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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 3

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 5

May 2015

"Wesley er... you might not want to go out there just yet." Matt calls out, purposely not telling his friend why and couldn't wait to see his reaction.

"Huh? Why not?" Wesley asks curiously as he turns to face his friend.

"Because you're totally naked." Matt answers and instantly starts giggling.

"Holy shit, I didn't even realise, shit I almost went out there." Wesley states and starts blushing.

"Hurry up and get dressed, I really need my mummy Wesley." Matt then says in a sad voice, sure it was funny to think his friend almost went through the hospital naked, but he really needed his mum and he even decided to not be shy or embarrassed by calling her 'mummy' either.

"Okay, but er... shit I don't have any clothes and there aren't any gowns." Wesley then states as he looks around the room, he was sure they should have some gowns somewhere in the room but he couldn't find any after looking around and then turned back to his friend. "Where's Ben's overnight bag?" He then asks, deciding his friend wouldn't mind if he borrowed some of his clothes.

"His dad took it last night I think to get all his clothes washed, shit isn't there anything else?" Matt asks in a sad tone, he couldn't believe he wouldn't get to see his mum and he started to feel the tears in his eyes and he starts to shake.

"Oh fuck, you owe me big time for this Matt." Wesley suddenly states, after seeing his friend starting to freak out and does the only thing he can think of after finding nothing to wear.

"What do you..." Matt begins to ask, but trails off when he sees his friend give him a nervous grin and then turn around to the door and run out of it completely naked and he just sits there open mouthed at what his friend had just done for him.

"So Ben is okay and Matt is doing better?" Mitch asks his dad, who is sitting beside his bed with Sarah leaning into him.

"Yes they are both doing well, now answer the question Son, are you feeling better." Mike asks his eldest son again, he was proud of him for being so worried about the boys, but every time he had asked him about himself, Mitch had just ignored it and asked about the boys again.

"How about Wesley, is he out and about yet?" Mitch responds and just like before he ignores his dads question and asks his own.

"He is being released later today, now just answer my question Mitch how are you?" Mike answers and again repeats his question and he can see in his eldest sons eyes what he is going to say and gets in first. "I swear to god Mitch, if you asks how Carter is next I'm going to call in that creepy nurse and tell her you need another sponge bath." He then states with with an evil grin and he can tell by his eldest sons expression that he made his point.

"Dad, you dare get her in here, I swear..." Mitch begins to say, but Mike quickly interrupts his eldest son.

"Answer my question, or I will go get her." Mike states and can see his eldest sons eyes go to Sarah. "Don't look at her, answer the question, how are you feeling Mitch." He then states with a smile.

"Okay fine, I feel like shit and my head is killing me, you happy now?" Mitch says, finally answering the question and not even attempting to hide his annoyance.

"Not until you tell me the truth Mitch, so come on tell me what is wrong." Mike then asks, he knows something else is wrong and he wanted to get his eldest son to open up.

"Dad I failed them." Mitch then states in a sad tone and both Mike and Sarah look at him concern, Mike had worried that something physical was wrong with his eldest son, but this was something even he hadn't considered.

"Failed who?" Mike asks curiously, although he is worried about where this conversation is going.

"The boys, I failed them all." Mitch answers as tears roll down his face and now Mike was definitely getting more worried and even Sarah was realising that maybe Mitch was not as okay as she had thought.

"Failed them, how did you fail them?" Mike asks nervously.

"Wesley almost died because I was too weak, Carter as well and then I failed Matt by not being able to beat his dad and I failed Ben, because if it wasn't for Wesley, David would have killed me and then he would have done to Ben what he had done to Matt, he told me that Ben would be screaming for me to help, but I wouldn't be able to help him because I would be dead, Dad I failed to keep Ben safe, it's all you asked me to do and I failed." Mitch states and starts to cry as his dad leans over and takes hold of his hand.

"Mitch don't be stupid." Sarah then suddenly says and both Mitch and Mike look at her in surprise. "Don't look at me like that and anyway as I was saying, Mitch don't be stupid and think you're a failure, if it wasn't for you I would be dead and he would have probably have found a way to get to Matt again, he might even have gone after Ben and you can't be with him twenty four seven, so don't blame yourself for anything." She then adds, with a warm smile and can feel Mike stroking her hand and looks at him appreciatively.

"If it wasn't for me Wesley wouldn't have been there and almost die though." Mitch then says, not seeming to take any notice of Sarah's words.

"If I had never gone into the house then none of this would have happened, I got you hurt by going in there Mitch and that means it is my fault that Wesley got hurt as well and if you want to get all technical about it then it is my fault this happened, because I fell in love and married a complete psychopath, so are you going to hate me and blame me for everything Mitch?" Sarah then states firmly and she could quite easily blame herself and hate herself, but as much as she detested her husband now, without him they would never have had Matt and even though he has experienced horrific things in his short life, she wouldn't wish for him to have never existed.

"It's er... well I still think it's my er... I lost to him though, I had my chance and he beat me, I wanted to kill him so bad, but I was too worried about Sarah." Mitch then states, accepting that it wasn't anyone's fault, but he still felt guilty for not stopping David when he had his chance, he had him right where he wanted him and let himself get distracted.

"What do you mean?" Mike then asks, just beating Sarah to the same question.

"I had him beat Dad, he was under me and one more punch and I would have knocked him out, but then I saw Sarah just laying there and I thought she wasn't breathing so I let my guard down and he smacked me over the head with something and I knew I had lost my chance." Mitch explains and he actually felt a little better for getting it off his chest, he was a good fighter and he knew you should never get distracted.

"Mitch, I know he knocked you out but you got up and saved my life again, he had me in Matt's room and was going to kill me, but you tackled him and stopped him Mitch." Sarah then says and this time reaches out and places her hand on top of the hand Mike is already holding, she had passed out just after seeing something tackle her husband and knew it was Mitch and that he had saved her life again.

"Yeah and knocked myself out again." Mitch responds, he knows he shouldn't be so hard on himself, but he just felt like he failed them all and just wished he could have stopped David when he had the chance.

"Then you got up and stopped him from escaping Mitch, if you didn't do that then he would have gotten away and tried to kill me again another time and Matt as well and you might not have been around that time." Sarah then says and stands up. "Listen to me Mitch, you have to quit this self blame attitude and get yourself together, all those boys need you and if you go down this path of self blame them you really will fail them, so snap out of it because if you don't then that creepy nurse is going to be giving you a very thorough sponge bath." She then says with a wide grin and Mike lets out a little chuckle.

"So what is it going to be Mitch, you going to man up and be there for the boys or do you want to sulk in self pity while that creepy nurse feels you up while cleaning you?" Mike then states as he stands up and smirks down at his eldest son.

"If you both promise to keep that nurse away from me, then I promise to quit blaming myself." Mitch responds with a smile, the thought of being touched up by the nurse again was a frightening thought and he knew Sarah was right about it not being his fault, he just needed someone to make him believe it.

Just as they all settle down and begin to talk about how Matt is getting better and seeming to have less outbursts the door suddenly bursts open and they all turn to see a very embarrassed looking Wesley, in fact as they each look over the boy they realise that he is completely naked and give him a curious look.

"Wesley what the hell are you doing?" Mitch asks after getting over the shock of seeing the boy naked quickly, he has seen him naked before and it didn't really phase him at all, although both his dad and Sarah still looked at him in surprise and Mitch knew they were probably a little bit surprised by the boy naked, sure just being naked would have been shock for them, but Wesley was a very well developed boy in almost every way and Mitch couldn't help but wonder what Sarah made of him.

"Sorry er... shit, just give me a minute to get my breath back please." Wesley answers and leans backwards against the door and to Mitch's amusement makes no effort to cover himself.

"Wesley why are you naked?" Mitch then asks, deciding that for now he was the only one who was going to be talking.

"Long story, but I needed to find Sarah and er... oh shit." Wesley begins to explain but quickly covers himself with his hands, after finally realising that his friends mum is sitting right there and could see him.

"Its a bit late to get shy Wesley, she already saw it so move your hands and get over here and give me a hug." Mitch then tells the boy and smiles when Wesley drops his hands and walks over to him.

"But he is naked." Mike then states, as he gets over the shock of seeing the young boy naked and he had to admit that he was an impressive looking boy.

"Yeah way to point out the obvious Dad." Mitch then says, before leaning over to embrace Wesley, who had just made it to the bed. "There is a spare gown on the chair, it's on the other side of my bed." He then whispers in his ear, he could have left the boy naked and enjoyed his embarrassment but he couldn't bring himself to do that to him.

"Thanks Mitch." Wesley states appreciatively, before standing back up and walking around the bed, he then quickly puts the gown on and stands look a little sheepish as he looks at Sarah.

"So er... Wesley why are you here?" Mike then asks, he is glad that the boy has covered up and can now concentrate without the uncomfortable distraction of a naked boy, he had always felt a little awkward whenever he saw his boys naked, it wasn't anything sexual he was just brought up to think being naked around others was something to be embarrassed about and he could never quite shake that mentality, although he had worked hard to not let his sons grow up thinking the same thing.

"Oh right, I came to get Sarah, I figured it out and fixed it." Wesley then says excitedly and is almost jumping up and down.

"Whoa calm down Wesley." Mitch then says, he could see the boy was excited but he needed to calm down a little.

"Fixed what?" Sarah then asks, deciding to say something after being quite stunned by the naked boy, she had seen her son naked and even Ben in a rather unfortunate incident that left everyone embarrassed, but she hadn't seen someone quite like Wesley and she didn't know if a twelve year old should have a six pack and other well defined muscles, but he was impressive none the less.

"Matt wants to see you Sarah, he misses you so much and is waiting for you." Wesley responds and while Sarah almost feints at the news, she can't help but wonder what is happening and if this is some sort of cruel joke.

"But he is scared of me and hates me." Sarah states sadly and is glad when she feels Mike pull her into a caring embrace.

Wesley then realises that his friends mum doesn't believe him and decides that he needs to explain everything and he did so as they all stare at him in a mixture of amazement and disbelief, it only takes him a few minutes and is left wondering what else to say, when the room falls silent and is about to say something when Sarah stands up.

"You amazing little boy." Sarah states before moving around and embracing him in a loving and grateful cuddle and almost crushes him.

"Sarah don't kill the boy." Mike the calls out, he could see that she was being a little too over enthusiastic and had to say something.

"Oh I'm so sorry Wesley, but thank you so much, you're just wonderful." Sarah then says as she showers the boy with kisses and is almost dragged away by Mike, as a relieved Wesley gets his breath back and tries not to blush, before suddenly thinking about something and almost vomits when he realises what it was and can't stop himself from crying.

"Wesley are you alright?" Mitch then asks in a concerned tone, after noticing that he was actually crying and both Sarah and Mike look at him with worried expressions.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" Sarah then asks nervously, she knew she had hugged him a little too hard and felt guilty.

"No sorry, it's stupid." Wesley answers shyly, causing everyone to give him a curious look.

"Sarah, Dad why don't you go and see Matt, I will take care of this and well er... good luck Sarah." Mitch quickly states, he has seen that look on Wesley before and knew he needed to talk to him in private, he also knew that Sarah was desperate to see her son and was only staying because she wanted to make sure Wesley was alright.

"Okay and thank you so much Wesley, I will never ever forget what you have done for me." Sarah then says and wanted to give the boy a kiss, but she could tell that something was upsetting him and knew that Mitch would make sure he was okay and she really wanted to see her son.

"Well done Wesley, you really are a remarkable boy and we will see you later." Mike then says as he leads Sarah out of the room, it was clear that Wesley wanted to say something, but couldn't and he trusted that his eldest son would help the boy.

As soon as they both leave Mitch turns to Wesley, but before he can say anything he suddenly feels the boy wrap his arms around him and cry his heart out.

"So er... did he tell you why I needed you Jordan?" Ben asks nervously, he can see that his friend doesn't look too happy and Carter was looking pretty upset.

