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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 5

June 2015

"If you take your top off it will make it easier to swim around Matt." Mitch then says and instantly realises that he just messed up, he had told the other boys to not draw any attention to his scars and he had just basically questioned why he was wearing a top and felt guilty.

"Maybe later, but I want to wear it for now." Matt answers, he had almost made it outside in just his speedos but when he saw his mum and Mike sitting on the patio near the pool he lost his nerve and put his top on.

"Yeah we will take our tops off later, but for now we want to wear them." Ben then says, he was a little sad that his boyfriend lost his nerve but he knew he tried his best and he had quickly put his top on as well to support him and he was delighted when Tobias did the same despite the fact he knew his brother didn't want to wear it.

"Yeah it's fun with our tops on, but when everyone comes in and we all play we will take them off." Tobias then says with a grin and can't help but blush a little when he sees Mitch looking at him proudly and knew it was because he was talking normally.

"Good idea, I might wear a top to start with too, the water is always freezing when you first get in." Mitch then says, he wasn't totally lying because the pool wasn't heated and while it was a hot day it wasn't hot enough to make the water any warmer.

"Holy shit." Matt then says and they all look at him in surprise before turning and looking to where he was and they all couldn't help but stare in shock at what they were seeing.

"Oh god, they are all staring at me Wesley." Carter states in a nervous tone, he had tried to push his boyfriend out of the door in front of him, but had easily been over powered and found himself now standing in full view of everyone in what could only be described as the skimpiest pair of speedos ever made.

"Carter you look fucking sexy and I'm not going to be looking at anyone else except you for the rest of the day, now get moving or I'm going to give you a boner." Wesley teases as he lightly brushes his fingers across his boyfriends bum and can't help but chuckle a little when his boyfriend lets out an adorable little whimpering noise before moving forward.

"Well hello there Carter." Erica says, she had been teased by the two boys relentlessly in the car earlier and was going to get her revenge, but straight away she could tell that he was nervous and decides to just give him a break, although she had to admit he looked very adorable and even a little sexy in the violet speedos.

"Well it's good of you to join us boys." Sarah then says in a bemused tone and wasn't quite sure where to look, because Carter's speedos left nothing to the imagination and they looked more like a tiny loin cloth than speedos and when Wesley came into view she found herself blushing a little bit and wondered how a twelve year old could get a body like that and although his speedos actually resembled speedos, they definitely didn't do any better in hiding anything.

"Fucking hell... oh sorry." Mike says as he takes in both boys and couldn't help blushing at the way they all looked at him." Why don't you join the boys in the pool." he then adds quickly, although he gives Wesley a cheeky knowing look and smiles when the boy winks back at him, which instantly confirmed his suspicions that he had coaxed his boyfriend into wearing them and had to admit he would never dare wear something like those and had to give the tiny boy credit.

"Okay." Wesley answers as he takes a hold of his boyfriends hand and walks him over to their friends, who he notices are staring at them open mouthed.

"Bye Erica." Carter manages to say before being moved away, he was determined to be confident and even managed to wink at her and couldn't deny feeling sexy when she blushed.

"You fucker, you're enjoying this aren't you?" Wesley then whispers, he could tell his boyfriend was nervous, but was obviously enjoying himself.

"Did you see her blush?" Carter asks in response with a smile, he couldn't believe how good he was feeling despite the fact he might as well be naked and knew once the speedos got wet he probably will look like he was.

"What the fuck are you wearing Carter?" Ben asks as soon as his friends reach them by the pool.

"You like them?" Carter responds casually, although he was trying to keep his confidence it took his boyfriend squeezing his hand to actually speak.

"Well er..." Ben begins to say but is happy to be cut off by Tobias and he quickly turns to his boyfriend trying not to laugh.

"Oh damn it." Tobias says and everyone except Ben looks at him in surprise.

"Huh?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, he was surprised by his reaction and was worried it would destroy all his hard work to get his boyfriend to be more confident.

"I wanted be best speedos, me and Mitch got news ones, but Carters are best and not fair." Tobias explains with a look of annoyance on his face, although he wasn't actually angry or upset, he just thought the pair he had would be the best, but he could see his friends were better.

"Really?" Carter asks in surprise, it was just getting easier and easier to feel good about his body when he was getting compliments like this, although he had to admit Erica blushing was the best thing to happen, well apart from his boyfriend, he just made him feel like the most beautiful thing in the world and he loved him for it.

"I'm so glad you're gay Carter." Mitch then says as he shakes his head, he had seen his girlfriend blush at the boy and knew that she thought he was cute, although it wasn't like she was a pervert and knew he didn't have to worry about anything like that with her.

"What?" Carter asks in surprise, he wasn't used to being the centre of attention and people throwing this many questions at him and he was starting to get a little nervous again.

"If you were straight Carter, then I would lose my girlfriend you little fucker, I can't believe how you made her blush so easily." Mitch explains as he gets out of the pool and ruffles his hair playfully.

"Oh well er... I might still be straight Mitch, you know they always say you won't know until you try both ways." Carter responds with a grin, his boyfriend had told him a few things to say if certain things came up and this was one of them and the look on the older boys face was priceless.

"Well I think if you want to make sure I wouldn't mind if you tried with Erica, I hear her boyfriend is a bit of a crybaby and is quite dumb, so he probably wouldn't even notice." Wesley then says, deciding to take the teasing to another level and could see Mitch was lost for words and grins at him.

"Little fuckers." Mitch says, he knows he is getting ripped to shreds right now and can only smile. "Right get in the pool guys and I'm going to try and get my girlfriend to stop drooling over this little sex god." He then adds and gives Carter a little swat on the backside as he walks over to the others with a broad smile, he was just happy the boys were in high spirits even if they wear ripping him a new one.

"Carter you look amazing and they match your eyes." Matt then says after his boyfriend had helped him over to the side, he was really struggling to even tread water now and needed a rest.

"Wesley got them for me." Carter responds and looks at his boyfriend proudly, he was just loving this, although at the same time he never really liked too much attention and was hoping it would be over soon.

"They are tiny though, I mean you can see everything." Ben then says, he was sure if his friend bent down or lifted a leg, something would pop out.

"Ben there aren't a pair of speedos in the world that hide anything when a boy wears them, so stop being jealous of my gorgeous boyfriend." Wesley responds to his friends remark and smiles when he is rewarded with a kiss on the cheek from his boyfriend.

"Please come play with me?" Tobias then asks the two boys, he really just wanted to play and after seeing how tired his brother looked, he knew he wouldn't be able too and that Ben would want to look after him.

"Sure just give me a whoa shit..." Wesley begins to say before feeling himself being shoved and before he can even react he finds himself under water and splashing around, when he eventually manages to get himself back above water, he looks straight to his boyfriend, who he sees along with his friends laughing his head off. "You're going to pay for that." He then says with an evil grin and can tell that his boyfriend was regretting pushing him in already.

"Tempus est ire summersus." Tobias suddenly calls out and before Wesley realises what his friend just said, he finds himself being pushed underwater and struggles to get away from him, but eventually comes back above the water a few feet from him, but facing the wrong way. "Tempus est ire summersus." Tobias calls out again and despite knowing what is going to happen, Wesley finds himself underwater again and spluttering.

"Matt are you okay, you look really tired." Carter asks his friend, he was finding his boyfriend being dunked highly amusing after sitting himself on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water, but he wanted to make sure his friend was okay.

"I think I should get out, it's starting to hurt a little bit." Matt replies honestly, he would have stayed in the water, but he really did want to be able to go back in later and if he tired himself out now, he knew he wouldn't be able too.

"Jeez, why didn't you say something Matt, I would have sat with you on the side." Ben then says as he looks at his boyfriend with a slightly annoyed look.

"Because Tobias wanted to play and well I don't want to stop you having fun Ben and I knew you would stay with me all the time if I got out." Matt answers honestly and smiles at his boyfriend when his annoyed expression softens.

"I would have played with him if you sat on the side and watched." Ben then says, although he knew he wouldn't have been able to really have any fun with his boyfriend missing out.

"I know and that is one of the billion reasons why I love you, now help me out and sit with me while Carter goes and helps his boyfriend." Matt says as he smiles up at his friend, then over to the other two and was surprised with just how much Tobias was dominating the play, although he suspected Wesley was just letting him win for now.

"If these things go see through, I'm going to kill Wesley." Carters then states as he looks down at his speedos and blushes a little as he can see the outline of his penis and balls and then realised that it wouldn't take much for them to poke out of the sides and blushed a little at the thought.

"I don't know about see through Carter, but they are already clinging around your bits and it's only going to get worse when they are wet." Ben says as he effortlessly pulls himself out of the pool.

"I can't believe you agreed to wear them." Matt says and can see straight away that he had knocked his friends confidence a little bit. "Oh quit it Carter, you look good and I mean it, so don't get embarrassed and who cares what happens when they get wet, you're pretty much the cutest one here and you pulled Erica, so I would be teasing Mitch every chance I got later on if I were you." He then adds and even though he loved his boyfriend and no one could beat him in any department in his eyes, he couldn't deny that his friend was cute and in those speedos he just looked amazing.

"Yeah and if they do cling more, you should totally try and sit on Erica's lap, I bet Mitch will get jealous and Erica won't mind helping you tease him." Ben then says as he reaches down and pulls his boyfriend up, but neither boy really thinks about what they are doing and he ends up on his back with his boyfriend laying on top of him.

"Guys save it for the bedroom." Carter then says, deciding to tease them a little bit before lowering himself in the water, although he had no intentions of helping his boyfriend and instead quickly swam over to him and Tobias and quickly jumps on his boyfriends back.

"I hope Matt is okay." Sarah states in a concerned tone after seeing him being pulled out of the pool, although she had to look away at how the two boys ended up on top of each other and didn't seem to be in any hurry to separate.

"He looked pretty tired, but Ben will look after him Sarah." Mitch says as he looks over to the two boys and quickly turns away and hopes that they stop at just kissing.

"Well he is certainly looking after him." Erica remarks before blushing, when she realises what she just said in front of the boys parents.

"Don't be embarrassed Erica, we were all thinking it and as long as they don't get too carried away, they aren't hurting anyone." Mike quickly states after realising that she was embarrassed.

"Well they may not be hurting anyone, but Tobias and Carter and giving Wesley a run for his money." Sarah then remarks as she turns her gaze to the three boys in the pool, who look like they are having the time of their lives.

"Aww, it's nice to see Tobias so happy." Erica then says, she had enjoyed her time with the boy when she joined them for some shopping and thought it was adorable how shy he was when she walked up to him as he was looking at some underwear to buy.

"Yeah Wesley is doing great with him and it's good to see that Carter is helping Tobias instead of Wesley." Mike then states, he was a little worried that Carter would help his boyfriend, but was happy to see that both the smaller boys were teaming up against Wesley.

"Wesley is a good kid and will let them have their fun before he gets his own back and I just hope Carter tied those speedos up tightly after pushing him in the water." Mitch then states and smiles when all three of them turn to him with curious looks.

"Why?" Erica asks, she hadn't spent much time around boys when she was younger and didn't have any younger nephews or brothers, so she really didn't get what her boyfriend was implying.

"I'm sure he wouldn't do that Mitch." Sarah then says, knowing exactly what the young man was implying and didn't think they would do that.

"Oh come on, if one of my friends pushed me in the water like that, they would lose whatever they were swimming in." Mitch then says with a grin and he can see by the look in his dads eyes that he agreed with him.

"I hope he doesn't." Erica then says in a worried tone and Mitch can't help but look at her with a grin.

"Seriously Erica, if you want to date the boy just ask him out." Mitch then states with an even bigger grin.

"Oh you're going to regret that later Mitch." Erica retorts with an evil grin and Mitch suddenly wishes he never said anything, when he remembers what she had said earlier in the car.

"As funny as it would be, I think you better tell Wesley not to do that Mitch, after what happened to Carter the other day in town with you and Tobias, I'm not sure he can handle that." Mike then says in a serious tone, he also saw a few feint bruises on the boy when he was standing next to him and remembered he had been beat up that day as well and couldn't help feeling a little protective.

"What happened to him?" Erica asks in a concerned tone, before punching her boyfriend in the arm playfully, after he gives her an over the top wink.

"Well I don't think it's our place to say." Mike answers honestly, he didn't think the boy would appreciate them telling anyone about it.

"Is it to do with the black eye and bruising around his body?" Erica then asks, they may have been feint but she was a nurse and couldn't help but notice them.

