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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 2

February 2015

"Look if you guys promise to behave yourselves, you can go naked if you all agree to it, but I don't want you to pressure each other, if one of you doesn't want to do it, then I expect you to respect their choice Ben." Mitch states firmly, so his little brother knows he is being serious.

"Oh wow, I didn't think you would let us... thank you.... thank you.... thank you." Ben says excitedly and wraps his arms around his brothers waist.

"Now hang on, there are a couple of things to add Ben, firstly the three of you stay out of sight when the delivery man gets here, I want you upstairs, secondly and this is just for you and Matt, absolutely no fooling around in front of me or Wesley, if you feel like you want to go to your room then that is okay, although kissing is okay and I will even let the odd wondering of hands slide, but anything serious either stop it or go to your room and lastly I'm not getting naked and if you three try to get me naked or bug me about it then you can all get dressed okay?" Mitch says laying down the rules, he hates having to be the guy who sets the rules, but he has to be the responsible one and knew his little brother would respect his rules.

"Okay, but it sucks that you won't be naked, but I will go make sure Matt and Wesley really want too otherwise it wouldn't be fair if they felt like they had too do it, thanks Mitch and we won't let you down." Ben says, before giving his brother another quick hug before almost flying up the stairs, Mitch just stands there watching and then wondering what he has let himself into.

Bursting back into the bathroom, with the biggest smile on his face Ben doesn't want to waste any time telling his boyfriend and friend the good news, but when he sees Wesley sat down and Matt holding him up, he forgets about his news and becomes concerned.

"Oh shit Wesley, are you okay?" Ben asks, slowly walking over to his friend.

"Oh hey Ben, yeah sorry I'm just really tired and feel weak." Wesley replies honestly, causing Ben to relax a little bit.

"Ah cool, well not cool I just thought you were really bad, but Mitch said you will feel better once you eat and the pills are making you drowsy anyway." Ben tells his friend, knowing his words will reassure him.

"Ah yeah he is right, so I should get dressed now right?" Wesley then asks, assuming Mitch would have refused to let them go naked.

"Only if you want to, Mitch said yes, but only if we all want to and that we had to be sure, I agree with him and if either of you don't want to go naked it's cool, it would have been fun but it was just an idea." Ben answers honestly, he wanted to go naked but wasn't going to force it on anyone.

"It's cool with me." Wesley says confidently, but he knows Matt was hesitant and felt a little sorry for him.

"I don't know is Mitch really okay with it, what else did he say?" Matt answers nervously and Ben can't help but look at him in surprise, he thought he would be eager, but doesn't want to try and guilt him into agreeing when he was clearly not.

"Yeah he agreed, but we have to come upstairs when the delivery guy gets here in like twenty minutes, we also aren't allowed to try to make Mitch get naked, he said if we tried he would make us get dressed and he said if we wanted to er... you know fool around Matt, we have to go to our room and not do it in front of him or Wesley, although we can kiss and touch a little." Ben explains honestly, not quite realising that some of his words had caused his boyfriend to get excited.

"Our room?" Matt asks in a slightly nervous tone, he was hoping he had heard his boyfriend right and it wasn't just his boyfriend mixing his words up.

"Huh?" Ben replies in a confused tone and looks at his boyfriend curiously, not quite sure what his boyfriend is on about or why he looks so nervous and yet at the same time excited.

"You said we had to go to 'our room', did you mean it?" Matt says, still hoping his boyfriend doesn't dismiss the idea, as it meant a lot to him for some reason he couldn't explain and even Wesley could pick up on the importance of Ben's reply and was really hoping his friend said the right thing and didn't say something stupid.

"I did? Well I guess er... yeah it's our room, everything that is mine is yours right?" Ben answers with a shy smile and he knows he said the right thing when his boyfriend gets up and cuddles him.

"Fuck, you two are just to damn cute, it's like totally awesome, although if you're going to start making out you can help me downstairs first." Wesley then says, with a cheeky grin as both his friends stick their tongues out at him.

"Thanks Wesley, I think, but anyway lose the clothes Ben." Matt says, first looking to Wesley and then to his boyfriend after he breaks the cuddle and goes back to hold his friend again, with his eyes fixed expectantly on his boyfriend.

"Yeah strip boy, let us see the goods." Wesley says, in an over the top excited tone, that causes all three boys to start laughing.

Ben doesn't bother replying though and just quickly strips naked and stands still for a few moments, before he notices that his boyfriend seems to be almost drooling at the sight of his body and smiles shyly, Wesley however gives him a quick look over and smiles before getting a curious look, when he starts looking back and forth between his two friends, after Matt had moved back over to his boyfriend.

"Nice body buddy, you know you two look like twins or something, it's kind of freaky how much your bodies look exactly the same, but anyway come over here and help me get downstairs." Wesley then says whilst grinning, as he looks at the boyfriends checking each other out and then looking at themselves after his comment. "Oh come on, I want to go downstairs" He then says, realising they were getting distracted with each other.

"Oh sorry mate, oh that reminds me, I spoke with Mitch and he told me about the friend thing and me and Matt couldn't be happier, we just thought you were just being nice to us, but if we knew you actually wanted to be friends, we would have made it happen and well I can't wait to get to know you better and hang out." Ben states to a now very happy looking Wesley, as he walks over and helps him to his feet, although he can't help taking a few more glances at his boyfriend and could see what his friend was saying, even back before they even knew they liked each other and saw each other naked, he always thought they looked the same.

"Thank you so much guys, I really want to get to know you both as well, it's going to be so great to have some real friends, all the other guys would probably have laughed at the state I was in earlier and told everyone else, but I know I can trust you guys." Wesley then says sincerely, while putting an arm over each of his friends shoulder and lets them half carry him out the bathroom and down the stairs, which was a little awkward as the stairway was only just wide enough for the three of them to fit side by side.

"You can trust us with anything and Mitch as well, I know you two like each other, Matt and I were talking earlier about how we thought if you two were the same age you would be best friends and we think it's cool." Ben then tells his friend, who smiles knowing they were right about him and Mitch and although there is a big age gap he just knew he and Mitch would be friends.

The boys head straight for the living room, once they reach the bottom of the stairs and laugh as Mitch sees them and doesn't seem to know where to look, Ben and Matt then gently place Wesley in the arm chair and make sure he is comfortable before they half lay, half sit on the sofa with Ben wrapping his arms around his boyfriends chest from behind and both Mitch and Wesley couldn't help thinking how natural and happy they looked together.

They then chat among themselves for a while until they hear someone knock on the door, Mitch gets up and is about to signal to the boys to get upstairs, when he suddenly looks over to Wesley and realises he hadn't really thought this through very much.

"Oh shit, there is no way you will get upstairs with Wesley, you're just going to have to be quiet okay." Mitch tells the boys, who all nod in agreement although Wesley looks a little annoyed at himself for being such a burden.

Mitch then goes to open the door after a second knock and smiles to the delivery man and places the food on the floor behind him before reaching for his wallet that he left on the side table, normally he would invite the guy in the house, but he couldn't risk him seeing the boys and felt like he was being a little rude, so when he handed over the cash he gave a generous tip, which the man seemed delighted with and left with a smile on his face, Mitch then shuts the door and takes the bags of food straight in the living room and places them on the little table.

"Okay guys, just let me get some towels for you to cover yourselves with and then I will bring some trays and plates in." Mitch informs the boys, as he leaves the room.

"Wow it smells amazing." Wesley says in awe of the food in front of him, when he had told Mitch what he wanted, he hadn't been totally serious as he thought there was no way the older boy would buy everything, but he can tell from the amount of bags and the various smells that he was wrong about that.

"Yeah I can't wait to eat it all, this is going to be so great." Matt says, although he is excited, he is a little annoyed that he has to leave his boyfriends embrace and reluctantly move across the sofa, but the quick sweet kiss from his boyfriend, puts the smile back on his face.

"Guys I'm going to go give Mitch a hand okay." Ben then says smiling, before getting up and leaving the room to find his brother.

Now sitting alone, Wesley and Matt talk among themselves, which they thoroughly enjoy, they didn't get much of a chance to talk in the bath, because Wesley had fallen asleep, but now they start to get to know each other and find that they have a lot in common.

As Ben walks up the stairs he almost bumps into his brother as he is standing at the top, Ben gives him a look, that lets Mitch know his little brother wants to talk, so he turns around and starts to head to his room, but feels his little brother pull his arm and head towards his room instead.

"What's up Ben, is everything okay?" Mitch asks, sensing something is wrong.

"It's embarrassing..." Ben says, as he paces nervously in front of his brother, who had taken a seat on his little brothers bed.

"You know you can ask or tell me anything Ben." Mitch then says, as he leans forward and grabs a hold of his brothers sides to hold him still.

"It's just tonight, I wanted it to be special for me and Matt and wanted to trying playing with the dice you got me, but with Wesley and you here I can't and I really wanted to show Matt how much I love him" Ben states in a disappointed tone, but despite Mitch initially wanting to laugh at his little brother's horniness, he realises that he is being serious and that he really is disappointed, he then thinks about what this weekend actually meant for his little brother and he really did feel bad for him.

"I'm really sorry how things have turned out Ben, but it doesn't have to ruin your night you know." Mitch says and smiles when he notices his little brother perk up a little and look at him expectantly. "Remember I said earlier to just being more quiet, well all you need to do is remember to use a gag to keep the noise down, our rooms aren't next to each other and Wesley is going to be pretty much out cold as soon as his head hits the pillow and I don't think I will be far behind him, so all you have to do is just keep the noise down and enjoy yourselves." He then explains with a smile, he still feels weird talking about this kind of thing with his little brother, but he doesn't mind that much and just wants him to be happy.

"Thank you Mitch, I love him so much and just want to make him happy." Ben says, as he wipes some tears from his eyes and Mitch quickly pulls him in for a hug, knowing the tears are happy ones and not sad tears.

"I know, now come on lets get downstairs and enjoy our food." Mitch says, before standing up, he then helps wipe the tears in his little brothers eyes again and they both head downstairs, it's only then that he noticed that his little brother was still naked and he chuckles to himself at how quickly he had stopped noticing the boys were naked, but once he gets in the living room, he quickly gets down to business and places a towel over each of the boys legs and groins before heading in the kitchen to get the plates and trays, when he returns he starts the complicated task of getting everyone's food on the right plate, but with some shouts from the boys he manages to get everything right and they are all sitting down enjoying their food.

While they eat and talk, Ben can't help but notice that his brother and Wesley are really getting along and smiles at how easy they seem to be able to talk to each other, before deciding to pay more attention to his boyfriend, while the other two are enjoying their conversation and startles him slightly, when he grabs his hand and shakes his head, just as he was about to eat some of his crispy duck, but before Matt gets a chance to question his boyfriend, he watches curiously as his boyfriends fork dives into his food and then lifts the fork to his mouth and quickly understands what his boyfriend wants to do and smiles approvingly, he then returns the favour and the two boys enjoy feeding each other, while they gaze into each others eyes smiling happily.

Although Wesley and Mitch are really enjoying their conversation, they both suddenly notice that other two boys are feeding each other and can't help but let out 'Aww' sound and they both look at each other and chuckle quietly, before resuming their conversation, Ben and Matt hear them chuckle, but are too distracted with each other to know what it was about, after a while they eventually all finish their food and too Mitch's astonishment, everything on the boys plates has been eaten, in fact he was the only one who didn't eat all of his food, but Wesley quickly offered to eat that as well and to Mitch's relief the young boy was looking much better after eating.

Mitch then decides to clear all the mess away and let the boys talk among themselves for a little while, he also really needed to call someone anyway, so thought this was the best time to do so.

