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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 7

March 2015

"Me and Matt talked about it and we want to come out too everyone." Ben says nervously, although he tried his best to sound confident and Mitch really wished he hadn't decided to sip his drink just before his brother spoke, as a spray of OJ flies across room.

"Oh crap." Mitch says, as he sees the OJ soak into the carpet and sighs.

"You promised not to get mad." Ben then says, sounding annoyed.

"Oh shit, no sorry Ben, it's just the floor, I guess drinking something just as you're about to receive some big news is not the smartest thing I have ever done." Mitch says, putting his brother straight about his reaction.

"Oh okay, so er... what do you think?" Ben then asks, as he looks his older brother in the eyes.

"I think you're crazy." Mitch answers honestly, but he can tell that he needs to keeping talking when the expression on both his little brothers face and Matt's drop. "But I'm with you all the way, but you need to be really sure because once you do this there is no going back boys." He then adds with a warm smile and he is happy to see the two boys looking happy again.

"We know, that's why we aren't going to do it until we are ready, we just wanted to let each other know that we want too and we wanted you to know as well." Ben says with a grin on his face.

"Yeah, we have to talk to Wesley's brother and Carter is also going to tell us about when he told his parents he was gay and then and only then will we decide when we will tell everyone." Matt then says confidently and pulls his boyfriend in for a passionate kiss which lasts for a few moments, before a loud cough shocks everyone and they all turn to the door way.

"Okay, I think someone needs to do some explaining right now." An unimpressed sounding voice calls out.

When everyone looks at who is standing there, all their faces drop and they fall silent for a few seconds.

"Dad... oh er... hey Dad, how long have you been there?" Mitch stutters, as he prays to god his dad didn't hear or see anything anything.

"Long enough Son but let's get the easy stuff out of the way first, why are they not in school right now?" Mike asks his eldest son, but his eyes don't leave his youngest son and the boy sitting next to him.

"It's hard to explain Dad." Mitch says and instantly knows that is not a good enough answer.

"Well try, because I trusted you to look after your brother and his well... we will get to what Matt is in a minute and what is Dr Fishers son doing here?" Mike then states, now looking directly at his eldest son looking less than impressed at what he is seeing.

"Sir er... Mr Walker er... Mitch saved me from someone trying to molest me Saturday, please don't get mad at him because he has looked after me so well and without him helping me, I don't know what would have happened to me." Wesley suddenly says, causing Mike to look at him in shock and his anger and confusion temporarily disappears while he tries processing the boys words, while Mitch, Ben and Matt all look stunned by Wesley confessing to what happened to him.

"Oh my god, are you okay?" Mike says as he walks over to Wesley and kneels down in front of him. "Where are your parents and what did the police say?" He then asks and gets suspicious when his question is met by silence and he turns to his eldest son. "His parents and the police do know about this right?" He asks, hoping his eldest son as not been stupid enough to not tell anyone.

"Sir he couldn't, I made him promise and kind of said I would do something stupid if he did, I mean nothing actually happened, well they beat me up pretty good but I have had worse playing sports, but I promise I am fine Sir, I just couldn't cope with my parents freaking out and the police, really I promise if anything had actually happened I would be the first one calling the police, but Mitch got there before that and saved me, please don't tell anyone... please." Wesley says pleadingly to his friends dad and he can feel himself shake a little in fear.

"I am not promising anything but I will have think about it, I want to check you over myself later though Wesley." Mike says as he rubs the boys knees before standing up, he believes the boy and is immensely proud of his eldest son, but before he totally ruled out telling the boys parents he will check the boy over himself.

"Thank you Sir and please don't be mad at Mitch, there is a lot to explain but I promise you he has been amazing and you would be so proud of him, maybe later when you check me over I can tell you all about it?" Wesley then says, he is glad that Mr Walker seems to accept his request and can't help but try to help Mitch out while he has the chance.

"Okay it's a deal, now I really have to deal with the other stuff now, but I promise to hear you out." Mike tells the boy sincerely, before turning to his eldest son.

"So come on, tell me why those two aren't in school." Mike then asks his eldest son, as he glances over to his youngest son and Matt.

"Well I told you about Ben and the food poisoning, they recommended at least taking today off school and when I called the school they agreed that he should not come in today and just let them know in the morning if he will be in or not tomorrow." Mitch explains truthfully.

"Okay well I can't argue with that and I agree so well done and thank you for calling the school, I didn't think you would know to do that, but what about the other one?" Mike says, not quite being able to bring himself to say the boys name again and was really struggling to even look at him.

"Hey, his name is Matt." Ben suddenly shouts out and then blushes when his dad turns to him. "Sorry Dad, it's just you shouldn't be rude, you know his name and just because you're angry it doesn't mean you should be rude." He then says and manages to keep his voice firm, despite feeling very scared right now.

"Okay, you're right." Mike concedes, he knows he shouldn't be rude despite what he saw. "Sorry Matt, I didn't mean to be rude." He then says, as he turns to face Matt.

"It's okay Mr Walker." Matt answers shyly, as he looks to the ground and Mike realises he has scared him and feels angry with himself, but for now he has to get all his questions answered.

"So Mitch, why is Matt not in school?" Mike asks his eldest son again.

"He was at school, but he had a bad fall and sprained his ankle pretty bad, a teacher looked him over and it's not broken, but he got Matt to call Ben and then I agreed to pick him up because his parents are still at work and because it was just a sprain, so I brought him here so I could look after him." Mitch answers his dad truthfully again, but while he is keeping himself composed he knows that the worst it yet to come from his dad and was trying to think of things to say.

"Okay well you probably did the right thing, but I will call his parents anyway in a little while to let them know what happened." Mike tells his eldest son and again can't fault his reasoning.

"I already did that Dad, they said I did the right thing and that if I could bring him home after five they would be grateful or he could spend another night here if he needs to rest his ankle." Mitch tells his dad and manages a smile at the proud look in his dads eyes.

"Oh okay, well I am proud of you Son, you have handled everything very well and well... good job, but I really need you too explain to me what I just saw when I came in." Mike then says, as he turns to look at his youngest son and Matt.

"It's not really my right to tell you Dad and if neither of them feel ready to talk to you, I won't let you make them tell you." Mitch says in a firm and serious tone, that causes everyone to look at him as they are shocked by his statement, Wesley looks on impressed that he would stand up to his dad like that, while Matt and his little brother look at him with pride and love at his willingness to protect them, but when he looks at his dad he can't quite read his expression.

"Well what can I say to that, you really are your Mothers son you know that Mitch." Mike says sincerely.

"What?" Mitch asks, confused by his dad's reaction.

"I mean, the way you're protecting your little brother and well Matt as well I guess, but there is no need to worry." Mike says, before his youngest sons voice causes him to turn around.

"You don't hate us?" Ben asks, both nervously and surprised as he squeezes his boyfriends hand, neither boy realised they had been holding hands the entire time Mike had been there, but instead of letting go they just hold each other tighter.

"Hate you, why would I hate you?" Mike asks, he genuinely surprised by his sons question and feels awful that he has scared his son that much.

"Because well you know... because of what you... you know what you saw..." Ben stutters nervously, but he can't quite pluck up the courage to say the words.

"You mean seeing you kiss another boy and the fact you are still holding hands?" Mike says in an unreadable tone. "Look I am not going to lie and say that wasn't the last thing I ever thought I would see, when I waked through the door and yeah it was shocking and I still haven't quite processed it all yet, but I want you to know I don't hate you, but I do need you to explain to me what has been going on, whether you think you're ready or not Ben because I need to know." He then tells his youngest son.

"Dad, I won't let you bully them into talking, I meant what I said." Mitch then says, as he moves over to stand between his dad and his little brother.

"Mitch it's okay." Ben then says, before whispering in his boyfriends ear. "You okay, with us telling him?" He asks.

"Yeah, but I am scared Ben, please don't let go of my hand." Matt whispers back and Ben gives his hand a little squeeze and smiles.

"Ben, you don't have to say anything if you don't want too." Mitch quickly tells his little brother.

"We want to Mitch." Ben says to his brother, who turns to them and steps aside when he sees his little brother is serious. "Dad er... me and Matt are boyfriends." He then says nervously, looking at his dad to try and gauge his reaction, but is a little scared when can't read what his dad is thinking.

"So you are gay then." Mike states and his tone causes all eyes to turn to him.

"Huh?" Ben says, he knew that wasn't a question and sounded more like a statement.

"I suspected you might be a few months ago, but wasn't sure and it wasn't exactly an easy conversation to start." Mike admits truthfully, he had suspected it but didn't really know why, there wasn't anything obvious and he never saw anything, but he just had these feeling that he couldn't quite put his finger on until now.

"Oh..." Is all Ben can think of to say, he just wasn't expecting that reaction, he had expected either anger or disbelief even hoped for acceptance but this reaction is just weird.

"They aren't actually gay though." Wesley suddenly says out of the blue and Mike instantly turns to him with a confused expression.

"Wesley I saw them kiss and he just told me they were boyfriends, I am pretty sure that is the definition of being 'gay'." Mike informs the young boy, with a heavy hint of patronization in his voice.

"Dad he is right, neither of us are gay." Ben then tells his dad. "And don't be rude to my friends, you taught us always to be respectful of others and patronizing Wesley is rude." He then adds, in a strong firm tone and can tell that his dad was surprised by his words.

"Hey er... let's slow down here, I am getting confused, first of all sorry Wesley that was very rude of me and I won't do it again." Mike says, starting of apologising to the young boy.

"It's okay Sir, I shouldn't have interrupted you, but I just wanted to let you know because it's important." Wesley says, accepting the man's apology.

"Okay thank you Wesley, but Ben can you explain to me what is going on because how can you be his boyfriend if neither of you are gay?" Mike asks his younger son, he is genuinely confused with the whole conversation.

"Dad I don't fancy boys and neither does Matt, we just love each other, I would love him even if he was a girl because it doesn't matter to me what he is, I just love him and he loves me the same way." Ben says, trying his best to explain himself to his dad.

"You love each other?" Mike says, thinking the boys are way too young to understand it's meaning and is starting to think they are just experimenting like kids do and this isn't anything serious.

"Dad, I know what you're thinking and I kind of thought the same thing when I found out." Mitch then says, seeing his dad's face and he could tell what he was thinking.

"How long have you known?" Mike then asks, now looking at his eldest son.

"Long enough, but Dad my point is that I have watched them together and they really do love each other and I am talking about real love, I have seen each one at their lowest and I have seen the other come through and comfort and support the other one to pull them through what ever it was they were going through." Mitch says and at that moment all three of the boys look to him with a look of pride and amazement.

"I see, but I am still not understanding what they are, I mean what I am being told sounds pretty 'gay' to me." Mike then says, wanting to understand before he can totally work out what to do.

"Well you never know because they are both still young, but the best term to describe them is pansexual." Mitch explains and looks at his dad to gauge his reaction.

"Pansexual, What the hell is that?" Mike says a little more abruptly than intended, but he has never heard that word before. "Sorry that came out wrong, I just never heard that word before." He quickly apologises, to avoid anyone getting upset and knows that it wouldn't take much for this to get out of hand.

"It basically means you love a person regardless of gender or anything else, you just love them." Matt answers, deciding he is a part of this and should be involved in explaining it as well.

"That is a real thing?" Mike then asks, not really convinced and looks at the two boys again.

"As real as being called gay or bisexual or straight Mr Walker." Matt then states confidently, deciding to join in as this is as much about him as it is his boyfriend.

"Okay fair point, I will give you that but please Matt call me Mike, I know I scared you earlier but I like when you call me Mike and well I guess if you're going to be my sons boyfriend, we should remain on a first name basis." Mike tells the young boy with a smile, although he knew he had a long way to go before he could fully accept what he had been told, but he was level headed and knew he couldn't overreact.

"Wait what, you aren't upset that I have a boyfriend?" Ben suddenly asks, as he is the first to fully process his dads words.

"I am not saying I'm over the moon about this or that I even completely understand, but I trust you and I trust Mitch and love you both to death, so I am not going to judge you or try to interfere with your relationship, but I want to make it clear that this isn't an open ticket to do what you want and until I get used to the idea can you please try to not do things around me." Mike tells the boys honestly, he knows it is a little harsh but he wants to be totally honest and he isn't quite sure how to react or what to think right now, but he knows he loves his sons and he isn't homophobic.