"Well not really, but honestly Erica unless he tells you himself we can't tell you and please don't ask him either." Mitch tells her in a serious but friendly tone, he thought about telling her about him being beaten up, but the fact he got stripped during that made him feel that it wasn't right to tell anyone else about it, even if she was his girlfriend.

"Erica just to put your mind at rest though, he is fine and it's nothing to worry about otherwise we would tell you, the boys are very resilient and have each other to talk to if they need to." Sarah then says in a reassuring tone, as she was obviously worried about the boy.

"Right Mitch, go tell the boys to start getting ready to eat, while we go and check on the food and get the chips and sausages on." Mike then says, although in truth he had forgotten about the food and from the look on Sarah's face, he knew she had as well and they just smiled at each other.

"I will help you both, are we eating indoors or out?" Erica then asks, she wanted to make herself useful and remembered Mitch saying something about eating outside and thought at the very least she could get the cutlery and plates out.

"Thank you Erica, we are eating out here so if you don't mind helping with the table that would be great." Sarah responds with a warm smile, she really liked Erica and was happy that she had offered to help.

"You all right Tobias?" Wesley asks in a concerned tone, he was having a lot of fun with the boy and his boyfriend, but noticed that he seemed to be crying a little bit after they had calmed down and stopped play fighting.

"Hey what's wrong?" Carter then asks, after looking at his friend after his boyfriend had spoken.

"Sorry me just so happy and me want to be your friend." Tobias answers, he just felt a little overwhelmed after everything and the way they were playing with him just got to him.

"You're already are our friend Tobias, but if you want us to say it, then okay will you be our friend please." Wesley quickly says with a warm smile, although he also sneaks behind his boyfriend without him realising.

"Yes, yes please me like that very much." Tobias responds with a big grin, but then notices the look in Wesley's eyes and where he is now treading water and knows what is about to happen.

"Boys get out of the pool and Wesley don't you dare." Mitch calls out, he was going to deal with his little brother and Matt first until he glanced over and saw what Wesley was about to do.

"Don't dare what?" Carter asks as he turns to see his boyfriend looking guilty behind him. "You fucking prick, you promised me." he then says as he realises what his boyfriend was going to do and gives him a pissed off look, before swimming backwards away from him.

"Oh shit er... Carter it was just going..." Wesley begins to say before being cut off by his boyfriend.

"Fuck off and don't talk to me." Carter hisses, only just manages to stop himself shouting and while he wasn't going to stay mad at him for long, he was pissed off right now and didn't even want to look at him as he turned and swam to the side of the pool and lifted himself out.

"You bad Wesley if you promised him." Tobias then says as he treads water next to his friend, he would have laughed and thought it was funny, but hearing what he just did, he was a little mad at his friend now.

"Oh fuck, shit Tobias I really fucked up, can you please stay with him and make sure he is okay please." Wesley then asks his friend in a pleading tone, he could tell his friend wasn't impressed with him at the moment, but he had to make sure his boyfriend was all right and knew that he couldn't do it until he calmed down.

"What happened?" Ben asks as his boyfriend rolls off him and they both get to their feet. "Carter?" He then asks as his friend walks past him looking pissed off.

"Ben leave it and make sure Wesley is okay, I will go talk to Carter." Mitch tells his little brother before walking after Carter and regretted calling out, he could have just left it at telling them to get out and knew he had dropped Wesley right in it and felt guilty.

"Carter you alright buddy?" Mitch asks as he approaches the pissed off looking boy, he was a little more relaxed as he had just gone in the pool house and hadn't tried to go in the house to get dressed and leave like he feared.

"Would you take me home if I asked you too?" Carter then asks as he looks at the older boy with a serious expression.

"Yes if that is what you wanted Carter, do you want me to take you home?" Mitch asks in response, deciding to try and just let him decide what he wanted to do.

"I don't know, Mitch why would he do that to me?" Carter then asks, he was just so angry at his boyfriend and hurt after what they talked about earlier.

"Can I be completely honest, even if you aren't going to like what I say?" Mitch decides to ask, he thought if he was honest he might be able to fix the mess he made.

"It would be better than lying to me I guess." Carter responds as he looks up to the older boy with tears in his eyes.

"If one of my friends pushed me in a pool like you did to Wesley, I would go after their speedos, shorts or whatever they were wearing to swim in straight away Carter, so honestly unless something else is going on, I think you're overreacting a little bit." Mitch then states and can tell that despite his warning that he would be honest, his words had still surprised him.

"Mitch I asked him to make sure no one pulled my speedos off, you all know I'm self conscious about my body and well you know." Carter says as he glances down at his groin and then back up to the older boy. "After what those bullies did to me at school and then what I did in town, well it took a lot for me to wear these in front of everyone and I thought he respected me and that I could trust him Mitch." He then says in a sad tone and Mitch can see a few tears roll down his face.

"Well he fucked up and I'm a little angry at him now too, but he loves you Carter and I did see him look over at where all of us were sitting and waited for all of them to go into the house and probably thought I had gone in as well." Mitch then says, although he was bending the truth a little because although he did see Wesley look over to them, he doubted that it was anything more than a coincidence that it was at the same time as they were all heading inside.

"So he knew none of them would see me?" Carter asks, he was still angry and pissed off, but if what the older boy was saying is true, it wouldn't have been that bad.

"Nope and Matt and Ben were, well come on you know what they were doing, so Wesley probably thought it would just be you two and Tobias and he has already seen you near enough naked." Mitch answers honestly and was happy he didn't have to bend the truth that time, but then thinks of something else. "Plus you were in the water Carter, at worst they might have just passed the speedos to each other while you tried to get them and well we both know Wesley, so he would have probably lifted you up out of the water or thrown you around a little, but he wouldn't have gone any further." He then says, he honestly didn't think Wesley would humiliate Carter or leave him naked in the pool and wanted to the tiny boy to think about that.

"I guess so, but he still made a promise and was going to break it." Carter responds, he was calming down now and could see the funny side, but at the same time his boyfriend hurt his feelings and he didn't want to let him off.

"True, so what are you going to do?" Mitch decides to ask, he may have dropped Wesley in it, but the fact he was going to break a pretty big promise wasn't something he could really defend.

"Would it be wrong if I got him to do something to make it up to me?" Carter asks in response, he had wanted to do something for a while and so far his boyfriend was against it and wondered if it would be wrong to make him.

"It depends what it is, look Carter I told all you boys that you can talk to me about anything and I meant it, so if you tell me what you want, I promise not to tell anyone or make fun of you." Mitch responds, he wasn't quite sure he wanted to know, but he had made a promise to the boys and he wanted to make sure whatever the he was thinking wasn't dangerous or unfair on Wesley.

"No, no way I can't tell you Mitch, it's private." Carter answers with a shocked and embarrassed look, there was no way he was going to tell anyone and that was final in his mind.

"Well let me put it this way then Carter, you should never make someone do something you know they don't want to do and that includes blackmailing them because that is just disgusting and evil, so if you're thinking of making Wesley do something sexual that you know he doesn't want to do, just so that you forgive him, then I don't want you here Carter and I don't want you anywhere near my little brother or the other two either." Mitch tells the tiny boy in a serious but calm tone, he didn't want to upset or scare him, but he needed to make it crystal clear that whatever he was thinking was wrong.

"Am I a bad person?" Carter then asks, he thought about being angry at the older boy, but he knew he was right and that what he was thinking of doing was nasty and his boyfriend didn't deserve it.

"If you go through with whatever it was you were thinking of Carter, then I would say you were disgusting, but the fact you asked me and are talking to me about it is proof that you're a good boy and not a monster, I just hope that you listen to what I have told you and you make the right choice." Mitch responds honestly and knew straight away that the boy will do the right thing by the look on his face

"I was just mad at him, I still am Mitch, it really hurt that he would have broke his promise and well I don't want to be mad at him and ruin everyone's day so can you help me think of a way to er... I don't know can you just help me please?" Carter then asks, he really didn't want to ruin the day, but couldn't just let his boyfriend off the hook and hoped that the older boy could help him.

"Honestly I think you should just go out there and kiss him Carter." Mitch responds and can tell that it wasn't what the tiny boy was hoping to hear.

"What, but why should he get away with it?" Carter asks in a slightly annoyed tone and couldn't believe he would say that.

"Because you love each other and you did start it by pushing him in the pool." Mitch answers, but can see that it wasn't enough to convince the boy. "Carter look at what you're wearing and where you are." He then tells the boy and he can see that he has got him thinking and smiles.

"I don't get it." Carter then responds in a confused tone, as he looks at himself and then around the room.

"Carter how did you feel when you walked out of the house and everyone was looking at you and then when they were talking to you and commenting on what you were wearing?" Mitch then asks and can tell by the way the boy was looking at him that he might have just got through to him.

"I felt pretty good, it was nice that people liked them and I really liked making Erica blush and I knew Wesley really loves the speedos and how I look in them." Carter answers honestly and starts to get the older boys point.

"So because of Wesley reassuring you and pushing you to be more confident, you were able to wear those ridiculously tiny speedos in front of us all and you enjoyed the attention?" Mitch then asks and can't help but smile, he took a shot with this approach and was pleased it appeared to have worked.

"Yeah he is always saying how beautiful I am and how cute I look and oh..." Carter begins to respond, but trails off as he finally gets the older boys point and realises just how much his boyfriend had done for him.

"Yes 'oh' so wipe your face and let's go make his day." Mitch states with a smile as he watches the tiny boy wipe his eyes with the back of his hands.

"Wesley what the hell did you do to him?" Ben asks as his friend pulls himself out of the pool and he could tell straight away that he was upset.

"I fucked up Ben." Wesley responds meekly as he just sits on the edge of the pool, while kicking the water gently with his feet.

"Did you hit him or something?" Matt asks in a nervous tone and could tell by the look his friend gives him that he was way off and felt bad for thinking his friend would do that.

"He going to pull Carter's speedos off and make him naked." Tobias states as he comes up to the side of the pool and holds on to the side, he felt a little guilty himself because he would have played along and help keep Carter from getting his speedos back.

"Oh fucking hell Wesley, I told you that we weren't going to do that sort of thing and I know Mitch talked to you about it as well." Ben then says as he looks across to his friend, he had tried to sound angry but he couldn't bring himself to do that to his friend, who he could see was obviously punishing himself enough.

"I know, but he pushed me in the pool and we were messing around and I just got caught in the moment and forgot." Wesley responds and is seriously considering getting dressed and leaving, he knew he broke his promise and the way his boyfriend looked at him and shouted at him was devastating.

"You dumb ass." Matt says, but he didn't really know what else to say and knew Carter would not forgive him easily for doing something like that.

"So why aren't you going after him?" Ben then asks, if it was him and Matt, he would be at his feet begging for forgiveness.

"He hates me and told me to stay away from him." Wesley answers after sniffling, he really knew he had messed up big time and starts to get up. "I should go home." He then says and just as he gets to his feet he feels a hand on his ankle and looks down.

"Please no go, Carter mad but he forgive you." Tobias says as he grips his friends ankle, he saw where Carter went and knew that if he was really angry and upset, he would have gone in the house to get his stuff and left, but he saw that he went to the pool house and Mitch had gone in after him.

"He won't." Wesley says and tries to pull his leg free, but looks down in frustration when he realises he would have to hurt his friend if he wanted to get free.

"Ben can you get my cane please?" Matt asks his boyfriend, he really wanted to get up, but he was in quite a bit of pain and wanted to sit at the table, but also he knew where his friend went and where his cane was and winked at his boyfriend.

"Sure I will be right back." Ben says after giving his boyfriend a wink to show that he understood and started to walk towards the pool house to get the cane and see how their friend was doing.

"So Wesley, what are you going to do to make it up to him?" Matt then asks while at his friend.

"What?" Wesley asks in a slightly distracted tone and after trying to free himself again, he just gives up and sits back down.

"You should give blow job." Tobias suggests with a grin and giggles when they both look at him in surprise.

"He won't let me anywhere near him Tobias, so we can rule that out." Wesley states with a little smile, he was still upset but that did cheer him up a little.

"I think Tobias is right though." Matt then begins to say, but pauses when his friend gives him a shocked look and knows what he thought he was going to say and grins. "Not about the blow job you pervert, but Carter would have been half way home now if he hated you, so he is obviously just pissed off and just needs to calm down, so just talk to him when he is ready and well just beg like you have never begged before Wesley." He then says with a half smile, if his two friends were anything like he and his boyfriend, then there is nothing either of them could do to ever hate each other or break up.

