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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 3

March 2015

After about thirty minutes, Mitch returns with Wesley, both looking very happy with themselves, although they have to cough as Ben and Matt are still kissing each other, surprisingly though for Mitch, he notices that they have kept both hands above the sheets and is glad that they have finally started listening to his rules.

"So good news or bad news Ben?" Mitch then says, as he and Wesley take up their previous chairs, next to his little brothers bed.

"Good news I guess." Ben decides to reply, not really feeling like hearing any bad news.

"Okay, well dad was pretty worried, but I managed to talk him out of coming straight home, he seemed relieved that it isn't anything serious, but will come home tomorrow afternoon and he wants you to take at least tomorrow off school Ben." Mitch explains smiling and Ben quickly turns to his boyfriend and kisses him.

"Yes, I told you we would still have tonight together." Ben says enthusiastically to his boyfriend who grins.

"Whoa, too much information." Wesley then calls out and holds his hands over his ears and whistles in mock embarrassment, causing everyone to laugh at his antics.

"Well that brings me to the final bit of good news, Ben the doctor said you're free to go in a few hours, they just want to make sure you're hydrated and also your clothes aren't quite ready yet." Mitch says, winking at Matt who gives him a shy smile.

"Oh cool, so what's the bad news?" Ben then asks reluctantly, not quite picking up on why his clothes weren't ready, or even why he isn't wearing them.

"Well you're not going to like this at all, I mean I'm pretty upset about it and I just don't know how to tell you with out upsetting you Ben and even you Matt." Mitch begins to say, before purposely pausing, as the boys including Wesley, give him a concerned look.

"Oh my god what is it Mitch, Just tell me." Ben demands, worried that something is wrong with him.

"Well it's just horrible, I mean we have to let Wesley sleepover another night." Mitch states and somehow manages to keep a straight face, until Wesley punches him on the arm and he begins to laugh.

"Hey no fair, I'm so going to kick your ass for that." Wesley says in mock anger, but after punching Mitch once more in the arm for good measure, he bursts into laughter with the other three.

"So how come though Wesley, I thought you wanted to go home?" Matt then asks, remembering what his friend had said earlier about not wanting to be any later than six.

"My parents are having friends visit and well they will be there all night, I just have to go home and pick up my school stuff and some clothes to wear, these ones really stink." Wesley explains, although Matt still gets the feeling his friend would prefer to be at home.

"Oh that sucks Wesley, I hate when my parents have friends over, well at least we can all have fun together and hopefully Mitch will join in with our 'no clothes allowed' rule." Matt offers and smiles in an attempt to cheer his friend up.

"Cheers Matt and yeah I hate it, because they are so noisy and they don't leave until like two or three in the morning sometimes." Wesley responds gratefully, but still hides the real reason that he is upset about it.

"Guys, I'm not going naked tonight, you boys can if you want too, but my clothes stay on." Mitch states firmly, much to the disappointment of both Matt and Wesley, but his little brother has other ideas.

"Yes you are, from what Matt told me, you owe me for being a prick earlier big brother and I want you naked, it's only fair if we go naked, that you join in." Ben says grinning and both Matt and Wesley look at Mitch, to see his reaction, hoping he changes his mind.

"Never going to happen little brother." Mitch responds smiling, as both Wesley and Matt's faces drop, but Ben just looks at his brother with even more determination.

"Okay if you say so, but if you don't agree, then I'm going to have to do something naughty." Ben says, giving his brother an evil satisfied grin, Wesley and Matt look at Ben and then at each other shrugging their shoulders in confusion.

"Ben grow up, you three can do what you like, but I'm not getting naked." Mitch again responds firmly, but the look on his little brothers face, tells him he may regret his words.

"Then I guess, I will have to make sure they don't let me go home tonight." Ben responds and suddenly pulls the clip on his finger off, which sets an alarm off next to his bed and he is just about to pull the IV drip out, when Mitch holds his arms down.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Mitch says angrily, but Ben just smiles at him.

"I'm going to start screaming and shouting when they come in, unless you agree to go naked tonight, didn't you tell dad I was fine and I was going home tonight?" Ben then says grinning at his brother, who looks at him genuinely angry, but before he gets chance to say something, Matt suddenly grabs his boyfriends head and turns it to face him.

"Stop it right now, I swear if you do that, then I will never speak to you again and I mean it Ben." Matt says and the anger and disgust in his voice stuns everyone in the room, but almost immediately they are interrupted by the sound of nurses and doctors coming into the room, leaving Matt and Mitch with just enough time to move away from Ben, before anyone notices them.

"What's going on here?" One of the doctors asks, seeing Ben sitting in bed looking fine.

For a moment Mitch is worried that his little brother, is going to start pretending to be whatever it was that he threatened to do, then notices him look at Matt, who is just giving him an ice cold stare.

"Sorry Doctor Gilmar, I tried getting out of bed and slipped, my brother caught me but my pulse clip thing came off, but look this thing stayed in." Ben explains, as he holds his arm with the IV drip inserted up with a shy smile.

"Okay, well you have to be careful young man, the nurse here will get everything back to where it should be, then we can see about getting you discharged, now how does that sound?" Dr Gilmar asks the boy, after seemingly buying the young boys made up story to everyone else's relief, all except Matt though who is still angry.

"Thank you Doctor Gilmar, I can't wait to go home and I'm really sorry for scaring everyone." Ben replies in a sweet and innocent tone, although the ice cold stare from his boyfriend unsettled him and he knew he was in trouble.

"That is quite alright, just don't let it happen again please young man." Dr Gilmar then says, as he gives Mitch a quick nod and a smile, which the young man returns.

"I won't I promise." Ben states, although this time he struggles to keep his act up as his boyfriends ice cold stare starts to get to him even more.

The boys all remain silent as they watch Dr Gilmar leave and then watch as the nurse reattaches the clip to Ben's finger, who then realises they are looking at her and gives them all a smile before leaving without saying a single word, as they all still remain silent until Ben tries to break the ice.

"Er... sorry Mitch..." Ben begins to say, before being cut off by his boyfriend.

"You're an idiot, I can't believe you would say or do something like that..." Matt says with venom in his voice, before surprising everyone even more by getting up and walking out the room looking extremely pissed off.

"I'll go after him." Wesley then says, after noticing Ben just sitting open mouthed and Mitch looking like he wanted to say something privately to his little brother, he then thinks about saying something else after getting no response, but decides to just leave and find where Matt went and starts with the nearest toilet.

As soon as his friend leaves. Ben looks nervously at his brother with tears in his eyes, he wants to say something. but between his boyfriend storming off and the look his brother is giving him, all he can do is try and hold back the tears.

"Well you just fucked up little guy." Mitch says in a disappointed tone, while he looks at his little brother who looks like he is about to cry. "What were you thinking?" He then asks, after his little brother doesn't make any attempt to reply the first time.

"I don't know..." Ben then responds, so quietly he might as well be whispering, but Mitch can see him trying to hold back the tears and doesn't get angry.

"Are you still feeling ill from the food poisoning, because we can get the doctors to check you over again." Mitch then asks, deciding being angry at his little brother is pointless, so he goes into big brother mode and tries to make sure he is okay.

"No I'm fine, I was just stupid and I think I would have gone through with it, if Matt didn't stop me." Ben admits honestly and starts to sniffle, he is too tired and upset to try and lie.

"Well I think you're a complete dumb ass and there is a part of me that wants to smack you across the head for even thinking of doing something so stupid, let alone actually going through with it, but well you're my little brother and you have been through a lot today, so I just want you to know we are fine and I'm not going to have a go or get angry with you, but Ben if you ever do something like this again you won't like what happens okay?" Mitch then says, lecturing his little brother who gives him a half hearted smile.

"Having a horrible day, doesn't mean you should be nice to me." Ben then says, as a few tears run down his face and Mitch leans over to wipe them away gently.

"Nope it doesn't, but the fact you told me the truth instead of lying about it being the food poisoning, proves to me you're really sorry, I respect you for being honest and I mean it when I say we are alright." Mitch explains to his little brother and gives him a kiss on the forehead, his little brothers honesty made it a lot easier to let his own anger disappear and all he was worried about now was looking after him.

"Thank you and sorry, but do you think Matt hates me?" Ben responds and almost as soon as the words are out of his mouth, he starts crying and all Mitch can do is sit on the bed beside him, while pulling him against his chest and letting him cry as he strokes his back.

Wesley heads straight to the nearest toilet, which turns out to be a lot further away than he had thought it would be, but as soon as he walks in the door, he can hear someone sniffling in one of the cubicles and to his relief all the doors are open, so when he walks to the end cubicle he sees Matt sitting with his head in his hands.

"Hey, you want to talk about it?" Wesley asks and is about about to kneel down, until he looks down and sees what look like pee stains on the floor and settles for just standing in front of his friend instead.

"Sorry for just walking out." Matt replies, as he looks up to his friend with a weak smile.

"Why did you do it though?" Wesley asks bluntly, he knows he should probably do the comforting thing, but it isn't really his style and just decides to be himself.

"I don't know, I was just so angry at him and needed to get away." Matt replies, clenching his hands in frustration.

"Why though, sure he was being an idiot, but he is laying in a hospital bed and besides he did what you told him to do in the end." Wesley states, continuing his blunt approach and as Matt looks at him with a tiny little smile, he knows he is doing well.

"I guess so, but it was a bad thing to do and Mitch is going to be mad now." Matt replies and for the first time, Wesley can hear the disappointment in his friends voice.

"So you're really mad, because Ben might have ruined your fun tonight?" Wesley asks accusingly, not even attempting to sugar coat his question.

"What no, no well maybe, but what he was going to do was still bad." Matt answers, half confessing he is angry about his plans for his boyfriend being potentially ruined, but he is genuinely angry at what his boyfriend was going to do.

"I actually thought it was genius, well until I realised that he was actually going to go through with it." Wesley admits, although he had to admit although it worked as a threat, it would have failed badly if Ben had actually followed through with it.

"You thought it was a good idea?" Matt suddenly asks, in a surprised tone and looked at his friend in shock.

"Hey don't give me that look, I'm not the one sulking in the dirty toilets because I might not be able to play with my naked boyfriend tonight." Wesley responds with a grin, knowing he is hardly the only one with questionable morales.

"Man you suck Wesley, a normal person would come in here and like comfort me or something, you just come in and make me feel like an idiot." Matt states, but instead of sounding angry he is smiling and surprises Wesley with a quick hug.

"Well what can I say Matt I'm totally awesome, although next time you throw a hissy fit, can you at least pick a room with out pee all over the floor." Wesley responds, with a wide grin on his face, before he leads his now happier looking friend out of the toilet.

"I will try my best to think of you the next time I decide to storm off somewhere." Matt retorts, with a cheeky grin and Wesley can't help but laugh.

"So where are your clothes anyway?" Wesley then asks, deciding to finally ask the question he had wanted to ask when he and Mitch had first walked into the room, but never quite got the chance.

"Huh?" Matt responds, not quite thinking straight and realising what his friend had just said to him.