"He told me that he told you about Mr Jones and he is a complete dick head for telling you." Jordan answers and Ben can tell his friend is pissed off, so guesses that Carter never even got a chance to explain himself.

"Don't be angry at Carter, I really needed to talk too you and..." Ben begins to say, but is interrupted by Jordan.

"He had no right and there is nothing you can say that will make me ever forgive him, the only reason I didn't kick his head in is because I love him." Jordan states in a harsh tone and before Ben can ask the obvious, Jordan doesn't give him the chance. "Not like that idiot, I'm not gay but I will always love him, although I never want to see him again." He then says and when Ben looks over to Carter he can see he is on the verge of tears and knows he has to fix this right now.

"David raped Matt and he doesn't remember yet Jordan, I asked Carter about talking with you and when he asked why you, I had to tell him what happened to Matt and well he just said that you could definitely help, he didn't mean to tell me what Mr Jones did to you Jordan, I just think the shock of what I had told him, kind of confused him and it just came out." Ben states and looks at the surprised look on Jordan's face and the relief on Carter's.

"He raped him?" Jordan manages to say after a few moments of silence and he could barely contain his emotions.

"Mitch told me that the doctors said that it was brutal and violent, I don't know exactly how they know that, but I don't really want to know." Ben then says and he can see that while Carter felt the same way by the expression on his face, he can see a different look on Jordan's and he can't quite make out what he is thinking.

"We shouldn't talk about it here." Carter then says, finally managing to say something and while he wanted to stay silent, he didn't think they should risk someone overhearing them.

"Jordan, what are you thinking?" Ben then asks, ignoring Carter for the moment, he wanted to know what was on his friends mind.

"Huh?" Jordan answers, he was feeling so confused and he didn't know how to react.

"Jordan I need you to help me tell Matt, I can tell him myself but I'm afraid that I won't be able to help and well you can help him I think." Ben then states, he knew he should get Wesley's dad to talk with his boyfriend, but he had promised that he would tell his boyfriend and he didn't want an adult in the room when he did, but he thought Jordan would be alright and his boyfriend wouldn't mind because he would know Jordan understood.

"How could he do that to him? Matt is like the nicest and most innocent person I have ever met." Jordan then states, seemingly not hearing his friends words and he is just devastated, he had felt awful about letting his friend get trapped with him with Mr Jones and felt relieved when it was over, but for his own dad to do that to him, he just couldn't imagine what it will do to his friend.

"Jordan, will you help me?" Ben then asks, he knows his friend is trying to process everything, but he needed an answer.

"I er... shit, but is he like okay, I mean is there any damage?" Jordan then asks, again not answering the question, it isn't that he doesn't want to help, but he is having a hard time taking it all in and needs to just get his head together.

"Huh? What do you mean damaged?" Ben asks curiously and had no idea what his friend meant.

"Well er... Matt is only a boy and David is a man, Mr Jones was gentle with me and it hurt like hell and there was some blood and the doctors said there was some cuts and stuff inside that had to heal." Jordan explains and instantly regrets his revelation when he sees his friends face turn white.

"I er.. I..." Ben begins to responds, but just breaks down and starts crying, he had tried to never think of what the actually rape was like for his boyfriend and what it had done to him and now he has been forced to think about it and it was too much.

"Oh shit, what do we do Carter?" Jordan quickly asks, after turning to his friend and can see his former boyfriend thinking.

Not knowing what to do and seeing that Jordan was looking at him to do something, Carter just gets up and walks around to his crying friend and cuddles him tightly.

"What if someone..." Jordan begins to say and instantly realises how stupid he was being, their friend needed comforting and he was worried what people would think, so he quickly gets up and joins Carter by cuddling their friend.

The two boys continue to comfort their friend for almost twenty minutes, when they suddenly hear the bell ringing and aren't sure what to do, Ben was still crying and shaking and neither wanted to let go of him and knew they would get in trouble, they then looked up to each other and were about to say something when a voice startles them.

"Is he okay?" Barry asks, he had been speaking to Jordan since he found out he wasn't gay, but hadn't talked to either Carter or Ben since that day at the bench all those months ago.

"Holy fuck, what happened to you?" Jordan suddenly asks, he was still worried about Ben but the state of Barry shocked him.

"Barry who did that to you?" Carter then asks, before turning his attention back to Ben who was now sniffling and he could tell he was trying to compose himself.

"My Dad attacked me." Barry answers honestly, but Jordan picks up on the fact that there is no sadness in his friends voice.

"Oh my god why?" Jordan asks, he can't believe that a dad could hurt their children and instantly remembers Matt and realises that his belief that it couldn't happen was just wrong.

"Because I got mad at him when he made fun of Matt and told me and my mum that he got what he deserved for being a dirty fag, he got angry and wanted to know why I was defending him, so I told him that we were all friends and that he shouldn't talk about people like that." Barry starts to explain, but pauses as he sees the look on his friends face. "He then hit me a few times and told me that I wasn't allowed to be friends with fags and he hit me again, but I didn't get scared Jordan, I stood up to him and told him that I was Matt's friend and I wasn't a homophobic prick like he was and then it went dark." He then finishes explaining and waits for his friend to respond, but is surprised when it is Carter who speaks first.

"It all went dark?" Carter asks curiously, he had been focused on Ben but he was listening and that last part of his friends story got his full attention.

"He knocked me out and beat me pretty bad, but my mum stopped him somehow and called the police, I'm staying with Patrick for a while now and well I wanted to find you and ask if we can all be friends again." Barry explains with a genuine smile, he wasn't hurt that bad, just lots of bruises and cuts, but nothing broken and he knew after hearing about Matt that he can't feel sorry for himself and especially after hearing some of the rumours about what Matt's dad had really done to him and it always sent a shiver down his spine.

"Oh shit, why didn't I know about you getting hurt?" Jordan then asks, sure it was still a little awkward around Barry, when he was still avoiding the rest of the group, but he hadn't even noticed that he hadn't seen either Barry or Patrick at school for the past few days.

"Well I was in and out of hospital pretty quickly, I almost went to visit Matt but I wasn't sure if I would be welcome and well me and Patrick just stayed at his house for a few days, but I'm good now nothing serious and well er... can we be friends again?" Barry states in a hopeful tone and is a little worried when neither Jordan or Carter say anything, he could understand Carter being a little reluctant, but he had been friends with Jordan again for ages now.

Just as both Carter and Jordan are about to say something, they are surprised to feel Ben push them away and watch as he stands up with tears still flowing, they aren't sure how to react when they see him walk towards Barry and they can see the apprehensive on his face as Ben approaches him.

"I missed you." Ben states, before just wrapping his arms around his friend and crying on his shoulder, Barry hesitates for a few seconds before getting his head together and quickly comforts his friend, it was a weird situation for him, he had never seen Ben vulnerable, Ben had always been the strong one that they went to for help and to see him like this had him worried.

After five minutes, Ben eventually lets go of his friend and wipes his eyes, he then turns to Jordan and looks at him expectantly and Jordan instantly knows without being asked what his friend wanted.

"Of course I will, when do you need me?" Jordan states and looks at his friend with a warm smile.

"Sunday afternoon, I want to tell him then." Ben answers and sniffles again, before wiping his eyes clear.

"Okay." Jordan answers, before turning to Carter. "You and me are good by the way, just don't ever tell anyone else for any reason or we really will never talk again." He then says, before pulling his friend over and kissing him on the lips briefly.

"Okay, sorry it's just I wanted to help Matt and we all need to look after him now." Carter responds honestly, not even being phased by the unexpected kiss and knew that it wasn't anything sexual, it was just their way of letting each other know they really were 'good' now and it made him smile.

"I thought you two broke up and you weren't gay Jordan?" Barry suddenly asks and everyone looks at him in surprise. "Sorry, I don't mean it like that, I just thought you broke up." He then quickly adds, realising that they might have misunderstood what he had meant.

"Oh right er... I'm straight Barry, it's just our way of letting each other know that what we just said was the truth, you know if we were angry at each other and needed to say sorry or forgive the other." Jordan explains with a smile, he and Carter had talked about it when they broke up and both agreed it would be their special way of making up.

"Yeah and plus I'm dating er... shit er... yeah me and Jordan aren't together any more." Carter says stumbling on his words after almost telling his friend that he was dating Wesley.

"It's okay, I won't asks who and I know I need to earn your trust again." Barry then states, he knew he couldn't just expect every one to treat him like they used too, he had betrayed them and needed to make it up to them.

"Don't be stupid Barry, it's just I need to talk to him first, we aren't ready to go public yet and I promise that I will tell you soon, just let me talk with him first." Carter then says, he had no issues telling his friend, but he was in a relationship and that meant these kind of things were something they both had to talk about first.

"Yeah trust me Barry, you wouldn't be able to guess if we gave you a hundred tries." Jordan then says with a cheeky grin and gets a well deserved punch on the shoulder and he smiles shyly at Carter. "Sorry." He the says.

"Its okay." Carter says with a smile.

"Aren't you going to kiss him?" Barry then asks and all three of his friends look at him in surprise. "What? They said when they argued they had to kiss each other to let the other know they are really forgiven." He then states defensively.

"Idiot, we don't have to kiss every time we fall out, just the really big stuff." Jordan quickly explains, he could see how his friend was confused but it was still funny and he couldn't help but smile.

"Oh shit, we are late for class." Ben then states after looking at his watch, they were at least ten minutes late and by the time they all got to class it would be close to twenty minutes.

"It's fine, they will understand." Barry then states and again all three of his friends look at him. "Look at me, I got to have some sympathy points to cash in, Ben I know this is low and sounds bad, but with Matt well you know, they aren't going to get angry with you, although Carter and Jordan might be screwed, well unless they were looking after us and yeah that will work, so let's just ditch the rest of whatever lesson we all have now and go to the next one when the bell rings." He then explains and when he sees the other three smile, he know he had managed to come up with a good idea.

"Barry let's go and talk somewhere, Jordan and Ben need to talk about something important." Carter then states, he had wanted to stay and help in anyway he could, but with Barry turning up and wanting to be friends again, he knew he was the only one who could go with him.

"Oh er... okay, anything I can help with?" Barry asks, he genuinely wanted to help and earn his place back in the group.

"Thank you Barry, but sorry no and it's nothing to do with you not being our friend for a while, we all love you and want you back, this is just something private and you can't help." Ben answers honestly and while he was still focused on his boyfriend, he could tell his friend needed reassurance about being their friend again and was happy to offer it.

"Oh okay, well er... see you later and meet up after school?" Barry asks, he knows he will not be able to talk with them for long because of the school bus, but he wanted to be part of the group again and even if it was only for a few minutes, it was enough.

"Sure Barry, that would be nice." Ben answers sincerely.

After a few more goodbyes Carter and Barry walk away and talk as they catch up, leaving Jordan and Ben alone at the table.

"You feeling better now little man?" Mitch asks, he can tell that the boy is still upset, but he is sure that he has stopped crying and wanted to try and get to the bottom of his breakdown. "Wesley?" He then asks, after getting now responds the first time.

It is almost another five minutes before Mitch finally gets a breakthrough and wipes Wesley's tears away when the boy looks up at him.

"Come on little man, what's wrong?" Mitch then asks again, he had been asking the same thing for a few minutes now and is confident he will at least get something out of him this time.

"I don't want to talk about it." Wesley tries to respond sounding firm, but his tone lets Mitch know that he wanted to say something.

"Wesley, you know you and me have an understanding, so tell me what is wrong and I will try and help." Mitch responds, he had tried to work out what it could be, but for the life of him he just couldn't see what had turned the excited if not embarrassed boy into a crying mess, all that happened was Sarah cuddling him and for a moment he did wonder if it was some sort of reaction to being shown affection, but he knew the boys parents had changed their ways and he was now given the love he deserved by them and definitely plenty of love and affection from Carter and was left stumped again.

"I figured something really bad out and wish I didn't." Wesley then states and alarm bells instantly start ringing in Mitch's head.

