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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 4

March 2015

Poker Suits:

C = Clubs

D = Diamonds

H = Hearts

S = Spades

Mitch then picks up the deck of cards and shuffles them, then deals each boy five cards face down before placing the rest of the deck in front of him, there is a few moments where no one seems to want to make the first move and look at their cards, but eventually Wesley picks his up and the others follow his lead, Mitch though had no fear about being the first to pick up his cards, but he wanted to let the other boys take the lead as much as possible and just enjoy his more relaxed role in the group for the night.

Mitch then asks each boy in turn, if they want to change any cards, he had explained that they have one chance to change cards, so they have to be sure because there is no going back and starts with Wesley on his left.

"I will take two cards please." Wesley states, as he lays two cards face done in front of him and takes the two new cards, Mitch can tell that the boy has played cards before, because he doesn't give anything away and he notices that poor Matt isn't even really paying attention to the other boys reaction, he knows that in this game it isn't that important as none of them can fold, but he makes a mental note to teach him more about card games in the future.

"I will have three cards please, big hairy boy." Ben then says grinning and Mitch can't help but chuckle and the other two boys join in to, Ben then lays his three unwanted cards down, before looking at his three new cards and Mitch notices the slight disappointment on his little brothers face, but he didn't know how much his little brother knew about poker to judge his reaction, until at least this hand was over with.

"Er... I er... crap I er... want, no I don't want any cards thank you." Matt then says sounding totally confused and unsure of himself and Mitch can't help but feel sorry for the boy, this was going to be a rough learning experience for him he thought, although he had to smile as he watched his little brother reach over and rub his boyfriends shoulder to reassure him, but made sure he didn't look at his cards and Mitch thought that was a nice gesture, even Wesley looked like he felt a bit sorry for how confused his friend had looked.

"Well I'm going to take one card and then we can each turn our cards over starting with Wesley and then Ben and so on." Mitch then states and all three boys were actually hoping that Matt didn't lose the first hand, of course they would all end up naked eventually, but none of them wanted Matt to lose his confidence by starting badly.

Everyone then waits for Wesley to turn his hand over and he can't help but enjoy making them wait longer than he needs too and just when he thinks Mitch is about to tell him to hurry up, he flips them over to reveal a straight with the 3H, 4H, 5H, 6C and the 7S and Mitch gives him a look a respect, causing him to blush slightly.

Ben is next to turn his cards, revealing two pair 2C, 2S, 9H, 9S and a JC and Mitch can now understand his younger brothers disappointment a few moments ago, two pair was a decent hand, but it was beatable and with Wesley getting a straight, he was in danger of losing the first hand.

Next up it was Matt and he still looked confused, although Mitch could tell he was looking at Wesley's straight curiously and as the young boy turns his cards over to reveal a flush 4D, 8D, 10D, KD and the AD, Mitch knew why the young boy was looking at Wesley's hand, because he had forgotten which hand wins.

"Matt nice hand, remember a flush beats a straight." Mitch decides to tell the boy, whose eyes light up as he realises he hasn't lost and even Wesley and his boyfriend give him a thumbs up, although Ben soon realises that he has the worst hand so far and the only person left is his brother.

Mitch looks over to his brother and winks at him as he reveals his three of a kind QD, QH, QS, 4S and the JS and Ben's face drops, when he realises he has lost the first hand.

"Well unlucky Ben, now I just thought of another fun rule for the game boys, do you want to hear it?" Mitch asks the boys, who look at him cautiously, until as always Wesley is the braver of the trio.

"Sure what is it?" Wesley asks, as he looks on expectantly.

"Well I thought it would be fun if the winner of the round got to pick what item the loser has to take off, that sounds good to you guys?" Mitch replies and sits back to let the boys decide for themselves.

The three boys only look at each other for a few moments and all smile as they nod.

"Yeah sure that sounds fun." Wesley states, speaking for the other two boys who look just as happy, well that is until Ben remembers he lost the first hand already and Mitch can't help but chuckle at his expression.

"Great so Matt you won, so what do you want him to take off first?" Mitch asks the young boy, who smiles as he turns to his boyfriend.

"Er... well it's kind of hot in here so he can take his jumper off." Matt announces sounding a little shy, sure he has been naked and seen everyone except Mitch naked, but strip poker feels a little weird and strange to him, although he definitely wants to carry on playing.

As Ben removes his jumper he can't help but roll his eyes as someone wolf whistles and he just knows it's Wesley and when he drops his jumper next to him, he sticks his tongue out at his friend.

"Okay so next round and just so you know each round we will move to the next person when we reveal our cards, so Wesley went first that time so Ben goes first this time and then Matt will go first and then me and we keep going like that." Mitch announces, deciding to rotate who goes first otherwise he will always know if he is safe and who has lost before he has to even turn his cards over and with the other boys nodding in agreement he deals the cards, this time starting at with his little brother.

"Okay I will take er... one... no wait two... I will take two cards." Ben says, getting a chuckle from his two friends at his hesitation.

"I want er... well I don't need any cards." Matt announces and even Mitch has to look at him in surprise, two rounds in a row where he doesn't need any cards and Mitch can't help but wonder if beginners luck is real.

"Okay, well I guess I will take two cards for myself." Mitch states, before everyone turns to Wesley, who looks very relaxed.

"I will take three cards please." Wesley says, without dropping his relaxed demeanour and Mitch couldn't help but think that he had one hell of a poker face.

"Okay, well let's see them boys, Ben you're up first." Mitch states smiling, wondering how this hand is going to turn out.

Ben reluctantly turns his cards over to reveal another two pair 3D, 3H, 10H, 10S and AD and Mitch can tell his little brother is already feeling nervous.

As Matt turns his cards over he reveals a full house KC, KH, KS, 9C and 9S, Mitch and Wesley both give the boy a thumbs up and even his boyfriend leans over and gives him a quick cuddle, despite knowing he is likely to lose again and Mitch couldn't help but be proud of his little brother for his sportsmanship and support of his boyfriend, they all knew that Matt had some serious issues despite appearing fine and were all glad that he was starting well.

Mitch quickly gets straight back to the game though and turns over his own two pair, but while Ben looks on hopefully at first, his heart sinks and knows he is in big trouble, when he looks closer to see the 6H, 6S, JC, JD and 4D and knows he is losing still.

Wesley then turns his cards over smiling, as he reveals another straight 7S, 8H, 9D, 10D and JS and Ben can't help but sigh in defeat.

"Unlucky little brother, honestly when you turned those over, I thought I had lost at first." Mitch tells his little brother sympathetically, before turning to Matt. "but anyway I believe it's Matt's honour again, so what's it going to be this time Matt?" He then asks him, although he suspects he will says socks or at worst t-shirt.

"Er... well his er.. sorry Ben, but I want you to take your jeans off." Matt states, while looking apologetically at his boyfriend.

Ben though just sighs and starts taking his jeans off and this time Mitch decides to wolf whistle with Wesley and to his credit, Ben takes it on the chin and even makes a show of taking them off, once he is done though he quickly sits back down and Matt leans against him for a cuddle. "Sorry, I just think you look hot in those briefs." Matt whispers in his boyfriends ear and Ben can't help but smile shyly at his boyfriend.

"You two, are way too cute together." Wesley suddenly states out of the blue and even blushes a little bit, which causes both Ben and Matt to giggle at him.

"Well er... thanks for that Wesley, anyway lets get the next hand started." Mitch says, sparing Wesley from any potential teasing, knowing that while nowhere near as fragile as Matt, the boy does have his own issues and wanted to protect him as much as possible, as he deals the cards starting with Matt this time.

"I don't... well okay, I will just take one card." Matt says and Mitch still can't believe the boy is getting so lucky, although it did make him wonder if Matt had made a mistake, he knew he was new to the game and swapping one card eliminated a lot of possible hands and he would guess he had either one pair or two pair at best.

"Well I don't need any cards, so you're up Wesley." Mitch tells the boys and he can see the look on his little brothers face, that told him he had another weak hand.

"I will take two please." Wesley says in his usually relaxed way, but Mitch can't help but realise how polite the boy is, he hadn't really noticed before, but thinking back he can tell the boy has manners.

"I will take three Mitch." Ben then says and Mitch thinks he was spot on before about his little brother having a very weak hand again.

"Okay well Matt you're up first this time." Mitch says turning to the young boy and hoping he hadn't made a mistake, he really didn't want his little brother to lose again, but for some reason to his surprise, he was really hoping Matt would do well more.

Matt looks a little nervous, as he turns the cards over revealing 6C, 6H, 6S, KC and KS giving him a full house and Mitch couldn't help but let his mouth drop open, he had really expected the boy to have nothing, but clearly he was wrong and clearly Wesley was thinking the same thing before the boy had turned his cards over as he looks equally surprised, but Ben just leans over and gives his boyfriend a kiss, before whispering in his ear. "Nice one sexy."

"Well great hand, but not quite good enough Matt." Mitch says as he turns over AC, AD, AH, AS and KH revealing his four of a kind, Mitch notices the look on his little brothers face and knows he is going to lose this round, even though he hasn't seen Wesley's cards yet.

Wesley decides to quickly flip over his cards, half smiling to reveal a flush 2D, 4D, 10D, QD and KD and the sigh from Ben, tells everyone he has lost again for the third hand in a row and he flips over his cards to reveal another two pair, but no one bothers to take notice of them as they all turn to Mitch.

It takes Mitch a few seconds to realise that he has to tell his little brother what to remove, he actually feels sorry for him and while he would normally be ruthless, this night is about having fun and he decides to give him a break. "Okay Ben, I think you can lose the socks now." Mitch says and smiles as his little brother gives him an appreciative nod, but the groans from both Matt and Wesley causes Mitch to look at them and chuckle. "Winners choice boys, try harder." Mitch says and instantly regrets his words, when he sees the look on Wesley's face and knows he is in trouble when he starts losing.

Ben removes his socks one by one and despite the anti climax of Mitch's choice, Wesley decides to wolf whistle anyway and all four boys start to laugh and Mitch really appreciated Wesley's effort to keep things fun.

Over the next eight hands, Matt loses his socks, jeans and jumper, Mitch loses his jumper and socks, thanks to his little brother repaying the favour from earlier and Wesley loses his jumper, t-shirt and socks and somehow after his awful start to the game, Ben avoids losing his T-shirt and Briefs.

On the next hand Mitch deals starting with his little brother and waits for him to ask for any cards.

"I er... will take four cards I think no er... shit I will, yeah er... four cards." Ben says finally making his mind up and Mitch knows his littler brother needs a miracle and the only way he wasn't going to lose his briefs, was if neither Wesley or his boyfriend wins.

"I will take two cards." Matt says sounding confident, for probably the first time in the game Mitch can't help but note.

"I will take two as well." Mitch says, before turning to Wesley, trying not to look at the resigned face of his little brother.

"Three cards please." Wesley says, maintaining his previous relaxed posture and politeness.

"Well good luck guys and Ben, let's see what you have." Mitch states, almost wishing he had something at least hall decent.

Ben though sighs, as he turns over 7D, 7H, 3C, JC and AC and Mitch knows the only chance his little brother has is Wesley, as he could only have had one pair after asking for three cards.

Matt quickly turns over 3D, 3H, 3S, 7 C and AH revealing a safe three of a kind, although Mitch could tell the young boy was disappointed, although he suspected that was more because he wanted to win the round, rather than his boyfriend looking likely to lose it.

When Mitch turns his cards over he reveals four of a kind QC, QD, QH, QS and JD and smiles, he even notices his little brother perk up a little, although he still looks unhappy about losing yet another piece of clothing, he really didn't want to be the first naked, although he knew he still had two items on, but he knew he was losing his briefs unless his brother won the hand.

