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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 7

June 2015

"Tobias?" Mitch asks in a groggy tone, he was a little surprised and annoyed to be woken up, but this happened most nights and he was more concerned about his brother then losing a little sleep.

"Sorry, me not meant to wake you." Tobias answers in a sad tone and Mitch already guesses what had happened and turns so that he was now facing him, who had snuggled up to his back.

"Bad dream?" Mitch then asks, he knew he must have wet himself despite the fact he didn't feel any wetness when his brother had snuggled against his back.

"Me change briefs this time though, me not want to wet you like last time." Tobias states and despite not directly answering his question, Mitch got his answer and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Want to talk about it?" Mitch then asks and although he suspected that he would prefer to just sleep, he wanted to give him the choice.

"No." Tobias answers quickly, he just wanted to sleep and not think about the nightmare again.

"Okay, let's just sleep and I will clean your bed in the morning." Mitch then tells him in a warm and loving tone, he knew that pushing him to talk was pointless right now and didn't want to upset him any more than he probably was.

"I love you." Tobias then says as he snuggles up closer to his big brother and starts to fall back to sleep.

"I love you too Tobias." Mitch responds and couldn't help but look down at him with a bemused expression, he couldn't believe how quickly his brother had basically attached himself to him and knew he was going to have to try and sleep on his back, as he had wrapped both his legs around one of his and had half his body over his arm and chest.

"Tobias wake up little guy." Mitch says as he gently rocks his sleeping brother, he had managed to sleep surprisingly well, but it was time to get up and he really needed to go to the toilet and his brother was still locked on to leg and chest. "Come on Tobias, time to get up now." He says again and despite knowing how mean it is, he starts to flick his ear and smiles when his eyes start to open.

"Hey, what doing?" Tobias asks in a groggy and annoyed tone, while at the same time snuggling up tighter to his big brothers body, instead of making any real attempt to wake up.

"I need to pee Tobias, so come on get up and you can come with me and get a shower." Mitch explains as he tries to gently push him away.

"Little longer please?" Tobias then asks, he really didn't want to get up and just felt so safe and comfortable.

"Sorry little guy, but I have been holding it for twenty minutes and I need to go, so come on get up." Mitch responds, he would normally let him sleep longer, but he really did have to go and he also wanted to try and wash the boys sheets before anyone else was awake.

"Stay with me when me shower please?" Tobias then asks and despite needing the toilet badly, Mitch can't help but be a little concerned by his behaviour.

"Is this about your nightmare?" Mitch asks in response and manages to sit up a little after his brother loosens his grip and shifts so that he can look up at his big brother.

"It wasn't er... I have had worse, but I will be okay and er... yeah me not want to be scared and me be strong like Matt." Tobias answers, after deciding to try and not let his nightmare scare him so much.

"I'm proud of you Tobias, but while you shower I'm going to wash your sheets and underwear from last night and then make you some breakfast, but I want you to make your own bed and get dressed before you come down and I mean actually dressed Tobias and not just your underwear okay." Mitch then states with a warm smile.

"Okay and I'm really sorry for waking you up last night Mitch." Tobias answers with a smile as he untangles himself from his big brother and slowly gets off the bed, before noticing that he has a slight problem and quickly turns around.

"Tobias, I already told you not to worry about waking me up if you need me and by the way, you don't need to hide your boner, it's not like I didn't feel it while you were holding me." Mitch responds before teasing the boy, he knew it was a little mean, but he couldn't help himself after spending so much time with the other two boys, it was like second nature to him.

"Me gay for getting hard willy?" Tobias then asks and Mitch quickly sits up when he sees the almost frightened look on the boys face and knows that while he isn't homophobic in anyway, he really didn't want to be gay and knew he needed to reassure him.

"No you idiot, boys your age get boners all the time, usually at the most embarrassing times and trust me, you're going to get them a lot from now on." Mitch answers in a warm tone, he could have teased the boy a little, but despite the temptation he knew it wouldn't have been funny.

"We have the sex talk today again?" Tobias then asks, he was embarrassed about asking and a big part of him didn't want to go through it again, but he was still really confused by what happened yesterday and knew that he needed it explained again.

"Later on today Tobias, but let's get everything cleaned up and then have something to eat first and maybe if Matt and Ben are awake you can have a swim with them." Mitch responds with a smile, although he was hoping this would be the last sex talk he would have to give for a very long time.

"They finished the sex with each other?" Tobias then asks and Mitch almost chokes at the question, he wasn't expecting that at all.

"Tobias we don't talk about other people doing sex stuff okay, now come on I need to take a pee and you need to get a shower." Mitch answers, before rolling out of the bed and starts to walk out of the room.

"Sorry, me trying not to say wrong things." Tobias then states with a small smile, he knew he wasn't getting told off and wanted to show that he was trying to get used to being around people again.

"I know and you're doing fine Tobias, now come on get your briefs off now and follow me." Mitch then tells the boy and can see him hesitating a little. "What's wrong?" He then asks in a slightly worried tone.

"I still got hard willy." Tobias answers and starts to blush.

"Tobias I have seen it before and we are sharing a room, so we are going to see each other naked a lot and sometimes with boners, so don't be shy and hurry up because I really need to go now." Mitch states in a reassuring tone, before reminding him to hurry up and smiles when he watches him drop his briefs and walk towards him.

"Wake up Ben, quick wake up." Matt calls out to his boyfriend, who quickly opens his eyes to see his boyfriend looking distressed.

"What's wrong?" Ben asks in a concerned tone, he could see his boyfriend wasn't freaked out, but he definitely didn't look okay.

"I need my painkillers, quick please Ben, I need them really bad please." Matt quickly answers, his pelvis was killing him and he could barely move because of the pain.

"Oh shit." Ben says and quickly gets off the bed, but stops when his boyfriend cries out a little. "Oh fuck, should I get someone Matt?" He then asks, he could tell his boyfriend was in pain and he didn't like it.

"No, it's just this water bed sucks is all, Ben get my pills please." Matt answers, before moving his arms over his face as he tries to ignore the pain.

"Can you sit up?" Ben asks after returning with the pills after a few moments.

"Fuck it hurts Ben, just put the pills in my mouth, I can't move it hurts too much." Matt responds, he just couldn't believe how much it hurt, although it was more a dull ache than a sharp pain, but that didn't make it any less painful.

"Shit what happened?" Ben asks, while watching his boyfriend swallow the pills without water.

"The bed, I think we need to get rid of it Ben, it's just too er... you know it keeps moving and after what we did, well you know... shit just stop talking to me, I need to... shit just give me a few minutes." Matt responds, but he yelps and grimaces when his boyfriend sits on the bed and causes him to move.

"Oh shit sorry, look I know this is going to hurt a lot, but I'm going to carry you to the sofa okay." Ben apologises before telling his boyfriend that he is going to move him, it was obvious the bed was hurting his boyfriend and knew he needed something more stable to rest on.

"Fucking hell, just do it quick and shit just do it quick Ben." Matt responds before biting down on his forearm, he knew that it was going to hurt, but he couldn't stay on the bed any longer.

"I will." Ben responds, before lifting his boyfriend up and over his shoulder, he didn't really think about how to hold him, but figured this would be the easiest and quickest.

"Morning Mitch." Mike states as he watches his eldest son walking past the door, he was just sitting reading the paper and couldn't help but be curious about the sheets he was carrying.

"Oh er... hey Dad and oh morning Sarah." Mitch responds as he steps into the living room and sees Sarah sitting opposite his dad.

"Morning Mitch." Sarah says as she gives him a warm smile.

"Look sorry about being rude last night Sarah." Mitch then states, deciding to apologise about acting so strange.

"What happened last night?" Mike can't help but ask, Sarah hadn't mentioned anything happening and he was now curious as to why his eldest son was apologising.

"It's nothing Mike and don't worry about it Mitch, I'm sure there was a reason for it and you don't have to apologise." Sarah states, she was a little surprised at the time, but figured it was something to do with Tobias and was happy to leave it at that.

"I do though and well it was just that..." Mitch begins to say, before Sarah quickly interrupts him.

"Mitch it's fine really and I'm guessing it was something to do with Tobias and well if it is about the sort of thing I think it is, then we can just stop now and chalk that down to things a mum doesn't need to know about her children, well as long as he is okay that is." Sarah states, she figured he was probably asleep naked and the sheets had fallen off, but considering Mitch's reaction it might have been something else and she didn't want any details.

"He is fine Sarah, although he did have a nightmare last night and I think it was a bad one, because he slept in my bed and I could tell he was still a little scared when we woke up." Mitch responds, deciding to tell them about the nightmare to see what they thought about it.

"I take it that he wet the bed then?" Mike then asks, he was curious about the sheets and couldn't help feeling sorry for the young boy.

"Yeah, but it isn't that bad and at least he changed his briefs before climbing into my bed this time and I think he will be okay, it's just hard to see him like that." Mitch answers in a sad tone and was worried about him and thought about getting the three boys together and talking about nightmares and other things and seeing if maybe they could help each other.

"Did he say what it was about?" Sarah then asks, she was proud of the young man for what he was doing and if it wasn't for her meeting with David later, she would talk to him about the guardianship of the two boys, but it would have to wait until another time.

"He said he has had worse and to be honest I don't know if I should be relieved or worried by that." Mitch answers honestly, on one hand it was good because it meant it wasn't that bad, but on the other hand if that scared him like it did, then what were the really bad ones like and that worried him.

"People have nightmares Mitch, I have had a few since David did what he did and they are never fun, but the fact he talked about it is a good sign and I think trying to get him to talk about it now, might just upset him so just keep doing what you're doing Mitch and he will be fine." Sarah then states, deciding to reassure him so that he knows he is doing a good job.

"Thank you guys, but I'm going to get these in the wash and then make Tobias some breakfast, did you two want something?" Mitch then asks, he felt a lot better after talking with them and the least he could do was offer to make them something to eat.

"Just a cup of tea for me please Mitch." Sarah responds with a warm smile and was glad to see him relax a little.

"Same for me Mitch, we will grab something later when we go out." Mike then states, before going back to his paper with a smile on his face.

"Okay no problem." Mitch then says and is about to walk away, before he remembers his little brother and Matt. "Do you know if the other two are awake?" He then asks, if he was making Tobias something he might as well cook the other two something if they were awake.

"Tell you what Mitch, put those in the wash and then go see if they are awake, if not then wake them and I will cook you all a breakfast." Sarah then suggests, more for the sake of taking her mind of David than anything else, she couldn't wait to tell him that she has Tobias, but at the same time after everything he has done, she was wary that he might have something else up his sleeve.

"Sounds good to me, but if Tobias comes down before I'm back, just tell him to wait here with you, it's nothing important but I just need to ask the other two something." Mitch responds with a smile.

"Okay Mitch." Sarah answers and despite being curious about why he didn't want Tobias to come join him in the pool house, she lets it drop knowing there must be a good reason.

"See you in a little while." Mitch then states and walks out of the room after both his dad and Sarah give him a warm smile.

"So the waterbed has to go then?" Ben asks as he kneels beside his boyfriend and strokes his hair.

"Yeah, I mean maybe it was just everything I did yesterday, but the bed is just, well it's nice and all but it's too er... bouncy for me." Matt answers honestly, he would be the first to admit it was fun and cool, but if it was going to do this to him then it just had to go.

"This is going to be so cool." Ben then states with a big grin and despite the pain he was in, Matt couldn't help but be curious about his boyfriends delight at his answer.

"What's going to be so cool?" Matt asks as he looks at his boyfriend curiously and noticed a little twinkle in his eyes.

"We are going to be buying our first bed together and it's going to be the best bed ever." Ben answers and can't hide his excitement, the waterbed was cool but he was now thinking of a big bed with posts that they could tie each other too and suddenly started to blush when he felt himself getting a boner.

"Oh my god, you're thinking about a bed for when we do sex stuff aren't you?" Matt then asks, he didn't have to see if his boyfriend had a boner to know he had one, he could tell by the blushing and the naughty but sexy smile he has spread across his face.

"Yeah and I was thinking of one with posts so we can tie each other to it and it has to be big and yeah." Ben answers with a big grin, before giggling at the look on his boyfriends face. "What? It's not my fault I have the sexiest boyfriend ever and want to show him how much I love him." He then states with a shy smile.

"Creep." Matt states with a grin of his own, which then turns into a grimace as he tries to lean over to kiss his boyfriend. "Oh fuck... shit... Ben can you get me a drink please." He then asks, not that he was really thirsty, but that really hurt and he didn't want his boyfriend to know just how much.

"Yeah but unless you tell me how much pain you're actually in, then I'm going to pour it all over your head." Ben responds with a knowing smile and Matt can't help but curse the fact they know each other so well.

"Fine it's like a dull ache and I would say like a constant five or six, but just moving then was like a nine, now go get me a drink and can I please have a straw." Matt states honestly this time and despite the pain, he manages a smile when his boyfriend kisses him gently on the lips.

"If you have a boner by the time I come back, I may even hold the glass while you drink." Ben then teases before giving his boyfriend another gentle kiss and then heading to the sink.

"Creep!" Matt calls out, but can't resist reaching down and playing with himself and just figured it was a bit of fun and might even take his mind of the pain, but just as he succeeds and looks over to where his boyfriend is with a shy smile, he hears the pool house door opening and before he can call out it is too late.

"Holy fuck er... shit er... shit." Mitch stutters as he opens the door to the sight of Matt playing with himself and his naked little brother standing frozen half way between the kitchen and the couch with a boner.

