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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 4

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 9

June 2015

"So any other questions?" Mitch asks, after the boys first few attempts at putting the condom on were amusing, everything else had gone pretty well and the talk wasn't as embarrassing as he had feared, although thanks to the boys naivety it was hard to stop himself laughing a little at some of his reactions and questions.

"Yeah, I mean..." Tobias begins to ask, but the door opening interrupts him and both he and Mitch are surprised to see Matt walking in with tears streaming down his face.

"Matt what's wrong?" Mitch asks, but instead of getting an answer he can only watch as the upset boy limps over to Tobias and hugs him tightly, while still crying his heart out and he knows they have to just let him get it out of his system, although he is also worried about his little brother, but for now he just lets it go until the young boy starts talking.

"Why are you still naked Tobias?" Matt then asks, he had been crying for almost ten minutes and felt a lot better for getting it out of his system, but he was surprised to see that while Mitch had put some shorts on, his brother was still naked.

"I learned how to put a condom on." Tobias answers with a grin, he was still worried about his brother and knew Mitch was too, but he got the feeling he would talk about it when he was ready and he was also a little proud of himself for learning how to put a condom on.

"You made him do it for real?" Matt then asks, turning to the older boy and gives him a suspicious look, at school they had done a sex education class, it was pretty rubbish and not even close to being useful compared to the sex talk Mitch had given him, but they just used a banana in the class and wondered why he wouldn't teach Tobias the same way.

"I tried with a banana first, but well he got confused and it was just easier this way Matt." Mitch answers honestly, although he really wanted to know what happened to him and where his little brother was, but knew he had to be a little more patient..

"Yeah you don't put banana's in girls, so why do I have learn to put condom on one." Tobias then states and Matt quickly gets a good idea of what the older boy was talking about and couldn't help but grin as he struggles to hold back from giggling at his brother.

"I guess not." Matt responds and puts an arm over his brother, before turning to the older boy. "Do you need me to go away to finish with him?" He then asks, hoping that they had finished 'the talk' and he could tell them about what happened with his boyfriend.

"Well Tobias was just about to ask something before you came in, but after that we can talk about what happened to make you that upset Matt." Mitch answers and although he really wants to know about his little brother, he wants to make sure Tobias understands everything and knew if anything really bad had happened, then Matt would tell him straight away.

"Okay, well I will wait outside the door until you're done." Matt then says, but as he attempts to get up from the bed, he feels his brother pull him back down.

"It wasn't a serious question, I was going to make fun of him." Tobias states and gives his big brother a guilty look, before turning back to his other brother. "What happened?" He then asks and Matt doesn't need to ask what his brother is talking about and sighs a little as he knows this is going to be hard.

"Matt where is Ben?" Mitch then asks, he had waited long enough now and wanted to know where he was.

"I have no idea." Matt answers honestly, but instantly realises that he needs to say more from the look on the older boys face. "He just needs some space, I called Wesley and he is out looking for him, you know just to make sure, but he isn't hurt or anything Mitch." He then states, although inside he was terrified his boyfriend wasn't alright and he wanted to go out and look for him himself, but knew that he couldn't and just wished he could have stopped his boyfriend running away like he did.

"So he just ran off without telling anyone where he was going?" Mitch then asks in an annoyed tone, knowing that he had drummed into his little brother to always let someone know where he was going.

"Mitch don't get mad at him, I'm worried about him, you know I think maybe he isn't handling things very well and he was so upset and angry with himself." Matt then states, the last thing he thought his boyfriend needed was a lecture from Mitch if he did come back and make him even more upset than he already was.

"What do you mean?" Mitch then asks, he was still angry at his little brother, but there was something in the boys tone that made him want to know if there was something more going on, he had noticed his little brothers odd behaviour and mood earlier, but didn't really think too much about it and was now wondering if he should have.

"He wished I was dead and now he hates himself and thinks that he is a monster." Matt states honestly, deciding to just tell the truth and hoping that maybe the older boy knew what to do, because he didn't have a clue, he had forgiven his boyfriend and told him that he loved him more than anything and it didn't even seem to register with his boyfriend and that really scared him.

"He wants you to die?" Tobias asks in a horrified tone, he just couldn't believe Ben would say that and couldn't help but feel himself wanting to hurt him for saying something so nasty.

"No, no not like that." Matt quickly states, realising that his brother had gotten the wrong idea. "Earlier when I was swimming, he just thought for a split second that if I was dead than I wouldn't be suffering so much and now he thinks he is a monster and hates himself and I don't know what to do Mitch." He then explains, after turning to the older boy and again just hoping that he has some kind of answer to what was happening.

"Matt you're going to have to help me out here, what exactly are you saying he did or well thought?" Mitch decides to ask, he was feeling too many conflicting emotions to think straight and needed a clearer explanation of what actually happened.

"Mitch it's like when someone watches someone they really love in agony or like if someone was in a coma, eventually even if it's only for a split second, the thought that they would be better of dead will pop into your head, I'm not saying it's right or nice, but it doesn't make you a monster, but Ben thinks he is a monster and won't forgive himself." Matt explains as best he can, most of that he had got from talking with Carter, but there was also something in the back of his mind that was telling him that something else was going on with his boyfriend, but he just couldn't figure it out and he just hoped he was wrong about that.

"I will call him." Mitch then states and starts leaning over to pick up his phone.

"Mitch he left his phone, I have it in my pocket." Matt quickly tells the older boy and can see that he was less than impressed. "Mitch, Wesley is looking for him and I told him where he will probably go and he will call once he finds him.

"I better call Dad then, shit if anything happens to him..." Mitch then begins to say, but is interrupted by the sound of someone's phone ringing and despite his concern over his little brother, he can't help but give the young boy a bemused look.

"Don't even say it Mitch." Matt quickly states, he had lost a bet with his boyfriend and had to change his ring tone and couldn't stop himself blushing.

"What's a wrecking ball?" Tobias then asks and Matt quickly answers the phone when he hears Mitch chuckling and just wants the floor to swallow him up.

"Your parents won't mind will they?" Ben asks as he follows his friends up the stairs.

"Oh please, they think you're the second coming Ben and I swear they would adopt you if you gave them the chance." Carter responds sarcastically, although he it was actually true and sometimes wondered if they would try and kidnap him or something whenever he had slept over at his house before.

"Ha, like they would get him away from Matt." Wesley then states with a cheeky smile.

"They love him just as much and would probably adopt him too." Carter then says as he opens his bedroom door and instantly freezes when he notices what is laying on his bed and can't believe he forgot to put them away.

"Oh well er... I'm just here to sleep on the sofa guys, I know we're close but jeez at least buy me flowers first and take me for a meal or something." Ben states with a massive grin as he walks into his friends bedroom and sees the lube on the bed.

"Fucking hell Carter, you've been here all this time and you couldn't put the fucking lube away with the other toys." Wesley then states, but quickly holds his hand over his mouth when he realising what he just said.

"Other toys?" Ben then asks and struggles to stop himself from rolling on the floor and laughing, when he sees the embarrassed and mortified look on both his friends faces.

"Oh fuck it, yeah we got sex toys and so do you Ben, so don't give us shit about it." Carter responds in a slightly agitated tone, although he can't stop himself smiling and knows that he and his boyfriend just made complete fools of themselves.

"I know, but shit this is awesome, so what did you get?" Ben then asks as he sits down on his friends bed and looks at the bottles of lube curiously.

"Maybe later Ben, but you seriously need a shower, you shouldn't leave chlorine on too long and you stink of it." Wesley the tells his friend, although he wasn't going to let his friend go through their things and hoped he just forgot about wanting to see them.

"It's not that bad is it?" Ben asks in a surprised tone, he couldn't smell anything and felt a little embarrassed if he was stinking his friends bedroom out.

"It's not really that bad, but Wesley's right about washing the chlorine off, so get your clothes off and I will get you a towel for when you get out of the shower." Carter answers with a smile, he didn't mind the smell but he was always told you should shower after going in a swimming pool to wash the chlorine off, although he didn't know if it was one of those things your parents told you to do, just to get you to wash or if it was actual true.

"If you say so." Ben responds as he starts to walk to his friends bathroom.

"Where are you going?" Carter then asks after his boyfriend gives him a wink and quickly understands what he wants to do.

"To your bathroom." Ben answers in a confused tone, he was still a little messed up by what happened earlier and can't quite understand what his friend is talking about.

"Not until you take your clothes off you aren't." Carter then states with a grin and Ben can't help but look at his too friends in surprise.

"You want me to get naked in front of you?" Ben then asks, still not picking up on the fact his friends are trying to mess around with him.

"Your clothes need washing Ben, so come on get them off and then Carter will get them in the washer while you shower." Wesley then quickly answers, realising that they might actually get their friend to strip in front of them and knew if he didn't try to see if they could, his boyfriend would have just told their friend to go in the bathroom already and can tell just by the look on his face that he was right and just smiles.

"Oh okay." Ben responds, before starting to strip and while Wesley is happy that his plan has worked, Carter isn't quite so sure they should be taking advantage of their friends obvious vulnerability and gives his boyfriend a worried look.

"Ben stop." Wesley quickly states as his friend starts to pull his briefs down, causing his friend to look at him in confusion. "Ben I was just messing around, you can just get naked in the bathroom and throw your clothes out the door, you don't need to get naked in front of us." He then explains, he saw the look his boyfriend gave him and knew that he had taken the joke too far and given his friends mental state right now, he felt like a jerk for trying to tease him.

"Oh, well thanks you pricks." Ben responds and is less than impressed by his friends trying to play jokes on him and starts to walk out of the room.

"Ben we are sorry, please don't get angry or upset, we just wanted to try and cheer you up." Carter then quickly states, while giving his boyfriend a quick elbow in the ribs for upsetting their friend.

"It's fine." Ben responds as he stops in the doorway and turns back to his friends. "Look I'm a mess right now, it's why I can't be around Matt today, but I'm not angry or upset and well fuck it." He then states and before either of his friend can say anything, he pulls his briefs down and kicks them off. "There you go and thanks for letting me stay Carter." He then says, before making his way to his friends bathroom and closing the door behind him.

"You're a complete moron you know that." Carter then states, giving his boyfriend another elbow in the ribs and then walking over to pick his friends clothes up.

"I know, but he is alright and well I will be more careful from now on." Wesley responds with a shy smile, he knew he messed up and was lucky that he hadn't really upset their friend, but was relieved that his boyfriend wasn't giving him hell for it now that they were alone, he knew he would have deserved it and still felt guilty.

"You better call Matt, while I go and put these in the wash." Carter then tells his boyfriend, before giving him a quick kiss on the lips so that he knew they were good.

"I will, but we aren't really going to let him see the stuff you brought are we?" Wesley then asks, he was all for having a laugh and messing around, but for him that stuff was private and he didn't want to show anyone else.

"Not a chance, but if it helps distract him then we just show him the cuffs and the dice, he and Matt have those so it won't be embarrassing or anything." Carter responds and gives his boyfriend another kiss before walking out of the room with his friends dirty clothes, leaving his boyfriend to call their friend.

"So he is staying over at Carter's?" Mitch asks in a concerned tone, he was happy and relieved that his little brother was safe, but the fact he wouldn't come home was worrying.

"Wesley said he just needed some alone time." Matt answers in a sad tone and while he understood what his friend had told him, he was still hurt and upset that his boyfriend wasn't coming home to him.

"You sleep with me in bed tonight Matt." Tobias then tells his brother as he pulls him in for a cuddle and thought it was best if his brother stayed with them tonight.

"Thank you." Matt responds and despite wanting to say more, he just felt too sad and instead just cuddled up more to his brother.

"Matt how are you doing?" Mitch then asks, deciding to see if he should be worried about the boy or not, despite his concern for his own little brother.

"I just want him to be here and help him Mitch." Matt answers as he looks up to the older boy and gives him a weak smile, he wasn't going to freak out and understood that his boyfriend just needed to get his head sorted, but it still hurt him a little to know that he couldn't help him.

"Me too Matt, but Ben is like me and when I need to clear my head I get as far away from the people I love as possible and it works for me Matt and I think that is what he is trying to do as well." Mitch then states, deciding to try and help reassure the young boy by explaining how he deals with things the same way and how it works for him.

"Still miss him though." Matt responds as he rests his head on his brothers shoulder.

"Can we have jacuzzi?" Tobias then asks, deciding that they should try and relax before their parents get back and he really wanted to go in the jacuzzi again.

"What do you say Matt, let's just go and relax for a while and then I will make us something to eat." Mitch then states as he looks at the younger boy and tries to hide how concerned he is for him, the last thing he thought the young boy needed was to see people doubting him and writing him off.

"If you both promise to not ask me about Ben or how I feel." Matt responds with a small smile, he actually thought the idea of a jacuzzi was a great idea and could do with relaxing, but he didn't want to be hassled about anything while he was in there.

"Deal." Mitch responds and is already on his feet and walking over to the door and smiles when he hears Tobias agree and they are soon all heading down to the pool house, although Mitch can't help but feel for Matt as he struggles to get down the stairs, even with the help of his cane and it takes all he has to not pick him up and carry him.

"Feeling better?" Wesley asks as his friend walks back into his boyfriends bedroom.

"Can you stop asking me how I am please." Ben asks as he starts to dry himself, not caring if his friends see him naked and knows they aren't bothered either.

"We are just trying to look after you." Carter states as he walks over to his closet and tries to find something of his boyfriends that his friend can wear.

"I know and I love you guys for it, but just lay off for a while please." Ben answers, he knows his friends mean well and he wasn't angry with them, but at the same time he needed to get his mind of what was going on in his head and was hoping they could help him have a little fun somehow.