"So Wesley, how are you doing now?" Ben decides to ask his friend, after resuming his earlier position on the sofa behind his boyfriend with his arms wrapped around him, as he lays with his back against his chest.

"I think the food helped, I'm still pretty tired but I don't feel so weak, what's the time anyway?" Wesley replies honestly, even the pain has eased up a little and he feels nice and full.

"That's great and it is almost eight." Ben answers, as he starts tracing circles over his boyfriends stomach with his fingers.

"We should have called the police though." Matt suddenly announces, causing both boys to look at him in surprise.

"What?" Ben asks, not quite sure why his boyfriend would say that.

"I don't want anyone else knowing about what happened Matt." Wesley responds bluntly, being almost molested wasn't something he wanted the world to know and he had got his payback already by making the older boy cry.

"What if he tries to attack you or us again though?" Matt adds in a serious tone, he doesn't want to have to be afraid of someone coming after him, but after Mr Jones, he can't help feeling afraid of being attacked again.

Ben and Wesley then look at each other with worried expressions, they hadn't thought about how this might be affecting Matt and feel guilty for not remembering what happened to him last year and they're about to say something when Mitch walks back into the room.

"You don't have to worry about Conner or Adam, I'm already dealing with them and trust me they won't be coming near any of you again." Mitch says and the boys quickly realise that he has heard their conversation, Ben and Wesley look at each other feeling relieved, but they still felt awful about Matt even though he is smiling now, especially Ben who knew he should have thought about his boyfriend straight away.

"Mitch you promise?" Matt says smiling, although he is still a little scared and Ben can feel his boyfriend trembling a little bit.

"I promise, now why don't you get my little brothers hands off your balls for a while and come with me while I make a phone call." Mitch then tells the boy, before laughing as all three boys look to his groin and realise Ben is playing with them again.

"Oh man, I didn't even realise he was playing with them." Matt then says turning red, but it's Ben who wants the world to swallow him up as he quickly lets go and moves his hands away, he hadn't even realised he was fondling his boyfriends balls and couldn't look anyone in the eye.

"Oh man you two are just killing me over here, you literally can't keep your hands of each other, even when you don't even know you're doing it." Wesley says laughing, although it is quickly replaced by a grimace and the other three boys look at him in concern, until they see a look of surprise on the boys face.

"You okay Wesley?" Mitch asks curiously, as he moves over to him and isn't sure what to make of the boys look of surprise after grimacing in pain.

"Er... yeah sorry, it's just I thought it was going to hurt really bad, but it wasn't that bad, still hurt but not not really that bad if you know what I mean." Wesley explains, looking slightly bemused as he prods his ribs and stomach with his finger and discovers it isn't hurting as much as before, but then gets a worried look on his face. "Oh crap." Wesley says, as he shoots Ben a pleading look.

"Oh shit, are you okay Wesley?" Mitch asks, while he looks the boy over in an attempt to check for anything obvious that might be wrong.

"No er... I really, really need the toilet, like right now, can Ben take me please?" Wesley admits while blushing and although Mitch would get him their a lot faster, he isn't comfortable having the older boy take him to the toilet, because he knows he needs someone to hold him upright, as he feels his strength already fading again.

"I can take you, I don't..." Mitch starts to say, before he feels his little brothers hand on his shoulder.

"You might not mind, but he does and anyway while we are up their you can talk to Matt like you wanted to." Ben quickly says, while he puts an arm under his friends shoulder and helps him to his feet, wasting no time in getting him out of the room and to the stairs.

Watching his boyfriend and Wesley disappear out of the room, Matt quickly turns to Mitch with a questioning look.

"Why did you want me to come with you?" Matt asks straight away, as he can't help but want to know.

"So I could tell you why Conner and Adam won't be coming after you or the others, I heard what you said and I should have known that this was different for you, then it is for the others and I'm so sorry for not talking to you sooner." Mitch answers sincerely, before kneeling in front of the boy and placing his hands on his shoulders.

"It's okay, Ben didn't think about me either." Matt replies in a sad tone and Mitch realises the young boy was upset that Ben hadn't asked him how he was, instead of just being afraid of Conner and Adam attacking him again, like he had assumed.

"Hey, I know Ben didn't mean too, a lot has happened and we were so worried about Wesley, you saw his bruises and the way he couldn't even stand on his own or even walk, so please don't think we don't love or care about you Matt." Mitch quickly says, as he tries to reassure the young boy and defend his little brother, he knew Ben loved Matt and wouldn't do anything to hurt him.

"You love me?" Matt asks in response with a shy smile and looks into the older boys eyes and notices that although they are blue, they have the same feeling of safety and love in them that he sees when he looks into his boyfriends eyes.

"Yes I do, the same way I love Ben and maybe even Wesley now, you're all special to me and you all have your little quirks that set you apart from each other and everyone else." Mitch answers sincerely, before he moves one hand to brush the hair from the boys eyes.

"I love you too, although not in the same way that I love Ben." Matt responds with a cheeky grin and blushes, he still felt a little upset that his boyfriend forgot about him like he had, but Mitch's words definitely helped him calm down and relax a little.

"You know earlier, when Ben came to find me?" Mitch then asks him, deciding to share with him what his little brother had told him earlier, just to show him that his boyfriend does love him.

"Yeah, he said he wanted to give you a hand." Matt answers with a curious look on his face, wondering what Mitch's point was.

"Well actually he was worried about your weekend being ruined, because of what had happened, you see this weekend really meant a lot to Ben, he told me it was going to be his chance to show you just how much he loved you, without having to worry about anyone else getting in the way or finding out about you both and he didn't think you could still do anything with Wesley and me here, but as embarrassing as this is to hear for you, I told him to just keep the noise down and you two can have all the fun you like." Mitch explains and blushes a little, when he realises he is basically telling the boy it's okay to mess around with his little brother.

"Er... you mean like we can do stuff and you won't mind?" Matt asks nervously, feeling embarrassed about the conversation, but also happy that his boyfriend had thought about him this weekend and wanted to make him happy.

"Like I told Ben, Wesley is shattered and will be sound asleep before his head hits the pillow and I won't be far behind, so as long as you don't make too much noise, we won't even know you're doing anything and just to give you a hint as to how you can avoid making noise, just think of the saying 'put a sock in it' and I think you get what I mean." Mitch then explains, before smiling and adds a knowing wink as well.

"I love him so much Mitch and really wanted to er... oh er..." Matt begins to say, but stops when he realises he was just about to tell Mitch, about Ben giving him a blow job and he didn't want to tell him that.

"Reciprocate is the word you're looking for and you should always return the favour when someone does something nice for you, or to you Matt and well let's just leave it at that, because I don't think either of us wants to explain it in any more detail right?" Mitch says with a friendly smile, before he ruffles the boys hair.

"Yeah and thanks Mitch." Matt says sincerely, before looking at Mitch nervously and after a few moments, Mitch realises he had forgotten about Conner and Adam.

"Oh right I forgot, well as for Conner and Adam well I have to make a phone call and tomorrow I will go see them both, but they will stay away I promise, because the alternative is a long prison sentence and trust me they will not want that to happen and then there is also the beating I'm going to give both of them again, just to make sure they get the message." Mitch says grinning and although the older boys words should scare him, Matt can't help but feel safe with Mitch in his life and knows he will always protect him.

"You're going to tell the police about what they did to us?" Matt can't help but ask though, he really didn't want to go through what he did with Mr Jones again, but he wouldn't stop anyone going to the police if they wanted to.

"No, but if you guys wanted to go to the police I would take you myself, but as for them going to prison, well that is something else and while not quite the same thing as what they did to you, it would put them away for quite a few years, so I want you to stop worrying about it any more okay, but please come talk to me any time you want Matt, although you should always talk to Ben first, he is your boyfriend and you can't hide your real feelings from each other and I want you to promise me you won't do that okay." Mitch explains, as he half heartedly lectures the boy, he doesn't want to make him feel like he is being told off, but he wants him to understand the importance of what he is telling him.

"Okay, I trust you and I promise to not hide things from Ben." Matt answers honestly, he really was starting to love the older boy like he was his real big brother and was so happy to have him look after him.

Once they are in the bathroom, Ben helps his friend over to the toilet and sits him down, after lifting the seat up and stays by his side with a hand on his shoulder for support.

"Oh, you aren't going to leave?" Wesley asks, he is surprised that his friend is staying with him, not that he wanted him to go, he just expected that he would have to almost beg him to stay and help him.

"Oh sorry, I just thought you needed my help, I can go if you want." Ben responds, realising if it were him, he wouldn't be so keen on someone watching him take a dump.

"Oh no it's cool, well it's not cool, not even close to being cool, but I don't feel so good Ben, I just thought I would have to bribe you or something to get you to stay with me." Wesley admits honestly, as he blushes brightly, it was one thing at school when you were taking a dump in the toilet to have other people in there as well, but you were still in a cubicle so no one could see you, but he was starting to feel really embarrassed about having his friend standing right next to him, holding his shoulder while he took one and he just knew it was going to sound and smell bad.

"Well to be honest it's kind of weird and gross, but we are friends and well if you fall over or something it would go all over the floor and I don't want to clean that up." Ben responds smiling, he knows no matter how embarrassed he is feeling right now, it must be a hundred times worse for his friend and wanted to be a good friend.

"This has definitely not been one of my better days and well you might want to open a window and spray something because this is going to reek." Wesley then says, trying to make light of the situation, but Ben can tell that his friend is really mortified and quickly moves over to the window before spraying some air freshener and before he even turns around he hears and then smells his friend, let loose and despite his instinct to get away, he moves over to hold his friends shoulder and can see the pain on his face as well as the obvious humiliation.

Ben tries his best to just be there for his friend, although when he looks down, his heart almost breaks when he sees the tears roll down his friends face and decides despite the smell to kneel down in front of his friend and pull his body closer to his own, so his friends head his resting on his shoulder and just does his best to ignore the smell and sounds and just letting his friend cry, he feels really sorry for his friend and just holds him tightly until he starts to feel him calming down, after almost five more minutes he can hear Wesley sniffle and feels him raise his head from his shoulder and starts to leans back to give him a little space.

"You feeling better now?" Ben asks in a comforting tone, as he looks at him with a friendly smile.

"I'm sorry." Wesley says, in a sad and defeated tone, that was beyond humiliating for him and he was struggling to even look his friend in the eye.

"Hey, don't be a dumb ass Wesley, you got nothing to be sorry about." Ben quickly responds, trying his best to reassure is friend.

"But look at me I'm pathetic, I can't even take a dump without someone helping me and it stinks so bad, you must think I'm disgusting." Wesley then says, as a few tears roll down his cheeks, the humiliation on top of what has happened to him today, have finally taken their toll and he just can't help but feel sorry for himself.

"Pathetic? Fuck off Wesley, you kicked the shit out of a seventeen year old, twice and the second time you made him cry, you asked for help when you were in pain and when you knew you couldn't go to the toilet on your own, you just manned up and asked me to help you, I know you have had a really bad day, alright a fucking awful day but you're not pathetic Wesley, you're amazing and I'm so happy to be your friend." Ben quickly responds from the heart, as he continues to kneel in front of his friend and look him in the eye, to show how serious he is. "Although you're right about the smell, I might actually be sick." He then adds smiling, while he wipes the tears from his friends face and is happy to see him smiling again and knows he had got through to him at least a little bit.

"So this is what having a real friend is like?" Wesley asks in response, before sniffling and sitting upright.

"Yes and you will always have me and Matt as friends, I think you and Mitch will be close as well and me and Matt thinks that is cool." Ben responds, as he stands up and walks over to the shower to turn it on.

