would be a good idea and tried to keep the tone of his voice kind and caring so he didn't sound like he was lecturing the boy.

It took him longer than expected to actually say what he wanted to say, as he was trying hard to choose his words carefully, but eventually Mitch finished and looked at the Matt to see his reaction, but as Matt reluctantly agreed to go see the doctor, Mitch realises that he had forgotten to tell Matt he would have to see the doctor alone and starts to worry because he really didn't think he would react well to that prospect and doubted his little brother would be any happier about it.

"So what time do we have to see him and can we even get an appointment this quickly?" Matt then asks, not noticing the nervous look on Mitch's face, as he tries to work out how he should tell the boys about Matt having to see the doctor alone.

"Yeah Mitch, don't you have to like book weeks in advance?" Ben then adds, after realising that they surely can't just go and see the doctor today.

"It's okay, I will explain in a minute, but Matt I forgot to mention something and I'm sorry but it's really important." Mitch starts to say, but pauses as he hesitates, he can just see Matt refusing outright, but it was better he found out now instead of at the doctors, so he just has says it. "Matt you will have to see the doctor alone, I can't go in with you and neither can Ben." As soon as Mitch finishes, he can see by the look on the boys face and that he is about to refuse to go and is about to say something, until he sees his little brother lean over and whisper something into his ear and watches as Matt then gives his little brother a strange and frustrated look.

"How do you even know I have to see him alone?" Matt then asks, Mitch can see he is clearly annoyed, but is relieved that at the very least he is not angry.

"Well, I spoke to him a few hours ago and he told me if you went, then it would have to be a solo appointment." Mitch responds calmly, he wanted to try and keep as calm as he could, in the hope it would relax the boys a bit more.

"You spoke to him already, but how did you know Matt would even agree?" Ben asks in surprise, just before Matt gets a chance to say anything.

"I didn't, but I wanted to make sure if he agreed, that he could actually see the doctor." Mitch answers honestly.

"But how did you get an appointment so quick?" Matt asks curiously, like Ben he knew that you had to book in advance so this made no sense.

"Because the appointment should have been for me." Mitch states and can see the confused look on his little brothers face. "Ben neither you or dad knows this, but I still go to see Dr Fisher twice a month and well I had an appointment today, so I phoned him up to ask him if he could see Matt instead, he was reluctant at first, until I told him what happened and well the appointment is Matt's if he wants it or mine still if he doesn't." He then reveals, stunning the two boys but especially his little brother whose mouth hangs wide open.

"Why but... huh, why do you still see him?" Ben then asks, he is confused because he had assumed his brother had stopped seeing him months ago and was now fine.

"Ben I still get nightmares about the man's body that I found and well sometimes it's just good to talk to someone about things and Dr Fisher is so easy to talk too." Mitch answers honestly, he could probably get along just fine without the sessions, but it was just nice to talk things through with someone and if that someone was a professional psychologist, than that was even better he thought to himself.

"So I'm like you?" Matt suddenly asks, taking Mitch a little by surprise by the question at first, until he understands what he meant.

"I guess so yes, you see even though what we went through isn't the same, the effect it had on us is similar, the doctor told me everyone is different with how they react and recover from traumatic events, myself I don't know if I will ever be able to get the image of that body from my mind, but with the doctors help I have been able to accept that and not let it ruin my life and I'm sure he can help you do the same Matt." Mitch replies, trying his best to explain, although he knows he probably hasn't made much sense to the young boy.

"So I might never be able to forget what happened?" Matt asks, with a defeated look on his face and Mitch knows he has failed the boy with his explanation, but luckily for him his little brother is there to help out.

"You're such a dumb ass Matt, of course you will never forget, no one will forget what that pervert did, but what my idiot brother was trying to say, is that the doctor can help you deal with it, without wetting yourself and crying on my chest all the time." Ben suddenly says, with a big cheesy grin and fakes being hurt as his boyfriend playfully punches him on the shoulder.

"Creep!" Matt retorts, he is now smiling and quickly leans over to his boyfriend and gives him a loving kiss, he wasn't all of a sudden magically cured or feeling better, but his boyfriend definitely made it easier and he wanted to show him how much he appreciated his effort to help him.

Mitch just looks on in amazement at the two boys and wonders how his little brother does it, although as he watches their loving kiss begin to turn into something a bit more x-rated, when their hands begin wondering, he suddenly starts to feel very uncomfortable.

"Er... guys, you mind cutting that crap out while I'm sitting right here?" Mitch says in mock annoyance and despite their blushing faces the two boys start laughing.

"Sorry Mitch... but he is just so sexy." Ben responds, before kissing his boyfriends neck, causing Mitch to shake his head.

"Yeah sor..r..y, but I.. will go to see Dr... Fisher... quit it Ben... I'm trying to t..alk." Matt mumbles between moans, as his boyfriend nuzzles his neck and rubs is nipples.

"Oh come on Ben behave, we are being serious here." Mitch says sternly, causing his little brother to sit back up pouting, he was really horny and didn't want to stop playing with his boyfriend. "Right I will give Dr Fisher a quick ring, so why don't you two go take a quick shower together and get dressed.... and I mean a quick one boys." Mitch instructs them, as he starts to clear away the plates, ignoring their mock sighs and he can't help but chuckle when they walk off and upstairs to the bathroom hand in hand.

While Mitch tidies up and makes the phone call to Dr Fishers office downstairs, the two boys quickly strip each other naked before standing in the bath, Matt had somehow convinced his boyfriend to stand under the shower head with him and enjoy the feeling of the cold water hitting them before it warms up, although he has to kiss him to keep him in place and when the cold water hits them, he can hear his boyfriends muffled squeal, as the cold water crashes over them and giggles into his boyfriends mouth.

"Holy fuck it's cold." Ben then states shaking after he breaks the kiss, causing Matt to laugh at his boyfriend, while he just enjoys the feeling.

"Aww is my little baby cold." Matt teases, then pulls his boyfriend tight to his body and kisses him deeply again, not giving him a chance to respond.

They eventually manage to reluctantly break the kiss, while Ben reaches for some shower gels, he hands one to his boyfriend and they begin to squirt the contents over each other playfully, before placing the bottles aside and rubbing each other all over and end up kissing each other again, while they continue to rub the shower gel in and the water washes it away, both boys can feel each others boners against their own and they're soon moaning when they start to feel the tell tale signs of their fast approaching orgasms, but instead of stopping, they both speed up their rubbing and grinding until they both feel their knees tremble.

"AARRGGHH... OH.. OH AARRGGHH!" They both shout out together, somehow managing to hold each other up, as they pant and shudder into each others bodies.

Without having to say a word to each other, they just stare into each others eyes and start kissing, while they slowly recover from their orgasms and they barely even hear the knocking at the door or the voice at first.

"Guys are you okay, did something happen?" Mitch shouts through the door and is about to open it when he gets no response, when the door suddenly opens and he is greeted by the sight of too very tired looking yet glowing boys, with towels wrapped around their waists and it only takes Mitch a few moments to realise what he had heard and what that meant. "Eww fucking hell boys... you dirty little shits, I said a quick shower, not to fool around with each other." He then states, trying his best to sound serious, but the huge smile on his face shows the boys that he isn't really angry at all.

"Sorry." Both boys say with the cutest pouts, that just makes Mitch's heart melt like butter and he just can't help but laugh with the boys as he ruffles their hair.

"You scared the shit out of me though, I thought you were being attacked or something." Mitch then says, still grinning at the boys adorable expressions, they both seem so happy right now and he was happy for them both.

"You heard us?" Ben then asks, as he stops giggling and turns bright red.

"I think the whole town heard you Ben, might want to be a bit more quiet or stick something in your mouths." Mitch says with a cheesy grin, but the inquisitive looks on the two boys faces, at his last few words leaves him regretting them and he realises what he said and just hoped they were too young to even make the connection.

"Eww won't that be gross putting them in our mouths?" Matt then asks in an innocent tone, only a child could get manage and in the process dashes Mitch's hopes of the boys not being old enough to take his words that way.

"Er... fucking hell, boys just forget what I said please, we have more important things to do today." Mitch says, trying to change the subject, but he soon realises he isn't going to be that lucky.

"People put them in their mouths?" Ben then asks in a disbelieving tone, before looking down to his boyfriends and then his own covered penis, finding himself wondering what it would be like and when Mitch sees that the boys are both looking at each others tenting towels, he sighs and realises he just got himself involved in another embarrassing conversation with the two boys.

