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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 4

June 2015

"We are almost there." Mike says, he didn't want to interrupt what was being said, but they were only a minute or two away and knew he had to say something.

"Ben said the same thing and I try Mummy, I really try to not er... Mummy I just want you to hold me please." Matt then says, he was going to say more but he needed a hug now that he knew he wasn't being tricked and he wanted to try and get in the right frame of mind for whatever surprise was coming next.

"Okay Sweetheart." Sarah responds and moves across the back seat before pulling her son into a loving embrace. "Mike stop the car please." She then asks and Mike can't help but give her a confused look in the rear view mirror.

"Sarah?" Mike responds in a concerned tone and he can tell Matt is equally confused.

"I just want to get him cleaned up a little bit and settled down and then we can go see everyone Mike." Sarah explains before giving turning to her son and giving him a loving smile. "We can't have them seeing you upset now, this is meant to be a happy surprise." She then tells him and gives him a quick kiss on the forehead.

"I'm sorry for not believing you Mummy." Matt responds and tries to smile, but he just can't quite manage it.

"Call me Mum please, now if you need to cry then do it now Sweetheart and then I can clean you up a bit." Sarah then says and as the car pulls over she feels her son cuddle up to her before crying.

"Can I come in here sometimes?" Tobias asks his new brother as they sit in the pool house living room.

"Of course you can, why would you think you couldn't?" Ben asks in response, he was surprised that his new brother didn't think he would be allowed to come in here and wondered if he had given him the impression that he wasn't welcome.

"Because it's yours and Matt's house and you will be doing sex stuff in here and I didn't know if you would want me to come here and get in the way." Tobias explains, after using his elastic band again so that he wouldn't mess his words up and make his brother think he didn't like them being gay.

"We won't be doing sex stuff all the time and you're our brother now Tobias, so you can come in here whenever you want and you can even use the jacuzzi." Ben responds with a wry smile, he thought it was sweet that he didn't want to get in the way, although a little embarrassing that he had thought they would just be doing sex stuff and then he couldn't help blushing and wondered if everyone else thought that is all he and his boyfriend would do.

"Me nervous Ben, what if he don't want me here and make me go away?" Tobias then asks, he knew it was silly to think that, but he just couldn't help feeling nervous and he could feel himself shaking a little.

"Never going to happen Tobias, he talks about you all the time and wishes you were here with him, I just know that with you and me helping him he will get better, well he will never be the same but we can help him stop being so sad all the time." Ben responds and smiles when he sees that his attempt to reassure him had worked.

"Me go naked in jacuzzi?" Tobias then asks, he was happy with what his new brother had said, but he wanted to try and stay in the right frame of mind and not worry about what his best friend is like now, he would just have to deal with that when he surprises him.

"Yeah that will be fun, but we have to wear our swimming shorts in the pool when we play in there." Ben answers, but decides that he should make sure he knows they can't just go around naked all the time.

"No way Ben, speedos only in the pool, me already tell Carter and Wesley and even Mitch, they all got speedos and you wear speedos too." Tobias quickly states with a big grin.

"I know, sorry I'm just used to saying swimming shorts, I actually told Matt he isn't allowed to wear anything else except speedos too, but oh shit er..." Ben begins to say, but he then remembers his boyfriends scars and doesn't know if he should tell Tobias about the them or not.

"Please tell me, it Matt again something else wrong?" Tobias asks in a nervous tone, he couldn't believe there could be anything else wrong with his best friend, how could one person have so many bad things happen to him and especially Matt he was just the nicest and best person ever he thought to himself.

"When his dad tortured him, well he scarred his body Tobias, Matt has scars all over his back and chest and his legs, but they aren't too bad, well a couple on his back and bum are big but he is really self conscious about his body now and only lets me see them, he is scared that everyone will think that he is ugly." Ben explains in a sad tone after deciding that it is best to tell him everything.

"Guys they are coming, Ben you need to be in the house and Tobias you need to wait here and we will bring him in, we will be like five minutes and..." Mitch begins to say as he walks into the pool house, but is surprised when Tobias cuts him off.

"Me don't want to be alone." Tobias says in a sad tone, he knew it was stupid and he should be able to be alone for a few minutes, but he was nervous and needed someone to be with him.

"Okay, I will stay with you." Mitch responds with a warm smile, he would have preferred to have met the others at the front door, but he couldn't leave the poor boy alone and knew he had to look after him despite wanting to see Matt himself. "Ben you go into the house and show Matt around before bringing him here, I just need a quick word with this little guy." He then says as he turns to his little brother with a smile.

"Sure thing Mitch, and Tobias just remember not to jump on Matt, his foot and pelvis are still hurting him okay." Ben responds and gives them both a loving smile before disappearing out of the pool house and heading to the front door of the house.

"Oh wow it's huge." Matt says as he looks at the house in awe of it's size and he can't believe that this is their new home.

"Wait until you see inside and the back garden." Mike says as he walks besides the young boy and smiles as he sees that he has a firm hold of his mums hand.

"Is it really ours?" Matt then asks as he lets him mum lead him up the driveway and to the front door.

"Yes it is all ours Sweetheart." Sarah answers and despite the pain and tears of the past few days, the look of excitement on her sons face now, more than made up for it.

"Why don't you knock on the door Matt." Mike then tells him and gives him a warm smile when he looks up at him.

"Okay." Matt responds, although he thought it was weird to knock on the door and not just walk right in, but he was feeling too overwhelmed to question it and just decided to do whatever he was told and knocks on the door, before watching as it slowly opens and smiles as soon as he sees his beautiful boyfriend standing in the doorway.

"Hey sexy." Ben says with a shy smile, he felt a little awkward with Sarah and his dad standing right there, but he wanted to tell his boyfriend how sexy he was.

"I missed you so much." Matt says as he lets go of his mums hand and quickly wraps his arms around his boyfriend and smoothers him with kisses.

"Whoa er... let's go inside boys and Ben can give you the grand tour Matt." Mike says as he tries not to look at the two boys kissing and groping each other.

"Yes boys, stop touching each other and get in the house." Sarah then says in a firm tone, but can't help grinning at the two boys together, she was just so happy with how much Ben made her son happy and she couldn't wait to see what he will do when he sees Tobias.

"Sorry Mum." Both boys say in unison and give each other a strange look.

"Sorry Sarah." Ben then says after realising what he had just called Sarah and felt embarrassed.

"You called my Mum er... Mum." Matt then says in a bemused tone, he didn't know what to make of it but he was leaning more towards being delighted and happy.

"Don't apologise Ben, it was a sweet gesture and I love you a lot." Sarah says with a sincere smile, she really did like hearing him call her that although when she looks at Mike, she is surprised to see that he is not smiling and instead looking at his son almost coldly.

"Dad I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to I promise, please don't hate me." Ben quickly pleads, he was embarrassed about what he said at first but once he saw how his dad was looking at him, he knew what he had really done and he felt awful and could already feel tears running down his cheeks.

"Mike what's wrong?" Sarah quickly asks in a confused tone, she didn't understand why he was reacting like this and she could tell Ben was getting upset.

"Why would you call her Mum?" Mike asks as he looks at his youngest son, he couldn't believe he would be so insensitive and could barely keep himself from shouting at him.

"Dad please, I didn't mean too..." Ben begins to say, but is cut off when he feels himself being embraced and it isn't until the embrace ends that he realises that it was his dad and he just looks at him in shock and didn't know what to think.

"Ben why don't you take Matt around the house and show him all the cool stuff." Mike then says, he was still trying to process what his youngest son had said, but he knew he wasn't really angry and he didn't want him to think that he was in trouble, he just needed to get his head around it.

"Okay." Ben responds and takes his boyfriends hand and leads him to look around the house, he still didn't get what happened but he could tell that his dad wasn't angry with him and he knew he needed to give him some space.

"Mike what's going on?" Sarah then asks as the two boys disappear up the stairs.

"He called you Mum." Mike responds, it was still hard for him to deal with what happened and it was just surreal.

"I know, but it's not a big deal and I really don't mind Mike, it's actually a very big compliment." Sarah then states and still doesn't see what the actual problem is because it didn't bother her at all.

"He already has a Mum though." Mike then says in a sad tone and Sarah suddenly understands and realises what is happening and quickly embraces him in a friendly and comforting cuddle.

"Oh Mike I'm so sorry, I didn't even think and please don't blame Ben, he was just confused and excited it doesn't mean anything." Sarah then says in a soothing tone, she just felt so sorry for the man and she knew his wife's death was still hard for him to talk about and it must have hurt to hear his son say what he did.

"I'm not angry at him Sarah, it was just a shock and I don't know, I guess I just never thought he would ever forget her." Mike responds and he can tell that he is close to crying, he just didn't think any of them could forget her and especially Ben, they were so close and he just couldn't process it.

"He hasn't forgotten her Mike, he was just over excited and it slipped out, I'm sure you have said a lot of stupid things you didn't mean to say over the years and I could tell that Ben knew what he said was wrong straight away." Sarah then says, trying her best to reassure him and also hoping that this doesn't ruin what today was meant to be all about.

"I think I need a quick drink Sarah, then I can go tell my son that I'm sorry for being a complete ass again." Mike states as he realises that he had over reacted and upset his youngest son yet again.

"Oh Mike you big idiot, come on let's have a quick drink and then find where Ben has taken Matt." Sarah replies with a soft smile, she really had come to like the man and thought it was so sweet and funny how he kept messing up with the boys and then panicking when he tried to fix it.

"I can't believe you called her Mum, your dad looked so freaked out." Matt says as his boyfriend leads him around the first floor, he still though it was cool, but he could tell his boyfriend was a little worried about it.

"He thinks I forgot my real mum." Ben responds in a sad tone, but he is trying his best to not let it get to him and leads his boyfriend into one of the bathrooms.

"He knows you haven't, he was just surprised, we all were Ben but I don't mind if you want to call her Mum, I mean one day we are going to be married and she will be your mum sort of,so I think it's cool." Matt then says, as he looks around the bathroom and he had to admit it was massive and he liked it a lot.

"I guess so, but I really didn't mean to call her Mum, it just sort of came out and well I think I prefer calling her Sarah, I already have a mum and she is the... I mean was the best mum ever." Ben responds, but goes quiet after realising what he just said as they leave the bathroom and walk into one of the bedrooms which only has a single bed in it.

"We really are a couple of gays." Matt then says with a small grin and giggles when his boyfriend looks at him in surprise, he just wanted to try and stop him getting down and knew this would work.

"What?" Ben asks in a confused tone and he isn't sure how to take his boyfriends words.

"I don't know, it just seems we get upset and cry so much it's kind of getting ridiculous, I mean I cried most of the way here because I was convinced Mum and Mike were taking me to some crazy place to lock me away and they kept telling me they weren't, but well I just cried anyway and you cry a lot too, I just think maybe we should just stop doing it." Matt explains, although as he talked he wasn't quite sure what he was talking about and actually just confused himself.

"You're such a dumb ass." Ben then says with a genuine smile as he pushes his boyfriend on the bed and climbs on top of him. "But you're my dumb ass and I love you so much." He then adds before leaning down and kissing him.

"You're such a creep, you're meant to be showing me around the house not kissing and groping me." Matt states after breaking the kiss and smiles up at his boyfriend who was now grinning.

"Want to see the pool?" Ben then asks and can't resist kissing his boyfriend again when he sees his eyes light up at the mention of the pool, before pulling away slightly to look down at him again.

"I can't believe we really have a pool and what is the pool house like, is it big and really just ours?" Matt then asks excitedly, he just couldn't believe this was all theirs and he couldn't wait to see the pool and their pool house.

"It's totally ours and it is amazing Matt and by the way I got you some new speedos to wear when we go in the pool later." Ben answers with a grin, which soon fades when he sees the smile drop from his boyfriends face. "Matt you're beautiful and gorgeous and I don't know how it feels to have scars, but yours aren't ugly and you can barely see them and once you get a bit of sun and a tan you won't even be able to see them at all." He then says in a sincere tone, he really loved everything about his boyfriends body and he didn't care about the scars.

"The ones on my bum are horrible though." Matt then states, a couple on his back and the back of his thighs are quite bad as well, but he hated the ones on his bum cheeks and he just couldn't get over them.

"Well unless you're planning on skinny dipping then no one is going to see those and just to be clear Matt, they aren't ugly and when we have the house to ourself we are going to sunbath naked and like the other scars they will barely be noticeable once your bum is tanned." Ben then says and smiles when he sees that his boyfriend is trying to hide his own smile. "Ha, I knew I would get you to do it." He then adds and giggles when he sees his boyfriends trademark pout and he couldn't resist giving him another quick kiss.

"Promise you won't let anyone try and pull my speedos off, I don't think I could handle it Ben and I really need you to promise me." Matt then says in a serious tone, he could barely bare the thought of showing any of his scars, but the ones on his bum would be too much and he doesn't care what his boyfriend tells him, he knows they are ugly and he won't let anyone else see them.

"I promise and I will tell Mitch to help make sure it doesn't happen and even Wesley wouldn't dare try anything if Mitch told them." Ben replies and kisses his boyfriend again before getting up and holding his hand out, he wanted to tell his boyfriend what he had done a few minutes ago after suddenly realising himself, but wanted to get him out to the pool first and then let him know.