"Carter coming." Tobias then says as he looks over to the pool house and can see him holding his brothers cane, with his big brother walking out behind him and then heading towards the house.

"What?" Wesley asks nervously as he looks around to see his boyfriend walking straight towards them and slowly gets to his feet.

"Wesley just do whatever it takes." Matt then says as he lets his friend pull him to his feet.

"Here you go Matt, Tobias get out and come with us to the table." Ben then says as he gives his boyfriend his cane, before looking down at his brother. "Tobias come on, we have to get out anyway." He then says in a more serious tone and smiles when he watches him pull himself out of the water.

"Carter I'm so... aarrgghh..." Wesley starts to say, before he feels himself being pushed backwards into the pool for the second time today and splutters around in the water as he tries to right himself.

"Carter?" Ben asks in a confused and concerned tone, he had only talked to him briefly in the pool house, but he wasn't expecting this and wasn't sure if he should stay or not.

"Just go sit down Ben, we will be over in a few minutes." Carter responds and gives his friends a small smile. "He deserved that and worse, but just go, we won't be long." he then adds before looking back at his boyfriend, who had just about recovered and was staring at him nervously.

"Okay, but try not to kill him Carter, I don't want to have to swim with a corpse floating around." Ben states with a grin as he holds out his hand for Tobias to take and turns to walk towards the table to sit down with his boyfriend limping on the other side of him with his cane.

"Is everything alright Mitch?" Sarah asks as she looks out to the pool.

"We need to give them a little space, Wesley did something stupid and well Carter got pissed off and angry." Mitch answers honestly as he wraps his arms around his girlfriend from behind.

"Should I go out there?" Sarah asks after seeing Carter shoving Wesley into the pool and watching her two sons and Ben walking away and sitting at the table by the pool.

"No, they will sort it out and Wesley deserved that and probably more Sarah." Mitch responds, but looking at the food around the kitchen. "Jeez, you feeding an army?" He then asks, although he remembered when Wesley had slept over for the first time and how much those three ate that night and thought with five boys maybe they needed more.

"Still the chips and sausages to come Mitch." Sarah responds with a smile after deciding the boys were fine if Mitch wasn't worried.

"Probably need more with those five little garbage disposals out there." Mike then says with a chuckle and Mitch can't help but notice that Sarah also chuckled and the look they gave each other, but before he can give it any serious thought his girlfriend distracts him.

"Oh wow, he really is a little firecracker isn't he." Erica states as she watches Carter pointing and shoving his finger in Wesley's chest, after he had pulled himself out of the water.

"Who?" Mitch asks in a slightly baffled tone as he looks out to see Carter appearing to be verbally assaulting Wesley and can't help but smile before realising that once again his girlfriend was admiring the tiny boy.

"Carter, he really isn't intimidated by Wesley at all and well I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that little tirade." Erica responds and wonders if he was going to shove his boyfriend in the pool again.

"Maybe we should go out there." Mike then says, although he knew Wesley was in no danger, he was worried that they would start fighting and he didn't like Carter's chances.

"Oh please, I give it ten seconds before Carter gets Wesley to throw him in the pool." Mitch says and can't help but smile when both Sarah and his dad look at him curiously. "Carter is goading him, he wants to be thrown in the pool so that he can do what he really wants to do." He then adds with a cheeky grin.

"He wouldn't with all of us here would he?" Erica then asks and while Sarah and Mike had no idea what Mitch was implying, she did and she couldn't believe the tiny boy would do that.

"Do what?" Sarah asks in a curious tone.

"Let's just say there will be kissing and wondering hands and leave it at that." Mitch says and as if on cue they all turn to the window after hearing a loud splash followed by a quieter one and see that neither of the two boys are standing by the side of the pool any more and for a few seconds appear to have vanished, until they both break the surface of the water next to each other.

"Took you long enough you idiot." Carter says after quickly catching his breath, he meant everything he had said to his boyfriend, but he was also just trying to get him to throw them both in the water.

"Well how was I meant to know you were joking." Wesley replies with a grin, which quickly disappears when he sees his boyfriend expression turn serious.

"I wasn't joking Wesley, I meant every single word and if you ever do something like that again we are done, when we promise each other something, it means something special and don't you dare break another one." Carter then states in a serious tone to match his expression, he knew it was a bit harsh and once he had calmed down a bit more, he would let him know he went a little over the top, but for now he thought his boyfriend could do with a bit of tough love.

"Sorry I just got over excited and wasn't thinking, but I would never try to humiliate you Carter and I hope you know how much I love you and hope I haven't ruined what we have." Wesley responds in a sincere tone, he was sure his boyfriend was just making him sweat with the promise thing, but at the same time he knew that he was lucky that his boyfriend was prepared to let this go and not have a massive row about it.

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't know how much you loved me, but you need to pull your speedos down so I can have a little payback." Carter then says with an evil grin.

"Wait what?" Wesley asks, but if he knows his boyfriend like he thinks he does, he is going to be walking to the table with a boner and knew his speedos would be useless in hiding it anyway.

"You know what Wesley, well unless you can think of something else that might make me change my mind about your punishment." Carter then suggests with the same evil grin, he had his boyfriend exactly where he wanted him and had no intention of making him walk around with a boner and every intention of getting his boyfriend to give him a nice treat the next time they were alone.

"You horny fucker." Wesley states as he realises he is being set up and there is nothing he can do to get out of it, but then gives his boyfriend a nervous look, he had a good idea of what his boyfriend really wanted and he just wasn't anywhere near ready for that.

"Just so you know, I'm not talking about that Wesley, I know you're not ready for it and well anyway whatever you suggest has to be good to get me to change my mind about what I told you to do, but nothing you don't want to do or aren't ready for, because we are boyfriends Wesley and I love you." Carter then tells him, he knew that look and after his talk with Mitch he wanted to make sure he wasn't forcing his boyfriend into anything he wasn't ready for.

"I bet he is going to make his do something sexual." Ben says as he watches his two friends in the pool.

"Sexual?" Tobias asks in a confused tone, surely they wouldn't do that in the pool in front of them he thought to himself.

"As a guess, I would say Carter is going to get Wesley to promise to do something the next time they are alone." Ben explains, he knew his friends well and since Carter and Wesley became boyfriends, he has had several chats with them separately at the hospital and at their houses when he couldn't see Matt and knew they were both very sex orientated with each other.

"Got that from Carter shouting and be falling in pool?" Tobias asks in a surprised tone, he thought Carter was going to get punched or something and then thought they would be fighting when they fell in the pool.

"Falling in the pool? Oh come on Tobias, Carter was goading Wesley into throwing him in the pool, my guess is he needed Wesley in the water to convince him to do whatever he wants from him." Ben then says as he gives his brother a cheeky grin, although he knew that it wasn't his fault that he didn't know what was going on, but in a few weeks he would know them all well enough to work these things out.

"Oh, well er... oh me not want to see them do things." Tobias then says in an awkward tone, he had no issues with them being gay or together, but he didn't want to see sex stuff and even if they were boyfriend and girlfriend he wouldn't like it, he just thought that should be a private thing.

"Yeah we get told off by Mitch all the time for doing that stuff in front of people, but it's hard to remember you aren't alone when you're staring into the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen Tobias, isn't that right..." Ben begins to say as he looks down to his boyfriend, but quickly stops speaking when he realises that he was asleep with his head resting on his chest.

"He alright?" Tobias asks in a slightly concerned tone as he follows his brothers gaze and notices his other brother was asleep.

"Yeah he doesn't sleep at night very well Tobias, so we have to let him sleep as much as possible when he does manage to fall asleep," Ben explains and realises that although they have told him a lot about his boyfriend, no one seems to have told him about the sleeping thing.

"He just asleep anywhere anytime?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone, he was a little worried that his brother didn't sleep very well and tried not to think of the nightmares he must have with all he had been through.

"He isn't that bad, but if I push him hard with his physio or we play around like we just did in the pool, he gets tired really fast, but he does fall asleep if we are sitting for a while sometimes as well." Ben answers with a smile and apart from it being caused by nightmares, this was one of his boyfriends issues he didn't mind too much because he loved watching him sleep and he always looked so happy.

"So no sleep on toilet and fall off?" Tobias then asks with a grin, there would be plenty of time to discuss this seriously he thought to himself, but for now he wanted to keep everything as fun as possible.

"No, but that would be funny, well until I had to clean it up." Ben answers and can't help but giggle a little.

"Carter look very happy now." Tobias then says as he looks past his brother to see his new friends walking towards them.

"Oh I see you two made up." Ben then says in a teasing tone, although he does signal to his friends that his boyfriend is sleeping so they know to keep their voices down.

"Yeah this idiot is too sexy to stay mad at for too long." Carter answers and although he is feeling happier now, he can't help but give Matt a sad look, they all knew the importance that he be allowed to sleep, but knowing why he fell asleep during the day was hard to deal with.

"He is fine Carter." Ben tells his friend after seeing the look he was giving his boyfriend and knew what he was thinking.

"So what Carter make you do later to say sorry Wesley?" Tobias decides to asks and gets a little nervous when his two friends look at him in shock.

"Oh shit sorry guys ignore him, it's my fault and seriously let's just move on." Ben quickly says, he couldn't be mad at his brother because he is still adapting to being around people again and wanted to make sure his two friends didn't get angry or embarrassed.

"Me bad?" Tobias asks as he turns to his brother.

"No it's my fault Tobias, but just so you know in future, don't ask questions about sex stuff between them or me and Matt okay." Ben explains and smiles when he sees that his brother isn't getting upset.

"Oh sorry me forget sometimes." Tobias says as he gives his brother a shy smile, before turning to his friends. "Sorry me didn't mean embarrass you." He then apologises and grins when they both smile at him.

"It's okay Tobias." Carter responds with a big grin, he was half tempted to tell his friends what his boyfriend had agreed too, but he didn't want to push his luck and end up not getting it.

"Placatus fuero tibi." Wesley then says and smiles at his friend.

"You Latin bad as my English right now." Tobias then says, it was obvious that his friend hadn't been practising and while he was rusty himself it was funny to hear him trying and not quite pronouncing it right.

"Sorry I'm a little rusty." Wesley apologises and blushes a little.

"It's fine, it was close enough and I understood what you were trying to say." Tobias responds with a grin, before turning his head as he hears footsteps approaching.

"Oh great, it's your girlfriend Carter." Wesley says in a fake annoyed tone and laughs when his boyfriend elbows him in the ribs.

"You're just jealous because I got one before you." Carter then retorts before kissing his boyfriend on the cheek. "I love you more though." He then says.

"Boys do you mind giving me..." Erica starts to say before noticing that Matt was sleeping. "Oh sorry, I didn't wake him did I?" She then asks in a quieter tone.

"No he is still asleep, but could you ask someone to bring him a warm towel or a blanket please, I don't want him to get cold." Ben asks after reassuring his brothers girlfriend, he had managed to pull his boyfriend on to his lap and was holding him in his arms while his head rested on his chest and could feel that he was a little cold.

"I will get Mitch to make himself useful." Erica responds as she looks at the young boy affectionately, he always amazed her with his devotion to his boyfriend and she knew a few couples who wouldn't care for their partners even half as much as he did with Matt.

"I can help you with the cups and plates Erica." Carter then offers in the cutest tone he could manage, before turning his head to his boyfriend and sticking his tongue out.

"That would be great Carter, you're such a gentlemen." Erica responds with a smile, not quite realising that she is helping the tiny boy tease his boyfriend.

"You're welcome Erica." Carter says as he holds out his hand and smiles sweetly as she takes it, they then walk towards the house and Carter can't resist looking back and sticking his tongue out again.

"Oh that little bastard." Wesley says with a grin, he couldn't believe his boyfriend was kicking his backside all over the place, it was rare that anyone ever out teased him, but one of the things he loved about his boyfriend was the fact he could do it almost effortlessly.

"No swearing." Tobias quickly says, but just as quickly holds his hands over his mouth when Matt stirs a little and he knew he almost woke him up.

"Keep it down guys." Ben then says as he gently strokes his sleeping boyfriends face with the back of his fingers.

"Sorry." Tobias says almost in a whisper.

"Me too and sorry Tobias I didn't mean to swear but Carter is just so funny, I wish I could see Mitch's face when he sees them walk in hand in hand." Wesley then says with a cheeky grin, he remembered the fun he and his boyfriend had teasing the older boy earlier and he knew he took it in good spirit.

