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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 3

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 4

May 2015

"Actually there is something we need your help with, well more Sarah than you Dad, sorry." Mitch answers, giving his dad a shy look before seeing Sarah turn to face him.

"My help?" Sarah asks, with a mature of confusion and surprise.

"Yes we need to find out if anything happened to Matt's best friend from England..." Mitch begins to explain, but Sarah interrupts him.

"Tobias?" Sarah says and Mitch looks at her questioningly, as her face turns white.

"Yeah, do you know something already?" Mitch asks curiously after seeing her reaction to what he had said.

"Not much, I tried getting in contact with his parents, but couldn't get through and eventually I managed to find out from some other old friends that..." Sarah begins to answer, before pausing. "Mitch they are dead." She then confesses, as a tear runs down her face and Mitch and Mike both look at her in shook.

"All of them? Even Tobias?" Mitch asks in a shocked tone.

"I don't know." Sarah answers honestly, but can see the look of confusion on the young man's face. "His parents and uncles and cousins were all killed in an accident, they were driving to pick him up when it happened." She starts to explain, before pausing to wipe her eyes. "They were going to surprise Tobias with a family holiday, but they never made it to pick him up." She then adds, before Mitch interrupts her.

"So Tobias is alive, where is he?" Mitch asks and blushes a little when his dad gives him a disapproving look for interrupting Sarah.

"Well that is where it gets weird." Sarah answers, but again pauses, she had loved Tobias like a son before they moved to New Zealand and her investigation had not been a pleasant one. "Tobias hasn't been seen since, in fact the friends house he was meant to be at said they hadn't seen him at all, there was an investigation and it is still ongoing, but it's been so long they have pretty much given up hope of ever finding him." She then says and she can feel herself shaking and is grateful when she feels Mike's arm around her.

"Can't we do anything?" Mitch asks and the desperation in his voice is obvious, he knows this will crush Matt and in the process crush his little brother and there had to be something he could do.

"I'm trying everything I can Mitch." Sarah answers, her head now resting on Mike's shoulder. "He isn't dead, he is out there somewhere alone and afraid and I'm going to do everything I can Mitch, in fact I'm flying out to look for him soon" She then adds, before taking a glance inside the room, she had only found out they were dead, after what had happened to her son and the talk she had with Mike where she discovered the move to New Zealand was her husbands doing and she had been trying to locate Tobias ever since, but so far had failed.

"Wait what, you can't leave Matt." Mitch responds in shock, he knows Tobias is important but she can't leave her son.

"He is terrified of me Mitch, I talked to Colin and he told me he hasn't been able to get Matt to open up about why he is scared, he said it could be months before he can even do that." Sarah starts to respond, but has to pause as she sniffles and wipes her eyes. "Mitch, if I could find Tobias and bring him here..." She begins to say, but this time Mike interrupts her.

"Bring him here? Sarah even if you find him, you can't legally take him to another country." Mike states, he knows it is not what anyone wants to hear, but it is the truth and he was worried that she was not thinking things through.

"Actually I can Mike, I have spoken with some old friends and with a lawyer, I'm Tobias's legal guardian now." Sarah explains and knows by Mitch's expression that he is confused and assumes Mike is as well by the silence. "We had agreed years ago when the boys were growing up, that if anything ever happened to either of us, you know if both parents died, that the other two would have legal guardianship over their son and I guess neither of us updated the documents after we moved here." She clarifies with a small smile.

"So if you find him, then you're going to bring him here to live?" Mike asks in surprise.

"If I find him and there is no other relatives that can care for him, then yes I'm going to bring him here." Sarah states, almost matter of factly.

"Is that a good idea?" Mike then asks and he can feel Sarah pull away from him.

"Of course it is a good idea, why wouldn't it be." Sarah responds almost coldly and is now standing in front of him.

"Matt will need your full attention and well even if you find Tobias, god knows what state he will be in." Mike begins to say before he pauses, he looks over to his eldest son for some help, but it is obvious he wasn't going to join in the conversation. "Look Sarah, I don't want to be the bad guy and you will have our full support, but I don't want you to give yourself too much to cope with." He then says turning back to Sarah and hoping she understands he is just trying to help.

"I know, but if he is out there Mike then I have to find him, not just for Matt either, for me as well Mike, he was like a son to me and I grew up with his parents and if it was Matt out there all alone, I would want them to do everything they could to find and look after him." Sarah responds from the heart, she knows Mike is just trying to look out for her, but she has to at least try and find him.

"If you need anything just ask, I meant what I said about having our support and I will do whatever I can to help." Mike tells her as they both look in the room to watch their sons sleep.

"When are you thinking of going Sarah?" Mitch then asks, he had been listening to the whole conversation and was patiently waiting to ask his question.

"I have an open ticket that is valid for the next month, I think I'm going to head out next week." Sarah answers, she knows they are probably both looking at her in shock, but she doesn't care and she is going to find Tobias and her son will love her again.

"So soon?" Mitch can't help but says as he looks at Sarah. "Matt is having his pins out next week though, shouldn't you be here?" He then asks and this time she turns to face him.

"Why? So I can watch him sleep some more and then have to hide away because the sight of me could send him into shock again, or worse?" Sarah says with venom in her voice and Mitch actually takes a step back, he had never seen her like this.

"Sarah don't take it out on Mitch, he is just trying to help." Mike then says in a firm tone before walking over to his eldest son to make sure he is alright, he had been just as surprised at Sarah's outburst as he had.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry Mitch." Sarah quickly says, she couldn't believe she just talked to the young man like that, he had been a rock for everyone and she just unloaded on him. "Mitch I really am sorry." She then adds as she turns back to her sons room feeling ashamed of herself.

"It's okay Sarah, I sometimes forget how hard this is for you and I'm sorry for offending you." Mitch apologises, he had been concentrating so much on his little brother and Matt, that he had genuinely forgot about how hard it must be for Sarah, to have your own child terrified of you and not even being able to understand why must be agony.

"I don't want to leave him, he is my son and all I want to do he cuddle him and tell him everything is going to be okay, but I can't and it is breaking my heart, so I have to go and I have to find Tobias." Sarah then tells them as Mitch and Mike look at her, before they join her to look into the room either side of her and watch the two boys sleeping.

One Week Later

"Are you all ready to go?" Mike asks Sarah while they stand outside Matt's hospital room, who is being prepared for his surgery and Ben is sitting with him as the doctors and nurses fuss around a very nervous looking Matt.

"Not really, now that it is time." Sarah starts to answer, but pauses as she watches Dr Gilmar inject something into her sons IV and then watches as he starts to fall asleep. "Mike I will have my phone on until the flight, if anything happens phone me okay?" She then adds, she is finding it even harder than she thought it would be to leave her son, but she knew that he would be looked after, not only by the doctors and nurses, but he had Mitch and Mike and of course his boyfriend, who had been absolutely amazing throughout everything and Sarah thanked god for him being in her sons life.

"I know and Mitch has his phone as well, so I promise okay." Mike reassures her. "Speaking of Mitch, where is he?" He then asks, he hadn't noticed his eldest son had disappeared until now.

"I asked him to get the car ready, I think he was finding it hard to see them prepare Matt, so I gave him an excuse to leave." Sarah answers, before turning to face Mike. "That boy has spent too much time in hospitals Mike and seen to many terrible things happen to those that he loves." She then adds and rubs the man's shoulder.

"I know, it's the reason I insisted that he take you to the airport, he would never admit finding it hard, so it was the only thing I could think of to give him a break from it all." Mike responds with a smile, he loved Mitch to bits and just wanted to help take some of the pressure off, while they had all had to deal with Matt and he himself had to go through losing his wife, Mitch was old enough to understand what was happening when she died and Mike knew that his eldest son was starting to fall to pieces in the last few days and was worried about him.

"I better be going now Mike, I need to pick something up at the house and it is getting late already." Sarah then announces, before she gives Mike a quick friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Okay and tell Mitch to call me when you get to the airport." Mike responds, as he gives her a quick hug.

"Okay will do and give my love to Ben." Sarah responds before walking away.

"Mitch I won't be long, I just have to double check everything and get a few more bags okay." Sarah states when they pull up outside her house.

"No problem, did you want me to come in and give you a hand" Mitch offers, he was feeling better already at being away from the hospital, just seeing Matt being being prepared for surgery was harder than he thought it would be and it brought back some difficult memories about his mum and appreciated his dad and Sarah helping him get out.

"No I will be fine and I need to do it all myself anyway, I know it's weird but it will go quicker on my own okay." Sarah answers as she starts to get out of the car.

"No problem, I'm going to give Wesley a call anyway, he wanted to talk to me about something important." Mitch states, after Sarah closes the car door and begins to walk away. "If you need anything just shout out and I will come help okay?" He then calls out, before Sarah goes in her house.

"Okay." Sarah shouts back before disappearing inside the house and she gets straight to checking that all the windows and doors are locked downstairs.

Back in the car, Mitch pulls his phone out and starts dialling Wesley's number and waits for him to pick up.

"Hello?" Wesley answers, sounding a little flustered.

"Hey Wesley, it's Mitch how are you doing?" Mitch responds, he is a little confused as to why Wesley didn't seem to know who was calling him, he thought all phones came with caller id's these days.

"Oh er... one sec Mitch." Wesley says, before going silent for a few moments, Mitch swears he can hear someone else on the other end of the phone and some rustling around. "Oh er.. okay, hey Mitch, what's up?" Wesley then says and Mitch can still tell that he is distracted.

"Not much, you actually told me to call you remember?" Mitch answers, okay there was a lot happening right now, but he didn't want to talk about it and he was intrigued by what Wesley wanted to talk to him about.

"Oh right that well er... okay I guess... oh shit quit it!" Wesley then says and Mitch wonders if the boy is feeling okay.

"Huh? Quit what, are you okay Wesley?" Mitch asks in concern.

"Huh er.. yeah shit sorry, was just... anyway yeah... oh you little shit, quit it okay." Wesley again says and Mitch is now totally confused.

"Huh? Mitch asks again, in a now bemused tone and wondered what was going on.

"Oh nothing don't worry, anyway yeah I wanted to talk to you about er... something private and well was wondering if you wanted to come over later.... okay seriously... okay, okay... Mitch tomorrow can you come round tomorrow?" Wesley eventually asks and Mitch finally thinks he understands what is going on and starts to grin.

"Carter is there isn't he?" Mitch decides to ask, ignoring the young boys question for now and smiling at the realisation that Carter is... and starts to blush as he realises exactly what the two boys must be doing.

"Huh no... oh you fucker, you're going to pay... oh fuck, okay yeah he is here and he is so going to regret being a dick." Wesley admits, as he tries to swat his boyfriends feet away, which his boyfriend was using to poke his boner, but with only one free hand and two little feet to defend against, Wesley knows he is fighting a losing battle.

"I could call back later if you want?" Mitch offers, he was finding the whole phone call amusing now and can only imagine what Carter is doing and just like that his amusement turns back to awkwardness as he thinks about what they are doing and now feels even more uncomfortable.

"Nah it's okay, where are you anyway?" Wesley asks, although Mitch does his best to ignore some soft moans coming from the other end of the phone.

"Outside Matt's house, I got roped in to taking Sarah to the airport for her work trip and she wants to double check the house is secure." Mitch replies, although he is just bending the truth so that it isn't obvious he didn't want to be at the hospital and he was sworn to secrecy over the real reason Sarah was going away.

"Oh right, I forgot she was going away, tough break on the taxi job Mitch." Wesley says and tries sounding like he is paying attention, but Mitch can still hear the soft moans and rolls his eyes. "Hey isn't Matt meant to be getting his metal things out tonight?" Wesley then asks, as he remembers he wanted to be there to support Ben.

"Not tonight Wesley, they are preparing him now." Mitch responds and realises that either Wesley had forgotten or more likely just got his times mixed up.

"Oh fuck... quit it Carter and get dressed." Wesley says, but Mitch knows he wasn't meant to hear that so keeps quiet. "Sorry Mitch, crap I thought it was like late tonight, dammit Ben is going to hate me." He then begins to say, but Mitch decides to interrupt him.

"Hey don't be stupid, just get dressed and go down the hospital, I doubt they have even got him in the operating room, so you have time and Ben won't hate you, just get there in the next hour and it will be fine." Mitch tells the younger boy and smiles as he hears him sigh and thankfully it is a sigh of relief and not pleasure, he was starting to wonder why all the kids he knew were horny bastards.

