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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 5

March 2015

Poker Suits:

C = Clubs

D = Diamonds

H = Hearts

S = Spades

"Well it didn't take you two long did it." Mitch states, as he and Wesley return to the room and sit down looking across to the two boys, who quickly break their embrace and sit up.

"Sorry, we were just celebrating." Matt responds, as he gets comfortable on his little pillow chair.

"Celebrating what?" Mitch asks curiously, trying not to notice the two boys boners bobbing up and down, even as they sit still.

"Ben and me talked and neither of us want to do any more dares, where we have to do things with either of you two." Matt announces with a grin, although his happiness at the news, confuses both Mitch and Wesley.

"Wait you're celebrating, because you don't want to play any more?" Wesley says and all three of the other boys can hear the hurt in his voice and see it all over his face when they turn to him.

"Oh shit, we don't mean it like that Wesley." Ben quickly says, his suspicion that Wesley may not be as fine as he pretends to be, is now proven in his eyes and he doesn't want to let him get upset. "Me and Matt decided that we didn't want to share each other, so we came up with a solution, from now dares should only involve the person who loses but we don't mind if someone dares us to do something together, just not with either of you two, we just don't like seeing each other with someone else... you understand right?" He then says, hoping he has been clear enough so Wesley doesn't feel like he is being rejected.

"Oh and if you two don't mind, there could still be dares where you two do stuff, but again me and Ben won't do any more dares with either of you and that means I won't be kissing Mitch, but it's still my turn for a dare, so if you two are happy to carry on, Wesley still gets to give me a dare." Matt adds, realising his boyfriend had forgotten that part.

"Okay and well I guess that is fair enough and if Wesley wants too I agree to us doing dares together, but let's try to have a few solo dares from now on please." Mitch answers with a friendly smile.

"I'm fine with it." Wesley says, but Ben can still tell there is sadness in his friends eyes, but not because of anything that has happened tonight. "Okay Matt, your first dare is to make out with Ben for five minutes" Wesley says surprising everyone, especially Matt who had expected a little payback from his friend for what he had made him do.

"Wow er... not that I want to get the dare changed, but are you sure Wesley, I mean just after the last few dares I thought maybe you were going to get your own back." Matt asks, with a little bit of nervousness in his voice, but he wants to make sure Wesley is sure this is what he wants.

"Yeah, look I will get you and Ben back later and that is a promise, but well I wanted to do something nice and tonight is about having fun and well just enjoy it Matt please." Wesley says, genuinely wanting to just do something nice and despite the last few dares, Ben, Matt and Mitch have done nothing but look out and been there for him and this was a small token of appreciation.

"Well Wesley, I think that is a pretty great gesture, but I'm not changing my plans for you when you lose and I win the same round." Mitch informs him, he knows the boy is doing something nice, but he also knows Wesley doesn't want to be treated like a fragile child and decides to do his best to keep the promise he made to him earlier.

"You better make it good Mitch, because I won't go easy on any one else after this one." Wesley says looking directly into the older boys eyes, before turning back to Matt. "Well go ahead... oh and before I forget, if either of you touch the others boners, you get a penalty dare that me and Mitch get to choose when we feel like it." Wesley adds with a wicked grin and Mitch can't help but think this kid is just amazing.

"Oh fuck... so doing something nice right?" Ben then says sarcastically.

"Hey, it is something nice it's not my fault if you can't keep your hands to yourself." Wesley retorts, still maintaining the wicked grin.

"Man you're just awesome Wesley... good dare." Matt says sincerely, sure it was a mean twist but it was genius and he was impressed.

Matt decides he should get started and moves over to his boyfriend and straddles his legs, he is about to start kissing him, but quickly turns to Wesley.

"Er... is this okay, I mean I assume you meant touching as in hands right?" Matt asks and waits for Wesley to answer him, as he enjoys the feeling of his boner against his boyfriends.

"I will allow it, but if you start humping each other, you will not like the forfeit dare I have in mind... so it's your choice whether you want to risk it." Wesley answers honestly and Mitch grins, he liked the way Wesley's mind worked, he was giving his friends the choice but at the same time it wasn't really their choice at all.

"Damn it." Matt says, as he gets off his boyfriends legs. "Come on let's just kneel in front of each other okay." He then tells his boyfriend, who nods in agreement before getting up into a kneeling position.

The two boys spends a few seconds gazing into each others eyes before leaning in and kissing, for Mitch it's an awkward thing to watch, sure it was adorable and cute but it was his little brother and he had to just look away and hoped maybe Wesley would talk with him, Wesley however was watching with interest and he could see that both boys were trying their best to keep their hands away from the others boner, he is sure they will not be able to help themselves and after only a minute he sees both their hands moving and is already starting to think of what dare to give them, but is disappointed to he sees them lock hands together instead and realises that they have somehow figured out a solution to their problem.

"Guess the forfeit dares are out of the question then." Mitch says in a hushed tone, loud enough for Wesley to hear but hopefully with Ben and Matt occupied they won't hear anything.

"Yeah but I don't care, they look so happy together do you think they will get married one day?" Wesley asks, so casually that Mitch isn't sure he heard the boy right.

"Married?" Mitch responds wondering if he misheard the boy.

"Yeah I know it is like years and years away, but it is legal now I think and by then it definitely will be, so do you think they will?" Wesley answers, as he turns to look at the older boy.

"Honestly, I have never even thought about it, I mean if they wanted to one day, I'm sure they will." Mitch responds, before looking over to the two kissing boys and he can see that they both have their eyes open and are staring into each others. "What made you ask me that though Wesley?" He then asks, as he turns back to the young boy.

"I don't know, it just popped in my head and I thought why not ask." Wesley replies calmly, he had no idea why he thought about them getting married, but he doesn't regret asking Mitch.

"Oh well, looks like you might have to think of some forfeit dares Wesley." Mitch then says, as he looks back over the two boys, to see them touching each other and they still had one minute to go.

"Nah let them enjoy themselves, we can get serious after this dare is over." Wesley says following the older boys gaze to see his friends are indeed touching each other, but it looks more tender and loving than trying to get the other one off.

"Yeah they are sweet together." Mitch says, not quite knowing what else to say.

"Okay guys, times up you can sit back down now." Wesley suddenly says, as Ben and Matt take their time to break apart.

"Right next round and this time we are just going to have two cards each, I think three is pointless." Mitch then announces and deals the cards starting with Wesley, before any of the boys can say anything.

Wesley leans over and takes a handful of peanuts before sitting back down, he watches as Ben and Matt do the same, before he turns over his left card to reveal the 5H and sighs, Mitch has noticed that since the poker side of the game ended, Wesley has been a lot more open with his emotions when it came to his turn, where he had been unreadable before, he was now an open book and it made him admire the boy even more.

Turning his left card over Mitch smiles as he turns the QC over and turns to Wesley, who gives him a nervous look knowing the older boy had something big planned for him made him very nervous.

Matt then turns his right card over, to reveal the 10C and smiles in relief and chuckles as Wesley groans at seeing his card.

"Looking nervous there Wesley." Mitch says, not being able to resist teasing the boy, he had thought he would have to wait a long time to give Wesley his special dare, but was very happy to have it happen now.

"Whatever." Wesley retorts weakly, he knows he is in trouble and was secretly praying to somehow get out of it, not that he feared Mitch's dare would be that bad, but he knew it would be embarrassing and he was worried.

Ben then ruins his brothers fun though, by turning over his right card to reveal the 4S and almost swears, as he realises he has lost.

"Ha tough luck Mitch." Wesley snorts, as a wave of relief comes over him.

"Well your time will come little man." Mitch says smiling, but everyone knows the older boy is disappointed. "Okay Ben your dare is to go into the kitchen and get a bowl off iced water, then come back here and make sure it's really cold." Mitch then says as he turns to his little brother, who gives him a confused look before doing as he is told, Mitch hadn't really known what to dare his little brother so he thought of testing out part of his planned dare for Wesley, just to make sure it works as well as he had hoped.

Ben then returns after a minute with a bowl of water and ice and Mitch is happily surprised to see the bowl is the perfect size, as he had forgotten to specify what size his little brother should get.

"So what do I do with it?" Ben then asks, as he sits down with the bowl in front of him, he then quickly looks over to Wesley who let out a chuckle.

"Oh man, this is going to be so funny." Wesley says, as he looks at the confused look on his friends face and he knows exactly what Mitch is going to say, although if he knew what was in store for him later, he might not be so excited by this dare.

"Well you're going to squat over the bowl and put your penis and balls into the bowl until you win a round." Mitch explains with an evil grin on his face, as Wesley laughs out loud and Ben just looks at him in disbelief.

"But it's.... cold." Ben says, realising as he says the words that it was the whole point.

"It's okay, I will be right next to you." Matt then says, as he moves closer to his boyfriend before taking his hand into his own and Ben turns to him smiling and grateful for his boyfriends support.

"Okay sooner you start, the sooner I deal the next round Ben." Mitch says, deciding to hurry his little brother up.

Ben sighs and with his hand still safely in his boyfriends he gets up and squats over the bowl and slowly lowers himself down and instantly tenses up and raises himself out of the bowl.

"Oh fuck it's cold..." Ben says, not caring how obvious his statement is he didn't expect it to feel that bad.

"Hey come on, you can do it." Matt says reassuring his boyfriend and using his free hand to gently rub his back, he knows that his boyfriend doesn't like cold water that much and feels sorry for him.

Ben again smiles at his boyfriend and is happy to have him right next to him, taking another deep breath he lowers himself down again, even though everything inside him is telling him to get up again, he manages to keep himself down, although he isn't sure he could do it if it wasn't for his boyfriend comforting him.

"Well you got balls I will give that to you little brother, well for now you have them anyway, not sure where they will be when you finish the dare." Mitch says teasing him, although when he sees the look of fear on his face, Mitch feels guilty and quickly decides to reassure him. "I'm kidding Ben, well in that water they may disappear back inside you for a little while, but you know I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you." He says and he can see the relief over his little brothers face.

Mitch then decides to get the next round started and deals everyone their cards, starting with himself and turning over the 3H and wishing he had picked the left card instead of the right one.

Matt then turns over his left card and reveals the JS and smiles.

Ben looks over to his boyfriend and gives him a look that neither Mitch or Wesley understand, but Matt gets it straight away and turns his boyfriends right card over to reveal the 6H and Ben manages a weak smile, but he is really not enjoying his dare and squeezes his boyfriends hand and gets a quick kiss which helps a lot.

Wesley then grins and turns over his right card and reveals the 5C and sighs a little, as he wanted to give Mitch a dare.

"Well about time you got a dare." Wesley manages to say, but is still a little annoyed he doesn't get to give it.

"Well it had to happen I guess... so go ahead Matt." Mitch says, trying to sound braver than he feels.

"Cool... okay you have to make yourself get a boner and you have to keep it hard until you win a round." Matt says and the room falls into silence, even Ben looks over at him with a questioning look.

"I..." Mitch begins to say, but stops as he doesn't quite know what to say.

"What? I just want to see how big it gets and he has seen us all with boners and doing things." Matt then states, not understanding why they are looking at him like they are.

"Okay I will do it, it's only fair and well okay just, shit okay." Mitch stutters, as he nervously starts rubbing his soft penis, not quite sure if he can even force himself to get hard, with three eleven year old boys looking at him and especially as one of them is his little brother. "Wesley you're going to have to deal for a while okay?" He then says, after realising he can't actually shuffle or deal during his dare.

"Okay no problem." Wesley says, as he reaches over and takes the deck of cards.

As Wesley shuffles the cards and deals them out, all the boys eyes are on Mitch's slowly rising penis and despite his thoughts of not being able to make himself hard, Mitch finds that he is having no such issue and by the time all the cards are dealt he is sporting his Nine inch boner and is faced with the look of amazement and shock on the three younger boys faces, as they stare at the size of it.