"Sorry Ben." Wesley says and to Mitch's surprise there was no sarcasm, but just genuine sympathy from the boy and he could tell despite his little brother realising he has lost again, that he appreciated his friends words, when Mitch looks down to the younger boys cards, he sees that Wesley has KD, KC, KH, KS and 9S. "Lose the briefs Ben." Wesley says almost reluctantly, Mitch could tell the boy had wanted to give his friend a break, but this late on in the game he knew the time for breaks was over.

For the first time in the game, apart from when he was taking his own clothes off, Wesley remains silent as Ben nervously removes his briefs, although to his credit he doesn't make any attempt to cover himself and sits back down with his legs crossed, Matt quickly leans over to his boyfriend and kisses him and the cheek, before whispering. "Just so you know, I think you look fucking sexy." causing Ben to turn to him blushing slightly, before whispering. "I love you so much." back to his boyfriend.

"Yeah we get it, you two love each other and I'm sure you're both sexy in your own heads, now come on let's get Ben completely naked already." Wesley suddenly states enthusiastically, as his two friends turn to him looking surprised.

"Yes we can hear what you have been whispering to each other, but we got a game to play." Mitch announces, cutting in and revealing to the boys that everything they had been whispering has been heard.

Mitch though decides to deal the next round quickly, to distract the boys from their embarrassment and smiles when it works as all eyes fall to the cards.

"Can I have er... three cards please Mitch." Matt asks, with a little confusion in his voice.

"Sure and I will take three as well." Mitch says, feeling slightly better about his hand, although he still can't stop himself from wanting Matt to do well, despite the game coming close to the end of the first stage.

"I will take three as well please." Wesley then says, Ben lets out a quiet sound of surprise at hearing all three of the others needed that many cards and looks back at his own in deep thought and Mitch couldn't help wonder if his little brother was over thinking this round.

"I will take one." Ben says sounding very unsure of himself and Mitch hesitates for a moment, just in case his little brother changes his mind, but when he doesn't he gives him the card.

Matt quickly lays his cards down and reveals a straight 2C, 3C, 4D, 5S and 6D and Mitch realises, looking at the cards that Matt was just hoping for a minor miracle and got it, although a straight was beatable it certainly isn't a bad hand.

Mitch then reveals his three of kind QD, QH, QS, 3H and 4S, his own risk somewhat working, as he at least added the third queen to his hand, although he was nervous about what his little brother and Wesley had.

"Wesley sighs, seeing the hands already revealed and turns over his own three of a kind 8C, 8D, 8H, 8S and AC, which is obviously not as good as Mitch's or Matt's and with Ben only asking for one card he was nervous.

All eyes then turn to Ben, who just looks stunned as he turns over one pair, but when the boys look, they see he only has 7C, 7D, 10S, JD and KD, even Matt looks at his boyfriend in confusion at his hand as the three boys try to work out what happened.

"Why did you only ask for one card Ben?" Wesley asks, breaking the silence and feeling really bad for his friend, who had obviously made a huge mistake.

"I er... shit I don't know... shit." Ben responds, looking upset with himself and while Matt and Mitch both feel sorry for him, it was his own fault.

"Oh well we could er... replay the hand if you want to?" Wesley then offers surprising everyone, Mitch found himself respecting the young boy even more for offering, but really as much fun as this was meant to be, he didn't think it was right to replay the hand and is about to say something when he hears his little brother cough.

"Er... well that would be nice, but no thank you I don't want to cheat, so I guess I'm the first to get naked." Ben says nervously, as he pulls his t-shirt off and even stands up and does a little twirl for everyone, before sitting down to a round of applause and a very enthusiastic wolf whistle and Mitch instinctively turns to Wesley, too roll his eyes but sees him looking back at him shrugging his shoulders and Mitch realises that it was Matt this time and when he looks at him, he can see a tent in the boys tighty whiteys and quickly looks somewhere else.

"I love you." Matt then says sweetly, not bothering to try and hide his words now that he knows trying to whisper was pointless.

"I love you too." Ben replies, just as sweetly while they look at each other shyly, they had told each other that so many times, but somehow saying it in front of other people and really meaning it felt amazing for both the boys and they desperately wanted to kiss.

"Oh just kiss already, I need to get another drink anyway does anyone else want a top up?" Wesley suddenly says, before getting up and walking to the kitchen.

"Yeah I think I could use a top up, I will give you a hand with the glasses." Mitch quickly says as he stands up, but just as he gets to the doorway he turns to his little brother and Matt. "You got two minutes and you better just be sitting there when we come back." He says winking at them, before he joins Wesley in the kitchen.

Immediately Ben and Matt embrace each other and start kissing passionately.

"Man, that was just too adorable right?" Wesley states, as he turns to Mitch, who is now standing next to him at the sink.

"Yeah, I just feel sorry for them." Mitch says honestly, keeping his voice as low as possible.

"Huh?" Wesley responds with a confused look at the older boys words.

"Well to be that in love and not be able to show it around people, if one of them was a girl people would just think they were cute and adorable, but for them they will always have people look down at them and I just wish people could just see how much they love each other and accept them you know?" Mitch explains, for some reason talking to Wesley just seemed so easy and decides to just be truthful about how he felt.

"Oh right, well yeah I guess so, but I think people are changing, Jim says people have changed a lot since he first came out, although I'm not sure how everyone will act towards two young boys together, but they have us to look out for them and I know the other kids at school won't really care or hassle them." Wesley then responds hoping to reassure the older boy, he likes how easy it is to talk to Mitch and doesn't feel the need to lie to him about anything.

"I guess so, well no you're right and well I just worry about them, look I was actually thinking about seeing if I could get Matt's parents to let me take him and Ben out camping after their birthdays, I know Matt's dad took them both out last year somewhere and now I have a car I can do the same and well if I have a word with your parents would you like to come?" Mitch asks, as he looks down at the boy and sees a big wide grin spreads across his face.

"Oh for real, you want me to come for real?" Wesley says excitably and Mitch can't help but lean down and hug him.

"Yes for real, but remember this might not happen Wesley, I haven't even talked to my dad yet so don't get too excited and don't mention anything to Ben or Matt, I already feel bad for telling you in case it doesn't happen and it would be too much to have all three of you mad at me." Mitch says genuinely worried about asking the boy so soon, he hadn't planned on asking him until everything was confirmed, but he just couldn't help himself.

"Hey, I'm not some little baby Mitch, I understand and even if it doesn't happen I don't care it just feels great that you would want me to come, I have never been camping before and it sounds awesome." Wesley responds, before looking at the clock.

"Yeah we should be heading back, I told them they had two minutes and it has already been like four minutes, I just hope they aren't getting carried away." Mitch says, as he picks up two glasses and heads back to the living room with Wesley following behind him, with his and Matt's OJ.

To Mitch's surprise and relief he finds his little brother and Matt sitting down slightly apart from each other with big smiles on their faces, he smiles at them and as he hands his little brother his OJ, he notices the boys are holding hands and lightly using their fingers to stroke the others hand and sits down without saying anything, he wanted to let them have the most of their moment together.

"Okay, let's get the next round started." Mitch says after a few more moments, before dealing the cards starting with himself.

"Okay I'm taking two cards." Mitch says, before turning to Wesley.

"Four cards for me please." Wesley says, which gets him a surprised look from everyone, but Mitch is once again impressed that the young boy is still looking exactly like he does every time he asks for some cards.

"None for me." Ben says looking confident, although Mitch is trying his best not to look at his little brother, he still feels a bit weird with him being naked and at least half way to a full blown boner.

"I will take... oh damn, er I will take two." Matt then says and Mitch can see his little brother squeeze his boyfriends hand for support and smiled warmly at the both of them.

"Okay well my turn to go first." Mitch says, as he turns over a straight AS, 2C, 3C, 4H and 5S, he had gambled on hitting a straight or a flush and was pleased with the result, because he could have ended up with just a high card.

Wesley then with everyone looking at him, turns his over and reveals a flush 2H, 3H, 9H, JH and AH, although to the boys credit, Mitch thought he at least looked slightly embarrassed to have landed such a big hand after asking for four cards and he can see Matt's face drop and with Ben asking for no cards it isn't looking good for the young boy.

Ben quickly turns his cards over and shows his own flush 6D, 8D, 9D, QD and AD but Mitch can tell there is a little confusion on Ben and Wesley face and knows what they are thinking, but decides to at least wait until Matt turns his cards over before clearing it up.

Matt with obvious disappointment, turns over 5H, 7H, 10S, QC and KH, revealing the worst hand of the game so far with king high, but he gets a comforting kiss on the cheek from his boyfriend, which puts a small smile on his face.

"Well unlucky Matt, I gambled that hand and we all know Wesley hit the jackpot with his gamble, but sometimes it works and sometimes it goes wrong, but I did notice the look on your faces Ben and Wesley and just to clarify, you both win the round with an ace high flush, so you can decide between you what Matt removes." Mitch says sympathetically to Matt, before clarifying the hands for the other two boys.

Matt then looks on nervously as Wesley and his boyfriend confer with each other and when they both sit back down smiling, Mitch thinks Matt is going to get of lightly and even Matt seems a little relaxed as he still had his t-shirt and socks on, so thinks his tighty whiteys are safe for at least another hand.

"Okay well we decided the tighty whiteys have to go Matt." Wesley says surprising Mitch, he really hadn't seen that coming and can see his little brother giving his boyfriend and apologetic look, but to Matt's credit, he quickly gets to his feet and does a slow twirl while he lowers his tighty whiteys and kicks them across the room, where they hit the unsuspecting Wesley straight in the face, causing Ben and Mitch to burst into laughter.

"Oh sorry Wesley, I just thought since you loved them so much, you would like to hold on to them for me." Matt says with a cheeky grin, as he sits down with his legs stretched out in front of him, while Wesley gives him a mock glare, before putting his friends tighty whiteys on top of his own discarded clothes.

The next three next hands, see Matt lose his t-shirt leaving him in just his socks and Mitch lose his jeans and t-shirt, with Wesley avoiding losing any more clothing, which left Ben naked, Matt in just his socks, Mitch in his briefs and Wesley in his Jeans and underwear looking very pleased with himself.

Mitch then deals the next hand nervously, knowing one more bad hand and he will be naked in front of three eleven year old boys.

"Well I will take two cards." Mitch announces, looking pretty relaxed about his prospects.

"Three for me please" Wesley then says confidently and again Mitch thought to himself that he never wanted to play this boy in a real card game for money.

"Three for me as well please." Ben says smiling, although he is looking at his boyfriends boner more than anything else and Mitch wonders what he has gotten himself into once the dares start.

"Two for me." Matt says, looking equally distracted by his boyfriends boner, as much as his boyfriend is with his and Mitch shakes his head even more.

Mitch just decides to get things moving again and lays down a full house AC, AS, QC, QH and QS and looks pretty happy with himself, knowing baring some sort of disaster he was safe for another round.

Wesley then turns over a flush 2D, 3D, 7D, 10D and JD and like Mitch he is looking happy with his hand, knowing that a flush hasn't been a losing hand all evening.

Ben then turns over his own his own flush that beats Wesley 5S, 6S, 10S, JS and KS and while Wesley looks slightly disappointed, he knows that he is still in a strong position with his flush.

Matt then flips his cards over smiling, as he reveals four of a kind 8C, 8D, 8H, 8S and 4H and Mitch can see Wesley look over all the cards again, before realising he has lost.

"Well tough luck Wesley, I think that is the best hand to lose a round so far, so Matt what's it going to be?" Mitch says, although it is obvious the only choice is jeans, so Wesley is safe from losing his whatever underwear he has on.

"I want him to take his briefs off." Matt says with an devilish grin, as everyone looks at him in shock, clearly no one was expecting this and Wesley looks at Mitch for help of some kind.

"Hey don't look at me, lose the briefs." Mitch says, enjoying seeing the boy rattled for the first time in the whole game and despite the fact he has keep an eye on both him and Matt all through the games, they were here to have fun and he didn't see anything wrong with this turn of events.

"But I can't take them off, without taking my jeans off." Wesley says almost pleadingly, thinking it isn't fair that he loses two items of clothing.