"Sure thing, what do you want to talk about then?" Wesley then says as he sits on the edge of his boyfriends bed and looks at his friend curiously, he could tell that he wasn't doing so well, but knew that right now neither his boyfriend or he could help him or even have any idea on how to help him.

"You could tell me what you were doing with the lube and if it really tingles like it said on the label." Ben answers with a grin, he knew it was a bit mean but he wanted to have a little fun and knew his friends would play along, even if they were embarrassed about it.

"I already told Matt what we did." Carter quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear, he had picked out some shorts and a tank top for his friend to wear, but wanted his boyfriend to know it was alright to talk about what they did.

"Oh shit you told him?" Wesley asks out loud and gives his boyfriend an apologetic look, knowing that they were meant to be whispering.

"Tell who what?" Ben then asks as he hands the towel to his friend and takes the clothes off him and begins to get dressed, while watching his friends exchange looks with each other.

"We fingered each other earlier." Carter answers and despite trying his best he can't help but blush and instinctively reaches out to hold his boyfriends hand, while he waits for his friends reaction.

"You did what?" Ben asks in disbelief, he and his boyfriend had been discussing doing the exact same thing and couldn't believe his two friends had actually done it and was just in shock.

"You heard." Carter responds with a shy smile, he couldn't believe how different it was telling his friend in person, compared to telling Matt over the phone earlier and wished he had let his friend do the talking instead of jumping in first.

"Oh wow, well er... what's it like?" Ben then asks, deciding to let his curiosity take over and make the most of his friends honesty.

"It's so awesome Ben, but it's not easy and you have to get yourself cleaned out first, which is kind of embarrassing and messy." Wesley answers, deciding to join in the conversation and got the feeling his boyfriend was getting a little embarrassed, although he was definitely going to have words with him for telling Matt without asking if he was alright with other people knowing.

"You guys had enemas?" Ben then asks, he wanted to know everything but knew he had to take it a step at a time and thought he might as well see what an enema actually requires.

"Yeah and the best advice I can give you is open a window and have some deodorant or something, because it stinks so bad Ben, like really bad." Wesley responds and decides to warn his friend about the smell.

"Oh shit, I can't believe you guys did it though, did it hurt?" Ben then asks and stares at his friends after pulling his shorts up.

"It hurt a little at first, but it was just more uncomfortable than painful Ben, when he used two fingers though it took a bit of getting used to, but it felt amazing after a bit and there is this little spot that just makes you go WOW! Ben and well yeah it's amazing." Wesley answers, but before Ben can respond Carter quickly jumps in.

"You have to be careful though Ben, like make sure your nails are cut and well don't pretend you're alright if you aren't." Carter then states, deciding that he needed to warn his friend just like he had with Matt earlier.

"How do you mean?" Ben then asks in a confused tone, Wesley had made it sound amazing and the best thing ever, but now he was being told to cut his nails and not to pretend it was alright and it confused him.

"Well Wesley liked when I put the second finger in and it only hurt for a few seconds for him, but when it was my turn and he put the second in me it hurt like hell Ben and I mean really hurt, but I didn't tell him and pretended I was alright and while it still felt nice and he made me cum, the pain ruined it and I wanted to warn you that you don't have to use more than one finger, because it is about feeling good and not about who can take the most." Carter explains as clearly as he can, he really wished he had asked his boyfriend to stop the first time, because he felt disappointed in himself for ruining his first time, especially when the second time with just one finger was amazing and he wanted that for his first time.

"Oh." Ben then says as he starts to think about his boyfriend and can't help but look down at the floor.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Carter asks, before getting up and moving across to his friend to cuddle him.

"Me and Matt were talking about doing it last night, but we didn't have an enema thing and now I'm all messed up in the head and I bet Matt is disappointed that I'm ruining it." Ben just about manages to explain before he breaks down and cries on his friends shoulder.

"Matt loves you and he would never be disappointed in you." Wesley then says, as he joins his boyfriend in cuddling their friend and just let him cry until he settles himself down.

The Next Day

"He should be here by now." Matt says as he waits for his boyfriend to come home, Wesley had called earlier to say that he was coming straight home, but he was already half an hour late and Matt was getting worried.

"Wesley and Carter are both walking here with him Matt, just be patient and let him take however long he needs." Mike tells the boy and while he was a little worried himself, he knew he had to not let him see that and decides to give him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

"I know but what if he changed his mind and won't ever come home?" Matt then asks, he knows he is being stupid and probably annoying everyone, but he was worried and just wanted to have his boyfriend back.

"If he changed his mind then one of your friends would have called to tell you Matt." Mike responds in a calm tone, as he tries his best to reassure the boy again and just hopes his youngest son hurries up.

"What if he..." Matt then begins to say, but is quickly silenced when his brother puts a hand over his mouth.

"Matt stop it, stop being stupid you idiot." Tobias states as he gives his brother a stern look, he had been sitting quietly watching his uncle's soft approach failed to settle his brother down and decided to try something that used to work when they were younger and hoped that it still worked, as he slowly removes his hand to let him speak.

"I used to hate when you did that." Matt then states as he remembers how his friend used to shut him up with his hand over his mouth and couldn't help but grin at him, despite finding it annoying.

"I know." Tobias states with a wide grin and Mike can only look on at the two boys interacting and could see how close they once were and could see that they were already getting back to that now.

"Should I like kiss him or just wait for him to come over to me?" Matt then asks, he wanted to just tackle his boyfriend to the ground and kiss him, but knew that it might be too soon for his boyfriend and didn't want to make him run away again.

"You pervert." Tobias states as he gives his brother a playful push, he knew that by kiss, his brother wasn't talking about a quick one on the kiss and enjoyed teasing him.

"So just let him come to me." Matt then says as he checks himself over again and then turns back to the door and goes back to waiting for his boyfriend to come home.

"Come on Tobias, let's go get some drinks ready and leave the love sick puppy alone for a few minutes." Mike tells the boy, deciding to join his eldest son and Sarah in the kitchen and leave Matt to greet his youngest son on his own.

"Matt be cool and not stupid." Tobias then says before following his uncle into the kitchen, knowing his brother was probably just going to jump on top of Ben as soon as he walked through the door.

"Okay." Matt responds, but his attention is on the door and as his brother and Mike leave the hallway he hears some talking outside and quickly recognises his boyfriends voice.

"What if he is mad at me?" Ben asks as he walks with his friends towards his home, he just felt so guilty for running away and knew that he was in trouble with his dad and brother, but he was more worried about his boyfriend and just hoped he understood that he just needed time alone.

"Then you suck it up and get on your hands and knees and beg him to forgive you Ben." Wesley answers honestly, he felt bad for his friend and was still worried about him, but he also thought he did the wrong thing by running away and refusing to talk to his family and Matt.

"What if I can't be near him though?" Ben then asks and stops when both his friends stop and stare at him.

"Why wouldn't you be able to be near him?" Carter asks in a confused tone, while he knew his friend was obviously still struggling with his feelings and thoughts, he didn't understand how he wouldn't want to be near his boyfriend.

"I knew you didn't understand." Ben then states and begins to walk away from his house, until he feels his arm being held and looks to see that Wesley his holding him.

"Ben you're feeling like an arsehole for wishing Matt was dead, which we already explained to you and I know that you know that it doesn't make you a monster and yeah we don't get what else is going on, but neither do you and there is no way we are letting you run away again." Wesley states in a firm tone and as much as Ben wanted to run, he knew his friend was right.

"Ben you have to know what else is wrong though, are you sure you don't know?" Carter then asks, he was sure his friend knew, but for whatever reason was just not seeing it and he wanted to help in any way he could.

"Can't I stay another night at yours?" Ben then asks, ignoring his friends question completely.

"You can if you want, but you need to go home Ben, you can't hide forever and you need to be there for Matt, because he needs you to be with him." Carter answers honestly, as much as they were worried for him and they really were, Matt was more important as he was a danger to not just himself but to others as well, especially after Ben had told them about the attacks the day before.

"Ben we will walk you to your house, but you have to go in on your own and you have to make sure Matt is alright." Wesley then states and can tell by the look on his friends face that he wasn't expecting to have to go in alone.

"You aren't coming in with me?" Ben asks, despite the fact his friend had just told him they weren't.

"Ben my parents want me home and Wesley has to go hone too." Carter answers and while he felt a little bad, he also knew that their friend needed to do this himself and he was also hoping it would help him get over whatever was bothering him so much.

"Ben, you aren't a baby and we will wait until you go inside, but we really have to get home and we should have been home ages ago, so get your fat arse into gear and man up." Wesley then states, deciding to try and be funny, but can see that he failed in trying to get his friend to laugh and also notices his boyfriend rolling his eyes.

"Nice pep talk Wesley." Carter then states and just shakes his head at his boyfriend, before turning to his friend. "Ben we love you and I know you're going through something and you can come home with me right now if you want to, but I really hope you go home to Matt because he needs you and I know you need him, so just be together and help each other please." He then states in a sincere tone, he really did want his friend to go home, but would also support him if he couldn't do it and his hone was always open to him.

"Thanks Carter." Ben responds as he gives his friend a quick hug, before turning to his other friend. "Your pep talk was crap Wesley, but you were right and well come on then." He states as he turns back around and starts walking home again.

"Yeah not my best piece of work and well you know we all love your arse really." Wesley responds and winces a little when his boyfriend elbows him in the ribs.

"Stop looking at his sexy arse." Carter states with a grin as his boyfriend gives him a playful shove.

"You guys are so gay." Ben then says as they reach his road and he can't help but take in a deep breath.

"Nice try Ben, but come on and start moving." Wesley responds as he gives his friend a little push in the back to get him walking again and smiles at his boyfriend and gets a quick kiss on the cheek, before they stop outside their friends house and watch as he nervously walks up to the door.

"What the fuck are you doing Peter?" Jarred asks the terrified looking boy, before shoving him into the wall.

"Leave me alone." Peter responds as he looks around nervously, but all he can see is his former friends surrounding him and knows that he is in trouble and that no one ever comes to this part of the town any more.

"Ditching us for that group of faggots and you want us to leave you alone?" Jarred asks before spitting on the boy and slapping him across the face as the rest of the group laugh.

"You never liked me, just leave me alone and let me..." Peter begins to say before feeling a hand over his mouth and then feels himself being pushed back up to the wall and held in place.

"You listen to me you little fucker, you're ours and it doesn't matter if we think you're a pathetic little freak, you're ours and we decide if you can leave or not." Jarred then hisses and tightens his grip on the smaller boys mouth. "Don't make us hurt you Peter." He then adds before punching the boy in the stomach and letting him fall to his knees.

"Fuck you." Peter responds and spits at the bigger boy, before getting a kick in the stomach and falls forward on to his stomach and starts crying, he had no idea what came over him and knew he should have just said what they wanted and then told Wesley, but now he was going to get his arse kicked and there was nothing he could do.

"Strip him and let's have some real fun." Jarred then instructs the rest of the boys, who start laughing and cheering when Peter tries to crawl away, but he is quickly restrained and can already feel someone trying to undo his belt and starts to cry even harder.

"STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Alex suddenly shouts out and everyone turns to him in surprise and Jarred can't help but be a little confused by his best friends reaction.

"Where have you been?" Jarred asks his friend and tries to work out if he should be worried or not.

"You said you were just going to scare him a little and let him go." Alex states as he tries to get a look at Peter, but there were too many people in the way to see if he was okay.

"The little fucker tried to fight back and spat at me, you know I can't let that go Alex and we are going to teach him a lesson." Jarred responds as he sizes his friend up, they had been friends since he could remember and knew he couldn't take him in a fair fight, but he had the numbers and wasn't going to back down.

"Come on let's just go, he got the message and this is boring Jarred, lets go down the park and have some real fun." Alex then suggests, he knows he can take his friend in a fight, but he didn't want it to come to that and hoped he could convince them all to leave Peter alone and just go to the park.

"Why do you care so much?" Jarred then asks, he couldn't help but wonder why his friend seemed so worried about the little shit and wanted to know what was going on.

"Jarred just leave him alone and let's just hang out down the park before we head home." Alex responds as he eyes his other friends and can see that they aren't bothered either way and just hopes Jarred listens.

"Fuck you Alex, guys strip the fucking little weasel and someone film it, we are going to make him a star." Jarred instructs the group and starts to smile as he watches them all grab a hold of the sobbing boy.

"If anyone touches him they are dead." Alex then states in a calm but serious tone and everyone stops in shock and Jarred can't help but wonder what is going on and squares up to his best friend.

"Alex, don't make us fuck you up." Jarred states as he gives him a shove in the chest. "Strip the weasel now." He then tells the others, but as he turns back to his best friend he crumples to his knees after feeling his stomach being punched.

"I warned you, now the rest of you better fuck off right now." Alex says and as his group of friends quickly start to turn around and leave, he feels himself being half tackled and slammed into the wall and then kneed in the groin.

"You stupid fucking arsehole, you pick that pathetic weasel over me?" Jarred hisses, as he kicks his best friend in the stomach after he falls on to his side. "I should strip you and him and leave you both naked you..." Jarred begins to say before feeling someone jumping on his back and wrapping their arms around his neck.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Peter screams as he tries his best to choke the bigger boy, but quickly feels himself being slammed against the wall behind them and falls to the ground and on to his side and again wonders what the hell he was doing, he should have ran and found someone to help him, not try to be the hero and now he was going to pay big time.

"You got balls, I will give you that Peter and in a few minutes we will find out just how big they are, along with the rest of the town when you walk home naked." Jarred asks, but knows the boy isn't a threat and turns back to his best friend and grins as he is now swaying on his feet. "Not looking so tough now boxer boy." He says as he taunts him by pretending to hit him and laughs every time he flinches.