"What the fuck Mitch." Ben then states in a pissed of tone and gives his brother a cold stare.

"Oh fuck sorry, I thought you would be asleep and was just going to knock on your bedroom door." Mitch says apologetically and tries to not look at either of the boys.

"At least close the fucking door Mitch." Matt then states, although to his own surprise he wasn't embarrassed or angry, sure it was annoying but for some reason the fact it was Mitch, just made it seem alright, well not alright but a lot better than it being anyone else he thought to himself.

"Jeez Mitch, knock on the front door next time and everyone else needs to start doing the same, this is our place and we don't want people just walking in when they feel like it." Ben then states as he calms down a little bit and walks over to his boyfriend with the glass of OJ.

"Sorry guys, really I just wasn't thinking and shit I thought last night was embarrassing." Mitch apologises again, but as he looks to the boys he realises what he just said and knew that he was going to have to explain himself.

"What happened last night?" Ben asks and can't help but wonder if it was to do with Erica and suddenly found himself not wanting to know if it meant hearing about his brothers sex life.

"Well when I got home after dropping Erica and the other two love birds at theirs, Tobias was already asleep, so I chatted with Sarah and Dad for a bit and then decided to get some sleep..." Mitch begins to explain before being interrupted.

"Aww I thought you were going to tell us something naughty about Erica." Matt suddenly states in a disappointed tone and both Mitch and Ben can't help but give him a bemused look. "What? Just because I'm gay, doesn't mean I'm not curious about girls." He then states, although he was surprised by his own statement and had never really thought about girls like that before, although his boyfriend and Mitch were more curious about the fact he referred to himself as gay.

"You think of yourself as gay now?" Ben can't help but ask, he was a little curious about what his boyfriend said about girls, but that could wait and he was more interested in his boyfriends sexuality, not that it really mattered, but they had both been pretty adamant that they were pansexual since they became boyfriends.

"Well I guess so, I mean I know we said we were pansexual, but you're a boy Ben and so am I and I love you and well I don't mind being gay, it's not like it's important though right." Matt answers as honestly as he can, it was a little confusing but at the same time he really didn't care what he was, all he knew was that he loved his boyfriend and that was all that mattered to him.

"I guess so, it was just strange because well yeah it's alright and well anyway drink up." Ben then states and holds the glass up for his boyfriend with one hand and moves the straw so that his boyfriend can drink.

"Well anyway as I was saying, I thought I would get some sleep and went into our bedroom and well, I guess Tobias made the most of having the room to himself and had a good time..." Mitch begins to explain again about what happened, but once again he is interrupted.

"You caught him masturbating?" Ben quickly states and blushes a little, as he realises that if he just kept his mouth shut, his brother was then about to tell them what happened.

"Not exactly, he was asleep but his underwear and sheets were obviously kicked off the bed and well he still had his penis in his hand, which was still half hard and he had the cutest little smile on his face." Mitch then states and decides to see what they have to say about it, he knew he probably shouldn't have told them but he was really curious to see if he needs to talk to Tobias about it or not.

"Holy shit, so he was just like totally naked and not even covered up with his penis still in his hand?" Ben asks in disbelief, he couldn't believe it and a little part of him wished he could have seen him like that and knew it would have been so funny.

"Yeah I know right and then your mum came along Matt and almost walked into the room." Mitch then states and again waits to see their reaction.

"Oh my god, no way, did she see him?" Matt quickly asks, he had wanted to talk earlier but he actually was quite thirsty and his boyfriend was just asking the same thing he was going to ask anyway.

"No, I managed to stop her, but being serious guys do you think I should talk to him about it, you know I don't want to embarrass him or anything and I'm not quite sure." Mitch then states after deciding to get to the reason he told them about it.

"You don't think that was his first time do you?" Ben then asks, he remembers how exhausted he was the first time he had an orgasm and how his first instinct was to sleep.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Mitch asks curiously, not quite seeing the point in what his little brother is asking.

"Well I remember how I felt after the first time I had an orgasm and if it wasn't for Matt and what we were doing I would have just fallen asleep, so maybe that is what happened to him." Ben explains and blushes a little when he realises what he had just said.

"Oh quit blushing, I think we are beyond that with the stuff I have seen you two doing Ben, but well I guess you could be right, so does that mean you think I should talk with him?" Mitch then responds and again asks if he should talk to him or not.

"I think you should Mitch, I mean what if he does it again and my... I mean our mum finds him like that or Mike, I mean Mike is almost as bad as you're at walking in on me and Ben." Matt then states and couldn't see any harm in the older boy talking to Tobias about that sort of thing, after all he had already given him the sex talk and no one else was going to tell him about this stuff.

"Yeah just talk to him Mitch, but er... can we ask you something er... well can we er..." Ben then starts to say nervously, but is glad to be interrupted by his boyfriend.

"Mitch we want to go buy a new bed, can you take us later to wherever we need to go please?" Matt quickly asks, while ignoring his boyfriends curious expression, he knew what his boyfriend was going to ask and didn't want to get into that conversation while he and his boyfriend were naked and they had the whole day to get through and just wanted to wait until later.

"Yeah sure, but what's wrong with the water bed and why were you talking like that just to ask for a bed Ben?" Mitch responds and can't help but be curious about his little brothers obvious nervousness and why they would want to get rid of the waterbed.

"The waterbed is bad for my pelvis Mitch, when I woke up it really hurt and it still does, even after the painkillers I took a little while ago." Matt answers and can see the look of concern on the older boys face. "It's okay it's like a three now, but it's still uncomfortable and well I just wanted a more er... stable and solid bed if that makes sense." He then adds, he knew that he was going to get asked and decided to explain and save some time.

"Oh okay, sounds good to me Matt and we will go this afternoon to look at some, but are you sure you're alright now?" Mitch responds and can't help but want to make sure he is alright.

"Yeah it's fine Mitch, I mean it really hurt when I woke up, but Ben carried me in here and it really helped." Matt responds with a smile, he really loved how the older boy always looked out for him and was genuinely starting to feel better already.

"Okay well that's sorted, so what about you Ben why so nervous?" Mitch then asks, after deciding to get back to finding out what was up with his little brother.

"It's just I was going to ask you something else..." Ben begins to answer, but one look at his boyfriend and he got the hint to not say anything yet. "But er... it can wait until later, I promise it's nothing bad, but it can wait Mitch." He then states and gives his brother a shy look and knew that he would understand.

"Okay fair enough, well whatever it is just tell me and you know I will do my best to help you both, but anyway can you get dressed Matt or do you want me to send Tobias over here and you three can eat together?" Mitch asks, he knew his dad and Sarah wouldn't be eating and he could do with a little bit of alone time to think about what he needs to say to Tobias later and then come up with something to say to these two when they ask him whatever they were going to ask him.

"I would rather stay here Mitch." Matt answers honestly, he just doesn't want to risk making it any worse and ruin his and his boyfriends plans to buy a new bed later by hurting himself.

"It will be cool to hang out with Tobias, he can help me get Matt in the jacuzzi as well after we eat." Ben then answers and smiles when he sees his boyfriends eyes light up and knew he hadn't thought of using the jacuzzi.

"Right that's settled then, I will be coming back with Tobias to bring your breakfasts and then you three will have a few hours alone, although if you decide to go for a swim later come and get me because I wouldn't mind a little fun." Mitch then states with a warm smile and starts to head towards the door.

"See you in a few minutes Mitch." Ben calls out as he watches his brother leave and as soon as the door shuts he turns to his boyfriend with a curious look. "Why didn't you want to ask him about the enema stuff?" He asks straight away, he knew it was embarrassing but he didn't see the difference between asking him now and later.

"Because he has to deal with that stuff with Tobias first you dumb ass, he isn't superman and I want to wait before we do that stuff until we have our new bed now anyway." Matt answers, while giving his boyfriend an unimpressed look, he just didn't think it was fair to ask Mitch about that sort of stuff until he helped Tobias first.

"Oh right, shit Matt I didn't even think about that, okay we will ask tonight or tomorrow sometime." Ben replies and couldn't believe he didn't think about his brother and giving him too much to think about, but he then remembers what else his boyfriend said and looks at him in surprise. "Hey what do you mean wait until we get our new bed?" He then asks in a slightly worried tone.

"Sorry Ben, but I'm not sleeping on that bed again and I'm not doing any new stuff on a crappy sofa bed." Matt explains honestly, he just knew if he spent any more time on the waterbed it could slow his recovery down and he also knew that the sofa bed, which he was technically on now was cheap and not very comfortable.

"Damn." Ben responds in a disappointed tone, he wasn't expecting his boyfriend to go on a sex strike until they got a new bed and he didn't know what else to say.

"Hey, I don't mean we can't do anything, just nothing new you dumb ass." Matt then quickly states, he knew exactly why his boyfriend sounded disappointed and couldn't help but blush a little at how much his boyfriend wanted him like that.

"Oh right, well cool I mean er... wow I sound like a complete dork right now." Ben states and can't help but giggle at how stupid he just sounded.

"Yeah you do, but you're my dork and I love you, now go get me some underwear so I'm not naked when Tobias gets here please." Matt tells his boyfriend, after giggling a little himself and watches as he starts to walk to their bedroom.

"I love you too." Ben responds just before disappearing from view.

"Morning Tobias." Sarah says as she watches her son walking into the room.

"Morning Mum and morning Uncle Mike." Tobias answers happily as he walks over and cuddles his mum, but misses the look Mike gives him and then his mum.

"Morning Tobias." Mike responds with a smile, he hadn't expected the young boy to call him uncle and even though they still hadn't discussed what he was to the boy together yet, it was now clear that Tobias had figured it out for himself and he found himself very happy with being an uncle to him.

"Uncle Mike?" Sarah can't help but ask, she could see Mike was delighted with the title and was just curious as to how her son had decided what Mike meant to him.

"Yeah well he isn't my dad and well he has two sons already and er... well I kind of have a new daddy anyway and yeah Mike can be my uncle." Tobias answers and tries to explain as best he could, but then quickly turns to Mike. "You don't mind do you?" He then asks nervously.

"No, I would be honoured to be your uncle and I think you're amazing Tobias." Mike answers with a big warm smile, he had wanted to ask about the new daddy remark, but decided by the look on Sarah's face that she was going to ask and thought it would be better for her to handle.

"Tobias, what do you mean you have a new daddy?" Sarah quickly asks, she couldn't let a comment like that go and was worried that someone might be trying something, although as she thought about it, that would be impossible, because the only person he has been with is Mitch and her confusion quickly changed into delight and she really hoped Tobias said what she thought he would.

"Promise you won't be mad?" Tobias then asks and although he is nervous, he couldn't stop smiling because of how he was talking and could tell that his mum and uncle didn't realise by the confused looks on their faces.

"I promise Tobias." Sarah answers, but she was confused by how happy he looked, while at the same time sounding nervous and couldn't quite work out why.

"Well er... would er... Mitch is well er... I want Mitch to be my new dad." Tobias manages to say, but again his nervous tone and the happy expression confuses both his mum and uncle, who give each other a shrug of the shoulders.

"Well Tobias, that is something we will have to speak to Mitch about..." Mike begins to say before the sound of the door opening and his eldest son walking interrupts him.

"Speak to me about what?" Mitch asks as soon as he closes the door behind him and gets a sinking feeling when he sees the look on his dads face and when he sees the same look on Sarah's face, he begins to worry that something was wrong.

"Can you be my new dad?" Tobias asks straight away and Mike can only look on nervously, while Sarah despite being happy to hear how Tobias views Mitch, wanted to take the conversation a little slower and doesn't quite know how Mitch will react.

"What?" Mitch asks in a confused tone and wonders if he had misheard the boy.

"I have a new mum and Mike is my uncle and Matt and Ben are my brothers, so I have enough of them and I just need a dad and I want it to be you." Tobias explains with a big grin and looks at Mitch expectantly.

"I don't understand, what's going on Dad?" Mitch asks his dad, ignoring his brother in front of him, as his head spins and he just can't understand what is going on.

"WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME, WHY YOU NOT WANT BE ME DAD?" Tobias suddenly shouts out in anger and when Mitch looks down, he can see that he was in tears and despite his confusion, he kneels down and pulls him in for a loving cuddle.

"There is nothing wrong with you, it's just you surprised me Tobias and just well er... can you explain why you asked me?" Mitch then asks, he really didn't understand what was happening and thought everything was fine with them just being brothers.

"Why don't we all sit down." Sarah then suggests, although she was a little disappointed in Mitch's reaction and wondered if her idea for him to have guardianship over the boys was a non starter.

"Sound like a good idea, come on boys take a seat." Mike then states, he could tell that his eldest sons reaction to the situation worried Sarah and he had to admit he was a little surprised himself by it.

"Me sit on lap please?" Tobias asks in a sad tone, as he looks up at his big brother and despite wanting to see his face when talking to him, Mitch decides to pick him up and as he sits down, he just holds the boy on his lap.

"Tobias can you explain to Mitch why you asked him to be your dad?" Sarah then decides to ask and just get straight to the point.

"Because er... he look after me like dad would and er... he tell me stuff like dad would and er... me want a dad." Tobias states as he tries to explain as best he can, although he is a little frustrated because he was talking like an idiot again.

"What do you think about that Mitch?" Sarah then asks, deciding she should take control of the situation and also to help Mitch out, because it was obvious he was in shock and any delay in answering could also upset Tobias.

