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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 2

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 8

March 2015

"I can't believe..." Matt begins to say but finds himself underneath his boyfriend, who is kissing him passionately.

"Sorry, couldn't go another second without doing that." Ben then says with a shy smile after he breaks the kiss and looks down at his flustered boyfriend. "So what were you going to say?" He then asks with a cheeky smile.

"Oh shit er... oh right yeah, I was going to say I can't believe your dad is okay with us and I just hope my parents are the same." Matt replies, after managing to get his mind off his boyfriends lips long enough to remember what he was going to say.

"Yeah I can't believe it either, but I'm so happy and I know your parents will be happy for us as well." Ben says confidently, as he leans down and kisses his boyfriends eyes and nose, before rising up again smiling.

"Do you think I should tell them before or after my trip with my mum?" Matt then asks in a serious tone and Ben can see the tense look on his boyfriends face.

"Well first of all you aren't going to tell them." Ben begins to say before pausing, he knows his boyfriend is going to interrupt him anyway, so just decides to stop first.

"What do you mean, I won't tell them?" Matt asks, looking confused and Ben just looks down at him smiling.

"You aren't going to tell them because 'we' are going to tell them." Ben says, before reaching down with his hands to find the waistband of his boyfriends tighty whiteys and slides them down. "That's better." He then says, as he leaves them just below his boyfriends knees and can feel his boyfriend kicking them the rest of the way off, before feeling his own briefs being pulled down and kicks them off the same way as his boyfriend had, before lowering himself down on top his now naked boyfriend.

"I love you so much." Matt then says, before pulling his boyfriends head down into a deep loving kiss.

One Week Later

As Matt walks into his house after reluctantly coming straight home after school, he hears his dad on the phone and can tell that he is angry about something and when he walks into the living room he doesn't see him mum, but he sees his dad who gives him a strange uncertain look, before hanging up the phone and not even saying goodbye to whoever he was talking to.

"Hey Dad." Matt says smiling, although he is feeling a little nervous about the look on his dads face and wonders if he is in trouble for something.

"Your Mum is out, why don't you go to your room and do your homework." David responds coldly and starts to walk out of the room, as the smile on his sons face disappears.

"Dad?" Matt calls out in a worried tone, but his dad ignores him and heads to the kitchen leaving him standing in the middle of the room wondering what he has done wrong, before he decides to slowly head up to his room looking glum.

After an hour, Matt has completed all his homework and even taken a shower before heading downstairs, he had convinced himself that his dad was just stressed because of the phone call and quickly finds him sitting in the living room reading the paper with a coffee in his hand, Matt sits down on the other chair opposite him with a smile as he watches his dad for a few seconds.

"Dad, when is Mum coming home?" Matt asks still smiling, as he waits for his dad to reply. "Dad did you hear me?" He then asks, after his dad doesn't respond and his smile starts to falter a little.

"Haven't you got any more homework to do or something?" David eventually replies in a dismissive tone, after a loud sigh that knocks the smile off his sons face completely.

"No, I did it all." Matt answers as he looks at his dad, who hasn't even looked at him since he came into the room. "Dad, did I do something wrong?" He then asks meekly, he doesn't understand what is happening and is sure he hasn't done anything to make his dad angry.

"Just go to your room and play or something Matthew, your mum will be home soon." Is all David says in response and just carries on reading the paper without even looking at his son, Matt is now feeling worried and can feel tears in his eyes, his dad only ever called him 'Matthew' when he was really angry at him and he just didn't understand what he could have done to make him angry.

"Okay." Matt replies in a deflated tone, as he gets up and makes his way back to his room and as soon as he shuts his bedroom door behind him, he lays on his bed and cries into his pillow.

When Matt hears someone open and shut the front door, he looks up to his clock and sees he has been crying for almost an hour, he quickly rubs his eyes and takes a few moments to compose himself before he opens his bedroom door, he hears his dad's voice and to his relief his mum's as well, but his relief is short lived as he hears them arguing before the front door is opened and slammed shut, he isn't sure if he should go down or not and it isn't until he sees his mum walking past the bottom of the stairs that too his relief, he realises that his dad is out of the house and he quickly runs down the stairs and as soon as he sees his mum he runs up to her and throws his arms around her.

"Oh, well at least someone is happy to see me." Sarah says as she glances down to her son who is holding her tightly, but when she hears him crying and feels his body shaking, she starts to get worried. "What's wrong Honey?" She then asks in a concerned tone.

"Dad hates me." Matt finally says, after sniffling for a few moments as he tries to stop himself crying.

"Don't be silly Honey, your Dad loves you, he has just had a very bad day and will be fine later." Sarah states reassuringly, although she wasn't quite sure what had happened, she hadn't seen her husband this angry and stressed for a long long time and it did worry her and the fact he seemed to be taking it out on their son didn't make her feel any better about the situation.

"He wouldn't even look at me, did I do something wrong?" Matt then states, still holding his mum tightly.

"No he doesn't hate you, don't take it personally he is just stressed Sweetheart, now come on lets get you fed young man." Sarah responds, as she strokes her sons head gently.

"Okay." Matt says, as he lets go of his mum and follows her into the kitchen.

Two Days Later

"So, your dad is still acting weird then?" Ben asks, as he and his boyfriend sit under a tree in the school field.

"Yeah, but he and mum aren't arguing any more though, but he still barely looks at me." Matt responds, in a sad tone.

"You don't think... no don't worry." Ben begins to say before stopping, but his boyfriend is already looking at him questioningly.

"Don't think what?" Matt asks, as he looks his boyfriend in the eyes.

"That he found out, you know about us?" Ben then says nervously, he hopes he is wrong because if he isn't then it was obvious his boyfriends dad was not happy about it at all.

"Oh god I hope not..." Matt begins to say, before falling silent and Ben can see the look of horror and hurt on his boyfriends face.

"Hey, come here." Ben says, as he pulls his boyfriend over so his head is nestled on his own shoulder, he had already checked around to see if anyone was nearby and was happy enough that they wouldn't be seen, not that he cared, lately the they have been a lot less bothered if anyone saw them and no one seemed to ever pay them any attention.

"Well, if it isn't my favourite two pansexuals getting comfortable." A voice suddenly calls out and as they both look up startled, although they are both relived to see that it is just Wesley, who has a big grin on his face. "Hey guys." He then says, as he sits cross legged in front of them.

"Hey Wesley." Ben replies, but Matt just relaxes back on to his boyfriends shoulder looking miserable.

"Oh damn, is your dad still ignoring you?" Wesley asks, as he notices his friends sad expression.

"Yeah, but he still doesn't know why." Ben states, deciding not to bring up his earlier theory after seeing it devastate his boyfriend.

"Oh you don't think..." Wesley begins to say, but sees the look his friend gives him and stops, he was going to say if his dad had found out about them but he could tell from that look not to share that theory. "That he is getting fired from his job or something?" He then says, trying his best to cover his tracks, he had remembered Matt telling him about over hearing his dad being angry on the phone to someone and thought maybe it could have been the reason.

"Work?" Matt suddenly says and both Ben and Wesley can see his mood brighten. "It could be, I mean mum said he was stressed from work, maybe it is that." He then says and despite talking about his dad maybe losing his job, he couldn't help feeling a little happy.

"Yeah it could be, it would explain everything." Wesley then says, although even as he says the words he can see one gaping big hole in this theory and he just hopes his friend doesn't see it.

"Yeah it's probably just work, now how about you Wesley, how are your parents?" Ben asks, after giving his friend a knowing look that told his friend he saw the same hole in his theory, so quickly changes the subject.

"Yeah, are they okay now?" Matt asks straight away, he knew things were better for his friend and was happy for him.

"Things are sort of okay." Wesley says, sounding a little unsure of what to say.

"Sort of?" Ben asks curiously, just before his boyfriend can ask the same thing.

"Yeah, I mean they are great and it's like having real loving parents again, but..." Wesley explains, before trailing off.

"But?" Matt quickly asks, getting in before his boyfriend this time.

"But, it's like having real loving parents again and I forgot how annoying that can be, Mum is the worst though because she keeps trying to do my washing and ironing and keeps asking me if I want anything or if I'm okay all the time, it's really annoying and I'm just hoping they back off a little." Wesley explains honestly, he loved having them care for him again, but at the same time he hated them trying so hard and wanted to keep most of his independence.

"Oh I think I get it, you like having them care for you, but need your own space still." Ben then says, as if reading his friends mind.

"Yeah especially my washing and ironing, I know it's weird but I really like doing it myself and I find it relaxing and I have to keep telling her to stop trying to do it for me." Wesley responds with a small grin and is relieved that his friend understood.

"Maybe you should talk to Mitch, he could tell them that they are being over the top or something?" Matt then suggests, he knows Mitch would know what to do and that his friends parents listened to him.

"That's a great idea, I can ask him to call you later when I get home if you want Wesley?" Ben then says, as he gives his boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek and they both blush and look around to see if anyone saw them.

"Jeez, you guys are getting really bad at hiding your relationship these days." Wesley points out with a grin, although the grin quickly fades and he turns bright red, Ben and Matt look at each other in confusion before hearing someone walking over to them and smile when they see that it is Carter waking towards them and give each other a knowing look.

Ever since they came back to school last week, Wesley had been sitting with them and hanging around with them every day, at first things were fine and everyone got on but on the Friday Wesley finally picked up on the fact Carter and Jordan were no longer being all lovey dovey and when he asked what was up with that and they told him they weren't together any more, he had started behaving shyly around Carter and both Ben and Matt knew why the news of Carter being single had affected Wesley so much and they thought it was highly amusing.

"Oh, hey Carter hows it going?" Ben calls out, as their friend gets closer.

"It's going great Ben, oh hey Matt and hello Wesley." Carter says before he sits himself next to Wesley, who blushes even more and starts playing with his fingers nervously.

"Hey Carter, is Jordan around?" Matt then asks, trying not to laugh at Wesley's sudden shyness.

"Yeah, but he is hanging around some of his other friends." Carter responds, then edges slightly closer to Wesley, who jumps a little by the sudden contact with him, Ben and Matt hadn't told Carter about what they knew about Wesley, but they knew Carter wasn't stupid and they could tell he knew something was up with their friend.

"Oh cool, so have you got any one in your sights yet." Ben then asks his friend and has to stifle a giggle, as Wesley coughs awkwardly and both he and his boyfriend notice Carter smirk a little.

"So how are you Wesley, you look a little red, is something wrong?" Carter then says, ignoring his friends question and decides to have a little fun instead, although he had no idea that Wesley had a secret crush on him, he knew for some reason he made Wesley blush and thought it was funny to tease him a little bit.

