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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 6

March 2015

The two boys untangle themselves from each other and stand up from the sofa, they then give each other a quick kiss before taking each others hand and slowly walk to their room with a smile on their faces and almost forget about what they had said a few minutes ago when they climb into bed and start kissing each other, but it's Matt this time who breaks the kiss.

"I love you so much." Matt then says, as he looks deeply into his boyfriends eyes.

"I love you too." Ben answers back, smiling as he loses himself in his boyfriends sparkling green eyes.

The boys then just continue to stare into each others eyes, as they pull each other closer until they fall asleep in each others arms with their faces only an inch apart from the others.

The next morning Mitch stretches out as he wakes, or at least tries to before realising that there is something holding on to him, it takes him a few moments to come to his senses and when he does he can see that he is on his back, but he can't move his right arm and when he looks over he sees that Wesley has both his arms wrapped around his arm and is tightly holding it to his chest, Mitch has a little moment of panic and looks down hoping the boy isn't spooning his side and to his relief he can see the boy has his knees drawn up into his stomach, with his knee caps digging into his side slightly which was uncomfortable now that he was awake but a lot better than being spooned by a naked eleven year old boy in his bed.

Mitch finds himself not quite knowing what to do, the boy looked so peaceful and happy holding his arm that he doesn't want to wake him up so he decides to look over to his clock to see the time and realises that it is only six in the morning and there really isn't any need to wake him up this early so decides to give him another half an hour, but just as he turns back to watch the boy sleep, he gets a surprise as he is greeted by the boys bright blue eyes looking at him.

"Oh hey Wesley, I didn't wake you did I?" Mitch asks, as he uses his free hand to brush some hair from the boys eyes which was an old habit from when he used to wake up and find that his little brother had climbed into his bed when they were younger.

"I don't mind, but I'm a little pissed off that you tried to trick me last night." Wesley answers, but despite the seriousness of the boys statement, Mitch can tell that there is no anger or resentment in his voice which confused him slightly.

"Trick you?" Mitch asks innocently, forgetting that he slipped the boy two powerful sleeping pills by pretending they were painkillers last night.

"You do realise my mum is a nurse and my dad is a doctor right?" Wesley then states, with his voice full of sarcasm now and smiles at the confused look on the older boys face.

"Yeah, but what has that got to do with anything?" Mitch asks, still not realising the boy knows about the pills as his tone is throwing him off.

"I know the difference between sleeping pills and painkillers Mitch." Wesley states and this time his tone changes slightly to one of annoyance and Mitch goes silent for a few moments as he realises he has been busted.

"Oh shit." Is all Mitch can think to say and feels like an idiot.

"Oh wow, not even an apology... it's a good thing I like you Mr Walker or you and I would have problems." Wesley tells the older boy, but his tone is unreadable and Mitch starts to get nervous.

"Of course I am sorry, it's just I wanted to make sure you could sleep and didn't know if you would take them if you knew what they were." Mitch says and he knows it is a pathetic excuse and makes no sense and by the look on the young boys face Mitch knows the boy is thinking the same thing.

"Wow just wow... look I'm not angry you gave me the pills, but tricking me is not nice Mitch and you promised to never treat me like a child and just for your information I would have taken the pills if you had just asked me too take them and well I did take them anyway so your stupid reason is even more stupid." Wesley says and there is a hint of anger in his tone, that Mitch picks up on and he starts to feel like a complete idiot, he had basically drugged a naked eleven year old boy in his bedroom and slept with him, this was not going to look good if anyone else found out.

"I know and I wish I had just asked you to take them, but well it's too late now and well I'm really sorry Wesley." Mitch tells him honestly, there was no point trying to lie or make excuses as Wesley is too smart for that.

"It's okay, just don't lie to me again Mitch, you're the one person I have right now who I can trust and believe in and I meant what I said last night." Wesley then says, as he accepts the older boys apology and Mitch smiles at him before wondering what the boy meant about last night.

"What you said last night?" Mitch asks curiously and as soon as the words come out of his mouth, he remembers exactly what the boy said to him and he feels his cheeks warm as he blushes.

"That I love you, not like I want to do naughty things with you Mitch, but you know er... just love you and I just wanted you to know that." Wesley says sincerely, he wanted to make it clear he wasn't declaring his undying love for the older boy, but just that he cared for him and liked him looking out for him.

"Wesley thank you so much and I know what you meant, I feel the same way." Mitch tells the boy, with a big proud smile on his face before looking a little guilty. "look, I know I said I would ask you how much pain you were in, but I kind of lied a little about that too." He then says, remembering his decision to not let Wesley go to school.

"Huh?" Wesley replies totally confused by the older boy, but nervous as well.

"You aren't going to school today, you will be staying home with me and Ben and don't worry about your parents either, I will give them a call in a little while and go through it with them." Mitch explains and gets a little nervous himself, as the boy looks at him questioningly.

"Okay." Is all Wesley says, as he lets go of the older boys arm, but before Mitch can even move he feels the younger boy cuddle up to him tightly.

"You aren't going to argue?" Mitch asks in surprise, it's the only thing he could think of to say as he was taken by surprise by the boys response and then feeling the boy cuddle up to him, he becomes increasingly aware that they were both naked and felt a little uncomfortable when he feels the boys penis and balls against his side.

"I'm not a baby Mitch, I'm in pain and you are looking out for me, just make sure my parents are okay with it first otherwise I'm going to school whether you like it or not." Wesley responds maturely and Mitch can't help but forget his worries about the embrace and kisses the top of the boys head affectionately.

"You can trust me little man, now come on I need to take a pee and you can go and make me a cup of tea, although put some undies on first, I've seen enough of your naked backside for one lifetime." Mitch instructs the boy, with a big grin as he waits for him to release him.

"Oh please, you should be honoured to see what a real man's body looks like." Wesley responds, as he lets go of the older boy and rolls off the bed before posing, although he falls to the ground as the pain shoots through him and let's out a painful sounding yelp.

"Oh shit." Mitch says and quickly gets of the bed and helps him back on to the bed. "You really have to be more careful, look forget the tea and just rest or try to sleep some more okay." Mitch then tells him, before pulling the sheet over him.

"Okay, but don't let me sleep too long if I do sleep Mitch." Wesley answers back and he can already feel his eyes close and is fast asleep before Mitch even gets to the door.

Mitch smiles at the boy before heading to the toilet, once he is finished he starts to head downstairs, when he decides to quietly check in on his little brother and Matt, slowly opening the door gently he instantly smiles when he sees that the two boys are in exactly the same position that they were in last night, what the two boys didn't know was that Mitch was in the bathroom when they got in bed and he had just come out and couldn't help but eavesdrop on the boys, he didn't want to over hear any sex stuff but wondered if they would say anything about the evenings events, so when there was just silence he decided to take a little look and edged the door open quietly and was surprised the two boys were just holding each other in a deep sleep and if he had any little doubt that they were not in love, seeing them like that washed them away for all eternity.

He is then about to head out of the room but stops, after his talk with Wesley it was almost half six and he didn't think the boys would be mad at him for waking them up, so he starts to walk over but stops in his tracks when he sees them both move slightly and he is then cursing himself for not just leaving as he watches them slowly wake up and doesn't quite know what to do as he watches them open their eyes, he can only see half of his little brothers face but the look of pure happiness and content on his face makes Mitch feel like the biggest moron in the world and he knew he was going to spoil a special moment between the two boys.

He thought about how he could make his presence known, but just as he was about to cough he watched as the the boys started kissing and his worst nightmare was happening and was horrified that the boys were surely going to start fooling around and he knew they would really be angry at him now, but just as he starts panicking he hears a voice.

"You know it's rude to watch people making out Mitch." Ben's voice calls out and Mitch jumps a little when he realises that his little brother just talked to him.

"Yeah way to spoil our moment." Matt voice then adds, although it is more playful than serious and Mitch relaxes a little.

"Oh fuck... I was just going to wake you up, but then you kind of beat me to it." Mitch responds honestly although he was still a little nervous.

"Oh well er... we were only going to kiss anyway." Matt states honestly and Mitch knew the boy was telling the truth.

"So why were you going to wake us anyway?" Ben then asks, it's at this point Mitch realises that neither boy has moved and they are still staring into each others eyes with smiles on their faces and thought it was adorable.

"Well Matt has to get ready for school and I wanted to let you both know that Wesley is staying here today, he is still in rough shape and I can't let him go to school." Mitch informs them both and this time both boys do move as they sit up and give him a worrying look.

"Is he okay?" Ben asks genuinely worried.

"But he was okay yesterday when we were playing." Matt then states, wondering how he could be worse today than yesterday.

"It's actually pretty common, he got beat up pretty bad Saturday and the pills have helped a lot, but it takes a day or two for all the bruises to come through and when that happens you kind of feel stiff and achy again, but don't worry he will be fine as the day goes on." Mitch explains, not really sure if what he is saying is completely true but he wanted to reassure the boys.

"So I have to go to school on my own?" Matt then says but not in a whiny way, just more of a statement than anything else.

"Yeah sorry Matt." Mitch answers and feels a bit sorry for him.

"Man who would have thought that being kicked in the balls until you passed out would turn out to be the least serious injury of the weekend." Matt then says with a cheesy grin on his face, as both Ben and Mitch laugh at his statement, Mitch instantly relaxes as he realises Matt is fine and isn't upset about being the only one going to school, he always forgets how much both his little brother and Matt enjoy school and he gets the same impression from Wesley.

"Yeah but if it will make you feel better Matt, I could send Mitch out to find a card we can sign for you, you know it could say 'sorry you got kicked in the balls and still have to go to school' I'm sure they have one for that." Ben then says and all three boys burst out laughing.

"You two are just the cutest." Mitch declares as he moves over and ruffles their hair and they giggle in appreciation. "Right I am going to make some bacon and egg sandwiches, when I call to come down can you wake Wesley up for me please, he might need help getting downstairs, but if he is in too much pain just call me and we can all eat in my room okay?" He then tells the boys as he starts to walk out of the room.

"Okay, have we got time for a quick shower?" Ben then asks.

"Yeah sure, should be ready in about ten minutes." Mitch answers and gives his little brother a smile before disappearing out the door, he was going to tell them not to fool around, but something about the two boys seemed different today, the fact they had just gone to sleep in each others arms last night and woken up in exactly the same position and being content to just kiss as they gazed into each other eyes made him think they enjoyed just being with each other, just as much if not more than the sex stuff, the fact his little brother asked last night for Mitch to let them have some privacy to talk made him think that they even talked about it and couldn't help being amazed that two eleven year old kids could have that kind of talk, he doubted many adults could be that mature and felt even more proud of the two boys.

