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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 3

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 3

May 2015

Shutting the door behind him, Ben makes his way over to his boyfriends bed, who he notices is looking at him with a mischievous grin, neither boy says a word though as they wait for the other to say something, but just as his boyfriend decides to break the silence, Ben puts the glasses and jug of OJ down and walks away from him, Matt watches him intently wondering what he is up to, as he sees him closing the blinds to both windows of the room and then the blind on the door window, Ben then turns around to look at his boyfriend and is about to say something himself when his boyfriend beats him to it.

"Strip." Matt then orders in a serious tone and despite his best efforts, he can't help but grin.

"Wait what?" Ben responds as he stands open mouthed, half way between the door and his boyfriend.

"Get naked and make it sexy you dumb ass." Matt orders as he presses a button that raises his bed so he is sitting up a bit more and just about manages to hide the fact it actually hurt him to move, even with all the drugs they were giving him to ease his pain.

"I er... but..." Ben begins to protest.

"Fine then go away." Matt says cutting off his boyfriend, who just looks at him in shock and can feel himself shake a little.

"I don't understand." Ben says as he tries to work out what is happening and he can't help but worry about the cold stare he is getting.

"GET OUT FAGGOT!" Matt then shouts, but not quite loud enough for anyone outside the room to hear and Ben almost falls to the ground as the words cut right through him and he can't believe what is happening.

For a few moments Ben just tries to keep himself from crying, the cold almost hateful expression on his boyfriends face though is too much and he starts sobbing, he tries to wipe the tears away but they are instantly replaced and he begins to walk backwards towards the door.

"I... love..." Ben begins to say, but he can barely speak as he breaks down and just turns to face the door and is about to open it, when he feels something hard hit the back of his head and turns around. "Oww." He yelps, but as he looks to the ground he can see a ring laying there, it takes him a few seconds to realise what it is and his heart breaks even more.

Then without looking at his boyfriend, Ben squats down and picks the ring up and is about to turn around and leave the room, when his boyfriends voice stops him.

"Please don't leave me." Matt says almost whispering and Ben turns around to face him slowly, wondering if he really heard it or if he had imagined his boyfriends words.

"What?" Ben then asks, after a few moments as he sniffles a few times to compose himself, although the tears are still running down his face.

"What's wrong with me Ben?" Matt then asks, his voice is full of fear and sadness and Ben can see his boyfriend is terrified and he manages to steel himself again.

"I don't know." Ben answers honestly as he takes a few nervous steps towards his boyfriend.

"What happened to me?" Matt then asks and the question stuns his boyfriend into silence. "Ben please tell me." He then says, after a few moments of silence.

"You don't remember anything?" Ben then asks, after he snaps out of his shock.

"Not really, I get nightmares and sometimes even when I'm awake, I get them too." Matt answers honestly as he looks down at himself and tries to figure out how he got in to such a mess.

"Didn't the doctors tell you anything?" Ben then asks, he would tell his boyfriend everything in a heartbeat, but he is clearly not well and he is worried the truth will mean he will lose his boyfriend forever and he wasn't going to do that.

"No, I haven't talked to anyone else since I woke up here." Matt answers and Ben looks at him in surprise. "I know I have lots of injuries because they talked about them, I just don't know what happened." Matt then adds in a sad tone.

"No one?" Ben asks in disbelief, he was just shocked because his boyfriend had been able to talk for a while now.

"I was scared and didn't know what to say, they sort of gave up after a while, they still talk to me but only to tell me what they are doing, you know with tests and stuff." Matt answers honestly in a sad and defeated tone.

"Wesley's dad is coming to see you tomorrow, will you talk with him?" Ben then asks, he is trying his best to avoid his boyfriend asking him to tell him everything that happened to him and hopes it works.

"Ben?" Matt then says, in the same sad tone he has been for the last few minutes and in the process ignoring his boyfriends question.

"Yeah?" Ben responds nervously.

"What does rape mean?" Matt asks and this time his voice is a mixture of curiosity and fear.

"What?" Ben asks in a shocked tone and can fell his stomach cramp at the question and isn't sure what to do, he was now starting to panic and almost calls his brother in to help him.

"I overheard one of the nurses talking to the doctor, I think they thought I was sleeping and they said something about being raped." Matt answers, before pausing for a moment. "What is being raped?" He then asks, as he looks at his boyfriend almost pleadingly.

"I er... er... I er... Matt... please don't ask me." Ben responds, looking into his boyfriends eyes and hoping he won't have to tell him, he was sure it would hurt his boyfriend too much and he would lose him forever.

"You said you would never lie to me." Matt then says and Ben can hear the coldness returning in his boyfriends voice and tries to think of a way out of this.

"Matt I er... I want to tell you and you deserve to know." Ben starts to say, but pauses as he tries to use the right words. "Matt I'm scared to tell you though." He then says and waits for his boyfriend to respond.

"Scared?" Matt asks curiously and the coldness in his voice from before is gone again.

"Matt you aren't well, you know that and you need to get better." Ben then says before pausing again. "I'm scared that if I tell you now, I will lose you forever and I can't bare to live without you." Ben the adds as fresh tears run down his face and his eyes fall to the ground.

"It is really bad isn't it?" Matt then asks as he looks at his trembling boyfriend crying in front of him and he feels something inside him, telling him to protect his boyfriend but it doesn't quite register enough with him to listen. "Ben you have to tell me." Matt then states as he grows frustrated at his boyfriends silence.

"I will do anything for you Matt and I mean anything." Ben starts to say, before pausing as he wipes his eyes clear and looks his boyfriend in his eyes, as he tries to steel himself. "Matt I love you more than anything and I promise you, that when you're better, I will tell you everything." He then says honestly, genuinely wanting to do what is best.

"I'm thirsty." Matt then says, in a almost playful tone and Ben wonders what is going on.

"Huh?" Is all Ben can say in response, he is worried more than ever by his boyfriends erratic behaviour.

"Thirsty dumb ass, you know the thing that goes away when you drink something, you know like some OJ." Matt says and is now smiling as he points to the jug of OJ next to his bed, Ben then notices his boyfriend looking at his hand, almost as if he is confused by it.

"What's wrong Matt?" Ben then asks nervously.

"Where's my ring?" Matt answers, as he looks up from his hand and stares at his boyfriend.

"Matt you just threw it at my head a few minutes ago, don't you remember?" Ben responds and is dumbfounded by his boyfriends apparent forgetfulness.

"Huh? You only just came in a few seconds ago though." Matt answers and Ben notices his boyfriend is staring at him, as if he is the one acting strangely.

"No it's been like ten minutes Matt." Ben states and looks at his boyfriend in concern. "Are you okay?" He then asks and thinks about calling out to Mitch to get help.

"Yeah, you should totally get naked." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a sexy look.

"I should get a doctor." Ben finally says after a few moments, something is seriously wrong with his boyfriend and he knows he needs to do something.

"I want to see Little Benny." Matt then says, with one of his famous pouts and Ben can instantly feel himself move back towards his boyfriend, he knows he should call for help, but he couldn't help himself.

"I er... Matt you aren't well, please let me get someone." Ben says weakly while he tries his best to resist his boyfriend, who is now licking his lips seductively.

"Strip and come put my ring back on, I want to play with Little Benny." Matt then says, as he continues to ignore his boyfriends words.

Ben thinks about leaving and almost manages to convince himself to walk towards the door, when a wolf whistle from his boyfriend breaks him out of his thoughts and when he looks down he can see he had already started to remove his clothes and after a few more moments, he only has his briefs left on and looks at his boyfriend nervously.

"Little Benny is excited already." Matt calls out grinning, as he stares at his boyfriends tenting briefs.

"I er... Matt I have to." Ben starts to say, before his boyfriend interrupts him.

"Come here and let me play with Little Benny." Matt orders with a smirk.

Without replying Ben finds himself beside his boyfriends bed, he had even removed his briefs and moaned as he felt his boyfriends hand gently massage his boner and balls, with his good hand.

"Put my ring back on and then kiss me Ben." Matt then orders, while he continues to play with his boyfriends boner and balls.

Again without answering, Ben does as he is told and is now starting to moan and whimper, as his boyfriend starts speeding his stroking up and Ben instinctively leans down to kiss him passionately, before he yelps and jumps back as his boyfriend squeezes his balls tightly.

"Now get out and leave your clothes here." Matt orders coldly, with a cold stare to match.

"What?" Ben responds in shock and is left feeling confused and afraid. "I can't." He then says in protest.

"Do it." Matt states and his cold hard stare sends a shiver down Ben's spine and he has no idea what is happening.

"I can't go out there naked." Ben again protests, but he is already moving backwards towards the door, not even realising what he is doing.

"I don't care, get out now." Matt almost hisses, as Ben backs up to the door shaking.

"But... please don't make me." Ben says, he doesn't know what he is doing, he could just put his clothes on, he knew his boyfriend couldn't stop him and yet he found himself doing exactly as he is told.

"Go!" Is all Matt says and watches as his boyfriend turns around slowly, with tears in his eyes and sees that he is just about to turn the handle. "Holy fuck... stop." He suddenly calls out. "Ben don't." He then quickly adds as Ben turn round in shock and again wonders what the hell is going on and then after a few moments, wonders what he was doing even thinking about going out the door naked.

"What?" Ben asks, he isn't sure how to react or what is going to happen next and is starting to feel like he is going to break down.

"Shit sorry, I didn't think you would actually do it." Matt explains, although it does little to answer his boyfriends confusion.

"What?" Ben repeats, his head is spinning and he doesn't know what to think.

"I'm so sorry Ben, I was just testing to see if you would do anything for me and I don't know what happened." Matt starts to try and explain again, before pausing to rub his head. "Ben I was meant to just get you to strip, but... Ben what is wrong with me... please I don't like... why can't I... Ben I just want to be like I was, but something is wrong, what happened to me, why are there metal things sticking out of me and where did all these bruises and cuts come from?" He then asks as he fires question after question at his boyfriend, who was now just standing with his mouth wide open in shock. "Ben please say something." He then says pleadingly as tears roll down his face.

"Do you trust me?" Ben then asks in as firm a tone as he could muster, although he was in turmoil himself and remembers his brother and everything he had told him over the past few weeks and he was determined to be strong.

"With my life." Matt answers honestly, without hesitating and surprised himself because ever since waking up in the hospital he has felt alone and afraid and he didn't know why, but slowly being around his boyfriend has helped him feel safer and he felt happy that he was getting better, even if it was only a tiny step.

