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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and any resemblance of the characters to real life people, events, circumstances, is purely coincidental. This story involves love and sexual scenarios with boys aged nine and above and it may contain some events you might find offensive or inappropriate, but If you're not a fan of this kind of story, please do not read. You know who You are and you should know whether or not to read this stuff. This is not a quick jack off story though, so don't expect detailed and over the top sexual situations between the characters, although as the story develops there will be more sexual things happening as relationships change and develop.

Right now I have an ending in mind but it is a long way from getting to that point, so please shoot me an email if You're reading, so I know that people want me to carry on.

Hopefully I get some good feedback from you guys and I appreciate all constructive criticism, I will admit that when it comes to the medical stuff in the stories I have taken liberties as I have no idea about most of it, but I hope people can look past any glaring inaccuracies and enjoy the story, I just ask that you keep any replies mature and civil, if you don't like it then I respect your view but there isn't any need to be abusive.

My name is Matt and I'm 30 years old and from the UK.

February 2015

Ben just looks down lovingly at his sleeping boyfriend and walks over to the door to close it, before turning the light off, he can just about see enough to make his way to the bed himself where he lays down and snuggles up to his boyfriend, who instinctively turns to face him and pull him tightly into his chest, Ben sighs in happiness and just watches his boyfriend sleep, before he feels himself start to fall into a deep sleep himself.

A few hours later, Ben's bedroom door opens and Mitch walks in, he lets the light from the landing light up the room and smiles when he sees his little brother and boyfriend holding each other with their faces only inches apart, he can't help but see the smile on both boys faces when he leans over them and lightly gives them both a kiss on the top of their heads, before gently pulling a sheet over them, being careful not to wake them up, when he then turns around he sees the box on the cabinet and shakes his head, that his little brother had forgotten to put it back in his room, so he walks over to it and picks it up, before making his way out of the room, quietly shutting the door behind him and walking to his room to sleep.

The next morning Mitch is up early and making a start on tidying up downstairs, he smiles when he notices that all the food had been eaten, while the glasses of wine are still almost a third full, he then tackles the washing and wiping and whistles quietly to himself, happy that the boys seemed to have had a good night.

Upstairs Ben is just waking up and he smiles when the first thing he sees, is the beautiful sleeping face of his boyfriend who looks so peaceful, he decides to enjoy the sight for a few minutes before he gives his lips a light kiss and gently begins to untangle himself, being careful not to wake his boyfriend, when he is free he suddenly realises that they now had a sheet over them, which he was sure they didn't have when he fell asleep and then when he looks around the room, he notices that the box is no longer on his cabinet, although he is still not quite fully awake yet and it takes him a few moments to work out that his brother must have come into his room and covered them up before taking the box, the thought initially makes him feel embarrassed, but that is quickly replaced but a feeling of love for his brother, who had obviously just checked in to make sure they were okay.

Ben then suddenly realises that he has to go to the bathroom and slips some clean briefs on, just in case he bumps into his brother on the way and while he is walking towards the bathroom, he smiles to himself when he hears him whistling downstairs, so decides to quickly take a pee and then make his way downstairs, where he stands in the doorway of the kitchen for a few moments while he watches his brother washing up, before slowly walking up behind him.

"Thank you so much for last night, I love you." Ben then says sincerely, while wrapping his arms around his big brothers waist, causing Mitch to tense up in surprise before realising who it was.

"Oh, hey little guy, no need to thank me and I take it everything went well?" Mitch responds, after the initial shock of someone creeping up on him.

"It was perfect, everything was just perfect." Ben responds happily, before letting go of his brother, who turns around to face him.

"Is he still asleep?" Mitch then asks, before walks over to the kitchen table to take a seat.

"Yeah, he was exhausted after I finished with him." Ben says happily, while walking over to the table and sitting opposite his brother, before blushing after he realises what he had just said. "Oh crap er... sorry..." He adds, failing to make it any less embarrassing.

"Ha, don't worry about it little guy, I knew something would happen, I just don't want a blow for blow replay from you okay." Mitch says trying to reassure his little brother, but can't help but notice his little brother tense up a little and his face turn red, after he had said the word 'blow' and then blushes a little himself as he puts two and two together. "Oh fuck, you did didn't you?" He then asks, not being able to resist asking.

"Yeah." Is all Ben can say, as his face turns even more red and he looks down at the table.

"Wow, just wow." Mitch says, before he stands up and walks around to his little brother. "Way to go little guy." He then says, before leaning over the table and ruffling his little brothers hair and smiles when he hears him giggle.

"You aren't angry?" Ben then asks nervously, as he looks up to his brother.

"Look I have said this before, I think you're still a bit young for this sort of stuff, but if it feels right and makes you both happy, then I'm happy for you, just be careful and remember there is no rush to do everything." Mitch responds honestly, as he explains his opinion and is pleased to see his little brother smiling.

"Can you help me make Matt breakfast, I want to take it to him in bed." Ben then asks, after standing up to give his brother a quick loving cuddle.

"Breakfast in bed.... lucky boy, well I will help you get everything ready, but you're going to be doing the cooking." Mitch replies, ruffling his little brothers hair again.

"Huh, you're letting me cook for real?" Ben responds, half excitedly and half nervous, he sometimes cooked himself some beans on toast or soup, but never anything like this and he was a little worried.

"Yeah, it will be more romantic if you do all the cooking, now let's get everything we need out and ready." Mitch responds in a confident tone, which helps put his little brother at ease, as he feeds of his brothers confidence.

With Mitch's help, Ben manages to just about cook everything himself, although he has a little trouble with the eggs and sausages, so Mitch has to give him a little help, but after twenty minutes Ben has managed to cook his first full English breakfast and Mitch can't help but smile at just how happy and proud his little brother looks, as he holds the tray of food in front of himself, although he knows his little brother has forgotten to make himself any and had actually started making him some himself, but it would take a little while longer and he hoped that by the time Matt is awake, he would have it ready so both boys can eat.

"Ben, I think it would be best if I carry it to the top of the stairs and then you can take it into your room okay?" Mitch then suggests, after he notices his little brother struggling to keep the tray balanced with the glass of OJ wobbling about.

"Thanks Mitch, I don't want to drop it." Ben responds gratefully, when his brother takes the tray off him, he could probably do it himself, but he was feeling a little nervous and didn't want to ruin the breakfast by dropping it and he still hadn't noticed that his brother had already put some more sausages and bacon on the pans.

With Mitch now carrying the breakfast, it safely makes it up the stairs in one piece, he then hands over the tray to his little brother and carefully opens the bedroom door for him and when he slowly closes the door he catches a glimpse of Matt, who looked so happy and peaceful asleep and smiles to himself at just how happy both boys are together, once the door is closed he makes his way back downstairs to finish his little brothers breakfast and still hopes he finishes it in time.

Ben carefully places the tray on top of his cabinet, before walking over to his sleeping boyfriend and brushes the hair from his closed eyes, he then kisses him softly on the lips, before sitting down and slowly rocks his boyfriend, until he starts to slowly moan as he wakes up, when he sees his boyfriends eyes starting to flutter open, Ben jumps up and quickly brings the breakfast over to the bed and holds it proudly, as he waits for his boyfriend to wake up fully.

Matt could feel someone rocking him and slowly starts to wake up, he can also smell something familiar, but can't quite work it out and even when he manages to open his eyes, it take a few moments to adjust and when they do he smiles widely at the sight of his gorgeous boyfriend standing next to the bed holding a tray, but it isn't until he manages to prop himself up into a sitting position using his elbows, that he sees what is on the tray and he almost feels like crying in happiness at the sight of the breakfast.

"You made me breakfast?" Matt asks eith a loving smile and can see just how excited his boyfriend looks.

"Yeah I made it myself, I hope you like it." Ben responds proudly and starts to lower the tray on to his boyfriends lap.

Matt can't help but give a cautious look to his boyfriend, as the tray touches the sheet covering his more delicate bits, expecting the tray to be hot when it touches him, but when he doesn't feel any pain, he can't help but let out a relieved sigh and he smiles up to his boyfriend.

"Oh come on give me some credit Matt, the plate is on a towel so it wouldn't burn you, there is no way I'm hurting my favourite toy." Ben states, then reaches under the the tray and gives his boyfriends soft penis a quick rub, before removing his hand with a grin.

"Oh man you're the best boyfriend ever, I love you so much." Matt then says sincerely, before tilting his head and Ben gets the hint and kisses him lightly.

"Thank you, but you're the best boyfriend ever and I love you too." Ben responds smiling and kisses him again. "Now eat it before it gets cold." He then adds, as he sits on the edge of the bed watching.

"Okay... but hey what about you, aren't you hungry?" Matt suddenly asks, after realising there is only one plate and one glass and by the look on his boyfriends face, he knows he forgot about himself and he can't help but feel happy, knowing how much his boyfriend loved him if he forgot about himself.

"Oh shit, ha well I can get something later..." Ben begins to say, before a knock at the door interrupts him.

"Hey Ben, can you open the door?" Mitch asks through the door, causing the two boys to give each other a curious look, before Ben gets up and walks over to open the door and as soon as he does, he smiles when he sees his brother standing there with another tray in his hand, which looks identical to the one he had just made his boyfriend.

"I can't believe you did this." Ben says happily, as a few tears run down his face and although it is awkward with his brother holding the tray, he still manages to hug him affectionately.

"What did he do?" Matt asks curiously, he can't quite see what is happening, as the two brothers are just out of the room.

"Oh I just made the dumb ass a breakfast, because he forgot to make one for himself, when he made yours Matt." Mitch replies and follows his little brother into his room. "Now Ben get in bed next to your boyfriend, like a good little boy and then I can go and finish tidying up downstairs after your romantic play date last night." He then orders in a mocking voice, as if he were talking to two babies, which earns him a light kick on the shin from his little brother, before he climbs into his bed, next to his boyfriend.

Mitch then walks over smiling and places the tray on his brothers lap, before ruffling both boys hair and then turns to leave the room.

"Mitch?" Ben then calls out casually, causing Mitch to turn back around.

"Yeah?" Mitch responds, wondering if something was wrong.

"I love you." Ben then says sincerely and smiles warmly at his older brother.

"Oh shit, you little fucker, I love you too and you as well Matt, you both mean the world to me." Mitch responds, before walking back over and giving them both a light kiss on their foreheads and as he stands up they both notice tears in his eyes.

"I love you too Mitch." Matt then says, as Mitch wipes the tears from his eyes and leaves the room with a smile on his face.

The boys then turn to each other smiling and lightly kiss before they start eating their breakfast, they both make short work of the delicious breakfast and juice, while they enjoy some small talk, until Matt decides to tease his boyfriend a little bit.

"You know you still taste like strawberries." Matt says nonchalantly, although he can barely hold back his grin.

"So did you last night." Ben retorts, as Matt finds himself blushing after his boyfriend quickly turned the tables on him.

"Creep!." Matt responds with a shy smile.

"Want to have a little fun, before we go spend some time with Mitch?" Ben then asks in the sexiest voice he can manage.

"Hell yeah, but what if he hears us?" Matt responds enthusiastically, before remembering Mitch is downstairs.

"We just have to make sure we never stop kissing each other, that should keep you quiet." Ben suggests teasingly, before he gets up and takes both trays over to the cabinet, he then slides his briefs off and almost jumps on top of his boyfriend, who quickly rolls him over so he is on top and the two boys kiss passionately.

Without breaking the kiss, Ben somehow manages to pull the sheet between them out and throws it on the floor, before rolling over to get on top, but before he can enjoy his victory Matt rolls him right back over and pins his hands over his head and starts to gently grind his now hard boner into his his boyfriends, then smiles as he feels his boyfriends legs wrap around his waist, causing both boys to moan into each others mouths, if they weren't kissing the sounds of their moans would probably have been heard by their neighbours, as their grinding causes all kinds of intense pleasurable feelings to run through their bodies.

"I wanna hold it." Ben then states panting, after he manages to break the kiss by turning his head.

Without answering, Matt pushes his lips back over his boyfriends and kisses him as he slides off his boyfriend, so they are laying side by side facing each other, they slowly wrap a hand around each others boner and begin to move their hands up and down.

"That's better." Ben says, as he breaks the kiss again, so he can stare into the sparkling green eyes that he loves so much.

"More kissing, less talking." Matt responds, before leaning in to resume the kiss, which his boyfriend returns passionately, they both speed up their stroking and moan in pleasure.

As the boys are enjoying each others attention, they fall back onto their backs breaking the kiss, when they both near their orgasms and their moaning gets louder and louder, but they just speed up their stroking, luckily though Ben is still aware that his brother is downstairs and manages pull the pillow behind his boyfriends head with his free hand and place it over his head and does the same with his own pillow and bites into it to muffle the noise, Matt takes the hint and does the same as his boyfriend and just in time as they both orgasm and shout into their pillows, which successfully muffles the noise to a minimum.