"Tobias I love you and it would be an honour to be your dad, but I want to be..." Mitch begins to respond, but stops before finishing when he feels the boy tense up a little. "Sorry guys I can't do this... sorry Tobias... look I told the other two that Tobias would eat with them, so er... take the food and Tobias to the pool house because I need to go out." He then states and without waiting for a response he gets up and places Tobias on the floor and begins to walk out of the room.

"Please?" Tobias states in a sad and pleading tone, but Mitch ignores it and walks out of the room and heads to the front door. "MITCH?" Tobias then shouts before breaking down and slumping to the ground.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry Tobias." Mitch then says as he rushes back into the room and scoops the crying boy up into his arms and gives his dad and Sarah an apologetic look.

"Mitch..." Mike begins to say, but is cut off by his eldest son.

"Dad, it's okay and you two should go get ready, I got this and I will take him to the other two in a minute with their breakfast." Mitch states in a calm tone, he had almost walked out of he house, but hiss brother calling out to him, just reminded him of his little brother and what happened in the hospital, so he managed to snap out of his panic and focus on Tobias instead.

"We will probably head straight out, but call us if you need anything Mitch." Mike responds with a smile, he was worried after his son had walked out, but was so relieved to see him come back and he could tell that he was in control and would sort things out.

"I will Dad." Mitch responds with a smile, while gently rubbing his brothers back as he continues to cry. "Sarah I promise that I will fix this and he will be fine." He then says, after turning to her with a reassuring smile.

"Mitch I trust you and I think you're just amazing." Sarah responds and blushes a little, she knew that sounded strange and could tell that the young man thought the same thing by the odd look he gives her.

"See you later Mitch and come on Sarah we need to get ready." Mike then states, he was sure Sarah was thinking about the guardianship thing again and knew this wasn't the right time for that conversation.

"Bye." Mitch responds, he was curious about what Sarah had said and the way she looked at him, but his brothers sniffling draws his attention back to the boy and gives his dad and Sarah one last smile as they walk out of the room. "I love you Tobias, just tell me when you're ready to talk and then we can go and see Matt and Ben." He then says in a comforting tone, while his brother just sniffles again and tightens his grip around his neck and waist.

"Want to see if we can go over to Matt and Ben's later?" Wesley asks as his boyfriend lays beside him, while he gently strokes his stomach and chest.

"I just want to spend the day with you." Carter responds before leaning across and taking one of his boyfriends nipples in his mouth and playing with the other with his hand, then alternating between them.

"Oh shit... I love you so much Carter." Wesley manages to say, but then just lays back and enjoys the attention his boyfriend is giving him.

"I love you too, now let's get dressed and go get something to eat, I'm starving and need a drink." Carter then states after giving both his boyfriends nipples a final nibble, before rolling off the bed and to his feet.

"Oh you little shit, you did that on purpose." Wesley then states as he looks down at his boner and then at his boyfriend with an annoyed expression.

"Quit complaining, you loved every second of it and you know it." Carter retorts and sticks his tongue out, before finding some shorts and pulling them on. "Come on get a move on, my parents should be going out for most of the day soon and I want to say goodbye." He then states, he used to hate when his parents went out for the day, he would either have to go with one of them and be bored to death or stay at home alone and pray that one of his friends wasn't busy, but now he had his boyfriend he looked forward to them leaving the house.

"Give it a kiss first and I will get dressed." Wesley responds with a cheeky grin and waited for his boyfriend to either tell him to get lost or play along like he hoped he would.

"Nope you can wait until later, now get dressed or I will go without you and I will ignore you for the rest of the day." Carter responds with his own grin and could tell his boyfriend was going to do as he was told and just loved how they teased each other.

"Can I at least..." Wesley then begins to ask, but one look at his boyfriends expression quickly changes his mind. "Fine, but later no more teasing Carter, the novelty is wearing thin." He then states with a loving smile and although his words seem a little harsh, he knows his boyfriend won't take it the wrong way.

"Okay, now come on because I really am hungry." Carter responds with a smile and enjoys watching his boyfriend getting up and is delighted when he watches him slip on a pair of tight briefs and some loose shorts with nothing else.

"Come on then." Wesley then states and takes his boyfriends hand into his own and walks out of the door,

"I love you." Carter then says as he lets his boyfriend take the lead as they head downstairs.

"I love you too." Wesley responds and gives his boyfriends hand a gently squeeze as they make it down the stairs and head towards the kitchen.

"Thanks." Matt says after his boyfriend pulls his tighty whiteys up and covers him with a sheet.

"Just thanks?" Ben responds with a cheeky grin and Matt knows his boyfriend is fishing for some affection and he was more than happy to give it to him.

"Fine thank you for sucking my boner before putting my underwear on." Matt responds with a grin and despite being more than happy to give his boyfriend affection, he was even more happy to tease him a little, especially after he had sucked him until he was close to having an orgasm and just stopped.

"Okay I deserved that, but seriously Matt I wasn't sure if you having an orgasm would hurt you or not and I'm worried about how much pain you were... well are still in." Ben responds honestly and gives his boyfriend a loving kiss on the lips, before holding his forehead to his. "I couldn't forgive myself if I ever hurt you." He then adds in a sad tone and when he leans back a few tears roll down his face.

"Aww, come here." Matt then says as he pulls his boyfriends head back to his own and kisses him, just as the pool house door opens and they both look up a little startled.

"I wish my parents were as easy to get out of the way." Wesley states as he hears the front door to his boyfriends house opening and closing.

"I used to hate days like this Wesley." Carter then says before turning his attention back to his cereal.

"What do you mean?" Wesley asks in a slightly worried tone, to his knowledge he had never heard his boyfriend talking negatively about his home life and wondered if he was going to hear something upsetting.

"It's nothing like that Wesley." Carter responds, he saw the look on his boyfriends face and wanted to reassure him quickly before explaining everything.

"Oh, well what did you mean?" Wesley then asks in a more curious tone this time, he was relieved that he wasn't going to hear something terrible and upsetting, but he was now just curious and looked at his boyfriend lovingly as he took a couple more spoonfuls of cereal in his mouth.

"It's just before you Wesley, I had to either spend the day with one of them or both and it was always so boring and I really didn't enjoy it at all, on the other hand if I didn't go with them, then I got stuck here alone and well at first that was kind of cool and fun, you know having the house to myself and doing whatever I wanted, but well the novelty wears off after a while and it got boring and lonely." He then states in a reflective tone, he loved his parents and he loved his home life, but he didn't like being stuck at home alone almost every Sunday or stuck at some boring place while his parents enjoyed themselves.

"Oh right, yeah that would get annoying I guess." Wesley responds a little more dismissively than he had intended, it wasn't that he didn't think his boyfriend had a right to feel that way, he just knows what loneliness feels like and being reminded about it always made him feel a little sad.

"Sorry." Carter then states and before Wesley has a chance to wonder why his boyfriend is apologising to him, he feels himself being cuddled and can't help but smile at how perfect his boyfriend is.

"Why are you sorry?" Wesley then asks and despite already knowing the answer, he just wanted to hear his boyfriend say it and then just kiss him.

"Because I know what you went through with your parents and here I am moaning about one day a week, where I might have to spend most of the day alone." Carter answers with a shy smile, he sensed that his boyfriend already knew why he apologised and cuddled him, but he wasn't completely sure and decided to answer honestly.

"I love you so much." Wesley then states, before pulling back enough from the embrace to kiss his boyfriend and starts to get a little carried away.

"Can we er... you know as they won't be home until at least five er... you know try the enema thing?" Carter then asks nervously after reluctantly breaking the kiss, he knew his boyfriend was getting carried away and despite wanting to just go with it, he also wanted to make the most of their day alone together.

"Do they have instructions?" Wesley asks in response with a shy smile and Carter couldn't believe his boyfriend was agreeing to do this, he was convinced even after last night that he would have to wait until he wore down his boyfriends reluctance to actually try them.

"I think so, but maybe we should look at some online videos and see how they do it, so we don't end up making a mess or hurting each other." Carter responds, although he thought that together they could work it out themselves, he really didn't want to risk getting their shit and stuff everywhere and having to explain it to his parents.

"I can't believe I'm actually going to have something up my bum." Wesley then states with a nervous smile, he was both terrified and excited by what he was about to do.

"It's going to be awesome and well thank you so much Wesley, you're just the best thing that ever happened to me." Carter states and is just about to kiss his boyfriend, when he feels himself being almost tackled to the floor and kissed passionately, but before they can get too carried away his phone starts to ring.

"What's wrong Tobias?" Matt asks as soon as he sees the state of his brother.

"Tobias go take your plate and sit on the chair over there." Mitch states to the upset boy, before turning to his little brother and Matt. "Guys just let him eat and then we can talk about it." He then states as he walks over and hands the two boys their plates and starts to walk towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Ben asks, he was just as confused as his boyfriend was about what was happening and didn't want his brother leaving without explaining.

"Yeah Mitch, what's going on?" Matt then asks, deciding that he would back his boyfriend up and get Mitch to explain himself.

"I'm just going to get myself a drink and then use the toilet, I won't be long and yes I'm aware I can do that here, but I just need a few minutes." Mitch explains before disappearing out of the pool house, without giving either boy a chance to respond.

"Tobias talk to us, what happened?" Matt then asks as he turns his attention back to his brother, who he saw was just poking at his food.

"Tobias come on, we want to help and it can't be that bad." Ben then states, he was half tempted to go and find his brother and force him to tell him what happened, but he didn't want to leave his boyfriend.

"Tobias?" Matt then asks and attempts to sit up a bit more but grimaces and almost drops his plate.

"Matt are you alright?" Ben quickly asks his boyfriend, before putting his plate down and kneeling beside him.

"Yeah, but jeez Ben I think I should go see a doctor or give Carter a ring, because it shouldn't hurt like this." Matt answers honestly, he didn't want to go back to the hospital, but he was in more pain than he should be and didn't want to risk his recovery.

"Tobias can you..." Ben begins to ask, but as he turns around he stops and realises that there was no one there and quickly look around and couldn't see him anywhere.

"Where did he go?" Matt asks in a concerned tone, he could see into their bedroom and didn't hear the front or toilet door open and close.

"Tobias?" Ben calls out and just like his boyfriend he knew he didn't leave the room and slowly gets to his feet. "Tobias where are you?" He then calls out again as he slowly walks around the room and just as he moves around to were he was sitting he hears some sniffling coming from behind the kitchen counter.

"Ben?" Matt calls out after seeing his boyfriend looking over to the kitchen.

"I found him." Ben replies in a sad tone as he looks around the counter and sees his brother rocking gently with his knees drawn up to his chest and head in between them.

"What's he doing?" Matt asks and doesn't know whether to be concerned or curious.

"Tobias please talk to us." Ben tells him, while ignoring his boyfriends question as he slowly kneels beside his brother. "Matt's hurt and we need to call Carter, but first I need you to talk to me." He then states and gently strokes his back.

"They send me back to scary place." Tobias replies and Ben freezes for a few seconds as he takes in what he has just been told.

"They would never do that Tobias." Ben then states in a confused tone and wished he could have sounded more reassuring, but he was too surprised by what his brother had said.

"I'm stupid and made Mitch hate me and no one wants me any more." Tobias then says in a soft and sad tone, he just wished he kept his mouth shut instead of ruining everything.

"What did you do?" Ben then asks, deciding to try and get straight to the point.

"I asked Mitch to be my dad." Tobias answers and can't help but look up and glare at his brother after hearing him sigh in relief. "You hate me to?" He then asks and despite trying to be angry, he is too upset with himself to sound anything other than devastated.

"I love you and I know everyone else does as well." Ben quickly answers and this time he is composed enough to reassure his brother, although he can tell that it hasn't worked. "Tobias, I promise you that everything will be alright and..." He then begins to say, before being interrupted.

"You just saying that because..." Tobias begins to say, but just trails off after realising that he had no idea what to say or why he interrupted his brother.

"I asked Mitch to be my dad not so long ago as well Tobias." Ben then tells his brother, deciding that it would be the best way to calm him down.

"Huh? But why, you already have a dad." Tobias asks, he wasn't sure what to make of his brothers confession and wondered why he would want two dads.

"Well I was just confused and emotional, but well look, my point is that Mitch got angry and weird with me at first and stormed off, but eventually I saw sense and well whatever reasons you have for saying what you did, he will understand and we can all talk about it together, because we are a family Tobias and you're never going back to that scary place ever again." Ben explains and leans forward to give his brother a cuddle.

"But I really want him to be my dad, he is so cool and I miss my real dad, I got a new mummy so why can't I have a new daddy?" Tobias then asks after sniffling a few times, he understood what his brother had said and believed that he wouldn't be sent away, but he still didn't understand why he couldn't have a new dad.

"Guys can you come out please?" Matt calls out, he could hear bits of the conversation but felt useless just laying there and not being able to comfort his brother.

"One second Matt." Ben responds, before lifting his brothers head up to face him. "Let's go and make sure Matt is alright and then when Mitch comes back we can all talk and see how things will work out." He then suggests and slowly gets to his feet, once standing he gives his boyfriend a quick smile before holding his hand down for his brother to take.

"Okay, but please help me explain to Mitch and don't let him get angry with me." Tobias responds and takes his brothers hand and lets him pull him to his feet, but when he looks over to his other brother, he notices that he is in pain. "Matt are you alright?" He asks and quickly moves over to him, with Ben right next to him.

"Not really Tobias." Matt answers honestly before turning to his boyfriend. "Can you call Carter please and ask him if this is normal Ben, you can tell him what we did if he needs to know, just do it in the bedroom and shut the door so Tobias can't hear and Mitch doesn't walk in." He then asks with a small grimace as he tries to move.

