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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 3

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 7

June 2015

"You were amazing by the way." Matt then states and leans in too kiss his boyfriend, but sensing he wasn't quite ready for how they used to kiss, he just kisses cheek and smiles.

"Amazing?" Ben asks curiously, forgetting what he had done a short while ago.

"The singing and I didn't know you could play the guitar either." Matt explains and he was genuinely surprised about the guitar, he remembered how his boyfriend used to stare at it and touch it, but every time he tried to try and get him to learn he seemed to shy away and make up some excuse.

"I have been trying to learn since you ended up in here, but I haven't had much time because I wanted to spend all my time here, but I got Mr Morgan to help me when you made me go back to school it was easier to get his help and that song wasn't hard to play either which helped, I actually planned to sing it to you alone some time, but well after what happened last week, that kind of didn't happen." Ben explains honestly, he had actually learned a couple of songs and wanted to surprise his boyfriend.

"It was beautiful and I love you so much." Matt then says and quickly kisses his boyfriend on the cheek again.

"I love you too and I promise that I will never leave you Matt." Ben responds and kisses his boyfriends nose again and this time giggles when he sees him scrunch his nose up, it was just too cute and adorable to not love him and he can't stop himself from leaning in and kissing his boyfriend passionately, he just couldn't resist and he decided that they had lost enough time together and wasn't going to waste another minute and stay locked in their loving embrace for almost twenty minutes before the sound of the door opening, causes them to break their kiss and look to see who it is and both look shocked.

"Aunty Amy." Matt says in a shocked tone and he isn't quite sure how to react, he knows he should be happy and pleased to see her, but a sudden feeling of shame consumes him and he isn't sure he can bare for her to know what his dad had done to him.

"Mitch are you okay?" Mike asks his eldest son, in a concerned tone after seeing him rub his head and grimace.

"Just a headache Dad." Mitch answers honestly, although it did hurt a lot he had gone against staying in hospital to look after his little brother at home and try and get him to see Matt, so he knew he had probably prolonged his recovery time by a few days.

"Come on let's get you checked out and I'm not taking no for an answer Mitch, you know you should have stayed in hospital for a few more days and now you have no excuse not to look after yourself." Mike tells his eldest son and smiles when he sees him about to protest and think better of it.

"Okay, but I can go by myself Dad." Mitch then states, he didn't see the need in taking his dad away from the room and was about to see if he could find a nurse when his dad stops him.

"Actually there is something I needed to discuss with you Mitch, it's really important and I think you will be very interested in what I have to say." Mike then states and Mitch can't help but give his dad a curious look.

"Actually I think I should go with you both, this is something we need to talk about together Mike." Sarah then states, she had been staring at the door to her sons room and wondering how her sister is doing, they hadn't had time to fill her in on everything and was worried how she would react to the news that David did this to him and she dreaded having to tell her about the rape.

"What's going on?" Mitch then asks, having his dad wanting to talk about something important was a little strange, but Sarah as well was definitely piquing his interest.

"First we get your head checked, then we will talk Mitch." Mike answers with a warm smile, before turning to his youngest sons two friends, who he had noticed were staring at them all and looking confused. "Boys, you don't mind staying here and keeping and eye on them for us do you?" He then asks, with a friendly smile.

"No, we don't mind." Wesley answers and smiles when he feels his boyfriend cuddle up to him.

"Where are you going though, you know in case we need to find you?" Carter then asks and can't help but feel a bit naughty and lowers his hand down his boyfriends back and gives his bum a little squeeze and giggles when he jumps in surprise.

"You okay Wesley?" Mike quickly asks, after seeing how the boy jumped he couldn't help but feel a little concerned.

"Dad let's go, he is fine trust me, although Carter might need to keep his hands to himself while other people are around." Mitch then states and gives the young boy a knowing smile and chuckles when he blushes.

"Okay, well I'm not sure where they will put us to give him a check up, but we will be in the family room around the corner when we go to have a chat, so just look in there okay boys?" Mike states, deciding to not think to much about his eldest sons comment about Carter's wondering hands.

With that said they all say their goodbyes and Saran, Mitch and Mike walk away together to find a nurse and Carter and Wesley sit down on the chairs and look towards their friends room, before just settling into a conversation about some new comics Carter wanted to read.

"Oh my god Matt, what happened?" Amy asks in a worried tone, before quickly moving over to her nephew and giving him a loving kiss on his forehead before holding his hand.

"Make her go away Ben." Matt then says, surprising both his aunty and boyfriend as he pulls his hand out of his aunties hand.

"What?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he was shocked to see Amy himself, but he thought his boyfriend would be delighted and wasn't expecting this from him.

"Matt, what's wrong?" Amy then asks, after her nephew sniffles and falls silent.

"I don't want you to know, go away please, I don't want you to know what he did to me." Matt then states, just before Ben was going to try and get him to talk.

"I don't understand, please just talk to me Matt, I love you and you can trust me." Amy responds and is now seriously concerned about her nephew, obviously being in hospital had her concerned already but she had figured it was just an accident, but now alarm bells are ringing in her head and she looks at Ben to see if he could help.

"Matt I can tell her if you want, she will find out anyway and I think we should tell her, do you want me to?" Ben then asks, while he squeezes his boyfriends hand and leans closer to give him a quick but loving kiss on the lips.

"It's not fair, why me Ben, what did I do?" Matt then states, ignoring his boyfriends question and just looks up at him with a sad expression, he just felt so ashamed of what his dad had done to him and having people know was both scary and humiliating.

"Nothing, you did nothing wrong Matt and it's not fair, but I love you and I always will." Ben responds, deciding his boyfriends feelings are more important than Amy for now.

"I love you too and can you tell her please." Matt responds and buries his face into his boyfriends chest and silently cries.

"Ben what is going on, who did this to him and why?" Amy decides to asks, it was now crystal clear that her nephew was too traumatised to answer any question himself and it would be Ben doing the talking.

"Why didn't Sarah tell you anything?" Ben responds with his own question, it had just occurred to him that it was strange that they would let Amy in here without at least telling her something.

"I didn't really give them a chance, I just had to see him and Ben I know you must have questions, but please tell me what happened and who did this." Amy responds with a weak smile, she now wished she had waited and let her sister talk to her, but she was so worried and just needed to see her nephew.

"He was tortured for almost a week Amy, he was beaten and hurt for hours and hours every day." Ben states after deciding to just come straight out with it, but stops when he hears his boyfriend whimper a little, normally his whimpers are adorable and sexy, but this wasn't a happy or excited whimper and he could tell it was one of shame and embarrassment and his heart just broke for his boyfriend and he knew it was only going to get worse for him, because he hadn't even told Amy about the rape or the fact it was David yet.

"He was what?" Amy asks, her voice full of anger and shock.

"He was tortured and almost died." Ben answers, he still couldn't quite bring himself to say the rest and was trying to prepare himself, but his boyfriends now audible sobs were now distracting him.

"For almost a week? But how, I mean why did it take the police so long to find him?" Amy asks and while she doesn't want to interrogate the boy, she can't hide the anger in her voice.

"Because none of us knew he was missing and that he was being tortured." Ben answers honestly and he knows he needs to explain more with his answers, but he is struggling to keep himself from crying with his boyfriend.

"How could no one know he was missing for a week?" Amy asks in disbelief, a few hours, maybe even a day and she could see them not being overly worried, but almost a week, something was wrong here and she was starting to dread the answer.

"He was meant to go away with his mum to a work conference out in the middle of nowhere, but he got sick the night before and stayed with David, but er... no one else knew he didn't go and where his mum was there was no way to get in touch with her anyway and we had no reason to know he wasn't with her and she didn't need to let any of us know because he was with David and well he should have been safe, but..." Ben then tries to explain, but trails off and again just can't bring himself to say what David did, although he was sure Amy would have picked up on what he was saying about his boyfriends dad and why he wasn't referring to him as his dad.

"So he was with David, but he didn't tell anyone else that Matt was home and then didn't tell anyone he was ..." Amy begins to states but stops and gasps as she puts the pieces together and she can only hope she was wrong, so had always had worries about David as a person, but it was just little things and he was a lovely man and she had always liked him.

"Amy it was David, he tortured him and tried to break him because he found out we were boyfriends and he hates gay people." Ben then states, he knew she had worked it out and managed to pluck up the courage to tell her outright, although the worst was still to come and he could feel his boyfriend shaking up against him and he instinctively kissed the top of his heads to comfort him.

"But he is his son, David couldn't hurt his own son, he loves him Ben, he couldn't hurt him." Amy then states, although even as she says the words, she knows she is wrong and that David had not only hurt him, but actually tortured him and she was just in shock.

"He raped him Amy, David raped Matt." Ben then blurts out and holds his boyfriend tighter when he hears and feels him crying even more and knew that he had heard what he just said.

"What?" Amy asks in shock, hurting his son and torturing him was unforgivable and she had never wanted someone to die before, but rape, that was just pure evil and made absolutely no sense.

"The doctors can't say for sure, but we think David tortured and beat him all week and when he finally thought he had broken him, he raped him and killed him." Ben answers and starts to cry himself, although he manages to control it enough to not totally break down.

"Killed him?" Amy then asks, she is struggling to process everything, but she could clearly see her nephew wasn't dead and wondered if this was some sort of disgusting joke the boy was playing on her.

"We er... sorry, he thought he had killed him, we think that was always what he wanted to do, but well the police stopped him just as he was taking Matt out in the bag, Mitch told me that David probably planned to bury him somewhere, but he was still alive when the police opened the bag and he was in a coma for weeks, but there is something else." Ben explains, but pauses to let her take in what he had just told her.

"More, but oh my god, what else could he have done to him?" Amy then asks, this was almost too much for her and the sounds of her nephew crying his heart out was enough for her to start crying herself.

"David got someone who looked enough like Sarah to make Matt think she was involved as well, he was too badly beaten to be able to see her properly and it was only last week that Wesley found out why Matt was so scared of her and he finally wanted to see her." Ben explains and wipes his eyes, he had managed to steel himself again and knew he needed to stay strong, he could cry later, but right now he couldn't.

"Who is Wesley?" Amy asks, she had taken everything else in but she couldn't bare thinking about that right now and this Wesley was a good enough distraction for a few minutes, just so she could clear her head.

"He is one of our best friends, he is amazing and you will like him a lot and his boyfriend Carter, I think Matt told me you met Carter once." Ben answers, picking up on the fact that his boyfriends aunty was taking a moment to process everything else and was more than happy to talk about something else for a few minutes and give himself a chance to calm down.

"Carter Morton, your tiny little friend?" Amy asks, although it was only the one time and it was brief, she remembered the boy well and thought he was adorably tiny compared to boys his own age and then remembered seeing him outside, but hadn't really paid any attention to him although she did get a good look at the other boy and he was a little heartthrob if ever she saw one.

"Yeah me and Matt helped them get together, didn't you see them outside?" Ben then asks, remembering that his friends were outside and surely she would have seen them.