"Something really bad happened to you, like really bad and I want to tell you Matt, I want to tell you everything so badly." Ben starts to explain, but pauses as he moves to his boyfriend and holds his hand. "But you aren't ready and I'm not the right person to tell you." Ben says and stops talking, he wanted to see if his boyfriend understands him.

"You're wrong." Matt answers, as he looks up at his boyfriend with a loving smile.

"About what?" Ben responds out of curiosity.

"Not being the right person to tell me." Matt answers honestly. "Ben I'm scared, you asked me before about why I keep looking at the door remember?" He then says and squeezes his boyfriends hand gently.

"Yeah I do." Ben answers with a loving smile, he was still scared and emotional but he was determined to be the strong boy that his brother believed he was.

"It's because I'm afraid someone is going to get me, it happens in my nightmares Ben." Matt begins to explain, but stops as he looks down at their hands.

"No one is going to get you Matt, I'm here and I won't let anyone hurt you again." Ben says, but he can tell it isn't enough and gently lifts his boyfriends face with his free hand so they are looking into each others eyes. "I love you so much and I know I'm just a little boy and I can't protect you like that, but we have something other little boys don't have." He then says and purposely pauses, hoping his boyfriend takes the bait.

"What is it?" Matt asks curiously, he is still afraid and upset but he can't help but wonder what his boyfriend is going to say.

"We have Mitch." Ben answers with a big grin, but before it can spread any wider he feels his hand being released and for a moment he thinks the worst, but feels his head being pulled down and then his boyfriends lips on his own.

While they kiss, Ben can feel his boyfriends hand move from his head and for a moment wonders if the kiss is about to end, then to his surprises and excitement, he feels it wrap around his boner and begins to slowly stroke him and moans into his boyfriends mouth enjoying the pleasurable feelings, he quickly loses track of time before he whimpers a little when his boyfriend breaks the kiss and removes his hand and he looks down at him with pleading eyes.

"Sorry, I just... can we just talk again?" Matt asks awkwardly, he was enjoying himself but suddenly something in the back of his mind was screaming at him to stop and how wrong it was and it had frightened him.

"Yeah sure." Ben says trying to sound supportive, but inside he was frustrated and horny.

"I miss Mitch." Matt then says, breaking the few moments of silence, he knew his boyfriend is probably feeling frustrated, but he had to stop or he would have freaked out.

"I could ask him to come in if you want?" Ben then says, forgetting he is naked and horny as hell, as his desire to help his boyfriend starts to override his rational side.

"Not today, but I do miss him and Wesley, how is he and Carter doing?" Matt then asks with a weak smile, he was having a hard time ignoring the voice in his head and was trying his best to distract himself.

"Matt we can talk about them later, we should talk about your nightmares first." Ben says and wonders what he is doing, he was the one trying to avoid the subject and now he was pushing it, but it is too late now.

"A man takes me, it's always the same man but I don't know who he is." Matt states, the last thing he wanted to do a few moments ago was talk about this stuff, but he couldn't help himself now. "He looks familiar, but I just can't figure it out." He then adds, before falling silent.

"It's your dad, Matt he was the one who hurt you." Ben states, he shouldn't be doing this he knew, but he was caught in the moment and his head was still a little cloudy from his boyfriends attention a few minutes ago.

"What?" Matt says in a surprised and suddenly alert tone, before he starts to feel himself tenses up.

"Your dad found out we were boyfriends and he tortured you for almost a week." Ben explains but tries to will himself to stop talking, but he jut keeps going as his boyfriend looks at him in shock. "Matt everyone thought you were with your mum on that trip, no one knew she had to leave you at home and she couldn't get in contact with anyone while she was out there." He then says, continuing to explain what had happened in as little detail as possible.

"He is my dad though." Matt says, as if there was no way his dad could hurt him and then he thinks about when he first saw his mum after waking up and what his boyfriend said about his mum being away, but he knew she did something bad to him and could feel himself trembling more and starts to sweat and he knew he was going to freak out.

"Oh no, please Matt don't." Ben says desperately, after realising what is happening but it is too late and he can hear from the heart monitor as the beeps get quicker and louder that his boyfriend is losing it and then for some reason he just leans down and kisses him, he has no idea why he was doing it but it was almost as if instinct took over and as he kissed his boyfriend passionately, he slowly felt him kiss back, then felt his body relax under him and could hear the heart monitor slow down although it was definitely not back to normal and knew why and continued to enjoy the kiss before his boyfriend breaks it with a sad look on his face.

"You were right." Matt then says as he gently plays with his boyfriends boner again, making Ben moan out in pleasure, despite knowing that this isn't the time to be enjoying himself like this.

"Huh?" Ben then asks, although if he wasn't being stroked, he would have been able to figure it out himself, but as his boyfriend continues to slowly stroke him, he found his mind clouding with pleasure.

"The truth, you know what happened to me." Matt explains, as he slows his hand movement even more and smiles as his boyfriend whimpers a little. "I'm not ready, can we just talk about normal stuff instead?" He then asks, as he removes his hand and yawns.

"You're tired." Ben points out, as he watches his boyfriend yawning, while he himself though was feeling increasingly horny and frustrated, he wasn't quite at the point of an orgasm, but he could feel it building.

"A little, the drugs they give me make me sleepy, but I'm not actually tired." Matt answers, as he looks at his ring while holding it. "It's really beautiful." He then states.

"How did you get the ring off?" Ben then asks, after looking at his boyfriend loving for a few seconds and realising that his boyfriend was holding the ring and not wearing it, despite the fact he knew he had put it back on his finger a little while ago.

"Huh?" Matt responds, as his attention turns back to his boyfriend.

"You have taken it off like twice today and you only have one hand." Ben explains, as he looks at his boyfriends hand. "So how did you get it off?" He then asks again curiously.

"Put it back on me and I will show you." Matt then states, before holding his hand out with the ring in his palm.

"Okay, but I still don't get how you did it." Ben then says, before putting the ring back on his boyfriends anger again.

"Oh, it was easy, just watch." Matt answers with a grin, before he then slowly raises his hand to his mouth with his ring anger stretched out, he gives his boyfriend a naughty smile before slowly sucking on his finger, he sucks on it for a few moments and starts working it in and out, he can see his boyfriends boner twitching slightly and decides to end the show by slowly removing his finger, it takes Ben a few moments for his mind to get back on track, before he realises his boyfriends ring is gone.

"Where is it?" Be quickly asks, as he unknowingly begins to stroke himself much to his boyfriends amusement.

Without saying a word, Matt slowly sticks his tongue out and reveals his ring on the tip of his tongue, he then raises his finger and slides it into his mouth again and sucks on it, when he removes his finger, the ring is back on it and he gives his boyfriend a sly smile, he then reaches out his hand and stops his boyfriend stroking himself.

"Stop being naughty." Matt then says with a grin and giggles when his boyfriend lets out a disappointed sigh. "So how are Wesley and Carter, are they going to visit me soon?" He then asks, he is getting the conversation as far away from what happened to him as possible, when his boyfriend had told him that it was his dad who did this to him, he started remembering some of the things that happened and it terrified him, but it was the reminder of his mum also being there, despite his boyfriend saying she was away on the trip, that frightened him the most because he knew she was in the hospital.

"They have wanted to visit you since they found out you were awake, but well you have only just started talking to me so no one has really been allowed to see you." Ben explains honestly and hopes that his boyfriend hasn't been too lonely. "Wesley comes here almost every day though, he thinks you look like shit." He then adds, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Oh cool, I thought maybe no one remembered me." Matt then says in response, he wanted to laugh at Wesley saying he looks like shit, but he is just relieved to know he hadn't been forgotten.

"Everyone knows we are boyfriends now as well." Ben then says, he had been wondering if he should tell him or not, so decided to slip it in now and hope for the best.

"Huh, wait what?" Matt says in surprise, his nervousness is coming back along with the fear again.

"Oh no, don't freak out Matt." Ben says quickly, when he notices his boyfriends reaction. "Matt it's good news, we never have to hide any more and Wesley told me that everyone is okay with it and they miss us being at school." He then adds, making sure he is smiling as he takes his boyfriends hand into his own again.

"They don't hate us?" Matt asks nervously.

"No, you know Wesley kept going on about how much people like us, well it turns out he was telling the truth and they can't wait for us to go back to school together." Ben answers honestly, with a genuine smile.

"Oh that is so cool." Matt responds with a smile of his own, he is still struggling with the fear from their previous topic of conversation, but this has definitely helped ease them. "When are you going back to school?" He then asks and he can tell his boyfriend wasn't expecting that kind of a question.

"I er... I'm going to wait for you, so we can go back together." Ben eventually answers, after almost a minutes silence.

"Ben, you have to go back though, you can't wait for me." Matt states firmly, he thought he heard his boyfriend say something about this before, but he wasn't paying that much attention back then.

"No I'm waiting for you, they can't make me." Ben responds in protest.

"Don't be an idiot Ben." Matt then says and Ben can hear some of the earlier coldness in his boyfriends voice.

"What?" Ben responds, feeling slightly surprised by his boyfriends reaction.

"Ben look at me." Matt says, before pausing to look down at himself, as if to make a point. "It's going to be months before they let me out and I don't even know what these metal things sticking out of me are and most of my ribs are broken the doctor said and then it's not like I'm just going to be able to get up out of bed straight away, is it." He then states, as he tries to get his point across.

"So?" Ben responds quickly, he still doesn't see why this means he has to go back to school before his boyfriend.

"Ben it could be like over six months before I can go back and I'm going to be so far behind in everything." Matt then begins to explain, before getting cut off.

"Then we can catch up together, I don't want to spend all day at school without you." Ben states and Matt can see his boyfriend means well, but even in his condition and the drugs in his system he knows his boyfriend has to go back to school.

"Ben you need to go back for me." Matt decides to say, trying a different approach this time.

"Huh?" Is all Ben can say, wondering what his boyfriend is on about.

"Ben it is going to be so hard to catch up all those months, even with you doing it with me." Matt says, before having to stop after he slips down the bed a little and grimaces, as the pain washes over him and he yelps.

"Oh no, should I get a doctor?" Ben quickly asks, seeing his boyfriend in pain.

"No just... ouch... oh shit... Ben press... ouch... push the button... lower my bed... ouch please." Matt says feeling his broken ribs being compressed and it takes everything he has to not scream out.