"Sorry Dad." Ben is about to let go of his boyfriends hand, but remembers the promise he made to him and isn't quite sure what to do.

"You mean they can't kiss or even hold each others hand in front of you?" Wesley asks in a slightly disbelieving tone and Ben feels a huge relief as his friend is about to get him the answer to his problem, without even realising it.

"Well I am definitely not keen on the kissing I have to admit, but holding hands and cuddling I think I can deal with that but look I am just trying to be honest with you all and trying to understand, but it is going to take time for me to get my head around this, I just want you to know that I am trying my best and just asking you to do your bit as well." Mike says, again being as honest as he can.

"Oh, I think that is cool Mr Walker." Wesley then says and both Ben and Matt look at him questioningly. "Oh come on guys, you have to be able to give someone time to adjust, this is big stuff and to be honest your dad is being awesome, I think not being overly lovey dovey in front of him until he gets a chance to get used to the both of you is only fair." He then tells his friends and Mike can't help but admire the boy, he said exactly what he wanted to say but so much better.

"Yeah, I should have warned you Dad, Wesley is remarkable and I have never met anyone quite like him before." Mitch then tells his dad, after noticing his expression after Wesley had finished.

"Well he is certainly not what I expected." Mike says, before looking Wesley in the eyes. "Thank you so much and I know I said I would examine you first, but you have my word I won't say anything to your parents or the police, but the moment you decide you want them to know I will be there for you okay." He then tells the boy sincerely.

"Thank you so much, I would like hug you or something but I am kind of still not one hundred percent, but I am a big believer in a firm handshake." A blushing Wesley says with a grin, as he holds out his hand.

"A firm handshake is indeed an underused show of respect young man." Mike says, as he proudly shakes the boys hand and smiles when the boy giggles and can't help but find the boy endearing and adorable, to be so mature and intelligent yet in his heart still a young boy is well to use his eldest sons word 'remarkable'

"Dad er... I... we..." Ben begins to say something but trails off, he isn't quite sure how to word what he wants to say properly.

"Son, please don't be scared you can tell me anything." Mike says, sensing his sons hesitation.

"Mr... I mean Mike, I think what Ben was trying to say is that while we want to come out we aren't quite ready to tell anyone yet, we talked about maybe our birthday next month but aren't sure, we want to get as much help from our friends as possible and get advice before... so I guess what we are saying... well asking is you don't tell anyone else please." Matt answers for his boyfriend, he knows he will be grateful for his help because they were in this together and he knew when it came to telling his parents he would need his boyfriends help.

"I can respect that, so no one else knows apart from us?" Mike responds and looks at them for an answer.

"Well er... my aunty knows, Mr Morgan our music teacher knows and our friends Barry, Carter, Jordan and Patrick know." Matt answers and is pretty sure that he remembered everyone, but wasn't quite sure.

"Wesley's dad's receptionist knows, I think her name is Claire and Wesley's brother Jim knows, although I am not sure he knows who Matt is and yeah I think that is it." Ben then adds, finding his voice again and was grateful that his boyfriend knew when to take over the explanation.

"Wesley's mum also knows, but I think that is everyone." Mitch then adds after realising that they had forgotten her.

"Jeez, does everyone I know, know that you guys are a couple?" Wesley then says jokingly, as everyone laughs and Mike was getting the feeling he was going to like this kid, if he was going to be a regular feature in his sons life, he never really knew any of his youngest sons other friends, except Matt who he adored and Jordan who he never quite liked for some reason.

"You really kill me sometimes Wesley." Mitch says to the boy and Wesley gives him a shy smile.

"So er... Dad is it okay if Matt stays the night, it's totally okay if you want him to go home but I thought I would ask." Ben asks nervously, he wants his boyfriend to stay but he understands thanks to Wesley that he needs to give his dad time. "Oh wait before you answer Dad, if we are going to be open about things, you need to know that me and Matt sleep naked together but we don't fool around, it's just we love each other and it's just feel natural." He then adds, he knows this could be a deal breaker but at least his dad will respect his honesty and he knows if his dad came in his room while they were asleep, he would not be happy seeing them naked together.

"Ben!" Matt suddenly says as his face turns bright red, he didn't want Mike to know he slept naked with his son, although after basically coming out to him fully a few minutes ago he realises how stupid that sounded.

"Matt he has to know, if he just walked in while we were still sleeping he would freak out and then we are... well... it won't be good." Ben explains to his boyfriend and gives his hand another comforting squeeze.

"Ah damn it okay, but it's still embarrassing Ben, I know I said I want to come out but I don't see why we have to tell people everything we do, it's not fair." Matt says, feeling a little frustrated.

"Oh well wow, okay first of I agree with Matt's point of view, coming out or whatever it is you want to call it shouldn't mean you have to tell people everything, however Matt, Ben is also right and well I just don't know if I can let you stay over, I mean naked I just don't think I am ready for that." Mike tells them both honestly.

"Dad I get what you mean, but boys I'm sorry and if you get mad at me I will take it, but well Dad,last night they went to bed after me, but I kinda went to check in on them like two or three minutes after they went into their room, you know just to see if they were alright and well they were sound asleep naked in each others arms." Mitch begins to say and gets his expected response, but he is going to take one for the team.

"Mitch don't!" Ben says, feeling mortified that his brother is saying this because it was a special private moment and not for anyone else to know about.

"Sorry Ben but I have too, look Dad I know what you're thinking if they sleep naked but believe me they aren't like that, you see I checked in on them a few hours later as well and they were in exactly the same position and I am talking freaky here Dad and then when I went to wake them up they were still in exactly the same position, in each others arms with their faces inches apart and then they woke up any doubt I had that what they were doing wasn't real disappeared, if you had seen the look of pure happiness and content on their faces when they woke up to see each others eyes and the quick loving kiss, you would know it is real love too." Mitch says from the heart and even though he knows his little brother is probably going to kill him and maybe Matt will too, he thinks he did the right thing.

"They did the same thing the night before Sir, I wanted to scare them so I sneaked into their room and they were in each others arms just like Mitch just said and they did the same thing, they just woke up with the happiest look I have ever seen and once they saw the others eyes and they kissed quickly." Wesley then says and he ignores the looks from his friends and just nods his head at Mitch, who winks at him.

"I hate you both." Ben says sounding both angry and upset, he got the point his brother and friend were making but he felt betrayed and it hurt.

"Yeah, that is just mean and nasty." Matt then adds as he leans his head on his boyfriends shoulder, Mitch and Wesley had been amazing and he loved them both, but what they just did was a betrayal in his eyes because those moments with his boyfriend were private and special and not for other people to tell others about.

"Well that was just... well this is awkward, okay screw it Matt if you want to spend the night you can." Mike begins to say and notices the looks on his youngest son and Matt's face. "But before you get too excited, I do want you to meet me half way." He then quickly adds.

"Meet you half way, what does that mean?" Ben asks curiously, ignoring his anger at his friend and brother for a few moments.

"I want you both to promise, you will at least wear underwear." Mike answers and he can see the disappointed look on his sons face. "Look it is a start okay, the fact you were honest about how you sleep together means a lot to me and while you may be angry at your older brother and Wesley for what they said, which by the way I would be too, they convinced me to let you two sleep together so don't be too mad at them, although they deserve a hard time in my opinion." He then explains to his youngest son and Matt while also deciding to try and help his eldest son and Wesley catch a little break.

"Thanks Dad and I promise we will wear underwear, although I am not talking to Mitch or Wesley any more today." Ben responds, avoiding looking at either his brother or friend.

"I want to call my parents first just to talk with them I am sleeping over, but yeah I don't mind underwear and well sorry Mitch, Wesley but you guys really did a bad thing and well I don't want to speak with either of you either for a while, it was really mean guys." Matt then states while looking at the other two and seeing the guilt in their eyes, he won't stay mad at them for long and has already forgiven them, but he isn't going to let them off that easy.

"Well okay I think that is a good start, now Wesley will you be staying for dinner later or do you have to go home?" Mike then asks the young boy, with a warm smile.

"I want to go home Sir, it's just I mean I would stay but I really need to go home." Wesley replies and his earlier confident self falters and Mike picks up on the sadness in his voice.

"Dad it's okay, I have it all sorted and well when I take him home it might be a few hours before I am back okay so I will grab something to eat on the way home." Mitch then says, noticing the concerned look his dad gave Wesley.

"Are you sure, because I can tell something is going on you know." Mike says, as he looks between his eldest son and the young boy.

"Sir it's fine, Mitch is going to help me and well I don't really want to talk about it okay." Wesley says with a weak smile, he found himself liking Mr Walker but there was no way he wanted to open up to him.

"Okay and Wesley call me Mike, it's looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the future, well after my son and his friend... I mean boyfriend forgive you, so yeah Mike will be fine okay?" Mike tells the boy before giving his youngest son and Matt a half smile, he was determined to try and accept their relationship but was finding it hard, but he loved his son and he did appear to be very happy.

"Okay sorry Sir... sorry Mike, you're pretty cool." Wesley says genuinely.

Mitch then notices that his little brother and Matt were locked in a whispered conversation and can't help but be curious, he might have considered making a joke about it but right now he knew he was in the doghouse and it would not go down well.

"Mitch, we think you should take Wesley home now." Ben then suddenly states firmly, Mitch feels hurt a little by his brothers suggestion and from the look on Wesley's face he can tell the boy feels the same way.

"Yeah sorry Wesley, but it would be easier if you just left." Matt then adds as he looks at his friend and instantly regrets his words, he and Ben were so sure that if Mitch took Wesley home and were gone for a few hours, then it would be easier to forget what they did but now all he wanted to do was cuddle Wesley, who suddenly just looked so sad and fragile.

"If that is what you guys want, but I don't think his parents will be home yet." Mitch says, knowing they wouldn't be able to get in the boys house and he was really angry at the two boys, despite them having a right to be angry and wanting him and Wesley to go away.

"You can just drop me off outside Mitch, I just want to be alone." Wesley says with tears rolling down his face and Mike doesn't quite know what to do, he was surprised at how fragile this seemingly confident and intelligent boy was and wondered what Mitch had hinted at with helping the boy with something.

"Wesley, I won't leave you alone." Mitch then says, as he starts to move over to the boy.

"Then I will just walk home alone, I know when I am not wanted and I am used to it any way, I have had enough practice." Wesley almost hisses, as he stands up and pushes past the older boy, but as he walks past his friends he feels himself being pulled on top of them and before he knows what is happening he is being cuddled and comforted by both of them.

"We are so sorry Wesley, we just thought it would be good to have a bit of space but we love you loads and we really don't want you to go." Matt says sincerely, as he tightens his hold and his guilt grows as he hears his friend crying.

"Yeah we were just trying to make you feel bad, but we aren't mad at you, well okay we are a little bit but no way we are letting you go home thinking we don't like you." Ben then adds and he can feel his friend crying as well and gives his boyfriend a sad look and knows that they both messed up.

Mitch then decides to have a quiet word with his dad and pulls him out of the room, Mike is surprised at first but when he finds himself in the hallway with his eldest son looking at him, his curiosity wins over.

"What is going on Mitch and I want the truth." Mike asks in a serious tone.

"Dad, Wesley thinks his parents don't love him but don't worry they do, but for a doctor and a nurse they are surprisingly blind when it comes to their own son, you can see for yourself how fragile he is despite his maturity and confidence." Mitch explains as best as he can to his dad and was hoping that he understood.

"Okay, I think I understand and well the Fishers always struck me as work orientated but are you sure about being so involved with the boy, I mean he could attach himself to you as a substitute parent figure." Mike tells his eldest son, it's a valiant gesture on his sons part but it could get complicated.

"Oh trust me, I was worried about that too but despite what happened just now Wesley is fiercely independent and just wants his parents to love him Dad." Mitch answers with a smile and he can tell his dad believes him.

"Can you tell me what really happened Saturday?" Mike then asks, if there was a time he was going to find out the truth it was now.

"What Wesley told you, is basically the truth Dad." Mitch answers and knows he should have chosen his words better.

"Basically? Come on Mitch tell me the truth." Mike instructs his son, more firmly this time and braces himself for hearing something he probably didn't want to hear.