"Yes, but I guess I just didn't really pay them any attention, but I'm sure we will talk to each other later." Amy answers, but then looks down to her nephew and her brief distraction quickly ends. "Is he going to be okay, I mean I know he won't be okay, but I mean has he got any serious injuries?" She then asks and knows she made a bit of a mess of the question, but her head was all over the place right now to think properly.

"He had broken ribs but they are almost healed, his left wrist was broken badly but is basically fine now and his pelvis broke when David er... you know and he is going to need physiotherapy, but the doctors say because of that and his foot he is probably never going to be able to walk properly again and at best he will always have at least a limp." Ben answers honestly, although he knew she was going to ask about his foot when he follows her gaze towards it.

"His foot?" Amy asks, purposely ignoring the rest of what the young boy had just told her, the injuries were bad enough but to hear he will never walk properly again was almost too much again for her and she wondered what could possible be wrong.

"David shattered it and the doctors told us that it was repeatedly crushed and twisted, they only just managed to save it and said that it is why he will always have a limp." Ben explains and feels fresh tears run down his face although his spirits lift a little when he feels his boyfriend calming down and sniffling a little, he knew this was at least a sign that his boyfriend was starting to try and compose himself.

"Aunty Amy please don't hate me." Matt then says, almost whispering but both his boyfriend and aunty heard him.

"Why would I hate you?" Amy asks in a surprised and confused tone, if she had a clear head she would have be able to think of a better response, but she was too emotional for rational thinking.

"Because he put his thing in me and I couldn't stop him." Matt answers and again almost whispering.

"I love you Matthew and none of it is your fault, what ever that monster did to you is because he is a sick and twisted pervert and you have nothing to feel guilty about." Amy responds in a reassuring tone and reaches across to hold her nephews hand and smiles when he doesn't pull it away this time.

"I don't wanna be raped though, I wanted Ben to be my first and only one." Matt then says, but he isn't embarrassed by his admission, he was beyond being embarrassed by things like that now and wondered if he really was broken inside now.

"Oh er... well I don't er... Matthew you may not believe me and think that I'm just patronising you, but I have travelled the world and experienced many cultures and none of them consider an act of rape as real sex, so when you and Ben eventually do have sex, then it will be your first time and you will know in your heart that it is your first time." Amy then states, she wasn't being completely honest, but at the same time she wasn't flat out lying, but when she sees her nephew turn his head away from his boyfriends chest to face her, she could see her words had the desired effect and beyond the obvious distress and sadness, she could see the hope in his eyes and smiled.

"Really?" Matt asks in a mixture of hope and nervousness, he wasn't sure if what his aunty was saying was true, but if it was then his dad hadn't ruined his first time with his boyfriend and it gave him a warm feeling in his heart.

"I would never lie to you Matthew, but I really don't want to hear about what you and your boyfriend get up to together, so less details in the future please." Amy replies and decides to risk ruffling her nephews hair and can't help but smile, when he sniffles and manages a weak giggle, but it was a giggle and it made her happy to see how resilient he was and was relieved to see that he still had that in him.

"If I tell you two something, do you promise not to tell anyone else?" Matt then asks, he was never going to tell anyone what else happened to him, but he suddenly just felt like he needed too.

"You can tell me anything Matt, I love you." Ben replies and despite being a little shy that his boyfriends aunty was there, he turned his boyfriends face to his own and kissed him lovingly for a few moments before letting go with a shy smile.

"You can trust me Sweetheart, although I'm not going to kiss you to prove it." Amy responds with a small smile, which broadens when both boys giggle.

There is a few moments of silence though, while Amy and Ben wait for Matt to say something, but he was having second thoughts though and it isn't until he feels his boyfriend kiss the top of his head that he decides to just tell them.

"Dad didn't let me drink or eat anything." Matt starts to say, but he stops and seriously considers trying to change the subject, but his aunty is already looking at him with a confused expression and he tries to find the courage to tell them.

"You didn't have anything to eat or drink for a whole week." Amy asks, although not exactly the heart breaking revelation she was expecting ,she knows what that would do to someone, especially a tortured eleven year old boy.

"I did have something to eat and drink." Matt answers in a meek tone and just looks down at himself in shame, missing the look of confusion on both his boyfriends and aunties face.

"Huh?" Ben asks, just getting in before Amy, who was going to ask the same thing, although she had more words than that in mind.

"He made me er... he made me..." Matt tries to explain, but he is really struggling to make himself say the words and is now wishing he never even mentioned it in the first place.

"Matt you're safe with us, you can trust us both, please tell me what he made you do Sweetheart." Amy then says in a soothing tone and gives his hand a comforting squeeze.

"He made me eat my own shit and vomit, every time he hurt me and I was sick or shit myself he made me eat it and he made me drink my pee or lick and suck it off the floor if I wet myself." Matt answers and as soon as the words are out of his mouth he buries his face into his boyfriends chest and cries his heart out again.

For the next few minutes, all Amy and Ben can do is look at each other in shock and neither of them knows what to say or do, it certainly wasn't as bad as hearing about the rape or the damage done to his foot, but this was definitely close to those two things and they both knew that it would have been humiliating and degrading for Matt to experience and have to live with.

"So what do you think Son?" Mike asks his eldest son after he had finished explaining his idea, with Sarah also helping out with her concerns and ideas and they both look at him, waiting to see what he makes of it all.

"You're being serious?" Mitch responds in amazement, even as he heard them both telling him what they had been thinking about doing, he thought it might just be some joke and they would get to some kind of punch line, but if they were serious than this is huge and life changing.

"We still have a lot to discuss and there are a lot of things against us, but with your help Mitch it could work and well we at least want to discuss it and see where we end up." Mike explains and is confident that his eldest son will be on board.

"I know this is a lot Mitch, but there is no way I can take Matt back to our house or the Taylor's, just knowing what happened in them is just too much, so I will need to find somewhere else to live anyway and we all know that while it sounds simple for me to move in with you, it just wouldn't work and especially when I bring Tobias home, the house is just not big enough." Sarah then states, she wasn't sure when she had accepted the idea of them all living together, but she now found herself wanting it to happen more and more and it was partly because of Mike, there were still no romantic feelings between them, but living alone scared her and knowing Mike was around and even Mitch gave her a sense of security that she would never have if it was just her and the two boys, once she found Tobias.

"You could buy a house for just you and Matt though, something close by and it would be big enough for Tobias to live with you as well." Mitch states, he isn't against the idea but he is level headed and knows that this is the time to get any questions or thoughts out in the open.

"Honestly, that is what I thought I would do Mitch, but the truth is that I'm not sure I can live on my own, even with the two boys I will always be scared and fear something happening, however with Mike and you Mitch, I know that the boys and I will be safe." Sarah answers honestly and she can see the young man thinking over her words.

"I won't always be there though Sarah, I love you all and you know that but I will want my own house eventually and while I will never be far from Ben, I need to have my independence." Mitch then states, he felt he had to be honest, even if he had no intentions of finding his own place for years, but he wanted to put it on the table.

"I know that Mitch, but that is years away and me and Sarah will help you find your own place, hopefully somewhere close by so that you aren't too far away from the boys." Mike responds to his eldest sons statement and was glad that he was taking this seriously and being honest.

"Mitch we also want to do this for Matt and Ben, the property we are looking at is close to both Wesley's and Carter's houses and it has a really good sized pool house, which would be perfect for them to live in together and their happiness is the most important thing to all of us, I'm sure you agree." Sarah then states, deciding to bring up the pool house again and the fact the two boys would basically live on their own in it.

"Where would Tobias live?" Mitch then decides to ask, none of them knew what kind of life the poor boy has had these last few years, so they all assumed the worst and knew that he would need to be looked after closely.

"Honestly, the house is also huge Mitch, it's three floors and you would get one to yourself and well I know this would be a lot to ask but..." Mike begins to answer, but is interrupted by his eldest son.

"You want me to look after Tobias?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't sure about that idea at all, he had no issues helping the boy and welcoming him into their family, but to be the one to care for him, that might just be asking a little too much.

"You won't be his surrogate dad Mitch, I will be his mum and I will look care for him, but I also have Matt to look after and he needs me as well, you know as well as we do that Tobias could be traumatised and he is going to need a strong male presence and while your dad could fit that role, I think with all due respect to him, he has his career and will need to keep working and how well you have managed your younger brother is enough to convince me that you could be an amazing influence on Tobias." Sarah states from the heart, she knew that he was the right choice and that he would do a great job of looking after him.

"Oh." Mitch responds, he couldn't think of anything else to say, until he sees the disappointed and confused looks on his dad and Sarah's face. "Sorry, of course I will look after him, but I don't know, I'm just worried that er... I just need to get my head around the idea, but as long as you promise not to just leave me to deal with everything then I agree." He then states, he was worried that they may just end up leaving Tobias for him to look after alone, not that he hated the idea, in fact he actually felt honoured that they had so much faith in him and actually felt himself blush a little bit.

"We wouldn't do that to you Mitch and besides if you think Matt is going to leave Tobias alone then you have another thing coming." Sarah responds with a smile, but when she looks between the father and son, she sees a look that confuses her a little. "What, what's wrong?" She then asks and watches curiously as they both look at each other before turning to her.

"You don't think er... I just remember you telling me about how Matt and Tobias were er... developing feelings for each other." Mike begins to say, but stops because he wasn't sure what he was asking or how she would take it.

"Sarah I think what Dad is trying to say is that do you think this could effect Ben and Matt's relationship?" Mitch then states, he knew what his dad was thinking and knew it was an awful thing to ask, but while they were alone and they were discussing their futures, they needed to get this sort of thing in the open.

"No, no I don't honestly, they loved each other I'm sure of that and if we never left England than I think they would be boyfriends, but we did leave and that was a long time ago and Matt loves Ben with all his heart, it might be a little strange at first, but I can't see them being anything other than friends, well brothers I guess now." Sarah answers honestly, although she hadn't even considered that aspect of bringing Tobias to live with them, but she knew that as much as the two boys had started developing feelings they were only nine and she had no doubt in her heart or mind that her son and Ben would be together forever.

"Sorry if that was rude and we weren't doubting Matt and how he feels about Ben." Mike then states, he knew Sarah wouldn't think that but he wanted to put it out there anyway.

"I know and if they were older when we left, then I think you would have a point, but they were only nine and I my son loves yours Mike, there is no doubt in my mind that they will be together for ever and well I know it's stupid and they are only twelve but..." Sarah begins to say, but trails off a little and wonders if she should tell them about her plans to put money away for a wedding.

"That they will get married one day?" Mitch then states and Sarah can't help but look at him in surprise.

"How did you know?" Sarah asks in a surprised tone.

"Because they have both talked to me about it separately, they know they will have to wait and neither wants to rush into anything but they definitely both see themselves getting married to each other one day, so I guess I should have really thought about that before asking about Tobias." Mitch then states and realises that he more than anyone should know how much the two boys loved each other.

"It's okay Mitch, if we are going to live together, than we have to be honest with each other and that means sometimes asking awkward questions." Sarah then states and smiles at the young man, who returns the gesture.