"Holy fuck... it's huge." Matt says, as he finds himself leaning to get a closer look, but when he feels his hand being squeezed he remembers he is holding his boyfriends hands and turns to him blushing. "Sorry... it's just so big... but yours is still better, I think it's perfect." He then says honestly and leans over to kiss his boyfriend.

"Fuck you lucky bastard..." Wesley says, as he stares at the impressive boner in front off him, he had suspected he was going to be big when he saw him in the morning soft, but even his older brother is not even close to this big and he struggles to look away.

"Okay guys, let's keep the game going." Mitch says, trying to turn the attention away from himself.

The game continues for another fifteen minutes with either Matt or Wesley winning each round, until Ben finally wins a hand and smiles when his boyfriend is the loser.

"Oh fuck, about time." Ben says as he quickly jumps up, but when Wesley bursts out laughing and he looks down to see his soft penis shrivelled up and his balls basically gone, he looks over to Mitch in concern, but realises his brother has his own problems as he is still stroking his boner and his breathing is getting heavier.

"Hey don't get scared Ben, that just happens when they get that cold, they will be fine in a little while once you warm up a bit." Wesley tells his friend, after realising he doesn't know what is happening and Mitch is too distracted to notice.

"Oh okay." Ben replies sounding relieved and when he feels his boyfriend squeeze his hand, he smiles at him as he sits down. "Well Matt, your dare is masturbate yourself using the cherry lube until you have an orgasm." He then says grinning and ignores the adorable pout on his boyfriends face, knowing that if he looked to long at it he would cave and change his dare.

"Oh, nice one Ben." Wesley says, as he leans over and picks up the lube next to him and throws it over to Matt who catches it.

"Fuck... okay." Matt says and is about to start, when he feels his boyfriends hand stop him.

"Oh I forgot, if you orgasm before you win a round, you have to start the dare again after that winning round until you win another one with the same rules applied." Ben adds, with a cheeky grin as his boyfriends face drops.

"Holy shit, that is brilliant." Wesley says, knowing how the lube feels and wonders if Matt has any control over his orgasms, because if he doesn't he could be in for a long night.

Matt can't help but gives his boyfriend a dirty look, before he begins stroking himself and applying the lube, knowing he has to go slow and knows he is going to have to do everything he can to hold out before he orgasms, although he has never even tried to hold out before and was nervous.

"Just remember Matt, even when you win a round you will still have to finish making yourself orgasm, even if you already had one before." Ben then says smiling, but on the inside he feels awful for doing this to his boyfriend and the look his boyfriend gave him, left him in no doubt that he is going to be in trouble once they were alone.

Wesley decides to get the next round started and deals the cards out, starting with Ben.

Ben then looks down and picks his right card and reveals the KS and smiles thinking that he gets to make another dare and hopes Wesley loses this time.

Matt, who is already feeling a tingling feeling inside, flips of the left card and reveals the 3S and groans as he looks down at his rubbish card and Ben can't help but feel this is the worst possible outcome and he had no idea what he could dare him to do while he is still carrying out his currant dare and wonders how he could have done something so awful to his boyfriend, he knew he was fragile and now he was basically humiliating him.

Mitch is next to flip his card over and is well aware he is close too cumming and really doesn't want to do that in front of the three boys and especially his little brother, so when he flips over the left card, he quickly raises his free hand in victory, as the AC is revealed and even Ben sighs in relief, he really didn't want to give his boyfriend another dare or keep seeing his brother masturbating himself.

Wesley then slowly turns over his right card, although he was caught between watching both Matt and Mitch masturbating, when he does look down he sighs in relief as the 4H is revealed.

Mitch quickly stops stroking himself before looking at the cards, he hadn't really been paying attention for the last few rounds and when he sees Matt stroking away and breathing heavily, he feels sorry for the boy and even more so when he notices he is using the lube as well.

"So who... oh Matt... damn what is his dare at the moment again?" Mitch asks, realising apart from the boy obviously having to stroke himself, he doesn't know the full dare or even remember who gave it to him.

Ben looks at him a little sheepish and explains the dare to his brother, who to his dismay gives him a disappointed look, if the look his boyfriend had caused him to feel guilty about the dare, the look from his brother makes him regret it completely and he wishes he could change it.

"Well okay, look sorry Matt but I have too." Mitch says genuinely feeling bad for the young boy, who gives him a weak look of appreciation for the gesture. "I dare you to... oh shit I don't know what to dare you." He then says, not knowing what to say that won't make the boys currant dare even worse.

"I don't care what it is just please be quick, I need to win a round quickly... please Mitch." Matt says pleadingly, he knows he is totally screwed and probably won't be able to last more than two rounds, he had never tried to hold his orgasms and he and Ben had just let them happen and enjoyed them.

Ben then surprises everyone, by moving over to his brother and whispering in his ear before returning to his original place in the circle.

"Okay Matt, I dare you to suck... no wait bite and nibble Ben's nipples for two rounds, unless you win the next round where both your dares will end, although I guess technically your first dare requires you to finish your self to an orgasm still." Mitch says and he can tell his little brother is surprised by the change in his idea, Ben had told his brother to say suck, but clearly his brother wanted to punish him a little and he knew he deserved it so just kept quiet.

"Okay..." Matt responds and moves over to his boyfriend and straddles his groin, he then wastes no time and goes straight to work on his boyfriends nipples and by his surprised yelp, it is clear Matt isn't being gentle.

"I guess you should deal again Mitch." Wesley then says, although he is grinning in amusement at the look on Ben's face, he had Matt nibble and bite his nipples, but it was actually not that painful and was quite nice, but he could tell that Matt had other ideas on how his boyfriend should be feeling right now.

"No, it's fine you can carry on little man." Mitch responds, deciding Wesley is just as capable as he is to deal a deck of cards.

Wesley decides to deal the cards out starting with Matt, enjoying the fact he is being allowed to deal for longer.

"Oh crap er... Matt hold one finger up for the left card and two for the right card please." Wesley asks, realising his friend only has one hand free and his face is buried in Ben's chest. "Oh okay cool. you got the AD... oh wow nice one Matt." He then says, actually genuinely happy to see Matt's dare ending sooner rather than later, he knew how it felt to have that sort of dare, but Matt's was worse because it could have went all the way until they stopped playing and that could be hours away and then there is the fact he has clearly never tried to hold back an orgasm before.

Mitch feeling happy about Matt winning the round, turns over his right card and reveals the 5H and sighs a little, but is still happy for the young boy, he was angry that his little brother could give his boyfriend such a hard dare and especially as they all know that Matt is extremely fragile still.

Wesley then quickly flips over his left card to reveal the 7C and sighs in relief, leaving just Ben to go.

"The aargh... ouch... fuck Matt... ouch... the left one Wesley, I pick the left one... ouch... fuck" Ben manages to say, clearly not enjoying this dare which isn't even his and despite knowing he probably deserves this, he is starting to get a little upset with his boyfriend being so rough.

"Okay er... you got the QC... that means Matt you win and Mitch loses." Wesley says smiling, but starts laughing as he watches Ben basically trying to push his boyfriend away from his nipples and failing.

"Matt stop it now." Mitch then says and the tone of his voice makes Matt release his boyfriend and stand up before sitting down, looking a little embarrassed.

"Sorry Mitch." Matt says sheepishly, he had got carried away due to the masturbating and getting his revenge on his boyfriend for giving him such a humiliating dare.

"Fucking hell Matt that hurt, I mean really.... what the fuck?" Ben then says angrily and is clearly upset with his boyfriend and both Mitch and Wesley can see the teeth marks around his nipples and how red they look.

"Sorry... fuck... maybe I should go home." Matt suddenly says and both Wesley and Mitch look at him in surprise and concern, this is exactly why Mitch was worried about Matt and he was even more disappointed in his little brother, so when he sees Matt stand up he is just about to stop him, when his little brother gets there first.

Ben quickly grabs his boyfriends arm and pulls him down to the floor and rolls on top of him, effectively pinning him to the ground.

"Hey, get off me I want to go home." Matt says as tears fall down his face, he is devastated that he had hurt his boyfriend and hates himself. "Mitch make him get off, I want to go home." He then calls out, as he tries to get is boyfriend off him, but isn't strong enough in this position and from how tired he was from all his dares.

"Ben get off him and Matt let's talk about this please." Mitch says, but his little brother doesn't budge and he is about to stand up to separate the boys himself, when his little brother turns to him.

"No..." Ben says, before looking down at his boyfriend. "I love you okay and you didn't hurt me... well actually it did fucking hurt, a lot you dumb ass, but I'm not angry and I know you didn't mean too." He then says and Mitch relaxes and decides to let the two boys sort this out themselves, when he looks over to Wesley he can see that he is trying his best to look away and not look at his friends and thinks it is a nice gesture for the boy to do.

"You don't hate me? But I hurt you, we promised to never hurt each other and I did... I should go home." Matt responds and tries again to push his boyfriend off, but there is no way he can win in this position.

"Yeah you did, but not like really hurt me, we love each other and that is all that matters, remember what Mitch said when we first started going out?" Ben responds, before stopping to let his boyfriend think about what he has said.

"Just let me go home please..." Matt states, he just can't help feeling like he is a monster and thinks his boyfriend is just pretending to forgive him.

"He told us that we are going to be discovering things together for the first time... you know sex stuff and sometimes it may not quite be good, because it will be our first time doing them and well this is like that, I know you were angry at me for my shitty dare, which I really regret giving you Matt, but we are going to accidental hurt each other when we do things and I'm okay with it and I want you to be as well, I love you and there is no way that I'm ever going to let you go, because you and me are forever Matt and I love you more than anything else in the universe." Ben tells his boyfriend from the heart, with passion in his voice and leans down to kiss his boyfriend, who hesitates at first but is soon returning the kiss.

"Guys come on, break it up." Mitch says, he is glad they seem to have sorted things out, but he doesn't want a live sex show involving his little brother... although he has to laugh to himself, at the irony of those thoughts, because of what they have all been doing this evening.

"You really don't hate me?" Matt then asks, as soon as the kiss is broken by Mitch's words.

"I could never hate you, but we can definitely cross off nipple biting from our list of things to do to each other, nibbling and sucking is awesome, biting is not." Ben answers honestly, as he looks down lovingly at his boyfriend.

"So er... shouldn't I finish my dare now?" Matt then asks nervously, he had thought about not saying anything and hoping the others forgot, but he was not a coward and didn't want to back out of a dare.

"Only if you want to." Ben replies, as he gets off his boyfriend and sits besides him, he didn't care if it ended the game if his boyfriend didn't want to do it then he would back him up all the way.

Mitch can tell Wesley is about to say something, but smiles as the young boy stops himself, he was sure he was going to tell Matt he had to do the dare but obviously decided that it wasn't his decision to make and kept quiet.

"I don't want to, but I'm going to do it because I don't back out of dares." Matt says, as he starts to stroke his now soft penis, Ben sees this and smiles before reaching over for the cherry lube and squirting some on top of his boyfriends rapidly hardening boner and giggles when his boyfriend moans at the cold sensation hitting him by surprise.

"Sorry, but it was part of the dare remember." Ben says apologetically, before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend briefly, before sitting back to enjoy the view.

Both Mitch and Wesley decide to remain silent, because they don't want to spoil the tender moments that Ben and Matt share, but where as Mitch quickly turns his gaze away from the boy stroking himself, Wesley can't keep his eyes off the boy, it was a strange thing to watch and while he wasn't gay, his hormones were definitely in control and he found himself playing with his hardening penis and Mitch doesn't quite know where to look with two boys openly playing with themselves, however by some miracle he manages to set his eyes on his little brother and to his amazement he just seemed content to watch his boyfriend, so Mitch decided to focus on him although the moaning was impossible to ignore and he was really starting to feel uncomfortable.