Ben quickly presses the bed controls and the bed starts going down and to his relief and even more so to Matt's relief, he is slowly laid down, almost flat down on his back.

"Are you okay, I should get a doctor." Ben says and starts to move away, but his boyfriends grip on his hand tightens and holds him in place.

"Ben just give me a second okay and pour me some OJ, I'm thirsty." Matt says with a strained voice, the pain was immense, but what was worse is that somewhere in his mind he knew that was nothing compared to previous pain he has felt and the thought of what could be worse, unsettled him and he could feel himself trembling. "Forget about the OJ just... just hold me please Ben." He then says and Ben quickly leans over and gently cuddles his boyfriend, being careful not to hurt him.

When he eventually releases his boyfriend, Ben looks up to the clock to see he had been comforting his boyfriend for almost twenty minutes, it had only felt like a few minutes he thought to himself and looked down at his boyfriend, he could see him smiling and was pleased with himself for being able to help.

"Ben you need to go back to school as soon as possible and before you interrupt me." Matt says with a small grimace, before giving his boyfriend a quick squeeze of the hand. "I want you to go back so you can actually help me catch up, if you wait for me then we will never be able to do it." He then says and he can see his boyfriend thinking over what he has told him and smiles. "Ben please do it for me, please, going back is going to be hard enough, but knowing you will be able to help me catch up quickly is going to help so much." Matt then says in a pleading tone.

"Okay, but not for a few weeks, deal?" Ben answers, he doesn't want to go back without his boyfriend, but he can't argue with his logic and if him keeping up to date with the work will help his boyfriend then he would do it.

"Deal, now get me some juice, I think there are some straws in the top draw of the cabinets." Matt then says in a satisfied tone, he then raises his bed slowly and does his best to ignore the initial pain, he has to stop though, before getting into a full sitting position, but at least he will be able to drink something.

Ben quickly finds the straws and pours his boyfriend a drink, before holding the glass in place, while he watches his boyfriend slowly drink the OJ, he can't help but think how much he loves his boyfriend, before suddenly jumping a little in surprise and Matt giggles as he takes hold of his boyfriends balls and plays with them as he carries on drinking, knowing his boyfriend can't stop him, while he is holding his drink for him.

"Hey no fair." Ben protests, but his grin tells lets Matt knows he is really enjoying it.

"I guess I should stop then." Matt teases, after finishing his drink and begins to loosen his grip on his boyfriend, although he has no intention of actually letting go, he just wants to hear his boyfriend beg and whimper.

"No please don't." Ben pleads, as he puts the glass back on the bedside table and tries to keep his boyfriends hand around his balls and even whimpers a little causing Matt to giggle a little.

"Okay, but I'm not going to let you orgasm." Matt then says with an evil grin and Ben looks down with the cutest little pout.

"What?" Ben asks, before letting out a whimper as he feels his balls squeezed hard.

"If I can't then you can't, in fact I'm banning you from having an orgasm until I can have one." Matt then says and he giggles at the look of horror on his boyfriends face. "If you don't promise, I will ask Mitch to make sure you don't and you know he will take my side." He then adds still grinning and knows his boyfriend is going to agree.

"Okay but..." Ben begins to say, but he feels his boyfriends hand switch from his balls to his boner and he is soon struggling to keep his moaning quiet, as he feels himself being stroked faster and faster, his knees are even starting to wobble as his orgasm builds quickly and then just as he is about to hit the point of no return, he feels his boner being released. "Huh... no... please... please." He begs, as he looks down at his boyfriend and then at his own boner which is twitching and throbbing.

"Hey no touching." Matt then says, as he swats his boyfriends hand away, after noticing it moving towards his boner to finish the job.

"Please..." Ben says whimpering, he is just so close and he is struggling to get his breathing under control.

"Nope you promised and I'm going to do this to you every day when we are alone, until you go back to school and Ben." Matt informs his boyfriend, before pausing to tease his boyfriend a little longer. "I'm going to do it over and over again when we are alone." He then adds, before taking hold of his boyfriends boner and slowly stroking it, Ben is soon moaning and his orgasm quickly builds again, but just like before when he thinks it is about to hit, he feels his boyfriends hand release him, leaving him whimpering even more this time.

"Please..." Is all Ben can say, as sweat drips from him and he struggles to keep himself upright, while he remains on the brink much longer this time than before.

"So when are you going back to school?" Matt then asks, knowing this is a mean trick, but he is determined to get his boyfriend back to school as soon as possible.

"Couple of weeks..." Ben begins to say, but before he can finish he feels his boner being stroked again and he is soon moaning and whimpering again. "Please don't... please don't... stop... please" He then says, as he starts panting and once again he is left close and frustrated as the hand is removed.

"How long?" Matt then asks and gives his boyfriend a few moments to answer.

"I.... please... let me... have another.... please a week..." Ben answers, as his mind is caught between begging to wait longer before going back to school and being allowed to orgasm, but his boyfriends hand massaging his balls this time causes him to stop trying to talk and his moaning to resume, his legs are now completely useless as he slumps down a little, but because of the grip on his balls he has to hold himself up with his tiring arms and to make it even worse, his head is close enough to be kissed and feels his boyfriends lips on his own and they are soon locked in a passionate kiss.

"When are you going back?" Matt then asks, after he breaks the kiss and moves his hands from his boyfriends balls back to his boner and strokes him, starting of slowly and then speeding up, leaving his boyfriend whimpering and moaning, he knows he won't be able to talk and enjoys dominating him, he then removes his hand one last time and watches lovingly, as his boyfriends body trembles and his moaning eases.

"Monday... I promise Monday... please no more..." Ben says, in between deep breaths as he submits to his boyfriend.

"Wait what day is it today?" Matt then asks, after realising he has no idea what day it is and he can't quite make out the clock, because the light is reflecting off it due of the angle he is sitting at.

"Saturday..." Ben answers, he wants to say more, but his orgasm is still on his mind, he was so close that time, he was sure one more stroke would have done it and he could still feel his body tingling and trembling.

"Hmm okay, if you promise to go back Monday, I won't tease you again today or tomorrow, but if you don't go back, I will either keep doing this." Matt starts to state, as he places his hand back on his boyfriends boner and starts stroking again, the room is quickly filled with his boyfriends moaning and he knows he can only do this for a few seconds, so releases his whimpering boyfriend. "Or I will tell the doctors to not let you visit me any more." He then adds and he can tell the second option has hit home with his boyfriend.

"Wait what? No Matt you can't do that to me." Ben responds, as his fear over never being allowed to see his boyfriend, cuts straight through the painfully pleasurable feelings he was experiencing a few seconds ago.

"Then promise me and don't let me down." Matt states firmly in a serious tone, that lets Ben know his boyfriend is not joking.

"I promise." Ben concedes in defeat, before seeing an opportunity. "But you have to promise me something as well." He then says, looking down at his boyfriend for his reaction.

"I er... promise what?" Matt asks, half nervously and half cautiously.

"That when you speak to Wesley's dad tomorrow, you will actually talk with him and let him help you, instead of just sitting there ignoring him." Ben answers with a serious expression on his face. "He is coming on his day off, just for you Matt and Wesley had to pretty much give up a months worth of weekends to do extra chores, just to make sure his dad would help make you better." Ben then adds, he wasn't planning on mentioning Wesley's own sacrifice, but he felt his boyfriend needed to know that people were looking out for him.

"He really did that?" Matt asks, he couldn't help feeling better and happier knowing his friends were doing whatever they could to help him, he had been so scared and alone thinking no one cared and now slowly all his negative thoughts were being defeated and he really wanted to get better.

"Yeah and Carter has been busy researching ways that we can help you when you get out of hospital." Ben then says, as he strokes his boyfriends face.

"Huh, like what?" Matt asks looking confused, he is happy to hear Carter is doing something for him, but he didn't understand exactly what he was doing.

"Well you're going to need physiotherapy and even with that you're going to struggle, so Carter is trying to learn how to do some of it, so he can help you when you're at home and is seeing if he can figure out if he can come up with things to do outside that will help." Ben explains and he can see his boyfriends face light up a little.

"Oh my god, they are really doing all of this?" Matt asks in disbelief.

"Yeah we all love you, oh and Mitch is going to teach you and me self defence, when you're up to it, I know he mentioned it before last year and showed us some stuff, but this time he wants to do it properly and it will be awesome right?" Ben tells his boyfriend and can see his words and his friends support was working on his boyfriend.

"Okay, then I promise to let Wesley's dad try and help me." Matt says smiling, but it starts to fade a little. "Ben I... well I promise to try... I really want to get better but my head is messed up, I don't know what I'm going to say next or how I'm going to feel... I hate it." He then confesses, after realising just because he wants help, it doesn't mean his mind is going to let him.

"I know you dumb ass." Ben says smiling, causing Matt to look at his boyfriend wondering why he seems to be acting happy.

"Huh?" Matt then says, hoping his boyfriend explains himself.

"Well duh, you wouldn't be seeing him if you weren't messed up in the head you dumb ass, my point was that you promise to at least try, even if it doesn't go well, there will be more sessions with him and he will fix you Matt, you have to just keep fighting." Ben explains and smiles as he leans down and kisses his boyfriend on the lips before standing back up.

"So er... do I really look like shit?" Matt then asks, he has had enough talking about Dr Fisher and being fixed and just wanted to lighten the mood again.

"Huh? Oh well ah, Wesley... yeah well honestly you look sexy as hell to me all the time, but yeah actually... yeah you look like you got hit by a truck." Ben says and while his boyfriend was smiling before, he notices it has gone and a look of fear and recognition has replaced it. "Matt what's wrong?" He then asks, in a concerned tone.

"Ben get dressed quick... I can't help it... please hurry..." Matt says, in a strained voice and Ben can tell his boyfriend is trying to be strong.

"Okay." Is all Ben says, as he quickly finds his clothes and pulls them on and almost as soon as he is fully dressed he hears his boyfriend gasp and then scream out, Ben quickly opens the door and shouts out for help, before racing back to his boyfriend and trying to stop him trembling, as he cries out in pain as if he was being attacked by something.

"What the hell happened?" Mitch says, as he quickly moves on the other side of the bed opposite his little brother and helps hold Matt down, but even with him helping he is still struggling wildly.

"I don't know I think... I think he is having er... a flashback?" Ben answers stuttering, he remembered back when his boyfriend freaked out at the movie that time a few months ago and it made him realise that maybe he had reminded his boyfriend of something his dad had done to him and felt awful.

