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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 10

June 2015

"Matt?" Ben calls out nervously as he opens the door and straight away he could tell that something was different, his brother had told him to keep his eyes shut until he locked the door behind himself, which proved a little difficult but he got there after a few moments and took a deep breath before turning around and opening his eyes. "Matt are... oh fuck." He then begins to say, but when he sees the darkened room is lit up with what seems like a hundred candles, he could only stand in awe of it all.

"This is for you." Matt then states and Ben quickly looks to his boyfriend, who was sitting on the edge of the sofa bed completely naked with his guitar in his arms and despite how sexy his boyfriend was, he also noticed that the bed was covered in what he guess were rose petals and he could feel his knees weaken and little and his penis starting to react.

"What's..." Ben begins to ask but is quickly cut off.

"Sshh just listen." Matt tells his boyfriend as he plays a few chords and holds up a remote control and presses a button before throwing the remote to the side and Ben instantly recognises the song and can't help but smile.

"I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy.I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, be everything that you need.
I love you more with every breath, truly madly deeply do
I will be strong, I will be faithful 'cause I'm counting on a new beginning.
A reason for living. A deeper meaning. I want to stand with you on a mountain.
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever.
Until the sky falls down on me."

As his boyfriend sings his heart out, Ben can only watch opened mouthed as he feels his boner twitch when his boyfriend shifts on the bed from a sitting position to a kneeling, giving him a full view of his boyfriends boner and just can't believe how sexy he was right now.

"And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,
I'll make a wish send it to heaven then make you want to cry
The tears of joy for all the pleasure and the certainty.
That we're surrounded by the comfort and protection of
The highest power, in lonely hours, the tears devour you
I want to stand with you on a mountain,
I want to bathe with you in the sea.I want to lay like this forever,
Until the sky falls down on me."

As he takes a few steps towards his boyfriend, Ben is stopped in his tracks as his boyfriend stops playing the guitar and waves a finger at him, he then watches as his boyfriend gentle drops his guitar down to the ground in front of the bed and starts to run his hands over his body.

"Oh can you see it baby?
You don't have to close your eyes
'Cause it's standing right before you.
All that you need will surely come."

As his boyfriend begins to slowly stroke himself as he sings, Ben can't resist any longer and starts to take his clothes, while they both keep their eyes firmly locked on to the others.

"I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy.
I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, be everything that you need.
I'll love you more with every breath, truly madly deeply do
I want to stand with you on a mountainI want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to lay like this forever.Until the sky falls down on me."

Still standing where his boyfriend had stopped him, Ben decides that he can't take it any more and slowly moves towards the bed and this time his boyfriend makes no attempt to make him stop.

"I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea.
I want to live like this forever.
Until the sky falls down on me."

As soon as his boyfriend finishes the song, Ben pushes him on to his back and kisses him passionately, he just couldn't think straight and just let his instinct take over as he started to grind himself against his boyfriends boner with his own and as soon as his boyfriend started to do the same thing they both started to moan into each others mouths, before Matt decides to take control and role his boyfriend so that he was now on top, without breaking the kiss and started to rotate his hips faster as they both started to moan more and more.

"You can't be serious." Wesley says as he looks at the outfit his boyfriend wants him to try on later.

"What's wrong with it?" Carter asks in a surprised tone, he knew his boyfriend wasn't keen on this kind of role playing, but he said he would on the way over and was a little disappointed that he is reacting like this.

"Well where's the rest of it." Wesley states as he looks at the flimsy and revealing outfit.

"That's it, it's what Elves wear." Carter answers with a little smirk, knowing that his boyfriend is just a little embarrassed and not trying to back out of giving it a go.

"I've seen Lord of the Rings Carter and they don't wear these." Wesley responds as he holds up the outfit again and knew that it would leave nothing to the imagination.

"Well I guess if you don't want to see me wearing it, we can just do something else when we get to yours after dinner." Carter then states in a calm tone, knowing that his boyfriend would cave in and take the bait.

"Oh wait, I didn't say I wouldn't wear it, it's just not what I expected." Wesley quickly states, he may not be so keen on wearing it himself, but he knew his boyfriend would look sexy as hell and he wanted to see it.

"Nah forget it, I know you don't want to wear it." Carter then states with a straight face, although he knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself giggling for too long and the look on his boyfriends face was just too funny.

"No I do, please Carter you know I want..." Wesley begins to say, but stops when he sees his boyfriend starting to smile and knows he is being played. "You fucking prick, I should kick your arse for that." He then states as he shakes his head, while his boyfriend cracks up and starts to giggle and he knew he walked straight into it.

"You like?" Tobias asks nervously as he stands in front of his mum and uncle, who were both looking surprised to see what he was wearing, but for different reasons and Sarah could feel tears building in her eyes.

"You look very smart Tobias, very smart." Mike answers honestly, he was used to seeing all the boys in their casual clothes and to see the young boy standing in front of him dressed like he was, was a pleasant change from that.

"Oh Sweetheart, just like I remember." Sarah then states and before either Mitch or Mike can ask what she means, she quickly gets to her feet and cuddles the boy. "I wondered when you were going to start dressing like yourself again." She then whispers in his ear, before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek as she lets him go.

"Matt picked this one for me." Tobias then states, it wasn't quite his favourite, but it was his favourite out of the three that his brother had picked out for him and he really liked how he looked in it.

"Well I think it looks great Tobias, did you get any others?" Mike then states, deciding to boost the boys ego again and could tell from the way his eyes lit up that it had worked.

"I have seven different outfits now, but I can mix and match them so well I have loads of clothes now." Tobias answers enthusiastically, Mitch had tried to warn him that he is going to grow a lot in the next few years, but he had worked around that by buying the next size up and while not quite perfect it just meant that as he grew they would just look better on him and he could live with that.

"Honestly when I saw them coming out, I almost went in to see if they had brought the entire shop." Mitch then states with a big smile and almost laughed when his brother gave him an adorable shocked look and knew that he thought he was serious.

"No way, they had girl clothes in their too Mitch and I'm not a girl." Tobias then states defensively and Mitch only just manages to not laugh at the boys naivety, when he sees his dad and Sarah quietly chuckling behind the boy.

"I know Tobias, I was just joking and well how about you go and get a shower or a bath and then after that I can teach you to play cards for a while." Mitch then suggests and can see the excitement at the mention of cards in his eyes.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he looks at his big brother. "You're the best big brother ever." He then states, before quickly wrapping his arms around him and cuddling him tightly.

"I love you too Tobias, now hurry up and get yourself washed up nice and clean." Mitch responds and gives him a little pat on the bum as he lets him go.

"Okay." Tobias responds with a big grin, before remembering that his mum and uncle were also in the room. "Is it okay if I go Mum?" He then asks, he knew he didn't need to ask for permission, but he just felt like it was the right thing to do and after everything his mum had done for him, he wanted to be on his best behaviour and make her proud of him.

"Of course it is and while you are gone we will put dinner on." Sarah responds with a smile, she was used to good manner from Matt, but wasn't quite sure how Tobias would act as he adapted to being out of the orphanage, so it was a nice surprise to see that even after all he had been through he was the same polite boy that she remembered.

"Can I have tuna salad please." Tobias then asks, hoping that he could have his favourite because he knew that his other two brothers wouldn't be having anything.

"You can have anything you want Tobias." Sarah responds and smiles when he walks over to her and gives her a quick kiss and cuddle.

"I love you Mum." Tobias then states sincerely and although he still felt a little strange calling her mum and even thinking of the others as brothers, he knew that they weren't replacing his real family and that he would never forget them.

"I love you too." Sarah responds, but although he is still smiling she could tell there was a little sadness in his eyes and wondered if something was wrong.

"Tobias would you like some chips with your tuna salad?" Mike then asks, causing both Tobias and Sarah to look over to him looking a little surprised, but Mike had seen the same look in the boys eyes as Sarah had and wanted to try and distract him from whatever was causing him to feel that way.

"Maybe, but me would er... me would like more tuna salad instead chips if that okay." Tobias answers and can't help feeling a little annoyed at not speaking properly again, after doing so well most of the day.

"No problem Tobias, like you mum said you can have anything you want." Mike then states with a warm smile.

"Me not spoilt boy though, me not always get what want okay." Tobias then says, surprising everyone and Sarah couldn't be more proud of her son if she tried and pulled him back in for a loving cuddle.

"Don't worry about that Tobias, you won't always get what you want but for now we are going to spoil you because you deserve it and well just enjoy it while it lasts Sweetheart." Sarah then states as she lets him go with a loving kiss on his forehead. "Now go get a bath." She then tells him and smiles when he walks over to Mike and gives him a cuddle and then does the same with Mitch before disappearing out of the room and hears him running up the stairs.

"He is just too adorable." Mike then states with a smile, he knew it was a little sappy but the boy was a breath of fresh air from all the other things going on at the moment.

"He always was Mike and to see him dressing like he used to is just amazing, I was actually a little worried when I saw the clothes he brought with you Mitch, but I knew he probably just needed a little time before he was comfortable to start being himself again." Sarah states in a thoughtful tone and found herself once again hoping that this was a turning point for them and that things were finally going to start getting better.

"There is something I need to talk to you both about though." Mitch then states in a slightly nervous tone, he had been waiting to find the right time for this and just decided that it was best just to get it out of the way now instead.

"You know that you can talk to us about anything Mitch." Mike responds as he looks at his eldest son with a warm smile, as he wonders whether he wanted to talk about Erica or something like that.

"Well there are actually a few things but this is about Tobias and the others can wait until later when the boys are asleep." Mitch then says as he looks towards Sarah.

"Is everything okay with him?" Sarah asks in a concerned tone, he seemed fine and after just thinking how everything was looking better, she was worried that she was wrong.

"Sarah he needs to say goodbye to his family." Mitch answers, although he decides to stop at that and see how she reacts before going any further.

"What do you mean?" Sarah then asks curiously, they had talked briefly about him grieving for them properly but so much had happened, it hadn't gone any further than that and she was again worried that she had missed something important.

"He needs to see their graves and be able to say goodbye to them in person Sarah." Mitch explains, but again holds back from telling her everything in one go, just so that she can take it all in.

"You mean take him to England?" Sarah then asks in a surprised tone, not that she was against the idea but more just because she hadn't thought about that herself.

"He wants Matt to go with him though and I think we should all go, but obviously it might be a while before Matt can fly and we have to work it around school for the boys." Mitch responds with a small smile, he could tell that both his dad and Sarah agreed with his suggestion and was pleased that he had told them about it.