It turned out that Wesley didn't really want to get out of the bed, so they all sat on Mitch''s bed and ate their sandwiches, talking about every thing and nothing, after Mitch finishes first and decides to leave the room to call Wesley's parents, it takes him a bit more explaining than he had anticipated but he actually felt a little relieved because it showed him that Wesley's parents did care, even though they were awful at showing their son that, he eventually got his mum to give him her blessing to look after Wesley for the day, but he had to bring him home before five and he agreed, seeing it as the perfect time to talk to them with Wesley about how their son is feeling neglected.

When he gets back to his room, he tells Matt to go and start getting ready for school and isn't surprised when his little brother goes with him back to their room, Mitch still thought it was sweet the boys refer to his little brothers bedroom as 'ours' and smiled to himself, then finding himself alone again with Wesley he gives him two more painkillers before getting dressed, although getting dressed in front of an eleven year old boy wolf whistling and giving him instructions on how to get dressed in a mock serious tone, proves a lot more difficult than he had thought, much to the delight of Wesley who just doubles his efforts, eventually Mitch manages to get dressed and tries to give the boy a serious look of disapproval but he can tell he isn't fooled and they both start laughing just as Ben and Matt return and give them both a bemused look.

"Okay well time to go Matt, as for you two." Mitch says as he turns to his little brother and Wesley. "Try not to... I don't know, just be good and get dressed, dad shouldn't be home until this afternoon but I don't think he would appreciate coming home to find a naked eleven year old boy in my bed and his son naked with him." He then says, in a half joking and half serious voice.

"Yeah, no way I want your dad seeing my enormous penis." Wesley jokes back, as he grabs himself over his sheets and they all laugh.

"Okay Mitch, see you soon." Ben then responds to his brother, before turning to his boyfriend. "Will miss you so much, call me first break okay." He then says, before pulling him in for a big passionate kiss and then steps back with a big grin on his face.

"Wow..." Is all Matt can say and ignores the fact there are two other people in the room and pulls his boyfriend back into his arms and kisses him deeply as his hands start to rub his boyfriends firm bum.

"Whoa there boys break it up, time to go Matt." Mitch quickly says, after realising the boys had forgotten he and Wesley were even in the room.

"Just for the record, I'm good with just a handshake Matt." Wesley then says jokingly and Mitch is the first to laugh, as he thanks god the boy is there to break the tension with his usual witty nature.

"Aww and I was looking forward to getting to see this mysterious enormous penis that I have heard so much about." Matt retorts and everyone starts laughing again.

"Holy crap, damn it I got no comeback to beat that... man Matt you should be like this more often, not many people are able beat me like that." Wesley says sincerely, he was rarely ever challenged by his so called friends or family and it was nice to be around people who cared for him and weren't afraid to play him at his own game and he was loving it.

"Okay, we really have to go, come on Matt." Mitch announces, as he almost shoves Matt in the right direction.

"Oh man this sucks, love you Ben." Matt says, as Mitch keeps him moving.

"Love you too Matt." Ben responds, just as Matt disappears from sight, he thinks about following them out of the house just to see his boyfriend for a little longer, but finds himself sitting on the bed looking a little lost and strangely lonely.

"You okay?" Wesley asks, picking up on his friends change in mood.

"Yeah, it's just... don't worry it's stupid." Ben responds, with a deep sigh.

"I don't think after this weekend we can really be shy around each other Ben, I really want you to trust me because I trust you." Wesley then says, hoping his friend feels the same way.

"Okay... it's just last night me and Matt just fell asleep holding each other, while we looked into each others eyes and well..." Ben begins to explain, but pauses as he isn't really sure he should tell his friend something so personal.

"You wanted to do more than just sleep?" Wesley then says after a few moments silence, although he is way of the mark of what his friend was actually going to say.

"No... no it was well... it was the best night of my life Wesley, it was well just perfect and then when we woke up and were in exactly the same position and his eyes opened at the same time as mine, I well... I want to..." Ben tries to explain, but trails of at the end and lets out a frustrated sigh and Wesley finally understands.

"You want to come out to people." Wesley states, taking the lead in the conversation and wanting to help him open up and when his friend looks at him in surprise, Wesley can see the relief drop from his friends face.

"Yes... but I don't know if Matt wants too or even how to ask him and then how do we even do it?" Ben says, feeling a little relief at being able to talk to someone.

"Well I have no idea, but what I do know is that you need to talk to Matt about this as soon as you two are alone together and don't be shy just tell him how you feel." Wesley suggests, before adding. "I can ask my brother to talk with you both about how he came out, if anyone can give you actual helpful advice then it is him and don't forget Mitch and me as well, we will both help in any way we can." He says, before smiling and reaching out to hold his friends hand.

"Thank you so much Wesley." Ben says sincerely, he was so glad that Wesley had come into his life and just wishes the circumstance of how it happened were different.

"After everything you three have done for me, I will do anything for any of you and I mean that, any problem you have come to me and I will help." Wesley says sincerely, he really wants to give his friend a comforting cuddle, but he really is feeling the pain and stiffness so settles for a warm smile.

"Same for you as well and I know Matt and Mitch will say the same thing, from now on we are brothers." Ben says from the heart and to Wesley's delight he moves over to cuddle him.

"Okay, enough soppy stuff or I will cry." Wesley then says half seriously, he really had missed moments like this in his life and didn't want them to ever end, but he knew he shouldn't get carried away.

"Okay, then seriously do you need anything, like if you want help going to the toilet then just say and we can go." Ben then asks, he knows his friend will not be embarrassed or think he is being mocked and genuinely wants to help his friend in any way he can.

"Oh thank god, I really need to you know... take a you know... not a pee and didn't know if I could ask you or not." Wesley says, with relief and to his surprise despite finding it awkward to say, he wasn't embarrassed at all.

"Oh it's cool, I would be the same but just so you know, I was serious about saying we are brothers and there really isn't anything you can't ask, well unless you want to test being gay again, you're going to have to find someone else that isn't me or Matt to try it out with." Ben responds sincerely, before grinning and remembering the previous night and how his friend confessed to liking Carter.

"Thanks Ben and I guess I will just have to hope Carter is single, if I ever have another urge to test my sexuality." Wesley answers back, intending to be funny but actually finding himself thinking about Carter again and decides to put his money where is mouth is after telling Ben to trust him. "Ben can I tell you something personal?" He then asks nervously.

"Of course." Ben answers, intrigued by what it is that his friend is going to say, as it is obviously something to do with Carter.

"Well me and Mitch had a talk last night and well I am straight and I really like girls... it's just I really like Carter too, like really like and it is confusing me, I mean I am not gay because I only like him but... I mean you and Matt said you're pansexual and well I guess I just want to know what I am... I could be pansexual, but I don't really get it." Wesley asks.

"I don't really know how to explain it Wesley, I just somehow know in my heart that I love Matt and he is the one I want to be with, I don't know how to explain it any other way sorry." Ben answers as honestly as he can, he really would love to be able to give his friend the answers to his questions, but he can only tell the truth.

"Oh thanks anyway, I knew it was a long shot." Wesley says, forcing a smile but Ben can tell his friend is disappointed.

"Hey anyway how do you know you like Carter, I mean I have never seen you really talk to him and he has never mentioned hanging around with you." Ben then asks, trying to see if he can get any information that may help him help his friend.

"We have a few classes together and well we have talked a few times, nothing like we are friends or anything, just general talking and stuff but I don't know there is just something about him and I haven't met someone like him before." Wesley answers, wondering where his friend is going with this.

"Oh well maybe you don't really fancy him or anything, maybe it is like how you feel about Mitch, I mean you connected with him despite him being older, maybe you're just feeling a sort of connection with Carter, because he is so different and it is making you curious." Ben then states, as he turns on the bed so he is sitting facing his friends with his knees pulled to his chest and slightly apart.

"You might be right, maybe I should spend some time with him or something, but I'm worried about Jordan, I mean I don't want to piss him off." Wesley says, trying his best to not look at his friend, who by sitting with his knees drawn up, is giving him an obscene view of his soft penis and balls and even his bum hole.

"Nah, look just hang with us in a group and just act normal, there is no need to try and be alone with Carter, but it's not like you're going to jump on him and rip his clothes up so just be you know normal." Ben suggests, with a little cheeky smirk.

"Er... thanks for the advice it's really good, but you're so going to have to not sit like that, I mean I can see everything Ben." Wesley then says. trying not to laugh but not quite succeeding.

"Oh shit, I forgot I was naked." Ben says, as he quickly covers himself with his hands and lowers his legs. "Sorry didn't mean to do that." He then says apologetically.

"It's cool, now er... I really need to go to the toilet now... I guess it's my time to say sorry." Wesley says looking a little sheepishly, he was comfortable with his friend taking him to the toilet, but at the same time felt a little stupid and useless.

"Hey don't worry, at least this time I don't have to watch you, I mean I don't mind if you need me to hold you up again though." Ben says, he is genuinely not bothered if he has to stay.

"Nah I should be fine, just need little help getting in and out, I can't believe how stiff and achy I feel, I thought I was feeling better yesterday." Wesley tells his friend, with a little frustration in his voice, although he knew he should have expected to feel like this, because he has been hurt before and experienced the same thing.

"Yeah Mitch sad the pills probably helped you feel better than you were, but he also said it was normal to still feel a little crappy and you should be fine tomorrow." Ben says, as he gets up off the bed and pulls the sheet off his friend.

Ben then watches as his friend struggles to get up, but tries to give him space and let him do as much as he can on his own before helping, he felt bad for holding back but he remembered what his brother had told him and he knew it was important for Wesley to move as much as possible on his own so he can loosen up, after a few minutes with minimal help from Ben, the two boys make it to the bathroom, although Ben was surprised how quickly his friend had tired himself out and decided despite a half hearted protest from Wesley to stay and hold him up while he goes.

A Few Hours Later...

"Hey Matt, wait up." A voice shouts out to Matt, as he is walking towards an empty bench to call his boyfriend, when he turns around to see who it is he smiles happily to see Carter walking towards him and waves.

"Hey Carter, where's Jordan?" Matt asks, as his friend catches up to him.

"Oh er... well he will find us in a little while, I just wanted to ask how Ben was I noticed he wasn't at school today." Carter says, avoiding talking about Jordan as quickly as possible and changes the subject to Ben, knowing Matt will be distracted.

"Oh okay, well Ben got food poisoning Saturday night and we had to take him to hospital yesterday, he is fine now but they said he should have a few days off school just to make sure." Matt explains to his friend, as they reach the bench he was heading to before and sit down.

"Oh that is rough, but I'm glad he is okay." Carter says sincerely, before looking around the playground as if he is looking for someone.

"Hey are you okay, you kind of dodged my question about Jordan, you guys doing okay?" Matt decides to ask, as he notices his friend being a little off.