"Okay, I had a little falling out with the boys Saturday, they were getting a little touchy feely when I told them not too, they are in love Dad so you might want to prepare yourself to see some stuff you don't want to see and being honest it's pretty weird to see them like that at first but I got over that after realising how much they loved each other." Mitch says and realises he is going off topic. "Anyway, we had planned to go to the park so I told them to go themselves, I won't lie I was angry with them and well after a while I felt guilty and went looking for them, you know me Dad I am over protective of Ben and well the other two boys now as well and I just wanted to make sure they were okay, so I went to the park and saw Ben sprinting towards me looking scared and upset." He then begins again before pausing to think of how he should tell his dad and decides to give him a chance to process what he had just said, while he thinks over what he should say next.

"So what happened next, was Ben hurt?" Mike asks, not able to turn his parent mode off as he worries about his youngest son.

"No he was fine, but it took me a few minutes to get him calm enough to talk, then as soon as he was done I sprinted to where the other two boys were and luckily I had been there loads of times, but well I know Wesley says I got there just in time Dad, but that isn't quite right you see just as I got to the boys, I saw Matt get booted in his balls and pass out, Wesley told me he got kicked like five times by the time I got there and Wesley had already been stripped to his underwear, I heard the person starting to tell Wesley to strip fully for him but he didn't get to finish as I almost took his head off, there were three of them in all but again you know me Dad, there could have been a hundred of them and I would have beat them all down for what they were trying to do." Mitch then tells his dad, but again stops to let him process everything.

"Did you recognise them?" Mike asks the question Mitch was dreading the most, his dad knew his friends well and he knew if he told his dad then he would go to the police or kill them, but then he didn't want to lie either.

"Dad do you trust me?" Mitch decides to ask his dad, this is a risky move he knows but it is the only thing he can think of that might work.

"I trust you Mitch, there isn't anyone I trust more Son." Mike replies honestly and knew instantly that he had just given his eldest son a way out of telling him exactly what he wanted to hear.

"I know who they are Dad but you can't go to the police, I can't do that to Wesley and when you talk to him later you can ask him and see why I won't, Dad please trusts me when I say I am sorting it out and they will get what they have coming to them, but it will be done right so please Dad never ask me or any of the boys who they were please." Mitch then pleads to his dad, he knows this may not work but he has to try and hope his dad really did trust him.

"Okay, but I need to ask this, are you one hundred percent sure none of the boys were molested, I need too know with out any doubt Mitch." Mike asks his eldest son, he wants the names of the people who attacked the boys, but he knows he won't get them until his eldest son decides he needs to know, but he had to be one hundred percent sure the boys weren't touched.

"I promise on my life Dad none of the boys were touched, if they had I would be in prison for murdering three people." Mitch tells his dad in a serious tone and Mike knows his eldest son is telling him the truth.

"Okay than I will let this drop, for now any way but the truth always comes out Mitch and it will be easier if I am with you when it happens to help you, so when you're ready you need to tell me, Deal?" Mike tells his son.

"Deal but... never mind, we should see how Wesley is doing because I am really worried about him." Mitch says and Mike can tell his sons concern is sincere.

When Mitch and his Dad return to the living room, they stop dead in their tracks as they are greeted by Wesley standing with his t-shirt off looking at them nervously, Mitch has seen the bruising enough that it doesn't shock him that much, but for Mike he is in shock at the state of the young boy.

"Fucking hell, okay we are taking you to the hospital." Mike says, he didn't know what he expected to see when he was going to check the boy over, but this was about twenty times worse than he thought it would be.

"Dad don't overreact." Mitch begins to say, but his dad turns to him.

"Don't you tell me how to react, look at the state of him Mitch, he needs to get x-rays or something." Mike lectures his son, before turning back to Wesley. "Get your top back on, I will take you there now." Mike tells the boy.

"No!" Is all Wesley says and the firmness in his voice, causes Mike to stare in disbelief.

"What?" Mike says, still shocked at the boys response.

"I don't need a doctor, sure it looks bad and to be honest it hurts like hell but Mr Walker I am not exactly new when it comes to bruises, I play every sport you can think of a boy my age can play and I am damn good at them, I have had broken bones, sprained my ankles and wrists too many times to count and pulled muscles I didn't even know I had and I take my health extremely serious, if for one second I thought that I was really hurt a gun pointed to my head wouldn't stop me going to the hospital, so no I won't let you take me to the hospital." Wesley says with such confidence and conviction, that everyone stares at him in silence, too stunned to say anything after the boys speech.

"Remarkable." Mike then says, breaking the silence after a few moments.

"What?" Wesley asks, not quite sure how to take the man's response.

"You win, I believe you and well that was one hell of a speech young man, a hell of a speech and Mitch was definitely right about you being remarkable." Mike explains smiling, he had heard speeches before and good ones, but he is struggling to remember one like Wesley just gave.

"Oh er... thank you Mr Walker... sorry Mike." Wesley says, feeling proud of himself.

"You're welcome, now can I get you a drink or a snack?" Mike then asks, wanting to get the boy something.

"No thank you, I just want Mitch to take me home." Wesley states with a smile, causing Mike to look at him in surprise.

"I thought you all made up though, you don't have to go." Mike tells him.

"We did, but I want to go home it's been great being here, but I have been here since Saturday and I miss my room." Wesley responds and Mike can't help but notice the boys choice of words and then what his eldest son had told him about the boy and can't help but be curious and concerned.

"It's okay Dad, I actually need to have a chat with him and pick something up that he can help me with, I am not sure what time I will be home though so I will still just pick myself up something later." Mitch then says, he definitely could do with getting out of the house himself for a while and while the boys may have made up, he had noticed his little brother's cold stare and knows he isn't off the hook.

"Okay, well it was great meeting you Wesley." Mike tells the young boy, as he holds his hand out and smiles as the boy shakes it firmly.

Within ten minutes Mitch and Wesley are walking out the door and towards the older boys car after collecting his bag, leaving Ben, Matt and Mike sitting in the living room talking.

"So Dad, are you really okay with it." Ben asks, he knew it was a dangerous question and his nervous tone shows it, especially now that his brother wasn't around to help him.

"Honestly I think I am, I still think you're too young to understand real love and this could just be a phase but I am not going to stand in your way, what ever happens Ben you're my son and I love you and as for you Matt, well I have always been fond of you and I have seen the positive effect you have had on my son ever since you came into his life and well I don't know what I am trying to say, but I guess thank you." Mike answers with a smile, as he can't quite find the right words but he is sure he had got his point across.

"I don't get it." Matt then says, he gets that his boyfriends dad is saying he isn't angry, but he still doesn't get the point he made or if he was even trying to make a point.

"I think he is saying, that if his son has to have a boyfriend then he is glad it's you." Ben answers, although he isn't quite one hundred percent confident he is right, but that is what he thought his dad meant.

"Well I guess that is close enough." Mike then says with a smile, it wasn't quite what he meant but it was true and close enough.

They continue to talk for the next hour until Mike goes into the kitchen to make the boys a snack, it's too early for him to cook dinner so he just decides to make some cheese sandwiches, but just as he is going to head back his phone rings and he sighs when he sees that it is work, he then spends the next ten minutes on the phone before he finally ends the call and walks back into the living room slightly annoyed that his assistant bothered him with such a trivial matter.

"Okay boys sorry I..." Mike begins to say, but is interrupted by his youngest son.

"Sshh Dad, he fell asleep." Ben says just loud enough for his dad to hear, he doesn't want to wake his boyfriend, who has his head in his lap and can't help but look down at him lovingly as he gently strokes his hair.

"Oh er... sorry." Mike says, as he quietly places a plate on the arm of the sofa next to his son, he then places Matt's on the coffee table before he sits in the arm chair and looking at the sleeping boy in concern.

"It's okay Dad, it's just he doesn't sleep very well ever since... well you know what happened and it's just best to let him sleep when he can." Ben explains, being careful to keep his voice low after he notices the concerned look on his dads face, all Ben did know was that whenever they slept together his boyfriend always slept well and he knew it was because his boyfriend loved him so much and it made him love his boyfriend even more.

"He is alright though right, I mean your brother told me what happened Saturday and well this is awkward, but his er.. you know, I don't need to say it do I?" Mike asks, finding it a lot harder to ask what he wanted too then he thought and was hoping his youngest son understood what he meant.

"Oh er... right yeah I think I know what you mean and yes they are fine and er... yeah they are fine." Ben tells his dad and blushing as he does so.

"Oh good, sorry but I just needed to know I mean a kick there is pretty bad and he got five or six and passed out so er... yeah let's forget that." Mike says, relieved that he didn't have to say the words and that Matt is okay, although he really felt awkward after basically asking his son if his boyfriends balls were okay.

"Dad I know this is hard for you and I just wanted to thank you so much for at least trying to accept us, I am not sure what will happen if you can't handle it, but I want you to know that I love you and well yeah I love you Dad." Ben then says sincerely, as looks at his dad and wonders if he will accept his relationship.

"Ben I still have a lot to think about, but I love you too and I promise I will never interfere in your relationship." Mike tells his son honestly, although he couldn't see himself not accepting it he just needed to get his head around the idea.

"Thank you." Ben says, as he looks down at his beautiful sleeping boyfriend and gentle runs a finger over his cheek and giggles a little as he see a small smile spread across his face.

"Ben I think you should go take a bath while he sleeps, he can have one later." Mike decides to tell his son, who looks at him in shock.

"But me and Matt can er... oh... can't I just wait until later?" Ben asks, almost telling his dad that he and Matt have baths and showers together, but just manages to stop himself.

"Oh god, you two do that together as well?" Mike asks, as he realises what his son was about to say and Ben blushes as he realises his dad knew what he was going to say.

"Yeah er... but not like er... you know naughty stuff, we just like hold each other and just you know er... Dad we just love each other and don't be mad please." Ben says and Mike can tell his youngest son is getting a little upset.

"Hey now, look when I find things like this out I am going to react and it isn't always going to be positive but just be patient with me Ben, I am starting to get a good idea of you and Matt and well just don't get too upset if my reaction is not always what you hoped for okay." Mike says trying to explain himself to his youngest son, if truth be told he was finding it easier to accept this massive news than he would have ever thought he could, but he still needed to get his head around it fully.

"Okay, well can you like keep an eye on Matt for me, if I take a shower?" Ben asks smiling, he doesn't want to leave his boyfriend but he can see his dad is trying really hard and he feels that he needs to do his part as well.

"Sure thing son and thank you for understanding, now get going okay." Mike responds with a smile, as he watches his carefully get out from under his boyfriend, being careful to gently put his head on a pillow he somehow manages to place perfectly, before kissing him on the forehead and slowly walking out of the room.

"Love you Dad." Ben then says as he disappears from the room, Mike can hear him make his way up the stairs and turns to look at the sleeping boy in front of him, he had to admit the way his son cared for the boy and the quick but obvious loving kiss he gave him before leaving made Mike really think about how serious this was and he found himself really happy that his son has found someone he obviously loved or at least believed that he loved, he still thought this could be a phase but that just seems less likely as he sees the two boys together.

After almost ten minutes, Mike decides to do something that he thinks would be nice for the boys, he knows his son will have to go to his room to get dressed and he thought it would be nice if he carried Matt up to his room and left him on his sons bed with a note saying he is going out for an hour, this was a big step for him because he knew what they might do, well he didn't quite know what their relationship had progressed too, but he just wanted to do something nice and at the same time he knows this way he won't see something he isn't ready for.

So with good intentions, he moves over to the sleeping boy, being extra careful not to wake him and picks him up in his arms and then begins to carry him out of the room with a smile on his face, that soon disappears when he feels the boy shudder in his arms before tensing and then to his horror the boy starts screaming.

"NO... LET ME GO.... NO HELP... BEN... BEN HELP... LET ME GO... DON'T HURT ME... PLEASE... BEN..." Matt screams as he wakes up realising a man is holding him and they are alone, he goes into full panic mode and Mike doesn't know what to do.

"Matt calm down, it's me Mike, it's me remember Ben's dad?" Mike says, trying to calm the boy down but he doesn't know what is happening and is genuinely scared, he then feels something wet soak through his shirt and he realises instantly what it is, but the boys screaming distracts him from that.

