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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and any resemblance of the characters to real life people, events, circumstances, is purely coincidental. This story involves love and sexual scenarios with boys aged nine and above and it may contain some events you might find offensive or inappropriate, but If you're not a fan of this kind of story, please do not read. You know who You're and you should know whether or not to read this stuff. This is not a quick jack off story though, so don't expect detailed and over the top sexual situations between the characters, although as the story develops there will be more sexual things happening as relationships change and develop.

Right now I have an ending in mind but it is a long way from getting to that point, so please shoot me an email if you're reading, so I know that people want me to carry on.

Hopefully I get some good feedback from you guys and I appreciate all constructive criticism, I will admit that when it comes to the medical stuff in the stories I have taken liberties as I have no idea about most of it, but I hope people can look past any glaring inaccuracies and enjoy the story, I just ask that you keep any replies mature and civil, if you don't like it then I respect your view but there isn't any need to be abusive.

My name is Matt and I'm 30 years old and from the UK.

June 2015

"Can we see him now please?" Sarah asks, trying to keep her emotions in check but can't stop her voice from cracking a little and is grateful when she feels herself being pulled into Mike's chest.

"I think we can arrange for that in a few hours..." Mr Stevens begins to state, but is cut off by Mike.

"Please, we need to see him now, you said it yourself Daniel he has been through enough and you must know how much seeing her will do for the boy." Mike states, without breaking eye contact from the man.

"Of course, I'm sorry for... well I'm sorry for everything and for what little it is worth I want you to know that the instructions I had, which I had no say in, were clear to remove the boy instantly and move him, but that would have been hours ago and I don't know why but I ignored them and well I just want you to know that I'm glad that I did." Mr Stevens responds sincerely, before leaving the room.

"Oh Mike, it's really happening." Sarah then states as tears roll down her face.

"You're an amazing woman Sarah and he is going to be so happy." Mike then says and holds her tightly as they wait and after almost twenty minutes, which actually felt like hours to them, they see the door open and for a brief moment they both look disheartened when they see Mr Stevens walk in, but the moment he steps aside Sarah bursts into tears at the sight of the terrified looking boy standing behind him.

"TOBIAS!" Sarah calls out and immediately moves over and drops to her knees before embracing the boy, almost crushing him in the process.

"I will leave you alone for a while." Mr Stevens says, before leaving the room and closing the door behind himself.

"Tobias, it's me it's Sarah and everything is going to be okay I promise." Sarah then says in a loving and warm tone, before peppering the still terrified looking boy with kisses.

"Sarah give him some room, You're crowding him a bit too much." Mike says as he places a hand on her shoulder, he understood what she was doing and how she was feeling, but the boy was terrified and might not have even processed that is was her.

"Tobias it's me, it's Sarah I have come to take you home." Sarah tells the boy in a soft tone, as she lets him go and holds his hands.

"Should I leave Sarah, he doesn't know me and I might be scaring him." Mike then asks, he wanted to stay with them but he also didn't want to scare the boy any more than he already is.

"No Mike, I need you to stay with me." Sarah responds, after turning to him and she really didn't want him to leave.

"Okay but I'm going to stay back a little and give you two some room." Mike then says and moves a few steps further back and sits on one of the chairs.

"Tobias I know You're scared, but I promise you that you're safe and I'm taking you to live with me and Matt." Sarah begins to say, but has to pause when the boys eyes lock on to hers at the mention of her son and she then realises how to get through to the boy. "That's right You're coming to live with me and Matt, I promise that You're safe now Tobias and you won't have to stay here for much longer." She then says and waits to see if he says anything.

Instead of speaking though, Tobias just looks at the woman standing in front of him, he had barely registered her being there or even where he was, but as soon as he heard the name 'Matt' he finally snapped to attention and recognised who he was looking at, but he was still confused and scared and started to look around and finally noticed the man sitting on the chair and started to shake.

"That's Mike he is a good friend of mine and you will be living with him as well, he has two sons Tobias his eldest is called Mitch and his youngest is your age and his name is Ben." Sarah says in a soft tone, after noticing that he had started to stare at Mike.

Still not saying anything Tobias does look back at Sarah after hearing the name Ben, he remembered someone called Ben when he used to talk to Matt on Skype, but couldn't remember anything about him other than he was there or that Matt talked about him a lot.

"Tobias please say something, I know you're scared but I don't know how long we can stay today and I need to know that you understand that you're coming home with me and Matt will be waiting for you." Sarah says, again deciding to use her son to see if she can get him to react and when he starts to move his mouth she gives him a warm smile.

"David is a bad man." Tobias says in a hoarse voice and starts to cough a little, it had been so long since he spoke or did anything other than cry and it hurt.

"Mike get a cup of water from that machine." Sarah instructs Mike, she had seen the water machine earlier and knew the boy needed something to drink.

"Okay." Mike responds and quickly pours a cup of water before handing it to Sarah, he then goes back to the machine and pours out a few more cups and places them on the desk just in case.

"Drink this Sweetheart and then try and talk again." Sarah tells the young boy, she had wanted to try and see what he had meant by what he did manage to say, but knew she had to just let him go at his own pace.

"My family dead?" Tobias asks, he was struggling to remember words and how to talk and just tried the best he could.

"Yes, but I'm your family and so is Matt, he misses you so much and everyone will be so happy to see you Tobias." Sarah answers and tries to use her son again to try and distract the boy from breaking down over his family.

"David is a bad man." Tobias then repeats his earlier words and looks at Sarah with tears in his eyes.

"He is a very bad man, but he is gone now and I'm going to look after you from now on and you're going to be safe, do you understand." Sarah responds and lets go of one of the boys hands to wipe the tears from his eyes.

"I wet myself a lot." Tobias then says and Sarah could swear she saw a little smile on the boys face, but couldn't be one hundred percent sure.

"It's okay, Matt does that too sometimes." Sarah responds carefully, she knew her son would understand if he ever found out she just said that, but she wasn't sure how to take Tobias's mood right now.

"My willy gets hard sometimes." Tobias then says and starts to giggle, causing Sarah to give Mike a quick concerned look before turning back to the boy and smiling.

"That's because You're growing up Tobias, all boys your age get them and it is nothing to be frightened about." Sarah then says as she gently strokes the boys face. "Tobias do you understand what is happening?" She then asks, she is really concerned with his behaviour and is just hoping he is just a little confused at the moment.

"I just had a wee." Tobias responds with another round of giggles and when Sarah looks down she can see a wet patch on the boys jeans.

"Okay Sweetheart, it's okay and we can get you cleaned up, would you like that?" Sarah asks, as she wonders if they are really capable of looking after him, something was clearly wrong with him and it scared her.

"Sarah, I think..." Mike begins to say, but he looks at Tobias in surprise when the boy interrupts him.

"Is this real?" Tobias asks, he had been feeling confused and wasn't sure if this was real or not and was treating it as another one of his dreams, but there was something about the man that was wrong and he had never seen him before in his dreams or any where else and he recognised everyone in his dreams.

"Tobias, I promise you this is real and I'm really here to take you home." Sarah answers and is about to embrace the boy, when she suddenly feels his arms wrapping around her.

"It really you Mrs Summers?" Tobias asks and Sarah can feel the boy shaking and feels his tears on her neck.

"It's really me and I'm here to take you home." Sarah answers, as tears roll down her face and she holds the boy even tighter.

"Me thought it was another dream, but you real." Tobias then says and tries to pull away from the embrace, but is being held too tightly.

"Sarah he is trying to stand up, you need to let him go." Mike then says, noticing the boy is struggling to get away from her and can tell by his face that it isn't because he is scared.

"Sorry." Sarah then says and reluctantly lets the boy go and can't help but smile when she looks up to see that he is also smiling.

"I, I er... me, is really real?" Tobias asks again and while he wants to believe it has just been so long and his dreams have tricked him before.

"I promise." Sarah says, with her voice cracking a little and then see notices something around his neck and reaches out to pull the little chain and instantly regrets it, when he suddenly slaps her and begins to scream, leaving her totally scared and confused.

"What happened?" Mr Stevens asks in a suspicious tone, as he opens the door and looks to she Sarah holding her face and the boy in the corner holding his necklace.

"I don't, I don't know he just, I don't know." Sarah says in a confused and frightened tone, she really was shaken by what just happened.

"Did you try to touch his necklace?" Mr Stevens asks and looks at Sarah with a sad expression, but it was obvious she was in shock and was just staring at the now silent but shaking boy in the corner.

"She was just trying to look at it." Mike answers, sensing he needed to answer the man.

"I should have warned you about that." Mr Stevens responds and while Sarah paid him no attention he could tell that Mike was going to ask the obvious. "Mr Walker, I have only been in this position for just over eight months and I'm not familiar with all the boys and their situations, but I do remember reading something about an incident that happened sometime in the first few months that he was here, you see Bobby... I mean Tobias, sorry Bobby was the name we were given as his name and well we didn't know, but anyway like I was saying he had the necklace and it wasn't unusual and they assumed it was sentimental, but one day they got curious when they discovered it is actually a USB stick and they took it from him to see the contents." He then explains, but pauses as he becomes aware that Sarah is now looking at him.

"A USB stick?" Sarah asks, remembering something but she just can't quite think what it could be.

"Yes, but as soon as they took it he started screaming and from what I read he screamed for almost twelve hours without stopping, until they gave it back to him and he just cried under his bed for the rest of the day and most of the next day..." Mr Stevens explains, but again is interrupted and knew exactly what was about to be asked.

"What was on it?" Mike asks, not being able to control his curiosity and wondered what it could possibly be.

"A song..." Mr Stevens begins to answer and is left feeling a little frustrated when he is interrupted again, he hated being interrupted but in this case and in the circumstances he could hardly blame them for it and decided to not take it personally.

"A song, what song was it?" Mike then asks in a slightly disappointed tone, he didn't know what to expect but a song just seemed a little disappointing.

"You're my sunshine, that is the song on the USB stick isn't it Mr Stevens and it is a young boy singing it, although they could have mistaken it for a girls voice at the time." Sarah then states and gives Mike a sad, but happy look.

"How did you know?" Mr Stevens can't help but ask, now it was his turn to be curious and he couldn't understand how she could have known that.

"Because that is the song my son recorded for him, before we left England to live here and Tobias promised he would always keep it close to his heart." Sarah explains as a few tears roll down her face, but before anyone can say anything else, Tobias surprises them all.

"Me want Matt." Tobias states, before throwing his arms around Sarah and crying into her chest.

"Do you two have a place You're staying at for the next few days?" Mr Stevens asks Mike, he can see that Sarah is busy with the boy and wanted to find out where they were staying.

"We haven't sorted anywhere yet, but there was a hotel that we passed and Sarah's sister is already staying there." Mike answers and can't help but be a little curious about why the man would ask.

"I see and it is close by here?" Mr Stevens then asks, he knows what he is thinking of doing is unprofessional and could cost him his job, but the more he had thought about this situation and what he had read, he just felt so sorry for the young boy and what had been done to him and he couldn't help but think that Mr Walker and Mrs Summers were trustworthy people.

"Can I ask why You're so interested in where we are staying?" Mike decides to ask, he was happy to talk to the man but he got a feeling he was getting to some sort of point and wanted to just get straight to it.

"First of I want to remind you both that there is a procedure to follow and it will be two to three days before you can take Tobias home, but the boy has been through something he should never have been put through and if you can give me your word that you will bring him back each day until I can officially release him to you, then I'm willing to let you take him to your hotel to stay with you." Mr Stevens answers and can't help but sweat a little bit, he was putting his career on the line and he didn't even know the people he was doing it for.

"What?" Sarah suddenly asks, she wasn't paying much attention, but she heard enough to know that she must have been hearing things.

"I have no idea why I'm doing this for you, but I'm putting my career on the line and if you both give me your word that you will return each day with Tobias until I can officially release him, then I'm willing for you to take him with you to the hotel." Mr Stevens responds and he can see the look of pure joy on her face and the stunned but grateful look on Mr Walkers face when he turns to him.

"You have our word Mr Stevens and not to tempt fate or change you mind, but are you sure about this?" Mike responds and can't help but ask the obvious, he wasn't sure what to make of the man and whether he was just caught in the moment and would regret his choice and change his mind.

"Not really, but the boy has suffered so much and for what has been two years maybe more he has been alone and afraid and the people who have been trying to care for him have been calling him by the wrong name, will I regret this? Well honestly I don't know because that depends on your two, if you take Tobias then I will likely lose my job and my career and you could lose Tobias, because while you have the legal documents and they are all in order, right now he belongs to us and taking him away is kidnapping, so I hope you keep that in mind and take my offer and not do something everyone will regret." Mr Stevens answers, choosing his words carefully and trying not to sound like he is making any kind of threat.