"Are you okay, you didn't hurt yourself did you?" Mitch asks in a concerned tone, although he couldn't be further from the truth if he had tried.

"No, it's someone else and I wish I didn't know, because it is awful and no one deserves that and I just want to forget it, but I can't Mitch." Wesley answers and Mitch quickly works out that it has to be Matt and knowing how observant and intelligent Wesley is, he considers whether Wesley had figured out what David had done to his son and just prays to god that he hadn't.

"Wesley, you know you can tell me anything, just say what you think you figured out and we will go from there." Mitch states nervously, he was afraid of were this conversation to go, but he couldn't just let Wesley go like this, if he had guessed what happened then it could harm him if he didn't talk about it.

"Mitch you know don't you?" Wesley then asks and catches Mitch by surprise and he doesn't know how to answer, he was now sure Wesley knew, but if he was wrong it would be a complete disaster and he would have some much to explain and then the devastation it could cause the boy if he really didn't know.

"You're going to have to be more specific Wesley, I know quite a bit, but I have no idea what you're talking about." Mitch responds lying, he was sure he knew now, but he had to get Wesley to tell him and not the other way around.

"Oh man, I don't think I can say it Mitch, can't you just tell me you know and then I can tell you." Wesley then states, he is sure Mitch knows and he really didn't want to say the words himself.

"Wesley, seriously what are you talking about, is this about your parents or Carter?" Mitch then asks, deciding to try and hide the fact he knows what the boy is trying to tell him, he knew if he just said it and Wesley already knew then he could help him through it, but he was still scared that he could have read the boy wrong and couldn't risk it.

"You know but you can't tell me, I get it." Wesley then states and Mitch has no idea how to respond to that and to his relief Wesley keeps talking. "Okay, Mitch have the doctors told you something that is really bad, that you can't tell anyone else?" He then asks and Mitch can't help but be impressed by the question, it was clever and if he was honest, he wasn't that surprised that Wesley had figured out a way to get the answer he wanted.

"They haven't told me much Wesley." Mitch starts to answer, but he can see the look of disappointment on the boys face and knows that he could have started his answer a lot better. "But they told my dad something and he told me, it is extremely bad and you're right there is no way I can tell anyone about it unless they already knew." He then quickly adds and can see the boy looking at him thoughtfully and he wondered what was going through his head right now.

"You told Ben though, didn't you because he is his boyfriend and he has a right to know doesn't he?" Wesley then asks, now he was sure he could say what he had figured out, but he just needed to hear Mitch say that he had told his little brother.

"Yes he deserved to know and I know what you're going to say Wesley, I just need you to say it and then we can talk about it." Mitch answers and gives the boy the green light, he wasn't looking forward to this conversation at all, but he needed to help Wesley because it had obviously hit him hard.

"David raped Matt." Wesley states in an almost emotionless tone, but Mitch could pick up the sadness and pulled the boy back into a loving embrace.

"He did." Mitch the says confirming the boys statement.

They then just sit together for a few minutes in silence, as Mitch gently strokes the boys back soothingly and Mitch can hear Wesley sniffling a little and decides it was time to end the silence.

"Wesley how did you figure it out?" Mitch then asks, he just couldn't see how he could have worked it out.

"I think the doctors and nurses forgot I was in the room last night, they said some stuff but I didn't really understand it though and it was lots of little things since I have been in here and I don't know why but when I was being crushed by Sarah, it just sort of clicked in my head and I couldn't stop it, I wasn't even thinking about anything like that Mitch, it was just sort of there and I couldn't handle it." Wesley answers honestly, he really didn't understand why or how he had figured it out, just that it came to him.

"That's it?" Mitch asks bluntly and can instantly see that he had fucked up big time when he sees the hurt on Wesley's face and knows he needs to do some serious damage control. "Oh shit, sorry that was so stupid, Wesley it was just a bit of a surprise, I was expecting you to tell some sort of elaborate story of how you worked it all out, I'm so sorry for being rude." He quickly apologises and hopes he didn't ruin his chance to help the boy deal with his feelings.

"You're such an idiot sometimes." Wesley states and sniffles as he sits back from him and looks at Mitch curiously.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Mitch can't help but ask, as Wesley stares at him.

"Sorry, I was just thinking of something and I'm not sure how to ask." Wesley answers honestly, he wanted to ask about the rape, it wasn't like he wanted all the gory details like some sick pervert, he just wanted to understand what it meant.

"Wesley seriously, you can ask me anything and I will never be angry, I might not be able to answer every question you ever have, but I will try my best." Mitch tells him honestly, but if he knew what the boy was thinking he would not be so keen on encouraging him.

"If David was so anti gay and stuff, then why would he rape his son, it doesn't make any sense, why would he do it Mitch?" Wesley asks and looks at the older boy expectantly and Mitch just looks back at him in surprise, he wasn't expecting that at all and had to try and think of something to say as his mind goes blank. "Mitch?" He then says, looking at the older boy with a worried expression.

"Oh er... shit Wesley I don't know, I can tell you what I think, but I don't know if it is right or not." Mitch responds, he remembered what he had told his little brother and it was still the only thing that made sense, but he had to admit that Wesley had a point, even if he wanted to break his son, David was obviously extremely homophobic and it made no sense to rape him.

"That's alright, I just want to try and understand." Wesley then states, he hoped that if he could understand he could then help Matt better if he remembered or was told, if it were him it would crush him and he would want his friends comfort, even if he tried to push them away.

"Well I will tell you the same thing I told Ben, David wanted to break Matt, do you know what I mean by break Wesley?" Mitch starts to explain, but stops to make sure Wesley understands what he is talking about.

"Yeah it means er... well I think I understand, it is something to do with er..." Wesley begins to answer, but he can't quite think of the right words, he is sure he knows but actually saying it is not as easy as he though it would be.

"Okay well basically it means that someone's spirit and mind are broken, so they are dead inside, the person won't feel anything emotion wise and will basically do whatever the person who did that to them wants, people used to do it to slaves and well I guess they still do." Mitch explains as simply as he can and hopes that he did a good enough job.

"Oh, I thought it was something like that, but couldn't think of how to say it." Wesley responds honestly and Mitch knew that the boy was telling the truth, it wasn't an easy thing to put into words and he only just managed it himself.

"Well that is what David was doing to Matt, by the injuries he had the doctors pretty much said he was beaten and tortured every day and likely many times during those days, he might have even beat him for hours and hours, but the thing is though from what I can understand is that it isn't enough to just beat someone, it is also the mental side of it and that is what breaks someone..." Mitch explains, but is interrupted.

"What do you mean by the mental side?" Wesley asks, not quite understanding what that means or how it would work.

"I'm not quite sure what it actually involves, your dad would be able to explain it properly Wesley, but from what I can understand it is degrading the person, telling them that they are worthless and that no one loves them and that sort of thing, I know it doesn't sound like much but if you're being told that for hours and hours every day while you're being beaten, then I think you mind just accepts it and that is what breaks a person." Mitch explains and pauses to let Wesley take in what he has just said, he wasn't quite sure if he was totally accurate or not, but he thought it was basically what it was and if he was wrong he didn't think he was that far off.

"Oh, but I still don't get the rape, how is that not being gay and if he hates gay people so much er... well er... I just don't get it Mitch and I don't get how that is part of breaking him, I just don't understand." Wesley then states honestly after taking in Mitch's words, he actually understood what he was being told and thought it made sense, it also made him feel sick inside thinking his friend had been put through that by his own dad and he wasn't sure he could come back from that.

"I really don't know, maybe what he did to him didn't work and in desperation he did it and wasn't thinking straight, I really don't know, maybe he did it after he had thought he broke him, just to make sure, I'm not sure that we will ever know why Wesley, unless David tells someone and even then can we ever believe anything we hear from him." Mitch states honestly, he had tried himself to think why David did it, well not just the rape but the whole thing and he couldn't come up with anything that actually made sense.

"Oh, Mitch?" Wesley then states and looks at him a little nervously.

"Yeah?" Mitch responds, he is curious about what else the boy is going to ask.

"Matt thought that his mum was there and was hurting him like his dad, that is why he was so scared of her and almost died and stuff after seeing her." Wesley states and Mitch can't help but look at him in surprise.

"So that is what you meant earlier, when you told Sarah about figuring it out and fixing it?" Mitch then asks, although he is sure the boy had already explained what happened, but for the life of him he couldn't remember and was a little worried.

"Yeah, it was just luck really and I explained to him that it couldn't have been his mum because she was at that work place and the police even said that she was there all the time, he didn't believe me at first, but eventually I got him to understand and he was so happy Mitch, he just wanted her so bad and well I was naked for some reason after waking up, I think Carter took it off the night before and the nurses must have taken it away, but I couldn't find anything to wear and then he started to get upset because he wouldn't be able to see his mum, so I just came to find her naked, it was so embarrassing Mitch, but he is totally worth it don't you think?" Wesley then explains and takes a deep breath after talking so fast without stopping, although he can't help but be a little worried because he had already told Mitch what happened, but before he could really think to point it out Mitch begins to talk again.

"Whoa slow down Wesley, there's no need to talk so fast, it's not like I'm going anywhere and by the way just so you know, I think you deserve a reward and if I wasn't stuck in here, I would take you out for a big meal at a fancy restaurant." Mitch then says, although he is a little unsettled by the fact he had forgotten almost an entire conversation after hearing the boy explain it again, but he can see Wesley thinking and decides to worry about that later.

"That would have been cool, but how are you anyway?" Wesley then asks, it had suddenly occurred to him that he hadn't asked yet and felt a little embarrassed.

"You mean after you saved my life? Well I'm doing pretty good." Mitch lies and can tell instantly that the boy can see right through his lies.

"Oh come on Mitch, you can't tell me all that crap about us having an understanding and that I can tell you anything, if you're just going to lie to me." Wesley says in a serious tone, although he can't help but smirk a little at being the one in the right.

"Fair point little man, well my head is killing me, but I don't have to wear a stupid helmet thing when I get out of here, so that is good and well I just had some bruised ribs and I hit my shoulder pretty hard, so yeah I'm pretty beat up but I will live thanks to you." Mitch then says and reaches out to give the boy a shoulder rub, although he doesn't mention the fact he had forgotten a big chunk of the earlier conversation and just passed it off as a one off.

"Actually we both owe our lives to Carter, if he didn't turn up then David would have killed me and then he would have finished you off." Wesley then states and notices that Mitch is giving him a strange look. "Why are you looking at me like that?" He then asks in a curious tone.

"You're getting out today aren't you?" Mitch then asks, ignoring Wesley's question.

"Yeah, they are discharging me at like four or five I think why?" Wesley responds curiously.

"There is this really nice restaurant, that isn't too far from here and it does the biggest steaks I have ever seen, I took Ben there a few weeks ago and he loved it." Mitch begins to say and can see Wesley giving him a curious look. "How about if I make some phone calls and get your parents consent. I book you and Carter a meal there for tonight, would you like that?" He then asks and smiles at the look on the boys face.

"Why would you do that though?" Wesley asks, he is genuinely surprised by the offer and doesn't quite know how to react.

"Because you saved my life and well as you said yourself, Carter then saved it as well and this is my way of saying thank you and I think it would be a very nice first real date for you both." Mitch then explains with a warm smile, which quickly widens when Wesley jumps on to the bed and cuddles up to him.

"I love you so much Mitch, you're the best." Wesley then says excitedly, he had thought about going on a date sort of thing with Carter for the last week, but hadn't been able to come up with an idea or the guts to actually ask him and this would be perfect.

"My pleasure little man, oh is there any movies you both wanted to see?" Mitch then asks, thinking that if they are having a meal then they should watch a film as well and make it a real date.

"Well there is this movie that Carter might like, it's like a comic book adaptation thing, it looks okay, but I can't afford any of this Mitch." Wesley responds and Mitch can see the disappointment on his face and smiles.

