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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 2

June 2015

"Okay, it hurts like a bitch, but it will be fine I promise, now lay down and get a boner, I want to see if you can cum." Matt responds as he lays on his back and puts his arms over his eyes, he just needed a few moments to let his foot settle down.

"Sorry if I can't." Ben then says in a sad tone, which gets his boyfriends full attention, Matt hadn't thought about how his boyfriend might feel if he couldn't cum and really felt guilty and selfish, they both knew it could be years and while it didn't really matter and wouldn't stop him loving his boyfriend, he knew his boyfriend would feel self conscious the longer it took and knowing both Carter and Wesley can cum, would make it even harder for his boyfriend.

"Hey, don't be a moron, we talked about this Ben and know it could be years, yeah I can cum now which is amazing and I really hope you can too, but it's not important because I love you and nothing you do would ever change that, so please don't worry or think you aren't giving me what I want, because every second of every minute of every hour of every day that you're with me and loving me is all I want and will ever want Ben, you and me are forever." Matt responds from the heart, he wanted to make his boyfriend understand what he means to him and that he will love him forever.

"You're beautiful." Ben then says and when Matt looks over he is met with a deep and passionate kiss that lasts for almost ten minutes before they break apart and neither of them can stop looking into the others eyes.

"Lay back now." Matt states and gently pushes his boyfriend on to his back.

"Okay." Ben responds and watches his boyfriend kissing his way down his body and just as he engulfs his waiting boner the door suddenly opens.

"Holy shit er... shit sorry, I'm so so sorry, shit." Mike stutters, as he realises what he has just walked into and is mortified and angry at himself for not knocking, he was going to but as it was silent he thought they weren't up to anything.

"Oww, shit ouch fuck." Ben then cries out, as a sharp pain shoots through his penis and his hands immediately go down to his groin.

"Tobias why are you naked?" Mitch asks the boy in a warm and soft tone, they had been talking for almost half an hour now and while he was still struggling with his words, it was clear he understood everything he was being told and Mitch felt confident enough now to ask him some more personal questions.

"Me not er... naked bad?" Tobias asks with a worried expression, he thought things were going well and he really liked Mitch, but he was still on edge and just waiting for everything to go wrong and end back at the scary place all alone again.

"No it's not bad Tobias, but you shouldn't be naked all the time and you understand that you should wear clothes outside don't you." Mitch answers with a friendly smile, although he was finding it hard to talk normally to the boy, it was just so easy to slip into what can only be described as baby talk, that it took him a lot of effort to avoid doing it himself.

"Me want to be good boy, me get dressed now?" Tobias then asks, understanding that maybe he shouldn't be naked, despite feeling comfortable without any clothes on.

"Not just yet, but can I ask you something else?" Mitch then asks, feeling happy enough that he had dealt with the naked thing and the smile from Sarah makes him relax even more, she had just watched them both interact as much as possible and only joined in the conversation when Tobias turned to her or talked to her directly.

"Me answer questions, like good boy, me good boy Mitch." Tobias answers with a smile and Mitch can't help but find him endearing and smiled back at him.

"Where did you get the necklace?" Mitch asks, he was going to asks Sarah, but they haven't had a chance to be alone yet and he couldn't help but be curious about the USB stick around the boys neck.

"Hear sing Matt." Tobias answers, but while he smiles at the boy warmly Mitch doesn't quite understand what he is being told and gives Sarah a quick look for some help.

"Matt recorded him a song before we left England Mitch, Tobias hasn't taken it off ever since according to the Orphanage staff we have talked with." Sarah explains, after seeing the confused look on the young man's face and was happy to be able to help him understand.

"Me hear Matt sing please?" Tobias then asks, he hadn't actually been able to listen to the song since the night before he was taken away and had to settle for just having it next to his heart instead since then.

"Why don't you go get dressed Tobias and I will go get my computer from my car." Mitch responds and ruffles the boys hair, he actually wouldn't mind hearing it himself and wondered what Matt sounded like back then.

"Me hear Matt?" Tobias then asks in a hopeful tone, not quite understanding what he was being told, but was still excited as it had been so long and he had started to think that he might never hear it again.

"If you go get dressed Buddy." Mitch answers, before getting to his feet and helping the boy off the chair.

"Me be back." Tobias then states, before giving Mitch a quick cuddle and running out of the room and up the stairs.

"Well done Mitch, you're doing so well." Sarah then states, as she stands up and gives the young man a warm cuddle after walking over to him.

"Thank you Sarah and he is just so adorable, but I think we need to try and get the naked thing under control, has he been like that since you found him?" Mitch asks in response, he was blushing slightly from the compliment and was also proud of himself for seemingly bonding with the boy so well already.

"Yes and no, just wait until you give him a bath though Mitch, you're in for a treat and a half if you dad's experience is anything to go by." Sarah answers and gives the young man a quick wink before walking out of the room and into the kitchen smiling, as she knows that he will be wondering what she meant by that.

"Ben are you alright, oh fuck let me have a look." Mike says, as he quickly goes over to his son who is sniffling a little and holding his groin, he also takes a quick look at Matt who he notices has covered himself up in the bed sheets, looking scared and he could see a little blood on his mouth.

"GET OUT DAD... GET OUT NOW!" Ben shouts back in response, he was in a little bit of pain and needed help but he didn't want his dad anywhere near him and he knew he would be fine, this wasn't the first time one of them accidentally bit the other and despite knowing he was bleeding, he knows it's not that bad.

"Ben just let me have a look please." Mike says as he tries again to get a look at his youngest son, he felt awful for just walking into the room and knew he should know better to respect their privacy.

"GET OUT NOW!" Ben shouts again, he wanted him out of the room as soon as possible and wasn't in the mood to ask nicely.

"Mike please, he will be fine I promise." Matt then says, as he surprises Mike by grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the door.

"But I... I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking and..." Mike begins to apologise, but is cut off by the young boy.

"Just go, I will look after him and you might want to leave us alone until tomorrow." Matt states in a serious tone, he was actually trembling a little and was still half in shock at Mike walking in on them, but after covering himself with the sheets so his boyfriends dad wouldn't see all his scars he had composed himself enough to know his boyfriend needed him and he was determined to keep himself together. "Just go Mike." He then repeats, as he pulls his boyfriends dad into the landing, making sure not to let the sheet slip, he couldn't bare someone other than his boyfriend seeing his scars and just gives the man a sad look before walking back into his and his boyfriends bedroom, making sure to shut and lock the door behind himself.

"Fucking hell Matt, I can't believe you bit me again." Ben then says, as he looks over to see his boyfriend walking back towards him, he still can't quite bring himself to move his hands away from his groin, but despite the fact he is definitely bleeding, he isn't too concerned by it, well not as much as he was at seeing his boyfriend wrapped in the sheet and knew it was because of his scars and felt so sad for him, but he knew it was something he would have to try and deal with another time.

"He scared the shit out of me, I thought you locked the door?" Matt responds, as he sits beside his boyfriend and lets the sheet fall on to the bed before moving his boyfriends hands away to look at the damage.

"I was a little distracted by a sexy little pervert sucking my dick to remember." Ben replies, letting his boyfriend inspect his now soft penis, while still avoiding looking himself.

"Well looks like I will have to wait a while to see if you can cum, but I think you bit me worse last time to be honest." Matt then states, as he leans down and gives his boyfriends penis a little kiss, before looking up and smiling at him.

"You sure?" Ben then asks, he doesn't doubt his boyfriend, but this was his penis and he couldn't help but want to be one hundred percent sure.

"Yeah, I just think the blood makes it look worse, but it's fine I promise." Matt answers and moves up the bed so he is laying beside his boyfriend. "Sorry I bit you." He then adds with a shy smile.

"It's fine, well it hurts but it's fine and besides I think that makes us even now." Ben responds and smiles at his boyfriend before kissing him.

"Let's get dressed and go see your dad, he looked really upset and worried." Matt then says, surprising his boyfriend enough to give him a funny look.

"You told him to leave us alone until tomorrow though." Ben states in a surprised tone, he had heard his boyfriend talking to his dad and was confused by him suggesting they go see him now.

"Well yeah, I wanted him to feel bad and scare him a little, he scared the shit out of me and it wasn't the first time either, but it is our fault for not locking the door and for fooling around when we knew he was home." Matt explains and can see a little smile spread across his boyfriends face.

"You're so amazing, but maybe we should go to the bathroom and clean me up a bit, seeing blood down there is not exactly making me feel great Matt." Ben responds and gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

"Actually you stay here and I will go get a wet flannel and clean you off." Matt then suggests, before returning the favour by giving his boyfriend a quick peck and rolling off the bed, but to Ben's dismay he watches as his boyfriend covers himself with the sheet again and knew he had to try and talk with Mitch about this to try and work something out.

"You just want me to be naked for longer." Ben then states with a knowing smile, trying to put on a happy face and not give away the fact that he is concerned about his boyfriends obvious self consciousness about his scars.

"Can you blame me?" Matt responds and with one last smile he limps out of the room, not even bothering to wait and hear his boyfriend reply to his words, although part of the reason for going so quickly was to lower the risk of his boyfriends dad seeing him, just in case the sheet slipped.

"Me look nice now?" Tobias asks, he had spent almost ten minutes trying to pick something nice to wear out of the clothes he had been given and only just reappeared before Mitch was going to come and find him.

"You look very nice Sweetheart." Sarah says with a loving smile, she was glad that he was still the same size as her son and the clothes she had Mitch bring with him fitted nicely.

"You look very smart Tobias." Mitch then says, he had to admit the boy looked cute in the clothes and had obviously made an effort as his hair was also done as well. "Your hair looks really cool as well Buddy." He then adds, deciding that he should reward the boys efforts a little more and was rewarded himself by the boy running over to him and cuddling him affectionately.

"I wanted to make an effort for you Mitch." Tobias then says and straight away everyone falls silent, as both Sarah and Mitch look at each other and then at Tobias, who looked equally surprised at what he had said, it was the first time he had spoken properly and everyone was now smiling.

"Oh Tobias, I'm so proud of you." Sarah gushes, as she quickly moves over to the young boy and plants a series of loving kisses on his cheeks.

"Mummy stop, stop Mummy please." Tobias quickly says, as he blushes and wipes his face after Sarah lets him go.

"Oh sorry Sweetheart." Sarah quickly apologises and really hopes that she hasn't upset him, although she also didn't know how she felt about him calling her mummy, it was a welcome compliment in one way, but in another she was scared that it meant he was suppressing the death of his real mum and family.

"No me happy, but me not want lipstick on face." Tobias quickly says, realising that his new mum had misunderstood him. "Me want to look nice and er... cool, but lipstick not cool." He then adds and turns to Mitch, looking for approval from his new big brother.

"It's okay little guy, you did well and you still look cool." Mitch then says, he could tell the boy was really trying his hardest and was happy to give him all the reassurance that he needed.

"Mummy not upset?" Tobias then asks, turning to Sarah with a nervous expression.

"Tobias I love you and I'm not upset with you, but please call me Sarah, I'm not your real mum." Sarah then says and can see the nervous look Mitch gives her, she knew it was a risky thing to say, but she felt it needed to be said now and not later and could only hope that Tobias was as well as he appeared to be.

"Real mum dead, you not me as real son, am me not good enough?" Tobias asks in a sad and almost devastated tone and Sarah can see him trembling and knows she has to act fast to avoid him breaking down.

"Yes Tobias, I love you and I do want you to be my son, I was just scared that you didn't understand I wasn't your real mum, do you understand?" Sarah quickly says and realises that it was a poor explanation, but she had to say something quickly and that was all she could think of to say.

"Mitch explain please?" Tobias then asks, turning to his new big brother, he sort of understood what she was saying but not quite knowing if he could trust himself.

"I will try little guy, now you understand that your real mum and dad died don't you?" Mitch asks, after deciding to take it one question at a time so he didn't overwhelm the young boy.

"Yes, bad people killed them, I cried for them lots, me loved my family and me want them back." Tobias answers and can feel tears roll down his face, he had cried so many times and wanted someone to hold him so much when he was in the scary place, but people just looked at him weird and were calling him Bobby for some reason.

"I know Tobias and my mummy died as well, I miss her so much and will always remember her and want her back." Mitch then says, catching Sarah by surprise, since she had known Mitch she had rarely heard him talk about his mum and could see the sadness in his eyes now.

"You mummy killed by bad people?" Tobias then asks in a mixture of nervousness and hope, not that he wanted his new big brothers mummy to be killed by bad people, but if she was then he knew he understood him and could finally trust him fully.

"Yes." Mitch responds as a couple of tears roll down his face, he wanted to say more but he was getting upset and was completely taken by surprise when he feels the boys arms around him, he couldn't believe he was the one being comforted by the boy instead of the other way around and quickly returned the embrace.

"We same aren't we?" Tobias then asks, before releasing his new big brother and standing back a few steps.

"Yes and I love you very much too, now do you understand that Sarah is your new mum, but not your real mum?" Mitch then asks after wiping the tears from his face, he wanted to get back to the questions and give himself a few moments to compose himself after talking about his mum, which even after all this time hurt to think about.

"Yes, but me... but I can't call her mummy?" Tobias says, while managing to correct himself and despite still being a little confused he was proud of himself.