"PLEASE DON'T HURT ME... PLEASE... BEN HELP... BEN WHERE ARE YOU... HELP..." Matt shouts again, in total panic and fear.

Having no idea what to do Mike is relieved to hear footsteps crashing down the stairs and as he turns, he sees his son run into the room completely naked and still wet from the shower.

"Matt what's wrong." Ben says and then stops dead as he sees his dad holding his boyfriend, who is still screaming and crying. "Oh fucking hell Dad put him down quick, put him back on the sofa and get out please, quick Dad do it quickly." He then almost screams to his dad, who is still totally shocked and confused by what is happening but quickly does as he is told and tries to gently put the boy down, he then gets up and starts to walk out the room before stopping and turns to his son.

"Ben what's going..." Mike starts to say, but doesn't get to finish as his son turns to him.

"Just get out, I will explain later just go away please." Ben says, before turning back to his boyfriend as his dad leaves the room and heads to the kitchen to make himself a coffee and try to process what just happened.

As soon as he turns away from his dad, Ben gets on the sofa and pulls his boyfriend into his arms and rocks him gently, while he rubs his side and head trying his best to comfort him.

"Sshh Matt, it's okay I am here, see I am here everything is going to be okay, Sshh." Ben says soothingly as his boyfriend stops screaming and begins to calm down a little, although now that the screaming is subsiding, Ben can hear his boyfriend crying and leans down to plant a serious of loving kisses on his head. "Sshh, it's okay no one will ever hurt you while I am here, I promise I will never let you get hurt again, Sshh everything is going to be okay... I love you so much Matt." Ben continues to say and repeat as his boyfriend slowly calms down a bit more and although Ben can feel him shaking and crying, he knows he is getting through to him.

Just outside the room, Mike is listening to everything that is happening and has tears rolling down his cheeks, in just a few moments all his fears and uncertainty over his youngest sons relationship with Matt had evaporated and been replaced by acceptance and happiness, just hearing his youngest son comfort his boyfriend and then to actually hear Matt calming down, even if it was slowly was an amazing thing to experience and he couldn't be more proud of his youngest son and desperately wanted to go into the room and see them, but knows he has to wait for his youngest son to come get him first.

"You feeling okay now Matt?" Ben asks deciding to see if he can get his boyfriend to talk, although he isn't too optimistic but he knows he has to try. "Sshh, come on Matt I am hear talk to me please." He then adds after he gets no response the first time, he keeps trying for the next ten minutes before too his relief his boyfriend finally says something and he couldn't have hope for three better words to hear.

"I love you." Matt manages to say, before crying again.

"I love you too." Ben responds as he uses his fingers to trace gentle circles on his boyfriends arm and leans down so he can kiss his cheek.

"Who was it?" Matt then asks quietly after a few minutes and the question stuns Ben enough to delay his response, it isn't until he feels his boyfriend shake again that he comes round.

"Matt it was just my Dad, I don't know what he was doing but it's my fault, I shouldn't have left you alone with him, I was just trying to make him happy and I thought I would be back before you woke up, Matt I am so sorry I let you down." Ben answers, almost crying himself now as he knows he messed up, he had even forgotten to tell his dad to never try and hold his boyfriend, let alone try and carry him.

"Oh... I wet myself didn't I?" Matt then asks, he knows the answer already and he can feel the wetness, but his mind is still racing and he can't quite think straight.

"I think so, Matt I am so sorry I let this happen." Ben again apologises.

"Where were you?" Matt then asks and Ben realises that his boyfriend is either not listening to him or not understanding him.

"I was in the shower, Dad wanted me to take one and I thought it was a good idea to do what he asked." Ben answers in a sad tone, even though he isn't even sure if his words are being heard.

"Oh, where are we Ben?" Matt asks, the question instantly sends alarm bells through Ben's head and he starts to really worry about his boyfriend.

"We are at my house Ben, remember?" Ben replies and reaches for his phone, but then notices for the first time that he is completely naked and his phone is in his jeans pocket, he was going to call his brother to get home as soon as possible, but now he doesn't know what to do.

"Oh, so er... what... Ben I feel dizzy." Matt then says and before Ben can answer he feels his boyfriend go limp in his arms, he is about to shout for his dad in panic, until he feels his boyfriends chest rise and fall and when he looks down he can see that he had just fallen asleep again and sighs in relief and decides that he should call his dad in and try to explain everything.

"Dad, I know you're there you can come in now, just don't talk too loud." Ben says loud enough so his dad would be able to hear, but not enough to wake his boyfriend up.

"Okay Son." Mike responds as he walks into the room to see his naked son comforting his now sleeping boyfriend and can't help but think of what his eldest son had told him earlier, about seeing them comfort each other and while he doubted those words before, he know understands. "Is he okay now?" He then asks tentatively.

"I don't think so, I have never seen him react like that, what did you do Dad?" Ben asks his dad, he doesn't blame him for what happened but he wants to understand what he did.

"Well I thought I would like be really nice and take Matt to your room so when you came out of the shower you would see him, I was going to put a note next to him saying that I was going to go out for an hour." Mike explains, although he can't help but notice that while Matt is asleep he doesn't quite look right.

"Huh, why would you do that?" Ben then asks, now looking confused.

"Ben, I still wasn't comfortable with you two being together but I wanted to give you two a little privacy to have some alone time, I was just thinking at the time that you might not get as much privacy, what with me being home so I was just trying to do something nice." Mike explains before he kneels down carefully in front of the boys, he just wanted to get a closer look at the sleeping boy.

"Dad you need to stay back, if he wakes up and sees you this close he could freak out again." Ben tells his him in a serious tone, causing his dad looks up at him with a concerned look.

"What do you mean, Ben what happened why did he freak out like that?" Mike decides to ask, wanting to understand what happened.

"Dad it's my fault, I should have told you not to touch him if you're alone with him." Ben starts to explain, before Mike interrupts.

"Is he afraid of me?" Mike asks, sounding shocked and wondered if he had ever given the boy a reason to fear him.

"Dad it has nothing to do with you, well apart from you being a man." Ben says and again is interrupted.

"Because I am a man?" Mike says in total confusion and doesn't understand what his youngest son is trying to tell him.

"Dad ever since what happened with Mr Jones, Matt has barely been able to be in the same room as another man alone, Dr Fisher helped him a lot and gave him some techniques to cope but he hasn't been able to get over being touched or held by a man if they are alone, earlier I had to talk to him over the phone just so his teacher could carry him inside when he hurt himself." Ben explains and Mike mentally slaps himself, he had forgotten all about what happened to Matt and while he couldn't have known about the man thing he should have been more careful.

"Oh damn, but surely he would have seen it was me and been alright." Mike then states, he knows it sounds a little dismissive of the boys issue but he didn't understand what happened fully.

"Dad he was asleep, so when he woke up to see what was happening he freaked out and probably didn't even know where he was, let alone who you were." Ben tell his dad. "Damn it, I should never have left him alone." He then says, blaming himself for everything.

"Hey now, it's not your fault but Ben I am worried about him, he just doesn't look right I think you should wake him up." Mike tells his son as he gets up and sits in the arm chair, remembering what his youngest son had told him about being too close.

"What?" Ben asks, looking confused.

"Ben just wake him up, I am worried and just need to see if I am wrong." Mike tells his son firmly, he isn't sure if there is something actually wrong but he has to be sure and already has his mobile phone in his hand.

Ben looks at his dad for a few moments before looking down at his boyfriend and begins to slowly shake him. "Hey sexy... er... Matt." Ben starts to say, before blushing as he remembers his dad is sitting right there.

"Son, don't be embarrassed okay I want you to know I am completely fine with you two being together now, hearing and seeing you comfort him is enough for me to know you're serious so just say what you want to say." Mike tells his son, he was fine with their relationship although he wasn't quite sure about seeing and hearing them being overly affectionate, but he would grin and bare it this time.

"Thank you Dad." Ben says, before turning his attention to his boyfriend. "Hey Matt, come on wake up sexy, Matt I love you so much and need you to wake up." He then says over and over again, as he plants small loving kisses on the top of his head.

"Ben?" Matt then says groggily, as he starts to wake up. "What's going on?" He then asks, as he slowly opens his eyes.

"Hey there sexy, I love you." Ben says to his boyfriend as they look into each others eyes. "Do you remember what happened?" He then asks, trying to hide his concern.

"I love you too, but what do you mean what happened?" Matt responds and then shudders. "Oh fuck, it happened again didn't it." He then asks, as he looks around the room and for the first time sees the man sitting in the room. "Oh no... fuck no, what did I do?" He then asks, sounding increasingly agitated and while Mike is worried about the boy, his earlier concerns when he saw him sleeping are to his relief unfounded.

"Matt it's okay, Dad didn't know and I forgot to tell him about not trying to pick you up, I am so sorry." Ben quickly says, trying his best to reassure his boyfriend.

"Oh damn it, I... fuck, I knew it was to good to be true." Matt says, in a sad and defeated tone.

"What do you mean too good to be true?" Ben asks his boyfriend and can't help but look at him curiously.

"It's just earlier Mitch carried me and I didn't realise at first, but when I did I didn't freak out and it's not the first time, Mitch has been alone with me a lot and carried me and I never freaked out once, I just thought maybe I was getting over my problems, but now this and Ben this was so bad, I never felt so scared in my life ever and my head really hurts." Matt says and can't help but actually rub his head.

"Your head hurts, Matt you have to be more clear are we talking headache?" Mike then asks, deciding this is important enough to interrupt the boys conversation.

"Er... like a really bad headache and I kind of feel dizzy, why is that bad am I going to be okay?" Matt asks his boyfriends dad, sounding really scared, although he can't bring himself to look at his friends dad because of what he is actually seeing.

"Hey no you have a migraine I think, I will go get you some painkillers and you will be fine in a little while, I will be back in a few minutes okay." Mike says as he stands up and walks out of the room, not noticing the young boy flinch as he walks past him, but Ben feels his boyfriend and looks down at him, waiting for his dad to leave before speaking.

"Don't be afraid of my Dad, if he had known he wouldn't have picked you up." Ben tells his boyfriend, trying his best to reassure him.

"I know it's just this time was just so bad Ben, when I opened my eyes I saw Mr Jones and I thought he had come back to get me... Ben I am really scared." Matt confesses and Ben can feel him tremble in his arms and holds him tighter.

"Do you want me to call Wesley and see if he can get his dad to come and see you?" Ben decides to ask, he is genuinely worried that his boyfriend thought his dad was Mr Jones and knows that he needs help.

"Oh no way, we can't get in the way of his talk with his parents, please Ben I just need a little time, just hold me please because being with you is helping and I love you so much, please just hold me." Matt responds as he tries to force a weak smile, but can't quite manage it.

"I love you too Matt, do you think you will be alright with letting my Dad carry you up the stairs, I think we should have a bath together." Ben then asks, he can help his boyfriend up the stairs himself, they did it earlier but he knows his boyfriend wasn't half traumatised like he is now.

"I don't know, Ben I really thought he was Mr Jones and I don't..." Matt begins to say, but stops as he looks into his boyfriends eyes. "If you promise to hold my hand and let me see you I will try, for you sexy." He then says, deciding to be brave for his boyfriend and this time he does smile as he feels his boyfriends lips press against his own, just as Mike walks back in the room.

"Oh er... sorry boys." Mike says awkwardly, although more for the fact he interrupted the boys than being uncomfortable with what they were doing, he actually surprised himself but not actually finding them kissing uncomfortable and smiled to himself.

"It's okay Dad." Ben says, after breaking the kiss.

"Sorry for freaking out Mike." Matt says, he still feels a little weird about what happened and still tries to avoid looking at the man, but he still wanted to be brave for his boyfriend.

"It's alright Matt, here take these." Mike says as he nervously approaches the boys and gives Matt the glass of water with two tablets after the boy sits up, but when he sees the boy tremble a little as he hands them over he quickly sits down in the arm chair, just to put a little distance between them.

"Dad, I think it will be good for Matt to have a bath and I want to take one with him, is that alright?" Ben asks, he might have tried to force the issue, but he knows how good his dad has been and is doing his best to be on his best behaviour.

"Sure, just be careful going up the stairs, his ankle still needs to rest." Mike replies, earlier he wouldn't have let them but now that he is okay with their relationship and with what happened he doesn't even consider not letting them take a bath together.