"Er... no... er... hey Carter." Wesley stutters in response, he knew he sounded like a complete idiot but he just couldn't help it, he had found it weird being around Carter after telling Ben and Matt about his crush, but when he found out Carter was now single it got even worse and he could barely look him in the eyes or speak around him.

"Oh, well I'm glad we cleared that up." Carter then says sarcastically, as Ben and Matt giggle quietly.

"Oh fuck it." Wesley then says, causing his three friends to look at him cautiously, they weren't sure if he was going to get angry or what was going to happen.

"Wesley you alright?" Ben asks in a concerned tone, he enjoyed having a laugh but he also knew that his friend was more vulnerable then he makes out, while Carter and Matt just look on silently.

"No." Wesley answers bluntly, as he looks down at his feet.

"Hey sorry, I was just teasing you." Carter then apologises and almost flinches as Wesley turns to face him.

"Oh fuck it, I think I like you Carter, like really, really like you and I don't know what to do." Wesley then confesses, as Ben and Matt look at their friend with their mouths wide open, not believing he just came out and said it.

"You what?" Carter asks, in complete disbelief and is half expecting some sort of punchline to a joke he didn't get.

"I like you, you're cute and smart, you make me laugh like no one else can and well I don't know I just like you." Wesley explains, still keeping his eyes firmly locked on his friends, he couldn't believe he is saying this and is terrified of what is going to happen now no matter how it went and he could feel himself shaking.

"Oh, well that is what being friends is all about, is that why you have been so weird because you want to be my friend?" Carter asks naively, still somehow oblivious to the fact Wesley, the hottest and most popular boy in school just told him that he 'liked' him. "I mean it's great and all, but it's a bit over the top because we are already friends so I already knew you like me." He then adds, still missing the point completely and neither Ben or Matt can believe what they are hearing and give each other a confused look.

"Oh fucking hell, I knew I shouldn't have said anything." Wesley then says in an annoyed tone, before jumping to his feet and storming off towards the school, while Carter just looks on in total confusion as he turns to his friends, who are sitting looking dumbfounded at him.

"What the hell was that all about, did he act that weird when he wanted to be your friend?" Carter then asks in a serious tone as he tries to work out what just happened.

"Oh god, you're such a dumb ass Carter." Ben states, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Huh, what did I do?" Carter asks in surprise, he didn't do anything and he is getting called a dumb ass.

"Aren't you meant to have a gaydar or something?" Matt then states, looking at his friend curiously.

"A gaydar? What does that have to do with..." Carter starts to say, before his eyes light up and he puts the pieces together. "Oh fuck no way..." He then says, as he looks at his friends for confirmation.

"Yeah you idiot, the hottest and most popular boy in school just told you he 'liked' you and you totally friend zoned him." Ben says grinning, he knew this probably wasn't the time for joking, but he couldn't help finding it funny.

"But he is straight, like really straight." Carter states, he still isn't quite able to believe what just happened.

"True, but for some reason he really likes you and I mean 'really likes' you Carter." Matt then adds, managing to not let his amusement of the situation show.

"He is straight but likes me, that makes no sense what so ever, does he think I'm a girl?" Carter asks, he is actually starting to get a little angry and thinks he is being mocked.

"Hey calm down, look we were messing around the weekend we became his friends, about how he must fancy us and stuff like that, but he let slip he wouldn't date either of us because he had already decided who his boyfriend would be if he were gay." Ben starts to explain, after seeing that his friend was getting frustrated. "We couldn't let that sort of comment go, so we kinda teased him until he told us who he had picked and he told us that he would pick you as his boyfriend, he was really embarrassed and confused but well he said exactly what he just said to you, he thinks you're cute, he loves your sense of humour and thinks you're the most intelligent person he knows." He then adds, as he finishes trying to explain that Wesley was serious about his confession.

"I still don't get it, even if he did like me, it's not like we would work out." Carter then states, as he calms down and actually starts to feel flattered, he has had quite a few fantasies about Wesley and really liked him but had never gave it any serious thought, Wesley was as straight as they came in his eyes and even now he thought the same thing.

"Why not?" Ben asks, he can guess what his friend is now going to say, but decided to ask anyway.

"We like different things, I mean I don't hate sports but he loves them and I like comics and stuff, it would never work." Carter answers honestly, now that he is thinking about it he would love to date Wesley, he is his dream boy after all, but he knows it wouldn't work and after Jordan, he was only interested in finding the 'one' for himself.

"You're kidding right, Wesley likes you even more because you aren't that interested in sports, he has enough people in his life that are sports mad, as for the comics well he likes the fact you don't do things just to please others and he definitely likes the fact you wouldn't let him walk over you." Matt then says, deciding to add something to the conversation.

"Walk all over me?" Carter states, not quite understanding what his friend means or what his point is.

"You know, like you see on TV where one person basically controls the other person and they do whatever they want all the time, Wesley likes you because you wouldn't let him do that, he has too many people in his life that just suck up to him and do what he wants so they look cool, he knows you would just be yourself." Matt explains smiling and can see that he made his point loud and clear.

"Yeah and trust us, he really likes you being yourself and he has thought about this for a long time, he is just confused Carter because in his eyes he is straight and he definitely likes girls, he likes them a lot and he definitely doesn't feel the same way about any other boy, he just likes you and well... what do you think?" Ben then asks, as he looks at his friend to see what he says next.

"Oh man I don't know, I mean honestly hell yeah, he is sexy and just well you know 'wow' but I want a boyfriend who loves me and wants to be with me forever and well Wesley just isn't that person, he is way too confused for me." Carter responds honestly, if he fell in love with Wesley just for him to realise that he is straight he didn't think he could handle it, not after Jordan and he wouldn't help thinking something is wrong with him if everyone he dated decided they preferred girls to him.

"We were confused too, but look at us now and you can't not date someone just because it might not work out Carter, you won't ever date anyone again if you think like that." Ben then says, he can see his friends point but he also sees the flaw in that logic.

"Ben is right, if you stop dating people because you're scared it won't work out, then you won't ever find someone." Matt adds, backing up his boyfriends advice.

"So you're saying I should date Wesley?" Carter asks curiously, almost every fibre of his soul was telling him to go for it, but that little voice of doubt was still holding him back.

"We aren't saying you should date him, but at least talk with him Carter." Ben responds, he wasn't convinced Wesley was gay or would be in a gay relationship for long, but talking couldn't hurt and he might be wrong because it wasn't like he was an expert.

"Yeah, just find him and talk to him." Matt then says, hoping that they would date and fall in love with each other.

"He ran off though, where am I meant to find him, he could be anywhere by now." Carter points out.

"Or he could just be standing right here." A voice suddenly says and when the boys turn around, they see a very nervous looking Wesley standing beside the tree.

"Maybe we should give you two some privacy." Ben then says, as he and Matt begin to get up.

"No, stay please." Wesley says firmly and the boys stay where they are, looking a little uncomfortable and wondering what is about to happen.

"Did you really mean what you said?" Carter then asks, looking directly at Wesley.

"Yes, but we aren't going to date or go out with each other." Wesley answers, as he walks a few steps closer to the now confused looking boy.

"We aren't?" Carter responds, looking both confused and disappointed.

"Well not yet anyway, we are just going to be friends and get to know each other first, I heard what you said Carter." Wesley explains, as he sits himself down next to him.

"What?" Carter asks, not quite knowing how to react with all the mixed messages he was getting.

"About me being confused and you were right, it's not fair on you if we dated just for me to decide I don't really like you that way, so how about we just be friends and get to know each other first, if something er... I don't know what the best word to use is so er... okay if something does develop, then it will be after we have got to know each other and there won't be any confusion." Wesley says explaining things as best he can, after he had stormed off he remembered what Ben had told him about being friends and it made him come back and so far he is glad he did.

"So we just hang around with each other and date other people." Carter then says, still looking and sounding confused.

"Oh no, there will be no dating anyone else." Wesley quickly says and blushes, he sounded a lot more desperate than he had intended and sees both Ben and Matt trying not to laugh at him.

"I can't date anyone?" Carter asks sounding a little annoyed at being told what to do. "Hey no way, if I want to date someone I will date them, I'm not waiting for you to decide whether you want to be my boyfriend or not." He then adds and looks at Wesley suspiciously when he starts chuckling. "What?" He asks and is not amused at being mocked.

"See that's why I like you, anyone else would have just said okay, but you, well you don't let people control you and I love that." Wesley explains and smiles happily.

"Oh." Carter says, before surprising Wesley by leaning over and kissing him, while Ben and Matt look at them open mouthed and aren't sure if Wesley is going to get angry, but as the kiss continues they realise that Wesley is actually kissing Carter back and neither seem to be holding back or bothered about any one else seeing them.

"Hey guys, someone might see you." Ben then states reluctantly, he didn't want them to stop but he also didn't want someone to walk past and see them.

The two boys though continue to kiss for a few more moments, before they both stop and pull away smiling shyly.

"So how was it?" Matt then asks out of the blue, he was fascinated by what he just saw and so happy.

"Amazing." Carter answers as he blushes, he just kissed the hottest guy in school and he had kissed him back, although technically they had kissed before but that didn't count in Carter's eyes.

All eyes then turn to Wesley, who is being very quiet and Ben and Matt can see the look of hurt appearing on Carter's face and feel so sorry for him.

"Sorry." Carter says sadly, as he starts to get up but to everyone's surprise he is suddenly pulled back down by Wesley.

"You know it could be a while before I will be ready for people to know about us right?" Wesley then says and Ben and Matt look at each other in surprise, they hadn't expected this to happen at all or at least this quickly.

"I want my parents to know, they are fine with me being gay and your parents won't care either because your older brother is gay." Carter then says and although Wesley looks a little nervous, Ben can see him smiling a little.

"You're sure about wanting too, I mean I'm still not sure what I am Carter, all I know is I like you and that was the best kiss I have ever had." Wesley then states honestly, he really wasn't sure if he would like having a boyfriend and knew that he still liked girls and wanted to make sure Carter knew all of that.

"I don't know, can we like do what you said earlier and just be friends for a while, I really like you and you're like my fantasy boyfriend, but it would hurt so much if you changed your mind like Jordan did." Carter responds reluctantly as he decides to be honest, part of him is screaming at himself to just go out with him, but another part is telling him to not rush into it and he decides to take the safer option.

"Oh okay." Wesley says in a disappointed tone, but he does respect Carter's decision and is glad that they are being honest with each other.

"Oh man, you guys are killing us over here, one second you're friends then the next you're kissing and then talking about being boyfriends and now you're back to just friends." Ben says with a wry smile.