"Yeah that is why I said I was going to pay for it all, I owe you both my life and I want to do something nice for you both, now just write down the movie and I will sort it out for you, I assume you want steaks or you could order something else when you get there if you wanted too, money is no object, so if you wanted to try something new then go for it." Mitch then tells him and when the boy squeezes him tightly, he leans down and kisses the top of his head.

"You're amazing and I think me and Carter will try the biggest steaks ever." Wesley responds and sits back up looking happy and they both settle down and enjoy just talking to each other for a while.

"So er... what are we er... how do we tell him?" Jordan asks nervously, he would be okay once they got talking, but he isn't so sure about when they tell him and what will happen, he hadn't visited as much as he should have and only saw one of his friends freak outs and it had scared him and he wasn't sure how he would react if it happened again.

"I will talk to him alone, while you wait outside and when I give you the signal, you come in and we talk to him together." Ben answers, he knows his friend is nervous and couldn't blame him, so while he would prefer it if Jordan was in there from the start, he knew that it would probably make things worse.

"Okay, so er... what are you going to say, I mean how do you even start that conversation?" Jordan then asks curiously, he couldn't imagine ever being able to tell someone something so horrific and even thinking about gave him a sick feeling inside.

"Well actually it won't be so bad, me and Matt kind of already talked about it a while back." Ben answers and can instantly see the look on his friends face and carries on before he gets interrupted. "He doesn't know he was raped, but he knows something awful happened and I told him that, we don't lie to each other Jordan, but I told him that he wasn't ready to know and that when the time was right I would tell him what it was." He then explains and can see that his friend is thinking about something.

"So he knows something really bad happened, something worse than any of his injuries, but he doesn't have any idea what it might be?" Jordan decides to asks, he was surprised that they his two friends had talked about something bad and yet somehow put it on hold and was quite amazed that they could do that, he couldn't do that and he knew it.

"He did ask me what rape meant, I was surprised he didn't know after Mr Jones and it wasn't until later that I realised that I don't think anyone ever used the word rape, at least I don't remember and he obviously didn't." Ben explains and looks to his friend with a sad look, knowing that Mr Jones had actually raped Jordan was hard to deal with and he couldn't help but lean over and give his friend a warm cuddle.

"What was that for?" Jordan asks in a slightly bemused tone, he wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

"I'm sorry for what happened to you, me and Matt both feel guilty for not telling David..." Ben begins to say, but trails off at the mention of his boyfriends dad.

"Hey stop it, we already talked about that when you saw me in hospital and I don't want to repeat myself." Jordan responds, he could tell the mention of David upset his friend and decided to answer his question quickly and hopefully avoid talking about the man.

"But he wouldn't have raped you if we told earlier." Ben then states and looks up at his friend curiously, when he hears him sigh.

"Ben that wasn't the first time he raped me." Jordan states truthfully, he hadn't even told Carter when they were dating that and he was only telling Ben now because he wanted to help Matt and if that meant revealing his darkest secrets, than he would do it.

"What?" Ben asks in a shocked tone.

"It's why I stopped Matt going to see him that Friday, Mr Jones would have started to move things a long with him and trust me it wasn't a nice experience and I knew that I would pay for it, I just wanted to keep Matt safe and I know I didn't exactly treat him nice, well like ever but he is amazing and I just want to help him now." Jordan answers honestly, once he had gotten over what bothered him about Matt, he actually saw what a great friend he was and he had really enjoyed being his friend ever since Mr Jones was murdered.

"Holy shit, how are you not totally fucked up though? Matt is still not the same after what happened with Mr Jones and you went so through so much worse." Ben then asks and instantly puts his hand over his mouth, he can't believe he just said that and is sure his friend is going to be angry at him.

"It's okay, I'm not angry at you and the truth is I got used to it, if it had happened the same as Matt and ended that quickly then I would be the same, my psychologist said that because it went on for so long my brain found a way to deal with it and I guess that is why I'm able to not let it effect me much, but I still get nightmares Ben, it's not like I'm totally fine and I don't particularly like being around older men, I mean I don't freak out or anything, but I don't like it and I doubt I will ever get over that." Jordan explains honestly, he knew he gave off this image of being fine, but that wasn't the truth and it was actually nice to admit it to someone that he did struggle.

"Why didn't you say anything though, it would have helped Matt so much Jordan, he thought he was pathetic and weak because you seemed fine and he was a mess." Ben states a little more harshly then he intended and could see the look of hurt on his friends face. "Oh shit sorry Jordan, I didn't mean it like that, I just love him so much and it hurts so much to know he will never be the same again." He then adds in a sad tone and Jordan can tell his friend wasn't trying to accuse him of anything.

"It's fine Ben and you're right about Matt, I know this is not a nice thing to say, but it was a miracle that he was still the same person after Mr Jones, we were both lucky really and we made it through, but this I just don't know Ben, he is going to need us all to love him and even then it's not going to be easy." Jordan begins to says and he knows he is saying something his friend won't want to hear, but he felt like he had to say it anyway. "You're his only hope though Ben, no matter how hard he tries to push you away, you can never let him and I just want you to know that you have me, if you ever want to shout at someone or hit someone, you just come to me and I will be that person." He then adds sincerely, he would take anything his friend threw at him, if he needed to unload and he wanted him to know that.

"Mitch said the same thing and Wesley too, all I need now is Carter to agree and I can line all four of you up and see who I can kick the hardest in the balls before you fall over." Ben responds and giggles, at first Jordan is a little worried by his friends behaviour, but he quickly works out that he is purposely trying to lighten the mood and with the next class close to starting he knows why and knows their serious talk is over for now and just joins his friend giggling until the bell rings.

Matt had been sitting nervously waiting for someone to come back to the room, it had occurred to him that it had been been a long time since he was awake in the room alone and he was starting to get frightened, he could see people walking past the room, well he couldn't actually make out what they looked like but he could see something walking past and he was really starting to wish Wesley would hurry back and then starts worrying that maybe he got caught naked and is being told off and that he never even made it to his mum, then the thought of his mum started to scare him and although he believed what his friend had said, he was so sure before that she had hurt him and he was worried he would freak out when she comes to him.

He is almost to the point where he has his finger over the alarm, just to get someone in the room when the door finally opens and to both his disappointment and slight relief, he sees Mike walk in and he could tell his boyfriends dad was nervous being their.

"It's okay Mike, just don't come too close, no one else is here." Matt tells his boyfriends dad, he was trying his best to not sound as scared as he felt, he knows it is stupid, but he still just doesn't feel comfortable being alone with a man.

"Don't worry I won't and I'm only here because your mum asked me to make sure it was alright for her to come in, she was scared that Wesley was wrong and you would er... you know panic." Mike says and while he started of confidently he knew he lost his nerve towards the end.

"Is their a doctor or nurse close?" Matt decides to asks and could tell by his boyfriends dads expression that he caught him off guard. "Mike I want to see my Mummy so bad and I need her, but just in case my brain goes stupid, can you get someone to wait outside with you?" He then explains and hopes he understands.

"Of course I will Matt, there is a nurse talking with your mum outside." Mike responds with a warm smile. "Should I send your mum in right now?" He then asks and he can't hide the happiness in his voice, which Matt picks up on and he knows this is a massive moment and he can feel his heart racing, but not in a bad way, he was excited and he wanted her to hold him so much.

"Please get my Mummy, I need my Mummy please Mike I need her so much." Matt answers and Mike can't help but think how sweet and adorable the boy was and knew he was ready.

While Matt adjusts his bed a little more so he could sit up a bit more comfortably, Mike walks back out of the room and explains to both the nurse and Sarah what had happened and the nurse agreed to stay and they both watched as Sarah nervously walked up to the door and slowly open it, she hesitates though and turns to Mike for support.

"Sarah I wouldn't send you in if he didn't want to see you, just be with your son Sarah, he needs his mummy." Mike says and despite himself, he couldn't help but blush a little at using the word 'mummy'.

"Okay" Sarah says, before opening the door and nervously walking inside and letting the door close behind her.

"Sweetheart?" Sarah calls out nervously and slowly edges towards her son, who is staring intently at her and she suddenly stops in her tracks when she sees the tears rolling down his face and is about to get out of the room, when for the first time in what seems like an eternity she hears his voice and it isn't him shouting in fear or overhearing from outside his room, but his actual voice and she thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard.

"Mummy, please hold me Mummy, I need you." Matt says pleadingly and holds out his arms and Sarah quickly moves over to her son and holds him as tightly and as lovingly as she dared.

"I missed you so much Matt and I love you more than anything in the whole universe." Sarah says lovingly and smoothers her son in loving kisses.

As she continues to plant loving kisses on his head, she can hear him begin to cry but she doesn't stop and starts to gently rub his back and comfort him, they stay like that for almost an hour, when Sarah hears the door open and looks over her shoulder to see Mike standing with his head in the door, she sees him mouth the words 'Is he okay' and just nods her head, before turning her full attention back to her son and holds him a little tighter, barely noticing the door shutting.

"Mummy?" Matt says and sniffles a little as he tries to look up to his mum, although her tight grip on him makes it impossible.

"Yes Sweetheart?" Sarah answers in a warm and caring tone.

"Can you let me go a little, I want to see you Mummy." Matt asks and Sarah quickly loosens her hold, but doesn't let him go completely, she never wanted to ever let him go again.

"I love you so much Sweetheart." Sarah then says and gives him a series of loving kisses.

"Mummy can you call me Matt please." Matt then asks, he didn't mind the pet names but he wanted to hear his mum call him Matt, although it wasn't totally innocent, he wanted to compare the voices of his mum and the woman who his dad had got to pretend to be her, just to make completely sure.

"I love you Matt, I love you more than anything and I'm never going to let you out of my sight again." Sarah responds in a loving tone, although even she knows she went a little over the top, when she sees the bemused look on her sons face. "Okay, maybe not 'never' but I'm going to keep kissing you and cuddling you for at least the next four or five years, although I might let you go to the toilet alone." She then states with a cheesy grin and they both giggle.

"I love you Mummy, just hold me tightly again please." Matt then states and smiles as his mum holds him lovingly again, his little test had worked and he was one hundred percent sure that whoever his dad had got to hurt him, was not his mum and he was just so happy right now that only one thing could make it better, but he knew he would need to wait just a few more hours before he got to see his beautiful boyfriend.

"Anything you want Matt, anything you want." Sarah says in a loving tone and after a few minutes of holding her son, she realises that he had fallen asleep and smiles at finally being able to be with him again, although she couldn't be completely happy because she still had to find Tobias and just because her son was talking to her again, it didn't mean she was going to give up on him.

After holding her son for almost thirty minutes, Sarah decides that she should lay him down and let him sleep properly for a little bit longer, although the truth of it was that she really needed to use the toilet and had been trying her best to hold it, but she didn't know how long he was going to sleep for and she didn't have the heart to wake him, so she carefully lets him go and gently lays him back on to his bed and pulls the sheet over him, although just as she starts to move off the bed she feels her hand being held tightly and looks back at her son to see him looking at her.

"Don't leave me Mummy." Matt says in a sad and vulnerable tone and Sarah quickly sits back down and strokes her sons arm with her free hand.

"I just need to use the toilet and I will be right back Matt." Sarah responds in a reassuring tone, although she was finding it difficult to just call her son 'Matt' she was so used to either calling him 'Sweetheart' or 'Honey'.

"Can't you stay a little longer Mummy?" Matt asks and Sarah can't help but actually be a little concerned by her sons neediness and the fact he is calling her 'mummy' he had always been an affectionate boy, but he was still very much independent and she was worried about encouraging this behaviour, despite her maternal instincts telling her to comfort him and give him all the love he wants.

"Matt, I don't think either of us wants me to wet your bed, they might make me wear a nappy or something." Sarah answers, deciding that a humorous approach might be the best way of handling this and can see by the look on her sons face that it had worked.

"Okay but don't be long Mummy, I want you to hold me some more." Matt then says with his voice full of love and while she is still a little concerned by the neediness, she convinced herself that she was over reacting and he just needed a little mother and son time.