"What?" Mitch asks, as he is surprised at how much he is struggling to keep the young boy from moving too much and he can tell his little brother is exhausted already.

"Like when he had that freak out, when we watched that movie remember?" Ben responds and almost falls to the floor, his energy was gone, he had forgotten how much his boyfriend had tired him out not so long ago and now he just needed to sleep, but he knew he couldn't and forced himself to be strong and tried even harder to hold his boyfriend still.

Mitch is about to say something, when the door is pushed open and Dr Gilmar appears with a nurse, they quickly move Ben out of the way and Mitch can only watch as his little brother slumps to the ground with his back against the wall, but he can't go to him until Matt calms down.

"Mitch, as soon as you feel him stop struggling you can let go." Dr Gilmar instructs the young man and Mitch nods and watches the doctor sedate Matt and he can slowly feel the young boy calm down.

"Doctor I think he is sleeping now." Mitch says as he cautiously lets go of Matt and stands up, he has to fight the urge to go straight to his little brother and wait to make sure Matt is really asleep.

"Were you here when this happened?" Dr Gilmar then asks him and Mitch has to divert his eyes, from his little brother slumped against the wall back to the doctor.

"Er... sorry no I was outside, Ben, my little brother was in here." Mitch explains and turns to see that the nurse is now checking on his little brother and he then recognises her. "Mary?" He says, as he looks at Mrs Fisher.

"He is exhausted, we are going to need to get him changed and into a bed Dr Gilmar." Mary says, as he stands up and looks to her colleague, ignoring Mitch for a few moments as she has to do her job first.

"Okay, we will have to speak with him later." Dr Gilmar says, before turning to Mitch." I'm sorry Mitch, but I think you need to wait outside." He says, before turning back to Mary. "Nurse I will call in another nurse to help you, just get the boy stripped and into the bed and I will return to check on him shortly." He informs her, as he begins to leave the room.

"Dr Gilmar, I think it would be best if Mitch helped me, the boy is exhausted but he could still freak out if he feels himself being stripped by a stranger." Mary informs her colleague and gives Mitch a quick wink, before the doctor turns around to face them.

"Okay, I will be back back to check on both of them soon." Dr Gilmar tells Mary, before turning to Mitch. "Do you know where Mrs Summers and you father are?" He then asks, as he will need to discuss both their sons to them.

"They went to the canteen, should I go get them?" Mitch answers, forgetting that Mary had worked it so he could stay with his little brother and help get him stripped.

" No Mitch, I will head there myself, I need to talk with them both, just stay with the boys and press the alarm if anything else happens." Dr Gilmar answers and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

"Mitch, can you hold your brother up please, we need to get his clothes off." Mary says and in the process snaps Mitch out of his thoughts and back to his little brother.

"Huh what? Oh right yeah." Mitch answers and picks his little brother up and holds him upright, while Mary begins to pull the boys top off.

"It's inside out." Mary then mentions, as she lifts the top.

"Huh?" Mitch responds, not quite hearing her.

"Oh nothing, his top is just inside out." Mary repeats, as she places the top neatly on the table next to them, before pulling the boys trainers and socks off.

"Oh er... he does that sometimes when he is in a hurry." Mitch says and as soon as the words are out of his mouth, he realises his little brother must have been naked at some point and has to stifle a chuckle, so Mary wouldn't notice.

"Wesley has been doing that lately a lot as well." Mary says casually as she makes conversation as she unbuttons Ben's jeans.

"Ugh huh what... no." Ben suddenly calls out in a tired voice, as he feels his jeans being pulled down and is both scared and embarrassed.

"Sshh, it's just me Ben and Wesley's mum, we need to get you stripped and into bed, you need to sleep." Mitch whispers in a soothing tone, hoping to relax his little brother.

"No Mitch... please... my briefs..." Ben starts to say, but it's too late as Mary pulls the jeans down to his ankles and lets out a surprised gasp as she looks up to see his soft penis and balls in front of her face. "No..." Ben says in defeat, as tears roll down his face, but he is to tired to try and cover up.

"Oh... oh I'm so sorry I didn't realise, Ben I'm so sorry." Mary says, as she quickly removes the jeans from the young boy and stands up looking embarrassed.

"Huh, what happened?" Mitch asks, totally confused by the situation.

"He er... isn't wearing any underwear." Mary answers, looking everywhere except the young boy who is still on full display.

" Oh damn, well er... I think you can leave now Mary." Mitch says, as he looks over his little brothers head and sees his penis and realises that they are obscenely on display due to how he is holding his little brother and quickly picks him up cradling him in his arms, so his soft penis and balls are no longer on view. "Thank you for everything Mary and I'm so sorry for this." He then tells her, as she just nods her head and leaves the room.

"No... no... no... please..." Ben continues to say and is absolutely mortified at being exposed by his friends mum and begins to sob.

"Hey, hey come on Ben... she is a professional and isn't going to say anything." Mitch says, as he carries his naked little brother over to the bed the doctors had made up for him to sleep in and lays him down, but decides not to cover him just yet.

"She saw my little thing though." Ben then says, he is still sobbing and he just wants to die of embarrassment.

"Okay now as weird as this is going to sound and believe me it is weird to say, there is nothing 'little' about you penis Ben and to be honest if anything you should feel pretty good, I bet she has seen a lot of boys your age naked, but I bet she hasn't seen a boy with one as impressive as yours." Mitch then states, blushing slightly as the weirdness is definitely more awkward than he had thought, but it was worth it to see his little brother relax.

"She won't laugh at me and tell everyone?" Ben asks tentatively, as he looks at his brother.

"I promise she won't be laughing at you and if she did tell anyone, well trust me, you will not be made fun of and anyone who does is just jealous." Mitch reassures his little brother.

"Oh, but it's still embarrassing, I don't want other people seeing my bits." Ben then says, in the cutest tone Mitch had ever heard and had to hide a smile.

"Ben er.. another embarrassing question, but why is it so red?" Mitch then asks, he had left his little brother uncovered for a reason and now he had gotten a better look he had to ask.

"Huh, what do you mean, why is what so red?" Ben asks, still laying down with his head only propped by a pillow.

"Your er... Ben why is your penis so red?" Mitch asks bluntly this time and can see his little brother getting embarrassed again.

"No it's not." Ben responds defensively and Mitch rolls his eyes.

"Come on Ben it's me, I just want to make sure everything is okay and you know it is better if I check, instead of a nurse or doctor right?" Mitch then says and he knows by the way his little brother is thinking, that he said the right thing and just waits for his him to answer in his own time.

"Matt made me strip and then he kept playing with it until I almost orgasmed and then stopped, he kept doing it until I promised to go back to school Monday." Ben confesses and turns bright red.

"Whoa er... shit, well did it work?" Is all Mitch can think of to ask, he wasn't expecting that at all and was kind of impressed by Matt, although he would have to have words about them using their lube, when they play around with each other, but that could wait until later he thought to himself.

"Yeah, he said he would do it to me every time we were alone, until I went back to school." Ben admits, he feels totally humiliated telling his brother how his boyfriend had dominated him.

"Man tough break Ben." Mitch says, he actually feels bad for his little brother and can tell he is embarrassed about being forced like that. "Ben don't be embarrassed, he used a dirty trick that would work on anyone, it would work on me and I'm not afraid to admit it." He then says, trying to reassure his little brother and it was the truth, he hadn't experienced it himself but he knows what it is like to get edged and for a twelve year old boy, who has no idea what that is, it must be impossible to process.

"Really?" Ben asks in surprise.

"Yeah and Ben, try and remember that I'm here for you, please come to me if you ever need anything okay?" Mitch then says, he really doesn't want his little brother to ever think he is alone.

"I know and okay, Matt also made me promise to not orgasm until he can." Ben then says, deciding to take his brother up on his offer to talk.

"He what?" Mitch asks in shock, he wanted his little brother to open up to him and well he just got what he wanted and it was just awkward.

"He wants me to wait for him, he told me right before he started you know er... teasing my you know." Ben explains, just before he starts yawning and his head drops back, he had been trying to keep his head up to look at his brother, but he was too tired now and could feel his eye lids getting heavier.

"I know, now go to sleep little guy, I'm going to be watching you both all night okay." Mitch says reassuringly, as he kisses his little brother on the forehead and pulls the sheet over him.

"Mitch... Matt is going to ask you... to help make... sure I don't cheat..." Ben tries to say, but falls asleep before he can finish, although Mitch was pretty sure he understood what his little brother was going to say and couldn't help but find it adorable.

Mitch decides to wait a few minutes to make sure both boys were okay, before he leaves the room, he wanted to see his dad but Ben comes first and as he looks down at his little brother, he couldn't be more proud of him, he had seen he was exhausted when he first entered the room and helped hold Matt down, but he watched as his little brother found something deep inside and held on until help arrived, he always knew Ben was special and he had now seen him in action and was proud.

Satisfied that he could leave the boys safely for a few moments, Mitch starts walking out of the room, he opens the door quietly before stepping out and as soon as he is outside he looks both ways down the corridor and realises it is empty and decides to walk towards the canteen, remembering that is where his dad and Sarah went earlier, but he only makes it a few steps before stopping, he just couldn't leave the boys, he knew they would be fine but something inside him told him to stay with them and protect them and that overrode any sense of looking for his dad, so he turns back around and returns to the room, where he makes himself comfortable in a chair that he had positioned so he could see both boys beds and just sat there watching them, until after a few hours he falls asleep himself.

One Week Later

"How did it go Matt?" Ben asks his boyfriend, Matt's first session had ended very badly and his following two the same way, so Ben was hoping this time his boyfriend would have some good news.

"It's horrible Ben, it's like really scary." Matt answers honestly and although it isn't the news Ben wanted to hear, it was good that he had got an answer, he had to coax his boyfriend into talking the last three times, so he took this as a good sign.

"I wish I could be in there with you." Ben then says, as he continues to rub his boyfriends hand.

"Me too, it's just so scary Ben, I keep remembering things and it is..." Matt tries to explain but trails off, he hated the fact every time he seemed to move forward, a memory would resurface and it would send him right back to feeling scared and depressed.

"They are taking the cast of your wrist tonight though right? So that is good news" Ben then says, as he tries to lighten up the mood a little.