"If I promise to tell you later, will you drop it for now?" Mitch then asks, deciding that he isn't going to get out of having to explain what a blow job is to the boys, but he can at least put it off until at least the evening or tomorrow.

"Okay, but Mitch do people really do it?" Ben responds, not quite ready to let the subject totally finish.

"Yes they do, now come on get dressed and wait downstairs while I take a shower and no fooling around this time, I mean it." Mitch responds honestly, before ordering the boys out of the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later, all three boys are standing outside and waiting at the bus stop, they talk for a while about school and music, until Matt suddenly thinks of something he had not even considered until now.

"What do I tell my parents?" Matt suddenly asks, he still can't believe he hadn't even thought about how they are going to react to what happened.

"Huh?" Ben responds, not quite sure what his boyfriend is talking about.

"You know about last night and seeing the doctor today?" Matt explains and can feel himself shaking a little and starts to worry that he is about to cry again.

"Oh I don't know, I didn't really think about them." Ben answers honestly, before noticing his boyfriend is starting to get upset and quickly holds his hand, after seeing no one else was near them, although he knew he would have held it even if someone else was nearby, his boyfriend was getting upset and needed to help him.

"Well I have and you just have to tell them the truth Matt, it may be embarrassing for you, but they're your parents and I'm sure the doctor will tell you the same thing." Mitch then states, he had almost told his dad and Matt's parents earlier in the morning about what had happened, but he thought it would be better if the boy talked to them himself.

"Do I have too tell them though?" Matt asks half heartedly, even though he already knows the answer to that question, but at least he had his boyfriend and appreciated him holding his hand and already felt a lot calmer.

"If you want to get better Matt, I think you have to, if you start hiding things from the people you love, then you will keep doing it and you will never get over the things that happened to you." Mitch explains, he is wondering where this is coming from, but it seems to make sense and with his firm tone, he can tell the boy is taking him seriously by the look on his face.

"Oh I think I get it, but do I have to tell them about seeing Dr Fisher today, I mean you didn't tell your dad or even Ben, that you still see him." Matt asks in a serious tone, Mitch knows the young boy has a point, but the situations are different and he needs him to understand that.

"Well you got me there little guy, but the difference is I'm seeing him just to talk and make sure that I'm doing okay, you're seeing him because you're still having problems and are in need of all the support you can get, if something bad happened or I needed help, I would tell my dad and Ben straight away, but there isn't much point telling them when it's just a check up, do you understand?" Mitch says confidently, hoping he had explained everything clearly and got his point across.

"I guess so." Matt says disappointingly and Mitch realises that wasn't the answer the boy had wanted.

"Look Matt if you don't want to tell them about today, then I think it will be okay, as long as you tell them about last night, I think that's enough and you can always ask Dr Fisher what he thinks." Mitch then states, giving the boy a little hope, although Matt was still down about the fact he needed any help at all and just wished he could be normal again.

"I don't see why you don't want to tell them though Matt, I mean they already know you see him with me and if you're going to tell them about last night, I think if anything they will be less worried if they knew you already talked to Dr Fisher." Ben then says and Mitch can't help but feel proud of his little brother and Matt can't help but smile and takes a quick look around and kisses his boyfriend quickly, before moving back with a shy smile.

"Thanks Creep." Matt then says, in an adorably cute tone, that even Mitch can't help but smile happily at.

"You two are just so damn cute together, now cut it out the bus is coming." Mitch says sweetly, before ruffling the boys hair, he always loved doing it, because it didn't seem to matter how much he messed their hair up, it always looked adorable and cute and of course their giggles were equally just as cute.

After they arrive in town after a boring bus ride, the boys start off following Mitch as they make the short journey to Dr Fisher's office, but as they talk to each other Mitch moves behind them, so he could keep an eye on the both of them, he knew it wasn't necessary, but he couldn't help being protective of the boys and it didn't really bother either of them, so they just let him get on with it and enjoyed each others company until they arrived outside the building.

"You can still back out if you want Matt, I can always go in while you two wait for me in reception." Mitch then says, offering the young boy one last out before it was too late, he knew he wouldn't take it, but felt he had to at least give him the option and the little smile he gets from his little brother, lets him know he did the right thing.

"Thanks but I have to do this, or my boyfriend will beat me up and spank me again." Matt says grinning, then sticks his tongue out at his boyfriend, who gives him a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Dumb ass, I'm going to spank you any way." Ben retorts and gets a playful punch in the shoulder as well, before Mitch steps between the boys and then ushers them into the building.

"Come on love birds hurry up inside." Mitch teases and holds the door open for the boys.

Once inside they only have to sit and wait for a few minutes before the receptionist calls Matt's name, although they were the only ones in the waiting room, he nervously gets up and quickly takes hold of his boyfriends hand, he then leans down and gives him a gentle kiss on the lips, before heading into the doctors room and as soon as he shuts the door behind him, Mitch turns to his little brother.

"How are you really doing little guy?" Mitch asks him, he knows his little brother has just been acting okay and wanted to help him.

"Mitch, I'm scared that he will never get better." Ben replies honestly in a sad tone, he feels guilty for even thinking it, let alone admitting it to his brother and wondered if he was a bad person.

"Well you don't need to be, the fact he came here and the way he responds to you is a very, very good sign and while it might take a while he will be just fine I promise." Mitch states, trying his best to reassure his little brother and pulls him close, ruffling his hair affectionately.

Ben cuddles up to his brother and they sit in silence waiting for Matt to reappear, after ten minutes Ben decides he wants to ask his brother something, but just as he goes to speak another voice interrupts him.

"Ben... Ben is that you?" Ben hears the familiar sounding voice and when he looks up, he is shocked to see Wesley standing in front of him and he can't help but blush. "Oh hey Mitch." Wesley then says, realising Mitch is sitting next to Ben.

"Oh hey Wesley, how are you doing?" Mitch replies, as Ben turns to him in confusion and wonders how his brother knows Wesley and how Wesley knows his brother.

"Wait you know my brother?" Ben then asks, turning back to Wesley.

"Oh right Walker... man how didn't I figure that out, I didn't know you were brothers." Wesley says, after realising it never even crossed his mind that they were brothers, even after they had both mentioned having an older and little brother respectively to him.

"But what are you doing here, do you have an appointment with Dr Fisher as well?" Ben then asks.

"Ha, yeah right an appointment... well the amount of time I get to spend with my dad, an appointment might be a good idea." Wesley replies smiling, although it takes Ben a few moments to work out what he had just said.

"Wait what you're... he is your dad?" Ben asks, finally working it out.

"Yeah he is, anyway shouldn't you be in there Mitch?" Wesley answers, before turning to Mitch.

"No, well it's complicated and I'm not sure it's my place to say anything." Mitch responds honestly and Wesley gives him a funny look, the boy then looks between the two brothers and then smiles, which causes the brothers to give him a questioning look.

"Matt's in there isn't he, come on you can tell me, I know he sees my dad as well, but usually it's with you Ben, so why is he in there alone?" Wesley says, firing questions at the two boys, like the curious boy he is.

"Hey, how do you know Matt and I see your dad, isn't it meant to be like confidential and stuff?" Ben then asks, he is annoyed at the thought of his personal life being discussed with other people, especially someone he goes to school with.

"Oh no, it's nothing like that Ben, I have just seen you go in and out of the building, I would have said something to you at school, but how do you start that conversation, 'Oh hey there person I hardly talk too, I saw you visiting my dads office the other day, are you one of those crazy people?' yeah that wouldn't have been awkward at all." Wesley quickly states, smiling and is soon joined by both Mitch and Ben, who can't help but find his statement amusing.

"Okay, you have a point and yeah Matt is in there, but please don't ask why because it's personal and he is so fragile right now, I just don't want him to get upset again." Ben states honestly, relaxing a little in Wesley's presence.

"So you two aren't friends at school?" Mitch suddenly asks, deciding to change the subject quickly, as both boys look at him in surprise. "Hey don't get all defensive, it was just a question." He then adds, sensing the boys were not comfortable with the question.

"Well were aren't enemies or anything, we just don't really hang in the same circles." Wesley says offering an answer, although if he was being totally honest, he had often wondered why he wasn't friends with Ben, or even Matt for that matter, he actually liked them both and for some reason it just never happened.

"Yeah, he hangs with the cool kids and well I hang around with my friends." Ben then states, he like his boyfriend, actually both liked Wesley, but they just didn't have the same circle of friends and that was how it was always going to be.

"Oh so I see, well that's a shame you two seem to be a lot alike." Mitch responds honestly, he is happy to leave the conversation at that, but to his surprise the boys seem intent on discussing it further.

