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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 6

June 2015

"So do you think I could get them fixed with surgery?" Matt then asks, he had wanted to ask Erica but he could tell his friend was curious and because of his interest, he had a fair idea of why and hoped he was right.

"What?" Carter asks in a surprised tone, he was checking his friends scars for exactly the reason his friend just asked and he was just stunned by the question.

"Carter you want to do something in the medical profession and I saw the way you looked at me, so what do you think, can I get them fixed?" Matt explains and repeats his question as he turns his head to look at his friend.

"I'm not sure how it works Matt, I was just thinking about it as a possibility and well I guess on most on the smaller and less noticeable ones it would work, but the bigger ones on your back I just don't know if it would work or not." Carter answers honestly, although he purposely doesn't mention the ones on his friends bum, because while he doesn't know how it works or how effective scar removal is, he does know that those are too deep and big to ever fix.

"I figured it was a long shot, my bum is ruined though isn't it?" Matt then asks in a sad tone, although when he sees his friends face drops he knows he is making him sad too. "Hey don't worry, I knew it was a long shot and well Ben loves me and while I hate the scars, I'm not going to let them define who I am Carter." He then says and manages a smile.

"What did Ben say about your bum?" Carter then decides to ask, he can already guess what it is, but he hoped that if he answers the question this way, it will cheer his friend up a bit more.

"He said he loved me and everything about me, that's when he kissed and nibbled all my scars before telling me that he loved every inch of me." Matt answers honestly and smiles as his friend blushes a little.

"Then your bum isn't ruined Matt, because if the love of your life loves you and thinks you're beautiful then that is all that matters." Carter then says, although due to being slightly embarrassed by his friends response, he doesn't quite say it the way he intended, but he could tell it was close enough by the way his friends eyes light up.

"I love you Carter." Matt decides to tell his friend and realises why he let him touch his bum, he truly loved him in the same way he loved Mitch and really did trust him with his life and wanted him to know it.

"I love you too and well just keep being awesome Matt, because you inspire me to be better and more confident." Carter responds from the heart and leans towards his friend and gives him a quick kiss on the lips before sitting back up looking a little sheepish.

"That was nice, but don't kiss me again Carter, otherwise people will start to think we are a couple of gay boys." Matt then says and although he tries to keep a straight face, he can't help but laugh when his friend starts giggling.

One Hour Later

"Wesley did you remember to bring your violin?" Ben whispers to his friend, who was sitting next to him on the side of the pool while they watched Tobias, Carter and Mitch playing in the pool.

"Yeah and I'm pretty sure I can do it perfectly now." Wesley replies before laughing as Mitch throws his boyfriend in the air and across the pool again, before doing the same to Tobias and he just couldn't get enough of how happy his boyfriend looked and just loved the sound of his giggling.

"Thank you so much Wesley, I can't wait to see Matt's face and I just know he is going to love it." Ben then says before laughing as Tobias almost loses his speedos after his brother throws him in the air and accidentally pulls the back of his speedos down.

"I can't believe he is still naked though, I don't think I could do that and put up with being touched and looked at by everyone." Wesley then says as he glances over to his friend, who is just laying on the towel as Erica is inspecting his scars.

"I worry about him Wesley." Ben then says and looks at his friend sadly, causing Wesley to give his friend a sad look.

"We all do Matt, but he is going to get through this and you're just amazing and well just keep doing what you're doing." Wesley responds as he gives his friend a reassuring smile, thinking that his friend just needs a little pep talk.

"I'm serious Wesley, he scares me and sometimes it's hard to keep positive." Ben then says in a hushed tone, he didn't want anyone overhearing this because it would just cause too many issues.

"He scares you?" Wesley then asks in a shocked but hushed tone, he got the feeling this was a private discussion and for his ears only.

"Not like he is going to hurt me Wesley, it's just these nightmares and outbursts he is having now are getting worse and he doesn't even remember doing them now." Ben tries to explain, but pauses when he can't quite think of what to say next.

"My dad will know how to deal with those Ben." Wesley responds after taking his friends silence as a sign that he is done speaking for the moment.

"He wants to die though Wesley, he has told me how he feels and it scares me, I'm just afraid that one day I will wake up or come home and find him dead." Ben then says in the same sad but hushed tone, before wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

"He loves you Ben and would never do that to you, my dad told me that people who have been traumatised and appear to be suicidal are just looking for someone to love them and help them, so just keep being there for him Ben and he will stop feeling like that and he will get over it." Wesley responds and while he wanted to reassure his friend, he just wished he had paid more attention to what his dad tells him, because he knows that didn't come out the same as he was told it by his dad.

"That is what scares me though Wesley." Ben then says before pausing, he wanted to tell his friend but at the same time he was both afraid and ashamed.

"What do you mean?" Wesley asks as he looks at his friend in confusion, he didn't see how anything he just said would scare his friend, even if he messed up his speech a little bit, he knew that it was still positive.

"I love him and always will, but we are going to have fights and fall out Wesley and don't patronize me and tell me that we are different because that is bullshit, we are human and we will have arguments and some will be big and those are the ones that scare me, because what if we have a fight and I storm off or really shout at him and he does something stupid." Ben explains and looks at his friend to see how he reacts and if he has any answer to what he just said.

"Oh er... shit Ben I don't know, but if you want my opinion then you can't get pissed off with me for being honest okay." Wesley responds in a surprised tone, he was just in shock by what his friend just said and had no real answer to ease his mind, so he decides to just be himself and take no prisoners.

"I promise." Ben responds in a curious yet apprehensive tone and wonders what his friend is going to say.

"First up Ben, you need to man the fuck up and stop acting like a stupid prick." Wesley states in a serious but quiet tone, he may be giving his friend a reality check, but he remembered that this was a private discussion and could see his friends shocked expression. "Yeah you heard me and just listen, you're right and you two will fight and argue like any other couple Ben, but Matt is not a pathetic little shit who is going to break because his boyfriend got angry..." He then begins to state before being interrupted.

"But I..." Ben starts to say, but just as quickly as he interrupted his friend, he is interrupted right back.

"Shut up and listen Ben." Wesley then says with a stern look to his friend. "He has been through hell, fucking hell Ben he has been through whatever the fuck is worse than hell a million times over and yet there he is laying down naked and letting people look at his scars because he wants to take control of his life, that isn't what someone who wants to kill themselves do Ben and yet here you are writing him off and worrying that he is going to kill himself because you got mad at him for something." He then says and only just manages to keep himself from being heard by anyone else.

"Wesley I'm..." Ben then begins to apologise, but quickly gets cut off by his friend again.

"Shut up, I get what you're saying and to be honest I think it shows just how much you love him Ben, but for fuck sake get a grip and stop waiting for him to break and start living like he is going to be fine, because you two are going to grow old together and all that cheesy romantic crap, but if you keep thinking the way you're thinking then you're never going to be happy and it will tear you both apart once he realises what you really think of him." Wesley then states and gives his friend a hard but caring look.

"Thank you so much." Ben then says before pulling his friend in for a loving cuddle. "I love you." He then whispers in his ear before pulling away and smiling.

"I love you too Ben and sorry if I sounded a little harsh, but you and Matt mean so much to me and without you two I wouldn't have the sexiest and cutest boyfriend in the universe to love." Wesley quickly responds from the heart as he looks over to his boyfriend, who he notices is looking straight at him with the cutest smile he has ever seen and despite knowing how much of a dork it might make him look, he smiles back and waves at his boyfriend.

"Wesley you just got me to realise how stupid I have been, so don't you dare apologise for anything you just said or how you may have said it." Ben then says as he slowly gets to his feet.

"You would have done the same for me." Wesley then says as he joins his friend by standing up and walks with him over to the table and sits down.

"Are you two okay, you looked like you were having a serious talk over there." Mike asks the two boys with a warm smile, he had been watching his eldest son proudly as he played with Tobias and Carter, who both seemed to be having the time of their lives being thrown around the pool and dunked under the water, but he also saw his youngest son and Wesley talking.

"It's all good Dad, he just got me seeing sense and well I have a surprise for everyone, well mainly for Matt, but I hope everyone else will enjoy it too." Ben answers with a shy smile, he had thought about just doing it in front of his boyfriend, but he then had the idea of Wesley playing his violin with him and if Wesley was going to be there, then everyone else he loved might as well be.

"Enjoy it?" Mike asks as he looks at his youngest son and can see a little sparkle in his eyes. "Are you going to sing for us?" He then asks in a surprised but happy tone, while hoping that he was right, he had only heard his youngest son sing once since he was just a little boy and that was when he had surprised them all at the hospital and sung to his boyfriend in front of them all and he thought it was just amazing.

"Aww Dad don't spoil it, I wanted to surprise everyone." Ben answers in a slightly deflated tone, he wasn't really upset or anything, he just wanted it to be a surprise.

"Ben we won't say anything to anyone else." Sarah then decides to say, she was also excited to hear that he was going to sing, although not quite as good as her son in her eyes, she thought he had a great voice and it had a slightly more raspy tone to it and wondered what they would sound like singing together and found herself thinking of a way to maybe get them to do just that in the near future.

"Hello boys." Erica then says as she sits opposite them on the table with a warm smile and both Ben and Wesley notice the love bite on her neck and smile at her.

"Is Matt okay?" Ben then asks and while he found the love bites amusing, his focus quickly turned to his boyfriend, who didn't seem to be moving when he glanced over to him.

"He is asleep and I didn't want him to freak out if he woke up and someone was touching him, so I came over here instead." Erica answers honestly, she had been checking his scars and seeing how they had healed and while most might fade a little over time and barely be noticeable unless you really looked, the ones on his back and bum though would never be like that and she felt so sorry for the young boy and knew even with plastic surgery those ones would always look the way they do.

"Oh, but is he okay like er... you know his scars and stuff?" Ben then asks, although as soon as she told him that his boyfriend was asleep he wanted to go wake him, but at the same time he wanted to know that he was okay first.

"His scars are all healed, but his foot looks a little swollen and he said his pelvis was a little stiff, but after swimming around I'm not that worried about those and apart from falling asleep, he seems fine to me." Erica responds with a warm smile and always thought it was sweet how the two boys always asked about each other and wanted to know if the other was okay.

"Thank you for checking him over Erica, but I need to wake him up." Ben then says as he starts to get to his feet. "It's okay, he asked me earlier to wake him if he fell asleep again. "He then says when he sees the looks on all their faces and knows that they were all aware that whenever his boyfriend fell asleep, that they shouldn't wake him and should leave him be, so wanted to explain what he was doing.

"Ben can you get him to put some clothes on as well please, I know he wants to get control of his life and I love him for being so brave, but it's getting a little colder and to be honest I really don't want to see my twelve year old son naked for the rest of the day." Sarah then says with a slight blush, she wasn't a prude by any means but it was a little strange to see him like that and he had grown a lot since he was a little boy and that made it even more awkward for her.

"Okay Mu... I mean er... okay Sarah." Ben then says and blushes as he turns to his dad looking a little scared. "Sorry Dad." He then says and drops his head slightly after remembering how his dad reacted earlier when he had accidentally called her mum.

"No need to apologise Ben, now go wake Matt up and Erica can go get the boys out of the pool, it would be nice to all sit together for a while before we think about getting Carter and Wesley home and getting Tobias to bed." Mike then says with a warm tone, while giving his youngest sons hair a good ruffle to let him know he is not angry or upset.