"I might be able to cope if we played strip poker with Wesley and Carter, but if we do play and I can't handle it you will stop the game won't you?" Matt then asks as he lets his boyfriend pull him to his feet, he felt a little pain, but the effects of the painkillers the doctors gave him were still working and he didn't mind that much.

"I promise, but come on let's go see the pool and then our new house." Ben responds with a smile as he leads his boyfriend out of the room and then towards the stairs.

"I love you." Matt then says as he walks down the stairs just behind his boyfriend.

"I love you too." Ben says and does his best to hide his smile as they get to the bottom of the stairs and knows his boyfriend hadn't realised what he had just done.

"You did it." Sarah says as she sees the boys standing at the bottom of the stairs, she couldn't believe she just saw her son walk down the stairs without any help and was so happy.

"Huh?" Matt asks in a confused tone, not seeing what he could have done for his mum to say that to him.

"Oh man, I was going to tell him when we got outside Sarah." Ben then says in a slightly disappointed tone, not that he was angry at her, he just wanted to see the look on his boyfriends face and then kiss him.

"Tell me what?" Matt then asks, he was totally lost now and decides to look to Mike for answers.

"Hey don't look at me buddy, ask my amazing son because something tells me you're going to get a very nice reward when he tells you." Mike states and gives his youngest son a wink and smiles when he sees him smile at him and knows that they are okay now after what had happened earlier.

"Ben what's going on?" Matt then asks his boyfriend, deciding to take his boyfriends dads advice and hopefully gets told what is going on.

"You just walked down the stairs without any help and you walked up them earlier by yourself as well." Ben answers with a smile and it broadens when he sees the look on his boyfriends face.

"I was holding your hand though." Matt then says though, not quite letting himself believe he achieved anything, although he couldn't wipe the smile off his face if his life depended on it.

"Yeah but I wasn't supporting your weight or anything Matt, it was all you and you did it and I love you so much." Ben then says and this time he does kiss his boyfriend and despite their parents being right there he does it passionately.

"I need to wee." Tobias says as he looks nervously at the door and then to his older brother, he had been three times already in the last five minutes and just couldn't get rid of his nerves.

"Okay come on, but there is no way you have any more pee left." Mitch tells the boy as he leads him back into the toilet, he had said it the time before and couldn't believe he had anything left in his bladder and now he needed to go again just amazed him.

"Bet me?" Tobias asks with a cheeky grin as he lowers the front of his jeans and briefs down and stands in front of the toilet bowl.

"Sure, what do you want to bet?" Mitch asks in response, he was sure there was no physical way the boy could pee any more and even if he could he didn't think the bet would be that serious or costly.

"Me pee I get to kiss your girlfriend on the cheek and give cuddles in the pool when comes round later." Tobias answers with a big grin and can tell he surprised his big brother.

"What do I win if you can't pee?" Mitch decides to ask, he was actually relieved at what the boy wanted and thought it was cute, but he wondered what he could get out of it.

"I don't have girl you can cuddle er... Me no have anything." Tobias eventually replies in a sad tone, he really didn't have anything and it made him sad and he pulled the front of his briefs and jeans back up as the realization hits him hard.

"Hey, come on Tobias we are just having fun, so how about this instead, if you can pee you get to give Erica a kiss on the lips and can cuddle her in the pool, but if I win then you have to go naked in front of everyone for the rest of the day and that includes in front of Erica, your mum, my dad and Wesley and Carter if they come around." Mitch states and can see the boy thinking it over, a few days ago and his offer wouldn't have even phased him and Mitch knew that, but as Tobias has adjusted back to the real world his sense of modesty had returned and while he wasn't shy about his body he wouldn't want to be naked in front of Erica or his mum now.

"No, I just want pee Mitch." Tobias responds and instead of waiting for his big brother to say anything, he pulls the front of his jeans and briefs back down again and starts to pee.

"You would have won the bet though." Mitch states and looks at the still peeing boy curiously, he couldn't understand why he wouldn't take the bet if he knew he would win and wondered if there was something wrong.

"I know." Tobias responds with a smile as he finishes peeing and pulls the front of his briefs and jeans back up before walking over to the sink to wash his hands.

"Well er... okay I guess, let's get back in the living room in case they come in." Mitch then says, not really sure what else to say, he just didn't get why the boy would back out of a bet that he knew he was going to win.

"It's because I love you by the way." Tobias then says as he stands nervously in the living room facing he door, he was so nervous about finally seeing his best friend again, that he decides to explain why he backed out of the bet to distract himself for a few moments.

"What does that have to do with the bet though?" Mitch asks, he still didn't get it although he couldn't help smiling at the boys words and gives his hair a little ruffle.

"Hey no touch hair Mitch." Tobias then half hisses at his big brother, he spent ages getting it just right and he didn't want it to look stupid.

"Sorry buddy." Mitch responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, he knew he had wanted to look his best for Matt and knew he was already nervous. "I still don't get why you didn't take the bet." He then says, deciding to try and get the answer to that while he can.

"She is your girlfriend and it wouldn't be right for me to kiss her on the lips and cuddle her in just our swimming suits." Tobias answers after using his elastic band, but quickly focuses on the door when he hears voices outside the pool house. "Oh my god it's him." He then whispers and can barely stop himself shaking and is glad when he feels his big brother put an arm around his shoulder.

"Oh wow it's so big, I thought it would be small and not that great, but this is huge." Matt says as he looks at the pool, he really thought it would be like a glorified paddling pool, but this was massive and it even had a diving board.

"Yeah and you're going to look so sexy in your new speedos, I might not even let you out of the pool house when you put them on." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear and gently grazes his bum, making sure neither his dad or Sarah can see what he was doing.

"Jeez quit it, I'm getting a boner, shit." Matt whispers back, but can't hide the fact he was loving the attention when his boyfriend winks at him.

"So I guess you want to see your pool house now Matt." Mike says as he walks over to the boys and then looks over to the pool house.

"Ben why don't you take him inside and we will follow." Sarah then says and gives the young boy a smile and a wink.

"Yeah come on Matt, but close your eyes because we got you a special surprise and you can't look until we tell you to okay." Ben then says as he takes his boyfriends hand and begins to walk towards the pool house.

"Okay." Matt responds, although he is wondering what is going on and what the surprise could be, because so far he was overwhelmed by everything he had seen and couldn't think of anything that could top that, well maybe one thing but he knew that would never be able to happen.

"Promise Matt and say the words." Ben then says as they stop outside the door.

"I promise to keep my eyes closed until you tell me to open them." Matt then says and just to prove a point he gives his boyfriend a quick but loving kiss before closing his eyes.

"Remember to not say anything until he opens his eyes Tobias." Mitch reminds his brother, he knew that he might not be able to help himself or stop himself running over, but even if the boy did that it wouldn't really matter because either way this was going to be an amazing moment.

"I know and I promise..." Tobias begins to say but goes silent when he sees the door slowly opening and he draws in one last breath as he prepares himself.

Mitch then decides to just hold on to the boys shoulder a little bit, just in case he did try to bolt for Matt and accidentally hurt him by being too excited, but when he sees his little brother emerge through the door followed by Matt who has his eyes closed, he realises that he didn't have to worry because apart from a small gasp he holds his position and Mitch couldn't be more proud of him because it must be taking everything he had to not go over to his best friend.

"Now don't open them just yet Matt, just walk forward a few more steps and wait until I tell you to open them." Ben then says, he then gives Tobias and his brother a wink and walks his boyfriend a few steps forward, he then looks behind to see if his dad and Sarah had shut the door and gives them an excited look as they walk to stand to the side of them.

"Ben can I open them now please." Matt asks in a slightly nervous tone and Ben can tell that his boyfriend is getting a little frightened and gives his brother the signal and watches with a smile as he sees him join his dad and Sarah before turning back to see that Tobias had moved a few steps closer.

"Okay beautiful, you can open them now." Ben finally tells his boyfriend after giving Tobias a quick look to make sure he was ready, he then turns his attention fully back to his boyfriend and gets ready just in case he fell over or passed out or something.

"I missed you." Tobias then says, just as his best friend opens his eyes and quickly remembers to smile when he sees his boyfriend looking at him with a stunned look on his face.

"Tobias... Tobias holy fuck it's er... fuck shit er... Tobias..." Matt stutters as he just can't believe what he is seeing and desperately wants to turn to his boyfriend to ask him if this is real, but he can't take his eyes of his best friend and despite looking straight at him he doesn't even notice him walking towards him until he feels his arms wrapping around him.

"I missed you so much Matt." Tobias then says as he holds his best friend in a tight embrace.

"I er... are you real?" Matt asks and instantly feels like a complete moron for asking such a ridiculous question.

"I kept this." Tobias then says as he lets go of his best friend and pulls the necklace from his shirt and holds it out.

"Is that, oh my god it's really you, it is it's really you Tobias." Matt says and quickly pulls his best friend back in for another cuddle. "I thought I would never see you again and I missed you so much, like everyday and oh my god I love you so much." He then says as tears roll down his face.

"I'm going to be your new brother." Tobias then says as tears roll down his face, he had broken the embrace again and was now facing his best friend as they held hands.

"Mum?" Matt then asks as he turns to her with a confused look, he was just feeling, well he didn't know it just felt like he was going to explode with happiness.

"He is your brother Matt, the paper work is already done and he is now legally your real brother." Sarah tells him with a proud smile, she didn't know when he had taken it, but she felt her hand in Mike's and it just made this moment even more special and can't help but give him a smile.

"He is going to be my brother and Mitch's brother as well Matt." Ben then says, he wanted to give his boyfriend and Tobias as much time to just speak to each other as they needed, but since his boyfriend had talked to his mum he thought it would be okay to join in the conversation.

"Mitch look me after for days Matt and he me big brother." Tobias says, but realises that in his excitement that he forgot about the elastic band and starts to blush and look to the ground in embarrassment, he wanted it to be perfect and he didn't want his best friend to know about his talking problem.

"I need to sit down." Matt then says, he had left his cane in the car and his foot was now throbbing a little and he was feeling overwhelmed by everything happening all at once.

"Me help sit down." Tobias asks and blushes even more, he was just so nervous and knew he must sound like an idiot.

"Okay and don't worry about how you sound, I have a lot worse problems than that Tobias and well just don't be embarrassed." Matt then says, he may have his own issues and his emotions were all over the place, but he quickly works out that his best friend... well brother has been through something and his talking had been affected so he wanted to reassure him.

"I sorry Matt, me just want to talk like I should but I'm happy now I see you and me miss you so much." Tobias responds with a big smile as he helps his brother sit down.

"I missed you too, but I have to tell you stuff and well not now, but I need to tell you stuff soon." Matt then says, he wasn't sure how he was going to be able to tell him what had happened and half hoped his boyfriend would take the hint and do it for him.

"I know already, Mitch and Ben told me and I just want you to know that I'm going to help you get better and I still love you." Tobias then says after using his elastic band and can see his best friend looking at it. "It helps me talk properly sometimes, Carter showed me how it works." He then says, deciding to explain the elastic band and smiles when he realises that he didn't even use it and spoke properly that time.

"Can I be alone with Tobias for a little while please." Matt then asks as he looks around the room with a sad smile, there were just too many people and he was struggling to take everything in.

"Okay we will go get some food ready for everyone." Mike responds with a smile and understood that the boy was feeling crowded.

"Okay Sweetheart, just call if you need anything and we will come right back." Sarah then says before moving over to both boys and gives them a quick peck on the lips, before following Mike out of the pool house.

"See you in a bit guys and I'm so happy to see you Matt, it's been too long and I missed you." Mitch says as he walks over and ruffles Matt's hair, but decides to just rub Tobias's back after getting told off last time for messing his hair up.

"Bye Matt." Ben says in a slightly disappointed tone, he wanted to be with his boyfriend and felt a little hurt at being asked to leave, but starts to follow his brother out of the pool house anyway.

"Ben if you leave I'm going to strip you and throw you in the pool you dumb ass." Matt then calls out, when he had asked them all to leave he hadn't meant his boyfriend and he never wanted to be apart from him unless they really had to be.

"But you said you wanted to be alone with him." Ben responds in a confused tone, although he couldn't hide the smile on his face and was so happy that his boyfriend wanted him to stay.

"See you in a little while boys." Mitch then says before walking out of the pool house and shutting the door behind him with a smile on his face.

"You and me are forever Ben and I never want you to not be with me, like ever Ben and I know you don't want to be away from me either." Matt then says and gives his boyfriend a shy smile while he watches him walk towards him.

"Aww but it be funny seeing Ben naked in pool." Tobias then says in a playful tone and giggles when both Matt and Ben give him a strange but amused look.

"We can always go naked in our jacuzzi remember Tobias." Ben tells his brother and smiles at the look on his face, although his boyfriends reaction was just priceless and he remembers that he had forgotten to tell him about that.

"There's a jacuzzi?" Matt asks as he looks at his boyfriend with a stunned expression.

"Yeah and it is in our bathroom Matt." Ben answers as he gives his boyfriend a loving look.

"No fucking way do we have our own jacuzzi." Matt then says, before jumping slightly when he feels himself being punched in the arm. "Hey what the hell Tobias?" He asks as he gives his best friend or well his new brother a surprised look, although the punch was only playful.

"You said bad word, me don't like bad words the people at scary place used bad words and me didn't like it." Tobias then explains in a half serious tone, he wasn't really mad, but he really didn't like bad words.