"Do you hear that Tobias, you're coming with me and Mike to our hotel." Sarah says in a warm and loving tone, hoping to get him to realise that he is going to be okay.

"Me like things." Tobias answers, as he pulls away slightly from the embrace and gives Sarah a big smile, but his answer breaks her heart a little and she just hopes that after the shock wears off and he realises what is actually happening that he will be okay.

"Amy will be at the hotel, you remember Aunty Amy don't you Tobias?" Sarah then asks him, hoping again to get a positive reaction.

"Matt, me miss Matt." Tobias answers and again smiles, but again it isn't the answer or response Sarah was hoping for and turns to give Mike a concerned look.

"Sarah just give him time, it's a lot for him to process and he just needs time to adjust." Mike states, as he gives her a warm and friendly smile

"Mrs Summers he is correct, it's remarkable that the boy is talking at all and although he is clearly confused, his speech is very good and I'm convinced that if you take him to the hotel and just be with him, then you will see an improvement, I can only warn you to not rush him or crowd him too much though." Mr Steven then adds, he was really surprised that after so long not speaking or interacting with anyone that the boy spoke so clearly and he knew the confusion was nothing to be that concerned about.

"Thank you so much Mr Stevens and you have our word that we will bring him back tomorrow and the day after, I really appreciate what You're doing for him." Sarah then says, after lifting the boy into her arms and despite his age, she can't help but be a little surprised by how light he is.

"I will just need your contact details and the name and number of the hotel You're staying at and I will arrange for a taxi to pick you up, if you don't already have transport arranged already." Mr Stevens states and walks over to his desk to get a pen and paper for Mike to write the details down.

"Actually my sister is waiting outside for us." Sarah responds, while Mike writes the details down and can feel her heart racing, she just can't believe this is happening.

"Boom, boom, boom." Tobias then says and starts to giggle as he presses his ear against Sarah's chest. "Boom, boom, boom." He repeats and Sarah can't help but smile when she realises he can hear her heartbeat.

"If you can both follow me, then I will escort you to the front gates and we can avoid any issues with the staff." Mr Stevens then states after taking the contact details from Mike and taking a quick glance at them.

"Thank you." Sarah responds and with Tobias in her arms, she and Mike then follow him out of the room and through the facility, where they eventually make it outside and to the gates and can see Amy waiting by her car and Sarah can't help but smile when she realises she hasn't spotted them yet.

"Anytime and remember no later than ten tomorrow morning or I will have no choice but to call the police." Mr Stevens states, causing Sarah to turn to him in surprise, before remembering what the man is doing for her and Tobias and gives him a smile.

"You have my word." Sarah answers and smiles as he walks away, leaving them to walk away and when she turns back around she sees her sister running towards them.

"How, how did you get him out?" Amy asks, as she comes to a stop in front of them and just stares at Tobias, she just couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"We have an arrangement, we have to make sure he is back at the facility before ten tomorrow morning and everything will be fine." Sarah answers and can't help but give the boy a loving kiss on the top of his head.

"It will be around three days before we can actually take him home though Amy, but Mr Stevens is a very kind man and is risking his whole career in letting us take him with us for the night." Mike then states and can see the surprised look on her face.

"So he is okay Sarah?" Amy asks, deciding that the most important thing right now is Tobias and the other stuff can wait.

"We aren't sure, he is still confused and doesn't seem to really know what is happening, but he recognises me and knows who Matt is, so he just needs time to adjust." Sarah answers honestly, although she is still worried about his behaviour.

"Come on then, let's get him back to the hotel and we can get him a nice warm bath..." Amy begins to say, but is interrupted by giggling and they all look to Tobias curiously.

"Bath, bath my willy goes hard in the bath." Tobias repeats several times and giggles more and more as he repeats it.

"Oh, well maybe Mike better give him a bath." Amy then states, not quite being able to hide her smile although she is worried about the boy, she had seen children in shock and often they regressed to a much younger state of mind and it wasn't that difficult to get them past that in her experience, but that is not to say that means the child is magically cured and fixed, she suspected that Tobias would need constant supervision for a while and for some reason she didn't understand she thought of Mitch and how perfect he would be to care for the boy.

"Actually I think Sarah needs to be with him as much as possible Amy, he doesn't know me and well I don't really have a great track record when it comes to not scaring the shit out of boys when I'm trying to look after them." Mike then states honestly, he had lost count how many times he had unintentionally terrified Matt and even his youngest son a few times recently and he wasn't going to risk doing the same to Tobias.

"Boobies." Tobias then says and before Sarah can react, she feels the boy lean back and poke the top of her cleavage. "Boobies, boobies, my willy goes hard with boobies." He then says and while Mike and Amy can't hold back their chuckles, Sarah is looking anything but amused.

"Maybe you better hold him for a while." Sarah then suggests, looking at Mike with an awkward expression.

"Are you sure?" Mike asks, sure it must be a little uncomfortable for her, but he wasn't doing any harm.

"Let's just say he isn't joking about the things he is saying Mike and yes I'm being serious." Sarah answers in a serious tone, she could feel his penis getting harder and this was definitely not something she knew how to deal with.

"Oh, oh I see shit, okay give him here and get in the car, we should get moving anyway, it is a little cold out here." Mike responds and takes the boy into his arms and could feel exactly what Sarah was talking about straight away and while he felt uncomfortable himself, he knew it would be worse for Sarah.

Once in the car, Amy heads straight to the hotel and they each try their best to not push Tobias too much, but they do keep trying to keep him occupied although he remains in the same state of confusion the whole journey.

"Sorry." Matt says in a sad tone, he had tried his best to play with his friends and not just sit in the chair all the time, but his foot was really hurting now and he just couldn't ignore it any more.

"Stop apologising you idiot." Ben says with a cheesy grin, which changes into a loving smile when his boyfriend smiles back at him.

"I know but I feel stupid." Matt then says, while he lets his boyfriend help him sit down.

"Yeah you did great Matt and I we can have just as much fun making fun of Mitch now as we were playing around." Ben then states as he takes the bowl of iced water Erica had got for his boyfriend and gently puts his boyfriends foot in it.

"Come on we promised not to make fun of him." Matt says after a few seconds, despite not minding cold water, it was a different thing when his foot went in the bowl of ice cold water.

"I don't know Matt, I think he likes the attention." Erica then says as she joins Mitch on the sofa and cuddles up to him, she had really enjoyed the afternoon with the boys and found them to be very sweet and fun to be around, although she was grateful of Mitch's earlier warning as she had to avert her eyes several times when the boys got a little distracted and hands wandered to places she didn't need to see.

"Yeah he likes the attention of your lips." Wesley then teases and quickly gets an elbow in the ribs from his boyfriend. "You're so lucky I love you." He then says when he turns to his boyfriend with a loving smile.

"If I didn't love you then I would have smacked you in the balls, but I have plans for them... oh er..." Carter begins to retort, but quickly turns bright red and not for the first time he finds himself almost saying too much.

"Jeez Carter, you're almost as bad as Matt is at the too much information stuff." Mitch then states, he couldn't help but shake his head, but he was glad Erica seemed to take the boys in good spirit and as he looked at her he couldn't stop thinking how beautiful she was.

"Oh jeez, they are going to kiss again." Wesley then says with a giant grin.

"Yeah I hate when people just kiss in front of you." Carter then states and deciding he had already embarrassed himself, leans over and pushes his boyfriend on to his back, he then quickly lays on top of him and kisses him.

Although Erica had already leaned into Mitch and was kissing him, so it was only Ben and Matt who were seeing what was happening.

"Hey, I mean it you know Matt, stop being so hard on yourself." Ben states in a whispered tone, he knew it must be really hard for his boyfriend, but he knew he had to make sure he didn't blame himself all the time.

"I know, but they were having fun playing around and had to stop because of me." Matt responds, keeping his voice low as well, although as he looks past his boyfriend he knows no one is paying them any attention.

"You're so dumb sometimes." Ben then says and smiles at the surprised look on his boyfriends face.

"What?" Matt asks, he wasn't expecting sympathy or something like that from his boyfriend, but he wasn't expecting that.

"Carter and Wesley were only playing because we all know that it is good for you to move around and not just sit down all the time." Ben explains, but he can see his boyfriend isn't buying it and decides to keep going. "Come on if they really wanted to play, then they would and wouldn't just stop because one of us wanted a break and besides I think we both know what they both prefer playing with." He then adds and turns to look at the two boys making out and groping each other.

"I wish I was better Ben, I hate being like this and I don't just mean not being able to walk or move around much." Matt then states, he knew his boyfriend was right and before his dad ruined his life, he would have known that and now he just thinks the worst and can't stop thinking everything he does is wrong.

"You're getting better every day and you have me to make fun of you when you do act stupid." Ben responds and kisses his boyfriend, but decides to keep it brief and as gently as he can he manages to get underneath and behind his boyfriend, who is now sitting between his legs and holds him tightly around his stomach. "I love you." He then says, before kissing his boyfriends neck.

"I love you too." Matt states and relaxes in his boyfriends arms, before slowly drifting off to sleep.

"Hey guys, cut it out will you." Ben then says after a few minutes, he had waited to make sure his boyfriend was sound asleep before saying anything so that he didn't have to whisper and he couldn't help but smile when his brother almost jumps off the sofa.

"Oh er... sorry." Mitch says and can see the look on his little brother's face and for the first time gets a sense of the embarrassment that his little brother must have felt all the times that he had interrupted him and Matt kissing.

"It's okay, Matt just fell asleep again and well watching you four kissing was boring, although at least you and Erica were only kissing." Ben then states, before looking down to his two friends and they were definitely doing more than kissing.

"Oh, well oh." Erica then says, looking down at the two boys and again is glad that Mitch had warned her earlier, although she thought he might have been exaggerating.

"Hey you two, cut it out we have company and this isn't your bedroom." Mitch quickly states in a firm tone, although he wasn't really angry and if he was being honest he was feeling very horny himself right now and thought about taking Erica for a drive.

"Oh shit, shit sorry." Wesley says in an embarrassed tone, he had ended up on top of his boyfriend and was about to stand up before realising how embarrassing that would be for him with Erica sitting right there and instead rolls off his boyfriend and sits with his legs crosses and hands folded over his thighs.

"Damn it Wesley." Carter says in an angry tone and a mortified look to go with it and Wesley instantly realises that in rolling off his boyfriend, he had basically given everyone a clear view of his boyfriends boner and while not the biggest, it was impossible to not see and he could tell his boyfriend was upset.

"I got one too." Wesley then states and quickly stands up and does a slow twirl, he knew it wouldn't make it any less embarrassing for his boyfriend, but he knew he would appreciate him taking the attention away from him.

"Ha, you two are just hilarious, but jeez we don't want to see your boners so sit down and cover up guys." Ben then states, as he gently starts rubbing his boyfriends chest and stomach with his hands.

"Shut..." Wesley is about to shout back, but he quickly sees that Matt is asleep and stops speaking, they were all protective of him and knew that he needed all the rest he could get and did all they could to not wake him when he fell asleep.

"He looks so happy asleep." Erica then states and can't help but smile, until she realises everyone is looking at her. "What?" She then asks in a confused tone.

"It's nothing Erica, it's just hard to imagine how sad and traumatised he is, when he looks so at peace asleep." Mitch states in a sad tone, Matt really did look happy when he was asleep and it was always hard to be the one to wake him up if he needed to be.

"He is getting better though, isn't he?" Ben then asks and his voice cracks a little, he was so sure his boyfriend was getting better, but the way his brother was talking he wondered if he was just imagining it.

"Actually the fact he looks so happy sleeping is a good sign." Erica suddenly states and all eyes fall back on her, although this time she had expected it and smiles warmly at Ben. "I'm not a psychologist or anything like that, but I have seen enough in my few years on the wards to know that how people sleep is a good indication of how they are feeling and while awake he has to deal with everything around him, those distractions aren't there when he is sleeping and he looks happy sleeping because he is happy." She then explains and could see the young boy thinking her words over in his head.

"Am I a distraction?" Ben then asks and Erica can see the hurt and fear in his eyes.

"Yes, but you're the best kind of distraction that he could possibly wish for Ben, I know all the doctors, medicine and physio stuff will help make him better, but it is you that will heal him in here and in here." Erica answers and points to both her heart and her brain.