"Thanks Ben, but what are you doing?" Wesley asks curiously, as he watches him turn the shower on.

"Well to be honest I needed a shower anyway and well after that you definitely need one too, so we might as well take one together, just wipe yourself and flush and we can get in." Ben explains in a casually tone, before noticing the strange look on his friends face. "You don't mind do you?" He then adds, after sensing his friends reluctance.

"No, it's cool I guess, but Matt won't mind will he?" Wesley asks, thinking Matt might be a little upset, that he is taking a shower with his boyfriend.

"Ha, no Matt knows I'm in love with him and you're straight anyway, besides while you have a nice body and all Wesley, neither of us think of you that way or about anyone else, no offence." Ben explains honestly, as he walks back to his friend and helps him towards the shower, after he is finished wiping and flushing.

" None taken, it's not like I think of you two in that way, despite your wicked bodies, I just wanted to make sure, I would hate myself if I did anything to fuck your relationship up." Wesley responds honestly, as he lets his friend help him into the shower and they both giggle when they face each other with the water pouring down on them.

After only five minutes, Ben helps his friend out of the shower and begins to dry him, although while they washed each other in the shower they avoided the more private areas, but with a towel in his hand, Ben felt it was better if he just dried his friend off everywhere and Wesley made no attempt to stop him after an initial surprised gasp, before relaxing and letting him get on with it.

"Thanks Ben." Wesley says, as his friend starts drying himself, but he is already starting to feel tired and can't help but yawn.

"Come on let's get back downstairs, before you fall asleep." Ben suggests, as he throws the towel in the wash bin and opens the door and then waits for Wesley to start walking.

Wesley looks at his friend with a surprised look, but then smiles when he realises his friend is trying to let him walk by himself and although he is feeling exhausted, he tries to rise to the occasion and manages to walk to the top of the stairs, but hesitates and turns back to his friend and blushes, before he lifts his arm, Ben quickly moves under the arm and lets it rest across the back of his neck and helps walk him down the stairs.

"Hey quit being embarrassed about needing help, if anything you should be embarrassed about getting a boner." Ben then says grinning, after noticing that his friend is hard and can't help but be impressed at the size and thinks to himself that it must be at least five inches maybe bigger.

"Oh fuck, take me back upstairs Ben." Wesley quickly says, in a panicked tone and there was no way he wanted Mitch to see him with a boner.

"You don't have to be embarrassed, we all get them and like you said to us that time at school, when you could see me and Matt had a boner about how we had nothing to be shy about and well not being weird or anything, but yours is huge." Ben responds, not understanding why his friend would embarrassed, especially the talks he had given him and Matt before.

"I know, but I don't want Mitch to see me with a boner is all, he will think I'm weird." Wesley says honestly, but his panic grows as he realise they are now at the bottom of the stairs and almost at the living room door. "Stop it Ben, I told you I didn't want too" Wesley adds as his panic grows.

"Wesley please just do this, you can trust me okay and you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you right?" Ben states confidently, although he is having second thoughts about trying to help Wesley get over his anxiety, over doing something that might make Mitch think he is weird.

"Okay" Wesley then says nervously, trying to stay calm and relaxed as they walk into the room as both Matt and Mitch look at him and smile, but where Wesley was expecting Mitch to look at him in anger, he couldn't help but smile to himself, at the look of respect the older boy seemed to be giving him and doesn't even notice the look on Matt's face.

"Oh wow, it's huge." Matt suddenly blurts out, as he looks at his friends boner, although as the attention turns to him for a few seconds his attention quickly turns to his boyfriends naked body instead and he just smiles at how perfect he is and forgets about Wesley almost immediately.

"Okay, now you have to show me your birth certificate Wesley." Mitch then says with a smile, deciding to tease the boy a little bit.

"Huh? Why do you... huh?" Wesley responds in confusion, as he tries to work out what Mitch is on about.

"To see if you're really eleven years old, because no way does an eleven year old have one that big and then there is the whole kicking the ass of a seventeen year old thing." Mitch explains, now grinning and chuckling a little, as the look of realisation spreads across the young boys face.

"Very funny." Wesley retorts, trying his best to sound annoyed, but the look of pride and the smile spread across his face let's the others know what he is really thinking.

"Well come on sit down, I thought we could just sit and chat together for a while, before Wesley and I head to bed." Mitch says, while he relaxes into his seat and watches proudly as his little brother, helps Wesley to the arm chair, before taking up his earlier position of half laying behind his boyfriend, who seems more than content to be in his boyfriends arms, it's at that moment Mitch realises that whenever he has seen the boys holding each other like this, it was always his little brother holding Matt, instead of the other way around and smiled at how perfect they seemed to be for each other.

They sit talking for almost twenty minutes about everything and nothing, before Mitch looks over to Wesley and notices the boy is sound asleep, he signals to the other two to be quiet by holding a finger to his lips and then pointing over to their sleeping friend, they then both nod in understanding and watch as Mitch stands up and gently scoops the sleeping boy up into his arms to take him to his bed, although when Mitch turns around he notices that Matt has turned around and the two boys are now kissing each other and just shakes his head in bemusement, deciding to go straight to sleep himself instead of coming back down to talk with the boys, they were clearly interested in something Mitch didn't really want to see and he had seen enough of the boys activities for one life time.

So Mitch carries the boy up to his room and lays him down on the bed, when he suddenly realises that Wesley is still naked, he was meant to tell his little brother to get his friend some underwear or some shorts but forgot, he then considered going downstairs, but knew what he might end up seeing if he went down there and thought about going in his little brothers room, but in the end he decided that he really didn't care if the boy was naked and he knew he trusted him, so he just pulled the sheet over him and stripped naked and went over to his drawers to pull some shorts out, he then slipped them on and turned his bedroom light off, before climbing on the other side of the bed and lies there for a while before eventually falling asleep himself.

Downstairs Ben and Matt, stop kissing and look around in surprise, they hadn't realised they were alone and felt a bit guilty at getting distracted again, but despite that they still don't move from their positions.

"You don't think they're angry with us do you?" Matt asks guiltily.

"Nah, you saw Wesley he was sound asleep and Mitch looked tired as well, besides he would have said something if we were being rude." Ben responds and smiles as he stares at his boyfriends sparkling green eyes.

"Okay, speaking of being rude." Matt says with a grin and giggles when his boyfriend yelps in surprise, as he wraps his hands around his boner and starts to stroke it before leaning in for a kiss, he then moans himself when he feels his boyfriends hand wrap itself around his boner.

Much to Matt's disappointment though, he feels Ben's lips leave his own and he looks into his boyfriends eyes pouting.

"Not here, I got something fun in my room, that we can play with." Ben says with a grin, although he almost forgets his plan, when he looks into his boyfriends sparkling green eyes and that pout was just too dangerous he thought to himself.

"But I got something right here, that I can play with." Matt responds with an evil grin, as he moves his hand back to his boyfriends boner and starts stroking again, causing him to moan out in pleasure.

" Oh fuck... shit... stop please... oh that... fuck... please... I promise you will... ah... enjoy...." Ben tries to say, but the intense feelings he is getting from his boyfriends stroking is almost too much, but then to both his relief and disappointment, his boyfriend stops and gets up from the sofa with his hand stretched out. " I... love you so fucking much." He then says, still panting a little, as he came so close to an orgasm, he takes another deep breath and grabs his boyfriends hand, letting himself be pulled to his feet, where he is then meet with a passionate kiss.

"I love you too, now come on we need to get to your room now." Matt says after breaking the kiss, the urgency in his voice makes Ben smile and he can't wait to see how fun the dice are to play with.

Once they make it into his boyfriends room and Matt watches with interest as his boyfriend opens a box and pull something out before closing it again.

"What are those?" Matt asks, not quite getting a good look at them, but whatever they were they looked small.

"Dice, we are going to play with them." Ben responds, as he sits on his bed with his legs crossed, smiling at his boyfriends confused look.

"Huh, you want to play with some stupid dice?" Matt asks, not even attempting to hide his disappointment and Ben can see there is a little bit of hurt in his boyfriends eyes and can tell he isn't in the mood for their usually teasing routine.

"Hey come on Matt, don't be like that and besides these are special dice, look for yourself." Ben says and gently tosses the dice to his boyfriend, who instinctively catches them, he then examines them and a small smile spreads across his face and to his boyfriends surprise, he rolls the dice on the bed and both boys look at them.

"Oh cool." Matt says, as he looks at the dice, before almost leaping on top of his boyfriend, pushing him on to his back, he then shuffles himself down his boyfriends body and starts sucking his nipples causing his boyfriend to moan out in pleasure, although remembering what Mitch had told him earlier, he holds his forearm over his mouth and just enjoys his boyfriends attention, until to his disappointment feels his boyfriends sitting back up.

"Okay, my turn then." Ben then says excitedly, after getting over his disappointment when he realises it was his turn, quickly pushing his boyfriend off and grabs the dice before rolling them. "Oh this should be fun." He then says, before rolling over so he is on top of his boyfriend this time and slowly kisses his way down, until he has his head between his boyfriends legs, he then lightly kisses his balls, before taking them in his mouth and alternates between sucking and licking, maybe before the previous night, he would have hesitated and chickened out but after giving his boyfriend a blow job, he wasn't afraid of doing anything else, well except one thing, but that would be years before they even considered doing that with each other he thought to himself.

"HOLY SHIT..." Matt shouts out, but quickly puts his arm over his mouth, to muffle his moans of pleasure, he hadn't seen what the dice landed on and wasn't prepared for this at all, but he was loving every second off it, despite the little stabs of pain that he was feeling due to his balls still feeling a little tender, but his boyfriend was being nice and gentle, so he didn't mind too much.

Matt then felt his orgasm approaching and didn't want to have one so early and reluctantly tried to get his boyfriend to stop, which proved a lot more difficult then he thought it would, but just as he thinks it's too late, Ben lets his boyfriends balls slip out of his mouth with a big grin on his face.

"You liked that then?" Ben says, as he licks his lips.

"Oh fuck that was er... you know... fuck that felt good, it hurt a little bit, but you were gentle, so it was cool and it's my turn now." Matt says honestly, as he takes a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

"Oh shit, I forgot about what happened, are you sure you're alright?" Ben then asks, he feels bad that he could have hurt his boyfriend.

"Nah it's cool and it felt really, really good, but anyway my turn." Matt states, reassuring his boyfriend that he hadn't hurt him, before he picks up the dice and rolls them, both boys smile and Ben rolls on to his back and lets his boyfriend nibble and kiss his ears.

The next few rolls has both boys sucking and nibbling each others nipples and ears, as well as kissing, until Matt rolls the dice for his next turn and when both boys look at the dice, Ben grins in anticipation, but there is a look of hesitation on his boyfriends face that he notices almost straight away.

"Oh... if you don't want too... I don't mind." Ben says trying to reassure his boyfriend, but the disappointment is obvious in his voice.

" No way, I'm just a bit nervous is all, you think maybe I could use some of that stuff you used last night?" Matt asks with a shy smile and Ben gives his boyfriend a quick tender kiss before getting off the bed and walking over to the box, he then opens it and searches through the various bottles and smiles as he takes out the banana flavoured one and closes the box, before sitting back down on his bed.

"Oh cool I love bananas." Matt say, when he takes the bottle from his boyfriend and studies it. "Okay, lay down." He then instructs his boyfriend, who is about to do as he is told, until he remembers what his brother said and how his boyfriend had reacted the night before.