"Pfft, the cool kids, Mitch your little brother would probably be the coolest kid in school, if he actually got of his ass and did something." Wesley states with a smile, but there is definitely something else in his voice that suggests he isn't just joking around and it piques Mitch's interest.

"What do you mean, if he actually did something, I thought he was good at sports and stuff." Mitch asks, he is curious about this new insight into his little brothers school life and wonders what he is actually like at school.

"Oh, he is better than good, but he refuses to take it seriously or even join a team." Wesley replies, happily revealing all to Mitch, he wasn't trying to embarrass Ben, because he really liked him and knows if he joined a team, he would probably be it's star player and the teams at school could really use another one of those.

"Hey cut it out Wesley, it's my choice and you're just saying that, besides no one really likes me." Ben says defensively, clearly not amused at Wesley's attempts to enlist his big brother in an attempt to convince him to play sports, sure he likes sports and is good at most of them, but he didn't like the idea of joining a team and now that he had the perfect boyfriend, he didn't want to be anywhere else except with him.

"Pfft, no one likes you? Shut up you idiot, even though you refuse to join a team and spend your time in music class, despite showing no interest in music, you're pretty much one of the most popular kids in our year." Wesley retorts, although Ben just thinks he is lying.

"Oh piss off Wesley, no one even talks to me, if I was so popular wouldn't I have people following me round like mindless goons, like you have all day?" Ben snaps back, a little more bluntly than he had intended and Mitch thinks about intervening and stopping the conversation, but he can't help being curious and decides to let it go on until it starts to get out of hand.

"Believe it or not, it's true and the only reason you don't get the attention is because people get that you want to be left alone... come on I'm being serious Ben, even though no one gets bullied at our school there are still name calling and pushing around, you must have seen the so called 'cool' kids and their goons pushing the 'uncool' kids around, so ask yourself when that last happened to you or Matt?" Wesley answers back smiling, happy that he made his point and from the look on Ben's face he knows he understood.

"Well er... huh?" Is all Ben can reply, as he tries to think of anything that would prove Wesley wrong, but he just comes up blank and when he looks back, he can kind of remember times where he could have been bullied or pushed around, but was just left alone.

"Exactly Ben, even though you refuse to join a team or hang around with the 'cool' kids you still get left alone, so believe me when I say, if you joined a team you would sail right to the top of the ladder, hell people even love Matt just as much, although I'm not quite sure how that happened, they hated him at first and I mean really hated him, but even before they found out he was basically your best friend they got a hard on for him, that boy has just got something about him, that people like I guess, hell even I can't help but want to hug him and be his friend and I've only talked to him a handful of times." Wesley responds honestly, he had no idea how or why the two boys got so much respect, but he knew it was true and that he liked them both himself.

"Yeah you got that right Wesley, I don't know how they do it, but they just find a way to get in your heart and you can't help but love them." Mitch then decides to state honestly, deciding to join in the conversation again.

"Oh come on seriously, you're saying people like me and Matt that much? It doesn't make any sense." Ben states sceptically, how can two boys who barely interact with anyone outside their circle of friends, be so well liked he thought to himself.

"Hey, don't ask me to explain it just believe me, in fact I'm pretty sure if you and Matt came out together, everyone would accept you and it could even help anyone else who wanted to come out, although saying that I wouldn't have the balls to test that theory out myself." Wesley states firmly, although when he turns to Mitch, he is confused by the look on the older boys face.

"He knows about you two?" Mitch asks in surprise, after turning to his little brother.

"Er... well he kinda guessed, but he's cool because his older brother is gay and he promised to not tell anyone." Ben replies honestly, trying to reassure his brother, so he doesn't get over protective and embarrass him.

"Is this true." Mitch asks after turning to Wesley, Mitch can't help but go into protective big brother mode and wants to make sure he is telling the truth.

"Yeah, I sort of knew for a while, but it wasn't until Friday in music class that er... well let's just say, they made it impossible to not confirm my suspicions." Wesley says with a shy smile, remembering the moment when Ben woke Matt up by groping him.

"Don't get angry Mitch, we are careful, it was just a little slip up and no one else knew and we told you about Matt singing to me and no one said anything after that." Ben quickly says, as his brother looks at him disappointingly.

"It's true Mitch, I actually tested the waters out after class and school, no one even mentioned anything other than how great Matt was and how they couldn't believe how he kept his talent a secret for so long." Wesley jumps in as he backs Ben up, he could see the older boy was concerned for their safety and thought it was cool and wanted to help reassure him that their secret was safe with him.

"Oh... well sorry I just get protective of the boys, I know what people can be like and I don't want that for them, thank you Wesley." Mitch responds sincerely, he could tell Wesley was a good boy and seemed to like his little brother and Matt, so he wasn't to bothered that he knew their secret.

"I know, my brother went through a lot of stuff and even though he got through it, he told me no one should ever have to go through that, so I will do what ever I can to help Matt and Ben, plus they have Jordan and Carter to talk with about gay stuff, so I think they will be okay." Wesley says, but by the look on Ben's face he knows he just said something he shouldn't have and it doesn't take a genius to work out that Mitch had no idea about Carter or Jordan being gay and he instantly felt guilty.

"Carter and Jordan are gay as well?" Mitch says in complete surprise, he didn't really know Carter to well and when he did visit he was just a quiet shy boy, Jordan however was as straight as they came as far as he could tell from meeting him, even after the Mr Jones stuff Mitch didn't pick up the gay vibe he did with his own brother and Matt.

"Yeah, but you can't tell anyone or even let them know you know Mitch, you gotta promise... please." Ben pleads with his brother.

"So they are dating each other like you and Matt?" Mitch asks, looking at his brother curiously.

"Yeah, but you gotta promise Mitch." Ben replies but repeats his plea.

"Okay, I promise but wow, are any more of your friends gay... don't tell me you are gay as well Wesley, the girls will go crazy if you were lost to them as well." Mitch promises, before teasing Wesley, while he might have got Jordan and Carter wrong, he knew Wesley was straight and he couldn't help but tease him.

"Ha no way, sorry to the guys of the world, but someone has to make sure the human race goes on, while these boys play tonsil tennis which each other." Wesley states proudly with his hands on his hips and his head tilted up to the side in a mock superhero pose, that causes the brothers to burst out laughing and even the receptionist, who had done a pretty decent job of ignoring the boys conversation can't help but laugh at the boys antics, which alert the now worried looking boys to the fact she can hear them.

"Don't worry about me, I'm not sure my girlfriend would appreciate me outing a bunch of schoolboys to the world and there is no way I'm going get on the wrong side of her, so carry on and maybe just speak a little quieter." Claire says to the boys smiling, hearing that she is also gay relaxes the boys and although Mitch and Wesley know better than to ask personal questions, Ben just can't help caving into his curiosity.

"How can you be gay if you don't have a penis, what do you play with?" Ben blurts out, completely ignorant of just how inappropriate that question was and if he took a second to look at his brothers mortified expression, he might realise his error of judgement and even Wesley bursting into a fit of giggles didn't seem to register, as Ben stares directly at Claire, who was now blushing.

"What the hell kind of a question is that to ask someone Ben." Mitch finally says, as the initial shock and shame over his brothers question passed. "I'm so sorry Claire, he has just been really curious recently and doesn't realise when to keep his mouth shut." He then says, as he apologises to Claire.

"It's quite alright Mitch, kids his age are naturally curious, although I think Ben has taken it to a whole new level." Claire says smirking, she is embarrassed by the boys question, but equally amused and she can't help but envy the boys innocence.

"Huh why not, what do girls do with each other?" Ben then asks, not taking his brothers hints to shut up and he can't understand why Wesley is now almost laying on the floor laughing either.

"Ben that's enough, you don't ask people personal questions like that, now I will explain later okay, but don't ask those sorts of questions again." Mitch says, scolding his little brother and just when Mitch thinks he has got the message, it just gets even worse for him.

"Ah cool sorry Claire, Mitch can tell me later on after he shows me how to blow job." Ben suddenly says in the completely innocent tone only a kid could pull off, leaving Mitch blushing and holding his head in his hands as both Wesley and Claire give him a suspicious look.

"Oh for fuck sake, shut up Ben seriously, firstly I'm not showing you how to give blow jobs, I'm just going to explain to you what they are because you asked me about it, secondly there will be no demonstrations or visual aids involved at all and thirdly you do not discuss things like this in front of other people and finally if you keep this sort of behaviour up, I will tell dad and he can be the one helping you out with your problems." Mitch lectures his little brother in a dead serious tone, he knows his little brother doesn't mean any harm, but if he makes those sort of comments in front of the wrong people, he could end up branded some kind of pervert who likes little boys and that was just disgusting and would ruin his life.