"Yeah I guess so." Matt responds unenthusiastically, but realises his boyfriend is trying to sound positive and decides to try and make him happy. "Sometime next week they are going to remove the pins from my pelvis too." He then says in a slightly forced and weak cheerful tone and sees his boyfriend smile, which actually causes a genuine smile appears on his own face.

"Really? Oh wow that is so cool." Ben answers excitedly as he gives his boyfriend a quick kiss. "Oops sorry." He then says quickly, since the sessions started Ben knows his boyfriend has been less keen on being touched and kissed, so although it was difficult he had tried to keep himself under control and respect that he just needs time.

"It's okay, your lips taste like strawberries again." Matt says with a sly smile, even with all his problems he still found being with his boyfriend relaxing, even if he did freak out when he kissed him.

"Oh er... shit... I was just..." Ben stutters, as his mind goes blank for an excuse and Matt just laughs at him.

"Creep, you just better not have orgasmed." Matt then says in a mock serious tone, although he was messing about, their deal still stood and he would be angry if his boyfriend broke it.

"I haven't I promise." Ben responds with a slightly frustrated look, he really wanted to orgasm and it was all his brothers fault, ever since they had that talk about him getting more boners and how to help reduce them, all he could think about was masturbating, it was like a switch got flipped in his head and then like some sort of joke from above, he gets banned by his boyfriend from having an orgasm and it was frustrating the hell out of him.

"Ben, can I ask you something?" Matt then asks nervously, he had tried to ask the doctors and nurses, but they seemed to avoid actually giving him an answer and when they did he didn't understand a word they said, so was hoping his boyfriend would tell him the truth.

"You know you can ask me anything Matt." Ben responds with a warm smile.

"Is my foot still there?" Matt asks and Ben's eyes open wide in surprise, he hadn't expected that at all.

"Huh? What, why would you ask that?" Ben asks looking confused.

"I can't feel my left foot and I can't see it." Matt answers and Ben can hear the fear in his boyfriends voice. "Ben just tell me please, the doctors won't and when they do say something, they use all these big words and I don't understand... please Ben..." He then pleads and tears run down his face, he is really afraid his foot is gone and no one seems to care.

"Hey come on." Ben says, trying to comfort his boyfriend and wipes his tears away. "Ben you foot is still there, I promise okay but..." He then begins to say, but a scared Matt interrupts him.

" But what? Oh my good what's wrong with it? Ben.... please?" Matt says as he begins to panic and Ben has to kiss him to get him to calm down, he knew kissing was a risky choice, but it had worked so many times before and to his relief it was working now and he could feel his boyfriend kiss him back. " Please just tell me Ben." Matt then says after he breaks the kiss, he had hated being kissed for almost a week now, but that felt amazing and if it wasn't for his mind being so focused on his foot, he would be kissing his boyfriend again.

"Your foot is really bad, like er... well Matt... it's not good and they didn't think they could save it, your ankle was completely ruined and they had to put metal things in there." Ben says, before pausing to see how his boyfriend was taking the news. "Sort of like the ones in your pelvis I think, but the doctors said your ankle will heal and you won't lose your foot." He then adds and can see his boyfriend relax slightly. "Matt... I know that is good news, but with your pelvis and foot they aren't sure if you will be able to walk properly again." He then quickly adds, he knows he just undid all the good he had just done, but he had another deal with his boyfriend where he would never lie to him or hold back the truth, unless he had a reason.

"Oh..." Is all Matt says at first and Ben can tell he is devastated. "But I will be able to walk right, I mean even if I can't do it like everyone else, I will be able to walk?" He then asks, it was part of the same deal about Ben always being honest with him, that Matt was trying to remain positive, they had talked a lot and Matt had understood he is just lucky to be alive and that he might never fully recover, so Ben had made him promise that if he wanted the truth he had to try and not get upset and although it was tough, he was determined to keep his promise.

"Yeah, Carter has already come up with some exercises we can all do together, they are mainly to help you, but they will work for us as well, so that is cool right?" Ben answers, he always made sure to remind his boyfriend that he had friends that cared and who were working hard to help him.

"Oh cool, Mitch told me that it is going to be hard work once I get all the pins and casts removed, but I got all you guys to help me right?" Matt says, as he starts to feel better already, the physiotherapy was scary and daunting to him, but if he had his friends with him, he knew he could do it.

"Yeah, I know it must be scary, but I'm going to do every thing you do, well everything they let me do anyway." Ben then states, he had decided and even spoken to the doctors about being allowed to do as much of the physiotherapy with his boyfriend as possible, without having a negative effect on his recovery.

"Huh?" Matt responds, not sure what his boyfriend meant, he knew Carter had come up with stuff, but he hadn't been aware his boyfriend was going to join him in his actual physiotherapy sessions.

"Yeah I spoke with the doctors already, I can do most of the stuff with you, but there is some stuff where I would just get in the way and I want to help you, not slow you down." Ben explains with a smile, although it starts to falter as his boyfriend goes silent, it had never occurred to him that his boyfriend may not want him there and now he was starting to feel guilty and is about to say something when Matt finally speaks.

"You would do that for me?" Matt asks, he knew his boyfriend had done so many amazing things for him, some a lot more than this, but for some reason something that he hadn't felt since his dad turned on him, had returned and he could barely contain his happiness.

"I would do anything for you, I love you more than anything and I mean anything Matt." Ben says from the heart, he had tried in recent days to limit how much he declared his love, because it had begun to hurt him a little when he didn't hear his boyfriend say the same words to him, but every now and then the words just slipped out.

"Can I see Little Benny?" Matt then asks and Ben looks at him in surprise, it wasn't so much the request, but the quick change in conversation and from past experience he was nervous.

"Some one might... er..." Ben begins to say as he looks out the rooms windows to see his dad and Mitch standing there, Sarah rarely stood at the window unless her son was asleep and he felt sorry for her, but right now he was wondering how he was going to get his penis out, without being kicked out of the hospital.

"Please, it's important." Matt then says in an almost pleading voice and Ben knows he is going to drop his jeans and briefs, he just had to figure out how to get away with it and then he turns to his brother, who he notices is looking into the room and stares him in the eyes, then mouths the words 'please' and for a moment Ben worries that his brother had forgotten their codeword, when his brother stares at him blankly, he is about to repeat the word when he sees the look of understanding spread across his brothers face and smiles when he sees him mouth the words 'be quick'.

Ben then watches as his brother turns to their dad and says something he can't quite make out, but to his relief they both start to walk away and just before they disappear from sight he sees his brother give him a thumbs up and he quickly turns back to his boyfriend and without saying a word drops his jeans and briefs down to just above his knees and holds them there as he stands right next to his boyfriends bed.

"I can't believe you did that for me." Matt then says, he knew he shouldn't ask his boyfriend to expose himself like this, but sometimes he just wanted to see his sexy bits and knowing his boyfriend would really do anything for him, made him feel so much better. "Ben tell me you love me again." He then says before he reaches out to play with his boyfriends slowly hardening penis and balls, he isn't going to tease him like he did the previous week, he just wants to see it hard and touch it a little and he always enjoys the adorably cute moans and whimpers his boyfriend makes.

"I love you Matthew Summers and I always will." Ben says sincerely and even manages to say it without moaning, although when his penis reaches it's full four and a half inches, he can't hold them back any more.

"Benjamin Walker I love you more than anything and I always will." Matt then says, before pulling his hand away from his boyfriends boner to look him in the eye, Ben just freezes for a few moments and doesn't even notice his jeans and briefs falling to his ankles and just looks at his boyfriend in shock. "Ben did you hear me?" Matt then asks after almost a minute goes by in silence and he wonders if his boyfriend is okay.

"You... you... I.... you said it.... for real?" Ben mumbles as his emotions get the better of him and he starts crying, but they are tears of joy and happiness and Matt just reaches out and holds his boyfriends hand.

"I love you, I love you, I love you and Ben guess what?" Matt then states, as he watches his boyfriend try to speak.

"What?" is all Ben can manage though, as he looks at his boyfriend in pure joy.

" I love you!" Matt says with a big grin, before he pulls his boyfriend down and Ben finds himself having to bend right over as his boyfriend kisses him, while Matt was absolutely on top of the world, he hadn't been able to even say the words in his head since he woke up, but now he just wanted to scream them out for the world to hear and at this moment in time he has never been happier.

"Holy shit." A voice suddenly says and Ben quickly breaks the kiss and turns to the door, he is sure he is in deep trouble and is about to cry when he realises his jeans and briefs are around his ankles and he has a boner. "Jeez get your clothes on Ben, anyone could walk in." The voice says again and when Ben finally sees who it is, he lets out a huge sigh of relief.

"Holy fuck Wesley, you scared the shit out of me." Ben says, still making no attempt to cover up as he is still shocked by his friend turning up out of the blue.

"Scared the shit out of you? Jeez Ben, you aren't the one walking in to see your friends and being greeted by the sight of his thankfully clean bum hole and then you turn around to wave you boner at me." Wesley retorts while he shuts the door behind him.

"You saw my bum hole?" Is all Ben says before turning bright red and to Wesley's amusement, he still isn't covering up.

"Ben for fuck sake get you pants up." Wesley finally decides to say and can't help laughing at the sight of his friend struggling to untangle his jeans and briefs from his ankles. "And yeah I could hardly miss it." He then adds while he tries his best to hold back from laughing.

"Hey Wesley." Matt then says, deciding to say something after enjoying watching his boyfriend fumble around for a few moments.

"Oh hey Matt, you still look like shit I see." Wesley says grinning, he knew his friend appreciated him not acting differently around him.

"I can't believe you're wearing those." Matt then says, ignoring his friends remark, even though he couldn't help smiling, he hated people trying to act differently around him but Wesley was always himself and he appreciated it.

"I promised didn't I?" Wesley answers with a shy smile, he had vowed to never wear them again but Matt had really wanted to see if his boyfriend had been telling the truth and Wesley eventually agreed.

"Yeah and damn it, Ben was right, how the hell do you look so cool and hot wearing transformer pyjamas Wesley?" Matt then states, although it was still funny to see Wesley dressed like this, it was annoying to see that he does still look cool.

"I have no idea Matt, but seriously you may think I look cool, but I really hate everyone staring at me, seriously Matt try walking through town to get here wearing these and see how cool you feel in them." Wesley answers, his words may sound like he is annoyed but his smile and tone of voice show he is not upset.

"I guess so, but thank you so much for wearing them, although your timing sucks." Matt says with a smile as he looks over to his boyfriend, who is just about dressed again.