"Ben doesn't have a passport and neither do you Mitch." Mike then states, not that it was a big issue and he knew it wouldn't take much time to sort them out, but he wanted to put it out there so that they knew about it.

"It could take several months to get those Mike, but I'm not sure when we could take Matt abroad, I know he hasn't had any more attacks since the weekend, but it might not even be possible for him to go if they get worse." Sarah then states in a sad tone, when Mitch had told them about Sunday she had broke down and struggled to pull herself together, but it had now been three days and even with Ben's problems he hadn't had another and wanted to believe it would never happen again, but she knew that was not a realistic hope right now.

"If Matt can't go then I will stay here with him and you can all go with Tobias, you know if worst comes to worse, but honestly we are talking a couple of months and I think he will be a lot more stable by then, even today he used a restaurant toilet on his own and even though he said there was a man in there too, he didn't get scared and was even able to speak with him." Mitch then says, he knew it didn't sound like much, but it was a huge breakthrough and he could see that Sarah felt the same way.

"Okay then, Mike you can get yours boys passports started and I will do the same with Tobias and then we can work out the best time to go." Sarah then suggests with a smile and while they were going for Tobias, she also wanted to say goodbye and also thought it would be nice to see their old house and street as well.

"Are we going to let Ben and Matt know about this or do you want to wait until we see how Matt is closer to the time?" Mike then asks, he himself thought it would be better to wait and not get the boys hopes up, if it turned out Matt wouldn't be able to go and he knew that would just upset the boys.

"I think we should wait, the passports will take at least two months maybe longer, I'm not familiar with how it works over her Mike, but we will have to let them know so that they don't make any other plans with their friends or some other thing." Sarah responds, not that she knew what she meant by other things, but anything is possible and she didn't want them to have something planned and then have to choose between the two options and just wanted to avoid that even being an issue.

"I agree, but what about Tobias, if Matt can't go will he want to leave him behind and I can't see Ben wanting to be away from him for that long either." Mike then asks, after realising that Matt not going would affect both his youngest son and Tobias.

"I already talked to Tobias about this at the time and he understands that Matt might not be able to go, but while he wants him to be there he needs to say goodbye and he will go without him, as for Ben well honestly he won't be happy to leave Matt here, but he will go to support Tobias if we ask him too." Mitch answers with a smile and although he knew his little brother would be reluctant he also knew that if they failed to convince him to go, Matt would make him go and while he did want to go himself, he would look after Matt and knew he could count on Wesley and Cater to keep him company as well.

"Well I think that is settled then for now, unless you wanted to talk about the other things Mitch?" Sarah then states, before looking over to the young man with a curious expression.

"I think it would be better if we waited until Friday, Matt really needs to be with us and well we won't be seeing him again today and tomorrow I will be taking Tobias and him to visit the school." Mitch answers honestly and although the initial conversation would just be with his dad and Sarah, he wanted Matt to be apart of the rest of it and knew that it wasn't going to be an easy conversation for any of them.

"If you think that is best, but is it something I should be worried about Mitch?" Sarah asks in response, she was a little confused at it seemed important, but if it could wait until Friday than she thought that it couldn't be that bad.

"It's just a conversation Sarah, although I don't think you will like what it is about, it isn't anything really bad and Matt understands that he needs your permission, but honestly Sarah if it was anything really bad I would tell you, but now really isn't the time." Mitch answers, he felt a little bad for being so cryptic, but if he told her then he wasn't sure how she would react and knowing that Matt wouldn't be able to join the conversation was unfair on the boy, as he had a right to put his side across before Sarah made her mind up.

"I trust you Mitch and well how about you pop upstairs and wait for Tobias while me and you dad go and start our dinner." Sarah then suggests, she was still curious but trusted the young man wouldn't hold anything she needed to know from her and was happy to let it go until Friday.

"Okay, just let me know when it is ready and I will bring him down." Mitch says as he gets to his feet and walks towards the hallway.

"We will Mitch." Mike responds as he watches his eldest son look back at him with a smile, before disappearing into the hallways and then up the stairs.

Sarah then turns to Mike and they both start to discuss what just happened and how they were going to deal with everything.

"Come on just try it on." Carter asks and gives his boyfriend an expectant look, they were now at his boyfriends house and he knew that his parents were downstairs and never came up to check on them, so just stood there holding out the costume and hoping his boyfriend takes it.

"If I put it on, I'm not wearing it outside this room." Wesley responds nervously, he had to admit that he was finding it a little exciting and the fact he wanted to see his boyfriend dressed up so much, he was still embarrassed and still wasn't sold on how dressing up like this would be erotic, like his boyfriend had said it would be.

"It's just to see if it fits you and then you can take it off, we still have to shower and go spend some time with your parents remember." Carter states, bending the truth a little, the costume was too loose and skimpy to not fit his boyfriend and he just wanted to see him wearing it, but he didn't want to wait until later and knew he could coax his boyfriend into trying it on.

"Fine, but you have to try yours on as well." Wesley responds, he was sure his boyfriend was just using the size thing as an excuse, but despite his reservations he couldn't say no to his boyfriend when he looked at him like that and decided to at least get his boyfriend to try his on at the same time.

"Deal, but you have to put yours on first." Carter responds and grins when his boyfriend begins to strip and thought is was adorable how nervous he looked.

"You can at least get naked too." Wesley then states as he pulls his briefs down and kicks them off, before taking the costume from his boyfriends arms.

"Nope, put it on first and then I will strip and put mine on." Carter responds and just grins wider as his boyfriend sighs, he could tell that his boyfriend was still feeling embarrassed because he was still soft, but he knew that as soon as he got naked that would change and he thought it would be sexier to see his boyfriends penis getting harder while he had the costume on.

"The things I do for you." Wesley then states in a bemused tone and shakes his head as he begins to put the costume on and can't help but feel a but stupid as his boyfriend stares at him.

"Oh wow." Carter states as he stares at his boyfriend, he knew he would look good but now that he saw it he instantly felt his boner pushing against his briefs and shorts. "Fuck." He then says and can barely keep himself from jumping his boyfriend and could feel his boner throbbing a little at the sight.

"Come on your turn." Wesley then tells his boyfriend, he might have felt stupid with wearing the costume but he couldn't deny that the way his boyfriend was looking at him and the obvious tent in his shorts excited him and he couldn't wait to see what his boyfriend looked like. "Earth to Carter." He then has to say, when his boyfriend continues to just stare at him and he can't help but blush a little at the effect he was having on his boyfriend.

"What?" Carter asks as he jumps a little, he was just lost in his own thoughts and fantasies of what he wanted to do to his boyfriend and had forgotten where he was.

"Get naked and get your costume on." Wesley states and can't help but grin at the startled look on his boyfriends face.

"Oh right, yeah okay." Carter responds and starts to remove his clothes, but pauses for a few moments before he picks up his costume, he just wanted his boyfriend to enjoy the view and could see that he was definitely starting to enjoy it.

"Come on get it on already." Wesley then states in a slightly impatient tone, he was starting to get really turned on now and whatever his costume was made of just felt amazing on his skin and with the sight of his naked boyfriends twitching boner he could feel himself getting harder already.

"How do I look?" Carter then asks with a shy smile, although by his boyfriends obvious tenting he knew that he must have looked sexy and he definitely found his boyfriend the same.

"Oh wow, you look so..." Wesley begins to respond, but instead trails off and steps towards his boyfriend and kisses him passionately, before lifting him up and laying him on his bed and begins to slowly grind against him.

"Wesley I... oh fuck... Wesley we have too..." Carter tries to say after breaking the kiss, but with his boyfriend slowly grinding against him and his hands groping and massaging him, he just can't concentrate and when he feels his boyfriends lips against his own again, he can't resist and just kisses him back.

"That was..." Ben begins to say, but is cut off when he feels his boyfriends finger against his lips.

"No talking, just follow me." Matt states with a loving smile, before getting off the sofa bed and holding his hand out, which his boyfriend takes as he gets to his feet as well.

"Matt I..." Ben begins to say, but again he is cut off by his boyfriends finger over his lips.

"Sshh, just enjoy." Matt then says, as he leads his boyfriend into their bathroom, just like he had done in the living room, he had put rose petals on the floor and in and around the jacuzzi with scented candles lit around it as well.

Ben is just about to say how beautiful it was, but could see his boyfriends hand reaching for his face and just smiled lovingly at him instead.

"You're going to have to get in first and then help me in, but no talking once we get in okay." Matt then tells his boyfriend before giving him a quick peck on the lips, he just wanted this to be special.

"Okay." Ben responds, he had a hundred questions and wanted to tell his boyfriend how much he loved him, but he was just in shock and instead did as he was told and climbs into the jacuzzi and turns with his arms held out so that he could help his boyfriend in, but when he watches him limp over to thee counter he is a little confused and is about to ask what he was doing when he heard the music start and just smiled at his boyfriend when he turned back to face him.

"I love you." Matt then says as he limps towards his boyfriend, he felt a little sore and stiff after what they had done on the bed, but he wasn't going to let anything ruin the rest of the day and smiled as his takes his climbs in the jacuzzi with the help of his boyfriend.

"I love..." Ben then begins to say, before feeling his boyfriends lips on his own as he steps back a little and half stumbles into a sitting position with his boyfriend straddling his thighs and quickly returns the kiss passionately.

"Just hold me please." Matt then asks as he breaks the kiss and moves off his boyfriend to sit next to him, he could have kissed his boyfriend forever, but he wanted this to be special and for now he just needed to be held.

"Anything you want." Ben responds with a smile as he pulls his boyfriend into his chest and holds him, he had wondered if they were going to fool around when he walked into the room to see the candles and rose petals, but he could tell from his boyfriends tone and the look in his eyes that this was going to be something more special, just the two of them together in each others arms and he couldn't be any more happy than he was right now.

"You can put some clothes on you know Tobias." Mitch tells the naked boy in a bemused tone, he didn't mind the nudity and was glad that he wasn't shy about his body, but at the same time they were going to be heading downstairs shortly and it would be easier to teach him to play cards with out seeing him absent mindedly playing with himself.

"I'm still wet though." Tobias answers with a small smirk, he knew his big brother would probably make some kind of funny remark, but he liked being naked and wasn't shy around his big brother.

"Well that is why we have towels Tobias." Mitch retorts with a shake of the head, knowing full well that he wouldn't get dressed until he had too.