"Okay, just call me if you need me to come back." Ben responds, although he can tell his boyfriend was in pain, but he knew he had to ddo as he was told and walks to their bedroom and shuts the door behind him.

"Can I do anything?" Tobias then asks in a concerned tone, he could see his brother was in pain and wanted to help.

"You can tell me why you want to ruin everything." Matt responds and Tobias is shocked at the anger in his brothers tone and wasn't expecting this.

"What?" Tobias asks nervously, he just wasn't expecting this response and wondered how his brother had gone from so sweet and loving to angry.

"I said why the fuck are you ruining my family, you fucking prick." Matt responds and glares at his brother.

"What's going on, should I get Ben?" Tobias asks and starts to get up, but is stopped when his brother grabs his arm tightly.

"You get that faggot and I will kill you, you stupid fucking prick." Matt hisses at his brother and quickly slaps him with his free hand. "I wish you were dead, so why don't you run away and leave me alone you fucking faggot." He then states and slaps him again.

"Matt please, please don't be mean." Tobias tells his brother and thought about calling out, but this was his best friend and he knew him better than anyone and thought he could get through to him.

"This is all your fucking fault you faggot, if you were never in my life then I would be in England still you pathetic faggot and I hate you and I'm going to enjoy hurting you." Matt then states and this time punches his brother in the side of the head.

"BEN... BEN HELP..." Tobias manages to call out before finding himself on his back with his brother on top of him and suddenly starts gasping when he feels his throat being squeezed, but when he tries to get free, he realises that he is trapped under a sheet as well as his brother and can't move at all to defend himself.

"Holy fuck, what are you doing Matt." Mitch calls out before rushing over to the boys and wondering what the hell happened.

"Who is it?" Wesley asks after rolling off his boyfriend.

"It's Ben." Carter responds and considers ignoring it.

"Answer it then and I will clear the bowls away." Wesley then tells his boyfriend before getting to his feet.

"Okay." Carter responds and smiles when his boyfriend gives him a quick peck on the lips. "Hey Ben, what's up?" He then says after answering the phone.

"Morning and well it's Matt, his is in a lot of pain and well he asked me to talk with you about it, you know to see if he needs to go to the hospital." Ben quickly explains, hoping that his friend can put their minds at rest and avoid going back to the hospital.

"Oh er... well how much pain is he is in and what kind of pain is it?" Carter asks, he assumed it was his friends pelvis that was the issue and after the swimming his friend did the day before, he figured it was to do with that.

"Well when he woke up he said it was like a dull ache and a constant five or six, but when he moved it was like a nine and I think it is just the constant dull pain now, even after he took a couple of painkillers and well you know he has strong painkillers and we were a little worried." Ben explains as best he can and wonders if it would have been better if his boyfriend was the one explaining this.

"Well I thought he would probably be a bit sore and stiff after swimming, but it does sound worse than it should be, is there anything else you can tell me?" Carter asks and tries to prepare himself for anything sexual his friend might say.

"Well we think the waterbed was the main thing Carter, I mean it isn't very stable and could have made him move a lot while we slept." Ben answers, hoping he can avoid telling his friend about the other stuff they did the night before.

"A waterbed? Wait never mind, but yeah that could have caused it, I mean if he was being constantly moved all night then it would cause him to be in pain, so you should make sure he doesn't sleep on it again, but is there anything else, you know er... well come on Ben let's try not to be embarrassed, I think the four of us should be past that by now with each other." Carter responds, this time deciding that they really should stop being embarrassed around each other.

"Well yeah we did a lot of er... you know stuff, but I was careful not to let him move too much and I really don't think it is anything to do with that, just the waterbed really." Ben answers honestly, doing his best not to get embarrassed. "But Carter do you think he should go to hospital or just rest for today?" He then asks in a hopeful tone, he just really didn't want to go to hospital.

"Honestly I think he will be fine Ben, but don't let him rest too much and try to get him in the pool, even if he just floats around it..." Carter begins to answer, but is suddenly cut off by his friend.

"Holy shit, Carter I got to go something is wrong." Ben states before hanging up, he heard shouting and Tobias calling him and couldn't waste time explaining it to his friend and knew he would understand later when he explained.

"Matt get off him." Mitch calls out again as he moves over to the two boys, but as he gets closer he realises that this isn't just a random fight between two boys and Matt is actually choking Tobias.

"Die faggot die!" Matt says in a gleeful tone as he tightens his grip.

"MATT STOP IT... STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Ben then shouts out, just as Mitch pulls Matt off Tobias.

"FUCK ALL YOU DIRTY FAGGOTS... I WILL KILL YOU ALL..." Matt screams out and Mitch struggles to hold on to him as he twists and turns to get free.

"Ben check Tobias and help him." Mitch quickly instructs his little brother, before carrying Matt into the boys bedroom and kicking the door shut behind him.

"Should we go round?" Wesley asks after his boyfriend explains about how their friend hung up on him.

"I'm not sure, I mean I heard shouting, but Sarah, Mike and Mitch are all there and if it was serious then they should be able to deal with it and if it was really bad then by the time we got there, they would be gone already." Carter replies in a calm tone, despite feeling scared and wondering if they should actualy go.

"Well we will give it an hour and if no one rings us, we will both try ringing one of them to find out what happened." Wesley then suggests and moves over to give his boyfriend a warm cuddle.

"Okay, so should we watch a movie or maybe read some comics now?" Carter then asks, he was happy with his boyfriends suggestion and although he wanted to try the enema's, he thought it would be rude of him to try and get his boyfriend to do that after the phone call.

"Maybe later, but we should go check those videos out and then get our enemas done." Wesley responds and smiles when his boyfriend gives him a surprised look. "What? Come on Carter it was your idea and well I'm curious about it now." He then states and can't resist giving his boyfriends nose a quick peck and giggles when his boyfriend scrunches it up.

"Oh wow, it's just I thought you might think I was being rude after that phone call and well wow, I really love you so much." Carter responds and grabs his boyfriends hand and starts pulling him towards the door.

"I love you too." Wesley responds with a smile and lets his boyfriend lead the way to his bedroom.

"Tobias are you alright?" Ben asks, he was kneeling beside his brother and was relieved to see that he wasn't unconscious.

"No." Tobias responds, he had already been upset from what had happened earlier with Mitch and now he had been attacked by his brother, he just felt like he had lost everything again.

"You know that wasn't the real Matt right?" Ben decides to ask, he could see the look in his brothers eyes and he knew he needed to help him understand that it was nothing to do with him.

"It like attack he did to our mum?" Tobias asks in response, in the state he was in he didn't even consider that it was nothing to do with him and what happened with Mitch.

"I think so, was he calling you and me a faggot?" Ben asks and while the words hurt him inside to say, he had to know if this was another one of his boyfriends freak out attacks.

"Yeah, he was going to kill me as well Ben." Tobias answers, he probably could have fought him off, he had always been stronger and better at fighting than his brother, but he was just not expecting it at all and was too stunned to fight back and then he was trapped under the sheet and had no chance.

"You know he didn't mean anything he said though right?" Ben then asks, he had got his confirmation that it was another freak out and now just wanted to make sure his brother knew that it wasn't anything personal.

"I guess so." Tobias answers unconvincingly and Ben realises that he has to try harder.

"Tobias, Matt loves us both and even if you're feeling upset about what happened with Mitch, do you really believe that he hates me and thinks that I'm a disgusting and dirty faggot?" Ben then asks and can instantly tells that he had said the right thing when his brother sits up and gives him a small smile.

"We take him hospital though?" Tobias then asks, he was happy that his brother had made him see sense and knew he was right and that he would never talk about Ben like that and he knew that he loved him too, but he was still concerned about what had happened.

"We will see what Mitch says, but I want to have a look at your neck, so sit up on the sofa." Ben instructs his brother and smiles as he does as he is told.

"Me not... I'm not angry with him Ben, I understand now and me... I mean I want to help him get better." Tobias then states, correcting himself as he spoke and smiles as he knows that he is close to talking normally again.

"We will help him together Tobias." Ben responds as he looks the slight bruising on his brothers neck. "You will definitely have some bruises Tobias, but they shouldn't be too bad, are you sure you're alright though?" He then asks and gives his brother a comforting smile.

"Just a bit scared, but well er... not like I'm going to cry or run away from him, but it was scary and he was like a different person." Tobias tries to answer as clearly as he can, it was hard to explain and he hoped he didn't confuse his brother.

"I know and it is scary, but he will get better I promise." Ben then says as he does his best to reassure his brother before cuddling him.

"Matt is it you?" Mitch asks after dumping the boy on the waterbed, he knew it was a dumb sounding question, but he wanted to try and get an idea of which Matt he was dealing with now.

"Why do you protect the faggots?" Matt asks as he looks up questioningly at the older boy and Mitch gets the answer to his question that he didn't want to hear.

"Matt I need you to snap out of it, this isn't you and you need to come back to us." Mitch then states, hoping he can somehow get through to him, although last time this happened it took him passing out to return to normal and even then it was almost two days before he snapped out of it fully.

"Mitch?" Matt then asks and Mitch quickly realises that it was the real Matt talking and didn't know whether this was a good sign or not, he was not stupid and knew if he was going to get through to him, that it could take hours, but for it to work so fast was a little worrying.

"Matt do you know what just happened?" Mitch decides to ask, he wanted it to be this easy, but he just couldn't help but fear that this was some sort of trick.

"Just let me kill them, they are just faggots and they need to be stopped." Matt then states and starts to get off the bed and while Mitch was glad he didn't have to worry about being tricked, he was now concerned at how the young boy was moving and didn't show any signs of distress or pain, when he knew for a fact that he was in a lot of pain before he left the boys earlier to go and get Tobias.

"Sit down Matt, you know you can't get passed me and there is no way I'm going to let you out of this room while you're like this and..." Mitch begins to say, but doubles over as pain shoots through his groin and has to react fast and ignore it so that he could stop the young boy from getting to the door.

"I will kill you to faggot lover." Matt hisses as he starts to try and punch and kick himself free, but despite his balls aching Mitch manages to quickly smother the boys limbs and catches his breath back.

"Matt, you need to snap out of this, for Ben, please don't do this to him again... Matt please don't hurt him like you did before." Mitch begins to say, but pauses as he wonders if he can get through to him like this.

"You..." Matt begins to say, but stops and just looks up at the older boy holding him in confusion and this time Mitch can see that it isn't an act.

"Matt don't hurt him like you did that day at the hospital, please don't hurt him like you did with your finger, please Matt, please snap out of this." Mitch then pleads, he knows this was a horrible thing to do and potentially dangerous, but he had to do something and just trusted his gut instinct.

"I would never hurt Ben." Matt then states in a confused tone. "Mitch what are you doing?" He then asks and Mitch doesn't quite know what to do, he was so sure this was the real Matt, but the aching in his balls had him hesitate a little bit.

"Matt what's the last thing you remember?" Mitch decides to asks and loosens his hold a little, but not enough for him to escape.

"Huh? What's going on and where are Ben and Tobias?" Matt asks and starts to tremble a little bit.

"So you don't remember kicking me in the balls a few minutes ago then?" Mitch then asks and decides to try and lighten the mood a little, thinking that if he was faking this, that the humour would catch him off guard enough for him to tell.

"I'm going to have to go to the hospital again aren't I?" Matt then asks in a sad tone and gives the older boy a sad and frightened look.

"Not unless you want to." Mitch answers honestly, well not completely because it was dependant on what happened in the next half an hour or so as to whether he needs to take him to the hospital or not.

"Did I hurt them?" Matt then asks and can see the look in the older boys eyes. "I mean Ben and Tobias, not your balls." He then states and Mitch can tell that there was no humour in the boys voice and knew it was a serious question.

"You tried to strangle Tobias, I think you might have killed him if I hadn't come in when I did." Mitch answers and suddenly sits up and holds his hand over his mouth, he couldn't believe he just said that and could see the horror on the boys face. "Oh fuck... shit Matt I didn't... shit." He then adds before trailing off, he just messed up big time and was trying to think of something to get him out of it.

"It's okay Mitch." Matt then states and Mitch can't help but look down at him in surprise.

"What?" Mitch asks, he was sure he was in a world of shit and now he was just confused.

"Well it's not okay, but you don't have to worry, I just hope he forgives me and well can I see them please?" Matt then asks and Mitch can't help but sigh in relief and slowly gets off the boy and helps him to his feet.

"Sure, they are just out there." Mitch responds with a smile and walks over and opens the door.

"So I think if you stand in the bath and er... bend over I will er... you know put it in." Carter suggests in a nervous tone, they had watched a couple of videos and thought they had it figured out enough to have a go at it.

"Oh shit er... okay." Wesley responds as he strips off, but Carter can see how nervous his boyfriend is and feels guilty, knowing that this was his idea and that he should be the one going first.

"I want to go first Wesley." Carter then says and Wesley can't help but look at his boyfriend in surprise.

"Rock, paper, scissors Carter, no best of three or five, just one round and whoever wins goes first." Wesley then suggests, he could see what his boyfriend was doing and instead of trying to argue or letting their pride get in the way, he wanted to just get it over with and thought this would sort it out fairly.

"Okay, but shit Wesley I can't believe were are going to do this, it's so awesome and scary and sexy." Carter responds excitedly and despite being nervous Wesley can't help but smile at his boyfriends enthusiasm.