"Sarah?" Mitch asks, as he turns to her, he wasn't actually sure how to answer the question, legally and from now on Sarah was basically his mum and it wouldn't be the worst thing for him to call her mum or even mummy, but he supposed if it made her feel uncomfortable, it was best if they sorted it out now so they all knew what to call each other.

"Tobias, I don't like mummy, but if you would like to call me mum, then I would be very happy and proud of you, is that okay with you Sweetheart?" Sarah then asks, as she looks the young boy in the eyes with a warm and loving smile.

"Yes Mum, I love you very much and me love new big brother, me and him same." Tobias answers and looks between them both with a shy smile.

"I love you too." Sarah responds and leans down to give him a quick kiss, before moving back over to her chair, she was delighted to bond with him some more, but she wanted to give him and Mitch more time together, knowing she would have to leave in a few hours.

"I love you too Tobias and I think we should listen to Matt sing now, would you like that?" Mitch then states and looks down at the now delighted and excited looking boy.

"Yes, yes me listen please, me never thought I would hear him again, I... me I er... I missed him so much and just er... please me listen please." Tobias responds, practically pleading to hear his friends singing, he just needed to hear it so much and could barely contain his excitement as he bounced up and down.

"Can I have your necklace please, I need to plug it in my computer Tobias." Mitch then asks, he is a little hesitant after Sarah had quickly filled him in about the necklace and USB stick while Tobias had been getting dressed and knew that he never took it off.

"I er.. me please?" Tobias responds, but is clearly starting to get confused and upset.

"Tobias, I'm not going to take it away, I just need to plug it in here." Mitch begins to explain, as he shows him his computer and where the USB stick goes. "You see, it goes in here and then we can hear Matt sing, you want to hear him sing don't you?" He then asks and looks at the boy with a loving smile, as Sarah looks on with a proud smile at how well Mitch is handling the young boy.

"Me put in please?" Tobias asks in response, he just couldn't bring himself to let anyone else touch his necklace and was even struggling with the idea of taking it off, it had been the one thing that has given him hope and the strength to not give up and he valued it almost above his own life.

"Of course you can little guy, this is all for you okay, so we will do anything you want to do and when you want to do it Tobias." Mitch responds and places the computer on the table and waits for the boy to decide what to do in his own time.

"Can I listen to it alone please?" Tobias asks and again despite his nervousness, he can't help but smile in pride not messing his words up and actually speaking properly again.

"Do you want to take it to our room or do you want me and your mum to leave this room?" Mitch asks in response, he understood straight away that this was a private moment for him and respected that he wanted to be alone.

"Our room please." Tobias answers, although both Mike and Sarah had explained to him that for a while he would be sharing with Mitch, he was still a little confused by having to share a room and despite wanting to hear Matt sing, he couldn't help wanting to know why again. "Why me have to share room?" He then asks, looking between his new mum and big brother.

"I wanted to look after you for a little while Tobias, you have been through a lot and been very lonely haven't you?" Mitch answers with his own question, he had been thinking about this ever since he had been told what his dad and Sarah had come up with, with regards to where Tobias would sleep and was prepared to deal with any questions Tobias had about it.

"No one knew my name or liked me." Tobias then states in a sad tone, he had never felt so lonely or scared in his life at the scary place and thought he would never be loved again.

"I know and that is why I wanted you to stay in my room for a little while, I just wanted to show you that you wouldn't be alone ever again and when you're ready you can move into your own room straight away, how does that sound Tobias, would you like that?" Mitch again replies with his own question, he felt that Tobias responded well to this style of conversation and could see a small smile on the boys face.

"I don't want to be alone any more." Tobias answers and looks at his new big brother shyly as he thinks about what his life could be like from now on, but he was still terrified that he might be sent back to the scary place. "Please don't send me back to the scary place, please me be good and me not be bad me promise, please me be good." He then pleads, as he starts to cry and panic, seeing this Mitch quickly reacts and pulls the boy into a loving embrace.

"Sshh don't be silly, you're never ever going back to that place again Tobias I promise and we all love you so much, I promise that you're safe with us and we will never let you be alone again." Mitch then states from the heart as tears run down his face, his heart just broke for the poor boy and his vulnerability and is glad when he feels Sarah join the embrace.

"Tobias I am your mum now and I'm never letting you go anywhere and very soon you will have Ben and Mike looking after you and you will see Matt again and he will be so happy to see you, you two and Ben are going to be the best brothers and look after each other and then you have Mitch who is going to keep all three of you safe." Sarah then states, she thought Mitch did a great job and knew she didn't have to say anything, but she wanted to reassure the young boy herself anyway and knew it would be appreciated.

"Promise?" Tobias asks, although it is slightly muffled as he is held tightly by both Mitch and Sarah.

"We promise Sweetheart." Sarah answers and releases her hold on the two boys and moves back a few steps.

"Me and you are going to have fun sharing a room aren't we Buddy." Mitch then says and after releasing the boy he ruffles his hair affectionately.

"Yes." Tobias answers and manages a small but genuine smile, before looking at the computer. "Me go our room now please?" He then asks, with a shy smile as he looks up to his new big brother.

"Of course you can Buddy, just come back down when you're ready and we can talk some more." Mitch answers and gives the boy a quick cuddle before standing back up.

"Thank you." Tobias then says and quickly turns around and walks out of the room and up the stairs to his room with the computer in his arms.

"He is doing so much better than I thought he would do Mitch." Sarah then says, as she sits down and looks at the young man with a small smile.

"It's still early Sarah, tonight is going to be the big test, did you do as I asked?" Mitch responds with his own question as he sits on the sofa, hoping that they hadn't forgotten about it.

"Yes and I already put the plastic cover under your sheets on both your beds, although I was surprised when Mike said you wanted it on your bed as well." Sarah answers, she understood the reason for Tobias's bed, but not for doing the same to his bed as well.

"It's just in case Sarah, when I was looking after Ben after you know er... well you know, he often ended up sleeping with me, even when I put him to bed in his own room I would wake up and he would be snuggled up to me, so I want to be prepared in case Tobias did the same." Mitch answers honestly, just like the conversation with sharing the room with Tobias, Mitch had thought about the other issues the young boy had and how to best tackle them or at the very least make them less embarrassing for the boy.

"You're going to make a very good father one day Mitch." Sarah then states in a sincere tone, she had seriously considered giving Mitch sole custody of both Matt and Tobias if anything ever happened to her, but had so far not had the time or the nerves to ask him or Mike, who she was also considering, but in her heart she knew Mitch was the better choice.

"I feel like I have four kids already, well five now I guess." Mitch replies with a chuckle and Sarah can't help but notice the look of pride on the young man's face and knows he wouldn't have it any other way.

"The boys all love you Mitch and for good reason." Sarah then says, before looking at him thoughtfully. "How about Erica, how are things going with you two?" She then asks and smiles as he blushes and thought it was sweet.

"Good, well I think so anyway she is just, I don't know, I was thinking of inviting her round tomorrow, but I wasn't sure how Tobias would react and whether it would be too soon for him to meet new people." Mitch responds, purposely trying to draw the conversation to Tobias and away from his love life, but Sarah knows what the young man is doing and isn't going to let him off that easily.

"So you think she might be the one?" Sarah then asks, ignoring his attempts to avoid talking about her.

"What no, I mean I don't... Sarah come on." Mitch stutters in response, he was normally very confident but when it came to Erica, he just couldn't help but get tongue tied.

"I will take that as a yes then, but I don't think you should invite her around tomorrow Mitch, but maybe Thursday would be better and you will have a better idea of how Tobias is by then anyway." Sarah tells him and decides to be nice and bring the conversation back to Tobias and they spend the next thirty minutes just talking and worrying a little about how long Tobias had been gone and were just about to go get him when they heard footsteps coming down the stairs and after a few more seconds watch as a happy but tear stained face stands in the doorway, with the USB stick around his neck and the computer held tightly to his chest.

"So fag boy, who is your new boyfriend then Carter." Jarred sneers, as he pushes Carter into the wall, he had never liked the little boy and couldn't believe his luck when he saw him all alone in one of the more secluded parts of the school and he and his five friends easily cornered him.

"Leave me alone Jarred." Carter responds, trying his best to sound confident, but he knew he was in trouble and that no one else knew he was here, not even his boyfriend who he knew would be busy right now.

"Why would I do that, we have been waiting a long time to get you alone and we know all your friends are busy with lessons or at home, hell no one is going to even know you're missing for a few hours and we can have all sorts of fun together before then." Jarred answers and steps forward and punches him in the stomach, laughing as he almost crumples to the floor but his friends hold the now defenceless boy up. "Like I said Carter, lots of fun together." He repeats, as he punches him two more times in the stomach.

"Why?" Carter asks, doing his best not to cry and give them the satisfaction, he was always weak but his boyfriend had been teaching him some self defence, but with six boys around him he knew he had no chance and just had to hope they had their fun and got bored quickly.

"Because we can, you were always such a little smart ass and then we found out you're gay as well, I mean you even tried to turn Jordan gay, but luckily for him he got away from you in time." Jarred answers along with two hard slaps to his face and smiles when he sees a few tears roll down the boys face.

"Homophobic prick!" Carter answers back and spits in the bigger boys face, before getting shoved to his knees and kicked too many times for him to count until he is left crying on his back and looking up as the six boys circle him.

"You stupid prick I don't care if you're gay, I just hate you and we are going to make sure you get the beating of your pathetic life." Jarred then says, as he kneels down and puts a hand around the smaller boys neck and squeezes a few times before letting go. "Now boys, who wants to start?" He then asks, as he looks to his friends as they smile down at the smaller boy.

"I feel like getting some boxing practice in, my coach told me that my hand speed needed improving." Alex says in an almost reluctant tone, his coach had drilled into him and his team that bullying is wrong, but he hated Carter after the boy had grassed him up a few times for cheating on tests and had wanted payback for a long time, although he was also upset about something else and needed to get it out of his system. "Just hold him up, so I can work his midsection." He then instructs his friends, although he notices the look on Peters face and almost changes his mind about what he was about to do.

"Please, just let me go." Carter then pleads and despite not wanting to cry he was in a lot of pain and knew Alex was on the boxing team.

"I remember asking you not to tell the teacher I cheated on a test once, how did that turn out Carter?" Alex asks and despite the look from Peter, he lets loose with a quick series of blows to the smaller boys midsection, although he held back on the power, he may have wanted payback but he also felt a little sorry for him and he knew he was being watched by Peter and felt a little ashamed of himself and knowing there were five more boys who were going to hurt the boy made it even worse and he knew he should stop it now.

"Okay, back off Alex, who wants to go next?" Jarred quickly asks, as he sees the look in his best friends eyes, he knew his friend well and could tell he was having second thoughts, so moved on to the next person as quickly as possible so he wouldn't say something.

"I wouldn't mind kicking him for a while, my older brother kicked me in the balls the other week and it hurt like hell." Peter then says, he was only there because the others were and had nothing against Carter himself, but he wanted Alex to be shocked and maybe come to his senses and stop what was happening, although he also didn't want to risk the group turning on him and thought he could at least hold back and not actually hurt Carter and just get his go out of the way if Alex didn't stop this.

"Okay guys you heard him, get the prick in a kneeling position and spread his legs." Jarred instructs everyone and smiles as he sees the boy crying.

"Peter you don't..." Alex then begins to say before being cut off, he wasn't expecting him to take part and knew that he was only doing it because of him and felt himself feeling even more ashamed of himself for what he had already done.

"Shut up Alex, you had your turn so hold the little homo up." Jarred quickly interrupts his best friend, he knew he was close to putting and end to what they were doing and knew he had to take control of the situation quickly.

"You're a pussy Jarred." Carter then says after sniffling a few times and looks the bigger boy in the eyes, he knew he basically had no chance but if he could bait him into a one on one, maybe he could somehow lock in a choke hold, although he doubted that would help him for more than a few seconds because the others would step in, but he couldn't go through five more attacks and maybe he would buy himself enough time for someone to come by and see what was happening.

"Are you fucking kidding me, look at you Carter and look at me, the only pussy here is the one crying on his knees." Jarred retorts with an angry hiss, he couldn't believe his nerve and almost knocked him out, but he didn't want to end the fun just yet.

"I'm not the one who needs five other people to hold someone down, I would beat you one on one and you know it." Carter then states with as much confidence as he could muster, he knew in normal circumstances Jarred would laugh it off and not fall for the obvious baiting, but with all his friends around and the fact he is clearly angry, he knows he is going to get his one chance.

"Okay you fucking homo, let's see what you got." Jarred responds, he knows he is being baited but he doesn't care and he was already planning to fight the boy like this after everyone else's go anyway. "Let him go guys and form a circle, no one interferes." He then adds and smiles when the small boy slumps forward and coughs, this was going to be too easy he thought to himself and decided he would humiliate him even more by slowly stripping him each time he knocked him down.

Although as Jarred smiles and watches his friends back away and form a circle around them, his smile quickly turns into a grunt of pain when he feels himself punched in the groin and has to react quickly to avoid a second blow, but he can't stop the third blow which connects with his kidneys and knew if it was someone else he would be on the receiving end on a humiliating beat down, but luckily for him Carter was tiny and already beaten down enough so that his blows were weak and easily manages to block the fourth and fifth punches, before backhanding the smaller boy in the head and sends him falling on to his back.

