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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 4

July 2015

"You can't though." Carter says as he looks at both his parents in shock, he just couldn't believe this was happening and instinctively reached out for his boyfriends hand, but realises that he wasn't with him and just felt so alone.

"Carter it's for your own good and you will thank us for it when you calm down." Michelle says as she tries to reach out and hold her sons hand, but draws back when he pulls away and just looks at her with tears in his eyes.

"Your mother is right Carter and we are doing this for your own good." Ian then says as he gives his son a smile, but he can see straight away that they had underestimated how he would react to their decision.

"But I just found him, you can't take me away from him, not now, please don't take me away from him." Carter quickly pleads with his parents, he was just in shock and couldn't believe they were going to do this to him.

"We are your parents Carter and he isn't good for you and we aren't going to let this continue." Michelle then says as she again tries to take his hand, but just like before he pulls away from her.

"What do you mean he isn't good for me?" Carter quickly asks in a shocked and confused tone, he just had no idea where this was coming from and knew both his parents liked his boyfriend and now they were telling him that he wasn't allowed to see him any more.

"Carter we have always given you freedom to do as you want and we did that because we trust you, but we can't sit by and watch him force you into doing things that you're too young to do and whether you like it or not, you're not to see him again." Ian then states in a firm tone, but he could tell that his son wasn't going to just accept this and knew that they would have to show him what they found in his room.

"I don't, wait what?" Carter then asks as he looks at his parents in confusion, but as he sees his mum reach beside her chair and pull a plastic bag, his heart sinks a little and he turns bright red. "Have you been in my room?" He then asks in a meek tone, he wasn't completely sure, but he could make out a few odd shapes and the way his parents were talking and behaving gave him a pretty idea of what was in it.

"Carter you're eleven years old and although we are very open minded and have allowed your relationship to grow, we can't let this carry on and as much as we like Wesley, he is obviously pushing you too much and..." Michelle starts to say, but is cut off before she can finish.

"I got them." Carter says in a meek tone, he just wanted the ground to swallow him up, but he knew that unless he was completely honest, then his parents would do everything they can to stop him seeing his boyfriend.

"What?" Ian asks just before his wife and they can't help but look at their son in surprise.

"I ordered them from the internet." Carter explains and although he knows he needs to tell them everything, he is just too embarrassed to tell them in one go.

"So he made you order them?" Michelle asks in a serious tone, although she is stunned by what her son just revealed.

"No, no way Mum." Carter quickly responds and again is just too embarrassed to fully explain himself and just wants his boyfriend with him.

"Carter you need to tell us the truth, if he is pressuring you into anything, then it is important for you to tell us." Ian then states as he looks at his son curiously and despite the fact he doesn't want to admit it, he got the feeling that maybe they had it the wrong way around with the boys.

"He isn't pressuring me, I'm the one who was pressuring him." Carter responds as he looks to the ground and can't believe his parents are making him tell them this.

"What?" Michelle asks in a shocked tone, she knew despite him being self conscious of his size, he was a head strong boy who knew what he wanted and would often get it, but she couldn't believe he would be the one pressuring someone into doing something and especially someone like Wesley.

"I have known I was gay for years Mum and I have seen things on the internet and well I know what I want, but Wesley is new to being gay and if it were down to him we would still just be kissing." Carter explains in almost a whisper and could feel his face burning with embarrassment.

"Carter I don't think Wesley is the shy type and it is sweet that you want to defend him, but he is..." Ian then begins to say, but is quickly interrupted.

"NO, NO, NO!" Carter shouts before realising he is shouting and quickly lowers his voice. "I want to have sex with him and yeah I mean real sex, but he won't let me because he doesn't think we are ready and he doesn't want to hurt me." He then states in a calmer tone and can tell that neither of his parents expected him to say that and could feel himself blushing even more, he had been through a lot recently, but this was definitely the most embarrassing thing he has ever had to admit to anyone and the fact they were his parents just made it worse.

"I well..." Michelle starts to say before trailing off, she really didn't know how to process what she had just heard.

"How do you explain these though Carter? We know Wesley's older brother owns a sex shop and it doesn't take 'Sherlock' to work out that Wesley could get hold of them." Ian then asks as he tries to take the conversation away from their eleven year old son talking about wanting to have sex and back to working out if they needed to keep the boys apart or not.

"I ordered them from the internet and well I didn't know it was Jim's shop and well he recognised the address and he played a joke on me, I only ordered a couple of things and he put the rest in to wind me and Wesley up." Carter responds, although he felt a little bad for dropping Jim in it, although he knew if he worded it the right way he could stop him from getting into trouble.

"He gave you these as a joke?" Ian asks in an unconvinced tone as he empties the bag on the floor between them.

"I ordered the enema kit, the lube and the cock rings, everything else he put in just to tease us and when I told him to take them back, he just joked around that I would have to bring them back myself, I know that sounds stupid, but he was just trying to mess around, but well I was kind of scared to take them out of the house, you know in case I had an accident and someone saw inside my bag or something." Carter answers in a slightly nervous tone, he can't help but struggle to think of something believable and knew that he needed to be careful.

"Carter you're going to have to do better than that." Ian then says in a suspicious tone and wasn't believing a word his son just said, he knew that Jim and Wesley weren't close and couldn't see Jim risking his business to play that kind of prank.

"It's the truth and he actually told Wesley to bring them home so he could take them back to the shop, but well you know that Ben has been going through a really bad time and well we kind of forgot about those." Carter then says as he glances at the various toys on the floor and blushes again, he just couldn't believe he was having to explain this to his parents and again found himself reaching out for his boyfriends hand, but realising that he wasn't there.

"So the only things you ordered were the enema kit, the lube and the rings and everything else needs to go back?" Ian then asks in an embarrassed tone, he and his wife were very open minded and they had let the two boys sleep together and knew they did more then just sleep, but sex toys and his son talking about sex was a lot to take in, even for them.

"Well the hand and ankle cuffs as well and those vibrating things, look well er... I want to keep those, but the other stuff is just gross and horrible." Carter answers honestly and despite being mortified, he didn't want to have to talk about this again and decided that he should just get it over with now. "Jim has been really good though, he helped Wesley explain to me that we aren't ready for sex and that we should wait until we are older, I think I just got over my head and thought because I saw some videos that I would be alright, but Jim made me realise that I'm just too small and young for that." He then decides to add and he could tell that his parents were surprised but happy at what he just said.

"So well er... you were really trying to get him to have sex with you?" Michelle then asks in a nervous tone, although she really wasn't sure she wanted to talk about this, she knew that while the topic was open that they might as well make the most of it and never have to go through it again.

"I love him Mum, I know people say that all the time and not mean it, but he is everything to me and I never thought I could be so happy or someone could make me feel like the single most important thing in the universe, but Wesley does and he would die for me before he would let something bad happen to me." Carter answers with a smile and despite how embarrassing this whole thing has been, he wasn't embarrassed to say how much he loved his boyfriend.

"Well it's obvious you both care for each other, but you're both very young Carter." Michelle then says in a soft tone, she was now feeling embarrassed by the way they had handled this and felt guilty for making their son talk about something so personal.