"I won't Matt and I love you so much." Sarah then tells him, before giving him one final loving kiss on the his forehead and stands up from the bed, she then gives him a loving smile and walks towards the door.

"Mummy?" Matt quickly states and smiles when his mum turns to look at him.

"Yes Matt?" Sarah responds with a warm smile of her own.

"Sorry for being so needy, I just missed you loads and wanted to make up for being afraid of you for so long." Matt states with a shy smile, he had noticed the look on his mums face and he wanted to stop her worrying.

"I forgot how smart you were." Sarah then says with a loving smile.

"Just don't be long Mummy and if I fall asleep before you get back wake me up, otherwise I won't be able to sleep tonight." Matt then states and smiles happily at his mum.

"I will, I promise." Sarah responds, before turning back to the door and opening it, she then takes one more quick look at her son and walks out of the room and straight into Mike's arms.

"See you later guys." Ben says, as he gives Jordan, Patrick and Barry a cuddle.

"See you later Ben and you too Carter." Patrick responds with a friendly smile, he was over the moon that Barry had rejoined the group and in the process it had meant he could be part of it again, although he never left it, it was hard to be around them and spent more time with Barry.

"Bye guys." Barry says a little nervously, but quickly hugs Carter and Ben, he still felt he had to prove himself though and was already trying to think of something.

"Yeah bye guys and see you Sunday Ben." Jordan then says and gives Ben a hug and surprising everyone gives Carter a kiss on the lips. "Sorry it's just, yeah I got to stop doing that." He then says sheepishly, he had no feelings for Carter anymore other than being friends, but for some reason he sometimes just felt the need to kiss him and it did confuse him a little.

"Yeah you really do, I got a boyfriend now and it's not cool Jordan." Carter then states, but he uses a warm tone and Jordan knows that he isn't in trouble, but he does have to stop doing it.

"I know, I guess I'm just completely comfortable around you, I mean I don't fancy you or anything, it's just I don't know, I mean I kiss my mum and dad because I love them, I think well yeah that's it, you're family to me now Carter." Jordan then states with a big grin and is surprised but happy to feel Carters arms around him and they cuddle for a few seconds before Ben speaks up.

"Guys the bus is coming and people are looking at you." Ben points out, although he had come to realise since he returned to school that if anyone was homophobic or just generally wanted to make someone's life hell for being gay, then he didn't meet any of them, if anything he was actually a little tired of all the support he was getting from everyone, sure it was nice, in fact it was amazing, but at the same time it was tedious and he just wanted to be left alone, he was never a fan of being in the spotlight and he still wasn't.

"Oh shit." Carter says and lets his friend go.

"Don't worry about them, they know that we used to date Carter and they know that I'm straight, so I don't care if someone sees us hugging." Jordan states with a smile, he really didn't care now and was just happy he had finally managed to figure out what Carter meant to him and 'family' was just perfect in his mind.

"Guys come on let's get on first and get the back seats." Patrick then states, as he pulls Barry along with him to the bus and Jordan quickly follows.

"Bye guys." Ben then calls out and they all shout back, before disappearing on the bus.

"So er... should I call my dad to pick us up?" Carter decides to ask and looks at his friend curiously, when he notices a small grin appear on his face. "What?" He then asks.

"Let's walk to my house, I want to give you those dice." Ben answers and his grin turns into a warm smile.

"What about Mitch though?" Carter can't help but ask, he doesn't want his friend getting in trouble for him.

"Well he might think it is a bit creepy to play dice with you, but if you want me to ask him I can." Ben answers with an evil grin and feigns injury when his friend punches him in the shoulder playfully.

"Idiot, you know what I mean and I don't want you getting in trouble." Carter then states, as he walks side by side with his friend and walk towards his house.

"It's cool, I will talk to him in the hospital and if he says no, then I will keep a hold of them." Ben responds and smiles when he feels his friends arm interlock with his own.

"So er... Jordan is going to help you Sunday?" Carter then asks nervously after a few minutes of walking, he wanted to ask earlier but there were to many people around and now that they were basically alone, he felt comfortable asking.

"Yeah, you don't mind do you?" Ben then asks and Carter actually stops walking in surprise and in the process stops his friend as well, due to them still having their arms interlocked.

"Why would I mind?" Carter asks in an equally surprised tone and wonders why his friend would think he would.

"Oh because of your weekend with Wesley, I didn't want to ruin it for you." Ben tries to explain, but Carter still doesn't get it.

"Ben how can it ruin it? It's not like we are going to be there and besides Saturday is when I'm planning to make my move on Wesley." Carter responds and looks at his friend curiously.

"Oh." Ben responds and takes a few seconds to look at his friend. "Carter, I kind of want you and Wesley to be there as well, not like in the room or anything, it's just I want you both er... like outside and Matt is going to need us all to get through this." He then adds and looks at his friend shyly.

"Oh, I just thought you wanted Jordan." Carter answers and can see the expression on his friends face. "Of course we will be there though, me and Wesley love you both like brothers and we will definitely be there for him." He then says sincerely and smiles warmly at his friend.

"You're the best." Ben then says and quickly pulls his friend in for a warm and friendly cuddle.

"Ben er... these dice, they don't have like er... like..." Carter then starts to ask, but quickly trails off and blushes which causes Ben to give his friend a curious look.

"Don't be embarrassed Carter, just ask what you want to ask and I won't laugh I promise." Ben then says and stares at his friend.

"It doesn't have like the word bum or ass on it does it?" Carter then asks nervously and Ben can instantly tell that his friend is serious and has to stifle a giggle.

"Nah, trust me there is no way I would have them if they had that on them." Ben answers honestly, he may have almost giggled at first, but actually thinking about it he didn't like the idea of it being on them at all, well he could kiss his boyfriends bum, well the cheeks anyway, but licking and sucking was just gross and he wouldn't want to do something like that.

"Oh good, because that is just gross, I mean I would kiss his bum cheeks I think, but no way I would lick or suck it because that is way too gross." Carter then says and blushes a little after admitting that he would kiss his boyfriends bum.

"Ha, don't be embarrassed I would kiss Matt's bum cheeks too, just not the other stuff either." Ben then admits and starts walking again after he interlocks his arm with his friends again.

"Mitch when will you be allowed out of here?" Wesley decides to ask, they had been talking for ages about little things and he decided to change the subject.

"Hopefully in a few days, the main thing they are worried about is my head, I hit it pretty bad and to be honest it still hurts." Mitch answers as honestly as he could, he wanted to be out already, but he had to admit that he wasn't ready and he didn't want pride to get in the way and end up regretting it.

"You think Carter would want to marry me someday?" Wesley then asks, deciding to completely change the subject again and can't help but smile at the look on Mitch's face.

"Jeez where did that come from little man?" Mitch responds with his own question, the boy was only twelve and he shouldn't be thinking about that kind of thing.

"I don't know, you remember I asked you about whether Ben and Matt would get married that weekend we spent together and well I think I would like to marry Carter one day." Wesley answer honestly, he was surprised that he had fallen in love with his boyfriend, even though he was sure he would when he had asked him to be his boyfriend, although he was still a little unsure whether he was actually gay at that time, but after spending so much time with his boyfriend he didn't even think about anyone else and even girls lost their appeal to him.

"You're so gay Wesley." Mitch then says jokingly, he wanted to have a little fun with the boy and knew he wouldn't be offended.

"Shut up!" Wesley says and sticks his tongue out.

"Come on though Wesley, you were so into girls and it's just surprising to see you so happy with Carter is all." Mitch then states and looks at the boy in front of him thoughtfully.

"I know, it's just he is so amazing Mitch and I think about him all the time and his body is just like WOW!" Wesley responds and instantly blushes, he wasn't supposed to say that last bit.

"Ha, so gay." Mitch states and starts chuckling, when Wesley pouts at him.

"Well he is just perfect and those eyes Mitch they are just incredible and his giggle is just the cutest sound in the whole world it always makes me get a tingly..." Wesley begins to say and just about manages to stop in time to totally humiliate himself, but still turns bright red when he sees the expression on Mitch's face.

"Okay while you seem to be in the over sharing mood, what did you want to talk to me about last week." Mitch then states, deciding not to make fun of the boy and he was still curious about what that was all about.

"Huh?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, he was happy that Mitch wasn't teasing him but he didn't know what he was on about.

"You remember, we were talking on the phone that evening and you asked me to talk with you and Carter the next day?" Mitch then states, hoping to jog the boys memory.

"Oh that right, well er... there is no need, Ben totally fixed it and Carter is fine now, well actually he is amazing now and so horn..." Wesley begins to explain and quickly puts his hand over his mouth and again turns bright red, he couldn't believe he was saying this kind of stuff and wanted the ground to swallow him up.

"Fucking hell Wesley, seriously quit being so embarrassed and stop telling me about how horny Carter is or how amazing his body is, seriously you kill me, you know that." Mitch quickly states, he was finding the whole conversation hilarious, but he was still curious about what they actually wanted to talk to him about. "So anyway, what was it about?" He then asks and waits for the boy to calm down a little.

"Sorry and er... well I guess I already crossed a few lines, so er... Carter was er... worried that he wasn't big enough, I mean he seemed really confident about his body and he had every right to be because it's er... anyway yeah, he was fine until I got naked and he saw how big I was and he got really shy." Wesley begins to explain, but has to pause for a few seconds and decided to wait for Mitch to say something.

"Oh right well I can understand that, I mean you're big Wesley and while I wasn't as big at your age, I do remember that some of the smaller, well actually that isn't fair I should say the normal sized boys, got a little shy around me." Mitch then states, he figured by the boys silence and the way he was looking at him, that Wesley wanted him to say something.

"Yeah, I tried to tell him that he was fine, but I guess it wasn't the right thing to say, but Ben fixed it and made Carter realise that he shouldn't worry about it." Wesley then says, he had tried and failed to get Carter to tell him exactly what Ben had said or done, but he let it go and was just happy that his boyfriend let him see his body and touch it instead of being too shy.

"How big is he?" Mitch then asks, more out of a sort of reflex question and quickly blushes a little. "Well that sounded creepy, you don't have to answer that Wesley." He then states and shakes his head.

"Yeah totally creepy, but well soft he is just over one inch and hard he is around three inches and it's just perfect Mitch and so cute, his balls are so cool and fun to..." Wesley answers and once again has to hold his hand over his mouth, after sharing a lot more than he had intended too. "Oh fuck, why do I keep doing that?" He then asks, although it was more to himself than Mitch.

"I don't know but it's hilarious Wesley." Mitch responds and gives him a reassuring shoulder squeeze. "Don't worry about it though and yeah Carter is perfectly normal, well actually for someone so small and considering he is still eleven, he is above average and should be happy with his body." He then adds, thinking actually on the boys tiny frame three inches would look even bigger and even if he didn't grow beyond five or six inches when he got older, Carter would never have to worry about it looking tiny, well unless he is standing next to people like Wesley or his little brother and Matt, who are at the moment almost freakishly big.

"I know and I told him that if anything a huge penis would look stupid on him and he giggled and said Ben said the same thing." Wesley then states and can't help but giggle a little at the thought himself.

"I agree with that, so anyway he is fine now and you two are doing er... okay with stuff?" Mitch then asks awkwardly, even after all the talks with his little brother and Matt, he still struggled with this sort of thing.

"Oh er... shit Mitch, we are doing fine although there is one thing, but I don't think you want to talk about that sort of thing with me." Wesley answers honestly, things were fine and he was happy, but there was one thing and it did worry him quite a bit.

"Oh come on, we don't have secrets Wesley and I made you a promise that you can ask me anything and I meant that, so just tell me and we will see what we can do about it." Mitch then states, he knows this is going to be something sexual and despite finding these talks embarrassing, his desire to help the boys and look after them was more important.

"Well I think Carter wants to er... shit er... Mitch I think maybe, well actually I know that Carter wants to er... give me a blow job." Wesley states and instantly looks down at the bed and turns bright red, he couldn't bring himself to see the look on Mitch's face and was waiting for him to either laugh or tell him to go away.