"Very nice Carter, I will give you credit you got me, you really did." Jarred then taunts the smaller boy as he stands over him and quickly pulls his shorts down and off his legs, before he has any idea what is happening. "Oh by the way, every time I knock you down I'm taking a piece of your clothing and you won't be getting them back Carter." He then says and gives the smaller boy a kick in the side before backing away and letting him get to his feet.

"Hey come on Jarred." Alex then says, he was only just on board with what they were doing, but stripping the boy was not part of the plan and he could tell that Peter was horrified.

"Fuck off Alex, he deserves it and you can't back out now, you already attacked him so don't get all high and mighty now." Jarred answers back with a grin, he could tell his friend wasn't happy but he also knew that he wouldn't go against him.

"You're a coward and a prick." Carter then hisses, he hadn't seen this coming and was now terrified, but he wasn't going to show it and just prayed someone would come help him.

"Big words coming from a small..." Jarred begins to say, before looking him over. "Very small boy, Carter." He then finishes with a snicker, as he looks at the smaller boys underwear and barely even sees a bulge.

"Fuck you." Carter retorts and just as he is going to move forward he feels himself being pushed and before he knows what is happening he is stumbling forward and sees Jarred moving towards him with his arm outstretched, before he feels a blinding pain across his chest and then the pain as the back of his head hits the ground and almost passes out as he looks up to the sky.

"Say goodbye to your shirt Carter." Jarred then states in a mocking tone, as he leans down and removes the smaller boys top, leaving him in just his underwear, shoes and socks. "Who pushed him?" He then asks as he looks at his friends, he was pissed that someone interfered and wanted to know who it was.

"Me." Peter answers meekly, he doesn't know what came over him and just felt like a complete hypocrite, after giving Alex a dirty look for doing what he had done and the way Jarred was looking at him now, he knows he could be in trouble, but the worst thing was definitely the surprised look on Alex's face and he didn't like it at all.

"Peter if you ever go against what I tell you again, this will be you." Jarred tells the scared looking boy, before stamping on Carter's knee lightly, he only wanted to humiliate him and knew if they did any serious damage to him then they would all be in deep shit.

"Sorry." Peter apologises and looks down at the ground feeling ashamed of himself, although he was actually directing his apology at Alex rather than Jarred.

"Pussy." Carter calls out as he slowly gets to his knees, he is hurting badly now and knows no one is coming so he is going to just give them as much shit as possible, before they all beat him down.

"I have to admit I like this attitude you have Carter, it's a shame it's too late to save you though, I mean it's just not enough and you got nothing else, so I hope you don't mind but I'm going to enjoy this." Jarred says and gets ready to take the smaller boy down the moment he gets to his feet.

"You're wrong Jarred." Carter responds, as he gets to his feet and can barely keep himself upright, but with all eyes on him none of them see what he does and he can't stop himself smiling.

"What the fuck are you smiling for and what am I wrong about?" Jarred asks, he was planning to knock the smaller boy down straight away, but he was surprised and a little shaken by his bravado, he should be crying and begging for mercy, not taunting him and he wanted to know why.

"Because I have something none of you do." Carter answers, as he stalls for as much time as he can.

"Yeah a tiny cock, hows that going to help you?" Jarred retorts and laughs as a few of his friends chuckle and he is about to finish the job he started, when his best friends voice gets his full attention.

"Oh fucking hell." Alex says when he sees who is approaching them and from the look on his face, he knows he isn't going to join in with them and just wishes he had stopped as soon as Peter had given him that look earlier.

"What..." Is all Jarred manages to say, as he turns around to where his friend was looking and everything suddenly goes black.

"Come on just use it and see how it goes." Ben says, as he tries again to persuade his boyfriend to use the cane to go downstairs.

"I don't want too, he will laugh at me Ben." Matt responds and again lays the cane back on the bed, he just felt embarrassed to have to use it and thought people would laugh at him and think he was a cripple.

"You were going to walk with it tomorrow when we went out or were you lying about that?" Ben retorts, he didn't want to upset his boyfriend but he wanted to get down to the real reason his boyfriend was so reluctant.

"No, but please Ben, I don't want to fight and it's embarrassing." Matt responds, he just couldn't help thinking how people will judge him and he knew it was stupid but he couldn't help thinking like that.

"I will take it back then." Ben then says, pretending to give up and picks the cane up as he walks over to the cupboard.

"What?" Matt asks in disbelief, he loved the cane and the effort his boyfriend went to to get it for him and didn't want it to be taken away.

"It's okay, I can use the money to buy some clothes or a new game or something for myself." Ben states, without looking at his boyfriend and just hoped this worked.

"But it's mine and you gave it to me." Matt says, as he gets to his feet and limps over to his boyfriend.

"If you aren't going to use it then I would rather have the money and it's not like you ever liked it, I saw your face when you first saw it and I saw it again when I asked you to use it just now." Ben answers honestly and while this all started as an attempt to get his boyfriend to change his mind, he was actually starting to feel hurt by his boyfriends reaction to the cane, he had gone to a lot of effort to get it and paid a lot for it, so he was actually getting a little angry now as well.

"I just don't want to be a cripple or for people to look at me like I'm a cripple." Matt then says in a sad tone and can do nothing to stop the tears falling down his face as his boyfriend turns to him.

"You're not a cripple." Ben quickly responds and just as quickly pulls his boyfriend into a loving embrace, he couldn't believe how insensitive he had been and should have known how his boyfriend was feeling.

"I can't walk properly and I need a cane." Matt states, before he sniffles and pushes his surprised boyfriend away from him.

"We talked about this and you know I love you." Ben then states and moves to embrace his boyfriend again, but this time he watches sadly as his boyfriend backs away.

"We don't lie to each other Ben." Matt then states and gives his boyfriend a hard look.

"I love you, I don't care if you had two heads and no legs with tentacles for arms and just so you know if I didn't truly love you, I would be walking out of that door and never speaking to you again for doubting it." Ben responds in a firm tone, although he was trembling slightly, he was so angry that his boyfriend said what he did, but he also knew that his boyfriend was still traumatised and obviously upset and paranoid about his injuries, so he knew he had to man up and just be there for him instead of acting like a child.

"Why can't I just be better?" Matt then asks, as he slumps back on the bed and wipes his face.

"Because you're too hard on yourself, but you have me and we are forever Matt, no matter what happens you and me have each other." Ben answers, but instead of sitting with his boyfriend or embracing him, he decides to stand in front of him and hold out the cane.

"Ben I want you to know that I love the cane, I think it is wonderful and so beautiful, it's just my stupid head and I hate when I get scared and embarrassed." Matt then tells his boyfriend, deciding to try and explain how he is feeling as best he can.

"I know and if I could make it go away or trade with you then I would in a heartbeat, you just need to try your best and let us help you, because you're going to get through this." Ben responds from the heart, he would change places without a second thought, he just hated seeing his boyfriend struggle so much.

"I'm sorry for upsetting you though, I didn't mean to do it." Matt then says, as he reaches out and takes the cane from his boyfriend.

"You didn't, I'm fine." Ben responds and knows straight away what his boyfriend is going to say when he locks eyes with him. "Fine you hurt me and I was pissed off, but I would be exactly the same as you if it was me going through what you have and I know you would always understand that I would never hurt you and I know you wouldn't hurt me on purpose either.

"Have you ever used a cane before?" Matt then asks, as he looks down at it, another reason he was so reluctant was because he wasn't sure how to use it and especially trying to get down the stairs and was scared he would fall down and really hurt himself.

"I had a go when I got it and then yesterday, it's a little weird and awkward at first but it's not that hard to get used to." Ben responds honestly, after quickly understanding why his boyfriend asked him that and was happy that he could reassure him.

"Well if a dumb ass like you can use it, then I should be a pro at it before I even get to the door." Matt then states, with a giant grin and starts giggling when his boyfriend pushes him back on to the bed and straddles his thighs.

"Cheeky prick." Ben retorts, as he leans forward and kisses his boyfriend for a few minutes before getting off him and walking over to the door.

"I love you." Matt then says, as he gets up and instead of limping over to his boyfriend he uses the cane and to his initial disappointment he finds it both awkward and uncomfortable.

"Yeah I found it uncomfortable for a few minutes to." Ben states, he could see the look on his boyfriends face and was again happy that he was able to quickly reassure him.

"Hey, I said I love you, don't make me smack you over the head with this." Matt states, as he waves his cane around a little with a big grin.

"I love you too, but you better not break that cane, it will take me years to save up for another." Ben answers, trying to make a clever comeback, but as soon as he sees the look on his boyfriends face, he knows what he is going to ask and suddenly wishes they never made the 'never lie to each other pact' because he never wanted to tell his boyfriend how much it cost

"How much did you spend?" Matt asks, he was never going to ask his boyfriend but after hearing his boyfriends words he was now worried he had spent a lot of money.

"Tree hundred and fifty dollars." Ben answers barely above a whisper and Matt is sure he must have misheard his boyfriend.

"What?" Matt asks in an almost disbelieving tone, there was no way he heard his boyfriend just say three hundred and fifty dollars, that was insane and just unbelievable.

"I paid three hundred and fifty dollars, the cane is made of special stuff and actually can be extended, I have the other bits but they were going to be a surprise for when we got older and the design is actually this special gemstone thing that won't get damaged easily or fade and the gold inscription is real gold." Ben explains, a little louder this time so his boyfriend can hear him and he can't help but blush, he had been saving his money for years and never told any one about it and had intended to use it for himself one day, but after what happened to his boyfriend and finding out about his injuries he couldn't think of anything he wanted to spend his money on more than him.

"You can't do that, it's too much Ben." Matt states and just doesn't know what to do, he was honoured and so happy that his boyfriend thought so much of him, but at the same time horrified that he would spend so much money on him.

"You're everything to me Matt, I would spend millions and billions if I had it and thought I could make you happy and help you, I love you." Ben responds with a shy smile, he knew it was a lot and he knew what his boyfriend was thinking, but he would do it again and he doesn't regret it one bit.

"You have to take it back, we can buy a cheap one and use the money for..." Matt begins to say, but is swiftly cut off by his boyfriend.

"No, it was a gift and I wouldn't let you take it back and if you tried then you would hurt me and we promised to never hurt each other Matt." Ben states and gives his boyfriend a loving look.

"How did you even get that much money though?" Matt then asks, he could see there was no point in arguing with his boyfriend and he truly loved the cane, but it was a lot of money for a boy to save up.

"Pocket money, birthdays, Christmas and I did loads of grass cutting and painting fences for the past few years, I actually would have more but I had to spend some of it on stuff otherwise dad or Mitch would wonder what I did with the money and I had to buy other people presents as well." Ben explains honestly, he knew his boyfriend had accepted the cane now and he was happy to explain how he saved up the money.

"Wow, well thank you and I love you." Matt responds sincerely, not really knowing what else to say about the matter, he just found himself loving his boyfriend even more,

"I love you too, but come on let's go downstairs, I don't want my dad to think it was all his fault and worry about me too much." Ben then states, as he opens the door for his boyfriend and watches proudly as he walks with the cane, he then follows him down the stairs to make sure he is okay and is delighted that he manages to get down without any help, although it takes almost five minutes he doesn't care and as they walk into the living they see his dad looking at them in surprise.

"Wesley come on, there are five of us and you can't take us all on, just leave and let us finish what we started." Alex states as he tries to act tough, although inside he is scared to death of getting his head kicked in, even with five of them he knows Wesley could probably take them all down because apart from him and Jarred the others weren't fighters and Jarred was out cold on the floor, although he was also thinking why he was even trying to act tough, he didn't want this to carry on and could tell that Peter wanted to get out of there too.

"Seriously Alex, you're a bully now and it takes six of you to take down one boy?" Wesley responds, as he sizes up the remaining boys and knew he could take them down easily and knew despite Alex being on the boxing team he wouldn't be too hard to put down if he went for him first.

"What's it to you anyway, just piss off and save yourself a beating." Alex then states and takes a step closer to the bigger boy, although inside he is screaming at himself to get a grip and just walk away, but he has always had problems with his ego and just hoped his bravado was enough to avoid getting his arse handed to him.

"Coach is going to enjoy hearing about this Alex, you know he has zero tolerance for bullying and even more so when it is six on one." Wesley then states and smiles coldly at the now nervous looking Alex, who still can't believe he isn't just walking away.

"Come on let's go Wesley, I just want to leave." Carter then states, he had managed to get his clothes back on with a little help to his surprise from Peter, despite the other boys glaring at him.

"Carter you aren't going anywhere." Alex then states, although his earlier bravado is slowly deserting him.

"Alex come on, let's just go please." Peter then pleads with his friend, he really didn't want to be there and the way Wesley was looking at them all, he knew if they didn't leave then it wouldn't end well for any of them.

"I'm not running away from one guy Peter, there are six of us and Wesley isn't..." Alex then begins to say, before he finds himself falling backwards to the ground and blacking out.

"Okay, who else hurt you Carter?" Wesley then asks his boyfriend in a firm and serious tone and Carter knew his boyfriend was not leaving until he dealt with these cowards, although he strangely felt a little guilty for what he was about to say when he looks at Peter.