"I know and if you asked me if I could love someone like this before Wesley, then I would have laughed and told you to not be stupid, but Wesley was my fantasy boyfriend Mum, I mean I always liked him, but he was 'Wesley Fisher' and he was out of my league and straight, well that's what I thought, but when he asked me out and well persuaded me he was serious, I honestly thought he was just using me to experiment and stuff, but I was okay with that because at least I would have him for a while..." Carter then begins to say before being interrupted.

"Carter you don't..." Ian begins to say as he tries to save his son from embarrassing himself any more than they had already humiliated him themselves, but he is just as quickly interrupted.

"No Dad it's fine, I honestly thought it wouldn't last with him, but he loves me and I mean real love Dad, he came out to near enough everyone in the middle of the school playground during lunch by kissing me and one time when we were visiting Matt in hospital, he got up on to a table in the canteen and told everyone that he loved me, I know we are young, too young really to be in love, but we are and I want to spend the rest of my life with him." Carter states and while just a few moments ago he was embarrassed and mortified by this conversation, he was now feeling proud and happy after realising himself just how much his boyfriend actually did love him and he couldn't help but smile.

"So he really isn't pressuring you into anything?" Michelle then asks, she knew the answer now, but she needed to hear him say it again.

"Mum, he would never do that, although he does push me to believe in myself more and be less self conscious, but that is a good thing right." Carter responds as he gives his parents a smile, he could tell that they both believed him and he was happy that he had managed to make them see sense and not force him to break up with his boyfriend.

"Okay then Carter, now why don't you go and have a bath and we will order a takeaway and watch a movie together before you go to bed." Michelle then says with a warm smile, although inside she just felt awful for doubting him in the first place and also for thinking Wesley could do that, she could tell how much the boy loved her son and should have know better.

"Can't I go and see Wesley now?" Carter responds as he gives his parents a pleading look.

"You will see him at school tomorrow and then you're going to that sleepover together, so for tonight you're staying right here and spending some time with us Carter." Ian responds in a firm, but calm tone, even if they had overreacted and embarrassed their son, it was rare that they had the chance to be together like this and he wanted to make the most of it.

"But I..." Carter then begins to protest, but is quickly cut off.

"No ifs or buts Carter, you can talk to him on the phone while you have a bath, but tonight is just going to be the three of us, now hurry up and get yourself upstairs and takes those with you." Michelle states in a firm and serious tone, she didn't want to upset him, but he needed to do as he is told.

"Also we want you to take the ones you don't want to Wesley's tomorrow Carter and give them back to his brother." Ian then states as he watches his son putting the toys back into the bag and can't help but feel guilty again for how they handled the situation.

"You won't say anything to anyone though right?" Carter then asks nervously after standing up with the bag in his hand, he really didn't want them talking to Jim about this and giving him a hard time or worse.

"You're our son Carter and if we think that you're in trouble or someone is hurting you, then we will do something about it, but as long as you take those back to Jim and promise to not do anything you shouldn't be doing, then we promise not to have a word with him about giving you those in the first place." Ian responds as he gives his wife a quick glance and then turns back to their son. "We are also glad that you're getting more confident Carter and you have no need to be self conscious." He then says in a sincere tone, after deciding that they needed to give him some praise after embarrassing him so much.

"Okay." Carter responds as he starts to blush again and wonders what they would think of the speedo his boyfriend made him wear and was tempted to come back downstairs after his bath wearing it.

"Run along now Carter and we will order the food." Michelle then says as she can see that he is unsure of what to do and can't help but notice the way his nose is a little scrunched up and knew that he was thinking about doing something and despite being curious she wanted him to get a move on.

"Okay." Carter responds as he realises that he was just standing there and quickly turns and heads out of the room and up to his bedroom.

"Are you sure we should allow him to keep seeing Wesley?" Michelle asks her husband as soon as she is sure their son wasn't going to reappear, she didn't doubt what their son had told them, but she wanted to make sure they were both on the same wave length.

"Honestly, after seeing those toys I wanted to kill the boy, I mean we are open minded and that is being conservative Michelle, but Carter is eleven years old and he shouldn't even know what those things are, let alone actually have them hidden in his bedroom, but we have also brought him up to be responsible and make his own decisions and well I think his explanation was genuine and Wesley has been so good for him." Ian answers in a thoughtful tone, he actually had no issues with Wesley now, but their sons behaviour was a little worrying and the fact he had ordered sex toys online was a concern and partly their own fault.

"I really like Wesley Ian and it seems that he will keep Carter grounded and safe." Michelle then says before giving her husband a curious look. "Are you worried about Carter buying those things online?" She then asks, she could tell that he was thinking about something and took a guess that it was the same thing she was worried about.

"I think we need to suspend his privileges or at least monitor what he is doing." Ian responds in a reluctant tone, they didn't want to treat him like a child or make him feel like they didn't trust him, but at the same time, if he was ordering sex toys, than they really had to do something about it.

"I'm not sure if I want to know the kind of sites he visits Ian, I mean he made is quite clear he has watched porn and it would obviously be gay porn, no mother needs to see that Ian, not even one as open minded as me." Michelle then says as she looks over to the door, she knew if their son walked in right now he would be mortified and they had embarrassed him enough for one lifetime already.

"Then we will just close his account or suspend it, that way he wouldn't be able to buy anything without our permission, what do you think?" Ian then asks after giving it a little more thought.

"I think that could work, but how long for?" Michelle responds, she doesn't want to be unfair and make it permanent, but he had to learn that he has to be responsible.

"How about until his birthday and then we will monitor his account to make sure he isn't buying anything he shouldn't be for six months." Ian responds as he gives his wife a loving smile and while they weren't what others would consider a conventional couple, they did love each other and they both adored their son.

"We will talk to him after we eat, I just hope he understands and realises that it is for his own good." Michelle says as she gets to her feet and walks over to the phone.

"He will Michelle, we raised him well and even if he sulks a little, he will understand and learn from it." Ian responds as he gets up and heads to wards the kitchen to get a glass of wine for his wife and himself.

"I want you to speak with Jim when you're next with him about giving Carter those toys though Ian, I know he has a weird sense of humour, but he crossed a line and I don't want him doing that again." Michelle then says in a serious tone.

"I'm not sure I should see him any more, if Carter found out he might get upset and besides, Jim already cancelled tomorrow night." Ian responds as he gives his wife a loving look, he knew that they had brought their son up to be open minded, but neither of them had been able to tell him about their actual relationship and lifestyle.

"Didn't he say he was looking after the boys tomorrow night and as for Carter finding out, maybe we should talk to him about us soon." Michelle responds in a slightly hesitant tone, they had talked about telling their son about their real lifestyle, but had so far put if off and agreed to wait until he was older.

"True and maybe it is time we talked to him about it, but I still worry about how he will feel about Jim, I mean he is Wesley's older brother and it is a little strange, even for us Michelle." Ian responds as he wonders how to explain their relationship and how Jim fitted into that.

"I know, but he will understand and will will make sure that we explain it as clearly as possible." Michelle then says as she leans in and gives her husband a loving kiss.

"I think we should wait until after his birthday though." Ian then suggests and although he is using it as an excuse, he did believe it would be better as well, just in case he did react badly to what they are going to tell him.

"I agree, but I need to get on the phone before he comes back down." Michelle then says, after remembering that she was meant to be ordering their takeaway.

"Okay." Ian responds as he gets up and heads towards the kitchen to get everyone a drink.