"One second Matt." Ben quickly says, as he gets off his bed and walks over to his cabinet, before walking back to the bed holding a sock, he then lies down and Matt smiles realising what the sock is for and slowly slides down his boyfriends body, with a trail of kisses and grins when he reaches his target.

Matt then sits up on his heels and opens the bottle, he squirts a little on his finger before tasting it and smiles even more, before turning his attention back to his boyfriend and starts stroking his boner, while he squirts the lube over it at the same time, Ben just about manages to get the sock in his mouth, as the intense feelings cause him to moan out in pleasure, but the sound is barely audible thanks to the sock, but even with the gag, when he feels his boyfriend kiss the tip of his penis and then take it in his mouth, he moans louder than he has ever done before and he can see the amused look in his boyfriends face, as they lock eyes.

Matt then begins to move up and down on his boyfriends boner and Ben throws his head back on to his pillow and covers his mouth and eyes with his arms, as he moans and groans in pleasure and he can already feel his orgasm coming, he thinks about asking his boyfriend to stop, but the feelings are unlike anything he has ever felt before and his breathing just gets more and more erratic, especially when he feels his boyfriend start to play with his balls with one and and his nipples with the other, mimicking what he had done the previous night and after somehow lasting for almost five minutes, he can't hold it any longer and feels his body tense and then his orgasm hits.

" AARRGGHH... FUCK... YES... FUCK... YES... AARRGGHH.... FUCK YES OH... FUCKING... AWESOME... YES!" Ben suddenly shouts out, although due to having the sock in his mouth and arm over it as well, it just comes out as mumbled moans, which quickly turn into whimpers, as his boyfriend continues to suck him and play with his nipples and balls and it takes Ben almost everything he has to try and push him off.

"Fuck... stop... please... stop... aarrgghh fuck... please..." Ben pleads, but again with the sock still in his mouth, it just comes out as muffled moans and grunts, however to his relief his boyfriend lets his still hard penis slip from his mouth and watches him sits back up on his heels, looking very pleased with himself.

"Was I good?" Matt then asks, seemingly unaware that he had maybe continued for too long and just wanting to know if he made his boyfriend happy.

"Fucking... AWESOME.. that was ace." Ben manages to say after spitting out the sock and looks at his boyfriend lovingly and can see why his boyfriend was so tired last night, because he feels exhausted. "Although I thought I was going to die, when you just kept going." He then decides to say, after just about managing to get his breathing back under control.

"Oh shit sorry..." Matt responds, with genuine guilt in his voice.

"Don't be Matt, it was awesome and anyway it's my turn again." Ben says grinning, he may be tired but he wanted to keep playing and rolls the dice and is genuinely happy when he sees the words 'lips' and 'kiss' sure it may seem tame after what had just happened, but there was nothing he enjoyed more than just kissing his boyfriend or even just holding him in his arms.

Matt was also happy for the same reason and he goes to climb on top of his boyfriend, but finds himself being flipped on to his back.

"Like I said, it's my turn." Ben says with an evil grin, before lowering himself down on his boyfriend and gently grinding their groins together despite feeling a little over sensitive, while they kiss each other lovingly, Ben keeps the grinding up as he uses his tongue to explore his boyfriends mouth and can taste the banana on his boyfriends lips and tongue as he feels him return the kiss, Matt is quickly moaning into his boyfriends mouth and instinctively wraps his legs around his boyfriends waist as he enjoys the intense feelings the grinding is causing him and he can already feel his orgasm building and knows it won't be long and just continues to wrestle his boyfriends invading tongue with his own.

Not having to worry about making too much noise, while their mouths are locked together, both boys reach an earth shattering orgasm together and both feel the others body tense and tremble before Ben just collapses on top of his boyfriend in a satisfied heap, they're both panting and breathing heavily and takes them a few minutes to recover, so when they open their eyes, they can't help but smile and give each other a series of quick but loving kisses.

"Should we carry on?" Ben then asks, his voice showing his tiredness, after two orgasms he knows he is done for the night and his stomach was starting to feel a little weird, but if his boyfriend wanted more, he would just man up and give him whatever he wanted.

"Can we just hold each other instead, I'm really tired and just want you to hold me." Matt responds and smiles when his boyfriend rolls off him, so they're laying face to face and just holding each other.

"I was hoping you would say that." Ben responds honestly, with a content look on his face as he stares lovingly into his boyfriends eyes and somehow manages to find the dice and just about reaches with his free hand to set them on the little table next to his bed.

"Love you." Matt then says, as his eyes start to flutter and already begins to fall asleep.

"Love you too." Ben responds smiling, watching his boyfriend fall asleep and is soon following him.

The Next Day: March 2015

The next morning the boys wake up still in the same position they fell asleep in and smile at each other, they then give each other a loving kiss and are enjoying themselves, until they both feel something move on the bed and look up and to see Wesley sitting at the end of the bed with his legs crossed smiling at them.

"Why does it smell like banana?" Wesley then asks curiously, when he sees the boys looking at him and the look of embarrassment on their faces, only makes his curiosity grows knowing it has to be something naughty.

"Er.. well... er..." Matt stutters, as he tries to think of something to say, as Wesley looks on amusedly.

"It's private Wesley." Ben replies bluntly, deciding to let Wesley know it's something personal between him and Matt without actually telling him why.

"Okay good enough for me, guess what though?" Wesley says smiling.

"I don't know what?" Ben asks in an almost sarcastic tone, as he really wants to get back to being alone with his boyfriend and isn't too happy that Wesley is getting in the way and doesn't see his boyfriend give him a strange look.

"I woke up naked in Mitch's bed." Wesley states sounding excited.

"Yeah so what? He probably just thought it was pointless putting anything on you, because you were already asleep." Ben responds, sounding annoyed at his friends presence, this time Ben does notices the look his boyfriend gives him, but ignores it and turns back to a shocked looking Wesley.

"Ignore him Wesley, he just wants to have me to himself so we can kiss, but grumpy head can wait, so come on tell us what else happened?" Matt jumps in, as he grows a little concerned about his boyfriends attitude, but decides to concentrate on Wesley, because he is genuinely interested in what his friend has to say, Mitch was adamant he wanted the boy to wear something, so just letting him sleep naked was interesting.

"Oh right, well anyway yeah I woke up naked, but that wasn't the best part, he was naked too and he is humongous, I have never seen one that big before and he is hairy too, not like all over, but he has hair on his chest and above his penis." Wesley then states, back to sounding excited after being left a bit down heartened by Ben's lack of interest.

"You must of seen people with hairy chests before, don't you have a dad and older brother?" Ben says pretending to be interested, although all he wants is for his friend to leave and can't help but wonder why he is feeling so hot.

"Well yeah, but Jim shaves his off now and when he didn't he was like a gorilla, but Mitch's looks great, I hope I get chest hair like his and not like my brother." Wesley explains, in a hopeful tone and Matt can't help but smile at his friend, he hadn't seen this side of Wesley before and he liked it, but Ben just stares at him looking bored.

"Oh cool, so he is like really big er... you know down there?" Matt then asks, as he looks down at Wesley's groin after deciding not to pretend he isn't curious about how big Mitch is, it isn't anything sexual, he is just curious as Mitch had told him and Ben that they might end up bigger than he was and he didn't know if he was happy or scared of the thought that his boyfriend might have a giant penis, he only had limited knowledge of what boys can do with each other, but it was enough for him to be a little scared of his or his boyfriends penis being too big.

"Yeah it was like four or five inches and it was only soft and his balls looked huge and even they had a little hair on them." Wesley explains, as he surprises himself at how hot he thought Mitch looked, he was straight he knew that now, but there was something about Mitch that just made him curious, but in a good way like it was how he wanted his own body to look when he was older.

"Oh wow." Matt responds sounding impressed, as he slides his hand around his boyfriends soft penis and plays with it under the covers and apart from his boyfriend jumping slightly he doesn't think Wesley notices.

"Well as fun as it is talking about my big brothers giant dick and balls, haven't you got something else to do Wesley?" Ben then says, hoping Wesley takes the blunt hint, he knew he was being rude and didn't quite know why he was doing it, but he was feeling really hot and his stomach was feeling weird.

"Sure sorry mate, maybe we can talk about why there are no banana's in the house if you want." Wesley says, trying to tease the boys for a little fun.

"Oh fuck off Wesley." Ben retorts, at first both Wesley and Matt think he is kidding, but after a few moments they realise he might actually be serious and Matt's concern over his boyfriends behaviour grows.

"Ben what is wrong with you, are you feeling okay, because you look a bit strange." Matt states, half telling his boyfriend off and half concerned for him.

"Look sorry, I'm just a bit hot is all, anyway I'm sorry Wesley, I didn't mean to be rude, are you alright... you know the bruises and stuff?" Ben apologises, feeling a little guilty about what he said, but also feeling very weird and getting hotter for some reason.

"Yeah how are you Wesley, the bruising looks painful." Matt adds, hoping to make Wesley feel better.

"Don't worry about it Ben it's cool, but this having real friends thing is going to take some getting used too, the other guys would have just made a joke about it and moved on to something else, but yeah I feel a lot better, although it still hurts a little, but not as much, but I'm just really happy I can walk around and do stuff with out help again." Wesley responds appreciatively, enjoying having someone actually seem to care about if he is okay again.

"Aww so you mean I don't get to take you to the toilet any more?" Ben says in mock disappointment, which causes Matt and Wesley to chuckle, although the thought of what happened makes Ben feel very strange again and his stomach cramps a little, but neither of the other boys seem to notice his grimace.

"You're so lucky Matt is playing with you balls, otherwise I would jump on you and beat you to death." Wesley says with a knowing wink to Matt, who turns bright red. "Don't worry you can carry on, I just came in to see if I could borrow some undies or shorts Ben?" He then adds, as he stands up giving the two boys a full frontal display and although Matt takes a quick glance at his soft penis, he isn't really interested in looking at it and Ben is too busy trying to stop himself from being sick or worse.

"Yeah sure, just look in my cabinet and get some briefs or shorts, it's up to you I don't mind either way." Ben says, as he shifts his position, but he knows he is going to be sick and is starting to panic a little, but his discomfort still goes unnoticed as Matt and Wesley aren't looking at him.

"Briefs will do, cheers Ben, oh and Mitch wanted me to tell you breakfast will be ready in like er..." Wesley says before pausing and looks around, until he sees the clock and quickly works out how long they have until it's ready. "Ten minutes, so don't be late and have fun." He then says and turns to leave the room, but just before he shuts the door he pokes his head back in and gives them a cheeky wink as he shuts the door, leaving the boys alone.

"Man you don't think Wesley er... you know er... likes Mitch do you?" Matt asks his boyfriend nervously, thinking about what it would mean and what would happen if it was true.

"Of course he likes him, they're going to be great mates." Ben responds, totally missing his boyfriends point, as he is too distracted and can feel the sweat pour from his forehead and this time Matt does notice, but doesn't give it much thought as it is pretty hot in the room.

"No dumb ass I mean really, really like him like you and me like each other?" Matt says, trying to make his point crystal clear and the look of surprise on his boyfriends face tells him, he got his point across loud and clear.

"But Wesley is straight and Mitch is seventeen and he is only eleven..." Ben starts to say before trailing off, he then sits up and to his relief it seems too ease the sick feeling he has, but then he starts thinking about what his boyfriend just told him, he thinks about how Wesley acts around his brother and then just now how he seemed to be so excited as he described Mitch's body, he suddenly felt his stomach churn again and only just manages to stop himself from being sick, but he still feels a little freaked out.

"I know, maybe I got it wrong, hey are you feeling okay?" Matt begins to say, sensing his boyfriend is not reacting well to the thought of Wesley liking his brother, but also noticing the sweat pouring off his face and his fidgeting and removes his hand from under the sheets.