"Actually, we want you to try and carry me up the stairs Mike." Matt then says and Mike can't help but look at the boys nervously.

"Are you sure, I mean after what happened I just don't think..." Mike begins to say, but Matt interrupts him.

"I want to try, as long as Ben holds my hand and I can see him at all times I think it will be okay, can we please try?" Matt states and Mike can sense the boy is pleading with him, even though he is hiding it well by acting brave.

"Okay, tell you what I will go run you both a bath and then come get you, it should give the pills a little time to kick in as well." Mike tells the boys, as he gets up and starts to head out of the room.

"Thank you Dad." Ben tells him, just as he leaves the room.

After ten minutes, Mike had successfully managed to get Matt into the bathroom, without any incidents and sets him down on the toilet seat.

"Well I am glad that went well." Mike says, but as he finishes talking he notices a few tears on Matt's face and then feels the dampness through his shirt and realises it hadn't gone well at all.

"Oh Matt, it's fine the important thing is we made it here okay." Mike then says, as he leans down so he is eye level with the boy.

"Dad what are you talking about?" Ben asks, not understanding what happened, everything seemed to have gone fine and then he notices his boyfriends shorts and quickly moves over to hold him. "Oh Dad I think you should go, we will be okay now." He then says, looking at his dad with a weak smile.

"Okay, just call me if you need anything." Mike responds before making a quick exit, he wanted to stay and try and comfort Matt, but it was clear he wouldn't be any help and decided to set about cooking dinner.

"I hate this Ben." Matt finally says, after a few minutes silence.

"It's not your fault." Ben responds, trying to reassure his boyfriend.

"I know, but I still hate it, why can't I just be normal, Jordan doesn't have any issues and he got it worse then me, so why can't I be normal?" Matt says as he sniffles a few times, trying to stop himself from crying again, he is getting sick of crying.

"There is no such thing as normal, everyone has issues Matt just look at Wesley, to everyone around him he is happy and has the perfect life, but we know the truth and Mitch come on, he is like the toughest guy we know and he still gets nightmares about that body he found and me well you know better than anyone about me." Ben states seriously, as he looks his boyfriend in the eyes. "So stop being so hard on yourself and get naked because I feel like a right idiot being the only one with no clothes on." He then says with a big grin and Matt can't help but smile.

"Oh, I didn't even notice you were naked, when did that happen?" Matt responds, not believing that he hadn't even notice his boyfriend was naked.

"I was taking a shower when I heard you calling for me, so I just came running and well I didn't have time to get dressed." Ben says with a shy smile, it actually just occurred to him that he has been naked in front of his dad this whole time.

"You mean you have been naked the whole time, like in front of your dad?" Matt then asks, before his eyes go wide and a grin spreads across his face, like always his boyfriend has managed to cheer him up and forget the bad stuff for a while and he loved him even more for it.

"Yeah, damn I didn't even realise, jeez I am so not going to be able to look him in the eyes for the rest of the day." Ben says, grinning and shaking his head.

"At least you didn't wet yourself while he was carrying you... twice!" Matt then states smiling and Ben laughs and is happy that his boyfriend is making jokes.

"So come on, get them off before I rip them off sexy." Ben then says, as he looks at his boyfriend excitedly.

"Well you can get my shorts and tighty whiteys off, while I take my top off." Matt suggests and before he can even start on his top, he can feel his boyfriend getting to work on his shorts and tighty whiteys and giggles as he feels himself being stripped, before finally managing to take his top off.

"Now that is better and look Little Matty wants to play." Ben says as he gives his boyfriend a few strokes, causing him to moan in pleasure. "Right come on let's get you in the bath." He then says, as he helps his now giggling boyfriend over to the bath.

Ben then gets in first and then carefully helps his boyfriend into the bath so he doesn't have to put any weight on his ankle, Ben then sits down and smiles, Matt then follows him down and relaxes as he sits with his back against his chest and sighs in happiness as he feels his boyfriends arms wrap around him.

"I love you so much." Matt then says sincerely, before reaching behind himself to give his boyfriends boner a few squeezes, before just relaxing in his arms.

"I love you too Matt." Ben then says and kisses the top of his boyfriends head, while he gently traces circles on his stomach and chest with his fingers. "I think it will be good to talk with Mitch about what happened." He then says after a few minutes of peaceful silence, as they just enjoyed being with each other.

"Yeah okay, I still don't understand how Mitch can carry me and hold me, but anyone else makes me freak out." Matt says agreeing that they should talk to Mitch, but he was still confused about why Mitch was different to other adults.

"Well I guess maybe, you just don't see him as an adult." Ben then offers as a theory.

"I don't think it's that, I mean I know he is only seventeen but I see him as a man." Matt answers, he had considered the age thing but ruled it out, as much fun as Mitch was and the previous night, to him Mitch was still an adult.

"Maybe it's because you love him and trust him with your life." Ben then says and Matt gives him a surprised look.

"Hmm, maybe but why can't I let my Dad do the same, I love him and trust him." Matt then says, although sounding doubtful he wonders if it isn't far from the truth.

"I really don't know maybe it's different, I mean you love me and Mitch is my brother, then everything Mitch has done for both of us especially saving you from Conner twice, maybe your brain sees him differently." Ben then says, as he wonders himself how it is possible and thinks this is probably the most reasonable theory.

"Yeah I think you could be right, I mean maybe my brain recognises him as someone good and it sort of you know er... overrides the negative reaction, if that makes sense." Matt responds, as he moans a little as his boyfriends hand wraps around his soft penis and gently plays with it. "Oh... that feels so good." He then says, as he relaxes further into the water as his boyfriends hands cause him to moan.

"I wish I could keep going, but Dad is somewhere and he might come in." Ben then says, reluctantly as he lets go of his boyfriends slowly growing penis and feels bad, when he lets out a disappointed groan.

"It's okay, I mean well it sucks you got me excited and stopped but I don't care, just being in your arms is enough for me." Matt says sincerely, although he can't help feeling a little frustrated now as he feels himself get hard and knowing nothing is going to happen.

"Oh fuck it, just try to be quiet." Ben then says with an evil grin, that his boyfriend can't see.

"Huh?" Matt responds, but then understands when he feels his boyfriends hands slide down to his boner again and begins to stroke him, he lets out small moan and quickly puts his arm over his mouth to muffle any noise he makes, as he feels his boyfriend hand speed up.

Matt is really struggling to not shout out as he feels his orgasm building, but his boyfriend isn't making it any easier when he starts to use his free hand to play with his nipples, before he begins to alternate between stroking and playing with his balls with the other hand and Matt has to bite down hard on his arm when he finally orgasms and almost hurts his ankle as his legs spasm, but luckily he is too short to reach the other end of the bath tub, he then whimpers a little when his boyfriend gives him a few more strokes after his orgasm before stopping and Matt can't help but let out one final moan of content.

"That's for being so damn sexy." Ben then whispers in his panting boyfriends ear, as he goes back to tracing little circles over his body with his fingers.

"Oh... fuck... awesome... so shit... that was... so good... I love you so much." Matt responds, finding it hard to talk as he tries to get his breathing under control.

"Just tell me when you want to get out, there isn't any rush though we can spend all the time in the world like this for all I care." Ben says as he tilts his boyfriends head enough, so that he can kiss him deeply, before releasing him with a contented smile of his own.

"I wish we could too, but you should try to be quiet now." Matt says and before Ben can even make any kind of response, he feels his boyfriend twist in his arms and slide down his body.

"Hey what... oh... oh fuck... shit." Ben starts to say, but stops as he feels his boyfriends lips on his rapidly hardening penis and then feels it slide into his mouth and moans out loudly, before quickly reaching over and grabbing a flannel on the side of the bath and bites down on it.

At first Matt struggles with his idea as he discovers giving a blow job under water is not easy, he has to come up for air a few times before finally getting another idea, as with his good foot manages to hook the chain connected to the plug and pulls it out, before fully concentrating on his boyfriend and making him feel good and can feel the water getting lower around himself, within a few minutes Ben has to put both his arms over his face and mouth, just to keep the moaning and groaning quiet as he orgasms, Matt can feel his boyfriends whole body tremble and decides to keep going for a few moments, until he hears his boyfriend whimper and knows he has to stop.

"So I'm guessing you enjoyed that." Matt then says grinning, as he watches his boyfriends chest rise and fall, but his grin quickly disappears as he slips a little and catches his foot on the side of the bath and yelps in pain.

"Oh fuck, are you okay?" Ben says suddenly asks, coming out of his blissful state after hearing his boyfriend calling out.

"Yeah shit, oh shit my foot Ben... damn it... I wish Mitch was here." Matt then says grimacing, his ankle is throbbing and he knows his boyfriend isn't going to be able to get him out of the bath.

"Huh why?" Ben asks as he sits up, he can see the pain on his boyfriends face and quickly gets up and out of the bath and then suddenly realises why his boyfriend wanted Mitch, he could see getting him out of the bath is not going to happen with just the two of them. "Should I call my Dad?" He then suggests nervously, not too keen on the idea himself.

"No... I can't be with him naked Ben, I just can't." Matt answers bluntly, but the throbbing and pain is getting worse.

"Okay, let's try to get you out, if not then I am getting my Dad he won't care if you're naked." Ben says, but he can tell by his boyfriends face he is not happy.

"No, you don't understand, I can't let him touch me, not while I am naked Ben." Matt explains, but just confuses his boyfriend even more.

"I don't get it, you shouldn't be shy you have a pretty hot body, even if I am a little biased and I'm naked too." Ben responds, not understanding his boyfriends sudden shyness.

"No I... you know when I said when I woke up I thought it was Mr Jones?" Matt starts to say, before pausing.

"Yeah." Ben answers, wondering what his boyfriend is going to say.

"Well I didn't just think it was him, I saw him... I mean when I looked at your dad it was Mr Jones and it's stupid but he is still Mr Jones." Matt says and Ben can here the sadness and fear in his boyfriends voice.

"But it's not him, it's my Dad and you know it's my Dad." Ben responds and wondering what is wrong with his boyfriend.

"I know, I know it's your dad but I can't help it, when I look at him I see Mr Jones, it's why I wet myself when he carried me up here Ben I couldn't help it, I tried so hard to stop it being him but I couldn't and I know if he comes in here now I just can't handle it." Matt explains and he knows how ridiculous he sounds, but it's the truth and he tried everything but he couldn't stop seeing Mr Jones instead of his boyfriends dad.

"Oh but, he is going to cook us dinner and you're spending the night, it's not like you can avoid him, what are we going to do?" Ben says out loud, he isn't expecting an answer, he is just trying to figure out what is going on and what they are going to do about it.

"Can't we give Mitch a call, he might be able to help?" Matt suggests, feeling more and more frustrated as the pain and throbbing gets more intense.

"No, look let's just get you out of the bath and dressed, you're just going to have to try and ignore the pain." Ben says firmly, as he leans into the bath and starts to help his boyfriend to his feet.

"Okay, but what do we do then?" Matt asks, as he manages to stand up although his ankle is really hurting and the throbbing is starting to making him want to be sick.

"I don't know, we will talk about it in my room and see what we come up with." Ben answers as he takes the full weight of his boyfriend, then Matt steps out the bath with his good foot and places it on the ground, but then he just catches his sprained foot on the edge of the bath and cries out loudly.

"HEY, IS EVERYTHING OKAY?" Mike calls out and the boys can hear him coming up the stairs.

"Oh shit." Ben says, hearing his dad coming to the door. "Dad go away we are fine, just go..." He then says, before his boyfriend interrupts him.

"Mike come in please, it's my foot it really hurts, I need to put it in some ice or something really quick." Matt calls out, the pain in his voice is obvious although Ben is more surprised by his boyfriends change in attitude and knows he must be in a lot of pain to asks for his dads help, after what he had just told him and is really proud of him.

"You sure Matt?" Ben quickly whispers, before his dad comes in.

"Yeah fuck it Ben, I need to get it in some ice and well screw being scared, I am tired of being afraid and Mr Jones can go fuck himself." Matt says as he grits his teeth and Ben can't resist giving him a big kiss, he feels so proud of his boyfriend trying to take control and grabs his hand, just as his dad opens the door and walks in before stopping in his tracks.