"What else were you going to say Sarah, you seemed a little embarrassed and it couldn't have just been about thinking the boys might get married." Mike then states, he could tell that she had something else that she wanted to say and couldn't help being curious.

"Well I was going to say that I was going to start saving up a wedding fund for them and well I guess now that I know you both already know that they might get married, it isn't so stupid." Sarah answers with a smile.

"I was thinking the same thing and I'm sure Mitch has already called dibs on the stag night if they already talked to him about getting married." Mike then states and smiles when he sees his eldest son blush a little.

"I have Dad, but there is a slight problem that I can't quite figure out." Mitch then states and both his dad and Sarah look at him curiously.

"What kind of problem, it's a stag night Mitch I'm sure you know the basics." Mike responds and can't think what the problem could be.

"Dad they are both boys, am I meant to take them on separate stag nights or on the same night?" Mitch then asks and instantly Mike understands the problem, although he had never even thought about that.

"They have the same friends and family, so I would say just have one big party, we could hire somewhere special or if you wanted to go abroad somewhere that would work I guess." Sarah then suggests.

"I guess so, I just want them to have the best night and to be honest I could just lock them alone in a cupboard together and they would have that." Mitch responds with a grin, which quickly disappears when he realises what he had just said and to who he said it too and blushed. "Oh crap er... sorry." He then apologises and blushes even more.

"Well I think it's time we talked about the house again." Mike then states, he actually thought it was funny but knew that they should get back to talking about the house, before they got too sidetracked or someone interrupted them.

"Okay, well I know you said you want Ben and Matt to live in the pool house, but what does that mean exactly?" Mitch decides to ask, he was curious about that aspect and if he was honest he would have preferred the pool house for himself.

"Well they won't technically live there Mitch, they would eat and spend most of their time in the house, but for sleeping purposes and when they need to be alone, I think it would be better for everyone if they had their own space, away from any of us." Mike decides to answer, he and Sarah had discussed it a few times and neither really wanted to risk over hearing the boys or accidentally walking in on them and the pool house was the perfect solution.

"Oh right, well I will be honest, I would have liked the pool house for myself, but yeah I get what you're saying and I think the boys will love it." Mitch then says, before smiling at his dad. "So we are really doing this?" He then asks.

"We still have to sell the houses and then put in a bid for the house Mitch, it could be weeks or months before everything is ready." Sarah answers and looks to Mike to say the rest.

"We plan on selling both Sarah's house and the Taylor's, Sarah will then move in with us and so will Matt when he is allowed home, of course we have Tobias to think of as well, so it will be cramped and I'm not sure where Tobias will sleep yet..." Mike begins to explain, but Mitch interrupts his dad.

"Tobias can stay in my room, I will sleep on the floor and he can have my bed." Mitch states in a serious tone and Mike knows his eldest son well enough to know that there is no point arguing.

"You don't have to Mitch." Sarah then states, she already felt guilty for Mike sleeping on the couch while she had his room, but for Mitch to basically lose his room too, just seemed unfair and it was starting to feel like she was a burden.

"If I'm going to be looking after Tobias anyway, then it makes sense to start straight away and Sarah you have nothing to worry about, I really don't mind and it would only be for a little while." Mitch responds with a warm smile. "So this is going to sound a bit weird but the back garden is er... you know like private?" He then decides to ask, not so much for himself, but he knows the boys and having an outside pool, well it didn't take a genius to work out what the boys will do, if they have the house to themselves.

"Yes it has a fence and as far as I could tell, it isn't overlooked by anywhere, why do you want to know?" Sarah responds in a curious tone.

"Two twelve year old boys who are in love with each other and a pool, throw in two of their friends who are also in love with each other and if they had the house to themselves then they er... well come on do I really have to say what they will likely do." Mitch responds with a small smile and can't help but blush when Sarah just stares at him blankly.

"He means skinny dipping Sarah and to be honest he has a point, when I was younger me and my friends used to do it all the time and that was at lakes, if we had a pool in one of our back gardens and we had the house to ourselves, then we would have been doing it there too." Mike then states, he knew what his eldest son was trying to say and was impressed again at how much he looked out for the boys.

"Oh well, it must be a boy thing and I guess we will have to ask the real estate guy just to be sure and well Mitch, you're going to have to talk to them about being careful." Sarah then states, she can't say that it didn't surprise her, but she was determined to not to interfere in her sons love life or make him feel like he wasn't allowed to enjoy himself.

"I will and don't worry they will behave." Mitch answers, before turning to his dad. "When will we talk to the boys?" He asks curiously.

"After I tell... we tell Matt about what David did to the Taylor's, I know he has had so much to deal with already, but he needs to know and then we can tell him." Sarah answers in a sad tone.

"We are going to put the houses up for sale in the next few days and then once they are sold we will put an offer on the other house and then sell... oh..." Mike begins to state, but pauses after a thought just occurred to him and he wondered how he didn't think of it earlier.

"Dad what's wrong?" Mitch quickly asks, after his dad falls silent.

"Nothing, I was just thinking that if we didn't have to sell our house, then I could rent it out and when the day comes for you to get your own house Mitch, then why not have ours." Mike answers and looks at his eldest son with a warm smile.

"That is a great idea and while I haven't worked it out properly, I think we will have more than enough from the two houses to afford the new house, it might eat into both our savings a little, but with our jobs and the rent from your house, we could live a comfortable life and there is always Matt's trust fund." Sarah then states, she had only done a quick and rough workout of the finances and she thought they had more than enough, although she wasn't sure how much the houses were worth or how much money Mike had.

"We can't use Matt's trust fund, that's his money." Mitch suddenly states, he was going to tell his dad that he was in favour of the idea, but not at the cost of Matt's money, he didn't like that at all.

"We wouldn't be using it all Mitch and trust me, there is more than you think there is, plus I know my son and he will insist on paying something and I plan to let him, he will be responsible for his and if you agree Mike, Ben's living expenses and also they will start doing their own washing and ironing, I think it will do them both good to learn how to look after themselves and his monthly allowance that he is actually entitled to more than covers it." Sarah then tell him and she can see him look at her in surprise.

"Mitch there is something else you should know..." Mike begins to say, but he is interrupted by Sarah.

"Mike he doesn't need to know about that." Sarah quickly says, she was still half convinced that her husband was just tricking her into seeing him and was already prepared to walk straight out of the room, if he tried anything like that.

"Sarah, I want him to know, the three of us have to be open and honest about everything and I don't want any secrets between us, the three boys will need us all and you know I'm right." Mike responds in a serious tone, he knew Sarah had doubts about what David actually knew and could see why she wanted to keep it a secret, but he also knew that they had to keep Mitch informed about these things and knew she would accept that.

"Okay, you're right Mike." Sarah responds, although she would have still preferred to not tell anyone else.

"David wants to see Sarah, she is meeting him soon and..." Mitch begins to say, but is quickly interrupted by his eldest son.

"You can't see him Sarah, he is a monster and doesn't deserve to see any of you ever again, just let him to rot in a cell." Mitch states, looking directly at Sarah and didn't bother trying to mask his disapproval.

"Mitch it's not that simple, he might know where Tobias is and Sarah has to at least hear him out, if he doesn't know anything then she will leave straight away." Mike then states, he couldn't fault his eldest sons attitude, he felt the same way but Tobias was too important to not at least hear the man out.

"Wait, she is going alone?" Mitch then asks in surprise, he didn't like the idea of her seeing David at all, but alone he couldn't let that happen.

"I will be perfectly fine Mitch, his lawyer told be he is restrained and I'm not going to go anywhere near him." Sarah answers in a calm tone, although inside she was nervous about the encounter.

"I'm going with you then." Mitch then states, in a firm and serious tone and despite knowing that his eldest son was serious, Mike didn't think David would talk if Sarah didn't go alone.

"Son, I don't think that is a good idea." Mike then states and can see the look of surprise on his eldest sons face.

"What?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he couldn't believe his dad would let her go alone.

"He is right Mitch, David might not talk if someone comes with me and I can't risk not finding out about Tobias." Sarah answers, despite the question being for Mike, she decided she needed to be the one to say it.

"I'm going with you, I don't care what you say and there must be a reason he wants to see you Sarah, he isn't doing this out of the goodness of his heart." Mitch responds, he knew that if they didn't want him to go then they would stop him, but he wasn't going to back down without a fight.

"What do you mean?" Sarah asks, she can't help but be curious, she hadn't really given any thought to what David wants and was just focused on finding out about Tobias.

"He wants something, he has to want something Sarah, why else would he use Tobias to get you to talk with him and I really don't want you to go alone." Mitch explains and can't help feeling protective of Sarah now, he was sure David was up to something and was afraid that he would use Tobias to get Sarah to do something and he wasn't sure if she would be able to say no, Tobias was obviously too important to her to not do whatever she could to find him.

"He won't talk, not if you're their Mitch." Sarah responds, she could she his point, but she couldn't risk not finding out about Tobias.

"He will talk, he needs you to do something Sarah, so that means he will talk whether I'm there or not, but you can't go alone Sarah and you know it." Mitch then counters and Mike couldn't help but feel proud of his eldest son, he was turning into a man now and he couldn't be happier at how well he has turned out.

"Mike what do you think?" Sarah asks, deciding to see what he thought about Mitch going with her.

"I think he should go with you Sarah." Mike answers honestly, before turning to his eldest son. "If he refuses to talk, then you have to leave the room Mitch, you can stand outside and if anything looks dodgy, you can just go straight in, but this is our best chance to find Tobias and I need you to remember that Son." He then states, he was a little worried that his eldest son may have an ulterior motive for going, but he was sure he was just being paranoid and knew his eldest son was better than that.

"I will Dad, I just don't want him to try anything." Mitch replies, he knew the look his dad had given him and while it was brief, he understood and while he had no intention of doing something stupid, he had to admit that he was tempted to taunt the man, but he knew that would be a mistake.

"Then it's settled, Mitch why don't you go and get something to eat, me and your dad will head back to the room and send Carter and Wesley to join you, I will come and get you when it's time." Sarah then suggests with a warm smile, she still wasn't sure her husband would talk with Mitch in the room, but she was glad that she wasn't going alone.

"Okay, I will get them something to eat and drink too." Mitch responds, before standing up and turning towards the canteen.

"So you really don't mind that I didn't er... you know er... do it to you?" Wesley asks in a nervous tone, after last weekend and the fun they had with the dice that Ben leant them, he had been feeling guilty, Carter had given him his first ever blow job and has repeated it almost every day since, but he was still nervous about returning the favour and wondered if his boyfriend was getting upset with him.

"You will when you're ready, besides you know I love doing it to you and you taste great." Carter answers with a shy grin and can't help but giggle when he sees his boyfriend blush.

"I'm being serious Carter, I feel bad for not doing it, I know you say you're okay, but I still feel guilty." Wesley responds, after taking a few moments to compose himself, he always found it a massive turn on when his boyfriend told him how good he tasted, he knew it was a weird thing to get excited over, but he couldn't help it and thanks to hearing him giggle, he was starting to get a boner and he blushed again.