"Well that's the point, you can put the jeans back on after." Matt then says, still grinning and Mitch can't help but enjoy seeing Matt being more confident and cocky for a change and although he wishes he didn't notice, Mitch could tell his little brother was looking at his boyfriend excitedly, when he accidentally glances at his now twitching boner.

"Damn it, fucking hell I got to hand it to you Matt, that is some seriously genius thinking, you fucker." Wesley says smiling, as he knows he just got totally out thought by his friend and Mitch could see the young boy was taking it like a man and he thought it was a nice touch for Wesley to let Matt know he had got him good.

Wesley decides to not put on a show and instead tries to get it over as quickly as possible and to Mitch's amusement with the other two boys wolf whistling him and Wesley trying to rush, he makes a complete mess of getting his jeans and briefs off, that he ends up tripping over and has to untangle his jeans and briefs, which Mitch notices is the exact same brand as his own, but obviously smaller and he wonders if the boy is trying to be just like him or if he is just over thinking things, after all it is just underwear and they were a pretty common brand.

Wesley eventually manages to sort himself out and pulls the jeans back on looking flustered and embarrassed about making such a show of himself and just wishes he didn't try to rush to get his jeans off and on again as quickly as possible.

"Well er... that is definitely the most interesting, if not somewhat unorthodox strip tease that I have seen, but I guess I have seen worse Wesley." Mitch says straight faced, causing his little brother and Matt to giggle at their red faced friend.

"Well you know what they say Mitch, if you're going to do something, do it well." Wesley then says, with a big smile and everyone laughs at his joke and Mitch again is impressed by the boys sense of humour.

"Okay next hand." Mitch says quickly, deciding to get the game going again and deals the cards.

"I will take two please." Wesley states, still looking a little embarrassed with himself.

"Two for me as well." Ben then says.

"One for me please." Matt then says sounding confident, although Mitch wonders what the boy has and hopes he isn't about to make the same mistake his little brother did earlier.

"Well I'm taking three, so what you got Wesley?" Mitch asks and Wesley can sense the older boy is nervous and only just manages to keep his poker face.

Wesley turns over three of a kind, with a half smile 9D, 9H, 9S, 2C and JC, although not too bad, he had just lost with a flush so was feeling nervous.

Ben then turns over four of a kind 10C, 10D, 10H, 10S and 2D, looking very pleased with his hand and gives his boyfriend a quick smile.

Matt then turns over his own four of a kind 6C, 6D, 6H, 6S and JH and smiles, knowing that although he isn't going to win the hand, at least he isn't going to lose and winks at his boyfriend happily.

Mitch then turns his cards over, revealing his own three of a kind KC, KD, KS, 5S and 9C and sighs in relief, although it takes Wesley a few moments to realise what that means.

"Oh crap..." Wesley says and Ben smiles at him.

"Off with your Jeans." Ben declares and Wesley just stares at him before giggling.

"Damn it, I thought I was going to win this." Wesley says, before he slides the jeans down his legs whilst still sitting down, he then dumps them next to him and stretches his legs out like Matt.

Mitch then goes straight to dealing the next hand, although he couldn't help but notice, while his little brother and Matt were rock hard, Wesley was still soft and then realises that apart from Matt's socks the boys are all naked and he is just wearing his briefs and he starts to get a little nervous about what they are doing, before his little brother breaks his train of thought.

"Oh crap er... I don't know er... one card... damn." Ben says clearly unsure what to do and Mitch wondered if he had two pair and was well aware that two pair had proven to be a very weak hand so far in the game, especially for his little brother.

"I need two please." Matt says, not really giving anything away and Mitch had to admit the boy having no idea what he is doing, is actually a pretty good way off being unpredictable and might actually do well in a real poker game for a short time.

"Well I don't need any this time." Mitch says turning to Wesley, delighted with his hand and didn't bother hiding his grin.

"Might as well take one please." Wesley says and it is pretty obvious he has four of a kind with that amount of confidence, Mitch thought to himself and he knew his little brother was in some serious trouble and the first dare of the night was pretty much guaranteed to be this hand.

Ben is the first to turn his cards over and like Mitch had thought his little brother reveals two pair 7H, 7S, QC, QH and 2H, with the queens it still wasn't a disaster, but it all depended on Matt's cards.

Matt then turns his over to reveal a full house 3H, 3S, 5C, 5D and 5S and smiles and Mitch can see his little brothers face drop.

Mitch turns over a straight 9C, 10C, JS, QH and KH and can't help but give his little brother a sympathetic look and he thought with Matt looking like the winner of the hand, his little brother should be okay, unless he was right about Wesley's hand.

Wesley then turns over grinning and reveals four of a kind, AH, AS, AC, AD and 10D and Mitch smiled as he guessed the boys hand correctly, although that wasn't great news for his little brother.

"Er... what now?" Ben asks meekly, already knowing he is going to get the first dare of the night and from Wesley who he knew would take this seriously.

"Well you're already naked, so Wesley gets to give you a dare now, Wesley just remember the rules okay." Mitch states, as he waits to see what happens and just hides much he felt sorry for his little brother, who had been the first naked and now the first to get a dare.

"Okay, but first er..." Wesley starts to say looking a little nervous and Mitch gives him a concerned look, but says nothing as he watches Wesley moves over to Matt and whisper something into his ear, before sitting back down, leaving both Ben and Mitch confused.

"Yeah sure, thanks for asking me first though." Matt responds to whatever Wesley had whispered to him and Mitch watches as his little brother turns to his boyfriend looking worried, but Matt just smiles at him.

"Okay Ben, you have to kiss me for one minute and it has to be a real kiss." Wesley then says and the shock on Ben's face is only beaten, by the confused look on Mitch's face, who looks between Wesley and Matt and wonders if this is a good idea.

"Ben it's okay, this is just some fun." Matt then tells his boyfriend, as he moves over and holds his hand for a few moments.

"I don't know... Mitch?" Ben says, as he turns to his brother.

"Oh shit... er well, I don't want anyone doing anything they don't want to do, but we are playing this game and it is going to be pretty lame if we back out of the basic dares and if Matt is fine with it, I say you just do it Ben." Mitch responds honestly, he knows this could backfire on him later on, but he also knew how much this night meant to Wesley, although he was still shocked Wesley picked this dare and he couldn't help but look at the boy curiously now.

"Okay, you're right and besides if I close my eyes, I can pretend he isn't so ugly." Ben says. as he turns to Wesley grinning.

"Ha ha, now come on give me your best shot stud." Wesley retorts, as he shifts his position so that he is now kneeling.

Ben gives his boyfriend one last look to make sure this is okay and Matt nods at him, Ben then slowly moves over kneeling in front of his friend and tentatively kisses him, starting lightly before remembering he had to give him a real kiss and begins to put more effort into it and can feel his friend kissing him back, Mitch decides he doesn't want to see his little brother kissing someone and looks over to Matt, to see if he is okay and is glad to see him smiling, although he can tell that he is not completely comfortable watching, so when the young boy looks at him, Mitch mouths to him 'are you okay' and smiles when the boy responds by mouthing 'yeah' before turning back to his boyfriend kissing his friend, as the minute passes, the two boys lean back from each other smiling and Mitch couldn't help but notice, that his little brother had lost his boner during the kiss.

"Oh wow strawberries, you got some flavoured toothpaste or something, because there is no way you have eaten any today and there is none in the kitchen." Wesley then states, causing Ben and Matt to blush and Mitch to almost choke, as he realises where the taste of strawberries came from. "Huh what's going on Mitch, do you know why his lips taste like strawberries?" He then asks and turns to the older boy expectantly.

Mitch turn to his little brother for a few seconds and it suddenly dawns on him why the two boys had been making so much noise earlier, his little brother had obviously gone to the special box in his room and it isn't until he feels someone staring at him, that he realises Wesley had asked him a question and was looking at him expectantly.

"Er... well trust me when I say this Wesley, but you really don't want to know and there is definitely not any strawberry flavoured toothpaste in this house." Mitch tells the young boy, who gives him a questioning look, but doesn't take the conversation any further but he does give his friends lips a wondering glance.

"Well that was, well interesting, but anyway next hand then." Mitch says, as he waits for the two boys to take their previous positions and starts dealing.

"Three cards please." Matt says, showing no signs of being upset about what just happened to Mitch's relief.

"I will have two." Mitch states casually, trying to hide the fact he was unsure of his hand.

"Three for me please." Wesley then says, sounding very happy with himself.

"None for me this time." Ben says confidently and Mitch knows his little brother is likely going to win this round.

Matt quickly turns his cards over, not waiting for the others, revealing three of a kind 10C, 10D, 10S, 3S and 4S.

Mitch then reveals his own but weaker three of a kind 7D, 7H, 7S, 3H and KD and knows he is in trouble already.

Wesley sighs in relief, as he turns over a straight 2H, 3C, 4C, 5H and 6C and smiles as he looks at Mitch knowing what he is about to see and unlike the last time, he knows he is going to get a good look at it.

Mitch looks at his little brother, knowing he didn't ask for a card and when his little brother turns his cards over to reveal a straight 6H, 7C, 8C, 9S and 10H, he groans as he looks down at his briefs.

"Off with your panties, big hairy boy." Ben says in an over dramatic voice, causing Matt and Wesley to laugh and Mitch to frown at his little brother.

Mitch decides to take his little brothers and Matt's approach and put on a little show, so he twirls around slowly and inches his briefs down slowly and shakes his head a little, when he hears all three boys wolf whistle, although his little brother stops when he suddenly remembers that it is his big brother, Mitch then lets his briefs fall to the ground and suddenly decides to flick them over to Wesley, to add to the boys collection and laughs as just like Matt's tighty whiteys earlier, his briefs hit the young boy straight in the face and both Ben and Matt giggle.

"Oh come on, what is it with you guys hitting me in the face with your undies?" Wesley then states in mock annoyance, before he drops the briefs on top of his own and Matt's underwear, before looking up and smiling. "You know I'm keep them right?" He then says, causing both Matt and Mitch to look at him questioningly.

"What?" They both say in unison.

"Ha that is genius." Ben says, as he giggles at his friends words.

"Yeah well, you should be more careful where you throw your panties." Wesley says, before sticking his tongue out at both Matt and Mitch.

"Oh wow it's huge." Matt's suddenly says, as he turns to Mitch and can't help but stare, although after the initial amusement, Mitch can see a little fear in the young boys face and looks at him with concern and worries that he is about to freak out.

"What's wrong Matt?" Mitch asks with genuine concern in his voice and both Ben and Wesley look at Matt, after hearing what Mitch had said.

"Er... it's just really big and it isn't even you know er... hard?" Matt responds, still staring at the older boys penis in fear and Mitch starts to worry that him being naked is bringing some sort of flashback to the boy of Mr Jones and seriously considers ending the game and getting dressed quickly.

"Matt if you don't want to play any more, we can do something else." Ben suggest, as he moves over and puts his arm over his boyfriend and can feel him shake a little, he had similar thoughts to his brother and didn't want his boyfriend to freak out.

"Will ours be that big?" Matt then asks, to no one in particular and both Ben and Mitch look at each other, clearly not sure what is going on and start to worry about his state of mind, before Wesley starts talking.

"Oh I get it." Wesley suddenly declares and all eyes quickly go to him.

"You do?" Mitch asks, sounding sceptical and notices that Matt is looking at Wesley with a little hope in his eyes and is left feeling completely confused.

"Yeah he is just worried, that if his and Ben's penis's end up really big, they will hurt each other when they er.... when they er... you know?" Wesley says and when Matt looks down at the floor in embarrassment, Mitch realises what Wesley is trying to say and that he is right and he feels so sorry for Matt for being so afraid.

"Oh..." Ben manages to says, as a similar look of fear that his boyfriend has, starts to spread across his face.