"Yes Ben, I agree with your brother, this is not the sort of thing to discuss in front of people, especially those you do not know very well, now why don't we sit in silence until your friend comes out." Claire suggests, deciding that this conversation needed to end despite how amusing it was for her, she could see that the older boy was definitely not happy with his younger brother.

"Holy crap Ben, you are just hilarious, I mean Jesus, I've never met someone like you before." Wesley adds laughing his head off, as he goes through Ben's questions again in his mind and just can't believe he would ask those sorts of questions or say what he did about his brother and the blow jobs.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to Mitch." Ben apologises, as he slumps back in to the seat looking extremely miserable.

"Just be quiet Ben." Mitch responds a little too harshly and instantly regrets it, when he sees a few tears run down his little brothers face and even Wesley and Claire give him a cold look, that lets him know he just messed up. "Oh shit Ben, sorry I was just being an ass, please don't get upset... come here." He then says, as he pulls his brother into his chest and whispers in his ear, so the other two can't hear him. "I'm so sorry, you can kick my ass later, but Matt will be out soon and he needs to see his happy and strong boyfriend right now, so come on be strong for him."

Ben sniffles and wipes his eyes before looking up at his big brother. "Okay, but I'm so kicking you ass for making me cry in front of Wesley you jack ass." Ben whispers back, although his tone is more playful than angry and he knows he deserved being told off.

Wesley then tries to make small talk with the two brothers, while they wait for Matt and his dad to appear from the office, he manages to steer the conversation back to Ben's sporting talents and between him and Mitch they do a pretty good job of annoying the hell out of Ben, who was still just having none of it, however before he gets too frustrated by them hassling him about joining a team, the door to Dr Fisher's office opens and Matt emerges with an annoyed look on his face and Ben quickly walks over to him.

"Hey Matt what's wrong, what did Dr Fisher say?" Ben asks, feeling very concerned by his boyfriends expression.

"I don't care what he said, I want to go home." Matt responds and is clearly annoyed and starts to walk towards the exit.

"Matthew it's for the best, if you want to get better." A serious voice states, causing everyone to turn towards the office door, to see a stern looking Dr Fisher standing there with his arms folded.

"What's for the best?" Ben asks, deciding if his boyfriend won't tell him, then the doctor will.

"Well normally I couldn't tell you Benjamin, but as you are also my patient and it affects you then I see no issue." Dr Fisher states, before taking a final glance at Matt, who is standing on the other side of the room, before he turns back to Ben. "Basically to get to the root of Matt's problems, I need to see him one on one and that means I need to end your joint appointments and see you both separately, in fact I feel that with solo appointments Ben, you will no longer need to see me within a few sessions." He then states matter of factly.

"Matt, Ben both of you sit down for a few minutes, I need to speak with the doctor alone." Mitch suddenly says, after deciding he had heard enough. "You don't mind do you Sir, but I think we need to talk." He then says, as he turns to the doctor, Dr Fisher looks the young man over for a few moments, before nodding his head and walking back into his office and waits for Mitch to follow him before closing the door behind them.

"Hey Matt, sorry about my dad he can be a bit stupid sometimes." Wesley says out of the blue, causing Matt to suddenly look up in surprise, he hadn't even noticed the boy was in the room.

"Oh er... hey Wesley, sorry I didn't see you there." Matt responds apologetically, Ben however gives him a funny look, the lack of surprise or embarrassment on his boyfriends face at seeing Wesley here and the fact he seemed to know he was the doctors son confused him even more.

"Wait, you knew Wesley was Dr Fisher's son?" Ben asks his boyfriend in surprise.

"Well yeah, he said his dad was a doctor and Dr Fisher told us he has a son our age and well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, I mean they have the same last name right?" Matt answers, but gives the other two boys a funny look when he sees Wesley blush and his boyfriend giggle.

"Well yeah, I guess only a moron wouldn't be able to work out, two people are related if they have the same surname and have both told you they had relatives... right Wesley?" Ben states with a big cheesy grin on his face, that confuses his boyfriend even more.

"Oh fuck off, at least I didn't tell people that my older brother was going to show me how to give blow jobs." Wesley retorts and smiles when the grin washes away from Ben's face, Matt just looks between the two boys and is totally confused by the interaction.

"What are you two on about... actually I don't care... Ben I want to go home now." Matt suddenly says, he is a little curious about the other two boys conversation, but he is just too emotional right now and wanted to go home and cry.

"Matt don't get upset about my dad, I know it is none of my business, but even though I hate to admit it, my dad is never wrong and if he says something will help you it will and you can tell me to shut up if you want too, but surely the quicker you get better the more time you two can spend together 'alone' right?" Wesley says, offering his advice and empathizing the word 'alone' with a sly wink, that causes Ben to blush.

"But I need Ben, otherwise I can't talk about things, I get upset and... I... I just want... it's not fair why can't I just be normal." Matt stutters, before tears flow down his face, he then quickly jumps up and attempts to run away, but as he tries he feels something grab his arm and hold him in place.

"Matt, I'm not letting you go." Ben then says, as he pulls his crying boyfriend into his arms and kisses him softly on the lips, before letting him cry into his shoulder, he doesn't care that Wesley and Claire were in the room and is only focused on his boyfriend, who needs him to be strong for him.

"Matt you're normal, you had something awful happen and no one should ever have to experience that and the fact it upsets you just proves you're normal, only a sick or mental person could act as if nothing happened." Wesley suddenly says, before he walks over and gives Matt a friendly reassuring pat on the back, before backing away a few steps, Ben looks over to him in surprise, at his apparent lack of concern or judgement, after seeing him kiss his boyfriend and comfort him.

"Boys, there is a toilet through that door and down the hall." Claire suddenly says, as she looks at Ben and Matt sympathetically. "Ben why don't you take Matt and clean him up, then come back when he has calmed down, Wesley and me will let the other two know where you are, if they come out before you get back." She then says in a caring tone and smiles when Ben gives her an appreciative smile.

"Yeah take your time guys, no one else is here, so you won't be interrupted." Wesley then states and gives Ben a cheeky wink and smile, which causes the boy to blush, but there is no hiding the small smile that creeps on his face and he knows what Wesley was hinting at.

One Month Later: February 2015

It has been one month since Dr Fisher had convinced Mitch, that making the boys attend future appointments apart from each other would benefit both of them immensely, at first Ben had been angry with his brother for taking the doctors side, but at the end of the day Ben trusted his brother with his life and it was him who had finally convinced his boyfriend to accept the solo appointments and it turned out, that the doctor was one hundred percent right and in just three sessions it was clear that Ben no longer needed to see him any more, although he still went with his boyfriend and waited for him in the waiting room to support him.

Matt's recovery had also been a success and after eight sessions the doctor was more than satisfied that he no longer needed to attend any more session, although he did give Matt the same offer he had given Mitch, so he could come back every few weeks if he wanted too and just have a chat, Matt after talking with his boyfriend and Mitch had decided it was a good idea and accepted the offer.

The boys relationship had also benefited from the solo session, just as Wesley had predicted it would, as the boys found themselves having more time to spend alone together and just being able to be with each other without the other stuff getting in the way, they had thanked Wesley for his understanding, although apart from the odd conversation their friendship had remained as it had been previously, although they would talk more in the classes they all attended or if they passed on the hallway, Wesley had of course tried and failed to get Ben to change his mind about joining a sports team and even when he persuaded Matt to help his cause, that also failed as Ben wouldn't budge on the matter and he could tell Matt wasn't really trying that hard to change his boyfriends mind.

The most exciting thing to have happened though in the boys eyes, was Mitch finally getting a car, although it was nothing fancy it did offer them a new way of being together, without other people finding out and Mitch didn't mind taking the boys all over the place for their 'dates' although the boys still felt a little guilty for making him take them places and as much as they tried giving him money and gifts he refused and made up some excuse to not accept them.

There was one thing though that Matt wasn't happy about and that was his mums trip away for five days, a week before his birthday in two months time, it wasn't the fact she was going away that bothered him, it was the fact he was being forced to go with her, he had tried everything he could think of to get out of it, but his parents were adamant he had to go, he had argued so much he had actually missed the school bus today and had to sit in silence as his dad lectured him while he took him to school, so when he walked through the gates to see the last of the other kids entering the school doors, he knew he had to run to avoid being late for his first class and even when he made it to the music room door, he was still angry at his parents and even when he sees his boyfriend already sitting at their desk his mood stays the same and he lets out a sigh, before opening the door and walking down to take his seat.