Two Days Later

"What are these for?" Tobias asks as he stares at the presents in front of him and can't help but look up to his brothers in surprise and confusion.

"Well we know it's not your birthday or anything, but we wanted to give you a couple of things for everything you have done for us and well just open them." Matt responds as he gives his brother a warm smile.

"I haven't done anything though." Tobias responds as he looks between his two brothers and then down at the presents again.

"Tobias the first time I met you, I was a mess because Matt was in hospital again, but you held me and comforted me and you let me sleep in your bed despite the fact you didn't know me and you just looked after me and you have been there for me a few more times as well and I just wanted to say thank you." Ben states in a sincere tone as he takes a hold of his boyfriends hand and gives it a little squeeze.

"I don't really need to list all the times you have helped me Tobias, but for me, I wanted to get you something to say sorry for you know er... like strangling you and stuff." Matt then says in sheepish tone with a look to go with it.

"Oh, well I guess so, but what did you get me?" Tobias responds with a small grin, he was just so surprised that his brothers would do this for him and could feel a few tears beginning to form in his eyes.

"Well open them and find out you idiot." Matt states with a big grin as he and his boyfriend then giggle at their brothers expression.

"Oh right yeah." Tobias responds a little sheepishly as he realises how stupid his question was and begins to open one of the presents.

"I mean they aren't like really expensive or anything Tobias, but I just thought you would like them." Ben then says a little nervously as he sees his brother staring in the box after unwrapping and opening it.

"Oh wow." Tobias says as he picks up the bracelets and looks at them. "These are so cool." He then says as he counts them and can't help but smile.

"You really like them?" Ben then asks and despite his brothers smile and his boyfriend giving his hand a gently squeeze, he can't help but be a little nervous in case he thought it was a lame gift.

"I love them and oh my god they have names on them." Tobias answers in awe as he notices that each of the bracelets has a name on them.

"We thought it would be cool if they each had one of our names on them, you don't mind do you?" Ben asks as he looks at his brother looking at each of the bracelets and hoped he wouldn't prefer to have the names removed.

"No way, they are awesome and you even got me ones with Wesley and Carter on them." Tobias responds and can't help but give both his brothers a big grin as a few tears roll down his cheek, but just as he is about to get up to cuddle them both, he is stopped by his brother.

"Open the other one up first Tobias." Matt quickly says after seeing his brother starting to get up, he could tell he wanted to cuddle them, but he wanted him to open the other one present first.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he carefully puts the bracelets in their box and places it beside him, before unwrapping the other present and can't believe what he sees when he sees the box.

"It's the same as our phones Tobias and we will show you how to use it." Matt then says as he watches his brother staring at the box with his mouth wide open.

"Oh my god, oh my god this is awesome, thank you, thank you." Tobias starts to say before getting up and giving both his brothers a big loving cuddle. "This is so cool." He then says before giving them both another long cuddle.

"It will take you a while to really get used to using the phone, but we will teach you the basics and you can play around with it while me and Ben help Mitch put our new bed together when it arrives later.

"Will you be my ringtone Matt?" Tobias then asks and Matt can't help but look at his brother in confusion.

"Huh?" Matt asks as he tries to work out what his brother means.

"You're such a dumb ass sometimes Matt, he means can you sing him a song so that he can have it as his ringtone." Ben quickly states as he shakes his head at how dumb his boyfriend can be sometimes, although as he thinks about it, he can't believe that he never asked his boyfriend to be his ringtone.

"Yeah please Matt, you both said I could have anything as a ringtone and I want you singing." Tobias then says in a hopeful tone as he starts to open the box to look at his phone.

"Okay, but we can do that another day." Matt responds with a smile and while it was a little bizarre, he was happy to do it. "What song do you want though?" He then asks after thinking about it a little bit more.

"Me er... me decide now?" Tobias asks in a surprised tone, he hadn't really thought about which song and couldn't really decide what he wanted.

"There isn't any rush Tobias and well just think about it and let me know and I will do it for you next week." Matt responds with a smile, although when he gives his boyfriend a warm smile, he can see that he is thinking about something. "You want a song as well don't you?" He then asks with a knowing smile.

"I love when you read my mind." Ben responds as he leans in and gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

"It already been used?" Tobias then asks as he sees that the phone has already been used and couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that they didn't buy him a brand new one.

"Don't be an idiot Tobias, we just added everyone's number into it so that you can call them." Matt responds with a cheeky grin and can't help but chuckle at his brothers expression.

"So I can call people, like right now?" Tobias asks while blushing, he should of known that they wouldn't buy him an old phone.

"Who do you want to call?" Ben then asks as he sees his brother looking at the phone.

"Carter." Tobias quickly responds, but both his brothers can see that he is confused about something.

"What's wrong?" Matt asks in a concerned tone, he was sure it was something to do with the phone, but at the same time he knew that his brother was just as unpredictable as himself when it came to his emotions and couldn't help being worried.

"Where are the buttons?" Tobias asks, he really had no idea how mobile phones worked and while he had seen the others using them, he never really took much notice or looked at them closely enough to know how they worked.

"Oh right, near enough all mobile phones are touch screens now Tobias, you just need to press the round button at the bottom and then swipe your finger over the screen." Matt instructs his brother, before getting up and walking over to sit next to him.

"Like this?" Tobias asks as he follows what his brother said and smiles when the screen lights up and loads of icons appear on the screen, although he has no idea what they are for or what they do.

"We will go through it all later, but if you go to the icon that looks like a persons head and shoulders, you will get all your contacts up." Matt responds as he watches his brother open the contacts list and gives his boyfriend a quick smile after his brother scrolls down using his finger.

"What now?" Tobias asks as he looks through all the names and is surprised by how many are on it, but decides to go back to Carter's name.

"Press his name and then press the green button with the phone symbol on it and then hold it to your ear." Matt answers as he watches his brother does as he is told, he thought about explaining how the speaker button worked, but he didn't want to confuse him too much and just wanted to take it a step at a time.

"It's ringing." Tobias states in awe, sure it was just a phone, but this was his first mobile phone and he couldn't believe how cool it was how they worked.

"He will answer in a few seconds." Matt says as he looks back to his boyfriend with another smile.

"How do you feel?" Wesley asks as they walk back to his room after having a shower together.

"It feels er... I don't know really." Carter answers honestly, he wasn't in any pain and once he got used to the feeling, it wasn't that bad and he had slept well.

"Is that good or bad?" Wesley then asks in a slightly concerned tone, he knew that it was uncomfortable at first and it took him a while to get to sleep, but he felt alright and now they had taken the plugs out, he wasn't in any pain.

"Good, I mean I kind of feel a bit weird down there, but it doesn't hurt." Carter responds as he glances downwards.

"Same here and yours looked fine to me when I checked it." Wesley then says as they sit down on his bed and hold hands.

"Yours too, although your plug was bigger than mine." Carter then states, but Wesley picks up on his boyfriends tone and grins a little.

"Carter we went through this, we are different and it isn't a competition, so if you want us to have sex, then you have to take your time and not get upset because you have to go slower than I do." Wesley responds in a serious tone, although he quickly gives his boyfriend a peck on the lips before just leaning back and looking into his eyes.