Then after pushing the pillows off their faces, the boys turn their heads to face each other grinning, while they feel each others boners soften in their hands, they stay locked in each others gaze for a few minutes, before Ben finally leans forward to kiss his boyfriend for a few seconds, before rolling on his side and standing up from the bed.

"Where are you going?" Matt asks curiously, while admiring his boyfriends naked bum in all it's glory.

"We are going to have a quick shower, then go hang around with my brother." Ben answers, as he slowly turns around smirking and stretches his arms above his head, giving his boyfriend a full view of his naked body and smiles when he watches his boyfriends soft penis slowly get hard again. "Little Matty likes what he sees." He then says teasingly, as Matt follows his boyfriends gaze to see he has a boner again already.

"Dammit, I just got rid of this." Matt says, before he gets up and walks over to his boyfriend and kisses him.

Matt's hand then slowly works it's way down his boyfriends body, until he finds what he is looking for and wraps his fingers round his boyfriends penis and begins to stroke it until it gets hard, once he is satisfied he lets go and takes a few steps back from his boyfriend smiling.

"There, now you have one as well." Matt states, as his smile turns into a big grin.

"Very funny dumb ass, now come on let's go get a shower." Ben says pouting, before he opens the door and pulls Matt through it with him and quickly make their way into the bathroom, shutting the door behind them.

"Hey, what if Mitch saw us?" Matt states, feeling a bit annoyed at being dragged on to the landing naked with a boner.

"Then he would have said, 'hey look how small your boner is Matt' before being amazed at how big mine is." Ben responds, before turning to face his boyfriend, with both his hands on his hips with a cheesy grin.

"Yeah, amazed how his eleven year old 'little' brother could have such a small one." Matt teases and starts to giggle, before feigning injury as his boyfriend punches him on the shoulder playfully.

"Okay sexy, get in the shower and tell me when it gets warm." Ben then orders, while he reaches out and lightly strokes his boyfriends boner, before letting go and pointing to the shower.

"Creep!" Matt responds with a grin and brushes himself against his boyfriends naked body, before slowly stepping into the shower and turning it on, he makes an over the top moaning sound, as the cold water hits him and doesn't even flinch.

"You're crazy, how doesn't that make you jump?" Ben asks, as he waits for his boyfriend to give him the signal to join him.

"I don't know, I just like the feeling I guess and by the way you can come in now the waters nice and warm now." Matt responds honestly, he had thought about playing a trick by keeping the water cold, but like every other time he has thought about it, he just can't bring himself to hurt his boyfriend in any way, even if it was just cold water.

The boys somehow manage to resist the urge to fool around again, well except for the occasional grab and stroking of each others boners, but they are out and dried within ten minutes before heading back to the bedroom to get changed, they considered just wearing underwear, but eventually decided to get fully dressed just in case Mitch wanted to go somewhere with them and when they walk in to the living room, they're surprised to see everything back in it's usual place, but their surprise was no where near Mitch's surprise at seeing them fully clothed.

"Well fuck me and they say miracles don't happen." Mitch states, as he looks the boys over.

"Huh?" Both boys respond in unison, sounding completely confused.

"You're both dressed, I was sure you would either come down naked or in your cute little undies." Mitch replies with a grin.

"What's wrong with just undies?" Ben asks, not really seeing the issue because he has always walked around in just his briefs.

"Well to be honest, lets just say with your new found interests, they don't exactly er... leave much to the imagination as much as they used too." Mitch answers, trying to repress a smile as he struggles not to laugh.

"Huh, leave what to the imagination?" Be then asks, he is totally confused by his brother and his explanation.

"Oh crap really?" Matt then asks, after realizing what Mitch is referring too.

"Yeah really Matt, not that you two have much to be embarrassed about, but I would think you might want to at least try and not give me or your parents a free show." Mitch explains to Matt, as he intentionally ignores his little brothers question to tease him.

"I don't get it." Ben says, starting to feel frustrated at being the only one not understanding.

"He means people, can see our penis's when we just wear our underwear you dumb ass." Matt explains, half jokingly and half embarrassed as he thinks about all the times his mum and dad have seen him walk around in his tighty whiteys and then he remembers when he first got a boner and his parents had laughed at him and it causes his smile to fade briefly.

"Oh fuck, why didn't anyone tell us?" Ben then states in a very annoyed tone and looks at his older brother.

"Also while we are talking about it, you boys do know what happens to white underwear and shorts when they get wet right?" Mitch then says, ignoring his little brothers actual question again, in favour of teasing the boys some more.

"What happens?" Both boys ask as they look at Mitch expectantly.

"Well they basically go see through and when I say basically, I actually mean totally, as in you might as well be naked, so next time you two have one of your water fights try wearing blacks shorts or at least black underwear." Mitch explains, before laughing at the boys faces as they realize what he just said.

"No way, you're lying." Ben says accusingly, he would have noticed if his shorts or underwear went see through and he would have definitely noticed if his boyfriends did.

"Sorry little brother, but sadly you have pretty much been showing your little thing off, to anyone that have seen you two playing around for the past few months." Mitch says and continues to laugh at the boys.

"Bu... bu... but the other week we... oh shit..." Matt begins to say, but trails off as he turns bright red.

"What happened the other week?" Mitch can't help but ask curiously.

"Oh crap, we were having a water fight and his neighbours the Taylor's came over and talked to us, we wondered why they seemed embarrassed and kept giving each other funny looks... why didn't you tell us earlier Mitch." Ben jumps in to explain and Mitch can't help but feel guilty at the sad look on the boys faces, this was meant to be a joke, but clearly the boys are upset about this new discovery.

"Oh fuck sorry guys, I just didn't think about it until now, but come on cheer up pretty much every boy in the whole world has done the same thing as you, I know I did with my mates once, when we went swimming and walked through town only wearing our white shorts, must have been at least a fifty people who saw my dick and balls that day." Mitch tells the boys, hoping his own humiliation will cheer the boys up.

"Really?" Ben asks sniffling a little, it is at this point that Mitch notices the boys are holding hands and couldn't help but think how cute it was and also how often he had seen them do this, when one or both of them needed comforting.

"Really and just to make it even worse was the fact some of those people were girls we went to school with and they told everyone in school about what they saw." Mitch replies, deciding to reveal more of the humiliating experience to them.

"Oh fuck, I would be mortified if everyone knew about my stuff like that." Matt says in amazement, forgetting his own feeling of humiliation as he hears more of Mitch's experience.

"Well at first it was really humiliating, but let's just say that I had nothing to be embarrassed about and actually it did me quite a few favours in the popularity stakes." Mitch then reveals, sounding very proud of himself.

"Huh, how would that make you more popular?" Ben asks curiously, surely people would just laugh and make fun of you for showing your penis off.

"Let's just say mine was bigger than the others and trust me when I say this boys, when it comes to down there, you definitely want to be bigger rather than smaller, not that you two have to worry about that, because well you're both bigger than I was at your age you lucky fuckers." Mitch says with a genuine smile and ruffles the boys hair as he walks into the kitchen.

"We are... wait you mean we are big?" Matt asks nervously, not quite sure why he is asking or why he even cares.

"Yeah you're, don't you check out other boys in the shower?" Mitch answers in a casual tone, as he pours himself a glass of water and thought that the boys have surely checked out other boys.

"Not really, we just shower and get changed." Ben responds honestly, wondering why anyone would look at another boys penis in the showers.

"Everyone checks out everyone else in the showers, especially at your age and you being gay, I just assumed you would do it even more." Mitch says innocently, but by the looks on the boys faces, especially his little brothers he knows he just said something wrong.

"We aren't gay, we are pansexual and we don't look at other boys in the shower." Ben states, in a half serious half pissed off tone.

"Whoa calm down Ben, I'm sorry okay, I wasn't trying to upset or make fun of you." Mitch says trying to calm his little brother down, he was surprised at his reaction, because he is usually very passive when it comes to talking about his sexuality.

"Yeah come on Ben, it's not his fault he is a dumb ass." Matt then says, as he pulls his boyfriend closer and sticks his tongue out at Mitch.

"Yeah come on Ben forgive me... pretty please." Mitch says in an over the top baby voice with puppy eyes to go with it, Ben looks at his older brother and tries his best to stay mad, but fails miserably as he bursts into laughter, which in turn makes Matt and Mitch laugh to.

The three continue to laugh, until Mitch manages to compose himself enough to talk to the boys again.

"So guys what are you two up to today, need me to disappear for a few hours again?" Mitch asks, as sits down and waits for the boys to calm down enough to talk.

"Well we wanted to spend some time with you, we hardly ever get to just hang out." Ben eventually replies, surprising his brother by wanting to just hang out.

"Yeah we could go down to the park or somewhere, just the three of us." Matt adds with a smile.

"Really you want to hang out with me?" Mitch responds in surprise, as much as he cares for the boys, he had got used to them just using him as a means for them to be alone together, not that he minded too much, but he can't deny hearing them say they want to hang around with him brings a smile to his face.

"Yeah, why are you surprised, we hang out all the time." Ben says, a little confused that his brother seems so surprised.

"Well to be honest and don't get me wrong I don't mind at all, but you kind of only want to hang around with me, when you two want to be alone together, so I guess you actually wanting to hang out properly is a bit of a shock and well a very nice shock." Mitch decides to answer honestly, instead of trying to make up some excuse for his surprised reaction.

"That's not true, what about er... you know last er..." Ben says, trying to remember the last time the three of them just hung out together and after a few minutes of trying to think blushes and looks down at the floor.

"Hey don't get all upset you idiot, like I said I didn't mind because you were both so happy, the only reason I mentioned it was because I like hanging around with both of you, I think you're both great and fun to be with, so man up Ben and think of somewhere you would like to go." Mitch says in a loving tone, as he walks around to his brother and ruffles his hair, Mitch then yelps as he feels a sharp pain in his shin and looks over to Matt who is grinning. "Hey, what was that for?" He asks, a little surprised at being kicked by the young boy.

"That was for upsetting my boyfriend and this is for being the best big brother ever." Matt replies, as he wraps his arms around the older boys waist and cuddles him tightly.

"Hey, no fair." Ben suddenly says, as he kicks his older brother in the shin, causing Mitch to almost swear at the unexpected pain.

"Oh you little shits are going to pay for that later." Mitch states, trying to sound angry, but when he feels his little brothers arms wrap around him like his friends, he can't help but love the boys and ruffles their hair causing them to giggle. "So where too Ben?" He then says, after realising he never got an answer before.

"I want to go to the park so we can sit and talk, it will be fun." Ben replies, as he lowers his hands and pinches his boyfriends bum, causing him to jump a little.

"Hey, cut it out Creep!" Matt says, trying to sound serious but can't help but giggle, when he reaches around and pinches his boyfriends bum, causing him to yelp.

"Okay guys cut it out, no butt touching with me in the room okay, now I need to get changed and then we can head out, while I'm doing that you two can make some sandwiches and grab some cans of coke." Mitch instructs the boys, then untangles himself from them and starts to walk out of the kitchen.

"Okay is cheese and tomato alright?" Ben asks, while he walks over to the fridge, as Matt gets some bread out of the breadbox.

"Yeah sounds good to me." Mitch replies and then disappears up the stairs, leaving the two boys alone together.

When Mitch eventually comes back down, he walks into the kitchen and then the living room to see where the boys are, he hadn't heard them come up the stairs and as he looks around the other rooms they're still no where to be seen, he is just about to check outside when he hears something from the closet under the stairs that sounds like moaning, without giving it any thought he opens the door and instantly wishes he hadn't, as the sight of his little brother and his boyfriend with their shorts and underwear around their ankles and their hands stroking each others boners, is not something he ever wanted to see.

"For fuck sake." Mitch says angrily, before slamming the door shut and walking away from the closet, into the living room and sits down.

The two boys just look at each other in shock and fear at being caught and quickly pull their shorts and underwear up, before nervously opening the door, Mitch had caught them doing things before, but he had never reacted like that and the boys knew he was angry, so as they walk into the living room they stand nervously in the doorway.

"Mitch?" Ben calls out meekly, holding his boyfriends hand tightly, as he waits for his brother to look at them.

"You two should head to the park, I have some things to do around here, just be home before dark." Mitch responds, in an emotionless tone that worries both boys.

"But we were all going to go." Ben tries to say in a positive tone, but it comes out nervously.

"Just go out on your own, I just... look just go away." Mitch replies, although both boys can hear the anger in his voice this time.

"Mitch please, we didn't mean too." Ben starts to say, before being cut off.

"You say that a lot, now get out of this house and don't come back for a few hours." Mitch shouts, as he turns away from the boys, who recoil at the anger from him and retreat into the hallway with tears in their eyes. "I mean it Ben, get out." He then shouts from the living room and the boys quickly open the front door and run out now crying, as they try to get as far away from the house as possible.