"Well maybe the fingers will be sexy, but shitting out shitty water is not even close to sexy in my books Carter." Wesley then states with a grin and chuckles when his boyfriend gives him a less than impressed look.

"Ha, ha, now come on let's do this then." Carter then states and holds his hand out.

"Okay, but one round and the winner gets to go first." Wesley responds and holds his hand out.

"Hey Matt hows..." Ben begins to say after his boyfriend walks out of their room and moves over to him, but before he can finish speaking he feels a sharp pain shoot through his head and falls to the ground.

"FUCKING FAGGOTS!" Matt then shouts out and dives on top of his brother, who was still sitting on the couch and starts to strangle him again. "DIE FAGGOT DIE!" He then shouts out, before feeling himself being pulled back and thrown to the ground.

"Fuck, Ben are you alright? Tobias?" Mitch asks in a concerned tone, but he keeps his eyes firmly locked on Matt and couldn't believe he had been tricked and knew that they would have to take him to the hospital now.

"Yeah, jeez I can't believe he sucker punched me." Ben replies as he gets to his feet and rubs his jaw, he would have every right to be angry at his boyfriend, but he knew what was happening and wasn't going to hold it against him.

"Tobias are you alright?" Mitch then asks again after getting no answer the first time.

"Why does he keep tryingg to kill me all the time, while he only punches Ben, it's just not fair." Tobias answers with a small smile, he was taking his brothers approach and trying not to not make it a big deal.

"He must love me more I guess." Ben answers with a smile.

"Guys knock it off, this is serious and..." Mitch begins to say, but sees Matt getting. "Oh no you don't you little shit." He quickly states as he lifts the boy of his feet and swings him on the sofa when he tries to run past him to get to the other two boys.

"Mitch be careful you idiot." Ben then calls out, he knew his brother had to restrain his boyfriend, but he was still hurt and he didn't like the way his brother threw him on the sofa.

"Ben he is..." Mitch begins to say, but is cut off before he can finish.

"I know he is crazy right now, but he is still Matt and he is still hurt so just be careful not to hurt him even more." Ben states in a serious tone, he was scared and upset to see his boyfriend like this, but he wasn't going to show it in front of the others.

"He's sleeping." Tobias then states and both Mitch and Ben turn to see that he was right and that he appeared to be sound asleep.

"Ben I need you to go get some clothes for him and yourself and Tobias I want you to er... well just don't get too close to him, but keep an eye on him, while I make a phone call." Mitch then states and pulls his phone out.

"Why do we need to get dressed?" Ben asks in a confused tone, as he stares at his brother.

"We are taking him to the hospital Ben and I'm going to call his mum to meet us there." Mitch explains, but can see his little brother is not going to be easily persuaded to take him back to the hospital.

"Please don't Mitch, they will tie him up and say he is crazy." Ben states and Mitch can see that his little brother is on the verge of tears.

"Ben he is dangerous and he..." Mitch begins to say, but is surprised when Tobias interrupts him.

"Can't we just wait until he wakes up and talk to him and then decide what to do?" Tobias suggests while rubbing his neck a little and despite knowing he might have died, he had only just found Matt again and he didn't want to lose him.

"Yeah Mitch, let's just wait and talk to him." Ben then states, quickly jumping on his brothers suggestion in the hope he can stop his boyfriend being locked away in some kind of mental hospital.

"Boys I..." Mitch begins to say, but he can tell that he will have his work cut out convincing them and decides to just go with their suggestion and hope that Matt wakes up as himself and that he remembers what happened. "Fine, but if he doesn't remember or wakes up the same as he was, I'm taking him straight to the hospital with or without your support." He then states and gives both boys a stern stare, before turning to the sleeping boy and just gives him a sad look.

"You should get dressed Ben." Tobias then suggests as he looks at his brother, who was only wearing briefs.

"Okay, I will get Matt some as well for when he wakes up." Ben responds and walks over to his sleeping boyfriend to give him a kiss on the lips, before heading to their bedroom to get some clothes for his boyfriend and get dressed himself, but to also give himself a few moments to cry without the other two seeing him.

"Shit that's weird and cold." Wesley states as his boyfriend rubs some lube down his crack and on his bum hole. "Hey, what are you doing?" He then asks as he feels his boyfriends finger pressing against his hole.

"I have to rub some in remember, just relax I won't go in much." Carter answers in a reassuring tone, they had both seen the video and knew his boyfriend was just nervous about what was going to happen.

"I know, but shit Carter this is really happening and..." Wesley then begins to say, but stops as his boyfriends finger pushes inside his hole a small amount and he can't help but tense up.

"Hey relax will you, I won't go in any more, but I have to get some inside otherwise it will hurt when I put the tube in." Carter states in a reassuring tone, he was starting to wish he had forced his boyfriend to let him go first, because it was obvious he was getting nervous and he really didn't want him to freak out.

"Carter just put the tube in now, it's smaller than your finger and well please, just one step at a time okay." Wesley then states in a slightly agitated tone, he didn't mind how the finger felt, but at the same time he really wanted to get the enemas out of the way and just take it slowly and knew he needed more time to calm himself down,

"Okay, but remember you got to hold it even if it hurts for at least two minutes and we might have to do it a few times." Carter responds and pulls the tip of his finger out of his boyfriends hole and picks up the enema bag before lubing the end of the tube.

"I know." Wesley responds and tries his best to relax as he feels his boyfriend inserting the tube. "Oh that feels so weird." He then states and looks at his boyfriend with a slightly uneasy expression.

"Want me to stop?" Carter asks in a concerned tone, he didn't want this to be the end of it, but he didn't want to hurt his boyfriend or upset him if he really doesn't want to do it.

"No, just feels weird is all so keep going." Wesley answers honestly, it definitely wasn't bad weird, just different and he felt himself relaxing.

"I think it's in enough, are you ready for me to fill you up?" Carter then asks with a sly grin and giggles a little at the look on his boyfriends face.

"Very funny you moron, just go slow and well shit just do it." Wesley answers and despite being nervous, he appreciated his boyfriend trying to lighten the mood.

"Okay, but remember the whole bag has to go in, so I won't stop until it's empty so er... just try not to beg me to stop or anything because I er... please just even if..." Carter begins to say, but Wesley can tell that his boyfriend is struggling to explain what he means and decides to interrupt him.

"I love you too Carter and I promise not to make you feel bad, just don't stop until the bag is empty." Wesley tells his boyfriend before jumping a little as he feels something in his bum and realises that his boyfriend has started his enema. "Oh you little fucker." He states with a grin, but he can't help but feel weird as he is literally filled up and didn't know what to make of the feeling.

"Sorry, just thought it would be less awkward this way, how does it feel?" Carter asks, he wasn't planning to do it this way, but he just went for it and was now curious about what an enema actually felt like.

"I just feel like I need to take a shit Carter, it's really weird and well not good weird, I just feel really full and it's just weird." Wesley responds, trying to explain the feeling as best as he could, although it was hard to explain.

"Well you're almost half way there." Carter states as he holds the bag up, but he can see that his boyfriend is struggling a little. "Hey, are you alright?" He quickly asks in a concerned tone and despite earlier saying he wasn't going to stop until the bag was empty, there was no way he was going to carry on if his boyfriend was in pain.

"No, I really... shit I think, no, no just carry on Carter, it's not that bad but er... you will find out when it's your turn, but don't worry it's just er... well shit." Wesley responds, well tries to respond but it was too weird to explain and couldn't help but giggle a little, although he was cramping slightly.

"Okay." Carter states in a slightly bemused tone, it was clear his boyfriend was uncomfortable, but other than that he wasn't in pain and watched as the bag continued to empty into his boyfriend.

"How is your neck Tobias?" Mitch asks as he looks at his brother sitting on the floor.

"It's a bit sore, but I will be alright." Tobias responds and despite talking normally for most of the day so far, he hasn't felt this sad for a few days now and he just wants to cry.

"You don't sound fine Tobias, what's wrong?" Mitch then asks, he could tell he was upset and had a pretty good idea of what it was about and despite his initial shock, he had thought about the earlier exchange a bit more and is ready to talk with him about it.

"He told me that I'm ruining everything and he is right." Tobias answers in a sad tone and Mitch's heart almost breaks when he hears him sniffle.

"Tobias he wasn't himself, you know that and you aren't ruining anything and I know that you know we all love you and are happy that we found you." Mitch states, trying his best to reassure him and to let him know how much he is loved.

"I made you hate me and I know I messed up when I asked you to be my dad." Tobias then states and looks up as tears roll down his face.

"Well you surprised me, I will give you that Tobias, but I don't hate you and you didn't mess up." Mitch responds and pulls the boy up into his arms and then sits him down on the arm chair and kneels in front of him.

"But you..." Tobias begins to say, but stops when he feels a finger press against his lips.

"Tobias right now I'm your big brother and that isn't going to change, you don't need a new dad and I think you know that already." Mitch states, before moving his finger away from the boys lips.

"Me not good enough to be your son?" Tobias then asks, ignoring the attempts to make him feel better.

"Tobias I would be your dad in a heartbeat if I needed to be, but the truth is I would prefer to be your older brother, I think we will have a lot more fun and be a lot closer like that." Mitch answers honestly, but he could tell that he had to tread carefully with his words and luckily he had a little experience with this sort of conversation thanks to his little brother and hoped to not make the same mistakes he made that time.

"Why more fun and better?" Tobias asks in a curious tone, he was still upset but he was curious about what he meant.

"If I was your dad, then I would have to be a parent to you Tobias and that means setting you rules, telling you what to do and punishing you if you were naughty or bad and telling you when to go to bed and if you were playing with your friends or brothers and I wanted you to do some chores or homework, then you would have to do what I tell you, that sort of thing Tobias, but if I was just your big brother we could just have fun, although I will still boss you around, like I do with Ben and Matt." Mitch explains in a serious tone and can see that he has him thinking.

"Yeah Tobias, you got your mum and my dad to boss you around, why would you want this big lump bossing you around as well?" Ben then says and both Mitch and Tobias turn in surprise to see him dressed and walking over to his sleeping boyfriend.

"I er... but don't I need a mum and a dad?" Tobias asks in a confused tone, although he can't help but blush slightly when he looks over to see that his brother is dressing his other brother, who was still sleeping.

"Tobias you don't have to have two parents, sure it's nice and how it should be, but it isn't always the way things work out." Mitch answers, he wasn't sure who the question was directed at, but he saw his little brother was dressing his boyfriend and he knew as the adult he should be answering the questions anyway.

"But..." Tobias begins to asks, but Mitch decides to cut him off and try a different approach.

"Tobias, me and Ben only have our dad now, our mum died a long time ago and..." Mitch begins to say, but he has to pause when he hears a sniffle from behind him and when he glances over his shoulder he realises that his little brother heard him and knew that it was still something that neither of them had fully moved on from. "She died a long time ago and we never got a new mum and we did alright and Matt doesn't have a dad any more and he will do alright as well, because we all have each other, so you don't have to have two parents to be happy Tobias." He then finishes explaining and again glances over his shoulder to see his little brother wiping his eyes before returning his attention back to his boyfriend.

"Is it still alright for Mike to be my uncle?" Tobias then asks, he still had to get his head around what he has just been told, but it did make sense and he could see that both Mitch and Ben were upset about their mum and didn't want to keep talking about that.

"I think it is alright Tobias, if he doesn't mind." Mitch answers and can't help but wonder why the boy had wanted him as a dad, while only wanting his dad to just be his uncle.

"He said he was proud to be my uncle." Tobias answers with a smile and for the first time since Mitch had walked into the room earlier when he was talking to his mum and uncle, he was happy, until they both turned to Matt after hearing him yawn.

"Hey Dumb Ass." Ben says with a big grin as he pushes his boyfriends hair away from his eyes.

"Stay away from me." Matt states and pushes his boyfriends hand away from his face.

"Ben come here, that isn't..." Mitch begins to say, but is quickly cut off.

"It's me Mitch, but I don't want to hurt anyone." Matt states in a sad tone, he knew exactly what happened and unlike the previous freak outs, he remembered it all and just felt guilty and ashamed.

"You remember?" Mitch asks and moves over to the boys, after realising his little brother hadn't moved away and wanted to be able to intervene if Matt turned on him.

"Everything." Matt says before attempting to move so that he could see his brother and grimaces.

"Do you need some more painkillers?" Ben asks in a concerned tone, he was a little cautious because he knows his boyfriend could still be tricking them, but he also knew that before he didn't even seem to show any signs of pain and took that as an indication that this was really his boyfriend.

"No, well yeah please, but where is Tobias, I need to tell him how sorry I am." Matt answers as he tries again to look around the room but gives up after grimacing again.

"I'm fine Matt, well my neck might be a little bruised, but I'm fine I promise." Tobias answers as he moves to his brothers side with a genuine smile, he saw that Mitch had also moved a bit closer and knew that his big brother was looking out for him.

"I'm so sorry though and I didn't mean any of the things I said to you, I love you so much and you being here is the best thing ever and well I don't ever want to lose you again." Matt then states sincerely and manages to force himself to smile.

"Take these Matt." Ben then says after quickly getting two of his boyfriends painkillers and holds a glass of water for him to drink.

"Thank you." Matt then says after taking the pills and drinking half the water.

"Matt when you're ready, I will take you to the hospital okay." Mitch then states and ignores the look his little brother gives him.

"I don't need to go Mitch." Matt responds and knows from the look on the older boys face that he needs to explain. "I remember everything Mitch, it's my dad he er... tried to brainwash me, he kept saying the things I was saying to you three and it wasn't just that week, he has been doing it ever since me and Ben went camping with him." he then explains and decides to hear their reactions before continuing.