"So I'm guessing you didn't get out of it?" Ben asks, as he looks at his obviously frustrated boyfriend.

"No, dad has too much work on and Mum really wants me to be there, I don't know why though, she will be busy with work most of the time and I'm just going to be on my own and bored." Matt answers, sounding every bit as frustrated as he looks, Ben can only give his hand a gently comforting squeeze under the table and a loving smile, before remembering where they are and lets go of his boyfriends hand reluctantly.

"They even said no to staying at my house?" Ben asks, although he already knows the answer.

"Yeah, Mum just said she wanted me with her and some stuff about never getting to spend time with me any more, she kind of has a point I guess, I haven't spent much time with her lately, but I still don't want to go." Matt responds, as he looks through his bag and angrily places his books on the desk, causing a few of the other nearby kids to look over at him in surprise.

"Look you have to go, so just try to make the most of it, it's going to happen so can't you just enjoy yourself with me until you go?" Ben then asks, looking into his boyfriends eyes and smiles.

"Damn I hate you, I was really enjoying being moody and now you got me all happy... people like you need to be punished." Matt says in mock anger, letting all his a worries disappear and replaces them with happy and naughty thoughts about his boyfriend and what he wants to do with him.

"I can't wait, it's been a while since my handcuffs got some action." Ben whispers, as he leans towards his boyfriend, who turns bright red.

"Filthy creep." Matt retorts with a mischievous grin, the boys could carry on forever talking dirty and teasing each other, but they notice their teacher walking into the classroom and decide to behave themselves, although as they look up, they also see that Wesley is giving them a knowing look with a smile plastered across his face and they quickly turn to the front embarrassed, realising Wesley had been watching them and probably knew exactly what they were up to.

"Okay class, like always I will forgo the usual mundane start to a class as everyone is here who should be, now although it may not be professional of me to say this, but I have had a stressful week and I can tell by the look on your faces." Mr Morgan begins to say, before pausing to scan the various faces of his class and sees he isn't alone, that is until he comes to Ben and Matt, who for all the world look like the happiest if not slightly embarrassed boys in the whole wide world. "Well some of I guess, so today I want the class to have a talk and volunteer someone to perform something fun and uplifting to cheer us all up for the rest of the class, so if you would like to discuss...." Mr Morgan starts to say but is interrupted by the class.

"We vote for Matt Sir." The whole class seems to call out in unison, causing their teacher to smile, while the happy look on Matt's face disappears, as he turns to the rest of the class in a mixture of annoyance and surprise.

"Well apart from interrupting me, which by the way earns you all some form of boring mundane homework, that I will decide during the lesson, I have to say I am more than happy with your choice and accept it, so Mr Summers if you would like to get ready, I think five minutes should be enough to figure out something to cheer us all up." Mr Morgan declares, to a round of groans from his class at the mention of homework, although he had no intention of actually setting them any, he thought the mere thought of it was enough punishment for his class.

"But Sir, that's not fair." Matt then states and is not happy about being 'volunteered' after the morning he has had already.

Mr Morgan takes a few moments to look the boy over, of course he was right, but Mr Morgan wanted him to sing and the class clearly wanted it too and found himself conflicted over what to do and he was about to give the young boy a break, when he noticed Ben whisper something into his friends ear and decided to give it a few moments to see how it plays out.

"Really?" Matt whispers back to his boyfriend, blushing slightly, before turning to face his teacher. "Okay Sir, I will do it, but what kind of song did you want?" He then says, still not looking very happy about it, although Mr Morgan can't help but notice the smug look on Ben's face and wonders what the boy had said to his friend to change his mind.

"Any song you think will cheer everyone else up Mr Summers, just think of something fun and happy." Mr Morgan replies and is glad that he had waited those few moments, otherwise he wasn't sure how the class would have reacted to him asking them to pick someone else.

"Okay, well if you want me to do it, then I need Wesley to come down and play the drums for me." Matt says and turns round to give Wesley a smirk as he watches him stare at him.

"Well I'm sure Mr Fisher will be delighted to join you, although I don't think I've ever seen him on the drums before." Mr Morgan responds, he knew just like Matt, Wesley was a gifted musician, but wondered if he really could play the drums or if Matt was trying to play a trick his class mate.

"Oh don't worry Sir, Wesley knows what he's doing and oh we are going to do 'Build Me Up buttercup' Sir." Matt responds with a smile, before Wesley can say anything to get out of performing.

Wesley thinks about saying something, but decides there is no point and makes his way towards the front of the glass, making sure he gives Matt a look that lets him know he will get his own back, although if he was being honest, he knows this is probably Ben and Matt just getting their own back on him for the look he gave them earlier, when he was watching them whisper and touch each other, he was actually still surprised no one else seems to notice the boys closeness, because it seemed so obvious to him and when Matt walks over to help him set the drum kit up, his annoyance is already gone.

"Hey sorry Wesley, it was Ben's idea, you know for spying on us earlier and don't try to deny it, we saw the look you gave us." Matt whispers, as he half apologises to Wesley.

"Yeah, I thought that was why and don't worry about it, I'm actually looking forward to using the drums again, it's been ages since I got to play them and just so you know, I love the song you picked." Wesley whisper back in reply, although he isn't quite sure why they are whispering, but he just decides to go with it and figures Matt must have a reason.

"Ah cool, I wasn't too sure if people would like it, but it makes me smile and I didn't think anyone thought that I would choose it." Matt responds honestly and smiles.

"Oh right, well I think it's a good choice, so let's just give them a good time." Wesley then declares, as he takes his seat on the drum kit and watches Matt pick up a guitar and taking a seat in front of him.

"Well it looks like you two are ready, so start when you want boys and the rest of you I don't want to hear a sound okay?" Mr Morgan states in a firm tone, before relaxing in his chair to watch arguably his two most talented students perform together for the first time.

"Yes Sir!" the class respond in unison and Mr Morgan smiles at their enthusiasm.

Matt then turns to Wesley and both boys nod to each other and turn to face the rest of the class, they both take a deep breathe and begin in perfect unison.

"Why do you build me up (build me up)

Buttercup, baby just to let me down (let me down)

And mess me around and then worst of all (worst of all)

You never call, baby, When you say you will (say you will)

But I love you still, I need you (I need you)

More than anyone, darlin' you know that I have from the start

So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart

"I'll be over at ten", you told me time and again But you're late

I wait around and then

I went to the door, I can't take any more
It's not you

You let me down again

(Hey, hey, hey!) Baby, baby, try to find

(Hey, hey, hey!) A little time and I'll make you mine

(Hey, hey, hey!) I'll be home
I'll be beside the phone waiting for you

Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

Why do you build me up (build me up)

Buttercup, baby just to let me down (let me down)

And mess me around and then worst of all (worst of all)

You never call, baby when you say you will (say you will)

but I love you still I need you (I need you)

More than anyone, darlin'
You know that I have from the start

So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart

You were my toy but I could be the boy you adore

If you'd just let me know

Although you're untrue, I'm attracted to you all the more

Why do I need you so

(Hey, hey, hey!) Baby, baby, try to find

(Hey, hey, hey!) A little time and I'll make you happy

(Hey, hey, hey!) I'll be home
I'll be beside the phone waiting for you

Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo-oo-ooo

Why do you build me up (build me up)

Buttercup, baby
Just to let me down (let me down)

And mess me around and then worst of all (worst of all)

You never call, baby when you say you will (say you will)

But I love you still I need you (I need you)

More than anyone, darlin'
You know that I have from the start

So build me up (build me up)

Buttercup, don't break my heart

I-I-I need you-oo-oo more than anyone, baby
You know that I have from the start

So build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart"

With their classmates standing up and cheering Matt and Wesley stand side by side and bow as they accept the applause, Mr Morgan lets this go on for a minute, before he thinks they are getting too loud and could disrupt other classes nearby.

"Okay, okay class quiet now." Mr Morgan announces and almost immediately the noise stops as the class sits down, he can't help but feel proud at the way his class respects his authority and decides to show his appreciation. "Thank you all for listening and to show how much I appreciate it, there will be no homework for your interruption earlier." He announces, much to the delight of his class, although he had no intention of ever giving them the homework, they didn't need to know that and this way it works out best for everyone.

"Sir, can Matt sing a solo at the end of the class as well?" Ben suddenly asks, causing not only his teacher to give him a questioning look, but also his boyfriend and if looks could kill, Ben would cease to exist, Wesley can't help but laugh at the way Matt is looking at Ben, but quickly puts a hand over his mouth as his teacher looks directly at him.