"Yeah, way to ruin the moment." Ben then says, as he sticks his tongue out.

"Hey, just be glad it was me and not some doctor or nurse." Wesley retorts, but it is all in good humour. "So why were you half naked with a boner anyway?" He then asks, as he turns to Ben.

"Because he asked me to." Ben answers with a shy smile, he stills feels embarrassed letting people know he does anything his boyfriend asks him, but it will never stop him trying to make him happy.

"Hey come on, don't be embarrassed Ben, I just walked through the whole town and hospital in transformer pyjamas because he asked me and he is not even my boyfriend." Wesley then says and once again his honest straight talking lightens the mood and Ben smiles again.

"Speaking of boyfriends, where is Carter?" Ben asks, now feeling much better after Wesley's words.

"He is busy, it's a good thing really because of what he would have seen, if he came with me." Wesley says, before turning a little red, he shouldn't have said that and knew he was going to have to explain his words.

"Huh? Carter isn't that shy, I'm sure you two have been naked around each other enough." Ben states, sure Carter hadn't seen either of them naked and especially with a boner, but they were all boys and why would he be the one embarrassed.

"You're going to keep bugging me until I tell you right?" Wesley then asks in a resigned tone.

"Yep." Ben responds with a grin.

"Is it something bad?" Matt then says, as both Ben and Wesley turn to him. "What? Look Wesley if it is bad, then just say and we won't bug you okay?" He then adds, he wants to know but after what he has been through, he doesn't want to force Wesley to tell them anything about Carter.

"Yeah I guess if it is like really bad, it wouldn't be fair on Carter." Ben then says, he knows his boyfriend is right and that is more important than getting some gossip on Carter.

"Do you promise never to tell him or anyone else?" Wesley then says, he knows they just gave him the perfect chance to change the subject, but because they did that he wanted to confide in them and had actually wanted to get someone else's thoughts.

"Of course." Both Ben and Matt respond with friendly smiles, they know this is big and would never betray Wesley's confidence.

"Look Carter is a little er... self concious about er... his you know er... size." Wesley says awkwardly and he was finding it harder to say than he thought he would.

"Huh? Carter has never been bothered about being shorter than us before." Ben responds, wondering how his height had anything to do with seeing him half naked with a boner.

"Oh jeez Ben, you dumb ass, he means his penis... idiot." Matt says, as he shakes his head in disbelief at his dense boyfriend.

"Oh... oh shit, is it tiny or something?" Ben then asks.

"Oh fucking hell shut up Ben, jeez just listen for a while." Matt then says, as he looks at his boyfriend again shaking his head. "Wesley is it though... you know really small?" He then asks, turning back to their friend.

"Well its isn't like massive, I mean us three are probably the biggest in school and well he is really shy about being naked." Wesley explains, before waiting for his friends to respond.

"But he was with Jordan for ages and they didn't seem to be shy with each other." Matt points out, if anything Carter and Jordan seemed to very confident around each other.

"Ah, well he told me that er... Jordan and him weren't that different, if you know what I mean." Wesley then says before looking around, he knows Carter isn't anywhere near the hospital, but he can't help but be a little paranoid. "He was like super confident when we you know er... first you know and he was the one who got naked first and he seemed fine, until I er... got naked too and I could see his face drop and he got all weird and actually got dressed and left." He then says with a sad expression.

"He just left?" Matt asks, surprised that Carter reacted that way.

"Well kind of." Wesley says and both Ben and Matt look at him curiously. "Well we were in his room, so he sort of came back looking embarrassed ten minutes later." He then explains, before stopping and giving Ben a cold stare after his friend had laughed.

"Ouch." Ben then yelps as he holds his arm. "What was that for?" He says turning to his boyfriend.

"Don't laugh at them and sorry about hitting you, I shouldn't have done that." Matt says, before turning back to Wesley.

"The thing is I was still naked and he was looking at me." Wesley decides to continue talking, he was satisfied with Ben getting put in his place, although he wasn't really angry at him. "It took me a while but he eventually admitted he felt like a baby, because his was so small and well it took like a week before I got him to strip again and even now he is a little shy and self concious." He then explains, although he skipped passed a lot of other stuff, but his friends didn't need to know about those.

"So how big is he, you know soft and hard?" Matt decides to ask, he is curious but also wants to know to see if there is any reason for Carter to be embarrassed.

"Soft I would say maybe one inch and hard he is like two inches, maybe two and a half." Wesley answers, before taking a few seconds to think. "Guys you won't tell him about this will you?" He asks, he knows they promised already, but he had to be sure.

"We promise." Ben and Matt respond in unison.

"Guys I don't know how to convince him he is normal, I mean us three are kind of freaks of nature for our age, there are fully grown men who would envy us, but Carter as far as I know is perfectly average, maybe even above for our age, but he doesn't believe me and we have done some things together like touching, but he always tries to keep me from seeing him." He then confesses, he is finding it reassuring to finally get to talk about it and really hoped his friends could help.

"If I were him, I would feel the same way I think Wesley." Ben then says and Wesley looks at him in surprise.

"You would?" Wesley responds.

"Yeah I mean it's stupid I know and Carter probably knows he is being stupid, but well it's your penis right and it's yours and it is bad enough when other people see it and it must be even worse if you think it is small and well compared to yours Wesley, his is tiny and well you have to just stop trying to tell him he is fine and has nothing to be ashamed of, I mean no one likes being patronised right?" Ben answers and both his boyfriend and friend give him a surprised look. "What?" He then asks, wondering why they are staring at him.

"Wow that actually made sense." Matt says now smiling and laughs when his boyfriend pouts at him.

"Oh, so instead of telling him not to be embarrassed I should er... well actually I don't get it." Wesley admits and looks at Ben expectantly.

"Well er... do you like it? I mean his er... you know penis and stuff?" Ben says awkwardly, talking about other peoples bits is embarrassing and he is definitely not enjoying it.

"Yeah it is perfect, I mean it is just so cute and to be honest on his body it looks well, it looks perfect and if I were him I would be proud of it, his balls are actually pretty cool too." Wesley answers, but blushes after realising he said his boyfriends balls were 'cool' and wished he picked something better to say.

"Well tell him that, don't try to tell him he is average and has nothing to be shy about, just tell him how much you like it and how you wouldn't want him any other way, he might still be shy, but he will relax around you more and if that fails, then show him how much you like it." Ben suggests to his friend with a naughty smile and even Matt can't help but smile at his boyfriends suggestion.

"Show him?" Wesley asks looking confused, but also happy that neither of his friends seemed to make a big deal about his comment about his boyfriends balls.

"Suck it, kiss it and lick it." Ben says bluntly and he has to hold back a giggle at his friends reaction.

"I what... do... with my mouth?" Wesley stutters as he looks at Ben in disbelief, he knew what being boyfriends with Carter would mean and what they would do eventually with each other, but he was definitely not ready for that and after his incident with Mitch's cum and he was not keen on the idea either.

"No with your ear, of course your mouth you moron." Ben responds sarcastically.

"I'm not ready for that though, we only just started touching each others with our hands, well him touching me, he doesn't like me touching his because, well you know and er... anyway I don't think I can do it." Wesley responds honestly and his friends can see the sad look spread across his face.

"Hey come on Wesley, Ben didn't say you had too, he was only giving you a suggestion and if you really aren't ready then you shouldn't do it." Matt then says with a genuine smile, he couldn't believe how normal all this felt, his fear and distress were still there but they were getting easier and easier to ignore.

"Yeah sorry Wesley, look never ever do anything you're not ready for, but can I give you one last suggestion? And I promise you it is the best thing you could possibly do." Ben then says, he realises he should have been more respectful of his friends situation and feelings.

"Okay and thank you." Wesley says, as he wonders what his friend is going to suggest now.

"You should speak with Mitch." Ben suggests and he can see his friend is about to say something. "Before you interrupt, Mitch is amazing, I mean it and if it wasn't for him, I really don't know what would have happened with me and Matt, I mean we would be together, there is no doubt about that, but what I mean is he has helped us understand our feelings, he gave us advice and made sure we were safe, he will do the same for you and Carter and he will never make fun of you or try to humiliate either of you." Ben explains, with a genuine warm smile.

"He wouldn't mind?" Wesley asks, he had wanted to talk with Mitch, but didn't want to seem rude because of what was happening with Matt.

"He loves you like a little brother Wesley, granted not as much as me but he sees you, Matt and even Carter as his responsibility and it makes him happy when he can helps us." Ben answers truthfully, he knows his brother would be delighted to help Wesley.

"Yeah Mitch is awesome and will definitely want to help you." Matt then adds, he then looks over to Ben and then back to Wesley. "In fact Wesley, I think you would be doing Mitch a favour by giving him something to do." He then adds and both Ben and Wesley look at him curiously.

"What do you mean?" Wesley asks, just before Ben can ask the same thing.

"I think he is feeling useless, he wants to help me but can't and well Ben is getting better at helping me and probably not needing him as much either, so I think it will do him good to actually be able to help and I definitely think you should speak to him as soon as possible about Carter and the sex stuff." Matt explains, he hadn't really given this sort of thing much thought before now, he had seen Mitch and Ben interacting since he woke up but he really didn't seem to care for some reason, but now he was beginning to get his normal feelings back he wanted to make the most of them while they lasted, there was no telling when he would go back to how he was just a short time ago and he knew it was just a matter of time.

"Just make sure you tell Carter before he finds out any other way, well after you talk to Mitch first though, but yeah er... just make sure Carter knows, because Mitch will want to help him too." Ben then adds, although he made a bit of a mess of what he was trying to say.

"So er.. talk to Mitch, if it goes well, I then need to talk to Carter and hope he doesn't kill me for telling Mitch about his penis and then er... I don't think that is going to end well for me guys." Wesley says, as he points out the obvious flaw in his friends suggestion.

"Ah right yeah, I guess talk to Carter first then?" Ben then says with a sheepish grin, realising if he was in Carter's position and he found out his boyfriend told his friends older brother about what he looked like naked, he would be furious and might never forgive him.

"Yeah I guess if I were Carter, I would probably kill you or something." Matt says looking just as sheepish as his boyfriend, realising while they had the right intentions, there plan would have backfired epically.

"Guys I really appreciate this, I just want Carter to be happy and don't want him to think I don't like his body, because it is just perfect to me." Wesley states with a cute blush.