"Well er... I don't really know what to tell you Matt, all I can say is that like anyone's first time it will probably hurt but it has nothing to do with size, I guess when you're bigger you just have to er... well spend a bit more time getting each other er... shit this is awkward, look I promise to explain it another time, but Matt and you as well Ben, when the time comes when you two are actually ready for that, then I want you to know it will be the best night of your lives and any pain there is, won't be that bad and you won't even care about it after a few moments." Mitch tells the boys, trying his best to explain things, but feels really awkward about this subject and wished he had given it more thought when he first realised that they really loved each other, because he knew that he would have to talk them through it eventually, he just assumed it would be in a couple of years at the earliest.

"So it will hurt?" Matt says, not really getting the reassurance that he was hoping for.

"Hey look, if it really hurt that much, there wouldn't be any gay people in the world Matt, Jim told me once that the only time it hurt, was when it was with some random person, but when it is with someone you really like, it is just the best because you make sure you're gentle and careful, so come on let's just forget about that stuff and get back to the game, you still have one more piece of clothing and then it's dares for everyone." Wesley jumps in, trying to help and Mitch is glad he did when he sees Matt look up with a small smile.

"Okay, sorry for being stupid." Matt then says looking embarrassed, but when his boyfriend gives him a quick loving kiss he relaxes, although he is still nervous about being hurt or hurting his boyfriend when they eventually do take that step in their relationship, even though that is many years away from happening as far as he was concerned.

"Hey, don't you ever think being scared is stupid Matt, you just admitted to something I wouldn't have been able to admit too and I think you're fucking awesome." Wesley then quickly says, he just felt like he needed to say that and the smile on his friends face and the looks he gets from his other friend and Mitch cause him to blush a little.

"Despite his let's just say colourful choice of words Matt, Wesley is right and I'm very proud of you as well, but let's carry on with the game okay." Mitch then says, deciding he should say something as well.

"Okay and thank you Wesley and you too Mitch." Matt responds with a smile, before leaning against his boyfriend and squeezing his hand, while Mitch deals the cards out.

"I think I will take two cards." Mitch says, although despite being happy that the young boy didn't freak out, he was still feeling a bit awkward about the thought of his little brother and Matt doing that kind of thing together and knew he would have to find a way to at least help them understand what is involved.

"Two for me as well please." Wesley then says and thinks about seeing if his friends wanted him to see if his older brother would have a talk with them, about that kind of stuff.

"I guess two for me to." Ben says with his mind half on the game and half on his boyfriend, he had tried not to think about going that far with his boyfriend as much as possible since they got together, but now he can't stop thinking about what it would be like and can't decide if he is excited or scared.

"I will take five." Matt then says and suddenly all the other three boys thoughts go out off their heads, as they look at him in surprise, he could have just taken three or even four, but he felt a little bad for lowering the mood in the room and could tell the other three boys where thinking about what he had said, so he decided to distract them and just hoped he would at least get something half decent.

"Well er... wow our first five card request, nice one little guy." Mitch says genuinely impressed by the young boys guts, although he suspected why he had asked for five cards, but didn't want to bring it up and make the boys gesture pointless.

Mitch then turns over three of a kind 10D, 10H, 10S, 3D and 7D.

Wesley turns over another straight for himself 4H, 5H, 6H, 7S and 8S and Mitch can't help but wonder, how one person can get that many straights.

Ben then turns over his cards to reveal two pair JC, JH, AH, AS and 5S and just as Mitch had thought how many straights Wesley had managed to get, he realises just how many two pairs his little brother has been landed with and smiles sympathetically.

Matt then to every ones surprise and slight confusion reveals his own two pair JD, JS, AC, AD and 5D and for a few moments everyone just stares at the cards, until Wesley speaks up.

"So they both lose?" Wesley says not quite sure if he is right or not.

"Yeah, wow that is just, wow and well I guess you get to dare Ben again Wesley and well Matt removes his socks and joins the rest of us." Mitch answers in an amused tone, as he looks at Wesley, who is now just grinning.

Matt is just about to take his socks off, knowing that there is nothing else to remove, when Wesley speaks up quickly.

"Wait a second Matt, I have a better idea." Wesley says, before turning to Ben. "Ben I dare you to take off your boyfriends socks, but you can only use your mouth." He then states gleefully and Mitch has to hand it to him, for combining his little brothers dare with the loss of Matt's last item of clothing.

"Oh cool." Matt says, sounding surprisingly excited by the dare and misses the curious look his boyfriend gives him.

"Well come on Ben, get a move on." Mitch tells his little brother, he is a bit surprised by his hesitation, knowing what the two boys have already done with each other and this seems pretty tame in comparison.

Ben doesn't say anything though as he moves down to his boyfriends feet, he looks up to see him smiling excitedly and decides that if it makes his boyfriend happy than he is more than willing to please him, while Mitch and Wesley watch with interest, as Ben slowly leans down and begins to remove one of the socks, but to their amusement they can see that he is struggling and trying really hard not to use his hands, Ben then decides to change strategy and tries to pull the sock off from the toes, causing Matt to unintentionally let out a small moan, when his boyfriend inadvertently sucks his toes and both Mitch and Wesley have to stifle a chuckle, while Ben just looks up curiously at his blushing boyfriend, before carrying on and making sure to suck his toes some more and enjoys the moans from his boyfriend.

It takes Ben almost five minutes to get both his boyfriends socks off, although he was making the most of it and the sight of his boyfriends boner, lets him know that he had made him happy and as he sits up and goes back to his original place everyone else can see he is hard as well, but he doesn't care about them and is just happy that his boyfriend is happy and they give each other a quick kiss.

"Well that was disgusting, so guys I was thinking since we are all naked now, we can change the game slightly." Mitch starts to say before stopping, as he hears the three boys groan and he can tell they are assuming the worst. "Hey come on, I'm not stopping the game, I was just thinking it would be more fun, if we switched from poker to just the highest card wins and lowest loses." He then explains quickly and smiles and the look of relief on all three boys faces that the game was not over.

"So we each just get a card and flip it over?" Wesley then asks, he likes the idea of a faster game, but this seems a bit to lame to him.

"Well no, I think just one card is a bit lame, so how about I deal everyone three cards, then each person has to pick one to turn over and that is their card." Mitch suggests and is quite happy with his quick thinking, after realising Wesley's lukewarm reaction to his initial simpler idea.

"Cool, that sounds more fun." Wesley responds, seemingly content with the new game.

"What about the other two cards?" Ben then asks, thinking it is a bit of a waste.

"Well, how about in the event of two or more of us turning over the same card, we have to pick one of the other cards to see who the loser of the round is?" Mitch responds, again feeling pleased about his quick thinking and with the three boys nodding in approval he deals them all three cards each.

Mitch starts the new game off by selecting the middle card in front of him and turning over the 8H.

Matt goes next, deciding to use the new game to change the order they go in and no one says anything, so he turns over the card on his right to reveal the 7D.

Ben is about to turn one of his cards over, when Wesley quickly moves over and whispers in his ear and Ben nods before swapping positions with him.

Wesley then turns his middle card over revealing the KH.

Ben in is new position, nervously picks the card on his right and turns it over slowly and sighs in relief as he turns over the 10D.

All eyes then turn to Matt, who has the losing hand and he manages a weak smile, before looking at Wesley for his dare.

Wesley takes a few moments to think, as the three other boys watch him intently, Mitch wonders what he is going to say and gets a little nervous when Wesley gives him a little grin.

"Okay this is a nice and easy one Matt, you have to do twenty push ups." Wesley says, before purposely pausing to see their reactions.

"Oh wow, cheers Wesley that's easy." Matt says, smiling in relief as he gets himself ready and is about to start, when Wesley stops him.

"Whoa there Matt I wasn't quite done, you have to do your push ups with you face above Mitch's butt, so Mitch if you can lay down on your front and Matt you have to move over him." Wesley instructs them both with a grin and even Ben laughs at his brothers and boyfriends faces.

"That's gross though." Matt says, looking less than impressed with the twist.

"Oh and for each push up to count, you have to kiss one of his butt cheeks alternating between them each time, Ben and I will judge and every time you fail to kiss the correct one, you have to start back from the beginning." Wesley informs, his now slightly annoyed looking friend.

"Mitch?" Matt then says pleadingly at the older boy, hoping he would say something.

"Sounds a little gross, but a dare is a dare Matt." Mitch responds, feeling sorry for the younger boy but it really wasn't that bad of a dare and got down on his stomach and waited for him to start.

"This is going to be so cool." Wesley says excitedly, as he and Ben kneel either side of Mitch waiting for Matt.

"This is so gross, I'm so going to get you back Wesley." Matt states, still looking annoyed as he gets in position so that he is looking down directly at Mitch's butt, he thought at least it was clean and kind of nice looking, before getting on with it and kissing the left cheek for his first push up and ignoring the cheers from both his boyfriend and Wesley.

With Ben and Wesley counting enthusiastically, Matt is making good progress and even Mitch has to admit, he isn't hating this dare as much as he thought he would, but just as it looks like Matt is going to fly through the dare, after already reaching fifteen, Ben suddenly calls out.

"Oh he kissed the wrong cheek, he has to start again right?" Ben says sounding very happy with himself and ignores the look of annoyance on his boyfriends face, when their eyes meet and looks across to Wesley.

"Yeah nice one Ben, I didn't see that, okay start from one again Matt" Wesley answers and grins at Matt.

Matt thinks about protesting, but just figures he should just get on with it so he can finish the dare, so again he starts of well and has no problems with the push ups, but when he gets to eleven both Ben and Wesley call out at the same time and he realises he has made the same mistake as before, so once again Matt starts over again, but to his dismay and Ben and Wesley's amusement, he fails another six times with the last time being at the nineteenth push up and he sighs in annoyance and is actually feeling tired and his arms are aching a little.

As Matt starts his ninth attempt, Mitch can tell the young boy is starting to struggle, he looks around and sees that neither his little brother or Wesley seem to have noticed that Matt is looking very tired, as they are too caught up in the dare, so when Matt kisses the wrong cheek again on only the fifth push up, he reaches his hand out to get Wesley's attention, as Wesley moves over next to his head, Mitch quickly checks over his other shoulder to see Ben rubbing his tired boyfriends back and knows they aren't paying attention to him, so he turns back to Wesley.

"Wesley remember rule number two and that this is meant to be fun for everyone, give Matt a break please because he is looking really tired okay?" Mitch whispers into his ear, so the other two can't hear him.

"Oh shit sorry, he really does look exhausted, he must have done like seventy push ups already, okay and sorry I didn't mean to hurt him." Wesley whispers back, sounding genuinely sorry for pushing his friend too far.

"It's cool and maybe if you guys were older it would be funny, but let's just keep tonight fun and safe for everyone Wesley." Mitch whispers back and smiles, as Wesley nods and sits back up.

"Okay Matt change in plans, you just have to do twenty push ups, you can kiss either cheek and you won't have to start over again." Wesley announces and glances back to Mitch, who nods his approval.

"Sounds good to me." Ben says smiling, as he gently rubs his boyfriends back, but to Wesley's surprise Matt looks anything but happy and wonders if he should have ended the dare completely.

"No!" Matt then says firmly, surprising everyone as they all turn to him.

"Look we can end the dare if you want Matt, you did a shit load of push ups already and we don't mind." Wesley quickly offers, thinking his friend is really upset and wants the dare to end.

"No, I want to do the dare properly, I can do it and I'm not a wimp." Matt says sternly, with a sparkle in his eyes and at that moment Mitch couldn't be more proud of the boy and he could tell Wesley is thinking the same thing and when he watches his little brother lean over and kiss his boyfriend, Mitch smiles and knows the night is going to be fun.

"I love you so much Matt and I know you can do it this time." Ben says and kisses his boyfriend again with a lot more passion.

"Oh come on, give it a rest lover boys." Wesley teasingly says and smiles when his two friends break their kiss.

"Okay, I'm ready and just so you know Wesley, no way you can back out of your dare later." Matt then says, giving the now nervous looking Wesley a big evil grin, as he gets back into position and starts his dare all over again.