"I still can't believe you got Carter to wear those tiny speedos, I mean are they even speedos, because they barely cover anything." Ben then states as he looks to his friend with a small grin.

"I have just been trying to build his confidence and I honestly had my doubts, but he is tougher then people give him credit for and I'm struggling not to get hard when I look at him, honestly I have never thought about so many naked grannies and diarrhoea in my life." Wesley responds with a wide grin, he really had struggled to control himself and knew it was also probably the fact they spent most of the day fooling around that helped him stay under control now.

"I liked the way he was giving you hell, I have only seen him like that a few times and I just think he is awesome." Ben then says, he knew his friend was small, but when he is riled up he is a force to be reckoned with.

"Honestly he scared the crap out of me Ben and I'm not joking, no one has ever done that to me without chickening out half way through." Wesley admits honestly, he knew in a fight his boyfriend wouldn't stand a chance, but that didn't make his outburst any less intimidating and he wasn't embarrassed to admit that to his friends.

"I need wee." Tobias then says and quickly gets up and runs towards the house.

"Man he is just so much fun Ben." Wesley says with a chuckle as he watches his friend disappear inside the house.

"Yeah I spent yesterday and this morning with him and I think he is going to be so fun to be around and I love the way he talks." Ben responds with a smile and again thought about how much he had already bonded with his boyfriends best friend, well brother and well his brother as well as far as he was concerned.

"His accent or getting his words mixed up?" Wesley can't help but asks in a curious tone, he was hoping his friend wouldn't say mixing his words up, because that would just be mean and cruel.

"Well I love the English accent and I'm so glad that Matt hasn't lost his, but I mean the things he says, he reminds me of you Wesley and the way you sometimes speak before thinking, but where as you usually say something stupid or to the wrong person, Tobias well, it's just adorable and funny but in a good way." Ben tries to explain as best he could, he just found his innocence endearing and had already found himself waiting to see what comes out of his mouth next.

"Hey, I think I have been good recently and especially with Carter hitting me every time I say something stupid." Wesley states with a smile, he knew he had a reputation for putting his foot in it and had tried to be a little more careful when he was speaking to people.

"Oh no." Ben then says as he feels his boyfriend shaking and then feels something warm and wet spread across his lower half.

"Oh shit, is he having a nightmare?" Wesley asks in a concerned tone, normally if someone wet themselves it would be funny, but when it came to Matt it wasn't even close to being funny and they all just felt sorry for him and even more hate towards his dad than they already did.

"I think so, I don't want the others to know though Wesley, so can you help me get him to the pool house please." Ben asks in a sad tone and he knew that he had tears rolling down his face.

"Oh shit Ben, Mitch is coming." Wesley says as he gets up and didn't really know what to do.

"Just Mitch?" Ben asks, he couldn't turn to see with his boyfriend in his arms and was really hoping it was just his brother and no one else.

"Yeah." Wesley answers.

"Relax Wesley, it's Mitch he can help me get Matt in the pool house." Ben says and sighs in relief.

"Hey boys, I got the a towel and a blanket for..." Mitch begins to say before seeing Matt shaking in his little brothers arms and can see by his face that he is having a nightmare. "What do you want to do Ben?" He then asks his little brother, his first instinct is to wake him up, but he also knows that he should let his little brother decide how to deal with his boyfriend.

"I want you to help me get him in the pool house without anyone else seeing, this isn't a bad one Mitch and he will be fine after I wake him up and get him cleaned up." Ben answers with a weak smile, he had experienced near enough every kind of freak out his boyfriend had while sleeping and in his head he had come up with a basic one to ten of how to rate them and this was barely a three in his opinion.

"Okay Wesley, you go inside and help them with what ever they need doing and try to stop them coming out for a minute or two, while me and Ben get Matt in the pool house." Mitch then says in a soft tone and smiles when he does as he is told and heads towards the house.

"Thank you Mitch." Ben then says as he tries to get up, but with his boyfriend in his arms and the way he is sitting he can't quite manage it." Little help please." He then says as he gives his brother a small smile.

"Okay let me hold him and you go and open the door for me." Mitch suggests and smiles as he takes the boy in his arms, although he is surprised to feeling how much he is shaking and can hearing him quietly mumbling something. "Ben, what is he saying?" he then asks, he couldn't quite make it out himself and knew it was easier just asking his little brother.

"He is having a nightmare about Mr Jones, but it's okay... well it's not okay, but he has had it a few times and it isn't that bad compared to the others and he will be fine." Ben explains honestly as he walks beside his brother, while holding his boyfriends hand.

"I will tell the others that you two are just changing or something okay." Mitch then says as he walks into the pool house and follows his little brother into the bedroom and can't believe what he sees as he looks at the king sized water bed in front of him. "Holy shit, you got a fucking waterbed." He then says, he hadn't actually seen the boys bed room and his little brother had slept with him in his bed last night and just couldn't believe it.

"Yeah it looks cool and I was going to try and keep it a surprise for Matt later, but just lay him down and then go away please Mitch, I need to strip him and then wake him up." Ben then says as he gives his brother an appreciative look, but he really wanted him to go so that he could sort his boyfriend out.

"No problem Ben and you still have like ten minutes before all the food and drink is on the table, so just get him ready and smiling little guy." Mitch responds and gives his little brother a kiss on the forehead before turning and leaving the room and then the pool house to join the others.

"I see you're keeping my girlfriend entertained Carter." Mitch says as he walks across to the table and sees that he is laughing and joking with his girlfriend, while they set the last of the cutlery and glasses down.

"I don't know Mitch, this little charmer could show you a thing or two around woman." Erica states and gives the tiny boy a wink before grinning at her boyfriend.

"Don't you mean lady Erica, because you're too pretty to not be a lady." Carter then says in an adorably annoying sweet tone and Mitch can see him grinning at him, when Erica isn't looking.

"Oh for the love of god." Mitch says as he knows he is just being destroyed by the tiny boy.

"Thank you Sweetie." Erica then says ignoring her boyfriend as she leans down and kisses the tiny boy on the cheek, she knows exactly what is happening now and is more than happy to have a little fun at her boyfriends expense.

"You know if you keep kissing my boyfriend Erica, I might have to start kissing yours." Wesley then says as he walks up behind his boyfriend and wraps his arms around his waist, before kissing his neck.

"I don't know Wesley, I mean do you really want to kiss that after you have had the best already." Erica says in a teasing tone as she first looks to her boyfriend and then to Carter and she could tell both young boys were ecstatic that she was joining in with their game.

"Well now that you mention it, I might have to turn the light off or make him wear a paper bag." Wesley then says as he gives the older boy a cheeky grin.

"You three are just impossible." Mitch says with a smile, against one of them he might be able to figure out a way to turn the tables, but with all three on the same page against him, he knew he had no chance.

"Mitch, can you give me and Sarah a hand getting the food out please." Mike calls out from the door and Mitch smiles in relief at having an excuse to escape the teasing and quickly makes his way inside.

"Thank you for playing along Erica, it's really funny to tease Mitch and well thank you." Carter then says after waiting for his older boy to disappear.

"Any time boys and it really is fun to see him like that, but I'm going stop now and just enjoy being with him for a while, you don't mind do you?" Erica then asks in response, as much fun as it was and she did enjoy it a lot, she wanted to spend a bit of time with him and just enjoy being in his arms for a while.

"It's fine Erica, I think we teased him enough and we don't really like to go too far." Wesley then says, although if truth be told he was a little jealous of his boyfriend and Erica getting along so well, but he definitely didn't want anyone to know that in case they decided to tease him as well.

"Why don't you two sit down and I will go see where Tobias went." Erica then says and is just about to turn around when she feels someone hug her from behind and judging from the small arms and around her waist she knows she just found the young boy. "I always was good at hide and seek." She then says and both Wesley and Carter laugh at her joke as they sat down next to each other.

"We play hide and seek now?" Tobias asks in a hopeful tone, he used to love playing that and would love to play it again.

"We are going to eat now Tobias and then play in the pool, so we can do hide and seek another day." Wesley answers his friends question, he knew it was directed at Erica, but he could tell she wasn't sure how to let him down gently.

"Why don't you come and sit next to me Tobias, you can tell me how the elastic band is working." Carter then says, he knew Erica wanted to sit and be with Mitch and knew that Tobias might get in the way a little bit, although he actually really did want to get to know him a bit more and was more than happy to have him sit next to him while they ate.

"Okay, sorry Erica but later we can talk maybe, but I want sit next to friends okay." Tobias then says apologetically and hopes she doesn't get upset that he wants to sit with his friends.

"It's alright Tobias, you should spend time with your friends and Mitch will keep me company." Erica says and only just manages to keep a straight face, she just found the boys genuine concern that he might upset her so sweet and adorable.

"Okay and I make it up to later when we swim together." Tobias then says as he turns away from her and sits next to his friends with a smile on his face and both Carter and Wesley struggle to hold back from laughing at Erica's face and knew that she wasn't expecting to have Tobias be so intent on playing with her.

"Hey Matt, time to wake up." Ben says in a soft tone as he gently rocks his now naked boyfriend. "Come on Matt, wake up sleepyhead." He then says and this time he can't resist giving his boyfriends balls a little rub and smiles when he starts to stir in more ways than one.

"Huh... what... oh hey Ben." Matt says in a groggy tone as he slowly comes round.

"I love you." Ben then says and while he is trying to stay upbeat, he can't quite hide the concern on his face.

"Oh fucking hell, what did I do?" Matt quickly asks, when he sees the look he has seen too many times for his liking on peoples faces after he had woken up.

"Nothing, it was just a nightmare and it wasn't that bad I promise." Ben says in a reassuring tone as he works his hand up his boyfriends body and rubs his chest soothingly.

"Why am I naked and what the hell am I laying on?" Matt then asks as he realises he is naked, although the weird but nice feeling he is getting from whatever he is laying on is getting most of his attention.

"It's a waterbed Matt, it's huge and it's ours, isn't it nice." Ben answers with a big smile, as he tries his best to avoid telling his boyfriend why he was naked by distracting him with the waterbed.

"It's weird but nice, but Ben why am I naked and don't try to distract me again." Matt then states and looks to his boyfriend with a serious look and lets him know that he wants the truth.

"You wet yourself while you were having the nightmare Matt." Ben answers honestly, but he knows what his boyfriend is going to say next and decides to just get in first. "Don't worry, the only ones who saw it were Wesley and Mitch and you know neither of them would tell anyone and that they both understand." He then explains and can see that while his boyfriend is far from happy, he isn't getting angry or upset and can't resist giving a kiss on the cheek.

"Is that why you're naked too?" Matt then decides to ask, there was nothing he could do about having a nightmare or wetting himself now and he was loving how being on the waterbed was making him feel so decided to just focus on his boyfriend instead.

"You know I think this bed is going to make some things even more fun Matt and I can't wait until tonight." Ben then says, ignoring his boyfriends question as he climbs on top of him and begins to kiss his neck.

"Oh fuck Ben, shit but, oh shit that is so nice..." Matt starts to say but forgets what he was actually meant to tell his boyfriend and just enjoys the feelings he was getting from his boyfriends mouth and from the grinding of their naked bodies.

"Oh shit sorry." Ben then says as he quickly stops what he is doing and can see the confused look on his boyfriends face. "We have to go out and eat with the others... shit sorry Matt, I just couldn't help myself." He then apologises as he sits up and moves down so that he is straddling his boyfriends thighs and sighs when he looks at both their boners.

"Oh shit, well how long have we got?" Matt then asks, thinking they might have time to help each other get rid of them.

"Like a couple of minutes and shit sorry Matt but we don't have time to do anything." Ben says as he looks down at his boyfriend with a frustrated look.

"Have we got any more speedos?" Matt asks, he was hoping by the time they got them on and he put another top on that they would have calmed down enough to sit down at the table without anyone seeing anything.

"Yeah, but well er... they are a little smaller than our other ones." Ben answers with a nervous smile and knows what his boyfriend is going to ask. "Not as tiny and revealing as Carter's though, but I just wanted you to know, but you can just wear a longer top and no one will know, I promise." He then says as he reluctantly gets off his boyfriend.

"If I asked you to do something that might upset me, would you do it Ben?" Matt then decides to ask, he trusted his boyfriend to know if he could handle the speedos with the top on and he knew he would be alright, but he had something else on his mind and he hoped his boyfriend could be brave for him.