Wesley though suddenly realises what he is doing when he feels the start of his orgasm, normally it would never come this quickly, but he had been over stimulated by the earlier dares and quickly stops stroking himself, although his breathing is heavy and it takes him a few moments to recover, then when he looks up he sees both Ben and Mitch give him a bemused grin, before a loud moan and groan from Matt grabs all their attention and despite his best efforts Mitch can't seem to look away from the young boy.

"AARRGGHH... FUCK... FUCK... AARRGGHH.... FUCK OH... FUCKING..." Matt shouts out and everyone except his boyfriend turns away looking a bit embarrassed watching Matt orgasm.

"Oh wow... he isn't shy is he." Wesley then says, as he turns back to see the now seemingly blissful Matt still laying down, with his chest rising and falling quickly.

"What do you mean?" Ben asks curiously, turning to his friend with a quizzical look on his face.

"I mean he is loud when he has an orgasm, I mean I make a little noise, but not like that." Wesley responds, clarifying himself.

"You don't, but I thought everyone was loud." Ben responds, still looking at his friend curiously, he had just assumed that every one shouted out, he and his boyfriend both shouted out.

"So you shout out like that too?" Wesley can't help but ask, but turns to Mitch when the older boy fails to hold back a chuckle, while he listens to the two boys talk. "What?" He then asks the older boy.

"Look Wesley and well Ben you might as well pay attention as well, when people orgasm there are a few different ways different people react, for instance Ben and Matt are shouters they will scream and shout out... loudly, when they orgasm, me and I'm guessing you as well Wesley would fall under the category of quiet... we will moan and groan a little, but no where near what shouters do and there are also people who just swear and talk dirty from the moment they start masturbating or having sex to when hey orgasm, never heard that type myself, but they are out there and I'm sure there are more reactions as well." Mitch states, as he tries to explain to the boys, how different people react to orgasms.

"But Matt was swearing, doesn't that make him a dirty talker and not a shouter?" Wesley asks, genuinely curious about what the older boy is telling him, he had just assumed everyone was like him, where they make a little noise, but that is about it.

"Well he swore as he orgasmed, I do that and I'm sure you have done it to Wesley, but dirty talkers will talk like that near enough from the moment they start to when they finish and then probably for a little bit longer while they recover." Mitch explains and can see both boys thinking over what he has told them.

"Oh well, that's cool I guess." Wesley says before turning to Ben. "Is he okay yet?" He asks, as he looks over to Matt who is still breathing heavily.

Ben quickly looks down to his panting boyfriend and leans down, almost laying on top of him as he whispers in his ear. "You okay for the next round sexy?" and waits for a reply.

"Yeah, but I need a drink." Matt responds quietly, as he opens his eyes to see his favourite green eyes looking back at him and the two boys kiss for a few moments before Ben gets up

"Yeah he is okay, but he wants a drink first." Ben then states, as he looks round to see both his and Matt's glasses empty.

"He can have mine, I'm not really thirsty at the moment." Wesley offers, as Ben moves over and gratefully takes the glass and returns to his boyfriends side.

"Come on get up." Ben playfully orders his boyfriend, who slowly manages to get into a sitting position. "Good boy, now drink up while Wesley deals the next hand." He then says and gets a weak punch on the arm from his boyfriend, who is still recovering from his orgasm.

While Matt gulps down his drink, Wesley deals the cards starting with Ben, although he can't remember who he should have started with and no one has said anything anyway.

Ben seeing that he got dealt to first, flips his left card over and reveals the 8S and is pretty pleased with the card.

Matt decides to go next and turns his right card over to reveal the JH and smiles knowing he won't be getting a dare and goes back to laying on his back again for a few moments.

Mitch goes next and turns the left card over to show the 8C and exchanges a look with his little brother.

Wesley then grins as he turns his right card over to reveal the KD.

"So do you both lose?" Wesley asks, realising that Ben and Mitch have the same card.

"No, we just turn one of our other cards over and whoever has the lowest loses." Mitch explains the simply solution and he quickly turns his right card over to reveal the QC and grins at his little brother. "Ha, beat that little guy." He then taunts.

Ben looking defeated already, turns his right card over and everyone falls silent as they see it is the QS.

"Well now what?" Matt says looking at Mitch.

"I guess we both lose, your lucky day Wesley, just remember the rules okay." Mitch says reluctantly, as he turns to Wesley reminding him about the first rule.

"Nah I know and well this is easy, after Matt orgasmed I want to see you both do the same and to make it more interesting the last one to orgasm, has to spend the next round with their penis and balls in the bowl of ice water, like Ben did earlier." Wesley states with a massive grin on his face, as both Ben and Mitch look at each other nervously.

"So it's like a race?" Matt then asks, after getting back into a seated position, he is now feeling excited and happy that he isn't going to be the only one to orgasm in front of everyone.

"Yeah, so come on team Walker, get stroking and let's see who wins." Wesley answers, before declaring the start of the dare and after few moments of hesitation Ben begins to stroke his soft penis which quickly hardens.

Mitch, who had been distracted by his apprehension swears when he sees his little brother get a head start and forgets all his embarrassment and gets to work, Matt enjoys watching his boyfriend stroking himself and forgets about Mitch almost completely, except for the occasional quick glance, while Wesley can't take his eyes of Mitch, he knew he would cum properly and couldn't help but wonder how much would come out.

Mitch was aware of his little brother already moaning and panting, but Mitch knew despite being a deft hand at delaying his orgasms, he was also well versed in the quick release when time was tight and he knew he could blow his load quickly if he wanted to and could feel it already, but then he suddenly realised he was actually going to cum in front of the boys and while it was comforting that neither Ben or Matt were paying him any attention, the fact Wesley was watching him intently unnerved him enough to slow down his orgasm, it is only when he hears his brother start to moan louder, does he realise he has to hurry up and really gets to work using a few tricks he knows.

"Aargh... yeah... yeah... fuck...." Mitch calls out almost softly, he could be as loud as the best of them, but he found it more enjoyable being quiet and just letting the intense feelings fill him with joy and he threw his head back.

"Oh man that is so fucking awesome there is like a gallon of the stuff." Wesley calls out, just before Ben's orgasm hits him.

"AARRGGHH... FUCK... FUCK... AARRGGHH.... FUCK OH... FUCKING..." Ben then shouts out, emulating his boyfriends earlier orgasm almost perfectly.

"Holy shit, you two even sound the same when you orgasm." Wesley then remarks, noticing both his friends calling out in exactly the same way as each other and couldn't help grinning at them, before turning his attention back to the pool of cum in front of Mitch and being in awe of the amount he can see.

"Fuck that is a lot." Matt then says, as he looks over to see what Wesley was looking at.

"Oh shit, I should have used a tissue or something, going to have to wash that out before dad gets home." Mitch says as he looks down, he tries to hide the proud look on his face, at the impressive load he just shot out, but the sly grin on Wesley's face tells him he failed.

"It's okay Mitch, we can just use these." Wesley then says, as he leans to his side and picks up Matt's tighty whiteys and before anyone can stop him he uses them to wipe the cum up.

"Hey, that's my fucking underwear." Matt says sounding irritated, as he sees his underwear soaked in Mitch's cum.

"Oh sorry, I didn't realise." Wesley responds feigning innocence.

"What happened?" Ben says and his voice causes everyone to look at him, he then sees his boyfriends underwear in Wesley's hand. "You dirty fucker, you better wash them before giving them back." Ben tells Wesley, in a tone that lets his friend know he is being serious.

"Sorry, it was meant to be a joke." Wesley says, before turning to Matt. "Sorry I will wash them... I didn't mean to upset you," He then says sincerely and wonders if he went to far and now they hate him, just like his family does and Matt could see his friends change in mood and knew he had to comfort him quickly.

"Hey don't worry about it, it was funny but totally gross and just makes sure you wash them really good, because I don't want Mitch's stuff in my underwear." Matt says, before moving over and giving Wesley a quick hug, before returning to his boyfriends side.

"Okay, let's try not to focus too much on Matt's dirty undies, so how about we just get on with the game, we can play a few more rounds before we all get a shower and head to bed." Mitch announces, although he gets a groan from the boys, when they realise what he said about going to bed and aren't happy.

"Hey its not that late, can't we watch a movie together after the game?" Ben says almost pleading, sure he wants to be alone with Matt, but it is still early and he wants to hang around with Wesley and his big brother for a little while longer.

"Yeah come on Mitch, it's not that late." Matt says, as he backs his boyfriend up.

"Okay we will see what happens, but it is a school night." Mitch responds, conceding his original plans, although he does wonder why Wesley seems so quiet, just like his concern for Matt's fragile state, he knows Wesley also has his own issues and is worried about him.

Mitch doesn't get a chance to ask the young boy though, as Wesley deals out the next round, although Mitch suddenly remembers that his little brother has to pay his forfeit and after a little groan, for the second time of the night Ben submerges his boner and balls into the bowl of ice water and looks just as uncomfortable as he did the first time.

With Ben now ready, the next round begins with Mitch losing and Wesley winning, the young boy dares the older boy to let him spank him twenty times and everyone gets a good laugh, except Mitch who hadn't expected the boy to actually spank him with any force, but by the end of the dare his ass is on fire and he finds himself sitting uncomfortably.

The next three rounds see both Wesley and Ben receive a spanking from Mitch, who knowing he is a lot bigger and stronger than the boys, takes it easy on both of them, although he makes sure their backsides are a littlered, when Matt loses the next hand and Ben wins, Mitch gets a bit nervous in case Matt reacts badly to the spanking, but to his relief and a little disappointment, his little brother just dares his boyfriend to kiss him for five minutes.

Mitch feels a little disappointed that he hasn't been able to give Wesley a dare and reluctantly tells the boys the next round will be the last, there are a few groans, but when he tells them they can watch a movie they seem satisfied and Wesley deals the cards starting with Ben.

When Ben turns over his left card, he smiles at the QH in front of him and is excited to not only avoid a dare, but likely be the one to give it as well.

Matt goes next and groans when he turns over his left card to reveal the 5H and sticks his tongue out at his boyfriend, when his he grins at him.

"Ha tough luck Ben, looks like the last dare is mine." Mitch then says as he turns his right card over to reveal the KC and grins at his little brother, who is now looking less than impressed that he won't be involved in the dare.

Wesley then turns over his left card and to his dismay he looks down to see the 2C and instantly looks up to the grinning Mitch, who can't believe his luck.

"Oh fuck..." Wesley says, as Ben and Matt start giggling and all three turn to Mitch in anticipation.

"Ha, I bet this is going to be funny." Ben states, although Mitch notices that his little brother, has moved right next to his boyfriend and they are both holding each other and playing with each others fingers with their free hand, looking adorably cute together.

"Okay Wesley, you have five minutes to cum in this room." Mitch starts to say, but is interrupted by a relieved sounding Wesley.

"Oh easy." Wesley says cheerfully, he had expected something really bad and actually felt a little disappointed in the older boys dare, although he certainly isn't going to complain about it.

"Whoa there Wesley, first of all we have to put this on you." Mitch calls out as he holds a cock ring up, Ben and Matt recognise it instantly and giggle, but Mitch can tell by the bemused look on Wesley's face that he has no idea what it is.

"Huh... what the hell is that?" Wesley asks totally confused as he looks at the ring, he can't for the life of him think what it is or what it does.

"It's a cock ring, it goes well the clue is in the name." Mitch answers, before pausing to let his little brother and Matt's giggles subside. "But first we have to do something about that." He then adds as he points to Wesley's boner.

"Huh?" Wesley says, he is still confused by what is happening and is slightly unnerved by the grin on the older boys face.

Mitch tells his little brother to go get some more ice for the bowl of water and chuckles at the groan that escapes from Wesley's mouth, when he realises what is going to happen when Ben returns and the bowl is ready Wesley decides to just get on with it and lowers himself down into the bowl and yelps at the coldness, Mitch lets him stay like that for a minute, before telling him to get up and to everyone's amusement the young boys penis and balls have both shrunk, although not as much as Ben's had earlier due to only being in the water for a minute.

