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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 3

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 8

June 2015

"How would you two feel about living together in your own house?" Mike states, deciding to bend the truth slightly just in the hope it shocks both boys, but especially his youngest son out of being so upset and smiles when both look at him with stunned expressions, although the sight of his youngest sons tear stained face is hard to look at.

"Our own house?" Matt asks in a shocked tone, he was totally confused and wondering what his boyfriends dad was talking about.

"Live together?" Ben asks, he had heard his dad say his boyfriend wasn't dying, but he had found it hard to compose himself and he knew if his boyfriend ever died that he wouldn't be able to live with out him.

"I'm not meant to tell you yet boys, we still have a lot to sort out and it may not happen." Mike responds with a warm smile, although if he wasn't trying so hard to stop the boys from being upset, he would have explained himself a lot better, instead of unintentionally confusing them both.

"Sort what out?" Matt asks curiously, sensing his boyfriend was still a little upset and decides to take the lead in the conversation.

"Well we have to sell your house Matt and the Taylor's and then see if we have enough..." Mike begins to answer, but is cut off by the young boy and immediately knows he just messed up once again.

"Sell Nana and Gramps house?" Matt asks in a surprised tone and although he knew they were both dead, he didn't understand why his boyfriends dad is saying they need to sell their house.

"Oh shit er... shit." Mike says and again knows he has just made a complete mess of things and wishes he never came into the room earlier and just knows Sarah is going to flip at him.

"He already knows about what his dad did to the Taylor's Dad." Ben then states after managing to calm himself down, he knew why his dad was acting weird and nervous and wanted him to relax and find out more about living with his boyfriend.

"He does?" Mike asks in a hopeful tone, not that it will make him feel any better about being a complete idiot so far today, but it would make him feel a little more relaxed.

"Yeah I overheard you and Mum earlier in the week." Matt then says in a sad tone, he had grieved quietly by himself, although in a strange and depressing way with the thought of his boyfriend hating him, the news didn't devastate him as much as it would have done if he didn't have that on his mind.

"I'm so sorry you found out like that." Mike then says in a sincere tone, he felt relieved he hadn't just let it slip, but disappointed in himself and even a little in Sarah because they were careless for discussing it in the room, even if they were sure he was sleeping.

"I should be used to bad news, every time I think things will start getting better something else happens and I cry and now I even wet myself and it's just not fair." Matt then states and sniffles, although his boyfriend tightening his grip on him helps him to avoid crying again.

"You got me and I love you." Ben then states and kisses his boyfriend on the cheek.

"You make me want to be alive and get better Ben." Matt then states and kisses his boyfriend on the lips and Mike felt himself start to choke up a little, the boys words to his son were just beautiful and he could tell he meant every single word.

"I will leave you two alone, just try to be quiet and I will make sure no one comes in." Mike then states, throwing his earlier lecture about the boys not doing anything in the hospital, he knew they loved each other and it was real love and he couldn't help but think they should be allowed to show it.

"No, please don't go Dad." Ben suddenly says after ending his loving kiss with his boyfriend, he could have kissed him forever and the thought of being allowed to be with his boyfriend alone was almost impossible to say no to, but he wanted to know more about living together with his boyfriend.

"We want to know about living together Mike." Matt then states, his thoughts mirrored his boyfriends and he wanted some good news for a change.

"If you're sure." Mike responds and when both boys nod, he decides to tell them some of the plans. "Okay well first of we need to sell your house Matt and the Taylor's, while we do that your mum will come live with us Matt and so will you if you're out of hospital in time, hopefully we will have enough to buy this property me and Sarah have seen and we can all move in there." He then explains, knowing there is more but knew the boys would ask questions and decided to let them have a chance.

"I thought you said we would have our own house though?" Ben then asks, remembering his dads words earlier and couldn't help feeling a little bit disappointed.

"If you mean you and Matt, then yes you will but it's technically not quite a house, it's actually a pool house boys, the property is pretty big and even has a pool, but it is expensive and we might not be able to afford it." Mike then explains and again waits to see the boys reaction and give them a chance to ask questions.

"Pool house?" Matt then asks, not quite knowing what that means or what it is.

"Basically like another building Matt, it has a bedroom, bathroom and a lounge and kitchen area, it's not massive boys but for you two it would be more than enough." Mike responds with a warm smile, he could see both boys faces light up a little and it made him feel happy, although he held back on a few features the pool house has and wanted to save that for the first time they saw it for themselves.

"So it will be just ours?" Ben then asks nervously, he couldn't think of anything that could be better than living alone with his boyfriend and he was hoping his dad wasn't playing some cruel joke.

"There will be rules boys, but it will be where you two sleep together and yes it will be just for you two." Mike answers, although he didn't quite want to word it like that.

"What kind of rules?" Ben can't help but ask, although he was ecstatic about the confirmation he and his boyfriend basically have their own house, he was still curious about any potential rules.

"Me and Sarah both want you two to spend most of your time in the actual house with us, Mitch and er..." Mike begins to explain, but almost lets slip about Tobias and it was really not the time to tell the boys about him and it was definitely something Sarah needed to be telling the boys, not him and he was sure she would already be angry at him for telling them about the house, but if he talked about Tobias then she would hate him.

"Huh?" Matt quickly asks, picking up on the man's slip up, but he can't even begin to think what he almost said, but he knew it was something important.

"Sorry I just thought of something, but it really isn't important or really that interesting." Mike answers, although he can tell instantly that it wasn't going to satisfy either boys curiosity. "Okay it's just the house is practically between Carter's and Wesley's house, so you will be near your friends still and they can visit whenever possible, it just popped in my head and I told you it wasn't exactly important." He then states, quickly managing to think up a better excuse, which actually isn't a lie and thankfully he can tell that it worked.

"Oh cool, I was going to ask where the house was, I don't want to move away from our friends and school." Matt then states, after moving from England he never wanted to go through that experience again, even if it cost him the chance to live with his boyfriend, he couldn't lose more friends.

"Yeah I don't want to leave here." Ben then states, although if it meant living with his boyfriend, he would consider it and felt a little bad that he would do that to his friends.

"Me neither and your mum feels the same way Matt, she made it clear she didn't want to take you away from your friends and school and especially Ben, that is why we are going to buy the house together." Mike then says and can see that the boys are now happy and knows it was worth telling them.

"So how big is the pool and can other people see us?" Ben then asks and blushes slightly.

"The pool isn't gigantic, but it is definitely a lot bigger than I thought one would be in a garden and yes the back garden is secluded and no one can see into it." Mike answers, with a knowing look and he knew exactly what his youngest son was really asking thanks to his eldest son and thought it was sweet.

"Can we go see the house?" Ben then asks, although he then remembered his boyfriend and felt a little guilty. "I mean when Matt can come with me." He then adds and smiles at his boyfriend with a guilty expression.

"Cut it out Ben, you don't have to wait for me, it could be ages before I get out of here and it would be cool if you could tell me about our pool house." Matt quickly says with a sweet smile and leans forward to kiss his boyfriend.

"Remember what I said about rules though boys, we want you to eat with us and spend most of your time in the actual house and there is also something else that is more for you Matt, if you don't mind discussing your trust fund money with me." Mike the says and waits to see how the young boy reacts.

"What about my money?" Matt asks curiously and wonders if his mum should be here if they are talking about this.

"Well your mum spoke about the possibility that you to pay for yours and Ben's living expenses, that means food, clothing and that sort of thing, what do you think about that?" Mike asks in a friendly and warm tone, the last thing he wanted to do was sound like he was ordering or forcing the boy to do it.

"I'm not allowed the money until I'm eighteen though." Matt responds, he was still a little unsure about this conversation now, but he trusted his boyfriends dad and knew his boyfriend wouldn't let his dad make him do anything he didn't want to do.

"Maybe we should talk about this with your mum, she said you were allowed a monthly allowance, I just assumed you knew about your money, but it's not important Matt, I just wanted to see how you felt about it because I'm not sure you should have to pay your own way and definitely don't want you to feel like you have to say yes." Mike then states, he really was terrible at these talks and seemed to constantly put his foot in it far too many times than he would like.

"I don't want him paying for everything though, it should be both of us and not just him." Ben then says, deciding to join in the conversation and make sure his boyfriend knows that he doesn't want him to have to pay for him.

"I don't mind, that money is both of ours Ben and if it helps us live together then it is worth it." Matt then says and kisses his boyfriend quickly.

"It's your money Matt." Ben then says in a firm tone, he doesn't want his boyfriends money and just wants him.

"We are forever Ben and we are going to share everything and that includes that money." Matt responds and kisses his boyfriend again and smiles when he leans back. "I love you." He then says sincerely.

"Okay and I love you too." Ben responds and turns to his dad. "Dad, can our friends sleep over, like is the pool house big enough?" He then asks, he was thinking more for Carter and Wesley to spend the night, but it would be weird if they shared a room and hoped the lounge area could be used as a bedroom.

"The lounge could be used to sleep in, but it would be cramped for all of your friends, but it would be okay for a night or two." Mike answers honestly, he had thought about that himself and the pool house could sleep five or six boys.

"So if Carter and Wesley spent the night, they would be able too?" Ben then asks, although he can't help but blush and knows his dad will figure out what he is really asking.

"Not that I want to know or hear about this again, but yes if those two wanted to spend the night, then they could sleep in the lounge while you and Matt have your own room, you will just need to buy a fold out bed or maybe an air bed for them to sleep on." Mike answers as honestly as he dared and really hoped they wouldn't ask any more questions like that.

"Okay cool, wait er... do we have to do our own washing and cleaning?" Ben then asks and pouts when he hears his boyfriend giggle.

"Scared I will see your skid marks?" Matt then asks in a mocking tone and giggles again at the look on his boyfriends face.

"Shut up!" Ben retorts, although only playfully as he giggles along with his boyfriend.

"Actually I think that might be a good idea and something you could both benefit from." Mike then says in a more serious tone, he and Sarah had talked about it and even Mitch thought it was a good idea, despite the fact it was obvious to him that his eldest son quite enjoyed looking after his little brother.

"This is going to be so cool, it will be like we are a real couple and er... crap er... I think I need to pee again." Matt then states and turns bright red.

"Oh god, you're going to pee on me again aren't you?" Ben then asks, but he already feels the now increasingly familiar feeling of his boyfriends pee on his body.

"Sorry." Matt answers in a sad tone and starts to sniffle.

"Hey, stop it and don't get upset, I love you and that is all that matters." Ben says sincerely and kisses his boyfriend, although he does wonder where all his boyfriends pee is coming from, because that is the third time already today that he knows of.

"You felt like you were going to pee though right Matt?" Mike then asks and gets a curious look from both boys after they break their kiss to look at him.

"Huh?" Matt asks, he is blushing a lot and doesn't really want to talk about it, but at the same time he can't help but feel curious about what his boyfriends dad is trying to say.

"You knew you were going to pee?" Mike responds, he has had a few catheters in his time and knew that you became unaware of actually peeing and even after it was removed there was one or two times that it took him a while to get control over himself and one time when he didn't even realise he was peeing, until it was too late.

"Yeah, but why do you want to know that?" Matt answers curiously.

"Because that is a good sign and earlier you could hold it for a few minutes, so I think you will be fine by tomorrow or at worst tomorrow night, I remember one time when I had a catheter it took me days to get back to being able to pee properly again and for the first few days I didn't even realise I was peeing until I felt it run down my legs, it was actually scary as well as embarrassing." Mike explains and decides to admit his own embarrassing story to help the boy relax.

"You had a catheter too?" Ben asks, deciding to jump in the conversation.

"Ben I'm almost forty years old and had a pretty er... let's say eventful youth and had my fair share of catheters and it was different every time, but I know what Matt is experiencing now and just wanted him to know that he was fine." Mike answers honestly and can see Matt relax and start to smile.

"Thanks Mike, but er... can I ask you something, it's nothing embarrassing but I just want the truth." Matt then says with a nervous look and both his boyfriend and Mike look at him curiously.

"You can ask me anything Matt." Mike responds in a friendly tone, although he was genuinely nervous about what he might be asked.

"I know I will never walk properly again, but how long before I can actually start walking again?" Matt asks in a almost sad tone, but he just wants a rough idea because he is getting annoyed and frustrated at not being able to leave the bed and the fact his bed was soaked in his pee right now, made him want to get out of it even more.

"I don't really know Matt, but I could get a doctor to come in and talk you through the physiotherapy." Mike responds honestly, he really didn't know and definitely didn't want to give him the wrong information.

"Please, just give me a rough time, I know you might be wrong but I just need to know." Matt then states in an almost desperate tone and Mike realises just how much it means to the boy and is about to make up a time frame when his youngest son starts talking.

"Matt I reckon it will be a month maybe two before you can walk on your own and you won't be able to go far, but with crutches you should be able to walk around the hospital in a few weeks if you work really hard and I will be right there with you." Ben answers confidently, he had actually talked with Erica a little and even Carter and although he knew it could be longer, he knew his boyfriend needed something and could tell by his face that it worked.

"I'm going work so hard Ben, I promise but er... can you do me a favour?" Matt then asks, looking a little shy and Ben can't help but wonder what his boyfriend wants.

"You know I would do anything for you." Ben responds and kisses his boyfriends nose and giggles when he watches him scrunch it up and always found it both cute and sexy.

"I want you to have a sponge bath with me, I don't like it when I'm alone and it scares me." Matt asks with a shy smile and Ben realises that he had never thought about how his boyfriend felt about the sponge baths, he just assumed they would make him feel embarrassed and the nurses were always female, so it never crossed his mind that he would be scared.