"Ben he loves you and look at him, even when he is asleep normally he never looks as happy as he does when he is in your arms, just keep doing what you have been doing with him and he will get better I promise." Mitch then states and smiles at his little brother.

"You're doing amazing Ben and the way you push him on those physio routines I came up with is so cool and I know he loves you, we can all see it in his eyes and the way he reacts whenever he sees you." Carter then says and while the others give him a quick smile, Erica can't help but look at him in surprise.

"You came up the things he has been doing?" Erica asks the young boy, who turns to her and blushes.

"Yeah he is amazing and when he finally decides what kind of doctor his is going to be, he is going to be the best in the world." Wesley answers proudly, he was genuinely proud of his boyfriend and even more so because people always seemed to underestimate him because of how small he is, but he knew better than that and loved seeing others as they realised it too.

"Ben are you okay little guy?" Mitch then asks, he had been watching the exchange between the others, but he had glanced over to his little brother and could see that he was crying silently.

"I er... can you all go away for a little while, I want to be alone with him even if he is just sleeping." Ben responds and Mitch can tell that his little brother is being serious and stands up.

"Boys why don't you two go and get a bath together or a shower, whichever you feel like and yes I'm being serious, just no messing around and don't spend too long in there." Mitch tells the other two boys and they both give him an excited look before they look over to his little brother and Matt and he can tell that they are worried for their friend, but they still left the room as they were told to. "Erica how about I give you a lift home?" He then asks as he turns to Erica, it was a lot earlier than he wanted to have to take her home, but his little brother always came first and right now he needed to be alone with his boyfriend and he would be lying if he said he didn't want to get Erica alone for a while himself.

"Well maybe not straight home." Erica responds with a sexy look, she knew it might seem a bit off given Ben's request, but she could see Mitch felt guilty and she wanted him to know it was alright and she honestly found his love for his family, especially his little brother a very endearing and attractive part of his personality.

"Ben I'm just going to drive Erica home, Carter and Wesley are just upstairs, so if you need anything just call me or shout up to them and we will come as fast as we can." Mitch then says, ignoring the sexy look Erica just gave him for a few moments, just to make sure his little brother knows what is happening.

"I love..." Ben tries to say, but starts to cry and both Erica and his brother look at him sadly.

"I love you too, remember if you need anything." Mitch then says after walking over to his little brother, he then leans down and kisses the top of his head, he then gets up and walks back over to Erica and gives her a quick kiss, before holding her hand and walking towards the front door.

"Tobias it's okay, you can eat it's not a trick." Sarah says in a soothing tone, she remembered that he always loved a fresh tuna salad and was happy to see it on the hotel menu, but so far he had just stared at it as if he was expecting it to be taken away the moment he reached for it.

"No trick?" Tobias then asks, looking at Sarah and she can see the little spark of hope in the boys eyes and smiles.

"No trick Tobias, it's yours and you can eat it." Sarah then answers in a loving tone.

"Not dreaming?" Tobias then asks and Sarah has to take a few moments to compose herself this time, it was heartbreaking to see him like this and she felt awful for thinking how she was going to be able to cope with him and her son, they were both traumatised, but in very different ways and was relieved to feel Mike's hand take her own under the table.

"This is real Tobias and you're safe now, I promise." Sarah then answers and watches as the boy looks back at his plate and starts to reach out with his hands, she can see that he is shaking a little and almost says something when she watches in surprise as he draws his hands back to pick up the fork and then nervously pokes his food with it for a few moments.

"You remembered." Tobias then says with a small smile and for the first time Sarah is sure there is real recognition in his eyes.

"I love you Tobias, of course I remembered and now I would really like it if you ate your food, can you do that for me Sweetheart?" Sarah then says, deciding to seize on small breakthrough and hopes it helps him relax a little.

"Me a good boy." Tobias answers with a grin and starts to eat his food and although Sarah is delighted to see him eating, she couldn't hide the worry on her face and doesn't realise her sister has been watching her.

"Sarah it's okay, he hasn't talked for over two years remember and it is going to take him a while to get his words out the right way and his actual speech is actually very good, which would have been more of a concern if he was slurring his words." Amy then states in a confident yet soft tone, she could tell why her sister looked so worried and was pleased to be able to put her mind to ease over this, although she was concerned about the boys other issues and again thought that Mitch could really be a good influence on the boys recovery.

"She is right Sarah and look how happy he looks and we just need to keep talking to him and answering his questions, no matter how he asks them." Mike then adds and gives her hand a gentle squeeze of support.

"More?" Tobias then asks and when they all look to him, they see that his plate is spotless and can't help but be surprised a little as it was a big plate. "Please?" He then asks and Sarah can see his bottom lip beginning to tremble a little.

"Of course Sweetheart, you can have as much to eat as you like and don't forget your drink, it's your favourite Tobias." Sarah quickly says in a loving tone, she could tell he was close to tears and they were making really good progress and she didn't want it to all go to waste.

"It gone, more please?" Tobias then asks and Sarah realises that his glass was actually empty.

"Yes Tobias, you can have more." Sarah replies with a warm smile, before getting the attention of one of the waiters and ordering some more food and decides to order two plates of tuna salad for Tobias this time.

"More?" Tobias asks again and Sarah can tell that he doesn't understand that he has to wait and can see the mixture of confusion and disappointment on his face.

"Yes, you just have to wait a few minutes Sweetheart and I got you two plates of tuna salad, you're very hungry aren't you." Sarah responds and reaches over the table with her free hand, although she doesn't take hold of his hand and instead just holds it in front of his to let him decide, both Mike and Amy try not to stare at him as his looks at Sarah's hand curiously, neither of them wants him to feel pressured.

"Me not talking well?" Tobias then says and stuns all three of them, although it was a sad statement and the look on the boys face was heartbreaking, the fact he was aware that he was having problems with his words was a very positive sign and they all smiled at him.

"Not yet Sweetheart, but you're getting better already and we all love you very much Tobias." Amy decides to answer, feeling that it would benefit him to hear from her and not just Sarah.

"Tobias, we understand what you're trying to tell us when you talk, it's okay that you can't quite use the right words, but like your aunty just said you're getting better and we are all here now to look after you." Mike then says, he could see what Amy was doing and felt like he should say something and he could see him looking at him now and suddenly wondered if he had just messed up again.

"You dad er... Ben dad?" Tobias then asks and without realising reaches out and holds Sarah's hand, who looks down and smiles when she feels his handing squeezing her own.

"Yes, I'm Ben's dad Tobias, do you remember who Ben is?" Mike responds and can't help being a little more brave and decides to ask about his son.

"Ben is er... friend er... Matt friend." Tobias replies, but instead of looking at Mike he turns to face Sarah again. "Matt here, me see Matt now?" He then asks, seemingly forgetting about Mike and Ben.

"Not yet Sweetheart, but soon I promise and he will be so happy to see you." Sarah responds and gently squeezes the boys hand, which causes him to look down quickly and pull his hand away and Sarah has to force herself to not show her disappointment at him moving his hand away.

"I been bad?" Tobias then asks and Sarah can't help but look at the boy sadly.

"No, you're a good boy Tobias and I love you, do you understand?" Sarah asks, all the while keeping her hand held out across the table and she can see him taking glances at it.

"More food?" Tobias then asks and just as Sarah is about to tell him to wait a little longer, she sees the waiter approaching with the food and pulls her arm back.

"Yes, here it is now Tobias and eat as much as you like Sweetheart." Sarah answers and gives him a loving smile as the plates of food are set in front of him and without waiting for anything else, he picks up his fork and starts eating with a big grin.

"Do you mind if I try something else Sarah?" Mike asks nervously, as he turns to look at her and can see that she is not to sure.

"It depends Mike, he just seems so I don't know, not quite here with us." Sarah responds honestly, he is definitely making progress and yet he seems to not quite reacting like any of this is really happening.

"I just want to see if he remembers Wesley, I think it will give us a good idea of how his memory and understanding of what is happening is right now." Mike then explains and can see her thinking it over, but it is Amy who speaks first.

"How would he know who Wesley is?" Amy asks, she couldn't possibly see how the two would have crossed paths with each other.

"A story for another time Amy, but they knew each other." Mike answers, but turns back to Sarah. "I don't see it doing any harm." He then states.

"Okay." Sarah answers, she knew he had a point and if the boy did remember Wesley it would be a great sign.

"Tobias, can I ask you something please?" Mike then asks, using a soft and warm tone as he turns to the boy, who gives him a curious look before going back to eating. "Please Tobias, it's really important." He then says and watches nervously as the boy continues to eat for a few moments before looking up at him.

"Okay." Tobias then says and looks Mike in the eyes with a small smile.

"Do you remember a boy called Wesley, you spoke to him on the computer, Wesley Fisher do you remember him Tobias?" Mike then asks and can see the boy is thinking, but instead of answering he just picks his fork up again and starts eating.

"Maybe later Mike." Sarah then says, as she takes his hand into her own again.

"Tobias please, do you remember him?" Mike asks again, he just couldn't help it and knew Sarah was giving him a cold stare.

"Wesley learn Latin, he nice boy." Tobias then says, causing Sarah to turn to him with a surprised but happy expression.

"He is a very nice boy Tobias and he is friends with Matt and Ben, do you understand?" Mike then says and instantly realises that he has to back off a bit, as he doesn't want to scare him.

"Me see Wesley?" Tobias then asks and all three of them can see the little bit of joy on the boys face.

"Yes, you will see Wesley and Matt and Ben, they are your friends Tobias." Mike answers and can't help but sigh a little in relief.

"Soon?" Tobias asks, before he slowly starts to eat again, but he keeps his eyes locked on Mike's as he does so.

"Yes soon, thank you for answering my question Tobias, you did very well and we are proud of you." Mike then says and can see that his praise hit home as the boy smiles with pride, before concentrating back on his food and is already starting the second plate.

"That was very well done Mike." Amy then states, she had suspected that the boy had been starved of love and when she saw his reaction to the praise it just confirmed it and she was pleasantly surprised by Mike and knew he had planned that out.

"Well I had to get something right at least once with these boys." Mike then says, with a hint of sadness in his voice and he is grateful of the squeeze Sarah gives his hand.

"Mike I think he should sleep with you tonight." Sarah then suggests and can see that both her sister and Mike are surprised by her words.

"Sarah, he needs to be with you, we still don't know if he is really aware of how real this is and if he wakes up in the night and sees me, who he doesn't know he could freak out." Mike responds and although he had a good idea of why she had suggested what she did, there was no other realistic choice than having him stay with her.

"We will all stay with him until he falls asleep, but I agree with Mike, he needs to be with you Sarah and I will be just next door and Mike is only a few doors down from me." Amy then states, she also had a good idea of why her sister had suggested he stayed with Mike, but Sarah had brought Matt up and despite her reluctance, Amy knew her sister was more than equipped to handle the boy and any issues that it entails.

"Me sleep good, I no bad boy." Tobias then states and all eyes quickly turn to him in surprise. "Me not talk good, me still hear good." He then adds, before reaching out for his juice and drinking it, while still staring at them.

"You're very good boy Tobias and we love you, you sleep with me tonight?" Sarah responds to the boy and suddenly becomes aware that she had started to talk like him and in a strange way it eased her concerns over his speech, if she could easily fall into copying his way of speaking than it was just a temporary thing and he would soon be speaking normally again she thought to herself.

"Me bath soon?" Tobias then asks and this time turns to Mike and both Sarah and Amy get the hint and can't help but smile at each other.

"Yes Tobias, after you're finished eating, you can have a bath." Mike answers with a friendly smile and can see the boys light up.

"My willy goes hard in the bath." Tobias then states before giggling, but when he looks up at Sarah and then Amy he turns bright red. "Sorry, me bad, sorry." He then says and starts to shake a little.

"Tobias it's okay, we love you and don't be afraid, we love you Sweetheart." Sarah quickly states in a sincere and loving tone and this time she gets up and walks around the table to cuddle him and smiles when he returns the embrace.

"Me missed you." Tobias then whispers in her ear and Sarah kisses the top of his head and then smiles to both her sister and Mike.

"I hope he won't mind that we used his bath salt things." Carter says, while he finishes getting dressed and watches as his boyfriend walks around the room naked and seemingly in no hurry to get dressed.

"They were nice though." Wesley answers and suddenly turns to find his boyfriend standing right in front of him.

"Get dressed Wesley." Carter then instructs his boyfriend, while he gently plays with his balls with one hand and rubs his bum with the other.