"Oh huh? No we are good just looking to see if he is around." Carter lies although not totally, he is looking for Jordan but not because he wants to see him.

"Okay, oh guess what?" Matt then says, deciding Carter doesn't want to talk about Jordan and changes the subject.

"What?" Carter says, only half interested as he turns to his friend.

"Wesley Fisher is our friend now, like a real proper friend." Matt says with a genuine smile, he felt proud of himself for having such a popular friend.

"Wait what? Wesley Fisher as in the most popular and hottest guy in school Wesley Fisher?" Carter asks and Matt can see his friends eyes light up.

"Yeah I can't tell you how it happened, but yeah we are friends and he wants to be friends with all of us including you and Jordan." Matt explains and he notices Carter's mouth twitch at the mention of Jordan and wonders if anything had happened to them.

"Oh cool, but I thought he had like hundreds of friends and I can't see him hanging around with us instead of his jock friends." Carter responds, not quite believing Wesley would actually be their friend.

"I thought the same thing, but trust me after this weekend he is definitely our friend, he told us that he isn't stupid and knows the only reason the others hang around him is to be cool by association and he wants real friends and well we are it." Matt tells his friend with a smile, as he notices Carter's face lights up again.

"That is so cool, Jordan will... oh well any way, why were you heading over here on your own?" Carter asks, again avoiding talking about Jordan, Matt is now sure something has happened but doesn't push it, he knows it will come out eventually and will be there for both of them if it is bad.

"I was going to give Ben a call, I promised him I would and well I miss him like crazy." Matt admits truthfully, he actually couldn't believe how much he missed his boyfriend, they had been apart for days before and he has never missed him as much as he does now and it's only been a few hours.

"When did you last see him?" Carter asks curiously, thinking is was maybe sometime yesterday.

"A few hours ago, we spent the whole weekend together." Matt answers with a big smile.

"A few hours and you miss him like crazy... wow." Is all Carter can say, he thought it was sweet and cute, but surely they had been apart for longer than this he thinks to himself.

"I know it's silly right, I mean we have been apart for days before and I missed him, but after last night things just seem different somehow and I miss him so much." Matt explains, he knows he can trust his friend and just feels relieved to be able to talk to someone, he had thought about talking with Mitch while he dropped him off, but felt a bit weird for some reason.

"Oh wow what happened last night did you like er... oh my god did you two... you know?" Carter asks, thinking that maybe Ben and Matt had gone all the way and was half scared and half excited.

"Oh no... no... no we won't be doing that for a long, long time but this was so much better and perfect." Matt answers, realising what his friend had been implying and there was no way he was going to do that until he was older.

"Oh shit sorry, but oh my god I thought you had for a minute there, so er... what happened then?" Carter says, feeling a little silly for jumping to conclusions, but was now curious about what actually happened.

"We just held each other, you know face to face looking into each others eyes and just fell asleep, then we woke up at the same time and we were still in the same position Carter, then when I looked into his eyes something changed, I mean I loved him and knew that I loved him before, but just then it felt real Carter and well er... I want to..." Matt explains, but can't quite bring himself to say the words for some reason.

"Oh my god that sounds so amazing and romantic." Carter says sincerely with a hint of jealously, because he would love to have a moment like that. "But come on you can tell me, what do you want to do?" He then asks, realising he may have to push his friend who obviously wants to tell him but is to nervous.

"I want to not be afraid of getting caught any more Carter, I want to let everyone know that I love Ben and I want him to want to tell people as well, I just don't know how and I'm scared he won't want too." Matt answers in one breath, as he admits his feelings and looks at his friend nervously waiting for a response.

"Oh fuck, you really want to do it?" Carter asks, not believing that his friends might be coming out to everyone soon and was both scared and excited for them.

"Yeah I love him so much Carter, I'm just now scared it could all go wrong, what should I do?" Matt says, as he looks at his friends expectantly.

"Wow no pressure, look honestly I have no idea what will happen, but what I do know is you need to talk to Ben as soon as possible but do it in person, I know you're going to call him in a minute, but don't ask him over the phone, you need to be face to face okay." Carter tells his friend and rubs his arm in support.

"Cheers for this Carter, I know something is going on with you and I want you to know, that when you're ready you can talk to me okay." Matt responds, showing his appreciation by letting his friend know he is there for him when he is ready to talk about what happened.

"There is something, but it's not what you think, well it might be but it is not bad really, look why don't you come find me and Jordan next break and we will tell you everything, just give Ben a call now and remember what I said." Carter says, before he stands up smiling.

"Okay, but you don't have to go, it's nice to just chat with you alone sometimes, we never get to do it much these days." Matt says sincerely, he and Carter had always been close friends, not as close as he was to his boyfriend, but not far off and he missed their little chats about stuff the others including his boyfriend would get bored of.

"Well I got to find Jordan to let him know we are talking next break and well I miss our little talks too Matt, maybe we can do something about that now that we know we both miss them." Carter says still smiling, as he walks away leaving his friend alone on the bench.

Matt then quickly gets his phone from his pocket and dials his boyfriend, who picks up almost instantly, they talk for the next twenty minutes non stop as Matt fills him in on Carter and their conversation, leaving out the part about wanting to come out to everyone, he listens to Ben talk about his day so far with Wesley, only leaving out his own conversation about coming as well, if it wasn't for the school bell ringing, they would have talked for hours, but they reluctantly say goodbye to each other and Matt makes his way to his next class.

As Matt makes his way outside to the playground for the second break of the day, he can see Carter and Jordan sitting at a table with no one else around them and walks over to them slowly, he can't help noticing that they aren't sitting that close to each other and seem to not really be speaking either and starts to worry that they have had a massive fight or something.

"Hey guys." Matt says, as he stands in front of his friends, who have somehow not even noticed his presence.

"Oh hey Matt." Carter says with a forced smile.

"Hey Matt." Jordan says with even less enthusiasm.

"Okay guys, just tell me what is going on, you two look miserable." Matt states getting straight to the point, but just as his concern grows his expression changes to a confused look, as both Carter and Jordan start laughing and they edge closer to each other. "Okay what the hell guys?" He then says sounding less than impressed at his friends behaviour.

"Okay sorry, we just wanted to break the ice with a joke, so you know everything is cool." Carter says, feeling a little guilty for tricking his friend.

"Hey, I'm just glad you two are still together, I thought for sure you had had a fight or something." Matt says looking relieved.

"Ah well, you weren't exactly wrong." Carter then says with a shy look.

"Huh, okay stop messing around and be honest, this isn't funny." Matt says firmly, he likes having a laugh, but this isn't the sort of thing that should be fun.

"We broke up Saturday Matt." Jordan then states honestly and Matt just looks at his two friends stunned.

"Yeah, I would have told you when I saw you earlier Matt, but well I wanted Jordan to be here too, although we did sort of have a little fight on our way to school, so I was trying to avoid him for a while." Carter says truthfully and looking at his now ex boyfriend sheepishly.

"Oh, I so knew you were angry about that, you little shit I was looking everywhere for you." Jordan then says and although his words sound angry, his tone is calm and he is grinning and Matt just can't quite understand what is going on.

"Huh, so wait what, you have to explain it for me because I don't get it." Matt says genuinely confused.

"Okay, well you see I'm not gay." Jordan says casually.

"Wait what?" Matt says in disbelief, he has been dating Carter for ages, if that isn't being gay than he didn't know what was.

"Yeah it was a bit of a shock to me too Matt, believe me." Carter says, but like Jordan he seems totally fine about the whole thing and Matt is wondering if this is some sort of joke.

"I know it's confusing, but well you know me and Carter haven't really done much together, I mean we kiss which is amazing and we you know touched each other and masturbated and that was cool too, but I don't know over the last few weeks, we have been trying to do more couple stuff and taking things further, but the more we did the more it didn't feel right." Jordan tries to explain, but he can tell Matt doesn't quite get it.

"I thought you loved him though and you said you were gay." Matt states, as he looks at Jordan.

"I know and I thought I did, honestly after the whole Mr Jones thing and then Carter being with me all the time, I genuinely thought I loved him, I love kissing him and feeling him holding me but over time it just didn't feel right and well when we tried to er..." Jordan explains before pausing, he gives Carter a look that Matt doesn't quite get, but whatever it meant he sees Carter nodding. "We er.. gave each other a blow job and well that is when I knew I wasn't gay and didn't love Carter that way." He then admits, as he quickly looks around to see if anyone was close enough to hear.

"Oh my god, did you like freak out or something?" Matt asks, keeping his voice low.

"No nothing like that, I mean we both orgasmed if that is what you meant, I just didn't like it at all and I could tell Carter felt the same way." Jordan explains, after seeing his friend didn't quite understand him.

"Yeah it's not just Jordan either Matt, it's me too, I...." Carter begins to say, before Matt interrupts him.

"You aren't gay either?" Matt asks and is now totally confused by this whole conversation.

"Oh no I'm as gay as they come, but I meant I kinda didn't really love Jordan, I mean I though I did after what happened to him and spending all that time with him and fooling around, I really thought it was love but just like Jordan said, it was obvious that we just weren't meant to be together." Carter explains as best he can. "It was actually my idea to try giving each other a blow job, you know like one final test to see if we were wrong, but well while it felt amazing apart from that there was nothing else." He then adds.

"So er... shit so what does this mean?" Matt asks, trying to process all that he is being told.

"What do you mean." Jordan asks, just before Carter can ask the same question.

"Do you like hate each other now, are we still all going to be able to like hang around together?" Matt asks, looking between his two friends.

"Of course we don't hate each other, it's not like we had a fight or cheated on each other, we just realised we weren't meant to be together, I just don't love Jordan like I thought I did and I only want to be with someone I love." Carter says genuinely.

"Yeah and well I'm not gay, trust me I am as surprised as you are, I honestly thought I was and I was kind of proud of being gay, but well as I realised I didn't love Carter I started noticing girls again, I think after all that time being abused by Mr Jones, girls kind of got pushed away in my mind as well you know because I got used to... please don't make me say it." Jordan says and Matt can sense his friends reluctance and he knows how he feels, he is about to reach out for his friends hand when Carter beats him to it and he watches them lean into each other.

"It's okay I understand and well it's a shame about you both, but I'm glad to see you're still friends although what's with the touching, I mean I don't mind but you aren't together any more." Matt says, as he notices they still appear to be close.

"Well er... it's complicated, I mean we aren't going out any more and have no feelings like that for each other now, but we spent a lot of time together and did a lot of things, I guess we are just comfortable with, well still being close to each other if we need to be." Carter says, as he smiles at Matt.

"Yeah and I don't see why we can't have a little fun together until one of us finds someone else, I mean I liked the kissing and he is so fun to be around and we aren't hurting anyone." Jordan adds, as the boys finally part and sit back up normally.