"Oh right well okay, but you're still coming round tomorrow right?" Wesley asks as he tries to swat his boyfriends feet away again.

"Yeah, any particular time?" Mitch asks, he is actually looking forward to being able to help someone, he had felt pretty useless because there was nothing he could do to help Matt.

"Cool, anytime really... Ouch you little fucker... I will get dressed in a second, just stop touching it... Mitch er... come round about eleven in the morning if that is okay?" Wesley suggests and hopes the time is okay.

"Yeah sure but...." Mitch begins to say, but suddenly goes silent as he looks over to the house.

"Mitch... Mitch you still there?" Wesley suddenly asks, as the older boy goes silent suddenly. "Mitch?" He asks again, now getting a little worried.

"Oh er... sorry Wesley, just thought I heard something from the house." Mitch then says and Wesley sighs in relief. "Eleven is fine and I will see you at the hospital hopefully before you leave, haven't seen you for ages and I kind of miss you." He then says, he really did miss the boy and they had seemed to miss each other at the hospital over the past week.

"Seriously stop touching it and pass my briefs." Wesley then says over the phone and Mitch can't help but smile, that was definitely not meant for him to hear.

"Not quite sure what I'm touching, but Wesley I don't have your briefs." Mitch says in a mock serious tone and really struggles to hold back laughing out loud and he can almost picture the mortified look on the young boys face, as he realises he just said that over the phone.

"Oh shit, you heard that?" Wesley then says meekly, after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah these phones are amazing right, I mean you talk into them and the person on the other end can hear you." Mitch replies sarcastically and he can hear Carter's adorable giggles in the back round.

As Sarah closes the front door behind her, she takes a brief second to look around, she had barely been here since she learned what her husband had done, in fact she had only managed to spend one night here and even then she had to wake her neighbours up and sleep in the Taylor's spare room, so standing here now was both scary and confusing, it was her house and not her house all at the same time and she quickly decided to hurry up and check the doors and windows.

It doesn't take her to long to make sure everything downstairs was in order and secure, she had wished it took longer because as she approached the stairs she knew this was going to be the hardest part, to walk past her sons room was going to be heartbreaking and she knew she couldn't actually go into his room though, she had tried before but had almost feinted as the thoughts of what her husband did to their son overwhelmed her, but she slowly made her way up the stairs anyway and avoided even looking at his bedroom door.

After checking the bathroom and spare room, she slowly made her way into her bedroom, she felt strangely nervous and apprehensive being in the room again, she had so many happy and fond memories of being in here and now it was just a room where her... but she doesn't get to finish her thoughts, as she feels something grab her and pull her across the room.

"Help!!" Is all Sarah gets a chance to call out, before a hand covers her mouth and she knew that no one would have heard her.

"Sshh, Sarah, Sshh" A familiar voice whispers in her ear and she knows it is David. "If you make a noise or try to call for help, I will kill you Sarah and don't think I won't do it." David then says as he slowly removes his hand and shoves his wife on to the bed, he then moves between her and the door to block any escape attempts. "You look good Honey." He then says and Sarah can't help but move away from him until her back touches the headboard.

"What are you doing here?" Sarah manages to say, she is determined to not let her fear show and tries to think of a way out of this.

"It's our house Sarah, what do you think I'm doing here Honey?" David says with a cocky confidence, he is in full control and one way or another he was going to get what he wanted.

"Don't call me honey, you sick psycho." Sarah retorts with venom in her voice, she wasn't going to let him intimidate her although inside she was terrified and could see blood on his top and a little on his hands.

"Honey what has got into you? That is no way to talk to the man you love." David responds, seemingly ignoring his wife's attempts to get under his skin.

"The man I love? David you should leave now, I'm going to call the police and you can rot in prison for the rest of your sick pathetic life." Sarah says and finds the strength to stand up off the bed and walk towards the door.

"I don't think so bitch!" David then hisses before backhanding her and she almost flies across the room and ending up in a heap on the bed. "Well I see where that little faggot got his strength from, really pathetic." He then sneers as he stands beside the bed and wraps a hand around his wife's neck and gently squeezes, not quite enough to choke her but enough to let her know he could.

"You're scum..." Sarah starts to say, but David tightens his grip and cuts her off.

"Sarah I'm here to talk and if you don't show me respect, you're going to die, just like that little faggot was supposed to." David says coldly, as he loosens his grip slightly and Sarah suddenly smells alcohol and realises that he has been drinking and almost panics before composing herself, she knew she was in trouble but she had to stay as strong as she could.

"He is our son David, you're supposed to protect him." Sarah retorts back and for a moment she can see him recoil, but it doesn't last long and his grip around her neck tightens.

"You're right, I should have protected my son, but I failed and he turned into a disgusting freak of nature." David responds, but this time he doesn't loosen his grip and Sarah starts to panic and tries to claw at his hand. "You know I thought bringing him here would save him, but that other little faggot was still contacting him and filling our sons mind with his filth, but I fixed that little problem as well." He then adds, this time loosening his grip and smirks as she coughs and tries to get her breath back.

"Tobias... you killed him didn't you?" Sarah says in a now hoarse voice, she still believed the boy was alive, but she wanted to see if she could get some information from her husband and knew if he was drunk he would be more likely to say something without realising.

"Well if he was in the car like he should have been, then he would be dead, the little shit though disappeared." David answers coldly although he wasn't exactly being honest, but he did find it interesting his wife seemed to be concerned and decided to see how it played out and why she was interested in Tobias all of a sudden and wondered if she had been looking for him and smiled to himself knowing she would never find the boy, unless he told her where he was.

"You don't know where he is?" Sarah asks and for a moment feels her husbands grip loosen, but just as quickly it tightens and she starts trying to claw at his hand again for air.

"Could be in a ditch for all I care, he stopped infecting our son and that was all I cared about." David lies as he answers her, while he enjoys watching his wife gasp for air, when he had first put his plan into motion, he had actually hoped his wife would eventually be by his side again, but since he has been on the run, he had come to hate her and blame her for their son becoming a faggot and he wanted to hurt her. "Then to my dismay that little fucking piece of shit Ben had to come into his life and you know what, I actually forced myself to believe that they were just friends, I had close friends and we messed around a little when I was younger and I let that cloud my judgement, but when I discovered they were boyfriends." He then almost hisses, before pausing and with a grin loosens his grip and laughs as he watches his wife choke and gasp. "As I was saying to find out he was a faggot and doing faggot things, well that was it Sarah, our son was already dead, so I had to kill the thing that killed him." He then says, before standing up and releases his wife and just looks down at her with a smirk.

"You bastard, just get out, leave us alone you sick bastard." Sarah tries to say with venom, but it barely comes out above a whisper as she clutches her throat in pain.

"You know I had hoped we could work things out and be together again." David half lies, as he walks around the room. "I was going to forgive you for what you did to our son." He then continues, before Sarah interrupts him.

"What I did? You fucking prick, you tortured him and tried to kill him." Sarah says and this time she manages to inject the anger into her voice, while she manages to struggle to get to her feet. "Then you raped him, you're going to rot in hell for that you sick pervert, all your talking about faggots being sick, then what the fuck does that make you David, you raped your own eleven year old son." She then says, but doesn't get to say any more as her husbands hand wraps around her throat, he then lifts her off the ground and watches as she slowly chokes, she tries to kicks at him and claw at him, but she can already feel herself tiring and wonders if this is the end.

"Okay smart ass, anyway yeah I miss you to and Carter can't wait to see you either, although he is nervous, but he trusts you." Wesley answers and his voice clearly shows he is embarrassed, but Mitch decides to let it go, as hearing that Carter is nervous has his interest piqued.

"Carter is nervous? Is he okay, did something happen?" Mitch can't help but ask, as he goes into big brother mode.

"Yeah, yeah sorry, look it is just not something we want to talk about over a phone, that is why we want you to come round tomorrow." Wesley explains before pausing, Mitch can hear what sounds like whispers and it is obvious the two boys are talking about something. "Mitch it's just personal and Ben and Matt said you could help us." He then says, while giving his boyfriend a hug, he knew Carter was extremely embarrassed about talking with Mitch, but he was proud his boyfriend for agreeing to talk to the older boy anyway.

"Okay enough said, I will try my..." Mitch begins to say, but again goes silent, he knows he heard something this time and had a really bad feeling.

"Mitch, you still there... Mitch?" Wesley asks, as he swats his boyfriends hands away from his boner, he was really enjoying this little game of Carter trying to play with him and him trying to stop his boyfriend and it was even more exciting because he was on the phone.

"Oh shit, look Wesley I definitely heard something from the house this time, I got to go check it out in case something has happened to Sarah." Mitch then says, as he gets out of the car and slowly walks to the house.

"Mitch don't..." Wesley begins to say, but the phone goes dead and he knows Mitch just hung up.

"What's wrong?" Carter asks his boyfriend, after seeing the worried expression on his face.

"I think Mitch is in trouble, I have to go to Matt's house to make sure he is okay." Wesley explains to his boyfriend, before he gets to his feet and looks around for his clothes.

"Should we call the police?" Carter suggests as he helps his boyfriend gather his clothes, he wants to keep playing with his boyfriends boner, but he can sense his boyfriend is really worried and he wants to help as much as possible.

"I don't know, if it is nothing then they are going to be angry, but something is wrong and I'm going to go over." Wesley states as he pulls his briefs up and then starts on the rest of his clothes.

"I'm coming with you then." Carter tells his boyfriend and Wesley can tell that he is serious.

"Carter, look I'm going to be sprinting there, I can't wait for you to catch me up." Wesley says and he can see the look of hurt on his boyfriends face. "Shit sorry, look you know I love you and I know I just sounded like a complete jerk, but I didn't mean to hurt you... sorry." He then apologises sincerely and is genuinely angry with himself for being an idiot.

"It's okay, I love you as well and I know what you meant, I'm still coming with you, it will just take me a little longer to get there." Carter responds and walks over to his boyfriend and kisses him passionately before stepping back. "Now come on and get running, at least I can watch your awesome ass for a couple of roads." he then says with a big grin.

"You're the best, you know that." Wesley responds before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend on the lips.

Both boys then make their way downstairs as quickly as possible holding hands, they reluctantly let go as they get their trainers before heading outside, Wesley shouts out to whoever else is home that they are heading out and shuts the door behind him.

"Love you Carter." Wesley then says and the boys kiss again, he then turns away from his boyfriend and starts running, at first he goes slowly just so he can at least let his boyfriend see his ass for a while, but he knows he has to hurry up and is soon sprinting as fast as possible and Carter does his best to keep up for as long as possible, but he soon starts to tire from the pace, he isn't unfit or anything, his legs are just shorter and he has never been a fast runner, although he had good stamina if he paced himself right.

Sarah begins to feel her eyes close and her legs and arms start to go limp as she starts to run out of air, she can hear her husband laughing and she knows she has failed her son again and just about gives up all hope, when she starts to lose consciousness and then suddenly hears someone shout, before feeling herself fall to the ground in a heap, she tries to look up but instead feels herself passing out.

"What the..." Is all David can say, as he finds himself on the bedroom floor, he feels blow after blow reign down on him, this isn't his first fight though and he quickly manages to roll and get on top of his attacker and he throws his own punches, he is about to start gloating when he feels a blinding pain through the side of his head and falls to the side and is quickly kicked in the ribs and he lets out a grunt.

"You fucking arsehole." Mitch sneers and he quickly follows up his attack and alternates between kicking and punching as David tries to defend himself, David isn't stupid though, he knows he just has to wait for his chance and just conserves as much energy as possible to give himself the best chance of getting on top and despite the pain he is in he gets his chance and takes it.

Mitch makes the mistake of thinking he has David under control and quickly looks over to Sarah and sees her laying limply beside the bed, but that was all David needed and he reached out and grabbed a small metal box and smash it over his attackers head, he still at this point has no idea who it was, but he can't help but have respect for him, with a loud grunting noise Mitch falls to his side as he literally sees stars, he doesn't even have a chance to think about how stupid he was for letting his guard down, when he is kicked repeatable in the ribs and then feels himself being pushed on his back and straddled.