"Oh er... you're naked." Mike says as he gets a full view of both his youngest son and Matt's naked bodies and then notices that they are holding hands and that his youngest son is holding most of Matt's weight.

"Dad, just help him downstairs he needs to get ice on his foot, he hurt it in the bath." Ben then says, telling his dad what to do after realising that he is probably shocked at seeing them like this.

"How did he hurt it in the bath, what were you... oh don't answer that, I really don't want to open that can of worms." Mike says awkwardly, he may now be okay with the two boys relationship but he isn't ready for that sort of thing, he might never be ready to know what they do with each other.

"Dad, just help him." Ben tells his dad again, in an annoyed tone and while he understood how hard this may be for his dad, his boyfriend is in too much pain to mess around.

"Okay, but are you sure you're okay with me carrying you Matt." Mike asks the young boy, who is looking at him as if he is afraid.

"Just do it quickly and don't speak." Matt says, before closing his eyes. "Ben just keep talking to me." He then says, as he squeezes his boyfriends hand tighter.

"Okay, it's just me and you Matt, just you and me." Ben tells his boyfriend, as he gives his dad a nudge to hurry up.

So Mike carefully picks up the obviously scared naked boy and carries him out of the bathroom and downstairs, he finds that it's a lot more tricky than he thought it would be, as the boy is trembling a lot and his youngest son is in front of him and talking to Matt non stop, as they slowly get down the stairs he takes Matt into the living room and gently sets him down on the sofa, before going straight to the kitchen to get a bowl of iced water and while his dad is in the kitchen, Ben helps his boyfriend get more comfortable.

"You okay?" Ben asks in a caring tone, knowing his boyfriend is anything but okay and he had seen how terrified he was as they were coming down the stairs.

"Just sit next to me and hold me please." Matt answers quietly, fighting back tears, from not only the pain in his foot, but the humiliation of still being so afraid of Mr Jones.

Just as Ben sits next to his boyfriend and pulls him into his chest, his dad walks back into the room with the bowl of ice and water, Mike still taking his sons words about not talking to Matt seriously, he gently places it under the boys foot and could feel him flinch as he gently lifted his foot and then tense up as his foot submerges in the ice and water, he then stands up and returns to the kitchen to resume cooking dinner, he feels really awful about what he did and although he didn't know about the seriousness of Matt's problems, he was still angry with himself.

"Matt, was he still Mr Jones?" Ben asks nervously.

"I don't know, I had my eyes closed but I was still scared." Matt answers honestly, but their was no happiness or relief in his voice and Ben just pulls him in tighter and kissed the top of his head.

"Hey look on the bright side." Ben then says, hoping to lighten the mood and cheer his boyfriend up.

"Bright side?" Matt asks in a slightly annoyed tone, he was in no mood for games.

"Yeah at least we didn't have boners." Ben says, before giggling and despite his best efforts Matt can't help but laugh as well.

"Creep!" Matt says, he doesn't know how his boyfriend does it, but he always knows how to cheer him up.

"A creep, that loves you more than anything else in the whole wide world." Ben says grinning as he sees the smile on his boyfriends face, after he sits up a little.

"I don't know, you seem to really have a thing for strawberries." Matt then says, teasing his boyfriend and enjoying being happy for a few little while.

"Well I have to admit it's a close call, although I am picturing you covered in strawberry lube and that just might be the thing I love most in the world." Ben then says as he leans in and kisses his boyfriend passionately and Matt just melts in his arms as they forget about the world and only they exist, that is until they here a gasp and look up surprised to see Mike walk into the room.

"Oh fucking hell, well I guess this isn't going to be the last time I walk in on you two making out." Mike says, feeling extremely awkward, but decides to just go with it and have a laugh instead of letting the boys know how awkward he is really feeling. "I just hope you two aren't always going to be naked and half hard every time." He then says and even manages to chuckle, although he really hoped the boys would laugh otherwise he just made the most inappropriate and awful joke ever to two eleven year old boys.

"Holy fuck..." Matt then says, as he bursts out laughing and is quickly followed by his boyfriend, Mike almost tells the boy off for swearing but decides after everything this isn't the time to worry about something so trivial and also realises that he had actually swore himself a few moments before and didn't fancy getting into a debate about it.

"Okay boys, I actually just came in to make sure you were okay with having ribs and chips tonight, I was going to make something fancy but I really am feeling tired." Mike then tells the boys, who take a few extra moments to calm down, before looking back at him.

"Yeah sounds great, BBQ or Chinese flavour?" Matt asks, he still couldn't quite shake the uneasy feeling he is getting from his friends dad, but he was getting there and he was happy to see that he no longer saw Mr Jones when he looked at him.

"Yeah that sounds great Dad." Ben answers, he isn't bothered what flavour they are he just liked ribs full stop.

"I don't think we have any Chinese sauce Matt, so BBQ it is." Mike says and is about to turn around and go back into the kitchen when he looks at Matt. "Hey hows the foot feeling, do you want some more ice in the bowl?" He asks, with genuine care in his voice and he notices for the first time since he messed up earlier, that the young boy is smiling at him.

"I don't know, it's totally numb but some more ice would be great, thanks Mike and thanks for being so cool and looking after me." Matt then says genuinely as he works hard to ignore the stupid scared part of his mind and focus on the actual real things and there was no doubt his boyfriends dad was a good man, he just wishes he could get the stupid fears to go away and starts to feel himself tremble a little again, but feels his boyfriend pull him in a bit tighter and feels himself relaxing again.

"Thank you so much Matt and just give me a few seconds and I will be back with some more ice." Mike responds, smiling at the compliment from the boy and he can't help but feel proud of himself.

"Okay cool and I promise to keep my hands off your son for a few minutes." Matt says, managing to grin and Mike just shakes his head smiling, as he walks out of the room.

"Oh my god Matt, as if you just said that to my dad." Ben says in a shocked and embarrassed tone, but before he can say anything else he feels his boyfriends lips press against his and he instantly forgets about everything else and kisses him back.

"Oh wow, so that promise lasted long." Mike says and chuckles as the boys quickly part, but while his son is blushing he notices that Matt is looking anything but embarrassed and he can't wait to hear what the boy has to say.

"Technically I only said I would keep my hands off him, I didn't say anything about my lips." Matt then says with a straight face and Mike can't believe the boys cheek, but it was one of the reasons he had always liked the boy and his sense of humour never failed to make him smile and this time it is no different.

"Okay smart ass, but you two better put a pillow or something over those things, otherwise you might poke someone's eye out." Mike responds, deciding to turn the tables on Matt and unfortunately his youngest son as well, but it had to be done and he wanted to keep the mood positive.

Both boys quickly look down and instantly blush, but as the boys scramble to cover themselves up they realise much to Mike's amusement, that there isn't anything for them to cover up with and end up having to use their hands.

"Dad, jeez don't be so embarrassing." Ben then whines, not quite being able to look his dad in the eyes and is trying to will his boner to go away, but being so close to his boyfriend is making it impossible.

"Hey, I'm not the one naked on the couch kissing my boyfriend with a hard on, I don't think I am the one being embarrassing, now I'm going to go up and grab you some clothes, any preference?" Mike retorts, causing his youngest son to blush even more.

"There should be some clean tighty whiteys for me in Ben's draw and some shorts will be okay for me Mike, it's a bit warm for a t-shirt." Matt answers, deciding getting dressed might be a good idea.

"That's fine with me Matt and what about you Ben, or are you happy being a nudist for the rest of the day?" Mike then says still teasing his son, he just can't help himself because it was rare for him to ever have the upper hand against his youngest son and he thought he might as well make the most of it.

"Just some briefs and a t-shirt will do." Ben says, he doesn't feel like wearing too many clothes and he was used to walking round the house in just his briefs any way.

"Okay sure, oh and by the way if you two do normally sleep naked together than it is fine with me, just promise me no funny business and I am being serious here boys, trust works both ways and I am doing my part." Mike says, as he looks at both the boys with a serious expression.

"Thank you so much Dad and we promise we won't let you down." Ben responds, with a massive grin that Mike thought might take up his sons whole face.

"Yeah we will behave and oh can I just have my tighty whiteys please, I don't need shorts." Matt then adds and can't resist being able to just spend the rest of the day in just his tighty whiteys.

"Okay, well I take that as just underwear for the both of you then." Mike says, as he notices his youngest son is about to say something and he can guess what it is so just says it for him.

"Thanks Dad." Ben says, as he watches his dad leave the room.

As soon as his dad disappears from sight, Ben turns to his boyfriend and before Matt can do anything he feels his boyfriends lips on his own and kisses him back straight away and they kiss like that for the next twenty minutes, they are so lost in each other that neither of them even notice the fact Mike had already brought their underwear in and placed them on the table in front of them and are so absorbed in each other that it isn't until they feel something hit their heads, that they actually stop kissing and when they realise it's their underwear, they then both look up and see Mike standing in front of them looking bemused.

"I have called you like four times guys, dinner is ready now get dressed." Mike says, before looking at the boys and their underwear. "Well maybe dressed isn't the right word, but come on we are eating in the kitchen." He then says, before walking out of the room leaving the boys to put their underwear on, well for his youngest son to put on his underwear and then help put on his boyfriends.

"Dad aren't your forgetting something?" Ben then calls out and after a few moments his dad comes back in the room looking confused.

"Forget what?" Mike asks his son.

"Matt's foot, I think we should eat in here." Ben points out, as he looks at his dad with a grin.

"Oh damn, sorry Matt I forgot about your ankle, sure let's eat in here, just give me a second to bring your plates in." Mike tells the boys, he had forgotten Matt was hurt and sitting at a table wasn't the best place for someone with a badly sprained ankle.

"It's okay Mike, oh and can I get a drink of OJ please, I'm really thirsty." Matt then says, with an adorably cute smile that Mike couldn't help but smile at.

"Oh me too, I want some OJ as well Dad." Ben then says excitedly and Mike can't help but smile at his youngest sons over enthusiasm for a drink.

"Okay boys, I will be right back." Mike says as he leaves to get the boys a drink.

After five minutes the three of them are all enjoying their perfectly cooked BBQ ribs and chips as they make small talk, they mainly stick to talking about school and sports, staying well clear of the weekends events, which Mike is still curious about it but he feels the boys have obviously had a rough go of things and decides if he wants to know then it will have to wait until another day, once they are finished, Matt is left frustrated when he realises that he can't help with the washing and wiping up and has to sit on his own while his boyfriend and Mike disappear into the kitchen to get it done quicker, now feeling quite bored Matt's face turns to the hallways when he hears the front door open and he doesn't even wait to see who it is before calling out.

"Hey Mitch, Mitch please come sit with me." Matt calls out and sighs in relief, as a bemused looking Mitch appears in the doorway.

"Well I see you're making yourself comfortable little guy." Mitch states, as he sees the young boy laid back in the sofa in his tighty whiteys and his foot in a bowl of water. "Where are my brother and dad?" He then asks as he walks over and sits next to the boy, wondering why he was sitting alone.

"In the kitchen, you missed dinner and they are clearing up, I wanted to help but well I hurt my foot again when me and Ben were having a bath." Matt tells the older boy and is just glad to have him back and feels safer already.

"I see... wait you were having a bath with Ben, what about my dad?" Mitch asks, realising what the boy had just said.

"Nah, it was just me and Ben, we didn't think your dad would fit if we all got in." Matt responds, with a cheeky grin.

"You cheeky little shit, you know what I mean." Mitch says, as he puts an arm over the boys shoulder and pulls him into his chest affectionately.

"He is cool with us being together now." Matt answers honestly, but Mitch picks up on the slight change of tone in the boys voice.

"Okay, that is good to hear little guy but are you okay because you sound a little down." Mitch responds, he knows the boy very well now and something is not quite right with him.

"Oh, well I wanted to tell you with Ben here, but I guess I can tell you on my own." Matt says as he shifts his position, to get a little more comfortable in the older boys arms, being careful to keep his foot in the bowl of iced water.

"Okay, now you have me worried little guy." Mitch says as he rubs the boys arm gently, he didn't like the sound of the boys voice and he can feel him trembling slightly as well.

"It was an accident really, but well I kind of fell asleep, Mike... I mean your dad made Ben go take a shower while I slept, but well you see your dad had no idea about you know... that thing I told you when you came and got me from school, you know?" Matt starts to explain, before stopping to see if Mitch understands what he is talking about.