"So you teach me strip poker now?" Tobias then asks and Mitch just shakes his head again as the boy makes no attempt to dry himself or get dressed.

"Okay, but you can quit playing with yourself Tobias or I am going to tie your hands behind your back." Mitch responds with a big grin and can't help but laugh when he watches him pulls his hands away and look at him with the most adorable guilty expression. "Come on get some underwear on and I will deal a few cards out and we can go through some hands and see what you should do with them." He then adds, he could tell that he needed to say something to avoid his brother thinking he was in trouble.

"Okay." Tobias responds in a slightly subdued tone, he knew he wasn't in trouble and could see that his big brother found it amusing, but he was embarrassed that he had been playing with himself without even realising and couldn't help but wonder if he had done that before.

"Hey what's wrong?" Mitch then asks in a slightly concerned tone, after watching him putting some underwear on and sitting back down looking a little distracted.

"I don't play with myself in front of mum do I?" Tobias asks in a meek tone, around his brothers and maybe even his uncle he can just about get past that, but if he did it in front of his mum then he would be mortified.

"Oh." Mitch says in surprise, he wasn't expecting that kind of question and could tell he had to think of something to say, when he sees his brothers face drop a little. "Well honestly I have no idea, but nearly every boy plays with themselves without realising and it's perfectly normal and as long as you aren't masturbating then most people don't even pay it any attention, but that is fully clothed Tobias and if you were naked for some bizarre reason in public or in front of your mum and you were playing with yourself, then you would be in a whole lot of trouble." He then states with a friendly smile and could see that he had at least stopped his brother from getting upset.

"You promise stop me if I do it in front of Mum?" Tobias then asks, even if he was fully clothed he didn't want his mum seeing him do that and hoped his big brother would help him.

"If I am there and I notice, but really don't worry about it Tobias, don't forget she has Matt and has likely seen him doing it at some point and she will never embarrass you about it." Mitch responds and reaches across to give his hair a little ruffle. "Now turn over those five cards and tell me what you would do if you were playing." He then instructs his brother, deciding to move the focus back to the cards.

"Okay." Tobias responds and quickly turns the cards over. "I would pick er... two cards." He then says with an unsure expression.

"Okay and why two cards?" Mitch asks, he had taught Matt to play cards before but he had only gone through the hands and what beats what, so this time he wanted to try a slightly more in depth way to see if it worked.

"Well I have two sixes already and an ace, so if I pick two cards I might get another six or an ace or I might get another pair." Tobias answers with the same unsure look, he was sure he would have done the right thing and at the very least he would have a pair and with four other people that might be enough.

"Don' look so unsure of yourself Tobias, I think you made the right call and I would have done the same, now let's see what two cards you would have got." Mitch then says in a reassuring tone and was genuinely impressed, some people would have went for three cards but his brother had taken into account the ace and it was a good move to go with two cards and hope for a six or another ace and there was always the chance scoring four of a kind or even a full house too.

"Aww I didn't get anything." Tobias states in a disappointed tone as he turns over a three and a jack.

"It's part of the game Tobias, sometimes you get lucky and other times you get nothing, but you still have the pair of sixes and you will be playing with five of you, so a pair might be enough to avoid losing the round.

"I know, that is why I kept the ace instead of taking three cards." Tobias responds with a shy smile, he used to play cards a lot with his family, but it had been a long time and strip poker was different because he would be playing for his clothes and while he wasn't shy, he didn't want to be the first naked and doing dares early on.

"I figured that is why you choose two, now turn these ones over and tell me what you would do." Mitch states as he deals another five cards to his brother and smiles when he sees that this is going to be a trickier hand to deal with for him.

"Oh well er... I would pick three cards, because the jack and king are both clubs, so there is a chance of a flush or a straight and getting a pair so there are more chances to get something if I keep those two." Tobias then states with a more confident tone and knows there is the possibility of a royal flush, but there is also the chance of getting nothing except a high card.

"Honestly I think that is the right call, I would have been tempted to go for four cards or if I had a few clothes still go for five cards and just throw the others off guard a little and you may get really lucky and distract them into making a mistake and getting something good yourself." Mitch states as he deals the boy three cards face up to see what would have happened.

"Oh two pair, that's not too bad I suppose." Tobias then says as he looks to see another jack and king appear and while it could have been a lot better, it wasn't a bad outcome at all.

"Again with five people, two pair is pretty decent Tobias and they are high pairs as well so you made the right choice in my opinion." Mitch states honestly and could tell that Tobias was going to do pretty well at the weekend with the others.

"Can you deal two more cards, I want to see what would have happened if I did the five card thing like you said about." Tobias then asks, he was curious to see if he would have ended up with anything.

"Sure thing." Mitch responds and can't help but be surprised when he he sees two more kings. "Well I think it is safe to say that strategy would have worked great Tobias." He then adds with a little chuckle.

"Yeah and that would have really made the others think, even for the next round or two." Tobias responds with a big grin, although he wasn't sure if he would actually dare try that strategy himself.

"Right as you have underwear on, let's play for real and because being naked isn't an issue for you in front of me, let's make it more interesting and whoever loses this round has to go down and eat their dinner while only wearing their tightest underwear." Mitch then states and can tell straight away that he has the boy rattled, knowing full well that his brother had purchased a very small pair of tighty whiteys with little hearts on them, as a joke with Matt and couldn't help but smirk.

"Er... just one round?" Tobias then asks nervously, he wasn't sure if his big brother knew about the underwear he and Matt brought for a dare and was a little nervous.

"Are you scared?" Mitch answers in a teasing tone and could straight away tell that he had managed to bait his brother and smiles at him.

"No me going win smelly head." Tobias retorts and instantly blushes and realises that he just waked straight into his big brothers trap and could only hope that he got lucky.

"Here we go then." Mitch states with a smirk as he quickly deals them both five cards, before his brother can change his mind and although his cards aren't the best, he was feeling confident and decides to let his brother go first. "How many then?" He then asks and feels a little sorry for him, when he sees the disappointment on his face and knows he has to tell him to hide that when he plays cards, although more for other occasions as a poker faces isn't exactly essential for strip poker with his friends.

"I will er... take er... well I will have three of them." Tobias responds nervously, he couldn't have been given five worse cards and decided to hope for a minor miracle after seeing the small smirk on his big brothers face when he had picked his cards up and knew if he only changed one or two cards he was in trouble.

"Okay here you go and well I am going to take two cards." Mitch responds confidently, with three queens he could have kept either the five or the seven and tried for a full house, but figured by his brothers expression three of a kind was enough and decided to try for a four of a kind. "Right don't turn the cards over yet Tobias." He then states, deciding to have a little fun at his brothers expense.

"Why not?" Tobias asks in a confused tone, although he was glad to have a few extra moments before he lost, well unless some sort of miracle happened.

"We will turn our original cards over now and then we will turn over one of our new cards in turn, starting with you because you have three and I only have two." Mitch explains and smiles when he sees his brother only has an eight and a nine, which weren't even suited and wondered what the three cards were that he changed.

"Oh crap." Tobias then says as he sees the three queens and can't believe he agreed to the stupid bet.

"Well it's not looking good, but you could get a straight or well you never know so turn over your first card and see if that helps." Mitch states in a sympathetic tone, although it was possible his brother could beat his three of a kind with a couple of hands, it was extremely unlikely and when he sees an ace appear the odds of that happening just took another nosedive.

"Oh fucking hell." Tobias says as he shakes his head, he had thrown away an ace and put all his hopes in the straight and couldn't believe his luck.

"Did you throw away an ace?" Mitch then asks, picking up on his brothers reaction and if he was right than it was a gutsy move from him to go all in on the hope of a straight, which was now impossible.

"Yeah, I was tempted to just keep it and ask for four cards, but I panicked a little and well just turn yours over." Tobias responds in a disappointed tone, although he now knew he had no chance he was going to win now that his hopes of a straight were gone, he was enjoying playing and he still had hope his big brother didn't know about his tighty whiteys with hearts on them.

"Tobias all joking aside, when you play with the others at the weekend, just go with your first gut feeling, it isn't always easy to do, but you are all going to end up naked eventually and it's better to just go for it and not regret ignoring your instinct, even if it goes wrong okay." Mitch states, deciding to give him a little bit of advice for the weekend and could tell that it was appreciated and smiles as he turns over his card and saw that it was a ten.

"At least it wasn't an ace." Tobias then says as he sees the card, if it had been an ace his chances would have been zero, but he was starting to get a little nervous about having to eat in his underwear.

"Well you need two aces with only two cards to turn over, so let's see what your second card is and whether you have any luck." Mitch states and can't help feeling bad for him, with no chance of a straight his brother need two aces and there were only two left, so the chances of both those cards being aces was near enough impossible and he still had a chance to get a fourth queen, so all the odds were still in his favour.

"Oh wow." Tobias says in a shocked tone as he turns over another ace and doesn't know whether to be happy or angry at himself for dumping the first ace, knowing that there was only one ace left he could turn over and his straight being long gone after he turned the first card over, he still knew he was going to lose.

"Yeah, well this makes it more interesting so on the count of three we turn over our last card together and when his brother nods, he counts to three and turns his card over to reveal the fourth ace and can't help but chuckle when his brother turns over the fourth queen and is happy to see that he was laughing a little too, despite losing the game and having to eat in his underwear.

"That's insane." Tobias states as he looks at the cards and just can't believe it.

"Anything can happen in poker Tobias, now go get your smallest and tightest pair of underwear and we will head down." Mitch instructs his brother and can't help but wonder if he will be honest or try to get away with a different pair of underwear, while already deciding to embarrass him further if he tries to put on a different pair.

"Okay I'm ready." Tobias says as he turns around and straight away realises that he wasn't going to get away with it.

"Nice try Tobias, but you know the pair you have to put on and just for trying to get out of it, I'm going to wedgie you in them and you have to leave them how they are when I am done." Mitch tells the now shocked look Tobias, who can't believe what he just heard and wishes he had just put the stupid tighty whiteys on in the first place.

"You no rip them though promise?" Tobias decides to ask, while he pulls his underwear down and walks back over to get the other pair.

"Tobias this is meant to be a bit of fun so one time offer if you don't want to do it then get dressed and we will forget about it and I promise never to tell anyone else or make fun of you." Mitch offers after deciding that he didn't want to make him do anything that would humiliate and upset him, his brother had come a long way already and if he ruined it for some stupid bet, then he would never forgive himself.