"Yeah, make up your minds will you." Matt then adds, before giggling.

"Friends for now." Carter and Wesley say in unison, before turning to each other smiling.

"Okay, that's just creepy." Ben then teases.

"Shut up!" Carter and Wesley shout out in unison again and blush.

"Now it's just cute." Matt says, deciding to join in the teasing.

"We can start calling you Cartley or Wester." Ben then says, before he and his boyfriend burst into laughter.

This time Carter and Wesley look each other before speaking.

"Guys come on, I know it's funny but we could do with our friends right now." Carter then says in a serious yet friendly tone, he really would like them to take this seriously.

"I could really do with hearing what you two have to say." Wesley then says, he had to give his friends their props for making fun of him and Carter, but he really needed his friends opinions and wanted them before they had to go back to classes.

"Okay, sorry Wesley but honestly I don't think you two should date, I think you're straight and eventually you're going to find a girl that you will love and I'm worried that Carter will fall in love with you and get hurt." Ben says being brutally honest, he would actually love for them to be together but he had spent a lot of time with Wesley recently and he was sure his friend was straight, well okay he had some rather gay tendencies, but it was obvious that he liked girls.

"Oh." Wesley says, clearly disappointed with his friends opinion, although he wasn't angry because there was some truth in what he had said and he couldn't argue that it was a possibility.

"That's what I'm worried about, but it might be worth the risk." Carter then says and Wesley looks at him smiling, but Ben still isn't convinced and then they all turn to Matt, who has remained silent so far.

"I think that kiss told you both exactly what you want to do, but Carter I'm worried about you, sorry Wesley you as well but more Carter because he is the one who is going to end up getting hurt and I don't think it will be like him and Jordan where they are still good friends, this could cause problems with all our friendships and well I don't know, I say be friends and if you're both one hundred percent committed to each other and Wesley isn't confused about his sexuality then go for it." Matt says nervously, he genuinely believes in what he said, but with everyone looking at him he can't help feeling under pressure.

"Ah damn it, way to make me look like a jack ass." Wesley says half jokingly, he was disappointed that he seemed to be the one coming across as the bad guy, who will hurt Carter as soon as he got bored.

"Huh?" Matt asks, not understanding why his friend is getting annoyed.

"Well you're both basically telling Carter to stay away from me because I'm going to hurt him, what about me though or doesn't it matter if he hurts me?" Wesley then states and doesn't hide the fact he is a little pissed off with his friends for seemingly ignoring his feelings and both Ben and Matt realise what they have done and start to feel really guilty.

"Hey, at least they don't think you're some pansy who will break if a guy breaks up with him." Carter then says, sounding annoyed himself and now Ben and Matt wonder how they have managed to annoy both their friends just by doing as they were told.

"Oh come on, you can't ask us to be honest and then get pissed off with us because you don't like our answer, okay sure we may not have said it all how we were meant too but the point is we only think you should be boyfriends, if you're both gay and want to be together one hundred percent." Ben then says, defending himself and his boyfriend.

"Fine, then I want to be his boyfriend." Carter says, as everyone including Wesley give him a curious look. "I mean I want too, just so he knows but I won't unless he is gay, so it's up to him." He then adds, with a confident look on his face.

"Oh man, this is going to take a while but hey just because I want too... come here." Wesley says and before Carter knows what is happening he feels himself being kissed and after a few moments of confusion, he starts to return the kiss.

"Okay, well now I'm confused again." Ben says out loud, as Wesley breaks the kiss with a big grin.

"So what was that for?" Carter asks grinning and sporting a small tent in his school trousers.

"Just in case we never kiss again." Wesley says shyly and blushes.

"Oh okay, that's kind of sweet and weird, but okay." Carter says with a genuine smile, although he is hoping no one notices that he has a boner.

"Okay, so just to be clear, you're going to be friends right?" Ben decides to ask, as he looks from Carter to Wesley waiting for an answer.

"Yeah." They both says in unison, but this time instead of looking embarrassed they high five each other.

"Well I'm glad that is settled." Ben says, as he stands up. "Come on Matt, I need a pee and the bell will ring soon." He then says holding out he hand.

"Okay sure." Matt replies, as he takes his boyfriends hand and lets him pull him to his feet. "See you later guys." He then says as he waves good bye to his friends, before he and his boyfriend head off to the toilets.

"So er... what do we do now?" Carter asks nervously, now that they are alone.

"Head to class I guess." Wesley answers, as he gets to his feet.

"No you idiot, I mean us, am I meant to hang out with you more and like we go round each others houses and stuff or just like do what we have been doing this last week?" Carter asks cautiously, as he gets to his feet.

"What, go back to me blushing and stuttering every time I'm near you, nah I think I will give that a miss but the other stuff you said sounds great, maybe you could show me some of your comics one day after school." Wesley answers and is genuinely excited by spending more time with him.

"You don't have to make fun of me." Carter says defensively, thinking he is being mocked for liking comics.

"Whoa, who is making fun of you?" Wesley asks, as he looks his friend in surprise.

"you're, just that you like sports doesn't mean can judge me for liking comics." Carter replies firmly and starts to think that they really are too different to be together.

"Okay Carter, first off me liking sports has nothing to do with anything and secondly I like comics as well, okay I don't really have any but I like them all the same and I honestly want to see what you have, so maybe you should practice what you preach when telling people not to judge others." Wesley retorts sternly with a serious tone, he wasn't angry at his friend but he wanted to make a point.

"Okay you're right, sorry it's just even Jordan made fun of my comics, only Ben and Matt are cool about them so sorry Wesley I didn't mean to be rude." Carters apologises, genuinely feeling guilty about judging Wesley, although he finds the irony of giving a speech about not judging someone while judging them amusing and giggles.

"What's so funny?" Wesley asks while smiling, for some reason his friends giggle made him smile and he just thought it was adorable.

"Just thinking about how ironic it was that you call me out for judging you, while I was trying to tell you that you shouldn't judge people, it's kid of funny." Carter responds, still giggling as he walks with his friend towards the school.

"It is funny, you know most of my so called friends probably don't even know what irony is, let alone get it." Wesley then says, enjoying hearing his friend sound so happy and thought that he had a cute smile as well as a giggle.

"Will I have to hang around with those people, if I want to hang around with you?" Carter then asks, after being reminded that Wesley has a lot of friends, most of which have never really been nice to him.

"Why, would that be a problem?" Wesley asks, as he stops and takes his friends hand into his own to stop him as well.

"I know they are your friends Wesley, but to be honest none of them have really ever been nice to me and well I think they are kind of well er... they are just morons and bullies." Carter says a little meekly, he isn't sure how Wesley will react and he just hopes he doesn't hate him.

"See that is why I like you so much, you say what you want to say, as for those 'friends' of mine, well I know they are just losers who hang around me to look cool, there are only a few that I genuinely consider friends and even they aren't close to how I think of you guys as friends now, so if you don't want to be around them then well I guess they need to find someone else to hang around with to look cool, because I want 'real' friends not fake ones Carter." Wesley responds with a genuine smile, he was done letting people use him and he didn't care if he lost his popularity, at least he would have Ben, Matt and Carter and in a different way Mitch, as his real friends now.

"I don't want you ever to ditch people to make me happy, you say you like me because I do what I want to do, well I like people who do the same, just for future reference." Carter then states while smiling and he starts walking to the school again and almost pulls Wesley's arm off, as he keeps a tight grip on his hand.

"Hey be gentle, I'm only little." Wesley teases, as he holds his arm in mock pain and laughs when Carter starts to giggle, he really was beginning to love that giggle and vowed to get him to do it more in the future.

"Idiot." Carters says with a smirk, before letting go of each others hand when they get near the other kids and then head off in different directions, when the bell rings for their next class.

Two Days Later

"So how was the sleepover last night Wesley?" Ben asks his friend while they sit outside the school gates waiting for Carter and his boyfriend, who had to stay after school to sort out some project they were working on together, none of the boys have really been able to speak to each other during the day with the exception of Carter and Matt, so Ben was glad of the chance to speak with Wesley alone.

"We kissed again." Wesley answers honestly and Ben can't help but look at him in surprise because he wasn't expecting that as an answer, he was thinking more about comics and maybe a movie they had watched, but he didn't think they would kiss and stuff.

"Jeez Wesley, what's going on it that head of yours, you need to either fall in love with Carter or back off because if he is letting you kiss him then he is already starting to love you." Ben says lecturing his friend, he knows his words are harsh and can tell his friend thinks the same by the look on his friends face, but he knew his friend appreciated the truth instead of being lied too.

"Well again, thanks for your concern about me." Wesley answers with a heavy dose of sarcasm, before turning serious. "But I think I might be." He then adds, before looking to gauge his friends reaction.

"You might be what?" Ben asks, even though he knows the answer, he just wants to bee sure before he gets excited.

"Damn it, you're going to make me say it aren't you?" Wesley says, giving his friend a wry smile.

"Yep." Is all Ben says, as he smirks at his friend.

"Okay fine, I think I'm falling in love with Carter, but it's really confusing Ben." Wesley admits honestly and suddenly feels himself being pushed to the floor as his friend wraps his arms around him and squeezes him.. "Whoa hey easy mate, you're going to break some ribs." He then says jokingly, but he was definitely surprised by his friends strength.

"Oh sorry, I just can't believe it Wesley everyone was so sure you were straight, hell I would have bet my life on it, but well wow." Ben says smiling, as he lets go of his friend and sits up.

"Well it isn't exactly easy for me either, I mean I knew I liked him Ben, but I don't really know what being in love is meant to be like." Wesley says honestly. as he sits up himself.

"Well for me, I think about Matt all the time and even when I'm with him I'm thinking about him, I love everything about him, his laugh, his insanely adorable pout, I love the way he smells and the way no matter what he is doing or has been doing his hair somehow always looks totally cute and sexy and when I look into his eyes it's like time doesn't matter and I can see his soul, I love the way no matter how bad I'm feeling just one look from him and it all goes away, that is what love feels like to me Wesley, so are you getting any of that with Carter?" Ben tells his friend honestly, hoping that by telling him how he feels about his boyfriend, he will get a better idea of how he feels about Carter.

"Well maybe not everything you just said, but I love his sense of humour, he has the most adorable giggle I have ever heard and the way his nose crinkles up as well, I love his no nonsense attitude and I have been thinking about him all the time and man he is like the best kisser ever Ben, like honestly he he just really good and he has the cutest little er... anyway, yeah I think I want to ask him to be my boyfriend Ben." Wesley confesses, although he almost told his friend a little too much than he wanted to and knew Carter would kill him for it.