"I need to go get something from my bag, I will be back in a few minutes." Wesley then says and before anyone can respond, he gets up and heads inside after giving his friend a quick wink to let him know he is getting his violin.

Ten Minutes Later

"What's going on?" Matt asks curiously, he had seen Wesley come out of the house with a box, but his eyes were a little blurry as he was feeling tired and couldn't quite see what it was.

"Nothing Sweetheart, now just relax and have some more OJ." Sarah says as she rubs his shoulders gently.

"Where did Ben go though?" Matt then asks, his boyfriend had quickly gone into their pool house as soon as Wesley had come out of the house and he couldn't help but be curious despite his tiredness.

"Me little cold, Erica me sit on lap and you hold me please to get warm?" Tobias then asks, deciding that he wanted to get a little closer to her.

"Oh no you don't Tobias, come here and you can sit on my lap for a while." Mike quickly says, his eldest son had given him a quick heads up over what happened earlier and how he was a little worried about the young boys interest in his girlfriend, although it was more because he needed to give him another talk about sex, than it was about the boy having an obvious schoolboy crush on his girlfriend.

"Oh but er... you busy and Erica er..." Tobias begins to say but stops talking as he feels himself being lifted and then finds himself sitting on Mike's lap, while firmly being held in his arms and while it was annoying and it had ruined his plan, he had to admit he felt nice and safe in his arms.

"Now just be quiet for a little while Tobias and relax." Mike then says before giving Erica a smile after she had given him an appreciative smile.

As everyone sits and talks for a few more minutes, Ben reappears from the pool house and Matt's eyes quickly lock on to him and he can't help but give him a confused yet curious look after seeing that his boyfriend was now not only dressed, but dressed in what he considered his boyfriend cutest outfit.

"Ben why are you..." Matt begins to asks but stops when his boyfriend puts his finger to his own lips and he gets the message that he should stop talking.

"This was originally just meant for Matt, but well I thought about it and then I had an idea which meant I needed Wesley and well I just thought what the hell and decided that I would do this in front of you all and well I hope you all enjoy, although this is still for Matt so er... yeah just enjoy." Ben then states to everyone in a slightly nervous tone, before looking to Wesley. "Are you ready?" He then asks in a more confident tone.

"Just give me a second and tell me when you want me to start." Wesley answers just as he pulls his violin from the box, he normally would have just had it's actual case, but knew his boyfriend would ask why he was bringing his violin and decided to avoid any such question by putting it in a box and then putting it at the bottom of his bag.

"Okay I'm ready, just start and I will, well you know." Matt responds and smiles when his friend starts playing, which instantly causes everyone to fall into complete silence as they listen to the young boy playing, for most of them they had never heard him play the violin before and were instantly entranced by the familiar sounding music being played, until they hear Ben begin to sing and Matt's eyes open wide as he recognises the song immediately and smiles.

"When the rainIs blowing in your face

And the whole worldIs on your case

I could offer youA warm embrace

To make you feel my love

When the evening shadowsAnd the stars appear

And there is no one thereTo dry your tears

I could hold youFor a million years

To make you feel my love."

As he listens to his little brother sing his heart out and also to what he can only say is a flawless performance by Wesley on the violin, Mitch pulls his girlfriend closer to him and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, then looks at her with a loving smile before noticing the smiles on everyone's faces as they enjoy the performance, although when he sees the expression on Matt's face, he wishes that he was sitting next to him because he looked so close to tears and while he knew they were happy tears, he just wanted to hold him.

"I know youHaven't madeYour mind up yet

But I would neverDo you wrong

I've known itFrom the momentThat we met

No doubt in my mindWhere you belong

I'd go hungryI'd go black and blue and

I'd go crawlingDown the avenue

You Know there's nothingThat I wouldn't do

To make you feel my love."

As he tries to hold back his tears, Matt can't help but feel himself getting turned on a little as well and was glad that they had at least made him put on his speedos and have a towel around him and sighs in relief, although he knew that as soon as his boyfriend finished, he needed to take him to their bed because there was no way he could wait until later now and he didn't care what anyone else thought. he just wanted his boyfriend and couldn't stop thinking about the things he wanted to do with him.

"The storms are ragingOn the rolling sea

And on the highway of regret

The winds of changeAre blowing wild and free

You ain't seen nothingLike me yet

I could make you happyMake your dreams come true

Nothing that I wouldn't do

Go to the endsOf the Earth for you

To make you feel my love, To make you feel my love."

As soon as they finish both Ben and Wesley turn to each other and cuddle, they knew that was good and the round of applause they were receiving had them both blushing a little, but when they turn back to everyone else though, both their eyes go straight to their boyfriends and Wesley immediately notices his boyfriends boner and grins and wanted to get him alone as quickly as he could.

"Boys that was just amazing." Mike says as he looks at the two happy looking boys and was going to get up and congratulate them, but he had a feeling that the only people they wanted to be with right now were their boyfriends and he also still had Tobias in his arms.

"Amazing and Wesley that was stunning." Sarah then says, she had heard him a few times before when he performed for the school and thought those performances were beautiful, but this was just as good and it was nice to hear something so modern on a violin.

"Bye everyone, we need to go." Matt then says after reaching for his cane and quickly limping over to his boyfriend. "Ben I love you so much." He then says as he takes his boyfriends hand and starts towards the pool house and despite knowing that his speedos weren't hiding anything, he didn't care and only had one thing on his mind after hearing his boyfriend sing to him like that.

"Oh er... bye everyone." Ben then says as he looks over his shoulder, he felt a little embarrassed about leaving everyone like this, especially because of how obvious the reason was and felt himself blushing.

"Oh well er..." Sarah begins to respond, but stops when she realises that they were already at the pool house and just looks on a little awkwardly as they disappear inside.

"Mitch can you take me and Carter to his house please." Wesley then asks after seeing his two friends quickly disappear to obviously be alone together and decided that he didn't want to waste any more time to get his boyfriend alone.

"Yeah please Mitch." Carter then half pleads, he had taken his two friends disappearing as a sign that they should head home anyway and he really wanted to get his boyfriend alone and knew his parents were out for the night.

"Are you sure you both don't want to stay a little longer?" Mitch then asks, he was still half distracted by his little brother and Matt disappearing so quickly that he had completely missed the looks in the other two boys eyes.

"No." Both Wesley and Carter reply in unison, but while Tobias giggles a little bit neither of them say anything else and just look at Mitch expectantly.

"Okay, go get changed and get your bags and I will drop you off and take Erica home as well." Mitch then says and gives his girlfriend a quick smile.

"Me alone?" Tobias then says, he was giggling and finding it all funny until he realised that everyone was leaving him and he couldn't help feeling a little upset.

"I will be back soon Tobias and we can have some more fun in the pool if it doesn't get too cold." Mitch quickly says to reassure the boy, but although he can see it helped, he also saw that he was still a little upset.

"Sorry Tobias, but we will make it up to you we promise, but I really need to be with Carter right now okay." Wesley then says as he looks to his friend, he felt awful for making him feel rejected but he was desperate for his boyfriend and he always came first for him.

"It okay, you love together and me happy for all." Tobias responds before feeling himself being picked up and starts to squirm a little.

"Right young man, let's have a little fun." Mike says as he tosses the boy in the water, he then strips off down to his speedos, before diving into the water and quickly attacks the now giggling and screaming boy by tickling him and throwing him around.

"See you all later and again Wesley, that was stunning and Carter, well you look so cute." Sarah then says as she gets up and gives both boys a kiss on the cheek. "Erica thank you so much for all the help and I hope to see you soon, you're always welcome here even if Mitch is out." She then says as she turns to Erica with a smile and gives her a hug.

"Thank you Sarah." Wesley and Carter answer in unison and this time they both giggle.

"I will look forward to it and thank you so much for having me Sarah, it's been a pleasure and tell Mike and the boys that I have enjoyed myself." Erica then says before holding her boyfriends hand.

"I will and well see you all another day and see you in a little while Mitch." Sarah says before surprising them by stripping off down to her bikini and turning to join Mike and Tobias in the water.

"Well go get ready boys." Mitch then reminds the two boys, who give him a quick smile before running hand in hand to the house.

"It's a shame I can't spend the night." Erica then says once they are alone.

"Erica you know I want that too, but I have to..." Mitch begins to say before being forced to stop when he feels is girlfriends lips on his own for a few seconds.

"It's okay Mitch, that boy needs you and I think you're doing an amazing thing, but just so you know I can only wait for so long before I decide to tie you up somewhere and have you all to myself." Erica then states before kissing him again, she almost laughed at the surprised and lustful look on his face after she had finished speaking, but decided to kiss him instead and as he returned it, she knew she decided well.

"Matt we shouldn't..." Ben tries to say after being pulled into their pool house, but his boyfriends lips on his own quickly stops him from saying anything else.

"That was so beautiful." Matt then says after breaking the kiss, he was trying to control himself a little bit because he knew he was getting carried away.

"Wesley was so good though, he was worried he couldn't play a song like that, but he was so good." Ben then says, he was starting to get carried away as well and wanted to slow things down and was still aware that everyone was outside and he was a little nervous.

"He was fucking amazing, but Ben I need you to tell me you have the box here." Matt then states and gives his boyfriend a hopeful look, he had missed their toys and wanted to use the cock rings and lube.

"Yeah, Mitch gave it to me this morning." Ben answers with a grin, although he hoped they wouldn't be tying each other up, not that he hated doing that, if anything he loved it but right now and tonight he wanted them both to be free to explore each other in every way.

"Good now come on we need a shower and then we can start." Matt then says as he pulls his boyfriend to the shower and although he said they can start after showering, he had no intentions of waiting that long.

"Whoa that was quick." Mitch says as he and his girlfriend stand in the kitchen and hear the two boys already coming down the stairs fully dressed with their bags.

"Don't tease them Mitch." Erica quickly tells him in a hushed tone, just before the boys walk into the kitchen to find them.

"Come on we need to go." Carter quickly says in an excited yet impatient tone and both Erica and Mitch give each other a smirk.

"Come on Mitch please." Wesley then quickly adds and Mitch can't help but chuckle as he starts walking towards the front door.

"Boys calm down and Wesley you're sitting in the front with me and Carter will... actually no, Carter you're sitting up front with me and Wesley you can sit in the back with Erica." Mitch says after correcting himself, he didn't want to give either boy the chance to get carried away in the back seat and he wanted to keep Carter away from his girlfriend to stop the boys turning their attention to teasing him.

"Wait no way Mitch, me and him are sitting together or we will just walk home." Wesley then says and Mitch can't help but look at him curiously before looking at his girlfriend, who just shrugs her shoulders with a cheeky grin on her face.

"Please can we sit together Mitch, please can we." Carter then pleads and again Mitch can't help but look at both of them curiously and wonders what has gotten into them both.

"Your parents are home aren't they Wesley?" Mitch then asks and smiles when both boys look at him in surprise, he knew he would have to give in to the boys sitting together, but if they thought they were going to walk all over him, then they had a little surprise coming their way.

"Yeah." Wesley answers nervously and wonders if he had made the older boy angry.

"Well if you two fool around together in the back and you know what I mean by fool around, then I'm dropping you both off at your house Wesley and I will wait until you both go inside before leaving." Mitch explains and smiles as his words sink in and the boys give each other a worried look.