"It's just hot in here and well I hope so, it would be too weird and creepy for Wesley to like Mitch and besides Mitch would never...." Ben begins to say, but again trails off as he thinks about his brothers behaviour around Wesley and he now felt really freaked out, but it's the feeling in his stomach that worries him more and he knows he is going to be sick this time and quickly gets out of the bed and runs out of the room and straight into the bathroom slamming the door behind him.

Matt lays on the bed for a few seconds in confusion at his boyfriends reaction, he looked really freaked out, but also something else like he was going to be sick or something, he decides to get up and walk to the bathroom door, however when he tries to open the door he finds to his surprise that it has been locked.

"Ben what's wrong?" Matt asks through the door and he can just about make out the sound of his boyfriend being sick and crying. "Ben come on let me in please." He then asks, but doesn't get an answer, he tries the door again and begins to worry, he takes a few moments to think of something and decides he needs to go and get Mitch.

Matt makes quickly his way downstairs and finds Mitch in the kitchen cooking their breakfast, as he chats with Wesley, who is sitting at the table watching him.

"Mitch can you come upstairs for a minute please." Matt asks, startling both boys as they hadn't noticed him at the door.

"Oh hey Matt, well not really, I need to finish cooking." Mitch replies, before looking back to the frying pans.

"No Mitch, I need you to come now please." Matt says again, this time with more urgency in his voice, which both Mitch and Wesley pick up on.

"Mitch I can look after the pans while you go up, I will shout up, if I need any help." Wesley offers, sensing something is wrong and wonders if Ben is okay, because he did look a little ill.

"Oh okay, what's the matter than Matt?" Mitch then says, as he moves over to let Wesley take over.

"Er... I will tell you upstairs." Matt responds, as he waits for Mitch to walk out the kitchen and follows him upstairs.

Mitch heads straight for his brothers bedroom, but is stopped by Matt, who grabs a hold of his hand and pulls him to the bathroom door.

"What's going on?" Mitch asks looking confused.

"I don't know, but Ben got all upset and then he ran in here and locked the door, I heard him being sick and crying, listen you can hear him." Matt says in a sad and worried tone, as he looks at the bathroom door.

Mitch looks down at the boy and realises how upset he seems to be and as he moves closer to the door, he can hear his little brother crying, although he can't hear him being sick, but it is more than likely he has already puked his guts up.

"Hey Ben it's me, can I come in please?" Mitch asks softly, as he tries the door handle. "Come on Ben, let me in." He says again, after getting no reply the first time.

"GO AWAY, I DON'T WANT TO SPEAK TO YOU EVER AGAIN." Ben shouts through the door, taking both Matt and Mitch by surprise and even Wesley downstairs could hear the shouting, but decides to concentrate on the breakfast, this was clearly none of his business he thought to himself.

"Ben calm down and tell me what happened." Mitch says in a calm voice, even though he is just feeling completely confused by the situation.

"I HATE YOU!" Ben shouts out again as he continues to cry.

"What the fuck happened Matt, you said he was being sick, what is with his attitude?" Mitch asks, turning to Matt, who just looks at him with a stunned expression.

"I don't know, we were just talking with Wesley, Ben was acting a bit weird and looked really sweaty, but I just thought it was hot in the room and then when Wesley left I asked him if.... oh..." Matt begins to say, before trailing off.

"What do you mean 'oh'?" Mitch asks, as he grows more anxious.

" Well er... Wesley was talking about waking up naked and then you were naked too and he was talking about how big you were and how cool your hairy chest was, so when Wesley left, I asked Ben if he thought Wesley really, really liked you, like me and Ben like each other and he sort of went weird." Matt explains, almost to quickly for Mitch to keep up, before looking up at the older boy, with a worried expression.

"Okay and then that is when he locked himself in the bathroom?" Mitch asks, not really seeing why Ben would react like this, to the things Matt just told him.

"No, we said it was silly and Wesley was straight and then he said that you were seventeen and he was only eleven so no way you would like Wesley like that, he then went quiet and ran out the room looking weird, into the bathroom." Matt explains, as he turns to the bathroom door feeling tears in his eyes, as he hears his boyfriend still crying.

"Ben open the door now, we need to talk and I'm not joking around." Mitch says, as he moves Matt out of the way and stands in front of the door.

"GO AWAY." Ben shouts out.

"Ben if you don't open the door right now, I will kick it down, you have ten seconds." Mitch states in a serious tone, that causes Matt to look up at him in a mixture of surprise and fear.

Mitch counts down the seconds in his head and is about to kick the door down and moves back a few steps, but suddenly hears the door being unlocked and sighs in relief, he wasn't sure how he would have explained the bathroom door being kicked in to their dad, after a few moments he walks to the door and opens it before turning to Matt.

"Come on you go in first, I think I'm going to need your help with this." Mitch tells Matt, who takes a few moments to realise, what the older boy had said to him.

Both boys then go into the bathroom and Mitch closes the door behind him, he then watches Matt going straight to his boyfriend and hold him, he decides to stand in front of his little brother, who is sitting on the toilet seat and kneels down, he can smell the sick already and can see it on his little brothers face and bare chest.

"Okay tell me what happened and no shouting okay." Mitch says, as he places his hands on his little brothers knees and almost recoils when he feels him flinch, Ben had never flinched like this, when he tried to comfort him and he was now seriously worried.

"You like Wesley don't you?" Ben asks sounding sad and defeated.

"Well yeah, you know that already, I don't see why you're so angry and upset about it, it's not like he isn't going to be your friend, because him and me get on well." Mitch responds, now thinking how ridiculous his little brother is being over something so silly.

"No, I mean you really like him." Ben then says, as he pushes his brothers hands off his knees.

"Huh? What are you on about?" Mitch asks, taken by surprise by the question and implications.

"YOU LIKE HIM AND YOU'RE JUST LIKE MR JONES, YOU'RE A MONSTER AND I HATE YOU!" Ben shouts with venom in his voice, staring coldly at his brother.

"What the fuck Ben, that is sick and completely retarded." Mitch says, he is almost speechless at what his little brother just accused him off.

"What are you talking about Ben?" Matt asks, sounding just as shocked and Mitch notices him move away from Ben a little bit.

"You're a pervert, why else would you be so friendly to an eleven year old boy and sleep naked with him." Ben points out, a lot more calmly than before, although he stills stares at his brother coldly and both Mitch and Matt can't help but notice he is looking very strange and swaying a little bit.

"He is not like Mr Jones, Mitch wouldn't do that to someone." Matt says defending the older boy, he is really starting to worry about his boyfriend.

"Ben, I would never do that and it hurts you would even think I would." Mitch then states, he is genuinely feeling hurt and let down by his little brother, but he could also tell that there was something wrong with him as well.

"But why were you naked in bed with him?" Ben then asks, the anger in his voice has been replaced by a curious tone, as he realises he may be wrong.

"Well that isn't quite what happened, you see I was wearing shorts when I went to sleep and well I woke up because the elastic is worn and they were twisted round my ankles, I was then going to sort them out, when I noticed Wesley was awake and staring at me and..." Mitch begins to explain, before is little brother interrupts him.

"So Wesley does like you and you slept naked with him." Ben says, as the anger returns to his voice, although no where near the level it was a few minutes ago, although he is sweating a lot again and he starts to feel his stomach churning again.

"Okay you know what Ben, you're pissing me off, all I have done for you and Matt and you treat me like this, so I'm going to explain it once and then you can believe me or not." Mitch states angrily, he loves his little brother, but he has had enough of this conversation. "Wesley doesn't fancy me, he isn't in love with me, he is just a curious eleven year old boy, sure he was impressed by my size and fascinated by my chest hair, but not in a sexual way, most if not all boys check out other boys bodies and compare it to their own, for Wesley he just saw what he could one day look like, or in his case wants to look like and that is all." He then explains, before pausing to give his little brother a chance to digest what he has said and maybe ask a question, but it is to his surprise, Matt who talks next.

"Yeah Ben, if you think about what Wesley actually said, he was talking about how he hoped he got chest hair like Mitch's instead of his brother, because it looked weird and he made it clear he just thought Mitch's dick was big and thought it was cool, he never even said anything about liking Mitch or that he found anything about him sexy." Matt says in a matter of fact tone and Mitch smiles as the boy has conveyed exactly what he was trying to explain.

"Maybe Wesley was just being shy." Ben responds, still sounding annoyed, but he was starting to feel very strange and everything just seemed to confuse him even more and he didn't know why he was feeling this way.

"Oh come on, since you have known Wesley, how many times has he been shy?" Mitch says sounding frustrated.

"Oh..." Is all Ben says, as he thinks of how stupid he has been, but just as quickly strange thoughts start coming to him and for a moment he thinks he is going to be sick again.

"Oh? Is that it... look even if Wesley actually was gay and wanted me there is no way I would ever let anything happen, even if I was gay as well, which I'm not, I would never go with someone that young or anyone under age and quite frankly the fact you even considered it Ben, is unforgivable and you know what, I don't even want to speak or see you for the rest of the day, it's just really nice to know what you think of me, after all I have done for you." Mitch then states, almost hissing as he stands up and leaves the room looking furious.

"Fucking hell Ben, I have never seen him like that before." Matt says, after standing in silence for a few minutes, with his mouth wide open.

"I just want to be alone." Ben says as he stands up and is about to open the bathroom door, when he starts feeling his stomach churn and he quickly dives back to the toilet and vomits violently in to it, Matt is about to go over to him to help, but he stops when he hears the front door being slammed shut, Ben gets back to his feet slowly and sniffles, then shudders before opening the door and staggering to his room, closing the door behind him.

Matt instead of following his boyfriend, decides to clean up the bathroom quickly first, just to give him few minutes to calm down, once he is done, he then slowly walks out on to the landing, not quite knowing what to do, he had never seen either brother like this before and it scared him, he was about to walk to his boyfriends room, when he heard someone coming up the stairs, he thought for a moment that it was Mitch and maybe it was actually Wesley who had left and just slammed the door by accident, but when he saw Wesley appear, his heart sank a little.

"Holy fuck, what the hell happened?" Wesley asks, in complete surprise.

"I don't really want to explain it all, but long story short, Ben accused Mitch of something really, really bad and Mitch got super pissed off after proving him wrong and stormed off, I guess it was him slamming the front door?" Matt asks, after giving the extremely short version of the story.

"Yeah, he just came into the kitchen told me to make sure everything was turned off when I was done and then stormed out of the house, I never seen anyone look like that before." Wesley answers, although he can't help but smile, as he realises Matt is still butt naked.

"Oh fuck, hey why are you smiling?" Matt asks, as he notices the smile on his friends face and wonders how he can be happy at a time like this.

"Because you're still naked, don't you ever wear clothes?" Wesley says, he knows some serious stuff just went down, but was purposely trying to lighten the mood for Matt, this couldn't be easy for him Wesley thought, so wanted to at least try and cheer him up.

"Oh fuck and I don't have any clothes to put on, Ben wants to be alone and I don't want to go in there just yet." Matt states, sounding so sad that Wesley moves over and gives his friend a warm cuddle.

"Look I got shit loads of breakfast down stairs, let's just go eat and then you can see if Ben has calmed down." Wesley suggests, as he slowly starts to walk his friend towards the stairs.

"Okay... thanks Wesley." Matt says sincerely, as he lets himself be walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Wesley tries his best to keep Matt's mind of what had happened, trying different topics or conversation and even resorts to just talking about himself, as Matt just plays around with the food on his plate, occasionally taking a bite, Wesley can tell his mind is on other things and knowing what they were, he decided to start clearing away the food before turning to his friend.