"Mitch Walker, well, well, well I have to admit you caught me by surprise Boy." David says and is genuinely impressed by the boy, but it won't save him and David just smirks at the helpless boy under him as he starts punching him in the head, until he is sure he is knocked out, he actually considers snapping his neck but decides he has no issue with him and slowly gets up and turns to his wife. "Nice bodyguard you have Honey, are you fucking him?" David sneers as he kneels next to his wife, who had just started to come round. "You're aren't you, you fucking whore." He then says as he lifts her up and throws her to the bed.

"Stop..." Sarah tries to say, but her husbands hand is already around her throat and he slowly tightens his grip as her eyes go wide.

"You know I was going to let him live, but as you have been fucking him, he has to..." David begins to say before being tackled to the ground and when he looks up he sees Mitch on top of him.

David though realises the boy is still dazed and quickly gets the upper hand again and despite being on his back lands blow after blow on the boys head and laughing his head off, that is until Mitch smashes an elbow straight down on his face and he feels his nose break, but somehow he quickly shifts himself and manages to get out from under the boy who half slumps as he tries to clear his head, whatever David had hit him with had definitely made this fight one sided and even Mitch knew he was going to need a miracle and even more so when he slumps to the ground after David foot slams straight into his kidneys.

"You're tough, I will give you that Boy, but it won't save you and you can thank that whore for this because I was going to let you live." David sneers, as he lifts his foot over the boys head and is about to crush the boys skull when Sarah suddenly jumps up and chokes him from behind.

David only struggles for a few seconds before running backwards, he laughs as he crushes his wife into the wall and she slumps to the floor with a grunt, David then effortlessly picks her up by the throat and lifts her off the ground choking her again, he then walks her out of the room and to the stairs where he stops right outside their sons room.

"I fucked that faggot in there, I broke him in body and mind, you hear that you fucking bitch?" David then says as he taunts her by turning her to face the room. "He begged and cried for me to stop Sarah, you should have heard the faggot beg, he shit himself and pissed himself as well, but he was soon eating and drinking it, faggots are animals Sarah and he proved it." He continues to taunt his wife, as he slowly starts choking her from behind.

Just before she runs out of air, David decides to have a little more fun and pushes he into the door with enough force that she crashes through and lands inside, David just stands there laughing and is just about to end his wife's life, when he grunts and after being tackled again, but this time there is nothing to break the fall and he feels himself tumbling down the stairs and hears a sickening thud as he hits the hallways floor, it takes him a few moments to realises that the thud wasn't him and although every part of his body was screaming in pain he couldn't help but laugh when he saw that is was Mitch that had come off worse, a lot worse as blood pours from a big gash across his forehead and he looks up to see he must have smashed it against the little table that was at the bottom of the stairs.

Slowly getting to his feet, David had every intention of going back up to finish his wife off, but the pain in his knee and ribs forces him to give up, he could easily kill her, but with all the noise from the fight, he knew the police could be on their way and even though he had already taken care of the Taylor's, their other neighbours could have heard something and in his state he needed to leave now, he also considered ending the boys life, but when he looks down he is convinced he doesn't need to when he sees that he doesn't even appear to be breathing, so with a last chuckle he begins to head outside and towards his car, which he had parked across the road.

Even though he didn't get to kill his wife, he was content with traumatising her and he could only imagine what Mitch's death would do to her, she would have no other choice but to blame herself and it would also rip apart her growing friendship with the boys father, he had seen them together and while right now it was obvious they were only friends, it wouldn't be long before something developed and then he smiled even more as he had almost got to where Mitch had parked his car, he had just thought about how Mitch's death would destroy that little faggot Ben and he now viewed this encounter a complete success and even more devastating than his original plan.

Despite his current sense of victory, David had to stop to catch his breath and he had to give it to the kid again, that boy was tough and that last tackle down the stairs was borderline heroic, but it had not done the kid any good he thought to himself with a smirk and he was just about to start walking again when he feels himself being tackled to the ground again and this time he finds himself on his side as blow after blow smashes into his ribs and head and desperately tries to fight himself free by swinging his free hand, he is actually starting to see stares and knows he is about to pass out, but then he gets lucky and connects with a sweet cracking sound as his fist hits Mitch's temple and he slumps on to his back and barely conscious and exhausted when he feels David slowly straddle his waist.

"Damn you just won't stay down will you Boy." David says in admiration before chuckling when he swats the boys arms away, Mitch desperately tries to push the man off him, but he is finished and he knows it. "Maybe this calls for more extreme measures." He then says smirking, as he reaches into his jacket and to Mitch's horror, he pulls out a knife. "Sshh it's okay boy, it won't hurt for long." David taunts the boy by holding the point above his heart and slowly starts to apply pressure.

Mitch tries to use his hands to stop the knife and to David's surprise finds the boy still has enough strength to hold the knife in place but then decides to have some fun with him and quickly pushes one of the boys arms to the side and then under his knee, effectively immobilising it, he purposely leaves the other arm free so he can enjoy watching the boy struggle in vain to save his own life and he slowly applies more pressure, he then ups the ante and uses his free hand to choke him as well, it only takes a few moments for the boy to weaken and the knife starts to sink into his chest.

"No..." Mitch gasps weakly as he feels the tip break the skin and he knows he is about to die, but he doesn't give up and tries to force the knife up, but David just adds more pressure to both the knife and his neck and it sinks in tiny bit more.

" Sshh, you did well Boy... I'm sure your little faggot brother will not be too upset about you dying anyway." David says, before he starts chuckling. "I'm going to break him just like I did with that other faggot, I bet he is going to beg for his big brother to save him, but you will be dead and he so will he be as well after I have broken and raped him." He then says laughing, he can see the boys eyes flutter, as he slowly loses consciousness and starts to laugh even more when the knife slowly sinks further into the the boys chest, when something slams into his front and he lands heavily onto his back and rolls a few times with whatever hit him until he hears his knife clatter somewhere on the driveway.

This time however he is slow to react and starts seeing stars, while someone reigns punches all over his head, seemingly from all angles and they each hurt more than the previous, he wonders if it is an officer, but he didn't hear any sirens and it couldn't be Edward from next door because he had dealt with him already, but whoever it was, he was quick and strong and just when he thinks he is going to get knocked out he manages to catch the guys hands and roll to the side where they separate enough for David to see the new attacker and is stunned to see the small boy standing in front of him.

"What the..." Is all David gets to say, before the young boy is on him again and he struggles to stop the mixture of kicks and punches, whoever this kid was he is a fighter and David doesn't know where the next blow is going to come from or where it is going to hit and he slumps to his hands and knees as he tries to get away, his fight with Mitch had finally taken their toll and this new assault despite coming from what looks like a fourteen year old, is almost too much for him and he almost resigns himself to ending up in jail, when he suddenly hears a gasp come from the boy.

"Mitch?" Wesley says, as he notices the older boy isn't moving, he had expected to see Mitch get up after he got David off him, but to see him not moving distracted him from what he was doing.

His concern for Mitch though costs him dearly, as he inadvertently gives David the opening he desperately needed and suddenly Wesley feels something grab his ankles and before he can react, they are pulled from under him and his head hits the driveway hard, but as he tries to get up he realises his ankles are still being held and then to his horror he feels himself being swung and then a sickening thud shatters the silence when he is slammed into the side of Mitch's car and he screams out in pain, but no sound comes out as he barely remains conscious, after his head and ribs had taken most of the impact.

David can't believe his luck, he was down and out and on his way to prison, all thanks to a stupid little boy, but now he was kneeling in front of him and he was going to kill him and he knew there was nothing the boy could do, so he just lifts the defenceless boy into a sitting position with his back against the side of the car.

"So who the fuck are you then hero?" David asks with a smirk and despite his own pain he was enjoying this, he then slaps the boy a few times to wake him up enough to talk. "I said who the fuck are you." He asks again and this time wraps his hand around his throat and gently squeezes.

"Fuck you prick." Wesley says and spits in David's face.

"Feisty little cunt." David says as he slowly squeezes the life out of the boy with one hand and wiping away the mixture of spit and blood from his face with the other, he honestly had to laugh at the situation, he had almost been beaten by a little boy, who now he had gotten a better look at and knew that he couldn't have been more than twelve years old. "That's right go to sleep, you little cunt, go to sleep." He then taunts, as he watches the boy slowly die by his hands.

As Wesley starts to slump down David grins, he may have failed to killed his faggot son and wife, but he had killed two other boys and even though he had no idea who this kid was, he had to be important to either Matt or Ben, possibly both and his death would devastate them and it made him smile, but the smile disappears when he feels something hit his back and gasps in surprise at the sudden pain and slumps to the ground with a confused look on his face when he sees another young boy and this time he recognises him and is about to speak, when he sees he is holding his knife and the whole blade was coated in blood and then the realisation hits him as he passed out, that is was his blood.

"Oh no please.... please don't be dead Wesley... please don't leave me." Carter then cries out before dropping the knife and quickly steps over David and holds his boyfriend upright. "Please don't be dead, don't be dead please." He then says, as he struggles to drag his boyfriends body away from the car and David, he then pushes his boyfriend on to his back and checks for a pulse. "Don't leave me Wesley, please don't leave me." He repeats as he struggles to find a pulse, he is about to give up and start CPR, when Wesley's eyes suddenly open wide and he draws in a massive breath.

"Carter?" Wesley says in a hoarse voice. "What happened?" He then asks as he tries to sit up, but has to let his boyfriend help him, his head was pounding and his side felt weird and couldn't stop himself from slumping into his boyfriends arms.

"I think I killed him Wesley." Carter answers, he looks over to see David's body seemingly lifeless, with a small pool of blood underneath him.

"Huh? Killed who?" Wesley says groggily, as he looks up and his eyes widen as he sees David, he is just laying there in his own blood and a small smile spread across his face.

"Wesley I killed someone.... I don't want to be a murderer Wesley... Wesley..." Carter states, as he starts to panic he didn't mean to kill him, he just wanted to save his boyfriend and now he was a monster and would go to prison for the rest of his life.

"Hey stop it." Wesley says as he finds some strength from somewhere and manages to get himself kneeling in front of his boyfriend, while at the same time blocks his boyfriends view of David, despite feeling dizzy and his side still feeling weird and wet . "Listen to me, you're not a murderer Carter, you just saved my life and you had no choice okay, you have nothing to be ashamed off, do you understand." He then says, looking straight into his boyfriends eyes.

"You mean it?" Carter responds and can't help but smile at his boyfriend.

"Your eyes are so beautiful." Wesley then says, he knows he has to distract his boyfriend and at the same time he really did think they was the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

"What?" Carter says, wondering what his boyfriend is talking about.

"I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at them." Wesley then says and before Carter can even think about responding, he feels his boyfriend kiss his eyes one at a time twice, before leaning back with a loving smile. "You saved my life Carter, you're my white knight in shining armour and I love you so much." He then says and is about to kiss him again when he sees his boyfriends eyes open wide in fear.

David is grinning evilly as he stands awkwardly over the two boys embracing, he is swaying a little bit but with his knife held out he begins to slam it down towards Wesley's head, but just as he is about to make contact he feels something hit him in the back, it felt like a pinprick but before he can even react he feel something surge through his body and he collapses to the ground shaking in pain as everything goes black and the knife falls to the ground as he passes out.

"What the hell." Wesley calls out as he turns around with a grimace, just in time to see David drop to the ground like he was having a seizure and when he looks up he sees two police officers walking towards them.

"I called them." Carter then says, as he sees the look of confusion on his boyfriends face.

"Huh when?" Wesley asks, turning to face his boyfriend with a smile.

"Well I had to do something as I was jogging here, I know you said you didn't think we should but I thought what the hell and well I guess I just saved your life again." Carter responds with a grin, he then feels himself being pushed on to his back and looks up to see his boyfriend looking down at him and before he can say anything he feels himself being kissed, he kisses him back and feels like the luckiest boy in the whole world, until Wesley suddenly stops and he can see the look of horror on his face. "Wesley, what's wrong?" He then asks.

"Fuck Mitch, we need to get to Mitch." Wesley says, as he remembers the older boy and quickly gets to his feet and runs over to him, his heart sinks a little though when he realises that Mitch hasn't moved at all since he saw him earlier. "Mitch?" he then says, as he kneels down beside the him nervously.

Carter gets to his feet and is instantly approached by the two officers and the female one kneels down in front of him, while the male officer makes his way over to David and checks him over, before cuffing his hands behind his back.

"Hello I'm Amanda, are you Carter?" Amanda asks the the young boy, they had been on foot when they heard the call come in over the radio and recognised the address immediately and got there as fast as they could and luckily it seemed like they had arrived just in time.