"Oh wow er... do you want him too?" Mitch responds and reaches out to take a hold of one of Wesley's hands, he could tell that was mortifying to say for the boy and wanted to reassure him.

"Not really Mitch." Wesley answers honestly, he had always wondered what it felt like and he did want to get one, one day but after his experience with Mitch's cum on his friends tighty whiteys, the idea of a blow job both scared and freaked him out.

"Oh." Mitch responds, he wasn't expecting that answer and then remembers what happened with Matt's underwear and knows what the problem is. "Oh shit, I knew I should have talked to you about what happened with Matt's underwear and my cum, shit sorry Wesley." He then states apologetically and Wesley can't help but look up at him in surprise.

"Huh? Why are you apologising?" Wesley asks in a confused tone.

"Wesley are you afraid that if you let Carter give you a blow job, he will want you to give him one?" Mitch then asks, ignoring the boys own question, he wanted to fix this quickly and felt awful for not dealing with this after it had happened at the time.

"Yeah, I guess and I know it's silly and Carter can't cum yet, but it tasted so bad and horrible Mitch." Wesley answers honestly and sits looking embarrassed, but this time he doesn't look down and watches Mitch expectantly.

"Well to be honest, I have tried my own a few times when I was curious about what it tasted like and being totally honest it wasn't that bad, I mean it was kind of salty and warm, not sure I will ever try it again though." Mitch decides to admit and wanted to see what the boys reaction was to this news.

"But yours was all cold and sort of lumpy." Wesley then states with a confused expression, ignoring the fact he thought it was gross that Mitch tried his own cum.

"Oh shit, I think I get it now." Mitch then says and can see the confused look on his face. "Wesley that cum was old, it must have been in his underwear for like over thirty minutes, maybe a lot longer and it would have cooled down and dried up a little, now I'm not saying it tastes amazing when it is like er... fresh, but I would guess it tastes disgusting when cold and drying, I mean most food tastes horrible when it gets cold and left for ages right?" He then states and waits to see what the boy makes of what he had just said.

"Oh, but er... should er... I maybe try a bit of mine?" Wesley asks nervously and is barely able to stop himself looking away from the older boy.

"I don't know about that, but I think if Carter wants to give you a blow job, than I think you should at least consider it, it isn't something you just decide to do and then do it so if Carter does actually want to do it, then it is because he really wants too and maybe you will change you mind about being afraid to try it." Mitch answers honestly, although he has no idea what Carter has thought about, he can only go by what Wesley had said and if he thought Carter wanted to do it, then he must have picked up on some signals the boy was giving him.

"What if he hates the taste and then hates me?" Wesley then asks and Mitch is a little surprised and embarrassed at the question, it was one thing to talk about it without the details, but this was getting more awkward as the conversation goes on.

"He might not like it, but you can't live your life by 'what ifs' Wesley, otherwise you will be afraid to do anything." Mitch responds and can see that the boy is thinking about what he had just said. "I will tell you what I always tell Ben and Matt, never do anything you're not ready for, even if the other person wants to try and if they truly love you then they will wait until you're ready." He then decides to say, remembering the advice he had given his little brother and Matt throughout their relationship and felt that it would help Wesley with his.

"Oh, so if he wants too and I say no, then he shouldn't be angry?" Wesley then asks, thinking he understands the point Mitch was making.

"Well he might be disappointed, but he will understand, it works both ways though Wesley and you're boyfriends, which means you have to make compromises because it isn't all about what you want or what he wants and you have to remember that." Mitch answers honestly, if he was talking to either Matt or his little brother he might not be saying these things, but he knows Wesley is a lot more advanced maturity wise and he wanted to talk to him like this with that in mind.

"I can't believe I fell in love with a boy thoughMitch, that's so gay." Wesley then announces, with a cheesy grin and is quickly pulled into a warm embrace by Mitch.

"Totally gay Wesley." Mitch then says and kisses the top of the boys head.

"I think tonight after we eat and see the movie, I'm going to let him know that I'm ready to be together properly Mitch." Wesley then says and the statement catches Mitch a little by surprise.

"I thought you already told people?" Mitch responds curiously.

"Our parents know and you know you and our friends, but I wasn't ready for people at school to know, it's not like I'm ashamed or that I don't love him, because I do Mitch, I just needed time and now I'm one hundred million percent sure I love him, I'm ready." Wesley then explains after pulling back from the embrace, to see the older boys reaction.

"I think you're going to make Carter the happiest boy in the universe after tonight." Mitch then states, he was still a little surprised that Wesley turned out to be gay or maybe he was pansexual as well, but it was still a surprise, although he had to admit however unlikely the pairing sounded, Carter and Wesley did look cute together and he was happy for them.

"Mitch you don't mind if I go back to Matt now do you?" Wesley then asks, he did actually feel a little guilty for not going with Sarah and Mike, but he was in no state to do that and now that he was feeling better, he wanted to see how the reunion went.

"Well I'm a little bored, could you send my dad back?" Mitch answers with half a lie, he didn't want to be alone and would actually prefer have Wesley stay, but he didn't want to guilt him into it.

"Oh screw that, it's not that important and they have a lot to catch up on, so I'm staying here." Wesley then states, he was lying and really did want to go back but he saw right through Mitch's lie and knew he wasn't bored and was going to stay with him.

"You don't have to stay Wesley." Mitch then says, he was delighted on the inside but at the same time he didn't want to a burden.

"Don't be an idiot Mitch, you would never leave me alone and I won't leave you alone either." Wesley responds and quickly leans forward again and cuddles up to the older boy and they both just make small talk for a while, before to his surprise Mitch looks down to see that Wesley had actually fallen asleep and he just smiles and kisses him on the forehead.

"Matt honey, wake up Matt." Sarah says in a warm and loving tone, as she gently rocks her sleeping son, she had considered letting him sleep but she remember what he had told her and she didn't want to upset him. "Come on Honey, wake up sleepyhead." She then says and smiles as he begins to stir and open his eyes.

"Mummy?" Matt says, as he opens his eyes and looks up.

"Yes Honey?" Sarah asks, she is a little nervous, but the fact he hadn't freaked out and knew who she was, settled her nerves down and she just decided to enjoy every second she had with him.

"When Ben comes back, can you leave us alone for a little while please?" Matt asks, he can she the slight disappointment on her face and it made him a little sad, but he needed to talk with his boyfriend and he couldn't do it with anyone else around.

"Of course, I'm sure you have missed him a lot and want to spend some alone time together." Sarah answers, sure she was a little disappointed that he wanted her to leave them alone, but she figured that they were in love and needed some privacy.

"No Mummy, no it's not for that, it's just I need to talk with him and it won't take long, I need you Mummy and I don't want you to go, but it's really important." Matt then states, he felt he had to make it clear that he didn't want her to go and the small smile on her face made him smile.

"It's alright and just so you know, I need you too Honey and I love you so much." Sarah then says and leans down to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"I love you too, but er... can I ask you something and you have to promise to tell me the truth Mummy." Matt then asks and looks at his mum lovingly.

"You can ask me anything and I promise never to lie to you Sweetheart." Sarah responds honestly, she had decided that she would never lie to him again and even if that meant telling him something that he didn't want to hear, she would do it.

"Ben told me that I may never walk properly again, is that true?" Matt asks, he believed his boyfriend and knew he wouldn't lie, but he needed to hear it from his mum and now that he had her back, he was determined to never lose her again.

"Honestly I think it is true, but I don't think it is going to be as bad as you might think." Sarah answers honestly, although this honesty thing might not be as easy as she had thought it would and already found herself struggling to be totally honest.

"What do you mean?" Matt asks curiously, he had assumed that he would need a walking stick or that he wouldn't be able to walk far without getting tired or it hurting.

"We can't know for sure until you start walking again and then the physiotherapy, but there is the chance you will be totally fine or that you may just walk with a limp, you just have to work hard and think positively and we will all be there to help you." Sarah tries to explain, but isn't sure how clear she had made it and was really struggling to be this honest, her instincts were to tell him everything will be fine and he doesn't have to worry and she struggled to ignore that side of her feelings.

"Oh, well Ben will love me even if I couldn't walk and that is all that matters." Matt responds positively, but although he could see his response made his mum smile, he also saw the brief look of hurt on her face and he realised what he had said. "I love you too Mummy and you matter to me too, it's just er... me and Ben are going to get married one day and er... sorry I just love you both." He then says, he had intended to say something to make his mum know he needed her too, but he didn't know why he told her about getting married, except for that one exchange where he overheard his boyfriend telling them he was going to marry him and he said no, he hadn't even thought about it since.

"You think about that sort of thing?" Sarah then asks, she remembers the funny exchange her son and Ben had all those weeks ago about getting married, but she never thought it was serious and her sons words surprised her.

"Not really, but I guess one day we will and er... you don't mind do you?" Matt asks nervously, after saying the words he found himself giving it some serious thought and it made him feel happy inside.

"It's a bit of a shock Matt, you only just turned twelve and you really shouldn't be thinking about things like marriage." Sarah answers honestly and this time she had no issues with being honest, the boys however much they were in love, were just too young to even think about it.

"I almost died though Mum and I love him so much, I know we are young and stuff, but if we wanted to one day you would be okay with it won't you?" Matt then asks, it had only just occurred to him that he hadn't actually talked with his mum about having a boyfriend. "Mum?" He then asks and looks at his mum a little nervously.

"Yes Honey?" Sarah responds and realises that he had already started to call her just 'mum' instead of 'mummy' and it eased her concerns over his neediness.

"You don't mind me having a boyfriend do you?" Matt then asks nervously, he wasn't sure what he would do if she didn't like it.

"Of course I don't mind Sweetheart, I love you, and Ben is an amazing little boy and I think you two are adorable together." Sarah answers honestly and once again found herself relaxing about the honesty thing.

"How much do you know about us?" Matt then asks nervously, he isn't sure he wants to know how much his mum knows, but he was curious and wanted to get the weird stuff over with as quickly as possible.

"Ah well, I know enough to know you two are in love and want to be together forever, I think we can leave it at that and not go into anything we will both be embarrassed about." Sarah answers with a wink and smiles when she notices the look of relief on her sons face.

"Yeah, but you won't like get mad when he sleeps over and we share a bed, or bath?" Matt then asks and while he knew his mum probably felt as embarrassed as he did right now, he had to asks these questions now.

"Oh er... naked?" Sarah responds and as soon as the words leave her mouth, she knows how stupid she just sounded.

"Well yeah, you have to be naked in a bath or shower." Matt answers and looks at his mum curiously.

"That was a stupid question I know and as for you two sleeping together and taking baths together, I don't mind and I know that you will behave yourselves and let's just leave it at that, there are some things a mum doesn't need to know about what her son does." Sarah then states and hopes that is the end of the embarrassing questions.

"Mum I know this is weird and stuff, but you know er... we do stuff, you know me and Ben." Matt then says and Sarah's hopes that the embarrassing conversation is over are dashed.

"Matt honey, I know and I'm okay with it, you two love each other and as long as you're safe and happy then it is alright, but I don't want to know details or talk about it like this, do you understand?" Sarah responds and waits for her son to hopefully understand.

"Okay, I just didn't want you to feel weird if me and Ben kissed in front of you or were cuddling." Matt then says, realising that his mum is fine with his relationship and that they really didn't need to talk about it any more, at least for now any way.

With the embarrassing and awkward conversation over, Matt and his mum just talk and catch up with each other, Sarah is careful to avoid any topics that could lead to the Taylor's or David and quickly works out that if either of those topics begin to come up, she just has to mention something about Ben and her son instantly perks up and talks about him and they carry on talking, happy to be together again.

"Afternoon boys, how was school?" Mike asks, when he sees both his youngest son and Carter walking towards him, although to his both amusement and slight confusion he notices that they are holding hands.

"Hey Dad, school was great." Ben answers honestly, well it wasn't all great but it was close enough and after his talk with both Carter and Jordan and the fact Barry is their friend again, he was feeling very happy with how the day had gone.