Mitch hears the front door slam shut and instantly feels guilty and can't believe how he just talked to the two young boys, every fibre in his body tells him to run after them and make things right, but instead he just stays in his seat, thinking about what he saw and how sick he felt at seeing it, he knew what the boys got up too and had seen them together naked before, but to see them doing that was different and he didn't know why, after sitting for almost twenty minutes trying to figure out what is wrong with him, he decides he needs to talk to someone and pulls his phone out to call Jim and waits for him to answer.

After six rings, Jim finally answers and Mitch tells him everything with a sadness in his voice, Jim listens to it all and goes silent for a few moments, at first Mitch had thought he had hung up, but then Jim starts talking and giving his opinion on what happened and why he had reacted the way he had, Mitch listened to every word his friend was telling him and it made sense, but his guilt over his outburst is hard to let go off and it takes almost twenty minutes before his friend finally gets him to understand why he was really angry and that he has every right to feel that way, Mitch quickly thanks his friend and tells him he owes him one, which his friend happily accepts, saying he can't wait to cash that in, which causes Mitch to grimace slightly at the thought of what that really meant.

Mitch hangs up the phone, briefly thinking about owing Jim a favour, but his attention soon turns back to the boys and he quickly tries ring his little brother, but after a few rings, he realises that he can hear the sound of his little brothers phone coming from up the stairs, he quickly runs up and goes into his brothers room, thinking the boys had returned with out him realising, but his face drops when he sees not only his little brothers phone, but also Matt's laying on the bed, he then realises that they had forgotten their phones, because he had scared them so much, he then sits down on the bed for a few minutes holding his head in his hands, thinking how much he has messed up, before he finally gets up and decides to go and look for the boys.

The boys find themselves sitting under a tree in the park, they're still shaken by Mitch's reaction to what they were doing and for ten minutes they just sit huddled together resting their heads on each others in silence, before Matt breaks the silence.

"You think, I should go home for the rest of the weekend?" Matt asks, half heartedly with his voice full of sadness.

"I don't know, I have never seen him like that ever." Ben replies, before wiping a few tears from his eyes.

"It's all my fault." Matt declares, as he shifts his position to break the contact between himself and his boyfriend, who turns in surprise.

"Don't be like that, it's both of our fault, all he wanted to do was spend time with us and we had to ruin it." Ben says, now looking down at the ground and wishing they had just done as they were told, instead of fooling around.

"Let's go for a walk, it might help us think of how we can make it up to him." Matt suggests, before standing up and holding his hand out.

"He caught us masturbating each other in a closet, when we were meant to be getting ready to spend the day with him, how do we make that up to him?" Ben responds dismissively, but feels himself being pulled to his feet by his boyfriend and sighs in frustration.

"Let's just take a walk anyway." Matt says, then gripping his boyfriends hand, he pulls him along with him, as they walk deeper into the parks more secluded area.

"Why can't we just sit down and talk?" Ben asks, he is feeling too upset to walk around the park for no reason and would rather sit and sulk for a while.

"I know somewhere that we can talk without anyone interrupting, it's like a little shed hidden away." Matt states, while still having to half drag his boyfriend along with him.

"The old wood shed, with the old tires next to it?" Ben replies, now at least sounding half interested in making conversation.

"Yeah, well I guessed most people who grew up here know about it, but I bet no one ever goes there any more, so we should have some privacy." Matt responds causally, he hadn't really expected it to be a super secret place only he knew about, so wasn't surprised his boyfriend knew where he was talking about.

"Let's just go back to the bench, we don't need privacy to talk and I don't feel like kissing and stuff." Ben then says, presuming his boyfriend just wants to mess around.

"Oh come on, I didn't mean we do that." Matt says, then stops walking and gives his boyfriend a pissed off look and considers just turning around and walking home by himself.

"Sorry, I just feel so stupid and angry that we upset Mitch, why couldn't we just make the sandwiches and wait for him like he asked us too." Ben says, while he slowly starts walking towards the hidden shed, this time he is the one doing the pulling, after grabbing his boyfriends hand.

The boys then walk in silence the rest of the way, until they can just about see the shed, however they suddenly stop dead in their tracks, when they hear voices and are about to turn around in disappointment, when they realise that there is some sort of fight happening and recognise one of the voices, so they start to edge closer to see what is happening and when they see Mitch's best friend Conner struggling to fight off another boy, who seems familiar to the boys, but they can't quite make out who it is, they then hear someone else call out and realises there are two other people there and after moving a little closer they recognize them as Simon and Andy, causing Matt to tense up as he remembers what they had done to him in the park.

"Hey come on, quit playing with the little shit and get this over with Conner." Andy shouts out, although there is definitely a hint of humour in his voice at seeing his friend struggle so much.

"Yeah come on, he's like ten years old Conner, just kick his ass already, this is getting lame." Simon then calls out with a big grin on his face, although inside he is feeling extremely uncomfortable and wishes Mitch was here to put an end to this, he really didn't enjoy bullying people and only went along with it because he didn't want to upset his friends.

The boys then turn their attention back to the fight and see that Conner is still struggling to get the upper hand, as the clearly younger boy continues to dominate, the boys both smile at seeing Conner being beaten up and even more so by a younger boy, but their smiles start to drop when they see Andy slowly walk over and kick the younger boy straight in the ribs, they hear the younger boy cries out in pain and he falls to his side, it's only then that both Ben and Matt see that the boy is Wesley and gasp, but before they can react or even think about what to do, they see Conner get up and start kicking their friend in the ribs and stomach, each blow making a sickening thud sound, they're surprised though to see Simon holding back with a horrified look on his face, like he didn't enjoy what was happening, but their attention quickly turns back to the three other boys as Andy and Conner alternate between kicking and punching the now defenceless Wesley, who is just moaning and whimpering in pain.

Ben starts to move to go to his friends aid, but feels his boyfriend pull him back down.

"What the hell Matt, we can't just watch." Ben says angrily, at being held back.

"You need to phone Mitch quickly, I don't have my phone." Matt whispers, he wants to help Wesley as well, but he he is realistic and knows that they don't stand a chance against Conner or Andy and then there was still Simon, who despite looking like he wanted no part of the fighting, could still do some damage.

"I don't have mine either, come on we have to help Wesley." Ben responds, as he goes to get up but is pulled back again.

"No you need to go find your brother and get him here quick, I will try to help Wesley." Matt says, before standing up.

"No way am I letting you go alone." Ben says this time pulling his boyfriend back, but then both boys turn back to what is happening and their faces turn white at what they hear.

"You know I'm pretty impressed, I mean a little guy like you who knows how to fight, I bet you're a stud at school, can have whatever he wants right." Conner hisses, as he squats beside Wesley, who is barely moving. "I asked you a question." He then adds, before landing five hard slaps to Wesley's head.

"Come on guys, he has had enough." Simon calls out, he is not enjoying the situation at all and just wants to leave.

"Fuck off Simon, this little shit is going to be our bitch from now on, I always wanted my own little bitch." Conner responds, with his voice full of hate and the boys notice Simon's face turn white with fear.

"A bitch?" Andy suddenly asks, not quite understanding what his friend is on about and wondering what he has gotten himself into, he didn't really care either way about bullying, but he didn't like where Conner was going with this.

"Yeah a bitch, how does that make you feel Mr Stud." Conner says as he taunts the barely conscious boy. "How does it feel to know, from this moment on you're going to be begging to suck my cock and begging me to fuck you, how does Mr Stud like the thought, that his life is now mine and that you will become nothing more than a cock hungry faggot boy?" He then says, now looking directly at Wesley, who is now trying to crawl away. "Aww look he thinks he can get away." He then teases, as he stands over the boy and kneels down on his back, before slamming Wesley's face into the ground.

"Oh fuck, Ben go find Mitch now." Matt says and before Ben can react, he watches in horror as his boyfriend leaps up and runs straight towards Conner and tackling him to the ground and punching him as hard as he can, Ben almost rushes in to help his boyfriend, but knows they would only end up getting beat up, so he turns and runs away to find his brother.

It takes a few moments for Andy to react too what is happening, but he quickly pulls Matt off his friend and slams him to the ground, he is just about the kick him, when he realizes who it is and freezes.

"What the fuck are you doing, kick the fuck out of the little fucker Andy." Conner orders, as he gets back to his feet.

"Fuck off Conner it's that kid Matt, no way am I fucking with him, Mitch would kill us." Andy responds, turning towards Simon for support, but one look at his face lets him know Simon is scared shitless.

"Fuck Mitch, this little fucker attacked me, now you can either man the fuck up, or fuck off Andy." Conner hisses at him, before he walks over and lifts Matt up in the air and slams him to the ground. "So what's it going to be Andy, man up or be a pussy like Simon over there?" He then asks, in a overly calm voice.

"Fine, but I'm not hitting him or doing any of that faggy shit with that other one." Andy says defiantly, as he looks over to the motionless boy.

"Okay well, you can at least be useful and tie this little fucker up." Conner says in disgust, as he picks Matt up again and pushes him over to Andy, who pulls out some rope and ties the boys hands behind his back, before wrapping his arm around the boys neck from behind to hold him in place, just as Matt begins to struggle.

"Right, time to get our new bitch boy started." Conner says with an evil smirk, as he pulls Wesley to his feet, he holds him up until he is sure he won't fall over before releases him. "Right Mr Stud or from now on Pussy Boy, because after I'm done with you Pussy Boy, you won't be a stud any more." He then says mockingly, but suddenly winches in pain as he doubles over, after Wesley kicks him in the groin.

Wesley is then about to make a run for it, but when he turns around he sees Matt being is held by the neck by one of the other older boys and stops in his tracks, no sooner had he stopped he felt someone wrap their arms around his neck from behind and slowly choke him, he tries to escape, but he has no energy left and gives up trying.

"That's right faggot, learn your place, now when I let go I want you to strip naked and then I want you to get on your knees and beg me for the honour of sucking my dick." Conner whispers in the the boys ear, Wesley's eyes open wide in shock and fear at the older boys words and attempts to escape again, but Conner just tightens his grip, until he stops struggling. "Now, now Pussy Boy, since you're playing hard to get, for every ten seconds you're not naked, your little friend over there is going to be kicked in the nuts by me and I promise you I won't be holding back." He then says, again whispering in the terrified boys ear, before releasing him and moving over to the defenceless Matt.

Wesley stands there for a few moments figuring out how to get out of the situation, but he knows he is too exhausted to fight or even run now, but there is no way he is going to let these perverts molest him, he would rather die, but as he tries to work it out he watches in horror as Conner kicks his friend in the groin and hears him cry out in pain, which is followed by another as Conner kicks him a second time.

"Stop it you sick faggots, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Wesley shouts out in disgust, he can't believe this is happening and is starting to panic a little bit, he might be able to make it if he ran, but he couldn't leave Matt here, especially with all the boy has been through with Mr Jones and just hoped for some sort of miracle.

"What the fuck did you just call us Pussy Boy?" Conner says, as he turns and walks over to Wesley, who stands his ground, despite being scared.

"We are just kids and you're trying to get me naked by kicking the shit out of a defenceless boy, if that isn't being a sick faggot, than I don't know what is, you sick pervert." Wesley states, before feeling a horrendous pain in his stomach, as Conner punches him and he falls to his knees.

"You're my Pussy Boy, your days off being a stud are over, that bright future you had is over, you will strip naked and you will beg me, to let you suck my cock and then you will beg me to fuck you, if you don't than your friend over there is going to be in a world of hurt and it will be your fault, now strip Pussy Boy." Conner orders, he loves the feeling of power he is getting and while he has never done this sort of thing before, the idea of breaking this boy into becoming his bitch is turning him on.

"Fuck you." Wesley says, as he tries to get back to his feet, there is no way he is being turned into a bitch, by this piece of shit and he launches himself at the older boy.

This time however, Conner is ready for the boy and easily pulls him to the ground and restrains him on his stomach.

"I'm disappointed in you Pussy Boy, looks like I'm going to have to do it myself." Conner says, sneering in the boys ear, while he slowly pulls the boys t-shirt up his body and over his head throwing it aside. "There isn't that better Pussy Boy." He then says, taunting the now crying boy, he then reaches under the boy and unbuttons his jeans, before he starts to pull them down.

"NO... STOP... PLEASE..." Wesley cries out, but Conner just stands up and pulls the jeans off the boy and throws them away.

"My what do we have hear, what are you doing wearing boys underwear Pussy Boy, you don't deserve to wear them, now take them off or your little friend will get more of these." Conner taunts the boy, as he walks over and kicks Matt in the groin three times and laughs when after the third kick, the boy throws up and passes out.

"FUCK OFF... YOU FUCKING PERVERT... I WILL KILL YOU!" Wesley screams, but when he tries to launch himself at the older boy, Conner easily dodges his weak punch and lands his own and laughs as the boy falls to his knees.

"Get those FUCKING THINGS..." Conner starts to say, before feeling a sharp agonising pain shoot across his head and falls to the ground, Wesley looks up in surprise, when he sees Mitch standing over Conner and reigning blow after blow on him, until Conner stops moving.