"Wait Matt, they scares you?" Mike asks in a concerned tone, surprising Ben who was about to ask the same question.

"Yeah, I know it's stupid." Matt answers in a sad tone and looks down at himself.

"We made sure the nurses were always female though, we thought it was okay and you wouldn't mind." Mike then states, they had discussed his sponge baths with the doctors and nurses and they had agreed to never let a male nurse to be alone with him for a sponge bath, but they had no idea female nurses would also scare him.

"I know." Matt responds and can feel himself shake a little, but like always his boyfriend knows what is happening and holds him tightly.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Ben then asks, deciding he should be the one talking to his boyfriend and not his dad.

"It's not that bad, if it were a man I would freak out, but I don't know it's just they touch me and I don't like it and at the start I got these weird images and stuff, but when I remembered what happened to me, I realised the images were real and now I just don't like people touching me." Matt answers, although he is confused about what happens when he gets a sponge bath and he can't quite explain it to his boyfriend the way he wants to.

"Oh." Ben then says and lets go of his boyfriend looking a little hurt.

"Not you Ben, please don't let me go, I need you and I love you." Matt quickly says and pulls his boyfriend back against him after realising his boyfriend misunderstood him.

"I love you too." Ben responds and feels a bit stupid for thinking his boyfriend didn't want him to touch him, especially after what they did earlier.

"Are there any more questions you want to ask before I go and get someone to get you boys cleaned up?" Mike then asks, he definitely had to have a talk with Sarah and the doctors to see what they could do about future sponge baths, the only thing he could think of that might work is to allow his youngest son to be with him every time, although he wasn't sure if the doctors would allow it, they had been pretty clear they didn't want any one else in the room while it was done.

"Are we like going to be rich now?" Ben asks, he really couldn't care less about money, but he wanted to change the mood and thought it would be funny to see his boyfriends reaction and his dads to the question.

"What?" Mike asks his youngest son, not quite being prepared for a question like that and wondered why he cared about money all of a sudden.

"I'm already rich, well when I'm eighteen I will be anyway." Matt decides to state, he knew what his boyfriend was doing and thought he would join in by telling them how much money he has.

"Well you have some money Matt, but I don't think we are rich boys." Mike then says and looks at the boys in surprise, this was definitely unexpected.

"I have like one million dollars and by the time I;m eighteen it will be nearer two million, maybe more I think." Matt then states and while it started out as a joke, Ben can't help but sit back open mouthed at his boyfriends revelation and Mike is just flat out shocked.

"What?" Mike eventually manages to ask, he knew the boy got a good amount from the school, but he was thinking a few hundred thousand at most and couldn't believe what the real amount was.

"Yeah I know, the school and council got really scared and Jordan got even more, but not much though." Matt responds with a little shy smile, he was a little embarrassed about having so much money.

"I can't believe I have like millions of dollars, this is great and I can buy any thing I want." Ben then says, deciding to see if he can get his boyfriend to bite a little.

"What do you mean you have millions of dollars?" Matt asks in response, although he knew his boyfriend was baiting him and he was just playing along so they could have a laugh.

"You and me are forever and that means, that anything you have is mine and everything I have is yours, which is like five dollars by the way, if you were curious." Ben answers and grins as his boyfriend gives him a pout, but he sees right through the act and knows his boyfriend is just playing along with him, but the look on his dads face is just priceless.

"I er... wow, just wow er..." Mike then mumbles, he isn't sure how to react or what he is supposed to do.

"Dad we are just messing around, I don't care about the money, but this bed stinks and is really damp and horrible, can you go and get someone to give us a sponge bath please?" Ben then asks his dad, while he loved his boyfriend with all his heart, he wasn't enjoying laying in his pee and having it all over his lower body.

"Sure, but please don't tell anyone about the house or me scaring the shit out of you twice, it's hard enough knowing how crap I'm at this father thing, but other people knowing it as well is not something I want to experience." Mike then states, he was ashamed of just how bad he was at talking with the boys and just appreciated his eldest son even more, for how well he basically brought up Ben by himself.

"You're pretty bad at it Mike, but it's more funny bad than actually being bad at it, if you get what I mean." Matt then says, while he didn't appreciate being scared and terrified he didn't blame his boyfriends dad and found him quite amusing most of the time.

"Yeah Dad, you need to just chill out and stop trying to tell us stuff on your own, but we love you still and it's funny most of the time." Ben then states, with a loving smile and Mike knows the boys are being sincere and it makes him feel a little better.

"Thank you boys and I will try my best not to give you any more solo talks." Mike responds and ruffles both boys hair, before getting up and walking towards the door.

"Dad." Ben then says and smiles as his dad turns around.

"Yeah Son?" Mike asks curiously.

"I love you." Ben then says with a shy smile.

"I love you too Son." Mike responds with a proud look and again turns to the door.

"Mike?" Matt then says and gives his boyfriend a cheeky wink, just before his boyfriends dad turns around.

"Yes Matt?" Mike asks, feeling a little cautious and is wondering what the boy is going to say.

"I love Ben too." Matt then says with a big grin and sticks his tongue out and all three of them laugh together for a few moments.

"I will see you later boys and a nurse or well I guess nurses will be in as soon as possible, so no messing around." Mike then says and smiles when both boys nod, this time when he turns to the door he opens it and leaves to find a nurse for the boys.

"So it's really alright?" Wesley asks in a hopeful tone, he was so excited to finally go on a real date with his boyfriend and just hoped Mitch wasn't messing around.

"It's fine and I will make the calls and get you both a table and sort the movie tickets out for you, but I do have one condition and you have to agree Wesley or the deal is off." Mitch responds and watches the boy for his reaction.

"Er... what kind of condition?" Wesley asks in a cautious tone, not quite being able to work out what it could be.

"I'm going to be driving you tonight." Mitch states and can see the young boy look at him curiously and decides to keep talking, instead of waiting for the obvious question. "Don't look worried, by drive I mean take you to the restaurant and movies and anywhere you want to go after, but I will not be getting out of the car so you two will be alone, I just want to make sure you're both safe." He then adds and can see the young boy relax a little.

"Cool, Carter is going to love this and I can't wait to see how happy he looks when I surprise er... crap er... shit." Wesley responds, but trails of after realising there is a slight problem with his plan to surprise his boyfriend with their date.

"What's wrong?" Mitch asks in a concerned and somewhat confused tone.

"I want us to be dressed nice, how do I get him to dress up and not give away the surprise?" Wesley asks in a almost pleading tone, he desperately wanted it to be a surprise and not tell his boyfriend until they sat at the table.

"Oh well luckily for you, I have a pretty good solution." Mitch answers with a relieved smile, it wasn't quite the same situation as when he had set up his little brothers and Matt's first date, but it was close enough.

"What is it?" Wesley then asks and Mitch can see his eyes light up and couldn't help but feel happy at how excited he was.

"What if you told him that I wanted to take you both out for dinner, just as a treat and then you can tell him that it would be fun to dress up really nice and see how I react when I just turn up in some scruffy clothes?" Mitch suggests and can see the young boy thinking it over.

"Oh my god that would be perfect, thank you so much Mitch, I love you." Wesley answers and quickly throws his arms around the older boy.

"I love you too Wesley, now I do have a slight downer on your night." Mitch then says and feels a little guilty for having to say it.

"Like what?" Wesley then asks, in a slightly disappointed tone.

"I have no issues with having you both stay over at our house tonight, but I'm not sure your parents will go for it and before you ask, I mean a sleepover would be a good cover, but it doesn't work if Ben isn't going to be there because then it is you two staying over to have a sleepover with me and that just isn't going to look right at all to your parents Wesley, no matter how you try to spin it." Mitch explains and can see the look of disappointment on the young boys face, but is surprised to see it turn in to a smirk and wonders what he has just thought of.

"What if Ben was there though?" Wesley then asks and Mitch can't help but look at him curiously.

"Wesley, there is no power on earth that will get my little brother to leave Matt tonight, it just isn't going to work little man." Mitch responds honestly.

"Our parents won't know that he won't be there and my mum isn't working tonight or tomorrow and they will have no reason to think he wasn't at his home with us." Wesley then explains and Mitch can see the logic in the plan, but wasn't keen at all.

"Sorry Wesley but I'm not lying to your parents and you shouldn't either." Mitch tells him honestly and can see the frustration on his face. "Wesley you know I want to help you, but it just isn't..." He then begins to say before being cut off.

"What if I could get Ben to go home, if he was actually there then it wouldn't be lying and if he had to suddenly go to the hospital to see Matt, then that wouldn't be our fault and if it was too late for us to go home our parents would let us stay with you." Wesley then suggests and by the smile on his face, Mitch knows the young boy is serious and it wasn't a bad plan, but he was still not keen on it.

"So you want Ben to sit at home all alone, while you go on a date with your boyfriend, then for him to leave when you get back to our house?" Mitch then asks in a more serious and blunt tone than he had intended and could see the hurt look on the young boys face. "Oh shit sorry little man, look if you can get Ben to agree then I will think about it, but if I say no then you have to promise to respect my decision okay?" He then quickly states and hopes he hadn't upset him.

"Okay, but Ben could come with us er... I mean he could sit in the car with you and not sit at home alone, you could even go to get something to eat or watch a different movie to me and Carter, you two should spend more time alone together anyway I think." Wesley then suggests and can't help but smile when he sees the older boy look at him with a curious expression.

"That is actually not a bad idea, it's been a while since me and Ben just hung together and I have missed it, okay if you can talk him into leaving Matt for a few hours then I'm in." Mitch responds with a genuine smile, he had actually missed spending time with his little brother and they had always enjoyed hanging around with each other.

"Thanks Mitch you're the best and you have no idea how much this means to me." Wesley then states and cuddles the older boy again.

"I think I have a good idea and come on let's go check on Matt, we should spend a few hours with him and then I will take you and Carter home so you can get ready." Mitch then states and smiles when Wesley lets him go and they walk side by side towards Matt's room.

"Are you okay Carter?" Sarah asks as she and her sister see the tiny boy staring at a notice board, looking a little sad and lost.

"Huh?" Carter responds in a confused tone, he hadn't really been paying attention to anything for the last few minutes.

"I asked if you were feeling okay, you look a little sad." Sarah explains and walks over to him.

"Oh afternoon Sarah and oh er... hi." Carter then says, but blushes when he sees the other woman and doesn't quite recognise her, although he thought she and Sarah looked similar and then blushed even more after realising it must be Amy, although in his defence he had barely ever seen her apart from a few quick sights and earlier she had practical rushed into Matt's room.

"Hello Carter, I don't think we have actually spoken before." Amy then says in a warm and friendly tone, while holding her hand out, but is surprised when the boy ignores her hand and embraces her instead.

"Oh er... sorry." Carter then says, as he pulls away from the lady and blushes.

"It's okay, now why don't you tell us what's wrong?" Amy then says in a soft tone.

"I'm in love." Carter answers and looks down to the floor feeling embarrassed and misses the confused looks on both the ladies faces.

"Why does that make you sad, I'm sure she is happy and feels the same way." Amy then states and gets confused when her sister coughs a little and the tiny boy looks at her with a surprised expression.

"I'm gay." Carter then states, although to his own surprise he felt happy about saying it out loud to a stranger and wasn't actually embarrassed.

"Oh, then I guess he is is happy then." Amy then says, only briefly being rattled by the boys confession and then remembers briefly seeing the tiny boy cuddled up to the other young boy and then mentally slaps herself after remembering the fact that she had been told that Carter and Wesley were boyfriends and couldn't believe she had forgotten something like that so quickly.

"Carter why are you sad about being in love though?" Sarah then asks, she thought he and Wesley were happy and could tell they loved each other.

"Because I er... I don't really know, he just makes me so happy and I love him so much." Carter answers, but just confuses the two ladies even more and in truth he was confused by it as well, he was so happy and it wasn't until he was walking down the corridor alone that he started to feel sad and he didn't understand.

"Did you and Wesley have a fight?" Sarah then asks, thinking that is the most likely cause of the boys feelings.

"No, I don't understand Sarah, I love him and I mean really love him and I know he feels the same way, but I feel sad, I don't get it am I broken?" Carter then asks and looks at them with a hopeful expression.

"I er... I don't know what to say." Sarah responds honestly, with a nervous tone and could tell instantly that she just failed the boy, who was obviously looking for reassurance and she had basically just crushed him.

"Well luckily I know what's wrong young man." Amy then says and can see the relieved look on her sisters face and the hope in the tiny boys eyes.

"You do?" Carter asks and can't help but sniffle a little.

"You aren't sad because you love him, you're sad because you miss him Carter." Amy then explains and can see the confusion on his face.

"Huh?" Carter responds and can't help but feel disappointed at what he has heard and a little angry because he thought she was being serious about helping him.

"I'm being serious Carter, let me guess something really big happened between you and no I don't want details and you don't need to tell us what it was." Amy begins to say and waits for the boy to nod before continuing. "Which although you were sure you loved him before just confirmed it right and now you know you want to be together forever right?" She then says and this time waits for him to actually speak.

"Yeah." Carter responds, but is too confused to say anything else right now.

"Well normally after a moment like that and I have had a few of those myself, you need to be with that person and be close to each other, so the fact you're here alone and I'm presuming there is a perfectly good reason for that, you feel sad and I bet the moment you see him your heart will flutter and you will feel like the happiest person in the whole universe." Amy then states and she can see the tiny boy starting to smile and knew she was right.