"Cutest little... okay, well I guess I won't even ask for the rest of that sentence, I would imagine Carter might kill you if you did." Ben responds with a smirk, knowing exactly what his friend was about to say. "But seriously, it sounds like you really like him, what about his eyes though Wesley?" Ben then asks, he is no expert but he knows there is nothing he loves more than staring into his boyfriends eyes and he was also curious about what his friend thought about Carter's unique eyes.

"Well they are weird, well not weird like bad weird, but they are like blue but not blue, sort of I don't know Ben, I keep looking at them and trying to work out what colour they are, but I just can't quite work it out." Wesley answers honestly, he actually understood what his friend was trying to tell him about the eye thing and he did find himself getting lost in them, but the colour always distracted him as he couldn't quite pick a colour and stick with it.

"Oh, they are violet Wesley, although depending on the light they can look blue, but yeah they are violet." Ben tells his friend, he couldn't remember the term Carter had told him, but he knew violet eyes were like super rare and the only other person he knew of that had them was the actress Elizabeth Taylor and that is just because Carter told him what his parents had told him years ago.

"Violet, wow never knew people could have violet eyes." Wesley says excitedly, he thought Carter was already special but he was even more so now and he couldn't believe Carter's eyes were actually his favourite colour.

"Yeah they are extremely rare apparently, I don't think many people have ever really noticed his eyes before though, maybe as he gets older and girls take notice of him more they would have, well boys I guess for Carter, but no one in school really looks at other peoples eyes." Ben explains to his friend, who is listening intently. "So when are you going to ask him?" He then asks, after deciding to change the subject.

"When he comes out here, no one else is around and well I kinda wanted you and Matt to be around just in case he rejects me or something, I think I will cry if he did that... oh wow I think I would you know, crap I really do like him don't I?" Wesley answers as he looks at his friend and Ben is just about to answer his friend, when he sees his eyes light up and without having to turn around, he knows Carter must be heading towards them and then his own excitement grows as that means his boyfriend is coming as well.

"Okay Wesley, I will take Matt away a little bit down the road and talk with him, while you ask Carter." Ben then tells his friend, as they both stand up and turn to face the two approaching boys. "Hey, try to mention how beautiful his eyes are, but don't be too obvious, he will really get excited if he knows you have taken notice of his eyes." He then quickly adds, remembering how Carter always seemed to glow when someone noticed them.

"Okay, but don't go far away Ben." Wesley says nervously. "Man I can't believe I'm going to do this, oh crap Ben I don't know if I can do this, shit what do I say." Wesley asks and Ben can tell his friend is panicking and decides to do the only thing he can think of and walks away from him and to his boyfriend, he then points Carter over to Wesley before walking off. "Oh you fucking prick." Wesley then says to himself, after realising too late that his friend has just ditched him and sent Carter straight towards him.

"Hey Wesley, sorry I haven't seen you all day." Carter says, as he stops in front of his friend. "You okay, you look a little pale." He then asks, noticing his friend is looking a a bit ill.

"I er... shit.. er..." Wesley stutters nervously and Carter gives him a bemused look.

"I thought you said you weren't going to do the weird creepy stuttering thing any more?" Carter states, trying to make his friend laugh as they lock eyes, but the moment Wesley sees those violet eyes all his nerves disappear.

"Hey, what's with you?" Matt asks, as his boyfriend finally stops walking and lets go of his arm.

"Nothing, just watch." Ben answers, as he turns to look at his two friends talking.

"Watch what?" Matt asks in confusion, as he follows his boyfriends gaze just to see their friends talking with each other and wonders what the big deal is.

"Sshh, just watch." Ben says quietly, although they could probably shout and neither of their friends will hear them from this distance.

"What, it's just Carter and Wesley talking." Matt says, sounding unimpressed.

"You will see." Ben then states, with a knowing smile.

"Do you know what my favourite colour is Carter?" Wesley asks his now very confused looking friend out of the blue.

"No not really, it's never come up." Carter answers, feeling a little guilty that he doesn't know, but at the same time still wondering if his friend is feeling okay.

"It's violet, violet is my favourite colour Carter, just like your eyes and I think they are beautiful." Wesley tells his friend honestly, he normally told people that he liked blue, but his favourite colour was actually violet, the fact Ben pointed out earlier what colour Carter's eyes were reinforced his belief that Carter was perfect for him, although he did wonder how he was unable to work out what colour his eyes were himself seeing as it was his favourite colour, but decides to not bother wasting time thinking about that now.

"What... huh... you know what colour my eyes are?" Carter responds completely flustered, no one ever seemed to notice his eyes, apart from Ben and Matt and his parents, even Jordan never seemed to notice, so the fact Wesley had noticed and said they were beautiful, started to make his heart race a little.

"Carter, I'm not sure what love is really or how it even works, but I think I love you and I want to ask you if you would be my boyfriend." Wesley then suddenly says from the heart and he can feel his heart pounding, he has never been this excited or scared in his entire life and every second seemed like an hour while he waited for his friend to either kiss and cuddle him or reject him.

"Oh no." Carter says looking shell shocked and Wesley's face instantly drops as he hears the worst possible words he could have heard and almost runs away.

"No?" Wesley then manages to ask in disbelief and can feel his heart shatter into a million pieces, he just couldn't believe this was happening he was sure his friend loved him too.

"Oh shit no, shit Wesley sorry, I didn't mean to say that... oh fuck." Carter tries to say, but realises his friend isn't listening and can see the hurt look on his face and does the only thing he can think of and pulls him into his arms and kisses him as passionately as he can and when he feels him kissing him back, he enjoys it for a few moments before reluctantly breaking it so that he can see his face. "Of course I will be your boyfriend." He then says grinning widely.

"But you said no." Wesley points out, while he tries to get his head straight because right now he was all over the place and didn't know what was happening.

"Holy fuck, are they kissing?" Matt asks, in totally shock at what he is seeing.

"Yeah, Wesley just asked Carter to be his boyfriend." Ben responds, without taking his eyes of his two friends.

"Oh fuck, you knew that was going to happen didn't you?" Matt then asks, keeping his eyes firmly on his two kissing friends.

"Yeah it was so adorable Matt, you should have seen how nervous Wesley was, I thought he was going to wet himself or worse." Ben answers smiling, as he thought about his friend being so nervous.

"I can't believe it, I thought Wesley was straight." Matt then states, still not quite believing what he was seeing, he had hoped this would happen but deep down he thought they would just stay friends and eventually Wesley would get a girlfriend.

"Everyone thought he was straight, hell I'm seeing him right now kissing Carter and can't stop thinking he is straight." Ben admits, there was just something about Wesley Fisher that screamed 'straight' and it left him feeling a little confused.

"Should we like go over now or something?" Matt decides to asks, he has worked out the reason Ben dragged him half way home and wonders what they should do now.

"Not yet, let's give them some alone time." Ben replies and quickly pulls his boyfriend around and kisses him.

"I know sorry, it's just my mind went blank and I didn't know what to say and then I panicked and just blurted something out and well I don't think two worse words could have come out, sorry my bad." Carter responds while giggling nervously and Wesley smiles before kissing him again quickly.

"I love your giggle, it's adorable and sexy." Wesley then says and kisses him again and then again and again, until he steps back with a shy smile. "Sorry." He then says blushing.

"Don't be sorry, just come back here." Carter says, as he pulls his boyfriend into his arms and kisses him deeply, before sliding his hands down his back and cups his firm bum and he can feel Wesley's hands do the same and they both moan into each others mouths.

"Holy fuck, maybe we should get over there and stop them Ben, otherwise they are going to start stripping each other soon." Matt suddenly says, as he breaks the kiss after seeing his friends groping each other, out of the corner of his eye.

"Yeah come on, if anyone comes past it could be bad." Ben responds, he is a little disappointed their kiss had been cut short, but he knows his boyfriend is right about their friends and he quickly follows him back over to them.

"Hey guys, we have to seriously talk to you guys about public displays of affection." Ben calls out loudly, but it is obvious he is either being ignored or his two friends are too focused on each other.

"Oh fuck, guys there is a police car coming." Matt shouts out, his boyfriend gives him a quick curious look and he just shrugs his shoulders. "Got any better ideas." He then says, as they get about half way to their friends, who to both their amusement almost jump apart looking around, before they stop and look directly at them looking annoyed.

"Hey, what the hell?" Wesley says, as he starts walking with Carter towards them until they all stop in front of each other.

"Sorry, just you two looked like you were getting a little carried away." Matt says with a grin as he looks at the newly formed boyfriends, who he notices are holding hands and wonders if that is how he and his boyfriend had looked to Mitch all those months ago.

"We weren't getting carried away, we were just kissing." Carter protests.

"Oh, I didn't realise groping your boyfriends bum was considered 'just kissing' these days." Ben retorts and smirks as both his friends blush.

"I just can't believe that I bagged Wesley Fisher as my boyfriend." Carter then suddenly announces proudly, before blushing when he turns to his boyfriend. "Sorry it's just well, you're totally awesome." He then says and giggles, causing Wesley to just smile at him.

"Well, I can't believe I got my dream boyfriend." Wesley then says sincerely and both Ben and Matt know that Wesley is being totally honest, after he had told them what he did at their sleepover.

"Yeah right." Carter states, he is still smiling but he can't believe that someone like Wesley would pick him as a dream anything.

"Oh it's true Carter, he told us about you weeks ago." Ben then says, before realising what he just said and looks at Wesley apologetically, but he can tell that he is already in trouble.

"He talked to you about me?" Carter asks, but his tone is unreadable to the other three boys.

"Don't be mad, we already told you about this remember at the tree, a couple of days ago?" Ben then says, trying to make up for his own mistake by reminding Carter that they already told him about this days ago, although the glare he is getting from Wesley lets him know he still needs a miracle to get out of this.

"Oh right yeah, so is that true?" Carter then asks, as he turns to his newly appointed boyfriend.

"Yeah, sorry I shouldn't have told..." Wesley begins to say, before Carter stops him with a quick peck on the lips.

"Why are you sorry, don't be stupid Wesley I was still going out with Jordan around then and we weren't together, we weren't even friends with each other, but seriously having the hottest boy in the world wanting to be your boyfriend, is just fucking awesome." Carter says with a huge grin as he kisses his boyfriend again and Ben quickly sighs in relief, but is soon rubbing his shoulder as his boyfriend punches him.

"Hey, what was that for?" Ben asks, almost whispering because he doesn't want to interrupt his friends making out.