"I'm sorry Tobias, do you want to talk about the scary place?" Matt then asks, part of why he wanted the others to leave was so he could talk to his brother... best friend... well he wasn't sure what to call him now, but he likes the sound of having a brother so just decides to think of him like that from now on.

"No bad happened Matt, just lonely no one me know or they no know me and called me wrong name, just scary and lonely Matt." Tobias answers honestly, although trying to deal with his family dying was too much for him, it wasn't as bad as what his brother had been through, he like Matt had been confused about how to see his best friend now and had decided to just think of him as his brother as well from now on, just like he had decided to think of Ben and Mitch as brothers too.

"You have us now Tobias, three brothers who will never let you be alone again." Ben then says and just like the other two he had decided to just think of Tobias as his real brother and he really did love how his family had grown, even if it was unexpected he really did like Tobias and couldn't wait to get to know him more over the next few weeks.

"Me need to be alone to play with self though sometime." Tobias then answers before turning bright red, maybe a few days ago he wouldn't care but with his modesty now back in tact he couldn't believe he just told his two brothers that he plays with his willy sometimes.

"Oh well jeez Tobias, we aren't going to be with you every second of the day and well er... you will have plenty of alone time to do that sort of thing." Matt quickly says, he was a little taken aback by his brothers bluntness, but at the same time thought it was funny.

"I will tell Mitch to make sure he gives you time alone sometimes as well, while you share the same room Tobias." Ben then says, although it was amusing he knew that his brother could be a bit over protective and might not give Tobias any time alone or enough time alone for what he clearly had in mind.

"Wait he is sleeping with Mitch?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, he hadn't expected that and wondered why they would share a room because the house was massive and had three floors.

"Me scared alone Matt, me wet myself too and er... won't be long but me need not be alone sleeping." Tobias answers and again blushes at the way he is talking.

"I wet myself sometimes too Tobias and I'm scared to go outside still." Matt decides to admit, it actually felt good to just say it out loud to someone besides his boyfriend and even though Tobias had said Mitch and his boyfriend had told him what happened, he wondered if he should tell him in his own words or if it was pointless.

"You scared to take clothes off too?" Tobias then asks, when he had helped his brother sit down the back of his top had ridden up and he saw some scars and after being told about them by Ben he felt so sorry for his brother.

"What?" Matt asks in surprise and even Ben can't help but look at him curiously.

"You have scars on back and more other places and you never jeans and long sleeve top in hot back home." Tobias explains and while he was wearing jeans he was only wearing them because he wanted to look smart, but he was already getting hot and couldn't wait to get out of his clothes, but he knew his brother hated being too hot and how he would often go around in just underwear or shorts in the summer and it was definitely hot today.

"Oh er..." Matt begins to say but just trails off, he didn't know what to say and turns to his boyfriend.

"Matt we are going swimming later and maybe later me, you and Tobias will be going naked in our jacuzzi so maybe just show him, he is your best friend and well your brother now and I think it will help you." Ben then says, taking his boyfriend by surprise, Matt had thought his boyfriend would get him out of this and wasn't expecting him to say that.

"You no have too Matt, but me want help you and me get naked too if helps." Tobias offers and gives his brother a smile.

"Ben I don't know." Matt says as he looks back to his boyfriend again, he had almost just stood up and stripped, but he just couldn't do it and it just frustrated him.

"I will text Mitch to make sure no one comes in for the next thirty or forty minutes and we can all get naked and then go in the jacuzzi." Ben then suggests and rubs his boyfriends arm while smiling at him.

"Mitch show me how jacuzzi works, me put on now then come back." Tobias then says and quickly disappears into the bathroom, although it was also an excuse to give his two brothers a chance to talk and also for him to try and compose himself, seeing his best friend again for the first time was almost too much for him and for him to now be his brother was just an amazing feeling that he just needed a few moments alone.

"Ben I don't know if I can let him see my bum." Matt quickly says as he pulls his boyfriend to face him.

"Matt this is just a test, if you can't then I will give you your new speedos and you can wear them in the jacuzzi, just get naked and let him see all your scars, if you don't like it then I will cover you up before you even have to say anything I promise." Ben quickly responds and gently strokes his boyfriends cheek.

"Okay, just for you though Ben, but fucking hell I can't believe he is here, like really here Ben I just don't know how and it's fucking awesome and he is my brother now, it's like a dream and shit I just can't believe it." Matt then says and just can't wipe the smile off his face, he had dreamed about seeing Tobias again and he had convinced himself it would never happen and yet here he was.

"I don't know the full story, but your mum will tell you all about how it happened, but it's him and he is really here and he is our brother now Matt." Ben responds cheerfully before kissing his boyfriend. "Now let me text Mitch and you can at least take your top off to get started." He then says as he gets up and starts texting his brother.

"Oh jeez." Mitch says out loud as he reads the text he just received from him little brother and can't help but wonder what they will get up to.

"What's wrong Mitch?" Mike asks as he cuts up some potato's into chips.

"Ben just asked me to tell everyone to not go anywhere near the pool house for like forty minutes." Mitch responds, it actually said thirty to forty minutes but he just thought he might as well just say forty.

"They wouldn't would they?" Mike asks as he nearly cuts his finger off, he knew his youngest son and Matt might have missed each other, but with Tobias there he thought they would be sensible.

"They wouldn't what... oh, oh no they wouldn't would they I mean, no they wouldn't." Sarah then says as she just about finishes glazing the ribs and chicken, surely neither Ben or her son would fool around together in front of Tobias or with him, they just wouldn't she thought to herself.

"Honestly if it were just Matt and Ben I would say give them a hour, but trust me they are just talking and catching up guys and wouldn't do anything with Tobias." Mitch then says as he tries to reassure them, even though his first thought was the same thing he knew they wouldn't be fooling around and even if his little brother and Matt wanted to there was no way Tobias would.

"Tobias might want to..." Mike begins to say but is surprised when his eldest son interrupts him.

"Dad, Sarah just trust me, Tobias actually talked to me about this sort of thing and without going into details he is completely straight and if you saw how he was looking at Erica yesterday and then how he was embarrassed when he was picking out underwear with her nearby, you wouldn't worry about what the boys are doing right now." Mitch quickly says, but from the look on both their faces he knows the mention of Erica has them thinking and he wishes he never mentioned her.

"You were with Erica yesterday and you took Tobias?" Sarah asks curiously and can't help but smirk, she could relax about the boys now and concentrate on teasing the young man instead.

"You really need to work on your idea of what constitutes as a date Mitch, I mean a boys sleepover and a shopping trip with a twelve year old boy, come on Son you got to do better than that." Mike then teases as he finishes the last of the chips and turns to his eldest son with a cheesy grin.

"Wait you took Tobias shopping?" Sarah then asks forgetting about Erica for a few moments, she had been planning to get the boy some clothes and felt a little cheated out of it.

"Sorry Sarah, I just got him a few tops and shorts and underwear, he really didn't want to buy those with you around and he looked like he was going to die of embarrassment when Erica accidentally walked over to him while he was holding a pair he liked." Mitch responds, he knew it was something mums did with their children, but it was also something he had to do with Ben and he kind of just did it without thinking.

"You mean the boy who runs around naked and shouts out about how his willy goes hard is embarrassed about holding underwear?" Mike then asks, he was hoping the boy would quickly get some of his modesty back, but he was expecting it to take weeks and not days.

"Yeah he doesn't mind around me and I suspect he won't be shy around the other boys either, but when it comes to girls his modesty is back with a vengeance it seems, although modesty doesn't seem to cover ogling my girlfriend every chance he gets." Mitch explains and again instantly realises he said too much again, when both his dad and Sarah give him a funny look.

"So she is your girlfriend?" Mike can't help but asks, he knew it was mean to tease him, but at the same time it was nice to have a bit of fun and was just glad he wasn't the butt of the joke.

"Yes and you can tease all you like but I don't care." Mitch answers and decides to stop being embarrassed about dating Erica. "Oh and by the way she is coming here at like three or four in the afternoon for a swim and to meet everyone officially." Mitch says and instead of waiting for either his dad or Sarah to say anything he walks out of the kitchen and heads towards his room with a smile on his face.

"Matt come on just your underwear to go and you will see that it will be all right." Ben says as he holds his boyfriends hand, he and Tobias had managed to coax him into taking everything else off but it was obvious the underwear was not going to be so easy.

"You two get naked first then." Matt then says, he really wanted to be able to take his tighty whiteys off but he just couldn't do it and thought maybe if his boyfriend and brother got naked then he would be able to do it too.

"You no laugh at small willy okay." Tobias then says and before either one of his brothers can ask what he meant, he quickly strips completely naked and stands nervously in front of them.

"Tobias yours is not small and it's actually really nice to look at." Ben states truthfully, he was actually starting to wonder if normal sized penis's were really better than bigger ones, well apart from his boyfriends because in his eyes it was perfect, but out of everyone else's that he had seen he actually thought Carter and now Tobias had really nice looking ones.

"My willy okay?" Tobias then asks and can't help but smile, he had only a few days ago tried to reassure Carter about their size, but since his modesty had returned he actually felt a little self conscious about his size again.

"It's a very good one Tobias and I mean it." Ben answers and decides to follow his brothers lead and quickly strips naked although unlike Tobias he folds his clothes neatly in a pile.

"Yours is almost as big as Carter's penis Tobias, but your balls are a bit bigger and hang down more." Matt then says, he had been looking his brother over for a few moments and despite knowing he loved his boyfriend with all his heart, a part of him did wonder how he would feel if he ever saw Tobias again and looking at him naked now he realised that he and his boyfriend really were forever because despite thinking his brother looked cute, he didn't feel anything for him other than brotherly love and when he looked over to his boyfriends naked body it was confirmed even more when he felt his penis twitch a little.

"Cool I like my willy and Ben has big one, is yours big Matt?" Tobias then asks as he looks at his brother with a shy smile.

"Everyone says mine looks exactly the same as Ben's." Matt answers, before finally getting the nerve to pulls his tighty whiteys down and steps out of them.

"Yeah we also get told we look like twins as well." Ben states when he sees his brother looking between him and his boyfriend, the same way Wesley and Mitch had done before and thought he might as well say it.

"It's weird but cool, turn around so me can see bums." Tobias then asks, but gets confused when he sees his brothers face drop and gets worried. "What's wrong Matt?" He then asks in a concerned tone.

"Ben hold me and turn me around so he can see it please." Matt asks as he looks at his boyfriend sadly, he couldn't make himself turn around and just thought this was the only way he could let hiis brother see the scars on his bum cheeks.

"Okay, but just remember that you're beautiful." Ben says and quickly steps in front of his boyfriend and pulls him tightly into his body. "I love you so much." He then says before slowly turning them so that their brother was now looking at his boyfriends bum and he can see the surprised and sad look on his face over his boyfriends shoulder.

"That bastard." Tobias says in an angry tone, as he looks at the scars on the back of his brothers body, although the ones across his bum cheeks look painful and he could see why he was nervous about others seeing them.

"I told you they were ugly." Matt then says as he starts to cry and tries to pull away from his boyfriend to cover up, but to his frustration he can't break free and just feels himself being held tighter.

"Not ugly Matt, they just make me want hurt David and him die, can I cuddle you please?" Tobias states in a sad tone, he didn't think they were ugly at all, but he hated what they represented and wanted to hold his brother.

"Yes please." Matt responds and to his surprise he feels his boyfriend letting him go and gives him a confused look.

"Just cuddle him Matt, I want to check the jacuzzi and then we can sit and chat with each other." Ben says, deciding to give them a few moments alone and he was curious about the jacuzzi himself, as he hasn't seen it when it was switched on yet and thought it was a good enough excuse to leave them alone.

"Okay." Matt responds and moves over to his brother and cuddles them, only then noticing that they are both naked and he was half hard after being held by his boyfriend. "Sorry I'm poking you, Ben just got me excited." He then says, deciding to just admit it and not leave his brother wondering why he was being poked by his boner.

"Oh okay, but it's weird and me not gay Matt, maybe we cuddle later with clothes instead?" Tobias says as he breaks the cuddle, he didn't mind cuddling when they were naked, but he was a little uncomfortable with having a hard willy poke him.

"Sorry, Ben just gets me really excited and I can't help it." Matt then says apologetically, he didn't take offence and could see why his brother would be embarrassed so he just took his hand and smiled at him. "So you're straight then?" He then asks, deciding to find out a bit more about his brother and see how he has changed since they last saw each other.

"Yeah, although I thought maybe I loved you once, like I remember we kissed that time and it was really nice but er... I don't feel like that any more and you and me are brothers now." Tobias answers honestly, although he made sure to use the elastic band so that he could make sure he said what he wanted to say properly.

"I love Ben and knew I would be with him forever, but I kind of always thought about how I would feel if I ever saw you again." Matt begins to say but pauses, he was aware that his boyfriend was close by and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

"I kept this Matt, but when me went scary place I never hear it until Mitch helped me other day, me love you forever Matt, but jusy brother." Tobias then says as he holds his necklace and lets his brother see the USB stick.

"I love you as a brother as well and maybe we can listen to that later, just the two of us okay." Matt responds with a loving smile and reaches out to touch the USB stick, he couldn't believe he had not only kept it, but managed to keep it after all he had been through without someone taking it.