"They all kicked me and held me, but Peter was going to kick me in the balls and he pushed me from behind into a clothesline." Carter answers honestly, he didn't like to see people get hurt, but these boys were going to beat him and leave him naked and he wanted them to pay, even if he could tell that Peter wasn't a bad person and had just helped him get his clothes back.

"Peter, jeez what the hell are you doing here, you're better than this shit." Wesley then says, as he turns to the terrified looking boy, the boy had always been timid and scared that the group would turn on him, so Wesley actually felt sorry for him and found himself not wanting to hurt him.

"Carter is a fag and deserves what he gets." Jarred suddenly says as he slowly gets to his feet, although if he wasn't still dazed he would have never got up, let alone say something like that.

"What did you call him Jarred?" Wesley asks, as he turns to him and could see that he was swaying a little.

"Everyone knows he is gay and he deserves to get his head kicked in, he is such a smug smart arse." Jarred responds with a cold stare, he wasn't going to back down and even though his best friend seemed to be knocked out, it was still five on one and he was sure even Wesley couldn't take them all down at the same time.

"Okay listen up you morons, I'm giving you all one chance to leave now, anyone who stays only has themselves to blame for what I do to them." Wesley then states and looks to each boy in turn and when he stops on Jarred he can see the boys confidence waiver and smirks at him.

"Why do you even care about him?" Peter then asks in a curious tone, everyone knew Wesley hated bullying but this was going above and beyond and he couldn't figure it out.

"Because Carter is my boyfriend and if anyone hurts him, then I hurt them Peter." Wesley answers honestly and looks over to his boyfriend and gives him a loving smile.

"Wait you're gay?" Peter asks in disbelief, he couldn't believe what Wesley just said and just looked at him in awe, he had practically worshipped the ground Wesley walked on when he used to hang around with them and he thought it was cool how he just admitted it without even being embarrassed.

"Yes, so last chance guys, leave now or end up like Jarred." Wesley answers in a serious tone, before turning to Jarred.

"What do you..." Jarred begins to say, before Wesley's fist connecting with his temple knocks him out cold for a second time.

"Peter stay where you're." Wesley then says, as he watches the other boys run away and decides he needs to talk with him.

"What are you going to do to me?" Peter asks nervously, he actually had no intention of running away without Alex, but as he turns to Wesley and Carter he starts to wonder if he should have.

"I want you to find some new friends Peter, you're way better than doing this sort of shit." Wesley answers and takes a step closer to him.

"Wesley he was going to hurt me though, really hurt me." Carter quickly states, again he didn't like violence but he was still in shock and he was going to kick him in the balls.

"Carter out of all the people I used to think were my friends, Peter was one of the very few who generally wanted to be my friend and I want to get him away from those pricks." Wesley states as he turns to his boyfriend, before looking to both Jarred, who is still out cold and Alex who is just getting to his knees.

"They will bully me though and you aren't going to let me be your friend, not after what just happened." Peter then says, while keeping a nervous eye on both Wesley and Alex, knowing he is in a no win situation, he knew Alex would never hurt him, but the others would and he just felt trapped.

"I always liked you Peter, but no we can't be friends and you can hardly blame me..." Wesley begins to say, before being cut off by his boyfriend, who had calmed down a little more and couldn't help seeing the fear in Peter's eyes.

"He could be our friend." Carter states in a serious tone, catching both his boyfriend and Peter by surprise.

"He just wants to fuck you Peter." Alex says in a mocking tone as he gets to his feet and looks to Peter and then nervously to Wesley, he knew saying that was a mistake but he couldn't help being a little jealous over what he heard and felt himself blush as little at the look his friend gives him.

"Alex just fuck off, I'm giving you one chance to leave and I promise not to tell the coach, but if you stay or give Peter any shit after this then I will be talking with him and dealing with you myself, so it is your choice." Wesley then states in a firm tone and gives the now scared looking Alex a hard stare.

"What about him?" Alex asks as he looks to his best friend, who is still out cold, although if he was being honest he had wanted to tell them that he would never hurt Peter, but this wasn't the time or the place and knew they wouldn't believe him anyway.

"He will wake up and every one will be gone, but you can tell him later that if any one of you messes with my boyfriend again or Peter, I will put them in hospital Alex." Wesley answers and takes a step towards him and smirks as he quickly backs into the wall behind him.

"Fine." Alex then responds and quickly starts to walk away, but then stops and looks back at the three boys as he realises what Wesley had just said and couldn't believe he was gay too, but he could tell that he had to leave and gives Peter an apologetic look before walking away and Peter can't help but wish he could have gone with him.

"Carter he hurt you and I don't want him anywhere near you." Wesley then states, as he looks his boyfriend in the eyes, he did genuinely like Peter but he hurt his boyfriend and that was not something he can just forgive so easily.

"Well he can hang out with Jordan, Barry and Patrick, he doesn't have to be near me and I don't want them to pick on him from now on." Carter then says, surprising himself a little as much as the other two, but he was not a vindictive person and he could see Peter was not a nasty person.

"Get out of here Peter and please don't ever do something like this again to anyone, you're better than that." Wesley then says and watches as the boy quickly disappears from sight. "Come on let's get you cleaned up and I want to see where they hurt you." He then says as he turns to his boyfriend, who looks a little surprised by everything that had just happened.

"Why didn't you beat them all up?" Carter decides to ask, not that he was that bothered but he knew his boyfriend could if he wanted to.

"Because I hate fighting Carter, are you upset that I didn't?" Wesley responds with his own question, he had wanted to knock them all out when he saw what was happening, but he felt like he had done enough with Jarred and Alex to scare them all into leaving his boyfriend alone and that was the most important thing.

"Not really, but I'm glad you knocked Jarred out twice, he is an arsehole and has always picked on me." Carter answers honestly, he actually would have been a bit uncomfortable watching his boyfriend fighting like that, despite wanting the others to pay for hurting him.

"I love when you swear." Wesley then says as he reaches out and holds his boyfriends hand.

"Dick head." Carter responds with a small grin, as he walks with his boyfriend in the direction of the nearest toilets so his boyfriend could check him over and a part of him knew that he probably just wanted an excuse to get him naked as well.

"I love you." Wesley then tells his boyfriend, who looks at him with a loving smile.

"You told them all I was your boyfriend." Carter then says, it had only just registered with him and he was so happy and excited that his boyfriend would tell other people, although he wished it was under better circumstances and not just to a bunch of pricks.

"I love you Carter and I want to tell everyone, I know we talked about it in the hospital that time, but well I guess things just got in the way, but you aren't mad at me are you?" Wesley responds and actually stops walking so he can get a good look at his boyfriend, although now that he does he can see that he will have a black eye and his nose had been bleeding.

"No way, I love you Wesley and you just made me so happy and I want don't care who knows, I just want to be with you." Carter responds with the cutest smile his boyfriend had ever seen, before looking around to see that the playground was pretty full and some of the other kids were looking at them curiously, which was enough of a distraction to help him ignore the pain he is in.

"Then you won't care if I do this." Wesley then says and before Carter has a chance to ask what his boyfriend means, he feels himself being kissed and despite knowing where they were he returns the kiss passionately.

"You okay Tobias?" Mitch asks, as he looks at the boy standing in the doorway and to his relief although he had obviously been crying, he doesn't seem to be distressed or upset, but he knows he has to be careful and on guard just in case he suddenly broke down.

"Want hear Matt sing?" Tobias asks, ignoring Mitch's question as he smiles at his new big brother.

"Didn't it work?" Mitch asks, thinking that maybe the USB stick didn't work on his computer or that it was broken and braced himself to comfort the boy.

"No, you want hear Matt sing?" Tobias asks in response, realising that he hadn't been clear enough and felt a little upset that he still couldn't talk properly.

"We would love to hear him sing Tobias, why don't you come and sit next to me and we can listen together." Mitch answers with a warm smile as he pats the sofa next him.

"Mum want to hear?" Tobias then asks, as he walks over to his new big brother and sits next to him.

"Yes Sweetheart, I would like that a lot thank you." Sarah answers and leans forward from her chair.

"Sit next me please." Tobias then tells her, as he gives her a loving smile and when she gets up and sits next to him, he feels like the luckiest boy alive and felt so safe and loved as they both snuggle up to him. "I very happy." He then says and Mitch and Sarah give each other a warm and happy smile as they look to each other.

"Do you want me to put it on?" Mitch then asks and to his delight and surprise, he watches as the young boy takes the necklace off and hand the USB stick to him, while Sarah looks on with a warm smile, she had been told that he never let anyone touch it and when both her and Mike had tried before, he had reacted badly so to see him hand it over to Mitch was a very positive sign and she couldn't be happier.

"Skip first minute please." Tobias then tells his new big brother, which causes Mitch to give the young boy a curious look but wasn't going to risk upsetting the boy and knew there must have been a good reason, so he plugged in the USB stick and skipped the first minute and just smiled as to his surprise it was actually a video of Matt singing and not just a recording of his voice like he had expected, but instead of saying anything he just listened as the boy began to sing.

"The other night, dear, as I lay sleepingI dreamed I held you in my arms

When I awoke, dear, I was mistakenSo I hung my head and I cried

you're my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies are Gray

You'll never know, dear, how much I love youPlease don't take my sunshine away

I'll always love you and make you happyIf you will only say the same."

Mitch had heard Matt sing a few times now, but there was something about the boys much younger and more innocent voice that brought tears to his eyes and when he looked across to Sarah he could see she was having the same reaction, which made him smile and when he looks down to Tobias he can see that he is crying silently, although they were obviously good tears and he pulled him a little tighter against himself.

"But if you leave me to love anotherYou'll regret it all someday

you're my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies are Gray

You'll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine

Oh, my sunshine away"

I'll always love you and make you happyIf you will only say the same

But if you leave me to love anotherYou'll regret it all someday

you're my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies are Gray

You'll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine

Oh, my sunshine away"

you're my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies are Gray

You'll never know, dear, how much I love youPlease don't take my sunshine away."

For a moment Mitch thought that Tobias had actually fallen asleep, but when he gently brushes the hair from the young boys eyes he could see that he was still awake and smiling happily as he was obviously enjoying the song.

"You're my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies are Gray

You'll never know, dear, how much I love you

Please don't take my sunshine

Oh, my sunshine away

you're my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies are Gray

You'll never know, dear, how much I love youPlease don't take my sunshine away

you're my sunshine, my only sunshineYou make me happy when skies are Gray

You'll never know, dear, how much I love youPlease don't take my sunshine away."

"Again please?" Tobias asks, after looking up to his new older brother, who looks down at him with a loving smile.

"Okay little guy." Mitch responds and leans forward to replay the song, remembering to skip the first minute like before although he had to admit he was curious about what was on that first minute, especially when he notices this time that Matt isn't wearing a top and that you could only see him from the waist up and suddenly thinks that he really doesn't want to see the first minute of the video.

They end up listening to the song another two times, before Tobias reaches forward and pulls out the USB stick and puts the necklace back around his neck, at first both Sarah and Mitch give each other a concerned look, thinking maybe he had gotten upset and were about to ask him if he was okay when he looks up to Mitch.

"Matt still sing?" Tobias asks, he knew how reluctant his best friend was when it came to singing and really hoped that he had gotten over that.

"He sings a lot now Tobias, although er... yes he likes to sing in front of people now." Mitch answers with a warm smile, although he almost let slip about what happened to him and knew it would be a bad idea to talk to Tobias about what had happened to Matt and when he looks over to Sarah, he can see the relieved look on her face, but they both realised in that moment that they would have to tell him eventually.

"Does Ben sing?" Tobias then asks, he wasn't sure why but if Ben was going to be his brother and was Matt's boyfriend then he wanted to know more about him, he had forgotten most of what he knew when he used to talk with Matt for those first few months before he got taken away, although he did remember thinking that he and Matt liked each other and the fact that they were boyfriends now has proved him right.

"Not as good as Matt, but he can sing although he doesn't like doing it in front of people unless there is a good reason." Mitch answers, he was a little taken by surprise that the boy asked about his little brother, but thought it was a good thing and smiled warmly at him.

"Will Ben like me?" Tobias then asks and this time Mitch can see the nervousness on the boys face and he can't help but feel for the boys obvious insecurities.

"He will love you Tobias, everyone will be so happy to see you and especially when you surprise Matt this weekend, you're never going to be alone again Tobias I promise." Mitch responds with a big smile and gently starts to rub the young boys side.

"Me love you both." Tobias then says, as he shifts his position enough to kiss both Mitch and Sarah on the cheek, before settling back down with a shy smile.

"I love you too Sweetheart." Sarah responds and leans down to kiss the boy, she had kept out of most of the conversations again as much as possible because she felt it was important for Mitch to bond with him and was happy to see it working so well already.

"I love you too Tobias and I'm very proud to be your big brother, but how about you go take a bath now and I will make us something to eat." Mitch then states and can't help but wonder why Sarah suddenly shot him a look and is about to ask what was wrong when he feels Tobias break free from them and gets to his feet.