"How did you know?" Carter responds, he is starting to feel overwhelmed by everything and started to shake.

"You called the police and they took your name, I just thought you looked like a Carter and took a shot." Amanda answers with a warm smile, she was good with kids and thought they responded well to a little humour.

"Oh... where is Wesley?" Carter asks as he looks around, but his boyfriend is just out of his line of sight and he starts to panic.

"Who is Wesley?" Amanda asks.

"My boyfriend, he was just here, where did he go?" Carter answers, but doesn't look at the officer as he carries on looking around and tears fall down his eyes.

"Aww come here." Amanda says as she pulls the boy into her arms and lifts him up, she is surprised at just how light the boy is and judges him to be around eight or nine years old. "He is just over here look." She then says as she carries him over to his friend and lets him down, she can't help but smile as she watches him almost tackle the boy to the ground and she actually blushes, when they start to kiss each other.

"Oh my god, I thought I lost you again." Carter says while he smoothers his boyfriend with kisses, Wesley lets his boyfriend kiss him for a few moments, before carefully rolling over so he is on top, ignoring the pain he is in and the strange feeling in his side.

"You will never lose me." Wesley tells his boyfriend and kisses him on the lips before sitting up. "But Mitch is hurt and we need to help him okay?" He then tells his boyfriend, he had sighed in relief when the male officer had come over and found Mitch's pulse and then called for an ambulance.

"Is he dead?" Carter asks nervously before getting to his knees and looks over to Mitch, who doesn't seem to be moving, but is reassured as both Amanda and the male officer are now kneeling beside him and checking him over.

"No, but he is in a bad way, his head looks like he got hit by an axe or something though." Wesley responds, as he looks over at the officers looking after Mitch.

"I can't believe that was David." Carter then says, as he and Wesley move over and feel down above Mitch's head, while they watch the officers do whatever they are doing.

"What do you mean?" Wesley asks, he had never really met the man much, not enough for the man to recognise he at least, so he didn't know what he was like before.

"I mean he was always so cool and I know it sounds bad, but even after what happened with Matt, I couldn't help but wonder if they got the wrong person, I mean I even thought maybe he had an evil twin." Carter begins to explain and he can already see the look on his boyfriends face. "Okay shut up, I know it's stupid Wesley, but I knew David and he was a good man, he was always kind and funny, but now, now that I have seen it for myself, I just... it was like a different person, it's just hard to understand it all." He then finishes and smiles as Wesley pulls him into his arms.

"Oh fuck." Wesley suddenly says and the two officers look at him unimpressed by his language, but he doesn't care he just remembered something. "Officers, there's a woman in there, Mrs Summers she was in the house and she hasn't come out, she might be hurt." Wesley tells them and immediately the male officer looks at his partner.

"Amanda stay with the boys, I will go check the house out." He says and gets to his feet.

"Okay Andy but be careful, I will call for another ambulance just in case." Amanda tells her partner.

"If I'm not back in five minutes call for back up and wait for them." Andy instructs her and walks towards the house cautiously, he was sure David was alone, but he couldn't let his guard down, just in case there was another suspect in the house.

"Boys everything is going to be okay, your friend is safe now and Andy will look after Mrs Summers." Amanda says to the boys, hoping to reassure them, although she had no idea if Mr Summers was alive or dead and wondered what had happened here.

"Is David dead?" Wesley then asks, he can see the man laying down, but he looked dead before and it almost cost him his life.

"No, but he is unconscious and handcuffed, he won't be able to move even if he wakes up." Amanda states firmly and the confidence in her voice works well and Wesley relaxes a little, but he starts to feel dizzy.

"I don't feel so good." Wesley then states and almost immediately leans over and vomits all over the ground before slumping over and on to his back.

"Oh my god no," Carter shouts out and is quickly leaning over his boyfriend looking petrified. "Please don't die." He adds and then looks up to see Amanda looking over his boyfriend and looking just as worried.

"Wesley, tell me what hurts, come on Wesley speak to me." Amanda asks, as she tries to get the boy to focus on her, she can see that he is barely conscious and is extremely worried.

"My head, it really hurts, it hurts really bad and my..." Wesley manages to say before passing out and Carter cries out before leaning over and embraces his boyfriend.

"Please don't die." Carter pleads and starts crying.

"Carter, he is okay." Amanda tries to reassure the young boy. "Carter I need you to let go please, I need to just check him over quickly please." She then says and smiles as the young boy reluctantly lets go and moves back a little to give her room.

"Is he dead?" Carter asks, as he starts to sniffle.

"No, I think he just has a really bad concussion." Amanda tells the boy, she then decides to check the boy over after noticing some blood on his arm and top, so she slowly lifts it up and stops. "Carter can you look away for a minute please." She then says after she turns to the young boy.

"Why? What's wrong with him?" Carter asks and looks to her and then to his boyfriend.

"Nothing, look just look away please." Amanda asks again, she didn't see much, but what she did she was not good and she didn't want the boy to see it.

"No, I'm his boyfriend and I won't look away." Carter states firmly and Amanda can tell he isn't going to back down and sighs, she then slowly lifts the shirt up and reveals a very bruised and bloody chest and side, she isn't a doctor but she has had some medical training and the boy definitely has broken ribs, but her main concern is the deep looking gash across on his side.

"Oh, let me get a closer look." Carter then says, as Amanda looks at him in surprise. "Have you got a light?" He then asks and Amanda nods.

"Yeah, but why do you need a light?" She asks curiously, she had feared he would freak out, but he just seems to be calm and collected, in fact he seemed more calm now then he did a few minutes ago she thought to herself.

"I need to see how deep it is and if there is anything in there." Carter answers and again Amanda can't help but look surprised.

"Anything in there?" Amanda asks and is totally taken aback by the boy taking control, but does as she is told and shines her flash light on the gash.

"There isn't a lot of blood and although it looks deep I don't think it is deep enough to have hit anything important." Carter then explains to her, while he carefully uses his fingers to open the gash a little.

"Isn't that good though?" Amanda asks, she is still shocked by the boy taking control and his apparent knowledge about the cut.

"Yeah, if something was hit or cut inside, he would be bleeding a lot more and there aren't any arteries around that area so that is really good, but there could be internal bleeding and that isn't good." Carter begins to explain, before seemingly pausing to think something through. "But I can't check for that, but if there is then it won't be from this cut." He then states as he continues to examine the wound.

"So why are you checking, if there is nothing you can do?" Amanda asks, she can't help finding this fascinating, not just the medical lesson but also the fact it is a nine year old boy and looks at him curiously.

"Because it could save his life, when the ambulance gets here, I can tell them if I found something and they will know what to do." Carter answers, before looking up at the female officer curiously for a few seconds. "By the way, I'm almost twelve years old, I'm just small for my age and Wesley is already twelve." He informs her, he saw the way she looked at him and he had seen the same look enough times to know what it meant.

"Why are you.." Amanda starts to say, but is cuts her off by the boy.

"Oh please, I have seen that look my whole life, let me guess you thought I was eight maybe nine years old right?" Carter asks, as he looks her straight in the eyes and Amanda can tell that she had underestimated this boy and felt guilty for judging him.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have judged you like that." Amanda says, deciding to just apologise and admit she was in the wrong.

"Thank you, I just get a little fed up with everyone thinking I'm a baby or something, it's not my fault I'm tiny." Carter says and Amanda can hear the hurt in the boys voice and feels sorry for him.

"Hey fuck those people right, I mean look at you now, you have me acting as your assistant while you look after your boyfriend and you're even examining his wound." Amanda says with a grin and she can tell her language and attitude have worked on the boy and lifted his spirits a little. "Now how many of those idiots who judged you would be able to do that." She then adds and she can see the small smile appear on his face.

"Thank you, I needed that and well, just thank you Amanda." Carter says sincerely, it genuinely made him feel better and he decided that he really liked Amanda and would definitely try to see her again. "Now there isn't anything in there that I can see, but er..." He then starts to says as he sticks his fingers back in a little deeper, Wesley's body actually reacts to the intrusion and tenses up, but only for a second before relaxing again.

"But?" Amanda can't help but ask, she is wondering what the boy is going to say next and was actually keen to see how his assessment compared to the paramedics when they looked the boy over.

"Oh well I think, but I can be sure really, but I think maybe one or two of the broken ribs, but there is definitely nothing in there and he must have just caught the edge of the knife or maybe something else." Carter explains proudly, he had been studying medicine a lot recently, while he was searching for ideas to help Matt with his physiotherapy, he had actually found himself looking into other medical stuff and it fascinated him.

"Well maybe you're right about the ribs, I don't know about the internal bleeding, his pulse is strong and his breathing is fine, so I don't think we need to worry about that." Amanda tells him and looks at him smiling.

"I guess so, I want to be a doctor one day Amanda, but it's tricky, but I'm going to do it and make Wesley proud of me." Carter tells her with a look of pride on his face and she can just imagine him succeeding and being a great doctor.

"That is great Carter, but I think we should check on Mitch again, I'm really worried about him." Amanda tells the young boy, but then sees the look of concern on his face and realises that he is still just a little boy and she should be more careful with her words. "I didn't mean it like that, from what I can tell he will be okay, but we just need to keep an eye on him, the same with your boyfriend, head injuries are tough to deal with, so why don't we work together and you look after your boyfriend and I will look after Mitch, does that sound okay to you?" She then explains and smiles when he gives her a small smile.

"Oh okay, sorry if I keep getting upset, but I'm just a kid and they are both important to me and well I just don't like any of this." Carter then tries to explain, although he knows he could have worded it better, but he can tell she understood his point and pulls his boyfriends top down and lays beside him, resting on his side so he can watch him carefully.

"Andy come in please, over." Amanda says as she radios her partner, she was about to call for back up, but she wanted to try and get a hold of him first.

"I'm here Amanda, I found her, she is unconscious, but she has a strong pulse, over." Andy answers.

"Okay Andy, both ambulances should be here any minute now, over." Amanda informs her partner.

"Okay Amanda, is David still secured? Over." Andy responds, he wanted to check himself, but he couldn't leave Mrs Summers alone in her condition.

"Yes Andy, still hasn't woken up either, over." Amanda responds as she looks up to the road and hears sirens. "Andy, the ambulances are now coming, over." She adds quickly.

"Okay, tell them to come up the stairs, she is in her sons room I think, over" Andy answers.

"Will do, over." Amanda responds, as the first ambulance pulls up.

The Next Day

"Carter I know you're tired, but I need you to tell me what happened again." Mike asks the young boy again, he had heard the story at least ten times but he just couldn't accept it and he knew it was unfair to do this to the tired and upset looking boy.

"Dad quit it, he already told you and you're scaring him." Ben interrupts and stands in front of his dad. "You're scaring me as well." He then adds, as he stands up for his friend.

"I know." Mike responds as he slumps down in one of the chairs. "I just don't understand any of it." He says with his head in his hands, yesterday things were looking up, Matt was getting his pins removed, Sarah was going to find Tobias and both his sons were okay, now Sarah and Mitch where laying unconscious in their own hospital rooms, although Sarah would be okay in a few days, the same couldn't be said about Mitch, he had suffered massive head trauma, he had broken ribs and bruised kidneys, as well as other cuts and bruises, but the most disturbing for Mike though was the knife wound over his heart, it had only been a centimetre away from piercing his heart.

Then there was Wesley, the poor boy looked like crap, but luckily due to his mother being a nurse and some pleading on his behalf, they had managed to put Wesley in Matt's room, he knew his parents were busy and couldn't be with him much and he wasn't critical, so he didn't want him to be lonely and with Sarah and Mitch in separate rooms, he couldn't visit him and neither could Ben, Carter could of course but the doctors weren't keen on letting him stay without an adult around at least, so the obvious solution was to keep him with Matt.

Another devastating piece of news was that Mr and Mrs Taylor had been found dead in their house, although the police still had to investigate it is believed that David had murdered them both and it sent a shiver down Mike's spine when he thought about how not only Sarah would react to the news, but also his youngest son and especially Matt, both boys adored the older couple and for them to find out they were dead and that is was David would devastate them, he had already taken so much from them all.