"Well it looks like we are about to find out if you're as wise as you seem to be Amy." Sarah then says, seeing Mitch and Wesley come from around the corner and before Amy gets a chance to ask what her sister means, she feels the tiny boy brush against her and watches as he runs towards to two oncoming boys and smiles when she watches him jump on Wesley and chuckles when they end up on the floor.

"Whoa, what the hell?" Wesley asks and as soon as the words leave his mouth, he feels his boyfriend kissing him and is soon returning the kiss.

"Holy crap." Mitch then says in disbelief and looks over to Sarah and Amy, who to his confusion are both smiling. "What's got in to him?" He then asks, after walking over to the two ladies and leaving the two boys kissing on the floor.

"He is in love Mitch." Amy states and holds out her hand to the young man, they hadn't really met either but she instantly knew who he was and had wanted to speak with him for a while now.

"Oh okay." He responds and just like Carter did earlier, Amy finds her hand being ignored and instead finds herself being embraced.

"You boys really don't like handshakes do you." Amy then says in an amused tone, after the young man releases her.

"What?" Mitch asks in a confused tone.

"It's okay Mitch, she is just messing around, so far every time she has tried to say hello with a handshake, the person just hugged her instead." Sarah then says, deciding to help the young man out and could see by his expression that he was grateful.

"They are so much like Matt and Ben." Mitch then states as he looks at the two boys, who are still kissing each other although Mitch quickly notices that their hands are beginning to wonder a little bit and again was reminded of his little brother and Matt. "Oh crap, okay boys break it up." He then says as he walks over to the boys and gives Carter a gentle prod with his foot.

"I don't want to." Carter states after briefly breaking the kiss and goes straight back to kissing his boyfriend, who to Mitch's dismay seems more than happy to carry on as well.

"Well I tried to warn you." Mitch says and without giving either boy a chance to stop, he crouches down and takes a hold of Carter and lifts him off his boyfriend and for a moment he worries that Wesley isn't going to let go, but to his relief the young boy slumps back on the floor and just looks up half sad and half embarrassed as he watches his boyfriend being taken away.

"Hey let him go." Wesley then says, after slowly getting to his feet. "Mitch I mean it put him down." He then says with a firmer tone, he knew he meant well and probably had a good reason, but he could see the look on his boyfriends face and he didn't like to see his boyfriend like that.

"I'm sorry, but you were getting carried away and you can't do that on the floor of the hospital corridor." Mitch apologises, while also lecturing the boys as he puts Carter down and sighs as the little boy goes straight to his boyfriend and kisses him again. "Oh come on guys, cut it out right now and Wesley you especially, remember what we were talking about a few minutes ago." He then states in a serious tone and although he feels a little bad for using dirty tactics, he was happy to see Wesley break the kiss and look at him with a guilty expression.

"Sorry, come on Carter what's got into you anyway?" Wesley then asks his boyfriend and almost kisses him again.

"I missed you." Carter answers in a shy tone and starts to lean in again, but the sound of Mitch coughing stops him and he turns to him. "Sorry." He then says and turns back to his boyfriend and gives him a quick kiss before giggling.

"We saw each other like ten minutes ago." Wesley then states, although now that he thinks about it the more he realised how much he missed his boyfriend and it was only the talk with Mitch which stopped him thinking about it.

"I love you, I just want to be with you all the time." Carter then says and turns bright red when he hears the two ladies making an 'Aww' sound.

"I love you too, but guess what?" Wesley responds with a smile and really struggles to not kiss his boyfriend when he scrunches up his nose a little bit, he really loved when he did that and he could feel himself get a little hard and blushed.

"What?" Carter asks and with his back to everyone else, he pulls the front of his trousers down a little and smiles when he sees his boyfriend licking his lips.

"Mitch is er... wow it's so beautiful." Wesley states, losing his train of thought completely as he looks down at his boyfriends cute little penis and starts to reach out to touch it.

"I love you." Carter then says and pulls his trousers back up and giggles when his boyfriend lets out a disappointed whimpering sound. "So what were you going to say?" He then asks and couldn't wait to get his boyfriend alone again, he was sure he could get him to do anything he wanted right now.

"Mitch wants to take us out for dinner tonight and Ben is coming with us." Wesley then says and he catches a glimpse of Mitch behind his boyfriend and sees him give him a wink.

"Oh cool, where are we going?" Carter asks, he was genuinely excited by the news and couldn't wait to spend some time with the older boy and Ben.

"It's a surprise boys, but I promise that it is not going to be some crappy takeaway place or fast food thing, so I want you both to dress in something nice and I mean really nice." Mitch then states as he moves over to the boys, he knew he had come up with a different plan earlier to help Wesley get his boyfriend to dress up, but he couldn't help but think this was a much better way of doing it.

"I know one suit Carter looks really sexy in." Wesley then says with a cheeky grin and Mitch knew the boy well enough to know what he is going to say if any one asked which suit and hopes no one does.

"What kind of suit is it?" Sarah then asks, as she and her sister decide to walk over to the boys and Mitch's face drops instantly and he is just about to stop Wesley, when he hears him and just sighs in embarrassment.

"His birthday suit, he looks so sexy in it." Wesley answers with a giant grin, which quickly turns into a look of horror and he instantly blushes when he realises that both Sarah and Amy were right there and he couldn't believe what he just said and wishes the ground would swallow him up.

"Ha, you're such an idiot Wesley, but I still love you and come on, we should go see Matt before it's too late." Carter then says and takes a hold of his boyfriends hand and starts walking, he knew his boyfriend was embarrassed and wanted to get him out of the way quickly.

"He has a point, it's getting on and I have to somehow get my little brother away from his boyfriend for dinner." Mitch then says as he stands between the two sisters and takes an arm in each of his own and walks them down the corridor.

"Good luck with that Mitch, it's going to take a miracle to separate those two now." Sarah then says, but she can't help but blush a little while being walked down the corridor with her hand in the handsome young man's arm, although nothing sexual or anything like that, it did make her feel special and she wondered who the lucky girl would be that took his heart.

"I don't know, as much as they are in love I think Ben will do whatever you ask him Mitch, he loves you so much and I can see why, you're a fine young gentleman." Amy then states and see can see the young man blush and was a little embarrassed to think about if she was fifteen years younger, but she wouldn't dare admit that and just enjoyed being treated so well by such a handsome young man.

Although as they walk down the corridor and are just about to reach Matt's room they see a flustered looking Mike come out of the door, giving them a surprised look and then a nervous smile

"Sorry I wet myself again." Matt apologises to his boyfriend, as soon as he is sure Mike wasn't coming back into the room.

"It's gross and feels horrible, but I don't mind Matt, I love you and if getting covered in pee is the worst thing that happens then I will do it every time." Ben responds sincerely and leans in for a quick kiss.

"So I can't believe they are going to let us have our own house." Matt then states, he was still half convinced it was some kind of joke, but even so he was so excited and it just made him want to work even harder to get better and walk again.

"Well it's not a real house, but yeah I can't wait until it is just you and me, we can do whatever we want and do some skinny dipping in the pool when every one else is asleep." Ben then states with a sexy grin and he leans in for another kiss and this time they both reach down and play with each others soft penis's, although they both quickly stop when they start to get hard.

"Oh fuck, we can't get hard Ben, the nurses will be here soon." Matt then states in a slightly panicked tone and was doing his best to think of something to calm himself down.

"We are going to get hard when they give us a sponge bath anyway." Ben then says and can't quite work out the look on his boyfriends face. "What's wrong?" He then asks in a slightly concerned tone.

"You're joking right?" Matt asks in a almost scared tone, he has had more sponge baths than even he knows about, after being in a coma and sedated so much, but he had always been laid on his back and didn't have much feeling in his body thanks to the painkillers he was on, so it never even occurred to him that he might have got a boner.

"No it's pretty normal for a boy to get a boner when getting a sponge bath, come on you have had loads, you must have noticed." Ben answers honestly and can tell by his boyfriends expression that he had obviously not noticed.

"Oh my god, so they have seen me with a boner?" Matt then asks and blushes.

"How could you not know, you must have been awake for quite a lot of them." Ben then states and wonders how his boyfriend didn't know.

"I was always laying down and the painkillers are pretty strong, I never really felt much, I just knew they were touching me and stuff." Matt answers honestly and although he was initially embarrassed he found himself finding it a little funny and couldn't help giggling a little.

"Why are you giggling?" Ben asks curiously, wondering if his boyfriend was alright after the sudden change in mood.

"Because I'm fed up with getting upset and it is kind of funny knowing all those nurses saw my boner, I wonder what they thought when they saw it." Matt answers honestly and could see his boyfriend smirk a little.

"If I were them I would have sucked it, that's what I would have thought if I was giving you a sponge bath." Ben then states and kisses his boyfriend again. "But this pee is really disgusting and it tasted horrible earlier." He then says, after breaking the kiss and smiles at his boyfriend.

"I know I have tasted it before remember, but I love you so much and I couldn't believe you would give me a blow job even with the pee and I want you to know that it means so much to me that you do these things to make me feel special and when I'm better I'm going to show you how special you're to me." Matt then states from the heart and just leaned into his boyfriend and held him.

"Every day you keep fighting and getting better you're proving how special I'm to you Matt, you and me are forever and when we spend out first night together in our bed, I want you to er... I want you to hmm..." Ben begins to say from the heart, but loses his nerve at the end, he had wanted to ask his boyfriend to have sex with him, but he wasn't sure if his boyfriend was ready for that kind of thing so soon and he was still not quite sure himself.

"Oh, oh well er... promise not to be angry if I tell you something?" Matt then asks, he knew what his boyfriend was going to say and while it made him feel special and excited, it also scared him and he knew he wasn't even close to ready for that, even if he hadn't been raped by his dad or molested by his teacher, he just wasn't ready and hoped his boyfriend understood.

"It's alright if you don't want too, I'm a little scared, but I just wanted you to know that when you're ready, that I'm ready too and I love you more than anything." Ben then decides to say, knowing just by his boyfriends eyes what he was going to say and was a little relieved, although he was ready, he was still scared of doing it.

"What if I'm never ready?" Matt then asks, as he pulls back a little and looks at his boyfriend to see his reaction.

"You're all I want Matt, me and you're forever and if you never want to then I don't care, I love the sex stuff we have been doing, but I love just looking into your eyes or watching you sleep even more and well I just love you Matt." Ben answers honestly and leans forward to kiss his boyfriend, the idea of having a penis in their bums had never been something either boy was keen to experience and even if he felt ready now, it wasn't something he would ever be sad that he never did.

"You're all I want too and I like the sex stuff too, but I love your eyes so much and I love when you just hold me in your arms, I feel so safe and loved and I can't wait until we have a real bath together again." Matt then says after breaking the kiss and stares into his boyfriends eyes.

"Tomorrow we are going to start your physiotherapy okay." Ben then says in a serious tone, while stroking his boyfriends cheek.

"Shouldn't you be at school tomorrow?" Matt points out with a little grin.

"Tomorrow is Saturday you idiot." Ben responds with a smile.

"Oh, well I don't really know what day it is most of the time, but I want to walk again Ben, I don't like being stuck in a bed and you're going to still do the physiotherapy with me aren't you?" Matt then asks, he would do it on his own, but knew if his boyfriend was with him he would do even better.

"I will do everything you do that I'm allowed too Matt." Ben answers just as the door opens and both boys look over to see Erica and another nurse they wished they didn't recognise come in and can't help but blush that Erica will see them both naked with boners.

One Month Later

"Come on you can do it, I know you can." Ben says in an encouraging tone as he stands behind his boyfriend on the stairs, his boyfriend had managed to walk up almost half way without any help, but he could tell that he wasn't going to make it to the top this time, but wanted to keep pushing him.

"Sorry Ben, I can't it's my fucking foot again, I hate this Ben why can't I be fucking better already." Matt then responds and starts to cry, he hated not being able to even get up the stairs and turns to look at his boyfriend over his shoulder. "Please help me." He then asks and despite how upset he gets and how angry or embarrassed, he was never afraid to ask his boyfriend for help and never felt ashamed to need it from him either.

"You got half way up Matt and you should be proud." Ben then says, before getting under his boyfriends left shoulder and helping him the rest of the way up the stairs.

"I should be able to walk up them all by now though." Matt responds, sounding as miserable as he looks.

"Actually the physiotherapist said you were ahead of schedule and he told you that he was surprised because your foot should be holding you back more than it is." Ben replies and as soon as they are safely at the top of the stairs, he turns his boyfriend to face him. "I don't know how hard this is for you, but I want you to know how proud I'm Matt and I think you're amazing." He then says sincerely and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss.

"It just doesn't feel right Ben, I know they said I would probably never walk properly again, but I kind of hoped that they were just being safe and I would be alright, but they were right Ben and it makes me feel angry." Matt then states honestly, the boys had made deals about telling each other the truth before and had again done it again and he was determined no matter how embarrassing or shameful he felt, he would tell his boyfriend how he was feeling.

"You know once we move into our new house, the swimming will help you a lot and you know that is what the physiotherapist told us." Ben responds, keeping up his positive attitude and kissed his boyfriend again.

"I want to try and go down the stairs Ben." Matt then says, he was in a bit of pain and was tired, but he wasn't going to let that stop him from trying.

"Okay, just let me get in front of you and remember to stop when you can't go any further." Ben replies, he knew just like his boyfriend that this wasn't about getting up and down the stairs, it was just to get as far as he could, although he knew his boyfriend wanted to be able to do it already.

"I know." Matt responds and as soon as his boyfriend gives him the signal he starts to walk down the stairs.