"Where are your clothes, I mean don't get me wrong, seeing your butt is funny, but seriously what happened to your clothes?" Wesley explains, smiling at the mortified look on his friends face as he tries to turn and see if people can see his bum, but he can't quite bend or twist enough to see for himself.

"You can see my bum?" Matt then asks, turning to his friend red faced after not being able to answer his own question.

"Yeah those gowns are rubbish, so come on answer my question." Wesley says with a smirk.

"Oh shit, no wonder some people were looking at me funny... oh right yeah my clothes, well Ben puked all over them and then wet himself while I was holding him, so they said they would clean them for me and gave me this." Matt replies half distracted, as he tries to hold the back of the gown together.

"Oh makes sense, anyway come on let's get back to the room, I hate walking round hospitals." Wesley states and Matt slowly follows him still holding the back of his gown and Wesley suddenly remembers that Matt had told him on the phone that Ben had vomited all over him, although he had no idea why that popped into his head or how it was even useful now.

After his little brother had stopped crying, Mitch sat back down in his chair looking at him thoughtfully and eventually Ben can't help but let his curiosity get the better off him despite being upset.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ben asks nervously.

"Why was it so important to you that I was naked tonight, that you thought you had to act like that?" Mitch finally asks after a few moments of silence, catching Ben off guard, he wasn't expecting that kind of question although he wasn't really sure what to expect.

"Er... I don't know, I mean er... I guess I just thought it would be cool, to have you be like us for a little while." Ben answers, not really knowing how to express himself, so that his brother would understand.

"What do you mean, like you?" Mitch asks genuinely curious by what his little brother just said, he had expected some sort of dumb explanation, but there seemed to be something genuine in his little brothers attempt to explain himself and he wanted to know what it was.

"You know be like us you know, like er... a kid instead of having to be the responsible one who just has to look after us and I just wanted er.... you know have fun with my brother like we used too." Ben tries to explain, as more tears start to roll down his face and he wonders if he would ever stop crying.

"Oh fuck, why didn't you just say that in the first place, instead of coming out with the most ridiculous and shittiest plan ever, you dumb ass." Mitch responds, while smiling with a look of relief on his face, that confuses his little brother.

"Huh? Are you angry, I don't understand." Ben asks honestly, as he tries to make sense of what his brother said, he couldn't tell if he was angry or making a joke and it just made him feel frustrated.

"I mean, if you had just told me that, I would have joined in with you guys." Mitch tries to explains as simply as he can, realising he is dealing with an emotionally drained eleven year old and not an adult.

"You mean, you will join in tonight?" Ben asks hopefully and Mitch can instantly see his mood change from distressed to an enthusiastically happy looking boy.

"Look honestly Ben, I have enjoyed looking after you boys and I will never stop looking out for you and Matt and I guess that now includes Wesley as well, but you were right, I'm still your brother and I miss just hanging out with you and messing around, so yeah for one night only I will pretend to be a boy again, well a bigger and hairier looking boy, but I think you get my point." Mitch answers and feels himself being pulled over the bed by his ecstatic little brother into a loving embrace, just as Matt and Wesley walk back into the room.

For a moment Matt and Wesley remain silent, not wanting to ruin the obvious moment between the two brothers, but as soon as Ben notices them Mitch feels his little brother tense up and release his grip, Mitch is about to ask what is wrong when he follows his gaze and sees both Matt and Wesley staring at them.

"Welcome back guys." Mitch greets them both, but doesn't really know what else to say and everything is a little awkward for a few moments.

"Hey Mitch, everything good here?" Wesley responds, after sitting down next to the older boy, as if there is no tension in the room and once again Mitch couldn't help but find the boys personality funny and refreshing.

"We had a good brother to brother talk, he is sorry and I believe him." Mitch answers, as he turns to Wesley. "How about you, everything good?" He asks and Wesley gives him a sly smile.

"Yeah, I found him crying on the floor in the toilets, he sure likes pee it seems." Wesley replies smiling, which causes Mitch to smile at the boys attempts to lighten the mood.

"Hey, you did not." Matt then calls out defensively.

"Okay, okay he wasn't crying." Wesley responds, only half correcting his previous statement and Mitch could see he was having a bit of harmless fun and decided to just enjoy the show.

"No... well yeah, but I wasn't on the floor either...." Matt respond again trying to defend himself, but when he actually looks at his friend, he realises that he is grinning. "Oh fuck off Wesley, you dumb ass." He then says, realising he is just being baited and fell for it.

"Hey Matt." Ben then suddenly says in a nervous voice that is barely above a whisper, Mitch and Wesley look between the two boys and both decide to just be quiet and let what ever happens happen.

For a few moments, Ben's heart starts to break as his boyfriend stares at him in silence and can feel himself starting to shake and knows he is close to tears again, but just before he lets the floodgates open, he watches nervously as his boyfriend walks towards him smiling.

"Hey sexy." Matt then says, as he climbs on to the bed and kisses his boyfriend passionately, what ever anger he had felt about his boyfriends behaviour had disappeared the minute he saw the look of fear in his eyes and all he wanted to do was show his boyfriend how much he loved him.

"Oh for fuck sake we are sitting right here, you guys are worse than being forced to watch a chick flick with my mum." Wesley then calls out, in mock annoyance and he even throws up his arms for added effect and Mitch despite his best efforts bursts into laughter at his over dramatic antics, but Ben and Matt only break their kiss for a few seconds to stick their tongues out at the other two boys before resuming their kiss.

"Okay you two break it off, haven't you got some news to tell them Ben?" Mitch then says, deciding that someone could walk in at any moment and smiles when his words have the desired effect when he watches his little brother break the kiss with a big grin, although Mitch can't help but notice the look of disappointment on Matt's face and secretly wished he had someone who loved him as much as his little brother and Matt loved each other.

"What news?" Wesley asks, as he sits up looking at Ben expectantly and even Matt seems interested in the news, after his initial disappointment over the ending of their kiss passes.

"Mitch is going to be naked tonight with us, he wants to pretend to be a big hairy boy." Ben announces, almost word for word how his brother had told him, but not quite getting it right and Mitch just shakes his head looking embarrassed, while both Matt and Wesley give him a strange look.

"You want to pretend that you're a big hairy boy?" Wesley then asks, with a bemused look on his face and Mitch couldn't help but think of course it had to be Wesley who would focus on that part of the news.

"Well that is not quite what I said, but anyway I can't be bothered to explain it again, so yeah for one night only I will hang around with you guys as a friend and not as your guardian, so take it or leave it." Mitch states casually, knowing he is in control of the situation.

"Well it's not fair if he is hairy, we should make him shave or something first." Matt then suddenly suggests, causing everyone to look at him, but where as Ben and Wesley seem excited by his suggestion, the look on Mitch's face is priceless and Matt can't help but grin at him.

"Well if I have too shave, then my little brother and Matt aren't allowed to touch each other and yes that includes kissing, until we all wake up tomorrow and you Wesley, well I guess you have to stay fully clothed... deal?" Mitch responds confidently, as he knows after briefly being rattled by Matt, who he has to give him respect for he is back in total control and he can't help but enjoy the look on his little brothers and Matt's face, but when he turns to Wesley he is surprised to see a look of confidence, instead of the expected defeated look.

"Pfft, as if being fully clothed while you three are naked is a big deal, it is only for a few hours." Wesley responds, grinning with confidence, but Mitch has already thought of a way to knock the boy down a peg or two.

"I think you misunderstood me Wesley, you have to stay fully clothed including shoes and coat all night, that includes when you take a bath or shower and when you go to sleep." Mitch explains, with an evil grin and can see the smugness drop from Wesley's face instantly, as he realises what Mitch has just told him.

"So I think that is a no from Wesley, so how about you two?" Mitch announces, turning his attention back to his little brother and Matt.

"No way." They both say in unison and Mitch can't help but find them adorable when they talk at the same time.

"Okay that is settled then, I don't have to shave to be naked with you guys." Mitch then says in a cheerful tone, which causes all three younger boys to look at him in surprise.

"Wait you're still going to play with us. but I thought you said..." Ben starts to say, but Mitch cuts him off quickly.

"I said if I have to shave, not that I wasn't going to play with you guys, I meant what I said earlier Ben, I want to be just your brother again for a while." Mitch explains and ignores the odd looks Matt and Wesley give him, as he knows they didn't hear the full story.

"This is going to be so cool, but can you cook us something instead of ordering a takeaway, I don't really feel like coming back here tomorrow." Ben then states with a smile, but Mitch can tell that he is being serious and is probably still scared about what happened, so he made a mental note to have a chat with him tomorrow after he took the other two boys to school and before their dad got home.

"Okay, how does New Zealand Lamb sound?" Mitch answers and he can see Matt's eyes light up instantly and even Wesley seems excited.

"For real?" Matt then asks and Mitch swears he can see a little drool forming in the corner of the boys mouth, which is confirmed as he watches his little brother use his thumb to wipe it away and again can't help but think how adorable they are together.

"Yes for real, I will just go to the butchers on the way home." Mitch answers and smiles warmly at the young boy, it was rare to see the young boy so happy since Mr Jones had done what he had done and he was happy to see him like this.

"But doesn't that take like forever to cook?" Ben suddenly asks, not wanting his brother to change his mind, but at the same time he can't help but think it will take all day to cook.

"Well I will try and hurry the doctors along and we should hopefully get home before three, at the latest four, so that gives me plenty of time and while I'm cooking you three can go have a bath or shower." Mitch explains smiling, he has only cooked it twice before, but he was a decent cook and knew it would only take a couple of hours.

Mitch leaves the boys alone after they talk for a while to go find a doctor, it only takes him ten minutes too return with a smile on his face, he had thought about teasing the boys a little bit, but felt it was best just to get the boys home, instead of messing around and they would have plenty of time for that sort of thing later anyway, although he still can't believe he agreed to go naked with the boys, but did feel like just having some harmless fun for a night.

"Good news we can leave in one hour, someone will come in with your clothes in a little while boys and a nurse will come in and unhook you from everything Ben." Mitch announces, before taking his seat again, he then smiles at the happy look on all three of the boys faces.

"I can't believe they are letting me out." Ben then says, happy at the news because he had thought he would be stuck in there longer.

"Well to be honest, they said you were okay and didn't need to come in, although they also said we did the right thing when you passed out and they have done the standard tests which all came back clear." Mitch explains, well tries to but his little brother just stares at him blankly and he knows there is no point trying to say any more.

"Oh okay." Ben replies, he doesn't really know what happened and is just happy to leave it at that.

"So he would have been fine if we didn't call the ambulance?" Wesley then asks, causing Mitch to turn to him with a half smile.

"Yeah a load of water would have sorted him out, they said just be glad that he was only sick a few times and only shit himself once." Mitch answers, keeping himself facing away from his little brother and smiling at Wesley.

"I SHIT MYSELF?" Ben suddenly shouts out in embarrassment and quickly turns red realising everyone outside the room probably heard him.

"He did?" Wesley then asks as well, he couldn't help but be curious as he didn't know that.

"Yeah, apparently in the ambulance, just before they reached the hospital." Mitch answers, trying hard not to laugh even though he feels horrible for teasing at his little brothers misfortune.