"Bath, bath my willy goes hard in the bath." Tobias then says with a big grin. "Bath, bath my willy goes hard in the bath." He then repeats before pulling his trousers and underwear down, leaving Sarah red faced and Mitch staring in shock, until he remembers the warning he had been given by Sarah about Tobias and bath time.

"Okay, well I guess er... Tobias why don't you put your clothes back on and I will come up with you and run your bath." Mitch then says and just as the word bath leaves his mouth he watches in bemusement as the boy starts jumping up and down.

"Bath, bath my willy goes hard in the bath." Tobias starts saying again, before running around giggling as Mitch gets up and tries to catch him.

"Well I should be heading home now." Sarah decides to state, she wasn't planning to go for another hour or two, but she could tell Tobias was getting a little out of control and knew this would get his attention.

"Mum leave me?" Tobias asks and the sad tone of his voice breaks both Sarah and Mitch's hearts.

"We talked about this Tobias remember, I need to go home to Matt so that we can surprise him at the weekend, but Mitch is going to look after you and I will see you tomorrow." Sarah answers, reminding him of what she had told him earlier and could only hope he really did understand and wouldn't get upset.

"Oh, okay I remember, me big boy and good boy." Tobias then says, with a big grin after he remembered what his mum had told him earlier and he couldn't wait to surprise Matt, although he still didn't quite understand why he had to wait until the weekend, but he had waited years and a few more days wasn't going to hurt him.

"I love you Tobias and I will see you tomorrow." Sarah then says as she gets up and moves over to the now still boy and kisses him lovingly on the forehead. "Mitch if you need anything, just call me or your dad and we will come straight here." She then says, after turning to the young man with a warm smile.

"I will, but me and this little bundle of energy will be just fine, won't we little guy." Mitch responds, before quickly picking the boy up and tickling him as he holds him tightly.

"I'm sure you will." Sarah responds, with a loving smile as she watches the young boy giggling and squirming as he tries to break free, but remembers to late to make Mitch stop when she sees Tobias wet himself and can see the shamed look on his face.

"Me wet myself." Tobias says in an almost emotionless tone, leaving Mitch looking devastated as he realises what he had done to him and knew he should have known better.

"Yes, but it's Mitch's fault and he owes you some ice cream for being so mean doesn't he Tobias." Sarah quickly says, as she walks over to the boys and can tell by the small smile that spreads across his face, that her quick thinking had paid off.

"Yeah Mitch naughty boy, me wee on him next time instead of floor." Tobias then says, before giggling and quickly manages to turn himself around in Mitch arms so that he is facing him with a grin. "Tickle me now meanie." He then teases and starts to giggle, he really missed being played with and despite wetting himself he was having fun.

"You're bluffing, you can't pee any more." Mitch teases and begins to tickle the boy again and can't help but chuckle himself as the little boy starts giggling and squirming again, he knew the boy would wet himself again, but he got the sense that this could be a breakthrough and he can always get a shower afterwards.

"Okay boys, I love you both and I will see you tomorrow." Sarah decides to say and gives Mitch a wink as she walks out of the room and out of the house.

"Me wee, me wee." Tobias manages to call out, in between giggles and Mitch can feel the warm wet feeling soaking through his top and jeans.

"Oh man you win, I didn't think you could wee again, but you win Buddy." Mitch then says and while supporting the boy with one arm, he ruffles his hair with the other.

"Me not like call me Buddy." Tobias then states, deciding now that his mum had gone he could tell his new big brother.

"That's okay Tobias, can I call you little guy, like I do with Ben and Matt?" Mitch responds with a friendly smile, he didn't know why 'Buddy' was a problem but he didn't really mind as long as the boy was happy.

"Yeah me want be called like Matt and Ben, but me not like called Buddy because it sound like Bobby and they call me that in scary place." Tobias responds, while also deciding to explain why he didn't like being called Buddy.

"Then little guy it is from now on, now what ice cream do you want?" Mitch then asks and manages a friendly smile despite feeling guilty for not even thinking about how similar Buddy and Bobby sounded and knew that he should have thought about that.

"Me want banana ice cream." Tobias then says, as he smiles triumphantly at his big brother, he knew he could wee more and he beat him and was having so much fun, despite having to ask his big brother to stop calling him Buddy.

"Okay, but first we will have a shower and then we will go get some from the shop okay." Mitch responds, smiling warmly at the boy although he notices the look of surprise on his face straight away. "What's wrong Tobias?" He quickly asks, panicking slightly as he thinks he has somehow upset him.

"We shower same time?" Tobias asks, in a slightly nervous tone, it wasn't that he was scared to or that he really minded but it was a bit of a surprise, although he had to admit he thought it might be fun.

"Not if you don't want to little guy." Mitch answers, feeling slightly relieved at what was bothering the boy, he had showered with his little brother a few months ago and it was fine and with Tobias how he was he felt like it would be okay and for the best until they were sure he was adapting to being out of the orphanage.

"Me want too, but just one time because me big boy and can er... clean er... wash self." Tobias quickly responds, he wanted to make it clear that he was a big boy and could wash himself, but also that he wanted to shower this one time with his new big brother.

"I know you can Tobias and just so you know, I think you're very smart and although you're having problems talking how you want too, I know that you're not a baby or stupid." Mitch then tells the boy, he felt the need to reassure him and when he feels him kiss in on the cheek, he knows he said the right thing and starts to lower the boy.

"No, I won game you carry me to shower loser." Tobias quickly tells his big brother, after realising that he was being put down and just gives him the biggest grin he can when they look at each other.

"Cheeky little shit." Mitch responds with a grin of his own and again supports the boy in one arm while ruffling his hair with the other.

"Me get two ice creams now, because you used naughty word." Tobias then states and sticks his tongue out.

"Okay, but only because I love you and I like seeing you happy." Mitch replies, as he walks the boy out of the room and then up the stair with a smile.

"Boys I'm so, so sorry for what I did." Mike quickly apologises after being surprised to see the boys, he was sure that he wouldn't see them until the next day.

"Yeah you should be, but we shouldn't have been doing that with you in the house." Ben responds, although he couldn't help but notice that his dad was staring at his boyfriend curiously and it takes him a few moments to realise he was looking at the cane.

"We should have at least locked the door as well, we are really sorry Mike, but you did scare the crap out of me." Matt then says, with a friendly smile although he starts to feel a little uneasy at being stared at and starts to get paranoid about his scars and whether his boyfriends dad could see any of them.

"It's okay boys, I promised to always knock before coming into your room from now on and why don't we leave it at that, I don't think we need to talk about what you were doing." Mike quickly states, still not being able to stop staring at the cane Matt was using, which he found intriguing and thought it was lovely.

"Dad stop staring at him, you're being weird and it's not nice." Ben then quickly tells his dad, he couldn't let it go on any longer after glancing at his boyfriend and seeing the look on his face.

"Oh shit, sorry boys and Matt it's just that cane looks really nice and I have never seen it before, when did you get it?" Mike quickly apologises, but couldn't help asking about the cane and wondered where it came from.

"Ben gave it to me, he is the best boyfriend ever and isn't it great Mike." Matt quickly answers, he was so relieved that Mike hadn't seen his scars and was more than happy to show off his cane and started to move closer to him so that he could give him a closer look.

"It looks amazing Matt and very well made it must of..." Mike begins to say, after Matt had handed him the cane and sat down, but trails off and gives his youngest son a curious look.

"I just want him to have the best and look at the inscription, it matches the rings you got us Dad." Ben says, as he sits next to his boyfriend and tries to ignore the look his dad just gave him, he knew exactly what that look meant and he was a little nervous about having to tell his dad how much he spent.

"I love it and Ben said that it can be extended so when we get bigger I can keep using it, instead of having to buy a new one, isn't that cool Mike." Matt then says, missing the little tension that had built up between his boyfriend and Mike as he was too excited talking about the cane.

"It's very nice and er... is that real gold... how much did this cost Ben?" Mike asks, he just couldn't help himself and really didn't want to upset either boy, but as he looked the cane over it was clear that it wasn't a cheap one and he couldn't help feeling a little uneasy about not only how much it had cost, but where his youngest son would have got the money.

"Dad!" Ben responds, hoping to get out of having to tell his dad how much it cost, but when he feels his boyfriends hand squeeze his own and then sees the look on his face, he knows if he doesn't than his boyfriend will.

"Don't 'Dad' me Ben, how much did it cost?" Mike states, a lot more bluntly and harshly than intended and can tell both boys were surprised by his tone. "Sorry boys that was rude, but I still want to know how much it cost." He then states, in a much more friendly tone and watches as the two boys give each other a look.

"Three hundred and fifty dollars." Ben then says, in a meek tone and quickly looks down to the floor.

"Say what?" Mike responds in a stunned tone, there was no way his youngest son just said three hundred and fifty dollars.

"It cost three hundred and fifty dollars Dad, I wanted the best for him and for it to last forever and it was totally worth it to see how happy it made him." Ben tells his dad, managing to somehow find his confidence after realising that he had nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, he worked hard for that money and it was all his and he could spend it on whatever he wanted to spend it on.

"How though, how did you get that much money?" Mike can't help but asks, he was still looking at his youngest son in disbelief and actually wondered if Mitch was involved somehow.

"I saved the money from birthdays and Christmas's and I sometimes cut grass and paint fences for people." Ben answers honestly, although he just wants this conversation to finish now and doesn't go into too much detail.

"But three hundred and fifty dollars Ben, that is too much and you cant waste..." Mike begins to say, but is quickly cut off by his youngest son.

"Don't you dare call Matt a waste of money." Ben almost shouts, as he quickly gets to his feet and stares coldly at his dad. "He is my everything and I earned that money Dad, so I can spend it on anything I want and I chose to make my boyfriend happy Dad and I would spend more if I had too because when he is happy I am happy." He then adds and although he starts of furiously, he calms down a little towards the end and is grateful when he feels his hand being squeezed by his boyfriends again.

"I didn't mean it like that Ben, I promise and you know I love Matt, but it is a lot of money and well you can't blame me for being in shock, I just had no idea you had that much money, did Mitch know about it?" Mike then says apologetically, although now the shock was subsiding he couldn't help but want to know if Mitch was involved somehow.

"No, I never told him, but I'm still mad at you Dad, don't ever talk about Matt like that again." Ben responds and while he had calmed down a lot, he was still not happy about what his dad had said and wasn't ready to just let it go.

"I'm sorry, I really am Matt and I hope you forgive me." Mike replies as he looks to Matt nervously, he really hadn't meant for it to sound like it obviously did and hoped that both boys understood that.

"It's okay, I know you didn't mean it like Ben thinks you did and I said the same thing when he told me how much it cost, but I really do love it Mike and if you think about it, it probably will save me a lot of money in the long run." Matt responds with a genuine smile, he knew Mike wasn't calling him a waste of money, although he was delighted with how strongly his boyfriend defended him and found himself struggling to not pounce on him to show just how grateful he was.

"It will?" Mike asks in a curious tone and wondered how spending that much money could actually save money.

"Well yeah, because most canes are cheap and break easy, this one is made of special stuff and unless I'm a total dumb ass then it won't break and then as I get older and bigger I would need to buy new canes, but this one extends so I think it would end up costing a lot more if I had normal canes, than it would compared to having this amazing and beautiful one which I love with all my heart." Matt explains honestly and was happy to feel his boyfriends arms around his body as he is pushed down on the sofa and feels himself being kissed, although it was only a quick kiss because they knew they weren't alone.

"Well I'm definitely going to win the award for the worst dad ever after today, look boys I'm very sorry for walking in on you and for how I reacted to the cane, it really is beautiful Ben and I think you're an amazing young man for doing something so amazing for your amazing boyfriend." Mike decides to say, he really felt like an idiot and wondered if he would ever get this parent thing right, which actually reminded him of something that he should have asked as soon as his youngest son appeared. "Ben are you okay though, I mean you know, well er... I saw blood and you looked in a lot of pain." He then asks in an awkward tone, while looking at his youngest son with a concerned expression.

"Yeah, it's not the first time and Matt checked it and it's fine I promise." Ben answers quickly, turning bright red at having to talk about his penis with his dad, but he was hoping that would be the end of it now and they could get something to eat, because he was really hungry now.

"Good and again I'm really sorry, but are you boys still hungry because the chicken is still on and the chips will only take around ten minutes." Mike then says and smiles when both boys nod eagerly.

"Yes please." Both boys answer in unison and Mike can't help but smile when the boys giggle and give each other a quick kiss.

"No problem boys and if you wait here, I will bring it in when it is ready." Mike then says and is just about to walk out of the room after getting up, when Matt calls out to him.

"Mike can I have my cane please, I want to practice walking around with it for a while." Matt asks, blushing slightly as he sees his boyfriends dad turn to him with a confused look before realising that he was still holding the cane.

"Oh sorry Matt, I didn't even realise I was still holding it." Mike responds with a shy smile, as he walks back over to the boys and hands Matt his cane.

"Thanks Mike." Matt then says and smiles as he watches him walk out of the room.

"Well this is unexpected, I must say boys." Mrs Lee says, as she approaches the still kissing boys, although she can't help but be surprised that one of the boys is Wesley and even more surprised that the boy he is kissing is Carter, all the teachers had thought the tiny boy might be gay, but she had to admit she couldn't help but think he had done well for himself in getting Wesley Fisher as a boyfriend, well assuming she isn't walking into some sort of weird childish dare.