"I would do anything you asked me to do, but I won't do anything that would humiliate or hurt you." Ben answers honestly, although he couldn't quite work out what his boyfriend was thinking and that worried him a little bit.

"I want you to take my shirt off later." Matt then tells his boyfriend, but he can see that he doesn't quite understand what he is implying and with a sigh continues. "Ben I want to show my scars to them, but I'm afraid and I can't do it by myself, so later on when we are playing, I want you to take it off me and throw it away." He then explains more clearly and looks at his boyfriend with a scared but serious expression.

"You're serious aren't you?" Ben asks in response, he was nervous and really didn't like the request, but if his boyfriend was serious then he would do it.

"Please Ben, I need you to do this for me but just the top though, don't you dare pull my speedos off, I'm not ready for that and well just don't please." Matt answers and Ben can tell that his boyfriend needs him to do this.

"Okay I will do it, now put these on and let's go get something to eat because I'm starving." Ben replies with a smile as he throws his boyfriend a pair of green speedos and a long top to wear, before settling for just putting on his own pair of green speedos.

"Why did they go to the pool house?" Sarah asks in a concerned tone, they had just finished putting everything on the table and the they had still not come out yet and she was thinking of going in and getting them.

"They will be out soon." Mitch responds and although it would be easier just to tell them all what happened, he couldn't betray either boy and knew it could cause Matt some serious issues and he had enough of those already to deal with.

"This all looks great, thank you so much Sarah and you too Mike, it smells amazing." Wesley then says, trying his best to change the subject and smiles when Mitch gives him an appreciative smile.

"Erica set the table and I think it looks great." Carter then says, after picking up on something that must have happened and guessed it was to do with Matt, so thought he would help distract Sarah and couldn't resist seeing if he could get Mitch to bite.

"Thank you Sweetie." Erica says as she gives him a warm smile and can tell by the way Mitch shifted and pulled her over a bit closer that he was a little jealous and couldn't help but find it sweet. "I can't wait until we get changed together and I just know you will look so damn sexy in speedos." She then whispers in his ear and grins when he coughs and almost chokes.

"You alright Son?" Mike asks, although the smirk on his face, lets his eldest son knows he is not asking out of concern.

"No tuna salad?" Tobias then asks as he looks at his mum and Sarah quickly realises that she had forgotten how much the boy loved a tuna salad, although she couldn't believe with all the ribs, burgers and chips in front of him, that he would even think of it.

"Oh yes sorry Honey, I left it inside, just give me a few minutes and I will bring it out." Sarah responds with a warm smile, knowing that she had some tuna in the kitchen and enough salad.

"Thank you Mum." Tobias then says in a sweet voice and for a few moments Sarah can't help but look at him and smile, he had called her that many times already, but for some reason just then it made it real and she was actually looking at her son and he looked so happy as he was now talking to Carter, who she noticed seemed to really be enjoying talking with him.

"I will come with you, we forgot the wine Sarah." Mike then says, he could see that she was looking at Tobias and thought he knew what was happening and thought he would get her attention back to getting the tuna salad before anyone noticed the way she was staring at the boy and smiled when she started walking with him into the house.

"Mitch are you swimming with us later?" Wesley then decides to ask, he realised that for the moment his boyfriend was more interested in Tobias and with his other two friends still missing and Sarah and Mike in the house, he was in danger of just sitting alone when he noticed that Mitch and Erica was starting to stare at each other and wanted to just talk to someone.

"Of course, someone has to make sure you guys don't drown each other." Mitch answers and after quickly having a look around and then looking back at the boy, he realises that he is getting a little lonely and is more than happy to talk with him.

"You're still going to wear speedos then?" Wesley then asks, not that he was trying to embarrass the older boy, he just really wanted to talk and didn't really know what else to say.

"Yes he is and I can't wait to see them." Erica then says, deciding that she would join in after realising that the boy was probably feeling a little left out.

"Are you swimming with us?" Wesley then asks as he looks at Erica with a half smile, he may be gay now, but he was still a little excited at the idea of seeing her in a bikini.

"Yes and I even brought a new bikini to wear." Erica responds with a smile and couldn't help blushing a little when she saw Carter turn to look at her straight away, closely followed by Tobias.

"Oh wow, I bet you're going to look so pretty." Carter then says and while Mitch gives him a mock dirty look, Wesley couldn't help giving him a surprised and almost hurt look, which Carter notices straight away and quickly realises that he might have gone too far.

"Erica always look pretty." Tobias then says before turning back to Carter, he really wanted to carry on their conversation and grabs his hand to get his attention.

"Oh sorry." Carter says and takes the chance to avoid looking at his boyfriend for a while, he knew that look and knew that he would have to talk to him soon to reassure him, but for now he was too embarrassed.

"Sarah are you alright?" Mike asks as he looks through the fridge and is surprised to see some real cooked tuna in there instead of canned like he was expecting and takes it out.

"I'm alright, why do you ask?" Sarah asks in response as she prepares the salad and gets some vinaigrette and some salad cream ready.

"The way you looked at Tobias after he called you 'Mum' you just looked a little emotional and surprised." Mike explains as he brings the now cut up tuna over to her.

"Well I don't know Mike, he has called me it so many times, but that was the first time it really hit me and he is really my son now Mike and I'm really his mum and I just couldn't be happier." Sarah then says as she looks out of the window and watches them all sitting at the table.

"You're a great mum Sarah and we are going to make sure all the boys are happy from now on." Mike then says as he puts the tuna in the salad and then walks over to see what wine they have in the fridge and smiles when he sees that they are well stocked.

"I'm really happy for Mitch, he really deserves to be with someone like Erica and I just have a feeling that they are made for each other." Sarah then says as she seasons the tuna salad with a smile on her face.

"Two red and two white should be enough don't you think Sarah?" Mike asks as he can't quite decide how many bottles to take with them to the table.

"I don't want the boys drinking Mike, well not now anyway because they still have to swim, but they can have a glass later." Sarah answers as she turns to him with a smile.

"How about we let them have half a glass of wine and the other half water or lemonade?" Mike then suggests and could tell by the look on her face that she was going to agree.

"Come on Matt, they will come get us if we take any longer." Ben says as he tries to get his boyfriend to hurry up a little bit.

"I know, but Ben please don't let me fall asleep again, I know I should just sleep when I can, but I don't want to have another nightmare and wet myself in front of everyone, so promise me you will wake me if I do." Matt responds in a sad tone, he knew it was hard for his boyfriend to have to put up with him, but he knew if it was the other way around he would do anything his boyfriend asked.

"I promise, now stop worrying and come on." Ben responds and holds his hand out after realising that they didn't have his boyfriends cane and wanted to make sure he didn't have to struggle too much to get to the table.

"Okay." Matt says as he takes his boyfriends hand and manages to smile as they walk out of the pool house and then towards their friends and family.

Two Hours Later

"Come on get them off Mitch." Erica says as she sits on her boyfriends bed and waits for him to strip off.

"Fine, but if you start wolf whistling you can wait outside." Mitch says in a serious tone, although he couldn't help but smile and knows that she can see right through his act.

"Yeah, yeah, now get them off." Erica responds with a grin that widens as she watches her boyfriend stripping off, although he stops when he is down to his briefs and looks at him expectantly.

"You're staring." Mitch states nervously, he didn't know why he was feeling so nervous because he knew he had nothing to be shy about and has been naked in front of enough people to know that, but with Erica it was different and he was genuinely falling in love with her and he didn't want to do anything to ruin it.

"Damn right I'm staring, now get them off." Erica retorts as she keeps her eyes firmly locked on her soon to be naked boyfriend and despite knowing he was impressive, she couldn't help being surprised when he pulls his briefs down and stepps out of them.

"So er... well am I alright?" Mitch asks nervously, although he could punch himself for asking such a stupid and lame question.

"You're amazing." Erica responds honestly, seeing him completely naked had stunned her and he really was perfect, he had just the right amount of muscle, he wasn't too skinny or too big and well when the briefs came off she couldn't wipe the smile off her face if she tried. "Turn around." She then tells him, after realising there was still one more thing she hadn't seen and wasn't disappointed as he did as he was told.

"Erica I really like you and well I just really want you to know that." Mitch then says in a nervous tone, as he tries not to think about being naked in front of his girlfriend, who was still just staring at him.

"Well we can't just have you being the only one having all the fun." Erica then says as she stands up and starts to undress and Mitch can only stand there in awe as after a few moments she is standing in front of him naked and despite his best efforts, he feels himself getting hard. "Oh wow." Erica then says as she watches her boyfriend rise to the occasion and takes a few steps towards him and is just about to kiss him when the door suddenly opens.

"Mitch me want to see when you..." Tobias begins to say before going silent, when he is greeted not only by his big brother being naked, which isn't that new to him, but Erica as well and he can't take his eyes off her and doesn't even notice that his speedos are now starting to tent.

"Holy fuck Tobias." Mitch says as he stares at the boy and doesn't quite know what to do.

"Matt do you think you can play for a little while?" Wesley asks his friend, his boyfriend was already in the pool and after a little convincing Ben had joined him so Wesley wanted to try and get him in the pool too.

"I would get in, but I don't want to get hurt Wesley." Matt answers honestly and although he really wanted to play, he knew it would be a long time before he could do that without getting hurt.

"I know and the rest of us can mess around like that later, but I was thinking we could just play with a ball and volley it to each other, it's always fun and you can play as well." Wesley then says and can see that his idea has his friend a little excited.

"Can you try and look after me for a while though Wesley." Matt then asks as he takes a look over to the pool and smiles when he sees how much fun his boyfriend is having with Carter and wants him to have more.

"What do you mean, what about Ben?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, not that he minded looking after his friend, in fact he was more than happy to look after him.

"I want him to have fun today Wesley and I just know as soon as I get in the water he will stop doing that and stay with me to make sure I'm alright instead." Matt explains as he turns back to his friend with a sad smile.

"You got it Matt, but just so that you know, we all love you and are more than happy to look after you and well I guess I just wanted you to know that you shouldn't feel guilty or feel like you're ruining anyone's day, because you aren't Matt, the only thing that you could do to ruin things was if you weren't here." Wesley then says in a sincere tone, they would have still had fun and would have enjoyed the food, but they all knew if Matt wasn't there or was still in hospital they wouldn't be able to enjoy themselves completely and would all want to be with him instead.

"Jeez Wesley, way to make me cry you bastard." Matt responds with a smile as a few tears run down his face and couldn't help but stand up and move over to give his friend a cuddle. "Now pick me up and jump in the pool." He then whispers in his ear.

"You're fucking awesome." Wesley says and quickly picks his friend up and jumps backwards into the pool, although he makes sure that he has a protective hold on his friend so that he wouldn't get hurt as they hit the water.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?" Ben shouts out after seeing his friend throwing his boyfriend in the water.

"Wesley if you hurt him..." Carter begins to say before getting cut off but a splash of water in his face and just as Ben is going to say something else, he too gets splashed.

"Guys shut up, I'm not a baby and I asked him to do it, so quit giving him a hard time." Matt then calls out, although he is holding on to his friends shoulder as he struggles a little to catch his breath.

"Oh well okay, sorry Wesley." Ben says as he swims over to his friend and boyfriend, looking a little sheepish at the way he acted.

"Yeah sorry, but I still don't think he should be doing that, it can't be good for him." Carter then says after slowly paddling closer to them as well.

"STOP IT!!!" Matt then shouts, causing both his friends and boyfriend to look at him in surprise.

"Matt..." Ben begins to say before his boyfriend interrupts him.

"Shut up Ben, I'm sick of being treated like a baby so stop it, Wesley held me and made sure he hit the water first and I was perfectly safe, so stop hassling him." Matt almost hisses and although he knows he is overreacting, he just can't stop himself and is just about to ask his boyfriend to hold him, when he feels his arms wrapping around him and instantly calms down a little bit.

"Sshh, I got you." Ben says in a soothing tone, he knew his boyfriend was freaking out and knew he had to act quickly.

"Boys is everything alright?" Sarah asks as she walks over to the side of the pool, she had seen what had happened and heard her son shouting.

"It's alright Sarah, can you get us a ball though please, we want going to volley it to each other for a while." Wesley decides to answer and remembers that they needed a ball and thought he would kill two birds with one stone.

"Okay have fun boys and I will see if I can find a ball for you." Sarah replies with a smile and was glad that everything seemed alright, despite her son obviously being upset, but he was already in Ben's arms and she knew that was the best place for him to calm down.