Mitch then turns around to face Andy, who has just let go of Matt and is backing away very slowly, with a look of fear on his face, he is about to turn and run when he feels someone grab him from behind, he just about manages to twist enough, to see Simon holding him and just as he is about to shout at him, he feels something slam into his stomach and then his head as he starts to black out, it only takes one more punch, before Andy is laying unconscious on the just like Conner.

"I'm so sorry Mitch, I should..." Simon begins to say, but as he sees the fist heading towards his face, he just stops talking and doesn't even try to avoid what he knows is coming, as Mitch's fist makes contact and he falls to the ground knocked out.

"MATT!!!!! FUCK... MATT NO!!!" Ben shouts in distress, as he finally catches up to his brother and sees his boyfriends laying motionless on the ground and quickly rushes over to hold him, Mitch is about to join him, when he hears someone call out to him faintly from behind him.

"Mitch... I'm... sorry..." Wesley tries to apologise, before falling to the side and passing out.

"Oh fuck Wesley?" Mitch says and is surprised to see the boy collapsing and quickly rushes over to him and checks to make sure he still alive.

"Mitch what do we do?" Ben calls over to his brother, after untying his boyfriends hands from behind his back, before breaking down and crying as he rocks his unconscious boyfriend in his arms.

"Just hold him okay." Mitch responds, as he pulls his phone out of his pocket and is about to dial 111, when he hears his brothers voice.

"Mitch I think, he is waking up." Ben cries out, although he is holding his boyfriend and his brother is only a few metres away, Ben has never felt so alone and afraid.

As Mitch pulls his phone out to call an ambulance, he notices Conner wake up and groan as he attempts the stand up.

"Conner stay the fuck down, I swear if you try any more shit, I'm calling the cops." Mitch states in a venomous tone, that causes Conner to look at him in fear.

"Mitch it was just a joke, come on you know me and we are best friends." Conner says, trying his best to play down what happened.

"A joke? Fuck off Conner you were trying to get a young boy to beg you to suck your cock, you're a sick fuck and we are not friends any more." Mitch hisses, at his former friend who visibly flinches as his face turns white, Mitch hadn't seen any of it, but his little brother had told him about what he had heard Conner say to Wesley and the fact the boy was now only in his underwear and what he had heard Conner say before knocking him out, left him in no doubts that his little brother was telling the truth.

"Come on Mitch, I was just fucking around, it just got out of hand and you know me." Conner says meekly, trying to get Mitch to believe his lies.

Mitch is about to say something else, when he feels Wesley move in his arms, as he looks down he can see the boy has a weak smile on his face and before Mitch can figure out what is going on, Wesley somehow rolls free of his arms and staggers to his feet, he slowly staggers over to Conner who looks equally as confused and surprised as Mitch.

"Wesley get away from him, let me deal..." Mitch begins to say, but stops talking and watches the young boy, kick Conner straight in the head, before jumping on top of him and pounding his head with punch after punch, Mitch slowly stands up and walks over to Wesley and pulls him off Conner, who is now sobbing silently and the sight of his former friend, being beaten to tears by an eleven year old boy causes Mitch to smile.

"Is Matt okay?" Wesley then asks, just before kicking Conner in the side, causing the older boy to cry out in pain.

"I don't know, come on let's go check." Mitch replies, as he steadies the boy when he starts staggering towards his little brother, who is cradling his boyfriend in his arms.

Mitch then helps Wesley sit down next to the other boys, before smiling when he sees that Matt now awake, although his quiet sobbing breaks his heart, but at least he is conscious he thinks to himself.

"Guys, I'm going to call the police and ambulance okay?" Mitch says and is about to pull his phone back out, when he feels a small hand tug his hand and when he looks down he is surprised to see Matt looking at him with his tear stained face.

"Mitch please don't, I just want to go home, I'm okay." Matt says weakly, clearly still in pain, but he didn't want anyone to know about this, he had enough attention after the Mr Jones stuff and didn't want any more.

"No way Matt, you need to go to the hospital." Mitch states seriously.

"I will be fine, not the first time I have passed out from being hit in the balls." Matt responds trying to sound more cheerful. "And besides they are both still there, if you don't believe me, just ask your brother because he is rubbing them better." He then adds, with a very painful sounding laugh.

Both Wesley and Mitch suddenly look down to his groin and can't help but blush and laugh, as they see Ben quickly withdrawing his hand and looking very embarrassed.

"What? I had to check and there is no way I'm letting you two play with my boyfriends balls." Ben says in mock seriousness, although if he was being honest he hadn't even realised he had even been playing with his boyfriends balls in the first place.

"No way I would touch his balls anyway." Wesley says with a smile on his face, he was already starting to feel better and he had been in enough fights and competitive sports, to know he would be fine in a few days and for once was glad his parents would be too busy to even notice him.

"Well I'm glad you guys are making jokes, but I still have to call the police." Mitch says and he instantly receives the same look form each of the boys and know they are about to object to phoning the police as well. "Seriously? Well give me one good reason?" He asks, deciding not to bother waiting for them to say what they were obviously thinking.

"I'm going to have a hard enough time keeping my parents from noticing I'm hurt, I don't want the police to turn up at the door and anyway, I already kicked the fuck out of that prick twice, that's enough for me Mitch." Wesley says and Mitch can't help but see the pride in the boys eyes.

"Twice?" Mitch then asks curiously, he had seen the boy beat Conner to tears, but by the state of the boy, he couldn't see how he could have done it earlier.

"Yeah if it wasn't for that other prick interfering, I would have beat him until he passed out." Wesley explains, again looking very proud of himself.

"You beat him in a fair fight?" Mitch asks in surprise, not quite believing the young boy, Conner was a twat and a prick, but he was pretty tough as well.

"He is telling the truth, before I came to find you we watched him beat Conner up, but then Andy came from behind him and kicked Wesley in the ribs." Ben then says, coming to his friends defence as he saw the look in his brothers eyes, he knew that look and knew it meant he didn't believe what he was being told.

"Oh fuck, Wesley you tough little shit, remind me not to piss you off." Mitch says ruffling the boys hair, although unlike Ben and Matt, he could instantly tell Wesley did not appreciate the gesture and quickly changed tactics and shock his hand instead, which earned him an appreciative smile from the boy, Mitch couldn't help but note the difference between his little brother and Matt and this boy, he was definitely a strong willed young man, who knew when he was being treated like a kid.

"Mitch, the other two are waking up." Ben almost shouts, as he sees Andy get to his knees and Simon laying on his side holding his face.

Mitch stands up and walks over to his friends, Andy tries to hold his hands up in a desperate bid to beg Mitch to not hit him, but it's to late and he falls to the ground unconscious again, after Mitch punches him on the side of the head, Simon doesn't even bother to defend himself and just waits for the punch that will knock him out for the second time, but instead he feels himself being pulled up to his feet.

"What did he do?" Mitch asks the boys, as he walks Simon in front of them.

"He just stood there I think." Matt answers honestly, up until he passed out he hadn't seen Simon do anything, although he had heard him try tell the others to stop.

"Nothing Mitch, he tried to get them to stop by telling them, but that was about all he did, the rest of the time he just stood their looking shit scared." Wesley says truthfully, but doesn't hide his disdain for the boy, to Wesley just standing there doing nothing to help, was almost as bad as if he were actually attacking him with his friends.

Mitch thought for a few minutes and was seriously considering knocking his friend out again, but he knew something the younger boys didn't and instead of attacking him, he surprised the boys by pulling the older boy into his arms and hugging him.

"Simon sorry for hitting you earlier, I didn't know what was going on and had to make sure the boys were safe..." Mitch starts to say, before his little brother interrupts him.

"What the fuck Mitch? He is a prick who watched Matt get kicked in the balls and Wesley stripped and beaten... what the fuck are you doing hugging him." Ben yells out angrily, but Mitch had been expecting this and knowing Simon wouldn't stop him, he decided to explain to the boys what was happening.

"Look, I'm not going to go into details, but it's not Simon's fault, he is a dumb ass for not having the balls to stop it, but he isn't like the other two, he wouldn't hurt anyone, he just needs to get away from those two and get some real friends." Mitch tries to explain, hoping the boys understand, but his little brother doesn't buy it at all.

"He had no problem stripping Matt in the park, in broad daylight and now you expect us to believe, he is all innocent and wouldn't do anything to hurt someone?" Ben points out and is clearly pissed off at his brothers attempts to defend Simon.

"You're right, but as much as I want to kill him for that, I know Simon is a good guy, I'm not asking you to forgive him or even like him, but he isn't to blame." Mitch says, again attempting to explain things to the boys.

"As long as he doesn't come near me again, I don't care what he does." Wesley then says, before slowly getting to his feet and walking over to Simon, who backs away slightly, Wesley then notices the fear and shame in the boys eyes and his anger melts away, he can now see what Mitch had been trying to explain to them and holds out his hand to the older boy. "Look sorry, thanks for at least trying to stop them, even though it was lame as hell." He then says sincerely, still holding his hand out, while Simon looks at the boy and then to Mitch, before he nervously raises his hand and shakes the boys hand.

Ben looks up in disbelief and is about to say something, when he feels Matt pull him down enough, so his mouth reaches his ear.

"Go shake his hand and forgive him, even if you have to pretend... just do it for me please." Matt whispers, before letting his boyfriend pull his head back up, Ben looks at him for a few seconds before leaning down and kissing him.

Ben then smiles at his boyfriend and stands up, being careful to gently lay his boyfriend on the ground, so he can see what he is about to do, then walks over to Simon and holds his hand out.

"I think you're a dick and I don't want you to ever come near me or Matt again and that means my house as well, I don't want you coming round any more okay, but I do want to say thank you, for at least not hurting Matt or Wesley and for trying to tell the other two to stop." Ben states honestly, still holding his hand out waiting for Simon to shake his hand.

"Sorry and I won't bother any of you again, I promise." Simon says meekly, as he shakes the boys hand, he feels like the biggest moron in the whole world and realises that he is just a coward and doesn't deserve to be happy.

"Simon if you want us to be friends, you need to ditch Andy and Conner, they are dead to me now and if you hang around with them you will dead to me as well, I like you and despite what you've done I want to be your friend, just what ever you do Simon, don't let them drag you down to their level, they're scum and will end up in jail or in a coffin sooner or later and I don't want that for you, now fuck off and go home." Mitch says lecturing his friend, before turning away and checking on Matt.

"I don't ever want to speak to them again, sorry everyone and Mitch I..." Simon says apologetically, but trails off and just walks away with his head down, he just hated himself too much to say anything else.

"Matt, I'm going to carry you to my car okay, come on boys I will give you a lift home and Wesley I want you to come back to our house okay, I will call your parents to ask them if you can spend the night if that's alright with you?" Mitch announces, as he lifts Matt and holds him safely in his arms.

"I don't mind, but I don't have any clothes to change into." Wesley responds and suddenly becomes aware that he is still just in his underwear and starts to laugh, much to the surprise of the other boys.

"Why are you laughing?" Ben asks curiously.

"I just realised, I'm a little under dressed for a walk through the park." Wesley says, now managing to stop laughing at himself, unlike most people Wesley didn't get embarrassed about his body and being almost naked in front of other people barely phased him at all.

"Oh shit, I didn't even notice." Ben says, as he hears his brother and boyfriend chuckle and joins in, but now that he has, he can't help but notice the bruising already appearing on his friends body and has to look away.

"Just give me a few seconds to get dressed, but I still haven't got anything else to wear." Wesley states again, as he locates his jeans and t-shirt before getting dressed.

"Well if you're sleeping in their room, you can just go naked like they do Wesley." Mitch says in a serious tone, although he is trying hard to keep a straight face, when he sees his little brother gives him a murderous look and Wesley... well to Mitch's surprise just looks like he wasn't phased at all by his statement, he had also noticed the bruising on the young boys body and knew he would have to keep an eye on him, in case he needed to go straight to the hospital.

"Sounds like it could be fun, but I'm not sure they would be able to keep their hands off me, if I parade around naked, I would hate for them to break up because they both fall in love with me." Wesley then says, so casually that it is impossible to tell if he is serious or not.

"Fucking hell Wesley, I can see why people like you and to be honest, I could do with someone else in the house to talk too, while these two perverts 'play' with each other." Mitch says, empathizing the word play and when he looks down, he can't help but chuckles when he sees Matt pouting at him.

"We are not that bad." Ben says blushing, then to every ones surprise, he gets up and half runs over to Conner, who no one had noticed had started to get up and kicks him square in the jaw, sending the older boy crashing to the ground out cold.

Mitch smiles proudly at his little brother and is about to tell the boys to follow him, when he notices Wesley stumble a little and fall to his knees, as he was walking and calls out to him.

"Wesley you alright?" Mitch asks in a worried tone.

Ben hearing Mitch, turns to his friend and quickly walks over to him, before helping him stand up by pulling Wesley's arm over his shoulder for support.