"I think you should go up now, I'm no expert on this sort of thing, but all I will say is no matter how much he tries to push you away or tell you he is fine, stay with him and comfort him, don't let him push you away Matt, no matter how much he tries to hurt you." Wesley says in a serious tone, he knew what is was like to be hurt and upset and to push people away, when all you really wanted was for someone to hold you and sadly for him, he has never had someone stay and hold him.

"Okay." Matt replies, before heading up the stairs, giving Wesley an appreciative nod, he soon finds himself standing outside his boyfriends room, expecting to hear crying or something being smashed, but all he hears is... well nothing and he begins to worry and opens the door, half surprised to find it unlocked.

"Ben?" Matt calls out nervously, as he shuts the door behind him and walks over to his boyfriend, who is just holding a picture in his hands, as he sits on the edge of his bed.

"Will he ever forgive me?" Ben replies meekly, as he looks up and Matt can see the tears flowing from his boyfriends eyes.

"He was super pissed of Ben, but he loves you more than anything." Matt answers, as he sits down on the bed.

"This is different, I hurt him, really badly." Ben says dropping his gaze back to the picture in his hand, when Matt looks over, he can see it is a picture of his boyfriend when he was younger, sleeping in a hospital bed, with Mitch in a chair sleeping next to him, he notices that Mitch his holding his hand as well and thought it was sweet.

"When were you in hospital?" Matt asks, changing the topic of conversation away from what had happened.

"I was like six or seven years old and got really sick, I can't remember what it was, but it was serious, dad told me that Mitch never left my side or let go of my hand, except for when he needed the toilet or the doctors had to get to me, I think I was in hospital like a week, before they would let me go home." Ben explains, without taking his eyes of the picture and Matt moves closer to his boyfriend and pulls him into his body to comfort him.

"It was meningitis and you were in there for almost three weeks, you were in a coma for the first two weeks." Mitch says, with his voice full of love, the two boys both look up in surprise, neither had heard him come in the room, Matt could feel his boyfriend tense up and when he turned to look at him, he saw his boyfriend looking scared.

"Mitch we thought you went out?" Matt says, after realising no one had spoken for a minute and knew his boyfriend wasn't going to say anything.

"I did, I just wanted some fresh air and well it didn't take as long as I thought it would." Mitch says in a distracted tone, as he stares at his little brother, Matt couldn't read the look on the older boys face at all and actually grew a little worried himself.

"What didn't take as long as you thought?" Matt asks, despite not being sure he wanted to know the answer.

"To realise what a prick I am." Mitch responds, still standing in front of the boys, with his gaze locked on his little brother.

"Huh?" Is all Matt can think of to say, knowing it was probably a lame thing to say.

"Ben, please forgive me." Mitch then says, seemingly ignoring Matt, as he kneels in front of his little brother and gently rubs his knees with his hands.

"I thought you hated me?" Ben responds in disbelief, his brother was asking for his forgiveness, no he was the one who should be apologising he thought to himself.

"I could never hate you, look what you said hurt, knowing you thought I could do something like that really hurt, but I remembered everything that has happened and well I understand why you thought what you did, it sucks and it may take me a while to get over it, but I understand okay?" Mitch explains, with a genuine smile on his face.

"I guess so, I'm sorry I just... sorry." Ben says, with his eyes glued to the ground.

"Ben stop apologising okay, now tell me honestly are you feeling okay, because Matt said you were being sick and looked weird." Mitch then states, switching back into big brother mode, he can actually smell the sick on his brother and he did look pretty ill.

"Okay... well I just felt weird, but I think I feel better now." Ben replies, still sounding sad despite his brothers reassurance.

"Okay if you're sure, but if you feel ill again, let me know okay?" Mitch responds, in a caring tone and is happy to hear him say he was feeling better, although he didn't hear his little brother saying he only thinks he is feeling okay, otherwise he would be a lot more concerned than he is right now.

"Okay." Ben says in reply and continues to avoid making eye contact with his brother.

"Right anyway, Wesley is going to take a shower and then I'm going to take him out for a while, before taking him home, so the house is all yours and I will be home some time this afternoon." Mitch says as he stands up, before walking out of the room and despite what he has said to his little brother, he is still not happy that his little brother thought he was capable of that sort of thing and it was enough of a distraction for him to not realise just how ill his little brother may actually be.

"He hates me." Ben finally says after a few minutes of silence, his eyes now fixed on the picture in his hands again.

"No he doesn't, he is just mad at you, wouldn't you be mad if someone said to you, what you said to Mitch?" Matt responds, a little more bluntly than he meant too, but while he knows his boyfriend needs support, he always needs to be told the truth, even if that means being blunt about what happened.

"I ruined everything, didn't I?" Ben then says, looking up for the first time and Matt can see how red and puffy his boyfriends eyes are and pulls him into his arms and cuddles him.

"Yeah you kind of did, but it's okay, I still love you and Mitch will be okay eventually, it just may take a while, but he loves you too." Matt says, before he turns his boyfriends head to face him and leans in for a kiss, ignoring the fact he could taste his boyfriends sick, he was just focused on comforting him.

"Matt?" Ben says, as they end the kiss.

"Yeah?" Matt answers, looking at his boyfriend lovingly.

"Why are you still naked?" Ben asks and although the smile is weak it is genuine, when he looks over his boyfriends naked body.

"Well that's your fault to I guess, I should get dressed though." Matt responds, although he is still worried by his boyfriends random behaviour and as he moves to stand up he feels himself being pulled back down.

"Please don't, I want you to hold me for a while, I'm cold Matt." Ben pleads, as he looks into his boyfriends eyes and Matt can see that he is close to crying again.

"Naked?" Matt asks, although he knows the answer, he just wants to lighten the mood a little.

"Yeah if you don't mind." Ben responds, before wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

"Ben?" Matt then says, causing his boyfriend to look at him.

"Yeah?" Ben answers, with a worried look on his face.

"Why are you still naked?" Matt says, with a big grin on his face.

"Oh.... I didn't even notice." Ben states and wonders how he didn't even realise he was also naked, but before he can give it any more thought, he feels himself being pulled down to the bed and finds himself face to face with his boyfriend, Matt then wraps his arms around him tightly, so that his head is nestled into his neck, ignoring the smell and feel of the vomit on his boyfriends body.

"I love you so much Ben and we can stay like this for as long as you need." Matt says sincerely and within seconds, he feels his boyfriend shudder a little, before crying silently into his neck, he rubs his boyfriends back gently and kisses the top of his head and just lets him cry until he feels better,

After almost an hour of non stop crying, Ben finally pulls apart from his boyfriend and Matt's heart almost breaks, when he sees the sad look on his face and then his painful looking red eyes, so he lovingly wipes the tears off his boyfriends face and kisses him lightly, before pulling back to look him in the eyes.

"I got an idea, that could help fix things with Mitch." Matt then says, half smiling as he strokes his boyfriends face gently.

"Really?" Ben replies curiously and Matt can see his face light up a little with hope, although the sadness is still there.

"Yeah, but I need to go home first and pick up my guitar." Matt explains, as he continues stroking his boyfriends face lovingly.

"Why do you need you guitar?" Ben asks curiously, trying to figure out what his boyfriends idea is.

"Because you're going to sing to him and I will play the guitar for you." Matt responds, as he leans in for a quick kiss, before rolling off the bed to his feet and tries to find his clothes.

"Huh? How is that going to help?" Ben asks, not quite sure if he heard his boyfriend right, or even how him singing is meant to help make Mitch forgive him.

"Because you said your mum used to sing to you and I bet she used to sing to Mitch as well and I was thinking he probably misses it as much as you do and if you sing her favourite song to him, then he will forget what happened earlier and just be happy remembering your mum." Matt explains, after locating his clothing and starts to get dressed, but as he starts to pulls his t-shirt over his head, he doesn't see his boyfriend get off the bed and run over to him, then throwing his arms around him and they end up on the floor with Matt wondering what is happening.

"I love you so much." Ben then says, as he assaults his boyfriend with loving kisses.

"Okay you can get off now." Matt says, sounding a little annoyed, Ben looks down at his boyfriend in surprise and slowly gets off his boyfriend looking a little hurt. "Sorry but that hurt, I think I landed on something." Matt says noticing the look of hurt on his boyfriends face, but as he rubs his back and looks at his hand, he can see blood.

"Oh fuck, is that blood?" Ben asks, as he looks at his boyfriends hand and quickly walks over and turns him around before lifting his t-shirt. "Oh it's not too bad, but fuck I'm so sorry." He then says as he lightly runs his finger over the cut and sees it isn't too big or deep.

"Oh okay and don't worry the kisses were worth it." Matt says, before turning around and smiling at his boyfriend, before kissing him. "Yeah definitely worth it, now find me a top to wear, while I take this one off and wash the blood away." He then tells his boyfriend, before walking out of the room, removing his t-shirt as he goes, but as he gets to the door, he turns back to his boyfriend smiling. "Actually you need a shower, come on." He then says, remembering the state his boyfriend is in.

"Okay." Ben replies, happily following his boyfriend into the shower and just stands there waiting, Matt is a little concerned about his boyfriends mood swings, but just smiles at him and turns the shower on, his concern however grows even more, as the cold water hits both of them and his boyfriend doesn't even flinch, his boyfriend always flinched and almost always refused to get in until the water was warm, so Matt knew something wasn't quite right.

The shower only last for five minutes, before Matt helps his boyfriend out of the shower and dries him, realising he isn't quite himself, Matt quickly pulls him back into the bedroom to dress his boyfriend, but realises he has left the shower running and quickly goes back to the bathroom, Matt then returns after a few moments and to his surprise sees his boyfriend fully dressed, with a black t-shirt that has a weird pattern on the front, in his hands and smiles.

"I love that t-shirt, but isn't that your favourite?" Matt asks cautiously, he is still worried about his boyfriend, but doesn't want to risk upsetting and decides to just act normally, as he takes the t-shirt from his boyfriends hands.

"Yeah, but I love you more and besides I bet you look sexy wearing it." Ben responds smiling and watches his boyfriend slide the top on and he is pleased to see that he was right.

"I always thought you looked hot, when you wore it." Matt says smiling, as he walks over and wraps his arms around his boyfriends waist and just stares into his eyes.

"Now you look hot in it." Ben responds, before kissing him deeply.

"What is your mums favourite song?" Matt suddenly asks, after he breaks the kiss, remembering his idea and the fact he still needs to go get his guitar.

"I don't know if it was her favourite, but she always used to sing 'True Colours' to me, I really loved when she would sing that to me." Ben answers honestly, the sadness in his boyfriends voice, makes Matt pull him back in for another kiss.

"Okay, well I should be able to play that on my guitar, so come on then let's get going." Matt states, before he grabs a hold of his boyfriends hand and makes his way out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

While the boys make their way to Matt's house, Ben can't help but feel like there is something wrong with his boyfriend, despite the kisses and the help he just seems a little distant and it is driving him crazy to think he has upset him as well as his brother and as they near his boyfriends house he stops, Matt suddenly turns and gives him a questioning look.

"Matt what's wrong?" Ben asks, his voice full of concern, which just confuses his boyfriend.

"Nothing, come on let's go we are almost there." Matt replies casually, not noticing the concern in his boyfriends voice and begins to turn back towards his house.

"No... not until you tell me why you're acting weird." Ben states and stands his ground, thinking he can hear a sigh come from his boyfriend as he turns back to him.

"Don't be stupid, come on let's go." Matt again says, but this time he notices the strange look on his boyfriends face, but decides to start walking to his house, hoping his boyfriend follows him, as they are almost there.