"Since we went camping?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he couldn't see how it had started back than, they weren't even boyfriends or anything and couldn't see how David could know about them if they didn't even know about each other.

"Not about the faggot and gay stuff, but I remember now and on the trip he told me that we were going to go back to England and back to our old house because of how upset and unhappy I was at the beginning, but just before they started to make the arrangements you turned up Ben and because of how happy you made me, he said they decided to stay and he made loads of little comments after that about you Ben, I just never realised what he was doing." Matt explains with a sad expression, he just couldn't believe he never suspected anything, any time his dad talked to him about those things, he just shrugged them off as something he was imagining, but now it was so obvious to him and he just hated his dad even more.

"It's my fault you couldn't go back to England and be with Tobias?" Ben then asks in a sad tone and Matt can tell that his boyfriend is a little hurt and also feeling guilty.

"No, well that is what he wanted me to think, but he was making it up, because well er..." Matt begins to say, but starts to struggle as he tries to work it all out and then try to work out how to say it, but Mitch interrupts him.

"He was the reason you moved from England Matt, your mum never wanted to leave and it was all him, he somehow got her bosses to move her here and well I guess he suspected that you and Tobias were getting closer than he thought two boys should be." Mitch states and can see the shocked look on all three of the boys faces.

"So it's my fault?" Tobias asks, although he knew that was stupid to think that and knew that the only person to blame was David.

"This is all David, he must of thought getting you two away from each other would stop Matt from become gay, so I guess when he and Ben started getting closer he tried to..." Mitch begins to explain, but pauses for a few seconds to think of the right words to use. "He tried to get you to blame Ben for not getting to go home Matt and probably tried to fill your head with little things that would make you not trust him or want to be around him any more." He then states, although he was sure that he could have done a better job of explaining it if he had more time to think.

"He made comments about how he heard Ben laughing about me or making fun of me behind my back." Matt then states and again he can't believe his dad did that to him and was annoyed at himself because he never realised it at the time.

"I would never do that though." Ben then states in a defensive tone, he would never do that to anyone, let alone his boyfriend.

"I know and I never took any notice of him Ben, I mean I thought he was just joking around and trying to play a joke on me, I never believed him though because well, I just knew you wouldn't do any of that stuff." Matt responds with a warm smile and reaches out to hold his boyfriends hand.

"But if he thought you two were getting too close, why didn't he move you away like he did with us?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone, although there was also a little hurt in his voice as he wondered why Matt got taken away from him, but not Ben.

"From what I know boys, David is part of some creepy secret group of people and well they hate gay people, if I had to guess I would say that he had to convince the others to just move countries instead of doing something to you two, so I think what happened to Matt was what would have happened in England, but I guess David did enough to keep that from happening, but he must have known that if the others found out about his suspicions about Ben and Matt then he couldn't just move again." Mitch tries to explain, but he knows it didn't make much sense and even after hearing David talking about the group, he struggled to make any sense of it.

"They kill gay people?" Ben then asks, just before either of the other boys can ask the same thing.

"Not every gay person, I think they select their targets carefully." Mitch states and suddenly has a thought. "He might have killed Mr Jones." He then states and again he sees three surprised faces looking at him.

"He couldn't though, he was with us and there was no way he could have done it, we didn't tell him about Mr Jones until the last night and Mr Jones was killed way before that." Ben states matter of factly, he didn't want to give David any sort of credit for something good.

"Are you completely sure he couldn't have known earlier. I mean did you talk about it together before telling him, I mean he might have overheard you." Mitch then asks, it was unlikely but when it came to David, Mitch wasn't going to rule anything out.

"Our phones were all dead." Ben then states and Mitch just looks at him in confusion.

"What does that have to do with anything." Mitch asks in a confused tone.

"When we suggested calling the police, all our phones were dead, but Matt never used his though and it should have been fully charged and I knew mine had at least a third of a battery because I called you the day before and turned it straight off, but well I had more important things to think about than phone batteries at the time." Ben explains and couldn't believe he never suspected how weird that was at the time.

"He drained them all?" Matt then asks, he was happy to just let the others talk for a while, but he couldn't help but ask as he remembers thinking it was weird at the time, but just like his boyfriend his mind was on other things and didn't give it much thought.

"We could try and work it out for the rest of our lives boys, but I think we need to get back to you Matt and I really want you to come with me to the hospital." Mitch then decides to tell the boys, although he would give the subject more thought himself, his first priority is Matt and his mental health.

"I won't go back there Mitch, but I do want to see my dad." Matt responds and despite Tobias and Mitch looking at him in shock, it is his boyfriend releasing his hand that gets his fully attention.

"Why would you want to see that monster?" Ben demands in a slightly angry tone, he couldn't even begin to understand why his boyfriend would put himself through that and he was also afraid that the experience would hurt his boyfriend even more.

"Because I need to show him that he failed and I need to face my fears Ben." Matt answers honestly, but can see that his boyfriend is not convinced. "Ben I need to do this, I need to face him and I need you to be with me." he then adds and looks pleadingly at his boyfriend.

"Can I see him too?" Tobias then asks and blushes a little as they all turn to him this time.

"Tobias I don't..." Mitch begins to say before the young boy interrupts him.

"Mitch I want to show him that he didn't beat me either, he killed my family and..." Tobias begins to explain, but as soon as he thinks about his family, he breaks down and begins to cry.

"Oh shit, come here." Mitch says in a caring tone and pulls the now sobbing boy into his arms and cuddles him.

"Mitch I think if me and Tobias went together it would show him how much he failed, I want to see the look in his eyes when he realises that Ben and me are stronger than ever and that I have Tobias back, I want to see him Mitch please." Matt then pleads, his heart broke for his brother and he just wanted to hurt his dad so much.

"We will talk with your mum Matt and go from there, now are you up for a swim in a little while?" Mitch asks, he was still thinking of taking him to the hospital, but for now he was going to give him a chance to show that he was alright.

"I don't know if I should." Matt answers honestly, he was sure as the day went on he would get better and didn't know if swimming would just make it worse that it was already.

"Actually Carter said it would be good to get in the pool, even if you just floated around or I helped you, because it would help you loosen up." Ben then states with a smile, as he moves closer to his boyfriend and gives him a kiss before just holding his hand again.

"Sounds good to me, but why don't you two go in your room and get changed while I take this little guy back to the house and get him sorted out." Mitch suggests as he gets to his feet with the still crying boy in his arms.

"Alright." Ben responds and stands up, before helping his boyfriend to his feet, although he can tell that it was going to be a slow walk to their room.

"See you in around ten to fifteen minutes, just go in without us if we aren't out though." Mitch then states, before walking over to the door and leaving.

"Stop a second Ben." Matt says as he leans against his boyfriend and takes a few sharp breaths.

"You don't have to swim if you don't want to." Ben then says as he supports his boyfriends weight.

"No it's fine, the painkillers will kick in soon." Matt responds and takes a deep breath before standing back up from his boyfriend. "Okay let's go and can we were matching speedos again?" He then asks, he loved the speedos they wore yesterday and knew they had a few matching pairs.

"Let's wear the red ones today then." Ben responds as he guides his boyfriend to their bedroom.

"I can't believe you got it all over the floor Wesley." Carter says in an unimpressed tone, just as his boyfriend finishes his third enema and the water comes out clear.

"Hey, you're the one who told me to try and get to the toilet, we agreed to just do it in the bath you moron." Wesley retorts, although he was mortified that as soon as he lifted his leg over the side of the bath to get to the toilet the water just came flushing out and he almost fell back in the bath tub when he panicked, but a good amount ended up on the bathroom floor.

"Well okay, but damn it, we are going to have to clean it up as soon as I do my enema." Carter concedes as he looks at the brown water on the floor and is just thankful they have a tiled floor.

"The smell though, so glad you got that air freshener because the videos didn't say anything about the smell." Wesley then states, while to his boyfriends slight amusement he is hopping slightly from foot to foot.

"Yeah it was bad, but are you alright because you're sort of bouncing." Carter asks as he tries not to giggle at his boyfriend, he was sure he would have just laughed at him outright, but he was aware he was going to go through the same thing and might be bouncing around as well.

"I just feel a little weird, but it doesn't hurt and it's alright." Wesley answers honestly as he moves over to the table and picks up the lube. "Now get in the bath and spread your legs a little." he then instructs his boyfriend, who gives him a nervous look before doing as he is told.

"Can you er... you know not put your finger in and just the tube, like I did with you after you asked?" Carter then asks, he wasn't afraid the finger would hurt, he just wanted to wait until he could have his boyfriends whole finger rather than just the tip while he put a little lube in him.

"Sure and remember whoever needs the most enemas before the water comes out clear, has to go first with the finger in their bum." Wesley responds with a nervous smile, he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to go first or second and was glad when his boyfriend had come up with this idea and knew it was the fairest way.

"I was thinking of another way we could do it." Carter then states and can tell his boyfriend is curious straight away. "Well not the first time, we will still each lube each other up and then finger the other for a while and then switch, like we talked about first, but after that we could sixty-nine on our sides and stick our fingers in, I think it will be so cool and sexy." He then explains and despite feeling a little nervous about coming up with the idea, he instantly relaxes when he sees his boyfriend smiling.

"Sure, but we have to go slow and well use lots of lube first." Wesley responds with a shy smile, he was steadily getting more excited about what they were going to do. "Right anyway I'm going to rub some lube in now and then stick it in." He then states as he pours some lube into his hand and also down his boyfriends bum.

"Oh fuck that's cold." Carter quickly squeals as the cold lube runs down his crack and over his hole.

"Yeah, but at least I warned you about it, unlike you did for me." Wesley responds with a quick swat to his boyfriends bum cheeks and giggles when he yelps in surprise.

"Fine but next time you spank me, I'm going to smack you across the face with one of those stupid dildo things." Carter teases before tensing a little when he feels his boyfriends finger rubbing gently against his hole. "Oh shit that feels nice." He then says as he lets out a series of small moans.

"So sexy." Wesley then says as he continues to rub his boyfriends hole and can't resist nibbling his hip, which rewards him with more sexy little moans from his boyfriend, but before his boyfriend can really enjoy himself he quickly moves his finger away and with his other hand quickly pushes the end of the tube up his boyfriends bum, just like he had done to him on his first enema and giggles when his boyfriend squeals.

"Prick!" Carter states in a half serious tone, he couldn't exactly be angry at his boyfriend, because he had done it to him, but he wasn't happy about the teasing before that being interrupted.

"You're going to love this part." Wesley then says and before Carter can ask his boyfriend what he meant, he feels himself being filled up and can't help but jump a little and let out a little whimper. "You alright?" Wesley quickly asks in a concerned tone, he didn't feel any pain earlier, well not enough to make him whimper like that and was worried that his boyfriend wasn't ready for this.

"No, I mean yeah I'm good, just feels weird and well I wasn't expecting it to feel like this." Carter answers honestly, he now knew what his boyfriend had meant about the feeling of being filled up and it was just hard to explain in words.

"Yeah I know, but I promise that it isn't that bad, well you cramp a little and you feel like you can't hold it, but you can Carter and well just think of what happens when we are done with this part." Wesley then states with a smile and can't resist giving his boyfriends shoulder and neck a series of kisses.

"I love you." Carter says as he closes his eyes and braces himself against the wall with his hands.

"I love you too." Wesley responds, before reaching round and gently rubs his boyfriends balls.

"Tobias any time you want to talk about your family just come and talk to me and I will listen to you and try to help you through it." Mitch tells the boy, who was sitting on the edge of his bed and wiping his eyes.

"Sorry me stupid for upset, I know they dead and it's just me, I want to see them Mitch." Tobias responds and looks up to his big brother, before wiping his eyes with the back of his hand again.

"I know you do and as soon as we are all settled here and Matt is allowed to fly we will go see their graves." Mitch states in a caring tone and gently rubs the boys knees.

"You promise?" Tobias asks after sniffling a few times and despite feeling upset, he couldn't be happier having his big brother look out for him.

"I promise, but it might be a long time because Matt is still not very well, unless you want to go without him." Mitch answers and looks at the boy to see how he reacts to his suggestion.

"No, no me want everyone to go and we goodbye them together." Tobias answers with a small smile, he wanted them all to say goodbye to his family with him, even if it meant waiting months or however long his brother needed to be ready.

"I'm so proud of you Tobias and I know that we are just going to be brothers, but I want you to know that if you ever need a dad, then I would be honoured to have you as my son." Mitch then states sincerely and just couldn't help but think about being his dad, although he would only take that responsibility if something happened to Sarah and his own dad.

"You want give bed time and boss around." Tobias responds with a giggle and squirms when he feels himself being pushed on to his back and tickled.

"In bed by seven and no going outside when it's dark, yeah I can't wait to ground you for being naughty." Mitch teases as he tickles the boy, until he starts to cry out that he needs to pee and slowly lets him go.

"I love you Mitch, but brothers is fine with me." Tobias states as he starts to take his clothes off.

"I love you too." Mitch responds as he takes his own clothes off and walks over to his cupboard to pick out a speedo.

"Want to jump in?" Ben asks nervously as he looks at his boyfriend, he was a little disappointed they had come out before the others and knew it would be harder to get his boyfriend in the pool without hurting him.

"I know you're joking Ben, but actually we could do what Wesley did yesterday." Matt responds, he knows his boyfriend was nervous about hurting him by helping him in the water, but he remembered how Wesley had held him and jumped backwards into the water and knew that would work with his boyfriend.