"But we er... but Mitch you can't..." Carter begins to say in a pleading tone before stopping, he wasn't stupid and after getting his feelings in check, he realises what the older boy is doing and just smiles. "You're so annoying, but okay no fooling around but I'm still kissing him and well tough luck Mitch." He then says with a big grin.

"Wait what?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, his hormones were too intense for his rational side to work it out and he was just trying to get his boyfriend alone in his bedroom as fast as possible to really care about anything else.

"Boys just get going and wait at the car, we will be there in a moment." Mitch then states and smiles when both boys quickly turn and scamper out of the house, he just wanted to have a few seconds with his girlfriend alone.

"Mitch you're so mean." Erica says as they slowly walk towards the door again.

"Well I can't have them walking all over me Erica and besides it's cute to see them like that, well it's kind of creepy and awkward too, but still cute." Mitch responds as he walks out of the house behind his girlfriend, before shutting the door behind him.

"By the way Mitch, I expect a lot more than a kiss when you drop me off after the boys." Erica then says before walking away from her boyfriend and over to the car with a grin.

"Are you tired yet Tobias?" Mike asks as he lifts the boy up and throws the giggling boy backwards into the water.

"Me not..." Tobias begins to answer as he rights himself, but before he can say any more he is dunked under the water by his mum.

"That is just mean Sarah." Mike says with a chuckle as he swims closer to her and smiles when he sees the boy breaking the surface and waits for him to start talking.

"Hey me..." Tobias begins to say after getting his breath back, but as soon as he starts speaking Mike lifts him up again and throws him straight up and moves out of the way as the squealing boy crashing back in the water.

"Time for a little break Mike." Sarah then says with a big smile, they had been playing with him for a while now and she was a little tired and also wanted to give him a chance to get his breath back.

"Me need rest." Tobias says quickly, he was feeling tired but he wanted to play some more and knew he needed a little rest before he could.

"Okay, why don't you float on your back for a while and we will just talk for a bit." Mike then says and smiles when the boy does as he is told and can't resist just pulling his foot a little and sending the boy into a slow spin.

"This is so cool." Tobias then says before sighing in content and smiles as both his mum and Mike kept him spinning, although to his relief they both made sure that it was a low and gentle spin.

"So how are you really doing Honey?" Sarah then asks him in a warm tone, she tried to watch him as much as possible and he seemed to have had the time of his life, but she wanted to know if he had any problems.

"Really good, but me got confused sometimes and me think Mitch need to tell me sex talk again, because I got wrong." Tobias answers and blushes a little, he knew that didn't make much sense and wished he had used his elastic band.

"What did you get wrong Honey?" Sarah asks in a caring tone, although she was a little nervous about getting into a conversation involving sex with him.

"Me walk in on Mitch and Erica naked and thought I would be having the sex with Erica, but Mitch not happy and me think I meant to wait for him to have the sex first and then my turn." Tobias explains honestly, although he still didn't fully understand what happened earlier.

"Say what?" Mike quickly asks in a bemused tone, he wasn't paying that much attention to the conversation as he was staring at Sarah and almost choked at what the boy had just said.

"Me have the sex with Erica after Mitch me think." Tobias answers as he stops himself spinning and goes back to treading water, he was getting a little dizzy and it was starting to make him feel sleepy.

"Okay and er... Mitch is going to talk to you about what happened later right?" Mike then asks, he was going to leave the conversation to Sarah after hearing the boys answer, but after glancing at her he could see that she was struggling to not laugh and thought it would be best if he handled this.

"Yeah he might have the sex with her and then my turn." Tobias answers and while Mike was hoping to leave it all to his eldest son, he knew he had to say something.

"Tobias you're twelve years old and too young to have sex, especially with a girl Erica's age and she is also your brothers girlfriend and you don't sleep with other peoples boyfriends or girlfriends okay." Mike states, while hoping that his friendly tone had helped him avoid upsetting him.

"But er... me confused, why Mitch tell me about the sex if me not meant to have the sex and er... why?" Tobias then asks, he was completely confused now and didn't understand anything about this sex stuff.

"Tobias, we tell children when they reach a certain age so that they understand the changes that happens when they reach puberty, it can be a confusing time and very upsetting if you don't know what is happening, that is why Mitch told you what he did and why he will explain it again very soon." Sarah then states after finding her voice again, she couldn't help but almost break out in laughter when he had started talking about having sex with Erica and was thankful Mike was there to jump in and talk to him for her.

"Oh, well Mitch said he talk to me later or tomorrow, I guess tomorrow though because I sleepy now, but can we play little longer?" Tobias then asks after deciding to just wait until his big brother talks to him again to fully understand, although his mums words did help a little.

"No Honey, it's time for you to have a shower and then you can come back down and have something to drink and eat before going to bed." Sarah responds in a firm but caring tone and knew despite any protests he might have, that he would be asleep as soon as he laid down in bed.

"Me have tuna salad?" Tobias then asks, he was going to try and argue so that he he could play some more, but he really was sleepy and settled for at least getting his favourite meal to have before he went to bed.

"Of course, we will make it while you have a shower, but you're going straight to bed afterwards." Sarah responds with a smile, she knew that they had enough salad and some more tuna to make him another plate and was happy that he wasn't whining about having to go to sleep.

"I love you Mum and er... I really like you too Mike." Tobias then states, although he gives the man a funny look and couldn't quite decide what he was to him.

"I love you too Honey." Sarah responds before pulling him closer to herself and kisses him on the nose.

"I like you too Tobias." Mike then says with a warm and caring smile.

"Are you going to be my new dad?" Tobias then asks, he was struggling a little to stay afloat, but he really wanted to ask his question and knew he was safe from drowning.

"I er... well I..." Mike begins to stutter as he tries to answer the boy, but his question had taken him completely by surprise and is relieved when Sarah interrupts him.

"Tobias come on Honey it's time to get out, you can ask us again tomorrow when we are not so sleepy okay." Sarah tells him with a loving smile and gently guides him to the side of the pool with the ladder, she could see he was struggling and knew he probably wouldn't be able to lift himself out of the pool.

"Okay, me go shower now bye." Tobias then says as he makes his way to the house with a little skip in his step.

"Thank you for saving me Sarah." Mike then says after they get out of the pool and walks beside her towards the table.

"Have you thought about it though?" Sarah decides to ask as they start clearing the table and can tell from his expression that while surprised by the question, he had given it some thought.

"Honestly I would be honoured Sarah, although being even more honest I think Mitch would be a better father figure in the boys life." Mike answers honestly, if the boy wanted to call him 'dad' than he would be honoured and if he wanted to make it official then again he wouldn't say no, but at the same time he wasn't sure if he should take that role in the boys life and knew it wasn't essential for his recovery.

"I think he wouldn't ask if he didn't think of you as someone who could be a dad to him Mike." Sarah then states as they walk together to the house with their hands full, she knew together it wouldn't take them long to get the table cleared and then she would get her sons tuna salad ready.

"I know, but Sarah I have always been work orientated and I worry that he may have certain expectations about what a dad should do and if we are being honest, I have never excelled at that with either of my boys and they will tell you that themselves." Mike replies honestly again as they walk back to the table.

"Can I be honest about something I have been thinking about Mike?" Sarah then asks, she wasn't going to tell him about what she had been considering until much later, but she just felt like this was the right moment.

"You know you can tell me anything Sarah, I'm a big boy and can handle it." Mike answers with a smile, thinking she is going to make a comment on what he just said.

"It's a little sombre, but I have been thinking about what would happen to the boys if I died Mike." Sarah starts to explain before pausing, she wanted to make sure he was paying attention and could tell by his face that she had it completely now.

"Just a little sombre?" Mike responds with a half smile, he had an idea where this might be going and was dreading her asking him to adopt the boys the same way that she had Tobias, not that he wouldn't do it in a heartbeat, because he had come to love them both already, but more because he didn't think he was the right person for the boys to have to depend on.

"I know, but Mike I was thinking about having a similar arrangements for the boys that I had with Tobias's parents with you, but with all due respect Mike, I actually think I might ask Mitch if it was something he would consider, I don't want you to think I don't trust you or respect you..." Sarah explains but before she can make it clear that she isn't questioning his parenting skills, he interrupts her.

"Oh thank god Sarah, for a minute I thought you were going to ask me and while I would do it without a second thought, I think we both know Mitch is the way to go and I know he will say yes." Mike quickly states, he didn't need her to explain her decision because he was already thinking the same thing and was just delighted when she mentioned Mitch and thought he would be an amazing father.

"You really don't mind?" Sarah can't help but ask, she really hated the thought of upsetting him and found herself staring at him again as they made their way back to the house.

"No not at all and I really mean it Sarah, I love the boys and would take them in, but like I was saying, I'm not a good father figure, well I'm not awful and my boys love me so I'm doing something right, but Mitch would just be so much better and he could really help the boys through everything." Mike responds honestly with a warm smile.

"Do you really think Mitch would say yes though, it's a big responsibility Mike and he is young and has only just started dating Erica." Sarah then asks as they again walk back to the table and smiles when she sees that this will be the last trip they need to make.

"He might be a little hesitant, but it will be more about him being modest and doubting himself than not wanting to do it Sarah, he loves all the boys like they were his flesh and blood already and he would do whatever he could for each of them." Mike responds honestly, he even thought about the time his eldest son almost kidnapped Wesley, because he didn't want him to be in a house where his parents were too blind to see that they were hurting their son by not giving him enough attention.

"That is exactly why I want him to do this Mike, I will have to look into the legal side because he is only seventeen, but I don't see it being an issue and of course we have to consider Erica in this as well because something tells me that we are going to be seeing a lot more of her from now on." Sarah then states with a wry smile and can see he has the same look on his face.

"I think if you offered Carter in the deal, then she would jump at the chance." Mike then jokes and they both laugh as they walk back in the house and begin to clear up inside.

"So you noticed it too then?" Sarah then asks, she had noticed that Erica had taken an interest in Carter and while some people would take it the wrong way and turn it into something else, she knew that there was genuine affection there from Erica and she also guessed that his interest in medicine also drew her to him.

"Yeah she hasn't really had a little brother or nephew figure in her life and I think it has caught her by surprise and they do have a lot in common if he continues with the medicine stuff." Mike replies with a smile, he thought it was sweet and was more happy for Carter, because he could see that he had gained more confidence because of the way Erica had bonded with him.

"Those speedos though Mike, well I'm still not convinced they can be called speedos, but my god Mike, I don't know many people who would have the confidence to wear those and we both know how self conscious he is." Sarah then says with a grin, Carter would be the last person should would ever think of to wear those and while it was awkward to think of them without thinking of the obvious, she was proud of the boy for overcoming his fears.

"I know what you mean Sarah and I think it helped Matt do what he did, that was just so brave and inspiring to confront his fears and take the first step to taking back his life." Mike then says as he finishes the clearing up, while Sarah starts on the tuna salad.

"Everyday he surprises me Mike, to go through so much and then do something like that is just amazing." Sarah says before pausing for a few seconds. "He really scared me the other day and having to take him to hospital and then the car ride here this morning, I really thought I was going to lose him Mike and now it's like I have my son back." She then says as a few tears roll down her face, she really did fear that she was losing her son and that he would either kill himself or end up in some sort of hospital.

"Sarah I think he will be fine, but we still have to keep a close eye on him because he is not well and despite the positives we have seen today, there will be times where he is the complete opposite and I really don't want to upset you, but I just don't want you to get hurt." Mike then says as he moves across the room and holds her in his arms.