"About being alone with men and being picked up." Mitch responds, trying to work out what he is being told. "Oh, oh crap he didn't?" He then asks, as he realises what the boy is hinting at.

"Yeah he thought it would be a nice gesture if he carried me to Ben's room and left me there with a note saying he was going out for an hour, he just wanted to give us some privacy and well when I woke up and realised I was being carried I freaked out and Mitch it was really bad and I was screaming and shouting for Ben." Matt starts explaining, but like before he pauses for a few seconds and Mitch pulls him a little tighter to comfort him. "Mitch I was so scared, when I looked up and saw who was carrying me, I saw Mr Jones and that's when I er... Mitch I wet myself and I was so scared, I thought he had come back to get me and hurt me, then Ben came and everything was a little bit better and I think I fell asleep after that." He then says before stopping, he can feel the tears in his eyes and feels stupid for crying over something that he already went through.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry Matt, are you okay now though because you still seem pretty upset." Mitch asks him, he can feel the boy trying not to cry. "If you want to cry then do it Matt." He then adds sincerely.

"No, I have cried enough but there is more Mitch." Matt says, as he wipes the tears from his eyes and takes a deep breath.

"There is More?" Mitch asks and is now really worried about the boy, what he had already told him was heartbreaking to hear, but knowing there was more to come had him on full alert.

"Yeah you see, I couldn't get up the stairs and needed a bath so your dad had to carry me again, the thing is even though I knew it was your dad all I could see was Mr Jones, I know it's stupid but I couldn't help it Mitch and well I tried to be brave, I tried so hard to be brave and Ben was holding my hand, but I couldn't help it Mitch and I wet myself again, I felt so embarrassed and scared but Ben saved me again, I love him so much Mitch and he just makes everything better." Matt then explains and even manages a smile as Mitch ruffles his hair causing him to giggle, although Mitch was horrified by the story, he was at least put at ease a little by the fact he was giggling.

"So do I really want to ask what you two were doing in the bath to hurt your ankle even more?" Mitch then decides to ask, feeling relieved the boy seems to be in good spirits, despite what had happened and decided to try and lighten the mood a little, while he tried to think of a way to help him later and for now just kisses him on the top of his head.

"I think it's one of those things that would be on that list of things you don't want to know about, you know the one you told Wesley about." Matt replies giggling, he really did love the older boy. "Oh guess what Mitch?" He then asks the older boy.

"What?" Mitch responds, wondering what the boy is going to say now although his apparent mood swings are causing him to worry about the young boy a little bit.

"You're holding me again and no one else is in the room." Matt points out, after realising that once again his anxieties and fears don't seem to appear when he is with Mitch.

"Oh wow, so do you know why you can be with me like this and not anyone else?" Mitch asks, realising that this is important to the boy and if he could help him get over his attacks, then he was going to do everything he could to help him.

"Not really, but me and Ben talked about it and we thought maybe it is because I love you and trust you, you know because of all you have done for us, Ben said maybe because of all that stuff, my brain sees you as a friend and trustworthy and that beats the fear and scared side of my brain I guess." Matt responds, trying his best to explain what he and his boyfriend had come up with.

"It's a good theory, we should talk to Wesley's dad about this when you're up for it." Mitch then suggests to the boy.

"Oh Ben said that too, oh wow anyway how did it go with Wesley and his parents?" Matt then asks, realising he hadn't asked about his friend yet.

"Oh er... look I have had a really long day Matt, my brother and dad are going to ask the same question, so do you mind waiting until they come in, I am just totally beat and don't want to explain over and over again." Mitch responds honestly, it really has been a long draining day for him and he actually felt like just laying down and sleeping right now.

"Oh okay, but you have to tell me if he is okay or not." Matt responds, realising that maybe with all that has happened the boys have neglected Mitch and what he has been through a little, he would have to talk to his boyfriend about this later and see if they can come up with something for him.

"Nothing bad happened and Wesley is fine, well he will be eventually, now let's just relax until those two come in here." Mitch says as he yawns, he does smile though when he feels the young boy snuggle up to him a bit more and thought this is just what he needed to relax after the weekend he has had and they sit there in peaceful silence, waiting for the other two to come into the room.

It is another ten minutes before Ben and Mike return to the living room and they are both surprised to see Mitch is home, they hadn't heard him come in and are pleasantly surprised to see him, they are also surprised to see that he is asleep with a sleeping Matt snuggled up to him in his arms.

"Oh man, they look totally beat Dad." Ben says, noticing the tired look on both their faces, he wants to go over and sit with his boyfriend, but doesn't want to wake either of them up.

"Maybe we should let them sleep for a little while." Mike says, as he looks at the sleeping boys.

"I'm just resting my eyes guys." Mitch suddenly says, but doesn't open them.

"Oh sorry, what about Matt." Mike asks, hiding the fact that his eldest son just scared the crap out of him.

"Oh he is definitely sleeping, he told me what happened earlier though, poor little guy" Mitch responds and this time he opens his eyes and strokes the sleeping boys head gently.

"He looks just like an angel." Ben then says before blushing, he wasn't meant to say that out aloud.

"Man, you two are just to damn adorable." Mitch teases his little brother, but he was honestly touched by his little brothers words and thought it was a sweet thing to say.

"Shut up." Ben says smiling shyly.

"You know I am just messing around, you two are perfect for each other." Mitch then says sincerely. "Now how about you come sit next him and he can sleep in your arms." He then suggests, he can tell just by looking at his little brother, that he wants to be the one holding his boyfriend and he is more than happy to let him take over.

"Thanks Mitch, you're the best." Ben says in a delighted tone, he loved holding his boyfriend and even more when he was asleep and he could just watch him.

"Anytime little guy." Mitch says, while his little brother sits on the sofa, Mitch then gently leans the sleeping boy over so that he is leaning on his little brother, who quickly wraps his arms around his boyfriend, Mitch can't help but hear the contented sigh that comes from the sleeping boy and the little smile that appears on his face and wonders if he somehow knew that he was now in his boyfriend arms.

"So Wesley was alright then?" Mike then asks, he was curious about how things went after his eldest son had given him a brief run down of the young boys problems.

"When Matt wakes up I will explain everything, but just to put your minds at rest, he is okay." Mitch says, as he stands up and walks to the door.

"Oh okay, as long as he is fine." Mike responds, before taking a seat in the arm chair.

"Where are you going Mitch?" Ben then asks, managing to take his eyes off his sleeping boyfriend long enough to notice his brother leaving the room.

"Well not sure I need to ask permission Mr Detective, but I need to take a pee and then take a shower, it's been a hell of a day." Mitch says smiling, as he disappears from the room.

"Dad?" Ben then asks after a few minutes of silence pass.

"Yes Son?" Mike replies, as he looks over to his youngest son and he really couldn't help thinking how sweet the two boys looked, he never even gave any thought to what he would do if one of his sons turned out to be gay and now it had happened, he surprised himself with how quickly he has been able to accept it, of course it helped seeing the boys together and obviously in love he thought to himself.

"Are you really okay with me having a boyfriend?" Ben asks and Mike can hear the nervousness in his youngest son's voice.

"Surprisingly I am completely fine with it Son and I'm really happy for you, he is a great boy and you two look adorable together." Mike answers sincerely, he genuinely thought they looked sweet together.

"Oh good, but what do you mean surprisingly?" Ben then says, he is happy that his dad really is okay with everything, but he was both curious and worried about his dads choice of words.

"Honestly, I just never really thought about what I would think if one of you boys turned out to be gay..." Mike begins to explain, before his youngest son interrupts him.

"We aren't gay Dad." Ben says in a firm serious tone.

"Sorry, I know, but just to save time if I say gay again I don't mean literally, it is just a word and I know what you are okay?" Mike tells his youngest son, after apologising.

"Oh, okay I understand Dad." Ben says with a smile, as he starts to play with his sleeping boyfriends hair with one hand, while the other starts to gently rub his boyfriends stomach.

"Well anyway, I never really gave it any thought, I guess if I had I would have been a little worried and maybe disappointed." Mike says and notices his youngest son is about to say something, so gets in first. "I know what you're going to say, but by disappointed I mean grandchildren and the big wedding and stuff, I can't speak for all parents Ben but you do have certain expectations for your children and when something derails them it's a bit hard to accept them and deal with them, if that makes sense?" He then starts explaining again, before pausing to give his youngest son a chance to digest what he has said.

"So you're disappointed in me?" Ben says in a hurt tone, as he looks at his dad sadly.

"No... no way Ben, I was just trying to explain, but that is kind of my point, when you told me it was a lot to take in those thoughts all came into my head, but in just this short space of time seeing you two together and how you comforted and looked after him, it made me realise how stupid those things were, you two love each other and make each other happy and that is everything a parent could want for their child... so no I am not disappointed in you Ben, I am happy for you and I am proud of you." Mike explains from the heart and he gets up and goes to his youngest son to cuddle him tightly.

"I love you so much Dad, thank you." Ben says, before crying in happiness.

"I love you too Ben." Mike responds, as he squeezes his youngest son tightly.

"Every loves everyone, that's great and all but could we do that without crushing me?" Matt suddenly says, his voice only just audible as he is sandwiched between the father and son cuddling.

"Oh sorry Matt, I didn't mean to wake you." Mike says nervously, as he releases his youngest son and stands up, he is worried that being so close to the boy waking up would be a disaster.

"Well for future reference, crushing someone is not a good way to not wake someone up." Matt says, with a cheeky grin and despite feeling a little terrified at him being so close when he woke up, Matt is feeling a lot calmer, knowing that he is in his boyfriends arms.

"I will keep that in mind for the next time you fall asleep on my sofa." Mike says grinning at the boy before ruffling his hair and is happy to see that he didn't freak out like before.

"Hey Sexy." Ben then says as he looks down playfully at his boyfriend, who looks up with a cute smile.

"Hey Creep!" Matt responds grinning, he didn't know why but he felt pretty good, despite the fear he is still feeling from his boyfriends dad, but wasn't too bad and he can ignore it.

"Love you." Ben then says, as he leans down and gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

"Love you too." Matt says, as he pulls his boyfriends face down for a real kiss, after not being satisfied with a quick peck.

"Well er... maybe I should give you two a few minutes alone." Mike then says, it's one thing to be okay with his son having a boyfriend, it is another to sit and watch them make out.

"Hey don't go Dad, we promise to be good." Ben suddenly says after he breaks the kiss, he has missed his dad and doesn't want him to leave because they are making him feel uncomfortable.

"Yeah sorry Mike, I didn't mean to do that we will be good." Matt then adds, feeling a little guilty for making the man uncomfortable.

"It's okay, well yeah it's a little weird, but you aren't doing anything to be sorry for, but just give me a little time to get used to it and it isn't just because you are both boys, you can ask Mitch what I thought of him kissing his girlfriends in front of me." Mike says smiling, it was true he had never felt comfortable with his eldest sons public displays of affection and it was no different with his youngest.

"Oh." Is all Ben can think of to say.

"So er... where did Mitch go?" Matt then asks, deciding to change the subject and also because he wasn't entirely sure if he had imagined Mitch being there or not, he was sure he fell asleep in Mitch's arms and not his boyfriends, so he had his doubts about whether that really happened or not.

"He needed shower, he won't be long Matt." Mike answers.

"Oh good, he was here then." Matt then says with a shy smile, causing Ben and his dad to exchange a concerned look.

"What do you mean?" Mike asks curiously, he was worried by the boys answer and wanted to find out if he had anything more to be worried about.

"Well I didn't know if I really saw him or not." Matt responds honestly, he knows he probably sounds stupid but he has been through a lot so doesn't quite trust himself.

"What makes you think that?" Mike then asks, not being able to hide his concern in his voice, surely the boy should know if he saw someone and spoke to them.

"Hey, don't look at me like that." Matt says, after noticing the strange look his boyfriends dad is giving him.

"Look at you like what?" Mike responds, although he guesses what the young boy means.

"Like I am crazy or something, it's not like I have had an easy couple of days and well what would you think." Matt says sounding agitated, until he feels his boyfriend start to rub his side and chest comfortingly. "Okay sorry, but it's just I'm tired and I'm sure I saw and spoke with Mitch, but then I was sure I fell asleep in his arms and then I wake up to see Ben holding me and Mitch isn't here any more, so yeah it's confusing." He then admits still sounding a little annoyed, but he isn't mad or anything.