"Hand off the rail Matt." Ben then says, noticing his boyfriend is using it to hold on to and while he feels bad for pushing his boyfriend like this, he knows there is no point doing this exercise if he holds on to the railing.

"Sorry." Matt responds with a slight grimace, but he still lets go of the railing and makes it down four steps before he stops.

"I can't Ben, it hurts please." Matt then says, grimacing as he puts too much weight on his bad foot.

"Two more stairs Matt, I know you can do it and I love you so much, come on just do two more." Ben then says and moves two steps further down the stairs, again he knows he is pushing his boyfriend hard, but he had promised his boyfriend that he would not let him quit and he wasn't going to let him down.

"Please Ben, it hurts please." Matt then says in a pleading tone, but he could tell his boyfriend was not going to let him off this easy.

"Two more Matt, I know you can do it, just two more." Ben repeats and smiles when his boyfriend starts moving towards him again and smiles proudly when he actually manages three more steps.

"I love you." Matt then says, as he feels his boyfriend move under his left shoulder again and help him down the rest of the stairs.

"I'm so proud of you Ben and I love you so much, do you think you can walk to the living room and sit down?" Ben then asks and smiles when his boyfriend looks at him with his own smile.

"Yeah I can do it, but can I rest afterwards, I'm getting really tired and my foot does really hurt Ben." Matt responds and kisses his boyfriends nose and Ben knows that is one of their secret little signals that lets him know that his boyfriend really does need a rest and is already proud of how much he has done today already.

"Sure and I know I keep saying it, but I really am proud of you Matt." Ben answers and walks beside his boyfriend as he slowly walks towards the living room.

"I wonder if Mitch is still sleeping." Matt then says just before the get to the door.

"If he is then I'm going to jump on him." Ben responds with a grin, since Matt been released from hospital, there was always someone with the boys and as much as they loved their respective mum and dad, they preferred it when it was just Mitch looking after them and not just because he let them have their privacy, but he was just so fun to be with as well.

"I wish I could do that sort of thing." Matt then says, just as they walk into the living room.

"Do what kind of thing?" Mitch then asks, surprising the boys a little because they were sure he would still be sleeping.

"I was going to jump on you if your were asleep." Ben answers honestly, he knew his brother would see through any of his lies and didn't want to lie to him anyway.

"I see, well anyway how many steps have you done today Matt?" Mitch then asks, deciding not to focus on his little brother and wanted to know how Matt was doing.

"I did thirty steps up and twenty down Mitch." Matt answers and smiles with pride, it wasn't much especially considering it was done over the morning and not in one go, but he was still proud of himself.

"Oh wow that is great, well done little guy." Mitch says and quickly gets up to give the boy a cuddle, but is stopped short by his little brother.

"Wait until he gets to his chair Mitch, then he is finished for the day." Ben tells his brother in a serious tone, he took his boyfriends recovery seriously and every step mattered to him.

"Fair enough, you're the boss." Mitch says, but without any hint of mocking, he like everyone else knew how serious both boys were about his physiotherapy and thanks to Carter, they had a routine for every day when they were at home and they respected the boys commitment.

"Until I get better and then I'm going to boss him around." Matt then teases, as he manages to just get to his chair and almost falls over, but like always his boyfriend was right there and caught him. "I love you so much." He then says and kisses his boyfriend, before he lets himself be set down in the chair.

"I love you too, now do you want some OJ?" Ben then asks.

"Yeah please and maybe a sandwich as well if that's alright." Matt responds with a shy smile, he felt guilty that his boyfriend had to do so much for him, but he knew if the roles were reversed he would love looking after his boyfriend.

"Of course, but I will bring the ice water for your foot in first and then make us all some bacon sandwiches." Ben responds with a smile and leaned down to give his boyfriend another kiss, before walking out of the room towards the kitchen.

"So how are you really feeling?" Mitch then asks as soon as his little brother is out of the room.

"I'm so tired Mitch, he pushes me so hard, but it's worth it to see how happy it makes him." Matt answers honestly, knowing Mitch was looking out for him he didn't see the point in trying to lie and pretend he was fine.

"Just remember to not let him push you too far, I know he means well but if you try too much it could seriously hurt you and he wouldn't want that." Mitch then states, with a warm smile and while he knows his little brother would never intentionally hurt his boyfriend, but he might get a little over enthusiastic and push him too hard.

"It's okay, we set up a few little signals that I can use to tell him that I really need a rest and am not just trying to give up." Matt quickly says, he appreciated the older boys concerns, but he wanted to let him know that his little brother was responsible.

"Like safe words?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, it wasn't that he doubted the boys were capable of being responsible but he had to admit he was surprised they had come up with a system like this.

"Well not words, but yeah I guess so and it works, he really just wants me to get better Mitch and I trust him with my life and you would be so proud of him if you saw how he looked after me." Matt answers with obvious pride in his voice and Mitch can't help but feel just as proud of his little brother.

"I'm proud of you both and you really are doing well Matt, I mean that and we are all proud of you." Mitch then says in a sincere tone and this time he does cuddle the boy, before ruffling his hair and smiles when the young boy giggles.

"I'm going to be alright aren't I?" Matt then asks, but it was more of a statement than an actual question.

"If you keep believing in yourself and working hard then you will be just fine Matt and with Ben pushing you, I think you will be just fine a lot faster than any of us thought you would be." Mitch answers honestly, when they had talked to the physiotherapist without the two boys, he had told them that it was going to be a hard and difficult journey and a long one, but it was becoming clear that the two boys were already blowing that prediction out of the water.

"He is just perfect Mitch and I can't wait for him to show everyone at school how well he is doing." Ben says, as he walks back in the room with the bowl of ice water and quickly gets his boyfriends foot in it and giggles a little when he lets out a little whimper.

"That's so cold." Matt then says and giggles again. "Thanks Ben and I can't wait either." He then adds, he was really looking forward to getting back to school.

"Why don't you sit down Ben, I will make the sandwiches and you two could do with spending time just being together, you know without the physio stuff for a change." Mitch then states, he knew the boys weren't actually spending a lot of quality time together since Matt had come to live with them and wanted to give them as much space as possible when he was looking after them.

"Actually I don't really want anything, but could you like go out for a while Mitch?" Matt then asks and gets a shy smile from his boyfriend, who knew exactly what might be about to happen.

"You have thirty minutes boys, I'm going to head down the shops and buy us some ice cream." Mitch replies with a warm smile, he knew that neither of their parents or Amy would be home until at least five and it was only just coming up to two in the afternoon.

"You're the best Mitch." Matt then states with a big grin and watched as the older boy left the room and he heard the front door open and shut.

"Come and get me then." Ben then says as he slowly backs away from his boyfriend, but stops when he sees him sitting still. "What's wrong?" He then asks, in a concerned tone and takes a few steps closer to him.

"My foot Ben, it really does hurt, can you just er... strip and sit with me?" Matt answers with a shy smile and rubs his left ear, it was another one of their secret signals that let his boyfriend know he was serious.

"Okay, but I get to strip you too." Ben answers with a smile, after seeing the signal and he started to do a sexy striptease for his boyfriend or at least what he thought would be a sexy striptease anyway.

"We better set an alarm, we don't want Mitch walking in on us and it's not like I can get dressed quick." Matt answers, although part of the reason he mentioned the alarm is because he knew his boyfriend would have to turn around and bend down and he loved seeing his boyfriends naked bum.

"Pervert, you just want to check out my bum don't you?" Ben then states, he could read his boyfriend like a book, but despite knowing what his boyfriend was up to he turned around and bent down to pick up his phone and even wiggled his bum a little bit, before getting back up and walking over to his now very excited boyfriend.

"I love you." Matt then says as his now naked boyfriend stands in front of him and grabs the phone out of his hands.

"Hey, I was setting the alarm." Ben half heartedly protests.

"I know, but you need to strip me now so I will set the alarm while you do that." Matt replies and gets to work on the alarm, while giggling as his boyfriend starts to strip him.

Once naked Matt can't help but look down at himself and his happy mood drops, he then looks up to his boyfriend with a sad expression and can feel tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Ben asks, although he knows what his boyfriend is thinking, it had been the same thing every time he was naked and he just felt so sorry for his boyfriend.

"Am I ugly now?" Matt then asks, he knew they had been through this before, but it was like a switch went off in his head every time he saw the scars on his body, he didn't really notice them in hospital and it wasn't until he saw them the first time when he came to live with his boyfriend, that he felt ugly and self conscious.

Instead of telling his boyfriend again though, Ben decides this time to try a different approach and kneels between his boyfriends legs, careful not to knock over the bowl of water his boyfriends foot was in, he then starting from the top kisses each of his boyfriends scars, not being able to see his boyfriends curious expression, he carries on down to the little scares around his boyfriends groin area, where the metal pins had been and kisses them, he then quickly kisses the tip of his boyfriends soft penis and moves down the the few feint scares on his thighs, he knew there were a lot more on his boyfriends back and that the ones on his bum were the worst looking ones, but he couldn't get to them right now.

"I love you." Matt then says, he didn't know why but what his boyfriend just did meant more to him than any words he could have said.

"I love you too Matt and never ever think that you're anything other than beautiful or I'm never going to do this again." Ben responds with a grin and before Matt can ask what his boyfriend means, he feels his soft penis being engulfed by his boyfriends mouth and within seconds he is fully hard and moaning in pleasure.

"I can't wait to see the looks on the boys face Mike, they are going to be so happy." Sarah says in an excited tone, they had just had their bid for the new property accepted and she couldn't be happier.

"This time next week we will be moving in." Mike responds with a broad smile, they were surprised their bid was accepted so fast and it was a lot less than they had expected it to cost them, which left them with a lot of extra money.

"Are you sure we shouldn't tell them yet though?" Sarah then asks, she wanted to tell them straight away, but Mike had convinced her that if they got it all furnished first and just took them their on the day they moved in, it would be more special and she had to agree.

"I know, I want to tell them as well but remember what I said, the house still needs furnishing and you know they will want to see the house now and it looks a bit of a mess." Mike responds and smiles when she puts her arm into his.

"I think we should let them furnish the pool house though, I know it has a bed already but we can get them a few of the other basic stuff, so they can move in straight away, but it should be their choice don't you think?" Sarah then states and couldn't help looking at Mike differently, she was sure their could never be anything between them, but she can't deny that she had grown fond of him and although she wouldn't force anything, if something did happen then she wouldn't shy away from it.

"You're right, I think we need to get Mitch to see the house sometime tomorrow though, if we invite Wesley and Carter round, then we can leave the four boys alone for a few hours." Mike then responds with a smile and just like Sarah he was surprised to feel himself being drawn to her, he had given up hope of ever being able to move on from his wife, but maybe one day something could happen between the two of them.

"Carter and Wesley are so adorable together and that date Mitch arranged for them was just so sweet, he is a fine young man Mike and he is going to make some lucky girl very, very happy one day." Sarah then says, with a warm smile and she couldn't deny that her sons two friends had found a place in her heart and that Mitch was just an amazing person whose heart was so pure and gentle.

"Well I shouldn't say anything Sarah, but I think I might know who that lucky girl could be." Mike then says and gives Sarah a sly smile, he wasn't sure if his eldest son had actually started dating her yet, but he had seen them looking at each other and talking more and more over the last two weeks and he couldn't be happier.

"Oh my god really, who is it?" Sarah asks excitedly, she couldn't resist a bit of gossip and especially couldn't help but be curious about this.

"I can't be one hundred percent sure, but over the last few weeks he and Erica have been spending a lot of time together and the looks they give each other is just so sweet." Mike answers with a smile, he couldn't think of a nicer girl for his eldest son to have as a girlfriend than Erica and although she was older, it didn't concern him and he doubted Mitch would let it bother him either.

"Erica Harris, as in the young nurse?" Sarah asks in surprise, not that she thought it was wrong or bad in anyway, it was just a bit of a shock and the girl was older than Mitch by at least three years.

"I know, it was a bit of a shock to me Sarah and they may just be friends, but if it is more like I suspect than I'm just happy he has found someone so nice and caring." Mike then says, picking up on Sarah's surprise and understood why she seemed surprised.

"He deserves someone like that, the way he has been through all of what has happened has been amazing and I'm not sure I could of got through it without him." Sarah then states honestly, although Mike had been her rock, Mitch had played his role and it wasn't just the way he looked after her, it was how he looked after everyone.

"You mean with David don't you?" Mike then asks, there is a small hint of shame in his voice, because he wanted to help so much but where as Sarah pushed him away from being involved with David, she had accepted Mitch's support and presence, but Mike wasn't upset over her choice, he knew David would not tolerate him being there and as it was he only just accepted Mitch, although neither Sarah or his eldest son told him everything that was said, when they would meet with the monster.

"That is one of the reasons and I'm sorry it couldn't have been you Mike, but I know you understand why it wouldn't have worked." Sarah answers honestly, she really did wish it was Mike in those talks with David, but Mitch was still amazing and she had been surprised by his maturity and restraint.

"I know, so have you heard from Amy yet?" Mike then asks, hoping for some more good news just to top the day off.

"She isn't one hundred percent sure and will call me tonight or tomorrow, but she thinks she has found him Mike." Sarah replies with a smile, although she was trying to not get too excited.

"Oh wow and David doesn't have any idea that she is looking for him?" Mike then asks, trying his best to not get too excited and can see Sarah was doing the same.

"No and as far as I can tell he was pretty sure he had all his bases covered, but I knew he wouldn't have considered Amy, he has always been dismissive of her and underestimated what she is capable off." Sarah answers and this time doesn't try as hard to hide the excitement.