"I know, now want to have some fun?" Carter says as he gives his boyfriend a naughty grin.

"We just showered." Wesley responds with a small grin, he really wanted to keep a straight face and tease his boyfriend, but he just couldn't help giving it away.

"Moron, now get the bag and I will lock the door." Carter states with a cocky grin, he knew his boyfriend was trying to tease him and he found it funny that he couldn't keep a straight face.

"No one else is here Carter and Jim won't be home before we head to Matt and Ben's." Wesley responds as he gets up and walks over to his cupboard.

"Sorry just a habit I guess, now lay down and spread your arms and legs." Carter instructs his boyfriend after turning back around and gets a naughty idea.

"Why?" Wesley asks curiously as he does as he is told.

"Because it's my turn to choose what we do and I have wanted to try this for ages." Carter responds as he places the bag next to his boyfriend and climbs on top of him.

"Try what?" Wesley then asks in a slightly nervous tone, although he is more excited as he watches his boyfriend pull the cuffs from the bag and knew he was going to be tied to the bed.

"Is it alright to blindfold and gag you?" Carter then asks as he starts to cuff his boyfriends hands to the headboard, he always asked his boyfriend first after Ben had told him about his boyfriends control issues and knew that he might have a panic attack if he just did it without permission.

"I think so, but what are you going to do to me?" Wesley asks in response as he watches his boyfriend turn around to face his feet and knows he is going to be spread eagled and defenceless against whatever his boyfriend had in mind.

"I'm going to put the vibrator things on you and see how long it takes you to cum, but I think it will be sexier if you can't see or speak as well, but if you don't want to then I will leave them off." Carter explains and although he would prefer to have surprised his boyfriend, he knew he needed to be honest about what he was going to do.

"Well er... shit you bastard, no wonder why you cuffed me first." Wesley states with a grin and although he was nervous, he was really excited by his boyfriends plan and couldn't wait.

"You would have said yes anyway, you always do." Carter responds as he gives his boyfriend an evil grin.

"Because I love you." Wesley the says with a smile and despite his boyfriends grin, he knows that he is safe.

"So yes or no to the blindfold and gag?" Carter then asks.

"Yes to the blindfold, but can you give me a little while before you gag me? I just want to make sure it doesn't hurt or anything before you put it on." Wesley responds honestly and while he trusted his boyfriend with his life, if it did hurt then it would be near enough impossible for his boyfriend to know, without being able to tell him that it did.

"Yeah sure, but er.. is it okay if I put one in your bum?" Carter then decides to ask, he wasn't sure after they spent the night with plugs in their bums, whether his boyfriend would want anything else in there for a few days.

"Might as well go all out Carter, but how long do I have to do it for?" Wesley decides to ask, he knew he was being a little over the top with the questions, but he needed to know as much as possible when his boyfriend tied him up and he knew that he understood why.

"I'm really not sure how these work or if they are rubbish or not, so if you like them before I gag you, then I think an hour will be fun, but I will stop it before if I think you aren't enjoying it any more." Carter answers as honestly as he can, he knew once his boyfriend was gagged it would be up to him to decide if his boyfriend was in any pain or discomfort and was always careful to avoid their games going too far.

"I trust you." Wesley then says with a smile and can't help but moan as he feels his boyfriends lips against his own.

"Right now shut up and enjoy Moron." Carter then says with a cheesy grin. "Okay shut up, I know I suck at talking tough." He then says when he sees the bemused look on his boyfriends face.

"I love you." Wesley responds with a loving smile, he really did love when his boyfriend tried to sound tough and although he pulled it off sometimes, most of the time it was just adorable.

"I love you too, but no more talking." Carter then says as he takes the blindfold out of the bag and ties it around his boyfriends head, before then taking out the vibrating bullets and some tape and begins to attach them to his boyfriends nipples, inner thighs and then seeing that he had three left decided to put one on the head of his boyfriends penis and then on his balls, although it was a little awkward to get it to stay in the right place.

"This feels so weird." Wesley then says and despite being told to not talk, he was feeling a little nervous and needed to hear his boyfriends voice.

"I'm now going to put the last one in your bum, but I need to lube it first, just remember to tell me to stop if you don't like how it feels when I switch them on." Carter then says in a warm and loving tone, before slowly rubbing some lube on his boyfriends hole and can't help but giggle when he twitches a little and moans.

"Holy shit, you bastard, you're using the tingly lube." Wesley then states and can't help but moan and wiggle about as the tingling lube starts to do it's job.

"No more talking and once I put it in, I'm going to turn them all on and you will have one minute before I gag you to tell me to stop." Carter states in a firm tone, although he can't stop himself grinning as he watches his boyfriend wiggle around and was so glad he accidentally used the tingly lube. "Now putting it in." He then says as he pushes the little bullet in and can't help but find it sexy when it disappears in side his boyfriend and quickly sits up on his knees and looks at the bullets over his boyfriends body and smiles as he starts to turn each one on, causing his boyfriend to twitch a little and moan out.

"Holy fuck." Wesley then says in a surprised tone, he just felt like he was in heaven and quickly felt himself getting hard.

"So it doesn't hurt?" Carter then asks as he reaches into the bag and pulls the ball gag out, although he was tempted to use the penis gag that Jim had added to his order as a joke, but it was a bit too big and he didn't want to hurt his boyfriend.

"Yeah." Wesley responds before moaning as his most sensitive spots were being slowly pleasured by the little vibrating bullets.

"Cool." Carter then says as he leans forward and begins to gag his boyfriend, who after being a little surprised opens his mouth and lets his boyfriend gag him. "Now I'm going to put them on full power." Carter then says and can't help but giggle a little when he hears his boyfriend whimper a little into the gag and knew that he didn't know they weren't on full power already.

"Mmmm, mmmm mmmm." Wesley mumbles as he tries to say something, but Carter can tell that he isn't in any pain after he had turned all the bullets to their highest setting and just grinned as he watched his body twitch and wriggle around as he moaned into the gag some more.

"Oh wow you already have some pre cum, this is going to be so awesome." Carter says as he watches his boyfriends boner leaking a little and decides to raise the stakes and lays next to his boyfriend and starts to kiss and nibble his neck, which makes his boyfriend moan even more., but just as he begins to nibble his ear, his phone starts to ring and while he doesn't want to answer it, he knew it could be important and definitely didn't want to annoy his parents after the other nights awkward and embarrassing conversation, so he reluctantly gets off the bed and walks over to his phone and is confused when he sees that it was an unknown number.

"Do you want me to get the boys to come and help you take it to the pool house?" Mike asks as he looks at the boxes and can't believe how many there was.

"I will ask them later, but for now I just want to relax for a while before the other two get here and all hell breaks loose." Mitch responds as he looks at the boxes and despite two of them, he knows he can take the rest by himself and he wanted to give the boys some more time alone before he went to see how they were doing.

"It's not too late to change your mind Mitch, we don't mind staying home this weekend if you wanted to spend it with Erica." Sarah then offers as she hands him and Mike a cup of coffee.

"You two deserve a break and Erica is coming around in the afternoon to help me keep an eye on them all." Mitch responds and despite being tempted to let his dad and Sarah stay and watch over the sleepover, he knew that they needed a break and also knew what the boys were likely to be doing and didn't think it would be fair to them.