"I guess not... so did Carter tell you about Wesley Fisher?" Matt then asks, as he looks at Jordan and then for some reason starts to remember what Wesley had told him, Mitch and his boyfriend the night before about liking Carter and couldn't help wondering if this was a sign.

"Oh yeah, that is so cool, I mean if you're telling the truth, I mean if he was going to be our friend then why isn't he here right now?" Jordan asks and Matt actually thinks Jordan has a valid point, well if he didn't know where Wesley actually is.

"He has a point Matt, I mean shouldn't he like be here?" Carter adds.

"Ha well yeah, but Wesley isn't even in school today." Matt says smiling, as he pauses and waits for one of them to ask the obvious question.

"How do you know that?" Jordan asks, sounding unconvinced.

"Because he is at Ben's house, he spent most of weekend with us." Matt tells his friends and can see the surprised looks on both their faces.

"He did, no way, why would he do that?" Jordan asks in a disbelieving tone.

"I want to tell you but I have to ask Wesley first, something bad happened Saturday and well it's Wesley's story to tell, but well it ended up with us looking after him and it turned into a sleepover because his parents were busy anyway, then we spent Sunday in the hospital because Ben got food poisoning and well Wesley's parents didn't... well actually that is something else that I can't tell you about, but yeah anyway, Wesley is really our friend and I can't wait for you guys to meet him." Matt explains with a grin, he really couldn't wait for Wesley to join their little group.

"Meet him? We know who he is Matt." Carter then says, with a grin.

"I mean like really meet him, like a friend and not just the cool kid which reminds me, guys I know what you might think of him but trust me he is a great guy and well please just be nice to him, he has had a rough time, a really rough time and hopefully when you guys talk you will understand what I mean." Matt says almost pleadingly, he really hoped everyone got along, because he would hate it if it didn't work out.

"Hey you don't have to convince me Matt, I actually like Wesley, we haven't talked much but we have worked on school stuff together and he always treated me nicely and unlike most jocks types he never ignored me, even in front of his friends he always said hi." Carter says and surprises Matt, he knew Wesley liked Carter but hadn't considered the two had actually spent time together.

"Yeah Wesley is cool, although we aren't friends... well I guess we might be now, but anyway while we haven't been friends I have known him pretty much my whole life and yeah he is cool and nice, shame he wasn't gay because Carter and him would be cute together." Jordan adds and while Carter blushes, Matt almost chokes which gets him a curious look from both his friends. "You alright?" Jordan asks suspiciously, although he doesn't quite know what for.

"Sorry it's just, look never mind it's nothing, now anyway is it okay if I tell Ben about this when I call him in a little while, or do you want to tell him yourselves?" Matt asks, hoping a change of subject will cover up his reaction to Jordan's remark about Wesley.

"Oh er... nah you can tell him." Jordan says casually, he doesn't see the need to have to be their and trusted Matt to explain it.

"You're calling him again?" Carter asks and then instantly remembering what his friend had confessed to him earlier and thought of course he would be calling him again and was actually surprised he hadn't called him before he had came to see them.

"Yeah, I miss his voice." Matt responds, blushing slightly.

"Aww that is cute..." Jordan starts to say, but stops as he feels Carter elbow him in the ribs. "Ouch, what was that for?" He asks, looking at his former boyfriend with a confused expression.

"You were being an idiot, just because we aren't dating any more doesn't mean we go back to how we were before, not now that I know what makes you tick." Carter says and Matt can't help but notice the way Carter said the last few words and when he sees Jordan jump a little and let out a little whimper, he notices Carter's hand has gone under the table before seeing it reappear.

"Prick." Jordan then says, but to Matt's surprise and confusion his friend is smiling and doesn't appear to be angry.

"Be good and I will as well." Carter responds in the same tone he did before and he can see Jordan shudder a little, but the smirk on his face tells him it wasn't from fear.

"You guys are weird." Matt then states, as he looks between the two boys.

"We just get each other now." Carter says confidently.

"Yeah although we aren't together and I found out I am not actually gay I would do it all again, Carter has been the best thing to ever happen to me and I will always love him, just not in that way." Jordan says from the heart and Matt could tell his friends words meant the world to Carter, as he sees a tear roll down his face.

"Oh fuck, me too Jordan friends for life okay." Carter states smiling, as he lets Jordan wipe the tear from his face.

"For life, I don't care what happens or who we end up being with you will always be in my life, plus I need you to be my best man for when I get married one day, so I need you to be around for that." Jordan says once again from the heart, before making a little joke and Matt actually felt really sad they weren't a couple any more, but at the same time he had never seen them happier and he was happy for them.

"So anyway, anything else happening Matt?" Carter than asks, changing the subject but not before giving Jordan a cute smile.

"Not really, anyone talk to Barry or Patrick lately?" Matt responds, with his own question.

"Yeah I spoke to Patrick and he said Barry was feeling like a complete moron, but he really is afraid of his dad and he misses us all." Carter answers, sounding a little sad.

"I actually spoke with Barry last week, I was going to have a go at him for being an idiot." Jordan begins to say, before Carter interrupts him.

"You had a go at him? We all agreed to give him time, it's not like he is doing this..." This time it is Jordan who returns the favour by interrupting Carter.

"I said I 'was' going to have a go at him, but I found him in the toilets crying, it took a few minutes but he told me how he hated his dad and wishes he could just be our friend again, but he is too afraid of him finding out that he was friends with gay people, so I cuddled him for like ten minutes before he calmed down and then I told him we don't hate him and whatever happens we will always be his friend and one day when he doesn't have to worry about his dad, he should come find us." Jordan explains, looking proud of himself but not in a cocky way.

"Oh wow, that is an amazing thing to do for him." Carter says and Matt could tell he wanted to kiss his ex boyfriend.

"Yeah nice one Jordan, exactly what I would have said, I feel really bad for Barry and to be honest in his position I'm not sure how I would handle it, so yeah I think we need to make a pact that no matter how long it takes for Barry to be our friend again, we don't hold a grudge and we welcome him with open arms, because none of this is his fault." Matt then states and both Carter and Jordan nod in approval.

"It was the right thing to do and well... anyway you should call Ben now Matt, I need to talk with Carter privately about something, you don't mind do you?" Jordan says, as he looks at Matt.

"No it's cool, just glad you two are still friends and yeah I can't wait to speak to Ben again it's be ages." Matt says, not even realising how soppy he sounds as he pulls his phone out and he misses Carter elbow Jordan again, as he was about to make a stupid joke.

"Yeah see you Matt and tell Ben we said hi and get well soon and I guess the same to Wesley." Carter says, as he and Jordan begin to walk away.

"Yeah sure guys, have fun." Matt says, just as Carter and Jordan leave, he already has his phone out and dialling his boyfriends number and just like before his boyfriend picks up almost immediately.

Matt then fills his boyfriend in with all the new events of the day and his reaction to Carter being single now is the same as Matt's own and he too instantly thinks of Wesley, but since his conversation alone with Wesley earlier in the day, Ben's thoughts are a lot more realistic than Matt's had been, Matt also tells him about what had happened between Barry and Jordan and Ben quickly agrees with what Matt had said to their friends, Ben then gives Matt a run through of what has been happening at home, including what he had talked about with Wesley and now Matt can't help but wonder what will happen when Wesley and Carter meet each other next and get talking.

Matt then asks his boyfriend if his dad had come home yet and how Wesley was really doing, he was genuinely worried about his friend and was happy to hear he was feeling much better, although he was a little grossed out, when his boyfriend explains he helped him go to the toilet again, it wasn't because he didn't want him helping his friend out, he just couldn't imagine either taking a dump in front of someone holding you or being the one holding someone it was well just kind of gross, but he loved his boyfriend even more that he was able to do it, although in his heart he knew he would do it if the other person was his boyfriend, he would do anything for him and he knew his boyfriend would do the same.

Again they could have talked for hours, as the conversation turned to what they were going to do the rest of the week, but the school bell interrupts them and they reluctantly say good bye to each other and Matt starts to walk to his next class, where he surprisingly gets knocked hard to the ground as someone rushes straight into him, he is about to shout at the person to watch where they are going, when he looks up to see Mr Morgan looking down at him with a look of horror on his face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Mr Summers, here take my hand." Mr Morgan says apologetically, as he holds his hand out.

"It's okay Sir." Matt responds, as he takes his hand and lets himself be pulled to his feet, but grimaces as soon as he puts weight on his left ankle.

"Are you hurt?" Mr Morgan asks in a concerned tone, he was already cursing himself for not looking where he was going, but to actually hurt one of his favourite students was almost unforgivable.

"It's my ankle, it hurts a lot Sir." Matt answers, as he tries to put weight on it again and instantly pulls it back off the ground and can already feel tears forming in his eyes.

"I am going to pick you up and carry you to a bench, is that okay if I do that?" Mr Morgan asks, he knows the boys history and just picking him up without permission, could prove to be a massive mistake and didn't want to scare the boy after already hurting him.

"Er... Sir?" Matt says as he looks around hoping to see someone around, but to his dismay there isn't anyone in sight and he looks up at his teacher nervously. "Sir I can't... sorry its just..." He tries to explain but breaks down into tears, not because of the pain but because he can't let Mr Morgan help him, even now and after all the counselling he can't let a man hold him and he feels pathetic.

"It's okay I understand, tell you what why don't you sit down and I will go get Ben and he can come help us, is that okay?" Mr Morgan suggests, thinking Ben would be the best option in this situation.

"You can't." Is all Matt can manage to say, after hearing his teachers idea.

"Why not, he is probably in class already." Mr Morgan states, but then he realises that not once have the boys entered his classroom without the other by their side, unless one was ill or away. "Ben is at school isn't he?" He then asks.

"No he is ill Sir... it really hurts Sir." Matt replies and wishes his boyfriend was with him right now.

"I will go get someone, Mrs Lee's classroom is only down the hall." Mr Morgan tells the crying boy and is about to head inside, when he is stopped by the boys voice.

"No wait..." Matt says, as his teacher turns back to face him. "I can call Ben, maybe if I can hear his voice, you can pick me up." Matt suggests and Mr Morgan can tell the boy is serious and decides to show that he trusts him.

"Okay, if you think it will work, if not I will go with Mrs Lee okay?" Mr Morgan, says with a warm smile.

Matt wastes no time and dials his boyfriends number and again he picks up almost immediately and Matt couldn't help wondering if his boyfriend literally had his phone in his hand waiting for him to call.

"Hey Ben, it's me." Matt says, as he hears his boyfriends voice.

"Hey Matt, shouldn't you be in class?" Ben responds, wondering what is going on.