"Mr Walker, I will see you after class for calling out without permission, as for your request if Matt has no objections, I think we would all like to hear him sing for us again." Mr Morgan responds, as Ben slumps in his seat at the prospect of being given detention, but even more so because he could tell his boyfriend was angry at him.

Matt is about to say that he doesn't want to perform again today, but he catches the sad look in his boyfriends eyes and decides despite being angry at him volunteering him for another performance, that he will at least make his boyfriend getting himself in trouble worth it by performing something.

"Sir I will do it, but I want Ben to choose the song and I want to stay after class as well." Matt states, although he is as much surprised by his final words as everyone else is, as both his boyfriend and teacher look at him in surprise.

"Excuse me, I didn't quite catch that last part Mr Summers." Mr Morgan states, although he had heard every word perfectly, he still couldn't quite believe he had heard the boy correctly and didn't quite know how to react and was half hoping the boy would amend his request.

"I said I wanted to stay after class with Ben, Sir." Matt repeats, he suspected his teacher was giving him a chance to change his mind, but decided he would follow through with it despite knowing it could get him in trouble, he knew his boyfriend wouldn't leave him on his own and he was determined to do the same, despite being angry at him.

"I see, well I have to say it's a first in all my years of teaching for a student to volunteer to stay behind for detention, but if that is what you wish then you can stay behind class as well, does any one else want detention, Wesley you seem to be looking very suspicious, would you like to volunteer?" Mr Morgan says in a semi serious tone, deciding to take a friendly approach, treating it in a humorous way and the laughter he gets from the class lets him know he handled it as well as he could, although he was still not happy with Matt and would definitely be having a serious talk with him about it.

"No Sir, sorry Sir can I sit down now Sir?" Wesley half mumbles in his best respectful voice, that he can manage.

"Yes Wesley, you may take your seat and Matt you as well, although I may have to rethink the seating arrangements for future classes." Mr Morgan instructs Wesley, before turning directly to Matt as he finishes talking, Matt and Ben give their teacher a sad look of horror, that almost makes him want to run over to them and give them a reassuring hug, but he quickly turns to the rest of the class and tries to ignore the boys pleading eyes.

As Matt sits down, he gives his boyfriend a quick comforting squeeze of the hand, he half wanted to punch him in the arm, but he was more worried about what their teacher had said, than he was at being angry at his boyfriend and he like his boyfriend quickly look towards the front of the class to where their teacher is now standing.

"Okay, so Mr Summers will be ending the class with a song of Mr Walkers choice, Mr Walker do you have a song in mind or do you want some time to think?" Mr Morgan states in a stern voice, causing Ben to just stare at him for a few moments, he isn't sure how to react to his teacher, who has never seemed this angry before and Mr Morgan realises that he has scared the boys with his tone of voice and knows he has overstepped the mark. "Well there is no rush, so I will ask you again later Mr Walker, right well we better make a start on today's lesson, I'm sorry to say this, but it will be me talking and you making notes, so please keep quiet and we can get this over with a lot faster." He then informs the class and starts to give today's lecture to the class.

With the class over and everyone once again cheering Matt for another outstanding performance, the rest of the class leaves the room, except for Matt and Ben who both remain seated as their teacher walks over in front of them.

"Mr Summers well done with both performances, really outstanding, however I'm far from happy with your demand of staying after class if I wanted you to perform, that young man is unacceptable and you are very lucky you aren't getting a weeks detention and a phone call to your parents, so you can thank your two performances for that." Mr Morgan states, in a very serious tone to the young boy, who looks up at him with a sad look on his face.

"Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to say that, it just sort of came out, I think I was just angry at Ben for what he asked you and wanted to tell him off after class as well." Matt apologises, he genuinely didn't mean to be rude and did want to tell his boyfriend off.

"Apology accepted Mr Summers, but you are on your last warning, the next time you misbehave I will be calling your parents." Mr Morgan informs the young boy, but with a more friendly tone, he was still aware that the boy was emotionally fragile and had a few recent breakdowns, so he was trying not to be too hard or harsh on him.

"Okay Sir, thank you Sir." Matt responds, he is feeling angry at himself for being so stupid, which to his relief is holding back the part of him that seems to want to curl up into a ball and cry.

"As for you Mr Walker well, firstly I think you should apologise to your friend for doing that to him, I won't lie and say I don't enjoy Mr Summers singing, I will say though that volunteering him like that in front of everyone, is not acceptable and I don't want to see it happen again, do I make myself clear?" Mr Morgan states to the young boy, assuming his previous stern voice.

"Sorry Sir, I understand." Ben says sincerely, before turning to his boyfriend. "Sorry Matt, I didn't mean to embarrass you, I just wanted to hear you sing and it seemed like a good idea, but knew by the look on your face I was stupid." He adds, trying hard not to reach out and kiss his boyfriend in front of his teacher, but suddenly feels himself being pulled into his boyfriends arms as Matt cuddles him.

"It's okay, I forgive you you dumb ass, next time though I will make Mr Morgan tell you to sing for everyone." Matt states with a smile on his face, as he lets go of his boyfriend and blushes slightly as he looks over to his teacher, who is now giving them a quizzical look. "Sorry Sir, we just always hug when we forgive each other for being an idiot, our parents just laugh at us, but it's just what we do." He then says, quickly trying to give a logical reason for the unplanned hug.

"It's quite alright Mr Summers, it's actually quite a nice change for boys your age, to not be too shy to show your emotions like that." Mr Morgan replies honestly, he himself was quite affectionate outside of school and it was nice to see others not afraid to do the same, especially two young boys.

"Thank you Sir." Matt states, relaxing slightly and thinking that this wasn't going that badly.

"Okay Mr Walker, now for the second thing and the more serious, is the fact you shouted out in class with out asking for permission, I think you can agree I'm very tolerant about giving you all the freedom to talk among yourselves during class, but for shouting out like that well there is no place for it in my classroom." Mr Morgan states looking directly into Ben's eyes.

"Sorry Sir." A very sheepish Ben responds.

"I'm sure you are, but in this case I feel like I have to take this seriously, now since you joined my class you have basically coasted your way through it, you do less than the bare minimum when it comes to performing and quite frankly your written work is only just above average, the only reason I have allowed you to stay in my class is because of your positive influence on Mr Summers, however this incident leaves me with no choice but to consider removing you from my class." Mr Morgan states in a serious tone, he really liked the boy, but he was really struggling to find a reason to keep the boy in his class and it wasn't fair on the boy to let him stay in a class that he is going to fail.

"Sir, please no..." Ben starts to say, but is cut off by his boyfriend who is definitely not happy about his teachers words and isn't afraid to show it.

"Sir, if Ben doesn't come to this class then neither do I, I know you will think it's rude and childish, but the only reason I took this class is because he made me and the only reason I perform is so I can make him happy." Matt states in a very firm voice, that stuns his boyfriend into silence and Ben can't help but smile at his boyfriend defending him, Mr Morgan however is torn between a feeling of being proud at the boys defence of his friend and anger at him threatening to quit his class.

"Matthew and yes I'm going to drop the formalities for this so listen carefully, you are one of the most gifted students I have ever had the pleasure of teaching, but no student of mine dictates who I have or do not have in my classroom and quite frankly I'm tempted to remove you both from my class right now and be done with it." Mr Morgan states seriously, before taking a moment to let his words sink in and to also calm down himself, he knew he was overreacting and had to really control himself, otherwise he was sure he would cause the young boy to breakdown and that was the last thing he would ever want to do.

"Sir..." Matt and Ben both begin to say in unison, but they are cut off by their teacher.

"Be quiet boys, now Matthew I will give you the choice right now, do you want to leave the class yes or no?" Mr Morgan asks the shocked boy.

"Well er... no but.." Matt begins to reply but is cut off.

"No ifs or buts Matthew, just yes or no." Mr Morgan states, he isn't interested in anything other than a yes or no.

"No." Matt replies meekly.

"Good now that is settled, now Benjamin I will look into other classes for you to join..." Mr Morgan starts to state, before being interrupted by Matt again.

"No Sir, I meant that I don't want to be in your class any more, come on Ben we can pick another class together." Matt states, without even looking at his teacher and just stands up from his desk and grabs his boyfriends arm, half dragging him out of his seat.

"Matt stop please, you're going to get in trouble and our parents will ground us... please stop." Ben pleads with his boyfriend, as he tries to pull his arm free.