"Leave him alone." Peter calls out, he couldn't believe Alex would actually risk everything for him, but he had done it and now he was going to try and help him in any way he could.

"Fuck you, you can both hold each others hand as you try to get home naked." Jarred retorts, but as he turns back to his best friend he sees him smiling and realises that he wasn't as hurt as he thought he was. "Shit." He then says and as soon as the words come out he feels the first punch and then the second and third before he can even begin to react and by then he knows he is going down and after six more hits he falls on to his back as he tries to curl up, but feels his best friend straddling his stomach and then pinning his arms with his knees.

"I could kill you right now." Alex whispers in his ear after leaning down, he didn't want Peter to hear this and knew Jarred would follow his lead.

"Me and you are done, you're a fucking fag aren't you?" Jarred responds, he couldn't think of any other reason as to why his best friend would turn on him for someone as pathetic as Peter and couldn't believe he was gay after all these years of being friends and not realising.

"I'm not the one obsessed with stripping boys Jarred, so you can quit with the anti gay shit around me, it's pretty obvious by the hard on you have right now what you really like." Alex responds with a grin and chuckles when he sees his best friend blushing.

"Fuck you!" Jarred then says and tries to get free by wriggling and twisting, but gives up after a few moments and just lays still in defeat.

"From now on leave Peter alone, I don't care what you tell the others, just make sure no one touches him or gives him any shit." Alex tells his best friend and looks over to Peter and gives him a warm smile.

"So you two are gay." Jarred states with a grin, he didn't care if he got a hard on, it didn't make him gay and he wasn't about to let his best friend think he has beaten him.

"Just make sure he is left alone Jarred and just to make it clear, we are done as friends and unless you want me to show everyone else how me beating your ass gives you a hard on, then you better keep that mouth of yours shut and just stay out of my way." Alex states, before slowly getting of his now ex best friend and watches carefully as he slowly gets up as well.

"Fine." Jarred then states and quickly turns away from his former best friend and walks away, before silently crying as he realises he not only just lost his best friend, but he actually got a hard on and despite his earlier thoughts, he was now starting to question himself and it just upset him more.

"You alright Peter?" Alex then asks after watching his former best friend disappear around the corner and looks the smaller boy over.

"My back really hurts and I think I banged my head Alex." Peter answers as he takes a few nervous steps towards his friend, not quite knowing what he was thinking and whether he would regret what he had just done and turn on him.

"Turn around and lift your top so I can have a look." Alex instructs him, he was now feeling a little nervous about what he had just done, but as his friend turned around and did as he was told, he realised that he would do it again in a heartbeat.

"Is it bad?" Peter then asks nervously, but jumps a little when he feels himself being touched and can't help but feel a little scared that he is going to get hurt.

"Just a couple of scratches and some bruises, but it's not that bad although you will be stiff for a few days, so you need to take it easy." Alex answers as he lets him pull his top down. "Your head isn't bleeding though, just a little bump but try not to touch it too much." He then adds after checking the back of his head.

"Are you alright, he was hitting and kicking you." Peter then asks, deciding that he should return the favour and make sure his friend was not hurt.

"I'm fine Peter, well thanks to you anyway." Alex responds with a smile as he walks over and picks his bag up.

"You should have just let them beat me up though." Peter then says as he picks his own bag back up and can't help but sigh a little as he sees that it is ripped and one of the straps is broken.

"What's wrong?" Alex then asks in a concerned tone after hearing his friend sighing, while ignoring what he had just told him.

"My bags ruined." Peter answers and knows his dad is going to be angry with him.

"You can have mine, they are the same make." Alex offers and before Peter can protest he watches as his friend is already emptying his bag onto the ground and can't help but smile at the gesture.

"Alex why are you doing this." Peter then asks, although he already had a good idea, he was just feeling vulnerable and wanted to know for sure.

"You know why Peter." Alex answers and gives him a sad look before holding out his now empty bag.

"Oh er... but you know I'm not gay, well I don't think I am, but you know what I mean." Peter then states in an awkward tone, not that he was homophobic, he didn't care either way really, but he knew Alex liked him,, but he just wasn't interested in anything to do with sex, well not quite everything, he was always getting boners and had a lot of fun when he was alone, but as for whether he liked boys or girls, he had no idea other than Mrs Lee giving him a constant boner, but he was smart enough to know that looking at a chair could give him one of those and for now he was just happy as he was.

"I know and you don't have to worry about me trying to rape you or anything Peter, but I'm not going to stand round and watch you getting bullied by a bunch of morons who can't think for themselves." Alex responds as he takes his friends broken back and starts to put his things in it.

"You should join me and make friends with Wesley new friends, they are really fun to be around and I know they will like you." Peter then suggests, he knows his friend just burned his old friendships for him and he also knew that he already knew Wesley and Jordan quite well anyway.

"After what I did to Carter there is no way I can be friends with them Peter." Alex states as he puts the bag over his shoulder and holds it to stop it from ripping any more than it already is.

"They forgave me and Carter doesn't hold grudges, please Alex I want to hang around with you and well please?" Peter then asks and despite knowing that it will take a while for them to forgive Alex, he knew they would eventually and he really wanted him to join him.

"He might forgive me Peter, but I can't forgive myself and Wesley was right when he said what he did after we hurt Carter, but we can still be friends Peter, you know I like you and well I can always hope you like me back one day." Alex responds with a shy smile, but then turns and begins to head home.

"Alex can you walk me home please?" Peter then quickly asks, he was still a little scared that the others would just be waiting for him and attack him again, despite Alex's warning he was still scared because Wesley's warning obviously didn't work and if that failed then he didn't know if Alex's words would protect him any better.

"Sure it's not that far from my house anyway." Alex responds and turns back around and starts walking with his friend to his house, despite the fact his friend was pretty much going to be straight, he still wanted to look after him and he genuinely liked him even if he did have to settle with just being friends.

"Thanks." Peter then states, although he can't help but give him a curious look and knew that he lived in the other direction, but he was too scared to walk home alone and decided to let his friend look after him as they headed towards his house.

"Hey." Matt calls out in an excited tone as soon as the front door opens and his boyfriend walks in and only just manages to stop himself from jumping on him and kissing him to death.

"I er... sorry." Ben mumbles as he starts to back out of the door, he just couldn't stop himself feeling guilty and it was like someone was shouting in his head to run.

"Oh." Matt states in a sad tone as tears roll down his face and Ben quickly realises what he was doing to his boyfriend and quickly walks over to him and cuddles him.

"Matt it's me, I don't know what's wrong with me and I missed you so much." Ben then says, before kissing his boyfriends neck and cuddling him even more.

"I should be mad at you for running away and not even calling me." Matt then states as he gently pushes his boyfriend away, so that he could look him in the eyes and let him know that he is serious.

"I got..." Ben then begins to responds, but is cut off by his boyfriends finger pressing against his lips.

"Getting Wesley or Carter to phone me is not the same thing Ben, you scared me and wouldn't even speak to me, all I wanted was to hear your voice and you wouldn't let me." Matt then says as he takes his finger away from his boyfriends lips and uses the hand to stroke his hair. "I love you Ben, but if you ever do that to me again I won't forgive you so easily as I'm doing now." He then adds, before stepping forward and kissing his boyfriend.

"I promise." Ben responds before looking down the hallway. "Are they really mad at me as well?" He then asks and knows that he will probably be grounded by his dad for running away, even if he didn't mean too.

"You might get grounded by your dad and Mitch might be a bit angry, because your dad had a go at him for not keeping a better eye on you." Matt answers honestly, although he had defended Mitch and Mike had apologised in the end, but his boyfriend didn't have to know that and he thought he could do with feeling bad for running away.

"I er... just hold my hand and don't let go please." Ben then asks, before they slowly walk down the hall.

"I promise." Matt responds and leads his boyfriend into the kitchen, where everyone turns to look at them and he makes sure he grips his boyfriends hand a little tighter to know that he is with him.

Two Days Later

"Please tell us that you aren't still being weird with Matt." Wesley asks as he walks with his friend and boyfriend towards the playing field, both he and his boyfriend had become really worried about their friend, especially when they were woken up by his boyfriends mum Sunday night because she had gone downstairs to get a drink and found their friend crying his heart out, he had to carry him back to the bedroom and they both just comforted him as best they could, but even though he went home after school Monday, it was clear that he still wasn't okay and even now he looked on the verge of tears.

"I'm trying." Ben answer meekly, he had found being at school difficult and every time he talked he felt himself wanting to cry and it hadn't been much better at home, he has tried to hard to forgive himself and his boyfriend was great and so were his brothers, but there was just something in the back of his mind that kept him from being happy and he just couldn't figure it out.

"So something is bothering you, but you don't know what it is?" Wesley then asks in a confused tone, after a lot of hassling and cuddles he and his boyfriend had managed to get him to admit that, but it was still confusing and didn't really make much sense or give them any clue as to how they could help him.

"Matt is different." Ben then states as they come to a stop at one of the trees and satisfied that no one else is around he sits down, with his knees drawn to his chest.

"You keep saying that Matt, but every time we ask how, you tell us you don't know and then we go on about what it could be and his injuries and it's nothing to do with that." Carter then states in a slightly frustrated tone, although it was just due to him wanting to help and not his friends mood.

"I don't fucking know alright." Ben then responds angrily and just buries his head between his knees, he hated being like this and just wanted to be normal again.

"Hey I don't care what you're going through Ben, don't talk to him like that, we are only trying to help." Wesley then quickly states as he puts his arm over his boyfriends shoulder after sitting down next to him, he knew he shouldn't have a go at their friend when he was clearly not himself, but he couldn't help defending his boyfriend and wasn't going to apologise for it.

"It's alright Wesley." Carter then says, while cuddling up a little closer to his boyfriend, he loved when he defended him, but he was a little worried that their friend might not react well to it and looked over at him nervously.

"We haven't kissed each other since I went home Monday, I mean he kissed me when we talked after I walked in, but every time he tries to kiss me I back away and I don't know what's wrong with me." Ben then states in a sad tone and knows without even looking up that his friends are looking at him in concern, but no matter how hard he tried to let his boyfriend kiss him or even cuddle him, he just tensed up and felt himself crying and it just made him hate himself even more.

"Ben you need to see my dad, he will know how to help you and..." Wesley then begins to say, but just like every other time he had brought his dad up in conversation, his friend is quick to interrupt him.

"NO!" Ben states firmly as he looks at his friends and can already feel a few tears rolling down his face and not for the first time, he wonders what is wrong with him and why he is acting like this.

"So Peter is kind of cute right?" Carter then asks, deciding to change the topic of conversation and hopefully avoid their friend just spending the entire break crying.

"What are you on about?" Wesley then asks and instantly feels his boyfriends eyes on him and knows he just messed up a little.

"So you like him then Carter?" Ben then asks, he knows his friend is changing the topic and appreciated it and even found his two friends little exchange of looks amusing and just decided to go with it and forget about his own problems for a few minutes.

"I never hated him, but yeah he is interesting and it's funny how he has plucked his eyebrows." Carter responds, after giving his boyfriend a little nudge in the ribs to show that he wasn't amused by his earlier question, after he had tried to change the conversation.

"Yeah that's my fault, I told him Sunday that he had a unibrow thing going on and he needed to do some plucking and well I think he just over did it a little." Ben responds with a small smile, although he actually felt a little bad for the boy and had made sure no one teased him about it and defended him when someone tried to.

"I think he is great and thanks to you Ben, he has come out of his shell so much and he basically hero worships you now." Wesley then states and was really happy that the boy seemed to fit in so well and that despite Ben being in all sorts of problems, he had noticed that he had taken him under his wing and he could tell that he was a little happier around the other boy.

"I can't wait for him and Tobias to meet, they have so much in common and I just hope they hit it off." Ben responds and manages a genuine smile, he didn't know why but being around the boy seemed to cheer him up and was happy that he seemed to really look up to him.

"You think they might get together?" Carter then asks, thinking his friend wouldn't have said what he did unless he thought they might think the other was cute.

"Oh hell no, Tobias is a million percent straight and Peter spends more time staring at Mrs Lee's boobs, than he does breathing when we are in her class." Ben answers with a chuckle, although they would make a cute couple, he knew that they would only ever be friends, but he was sure that they would be close and he wanted them to both have someone that they could hang with that wasn't gay.

"Yeah I have a few classes with him and he definitely flies the flag for straight boys, well the pole for the flag anyway if you know what I mean." Wesley then adds with a giant grin, remembering the times he had seen the boy desperately trying to hide the fact he was tenting while in class and has lost count of the times he had seen him still sitting down while everyone else had already reached the door.

"Oh wow, do you think we should invite him to the sleepover?" Carter then asks, they had actually invited Jordan, Barry and Patrick to the sleepover but none could make it for various reasons and he couldn't shake the feeling that it wasn't fair on Tobias being the odd one out, even though they would try their best to not leave him out, it was bound to happen and it would be nice if they had a sixth person.

"I'm not sure." Ben answers honestly, it wasn't that he didn't want him there, but they had only just started being friends and wasn't sure how he would react to strip poker and dares and then he didn't know if his boyfriend would be comfortable with someone he didn't know being there.

"I thought you liked him though?" Carter asks in a confused tone and wasn't expecting his friend to say no.

"It's Matt isn't it?" Wesley then asks his friend and ignores the surprised look his boyfriend gives him.

"Yeah I mean Peter is great, but Matt doesn't know him and I'm not sure if he would be okay with him joining us and then there is the whole strip poker thing for Peter too, I mean he might get a little freaked out with us inviting him to do that and dares." Ben then answers and explains his concerns as best he can.

"Well aren't Matt and Tobias coming here tomorrow?" Carter then asks, remembering that his friends were coming for a visit, well it was more to help Tobias meet a few girls, but they were all going to meet up together on the field as well and thought maybe Peter could join them.