"Mike I didn't really see much, all I know is Mitch must have saved Sarah's life, then Wesley saved his and well I saved Wesley's, I only just got there in time though and had to stab David, I thought I killed him, but he wasn't dead." Carter then says, he wishes he could tell the man more but he couldn't and he was only guessing that Mitch was the one who saved Sarah and his boyfriend had saved Mitch, because that is all that made sense to him. "Are Mitch and Sarah okay?" He then asks, he wanted to be in the room with his boyfriend, but to his frustration and disappointment, both boys were getting a sponge bath and he just like Ben wasn't allowed to watch.

"Sarah will be on her feet by tomorrow they think, but Mitch, well they are still worried about his head, but the swelling is already going down and they think he just has a fractured skull, so he should be okay, but his kidneys are still too bruised to see if there is any permanent damage, but that is unlikely they told me." Mike explains to the young boy, he tries to cover everything so he doesn't have go through it again, because it was too hard to keep thinking about it and that thought then makes him realise what he has been doing to Carter and he can't believe how selfish he has been.

"It's good about Wesley though Carter, that police woman said you were almost spot on with what you told the paramedics about that big cut he had." Ben then says with a smile and gives his friend a pat on the back, before pulling him in for a hug.

"Yeah, they were really impressed and said I did a good job." Carter responds and both Ben and Mike can tell he is beaming with pride.

"So I take it you have your eyes set on a career in medicine Carter." Mike then asks, deciding to try and make up for being an idiot earlier, by showing a genuine interest in the boys future.

"Yeah, I want to be a doctor, but when I spoke to the paramedics they told me that there were so many different types of doctors and it was confusing, but once Wesley is better I'm going to get him to help me do some research on different things." Carter answers enthusiastically, his parents were great and everything, but they didn't seem to take much interest in his hobbies or ambitions and seemed more interested in each of their best friends than anything else, but he definitely wouldn't change his parents for anyone else, he loved them and they loved him and that is all that mattered.

"That is so cool Carter, I have no idea what I want to be, I think Matt will be a singer, he won't admit it but I just got a feeling that is what he will do." Ben then says and realises that he is being rude, by taking the conversation away from his friend and to his boyfriend. "But anyway, I talk enough about him, I want to hear more about you Carter, it's been ages since we talked." He then says and while he was trying to cover himself for being rude, he was genuinely interested in his friend.

"Well actually there is something I wanted to talk with you about Ben, but it is kinda embarrassing and can we go somewhere private?" Carter decides to ask and gives Mike a shy look.

"Sure, I know just the place, come on." Ben offers and takes a hold his friends hand and starts to lead him away, after his talk with Wesley the other day he was sure he knew what is was about and was going to do his best to be a good friend. "Dad sorry, we will see you later okay." He then quickly says over his shoulder.

"Yeah sorry Mike, we can talk later." Carter then says, but he is pulled round the corner by his friend before he can hear any reply and Mike just chuckles as he sits there, kids he thinks to himself as he stands up and decides to check in on Mitch and then Sarah quickly, knowing that Matt and Wesley were only half way through their sponge baths.

"So what's up Carter, is it Wesley?" Ben asks, as soon as he locks the door behind him, he purposely tries to make sure Carter doesn't suspect he already knows what he thinks the problem is, he isn't sure if Wesley has actually told Carter about them knowing and didn't want to cause any problems.

"No, it's really embarrassing and I... I don't know Ben... sorry I don't know if I can talk to you about this." Carter answers as his nerves and embarrassment get the better of him and he just wished he could talk about his concerns.

"Do you want to tell me though?" Ben then asks and he can see from his friends reaction that he wants to confide in him, but is scared and he makes the choice to let his friend know that he already knows.

"Yeah but it's embarrassing and, I don't know Ben, I just feel stupid." Carter answers honestly and moves towards the door to unlock it.

"Wait Carter, I already know what you want to talk about." Ben says and Carter stops and turns back to face him and gets a surprise as he sees his friend is stripping.

"What are you doing?" Carter asks nervously while watching his friend removes his shirt, followed by his trainers, socks and then his jeans and is now just standing in front of him in his briefs.

"Stripping." Ben answers, as he pulls his briefs down and is now standing in front of his friend completely naked with his soft two and a half inch penis on display and he can see Carter is looking at him with a sad look on his face.

"Oh, I should go." Carter says and Ben realises his bold plan, hasn't quite worked and realises why.

"Look okay, Wesley told us about your concerns about you know... your er... size, I just wanted to show you that you shouldn't be embarrassed about your body, but I guess I kinda fucked up didn't I?" Ben then says, as he starts to blush a little, but more because he feels bad for messing this up, than actually being embarrassed.

"You're bigger than me too and yours isn't even hard, I'm sick of being so small." Carter then says, as he stands with his head down looking at the floor.

"You shouldn't be, I know this is going to sound so stupid while I'm standing like this, but you're perfectly fine and actually the right size for our age." Ben starts to say and can see the look of annoyance on his friends face. "Look I know it sounds patronizing but trust me, Wesley and me and well Matt too, we are freakishly big for our age, I'm not going to lie because it is hardly something I hate, but please believe me when I say there is nothing wrong with your size Carter." Ben then says and hopes his honesty comes through in his words.

"Mine is tiny though." Carter then says and Ben can tell his friend is genuinely upset.

"Let me see it." Ben then says and he knows his friend is surprised by the request, but he wants to help him and just gives him time to work it out for himself.

"What?" Carter finally says, he had thought this was a possibility but it was still a shock to hear it.

"Come on, I'm already naked, just do it and don't think about it." Ben then says and makes sure he keeps his eyes on his friends.

"You won't laugh?" Carter asks nervously, as he slowly starts removing his top.

"I promise, I would never do that to you Carter and that is not just because Wesley would kill me, but it is because you have nothing to be embarrassed about, I promise." Ben says reassuringly and smiles as he watches his friend slowly strip.

"It's tiny." Carter then says barely above as whisper, as he slowly lowers his little briefs and turns bright as he exposes himself and waits for his friend to start laughing, he had never had issues about his size until he saw Wesley naked and now seeing Ben, has him even more upset about his own body.

"Carter you really have nothing to worry about, it looks perfect to me." Ben then says after a few moments silence and okay he had to admit it looked small, but he was basing it on the 3 other penis's he had actually seen up close and they were all way above normal sizes and he knew they were lucky, but on his friends tiny frame, he thought his friends penis was pretty perfect on him.

"What?" Carter says as he finally manages to look his friend in the face, he had expected Ben to be grinning or holding back some giggles, but all he saw was his friend looking at him as if nothing was happening, despite them being naked and it helped him relax.

"Carter you're short and stuff and to be honest you would look ridiculous with a giant freaky dick like mine or Wesley's, honestly I would probably laugh if you had one like that and I know Wesley would say the same thing." Ben admits and he is being completely honest, he really thought his friend would look stupid with a big penis.

"Huh, but I thought the bigger the better, Wesley must think mine is er... well he must be disappointed that I have a tiny one." Carter then says and Ben smiles a little, this was going to be easier than he thought.

"No way, if anything me and Matt are actually scared we might be too big, I mean you probably know more than we do about what boys can do with each other and I don't know about you, but the thought of a big penis up my bum is scary." Ben then states honestly, deciding to start with the size issue first, but suddenly has to hide his real feelings when he is reminded about what his boyfriend had been through and it takes him a few seconds to block that out, so he could get back to helping his friend.

"Really?" Carter responds curiously, he hadn't actually thought about that aspect and the more he thought about it now, the more reassured he felt although if he was thinking straight than he would be concerned about his boyfriends size and what that would mean, but right now he was focused on his own size.

"Yeah and trust me when I say this Carter, Wesley loves your penis, he told us he thinks it is perfect and he wouldn't want you any other way." Ben then says and he can see his friend thinking his words over. "Carter he loves you, he loves everything about you and you should have seen him blush when he told use he thought your balls looked 'cool' honestly Carter, he actually used the word 'cool'." He then says and he can see a little smile on his friends face.

"He really likes it?" Carter then asks and grins, while he looks down at his little soft penis and for the first time since he saw Wesley naked, he didn't feel ashamed of it.

"He doesn't like it, he loves it and just to fully get the size issue over with, Wesley has seen me, Matt and even Mitch naked with boners and he barely even gave them a second glance, but I bet he never takes his eyes of yours right?" Ben then says, he knows it is risky telling his friend about them seeing each other naked with boners, especially mentioning his brother, but he trusted Carter and knew he would never tell anyone and would be too excited and happy to ask any follow up questions, well for now anyway.

"Oh... yeah he even licked his lips a few times and he is always trying to touch it." Carter answers and he is so happy he had talked to his friend about this and felt so much better.

"You aren't going to be mad at him though are you, for talking to me and Matt?" Ben then asks, he is glad he has helped Carter get past his problem, but now he wanted to make sure he hadn't caused a different problem.

"No, well maybe a little, I can't believe he talked about my little penis with you guys, that is kind of bad right?" Carter answers truthfully, he hadn't had a chance to really think about Wesley talking about his body to other people and now he was, he had to admit he felt a little betrayed.

"Yeah I guess I get that, but I don't want you to be mad at each other, so how about I even the score a little and tell you something embarrassing that happened to Wesley?" Ben then offers, he hopes that telling Carter this will be enough for his friend to forget about being angry at his boyfriend.

"I guess so, I mean is it really embarrassing?" Carter responds curiously, he was actually feeling really angry with his boyfriend, but he would only have a go at him and sulk for a while, because he doesn't hate him, so maybe learning something embarrassing will even things up and he can avoid being angry and fighting with his boyfriend.

"Remember ages ago when Wesley spent the weekend with me, Matt and Mitch?" Ben asks, deciding to take it a step at a time.

"Yeah, he said he had so much fun, but wouldn't tell me what you guys did." Carter answers, he had suspected something naughty had happened, but Wesley wouldn't tell him and he let it go.

"Well we kind of played strip poker and dares together." Ben states and again waits for his friends reaction.

"Oh my god seriously, Mitch let you three play that?" Carter answers in disbelief, although he was definitely feeling a little excited about what could have happened and wondered if maybe when everyone was better again, they could all play it together and thinks it would be fun.

"Well not exactly, Mitch played with us." Ben confesses and smiles at the look of shock on his friends face. "Look I'm not going to tell you the details, but long story short, we all got naked, did a few dares, although me, Matt and Ben did stuff together we didn't do anything with Mitch, we all agreed it would be wrong, although Wesley did suck his nipples." He quickly adds and gives his friend a shy smile, as Carters eyes open wide.

"He sucked Mitch's nipples, like for real?" Carter asks and Ben notices his friends penis go hard and he thought Wesley was pretty accurate with his guess at his friends size and it looked about two and a half inches, maybe even three inches and he had to admit it looked sexy and perfect on his friends body and smiled. "Why are you smiling like that?" Carter then asks, forgetting about his first question altogether after noticing his friend's expression.

"You got a boner." Ben answers and he can see his friend blush and then begin to raise his hands to cover himself. "Hey quit that, you shouldn't be embarrassed Carter because Wesley was right it is perfect." He then says, as he steps forward and holds both of his friends hands and stops him from covering up.

"It is?" Carter asks meekly, he still couldn't help feeling embarrassed, but his friend was definitely helping him get over it.

"Yeah it looks nice and sexy Carter, just don't tell Matt or Wesley I said that, they would think I'm trying to hit on you or something." Ben then says, with a cheeky smirk.

"Are you hitting on me?" Carter asks, half seriously and half scared, he liked Ben but he definitely doesn't want his friend hitting on him.

"Ha, no you idiot but I won't lie, you got a nice penis and your balls are kind of cool and I just wanted to let you know." Ben responds honestly, it was a nice one and he had no issues about admitting it.

"Oh right, well yours is pretty nice as well." Carter then states, it wasn't as nice or big as his boyfriends but it was still nice.

"Right anyway like I was saying, eventually we all got a dare to orgasm and well Mitch is older right?" Ben then says, getting them back to their previous topic.

"Yeah." Carter responds, as he wonders what he is about to learn.

"Well he can cum, you know make sperm and he made loads of it and Wesley thought it would be funny to use Matt's tighty whiteys to clean them." Ben explains and then realises he should try not to say too much and just give a quick version of what happened. "It's a long story and I guess you had to be there, but Wesley had ended up with all our underwear and he and Matt were teasing each other a lot so it was just Wesley taking it to another level." He adds and lets his friend take it in.

"Okay, so what happened?" Carter asks, he has some many questions in his head about Mitch and cum and stuff, but he respected that he shouldn't even know about this stuff and decided to not asks any question about what else they all did.