"Hey cut it out Mitch, it's not his fault and you shouldn't make fun of him." Matt suddenly says, in a firm tone and cuddles up to his boyfriend before kissing him.

"Okay, that was mean, but it was funny." Mitch responds, now feeling embarrassed at being told of by the younger boy and knowing that he deserved it.

"Yeah Mitch, grow up." Wesley then adds, while sticking his tongue out to the older boy, when he turns towards him and they all laugh except Ben.

"I just want to go home, today just sucks." Ben then states and is clearly upset and even Wesley stops messing around and looks at his friend sympathetically, he had experienced the same sort of humiliation the previous night and was angry at himself for laughing at his friend and decides to try and make up for it.

"It's okay Ben, after what you did for me last night, I still think you're awesome." Wesley then says sincerely, surprising Mitch who hasn't really seen the caring side to Wesley yet and he thought it was sweet.

"Cheers Wesley and yeah I guess it's not that bad, at least I can't remember it." Ben responds gratefully, sounding a little more cheerful and appreciated his friends words.

"Yeah and..." Matt begins to say, but gives Mitch and Wesley a cheeky grin, before leaning his head to his boyfriends and whispers something into his boyfriends ear and to Mitch's and Wesley's confusion, Ben smiles broadly and blushes.

"Deal!" Ben then says, before kissing his boyfriend and then turning back to his brother and friend.

"What did he say?" Wesley asks, not being shy about asking, much to Mitch's gratitude because he wanted to know himself but didn't quite want to ask.

"Nothing." Ben answers, with a shy smile and that is enough for Mitch to know he doesn't want to know what Matt had said, but now to his dismay Wesley seems to get even more interested.

"Oh come on tell us, not like we have much too be embarrassed about with each other, come on just tell us." Wesley says insistently, not quite sure why he wants to know because it is obviously something naughty, but he can't help himself.

"Nope, sorry Wesley, but it's private." Ben responds, in slightly firmer voice and Wesley gets the message this time.

"Fine, but I know it is something naughty, you just better not make too much noise when I try to get some sleep." Wesley states with a grin, he respects their privacy, but wouldn't be himself if he didn't at least embarrass them a little bit and looks to Mitch who is just about repressing a chuckle.

"Whatever." Matt says, as he sticks his tongue out at his friend before kissing his boyfriend again, unfortunately he does this just as a nurse walks into the room, with the boys clothes in her arms, Mitch quickly coughs, before standing and walking over to the nurse, who was looking at the two boys kissing with a strange look on her face.

"Oh er... thank you nurse." Mitch states nervously, while holding out his arms so the nurse can pass him the clothes and is just hoping his little brother and Matt heard him cough and have at least stopped making out.

The nurse however is still staring over to the bed and as Mitch turns back, he realises that the boys are still kissing and he is about to say something, when Wesley turns around and his mouth opens wide in surprise.

"Mum?" Wesley says in shock and Mitch turns to the nurse and notices her name tag and her surname.

"Wesley, what are you doing here and what is wrong with your face?" Mrs Walker asks, Mitch doesn't quite know what to do or where to stand, but as he glances to the bed he is at least grateful they have stopped kissing although they are looking extremely embarrassed.

"My friend got food poisoning and passed out, so we called an ambulance and came here, but what are you doing here, I thought you had the day off?" Wesley responds to his mum, with a look of confusion on his face.

"I got called in, but what happened to your face Wesley?" Mrs Walker asks again, worried that her son has a black eye and a few other cuts bruises on his face.

"Oh nothing Mum, really just a little accident but I'm totally fine, I promise Mum." Wesley then answers and although he doesn't want to talk about it with his mum, he is still half hoping that she at least shows a little more concern.

"Okay, just be more careful and don't be so clumsy, so these are your friends?" Mrs Walker then says, before looking over to the two boys on the bed giving them a strange look and misses the hurt look on her sons face, but Mitch notices and starts to wonder if the boy is alright.

"Yeah that is Ben, he is the one who had food poisoning and that is Matt and this is Ben's older brother Mitch, he is great." Wesley explains, he is hurt that his mum didn't care about him, but he knew better than to try and get her to care and misses the odd look on his mums face when she looks at his two friends, but Mitch does and he can't help feeling uneasy.

"I see and you know that they are a couple and you're alright with it?" Mrs Walker then asks her son, who just looks at her horrified after realising what she is saying.

"MUM!" Wesley shouts, he is totally mortified that his mum would say something like that in front of his friends and he can see how embarrassed and scared both Ben and Matt look.

"Don't Mum me, I was just pointing it out, in case you didn't know they were gay." Mr Walker explains and Wesley turns bright red and wishes the ground will swallow him whole, it was moments like this that he wished he had a different family.

"Er... excuse me Mrs Fisher, but I would appreciate it if you didn't talk about my little brother, as if he wasn't in the room." Mitch suddenly says firmly, as he steps in front of her and can see that she looks genuinely surprised by his reaction.

"I'm sorry that was rude, I just wanted Wesley to know, he can be a bit slow sometimes and just so you know I have no issues with gay people, as my eldest son Jim is gay, so I'm not judging your brother, although I have to admit they are both very young to be doing things together in my opinion." Mrs Fisher responds apologetically, although Mitch can see the look of hurt on Wesley's face and couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"Thank you and I actually know your son Jim and he is a great guy, but I don't like anyone upsetting my little brother and we would appreciate it if you kept this to yourself, they don't want anyone finding out, I think you can understand why." Mitch then states in a serious tone, not taking his eyes of Wesley's mum.

"Yes I understand and you have my word, now Wesley don't be late home tonight okay, we have some friends coming over." Mrs Fisher says, turning back to her son although Mitch can't help but notice the almost cold expression on her face, it isn't hate or anger, but there isn't any care or concern for her son either.

"Er... I'm staying over at Mitch's house tonight again, I phoned dad earlier and he said it was okay because you had people coming round, I just thought you were there too." Wesley states blushing slightly, still feeling embarrassed by his mums behaviour, but at least no one saw the hurt look on his face, when she called him 'slow' he thought to himself.

"Oh I see, well just so you know we still love you and you being gay will not change that, but I'm not sure about letting you share a bed with both of them okay." Mrs Fisher then says bluntly and Mitch can now see where Wesley gets that part of his personality from, but he can't help but feel sorry for the poor boy, basically having his mum talk about him like this in front of his friends and wonders if this is a regular thing in his life.

"MUM!" Wesley shouts out, before storming out of the room looking angry and upset, but to Mitch's surprise his mum just looks confused by his reaction and doesn't go after him.

"I do apologise for my sons behaviour, I don't know why he acts like this." Mr Fisher announces and Mitch can see both Ben and Matt sit upright with a clear look of annoyance across their faces and he knows they are going to say something, so starts before either of them can open their mouths.

"I don't mean to be rude Mrs Fisher, but Wesley isn't acting like anything, you embarrassed him because you just talked about his personal life and called him gay in front of his friends and me, I can't speak for everyone, but if my..." Mitch pauses for a few seconds, just mentioning his mum was always hard and he had too take a quick breath. "If my Mum did that to me, I would react the same way and I honestly find it hard to believe someone in your line of work can be so insensitive." He then says lecturing the older woman, surprising himself just as much as Mrs Fisher, who is looking shocked at being talked to like that, she is about to tell the young man off, but then looks over to the two boys on the bed and then thinks about her son and realises what she has done.

"Okay, I know I shouldn't have told you all he was gay, but it's not a big deal those two are gay as well and he would have told them eventually." Mrs Walker then says, surprising Mitch and causing the two boys to look at her in disbelief.

"Mrs Fisher, Wesley isn't gay, the term 'straight as an arrow' might as well have a picture of him next to it and quite frankly it doesn't matter if someone else is gay or not, it is something personal and not for his mother to blurt out with no regard for her sons feelings" Mitch informs her and she gives him a surprised look. "Look he is a good kid and he has been a great friend for my little brother and Matt, you should be proud of him and treating him with a lot more respect, because he is a special young man, instead of talking down to him and saying he is 'slow' because from what I can tell, he is smart, athletic and musically gifted, so I don't know where you get this 'he is a bit slow' from Mrs Walker, because Wesley is exceptional." He then adds in a dead serious tone and he can tell his words have hit home, by the expression on her face.

"While I don't appreciate your tone young man, I understand your point and I'm sorry for that, I will go find him and talk to him right now." Mrs Fisher states, looking a mixture of embarrassed and angry, but Mitch isn't keen on her running after Wesley.

"I think it would be better if I talked to him, you're probably the last person he wants to see right now, let alone talk to and besides while I find him you can do us all a favour and get my little brother ready to be discharged, we would all appreciate getting out of here as quickly as possible." Mitch states confidently, while he walks towards the door, Mrs Fisher looks at him and for a moment Mitch thinks he has crossed a line and she is going to put him back in his place, but surprisingly she just smiles at him.

"Thank you Mitch, I know you must think I'm a bad mum, but I love my boys and I guess I just don't think sometimes, but if you can talk to Wesley for me and let him know how sorry I am, while I get this young gentleman ready." Mrs Fisher then says, smiling at Ben before walking over to him with his and Matt's clothes, as Mitch quietly leaves the room.

Mrs Fisher carries on smiling, as she sets about removing the various sensors from the boys body, leaving the IV drip until last, Ben gives her a nervous look thinking it will hurt, but she is extra careful and gentle and to his relief he only feels a slight tugging feeling.

"There you go sweetheart, now you two can go ahead and get dressed." Mrs Fisher says with a warm smile, as she stands and waits for both boys to start getting changed.

"Er... Nurse, I mean Mrs Fisher are you like er... going to like go away while we er... you know get changed?" Ben asks nervously, not wanting to be naked in front of a girl and especially one that is his friends mum.

"Oh you don't have to be shy, I have seen it all before." Mrs Fisher says smiling, not taking the hint that the boys didn't want her in the room.

"You haven't seen us before and you aren't going too." Matt then says in a dead serious tone and Mrs Fisher just sighs and realises that she might as well just let the boys have some privacy.

"Okay boys, I will just pull the curtain back okay?" Mrs Fisher then responds, thinking that would be the end of it.

"We would rather you left the room please." Ben then says, not wanting her anywhere near him while he changes, he didn't like her at all after the way she had upset her own son and he thought it was out of order.

"Okay, just call me when you're ready, I will be just outside so don't be long." Mrs Fisher responds, wondering why people are so modest about nudity, before leaving the room tutting as she closes the door.

"I thought she would never leave." Matt then says, as he stretches across the bed to reach his clothes, but stops and turns his head to see his boyfriend trying suppress a laugh. "What's so funny?" He then asks curiously.

"I can see your bum hole." Ben says and immediately burst into laughter, as Matt quickly grabs his clothes and stands up from the bed looking embarrassed.

"Creep!" Matt then says, before letting his gown drop to the floor leaving himself naked and Ben makes no attempt to hide the fact he is checking out his boyfriends body and the tent forming under the bed sheets causes Matt to giggle and blush.