"Yeah let's bring Peter and we can see how they get along with each other." Wesley adds with a smile as his boyfriend gives him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah we can take Peter, but what about the strip poker and dares?" Ben answers, but again he just doesn't think it's a good idea and was too soon for him to be a part of it.

"Well let's just see how tomorrow goes, then we can talk to Matt about it and go from there." Wesley answers, deciding that there was no point talking about it now and that they would just have to wait until after tomorrow.

"What class do you have next?" Carter then asks, knowing that he didn't have one with either his friend or boyfriend for the rest of the day, he hoped that they had some together.

"We have double music together." Wesley answers and could tell from the relief on his boyfriends face, that he was thinking the same thing as he was about their friend being alone.

"You guys are so lame." Ben then states with a grin, he knew exactly what they were doing and appreciated it, but with them and his other friends it was getting a little ridiculous.

"That obvious I take it." Carter states with a shy smile, it wasn't like there was a massive conspiracy or anything, but they were all trying to keep an eye on him and knew if he or his boyfriend didn't have a class than one of the others did.

"Maybe just back off a little bit, I love you all for looking out for me, but I need some space sometimes too." Ben answers honestly, before getting to his feet and wiping his eyes.

"We will tell the others to back off a bit as well then, but you know we love you." Carter then states as he gets to his feet, closely followed by his boyfriend.

"Well you can both start now and sit back down, I need a pee and you two aren't following me in the toilet as well." Ben then says and chuckles as his friends smile and sit back down.

"Fine, but don't come crying to us when you struggle with your flies and pee yourself." Wesley retorts with a grin and can't help but give his boyfriend a kiss, after he starts giggling.

"See you in class Wesley and try to keep your clothes on Carter." Ben then states and starts to walk towards the nearest toilets, while ignoring the looks his friends are giving him.

"Mitch go away now." Matt tells the older boy with a big grin, they had enjoyed looking around at clothes and other stuff, but now it was time the older boy disappeared so that his brother could buy some clothes and he couldn't wait to see him in his normal style of clothing again.

"Keep your phones on and answer if I call, I will be close by, but I might pop to another shop so call me if you need me to come back." Mitch responds as he quickly tells the boys to be sensible and safe.

"Mitch I not have money though." Tobias then states, he had been so excited to finally buy some clothes, that he forgot the fact he doesn't have a penny to his name.

"Don't sweet it Tobias, I'm paying for this and trust me, you can get everything you want." Matt quickly states and gives Mitch a nod and smiles when he walks away.

"I don't..." Tobias begins to protest, but is quickly interrupted by his brother.

"Tobias, just let me do this for you please." Matt then tells his brother, not that he was going to take no for an answer, but it would be a lot easier with him going along with it.

"How I get money for things though?" Tobias then asks, deciding not to fight his brother over letting him pay for his clothes and just accept the fact he has no money of his own for now.

"We can ask Mum when we get home, but you me and Ben could do something, but let's wait until Ben gets home because this could be great." Matt responds honestly, although he was genuinely excited by the idea he just had and if he could get his boyfriend to agree, they could make some money and get some good experience for when they grew up.

"Not fair when you not tell me things." Tobias then says, as he starts to look at some clothes on the rack nearest to them, he knew he was still adjusting to life again and didn't like not being told something.

"Sorry, okay look I was thinking that when I get better, we as in you, me and Ben could start a little business, nothing real like adult business stuff, but we could cut peoples lawns and hedges or paint fences and that sort of stuff for people, it would get us money and we can learn loads and get the respect of the adults, what do you think?" Matt then asks after explaining his idea, he wasn't going to say anything until his boyfriend got home, but he knew that his brother was still adapting to life outside of the orphanage and knew he didn't understand why people wouldn't tell him something when there was no reason not to.

"I not want work though." Tobias responds, sure the idea was cool and stuff, but he wanted to play and have fun, not work and get stressed out.

"It won't be real work, there will be three..." Matt then begins to say, but is cut off quickly by his brother.

"You and Ben work if you want, me in scary place for years Matt and me want fun and to play, not work and no Matt, me not want to." Tobias states in a serious tone and gives his brother a stern look, he didn't want to be rude, but he didn't know how else to get his feelings across and just hoped his brother would understand.

"Oh come here." Matt then states and surprises his brother by pulling him in for a cuddle. "I'm sorry, I just thought it would be fun for us three to do it and help get you money, but I want to play too Tobias and well yeah let's just have fun." He then adds, realising that he hadn't even considered that his brother just wanted to enjoy what was left of his childhood and also realised that he too needed to just slow down and not be in such a hurry to grow up.

"We have a big front and back garden, with fences and a pool, Mum and Mike will give us pocket money if we do those maybe" Tobias then states as he turns back to the clothes and sees a top that he likes.

"We will talk to them about it." Matt suggests before noticing the top his brother is holding. "Nice top, we should see what waistcoats they have to go with it." He then says, he knew what his brother liked to wear and knew he would be thinking about some waistcoats.

"Yeah I want a two or three waistcoats and like four or five different tops." Tobias states as they walk over to the waistcoats and he can't help but feel a little in awe and Matt can't help but notice his brothers expression.

"So maybe four or five waistcoats?" Matt then asks with a grin and giggles when his brother chuckles.

"It really okay me buy lots of things?" Tobias then asks, he felt a bit strange to let his brother buy his clothes, but he knew it was the only way and tried not to get embarrassed over it.

"Yes, so that means waistcoats, tops, jumpers, jeans, trousers, shorts, hats and coats Tobias, just get everything you want and remember that there are more shops to look in." Matt answers and gives his brother a pat on the shoulder, before looking at a few of the waistcoats himself.

"I need shoes and trainers too." Tobias then states, feeling a bit more comfortable about the shopping now and thought he should make sure he got everything he needed now and not have to bother his brother again for clothes.

"Cool, but how about we have a little fun." Matt then states and gives his brother a cheeky grin.

"What mean?" Tobias asks as he looks at his brother curiously.

"You pick out an outfit for yourself, the full works and I will pick one out for you and then you try them both on and we can do it a few times until you have enough stuff." Matt explains and smiles when his brothers grins at him and he knows that he likes the idea and they spend the next half an hour picking out clothes for his brother to try on.

"So you guys are finally done?" Mitch asks as he watches them walking out of the shop with a lot more bags than he was expecting and couldn't help but give them both a curious look.

"With this shop yeah, but he needs some shoes and I want to show him another shop." Matt answers with a smirk, he could tell that the older boy wasn't expecting them to get so much, but he knew he was also curious about the outfits his brother had brought.

"How many more clothes do you need though?" Mitch then asks in a curious tone, he had already taken his brother shopping and now he was buying even more.

"Am I being bad?" Tobias asks in a nervous tone, he had been having so much fun being with his brother like this and reminded him of when they were best friends back in England, but his big brothers words made him feel like he was being greedy or something and he didn't want them to think he was like that.

"No you aren't being bad or greedy Tobias, you need to have your own clothes and Mitch is just trying to be funny." Matt quickly answers and gives the older boy a cold stare, before turning to his brother and giving him a reassuring smile.

"Oh okay." Tobias states as he lets his brother take his hand and lead him towards the next shop, which his big brother walking beside them.

"Sorry Tobias, I was just messing around and your brother is right and I can't wait to see what you look like in your new clothes." Mitch then states, although he was half joking at the time, he was a little concerned with how many bags they had, but he got the message that he needed to back off by Matt's cold stare and knew he was right.

"It's okay Mitch and you can come in this time, I just need some shoes and a few hats." Tobias responds with a smile, now that he knew he wasn't in trouble he was happy to carry on shopping.

"Hats?" Mitch then asks in a curious tone, he didn't see Tobias as someone who wore baseball caps or beanies and wondered what he was going to buy.

"Yeah hats." Tobias answers and gives his big brother a strange look, he didn't know why he would be surprised that he was buying some hats.

"Be cool Mitch or you can wait outside again." Matt then states and gives the older boy a quick playful swat on the leg with his cane.

"Okay, jeez Matt I was only curious." Mitch then states with a smile and can see that both boys were holding back from giggling as he rubs his leg.

"You two funny." Tobias then states as they walk into the shoe shop and follows his brother as they walk past the trainers and head straight for some laced black shoes.

"So when you said shoes, you actually meant shoes?" Mitch then asks, not that there is anything wrong with shoes, he just assumed he would be buying trainers and again found himself wondering just what the boys style actually was.

"Yeah, but I will get nice pair of trainers too." Tobias answers as he looks for some shoes that he likes and smiles when he watches his brother looking as well and couldn't help but love how well he knew him and knew that he would pick out something that he liked.

"Well I need a new pair of trainers anyway, so I will go have a look and come back in a little while." Mitch then states and smiles at the two boys before walking over to where the trainers were, leaving the two boys alone together and knowing that they would have to walk past him to get out of the shop, he knew they were safe.

"Have you thought about talking to Tobias?" Wesley asks his friend as they watch Mr Morgan walking in front of a display and lecturing the class on some old kind of music that neither him or his friend were really interested in.

"Talking to him about what?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he wasn't really paying attention to anything around him, but his friends question had him curious and wondered what he was talking about.

"About Matt being different." Wesley responds, before turning to his friend to see if he was alright and could tell that he was still looking distracted.

"How would that help?" Ben then asks, not that he didn't want to talk to his brother, but he really didn't see the point and was getting a little fed up with people asking him what was wrong and not being able to give them an answer.

"Come on Ben, if there is one other person in the world who knows Matt like you do, it's Tobias and I know he has his own issues right now, but I bet if you talked to him and explained as much as you could, he might be able to help you." Wesley explains and can see that his friend is thinking about what he had just said and could see him smile a little bit.

"He might, but if he noticed anything different, wouldn't he have already said something? I mean he pretty much says whatever he is thinking at the moment and well I just don't know Wesley." Ben then states, while giving his friend a sad look.

"Tobias has a lot going on and is still adjusting to everything Ben, just talk to him and I bet you anything that if he really thinks about it, he will be able to help you figure out what is going on with you and whether Matt is different or not." Wesley then states and this time reaches over and gives his friends shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

"You really think so?" Ben then asks, he really hadn't considered asking his brother and realises that his friend is right and if anyone could help him, it was Tobias and he couldn't help but smile at his friend.

"It can't hurt to talk to him Ben, even if he doesn't know right now, he can at least keep an eye on him and see if anything is different with him." Wesley responds, but when he hears their teacher coughing and turns to see him looking straight at them, he knows they needed to be quiet and pay attention.

"Sorry Sir." Ben then says after noticing their teacher looking at them.

"I will see you both after class for a few moments, now keep quiet and pay attention please." Mr Morgan tells both boys and while he knew they were probably nervous about being in trouble, he actually just wanted to make sure Ben was alright, the teachers had started to become a little worried about the boy and could see that something was wrong with him.

"Okay Sir." Wesley responds in a concerned tone, he wasn't quite sure if they were in any serious trouble or not, but he did notice his friend slump back in his chair and knew he had to keep an eye on him for the rest of the class and just hoped he wasn't going to breakdown in front of everyone.

"I really need the toilet." Matt states as they emerge from the last shop, they had spent almost half an hour in both the shoe and the hat shops and he was desperate to go now.

"There is a restaurant around the corner Matt, will you be alright going in on your own while we wait outside with the bags?" Mitch then asks, he was a little worried about letting him go on his own and if it wasn't for all the bags they had, he would go in or at least send Tobias in with him.

"It's a restaurant Mitch, but I only need to pee so if I'm gone for too long you have to come get me." Matt responds in a confident tone, although inside he was actually terrified and didn't know if this was too much to soon.

"I will go with you." Tobias then states, after picking up on his brothers nervousness, despite his obvious attempt to sound confident.

"No, no it's okay Tobias, I want to try on my own and well just give me like five minutes, because I need to ask to use the toilet and might have to wait if they only have those single toilet rooms." Matt responds and while a massive part of him wanted his brother to go with him, he wanted to challenge himself and thought that he would be safe in a restaurants toilet.

"Okay." Tobias responds and actually felt a little relieved because he wanted to talk to his big brother about something that he had been thinking about for a few days now and couldn't do it if his brother was with them.

"Check your phone is on Matt and call if you need us to come in." Mitch then instructs the boy and watches as he checks his phone.

"It's on Mitch and I will." Matt responds, he then takes a deep breath and then taps the ground with his cane and slowly walks into the restaurant, leaving his brother and Mitch waiting just outside.

"Mitch why did you lie?" Tobias then asks his big brother, who quickly turns to him in surprise.

"When did I lie?" Mitch asks in a confused tone and can't help but wonder what the boy was talking about.

"You told me that Matt liked singing still and did it all the time." Tobias responds and looks at his big brother expectantly, he wasn't really mad or anything but he wanted to know why he lied to him about it.

"He does like singing though Tobias and he still does it and is always humming and stuff." Mitch states in a defensive tone, but as he actually thinks about it, he can't quite remember the last time he heard the boy do any of that.

"No he doesn't, before he moved away from me, he used to hum and sing all the time without even realising and he hasn't done it once since I have been here." Tobias then states, he had only just started thinking about it a few days ago and was going to talk to Ben to see what he thought, but hadn't been able to get him alone and ask him.

"Are you sure? I mean he has been through a lot and maybe he is just feeling a bit shy and only sings around Ben." Mitch then states in an unconvincing tone, he knows what he said could be true, but he didn't really believe it and wondered if he should talk to his dad and Sarah about it, just to see if they have heard him singing or or at the very least humming since the attack.

"Maybe, but he sing before what David done?" Tobias then asks, deciding to make sure that he understands what they are talking about.