"No I'm not a baby Mitch and I played and lost, so as long as you promise not to make fun of me when we go down and stop them if they start teasing me too much I will do it." Tobias responds firmly, he knew he could have taken the out his big brother just gave him, but he wasn't a chicken and even though he said he would forget about it, he didn't want to disappoint him and pulls the very tight underwear on, which to his embarrassment show everything and he really didn't want to think about what a wedgie would do to them.

"Deal and just because you refused an easy out, we will forget about the wedgie and before you try to act all tough, I think they will rip if I tried it and to be honest I don't really want to risk hurting you, they look too tight already and well I'm giving you another out Tobias, if they are hurting just take them off and get dressed okay." Mitch responds, giving his brother another out as he can pretty much see his penis and balls being crushed.

"No, we made a bet and you have to pay up right, so quit giving me outs and let's go down so I can die of embarrassment." Tobias responds and despite again wanting to take the out, he wasn't going to and walked over to their bedroom door and opened it

"Let's go then and no covering up with your hands either." Mitch states with a smirk as he follows his brother out of their room.

"I will get you back you know." Tobias then says and Mitch can't help but feel a little worried at the seriousness of his brothers tone and knew that he wasn't joking around.

"Just make it good." Mitch responds with a proud look as they walk down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"So you think after tonight, you will er... like want to dress up some more?" Carter asks nervously as they both start to take off their costumes to get changed into something more suitable to sitting with his boyfriends parents.

"You really like this sort of stuff?" Wesley decides to ask instead of answering his boyfriends question directly, he couldn't deny he thought his boyfriend looked incredible and he liked the way the costume felt and the way his boyfriend looked at him made him feel great, but it was a little weird and still wasn't quite sure if he would like actually role playing, even if it was sexual.

"Yeah, I mean it's not like I'm a weirdo and want to do it all the time Wesley, just I think it will be fun and sexy if we did it a few times, I mean if you like it tonight will you consider doing it some more?" Carter asks in response, he had dressed up a few times on his own and it was fun, but always missing something and now that he was comfortable enough with his boyfriend, he really wanted it to be a part of their relationship sometimes.

"It did feel sexy to wear it and well yeah, I mean I don't think I would want to do it too much Carter, but I love you and if it turns you on then I want to make you happy, even if I feel a bit stupid at first I don't mind." Wesley answers honestly, it wasn't like he had never dressed up as a little boy and pretended to be a superhero and he had enjoyed that, so even if it took him a few attempts to get used to it, then he would do it to make his boyfriend happy.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Carter then states gleefully and quickly moves over to kiss his boyfriend again, he was so happy that his boyfriend didn't think he was a weirdo and wanted him to know it.

"I love you so much." Wesley then states after breaking the kiss, he was still a little unsure of role playing, but his boyfriends enthusiasm and the look on his face was worth it and decided that even if he didn't like it much then he would do it just to see his boyfriend happy.

"I love you more." Carter responds with a big smile, he just felt like the happiest boy in the entire world and the only thing that would make it better was if they had the house to themselves.

"Come get dressed and let's go see my parents, I think they hired a movie for us to watch together." Wesley then states as he finishes getting dressed and smiles as his boyfriend does the same.

"I wonder which one they got." Carter then says as they head out of his boyfriends room and then down the stairs.

"They like thrillers and comedies, so probably one of those kind of films." Wesley responds, although he actually knew which movie they picked because he told them to get it and knew that it was his boyfriends favourite superhero film and had told him a few weeks ago that there was a new uncut version that he wanted to watch and couldn't wait to see how happy it made him.

"As long as it isn't a scary film I don't care." Carter states, it wasn't that he hated horror films but they always made him jump and sometimes he let out a few little screams when something really scared him and he didn't want that to happen in front of his boyfriends parents.

"If it means I get to hold you and keep you safe then I am hoping it is." Wesley responds with a loving smile, he wasn't teasing his boyfriend and genuinely loved protecting him and he remembered how his boyfriend had cuddled up to him and held him tightly when they watched The Descent a few weeks ago together, it was one of his favourite horrors and his boyfriends reactions just made it even better.

"Can I sit on you when we watch the movie?" Carter then asks after stopping at the bottom of the stairs, he loved being held by his boyfriend and both their parents seemed to just think it was adorable and never made him feel like he should be embarrassed about it.

"Anything you want Babe." Wesley responds with a loving smile, he had tried a few pets names and his boyfriend had hated every single one and he could tell straight away that he wouldn't be calling him Babe again.

"Can you stop trying out pet names, you know I hate them you moron." Carter states in a serious tone, although he can't help but smile and while he hated pet names, he thought it was sweet that his boyfriend kept trying to find one that he might accept.

"Nope, I will find one you like Sugarcup." Wesley responds with a grin, which turns into a chuckle when he sees the unimpressed look on his boyfriends face.

"You're a really prick sometimes." Carter states with a shake of the head, although he knew it was obvious that he enjoyed these little exchanges and that his boyfriend would just try harder.

"I'm your prick though, now come on we need to get in or they will come looking for us." Wesley responds and instead of waiting for any kind of reply he half drags his boyfriend into the living room, where he sees his parents cuddled up on the sofa and gives them a smile.

"I missed this." Matt says in a contented tone, they had been sitting in the jacuzzi for almost an hour in silence as his boyfriend just held him and in his eyes it was just perfect.

"What do you mean?" Ben asks in a curious tone, he knew he had been a little distant since Sunday, but they had still spent time together and wondered if maybe he hadn't given his boyfriend enough time or love as he thought he had done.

"You haven't been the same since Sunday and well I missed you holding me like this." Matt answers honestly, he would have preferred to not get into any serious conversation until at least the next day, but now that it was happening he felt like he wanted to get it in the open and deal with it.

"I know and I'm sorry for being like that, but today I actually figured out what was wrong and well then I come home and you do what you did and I feel like a complete moron for acting like a sulky baby this week." Ben responds and tries to explain what he was feeling, but knew he made a bit of a mess of it.

"Is it to do with me not singing?" Matt then asks, it was a strange thing for someone to get upset over, but he knew how much his boyfriend loved him and when his brother and Mitch told him earlier about how he hadn't done any singing since he woke up from his coma, he could see how worried they both were and thought it was a little romantic in an odd way.

"Yeah but it's hard to explain because I only realised today that you haven't done any singing or even humming since you woke up and well it just upset me that David might have taken away that part of you because I know you don't want to be a musician, but music is still a part of you Matt and well he has taken so much that I just couldn't bare the thought he took more." Ben responds honestly and struggles to hold back tears as he thinks about it again.

"Aww come here you dumb ass." Matt says as he sits up a little and this time pulls his boyfriend into his chest to comfort him, but then thinks about what his boyfriend had just said and couldn't help but be a little confused. "Wait, if you only figured out that I wasn't singing today, why have you been so weird all week?" He asks in a confused tone, he couldn't see how his boyfriend could be upset about it, if he didn't figure it out until today.

"Matt it started with me wishing you were dead, but you and everyone else got through to me and I understood that it was a natural thought that would come into someone's head in our situation, but even after I accepted that there was some little voice telling me that something was wrong with you and that you weren't the same, I just couldn't figure it out though and it was so frustrating and I just couldn't deal with it." Ben explains as best he can, it was just hard to put into words what he had been feeling and he hoped his boyfriend understood.

"So you didn't want to be with me, because you thought there was something wrong with me?" Matt asks in a surprised and slightly hurt tone and pushes his boyfriend off him so that he could look at him face to face.

"Wait what?" Ben asks in surprise, the last thing he wanted was for his boyfriend to think he didn't want to be with him or didn't love him any more. "Matt you're my everything and we are forever, I never ever want to not be with you." He then adds from the heart and reaches over to take his boyfriends hands into his own and is relieved that he lets him.

"But you just said you were being weird because you thought he took that part away from me." Matt then points out, he was still a little hurt but his boyfriends words reassured him enough to know that he was just misunderstanding what his boyfriend was trying to tell him.

"Matt I was terrified that I would do or say something stupid and hurt you, I was still feeling guilty about wishing you were dead and then that little voice telling me you were different somehow just messed my head up and I also had a little voice telling me that I was being paranoid and there was nothing wrong and it was so confusing and the one person I wanted to talk about it to the most, was the one person I was too scared to say anything too just in case I was wrong and you ended up thinking I was accusing you of something, Matt I love you so much and was scared." Ben responds honestly from the heart and actually felt like a weight had been lifted of his shoulders after saying it out aloud, but then almost straight away he felt tears rolling down his face and begins to cry.

"Come here." Matt responds in a sad and loving tone, as he pulls his boyfriend into his chest again and just holds him as he cries. "I love you." He then says as he gently rubs his boyfriends back, knowing he had to just let him get it out of his system and let him talk when he was ready, just like his boyfriend had done for him too many times for him to remember.

"Well either someone lost a bet or they have some very questionable tastes in fashion." Mike says in an amused tone as he looks up from the table to see his eldest son walk in, closely followed by an extremely red half naked boy in a very tight pair of tighty whiteys with little hearts all over them.

"What are you talking... oh er... Tobias what are you doing?" Sarah asks in a surprised tone, after turning around from the sink to see her son standing in a very revealing pair of heart patterned tighty whiteys.

"He lost a game we were playing and despite giving him two really good chances to back out with no questions asked, he wasn't interested and took the forfeit like a real man so can you guys not give him a rough time please." Mitch states after a few moments of silence, he was going to let them have a little fun and thought his brother could handle it, but it was obvious by the boys silence and the way he was starting to shake a little that it was getting a little too much for him and he wanted do something to help him out.

"I see." Sarah responds with a shake of the head, before turning back to the sink wondering how boys seem to get in these embarrassing situations.

"Well I have to say that you should be very proud of yourself Tobias." Mike then decides to say, he was genuinely impressed with what his eldest son had just said and knew a fair few of his mates who would have taken one out, let alone the second and he was a little embarrassed to admit to himself that he would have been one of them if he was in that position.

"Really?" Tobias then asks in slightly subdued tone, he was still feeling embarrassed about being exposed like this, but his big brothers words really helped and he felt so proud of himself and then what his uncle just said was so cool, but a little part of him wondered if he was being set up for something and wanted to find that out before he could let himself relax and just get on with it.

"Honestly Tobias, I mean they hide nothing and that has to be embarrassing, but the fact they have hearts on them just makes what you're doing even more impressive, but saying that can you sit down because neither your mum or me want to see your bits Tobias and well you can't not see them in those things." Mike answers honestly and smirks as he tries not to laugh at the boy, because he did look ridiculous but in an adorable way.