"Thank you for everything Mike." Sarah then says and gives him a quick kiss on the lips, before looking in his eyes.

"Oh wow." Ben says in a breathless tone, for a quick shower before they started in the bedroom that was definitely not what he expected and he was struggling to find the will to get out of the bathroom and not keep going.

"Come on we need to get to bed right now." Matt instructs his boyfriend, before grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the door and towards their bedroom, which was a little bit of a struggle as he was starting to limp a little more than usual.

"Matt slow down a little." Ben then says, his boyfriend wasn't using his cane as they walked and he was worried that he would hurt himself as they rushed to their bedroom.

"Get the lube and rings." Matt then instructs his boyfriend, ignoring his boyfriends concerns as he goes over to their bed and climbs on, it was still a little weird being on a water bed and he struggled to keep his balance, but his hormones were in complete control of his mind and nothing else was going to stop them now.

"How do we get the rings on?" Ben then asks after noticing a slight problem as he looks at his boyfriend and then down at himself and grins.

"Get some cold water." Matt responds as he takes the rings and lube. "Oh and get some towels or something." He then calls out as his rational side kicks in for a few seconds and he didn't really want to risk getting the bed wet, which made him giggle a little at the irony, because it was actually a waterbed.

"Okay come to the edge and hold on to my shoulders and lower yourself down." Ben tells his boyfriend after coming back into the room after a few moments and walking up to the end of the bed, but has to stifle a chuckle when his boyfriend struggles to move around on the bed, but he is glad to see that he doesn't appear to be in any pain.

After a few minutes both boys lay on the bed next to each other staring into each others eyes as they kiss, they were just close enough for the tips of their boners to touch, but were content to just stay like this for a while and enjoy their favourite thing before getting to the other stuff.

"Me back." Tobias almost shouts as he races into the kitchen and Sarah and Mike only just manage to break apart before he appeared in the room.

"Where did you get those?" Mike asks after noticing the young boys superhero boxer briefs, although he was blushing slightly after Sarah had kissed him on the lips and wasn't sure what would have happened if Tobias didn't come into the room when he did.

"Me buy them for bed times." Tobias answers with a smile, he would never wear them outside the house, but he thought they were cool and perfect for sleeping.

"Here is your tuna salad Tobias, why don't you sit down and I will get you a drink." Sarah then states, but she couldn't help glancing at Mike and wondering what would have happened and whether they would have regretted it or not, she knew neither of them was ready for anything serious and if it caused problems then living together would be a nightmare.

"Apple juice?" Tobias asks as he sits down and watches happily as the tuna salad is placed in front of him.

"I think we have some left." Sarah responds with a smile, she had actually forgotten to tell Mitch what his favourite drink was, so she was glad to see a few cartons in the fridge and knew Mitch must have asked Tobias himself and it just reaffirmed her belief that he should get full custody of the boys if something ever happened to her.

"Can tell Mitch to wake me up if it isn't too late please?" Tobias then asks as he takes a sip of his juice.

"Tobias you need to sleep and you can see Mitch in the morning." Mike then says with a warm but firm tone and couldn't help but return the smile Sarah gives him.

"Me know, but if he is back early me want him wake me, but not if too late like er... after nine me not want to be wake up." Tobias then states before picking his fork up and starts eating his tuna salad.

"Okay Honey." Sarah then says as she turns to the kettle and turns it on, while again thinking about the kiss.

"Are you two okay?" Erica asks as she twists around to look at the two boys curiously.

"Yeah." They both answer quickly and Erica can't help but wonder why they are sitting the way they are, she had assumed they would be kissing the entire journey and instead they were just huddled together with their heads resting against the others, with both of their hands held tightly in the others.

"Okay, well er... are you sure because you look a little er... well why are you sitting like that?" Erica finally just asks after trying to work it out for herself and failing.

"Are we there yet Mitch." Wesley asks in a slightly impatient sounding tone, as he ignores Erica's question, he really just needed to get to his boyfriends room and be alone with him.

"About two minutes away Wesley." Mitch answers with a grin, he was concentrating on the road but he saw how they were sitting and heard his girlfriends question and knew the boys were horny and doing everything they could to not rip each others clothes off, which he found both hilarious and a little awkward.

"Erica stop staring please." Carter then says as he gives her a quick glance, before looking back down at his and his boyfriend intertwined hands.

"Sorry boys." Erica responds before turning back around and giving her boyfriend a confused look.

"They are fine Erica, just leave them be and I will tell you after we drop them off." Mitch tells her with a quick wink, before turning his attention back to the road.

"Okay." Erica answers with a smile and spends the next few minutes staring are her boyfriend and wondering how he could be so beautiful and yet manly at the same time.

"Okay boys, I will wait until..." Mitch begins to say after pulling up outside Carter's house, but when he hears the back doors opening and closing before the boot receiving the same treatment, he stops talking and realises that the boys weren't interested in anything else except each other.

"Oh wow." Erica says as she watches both boys practically sprinting to the house, she then can't help but laugh as she watches Carter struggling to find his keys and then struggling even more to get the door unlocked.

"So do I really need to tell you why they were sitting like they were?" Mitch then asks as he turns to his girlfriend with a big grin.

"No, no I think I understand and well they aren't the only ones who want a bit of fun Mitch, so you're going to have to walk me to my room when you drop my off." Erica responds with a sexy smile as she runs her hands over his groin and gives it a little squeeze. "You know for being good and not embarrassing you around everyone earlier, I think you need to show me how grateful you are." She then adds and this times she finds the waistband of his shorts and slips her hand under and grins when he lets out a little moan.

"Oh shit." Mitch then says as he starts to drive away to her place, although to both his delight and distress she doesn't remove her hand and just increases the speed of her stroking as he drives.

"Goodnight Mum and Mike, me love you both." Tobias says after finishing his juice, he was surprised at how tired he actually was and actually looking forward to getting some sleep.

"Goodnight Sweetheart, I love you too and I will see you in the morning." Sarah says before giving him a kiss on the forehead and a quick cuddle.

"Goodnight Tobias and see you tomorrow." Mike then says and gives him a quick cuddle before standing back up.

"Bye." Tobias then says before almost skipping out of the room and then towards his bedroom.

"Sorry for earlier Mike." Sarah then says after hearing her son running up the stairs, she felt even more guilty for kissing him now because if they had a falling out, it could having serious consequences for both their families.

"It's okay Sarah, I'm just glad Tobias came in when he did because I'm not ready and neither are you Sarah." Mike responds honestly, his own thoughts mirrored Sarah's and while there was definitely something growing between them, it would be a long time before either would be ready to see what that something was.

"I know and well let's just get cleared up and then see what is on the telly until Mitch gets home." Sarah then suggests as she starts to clear away Tobias's plate and glass.

"Sounds good to me." Mike responds and decides to empty the bins instead of leaving it for the morning.

"You ready?" Matt asks in an excited tone as he looks into his boyfriends eyes, they had both lubed each other with their favourite flavour and he couldn't wait for his boyfriend to get on top of him.

"Yeah, but just don't be disappointed if I don't you know, well you know just don't be mad." Ben answers in a slightly nervous tone, he was so happy is boyfriend could cum, but at the same time it made him feel self conscious because he couldn't and he just felt a little disappointed that he couldn't give his boyfriend the same thing he was able to give him.

"Ben I love you and I don't care about that, now turn the other way and get on top of me because we have the whole night and I have plans for us." Matt responds with an mischievous grin and can't help but giggle a little at his boyfriends expression, although he only had a few ideas of what they would be doing and was hoping his boyfriend had some of his own, because despite how much they had done together, neither were exactly experts and most of it was still a mystery to them.

"I love you." Ben then says as he does as he is told and without waiting for a reply he starts to kiss and lick around his boyfriends boner, he knew this drove him crazy and he was in no hurry and just wanted this to be amazing for both of them.

"I... oh shit I love... oh yeah, shit I love you too..." Matt responds as he feels his boyfriends tongue and mouth teasing him, he wanted to beg him to just suck him, but knew it was pointless, no matter what he said or did his boyfriend would take his time and tease him until he couldn't bare it any more and just decided to return the favour and while his boyfriend preferred to tease him by purposely avoiding his boner, Matt preferred to go straight for it and tease him by alternating between that and his boyfriends balls whenever he thought he was getting close and soon both boys were moaning in pleasure.

After brushing his teeth and using the toilet, Tobias found himself alone in his and his big brothers room and smiled as he walked over and laid down on his bed, he had intended to go straight to sleep but as soon as he pulled the sheets over himself, he began to think of Erica and her boobies and hairy thing, he had never seen real ones before and soon found his hand wandering down his body and to his superhero boxer briefs, he was a little nervous because he wasn't sure what time Mitch would be back and knew both his mum and Mike were downstairs, but he quickly convinced himself that he would hear anyone coming up the stairs so returned his thoughts to Erica and he was soon rubbing his hardening willy through his underwear and couldn't help moaning a little as his willy reached it's full two and three quarter inches.

Deciding to be a little braver, he then pushes the sheets off himself and props his head with his pillows so that he is looking down his body and smiles while he flicks his still covered hard willy for a few moments before slowly pushing his boxer briefs down as far as he can, he then returns his attention back to his hard willy and begins to rub and stroke it, while at the same time he uses his legs and feet to work his boxer briefs down to his ankles before kicking them off.

He then decides to use one hand to play with his balls a little and alternates between rubbing them and rolling them, which causes him to tense and whimper a little and deciding that he likes how that feels he adds a little more pressure to them and then watches as his hard willy begins to twitch a little and despite moaning he can't help but giggle a little when he sees his toes curling, but soon turns his attention back to his hard willy and can feel himself tensing a little more and his breathing begins to get heavier as he uses his thumb and index finger to stroke himself until he begins to buck his hips and slows down a little bit for a few moments.

He had only done this a few times before and always stopped around this point because he got a little scared that he was going to pee everywhere and back in the scary place, he was terrified that he would be in trouble and that all the other kids would find out and laugh at him even more than they already did, but after his talk with Mitch and despite misunderstanding most of it, he got the masturbating part and was determined to keep going until he couldn't do it any more and as he was finding it harder and harder to breath and his arm ached a little bit, he felt this intense feeling he had never felt before and whimpered silently as his hips bucked a few times and his back arched for a few moments before he collapsed panting back on the bed and he just felt like he was on cloud nine and was still playing with himself with the biggest smile on his face as he drifted off to sleep in the same position.

"Oh fuck just suck it please... please Ben I can't... please..." Matt begs his boyfriend, he was doing his best to tease his boyfriend back and get him too excited and give in, but he knew his boyfriend had him beat and stopped sucking to beg him to just suck him.

"Ha, I knew I would win this time." Ben responds with a grin before taking his boyfriends throbbing boner into his mouth, they had often played their teasing game and so far Ben was just ahead of Matt in getting the other to beg them to finish them off first and he was delighted.

"I will... oh fuck me... fuck..." Matt begins to say but his boyfriends mouth and tongue are getting too much and he was determined that despite his boyfriend out teasing him, that he was going to get him to orgasm first and quickly takes his boyfriends twitching boner into his mouth and uses one hand to massage his bum and the other to roll his balls and knew his boyfriend wasn't expecting that when he bucks and whimpers a little, before his boyfriend uses his own hands to massage and roll his balls separately which almost made him orgasm, but he was desperate to win this part of the game and tried to hold on.