"Yeah sorry, I guess laughing is out of the question for a while, seriously though Ben you got a hell of a kick, he was out cold before he hit the ground." Wesley says weakly, but his words fill Ben with pride and Mitch decides that the boy is okay for now, but he was still concerned.

"Well come on, let's get out of here and Wesley you can choose the takeaway for tonight, anything you want and don't be shy." Mitch then informs the boys, as he carries Matt away from the hidden shed and towards the main part of the park, towards his car.

Ben and Wesley follow closely behind Mitch, but due to the pain Wesley is in, the walk takes almost twenty minutes, Wesley is about to fall into the back of the car when Mitch tells him to sit up front, he wanted to keep a close eye on the boy and he also knew his little brother would want to be able to hold his boyfriend and they can't do that if one of them is sitting up front and there is no way all three boys can be in the back with both Matt and Wesley hurt.

On the way home Mitch seriously considers taking the boys to hospital, he knows they will be angry, but when he glances at Wesley he can't help but see the boy is in bad shape despite his bravado, it is only the thought of how to explain what had happened to the doctors, without telling the truth that stops him and then there is the fact of walking in the hospital with two injured boys, isn't exactly going to look good and then there is what the Summers and his dad will say when they found out, so instead of heading to the hospital he carries on straight home.

Mitch is the first out of the car and helps Matt out of the back, before telling his little brother to stay and talk with Wesley, while he carries Matt inside, once inside the house he sets him down on the sofa carefully, before he quickly goes back outside and opens the passenger side door and gently lifts Wesley out and worries a little when the boy doesn't try and protest that he can walk himself, but decides to ignore it and just tells his little brother to close the car doors and lock it, while he carries Wesley inside and places him in the arm chair next to the sofa, just as his little brother comes in shutting the front door behind him.

"Okay guys no bullshit okay, how are you really feeling." Mitch asks, looking between the two boys, while his little brother somehow manages to get on the sofa behind Matt and wrap his arms lovingly around his hurt boyfriend.

"I feel like shit, but I will be okay Mitch." Wesley says, deciding to just be truthful instead of trying to act tough, he knew Mitch wouldn't believe him and actually felt happy that the older boy seemed to actually care about him.

"Okay Wesley, you're going to have to tell me more than that." Mitch then tells the boy, he is grateful of the boys honesty, but he needs specifics.

"Some of my ribs are definitely bruised, my stomach hurts like fuck and my head is pounding, but seriously I will be fine and trust me Mitch, if I thought I was hurt I would be in hospital, I may be a little arrogant, but I ain't putting my future on the line for the sake of saving face." Wesley admits in a serious yet casual tone and Mitch can't help but smile at the boy, the word remarkable is an understatement for Wesley Fisher, he thought to himself.

"Okay, well I got some kick ass painkiller for you to have in a few minutes." Mitch says to Wesley, before turning to Matt. "Now, how about you?" He then asks.

"I don't know, it's like I got this tickling rubbing feeling on my balls and I don't know what it is." Matt says smirking, which causes Mitch to give him a questioning look, before he hears Wesley giggle and then cough in pain and when Mitch looks down to where Wesley was looking, he can see his little brothers hand in his boyfriends underwear, obviously playing with his balls and Mitch can't help but shake his head in disbelief.

"Oh for fuck sake Ben, get you hand out of there right now." Mitch says, in a bemused tone as he keeps shakes his head.

"I'm just checking to see if they are all right." Ben lies, as he withdraws his hand reluctantly and can tell by every ones expressions, that they know he is lying.

"Well from now on if you do that in front of me again I will have to rethink not telling dad or Matt's parents about the both of you." Mitch states so casually that anyone who didn't know him like his little brother or Matt, would think he was being serious, but they could see it in his eyes that he was teasing them and when even Wesley picks up on the vibe and smiles at the two brothers banter.

"Fine, spoil sport." Ben retorts, as he sticks his tongue out.

Mitch however suddenly turns to Wesley, who is now coughing and looking in a lot of pain, after he laughed at the exchange between the other boys.

"Wesley?" Mitch says concerned and started to think he should take the boy to the hospital right now.

"Those painkillers sound really good right about now Mitch." Wesley says trying to sound okay, but the look on his face tells everyone he is in a lot of pain.

Mitch quickly rushes upstairs and too his bedroom to retrieve the painkillers from his room.

"You sure you don't want to go to the hospital Wes?" Ben asks, now concerned Wesley is a lot more hurt than he is letting on.

"Nah, it just hurts like a bitch, but anyway now that we are alone, I need a favour from you Ben and well I guess you as well Matt." Wesley responds, attempting to shift into a more comfortable position, but the sudden burst of pain changes his mind.

"Yeah anything you want Wes?" Ben replies, forcing a weak smile as he watches his friend grimace in pain.

"Great, well first of don't call me Wes, I hate it and secondly I need a bath or something, I can't do it myself and don't really want Mitch helping me so er... can you er... you know help me?" Wesley asks, actually sounding a little embarrassed, something Ben hadn't seen the boy act like before, he thought to himself.

"Of course we can help you out, I need one too and we can share." Matt suddenly says enthusiastically, before Ben can reply.

"Er... well share?" Wesley replies nervously, the two boys look surprised at Wesley's reaction and they wondered how he really felt about them being boyfriends, but as if reading their minds Wesley starts talking again. "Oh it's not because you're boyfriends, I got no problem with you admiring my sexy body, but well er... it's kind of embarrassing and er... well I kinda pissed myself and er... well I'm not sure, but I think I might have shit myself a little." Wesley confesses, turning bright red and dropping his gaze to the floor and expecting the boys to laugh at him.

"Oh well, fuck that sucks, but I don't care, I probably pissed and shit myself too, but was too embarrassed to say anything in case you guys laughed at me or Mitch went into big brother mode and tried to clean me up himself." Matt then admits almost whispering, but the genuine sheepish smile on his face, along with his words help ease all of Wesley's worries and he looks back at the boys smiling, although it is quickly replaced by a grimace as he tries to move again.

"Yeah he pissed himself, I could feel it when I was playing... I mean checking to see if his balls were okay." Ben adds, but quickly blushing after almost letting slip what he was really doing, although it was clearly obvious to everyone what he had been doing anyway.

"Thanks guys, you two really are great and just for the record, if I were gay I would definitely want to have a little fun with you two." Wesley then says with a cheeky grin.

"Man you're so gay Wesley." Ben responds mockingly, with a big grin of his own, as Matt chuckles.

"Nah, I have thought about it and I get nothing from boys or guys, I mean you two are cute as fuck, but I don't even get a tingle down here." Wesley says pointing to his groin, before looking back at the boys and Ben can't help but notice a look of disappointment on Wesley's face, as if the fact he was straight was an inconvenience. "I mean I get a boner over anything, but nothing around boys, so guess I will just have to give my body to the female population to enjoy and worship." He then adds, looking proud of himself, but not in an arrogant way that makes you hate him for being so full of himself.

"Sorry if it's none of my business Wesley, but you seem disappointed not to be gay." Matt asks and Ben looks down at his boyfriend wondering if he read his mind and the smile his boyfriend gives him as he returns his gaze, only makes Ben wonder more.

"Yeah I kinda wish I was, that's why I really kissed you guys before, I was hoping it would like make me gay, but it didn't and even when I saw you two with a boner it just made me realize I was straight, I sound like a weird freak don't I?" Wesley asks, but before they can answer he hears Mitch coughs and watches as he walks over to him, offering him four pills and a glass of water and Wesley can't help but look at the older boy nervously.

"Yeah I heard you guys talk, Wesley you're not weird for feeling like you do, recently I did the same sort of thing." Mitch says before taking a seat himself, all three boys give him a surprised look, but it is his little brother who looks the most shocked.

"You want to be gay?" Ben asks his brother, still looking shocked at the revelation.

"Not exactly, I was curious after finding out about you two and the way you two are with each other, I have been with a lot of girls, but never felt the way you two seem to feel about each other with them, so I thought I would give it a go." Mitch reveals, shocking the boys again.

"Have a go, like do sex stuff?" Ben asks, with his jaw almost hitting the floor.

"Yeah that's when I met Jim and well..." Mitch starts to say, but is surprised to be interrupted by Wesley.

"Oh fuck, you're the young straight stud, who my brother was trying to turn gay." Wesley suddenly says, causing everyone to look at him in surprise, especially Mitch who is trying to get figure out the connection Jim and Wesley could have and then it hits him, their surnames are the same and he mentally slaps himself for not realising sooner.

"You're Jim's little brother?" Mitch asks in disbelief.

"Yeah, I can't believe you're the guy, man he was so disappointed you turned out straight and he really liked you it seemed." Wesley says, before he remembers he is holding the pills and quickly takes two of them.

"Jim, the sex shop guy?" Ben then asks, still looking shocked at the revelations.

"Yeah and just to save the time nothing actually happened, well we got naked and there was touching, but well it was obvious I wasn't gay and sorry to gross you out Wesley, but I didn't even get hard when your brother tried to give me a blow job." Mitch confesses, as he blushes slightly when he remembers his little brother is sitting in the room as well.

"Eww gross." Both Ben and Wesley say in unison.

"Huh, wait Ben, Mitch tried to get off with Wesley's gay brother, who happens to own a sex shop and you just happen to..." Matt begins to say, but doesn't get to finish his sentence, as he feels his boyfriends lips against his own and happily returns the kiss and for once Mitch doesn't comment, as he knew what Matt was going to say and knew it was not something his little brother wanted someone else to know about.

"Mitch, how does Chinese sound?" Wesley says, changing the subject when he feels the awkward tension start to build between them all, as too many secrets were being revealed.

"Huh what?" Mitch responds, confused by the question.

"For dinner, you said I could choose and I fancy some BBQ spare ribs and some chicken balls, some duck with chips and rice." Wesley explains, as he takes the two remaining pills in his hand, before taking a quick glance over to Ben and Matt, who are still kissing, although he can tell it is a loving tender kiss and not an over the top gross looking kiss, you see so many people do in public and he smiles.

"Holy shit, how the fuck do you look that good if you eat like that?" Mitch suddenly says, as he follows Wesley's gaze and can't help smiling himself at his brother and boyfriend in their loving embrace.

"You think I look good?" Wesley says, in a surprised yet happy tone, he was proud of his body and it was always nice when someone noticed and praised him.

"Yeah and at the risk of sounding like a creep, you got a hell of a body for an eleven year old, but anyway yeah Chinese sounds good, but I think it can wait a few hours and no offence, but you and Matt really need a bath." Mitch says casually, Wesley instantly starts to feel embarrassed that Mitch can smell the obvious, but he still can't help feeling proud of the compliment the older boy gave him and smiled happily at the older boy.

"Yeah and no offence to you Mitch, but I already sorted the bath situation with Ben and Matt, they're going to help me get in and Matt is going to share the bath with me if that's okay." Wesley responds and feels himself blush a little.

"Yeah that's cool and don't be embarrassed, the beaten you took should have put you down for hours, but the fact you got up and kicked the shit out of Conner is just down right awesome and just so you know, you only pissed yourself in the park, I think the shit, if you actually have is down to the pain and not being funny, but I don't think I would be able to handle the pain you're in right now and I'm not exactly a wimpy crybaby." Mitch states reassuringly with a warm smile, he was being honest he had a high tolerance for pain, but seeing the boy swallow four of his painkillers and still grimacing just makes him respect Wesley even more and found himself already adding another boy to his seemingly ever growing surrogate brother list.

"I can see why Matt practically worships you Mitch, even though I have an older brother, I don't know I just feel safe and comfortable around you, it's weird really and well I just wanted to say thank you for everything, I just wish we were the same age." Wesley confesses, but turns bright red in surprise at his last words and he can see Mitch raising an eyebrow at him, he then quickly glances at his friends laying on the couch and sighs in relief as they are still locked in their embrace and oblivious to the world around them.

"Wesley... look if you ever want to talk I will listen, but I think the pills are starting to work, just try to think before you speak, because trust me when I say this, I have said a lot more weird shit than that on those things." Mitch admits as he tries to reassure the boy, he knows there is probably some truth to what he had said, but not in the same way as his words suggested.

"Yeah I was just thinking how cool you would be to be friends with, don't know how it came out like that, wait... I'm not going to be all tripped out for the rest of the night am I?" Wesley then asks, sounding a little worried about making a fool of himself, he was confident and liked a laugh, but he didn't like being humiliated.

"Nah, you just need some food, wait there and I will make you some sandwiches, the two love birds will keep an eye on you while I'm gone." Mitch says, as he stands up and smiles when he looks at the two kissing boys, part of him wants to tell them to stop, but he just can't bring himself to break up their embrace.

Wesley then watches Mitch leave the room and waits a few seconds, before turning to the boys and with an evil smile spreads across his face starts to speak.