"Perfect, now lay back Wesley, it will make this easier." Mitch instructs the boy, who reluctantly obeys him and lays down, Mitch then attaches the cock ring to the boy and Ben notices this cock ring is different to the one his older brother had got him and watches with fascination as Mitch turns something and the ring tightens.

"Oww... what's happening?" Wesley yelps, feeling something pinching around the base of his penis and balls.

"Sorry, but I just wanted to make sure it is tight enough, now go ahead your five minutes start now." Mitch tells the young boy, who stares at him for a few moments before realising his time has started and quickly starts stroking his soft penis, thanks to the cock ring though it quickly hardens and he is soon stroking away as fast as he can.

"Mitch?" Ben calls out.

"Yeah Ben?" Mitch responds.

"What happens if he doesn't cum in the five minutes?" Ben asks and both Matt and even Wesley look up to Mitch to hear his answer, Wesley hadn't even thought about what would happen if he failed, as he was so confident of this being and easy dare and was now worried.

"If he fails to cum in five minutes, then he has to go out in the back garden and will have another five minutes to try and cum, oh and just to make it more fun I have three flash lights, so we we can see him in the dark." Mitch informs the boys grinning and both Ben and Matt cheer, but Wesley just looks stunned and actually stops stroking himself for a few seconds, before realising what he is doing and starting again.

"But... outside... we." Wesley starts to mumble, before Mitch interrupts him.

"Hey, it was your idea that the back garden could be used Wesley, in fact I remember you insisting on it." Mitch states, almost gloating at the young boys reaction and knew he had successfully beat the boy at his own game.

"Fuck, I forgot about the back garden..." Wesley says, but stops talking when he realises something is wrong, he has been feeling the normal feelings he gets right before he is about to cum, but nothing is happening, he is harder than he has ever been and his penis looks so red, but he can't seem to cum.

"It's the cock ring Wesley, it stops you cumming too quickly" Ben decides to explains after seeing the confused look on his friends face.

"I can't cum? Wait isn't that cheating though?" Wesley then states, feeling if he can't cum than the dare is unfair.

"No... you can still cum, it just takes longer and you have to try harder." Ben explains to his friend, what the cock ring does and Mitch is quite impressed with his little brother.

"Fuck." Wesley says, as he tries even harder to cum by speeding up, when he realises he only has a minute left he tries playing with his balls as well in the hope he can cum, but while the feeling is there nothing happens and he finds himself feeling frustrated.

"Okay stop Wesley, times up and it looks like we get to go outside." Mitch suddenly declares and all three boys laugh, at the strange noise that comes from Wesley, it was a sort of half yelp and half groan sort of noise.

Reluctantly though Wesley gets up after a few moments and follows Mitch through the house, he hesitates for a few moments, before he finally steps out into the back garden and instantly starts looking around, he relaxes a tiny amount when he sees that the garden fence pretty much means no one will be able to see him, his slight relief is short lived though as he is told to either sit or lie down, as three beams of light fix on his rock hard boner, which is bouncing around on it's own, Wesley decides to lie down so he at least doesn't have to look at the other three boys and begins to stroke himself as fast as he can.

"Er... can I like er... use some lube, it's starting to hurt a little?" Wesley then asks after one minute, realising with the cock ring he is a lot more sensitive and without something to slick his boner, it is getting a little sore.

"Sure, be right back." Mitch says in a cheerful tone, but inside he is annoyed with himself for not getting the boy to use lube in the first place, he knew from his own experience that you need to use lube and felt like he had fucked up and decided to make it up to Wesley another day. "Want me to pour some on for you?" He then asks, after he returns and kneels down next to the boy who is now panting and moaning.

"Yeah... please... yeah..." Wesley says in between breaths and shudders a little when he feels the cool liquid cover his boner and is relieved to feel himself getting close to cumming, but even with the lube and the increased speed due to the slickness, he is frustrated to realise he still can't cum.

"Hey, so what happens if he can't come out here then?" Matt then asks, as it suddenly dawns on him that in less than two minutes, Wesley will fail this part of the dare.

"Well I don't want to say as it is a surprise, but while Wesley won't think it's funny I'm sure you both will... but I will tell you that we will need more ice." Mitch says teasingly, before falling silent as he watches the young boy try his best to cum, Mitch wasn't actually sure if Wesley would cum or not, he knew it was unlikely the boy would be able to cum in five minutes, even ten minutes might not be enough time, but Wesley was still a boy and he remembers being younger and to predict something like this is almost impossible, he just hoped the boy would fail, as he thought the last part of the dare was going to be funny.

"Sorry to say it Wesley, but times up little man." Mitch then announces.

"Oh no fuck... can't I have more time, I know I'm close." Wesley pleads, but as he sits up he can tell he isn't going to get another chance and lets go of his boner, which is now twitching all over the place, but still to his dismay he fails to cum.

"Sorry now come on get inside and Ben get some more ice please." Mitch states, as he walks in followed by the three boys, with Wesley bringing up the rear looking frustrated.

Once in the living room Mitch stands next to Wesley, as Ben returns with more ice to put in the bowl of water and Wesley looks up to the older boy.

"What happens now?" Wesley asks nervously, wondering if he has to try to cum again, but then thinking if that was going to happen why would Mitch want the ice cold water for and he was so close to cumming, he knew he probably could cum within a minute even with the cock ring.

"Now you put your balls and penis in the bowl of water, so we can take the cock ring off and you can then start your forfeit for failing the dare." Mitch answers, so casually that Wesley can't help but feel more nervous than he already had been.

Wesley reluctantly lowers himself down and yelps loudly, as his balls and boner are submerged in the water, it was a horrible feeling the first time he did it, but now with his extra sensitive boner it was a hundred times worse and he tried to lift himself, but he realised now why Mitch had stood next to him, as he felt the older boy hold him down and he couldn't hold back a whimper.

"Hey stop it Mitch, you're hurting him." Matt suddenly says, after hearing his friend yelp and looks up to Mitch with a concerned look.

"He is okay, trust me I have done this myself and it just takes a bit of getting used to." Mitch says, as he reassures the young boy, but he can tell Matt isn't quite convinced and tries to think how else he can convince him, when Wesley speaks up.

"It's... okay Matt... I just... wasn't expecting it to feel that cold, it must be the cock ring and lube or something, but I'm okay." Wesley says, struggling at first but adjusting to the coldness already.

"Okay, just making sure." Matt then says and gets a proud look from Mitch, who admired the boy for speaking out to protect his friend.

"Okay, I think that should be enough time Wesley." Mitch says after two minutes and helps Wesley up.

Mitch then quickly takes the cock ring off as all three boys watch him, but instead of finishing there Mitch surprises everyone by pulling something out of the pocket of his discarded jeans, which baffles the three younger boys, they have no clue what it is and look even more confused when he starts attaching it to Wesley's balls and now soft penis, Wesley thinks about protesting because he really didn't like what was happening as he didn't understand it, but he trusted Mitch and didn't want to ruin the evening for everyone.

"Right there we go, you're all done Wesley." Mitch says, as he sits back as looks at the boy with a grin.

"What is it?" All three boys ask in unison, which causes Mitch to chuckle.

"It's called a chastity device." Mitch tells the boys, purposely not explaining any further, to tease the boys a little more.

"What does it do?" Wesley asks, with an obvious nervousness in his voice.

"It stops you getting a boner and you won't be able to cum either." Mitch explains, still smiling and finding the whole thing amusing.

"Oh cool so he can't cum or get a boner at all?" Matt asks, with a grin on his face.

"Nope, not until I unlock it." Mitch answers, as he leans forward and clicks the little padlock shut.

"Wait what, how long do I have to wear it?" Wesley asks, as he begins to panic and both Ben and Matt grow concerned, but Mitch doesn't seem to notice.

"I was thinking next weekend." Mitch says as he teases the boy, he had actually planned to unlock it in the morning but wanted to have a little fun, but he was about to find out that he had fucked up badly, as Wesley jumps up to his feet.

"GET IT OFF..... GET IT OFF NOW!" Wesley shouts, as he loses control and goes into full panic mode and tries to pull it off himself.

"Hey calm down it's okay, I will take it off Saturday okay?" Mitch says still teasing the boy, not realising the boy is being deadly serious.

"NO GET IT THE FUCK OFF.... TAKE IT OFF NOW.... TAKE IT OFF..." Wesley screams, as tears stream down his face and starts to breathe heavily. "TAKE IT OFF... PLEASE... PLEASE... TAKE IT OFF..." He shouts out again, before falling to his knees with his head in his hands crying.

"Oh fuck shit.... Ben, Matt help me lay him down and hold him quick." Mitch says, ordering his little brother and Matt, he had thought Wesley was messing around, but it is clear something is very wrong and he may just have made the biggest fuck up in his whole life, he fights back his own tears at the thought that he has traumatised the young boy, who he knew was already fragile and he hated himself more than he thought possible at that moment.

Mitch quickly gets up and goes to his jeans and fishes around in the pockets, until finally finding the key and returns to the boys and quickly tries to unlock the chastity device, but the young boy is shaking and he struggles to get the key in the padlock, after a few moments though he manages to unlock it and quickly removes the device before throwing it across the room.

"Oh fuck... I'm so sorry Wesley, it is off now.... everything is okay... Wesley?" Mitch asks nervously, he wasn't sure what to do and when Wesley doesn't respond, he thinks about calling the boys parents and knew he was in deep shit and he was starting to panic himself.

"Mitch, maybe you and Ben should go away for a while." Matt suddenly says, surprising Mitch and getting a funny look from his boyfriend.

"What?" Mitch asks, closely followed by his little brother asking the same thing.

"I think I know what happened and you two need to go away and let me talk to him alone." Matt explains, as he pulls his still crying friend into his lap and strokes his hair gently.

"What are you talking about?" Mitch asks, not sure what is happening.

"Ben please, it will be okay I promise, just get Mitch away please." Matt then says as he looks at his boyfriend, he realises Mitch isn't going to leave easily and knows he will need his boyfriend to help him.

"Okay, just call me if you need help." Ben responds, before giving him a loving kiss, he trusts him completely and turns to his older brother. "Come on we need to go, we can have our showers now and get dressed, while Matt talks to Wesley." He then says as he grabs his brothers arm and pulls him up... or at least tries too, but it isn't until Mitch starts cooperating that he manages to succeed and pulls his brother out of the room and towards the stairs without another word being said.

Matt waits until he hears the brothers walk up the stairs, before looking down at his friend.

"Hey Wesley, they are gone now, we need to talk... can you try and talk now please?" Matt says in a warm and friendly tone, he then waits patiently for Wesley to compose himself and can hear him sniffling and knows he will speak when he is ready.

"Is it off?" Wesley then finally says and Matt could hear how frightened his friend was by his tone.

"Yeah and Mitch is really sorry for doing that to you." Matt then replies, as he shifts his position and gets Wesley into a sitting position, which proved more difficult than he thought it would, but soon they are both sitting face to face with their legs crossed.

"Okay... I want to go to bed now." Wesley then says, still sounding frightened.

"No." Matt says, causing Wesley to look at him in surprise.

"What?" Wesley responds.

"I want to talk about what happened first and we are going to, even if I have to hold you down." Matt says in a serious tone, even though he knew his threats were empty, he had no chance of restraining Wesley, but he hoped his boldness would get his friend to at least hear him out.

"You won't understand, I'm just going to bed and don't try to get in my way Matt." Wesley states and calling his friends bluff, he wouldn't hurt Matt, but he wouldn't let himself be held down.

"Won't understand? I think you will find I am the one person who understands exactly what happened Wesley, just hear me out please." Matt says firmly, hoping that Wesley gives him the chance to try and help.