"Oh okay, look sorry Matt I didn't mean to make you feel like that and you have a point, I think anyone would be confused in your position." Mike tells the boy, hoping to make the boy feel better and apologise to him at the same time.

"Yeah don't worry, we know you're not crazy oh and by the way guess what?" Ben then says as he looks down at his boyfriend, who turns his head upwards to look at his boyfriend curiously.

"What?" Matt asks, wondering what his boyfriend is going to say.

"I love you." Ben then says, with a big cheesy grin.

"Creep!" Matt responds giggling. "I love you too." He then says after a few moments.

"So er... yeah well are you looking forward to your trip in a few weeks Matt?" Mike asks, trying to get the boys attention away from each other, as he thinks they might start kissing again any second now.

"Oh that." Matt says and there is no disguising his lack of enthusiasm.

"I thought you would be excited, a week away and you get to spend time with your mum." Mike states, he was confused by the boys lack of enthusiasm, okay sure maybe a week with your mum could be a bit of a downer, but he is going away for a holiday.

"I see mum all the time and I don't want to go away without Ben, especially for a week and besides mum is going to be working most of the time, so I'm just going to be on my own all the time and bored and lonely, it sucks Mike." Matt admits honestly, he doesn't want to go and doesn't see the point in pretending.

"Oh come on Matt, I think you will enjoy yourself and I am sure you can survive a week without each other." Mike tells the young boy, but almost considers running for his life when the two boys give him a hard glare. "You know there will be times when you can't see each other for a while, so you might as well just make the best of the times when they happen." He then says, trying to give the boys a different outlook on the situation.

"Dad is right I guess, plus we have our phones and laptops so we can talk and see each other all the time." Ben then says, although Mike can see the look of disappointment on his youngest sons face, but thought he was being very noble in trying to put on a brave face for his boyfriend.

"Still sucks." Matt responds, sounding unimpressed by their attempts to make him feel better about going away.

"When do you actually go anyway?" Mike decides to ask, secretly hoping his eldest son returns soon as things seem to have gotten a little sombre.

"Like two weeks from now, I should be back a few days before our birthday." Matt answers and Mike can see the boy cheer up a little bit after mentioning the boys birthdays, he actually forgot they shared the same birthday.

"It's going to be the best birthday ever." Ben then declares, as he surprises his boyfriend with a quick kiss before smiling happily.

Just then to Mikes relief his eldest son walks in the room, although his relief turns to bemusement when he sees that Mitch is only wearing a pair of briefs and gives his a curious look.

"Hey, don't look at me like that, if it's good enough for the love birds than it is good enough for me." Mitch says grinning as he takes a seat, to Mikes surprise though he notices the two boys barely even react to the older boys near nakedness and wondered why there was no teasing.

"I see." Mike says, still giving his eldest son a curious look.

"Dad we spent the weekend together, they have seen me in briefs before this and we are all boys." Mitch tells his dad, after noticing the look on his face.

"Yeah Dad, it's not like I haven't seen you walking round in your tighty whiteys." Ben then says, smirking at his dad who half glares at him.

"Oh cool, you wear tighty whiteys too." Matt then says to his boyfriends dad, as he perks up a little.

"Can't beat tighty whiteys young man." Mike says, he had tried other underwear, but he never thought much of them and always ended up going back to the tried and tested tighty whiteys.

"Anyway, while we are all here and before I go to sleep, let's talk about Wesley should we?" Mitch then says, changing the subject to something a lot less cringe worthy than hearing your dad talk about his underwear.

"Oh yeah, I hope it went well." Ben says enthusiastically, he had wondered how the big talk went and hadn't got a chance to ask his brother about it.

Over the next twenty minutes, Mitch explains everything that happened, he told them about Wesley's nervousness and then bravery, he told them of the boys parents being dismissive of their son's view of how things had happened and how he had to step in and really make them see what they were doing to their son, the two boys and the man listened intently and managed to avoid asking questions as they let Mitch talk, he told them how they had almost caused Wesley to run out of the house crying after telling him that he was over reacting and this was typical attention seeking and how he himself had shouted at both of Wesley's parents in anger, as he told them to open their eyes and look at their son and how they burst into tears at the sight of their son almost breaking in front of them and they had finally been able to see that everything their son had told them is true.

"Holy crap, they didn't believe him?" Matt asks, being the first to speak after Mitch had finished talking.

"Not at first no, I honestly was ready to bring Wesley back here, but when he started breaking down and was about to run away, I thought I would try one more time to get through to them and thank god it worked, I don't know how Wesley would have coped if his parents didn't realise what they were doing to their him after confronting them." Mitch answers honestly.

"Oh wow, would you really have brought him back here?" Ben then asks, causing Mitch to look at him for a few seconds.

"Yes, there would have been no way I would leave him in that state, with parents who treated him like that." Mitch states, firmly and seriously.

"Well I am not sure if you could actually take him away from his parents Mitch, but for what it's worth I am proud of you Son and would have been more than happy to back you up, although except talking to them and getting their permission, there is no way we could keep him away from his parents, unless they allowed it." Mike then says, he was proud of his son but he knew there was no way his plan would have worked.

"Why not?" Matt then asks, he may have been mature for his age, but he was still too young to understand the law fully.

"Yeah why not?" Ben then adds, mirroring his boyfriends innocence.

"Because it would be classed as kidnapping and Wesley's parents would just phone the police and then Mitch would be in serious trouble if the Fisher's decided to really get angry." Mike responds honestly and he can see the look of horror on the boys face and then notices the look on his eldest sons face and knew Mitch was aware of what could happen and he was both scared and proud of the fact his son would have still got the boy out of that house.

"Well I still would have done it." Mitch then states just before yawning, he really was struggling to stay awake after a long and emotional day.

"I know Son and I would be proud of you, also scared that you might get in over your head, but definitely proud of you." Mike says sincerely and he sees his son blush, it has been a long time since he has seen that look from his eldest son and he realised just how much he has missed it.

"Oh damn it Dad, guys look I'm beat and need to get some sleep." Mitch says, as he yawns again before standing.

"Aww, good night Mitch." Matt says disappointedly, he was hoping to spend more time with the older boy, but he could see how tired Mitch was and wasn't going to try and guilt him into staying with them.

"Yeah you look like a zombie Mitch, see you in the morning." Ben then says, smiling at his brother.

"Oh that reminds me, Wesley is going to be at school tomorrow so hopefully one of you can try to go as well, I got a feeling despite the positives from his chat with his parents he is going to need a friend, a real one and not one of those idiots who cling to him." Mitch says as he looks at the boys, although he mainly looks at his little brother, because Matt's ankle still isn't looking so good.

"If I can walk, I will go." Matt says hopefully.

"I'm going in, I feel fine and although I would rather spend all day with this sexy angel." Ben says with a grin as he looks down at his boyfriend, before looking back to his brother. "Wesley needs friends and he would be there for either of us, so yeah I will go." He then says proudly with a grin, before his head is pulled down and he feels his boyfriends lips against his own.

"You're the best." Matt then says, after releasing his surprised but happy looking boyfriend.

"I just hope you can come too, I want to speak with Mr Morgan about something and want you to be there." Ben then says with a shy smile as he boyfriend looks at him curiously.

"You aren't going to tell me what for are you?" Matt then asks, with a knowing look.

"Nope, so you better make sure that ankle is better." Ben responds, with a cheeky smile.

"Well good night Mitch, but before you head up can you get some more ice for Matt please." Mike then says, he had remained silent as the boys talked and was content to just sit back and listen to them and was more than happy to know his youngest son was going back to school, it wasn't that he was worried about his education, but more because he knew him and he was always proud of being a parent of a child that loved learning and was happy to actually go to school.

"Okay Dad and thanks guys." Mitch says, as he disappears for a few moments before returning with a tray of ice cubes and drops them carefully into the bowl Matt's foot is in. "Okay see you in the morning." He then says, as he leaves the room after everyone says 'goodnight'

"Well boys don't stay up too late, I am going to get an early night as well because it's been a long day for me and I could do with getting a good nights sleep." Mike then says after they chat for a while, he isn't really that tired, but he wants to give the boys time on their own and he didn't mind getting an extra few hours sleep.

"Oh, you don't have to go Dad." Ben says, wondering if his dad is just trying to be nice.

"Yeah Mike, you don't have to go." Matt adds, he liked Mike and although what happened earlier had caused him to be a little cautious around the man, he didn't want him to go.

"It's okay boys, seriously I have been travelling all morning and have a long day tomorrow." Mike says, still only half telling the truth as he stands up. "If you eat or drink anything just clear it away and remember don't stay up too late." He adds and is almost out of the room when his youngest son calls out to him and he turns round.

"Dad, how is Matt meant to get upstairs if you and Mitch are asleep?" Ben asks and Mike realises his son has a point, a very good point.

"Oh I didn't think about that." Mike responds, as he tries to figure out a solution.

"Can't you just take me upstairs now?" Matt then says as he looks at his boyfriends dad, he had wished they thought of this before Mitch went away and he still wasn't sure about letting Mike carry him again, but didn't see any other way.

"Do you want me to go get Mitch?" Mike asks, he can sense the boys apprehension and he was still a little worried about carrying the boy again, sure the last time was a relative success, but he was still not confident.

"No don't, he looked really tired and I don't want to have to bother him all the time, you carried me downstairs earlier and it wasn't too bad, please Mike?" Matt then states, before getting himself prepared.

"Yeah Dad, Matt can handle it and I will be right there too." Ben says as he supports his boyfriend, he knew Matt would be nervous and he wanted to show him that he believed in him and hoped his boyfriend would draw strength from that.

"Okay, come on then." Mike says conceding to he boys show of strength. "Ben just get some bandages when we get in the hallway, I want to bandage his ankle and hopefully it will help enough for him to be able to go to school with you." He then says, before he gently scoops Matt up into his arms, he can feel the boy tense up, but he doesn't appear to be afraid like he was before and he was hoping he wouldn't wet himself again.

"Okay Dad." Ben says, as he walks in front of them holding his boyfriends hand. "Love you Matt." He then says and smiles when he feels his boyfriends hand squeeze his.

"Love you too, just be quick with the bandages." Matt says trying to be brave, but he knows he has no control over whether he freaks out or not when it is just him and Mike alone.

Ben doesn't answer though, he wants to be as quick as possible and to everyone's surprise and relief he is back within a few seconds smiling and taking his boyfriends hand once again and the three of them make there way upstairs and then into Ben's room, where Mike gently puts the boy down on the bed and ruffles both their hairs, before quickly leaving them on their own.

"I can't believe..." Matt begins to say, but finds himself underneath his boyfriend, who is kissing him passionately.

"Sorry, couldn't go another second without doing that." Ben then says with a shy smile, after he breaks the kiss and looks down at his flustered boyfriend. "So what were you going to say?" He then asks with a cheeky smile.

"Oh shit er... oh right yeah, I was going to say I can't believe your dad is okay with us and I just hope my parents are the same." Matt replies, after managing to get his mind off his boyfriends lips long enough to remember what he was going to say.

"Yeah I can't believe it either, but I'm so happy and I know your parents will be happy for us as well." Ben says confidently, as he leans down and kisses his boyfriends eyes and nose, before rising up again smiling.

"Do you think I should tell them before or after my trip with my mum?" Matt then asks in a serious tone and Ben can see the tense look on his boyfriends face.

"Well first of all you aren't going to tell them." Ben begins to say before pausing, he knows his boyfriend is going to interrupt him anyway, so just decides to stop first.

"What do you mean, I won't tell them?" Matt asks, looking confused and Ben just looks down at him smiling.

"You aren't going to tell them because 'we' are going to tell them." Ben says, before reaching down with his hands to find the waistband of his boyfriends tighty whiteys and slides them down. "That's better." He then says, as he leaves them just below his boyfriends knees and can feel his boyfriend kicking them the rest of the way off, before feeling his own briefs being pulled down and kicks them off the same way as his boyfriend had, before lowering himself down on top his now naked boyfriend.

"I love you so much." Matt then says, before pulling his boyfriends head down into a deep loving kiss.

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