"Thanks Wesley." Ben then says as he sees his boyfriends mum walking away.

"Anytime, so how is he doing?" Wesley asks as he paddles over to his boyfriend and holds him from behind before sliding his hands down to massage his penis through his speedos and grins when he squirms a little bit before settling down.

"Matt you doing alright?" Ben asks, deciding to get his boyfriend to answer for himself.

"Yeah sorry guys, if it happens again whoever is nearest just cuddle me and I will calm down." Matt says before giving his boyfriend a quick kiss and pushes himself away so that he could swim a little bit. "I will be back in a bit, I just want to swim a little on my own." He then says and swims away before anyone can respond, he really just needed a few moments on his own and hoped they would understand.

"Should we go after him?" Wesley asks while he watches his friend swimming away from them.

"No he will be fine, so are you going to stop playing with Carters penis and play normally Wesley or am I going to have to go for a swim on my own as well?" Ben then asks with a grin and can't help but giggle as he looks at his friends startled expression.

"Fine, but you two have to play, I'm going to play with Matt for a while." Wesley then says as he removes his hand from his boyfriends now hard penis and remembers what he promised Matt earlier.

"He wants to be alone." Ben quickly says as he looks over to where his boyfriend is and looks at him sadly as he seems to be just floating on his back and just gently kicking his feet.

"Well tough shit Ben, I want my boyfriend to not be in love with Erica, but we can't all get what we want." Wesley retorts before dunking his boyfriend under the water and swimming over to his friend with a massive grin.

"You alright Carter?" Ben asks as he tries to suppress a giggle, while his friend splutters and tries to get his bearings.

"Oh you're so dead Wesley Fisher." Carter then says as he rubs his eyes to try and see where his boyfriend is.

"He's gone Carter, but how are you really?" Ben then asks, they were playing earlier but didn't really talk and he wanted to see what he had been up to.

"Oh pretty good, well apart from getting beaten up and stripped at school and then freaking out after exposing myself in the middle of town, oh and my boyfriend almost stripping me in here earlier, yeah I'm doing great Ben." Carter answers, although Ben can't quite tell if his friend is being serious or joking around.

"Sorry, wait they stripped you as well?" Ben then asks after realising what his friend said and can't help but get angry.

"Well only down to my underwear, that's when Wesley turned up and saved me, but it's alright Ben I was only trying to be funny, I'm fine and well it's down to Wesley again really, I just love him so much and well if I told you something do you promise not to tell anyone, not even Matt." Carter responds with a nervous smile, after his chat with Mitch earlier he had been dying to talk to someone about how he is feeling and what he wants.

"Oh alright and er... yeah I promise not to tell anyone." Ben responds with a smile, although he wondered what his friend could possibly tell him that he didn't want even his boyfriend to know.

"I want Wesley to have sex with me and I want to do it to him too." Carter then whispers in his friends ear after paddling closer to him and then floats back a little to see his reaction.

"Holy shit, you mean like er... you want to like, really for real?" Ben asks in a shocked tone, he wasn't expecting that and he wasn't expecting his friend to want to do that and couldn't help but look at how small his friend was and think about how big Wesley's penis was and wondered how he could want that up his bum.

"Yeah but he isn't ready, not even close and I think it might be years away Ben, but I can't help it, I have known that I was gay for years and I think I'm just way ahead of all you guys in what I'm ready for, I mean I know it is going to hurt, especially with how big he is, but I can't stop thinking about it Ben and it's driving me crazy." Carter then explains, he has had years of fantasies and looking at porn and knew that while his boyfriend was open to a lot of things, he has only just begun being gay and knows that it has taken him years to get to this point, so he feels frustrated that he might have to wait years for it to happen.

"Oh wow, well have you talked to him about it?" Ben then asks, he is still in shock but is trying his best to help his friend and takes his hand to gently move them further away from their boyfriends and to the side of the pool for a little more privacy.

"I sort of joked about it a little with him and I could tell that he didn't want too, I mean he is probably scared it will hurt and even more scared that he will hurt me, but shit Ben it's like all I can think about sometimes and how do I..." Carter answers honestly but trails off, he really just wished his boyfriend was at the same place as he was.

"You can't Carter, my brother has always made sure we know that we have to take our time and let things happen when they happen and to never force the other to do anything they don't want to do." Ben tells his friend and knows that his brothers advice is perfect for this conversation.

"I know he told me too, but I almost licked Wesley bum hole earlier when we were at my house." Carter then says and can see the look on his friends face and wonders if he went a little too far in being honest.

"Carter this isn't the place to talk about this, anyone could overhear us and well later you and me will talk in private." Ben then says as he sees his dad and Sarah looking over to them.

"Sorry." Carter responds and starts to float away from his friend before he feels himself being pulled back.

"Carter I'm not angry or anything, just my dad and Sarah are looking over and our boyfriends are slowly moving over here, I promise we will talk about this later, but in private." Ben then whispers in his ear and then as he glances over his friends shoulder, he gives him a grin and pushes him backwards before splashing him in the face.

"You having the sex with both you?" Tobias asks as he takes a step inside the room, he was nervous but couldn't help being mesmerized by Erica and couldn't take his eyes off her.

"Oh shit, what are you doing up here Tobias?" Mitch asks as he feels his girlfriend moving behind him and swears he could hear her trying not to laugh.

"Me wanted to play in pool with you." Tobias answers, as he leans over in an attempt to see Erica from behind his big brother.

"Tobias don't stare at her and turn around." Mitch then instructs the boy, who he notices is actually rubbing his boner and can't help but sigh and shake his head, this boy was definitely straight he thought to himself.

"I saw boobies." Tobias says as he moves a little closer and a little to the side instead of turning around, his hormones were in complete control now and he wanted to see her naked body again.

"Tobias why don't you go downstairs and play with your brothers and friends while me and Mitch get changed." Erica then says as she turns Mitch to keep herself out of the young boys sights, although she was finding the whole thing funny, she was aware that she was completely naked and that the boy was trying to get another look at her.

"Me get naked too and do the sex?" Tobias then asks and while Mitch's jaw almost hits the floor, Erica turns bright red and realises that the young boy actually wanted to have sex and started to feel a little uncomfortable.

"No, no Tobias, you just need to turn around and walk out of the door and wait for me, we need to have a serious talk so get out and shut the door behind you please." Mitch tells the boy, he really didn't know what to do and just decided to get the boy out of the room and quickly get dressed with his girlfriend.

"My willy too small and me too ugly." Tobias then says and sniffles as his head drops, he then turns around and walks out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"Oh fucking hell Mitch, go after him." Erica says and although she is trying to be serious, she can't help smiling as she moves over to her bag to find her bikini.

"What?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he could see her smiling and was confused.

"Get your speedos on and go talk to him, I think you scared him half to death and he looked like he was about to cry." Eric explains and reaches over to his speedos on the bed and throws them at him, she was hoping to hit him in the face, but he effortlessly catches then and couldn't help but be impressed by his reflexes.

"I can't believe he asked to have sex with you." Mitch then says as he quickly pulls the speedos on and readjusts himself.

"Well he is a lot more forward than you're, now get out there and make sure that he knows he is not ugly or that he is too small." Erica responds with a grin as she makes herself comfortable on her boyfriends bed.

"Fine." Mitch responds as he gives his girlfriend, who is laying on his bed a final lustful look, before opening the door and walking out the room and is surprised but happy to see his brother waiting for him, although his initial relief disappears when he sees him crying.

"Ben I love you." Matt says as he swims up to his boyfriend and quickly kisses him. "I'm ready for you to do what I asked you to do when the others are all out here." He then whispers in his ear and gives him a warm but nervous smile.

"In the pool or out of it?" Ben then whispers in response, he was hoping it was outside because then everyone would see, but in the pool would be okay because then his boyfriend would have to get out of the pool eventually.

"In the pool might be easier but outside please, just make sure you're next to me and holding my hand after you do it." Matt answers before giving him a quick kiss and pushing away from him.

"I guess your mum forgot the ball or just couldn't find one." Wesley then says as he swims over and then glances over to the two adults sitting and watching them.

"Yeah it doesn't matter though, come on let's play something else." Ben then says as he tries to think off something.

"Where is Tobias?" Matt then asks in a slightly concerned tone, he hadn't seen his brother for a while and suddenly realised he wasn't with them.

"He went to find Mitch and Erica." Carter answers quickly, he could see the fear in his friends eyes and knew he was afraid that something had happened to him.

"Oh okay." Matt then says and the relief in his tone was obvious to the others.

"Want to see who can touch the bottom and hold their breath the longest?" Wesley then suggests with a smile and can see that his boyfriend and friends like the idea.

"Cool I will judge and make sure no one cheats." Matt then says with a grin, although it turns to a slight scowl when his boyfriend and two friends look at him in concern. "Oh for fuck sake guys, I'm fine, but I'm too tired to do that and I really want to watch you all try to hold your breath, your faces are going to be so funny when you come up." He then says in a slightly annoyed tone at first, but quickly changes to a lighter tone by the end.

"I'm so going to win." Ben then says with a grin.

"How about the first two to come up have to walk to the table with a boner and have a drink before coming back?" Matt then suggests with an evil grin and Ben can't help but wonder if this was the real reason he had said he wasn't going to take part and gave him a knowing smile.

"I'm in." Wesley quickly says with a smile, he was confident of winning but planned on letting his boyfriend win if it came down to it.

"Me as well you crafty fucker." Ben then says after his boyfriend winked at his knowing look, although he knew his boyfriend wasn't lying about being tired and that he wouldn't stand a chance at this sort of game until he was better.

"I don't want too." Carter then says and tries to ignore the surprised look on his friends face and looks at his boyfriend shyly.

"Carter it's just a bit of fun and you might win." Wesley says in a soft tone, although he can tell that his boyfriend isn't going to be persuaded this time.

"I'm not showing people my boner, especially my friends parents so quit it." Carter then says as he gives his boyfriend a serious look.

"Hey boys heads up." Mike calls out before throwing the ball as hard as he can in the pool, he was trying to aim for the water in between them all, but can only look on in horror at where the ball was actually going.

"What?" Ben responds as they all turn to his dad to see what he is on about.

"AARRGGHH! fucking ouch, FUCK OUCH!" Matt the cries out and Ben quickly turns to see his boyfriend holding his face and struggling to stay afloat.

"Oh shit Matt." Ben says as he quickly moves through the water to hold his boyfriend.

"Oh shit, is he okay?" Mike asks as he makes his way to the side of the pool, he couldn't believe of all the places the ball could of went, that it hit Matt square in the face and knew he was going to get it in the neck.

"Mike what the hell were you thinking." Sarah says in an angry tone as she watches the boys help get her son out of the water.

"I was aiming between them, you know to splash them, but oh shit why do I keep fucking up." Mike says as he just shakes his head and quickly moves over to the boys.

"Dad, if you broke his nose I'm going to kill you." Ben then says as he glares at his dad, he knew it was an accident, but to hit his boyfriend out of all of them was just unforgivable.

"Let me have a look and someone go get Erica and some towels or something for the blood." Carter then states in a firm and serious tone and after a few moments of everyone being surprised by him taking control, Wesley gets up and heads to get Erica, while Mike heads inside to finds some towels.

"Carter is he going to be alright?" Sarah asks, although she knew it wasn't that serious she wanted to encourage his interest in medicine and knew that he would know what he was talking about.

"Ben let me see his nose." Carter asks his friend as he sits on the over side of his other friend.

"Oh man, is there meant to be this much blood?" Ben asks as he lets his friend get a better look, while he holds his boyfriend against his chest.

"Is it broken?" Matt asks, he really didn't want to go to hospital again and was hoping it was just a little swollen or just cut.

"I don't know, I don't think so but Erica will know for sure Matt, but you need to squeeze the bridge of your nose and keep your head back." Carter responds honestly before instructing his friend on what to do, although he was pretty much one hundred percent sure it wasn't broken, he wasn't quite confident enough to say it out loud, just in case he was wrong.

"Tobias you aren't in trouble okay." Mitch says as he kneels in front of his brother, who despite the situation just looked adorable in his little speedos, but Mitch knew he had upset him and had to do some damage control.

"Me not know why I acted bad." Tobias then says as he sniffles and tries to stop himself from crying.

"Is that the first time you have seen a real woman naked?" Mitch decides to ask, he had a good idea of what happened and with the boys emotional problems and traumatic experience it was understandable.