"For being a dumb ass" Matt answers in a serious tone and Ben knows that he deserved it.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to say that, it just came out." Ben admits and to his surprise, he feels his boyfriends lips press against his own and he happily kisses him back, as both couples stand kissing outside the front gates of the school and none of them were aware of anything else around them.

Mitch can't believe what he is seeing, he had on the off chance decided to see if his little brother and Matt wanted a lift home and had just pulled up near the school gates, at first he laughed at the two couples making out in broad daylight until he realised that it was his little brother and Matt, with another two boys next to them kissing, although he thought it might have been Carter and Jordan but he couldn't quite make them out clearly and decided that he should quickly stop them before someone else came by and gets out of his car and walks over to them.

"Well this is new, synchronised kissing isn't a sport I have heard of before." Mitch calls out as he stands looking the boys, who quickly break apart looking embarrassed, but when Mitch realises that one of the boys is Wesley his eyes widen, he had assumed it was Jordan kissing Carter but he was now just staring open mouthed. "Wesley?" He then says in a stunned tone.

"Oh hey Mitch, what are you doing here." Ben asks, realising who it was and tries to act casual.

"Hey Mitch." Matt then says and is happy to see the older boy, but Carter just stands looking stunned, he doesn't really know Mitch that well and barely remembers speaking with him really, apart from a few times where he took him and Jordan out with Matt and Ben, while Wesley just can't quite bring himself to meet the older boys eyes.

"I was just on my way home and saw you lot and couldn't resist interrupting." Mitch answers, deciding to lie about actually coming to see if they wanted a lift, but still can't stop looking at Wesley, who is still doing his best to not look at him.

"Oh, well can you give us a lift home then?" Ben decides to ask, thinking they might as well make the most of the situation.

"Sure, why don't you and Matt get in the car and wait there for a few minutes." Mitch tells his little brother, who gives him a questioning look before taking hold of his boyfriends hand.

"Okay, but don't be long." Ben responds, as he pulls his reluctant boyfriend with him.

"Hey, we shouldn't leave them." Matt protests quietly, feeling a little worried about his two friends.

"They will be fine, Mitch will be cool and then we can all get a lift home." Ben tells him, before opening the passenger side door and getting in.

"Okay, I guess you're right." Matt says as he tries to go to the back door so he can get in, but finds his hand still tightly gripped by his boyfriend.

"Where do you think you're going?" Ben then asks him, with a mischievous grin.

"In the back seat dumb ass, so let go of my hand." Matt replies, wondering why his boyfriend was playing around.

"No you're not, you're sitting on my lap." Ben then states firmly and quickly tries to pull his boyfriend inside the car.

"Whoa easy, all you had to do was ask Creep." Matt then states, as he gets in and on top of his boyfriend, who instantly wraps his hands around his waist and nuzzles his neck, causing Matt to moan as he shuts the door and then feels his boyfriends hands slide inside his tighty whiteys, before slowly and gently massaging his soft dick and balls. "Oh fuck, Ben they are right... oh fuck... Ben... fuck!" He tries to say in protest, as he moans in pleasure.

"Sshh, I will stop if they come closer, just enjoy it." Ben whispers in his boyfriends ear and goes back to kissing his neck as his boyfriend begins to whimpers a little.

"Hey Carter, I don't think we have ever really talked to each other that much before." Mitch says, as he holds out his hand for the younger boy to shake.

"Oh hey Mitch, yeah I guess we haven't really." Carter responds and shakes the older boys hand. "So how are you?" He then asks, trying to be polite despite his nervousness, he wished that Ben and Matt had not left him and Wesley alone with the older boy and was a little annoyed at them both now.

"Pretty good, how about you?" Mitch responds out of politeness, he never really knew how to take Carter, he just seemed so shy and small to him whenever he had seen him with his little brother and even when he had taken both Carter and Jordan and his little brother and Matt out on little double dates, Carter just seemed to shy away from him.

"Well, I feel like a bit of an idiot right now, but yeah apart from that I guess I feel great." Carter says smiling as he relaxes slightly, suddenly thinking about Wesley he found himself getting over his nervousness and decided to quit being so timid around the older boy. "In fact, I just bagged myself the hottest boy in the world as my boyfriend, so I'm feeling fucking awesome right now." He then adds, full of pride with the biggest smile spread across his face, as Wesley coughs in surprise and blushes slightly.

"Well I can see why that would be pretty awesome, although I think you might be biased, I mean sure he isn't that ugly but I have seen better." Mitch decides to says, as he can't resist having a little fun, he was also surprised by the boys change in confidence and for the first time thought of the kid with a little more respect and felt bad for writing him off as just a tiny shy timid boy.

"Well you could be right, I mean I'm starting to wonder if he is broken or something." Carter begins to say but pauses, predicting Mitch's response before the older boy even says anything and hopes they both laugh at his attempt to be funny.

"Broken?" Mitch answers curiously, he can tell the boy is trying to set something up and is happy to play along with it.

"Yeah Mitch, if I had known he was a mute I would have asked for a huge discount, I mean that is a whole dollar that I'm never going to see again." Carter responds with a giant grin and in that moment Mitch decides that he is really going to like this boy, if he was going to be around more and be this confident and funny.

"Hey, what the hell a dollar?" Wesley suddenly says, as he comes out of his silent trance like state.

"Oh praise the lord it speaks." Carter then says mockingly and begins to giggle.

"Oh shut up." Wesley says looking embarrassed, but the sound of his boyfriends giggling has him smiling and he gives him a quick kiss on the lips before looking at Mitch nervously, he had almost forgotten that he was there.

"Hey Mitch, so what's new?" Wesley tries to ask casually and instantly wishes he picked his words better or asked a less stupid question.

"Oh you know, I was just driving around and came across this totally straight kid I know and he was making out with this really cute little boy so just the usual Wesley, how about you though, anything new happening with you?" Mitch answers, only just managing to keep a straight face, which is made even harder as he can see Carter struggling to keep himself from laughing from the corner of his eye, yeah he was definitely liking this boy more and more already he thought to himself.

"Oh fuck off, the both of you." Wesley says, but while his words appear to be angry he is smiling in defeat, he knows he is getting demolished by both his boyfriend and Mitch and knows there isn't a thing he can say as a comeback and decides to just be honest. "Mitch I know it's a surprise, but I really think I love him and you know me, I'm not afraid to follow my instincts." He decides to say and even though he didn't know how this will all turn out in the end, he just knew that right now he wanted to be with Carter and that was good enough for him.

"Hey, I'm not judging you Wesley, if you're happy then I'm happy." Mitch then responds, with a warm smile before he moves closer to the young boy and squeezes his shoulder affectionately.

"I'm very happy now, thanks Mitch." Wesley says with a smile. "So how long are we going to stand out here?" He then asks, as he glances over to the car and gets the shock of his life.

"Well, we can head to the car now if you want." Mitch answers and is about to turn towards his car, when Wesley stops him.

"I wouldn't turn around Mitch, not unless you want to add to the list of things a big brother should never see his little brother doing, like ever Mitch." Wesley says, with an awkward smile and he just can't believe what Ben and Matt are doing in the car in broad daylight and outside their school in a car.

"Oh god, you can't be serious Wesley, what are they doing... wait don't tell me, I really don't want to know." Mitch states while shaking his head in disbelief, he can't believe they could possible be doing something in broad daylight in his car and so soon, it couldn't have even been five minutes since they went to his car.

"Huh, what are you two talking about, what list and what and what do you mean about Ben and... holy shit." Carter begins to ask, but stops speaking in shock as he looks over to the car and then away again blushing.

"Oh jeez, is it that bad?" Mitch asks, not really wanting to know but still asks anyway.

"Er... well they aren't naked, well they have their tops on at least, I guess that is something positive at least." Carter answers with an awkward look, before he looks at his boyfriend in the hope he knows how to handle this situation.

"Don't worry Mitch, I will go sort them out." Wesley tells the older boy, who quickly moves to stop him. "Mitch it's cool and besides they deserve a little embarrassment, just wait here you two." He then says as he reluctantly lets his boyfriends hand go and walks towards the car.

"So they do this sort off thing a lot then?" Carter decides to ask, he doesn't want to just stand with the older boy in awkward silence.

"Huh what, oh right well you could say that, I wouldn't change them for the world though but I just wish they wouldn't get so carried away sometimes." Mitch answers honestly and tries to resist turning around to see what they are doing in his car.

"Oh well er... Mitch, can I ask you something?" Carter then asks nervously and Mitch looks at his curiously.

"Yeah sure Carter, what do you want to know?" Mitch responds in a friendly tone and is glad of the distraction.

"Do you think Wesley is too good for me?" Carter asks nervously as he looks the older boy straight in the eyes and Mitch looks at him and instantly feels sorry for the boy, he had to find a way to stop these boys getting to him because it was getting ridiculous, at this rate he will end up being the surrogate older brother to every kid in town.

"No way, why would you ask me that?" Mitch responds, not being able to resist going into big brother mode.

"Well it's Wesley Fisher, he is like, well he is Wesley Fisher and I'm just some little tiny boy who everyone thinks is a nerd who likes comic books, he should be with someone better." Carter answers honestly, he had gotten caught up in the moment but now he was able to think with a somewhat clear head, he was realising how ridiculous he was being, thinking that he could ever be good enough for Wesley Fisher.

"Hey shut up talking like that, I don't care what is happening or who anyone is, don't you ever think that you're not good enough for someone Carter." Mitch says as he kneels down in front of him so they are at the same eye level. "In the space of five minutes Carter, I have gone from just seeing you as one of my little brothers friends, who I didn't really notice that much to really coming to like you, you have a wicked sense of humour and I can tell you're intelligent, which I would bet is a bit of an understatement but still no more talk about how you aren't good enough okay?" He then tells the young boy in a reassuring tone.

"I don't know Mitch, it won't last and he will find someone better." Carter just states sadly and Mitch wonders if there is more to this then it appears, because just a few minutes ago this boy was shouting from the rooftops about how happy he was to have Wesley as his boyfriend and now he was sad and upset.

"Carter come on, from what I do know about you and this is from Wesley himself so listen up." Mitch says, before giving the boy a chance to respond.

"Okay." Carter responds, still sounding sad but Mitch can see the hope in the boys eyes and then he can't help but be distracted by their odd colour.

"Oh, you have violet eyes, that's so cool." Mitch then suddenly says, he has never seen eyes that colour before and they were so striking that he found himself struggling to look away.

"No one ever notices my eyes." Carter then says in surprise and he instantly felt himself relax around the older boy, he had come to associate people who took the time to notice his eyes as a sign that they were worth letting into his heart and could be trusted.