"Hey guys look, I got a boner and told Mitch I loved him." Wesley says grinning, as he watches the two boys pull apart and look at him with a mixture of horror and shock.

"What the fuck?" Ben is the first two say, taking the words right out of Matt's mouth.

"Ha, made you look." Wesley says mockingly, the painkillers are already taking effect on him and he starts to feel all giggly.

"Huh?" Matt says looking confused.

"Sorry, just felt a little weird watching you two getting off together, while I'm still sitting here." Wesley admits, although it's only half true, as he actually feels a little embarrassed about what he had said to Mitch, even though he knew what Mitch had told him about the pills was true, he still felt awkward about it and well actually he was feeling all tingly and happy right now and really hoped Mitch wasn't lying about just needing to eat something, otherwise he was definitely going to make a fool of himself he thought.

"I thought you were cool with us being boyfriends?" Ben says in reply.

"I am, but being cool with it and having to sit here alone, while you two ignore me and make out is kinda weird." Wesley responds a little too honestly and wishes he never took the painkillers, as he can't help but say exactly what is on his mind.

"Oh sorry, we kind of got carried away." Matt says apologetically.

"Yeah and you both have boners, which although is totally adorable, it's definitely a little weird." Wesley says, but this time his voice cracks a little as he tries to repress a giggle, when both boys blush a little at his observation, just as Mitch walks back in with a sandwich and glass of OJ.

"There you go mate, eat them and then Ben can go up and get your bath ready." Mitch says, before turning to the two boys who to his relief have stopped kissing. "Right Wesley wants Chinese, so what do you guys want and remember you can order anything so don't be shy." He then asks them with a warm smile.

Mitch starts to take a mental note of the boys orders, but has to tell them to stop while he looks around for a pen and paper, after realising he has no chance of remembering everything, he is starting too wonder if giving them free reign was good for his bank balance, he thought to himself jokingly, but he could see the happiness in each of the boys faces, when they gave him their orders and couldn't help but laugh when Wesley added two more items, once he had them all written down, he told Ben to go run the bath and call down when it was ready.

"Okay Matt, you still need to tell me how you're feeling and remember no lying." Mitch then asks, turning to the young boy after his little brother had disappeared upstairs.

"I kind of feel sick and they hurt for ages but er... well Ben kinda made them er... feel good again." Matt says honestly, although saying it out aloud causes him to blush and look away from Mitch.

"Okay, but don't ever lie about being in pain Matt, now this is going to be embarrassing and we can do this in another room if you don't want Wesley to look, but I need to see you balls Matt." Mitch says with a little nervousness in his voice, but he knew he needed to at least check the boy over, because if there was something wrong then he needed to get the boy in hospital.

"You want to what?" Matt asks, he is totally surprised by the request and hadn't even considered having to do something like this and was very apprehensive, he trusted Mitch with his life, but he was basically an adult and he couldn't help but think of Mr Jones and it scared him and really wished his boyfriend was with him right now.

"Matt he needs to check you out, not being creepy or anything but they are you balls and you don't want to fuck them up or you will be in serious shit." Wesley quickly says, seeing the look on his friends face he can see that he is scared of something, but doesn't quite work it out.

"Look I know this is weird Matt and I would just get Ben to do it, but he won't know what to look for." Mitch adds, hoping to reassure the scared looking boy.

"Sorry Mitch but I can't let you look at me or touch me alone, I want Ben to come down, or I guess if Wesley stays it might be okay... sorry." Matt says with a sadness in his face, he felt awful for not being able to trust Mitch, but he couldn't help it and felt a few tears run down his face, although if he really thought about it, he would have been fine with Mitch doing this, because unlike any other adult, Mitch had carried him alone and even been with him alone and he hasn't freaked out, he has just not noticed it though.

"It's okay and don't worry I'm not upset or offended, I actually feel really proud of you for saying what you have and I mean that." Mitch says sincerely, as he ruffles the boys hair and then realises why the boy is so scared and is disappointed in himself for being so stupid, but before he can say anything else Wesley begins to talk.

"I don't mind staying Matt and I don't think we should get Ben to come down, he would only worry about you too much and also just for the record, I'm with Mitch on you doing the right thing, takes real guts to admit to being scared and I'm proud of you too, although I guess that is a bit patronizing coming from me, but I still mean it." Wesley adds sincerely and manages to force a smile, as he feels a sharp pain in his side, when he moves too much in the chair. "Oh fuck Mitch, can you help me sit up, quick it hurts sitting like this." He quickly asks. taking a leaf out of Matt's books and being honest that he needs help.

"Yeah sure little man." Mitch says and quickly moves over to the boy and gently repositions him, until Wesley gives him an appreciative nod and weak smile.

"Cheers Mitch much better, maybe after you have checked Matt, you can check me over too." Wesley then suggests, after realising he is probably a little worse off than he had originally thought, but still it was more to see if he could hide his injuries or not, when he went home.

"Yeah sure thing little man." Mitch says, as he places a hand on the boys shoulder squeezing it gently and smiles to himself as the boy reacts positively to the gesture, he knew Wesley didn't appreciate being treated like a kid and he knew a shoulder squeeze was a lot more adult than a hair ruffle.

"Cheers." Wesley replies smiling, normally he hated how adults ruffled his hair like he was a child, but Mitch seemed to get him, first it was the hand shake and now a squeeze of the shoulder, it made Wesley feel older and respected and even though being called 'little man' should have made him feel annoyed, coming from Mitch he knew it was not said in a patronizing way, but as a sign of genuine affection and he had missed that feeling.

Mitch smiled and turned back to Matt and couldn't help but stare in surprise at the young boy, who had already pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles with his legs opened and he is happy to see that while the boy had obviously wet himself, he hadn't shit himself, but decided to not point it out and embarrass the boy.

"Just be quick please." Matt then says, his voice sounding a little shaky, he was definitely struggling without his boyfriend being with him and was trembling a little bit as he watched nervously as Mitch approached him, although again it was more down to him thinking he was going to freak out, rather than actually being that scared, he just didn't know it.

"I'm really sorry about putting you through this little bro." Mitch says in a genuine tone, although he hadn't realised he had referred to the boy as his little brother, even though if he had, he wouldn't have regretted his choice of words, the smile and look of pure joy on Matt's face was priceless and Wesley couldn't help but feel a warm feeling in his heart at the look on his friends face.

"It's okay Big Bro." Matt replies cheerfully, causing Mitch to look up at the boy in surprise and then a look of happiness and pride spreads across his face, as he finally realises what he had called Matt and what the boy had called him.

Mitch then resumes his inspection of the young boys balls, trying to be as gentle as possible and while they were slightly swollen and bruised he is relieved to see no evidence of any damage and was surprised they weren't in worse shape after being kicked that hard and that many times, but decided that he will have to check again later on that evening and in the morning just to be sure.

"Matt I think you're going to be okay, but I really want to check again later this evening and then in the morning again just to be sure, I know it's embarrassing for you, but if there is something wrong and I didn't check it would be my fault and what Wesley said earlier about your balls is true, you don't want them being fucked up trust me." Mitch states, knowing the boy won't be pleased, but hoped he understood why he had to do it.

"Sure it's fine I guess, well it's weird and embarrassing and I'm still a little scared, but I understand and at least I get to see Wesley strip now, so I'm not going to be the only one on display." Matt says hoping to lighten the mood a little, although truth be told he still couldn't shake the fear he had and the thought of Mr Jones, which frustrated him and can't help but let out a little sniffle, but neither Mitch or Wesley make a big deal out of it and can tell he doesn't want them to fuss over him.

"Well as much as I would like to show you what a real dick looks like Matt, I don't think taking my underwear off is going to be a happy experience for anyone right now, so you will just have to wait until our bath, to see the goods." Wesley replies and blushes slightly at the mention of his dirty underwear, but smiles at Matt, who looks a little disappointed, although he knew they were both going to be naked together soon anyway.

"Well let's get that top off then." Mitch then says, as he finishes redressing Matt and moving over to Wesley.

Carefully Mitch pulls the t-shirt off the boy, who winces and grimaces at the movements, Mitch then slowly starts to see the bruising and as the t-shirt covers Wesley's face, he turns his head and mouths for Matt to look away, which he does immediately knowing there had to be a good reason, Mitch then looks back at the boys torso and takes a deep breath as the bruising was worse than he had thought and he really considered taking him to the hospital, until he took the t-shirt off and Wesley looked down with an amused look on his face, causing Mitch to look at him curiously.

"Wow I look like shit, man this is almost as bad as the time I fell down the side of a cliff." Wesley says in a unexpected calm voice, as he slowly prods some of the bruises.

"Holy shit." Matt says in shock, as he turns to see what Wesley is talking about and realises why Mitch had told him to look away and wishes he had not looked at all.

"You fell down a cliff?" Mitch then asks, not even hearing Matt's voice.

"Yeah it wasn't really a cliff, but it was pretty high, but I got beat up pretty bad, although no broken bones or any serious damage, but the bruising was twice as bad as this and at least I know I don't have to go to hospital now." Wesley says, while still prodding his various bruises curiously.

"Wait what?" Mitch says in confusion, he was still half in shock at the state of the young boy for his brain to work properly.

"Oh I was going to make you take me to hospital after my bath, because I thought it hurt a little more than it should, but I can see it will be okay now." Wesley explains calmly.

"Sorry I'm being a real idiot, right well you look like shit Wesley, but I trust you and if you say you're fine, then I believe you, but tonight you're sleeping in my room, I need to keep an eye on you just in case okay?" Mitch states to the boy in a tone, that lets Wesley know he is serious.

"Okay, but I sleep naked, just so you know." Wesley responds with a little smirk.

"Well first of all, I will be on the floor and secondly you're at the very least going to be wearing underwear, no naked boys in my bed little man." Mitch says, laying down the law to the young boy who gives him a cocky look.

"You don't have to sleep on the floor, I don't mind sharing." Wesley offers casually, he doesn't see anything wrong with sleeping in the same bed, they have both made it clear they are straight and then there is the massive age difference.

"Not quite sure your parents would appreciate you sleeping in my bed with me Wesley." Mitch says in a serious tone.

"Oh yeah, because the first thing I'm going to do when I get home, is tell my parents 'hey guess what, today I almost got molested by this older kid, but don't worry this other older kid, who is mates with the guy rescued me and then I slept with him in his bed so he could look after me' yeah I don't think so Mitch." Wesley states with a cheeky look on his face and Mitch can't help but smile at the boys little speech.

"Damn you boys are seriously weird, but okay if you really don't mind, then we can share my bed." Mitch says, actually relieved as he wasn't looking forward to a night on the floor.

"HEY GUYS THE BATH IS READY!" Ben suddenly shouts from the top of the stairs, interrupting the boys conversation.

"Okay, we will be right there." Mitch responds, before turning to the boys. "Okay Wesley, I will help Matt up first and Ben can help him in to the bath, while I will come back for you okay?" Mitch states to them.

"Yeah it's cool." Wesley says, before grimacing a little as he slips down in his seat a little, Mitch sees this and quickly helps him back into a more comfortable position, before going back to Matt and carrying him up the stairs, noticing the boys body tensing up a little bit before relaxing, as they move up the stairs and Matt can't help but think about how relaxed he felt, but before he can give it any more thought he sees his boyfriend and his mind fully focuses on him instead.

"Okay Ben, help him get undressed and into the bath and I will go get Wesley." Mitch says, after reaching the top of the stairs and sets the young boy down so Ben can help him into the bathroom, Mitch then walks back down the stairs to get Wesley.

"I can't believe I'm going to be sharing a bath with Wesley." Matt says, in a slightly disheartened tone, causing Ben to look at him questioningly as he gently strips him naked.

"You don't have to if you don't want to, you know." Ben tells his boyfriend.

"It's not that, it's just weird that it isn't you, but another boy, I mean I like Wesley, but sharing a bath is kind of our thing you know." Matt says thoughtfully and looks into his boyfriends eyes.

"Yeah I know, but Wesley is cool and he is really hurt, so we have to help him out and if we didn't then Mitch would have to help him and Wesley already told us he didn't want that, besides I will be right here anyway." Ben responds, now smiling as he takes in the sight of his naked boyfriend, although his swollen and bruised balls make him grimace a little bit, which Matt notices.

"Yeah I know, don't worry about my balls, I have had worse and they don't hurt that much." Matt says smiling, as he lets his boyfriend help him into the bath, which is a little awkward at first, but they manage in the end, then just as Matt sits down and relaxes, he lifts his head up and Ben instantly understands and lowers his head to kiss his boyfriend.

As Mitch returns to Wesley in the living room, he is happy to see the boy is still doing okay and quickly moves over to him, but as he goes to scoop him up Wesley stops him.

"Mitch, can I ask you something really personal?" Wesley asks, surprising Mitch a little.

"Sure Little Man." Mitch replies smiling, as he kneels down in front of the boy.

"My brother didn't trick you into that gay stuff did he?" Wesley asks, with a serious look in his eyes.