"Oh damn, that fucking arsehole should be dead." Mitch then states as he clenches his fists, he just couldn't believe that the boys dad had even taken away his singing and wondered if there was anything he didn't destroy.

"He coming back Mitch, we not tell him what we talk about." Tobias quickly states as he sees his brother walking towards the door and despite feeling angry and upset over what he was just discussing with his big brother, the smile on his brothers face made him grin and he knew this was a big breakthrough for him.

"I know." Mitch responds in a less than convincing tone, but he can't hide the genuine sense of pride he feels when he sees the young boy walking out the door and looking so happy and proud of himself.

"Sir we are really sorry for talking in your class." Wesley states as he apologises to their teacher, he still wasn't sure if they were in trouble and decided to do some damage control just in case.

"Relax Wesley, I just wanted to make sure Ben was alright." Mr Morgan tells the now relieved looking Wesley, who relaxes in his chair a little bit.

"Sir?" Ben then asks curiously, he wasn't quite sure what to make of his teacher keeping them behind to make sure he was alright.

"Ben we are concerned about you, you haven't been yourself since you came in Monday and I wanted to remind you that you can come and talk to me if anything is bothering you." Mr Morgan explains as he looks at the boy in concern, he just seemed to be on the verge of crying and he wondered if Matt was not doing very well at home.

"Sir, he is having a few problems, but he will be fine and he just needs people to give him a little space." Wesley answers, deciding that he didn't want to risk his friend getting upset and could tell that he appreciated it when he sees him smile at him.

"Is it anything I could help with?" Mr Morgan then asks, he knew this would look strange to anyone looking in from the outside, but ever since he found out about the two boys relationship, they had come to him a few times to just talk and he felt comfortable around them both to offer his help.

"You could tell the other teachers to not keep him behind after class to ask him how he was feeling." Wesley states in a half serious tone, he knew Mr Morgan was one of the good teachers and he had always liked him and he also knew that both Ben and Matt trusted him completely, but he couldn't help but be protective of his friend and wanted to make sure he wouldn't be hassled by every teacher for the rest of the day.

"I will let them all know, but I was thinking more to do with whatever is bothering him Wesley." Mr Morgan responds and this time directs the question straight at the boy, after realising that Ben wasn't speaking and could tell that he didn't want to be there any more.

"It's nice of you Sir, but there is nothing you can do and well can we go now please?" Wesley asks in an almost pleading tone, he could see his friend had a few tears building up in his eyes and wanted to get him to the toilets to get him cleaned up before they met up with their friends.

"Off you go then boys, but remember that if you ever need to talk, you know where my room is." Mr Morgan states as he gives both boys a quick look over and can't help but feel sorry for Ben and can see that he is holding back tears and decides to try and cheer him up. "Also tell Matt that I can't wait for him to come back and sing for us all, it's been too long since we last heard him." He then decides to say with a caring smile, but as soon as he finishes he sees Ben's eyes open wide in shock.

"Ben what's wrong?" Wesley asks in a concerned tone and wishes he had just gotten him out of the room before their teacher could say anything more.

"He doesn't sing any more Wesley." Ben states as he looks at his friend in shock, he just couldn't believe he didn't figure it out earlier and now that he realised what it was that was bothering him, he felt stupid for not noticing sooner.

"What?" Wesley asks in a confused tone and can see that their teacher is also confused by what is happening.

"He doesn't even hum or whistle any more either." Ben then states, ignoring his friends question as he gets to his feet and starts to turn to leave the room.

"Ben just stop a minute, what are you talking about?" Wesley asks in a firmer tone, while also reaching out and holding his friends arms so that he couldn't just walk off.

"Wesley he doesn't sing any more, he used to hum and sing all the time before David did what he did and he hasn't done it once since he woke up." Ben explains as best he can and while he was delighted to have finally figured out what was upsetting him so much, he also felt sad and depressed at the realization that his boyfriend might never sing again.

"Oh shit, like nothing, not even a whistle or something?" Wesley asks in a concerned tone, to some people it might not seem like a big deal, but everyone knew how much Matt liked singing and even if he never wanted to do it for a living, it was a part of who he was and for that to be gone was devastating to realise.

"Nothing Wesley." Ben responds and starts to cry and feels himself being pulled into his friends chest and just buried his head into his chest.

"I know this isn't the time and will sound stupid, but have any of you actually asked him to sing?" Mr Morgan asks nervously, he could see that Ben was upset and crying, but he hoped that Wesley would listen and be able to answer his question.

"I don't know, I mean I don't think anyone has really given it any thought." Wesley answers as honestly as he can, no one has really talked about this before and they had all been focused on just getting him better and supporting him in any way that they could.

"Ben you don't have to answer and you can take as much time in here as you like until you're ready to leave, but before you get too... well any more upset, it is possible that Matt isn't even aware he isn't singing and it might just be as simple as asking him to sing, to make him start doing it again." Mr Morgan decides to suggest, of course he didn't know if his suggestion would work, but it was possible with everything that has happened, that the poor boy was just so focused on getting better, that he wasn't even aware he wasn't being himself in regards to singing.

"You really think so Sir?" Wesley then asks, he could hear and feel his friend trying to get himself together, but he knew that he wasn't quite ready to talk and knew what he would ask anyway.

"Wesley it is just a theory, but I think if he has been working as hard as Ben has being telling me, then it is possible that he has been so focused on his recovery that he doesn't even realise he is doing it, well in this case not doing it." Mr Morgan answers honestly, he didn't want to give them false hope and made sure that it wasn't just a theory and not a certainty.

"So should we just ask him to sing or like try to be more subtle?" Wesley then asks and looks at his teach expectantly, if it was just him he would ask him flat out, but he was aware he could be a little too forward sometimes and that it wasn't really his call to make, so the least he could do was give his friend some options by asking their teacher what he thought.

"If it was me, well I would just bring it up in conversation boys, you could talk to him about this class and try and see if you can get him to sing or maybe if you don't want to push him, ask him to play his guitar while Ben sings something." Mr Morgan responds, he could think of a few ideas, but he didn't want to confuse them by giving them too many options to think over.

"Thank you so much Sir." Ben then says as he breaks his embrace with his friend and runs over to his teacher and gives him a big cuddle and Wesley can see that while his teacher was clearly happy at the boys affection, he was also a little uncomfortable.

"Yeah thank you Sir, but we really need to get going." Wesley states sincerely, but when he sees that his friend isn't letting go, he knows that he has to try a little harder. "Ben come on, we need to get you cleaned up and then we have to meet up with the others before break is over." He then adds and smiles when his friend releases their teacher and steps back a little.

"Sorry Sir, it's just you don't know what you just did and well thank you Sir." Ben then states and almost gives his teacher another cuddle, but he could see that he looked a little uncomfortable and realises that it wasn't very appropriate, especially after what Mr Jones had done and felt a little guilty for cuddling his teacher and knew how it would look if anyone walked in.

"There is no need to apologise Ben, but I think you better go and clean up now." Mr Morgan responds, he was really happy that the boy felt that comfortable with him, but at the same time if anyone was to see him cuddling a student than his career could be ruined after the discovery that his colleague Mr Jones was a paedophile, he knew after that he would be lynched before anyone actually thought to ask anyone what had happened.

"Okay Sir." Ben responds before giving his teacher a big smile and turns around to his friend. "Come on then." He states before taking his friends hand and pulling him towards the door.

"Bye Sir." Wesley just about manages to say as he is half dragged out of the classroom by his now happy looking friend and just about hears his teacher chuckling at them both.

"Was he bothering you Peter?" Carter asks as he walks up to his friend, he had seen him talking with Alex and was worried that he was being threatened by the bigger boy.

"Huh? Oh no, Alex isn't like that." Peter responds and was a little surprised to not only see Carter approaching him on his own, but also for showing concern for him and wondered if he had finally forgiven him for what he had done.

"Peter if he is threatening you or bullying you, you need to let Wesley know and he will make sure they stop." Cater then tells him as he looks around to see that none of the other bullies seem to be around and feels a little bit relieved, because neither his boyfriend or Ben had come out yet.

"Alex wouldn't let anyone hurt me Carter." Peter then states and Carter can't help but look at him in surprise and wonders if Alex was bullying him or blackmailing him somehow.

"You don't have to be afraid of him Peter." Carter states in a concerned tone and wishes his boyfriend was here so that he could go and tell Alex to leave him alone.

"I'm not afraid of him Carter and it's up to me who I want to talk with and Alex would never hurt me." Peter responds in a slightly annoyed tone and decides to head towards the nearest table to sit down, he knew they all thought Alex had bullied other kids, but he knew the real Alex and he just wished they knew the real him too.

"Okay, well let's just wait for the others to come out, they shouldn't be long." Carter suggests as he joins his friend at the table, but after their exchange about Alex, he feels a little awkward and can't think of anything to say and just decides to sit quietly waiting for his boyfriend and friend to join them.

"I can go away until they come here if you want Carter." Peter then offers as he sits across the table from him, they had been sitting in silence for almost ten minutes and wondered despite his earlier concern for him, if Carter even liked him and had only pretended to be concerned because he was now friends with the others.

"What?" Carter then asks in a surprised tone and wondered what his friend was on about.

"I know you don't really like me and it's okay if you want me to go away." Peter explains with a weak smile, he still felt awful about what had happened and didn't want to upset Carter by being near him like this with no one else with them.

"You think I don't like you?" Carter then asks and couldn't help but sit up and stare at the boy sitting across from him, it wasn't like he had been avoiding him or anything and had actually tried his best to at least say hello and then there is what just happened with his concern about Alex, so he was confused that he thought he didn't like him.

"Well yeah, I mean I don't blame you because of what I was going to do to you and it's alright." Peter responds and begins to get up, he had hoped the others would have been here by now, but he knew he should leave now and just wished he never tried to hurt him in the first place.

"Sit back down you moron." Carter then tells his friend, who gives him a surprised look. "Peter what you did was... well it was mean and I did hate you a little bit, but I forgave you already Peter and well I like having you around, so sit back down and just relax." He then instructs him and smiles when the boy does as he is told and sits back down.

"Alex is pretty cool too." Peter then decides to say, he really wanted to try and get him to join the group, although he knew it wasn't going to be easy, because Alex actually did hurt Carter and he knew Wesley wouldn't forgive him easily for that.

"He also hits very hard." Carter responds and doesn't try to hide the anger in his voice.

"He isn't like Jarred though and he really is sorry Carter." Peter then states, although he is only being half truthful, he knew Alex was sorry and that he wasn't like Jarred at all, but he also knew that his friend did have a little bit of a temper.

"Why are you telling me this?" Carter then decides to ask, he couldn't be one hundred percent sure and was probably just over thinking it, but he couldn't help but think maybe they were boyfriends or something, not that everyone in school had to be gay, but he couldn't see why else his friend seemed so intent in trying to convince him that Alex was a nice person.

"Because I don't want you all to hate him and think that he is like Jarred, even if you don't want to be his friend, I want you to at least not ignore him or treat him like he is a bully." Peter responds honestly and can't help but feel a little bit nervous and knew that he had to be careful and not tell anyone that Alex was in love with him.

"If you say so." Carter responds, he didn't doubt that his friend believed what he was saying, but he just couldn't see Alex as anything other than a bully and doubted that he ever would.

"I wonder where the others are." Peter then states, deciding that there was no point in trying to convince his friend right now and would just try again later.

"I don't know, Jordan, Barry and Patrick don't really hang around with us much these days and Ben and Wesley should be out soon." Carter responds in a less than convincing tone, he was actually going to give his boyfriend a call because they should have been out by now and he couldn't help but worry about Ben and whether he was okay.

"Okay." Peter then states and starts to look around as they sit in an awkward silence, he believed that they were friends now but it was obvious that it would take a little longer before Carter was really comfortable around him and he didn't want to try and force it to happen straight away.

"Ben don't take this the wrong way, but I don't get it." Wesley tells his friend as they stand in front of the sinks, he was relieved that the toilets were empty and was watching his friend wash his face when he thought about what just happened and how upset his friend has been these last few days and he just didn't understand why he was so upset over it.

"Don't get what?" Ben asks as he looks at his friend curiously and although he has an idea of what he is going to say, he wasn't completely sure if he was right.

"I mean I get that Matt not singing and like humming like he used to is worrying and stuff, but I don't get why it made you that upset and act so weird these last few days." Wesley answers honestly, although he was a little nervous that his friend would get upset again and really didn't know if he was thinking clearly yet.

"Oh." Ben responds, before turning back to the sink and splashing his face with some more water and Wesley can't help but look at his friend in concern.

"Just 'Oh'?" Wesley asks in a nervous tone, he was starting to wonder if his friend was having some sort of mental breakdown and wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation.

"It's hard to explain Wesley, singing is a part of his soul and he has always done it, whether he was sad, angry or happy he hummed, whistled and would sing, but now after what David did he doesn't and it's like David took it away Wesley, he took a piece of Matt's soul and destroyed it and... and..." Ben explains, but as he says the words he can't help himself and starts to cry again before he can finish.

"Oh shit Ben." Wesley states as he quickly moves over to his friend and wraps his arms around him and gently rubs his back.

"I can't believe I did that." Matt says as he walks up to his brother and Mitch, he was just so proud of himself and wanted them to be proud of him as well.

"Honestly I was a little worried about letting you go in alone Matt, but I'm so proud of you and well, well done little guy." Mitch then states as he gives his hair a little ruffle, he really was proud of him and knew that this was a big step for the young boys recovery.

"Was there anyone else in there?" Tobias then asks, he was also proud of his brother and knew all about his previous issues and incidents with being alone with a man, especially in a toilet, so he was eager to see just how well his brother had done.