"So as far as he is concerned your deal still stands?" Mike then asks, in a more serious tone and stops walking as Sarah comes to a halt and looks at him.

Three Weeks Earlier

"I told you not to bring him again Sarah." David tells his wife, not hiding the contempt in his tone and barely glances at Mitch, who resists making a witty remark and just ignores the man.

"And I told you that if you want me to take you seriously and talk with you, that Mitch will be by my side and it isn't a request David." Sarah responds in a firm yet cold tone and then nods in Mitch's direction, who gets the message and moves two chairs next to the bed and sits down, followed by Sarah who sits next to him.

"Fine, but if he pisses me off then you will never find Tobias and he will just rot away for the rest of his miserable faggot life." David replies in a sneering tone.

"I will find him with or without your help David and thanks to last week, I know that he is in this country and that narrows it down considerably." Sarah then says in a calm and collected tone, she had been barely able to hide her delight, after her husband had let slip after Mitch had wound him up that Tobias was actually in New Zealand, although he managed to stop himself revealing any more details.

"Sarah stop with the crap, have you thought about the deal, because if you don't accept my terms, then even with that information you have no idea where to look and I have made arrangements to keep him away from you even if you do get close and you should know by now what I'm capable of Sarah, so don't test me." David then retorts and the smile Sarah had drops instantly, knowing that her husband was capable of making her search difficult.

"David haven't you already done enough to them?" Mitch then asks, but his tone is neutral and while David gives him a hard stare, he also smiles a little, which unsettles the young man a little.

"Mitch my dear boy, how is that delicate heart of yours?" David then says, remembering the look on the young man's face when he was just seconds away from death and being completely helpless.

"David please just tell us where Tobias is, haven't you made them suffer enough?" Mitch then asks, ignoring the man's taunting and knows that he can't rise to it, Tobias was too important to get sucked into some stupid mind game with the man.

"Accept the deal and terms and you will get the precious little faggot." David answers and turns back to Sarah. "So what is it going to be?" He asks in a cold tone, although while he is putting on a tough act, he was actually desperate and knew he was a dead man walking if he didn't find a way out of his situation and he could only do that by tricking everyone, although he was being honest about Tobias, he knew exactly where he was and that while probably not living a happy life, he was safe and not being hurt, he had made sure of that before he had fucked his own life up.

"David you're not seeing Matt ever again and I just don't get these questions that you want to ask him, it makes no sense and I don't see how I can help with the other things." Sarah then responds in a calm tone, although on the inside she was nervous and wasn't sure how her husband would react.

"Sarah, if I go to prison I'm a dead man and as for the questions, they are to make sure I did what I set out to do." David responds, but keeps his response short to not give away his true feelings.

"You don't need those questions to know the answer to your question David." Mitch then states, giving Sarah's hand a reassuring squeeze to let her know she can trust him.

"What?" David asks, genuinely taken by surprise by the young man.

"You didn't break him and I know this will piss you off, but you failed David because he loves Ben more than ever and he is already working his butt off to get better and return to school, don't get me wrong, you hurt him David, you betrayed him and have scarred him for life both physically and mentally, but you never broke him and you never will." Mitch explains and can see the anger in the man's eyes, but he doesn't look away or flinch.

"Why you fucking..." David begins to say, but Mitch quickly cuts him off.

"The way I see it David is that you're a dead man, your only chance is Sarah helping you and even that is just clutching at straws, but it is your only chance, so you have to choose between being bitter and twisted because your son is going to be alright and that you failed to break him or leaving all that behind and giving us Tobias back, because unless you do that then we won't help you and you know I'm speaking the truth." Mitch then states and struggles to hide a smile when he feels Sarah's hand squeeze his and he knew he did well.

"How do I know you won't just get Tobias and leave me to rot?" David then asks, he was rattled by the young man's words and he knew he let his guard down and his desperation showed.

"David you murdered the Taylor's and tortured and raped your own son, what do you possibly think I can do to help you avoid prison?" Sarah then asks, despite her hatred of the man she knew that if it meant getting Tobias home safely, that she would help him, but she honestly didn't know how he could possibly think she could help him out the way he wanted.

"Because he knows it is impossible Sarah." Mitch then states, after seeing the desperation and really thinking about what Sarah just said, it suddenly clicked as to what David was really after.

"What?" Sarah asks in a confused tone, turning to Mitch to give him her full attention and missing the look of anger and fear on her husbands face.

"He is going to try and escape Sarah, using whatever you do to try and help him as a diversion, it's a cruel plan because he also knows if he succeeds they will think you knew about it Sarah and will know you had been talking with him and I think we should go now and leave him to rot." Mitch explains and gives David a disgusted look before standing up.

"Sit down Mitch." Sarah then says, stunning Mitch who can't believe what she just told him to do and even David is surprised by her words.

"What?" Mitch can't help but ask, but does as he is told, he was here for her and not for his own pride.

"David is it true?" Sarah then asks, turning back to her husband with a cold stare.

"If the chance presented itself I would take it Sarah, but although you have no reason to believe me it was just a contingency plan." David answers almost completely honestly and is hoping there was enough truth to cover himself.

"Then tell me where Tobias is now and I will try to help you." Sarah then states and can't help but look at Mitch when she hears him gasp.

"Sarah no, you could end up in prison and they will put the boys in care, it won't matter what me or my dad do, we aren't related and you can't do that to Matt." Mitch quickly says in a horrified tone, he couldn't let this happen and hoped Sarah would see sense.

"David, tell me now or the deal is off." Sarah then says, ignoring the young man's pleas and turning to her husband.

"He is in an orphanage, but I won't tell you where or which one, until I'm free or at the point where you can't stop me escaping." David answers, but adds his own conditions and can see his wife thinking, while secretly enjoying the young man's horrified expression.

"Thank you, now rot in hell David." Sarah says, with a big grin and wastes no time in standing up, although she knew it wasn't going to be that easy and she still had something left to do.

"Sarah I'm not stupid, like I said earlier I have a plan in action in case you got close to finding him and it is still in effect." David then says in a casual tone and smiles when his wife sits back down.

"What?" Sarah asks nervously, although she had expected this and knew that it would play into her hands, she knew she had to be careful and was worried about the plan he had for keeping her away from Tobias.

"Where he is, there is a deal in place and a lot of money involved, you see I had to make sure he never got adopted and would never leave and I had to make sure if you ever looked that the people running it would know who you were and these others you're with now, so if you ever got close enough they would move him and they are an established organisation Sarah and know how things work, so if any suspicious enquiries were made, they would inform me and move him." David then explains and pauses with a smile, letting his words sink in and he is delighted to see he has won and even more so when he sees the young man's anger.

"You evil son of a bitch." Mitch hisses and stands up clenching his fists, but he manages to stop himself doing something moronic.

"How could you do that to him?" Sarah then asks, not being able to feel heartbreak for the poor lonely boy, she was still going to carry on her own plan and wasn't going to let him walk all over her, but it was still hard to hear and she had to hold herself together.

"Do that to him? I saved his life Sarah and have kept him alive and somewhere he will be somewhat looked after." David then states, although he curses himself in his head for letting that slip out, he didn't want them to know that.

"What?" Sarah asks in disbelief.

"When I went to England, it was just meant to be a scare and silence job on the family, so Tobias would quit infecting our son, but there was a misunderstanding by some of the newer recruits and I only had time to save Tobias, but I knew if he was ever found he would be killed, we don't tolerate loose ends and he was a loose end." David then explains, deciding he might as well be honest now and actually wondered if this would give him enough credibility to get Sarah to help him escape, he was a harsh man when it came to his beliefs, but at the time he wasn't the monster he was now and he couldn't be responsible for the boys death and kept him safe, even though he knew the dangers to himself.

"Why would you save him, if you hate gay people and thought he was infecting Matt?" Mitch then asks, not being able to control his curiosity at the man's words and knew this had to be some kind of trick.

"I may be a monster now Mitch to you all, but that boy was like a son to me once and I was just satisfied with breaking the contact between him and the faggot that used to be my son, so at the time I couldn't let him die and certainly didn't want his parents and family to die, so while I hate what he is, he didn't deserve that and if you must know I felt guilty, although given the choice now, I would have let him die and you can think what you like about that." David answers honestly and can see the disgust in the young man's eyes, but he could swear he can see a softness in his wife's eyes.

"It's a deal, but I will start looking for him now David and you can't stop me." Sarah then says and this time doesn't get any resistance from Mitch, which both worries and surprises her.

"Sarah I already told you, if you look for him you will never find him and with me in here, there is no way for them to let me know where he will be moved too and then even I wouldn't be able to find him." David then states and can see the defeated look on her face.

"David you have done so much damage, if you want me to trust you then I need you to sign these right now and then I will trust you enough to try and help you." Sarah then states and pulls a folder out of her bag and hands them to her husband, who takes them and flicks through them, this was her intention before see even entered the room and she just hoped she had done enough to get him to sign them.

"What are these?" David asks, with anger in his voice and Mitch stands up in response and puts a hand on Sarah's shoulder and David quickly gets the message.

"Divorce papers, custody documents for Matt and Tobias which gives me full custody, the deeds to the house for you to sign over to me as well as our joint savings, although any personal savings you have are yours, I don't care about that and finally the papers for Matt's trust fund giving me full control until he comes of age." Sarah explains and can see the shock on her husbands face.

"You have some nerve..." David begins to respond, but Sarah cuts him off quickly.

"And you're dead without my help and I will get all these anyway if that happens, so sign the papers now David, because I'm the only chance you have and you have no leverage and don't you even dare try to use Tobias again to try and get out of this." Sarah states in a firm and confident tone, which completely shuts down David's bravado and arrogance and Sarah knows that her plan has worked.

"If I sign these, then you agree and will not look for Tobias?" David then asks, he would have to move to another country anyway and he had a lot more money in his private account than his wife could ever guess.

"Yes." Sarah answers in a cold tone.

David then gives her a hard stare, before looking down at the papers and before he even asks he sees his wife offering him a pen, which he takes and starts signing the papers, although he leaves the custody papers for his son until last and he is surprised to find himself hesitating, but he eventually signs it and almost throws the folder at his wife.

"See you in a few days David." Sarah then states and signals to Mitch to follow her as she heads to the door.

"A few days?" David asks in a surprised tone, he wanted to get the ball rolling now and not waste any time.

"I need to get these processed and confirmed David and then we can begin." Sarah answers, but doesn't wait for a reply and walks out of the room closely followed by Mitch.

"As far as he knows Mike, he still thinks I'm helping him escape and we will have Tobias before he has any idea what is happening." Sarah then states with a satisfied grin.

"If Amy calls tomorrow with good news, are we going to head straight to him?" Mike then asks, not that he didn't want to go, in fact the only reason he asked is so that he could make sure Mitch was with the boys so they could go straight away.

"I know we talked about showing Mitch the house, but yes if my sister finds Tobias we are heading straight to him, you don't mind do you?" Sarah responds and looks at Mike nervously, she would be devastated if he didn't want to go.

"Oh no, no Sarah I will be right with you, I just wanted to make sure Mitch will be with the boys so we can leave straight away." Mike quickly states with a warm smile and is surprised but happy when he feels her arms around him and they cuddle for a few moments.

"I'm just angry that we can't bring him straight home, even if we find him Mike." Sarah then says, after breaking the embrace with a shy smile.

"I don't get it though Sarah, you're his legal guardian and have all the paper work, so you should be able to take him home." Mike then says, he just doesn't understand the process and can't help but feel frustrated.

"I know, but they will want to check out all the paper work and it takes a few days, my sister said that while this situation was unusual it was standard procedure and she knows what she is talking about Mike." Sarah answers and although she herself was not happy about the situation, she trusted her sister and knew she wouldn't lie to her.

"I just hope he is okay." Mike then says in a sad tone and as they start walking again he is happy to feel her arm sleep into his own again.

"That is why we are going Mike, at the very least him seeing me should give him hope and a bit of time to adjust to being free." Sarah then says in a positive tone, she just wanted to let the boy know he was going to be loved again and for now that made her smile.

"You're you beautiful." Ben tells his boyfriend, he was now dressed but was in no hurry to dress his still naked boyfriend, who was now blushing as he sat on his chair and still found himself panting a little after their little bit of fun.

"So are you, but help me get dressed I don't want Mitch to see me." Matt responds and tries to smile, but Ben can see right through his boyfriend and knows the real reason he doesn't want to be seen.

"Matt come on, you know when we move into our new home, they are going to see you when we go swimming and don't for one second think I'm ever letting you wear anything more than speedos when we do swim." Ben then tells him in a firm tone, but at the same time trying to have a little fun as well.

"I know, but I can't help it Ben I feel ugly and I'm sorry." Matt responds in a sad tone, but doesn't drop his head and just stares into his boyfriends eyes.

"I know, but you're beautiful and once you get it over with and let others see you, then you will start believing what I keep telling you, until then I guess I just have to have fun showing you how beautiful you're and I'm going to start by offering you anything you want from me, if you keep your top off for when Mitch comes back." Ben then states and gives his boyfriend a naughty look and knows he is tempted.

"Come here please." Matt then says and Ben can't help but feel a little bit worried, he wasn't expecting this kind of reaction and it confused him.

"Okay." Ben responds and does as he is told and kneels between his boyfriends legs, he then lets his boyfriend pull his head towards his own and then feels his nose being kissed.

"Sorry, I'm just not ready Ben." Matt then says, as he leans back with a sad look on his face.