Trying his best to stop himself from having an orgasm Matt curls his toes and tenses up as best he can and just when he thinks he is going to lose he feels his boyfriends hands leave his balls and then feels his body spasm and tense up, but as his boyfriend moans and whimpers while his orgasm shoots through his body the vibrations around his boner inside his mouth causes him to orgasm himself and he screams out, but all that comes out is mumbles and moans as his boyfriends still hard penis is still in his mouth and both carry on sucking the other as they get carried away and every time they whimper and moan it causes the others to do the same as they give each others now over sensitive boners new waves of pleasure until neither can take it any more and as Matt begins to push his boyfriend off, Ben is already rolling to the side and they just lay panting head to feet in ecstasy.

"Holy fuck... holy shit... holy fuck that was... fucking awesome fuck Matt... holy shit." Ben states after a few moments in a breathless tone, he was panting hard and he had never felt anything like that before and he could still taste his boyfriends cum in his mouth, which caused him to smile even more.

"Fucking awesome... I... I love you... so much Ben... so fucking much." Matt responds with a permanent grin plastered across his face, they had made each other feel amazing plenty of times, but that was the best yet and he never felt like that before.

"You came so much that time, it tasted so good." Ben then says, he had managed to get his breathing under control enough to talk, although as he moved himself to be face to face with his boyfriend, his chest was still rising and falling fast.

"It was the best one ever Ben, thank you so much it was just wow." Matt responds, he was a little disappointed that his boyfriend didn't cum, but he wasn't that bothered and knew it would happen eventually and actually thought it was exciting because it could happen any time and he couldn't wait.

"I didn't make any cum did I?" Ben then asks in a slightly downbeat tone, although he had the most intense orgasm himself and was delighted that he gave his boyfriend his best as well.

"Kiss me." Matt then says, ignoring his boyfriends question and just wanted to focus on making each other feel good.

"Okay." Ben responds and despite feeling a little tired, he cups his boyfriends face with one hand and kisses him deeply.

"Do you think I should go and check on him?" Sarah asks, it had been almost two hours and she still wasn't sure if they should have let him go to bed on his own and wasn't sure if he would be scared alone.

"Sarah he will be fine and he needs his own space as much as he needs us to look after him." Mike answers with a warm smile, he really couldn't help but stare a little at her and started to think about the kiss again.

"I just worry about him, after all that time alone he might get scared if he wakes up with no one there." Sarah then states in a slightly sad tone, but when she sees the way he is looking at her she smiles.

"Mitch will be home soon and if Tobias wakes up, he will call for us if he needs anything." Mike responds and decides to be a little brave and reaches out to hold her hand and smiles when she lets him.

"Mike we shouldn't." Sarah then says, but doesn't make any attempt to pull her hand away, despite knowing that they are playing a dangerous game if they continue.

"I know, but..." Mike begins to responds but pauses, he wasn't sure how he was feeling and decided to do the sensible thing. "Sarah I'm sorry, I think I'm going to go and get..." He then begins to say before stopping when Sarah starts to lean into him and despite his better judgement he meets her half way and they start to kiss.

"Hey Dad, sorry I took so long but I er... oh er..." Mitch calls out before stopping in his tracks, he had tried to be as quiet as he could when coming into the house and after walking into the living room and seeing what he was seeing, he now wished he had made a bit more noise.

"Mitch? Oh shit er... shit." Mike responds after quickly breaking the kiss, he hadn't heard anyone come into the house and could only stare at his eldest son in surprise.

"You two are together?" Mitch then asks in a stunned tone, he was just in shock and didn't know how to process what he had seen.

"Oh god, Mitch it isn't what you think." Sarah then quickly says, she really liked Mike and could see a future for them one day, but after being shocked back to reality from their kiss, she knew that they weren't ready and it would have been a mistake if they did something now instead of waiting.

"It's none of my business." Mitch responds in a slightly awkward tone, he liked Sarah, he liked her a lot but if his dad and her were just fooling around and things didn't work out, then that would be a disaster for everyone.

"Mitch, we like each other and maybe one day something might happen or it might not, but well for now we are just friends." Mike then states honestly, he couldn't read his eldest son to gauge his reaction and decided honesty was the right way to deal with this situation.

"Friends who kiss each other?" Mitch then asks in response, he wasn't trying to be cold or confrontational, but he was still in shock and wasn't quite thinking straight, especially after what he had just done at his girlfriends and his head was all over the place with mixed emotions.

"That was a mistake and we have both had a few to many wines Mitch, but your dad is right because there is something between us and maybe one day we will see what that something is, but for now we are just good friends." Sarah answers, now that she had a few more moments to recover, she could give the young man a real answer and could see straight away that he understood what she was saying.

"Are you okay Mitch?" Mike then asks nervously, if his eldest son couldn't accept what just happened and got angry it could ruin everything.

"Yeah but er... look if you two want to be together I think it would be great, but don't do it unless you are completely sure, because well er... if it went wrong then well I think you know, but yeah I'm fine Dad and well er... I love you both." Mitch answers honestly, before looking around the room. "Where is Tobias?" He then asks in a slightly concerned tone, he would ask about his little brother and Matt, but he saw the way they looked at each other and knew that they would be lucky to see them until late tomorrow, but he was concerned that Tobias wasn't in the room with his dad and Sarah.

"He is asleep in your room Mitch." Sarah answers with a small smile, she couldn't help but admire his concern for Tobias and again thought about asking him about being his and Matt's legal guardian if anything ever happened to her, but for now she knew it wasn't the right time.

"Oh, did he make any fuss?" Mitch then asks and can't help but think to himself how much of a parent he just sounded like and smiled at the thought.

"No, he was tired and did as he was told without arguing." Sarah answers as her smile grows a bit more.

"You look pretty tired yourself Mitch, why don't you go get some sleep." Mike then suggests, after noticing that his son looked a little flustered and tired.

"Yeah I'm pretty beat, it's been a long day and Erica... oh er... yeah I'm going to sleep, goodnight Dad and you too Sarah." Mitch responds and blushes as he almost reveals too much and quickly starts to edge towards the door.

"Goodnight Mitch." Sarah responds with a knowing look, but after being caught kissing, she was hardly in a position to tease the young man.

"Goodnight Mitch and well er... just go Mitch." Mike then states with a big grin, he was so tempted to tease his eldest son, but decided against it and watches as he quickly disappears out of the room.

"Well I guess we know why he was gone so long now." Sarah then says and can't help but laugh a little.

"Yeah, but I'm just happy that he is happy." Mike then says as he looks at the clock. "Sarah I think I'm going to get some sleep too, it's late and well I think you were right about the wine." He then states and slowly gets to his feet.

"Me too and I have that appointment tomorrow." Sarah responds, although her smile drops when she thinks about tomorrow.

"We have that appointment tomorrow Sarah." Mike quickly corrects her, before helping her to her feet.

"I know and well, come on let's just get some sleep." Sarah then says and manages to smile as they turn the TV off and head towards their rooms.

"Ready?" Ben asks as he stares into his boyfriends eyes, he could just stare into them for the rest of his life and never be happier, but right now he knew his boyfriend wasn't finished and glanced down at their boners.

"Just kiss me already." Matt responds with a grin, before moaning a little as his boyfriend rolls on top of him and grinds against him.

"Just stop me if it starts to hurt." Ben then states, before leaning down and kissing his boyfriends nose.

"I promise, now kiss me properly." Matt then says, they had done this before and both enjoyed it and it was as close as they could actually get to having actual sex.

"I love you." Ben then says before kissing his boyfriend properly, while grinding their groins together as they both start moaning into each others mouths.

"Holy shit." Mitch can't help but say out loud as he walks into his and Tobias's room, he was half suspecting to see the boy awake and waiting for him, but he definitely wasn't expecting to see the sight in front of him and isn't quite sure what to do.

"Is he awake Mitch?" Sarah says and can't help but grin, when she sees the young man jump and turn around looking a little embarrassed.

"Oh er... wow you scared the crap out of me Sarah." Mitch responds in a surprised tone, he was still in shock about what he saw in his room and having someone creep up on him almost gave him a heart attack.

"Sorry, I thought you would have heard me walking towards you, so is he alright?" Sarah responds and starts to walk closer to the door.

"Yeah er... well er... he is asleep and er... just er... yeah don't worry Sarah he is fine, just er... go to bed and I will tuck him in and well goodnight Sarah." Mitch responds nervously as he blocks any view of the room, just in case Sarah saw what he had seen when he walked into the room.

"Are you feeling okay Mitch?" Sarah then asks in a slightly concerned tone, she couldn't help but wonder why he was blushing and acting so nervously and moved a little closer to the door.

"Yeah, I mean well I'm just tired Sarah, but well Tobias is asleep and well er... goodnight Sarah." Mitch answers as he takes a backwards step inside the room and starts to close the door, there was no way he could let her see inside the room and despite knowing how rude it was, his brother came first and he would apologise in the morning to her.

"Oh okay, well goodnight Mitch." Sarah says in a slightly bemused tone, but decides to just head to bed and walks away.

Mitch then closes the door and sighs a little before turning back to look at his brother and can't help but smile and shake his head a little. "You horny little fucker, you owe me big time for this." He then states out loud, as he walks over to the boy and again just shakes his head as he looks down at him.

He then just takes a deep breath and moves the boys hands of his penis and then begins to pull the boys briefs up his legs after picking them off the floor, while trying his best to be gentle and avoid waking him up, the last thing he needed was for him to wake up and start asking questions or even worse get embarrassed and freak out, so couldn't help but hold his breath when he gently lifts the boy up by the hips to pull the briefs fully up and then putting him back down, he then moves to the other side of the bed and untangles the boys bedsheets and after shaking his head again at the state of him, gently covers his brother up and tucks him in before leaning down to kiss his forehead.

He then walks over to his own side of the room and strips off before deciding to just sleep naked as he really was tired and really couldn't be bothered to grab a clean pair of boxers to sleep in, so just walks to the bedside table between the two beds and switches the lamp off and then climbs into his bed and just lays there for a few minutes before falling asleep.

"What's wrong?" Wesley asks in a concerned tone, things were going great and they could barely keep their hands or lips of each other, but then his boyfriend just went quiet and pulled away from him for some reason.

"I love you." Carter responds, but Wesley could only worry even more because he had never heard his boyfriend use those words and yet sound so sad and wonders if he has done something to upset him.

"Did I do something wrong?" Wesley asks, he knew he messed up in the pool earlier, but he thought they had put that behind them and now his boyfriend was being weird and it scared him.

"No." Carter responds and starts to get off the bed to get dressed.

"Carter stop lying, you're starting to scare me." Wesley then says as he grabs his boyfriends arm and gives him a sad look.

"I'm sorry Wesley, but this just isn't going to work." Carter then states and pulls his arm free as he starts to get collect his clothes.

"You're breaking up with me?" Wesley then asks in a shocked tone, he just couldn't believe it and could feel the tears rolling down his face as he just looks at his boyfriend in total shock.

"Wesley you don't understand, I love you but we are too different." Carter answers, while avoiding eye contact, he was lying and if he was being honest with himself, he had no idea what he was doing and breaking up was the last thing he wanted to do.

"What the fuck are you talking about, I love you and you just said you loved me." Wesley then states in an angry tone, he was just confused now and his boyfriend wasn't making any sense.

"Sorry." Carter responds meekly, before pulling his briefs and shorts up.