Matt this time manages to complete the dare without having to restart, but because of failing so many times earlier, it's clear he was exhausted and it takes him almost ten minutes to do all twenty push ups and half collapses to the side, but his boyfriend catches him and pulls him into his body, Mitch smiles as he gets up to see his little brother comforting his boyfriend and turns to Wesley and gives him a tight squeeze on the shoulder.

"Well that was pretty amazing Matt and not taking the easy way out is impressive, but we better take a short break now, we can get some drinks and if you need the toilet now is the time and it will be the last chance you get to go, without having to do a dare, so the choice is yours boys." Mitch then announces, as he stands up and heads to the toilet leaving the three boys alone.

With everyone sitting back in the living room, after all making use of the bathroom and topping up their drinks, Mitch shuffles the cards and deals each of them three cards again.

Going first this time, Matt turns over the middle card and reveals a 4D and sighs in disappointment.

Wesley smiles at his friends misfortune and turns over the card on his left to reveal a 7C.

Ben then turns over his middle card and smiles as he turns over the KD.

Mitch looks at the other cards for a few moments and decides to turn his middle card over and sighs in relief as he reveals 9D, although he does feel bad for Matt, but doesn't think his little brother will give his boyfriend that bad of a dare.

All eyes then fall on Matt, who is looking defeated as he once again faces a dare, Mitch actually feels sorry for the boy who had technically won the strip poker game, but is definitely not having the same success with this game and everyone sits in silence for a few minutes, before Ben realises he has won the round.

"Oh right, I get to pick his dare don't I?" Ben asks, looking slightly embarrassed for only just realising that.

"Yeah Ben, so go ahead don't keep us all waiting in suspense." Mitch tells his little brother, he really isn't sure what is about to happen and isn't sure if he wants to know.

Ben takes a few moments to think about the dare, he knows his boyfriend had a pretty rough time of it on the last one and didn't want him to go through anything like that again, but he had to think of something that the others, wouldn't just think that he was taking it easy on his boyfriend and then it comes to him.

"Okay Matt, you have to kiss, lick and suck my toes and feet." Ben says grinning, he had remembered his boyfriends reaction when he had used his mouth to take his socks off and knew his boyfriend would enjoy it and it was just about gross enough, to keep his brother and friend happy.

"How long for?" Matt asks, almost excitedly and Ben can't help but feel turned on for some reason.

"Two minutes each foot?" Ben suggests, unsure of what to actually say because he didn't want it to end too quickly, but at the same time didn't want it to drag on too long.

"Okay... cool." Matt declares happily.

Mitch can't help but feel relieved at the dare, he had feared a lot worse than this, although it was still a little weird and he could already tell the two boys were clearly excited and was hoping it wouldn't go too far, Wesley on the other hand was looking on with intrigue, he saw how excited Matt had been just getting his socks removed by his boyfriends mouth and was curious to see what would happen.

Matt doesn't waste any time though and quickly kneels down at his boyfriends feet and starts to kiss his left foot, knowing he only has two minutes on each foot, he decides to use his time by alternating between kissing and licking for the first minute and then spend the final minute on each foot sucking his boyfriends toes, he is surprised himself though that he is finding this so exciting and from the moans his boyfriend is trying to suppress, he knows that he is enjoying this as much as he is.

Mitch doesn't quite know where to look though, he was a little fascinated at first, but with his little brother getting hard and moaning it was now just getting too weird and he couldn't help thinking how long he can keep playing this until he has to stop, there are only so many dares he can actually do and how things are progressing, he knows those possible dares will be less and less likely to happen, he couldn't help sighing a little, before he could stop himself and looks round hoping no one noticed, luckily his little brother and Matt were distracted by each other but when he turns to Wesley, he can see him staring right at him with a concerned expression, Wesley then slowly scoots over to him, trying his best not to draw any attention until he is right next to the older boy.

"You okay Mitch?" Wesley asks, in a low tone so Ben and Matt can't hear him.

"Not really sure." Mitch replies honestly, it was pointless trying to pretend he was okay, he knew the boy wasn't stupid.

"Oh, want to talk about it, I doubt they even know we are here right now." Wesley asks, as he looks over to his friends and smiles.

"I just don't think I should be playing this with you guys." Mitch responds, sounding a little tense.

"How come, I thought we were having fun." Wesley asks, not quite understanding what the older boy means, but is aware something is wrong.

"Well the strip poker was great, in fact I think it was really fun and maybe something we could play again one day, but these dares are going to get more and more er... you know, look it's obvious that it's going to get more sexual, kissing, touching and other stuff." Mitch tells the younger boy, in an effort to explain his apprehension.

"So, we are all boys and we know it's just a bit of fun." Wesley replies, still not seeing the problem at all.

"I am seventeen Wesley, you boys are eleven and while this is just a bit of fun for you boys, I could go to prison for this and even if I didn't, I would be seen in the same way as people view Mr Jones now, I really like hanging around with you guys, but it's just wrong and if any one found out my life is over." Mitch explains as clearly as he can and when he looks at Wesley's expression, he knows he understands.

"Oh shit... but Mitch no one will find out about tonight, even if it was just me and them two playing, it's not like I'm going to go to school or to my house and declare 'hey guess what, I did a load of gay stuff with my friends who happen to be in love with each other' Mitch this is just a bit of fun and after the two days we have just had, I think we deserve it." Wesley responds honestly and Mitch can't help but admit the boy had a point.

"I know and by the way great argument, but even if you're right, I can't do that kind of stuff with you boys and you know the dares are just going to get more and more sexual." Mitch states honestly, as he forces himself to think like an adult.

"How about I try and make sure you don't have to do anything like that, I mean maybe you could do a little bit, like it isn't going to be that bad if there is like touching with just hands, but anything more is totally off limits." Wesley suggests, he now understands Mitch's concerns, but still thinks there is no risk of him getting in trouble.

"I really don't know Wesley, I mean I could just go out or to my room, while you three carry on playing and I doubt it will take you boys too long to forget I'm not even there." Mitch says, deciding he really should stop playing.

"Oh come on, no way you can leave me with just them two, they will forget I'm there, just as quickly as they will forget that you have gone, look at them it's been like five minutes and they are still going." Wesley quickly says, still keeping his voice down enough so neither Ben nor Matt hear their conversation.

"I don't know Wesley." Mitch says feeling his resolve weakening, he knows Wesley will probably end up being forgotten and this night was meant to make the boy feel happy and cared for.

"Okay play one more hand, can you fix it so either you or me win and the other loses?" Wesley then asks, looking at the older boy with a serious expression and Mitch wonders where the young boy is going with this.

"Well I guess so, they aren't paying attention much, so I could put the cards in a certain order and deal them out." Mitch says, before waiting to hear the boys idea.

"Okay cool well, how about the winner dares the loser to suck and kiss the others nipples for like a minute or two, I know it's more than just touching with hands, but I think it is safe enough and also naughty enough to let you know if you can keep playing and if you think it's just too weird after that, then I will back you up if you want to stop playing." Wesley suggests, with a neutral expression and Mitch can't believe he is even considering this.

"Okay, but if I do continue remember rule number one, I won't do anything with my little brother like that." Mitch says, realising after he has finished talking, that he had just basically agreed to either suck the young boys nipples or have his sucked by him, but the look of joy on Wesley's face stops him backing out and he turns back to his little brother looking extremely happy with his boyfriend still working on his feet.

Mitch looks back at Wesley and they both nod before coughing loudly and chuckle as the two boys stop what they are doing, looking up at them with a mixture of embarrassment and happiness.

"Well I see you two enjoyed that." Mitch says, as he nods to both boys boners, before quickly blushing realising he just checked out his little brothers boner.

"That was so hot." Wesley then says, pretending he was actually paying attention and Mitch couldn't help but admire the boys acting, if he hadn't know otherwise he would believe the boys words.

"Yeah that was so cool, I can't believe the time went so fast though." Ben states and both Mitch and Wesley have to suppress a chuckle, realising the boys had no idea they had gone well over the time limit set.

"Totally awesome." Matt then states and Mitch notices he doesn't even blush and is just staring lovingly into his boyfriends eyes.

"Right anyway next round boys." Mitch states, as he picks up the deck of cards he has already fixed for Wesley to lose and him to win, he had thought about fixing it the other way around, but Wesley words about knowing if he could carry on playing, made him think this would be the best way to see if he could.

Mitch deals out all the cards starting with Wesley.

Wesley quickly turns the middle card over and reveals the 3C, although Mitch knew that the highest card the boy had was a five.

Ben then turns the card on his left over and reveals a JC and smiles, already thinking what dare to give Wesley.

Mitch then turns over the card on his left and reveals the KD, knowing none of the other boys had anything higher than a Jack.

Matt still seemingly in a blissful state from his dare, just flips the card in the middle over with out really looking, to reveal a JH and Mitch noticed Wesley give a very believable sigh of disappointment and smiled to himself.

"Oh cool, about time Mitch got in to the game." Ben says excitedly, although he is a little gutted that he doesn't get to dare Wesley himself.

"Okay Wesley, as you seem to like Ben and Matt using their mouths, how about you come over and suck my nipples for two minutes." Mitch states, somehow maintaining a steady voice, despite feeling incredibly nervous about what is happening and is close to backing out of the game.

"Holy shit!" Ben blurts out, he didn't know what he was expecting from his brother, but this took him completely by surprise and if he was honest he wasn't sure how he felt about it, he wasn't angry or anything like that, but he was starting to wonder if this was how Mitch felt, whenever he saw him and Matt doing something.

"Oh man, this is going to be awesome." Matt adds finally coming out of his own happy thoughts after hearing what was about to happen.

"Oh er... I er... damn it." Wesley stutters out and Mitch has to hand it to the boys acting skills, although unknown to even him Wesley was really having second thoughts about his own plans, it sounded so easy when he had suggested it, but now it was happening he wasn't so keen, but he wasn't going to back out now and slowly approached Mitch, who was sitting with his legs laid out flat in front of him.

Wesley finds himself looking nervously into the older boys eyes and Mitch instantly realises that the boy was genuinely nervous and not acting, he is about to end the game right there and then, when he feels the boy move forward and sit down on his legs, causing his to straddle his upper thighs and groin, he could actually feel the boys balls and soft penis laying on his own and instantly felt uncomfortable, but before he has a chance to think about it any more, he feels the boys lips over his left nipple, followed by the feeling of the boy sucking it and when he feels the boys little tongue flicking his nipple as well, it takes everything he has to hold back a moan and despite his best efforts he couldn't help but enjoy the boys mouth.

Ben just sits there staring at his brother, who is seemingly enjoying his friends attention with mixed feelings, on one hand it was good that Mitch was joining in, he really wanted him to have some fun, but on the other hand he wasn't quite sure if he liked what he was seeing, he then turned to his boyfriend, who seemed to be watching the dare with interest, although he was sure their thoughts were very similar, as he appeared to not quite know how to react either.

For Wesley this was a strange feeling, he was straight and he had kissed enough boys and seen enough naked boys to know he wasn't gay well except that one time he felt something, but here he was sucking on an older boys nipples and he was enjoying it, at first the hair was a little annoying and scratchy, but now it was kind of cool and for the first time around his new friends, he felt that exciting tingling feeling in his penis and although he wasn't in danger of getting a boner, he knew he liked what he was doing and it did confuse him because he definitely didn't feel anything for Mitch except for a brother vibe.

"Okay, times up guys." Ben informs everyone, as Wesley leans back and looks at Mitch awkwardly, neither of them quite sure what to do or how to feel.

"Well that was... okay so next round I guess, if everyone else is ready?" Mitch announces to everyone, although he can't help seeing the look on Wesley's face, well it was hard to miss with him still straddling his groin. "You okay Wesley?" He then asks, while he rubs the boys shoulder.