"Huh, what?" Mitch responds in confusion, stunned by the question.

"You can tell me, he has done it before with straight guys and well I don't want him to do the same to you." Wesley explains, trying to reassure the older boy that he can be honest.

"He has?" Mitch asks, still shocked by the conversation to really think of what to say.

"Yeah he isn't a bad guy or anything, but he likes to think he is a stud and can turn any straight guy gay, I think he is trying to do it to you, has he been getting you to owe him favours?" Wesley then says, again keeping his serious look, locked firmly on Mitch.

"Yeah, I owe him for something earlier today actually, but I don't think he is trying to make me gay, he wouldn't do that... would he?" Mitch asks, as he starts to consider what the boy is telling him and starts to worry that it might be true and what he is going to do about it, he wasn't gay and if Jim did try to force him, then he would have no choice but to defend himself.

"He would and it sounds like he is already trying, I will tell him to back off though, he will listen to me and don't tell me you can handle it, because trust me he has done this a lot and he will just leave you fucked up in the head, or in a cell for the night after you beat the crap out of him for trying to feel you up." Wesley answers honestly, before leaning forward and doing his best to ignore the pain. "Mitch please let me help you out, it will kind of make us even." He then adds, before holding out his hand.

"I guess this means, he won't want to be friends any more." Mitch says a little sadly, he actually likes Jim and finds him fun to be around, but he believes the boy and he isn't going to let someone mess with his head like that.

"Nah, like I said he isn't a prick, he just likes playing these games and if you still want to be his friend he will too." Wesley reassures the older boy, still holding his hand out although he is finding it harder to ignore the pain and just wants Mitch to pick him up already.

"Cheers for this, I was actually getting a little worried about what he would try and make me do." Mitch says gratefully and shakes the boys hand before scooping him up gently. "You know if this doesn't sound too creepy, I won't mind another surrogate little brother like Matt around and to tell you the truth, it would be great to have another guy around the house, when those two are getting... you know touchy feely." He then says sincerely, while he slowly carries the boy up the stairs.

"Little brother? I don't know about that, I mean does that mean you have to buy me birthday and Christmas presents, because I can get on board with that." Wesley replies grinning, he thought it was a nice gesture and was flattered, but he had a family and despite their massive shortcomings, he didn't want another one and would prefer that Mitch just treated him like a friend.

"Well I don't know about that, but what I'm trying to say is it would be nice having you around the house, we don't see many of Ben's friends around here, although I know he has some." Mitch then says, hoping he doesn't sound as lame as he thinks he does.

"No offence Mitch, but I don't need another older brother, but I wouldn't mind being friends and well to be honest, I don't really hang around with the Ben or Matt much, they have their circle of friends and I have well I have lots of peoples around me at school." Wesley explains truthfully, although his mood drops a little when he thinks about the 'friends' he actually has.

"Oh friends is good I guess, I have to admit I thought you guys were close friends, the way you act around each other is so natural and I just assumed." Mitch responds smiling, but notices the change in the boys mood and decides to stops mid way up the stairs to continue the conversation.

"Honestly if I thought they would let me I would join their circle of friends, I like my mates I guess, but they're a little annoying and we aren't really close, I mean I know lots about them, but I doubt they know much about me, I'm just the cool kid that makes them cool by association, I guess I would just like some real friends, but I don't think Ben or Matt take my attempts to hang around with them seriously." Wesley then admits, sounding a little sad and Mitch can't help but feel bad for the boy and wanted to help him out.

"Tell you what, you sort your brother out for me and I will have a word with Ben, I will ask him to come talk, while you and Matt have your bath okay?" Mitch suggests, then starts walking up the stairs again.

"Deal." Wesley says surprising himself, he usually hated when someone tried to talk on his behalf, but there is something about Mitch that washes those thoughts away and he actually thought about Mitch's earlier offer and realized maybe he liked the idea of Mitch, as his sort of big brother despite already having one. "Mitch you know I wouldn't mind being your little brother actually, not like Matt is more, more as friends but... I think you're cool." He then adds, with a shy look that causes Mitch to smile broadly.

"I think you're pretty remarkable and of course you can be my little bro, but maybe let's not tell Jim, he might think I'm trying to steal you away from him." Mitch says beaming with pride, as he carries him into the bathroom, where he has to cough to alert the two kissing boys that they aren't alone.

"Do they do that a lot?" Wesley asks Mitch, with a cheeky look on his face.

"All the fucking time, I think you can work out why I said what I did earlier right?" Mitch says smiling at Wesley, as he sets him down on the toilet seat.

"Yeah I get it now." Wesley says, half grinning half grimacing because of his new position.

"Oh hey guys." Ben then says, as he turns away from his boyfriend and sees the other two boys.

"Okay Ben, I'm going to my room and as soon as you get Wesley in the bath, can you come see me, I need to have a chat about something important, but don't worry it's nothing bad I just need your help." Mitch says in a soft and warm tone, that relaxes his little brother.

Mitch then leaves the boys alone and closes the door behind him, while he heads to his bedroom.

"So come on Ben get his clothes off, I feel like an idiot being naked on my own and I can't wait to see how small his penis is." Matt says grinning, as his boyfriend gives him a cheeky wink and Wesley looks at him in mock anger.

"Well I guess I should get this over with as quickly as possible, I can't believe I get stuck with stripping people naked all the time... life is hard." Ben says mockingly, but is grateful Wesley can't move much, because he can tell by the look in his eyes he wants to punch him, but he knows he would only do it playfully and stands closer as he unbuttons his jeans.

"Hey shouldn't you start with my top first?" Wesley says, a little surprised Ben had gone straight for his jeans.

"Sorry, strippers choice Wesley." Ben says teasingly, clearly enjoying having control of the boy.

Ben then carries on with his plan and quickly has his jeans and socks removed, but as soon as he looks up he can see the state of his friends underwear and gives him a comforting look.

"Oh fuck, it's even worse than I thought, it's okay if you don't want too Ben, we can call Mitch back in if you want." Wesley says and Ben can see the shame on the boys face and the tears forming in his eyes, he looks over to his boyfriend, who gives him a shake of the head and he turns back to Wesley smiling.

"Oh man up Wesley, it's totally gross, but I don't care so just relax while I take your top off and then we can get to your briefs." Ben says and starts lifting Wesley's T-shirt off, before he can even reply, Ben can't help but gasp when he sees the bruises and hesitates before lifting the top off his friend, who looks to be in pain again.

"Shit, did I hurt you?" Ben asks, looking worried.

"A little bit, but it's not your fault, now how are we going to do this?" Wesley asks, after look down at himself and sighing sadly.

"Wesley should stand then Ben you can lift the toilet seat and get Wesley to sit down again, then take his briefs off." Matt suggests, as he watches the other two boys.

Ben and Wesley decide to follow Matt's idea and soon enough Wesley is naked and his briefs are thrown in the sink.

"Eww gross, why did you put them in the sink?" Matt asks, not quite believing his boyfriend did that.

"So I can wash them, it will get rid of the smell." Ben replies, as he turns the tap on and rinses the underwear until he is satisfied they don't stink any more and throws them in the bin next to the sink before picking up a flannel and wetting it.

"What you going to do with that?" Wesley asks a little nervously, being naked in in front of the boys, is a little scarier than he had thought it would be and can't help but glance over to Matt, who is also naked, although he can only see his head and shoulders.

"Sorry, but need to clean you up a bit before you get in the bath, you can do it yourself if you want and we can look away." Ben suggests after explaining.

"No it's fine, I was just confused, so do you need me to stand up?" Wesley responds with a weak smile, he wasn't easily embarrassed, but this was almost mortifying and he was struggling to stay in control of his emotions and the pain wasn't helping him much.

"Not yet, just let me get the worst off, then I can finish you off and get you in the bath." Ben responds casually, Wesley though with the painkillers still taking there effect, can't help but think how adorable Ben's face looks when he is concentrating on something and giggles a little, causing both Ben and Matt to look at him in bemusement.

Ben though decides to get to work and starts to wipe away what he can and giggles as he hears Wesley 'oh' and 'ah' as he works the flannel around his balls and ass, Ben then helps him to his feet and cautiously wipes the boys crack before rinsing the flannel, like he did with the underwear and throwing it in the same bin.

"Ben, I think I'm going to fall over." Wesley then states, in a slightly panicked voice and Ben quickly goes over and supports him, he then helps him into the bath, which proves both difficult and painful for Wesley, but as soon as he slides down into a seated position opposite Matt, he feels himself relaxing. "Oh fuck, what the fuck is that, it feels great." He then asks, as he watches Ben pour some stuff into the water and feels it start to tingle all over his body.

"Oh I love this stuff too, it's the best right?" Matt responds, as he relaxes and giggles, when he feels Wesley's legs against his own.

"Yeah I love these bath salts and lotions, right I better go and see see my brother wants though, will you be okay?" Ben then states, as he stands up to leave.

"Yeah I'm all good here." Wesley says, with his eyes closed as he relaxes in the bath.

"Yeah we will be fine, but you need to come here for a second Ben." Matt says, with a shy smile.

"Okay sure." Ben responds and walks over to his boyfriend, then leans over and is happily surprised, to feel his boyfriends lips against his own and enjoys his boyfriends tongue wrestling his own, before they break apart both grinning.

"Man Mitch was right, you two do kiss a lot." Wesley says as both boys look at him sheepishly. "Don't look so guilty it's cute, now go see your brother Ben." He then says, before closing his eyes and sighing happily, Matt does the same and Ben leaves and heads to his brothers bedroom.

Ben stands outside his brothers bedroom for a few moments, before nervously knocking on his door, before walking in and smiling nervously as he stands in front of his brother, who is sitting on his bed looking happy.

"What did you want me for?" Ben asks, still not sure if he should be nervous or not.

"Jeez relax Ben, I just wanted to talk about Wesley with you." Mitch says, in a friendly voice.

"Oh okay, but what about him is he really okay?" Ben asks, now sounding worried and Mitch sighs as he realises he seems to just be upsetting his little brother, so decides to just come out and say it.

"Look when I was downstairs with Wesley, we had a little talk and he really wants to be your friend and I don't mean like he is now, I mean a real friend you know where you hang out at school and in the park and go over to each others house, that kind of friend." Mitch explains, as he tries to repeat what Wesley had expressed to him earlier, as best he could.

"Huh, well why didn't he just say that?" Ben asks in confusion, surely he could have asked them himself and he already thought they were friends.

"Because he has been trying, haven't you noticed him try to be around you both more recently and well he just felt like you didn't want to be real friends with him." Mitch again explains to his little brother.

"But he has loads of friends, we just thought he was just being nice to us." Ben answers, as he starts to think about the past few weeks and how often Wesley had approached them and then he starts to remember how one way or another, they basically blew him off and felt like an idiot for not realising what was going on.

"He also told me that he doesn't have any real friends and it wasn't until he saw two together and how you cared for each other and your other friends, that he realized the only reason people hung around him was to look cool themselves, he really wants to be your friend Ben and I guess after his failed attempts, he sort of didn't know how to make it happen." Mitch then says, feeling sorry for the poor boy even more, for all the world he looked like the happiest kid in the world, great at sports, school and music and was never going to have a problem getting a girlfriend, but knowing he was actually lonely even with all that, makes Mitch want to look out for him even more.

"Oh, does he know you're telling me this?" Ben then asks, sounding a lot more bluntly than intended and the look he gets from his brother confirms he said it in the wrong way.

"Yes he does, he was just happy about maybe getting some real friends, but I guess we can..." Mitch starts to say but is cut off.

"Oh I didn't mean it to sound like that, of course me and Matt will be his friend, we think Wesley is amazing and we talked about how we wish he wanted to be our friend, but just thought he had loads already." Ben quickly explains and his excitement grows as he finishes talking.

"Then it's settled, although I do have something else to talk to you about." Mitch responds, purposely saying nothing else until his little brother had stopped looking so happy and realise what he had just said to him.

"Huh? But I want to get back to Matt." Ben responds, feeling a little bit of a weirdo for missing his boyfriend already.

"Well actually it concerns him to, look with Wesley staying here tonight, I think you two need to need to find a better way of keeping the noise down and don't pretend you two aren't going to do anything, because I already noticed the box is missing." Mitch states in a serious tone and Ben instantly starts to blush.

"Oh well er... shit." Ben stutters, he had hoped his brother wouldn't notice he took the box.

"Look I really don't mind, just make sure you're quiet, you can use a sock or something as a gag, so you don't make too much noise and also with Matt's injuries, I think you should maybe not fool around to much with him, if you get what I mean." Mitch then tells his little brother, with a knowing wink.

"Aww man, do we have to talk about this, it's embarrassing and weird." Ben then says, keeping his gaze fixed to the floor, feeling too embarrassed to look his brother in the eyes.

"Yeah no kidding, but remember what I said about using a gag or something and I doubt you will mind being the one, getting all the attention this time." Mitch says teasingly, as he stands up and opens the door.