"Oh er... hello Mrs Lee." Wesley says in a surprised tone, after realising he and his boyfriend were being talked to and was surprised to see one of his favourite teachers staring at them.

"Afternoon Wesley and hello Carter." Mrs Lee says, as she turns from Wesley to the startled yet happy looking Carter.

"Hello Mrs Lee, we were kissing." Carter responds with a cheesy grin before blushing at saying something so stupid, but his brain was still in a state of bliss at his boyfriend kissing him in the middle of the playground and nothing could stop him from feeling on top of the world right now.

"Yes Carter, I could see that for myself." Mrs Lee responds with a warm smile, deciding it would be better talking to Wesley, as Carter is clearly not thinking clearly. "So are you two boyfriends or did someone dare you to kiss?" She then asks, looking at the young boy after deciding she might as well just get straight to the point, while at the same time thinking that it must have been a dare as despite the general consensus that Carter might be gay, no one would have guessed that Wesley was gay and it would be a huge surprise.

"I love him and we are boyfriends, we aren't going to get detention are we?" Wesley asks in response, he couldn't see why they would, but he also didn't see why she was asking them whether they were together or not.

"No boys, you aren't in trouble I'm just being nosey and I have to admit I had no idea you were gay Wesley." Mrs Lee quickly answers, she should have known that she would scare the boys by talking to them like this and definitely didn't want to do that.

"Oh, well neither did I until I started hanging around with him." Wesley answers, before looking at his boyfriend and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Isn't he just the cutest Mrs Lee." He then adds, as he gives his teacher a quick look, before turning his attention back to his boyfriend and had to refrain from kissing him, he was just on a high and didn't care who could hear or see them, he loved his boyfriend and he was proud of it.

"Hey what do you mean, didn't know he was gay, does that mean you knew I was?" Carter then suddenly asks, looking directly at his teacher after realising what she had said, he never tried to hide the fact he was gay, but at the same time he hardly went around acting gay either.

"Honestly Carter, we kind of always thought you might..." Mrs Lee begins to say, but pauses briefly after getting a better look at the little boy and immediately grows concerned. "What happened to your face Carter?" She then asks, she could tell he had the beginnings of a black eye and there was dried blood around the bottom of his nose.

"Oh er... nothing." Carter responds nervously, before giving his boyfriend a worried look.

"I sorted it out Mrs Lee, just some idiots being well er... idiots, but they won't be doing it to him again." Wesley then says, as he gives his boyfriend a sad look, before turning to his teacher looking a little nervous and knows he could get in trouble himself now.

"How many of them were there?" Mrs Lee asks, she knew how these things worked and would never get any names, but she hated bullying and wanted to at least try and do something.

"Six of them Mrs Lee." Wesley answers and can't help but look at her sadly when he feels his boyfriend hold on to his side with his head resting on his arm.

"Six against you two?" Mrs Lee asks, while hating bullying and knowing that should be her focus she was surprised by the number, although she was also aware of Wesley's reputation and wondered who would be stupid enough to go after him, even with that many of them.

"No they cornered Carter somehow and were beating him up, I only found him because I missed him and wanted to see where he was." Wesley answers, now looking half sad and half proud, he couldn't deny how much satisfaction he got from knocking Jarred out after seeing what he was doing to his boyfriend, although he felt a little guilty for knocking Alex out but didn't quite know why he felt like that.

"Boys be honest, there is nothing I can say that will get you to tell me who they were is there?" Mrs Lee then asks, this was the only way she had a hope of getting any names, without forcing the boys and she could tell Carter was clearly upset now and didn't want to make it any worse.

"Not a chance, but trust me I made sure they wouldn't do it again and don't worry I didn't hurt them much, just scared them a little and I honestly hate fighting Mrs Lee, but I had to protect my boyfriend." Wesley answers with a shy smile, he knew he had a reputation and despite it having it's plus sides, he didn't like being thought of that way and was happy that his boyfriend wasn't disappointed in him for not beating them all up.

"I understand Wesley, but if it happens again I expect you to tell me their names even if it means calling your parents, do I make myself clear." Mrs Lee then states in a firm tone, deciding to leave the boys in no doubt how serious she was.

"Okay, I promise Mrs Lee and thank you for not being angry with me." Wesley responds, he was happy that she wasn't going to force then to say any more, but also a little annoyed that his big moment of kissing his boyfriend in front of everyone was ruined.

"It's okay Wesley and..." Mrs Lee begins to say, but trails of for a few seconds as she notices Jarred Miller walking a little unsteadily on his feet across the playground and even at this distance she could tell he was hurt and it didn't take a genius to work out the cause of his appearance and while she knew she shouldn't smile, she had never liked the boy or his group of friends and while the school had a very good record for bullying, there would always be some kind of bullying that happened and more often than not it was Jarred and his little group of friends who were involved. "How is Matthew doing, we have all been wishing him well and looking forward to him coming back to school." She then continues, deciding after seeing the boy obviously crying that Wesley had indeed dealt with it, that she would ask about Matthew and was genuinely missing him and Ben, who had missed a lot of school by insisting on caring for his boyfriend as much as possible.

"He is okay, well not okay Mrs Lee but er..." Wesley begins to answer, but surprises himself by stumbling on his words, he wasn't sure if he was allowed to tell the truth or whether he should lie and say that he was fine and would be back soon.

"He is still struggling to walk Mrs Lee and is having problems sleeping and gets upset a lot, but he is getting better and Ben is just amazing at looking after him." Carter then says, he had been listening and letting his boyfriend speak, but seeing his boyfriend not knowing what he was allowed to say, made him join the conversation again.

"Oh I see, well wish him our best the next time you see him and I hope Ben is getting enough homework, we don't want him to fall too far behind at school himself." Mrs Lee then tells the boys with a warm smile, all the teachers had been giving the boys Ben's homework to give to him and were pleasantly surprised to get it all back fully completed.

"Oh actually Ben asked me to see if you could get Matt some homework to do, I just sort of forgot to ask." Carter states, blushing slightly after remembering that his friend had asked him two days ago and had just completely forgotten.

"I can see the other teachers and see if we can come up with something for Matt, we had actually thought of asking if he would like some, but we thought he might have enough to deal with for now." Mrs Lee responds with a warm smile, they were all fully aware of what the boys dad had done to him now and were horrified and had decided not to push any school work on to him until he was better.

"Ben thinks he is and Matt really does love school Mrs Lee." Carter then states with a smile, he loved school himself but was always surprised someone as cool as Matt and Ben loved it even more than he seemed too.

"Mrs Lee, would it be okay if I take Carter home from school now?" Wesley then suddenly asks, causing not only his teacher to give him a surprised look but also his boyfriend, who is now wondering what had gotten into his boyfriend.

"I'm not sure Wesley, you only have a few hours left, I'm sure you can wait until then." Mrs Lee answers reluctantly, she would love to let them go home, they were both model students and she knew neither would leave school without a good reason, but when she sees Wesley whisper something in Carter's ear and the unsure and almost embarrassed look on the little boys face, she can't help but be curious.

"Mrs Lee I want to make sure he is okay, he has bruises all over his chest and sides and I won't see him until after school if we stay because we don't have any more classes together." Wesley then explains and gives his teacher his best pleading look.

"I'm not sure..." Mrs Lee begins to say, but stops when she watches Wesley lift Carters top and can see the clear signs of bruising on his stomach and ribs. "I think you need to go see the nurse Carter." She then says, she couldn't really ignore the incident now and would have to call the boys parents.

"Please Mrs Lee, I will look after him and they are only bruises, I just want to look after him and our parents are out anyway, so I don't want them getting worried at work when you try and call them." Wesley quickly responds, knowing that if she took them to the nurse then their parents would be called and despite defending his boyfriend, he would likely be suspended for fighting in school.

"I can't let you go home if your parents aren't there boys..." Mrs Lee quickly points out, but before she can say any more she sees Carter look at her.

"We can go to Matt and Ben's, their parents will be home and we could take them any homework you have for them." Carter suggests, he hadn't actually realised he was bruised so much and had initially just thought his boyfriend was just trying to get him alone for some fun, but it was clear now he was genuinely worried about him and he felt a little guilty for thinking his boyfriend only wanted to feel him up.

"Tell you what boys, I'm going to say a name and you will either nod your heads or shake them and I will let you both go home after I get some homework organised for your friends." Mrs Lee responds, deciding that she might as well confirm her suspicions about Jarred and while not breaking the trust of the two boys in front of her, she could at least make sure the boy gets some special attention in her next class.

"Okay, but only because you're my favourite teacher and I trust you." Wesley answers honestly and again surprises both his teacher and boyfriend.

"Jarred Miller." Mrs Lee then says and waits for the boys to either confirm or deny what she had thought was the likely answer to who attacked Carter.

"He is a jerk Mrs Lee and has always bullied me, but please don't say anything because Wesley has fixed it now and they won't hurt me again." Carter then quickly states, momentarily forgetting that he could have just nodded, until he sees the odd and surprised look his boyfriend gives him. "Oh crap, I should of just nodded shouldn't I." He then says, as he blushes and looks down at the ground.

"Hey don't get upset, I love you and I think you're the most amazing person ever, well except for me but I am one of a kind." Wesley says, as he lifts his boyfriends head so they are looking into each others eyes.

"You're such a dork, but I love you too." Carter responds and leans forward to kiss his boyfriend, it felt so good to be doing this in front of people and not be afraid of being mocked or laughed at.

"You two are just so adorable, but Carter I promise I won't take this matter any further, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun with the little shit in my class next, he has never been any good at science and getting him to stand up in front of the class to answer questions should be a humbling experience for him." Mrs Lee then says, although she lowers her voice to avoid anyone over hearing her, to talk about a student like that could get her into some serious trouble, even if her view was shared among the rest of the teachers in regards to the boy.

"Thank you Mrs Lee." Carter then says with a shy smile, he had almost forgotten where they were but his boyfriend had broken the kiss when their teacher had started to talk.

"How did you know it was Jarred though?" Wesley can't help but ask, it would have been a hell of a guess because while Jarred was an idiot, there was a few others that rivalled him in that department, but he got the feeling she knew it was him somehow.

"Honestly while we were talking a few minutes ago I saw him walking across the other side playground and he was staggering a little and looked to be crying, so it wasn't hard to put two and two together and while you may not like having the reputation you have Wesley, when you said there were six of them I was thinking they would need more than that to take you on, but don't tell anyone I said that." Mrs Lee answers honestly and gives both boys a smile and a wink, she really liked the two boys and while Ben was still her favourite student, these two weren't far behind and even more so now after seeing them together.

"Can you do me a favour though please Mrs Lee." Wesley then asks and once again catches Carter by surprise and he can't help but wonder what his boyfriend could possible ask for now and was worried that he was going to go too far.

"You can asks Wesley, but I'm not promising anything and I think you can agree that I have been more than fair with you both so far." Mrs Lee responds honestly, she was a fair and kind person but she had her limits when it came to giving her students a break.

"Can you keep an eye out for Peter Erickson for me please." Wesley asks in a slightly nervous tone and doesn't have to look at his boyfriend to know he is surprised at his request.

"What, why would you do that?" Carter asks, sure he had suggested they let the boy befriend their group of friends, but he was still pissed off with him and despite knowing it was childish, he didn't want his boyfriend looking out for him.

"Sorry Carter, but he needs help and I don't want him to end up like the other idiots, just because he doesn't think he has another choice." Wesley explains, as he looks down at his boyfriend with a pleading look and was just hoping his boyfriend would understand, despite understanding why he would be pissed off.

"Did Jarred attack Peter as well?" Mrs Lee decides to ask, although neither boy mentioned Peter earlier she couldn't think of any other reason Wesley would ask her to look out for him.

"He was one of the boys who attacked me and he hurt me." Carter answers and can she the surprised and serious look his teacher gives him. "But Peter is not like the others, he is just with the wrong people and we are going to get him to join our group of friends, but I guess Wesley is worried that the other boys might turn on him because Wesley can't protect him like he does me, I'm still angry with him Mrs Lee and don't really want to speak with him for a while, but he isn't a bad person and Wesley wouldn't ask if he didn't think he could be a good boy." He then adds, after realising that he had to say that or she would have insisted on reporting the attack and he didn't want that to happen.

"Peter was always a shy boy Mrs Lee and struggled to make friends, I wish I had made more of an effort because he doesn't deserve to fall into a group like Jarred's and they would just turn on him eventually anyway." Wesley then adds to what his boyfriend had said, he was glad that his boyfriend had backed him up, even though he had made it clear he didn't like Peter very much right now.

"You know the next time I see two boys kissing in the playground, I'm just going to keep walking and make myself a cup of coffee." Mrs Lee states, as she looks at both boys and can tell that they are confused by her response.

"Mrs Lee?" Wesley asks nervously, he was just confused by her statement and wondered if he was in some sort of trouble now.

"Boys come see me before lunch is over and I will have some homework for both Matthew and Ben, I will also have to tell Miss Harris that Carter had an accident and I'm sending him home with you Wesley, now run a long now." Mrs Lee tells the boys, who she realises are both still looking at her in confusion.