"Yes later, but Ben listen too because you two are boyfriends and me want to be with both you." Tobias then says with a grin, as he slowly leads his brother towards the bathroom.

"Thank god, because me and Ben do everything together and I didn't want to leave him out." Matt says after sighing with relief, he really didn't ever want to keep his boyfriend away from anything he did and he was so happy his brother seemed to want him to join them.

"About time you two got in here, it's awesome and the bubbles make er... well you will find out for yourselves just get in quick." Ben says as he watches his boyfriend and brother walk into the room, he would have stood up, but the bubbles had given him a boner and he didn't want Tobias seeing it and thinking he was a pervert, although he couldn't wait to see their faces when they got in and the bubbles and jets gives them one as well.

"I need help getting in." Matt then says as he looks in the jacuzzi, it wasn't that he couldn't get in a bath or something on his own, but he couldn't see the bottom of the jacuzzi with all the bubbles and if he slipped then he could seriously hurt himself.

"Me help Matt." Tobias quickly says and unknowingly saves Ben from having to reveal his boner, who may not have wanted his brother to see it, but he was about to get out to help his boyfriend so he was relieved that his brother was already helping his boyfriend into the water.

"So will I get to see you in a pair of speedos later then Mr Walker?" Sarah asks in a slightly teasing tone, as she puts the chicken and ribs in the oven, after deciding to test the waters a little bit with him.

"I don't know if the world is ready for me in a pair of speedos Sarah." Mike answers with a wry smile as he starts work on the salad.

"I don't know, I think the boys will get a good laugh out of it and I wouldn't mind the view Mike." Sarah responds as she starts to get the table ready and can't help but look at him as he faces away from her.

"You know if I have to suit up so will you Sarah." Mike then says, as he turns to look at her and can't help but smile at the way she is looking at him.

"I think I lost my pair of speedos Mike." Sarah retorts as she finishes putting the table cloth down and moves over to get the cutlery out of the drawers.

"Sarah er... is there something you know er... I mean I'm not imagining it am I?" Mike then asks nervously, it had been a long time since he has flirted with someone and he still wasn't sure he could ever be with someone else after his wife, despite finding himself thinking about Sarah more and more as they spend time together.

"You aren't imagining it Mike, but I don't think either of us is ready to do anything about it, although I am enjoying the flirting." Sarah answers honestly, it was too soon to even begin moving on from her husband and she knew despite it being years ago that Mike was not over his wife, but she really enjoyed having a laugh and thought it was harmless.

"Me too Sarah and I'm really happy to have you in my life, but I have never even thought about anyone else since, well you know and well just give me time please." Mike then says in a sincere tone, he could see a future for them both, but it was not going to be any time soon and he just hoped that she understood that.

"I know Mike and I need time too, but that doesn't mean we have to change how we are around each other and just so you know the bikini I have is going to give you a run for your money in your speedos." Sarah responds with a smile as she finishes placing the cutlery on the table and begins to set some glasses out.

"Oh god, you were being serious about the speedos?" Mike then asks as he realises that she wasn't just trying to wind him up.

"Of course and according to Mitch, Tobias has already declared the pool a speedo only zone for boys Mike." Sarah responds with a grin and can't help chuckling at his expression, as he quickly turns back to the salad he was cutting up.

"Oh er... wow the er... wow." Tobias says as he sits down just over one of the jets that hits him straight in the balls and willy and feels himself getting hard straight away.

"Yeah I got a boner too Tobias, I sat right over a jet and it well you know." Ben says as he sees his brother turn bright red and knows exactly what happened, but his smile soon drops when he notices his boyfriend yelp and then move across to him. "Matt what happened?" He quickly asks and can see that his boyfriend is fighting back tears.

"It hit my bum." Matt manages to say, but he didn't like it at all and couldn't help remembering what his dad did to him and begins to shake.

"What happening?" Tobias asks in a confused tone, he isn't sure what is going on and despite being told about the rape, he still hadn't processed it all yet and couldn't put the pieces together.

"Hey, I'm right here and it's all right Matt, I got you and you're safe." Ben quickly responds in a soothing tone as puts an arm around his boyfriends shoulder and rubs his arm.

"Ben tell Tobias please, I can't tell him..." Matt says but trails off before crying into his boyfriends chest, the jet of water hit him straight on the bum hole and it terrified him.

"The water hit his bum hole Tobias and it made him remember what David did to him." Ben explains and purposely calls his boyfriend dad David, he didn't think the man deserved to be called a dad and wished they could somehow take that away from the man for real, although unbeknown to him Sarah had already done just that and just hadn't revealed it to the boys yet.

"Me love you Matt." Tobias then says and moves around to cuddle up to the other side of his brother to comfort him and they sit like that for almost ten minutes.

"How are you feeling now?" Ben asks in a loving tone, he was glad that Tobias moved across to them and he knew that with both of them supporting and comforting him like this, his boyfriend will get feel a lot safer and relaxed.

"Loved." Matt responds before giving his brother a quick kiss on the cheek and then his boyfriend a more passionate kiss on the lips.

"Erica saw me buying underwear." Tobias then says, after deciding to change the subject and lighten the mood and he is delighted when both his brothers look at him with grins.

"She what?" Matt asks after a quick sniffle, he knew what his brother was doing and he just couldn't believe after all this time that he still knew how to make him smile.

"Mitch take me shopping and Erica came with, I tried to wait her not there and when I was holding nice ones see came over and I embarrassed when she said they would cute on me." Tobias explains and can't help but blush, she was the first real woman he has interacted with, well there was his new mum, but that wasn't the same and he really thought Erica was pretty. "I like her boobies they are nice." He then adds and can't help but giggle at the priceless look on both his brothers faces.

"Oh shit you fancy my brothers... I mean our brothers girlfriend." Ben says with a giant grin, even he had to admit Erica was beautiful but he had never really looked at her breasts with any interest, but it was amusing to hear his brother talk about her like that.

"She hug me and head touch her boobies, they were soft and me get hard and me had to sit down to hide it." Tobias then says and suddenly blushes when he realises that his willy had gone hard after thinking about her and he had only got rid of the one he had from the bubbles a few minutes ago.

"Ha, you just got a boner just thinking about her didn't you." Matt then says, thanks to his brother he had now got rid of all the horrible memories that were upsetting him and he was able to really just enjoy himself, well until something else makes him freak out and remind him about them, but he was determined to enjoy this while it lasted.

"Yeah, sorry me not gay like all you." Tobias answers a little sheepishly, he knew Mitch told him it didn't matter and Ben seemed okay with it, but he wanted to test the waters and really see if they didn't care he was straight.

"Carter and Wesley are gay Tobias, me and Ben are pansexual." Matt then says and can't help but smile at the confused look on his brothers face.

"It means we love a person Tobias and it doesn't matter if they are a boy or a girl or black or white or from another planet we just love that person and me and Matt love each other like that." Ben then explains after deciding not to wait for the obvious question.

"Oh, me confused Matt a boy and you boy Ben, you both have willies and isn't what gay is?" Tobias then asks, his brothers explanation sort of made some sort of sense, but he was still confused.

"Yes sort of but I would love Matt even if he were a girl and not a boy." Ben then says in response, to be honest he was sort of a little confused by it himself, but he didn't fancy any other boy or find any sexy, so he really didn't view himself as gay.

"But he is boy with willy and you said you like him willy, it hard understand." Tobias then states, he wasn't trying to upset or question his brothers sexuality, he was just genuinely curious and wanted to understand.

"Well you have a point, I love Ben's penis and I really like playing with it, but don't even look at other boys and even though I have seen Wesley and Mitch naked and well you as well now Tobias, I just don't even feel anything like I feel when I see Ben, I mean even if he is fully dressed he just gets me excited and I just want to kiss and hold him." Matt then says, deciding to try and help his brother understand and could see how confusing it must be and even he struggled to really understand it.

"Mitch said everyone thought Wesley straight but he then sex with Carter, does he be pansexual too or does he like all boys now?" Tobias then asks, he remembered Mitch telling him that everyone including Wesley thought he was straight, but now he was dating a boy and it confused him.

"Ah well er... Wesley is just well complicated and he thinks of himself as gay now, but I guess he could be pansexual as well but it doesn't really matter Tobias, we are all happy and calling ourselves gay, straight or pansexual doesn't really change anything and just to be clear we don't care if you're straight and we love you Tobias." Matt answers with a warm smile. "Now get off me and spread out a bit I want to enjoy the bubbles and relax." He then adds with a giggle, as he looks at the pout his boyfriend gives him.

"You play sexy games with them?" Tobias then asks after moving back to where he was sitting before, although he doesn't sit over a jet this time and just enjoys the bubbles around him.

"Oh er... what do you mean?" Ben answers in an awkward tone, he didn't expect that and after the talk the four boys had together about the strip poker he panicked a little.

"Er... some at scary place played strip cards, me not liked much so never allowed to join or see but it sound fun." Tobias explains in a sad tone, it was hard being ignored by every other kid although he knew it was his own fault for not talking with anyone, but David had scared him into keeping quiet and with everyone calling him by the wrong name it was just too scary to try and ask for help at the time.

"Well actually next weekend Carter and Wesley are sleeping over and if you want to, we can all play strip poker together, me, Ben and Wesley have played together before and it was really fun." Matt then says with a smile, he was sure neither Carter or Wesley would mind Tobias joining them and thought it would be fun with the five of them.

"Carter and Wesley come swim soon, we ask then please?" Tobias then asks, he really wanted to bond with everyone and thought this was the best way to bond with gay people.

"Sure but why are you so keen?" Matt can't help but ask, they may have been apart for years and been through a lot since then, but he could still read him like a book and knew he was up to something.

"Me not gay, but want to play with you, so me play naked games with you to like me." Tobias answers honestly, but he can't understand why his brothers are looking at him like strangely.

"You think you have to do it to be friends with us?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he was sure they had made it clear they didn't care if he was straight and they still loved him.

"Tobias we are going to play because it's fun, not because it will make us like you any more than we already do." Matt then says, but he can tell his brother is confused still. "Tobias we will play with you and be your friend and brother no matter what, so you don't have to play naked games or games like that with us for us to like you, because we already like you do you understand?" He then asks and looks at his brother curiously.

"I don't have to do gay things for you all to play with me?" Tobias asks in response, although he still wasn't too sure if they would really like him if he wasn't like them.

"No you idiot, we are normal you know Tobias and we don't always do gay stuff, not that strip poker is gay anyway, lots of people play it and it's just fun but if you don't want to play naked games with us you don't have to." Matt responds with a grin, he was finding the conversation amusing and was glad he wasn't the naïve one for a change.

"Me still want play strip poker, but me understand rest now thank you." Tobias then states and can't help but feel relieved and sinks down a little more so only his head is above the water.

"This jacuzzi is awesome." Ben says as he copies his brother and sinks down so only his head is above the water, but with his other hand he reaches over to take hold of his boyfriends hand and is happy when he feels his boyfriend squeeze his hand back.

"Mitch is so nice, I love him lots already." Tobias then says, deciding that they should make the most of this time alone and actually talk.

"Yeah he is the best big brother ever and I love him more than any... well I love him almost more than anything in the world." Ben responds before giving his boyfriend a loving look and a squeeze of the hand and blushes when he got the same look back.

"I love Mitch too and I'm so happy he is looking after you Tobias, he will keep you safe and help you adjust back to being around people again." Matt then says, he almost said back to normal but he wasn't sure how his brother would take it and might mistake it for some kind of insult and he didn't want that to happen.

"He put plastic sheets over our mattresses so when I wet the bed it didn't matter because we just washed the sheets and the plastic stopped the mattress getting wet." Tobias then says after using his elastic band. "Mitch got sort of mad two night ago when I pee on him after I got scared and climbed into his bed, but he was cool and just held me until morning then help me clean up." He then adds before giggling shyly, he was sure he would get in trouble but his big brother was just so loving and caring that he knew he would be all right.

"He did the same for me when I was younger Tobias, he just loves looking after us and doesn't mind getting dirty or wet." Ben then says with a grin, he remembered the initial look of anger on his brothers face and then the love and caring look that quickly followed once he realised what had happened.

"I'm scared about going swimming later." Matt then says, even though he is enjoying the lighter tone of conversation he wanted to get his concerns about later heard and hopefully resolved.

"Matt no one will laugh or make fun of your scars." Ben responds quickly, he wished he could make his boyfriend believe him, but until he got him out there in front of everyone in just his speedos, then he could only keep trying to reassure him.

"I pee on Mitch and he not make fun of me, I got willy out in front of Carter and Wesley they not fun of me Matt, no one make fun of your body I promise." Tobias then says in a reassuring tone, he sensed that he needed to help his brother in reassuring him and knew he did right when he gets an appreciative smile from him.

"Well yeah that too, but I meant with my foot and pelvis, I just don't know how long I can swim for and if I can play with you all without getting hurt." Matt then says, realising that his boyfriend and brother got the wrong idea about why he was worried, although he was still feeling nervous about the others seeing his scars.

"Oh, well I'm just going to stay with you and help you swim around Matt, when you get tired we can stay at the side and talk while the others play." Ben quickly answers, he wouldn't mind playing but his boyfriend came first and he would have more fun helping him then with the others anyway.