"Matt thank you, but you don't know what happened and..." Wesley begins to say as he stands up, grateful for his friends attempts to help, but knows he wouldn't understand, but Matt interrupts him.

"Control." Matt says almost coldly, but that one word causes Wesley to sit back down and look at his friend and Matt can see a flicker of hope in his friends eyes and he knows he is right.

"Control?" Wesley says back, he didn't think Matt could understand, hell he didn't understand it himself, but that one word got his attention and he now wanted to hear his friend out.

"Yes control, me and Ben know about how your parents treat you." Matt starts to say and can see Wesley is about to say something. "Look just hear me out and listen Wesley." He then says, he wants to explain himself without being interrupted.

"Okay."Wesley says, he wants to ask questions, but wants to hear his friend out more.

"Because they neglect you, you feel like they don't love you, which you're wrong about by the way... but anyway because they have pretty much left you alone, you have had to look after yourself and because of that you have been in control of your own life, at first and maybe even now you don't even know that everything you do is about being in control and you're terrified that if you don't have control than something bad will happen to you and because you think your parents don't love you, that if you lost control you will have no one to save you, Wesley think about everything you do, the sports, music and friends you have, none of that is by coincidence, you choose to do those things because if you choose to do it then you're in control you understand?" Matt says, trying his best to explain himself clearly, but it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be and just hoped he got his point across.

"I don't know... I don't see how school and my friends are about me being on control, everyone goes to school and have friends." Wesley replies honestly, he is confused by his friends words, but something about them makes sense to him.

"Yeah but you don't have to do what you do at school, you do more because if you don't choose to do it, than you fear you will be made to do it, either way the same thing happens, but you need to feel like it is your choice and as for you friends, well we already know they aren't your real friends, me and Ben are your real friends, those people are only hanging around you because you let them, again it is your choice Wesley you know they only hang around with you to be cool and you let them, you could ditch them but chances are they will still hang around you, but if 'you' let them than you're in control." Matt explains and looks at his friends face to see if his words are making any sense.

"I guess so... but I still don't get it... you know the control thing." Wesley states honestly, he is starting to think he understands but is still not quite understanding what it means and why control is so important to him.

"Because to have control is to have power over your own life, with you that is important to your survival, because if you don't have power over your life you don't think anyone else will look after you, Mitch told us about earlier today when you were locked out, Ben and I know most people would wait outside or go to a neighbours and wait for their parents to get home, but you don't trust your parents to care enough to be home to let you in and because your parents are like that, you don't trust your neighbours to care if you're locked out, so you had to take control and that meant getting in the house any way you could and well you did, which by the way sounded totally awesome." Matt then says, as he gives Wesley a small smile.

"Did I freak everyone out?" Wesley then asks, deciding to ignore his friends compliment and change the direction of the conversation.

"You definitely freaked Mitch out, guess we have something else in common now though." Matt responds, with a small grin and Wesley can't help but be intrigued.

"Huh, what do you mean in common?" Wesley asks curiously.

"Yeah remember that day you saw me, Ben and Mitch in your dad's office for the first time?" Matt asks in response, he never thought he would be telling anyone else about what happened, but Wesley was his friend now and he needed to help him and if that meant revealing some of his most personal secrets, than he was going to do it.

"Yeah." Wesley responds, not taking his eyes of his friend.

"Well that was because I freaked out watching a film, Mitch wasn't in the room but according to the way Ben described what happened, when he called Mitch back into the room, he looked just like he did when you freaked out just now, I think when it comes to us boys Wesley, Mitch is terrified at the thought of something happening to us and even more so if it is his fault." Matt explains and can see his friend thinking about what he has just told him.

"Do you mind if I ask you why you freaked out?" Wesley then asks nervously, he is feeling much better about himself now and while he still doesn't fully understand what his friend had told him, at least it was a start and something he could hopefully talk to his dad about, when Mitch helped him talk to his parents and get them to love him again.

"Mr Jones." Matt says, but finds himself not saying anything else, it was still a problem for him to think about the man, but he was determined to help Wesley so was trying his best to get himself to open up.

"Mr Jones? But he is dead" Wesley says and instantly wishes he hadn't said what he had, as he sees Matt's face drop. "Shit sorry, that's not what I meant to say." Wesley starts to say apologising, but Matt cuts in.

"It's okay, yeah he is dead, but he still has the control." Matt says, but Wesley interrupts him.

"Control? Control over what?" Wesley asks, he doesn't understand how a dead man has control or even what he has control over.

"Me, he has control over me Wesley." Matt admits and can't help but sniffle and look down to the ground and finds himself not being able to say any more, despite wanting to help his friend.

"But he is dead, how can he have control over you." Wesley's concerns about himself quickly disappear, when he sees the sad look on his friends face, it was strange because only a few moments ago Matt was helping him, but now it had turned the other way and he was determined to be as good a friend to Matt, as the boy had been for him.

"Because I can't forget what he did to me, Wesley there are pictures he took of me naked and doing things out there and some of them were really bad, the police found most off them but there were a lot missing, mostly the really bad ones and I know there is some pervert or perverts using those pictures for stuff and I don't know who they are, they could be anyone and they will know I'm the boy in the pictures if they ever see me and it scares me." Matt finds himself confessing, only his boyfriend, the police and Wesley's dad knew about the photo's, he just couldn't bare having his parents know or anyone else that there were those kind of pictures on the internet of him.

"Oh shit Matt." Wesley says, as he leans over and cuddles his friend. "If you ever need to talk or something, I want you to know I am here for you." He then says sincerely, he knew he had problems but compared to Matt his just seemed so stupid and unimportant.

"Thanks... but it isn't just the pictures Wesley, I can't even be alone with a man, I could only see your dad because I knew Ben was sitting just outside the door and I have to have my hand on my phone so if anything happened, Ben would know instantly to come and save me." Matt then says, he doesn't know why he is telling Wesley this, but he couldn't stop himself from opening up.

"Fuck... can't my dad fix you?" Wesley asks, wishing he could have used a better word, but he couldn't think of one.

"No, he helped me a lot, but he explained to me that I will never forget what happened, but I'm a lot better now thanks to him, he showed me these techniques to calm myself down." Matt responds with a weak smile, talking like this was making him feel better even though he didn't understand why.

"Techniques?" Wesley asks curiously.

"Yeah, like there were times where I had to use a public toilet and I would freeze if a man was there and we were alone, or a man came in after me and we were alone, I almost passed out in a cubicle once because I was so scared when I heard a drunk man come in after me and I knew no one else was there, but now I got some counting and breathing stuff I can do that calm me down, it's pretty cool how they work." Matt answers honestly.

"Oh man, I feel like an idiot for getting so upset with my stupid problems, when you have been through so much more." Wesley says, but he is surprised when Matt gives him a weird look.

"Don't ever say that again Wesley." Matt states and Wesley is surprised by the tone of his friends voice.

"What do you mean?" Wesley asks in confusion.

"Your problems are just as important as mine, just because they are different it doesn't make them any less important and anyway if you feel like and idiot how do you think I feel?" Matt answers back, still in his serious tone of voice.

"Huh... what do you mean?" Wesley says and is completely confused by his friend.

"Well now you know how I'm really doing since Mr Jones did those things to me, how do you think I feel being such a mess, when Jordan who got it like a hundred times worse than I did is handling it fine, sure he has a few problems but he is basically alright, he told me that at first it was bad when the truth was out, but after a few sessions with his psychologist he didn't need to go any more and here I am still not being able to be alone in a room with a man without freaking out." Matt explains truthfully, he hated the fact he was so weak and couldn't stop being weak, while Jordan recovered just fine.

"I'm so sorry, maybe Jordan is just pretending to be fine, he might just be embarrassed to admit he is struggling and even if he isn't, it doesn't mean you should feel bad and... oh... I get your point now, damn it this is hard right?" Wesley says, as he realises he was doing what he was about to tell Matt not to do and didn't miss the irony, as he only knows Matt feels like that, because he was trying to make him realise he shouldn't be and now he was just confusing himself and stopped thinking about it.

"Yeah I think I heard once on TV, they call something like this a 'mind fuck' but don't let an adult hear you say that, because they get angry." Matt says, grinning at the memory of when he had said that in front of his parents and they were so mad, he knew he would have been grounded if he hadn't been through what he had and made sure to never swear in front of them again.

"Can I ask you something private and personal and you don't have to answer the question." Wesley then says, as he gives Matt a nervous look.

"Er... sure I guess." Matt answers a little hesitantly.

"How do you like er... do stuff with Ben and you know like do what we have tonight, it's just after what you said about the toilets and what Mr Jones did to you, I don't know how you can... you know... not that there is anything wrong with it, I just don't think I could be strong enough to do it." Wesley asks nervously and he wonders if he should have just kept his mouth shut, as he looks at his friend.

"Because I love Ben with all my heart, I don't know how else to explain it, but he is a part of me Wesley and always will be and Mitch well he is like my older brother, I trust him completely and well you're just amazing and awesome." Matt responds from the heart and meaning every word.

What neither Matt or Wesley knew, was that Ben was sitting at the top of the stairs listening to the conversation and was now crying in happiness, he didn't mean to eavesdrop but he was waiting for Mitch to get out of the shower and he now just wanted to run down the stairs and tell his boyfriend he felt exactly the same, but he knew he shouldn't interrupt what was happening and settled for waiting until he had Matt all to himself in their bed to show him how much his boyfriend meant to him.

"Oh man, you know me and Mitch are jealous of you two right?" Wesley suddenly says, feeling the sudden urge to confess this to his friend, who is looking at him in confusion.

"Why would you two be jealous of us?" Matt asks curiously.

"Because you have found the love of your life already and we wish we had someone to love like you two do, well more Mitch as he is older, but I wouldn't mind finding a girl that loved me and I could love back, I know I'm only eleven, well almost twelve but if you two can find each other than I don't see why I can't." Wesley confesses genuinely.

"Oh man, see this is why I'm so happy you wanted to be our friend, you're just awesome Wesley and I hope you find someone to love and while Ben might give me a punch for saying this, well you're pretty hot, I mean I don't fancy you at all, but that doesn't mean I don't know what drop dead gorgeous is and well you're... you know." Matt says and instantly blushes, as he wonders why he had to say that.

"Wow, well you know what don't be embarrassed, I'm straight and I can admit that you and Ben are well to use your own words Matt 'drop dead gorgeous' as well, but don't go round telling anyone I said that or I will have all the boys trying to date me along with all the girls." Wesley says, with a giant cheesy grin.

"Your secret love of me and Ben will forever be our secret Wesley, I promise." Matt answers back, with a grin of his own and both boys giggle.

"Thank you so much for helping me Matt, it means a lot to know I have people that care about me." Wesley says, before giving Matt another cuddle.

"Thank you for helping me as well, it felt so good to say the things I said and just for the record, I agree with Mitch about your parents, they just need a reality check." Matt says, as he enjoys the friendly hug. "Now get off me so all your 'friends' don't find out you love my body." He then adds grinning, as Wesley gives him a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Man you're awesome, should we like go see if they are done showering now?" Wesley says, as he wipes his face with a rag, but as soon as he feels it touch his face he cries out. "OH SHIT NOOOO" He shouts out in horror.

"What? Oh fuck... holy shit, those are my tighty whiteys." Matt says and begins to laugh, as he realises what his friend has just done.

"OH FUCK... WHAT HAPPENED IS EVERYONE...." Ben suddenly shouts, as he runs into the room, but as soon as he sees Wesley and his face he bursts into laughter.

"Eww it's gross and slimy, help me please I can't open my eyes... help." Wesley pleads and despite finding it hilarious and then wondering where his boyfriend came from, Matt quickly gets up and helps his friend to the kitchen and then to the sink. "Eww... I got some in my mouth.... it's Eww it's salty and gross... shit... get it off Matt please get it off." Wesley says and Matt stops messing around, it was funny at first, but his friend is clearly getting upset and he doesn't want that to happen.