"Yeah there was this old guy and he even said hello and I didn't freak out and it was so amazing and I said hi back, but I think it came out like really high pitched, because he chuckled a little bit and then he wished me a good day and left and it was just so cool." Matt answers with a giant grin and he really did feel on top of the world right now and he was so happy that his brother and Mitch seemed to be genuinely proud of him.

"Ben is going to be so proud of you." Mitch then states and despite thinking that mentioning his little brother would make the boy even happier, he could tell straight away that it had the opposite effect and felt like an idiot for forgetting that although his little brother had come home Monday, he was still not like his normal self and despite his best efforts he hadn't been able to work out what was wrong with him.

"I hope so, but he is still acting strange Mitch." Matt responds in a sad tone, he had tried his best to reassure his boyfriend and just be there for him, but with his own problems he had found it hard to be around him and just wished he knew what was wrong.

"Me think er... Matt, me might have idea what wrong with him." Tobias then states nervously and he could tell that his big brother knew what he was going to say and saw how unsure he looked about tell his brother about the singing thing.

"You do?" Matt asks and despite feeling down a few moments ago, he couldn't help but perk up a little and just hoped his brother actually knew something and wasn't just trying to make him feel better by making something up.

"You don't sing any more." Tobias then states nervously, after giving his big brother a glance and could see that he was still looking worried and he really hoped he was doing the right thing.

"I don't what?" Matt asks in response and gives his brother a confused look, he really didn't know how to react and couldn't even work out if what his brother had just said was true or not.

"You used to always be singing or humming before you moved here and Mitch told me that you still did that, well actually he said you did it more and that you enjoyed singing in front of people." Tobias explains and can see his brother thinking it over in his head and can't help but look at his big brother nervously.

"Keep going Tobias." Mitch then tells him, he wasn't sure this was the time or the place to do this, but it was too late now and he just hoped that Matt didn't react badly to what he was being told.

"Matt you haven't sung once since I have been here and you haven't played your guitar or even hummed and well I think that is why Ben is acting strange and with what you told us about him wishing you were dead Sunday, I think he is just confused and well that's what I think." Tobias then states after using his elastic band, he wanted to be as clear as he could, but despite the elastic band helping, he knew he messed up a little and just hoped his brother understood what he was trying to say.

"I haven't?" Matt then asks, but looks towards Mitch instead of his brother with a questioning look, he had never really noticed when he would hum or whistle a tune, but he was sure he had done both since he woke up from his coma and he was sure he must have sung at some point.

"Honestly I have no idea Matt, I mean I don't remember you doing it when I have been around, so it's possible." Mitch answers as best he can, he would love to be able to reassure the boy, but he honestly couldn't remember him singing at all and he did wonder if it was something they should be really concerned about or not.

"Why wouldn't I er... I really haven't?" Matt then asks, he was now questioning himself and wondered if not singing any more meant that he was different or just broken in another way thanks to his dad.

"We go home and you sing for us?" Tobias then asks, deciding to try and take a more practical approach and see if there was actually a problem or as he was hoping, his brother was just focusing on getting better.

"I don't... I... Mitch am I broken?" Matt then asks the older by in a distressed tone, he could feel tears in his eyes and just couldn't believe that after having a breakthrough using a public toilet on his own, that his dad had taken something else away from him and it just made him want to give up trying.

"Matt you're not broken and I just think that you have probably been so focused on getting better that you haven't felt like singing and I know you don't feel like it now, but you're doing amazing and how about when we get home you prepare something for Ben, if he has been getting upset because of this, then it could put both of your minds at ease and you can then carry on focusing on just getting better." Mitch answers and while he had no idea if he was right or wrong, he felt he had to reassure the boy and just hoped that it was a case of just being focused on getting better and not something more serious.

"Matt you do good and get better every day, when I first see you again, you afraid to go outside and not use toilets alone, but you out today and having fun with me and you just went alone in toilet and there was a man there and you didn't get scared, me so proud of you Matt and I so happy to be with you again." Tobias then states, before moving closer to his brother and cuddling him tightly.

"I love you too Tobias and I'm really happy that you're now my brother." Matt responds after his brother lets him go and despite still feeling a little upset over the singing, he choose to believe what he was being told and had the perfect song to sing to his boyfriend already.

"Come on then boys, let's get these bags to my car and we can head home." Mitch then states, he still wasn't too sure if Matt was actually as okay as he appeared to be right now and wanted to get him home as quickly as he could just in case.

"Okay, but er... can I just sing for Ben and not in front of everyone else?" Matt then asks, it wasn't that he was being shy or anything, but the song he wanted to sing and the reaction of his boyfriend that he was hoping for, he didn't want anyone else to get in the way.

"You do something naughty?" Tobias asks with a cheeky grin and when he looks to his big brother, he could tell that he was thinking the same thing by the little smirk he was trying to hide.

"Not telling." Matt responds with a shy smile, he knew there was no point denying it and it had been ages since his boyfriend had let him even kiss him and he hoped that he could make his boyfriend happy again.

"Have you two decided on a bed yet?" Mitch then decides to ask, he knew they weren't sleeping in the waterbed any more, but he also knew that the sofa bed was hardly ideal for the boys, especially Matt and he wondered if they had talked about it since Sunday.

"Yeah, we looked online and found one we both liked and we just have to order it, oh and we are getting a new sofa bed, it's a really good one and when Carter and Wesley sleepover it will be like a real bed for them to sleep on." Matt answers with a smile, while it has been a little awkward with his boyfriend, they were still talking to each other and actually picked out a few other things to make their home a little more theirs.

"Am I allowed to sleepover sometimes?" Tobias then asks as they continue to walk back to the car, he couldn't help but be a little jealous that his friends got to sleepover if he wasn't allowed.

"Of course you can you idiot, you're our brother and you're welcome any time." Matt answers with a smile, before thinking about what he just said. "Well not any time, but you can sleepover sometimes." He then adds quickly and ignores the chuckle from Mitch, knowing that he knew exactly why he had changed it to sometimes instead of any time.

"Cool." Tobias then states with a grin, he knew what his brother was really saying as well, but didn't feel like teasing him and just wanted to enjoy him being happy.

"Well I'm glad that you have it all sorted Matt, just let us know when the bed is being delivered." Mitch then says as they approach his car.

"We will." Matt responds as he and his brother wait for Mitch to open the boot of the car. "Oh er... Mitch there are a couple of things I want to buy now, but er... well I don't really know where to get them and well you two can't make fun of me." He then states in a nervous tone, he wanted to make later as romantic as possible and knew what he needed, but knew they might tease him about it.

"What do you want to buy?" Mitch asks in a curious tone, he could only think it had something to do with what he was going to do later, but couldn't think of anything in particular that it could be.

"Promise not to make fun of me?" Matt quickly asks, while looking at both his brother and Mitch.

"I promise." Tobias answers, although he can't help but think it must be something naughty and can feel himself struggling not to smile already.

"I promise too Matt." Mitch then states as he unlocks the car and opens the boot.

"Well I want to buy some candles and some of those weird smelling ones to make the pool house look all romantic for Ben and well I don't know where to buy them." Matt then explains and can't help but blush as he looks at the older boy.

"That's so cool." Tobias then says and while it wasn't quite what he considered naughty, it was sort of naughty but in a nice way.

"Well luckily for you Matt, I know where to go and it is on the way home, so come on boys get your bags in the boot and we can head there now." Mitch then states with a smile and despite what the young boy was obviously planning and that fact it was with his little brother, he still thought it was adorably sweet of him to want to do something like that.

"Thank you Mitch." Matt then states with a big grin, he was just so happy and knew that he was going to get his boyfriend back to normal after he sings for him.

"Any time Matt." Mitch responds with a warm smile, as the two boys finish filling the boot up with what seems like a hundred bags, before both jumping in the back seats. "Put your seatbelts on." He then instructs them as he gets in the car and does his own up.

"Okay." Both boys respond happily and once he is happy, Mitch starts the car and starts driving as the to boys talk amongst themselves.

"How are you doing?" Wesley asks after his friend washes his face again, he just felt so sorry for him.

"Better now, well I'm getting fed up with crying all the time, but I'm going to do what Mr Morgan suggested and just ask him to sing and see what happens, I mean it could just be him focusing on getting better right?" Ben asks in responds, he was feeling better and hoped that his friend also believed that it was just as simple as that and that he wasn't just getting his hopes up for nothing.

"I think he is right Ben, I mean if none of us noticed then I don't think he would either and didn't you always say that he never used to even realises when he was humming a tune or singing, so it's probably just like that, but er... well it's like opposite that." Wesley answers with a slightly confused look, in his head his explanation sounded alright, but it definitely didn't come out like that, although he relaxed a little when he sees the bemused look on his friends face and knows that at the very least he had made him smile and that was something.

"You were so much better at these talks before you started dating Carter." Ben then teases as he smiles at his friend, before turning to the mirror and checking to make sure he didn't look like a complete wreck.

"I know, but seriously are you okay to meet up with the others now?" Wesley then asks in a warm tone, he would prefer not to spend their entire break in the toilets, but if his friend wasn't ready then he would spend the rest of the day in their if he needed to.

"Yeah and thanks so much for being with me Wesley." Ben responds with a friendly smile and can't resist giving him a quick peck on the cheek, before cuddling him for a few moments.

"You're my best friend Ben and you would... well you have done the same for me." Wesley responds in a sincere tone and decides to return the favour and kiss his friend on the cheek. "Now come on before we pass out from this smell." He then adds and smiles when his friend chuckles.

"Yeah it's really does stink." Ben then says as they walk out of the toilet and head to meet up with the others.

"Peter I'm sorry about Alex, if you say he is a good person then I believe you, but he hasn't even apologised and he is still friends with Jarred and well I don't want him near me." Carter decides to say, they had been sitting in silence for almost ten minutes and while he tried not to think about Alex, he couldn't help it and although he had been bullied by him before it wasn't like he hated him.

"Wesley threatened to put him in hospital if he came any where near you remember." Peter quickly points out, he hadn't expected his friend to talk to him until the others had arrived and wanted to make the most of the chance to have a conversation with him.

"Well okay fair enough, but he is still friends with Jarred and the other morons and well I already told you I don't want anything to do with them and that means Alex too." Carter then states, while Alex could have found a way to apologise, he had to admit that being threatened by his boyfriend was a valid reason to stay away, but he couldn't overlook the other thing.

"He isn't friends with them though, not any more Carter." Peter states with a smile, he knew it wasn't going to happen overnight, but if he could get Alex to join this group then he would be so happy and knew Alex would as well.

"Nice try Peter, but as long..." Carter then begins to say dismissively, but is quickly interrupted by his friend.

"It's true, on Monday he told Jarred to fuck off and that they aren't friends any more." Peter quickly states, he knew it was rude to interrupt people, but he really wanted to tell him that he wasn't their friend any more.

"Why would he do that?" Carter then asks in a curious tone, although he was interested in what happened, he wasn't sure if it really made a difference to whether Alex could ever join their group.

"Because they were beating me up and were going to leave me naked in an ally way, but Alex stopped them and told them to fuck off and he isn't friends with them any more." Peter answers honestly, although he hopes that his friend doesn't ask him why Alex would do that, because he couldn't think of a convincing lie that he thought his friend would believe.

"Are you two gay?" Carter then asks, deciding to just come out with it and see what happens, he knew no one else was close by and didn't think his friend would get angry with him for asking.

"No, no way Carter I'm not gay." Peter quickly responds in a surprised tone and can't help but blush, but then notices the shocked look on his friends face and realises how he just sounded. "Not that there is anything wrong with being gay Carter, I mean I honestly don't know what I am, I just don't think I'm gay is all." He then states nervously, he really didn't care if someone was gay or not and if he was gay then he wouldn't be ashamed or anything and he really wanted his friend to know that.

"Oh well okay, I mean I know you're not homophobic Peter, otherwise you wouldn't be sitting here right now and I think it's cool that you don't know what you're right now, there is no rush and well just be yourself Peter and you will be okay." Carter responds sincerely, he thought it was cute how he thought he had insulted him and it made him like him even more.

"Yeah I'm in no rush, I mean it's cool that you four are in love and stuff, but we are still young and whatever I turn out to be I will be happy." Peter then states with a smile and he couldn't help but feel better about himself and could tell that his friend was more relaxed now too.

"Wait you just said 'I'm not gay'." Carter then suddenly states, as he thinks about his friends choice of words and couldn't help but wonder about Alex even more.

"Yeah so?" Peter responds nervously, he had a bad feeling about what his friend was going to say next and still couldn't think of a good enough lie.

"So are you saying Alex is gay?" Carter asks and looks at his friend curiously to see if he gives anything away.

"Not everyone is gay Carter and don't you think it would be wrong to tell people someone is gay? I mean shouldn't it be up to them if people know or not?" Peter answers, although he had no idea where that came from, he was glad that he thought of it and could see that it had worked by the embarrassed look on his friends face.

"Oh shit yeah, look sorry for asking you and well yeah if someone outed me when I wasn't ready, it would have been horrible, especially if it was a friend, shit sorry Peter, I really shouldn't have asked you like that." Carter quickly apologises and despite wanting to know about Alex, his friends words had him feeling guilty and knew that he shouldn't ask questions like that about something so private.

"Can you promise to at least tell the others to not give Alex a hard time, he has the boxing team to hang around with, but I think I'm his only real friend left and well I'm not going to stop being his friend Carter." Peter then asks, sure he didn't think he was gay and was in no hurry to find out either way, but he knew Alex loved him or at least thought he did and he didn't want to abandon him as a friend just because he has some new ones.