"We all be careful not to hurt you Matt and me going to play with Mitch, he throw me round the other day and it was fun and me loved it." Tobias then says with a smile, he really loved every second of playing with his big brother in the pool the other day and couldn't wait to play with him again. "Erica coming in bikini too, me like that lots." He then adds with a blush.

"Ha, you horny little devil." Ben then says as he giggles at his brother for thinking about Erica like that and wondered how his brother was going to handle all the attention Tobias would give his girlfriend.

"Thanks guys, but Ben you have to play with the others some of the time and I want to talk with the others too." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a serious look, he knows if he didn't say anything his boyfriend wouldn't leave his side and while he loved him for that, he didn't want them to just stay together and ignore everyone else.

"I know sorry, I just want to be with you all the time and make sure you're safe, but I promise to play with the others and keep Tobias away from Erica's boobies as much as possible." Ben responds as he sticks his tongue out playfully at his brother and giggles when he pouts at him.

"Mitch do you know what time Wesley and Carter are coming around?" Mike asks as he watches his eldest son walk back into the kitchen and can tell that he has showered and done his hair.

"Around two or three I think, why do you want to know?" Mitch responds as he looks at the table and smiles.

"I was thinking if we put more food in then we could all eat together when everyone gets here." Mike answers, while somehow managing to resist teasing his eldest son when he smells the after shave he had obviously put on.

"The chicken and ribs I just put in will be ready at two though Mike and it's too late to take them out now." Sarah says as she pours another cup of tea after seeing Mitch come back.

"I could pick the boys up when I head over to get Erica, I'm sure they won't mind and Erica will be okay with coming earlier." Mitch then offers, although it was more of an excuse to go pick his girlfriend up more than anything else.

"I did buy some burgers and some sausages that I can put on so that we all get a good plate full." Sarah then says, the burgers and sausages can go on later and she could just turn the oven down a little so the chicken and ribs take a bit longer.

"I will go let the boys know what is happening." Mike then says before being stopped by his eldest son when he starts moving towards the patio door.

"Dad I wouldn't if I were you." Mitch tells his dad with a wry smile, if he had to guess the boys were probably naked in the jacuzzi.

"But you said..." Sarah then starts to say but decides to just stop and not think about what the boys are doing.

"Mitch the boys need to learn that they can't fool..." Mike then begins to say but is swiftly cut off by his eldest son.

"Dad they aren't fooling around, but knowing Ben and Matt they are at least naked and the fact I showed Tobias how to use the jacuzzi means they are more than likely in there talking with each other, they have a lot to catch up on and boys will be boys." Mitch states, he can still remember the times he used to use any excuse to get naked with his friends or at home when he was younger, although not quite as old as the boys were currently, but still he just thought it was funny and innocent, well most of the time it was innocent.

"Well that isn't so bad, but didn't they ask for forty minutes because it has been almost that now." Sarah responds, now feeling safe to join the conversation again, she loved the boys and was happy for her son and Ben, but that didn't mean she wanted to know about his sex life or see it.

"As much as I would love to scare the hell out of them, I need to get on the phone to the other two boys and Erica, so Dad you're up, but if I were you I would try their phones first and if that doesn't work. then knock very loudly and wait for them to open the door." Mitch responds with a smile as he sits down and drinks the tea Sarah had made him, he was thirsty and a few more minutes wouldn't make much difference to calling everyone.

"Well I might give it a few more minutes, I still have some tea to drink." Mike says as he sits down as well, he knew he would be teased but he had walked in on the boys enough already in compromising positions and didn't want to add to that list.

"So he is coming to pick us up?" Carter asks as he plays with his boyfriends nipples.

"Yeah, but we have like thirty minutes until he gets here though." Wesley answers as he moves his hand down his boyfriends chest and stomach until he finds what he is looking for and chuckles when he hears his boyfriend gasp.

"You know we could tell them we will come round tomorrow instead." Carter then suggests as he moves down a little and starts to suck his boyfriends nipple, he was horny and despite them already spending the past few hours fooling around, he was more than ready to continue for the rest of the day.

"Oh shit... Carter I love you so fucking much." Wesley calls out, he loved when his boyfriend nibbled and sucked his nipples and the fact he could feel his balls being played with as well just made it even better. "Sixty nine?" He then asks and can't help but smile at the look of lust on his boyfriend when they lock eyes.

"Fuck yeah, but I'm going on top this time." Carter responds in almost a growling tone as he found himself wanting his boyfriend more than anything else in the world, he actually preferred to be on the bottom but occasionally when he felt like this he wanted to be the one in control and on top.

"I don't know Carter, I might need some persuading." Wesley replies with an evil grin, he knew they were pushed for time but he wanted to have a little fun before they got down to it.

"How about..." Carter begins to say before pushing his boyfriend off the bed and then jumping on top of him. "Yeah I like this persuasion thing." He then says as he gloats over his victory.

"Oh you think so." Wesley retorts and before Carter has a chance to react he finds himself being rolled on to his stomach with his boyfriend on top of him, they had done this several times and Carter knew he was about to get his bum crack humped and hadn't yet been able to figure out how to get out of the hold.

"Prick." Carter says, although he was trying to sound angry he couldn't help giggling as he felt his boyfriends boner sliding between his bum cheeks, while actual sex was a long way off they had discovered the delights of using each others bum cheeks as a way to pleasure themselves.

"I love when you go on top, you're so sexy when you try dominating." Wesley then teases as he continues to grind against his boyfriend, he knew his boyfriend hadn't figured out a way to get out from under him yet and let his guard down as he loses himself in the pleasure he was feeling.

"You know I'm a genius right?" Carter then says in a cocky tone and knows he is about to surprise his boyfriend.

"Huh?" Wesley says but before he knows what is happening he feels both his wrists being lifted slightly and pushed outwards before he falls on top of his boyfriend, who then making the most of his boyfriends brief confusion by twisting around, manages to roll his boyfriend on to his back and quickly gets on top and pins his arms with his legs.

"You support your whole weight on your hands you moron." Carter then states gleeful before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend.

"Took you long enough though." Wesley retorts, he could easily get his boyfriend on his back from this position, but he knew they were done playing and instead smiled at his boyfriend.

"You're so sexy, but shut up and suck." Carter then says as he quickly turns around on his boyfriends chest and spreads himself over his body, wasting no time in taking his boyfriends boner into his mouth.

"Oh god..." Wesley says as he feels his boyfriends mouth take in his boner and quickly pulls his boyfriend down by his bum and returns the favour.

"We should get out now." Ben says as he looks at the time, it had been almost fifty minutes since he sent the text and he was actually surprised no one had come to get them yet.

"Have we got any clothes here?" Matt asks, he didn't want to wear his jeans or long sleeved top any more and the scars on his calves and forearms were hardly noticeable, so he felt comfortable enough to wear something a bit cooler.

"Yeah but not many, I just brought some shorts and t-shirts for us to wear until we moved all our stuff here and went shopping Matt." Ben answers with a smile, he saw this as a good sign if his boyfriend didn't want to wear what he had on and was delighted.

"Me borrow shorts? I not need wear top it's hot outside" Tobias then asks, he didn't want to wear the clothes he had on before either and thought a pair of shorts was enough to wear now.

"Sure, I will go get some and you can help Matt out of the jacuzzi Tobias." Ben responds with a smile and stands up and slowly climbs out of the jacuzzi, he just couldn't resist giving his boyfriend a little show and could help but giggle at what he heard as he left the room.

"Come on let's get out now." Tobias says as he stands up, but when his brother doesn't move he looks at him in confusion.

"I got a boner." Matt states as he sees his brother looking at him, he really could kill his boyfriend for teasing him like that and knew he did it on purpose.

"All Ben has to make you willy go hard?" Tobias then asks in a bemused tone, he watched his brother get out and knew he was making a show off it, but he didn't find it sexy and now found it funny that his brothers willy got hard from it.

"Yeah I love him and even if he had clothes on I would get one and he knows it." Matt answers honestly, he saw no reason to lie and despite feeling embarrassed he takes his brothers hand and lets himself be pulled to his feet.

"Just no poking me." Tobias says with a cheeky grin as he glances at his brothers hard willy before he helps him climb out of the jacuzzi and is still holding his hand as they walk back into the living room just as Ben emerges from the bedroom with three pairs of shorts and two tops.

"No underwear?" Matt asks as he looks at the clothing in his boyfriends hands and can tell straight away that his boyfriend had no intention of wearing any.

"Cool we going commando." Tobias then says with a wide smile and Matt knows it is two against one and decides to try and be brave.

"I can get you some." Ben then says, he was hoping that he could get his boyfriend to at least just wear shorts and a top but he wasn't going to force him.

"No it's cool, just make sure no one tries to you know, I'm not ready for anyone else to see my bum Ben." Matt responds with a sad look, he hated being pantsed anyway but would laugh it off, but he knew he would freak out if it happened now.

"I already talked to Mitch, Carter and Wesley about not doing that sort of thing to anyone and they agreed." Ben responds with a smile, although he only told Mitch the truth about what was happening and Mitch agreed to make sure no one does that to anyone today.

"Boys are you ready in there yet?" Mike asks as loudly as he could without shouting, he was about to knock on the door, but he heard their voices and just decided to call out to them instead.

"Dad we are just getting dressed, we will be out there in like two minutes I promise." Ben answers quickly, he was still surprised it took someone this long to come get them, but he was glad his dad didn't just walk in like he normally does.

"Okay Son, see all three of you in the house in a few minutes." Mike calls out and walks back towards the house looking pleased with himself, anytime he didn't embarrass himself or the boys he chalked up as a win.

"So you just couldn't wait to see me then." Erica teases as she gets in the car.

"Honestly I have missed you since I dropped you off yesterday Erica." Mitch responds and leans across to kiss her and is happy when she meets him half way.

"Thank you for inviting me today Mitch." Erica then says as their kiss ends and she can't help but think how sexy he is.

"You're my girlfriend Erica, I want you with me all the time and I definitely want to see this famous bikini I have been hearing so much about." Mitch responds with a grin as he quickly kisses her again.

"You will when we get changed together in your room later." Erica states and can't help but smile when he lets out a choking cough.

"Changed together?" Mitch asks in a slightly nervous tone, he wasn't normally shy at all about his body but he couldn't help feeling nervous around her and was glad he took the extra shower earlier.

"Of course, now come on let's go pick up the little love birds." Erica then says as she runs her hand down his thigh, before putting the seat belt on and waits for him to compose himself.

"Oh right er... yeah Carter and Wesley right." Mitch mumbles as he tries to readjust himself without being too obvious.

"Jeez Mitch, just let me do it and then maybe you can do some driving." Erica says as she reaches across and adjust her boyfriends rapidly hardening penis in his shorts and chuckles when he lets out an adorable whimpering noise. "Anyone would think you were nervous Mitch." She then says with a smirk, she just couldn't believe her luck in finding not only a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend, but one that was both sweet and sensitive and she couldn't be happier.

"Shit..." Mitch says as he starts the car up and starts to drive away, although to his delight and slight embarrassment he realises that his now rock hard penis is being stroked and he is finding it hard to concentrate on the road. "Oh shit Erica, I'm going to have to pull over." He then says, there was just no way he could drive with her doing that.

"You stop and I stop Mitch, the choice is yours sexy." Erica responds and this time she moves her hand under his shorts and briefs.

"Oh fucking hell..." Mitch gasps in pleasure, but he keeps driving and actually takes the longer route to the boys house without realising.

"How was the jacuzzi boys?" Sarah asks as she pours out three glasses of OJ for the boys as they walk in the kitchen.

"Huh, how did you know we were in there?" Matt asks in a surprised tone.

"You're all wet and I think I would have noticed three boys playing in the pool, now drink up and relax for a while." Sarah answers as she puts the three glasses down on the table and smiles when the boys quickly sit down and start drinking.

"The jacuzzi was great Sarah, I can't believe me and Matt have our own jacuzzi, it's awesome." Ben then says after downing half his OJ in one go, he didn't realise how thirsty he was until now and downs the rest almost straight away.

"You two deserve it, now who wants a refill?" Sarah asks as she sees all three boys have already drunk their drinks.

"Me please." All three boys say in unison and giggle at each other.

"Oh hey boys and here you go Matt." Mike says as he walks into the kitchen and when Matt turns to his boyfriends dad, he can't help but smile when he sees him holding his cane.

"What's that for?" Tobias asks, he can't see why his brother has a stick and can't help but look at it curiously.

"Oh er... well thanks Mike and well er... Tobias I need it to walk otherwise I get tired real quick and my foot and pelvis hurt." Matt responds to both of them, he can't help but blush a little but he is soon smiling when he feels his boyfriend reach out for his hand and he is happy to take it.

"It's really cool and oh wow the inscription is Latin." Tobias says as he looks at the cane while his brother holds it out for him to see, although he wonders how he hadn't noticed his brother walking strangely and didn't think he could miss something like that.

"Yeah we have rings with the same inscription on them as well." Matt tells his brother with pride in his voice, he really did love both the cane and the ring and of course his boyfriend, who he can't help but give a quick peck on the cheek.

"Cool, I did wonder about the rings." Tobias then says and suddenly smiles widely.

"Are you okay Tobias." Sarah asks as she looks at him curiously.

"Yeah." Tobias answers, although he purposely keeps the response short so he doesn't over think the fact he is talking normally again for the last few minutes.