"Yeah I had a little accident and I hurt my ankle." Matt says and he can tell he just said the wrong thing, as he hears his boyfriend swear and drop something.

"Oh my god are you okay, should I call an ambulance?" Ben asks, as he panics.

"No, no it's okay, I think I just sprained my ankle, but Mr Morgan can't help me unless he picks me up and moves me, but we are all alone and I can't let him touch me..." Matt says explaining what is happening, but as he comes to the end he stops talking, he just feels ashamed of himself for being so weak and sniffles.

"Hey you listen to me, you're not weak or stupid and I love you, now what do you need me to do?" Ben suddenly states, his panic has disappeared and is replaced by a determination to help his boyfriend, this had sort of happened before when his boyfriend had called him to come get him in a public toilet, they had been out together and Ben was waiting outside while he went in alone, he hadn't noticed a man go in after his boyfriend and when he went in he could see Matt standing frozen in front a urinal as the man stood innocently a few urinals down, totally unaware of the unintentional distress he was causing the young boy, so Ben knew what was happening to his boyfriend now.

"Just talk to me, tell me a story or something, just so I... you know..." Matt answers before stopping.

"I know and don't worry, I'm right here and you know I would never let anyone hurt you." Ben says in a comforting tone.

"Okay Sir, you can pick me up but can we go inside please and find a chair or something?" Matt instructs his teacher.

"Sure okay." Mr Morgan responds, as he nervously picks the boy up and is relieved when he only tenses up for a few moments before relaxing, he can hear Ben's voice talking to Matt through the phone and relaxes himself a little bit.

Matt continues to listen too his boyfriend talking to him and trying to ignore everything else that is happening, as his teacher carries him into the school and to the nearest bench where he is set down, he can't help but flinch and tense his body, as he feels his shoe and sock being gently removed and although it is painful he lets his teacher examine his foot while he concentrates on his boyfriends voice, who is telling him his favourite story and smiles knowing that his boyfriend remembers it, he had only told him once about the book over a year ago and the fact he not only remembered the book, but had also apparently read it enough to be able to recount it was amazing he thought to himself, although if the pain wasn't causing him a lot of distraction he would have known his boyfriend was actually reading the book and not magically remembering the whole thing from memory.

"Okay well it's not broken, just a pretty bad sprain and I think you should go home for the rest of the day, can someone come get you?" Mr Morgan states, he used to volunteer at the hospital before he became a teacher and also spent a few years in the army, so he knew the boy wasn't seriously injured, although he still felt awful about what had happened and knew it was completely his fault.

"Yeah Sir, let me ask Ben." Matt says, as he gives his teacher a quick glance. "Hey Ben, can Mitch come pick me up, Mr Morgan says I sprained my ankle pretty bad and should go home, but tell Mitch I want to come to yours, my parents will be at work." He then tells his boyfriend, who goes silent as he goes to get his brother.

"I'm really sorry Mr Summers, if you want to make a complaint about what has happened, than I want you to know I will take full responsibility, it was all my fault." Mr Morgan tells the young boy truthfully, he knows he could be in some serious trouble for injuring a student, but he was a man of honour and he owned up to his mistakes.

"No way Sir, it was an accident and I don't want you getting in trouble, if any one asks I was just running and tripped okay?" Matt responds in a firm and serious tone, Mr Morgan is surprised by the young boy. but can tell he is being genuine.

"Matt... sorry Mr Summers, you don't have to do that, what I did was wrong even if it was an accident." Mr Morgan says, he respects the boy for his offer but doesn't feel right getting away with it.

"Sir, you can call me Matt when we aren't in class or doing school stuff and well you're the best teacher I have ever had, plus I know you respect me, the way you asked me for permission to pick me up meant a lot to me and I just wish I could have let you help me, another teacher would have probably just picked me up and then dropped me as soon as I freaked out, but you actually care enough about us all to know who we are and well just let me thank you by taking the blame for this okay." Matt states sincerely, as he explains why he doesn't want to get him into trouble and Mr Morgan is genuinely touched by the boys sincerity.

"I want you to know, that I think you're a remarkable young man and so is Ben, I just wish... well I'm sorry about what Mr Jones did to you and if you ever wanted to talk, then you can come talk to me." Mr Morgan tells his young student with a friendly smile.

"Me too Sir, but I don't know, I just wish I wasn't so pathetic and weak." Matt responds in a sad tone and his teacher almost places a comforting hand on the boys knee, but remembers just in time what a bad idea that would be.

"Matt don't talk like that, what happened to you was disgusting and should never have happened and you have dealt with it superbly, I know it must seem like you're not dealing with it, but I think you're doing just fine, you knew exactly what to do just now by calling Ben and you explained yourself perfectly to me so that I understood what was happening, I can only hope you can stop being so hard on yourself." Mr Morgan tells the sad looking boy, he is pleased to see a shy smile spread across his face and knows he has at least gotten a little bit through to his student.

"Thank you Sir, you should go to class though they will be wondering where you are." Matt then says appreciatively.

"I should, but I can't leave you here alone, did Ben tell you when they will be picking you up?" Mr Morgan asks.

"Should be in around twenty minutes time Sir, I will be okay waiting here." Matt answers, still sounding sad as he can't stop being angry at himself for still not being able to fully move on from what happened.

"Nonsense Matt, why don't you come sit in class and tell Ben to ask his older brother to get your from there?" Mr Morgan then suggests, knowing he is going to have to carry the boy.

"Er... no offence Sir, but I'm not going to get carried into a classroom by my teacher and well I will be okay, I can call Ben and talk with him while I wait." Matt tells his teacher in a serious tone, he doesn't want to be seen carried by his teacher and then carried out of the classroom by Mitch.

"If you're sure, I could send another student out to sit with you, I saw you were talking with Wesley Fisher the other day in class, would you like me to send him out?" Mr Morgan says and looks at the boy curiously, as Matt gives him a sort of funny look.

"Well er... Wesley is kind of not at school either, he kind of had a little accident and is actually staying at Ben's house, but Sir I will be fine I promise, now go please and thank you for talking with me." Matt tells his teacher, who looks at him with a bemused expression.

"Oh, so Ben gets food poisoning, you get a sprained ankle and Wesley had an accident... well it's going to be a quiet and boring class today." Mr Morgan says jokingly, but Matt can tell his teacher is actually being truthful and smiles to himself.

"Thank you Sir and your classes can never be boring." Matt says, with a genuine smile.

"Maybe not Matt, now hope to see you back in class tomorrow and again sorry about hurting you." Mr Morgan says, as he stands up and walks towards his classroom.

Matt immediately phones his boyfriend up again and just like the previous times he answers straight away.

"Ben have you got your phone glued to your ear or something?" Matt decides to ask playfully, wondering how his boyfriend is answering so quickly.

"Huh, what do you mean?" Ben responds, confused by his boyfriend.

"Every time I've called you today, you have answered before the first ring even finishes." Matt explains in a cheerful tone.

"Oh well I just wanted to make sure I had had my phone in case you called, I miss you loads." Ben answers and he can feel the grin on his face growing, he didn't feel any embarrassment in admitting he was missing his boyfriend like crazy, despite his brother and Wesley both making fun of him and pulling funny faces while he talked.

"I know how you feel, after last night and this morning I just want to be with you all the time." Matt confesses and then wonders if he has said too much, he remembered Carter's advice about talking to his boyfriend face to face and not over the phone about how he is feeling.

"I feel the same way, hey is it okay if we have a talk when you get back?" Ben then asks nervously, he couldn't help but ask after hearing his boyfriends words and just had this feeling his boyfriend wanted the same thing he did, but he didn't want to talk about it over the phone.

"Yeah that would be great, but er... what about your brother and Wesley?" Matt responds happily, before remembering the other two will be home too.

"They will either be downstairs or in Mitch's room, we will be able to talk alone." Ben responds, he had actually forgot about his brother and Wesley being there.

"Okay, anyway can you like er... just talk with me, Mr Morgan had to go back to class and well I want to hear your voice." Matt says sweetly.

"I love you so much, do you want me to read some more of your favourite book?" Ben responds, with an adorably cute tone to his voice and Matt has to adjust his underwear as he feels his soft penis responding.

"Yes please, oh and tell Mitch I'm just inside the front doors of the schools main entrance." Matt responds, remembering he is now in the school and not in the playground.

After almost twenty minutes of listening to his boyfriend read too him Matt, hears someone pushing the doors to the school open and he turns to see Mitch coming through, at first he thinks the older boy is going to walk the wrong way, but then just as he is going to call out Mitch turns to see him with a big grin on his face.

"Oh he is here Ben." Matt says reluctantly interrupting his boyfriend, who had still been reading to him.

"Aww, we were just getting to the best bit." Ben replies and Matt smiles as he can tell his boyfriend is being sincere.

"I love you so much, but I better hang up Mitch is coming over." Matt says and finds himself feeling sad that he has to end the call.

"I love you too and don't worry I will be waiting outside for you when you get here." Ben says feeling sad himself, although he puts on a brave front to stop his boyfriend feeling down.

The boys both hang up at the same time, just as Mitch kneels down in front of the younger boy to take a look at his foot.

"Hey Mitch." Matt greets the him as he watches him inspect his foot, although he grimaces a few times when his foot is lifted and twisted. "Ouch hey." He then says as he thinks Mitch is being a little too thorough.

"Hey Matt and sorry I just wanted to give it a good look over." Mitch tells him, as he lowers his foot gently.

"Oh, Mr Morgan said it was just a bad sprain." Matt replies, as he looks down at his foot.

"Yeah he is right, but I still wanted to check it out." Mitch tells him with a smile. "I don't think any one is going to let me babysit ever again, after these last three days." He then adds, with a grin on his face.

"No way, you're the best." Matt says defending the older boy, as he doesn't quite understand why he would say something like that.

"I don''t know Matt, I mean under my watch Ben got food poisoning, you got kicked in the balls until you passed out and now you have a sprained ankle, hardly a success and that isn't even counting the shape Wesley is in." Although at first Mitch was joking around, once he actually said out loud the boys injuries he started feeling really angry at himself and guilty, he really hadn't looked after the boys well enough.

"Ha, well looks like I get to be the grown up for a change." Matt then says grinning, as Mitch looks at him quizzically.

"Huh?" Mitch says, surprised by the younger boys words.

"Well okay let's go through it, Wesley wasn't anything to do with you, in fact if it wasn't for you then he would have been... well let's not talk about what Conner was going to do to him, as for Ben well no one can predict food poisoning and Ben told me you guys had got food from that place loads of times and never had a problem, so again not your fault. Then we get to me, again the balls thing not your fault, you saved me and Wesley so shut up feeling guilty about that and as for my ankle, I did it at school so again nothing to do with you, so yeah quit acting like it's all your fault and buy me some ice cream on the way home." Matt states, enjoying the feeling of being able to lecture Mitch and couldn't resist trying to get some free ice cream either.