"If we hold his legs up, he can lay backwards in the sink and we can use the sprayer to wash his face." Ben then says, as he remembers the time he got bird poop in his eyes Mitch did the same thing to him.

"Ben is here... fuck... Eww I can still taste it... hurry just get it off." Wesley says, realising Ben has seen him now and feels totally humiliated.

"It's cool Wesley, we won't tell anyone." Matt promises, sensing Wesley's feelings.

Matt then turns Wesley so his back is to the sink and with his boyfriends help, they lift him up and push his head backwards over the sink, Ben then uses his free hand and turns the sprayer on carefully moving it over his friends head, Matt then uses his free hand to help wipe his friends face using a cloth.

"Wesley as soon as we are done you better shower, Mitch should be done by now and I want you to use my toothbrush to er... you know get rid of the taste of er.... you know." Ben says, but can't quite bring himself to say 'the taste of his brothers cum' out loud.

"What are you guys doing?" A voice suddenly says, Ben and Matt almost drop Wesley, as they turn to see Mitch standing in the doorway looking bemused.

"Er.. Wesley er... got something on his er... face." Matt stutters, as he tries to answer the older boys question.

"Oh shit what was it, let me see." Mitch says sounding concerned, as he starts to walk over.

"No... stay there, we got it covered." Ben suddenly calls out, stopping his brother in his tracks.

"Well okay, but at least tell me what it is, in case it's dangerous." Mitch says, as he takes a few steps backwards.

Ben and Matt give either other a look as neither knows what to say, they don't want to cause their friend any more humiliation and try to think of something to say, when Ben finally gets an idea, but just as he is about to tell his older brother that Wesley got some of the cherry lube in his eyes, Wesley speaks out.

"I got you cum on my face.... and in my mouth.... now let me down guys and fuck off, I want to go home." Wesley says angrily, as he tries to get Ben and Matt to let him down.

They reluctantly let him down and he quickly rubs his eyes and starts to storm back into the living room to get his clothes, he feels totally humiliated but as he gets to the door, he sees Mitch drop to his knees in front of him and then reach out and take a hold of his shoulders.

"Let me go Mitch, this weekend sucks and I just want to go home." Wesley says, but the anger in his voice has been replaced by a tired and sad tone, it's at this moment that Ben, Matt and Mitch realise what a shit weekend Wesley has actually had, despite the fun they have had as wel, the bruises that still covered their friends body were a clear indication that those good moments didn't make up for the bad.

"Wesley I don't blame you for being embarrassed, in fact I think I would react worse than you're right now but come on we are all friends here and while it's a little funny we don't humiliate each other, I'm sorry and both Ben and Matt are sorry that we laughed and well I don't want you to go home and neither do they." Mitch says seriously and tries to make eye contact, but Wesley just stares at the floor.

"Yeah, we are sorry Wesley, but we won't ever make fun of you about it, we promise." Matt speaks up, hoping to reassure his friend.

"Yeah we promise and no one else will ever find out either." Ben adds genuinely.

"Yeah but it went in my mouth and it was all slimy and salty and gross." Wesley says, before looking up to look directly at Mitch. "Mitch it went in my mouth, I tasted your stuff and I hated it and now I... why do bad things keep happening to me.... am I a bad person?" He then says, Ben and Matt each grab a hold of each others hand, as they hear their friends sad words and realise again how lucky they are to have each other.

"No Wesley, you're the kindest and most thoughtful boy I know." Mitch says and pulls the boy tightly against his chest and rubs his back, he looks to his little brother and Matt with a sad look on his face and they return the same look, it was hard seeing someone they cared about being so vulnerable. "Wesley I don't know why these things happen to you, but you're not the only one, so I am going to tell you the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me, but you all have to promise never to tell anyone else ever, do you all agree?" He then says, before releasing Wesley and returns his hands to the boys shoulders just in case he tried to bolt, although he didn't think he would.

"Okay." Ben says looking at his brother curiously.

"Sure I promise." Matt says, clearly intrigued at what embarrassing thing the older boy is going to admit too.

"You don't have too." Wesley says. "But I promise too." He adds.

"Okay well when I was twelve years old, well almost thirteen I had only just discovered I could cum a few weeks earlier and one morning I had the house to myself, so I got in the shower and well I was... well you know enjoying myself and because I was home alone I wasn't being quiet either, I know I told you earlier about shouters and quiet people right, well back than I was a shouter and not shy with it and well I was really getting close to cumming, however what I didn't know was that my Dad had come home, he had left his laptop I think and well he must have heard the noises and thought I was in trouble or something, because he rushed to the bathroom." Mitch starts to reveal, but all three boys interrupt him.

"Oh shit." They say in unison, realising what is about to happen.

"Yeah oh shit, you see I didn't even hear him come into the bathroom, so I was still moaning and shouting out and I was just about too cum when the shower curtain opened and as I turned I blew my load and it went all over dad's work suit and I mean everywhere guys, you saw earlier how much I cum and well even then I could cum a lot and well you should have seen his face, to this day I can't tell you what it looked liked exactly, but it had disappointment, shame, surprise, anger, disbelief and pride on it and well I didn't know what to do, but then it got worse." Mitch then tells the boys and pauses again as the three boys speak.

"How could it get any worse?" Matt asks as he looks at his boyfriends brother with his mouth wide open.

"Holy fuck, I would die if that happened to me." Wesley says, forgetting about what happened to him just a few minutes ago, this was way worse in his opinion.

"Oh my god Mitch, is that why you and dad didn't speak to each other for like two weeks?" Ben then asks, remembering back when Mitch was twelve and he was like six.

"Yeah Ben it is, but anyway to answer your question Matt, I panicked and well after just cumming I was kind of out of it a little and my legs were pretty unsteady and with the shower gel on the floor I kind of lost my balance and fell forward, straight on dad and we fell to the floor with him underneath me and I could feel my cum on my body, but that wasn't the worst thing." Mitch pauses again expecting the boys to say something, but all three are looking at him stunned, so he decides to just carry on. "The worst bit was that as we hit the floor our heads were at the same level and we kind of accidental kissed, well not a real kiss, but I was still a little out of it after just cumming, that our lips touched for a few seconds before he pushed me off him, he swore a little and shouted something at me that I didn't really hear or understand, but he stormed out of the room and I just laid there crying, he came back after like five minutes I think, could have been ten for all I knew and I noticed that he had changed, then he just lifted me up looked at me with the same face he had on before I fell on him and told me to get cleaned up and then just turned around and left, we actually didn't talk for almost three weeks, I thought he hated me and almost ran away from home, but I couldn't leave Ben so I stayed." He then says finishing his story and he could tell his plan had worked when he looks at Wesley.

"So you do understand what it's like to think your parents don't love you?" Wesley asks, realising Mitch might really know how he feels.

"Yeah a little bit, but it isn't quite the same thing, me and my dad were just embarrassed to talk to each other, he still looked after me and made sure I was alright, your situation is more serious and I just didn't want to try and patronize you by saying 'I know what you're going through' because that wouldn't be fair on you Wesley." Mitch explains to the young boy, deciding to be completely honest and hoping Wesley understands.

"Oh okay, well they may not be the same thing technically, but you still felt like he hated you, so to me it is the same way I feel and it actually helps me understand what you were telling me before about them not realising that I'm not happy, thanks Mitch." Wesley says, as he cuddles the older boy, before letting go and turning to Matt. "Thank you as well Matt, I really mean it." He says, as he walks over and cuddles him, before turning to Ben. "Well what the hell, thank you for er... making sure I didn't fall off the toilet last night." He says giggling and cuddles Ben.

"Er... your welcome... I think." Ben responds feeling a bit silly, but appreciating Wesley not leaving him out.

"So we are all happy again, after Mitch shot his load all over his dad?" Matt suddenly states, deciding to be the funny one for a change and laughs along with the other three.

"Yeah, but I really need a shower." Wesley then says smiling, although he wishes he thought of the joke first and had to hand it to Matt for beating him to it.

"Yeah and don't forget to brush your teeth." Ben says grinning.

"Fuck off Ben." Wesley says jokingly, before yelping in surprise when he gets a light slap on his bare ass. "Hey!" He says in surprise, turning to see Mitch grinning.

"No more swearing guys, I don't mind the odd word or two, but if you start getting used to it then you're going to get in trouble with your parents and teachers, so cut it out okay." Mitch says in a firm tone, letting the boys know he is being serious about this and smiles as they all nod their heads. "Good, now Wesley go get a shower and brush your teeth." Mitch then says turning to the young boy.

"Okay I won't be long and thank you all so much, you don't know how much this means to me." Wesley says with a little sniffle and is about to leave when Mitch puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't forget to take some painkillers, those bruises still look painful." Mitch tells him in a caring tone, before letting the boy go.

"Sure thing and yeah it still hurts a little, man I love you guys." Wesley says before blushing, he can't believe he not only just said that, but he also meant it and he felt like an idiot.

"You sure you're not even a little bit gay?" Ben then says, not being able to resist teasing his friend.

"Yeah we could set you up with someone gay if you like, there has to be at least one desperate enough to take pity on you." Matt than adds, deciding to play along with his boyfriend.

"Pfft, like I need setting up, I already know who I would date anyway if I were gay and it wouldn't be either of you two." Wesley says and instantly wishes he had kept his mouth shut.

Mitch thinks about stepping in to stop this, but decides to just lean against the door frame and enjoy the show, he was used to seeing Wesley doing the teasing, but to see him getting outplayed by his little brother and Matt was amusing to watch and it seemed harmless at the moment.

"You mean you already picked a boyfriend?" Ben says grinning, he was just looking for a quick laugh, but this is turning into something much better.

"No... well... no just shut up." Wesley says, clearly rattled by the conversation and wishing he kept his mouth shut.

"Come on Wesley, tell us who it is, do we know him?." Matt then asks, taking a hold of one of Wesley's hands, he wanted to get Wesley to relax a little but also to stop him bolting, he knew if he and Ben pushed enough Wesley would tell them who he would have as his boyfriend.

"Please can I go, it's embarrassing and it doesn't matter because I'm not gay." Wesley pleads, he knows he should just walk out of the room, but there was a part of him that wanted to tell them.

"Come on Wesley, it's obvious you want to tell us, otherwise you would have just gone and took a shower already." Ben then states and Wesley wonders if his friend had just read his mind.

"Okay fine, but if you ever tell anyone and especially him, then I will never talk to any of you again and I have kept your secrets, so I mean what I say." Wesley says, not quite believing he is going to tell his friends who he would pick as his boyfriend.

Both Ben and Matt agree, but as Wesley looks at him Mitch realises that he was also being asked to promise.

"Hey sorry, I didn't realise you were talking to me as well... er well not that I would ever betray any of you, but yeah I promise." Mitch says and wonders why Wesley is confessing to this, but does think maybe he is just trying to lighten the load on things bothering him and couldn't blame the boy if that was the reason.

"So who is it?" Matt asks.

"Carter, okay I would want Carter Morton as my boyfriend, there are you happy now?" Wesley blurts out and strangely feels a sense of relief for admitting it, he had never really given it much thought, but for some reason it just seemed to be on his mind for the last few weeks.

"Wait Carter, as in Ben and Matt's little friend?" Mitch asks in surprise, not that he ever thought about it before, he just assumed Wesley would pick someone well a little bigger and tougher, although he had no idea why he thought that because he was sure the boy was straight.

"Yeah him." Wesley answers shyly.

"Oh wow... didn't see that coming." Ben says in disbelief, he didn't know why he just thought it was a strange choice, Carter was cute, adorable, funny and intelligent, but he assumed Wesley would pick someone more sporty.

"Why though? He is cute and not like everyone else." Wesley says and wonders why he is defending the boy as well now and blushes even more than he already was.