"Here look at the ring Tobias, they are identical to each other." Ben then says as he holds his hand across the table so his brother can look at the ring.

"Just like you two then." Tobias responds as he inspects the ring, while grinning at his remark and he couldn't help but think of his two brothers naked and how freaky it was that they did look exactly the same.

"Yeah I guess so." Ben responds with a wry smile, knowing exactly what his brother meant and he enjoyed the compliment.

"By the way boys, Mitch went to pick up the other two and Erica, they should all be here around two and dinner will be ready about half two." Mike then says after remembering that they had changed the plans slightly.

"Oh cool, I wondered where Mitch went, I haven't seen him properly for ages." Matt responds and smiles at his boyfriends dad.

"Is there enough for all of us?" Ben then asks, he was starving and couldn't help but think with his stomach.

"We have ribs, chicken, burgers and sausages, as well as some chips and salad so I think we have enough Honey." Sarah answers and ruffles the boys hair as she walks past him.

"Oh wow, all of that for us?" Tobias then asks, since they came and took him from the scary place he had been spoilt with food and drink and couldn't believe how he has gone from crappy food that the other kids used to steal most of the time, to having all this and just couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

"It's your final treat for a while boys and especially you Tobias, we don't want you getting fat on all this junk food do we." Sarah answers with a smile and looks at the boys affectionately as they all giggle a little at her joke.

"You now me like tuna salad Mum, me know me can't eat bad food all time." Tobias then says and scowls a little which causes everyone to look at him in concern and he realises what they are thinking. "Sorry just me was talking normal for while and now not, just annoying but it okay I promise." He quickly says, just to make sure they didn't think he was getting upset.

"I didn't even realise, well done Tobias." Matt says in a sincere tone, apart from the first few sentences his brother spoke he barely even noticed the way he talked and understood everything he had said.

"See, Mitch and me told you that no one minds when you say the wrong words Tobias, but well done bro it's good to see you're getting back to talking normally again." Ben then says and can just about reach across the table enough to hold his hand up for a high five.

"Thank you, me going to talking normal all time soon." Tobias says in a grateful tone as he high fives his brother, although he almost misses as they are both stretching a little.

"I was just thinking that because the others are coming to eat, that we should do it outside, we have some table and chairs out there so if you all wanted to get in your speedos you can have a little play in the pool for a while and then eat." Mike decides to suggest and can see the boys eyes light up, until he looks at Matt and can see the apprehension on his face. "What's wrong Matt?" He asks in a concerned tone and moves over to him.

"Can I wear a top in the pool?" Matt asks, he knows he is chickening out of what he said to his boyfriend earlier, but he couldn't help being scared to show his body.

"Matt, please just trust me." Ben then says and earns himself a confused look from both his dad and Sarah, who were now both looking concerned.

"I can't Ben." Matt says in a sad tone and can't help but sniffle a little, he hated being so weak and pathetic.

"Maybe wear top for a while and then take off later?" Tobias then suggests, after seeing his brothers scars especially the ones on his back and bum, he understood what was happening but he thought if they just got him in the water and having fun they could coax him out of the top.

"Yeah and if you promise to at least try to just wear your speedos later, I will wear a top too for a while." Ben then says, deciding to take his brothers lead and not push his boyfriend too quickly.

"I really want to Ben, but it's so hard and I wish I could." Matt responds and is grateful when his boyfriend gets up and cuddles him.

"This isn't like your physio Matt, I won't push you to do anything you don't want to do, so if you want to keep your top on then you should." Ben then says and decides to just be a good boyfriend and let him go at his own pace.

"Boys what is going on and Matt why do you want to wear a top?" Sarah asks, she was going to just let the subject go as the boys seemed to have dealt with it, but she couldn't help but let her maternal instincts take over and she wanted to know what was wrong.

"Ben tell her please." Matt then asks his boyfriend, he knew he should do it himself but he had worked himself up a little and didn't want to ruin everyone's day by freaking out.

"Sarah it's his scars, he doesn't want anyone to see them, especially the ones on his back and bum because he thinks they are ugly and they remind him of what David did to him." Ben then tells his boyfriends mum, he could have gone into more details but he didn't want this conversation to go on too long in case it got too much for his boyfriend.

"Oh Sweetheart, I know there is no point telling you what I'm sure Ben and even Tobias have already told you, but those scars aren't going to go away and it must be so hard but you have to just take control and accept that they are a part of you now and not let them hold you back." Sarah states as she moves over to her son and holds his head so that they are face to face.

"Take control?" Matt asks and he can't help but think back all those months ago when he talked with Wesley about 'control' and he can't believe that he never even thought about that.

"Yes take control Sweetheart, I won't pretend that it will be easy or patronize you about it, but you have to find a way to accept that they are part of you and only then can you start to get past what happened." Sarah explains in a warm and loving tone, although she doesn't realise that just the word 'control' had already got her son on the right tracks.

"I'm still wearing a top to start with, but thank you so much Mum." Matt states before giving him mum a big kiss on the lips. "Tobias go get your speedo and we will go to the pool house and put them on." He then says with a big grin, he was still not sure if he could take his top off with everyone around, but he was going to try his best and even if he failed today, he would keep trying until he got there.

"Okay." Tobias responds and quickly downs his second glass of OJ and runs off to his room.

"I'm so proud off you Matt." Ben then says as he pulls his boyfriend back to face him and kisses him passionately for a few moments.

"How is Tobias doing?" Mike decides to ask, he hadn't really seen the boy for a few days and he could see that he was an almost completely different boy to the one he looked after at the hotel.

"He is hiding something, I think it's about his family but I'm sure Mitch is already on it and if not then me and Ben will get to the bottom of it after today." Matt responds honestly, they hadn't had much time to talk but every time either he or his boyfriend mentioned his brothers family, he had quickly changed the subject.

"Anything else?" Mike then asks, not that he was brushing off the boys family issues, but they didn't have much time before he came back and he wanted to get a general idea of how he was doing.

"I think he has a few issues understanding the gay thing, not that he is homophobic or anything like that, he just thinks that because he is straight he has to act gay or do what he thinks are gay things for us to like him." Ben then says, trying his best to explain but without revealing anything personal or embarrassing.

"He is starting to understand it though and don't worry we will make sure he is okay and understands that just because he is straight and we aren't that it doesn't matter." Matt then adds, he was happy the conversation had moved away from him and thought it was nice that his boyfriends dad was worried about Tobias.

"He seems to be dealing with the talking a lot better." Sarah then states, she was delighted with how far he had come and knew she was right to ask Mitch to take him under his wing for these past few days.

"Yeah he still gets embarrassed, but that elastic band thing Carter showed him is awesome." Ben then says with a smile.

"Carter is amazing, the physio stuff he came up with and now the elastic band, he is just going to be awesome as a doctor." Matt states and couldn't be more proud of his friend, in many ways the small boy was eclipsing them all and definitely had the brighter future, career wise than the rest of them at the moment.

"He is a special boy, you all are really in your own way and together well if you all stick together you're going to do great things." Mike then says and genuinely hoped that they would be friends for the rest of their lives, although he knew that it was rare that a group this size would avoid drifting apart eventually and especially given their age.

"Going to be a nightmare picking a best man." Ben then says before blushing when he realises what he just said and looks straight at his boyfriend with a guilty expression.

"A what?" Sarah asks, just before Mike can ask the same thing and although they both knew the boys had mentioned it before, the idea of marriage was years away in both their minds.

"Oh crap." Ben says as he just stares at his boyfriend, wanting the floor to swallow him up.

"Leave him alone Mum and you too Mike, you both know we are getting married one day and well we talk about it sometimes and just get used to it, because well we love each other." Matt then says with a grin as he struggles a little to stand up, but manages and cuddles his boyfriend.

"You two are getting married?" Tobias then asks in a surprised tone, he didn't know what he had walked into and was just surprised.

"Oh my god." Ben then says and despite feeling better after his boyfriends support, he now wanted the floor to swallow him up again after seeing his brothers shocked expression.

"Holy shit that was just... holy shit." Carter says as he lays next to his boyfriend on the floor of his room.

"I love when you swear." Wesley then says in response, before turning to face his boyfriend and leaning across to kiss him.

"I love when you cum." Carter responds with a grin after breaking the kiss, the first few times they kissed after giving each other a blow job they both thought it was gross, but neither cared now and they both just felt comfortable doing it.

"Come on though, we better shower again and brush our teeth, Mitch will be here in like oh shit..." Wesley begins to say but stops as he looks at the time.

"What?" Carter asks in concern, before sitting up on his elbows.

"We only got ten minutes to shower, brush and get our clothes ready." Wesley explains and can't believe how quick the time went.

"So do I get to see my new speedos?" Carter then asks, he wasn't too concerned about the time and doubted Mitch would be in much of a hurry to pick them up, but he was curious about his speedos and so far his boyfriend had hidden them from him and wouldn't let him see them, which made him slightly nervous as well.

"Nope, I told you that you won't see them until you're standing by the pool." Wesley responds, he actually had two pairs for his boyfriend a nice and what he considered sexy violet pair and a novelty pair that he was hoping his boyfriend would wear and was planning to actually give him both while they were getting changed so he could pick one to wear.

"I swear if you play some sort of joke on me, I'm leaving and I won't speak to you for a long time." Carter then says in a serious tone, he enjoyed their teasing and banter but he drew the line at humiliation and knew his boyfriend would respect him for being honest.

"Damn it, okay look I have two pairs, one that you would look dead sexy in and I mean 'DEAD SEXY' Carter and I have a fun pair that I hope you will wear because it would be funny and I have a matching pair, but I was going to let you choose when we got changed later." Wesley responds, deciding that he should be honest after realising that his boyfriend wasn't in the mood for this kind of teasing and he respected that.

"Let me see them now then and I might pick the fun pair Wesley because I know you and I know that they are going to be er... let's say extravagant and I won't wear them if you give me like a minute to choose later." Carter then says, if it was just them swimming in private or something he wouldn't be like this but after the other days humiliation in town when they first met Tobias, he just can't bring himself to risk being laughed at.

"Let's shower and get ready and then I will give you both pairs, but just to be clear either one and I'm happy and I really, really like the sexy pair and well you can see for yourself how much I like just talking about them." Wesley replies with a grin and nods down to his boner, in fact he liked the violet pair that much he might just accidentally not remember where he put the other ones.

"I love you." Carter responds as he smiles at his boyfriend boner and pulls him into the bathroom.

"I love you more." Wesley then says as they walk into the shower cubicle and kiss.

"Okay we are pulling over." Mitch says as his girlfriends hand is driving him crazy and he can't resist any more.

"Later Mitch, but come on we have to pick the boys up in like five minutes, so get yourself under control." Erica responds before giving him one more squeeze before removing her hand and she can't help but smirk at the whimpering noise he makes.

"You did that on purpose." Mitch then says in a half annoyed tone, although he couldn't wipe the lustful smile he had spread across his face off if his life depended on it.

"Maybe and just so you know, I'm going to be teasing you for the rest of the day, I just hope for your sake those speedos are up to the job Mitch." Erica answers and leans over to kiss him, while also rubbing him one more time before sitting back down.

"Oh shit..." Mitch says and knows that he is going to be tormented all day and was now getting nervous about wearing his speedos, which despite being brand new were a little on the small side because he wanted to show off a little and now he knows what his girlfriend is going to do to him, he knew he might be showing more than a little had intended.

"Don't worry so much Mitch, if you're good you will get a reward." Erica then whispers in his ear, before sitting back in the seat with a big grin.

"Holy shit, I can't wear them." Carter says in a shocked tone, as he looks at the speedos that his boyfriend is holding up and doesn't know whether to laugh or punch him.

"What's wrong with them?" Wesley asks in a fake innocent tone and can barely keep a straight face as he watches his boyfriend looking at the novelty pair of speedos he had specially made for him.

"Your face is on the crotch." Carters answers with a bemused look, he not only couldn't believe his boyfriend got him a pair of speedos with his face on the crotch, but that anyone would actually make him a pair like that.

"What's wrong with that, you love my face on your crotch." Wesley retorts with a massive grin and couldn't keep his straight face when his boyfriend pouts at him.

"You seriously think I'm going to wear them?" Carter then asks with a smile of his own, he had to admit they were funny and he couldn't deny he was a little tempted.

"Oh come on Carter, you haven't even seen the back yet." Wesley then says and this time he doesn't even try to keep a straight face as he turns the speedos around.

"You're fucking crazy, what the hell is that all about?" Carter asks in disbelief, it was clearly a side profile of him on one cheek and his boyfriend on the other facing each other, but he couldn't work out what it was all about and again wondered where the hell his boyfriend get them made.

"Well as you walk around and stuff they kiss each other as you bum cheeks move." Wesley answers and just about manages to stop himself giggling at the priceless look on his boyfriends face.

"Let me see the other pair." Carter then asks, he just really didn't know how to react to what his boyfriend was showing him and he was just hoping that the other pair were nice and didn't have something well 'Wesley' about them.

"You're not going to wear them are you?" Wesley asks in a slightly disappointed tone, as he goes back to his bag and looks for the other pair.

"It's pretty doubtful Wesley, but I will give you credit, they are funny but I don't know if I'm ready for that just yet." Carter answers honestly, although he decided to give his boyfriend a little bit of hope that he might wear them one day and he really might, hell if he was honest there was a little voice in his head telling him to wear them today.