"I'm not doing this class without you, I don't care about anything else except you, I love you too much and I just want to be with you." Matt then says from the heart, he then stops and turns to his boyfriend, forgetting that they're not alone.

"I love you too, but what if they try to stop us seeing each other, please don't do this Matt... for me... please?" Ben then says, before he leans forward and kisses his boyfriend on the lips, the two boys then melt into each others arms and get lost in the moment, until they hear someone clearing their throat and quickly jump apart realising where they are and who they are with.

"Well er... wow er... boys please take a seat for a few moments please." Mr Morgan states, he is shocked by what he saw and not really able to process it and certainly has no idea what he is supposed to say next.

The two boys give each other a worried look, before nervously sitting back at their desk, they both consider just running away, but manage to stay in their seats holding each others hand, after deciding their was no point being careful now and they just needed the comfort as they avoided making eye contact with their teacher, who was still trying to process what he saw.

"Well boys I'm not sure what to say right now, what class do you have next?" Mr Morgan asks the boys.

"History Sir." Ben replies for both of them, he can tell his boyfriend is not doing so well and can feel him shaking.

"Okay, I will speak to Mr Kennedy later about your absence from his class, I really think we need to talk about what happened just now boys." Mr Morgan informs the boys, who both have worried looks on their faces and fear that they are about to get in some serious trouble.

"Sir, you aren't going to tell anyone are you?" Ben asks nervously and starts to rubs his boyfriends back with his free hand and is just hoping he doesn't get upset and breakdown.

"No I'm not, boys first of all I can't say that I understand what happened completely, so maybe it would be best if you explained it to me." Mr Morgan states to both boys, he can see that Matt is shaking a little and is starting to become concerned that he has made a big mistake by holding the boys back in class.

"We love each other Sir and we are boyfriends, we don't want anyone to know though, because of bullying and stuff, we just want to be happy together and not have people judging us." Ben responds truthfully, he was nervous, but thought being truthful was the best way to handle this and hopefully his teacher will agree.

"I see, so nobody else knows about you two?" Mr Morgan then asks, kneeling down so he is talking at the boys level, so they don't have to look up to him, he knows from years of being around children that if you want to talk to them seriously and gain their trust, then you need to be on their level, because they really dislike being talked down to.

"My older brother Mitch knows Sir." Ben answers quickly and is about to continue, when he feels his boyfriend sit up a little and sniffle.

"Wesley, Jordan and Carter know as well and er... my aunty knows, but she only visits once or twice a year Sir." Matt then states, deciding that it isn't fair that his boyfriend should have to deal with this on his own, they were boyfriends and that meant they were a team.

"Okay and I'm sorry if this is embarrassing to talk about, but I'm assuming you two are serious about your relationship and you know about err... being careful and..." Mr Morgan struggles to say, but is relieved when Ben interrupts him and spares him having to actually say the words out loud.

"We know Sir, my brother made sure we knew what we needed to know." Ben explains, although being careful not to reveal anything too personal.

"Well that is good to hear, I think we can skip over any more of your relationship, however it does cause me a problem with what to do with you both in regards to my class, Matthew I think we know where we both stand and given your relationship with Benjamin, I can respect your loyalty to him, however as a piece of advice young man, you need to make decisions based on yourself in life and not base them all on your relationship." Mr Morgan begins to say, trying to offer the young boy some advice, but Matt quickly interrupts him before he can finish.

"Huh, what do you mean Sir?" Matt asks curiously, he was still shaking a little, but the conversation was helping him and he boyfriends hand rubbing his back was really calming him down and he wanted to kiss him again..

"Oh sorry, well if you only make decisions based around Benjamin, like you did earlier then it could actually put your relationship at risk, if you want a lasting relationship, it's very important for both of you to have your on identity and interests away from the other person, don't misunderstand me and think you shouldn't be together or do things together, because you need to do those things as well, but only doing things like this class for example because the other is doing it, is not healthy and could cause resentment later in life." Mr Morgan explains as best he can, but by the look on both boys faces he can see they don't really understand everything he has just said and trying to explain it any further is just going to confuse them more.

"Oh well er... I think I understand, sort of." Matt responds, although he half shrugs his shoulders as he turns to his boyfriend.

"Well anyway, for now I think the main issue we have is Benjamin and what we are going to do with him." Mr Morgan says at the boys before turning to look at Ben directly. "So Benjamin is there anything apart from Matthew that you're actually interested in, in my class?" He asks the young boy in a serious yet friendly tone, he knows if he doesn't handle this the right way, he could end up losing both boys from his class.

"Er... I don't know... what do you mean?" Ben stutters a little, before he glances at his boyfriend not really knowing what to say.

"Well do you want to sing or play an instrument, do you want to write music or learn about the history of music?" Mr Morgan states, trying to give the young boy some options and hoping he at least shows some interest in one of them.

"Well not really, I mean I like listening to Matt and I like music." Ben replies with a shy smile, glancing at his boyfriend briefly, even though it was the answer he didn't want to hear, Mr Morgan couldn't help but think the way the boys looked at each other was cute and they were clearly in love and really didn't want to split them up now, but he couldn't keep Ben in his class just because the boys were in a relationship.

"To be honest Benjamin, that was the answer I was hoping you wouldn't give me, so let's try another approach." Mr Morgan responds, before looking between the two nervous looking boys. "To be brutally honest Benjamin, you can't sing and it seems you can't play an instrument either, so is their anything actually musically related that you can do?" Mr Morgan asks, hoping the young boy gives him something that helps him justify keeping him in the class.

"You're wrong Sir." Ben replies almost whispering as he blushes, even his boyfriend gives him a questioning look and isn't sure if he had heard his boyfriend correctly.

"Wrong about what Benjamin?" Mr Morgan asks curiously, he couldn't see what he could have been wrong about, he had made the young boy sing enough in class early on to know he couldn't sing and as for instruments, well for the equipments own safety he kept the two apart, after a few incidents.

"If I tell you the truth Sir, you have to promise not to tell anyone... both of you have to promise though or else!" Ben declares in a firm tone, which surprises both his boyfriend and teacher, who hadn't expected him to be so forceful.

"I promise, you know I love you and would never do anything to hurt you Ben." Matt says with genuine care in his voice, not caring if their teacher heard him tell his boyfriend that he loved him.

"You have my word, that nothing you say in this room will be repeated to anyone else Benjamin." Mr Morgan then states, he is agreeing more out of curiosity than anything else and just wonders what surprises the boy has in store.

"I can sing, maybe not as good as Matt, but I can sing and I like to dance a little too." Ben admits shyly and even keeps his head down and is happy to feel his boyfriend squeeze his hand in support.

"Benjamin while I respect and understand your desire to stay in the class, we have both heard you singing and I'm sorry to be harsh, but you can't sing and as for dancing, well okay that is something I guess, but I'm not sure how it fits into my class and maybe you would be better off in a drama class." Mr Morgan responds honestly, if not a little too bluntly and notices a tear run down the boys face and is about to give the boy a supportive pat on the shoulder, when Matt leans over and pulls his boyfriend into his chest.

"Ben it's okay, you don't have to lie and we will find a class we can both do." Matt says supportively, but is surprised when his boyfriend pushes him away and stands up, expecting to see the him storm out of the room, both he and their teacher go to stop him, but stop in their tracks, when they see him walking towards the microphone at the front of the class.

Matt gives his teacher a shrug of the shoulders and they both just stand and watch as Ben adjust the stand to the right height and gives them an annoyed look, before closing his eyes.

"I heard that you're settled down
That you found a girl and you're married now

I heard that your dreams came true
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you

Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light."

Matt and Mr Morgan both stare open mouthed at what they are hearing, neither had any idea that Ben could sing and even more stunned that his voice is actually very good.

"I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it

I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me, it isn't over

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you, too

Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

You know how the time flies
Only yesterday was the time of our lives

We were born and raised in a summer haze
Bound by the surprise of our glory days

I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it

I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded
That for me, it isn't over."

By now Mr Morgan has taken a seat and started to wonder just how the young boy had kept his talent so well hidden and why he would want to hide it, Matt while thinking the same, couldn't help but feel annoyed that his boyfriend had pushed him so hard to perform and yet at the same time hide the fact he was every bit as good as he was.

"Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you, too

Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead, yeah

Nothing compares, no worries or cares
Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made
Who would have known how bitter sweet this would taste?

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you

Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you, too

Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead."

Ben finishes and takes a few breaths, before looking his teacher straight in the eyes. "So can I stay in the class now?" He then asks in a cold voice, he didn't want anyone to know he could sing and the only reason he did it was for his boyfriend and even then he almost didn't go through with it.