"What about Peter?" Wesley asks, he was taken by surprise at his teachers apparent change in attitude and wasn't sure who to take it.

"I will have a word with the other teachers and we will keep an eye on him." Mrs Lee answers and was going to leave it at that, but she felt bad for leaving the boys confused. "Boys it is okay, I'm not angry with you, it is just a lot to take in and I'm breaking quite a few rules in helping you both, just promise me that you will go straight to Matt and Ben's house and stay there until you can both go home." She then tells them both and smiles when they both relax in front of her.

"We promise Mrs Lee and thank you so much." Wesley quickly responds with a giant grin.

"We would hug you, but I think hugging a teacher and kissing each other in the space of ten minutes in the middle of the playground might be going a bit too far." Carter then states with a cheeky grin, as he feels his boyfriend pull him tightly into his side, although it is a little painful because of the bruising it was still worth it as far as he was concerned.

"Good bye boys and I will see you in around twenty minutes." Mrs Lee tells the boys with a warm smile, as she turns away from them and heads to see Miss Harris to explain that the boys were going home early.

"Sorry about talking about Peter, I know you don't like him much right now but..." Wesley then begins to say, as he turns to face his boyfriend but finds himself being interrupted.

"No I don't like him much right now, but I love that you're not a prick or a jerk and despite what he did and how I feel right now, you want to make sure he is alright, but I don't want to talk about him any more today so drop it." Carter says in a serious tone with a look to match it.

"Okay, but come on I need to get you to a toilet and get you naked." Wesley then says in a slightly downbeat tone, but manages a smile after being firmly put in his place by his boyfriend.

"I'm not getting naked in the school toilets Wesley, I don't care how horny I make you." Carter responds with a cheeky grin, he knew what his boyfriend actually wanted him naked for, but after being so serious a few seconds ago, he wanted to have a little fun with his boyfriend.

"Huh, no wait..." Wesley begins to say, but as he sees the cheeky grin on his boyfriends face, he realises he is being teased and shakes his head in amusement. "You little fucker, you know exactly why I want you naked, but just for that I'm not going to get naked with you now." He then states, with his own cheeky grin and when he sees the look on his boyfriends face he can't help but laugh.

"No fair." Carter responds, feeling like an idiot for ruining his chance to see his boyfriend naked at school.

"Oh get a grip Carter you dork, of course I'm getting naked if you're, now come on before we run out of time." Wesley then says and takes a firm hold of his boyfriends hand and starts walking to the nearest toilet.

"I'm so getting you back later." Carter responds half heartedly, although his thoughts were now almost entirely on his boyfriend being naked and happily lets him lead the way.

"Me look good boy?" Tobias asks his new big brother, as they walk from the car towards the restaurant after Mitch had decided to treat him to a meal out for their dinner.

"Tobias I told you already, you look fine and very smart." Mitch answers, the boy had asked him the same question at least five times on the drive into town and although he should have found it annoying he couldn't help thinking it was adorable.

"Where kids go?" Tobias then asks and Mitch can see him looking around and as he follows the boys gaze a little he realises that there are only adults walking around, although there were a few really young children and a few babies.

"They are all at school Tobias." Mitch answers with a smile, he had quickly learned to understand what the boy was saying most of the time and could tell that he appreciated being understood, by the little smile the boy would give him sometimes and he knew it must be so frustrating for him to keep getting his words wrong, but he was getting better and he was sure within a few weeks he would be fine.

"Me go school?" Tobias then asks, he was never really that inquisitive before but after being in the scary place for so long and all alone, he wanted to talk and he had decided asking questions was a good way to get attention.

"Do you want to go?" Mitch decides to asks, instead of answering the boys question directly just to see how he feels about school.

"Yes please, me miss much school and want to catch up." Tobias answers excitedly and while he was hardly in the same league as Matt or Ben when it came to enjoying school, he had found himself missing it these last few years and was eager to get back.

"Well it's too late this term to get you in Matt's school Tobias, but I promise to get you in next term and Ben and his friends can help you settle in." Mitch explains to the young boy, who smiles at him before his eyes open wide and to Mitch's surprise and confusion he hides behind him.

"Tobias what's wrong?" Mitch asks in a concerned tone, as he quickly looks around to see what has scared the young boy, but doesn't see anything obvious and decides to turn his attention back to him.

"Me not ready you said." Tobias answers and Mitch quickly turns around and kneels in front of the boy.

"Not ready for what Tobias, please tell me what's wrong." Mitch then asks him again, but while he is still concerned he is more confused as the boy doesn't appear frightened, but more nervous and unsure of himself.

"Wesley, Wesley coming." Tobias answers and looks over his new big brothers shoulder nervously, he wasn't sure if he would recognise him after Mike had asked him back in the hotel if he remembered Wesley, but even from this distance he knew it was him and then he remembered what everyone had told him about not being ready to see Matt, which just made him think he needed to hide from him.

"He is." Mitch responds in a surprised and confused tone, as he looks over his shoulder and has another quick look around, he didn't see Wesley before and he knew he was in school but there was no reason for Tobias to lie and as he looks he quickly sees the boy along with Carter slowly walking towards them, although it was obvious neither was paying much attention to anything around them.

"Me hide now?" Tobias then asks and Mitch quickly turns back to the boy with a surprised but guilty look, he had just realised that they had made him feel like he needed to hide from people and he felt awful making him feel like that.

"No Tobias, I'm so sorry for confusing you about hiding from Matt, but I promise I will explain later why we are making you wait to see Matt okay?" Mitch asks him, he knows he can't get into it in the middle of town and with Wesley and Carter approaching it really wasn't the time for it.

"Okay, what I do though with er... should I er... can I talk to Wesley then please?" Tobias asks and looks up proudly at his new big brother at using the right words.

"Well done little guy and you can talk to any one you want too." Mitch answers the boy and ruffles his hair before getting up, but just as he stands up his attention is drawn to someone speaking to him and he turns around.

"Hey Mitch." Wesley says as he tries to act cool, although inside he was feeling nervous and was hoping Mitch wouldn't give them a hard time about not being in school.

"Afternoon Wesley and you too Carter." Mitch responds and looks at the boys curiously, although he is a little distracted as he can feel Tobias hiding behind him and knows that the boy must be feeling too nervous to show himself.

"Afternoon Mitch." Carter responds, but keeps his head down a little and was hoping Mitch wouldn't see his eye or nose.

"So er... going anywhere nice?" Wesley then asks, he could tell that his boyfriend didn't want Mitch to see that he was hurt and was trying to keep the focus on himself instead.

"What happened to your face Carter?" Mitch quickly asks, he had noticed straight away but the fact Carter was obviously trying to hide it made him suspicious as he just assumed he fell over or had some sort of accident.

"Nothing." Carter answers and instantly knows that he just said the worst thing and might as well have just held up a sign saying he had got beat up.

"It's sorted Mitch, please drop it and maybe we can walk back to yours because we have some homework for Matt and Ben." Wesley quickly states and can't help but smile when he feels his boyfriend squeeze his hand.

"Please tell me you didn't get suspended for beating the crap out of them Wesley." Mitch decides to asks as he looks at the boys with a wry smile, he could work out what happened and from the look of Wesley he didn't doubt the boys words about already taking care of it.

"Salve Wesley quomodo es." Tobias suddenly says, still hiding behind his new big brother and for a few moments both Wesley and Carter look around in confusion before settling on Mitch, who was looking a little confused himself.

"Optime gratias ago vos." Wesley answers, deciding that if someone is speaking Latin to him than he should return the favour, although he has no idea who he is talking too.

"What's going on?" Carter asks curiously, although as he looks at Mitch he notices that there is someone behind him and for a moment wonders if it was Matt, as he is the only other person he knows who can speak Latin, although he only recognises that the words are Latin because he has no idea what they actually mean.

"Oh my god Mitch you found him." Wesley then says, he had noticed someone hiding behind Mitch at the same time as his boyfriend and he just went with his gut feeling.

"Found who?" Carter asks in an even more confused tone.

"Me." Tobias answers nervously as he steps out from behind his new big brother and smiles at Wesley.

"Holy fuck, Tobias." Wesley states, before letting go of his boyfriends hand and quickly moving over to the boy and embracing him.

"Vos es valde fortis." Tobias manages to say, although he didn't quite know why he was still speaking Latin.

"Contristati." Wesley responds with a grin, after letting the boy go and smiling at him. "But maybe we should speak in English, I'm a little rusty with the Latin and neither of these two know any." He then adds, as he sees the confused looks on both his boyfriends face and Mitch's.

"Me too, but want talk you Wesley." Tobias answers with a smile, which quickly drops when he sees the look on both Wesley's face and the other boys that he didn't know.

"I er... it's great to see you again Tobias, Matt must be so happy that you're here, he is always talking about you." Wesley then says in an awkward tone and gives Mitch a concerned look.

"Hello Tobias, I know you don't know me but I'm Carter and I'm really happy to meet you." Carter then says and holds his hand out, he was a little surprised by how the boy talked, but he could only imagine what he had been through these last few years, they had all been told about Tobias's family being dead and that he had gone missing, after Matt had asked them to find out what happened to him months ago, so he knew they shouldn't make him feel uncomfortable because he messed up a few words.

"You very pretty." Tobias responds and blushes, he really wanted to hide again now because he had wanted to say that he thought he looked cool not pretty, he didn't think any boy looked pretty he liked girls and now they would think he was gay and just felt like an idiot.

"Well er... thank you, you look very smart, are they Matt's clothes?" Carter responds, although he messed up a little due to the surprise compliment he wanted to keep talking with the boy.

"Yes, Matt me same size Mitch tell me er... I mean er... sorry me talk bad." Tobias tries to answer, but just drops his head and feels embarrassed.

"Tobias don't be embarrassed, you're doing very well." Mitch quickly says to reassure the boy, even though he had no idea what he and Wesley had said to each other, he knew that Tobias must have said it perfectly for Wesley to understand, Latin just didn't seem like the kind of language you could get away with messing up the words.

"Me want speak right Mitch." Tobias then says in a sad tone, with a look to match it as he turns to his new big brother.

"Hey Tobias, do you want me to show you something?" Carter then asks and everyone turns to him in surprise.

"Carter me trust?" Tobias asks as he looks back at his new older brother, the boy seemed nice but he needed reassurance.

"Yes Tobias, you can trust Carter he is a very nice boy and a very good friend." Mitch answers honestly.

"Come with me and I will show you quickly." Carter then says, as he holds his hand out for the boy to take and smiles when he takes it. "We won't be long or go far." He then tells Mitch, who he notices is looking a little nervous.

"Okay, but please don't leave my sight Carter." Mitch responds with a nervous smile.

"I promise." Carter answers back, as he takes Tobias and walks away from his boyfriend and Mitch.

"He will be fine Mitch, Carter wouldn't let anything happen to him." Wesley then says after seeing the look on his face.

"I know but I can't help but worry about him." Mitch responds truthfully, he really was scared that something would happen to the boy and didn't want to let him out of his sight.

"Why does he talk like that Mitch?" Wesley then asks as soon as his boyfriend and Tobias are far enough away to not hear his question, he just couldn't work it out because how could hee talk fluent Latin, but then speak English so badly.

"It's not his fault Wesley and he is getting better, but before Sarah and my dad found him he had barely spoken a single word for over two years and he is just struggling to adjust." Mitch answers and tries to explain it as best he can without going into too many details.

"But he spoke Latin perfectly, I mean I'm rusty and I don't know much but he was perfect Mitch, I just don't get it." Wesley then says in a confused tone, he wasn't trying to make a big deal out of it, he just wanted to understand what was happening.

"Honestly I have no idea Wesley, but just talk to him normally because he understands what everyone is saying and gets upset if people talk to him like a baby." Mitch responds, as he looks over the boys shoulder and relaxes when he sees the other two boys chatting away.

"I wonder what Carter is talking to him about." Wesley then says as he turns around and watches his boyfriend with Tobias.

"I don't have a clue, but what ever it is Tobias looks happy." Mitch says and puts an arm over Wesley's shoulder and pulls him into him.

"I can't believe he called Carter pretty." Wesley then says and turns to Mitch with half a glare when the older boy laughs.

"Oh calm down you jealous little dumb ass, I have had quite a bit of time with Tobias and I can tell you that he was meant to say that he looked cool, he was just trying to be polite and got his words mixed up." Mitch decides to say, he thought about teasing him a little bit more but didn't want to create any tension between Wesley and Tobias by letting Wesley think the boy might fancy his boyfriend.

"Oh, damn it Mitch, but seriously is it just the talking or is there anything else we should know, not being nosey I just don't want to put my foot in it and you know me Mitch I will say the wrong thing eventually." Wesley then asks and gives Mitch a serious look.

"He wets himself, but is very open about it although I haven't quite dealt with that yet because the talking is the thing that is upsetting him the most and well there is something else that while is kind of funny, well Wesley it's not important enough to tell you right now and I can't see how it could come up in a conversation so I will tell you later." Mitch answers honestly, although he wondered if he should have just told him about the bath thing and got it out of the way.

"Oh okay, well that isn't so bad considering what he must have been through and peeing yourself is not a big deal and can be fixed easy, just well good for him I thought there would be more." Wesley then says honestly, okay the talking thing and the wetting himself were bad in their own right, but manageable enough and whatever the other thing was couldn't be that bad if Mitch said it was funny.