"I hope she didn't mind watching Ben and Tobias yesterday, I know she said she had a good time, but did she really Mitch?" Sarah then decides to ask, she wasn't too concerned about Ben's behaviour and knew despite his recent issues, he was a good boy and took his punishment seriously, Tobias however was another story and they all knew that he had a crush on Erica.

"Ha, you mean did Tobias do anything inappropriate don't you." Mitch responds with a smirk and could tell by her expression that he was right.

"Well, we all know that he has a little crush and is still a little confused by everything, so I hope he did behave himself." Sarah responds with a little blush.

"Honestly Sarah, I have had a talk with him and I also got both Matt and Ben to explain things and according to Erica, apart from some obvious staring and a er... lets go with the word 'tenting' on his behalf, he was fine and didn't try to grab her like last time." Mitch states with a grin and still remembers him pulling her bikini top off and trying to grab her, but he had definitely turned a corner and was a lot better at understanding what is appropriate and what isn't.

"I'm so happy that he is learning, it's cute and adorable at the moment, but he definitely couldn't keep going like he was." Sarah then states in a relieved tone and could stop worrying that maybe they would have to all sit down and have a serious talk with her son about his behaviour.

"But are you sure you will be okay putting the bed together Mitch, I know the boys will try to help, but it won't be easy." Mike then asks as he looks at his watch and knows that he and Sarah will have to leave within the next hour or two.

"Honestly I will be fine and well to be even more honest I'm actually going to let Ben and Matt make the bed, while I watch and help with the heavy parts, it will do them both good to learn how to do this sort of thing and I think it will help Matt as well, he needs to push himself a little harder than he is doing at the moment." Mitch responds and straight away he can tell that he had surprised Sarah with his comment.

"I thought he was doing well and he is still doing those exercises Carter gave him." Sarah states in a slightly concerned tone, she thought he was doing well, but she knew Mitch wouldn't mention something unless it was true.

"He is doing great Sarah and those exercises are definitely helping him, but he has slowed down a little bit, I think the fact he can't swim very well knocked his confidence a little and I think I might try and get him on his bike on Monday and see how he does." Mitch responds as he explains what he meant and stop her from thinking it was something for her to worry about.

"I took Tobias out on his new bike earlier in the week and he enjoyed it a lot Mitch, so I think it will be great to get Matt riding again." Mike then says and despite Tobias being a little wobbly to begin with, he was soon having a blast and skidding around as boys do on bikes.

"I will take them both, but you two need to make sure you have anything, you deserve this weekend and you don't want to be late." Mitch then states as he gives both his dad and Sarah a smile.

"I have everything ready, but there are a few things I need to do, so I will be back down in around an hour, but if the boys come in before then, let me know and I will come down." Sarah states as she returns the young man's smile.

"I have a few things to pack, but I will be back down in around twenty minutes Mitch." Mike then says as he gives his eldest sons shoulder a squeeze before following Sarah up the stairs.

"Hello?" Carter says as he answers his phone, although he can't help but smile as his boyfriend keeps moaning and wriggling about on the bed.

"Hey Carter it's me." Tobias says in an excited tone as he makes his first ever call on a mobile phone.

"Well hey there Me, how are you?" Carter responds teasingly as he recognises Tobias's voice and can't resist having a little fun, especially we he sees his boyfriend starting to buck a little and knew that he must be close to cumming, which actually surprised him, he knew his boyfriend had a lot of control over his orgasms, so for him to be this close already meant that the vibrating bullets were really good.

"No it's me Tobias, not Me as in..." Tobias begins to say and to Carter's amusement he pauses and sighs, "You not funny Carter." He then states in a slightly annoyed tone, although he was just annoyed that he had fallen for his friends teasing.

"It's a little bit funny, but where are you calling from anyway? I don't know this number." Carter then asks as he checks the number again and definitely doesn't recognise it.

"It's my phone, Matt and Ben brought me one and they put everyone's number in and I wanted you to be my first ever call." Tobias answers in an excited tone, while ignoring his brothers giggling at him.

"Oh wow, that is so cool of them and you really wanted me to be your first call?" Carter asks in response and despite his boyfriend bucking and moaning on the bed, he couldn't help but feel special that his friend called him first.

"Yeah well I like you and we like the same sort of thing and Ben and Matt are smellyheads." Tobias responds as he sticks his tongue out at his brothers, who give him a wink before kissing each other.

"They are making fun of you aren't they." Carter then states in an amused tone, although he quickly looks back to the bed after his boyfriend moans loudly despite the gag, but is a little disappointed that he hadn't actually cum, but he knew he was close and must be trying to hold it for as long as possible, but he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer and then if the videos he watched were anything to go by, the fun will then begin.

"What was that noise?" Tobias then asks, he was sure he heard something and it sounded weird.

"Oh er... nothing, so did they get you the same phone they have or a different one?" Carter asks as he quickly changes the subject, after realising that his friend had heard his boyfriend moaning, but although he knew he should probably leave the room, he didn't want to leave his boyfriend in case he needed to stop and he definitely didn't want to miss his orgasm and then his reaction when his boyfriend figured out that he wasn't to take the bullets off.

"You're doing something naughty aren't you?" Tobias then asks with a grin, before he suddenly feels his phone being pulled from his hands and looks up to see his brother holding it.

"We're so sorry Carter, look if you two are up to something it's cool and Tobias can call you back later to talk." Ben says as he gives his brother a smirk, they didn't hear what he heard, but his two questions gave them a pretty good idea and they knew he didn't have a filter for asking personal questions and had to jump in.

"Well yeah and well he won't be mad if I ask him to call back later will he?" Carter then asks in response, he wanted to give his boyfriend his full attention especially since he was now leaking a lot of pre cum and by the grunting noise he was making he knew it was almost time, but he felt guilty for telling his friend to call him back, especially since it was his first ever call and he had chosen him out of everyone.

"He isn't a baby Carter, he just really wanted you to be his first call, so thank you for answering and making his day." Ben responds as he looks at his brother who was obviously waiting to have his phone back.

"Why me though, I mean it's obvious that Matt is with you two, but I thought he would call him first or you or Wesley, but..." Carter then begins to ask but is cut off.

"Carter I know Matt is his best friend and they have a special bond, but Tobias really likes you as well and if you don't believe me then think about all the times you have been here and who he has spent the most time with." Ben says in a serious tone, but instead of waiting for a response he hands the phone back to his brother with a grin, before rejoining his boyfriend on their sofa bed.

"Hey it's me again." Tobias quickly says and Carter can't help but smile as he sits down on the bed and starts to trace little circles on his boyfriends stomach.

"Tobias I'm sorry I can't talk, but well you understand right and we will see each other in a few hours and I'm going to bring the graphic novels I told you about so you can borrow them." Carter states with a smile and only just manages to resist making the same joke he made earlier, but he knew he needed to end the call, especially since he just had the best idea ever after looking at his phone.

"It's okay and well the graphic novels will be awesome and well see you soon Carter." Tobias says before looking at his brothers. "How do I er... you know put the phone done?" He then asks and Carter can't help but giggle at the question and decides to hang up instead, before using the camera on his phone and switching it to video mode and then moving to kneel between his boyfriends legs.