"I love you." Wesley then says and pulls away from his boyfriend, he knew he wasn't going to get anything other than teased if he stood there and he was worried about Ben, he hadn't seen him like that for a while and didn't want to leave him too long.

"I love you too, but I'm worried about Ben, he didn't look very good and we shouldn't leave him alone for much longer." Carter replies, while he watches his boyfriend getting dressed, unaware he had said the very thing his boyfriend was thinking.

"I would be the same if it was us and it was you and not Matt." Wesley then says, as he finishes getting dressed and walks back to his boyfriend.

"I would be for you as well." Carter responds, before kisses his boyfriend for a few moments. "Let's go down now though." He then says after they stop kissing.

"Please don't cry." Matt says, he had just woken up and was initially feeling better, until he both felt and heard his boyfriend crying. "Ben please don't." He then says, after getting no response and it is then that he notices that there is no one else in the room and wonders what happened.

"Matt?" Ben then says, but the tears are still rolling down his face as he sniffles a few more times.

"What happened?" Matt then asks, he was still a little groggy from his sleep and with his boyfriend crying and no one else around he was confused.

"I just got upset and asked them to go away for a little while." Ben manages to answers, after a few moments of composing himself.

"Sorry." Matt then says, knowing it must have been something he did and wished he wasn't so pathetic.

"Matt please don't, I just, I just... its my fault Matt, I have been bottling my feelings up again and they just came out and I need a few more minutes." Ben answers, before he starts to cry again and this time Matt understands and gently rubs his boyfriends arms and hands that are wrapped around him.

"Hey you're awake." Wesley states as he walks back into the living room with his boyfriend just behind him.

"Sshh, he just needs a few more minutes." Matt quickly says, although he realised it came out a lot more bluntly than he intended. "Sorry, just sit down and he will be alright in a few minutes." he then says in a softer tone and gives both his friends a warm smile.

"Okay sorry, but is he okay?" Wesley asks as he sits down.

"Sshh Wesley, let's just wait until Ben is ready to talk." Carter then says, as he sits on his boyfriends lap and lays back in his arms.

The boys all sit in silence for almost five minutes and while both Wesley and Carter feel a little awkward listening to their friend crying, they had a good idea now of what was happening and knew if it was the other way around then Ben would be there for them.

"You guys are the best." Ben suddenly says after sniffling a few times, he had heard his friends coming in to the room and couldn't believe that they had stayed to support him and he loved them so much for it.

"We love you Ben and you would do the same for us." Wesley then states, as he gently rubs his boyfriends stomach.

"Yeah Ben, You're the best and we love you." Carter then says with a warm smile, although his boyfriends hands are starting to cause him a potentially embarrassing situation because his arms are pinned by his boyfriends arms around his body and doesn't know how to get out of it without drawing attention to himself.

"Sorry for crying though." Ben then apologises as he looks to his two friends and can't help but notice Carter looking a little flustered and wonders if he is feeling alright.

"Well you shouldn't bottle things up then Ben." Wesley then says and although his tone is serious he is smiling at his friend.

"I know, but I was just so focused on this sexy and amazing angel, that I didn't even realise I was doing it." Ben answers and tilts his boyfriends face up and kisses him, seeing this Carter quickly makes the most of their distraction and shifts his position and manages to get his arms free and stop his boyfriend rubbing his stomach, but he was already hard so quickly moved off his boyfriend and sat on his side and leaned against his boyfriends chest.

"Carter has a boner." Matt then says in a teasing tone, after he looks back at his friends when he reluctantly finishes kissing his boyfriend because his neck started to hurt a little from the angle.

"What!" Carter states in surprise, there was no way his friend could have seen and couldn't believe he would point it out.

"I saw you getting excited and now you have moved and you're sitting weird, you never sit like that Carter." Matt then states with a grin, he knew he was being a little mean, but he wanted to try and lighten the mood.

"Leave him alone Matt, it doesn't matter if he has or not, let's just talk or something and not make fun of each other." Ben then says, normally it might have been fun teasing each other, but he could tell straight away that Carter wasn't taking it the way his boyfriend had obviously assumed he would and he didn't want anyone to fall out.

"Ben is right and I would much rather talk about Mitch getting himself a hot girlfriend than my boyfriends boner, even if it is the sexiest boner in the world." Wesley then states, not quite able to resist teasing his boyfriend a little.

"I haven't got a boner!" Carter protests, but yelps a little when he feels his boyfriend grabs a hold of it and squeeze it.

"You're beautiful." Wesley whispers after leaning down and kissing his ear.

"I like Erica, she is funny and really pretty." Matt decides to say, he couldn't quite hear what Wesley was whispering, but the way Carter blushed, it was something sweet or naughty.

"I'm just happy he found someone, I think he was a little lonely." Ben then says and everyone except Wesley looks at him in surprise.

"Well I'm not sure about lonely, but he definitely wanted to find someone to love and I think Erica really likes him." Wesley then states, he remembered the times he and Mitch had talked about how happy they were for Matt and Ben and how they hoped they found someone they could love like that.

"It's a bit embarrassing that she has seen us all naked." Carter then says, feeling a little happier now he isn't the centre of attention.

"Well at least she didn't give you a sponge bath and clean your boner Carter, that was so embarrassing." Matt then says and can't help but blush as he thought about it again.

"At least it was Erica who cleaned yours and not the creepy nurse who felt Mitch up, I swear she was trying to make me orgasm." Ben then says, deciding that while embarrassing the conversation was pretty funny and was taking their minds of the other stuff for a while.

"Oh wow, that nurse needs to be fired, like seriously and wait you two got boners?" Wesley then states, he has had several sponge baths and never got a boner, although admittedly most were before he could get boners and he couldn't remember the one he had after David had almost killed him.

"Yeah, Erica actually told her to stop and I think she even reported her, we should ask Mitch to find out if they fired her or not." Ben then says, he had actually felt a little scared and while no where even close to what his boyfriend had experienced, it did give him a tiny insight into what he might be feeling and it made him want to look after him even more.

"Hey where did Mitch go anyway?" Matt then asks, he had forgotten to ask where he and Erica had gone and it was now clear neither were in the house.

"He took Erica home in his car." Ben answers and can't help but kiss the top of his boyfriends head.

"Shouldn't he be back by now?" Matt then asks, after looking at the clock, he wasn't quite sure when he fell asleep but it was almost nine now and he was a little worried that there wasn't an adult with them, although as he looked across to Wesley, he knew that he was safe and then his boyfriend was hardly a wimp either and relaxed into his arms even more.

"I bet he didn't take her straight home and they are probably still kissing and stuff." Wesley then states with a sly smile.

"Stuff?" Ben asks and then instantly realises what his friend was hinting at. "Eww, no more talking about my brother doing that, it's weird and gross." He then says and doesn't miss the irony of what he just said and again thought about how his brother has been so amazing with him and Matt.

"But you're happy for him right, I mean you like Erica?" Carter then asks, he remembers that his friend had never liked his brothers girlfriends in the past and always seemed annoyed that his brother was giving them more attention then him.

"Yeah she is nice and Mitch looks so happy." Ben answers honestly, he didn't know if it was because it was just the fact Erica was nice or simply now that he had Matt, he wasn't so desperate for his brothers attention and love, but either way he was happy for his brother.

"What does cum taste like?" Matt then asks out of the blue and everyone looks at him in surprise.

"What?" Ben asks, just before either of his friends could ask the same thing, although he would be lying if he hadn't been waiting for the day his boyfriend could cum.

"Just curious, Wesley said it was gross and horrible when you know that thing happened before, but Carter can cum and er... you know he gives him you er... know, is it nice?" Matt explains and looks directly at Wesley as he finishes.

"Anyone else and I would tell them to fuck off asking that sort of question Matt, but I love everything about Carter and I mean everything." Wesley answers honestly and gives his friend a wink.

"I love everything about you as well." Carter then says and shifts his position again so that he is now laying on his back with his head on his boyfriends lap.

"I'm so jealous that you two can cum, I still think it is a little gross, but I love him so much and just know it will be magical." Ben then says and gets a strange look from his two friends, although his boyfriend is delighted with his boyfriends words as they mirror his own thoughts.

"Would I er... I mean er... maybe one time, you know er... when you move to your new house and er... maybe we could play strip poker and er... dares together?" Carter then nervously asks and surprises everyone, especially his boyfriend who wasn't sure if he wanted to share his boyfriend.

"I don't know about the dares, but strip poker could be fun." Matt answers, although he was only dismissing the idea of dares because of how limited he would be and knew he couldn't really do anything without being in pain.

"It could be fun and the four of us are comfortable with each other right?" Ben then says and starts to wonder why he didn't think of this idea.

"Actually I was thinking all of us, as in Barry, Patrick and Jordan, if we just play strip poker it would be more fun with more people right?" Carter then says and can't help but blush, it had been so long since the group had all been together and he genuinely thought it would be fun.

"I don't know, we are all gay." Wesley begins to say, but can see both his friends look at him. "Okay me and Carter are gay and you two are pansexual, but they are straight and might be a bit uncomfortable playing with us." He then quickly adds and can see his friends smiling, but he really wasn't keen on the whole idea, although if it was just strip poker he could be persuaded.

"We can asks though, if they say no then us four can play and we could do dares if we have rules about stuff." Ben then responds with a small smile, he hadn't seen the house or their pool house, but his dad had told them about it and he thought the living room would be perfect for strip poker and dares.

"Okay, honestly guys I don't want to share Carter, I don't mind strip poker but I don't want to do dares and have to see Carter do things with anyone else or have anyone else watch him doing stuff." Wesley suddenly says, surprising everyone into silence none of them expected Wesley to be against the idea, but it is Carter who recovers first.

"I love you so much and I don't want to do it either now." Carter then says, as he gets up on to his knees and kisses his boyfriend, he couldn't believe how his boyfriend wanted him all to himself and while it was a little controlling he just found it romantic and couldn't be happier. "I love you so much." He then says again and kisses his boyfriend again.

"I love you too, but strip poker could be fun, but I just want you for myself, you don't think I'm being selfish?" Wesley then asks and Carter can tell his boyfriend is feeling a little vulnerable and thought it was sweet.

"I want you all to myself, so if you're selfish than so am I." Carter replies honestly, before leaning in and kissing him again.

"We can talk about it again in a few weeks." Matt then states, deciding they should probably talk about something else.

"Well you two are staying for a sleepover after we move in to the house anyway, I mean not straight away but like a week or two later, us four can play then and then if we have fun, we can ask the others." Ben then suggests and can see his friends thinking about it.

"Okay, but just strip poker." Wesley responds and in the process, pulls his boyfriend back on to his lap so he is sitting on him again.

"Cool, but can you phone Mitch please Ben, I'm getting a little scared." Matt then says in a shy tone and looks down feeling a little stupid.

"Yeah sure, he is probably on his way anyway." Ben answers and pulls his phone out of his pocket.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed Matt, as much as I can kick ass and Ben can, I would feel a lot safer with Mitch here too." Wesley then says, although he isn't really that worried he could tell his friend was embarrassed and with all he had been through he couldn't blame him for being scared and would be the same in his situation and knew if he said what he did, then it would help his friend.

"You don't have to lie Wesley." Matt says and can't help but sniffle a little.

"Hey, fuck off Matt I'm not afraid to admit when I'm scared and while not as much as you might be, I would prefer to have Mitch with us and I'm actually a little angry he left us without letting us know when he was coming back." Wesley quickly retorts, putting more truth in this time and could see the surprised look on his friends face and can tell he made his point.

"Sorry, I just don't think right sometimes." Matt then says and is just about to wipe his eyes, when he feels his boyfriends hands already doing it for him and he can't help but smile.

"I have really enjoyed tonight Mitch." Erica says, as she runs her fingers over his chest and slowly works them down his body.

"So have I Erica and I wish we could be together longer, but I really should be getting back to the... oh... oh..." Mitch begins to say, but trails off when she runs her fingers over his jeans and groin.

"Stay a little longer." Erica then whispers in his ear and she can feel him getting harder and smiles.

"Oh shit... Erica stop, please." Mitch says in an almost pleading tone, he wanted this so much, but he wasn't meant to leave the boys and it had been over an hour now and needed to get back.

"It will be okay, they aren't babies Mitch and I really like you." Erica responds and this time moves over and straddles his thighs, although it is a bit awkward in the car, she manages to reach down and unbutton his jeans.

"I really like... Erica stop, just stop." Mitch then says and as much as he wanted this he couldn't let it happen and he could see the surprised look on her face.

"I see." Erica says in an annoyed tone and is about to get off him and out of the car when his hands hold her in place.