"When he held you and jumped in the pool backwards?" Ben asks, he remembered how angry he was at his friend for doing that and wanted to punch him if he had hurt his boyfriend, but when his boyfriend told him off for being angry, he realised that it was alright and his boyfriend was fine.

"Yeah it didn't hurt at all and it was kind of fun Ben." Matt responds as he holds his boyfriends hands and gives him a quick kiss.

"Speaking of fun, want to go skinny dipping?" Ben then asks, he knew their parents were gone for most of the day and it would only be Mitch and Tobias who would see them, so he was hoping his boyfriend would feel confident enough to do it.

"Oh shit er... yeah alright let's do it." Matt answers, surprising himself just as much as his boyfriend, who pulls him in for a quick cuddle.

"I love you so much." Ben then whispers into his boyfriends ear, before pulling back with a big grin.

"I love you too and it's going to be so funny when they realise we don't have anything on." Matt then says and again surprising himself as much as his boyfriend, when he starts lowering his speedos and lets them drop to the floor, before stepping out of them and waiting for his boyfriend to do the same.

"I will put them under the chair so they won't see them, that way they won't know until the get in and we start playing around." Ben then says as he quickly takes his speedos off and puts both his and his boyfriends pair under one of the chairs.

"Okay I'm ready Ben, do you want me front or back." Matt then states with a naughty smile and Ben stops in his tracks as he takes in his boyfriends obvious meaning.

"Front to front, that way we can kiss each other as I jump in." Ben answers with his own naughty smile, as he walks between the pool and his boyfriend.

"Sounds good to me." Matt then says, before wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and starts to kiss him, he then tenses slightly as he feels his boyfriend step back, before jumping up a little.

"Hey don't blame me, you suggested rock, paper, scissors and won Wesley." Carter states in an amused tone, he had needed three enemas just like his boyfriend and they had to decide who got fingered first and despite wanting to go first, it was his boyfriend who won and he was now laying on his back on his bed.

"I know, but just go slow okay." Wesley responds in a nervous tone and just tries his best to relax as he feels his boyfriend move between his legs.

"You need to lift your legs and open them up a bit more." Carter then instructs his boyfriend with a loving smile, he could see he was nervous and didn't want to rush him too much.

"I know I said go slow, but not this slow Carter, just go for it before I chicken out." Wesley then states, he knows the longer this goes on, the more chance his nerves will get the better of him.

"Okay just relax." Carter responds as he moves his lubed finger and begins to move it up and down his boyfriends bum crack, while trying not to giggle at the noises his boyfriend was making, especially when he started to rub and press against his hole.

"Oh wow that, that feels so weird." Wesley states and although it was similar to what they did during their enemas, it was different because he knew they were really doing it now and couldn't help but moan a little as he feels his boyfriends finger pushing in slightly.

"Just tell me if it hurts." Carter then says as he wiggles his finger a little, before pressing it in a bit further.

"Wow." Wesley then says before moaning and groaning as his boyfriends finger slides in a little further and continues to wiggle around.

"You like it?" Carter then asks in a surprised tone, although he was delighted that his boyfriend seemed to be loving it, well if the moaning and groaning was anything to go by.

"Oh, oh shit that feels weird." Wesley answers as he puts his arms over his face, he wasn't expecting this and when he felt his boyfriend putting another finger in he just melted and could feel his boner twitching a little.

"Just tell me if it starts to hurt." Carter repeats again, he was enjoying it himself and was so happy that his boyfriend didn't mind him putting another finger in and decided to use his free hand to play with his boyfriends boner and balls.

"Oh fuck, you're going to make me cum Cater, shit er... shit stop I er... oh what the hell, oh fuck wow." Wesley begins to say, but he feels his boyfriends finger hit something and he just loses it and starts to tense up.

"I think I just found your prostate." Carter then states with a grin and begins to rub the spot more and can feel his boyfriends body shuddering and knows he is going to make him cum soon, so lets go of his boner and watches to see if he can make him do it without even touching it.

"Oh fuck it's..." Wesley begins to say, but stops when he feels his orgasm building and despite learning to hold it back and control himself a long time ago, he couldn't do anything to stop it this time and no one was even touching his balls or boner.

"This is so hot and sexy." Carter states as he increases his rubbing and just when he thinks about trying three fingers, he watches as his boyfriend lifts of the bed and knows he is making his boyfriend cum and grins.

"OH FUCK... FUCK CARTER... FEELS... OH WOW!" Wesley screams out as his boner erupts and his cum seems to shoot out everywhere before collapsing back on the bed panting hard, but he can feel his boyfriend continuing to rub his prostate and tries to ask him to stop, but all that comes out is a few moans as he just feels like he is on cloud nine.

"You liked that then." Carter then says with a big grin and knows he should probably stop, but he decides to wait until his boyfriend can actually tell him and begins to just move his fingers in and out, instead of just rubbing his prostate and is rewarded with more moans of pleasure.

"Yeah." Wesley responds as he lets his boyfriend continue to use his fingers and despite wanting him to stop a few moments ago, he was just enjoying the feeling he was getting now and when his boyfriend went back to rubbing his prostate he started moaning again.

"Well my turn now." Carter then states and slowly pulls his fingers out and can't help but giggle when his boyfriend makes an adorably cute whimpering noise and he knows it was because he wanted it to continue.

"You're going to love it Carter, but you need to give me a few minutes." Wesley responds with a grin, but is soon moaning again when he feels his boyfriends mouth and tongue all over his body and realises that he is eating his cum and just sighs in content.

"They already in pool." Tobias says as he and his big brother walk out on to the patio and saw that his two other brothers were already in.

"Well they are in, but I don't think that counts as actually swimming." Mitch then states with a wry smile, as they walk towards the side of the pool, where his little brother had Matt pressed up to the side of the pool and seemed to be lost in their own little world as they kissed.

"BOMB!" Tobias then shouts out and before Mitch can even turn to see what was happening, he hears a squeal followed by a loud splash.

"Hey lover boys, break it up will you." Mitch then calls out to his little brother and Matt, who slowly stop kissing each other to turn to him and stick their tongues out before resuming their kiss.

"SPLASH ATTACK!" Tobias then shouts out and to Mitch's amusement the young boy sends splash after splash over his little brother and Matt, who both squeal and shout out.

"Tobias cut it out for a second." Mitch then tells the excited boy, who does as he is told and looks up to him with a confused expression.

"Remember Matt isn't very well today, so go easy on him." Mitch explains and he can see that the boy understands and smiles when he swims over to his brothers, he then lowers himself into the pool and decides to leave the three boys to talk while he does a few laps.

"Sorry." Tobias says in a slightly meek tone, as he comes up next to his brothers.

"It's alright Tobias, we deserved it for ignoring you." Ben responds and turns to face his brother with a friendly smile.

"How are you anyway Tobias, did Mitch talk with you?" Matt then asks, remembering how upset he had been a little while ago and wanted to make sure he was okay.

"Yeah, I going to see family in England soon he said." Tobias answers and instantly he realises that his brothers are concerned and knows that he wasn't being very clear. "To say goodbye, I never got to say goodbye so Mitch said we can all go when Matt can fly." He then adds and can see them both relax a little and manages a weak smile, although he couldn't help feeling down when he thinks about his family being dead.

"You mean visit their graves." Matt states with a sad look, he then paddles over to his brother and gives him a quick cuddle, although Tobias only just manages to keep them above water as Matt struggles to use his legs to stay afloat without his arms. "Sorry." He then says as he pulls away and uses his arms to steady himself.

"Be careful Matt or at least tell us when you want to cuddle so we can steady ourselves." Ben then says and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I know sorry." Matt apologises again.

"It's okay and yeah to visit their graves, I want to see some friends to, they probably think I'm dead." Tobias then says and has to wipe his eyes as a few tears run down his face.

"I wish I wasn't hurt, then we could go now." Matt then says as he paddles back a little so that he can hold on to the side of the pool, although he has to give his boyfriend a smile to show that he is alright and doesn't need any help.

"Would have to wait for school holidays anyway Matt." Tobias then says, he hadn't talked about that with Mitch, but knew there was no way they could go during school term, even if his brother was able to travel.

"Maybe, but I promise to try and get better, well enough to go to England with you as soon as I can." Matt then says with a loving smile.

"Why you two naked?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone after deciding to change the topic to one less emotional and although he wasn't quite one hundred percent sure they were skinny dipping, he thought he would take a chance and can tell by their faces that he was right.

"How did you know?" Ben asks in a surprised tone, he looked down in the water and couldn't tell if his boyfriend was naked, well he thought he could but not for certain because the water was moving quite a bit.

"I didn't for sure, but you just confirmed it." Tobias answers with a grin and knows he just got one over on his brothers.

"Want to join us?" Matt then asks, deciding there was no point being embarrassed and thought it would be funnier if they were all naked and seeing how long it took Mitch to realise they were skinny dipping.

"Help me take them off." Tobias answers with a shy smile, he could probably do it himself, but not without Mitch noticing and he got the feeling his brothers didn't want him to now just yet and was more than happy to play along.

"Okay." Ben says and sinks under the water and pulls his brothers speedos down and can't resit giving his bum cheeks a little squeeze before resurfacing.

"Hey you touched my bum." Tobias states in a slightly annoyed tone and Ben realises that he may have crossed a line his brother wasn't comfortable with.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Ben begins to apologise, but Tobias is quick to interrupt him.

"No do it again, me not gay okay." Tobias states, he was happy to leave it at that, but wanted his brother to know he didn't like it.

"Tobias we know you aren't gay, but boys still mess about and even straight boys grab each other and slap each others bums." Matt decides to say, he respected his brother for not wanting to be touched, but also wanted to make sure he understood that not everything is gay.

"So me can hit bums and er... you know grab willies and not be gay?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone, his time in the scary place had pretty much halted his childhood and he struggled to understand what was alright and what wasn't and knew that he needed to listen to his brothers so that he could catch up and not make a fool of himself.

"Well not all the time, I mean if you were having a bit of fun and wrestling with some friends or chasing each other and things like that Tobias, then a few little quick grabs or smacks to the bum is just a bit of fun, but you can't just walk up to another boy and grab his thing or hit his bum because that would be weird and bad." Matt explains as clearly as he can, he really didn't want his brother to misunderstand and get in trouble.

"So when we play, it won't be gay if we grab each other, it's just a bit of fun and messing around?" Tobias then asks, feeling relieved that he understood what he was being told and also a little excited by what he was going to do to his brother once his other brother confirmed what he just asked.

"Yeah it will just be fun and I'm sure Carter and Wesley will want to play like that too." Matt answers with a smile and can tell that his brother understood.

"Cool." Tobias says and Matt can't help but see a little glint in his brothers eyes and before he can figure it out, he sees his boyfriend twitch and push himself away from his brother and gives them both a curious look.

"You cheeky prick." Ben then states as he smiles at his brother, who gives him a shy smile.

"What did he do?" Matt asks his boyfriend, he had no idea what happened, but by their reactions he knew it wasn't anything bad.

"Me grab his willy." Tobias answers and giggles as he quickly goes under the water and Matt just smiles.

"He is just the cutest..." Ben then begins to say, he really loved his brothers innocence and unpredictability, but before he can finish he feels his balls being squeezed and tries to fight his attacker off, but fails when he assumes his brother is in front of him and as soon as his balls are released he feels his bum getting pinched on both cheeks.

"You alright?" Matt asks his boyfriend in a teasing tone, he could see that his brother was obviously grabbing him under the water and found it amusing to see his boyfriend trying to defend himself, but clearly having no idea where he was.

"Fucking hell Matt, I don't think you should..." Ben begins to respond but when he feels his balls being squeezed again he has to pause. "Shit, never should have told him about the grabbing." He then manages to say, just as he manages to finally get a hold of his brother and pulls him to the surface and get him in a bear hug from behind.

"You okay Tobias?" Matt asks his brother, he could see that he was breathing a little heavy and must have been running out of air anyway.

"That fun and he not even have hard willy." Tobias responds with a grin and both Ben and Matt laugh at his choice of words.

"That's because it's just fun and I love Matt." Ben answers, but thinking ahead he decides to explain something else just to avoid any confusion later. "But we are boys Tobias and our er... willies will go hard all the time and sometimes when we are just messing around, we can't control them, so if you or one of us gets a boner then don't worry, it just happens sometimes okay." He then adds, it was just him thinking ahead because as he pulled his brother up and got him in the bear hug he actually thought he felt his boner and didn't want him to get upset thinking he was gay for getting one.

"It's true Tobias, so don't worry if you get a boner when you mess around playing with us and don't freak out if one of us gets one, it doesn't make you gay and it doesn't mean we fancy you, it's just what penis's do at our age." Matt then says, deciding to back his boyfriend point up and blushes when he sees him blow a kiss to him.

"My willy is hard now." Tobias then admits, he was a little worried that he had got a boner, but after hearing his brothers telling him that it was normal, he wasn't embarrassed or worried about getting one now.

"I just got a boner from Ben blowing me a kiss." Matt then admits and can see the surprise on both their faces and giggles.

"Well cheers for sharing that Matt, I really wanted to know you had a boner." Mitch then says as he swims to the boys and stands up in the pool.

"Oh shit." Matt says and blushes, he hadn't heard or seen him approaching and just felt like an idiot.

"Yeah and maybe you can tell me why you all three are butt naked as well." Mitch then says, he had actually been sneaking up on them underwater, but the sight of a naked bum had made him come up to the surface, only to hear Matt's confession and he just had to shake his head at the boys antics.