"Yeah, they really are amazing, but anyway back to what Wesley told me about you Carter, he told me that you were different to everyone else because you were you and you wouldn't change who you were to please others, he also said he liked that you wouldn't let someone boss you around either and how he liked the fact you weren't like him, he wanted someone he respected and who was their own person and that is you Carter, he loves your sense of humour and well actually you both have the same kind, but that is a good thing." Mitch explains, hoping he has done enough to reassure the boy.

"I don't get it though, why wouldn't he want someone like himself, he is amazing and so good at everything." Carter then asks, trying to understand why Wesley would want him as much as possible.

"Okay, think of it like this Carter, you see Wesley as 'amazing' and 'awesome' this is what you see when you look at him right?" Mitch asks, deciding to try another approach.

"Yes, because he is amazing and awesome." Carter answers curiously, wondering where the older boy is going with this.

"And if you asked him, he would say he wasn't that special or amazing right?" Mitch then asks, hoping this approach works because he didn't know how else to get the boy to stop being so self conscious.

"I guess so, he is modest." Carter answers, still not seeing the older boys point.

"Well that is exactly how he sees you, you may not believe you're special Carter, but to Wesley you're the most special person in the whole world." Mitch tells the boy and searches his face, hoping to see the look of understanding on it.

"I am?" Carter asks nervously, he is starting to understand what the older boy is telling him, but still doesn't think he is good enough for Wesley.

"Yes, don't you see Carter you said it yourself, if someone told Wesley how special he was he would play it down and be modest, Carter you're doing the exact same thing, we all do it, we don't see ourselves the way other people do and we underestimate ourselves, but when you're lucky enough to find someone who sees you and I mean really sees 'you' then you have to let them into your heart, because I promise you everything you're feeling they are as well, those fears you have, they will have them and you just have to be brave enough to let someone love you for who you're Carter." Mitch then tells the boy from the heart, he had no idea where that speech came from but he believed every word of it himself and when the boy suddenly wraps his arms around him, he knows he has got through to him.

"Oh man, I always thought Ben and Matt where joking when they said you were awesome Mitch, now I know they were telling the truth." Carter says sincerely as he slowly lets go of the older boy and smiles happily, Mitch is about to say he isn't that special, when he realises what he just said applied to himself as well and decided to just smile at the boy and accept the compliment.

Lost in the moment, neither Ben or Matt are paying any attention to anything other than the intense pleasurable feelings they are giving each other, Matt had managed to slip his hand behind himself and was stroking his boyfriends boner as he was stroking his and they were both starting to get close, when the car door suddenly opens and they freeze in shock.

"Oh, well this is kind of disappointing, you're just masturbating each other." Wesley says in a sarcastic yet somewhat disappointed tone, as his friends quickly remove their hands from each others still rock hard boners.

"What the fuck Wesley?" Ben then asks, sounding a mixture of frustrated and angry, he is really annoyed they were interrupted and he knew his boyfriend was as close as he was to having an orgasm.

"What the fuck? You're in your brothers car outside the school gates masturbating each other so don't make me out to be the bad guy here." Wesley retorts firmly as he smirks at his friends. "Besides trust me when I say this, from where we were standing it looked like you were doing something completely different, than just masturbating guys." He then adds, as he half kneels down.

"Huh, like what?" Matt then asks, after finally managing to get himself under control, he was so close that any sudden movement would have set him off.

"Well to put it bluntly, I thought you two were having sex." Wesley says in a serious tone, from where he was and it was clear his boyfriend thought the same, it looked like they were having sex witch each other to him because of the way Matt was moving on top of Ben.

"Holy shit, fuck off Wesley, no way did it look like that." Ben says defensively, as far as he was concerned despite how much he loved his boyfriend, they were many, many years away from ever doing that with each other and he knew his boyfriend felt the same way.

"Then how come Mitch won't look over here and sent me instead of coming himself?" Wesley then says, deciding to tell a little lie as he had insisted coming because he had actually wanted to catch them doing it, as he was curious, but he was telling truth about Mitch not looking.

"Oh fuck, but we weren't and we aren't going to do that for years." Ben says as he looks over to his brother, who does seem to be looking the other way.

"Damn, what if someone walked past or something, shit... is he mad at us Wesley?" Matt then asks, in a concerned and embarrassed tone.

"I would say he is hardly pleased with you, but you have a trump card to play." Wesley answers honestly and can't help but give them a little help, just in case Mitch is mad at them.

"Trump card?" Ben and Matt say in unison, but this is too serious to be joking around and even Wesley doesn't try and mock them.

"Matt you're leaving for like a week tomorrow morning, so this is like your last day together and you have pretty much not seen each other all day so I doubt if you explain it to Mitch like that he will be mad at you for wanting to be with each other one last time before Matt goes and I'm guessing you aren't seeing each other when you both get home today and won't see each other until Matt gets back next week right?" Wesley explains and he can see the initial relief as his plan is good, but then notices the sad expressions on their faces and he knows they are thinking about being apart.

"Thanks Wesley, that should work." Ben says genuinely grateful for his friends quick thinking, but the realization that he will be without his boyfriend for over a week, has hit him hard and he can't even force a weak smile.

"Yeah, cheers Wesley." Matt says, mirroring his boyfriends feelings. "Wesley?" He then says.

"Yeah Matt?" Wesley responds as he looks at his friend, who looks painfully sad.

"Promise to look after Ben for me, I know you and Carter are together now but try not to let him be on his own too much please." Matt asks as a tear rolls down his cheek, he hated the fact he was being forced to leave and so far he had managed to put it out of his mind, but now that his friend just reminded him he just can't stop himself feeling upset.

"Aww Matt, of course I will look out for him and Carter will be around." Wesley says in a caring tone and places his hand on his friends knee.

"Thank you." Matt answers, but can't bring himself to say anything else.

"Yeah thank you for everything Wesley and also congratulations on getting with Carter, I know I was the negative guy the other day but you two look really good together." Ben then says sincerely, he had his doubts and concerns but they looked happy and he would do what ever he could to help them.

"Cheers guys, look I'm going to wave them over now, I was going to say one of you should get in the back, but you should stay together, I will tell Mitch on the way over that me and Carter got it wrong okay." Wesley states as he stands up and his friends both nod at him with out saying anything but just when he starts to walks away to his boyfriend and Mitch, he notices Ben pull Matt tighter into his body and smiled sadly to himself, he hoped he and Carter would be like that.

At first things are a little awkward when everyone gets in the car, but after Wesley does his bit to explain what he and Carter thought they saw and how they were wrong to Mitch things got a lot more comfortable, Ben told his brother about how they hadn't had much chance to be together and after they all got home, he wouldn't get to see Matt for over a week and they just wanted to say good bye, Mitch was initially angry at his little brother but after hearing everything he ended up feeling really bad for them both, he had actually tried to talk Sarah and David to let Ben go with Matt on the trip but had failed, he just wished he could do something for them both now, but he had to get each boy to their own house and knew there was nothing he could do.

To everyone's surprise though, when they drop Wesley off first, Carter jumps out as well, but they then quickly explain that it is his turn to sleep over at Wesley's after spending the previous night at his house and by the smile on both the boys faces, they all knew their new relationship status meant this would be a very different sleep over to the previous night, they then all say their good byes before Mitch drives off and heads for Matt's house.

"Guys I wish I could go park up somewhere like I usually do, but I have to go out soon and it's really important." Mitch then says, breaking the silence that had built up over the last few minutes.

"It's okay." Ben responds, but there was no conviction in his voice.

"Mitch, we need to pull over before we get to my road." Matt then says and his voice is almost as dead as his boyfriends.

"We do?" Mitch answers in surprise.

"Yeah, I don't think we should stop outside my house while I'm sitting on Ben." Matt says and while normally there would be some humour in that statement, Mitch realises to his own sadness, that both boys are depressed about what is happening and he feels helpless, all he could do was try and keep his little brother occupied for the week and even that wasn't going to do much, but he was devastated that he wouldn't be able to do anything for Matt, who would pretty much be alone for the entire week from what he had gathered about the trip.

"Good point, look guys there is a little secluded spot around the corner, if it's clear I will give you five minutes to say goodbye properly." Mitch then says, he felt awkward suggesting this to the boys, but he had to do something, the only problem with this spot was that he would have to stay close to the car but he needed to do something for the boys even if it was awkward.

"For real?" Both boys shout out and Mitch is both surprised and happy at the boys perking up.

"Only if it's clear, it might not be guys." Mitch responds truthfully, he was praying the spot was clear because if not his good intentions might backfire badly.

To Mitch's relief, the spot is clear and he quickly parks up, he tells the boys to get in the back and to just try and be quiet before he leaves them alone and walks around to the front of the car then walks as far as he can and rests against a tree while he looks at his phone, keeping half an eye on the car and for anyone coming by, although to his slight discomfort though he can see the car rock slightly and even hear the occasional moan, but just ignores it as best he can.

Mitch actually lets the boys have almost fifteen minutes instead of the five he had told them before, but he really had to get them both home and he also had an important meeting with someone that he wishes he could postpone but it was too important and as much as he cares for the boys, he has his own life to look out for as well, so he slowly walks back to the car coughing loudly a few times, in the hope that the boys will hear him, but when he gets to the car and looks in the back seat, he is surprised to see them face to face just looking into each others eyes, he can tell from the fact their trousers are undone and their clothes are all ruffled up that they have done something with each other, but seeing them like this almost breaks his heart and just decides to just get into the drivers seat, instead of asking them to sit up.

"Okay time to go guys, sorry I couldn't give you longer." Mitch then says, before he starts the car up.

"Don't be sorry." Ben answers in a content voice, as he continues to look into his boyfriends green eyes.

"Yeah and anyway you already gave us like over double the amount of time that you said we could have." Matt then adds sounding happy himself, he knew now that thanks to the older boy, he can get through the week.

Nothing else is said as Mitch takes Matt home, he does give them a heads up when he is close to the boys house, so they can sit up and sort their clothes out, then when he pulls up outside his house, he sees the boys give each other a quick kiss, before Matt gets out and walks away, Mitch then not really sure if he is doing the right thing just drives off quickly, he hopes that the quick break will help both boys deal with not seeing each other for a while.

"Oh." Ben says quietly, as his brother drives them home.

"You okay Ben, well dumb question, but you know what I mean." Mitch then asks, hearing his brothers disappointed reaction to what he just did.

"I wanted to watch him go in his house." Ben replies sadly, although he does understand what his brother did and appreciated it.

"Sorry little guy, I just thought..." Mitch tries to explain, before getting cut off.

"It's okay I get it, thanks Mitch, I guess it's easier this way." Ben says quietly and Mitch can see in the rear view mirror that his little brother has laid down on the back seat and curled up in a ball.