"Yeah but I mean, I was thinking someone like sporty or bigger, but yeah there is nothing wrong with Carter... well apart from the fact he is dating Jordan." Matt states and although he is surprised by Wesley's choice, at the same time he couldn't help giving Carter respect for scoring Wesley Fisher as a boyfriend, even if it is just hypothetically.

"What do you mean different to everyone else?" Ben then asks, after picking up on what his friend just said.

"Well not you guys you're just like him, what I mean is he is himself, he doesn't pretend to be someone he is not, he doesn't try and force himself on to anyone and is just as happy to sit and listen as he is to be heard, he is also super smart and really funny and to be honest as much as I love sports I wouldn't want to be with someone just like me and lastly I guess I like the fact that he wouldn't let me walk all over him." Wesley explains and the more he thinks about it, the more he realises how much he actually likes Carter and definitely wanted to be around him more.

"Oh wow." Matt says in surprise, for a hypothetical scenario his friend sure seems to have given it a lot of thought, he couldn't help thinking to himself.

"Wait, what do you mean he wouldn't let you walk all over him?" Ben suddenly asks curiously.

"Everyone thinks Carter is just a shy nerd and trust me they do, but I know he is anything but shy and I know you two as his friends know that as well, I mean you only have to look at how he is with Jordan to know who wears the pants in that relationship and it ain't Jordan." Wesley explains honestly and he can tell his friends are surprised by what he is telling them.

"Oh well yeah he isn't shy like everyone thinks, but I don't think Jordan would let someone boss him around." Ben says, he knows Jordan and he is definitely a dominant person and he can't see him letting someone, especially Carter boss him about.

"Come on you guys must have seen it, Jordan is totally smitten with him and would do anything for Carter, I know I would if I was his boyfriend." Wesley says, before once again blushing as he realises what he is actually saying and he is starting to get really confused by his own feelings, which all started when he had first kissed the tiny boy and the others when he was being curious.

"Okay guys that is enough I think, Wesley stay here for a little while please, Matt can you go and sort all our clothes out into piles, so we can get dressed in a little while and also wash your underwear, I know it's gross, but please do that for me." Mitch says as he looks at Matt.

"Okay." Matt says, he doesn't really want to do it and especially doesn't want to touch his soggy underwear, but he knows Mitch wants to have a private word with Wesley and does as he is told, he quickly kisses his boyfriend and heads to the front room.

"Okay Ben, why don't you go take a shower while me and Wesley have a little chat." Mitch then tells his little brother.

"Huh... but can't I take one with Matt?" Ben asks, he wants to do as he is told, but he wants to be with his boyfriend more.

"Oh fuck it, okay go help Matt in the living room and then go take a shower together but no funny stuff, Wesley still has to use the shower, now hurry up." Mitch says, he would argue with his little brother, but it just saves time to give in to what Ben wants. "Okay let's go to my room Wesley." He then says, as his little brother joins his boyfriend, he then takes Wesley's hand and they head to his bedroom.

As Wesley follows the older boy into the bedroom, he can't help but feel nervous and wonders if he did something wrong.

"Mitch am I in trouble?" Wesley asks meekly.

"What? No, no Wesley I just have something really personal to ask you and didn't want to do it in front of the other two, now come sit down with me." Mitch responds, as he sits on his bed and pats the spot next to him.

"Oh okay, what do you want to know?" A more relaxed Wesley says as he sits down.

"Now I know we have talked about this before, but are you sure you're one hundred percent straight?" Mitch asks, not quite sure how to word his questions correctly and decides to just come out and say it.

"Yeah, do we have to talk about this, I'm straight and I told you before." Wesley answers, feeling annoyed at being asked a stupid question that Mitch already knows the answer to.

"Wesley I know, but straight guys don't tell their friends, that they have picked a boy that they would date." Mitch then states and waits for the young boy to respond.

"It was just a game, it's not like I'm ever going to date him, I am sure I'm straight and it is not like this weekend has changed my mind, if I were gay then I would have been turned on by at least one of you." Wesley says and Mitch can't help but pick up on the boys choice of words.

"You know just because you don't fancy one of us three, it doesn't make you straight and the fact you have clearly already thought of Carter as your boyfriend, even if you were just messing around, tells me that maybe you're still too young to have decided what you're, you know it is okay not to define yourself and just see what happens, instead of trying to be what you think you should be like." Mitch states, as he tries to get the boy to open up.

"I wouldn't care if I was gay though, but I'm not, I even kissed Ben, Matt, Jordan and er... Carter a while ago, when I thought about whether I was gay or not and I didn't really feel anything... well mostly." Wesley says, before falling silent after his last few words and again wishes he just kept his mouth shut.

"You kissed them all?" Mitch asks, he is surprised by the boys confession, sure he had seen his little brother and Wesley kissing earlier but it was a dare, but to actually go out and kiss four boys to see if he was gay and come out thinking he wasn't, makes Mitch wonder if he has misread the whole situation, but then he thinks about the last words Wesley had said and thought he would try one more time. "Wesley you said 'mostly' what did you mean?" He asks and he can see a little flicker in the boys eyes.

"Well er... I kinda felt a little funny when I kissed one of them." Wesley says, purposely avoiding saying with boy it was, although he can tell by the look on Mitch's face that he already knows who it was.

"Carter?" Mitch asks.

"Yeah but... oh... I like girls though Mitch, I know I like girls." Wesley says, almost trying to convince himself as much as Mitch.

"But you also like Carter?" Mitch asks, as he puts an arm over the boys shoulders and pulls him into his chest.

"I don't know, it doesn't matter anyway because he is seeing Jordan and I like girls more and I... does this mean I'm like bisexual or something?" Wesley asks, looking up to the older boy and hoping he had the answer.

"Well I don't know to be honest, I thought honestly you were gay after hearing you talk about Carter, but it's clear you like girls a lot more than you do boys." Mitch states before pausing, he looks at the boys expectant eyes and decides to carry on. "Okay Wesley answer this, have you ever thought about any girl the same way you have obviously been thinking about Carter?" He asks and looks to the boy to gauge his reaction.

"Well no... but it's not like... oh... but still what is the point in talking about this, Carter has a boyfriend who happens to be Ben and Matt's friend, so it is not like I can ever be with him and I'm not really bothered, I like girls and none of them are dating my friends." Wesley answers and Mitch can understand the boys logic, but he can also see how the boy real feels when he looks into his eyes and wonders what the future holds for him.

"That's true I guess." Mitch responds, he had been sure of Wesley being straight before, then he was convinced he was gay and now he isn't one hundred percent either way but it didn't matter to him, he was just trying to help the boy out, but knows he has probably just confused him even more.

"Besides I think I will stick with girls even if I do like Carter, not being horrible or anything but there is no way I am sucking a dick or having someone cum in my mouth, no offence Mitch but yours was disgusting and I'm not going to try any more, so er... can you like stop asking me if I am gay or something from now on please, I want a girlfriend and that is the end of it." Wesley then states in a serious tone and Mitch looks down at him and smiles.

"Yeah of course, sorry for confusing you Wesley I was trying to be helpful and well I kinda messed that up, but look on the bright side I got you out of answering any more of the other twos stupid questions right?" Mitch says smiling, deciding to respect the boys request to stop talking about it, although he was now sure if given a choice between Carter and a girl, Wesley would pick Carter.

"Yeah that's true, although trading one set of stupid questions for another, is not exactly a win in my books." Wesley then says with a cheeky grin and Mitch chuckles.

"Yeah okay point taken but hey look, why don't you go take a shower and I will see how the other two are getting on, just come down when you finish and I will send the two love birds up." Mitch suggests and laughs as Wesley jumps up to his feet and swings his soft penis at him and Mitch suddenly realises that they were all still naked and couldn't believe he had stopped even noticing so quickly.

"Cool, no peeking though big hairy boy." Wesley responds, before sticking his tongue out and running out the room to the bathroom.

Mitch decides while he is in his room to slip on some shorts before heading downstairs, he has had enough naked fun for one day and decides to go back to being the grown up and as he walks into the living room, he is happy to find all the clothes neatly folded up and even notices Matt's tighty whiteys were cleaned, if not somewhat wet, although it isn't until he hears giggling coming from behind him, that he sees the two boys laying on the floor one on top of the other kissing and touching each other, obviously unaware that he had come into the room.

"Okay guys, what part of no fooling around did you not understand." Mitch says in a semi serious tone and smiles as the two boys jump and break apart at the sound of his voice.

"Oh.. hey Mitch." Matt says, trying to act casually.

"Er.. hey Mitch.... hey, why are you wearing shorts?" Ben then says, noticing his brother is no longer naked.

"Games are over boys, you can stay naked if you want after your shower, but naked time is over for me." Mitch answers, as he looks around the room.

"Where's Wesley?" Matt then asks, noticing he isn't with them and wondering if it has anything to do with Mitch wanting to talk with him.

"In the shower, I guessed you two would be down here fooling around, so I told him to take one while you two help me put the room back to how it was before." Mitch answers, in a half causal half serious tone and he ignores the groans that come from the boys.

"Do we have to?" Ben whines he just wants to play, preferably alone with his boyfriend and doesn't want to do more work.

"Unless you want me to take Matt home, then yeah you have to." Mitch says, but he makes sure he winks at Matt without his little brother noticing and Matt nods back understanding that the older boy is just messing around and relaxes.

"No, no I will do it." Ben says quickly, not wanting Mitch to send his boyfriend home.

"Good, now one more thing before we get started." Mitch says, as he looks at the two boys, they look at him in return with a curios expression. "Can you both drop the gay thing with Wesley, I had a little talk with him and while a part of him does really like Carter, he is happy to be straight and wants a girlfriend and he has had a really tough few days, so let's just leave it at that and give him a break please." He then says to the boys, hoping they will understand what he is trying to say and agree.

"Yeah sure, we were just teasing him anyway." Ben says with a hint of embarrassment, he knew he probably went a little overboard by pressuring Wesley to tell them about Carter and felt bad.

"Yeah we shouldn't have kept asking him questions, but it was just a surprise that he liked Carter that way, do all straight guys have a er... guy crush?" Matt responds and his question actually causes Mitch to think about it for a few moments.

"Honestly I have no idea, thinking back I can't remember ever having one, but I kind of thought Jim was kind of good looking when I wanted to see if I was gay a little while back, so maybe all straight guys do look at other guys at some point, but I can't speak for anyone else." Mitch responds as best he can by being honest.

"Oh okay cool, nothing wrong with that." Matt says, he is happy enough with the answer.

"Okay, well come on let's get a move on and then you two can shower." Mitch tells the boys, deciding the quicker they fix the front room the better.

After thirty minutes the living room is back to normal and all the boys are showered and sitting on the sofa naked, while a bemused looking Mitch sits on the chair, before turning on the film, he couldn't believe they all choose to remain naked, although he kind of thought his little brother and Matt might he thought Wesley would get dressed, they all mainly sit in silence while they enjoy the film, but Mitch couldn't help but notice that his little brother and Matt had shifted positions and ended up with Matt basically half sitting half laying against his boyfriend, who is holding him and he thought they looked sweet, although he felt a little sorry for Wesley, who he notices glancing every now and then at his friends with a sad look on his face.

About half way through the film Mitch was finding it hard to not be bored of the film and was thinking about what he was going to do the next day, when he suddenly felt something climb on his legs and nestle in his body, when he looks down he then smiles when he sees that it was Wesley and the boy gives him a shy sheepish look, before making himself comfortable on the older boys body.

"You okay little man?" Mitch whispers, not wanting his little brother or Matt to notice Wesley had sat on him.

"I can get off if you want?" Wesley replies and Mitch can hear the sadness in his voice.

"Not a chance, now tell me what's wrong." Mitch answers, as he wraps his arms around the boys stomach and holds him in a warm embrace.