"Is this because of what happened in the pool?" Wesley then asks, he was tempted to pin his boyfriend to the bed until he started making sense, but he was frozen to the spot and couldn't actually move because he was so scared of losing his boyfriend.

"Wesley please, just find someone else please." Carter then says as he pulls his top on and can't help but look at his boyfriend and wonder what the hell he was doing, he loved him and he couldn't imagine not being with him, but he was just too scared to tell him what was bothering him and was panicking.

"Wait... this is just you being scared isn't it." Wesley then says and this time he manages to stand up from the bed, there was something in his boyfriends eyes that he had seen before and he knew this was about something else.

"What?" Carter asks in response, he couldn't believe his boyfriend knew that and wondered how he figured it out.

"Carter I have given you everything, I came out to the whole school just because I love you and there is no way I'm going to let you break up with me just because you are scared of something, so tell me what it is and stop being a moron." Wesley responds in a calm tone, he now knew he was right and knew that he had to press his boyfriend to get to the truth.

"Stop it Wesley, we just aren't right together, we want different things and you just aren't ready and well I can't wait and it just won't work." Carter then states and although he isn't exactly being crystal clear or totally honest, it is the best he can manage without saying what this is really about.

"Oh fucking hell Carter, you really are a complete moron you know that." Wesley then says and Carter can't help but look at his boyfriend in surprise and wonders if he is going to get beat up or something, despite knowing that would never actually happen.

"What?" Carter asks nervously, he knew his boyfriend would never hurt him, but he just couldn't read his expression or tell if he was angry or not from the tone of his voice.

"Why couldn't you just ask me like a normal person, instead of panicking and doing something stupid." Wesley responds and this time smiles, he finally figured out what his boyfriend was freaking out about and while he still wasn't ready for it, he was ready to at least talk about it.

"You know what I want Wesley and you aren't ready and won't be ready for years." Carter responds as he looks at his boyfriend sadly, he knew he was being irrational and stupid, but for some reason he was letting his fears control him.

"So you're breaking up with me because I won't have sex with you?" Wesley then asks, he is trying his best to not get angry, but he can't help but feel hurt by his boyfriend for even thinking about leaving him.

"I've fucked up haven't I?" Carter then asks as he slumps down to the floor and leans back against the door.

"Pretty much yeah." Wesley answers bluntly, but he knows his boyfriend is just confused and he isn't going to let that ruin their relationship. "Just talk to me Carter, tell me what is going on in that head of yours." He then states as he looks down at his boyfriend from the bed.

"I don't know Wesley, I'm so happy and you're amazing and everything I could ever have dreamed of and the things we do are just like WOW!!! you know, but I have been gay for years Wesley and I guess well er... I don't know how to explain it, but I have been on the internet for a few years and watching stuff and well I just really want to have sex with you, you know real sex and not just you doing it to me, but me doing it to you too." Carter responds as honestly and as clearly as he can manage, he didn't fully understand why he couldn't just be happy and wait until his boyfriend was ready, so to try and explain it was hard.

"Well just to get it out of the way, there is no way you're sticking your penis in my bum and there is definitely no way I'm sticking mine in your bum Carter, I'm just not ready and yeah it may be years before I'm ready, but I'm not changing my mind or letting you guilt me into it." Wesley responds, deciding to get straight to the point and lay his cards on the table and just deal with the fall out now rather than leaving it unsaid.

"But I'm ready now and I know it's selfish of me, but I can't help wanting something Wesley and well what if you just have sex with me, I mean even if you aren't ready to have me do it to you, then you can still do it to me." Carter then states in an almost desperate tone, he really wanted them to do it together, but he could settle for his boyfriend doing it to him for a while and then maybe it would lead to his boyfriend changing his mind.

"Carter you're too small and I'm not going to do anything that would hurt you." Wesley responds honestly and if he ever hurt his boyfriend, he would never be able to forgive himself.

"Just because I'm short and my penis is smaller then yours, doesn't mean I can't have sex Wesley." Carter quickly states in a slightly annoyed tone, he didn't like being talked about like that and he had enough hangups about being smaller than everyone else, without being reminded by his boyfriend.

"No you moron, it doesn't matter if you're short or how big your penis is, we are only twelve Carter, well okay you aren't quite twelve yet, but you might as well be." Wesley starts to say, but can tell his boyfriend isn't impressed with his explanation so far. "Anyway my point is that our bodies aren't ready for that sort of thing and yeah with us as a couple, your body is even less ready Carter." He then states and decides to let his boyfriend talk, after seeing that he was going to interrupt him anyway.

"What do you mean because we are a couple and my body makes it even er... well I don't know what you mean, but er... what do you mean?" Carter then asks in a confused tone, he sort of thought he understood what his boyfriend meant, but wasn't quite sure if he was right.

"Well I'm quite big Carter, you know my penis and bum holes are really small and yours is even smaller than let's say mine or Ben and Matt's because you're smaller Carter." Wesley explains and can see his boyfriend is going to interrupt and this time decides not to let him." Well you're smaller Carter, so shut up and listen." He then states and can tell his words surprised his boyfriend, but can also see that they worked and carries on. "Carter if I tried having sex with you then it would be painful, not just for you but for me as well and there will be blood and well I'm not..." He then begins to explain but to his annoyance, his boyfriend interrupts him.

"It won't hurt for long and how would it hurt you?" Carter asks, he knows his boyfriend told him to listen, but he isn't going to be told what to do and if he has a question then he was going to ask it.

"Carter you aren't the only one who has been thinking about having real sex." Wesley starts to say and he smiles when he sees the surprised look on his boyfriends face and knew he hadn't even considered that he would have given it any real thought himself. "Carter I have been reading about it and I even watched some things on the internet and I'm sorry but I think you're not thinking about it clearly and just ignoring the negatives." He then states in a serious tone, he started to wonder if his boyfriend was totally ignoring the downsides and dangers of having sex and wanted to find out.

"I don't care if it hurts a little at first and there will probably be blood even if we wait until we are like twenty or something, so I don't see why it should stop us now." Carter answers and really doesn't see why him being in a little pain should stop his boyfriend having sex with him, it's his body and if he is ready than that is all that matters in his mind.

"You know for someone studying medicine as much as you have been doing Carter, I think you're being naïve." Wesley then states and can see his boyfriend is thinking about his words. "Carter your bum hole is tiny and my penis is big, if I have sex with you then it might tear you inside or damage your bum hole." He then explains more bluntly and again can see that his boyfriend is going to say something. "Carter quit with the interruptions, look you can be in denial all you want, but if we had sex and I did damage your bum hole or tear you inside then what are we going to do, come on tell me what we will do if that happened Carter, talk me through it and then tell me that you want to risk it." He then decides to state, after reminding himself that his boyfriend is likely to end up as a doctor of some kind and decided to change tactics and knew this would make his boyfriend understand.

"Well I would just go to the doctors and they will fix..." Carter begins to answer, but as he realises what that would mean he trails off and just looks at his boyfriend.

"Yeah exactly Carter, but even ignoring the embarrassment and humiliation of having them know what we did and given our age, I'm pretty sure they would have to tell your parents as well Carter and even ignoring that, the damage might not be easy to fix and if I ever permanently hurt you, I could never forgive myself, so for the sake of waiting a few years I think we can both agree that it isn't worth it, right Carter?" Wesley then asks after explaining his point.

"But I really want to try it Wesley, is something wrong with me?" Carter then asks, ignoring his boyfriends question, he got the point loud and clear and his boyfriend was right, but he still wanted to do it and didn't know if that meant something was wrong with him.

"There is nothing wrong with you, but I think you have just been focused on this too much, there are other things we can do Carter and I'm surprised you haven't thought about them instead of focusing on just having real sex with each other." Wesley responds and can see that he has got his boyfriends full attention now and although he wasn't keen on what he was going to suggest, he was willing to compromise and at least try it once.

"Huh?" Carter asks in a confused tone, he knew he was obsessing over having sex, but he couldn't think of anything that his boyfriend is obviously hinting at.

"Well when I was reading about well they call it anal sex, so well we can just call it that as well, there were other suggestions other than sticking a penis up you bum and well I wouldn't mind giving them a try if you want too, I mean I know they aren't going to be the same as having real anal sex, but I think until we are both ready for that, then they will be a good compromise." Wesley explains, but holds off telling his boyfriend what those things were, he was a little curious to see if anything he just said would jog his boyfriends memory and if he would work it out for himself.

"You mean like fingers and tongues?" Carter asks nervously and can't help but blush, he had almost licked and kissed his boyfriend bum hole earlier in the day and then blushed even more after remembering the fact he told Ben about it.

"Well Fingers yeah, but tongues? Er... not quite sure I'm ready for that just yet Carter, but maybe I will try, but I'm not promising anything because it's still a bum hole and well er... yeah, but fingers I think I can at least try." Wesley answers honestly, he had thought about tongues and it was a little gross, well if he was honest it was really gross, but if they were clean then he could try and get over that mentality.

"Want to try now?" Carter then asks in a slightly excited tone, it may not be real sex liked he wanted, but it was definitely a compromise from his boyfriend and he thought it was good enough and he wasn't going to turn down the chance.

"Eww no way, we would get shit on our fingers if we did it now." Wesley quickly answers with a slightly disgusted look on his face.

"Hey I know how to wipe my bum you prick." Carter quickly states in an annoyed toe, he couldn't believe his boyfriend thinks that he was dirty and didn't know how to wipe his own bum.

"No you moron, I know you're clean like that and so am I, but I mean inside because it's well full of shit Carter and I'm not sticking my finger inside and getting it covered in shit." Wesley explains with a small smile, it was a little weird talking about this stuff and he was starting to think he should have kept his idea to himself.

"Oh right, well we need to just have one of those enema things." Carter then suggests, he was now thinking more clearly and getting excited because he was going to be getting something he really wanted and although it wasn't quite what he really wanted, it was good enough for now.

"Oh right because I carry one of those everywhere I go Carter." Wesley retorts, he was actually getting a little nervous because of how enthusiastic his boyfriend was and was starting to see just how far ahead his boyfriend was in terms of what they were ready to do and experience.

"I got two of them already." Carter then states shyly and despite his little mental lapse a few minutes earlier with the fingers and shit, he had already thought about being clean for when he and his boyfriend had sex.

"You have?" Wesley asks in a surprised tone, before thinking about it a little more. "Wait, why do you have two?" He then asks, giving his boyfriend a curious look and wasn't sure if he was going to like his boyfriends answer or not.

"Just in case you changed your mind about having sex, I got them ages ago, you aren't mad are you?" Carter asks after explaining and was really nervous that his boyfriend might get angry that he had already thought this far ahead.

"I'm not really sure to be honest, I mean it's a little bit weird and er... well no not really, but er... shit Carter this is going really... wait where did you even get them from?" Wesley begins to answer before realising that this wasn't the kind of thing you could just go out and buy, especially an eleven year old boy and was now worried that his boyfriend had gotten someone else to buy them and that meant that person would know what they were for and what he and his boyfriend would need them for.

"Oh shit er... fuck Wesley, you got to promise you won't be angry." Cater answers meekly and just knows his boyfriend is going to freak out at him.

"What did you do Carter?" Wesley asks nervously, he didn't like the tone of his boyfriends voice or the look on his face and worries that he might have got Mitch to get the enema stuff.