They spend the rest of the drive home in silence, Mitch knows his little brother is not in the mood to talk and just lets him lay there in his own thoughts, when he parks up he sits in the car for a few minutes, before he looks over to the back seat.

"I know it sucks Ben and well actually I don't know how you're feeling, I can only guess that it's pretty shit, but I want you to be strong for Matt okay." Mitch says and his words get his little brothers attention, as he sits up looking at him questioningly.

"What do you mean, be strong for him?" Ben then asks curiously.

"You are going to be phoning each other and maybe video calling right?" Mitch asks, wondering how he keeps coming up with these speeches.

"Yeah all the time why?" Ben answers wondering what is brothers point is.

"Ben think about it, Matt has no one where he is going and you have all of us for support so you need to be the strong one, if he sees you upset and sad then how do you think he is going to feel?" Mitch explains and he can see his little brother thinking about what he has been told.

"Won't he get upset, if he thinks that I'm not sad or upset though?" Ben then replies, after a few moments of thinking and Mitch can't believe he didn't think about that and has to think quickly.

"I'm not saying be super crazy happy Ben, it's okay to show him you miss him, but I was trying to say to try and not break down too much, honestly if he sees you trying to be strong, he will try to copy you and it will help you both, I promise okay?" Mitch then says, hoping his second attempt at explaining himself works better than the first.

"Okay, thanks Mitch." Ben replies, he then sits up and gets out of the car and walks to the house looking glum, Mitch follows him inside and while Mitch heads to the bathroom for a quick shower, Ben goes straight to his room to cry into his pillow and get it out of his system before he has to see his brother or dad again.

"Matthew is that you?" A voice calls out as soon as Matt closes the front door behind him, he walks towards the living room door nervously knowing that it was his dads voice and didn't know what was going to happen.

"Yeah Dad, don't worry though I'm going straight to my room." Matt calls out, he has been sent to his room by his dad every time he got home ever since he had walked in on his dad on the phone over a week ago and it was just the two of them and thinks his dad is just going to tell him to go there anyway.

"Come in here first Matthew, I want to talk to you." David then calls out and Matt looks towards the living room feeling both surprised and scared, his dad is still calling him by his full first name and that is never good, but on the other hand this is the first time he has actually wanted to talk to him and he thought that was a good thing, so he did as he was told and walked into the living room.

"Okay Dad." Matt says as he comes in and stands in the doorway, he isn't quite sure what to do and just decides to stand there, waiting for his dad to do something.

"Matthew, I want to apologise for how I have been treating you, there is no excuse and I'm very sorry." David then says, but while his words are welcome, Matt picks up on the almost emotionless tone of his dads voice and wonders if this is some sort of trick.

"I'm sorry for what ever I did to make you hate me Dad." Matt then says, he is still not sure what happened and if his dad is apologising he figures it can't hurt for him to do the same.

"Well, I'm glad that is settled Matthew, have you got any homework to do?" David says and his response confuses Matt even more, but he decides to just ignore his gut feeling that something isn't quite right and just enjoy the fact his dad is talking to him again.

"No Dad, they know that I'm going away and I made sure I finished all my other projects today, should I go to my room now?" Matt responds with a half smile and tries his best to not upset his dad again.

"No, why don't you sit down for a while, your mum will be home late tonight because she has a few things to get for your trip." David tells his son and again while he should feel happy that his dad is talking to him, Matt can't help but pick up on the tone of his dads voice and doesn't understand what is really going on.

"Okay, do you want a drink or anything before I sit down Dad?" Matt asks while smiling, trying to score some brownie points and hopefully lighten the mood.

"Okay, I will have a coffee thank you Matthew." David responds, but despite trying to stay positive, Matt can't help but get an uneasy feeling at his dads use of his name and the tone of his voice.

As soon as his son disappears into the kitchen, David quickly pulls something out of his pocket, he then looks at it briefly before pulling his phone out and dialling.

"Yeah, hey Nick." David says, as his friend answers the phone.

"What's up David?" Nick asks, they are friends but he knows David wouldn't be ringing unless he wanted something.

"I just wanted to make sure that these are okay to use." David asks, as he looks down at the box in his hand.

"Yeah trust me, just use two of them and they will start working in like four or five hours David." Nick tells him and hides a sigh as he has been through this several times with his friend already.

"Okay and it only last like one day right?" David then asks, he has been through this with Nick before, but he has to make sure everything goes to plan.

"Yes, well more like six to ten hours before the effects wear off completely, look David you can put this off if you want, but you know the rules better than anyone and you know you have to deal with this as soon as possible, this isn't like last time David it took a lot to relocate you and get him away from the other thing and well now that it has been confirmed again, well you know better than anyone." Nick then states to his friend and he can hear his friend sigh.

"I know Nick, now I have to go he is coming back, we will speak Sunday okay." David tells his friend before hanging up, he manages to just get the box back into his pocket, when is son walks back into the room.

"Dad, why do you keep calling me Matthew instead of Matt?" Matt then decides to asks, as he hands his dad his coffee and sits down with his glass of OJ.

"I do, I'm sorry Matt, I guess I didn't realise." David says, as he studies his son and notices a mark on the side of his neck that looks like a bruise and he has to pretend to take a sip of his coffee to hide his expression from him and doesn't want to scare the boy.

"Oh okay." Matt says while relaxing in his chair, he is still getting a weird feeling that something isn't quite right, but he figures that he is just missing his boyfriend and ignores it.

"Matt, can you do me a favour please." David then asks his son, deciding he should get it over with as soon as possible before he loses his nerve and his wife gets home.

"Yeah sure Dad, what do you need?" Matt replies as he sits up, he is really happy his dad seems to be back to his usual self and wants to do his best to keep him that way.

"Can you just go and get changed, your Mum asked me to make sure you got changed as soon as you got home, I have no idea why but you know your Mum." David says in a sincere tone, but he is only half telling the truth, but his son doesn't need to know that.

"Oh okay Dad, I will be back in a minute." Matt says, as he stands up and begins to walk out of the room.

"Leave your drink Matt." David says, almost sounding desperate after realising his son was taking the drink with him.

"Oh alright." Matt responds, he is a little confused but puts the cup down anyway, before leaving the room and going to his room to get changed.

As soon as he hears his sons bedroom door open and close, David gets up and pulls the box out of his pocket, he opens it and drops two pills into his sons drink, he then quickly stirs it around until he is satisfied they have dissolved and sits back down with the box safely back in his pocket looking pleased with himself, there was definitely no going back now and just a few minutes later he sees his son reappear wearing some shorts and an old top.

"Dad, what time do I have to be up tomorrow?" Matt then asks his dad, as he sits down and picks his glass up and drinks almost half of it in one go.

"Be awake around three in the morning Matt, your Mum wants to leave at four." David answers, before noticing his son make a funny face as he puts his drink down. "You okay Matt?" He asks managing to hide his nervousness, if his son figured out that something was wrong now then it would be a disaster and he would be in a world of shit.

"Yeah, it just tastes a little funny." Matt answers, as he looks at his drink.

"It will be alright, just drink it all and get yourself a fresh one if you want." David then says, still hiding his nervousness but he can feel himself starting to sweat a little.

"Okay Dad." Matt says, before downing the rest of the glass and getting up to get another glass, he was really thirsty and he didn't want to upset his dad by not doing as he is told, despite the drink tasting weird.

A few hours later David and Matt are sitting in the living room talking as they finish their takeaway, David had offered to cook but Matt was feeling confident enough to joke around with his dad again and David was happy enough to go along with it for now, eventually Sarah came home and they all sat together as a family and enjoyed each others company, until Matt was told to take a shower and get ready for bed because of the early start they had in the morning, Matt was still trying his best not to upset his dad and does as he is told and is asleep before eight and he was feeling a little strange but just ignored it.

Sarah and David then talk for a little longer, before deciding it was time to go to sleep as well, but just as they leave the bathroom after going upstairs they are almost knocked over as their son rushes past them and only just makes it to the toilet before throwing up, Sarah quickly rushes over in concern for her him and as far as being sick goes this sounded awful to her, but David just smirked before putting on a fake look of concern as he goes over to his still vomiting son.

"Hey, what happened Matt?" David then asks as he rubs his sons back, he knows the boy can't answer but it was all part of his act.

"Should we take him to the hospital?" Sarah asks her husband, who almost drops his act as he wasn't expecting his wife to over react to their son just vomiting.

"He is being sick Sarah, I hardly think they will appreciate us wasting their time, he will be fine." David answers, as he dismisses his wife's concern in a confident tone.

"Oh, okay you're right." Sarah says, just as Matt stops throwing up and attempts to get to his feet.

"All better now Son?" David asks, but before Matt can respond he starts vomiting again and just about manages to get it in the bowl and despite his sons distress and audible sobs, David struggles to repress a smirk and knows that everything is going to plan so far.

Eventually after almost twenty minutes, Matt manages to stop vomiting and lets his mum clean him up, but they don't even make it to the door before he turns even whiter.

"Oh no..." He then says hoarsely, before turning and pulling his tighty whiteys down and just manages to sit on the toilet in time and with a loud splash unloads and if Sarah couldn't think it would get any worse, she watches in horror as her son vomits all over the bathroom floor.

"Oh god David, we have to take him to the hospital now." Sarah tells her husband, who actually wonders if he should have just used one pill because he wasn't expecting it to be this bad.

"Hey come on, go to bed Honey, you have a long drive tomorrow and it's probably just something he ate, I will look after him and get him cleaned up and he will be fine in the morning." David answers, putting his best reassuring voice on and reluctantly his wife agrees and heads to their room, David then gets up and closes the door smiling, before he turns to face his son with a fake look of concern on his face.

"Dad what is wrong with me." Matt asks sounding terrified, as the pain in his stomach gets more severe and he vomits again all over the floor.

"It's going to be okay Matt, you have had this before when you were younger." David says as he flat out lies to him, while gently stroking his hair. "Just let it all out and then we will get you in bed." He then says, in a soothing voice and struggles to hide his delight as his plan carries on working.

It is another half an hour of vomiting and diarrhoea before it finally stops, David then has to help his son into the shower and washes him because he is to weak to do it himself, when David then looks around the room he can see that the bathroom floor is covered in sick and even some shit so he has to carry his son carefully to get out of the bathroom safely, he then takes him to his room and lays him on the bed.

"Now Matt, try to get some sleep okay, I will bring a bucket in just in case it starts again, I'm also going to clean the bathroom up for you just in case you need to go there again later." David says, before he begins to walk away happy with how things have gone so far and despite having to clean up the mess in the bathroom, he was still smiling.