"Nothing... just well... they look so happy like that." Wesley starts to say, as he looks over to his friends. "I just felt... lonely I guess and you don't mind just holding me do you?" He then says, before twisting his neck to look at the older boys face.

"You're so adorable, you know that?" Is all Mitch says in reply, as he lightly rubs the boys stomach with his hands to comfort him.

"Huh?" Wesley asks, not quite sure what to make of the older boys words.

"Don't worry about it, now relax and enjoy the movie little man." Mitch says as he smiles at the boy, who is still looking up at him.

"Mitch?" Wesley then says.

"Yeah?" Mitch responds looking at the boy curiously.

"Why do you call me little man?" Wesley asks and he can tell by the older boys face, that he had caught him by surprise and wonders whether he should have just kept his mouth shut.

"Well if you really want to know, it's because to me you're a man, I know you're only eleven Wesley but you're not like other boys I have known your age, even though both my little brother and Matt are mature for your age, you're just something else and well I don't feel right thinking of you as just a boy and well you're little so.... little man seemed appropriate, why don't you like it?" Mitch answers, as he explains why he calls him 'little man'.

"Oh... no I like it, I don't know why, but I really like it when you call me 'little man' I guess I was just curious is all." Wesley responds, with a smile on his face.

"Come on then, might as well watch the rest of this film." Mitch then says, in a warm tone.

"Mitch?" Wesley then says.

"Yeah?" Mitch responds, with a smile on his face wondering what the boy is going to ask him this time.

"Can I have some of your painkillers before we go to bed, the ones you got me don't really work." Wesley then says and can see the look on the older boys face, turn from happy to concerned.

"Oh shit, are you okay?" Mitch quickly asks, only just managing to keep his voice low enough to not draw attention from his little brother or Matt, although as Mitch looks over to them he could see that they had actually fallen asleep with Matt in his little brothers arms, he could look at them for hours as they looked so at peace with each other, but his attention is firmly on Wesley. "Wesley why didn't you say anything earlier if you were in pain?" He then asks, not giving the boy a chance to respond to his first question.

"It's not that bad and I didn't want to worry you all, it's fine it's just I think.... I don't know it just hurts again like it did last night, but I will be fine I promise." Wesley says, after he realises just how worried the older boy is.

"I just wish you told me earlier, you know you don't need to hide things from me so please just be totally honest and tell me on a scale of one to ten how much does it hurt and don't lie Wesley." Mitch states in a quiet but firm tone.

"Only like a two, maybe a three." Wesley responds, trying to sound confident.

"Wesley..." Mitch says firmly and raises an eyebrow.

"Okay, seven and maybe an eight when I move too fast or stretch too much." Wesley responds honestly this time and drops his head and looks at the TV.

"Fucking hell Wesley, okay look do you really want to watch this movie?" Mitch then asks the boy, as he shakes his head.

"Not really why?" Wesley replies and twists his head again, so he can see the older boys face.

"Well those two are asleep, so we are going to go to my room, you can take two more of my painkillers and then you're going to sleep." Mitch tells the young boy and smiles at the look of surprise on his face.

"I don't want to go to bed though." Wesley responds defiantly, of all the things he thought Mitch was going to say, getting sent to bed wasn't one of them.

"You're though and when you wake up tomorrow you're going to tell me truthfully if you're still in pain and then you're either going to school or staying here with me and Ben for the day." Mitch informs him in a serious tone, just so the boy knows he has no choice.

"But... huh, what about my parents, I can't just not go in school and then they will ask what is wrong with me." Wesley responds, he knows it's pointless trying to get out of going to bed, but not going to school was not an option in his eyes.

"Don't worry about that, I will call your parents and explain you weren't feeling well and Ben could do with the company, your mum knows what happened to him any way so I don't think we will have a problem." Mitch says confidently, he didn't see any issues with his plan and could tell by the look on the boys face, that his confidence has had the desired effect.

"Okay... man I forgot what a drag it is to have someone look after you." Wesley then says with a fake groan, as he turns to face the TV with a big grin on his face, sure he didn't want to go to bed or miss school, but he couldn't wipe the smirk of his face as he enjoys the feeling of being loved again.

"Well get used to it little man." Mitch says, before tickling the young boy, who starts to giggle before suddenly wincing.

"Oww ouch... stop please... ouch... please." Wesley calls out and Mitch quickly stops, as he remembers the boy is hurt and he scolds himself for forgetting.

"Damn shit, I'm so sorry are you okay?" Mitch asks, genuinely afraid he has hurt the boy.

"Well maybe four painkiller instead of two and er... can you like carry me... you kind of hurt me a little... but please don't be upset, it was an accident and I'm not mad at you." Wesley tells the older boy, but he is feeling a lot of pain and can't bring himself to try and look up at Mitch this time.

"Fuck, well I'm sorry anyway." Mitch says, as he gently gets up being careful not to hurt the boy any more than he already has, as he lifts him.

Mitch decides to take the boy straight to bed, although as they make their way up the stairs, it is clear that it is a painful experience for Wesley as he grimaces at each step, finally Mitch gets the boy to his bedroom and carefully lays him down on the bed, he then helps him get into a comfortable sitting position and quickly goes heads back downstairs and to Wesley's surprise, he quickly reappears with a glass of water and some painkillers.

"Okay take these and I will be right back, I just have to go to the toilet." Mitch says, as he places the glass on the bedside table and gives the pills to the young boy.

"Okay." Wesley says as he watches Mitch leave, he looks at the pills for a few moments and smiles towards the door and shakes his head, before taking them after he picks the glass up and drinks it in one go, before putting the glass back down and looking around the room waiting for Mitch to return.

"Okay all done." Mitch says, as he walks back into the room after almost ten minutes and moves over to the side of the bed. "Now time for bed okay." He then says, as he helps the boy lay down and covers him with a thin sheet.

"Mitch?" Wesley then says, as he feels his eyelids get heavier, what Mitch didn't think Wesley knew, was that two of the pills he had taken were actually sleeping pills, Mitch knew the boy wasn't likely to sleep with the pain he was in and this was the easiest way he could think of to help him sleep.

"Yeah?" Mitch responds and smiles to himself, after realising how many times the boy has said his name like that.

"I love you." Wesley says, before his eyelids shut and his body relaxes into the bed, Mitch realises the boy is already asleep and wonders if he should have given the boy one tablet instead of two, but then his mind suddenly realises what Wesley just said to him and he felt himself blush, he couldn't believe Wesley had just said that and it filled him with a feeling of joy at being able to give the boy some form of comfort.

Mitch then decides to head straight back downstairs after tucking Wesley in and as he walks into the living room, he is surprised to see that while the two boys haven't moved they are awake.

"Hey boys." Mitch says, as he takes his seat back in the chair.

"Hey Mitch." Matt responds and Mitch can't help but notice how comfortable the boy looks in his boyfriends embrace.

"Hey Mitch, where did Wesley go?" Ben then asks, noticing his friend isn't there any more.

"He went to bed." Mitch answers, hoping to avoid telling them why.

"Huh, how come?" Ben asks, clearly not content with his brothers answer and Mitch sighs knowing he might as well tell them.

"He was hiding the fact he was in pain, the pills I got him earlier didn't work very well and on a scale of one to ten of how much it hurt, he said seven and eight when he moved, so I made him go to bed to get some rest." Mitch explains, although he leaves out the part about slipping the boy sleeping pills and the fact he wasn't going to let Wesley go to school tomorrow.

"Oh crap, how could he hide it though, if I hurt that bad I wouldn't be able to pretend." Ben says, with genuine concern on his face for his friend.

"Wesley is a tough kid, a really tough kid and while the painkiller I got him didn't do much, they would have helped him." Mitch explains.

"Man Wesley is totally awesome, he is going to be so kick ass when he gets older." Matt then says, genuinely in awe of his friend.

"Yeah, but guys and I'm being serious here, you two need to look out for him, sure he is tough... super tough in fact, but he is fragile and with his parents I just... well I want you two to be the friends he not only needs, but deserves and I know I sound like an idiot, but please promise me that you will look out for him?" Mitch then says to the boys, he knew they would have done it anyway but he wanted them to know he was worried about Wesley and hoped they understood what he was telling them.

"Mitch we would have done it anyway, but yeah we promise to look out for him." Ben tells his brother, he didn't need to be told how to be a good friend, but at the same time he could tell his brother was genuinely worried about Wesley and he decided that he wouldn't let his brother down.

"Yeah, I kind of got the feeling that he doesn't get enough love from the people he should, so yeah we will look after him Mitch, you can count on us." Matt then adds, with a genuine smile.

"Thanks guys, so I'm actually kind of tired myself and I can probably guess you two want to get back to Ben's room..." Mitch begins to say, before being interrupted by his little brother.

"Our room Mitch." Ben says matter of factly.

"Huh?" Mitch asks, genuinely confused and wondering why his little brother would say something like that.

"It's not my room Mitch, it is 'our' room as in me and Matt's room." Ben answers and Mitch can tell his little brother is being dead serious and he couldn't help thinking how sweet it was.

"Okay sorry 'your' room and by the way, just for the record I think that is kind of awesome that you two think of each other's rooms like that and well anyway come on let's get some sleep." Mitch says sincerely, before standing up and walking slowly to the door.

"We will be up in a few minutes, I want to ask Matt something private so see you in the morning Mitch." Ben then says and Mitch gives him a curious look before smiling.

"Okay little brother goodnight and you too Matt, love you both." Mitch says sincerely, before getting to his feet and walking towards the door.

"Love you too Mitch." Ben says with a smile.

"Yeah love you too, good night." Matt says blushing slightly, as the older boy smiles at them before disappearing to his bedroom, Matt really did love the older boy, but he was still a little shy about it.

"So er... what did you want to ask me?" Matt then asks, after a few moments of silence, as they waited to be sure Mitch wasn't going to reappear.

"It's just er.. I know we had things planned tonight for... you know... when we went to bed... but..." Ben begins to say as he tries to ask his boyfriend something, but just can't seem to get thee words out and he isn't sure if his boyfriend would be upset or disappointed and was scared.

"But?" Matt asks, after his boyfriend goes silent. "Ben just ask me, I promise not to get angry okay?" He then says after getting no response and was actually beginning to worry.

"Well it's just, I mean I love the things we do and it's really fun... but er... promise you won't be disappointed?" Ben again starts to explain, but his fear gets the better of him again.

"I promise, now please stop being all weird it's scaring me... just tell me." Matt answers, with his concern growing.

"Okay shit er... it's just that tonight, can we er... you know like just hold each other and fall asleep... you know without any of the other stuff?" Ben says and feels an instant sense of relief at finally asking his boyfriend what he wanted to, although he now feels nervous all over again as his boyfriend falls silent for a few moments.

"Oh fuck yeah... I mean sorry, I mean I love the er... you know sex stuff too, but well er... I love, just you know er... being in your arms and looking in your eyes even more." Matt responds and turns his head to look into his boyfriend eyes and finds himself being kissed passionately.

"Let's go to bed then." Ben says, as he breaks the kiss reluctantly, but he knew if he didn't stop it then they would have ended up not being able to stop.

"Damn it... you're just so sexy... come on then before we get too carried away." Matt says, he knows if his boyfriend hadn't stopped the kiss, then they would have ended up fooling around and was happy his boyfriend had more willpower than he did.

The two boys untangle themselves from each other and stand up from the sofa, they give each other a quick kiss before taking each others hand and slowly walk to their room with a smile on their faces and almost forget about what they had said a few minutes ago when they climb into bed and start kissing each other, but it's Matt this time who breaks the kiss.

"I love you so much." Matt then says, as he looks deeply into his boyfriends eyes.

"I love you too." Ben answers back, smiling as he loses himself in his boyfriends sparkling green eyes.

The boys then just stare into each others eyes, as they pull each other close until they fall asleep in each others arms, with their faces only an inch apart from the others.

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