Ben follows his brother out of the door and is about to go into the bathroom, when he turns to his brother.

"Thanks for everything Mitch and sorry about this morning, we talked about it and knew that we were out of order and it won't happen again." Ben states, remembering the incident from earlier and wanted to clear the air.

"Thank you for the apology, I really appreciate it, but I'm even more sorry for acting like a prick about it, I guess even though I have seen you both naked and stuff, it was just such a shock to see you actually doing something like that and I definitely don't want to see it or anything like that again Ben, there are some things you just don't want to see other people doing, let alone your little brother." Mitch responds and Ben knows even though he is being cool about it, his brother means what he said.

"I know what you mean, when you told us about what you did with Jim, it kinda freaked me out and made me realise how weird it must be for you to deal with me and Matt, but if you ever want to talk about stuff you know you can talk with me, this brother thing works both ways you know." Ben then says sincerely and moves over to his brother and hugs him tightly.

"I know and I love you Ben." Mitch says, enjoying the closeness of his little brother.

"I love you too." Ben replies, before he releases his grip on his brother and walks to the bathroom and disappears inside, closing the door behind him.

Mitch smiles to himself and heads downstairs to call the local Chinese to get their food ordered and then to give his dad a quick ring, before also the Summers, just to let them know everything is going well, he also remembers to phone Wesley's dad and decides to do that first.

As Ben closes the door behind him, he is taken aback, when he turns around and sees his boyfriends naked bum as he kneels next to the bath leaning over, Ben can't help but notice he can also see his boyfriends balls and the tip of his penis between his legs and smiles before his curiosity takes over.

"Hey. what are you doing out of the bath?" Ben asks, while slowly walking and kneeling down behind his boyfriend, before pulling him back against his body, wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Oh hey, I thought Wesley would be better off if he was laying down and I put more hot water in for him." Matt says almost whispering, which confuses his boyfriend.

"Why are you whispering?" Ben replies and finding himself whispering, even though he has no idea why.

"Because he fell asleep and I'm just making sure he doesn't drown." Matt whispers back and feels his boyfriend look over his shoulder and into the bath.

"Wow, he looks so peaceful." Ben whispers, as he looks at content look on Wesley's face, his gaze then moves over his whole body and rests on his soft penis and just like he knew, he got no reaction from looking at it, although he had to admit it looked nice, like everything else about Wesley and was bigger than his or Matt's, but he didn't get any of the feelings he got when he saw his boyfriends body and felt his penis harden, as he thought about how perfect his boyfriend was and how great his skin felt in his hands.

"Hey, stop poking me." Matt whispers, giggling slightly when he feels his boyfriends penis getting harder.

"Not my fault you're so sexy and I'm not the only getting excited." Ben teases, as he lowers his hand and starts stroking his boyfriends quickly inflating penis, before letting it go and giggling at his boyfriends disappointed moan.

"That's cheating, but come on we can't do that sort of thing with Wesley here, remember what we talked about earlier about Mitch." Matt says reluctantly, reminding his boyfriend they need to be more respectful of other people.

"I know and by the way now that you mentioned it, I apologised to Mitch for both of us and he said sorry for how he acted as well." Ben states, although keeping his voice low, so Wesley doesn't wake up, he really did look adorable with his chest slowly moved up and down.

"Is that what he wanted to talk to you about?" Matt asks curiously.

"Nah, he told me how Wesley really wanted us all to be real friends, you know like we are with Carter, Jordan and the others, you know how Wesley has been trying to spend more time with us and we just thought he was being nice." Ben starts to explain, but stops to wait for his boyfriend to say something.

"Yeah" Matt says, as he gently brushes the hair away from the sleeping boys eyes and thought how badly beaten up he actually looked, now that he could see his whole body and felt sorry for him.

"Well according to Mitch, he was actually trying to get us to be his real friends, apparently he doesn't have any real ones and the only reason the other kids hang around him is to look cooler themselves, you know cool by association and that sort of shit." Ben then states, as he gently plays with his boyfriends bellybutton with his fingers.

"Oh that must suck, well at least he has us now right and he is so cool to be around." Matt responds and sighs as he enjoys his boyfriends playful fingers.

"Yeah and I think he really likes Mitch and Mitch likes him a lot too, you know as friends because they're so much alike and I think Mitch wouldn't mind having someone else here to talk too, while we hang out." Ben then says thoughtfully, as he realises how lonely it must be for Mitch to have to look out for them alone.

"Yeah, I think they would have been best mates if they were the same age." Matt responds, before leaning into the bath and gently slides Wesley up a few inches to keep his head from slipping under the water, although with his boyfriend holding on to him, it takes a little more effort to actually do the simple task.

"You think we should wake him up?" Ben asks, wondering if he should be sleeping at all.

"Not just yet, he has been through hell today, so let's give him a little longer, but we do have another problem." Matt says, as he thinks about Wesley's clothes.

"Problem?" Ben replies, while he starts to slide his hand down a little and finds his boyfriends boner and starts to plays with it.

"Yeah his clothes are all wet, his underwear is in the bin and remember he has to wear them when he sleeps in Mitch's bed." Matt explains, he was going to tell his boyfriend to stop playing with his boner as well, but he was enjoying the feeling too much and decided to let him carry on for a little longer.

"Oh right, well he is a little taller than us, but he should fit in my briefs and shorts and I'm sure I have a t-shirt that will fit him." Ben replies, as he thinks about which clothes will fit Wesley.

"Cool, but can you stop playing with my boner, I'm getting close and we have to be good remember." Matt then says reluctantly and Ben quickly removes his hands and moves them back up to his boyfriends bellybutton and plays with that instead, he just couldn't keep his hands off his boyfriend and just wanted to have him all to himself right now, but he knew he couldn't be selfish right now and Wesley needed looking after.

The two boys enjoy just being together for almost ten minutes, before Matt dips his hand in the water and feels that it's getting cold, so he signals for his boyfriend to let him go and stands up.

"We better wake him now, the water is cold and he might get ill or something." Matt says, as Ben nods in agreement.

Matt then gently shakes Wesley and calls his name and watches as he slowly wakes up, at first he is a little groggy and seems surprised to see them staring down at him and starts to move before stopping when the pain hits him and grimaces a little.

"Hey it's okay, just relax Wesley, it's just us." Ben says, noticing his friends surprised look.

"Oh shit, sorry guys what happened?" Wesley replies, still looking a little groggy.

"You fell asleep, so I got out of the bath and thought you looked like you needed it, so I just kept an eye on you and made sure you were safe." Matt responds honestly and Ben could hear the pride in his boyfriends voice and couldn't resist pulling him close and wrapping his arm around his waist again.

"Oh shit, how long was I asleep?" Wesley asks, as he tries to sit up but struggles and has to let Ben and Matt help him.

"About twenty minutes I think." Matt answers.

"We should get you out of the water though, it's getting pretty cold." Ben then says and Wesley just nods and prepares himself for the pain, when the boys try to gently lift him out of the bath, it takes them a few minutes, but Wesley is happy that he didn't feel as much pain as he did when he tried to get in the bath.

"Oh... what am I going to do about clothes?" Wesley then asks, after he notices his jeans and t-shirt are wet and dirty.

"Can't you just go nude?" Ben says casually and Matt gives him a funny look, but it's Wesley who surprises them both.

"Would Mitch let me?" Wesley asks, not really bothered by the prospect of being naked and both Ben and Matt had just seen him at his worst, so there wasn't really any need to be shy around them any more.

"I was just kidding Wesley, jeez I thought you would get all embarrassed or something." Ben says, although he was half tempted to see if Wesley would actually go nude, he didn't think pranks were appropriate after the day they had all had.

"Yeah Wesley, you can just borrow some of Ben's briefs and clothes, but would you have actually gone naked?" Matt then says curiously.

"Yeah, I got nothing to hide, but only if it was cool with everyone." Wesley admits honestly.

"I could ask Mitch if he is cool with us all going naked?" Ben then responds confidently, getting a smile from Wesley and a surprised look from his boyfriend.

"Yeah it will be fun." Wesley says smiling, but stumbles as he tries to walk and Matt has to react fast to stop him falling over. "Fuck I hate being this weak." He then says in frustration.

"Hey it's okay, you will be fine tomorrow and you could still probably kick that prick Conner into a pulp." Matt says in a positive tone, trying his best to cheer Wesley up.

"Yeah I bet he is still crying." Ben then adds, before handing a towel to both of them. "Okay I'm going to go ask Mitch about being allowed to be naked for the rest of the night." Ben says and is out of the door before either Wesley or Matt can reply.

"Wow he is really going to ask him isn't he?" Wesley asks, he really isn't bothered about being naked, but he hadn't thought the two boys were being serious.

"Yeah, but if you aren't cool with it we don't have too, I mean I'm not too keen on it myself to be honest, but will still join in if we are allowed and you two do it." Matt decides to answer honestly and feels better about the situation.

"I don't mind really and you shouldn't either, you got a wicked body Matt and you have been naked this whole time with me without worrying about it right?" Wesley says, after sensing his friend needed some encouragement, but he suddenly felt himself getting tired from standing up.

"Thanks, I think you have a nice body too, but not in a gay way, I just mean it's nice." Matt starts to say, but blushes at his words coming out all wrong, he was just trying to return the compliment, but made it sound like he was ogling him and despite Wesley having a nice body, he wasn't attracted to him in any way.

"Matt it's okay, I know what you meant and I know you aren't gay, I think it is nice what you and Ben have, but I really need to sit down now, can you help me please?" Wesley says, both reassuring his friend and asking for help, as he feels himself tire and Matt quickly lowers the toilet seat and sits his friend down still holding him just to be sure he is okay.

Downstairs Ben waits for Mitch to get off the phone to Matt's dad patiently, although Mitch can tell his little brother is itching to ask him something and knowing him he was dreading what the boys had thought up between themselves, eventually to Ben's relief his brother finally hangs up the phone and wastes no time by going straight over to him, eager to ask his question, but Mitch is in the mood to tease him a little.

"So how are Matt and Wesley?" Mitch asks, knowing his little brother is too polite to ignore his question, despite obviously wanting to ask one of his own.

"Matt is fine really, but Wesley still seems a bit shaky, he fell asleep in the bath, but Matt kept an eye on him." Ben replies honestly, although desperately wanting to ask his question he doesn't want to be rude, but Mitch finds himself worrying about Wesley again.

"Is Wesley still in a lot of pain?" Mitch's asks in genuine concern and Ben knows he has to be honest.

"Yes and no, moving still hurts him and he gets tired really quickly, but he said it hurt a lot less then it did before he got in the bath and is still laughing and joking around." Ben explains, as honestly as he can.

"Oh well that is good, once he eats something, he should feel a lot better and those pain killers are probably making him sleepy, okay well I was going to tease you a bit more, but come on ask me what you wanted to Ben." Mitch then says, deciding his little brother didn't deserve to be messed around with.

"Well don't be mad or anything, but well we were joking around and kind of ended up wondering if er... well er... if me, Matt and Wesley can spend the rest of the day naked, but only if it is alright with you and we promise to be good." Ben asks with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, Mitch however is totally taken aback by the unexpected request, while he had seen both his little brother and Matt naked more than he would like, it felt wrong to think of seeing Wesley naked, but he also knew that the boys were just being boys and it was innocent.

"I'm not sure Ben, to be totally honest I don't really mind you three being naked, but while you're my little brother, Matt and Wesley aren't and that makes it different." Mitch responds honestly, still not able to decide either way.

"Oh." Ben replies and the disappointment in his voice is obvious, causing Mitch to suddenly makes a decision, which surprises even him.

"Look if you guys promise to behave yourselves, you can go naked if you all agree too, but I don't want you to pressure each other, if one of you doesn't want to do it, then I expect you to respect their choice Ben." Mitch states firmly, so his little brother knows he is being serious.

"Oh wow, I didn't think you would let us... thank you.... thank you.... thank you." Ben says excitedly and wraps his arms around his brothers waist.

"Now hang on, there are a couple of things to add Ben, firstly the three of you stay out of sight when the delivery man gets here, I want you upstairs, secondly and this is just for you and Matt, absolutely no fooling around in front of me or Wesley, if you feel like you want to go to your room then that is okay, although kissing is okay and I will even let the odd wondering of hands slide, but anything serious either stop it or go to your room and lastly I'm not getting naked and if you three try to get me naked or bug me about it then you can all get dressed okay?" Mitch says laying down the rules, he hates having to be the guy who sets the rules, but he has to be the responsible one and knew his little brother would respect his rules.

"Okay, but it sucks that you won't be naked, but I will go make sure Matt and Wesley really want too otherwise it wouldn't be fair if they felt like they had too do it, thanks Mitch and we won't let you down." Ben says, before giving his brother another quick hug before almost flying up the stairs, Mitch just stands there watching and then wondering what he has let himself into.

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