"Why are you laughing?" Ben asks curiously, this time the one on the receiving end.

"Because you got a boner, just from looking at me." Matt finally answers after a few moments, but instead of being embarrassed Ben just pulls the bed sheets off and looks at his boyfriend and smiles at the look on his face.

"Wanna help me out of bed?" Ben then asks with a shy smile, which causes his boyfriend to get a boner of his own. "Ha look, you just got a boner as well." He then says triumphantly.

"Not my fault you're so sexy." Matt responds grinning, as he gets up on the bed and straddles his boyfriends legs and slowly works his way up his body with a trail of kisses starting at his knees, although to Ben's disappointment he skips his boner and balls and carries on from his bellybutton upwards.

After spending a little extra time kissing and sucking his boyfriends nipples, Matt finally finds himself staring down at his boyfriends eyes, he then leans down and kisses him passionately, they spend the next few minutes, moaning quietly into each others mouths, as they enjoy the feeling of each others boner against their own and they can already feel their orgasms building, until Matt suddenly opens his eyes and breaks the kiss.

"What's wrong?" Ben asks disappointingly, wondering why his boyfriend pulled away from him.

"We have to get ready, Wesley's mum might come back in if we take too long." Matt answers, as he tries to get off his boyfriend and the bed but can't break free of his boyfriend, who is trying desperately to stay in their embrace.

"But we were close." Ben then says and pouts, Matt couldn't help wonder if this is what his parents were talking about when he overheard them talking about him once and how his pout made them cave into almost anything, but reluctantly he ignores his desire to just go back to kissing his boyfriend and knows they have to get dressed now.

"I know, but we can't get caught and anyway remember our deal, we are going to have plenty of time for fun later." Matt responds with a cheeky grin, followed by a quick kiss, before he feels his boyfriends hold loosen and reluctantly rolls off him and the bed, where he then slowly getting dressed.

"I can't wait for tonight, it's going to be the best night ever." Ben then says smiling, as he slowly pulls his underwear and jeans on and almost as soon as they are both fully dressed, Mrs Fisher walks into the room and both boys sigh in relief at not being caught.

As Mitch leaves the room, he tries to think where Wesley would have gone, he is about to check the toilets but remembers the comment about Matt and the pee on the floor, he thinks about the waiting rooms next but rules them out and finally decides to try outside, if it was him he would want to get some fresh air and starts heading to the nearest exit, although as he walks out of the hospital he doesn't see Wesley anywhere at first and is just about to go back inside when he sees someone sitting under a tree, he can't quite make out who it is, but is pretty confident it's Wesley so makes his way over to him.

"Hey Wesley, you okay little man?" Mitch asks in a sympathetic tone, before sitting down next to him.

"How did you find me?" Wesley asks curiously, ignoring the older boys question and wondering how Mitch knew he was here.

"If it was me, then I would come outside as well." Mitch answers honestly, deciding that he is better of letting the boy take control of the conversation and not lie to him.

"No one else would have looked out here for me." Wesley then says, sounding both sad and frustrated, causing Mitch to turn his head to face him and he can see the hurt on the boys face.

"That's not true, your mum wanted to come look for you, but I told her it would be better if I talked to you instead, is that okay?" Mitch responds, hoping to reassure the young boy.

"She wouldn't have found me though, none of them ever do." Wesley responds sadly, again ignoring Mitch's actual question.

"What do you mean?" Mitch then asks with genuine concern in his voice, he didn't like the way Wesley was talking and wanted to get to the bottom of it.

"They don't know anything about me Mitch, my mum would have just checked a few rooms, maybe the nearest toilet and then just assumed that I either went home or to a friends." Wesley responds and Mitch can tell he is really upset and he had expected this, but he thought he was upset about what his mum had said, but he is starting to wonder if it is something a lot worse than that and can't help but feel for the boy, so he reaches over and puts an arm over the boys shoulder and pulls him into his side.

"I'm sure that's not true Wesley, they are your parents and they love you, your mum made me promise to tell you how sorry she was about what she said and didn't mean to embarrass you." Mitch responds, trying to be reassuring but he knows he said the wrong thing when he feels the boy tense and let out a disappointed sigh. "Wesley tell me what is really wrong, I know this isn't about your mum telling us all that she thought you were gay, you can talk to me about anything, I just want to help you." He quickly adds, sensing Wesley's reluctance to say any more.

"They don't love me Mitch." Wesley responds, with so much sadness and hurt in his voice, that Mitch realises the boy really believed what he had just said.

"Don't be silly Wesley, they are your parents and they both love you, your mum even asked me to tell you that she loved you and don't forget I know your dad." Mitch responds with a little white lie, thinking he is helping the boy, but when he feels him pull away and look at him in frustration he knows he just made a mistake.

"I knew you wouldn't understand, you should just go back to Ben and by the way don't worry about tonight I will just go home, they won't even notice me anyway." Wesley states sadly and looks down to the ground and sniffles.

"No, look I know I just said the wrong thing and I'm sorry, just talk too me and I promise that I will try not to say anything else that is stupid, I may be Ben's brother, but I do have some common sense." Mitch says firmly at first, but smiling as he finishes and too his relief he hears Wesley chuckle, but the sadness in the boys whole demeanour is still obvious.

"Mitch, they don't know anything about me, they never ask how I am or what I'm doing and its not fair, I wanted to go home tonight to be with them and dad just sounded so happy when he realised he could get rid of me for the night and Mum didn't even care about me not being home either or about my bruises and cuts, she just thought I did it myself and didn't care." Wesley says explaining himself as best he can and Mitch can see the tears rolling down his face and places his arm back over the boys shoulder and pulls him back into his body, without any resistance from Wesley, who just nestles his head into the pit of Mitch's arm.

"I don't know what to say Wesley, but I'm not going to talk to you like a kid, because you have proven to me that you're more of an adult than any friends that I have ever had before and believe me when I say that your parents do love you, but I don't think they even realise how they are acting, you would be surprised how ignorant people can be towards people they care for the most." Mitch begins to explain, he knows that talking down to the boy will just upset him even more, so tries to talk to him as if he were talking to someone his own age or older.

"I don't get what you mean." Wesley responds honestly, before sniffling a little after lifting his head to look up to Mitch.

"It's not easy to explain and I'm probably going to make a mess of it, but as simply as I can put it Wesley, is that they love you and because you always seem happy, they just don't realise they are not giving you enough of their time, since I have met you I never once picked up that you were anything but a remarkable young man, who was happy and enjoying life and come on yesterday you got beaten pretty bad and instead of being upset or angry, you just took it on the chin and was just happy that you kicked Conner's ass." Mitch explains with a smile and hopes he is being clear enough and not making a mess of it.

"So it's my fault?" Wesley responds, as he moves his head back away from Mitch.

"No, that's not what I was saying Wesley." Mitch starts to say, but is cut off by the young boy.

"But it is, you just said because they think I'm happy they ignore me, so if don't act happy they will love me more and want to spend time with me." Wesley says and from the boys shaking, Mitch knows he is trying his hardest not to cry.

"No Wesley, this is not your fault, listen to me, you should never ever change who you are because you're amazing and I know I sound like a broken record, but there is nothing wrong with you, this is your parents fault and they should know better." Mitch states and to his relief Wesley looks back up at him with a weak smile.

"Thank you Mitch, but how do I get them to love me again?" Wesley then asks, with tears still rolling down his face, causes Mitch to switch into big brother mode and uses his free hand to wipe them away before stroking the boys hair.

"They do love you, you just have to talk to them so they know they are fucking up big time." Mitch says, as he continues to comfort him.

"Should I talk to dad when I go get my school stuff?" Wesley then asks, with a little hope breaking through the sadness in his voice, causing Mitch to smile down at him.

"Honestly no, I would wait until you can speak to them both at the same time and your mum won't be home until later, besides they have friends round tonight and you should just let them get that out of the way." Mitch answers honestly, but he can feel Wesley sigh in frustration and knows that isn't what he wanted to hear. "Look I know it is frustrating, but I promise tonight you're going to have a lot of fun and tomorrow when I take you home after school, I will come in with you for support when you talk to your parents." He quickly adds, as he does his best to stop Wesley getting any more upset.

"I... I er... thank you Mitch." Wesley replies appreciatively, before moving in closer and cuddles up to him tighter.

"Any time little man." Mitch says smiling, as he knows he has gotten through to the boy.

"Mitch?" Wesley then says and Mitch notices the sadness is almost gone from his voice.

"Yeah?" Mitch replies curiously and wonders what the boy is going to say next.

"Can we play strip poker tonight?" Wesley asks with out a hint of nervousness and while the question surprised Mitch, he was glad to see the old Wesley back and chuckled.

"Honestly I don't know, that game can get a bit er... well it can get a bit er... crazy." Mitch replies honestly, if not somewhat nervously and wonders why he hadn't shot down the idea completely, instead of hesitating.

"I guess so, but it could be a fun way to get naked instead of all just stripping and we could even set some rules, I want it to be fun not weird and I really need some fun right now Mitch." Wesley responds honestly, again sounding a bit more like his old self and Mitch actually finds himself still considering agreeing to the game.

"Is it okay if I think about it for a little while, I think it could be really fun too, but I'm a little worried about being older than you guys." Mitch responds truthfully, he knows Wesley would see right through any lies he told, so decided to be honest instead and trust that Wesley respected his request.

"Yeah that's cool, I keep forgetting you're old, I really wish we were the same age, it would be awesome to be best friends." Wesley replies with a smile, but making no attempt to move away from the older boy, it had been so long since he felt someone care for him and it felt amazing.

"I know, but we can still be great friends, I don't care how old you are Wesley, we get on well plus you're cute and I could get a lot of dates by pretending that you're my little brother, girls love that sort of thing." Mitch responds with a grin and squeezes the boy a little tighter, after hearing him chuckle and is happy that he could cheer him up.

"What about Ben though?" Wesley then asks, sounding serious as he thinks about Mitch already having a little brother and feeling worried that Ben will be angry at him.

"Ben would work too and even Matt, I can use all three of you and get hundreds of dates, but in all seriousness actually using my real little brother to pick up girls, is a little bit weird and besides I could never get Ben away from Matt long enough to use him anyway." Mitch then states, trying hard not to laugh out loud.

"Yeah, I hope I find a girl who loves me, like they love each other." Wesley then says thoughtfully, but he looks at Mitch in confusion when the older boy starts to laugh." What's so funny?" He asks a little annoyed thinking he is being mocked.

"Oh sorry, it's just whenever I see those two together and how they comfort and support each other, I think the exact same thing you just said." Mitch explains, realising Wesley thought he was making fun of him.

"Oh cool, Mitch?" Wesley responds, looking at the older boy nervously, it was the first time for a while that Mitch noticed the boy, being nervous and he was a little worried.

"Yeah?" Mitch responds cautiously.

"Can we just stay like this for a while please?" Wesley asks and Mitch can see the hope and fear in the boys eyes, as he looks directly at him.

"Of course we can little man." Mitch replies smiling, as he feels the boy squeeze him before sighing happily and he suddenly finds himself hiding a look of sadness, as he thinks about how lonely Wesley must really be and how starved of love he is.