"Me seen pictures, but not real boobies or hairy thing." Tobias answers honestly and despite still feeling upset, he can't help but giggle a little bit as he realises he just saw a real woman naked.

"Hairy thing... oh okay you mean her vagina, oh shit anyway Tobias, you have been through quite a lot and you're entering puberty now, remember we talked about puberty and you understand what that is now right?" Mitch asks him and tries his best to keep himself in check and take this serious.

"Yeah, it mean my willy will get bigger and put babies in girls bellies." Tobias answers with a grin and Mitch can't help but shake his head and knew he would need to have another talk with his brother, but for now he needed to get this situation resolved.

"Close enough, but you said what you did and acted like that because your hormones took over Tobias and because of the last few years you're a little more er... well they will affect you a bit more than other boys because you're still adjusting to being around people that care for you again." Mitch then explains as best he can and hopes his brother understands what he is saying.

"So me have to try to not be er... I have to try and control myself and learn what is good and what is bad to do, because my puberty make me want the sex?" Tobias asks in a curious tone as he looks to his big brother for answers.

"He wants the sex?" Wesley asks in a bemused tone as he comes up the stairs and couldn't quite believe what he had heard and gives Mitch a smirk, although he forgets about why he had come up here in the first place.

"Oh fucking hell Wesley, right long story short me and Erica were getting changed and this little bugger walked in while we were both naked, he then saw her and his hormones kicked in and his dick took over and he thought he would get to have sex with Erica, he is still adapting to being around people Wesley and all you boys are either reaching puberty or in the middle of it and for him it is going to be a little trickier for a while." Mitch explains as quickly as he can, after deciding to just get it over with, instead of trying to come up with a lie that made sense.

"I saw her boobies and her hairy thing and my willy went hard Wesley." Tobias then says as he gives his friend a big grin and Wesley can't help but blush a little as he smiles at his friend.

"That's great Tobias, but that is Mitch's girlfriend and you shouldn't have 'the sex' with her or look at her naked." Wesley decides to tell his friend, thinking after all the teasing he and his boyfriend had put the older boy through, he could use a break.

"Oh sorry Mitch, me go tell Erica she not have the sex with me now." Tobias responds and begins to walk to the bedroom door and Wesley can't help but chuckle and hold his hand over his mouth, he thought his friend was just hilarious and the look on Mitch's face was just priceless.

"Oh no you don't." Mitch quickly says as he holds the boy by the shoulders, he had not doubt his brother was being serious and it was clear he didn't really understand what was happening.

"So we do have the sex?" Tobias then asks in a confused tone, he was getting mixed messages and really was feeling confused.

"No Tobias you're too young to have sex with girls okay, especially my girlfriend and you aren't allowed to look at girls naked either, now why don't you go down to the pool and play with your brothers and friends." Mitch responds as he looks his brother in the eyes and just hopes he has gotten through enough so that he can deal with this properly another day.

"Oh crap er... Matt had an accident and I was meant to get Erica, is she dressed Mitch?" Wesley quickly asks as he remembers what he had came up here to do.

"Oh shit is he alright?" Mitch asks, ignoring the boys question as his concern for Matt takes over.

"Well your dad threw a ball in his face and his nose is bleeding, we need Erica to check to see if it is broken or not." Wesley explains as he steps towards the door.

"He threw a ball in his face, why would he do that?" Mitch asks and wonders what his dad was thinking.

"Mitch is Erica dressed, because I need to get her to check Matt out." Wesley then asks, ignoring the older boys question in favour of helping his friend first.

"Erica come out, Matt is hurt and we need you to check him over." Mitch decides to call out instead of sending Wesley in to get her.

One Hour Later

"Sorry you can't go in the pool Matt." Mike says as he sits next to the boy with a guilty expression, he was happy that he hadn't broken the boys nose, but he had effectively ruined the boys fun as Erica said he shouldn't go back in.

"It's fine, you're still a dumb ass though." Matt responds, but if Mike was hoping for a smile, he was disappointed because it was clear the boy was angry at him.

"Matt I really didn't mean to do that, I was just trying to splash you all." Mike then says as he tries his best to apologise yet again.

"Can't you just sit somewhere else." Matt then states, he knew he was being mean, but he was angry sitting like this and not being allowed in the pool had ruined his plan to show everyone the scars on his chest and back, well that and the fact his nose was still throbbing a little, just left him wanting his boyfriends dad as far away from him as possible.

"Sorry." Mike responds, before getting up and walking to the other side of the table and sitting next to Sarah, who gives him a smile.

"Just give him time Mike and try not to force it so much." Sarah says as she takes his hand into her own, she was angry at him to begin with, but it was an accident and she could tell he was mortified with what had happened.

"I know but out of all the boys, why did it have to hit him Sarah, I mean it's just not fair on him and I don't want to reinforce his belief that he deserves to be punished for some reason." Mike responds with a sad tone as he glances at the boy from behind.

"Ben will calm him down later and he isn't stupid Mike, he knows what an accident is and he isn't someone who holds a grudge, so just leave him be until tomorrow." Sarah then says as she looks up to see Erica walking towards them and holding her bikini top and looking a little embarrassed. "Are you alright Erica?" She quickly asks in a slightly worried tone.

"Tobias got a little carried away again." Erica answers with a wry smile, she had started to realise that the young boy has a crush on her and while it was funny at the moment, she knew they would have to deal with it seriously sooner rather than later.

"Not again, I'm so sorry Erica." Sarah responds in an embarrassed tone, she had found it amusing at first and thought he was just having fun like Carter's harmless flirting, which was obviously just to tease Mitch, but it was becoming clear that Tobias had other intentions and didn't understand that he was being inappropriate.

"It's okay and I could do with a rest for a few minutes, but could you help me out please." Erica then says as she turns around and Sarah quickly understands what she means.

"Just sit with us for a while Erica, Mitch has the boys under control and you will be safe from the little sex pest with us." Sarah then offers with a little chuckle and is joined by both Erica and even Mike manages to smile.

"Actually if you don't mind I want to sit with Matt for a while and check his nose and have a little chat." Erica responds as she stands up, although while she would check his nose, she actually wanted to spend some time with him.

"Can you take him a glass of OJ please, he finished his twenty minutes ago and I think he is too annoyed to ask for another." Sarah then asks as she gives the young woman a warm smile.

"Of course and see you both in a little while." Erica responds as she takes one of the glasses of OJ along with a glass of red wine for herself and walks over to the young boy.

"How is the nose Matt?" Erica asks as she sits in the chair next to his.

"It's still throbbing, but I have had worse and will probably get hurt again soon any way, I usually do." Matt answers in an almost spiteful tone.

"I see and I suppose the self pity will help you get over it." Erica responds as she holds the glass of OJ in front of the now surprised looking boy. "Don't look at me like that, if you're going to sulk like a child, then I will talk to you like one." She then adds as she leans back and takes a sip of her wine.

"Yeah, I mean getting molested and raped and..." Matt begins to say before being cut off.

"Stop it right now Matt, no one is telling you that you have to be all happy and shooting rainbows from your arse all day, but you can't expect us to sit back and watch you like this without trying to help you." Erica then says in a serious tone and does her best to keep her act up, when he turns to her looking both surprised and sad, she was taking a big risk talking to him like this and the look on his face was just so sad to see.

"Erica it's too hard, every time I seem to finally get myself together something knocks me back down and sometimes it's well er... sometimes would be er... Erica I love him so much." Matt stutters, but looks over to his boyfriend and manages a weak smile.

"I know you do and he is the reason you have to keep getting back up, look at him Matt and look how happy he is, that is all because of you and how you make him feel, it isn't just him keeping you going Matt, you're keeping him going as well." Erica responds and can see that he is thinking her words over and manages to relax a little herself, she had almost abandoned her plan after he had starting talking about it being too hard, but she was glad she had let him continue talking and knew that she could make him understand.

"I don't understand." Matt then says honestly, he couldn't see how he was keeping his boyfriend going or why his boyfriend needed him to keep him going.

"How would you feel if everything that happened to you happened to Ben instead?" Erica then asks and quickly realises that she didn't quite word it right. "I mean if your roles were reversed Matt, how would you deal with your boyfriend, who you love more than anything in the world, being hurt and abused and you weren't able to protect him, even though you had promised each other that you would never let someone hurt the other, I'm not trying to say it's the same thing as what it must be like going through what you did Matt, but just think about it and tell me honestly how you would be feeling." She then says and takes another few sips of her wine as she watches the boy think her words over, she knew that was a lot to take in and wanted to give him as much time as he needed to think about it.

"I would blame myself and think I should have done something to stop it." Matt states after a few minutes, he knew Erica was asking him a serious question and went over it in his head over and over again and that is what he came up with, although he still didn't quite get what her point was.

"That is exactly how Ben feels Matt, although he also has to deal with how you act and the fact you want to die." Erica then states as she gives the boy a sympathetic look.

"I don't mean..." Matt then begins to respond before being cut off.

"He then has to live with his own failings and the real possibility that one day he is going to find you dead somewhere because you couldn't cope any more Matt and it will destroy him, I know this is a lot to take in, but I just wanted you to know that while you have every right to feel how you do and to be totally honest Matt, you're a lot stronger than I am, but you have to know that you aren't the only one who has suffered or needs support and I think it's time you stepped up for your boyfriend." Erica then states, she didn't want to interrupt him and knew she was risking a lot by saying what she has, but she believed he needed to be told about his boyfriend, because she doubted anyone else even knew what Ben was really feeling inside and she was worried about him.

"I..." Matt begins to say but stops, he really didn't know how to respond to that or what to do as he replayed her words over and over again and while he knew it was hard on his boyfriend dealing with him, he had never really given it much thought as to what it must have been like to watch as the love of your life is destroyed and not being able to stop it from happening and he suddenly knew what he had to do.

"Good boy." Erica then says and smiles when he looks at her in surprise.

"You know?" Matt asks in a confused tone, she couldn't possibly know what he was going to do because he had only just thought of it himself.

"It's covered in blood anyway Matt, so you shouldn't be wearing it either and I'm pretty sure your speedos have some on as well." Erica states as she relaxes back in her chair and takes another sip of her wine with a knowing smile on her face.

"It is just a start though isn't it, I mean I have a long way to go don't I?" Matt then asks as he reaches for his cane and slowly gets to his feet.

"Matt I don't know if you will ever fully recover, but that doesn't mean you will never be able to live your life how you want too, you just have to be brave enough to look your fears and insecurities in the eye and say 'fuck off I'm going to be happy and you can go fuck yourself'." Erica answers with a grin and can tell that her no holds barred blunt approach had worked.

"Erica, you and Mitch are perfect together." Matt then says with a loving smile, before limping over to the side of the pool.

"Thank you Matt." Erica says in a sincere tone and when the boys back is turned, she looks round and waves her boyfriends dad and Sarah over.

"Ben please get out of the pool and everyone else, I have something I want to tell everyone." Matt then calls out and smiles nervously as they all turn to him, but he just limps back over to where he was sitting and was happy to see that Erica had already called his mum and Mike over.

"You want me to do it now?" Ben asks after he had quickly pulled himself out of the pool and almost ran over to his boyfriend.

"No Ben, I want you to stand with our parents and just watch." Matt answers before giving his boyfriend a quick kiss. "I love you and I'm doing this because you make me happy and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for me and well you and me are forever and I'm not going anywhere." He then adds before giving him another kiss and then a gentle push.

"I love you." Ben says as he takes the hint and walks over to the table with a smile.

"Come on you idiots get over with the others and don't say anything, just listen and watch." Matt then says and watches as his brother and friends walk over and join everyone else.

"Matt is everything..." Sarah begins to say before Ben moves next to her and puts a finger on her lips and shakes his head before turning back to his boyfriend.

"I know you probably already know that I have quite a few scars, well actually loads of scars and while most are like the ones you can see on my arms and legs..." Matt begins to say before stopping as he starts to get nervous, but when he locks eyes with his boyfriend he calms down and smiles at him. "There are some on my chest and back that I have been scared to show because they make me feel ashamed and afraid that people will look at them and know what my... what my... what he did to me, so I have kept myself covered and that is why I'm wearing a top to swim, because well I hate them." He then adds, but stops again and this time a few tears roll down his face, but just as he is about to signal for his boyfriend to come over, he feels himself being cuddled.

"I'm so proud of you." Ben whispers in his boyfriends ear, he didn't need his boyfriend to ask or give him signals, he just knew that he needed him.