"Oh fuck it, you're right and just because you're right I am going to buy you some ice cream, but we better get some for Ben and Wesley as well." Mitch tells him and smiles when Matt's face lights up in happiness, he might have said no to the ice cream any other time, but he could hardly say no after Matt had pretty much blew his self blame and guilt out of the water and well he actually wouldn't mind some ice cream either.

"Yes, now pick me up peasant and carry me to my carriage." Matt then orders, with a cheeky grin.

"Cheeky fuck, it's a good thing you're dating my little brother or I would so beat you up for that." Mitch retorts and Matt starts giggling as Mitch picks him up and begins to carry him out the school, it is only then that Matt suddenly realises what is happening and goes silent and tenses up.

"Hey, you okay Matt?" Mitch asks as he stops walking, he can feel the boy tense up and can here him breathing strangely and starts to put him down.

"No, please don't put me down Mitch." Matt suddenly calls out, sounding almost frantic and Mitch begins to worry something is wrong.

"What's going on Matt?" Mitch asks, not quite sure what is happening.

"It's just well... you can carry me." Matt says, as his earlier slightly frantic tone changes into one of amazement and disbelief.

"Well yeah, I mean you're tiny and not to brag, but I'm not exactly a weakling." Mitch responds, feeling completely confused by Matt's behaviour.

"No you idiot, I mean you're a man and we are alone and you can carry me and touch me and I'm not scared." Matt explains, as he starts to giggle with excitement and although Mitch thinks he is starting to understand, he isn't quite one hundred percent sure.

"I don't get it, I have carried you like this loads of times and nothing has happened." Mitch states and Matt stops giggling, he starts to think back and he realises that Mitch is right, he can count at least a dozen times where Mitch has held him or been with him alone since everything happened with Mr Jones and that is just what he can remember and he never freaked out once.

"But I haven't let any man hold me or touch me when there was no one else around, not even my dad and I had to call Ben earlier to talk to me so Mr Morgan could pick me up.... but... you can..." Matt explains in amazement, sure Mitch wasn't technically a fully grown adult but he might as well be, but somehow for some reason Matt felt completely safe with him and it gave him hope for the first time that maybe his problem isn't permanent.

"Oh well, that's great Matt." Mitch responds, not quite picking up on the importance this realization has for the young boy.

"Great? This is fucking awesome Mitch and I know I can be fixed one day." Matt says, with a look of pure happiness on his face and Mitch finally starts to understand what just happened.

"Wait, you're serious aren't you?" Mitch asks, as he starts moving again.

"Yeah I thought I would never be able to be normal again, but now that I know you can hold me, I know I can get over this stupid fear and be normal again." Matt answers, still grinning from ear to ear.

"I'm really happy for you Matt, but I don't want you to ever think there is something wrong with you, you just like Ben and Wesley are remarkable and while you have all been through some really tough things, you especially Matt, you have handled it brilliantly and you're still the same boys as you were before, but just stronger and I love all three of you." Mitch tells him sincerely.

"You always know what to say Mitch, I love you too and thank you so much for being so amazing, me and Ben think you're pretty remarkable too." Matt responds, before leaning his head to Mitch's and kisses him on the cheeky, before moving his head away blushing slightly. "Sorry." He says nervously, not sure if he should have done that and especially since they are in the school playground.

"Don't be sorry, come on let's get you to the car before I start crying, you boys mean the world to me and well come on." Mitch states as he quickens his pace, he can feel a few tears forming in the corner of his eyes, but knows he can't wipe them away so wanted to get Matt in his car before he noticed.

"You told us that real men aren't afraid to cry Mitch." Matt suddenly states thoughtfully, as he raises his hand to the older boys face and wipes the tears from his eyes.

"Oh shit." Mitch says, but just as Matt thinks he has done something wrong he sees the smile forming on the older boys face and a few more tears roll down his cheek and again he wipes them away.

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone, not even Ben I promise." Matt then says sincerely, he knew this was a moment between them and it was no one else's business, not even his boyfriends.

"Thank you." Mitch says genuinely moved by his words, he knew the two boys didn't keep secrets from each other, unless it was something important like this and he stopped walking briefly to kiss the boys forehead, before he starts moving again as they pass through the school gates. "So you're going to want banana, Ben will have strawberry, do you have any clue what flavour Wesley likes?" He then asks, realising he doesn't know what kind of ice cream Wesley likes.

"I don't know if it is his favourite, but he seemed to like when Ben's lips tasted like strawberries, so let's get him strawberry." Matt says with a small grin, as he thinks about what he just said. "Man I got to have words with Wesley about kissing my boyfriend." He then says jokingly and Mitch chuckles.

"Yeah well you did dare him to do it the second time." Mitch says teasing the young boy, as he stops in front of his car and wonders how is he going to open the door.

"Hey! Well oh yeah well you got me there, but from now on Ben is all mine and no one else can play with him." Matt responds grinning.

"Ha fair enough, now can you do me a favour?" Mitch then asks, as Matt looks up to him curiously.

"Yeah sure." Matt replies, wondering what he could possibly do in his currant state.

"I need you to reach in my pocket and get my car keys and then open the door." Mitch tells him, feeling a little awkward about asking a young boy to put his hand in his pocket and even more so with Matt's history and wasn't sure how he would react.

"Sure." Matt says, without hesitation and dives his hand straight in and by some luck the right pocket and quickly fishes the keys out and deftly unlocks the car doors, before smiling at the older boy. "Did you see Mitch, did you see?" He then says excitedly, causing Mitch to give him a curious look before realising why he seems so excited.

"Yeah I saw little guy and I'm so proud of you." Mitch responds sincerely, knowing it was important to show how proud he was.

"I can't believe I put my hand in your pocket with no one else around, this is so cool and I cant wait to tell Ben that I can be normal again." Matt says full of pride, as Mitch places him down in the passenger front seat, careful not to knock the boys ankle against anything before ruffling his hair, but he was growing more concerned about Matt's insistence on thinking that he isn't normal and needed to try and think of some way to change his mindset.

"Tell you what, we can get two ice creams and eat one before we get home to celebrate." Mitch announces, before shutting the door and walking round to sit in the drivers side.

"Oh, that would be awesome." Matt states, as soon as Mitch gets in the car and they head straight for the nearest place that sells ice cream.

After their secret extra ice cream is eaten, Matt and Mitch arrive down Mitch's road and as they approach the house, Matt's face lights up instantly and can feel his heart racing when he sees his boyfriend standing outside the house waiting for him, Mitch notices the younger boy sit up and smiles to himself, as he sees his little brother standing outside the front door with the same happy excited look on his face, he quickly parks the car in the driveway and even before he gets out of the car himself, he can here the passenger side door being opened, for a brief second he is afraid Matt had forgotten about his ankle and is about to call out for him to wait, when he sees that it is his little brother at the door.

He then walks round to help carry Matt into the house, but suddenly stops and looks away as he discovers his little brother and Matt are kissing each other passionately and decides to give them a little privacy, before breaking them up because they are outside and he doesn't want a neighbour or some random person walking past to see them.

"Hey guys, I know you missed each other but we need to get Matt inside and get his ankle iced up." Mitch informs the boys. who reluctantly with groans part their lips and bodies and Mitch notices they are both tenting and shakes his head in bemusement. "Ben there are some bags in the back seat, can you bring them in and lock the car for me please?" He then asks as he turns to his little brother.

"Sure, what's in the bags?" Ben asks, as he opens the back door and pulls the bag out.

"Ice cream, Mitch wanted to give us all a treat." Matt answers, as he winks at Mitch.

"Oh, I wondered why you tasted like banana, you two already had some didn't you." Ben says grinning and from the look on his brothers face and his boyfriends he knows he is right.

"Dammit, I forgot about that." Matt says, realising that of course his boyfriend could tell as soon as they kissed that he had eaten something banana flavoured.

"Well Inspector Walker, take these and lock the car." Mitch says mockingly as he drops the keys into his little brothers hand, then leaning down scoops Matt up carefully and carries him inside the house, followed by a very excited Ben, who can't wait to talk to his boyfriend privately, although he had to eat the ice cream first which wasn't exactly a bad thing.

"Jeez Matt, less than half a day without your boyfriend and you almost break your ankle." Wesley says as Mitch sets Matt down next to Wesley, who is almost curled up in a ball on the sofa, but Matt couldn't help but notice he looked a little tired and weird.

"Very funny but are you okay Wesley, you look weird." Matt asks, in a genuinely concerned tone.

"He is drugged up, the idiot took too many painkillers but he will be fine in a little while, I just hope dad doesn't come home early, not quite sure how I'm going to explain you three all being here, let alone why one of you is half drugged up." Mitch says with a grin, he then winks at Matt to let him know he is joking, after what they had talked about earlier.

"Ah cool." Matt says, as he playfully nudges and pokes his friend.

"Hey, cut it out." Wesley says with a smile on his face, he then tries to swat his friends hand away, but he is feeling way too dizzy and tired to make any real effort.

"Yeah, come on Matt." Ben says coming to his friends defence, he then leans close to his boyfriends ear and whispers. "Be gentle, he still has some nasty looking bruises that you're poking." Before sitting down between the two boys and snuggling up to his boyfriend.

"Oh crap, sorry Wesley." Matt says looking a little guilty.

"Huh?" Wesley responds, not knowing quite what is going on, but still grinning as his eyes flutter.

"Okay so ice cream time, although I think I better help you out Wesley." Mitch says, as he hands out the ice cream to his little brother and Matt.

Wesley looks up expectantly at his, but Mitch can see he is still looking dazed so instead of giving him the ice cream, he puts in on the table beside the arm chair with his own, Wesley gives a little groan of annoyance as he thinks he isn't getting any, but when he feels himself being scooped up and carried by Mitch over to the arm chair he smiles, but instead of being set down like he expected, he feels Mitch sit down and cradle him in his arms, effectively meaning he is being held like a baby and he feels both annoyed and embarrassed.

"Hey, I'm not a baby." Wesley says defensively, as he sees Mitch place the two ice creams on the arm of the chair.

"Wesley you can barely lift your arms, let alone hold and eat an ice cream, now just humour me and let me look after you." Mitch tells the boy, who gives him a firm hard look as he thinks about the older boys words.

"At least tell me you got my favourite flavour." Wesley states, sounding a little annoyed still, but definitely not sulking and starts to giggle a little which causes all of the others to look at him in amusement.

"I didn't know what you liked, but Matt said you really liked the taste of my little brothers lips, so we went with strawberry." Mitch says and he can see Matt repress a giggle, while his little brother almost spits his ice cream out of his mouth, all the while Wesley is still giggling at nothing before stopping to look at the ice cream.