"I really like you Erica, more than I have ever liked anyone in my whole life and I want you so badly, but not like this Erica." Mitch decides to say, he has had many girls over the years and he didn't really care for any of them that much, but he felt something for Erica and wanted something more special.

"It's fine." Erica says, but again as she tries to get off she finds herself held in place, but is surprised by how soft his grip is and doesn't feel threatened in any way.

"Erica this is probably going to scare you off, but I think I could love you I really do and I don't want our first time to be in a car in the middle of nowhere and if that freaks you out then I understand, but I really want to do this right." Mitch decides to explain honestly and knows it is risky.

"Do it right?" Erica asks curiously, although inside she is feeling on top of the world, she was just caught in the moment and wasn't sure how serious Mitch was, but hearing him talk like this just made her heart skip a beat, she could really love him and she had never felt that way about anyone else before.

"I want to do the full works, movie, restaurant, romantic walk somewhere well er... romantic and I want to treat you like a queen and then if you wanted to I would take you to the most..." Mitch starts to explain, but his phone ringing interrupts him and he struggles to get to it with Erica sitting on him. "Oh shit it's Ben." He then says, when he sees who is calling him and begins to panic slightly.

"Come on Tobias you have to get dressed." Mike says for what feels like the hundredth time as he tries to catch the naked and wet boy, who on the plus side seems to be having the time of his life.

"Naked, naked can't catch me." Tobias squeals in delight and continues to easily avoid the man's attempts to grab him.

"Yes very funny, come on now and get dried and dressed Tobias." Mike then says and can't believe how quick the boy is and wonders how he had lost complete control of him.

"Naked, naked can't catch me." Tobias repeats and sticks his tongue out at the man, he was having so much fun having someone to play with and he thought the man look really funny with his red face.

"Well I see you're having fun Mike." Sarah then says, surprising Mike who hadn't heard her come in, she also notices that while Tobias is completely naked he is still wearing the necklace with the USB stick on it and smiles.

"Sarah?" Mike asks in surprise, as he sits on the bed to get his breath back a little.

"Sorry, but we were wondering what was taking you so long and well, I can see you're having a little problem." Sarah states, as she watches the young boy run round the room naked and looking happy.

"Well he is certainly a little bundle of energy." Mike states with a wry smile, he was a little embarrassed at being given the run around by the boy, but he could tell Sarah was just happy to see him having fun.

"Tobias sweetheart, come and get dry now please." Sarah then states and can't help but feel nervous when he stops in his tracks and stares at her.

"Me have to go back to scary place?" Tobias asks and both Mike and Sarah can see all the joy and happiness wash away from his face and feel so sorry for the poor boy.

"No, no you're safe now Sweetheart, you're staying with me now do you understand?" Sarah answers and slowly approaches the boy before kneeling in front of him.

"Play?" Tobias then says, as he looks past Sarah and towards Mike.

"Yes Tobias, want to play getting dressed?" Mike answers and smiles softly at the boy, who looks at him with a slightly confused expression.

"Me good boy?" Tobias then asks, this time looking at Sarah, he is still confused and is only starting to realise what is really happening, but he had been tricked so many times by his dreams that he just can't accept it is all real.

"You're a very good boy and we love you Tobias." Sarah answers and decides to be be brave and pulls the boy in and cuddles him tightly. "I love you Tobias and you're safe now, I promise." She then whispers in his ear.

"No trick?" Tobias then asks, he wanted to desperately believe it was real, but his mind wouldn't let him and he was getting a little frustrated with himself.

"Do you have your phone with you Sarah?" Mike then asks, he knew the boy needed reassurance and had an idea of what might help.

"Yes, but why?" Sarah answers in a curious tone.

"No trick?" Tobias repeats, in a slightly more forceful tone, he didn't like to be ignored and he was getting scared that this was a trick.

"No trick Tobias, you're safe now I promise." Sarah quickly answers, realising that she had scared him by not answering his question.

"Show him some pictures of Matt, I think it will help him accept what is happening." Mike then states and can see Tobias break from the embrace with Sarah and worries he has upset him.

"Matt here, me see Matt?" Tobias asks excitedly and looks between the two adults.

"Matt is not here, but look Tobias look it's Matt, you see?" Sarah answers, after quickly getting her phone out luckily her home screen was a picture of Matt, although she wasn't sure how Tobias would react to it, because it is a picture of Matt and Ben cuddling with Ben kissing her son on the cheek.

"Matt, that Matt and Ben." Tobias states, as he studies the picture and Sarah can tell that he is thinking about something.

"Yes you see, it's Matt and he loves you very much, just like me Tobias." Sarah then says and strokes the boys arm gently.

"Ben kiss Matt?" Tobias then asks and Sarah freezes for a few seconds, she had hoped he would just be happy to see Matt and not notice the embrace or kiss.

"Yes Ben kiss Matt, they love each other, do you understand what that means?" Sarah answers and knows it is a risky thing to ask him and wasn't sure what was going to happen next.

"Matt happy?" Tobias then asks, locking eyes with Sarah and she can't help but feel a little nervous and wished she had taken a few seconds to find a picture of just Matt on his own.

"Matt is very happy and so is Ben, they are boyfriends Tobias, do you understand what that means?" Mike then says, deciding that Sarah needed some help and support and felt while the topic had been brought up, they might as well see it through.

"Good, Matty happy is good, me happy think er... me er... me knew Ben would make Matt happy." Tobias then says and leaves both Mike and Sarah speechless for a few moments, especially Sarah who knew for six months Tobias had talked to her son after the move and the few times she watched or overheard them talking, she got the sense he was pushing her son to spend more time with Ben and wondered if he knew something might happen, Tobias was always an intuitive boy and seemed to be able to pick up on peoples feelings.

"Do you love Matt?" Sarah decides to asks, although it is a dangerous question, she felt like she had to ask now while he seemed to be focused.

"Me love Matt, we brothers and er... me love Matt like brother, Me right?" Tobias replies and looks at Sarah with a look of hope in his eyes, he did love Matt and loved him a lot but he remembered before he was taken away by David, that he loved him like a brother and not like he thought Matt loved Ben and then had his first moment of clarity for a very long time. "This real, you take me home and me family with you?" He then asks, finally allowing himself to believe this was not a trick.

"Yes, yes Tobias you're coming home with me and we are a family now." Sarah answers with a big grin and rubs both the boys arms and kisses him on the forehead.

"Matt er... we brothers?" Tobias then asks excitedly and begins to bounce on his feet a little.

"Yes you and Matt are brothers." Sarah answers and she can see the joy on his face.

"Ben and Mitch are also your brothers Tobias." Mike then adds, deciding that it was important to tell the boy and let him get used to idea before they took him home.

"Mitch big brother?" Tobias asks, managing to contain his happiness.

"Yes Mitch big brother and he is going to look after you for a while, do you understand what that means?" Mike then asks nervously after answering the boy, while he was making a lot of progress, he still thought it would be the best for everyone if Mitch took him under his wing for a while.

"Until me better?" Tobias answers, although he was a little scared and worried that he was being tricked and wouldn't see Matt and shook a little.

"You live with everyone Tobias, but Mitch look after you at night time, is that okay?" Sarah quickly states, she felt him shake a little and could see a little confusion on his face.

"Me see Matt and live Matt still?" Tobias then asks, he thinks he understands what they are trying to tell him, but he isn't quite sure what they mean.

"Yes, we all in same house Tobias, but Matt sleep Ben and you sleep Mitch okay." Sarah answers and again realises that she is talking like Tobias and has to hide the amusement by looking back to Mike, she didn't want to make Tobias think she was laughing at him.

"Matt and Ben boyfriend, me and Mitch brothers?" Tobias asks, he was now starting to think properly again and wanted to make sure he understood things.

"Yes Matt, Ben and Mitch are your brothers, but Ben and Matt are boyfriends, do you understand what that means Tobias?" Sarah answers and again tries to make sure he understands.

"Me miss my family, they dead yes?" Tobias then says, but before Sarah can answer she feels something warm and wet soaking through her dress and looks down and realises that he is wetting himself and when he follows her gaze he turns bright red.

"NO... ME NOT BAD... NO ME GOOD BOY... GOOD BOY... ME DON'T GO BACK TO SCARY PLACE... PLEASE I BE GOOD... I BE GOOD... ME PROMISE... PLEASE ME PROMISE." Tobias screams as he falls on to his bum and starts howling, he was terrified they would send him back. "ME GOOD BOY PLEASE... ME NOT WANT BACK... SCARY PLACE... PLEASE." He then screams out and Sarah quickly pulls him up and into a loving embrace.

"Sshh it's okay, it was an accident Tobias, I love you and we are going home, I promise you aren't going back to the scary place." Sarah states in a soothing tone and is glad when he stops screaming, but she can feel his body trembling and can hear him crying, but then something terrifying occurs to her, she had to take him back tomorrow and he would think she tricked him.

"I will run the bath again Sarah and bring him too you and Amy in a little while." Mike then says in a soft tone, as he leans down and picks the young boy up from her arms and can feel a few tears roll down his face.

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" Sarah then asks and Mike knows what she means straight away.

"We will talk about it later, but we have to go back and in the morning we will explain it to him." Mike answers, as he walks to the bath room with the boy still trembling in his arms.

"Okay." Sarah responds and slowly walks out of the room.

"Where were you?" Ben asks in an annoyed tone, as soon as his brother walks back into the house.

"Sorry, you guys were fine and well..." Mitch begins to answer, but is quickly cut off by his little brother.

"We were not fine, Matt was scared and you weren't meant to be that long." Ben almost hisses, although when his boyfriend shifts in his lap and gives him a gentle kiss, he calms down a little and knows he is over reacting. "Sorry, you just shouldn't have been gone so long." He then says, as he turns to his brother again.

"I know and I'm really sorry." Mitch says, before looking directly at Matt. "Please forgive me Matt, I should have known better and it won't happen again I promise." He then says in a sincere tone, he felt awful for not even considering the fact Matt would be scared.

"It's okay, Erica is nice though are you her boyfriend now?" Matt then responds, deciding to change the topic of conversation and smiles when the older boy blushes.

"I think so, I mean we both like each other and well yeah I guess she is my girlfriend, is that alright with you both?" Mitch answers, as he looks between his two little brothers, hoping they give their approval, especially Ben because he had never liked any girl he had brought home before.

"I like her and she is pretty." Matt answers honestly and smiles when he feels his boyfriends hands rub his stomach.

"Me too Mitch, she was so nice to me in the hospital and I'm so happy you found someone to love." Ben responds, but can't help but be curious when his brother blushes.

"Why are you blushing?" Wesley then asks, he and his boyfriend had stayed quiet through the conversation, but the older boys reaction piqued his interest enough to join the conversation.

"Oh well, it's too early for love boys, but I think I could love her and I think she might be the one." Mitch answers after turning to Wesley, he had almost forgotten the other two boys were there.

"Cool, but try not to get upset when she laughs at your little boner Mitch, I mean she has seen mine and you can hardly blame her for having high expectations." Wesley then states and somehow manages to keep a straight face, although his boyfriends giggling almost sets him off and the look on the older boys face was just priceless.

"Yeah maybe keep the lights off Mitch, that way she won't laugh at your tiny boner." Ben then teases and Mitch can't help but chuckle at the boys attempts to tease him.

"Hey, don't make fun of his tiny boner, not everyone has a giant one like me." Carter then states and for a few seconds he gets self conscious when everyone looks at him in silence, but just when he thinks he should have kept his mouth shut they all start laughing and when his boyfriend leans down and kisses him, he feels like the luckiest boy in the world.

"You boys are amazing and Carter I think Wesley is a very, very lucky boy to have you love him." Mitch then says, as he looks to the young boy with a genuine smile, he would be the first to admit he had underestimated and overlooked the tiny boy a few months ago, but he had quickly found a way into his heart and he really enjoyed his company now.

"I love him more than anything." Carter then replies with a big grin, he couldn't believe how much better his life has been ever since he started dating Wesley and he couldn't be happier.

"Ben, you and Matt need to go shower, me and these two will have a bit of fun talking about how lame you both are and then you can all go to bed." Mitch then says and can see the boys give him a funny look. "Oh come on boys, I know you won't be sleeping for a long time, but I'm totally beat and need to get some sleep and I trust you to not get carried away and to stay up too late." He then adds and can see the little sparkle in their eyes and knows they will be getting up to something that he would rather not think about.

"Matt you think you can get up the stairs?" Ben decides to ask his boyfriend, he knows their physio is over and his boyfriend has been pushing himself all day, but he just couldn't resist trying to get him to at least try.