"Thank you, this feels really nice, I miss this so much." Wesley responds honestly, almost whispering and Mitch can feel the boy shake a little and realises after a few moments that he is actually crying, although he is sure they are not all sad tears and gently strokes his back soothingly.

Reluctantly after he checks his watch, Mitch realises they have to get back, he really doesn't want to break this moment up, but knows his little brother might be wondering where he is and they should be getting discharged very soon, but when he then looks down at Wesley, who still has his head buried into his chest, he realises that he has actually fallen asleep and almost decides to let him sleep a little longer before reluctantly dismissing the idea.

"Wesley, you okay little man?" Mitch whispers as he strokes his back, but when Wesley doesn't reply, he starts to gently rocks him. "Wesley, wake up little man." He then says softly and this time he can feel the boy stir and shift his position.

"Huh... oh... er... hey Mitch." Wesley responds groggily, as he slowly wakes up and Mitch can't help but feel even more sorry for the boy and just wished he could have let him sleep a little longer.

"Hey Wesley, you feeling better now?" Mitch then asks in a warm tone, wanting to make sure he was okay to head back inside.

"Yeah thanks Mitch, you have no idea how much this means to me." Wesley answers and sniffles a little, Mitch then leans down and kisses the top of his head and holds him a little tighter for a few seconds.

"Anytime you ever need to talk or just hang out, you just call me okay, I don't care what the time is or what day, you just call me okay?" Mitch instructs the boy sincerely, he had told Matt the same thing, but he knew Matt had Ben to seek comfort from, but Wesley clearly needed someone in his life and he was more than willing to be that person, for as long as he was needed.

"Thank you so much, but we should get back to Ben and Matt now, they should have discharged him by now right?" Wesley responds gratefully and reluctantly pulls away from the older boys caring embrace.

"Any time Wesley and yeah he should be ready to go home, but they can't discharge him until I sign some forms, we should go to the toilets first though and get you cleaned up a little bit." Mitch tells him, as he lets him go and slowly gets to his feet, he then notices a wet patch on his t-shirt, from where Wesley had been crying and can't help but pull him in for a loving cuddle, after he helps him to his feet. "I meant what I said before Wesley, call me any time you need someone to talk too or see." He then adds smiling down at the boy, who smiles at him in appreciation.

"I will Mitch, but do I really look that bad though?" Wesley asks him, with an adorable look on his face.

"Well the tear stained face might get you somewhere with the nurses, but I don't think you want to be walking around like it." Mitch responds with a grin and puts his arm over the boys shoulder and they walk back to the hospital together.

"You're just scared that you won't get any attention, because they will all fall in love with me." Wesley then declares, sticking his tongue out at the older boy, who looks down and smiles happily.

"You got me stud, now come on I want to get us all home, plus we have to come up with some ground rules for strip poker and need all the time we can get right?" Mitch responds and waits for Wesley to realise what he just said.

"Wait what, you mean you're going to play?" Wesley asks in shock and Mitch can't help but think how happy he looked and knows that he is doing the right thing and with the right ground rules in place, it should be a good bit of fun for them all.

"Yeah, but you have to promise not to tell Ben or Matt, I want it to be a surprise for them later, so I will drop them home first then you and me will go get you things from home and come up with some rules." Mitch states, just as they walk back into the hospital and head back to Ben's room.

"Cool, but Mitch?" Wesley suddenly says and stops to looks up to the older boy.

"Is something wrong?" Mitch responds, realising that Wesley had stopped walking and couldn't help but be concerned.

"Well er... can I wait here please?" Wesley asks sounding a little nervous.

"Yeah sure, but why?" Mitch asks, wondering why Wesley looked so nervous.

"I don't want to see my mum." Wesley admits, feeling comfortable enough around Mitch, that he can tell him the truth.

"She really is sorry for earlier you know, but you don't have to wait here, we can both go to the room and while you wait outside, I will check if she is there, if she is then I will give you a signal and you can come back here and I will come get you when Ben is discharged and if she isn't than you can just come in the room, so how about that?" Mitch suggests, he doesn't want to leave him alone, even if he seems okay now, he can't help but think he is still fragile and wasn't sure what he would do if left alone.

"Okay, but I really don't want to see her Mitch, I mean it so please don't trick me, I can't handle any more." Wesley responds honestly, trying his best to smile, but Mitch can tell he really doesn't want to see his mum and he definitely wasn't going to try and get them in the same room, by tricking him into it.

An hour later, a very happy Ben and Matt jump out of the car and race to the front door of the house, Mitch had known that as soon as he had told them he would take Wesley home on his own, that they would jump at the chance to be alone together and he noticed the look of amusement on Wesley's face as well and they both watched them disappear into the house with a smile on their faces.

"Thank you for helping me avoid my mum, I just didn't want to talk to her and hopefully dad is too busy to even notice I come home, they normally don't." Wesley tells Mitch, in a tone that fills the older boy with sadness, he couldn't imagine what it would be like to think that your parents didn't love you and he just had to make sure that he helped him realise that they actually did love him, as quickly as possible.

"I can come in with you if you want?" Mitch then offers, although he isn't sure how much his presence would help.

Wesley looks up at him for a few moments with a forced smile, before looking out the window without answering, Mitch takes the hint and begins to drive to Wesley's house, although he has to ask for directions, it is obvious by the basic directions Wesley gives that he isn't interested in talking right now and Mitch doesn't try to push him, it takes them almost ten minutes to reach Wesley's house and Mitch is just about to ask if he wanted him to come with him again, when Wesley looks over and places a hand on his knee.

"I won't be long Mitch and I promise to talk to you on the way back, I just needed some time to think on the way here though, but I did think of the first rule for tonight." Wesley says smiling and to Mitch's relief, he could tell that it was a genuine smile.

"First rule? Well come on,, don't leave me in suspense." Mitch states, deciding to focus on the games for tonight and not Wesley's problems.

"You and Ben can't do anything naughty with each other, that would just be weird and gross." Wesley answers, with a shy smile.

"Well I'm not even going to ask about what you mean by naughty stuff, but that is a great rule, nice one little man." Mitch responds honestly, before giving him a grateful squeeze of the shoulder and smiles to himself, when he sees Wesley's eyes light up at the praise and contact, it actually starts to make him feel a little sad again though, when he realises once again just how starved of affection Wesley really was.

"Thanks Mitch, tonight is going too be so much fun." Wesley says enthusiastically, before looking at his house and then back to Mitch. "Well see you in like five minutes, it won't take me long to get what I need." He then says with a cheeky wink, before he opens the car door and jumps out as he makes his way to his front door.

Mitch though notices when Wesley tries to open the door that it is locked, he feels a little bit bad for him, because it meant his dad wasn't home home, but then again he didn't want to see his parents any way, but he started to get a little concerned when he watches Wesley just standing there, he thinks to himself that surely he has a key, but as the seconds pass he gets a sinking feeling that he is actually locked out of the house and has no way to get inside and is just about to get out of the car, when he looks in amazement as Wesley taking a few steps back and then runs forward and jump, he then watches him swing as he hangs on the porch roof and pull himself up with almost no effort, to try and reach the windowsill above the porch, but can't quite seem to reach, this time Mitch does gets out of the car and is about to tell Wesley to come down and figure out something together, when he looks on again in amazement, As Wesley walks backwards right to the edge of the porch roof, before launching himself at the window above and amazingly manages to grab a hold of the windowsill.

Mitch though despite being impressed, doesn't see how Wesley is going to get inside the house from there, he thinks about shouting out, but is worried that he may surprise him too much and cause him to fall, so he quietly walks closer just in case he does fall and wishes he hadn't as soon he hears him swear in pain, it's then that Mitch remembers the day before and the beaten Wesley took, but he doesn't know what to do, luckily for him though Wesley clearly knows what he is doing and somehow pulls himself up and stands on the windowsill, Mitch just can't believe what he saw, as it looked impossible, Wesley then somehow manages to pull the window open, although as he turns his head, Mitch can see the pain on his face, but again can do nothing but watch and in a matter of seconds Wesley disappears into the window out of sight.

Mitch isn't quite sure what he should do now, Wesley clearly didn't see him watching and he thought about sitting back in the car, but a part of him wanted to wait where he was standing so Wesley would know he saw him, he was both amazed by what he had done and concerned after seeing the pain he was in, either way it again reinforced Mitch's belief, that Wesley was as tough as they came, so when the front door opened, he immediately goes to Wesley and cuddles him.

"Oh man, you're crushing me Mitch, what's going on?" Wesley somehow says, as he feels the air being squeezed out of him and winches a little because of his bruises.

"Sorry little man, but you scared the crap out of me." Mitch says, before releasing the boy, who is looking at him with a confused look on his face.

"Huh? I was only gone like five or ten minutes." Wesley responds, clearly unaware the older boy had saw how he had got into his house.

"Wesley, why didn't you just come back to the car when you realised you were locked out?" Mitch asks in a caring voice and can see the penny drop for the boy.

"Oh, you saw me climb in." Wesley then says, managing to sound both frustrated and sad.

"Yeah and while it was pretty amazing, really amazing actually, it scared the crap out of me and I wanted to shout up to you, but was afraid I would make you fall or something, what were you thinking and why don't you have a key?" Mitch replies and from the look on his face, Mitch knows he is asking too many questions and stops talking.

"Sorry, it's just they won't let me have a key, because they don't trust me and don't worry about me Mitch. I have to do that at least twice a week." Wesley says. as he starts walking towards Mitch's car, clearly wanting the conversation to be over, but Mitch doesn't want to let him brush it off that easily.

"Wesley stop a second." Mitch says in a firm yet friendly tone, that causes Wesley to stop and turn to him. "Promise me you won't ever do that again." He then asks, once he has the boys attention.

"But how will I get in?" Wesley asks and the tone of his voice, causes Mitch to pause for a few seconds to compose himself, seeing the confident and remarkable boy look and act so vulnerable broke his heart and he really needed to look after him now.

"You don't, you call me and I will come pick you up, we can either wait for one of your parents to come home or we can go out for a drive somewhere, just promise me you will never do that again" Mitch tells him and he can see Wesley's eyes light up a little and a small smile appear.

"Mitch you don't have to be so nice to me, I can look after myself and I'm pretty good at it now." Wesley says and this time Mitch just goes to him and kneels down in front of him and pulls him into a loving cuddle.

"Well, now you have me to look after you instead, oh and by the way rule number two for tonight, no one does any thing they don't want to do." Mitch says sincerely, before wiping the tears from his eye so Wesley doesn't see how upset he is, it really scared him to think of Wesley slipping and seriously hurting himself or worse and he couldn't let him risk it any more.

"I like that rule and I promise to never climb up the house again." Wesley responds, before trying to pull away from the older boy, who reluctantly lets him go.

"I thought so and by the way, I forgot to tell you that I got you some painkillers earlier, they aren't as strong as the ones I gave you before, but they should help you." Mitch then says, as he walks to his car with Wesley by his side.