"Just give it up Wesley, they aren't going to stop and you can't hold out for much longer." Carter then says as he manages to get the right angle to capture his boyfriends body and just smiles when his boyfriend grunts in response. "You know even if you cum they will keep going, remember we agreed to do this for an hour and it's been less than ten minutes so far." He then states in an amused tone, before getting another idea and being careful to keep the his phone on his boyfriend, he leans forward a little bit and blows on the tip of his boyfriends boner and sits back quickly when he bucks and arches his back.

"MMMM, MMMM, MMMM!!!" Wesley mumbles as he loses all the control he has when he feels his boyfriends breath on his boner and starts to orgasm. "MMMM, MMMM, Mmmm, mmmm." He then grunts as he keeps cumming and he can't believe how good that felt.

"Oh my god, that was so hot Wesley." Carter then states as he hears his boyfriend moaning and grunting, but he then grins as he starts to hear a few whimpers and knows that his boyfriend had either forgotten what he had said a few moments ago or just hadn't taken him seriously. "Still got fifty minutes to go before I turn them off Wesley, oh and by the way I'm filming this on my phone." he then says and giggles as he hears his boyfriend grunt, which is followed up by a whimpering noise.

Carter then gets another idea and carefully gets off the bed, but before moving to get his boyfriends phone he props his phone up between his legs so that he carries on getting everything on video, he then moves one of the small tables to the side of his boyfriends bed and sets his phone up so that it is recording from the side and then moves another of his boyfriends little tables on the others side of his bed and puts his own phone on that to cover his boyfriend from both sides, before climbing back in between his boyfriends legs and laying on top of him.

"Oh wow they feels so good." Carter then whispers in his boyfriends ear as he feels the little bullets against his own skin, but it isn't until he begins to grind against his boyfriend, who was moaning and whimpering underneath him, that he really feels how good they were. "Holy shit these must be amazing for you." He then whispers before nibbling his boyfriends ear and neck.

"Mmmm, mmmm." Wesley whimpers almost pleadingly, he couldn't believe what he was feeling and could already feel himself reaching his second orgasm, but he was completely exhausted and knew he couldn't stop it if his life depended on it and with his boyfriend grinding against him and nibbling his neck and ear, he wasn't sure if he had died and gone to heaven.

"Oh my god, already?" Carter asks as he feels his boyfriend shuddering and despite him already having his first orgasm a few moments earlier, he feels something warm between their bodies and by the grunting and twitching, he knows his boyfriend just had another one and couldn't believe it was so soon and knowing how much control he had, it worried him a bit. "Wesley if you want to stop squeeze my hand three times." He then decides to say as he reaches up and puts is hand in the palm of his boyfriends hand and waited.

"Mmmm." Wesley the moans quietly as he feels overwhelmed by everything, but he wasn't going to quit and didn't make any attempt to squeeze his boyfriends hand.

"You're so fucking sexy." Carter then says as he takes his hand back and sits up and straddles his boyfriends stomach. "If you want to stop at any point just close your hands and stick both your middle fingers up, I will be checking them and don't try to act tough Wesley, this is meant to be fun and I don't want you trying to be all macho and stuff, because you know that doesn't impress me." He then states in a serious tone and can see his boyfriend nodding.

"MMMM!!! MMMM!!! MMMM!!!" Wesley then moans out loudly when he feels something being poured on his boner after his boyfriend had got off him and knew that it was lube, but then when he felt it starting to tingle, he knew exactly what it was and he could just kill his boyfriend as he starts to buck and wiggle as he grunts.

"Oh whoops, that's the tingly lube right?" Carter then teases as he watches his boyfriend squirm and while his boner had started to go down, it was now hard again and he decided to up the ante again and kneels between his boyfriends legs and begins to randomly blow on the end of his boyfriends boner and just grins at the weird noises his boyfriend is making.

"Can I go see Mitch?" Tobias asks, he wanted to show off his bracelets and phone to him and he also wanted to go and put on one of his outfits and see how the bracelets look with it.

"You don't need to ask our permission Tobias, but you might want to put some clothes on before you go back to the house." Matt responds as he sees his brother standing up and knew that he had obviously forgotten that he was naked.

"I don't know, he looks good like that." Ben then says as he looks at his naked brother and couldn't help but notice that when he blushed, his whole body seemed to turn red and thought it was adorable.

"Shut up Smellyhead." Tobias retorts as he looks around for his briefs.

"They are on the other side of the bed Tobias." Matt then says as he realises that his brother had no idea where his clothes were, while giving his boyfriend a half glare to let him know that he shouldn't tease their brother.

"When we play strip poker later, can I sit next to Carter?" Tobias decides to ask after finding his clothes and starting to get dressed.

"You can sit wherever you want Tobias." Ben decides to responds and while he had told their friend on the phone how much Tobias liked him, he was still surprised that he had taken to him so much and wondered if he just felt more comfortable with someone closer to his own size at the moment.

"Can you tell everyone that will be in the house in like half an hour please Tobias." Matt then says, he wanted to have a little chat with his boyfriend about something that was bothering him and he didn't want to do it in front of his brother or the others.

"Okay and thank you for the presents, they are so cool." Tobias responds in a sincere tone, before walking out of the pool house.

"Maybe we should have told him his shorts were the wrong way around and his briefs were showing where flies are." Ben then says with a smirk and wondered if they were being mean.

"Maybe." Matt responds in a distracted tone as he thinks about what he wanted to talk about and doesn't really take in what his boyfriend just said.

"Everything alright Matt?" Ben then asks as he looks at his boyfriend curiously and wonders why he seemed to distracted.

"I don't want to see my dad without you." Matt responds bluntly, he was almost desperate to confront his dad and was so happy that he had convinced his mum the previous night to let him see him in prison, but when Mike had said he didn't want Ben anywhere near a prison, he felt like he had been punched in the stomach.

"I don't want you to go at all Matt, but I could try talking to my dad again and maybe Mitch can persuade him this time." Ben then says as he thinks about last nights conversation and if he was honest he was a little relieved that his dad had stopped him going, he wasn't sure if he could just sit there and not attack the man and knew that could upset his boyfriend.

"I need to though Ben, I need to make him pay." Matt then says in a serious tone, he wasn't going to tell anyone what he was planning to do, but he wanted to tell his boyfriend now and hoped they could figure out a way to get his dad to change his mind.

"You said you just wanted to talk to him and show him that he didn't break you." Ben responds as he sees the look in his boyfriends eyes and realises that he was planning something very different to what they all thought he was going to do.

"I will do that, but I want him to suffer like he made me suffer and I don't want him getting out either." Matt states in an almost cold tone and Ben can't help but feel a little nervous, he had only seen his boyfriend like this when he freaked out and he knew he had to keep his guard up just in case.

"You're scaring me Matt." Ben decides to say, he was sure his boyfriend wasn't having one of his freak outs, but he was definitely not being himself.

"I'm not going to like try and attack him or anything Ben, but I have a plan and well I just can't tell you what it is, but I promise it's not dangerous." Matt responds in a more relaxed tone, he was a little surprised by his boyfriends reaction so far, but when he thought about it, he was probably being a little weird and knew he had to pull himself together.

"I can't see him changing his mind, but dad did say Mitch will go and well that is okay isn't it?" Ben then asks, he knew his dad wouldn't change his mind and even Mitch couldn't convince him, so at least with Mitch going in his place it was better than nothing.