"I just ordered it of the internet from a shop, I just thought it would come in the post like my comics and figures do." Carter half explains, he had almost managed to forget about what happened and assumed because his boyfriend hadn't shouted at him or confronted him, that he had gotten away with it.

"That's it? You just ordered it off the internet?" Wesley asks in a bemused tone and wondered why his boyfriend was looking so guilty and embarrassed about that.

"Well yeah but well I really didn't know Wesley, it's not my fault, I mean how was I meant to know he was going to deliver it himself, I mean I didn't even know it was his shop and oh shit Wesley, please don't hate me." Carter then says and looks at his boyfriend nervously, he was so sure he was going to hate him and wished he never ordered the stuff now.

"Holy fuck you ordered it from my brothers shop, you fucking moron how did you not know it was his shop?" Wesley responds and doesn't bother to hide his anger, he just couldn't believe his boyfriend could be so stupid.

"It gets worse." Carter then states, as he looks to the ground and is half suspecting his boyfriend to get dressed and storm out of the house.

"How can it get any worse, you brought sex stuff from my brothers shop and he knows what that stuff is used for Carter." Wesley responds and gets to his feet, he was so angry and decided to start getting dressed.

"When I opened the door he just laughed and teased me, but said that the stuff I ordered wasn't good enough for his little brother." Carter answers and although he knows his boyfriend is getting dressed, he can't bring himself to look up from the floor.

"How come you have the enema stuff if he didn't bring the stuff you ordered?" Wesley can't help but ask, despite the fact he is pissed off and about to go home.

"Because he brought better stuff with him, you know like better quality stuff and not the cheap stuff I ordered." Carter explains and just about manages to force himself to look up at his boyfriend and wishes he hadn't.

"Holy fuck, that is why he has been so weird recently, he is always making jokes and looking at me like he was trying to figure something out." Wesley then states as he realises that it all made sense now, his brother never showed much interest in him and was never really bothered about getting to know him and then he just started asking about him and their relationship out of the blue. "Fucking hell you prick, now he thinks that we are having sex, you fucking idiot how could you." He then states angrily as he looks at his boyfriend.

"Please don't hate me, how was I meant to know, it was the internet and I just thought it would all come in a brown box and I would just sign for it and no one would even know except me and then you after I showed you them." Carter quickly explains and nervously steps towards his boyfriend after getting to his feet.

"I need to go, just don't call or anything for a while Carter, I just need to think." Wesley responds and moves past his boyfriend and opens the bedroom door.

"Please no, please don't hate me Wesley, I love you, please don't leave me." Carter pleads and grabs his boyfriends arm. "Please don't leave me." He then states with tears streaming down his face.

"Carter I don't hate you and we are not breaking up, I just need to be alone for a while." Wesley responds, before pulling his arm free and is about to leave the room when he is pulled back round by his boyfriend.

"Then stay here." Carter states, but can see that his boyfriend is going to walk away. "I mean it Wesley, please just stay in my room and I will go downstairs until my parents get home." He then adds and he can see that his boyfriend is considering it.

"Why?" Wesley asks, he wanted to be alone and just get his head around everything, but he still loved his boyfriend and knew something was up.

"Because I don't want to be alone in the house and well they won't be home for hours and well just stay until they come home please, I promise I will stay downstairs and won't bother you, just stay here please." Carter explains, it wasn't that he was afraid of being alone in the house, but he just didn't want to be alone and even though they wouldn't even be in the same room, just knowing his boyfriend was in the house would be enough for him to be alright.

"Okay, but I'm serious Carter, I need to be alone to get my head sorted." Wesley responds, he was still angry and really didn't want to see his boyfriend right now, but at the same time he wasn't going to leave him alone in the house and no matter how angry he was at him, he would never do anything to hurt him.

"Thank you." Carter states, but he knows that he needs to leave and quickly gives his boyfriend a peck on the lips and then quickly leaves his bedroom while closing the door.

"I love you so much." Ben says as he looks into his boyfriends eyes, they had just finished showering again and were now laying face to face.

"I love you too, but er... well not that I want to do any more tonight but er... can I ask you something please?" Matt responds and can't help but be a little nervous at asking his boyfriend what he wants to know.

"You can ask me anything Matt." Ben responds and can't resist giving him a little peck on the nose and giggles when his boyfriend scrunches his nose up a little. "You're so sexy." He then states and can't resist kissing it again.

"Stop it you creep." Matt teases as he gives his boyfriends nose a little flick and giggles when he pouts at him playfully. "Now be serious okay." He then states in a firm but warm tone.

"Okay, so what did you want to ask me?" Ben responds with a warm smile.

"You said you liked how it felt when I put my finger in your bum right?" Matt asks nervously, he was a little worried about bringing up what happened again, but he really wanted to know how his boyfriend felt and if he really enjoyed the actual feeling or not.

"What? Why would you bring that up?" Ben asks in a slightly annoyed tone, he never wanted to think about what his boyfriend did again and couldn't believe his boyfriend would want to talk about that now.

"Because I want you and me to try using our fingers to you know er... well come on to er... you know." Matt tries to explain, but can't quite bring himself to say the words, he had been thinking about it ever since the incident happened, but it wasn't until earlier when he was talking about taking control of his life again that he really thought about actually doing it.

"Oh wow well er... are you sure?" Ben asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't expecting that and wasn't quite sure how he felt, he had thought about it ever since and after what Carter had told him earlier about wanting to have sex with Wesley, he had wondered how long it would be until his boyfriend would ever be ready for that kind of thing.

"Honestly I'm not completely sure, but I want to at least talk about it and I think that is a good start right." Matt answers honestly and just the fact he wasn't feeling anything in the way of freaking out, made him feel like he was ready for this.

"Oh wow, well yeah I mean it felt weird, but good weird and I have thought about it since and read some stuff too." Ben then says and he can see that his boyfriend was not freaking out and seemed to be alright.

"What do you mean reading stuff?" Matt then asks curiously, wondering what there was to really read about, surely you just put your finger in and that was it.

"Well you need to have an enema, which is like er... you kind of put water up your bum and hold it for as long as you can and then poop the water out and it sort of cleans the inside of you bum." Ben explains and decides to explain one thing at a time, instead of confusing his boyfriend with it all at once.

"Why would you need to do that?" Matt asks and can't really see the point in it at all.

"Well so when you stick your finger or penis in a bum you don't get shit on it, I mean that would be so gross and I don't want shit on my fingers or penis." Ben responds and can't help but giggle at his boyfriends expression and thought it was adorable.

"Eww that is so gross, but er... so you just put water up your bum and then it is all clean and ready?" Matt then asks, thinking he might as well get all the information now, despite feeing grossed out by the whole thing now.

"Well I think you have to do the enema thing until like only clear water comes out, but for us because we are still small, I guess maybe we have to do it like twice at most, maybe three times and it says if you do it regularly then you can just do it like once a day or something like that if you wanted to." Ben explains, while he now looks at his boyfriend curiously and was still not seeing any signs that he might freak out and knew that this must be something his boyfriend really wanted.

"It sounds really gross, I mean where do you do it? On the toilet or in the bath?" Matt then asks and cant help but blush a little at the way his boyfriend is staring at him, he just loved that look and it was like he was the most important person in the world.

"Some said the bath, but I figure if shit comes out then it would be gross trying to clean the bathtub out, so I would go with the ones who said sit on the toilet when you're ready to poop the stuff out." Ben explains and despite what they are talking about, he just can't stop thinking how beautiful his boyfriend was and decides to kiss him and this time it was a real kiss on the lips and it lasts for almost five minutes before they both pull away slightly.

"What was that for?" Matt asks, not that he was complaining but it was unexpected.

"Because you're beautiful and I just wanted too." Ben responds honestly.

"I love you." Matt then says with a big grin.

"I love you too, but getting back to what we were talking about, how serious are you about this Matt?" Ben decides to ask, despite the fact that even after all they have already done in the last few hours, he is hard again and he can feel his boyfriends boner against his own.

"I want to try tomorrow night Ben, I mean well er... shit er... I know you said the enema thing was putting water up your bum but how?" Matt suddenly asks, he really didn't get how that would work or what was involved.

"Oh er... well it might be a while before we can do it Matt." Ben answers, but can see the confused and disappointed look on his boyfriends face. "It's not that I don't want to Matt, but we need the actual enema kit stuff and well I have no idea where we can get them." He then adds and can't help but feel a little disappointed himself now.

"What about Mitch?" Matt then asks, he figured it would be embarrassing, but it isn't like he hadn't already brought them sex toys and he really wanted to do this with his boyfriend.

"Huh?" Ben asks in surprise, he really wasn't expecting that and didn't know how he felt about asking his brother.

"He took you to Wesley's brothers sex shop right? So can't we just ask him to get us the stuff we need?" Matt explains and although he knows his boyfriend must be embarrassed by the thought, he knew he would do it if he asked him.

"Oh fucking hell Matt, I don't want him to know that we are going to do this sort of thing." Ben responds honestly, he just really didn't think he could look his brother in the eyes and ask him to buy him things so he can do stuff with his boyfriends bum or for his boyfriend to do stuff to his.

"Me neither Ben, but it's the only way and I really want to do try it." Matt then states and despite the urge to give his boyfriend his best pleading pout, he instead just stares into his eyes and smiles.

"Okay, but let's get some sleep, you tired me out and I need to get some rest." Ben responds with his own smile, he would do anything for his boyfriend and he could tell this was going to be another breakthrough for his boyfriends recovery.

"I tired you out? Fuck off Ben I can barely move, in fact all I have wanted to do since we laid down on here was to get on top of you and go again, but I'm just totally beat and well yeah you prick, I need some sleep too." Matt then states with a big grin and giggles when his boyfriend kisses his nose again, he really loved when his boyfriend did that and just felt so happy and loved.

"So I guess I have to go turn the light off then." Ben then teases as he gives his boyfriend a quick kiss, before rolling off the bed and walking over to the light switch.

"Sorry I get tired so quick Ben, but I try my best to not disappoint you." Matt then say in a slightly sad tone and Ben can't help but be surprised and worried by his boyfriends change in mood, he was only joking and knew he had to act fast.

"Get tired quick? Get a grip Matt, after what we just did to each other I don't think you ever need to apologise for getting tired too quick Matt, you did just fine in my opinion." Ben states as he slowly walks back to the bed and then crawls up his boyfriends body with a series of kisses, until he is looking down at his boyfriends face and despite it being almost pitch black, he could still seem his eyes. "And just to be crystal clear, you never disappoint me." He then adds before leaning down and kisses his boyfriend deeply.

"Sorry, I'm just tired I guess." Matt responds and can't help but grin after his boyfriend breaks the kiss, his boyfriend always knew how to cheer him up and he loved him so much.

"Goodnight Matt." Ben then says, as he rolls off his boyfriend and just stares into his eyes as they face each other.

"Goodnight." Matt responds before giving his boyfriend a light peck on the lips and then closing his eyes.

"Can I come in please?" Carter asks in a nervous tone, it had been almost two hours and his parents still hadn't come home and he just couldn't help himself, he just wanted to be with his boyfriend, despite promising him earlier that he wouldn't bother him.

"Are you okay?" Wesley asks and despite still wanting to be alone, he can't help but worry about his boyfriend and he wanted to make sure he was alright.

"I just miss you." Carter answers through the door, he felt a bit stupid talking through the door, especially since it was his bedroom door, but he knew he had to let his boyfriend call the shots.