"I'm glad to hear it son, how about you Carter?" Mike then asks, although the tiny boy had come a long way in being more confident, Mike knew he was still a little apprehensive around him so knew that he would have to help him out a little.

"Sorry er... I'm good and it was okay Mike." Carter answers a little nervously, he was embarrassed at being a little shy around Mike and even more so around Sarah, despite working hard on his confidence for some reason he didn't know he was still awkward around them sometimes, which mystified him because around his boyfriends parents he was fine and was never shy, but around Mike especially he just felt a bit weird.

"I'm glad to hear it, although if you want to see your boyfriend then he is with Mitch at the moment Carter." Mike then tells him and he can see the surprise on his face, although when he looks at his youngest son he sees a different look and he knows what he is thinking.

"Is Matt having a sponge bath?" Ben then asks his dad and Mike realises that maybe he couldn't read his youngest son as well as he had thought.

"No, why do you think that?" Mike responds curiously.

"So he is asleep?" Ben then asks and Mike can now tell that his youngest son is getting a little worried.

"No he is awake." Mike answers honestly and suddenly realises that he had read his youngest son right the first time and that he was wondering why his boyfriend was alone and Mike couldn't help but smile.

"Why are you smiling Dad, he shouldn't be alone and you know that." Ben then states, his tone had a touch of anger in it and Mike could tell his youngest son was not happy with him.

"Yeah Mike, you should know not to leave him alone and Wesley should know better." Carter then says and Mike looks at him surprise, he hadn't expected Carter to say anything, but he was happy that he was concerned for his friend.

"Boys, Matt isn't alone and if you don't believe me, then look for yourselves." Mike then tells them, he was just going to tell them about Sarah, but he wanted to see their reactions to seeing it.

Both boys look at each other and then move over to the window and look into the room and both let out a gasp.

"Oh my god, is that Sarah?" Ben then asks as he turns to his dad with a confused expression.

"He looks so happy." Carter then states, while he continues to look through the window, but he has to stand on his toes just to see.

"Yes it is Son." Mike says with a warm smile.

"But how?" Ben asks, he just can't believe what he saw and despite being over the moon with joy, he doesn't understand how it happened.

"Wesley figured out why Matt was afraid of his mum and he fixed it." Mike then states and as soon as he is finished he sees Carter turn to him.

"Wesley fixed it?" Carter asks in a both a proud and confused tone.

"He did?" Ben then asks, in much the same way as his friend.

"Yes and he is just amazing for doing it." Mike responds with a smile, he really couldn't believe how things were turning out and hoped that it was a sign of things to come for them all.

"Should I go in?" Ben then asks nervously, he wanted to run in and hug his boyfriend and Sarah, but at the same time he was scared that he would ruin the moment between the two and he didn't want to do that.

"If you want to go in, then go in Son but I think you should give them some more time to catch up." Mike answers honestly, he couldn't blame his youngest son for wanting to go in, but he did feel that Sarah and Matt should be alone together for a while.

"I want to go in, but I won't until later Dad." Ben then states, he desperately wanted to go in now, but he knew it was selfish and he didn't want to be rude.

"I want to go see Wesley, come with me if you want Ben." Carter then suggests as he looks at his friend and can tell straight away that his friend isn't going anywhere.

"Maybe later, I'm going to watch them for a while, he looks so happy and I love seeing him happy." Ben responds to his friend, before turning to his dad. "Can you get that box, you know the one they gave me ages ago so that I could look in the room properly please?" He then asks with a shy smile, admitting he needed a box to stand on was a little embarrassing, but to see his boyfriend properly through the window was worth it.

"Of course you can Son." Mike answers, before turning to Carter. "Why don't you walk with me, I need to head that way and we don't get to talk that often." He then suggests and although he can see the boy look a little surprised, he can see the small smile spread across his face.

"Sure Mr Walker, I mean Mike sorry, that would be nice." Carter answers a little nervously, he still couldn't figure out why the man made him so shy and thought maybe if they talked alone, he could figure it out and get over it.

"Is Mitch okay?" Ben suddenly asks, realising that he had almost forgot about his brother.

"He is okay, although his head still hurts, but he took some heavy hits and it will be a while before he is back to himself." Mike answers and can see that his youngest son felt a little bad about not asking sooner. "Son don't feel bad, seeing your boyfriend and his mum together is a big shock and Mitch would tell you the same thing, so it's okay to forget about something for a few minutes okay?" He then adds, feeling the need to reassure his youngest son a little.

"Okay, but when will he be allowed to leave the room?" Ben then asks, realising that he shouldn't feel bad for being distracted by his boyfriend and Sarah being in the same room again.

"We haven't told him yet, but I think it is only going to be a few days, they are just going to do a few more tests and then he will be free to go." Mike answers, he didn't want to tell his eldest son that he would be going home, just for a problem to arise from the test and stop that from happening and since Mitch thought he was going to be in there another week anyway, he saw no reason to tell him otherwise.

"So will he have to wear one of the protective hats?" Carter then asks, he is concerned for Mitch but at the same time he can't help but be curious as his interest in a medical career continue to grow.

"No he won't be needing one of those Carter, although I did ask if they could pretend that he did, but I don't think they appreciated my request or reasons why." Mike answers honestly and blushes a little, he was only half serious about them getting him to wear one, but he definitely didn't expect them to react so seriously and they definitely made him feel embarrassed about his behaviour.

"Oh, that sucks it would have been funny to see him in one, especially if it was all a joke and he didn't actually need it." Carter then states, trying to make a connection with his friends dad, he genuinely thought it would be funny and thought this was a good a time as any to try.

"Say hi for me Carter and tell him that I love him please." Ben then says and smiles at his friend, he expected to feel embarrassed about asking his friend to tell his brother that he loved him, but surprised himself and put it down to how close he was to his friend and how much he loved him as well.

"Sure and tell Matt the same for me when you go in there." Carter responds and just like his friend, he wasn't embarrassed about asking that.

"I will." Ben answers and turns to the window and looks into the room, he had to stretch a little bit until his dad returned with the box, he didn't let it bother him and smiled as he watched his boyfriend talking with his mum.

"Ben I will be back as soon as I can and remember if you want to go in then go in." Mike then tells his youngest son as he puts an arm around Carter, who gives him a curious look before relaxing a little.

"Okay Dad, but I want to let them catch up first." Ben answers without taking his eyes away from his boyfriend and doesn't even notice that his dad and friend have started to walk away.

"Do you want me to wave Ben in?" Sarah asks her son, they had both noticed that they were being watched when Carter and Ben had poked their heads at the windows, but neither paid them any attention and carried on talking, but Sarah could tell now that her son was finding it hard not to look at his boyfriend who has been staring at them for almost ten minutes.

"No it's okay, he would have come in if he needed me." Matt answers, he is pretty sure that his boyfriend has no idea that they know he is there and was finding it a little bit funny.

"Are you sure, because I don't mind if you want to be with him." Sarah then states, she would prefer more alone time but the last thing she wanted to do was keep the boys apart.

"I missed you Mum, I just want you to hold me for a little bit longer." Matt answers honestly, he would love to be in his boyfriends arms right now, but at the same time there was nothing like having his mum hold him lovingly and he needed it.

"How is your wrist now Sweetheart?" Sarah then asks, deciding to make the most of their alone time to go over her sons injuries.

"It still hurts a little, but it's getting better and I can grip things a lot better now, just ask Ben he er... oh..." Matt answers, but quickly trails off after almost revealing too much and blushes.

"Well I think we can move on to something else, there are some things a mum doesn't want to know details about remember Sweetheart." Sarah responds, she knows exactly what he almost said and was thankful he stopped himself.

"Sorry." Matt apologises and can't help but blush a little bit more.

"How about your ribs Sweetheart?" Sarah then asks, deciding that she might as well continue her plan to get a rundown of how her son is doing.

"My left side hurts more than my right side, but they aren't too bad now and I just have to remember not to move too much or too quickly." Matt answers and is relieved he didn't accidentally embarrass himself that time.

"How about your pelvis, I know you haven't been able to move yet to really tell, but you aren't in any pain are you?" Sarah then asks, smiling down at her son and can't help but lean down and kiss his forehead lovingly.

"I don't know, I think my ribs hurt more when I move, but er... Mum how do I er... pee and poop?" Matt answers with his own question, it had confused him since he woke up and he was always too embarrassed to ask, he never seemed to need to go and if he was honest it scared him a little.

"Oh er... well you have been well pooping as you put it, while you were asleep or sedated, that's why they give you sponge baths a lot and well you pee as well but you have a catheter so you don't need to actually go to the toilet to pee." Sarah explains and blushes a little, she was also surprised no one had explained it to her son and thought that someone should have done so by now.

"What's a catheter and where does my pee go?" Matt then asks curiously, he has no idea what one is and even if it did help him pee, he had no idea where it went or how he didn't notice it at all.

"It's a little tube that goes into your penis Matt and..." Sarah begins to explain, but has to stop when Matt shouts out and she can hear the fear in his voice.

"BEN HELP... BEN QUICK." Matt shouts out, he didn't like what his mum said and needed his boyfriend quickly.

Sarah just looks at her scared son and realises that she had scared him and little and was relieved when she heard the door to the room open and close and didn't need to turn around to know it was Ben who had came in.

"What, what happened?" Ben calls out as he rushes to his boyfriends side and can't help but look at Sarah suspiciously.

"I don't know, I was just telling him what a catheter..." Sarah tries to explain, but is interrupted by her son again.

"BEN THEY STUCK A TUBE IN MY PENIS... THEY STUCK IT IN AND I DON'T LIKE IT... I DON'T WANT IT IN MY PENIS BEN... HELP ME." Matt tells his boyfriend, still shouting as his fear takes over and he starts to tremble.

"Sarah, you should go and I will fix it." Ben says as he looks to his boyfriends mum and he can see the hurt look on her face. "Just for a few minutes, I just need to er... let him see and I don't think he wants you to see his thing, please just for a few minutes I promise Sarah." He then explains, realising he needed to let her know it wasn't because she wasn't wanted or that he was blaming her.

"Okay." Sarah responds, she was still a little upset but she knew the young boy was right and she was proud of him.

"BEN GET IT OUT PLEASE... I DON'T WANT ANYTHING IN MY PENIS." Matt says, stills shouting and he can feel tears rolling down his face.

"Sshh Matt it's okay, I'm here now and it's going to be okay." Ben responds in a soothing tone as he strokes his boyfriends cheek with one hand and takes hold of one of his boyfriends hands with the other while he looks over to see Sarah leaving the room and gives her a sympathetic look, before turning his attention back to his boyfriend when he hears the door open and shut.

"BEN I DON'T..." Matt begins to say, but is stopped when he feels his boyfriends lips against his own and he quickly returns the kiss and begins to relax a little.

"Now you need to stop shouting Matt and let me explain okay?" Ben asks, after breaking the kiss and doesn't take his eyes of his boyfriends.

"Okay, but I'm scared Ben, things don't go in penis's, is mine broken, did my dad break my penis?" Matt asks, keeping his voice down this time and trying his best not to freak out, he doesn't want to be sedated any more and has really tried to not get upset over things.

"Can I pull the sheets off and I then I can show you what a catheter is." Ben answers and by the look on his boyfriends face he knows he should have reassured him first. "Matt it isn't broken or hurt, that isn't what a catheter doesn't." He then quickly adds.

"Okay, but I'm scared Ben." Matt responds and sniffles as he watches his boyfriend pull the sheet off and expose him and is left looking a mixture of confused and scared as he sees a tube coming out of his penis and looks to his boyfriend. "Get it out, I don't want something in it Ben." He then asks and Ben just holds his boyfriend to comfort him.

"Ben you need it to pee, otherwise you would just pee the bed all the time and be honest, it doesn't hurt does it?" Ben explains and waits for his boyfriend to process what he is seeing and hearing.