"I guess so, but I still want you to be there with me." Matt says, but he can see that there wasn't much point going back and forth and he did want to talk about something else.

"I know." Ben responds in an awkward tone, it was rare that they were awkward around each other, but it was obvious to him that they really didn't have anything else to say about his boyfriend visiting his dad and he was still a little concerned about him to think of something else to talk about.

"Mitch got us the enema kits and those different lubes we asked for." Matt decides to say after a few moments of silence and while it was rare they had those, one of them usually broke it by talking about something naughty and couldn't help but grin at his boyfriends expression.

"Oh well er... so you still want to you know er... well you know?" Ben then asks nervously, he was still a little worried about his boyfriend, but he was also worried in case he had changed his mind about them doing some anal stuff together.

"If we weren't doing the sleepover this weekend, we would be doing the enemas right now, I really want to have sex with you Ben, but we have to take our time, but I want to at least try what Carter and Wesley are doing." Matt responds honestly and despite the fact they always talked about waiting until they were older, ever since what happened, he has had this need for his boyfriend to have sex with him and cancel out what his dad did to him.

"I still think we should wait until we are older to have sex Matt, but I love you and when you're ready then I will be ready." Ben responds with a small smile, he was still nervous about actually having sex, but he loved his boyfriend and they were going to eventually, so he wasn't scared like he used to be.

"When we are both ready Ben, I want it and you know why I want it, but we have to both be ready, otherwise it will ruin it and I want it to be special." Matt then says before leaning in and kissing his boyfriend passionately for a few moments.

"I love you." Ben then says with a loving smile.

"I love you too, but I have an idea for dares later, but I'm not sure if it is a good idea or not." Matt responds as he looks into his boyfriends eyes and despite everything that they have done together, he still loved staring into them the most.

"Well tell me and I will tell you if you're being a complete dumb ass or not." Ben responds with a cheeky grin and giggles when his boyfriend gives him one of his trademark pouts, it was rare since the the attack that his boyfriend pouted like this and he had missed it.

"Very funny, but well I was thinking we could dare someone to have an enema, I mean Carter and Wesley have obviously done them and they can make sure it's safe and they said it didn't hurt, so it would be a funny and embarrassing dare, but also something Tobias could do because it isn't gay or anything." Matt then explains in a slightly apprehensive tone, he knew that it might be going a bit too far for their game, but at the same time he thought it couldn't hurt to ask his boyfriend what he thought about it.

"Well honestly it would be a good dare, but are you sure you can handle having the tube thing in your bum? I mean I know we are going to do it, but that will be private and I'm worried that you might freak out if the others watch and if it's a dare then you know everyone will be watching." Ben responds honestly and although he had another concern about their brother, he wanted to make sure his boyfriend had thought the idea through for himself first.

"If it was anyone else except those three Ben, then there would be no way I could do it, but I trust Carter and Wesley with my life and Tobias is well you know what he means to me, so if no one else minds then I think it would be a funny dare." Matt responds quickly, he had thought about if he could handle it and he had surprised himself that he could and even if he did start to freak out and want it to stop, he would have four of the people he loved the most to comfort him.

"Okay then it's cool, well except for Tobias." Ben then says, but decides to wait for his boyfriend to say something before explaining, just to see if he had considered how he might react.

"Having an enema isn't being gay though and if we explain that to him Ben, he will understand and he never backs down from a dare, I mean we both saw the photo Mitch took of him in those ridiculously tight briefs with hearts on them and he actually wore them in front of our mum and your dad." Matt responds with a smile, he couldn't believe his brother had the guts to do that, but then again he was always the braver one out of the two them when they were in England.

"Well yeah he will understand it not being gay, but he also said that he never wanted anything up his bum and would never do something like that and I don't want him to think he has to do it Matt." Ben then states and can tell that his boyfriend had forgotten about that when his face drops. "Hey look we can ask him about it, we just have to make sure he knows that he can say no if he doesn't want to do it, you remember when we played with Mitch and Wesley, there were a couple of dares that were refused or changed and we still all had fun." He then quickly adds and grins after his boyfriend gives him a quick kiss.

"You're the best." Matt then says and despite feeling bad for forgetting about what his brother had said about putting things in his bum, he was happy his boyfriend came up with a solution and couldn't wait for later.

"Anything else you want to talk about before we go to the house?" Ben then asks in a curious tone, his boyfriend had told their brother they would be half an hour and they had been talking for less then ten minutes.

"Well not really, I kind of thought the stuff with my dad would take longer." Matt responds and can't help but give his boyfriend a goofy smile as he can't think of anything to talk about.

"Want to suck me?" Ben then asks with a big grin and can't stop himself giggling when his boyfriend gives him an adorable pout.

"You're so romantic." Matt then responds after giggling himself, he tried his best to pretend he was annoyed, but his boyfriends giggling quickly made him do the same.

"Okay well er... Hey beautiful want to suck my love stick?" Ben then says and somehow manages to keep a straight face this time, although he knows it won't last long.

"Love stick? Fucking hell Ben you're such a dumb ass, now get your briefs off and lay on the bed." Matt says before giving his boyfriend another look. "Fucking love stick." He then says again while shaking his head and giggling as he takes off his tighty whiteys, while his boyfriend quickly does as he is told.

"Sorry, but I heard some kid in the toilets at school trying to impress his mates and he was going on about his 'love stick' and it was just so funny and I couldn't resist." Ben then says as he watches his boyfriend climb on to the bed and then on top of him before leaning down to kiss him, it was like a little ritual they had and when he feels his boyfriend grinding against him, it isn't long before they are both moaning and hard.

"Can we skip the teasing game though, I just want to... well you know." Matt then asks as he breaks the kiss and just looks at his boyfriend lovingly, he really liked when they played their teasing game, but right now he just wanted to get straight to it.

"Anything you want, now turn around and suck my love stick." Ben responds before bursting into a fit of giggles as he sees the look on his boyfriends face.

"Fucking love stick, you keep calling it that and you will have to learn how to suck it yourself Creep." Matt retorts as he turns around shaking his head.

"You would just get jealous if I did that and push my head out of the way, you love my love stick." Ben teases, but just as he is about to giggle again, he yelps instead as he feels his balls being squeezed tightly.

"What was that?" Matt then asks as he looks over his shoulder with a big grin.

"Shit, okay no more love stick I promise." Ben responds with a smile, he could tell that his boyfriend was having fun and he just loved to see him smiling.

"Good, now shut up and suck my love stick Creep." Matt responds and before his boyfriend gets the chance to responds he quickly lowers himself and takes his boyfriends boner into his mouth and moans when he feels his boyfriend doing the same to his.

"Morning Tobias." Mitch says as his brother practically jumps on the sofa next to him and he can't help but give him a curious look when he sees him holding two small boxes.

"Morning." Tobias responds with a big grin, he couldn't wait for his big brother to see his new phone and his bracelets.

"Well you look happy, what are those?" Mitch then asks after trying to get a better look at the boxes, before remembering the day before and what Matt had brought and quickly smiles.

"Matt and Ben got me presents." Tobias answers excitedly as he holds the boxes up so his big brother can get a better look at them.