"I will try, but I don't think I can get far, I'm really tired Ben." Matt answers and kisses his boyfriends nose, he knew what his boyfriend was doing and appreciated it, but he knew he would only be able to do a few steps.

"Even if you did one step, I would be proud of you." Ben then says sincerely and kisses his boyfriend for a few seconds.

They sit together for a few more minutes before Matt feels that he is ready to try the stairs, although he starts to feel a little self conscious that he is being watched and gives his boyfriend a quick look.

"Guys can you stop staring, he needs to concentrate." Ben then states, as he turns to his brother and two friends, who all just nod and sit back down, they didn't need to say anything and understood that Matt needed to be given space, although Mitch couldn't help but sneak a look from the doorway and watch as Matt tried to get up the stairs and was so proud of the way his little brother was looking after him.

To his own surprise Matt managed to get up five steps before his foot started hurting too much and was both surprised and happy that his boyfriend was already under his left arm to support him, without even having to say anything and again realised to how much his boyfriend knew him and cared for him, once they were in the bathroom he was treated to his boyfriend doing a sexy striptease for him and then enjoyed his boyfriend stripping him and especially enjoyed the blow job, before they eventually showered and met up with their two friends in their room, Mitch to their surprise did actually head straight to his room and after half an hour, Ben had confirmed he was sound asleep after sneaking into his room, the boys then spent the next few hours just talking and making jokes, although they were all completely naked and playing with their respective boyfriends boners, but it never progressed beyond that and they eventually fell asleep after another hour.

Two Days Later

"I still don't like this Dad." Mitch tells his dad, in a less than enthusiastic tone and he wasn't afraid to let his dad know what he thought of their idea.

"Tobias isn't ready Mitch and both me and Sarah think it would be a good chance for you and him to bond a little." Mike answers, he wished they were taking face to face, but they were still in the hotel and about to leave for the airport and his eldest son was at home.

"Ben isn't stupid and will want to know where I'm and you know I won't lie to him or Matt for that matter." Mitch responds, he could see his dads point, but living with Tobias on his own for a few days and away from his little brother and Matt, he just didn't see how they would keep it from the boys and it would be even more suspicious when either his dad or Sarah would be with him during the days.

"I know Mitch, but we just feel with Matt how he is and Tobias not quite himself, the two of them might struggle together and well please Mitch we need you on board with this and we wouldn't do this if we thought it wasn't the right thing to do." Mike then states, he would be lying if he said he didn't have doubts about this, but he had made his mind up and agreed with Sarah.

"I will, but we have to tell them soon Dad, I mean it I don't want to lie to anyone and you know I hate lying." Mitch answers honestly, a part of him though was looking forward to meeting Tobias and when his dad had told him about the boys behaviour it had reminded him a little of what his little brother was like after their mum died, although no where near as extreme as Tobias seems, it was close enough that he knew how to help him and he had to admit it would be easier with just the two of them.

"We are all moving into the new house either Friday or Saturday Mitch and you will see that this is for the best when the boys meet." Mike then states and smiles, although he can't help feeling a little stupid for smiling as he is on the phone and his eldest son can't see him.

"When will you be home and how are we going to do this, because I'm with the boys and you have Tobias?" Mitch then asks, his dad had told him earlier but he had forgotten already.

"I will come home and Sarah will take Tobias to the house, then you can head over there while I look after the boys and Sarah will eventually come home too, leaving you with Tobias." Mike answers, he and Sarah had spent the last two days talking to Tobias about Mitch and how he was going to look after him and help him get better and were pleased that he seemed to understand and he was starting to speak a little more clearly now, but his behaviour was still erratic and he had a few screaming fits and was obviously scared that he would be sent back to the orphanage, especially after they had to take him back each day, but they had stayed with him the entire time and it seemed to have helped him cope with being there.

"I still don't know if Ben will buy the excuse that I'm staying at a friends, maybe if I said I was staying with Erica he would believe that." Mitch then states and instantly realises what he just said, he hadn't told his dad about Erica, well it was obvious he knew he liked her, he had told him that much, but he hadn't told him they were dating now and wished he kept his mouth shut.

"So you're finally dating her then?" Mike asks, he could tease his eldest son but he was just happy for him and couldn't think of anyone better than Erica that his son could date.

"I asked her yesterday Dad and she just laughed and said she thought we were already dating, she is just great Dad and I think I'm really falling for her, she just makes me smile and knows how to make me laugh." Mitch answers with a grin, although he knew his dad couldn't see him.

"I'm happy for you Son and I..." Mike begins to say, but is cut off by his eldest son.

"Dad I have to go, Ben is coming and well bye and give me a call when you're back." Mitch says and doesn't give his dad a chance to reply before hanging up and just as he puts his phone in his pocket, his little brother walks into his room.

"Give my love to Mike when he gets back." Amy tells her sister, she wished she could go home with them, but she had already stayed two days longer than she should have and she had to go now.

"I will and thank you so much for finding him Amy, we owe you everything and I know this little devil will thank you when he is better." Sarah answers, as she looks down at the naked sleeping boy on her lap with a smile on her face.

"You don't owe me anything and I just wish I could stay, but for what it is worth I think what you're doing with Mitch and Tobias is the right thing to do, I was actually thinking of Mitch the other day and how he would be perfect to help Tobias through this and well I guess great minds think alike."Amy states with a smile and gives her sister a hug and a kiss, before leaning down and kissing the sleeping boy.

"I love you Amy." Sarah then says with a loving smile.

"I love you too and I will come visit soon, I promise." Amy responds and leaves the room with her suitcase.

"You okay little guy?" Mitch asks his little brother, who he notices is looking a little jaded.

"He is asleep again." Ben says in a tired tone, he had worked his boyfriend hard again and was so proud of him, but these last two days had been hard on him too and he needed some love from his brother.

"Come here." Mitch then tells him and holds his arms out, he understood what his little brother was looking for and was more than happy to give it to him.

"Thank you." Ben manages to say before the tears start flowing down his face, but as soon as his brothers arms close around him he feels a lot better and despite the tears he enjoyed the warm and loving embrace.

"You have been amazing Ben and I know we keep saying it and you probably don't believe us, but we are proud of you and because of you Matt is getting better a lot faster than anyone could have hoped for." Mitch then states in a sincere tone, Matt's recovery still had a long way to go, but he was well ahead of where the doctors thought he would be and he was proud of his little brother for pushing his boyfriend just the right amount to get him there.

"I heard you." Ben then says in a slightly sad tone.

"Heard me?" Mitch asks, although he knew exactly what his little brother meant, he was hoping he was wrong.

"They found Tobias and they aren't going to bring him here or tell us about him yet." Ben answers and this time he pulls away from the embrace enough to look his brother in the eyes.

"Ben you can't tell Matt, Tobias isn't ready yet and..." Mitch begins to tell his little brother but gets cut off.

"I won't tell him, but I won't lie to him either Mitch." Ben quickly states, he only heard his brother speaking on the phone, but it was enough to know that his brother didn't like the idea, but eventually agreed and whatever was said was enough to convince his brother, so it was enough for him to keep it a secret to.

"We are all moving into the new house on Friday Ben, maybe Saturday and when you and Matt go in the pool house I will be there with Tobias to surprise Matt." Mitch then tells his little brother, deciding he might as well tell him everything now.

"He is going to be so happy, but Mitch what is wrong with Tobias?" Ben then asks and looks at his brother with a little fear in his eyes, he had no idea where Tobias had been or what he has been through, but he knows his family died and he went missing and that gave him a sick feeling inside.

"I don't know exactly, but from what Dad told me it is similar to how you were after Mum died." Mitch answers and can see the sadness in his little brothers eyes as soon as he mentioned their mum.

"Like a baby?" Ben manages to answer and hold back the tears from the mention of their mum, it was still something he found hard to talk about and he knew it would be a long time until he gets past that.

"Well you weren't a baby Ben, but yeah he has reverted back to a child, to protect himself I would guess, Dad told me he has been in an orphanage for over two years and hasn't talked to anyone in that time and they had been given a false name, so he has basically been alone and scared with everyone calling him by the wrong name." Mitch explains, before pausing briefly to let his little brother take that in. "He wets himself a lot as well Dad said and while his speech is fine he is having trouble using the right words and forming sentences, but he has improved in the last two days." He then adds and decides that is enough to tell his little brother for now.

"Oh." Ben says, it was all he could think of to say as he tried to process everything, he was still in shock about the fact they found him, but now knowing he was traumatised worried him and he couldn't help but think that his boyfriend might put his old friend before himself and then there was the jealousy he felt and fear that his boyfriend would leave him for his old friend.

"You have nothing to worry about Ben." Mitch then says, he could see it all over his little brothers face and felt sorry for him.

"Huh?" Ben asks, not quite paying enough attention to realise the obvious meaning of his brothers words.

"Tobias knows you and Matt are boyfriends and understands what that means, he also refers to Matt as his brother so you really don't have to worry about Tobias taking Matt away from you and besides even if Tobias did try, there is no way Matt would leave you and I'm not just patronising you Ben, he loves you and despite what might have been between them, you're his whole world now and you know that I'm right." Mitch then explains and can see the small smile on his little brothers face.

"I know, but well I always liked Tobias, not that we ever really talked or anything, but I was around when he talked to Matt sometimes and he was so cool and well it will be cool to have him with us." Ben then says, he was still a little scared of losing his boyfriend, but he genuinely was excited that they had found Tobias and couldn't wait to see how happy Matt would be when he saw him at their new house.

"I just hope I can help him, I can't imagine what his life for the past few years must have been like, to be taken away and then find out your whole family is dead and well everything else I told you earlier." Mitch then tells his little brother, deciding to let his insecurities out of his system and hopefully move on and not doubt himself.

"Mitch if anyone can help him it is you, you're amazing at looking after me and the way you're with my friends and Matt is just proof that you can help him." Ben then decides to say, he wanted his brother to know he had complete faith in him and was delighted when he saw his brother smile at him and knew he made his point.

"Thank you." Mitch replies, before pulling his little brother closer and kisses the top of his head before just cuddling him tightly for a few moments.

"Mitch, when you said earlier that Tobias was staying with you, did you mean in your room?" Ben then asks after his brother lets him go, he isn't sure why he asked or even why he is curious, but for some reason the question popped into his head.

"At first yes, but hopefully in time he can move into his own room on the same floor as me." Mitch answers honestly, he wasn't sure why his little brother wanted to know and could tell by his face that his little brother didn't really know why he asked either.

"So he won't be living with me and Matt?" Ben then asks, although this time he knew what he was really asking and couldn't help feeling a little selfish, in not wanting Tobias to live with him and his boyfriend.

"No Ben, the pool house is for you and Matt only and for you two to have a private place, so you don't have to worry about Tobias living with you." Mitch answers, he couldn't help thinking it was cute how much his little brother was getting worried, but he knew he had to reassure him and he was more than happy to ease his fears.

"Erica will be able to help him too." Ben then states and can't help but grin a little at the look of surprise on his brothers face and the way he blushed at the mention of her name.

"Huh?" Mitch asks in response, he completely lost his train of thought at the mention of Erica and couldn't help but blush.

"Erica, I'm guessing you will invite her over to look after Tobias right." Ben then states, again grinning at the look on his brothers face and enjoyed being able to make him uncomfortable for a change instead of the other way around.

"It depends how Tobias is really and I don't want to scare him by having a stranger around him, it might get in the way of me trying to help him." Mitch responds honestly, he had thought about inviting Erica over and helping him, she was a nurse after all and could maybe actually help Tobias and at the very least give him a check over.

"She is a nurse though, she can help him and make sure he is okay." Ben then says, unaware had just said what his brother was thinking.

"That is true and well I will just wait and see, now why don't you get back to Matt, he might wake up and I know you don't like him waking up alone." Mitch then instructs his little brother, he actually needed a few moments alone and wanted to call Erica, so although he knew it was a dirty trick he knew the mention of Matt would get rid of his little brother quickly.

"Yeah, he tells me it's fine but I can see it in his eyes and I don't like him being scared." Ben responds and starts to walk to the door.

"I love you Ben and I'm so proud of you." Mitch then says and smiles when his little brother turns back to him, looking a mixture of proud and embarrassed.

"I love you too." Ben responds before leaving the room to return to his boyfriend.

As soon as his little brother closes the door behind him, Mitch lays back on his bed and sighs, he still had his doubts about being able to help Tobias, but he was determined to do his best and tried to think back to the days when his little brother had been so upset and unresponsive after their mums death, although those memories brought tears to his eyes, he ignored his own feelings as much as he could and tried to form a plan for the boy.