"Oh wow yeah, I love strawberry ice cream, thanks guys." Wesley says, excitedly he really does love strawberry ice cream and had missed the jibe about kissing Ben, although he almost starts giggling again for no reason.

The boys all enjoy their ice creams, although Mitch struggles at first to help Wesley eat his while also eating his own, luckily only a small amount ends up on his own top and Wesley's, so he is more than happy with his work, although he can't help but chuckle at the state of Wesley's face which is almost completely covered and thought maybe he needed a little more practice at this feeding thing.

"Oh man, you look so sexy right now Wesley." Ben teases, as he looks at his friends ice cream covered face, while Matt giggles after noticing what his boyfriend was talking about.

"Okay, stop teasing him." Mitch says as he tries to wipe the boys face, but only seems to make it worse and the fact the boy was giggling didn't help, until he suddenly seemed to snap back to reality when he realised what Mitch was doing.

"Hey quit it Mitch, I can wipe my own face." Wesley snaps at the older boy and Mitch knows he has probably gone to far in trying to help the young boy and he even gets disapproving looks from his little brother and Matt.

"Yeah Mitch, there is a difference between being helpful and being patronizing." Ben says in a serious tone, he knew his brother was just trying to help, but he could tell Wesley was feeing humiliated.

"Hey, come on guys let's not argue, Wesley don't be mad at Mitch he just really loves us and just wants to help make sure we are okay." Matt then says, as he defends the older boy and Mitch can't help but feel proud of him in that moment.

"I know, sorry Mitch I just... sorry." Wesley says to the older boy, he knew he was trying to help and loved Mitch looking out for him, but having his face cleaned like a baby just made him feel humiliated. "Cheers for standing up for me Ben." He then adds, genuinely grateful that his friend could see how he felt.

"Anytime mate." Ben says with a grin, before turning his attention to his boyfriend. "Matt want to come to my room, I need to ask you something." He asks with a wink.

"Oh man, you two better not make a lot of noise." Wesley states, as he just about finishes wiping his face clean using Mitch's top without the older boy realising what he is doing, he was feeling a lot like his normal self now and couldn't resist playing a prank on Mitch.

"Yeah come on you two, dad could be home any time so..." Mitch adds, but is interrupted.

"Jeez we are just going to talk, it's important and private." Ben says and Wesley instantly realises what is happening and feels guilty for teasing his friends.

"Oh er... yeah Mitch, you have to get changed anyway, you got a little ice cream all down yourself." Wesley points out, knowing he is probably going to get some sort of pay back from Mitch, but wanted to distract the older boy, so Ben and Matt can sneak out.

"Huh, hey what the hell... you little shit." Mitch says with a grin, realising the boy used his t-shirt too clean his face. "You're so going to pay for that, Ben help me..." He then begins to say, but stops when he realises both his little brother and Matt have left the room.

"Sorry Mitch, but they really have to talk and it's really important for them." Wesley then tells the older boy, as he looks up at him.

"Oh okay, you know what it is about then?" Mitch asks, knowing even if the boy knew something he probably won't tell him what it is about.

"Yeah and I can't tell you, but I doubt you will have to wait long before they talk to you." Wesley responds, just as Mitch predicted. "So er... can you help me take a shower?" Wesley then asks, catching Mitch totally off guard.

"Wait what?" Mitch responds, hoping he misheard the boy.

"Well I'm all sticky and I don't think I can do it myself, I would ask Ben but he is going to be busy for a while and I don't want to wait for your dad to come home, not sure he will appreciate one of you helping me shower." Wesley explains casually, as if there is nothing wrong with Mitch helping him.

"Look Wesley I don't know, I mean last nights games were one thing but helping you shower is going a step too far, I would have to be in there with you and well... it's weird little man." Mitch responds honestly, maybe if it was the day before he might have considered it but knowing his dad could be home soon just makes it way to risky and he couldn't do it.

"Oh man, but I stink and we have slept in the same bed naked, please Mitch?" Wesley says in a slightly whining voice and Mitch knows he has to try and ignore the boy, despite him having made a pretty good point about sleeping naked, although technically he had his shorts on both times.

"Sorry little man, you will just have to wait for my brother or Matt to help you, no way am I getting in the shower with you." Mitch states firmly, he hates saying no to the boys but this is definitely non negotiable, well he thought it was until he saw Wesley smirk and knew he was not going to like this.

"Okay compromise, you sit on the toilet seat while I shower with the curtain shut and if I fall over or something you will be there to help me and you don't even have to be naked." Wesley suggests with a grin, Mitch could tell the boy was confident he had convinced him and Mitch couldn't fault the boys plan, even if his dad walked in it was easily explainable and would be seen as him being responsible with the boys, who in Wesley's case was clearly not a hundred percent in good shape right now.

"Damn it, why did I have to know so many smart arsed boys, fine but we all need to sit down later if my dad isn't back and have a serious conversation of what you boys expect of me and what I'm willing to do, because I am worried that you guys don't quite understand the age difference and what that means." Mitch starts of jokingly, but finishes in a very serious tone, that causes Wesley to give him a hard look.

"Okay." Is all Wesley says, as he continues to stare at the older boy in the same way.

"Damn it, I have pissed you off haven't I?" Mitch then asks, thinking he has upset him with his last sentence.

"No, actually I think you have a point, sometimes I keep forgetting you're older than me and well I understand that you could get in a lot of trouble, so yeah we should all have a talk about it." Wesley replies, taking Mitch by surprise at the boys mature response.

"Oh right, well come on then let's get you to the shower." Mitch then says, not quite sure what else to say in response without sounding like a broken record with his compliments.

"Mitch you have to make sure you don't get too close to Ben's room, I mean it's a really private talk that they are having and I don't think you should overhear it." Wesley suddenly says, as Mitch stands up with him still firmly cradled in the older boys arms.

"Okay, but can't you even give me a little hint about what they are talking about?" Mitch asks, as they come to the bottom of the stairs.

"It's nothing bad, in fact I think it's great but they will tell you soon, please don't ask me again Mitch because I don't betray friends confidences so please?" Wesley tells the older boy, with pleading eyes as he hopes Mitch respects his morales.

"Okay sure thing little man, sorry if I was being pushy and I think it's admirable of you to not betray your friends." Mitch says honestly, as they slowly make their way up the stairs, Mitch couldn't help thinking of how many times, he has carried each of the boys up these stares over the last three days and didn't know whether to smile or frown.

"Admirable is good right?" Wesley asks, he is a smart boy but he is still young and has never heard the word before, although he thinks it's got to be good because it sounds similar to 'admire' and he knows that is good.

"Yeah it's very good little man." Mitch tells the boy, as they manage to get in the bathroom quickly and avoid hearing anything from his little brothers room, Mitch then quickly helps strip the boy and stand him in the shower, he can tell Wesley is a little unsteady but he is happy enough that he can shower by himself and pulls the curtain across, before sitting on the toilet, they have a little bit of a conversation, but with the water running Mitch knows it is more about him knowing the boy is okay than actually having a real conversation.

"So er... I think I know what you want to talk about Ben." Matt says nervously, as he holds on to his boyfriend as he lets him half carry him up the stairs to their bedroom.

"Oh, well is that a good thing?" Ben responds just as nervously, as he helps his boyfriend over to his bed where they sit side by side, he kind of got the impression on the phone his boyfriend wanted to talk about the same thing, but wasn't totally sure and if he answered his question the way he hopes he did, then he would be able to relax knowing they felt the same way.

"Yeah, I hope you don't mind, but I kind of talked to Carter about it, you aren't angry are you?" Matt asks nervously.

" I might have been a little annoyed, but I kind of talked to Wesley about it earlier as well." Ben answers honestly, he could hardly be angry at his boyfriend if he did the same thing, he was just glad it was Carter his boyfriend talked too, he trusted Carter totally and knew of all their friends he was probably the one person who could understand what they were considering, of course Wesley wasn't far of with his brother being gay and out, so all in all Ben wasn't bothered at all.

"Oh cool, so do you want to say it or should I?" Matt then asks, feeling relaxed as both boys shift positions so they are sitting on the bed facing each other, Ben with his legs crossed and Matt with his legs stretched out either side of his boyfriend, Ben then twist round slightly and moves a pillow under his boyfriends sprained ankle to make him more comfortable. "Thanks Ben." Matt says in appreciation, before the boys look at each other again.

"I want to come out too everyone." Ben then blurts out and instantly feels a weight lifted of his shoulders and the smile on his boyfriends face lets him know he wants the same thing.

"Oh thank god, me too after last night and when we woke up, I just knew I loved you too much to hide from people." Matt confesses, as he reaches out his hands to take a hold of his boyfriends.

"Me too, I felt the same thing and I'm so happy you want to as well but..." Ben says, before trailing off slightly.

"But you don't want to do it yet, not without talking about how we are going to do it first." Matt states finishing his boyfriends sentence, knowing they are on the same wave length he knows exactly what is going through his boyfriends mind as he is having the same thoughts.

"Yeah just because we both want to come out to people, doesn't mean we have to do it right now and rush into it, Wesley said he would see if Jim would be able to give us some advice." Ben states smiling, as he enjoys the feeling of his hands being held by his boyfriend.

"Yeah that would be awesome and Carter said we shouldn't rush either and will try to help us, because he came out to his parents and can give us advice." Matt adds, as he pulls his boyfriend across to him and kisses him for a few moments, before releasing him and giggling as his boyfriend falls back on his bum and pouts at him.

"Creep!" Ben says grinning. "I think we should talk to Mitch about this before anyone else though." He then adds, as he finds himself getting lost in his boyfriends beautiful green eyes and if it wasn't for his dad coming home at some point today, he would be ripping his boyfriends clothes off and holding him in his arms so that they could just lay with each other.

"Yeah we definitely have to have Mitch helping us, he will know what to do and what not to do." Matt says agreeing with his boyfriend, who right now he just wants to strip and cuddle up to him, but he knows his boyfriends and Mitch's dad could be home any time and he didn't want to cause any problems, telling your parents you love another boy is going to be bad enough, but having them walk in to find you naked in bed with their son is just suicide.

"I know and we should head downstairs, but I just want to hold you here for a little while." Ben then says a little shyly, as he starts to lean forward pushing his boyfriend on to his back gently and starts to attack him with kisses until he is laying on top of him.

"I love you." Matt says from the heart, as his boyfriend rolls of him and they just lie side by side facing each other and enjoying looking into each others eyes.

"I love you too." Ben says back and gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

"Mitch I'm ready to get out now." Wesley calls out, the shower pretty much went without any problems although Wesley had to turn the water down as the heat was making him dizzy, but he felt really good and the drowsiness he had due to the pills was almost completely gone now.