"If you perform like that in enough classes..." Mr Morgan starts to state with a grin on his face at the prospect of another star performer in the making, but the smile drops as the young boy interrupts him.

"No, I won't sing in class... I will sing for you when no one else is around to make the grade, but I won't sing in front of people and I don't want people to know either." Ben says, cutting his teacher off and still using the same cold tone of voice.

"I don't know if that's possible, Benjamin can you promise to consider performing at least once before the school year is over and if you also improve on your written work, I will be happy let you stay." Mr Morgan offers the boy, he wouldn't consider this if it wasn't for his voice and his influence on Matt, he also had ideas of the two performing together and maybe even throwing Wesley in with them for a spectacular end of year performance, although he knew that was wishful thinking and he had to respect the boys decision.

Ben is just about to decline the offer and walk out of the classroom, but before he can speak his boyfriend suddenly steps up to him, he can see the of hurt on his boyfriends face and is about to say something to him, but doesn't get the chance as he had already turned to face their teacher.

"Sir, he accepts your offer, but can you leave us alone for a few minutes please, I need to talk with him alone and there isn't anywhere else we can go where no one will overhear us." Matt asks, almost begging his teacher to leave the room and Mr Morgan could see that the two boys needed some privacy.

"Of course, I will be in the library and as soon as you are done, I expect you to come and find me, so we can see Mr Kennedy together when classes are over." Mr Morgan says, before standing up and as he leaves the room, Matt gives him an appreciative nod and weak smile.

"What happened?" Matt then asks getting straight to the point, which catches his boyfriend by surprise, he was expecting some sort of angry outburst.

"Huh?" Ben replies, still not quite sure what his boyfriend means.

"Why don't you sing, because all the things you said to me about not wasting my talent was a load of crap, because you're hypocrite and I want to know what happened to you." Matt states, explaining his question and not hiding his annoyance in the tone of his voice.

"Why does something, have to have happened?" Ben tries to say casually, but Matt can sense his boyfriends defensiveness and realises that something bad had happened and he wanted to know what it was and then help his boyfriend get over it.

"You love me right?" Matt then asks, looking directly into his boyfriends eyes, Ben tries his best to avoid the eye contact, but gives in to the loving gaze of his boyfriend and knows he can't lie to him.

"You know I do." Is all Ben can say in reply, knowing he is about to reveal his biggest secret, has caused him to start shaking a little and he can feel his eyes starting to tear up.

"Then why don't you tell me the truth, I have told you all of my secrets and trusted you with them, so why can't you do the same for me?" Matt asks, makings sure his boyfriend can hear the hurt in his voice and when he sees his boyfriends face drop and tears form in his eyes, he knows he is about the hear something bad and quickly pulls his boyfriend into his arms and kisses him softly before just holding him. "Please tell me, you know I love you and I just want to help you, like you always help me." He then whispers lovingly into his ear, he knows that he is pushing his boyfriend and that it will upset him, but he wanted to be able to help him.

Ben then gently pushes himself away from his boyfriend, so he can look him straight in the eyes, he takes a quick look to the class room door, just to check no one is watching and turns back to his boyfriend, he then moves some hair from his eyes and sighs before revealing his secret.

"I used to sing with my mum, it was our little secret and even my dad didn't know about and I've never told Mitch either, she had such a pretty voice Matt and she always said I would be the greatest singer in the world when I grew up...." Ben explains, before pausing for a few moments and lets his boyfriend wipe the tears away from his eyes, before continuing. "I loved her so much Matt.... but then she.... she... she died Matt, why did she have to die and leave me?" He then askss, before breaking down and he is about to collapse to the floor, when Matt quickly reacts and embrace him, he then just holds his crying boyfriend as tightly as he can and begins to rub the back of his head and back with his hands, just like his boyfriend had done for him so many times he couldn't even count now.

"Sshh... Sshh it's okay, you don't have to say any more... I'm so sorry for making you tell me..." Matt whispers, as he continues to comfort his boyfriend, he had no idea it would be something like this and felt awful for forcing his boyfriend to think about something so painful and just wished he had not pushed him so hard.

"When you sing Matt, it reminds me of her." Ben then suddenly says, after a few minutes of crying his heart out and manages to looks up and into his boyfriends eyes. "It's why I pushed you to sing so much, I just wanted to hear her voice again so much and I'm..." He then reveals in a sad voice before trailing off and brings tears to his boyfriends eyes.

"I love you." Matt then states lovingly and both boys cry on each others shoulders.

The boys just stand there comforting each other for almost twenty minutes, before they let each other go, they then kiss each other lovingly one more time, before looking at the clock and realise they should start looking for their teacher.

"You know if you ever want to talk about your mum, I'm here for you Ben, maybe we can even sing together sometimes when we are alone." Matt says sincerely, as the two boys head to the classroom door.

"I would really like that Matt, but I'm just not ready yet.... you don't mind do you?" Ben responds, with a small but genuine smile, that is returned by his boyfriend.

"I can wait as long as it takes, but you know Mr Morgan was being serious about you performing in class, if you don't think you can, then I want you to know I was serious about finding another class we can both do." Matt responds honestly, taking his boyfriends hand into his own. as they stand in front of the closed door.

"I will sing with you at the end of the school year, it can be our first time signing together and only if I get to pick the song, deal?" Ben responds grinning, he couldn't believe how much happier he felt after telling his boyfriend his secret, he had kept it for so long and thought he would never be able to tell someone, but now he has, it has made him feel like a big shadow has been lifted from his heart and maybe he could start to move on.

"Okay you can pick the song, but only if you let me use the handcuffs next time we are alone at your house, deal?" Matt responds with his counter offer and grins at the cute look his boyfriend gives him.

"Deal, now lets go find Mr Morgan so we can get this over with, I don't want to miss lunch." Ben responds, smiling happily at the thought of being handcuffed to the bed and opens the door and happily makes his way to the library, with his gorgeous boyfriend beside him looking just as happy.

After they had found their teacher and he had explained what happened to Mr Kennedy, the boys managed to get through the rest of the day without any more incidents, although they still felt a little uneasy that another person knew about their relationship and decided they would try and speak with Carter and Jordan as soon as possible in private, to see if they were experiencing the same issues they were, when it came to hiding their relationship.

Just as they leave the school gates, they're pleased to see Mitch is waiting for them in his car with a broad smile on his face, the boys loved seeing how happy having a car made Mitch and they made sure he knows they appreciated what he did for them, when they drive to Matt's house to drop him off, although he does makes a quick stop in a secluded area on the way, to give the boys a bit of privacy, while he takes a quick walk for a few minutes, just so they can say good bye to each other with out the risk of someone seeing them, the boys appreciated the fact Mitch understood they needed these moments of privacy and he enjoyed the happy look on their faces when he returned, although he had to make sure he made plenty of noise before looking inside the car, so they knew he was coming, after a rather unfortunate and embarrassing incident the first time Mitch gave the boys some privacy and although they laugh about it now, it was definitely not something he wanted to see and definitely not something the boys wanted anyone else to see again.

Once he is back in the car, Mitch drives the rest of the way to Matt's house and stops outside, Matt then gets out of the car after giving his boyfriend a loving kiss goodbye and walks to his house and opens the door, before disappearing inside after waving one last time, Mitch then drives away and starts to drive home before taking a small detour.

"Hey, where are we going?" Ben asks curiously, after realising they were going the wrong way.

"I'm taking you shopping." Mitch replies with a sly smile, that causes his little brother to wonder what he was up to and why he wanted to go shopping.

"Shopping. did Dad forget to get any food or something?" Ben then ask, still wondering why he had to go shopping and why his brother was giving him a weird smile.

"Oh, it's not that kind of shopping, let's just say I have a friend who owes me a massive favour and you're going to be adding to the list of favours you owe me little guy, now keep it zipped and just enjoy the ride." Mitch replies, with the same sly smile on his face, as Ben just slouches back in his seat a little and decides to stare out of the window.

When Mitch finally pulls in down a dodgy looking ally and parks outside an equally dodgy looking back door to a building, Ben gives his brother a quizzical look, before looking around wondering where they are and although he knows he is safe with his brother, he can't help feeling a little scared and worried about what is going on.

"Where are we Mitch?" Ben asks nervously, as he gets out of the car and looks around and not seeing anything obvious to answer his own question.

"Follow me and just be cool and try not to say anything stupid." Mitch informs his little brother as he puts an arm over his shoulder and guides him to a door and knocks.

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