Six Hours Later

"Sarah?" Mitch calls out in a soft tone, he had just opened the front door of what is now his new home and was looking around nervously as he closed it behind himself.

"Mitch is that you?" Sarah responds, she knew the door was locked and the alarm activated, so it could only be Mike or Mitch and didn't see any reason for Mike to have returned instead of his eldest son.

"Yeah, where are you?" Mitch responds and as soon as he finishes speaking he sees her walk into the hallway.

"How are you?" Sarah asks in a warm tone, she was so pleased to see him and the little voice in her head that was telling her he would change his mind was finally silenced.

"I'm pretty good, but a little nervous." Mitch responds honestly and was just about to ask where Tobias was, when he saw the boy poke his head out from behind Sarah and instantly he saw how scared the boy was and instantly wanted to pick him up and comfort him.

"Big brother?" Tobias asks in a quiet and nervous tone and Mitch isn't sure if the boy is asking him or Sarah.

"Yes Tobias, come out and say hello to Mitch please." Sarah tells the boy, in a firm but friendly tone, she had learned that he responds well to direct orders and as long as you didn't raise your voice he would do as he was told.

"Hello Tobias, how are you little guy?" Mitch then states, after getting to his knees so he could be eye to eye with the boy, although when the boy did emerge from behind Sarah he had to hide his surprise at him being completely naked, with the exception of a necklace with what appeared to have a USB stick on it.

"Me good, you big brother of me?" Tobias responds with his own question and instantly Mitch understands what his dad had told him about how he talked and felt so sorry for him.

"If you want me to be, would you like me to be your big brother Tobias?" Mitch responds, deciding that this was a good way to judge if the boy is able to think properly or not.

"Me want that a er... me want yes." Tobias answers and blushes slightly, he was getting frustrated and embarrassed at struggling to speak correctly, he knew what he wanted to say and the words he wanted to use, but for some reason they just wouldn't come out right.

"I want you to be my little brother too." Mitch then tells the boy and holds his arms out, waiting to see how the boy reacts and just hoping he doesn't shy away or get scared.

"You help me speak good?" Tobias then asks, he is a little hesitant about the man in front of him, but he edges a little closer to him, but still doesn't quite pluck up the courage to cuddle him.

"I will help you use the right words, but I'm here because I want to look after you and care for you because you're my little brother Tobias, do you understand what I mean?" Mitch answers and again wants to test if the boy can understand what he is being told.

"Real brother, no pretend but real brother." Tobias answers and moves into the man's arms, but not quite close enough to cuddle, but Mitch understood that he had to let the boy embrace him and kept his arms where they were.

"Yes I love you and I will look after you and keep you safe." Mitch then states and can't help but smile up to Sarah as the boy wraps his arms around him and he quickly wraps his own around the boy and holds him tightly.

"I'm going to make us a drink, take him in the living room Mitch and I will be in shortly." Sarah then tells the young man, she was happy to see Tobias warm up to him so quickly and felt confident that she could leave them alone.

"Okay and thank you Sarah." Mitch responds with a warm smile and watches as she disappears down the hallway.

"Me wet myself lots." Tobias then says, he was embarrassed to tell the man about it, but he already felt comfortable with him and he liked how safe he felt in his arms.

"Not for much longer little guy, you have been through a lot and I will help you get better." Mitch responds and pulls back slightly from the embrace so he can look him in the eye. "You will get better very soon, I promise and I love you a lot." He then adds and surprises himself that he actually meant it and he could tell by the boys expression that he believed his words as well.

"Me get better, so can see Matt soon?" Tobias decides to ask, he understood what Sarah had told him about having to wait to see his best friend and new brother, but he still needed reassurance.

"You will see Matt in a few days Tobias, it doesn't matter if you aren't completely better or not, I promise that you will see him very soon and he is going to be very surprised and happy to see you." Mitch answers honestly in a warm and friendly tone, he was happy to see that apart from using the wrong words the boy seemed fine, well there were other problems like the bed wetting and he had been warned about his erratic mood swings, but that was hardly a surprise after everything he had been through.

"Me er... we go in room now for mummy?" Tobias then asks and Mitch can't help but be a little taken by surprise at his choice of words for Sarah and wondered if that was a good thing or not.

"Yes, can I carry you or do you want to walk on your own?" Mitch then asks, he wanted to carry the boy and thought it would help in their bonding, but he wasn't going to force him and wanted to give him a choice.

"Walk please." Tobias answers with a shy look, he actually wanted to be carried but he also wanted to show the man that he wasn't a baby and was surprised to find himself wanting to please his new big brother so much already.

"You're mad at me aren't you?" Ben asks his boyfriend, who was still staring at the present he had got him and thought that he hated it and was going to get angry with him.

"No." Matt answers, although the tone of his voice does little to reassure his boyfriend, but it wasn't that he was mad or angry at him, he was just stunned and it brought the reality of his future into perspective and he couldn't help but feel a little down.

"Matt we don't lie to each other, you don't like it and I can tell you're mad at me." Ben then states, he could see it all over his boyfriends face that he wasn't happy with the gift.

"It's not you Ben, it's just it makes it all real now and I can't pretend any more." Matt answers, without taking his eyes of his boyfriends gift.

"What do you mean pretend?" Ben asks in a confused tone, his boyfriend knew from the start he wouldn't be able to walk properly again and had seemed to accept it, but now he was just confused.

"I always hoped that I could be okay, but I really won't walk properly again will I?" Matt then asks, as he looks up to his boyfriend with a sad expression all over his face.

"I thought you knew that though." Ben responds, now feeling like a horrible person for buying his boyfriend a cane to use, he had spent all his savings from his birthdays and Christmas and the odd jobs he has sometimes does and thought the cane was perfect, it had a green gemstone in the handle that was the same colour as their eyes with the same inscription that was on their rings engraved with real gold and it had a nice design down the cane in the same colour as the gemstone, but now he just felt like he had upset his boyfriend.

"I know, but I still hoped they were wrong." Matt answers honestly, he hadn't fully accepted his fate and now that it was finally setting in he couldn't help but feel deflated and wanting to give up trying to get better.

"Me too Matt, but I don't care if you have a limp or whatever because you're alive and I don't have to live my life without you, I don't think I could live without you Matt, even if we were just friends because you're just a part of me that I never want to lose." Ben then tells his boyfriend from the heart and before he knows what is happening he is on his back and being kissed passionately and just melts into his boyfriend.

"I will never leave you, no matter what happens or what people try to do to me, me and you're forever Ben and I love you so much." Matt then states from the heart, after breaking the kiss and looking down at his boyfriend, who after a few seconds of smiling starts to look at his boyfriend in concern.

"Are you okay?" Ben asks in a concerned tone, his boyfriend had started to turn a little pale.

"I think I'm going to be..." Matt begins to answer, but before he can finish he vomits all over his boyfriend and falls to the side coughing a little.

"Oh fuck, are you alright, should I call an ambulance?" Ben asks in a concerned and frightened tone, totally ignoring the fact he has his boyfriends vomit all over his face and chest and instead just concentrating fully on his boyfriend.

"No, sorry I'm good, well I think I might be sick again but it's okay Ben I promise." Matt answers, he had been sick a few times since being home, but this was the first time in front of his boyfriend and his mum had already asked the doctors and said that he would be okay and it was just a side effect of the painkillers he was taking and how hard he was pushing himself with the physio.

"I should call them though, just in case Matt." Ben tells his boyfriend, he wasn't going to take any chances with his boyfriends health.

"No, Ben trust me I'm fine and Mum already talked to them the other day, it's just the painkillers and all the physio, we don't lie to each other Ben and I promised that I would never leave you remember." Matt quickly states, as he reaches out and grabs his boyfriends hand to stop him getting up.

"Okay, I love you." Ben responds and begins to lean in for a kiss, when he sees his boyfriend flinch a little and pull away. "What's wrong?" He then asks, feeling a little hurt as well as concerned.

"You need a shower, you kind of look gross and smell bad." Matt answers with a grin and can't help but giggle when his boyfriend realises he is still covered in vomit.

"Eww gross, I can't believe you were sick all over my face." Ben states, as he pulls his top off and uses it to wipe his face, although it mostly just smears the vomit around his face instead of cleaning it.

"Sorry, but Ben I really like your present and the colour, it matches our eyes." Matt then states as he looks at the cane again, he couldn't deny that at first it had saddened him and he did feel depressed about what it symbolized, but now he had talked with his boyfriend he could look at it for what it really was and found himself loving it and his boyfriend even more, it wasn't just his boyfriend going out and getting him some crappy stick, this cane was special and his boyfriend had obviously spent a lot of money getting one with the design and colour to match both their eyes colour.

"Look closely at the handle." Ben then tells his boyfriend, he was delighted to see that he genuinely liked his present and couldn't wait for him to see the surprise on his face when he saw the inscription.

"Amor Vincit Omnia." Matt says, as he reads the words on the handle and he could already feel the tears falling down his cheeks, he then looked down at his own ring and then at his boyfriends, he had become so used to wearing it that he often forgot that it was even there, it was just a part of him just like the ring on his boyfriends finger was a part of him.

"I hoped that you would like it." Ben then says and this time when he leans in for a kiss, his boyfriend doesn't back away and instead kisses him back.

"You taste so gross." Matt then says with a big grin, as he pulls away from the kiss and despite the horrible taste of his own vomit on his boyfriends lips, he doesn't care and just loves him even more.

"Yeah my sexy and amazing boyfriend was sick all over me, but it's okay because he is going to get off his sexy bum and go turn the shower on and then strip for me." Ben responds with a naughty but shy smile and is delighted to see his boyfriends eyes light up, but then just as quickly it is replaced by a sad expression and he grows concerned again.

"We are downstairs." Matt then states in an almost defeated and despondent tone, he had still not been able to get up the stairs on his own and although he put on a brave face it upset him to be so useless, despite knowing it wasn't his fault and that he would get there soon.

"Then get moving and just to make me feel better for vomiting all over me, you can strip now and then get up the stairs." Ben responds with a serious look to match the firmness in his voice, he knew exactly what his boyfriend meant and what he was thinking, so he decided to up the ante and really through the gauntlet down for his boyfriend.

"But your dad will be back soon." Matt responds, he would be mortified if Mike came home and he was stuck on the stairs completely naked.

"Then you better get naked now and get up the stairs, or I'm going to strip you and leave you down here without any clothes." Ben responds and rolls on top of his boyfriend and begins to push his top off, although he has no intention of actually following through with his threat, he just wanted to try and push his boyfriend.

"Okay stop, I will do it but you have to come with me and be naked as well." Matt then responds and could see the surprised look on his boyfriends face, he knew his boyfriend was always behind him when he tried to get up the stairs, so if his boyfriend was naked then Mike would see his boyfriend instead of him and he could see his boyfriend had already worked it out.

"Deal." Ben responds, he knew if his dad came home there would be no hiding place for him, but he was dedicated to getting his boyfriend well again and if getting seen naked by him was the price he had to pay, than it was worth it in his mind.

"Really?" Matt asks in response, he was sure he had got himself out of having to go up the stairs, let alone naked and now his plan had backfired.

"Matt I want you to get better and that means you have to work hard, I would go to school naked if I thought it would help you get better." Ben replies honestly, there was nothing he wouldn't do for his boyfriend and to show it he stood up and quickly stripped naked and stood above his boyfriend with his hand held out.

"Okay, but take my cane with you, I want to practice with it in our room and then maybe tomorrow we can go for a walk." Matt then says, he was still scared of going outside, but he wanted to try and with the cane he should be able to last longer before he got tired and his foot and pelvis got too painful.

"Deal, but we won't go far and I don't want you to pretend you're okay if we do go for a walk Matt, if you get scared or frightened tell me and we will come home." Ben responds and can already tell his boyfriend is going to say something about being fine and okay. "I mean it Matt, you know I push you hard and want you to get better, but that is to help you walk and move around easier again, the head stuff is different and we agreed to take it slowly, so promise me you will tell me if you get too scared or frightened." He then adds and looks at his boyfriend with a serious expression to let him know he means what he is saying.

"I promise, now help me up and take my clothes off, Little Matty would also like a kiss." Matt responds with a naughty grin, he couldn't help but at least try and get something out of admitting he gets scared of being outside.