"Yeah that was just er... I have never done anything like this before, anyway let's keep playing." Wesley says after seeming to regain his composure, he then rolls off the older boy and crawls over to his place in the circle with a thoughtful smile on his face, he was still trying to process what he was feeling and was hoping the next round would distract him from those thoughts.

Mitch quickly shuffles the deck of cards and deals them all three cards starting with Ben this time, he just felt a little numb and wasn't sure if he had crossed a line.

Ben takes a few moments to look between his brother and then Wesley, before flipping over the card on his left to reveal the QH and he smiles widely, knowing he was near enough safe from a dare this round.

Mitch quickly turns over the card on his left as well to reveal the 6D and felt a little nervous, it wasn't a bad card but with Ben already having a queen and with just two boys to go it wasn't the best.

Matt is about to turn his middle card over, when he notices that Wesley is actually touching himself, he realises that his friend doesn't even seem to notice what he is doing and he just smiles to himself, not wanting to draw attention to what Wesley is doing, he turns his card over to reveal the 6H and he immediately looks over to Mitch, who gives him the same look, before they both smile.

Wesley, who is still unaware he is actually gently rubbing himself, turns the card on his right over to reveal the 2H and sighs, but only Matt notices the card as both Ben and Mitch see what Wesley was actually doing, when they turned to him and it was obvious even to them that he didn't know he was doing it.

"Damn it." Wesley then says, as he double checks every one else's cards and as he moves his hands to his knees, the others all sigh in relief and their attention returns to the game and they all chuckle realising Wesley has lost again.

"Ouch, two in a row Wesley" Matt says, before turning to his boyfriend. "So what does he have to do?" Matt asks excitedly.

Ben takes a few moments to think, after seeing his brother and Wesley together like that, he wasn't keen on giving any dare that involved Mitch, he then thought about his boyfriend, but wasn't keen on seeing his boyfriend with someone else either and didn't want to be part of the dare himself, so he was trying to think of something just for Wesley to do and then it hit him, he had seen Wesley unknowingly playing with himself and knew he must be horny and he also thought about his boyfriend getting a pretty rough go of things with the dare Wesley gave him and a evil grin spread across his face that didn't go unnoticed.

"Oh crap Wesley, I think you're in trouble this time." Matt says, as he recognises the look on his boyfriends face, although even he couldn't guess the dare his boyfriend had in mind.

"Wesley you have to masturbate until you win a round." Ben announces and the room goes silent with everyone looking at him in shock, even Matt isn't sure what to think although he isn't against the dare.

"Whoa Ben, I'm not sure..." Mitch starts to say breaking the silence before stopping, it isn't that he hadn't know these sort of dares might end up being suggested, but now that it had he wasn't sure he should allow it.

"Fucking hell... okay but if I do this, no one is allowed to back out of any dares for the rest of the game, deal?" Wesley says to the group, if Ben's dare had shocked everyone, Wesley's announcement almost tops it and everyone looks at him as he grins, although he isn't really keen to do this he is glad he has managed to turn the tables on the other three boys and knew that if they agreed he had some dares in mind to pay back Ben for this one.

"I'm in." Matt says firmly, still wanting to pay Wesley back a little for his dare.

"If Matt is in, then so am I." Ben declares, all eyes then turn to Mitch.

"I'm not sure, Wesley if I agree to this, rule one remains okay?" Mitch states, directly at Wesley.

"Yeah of course, no way I would do that to you Mitch, so you agree to my deal?" Wesley says with a half smile, he was still half wanting Mitch to refuse, so he didn't have to do his dare, but his hormones were definitely starting to win over his rational side.

"Not quite, if there are any dares that I think are too extreme or wrong, then I will stop them and you can either pick another dare or the game can end, if you boys are happy with that, then I'm happy to carry on... oh and nothing is going to involve going outside, although the back garden is still an option." Mitch tells the boys, who take a few moments to think it over.

"I'm in... again." Matt announces with a cheeky grin, his mind was now firmly on what he could do with his boyfriend and his boner twitches at the thoughts running through his mind.

"Er... yeah I'm in if Matt is in." Ben says, clearly distracted as he looks at his boyfriend and notices his boner twitching, causing his own to do the same and starts to wish no one else was in the room, because all he wants to do is jump on top of his boyfriend and have some fun alone together.

"Okay so er... I guess I start now and Mitch deals the cards." Wesley says nervously, as he looks down at his penis and slowly starts to stroke in gently, he nervously looks up and blushes as he sees everyone looking at him and he begins to wonder if he should have refused to do the dare.

Mitch decides to help the young boy out, by dealing quickly starting with himself.

Still keen to try and help Wesley, he quickly turns his middle card over to reveal the 9S and smiles.

Matt however is in no rush and he purposely teases his hand over each card as he watches Wesley, he actually finds himself calming down as he looks at the boys hand stroking his slowly rising boner, he had never seen another boy masturbate except for his boyfriend and it was completely different, with Ben it turned him on so much and had always given in and jumped on top of his boyfriend, but watching Wesley just didn't do anything for him, well it was pretty funny and okay he had to admit Wesley looked pretty amazing and his penis was big, no where near as big as Mitch, but bigger than his or his boyfriends, he then felt a nudge in his ribs and turned to see Mitch staring at him looking slightly annoyed, so he quickly flipped a card over and revealed the QS and grinned.

Ben was thinking about taking his time as well, as he had pretty much identical thoughts about Wesley as his boyfriend had, he was cute and obviously sexy and his penis was nice, but he wasn't Matt and in Ben's eyes Matt was everything he could ever want or need and with that in his mind he flipped over his right card and reveals the 3D and groans in annoyance, although the look of sympathy from his boyfriend makes him smile, he really loved how happy his boyfriend made him.

Wesley now half lost in the pleasure he is giving himself, has lost track of the game already and has his eyes half closed as he works his hand up and down his five inch boner and it takes Mitch coughing loudly to get his attention back on the game and he lets go of his boner.

"Hey no stopping, until you win a round." Ben quickly calls out and smiles as Wesley gives him a small glare, before he starts rubbing himself again.

Wesley then flips over his card and reveals JD and smiles, knowing at the very least he isn't going to get another dare, although he is gutted he didn't win the round.

"Well that was close Wesley, but Matt you win and Ben looks like you get a dare from your boyfriend." Mitch says, as he looks at he three boys mixed reactions, Both Wesley and his little brother seemed disappointed, where as Matt seems excited, but he can also see a sense of hesitation in the boys eyes, which made Mitch wonder what he had in mind for his boyfriend.

"Okay, well I want you to kiss Wesley, until the end of the next round." Matt says and the look on both Ben and Wesley's faces, makes Mitch feel uncomfortable enough to speak up.

"Matt, are you sure you want him to do that?" Mitch asks the young boy, he isn't sure he has thought the dare through, sure Ben and Wesley had kissed earlier, but the game has changed since then and with Wesley masturbating himself and he wasn't sure if he were in Matt's position, he would want his partner to be kissing him.

Both Ben and Wesley remain silent as they look at each other awkwardly, both were aware that this kiss would be different to the one before and neither wanted it to happen, but Wesley had made the rule that all dares had to happen, unless Mitch stopped it and it was clear he wasn't going to if Matt didn't change his mind.

"Yeah it will be cool and besides you guys will all get annoyed if me and Ben just gave each other easy dares or dares with each other and I know Ben loves me and I trust him." Matt says and Mitch finds himself unable to think of anything to counter the young boys logic, sure it could backfire if Matt gets jealous, but he had no doubt that the two boys loved each other and decided that if Matt was that confident than he was happy to let the game continue.

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure, well go ahead Ben, I won't deal the next round until you start the kiss and Wesley remember your dare is still active." Mitch informs the two boys, as he shuffles the deck of cards patiently.

Ben then slowly crawls over to Wesley and stops in front of him, with his friend masturbating he wasn't quite sure how he was meant to kiss him and looks back to his brother looking for help.

"Mitch er... I don't know, I mean how am I meant to kiss him when he is... you know... doing that?" Ben asks, ignoring the giggle that comes from his boyfriend.

"Oh... okay well if Wesley gets up into a kneeling position, you can kneel next to him, but facing him and then you can lean over and kiss him, he should be able to continue his dare as well that way." Mitch says before stopping and thinking how he had just given his little brother directions on how to kiss a masturbating boy, in front of him and his actual boyfriend and felt himself shudder a little wondering again if he should end this game now.

"Yeah and make sure you kiss him properly Ben, if we are going to play this game we have to do it right." Matt then says and Mitch's thoughts turn back to Matt and he couldn't quite help thinking the young boy was setting himself up for a nasty shock and was then about to end the game, until he noticed Matt gasp a little, before smiling and when he turned back to the other two boys, he saw they had started kissing in the position he had suggested and knew he was too late to stop the game now and resigned himself to the game carrying on.

It isn't until Matt leans over and pokes his leg, that Mitch remembers he is meant to be dealing the cards, he gives Matt a nod of appreciation and deals each boy three cards starting with Matt, it is then that Mitch notices a slight problem with this round, as neither Ben or Wesley can actually see or turn over their cards and turns to Matt to see if he had realised the same thing, but when he sees the cocky grin on the young boys face, he realises Matt knew this would happen and couldn't help shaking his head in bemusement.

"You knew they wouldn't be able to see or turn there cards over didn't you?" Mitch whispers, as he leans over to the young boy.

"Yeah, I thought it would be funny to see how they would react, look thank you for asking if I was sure earlier, I know it's weird that I picked this dare, but I meant what I said and me and Ben have plenty of time later to do things and we love each other." Matt explains to the older boy, who looks at him with a smile.

"Doesn't it bother you seeing him kiss someone else though, It would bother me if someone I loved was doing that and especially with the other person touching themselves." Mitch decides to ask honestly, as he tries to make sure Matt understands what is happening fully.

"We love each other, that is all that matters and I know these are just dares, I'm sure kissing your ass is a lot worse than kissing someone on the lips and besides if you look at Ben's penis, it's totally soft now and that tells me everything I need to know." Matt responds, as he looks over to his boyfriend grinning and when Mitch follows his gaze, he now knows how much Matt really had thought about this dare and was reminded that despite their age, that these three young boys were exceptional and not to me underestimated.

"Okay guys your cards are ready, but you can't stop either of your dares, so you will have to use your free hands to point to a card." Mitch announces and he can hear a little noise come form the two boys kissing and he chuckles and took it as a sign they understood.

Mitch holds his little brothers cards up and tells him to pick one, Ben reaches out a hand awkwardly and touches the middle card, although it could have been any as Ben couldn't see the cards, Mitch puts the cards down and turns over the middle one.

"Okay, that is the 7H Ben." Mitch says and chuckles when he hears his little brother make a sound, that is muffled out by Wesley's mouth.

Mitch repeats the same process with Wesley, although it is slightly more awkward as one of his hands is occupied, but eventually he manages to touch the left card and Mitch flips it over.

"Okay Wesley you got the 6H okay." Mitch says, but manages this time to repress his chuckle when Wesley makes a very cute sounding noise, that Mitch assumes is a disappointed groan.

Mitch chooses the right card in front of him and turns it over to reveal the 3D and sighs, looks like he is about to find out his first dare he thinks to himself and frowns jokingly at Matt, who is giving him a cheeky mocking grin.

Matt quickly turns his middle card over enthusiastically, hoping it is him who gets to dare the older boy to do something, but at worst it would be Ben doing the daring, but as soon as he looks down his face drops when he sees the 2S and Mitch laughs at him loud enough for both Ben and Wesley to realise the round is over and they quickly stop kissing, although Wesley remembers he still has to keep his dare going, as he knows he didn't win.

"So I won?" Ben then asks, as he sits down and looking down he can see that his boyfriend has lost and he grins at him.

"Yeah and I have to admit I'm looking forward to Matt getting taken down a peg or two, after his little cocky spell just now." Mitch says smiling, he loves the boy but he was getting full of himself and he ignores the boy sticking his tongue out at him.