"I found all the things you got from my brothers shop." Wesley then states and Carter can't help but turn a little white, he hadn't expected his boyfriend to look for the toys and wasn't sure how he would feel about some of the stuff.

"Sorry, I will tell you when my parents get here." Carter responds and is just about to walk away when the door suddenly opens.

"Get in here you moron." Wesley states before pulling his surprised looking boyfriend into the room and closes the door.

"Oh shit." Carter then says, as he looks at his bed and sees all the toys he brought laid out across it.

"Want to explain exactly what you were planning to do to me Carter?" Wesley then asks as he looks at the various items on the bed.

"Well er... shit well I didn't know er... you know I didn't know what to buy and er... your brother added some things I didn't order and er... well I didn't want to have to go through it again so er... shit Wesley, I don't know I just got confused and er... fuck it, look if you want to go home just go home, I will be fine on my own." Carter responds nervously as tears start to roll down his face, he just felt humiliated and scared that his boyfriend hated him now.

"Oh quit being a moron Carter, if I was angry or hated you then I would already have gone home." Wesley states as he walks over to the bed, he knew his boyfriend was upset but at the same time he was still a little too angry to comfort him right now.

"Then why are you doing this?" Carter then asks, deciding to try and pull himself together and find out what his boyfriend is up to.

"Whips, paddles, cuffs, lube and well I don't even know what these cone things are and you're asking me what I'm doing?" Wesley retorts as he sits on the side of his bed and looks at his boyfriend, there were a few other items on the bed as well, but he thought they could wait.

"They are butt plugs." Carter states meekly and looks down to the floor.

"Butt plugs?" Wesley can't help but ask, although he had a pretty fair idea what they did by the name, but looking at them he couldn't possibly see how they would work.

"Well yeah they go in and it helps stretch your bum hole, so you know er... sex doesn't hurt as much." Carter explains without looking up from the floor, it was one of the items his boyfriends brother had added to his order and he definitely wasn't sure about walking round with one of those up his bum all day.

"Have you used any of this stuff yet?" Wesley then asks curiously, his own anger was fading and he just found himself wanting to know more about them and also why his boyfriend had decided to buy them.

"Fuck off and go home Wesley." Carter then states and almost hisses the words, he was done being humiliated and he was pissed off with his boyfriend now.

"Whoa, what the hell Carter?" Wesley asks, he didn't expect his boyfriend to get pissed off and was now worried that he had somehow fucked up.

"What the hell? I will tell you what the hell you prick." Carter answers as he walks up to his boyfriend and jabs him in the chest with his finger. "I'm being humiliated by the boy I love and it's not fair and it's not right, all I wanted to do was make you happy and yeah I fucked up, but I forgave you when you fucked up and I didn't humiliate you so why don't..." He then states with tears running down his face, but is interrupted when he is pulled down on top of his boyfriend and finds himself being kissed and despite how angry and humiliated he was just a few moments ago, he can't help but return the kiss.

"Sorry for being a dick." Wesley then says, they had been kissing for almost five minutes and he just felt like a complete prick for humiliating his boyfriend.

"We don't have to use any of the stuff, I just panicked a little on the site and er... your brother added a couple of things and I really don't want a butt plug up my bum." Carter then says, in fact looking at the stuff all laid out, he didn't really want most of the stuff.

"Well neither do I and as for the whips and paddles you can go fuck yourself if you think you're using those on me Carter and there is no way in hell I will use them on you." Wesley then states, he couldn't see how anyone could possibly enjoy getting hit by whips and paddles and he certainly doesn't want to find out.

"What about the cuffs? Ben and Matt have the same ones I think and they really like using them." Carter then asks, out of everything he had paid for the cuffs were probably the ones he wanted to keep and try the most.

"Could be fun, but no whips or paddles okay." Wesley answers honestly, now that he had calmed down and could actually look at the items, he found himself being intrigued by them and wondering what they would be like.

"What about the little vibrating things, what do you think about them?" Carter then asks, he had been tempted to try them himself, but so far he hadn't tried any of them and wanted to wait until he and his boyfriend could enjoy them together.

"Vibrating things?" Wesley asks in response, he was a little confused and was looking at the items and couldn't really see what his boyfriend meant.

"These." Carter answers as he leans over and passes a couple of them to his boyfriend.

"Oh wow, well er... how do they work? And I swear if you tell me they vibrate, I will use the whips and paddles." Wesley then asks with a grin and he is delighted when his boyfriend giggles and can finally relax know that he isn't upset with him.

"Spoil sport, well I actually looked online and well er... some showed them being put in peoples bums and they seemed to enjoy it and some taped them to their inner thighs and nipples and you can even put it on your penis and it makes you cum without even touching it, so I guess they would be great if one of us was tied up to the bed and the other could put them all over him." Carter answers honestly and resisting the urge to tease his boyfriend, he was just so happy that they were talking to each other again and despite both having good reason to be angry with the other, they had both just let it go.

"Oh cool, we could try that out sometime and oh you got some cock rings, those will be fun and er... oh well er... shit Carter we aren't using these." Wesley then starts to state, before holding up two rubber dildo's and Carter couldn't help but giggle, they were another thing his boyfriends brother added to his order and looking at them now he just couldn't help but think how ridiculous they were and had to agree with his boyfriend.

"They look so stupid and they can go with the whips and paddles, but what about the nipple clamp things?" Carter then responds, but can't hide the slight nervousness of his voice as he asks about the nipple clamps, he was unsure of them himself but didn't see the harm in at least trying them.

"We can try them, but I'm not really keen on things that hurt Carter, I mean I will try them and give it a go, but I don't think I will like them." Wesley answers honestly, he was really enjoying talking about this sort of thing and definitely wanted to do more talking from now on.

"Me neither, okay how about er... well I got no idea what these are or what they are meant to do." Carter then says as he holds up a piece of string with metal balls along it's length.

"Those are anal beads I think, I remember seeing them when I was reading about the sex stuff and well er... I think we will leave them for now and see how we get on with just using our fingers Carter." Wesley responds and although he is enjoying this conversation, something comes to mind and he starts to get a little nervous, but decides not to ask just yet and instead just let his boyfriend go through the rest of the stuff.

"Well I got some lube as well, but different types because some are flavoured and er... some are meant to tingle and feel really good and some make where you put them hot or cold and that is meant to be good too." Carter then states, he was looking forward to the flavoured lube but also wanted to try these other things, just to see if they actually did what they were meant to do.

"They sound good, but er... I know you said you went on the internet Cater, but er... how did you pay for them?" Wesley then asks and just can't help but let his curiosity get the better of him.

"Well er... my parents set me up an account to buy comics and stuff and well er... I have kind of been saving for ages to buy these graphic novels that I have always wanted, but instead of them I got these and well er... you don't have to worry, because they never check what I buy and even if they did, it isn't like it comes up as sex toys or dirty pervert in the description." Carter answers honestly, he would never buy this sort of stuff if there was even a remote chance his parents would find out about them.

"Okay, but still Carter, I can't believe you brought them from my brothers shop, I know you didn't know but fucking hell, how am I meant to look at him now and the fact he actually picked out most of this stuff is just weird." Wesley then states, although he was careful to not sound angry or upset, he just didn't know how he was going to be able to be around his brother now, on the other hand he knew his boyfriends birthday was coming up and hearing about the graphic novels gave him the perfect idea and he just had to ask in a few days what they were called and he would be all sorted.

"If it helps he didn't tease me after the first few minutes and if he didn't love you or care about you, then he wouldn't have took the crappy quality stuff I brought and change them for the good quality ones." Carter then decides to state, he doesn't have an older brother himself, but he knows in his boyfriends position he would be mortified and just felt so guilty about putting him through this.

"I guess you're right and well I guess I can be alright about it, I mean Mitch actually took Ben into the sex shop and that must have been super embarrassing for Ben and he never got angry with Mitch and they didn't argue or fallout, so yeah I think it will be fine, but shit it is going to be so embarrassing to be around him." Wesley then states, deciding to try and put a positive spin on it and it wasn't like he is lying about his friend and what happened to him.

"I'm really sorry though, I know I keep saying it Wesley, but I really am." Carter apologises again, although he was delighted that they were having a real conversation about the stuff he got and about sex, even if it isn't quite what he really wants, it is a great start and he was more than happy to go at his boyfriends pace now.

"Well I forgive you, but from now on I think we need to promise to just talk to each other more about anything, I just want you to never be embarrassed or scared to ask me something Carter, even if I say no, I promise to never laugh at you or humiliate you, I just don't want to ever go through the last few hours we just had again, I was so angry and upset and I hated it Carter, so please let's just promise to trust each other please." Wesley then states, he hated the couple of hours he just spent alone in his boyfriends room and didn't want to ever experience feeling like that again.

"I promise and well I love you Wesley." Carter responds with a shy smile.

"I love you too, now lets put this stuff away and go to sleep." Wesley then states, before pulling his boyfriends face to his own for a quick kiss.

"Okay." Carter responds and the both set to work to get everything packed away before stripping each other.

"We are just sleeping Carter, so stop trying to get me hard." Wesley then state as he swats his boyfriends hands away. "Sorry, but I don't feel like doing anything." He then says, after seeing the slightly hurt look on his boyfriends face.

"Are you still mad at me?" Carter can't help but ask, he couldn't blame his boyfriend but at the same time he felt a little hurt.

"Not exactly mad Carter, but honestly I just want to sleep and I know you're going to take it the wrong way, but I just don't want to do anything more tonight." Wesley tries to answer as clearly as he can and just hoped his boyfriend didn't get upset.

"Oh okay." Carter responds, but can see the concerned look on his boyfriends face and despite being disappointed, he knew his boyfriend wasn't trying to upset him or get back at him. "Honestly it is a little disappointing, but I understand and well let's just sleep because I'm pretty tired too after the day we have had." He then states with a warm smile and just to let his boyfriend know that he is fine, he gives him a quick but loving kiss.

"Goodnight Carter." Wesley then says, before shifting a little and just stares at his boyfriend.

"Goodnight." Carter responds, he then watches as his boyfriend closes his eyes and can't help but smile at how beautiful he is, before letting his own eyes close and falling into a deep sleep.

"Tobias?" Mitch asks in a groggy tone, he was a little surprised and annoyed to be woken up, but this happened most nights and he was more concerned about his brother then losing a little sleep.

"Sorry, me not meant to wake you." Tobias answers in a sad tone and Mitch already guesses what had happened and turned so that he was now facing him, who had snuggled up to his back.

"Bad dream?" Mitch then asks, he knew he must have wet himself despite the fact he didn't feel any wetness when his brother had snuggled against his back.

"Me change briefs this time though, me not want to wet you like last time." Tobias states and despite not directly answering his question, Mitch got his answer and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Want to talk about it?" Mitch then asks and although he suspected that he would prefer to just sleep, he wanted to give him the choice.

"No." Tobias answers quickly, he just wanted to sleep and not think about the nightmare again.

"Okay, let's just sleep and I will clean your bed in the morning." Mitch then tells him in a warm and loving tone, knowing that pushing him to talk was pointless.

"I love you." Tobias then says as he snuggles up closer to his big brother and starts to fall back to sleep.

"I love you too Tobias." Mitch responds and couldn't help but look down at him with a bemused look, he couldn't believe how quickly his brother had basically attached himself to him and knew he was going to have to try and sleep on his back, as he had wrapped both his legs around one of his and had half his body over his side and chest.

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