"Okay." Tobias responds and does as he is told with a small smile, he was still embarrassed but he was filled with pride at his uncles words, although his big brothers words had just started to sink in and he felt a tear run down his cheek.

"Hey are you okay, you can get dressed if you want to." Mitch whispers to his brother in a concerned tone when he sits next to him.

"No I'm fine." Tobias whispers back, but when he sniffles both his mum and uncle turn around with concerned expressions.

"Tobias what's wrong?" Sarah asks and wonders if she should have told him to go and put some clothes on, she knew he must have been embarrassed but even if it was some sort of dare, his happiness was more important than him completing it.

"I'm just er... me happy promise, just Mitch words earlier made me really happy and me love you all for saving me." Tobias answers, sniffling one more time before looking at them all with a big grin, he really was happy and again couldn't believe how lucky he is to have been rescued from the scary place.

"Oh Sweetheart, we all love you so much and we are all so happy that you're here with us." Sarah says as she walks over and gives him a loving hug and a kiss on the top of his head. "Now wipe your eyes and I will bring your tuna salad over." She then tells him and gives him another kiss on the top of his head before going over to the counter to get his dinner.

"So how long do you have to stay like that Tobias?" Mike decides to ask, if he had given the dare it would have been for the rest of the day until it was time to sleep, but he wasn't sure if his eldest son would be that mean.

"I don't know." Tobias answers honestly and couldn't remember if he had forgotten or his big brother didn't mention a time.

"Until bed time and I also have to take a picture of him, just so the others get a good laugh from it." Mitch then states and knows he just made that up, but he wanted to see if his brother had the guts to go with it or call him on his lie.

"Oh Mitch, I'm not sure if a picture is a good idea." Mike quickly states, sure it was funny and maybe a few years ago it would be okay, but he was pretty sure his eldest son hadn't thought it through very well.

"Why not?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he was expecting his brother to maybe try and get out of it, but he wasn't expecting his dad to say anything.

"Well I assume you will use your phone right?" Mike asks in response, after getting the confirmation that his eldest son really didn't think it through.

"Yeah so." Mitch responds in a confused tone.

"Do you really want to be walking round with a picture of a twelve year old boy in a very, very tight pair of tighty whiteys with hearts on them?" Mike then asks in a serious tone.

"He's my brother though and it's not like he is naked." Mitch responds and despite the seriousness of the conversation he can't help but feel happy because that was the first time he had actually referred to Tobias as his actual brother in a conversation.

"Mike I have a few photos of Matt and Ben playing around in their underwear and speedos on my phone and as long as it isn't a close up and maybe Tobias does a little rearranging I don't see any issues." Sarah then says as she brings over her sons tuna salad, she could see Mike's point but they were a family and she didn't see any harm in it and it wasn't like Mitch was going to walk around showing everyone.

"MUM!" Tobias then protests in a whiny tone, he couldn't believe his mum pointed out that he needed to rearrange himself, which meant she had seen his willy and he could feel his cheeks burning as he blushed.

"Don't 'MUM' me Tobias, you made the bet and you have to pay up, not eat your dinner Sweetheart and then we can all watch a film together." Sarah responds with a grin, she thought he was just adorable and couldn't believe that less than a week ago he was still parading around naked and declaring how hard his willy gets and now he was blushing at being seen in his underwear by her.

"Just be careful Mitch, people are funny about this sort of thing." Mike then states with a smile, he knew he was being a little over the top and if Sarah was happy then he couldn't really be that worried.

"I know Dad and I know that you're just looking out for me." Mitch responds as Sarah brings over his dinner and is surprised to see that it was one of his favourites and couldn't believe he hadn't even asked what the rest of them were having.

"Mitch you not show everyone the picture though right?" Tobias asks as he whispers in his big brothers ear, he still wasn't completely sure this was part of the bet he made, but he didn't want to seem like a chicken and decided to just do it.

"I will show Matt and Ben, but if you don't want anyone else to see it then I won't let anyone else see it." Mitch responds in a caring tone, this was just meant to be a bit of fun and although it was meant to be embarrassing, he wasn't going to humiliate his brother by letting everyone see it.

"Enjoy your dinner everyone." Sarah then says as she takes her seat and smiles when everyone thanks her, before happily turning their attention to their food.

"This is beautiful Matt." Ben says as they sit in their living room, he was still a little upset but they had decided to get out of the jacuzzi and the fact they were both wrinkled helped to lighten the mood a little and he was able to take in the effort his boyfriend had taken to make the room look romantic.

"I wanted to make you happy." Matt responds as he stares into his boyfriends beautiful eyes, which just seemed even more amazing in the candle lit room.

"I love you." Ben then says as he leans towards his boyfriend and gives him a quick kiss on the lips.

"I love you too." Matt responds and returns the favour, but as he leans back a little he can see that his boyfriend seemed to want to say something. "Is something wrong?" He then asks and wonders if there was something else that was upsetting him.

"Not really, it's just I was talking with Carter and Wesley earlier and we wondered if it would be alright for Peter to join us tomorrow when you come and visit us at school, we think he would get on well with Tobias." Ben responds with a small smile, they had talked about Peter a few times and he hoped he wouldn't have any issues with him coming along with them.

"I don't mind, he seems nice from what you guys told me and I think Tobias could do with as many friends as he can get." Matt responds as he slowly strokes his boyfriends arm with his fingers, he thought it was sweet how he was thinking of Tobias like that and knew that he might have trouble making friends himself after what he went through in the orphanage.

"We did talk about inviting him over for the sleepover as well, but I wasn't too keen on that and I think it's too soon and you and Tobias really need to get to know him before he can do anything like that with us." Ben then says as he starts to rub his boyfriends side and hip after feeling his arm being stroked and smiles when his boyfriend makes a weird but sexy moaning noise.

"You always think about me don't you." Matt then states with a loving smile, he was pretty much sure what his boyfriend was really saying was that he didn't want Peter to join them because he knew that he wouldn't be comfortable showing his scars to someone he barely knew and he was right.

"Always." Ben responds with a smile and moans when he feels his boyfriends hand slide down his arm and rests on his bum. "Matt I only want you to be happy." He then says from the heart.

"You make me happy Ben." Matt responds before leaning in and kissing him for almost five minutes before pulling away. "Are you hungry?" He then asks, he hadn't eaten much all day and knew his boyfriend didn't usually have more than a sandwich at school.

"I don't want to go back to the house though." Ben responds and tries to lean in for a kiss, but is pushed away gently by his smiling boyfriend.

"We have food here you dumb ass and I was thinking of spaghetti bolognaise." Matt then points out with a small grin.

"Can we cook it together?" Ben asks in a hopeful tone, although both boys start to giggle when his stomach rumbles and he can't help but blush a little.

"Well how can I say no to that." Matt then states with a another little giggle before sitting up on the bed. "Can you pass my cane though please." He then asks after realising it was on the other side of the bed to where he was.

"Sure." Ben responds as he gets off the bed and quickly finds his boyfriends cane on the floor and walks around to help him stand up. "How did the shopping trip go?" He then asks as they walk over to the kitchen area.

"It was great and I can't wait for you to see the clothes Tobias brought, he looks so great and well he looked like he used to now." Matt answers as he puts some water in a saucepan and starts to boil it.

"Does he like bracelets?" Ben then asks, he had wanted to buy his brother something and remembered his style from before and always thought a few bracelets would suit him.

"He didn't buy any, but I did see him looking at a few." Matt responds and gives his boyfriend a curious look at he heats up a pan for the mince and wonders why he was asking about bracelets.

"Well I wanted to buy him something and I think they would suit him, do you think he would like them?" Ben responds while putting the pasta in the boiling water.

"I think he will love them, but why do you want to buy him something?" Matt then asks, it was nice of his boyfriend but he was still curious about why he wanted to buy their brother something.

"Because he has been amazing since he has been here, you know the day before you came to our new house and my dad made me go home." Ben states as he stirs the pasta and waits for his boyfriend to respond before he carries on.

"Yeah, but I still don't get it." Matt answers while he stirs the mince.

"Well I was a mess because I didn't want to leave you and well Tobias just stayed with me the entire time and made sure I wasn't alone and then when it was time for bed he let me sleep in his bed and just looked after me, he didn't even make fun of me for crying Matt and just comforted me." Ben explains, he just felt like he wanted to do something nice for his brother and not just because of that, Tobias had comforted him a few times and he knows he has done the same for his boyfriend as well.

"Oh wow, well I always told you that he was amazing." Matt responds and felt proud of his brother for looking after his boyfriend when he needed it the most.

"I know and I mean he didn't even know me, well okay when you and him were in contact he knew who I was and the others had obviously told him about me, but it was still amazing that he would do that for me." Ben then says with a smile as he feels his boyfriends hand rubbing his bum.

"I think we should buy him a phone as well, but he has never had one before so we will have to teach him how to use it." Matt then suggests, while his brother would be home and with at least one of them for a few more weeks, he thought he should have one and could learn how to use it in the meantime.

"Sounds good to me, but I need to go to the toilet, you don't mind do you?" Ben then asks, he had only been once today and really needed to go.

"I got this covered, just don't be too long." Matt responds and smiles when he feels his boyfriend squeeze his bum before giving him a quick kiss and then walking to the bathroom, before turning his attention back to their dinner and looks in the cupboard to find the sauce and quickly puts it into the mince and stirs.

"So what movie do you want to watch Sweetheart?" Sarah asks as they finish cleaning up the kitchen and make themselves comfortable in the living room.

"I don't know any." Tobias answers in a sad tone, it had been so long since he thought about films because of the scary place and even before that he and Matt had always preferred to play outside or with their toys instead of watching TV.

"You must have a favourite Tobias." Mike then states, every boy has a favourite movie and he didn't believe for one second that he didn't know any films.

"Not my fault." Tobias then says in a slightly agitated tone, he didn't like being talked to like this and hoped his uncle would stop.

"Come on don't be silly Tobias, every boy has a favourite film so don't..." Mike then begins to say, but quickly stops talking when Tobias jumps to his feet.

"I DON'T REMEMBER ANY FILMS AND THE SCARY PLACE NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE NO ONE LIKED ME OKAY SO LEAVE ME ALONE!" Tobias then shouts before running out of the room and up the stairs in tears and Mike can only sit opened mouthed as once again he has managed to fail spectacularly when it came to dealing with one of the boys.