"Okay." Is all Wesley can make himself say, he is close to crying again but this time it's because he is happy and not sad, it has been a long time since someone cared for him this much and it was getting to him and despite his best efforts, he can't stop the tears rolling down his face, which Mitch quickly notices but doesn't say anything, he could tell that he didn't want him to see him crying.

The journey back to his house is a lot more quiet than he had hoped, despite Wesley's earlier promise to talk to him more, he was clearly not keen on talking now, although they did manage to come up with a few more rules for the games later on, Mitch knew that Wesley was doing some serious thinking on the journey and decided to take the longer route back and the stop at the butchers helped add some more minutes to the journey, so instead of it taking them ten minutes, it took almost thirty minutes and when Mitch finally parks his car in the drive way, Wesley turns to him smiling.

"Thank you for taking longer to get back here Mitch." Wesley then states gratefully and gives the older boy an appreciative smile.

"It's okay, you looked like you needed the time to think about things and we can sit out here for a little while if you like, I'm guessing Ben and Matt are keeping each other occupied and won't miss us." Mitch then offers with a friendly smile.

"It's okay I'm ready now, I just needed to think things through and besides I can't wait to see what they are doing, although I hope it isn't too naughty." Wesley says with a shy grin, as he gets out of the car.

"Well you're going in first, I have seen enough of them naked and doing things to last me a lifetime and there are just some things a brother doesn't need to see his little brother doing." Mitch says light heartedly, but Wesley knows while Mitch is being funny he is also being serious about not wanting to see anything.

"Okay, but if I'm going first then you have to carry my things, like a good girlfriend." Wesley teases with a smirk and quickly starts heading to the front door, before turning back to stick his tongue out at the older boy.

"Cheeky little shit." Mitch calls out to him, but he just happy to see Wesley is back to being himself, although he knows he is still not okay by a long shot.

Wesley just pouts at him acting all innocent, before opening the door and disappearing inside, by the time Mitch has got all of Wesley's things out of the car and into the house, he can't see Wesley or the other two downstairs, so he decides to put the bags near the bottom of the stairs and walks into the kitchen to switch the oven on, he is tempted to go upstairs but decides to get some cooking preparation done instead and the boys could do with some time with just the three of them for a while.

Upstairs Wesley is still standing outside Ben's bedroom door, wishing he had just walked straight in instead of trying to eavesdrop on them and now he doesn't quite know what to do, there are definitely some weird sounds coming from the room, but they could just be kissing, then again they could be doing other things and after a few minutes he decides to just walk in and hope that they are at least dressed, so opens the door where his eyes fall on the two boys laying in bed and his hopes are somewhat dashed by what he sees.

"Er... oh shit... I." Wesley stutters, as he stares at the two almost naked boys locked in an embrace wearing only their underwear, which he can see are occupied by the others hand and obviously tented, for a few moments all Wesley can do is stand and look at his two mortified friends. "Guys er... well you could at least like er... take your hands out of each others underwear or something." He then says, trying to sound funny, in the hope things stop being weird.

"When, how er... shit how long have you been there?" Ben finally manages to ask, as he and Matt remove their hands and quickly sit up and cover their boners with a pillow, looking extremely embarrassed at being caught like that.

"I so get what Mitch meant now, about seeing way too much of you two." Wesley states, while still standing in the doorway and now not quite sure what to do with himself.

"Mitch told you that?" Ben asks, he has stopped blushing and is beginning to feel himself relax, but as he turns to his boyfriend, he sees that he is still embarrassed and when he moves his hidden hand under his boyfriends pillow, he can feel that he still has a boner and giggles a little as he feels him shudder.

"Well at least you had underwear on, by the way nice tightly whiteys Matt, what are you like five years old?" Wesley says teasing Matt, but instead of his friend trying to defend himself like he had expected, it is Ben who comes to his boyfriends defence.

"Shut up Wesley, I love that he wears tighty whiteys and don't want him to change and it's not like it matters what you think, because he is my boyfriend." Ben says, a lot more harshly than he intended and can see the cheeky look on Wesley's face drop for a moment before returning, but he saw what was beneath it and he instantly felt horrible for what he said.

"Sorry, I should go down..." Wesley begins to say, as he looks at the ground, but finds himself being unexpectedly hugged and for a moment he is confused until he manages to lift his head up and see it is Ben holding him. "Er... what are you doing?" He then asks in a confused tone, it had been a long time since he had received this much attention and with Mitch earlier as well, it was confusing him and he didn't know quite how to deal with it.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude and say it didn't matter what you think, we are friends and you do matter Wesley." Ben responds sincerely and tightens his hold a little.

"Jeez Ben, you're going to crush him to death, get back over hear I'm getting cold." Matt suddenly says, he is still feeling embarrassed about being caught by their friend, but he doesn't really care that much and just wants to have his boyfriend next to him, he would go over and join the hug himself, but he just couldn't get his boner to go down, he was so close when Wesley interrupted them, that he is wondering if it will ever going to go away.

Ben quickly lets go of his friend, looking a little sheepish as he stands in front of him in just his briefs, the only upside was the fact his boner had not reappeared, but he is still worried he may have upset him, the look he saw on Wesley's face was very hard to forget and he didn't know what to do.

"It's cool Matt, so er... is this all you two do when you're alone?" Wesley asks, changing the subject and sees the redness reappear on both his friends faces and gets his answer before they even say anything. "Oh wow, seriously don't you just like hang out and just I don't know talk or watch a movie?" He then asks, not being able to help himself from being curious.

"We watched a movie together last week." Matt suddenly says, trying to defend himself and his boyfriend.

"Yeah, but I bet you were naked and touching each other." Wesley says grinning, he didn't want to upset his friends, but he knew they wouldn't take it the wrong way.

"So what, we love each other and that is all that matters, right Matt?" Ben responds, deciding to ignore Wesley's attempts to tease them and just rise above it, although he had to admit he likes it when Wesley teases them, it was just the way he spoke and he knew it was all a bit of fun and not serious.

"Yeah you're right, we love each other so why shouldn't we enjoy each other..." Matt begins to reply, but quickly turns bright red as the last words come out of his mouth, he had wanted to say 'enjoy being with each other' but he wasn't thinking, because his boner was beginning to distract him, he really wishes he could get Wesley to go away for a while, so his boyfriend could finish what he started.

"Well you certainly got the 'enjoying each other' down to a fine art, although I'm guessing there is a reason Matt won't stand up, so I'm going to go and see if Mitch needs some help and er... you two should come down when you have finished er... well you know the 'enjoying each other' thing." Wesley states with a cheeky smile and without waiting for a a reply, he walks out of the room and closes the door behind him and goes to help Mitch downstairs.

"Man he really is crazy." Ben says, before turning around and when he does, his jaw almost hits the floor as he sees his boyfriend laying naked on his side facing him slowly stroking himself, while staring directly into his eyes with a look of lust. "Oh fuck." Is all he can say and slowly walks over to the bed.

"Drop them sexy." Matt suddenly says, stopping his boyfriend in his tracks, Ben then follows his boyfriends gaze and realises what he means and quickly drops his briefs and notices the grin on his boyfriends face, when his boner springs up and makes a slapping noise on his naval, normally the boys would giggle at the sound, but they are so focused on each other that nothing else seems to matter.

Ben then continues forward and slowly climbs on top of his boyfriend, rolling him on to his back as he straddles him and wastes no time in leaning down and kissing him passionately, all thoughts of Wesley and Mitch being in the house disappear and they quickly take a hold of each other and start stroking, both boys moan loudly and even though they are kissing it does little to muffle the sound.

Downstairs Mitch decides to put Wesley straight to work peeling the potato's, while he disappears into the living room to move the furniture and set up the big table for them to eat at, like the one he did for his brother and Matt Friday night, once he has moved the furniture out of the way, he turns his head to the doorway thinking he heard something, but ignores it thinking he just imagined it, but when he hears the noise again, he wonders if it is Wesley calling him.

"Wesley, you okay in there?" Mitch calls out, as he sets about moving the table from the back of the room to the middle.

"Yeah, why?" Wesley replies, Mitch then hears the sound again and still can't quite make out what it is and now knows that it isn't Wesley, so he decides to walk out into the hallway.

"Oh, I thought I heard you say something, don't worry about it." Mitch says, as he walks in front of the kitchen door, where he sees Wesley still peeling next to the sink.

"Okay probably just, oh er.... oh." Wesley begins to say, before hearing the noise himself and knows exactly what it is and when he turns his head to the hallway, he notices Mitch standing there looking at him strangely.

"What do you mean oh?" Mitch asks curiously, before turning his head back to the stairs as he hears it again.

"Mitch er... just ignore it, I'm almost done with these, is there anything else I can help with?" Wesley asks, hoping to get the older boy to focus on something else, but just as he seems to have succeeded, he hears the noise again and he knows it is way too loud and obvious for Mitch to not know what it is now and he quickly turns back to the potato's and continues to peel them, feeling too embarrassed to look at Mitch's reaction to the moaning coming from his little brothers bedroom.

"Holly fuck, that is... oh shit." Mitch the states in disbelief and when he turns back to Wesley, he can see that he has turned his back to him and knows he already knew what the sound was. "Wesley it's okay, so how about you come in the living room and help me move the table and talk with me, I really don't want to be hearing that." Mitch states and Wesley can tell from his tone that Mitch is definitely feeling uncomfortable and is happy to try and help distract him.

"Okay sure, peeling the last one now anyway and Mitch er... I could go up there if you want, I mean I don't mind telling them to stop." Wesley offers, sounding unsure of himself, but he wanted to at least offer to do something.

"You remember what I said earlier about there are things that a brother should never see his little brother doing, well I guess we can add 'hear' to that list as well, but anyway no, let them do what ever they are doing, I will just turn the TV on or something." Mitch answers, then turns and walks back into the living room, Wesley quickly follows him and takes a quick glance up the stairs and shakes his head with a bemused expression, he knows this is kind of his fault, as he had basically told them to mess around and he knew Matt was particularly horny and felt really bad for Mitch, he has heard some things from his older brothers room, that he wishes he never heard and it must be worse to hear things like that from your little eleven year old brother.

After fifteen minutes Mitch and Wesley are just finishing up the last of the food preparation and sit down at the kitchen table to just have a chat, when they hear footsteps coming down the stairs, Wesley feels a little nervous about how Mitch is going to react to his little brother and Matt coming in the room, knowing what they were doing and he himself had no idea what he was going to say.

"Hey guys, need any help?" Matt says casually, as he walks into the kitchen and neither Mitch or Wesley miss the look of pure happiness on his face and when Ben comes into view, he has the same exact look on his face.

"It's good of you two to offer, but me and Wesley have it all under control." Mitch says casually and Wesley now knows he is just going to pretend that he didn't hear anything and he tries really hard to not say anything either, despite his mind filling with countless amounts of funny things to say.

"Oh damn, we really wanted to come and help, but we were doing a project for school that we forgot about." Ben then says and Wesley instantly sees the little cute smile the two boys give each other and he just can't help himself.

"I don't remember ever getting that kind of project at school before." Wesley states, with a knowing grin on his face, causing Mitch to cough in surprise and the two boys to glare at him.