"Oh damn, okay there will be something else I need to tell you before we get out of here okay, but basically something happened and Matt and Wesley ended up talking alone, there were tears and well Wesley reached over to grab something to wipe his face and well it was Matt's tighty whiteys." Ben explains, he was already trying to think of how to tell Carter about Wesley's reaction to wearing a chastity device, but couldn't quite work out how at the moment.

"Eww his underwear, okay that is funny but why would that be really embarrassing?" Carter asks, sure it was funny but not embarrassing enough to cancel out Wesley talking about his body to their friends.

"Remember what they were covered in though Carter" Ben then says with a smirk and he can see the realisation hit his friend.

"Holy shit, he rubbed Mitch's cum all over his face?" Carter responds, with his mouth wide open.

"Yeah and it went in his mouth as well, he was mortified and wasn't happy." Ben answers and smiles even more. "Can't blame him though, I think I would have freaked out as well." He then adds and he can tell his plan has worked.

"Oh man that is so disgusting and yeah, okay I promise not to be angry at Wesley, but man that is so gross." Carter then states.

"Yeah, so don't be expecting a blow job for a while, I think you will have your work cut out in trying to convince him to do that any time soon." Ben then says and he can see the look of disappointment on his friends face.

"Really, but I can't even cum yet." Carter then says in response and is feeling a little disappointed that he might not be able to have blow jobs with Wesley, despite the fact him and Jordan broke up after trying it on each other, he really enjoyed the feeling and he was sure that if it was with someone he really loved like Wesley, than it would feel even more amazing.

"Neither can me or Matt, but still just try not to pressure him, he doesn't deal with being pressured very well and you will have to be patient." Ben then says, hoping his friend understands and then he smiles as he remembers something. "You do know Wesley can cum though right?" He decides to ask, he is sure they have definitely orgasmed with each other, but you never know he thought to himself.

"Yeah and it is so cool, well sticky and messy but still cool." Carter answers honestly, he had been tempted to taste it a few times but so far had been too scared to try.

"Oh cool." Ben then says as he begins to get dressed again, a part of him had hoped Carter didn't know because he wanted to see the shocked look on his face, but he was just happy that he had helped his friend over come his issues with his body..

"Ben?" Carter then asks and Ben stops what he is doing to look at his friend questioningly.

"Yeah?" Ben answers, wondering if he has forgotten something.

"You said you had something to tell me about Wesley and it sounded important." Carter then states and Ben realises he had forgotten something.

"Oh right, well basically we all know Wesley is more fragile then people think right?" Ben starts of with and like earlier decides to go a bit at a time.

"Yeah I know." Carter responds, he loved his boyfriend so much and it made him a little sad that he was so fragile, not that he thinks he is weak or anything, he just wished he could help him more, because even with his parents change in attitude his boyfriend had still not fully got over his issues and was still vulnerable.

"Well during the dares at the end of the game, he got a really hard and funny dare from Mitch, he basically ended up being the only one not to orgasm and Mitch had planned it that way." Ben begins to explain before pausing briefly, he just needed a few seconds to word it right. "you see he knew Wesley would want to cum, so he put him in a chastity device, you know what that is?" He then continues, but stops again to wait for Carter to respond.

"Is that like a cage thing, that stops boys from getting hard and having orgasms?" Carter responds, he had a rough idea as he had searched online for things after he had starting thinking about other boys that way.

"Yeah well Mitch was just joking around and it was funny to think Wesley wouldn't be able to get a boner and cum for a week, but Wesley freaked out big time, I mean seriously freaked out Carter and it even scared Mitch, we had to pin him down and get the thing off him, that is when Matt made me and Mitch leave so he could talk to Wesley and eventually wipe Mitch's cum in his face by accident." Ben then explains before stopping, he still couldn't help smiling at that moment. "Turns out because of his parents and how he had to look after himself, he has serious control issues, he doesn't mind being told what to do and things like that Carter, but when something is one hundred percent out of his control, he just can't deal with it." Ben then finishes and waits to see if his friend understands.

"Oh wow, jeez Ben, I mean that is awful and I feel er... how er... I love him so much." Carter states, he is feeling all kinds of emotions and just wants to hold his boyfriend, but he doesn't quite understand the point his friend was trying to make. "I don't get the point you're trying to make though, I mean I'm glad you told me, but I don't get it." He then states and looks at his friend expectantly.

"Well you see me and Matt, like to tie each other up and we like to surprise each other by stripping the other, sort of like role playing you know." Ben begin to explain, he feels embarrassed for admitting something so personal, but thinks it is only fair that Carter gets to know something embarrassing and him and Matt as well. "It's just well I know you have got him to dress up and stuff, so I just wanted to warn you that if you want to try er... I think they call it er... bondage, yeah bondage, then you have to be super careful with Wesley, he might totally freak out if you like, suddenly jump out and tie him up." He then explains and waits again for his friend to say something.

"Oh, well er... I haven't really thought about doing that, is it fun?" Carter asks, putting his boyfriend on hold for a few seconds, as his curiosity has been piqued.

"I don't know if everyone likes it, but me and Matt love it, we have our own ankle and hand cuffs and some other things and sometimes we surprise each other by stripping the other and tying them up, it is all just fun though and we are always careful not to hurt each other, we even have safe words so we can end the game, if it goes to far." Ben confesses, he might be saying a bit too much now, but he still felt comfortable that Carter wouldn't tell any one.

"It sounds cool, but I guess I won't be able to do it with Wesley though." Carter then says and Ben can hear the disappointment in his friends voice.

"Hey never say never, I wouldn't have told you all of this if I didn't think you could try it, you just have to let Wesley know what is happening and let him know he can end it anytime he wants, it's only if he has no idea what is happening and has no way out that he freaks out and I'm sure you can figure out how to avoid that Carter." Ben then explains and can see from his friends smile that he was done a good job of explaining things.

"Thank you so much Ben." Carter then says, before freeing his hands from his friends and wrapping his arms around him, so that he could cuddle him.

"Any time Carter, but we should get dressed and head back though." Ben says, he was enjoying the cuddle, but they were naked and it is a little weird to feel his friends little boner jab into his soft penis.

"Oh sorry, I forgot we were still naked." Carter says sheepishly, as he steps back.

"Just a bit weird, but don't worry about it Carter, come on let's get dressed and head back, they should be done with the sponge baths by now." Ben says, as he pulls his briefs the rest of the way up and then starts on the rest of his clothes, while Carter does the same and once dressed they unlock the door and head back to their boyfriends room.

Mike smiles as he sees his youngest son and Carter walking towards him, he can instantly tell that Carter has a spring in his step and whatever was bothering him before, it has obviously been resolved and he stands up to greet them.

"Hello boys, you're looking happier now." Mike says, as the boys stop in front of him.

"Hey Mike." Carter says cheerfully, he was definitely feeling better about his body now and couldn't wait to see his boyfriend.

"Hey Dad and yeah, everything is fine now." Ben says as he turns towards the room. "Can we go in now?" He then asks, as he turns back to his dad.

"That's good to hear boys and yes you can go in, although Matt is still sleeping." Mike answers, before he looks down to Carter. "I think Wesley might be awake, but try not to speak too loudly and the nurse told me to ask you to be gentle if you want to hold him okay." He tells the young boy and rubs his shoulder reassuringly.

"Oh cool and yeah I won't hurt him Mike." Carter responds, as he quickly turns away and goes into the room.

"You can go in as well Ben." Mike states, when he notices that his youngest son still standing in front of him.

"Dad?" Ben then says, as he looks up to his dad with a sad expression.

"Hey now, what's wrong Son?" Mike asks and kneels down in front of his youngest son, so they can be at the same eye level.

"Can I go see Mitch?" Ben asks meekly, he hadn't actually been to see his brother yet, it wasn't that he didn't want to, he really did but Matt was in surgery and then he wanted to be with him afterwards and then when he tried to visit, the doctors were doing something to his brother so he couldn't and then he had fallen asleep, so now he knew his boyfriend was okay and sleeping, he wanted to see him.

"Of course you can, you don't need to ask permission Son." Mike tells him, but then he starts to think about it and realises his youngest son is actually scared. "Hey come on Ben, Mitch is fine okay, well okay not fine, but he will make a full recovery." He adds to reassure his son.

"But he is in a coma like Matt was, will he be broken too?" Ben asks meekly, he is afraid that his brother will be different, just like his boyfriend is now and it scared him.

"No Ben, he isn't in a coma, he is just heavily sedated, they just needed to keep him like that so they could do their jobs and he will be fine, well he will have a massive headache and probably have to wear like a helmet thing for a while, but he will be the same Mitch as before and I'm sure he is going to make the most of that scare on his chest to get a few girlfriends." Mike reassures his youngest son in a soothing tone, he had made sure the doctors explained everything to him, so he could reassure his youngest son if he needed to.

"Oh okay, will he be awake now?" Ben then asks, in a much more confident tone, he was really worried and was grateful his dad was there to help him.

"I'm not sure, he could be awake now, but if he isn't then it is nothing to be worried about." Mike says, as he stands back up. "Want me to come with you?" He then offers, although he is not sure he should leave the other boys and then there is Sarah, who he wants to check on, he knew these next few days were going to be tough for him, but he had to be strong and at least he had his youngest son and now Carter to at least be able to help him look after everyone.

"No thank you, I want you to stay and look after Carter, he shouldn't be alone with them, he wouldn't know what to do if Matt woke up and freaked out and Wesley won't be able to help for a while." Ben tells his dad and Mike looks at his youngest sound proudly.

"You're just amazing, I'm so glad you're here to help me look after everyone, I love you so much Ben." Mike tells him, before giving him a quick kiss on the forehead.

"I love you as well Dad, do you want me to check and see how Sarah is doing as well?" Ben then says and once again amazes his dad, by his maturity and Mike really couldn't be happier with how both his sons have turned out, they really were amazing boys.

"That would be amazing Son, she should be awake and I haven't been able to see her for a few hours." Mike responds with a loving smile.

"Okay Dad, I will be back in like an hour, might be longer if Mitch is awake." Ben then says, as he starts to walk away. "If Matt wakes up send Carter to come find me." He then says, as he stops and look over his shoulder.

"See you later Ben." Mike just states, as he watches his youngest son walk away and disappear around the corner, he then turns back to the room and decides to go in to see how the boys are doing.

Five Days Later

As they sit at their table out in the school playground, both Ben and Carter look at each other sadly, neither had enjoyed being forced to go back to school and although Ben was there in fear of his boyfriend carrying out his threat of edging him, a term they had come to learn thanks to his brother deciding to give them another 'sex talk', Carter was there because Wesley had asked him to keep an eye on Ben and Carter had reluctantly agreed that someone needed to keep an eye on their friend and while he would rather be with his boyfriend, he knew he had to do it and he didn't mind it that much.

"So Wesley is doing pretty well now." Ben then says, breaking the silence as he figures he should make the effort, he knows why Carter is with him and appreciated that his friends wanted to look out for him and if truth be told he was finding life at school without his boyfriend extremely hard even though people like Jordan and Patrick tried their best to be around him as much as they could and other kids he barely knew would come and make small talk sometimes, which he thought was nice if not a little weird.

"Yeah he should be out of hospital tomorrow, which is so cool because I'm going to spend all weekend with him and we should have the house to ourselves most of the time." Carter replies and Ben can see the little twinkle in his friends eyes and knows what he has in mind for what they will be doing.

"Horny bastard." Ben states, with a big grin and giggles when his friend blushes.

"I'm going to give him a blow job and can't wait to see what his cum tastes like." Carter then states and Ben almost chokes at his friends words.

"Whoa, holy shit Carter, why are you telling me that?" Ben asks and while he was happy and actually excited for his friend, that was some serious personal stuff and he wasn't sure his friend should be so open about that sort of thing.

"Oh shit sorry, but I just wanted to say it out loud and well, I got no one else to talk to about this sort of thing Ben." Carter apologises and Ben can tell that his friend genuinely needed someone he could talk too.

"Well er... if you skip the details, then you can talk to me Carter, but seriously I don't want to know about how excited you're to taste your boyfriends cum." Ben then states with a big grin and he knows his friend appreciated what he had just said.

"Oh er... yeah sorry Ben, I guess I got a bit carried away but er... do you think he will let me, I mean after what you told me about him and what happened with Mitch's cum and stuff, I'm a bit nervous to actually ask him to let me." Carter then says and looks around to make sure no one is nearby.