"If you want, you could send him in to talk to me sometime." Matt then offers, he really wants to keep doing good things, they seem to really help him and also he wanted to spend some time with Carter, he missed the little guy and hadn't really seen him since he woke up.

"This is going to sound so rude and I'm sorry, I don't mean it like this, but how can you help him?" Wesley asks and both Ben and Matt can tell he is nervous about being rude.

"Hey don't worry, look I don't know if I can but even if I can't, I miss him and I know he is doing this physiotherapy thing to help me, but I would like to see him, it's been ages... so yeah okay I just miss him." Matt explains and finally confesses he misses his friend.

"Aww man why didn't you just say, Carter has wanted to see you everyday, but thought you wouldn't want to see him." Wesley confesses and wishes Carter had come now, he knows he just made up the excuse he couldn't come, but he should have made him.

"Why would he think that?" Matt says and he tenses up a little, this was definitely not good and he could feel his anger and fear getting stronger, he tries to reach out for his boyfriends hand but he can't quite reach and Ben is looking at Wesley. "Ben hold my hand quick." He then says and without even hesitating Ben moves closer and takes his hand.

"Hey, what's wrong Matt?" Ben asks in a concerned tone and can see Wesley looking on in concern as well.

"The same as usual, something gets said and my brain goes all stupid... I hate this... it's not fair, why can't I just be normal?" Matt answers in a frustrated tone and Ben leans down and kisses him on the forehead.

"You may be fucked up in the head, but you're normal, brave and instead of freaking out you asked for help and I love you so much Matthew Summers." Ben says, as he leans down again and kisses his boyfriends forehead again and then each of his eyes, then his nose and finally his mouth with little pecks, before stand upright with a big grin on his face.

"I love you to Benjamin Walker, Amor Vincit Omnia." Matt responds with a smile, in just a few seconds his boyfriend had managed to calm him down and he loved him more than ever.

"Amor Vincit Omnia." Ben says smiling.

"Whoa, love conquers all, that is just kinda beautiful and perfect for you two." Wesley then says and both his friends look at him in surprise.

"You know Latin?" Ben asks in surprise, although after thinking about it for a few moments and remembering who he is talking to, it would have been more of a surprise if Wesley didn't know Latin.

"Yeah I taught myself years ago." Wesley admits and blushes a little.

"You taught yourself?" Matt asks, he like Ben had come to the same realization that Wesley of course would somehow know Latin, but to hear he taught himself, that is just taking it to the next level of being annoyingly brilliant.

"Well yeah, but I got some help from this kid in England, he was kind of cool but he just seemed to have just disappeared a few years ago." Wesley explains and can't help noticing Matt give him a funny look. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Wesley finally asks after a few moments of silence and even Ben is wondering what is up with his boyfriend.

"What was his name?" Matt asks after a few more moments of silence and can feel his boyfriends hand squeezing his hand gently and he looks up appreciatively, before looking back at Wesley.

"Tobias, he our age and he was fun to chat with, I always wondered what happened to him though." Wesley answers and this time grows concerned as his friends face goes white and he looks to Ben. "Is he okay?" He asks and then realises Ben is also looking shocked. "Okay, what is going on?" He finally asks, in both frustration and concern.

"What was his surname?" Matt then asks, his voice is full of excitement and Wesley is just feeling totally confused at the mixed signals and looks he is receiving.

"Robinson, his name was Tobias Robinson, why?" Wesley asks and immediately connects the dots, Tobias had often talked about his best friend and his name was Matt... Matt Summers and he suddenly felt like the biggest dumb ass ever at never connecting the names before this. "Oh shit you're his Matt aren't you?" He then states in disbelief.

"He was my best friend, he was my everything before..." Matt begins to say, but he starts to feel like losing it again and squeezes his boyfriends hand. "When did he stop talking to you Wesley... please it's important." He then asks, he isn't even sure why he wants to know or if it is actually important, but he can't shake the feeling he needs to know.

"Like January of last year I think." Wesley answers and then can't help but let his curiosity get the better of him. "Why do you want to know though?" He then asks.

Matt looks at his boyfriend, with a look of fear on his face and just shakes his head, instinctively Ben leans down and kisses him, he then breaks the kiss and just cuddles him for a few more minutes as Wesley just stands and watches, normally he would feel annoyed at them ignoring him, but he knows what Matt is going through and knows that he has to wait for him to calm down.

"It's the same time when Tobias stopped contacting me." Matt finally manages to say and he knows he is going to fall apart any moment now, he knows something bad must of happened to his best friend and he felt like a part of his heart was being torn out of him. "Wesley I need a doctor, I can't stop it this time, please hurry." He then says turning to Wesley, who wastes no time to go find a doctor or even a nurse, they had all been told that if Matt ever took a turn for the worst they would need to sedate him as soon as possible, so he didn't hurt himself.

"Matt I'm here okay, I won't leave you okay?" Ben says, trying to calm his boyfriend, but he knows when Matt asks for a doctor, there is literally nothing he can do and just has to keep talking to him.

"Ben shut up... I mean, damn it... Ben you need to find out if anything happened to Tobias.... please... I don't know how.... just find out please...." Matt manages to say, before his body starts trembling and Ben does all he can to hold him still, but the screaming cuts right through him and he just prays that someone comes quickly.

It seems like hours before a doctor burst through the door, with Wesley right behind her, Ben knows the drill and keeps his boyfriend as still as he can, when he feels Wesley opposite him holding his boyfriend down he relaxes slightly, as the doctor sedates his boyfriend and can feel his struggling subside and eventually stop.

"Well done boys, you did very well." Dr Watson says, looking down at the two boys, she knew Wesley because of his mum working at the hospital and had come to know Ben from his time being with his boyfriend in the hospital.

"Thanks Kate... oh I mean Dr Watson... sorry." Wesley says sheepishly, as he remembers he should not call her by her first name when at the hospital.

"It's okay Wesley, no one else is around and you know I prefer you calling me Kate." Dr Watson says, as she squeezes his cheeks and laughs as he pulls away and gives her a dirty look. "That is for calling me Kate, when you bumped in front of my colleagues in the corridor though." She then says with a smile.

"I'm so going to get you back for that Kate." Wesley retorts with a smirk.

"Nice pyjamas by the way Wesley." Dr Watson says and wipes the smirk right off the young boys face. "Okay boys, make sure one of you stays with him and someone will be in soon to check on him okay." She then says, as she leaves the room, she like a lot of the staff had already had to sedate the poor boy at least once and it was a tough thing to handle and they all had become attached to Matt and his boyfriend Ben, which made it even harder to see him like that.

"Sorry Ben." Wesley apologises, as he sits down in one of the chairs with his head in his hands.

"Huh, what for?" Ben responds, while looking over to his friend and wonders why he is apologising.

"If I didn't mention Tobias and all that, he would have been fine and now look at him." Wesley says without even looking up out of his hands, Ben looks at his friend with a sad expression before he walks over to him.

"Hey, its not your fault, this isn't the first time he has been sedated and it won't be the last and he needs us all to be strong, so no self pity and self blame okay?" Ben tells his friend and manages to smile as Wesley slowly lifts his head.

"I can't believe I never realised Matt was the best friend Tobias used to talk about." Wesley then states and shakes his head.

"Hey come on, stop it now." Ben says, as he tries to snap his friend out of it and is glad to see that it is working.

"I know, but still..." Wesley begins to say before Ben interrupts him.

"Still nothing Wesley, now snap out of it, I need your help with something." Ben says and is pleased to see Wesley finally pay attention.

"Huh, what with?" Wesley asks curiously.

"Matt asked me to find out if anything bad happened to Tobias, it is weird that he just broke contact with both of you at the same time." Ben explains, before looking over to his boyfriend for a few seconds. "I think he accepted that maybe Tobias had moved on or had just found it too hard to keep in contact, but hearing you knew him and that he broke contact with you at the same is just strange right?" He then says as he turns back to Wesley, who he is pleased to see is now fully with it and smiles.

"Yeah, I mean I hope it is just one of those coincidences, but I tried to get in contact with him for a while and it was just like he vanished, but you know he lived in another country and we are kids, so people lose touch all the time, but yeah it does seem weird." Wesley says in agreement with his friend. "But how are we going to find anything out?" He adds, pointing out that it isn't going to be easy.

"I don't know, like Facebook and twitter maybe, maybe your parents could help, I mean medical stuff, maybe they could check things in other countries?" Ben suggests, he isn't sure if any of those are good ideas or not but he can't think of anything else.

"What about Mrs Summers?" Wesley then asks and can see his friend look at him in surprise. "What?" He asks.

"Jeez I'm an idiot, of course... Sarah was best friends with Tobias's parents, if anyone could find out about him, it would be her." Ben answers with a grin.

"Oh really, well isn't this good news about Tobias then?" Wesley then says and Ben turns to him curiously.

"What makes you say that?" Ben asks.

"Well they must keep in touch right? And if anything happened to Tobias she would have known right?" Wesley explains in a confident tone.

"Well I guess so, but I don't think they kept in touch at all, they rarely ever mentioned them." Ben replies, he doesn't want to put a downer on their best idea, but he doesn't want to get too excited.

"Oh right, damn but anyway we should talk to Mrs Summers as soon as possible." Wesley then suggests.

"Call her Sarah, she doesn't like Mrs Summers and I'm guessing even less now, after what that freak did to Matt." Ben says, with venom in his voice as he says the last few words.

"Oh right sorry, it's weird calling adults by their first names." Wesley responds in agreement.

"Okay well I have no idea where she is, so I guess we have to wait and well I don't want to leave Matt anyway." Ben then says, as he walks back to his boyfriend and holds his hand.

"I should tell my dad about what happened though, you don't mind if I go a see him do you?" Wesley then asks, he doesn't want to leave but even though he won't admit it, Matt freaking out got to him and he needed to find Carter and just hold him for a while.

" Oh okay sure, that's a good idea, it could help your dad come up with something to help Matt." Ben replies with a smile as he watches as his friend gets up and then walk towards him and they have a quick cuddle before Wesley leaves.

Ben then just stands there looking down at his boyfriend, he then reaches out with his free hand to pull a chair across and slumps down in it for a few seconds before leaning forward and holds his boyfriends hand to his face and cries, he could probably have stopped himself, but he had been told by everyone not to bottle up his feelings and find a way to let them out, finding himself alone with his sedated boyfriend seemed like as good a place as any and he just lets loose, not caring if anyone outside the room overhears him.