"Stop right now or... or we are... over." Ben then calls out in desperation and he steps back a little, as he watches his boyfriend turn back at him looking stunned.

"What did you say?" Matt asks, in a confused tone and alarm bells start ringing in his ears, when he sees his boyfriend shivering, because it is a warm day and starts to wish that Mitch was here.

"Why are you being like this, what did I do to you?" Ben then asks, as tears start flowing down is face.

"I don't understand what you're talking about, I love you and I'm not being weird." Matt responds, now sounding concerned again and knows there is something seriously wrong with his boyfriend.

"Why do you hate me so much, I love you and you're being so mean and I... I want to go home... Matt, why do you hate me?" Ben then says, in a mixture or anger and sadness, his erratic emotions cause Matt to become very worried about his boyfriend and when he moves towards him, he stops in his tracks when his boyfriend flinches in fear.

"Ben I love you, what's wrong you're scaring me." Matt says, as he slowly inches towards his boyfriend, who is now starting to shake even more.

"I... Matt I … I don't feel..." Ben begins to say and Matt can only watch in horror as his boyfriend falls to his knees and vomits on the ground, before falling on to his side, Matt then quickly moves over and pulls his now unconscious boyfriend into his arms.

"Ben are you okay...Ben?" Matt says in a panicked tone, but relaxes a little bit when feels his boyfriends chest rise and fall, but it feels weak and he quickly reaches into his pocket to pull his phone out and dials Mitch's number. "Mitch get to my road now, there is something wrong with Ben and he collapsed, he was saying all these weird things... just get here now." Matt says, but when he hears Mitch trying to reply, he just hangs up and drops his phone, before trying to wake his boyfriend up.

Mitch turns to Wesley, who he was just about to drive home and tells him to get in the car quickly, while he tries to phone Matt back, but when he gets no answer he gives up, he knows it will only take him a few minutes to get to his brother and as they get in the car, he hands his phone to Wesley and tells him to call an ambulance and tell them where to go and that Ben had collapsed, Wesley takes the phone and immediately dials 111 and talks to the operator, while Mitch puts his foot down and heads to Matt's road.

"Ben are you okay... please say something... I don't understand what is happening." Matt says, as tears flow down his face, he feels his boyfriends head and can feel it burning up and notices his breathing is getting weaker and weaker.

"What happened Mitch?" Wesley asks, as he hangs up the phone.

"I don't know, he just said Ben had collapsed and was saying weird stuff." Mitch replies, trying hard to focus on the road and getting to his little brother as quickly as possibly.

"He was alright earlier though." Wesley states, more thinking out aloud than actually talking to Mitch.

"I'm sorry Wesley, but I need to keep focused on driving, I don't have time to think about what happened." Mitch says, without taking his eyes of the road and Wesley just looks at him and then down at his hands, deciding to just be quiet.

Matt is still holding his boyfriend, when he feels him start to shake as if he was cold, but he could see that he was still sweating and despite his initial panic, Matt starts to remember something from a TV show he used to watch with Tobias and he starts to put the pieces together, he thinks about the confusion, the high temperature, the shaking and the vomiting, he then thinks about the previous night when they had all eaten their takeaway and food poisoning jumps into his mind, so he quickly picks up his phone and dials Mitch again.

"Er... hello, Matt?" Wesley says, as he answers the phone.

"Wesley... where's Mitch?" Matt asks, after recognising his friends voice.

"Oh he is driving, we are almost at your road." Wesley explains.

"Oh tell Mitch I think Ben has food poisoning and we need to get him to a hospital." Matt states with urgency in his voice, it still hadn't occurred to him, that he could have called an ambulance himself.

"I already called one Matt, it should be there soon, but me and Mitch will be there in like one minute I think, but why do you think it is food poisoning?" Wesley responds curiously.

"Because I remember some of the symptoms from a show I used to watch and Ben has like four of them." Matt says before pausing for a second and Wesley is about to say something, when Matt cuts back in. "Oh shit, he just covered me in sick." He then says sighing, as he looks down at the vomit all over his t-shirt and shorts, but finds himself smiling when he sees his boyfriends eyes open and forgets all about the vomit.

"Oh well, I can see you now bye." Wesley says, before hanging up and actually thinks about how lame he was for saying 'bye' when he was just about to see him.

Matt looks up to see the car stop a few yards away and quickly wipes the vomit off his boyfriends face, he then smiles down to his now awake but scared and confused looking boyfriend and just holds him tightly against himself.

As soon as Mitch gets out of the car, he runs over to his little brother and kneels down by his side, before kissing him on the forehead.

"Hey little guy, how you feeling?" Mitch then says to his little brother, with a warm and caring voice.

"Oh no... please don't don't hurt me... Matt help me... make him go away." Ben suddenly says, sounding terrified and tries to pull himself closer to his boyfriend and away from his brother, who recoils in shock at his reaction.

"Ben it's okay it's me, I'm not going to hurt you okay, I'm here to help." Mitch tries to says, as he moves closer and reaches a hand out, but quickly pulls it back when he sees the terror in his little brothers eyes and Mitch then notices a wet patch form in his little brothers jeans and his heart breaks for him and all he wants to do is hold him, but knows right now that is the worst thing he could possibly do.

"Mitch, I think you need to go away, but don't worry I will look after him." Matt says, ignoring the wetness he can feel coming from his boyfriend and just holds him tightly, he can feel him trembling and uses his free hand to gently stroke the back of his head.

"Yeah come on Mitch, stand with me for a while." Wesley then says, as he pulls the older boy away from his little brother, he then gives Matt a quick comforting smile, before turning his full attention to the visibly shocked Mitch.

"Is he gone?" Ben asks, as he keeps his head buried in his boyfriends chest, too afraid to look for himself.

"Yeah he is gone, but Ben why are you afraid though, he is your brother and he loves you, he would never hurt you and you know that." Matt responds, trying to explain to him that Mitch wouldn't hurt him.

"Mr Jones, isn't my brother." Ben suddenly says, as he looks up to his boyfriend, Matt can see the look of confusion and fear in his eyes and is speechless for a few seconds.

"Mr Jones is dead Ben, that was Mitch just now, not Mr Jones." Matt tries to explain and is now scared again for his boyfriend.

"No it's him Matt, he is going to hurt me, just like he hurt you and Jordan... please don't let him hurt me.... please..." Ben pleads before he starts to cry again and buries his face back into his boyfriends chest.

"Okay I promise, I will keep you safe." Matt says, deciding that right now there is no point in trying to explain the truth to him and is just happy he is awake and at least recognises him.

"Did he just call me Mr Jones?" Mitch says to Wesley, although they moved away from the two boys, they could still hear the conversation and Mitch was horrified at his little brothers words.

"Mitch don't take it personally, Matt said he might have food poisoning, one of the rarer symptoms is confusion and he has been acting strange today." Wesley responds quietly, as he tries to reassure the older boy, he only knew a few things about food poisoning, but it was enough to know that his friend was probably right, he could see the sweat on Ben's face, despite him shivering and the vomit as well.

"How do you know so much about this stuff." Mitch asks, trying to keep himself distracted from his little brothers stinging words.

"Years of crappy hospital shows my mum used to make me watch with her, I think she was trying to make me want to be a doctor." Wesley replies half smiling, everyone then except Ben quickly look up and down the road, as they can hear the sirens of the ambulance, just before it comes into view and they each sigh in relief. "Wait Mitch stay back, he might still think you're Mr Jones." Wesley suddenly says, as he grabs Mitch's arm after noticing him move towards his little brother, just as the ambulance pulls up near them and the paramedics head towards Ben and Matt.

The paramedics quickly move Ben into the back of the ambulance, after quickly checking him over and help Matt in as well, while he explains what he thinks has happened, both Wesley and Mitch stand back from the ambulance and can't help but notice the look of surprise on the paramedics faces, as Matt is explaining what has happened and they seem to agree with him, Mitch wants to go with his little brother, but Wesley reminds him that it's not a good idea and he settles for telling Matt, he will follow them in his car and watches as the ambulance drives away.

"Come on it will be okay, let's quickly follow them." Wesley then says, as he notices the tears forming in the older boys eyes, he pulls him in the direction of the car and after an initial struggle, Mitch finally snaps his attention back to what is happening and almost shoves Wesley half way across the road when he turns and runs to the car, luckily Mitch is able to grab a hold of the boy, before he falls to the ground.

"Oh shit, sorry Wesley, you okay?" Mitch asks the boy, who looks a little startled.

"yeah, shit... yeah I'm... shit, fuck it come on let's go." Wesley answers, it hurt quite a bit, but he knows they have to get to the hospital and decides to ignore the pain.

After arriving after the ambulance, Mitch and Wesley are asked to wait before being allowed to see Ben, but when they are eventually told they can go in, they see Matt laying beside his boyfriend holding his hand above the sheets, Mitch hesitates for a few moments at the door, not sure how his little brother will react to him being there, but a nod from Matt reassures him and he slowly walks over to the side of the bed that his little brother is laying on and Wesley moves round to stand next to Matt.

"Hows he doing?" Mitch asks Matt, after seeing that his little brother is asleep.

"Pretty good, they said he will be fine and just needs to rest... oh and they put him on a drip to er... it's er... I can't remember what they said, but it will make him better." Matt responds in high spirits, apart from feeling frustrated that he couldn't remember what the thing in his boyfriends arm was, because he knows he knows what it is but just can't say it.

"It's an IV drip, it gives him fluids and nutrients, so they agree that it's food poisoning?" Mitch explains, before asking what the doctors thought.

"Yeah, they said he will be fine and is just severely dehyd... dehroth." Matt tries to explain, but can't quite remember the word they used and again it frustrates him because he knows what it is, but is just too emotional and tired to think straight.

"You mean dehydrated?" Mitch says, helping the boy out with the word, he can see how tired the boy is and knows it is causing him to struggle to think properly.

"Ah yeah that is it, they asked when he last drank anything and I couldn't remember and then they asked some questions about if he has been under any pressure recently, or been doing anything that he doesn't normally do that would tire him out." Matt starts to explain, but turns bright red and Mitch instantly realises why, but before he can say anything Wesley speaks.

"Oh shit, did you two mess around last night?" Wesley asks, not able to help himself and as soon as the words come out of his mouth, he knew it was a stupid thing to ask.

"Yeah." Matt replies honestly and still blushes and does his best to avoid looking at either Mitch or Wesley.

"Oh shit sorry, I didn't mean to ask something like that, but it's cool... oh fuck you didn't have to tell the doctors that did you?" Wesley apologise, before blurting the last part out, thinking how mortifying that would be.

"I was going too, but I just made up some stupid thing about him trying out for a school team and training too much instead." Matt answers honestly, still avoiding eye contact with the other two boys.

"Okay Wesley, I think that's enough questions from you, why don't you get us all a bottle of coke or something?" Mitch then says, as he fishes around in his pockets and pulls some money out before handing it to Wesley, who takes the hint that he needs to give them some privacy and walks out of the room smiling, he felt a little hurt initially, but realised he was being stupid and that if it were him, he would want some alone time with his brother.

"Mitch you aren't still mad at him for this morning are you?" Matt asks, as he gently strokes his boyfriends face lovingly, while he looks up to the older boy.

"What do you mean?" Mitch asks, not sure how this morning has anything to do with what happened.

"Well you know, he was acting weird as soon as he woke up and saw Wesley, something was just off with him, it was like he was Ben, but at the same time he wasn't if you get what I mean?" Matt says, trying his best to explain his point.

"Well I guess so, but I don't see what this has to do with anything." Mitch responds, while he sits down in the chair next to the bed.