"Cool... Matt you have to nibble and suck Wesley's nipples, until the end of the next round." Ben quickly states, with a big grin.

"Hey, why is it always me?" Wesley asks, sounding frustrated and Mitch actually thinks the boy has a point, but his amusement at Wesley's misfortune wins out and he just smiles sympathetically at the boy, who just looks at him defeated after realising the older boy isn't going to help him out.

"Because you're just so darn adorable, Mr straight as an arrow." Ben says mockingly at his friend and for the first time Mitch understands what is going on and wondered what Wesley had done to the boys, to get them to mess around with him like this, he knew it wouldn't be anything nasty, because that wasn't who Wesley was but spending time with the boy he knows he has probably been teasing the boys a little and is now going to have to take his dues.

"Fuckers!" Wesley mutters, but the smile on his face lets everyone know he is having a good time, despite the fact he is getting destroyed by his two friends right now.

Matt gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips before moving over to Wesley, but surprises everyone when he pushes him on to his back and lies by his side, he then takes one more look at his boyfriend, before leaning over and getting to work on Wesley's nipples straight away, which causes his friend to yelp and shifts his position slightly as he feels his friend bite down on his left nipple and then his right and groans a little as his friend starts to alternate between the pleasant nibbling feeling and the slightly painful biting, he wonders if Mitch is ever going to start dealing or if he had done it already as a moan escapes him mouth, but with his hand still pumping away on his rock hard boner and Matt doing all sorts off things to his nipples, he just finds himself panting and feeling extremely horny.

Mitch looks over to his little brother and sees the same expression Matt had had on the previous dare and decides to not worry about if he is okay, knowing the answer and just deals out the cards starting with Wesley, Mitch then realises that although they aren't kissing, that Matt and Wesley will have to have their cards held for them and then be told which one they picked, like the previous round and thought maybe future dares would have to be modified to avoid this little issue again.

"Okay Wesley left, middle or right mate?" Mitch then asks, as he somehow finds an easy solution to the problem, he was just thinking about.

"I will... aargh... ah, have... the... shit.... aargh mmnn.... middle one please..." Wesley mumbles out in between moans and groans and Mitch realises that the boy must be getting close to his first orgasm of the night and wonders if he should try and fix the next round to help him out before that happens.

"Oh wow, I think Wesley is getting close Mitch, this is going too be so cool." Ben whispers to his brother and Mitch forgets what he was thinking, as he looks down to his little brother who looks really excited.

"Think we should let him stop, it's a pretty personal thing to do and he might get embarrassed." Mitch whispers back, hoping his little brother shares his concerns.

"No way Mitch, we are playing dares and anything goes, besides Wesley wouldn't be playing if he didn't want to, I know if one of you dared me to do something that I didn't want to do, I wouldn't do it no matter what you all say and I know you wouldn't force me to do it." Ben responds, keeping his voice low and Mitch looks at his little brother and realises he is right and no one is being forced to do anything they didn't want to do.

"I guess so, just promise me that you will back me up if I want to stop the game going to far... please Ben, I need you to promise me." Mitch then asks, looking his little brother in the eyes.

"I promise, I love you Mitch." Ben responds smiling, before turning back to his boyfriend and the moaning Wesley.

"Oh shit, sorry Wesley just spilt my drink a bit, but your card is the JS okay." Mitch quickly says, realising they are meant to be playing, although despite his current situation Wesley had noticed Mitch hadn't revealed his card and knew it wasn't because he spilt his drink and was obviously talking with Ben.

Ben then quickly turns his card over and smiles as he sees the 10C and is confident he won't lose this round, despite Wesley already having the JS.

Mitch turns his left card over and turns over the KC and notices the smile his little brother had a few moments ago, being replaced by a worried expression.

Mitch then looks over to Matt and realises his solution earlier for this problem won't work and goes back to what worked the last round.

"Matt I'm going to put your cards in front of you okay, just try to touch one and I will tell you what it is okay." Mitch says, not expecting an answer, but gets one in the form of a cute noise that sounded like an okay, but with Wesley's heavy breathing and moans it was too hard to tell.

Mitch looks down to see Matt's finger on the middle card and turns it over to reveal the AH, causing Ben to groan out loudly and knowing the round is over, Matt gives each of Wesley's nipples one last bite, causing the boy to groan loudly, before he gets up and walks over to where he was sitting before and Mitch could see the young boy, was now soft just as his little brother had been after kissing Wesley.

"Okay, I don't see why Wesley should get all the fun." Matt begins to say, as he looks down at the cards to see he has won and his boyfriend had lost, he notices Wesley slowly sit back up, but can see him sweating and breathing heavily, he can also see how red his nipples look and can even see his little teeth marks, but when he sees Wesley looking a little hopeful that he is going to get a break this time, he changes his mind about the dare he was going to give his boyfriend and gives Wesley an evil grin.

"Oh... come... aargh... on leave me alone... aargh.... please." Wesley struggles to say and he slows his stroking right down as he knows he is going to orgasm soon, but was praying he would win the next hand and looked at Mitch pleadingly, but looks down in defeat as the older boy shakes his head at him.

"Okay Ben, you have too go to our room and bring down the cherry flavoured lube and masturbate Wesley until the end of the next round with it." Matt announces grinning, as Ben looks at him in shock and for the first time, Mitch sensed his little brother was really not happy with his boyfriend, but Wesley's reaction changes his focus completely.

"Cherry.... flavoured lube.... oh... aargh shit.... fucking hell.... aargh... is that why your lips taste of strawberries Ben... you have flavoured.... lube?" Wesley asks, with his breathing getting very laboured and his eyes struggling to stay open, he wishes he hadn't asked the question even though he wants the answer, because it just means he has to wait longer until the end of the round.

"Matt..." Ben starts to say ignoring Wesley, but Matt is quick to interrupt him.

"Ben please..." Matt says and with that, to Mitch's amazement his little brother just gets up before kissing his boyfriend on the lips and hurries upstairs.

"Wesley, if you want to stop we can end the game." Mitch says, after watching his little brother disappear into the hallway.

"No.... I.... fuck shit.... I will be okay." Wesley says, as his eyes close and Mitch can see the young boy is barely moving his hand now, but his boner is twitching and knows it will be a miracle for him to hold out once his little brother returns with the lube and decides to help the boy out by fixing the next round, he checks to see if Matt is looking, but sees he is looking at Wesley with a sort of fascinated look and quickly takes his chance to place the cards in the right order.

"Okay I got it, Wesley you better lay down for this." Ben says, as he comes back into the room just after Mitch has finished with the cards.

Wesley does as he is told and Mitch can see him close his eyes as he lays down, Ben then surprises everyone by sitting on Wesley's torso with his back to his friends head, effectively immobilising him, Mitch sees Wesley's eyes open in surprise, but quickly close again, Ben then pushes his friends hand of his boner and just sits there for a few moments before looking over to Matt, following his little brothers gaze, he sees Matt nod with a smile and then hears Wesley gasps, turning back he can see the boy has both hands clenched and his mouth closed tightly as Ben pours the cherry lube on his boner and begins to gently stroke it.

Mitch decided to quickly deal the cards out as Wesley, despite his obvious efforts to hold them back, lets lose with a series of moans and even whimpers a few times, he had been masturbating for almost fifteen minutes and now with the lube and someone else's hand he wasn't going to last long, Mitch then gives his little brother a look, after he realises he hasn't even noticed the cards in front of him.

Ben just smiles and gently flips the card on his right over to reveal the 8D and turns his attention back to his friends boner and decides to use his other hand to play with his balls which brings fresh moans from Wesley, who is doing everything he can to try and last the round.

Mitch quickly turns over his middle card and reveals a 6H and pretends to be disappointed by sighing, he knows the highest card Matt has is a four, he had thought about making his little brother lose the round, but Matt's dare had made his mind up, as he was clearly trying to make Wesley orgasm and he just hoped Wesley could hold out.

Matt looks over smiling, until he turns over the card on his right to reveal the 4S and his face drops, Mitch doesn't waste any time and turns to Wesley and his little brother, but he can tell this isn't going to be easy, Wesley has his eyes closed and his hands clenched and his panting and moaning tells Mitch that he isn't going to get any sense out of the boy, so he turns to Matt.

"I think you better pick one of his cards, there is no way he can do it." Mitch suggests, realising this is kind of poetic justice and with Matt turning the card over himself, there would be no way any thoughts of the hand being fixed, not that he suspected anyone would actually think it was but it was nice to think it anyway, there was just one problem with his idea though and it was too late to do anything about it.

"Okay seems fair to me." Matt says, but instead of picking a card he just waves his finger over each one painfully slow and Mitch realises he is stalling on purpose and when he turns back to the two boys he can see his little brother is not holding back and he fears he has just failed Wesley.

Mitch turns to Matt and gives him his best look of annoyance, without seeming like he was trying to help Wesley out, he knew Matt wasn't a mean boy and that he as just having fun so he hoped that his look would hurry the boy up.

"Okay the middle one will do." Matt says after a few more moments, he had wanted Wesley to orgasm and was sure his plan would work, but the look Mitch had given him told him that he was taking too long and being unfair, so he flipped the card over and instantly wished he hadn't, as he saw the KC and knew he was in trouble.

"Okay Ben stop now, Wesley well done little man you won that round." Mitch announces and smiles as his little brother immediately stops and gets off his friend, but when Wesley doesn't move Mitch grows a little concerned, he can see his chest rising and falling rapidly and his boner is twitching all over the place and was pretty sure a breeze could set him off, before noticing his little brother is giving him a worried look as well and decides to reassure everyone. "Okay, I think we need to give him a few minutes guys, we need some more drinks anyway and maybe some snacks." He then suggests, as he stands up.

"Man I can't believe he didn't orgasm." Matt says and Mitch turns to him with a glare.

"Is that all you care about." Mitch says with a lot more venom than he intended and notices his little brother stepping in front of his boyfriend protectively.

"Mitch stop it." Ben says firmly.

"Okay sorry, I didn't mean to sound that harsh, but this night is about fun and I don't want you boys trying to force each other to do things and to be honest I'm still shit scared that I'm doing the wrong thing joining you three." Mitch explains to the two boys, as he apologises to them for over reacting but he was on edge and getting more uncomfortable as the night went on.

"Mitch I didn't mean it like that, I just meant it's pretty cool that he didn't orgasm, I think I would have had like three by now if that was me." Matt then states, trying his best to explain that he was just impressed by Wesley and didn't mean to come across any other way.

"Oh, then I feel like an even bigger prick now... look guys I'm sorry and maybe I should just leave you three to play, I'm just on edge and will ruin it for you all." Mitch says as he sits back down, feeling like a complete idiot.

"It's cool, I want you to play and it's kind of nice to know you will keep us safe, I mean you helped me for my dare earlier, when you noticed I was struggling and then you fixed it so Wesley won this round, so I think we need you to play to keep us safe Mitch." Matt then says sincerely, surprising both his boyfriend and Mitch in the process.

"Wait what, you cheated so Wesley won the hand?" Ben asks, sounding both surprised and annoyed.

"Wait, you knew I fixed the cards?" Mitch asks, ignoring his little brothers outburst.

"Yeah, but I kind of knew that you were just looking out for Wesley, so you see you have to play, because me and Ben would have just kept going and Wesley and Ben would have just kept making me do my dare... so please keep playing Mitch." Matt explains and then pleads and Mitch feels all his reservations wash away, realising that he had a role to play tonight and he should fulfil it.

"Okay I will and as for your question Ben, yes I fixed that hand and I would do the same for you if I felt you needed a break, I told you all at the start of the game, that I won't let any one get hurt or a dare to go too far and I meant it." Mitch answers, as he looks his little brother in the eyes and smiles when he walks over and hugs him tightly.

"Thanks Mitch, you're the best big brother ever." Ben tells his brother sincerely, before letting go.

"Oh fuck..." Wesley's voice suddenly interrupts the other three boys, who turn to him looking concerned. "That was fucking awesome.... but can someone get me a drink please?" He then adds, as he just about manages to get himself into a sitting position.