"Just hold my hand please." Matt whispers back and wipes the tears from his eyes.

"You can do this." Ben then says as he let's go of his boyfriend and stands next to him hand in hand.

"I have a long way to go before I can show my scars to anyone else, but you're not just anyone, you're the people I love and care for the most in this world and I want you to see them and if you want to touch them then you can do that as well." Matt then says as he looks at his friends and family with a nervous expression, before letting go off his boyfriends hand and slowly lifting his top and pulling it off, he then steps a little closer so that they can all see the scars on his front, before he turns around and can hear someone gasp and guesses that it was Carter and tries not to react and freak out.

"Matt it's okay, you're being so brave." Ben quickly says as he takes his boyfriends hand and turns him back to face their friends and family.

"Don't come just yet, you can touch them in a minute Carter." Matt says as he sees his friend moving towards him, he already guessed out of all of them that Carter might be the most upset and also the most curious because of his interest in medical stuff, but as he gives Erica a quick look and sees her wink he knows he has to go one step further.

"Just stay where you're until he tells you that he is ready." Ben then says as he looks at everyone in turn and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek, although he isn't sure what his boyfriend is going to do next.

"I know I said you can touch my scars, but please don't touch the ones I'm now going to show you, just well please just don't." Matt then says as he puts his thumbs in the waistband of his speedos and slowly lowers them down and can see the confused look on everyone's faces when they look at him naked and see no new scars, although if they were closer they would see a couple on his balls and just above his penis.

"I er... well I promise not to touch your penis Matt." Wesley then says as he tries to break the tension and Matt can't help but smile at his friend, but the smile fades when he feels his boyfriend squeeze his hand and knows he has to turn around and with a deep breath does so, but as he stands with his back to his friends and family, he hears a few gasps and quickly pulls his boyfriend in front of him and wraps his arms under his arms and around his body to stop himself freaking out.

"That fucking arsehole..." Wesley and Carter both call out at the same time, but neither laughs or acknowledge the others remark as they see the horrible and painful looking scars across their friends bum cheeks and Carter can't help but reach out for his boyfriends hand, he had thought it before a few times, but never has he wished he had killed David more when he had the chance, than he does right now.

"Pull your speedos back up and turn around Sweetheart." Sarah then says in a sad and distressed tone as she starts moving over to her son, but she is surprised to feel a hand on her wrist and even more surprised when she sees that it is Erica.

"Matt don't put them on just yet, but turn around and carry on with what you wanted to say." Erica then states as she gets to her feet and gives Sarah a quick reassuring look.

"Mum it's okay." Matt says as lets go off his boyfriend and turns around before taking his hand again. "I'm going to stay like this for the next few hours and if any of you want to look at them or touch them then I want you too, but not all at once though and I don't want you queuing up like I'm some sort of freak show, oh and I don't want you poking me like I'm a toy either, I just want to start taking control of my life again and the scars are the first thing I'm going to deal with and I need your help." He then says as he takes a deep breath, he then looks around and he can tell that they are in shock and is pleased to see Erica smiling proudly at him.

"Can I er... I mean can I see the ones on your bum again please Matt?" Carter asks nervously, he was curious and he kind of had an idea, but he needed a closer look and would have to talk with Erica about it later, but he thought it was at least worth a look now.

"Also guys I don't want anyone staring or anything so please just act normal and eat or play or talk and don't just look at me, especially if one of you is looking or touching my scars, because I don't think I can handle it." Matt then says before turning to his friend. "Carter just remember you can't touch the ones on my bum." He then says, but as he looks around he realises that they are all just staring at him and he starts to regret doing this already.

"Hey, he said no staring, Dad take Sarah and get us all some drinks, Wesley take Tobias and play in the pool please." Ben quickly says before turning to his brother. "Mitch can you get something for him to lay on please." He tells him before looking at Erica and tries to think of something for her to do.

"It's okay Honey, I have my glass of wine and once your brother gets back me and him are going to have a little alone time." Erica says with a smile before giving her boyfriend a wink, although if she was a little more sober, she wouldn't have quite made it so obvious what she was implying.

"Gross, but just remember that Tobias sleeps in that room as well." Ben responds with a cheeky smile as he sticks his tongue out at his brother, before turning back to his boyfriend.

"Ben you... never mind..." Mitch begins to say but trails of and walks towards the pool house knowing there were some towels and spare pillows in one of the cupboards.

"Ben don't tease them like that, Mitch never did that to us and well just don't." Matt then says as he looks at his boyfriend with a stern look, before giving him a quick peck on the lips. "Go play with Wesley and Tobias when Mitch comes back with whatever he is getting me to lay down on." He then adds before kissing him again.

"Okay, but call me if you need anything." Ben responds, he didn't want to leave him, but he remembered their earlier chat and knew his boyfriend wanted him to have fun playing and he didn't want to upset him by arguing.

"Matt are you sure you want me to look with no one else around?" Carter then asks nervously, he knew he was hardly a threat but he still wanted to make sure his friend had thought this through.

"My Mum and Mike will be sitting at the table soon and our boyfriends and Tobias will be right there in the pool Carter and I trust you with my life, so don't be nervous because it's making me nervous." Matt tells his friend, before turning back to his boyfriend. "Seriously though, stop teasing Mitch." He then says and gives him another quick kiss.

"Sorry and I promise." Ben replies and gives his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

"Good now get lost, Mitch is coming back now." Matt then says with a grin and gives his boyfriends bum a swat as he turns to the pool.

"You're so going to pay for that tonight sexy." Ben states with an evil grin before diving into the pool and swimming over to his brother and friend.

"Here you go Matt, but move a bit further away from the pool so you don't get splashed, otherwise the towels and pillows will get soaked." Mitch says as he hands them over and quickly moves towards his girlfriend and scoops her up in his arms before heading inside the house, he didn't mean to seem rude, but he just wanted to get her alone as quickly as possible.

"Oh wow you think they will, you know?" Carter asks as he turns back to his friend with a naughty grin.

"If you mean have sex then no, but everything else maybe." Matt answers honestly, while he makes himself comfortable on the towels while laying on his stomach.

"How do you know they won't?" Carter asks as he kneels next to his friend, although he does so next to his head as neither Mike or Sarah had reappeared yet and he wanted to wait.

"Because Mitch is a romantic and he once told me what he would do with a girl he loved and well he loves Erica and just trust me they won't be having sex for a while." Matt answers as he turns his head to give his friend a curious look. "Why aren't you looking at my scars?" He then asks.

"Your mum and Mike aren't back yet." Carter answers honestly and wonders why his friend would ask.

"So get looking you dumb ass and if you want to touch you can, I trust you Carter and well just be gentle." Matt says and surprises himself that he actually is comfortable with his friend touching him, but goes with it as he obviously didn't mind.

"Sorry I didn't kill him when I stabbed him Matt." Carters then says as he shuffles down his friends body and leans over to stare at his friends bum and winches a little as he thinks about what would have caused scars this deep and wide.

"Don't be sorry Carter, you're a good person and if you had killed him them it would have driven you crazy and I think I'm crazy enough for all of us don't you think?" Matt responds and manages a chuckle as he lets his friend look at his bum and can actually feel his breath which is a little strange, but not horrible.

"I guess... hey you aren't crazy... well you're in love with Ben so maybe you're a little crazy." Carter then says and giggles when he hears his friend chuckling.

"If you're going to touch them, do it now Carter please." Matt then says, he can see his mum and Mike through the kitchen window and can tell that they are talking, but would rather no one saw his friend touching him bum, because he didn't want anyone else to do that.

"Okay, just tell me if you want me to stop and I will." Carter responds and nervously runs his finger along one of the scars and has to use his free hand to wipe his eyes as he again thinks of what David had used to do this again.

"I don't know what he used Carter, I remember a knotted rope and a belt, but I don't know when or how he cut me enough to do that." Matt then says, he had actually felt something drip on the small of his back and from his friends silence and his shaky finger, he guessed that he was crying and he just took a guess at what he was thinking.

"Do they hurt?" Carter asks, he was still tentatively touching them and was still stunned by how deep they were and knew his earlier idea was never going to work, well not for these scars anyway but as he looked to the ones on his friends back, which looked just as painful, he wondered if they would be too deep and moved his hand up to them.

"Not really, I mean I haven't noticed if they have, but I'm still on painkillers and my foot and pelvis hurt too much to worry about what else hurts." Matt answers honestly and shudders a little when he feels his friends hands touching each scar as he moves up his back with his fingers.

"You moved well in the pool though, were you in any pain while swimming around?" Carter then asks, he felt his friend shudder but knew it was just a surprise from him working his way up his back.

"My foot hurt a little after a while, but my pelvis just went a little stiff, but not in the fun way." Matt responds with a grin and lets out a little giggle at his joke when he hears his friend laugh.

"What you did was so brave though Matt and I'm proud of you for it because it must have been so hard." Carter then says and after feeling all the scars on his friends back he thinks maybe his idea could work on them and would definitely talk with Erica.

"Well Ben has been trying to coax me all afternoon and I actually asked him to take my top off when I asked him to, but I had a talk with Erica... well she had a talk with me and it made me realise a few things and well like I said, I'm going to take my life back, although I'm just hoping this is the only one where I have to get naked in front of everyone." Matt answers honestly and can't resist making a little joke, despite the fact he was really hoping he wouldn't need to get naked again.

"Can I see the ones on your chest?" Carter then asks after looking and feeling the ones on the back of his friends thighs.

"Okay but er... well don't laugh but I kind of er... well don't laugh." Matt responds in a slightly nervous tone as he blushes and turns over.

"Oh wow er... wow." Carter says as he sees his boyfriends boner and doesn't quite know how he feels about giving his friend a hard on.

"Relax it wasn't you, I was thinking about Ben and well it's just he has traced all my scars as well, but well he didn't use his fingers and er... sorry I can turn back over if you want." Matt explains before offering to turn back over, although it wasn't just for his friend, he was also worried about his mum and Mike coming out.

"No but I will be quick, if your mum and Mike came out, they might think we are doing something." Carter says and quickly looks at his friends chest and stomach and while a few look a little bad it isn't anything like his friends bum or back. "Okay turn over." He then says, he would have liked to look at them for longer, but he saw the door opening and knew Sarah and Mike were heading back out.

"So do you think I could get them fixed with surgery?" Matt then asks, he had wanted to ask Erica but he could tell his friend was curious and because of his interest, he had a fair idea of why and hoped he was right.

"What?" Carter asks in a surprised tone, he was checking his friends scars for exactly the reason his friend just asked and he was just stunned by the question.

"Carter you want to do something in the medical profession and I saw the way you looked at me, so what do you think, can I get them fixed?" Matt explains and repeats his question as he turns his head to look at his friend.

"I'm not sure how it works Matt, I was just thinking about it as a possibility and well I guess on most on the smaller and less noticeable ones it would work, but the bigger ones on your back I just don't know if it would work or not." Carter answers honestly, although he purposely doesn't mention the ones on his friends bum, because while he doesn't know how it works or how effective scar removal is, he does know that those are too deep and big to ever fix.

"I figured it was a long shot, my bum is ruined though isn't it?" Matt then asks in a sad tone, although when he sees his friends face drops he knows he is making him sad too. "Hey don't worry, I knew it was a long shot and well Ben loves me and while I hate the scars, I'm not going to let them define who I am Carter." He then says and manages a smile.

"What did Ben say about your bum?" Carter then decides to ask, he can already guess what it is, but he hoped that if he answers the question this way, it will cheer his friend up a bit more.

"He said he loved me and everything about me, that's when he kissed and nibbled all my scars before telling me that he loved every inch of me." Matt answers honestly and smiles as his friend blushes a little.

"Then your bum isn't ruined Matt, because if the love of your life loves you and thinks you're beautiful then that is all that matters." Carter then says, although due to being slightly embarrassed by his friends response, he doesn't quite say it the way he intended, but he could tell it was close enough by the way his friends eyes light up.

"I love you Carter." Matt decides to tell his friend and realises why he let him touch his bum, he truly loved him in the same way he loved Mitch and really did trust him with his life and wanted him to know it.

"I love you too and well just keep being awesome Matt, because you inspire me to be better and more confident." Carter responds from the heart and leans towards his friend and gives him a quick kiss on the lips before sitting back up looking a little sheepish.

"That was nice, but don't kiss me again Carter, otherwise people will start to think we are a couple of gay boys." Matt then says and although he tries to keep a straight face, he can't help but laugh when his friend starts giggling.

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