"It's okay, I love you." Ben then responds, he is a little disappointed but wasn't going to push his boyfriend and especially after he used one of their secret signals.

"I love you too." Matt then says, as he lifts his bum off the chair while his boyfriend pulls his underwear and shorts up his legs, he then lifts his arms and winches a little as his boyfriend pulls his top over them and slides it on.

"You okay?" Ben then asks, he saw the wince and knew despite his boyfriends ribs being healed, after their physio sessions they got a little painful.

"Just my side again, but it wasn't so bad this time considering how much we did today." Matt answers honestly, it did hurt but not that much and it made him smile a little knowing he was getting better, even if it was slowly.

"Want to go outside for a little bit?" Ben then asks, it was a nice day and there were two lawn chairs outside already from when Sarah and his dad were sitting.

"Okay, but you have to go topless." Matt replies with a grin, but it starts to falter a little when he sees the look on his boyfriends face and is about to protest.

"Okay and don't look at me like that, you told me you weren't ready and I'm not going to push you like I do with your physio stuff." Ben then states with a warm smile, he hated having to force his boyfriend so much during the physio and was in no way intending to force him to do anything unrelated to that and just wanted to be boyfriends.

"Sorry, I'm just nervous, can you move the bowl and then I will try and make it all the way outside on my own." Matt then says in a confident tone, he knew their schedule was done for the day and that his boyfriend was going to help him outside, but he wanted to make him proud and also prove it to himself.

"I'm so proud of you and tell you what, I'm going to get some OJ while you head outside and I will meet you there okay." Ben then states with a smile and while he didn't want to force his boyfriend to do anything, he didn't see anything wrong with challenging him and could see the determination in his eyes.

"Can you just watch me, just in case Ben please." Matt asks and rubs his ear, just to let his boyfriend know he is serious and smiles when he is helped to his feet and feels his boyfriends lips against his own.

"Getting to watch your sexy bum or making some OJ, it's a tough choice but if you promise to give me a few wiggles I might be persuaded to go with your bum." Ben answers with a sexy grin.

"Creep." Matt retorts, but as he limps slowly past his boyfriend, he gives him a few wiggles and can't help but giggle when he hears a little moaning noise escape his boyfriends mouth and carries on outside, giving a few more wiggles before they eventually end up sitting in the chairs and enjoying the sunshine after Ben had quickly disappeared inside to get the OJ.

"You doing alright?" Ben then asks, turning his head to look at his boyfriend, he knew his boyfriend had found it difficult to be outside and was happy that he seemed fine being left alone for a few moments while he went inside.

"I was scared when you went inside, but I feel safe now and you look so sexy with your top off." Matt replies and gives his boyfriend a loving look.

"Sorry for doing that, but I knew you would be brave for me and you were." Ben responds, before looking up to the sky and relaxing.

"You know I would do anything for you, everything I do is for you Ben." Matt responds and watches as his boyfriend looks back at him.

"I love you Matt, but you need to do this for yourself and not just for me, promise me that you will do this for yourself Matt and don't lie to me, I want to hear you say it." Ben then states in a serious tone and locks eyes with his boyfriend.

"I love you." Matt says with the most loving smile he can muster up.

"Matt say it." Ben responds in a firmer tone and keeps his eyes locked on his boyfriends.

"I promise." Matt then says and turns away from his boyfriend.

"Not good enough Matt, I want to hear you say it." Ben then says, he had got out of his chair and was now kneeling in front of his boyfriend, holding on to his knees and looking his boyfriend in the eyes again.

"I promise to do it for myself Ben, just as much as I want to get better for you and I mean it." Matt then says, as a few tears roll down his face.

"Thank you and I love you too." Ben then says, before getting up and leaning down to kiss his boyfriends eyes and then mouth, before wiping his tears away.

"I see you boys have been busy since I have been gone." Mitch calls out as he walks towards the boys with a couple of bags in his hands.

"Hey Mitch." Ben says, as he sits back in his chair with a small smile, but for once he had missed the look on his boyfriends face.

"What's wrong Matt?" Mitch then says in a concerned tone, as he looks to the young boy.

"Matt?" Ben then asks, while getting back to his feet and kneeling beside his boyfriend.

"I lied." Matt says, after sniffling a few times.

"What?" Mitch asks, as he crouches down on the other side of the boy.

"I don't like it out here, people can see me and I don't like it, I don't like it Ben please, I don't like it." Matt then says and starts to cry, he had felt it as soon as he stepped outside and almost lost it when his boyfriend went back in the house, but he had managed to stay strong and it wasn't until he got emotional about what his boyfriend made him say, that he lost his composure and he couldn't handle it any longer.

"Mitch get him inside quick, I will take the bags." Ben then tells his brother, who quickly picks the boy up and carries him inside, all the way through to the living room and gently places him on his chair.

"Why didn't you tell me Matt?" Ben asks in a soft tone, after setting the bags down and kneeling between his boyfriends legs.

"I was trying to push myself and make you proud of me, I don't want to be afraid of being outside or people seeing me Ben, I don't want to be afraid any more." Matt answers honestly, but starts to sob and holds his arms out and Ben quickly acts and leans forward to cuddle his boyfriend tightly.

"Boys I'm going to run you a bath and then make a start on dinner after you get in, call me if you need anything and I will come get you when the bath is ready." Mitch then says, knowing that this is a private moment and started to head towards the hallway.

"Thank you Mitch and can you put some of my bath salts and gels in please, he really likes them and I want him to be happy." Ben then says, still holding his boyfriend tightly.

"No problem." Mitch answers, before disappearing from the door and leaving the boys alone.

The Next Day

"So what do you think Mitch?" Mike asks, as they walk outside the house and into the back garden.

"It's really ours?" Mitch asks, he had not quite believed that either his dad or Sarah were completely serious about the house and was just in awe of the fact they owned it now.

"It really is and it was a lot cheaper than we could ever have guessed, so you can furnish your floor however you like and we are going to let the boys furnish their pool house." Mike answers and smiles at the look on his eldest sons face.

"When can we move in?" Mitch then asks, as he looks at the pool and it was bigger than he imagined it would be and he was tempted to just jump in now.

"We need to get at least the basic furnishings, but this time next week we should be good to go and I already have some interest in the house, both renting and buying, so I want you to think about whether you want us to keep the house for you to have one day or not." Mike answers and can't help but remind his eldest son he hasn't given him an answer about the house yet.

"Dad I want you to sell the house, I just can't live there on my own and it would be weird and don't ask why, it just would be and let's leave it at that please." Mitch answer with a nervous chuckle.

"Want to check out the pool house?" Mike then asks, knowing that there is nothing more to say on their now old house and he wasn't going to open up any cans of worms by asking what his eldest son meant by it being weird.

"Sure Dad." Mitch responds and they both walk towards it.

"There is something else I wanted to talk to you about, but I better wait until Sarah joins us otherwise she will batter me to death." Mike then says, as they walk into the pool house.

"Oh wow." Mitch says, forgetting what his dad had just said as he is in awe of the size of the place, he was half expecting a tiny little cramped thing, but it looked pretty good and he is sure that to two twelve year old boys, it would look even bigger.

"The bathroom is pretty impressive too and to be honest I'm actually jealous." Mike then states, he wasn't lying either the actual house was amazing and had good bathrooms, but the pool house bathroom had something none of the others had.

"Holy crap is that a jacuzzi?" Mitch asks and his jaw almost hits the floor and now he was jealous of the boys and found himself wanting the pool house even more for himself now.

"I know but if I can't have it, neither can you Mitch and we already promised the boys." Mike then states, reading his eldest sons mind and he knew how he felt.

"Well the bedroom better be a heap of crap, because this is getting ridiculous Dad." Mitch then says, only half joking as he just couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Ah then we better not go in there." Mike says, but if Mitch was expecting his dad to make a joke he wasn't going to get it.

"Oh come on, no way are you serious Dad." Mitch then states and when he catches himself in the mirror he cracks up laughing, when he sees that his hands are on his hips and he is pouting like a sulking little child. "So glad no one else can see this." He then says, but someone clearing their throat behind him causes him to blush.

"Well I'm sure Erica would find it adorably cute, but the rest of us just think you look like a bit of an idiot Mitch." Sarah then says and smiles when Mike chuckles and Mitch gives her a mock pout.

"But I'm still pretty... hey wait what do you mean Erica?" Mitch starts to say, but quickly realises what she had actually said and turns an even brighter shade of red.

"Ha, so it is true" Mike then says, not being able to resist teasing his eldest son.

"No well er... no, wait what?" Mitch starts to mumble as he is taken completely by surprise by his dad and Sarah.

"You can tell us Mitch." Sarah then says, in a more serious tone and as much fun as it was to tease him, she didn't want to humiliate him.

"There isn't anything to tell." Mitch manages to say, but he could tell that neither of them was buying it.

"Mitch seriously after all this family has been through and you're getting shy over having a girlfriend?" Mike then says, not quite realising that he said family and meant Sarah and Matt, but Sarah noticed and she couldn't help but blush and smile.

"She isn't my girlfriend." Mitch quickly protest, but his little smile and blushing is telling another story.

"So she is just your friend?" Mike then asks and can't help but grin at his eldest sons discomfort.

"Well yeah, but er... come on Dad, we are just er... look okay I like her and I think she likes me, but nothing has happened yet so can you give me a break." Mitch then states and can't help but smile, he actually really liked Erica and although it came out of nowhere he was really hoping she liked him too.

"Sure and now that Sarah is here I want to talk to you about something that..." Mike begins to say, but he is surprised to be cut off by Sarah.

"Mike, actually if you don't mind I want to tell him." Sarah states and looks over to Mike and smiles when he gives her a nod.

"Tell me what?" Mitch asks in a confused tone, he had no idea what was going on right now and wasn't sure if it was going to be good news or bad news.

"I just got off the phone to my sister and she has found Tobias." Sarah quickly explains, with a giant grin that widens when she is embraced by Mike and for a second they almost kiss, before they quickly think better of it and settle down.

"I was just going to say we thought we found him, but that is great Sarah when do we leave?" Mike asks, forgetting his eldest son was with them for a few moments.

"David told you where he was?" Mitch asks and gets even more confused by the guilty look on both their faces. "What's going on?" He then asks, he was delighted, in fact ecstatic about them finding Tobias, but something else was going on and he wanted to know.

"I lied to you Mitch and I'm..." Sarah begins to say, but is quickly interrupted by the young man.

"Wait, you didn't find him?" Mitch asks and he is totally lost now and can't make any sense of it.

"No we found him, but I mean about David and the deal I made with him." Sarah explains and waits for the young man to process it.

"I don't understand." Mitch responds honestly and actually sits down on the toilet and just felt completely confused.

"I was never going to help David escape Mitch, but I needed him to believe I was and I needed you to believe I was going to help him, so he wouldn't suspect anything." Sarah then explains and can see that he is still looking at her in confusion. "Mitch if we told you the real plan, than you would have acted differently, but I needed you to be exactly how you were when we talked to David, we wanted to tell you the truth and your dad almost begged me, but it was Tobias and I couldn't risk it Mitch, I hope you understand that I did what I thought was best for him." She then adds and waits for his reaction.

"This is just crazy, but how did you find him? David made it pretty clear you wouldn't even get close without him being moved." Mitch then asks, ignoring for now that he had been used and if truth be told and he was honest with himself, he wasn't angry at them and would have done the same thing if roles were reversed and they were looking for his little brother.

"Amy found him, like I told your dad Mitch, David never really thought much of her and underestimated her all the time and I knew that he wouldn't have even given her any thought when he put his plan into action for keeping Tobias away from us." Sarah starts to explain, but pauses briefly to let him process what she had just said before carrying on. "Amy as you may or may not know has travelled the world and has a lot of contacts and some of them are with orphanages and she knows how they operate and who most of the most established ones are, you see when David let it slip that it was an established orphanage I knew my sister would be able to help and would know how to go about looking for Tobias without seeming suspicious and causing them to move him." She then finishes explaining and can barely hold her joy in and can't believe they found him.

"So David has no idea about any of this?" Mitch then asks, although he is asking more for the sake of it than really caring if the monster knew, he was still trying to process everything.

"No and me and your dad are flying to Hamilton in a few hours, my sister has already booked the flights and we just have to get to the airport." Sarah answers and can see the surprise on the young man's face.

"So soon?" Mitch asks, he is still in shock at the news and isn't thinking straight just yet.

"Son, we need to act now in case David somehow finds out and we need you to watch the boys until we get back." Mike then states and knows the mention of the boys will get his eldest son focused more.

"So you're bringing him back tonight or tomorrow?" Mitch then asks and can see his dad and Sarah looking at each other. "What now?" He asks a little bit more harshly than he intended.

"Amy told me that even with all the papers proving I'm Tobias's legal guardian, that there are procedures to follow and this particular orphanage is well known for how strictly it goes by the rules and it could be anywhere from a few days to two weeks before we can get him out of it and home." Sarah explains, in a slightly subdued tone and she really did want to just turn up and save the boy by taking him home straight away.

"Does she know how he is? I mean is he er... you know?" Mitch then asks in an awkward tone, accepting what he has been told and now that he is thinking more clearly there is no point in questioning how long it will take and knows Sarah would have asked the same questions.

"She couldn't give him any attention or even let him know she was there Mitch, but she did manage to learn from one of the other boys that he never talked and had no friends." Sarah answers and has to clear her throat and wipe her eyes, it made the wait even more unbearable and she just hoped that seeing her helped the boy and knew if she could just tell him that she was taking him, that he would know things were going to be okay.