Ben doesn't bother to respond and just pulls his boyfriend to his feet, where he quickly pulls his boyfriends clothes off until he is standing in just his tighty whiteys, Ben loved that his boyfriend wore them and hoped that he always would, he just looked so sexy in them and the way his penis and balls pushed against the fabric so you could clearly see them, but without actually seeing them just made him hard and when he looked down he saw that he had got a boner.

"Little Matty wants his kiss." Matt says, he was getting hard now after looking down to see that his kneeling boyfriend had a boner and he just wanted him to remove his tighty whiteys and let his boner spring free.

Without saying anything again, Ben slowly pulls his boyfriends underwear down and then off before quickly taking his boyfriends boner into his mouth, he can feel his boyfriend trying to move away but he had only one thing on his mind now and he reached around and held his boyfriends bum to hold him in place and continued to suck and could hear him almost pleading him to stop in between moans and whimpers, but he continued and knew it wouldn't take much longer when he starts to feel his boyfriends body tense and could feel his boner twitching in his mouth and thought he could taste something, but figured it was just the vomit from earlier and didn't give it any more thought.

"AARRGGHH... FUCK... YES... FUCK... YES... AARRGGHH.... FUCK YES OHHH... FUCKING... AWESOME... YES!" Matt suddenly calls out, although he manages to get his arm over his mouth to muffle the sound slightly, but he felt himself lose balance and if it wasn't for his boyfriend holding him then he would have hurt himself falling to the ground. "Oh fucking hell, I need to lay down, fuck fuck fuck that felt good, so good Ben." He then adds, he was feeling exhausted but at the same time he was just full of joy and felt amazing as his body was tingling with pleasure.

"Oh shit sorry, I didn't think shit." Ben then says and despite his exhaustion and feeling of pleasure, Matt can't help but be confused by his boyfriends apology.

"That was awesome, why are you sorry?" Matt asks, while running his fingers through his boyfriends hair, he was still getting the tingling feelings and his heart was racing, but he was trying to get himself together.

"Because there is no way you're getting up the stairs now, you can barely even stand." Ben answers and looks up at his boyfriend with a guilty expression.

"Then it's my turn to push you, carry me up the stairs before your dad gets home and I will hold my cane." Matt then instructs his boyfriend and smiles at the surprised look on his face.

"Okay, but tomorrow you're going to get up and down the stairs on your own, deal?" Ben responds with his own question and was delighted when he saw his boyfriends eyes sparkle in agreement.

"Deal, now take me upstairs slave." Matt responds and sticks his tongue out.

"Yes Sir, by the way you sound so cute when you orgasm." Ben responds and quickly lifts his boyfriend over his shoulder and starts to walk out of the living room.

"Hey, my cane you creep." Matt calls out and gives his boyfriends bum a gently swat, which he thinks is funny and was sure his boyfriend hadn't thought of the advantage he had at being able to slap his bum, but when he feels a slap on his own bum he realises that he is in a vulnerable position himself and now knows that his boyfriend has the better position for spankings.

"Your bum looks so cute and I can play with Little Matty and your balls." Ben then states and as if proving his point he massages each of them in turn as he walks over to his boyfriends new cane, trying not to giggle too much at the moans from his boyfriend.

"Stop it." Matt then says, but his moaning and giggling just encourage his boyfriend he continues to fondle him all the way through the hallway and up the stairs. "Holy shit, not again, stop Ben shit wow it feels so good... oh fuck, fuck it." He then calls out, as Ben focuses on just stroking his boyfriends now rock penis again and from the angle and position he can tell his boyfriend is getting even more pleasure.

"Sshh, just enjoy it and..." Ben begins to say, but is swiftly cut off by his boyfriends body tensing and shuddering before he shouts out.

"AARRGGHH... SHIT FUCKING HELL... FUCK AARRGGHH FUCKI... STOP... STOP IT... FUCK!" Matt calls out, before whimpering in disappointment, he was still sensitive from the blow job and from this position his boner was at a weird angle and it made it almost painfully pleasurable, but he was disappointed that his boyfriend had stopped before finishing him off and he was now panting hard, as he was carried into the bathroom and laid surprisingly gently into the bathtub.

"Fuck you look and sound so sexy." Ben tells his boyfriend, as he reaches over and turns the shower on and watches as his boyfriend twitches a little under the water and giggles when he lets out little whimpers, he then walks back over to the door and locks it before walking back to his boyfriend and climbing into the tub, laying on top of his still panting boyfriend and just kisses him deeply while the water crashes over them and soon turns his thoughts back to his boyfriends boner, he had stopped just short of giving him an orgasm on purpose and breaks the kiss, giggling at his boyfriends moan of disapproval, but he refocuses and kisses his way down his boyfriends body and quickly engulfs his boyfriends boner again and begins to suck him.

"Oh fuck no, no Ben please." Matt pleads, after realising what was happening but it was clear he was going to be having another orgasm, but after one already and being edged so close last time he just felt so sensitive and the water wasn't helping as his whole body tingled in please and when he feels one of his boyfriends hands at his nipple and the other rolling his balls, he knows he isn't going to last long and after just a few minutes he can't stop it any longer. "Oh fuck yeah, I mean no stop, stop... OH FUCKING HELL YEAH... STOP... NO DON'T... DON'T STOP YEAH... FUCK FUCK BEN... I... I... I LOVE YOU... AARRGGHH FUCKING HELL YEAH!" He then screams out and just closes his eyes as he struggles to stay conscious, he didn't even have the energy to tell his boyfriend to leave him alone and could only lay back twitching and panting as he felt his now soft penis still being sucked without mercy, until he finally did see stars and blacked out.

"Oh fuck please wake up, shit I'm so sorry Matt, please wake up." Ben says again, in a soft and soothing tone, he couldn't believe what happened when his boyfriend orgasmed and just couldn't leave his boyfriends penis alone and had no idea how long he had been sucking him, when he actually realised that he had passed out, he hadn't even noticed his penis was even soft because he just couldn't stop himself and when he did, he just felt awful and had quickly got up to turn the shower off and then carried his boyfriend to their bed to lay him down and was now just trying to wake his boyfriend up. "Please wake up, Matt you're scaring me please wake up." He then repeats and lets out a sigh of relief when he sees his boyfriends eyes flutter.

"No more please." Matt barely manages to say above a whisper and Ben can't help but instantly feel guilty, his boyfriend was absolutely exhausted and it was his fault.

"I'm so sorry, I just couldn't get enough of your cum, it tasted so nice." Ben apologises and almost jumps back when his boyfriends eyes open wide in surprise and lock on to his own.

"My cum?" Matt asks in complete surprise, he was still exhausted but his boyfriends words shocked him enough to focus his attention.

"Yeah you can cum Matt and I got to taste your first ever cum." Ben answers excitedly, he couldn't believe his boyfriend could cum now, he had waited so long now for it to happen and it was better than he could have hoped for and it tasted so nice, although he couldn't quite figure out how to define the flavour, it was just nice and he wanted more.

"Holy fuck, I can cum?" Matt then asks, he just couldn't believe it and was so happy and even more ecstatic that his boyfriend got to taste it, they had talked about it many times and neither of them masturbated themselves or did anything like that alone just in case they did cum and the other would miss it, so he was so happy to give his boyfriend what they both saw as a part of their soul and essence.

"Yeah and it was the best thing ever and I think I sort of made you pass out." Ben answers and looks at his boyfriend sheepishly, he had been so focused on trying to get more cum that he had gone to far, but it was clear he hadn't hurt his boyfriend and he was just now happy with what happened.

"It felt so good, now get those briefs off and lay down, I want to see if you can cum too." Matt then instructs his boyfriend, he was tired but he was already recovering and his need to taste his boyfriend was too strong to ignore and as he sat up on his elbows, he licked his lips at seeing his now naked boyfriend laying on their bed waiting for him and just as he had positioned himself between his legs his heart sank when the front door opened and closed.

"Boys, are you there?" Mike calls out and both boys giggle at each other after both moan in disappointment, although Ben lets out a surprised moan as he feels his boyfriends mouth engulf his boner and can't believe what he is doing.

"Matt fuck, oh fuck yeah, but no my Dad, fuck Matt stop my Dad." Ben calls out, pleading with his boyfriend to stop, although if truth be told he didn't want it to end and even though he could easily push his boyfriend away, he just couldn't bring himself to physically stop him.

"Boys, where are you?" Mike calls out again and despite his boyfriends mouth working wonders, Ben knows they have to stop.

"Matt stop, now stop it." Ben says in a firmer tone, despite a massive part of his brain telling him to shut up and enjoy himself, he shifted his position and pushed his boyfriend away, who just looked at him with a confused and disappointed expression.

"What's wrong, did I bite you again?" Matt asks, he had totally forgot Mike had come home and was so focused on seeing if his boyfriend could cum, that he hadn't even heard him call out the second time.

"No you dumb ass, my Dad is calling for us, now find something to wear for us." Ben answers and gets up of the bed and walks over to the door and cracks it open enough to stick his head out. "We are up here Dad, we just got out of the shower and will be down in a minute." He then shouts out and waits patiently for him reply, although when he feels his boyfriend somehow move between the door and his body, then feels his boner being sucked with the door open and head still hanging in the landing, he knows he can't tell him to stop and his hands are on the door to keep it in place and to support himself.

"Okay Son, I'm going to put some chicken and chips on, so I hope you two are hungry." Mike replies and Ben has to try really hard to not moan or whimper out aloud, let alone reply to her. "Ben did you hear me?" He then calls out again, as he walks to the bottom of the stairs and is just about to start walking up.

"Yeah er... yeah sorry we will be down in like five minutes and we haven't eaten all day." Ben finally manages to answer, although he had upped the time to five minutes because he was getting to the point of no return and couldn't bare sitting down eating with his dad, while being so close to an orgasm and knew he wouldn't be able to make his boner go down unless his boyfriend finished him off and at the rate he was sucking and playing with his balls, it wasn't going to be long.

"Okay, take your time I will call you when I want you to come down." Mike then calls up, before turning away from the stairs and walking into the kitchen.

"Get off Matt." Ben then says after closing the door, he didn't want it to come out so bluntly, but he wanted to lay down and cover his mouth and he couldn't do either where they were at the moment.

"Sorry." Matt responds after leaning back on his heels, before grimacing and quickly shifting his position while holding his left foot and can't help but sniffle a little to try and not cry, that really hurt and his foot was throbbing a little.

"Oh fuck, hold on Matt." Ben quickly says and without hesitation he picks his boyfriend up and takes him to their bed and lays him down gently. "Should I get my Dad?" He then asks, he can tell his boyfriend hurt himself and all thoughts of his own pleasure instantly disappeared.

"No, just give me a few seconds, I just put too much weight on it." Matt answers, but his voice was full of strain as he tried to hide the pain he was in.

"We don't lie to each other Matt." Ben responds and despite his boyfriend obviously being in pain, he wasn't going to let him off lying to him.

"Okay it hurts like a bitch, but it will be fine I promise, now lay down and get a boner, I want to see if you can cum." Matt responds as he lays on his back and puts his arms over his eyes, he just needed a few moments to let his foot settle down.

"Sorry if I can't." Ben then says in a sad tone, which gets his boyfriends full attention, Matt hadn't thought about how his boyfriend might feel if he couldn't cum and really felt guilty and selfish, they both knew it could be years and while it didn't really matter and wouldn't stop him loving his boyfriend, he knew his boyfriend would feel self conscious the longer it took and knowing both Carter and Wesley can cum, would make it even harder for his boyfriend.

"Hey, don't be a moron, we talked about this Ben and know it could be years, yeah I can cum now which is amazing and I really hope you can too, but it's not important because I love you and nothing you do would ever change that, so please don't worry or think you aren't giving me what I want, because every second of every minute of every hour of every day that you're with me and loving me is all I want and will ever want Ben, you and me are forever." Matt responds from the heart, he wanted to make his boyfriend understand what he means to him and that he will love him forever.

"You're beautiful." Ben then says and when Matt looks over he is met with a deep and passionate kiss that lasts for almost ten minutes before they break apart and neither of them can stop looking into the others eyes.

"Lay back now." Matt states and gently pushes his boyfriend on to his back.

"Okay." Ben responds and watches his boyfriend kissing his way down his body and just as he engulfs his waiting boner the door suddenly opens.

"Holy shit er... shit sorry, I'm so so sorry, shit." Mike stutters, as he realises what he has just walked into and is mortified and angry at himself for not knocking, he was going to but as it was silent he thought they weren't up to anything.

"Oww, shit ouch fuck." Ben then cries out, as a sharp pain shoots through his penis and his hands immediately go down to his penis.

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