"Wesley!" Ben almost hisses, thinking Wesley is just making a joke, because he knew they were up to something and still not realising that both his brother and Wesley could hear them from downstairs.

"Yes Wesley enough of that, right boys dinner should be in around an hour, so I'm going to go have a bath and the three of you can have one when I come down to finish." Mitch quickly says, giving Wesley a stern look, before smiling at all the boys, Wesley gets the message loud and clear and decides to behave himself.

"Mitch there won't be enough water for all of us to have a bath though and all three of us can't fit in one bath." Ben then states, in matter of fact tone to his brother, who gives him a thoughtful look.

"Well a shower will do, if you and Matt share with each other, then Wesley can have one by himself." Mitch suggests, thinking he has solved the issue and surprises himself a little by being so comfortable with his little brother and Matt sharing a shower.

"Hey, no way am I waiting until after them, there won't even be any cold water left, by the time they finish 'showering' together." Wesley says, empathising the word 'showering' as he grins at both Ben and Matt, who glare at him in return, but he can see the small smiles they are trying to repress.

"Well you can go before them then, problem solved now I'm going to leave you three to just set the table." Mitch tells the boys, but looks at Wesley when he notices that he is about to say something else.

"Should we really let them shower together though, I mean no offence, but they tend to forget there are other people around." Wesley asks, ignoring the look on Mitch's face and grinning at the boys knowing they know exactly what he is saying.

"Fuck off..." Ben starts to say, before Mitch interrupts him.

"Okay guys enough, we have a good fun evening and night ahead of us, so no fighting or pissing each other off, so Wesley behave yourself and as for you two." Mitch states, before turning to look at his little brother and Matt, who both look at him nervously. "No messing around, I think you two have had enough fun for a few hours together already, so when I say take a shower, I actually mean take a shower, is that understood?" He then says, lecturing them in a firm tone so they know he is being serious.

"Okay Mitch." The three boys all say in unison and Mitch smiles to himself, before leaving the boys and heading to the bathroom.

"Oh man, you told him we were doing stuff didn't you?" Ben then states accusingly to Wesley, as soon as his brother is out of sight.

"Yeah that's not cool Wesley, friends don't tell on each other." Matt adds and Wesley can't help but be a little hurt by their words, he also knows he would think the same thing if he was in their shoes.

"I didn't tell him anything." Wesley answers back coolly, not seeing the need to take offence or over react.

"Then how did he know then?" Ben asks, thinking Wesley is lying to him and can feel himself getting a little angry at his friend.

Wesley lets out a little sigh, he really didn't want to tell them the truth, but he didn't want them blaming him either.

"We could hear you." Wesley responds almost whispering, hoping they understand and just drop the subject.

"Hear us?" Matt then asks in confusion, but Wesley can see that Ben understood what he had said, as he watches him turn bright red.

"Yeah, Ben's room is not soundproof you know." Wesley responds, trying his best not to smirk, he is finding this highly amusing but at the same time he didn't want to upset his friends.

"Oh shit you mean." Matt begins to say, but trails off with his mouth open wide.

"Yeah, but don't worry, we only heard a couple of moans and nothing else, we had the TV on and to be honest Mitch didn't care that much, he just wishes you would be more quiet in the future." Wesley responds reassuringly and hopes his explanation stops his friends getting upset.

"Damn, you sure he isn't angry?" Ben asks nervously, looking at his friend and hoping for the best.

"Nah, he just finds it funny, although he would rather not see or hear you two doing stuff any more and I think you shouldn't let that happen any more either, it's not fair on him you know." Wesley answers honestly, although he feels strange lecturing his friends and really hopes this conversation is over with now.

"I know, we try not to." Ben begins to say, but his boyfriend interrupts him.

"Come on, this is meant to be a fun evening and night, let's set the table and find some nice music too listen to for when we eat." Matt states, deciding to change the subject and focus on the fun stuff, causing Wesley to smile broadly and jump into action as he follows his friends into the kitchen, he wanted to have fun and things were getting a little awkward.

After everyone has showered, Ben, Matt and Wesley sit patiently at the table talking among themselves, Mitch had insisted that he finished the rest of their dinner himself and bring it out to them, they had protested at first, but he had told them that as he was going to be one of the boys later, he wanted to enjoy being the adult until then and they decided to just let him get on with it and their faces all light up when they see Mitch appear with the first two plates, shortly followed by the other two, but instead of sitting down as they expected him to, Mitch goes back to the kitchen and reappears with a bottle of wine and the boys look at him curiously.

"Wine?" Wesley asks, not quite sure what is happening, he has never been allowed to drink alcohol and he can't see any other drink on the table.

"Yes wine, I thought one glass would be nice with your meal Wesley and the boys had some Friday night." Mitch explains, but he can tell the young boy isn't convinced or keen on the wine.

"I don't know, can't I just have some OJ or water please?" Wesley responds and Mitch can't help but admire the boy, just like he assumed Friday night that the boys would jump at the chance to drink alcohol, he was proved wrong and he couldn't be more proud of them.

"It's cool Wesley, it tastes nice and you don't have to drink it all, me and Matt only had like half a glass Friday night, so just try a little bit and if you don't like it, than it doesn't matter because at least you tried." Ben then tells Wesley, knowing how he feels and was happy that he and his boyfriend weren't the only kids who didn't seem to be obsessed with alcohol.

"Yeah it's nice, but I prefer OJ too, but we should at least have a little bit Wesley." Matt then adds smiling, he didn't hate it but he didn't want to drink much of it and knew Mitch wouldn't make them do something that was bad for them.

"Yeah no pressure Wesley, I just thought it would be nice, but I will get some OJ and that way it's your choice, I'm only going to have a little bit of wine myself and just remember the second rule I told you earlier." Mitch then decides to say and winks at Wesley, while ignoring the confused look on his little brother and Matt's face and just focuses on Wesley.

"Oh right yeah cool, I will try some, but not a lot." Wesley responds with a smile, he decided to at least be polite and try some, but he had no intention of drinking more than a couple of sips.

"Rules, What rules?" Ben can't help but ask his brother, who looks at him smiling.

"You will find out later and trust me when I say, you will like what Wesley came up with, but for now no more questions and just enjoy your food." Mitch explains to his brother, but just as everyone starts to eat, Matt quickly jumps up and out of his seat, Mitch is about to ask what is wrong until he sees him walk over to the music player and switch it on, he then watches the young boy sit back down with a smile on his face and as soon as the soft music starts to play, Mitch smiles at him. "Good choice Matt." He then says praising the boy for the music, it is just perfect for eating and quiet enough to still let them talk to each other, without having to talk louder.

Mitch and Wesley had agreed before hand, that they would keep their idea of playing strip poker a secret until after they had all eaten and cleared up, so they made sure they kept the conversation away from the rest of the evening as much as possible, Mitch also decided to try and use the time to see how Matt was feeling and if he has seen Dr Fisher lately, but notices that Wesley lowers his head at the mention of his dad and just eats quietly, while Matt explains how he is and how he has been feeling, Mitch feels bad for Wesley, but he couldn't do anything about that right now and wanted to make sure Matt was okay.

After Matt has finished talking about how he is doing, they quickly move on to other topics while continuing to eat, Wesley perks up a lot when the conversation leans towards sports and to Ben's dismay he has three pairs of eyes looking at him expectantly, but luckily for him one set quickly comes to his rescue and Matt swiftly changes the subject and saves his boyfriend from having to listen to the same old stuff from Mitch and Wesley about joining a team, when they come to the end of the meal, Mitch can't help but notice that while his little brothers and Matt's wine glasses at still at least half full, Wesley's is empty, but even though he hasn't been watching him all night, he is sure the boy has only been drinking OJ and decides to try something out, while the three boys are distracted discussing something at school.

Mitch carefully fills Wesley's glass half full with wine, without the boys noticing and sits back and pretends he has been listening into the conversation, when they eventually finish and start to eat the last bits of food on their plates, he notices Wesley's surprised and confused expression when he sees the wine, it adds to Mitch's suspicion that Wesley hasn't been drinking the wine, other wise he would have looked happy and decides to keep an eye on him and see what happens.

It isn't until they start talking about what they are all doing next week, that Mitch finally gets his answer, he watches out of the corner of his eye and sees Wesley looking to see if anyone is looking at him and then starts to carefully pour his wine into their glasses, making sure not to fill one up too much, Mitch can't help but feel proud of the boy and his timing as both his little brother and Matt are too distracted staring at each other to notice and up until now he hadn't even noticed his glass was also being topped up, he then realises Wesley is staring right at him with a worried expression and Mitch knows Wesley knows he has been caught out, so he quickly gives him a reassuring smile and a wink to let him know he is not in trouble and to his own relief, sees the boy smile back shyly before drinking the last of his OJ.

To his amusement, Mitch then watches as both his little brother and Matt look at their glasses of wine, he thinks they are about to say something, but is surprised to see them drink some more, he can tell by their faces that they aren't particularly fond of the taste, but they both stop when they have just over half left each, it's then that Mitch realises the boys are just trying to be polite and feel that if they at least drink half of their wine, then they wouldn't offend him and he couldn't help but feel proud of the boys, although the fact Wesley has been topping up their glasses, now makes him feel a little worried that they may have drunk too much, although they surely couldn't have had more than one glass total each so decides to not say anything for now.

"Oh wow Wesley, I thought you didn't want any wine?" Ben suddenly asks, after they all finish eating and Wesley looks at his friend in surprise, before realising what his friend is talking about and he shoots Mitch a quick look.

"Er... it was okay I guess." Wesley says, not quite sure what to say, if he was being honest though he thought it was disgusting.

"You can finish ours if you liked it so much Wesley, I'm sure Mitch doesn't want it to go to waste." Matt then suggests and Mitch can see the brief look of horror on Wesley's face and sees him turn to face him almost pleadingly.

"I er... it's okay, I don't..." Wesley starts to say, before Ben interrupts him.

"Come on just drink it, it is obvious you like it." Ben says smiling, not realising his friend actually hates the wine.

"Hey come on boys, he has drunk more than you two and I don't want any of you getting drunk, you're only eleven and it won't take much, so come on help me get cleared up and then we can start strip poker once I find the cards." Mitch decides to say, coming to Wesley's rescue and also making sure they dropped the subject by telling them about the game Wesley had come up with and knew that is all they were going to be thinking about that now and when he looks up to see Wesley mouth the words 'thank you' to him, he nods his head and smiles.

"Strip poker?" Matt then asks, he has no idea what poker is, but the word strip has him a little excited and Mitch notices the boys hand disappear under the table and then his little brother jumping a little bit, before seeing his hand disappear as well, he just smiled at the horny little boys and tried to ignore what they were probably doing.

"Yeah you play poker, whoever loses each hand, has to take something off." Wesley tells his two friends, but while Ben seems excited, Mitch notices that Matt seems to have no idea what poker is.

"Matt have you played poker before?" Mitch decides to ask him, Mitch can see his relieved expression, as if to say 'thank god someone noticed'

"Nope what is it?" Matt asks, looking a little embarrassed, but Mitch can tell the boy is distracted by something else as well and then rolls his eyes as he remembers what he is probably doing with his little brother under the table.