"Well think about it, when he saw you he thought you were Mr Jones, he was totally confused and then think about this morning and how he was acting and what he said to you, it wasn't really him saying those things, it wasn't just that either, he was saying some weird stuff when you left, but I just thought he was upset and then as we walked to my house, he started freaking out and asking why I hated him and why I was acting weird and then he just collapsed." Matt explains, still comforting his sleeping boyfriend and hoping Mitch understands him.

"Oh fuck and I acted like a total prick, I should have known something was wrong... for fuck sake, this is all my fault." Mitch states and puts his head in his hands.

"Yeah maybe you should, but so should I, but we both didn't see it and well let's just not blame ourselves okay, it doesn't help, I just hope you're not mad at him any more." Matt then says in a serious tone, that makes Mitch look up at him.

"You're right, but this is all just messed up, how come we are all fine, we all ate the same food last night." Mitch responds, sounding confused and frustrated.

"Yeah, but he had that weird looking prawn thing, that none of us would try remember." Matt says, he and Ben had fed each other and he knew what both of them had eaten and that was the only thing he didn't see anyone else but his boyfriend eat.

"Yeah I think you might be right, man I'm going to have to report that Chinese place." Mitch says, but notices Matt give him a strange look, that he couldn't quite make out. "What?" He asks the young boy.

"Well you don't have too, I told the doctors and they have already reported it, they take this sort of thing very seriously apparently." Matt explains, with a half hearted smile.

"God you two talk loudly, hello, ill person trying to sleep here you know." Ben suddenly says, causing both his boyfriend and brother to jump a little, they hadn't noticed he was awake and certainly weren't expecting him to start talking.

"You're awake." Matt says and instantly feels like an idiot for stating the obvious, but he doesn't care, he is just happy to see his boyfriend awake.

"Yeah, thanks for stating the obvious dumb ass." Ben says smiling at his boyfriend, before turning to his brother and wondering why he looks so nervous. "Hey Mitch, why are you looking at me like that?" He then asks, as his brother looks at him as if he is scared he is going to leap out of the bed and attack him.

"Wait huh... oh er... you don't remember earlier?" Mitch manages to say stuttering, not quite sure what is going on.

"Matt, did he bang his head or something?" Ben asks, as he turns to his boyfriend, looking half amused and half confused.

"No, it's just well you kind of went a little weird earlier and said some er... bad things and well it doesn't really matter, we can talk about it later, we are both just happy that you're okay now." Matt half explains, thinking it was best not to bring up what had happened, until he was sure his boyfriend was feeling better.

"Yeah sorry Ben, ignore me I'm just glad you're okay. but do you remember anything about today?" Mitch then asks, trying to get an idea of what state his little brother is in and decide what he needs to tell their dad when he called him, he is hoping that he will be just fine and his dad won't have to come home early, but if it is more serious, then he would need to tell him to hurry home.

"Oh this again..." Ben responds in a frustrated and annoyed tone and Mitch raise an eyebrow, thinking this isn't a good sign.

"Just answer him Ben." Matt suddenly says and after a quick look, his boyfriend turns back to his brother.

"I remember waking up and kissing Matt, then Wesley was talking to us about something, but I don't know what, then I was shouting at you about something and then you were angry about something I think and then I woke up here." Ben then states, but Mitch decides that his little brother knows more than he is letting on and he needs too know as much as possibly, before he talks with their dad.

"Come on what else, It's obvious that you're not telling me everything." Mitch states firmly and notices Matt smile appreciatively at him.

"Okay fine, I remember I was going to sing to you to make you like me again, I think I was going to sing 'True Colours' like mum used to sing to me and I remember leaving the house and walking to Matt's house, to get and get his guitar, but then I woke up here and that is all I remember." Ben says with a sigh and clearly looking frustrated, but the look on Mitch's face is a mixture of sadness and happiness.

"What's wrong Mitch?" Matt asks, after noticing the older boys expression.

"Mum used to sing that song to me when I was little, it's just I haven't thought about it for years but Ben, just so you know no matter what happens, there is nothing you could do to make me hate you or stop loving you, although your singing may change my mind on that because no offence Ben, but you really can't sing." Mitch explains sadly at first, but his smile at the end tells Matt that he is okay.

"I can sing, I just pretend I can't." Ben quickly says, almost whispering as he looks at his brother, before turning to his boyfriend for support.

"Sure, Ben." Mitch responds sarcastically, he had heard his brother sing and it wasn't pretty.

"Mitch it's true, Mr Morgan our music teacher was going to kick him out of our class, so Ben got up and sung in front of us and he can really sing and I'm not just saying it because I love him, he is really good Mitch." Matt then states, while he lightly squeezes his boyfriends hand and smiles at him.

"Seriously? But why would you pretend you can't sing?" Mitch then asks, looking at his little brother in confusion.

"Because I used to sing with mum when we were alone and it was magical, but then when she er... you know when she er... well I didn't want to sing any more, because it was our special thing and I didn't want it to be less special, so I pretended I couldn't." Ben tries to explain, as a few tears fall down his cheeks, but his boyfriend is right there and wipes them away, before giving him a loving kiss on the cheek.

When Ben looks up to his brother though, he is surprised to see him crying silently, even Matt looks on in surprise and is about to stand up, when Wesley suddenly walks back in the room with four bottles of coke, but stops in his tracks when he sees Mitch crying and doesn't quite know what to do.

"Come in and shut the door Wesley." Matt quickly says, loud enough for Mitch to hear him and he looks up and around the room stopping at Wesley, who is slowly walking over to him.

"Oh shit Mitch, he isn't dying is he?" Wesley asks, sounding scared as he glances over to his friend, who looks so sad as well, but is stunned when he hears Mitch begin to laugh and looks at him in confusion. "What's going on?" He then asks, to no one in particular.

"Sorry Wesley, but you just... you're just awesome, you know that... I mean who asks questions like that." Mitch says, wiping the tears from his eyes and smiling, he is so glad the boy came in, because he was really losing it over what his little brother had told him, but now he is fully focused again.

"I should leave shouldn't I." Wesley then says, sounding hurt as he turns to the door.

"If you leave, I will just come after you and drag you back in here Wesley, I'm not mad at you, I'm grateful, now sit your butt down and we can all have a drink and talk." Mitch then says smiling, as he waits for the now happy looking Wesley, to sit down and his smile broadens, when the boy pulls a chair over next to his own.

"I think I preferred you naked Wesley." Ben suddenly says, surprising everyone and even himself. "No not like that, I only like seeing Matt like that, but I meant I don't know, it was just cool being naked you know?" He then says, trying to explain himself, but not quite being able to express himself how he wanted too, but luckily for him his boyfriend knows exactly what he meant.

"Yeah I didn't really want to be naked last night, but I'm glad I did, it was so cool to just, you know relax and well let it all hang out." Matt says smiling sheepishly, at his own innuendo and causing the other three boys to laugh out loud.

"You boys are really weird, but anyway back to what we were talking about, Ben thank you for telling me that, it couldn't have been easy and for what it's worth, if I ever was angry at you and I mean seriously angry, then you singing that song to me would work every time." Mitch says sincerely and reaches his hand out and smiles when his little brother takes it in his own hand.

"Huh, I don't get it, what did I miss?" Wesley then says, feeling totally left out of the conversation and once again feeling frustrated at being told to leave before.

"Sorry Wesley, but don't worry it's just a brother thing between them." Matt explains to his friend, after realising he had no idea what is going on and feels bad for him.

"Oh okay, so just too be sure, Ben isn't dying right?" Wesley then asks, in a serious tone and looks at each of the other boys.

"No unfortunately not." Mitch answers, before he sticks a tongue out at his little brother, who just gives him a cute pout before laughing.

"Cool, so when are you going to take me home anyway Mitch?" Wesley then asks, Mitch couldn't help but love the boys way of speaking, with Wesley you got exactly what he was thinking when he talks, almost unfiltered and it was refreshing to be around someone like that.

"Can't wait to get away from us?" Ben asks mockingly, although Mitch and Wesley look at him with a surprised expression on their faces.

"He is kidding you idiots." Matt then says, after realising the boys couldn't tell.

"Oh well no, the opposite actually, I want to stay as long as possible, but I have to give my parents a call to let them know when I will be home." Wesley then states, as his two friends nod in understanding, but when he turns to Mitch, he sees the older boy look at him funny. "Why are you looking at me like that?" He asks in confusion.

"Sorry, it's just hard to believe you're only eleven, I bet neither of these have thought about calling their parents." Mitch responds, before pausing, to look at the two boys faces. "See not even close, although I will give my little brother a break, because he was half dead, but anyway my point is that you're just remarkable and well I suppose if we say around six tonight at the latest?" He then says smiling, as he looks at the young boy who is blushing.

"Yeah old before my time apparently, but anyway yeah six sounds okay, but not any later if that's okay." Wesley says, as he gulps down almost half the bottle of coke in one go and turns to Ben. "So did Matt tell you he told the hot nurses, that you two messed around last night Ben?" He then asks, deciding to have a bit of fun.

"HE WHAT?" Ben shouts out in horror and gets up into a seated position, before giving his boyfriend a death stare, much to the amusement of both Mitch and Wesley, as they watch Matt's face turn bright red.

"I did not! fuck off Wesley." Matt responds, glaring at Wesley, although they all know it is all a bit of fun.

"Sorry couldn't resist, I guess maybe, I'm not quite as old as people think I am." Wesley then says and gives Mitch a quick grin.

Before anyone else can say anything else, a nurse pokes her head into the room and places a finger against her lips, causing all four boys to blush, as they realise they were being too loud, Mitch then quickly stands up and apologises to her and she leaves them alone.

"Okay guys, I'm going to call my dad and tell him what happened, Wesley you should come with me and you can phone your parents, that way I can talk to them, if you need me to." Mitch states and the others all nod and with that Wesley walks out the room closely followed by Mitch, who turns to his little brother and Matt to give them a wink and a thumbs up as he shuts the door, it takes both Ben and Matt a few moments to realise what Mitch was doing and they both smiled at each other before kissing.

After about thirty minutes, Mitch returns with Wesley, both looking very happy with themselves, although they have to cough as Ben and Matt are still kissing each other, surprisingly though for Mitch, he notices that they have kept both hands above the sheets and is glad that they have finally started listening to his rules.

"So good news or bad news Ben?" Mitch then asks, as he and Wesley take up their previous chairs, next to his little brothers bed.

"Good news I guess." Ben decides to reply, not really feeling like hearing any bad news.

"Okay, well dad was pretty worried, but I managed to talk him out of coming straight home, he seemed relieved that it isn't anything serious, but will come home tomorrow afternoon and he wants you to take at least tomorrow off school Ben." Mitch explains smiling and Ben quickly turns to his boyfriend and kisses him.

"Yes, I told you we would still have tonight together." Ben says enthusiastically to his boyfriend who grins.

"Whoa, too much information." Wesley then calls out and holds his hands over his ears and whistles in mock embarrassment, causing everyone to laugh at his antics.

"Well that brings me to the final bit of good news, Ben the doctor said you're free to go in a few hours, they just want to make sure you're hydrated and also your clothes aren't quite ready yet." Mitch says, winking at Matt who gives him a shy smile.

"Oh cool, so what's the bad news?" Ben then asks reluctantly, not quite picking up on why his clothes weren't ready, or even why he isn't wearing them.

"Well you're not going to like this at all, I mean I'm pretty upset about it and I just don't know how to tell you with out upsetting you Ben and even you Matt." Mitch begins to say, before purposely pausing, as the boys including Wesley, give him a concerned look.

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