"Well it's a good thing I like these more." Wesley then says as he holds up the tiny looking violet speedos and Carter can't help but stare at them open mouthed.

"Where's the rest of them?" Carter asks as he stares at the tiny pair of speedos being held in front of him.

"What do you mean?" Wesley asks in a fake confused tone, he knew exactly what his boyfriend meant but he just didn't care, they would hide what they needed to hide and the fact they matched his boyfriends eyes just made them even sexier.

"I know I'm small, but fucking hell they are tiny." Carter states but if he was being honest he loved them and before he even realised he had reached over and taken them from his boyfriends hands.

"They match your eyes." Wesley then says, he knew that look on his boyfriends face and knew that he was going to wear them.

"Okay I will wear these, but I will take the other pair in case, well I probably won't wear them Wesley, but I will think about wearing them later." Carter then says, although he suddenly had to ask something and couldn't resist. "Wait where are your speedos?" He then asks, wondering if his boyfriend had a novelty pair as well.

"Well I got a pair sort of like the ones you're going to wear but they are the same blue as my eyes and I got these just in case I convinced you to wear the novelty ones." Wesley answers as he goes back to his bag and holds up the pair of speedos.

"Oh my god they have my face on them." Carter states in shock, although thinking about it with his boyfriends face being on the crotch of his, it made sense that his face would be on his boyfriends. "Come on let's see the back." He then tells his boyfriend and just smirks when he sees they are exactly the same as his pair.

"I'm taking them just in case you change your mind." Wesley then says as he puts all four pairs back in his bag, delighted with the fact that his boyfriend was going to wear the sexy pair and couldn't wait to see everyone see his boyfriend wearing them.

"Come on though we need to get downstairs and outside, Mitch will be here any second." Carter then says as he notices the time.

"We need to do a breath test first and make sure we are clean." Wesley quickly reminds his boyfriend, after the hospital incident they had been extra careful with checking each other and didn't want history repeating itself.

"So this is Carter's house?" Erica asks as they pull up outside a really nice house, it wasn't massive or over the top but Erica had to admit it was a nice area.

"Yeah it's really nice inside as well, nothing over the top just a really nice homely sort of feel to it." Mitch answers as he presses the horn, just in case the boys hadn't been keeping a look out.

"Isn't Carter just the sweetest little thing though." Erica then says and Mitch can't help but look at her curiously and smiles when she notices him looking at her. "What? He is a little cutiepie." She adds as she defends what she said.

"No arguments from me, it's just strange that out of all the boys you would pick him out, not that there is anything wrong with him, but you know what I mean." Mitch responds a little awkwardly, despite how creepy the thought was, he would have assumed if they were all the same age, out of all the other boys Wesley would have been the one getting singled out by the girls.

"This is so creepy, but no if I was their age I would be looking at Carter, but seriously I think we can pretend we never talked about this, I think my boyfriend might get a little self conscious if he knew he had to compete with an eleven year old cutiepie." Erica then states with a grin and can't help but laugh at the look on his face.

"Jeez that little prick has a lot to answer for, first he steals Wesley away from the entire female population and now he stole my girlfriend." Mitch states in mock anger and despite wanting to keep the act up the sound of his girlfriend laughing soon has him joining her.

"Hey don't call my boyfriend a prick." Wesley says as he grins through the drivers side window, they hadn't meant to creep up on the car and eavesdrop, but they couldn't believe neither Mitch or Erica saw them approaching or even noticed them at the side of the car.

"Oh shit." Mitch says as he realises that the two boys are standing right outside his car door and can only pray they only heard the last part.

"Hey Erica." Carter then says as he waves at the now blushing girl shyly, he was over the moon at what he and his boyfriend overheard and nothing could wipe the smile off his face, not only had he pulled the hottest boy in school, he just heard a very beautiful and pretty woman admit that she would date him if they were the same age.

"Oh er... hello Carter." Erica replies and tries to compose herself and was sure that neither boy heard much of the conversation.

"Don't you mean 'cutiepie' Erica?" Wesley then says teasingly through the window, although he is a little gutted Carter pulled Erica, even if it was hypothetical, but he was more proud of his boyfriend and couldn't resist teasing the two adults.

"Get in the car boys." Mitch tells them both and attempts to use a serious tone, but he can tell by the boys expressions that this is going to be an embarrassing car ride back to his house.

"You get two best men though right?" Tobias asks as he starts to strip off in the pool house, his brothers had explained to him about the marriage thing and he understood, but he wanted to try and help out with the best man thing.

"Yeah why?" Matt responds and looks at his brother curiously and wonders if he is going to try and bag himself one of the best man positions.

"Well I'm your brother now, well both of you are my brother and it would be lame if I was a best man, so one of you pick Carter and the other pick Wesley." Tobias answers with a smile, although the smile was mainly because he was speaking normally again and while he knew it wouldn't last, he was just happy that it seemed to be coming more easily to him now.

"Oh well er... actually that isn't a bad idea." Matt responds with a smile, he was considering Mitch but thought his boyfriend might pick him, but Carter and Wesley make more sense when he thinks about it.

"Well I like that idea, but we have other friends too and well Jordan has been my friend for like, well forever." Ben then says, although if he was honest ever since Jordan and Carter stopped seeing each other their group of friends had fragmented somewhat and where as Wesley and Carter had hung around with him and his boyfriend most of the time, Jordan, Patrick and Barry had been together more and Jordan had started being around his other friends more as well.

"Jordan would be great, but we are closer to Carter and Wesley now and I don't want to say it Ben, but I worry that because we have spent so much time in the hospital that we have grown apart from the others, I mean Barry and Patrick barely ever visited and Jordan less and less over the last month." Matt then states and Ben can tell that his boyfriend is a little hurt that their friends had barely visited him and yet Wesley and Carter had often been forced to stay away at times because they wanted to see him.

"People grow apart, they still friend though but maybe just not best friend?" Tobias then says and sighs a little as goes back to talking like an idiot.

"Come on Tobias, stop getting upset when you talk a little funny, you're doing great and I reckon in a week, maybe two at the worst you will be talking perfectly." Ben says, quickly noticing the look on his brothers face and wanted to reassure him.

"They are still our friends, but you're both right and yeah I will asks Carter and Ben you can asks Wesley if that's all right." Matt then says as he pulls his underwear down, although he still tries to make sure Tobias can't see his bum or back.

"Turn around Matt." Ben says as he sees what his boyfriend is doing and wants to try and push him past his fears and thinks their brother is a good place to start.

"What?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't expecting his boyfriend to notice what he was doing and then call him out on it.

"Let Tobias see them, he has already seen them and it will help you start to get over it if you let him again." Ben responds and gives his boyfriend a loving but serious look.

"Fine, but you both have to promise me that you won't ask me to take my top off later and you will stop the others from hassling me as well, if I can do it I will on my own, but I don't want to be hassled." Matt then states, he knew his boyfriend had a point and actually thought Tobias was a good place to start and he knew he had to start taking control of the situation.

"I promise." Tobias quickly says, he was listening with interest and was more than happy to do whatever he could to help his brother.

"Me too Matt and I love you so much." Ben then says with a shy look, he really was proud of his boyfriend.

"I love you too." Matt says before moving in front of his boyfriend and kisses him and in the process exposes the scars on the back of his body to his brother. "Hey, what are you doing?" He then suddenly says and pulls away from his boyfriend and turns to look at his brother with a glare.

"What happened?" Ben asks in a confused and concerned tone, he felt his boyfriend tense up and he knew that he could freak out any moment now.

"Sorry, I just wanted see felt like." Tobias says as he tries to apologises and knows that he just made a mistake.

"Never ever touch my bum, never you hear me you bastard." Matt tells his brother with venom in his voice, he was trying to calm himself down but he was failing and he was just getting angrier.

"Oh fuck." Ben says and quickly turns his boyfriend to face him and wraps his arms around him. "Sshh, please just relax I'm here and no one is going to hurt you with me around." He then says in a soothing tone and gently kisses his boyfriends neck and rubs his back.

"Sorry." Tobias says in a sad tone, he was close to tears and couldn't believe he did something so stupid.

"Tobias put your Speedos on and just sit down for a while, it's okay and it's not your fault." Ben tells his brother, he knew that it was his fault, but at the same time he didn't blame him and knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt Matt on purpose.

"Okay." Tobias replies while doing as he is told and just sits and looks at the floor.

"Matt how are you doing?" Ben asks after a few minutes of silence, he was actually feeling relaxed because his boyfriend wasn't crying or shaking and he took that as a good sign.

"He touched my bum." Matt then says, he was so angry with himself for reacting like he did and knew he just wiped away all the progress he had made.

"He was just curious and he didn't mean to scare you." Ben then says and quickly holds a finger to his lips when he sees his brother is about to say something, he needed him to be quiet if they had any hope of getting his boyfriend to calm down.

"Is this always going to happen Ben? Every time someone accidentally touches me or bumps into me, I overreact and freak out?" Matt then asks, he was surprised at how calm he was already, but he knew that was only because his boyfriend had been there to comfort him.

"I don't know, but remember about being in control Matt, if you can get on top of this and just say fuck it and not let it affect you then I think you will be fine, but it won't be easy and there will be times when something happens." Ben responds honestly, he really wishes he could just lie and say it will be fine and easy but he knew no one believes that and knew honesty was the only way to deal with this.

"Tell Tobias to try again." Matt then tells his boyfriend, after deciding that he was going to try and take control right now.

"Try what?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he wasn't expecting this and it caught him by surprise.

"He was curious and wanted to feel my scars, tell him to try again Ben and just hold me Ben." Matt explains and tightens his own grip on his boyfriend.

"It's all right Tobias, just be gentle and take your time." Ben then says, he knew that his brother heard every word and could see him looking half terrified.

"I promise." Tobias then says as he slowly approaches his brothers back and slowly reaches out to run his fingers along the scars, although this time he starts with the ones one his back and slowly works his way down.

"You okay?" Ben whispers in his boyfriends ear, he could feel him tense up a little, but he was sure this was going to be a huge breakthrough.

"Just hold me." Matt answers, he was feeling alright for the moment but he knew his brother was about to touch the scars on his bum and he was just praying he wouldn't freak out.

"I'm so proud of you." Ben then whispers, he could see that Tobias was already running his fingers over the scars on his boyfriends bum and apart from a little gasp, his boyfriend didn't seem to be freaking out.

"They feel soft but also hard, it's weird but not in a bad way." Tobias then says and despite the fact he is touching his brothers naked bum, he couldn't help feeling happy that he talked normally again.

"Yeah I love kissing them er... I mean oh shit." Ben then says and blushes as he realises he basically just told his brother that he kissed him boyfriends bum.

"Eww gross, you kissed his bum?" Tobias asks with a grin, he was hoping that this would lighten the mood and the fact his brother hadn't freaked out seemed like a good indication that everything was okay.

"He loves my bum." Matt then says as he releases his boyfriend and turns to his brother grinning, he was so happy that he didn't freak out and put the first time down to just being surprised, he also could resist teasing his boyfriend, although as he said the words he realised that his boyfriend did love him and his body even with the scars.

"I love everything about you." Ben then says as he walks forward and holds his boyfriend from behind and nibbles his neck.

"Eww cut out, we need you speedos on and tops then we swim." Tobias then says and despite falling back into speaking wrong, he doesn't let it bother him this time.

"Okay, come on Matt we need to pick some thin tops so we don't get too hot." Ben then says with a smile, but is surprised when his boyfriend stops him walking to their bedroom.

"Leave the tops, I'm going to try to just wear the speedos before the others come back." Matt explains as he sees the confused look on both his brothers face and his boyfriends.

"Oh wow cool, but I'm taking us both a top just in case and that way you can just put it on if you don't like being topless." Ben responds and can see the delighted look on his boyfriends face.

"You two know so cool boyfriends." Tobias then says and this time he does blush slightly because he wasn't even sure what he just said.

"Yeah we just get each other Tobias and thank you." Matt then says, he could see that his brother was a little embarrassed, but he understood what he meant just fine.

"Thank you Tobias and don't get embarrassed we both knew what you meant." Ben says as he pulls his speedo up and then helps his boyfriend pulls his up, he knew he still had problems bending down and was more than happy to get a cheeky grope of his boyfriends bum and penis.

"You did?" Tobias asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't sure how they could work out what he had said, he couldn't and it confused him.

"Tobias you're just over thinking it, we understood and we always do when you talk, just relax and don't think about it." Matt answers honestly, sure a few times they had struggled to understand, but they understood enough to guess what he was saying and they hadn't got it wrong yet.

"Okay guys quit your teasing for a few minutes, I need to talk to you about Matt and the pool." Mitch tells the boys in a serious tone, he had actually enjoyed the boys teasing him and his girlfriend and he could tell she was having fun although they were both blushing.

"He is going to swim isn't he?" Wesley quickly asks in a concerned tone, he remembered that Ben had talked to him about it but he had actually forgotten and felt a little guilty.

"Yeah he will swim but he is very self conscious about his scars and it has taken both Ben and Tobias a lot of persuading to get him to even go in the pool." Mitch explains, his little brother had text him a few times and there was more to it than just that, but he wanted to take it a little slowly as they had time and he didn't want to swamp them with everything at once.

"His scars?" Carter asks, he knew his friend had some but he wasn't aware of the full extent and was a little confused, especially after they had all agreed to play strip poker next weekend.