"Honestly I don't know, with me and Matt I actually surprised him and I think maybe you should just do something like that, just if it feels right then go for it, but like my brother always tells me and Matt, never do something both of you're not ready for Carter." Ben replies, he is hoping his friend understands his point and is happy to be distracted from his boyfriend for a while.

"Oh right yeah and don't worry Ben, I would never do anything I didn't want to do or make him do something he didn't, I just hope he doesn't get mad or something." Wesley then states with a shy grin.

"Oh man, you're really going to do it aren't you?" Ben then asks, sure he and Matt had given each other a lot of blow jobs and he knew Carter and Jordan gave each other one, but it would be Wesley's first time and he wondered how he would react himself.

"Yeah, sorry if this is weird though Ben, we can talk about something else if you want?" Carter then states, he would rather make the most of the chance to talk with his friend about this kind of thing, but he knew it was a little weird and didn't want to make his friend uncomfortable.

"It's fine Carter, ask me anything and I will try my best to help." Ben responds sincerely, he kind of felt like he thought his brother might feel like in this situation and was surprised at how happy it made him feel to help someone with something embarrassing.

"I kind of want to try some new stuff, like that bondage thing you said or just something sexy and fun." Carter then says, not really asking a question but he just wanted to say it out loud.

"Me and Matt really like tying each other up and we really like playing with the dice I have." Ben then says, deciding to tell his friend what he and his boyfriend like doing.

"Dice?" Carter then asks curiously, he had no idea how dice could be fun and especially since they were talking about sex stuff.

"Oh right sorry, er... well I got these two dice, one of them has like an action on it, you know like lick, kiss, suck and the other dice has a location, like er... ear, lips, nipples and er... yeah other things." Ben explains with a wink at the end and smiles as he watches his friends reaction.

"Holy shit, that sounds so fun and sexy." Carter states, as he looks at his friend and plucks up the courage to ask. "Could er... shit er... you know maybe er... borrow them?" He then manages to ask nervously.

"Oh er... well I have to ask Mitch first." Ben answers and instantly realises what he had said, as he looks at the confused look on his friends face.

"You have to ask your brother?" Carter then asks curiously, he thought that was a little weird and wondered why he would have to ask his brothers permission.

"Oh shit, fuck er... don't tell anyone about this Carter, but Mitch actually brought me and Matt some sex stuff as an early birthday present and the dice was one of them and well, he set me some rules about them and I can't even take them to Matt's, you know just in case they got found and well er... yeah I have to ask if it is okay first." Ben explains and blushes as he admits to his friend that his brother had got him some sex toys, but he knew he could trust his friend and wasn't worried about him getting him in trouble.

"Holy fuck, that is so cool and yeah ask him because I really want to have fun with Wesley tomorrow, we have the house all to ourselves almost the whole day and I want to er... you know." Carter then says and blushes as he finishes and really hoped he could use those dice.

"Yeah no problem, Mitch is doing a lot better now, so I will ask him when I get to the hospital." Ben responds and Carter instantly drops his head and Ben wonders what is wrong with his friend. "Carter, what's wrong?" He then asks in concern.

"Oh, sorry nothing, I was just remembering that night again and seeing Mitch just laying there and then Wesley collapsing, it was so scary Ben." Carter answers and looks back up at his friend with tears in his eyes, he couldn't forget the feeling he had at seeing Mitch laying there and then he had thought he had lost his boyfriend forever and it still scared him.

"Oh shit, come here." Ben then says before getting up and walking round the table and pulling his friend up and in for a loving cuddle, not caring if anyone saw them or not.

The boys stay locked in the embrace for a few minutes, before they both pull away smiling.

"Sorry for being stupid." Carter then says and blushes at getting upset.

"Hey, there is nothing to apologise for Carter, you care about your boyfriend and my brother and that is normal, besides I like cuddling you because it makes me feel like a giant." Ben then responds with a cheeky grin.

"Hey!" Carter says and punches his friend playfully in the arm and both of them giggle, before sitting back at the table again.

"Do you think Jordan would talk to Matt with me, if I asked him too?" Ben then asks out of the blue and Carter looks at him curiously.

"Of course he would want to see Matt, he knows he hasn't been at the hospital much and is always asking how he is." Carter responds, not exactly sure why his friend was asking him if he thought Jordan would want to talk with Matt or not.

"Oh, er... shit, well Carter, its just well kind of awkward and I don't want to make Jordan angry or anything." Ben then says and in the process confuses his friend even more.

"Huh?" Carter asks, he is totally lost now and tries to think of why his friend is being so weird.

"I can't tell you, oh shit Carter it's huge and I wish I could tell you, but I just can't, but Jordan is probably the only person I know who can help me talk with Matt about something and shit Carter if I tell you, do you promise to not tell anyone, not even Wesley and I mean it Carter, if you can't promise than just tell me and I can speak with Jordan anyway." Ben answers nervously, he isn't sure if he should tell his friend or not and the thought of his boyfriend finding out that he told people and hating him for revealing something so private scares him and he wishes he never said anything now.

"Oh wow, I promise Ben, but you don't need to tell me if you don't want too." Carter answers honestly, he could tell by the look on his friends face that he didn't want to tell him and he respected that.

"Did Jordan ever talk about what Mr Jones did to him, like I know some of the stuff, but I mean the other stuff that he wouldn't tell any of us?" Ben then asks, trying a different approach to seeing if Jordan could actually help him talk to his boyfriend about being raped.

"Not really, I mean he said a few things and I promised not to tell anyone else and even though we are just friends again now, I won't break my promise to him Ben." Carter replies honestly, although if truth be told Jordan had not told him anything really, he had hinted heavily that their teacher had raped him, well he basically did tell him but without actually saying the words, but whether that was a regular thing or just on that last night he didn't know and he could never bring himself to ask him outright so left it at that and then he suddenly remembered what his friend had just asked and connected the dots and he was horrified at the thought.

"It's okay, I will just try and ask him later when I find him." Ben says and Carter can't help but ask and is just praying to god that he is wrong and takes a quick look around them to see that no one else is even close to them.

"Did er... shit er... Ben did David er... you know, shit er... did David rape Matt?" Carter finally manages to ask after stumbling on his own words as he tried to talk and suddenly wishes he kept his mouth shut, when he sees the look on his friends face and gets the answer to his question and he can feel himself almost being sick.

"Yeah." Ben answers in a sad tone and just looks down at the table, saying it out loud just made him feel sick and he was struggling to hold back the tears.

"That fucking bastard, I wish I killed him now." Carter then states in a tone that was full of anger and Ben can't help but look up at his friend, it had been a long time since he had seen Carter this angry and it brought him out of his own thoughts.

"Me too." Ben then says, he wanted to say more and tried to think of something, but there really wasn't anything else he could think of to say.

"Ben, meet back here next break and I will bring Jordan, he can help you talk with Matt." Carter then announces and Ben looks at his friend in shock.

"You mean er... you know?" Ben asks, not quite being able to bring himself to say the words and knew Carter would understand.

"Yes and he may be angry at me for telling you, but once I explain about Matt he will be okay." Carter then says and can see the look on his friends face. "It's alright if I tell him right? I mean he might be really pissed off at me and if I can't tell him why I told you." He then adds and hopes his friend understands.

"Yeah er... sure, but no one else can know about this, it is going to be hard enough for Matt when he finds out, but if he thought everyone else knew already it could be too much." Ben answers honestly, he wasn't sure he should have told Carter, but he needed help telling his boyfriend and Jordan was the only person who could possibly understand what his boyfriend had been through.

"We should tell Wesley though, I know you don't want anyone else to know, but I think he should know and you three are so close to each other, I mean I won't say a word if you don't want him to know, but I think you should. "Carter then says and gives his friend a sad look, he would keep it from his boyfriend if he had to, but at the same time he thought he should know.

"Maybe you're right, I just worry that Matt might hate me for telling everyone something so private and horrible." Ben answers honestly, he actually thought he might as well tell Wesley and just hoped his boyfriend understood why.

"When are you going to tell Matt?" Carter then asks and he is concerned about his friend, but if he was being honest, he was worried about his weekend with his boyfriend and he knew it was selfish of him and made him a bit of a jerk.

"I don't know, not just yet though, I need to talk to Jordan and then I want to enjoy being around him for a few more days because I'm scared that after he knows, he will just go back to being afraid and won't talk to me or anyone else again." Ben answers honestly and he is surprised to see the look of relief on his friends face, although it was only there for a split second, he saw it and he knew what his friend was thinking, but to his own surprise he wasn't angry at him and if anything it took his mind of his boyfriend again and he needed to have a bit of fun, if he was going to make it through the rest of the school day. "You horny prick." He then says with a big grin and he can see his friend blushing.

"Huh, what?" Carter says and is totally stunned by his friend and blushes brightly.

"You really do want to suck Wesley, don't you?" Ben then says and while his friend is still blushing, he can tell he is relaxing a little and isn't in trouble.

"Yeah, it's so big and er... I want to know what it tastes like." Carter then admits and blushes even more.

"I hope Mitch let's you have the dice, it would be the perfect way for you to get to do it and maybe he will even give you one, you know if the dice are on your side." Ben then states and winks as he finishes, then giggles when his friend looks as if he is about to explode in embarrassment.

"Shut up!" Carter responds, but is grinning and he was so glad he had someone he could talk to about this stuff.

"The bell is going to ring soon." Ben then says as he looks down at his watch, he really wanted to stay and talk some more and tease his friend, but he didn't want to be late for any classes and get unwanted attention from a teacher.

"Yeah, I have Jordan in both my next classes, I will talk to him and we will be here next break." Carter then says and stands up.

"Thank you so much Carter and I when we get to the hospital, I will go ask Mitch about the dice and maybe we can think of an excuse for me to go home to get them." Ben then states and gets to his feet and they both start walking towards the school.

"Cool, I will try to think of something." Carter then states, just before they head their separate ways for their next class.

"Hey Matt you awake yet?" Wesley calls out to his friend, he is bored out of his mind and knew he shouldn't wake him up but he really needed something to do. "Hey Matt, you awake yet?" He then repeats and smiles when he sees his friend stir a little. "Matt wake up already." He then says, but when his friend still doesn't wake up he gets another idea and quickly slides out of his bed.

He then walks over to his friend and looks down at him, which was a mistake because as soon as he sees how peaceful his friend looks and thinks about all he has been through, he can't bring himself to wake him up and instead pulls the sheet over him after noticing that it had slipped and is just about to head back to his bed after turning around, when he hears giggling and turns back around only to see his friend is still asleep and just thinks he imagined it, until he begins to walk back to his bed again and hears the same giggling.

"You're so funny Matt." Wesley then says, realising that his friend must have been awake the whole time.

"Why did you wake me up?" Matt then asks straight away, he wasn't angry, well he was a little bit, he had been finding it hard to sleep and the nightmares were terrifying, but he was actually asleep that time and he just wished his friend had let him be.

"Sorry, I was just bored and you have been sleeping for like fourteen hours, you even missed Ben and Carter going to school." Wesley answers and he can see the look of disappointment on his friends face and knows he misses his boyfriend and it made him smile, they all knew that he had struggled with his emotions and feelings so for him to miss Matt was a good sign that he was still getting better.

"Why didn't he wake me?" Matt then asks and his initial disappointed, quickly turns to anger and he can feel himself wanting to lash out and it scared him.

"Oh shit, should I get a doctor?" Wesley quickly asks, he has seen that look on his friends face and knows he could freak out at any moment.

"Why?" Matt asks, he is still feeling angry and as he looks at his friend he can tell that he is genuinely worried.

"Because you got that look again and there is no way I'm kissing you to calm you down, I mean I may be gay now but I have standards so should I get a doctor?" Wesley then responds with a cheeky smile, they had all come to learn that there were three ways to get Matt to calm down, one was get a doctor and sedate him, it was the most effective but least desirable, the second was Ben kissing him, which was pretty effective but only Ben could do it and the third option is to try and distract him with humour, it was the least effective but worth a try and Wesley was hoping it would work this time.

"Idiot." Matt retorts and manages to smile, he was freaking out because of his boyfriend leaving with out saying goodbye but it wasn't that bad and his friends words easily distracted him from those thoughts.

"Sorry for waking you up though." Wesley then says, deciding that he should apologise to him and he really did feel guilty because he had looked so peaceful.