"Ha, you're getting horny again aren't you?" Carter then asks and doesn't bother to cover his delight about it either.

"It's not my fault I love you so much." Wesley responds with a shy smile, he never thought he could be so happy and especially with a boy, any thoughts he had that he was straight were wiped away when he first started dating Carter and he wouldn't change it for the world.

"I could take care of it for you, the toilet is only around the corner." Carter then suggests, with a naughty grin and Wesley can tell that his boyfriend is serious and to his embarrassment he was now fully hard.

"Carter come on stop teasing me, you know we have stay here." Wesley responds in an almost whiny tone, he knew if his boyfriend pushed the idea he would fold and go with him and just hoped he wouldn't.

"Come on, it won't take long and I got a boner too now, please?" Carter then states and gives his boyfriend his best puppy dog eyes and he knows he is going to get what he wants.

"Oh shit, fine but you have to be naked." Wesley responds, he knew he was going to give in, but the puppy dog eyes sealed the deal and he was already standing up and holding his hand out for his boyfriend to take.

"You have to as well then, I love seeing your body." Carter responds with a sexy grin, as he takes his boyfriends hand and lets himself be pulled to his feet.

"Deal." Wesley quickly responds with a big smile and they start to walk towards the nearest toilet, when they are stopped in their tracks.

"You alright boys?" Mike asks as he and Sarah walk towards them.

"Oh er... hey Mike." Wesley answers, while at the same time moving his boyfriend in front of him, he was tenting badly and would be mortified if Mike and Sarah noticed, although in doing so he puts his boyfriend on show and while Carter isn't as noticeable he instinctively puts his hands over himself to cover up without even realising.

"Where's Mitch?" Carter asks, trying to distract the two adults although he is still unaware he is covering himself up, but Mike can't help but notice the boys hands and can't help blushing, especially when he realises why Wesley had practically used his boyfriend as a human shield.

"He is in the canteen, we were going to send you both to go and meet him." Mike manages to say with a straight face, but he couldn't help but find the situation amusing and remembered finding himself in similar situations with his youngest son and Matt.

"Are you boys alright you look a little flustered." Sarah then asks and Mike has to cough to cover up his chuckling, which is loud enough to distract Sarah from the two boys who both turn bright red.

"Er... yeah it's just hot in here, we should get going though, Mitch will be waiting and er... bye." Wesley responds nervously, the only good thing about this was that his boner had disappeared, but he was still embarrassed and he could tell Mike knew they were up to something.

"Why don't you run a long then boys, me and Sarah will take over now." Mike then suggests, deciding to give the boys a break, while it was amusing he didn't want to embarrass them any more and certainly didn't want Sarah to figure it out either.

"Okay, we just need to go to the toilet..." Carter begins to say, but a firm nudge in his back from his boyfriend shuts him up and he realises what he was about to say and blushes.

"Thank you Mike and bye Sarah." Wesley quickly says with a shy smile and half drags his boyfriend down the corridor and around the corner, leaving a bemused looking Sarah with an amused looking Mike.

"Were they up to something?" Sarah can't help but ask, as her curiosity gets the better of her.

"I don't think you really want me to answer that Sarah." Mike answers, before taking a seat and smiles as Sarah sits down next to him.

"I guess not." Sarah then states with a knowing smile, while she didn't want to know, she had a fair idea that the boys were doing something or about to do something together and it didn't take a genius to know what kind of thing that was and decided on a different topic, while they waited for her sister or Ben to come out of her sons room.

"Matt, please don't be upset, I love you." Ben says in a soothing tone and lifts his boyfriends face and kisses both of his eyes and then his lips.

"I love you too, it's just it's dirty and I don't want anyone else to find out." Matt then responds with a weak smile, before turning bright red. "Oh no, no, no please." He then starts saying and it takes Ben a few moments to realise what is happening, when he feels something warm and wet against his lower half.

"What's wrong?" Amy quickly asks after her nephew pulls his hand away and buries his face back into his boyfriends chest and starts sobbing again.

"Aunty James, can you leave please?" Ben then asks, he knew his boyfriend needed her to leave and he hoped she understood.

"I don't understand, did I do something wrong?" Amy asks in a confused tone.

"No, please we need to be alone and just please Amy, it's really nothing you did I promise." Ben responds in an almost desperate tone, he could feel the wetness soak through his jeans and briefs and knew there was a lot of it.

"Okay, I love you both and I will be back later." Amy then says, she wanted to stay but she could tell that something had happened and the fact he had called her Amy, told her that she needed to leave and she didn't want to cause any further issues.

"We love you too and honestly Aunty James it's nothing you have done." Ben then decides to say, he really didn't want her to think she did something wrong and smiles as she slowly stands up and then leave the room.

"Hey Matt, it's okay she is gone now, you don't have to be embarrassed now." Ben then says in a soothing tone and gently rubs his boyfriends back.

"I'm pathetic though, I wet myself and it went on you, you must hate me." Matt responds in a sad and embarrassed tone.

"I will never ever hate you and I don't care about the pee, I only care about you Matt and I love you." Ben responds in a caring tone and pulls his boyfriends face towards his own and kisses him passionately.

"But I got my pee all over you and everyone will see it." Matt then states, after he reluctantly pulls away from his boyfriend.

"No they won't." Ben responds and before Matt can ask his boyfriend what he means, he watches in surprise as he gets off the bed and quickly strips naked, he then watches as his boyfriend puts his clothes in the wash bin and then walk back over to him.

"But you're naked, they will..." Matt begins to say, but is cut off by his boyfriends lips and he quickly returns the kiss, he can feel his boyfriend climbing into his bed and under his sheets and he couldn't believe how much his boyfriend loved him.

"I don't care, you and me are forever and there is nothing I wouldn't do for you." Matt then says after breaking the kiss to stare into his boyfriends eyes, he then reaches down with one of his hands and starts to stroke his boyfriends soft penis, which quickly starts to harden.

"What if someone comes in?" Matt quickly states, before moaning in pleasure and starts to pant a little, it had been so long since he had felt his boyfriends loving touch and he could already feel the tingly feelings he had missed so much.

"Then they can just go away, I want you right now and I don't care, now try to be quiet and just enjoy it." Ben responds and gives his boyfriend a naughty smile, before removing his hand and scooting himself down the bed.

"What are you... oh er... oh..." Matt begins to ask, but is stopped as he feels his boyfriends kiss his boner before taking it in his mouth and he has to bite down on his forearm to keep his moaning and whimpering down.

While the idea of giving his boyfriend a blow job was sexy in Ben's mind, he was a little grossed out by the taste of his boyfriends pee, it wasn't nice at all and he definitely wouldn't be doing it again and the only reason he was doing it now was because he loved his boyfriend and he needed to show him that he really wasn't angry or ashamed of him because he wet himself and when he felt his boyfriend tense up he knew he was about to orgasm and doubled his efforts and started to massage his balls and couldn't help but giggle to himself when his boyfriend started bucking a little.

"AARRGGHH... OOHHHH... AHHH... FUCK.... AARRGGH!" Matt suddenly shouts out and even with his arm over his mouth, he and Ben both knew anyone outside would have heard it, but neither cared and Matt continues to whimper and moan when his boyfriend keeps sucking him and massaging his balls and he can't help but buck and tremble as he enjoys the now intense feelings of pleasure.

"What was that?" Sarah asks, as she gets to her feet and is followed by her sister who looks towards the room in concern.

"I think you two should go for a walk and catch up." Mike the suggests, he knew exactly what that sound was and he wanted to get away as quickly as possible, but someone had to stay and make sure no one walked into the room and he he didn't think it should be Sarah or Amy.

"Huh, what's going on?" Sarah then asks and turns to Mike with a look of confusion.

"Sarah trust me, you really want to be taking a walk somewhere else right now." Mike responds, he was hoping she would just take his word for it but wasn't holding out much hope.

"Oh, oh my er... oh... Sarah, let's go for a walk now." Amy then suddenly states and instantly Mike knows that she had figured it out and can see the look of horror and embarrassment on her face.

"I don't understand, what is going on and what was that noise... oh er... no, no they wouldn't do er... they wouldn't, would they?" Sarah then asks, after working it out for herself and she was mortified, not that she had anything against her son and Ben being together and doing things, she had accepted that it was going to happen and was the reason that she with Mike had decided to let the boys have the pool house if they got the new property, but for them to be doing it now in a hospital room and the fact she heard one of them clearly orgasm was almost too much and she felt her face flush.

"I really think you should go for a walk Sarah." Mike then states, he couldn't be sure but he could have sworn he could hear a few whimpering sounds coming from the room and while he definitely didn't want to hear any more, he knew he needed to send Sarah and her sister away.

"Yes come on Sis, you have a lot to tell me and I could do with some fresh air." Amy then states and gives Mike an awkward smile, before guiding her sister away from the room and towards the nearest exit, leaving Mike trying to ignore any sounds coming from the room.

"AARRGGHH... OOHHHH... AHHH... FUCK.... AARRGGH!" Matt screams out again as his second orgasm hits him, but this time he had placed one of his pillows over his face and with his arm on top of that over his mouth he barely made a sound, but Ben still heard his boyfriend and after a few more moments of sucking, he pulls off his boyfriends slowly softening penis and gives it a quick kiss, before scooting himself back up the bed.

"Happy birthday sexy." Ben then states, he had to hold back a giggle at first when he saw the pillow over his boyfriends head, but as soon as he moved it and locked eyes with his boyfriend he couldn't help but lean over and kiss him.

"Happy birthday?" Matt then asks after a few moments, he was still panting a little but his boyfriends kiss helped him recover despite the fact he could taste his pee a little bit, which he hated and never wanted to taste again, but he wasn't going to ruin their moment.

"Yeah, well I didn't get to give you your present and I was going to wait until we got home, but well I couldn't wait any longer and you looked so sexy." Ben explains and can't resist leaning back in for another kiss and despite his boyfriends lips still tasting of his own pee, Matt meets the kiss half way and they stay like that for almost five minutes.

"I need you to get on top of me and face my feet Ben." Matt suddenly instructs his boyfriend after breaking their kiss, he was hard again but he could also feel his boyfriends boner and remembered the deal he had made weeks ago, that his boyfriend couldn't orgasm until he did and he wanted to return the favour.

"Why?" Ben asks nervously, he just couldn't help but think about what his boyfriend did to him before and knew he was being stupid, but it didn't make him feel any less nervous.

"Do you trust me?" Matt then asks, he knew why his boyfriend was hesitating and it scared him, if his boyfriend didn't trust him then he wasn't sure what the future held for them both, he loved him with every fibre of his soul, but if his boyfriend couldn't trust him then eventually they would drift apart and he couldn't bare the thought of that happening.

"Yes!" Ben then states and starts to move into position, he could hear the fear in his boyfriends voice, when he asked the question and he knew the implications if he couldn't trust his boyfriend and it made him realise that he couldn't let that happen and once and for all killed any doubt he had about being able to trust his boyfriend again.