"I'm sure once he sees you Sarah, he will be alright and we will look after him once you get back." Mitch then says with a warm smile, he could understand why the boy would be like that and while he wasn't an expert, not talking and having no friends wasn't as bad as he was expecting.

"I know, but I just can't imagine how lonely that poor boy has been for the last few years and I just can't wait to see him." Sarah then responds with a sad smile.

"You need to start getting ready then and go get him, I will look after the boys and I will ask Erica if she wants to help me look after them." Mitch then says, thinking positively and not even realising he had mentioned Erica and despite feeling a little down Sarah can't help but smile a little.

"I'm not sure looking after four boys having a sleepover, is a great idea for a first date Mitch." Mike then says, he just couldn't resist teasing his eldest son and couldn't help putting the idea of a sleepover in his eldest sons head, he would feel a lot better knowing that Wesley and Carter were at the house as well and if Erica was around it would be even better, he just felt so nervous about leaving them, he wasn't sure what David was capable of if he figured out they found Tobias.

"Shut up dad, it's not a date and hey what do you mean a sleepover?" Mitch then asks, realising what his dad had said and pushing aside his embarrassment.

"If their parents agree Mitch, I would just feel a lot better if Wesley and Carter were with the boys as well and I while I know Matt won't go outside, I just want you to make sure you know where they are at all times Mitch." Mike explains and gives his eldest son a serious look.

"You're worried David might try something?" Mitch then asks, he knew that look and just wanted to make sure they were on the same page.

"David is going into jail tomorrow Mike, he can't get to the boys." Sarah than states, deciding to try and ease his concerns.

"I know, but we know what he is capable of and he might still have contacts and it would just make me feel better knowing the boys were safe and there is no one I trust more than Mitch to do that." Mike then says in a sincere tone and smiles at his eldest son.

"Okay and I will try and get Simon or Jim to come round during the day if Erica is working, just to have someone else around." Mitch then states and can see the look on both their faces. "Yes I said Erica and yes I'm going to ask her to come round today and tomorrow, so quit it with the looks." He then says in a firm tone, but he can't help but blush and smile, he really did like Erica and had never been this excited about dating someone before.

"Let's head back then, I will call the Walkers and Sarah can call the Morton's while you drive Mitch." Mike then informs his eldest son and for a split second thinks he is going to say something, but instead all three of them head out of the property and are soon on their way home.

"Where did they go though?" Ben asks his brother, he was excited by the sleepover but he couldn't help but be curious about his dad and Sarah leaving for a few days.

"Yeah Mitch, tell us where they went." Matt then asks, every bit as curious about where his mum and Mike went.

"Come on guys, give him a break and let's play strip poker." Wesley then states in a hopeful and excited tone and all eyes turn to him.

"Sorry Wesley, but this isn't going to be a night of you four getting off with each other and besides I have someone coming over and I want you four to behave yourselves." Mitch then states in a firm tone, he knew he was probably fighting a losing battle to keep the boys from getting naked, well until Erica got there and put a stop to the boys horny intentions anyway.

"Wait what?" Ben asks in a surprised tone, he had no idea his brother was having a friend over and was a little annoyed.

"Fine, look if you promise to quit with asking where our parents went, I will tell you something private, do we have a deal?" Mitch then suggests and waits for the boys response.

"Well this is more for Matt and Ben I guess, but for what it is worth me and Carter promise Mitch." Wesley then states, giving the older boy a little nod.

"Thank you Wesley, but where the hell is Carter anyway?" Mitch responds and couldn't help but wonder where the boy had gotten to.

"He is on the phone to his mum, I can go get him if you want?" Wesley answers and starts to get up.

"Yeah, but don't force him to come here." Mitch tells him and smiles when he walks out of the room. "So come on you two, promise me and no lying." He then states, after turning back to his little brothers, he had decided to think of Matt as family now and his actual little brother since they now lived together.

"We promise." They both say in unison and giggle when they realised they both answered for each other as well.

"I asked Erica to come round for the evening and hopefully she can come round to spend the day tomorrow as well." Mitch then says after a few minutes of silence, he had waited for Wesley and Carter to come into the room to avoid having to repeat himself.

"Erica the nurse?" Ben asks in a surprised tone.

"Oh my god you got a girlfriend." Wesley then says and all eyes quickly turn to him, but just as quickly turns back to Mitch.

"Erica is your girlfriend?" Ben then asks his brother.

"No well, look boys all I ask is that you all behave while she is here, I really like her and I think she likes me, but for now we are just friends and please just give me the same respect I have given all four of you." Mitch then says and looks at each boy in turn, but settles on his little brother.

"When is she coming?" Ben asks, deciding not to tease his brother, he wanted to but at the same time his brother had never teased him about Matt and only ever helped and supported him.

"Hopefully any minute now." Mitch answers and can't help but glance at the door.

"We haven't got anything to eat though, shouldn't you like cook her something for a date?" Matt then states, he couldn't help but want to say something and could tell his boyfriend was going to ask the same thing.

"Actually she is bringing us all something to eat, she insisted on surprising us so I have no idea what it is boys." Mitch responds and just as he finishes speaking there is a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Wesley then states and pretends to get up, although he had no intention of actually answering the door, he just wanted to see Mitch get all nervous and excited.

"You stay right where you're and that goes for you all, just be cool and don't do or say anything embarrassing." Mitch quickly states, in a slightly panicked tone.

"Ha, you love her, you want to kiss her, you want too... ouch what the hell Carter?" Wesley begins to say before being elbowed in the ribs by his boyfriend.

"Don't be a dick, he never did that to you and you promised to be good and if you want my cum later then... oh fuck... shit." Carter begins to say before turning bright red and holding his hand over his mouth.

"Holy shit Carter, shut up you idiot." Wesley then says turning bright red himself, but luckily for the boys the sound of knocking at the door distracts the others and Mitch walks out of the room to answer it, while shaking his head.

"Oh my god you can cum Carter?" Ben quickly asks in a shocked tone, neither he or his boyfriend could yet and while they didn't give it much thought they always figured Carter would be the last one of the group because he was pretty much the last at everything when it came to growing up.

"Jeez be cool Ben, we will talk later but not now." Wesley responds, he could tell his boyfriend was too mortified to speak right now and wanted his friends to back off.

"It's cool and just for the record, way to go Carter I'm really jealous and well done mate." Matt then says in a sincere tone, he like his boyfriend assumed Carter would be the last, but instead of feeling annoyed and disappointed, he was just proud for his friend and couldn't be happier for him.

"Yeah don't be embarrassed Carter and yeah like Matt said, way to go buddy and I'm so jealous and we are so going to talk about this later you lucky bastard." Ben then says and smiles when he sees his friend smile as well.

"Guys say hello to Erica." Mitch says when he walks into the room with Erica beside him.

"Oh wow, you're so pretty." Carter says out loud and instantly starts blushing again, he wasn't meant to say it and it just came out and he can't help but notice the look of surprise on his boyfriends face.

"Thank you Carter and you're a very cute boy." Erica responds with a warm smile, although she was genuinely touched by the boys reaction and always thought he was adorable.

"You know my name?" Carter can't help but ask and couldn't help but be in awe of her and started to blush even more when he felt himself getting a little hard, but that was nothing to do with her and everything to do with his boyfriends hand rubbing his thigh and instinctively crosses his legs to both move his boyfriends hand and make sure no one saw his boner, but Wesley was watching his boyfriend like a hawk after his reaction to seeing her and he noticed his boyfriend had started getting hard and was caught between being confused and angry, although he hadn't even realised that he was actually the cause of his boyfriends arousal.

"We have met before Carter, well not really met but I saw you once in the hospital when you were visiting your friend Jordan a while back and I never forget a face, especially one as cute as yours." Erica responds with a smile, she had seen him a few times, but never spoke to him, but that time when he was with Jordan was unforgettable.

"Ha, I bet she was one of the nurses who saw you naked Carter." Ben then blurts out, without really thinking and although he was just trying to be funny he could tell that he shouldn't of said that.

"Huh? No er... I no..." Carter starts to mumble, he had only got a brief look at the nurses and it was so long ago and he just started blushing again.

"Well actually I was and don't make fun of him, I have actually seen all four of you naked and he is by far the cutest, so if anything he should be making fun of all of you Ben." Erica then states, although only half telling the truth, all four boys were impressive in their own way, although there wasn't really any difference between Matt and Ben, Wesley was by far the most impressive for a boy his age, but Carter while small was just adorable and there was nothing wrong with him and she was more than happy to try and make the boy feel less embarrassed.

"When did you see me naked?" Wesley then asks, forgetting his anger and hurt towards his boyfriend for a few moments.

"You have been in a few times over the years Wesley and had your fair share of sponge baths and well as one of the younger nurses I often got stuck with sponge bath duty." Erica answers, but she doesn't want the boys to be embarrassed around her. "Look why don't we just start over, I will never mention it again and we can just have a bit of fun getting to know each other and I really want to get on well with you boys, you mean a lot to Mitch and I really want you to like me as well." She then suggests in a sincere tone and smiles warmly at the boys.

"Okay, sounds good to me and if you're going to be my brothers girlfriend then I need to make sure he is good enough for you." Ben then states and gives his brother a cheeky grin and knows he will probably pay for that comment later, but he wanted to change the subject and knew Erica did as well.

"It's nice to meet you Erica, well we have already met but er... nice to meet you Erica er... again." Matt states, but messes it up completely and just blushes and cuddles up to his boyfriend feeling like an idiot.

"Hey, it's alright don't get upset please." Ben quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear in a soothing tone to reassure him, he could tell straight away that this was going to be a tough night for his boyfriend and knew he would have to get his brother alone soon to explain that they need to be careful around him.

"It really is nice to have you look after us Erica and ignore Ben, but er... do you mind if I just have a quiet word with my boyfriend, we won't be long I just need to ask him something private." Wesley says, as he gets to his feet and holds his hand out for his boyfriend, he didn't want to be rude but he needed to speak with his boyfriend, because he was scared that he might lose him.

"No it is fine Wesley and don't worry about Ben, I'm sure Mitch has a few stories he can tell me about his little brother to even the score." Erica responds and gives Ben a little wink and smiles when he blushes.

"Wesley why don't you and Carter go to Ben's room and come down when you're done, we should have the food sorted out by then." Mitch then states, deciding to speak after letting Erica and the boys talk for a while.

"Okay, we won't be long." Wesley responds with a smile and pulls his boyfriend to his feet and ignores the worried look on his face as they walk out of the room.

"How is your foot and physio going Matt?" Erica decides to ask, she had noticed he had gone a little quiet and couldn't turn off her nurse instincts.

"Ben please." Matt says in a almost frightened tone, before burying his face in his boyfriends chest.

"Sorry Erica, it's not your fault he is still getting used to everything." Ben then tells Erica, he could tell she looked worried. "But his physio is going great, it's just his foot is not so great and is slowing him down a little, but the doctors say he is way ahead of where they thought he would be and I'm so proud of him." He then states, deciding to answer her question for his boyfriend.

"I understand and you should both be proud and if the doctors are impressed then you really are doing well, they don't often admit to that kind of thing." Erica decides to say, bending the truth slightly to try and help reassure the poor young boy, she couldn't help but feel sorry for how vulnerable he appears to be and she could hardly blame him after what had happened to him.

"Erica why don't we go and sort the dinner out and let the boys talk for a few minutes." Mitch then suggests and blushes a little when she holds his hand.

"Sure Mitch and maybe you can cool down a little, you look a little flustered." Erica can't help but tease him a little and smiles when she hears Ben let out a cute little giggle.

"Zip it Ben." Mitch then says, but in a playful tone as he walks Erica into the kitchen.

"Did I do something wrong?" Carter asks his boyfriend in a nervous tone, after they sit down on their friends bed.

"You like Erica don't you?" Wesley asks, ignoring his boyfriends question, he hated being so insecure but he couldn't bare it if his boyfriend left him for a girl.

"Well she is nice and friendly, why don't you like her?" Carter responds and looks at his boyfriend in confusion.

"No, I mean you fancy her don't you." Wesley then states and gives his boyfriend a hard look.

"Wait what, no why would you think that?" Carter asks and just can't believe his boyfriend just asked him that, every one knew he was gay and it made no sense.

"You called her pretty and got a boner Carter." Wesley then states and despite trying his best he lets out a small sniffle and a few tears run down his face.

"Oh no, no, no Wesley I er... shit no, no it was you Wesley I promise." Carter quickly says, but he is still a little shocked by his boyfriends accusation to quite think straight.

"What was me?" Wesley asks in a confused tone.

"You were rubbing my thigh and I got a boner and was trying to hide it in case someone else saw it, especially Erica because that would have been too embarrassing and there was no way I could look at her if she saw it." Carter explains, after composing himself enough to think clearly.

"Oh, oh shit but you still called her pretty." Wesley points out, but he can barely keep the smile off his face and is just so happy his boyfriend isn't straight.

"Well she is pretty don't you think?" Carter answers, he may be gay but that didn't mean he couldn't think a girl was pretty.

"Well yeah I guess, oh wow I just feel like a complete idiot." Wesley then states and blushes a little.

"Wait you really thought I might be straight?" Carter then asks, with a bemused look at his boyfriend.

"Well I don't know, you thought she was pretty and got a boner and oh... oh fuck wow." Wesley begins to say, but trails of as he feels his shorts being pulled down with his briefs and before he even knew what was happening his boyfriend was sucking his penis and he just moans in pleasure.