"Sure I will go." Matt quickly says quickly disappearing into the kitchen, he feels a little guilty for what he did and even though he knew Wesley was going to get a chance at payback in a few minutes time, he wanted to do something to show he was sorry.

"I got to hand it to you little man, you got some pretty impressive staying power, I don't know many people, well any people who could have held out like that." Mitch says honestly, as he gives Wesley a proud look of respect.

"Are you kidding, I was like one stroke away from blowing my load all over the place." Wesley says grinning and Mitch can still see the boys boner twitching, not quite picking up on what the boy just admitted to being able to do.

"Blowing your load?" Ben suddenly asks curiously, after being completely confused by his friends words.

"He means cumming Ben.... hey wait, you can cum Wesley?" Mitch begins to explain to his little brother, before realising what Wesley had said and not quite sure he heard him right, the boy was only eleven after all.

"Yeah for about two weeks now, it's awesome and feels great although it's kind of messy, the first time it hit me right in the face." Wesley answers, before giggling at the memory of the first time it happened to him.

"Oh man, I can't wait for Matt to start cumming." Ben says and then turns bright red, at the realization that he had just told his brother, that he wanted his boyfriend to cum.

"Well cheers for that lovely thought Ben." Mitch says shaking his head and wishing his little brother would think before he spoke. "Wesley well what can I say, you're just full of surprises and well done little man." He then says, after turning to Wesley to show how impressed he was at the young boy once again.

"Guys, before Matt gets back can you help me think of a dare, I'm totally beat and can't really think of anything other than... well you know." Wesley asks, as he looks at the two brothers in front of him.

"That's cheating though and I'm not going to do that to Matt, but I won't say anything to him if you want to help Mitch." Ben responds honestly, before walking out to the kitchen, so he can stall his boyfriend for a few moments and give Wesley and his brother a chance to think of something.

"Well I honestly don't know Wesley, I think it would be good to make sure the dare doesn't involve you at all, you have had enough 'fun' for the last few rounds I think, I suppose you could have him do something with Ben I guess, but would it really be a dare... at this point I don't think there is much they haven't done and I'm not going to let them do the things they haven't done yet even for a dare." Mitch says trying to be helpful, but he isn't sure if it is working.

"You won't be mad if I make him do something with you would you?" Wesley then says meekly, he had thought of something, but really wasn't sure he should say it.

"That depends on what it is Wesley, remember I'm older then you boys, so there are things that just can't happen." Mitch explains honestly, as he hides his nervousness caused by the question.

"Would you let him kiss you, like really kiss, like me and Ben did?" Wesley asks, again sounding nervous.

"Kiss me?" Mitch says, not quite sure if he likes the sound of that at all and it was definitely extremely close to crossing the line if not completely over it.

"Yeah, well I was thinking it would make Ben a little jealous as well and I don't think either of them like kissing other people, because Ben definitely didn't like it when we kissed, so it is kind of a little payback for me, but without being really mean." Wesley tries to explain, hoping the older boy would at least consider it or offer his own idea.

"Okay, but it will have to be for a set time and not as the next round is being played, it's really awkward trying to play while two of you're 'busy' so yeah okay, I will do this just for you okay Wesley." Mitch says and instantly asks himself what he is doing, but for some reason his feelings for the young boys happiness, was winning out over his ethics.

"Oh wow and thank you so much, just so you know though, you don't have to just say yes to me because you feel sorry for me, I know I have some issues Mitch but I don't want to be treated differently from everyone else, especially by you so just promise me that you won't treat me like a child." Wesley states seriously, as he gives the older boy his best pleading look, he wants Mitch to treat him like he has been doing these last few days and not like a little kid that needs protecting.

"Of course and I'm sorry if I have been doing that, but I won't stop looking out for you either just like I do with Matt and Ben." Mitch tells him, with genuine care in his voice, before adding in a more playful tone. "Oh and just so you know you're going to 'enjoy' the first real dare I give you, although you may be a little embarrassed."

Wesley is about to respond, but just as he opens his mouth, both Ben and Matt walk back in the room with two drinks each, they give Mitch and Wesley one each, before Ben runs back into the kitchen and back again with two bowls, when Wesley looks he sees one is full of peanuts and the other crisps he smiles.

"Cool, cheers guys and while me and Ben enjoy some snacks, Matt can do his dare." Wesley announces in a casual tone, as he picks out a few crisps and eats them as he looks across to Matt.

"Can't we just have a break for a few minutes?" Matt asks, not wanting to back out of having to do a dare, but he wanted to have something to eat and drink.

"Like you and Ben gave me a break?" Wesley retorts in a playful tone, as he pauses to enjoy the look on both Ben's and Matt's face as they blush. "So I think two minutes is enough time for me and Ben to feast, so Matt you can start kissing Mitch now and just like Ben had to kiss me, so make it a real kiss." He then adds and smiles when he sees the shocked looks on his two friends faces.

Both Ben and Matt then look at Mitch, expecting him to object to the dare, they knew he was nervous about doing something he shouldn't, but when he just shrugs at them they realise that he is okay with it.

"Ben, I don't know if I can." Matt then says, as he turns to his boyfriend.

"I don't know if I want you to either." Ben responds honestly, it was one thing kissing another boy and he would let Matt kiss Wesley, but to kiss his brother he wasn't sure about that at all.

"Damn it, sorry guys, look I know I said no one can back out of their dare, but if you two don't want this to happen, I can try to think of something else." Wesley quickly says, realising he hadn't even considered how his two friends would react as a couple, he knew it would be fun to see them be uncomfortable, but he would hate himself if he caused something that would affect them as boyfriends.

"Can we like have a few minutes alone to talk about it?" Matt then asks, as he looks to both Mitch and Wesley.

"Yeah of course, I could use another excuse to go to the toilet with out risking a dare." Mitch says as he gets up, he then ruffles his little brothers hair and then Matt's as he starts to walk out the room.

"Yeah wait for me, I need to go as well." Wesley says as he stands up, his still twitching boner bouncing up and down as he walks towards the door.

"Together?" Both Ben and Matt state in unison with smiles on their faces and both Mitch and Wesley stop to look at each other.

"Yeah why not, we are all boys here." Mitch says, surprising everyone as he turns and walks up the stairs, Wesley stands there not quite sure what to do and looks at Ben and Matt nervously.

"Just go, we have been sitting here naked together for like an hour doing dares, so peeing in front of each other is hardly embarrassing." Ben tells his friend and smiles when Wesley turns around and follows Mitch up the stairs.

"Ben, I don't want to kiss anyone else and I don't want you to kiss anyone else either." Matt says, after a few moments silence while they waited to make sure the other two were gone.

"But you made me kiss Wesley." Ben responds in confusion, he didn't want his boyfriend kissing his brother, but he felt a bit annoyed at the double standards.

"I know and I thought it would be funny and cool, but when Wesley told me to kiss Mitch it just made me realise that I don't want to share you and I don't want you too want to share me either, do you know what I mean?" Matt tells his boyfriend, trying his best to explain his feelings and hoping he understands.

"I don't want to share you either, I didn't hate kissing Wesley but at the same time I didn't like doing it, it felt wrong and like I was being a bad boyfriend." Ben replies honestly and Matt smiles in relief as he knows his boyfriend feels the same way he does, but as they were now talking alone he wanted to know something else.

"Did you like er... you know er... touching him?" Matt asks and Ben can tell his boyfriend is nervous about asking the question.

"No... it was fun you know trying to get him to orgasm, but it felt the same as kissing him, it felt wrong.... whenever we do things together it never ever feels wrong Matt, even when we were in the pond last year camping and our boners touched and we got scared, it still felt right like it was natural and we were meant to be doing it." Ben answers honestly, with a smile on his face and both boys lean in for a quick but loving kiss.

"So do we stop playing dares now then?" Matt then says, after their kiss ends.

"I don't want it to end, but I think Mitch is only keeping the game going because of Wesley." Ben responds and catches his boyfriend by surprise with his answer.

"Huh, because of Wesley, you don't think..." Matt starts to say, but stops after remembering this morning and how his boyfriend had reacted to those thoughts, he knew he was not himself but he didn't want to risk him freaking out.

"You can say it, I remembered a bit more of this morning and that was just the crazy me talking, Mitch would never do that and what I meant was, I think there is something wrong with Wesley." Ben says, clarifying his statement and answering his boyfriends unfinished question.

"You think Wesley is ill or something?" Matt then asks, focusing on the more important part of what his boyfriend had just said.

"No, not like that, I mean I think Wesley is a lot more er... what's the word er... vulnerable than he appears, I don't think his parents give him much attention I mean you saw the way his mum talked to him and then about him after he left and I never even knew Dr Fisher had a son, let alone two and remember how much we talked about families in our sessions." Ben says, explaining what he meant.

"Yeah I only knew they were related, because I saw him go in the building and they had the same last name, Dr Fisher never mentioned him or talked about him, until we all saw each other when I had that incident with the film, he seems happy when he is with Mitch though, I think it's nice how Mitch looks after us Ben, he always seems to be there and know what to do when we need him." Matt states and again the two boys kiss.

"I was thinking, there is a way we can keep playing dares." Ben then says out of the blue, returning to their actual conversation that they were meant to be having.

"Really?" Matt responds, as he plays with his boyfriends hair with his fingers.

"Yeah how about we change the rules, so all dares can only be done by the loser and no one else is allowed to be involved." Ben explains, grinning at his idea.

"So no more dares where you have to do something to someone else, like we did to Wesley?" Matt asks curiously, he actually felt guilty about them ganging up on their friend like that now and knew his boyfriend felt the same way.

"Yeah well maybe no, how about you and me can be dared to do things to each other, but not with Wesley or Mitch and maybe if they agree, Mitch and Wesley can do dares with each other, so I could dare Wesley to kiss Mitch, but no one can dare you to kiss any one other than me, you understand?" Ben answers, after modifying his initial idea so that they could keep the game fun.

"Yeah that would be cool, god I love you so much." Matt answers and before Ben can respond, he feels his boyfriends lips on his and they fall to the ground on their sides.

"Well it didn't take you two long did it." Mitch states, as he and Wesley return to the room and sit down looking across to the two boys, who quickly break their embrace and sit up.

"Sorry, we were just celebrating." Matt responds, as he gets comfortable on his little pillow chair.

"Celebrating what?" Mitch asks curiously, trying not to notice the two boys boners bobbing up and down, even as they sit still.

"Ben and me talked and neither of us want to do any more dares, where we have to do things with either of you two." Matt announces with a grin, although his happiness at the news, confuses both Mitch and Wesley.

"Wait you're celebrating, because you don't want to play any more?" Wesley says and all three of the other boys can hear the hurt in his voice and see it all over his face when they turn to him.

"Oh shit, we don't mean it like that Wesley." Ben quickly says, his suspicions that Wesley may not be as fine as he pretends to be, is now proven in his eyes and he doesn't want to let him get upset. "Me and Matt decided that we didn't want to share each other, so we came up with a solution, from now on dares should only involve the person who loses but we don't mind if someone dares us to do something together, just not with either of you two, we just don't like seeing each other with someone else... you understand right?" He then says, hoping he has been clear enough so Wesley doesn't feel like he is being rejected.

"Oh and if you two don't mind, there could still be dares where you two do stuff, but again me and Ben won't do any more dares with either of you and that means I won't be kissing Mitch, but it's still my turn for a dare, so if you two are happy to carry on, Wesley still gets to give me a dare." Matt adds, realising his boyfriend had forgotten that part.

"Okay and well I guess that is fair enough and if Wesley wants too I agree to us doing dares together, but let's try to have a few solo dares from now on please." Mitch answers with a friendly smile.

"I'm fine with it." Wesley says, but Ben can still tell there is sadness in his friends eyes, but not because of anything that has happened tonight. "Okay Matt, your first dare is..."

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