"Dad don't go." Matt then says and David can hear the desperation and fear in his sons face, but he ignores it and is well past the point of caring.

"Don't be silly Matt, you're almost twelve now go to sleep, I will bring the bucket in when I finish cleaning your disgusting mess up." David responds coldly, but Matt is far too ill and tired to pick up on it and finds himself already falling asleep.

It takes David almost twenty minutes to clean the bathroom, but he knew it was likely to happen so had prepared himself for it, he does almost forget the bucket for his son but remembers as he walks past his room, he is careful not to wake the boy although he knows his son is unlikely to get much sleep, but he was planning on getting some himself and went to his own room where his wife was already sleeping, he quickly strips off and climbs in with a smirk on his face, it takes him a little while to start falling asleep but just as he does he can here his son being sick again, but just closes his eyes anyway and falls asleep with a smile on his face.

The Next Morning

The sound of their alarm wakes both David and Sarah, who managed to sleep through the whole night and they feel pretty refreshed and ready for the day ahead, however the same can't be said for their son, who they eventually find asleep in the bathtub naked and covered in various disgusting substances and Sarah looks at him sadly.

"Oh my god, David look at him." Sarah says in shock. "Why didn't he come get us?" She then adds, surely if he was this sick he should have known to wake them up.

"Sarah, I hate to say this but there is no way you can take him on this work trip now." David states as he looks at the state of his son, ignoring his wife's concerns.

"I should call them and say I can't make it." Sarah then says, as she knows her husband is right and David almost let's his act slip as he wasn't expecting her to not go either.

"No, Sarah you need to be at that conference, he will be fine and I think I can look after our son for a week." David tells his wife firmly, there was no way he was going to let her stay and knew just what to say to make sure that didn't happen.

"I know, but look at him David, we need to clean him up at least before I go." Sarah says, she knows her husband is right this time and it was an important work conference and she had no choice but to be there, she just knows there is no way for her to get in contact with her husband or son for a week as the reception is poor out there and she really didn't want to go now.

"Why don't you go get ready, I will wake him and get him cleaned up, you need to be leaving in less then an hour to make it in time Honey." David says a little coldly, he knew things would never be the same after today and had spent the last two weeks preparing himself and was as ready as he was ever going to be for what he had to do.

Sarah then reluctantly leaves and heads downstairs to get everything ready before she will do the same upstairs, David just waits for his wife to get downstairs before turning to his son, he looks at him for a few moments coldly before turning the shower on and stepping back.

As soon as the cold water hits him, Matt quickly wakes up and screams in surprise but due to vomiting all night only a quiet painful sounding squeak comes out, he then slips as he tries to get up and looks up to see someone standing there watching him, he can't quite make out who it is but he guesses that it is his dad.

"Dad?" Matt says meekly in a hoarse voice, wondering what is happening and why his dad was just standing there.

"Matt sorry but you're a complete mess, now try to get cleaned up and I will be back in a minute, your Mum is getting ready to leave soon so try and make an effort to be ready to at least say good bye her." David says and leaves without bothering to wait for the reply, there was no point in pretending that he cared now.

"Dad, you mean I'm not going?" Matt asks and despite feeling awful, he manages a smile. "Dad?" He then asks, after not getting a reply and as he gets too his feet and rubs his eyes clear he can see he is alone, he decides though to ignore the feeling something is not quite right and starts washing himself after he looks at himself and the state he is in.

Still feeling rough and exhausted, Matt manages to get cleaned up and dressed just in time to head downstairs as his mum is about to leave and smiles weakly at her, he really did feel like he was about to die or something he thought to himself.

"Oh Matt, I'm so sorry you can't come with me, how are you feeling now?" Sarah asks, she really wanted to spend some quality time with her son but she can tell from just looking at him, that she can't take him with her.

"Terrible Mum, but I will be okay, I wish I could come as well." Matt responds, with a weak and tired looking smile, although truthfully he is delighted with what had happened and to him it was a small price to pay if it meant he didn't have to not see his boyfriend for a week and he couldn't wait to call him with the good news.

Reluctantly though Sarah packs up the last of the things in the car and gives both her son and her husband a goodbye kiss, before getting in the car and driving away, David then places his hands on his sons shoulders a little tighter than he should have done and he can feel the boy flinch, but doesn't really care and knows what is going to happen now.

"Sorry, I guess you're feeling over sensitive these days, now come on get upstairs to sleep before anyone sees you." David then says coldly, as he guides his son back into the house as quickly as possible, if anyone saw that he was still at home the whole plan would be ruined.

"Dad, is it okay if I invite Ben over later, he is going to be so happy when I tell him that I got to stay home." Matt asks, sounding about as happy as he can in his current state.

"Just go to bed, we can talk about it when you wake up." David responds, as he walks his son to the stairs. "Now go on and I don't want to see you awake when I come up in a few minutes." He then tells him sternly, before heading in the kitchen to get himself a coffee.

"Okay Dad." Matt says, looking at his dad walking away from his curiously, but he is too exhausted to think straight and heads straight to his room and almost as soon as his head hits his pillow he is asleep.

When Matt eventually starts to wakes up, he can't believe how much better he feels, he then slowly opens his eyes and almost jumps when he sees that it is almost five in the afternoon, but is quickly distracted when he notices a plate of sandwiches and two glasses of OJ on his bedside table, it's then that he feels his stomach rumble and he quickly drinks one glass of his OJ, before he makes quick work of the sandwiches, he had counted at least six of them before he had scoffed them down but while he is drinking his second glass of OJ, he starts to look around his room and notices things are missing, it takes him a few moments to see that his computer, guitar and TV are all gone and that his window is covered up with something so when he finishes his glass he gets out of his bed to look for his phone, but realises that it is also gone and as he wonders what is happening.

"Dad?" Matt shouts out, before waiting as his throat was killing him still. "Dad, where are all my things?" He then shouts out again and after getting no reply again, he walks over to his door and tries to open it but is surprised to find that it won't budge. "Dad, what is going on?" He calls out again before trying the door again, but gives up as it is clearly locked, although to his concern it is clearly locked from the outside and he goes back to his bed feeling scared as he wonders what is happening.

He then decides to get dressed because he is just wearing tighty whiteys, but to his surprise all his clothes are also missing, he then tries all his chest of draws but finds nothing and standing in just his underwear he looks around his room, the room he is locked in and starts to panic, he tries to work out what is happening and why but nothing makes sense and without anything to do he just slumps down on his bed and considers screaming out or something, but his voice is still too sore to scream loud enough for anyone outside to hear him, so he just watches the clock tick by and is about to lay down in an attempt to sleep when it gets to eight, but just as he closes his eyes he hears his door being unlocked and opened and he quickly sits upright and feels relieved when is dad walks in and quickly gets to his feet.

"Dad, oh Dad what's going on, someone locked me in, what happened?" Matt says bombarding his dad with questions, but his relief starts to fade when his dad just stares at him blankly. "Dad, did you do this?" He then asks nervously, surely there is no way his own dad could do this to him, but he couldn't think of anything else that made sense.

"Sit down Boy!" David orders his son in a firm and serious tone and Matt does as he is told, he may be terrified but it was his dad and there is no way his dad would hurt him.

"What's going on Dad?" Matt asks nervously, as his dad closes the door and takes a few steps towards him.

"I have been hearing things about you Boy, things that I hope are not true and we are going to talk about it now and find out the truth Boy." David says in a cold tone that unsettles Matt and the fact his dad is calling him boy, has him feeling incredible scared.

"Dad, you're scaring me." Matt says timidly, as he looks his dad in the eyes and he doesn't like what he sees.

"So you're good friends with Ben Walker aren't you Boy." David asks his son, ignoring his question in the process.

"Yeah, you know I am Dad, what is happening." Matt answers, as his fear and confusion grow.

"You're really close, closer then your other friends aren't you?" David asks, again ignoring his sons questions.

"Yeah we are best friends, Dad you know this already, just tell me what is going on because you're really scaring me." Matt responds and again tries to get his dad to tell him what this is all about, although he is starting to wonder if his dad knows about him and his boyfriend.

"I see, best friends and you're just best friends right, nothing else because you wouldn't lie to me would you Boy?" David then asks, as he steps closer to his son and stops just in front of him, just within an arms reach.

"Dad you know don't you?" Matt then says, finally thinking he understands what is happening, well at least some of it, he just doesn't understand where all his things are or why his dad is being so weird, but he is now sure that he knows that he has a boyfriend.

"You tell me Boy, what is there for me to know about." David responds, not taking his eyes of his son.

"That Ben is my er... he is my er... boyfriend." Matt says so quietly that David only just hears what his son is saying.

"Your boyfriend, so you think you're gay." David states coldly, there was only one possible chance for his son to get out of this and it was minimal at best.

"I'm er... we aren't gay dad, we are pansexual." Matt begins to explain, but he stops when his dad takes another step towards him.

"Pansexual, gay, bisexual it's all the same Boy and what we need to find out is if you actually are or if you're just confused." David states, as he looks down at his son who looks up at him meekly.

"I am Dad, we love each other and are happy." Matt tells his dad, finding some courage when he thinks about his boyfriend and how much they love each other, but he was finding it harder and harder to talk as his throat was really hurting now.

"Love?" David says mockingly and chuckles, but Matt knows that the chuckling is not a good sign. "You're a stupid little boy, you don't know what love is, what you're going to do is stop seeing that boy and you're going to see that you're not gay and that you were just confused." David then states, his words cutting through his sons short lived courage, David then uses his fingers to lift his sons face up to his own again, after it had dropped to the floor. "It's common for boys to experiment and get confused, but no son of mine is going to be in love with another boy, do I make myself clear?" He then tells his him, but he already knows how this is going to go and it is only his love for the boy that he is hoping his son somehow listens to him and this is all just a big misunderstanding, but he knows that isn't going to happen.

"Dad I do love him though, at first I thought it was just a phase or something but we have been together since last year and we love each other so much and we want to tell everyone, Dad we are so happy and I want you and mum to be happy for us." Matt then states, thinking his honesty will make things better but he has unknowingly sealed his own fate and doesn't notice the brief look of heartbreak in his dads eyes that is quickly replaced by a hard cold look.

"So you're telling me that you won't stop seeing him and you're in love with another boy?" David then asks coldly and the tone of his voice unsettles Matt again and he is now very afraid.

"Dad I love him, but please, don't be..." Is all Matt can say before he feels a blinding pain across his head and falls to the ground, his vision instantly blurs and feels a burst of pain explode in his stomach as he feels himself being repeatedly kicked before blacking out.

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