"Yeah sure, just give me a second I'm just going take my top off." Mitch replies, which causes Wesley to wonder what is going on.

"Why are you taking your top off?" Wesley asks, as he peaks out the side of the shower curtain and Mitch can't help but smile at how adorable he looks with his hair soaked and the curious look on his face.

"Well I somehow got covered in strawberry ice cream, not that you know anything about that right." Mitch answers as he locks eyes with Wesley, who quickly hides behind the curtain again giggling and again Mitch is reminded that while these boys are remarkable, they are still just little boys. "And well it's kind of pointless you having a shower if you get covered in it again." He then explains, as he takes his top off and throws it in the was bin, he then walks over to the shower and quickly opens the curtain with a grin, when Wesley pretends to be shy and cover himself with a gasp and they both laugh for a few moments.

Mitch then holds his arms out in front of him and Wesley quickly reaches out and lets the older boy lift him out of the shower, he instinctively wraps his legs around Mitch's waist and puts his arms around his neck, while Mitch opens the bathroom door and carries him to his bedroom, where he then unceremoniously dumps the boy on to his bed laughing.

"Hey, no fair." Wesley complains with a big grin on his face and although it actually hurt a little, he didn't want to make Mitch worry again.

"Just get dried, wrinkly little man." Mitch teases, as he flings a towel at the boy and chuckles as he hits him straight in the face.

"Hey, no fair." Wesley says, as he pulls the towel off and starts drying himself.

"Now as you seem to have like a hundred different coloured briefs in this bag, what ones do you want?" Mitch asks, as he searches through the boys bag and sees the collection of underwear, wondering why he had brought so many with him.

"The blue ones please, they are my favourite colour." Wesley replies, although his real favourite colour was violet, he wasn't quite ready to buy briefs that colour or even sure they did violet coloured briefs, although he does surprise himself by having no problem with Mitch looking through his things, usually if his mum or dad went through his stuff, especially his underwear he would get angry and upset but with Mitch it was different and he couldn't quite work out why.

"Okay I like blue as well, I bet your mum loves washing all of these." Mitch then says, as he counts at least twelve pairs of briefs and again wonders why he had brought that many with him.

"Ha no way Mitch, I do all my own washing and ironing." Wesley responds, as Mitch hands him his briefs and quickly slides them on.

"Oh, sorry little man." Mitch says, as he adds another thing Wesley seems to have had to do by himself, instead of his parents looking after him.

"Hey quit feeling sorry for me, if we are going to be mates then you can cut that out right out." Wesley's says in a serious tone.

"Sorry, its just you're only eleven Wesley, your parents should be looking after you still." Mitch tells the boy honestly.

"Yeah and at first I hated it, but to be honest I enjoy washing and ironing, I know it's weird but it's relaxing and come on no boy likes their mum cleaning their underwear." Wesley responds truthfully, at first he did hate it and cried several times when he realised if he didn't do it then no one else was going too, but after a while he started to enjoy it and made little games out of ironing and now he wouldn't dream of letting his mum do it for him.

"Okay I can agree with that, I actually don't mind doing the washing and ironing myself either." Mitch concedes, since their dad works and he is over protective of his little brother, Mitch has taken on a lot of the chores around the house, although washing his little brothers briefs, has not been the most pleasant of jobs at times and the grass stains since he started dating Matt, were definitely not something he wanted to see or think of how they even got there.

"You do it as well?" Wesley asks and Mitch can see the boys eyes light up a little with excitement.

"Yeah, but I doubt I like it as much as you and if you had to wash my little brother's dirty underwear, you might not enjoy it much either." Mitch replies, as he hands over a pair of jeans and a cute little blue t-shirt to the young boy.

"Eww, does he have skid marks?" Wesley asks, with a genuine look of disgust on his face, as he pulls the jeans on.

"Ha, he used to years ago, but no not any more Wesley, his hygiene has gone up to like insane levels since he started seeing Matt, but I try not to give too much thought to how he gets grass stains on them, I put that on the things a big brother shouldn't know about his little brother." Mitch responds with a grin.

"Oh cool, I was worried for a minute, I mean I guess it's impossible to never get any ever, but the way you were talking made me think he was like totally gross or something." Wesley says with a sigh of relief, he wasn't sure if he wanted to be friends with someone who couldn't wipe their own ass properly, although he knew he was being stupid thinking like that and truthfully was all talk, he really liked Ben and only wished he had been friends with him years ago.

"Come on, get your top on so we can head downstairs." Mitch tells the boy, talking about his little brothers dirty undies, isn't exactly the best of conversations.

"Okay but er... can you give me a hand, it's kind of hard to lift my arms up enough." Wesley then asks, trying his best not to blush.

"Sure thing little man." Mitch responds, as he pulls the t-shirt on the boy.

"Cheers Mitch." Wesley says, as he slowly stands up and looks down at himself smiling at the outfit Mitch had picked out for him and thought he looked pretty good, before noticing his feet. "Oh crap, you're going to have to put some socks on my feet Mitch." Wesley then says, after realising he is barefoot.

"Ah sorry, forgot about those, sit back down little man." Mitch says, as he quickly pulls a pair of white socks out and carefully pulls them on the boys feet. "Okay so come on, I will carry you down now." He then says as he goes too scoop the boy up.

"No, I want to do it myself, I feel a lot better and I need to see if I can get down the stairs." Wesley quickly says, as he stands up confidently and he smiles at the older boy.

"Way to go little man, come on then I will be right behind you and don't be embarrassed if you need help, those pills are pretty strong." Mitch tells the boy, as he follows him out of his room.

"We should head down now, I want to talk to Mitch before dad gets home." Ben says, as he reluctantly breaks the magical moment of just enjoying holding each other.

"I wish we could stay like this forever." Matt then says, as he watches his boyfriend get off the bed and reach over to him.

"Me too, but come on let's go." Ben says as he helps his boyfriend up and off the bed, he is careful to make sure his boyfriend avoids putting weight on his foot and they slowly walk across their room and head out on the landing, where they almost walk straight into Mitch, who is only a few steps behind Wesley who is just about to walk down the stairs before stopping too see what happened.

"What are you guys doing up here?" Ben asks nervously, looking at his brother suspiciously, if they were eavesdropping then he is going to get very angry.

"Whoa, I know that look Ben and no we weren't listening to you two." Mitch says, as he looks at the two boys. "Wesley wanted a shower and needed my help and then changed his clothes, we were then heading downstairs to wait for you two." He then explains honestly.

"Oh, so you didn't hear us?" Ben asks, realising he should trust his brother more.

"Nope, Wesley made sure I didn't even get close enough to hear anything." Mitch answers honestly, before he moves over to Wesley, just to make sure the boy doesn't fall down the stairs after seeing him look a bit shaky.

"Yeah sorry Ben, I told him you were discussing something really important and that he had to just wait for you both to tell him when you were ready, but I really needed a shower." Wesley then says, as he reaches out and holds Mitch's arm for support.

"It's cool Wesley and nice clothes you look cool." Matt then says, he actually thought he looked really cute, but thought cool sounded well 'cooler' to say.

"Cheers Matt, Mitch actually picked them out for me and I like them." Wesley responds with a shy smile, he was glad someone noticed and liked his clothes.

"Yeah you do look good Wesley, but come on let's all get downstairs." Ben says smiling, he also thought his friend looked cute, but no where near as cute as his boyfriend always looked he thought to himself.

"Cool, Mitch remember let me do it myself and anyway you should carry Matt down, Ben can keep an eye on me." Wesley then says, as he lets go of the older boys arm and starts to walk down slowly, quickly followed by Ben, who reluctantly let his brother pick his boyfriend up, he knew this was for the best though as getting Matt down the stairs would have been harder than getting him up them and was happy to look out for Wesley.

It only takes all the boys a few minutes to get down the stairs, Wesley struggles a little bit but made it down with out any help and smiled, before they all make themselves comfortable in the living room, Ben and Mitch then get everyone a drink and they sit down in silence for a few minutes.

"Mitch er... me and Matt talked and well we came too an agreement and well it's kind of a big deal and we wanted to talk to you before anyone else." Ben then says, breaking the silence.

"Should I like go somewhere else guys for a little bit?" Wesley then asks, he knows what is probably going to be said, but he felt it was the right thing to say.

"Hey, no way Wesley and anyway you know what we are going to say and I want you to be part of this." Ben quickly answers, making sure his friend knows he is not only welcome but also wanted and could see the happy look on his friends face and smiled.

"Yeah you're our friend Wesley." Matt adds as he gives his friend a pat on the shoulder, he had noticed that while Mitch always ruffled his or his boyfriends hair he never did that with Wesley, but instead either rubbed his shoulder or squeezed it and decided to give it a try and see what happens.

"Cheers guys and I appreciate it a lot." Wesley says and give Matt a small shy smile and in that moment Matt realises that he was right about the shoulder thing and would tell his boyfriend about it later.

"So er... what do you want to tell me guys?" Mitch then says curiously, he knows it is big news but he can't think what it could be.

"Mitch don't like get angry or anything, just hear us out okay?" Ben then states, he is suddenly feeling very nervous about telling his brother, but when he feels his boyfriends hand slip into his own he calms down.

"I promise, now come on you're killing me with suspense now." Mitch responds, with a nervous smile.

"Me and Matt talked about it and we want to come out too everyone." Ben says nervously, although he tried his best to sound confident and Mitch really wished he hadn't decided to sip his drink just before his little brother spoke, as a spray of OJ flies across room.

"Oh crap." Mitch says, as he sees the OJ soak into the carpet and sighs.

"You promised not to get mad." Ben then says, sounding annoyed.

"Oh shit, no sorry Ben it's just the floor, guess drinking something just as you're about to receive some big news is not the smartest thing I have ever done." Mitch says, putting his little brother straight about his reaction.

"Oh okay, so er... what do you think?" Ben then asks, as he looks his brother in the eyes.

"I think you're crazy." Mitch answers honestly, but he can tell that he needs to keeping talking when the expression on both his little brothers face and Matt's drop. "But I'm with you all the way, but you need to be really sure, because once you do this there is no going back boys." He then adds with a warm smile and he is happy to see the two boys looking happy again.

"We know, that's why we aren't going to do it until we are ready, we just wanted to let each other know that we want too and we wanted you to know as well." Ben says with a grin on his face.

"Yeah, we have to talk to Wesley's brother and Carter is also going to tell us about when he told his parents he was gay and then and only then will we decide when we will tell everyone." Matt then says confidently and pulls his boyfriend in for a passionate kiss which lasts for a few moments, before a loud cough shocks everyone and they all turn to the door way.

"Okay, I think someone needs to do some explaining right now." An unimpressed sounding voice calls out.

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