"Even if we didn't like him Peter, you can still be his friend, Jordan, Barry and Patrick have loads of friends they hang around with that we either don't know or don't like that much, but we are all still friends." Carter decides to state, although if he was being honest he couldn't stop thinking about Alex and despite Peter not actually outing him, it was pretty obvious that he must be gay and he knew that for some people that is scary and he read enough stuff to know some kids act out because of it and decided to have a serious conversation with his boyfriend when they went to his house after school about him.

"Oh okay, sorry I'm just not used to how friends work, I mean it's not like I've never had friends, because I have always had Alex and he loves me, but I mean being part of a group like you guys and well I get it now so yeah okay." Peter then states with a goofy smile, he felt a bit silly for not knowing about how groups of friends worked, although he had no idea what he had actually just revealed and missed the look on his friends face, because he was looking over after seeing Wesley and Ben walking towards them.

"Oh well it's cool Peter and if you have any other questions just ask us and we will help." Carter tells his friend, although he realised straight away that he didn't realise what he had just said about Alex and decided to let it go and not mention it, but he was happy to have his suspicions confirmed and was definitely going to discuss it with his boyfriend.

"I will and look, Ben and Wesley are walking over here." Peter decides to point out, he was still a bit nervous around Wesley, like he was Carter before their conversation just now, but he had really bonded with Ben and had even plucked his eyebrows, because he had told him too and couldn't help but smile when he sits right next to him.

"Hey Peter." Ben says as soon as he sits down, he was aware that both Carter and Wesley were still unsure about the boy and felt like he needed to make him feel welcomed to compensate, although it was hardly putting him out as he really liked him and still thought he looked cute in his own weird way.

"Hey Ben, are you okay?" Peter responds in a slightly concerned tone, he could tell that he must have been crying and knew a little bit about what had been happening the last few days, so figured something had happened and wanted to show what a good friend he was.

"I won't be fine until Matt is better, but I'm doing okay Peter, how about you?" Ben answers with a small smile, he was far from fine, but he liked the fact his friend asked how he was and looked over to his other two friends, who were smirking at him and he knew exactly what they were thinking and had teased him about the fact Peter had some sort of hero worshipping thing going on with him.

"I'm doing good and Carter doesn't hate me any more, which is brilliant don't you think?" Peter asks in response and Ben couldn't help but smile at him, although the look on Carter's face almost made him laugh out loud.

"For the last time, I never hated you Peter and well just relax." Carter states in a slightly annoyed tone, he had lost count a long time ago, at the number of times someone had said that he hated Peter and was starting to get tired of having to tell them that he never hated him.

"Sorry." Peter says as he feels a little stupid for upsetting his friend.

"You're so cute Peter, look if we didn't like you then you wouldn't be sitting here, so just relax and stop apologising and trying so hard, just be yourself and it's all good." Wesley then decides to state, he could tell his boyfriend didn't like people thinking he would hate someone and he had always liked Peter and still wished that he had taken him under his wing a long time ago.

"Why do you all keep calling me cute? I know I'm ugly and everyone makes fun of my freckles and nose and other stuff." Peter then says, sure it was nice to be complimented, but he knew they were just trying to be nice and he would rather they were honest instead of doing that.

"Well first off Peter, your freckles are perfect, I told you Sunday that they are only just noticeable and I think they are cute, secondly, your nose is perfect, I think it's called a button nose and well when you start noticing girls, they will love it I promise and as for the other stuff ignore the jealous pricks, because now that you sorted that unibrow thing out, your eyes are more noticeable and I like them, so yeah there is nothing wrong with you Peter and well yeah." Ben states honestly and while he didn't find him attractive, Matt was still the only person he had those kind of feelings for, he could see that Peter would have no problem getting a girlfriend.

"I agree, although I think you went a bit too far with the plucking Peter, but yeah just be a bit more confident and you have nothing to worry about." Wesley then decides to add, he liked the freckles too and he knew he could help him with the confidence thing and decided to try and get him on one of the sports teams, he just had to work out how to test him out without it being obvious.

"I like your ears." Carter then states and instantly feels a little self conscious himself, when his two friends and boyfriend look at him with bemused expressions.

"My ears?" Peter then asks in a confused tone, he appreciated his other friends comments and decided that they were being genuine, but he couldn't see why anyone would like ears and wondered if Carter was trying to tease him a little.

"Well I like the other stuff as well and you're my height so I like that too, but yeah I think your ears are nice, they are a little pointy at the top and the way they poke out from your hair is so cool and you kind of look like some of the Elves from some of my comics." Carter explains with a genuine smile, but he could see that his friend wasn't too impressed and wondered how he could take his compliment the wrong way.

"An Elf? See I knew you were all just making fun of me." Peter states in an angry tone and starts to get up, he should have known that they were just getting him back for what he was going to do to Carter and felt like a complete moron for thinking they actually wanted to be friends.

"It's a compliment, Elves are cool and sexy." Carter then says as he reaches over the table and just about manages to hold one of his friends hands. "Seriously Peter, I'm not making fun of you." He then adds in a sincere tone and smiles when his friend sits back down, but he can tell that he isn't fully convinced.

"It's true Peter, he has a bit of a thing for Elves and trust me he really likes them." Wesley then states in a serious tone, although he was being poked by his boyfriend in the ribs a little and knew he was going to pay for letting that little secret out, but he also knew he could justify it because of how Peter was reacting and thought it would help him out a little.

"Oh man you're so dead when he gets you alone." Ben then tells his friend, he could see the look on Carter's face and knew that despite calming Peter down, that Wesley was going to pay for that revelation and was half hoping Carter would reveal something equally as embarrassing about Wesley.

"Oh please don't fight because of me, I like those lady Elves in Lord of the Rings and well if my ears look cool like Legolas, then I'm well happy and well thank you all." Peter then quickly states, he really didn't want them fighting and after having it explained, he actually thought it was a great compliment and couldn't help but play with his ears a little.

"We aren't going to fight, but he is going to pay for it later." Carter states with a smirk, but under the table he slides his hand inside his boyfriends trousers and briefs and squeezes his boyfriends balls tightly and holds them like that.

"Oh shit." Wesley then says as he jumps a little, he knew his two friends were staring at him and just tried his best to not let on what was happening and knew that his boyfriend could squeeze him a little harder than he actually is and knows that later he might find out just how hard he could squeeze them.

"You alright Wesley?" Ben then asks as he looks between the his two friends and wonders what Carter was doing to him.

"He is fine, now any way let's talk about something else." Carter answers before his befriend has a chance and tightens his grip a little more so that he got the message to shut up, he would never actually hurt his boyfriend and knew that he knew that as well, but he wanted to make a point and wasn't going to let him off easily for revealing one of his most personal secrets.

"Well I think I know what's been bothering me these last few days Carter, you know about Matt being different." Ben decides to say, he wasn't going to bring it up or at least not until after he had actually talked to his boyfriend, but thought that they needed a change in topic and just decided to see what they thought about it.

"Really?" Carter asks as he leans forward a little bit and loosens his grip on his boyfriend a little bit, as he listens to his friend explaining what had happened in their music class and Mr Morgan's suggestion.

"What do you think?" Tobias asks as his big brother takes off the blindfold, he had all his clothes in the living room and deciding to try them on in front of his brothers, but wanted Mitch to wait until he had each outfit on before he looked and he didn't mind stripping down to his briefs in front of his brother when changing.

"Oh wow, well aren't you a stylish little fucker." Mitch answers honestly, he had no idea what to expect from the boy and was really impressed with what he was seeing, he had his reservations about the hats when the boy was buying them, but the whole outfit just worked and the way his hair came from under the hat and you could see some of the blue streaks as well, just left him looking pretty cool in his opinion.

"Really, you really like it?" Tobias then asks, he didn't know why his big brothers opinion mattered so much to him, he had only know him for like two weeks, but he just felt so comfortable around him and it just seemed natural to look up to him.

"Honestly I was half suspecting to have to lie Tobias, I had fears you were like a Goth or an Emo, but you look so smart and well I don't think you're going to have problems getting a girlfriend." Mitch again answer honestly and could see the boy beaming with pride.

"Okay blindfold on again Mitch and he can put the next one on." Matt then instructs his the older boy and smiles as he does as he is told, he then helps his brother strip and folds his clothes up as he puts the next outfit on.

"You can look now." Tobias tell his big brother after a few moments and can't help but watch his other brother as well, because this is the outfit he picked out for him and he was eager to see if his big brother liked it as much as he did.

"Wow, okay so you're honestly telling me this is how you used to dress and you picked your own clothes out Tobias?" Mitch asks, he thought he had a bit of style and had a few friends over the years who did as well, but it was obvious that Tobias had style in abundance and he was in awe of the young boy.

"Yeah I always picked what I wanted to wear and didn't care what anyone else thought, but Matt picked this outfit out and a few others as well, he knows what I like and well you really like this one too?" Tobias asks, he was delighted by the look on his big brothers face and knew that he was impressed and couldn't wait to show him the rest of his outfits.

"Well Matt has good taste too it looks like, but where do you wear these? I mean they look really smart like you would wear them out to a dinner or something really important." Mitch then decides to ask after giving his thumbs up to the outfit, he just couldn't imagine that he would wear them as casual clothes, not that he couldn't pull it off, but he couldn't play in them.

"They work for most things, but I guess if we go out somewhere like down town or shopping or if I'm going out to play." Tobias asks in a slightly confused tone, he wasn't quite sure why he was being asked where he would wear them, to him they were just like if his brothers went out in jeans and a top.

"Won't they get ruined if you play in them though?" Mitch then asks, he felt a little mean to bother the boy with so many questions, when he was clearly having fun showing them off to him, but he was a little worried as they weren't cheap clothes.

"Well duh, if we went out to actually play, like football or something dirty then I would wear crappy clothes, but these are the clothes I like to wear when I'm not doing that stuff." Tobias answers in a defensive tone, he didn't like that his big brother would think he was stupid enough to ruin his clothes like that and despite wanting his approval he wasn't going to let him tell him what to wear.

"Yeah Mitch, he isn't an idiot and it's how he wants to dress and I think he looks great, it's just the same as the clothes we wear out, just his look a lot more stylish than ours." Matt then tells the older boy, he could see his brother didn't like the way he was being questioned and wanted to defend him, despite knowing Mitch was only looking out for him and not trying to upset him.

"Okay point taken and you know I can be over protective sometimes and well come on let me see the rest of them and if you don't mind I will keep the blindfold off, I think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect now." Mitch responds in an apologetic tone, he got the hint that he was being over the top and needed to tone it down and just let the boys enjoy themselves.

"Okay, but no looking at my underwear." Tobias responds with a cheeky grin.

"Yeah no looking Mitch." Matt then states before sticking his tongue out at the older boy and both he and his brother giggle as he shakes his head.

"Come on, get on with it boys or I will make you both stand out the front of the house in just your underwear." Mitch then threatens and can't help but laugh at the priceless look on both their faces. "I'm kidding boys, I would take your underwear off as well." He then teases and can't help but laugh as Tobias jumps on top of him and tries to tickle him, but he soon gets control of the boy and holds him still, but they both stop when they see Matt staring at them with a sad look on his face.

"What wrong Matt?" Tobias asks in a concerned tone, he thought they were having fun and didn't understand what could have happened to upset his brother.

"It's nothing, don't worry I'm fine, let's just show Mitch the rest of your clothes." Matt responds and just about manages a small smile, but Mitch sees right through it and thinks he knows what happened.

"Matt I think you just have to go for it sometimes and if you get hurt, then you get hurt." Mitch tell the boy in a reassuring tone, he could tell that he wanted to jump on him and mess about and knew that he was too scared of getting hurt to try it.

"I don't understand." Tobias then states as he gets of his big brother and stands up.

"I'm scared that if I mess around, like you two just did, then I will get hurt Tobias." Matt explains and despite knowing that he is being stupid, he can't help but be a little upset with himself and just wished he be like he used to be again.

"Oh okay." Tobias responds before walking over to his brother. "Go jump on him now." He then whispers in his ear, he understood why his brother would be scared but taking on board what his big brother just said, he decided to encourage him to be braver and hoped that it didn't go wrong.

"What are you two... whoa okay." Mitch begins to ask before seeing Matt limping over to him and them jumping on top of him and could feel the young boy trying to tickle him and decided to let him have a bit of fun by only putting up a bit of a fight and he could see Tobias standing with a big smile on his face. "Right you little devil, let's see how well you swim in your clothes." He then states as he secures the still giggling boy in his arms and gets up from the seat.

"No, no Tobias help, help." Matt the squeals out in delight and both Mitch and Tobias relax a little as they realise that he is having fun and wasn't scared or upset and most importantly not hurt.

"Unless Tobias wants to ruin his new clothes, I think that you're on your own Matt." Mitch states confidently as he carries the boy towards the back garden, while at the same time tickling him and he just couldn't get enough of the sound of him giggling and trying to escape his hold.

"Tobias help, help." Matt calls out again as he is carried out into the garden and carried to the pool.

"He can't help you... Whoa shit." Mitch calls out in surprise as he feels himself being tackled into the pool and can only keep a hold of Matt as he hits the water and goes under, before resurfacing and almost instinctively checks that Matt is okay and sighs in relief when he sees a massive grin on his face.

"Got you." Tobias then calls out after making sure he had put a few metres between himself and his big brother.

"You little fucker." Mitch then responds as he looks across to the grinning boy.

"I beat you." Tobias then says as he openly taunts his big brother, although he did give his other brother a quick look to make sure that he hadn't hurt him and was happy to see him smiling.

"Hey are you okay Matt?" Mitch whispers in the boys ear, he just wanted to be one hundred percent sure that he was alright before going after the other boy.