"I love you." Matt quickly says, although he is quickly distracted by his boyfriends boner above his face and he can't help but smile.

"I love you too." Ben responds and quickly bites down on the pillow he had held on to when he got in position as he moans out, he had been teased by his boyfriend a lot since that first time after he had woken up from his coma, but knowing his boyfriend wasn't going to stop this time, let him enjoy the pleasure even more and he whimpers when he felt his bum cheeks being massaged, for a split second he did get a little nervous, but the pleasure he was feeling soon wiped the nerves away and he just enjoyed the feelings his boyfriend was giving him.

While enjoying what his boyfriend was doing to him, Ben can't help but notice his boyfriend is hard and decides to have some more fun and lets the pillow drop of the bed and quickly takes his boyfriends boner into his mouth again and when he feels his boyfriend moan around his own boner it quickly drives him too his first orgasm and if it wasn't for his boyfriends boner he would have shouted loud enough for half the hospital to hear, but instead of stopping both boys continue to pleasure each other.

It isn't until they both orgasm again, that Ben loses all his strength and collapses on top of his boyfriend, who is equally exhausted and it takes Ben a few minutes to even turn himself around so they are face to face, which drains any remaining energy he had and is soon asleep and Matt can't help but smile lovingly as he watches him, he once again couldn't believe how lucky he was to have such an amazing boyfriend and he couldn't take his eyes of the cute little smile on his sleeping boyfriends face and couldn't resist kissing him, although he was careful not to wake him up.

Matt then noticed that the sheet was hanging off his bed and quickly pulled it over both of them, he had recovered enough now to think properly and knew if the sheet fell off the bed, then he and his boyfriend would be fully exposed to anyone who walked in and he didn't want to wake his boyfriend up, despite the growing need to see his beautiful green eyes again, although he was also starting to feel tired himself and decided that he needed a nap and with one final kiss on his boyfriends lips, he closes his own eyes and falls into a deep sleep, instinctively holding his boyfriends hands in his own.

"Hey Mitch." Wesley says in a cheerful tone as he and his boyfriend sit opposite the older boy in the canteen, he couldn't wipe the smirk off his face if his life depended on it and he didn't want to.

"Hey boys," Mitch responds and can't help but look at Wesley curiously, the boy was definitely glowing and he just couldn't put his finger on why.

"How's your head Mitch?" Carter decides to ask, he was concerned for his health, but he was also getting more and more curious about anything to do with medicine, no matter how irrelevant it seemed.

"I still get a little head rush, but it's er... oh er... yeah I'm doing fine Carter." Mitch answers, but has to stop and take a double check when he notices something that he wished he hadn't seen and with Wesley glowing he instantly knows exactly what it is and can't help but feel uncomfortable, if not a little amused at the situation.

"Oh okay, cool I guess." Carter states in an awkward tone, he could sense something wasn't right, he saw the look on the older boys face and knew he had either noticed or realised something and he could only hope it wasn't anything to do with what he and his boyfriend had just been doing in the toilets.

"Oh, you got us some food already?" Wesley then asks, as he finally notices the food in front of him and his boyfriend.

"Yeah they didn't have much choice, so I went with chips and a hamburger, you don't mind do you?" Mitch responds and does his best to not look at Carter's face.

"Oh cool, you got me a milkshake I love milkshakes." Carter then states, but both he and his boyfriend look at Mitch in surprise when the older boy starts coughing and they can both tell that he is actually trying not to laugh at something.

"What's so funny Mitch?" Wesley asks, he knew that Mitch was laughing at them, but he didn't know what it could be and he was sure there was no way he would know what he and his boyfriend had been doing in the toilets, that is until he looks at his boyfriend and his face drops at what he sees. "Oh shit." He then says and blushes and hears Mitch now openly laughing.

"What, what's going on?" Carter then asks in a slightly annoyed tone, although the look of horror on his boyfriends face has him worried. "Wesley?" he then says in a meek tone, he is now sure it is him that Mitch is laughing at and starts to feel self conscious.

"Oh fuck er... shit." Wesley states and he knows his boyfriend is probably getting upset, but he is just too stunned to think straight.

"Carter wipe your face mate." Mitch then says, handing the little boy a few napkins after composing himself enough to see that he had actually upset him.

"Huh?" Carter asks in a confused tone, while making no attempt to wipe his face, he hadn't eaten or drunk anything and couldn't think why Mitch would tell him to wipe his face.

"Let me." Wesley then says and takes the napkins from his boyfriends hand and starts wiping his boyfriends cheek and chin, he just felt so guilty and couldn't believe he didn't check his boyfriend over properly before they left the toilet, he had said he did at the time when Carter had asked him, but he was still on a high and in a state of bliss, now he just felt like the lowest of the low and hoped his boyfriend wouldn't be angry.

"I don't get it." Carter then says in a confused tone after letting his boyfriend wipe his face, well his cheek and chin but he was still confused.

"I'm so sorry Carter, it's my fault and I'm really sorry." Wesley then states, he just felt awful and he knew they had walked past a few people on the way to the canteen and if Mitch noticed then some of them surely would have.

"How could I have something on my face though, I haven't even eaten or drunk anything yet." Carter then asks, not quite understanding what his boyfriend is apologising for and it isn't until he looks at Mitch and sees him trying not to laugh again that he suddenly has a horrifying thought and looks back to his boyfriend. "You said I was fine to go out though, Wesley please tell me that I was fine." He then states in an angry tone.

"I will give you two a few..." Mitch begins to say, but is cut off before he gets a chance to finish speaking.

"No, stay where you're." Carter says in a firm tone, before turning to his boyfriend who looks at him with a guilty expression. "Wesley answer my question." He then instructs him again, but this time in a more calm tone.

"I er... I'm so sorry, I didn't I er... sorry." Wesley responds in a meek tone and looks down to the food in front of him, he was feeling on top of the world a few minutes ago and now he was feeling like he was about to lose the best thing that ever happened to him and he could feel the tears forming in his eyes.

"You're a fucking arsehole Wesley, how could you do that to me?" Carter then asks, but to both his boyfriends and Mitch's surprise there was barely any anger in his voice.

"I was just er... Carter please don't leave me, I'm so sorry, please don't leave me." Wesley quickly states, in a pleading tone and almost drops to his knees as tears roll down his face.

"Leave you, what are you talking about?" Carter asks in confusion, he was angry at his boyfriend and wanted him to know it, but he wasn't expecting him to break down like this and it worried him, until he remembered that behind all his confidence and bravado he was just a vulnerable little boy who feared rejection more than anyone else and he now felt like a jerk for not remembering that a few moments ago.

"Please don't leave me." Wesley repeats and this time he does slide of the chair and drop to his knees, Mitch watching this with a look of horror and sadness is about to get up and comfort him, but he notices the look on Carter's face and knows that he doesn't have to interfere.

"Hey, come here you idiot." Carter says in a loving tone and gets down on his own knees and embraces his boyfriend, not caring what anyone else in the canteen thinks and starts planting loving kisses on his boyfriends face.

"You aren't leaving me?" Wesley asks in a meek tone and looks at his boyfriend nervously.

"Of course not, I will never leave you, but I'm pissed off with you for letting me walk around with your cum on my face you arsehole." Carter answers with a small smile, before leaning forward and kissing his boyfriend passionately for almost a minute, before breaking the kiss and looking his boyfriend in the eyes.

"I didn't mean too, sorry Babe." Wesley then says and Mitch can't help but give them a funny look.

"Babe?" Mitch asks, he knew he shouldn't interrupt the boys moment, but hearing Wesley call his boyfriend 'Babe' was just too adorable and unexpected.

"Shut up Mitch!" Both boys respond in unison and all three of them start giggling, before Mitch composes himself and gets serious for a few minutes.

"Boys, I don't want to sound like I'm trying to tell you how to behave, but seriously in a hospital toilet?" Mitch can't help but ask, although he realises that he is a bit of a hypocrite, after he had practically told his little brother to masturbate in one of them all those weeks ago.

"I know, but it's been ages and he made me horny." Wesley answers in a quiet voice, he was suddenly aware where they were and although there wasn't anyone near them, they weren't the only ones in the canteen and that there were now being watched by a few of them.

"How long is ages?" Mitch asks, trying to hide his smirk, both boys had retaken their seats and he knows they will get angry if they think he is mocking them.

"Just ages." Wesley answers with a blush and Mitch has been down this road enough times with his little brother and Matt to know that ages to the two boys in front of him is probably either the morning or night before.

"So that means this morning then, you horny little shits." Mitch then states with a knowing look and when Wesley blushes even more and Carter giggles, he knows he is right.

"Are you angry at us?" Wesley then asks, normally he might make a joke or some witty remark, but he was still feeling vulnerable from thinking his boyfriend would leave him and he needed as much reassurance as he could get right now.

"Wesley are you okay?" Mitch asks, ignoring the boys own question, he could tell that there was something wrong and he wanted to find out.

"I thought he was going to leave me." Wesley answers in a sad tone, he takes a brief look at his boyfriend and then looks down at his still untouched plate of food.

"I would never leave you." Carter then states and without even looking around, he reaches out and turns his boyfriends face to his own and kisses him and he makes sure it is passionate.

"I thought you were though, I love you Carter and I really mean it, I don't care what anyone else thinks I want to be with you all the time and I want to come out to everyone, I don't want to pretend to just be friends in school any more." Wesley then states after breaking the kiss and looks at his boyfriend nervously, he had been thinking about it for a while now and the thought of losing his boyfriend had forced him to realise his true feelings and he knew what he had to do.

"Oh wow." Mitch can't help but say, he didn't want to spoil the moment, it just came out, but he is relieved to see that neither boy is paying him any attention and just smiles and watches them.

"You mean it, you really mean it?" Carter asks, he had wanted the world to know the moment Wesley asked him to be his boyfriend, but he knew he had to be patient and he could barely contain his happiness right now.

Instead of answering like a normal person would though, Wesley feeling much more like his old self just jumps up on top of the table and gives his boyfriend a loving smile.

"I LOVE CARTER MORTON AND WE ARE BOYFRIENDS!" Wesley then shouts out and for a few moments there is dead silence in the canteen and he starts to wonder if he has just made a complete fool out of himself.

"Holy shit, get down you moron, right now!" Carter quickly says, he can't believe his boyfriend just did that and despite being overjoyed, he is also embarrassed and turns bright red.

"Not until you come up here and say you love me." Wesley responds with a loving smile and for a few moments, Carter can only look at his boyfriend nervously, before plucking up the courage and quickly jumps up on the table.

"I LOVE WESLEY FISHER AND WE ARE BOYFRIENDS!" Carter then shouts, but decides to take it a step further and kisses his boyfriend passionately, ignoring the fact that there are at least ten other people staring at them and quickly starts to get a little carried away, well until he hears someone else starts shouting.