"It's okay and well er... is anyone outside?" Matt then asks and catches his friend by surprise with the question.

"Let me check." Wesley responds, he isn't sure why his friend is asking him, he had already told him both of their boyfriends were at school and Mitch was still not allowed out of his room. "Oh er... no, they must be visiting Mitch." He then says as he walks back to his friend, he like everyone else had learned to not actually mention Matt's mum at all and until someone could figure out why Matt seemed so afraid of her, they had to just try their best not to slip up.

"Wesley can I like tell you something?" Matt then asks and looks at his friend nervously.

"Yeah, you can tell me anything Matt, you know that." Wesley answers and looks at his friend curiously.

"I miss them." Matt then says and while Wesley is confused and doesn't understand what his friend means, he can see the sad and nervous look on his friends face and knows he isn't talking about their boyfriends or Mitch.

"Who?" Wesley then asks, he had already ruled out the obvious and tries to think of any one else and can only think of the Taylor's and he hoped to god his friend didn't mean them, no one had told Matt yet that his dad had murdered them on the same day as he had almost killed Sarah, Mitch and himself so he definitely didn't want to have to come up with something to say without giving it away.

"Promise you won't hate me?" Matt then asks and now Wesley is really worried, but his friend is opening up and they all know how important a step this is for his recovery and knows that he has to be careful with how he handles this.

"Honestly Matt, unless you tell me that you and Carter are secretly dating, then there is nothing you can say to me that would make me hate you." Wesley answers honestly, deciding that he would just be himself and that meant injecting a bit of humour to lighten the mood a little.

"Idiot." Matt then says and can't help but grin, he was glad that it was Wesley he was going to be saying this too and knew he would get an honest reaction. "But I miss my parents Wesley." He then says and he can instantly sees the look on his friends face and decides to keep talking. "I know it's weird because of what they both did to me, but I miss them and it's not fair that I don't have my own parents to help me through this." He then adds, before looking at his friend for his response.

"Oh wow er... that is normal, I mean you know what I went through with my parents and I can see how you would miss them, even after what they..." Wesley begins to say before pausing, he had just realised what his friend had actually said and it threw him off and he knew he had to think really fast.

"What's wrong?" Matt then asks, he could tell his friend was uncomfortable and was worried that he was upset with him for missing his parents.

"Matt why did you say 'what they both did to you'?" Wesley then decides to ask, everyone had wanted to know why Matt had such a bad reaction to his mum and he was sure he was now going to find out.

"Because they did this to me, they hurt me and er... you all know this though, you're the ones who told me they did it remember." Matt responds and looks at his friend curiously, he isn't sure why his friend is asking him this and wondered what was going on.

"Your dad did this to you Matt, not your mum." Wesley states and looks at his friend to gauge his reaction, he had tried to think of how to deal with this conversation and just decided to be himself and hope that his friend would believe him.

"No I remember Wesley, she was there and she hurt me too, I saw her Wesley." Matt answers angrily, he could feel himself getting angry and upset that his friend is lying to him.

"No she didn't, she was at that work thing all week Matt, they even sent a policeman to go pick her up." Wesley then states honestly, he knew there was no possible way that Sarah could have been home during the week, the police had confirmed that she was there the whole time.

"I saw her and heard her though, she was there Wesley, I wouldn't lie." Matt says and he is now trembling and Wesley wanted to go get a doctor or nurse, but he couldn't let this go and if he could get his friend to believe that his mum wasn't there, then it would be a massive breakthrough for everyone and he was determined to get this right.

"Matt the police investigated what happened, they confirmed that your mum had been at the work conference all week and couldn't have come home and gone back without them knowing." Wesley the states, he can see his that friend is shaking and moves closer to hold his hand and uses his free hand to rub his friends arms gently.

"But I er... I heard her Wesley, she was er... Wesley I don't understand, it was her I er..." Matt tries to say, but is now just totally confused and he is just grateful that his friend is holding his hand and comforting him.

"Did you actually see her though?" Wesley then asks, it is a risky question and he knows his friend could just freak out at any moment, but he had to try and if it all went wrong he would take whatever punishment he deserves.

"I er... Wesley I don't er... I heard her, she called me er... Wesley..." Matt again struggles to get his words out and looks at his friend pleadingly for some kind of answers to make sense of it all.

"Oh shit Matt, you know what your dad did to you right, I mean he was trying to break you and make you suffer right?" Wesley then asks, deciding to try a different approach and could see his friend was calming down a little as he was thinking.

"Yeah Ben told me, he wanted to make me dead inside so I didn't feel or love anything but pain." Matt answers and continues to look at his friend expectantly, hoping he could help him understand what happened.

"Okay and did you actually see your mum, I mean did you really see her Matt?" Wesley then asks, before carefully moving his hand from his friends arm and begins to stroke his hair instead.

"Kind of I think, I heard her and er... Wesley was she really at that work thing all the time?" Matt responds with his own question and Wesley gives him a reassuring smile.

"Matt, I promise you that your mum was at the work thing the whole time." Wesley answers and before his friend can say anything else he leans down and kisses him on the forehead, before deciding to say something else. "Matt, I think maybe because of how hurt you were, your dad just got some woman that kind of looked like your mum to pretend to be her." He then states and kisses his friend on the forehead again, he isn't sure why he is doing it but it felt like the right thing to do and it seemed to relax his friend.

"Why would he do that?" Matt then asks, he is feeling to many different emotions right now that he can't thing straight, it is only his friend comforting him that is keeping him from freaking out and while it was a little weird that his friend was kissing him on the forehead it was working.

"Because he wanted to hurt you remember? He must have known that if he had someone pretend to be your mum, then it would have hurt you more than anything." Wesley says and decides to lay down beside his friend and hold him. "Matt I'm so sorry he did this to you and I wish Carter had actually killed the prick." He then says and can feel his friend hold on to him a little tighter, although the embrace is a little awkward as Matt isn't able to move that much.

"So my mum really wasn't there?" Matt then asks, he knows what his friend had just said, but he needs to hear the words before he can believe them.

"On my life, no that isn't good enough, on my relationship with Carter, I promise that your mum was not there Matt and she loves you more than anything in the whole world." Wesley answers honestly and waits for his friend to say something.

"Wesley can you get off the bed for a few seconds please?" Matt then says and while it wasn't what he had expected, Wesley gets off the bed and looks at his friend curiously, before smiling when he sees his friend slowly sit up as he adjusts his bed.

"Is it safe to come cuddle you again now?" Wesley then asks with a cheeky grin, when his friend looks comfortable.

"Yeah but just for a little while, I need you to do me a favour." Matt answers and smiles when his friend sits next to him and wraps an arm around him and they sit side by side, with him leaning into his friends body.

"What kind of favour, because there is no way I'm going to scratch any itches you have in your naughty area." Wesley then states and smiles when his friend giggles.

"You're such an idiot and for the record only my boyfriend, gets to touch me..." Matt begins to say in good spirit but quickly stops talking and begins to shake.

"Matt? Matt are you alright?" Wesley quickly asks in a panicked tone, he could feel his friends body trembling and he wanted to go get someone, but in their new position he couldn't actually move and didn't know what to do.

"Just hold me and kiss my forehead, it helped before." Matt manages to say, he had started to remember something and it was terrifying, what was more scary was that he knew what it was and was only just able to stop thinking about it, but he knew he needed to talk with his boyfriend as soon as possible and just hoped Wesley could comfort him enough for him to calm down, he didn't want to freak out because he needed his friend to do something and he couldn't do it if the doctors sedated him.

Wesley just continues to comfort his friend for almost twenty minutes, before he feels his trembling stop and hears his friend sniffle a few times.

"You okay Matt?" Wesley then asks in a warm tone and uses his free hand to move his friends hair away from his eyes.

"Yeah, thank you Wesley." Matt answers and sniffles again, he was actually really happy that it had worked, no one except his boyfriend had been able to calm him down before, not even Mitch although that was more down to him never getting a chance to try because his boyfriend was always there with his brother.

"Anytime Matt." Wesley responds warmly, he was actually feeling pretty amazing, not only had he seemed to have been able to get his friend to calm down, he had also solved the mystery of why his friend was so terrified of his own mum and he felt proud of himself.

"Wesley can you find my mum please?" Matt then asks, this time moving slightly so he can see his friends face.

"Yeah sure, do you want me to tell her something?" Wesley responds, thinking his friend just wanted him to give her a message, he knew he had make a massive breakthrough with his friend but he didn't know just how much.

"Well kind of I guess." Matt answers, still looking at his friend and Wesley can see a small smile on his face.

"Kind of?" Wesley then asks curiously, he wasn't worried or alarmed by his friends response, he was just curious and wondered what his friend had in mind.

"I want to see her Wesley, I want my Mummy." Matt answers and instantly starts crying and Wesley quickly tightens his hold on his friend, again though he wasn't worried about his friend freaking out, he could tell that this wasn't something like that and just needed to let his friend cry for a while.

"It's okay, I will go find her in a few minutes just let it all out Matt." Wesley says in a soothing tone and leans down to kiss his friends forehead again and to his slight confusion, he hears his friend giggle a little. "What's so funny?" He asks, he now knows for sure that his friend isn't freaking out and relaxes enough to have a bit of fun.

"I was just thinking if Ben and Carter found out how much you like kissing me, they might get jealous." Matt answers and giggles again after sniffling, but just as he is about to wipe his eyes he feels his friends hand wipe them away and he couldn't help but wonder how he had managed to get the best friends in the whole world.

"Well they could hardly blame you for falling in love with me, I mean to use my own boyfriends words I'm 'Wesley Fucking Fisher' and I'm totally awesome." Wesley responds with a massive grin and starts giggling after failing to keep a straight face.

"You're such an idiot, but I love you, just not like that." Matt then states sincerely on both accounts and both boys were now laughing and giggling.

"Love you too, now should I go get your mum now or do you want me to kiss you some more?" Wesley then asks after managing to compose himself, although when his friend looks up at him with one of his trademark pouts he starts giggling again.

"Idiot, but no I really want my mummy, I mean mum, I really want my mum Wesley." Matt then says and blushes little when he realises he said mummy and knew he must of sounded like a baby.

"Hey stop being embarrassed, if you want to say 'mummy' then say it, don't care what others think and never be embarrassed around me Matt, I mean I had to get Ben to wipe my arse after I shit myself and he had to hold me while I went to the toilet twice, I don't think you saying 'mummy' is even close to that level of embarrassment." Wesley quickly states, he thought he might have sounded a little too harsh, but when he hears his friend giggle he knows he didn't upset him.

"Okay, okay fine Wesley, please get my mummy, I need her so much." Matt then says and smiles when his friend lets him go and gets up and off the bed, but when he starts walking away he can't help but notice his friend is actually naked and wonders how he hadn't noticed before.

"Okay I will go now, love you Matt." Wesley says sincerely as he turns to his friend with a warm smile, he then turns around and is almost at the door when he is stopped by his friends voice.

"Wesley er... you might not want to go out there just yet." Matt calls out, purposely not telling his friend why and couldn't wait to see his reaction.

"Huh? Why not?" Wesley asks curiously as he turns to face his friend.

"Because you're totally naked." Matt answers and instantly starts giggling.

"Holy shit, I didn't even realise, shit I almost went out there." Wesley states and starts blushing.

"Hurry up and get dressed, I really need my mummy Wesley." Matt then says in a sad voice, sure it was funny to think his friend almost went through the hospital naked, but he really needed his mum and he even decided to not be shy or embarrassed by calling her 'mummy' either.

"Okay, but er... shit I don't have any clothes and there aren't any gowns." Wesley then states as he looks around the room, he was sure they should have some gowns somewhere in the room but he couldn't find any after looking around and then turned back to his friend. "Where's Ben's overnight bag?" He then asks, deciding his friend wouldn't mind if he borrowed some of his clothes.

"His dad took it last night I think to get all his clothes washed, shit isn't there anything else?" Matt asks in a sad tone, he couldn't believe he wouldn't get to see his mum and he started to feel the tears in his eyes and he starts to shake.

"Oh fuck, you owe me big time for this Matt." Wesley suddenly states, after seeing his friend starting to freak out and does the only thing he can think of after finding nothing to wear.

"What do you..." Matt begins to ask, but trails off when he sees his friend give him a nervous grin and then turn around to the door and run out of it completely naked and he just sits there open mouthed at what his friend had just done for him.

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