"Tell you what Matt, while Wesley and Ben do all the cleaning, I will quickly teach you how to play, you're pretty smart, so it won't take long and if Ben can learn how to play, than any one can." Mitch says grinning, but avoids looking at his little brother, just to annoy him a little bit more.

"Hey!" Ben states, expecting his brother to look at him, when he doesn't turn around, he tries to stand up, but realises he can't due to his and his boyfriends hands being occupied and stays seated and Mitch chuckles when he hears his little brother sigh, followed quickly by an excited little yelp and before he can say anything himself, Wesley gets there first.

"Oh jeez guys, do you have to touch each other like that, we are sitting right here you know, Mitch can you at least tell them to go and get dressed, because we all need to be wearing like five items of clothing anyway." Wesley quickly says, giving his two friends a cheeky grin and Mitch is relieved when his little brother and Matt just stick their tongues out at him, before raising both their previously hidden hands back on the table. "Oh and you're so going to have to was your hands, now that we know where they have been." He then tells them and Mitch almost wanted to give the boy a quick punch to behave, but he just couldn't help but laugh instead and thought the boy was hilarious.

"You're so lucky we like you so much Wesley." Ben says, at first Mitch was worried that his little brother might get upset, but he is pleased to see him and Matt take the joke in good spirit and they both stood up and said they would be right back.

"Thank you for not being mad about the wine Mitch." Wesley quickly says, as soon as he is sure his friends are upstairs.

"You really didn't like it did you?" Mitch asks, looking at the boy across the table.

"It was horrible." Wesley answers honestly, hoping he doesn't make him angry.

"Yeah I have had better, look you can relax Wesley I'm not angry, although next time if there is one, just don't drink it instead of topping up other peoples drink." Mitch says, trying to sound casual as he lectures the young boy, with out trying to upset him.

"Sorry, I just didn't want to be rude and... sorry." Wesley responds, as he looks down at the table and feels like he messed up.

"Hey, I'm not angry at you Wesley, in fact I thought it was funny and they had no idea either and were just trying to be polite by drinking at least half of their glasses, I think they enjoyed it about as much as you did." Mitch explains, trying to reassure him after realising he thinks he is being told off.

"Oh okay, I thought it was actually funny none of you noticed, well you did at the end but you know what I mean, but maybe I just didn't like that wine, there are other kinds right?" Wesley then says, now looking back up with a small but genuine smile.

"Yeah and if we do this again, I will see how you boys like red wine or something a bit more fruity, but remember if you don't like it just leave it and have some OJ instead." Mitch replies with a warm smile.

"Okay I will and I really hope we get to do this again, it's nice to eat with people again." Wesley says in a sad tone and Mitch just wanted to reach over and hug the boy, but just as he is about to stand up, his little brother and Matt reappear fully dressed and Mitch can see them each holding a pack of cards.

"Hey boys, great you got some cards, right come on put those on the side and you can clear the table while Wesley and I quickly go upstairs, I need to show him where to put his things and then I can start showing you how to play, while they wash up Matt." Mitch instructs the boys, as he gives Wesley a wink as the boy follows him out of the room, they each pick up a bag each before going to Mitch's room.

"Wesley, are you okay little man?" Mitch asks, as soon as he shuts his bedroom door.

"Yeah why?" Wesley answers, but his voice trembles a little and Mitch pulls him against his body.

"If you need to cry then go ahead, I heard how sad you were when you said it was nice to eat with other people again." Mitch says, as he rubs the boys back and he can feel him starting to cry.

"I feel so stupid." Wesley says after a minute, while more tears fall down his face.

"Don't be, there is nothing wrong with crying, did you think I looked stupid when I was crying in the hospital earlier when you walked in?" Mitch says, deciding to use what happened in the hospital to reassure the boy.

"No, but that is different." Wesley starts to say, but Mitch stops him.

"Yes it was different, but it doesn't mean that it isn't the same thing Wesley, people cry and it is perfectly normal and just because the reasons may be different, it doesn't make your tears any less real, I'm starting to get a good idea of what you're going through now and will be having words with your parents about it very soon, they are good people Wesley and they just need to see how special you really are." Mitch explains, as he kneels down so that they are face to face, he then wipes the tears away from Wesley's eyes and smiles.

"Thank you, I guess I should get cleaned up again, no point looking this adorable if there are no girls around to see it." Wesley responds grinning and Mitch pulls him in tightly for a quick cuddle before releasing him.

"Good to see you're learning little man, there is hope for you yet but I'm begging you to at least save some of the girls for me okay?" Mitch responds grinning, before getting back to his feet.

"I suppose I can let you have the ones I don't want, you know for being totally awesome and looking out for me, but I get the pretty ones." Wesley says smiling broadly and Mitch is glad he had a talk with the young boy.

"Deal, now get to the bathroom and then go help Ben in the kitchen, I really want to teach Matt how to play poker, so we can have a fun fair game." Mitch then tells him, but when Wesley doesn't move he knows the boy has something to ask him. "Go on, you can tell me anything Wesley." He then says, to hurry the boy along a bit.

"It's just when we er... you know start getting naked can we do like dares, otherwise the first person just has to sit their naked and wait for everyone else to finish." Wesley asks nervously, unsure whether Mitch will like the idea.

"Er... okay sure, but remember the first two rules and also nothing outside okay." Mitch says, deciding that this is for one night only and he will be in complete control anyway.

"What about the back garden, you have huge fences and no one will be able to see, we probably won't even go outside, but just in case?" Wesley asks, hoping the older boy agrees, although he didn't know if he would actually dare someone to do something outside, but he wanted the option anyway.

"Yeah sure, but only when it gets dark and no one gets locked out, if anyone knocks on the door or phones up, I need to be able to get dressed and answer either one okay?" Mitch responds and again despite agreeing, he is making sure he sets some ground rules.

"Okay cool and no worries, like I said we probably won't go outside, I just wanted the option just in case." Wesley says smiling, as he quickly turns and opens the door before heading to the bathroom.

It takes Wesley and Ben almost twenty minutes to get everything washed up and put away, they are about to walk back in to the living room, but when they look through the doorway they can still see Mitch teaching Matt how to play and decide to give them a little more time, they decide to head back into the kitchen and make some drinks for everyone, whilst having a little chat, they then look up to the clock and decide ten minutes is enough time and walk back into the living room with the drinks, where they see Matt looking quite happy and Mitch giving him a thumbs up.

"Is he ready?" Wesley asks, before taking his seat.

"Yeah, he is a quick learner and well he do well enough in this game." Mitch answer, as he stands up.

"We got some drinks for everyone." Ben then says, while he sits down, but when Matt stands up he gives his older brother a questioning look and sees Wesley doing the same. "What do we stink or something?" He then asks, half seriously.

"Huh what? Oh yeah well kind of, but I thought it would be better if we moved the table out of the way and sat on the floor." Mitch responds smirking.

"Yeah, that way no one can hide themselves with the table." Matt adds, sounding excited and Ben can't help but stare at his soon to be naked boyfriend and feeling totally happy with his life.

"Oh cool, I can't believe I didn't think of that, we definitely don't want anyone hiding themselves, it would make the game pointless." Wesley then states, before standing up, closely followed by Ben who does the same.

The boys quickly move the drinks somewhere out of the way and all four boys work together to lift the table out of the way as well, they then each get a couple of pillows from the seats and sofa before sitting down with their drink beside them, Mitch then goes through the rules that he and Wesley had came up with and both Ben and Matt are happy enough with them, although they did looked worried when Mitch told them about the dares and them being allowed outside but only in the back garden, but neither wanted to ruin the fun and they knew that rule two meant that they didn't have to do anything if at least one other person agreed with them.

"Okay if anyone wants to go to the toilet do it now please, you can wait until later if you want, but it would be better to go now instead of when the dares start, you really don't want to be needing to go then." Mitch tells the boys, who all take a moment to think about what he had said, he knew they probably would have just shook their heads and wanted to start the game if he had just asked them to go, but adding the bit about the dares, has definitely made them consider going even if they didn't think they had to and he can't help but smile when each boy goes to the toilet one at a time, although to his amusement he did have to almost force his little brother and Matt to go separately, after Wesley pointed out they would probably get distracted, although he was sure Wesley might regret all his teasing later on in the night, when the dares started.

Once everyone had gone to the toilet including Mitch, they all sit down and wait for someone to take the lead, for a few moments Mitch just sits there totally ignorant of the younger boys all looking at him to do something and then realises why they are looking at him and smiles.

"Hey don't look at me, as of right now I'm just a big hairy boy remember." Mitch states with a big grin and they all start laughing.

"Who er... you know er... deals, the cards?" Matt asks a little timidly, after the laughter calms down and Mitch looks at him with a friendly smile.

"Okay, this is the last bit of me being the old guy, it is probably best if I deal the cards, Matt hasn't got a clue and I think it will just be easier if one person dealt anyway okay?" Mitch states and is happy to see all three boys nodding in approval.

Mitch then picks up the deck of cards and shuffles them, then deals each boy five cards face down before placing the rest of the deck in front of him, there is a few moments where no one seems to want to make the first move and look at their cards, but eventually Wesley picks his up and the others follow his lead, Mitch though had no fear about being the first to pick up his cards, but he wanted to let the other boys take the lead as much as possible and just enjoy his more relaxed role in the group for the night.

Mitch then asks each boy in turn, if they want to change any cards, he had explained that they have one chance to change cards, so they have to be sure because there is no going back and starts with Wesley on his left.

"I will take two cards please." Wesley states, as he lays two cards face done in front of him and takes the two new cards, Mitch can tell that the boy has played cards before, because he doesn't give anything away and he notices that poor Matt isn't even really paying attention to the other boys reaction, he knows that in this game it isn't that important as none of them can fold, but he makes a mental note to teach him more about card games in the future.

"I will have three cards please, big hairy boy." Ben then says grinning and Mitch can't help but chuckle and the other two boys join in to, Ben then lays his three unwanted cards down, before looking at his three new cards and Mitch notices the slight disappointment on his little brothers face, but he didn't know how much his little brother knew about poker to judge his reaction, until at least this hand was over with.

"Er... I er... crap I er... want, no I don't want any cards thank you." Matt then says sounding totally confused and unsure of himself and Mitch can't help but feel sorry for the boy, this was going to be a rough learning experience for him he thought, although he had to smile as he watched his little brother reach over and rub his boyfriends shoulder to reassure him, but made sure he didn't look at his cards and Mitch thought that was a nice gesture, even Wesley looked like he felt a bit sorry for how confused his friend had looked.

"Well I'm going to take one card and then we can each turn our cards over starting with Wesley and then Ben and so on." Mitch then states and all three boys were actually hoping that Matt didn't lose the first hand, of course they would all end up naked eventually, but none of them wanted Matt to lose his confidence by starting badly.

Everyone then waits for Wesley to turn his hand over and he can't help but enjoy making them wait longer than he needs too and just when he thinks Mitch is about to tell him to hurry up, he flips them over to reveal....

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