"I can't swim Mitch, so if you go after him can you lift me out of the pool first please." Matt answers honestly, he had caught his ankle as they were tackled on his ankle and it was throbbing a little, but he wasn't angry or upset and was happy that his brother had come to help him, although he did kind of wish that he had done it without them all ending up in the pool.

"Is he naked?" Mitch then whispers as he looks over to his brother and sees that he isn't wearing a top and is sure he wouldn't have risked going in the water in the pants he had on.

"Tell him to swim over the other side and that once you put me on the side you will chase him." Matt suggests, he had a feeling that his brother was at the very least in his briefs and knew that he was wearing thin white ones, so even if he was wearing them, it would be pretty pointless once he got out of the water.

"Oh I get it." Mitch responds before turning to his brother. "Tobias go swim to the other side of the pool, I'm going to put Matt on the side and then I'm going to teach you a lesson for pushing me in the pool." He then calls out and watches the boy carefully to see if he is naked or not.

"Okay." Tobias responds and quickly turns away from his brothers and starts to swim to the other side of the pool and Mitch gets his answer as he sees his little bubble bum bob up and down in the water.

"Ha he is totally insane." Matt states before chuckling at his brothers antics, although he can't help but wonder how he stripped off so quickly.

"You all have your moments Matt, now if you need anything give me a shout and you better take my watch and keep an eye on the time, your mum and my dad should be home around three and Ben should be back around half three, so give yourself time to have a shower and get ready for him." Mitch then tells the boy and can see his eyes light up at the mention of his boyfriend and was so happy that his little brother was hopefully going to be back to himself after the surprise.

"I will and er... Mitch I'm actually going to head to the pool house, I have to do something and well tell Tobias I will be out before our mum gets home." Matt responds as he is carried to the side of the pool and lifted on to the edge.

"Can you walk on your foot?" Mitch then asks, he didn't want him to be alone, but he he knew that he needed to set the candles and incenses up in the pool house and knew he would be fine.

"I kind of lied a little bit earlier, I mean it hurts, but I can walk and well I really need to go to the pool house." Matt responds with a shy smile, he knew lying was wrong but he really wanted to get the pool house ready for when his boyfriend came home.

"Well get to it, I got a little devil to catch and throw around." Mitch responds with a grin and quickly turns and swims towards his target, he was still worried about him, but he was happy enough that he would be alright for a little while and would check on him after he teaches his brother a lesson.

"Oh jeez." Ben says as he walks out of the gates with his friends, who turn to him in concern.

"What's wrong?" Wesley asks as he looks around and can't see anything obvious.

"It's my dad and Sarah." Ben responds and can't help but blush, he just couldn't believe they were parked right outside the school and wondered what they were doing.

"What is your dad and Sarah?" Carter then asks, not quit understanding what his friend is talking about and why he looked so embarrassed.

"Look over there, oh jeez right outside the school." Ben explains as he glances over and to his horror he can see his that his dad is actually out of the car and walking towards him and starts to get a little worried that something might have happened, but when he sees his dad grinning he just wants the ground to swallow him whole.

"Holy crap, did you like do something wrong?" Wesley asks and can't help but blush himself, if his mum or dad did this to him he would be mortified and could tell by Mike's grin that he knew exactly what he was doing.

"No, well I don't think I did." Ben answers as he tries to work out what is going on.

"Hey Tiger, have you had a good day at school?" Mike asks as he stops in front of his youngest son and can tell that he has successfully embarrassed him and noticed a few other kids snickering and looking amused by his presence.

"Afternoon Mr Walker." Carter says as he greets his friends dad, but makes sure that he gives him an unimpressed look and can see that he made his point.

"Afternoon Carter." Mike answers and couldn't help but feel like a naughty boy who just got told off by his dad, he had used that look many times himself when Mitch was younger and knew what it meant.

"Dad what are you doing?" Ben then asks and while he was mortified he was determined to not get upset or angry, he was going to talk to his boyfriend and everything was going to be okay again and he wasn't going to let his dad ruin it by trying to embarrass him.

"Well we were running a bit late and I thought I would come and embarrass you and well..." Mike begins to explain, but he is surprised to be interrupted by Carter and he can tell straight away that the boy was not going to take any prisoners and knew that despite his size, he was a little firecracker and braced himself.

"You did it on purpose, that's out of order Mr Walker and you know what he has been going through this week and you should be ashamed of yourself, no dad should ever want to humiliate their son, you're a fucking..." Carter states almost spitting out the last few words, but is suddenly silenced as his boyfriends hand covers his mouth.

"I'm so sorry Mike, I don't know what has gotten into him." Wesley says apologetically and although he was less than impressed by him embarrassing his son like he had, he was more worried about his boyfriends reaction and just didn't understand where that came from at all.

"It's not a problem Wesley." Mike responds calmly but he was shocked by the boys outburst and while he didn't appreciate being talked to like that, he couldn't help but wonder if he had really crossed a line to get that reaction from the normally shy and timid boy.

"Dad I think you should go now, I want to see if Carter is alright and well I don't really want to speak to you right now anyway." Ben then says and starts to walk away, but is stopped when he feels his dad take a hold of his arm and turns to him in surprise.

"Ben I'm really sorry and this was meant to be a joke, but honestly I'm only here because Mitch called me and asked us to come and pick you up, I have no idea why, but he sort of had that tone, you know the one where he is up to something and well I really think you should come home with us." Mike tells his son and while he was actually concerned for Carter himself, he got the feeling that something was going on with Matt and that had to come first.

"Is Matt alright?" Ben then asks and despite knowing if it was something bad he would know by now, he can't help but always worry about his boyfriend.

"Honestly I think we need to go now and if I were you I would be excited." Mike answers as he starts to pull his youngest son towards his car, while taking another glance over to Carter and Wesley and can see that the tiny boy is distressed and knows that it was his fault for upsetting him.

"Okay, but you better not be messing around Dad, you already upset Carter and you better make sure he is alright later by calling him or Wesley." Ben responds and shakes his dad's hand of his arm and walks towards their car.

"Matt you look fine." Mitch tells the nervous looking boy, who is still fussing over his clothes and hair.

"Why you not let us in your house?" Tobias then asks, after deciding that it was better if they tried to distract him, because he was clearly nervous and he was also curious as to why they weren't allowed to go in.

"Because you can't." Matt answers bluntly, he was still feeling nervous and knew that his boyfriend would be home any minute now and started to change his mind about what he wanted to happen.

"Just relax Matt, everything is going to go great." Mitch then says as he tries to reassure the boy and calm him down a little, he could tell that he was over thinking things and was worried that it could cause him to have an attack.

"No, shit er... look er... I'm going to wait for him in our house and er... send him alone and no one is allowed to come over, oh and don't tell him anything, just tell him to come in and lock the door behind him with his eyes closed." Matt instructs his brother and Mitch as he decides to go all out and knew that he would have just enough time to light the candles and get himself ready for his boyfriend.

"Matt are you..." Mitch begins to ask, but is quickly interrupted by the young boy.

"Mitch please and Tobias I love you and remember we are going to visit the school tomorrow, but please don't try to come over, it's really important that no one comes over." Matt says as he gives Mitch a pleading look and then moves over to cuddle his brother, he didn't want him to feel like he wasn't wanted, but he really wanted his boyfriend alone for the rest of the day and was determined to make him happy again.

"Get going then Matt and well good luck." Mitch then tells the boy in a slightly awkward tone, he knew what they would be doing if it went well and while he loved the boys and had no problem with them being together, it was still his little brother and they were still just boys and it was awkward to think about.

"Bye and remember don't tell him anything, but er... don't make him think something is wrong, but don't tell him it's good er... shit er... Mitch just, well you know." Matt then states awkwardly as his nerves start to get the better of him and he is grateful when the older boy turns him towards the back door and gives him a gentle push and he can't help but smile as he heads as quickly as he can with his cane to the pool house.

"He be okay?" Tobias asks in a concerned tone as he watches his brother limping out of the house.

"Honestly I think things are going to change for the better after today Tobias, but even if it does go well, we have to keep an eye on both of them Tobias, they have been through so much and well let's just keep an eye on them okay." Mitch answers and gives his brother a sad smile, they already knew Matt would need looking after, but ever since Sunday it was clear to them all that Ben was not doing very well either and he had talked to his dad about forcing him to see Dr Walker, because he was showing some worrying signs and they couldn't ignore it.

"I promise." Tobias responds as he walks to the front door and looks out of the side window and smiles as he sees the car pull into the driveway.

"So are you going to tell me what that was all about?" Wesley asks as he walks arm in arm with his boyfriend, it had taken him almost ten minutes to calm him down and was really worried about him.

"I have no idea." Carter answers honestly, although he can tell that his boyfriend isn't convinced. "Seriously Wesley, I was just going to tell him off and that he should apologise and then well I don't know, it's like I was thinking, shit I have no idea Wesley." He then states as he tries to work out what came over him.

"Were you still mad about what I did earlier, because you know I'm really sorry about that." Wesley then states, as he tries to help his boyfriend figure out why he reacted like he did.

"Not really, I mean I have plans on how you're going to make it up to me and I can't wait until later, but it wasn't anything to do with that." Carter responds with a grin and he really couldn't wait to see how his boyfriend reacts and how sexy he will look.

"Oh fucking hell, you're going to make me dress as one of the Elf things aren't you?" Wesley asks as he gives his boyfriend a sideways look and can tell from the grin on his face that he is right.

"You're going to be doing it every night that we spend together for at least two weeks, maybe longer if I feel like it." Carter responds and despite still worrying about his outburst and how he could possibly look his friends dad in the eye again, he was more than happy with the distraction of finally managing to find a way to get his boyfriend to dress up.

"No one else is going to see me thought right?" Wesley then asks nervously, he had refused to dress up before because he didn't think he would like it, but he knew he messed up earlier and he would take his punishment, although if he was being honest he could hardly call it a punishment if it made his boyfriend happy and that was the most important thing for him.

"Well our parents might see us, but I'm not going to make you go out in it and if Ben and Matt come over or something then we will dress normally." Carter responds with a smile and can see that his choice of words have got his boyfriends attention.

"Wait, you're dressing up as well?" Wesley asks and despite his refusal before to dress up, he couldn't help but get a little turned on by the thought of them both dressing up and was actually starting to look forward to it.

"Well yeah, it's going to be so much fun and well I have a few outfits for us both." Carter answers and again can't help but enjoy teasing his boyfriend with his choice of words.

"I fucking love you Carter." Wesley then states, he knew his boyfriend was teasing him and despite wanting to know why he had costumes already for them both, he decided that it didn't really matter and that he would just enjoy himself.

"I love you too." Carter responds and can't resist giving his boyfriend bum a squeeze and is rewarded with a kiss on the side of his head and just couldn't believe how lucky he was.

"So he is in the pool house?" Ben asks and can't help but look at his brothers curiously, they both seemed to look excited and despite the fact he wanted to have a go at his dad again for what he did and how he had upset his friend, he was now focused on his boyfriend.

"Ben before you go, I think you should use the toilet and have a drink." Mitch then suggests, not just because he knew his little brother might not get a chance, but also because if Matt was doing what he thought he was, he figured he should try to give him a little more time.

"Okay." Ben responds and can't help looking at his brother suspiciously.

"Honestly Ben, just hurry up and just remember to lock the door behind you when you go into the pool house." Mitch decides to say, before picking his other brother up and walking towards the stairs.

"Where we going?" Tobias asks, he had actually wanted to speak to his mum and uncle for a little while, so was a little confused about being carried toward the stairs.

"To get you dressed, I think your mum will really like to see you in one of your outfits." Mitch answers before turning back to his little brother, who was still standing in the hallway. "Ben just trust me, you're going to be very happy once you see Matt, now get a move on." He tells him in a reassuring tone and could see his eyes light up a little and chuckles as he quickly heads out towards the back door and knew he had already forgotten his suggestion to use the toilet first.

"I wish we could watch Matt singing." Tobias then says as they reach the top of the stairs, he used to hate being carried around when he was younger, but he really didn't mind when his big brother did it, although he knew it wouldn't be long before he would feel embarrassed by it again and decided to just enjoy the comfort for a few more days, before asking him not to do it any more.

"Me too but we will get plenty of chances to hear him sing." Mitch states as he walks into their room and with a smirk dumps the boy on his own bed and walks over to his own and sits down, as he watches him get his bearings.

"I love you Mitch." Tobias then states as he begins to strip, not caring that his big brother is watching him and was just happy to get changed into one of his new outfits, instead of just wearing the shorts and shirt he had put on after they had finished playing in the pool.

"I love you too." Mitch responds, before getting up and walking over to his own cupboard to change his top, just as his brother starts to get dressed in one of his new outfits and smiles at his choice and knew that Sarah would love it. "You ready now?" He then asks after watching the boy play about with his tie in front of their mirror.

"Ready." Tobias replies and gives his hair a few more little tweaks before giving his big brother a smile before they head downstairs.

"Matt?" Ben calls out nervously as he opens the door and despite having his eyes closed, he could tell straight away that something was different and could smell something familiar, but he couldn't quite make out what it was.

"You can open your eyes now." Matt states after watching his boyfriend lock the door and turn around.

"Matt are... oh fuck." He then begins to say after opening his eyes, but when he sees the darkened room lit up with what seems like a hundred candles, he can only stand in awe of it all.

"This is for you." Matt then states and Ben quickly looks to his boyfriend, who he sees is sitting on the edge of the sofa bed completely naked with his guitar in his arms and despite barely being able to take his eyes of his boyfriend, he also notices that the bed is covered in what he guessed were rose petals and he could feel his knees weaken a little.

"What's..." Ben begins to ask but is quickly cut off.

"Sshh just enjoy." Matt tells his boyfriend as he runs his fingers over the strings and smiles sweetly at him.

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