"I DON'T LOVE EITHER OF THESE TWO AND I'm DEFINITELY NOT THEIR BOYFRIEND!" Mitch then shouts out and after a few seconds, both Carter and Wesley hear the other people in the room laughing and they soon join in, until one of the canteen staff walks over to the table and tells them all to sit down, although she does it with a smile and they do as they are told.

"That was amazing guys, but seriously don't come out at school like that, even if people are more accepting these days, you do that at school and you will be social outcast purely for being complete dorks." Mitch then states, ignoring the fact a few of the other people are still looking at them, but he was happy that they all seemed to be either happy or indifferent to the boys coming out.

"Sorry, I just had to do that." Wesley then responds with a shy smile, he didn't regret it though and the moment his boyfriend kissed him was magical for him and he wished they were alone right now.

"I'm not sorry, that was awesome and I love him so much Mitch." Carter then states, but before he knows what is happening he is pulled to his feet by his boyfriend.

"Sorry Mitch, I just got to." Wesley then says, before half dragging his boyfriend out of the canteen and to the nearest toilet, leaving Mitch alone and feeling a little awkward, knowing what was likely to happen and he had to try and think of something else quickly to take his mind off it.

"Boys, boys are you awake?" Mike asks in a soft tone, he couldn't help but look in on the boys and by the look of them and the not so welcome smell, that he can't help but recognise, he confirmed what he thought he had heard earlier and didn't know whether to be proud of angry at them. "Boys come on wake up." He then states, as he stands beside the bed on the side where his youngest son is laying and gently rocks him.

"I love you too Matt." Ben says in a groggy and sleepy tone as he starts to wake up and instinctively leans over and kisses his boyfriends lips, Mike couldn't help but be taken aback by what he had heard and was now seeing and felt guilty for waking his son, although he couldn't help but think how adorably sweet it was that the first thing his youngest son thought of when he woke up was his boyfriend.

"Wake up Ben, you need to wake up now." Mike then says, after realising his youngest son had fallen asleep again.

"Okay, but be quiet." Ben then mumbles and for a moment Mike is confused by his youngest sons words, that is until he realises that his hand had slid down the covers and then started to move in a stroking movement and Mike had no idea where to look or what to do and then it got even worse when he noticed Matt was waking up too.

"That feels nice, I love you Ben." Matt says in a groggy tone, before leaning forward and kissing his boyfriend and to Mike's horror he sees the boys hand moving downwards and he is soon making the same stroking movements his youngest son is making and Mike can't help but wish he never came in the room and had no idea what he should do.

"Oh god, stop boys, just stop please." Mike blurts out, he wasn't sure what to do and just came out with it and hoped for the best, he knew even if he tried to leave the boys would hear the door and was just going to have to have to deal with the fallout.

"Oh fuck no, no, no Dad!" Ben says in shock as he breaks away from his boyfriend and turns to see his dad looking at him and he is mortified.

"It's okay Son, well okay it's not and I'm so, so sorry for this, but I was just trying to wake you up." Mike apologises or at least tries too but he is still half in shock from what he just saw and he could tell the two boys where mortified and scared.

"GET OUT... GET OUT... GET OUT!!!" Ben then shouts, he had composed himself enough to get angry at his dad although he knew he was overreacting, but he was so embarrassed right now.

"Ben calm down, it's okay I'm not angry and I'm really sorry, but we need to talk and we need to do it right now." Mike responds, he had woken the boys for a reason and despite the embarrassing way they woke up, he still wanted to talk with them.

"No, no, no Dad, it's embarrassing and you're scaring Matt." Ben then states, he could feel his boyfriend shaking and also to his dismay he knew his boyfriend had wet himself again because he could feel it, but he wasn't angry or disgusted, he just felt so sorry for his boyfriend and decided to turn back to him and pull him into his body so he could show him that he didn't care about the pee.

"Matt are you okay?" Mike then asks in a concerned tone, he hadn't even noticed the boy and mentally kicked himself for not taking his feelings or reaction into consideration and felt awful.

"No he isn't, now get out Dad, we will talk later I promise." Ben answers in a firm tone, knowing his boyfriend was unlikely to say anything now.

"Ben, I can't just leave, I need to know if he is okay and whether I need to get a doctor." Mike then states, he knows this is his fault and that his youngest son has every right to be angry, but he can't just leave.

"I wet myself." Matt then says in a sad and defeated tone, before crying into his boyfriends chest, he was devastated that he had wet himself again and was really starting to worry that his dad had damaged him so he would always wet himself from now on and the thought made him cry even harder.

"Oh, it's er... don't..." Mike begins to try and reassure the boy, but is quickly cut off by his youngest son.

"GET OUT DAD, NOW!!!" Ben shouts, he was now furious with his dad for not leaving already and the fact his boyfriend had felt the need to say he wet himself, was enough to make him hate his dad a little, he knew his boyfriend was already distressed and now it was a lot more serious and he knew he wouldn't calm down for hours now.

"I... I... I'm sorry Ben, I'm really sorry." Mike again apologises and this time he does leave, he had messed up big time and he now extremely worried about what he had done to Matt, but also worried that the boy had such an extreme reaction and remembered back to the day he picked the boy up and he had screamed and shouted in fear, which left him feeling useless and ashamed that he could be so stupid.

"Where are we going?" Carter asks as his boyfriend continues to drag him through the corridors and for a moment he wonders if they are heading back to their friends, but he didn't get why they would need to rush like this.

"Don't worry, just hurry up please." Wesley answers in an almost pleading tone and Carter can't help but wonder what has got into his boyfriend and then realises where they are headed too, when he sees the toilet they were in not so long ago.

"Oh... oh but we just..." Carter begins to say, but his boyfriend quickly stops and looks at him and Carter can't help but blush, he has never seen his boyfriend look at him like this and it made him feel like the sexiest person in the world.

"I want you." Wesley then states in a lustful tone, before taking his boyfriends hand again and almost sprinting the last few metres to the toilet door and sighs in relief when the door opens.

"I love you." Carter says and as soon as he is inside the toilet he watches while his boyfriend shutting and locking the door behind them.

"I love you too, now get naked." Wesley responds and quickly starts stripping his own clothes off and Carter quickly follows and once they are both naked he starts to get to his knees, assuming his boyfriend wants another blow job and is more than happy at the prospect.

"No, sit on the toilet." Wesley then states after seeing what his boyfriend was about to do and he had no intention of his boyfriend giving him another blow job, well not right now anyway.

"Er... okay." Carter responds, he is a little confused but just assumes his boyfriend still wants a blow job, until to his surprise he watches as his boyfriend walks towards him and between his legs, but what actually surprised him was his boyfriend kneeling down.

"I love you so much and you're so sexy." Wesley then says and before Carter even has a chance to respond he jumps in surprise when he feels his boyfriends lips around his boner and a shiver runs up his back.

"Oh... oh fuck... oh fucking hell..." Carter then says as waves of pleasure run through his body, he had already had a blow job from Jordan, but this was so much better and felt amazing and when he felt his nipples and balls being played with he was pretty sure he had died and gone to heaven and had to bite down on his forearm to keep the noise of his moaning and whimpering down.

Wesley couldn't believe what he was doing, he had been so scared of doing this, but he just felt the strongest urge he had ever felt in the canteen and knew he wanted this and it was amazing, the way he was making his boyfriend squirm in delight was one of the best feelings he has ever experienced and he could feel his boyfriends balls start to tighten and he knows he is about to orgasm and doubles his efforts as he starts using his tongue and feels his boyfriends legs clamp against his body tightly.

"OH FUCK... FUCK... FUCK YEAH... FUCKING YEAH... I LOVE... AARRGGHH... LOVE YOU... FUCK... FUCK... FUCKING AARRGGHH... WESLEY!!!" Carter suddenly cries out and despite his arm over his mouth he knew anyone walking past the toilet could of heard him and when he feels his softening penis slip from his boyfriends mouth, he can't help but look down with a blissful smile, but when he sees the weird expression on his boyfriends face he isn't sure what is going on. "What... what's wrong... Wesley?" He then asks in between deep breaths and gets even more confused when he sees his boyfriend swallowing something.

"You can cum." Wesley responds after a few moments of silence in a surprised tone and he wasn't sure what to think.

"I can't cum though." Carter states in a confused tone, he was still feeling exhausted and that was the best orgasm he had ever had, but he knew he couldn't cum.

"You did though and it tasted funny." Wesley then states and looks at his boyfriend with a loving gaze, he was scared of tasting cum and what it would taste like, but he loved his boyfriends and actually wanted more and when he looks down he can see a little bit still on his boyfriends now soft penis and couldn't help himself.

"But I can't... oh... oh fuck..." Carter tries to say, but stops as a jolt of pleasure runs through his body when he feels his boyfriends mouth swallows his penis and he can feel him sucking and licking and it is driving him crazy with pleasure, in fact he can feel himself starting to go hard again and quickly bites down on his arm again and can already feeling himself getting close to another orgasm and can't believe what is happening, he has never felt like this and he never wanted it to end.

"OH FUCK... FUCK... FUCK YEAH... FUCKING YEAH... FUCK... FUCK... FUCK!!!" Carter then screams out a few minutes later, but now with both arms over his face the sound is muffled enough to not come out too loudly and he almost falls to the side and off the toilet, but Wesley is already up and quickly holds him in place although when he swallows, Carter hears the sound and manages to compose himself enough to speak. "I... can... can... I can cum?" He manages to say, but he is struggling to catch his breath and just slumps into his boyfriends body.

"Yeah and it tastes really nice, a bit sweet and warm, but nice you know." Wesley replies, he really wanted some more and couldn't believe that not so long ago he was straight and now he had a boyfriend and was almost craving his cum and he couldn't be happier to have found his soul mate.

"I love you so much." Carter then says, he really couldn't be happier and the fact he can cum and he isn't even twelve yet makes him feel like he isn't just some tiny little boy who is always behind everyone else and actually starts crying and he can't help it.

"Hey, hey, why are you crying?" Wesley quickly asks in a concerned tone, he wasn't expecting this reaction at all and was genuinely worried.

"I can really cum." Carter answers, but carries on crying and Wesley can't help but be confused by his boyfriend.

"And that makes you sad?" Wesley then asks in a confused tone.

"No you dick head, I'm happy, I thought it would be years and years, I'm always the smallest and the weakest, I just thought I would be the last one to cum." Carter answers honestly as he leans back and looks his boyfriend in the eye. "I know it's stupid, but you don't know what it's like to grow up slower than everyone else, people still think I'm like eight or nine years old and this just means everything to me, I can cum and I'm not just a little boy any more." He then adds with a smile, before more tears of joy start to run down his face.

"Oh man Carter, you're just the cutest and sexist boy in the whole universe and I love you so much." Wesley then states from the heart, seeing how happy his boyfriend was made his heart skip a beat and he now knew how Ben and Matt must feel about each other, because right now he couldn't wish for anything more in his life.

"We still have Ben's dice and my parents are out all day tomorrow." Carter then states with a shy but naughty smile and is already thinking of all the fun they were going to have.