"How did you know that?" Ben asks his brother after turning to him, while letting his other brother go from the bear hug.

"Well I was going to scare you all by jumping out from the water, but instead of got a full view of someone's lily white arse and from how you're all standing now, I know it was yours Ben." Mitch explains with a grin and can see that all three boys are embarrassed.

"Well at least it's a nice bum to accidentally see." Matt then says, deciding to quit being embarrassed and have a little fun.

"Well moving on, how are you doing Matt?" Mitch then asks, from what he could tell the boy wasn't really making the most of being in the water and was going to try and encourage him to do some actual swimming.

"Pretty good, it still hurts a little but being in the water helps." Matt answers honestly and decided to stop resting at the side and tread water for a bit.

"Well that is good, but to be honest I want to see you doing some actual swimming Matt, so come with me and I will help you, while the other two mess around or do something about their lily white backsides, it's pretty hot and the sun is out." Mitch then suggests and gives his two brothers a quick wink and hoped they got the message to give him and Matt some space.

"Where's the sunscreen?" Ben then asks, he wanted to help his boyfriend swim around, but he knew that his brother had something in mind and wanted to let him help his boyfriend and then he knew it wouldn't be fair on Tobias, so was happy to spend some time with him.

"We play though right?" Tobias then quickly asks, before Mitch can answer his little brothers question.

"Yeah but let's get our bums and front tanned and then we can play whatever game you want Tobias." Ben answers before looking back at his brother.

"There is some in the my room in the draw beside my bed Ben, but take your time okay." Mitch then tells his little brother and smiles as both boys swim to the other side of the pool and pull themselves up and head towards the house.

"Am I in trouble?" Matt then asks, he knew there was a reason that Mitch wanted him alone and guessed it was to do with what happened earlier.

"That depends on how honest you're with me." Mitch answers and pushes back from the boy a little. "Now swim to me." He then states.

"I don't understand." Matt responds while doing as he is told and moves towards the older boy.

"No swim Matt, don't just walk to me." Mitch corrects him and slowly edges away even more, keeping the distance the same as he tries to swim to him. "Matt you're going to be alone with Ben a lot and I want you to tell me that you wont hurt him." He then states and stops when the boy stops and gives him an angry look.

"I would never hurt him." Matt answers and just can't believe he thought he would.

"You punched him in the face earlier and tried to strangle Tobias twice, so can you promise me that you will never hurt him Matt?" Mitch retorts and keeps his eyes firmly locked on the boys.

"Mitch I would never..." Matt begins to answer but pauses, he knew that he would never hurt anyone, especially his boyfriend, but he also knew that when he had his more recent freak outs, he had no control over himself.

"Come on and swim to me." Mitch then tells him and again keeps his distance as the boy does as he is told, he knew this was not a nice thing to do, but he needed to know what was going on inside his head and if he could accept what was happening to him.

"Are you going to hurt me?" Matt then asks nervously, while he continues to try and swim to the older boy, but he realises that he is keep the gap and is worried that he is going to get hurt.

"What?" Mitch asks in surprise, he wasn't expecting that response and stops moving.

"Is that why you made Ben go away and making me swim to the middle of the pool, you know I can't swim for long." Matt states as he comes to a stop and treads water just in front of the older boy.

"No, no I would never hurt you Matt, shit, I'm so sorry if I scared you but..." Mitch begins to say before being interrupted.

"Why send him away and get me tired in the middle of the pool then?" Matt asks and Mitch suddenly grows concerned about him again, if he was so sure he was going to get hurt, why wouldn't he try to get away he thought to himself.

"You think you deserve to be hurt don't you?" Mitch then asks, ignoring the boys question and quickly closing the gap between them and can see him flinch a little when he takes hold of his arms.

"I hurt them though." Matt then says and Mitch can see tears running down his face.

"Matt this wasn't meant to go like this, I just wanted to find out if you knew that you had to be careful and maybe agree to see a doctor or Wesley's dad during the week when Ben is at school." Mitch then tells the boy and gently pulls him into his body and holds him comfortingly.

"I want to see my dad first Mitch, I just know if I see him and show him how strong I am, then I will be alright, I just know it Mitch, you believe me don't you?" Matt responds in an almost desperate tone, before pulling back a little from the embrace to look at the older boy for reassurance.

"Tell you what, if you can do ten laps then I will talk to your mum for you, but it is up to her whether you can go, not me Matt." Mitch responds, deciding to challenge the boy and use the time to think about his options, he really wanted to believe that he would be alright, but he had to be sure and couldn't risk his little brothers safety.

"Ten whole laps?" Matt asks nervously in response, he wasn't sure he could do one, let alone ten of them.

"Yes ten whole laps and because this isn't a massive pool a lap is two lengths, so that means there and back here for one lap." Mitch answers as he carries the boy to the end of the pool. "I will be with you all the way and Ben and Tobias are now coming, so they will be able to watch you while they get themselves tanned and then while they play we can get ourselves an all over tan as well." He then adds, just to reassure him that he will be okay.

"Sorry I thought you were going to hurt me." Matt then says and gives the older boy a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I should be the one begging for forgiveness Matt, I was only trying to help you and I just scared the shit out of you, so how about we call it even." Mitch suggests, they could probably argue about who was to blame for hours, but he would prefer to just move on.

"Deal, but do I have to swim a certain way or can I just do whatever I feel like?" Matt then asks, he would prefer to just do whatever he felt like because if he had to do it all in one style, then he might struggle even more.

"As long as you're actually swimming I don't care, but I don't want to see you on your back all the time, I want to see your arms and legs moving Matt." Mitch answers with a smile, as the other two boys walk over with towels and sunscreen.

"What are you two doing?" Ben asks as he looks at his brother and boyfriend curiously.

"I'm going to try and swim ten laps without any help." Matt answers with a confident smile, although he is actually feeling nervous, he wanted to stop his boyfriend from worrying.

"Want me to come in?" Ben quickly asks and can already guess the answer by the look on his boyfriends face. "Fine, but call out if you need me." He then says, before taking his brothers hand in his own and walking him to the side of the pool, where they then lay their towels down.

"Make sure you two put plenty of stuff on, your bums are going to burn quick if you don't and that means your cracks too, the same with your fronts, make sure you get plenty on your bits." Mitch then instructs the two boys in a serious tone and despite being a little embarrassed, they both know he is just looking out for them.

"Okay Mitch." Ben calls out, before turning to his brother. "Lay down and I will do your back and bum for you, then you do the same to me." He tells him and smiles when his brother does as he is told.

"Okay." Tobias says as he lays down and tries not to get embarrassed about getting his bum and crack touched by his brother.

"Mitch I'm going to start now, but promise you won't do that stupid dad thing, you know when teaching their kid to ride a bike and letting go without telling them, I'm not a baby Mitch, but I don't want to freak out if I realise you aren't near me." Matt then tells the older boy in a hushed tone, he really didn't want to make a fool of himself in the water and hoped he would understand.

"I'm not going to be right next to you Matt, but I will be close enough to help you if you start to struggle, you just need to do this by yourself as much as possible, now get going and just do your best." Mitch responds, he knows he is being a little hard on him, but he is sure this is the right thing to do and just hopes he isn't making a mistake by pushing him too hard.

"Okay." Matt says and again tries to sound confident as he starts to swim to the other end of the pool and just as he promised Mitch follows him while keeping a little distance behind.

"Sorry my willy was hard again." Tobias apologises as he remains face down on his towel, he was so embarrassed his willy got hard while his brother put the sunscreen on his bum and even more so when it wouldn't go down and he had to put sunscreen on his brothers bum with it.

"Mine was too while you were doing mine Tobias, it's normal and don't be embarrassed." Ben responds, although he is half distracted watching his boyfriend, who had just started his second lap and he was a little concerned because it had taken him almost five minutes to do one lap and knew before all this happened he would have done it in a fraction of that time.

"Do you have any girl friends?" Tobias then asks and Ben can't help but turn his head to his brother in surprise.

"What?" Ben asks and doesn't quite understand what his brother is asking.

"You know like friends who are girls, like at school, there are girls at your school right?" Tobias asks and can't help but worry that it is an all boys school, because he really wanted to meet some girls.

"Well we don't really know any girls and well our school doesn't really have any girls, well apart from some of the teachers and kitchen people." Ben answers although he wasn't being completely honest, but wishes he had been when he sees the genuine disappointment on his brothers face and realises why he was asking and despite feeling a little guilty, he can't help but give him a sly grin.

"Oh okay." Tobias responds in a disappointed tone and Ben quickly realises that he can't make a joke out of this.

"Wesley knows quite a few girls though and there is a girls school basically on the other side of the playing field Tobias and some girls come over to talk with some boys and some boys go over to the girls side." Ben decides to tell his brother, after quickly understanding that he wanted to be around girls and couldn't blame him.

"Will girls like me?" Tobias then asks and Ben can't help but think his brother was just adorable.

"Can I be honest?" Ben asks, deciding to reassure his brother, but can't resist teasing him a little, but when his brother turns his head away and he hears him sniffling he knows he has upset him and feels like a complete jerk. "Hey come on Tobias, hey come on look at me will you." He then says and smiles as his brother looks at him.

"Am I ugly?" Tobias asks and Ben can tell that he needs to be serious now.

"Tobias you're sexy, I mean it, you look great and I love your hair with the blue highlights and the outfit you wore to surprise Matt, well that just looked so cool." Ben tells his brother in a sincere tone and can see his eyes instantly light up a little.

"Girls will really like me?" Tobias asks and Ben can tell just from his tone that he has made his brothers day.

"If you be yourself and don't do anything stupid then they will." Ben responds with a grin.

"I know, me not get my willy out or try to touch them, Mitch already told me about girls not being like boys." Tobias answers with his own grin, although he blushes a little at the thought of girls seeing his willy one day.

"You need to buy some decent clothes though, that one outfit is nice, but the other stuff you got is kind of rubbish and not what I expected you to buy." Ben then admits, he could only go by the things his boyfriend told him and some photos, but it was clear that he had his own style and he always seemed to look great in whatever clothes he had on, but seeing the stuff he got when Mitch took him shopping was nothing like that and he was a little worried that his time in the orphanage had taken something away from him.

"Me don't mind stuff I got with Mitch, but me will buy better clothes soon, I was just er... well I was still you know..." Tobias begins to respond, but struggles to explain himself and is glad when his brother interrupts him.

"It's alright Tobias, but you should go shopping this week and buy the clothes you actually want and I can't wait to see you in them and I know everyone else will think you look amazing too." Ben then says with a warm smile, but can't resist turning back to watch his boyfriend.

"I will, thank you Ben." Tobias responds and turns to watch his brother, but couldn't help but be a little worried. "How many laps he done?" He then asks, he knew he had started his second when he and his brother had started talking, but it looked like he was only just finishing that one and they had been talking for well over five minutes.

"I don't know." Ben answers in a concerned tone and looks over to his brother, who is thankfully looking their way and mouths to him 'how many' and his heart sinks a little when his brother holds up two fingers. "Oh damn." He then says.

"What?" Tobias asks, he was watching his brother and missed their exchange.

"He has only just finished two laps and he looks so tired." Ben answers in a sad and concerned tune, it was just hard to take in, he knew his boyfriend was a strong swimmer and to see him struggle to do two laps in over ten minutes started to upset him and he couldn't help but sniffle.

"At least he is swimming, that is good and he hasn't been out of hospital long." Tobias then states, trying his best to reassure his brother and despite feeling sad himself, he knows it's the truth and he was actually surprised he was trying ten laps.

"You're right, but it's still hard to see him struggle, I just hate David so much Tobias and I just hate him for what he did." Ben then says and wipes his eyes before looking back at his boyfriend, who had now turned on his back and was doing the backstroke, which to his relief looked a lot easier and also sexier as he could see his penis and balls flopping around.

"We should turn over soon, do like fifteen minutes on each side for an hour and then we can play." Tobias then suggests and Ben gives him a little smile.

"Okay, but I have a boner." Ben responds and decides to turn over and sit up so that he can put some sunscreen on his front.

"You always get hard willy when you see Matt?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone as he turns over and sits up to put his sunscreen on.

"Not all the time, I mean when we are just relaxing or in class I don't, well sometimes I do but I always get one when I see him naked or he smiles at me or really just well yeah most of the time, I just love him Tobias and I don't ever want to lose him." Ben answers honestly and gives his brother a sad smile before laying on his back and looking up to the sky.

"I'm glad he found you." Tobias then says, before laying on his back and looking to the sky.

"I'm glad we found you Tobias, I know it's hard to tell, but you being here has made him so happy and I mean it, I could always tell that he wasn't quite complete and I knew he missed you Tobias, so thank you for being here." Ben then states, while turning his head to give his brother a warm smile and is happy to see the same look on his face.

"Oww, stop, stop Wesley it hurts." Carter almost cries out, his boyfriend had only just started pushing his finger in to lube him up and he had to stop him.

"I haven't even put it in much." Wesley states in a concerned tone, he wasn't sure why his boyfriend was in pain, the nozzle on the enema tube went in with no issues.

"I know, but it hurt, like I was being cut or something." Carter answers in an annoyed tone, he wasn't expecting this and he couldn't believe he might not be able to have his boyfriend play with his bum.

"Oh shit." Wesley then says, as he looks down at his finger and then at his boyfriends bum hole.

"What? What's wrong?" Carter quickly asks in a concerned and frightened tone and Wesley realises that he has scared his boyfriend.

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