"No, but I don't like it and how does it help me pee?" Matt responds, alternating between looking at the tube coming out of his penis and his boyfriend.

"No one likes them, I hated mine at first too, but once I understood what it was I didn't mind." Ben answers and can see his boyfriend looking at him curiously and knows what he is going to ask, so decides to just answer before his boyfriend speaks. "Remember that weekend when I got food poisoning and then I was holding that photo and Mitch explained I was in hospital?" He then adds, but decides to see if his boyfriend actually does remember before going any further.

"Yeah, he said you were in the hospital for like three weeks." Matt answers and lets the conversation distract him from his own fear and he can feel himself return back to normal.

"Well I had a catheter too and when I tried to make them take it out, Mitch explained to me that if I did that then I would have to ask a nurse to come in with a bottle and hold it for me every time I needed to have a wee and well there is no way I wanted that to happen and I know you won't want that either." Ben then explains and suddenly realises that he is actually rubbing his boyfriend penis and blushes knowing that Sarah might be watching and removes his hand.

"Oh, so it's not broken and it will still work when they take it out?" Matt then asks, he was going to asks his boyfriend to keep playing with him, but he could see his mum looking in the room and knew they couldn't do that sort of thing.

"Nope although it does hurt a little when they take it out, well it doesn't hurt, it just feels a little funny, like er... when you can't swallow some spaghetti and you have to pull it out of your mouth, it feels a little bit like that." Ben then explains and smiles when his boyfriend giggles, for a second when he said it would hurt, he was worried his boyfriend might get upset but he could tell his thing about the spaghetti eased his fears.

"Will you hold my hand when they do that?" Matt then asks with a shy smile and Ben can't help but lean forward and kiss his boyfriend tenderly.

"Yeah and I will help you remember how to pee afterwards as well." Ben responds, after ending the kiss and smiles at the confused look on his boyfriends face.

"Remember how to pee?" Matt asks curiously, he knew how to pee and wondered if his boyfriend was trying to trick him.

"Yeah I know it sounds stupid, but even after just three weeks of having a catheter, I couldn't pee and it scared me, but Mitch explained that it's because my body just got used to the catheter because it basically just lets the pee out of your bladder as soon as there is some in there, so you have to learn to just relax your muscles to pee." Ben tries to explain, he couldn't quite remember exactly what his brother had told him, but he thought he was close enough and he would be there anyway to help his boyfriend.

"Muscles?" Matt then asks, he had an idea of what his boyfriend was trying to say, but he didn't get the bit about muscles.

"Oh right yeah, well you have muscles in your penis or somewhere down there and they stop you peeing when you don't want too, they sort keep the pee in your bladder until there is too much and you need to go and Mitch also told me about when we can cum and we can use those muscles to stop ourselves cumming and it's meant to make it feel better or something, even better than when we try now as well." Ben explains and he isn't sure why he is telling his boyfriend about what Mitch had told him about cumming, but he thought it was a good a time as any.

"Oh, okay." Matt responds, he isn't sure what else to say about it and was just grateful his boyfriend had explained it to him and that he understood.

"I love you Matthew Summers." Ben then states with a big smile.

"I love you too Benjamin Walker." Matt responds and despite wincing a little as he leans forward, the kiss more than makes up for it and the boys kiss for almost five minutes before Ben pulls away.

"Are you ready for you mum to come back in?" Ben then asks, he realises that they have now been alone for almost fifteen minutes and felt bad for taking so long.

"Can you cover me up first, I don't want my mum to see my boner." Matt responds with a shy smile and blushes a little.

"Oh, oh I didn't realises you could get a boner with one of them in, does it hurt?" Ben can't help but ask as he looks down at his boyfriends boner and instantly regrets it when he feels himself getting hard.

"It's a little weird and I don't really like it, but it doesn't hurt." Matt answers honestly, he had also noticed his boyfriends penis getting harder, but with his mum coming in soon he wanted to get his mind of that sort of thing, so his boner would go away and he looks back to his boyfriend and gives him a pout.

"Okay, let's get you covered up and then your mum can come back in." Ben then says with a warm smile, he wishes that they were in one of their own rooms and alone so that he could just be with his boyfriend how he wanted to, it had been so long and he was struggling to be this close to him and yet so far.

"Okay, but Ben I really need to talk with you alone later, just the two of us okay?" Matt then asks, he was just going to wait until later and tell whoever else was in the room to leave, but he just like his boyfriend was missing just being alone together and while they were alone now, it wasn't the same and he missed it so much.

"Are you alright?" Ben then asks, his voice is full of concern and Matt realises instantly that he has scared his boyfriend.

"Yeah it's nothing bad, well it er... well it is kind of I guess." Matt begins to answer, but knows he is making a mess of it and can see it all over his boyfriends face. "Sorry er... do you remember the talk we had before, you know about the really bad thing that happened to me?" He then asks, trying a different way of explaining himself.

"Yeah." Ben responds, he knew exactly what his boyfriend meant and he instantly felt a little sick inside, if his boyfriend was bringing this up and wanting to talk alone later, his plan of getting Jordan's help Sunday was ruined.

"Well I want to know what happened and I want to know now, but we can't talk yet and I really need to know Ben because I have been having nightmares and I don't like what they are about and I just need to know." Matt then states and Ben can see the fear and sadness in his boyfriends eyes and he wonders if tonight is going to be the night he loses his boyfriend forever and the thought terrified him.

"I er... does it er... I don't know if..." Ben manages to mumble, before his boyfriend interrupts him.

"You promised that when I was ready and I needed to know you would tell me, you promised Ben and we don't break promises." Matt then states, he doesn't blame his boyfriend for being worried and if roles were reversed he would be the same, but he had to know and he didn't want anyone else to tell him.

"I er... okay tonight I will tell you, but I kind of have a to tell you something and I think you will hate me a little, but I did it because I wanted someone's help to tell you what happened." Ben begins to say and again he is interrupted.

"What do you mean, get someone to help tell me?" Matt asks, he felt himself getting angry and tried to calm himself down.

"I was going to tell you what happened on Sunday, but I don't think I can help you when I do tell you, I can hold you and love you Matt, but I can't help you understand and well there is only one other person I knew who could help you deal with it and well he wants to help." Ben answers and hopes he has explained himself enough so that his boyfriend doesn't get angry.

"Stop talking." Matt states in a firm and stern tone and Ben can't help but be stunned by his boyfriends statement and starts to worry that he has just messed up big time and feels a few tears roll down his face.

"Sorry, I know you hate me now." Ben says and begins to get off the bed, but feels himself being held in place.

"I will never hate you, I just want to talk about this later and not now, just promise me that this person is someone I trust and they won't make fun of me." Matt then states, he was a little angry at his boyfriend, but at the same time he knew that whatever happened to him, it was bad and if his nightmares were even close, than having someone who could actually talk to him about it, while he had his boyfriend comforting him was probably for the best and he just hoped it wasn't some doctor or even Wesley's dad, he didn't want some professional patronising him and pretending they knew what he was going through.

"He is the only one that can help you I think, but we planned to tell you Sunday and he won't be able to come tonight." Ben responds honestly and can see his boyfriend is about to say something, when he thinks of something. "I will still tell you tonight and he can still talk to you Sunday or even tomorrow and you can just get some rest and try and get yourself together before he comes." He then suggests and although it isn't perfect, he can't think of anything else other than not telling his boyfriend until Sunday and he could sense that his boyfriend needed to know tonight.

"It's really bad isn't it?" Matt then asks, he just couldn't help but ask again and he was starting to want to know right now and looked at his boyfriend pleadingly.

"You want to know now don't you?" Ben then asks, ignoring his boyfriends question and is already preparing himself to give his boyfriend the truth.

"My mum is waiting though, she might get upset if we tell her to go away." Matt responds, he really wants to know right now and he knew it was wrong, but he wished his mum was not around right now.

"Let me go talk to her and then make sure no one will interrupt us." Ben then states, he can't believe he is going to tell his boyfriend and is actually encouraging it, but deep down he knows his boyfriend needs to know and he would take whatever he deserves from everyone else after he does it.

"I love you." Matt then says and watches sadly as his boyfriend gets up and looks to the door.

"I love you so much Matt." Ben responds and leans down to his boyfriend and kisses him, he then stands back up and walks towards the door and to his horror he can see Sarah looking in the room and knows that she thinks he is going to tell her to go back in and he almost backs out of the whole thing.

"Ben please don't be long." Matt then says and Ben's hesitation disappears as he gives his boyfriend a loving smile, before walking out of the room.

"Can I go in now?" Sarah asks, as soon as Ben is through the door.

"Sarah er... sorry but er... we need you to go away and make sure no one interrupts us." Ben states bluntly, he didn't know how else to say it and decided to hope for the best and he can see the confusion and hurt look on her face.

"I don't understand, he seems fine." Sarah states, assuming that something must have happened and that her son had a freak out, but she can see that he is okay, if not a little sad looking and wonders what is going on.

"He wants me to tell him what happened." Ben then says, looking down at the floor and now that he thinks about it more he is starting to lose his nerve a little.

"What happened?" Sarah then asks, not understanding what the young boy is trying to tell her.

"Sarah, he wants me to tell him what the really bad thing that happened to him was and you know me and him made a deal that when he was ready, I would tell him and no one else can be around." Ben explains honestly, he had told his dad, brother and Sarah about the deal he had to make with his boyfriend and they had all agreed that he did the right thing, but also shared their concern about telling him alone and how one of them should be with him.

"Are you sure?" Sarah asks, she hadn't expected this at all and knew they had talked about it, but back then she couldn't even be in the same room as her son, but now she had finally been able to be with him again she didn't know if she could risk losing him again.

"I'm scared of losing him too Sarah." Ben then states, he knew what his boyfriends mum was thinking and he wanted to share his own concerns.

"Then we can't tell him Ben." Sarah then states and while he is caught a little off guard, Ben knows he has to tell him and knows what he has to tell his boyfriends mum.

"He is having nightmares and I think he is going to find out any day now and we need, well I need to be the one to tell him and I wouldn't do it unless I thought it was er... you know." Ben explains and he starts to feel a little sick knowing the moment he had been dreading is about to happen.

"I should come in with you." Sarah then says and again Ben can't help but feel awful for her, he knows he has to tell her she can't and he is really struggling with all this responsibility.

"Please Sarah, I can't deal with all this, just let me tell him and then we can all do what we have to do, but I need to tell him now please Sarah." Ben then states and this time Sarah pays attention to the boy in front of her and she can see how scared and nervous he is and knows that she is making it worse.

"Ben I can't leave, so I will sit out here and out of sight, that way I can also stop anyone from interrupting you, otherwise a doctor or nurse could just walk in." Sarah then tells him in a firm, yet caring tone and she can see him thinking over what she had just said.

"Can you give me a cuddle please?" Ben then asks, he is happy that she had thought about staying and keeping others out, but he needed some support and comfort before he went back in.

Sarah doesn't say anything and just pulls her sons boyfriend in for a warm and loving cuddle, she then kisses the top of his head and just holds him for as long as he needs.

"I'm scared Sarah." Ben then says as he pulls back from the cuddle and looks up at his boyfriends mum.

"Me too, but you were right and he needs to hear it from us and he has made it clear that it has to be you and I believe in you Ben, I will be right out here and if you need me just shout and I will come straight in." Sarah says reassuringly and leans down to give him a kiss on the forehead, she knows this might be too much for the young boy to handle, but they all knew it had to be him to do it and she just hoped that she was doing the right thing.

Without saying another word, Ben turns to his boyfriends hospital room and walks to the door, he was half wishing something or someone would stop him because he knew as soon as he went in and closed the door then there was no going back, but when nothing stops him, he just sighs slowly opens the door and walks in and is instantly greeted by the sight of his scared looking boyfriend, he gives him a weak smile and then walks over to each of the blinds and pulls them shut so no one will be able to look in, he then walks over to his boyfriend and sits on the edge of the bed, taking hold of one of his boyfriends hands with both of his and looks at him lovingly.

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