"Well I think I fucked up a little Wesley." Mitch begins to say and can see the boy look at him curiously. "Look he has emotional issues Wesley, whatever you do and tell Carter as well to never touch or try to take the necklace he has away from him, just trust me on that please and I don't think he has grieved his family yet, well he said he has cried for them and missed them but I can't help but get the feeling he hasn't had the chance to really grieve and when that happens he is going to be a wreck." He then says, there was one more thing he wanted to say and out of everyone maybe Wesley was the only one who would understand it the most, but he wanted to let the other stuff sink in.

"Oh shit, well shit that was the kind of stuff I thought he would be going through, the family stuff well I don't know how to help with that but I would say you need to get him to grieve for them as soon as possible, I know you said the talking thing is the main thing to deal with but you're wrong Mitch, you need to make sure he grieves for his family if he hasn't." Wesley responds, he had been around his dad enough to have picked up on some stuff and while sitting waiting for him sometimes he used to read some books about that kind of stuff and he just knew they should focus on that instead of the talking.

"Wow, cheers Wesley and well I will give your dad a call as soon as I can to get his help, really Wesley thank you. I didn't even have that on the radar of things to get resolved in the next few weeks." Mitch responds to the boy honestly and sincerely, he wasn't expecting that and was so grateful.

"Anytime Mitch, so anything else that I should know?" Wesley then asks with a proud smile and was happy to actually be able to help.

"Well actually there is something you might be able to help with and well I guess I just have to say it, he is terrified that we are going to abandon him, every tiny thing he thinks he does wrong he breaks down and panics because he thinks we are going to send him back, I know your situation with your parents was completely different Wesley, but I was hoping maybe you might be able to give me some advice to help him." Mitch then asks, he knows it is a lot to ask of the boy and he might offend him if he takes it the wrong way, but he was really hoping he could get some help.

"I'm not sure, I mean for me I'm still scared my family won't love me or even worse Carter stops loving me, but I'm not sure how that relates to Tobias's problem Mitch, it's not that I don't want to help Mitch I just don't know what to say sorry." Wesley answers honestly, if he could offer some advice he would but on the spot he had nothing and felt a little guilty.

"Oh damn, never mind Wesley and don't be sorry you have helped so much already." Mitch tells the boy, he was a little disappointed but it was a long shot and decided to just chill out with him and chat about normal things while they watched the other two boys talking.

"Sorry me not talk right Carter, I try me hard." Tobias says and sighs in frustration as he lets the other boy lead him away from the other two.

"Well don't apologise and hopefully I can help you a little bit with your talking." Carter responds as he comes to a stop when he is happy with how far away from the other two they are now.

"Explain please?" Tobias asks, blushing slightly but managing to keep himself from just looking at the ground.

"Well I have a cousin, who moved away a few years ago and he used to stutter really badly, he used to gets so upset and the harder he tried to talk the worse it made the stutter, so one day when I was talking to him I noticed he had something around his wrist and when I asked him what it was, he sort of just paused and looked at me and I wondered what was happening because I saw him pull the elastic band and then let it go, so I was a little worried he was hurting himself, but then he started explaining what it was and it took me a while to realise how clearly he was speaking." Carter explains before pausing, half to give the boy time to process what he just said and half to catch his own breath a little.

"He hurt to talk good?" Tobias asks and again sighs in frustration, he just didn't understand why he couldn't make himself use the right words, when he spoke Latin to Wesley it was just so easy and he didn't make a single mistake, so he was just confused by the whole thing.

"Well kind of yes, you see he was using the elastic band to distract himself a little bit and he said it wasn't about hurting yourself, so you only had to do it lightly and he said he barely even felt any pain." Carter explains and smiles when he takes one of the boys hands in his own and he doesn't try to pull away.

"Explain how help?" Tobias then asks and manages to smile weakly despite his embarrassment.

"Well you see he said his stuttering was worse when he was emotional, so things like being really excited or nervous made it worse and by using the elastic band it helped calm him down, but it doesn't cure the problem Tobias and it doesn't always work especially if you're really, really upset or excited but for most times it helps a lot." Carter answers and smiles at the boy again, he was hoping Tobias would make the connection from what he is telling him to his own talking problems, although that was more just out of curiosity to gauge his understanding of what is happening than being important.

"It help me maybe?" Tobias then asks in a hopeful tone and again Carter smiles at him.

"We could try it, put this on around your wrist." Carter answers, as he holds out an elastic band from his pocket, he usually kept a few in his pocket because he liked annoying his boyfriend with them and he thought they were useful for a lot of things.

"Me pull and go?" Tobias asks as he takes the elastic band and puts it over his wrist a few times so it wasn't too loose.

"Yes but not too hard, remember you don't need to hurt yourself Tobias, you just need to be able to feel it." Carter answers and moves a little closer to the boy just to make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

"Many times?" Tobias then asks and looks at his new friend with a shy smile, he really hoped this helped and while he understood it wasn't going to fix him or work all the time, he was just happy if it helped a little bit.

"Well I will ask you something and before you answer try doing it five times, but not too quick because it won't work and we will see what happens." Carter suggests and had already decided what to ask him and thought it might shock him just enough to make him get a little nervous, just to see if his idea would actually work because he knew it might not.

"Okay, me ready please." Tobias then says and Carter can't help but give him a friendly smile when the boy takes a deep breath, but makes him wait a few extra seconds just to make sure the test is a tough one.

"Me and Wesley are boyfriends, is that okay with you and will you still be our friend?" Carter asks, it was a dangerous question he knew and not an easy one to answer but he wanted to really go for it and knew he couldn't be homophobic because he would have seen Matt and Ben together and Mitch wouldn't be caring for someone if they hated his little brother for being gay, although if Carter knew that Tobias had not seen either of the two boys yet, he would have never asked that question.

"Me er... me..." Tobias begins to answer, but is surprised when his new friend interrupts him.

"No Tobias, don't forget to use the elastic band." Carter quickly says after realising he had forgotten, but smiles when he sees him pull it and let it go five times.

"Sorry Carter, I don't care if you or Wesley are gay and you both seem really..." Tobias begins to say but pauses and pulls and releases the elastic band five more times before smiling. "Really nice and I'm so sorry for calling you pretty earlier, I was meant to just say that you looked cool and..." He then adds before stopping again with a huge grin, he wanted to keep going but he was panting a little because he hasn't said that much in one go before and he was just so happy.

"Well done, you were great." Carter quickly says and is quick to embrace his new friend into a loving hug, he wasn't expecting him to say so much and for it to be almost word perfect and of course he was delighted that he had no issues that he and Wesley were boyfriends.

"What happened to your face Carter?" Tobias then asks, deciding after all his new friend had just done for him, he should return the favour by making sure he was okay.

"Some bullies at school beat me up and tried to humiliate me." Carter answers honestly, he didn't see any point in lying to him and it felt nice to not have to lie.

"What did er... did teachers..." Tobias begins to say but pauses and Carter just smiles at him as he uses the elastic band again. "What did the teachers do about it, I hope they suspended them." He then says and again smiles as he manages to speak properly.

"Nah, Wesley beat them up and made sure they would never hurt me again, he is so awesome Tobias and I love him so much." Carter answers and again just decides to tell the truth, as he looks over to his boyfriend and winks at him, before blushing when he watches his boyfriend blow him a kiss.

"Wesley scary boy... I mean Wesley is, is... sorry I mean Wesley isn't a bully is he?" Tobias manages to ask, although he did have to use the elastic band again, he was still happy it was working.

"No he hates fighting Tobias, but he is very strong and tough and he wanted to protect me." Carter answers as he turns back to the boy and can see the relief on his face.

"What's Ben like Carter?" Tobias then asks and Carter can't help but be surprised by the question, more because he was sure they must have already met, he couldn't see how they couldn't have met if Mitch is walking around with him.

"You haven't met him yet?" Carter can't help but ask, he just couldn't work it out at all and was starting to get confused.

"Me not been very... damn it... damn stupid..." Tobias says as he gets frustrated with himself and although he tries the elastic band he is still annoyed with himself.

"Hey stop it Tobias, I told you that it doesn't work all the time and just try to relax, you don't have to talk properly all the time and I can understand what you mean either way so please just take your time and answer whichever way is easier, because you aren't going to get over this problem over night Tobias." Carter decides to tell his new friend bluntly, but in a soft enough tone to let him know he hasn't done anything wrong.

"Sorry me just want to talk good all the time." Tobias answers and looks at his new friend for reassurance.

"I know and just remember you don't have to be perfect, if you try too hard you will just struggle so just talk and don't get upset with how it comes out." Carter responds with a warm and friendly smile.

"Me not ready to meet Matt yet, Mitch said he not well but not say what is wrong with him yet, but me going surprise Matt on Saturday at our new house, going to new house is also going to surprise Matt and Ben." Tobias then says, not bothering with the elastic band after deciding to take his new friends words seriously and would try to only use it for something important or maybe to show off a little later.

"Well okay, sorry I just thought you would have all met, but as for Ben well he is amazing Tobias and I'm not just saying that, he really is probably the best person I have ever known and he is so kind and loyal, you will like him a lot and he will definitely like you." Carter answers honestly, although he thinks he might have gone a little over the top and could have just said he was a great guy and it would have been enough.

"I have to share my room with Mitch because I get scared to be alone." Tobias then says, after he had used the elastic band and despite feeling embarrassed about admitting that for no real reason, he smiled happily as he didn't mess his words up.

"That is a good idea and Mitch is so fun to be around, but I bet you will have your own room soon." Carter responds and was glad that Tobias felt comfortable enough around him already to tell him things like that, being around Matt could be tough sometimes because there was so much that none of them knew about what he had been through or how he was really feeling, but he got a sense that Tobias was a lot more open.

"Mitch said me have my room anytime I want, but me want to better quickly and know I need Mitch love." Tobias then says with a smile, he was already starting to not be so embarrassed about how is was talking, just knowing that thanks to the elastic band when he needs to say something important he can.

"Should we go back now and see what they are talking about?" Carter then suggests, he knew he didn't have to do this away from his boyfriend or Mitch, but he just felt it would work better if Tobias wasn't being watched by everyone.

"Yes please, you Wesley come food with me and Mitch now?" Tobias asks as he holds his hand out and smiled when his new friend took it and they started walking back to the other two.

"Maybe another time because me and Wesley have to go somewhere else, but I really enjoyed meeting you and we will see you very soon." Carter responds honestly, they really couldn't risk being spotted eating somewhere, especially after Mrs Lee put herself on the line saying that he was ill and had to go home, so knew they had to go straight to Ben's and stay there until they could go to one of their houses.

"Hey guys." Mitch calls out as he watches them approaching.

"Mitch Wesley and me really need to get going, but Tobias is amazing and he has a surprise to show you." Carter tells the older boy and smiles at him.

"I wish we could have talked more Tobias, I really missed talking with you and well I just think you're awesome." Wesley then says and quickly follows it up by hugging him tightly before he lets him go and puts an arm over his boyfriends shoulder.

"Yeah Wesley told me about what happened at school and I'm glad you're okay Carter." Mitch says, although he was half distracted by Tobias playing with something on his wrist.

"It was great to see you again Wesley, maybe at the weekend after I surprise Matt both of you can come round and we can talk some more, because I would really like that." Tobias then says and Mitch can't help but look at him in surprise, he had heard him say a few things normally, but they were only a few words and he was impressed.

"That would be awesome mate, Mitch told me your house even has a pool, so can we bring our swimwear with us?" Wesley asks, but just as Mitch is about to answer he realising that Wesley is actually asking Tobias directly and couldn't be more proud of him for doing that.

"As long as they are speedos, our pool is going to be a speedo only zone." Tobias answers with a cheeky grin, although he is dead serious and Wesley can't help but smile.

"Well I tend to wear shorts when not swimming for the school team, but just because you asked me Tobias I will see what I can do." Wesley answers, he had no issues wearing speedos and always loved the surprised looks people gave him and especially enjoyed how some of the older boys looked a bit pissed off, that always put a smile on his face.

"Speedos er... I don't have any, I will just watch and keep Matt company while you all swim." Carter responds in a nervous tone, he may have got over his size issues with his boyfriend, but swimming with speedos with Ben, Mitch and Wesley was something he wasn't confident enough to do and hoped his boyfriend would sense it and back him up.

"You small willy like me too?" Tobias then asks, as he looks his new friend directly in the eye and Wesley instantly feels his boyfriend tense up and is about to say something.

"Tobias we don't ask people questions like that, especially in public like this." Mitch quickly says, just beating Wesley, who was just about to defend his boyfriend.

"Me bad, me sorry, sorry, sorry Mitch please I do good please me not bad..." Tobias begins to say as he starts to shake and cry and Wesley sees instantly what Mitch had warned him about earlier and quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear, he knows he is asking a lot, a hell of a lot and knew his boyfriend would be mortified but he hoped he would do this for Tobias before he totally freaked out.

"Tobias, it's okay you're not in trouble I promise, please don't..." Mitch begins to say as he tries to stop the boy breaking down, but trails off when the boy suddenly gasps a little and just stares past him and is confused even more when a small shy smile spreads across his face.

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