"For fuck sake Dad, can't you think before you say something." Mitch then states and doesn't hide his anger and frustration as he gets to his feet and starts to walk towards the hallway.

"I will come with you." Sarah then says, after giving Mike a sympathetic look and knew that it wasn't his fault and that they were all aware that Tobias was still adjusting and as well as he has been doing, there were going to be setbacks and wasn't angry at him.

"It's okay, I'm going to get him to change and then get him to come back down in a little while after I get him to tell me why he was really upset." Mitch states with a warm smile, he had a feeling something else was going on and that sooner or later he would have had the outburst and felt a little guilty at the way he talked to his dad. "Look Dad it's not your fault, well okay it was a little because you should know that he is still adjusting and that you shouldn't talk to him like you would do with the others, but if it wasn't you that triggered whatever that was, then it would have been on of us eventually and well just sorry I talked to you like I did." He then says in an apologetic tone.

"Thank you Mitch, but I still feel like an idiot and it just keeps happening every time I try and bond with the boys." Mike responds, he was grateful of the apology but he just felt like he was fighting a losing battle to get along with the boys.

"Mitch go and see to Tobias and I will sort this idiot out." Sarah then states as she gives the young man and smirk, she wanted to check on her son herself, but like Mitch she had a feeling something else was going on and felt like it would be something Mitch would be more suited to dealing with.

"Okay and Dad don't be stupid, the boys love you and so do I." Mitch responds before walking out of the room to go and find where his brother had ran off to.

"Seriously did you rob a candle factory or something?" Ben asks as he walks out of the bathroom and sees that their little table had been set and it had two candles on it.

"Funny, now sit down and let's eat because I'm starving." Matt responds as he sits down himself and watches as his boyfriend sits opposite him.

"Where did you get wine from?" Ben then asks as he looks at the bottle in the middle of table and the two glasses that were half full of a pink sort of liquid.

"I asked Mitch to buy me something that we might like and he got this, he said it is called a rose wine and that we should like this one more than the other two that we have tried before.

"Should we try some at the same time?" Ben then asks, he didn't really like the other wines he tried and wasn't that convinced that he would like this one any more than those, but was willing to give it a try if his boyfriend was going to.

"Okay let's try it." Matt responds as he picks up his glass and watches as his boyfriend does the same and they both drink at the same time.

"Oh well, that's sort of nice." Ben then says, he wasn't sure if he would want too much but it wasn't horrible.

"Yeah I like it, but I don't think I could drink too much of it and well yeah it's nice." Matt then states, he still preferred juice or a coke or pepsi but it wasn't too bad and would at least finish the glass while they ate.

"Cool, but let's eat because this smells great and I'm hungry." Ben then says and smiles when he watches his boyfriend pick up his fork and starts to eat and he does the same. "Oh wow that's really nice, what did you put in it?" He then asks, he really liked spaghetti bolognaise but this one was a little different and he couldn't quite figure out what was different.

"Just the normal stuff like salt, pepper and vinegar." Matt answers, before taking another fork full, while looking at his boyfriend curiously.

"Vinegar?" Ben asks in a surprised tone, he had never seen anyone put vinegar in spaghetti bolognaise before.

"Yeah I always put some on, it just makes it taste better." Matt explains with a smile, before having a little bit more of his wine.

"Well I like it too." Ben then states before going back to eating the meal.

"Do you think Mr Morgan would mind if Tobias and me sat in his class tomorrow?" Matt then asks, he wasn't sure if that was allowed or not, well not so much himself because he was just off sick, but his brother wasn't student there and just hoped they could.

"We should talk to our parents tomorrow before I go to school, but Mr Morgan misses you and I think if Tobias is allowed in the school then it would be alright." Ben answers after taking a small sip of his wine, he had actually been waiting for the day his boyfriend asked to come back to school and while this was only sitting in one class, it was a start and if that went well then maybe it wouldn't be long before he could be with his boyfriend at school as well as at home.

"Why are you smiling like that?" Matt then asks in a bemused tone and wondered why his boyfriend was looking all happy and excited.

"Just thinking that it might not be long before you're ready to come back to school and that makes me happy." Ben answers honestly before eating the rest of his dinner.

"Ben I'm not going back until at least next term, I'm just not ready yet." Matt then states with a sad smile, as he reaches across the table and holds his hand out.

"Just take as much time as you need." Ben then says in a sincere tone and takes his boyfriends hand into his own, he would love to have his boyfriend back and there is a part of him that wants to try and push him to go back, but he knows that it has to be on his boyfriends terms and only when he was ready.

"But you just said..." Matt then begins to say but is quickly cut off.

"Matt I know what I said, but as happy as it would make me to have you back at school, it would be pointless if you weren't ready and something happened, so take your time and we will take it a step at a time." Ben states in a caring tone, before drinking the rest of his glass and smiles at his boyfriend when he sees that he has just finished his glass as well.

"Okay, so what do you want to do now?" Matt decides to ask, he would love to just clear up and then just hold each other on the bed until they both fell to sleep, but if his boyfriend wanted to do something else he was more than happy to do whatever it was.

"We need to clear all this away and then maybe we can play with the dice for a little while before we go to sleep." Ben suggests with a shy smile, he almost just said to clean up and then go to sleep, but it was still a bit early and while they did a little bit earlier after his boyfriend had sung for him neither orgasmed, he also really missed his body and definitely missed something in particular.

"We haven't done that for a long time." Matt then says with a loving smile, he actually couldn't remember the last time they had used them and despite wanting to just fall asleep in his boyfriends arms a few minutes ago, he was now excited and slowly stood up to start clearing up.

"I see someone is excited." Ben then says as he notices his boyfriends boner when he stands up, although as he does the same his own boner brushes against the table and he can't help but giggle.

"I'm not the only one." Matt then points out as they both start to take their plates over to the sink and while he starts filling it, his boyfriend walks back over to the table and fills both their glasses up again.

"What are you doing?" Matt asks curiously, they had already had half a glass and while Mitch had told him the rose wine wasn't that strong, he didn't want to get drunk and wasn't really sure how much they could drink before that happened and he didn't want to find out tonight.

"We don't have to drink it all, but I want to try a little more." Ben responds as he takes a few long sips, he actually started to really like the taste and thought they might as well make the most of the chance to drink alcohol.

"Well I guess it is nice and another half won't matter." Matt states with a smile as he turns back to the sink and adds some washing up liquid.

"I love you so much." Ben then says as he walks behind his boyfriend and wraps his arms around his waist.

"Little Benny seems to like me too." Matt responds as he feels his boyfriends boner against his bum and can't help but feel sexy and wiggles a little.

"Hmm I like that." Ben then says as he reaches down and starts to rub his boyfriend boner, while gently grinding against his bum.

"It's nice, but let's get the cleaning up done first." Matt then says, he was actually feeling a little uncomfortable with what his boyfriend was doing and hoped he would take the hint.

"I'm not stopping you, just enjoy it." Ben responds as he starts to grind a little harder, not realising how he is affecting his boyfriend.

"Ben, please stop Ben." Matt then says in a pleading tone, he was basically being pinning to the sink and couldn't move much.

"I love you." Ben then states, seemingly ignoring his boyfriend and starts to kiss and nibble his neck.

"Ben stop it." Matt then says in a more forceful tone and is about to shout at his boyfriend when he feels him letting him go and backing away.

"Oh shit." Ben then says as he realises what he was doing and started to shake a little.

"Ben?" Matt then asks as he turns to see his boyfriend shaking, although when glances at the table he has to take another look when he sees that both glasses were empty. "Did you spill the glasses?" He then asks after turning back to his boyfriend, who he notices is looking a little unsteady and looking at him strangely.

"We should have sex." Ben states as he takes a few steps forward.

"Are you drunk?" Matt then asks in a slightly amused tone, although he was a little nervous as well as he had never had to deal with a drunk person before and he could tell that his boyfriend wasn't acting like himself.

"Let's have sex Matt." Ben suggests as he moves forward again and pulls his boyfriend against his body.

"You need to drink some water and then go to bed." Matt states in a firm but amused tone, he had felt a little worried a few moments ago, but this was his boyfriend and even drunk he would never hurt him.

"I feel so weird Matt, it's like I'm floating and everything is like moving." Ben then says as he backs away from his boyfriend and instead starts to walk around with his arms stretched out as he tries to balance himself.

"Well you have fun floating, while I finish cleaning up." Matt states with a big smile, before turning back to the sink and washing the plates and saucepans up and wondering what the rest of the night is going to be like with a drunk boyfriend.

"Matt, Matt we should totally do stuff, Matt like we could do dirty stuff Matt, Matt, Matt we could do dirty stuff." Ben then starts to say as he stands right next to his boyfriend and watches as he tries to wash up.

"Dirty stuff?" Matt asks in a bemused tone and suddenly realised that unless he somehow got his boyfriend to sleep then he was in for a funny but tiring night and the fact his boyfriend had school tomorrow, just made getting him to sleep even more important.

"Yeah Matt, we could do loads of dirty stuff Matt, Matt we could like kiss and hold hands Matt." Ben responds in an overexcited tone and Matt has to try his hardest to not laugh at how stupid his boyfriend sounds.

"Well yeah, we could do er... that's not my hand Ben." Matt starts to say before feeling himself being groped and while it was nice, he was a little unsure of what might happen if he didn't keep his boyfriend under control.

"Matt, Matt I bet I can pull it off Matt, watch Matt." Ben then says and just as quick as the words come out of his boyfriends mouth, Matt quickly pulls his boyfriends hand away from his boner and turns around.

"You know what would be really dirty?" Matt then asks in his best secretive tone, he had no idea how to deal with a drunk person, but figured the way his boyfriend was behaving he could try and get him to lay in their bed and hopefully he would go to sleep.

"Matt tell me, come on Matt, Matt." Ben responds excitedly and wonders what could be dirtier than holding hands and kissing, although he was wondering why his boyfriend seemed to be spinning around him and where he got a pink hat from.

"If you hide under the bed covers and pretended to be asleep and then once I have finished cleaning up, I will come and find you and it will be so sexy and dirty Ben." Matt then states in a serious tone, although he isn't quite sure how he has managed to keep a straight face, although as he looks into his boyfriends eyes, he can tell that he probably couldn't even tell the difference anyway and just smiled.