"Would a straight boy do this?" Carter then says, after briefly letting his boyfriends boner out of his mouth, but instead of waiting for a reply he goes straight back to sucking and in the process pulls his boyfriends shorts and briefs all the way down to his ankles to get better access.

"You don't mind helping me with the boys do you?" Mitch asks in a nervous tone, after being teased about dates twice now he was getting a little worried that he had blown his chances with her and realised that this must be really lame for her.

"If you're worried that this might ruin your chances with me Mitch, than you couldn't be more wrong." Erica answers and without giving him a chance to reply, she walks to him and kisses him for a few moments.

"Oh er... wow but I er... wow." Mitch stutters and can't help but blush.

"Come on Mitch, there is no way that was your first kiss, so why the blush?" Erica asks in a bemused tone, the kiss was good in fact very good, but she couldn't help being amused by his reaction now and thought it was sweet.

"It's just, I really like you Erica and I know it's too early but I really like you and I don't want to mess it up." Mitch answers honestly and although he is still blushing he is now smiling.

"You're so sweet." Erica then says, before kissing him again and this time it lasts for almost five minutes before they hear a cough from behind them.

"That is so gross." Ben manages to say with a straight face, as both his brother and Erica turn to him looking embarrassed.

"Is Matt okay?" Mitch asks in a concerned tone, ignoring his little brothers teasing.

"He is sleeping, I'm going back in a few seconds, but I just wanted to say sorry to you both." Ben answers and looks at his brother and Erica with a shy smile.

"What for?" Mitch asks, looking at his little brother curiously and wonders what is going on.

"For making fun of you Mitch, Erica is really pretty and I'm happy you like her." Ben explains, before turning to Erica and blushing slightly. "Well this is from Matt really, he wanted you to know he likes you a lot and he was sorry for how he reacted and he wanted me to er... well sorry but he wanted me to give you this." He then states and before Erica or Mitch can ask him what he meant, he walks over to her and tip toes and just about manages to kiss her on the cheek, before stepping back with a shy smile.

"Oh well thank you Ben and tell Matt that it was very sweet and that he has nothing to apologise for." Erica responds, not being able to help but blush and think how sweet the two boys were.

"I will and he really is trying to get better, he spent a bit of time outside today, but it didn't go very well but at least he tried." Ben then says in a slightly sad tone, but he was still proud of his boyfriend.

"Ben why don't you go back to him, you don't want him to wake up and be alone." Mitch then suggests, giving his little brother's hair a quick ruffle and smiles as he disappears out of the kitchen.

"He is just so adorable." Erica then says, turning back to Mitch and smiling.

"They both are and they really do like you." Mitch responds and decides to be brave and kiss her.

"I could get used to this Mitch." Erica then says with a warm smile after ending the kiss and she really did find herself enjoying his company and the fact he was drop dead gorgeous didn't hurt either.

"Erica there is something I want to warn you about though." Mitch then states in a slightly nervous tone and hopes that as a nurse she might be more relaxed about this sort of thing.

"Oh, well come on it can't be that bad." Erica answers, she can tell his is nervous about something and is pretty sure it is about the boys.

"Well the boys, they can be er... well they can be a bit touchy feely and er... they sometimes forget that they aren't alone." Mitch explains and can't quite shake the nervousness he is feeling.

"How do you mean?" Erica asks in a confused tone, genuinely unsure of what he is trying to tell her.

"They are basically horny little shits Erica, they don't mean to do it but they love each other and I guess given their age and hormones they have trouble keeping their hands off each other and well certain body parts, if you get what I mean." Mitch then explains and can't help but blush and can tell she is surprised by his warning.

"I see, well it might take a bit of getting used too, but don't worry about me Mitch it's not like I haven't seen them kissing and we will just have to make sure they don't go too far." Erica answers honestly, although she suddenly turns bright red and can see Mitch giving her a curious look. "Carter and Wesley, you don't think they er... I mean they have been gone quite a while and oh wait, don't answer that." She then says and can't help but glance at the door and then back at Mitch.

"I think you definitely don't want me to answer that question and if you really are uncomfortable I won't mind, I really like you Erica but I also know that the boys can be a handful and well horny little shits." Mitch then says, with a cheeky grin and he can see her smile.

"I will be fine and besides they aren't the only ones who can put on a show." Erica responds and moves closer to Mitch, who doesn't get a chance to say anything in reply, as he feels her lips against his own and quickly returns his passionately.

"Come on let me give you one." Wesley almost begs, he is still feeling the effects of his boyfriends blow job and was desperate to return the favour.

"We can't and they will start wondering what is taking us so long and besides I want something to eat." Carter responds, he is tempted but with Erica in the house now, he just doesn't dare risk getting caught if they took too long.

"You just had something to eat and I want some too." Wesley retorts and starts trying to pull his boyfriends jeans down, but as they struggle with each other and start giggling, they end up on the floor and Wesley gets on top.

"Wesley please don't..." Carter begins to protest, but is cut off by his boyfriends lips on his own and he is soon returning the kiss, but while Wesley thinks he is going to get exactly what he wants and starts to lower his boyfriends jeans, he realises too late that he was being played himself and suddenly finds himself not only flipped over but also finds himself somehow turned around facing the ceiling on top of his boyfriend, who has him locked in a pretty good choke hold.

"Holy shit, what the hell?" Wesley manages to say, before his boyfriend gives his neck a little squeeze.

"I said no." Carter responds, but there is no anger in his voice and he can't help but grin at turning the tables on his boyfriend.

"I knew teaching you self defence would bite me in the arse." Wesley mutters in a fake annoyed tone, but inside he couldn't be more proud of his boyfriend and although his boyfriend did a good job, Wesley knew he hadn't quite got the choke hold right and can easily break free but gives it a few more moments, just to see what happens.

"Well I can't bite your arse, so your ear will have to do." Carter whispers into his boyfriends ear, before nibbling it and feels himself starting to get a boner when he hears his boyfriend moaning. "I love you." He then whispers and is about to nibble his ear again when he suddenly feels his boyfriend shifting and within a few seconds he finds himself on his back with his arms pinned above his head and can only look at his boyfriend with a startled expression.

"I love you too, but you hooked the wrong arm and you didn't lock your legs enough." Wesley then states and gives his boyfriend a quick but loving kiss before getting off him and straightening himself out.

"Damn it, I thought I got it right that time." Carter then says and Wesley can hear the disappointment in his boyfriends voice.

"Hey, don't get upset Carter, you took me by complete surprise and only made a couple of mistakes, but you will get it right and I really am proud of you." Wesley then says as he holds his hand out and pulls his boyfriend to his feet.

"I really did get you though, didn't I." Carter then states with a grin.

"Fuck yeah, I didn't even have a chance to react and defend myself, you had me at your mercy, well you would have but you're learning fast and I can't wait to show you some more stuff." Wesley responds honestly and takes his boyfriends hand and walks to the door.

"Do you see him?" Mike asks in a quiet tone, they had been looking around as discreetly as they could, but so far there was no sign of Tobias and they were starting to get worried.

"No, something isn't right Mike, Amy saw him this morning and she hasn't seen anyone leave." Sarah responds and just as she finishes speaking, a man stops in front of them and from the uniform Sarah can only assume he is someone of importance in the orphanage.

"My name is Daniel Stevens and I run this facility, can you both come with me please." Mr Stevens states in a firm tone.

"We haven't finished looking around yet Sir." Mike states, trying to keep calm and not show his frustration.

"You can either come with me or I will have you both escorted off the premises, the choice is yours and I suggest you make the right one." Mr Stevens responds in a firm tone and gives them both a hard look.

"We will go with you." Sarah answers and follows the man as he starts walking away, after a few minutes they find themselves standing in what they assume is his office.

"Please sit down Mrs Summers and who I presume is Mr Walker." Daniel then instructs the now nervous looking Sarah and Mike, who quickly take a seat after glancing at each other.

"If you know who I'm, then you know why I'm here Mr Stevens." Sarah than says in a confident tone, although inside she was very nervous and afraid that they had somehow moved Tobias already.

"I know who you're and why you might be here, but I'm not completely sure of the situation and your interest in this facility." Mr Stevens answers, he knows that there are instructions regarding any suspicious activity in place for one of the boys in his care and with the information he has, he knows that the woman and man sitting in front of him requires him to move the boy, but he can't help but be curious and wanted to know more.

"I'm here because you have someone that belongs to me in your care and I have come to take him home." Sarah states bluntly, keeping her voice calm and firm, despite feeling nervous inside and is just glad of the support Mike is giving her by holding her hand.

"I see, well we have a lot of boys here Mrs Summers and you aren't the first person to come here making claims and in my experience they more often than not end up unfounded and a waste of time and resources." Mr Stevens responds in a calm, yet commanding tone and it leaves both Sarah and Mike in no doubt that he is speaking the truth.

"Well in this case I'm pleased to inform you that there is no mistake or time wasting on my end Mr Stevens and if you would like to take a look through this, then I think we can quickly move on to releasing the boy into my care where he belongs." Sarah states confidently and as she opens her bag she can't help but smile at Mike who gives her a reassuring smile, she then pulls out the folder and hands it over to a slightly bemused looking Mr Stevens, who wasn't expecting anything like this to happen.

"May I ask what these are?" Mr Stevens asks, as he looks over the folder and flips through the contents.

"Those are documents proving my guardianship over Tobias Samuel Robinson, you will see that I have confirmation papers and orders from judges in both England and here in New Zealand, as well as documents proving my identity and other forms that you require to make this process move as quickly as the rules allow." Sarah answers, again in the same confident tone and can see the look of interest on the man's face.

"I see, but I have to inform you that there is no boy here matching the description on this piece of paper or matching the name you just gave me and..." Mr Stevens begins to say before being cut off.

"With all due respect, you know as well as I do that names can easily be changed and you can't expect me to believe there isn't a single boy here with blue eyes and black hair Mr Stevens." Sarah states bluntly and with a little venom in her voice.

"You have a point, but I'm sorry to be the one to inform you that this boy is and has never been..." Mr Steven begins to state, but he is again cut off.

"I'm sorry Mr Stevens but my sister was here this morning and she saw Tobias with her own eyes and this is a boy we watched grow up for almost ten years from the day he was born and there was no mistake." Sarah says and almost stands up in anger due to the man's blatant lies.

"Mr Stevens, you can see the proof for yourself in that folder and I have no idea what kind of deal or financial package is in place to keep Tobias from being allowed to be with his legal guardians, but now that you have seen the documents and we know he is here, any attempt that you now make to move him, will be by law aiding and abetting the kidnapping and trafficking of a minor and just so you know and you can do a search on your computer now, the man who brought the boy here is being arrested for the kidnapping, torture and rape of his own son and I want you to honestly tell as after you see for yourself, if Tobias is here or not." Mike then states in a stern tone and doesn't break eye contact with the man sitting across from him.

"I don't think there is any need for that, but I have to warn you that if it is the boy and I can't be sure if it is or isn't then he has some issues that you will need to be aware of, we have tried our best but we have our limitations and we were not aware of anything you have just told me, I promise you if I had that information he would have been in your care a long time ago." Mr Stevens says in a sincere tone, he had not had any personal involvement in the boy at all and had only been at the facility for eight months, but he was given his instructions and had no reason to question them until now.

"We are aware he doesn't speak and doesn't have any friends." Sarah then states and can see the surprise on the man's face. "Like I said, my sister was here earlier and she talked with a few of the other children and they told her." She then adds and can see the look of admiration on his face.

"I see, well the talking is the main issue and the friends situation is a direct result of that, but his education has been non existent and he has a bed wetting problem as well as being emotionally unstable, but I believe that most of those problems will quickly be fixed with the love and care of people who love him." Mr Stevens explains honestly, he has been looking through the documents throughout the conversation and can see that everything is in order.

"My sister said that the process could take up to two weeks Mr Stevens, is there any way to speed up the process?" Sarah then asks in a more vulnerable tone, knowing that she is finally going to bring the boy home is causing her to lose her composure a little.

"Honestly I like to do things by the letter of the law and rules, but in this case I feel like the boy has suffered enough already and for no reason other than a perverted man's whim, but saying that he will need to have a medical and other tests, there will be paperwork to sign and even when I call in some favours it will be two or three days at least Mrs Summers." Mr Stevens answers honestly and it is one of the few times he wishes the rules were different.

"Can we see him now please?" Sarah asks, trying to keep her emotions in check but can't stop her voice from cracking a little and is grateful when she feels herself being pulled into Mike's chest.

"I think we can arrange for that in a few hours..." Mr Stevens begins to state, but is cut off by Mike.

"Please, we need to see him now, you said it yourself Daniel he has been through enough and you must know how much seeing her will do for the boy." Mike states, without breaking eye contact from the man.

"Of course, I'm sorry for... well I'm sorry for everything and for what little it is worth I want you to know that the instructions I had, which I had no say in, were clear to remove the boy instantly and move him, but that would have been hours ago and I don't know why but I ignored them and well I just want you to know that I'm glad that I did." Mr Stevens responds sincerely, before leaving the room.

"Oh Mike, it's really happening." Sarah then states as tears roll down her face.

"You're an amazing woman Sarah and he is going to be so happy." Mike then says and holds her tightly as they wait and after almost twenty minutes, which actually felt like hours to them, they see the door open and for a brief moment they both look disheartened when they see Mr Stevens walk in, but the moment he steps aside Sarah bursts into tears at the sight of the terrified looking boy standing behind him.

"TOBIAS!" Sarah calls out and immediately moves over and drops to her knees before embracing the boy, almost crushing him in the process.