"Ben?" Mitch calls out nervously as he enters the room, when he had left to give the boys some privacy, he had only meant to be gone for five or ten minutes, but they had bumped into Erica and she convinced them to get something to eat, in fact his dad and Sarah were still there talking with Erica and now he was staring at his little brother crying his heart out and an obviously sedated Matt. "Ben, buddy what happened?" He then calls out in a warm caring tone and slowly edges towards his little brother.

As Mitch kneels next to his brother it is clear that he isn't going to respond, Mitch realises that he needs to let his little brother get it out of his system and just puts an arm over his back and pulls him into his chest, while being careful to not move him away from Matt's hand, which he is clearly latched on to. Mitch really didn't understand what could have happened though because everything seemed to be fine and the boys were obviously going to do something a little naughty, because Ben had mouthed the codeword they came up with, but to find them like this is heartbreaking and as his little brother cries in his arms he felt his own tears run down his face.

"Hey Buddy, how you doing?" Mitch asks his little brother, he had been holding him for almost twenty five minutes while he cried, a nurse had been in and checked over Matt and he could tell she was moved by his little brother crying and he thanked her silently as she left.

"Huh er... Mitch?" Ben responds in surprise at seeing his brother not only in the room, but holding him as well, he hadn't even realised he was there.

"You feeling better now?" Mitch asks, as he uses his free hand to wipe his little brothers face.

"When did you get here, how long..." Ben begins to say and Mitch has to stop him by placing a finger over his lips.

"Relax okay, I have been here for almost half an hour and I just wanted to make sure you were doing alright." Mitch explains to his little brother and lowers his finger.

"Oh, okay thank you Mitch." Ben says as he sniffles a few time. "I feel better after that." He then says as he sits up and looks at his boyfriend.

"How bad was it this time?" Mitch asks, he assumes it must have been bad if his brother was crying like that.

"Not really that bad, it was still horrible to see though, but it's been a while since I let go and I remembered what you all told me about not bottling things up, so I just let it all out I guess and well it works." Ben replies honestly, he isn't exactly jumping for joy and feeling the urge to run around screaming how happy he was, but he was definitely feeling better.

"I'm so proud of you Ben." Mitch says ruffling his little brothers hair. "What set it of this time then?" He then asks, he knows it sounds uncaring to ask about Matt like this but they had all agreed to tell each other and hoped it would help them avoid repeating it themselves at a later time.

"It's a little complicated but basically, it turns out Wesley actually knew Tobias, you know Matt's best friend from England, I will explain another time about that though Mitch." Ben starts to tell his brother and stops to make sure he is following.

"Okay, don't worry about the details, the basics will do for now." Mitch says, of course he wanted the details, but suddenly picks up on what his little brother had said. "Wait Wesley was here?" He then asks.

"Oh er... yeah he turned up after you left and we were talking, he was really great and helped me hold Matt down, but he had to go and do something important." Ben answers, he didn't even think about whether his brother had known Wesley was here or not.

"Oh okay, so you were talking about Tobias." Mitch then states, he was a little disappointed to have missed Wesley, but he had more important things to deal with now and wanted to get back to his little brother and Matt.

"Okay, well it turns out that Tobias stopped contacting Wesley at the same time he stopped contacting Matt, we aren't sure but Matt thought something bad might have happened to Tobias and it started him off, he actually told Wesley to go get a doctor and held himself together as long as he could Mitch." Ben explains, he made a point of mentioning the fact Matt seemed to be more aware of when he was freaking out and understood he needed a doctor to help him, which he thought was a good sign.

"Oh crap, well I guess I could ask Sarah to get in contact with his parents, I'm sure she still has their numbers, or at least be able to find them out." Mitch offers and looks at his little brother quizzically, as he grins at him. "What are you grinning for?" He asks curiously.

"Nothing really, it's just it took me and Wesley a few minutes to work out we could just get Sarah to help us, it took you like a few seconds and it just made me remember how awesome you're and I love you so much." Ben answers sincerely, as he rests his head on his brothers shoulder.

"Oh I see, well it's okay, I'm just happy to actually be able to help." Mitch says, although he jumps a little as his little brother suddenly jolts up and looks at him, but he relaxes as he sees a smile spread across his little brothers face. "Oh come on what now?" He asks with a warm smile.

"He told me he loved me Mitch, like he actually said it, he said it loads of times and he meant it." Ben answers and his grin widens as he thinks about his boyfriend saying those words to him. "Ouch, what was that for?" He then yelps, as he feels his brother swatting the back of his head.

"Sorry little guy, but you were starting to drool and er... well you're kind of starting to er... tent up." Mitch tells his little brother in an awkward tone, he did think it was kind of cute, but anyone could walk in and with his brother banned from having orgasms, it was likely that once hard, it would take a while to go away and although highly amusing for him and everyone else, his little brother had been through enough recently.

"Oh right thanks, I think." Ben responds, although he is tempted to give his brother a playful punch on the arm, but he decides to just lean into him instead.

"How did his session go?" Mitch then asks, from what he could make out from Dr Fisher leaving quickly, it seemed no better then the previous ones.

"I think it went okay, he still hates them and gets scared, you know because he keeps remembering things and he just wants to be normal again." Ben says and even though Mitch can't see his little brothers face, he can tell he is close to tears.

"He was talking to you straight away though, that's a good sign right?" Mitch then says, while he gently strokes his little brothers hair, he had picked up on the fact it had taken Ben a while to coax his boyfriend into talking previously and felt it was worth pointing out.

"Yeah and I think he is getting better, it's just.... Mitch I'm scared that I'm going to lose him." Ben says and this time he sits up and turns to his brother and Mitch can see the genuine fear on his little brothers face.

"What do you mean, he isn't going to die Ben and you just told me he said he loved you." Mitch responds in a concerned tone, he isn't sure why his little brother is getting upset.

"When he remembers he was raped." Ben then explains, as a few tears roll down his face. "Mitch he is remembering more and more of what happened to him, if he remembers the rape." He then starts to finish, but his emotions get the better of him and he starts crying.

"Oh shit Ben, I'm so sorry I should have thought of that." Mitch says and quickly pulls his little brother tightly into his chest. "I think you should tell him then." He then suggests and his words cause Ben to break out of his embrace and look at him.

"What?" Ben says, his tears are still flowing, but his brothers words have got his full attention.

"Tell him, it is going to be hard and well it is going to be horrific, but it might be the best way for him to find out." Mitch explains, he is already starting to think he should have kept his mouth shut and the look on his little brothers face doesn't help.

"I can't." Ben then states and before Mitch even gets a chance to say anything, his little brother continues. "I talked to him about it already, well I didn't tell him but we came to an agreement that when he is ready to hear about it, then he will let me know." He then explains, but when he looks to see his brothers reaction, he can see he is confused.

"Wait you talked to him about rape, but you didn't tell him about his dad raping him?" Mitch asks sounding as confused as he looks.

"No er... well he asked me what rape was, I was kind of surprised and thought he had remembered, but it turned out he overheard some nurses talking and didn't know what it was." Ben says, trying to explain what happened as best as he could.

"So you told him what rape meant?" Mitch asks in a concerned tone, he was a little shocked Matt was unaware of what rape meant after what happened with Mr Jones and tried to remember if that word was ever actually used or not, he remembers 'molested' and 'touched', being used a lot but couldn't actually remember anyone mentioning the word 'rape'.

"No, I'm not stupid Mitch, if I told him that then he would have figured it out and freaked out." Ben answers giving his brother an annoyed look, he didn't like people assuming he was dumb. "I just told him that it is really bad and I think he kind of figured out it happened to him, but he didn't know what it meant and I made him promise not to try and find out, he was a little angry at first, but I convinced him that he isn't ready to hear the truth, but when he was I would tell him everything and well me and Matt keep our promises to each other." He then continues, finishing his explanation.

"Okay sorry, I just worry about you both and I know you're not stupid Ben." Mitch apologises, he feels bad for making his little brother get upset, but he meant well and he knew his little brother wasn't really angry.

"I know, you don't mind if I sleep a little do you, I'm just really tired." Ben then asks, as he leans forward and rests his head on the bed, with his boyfriends hand next to his face.

"Want me to stay with you?" Mitch asks as he watches his little brothers eyes flutter as he starts to fall asleep.

"No... go see dad... Mitch..." Ben starts to reply, but his eyes close and he falls into a deep sleep.

Mitch gets up quietly, he then walks over to the bed made up for his little brother and takes the sheet off, he then walks back over and drapes it over his sleeping little brother, before kissing him on his head and heads out of the door to find his dad and Sarah and to his surprise, he almost walks straight into them as he closes the door behind him.

"Dad?" Mitch says blushing, as he realises he almost flattened his dad.

"Hey Mitch, everything okay?" Mike asks innocently, unaware of anything that has happened.

"Why are they sleeping?" Sarah then asks, after she looks through the window and into the room.

"Oh er... damn." Mitch says and both Sarah and his dad look at him in concern. "Okay er... Matt is sedated, I know that is bad but trust me, it isn't as bad as the previous times I promise." he then adds as he looks at Sarah reassuringly.

"Okay." Is all Sarah can say, as she looks back into the room at her sedated son.

"Sarah he was the one who actually asked for the doctor and she said it was a good sign that he was able to identify when he needed help, it's not massive I know but it's a start and he told Ben he loved him for the first time since everything happened and I think that is a 'massive' sign right?" Mitch then states, trying to keep her spirits up and smiles as she looks at him appreciatively.

"Thank you Mitch and you're right, it is just still hard to see him like that though." Sarah responds, before turning back to the window.

"What happened to Ben?" Mike then asks, he can see he is just asleep, but is still concerned.

"He just tired himself out, he cried his heart out because he remembered what we told him about bottling his emotions up, you would have been proud of him dad." Mitch answers with a look of pride on his face, he really did think his little brother was amazing.

"I'm Mitch, I'm proud of you both." Mike responds, as he puts an arm around his eldest son. "Anything else we should know about?" He then asks, more for making conversation than actually being worried about anything.

"Actually there is something we need your help with, well more Sarah than you Dad, sorry." Mitch answers, giving his dad a shy look before seeing Sarah turn to face him.

"My help?" Sarah asks, with a mixture of confusion and surprise.

"Yes we need to find out if anything happened to Matt's best friend from England..." Mitch begins to explain, but Sarah interrupts him.

" Tobias?" Sarah says and Mitch looks at her questioningly, as her face turns white.

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