"That sounds so awesome Matt, Matt you're so dirty and wow I'm going to hide right now and you will never find me." Ben responds with a massive grin and quickly tries to kiss his boyfriends lips, but to his boyfriends bemusement he misses completely and actually kisses his eye and Matt has to quickly push his boyfriend away before he either sucked his eyeball out or blinded him with his tongue.

"Go hide and remember Ben, you have to pretend to sleep so close your eyes and get comfortable." Matt then says as he tries his best to get his boyfriend to actually fall asleep.

After finishing the cleaning up Matt smiles as he looks over to see that his boyfriend was under the covers and he could see the sheets moving up and down gently and took that as a good sign that his boyfriend had actually fallen asleep, although he then notices the wine bottle and sees that there is only about a quarter left and knows he only had half a glass, which meant that his boyfriend had drunk the rest and he couldn't help but be a little worried how that much drink would affect his boyfriend and decided it was best to get in bed too and just stay close to him, but just as he walks towards the bed his phone beeps and walks over to the table to see that he has a message.

"You want to talk about it Tobias?" Mitch asks in a soft and caring tone, he had been surprised to find that his brother was curled up in his bed and not his own, when he had walked in and took it as a sign that he didn't want to be alone. "Come on little guy, just talk to me and tell me what happened." He then says in the same tone as he sits down on the edge of his bed.

"Me not have film, I don't want to watch film now." Tobias states in a sad tone, he just couldn't deal with it and knew no one would understand and just think that he was being stupid.

"It's okay if you don't have a favourite film, my dad was only messing around and all we want to do is sit down together as a family, the film is just a good excuse to do that Tobias and it isn't a big deal." Mitch then states, although he got the sense that this had to be about his family and they would have to deal with it as soon as possible.

"MY FAMILY IS DEAD MITCH!" Tobias then shouts angrily and surprises his big brother by getting off the bed and moving back to his own and sitting down, leaving Mitch stunned and not quite sure what to do.

"I know they are Tobias and you know that we are not trying to replace them don't you?" Mitch decides to ask, he was sure that he already understood that they were just trying to look after him and keep him safe, so he was confused about how he was acting now.

"THEY ARE DEAD AND I'M NEVER GOING TO SEE THEM AGAIN AND IT'S NOT FAIR!" Tobias shouts out, ignoring his big brothers question and this time he lays down in a ball on his bed and when he turns his back to him, Mitch decides to pull his phone out and begins to text Matt to find out what could be happening.

"Tobias I know it's not the same, but I talked to your mum and she agrees that we should take you back to England to visit their graves, but we have to get passports and it's going to take a few months, but we are going Tobias and you will be able to say goodbye to them." Mitch then states in a reassuring tone, while he finishes with the message and sends it.

"I don't want to say goodbye though, I miss them and want them to not be dead." Tobias then says in a sad tone and Mitch quickly gets up and moves over to his brothers bed, where he then lays beside his brother and pulls him into his body.

"I don't want my mum to be dead either and I miss her everyday Tobias, but I promise it does get easier and you have all of us to help you as much as we can." Mitch tells his brother in a caring tone as he gently rubs his side.

"I need to go to the toilet." Tobias then says as he frees himself from his big brothers comforting arms and gets to his feet.

"Tobias tell me how you're feeling please." Mitch then says as he sits up on the edge of his brothers bed and gives the boy a sad look.

"I feel sad Mitch, but you help and me just need toilet." Tobias responds honestly, he actually felt a little annoyed at himself as well because he wanted to stay in his big brothers arms, but he suddenly really needed to use the toilet and knew even if he tried to hold it, then he would probably fart or something and that would be too embarrassing.

"Okay, just remember to wash your hands before you come back." Mitch then states with a grin, hoping that his brother would appreciate him trying to lighten the mood a little.

"Me not in mood for fun." Tobias responds in a sad tone, before he turns away from his big brother and walks out of the room, leaving Mitch feeling like an idiot for trying to joke when it was clear his brother was upset and needed reassuring and not humour, but just as he thinks about getting up to go and apologise his phone rings and he looks down to see that it was Matt.

After reading the message from Mitch, Matt can't help but struggle to think of something to write back, he knew what the problem was, but just couldn't seem to work it how he wanted too and looked back over to his boyfriend, who still seemed to be sleeping, which gave him another idea and dialled Mitch's number and waited for him to pick up.

"You didn't have to ring Matt." Mitch says as he answers his phone, he felt a little guilty interrupting the boys special evening together, but it was important and was just expecting a quick text so he was a little surprised that he called him.

"I know Mitch, but well this is important because I think I know what happened." Matt responds, if his boyfriend wasn't drunk and well hopefully asleep now, he would have ignored his phone beeping, but he was glad he read the text now and while it wasn't a long message he understood enough to know what happened.

"Well it's obvious it is something to do with his family, but I don't understand why he would react this way to my dad asking him what his favourite film is, even if he was a little over the top with trying to find out what it was." Mitch then states in a curious tone, he knew that once Matt tells him what the connection was he would be kicking himself for not being able to figure it out on his own and just hopes that together they can come up with something to help Tobias.

"Well we weren't interested in watching TV or films much when we were growing up and just preferred to play outside or with toys Mitch, but his family had like a tradition where every Sunday they would sit and do something together as a family in the afternoon, so they would play a few boardgames one week, another week they would play cards, another week it would be something like playing in the garden and stuff like that, but when they spent it watching films they would pick out one or two new ones to watch, but they always watched one film every time they did it and Tobias used to tell me that it was because it was everyone's favourite." Matt then says as he explains why their brother reacted like he did to them all watching a film together after being asked about his favourite film.

"So we pretty much forced him to remember his family and how happy he was and he couldn't handle it, then when my dad hassled him about telling us what his favourite movie was we just..." Mitch begins to say as he realises what they had just done to the poor boy, but trails off at the end and although he had lost his own mum, Tobias had lost his entire family and to be reminded of something as special as a weekly family tradition must have been devastating for him.

"It's not your fault Mitch or your dads so don't blame yourselves, just talk to him and tell him that I told you about why he got upset and he should open up to you, but I would make him go to bed after you're done Mitch, even if he seems fine and wants to watch a film, just tell him to go to sleep and he will do it." Matt then says, he wishes he could either go over to be with his brother himself or get Mitch to bring him to sleep with him and his boyfriend, but with his boyfriend being drunk, he didn't want Mitch to see him and get angry and tell their parents what happened.

"I will try, but we really have to do something to help him get past this Matt, I know we are taking him to see their graves, but it will be months before we have passports for everyone and well we need to do something." Mitch then says in am almost desperate tone, he just wished he could think of some way to help him until they were able to fly out to England, but he had nothing and just felt useless.

"Tomorrow I will talk with him alone, we haven't had much alone time anyway and I will get him sorted." Matt then states in a confident tone, he knew he needed to be with his friend one on one to help fix this problem, but then he thinks about what Mitch had just told him and couldn't help but be surprised." Wait you said we were going to England." He then states and can't help but be stuck between excited and stunned.

"Matt you know we are going to take Tobias there." Mitch then responds in a confused tone, he knew for certain that the boy knew about the trip.

"I knew you were talking about it, but I didn't know it had been confirmed." Matt responds honestly, he was excited to go back to England himself and had always wanted to go back for a holiday, but his dad had always said no and couldn't help but shake a little as he realises why his dad had stopped him going back and felt himself wanting to cry.

"We only confirmed it a little while ago and we still aren't sure about dates and how long it would take to get our passports." Mitch then says and couldn't help but wonder if he should tell him about their concern that he might not be allowed to fly due to his injuries and freak outs or wait until another day.

"What if they won't let me go though, you know because I'm crazy and broken?" Matt then asks in a sad and self pitying tone, his realization that his dad had done everything possible to stop him from ever seeing his best friend had destroyed his good mood and he slumped down on the floor and could feel the first few tears already running down his face.

"Matt you're not crazy or broken and don't you have think that you are." Mitch quickly states in a firm tone, quickly switching his concern from one boy to the other and wondered what had triggered Matt's change in mood. "Where is Ben?" He then asks, he was sure his little brother wouldn't be anywhere else except near his boyfriend and his concerned grew a little more.

"He is sleeping, but Mitch what if they don't let me fly, I'm not stupid and I know that I have mental issues and they don't let crazy people fly." Matt then asks in a slightly more upbeat tone, he knew he couldn't let himself get worked up and slowly got to his feet again.

"For the last time Matt, you're not crazy so quit thinking like that and secondly if they don't let you fly, then you and me will stay here and I will arrange with Wesley and Carter's parents to let them stay with us until the others come back." Mitch answers in a serious tone, he would love to visit England but it made the most sense for him to be the one to stay with Matt and there was always the added bonus that he would get to spend more time with his girlfriend, they had only been dating a a short time and wasn't sure they were ready to holiday together and he doubted that a few months was enough time for her to book the time off anyway.

"You would do that for me?" Matt quickly asks, although as he thinks about it, it wasn't really a surprise that the older boy would sacrifice the chance of a holiday to look after one of them.

"I would die for you boys and let's face it Matt, it's going to be near enough impossible for us to convince Ben not to go if you aren't going, but it will help if he knew you were with me to look after you." Mitch responds and can't help but smile with pride.

"Why can't Ben stay if I'm not allowed to go?" Matt then asks, but as soon as the words leave his mouth he realises why and mentally slaps himself. "Never mind, Tobias can't go alone and if you aren't going then Ben needs too, I get it." He then states quickly and looks over to where his boyfriend was and smiled as he sees that he had rolled over and could see that he was sound asleep.

"Tobias can't be alone and while your mum and my dad will be with him, he will need the support and Ben knows what it feels like to lose a parent and he knows what it was like to visit the grave, so it isn't just about him just being there, he will be able to help Tobias through it." Mitch then states and surprises himself a little, he had only just thought of that and it just made the contingency plan easier to accept.

"Mitch can you talk to my mum about getting me appointments with Wesley's dad please, I don't really want to see any more doctors, but I really want to go back home and not just for Tobias, I want to just be there again, even if it is just for a little while." Matt then asks as he walks over to his boyfriend and carefully sits on the edge of the bed.

"I will talk to her after I put Tobias to bed and for what it is worth Matt, I think you will be just fine with or without seeing Dr Walker, but I'm really proud of you for choosing to see him and well I just love you and want you to be okay again." Mitch responds from the heart, he remembered how he was before Mr Jones has molested him and although he is slowly getting better it was heartbreaking at times to see that the little light in his eyes was almost gone.