"I need you tonight though, Mitch owes me a favour and no one is using their house." Wesley then states, he was already thinking about all the things he was going to do with his boyfriend and he couldn't wait.

"Wesley, even if he says yes, there is no way our parents are letting us sleep over at the Walker's house alone and there is no way we are doing sex stuff if Mitch is there either." Carter then states in a firm tone, he wanted his boyfriend as badly as he obviously wanted him, but despite his two mind blowing orgasms, he was now thinking much clearer and his rational side was back in control.

"Not if we get Mitch and Ben to lie for us, our parents will never know and Mitch would leave us alone for hours, please Carter I really need to be with you tonight... please?" Wesley pleads with his boyfriend to at least try, he wanted to throw his boyfriend on the floor and make him cum again, but he was now thinking clearer and the toilet was not exactly romantic.

"Wesley I want too, I want too so badly, but we can't lie to our parents, I won't do it Wesley and I'm sorry." Carter responds honestly, he was many things, but he was not a liar and he wouldn't start now.

"Fuck it." Wesley then snaps and gets to his feet, scaring his boyfriend in the process and when he looks down he can tell that he needed to think fast. "Not you Carter, I meant me and how stupid I'm." He then says and smiles at his boyfriend.

"You're such a dick head sometimes, but I still love you." Carter responds and gets to his feet, he then pulls his boyfriends head down and kisses him passionately.

"I have got one more suggestion for tonight and if you trust me, I want it to be a surprise for you and I promise it is nothing naughty and we won't be lying to anyone." Wesley then states, he had remembered what Mitch had offered to do the week before, but with Ben and Matt's falling out, the dinner and movie night never happened and he was sure Mitch would still help them out and if he couldn't be with his boyfriend like he wanted then their first romantic date was good enough for him.

"I trust you, but can we get dressed and out of the toilet now please, it kind of smells gross and you can also let go of my penis, it's not going to get hard again." Carter answers and can't help but grin when sees his boyfriend look down in surprise, but the evil grin on his boyfriends face makes him nervous.

"We will see about that." Wesley then states and kisses his boyfriend and uses his free hand to massage his boyfriends bum cheeks, while slowly massaging his penis and within a few moments he breaks the kiss and smiles. "Feels hard to me." He then states before kissing him again and not giving his boyfriend a chance to say anything.

"Ben, I don't think I can keep going any more." Matt confesses to his boyfriend in a sad tone, he had been here before with these thoughts, but this time it was different and for the first time he really did feel broken inside and not just out of fear, he felt something deep inside of himself and he didn't like it.

"I know." Ben responds, surprising himself more than his boyfriend who is now looking at him in shock.

"You do?" Matt asks, he had cried and cried for the last thirty minutes and right now he wanted to cry again, if his boyfriend was giving up on him then he really was done.

"There is something we haven't told you yet, there is always something we haven't told you and I don't know how you have made it this far Matt, I wouldn't be strong enough and I just hope each day that you love me enough to keep going." Ben begins to say, but he pauses to look into his boyfriends eyes for a few moments. "But I'm scared that one day it won't be enough and I will lose you, I can't live without you in my life Matt and I need you to be strong please... for me Matt just be strong." He then adds before breaking down and crying, he knew his boyfriend was capable of hurting himself now and hearing him talking about giving up was just devastating and he couldn't hide his own feelings any more.

"I'm only here because of you, me and you forever right?" Matt then states and does his best to sound positive because just hearing how sad his boyfriend sounded cleared his mind enough to know how much his words had hurt his boyfriend and he knew he had keep going, it wasn't going to be easy and he was sure he would try to give up, but he wanted to be with his boyfriend and just ignore the horrible feeling he felt inside.

"Your dad killed the Taylor's on the same night he almost killed your mum, Mitch and Wesley." Ben states in an almost emotionless tone, he knew it would devastate his boyfriend and really break him, but he was so tired of getting his boyfriend back only for some knew news to break him again and just decided to let him know.

"I know." Matt answers in a sad yet knowing tone, which catches his boyfriend by surprise, who wasn't expecting this and he wasn't sure how to react.

"How?" Ben then asks, not really sure what else he could say.

"My mum and your dad were talking the other day, I was sleeping and they didn't notice I woke up." Matt explains, but his almost dead tone worries his boyfriend.

"I'm sorry." Ben then says, again he has no idea what to say and even less idea of what is going through his boyfriends head right now.

"Is there anything good that you can tell me?" Matt then asks in a hopeful tone, he desperately wanted to change the subject and had enough of getting devastating news.

"I think Carter gave Wesley a blow job last weekend." Ben responds with a weak smile, he couldn't think of any really good news so just opted for something a little funny and nice.

"Oh my god really, why do you think that?" Matt asks in an excited tone, it wasn't exactly what he meant when he asked for something good, but it was good enough for him to forget the bad stuff for a little while, he knew he had to deal with that stuff soon but he was determined to have some sort of fun.

"I leant Carter our dice and he told me what he wanted to do and how happy they both look and act around each other since, I'm pretty sure it happened." Ben explains and can't help but smile at the thought and remembered his and his boyfriends first blow jobs and he felt himself getting hard.

"Holy shit, Wesley really is gay." Matt then states and Ben can't help but give his boyfriend a strange look.

"He is dating Carter and loves him, of course he is gay or at the very least pansexual like us." Ben then states in a slightly baffled tone.

"I know, but come on it's Wesley, it's still hard to accept he isn't straight." Matt responds with a shy smile, he knew it sounded stupid but everything about their friend just screamed straight, well except the whole having a boyfriend thing and couldn't help but smile to himself at how stupid that sounded in his head.

"Yeah I know, but I'm so happy for Carter, you should see just how happy he is and they look so cute together." Ben then states, he had to admit that he still struggled to believe that Wesley isn't straight, but it didn't really matter and he was just happy their friends were happy.

"How about Mitch, is he okay now?" Matt then asks, deciding to keep himself distracted from his own issues and concentrate on the people he loved the most.

"He says that he is fine, but I think his head is still hurting, the doctors weren't happy about him looking after me at home all week, but you know Mitch always puts me first and won't let any one stop him from looking after me." Ben answers honestly, he knew his brother would be fine and just appreciated how much he loved him.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean..." Matt starts to apologise, he knew it was his fault that his boyfriend stayed away from the hospital and if Mitch suffered he felt even worse, but before he can finish he is cut off by his boyfriend.

"Let's not play the blame game Matt, we were both stupid and are both sorry, let's just leave it at that and Mitch isn't hurt, it just means it will take a few extra days for his headache to go away and I promise that he is fine." Ben quickly states, he could see that his boyfriend was trying hard to be positive and didn't want him to get upset again over Mitch.

"How are you then and don't lie Ben, I want the truth." Matt then asks, he would have liked to keep hearing about happy stuff, but he also wanted to look out for his boyfriend and felt that he owed him that.

"Tired, although mostly from my amazing boyfriend giving me the best feelings ever earlier." Ben responds with a genuine smile, but he can tell by the expression on his boyfriends face that he wants more than that from him. "Fine, it hurts when you tell me that you want to die, it hurts so much Matt, but I'm also glad that you tell me those kinds of things and I want you to always tell me when you have those thoughts." He then adds in a sad tone, but his boyfriend wanted the truth and he felt the relief of admitting the truth about how he is feeling.

"I will never do it Ben, I love you too much to ever do that to you." Matt responds, he knew his words earlier had hurt his boyfriend and it broke his heart, but he also knew that he needed to tell his boyfriend whenever he felt like he wanted to give up and he knew his boyfriend would make him feel better.

"I know and I love you too, but it still hurts and I know you would never do that to me." Ben responds and leans towards his boyfriend and kisses him for a few moments.

"You were pretty mean to your dad earlier though Ben." Matt then states, he didn't want to upset his boyfriend but he wanted him to apologise to his dad and let him know he shouldn't feel guilty.

"I know, but I couldn't help it and you know I hate people being around when we wake up together, it's special to me when we do and I want it to be private." Ben responds, he knew he overreacted but his boyfriend was too distressed for him not to go into protective mode, which then made him wonder if that was what happened when his brother ever saw him in distress and the thought made him smile.

"You should tell him to come back in, he said he wanted to talk with us about something and it sounded important." Matt then suggests, he may have freaked out and wet himself in fear, but he had heard a little of what his boyfriends dad had said and he was curious about it.

"Okay." Ben responds and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss before rolling off the bed, he then walks over to the door and slowly opens it a little, he is aware he is naked and doesn't want anyone outside to see him so he opens the door enough to poke his head out and smiles when he sees his dad sitting alone.

Now dressed after Wesley had made his boyfriend orgasm again, both he and Carter were now looking extremely happy and equally exhausted at each other.

"Oh god I need to sleep or something." Carter says, he had never felt so alive, yet just as dead in all his life and he couldn't decide if he wanted to shout out in joy or just lay down and sleep for a few days.

"If you go to sleep, I'm going to start sucking you again." Wesley responds with a sexy grin and can't help but smile when his boyfriend starts giggling.

"Give it up Wesley, I haven't got any more cum thanks to you." Carter responds after managing to get control over his giggling, he was a little disappointed nothing came out when his boyfriend gave him the last blow job, but at the same time he thought the look on his boyfriends face was just the most adorable thing ever when he didn't get any more.

"I will try again later." Wesley then states.

"Pervert!" Carter states before looking at his watch. "We should go though, they will wonder where we went and we left Mitch alone in the canteen." He then says and walks towards the door.

"Oh god Mitch, you don't think he knew where we were going do you?" Wesley then asks, he had been so horny that he had forgotten about Mitch and he just prayed the older boy didn't know what they were going to do.

"Nah no way." Carter answers, he is sure Mitch just thought they were going outside or back to see their friends and turns back to the door and unlocks it.

"Yeah you're right." Wesley then says, but the smile drops from both their faces after Carter opens the door and they see Mitch sitting on a chair opposite the toilet.

"About fucking time you horny little fuckers." Mitch states with a massive grin on his face, he was going to try and be all serious and angry at the boys, but the moment he saw their faces he couldn't help but almost laugh.

"Er... we were just taking a er... pee." Wesley responds, trying to lie but even as the words come out he knows it is pointless.

"How long have you been there?" Carter then asks nervously, knowing from the looking on the older boys face, it was long enough to know they did something.

"Long enough boys, now come with me before the nurse comes back and calls security." Mitch instructs, the now confused looking older boy.

"Security?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, he had no idea why Mitch mentioned them.

"A nurse overheard you two and was about to call security, luckily I came by and knew her and managed to convince her to ignore what she heard, but she said she would come back in a little while and if whoever was in there wasn't gone by the time she got back, then she was going to call security." Mitch explains honestly, it had been pure chance he had walked that way, he almost headed the other way to get some fresh air and he was just glad he didn't, he didn't want to think of what would have happened to the boys if security opened the door on them.

"Oh fuck, we were only in their for a few minutes though." Wesley then states and misses the look he gets from Mitch, as he looks down at his boyfriend blushing.