"I know you boys have seen the ones on his arms and chest, but the ones on his back and the back of his legs are pretty bad and Ben told me that the ones on his bum are hard to look at." Mitch explains and can see the surprise on both the boys faces in the rear view mirror and decides to pull over.

"Boys I have seen all his scars and most of them aren't that bad, I have seen a lot worse, but the ones on his bum however are quite bad, not that they are disgusting or ugly but because of where they are and what it took to cause them, so it's hard to look at them and then for Matt it's also the mental side of what the scars represent." Erica then says, deciding to try and help explain while Mitch finds a place to park.

"What can we do?" Carter then asks, he had helped with his friends physio and helped Tobias with his talking but he didn't know how to help his friend with the scars and he wanted to know how he could be of use.

"Well it's not going to be easy, but I would say don't stare at them and just reassure him when you have too." Erica responds with a small smile, she knew some of the scars would be hard not to look at and just hoped that everyone would be able to ignore them and not cause the poor boy to feel like he is being examined.

"He is... shit how does he do it." Wesley then says, he just can't believe what his friend has been through and how he still manages to keep going.

"Do what?" Carter asks, he was confused by his boyfriends words and looked at him curiously.

"Carry on, he has been through hell more than once and yet he keeps going and well it's amazing because I'm not sure I could do it and well I just think he is amazing." Wesley explains honestly, he really wasn't sure if he was strong enough to get through what his friend had been through.

"He has Ben, without him I'm not sure he would still be here." Mitch then says after pulling over, he had been listening and he had talked about this with his dad and they had come to the same conclusion that Ben was the reason Matt was still alive.

"What do you mean still here?" Carter then asks, if his boyfriends words confused him earlier, Mitch's words not only confused him but scared him a little.

"Mitch I don't think you should be telling the boys that sort of thing." Erica quickly says, she knew exactly what her boyfriend was talking about and after being around Matt in the hospital she actually agreed with him, but she wasn't sure they should be telling the boys what would have happened if it wasn't for Ben.

"He means Matt would have killed himself if it wasn't for Ben." Wesley then says, he knew despite Erica's obvious concern that his boyfriend was more than able to handle the truth.

"No, no way, he wouldn't." Carter responds in a shocked tone, but as he looks to his boyfriend and then to Mitch and Erica he can tell that it was the truth. "Would he?" He then asks and can feel himself on the brink of tears, he couldn't imagine going through what his friend had but he surely wouldn't... well he honestly didn't know and hoped it wasn't true.

"Carter, he was ripped away from his friends and life in England and we now know that David did that to keep him away from Tobias, he was stripped naked in the middle of the park in broad daylight by my former friends, he was then molested by his teacher after trying to help Jordan and to be honest I'm not sure how he got through all of that, but then what David did to him, fuck I don't know, that alone without the other stuff would have destroyed me." Mitch then says honestly, but pauses as he takes in what he has just said himself and just needed a few moments. "Then the fact he needs a cane to walk now and with the scars he is never going to be able to forget what his own dad did to him and fuck I just thank god that my little brother was there because..." He then adds before trailing off, he was actually wishing he never said anything because he could tell that everyone was now feeling down and upset.

"He tried to kill himself when Ben and him had that fight and Ben refused to see him for a week." Wesley then says and can feel a few tears roll down his face, they all knew Matt was not well and had issues but he suddenly realised that while he was aware and kept an eye on him, that he and he suspected everyone else had done, pretended that it wasn't as bad as it really was.

"He what?" Carter asks, this was the first he had heard about this and he couldn't believe it.

"Okay everyone we need to stop this so let's just get it in the open." Erica then says, but pauses when everyone looks at her. "Matt is considered to be suicidal and needs to be watched constantly, but Ben is his anchor to the world and as long as they are together Matt isn't going anywhere and he won't be suicidal forever because he will heal over time, we all just need to reassure him when we see him down and make sure we all do our part to keep him safe from anything else." She then says in a sincere tone, she knew professionally speaking she was risking her job to tell the boys that Matt was considered suicidal, but she thought it was worth it and really wanted them all to understand and hopefully find a way to get past it.

"So when we see him later we..." Carter begins to say but can't quite think of anything else to say, he was just stunned that his friend had actually tried to kill himself and while he was a little angry at him, he couldn't deny in the same situation he wouldn't do the same thing, in fact he was sure he would have broken if he had just been molested by a teacher, let alone having his dad torture and rape him.

"We act like we normally do and just don't stare at the scars Carter, we can't act differently around him otherwise he will think something is wrong." Wesley then says as he takes a hold of his boyfriends hand.

"I wish I never brought this up, but guys what ever you do don't try to pull his speedos off or anything like that and try not to be too rough with him." Mitch then says, he really felt guilty for bringing the topic up and could tell that he had killed the boys high spirits.

"Damn Mitch, come on let's just quit with this and just enjoy the day, Matt is alive and Tobias is with him now so that is going to help and well come on let's just cheer up." Wesley then says as he attempts to get them all in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.

"You know Tobias called me pretty Erica, so at least you two have something in common to talk about." Carter then says with a slightly forced grin, he was doing his best to follow his boyfriends lead and despite still thinking about his friend, he knew they had to cheer up before they saw him.

"Oh Jeez Carter, is there anyone on this planet who doesn't want to date you?" Mitch then says taking the boys lead to lighten things up and smiles when everyone chuckles at his joke.

"They look so happy." Sarah says as she and Mike watch the boys in the pool together.

"I know, but I think Matt is struggling a little bit." Mike replies as he reaches over to reach his glass, they had been watching the boys in the pool for almost ten minutes as they sat on the patio and they were impressed with how Ben and Tobias were looking after Matt and just helping him move around when he needed it.

"I hope he doesn't struggle too much when the others get here, I didn't think he would get tired so fast in the water." Sarah then says in a slightly concerned tone, she knew he would struggle but she figured that being in the water would make it easier for him to play around and it was clear he was finding it hard despite the others helping him.

"It's his first time Sarah and I'm sure the boys will take turns keeping him company if he needs to rest." Mike responds, he was a little surprised himself but then he remembered the boy had only recently had surgery on his foot and pelvis, so he was hardly going to be at it all day.

"I know you're right, but I just want him to be okay Mike, it's hard seeing him struggle and I don't mean just the physical side of things." Sarah then says as she gives him a sad look.

"I think having Tobias back in his life is going to help, if anyone apart from Ben can help him then it will be that boy." Mike responds and reaches out to take her hand into his own and smiles at her.

"Wow, you let them start with out us." Mitch calls out as he walks out of the back door hand in hand with his girlfriend.

"Oh hey Son and good afternoon Erica." Mike says as he turns to see his eldest son and can't help but give him a little smirk as he notices them holding hands.

"Afternoon Mike and you too Sarah." Erica responds with a smile, she had come to like Sarah a lot over the past few months and had known Mike for a long time due to her mum being friends with their family.

"Where are the boys Mitch?" Mike then asks, after not seeing Wesley or Carter come out of the house and was a little concerned.

"Oh they are just using the toilet and will be out in a minute." Mitch answers as he walks over to the side of the pool to see the other boys playing.

"Come and have a seat Erica, we opened a glass of wine and I think after being stuck in a car with those three you could probably do with one." Sarah offers as she looks at her and can see that the girl appreciated the chance to sit down with them.

"Thank you and I could do with a drink or two, it's been a long day and it will be good to catch up with you both." Erica responds, before giving her boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek and walking over to the table to sit down.

"Carter are you going to be okay around Matt?" Wesley asks in a concerned tone, he was a little worried about his boyfriends reaction earlier and wondered if he should have told him about Matt trying to kill himself.

"I just had no idea, I mean I knew he was struggling and was fragile but that is just like er... well it's just huge and I don't know Wesley, I just want to hug him or something and tell him everything will be okay." Carter responds honestly, he just wanted to hold his friend and never let him hurt himself again.

"Man you're so gay." Wesley then states, he couldn't resist teasing his boyfriend and wanted to get him smiling for when they went downstairs after realising he is fine and just worried about their friend.

"Would a gay boy do this?" Carter retorts and quickly kisses his boyfriend deeply for almost a minute before stepping back with a big grin.

"Yeah, yeah they would." Wesley then says with a grin of his own and couldn't hep but be amused by his boyfriends little joke.

"Oh man don't tell Erica that I'm gay, she is so going to break up with..." Carter begins to say before being cut off by his boyfriend kissing him and they quickly end up on the floor of the bathroom.

"Look, I know we tease each other, but I hope you're getting over your issues with your body Carter." Wesley then says as he breaks the kiss, he wanted to try and get it through his boyfriends head that he was perfect just the way he is.

"Oh come on do we have to talk about this again?" Carter asks as he tries to get out from under his boyfriend, but he isn't quick enough and just sighs in defeat when his boyfriend pins his arms above his head.

"Carter you got me as your boyfriend and not being big headed or anything, but I could have anyone I wanted as a girlfriend or boyfriend and I choose you because you're everything I want and then you have Erica who even you have to admit is stunning and Mitch's girlfriend, saying that if she were the same age she would want to date you." Wesley then says in a serious tone and he could tell that his boyfriend was listening and can't resist leaning down to kiss his nose.

"But I'm so small compared to everyone else and my penis is tiny, Erica would laugh if she saw it and wouldn't want to date me then." Carter responds and despite feeling sorry for himself he couldn't stop himself smiling when his boyfriend starts kissing him all over his face, he loved it when his boyfriend did this and it made him feel special.

"Okay first up Carter, everyone who has seen your penis has said it's fine, cute and slightly above average for our age and unless you banged your head and have amnesia you know that Erica has seen you naked and seen you with a boner and she still said she would date you, so enough already Carter, because you're beautiful and cute and just perfect so please stop being so shy, well don't stop being totally shy because I love when you blush and the way your nose wrinkles a little bit." Wesley then says and can't resist giving his boyfriends nose a little nibble.

"Fine, get my speedos out I'm going to wear them now and you better wear yours too." Carter responds with a small grin, he was still a little apprehensive but everything his boyfriend said was true and he was going to just go for it.

"Which ones?" Wesley asks, he was still torn over which pair he wanted his boyfriend to wear, although despite how funny it would be to wear the ones with their faces on he really wanted to see his boyfriend in the tiny violet pair and knew he would look sexy.

"The violet ones, I'm not going to wear the others today Wesley, maybe next time but if you want me to be more confident then it is going to take a bit of time." Carter answers honestly, although as he watched his boyfriend hold on the violet pair he wondered if they had somehow gotten smaller.

"Well come on strip and put them on." Wesley says as he throws the speedos at his boyfriend and starts to strip off his own clothes.

"Hey guys, how are you getting on Matt?" Mitch asks as he stands by the pool and looks down at the boys.

"Oh hey Mitch." Ben says as he looks up to his brother with a broad smile.

"Mitch join us?" Tobias asks as he swims over to the side and looks up at his big brother pleadingly, he enjoyed being with his brothers, but he wanted to be played with and knew with Matt they couldn't be rough with each other and Ben was more concerned with looking after Matt than playing anyway.

"After we eat Tobias." Mitch answers and smiles down at the boy, he knew it was important not to ignore him even if he was concerned by how tired Matt looked.

"Okay." Tobias says but stays at the side and just looks at his big brother happily.

"So are you enjoying yourself Matt?" Mitch then asks, trying again to get him to talk after getting no response the first time.

"Just about yeah." Matt says but stops as he almost drops under the water, but his boyfriend was already there before he even realised what was happening and just smiles at him for looking out for him.

"How long have you been playing?" Mitch asks while trying to hide his concern, he was worried that the boys had been pushing him too much.

"Just for ten minutes I think." Ben answers, not quite picking up on the concern in his brothers tone or realising just how tired his boyfriend was.

"Oh, well do you want to come out and talk with us for a while Matt?" Mitch then asks, he wasn't sure if the boy would take the chance to get out, but felt he had to offer just in case.

"No I'm just a little tired, but I don't want to get out yet." Matt answers, he may have been tired but he really didn't want to get out now that Erica had turned up and looks over at her nervously.

"If you take your top off it will make it easier to swim around." Mitch then says and instantly realises that he just messed up, he had told the other boys to not draw any attention to Matt's scars and he had just basically questioned why he was wearing a top and felt guilty.

"Maybe later, but I want to wear it for now." Matt answers, he had almost made it outside in just his speedos but when he saw his mum and Mike sitting on the patio near the pool he just lost his nerve and put his top on.

"Yeah we will take our tops off later, but for now we want to wear them." Ben then says, he was a little sad that his boyfriend lost his nerve but he knew he tried his best and he had quickly put his top on as well to support him and he was delighted when their brother did the same despite the fact he knew he didn't want to wear it.

"Yeah it's fun with our tops on, but when everyone comes in later and we all play, we will take them off." Tobias then says with a grin and can't help but blush a little when he sees Mitch looking at him proudly and knew it was because he was talking normally.

"Good idea, I might wear a top to start with too, the water is always freezing when you first get in." Mitch then says, he wasn't totally lying because the pool wasn't heated and while it was a hot day it wasn't hot enough to make the water any warmer.

"Holy shit." Matt then says and they all look at him in surprise before turning and looking to where he was and they all couldn't help but stare in shock at what they were seeing.

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