"I love you too Mitch." Matt responds sincerely, while he gently stroked his boyfriends face.

"I think Tobias is now coming back, see you in the morning Matt and have a good night." Mitch then states after hearing the toilet flush, forgetting the fact his little brother was apparently asleep, otherwise he would be concerned and wanting to know why.

"Okay, goodnight Mitch." Matt responds before hanging up, he then looks at his boyfriend and hopes that he isn't ill tomorrow, otherwise they would both be in trouble and Mitch as well for giving them the wine. "I can't believe you got drunk." He then says in an amused tone, before getting up to put his phone on the table and then walking into the bathroom to blow each candle out and then does the same in the living room before carefully climbing into their bed and gently snuggling up to his boyfriend, who lets out a contented sigh and pulls him in even tighter.

"Come and sit down Tobias." Mitch tells his brother as he walks back into their room, he could tell that he was still upset and that he needed to take control of the conversation straight away.

"So Matt told you everything then?" Tobias asks as he sits down next to his big brother and gives him half a smile when he sees the surprise on his face.

"Eavesdropping is rude Tobias." Mitch responds with his own smile and pulls his brother into his side and holds him for a few seconds.

"I only heard you says good bye, but I'm right aren't I?" Tobias then asks in response, he knew that his brother wouldn't have just called for no reason and knew it had to be about him.

"He told me about your family tradition every Sunday and why you reacted like you did to my dad asking about your favourite film." Mitch answers honestly and shifts his position so that he can look at his brother face to face.

"I really miss them Mitch, all of you are nice and I love you all, but it's not the same and I'm sorry." Tobias then states in a sad tone and has to force himself to not look away from his big brother, he was just being honest and hoped he didn't sound ungrateful for all they have done for him.

"We are never going to be able to replace your family Tobias, but we will love you and keep you safe." Mitch then says in a sincere tone as he gently squeezes his shoulder. "Tomorrow morning after Ben goes to school Matt wants to spend some time alone with you and I think it will do you both good to just spend some more time alone together, I know you have talked alone a few times already, but I want you to just open up to him Tobias and anything you want to say, say it to him Tobias and you know Matt better than anyone, even Ben and he will admit that too, so you know you can tell him anything." He then adds, deciding to let him know about tomorrow and maybe with time to think about it, he can really use that time together to get everything out of his system.

"Is he er... I mean how is he doing?" Tobias then asks, if his brother was alright than he couldn't think of anyone better to talk to about what he is going through and really hoped he could really talk to him.

"Honestly he isn't doing very well Tobias, but before you get nervous and decide that you can't talk to him, I think if he can help you out with your problems, it will go a long way in helping him recover so please let him help you Tobias." Mitch answers honestly and really hopes that his brother listens to what he is telling him.

"It will?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone, he really wasn't sure how telling his brother everything and getting upset and crying would help his recovery.

"I think it will make him feel useful and that will help him so much Tobias, right now he has hardly and self esteem and helping you and hopefully he can help you, will show him that he isn't useless and it will give him a confidence boost." Mitch explains as best he can, he was hoping quite a lot on being right, but thought that it was worth it and at worst the boys just spend a little time together and he couldn't see how it could damage either boy to talk.

"Okay, should we go down now?" Tobias then asks, he understood what his big brother was saying and he really did need to just talk to someone and again knew that his brother was the right person to speak with.

"Actually I want you to go to bed and get some rest, you have a big day tomorrow." Mitch responds and can see straight away that he would have to convince him a little bit more.

"Me not baby Mitch, it still light outside." Tobias states in a slightly annoyed tone, he wasn't in the best of moods anyway, but to be sent to bed when it was still light upset him a little bit more.

"Tobias you're going to be having a big talk with Matt tomorrow morning and we both know that it will be very emotional and then later you're going to be visiting the school, which is going to be a lot to take in, so do you really want to go down and have your mum and my dad asking you questions or looking at you sadly or do you want to just get some rest and have a good long sleep?" Mitch then states, as he tries a different approach and this time he can see that his brother is at least considering it and gives him a friendly smile.

"But it's still light outside." Tobias responds quietly, he could sense that for some reason his big brother was going to make him go to sleep one way or the other and felt himself thinking about just giving in, when he then has a thought and looks at his big brother questioningly. "Matt told you to make me go to sleep didn't he?" He then asks, although to Mitch's surprise there was no anger in his brothers voice and if anything he seemed to look like he had accepted that he was going to bed early.

"Yeah he told me that you would pretend to be alright and that I had to make you go to bed early." Mitch answers honestly, he didn't see the point in lying and he was starting to get the feeling that his brother was very intuitive and could remember quite a few times where he picked up on something out of nothing and could only continue to smile at him.

"It's nice that even after all this time and everything that has happened, we still know each other like we used to." Tobias then states and Mitch is delighted to see the boy smile for the first time and knew that with the help of Matt, he had helped calm him down and decided to give him a gentle hint about something else.

"It just goes to show that you two have a special bond and now that you're brothers it will be even stronger." Mitch then says before grinning a little as he gets to his feet. "Tobias, I'm going downstairs and then I will be picking Erica up from work and taking her home, so I won't come back up here for at least three hours and I will make sure no one else comes here, so enjoy having the room to yourself." He then states and struggles to suppress a chuckle when he sees the boys eyes suddenly light up as he works out what he had just been told.

"You're so cool." Tobias then states before jumping to his feet and cuddling his big brother.

"Just remember that no matter what you're feeling, we all love you and never be embarrassed to talk to us about anything." Mitch then tells him and shakes his head a little when he sees his brother quickly stripping.

"Me try to Mitch, but it hard sometimes." Tobias then says as he steps out of his underwear and smiles at his big brother.

"Not the only thing that's hard." Mitch then says, barely able to suppress his amusement at the fact his brother was already hard and just turns and walks out of the room, leaving his brother to have some fun.

"Matt, Matt, Matt look, look Matt look." Ben suddenly says as he shakes his sleeping boyfriend and couldn't wait to show his boyfriend what he found.

"Huh? What the hell?" Matt responds groggily as his boyfriend continues to shake him and mumbling about something, but when he looks over to the clock on the wall he sighs and sees that it was midnight.

"Matt, look, look Matt I found something." Ben then states excitedly, he just knew his boyfriend would be amazed and excited.

"What is it?" Matt asks after sighing and sitting up, he couldn't see much and despite being half asleep still, he was a little intrigued.

"Matt I have a penis, look Matt, Matt look I have a penis and it has two balls as well." Ben answers excitedly as he pulls the covers off them both and moves into a kneeling position facing his very unimpressed boyfriend.

"Er... that is really great Ben er... well done." Matt then states in a less then convincing excited tone, although he knew his boyfriend wouldn't know the difference and just couldn't believe he was still drunk, he wasn't really sure how drinking worked, but he figured that after sleeping for like five hours he should be back to normal now.

"Oh my god Matt, Matt you have a penis as well Matt and two balls Matt, Matt you have two ball and a penis just like me Matt, this is so cool Matt." Ben then states, but before Matt can react in anyway he feels his boyfriends mouth around his penis and within a few seconds he can feel himself getting harder and despite being half asleep a few moments ago, he was now fully awake and moaning out as his drunk boyfriend sucked and licked his boner and rolled his balls with his fingers.

"Oh fuck Ben." Matt then says as he falls back and just stares at the ceiling as his boyfriend continues, but as he starts to feel the first signs of his orgasm, he whimpers in disappointment as his boyfriend pulls off him and jumps off the bed, but just falls flat on his face.

"Ouch." Ben then groans and slowly gets to his knees.

"Oh shit are you okay?" Matt then asks, but just as he sits up he hears his boyfriend being sick and realises why he had jumped off the bed. "You're so cleaning that up in the morning." He then says as he shakes his head, but when he sees and hears his boyfriend being sick again, he gets off the bed and kneels down next to him to rub his back, just as he heaves again and despite what he had just said, he knew he was going to clean it up once he got his boyfriend back in bed.

"I think I'm dying Matt." Ben then manages to say after being sick again, he just felt like his head was being constantly smacked and his throat was hurting.

"Come on and get up, you need to drink some water and then go to sleep." Matt then instructs his boyfriend and is relieved when he does as he is told, although he has to help him get up and then guide him over to the sink, which was made harder by the fact he struggled to walk on his own, let alone when he was supporting most of his boyfriends weight.

"Where are we?" Ben then asks in a confused tone as he looks around.

"Drink this but don't swallow, just spit it in the sink." Matt then tells his boyfriend, ignoring his question and just concentrating on getting his boyfriend cleaned up and into bed.

"Eww what's that?" Ben then asks after spitting the water into the sink and seeing bits in it.

"You were sick, now drink this and swallow and then have another." Matt answers before holding another glass of water to his boyfriends lips and gently rubs his back as he drinks it.

"I'm sleepy." Ben then says after drinking the second glass of water and holds on tightly to his boyfriend as he walks over to their bed.

"I know, now lay down and close your eyes." Matt responds in a loving tone and after pulling the sheets over his boyfriend he kisses the top of his head. "Goodnight Ben." He then says and smiles as his boyfriend looks up at him.

"I love you." Ben then says and smiles at his boyfriend before closing his eyes and falling to sleep almost instantly.

"I love you too, you drunk dumb ass." Matt responds to his now sleeping boyfriend and gives him another kiss on the forehead before turning around and sighing as he sees the sick on the floor and walks over to the kitchen area to fill a bowl up with water and walks back to the sick with some kitchen roll and a tea towel. "The things we do for each other." He then says as he looks up to the bed and smiles when he sees his arms hanging off the bed and couldn't help but think that it looked like he was reaching out to him and was tempted to go and join him, but he was almost done cleaning up the sick and turned his attention back to finishing that.

"You make me so happy Matt." Ben then mumbles and Matt quickly turns to the bed, thinking that his boyfriend was awake, but as soon as he looks over he could see that he was still asleep and when he hears him repeat the same thing again, he just smiles and was happy that he had just finished cleaning up his boyfriend mess.

"You make me want to live Ben." Matt then says after limping back to their bed, he had just thrown the tea towel and kitchen roll in the bin when his boyfriend had said what he did and carefully climbed in to join his boyfriend and felt like the luckiest boy in the world when his boyfriend pulls him into his arms and lets out a sigh of content and couldn't help but love his boyfriend even more for seemingly knowing that he had joined him in bed despite being asleep and give him a gentle kiss, before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

End of Part Four.

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