"Try over half an hour boys, not a few minutes and come on we need to disappear, the last thing either of you need is for the nurse to know it was you two in there." Mitch states in a more serious tone, it may have been amusing, but if they had been caught then it wouldn't have ended well for either of them.

"Mitch can we talk alone for a minute please." Wesley asks as they walk towards Matt's room, giving his boyfriend a quick wink, so he knows to keep walking and leave them alone.

"Sure Wesley." Mitch responds and stops with the young boy at the next seats they come across, but he is surprised to see Carter walking away and can't help but be curious. "Where are you going Carter?" He then asks, but instead of getting an answer, he is left even more confused when the young boy just smiles over his shoulder and carries on walking.

"It's okay, he knows I want to ask you something I don't want him to hear." Wesley then states, after seeing the look on the older boys face.

"Is something wrong?" Mitch can't help but asks, assuming it has to be something bad and was genuinely worried.

Wesley just smiles for a few moments and then begins to explain to the older boy why he wanted to talk alone and smiles when he agrees and they spend the next five minutes discussing the details.

"I'm so sorry Matt, I really didn't mean to scare you and should have known better." Mike says sincerely, after walking into the room, although he could have done without seeing his youngest sons naked bum, just before he got under the covers with his boyfriend, but he knew why he was naked now and could see his wet clothes in a heap on the floor next to the bed.

"It's okay, it's not your fault that I'm a pathetic baby who wets..." Matt begins to respond, before being cut off by his boyfriend.

"Shut up Dumb Ass, it's not your fault and you're not a pathetic baby, so just stop saying things like that, I don't like it and you know I don't." Ben then states, half lecturing his boyfriend and despite being nervous about upsetting his boyfriend, he wanted to stop him being so hard on himself and he really didn't like when he boyfriend talked about himself like that.

"Sorry, it's just I keep wetting myself and it embarrassing." Matt responds in a sad tone.

"Didn't they give you the other catheter Matt?" Mike asks in a curious tone, he knew they had removed the boys catheter, after he had thrown himself off the bed, it was only luck that he had fallen to his left side both times, otherwise he could have ripped it out and that really would have caused some serious issues, but he was sure they put a condom catheter on him.

"Yeah, but I took it off after Ben sang to me, I just wanted him to er... hmm er... I just forgot to put it back on." Matt answers awkwardly, almost saying too much about why he had taken it off, but Mike ignores the potentially mortifying slip up and instead put the boys fears over wetting himself to rest.

"Well there you go then, you have had a catheter for a long time Matt so your muscles that stop your pee are just not used to working at the moment and it will take a bit of time and effort to fix that, it's why they put the other catheter on you, to help you until your muscles get used to being needed again." Mike explains as best he can, he probably wasn't one hundred percent accurate, but he thinks he got the point across and he could see both boys thinking his words over.

"So it's not my fault?" Matt then asks in a hopeful tone, he was sure that his dad had somehow broken his penis and turned him into a baby who wet himself, so hearing he is going to be okay was a big relief.

"Well taking your catheter off and not putting it back on still technically makes it your fault, but no Matt you're not broken and you will be fine in a day or two, you just have to get used to peeing again." Mike answers with a warm smile, he was glad that after terrifying the boy he was able to actually make up for it and help him get over something that was obviously affecting him mentally.

"I told you Dumb Ass, now come here." Ben then says, before pulling his boyfriends face to his and kisses him deeply for almost a minute before ending the kiss with a big grin.

"Wait how did you take it off?" Mike then asks, he can see that the young boy is not restrained any more, but he wasn't sure how long it took his youngest son to free him and it wouldn't have been easy for him to take it off because he knew he couldn't move much.

"After he untied me he went to the door and I took it off, I wanted him too er... oh er... I just took it off." Matt answers, almost a little too honestly again and blushes. "Sorry, I just love him." He then says, with a shy smile.

"I love you too." Ben then says and kisses his boyfriend again for a few moments.

"Boys I don't want to upset you, especially you Matt but I really need to talk with you both and trust me when I say this, I really don't want to talk about it either." Mike then states, he had thought about just letting it go, but because Sarah and Amy had been outside with him, he knew he had to say something and the boys would be more mortified if it was one of them talking to them right now.

"Did we do something wrong." Ben answers, he could feel his boyfriend shaking a little and knew he needed to do the talking.

"I would say it was more a case of wrong place, rather than wrong thing boys." Mike responds, he as actually getting more and more nervous about bringing this up, he didn't like the way Matt had turned and embraced his youngest son and could see the young boy was shaking a little.

"Huh?" Ben asks in confusion and doesn't know what his dad is on about.

"We heard you two." Mike then states in a stern tone, he knew he probably should have been more specific, but he was embarrassed about actually saying the words.

"Heard what?" Ben then asks and as soon as the words leave his mouth he realises what his dad is talking about and starts to blush, until he feels something warm and wet spread across his lower half and knows his boyfriend just wet himself again.

"You two having sex, well not actual sex, but you know what I mean and yes when I say 'we' I mean Matt's mum and aunty and me Ben." Mike explains and turns bright red, he really never wanted to say those words ever, but he wanted to get this talk over with as fast as he could.

"Dad er... Matt er... he wet himself again." Ben then says in a sad tone, catching his dad by surprise, he knew the boy was shaking but he didn't expect him to wet himself again.

"Oh." Mike responds and instantly wishes he had either stayed quiet or thought of something actually helpful to say.

"It's okay." Matt then states and surprises both his boyfriend and Mike, who look at him in confusion.

"It's okay?" Ben then asks in a quizzical tone and wasn't quite sure how to take his boyfriends words.

"Matt you don't have to be embarrassed, I won't tell anyone and I'm sure we can get..." Mike begins to state, but is surprised to be cut off by the young boy.

"Really, I almost held it that time and I knew Ben wouldn't mind." Matt then says and his almost happy mood, has both his boyfriend and Mike starting to become concerned.

"Matt are you feeling alright, I could get a doctor if you need something." Mike then asks in a concerned tone and could see his youngest son had the same concern.

"I'm not crazy, I knew I was going to wet myself and I just tried to hold it as long as I could and I lasted almost two minutes." Matt then states, with a proud look on his face and while Mike is still concerned, his boyfriend starts to get it and is pleased for him.

"That's great, you see we told you that you weren't broken and I love you so much." Ben then states and kisses his befriend, but when he ends the kiss he can't help but tease his boyfriend a little. "Although the next time you pee on me, I'm going to call that creepy nurse who kept feeling my brother up, to give you a private sponge bath." He then states with an evil grin and he can see he has got his boyfriends full attention, the creepy nurse was well known to all of them now and it was highly amusing when they threatened Mitch with her if he didn't behave and Mike especially got great delight out of teasing his eldest son.

"You dare, I don't want her touching me." Matt responds defensively and can't help but tremble a little, he knew his boyfriend was messing around and trying to lighten the mood, but being touched was a little too close to home for him to play along.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry I didn't think, please don't hate me Matt." Ben quickly apologises in a sad and scared tone.

"I love you." Matt responds and leans forward to kiss his boyfriend, he was still trembling a little at his boyfriends joke, but he wasn't angry or mad and wanted his boyfriend to know.

"Boys, seriously though you have to not do anything like that again or at least when someone is outside the door." Mike then states, he found the little exchange between the two boys sweet, but he realised that they had forgotten the whole point of him talking with them.

"Huh?" Ben asks his dad, he was lost in his boyfriends eyes and couldn't believe how much he loved them.

"The sex stuff Ben, seriously boys I don't want to be telling you this, but it's better than you being caught by the doctors or nurses, or Sarah or Amy coming in here and talking with you, so I want you to both promise me that you will be more careful or better yet wait until you're both home." Mike then states in a serious and firm tone, although the mention of 'home' made him consider discussing the planned move he and Sarah had already discussed with his eldest son.

"We love each other though, why can't we er... you know, do stuff..." Ben responds, but trails off as he blushes and gets embarrassed.

"You have a point, but you're in a hospital Ben and you can't so that stuff in here, despite your age and situation, if a nurse or doctor had heard what you boys were doing then it would not have been a pleasant experience for anyone of us, so promise me Ben and don't lie." Mike responds, half lecturing his youngest son and almost forgets about Matt.

"Mike we promise, but can we still kiss and cuddle?" Matt decides to ask, he could go with out the sex stuff, well maybe they will be a little naughty, but he couldn't go without the kissing and cuddling.

"Kissing and cuddling are fine and so is being naked together, but you really have to behave and not do any of the stuff you have been doing, is that clear boys?" Mike the states and looks at both boys expectantly.

"Yes Mike." Matt responds with a shy smile, although embarrassing he felt safe knowing people were looking out for him and it helped him to finally stop trembling, although he was definitely not enjoying the dampness of his bed and knew he was going to need a sponge bath and wasn't looking forward to that.

"Okay Dad." Ben responds, but doesn't feel as happy as his boyfriend appeared to be, he wanted to make up for lost time after the worst week of his life, but he knew he had to be mature and careful.

"There is something that we weren't going to tell you until we confirmed it but I think you will want to..." Mike begins to say, before being cut off by his youngest son, he had decided to talk to them about the plan he and Sarah had come up with about the possible new house.

"Did something bad happen?" Ben asks, he knew he shouldn't have interrupted his dad, but he couldn't help it and instinctively pulled his boyfriend close into his body, fearing that maybe something was wrong with his boyfriend that no one had even told him about and he could feel his boyfriend shaking a little.

"Am I dying?" Matt then asks and the sadness in his voice causes Mike to realise that the boys are assuming the worst and kicks himself for not being crystal clear, but the sound of his youngest son crying causes him to almost feel sick inside, he couldn't believe he scared him that much and knew he had to fix this quickly.

"No, no, no boys it's good news I promise, I'm so sorry for scaring you and I really promise you both that you will like what I want to tell you." Mike states and crosses his fingers, hoping the boys calm down.

"I'm not dying?" Matt then asks, although to Mike's dismay there is not even the slightest hint of humour in the young boys voice and the fact his youngest son is still crying is enough to tell him that he messed up.

"No, Matt you're not dying, now can you please both cheer up, because I hate myself for scaring you both." Mike then says in a sad tone, he was genuinely angry and upset with himself and he knew this wasn't the first time he had scared the boys half to death.

"What were you going to say then?" Matt asks and this time it is him who is doing the comforting, while his boyfriend cried and he couldn't believe how upset his boyfriend got at the thought that he might be dying and it just reminded him how much they loved each other.

"How would you two feel about living together in your own house?" Mike states, deciding to bend the truth slightly just in the hope it shocks both boys, but especially his youngest son out of being so upset and smiles when both look at him with stunned expressions, although the sight of his youngest sons tear stained face is hard to look at.

"Our own house?" Matt asks in a shocked tone, he was totally confused and wondering what his boyfriends dad was talking about.

"Live together?" Ben asks, he had heard his dad say his boyfriend wasn't dying, but he had found it hard to compose himself and he knew if his boyfriend ever died that he wouldn't be able to live with out him.

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