"Oh wow, is that a Samsung?" Mitch asks as he sees that one of the boxes is for a mobile phone and his smile widens, he didn't want to spoil how excited his brother was by telling him he already knew about the presents, despite actually only remembering a few moments ago.

"Yeah it's just like Matt and Ben's phones." Tobias responds as he quickly takes the phone out of the box and shows his big brother proudly.

"It's a very good phone, in fact it's one of the best in my opinion." Mitch states as he takes the phone and looks at it and pretends to be in awe, he could tell his brother was excited and wanted to play along.

"I called Carter, he was my first ever person I called from a mobile phone." Tobias then states with a proud smile, he just loved the phone and loved his brothers even more for buying it for him.

"Oh wow." Mitch responds in genuine surprise, he would have thought he would have called Matt, even if they were in the same room at the time and was surprised he called Carter.

"Did I do it wrong?" Tobias then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, he wasn't sure how to take his big brothers response and just hoped he hadn't upset him by not calling him first.

"What? No, I'm just surprised you called Carter, not that there is anything wrong with that, I just thought you would have called Matt." Mitch responds quickly as he realises that he had made his brother feel like he did something wrong.

"Well Matt was in the room sitting in front of me and well I really like Carter, so I called him." Tobias then says as he relaxes again, although he couldn't help but wonder why his big brother thought calling Carter was weird.

"Oh right, well that is cool and I bet Carter will be happy to be your first." Mitch then says as he hands the phone back to his brother and remembers the second box and despite knowing what was in there, he knew he needed to act surprised. "So what about the other box, it isn't another phone is it?" He then asks with a cheeky grin and he can tell straight away that his brother didn't even suspect he already knew what was in there.

"No, but something better and I like the phone, but these are so cool." Tobias responds as he puts his phone in the box and opens the one with his new bracelets inside.

"Oh wow." Mitch says and although he knew about the bracelets, he was genuinely surprised that they had names on them, he saw Matt talking to the guy at the desk, but he didn't give it much thought at the time and was impressed.

"Look this one has your name on it." Tobias then says as he holds up a gold and black coloured bracelet.

"It looks great, how many did they buy you?" Mitch then asks and again while he knew about the bracelets, he had no idea how many Matt had got their brother.

"Eight." Tobias answers with a big grin, before giving his big brother the box so that he could look at them all.

"These are really cool Tobias, are you going to wear them all the time or just when we go out somewhere?" Mitch then asks as he looks through the bracelets and can't help but notice the one with Mum on it and couldn't help but be proud of Matt for not having Sarah on it instead and knew that he had fully accepted him as his real brother.

"It depends on what I'm doing, but I want to wear them whenever I can." Tobias responds as he sees the bracelet that his big brother is holding. "That's my favourite one." He then says, they were all special to him and he especially loved Matt's one, but the one with 'Mum' on it definitely meant the most to him, it just showed that his best friend had fully accepted him as a brother and that Sarah was his mum too now, although he almost cried when he saw that one in the pool house, but he didn't want to do that and actually found himself wondering if he hurt his brothers feelings but not mentioning it at the time and couldn't help but frown a little bit.

"Matt loves you a lot Tobias and I don't know if you realised just how much before, but this shows you how he feels about you and what you mean to him." Mitch responds as he gives his brother a loving smile, he could tell that he already treasured the bracelets and just thought how amazing he was, most boys his age would be all over the phone and probably have thrown the bracelets to one side, but he could tell his brother was almost the complete opposite as he glances at the box with the phone in it.

"We always used to say we wished we were real brothers, everyone used to think we were and now we really are brothers Mitch and it just well..." Tobias then begins to says, but starts to trail off and sniffle, with his guilt over not showing his brother how much the 'mum' bracelet meant to him and thinking of how much his brother obviously loved him, he just felt really emotional.

"Aww come here." Mitch then says as he pulls his brother into his arms and cuddles him tightly.

"Is everything okay Mitch?" Sarah asks in a slightly concerned tone, she had only come down to see if the boys had returned after finishing with her bags sooner than she thought and was worried about seeing her son crying in the young man's arms.

"Yeah, they are happy tears Sarah." Mitch responds as he looks up and gives her a reassuring smile.

"Okay, what are those?" Sarah then asks after returning the smile and noticing the two boxes on the sofa next to them.

"Ben and Matt brought him a mobile phone and got him eight bracelets with each of our names on them." Mitch explains after feeling his brother sniffling and trying to compose himself.

"Really? Wow that is really nice." Sarah responds as she looks at the boxes again, before settling back on her son with a warm smile, she felt a little bit stupid for not saying something a little better than what she did say, but it was too late to say something now.

"This one is my favourite." Tobias then manages to say after pulling away from his big brother and holding out the red and white bracelet for his mum to look at.

"Matt got you these?" Sarah then asks in a stunned tone, she had heard what Mitch had said before, but as she looked at the bracelet with 'Mum' on it, she couldn't help but wonder if it was her or Tobias's real mum.

"Matt and me are real brothers now and you're my mum as well." Tobias responds with a happy smile as a few tears roll down his face.

"It's an amazing present Tobias and yes you're my son and I am your mum as well as Matt's." Sarah then says with a proud look and could see how happy he was and also knew what the bracelet symbolised between her two sons.

"Want see me new phone?" Tobias then asks, he wanted to just get up and cuddle his mum, but he didn't want to start crying again and he also wanted to show of his first ever mobile phone.

"Why don't you sit down Sarah, I need to use the toilet quickly and then call Erica about this afternoon." Mitch then suggests as he starts to get to his feet, he would stay but he thought that it would be nice for them to spend a little bit of time alone together.

"Thank you Mitch." Sarah responds with an appreciative smile and knew what he was doing.

"Mum look at my phone." Tobias then says as he gives his big brother a smile, before holding up his phone for his mum to see.

"See you in a little while." Mitch then says as he smiles and walks out of the room.

"Mum look." Tobias then says in a slightly impatient tone, he really wanted to show her and thought she wasn't paying attention.

"It's very nice Tobias, why don't you show me some of things it does." Sarah suggests with a smile as she sits next to him and can't help but feel proud when he snuggles up next to her as he holds the phone in front of them.

"I don't really know how to do much, but I got all your numbers and I called Carter earlier and it was so cool." Tobias says as he goes to his contact list and shows his mum all the numbers he has already.

"That's great Tobias." Sarah responds as she puts an arm around him and pulls him in a little closer, there were only ten numbers on the list, but she knew that he had never had a mobile phone before and to him that was a lot of numbers to have.

"What's that?" Tobias then asks as he feels his phone vibrate and a icon pops up on his screen and Sarah can't help but smile as she realises that he had no idea what a text message was.

"It's a text message Tobias." Sarah answers, although she can tell by his confused face that she needed to explain what that was. "It's like when you send someone a letter Tobias, but on your phone and people send them to each other if they don't have time to talk or know that the other person might be busy.

"Oh, I get it I think, but what do I do now?" Tobias then asks as he looks back at his phone and wonders what to do next.

"You need to just press that icon that popped up Tobias." Sarah responds and only just manages to resist doing it herself, but she knew that he needed to learn and watched to see which one of the boys text him and what they wrote.

"Okay." Tobias says as he presses the icon and smiles when he sees the message appears. "It's from Matt." He then says in an excited tone as he gives his mum a quick grin before looking at the actual message.

"What does it say?" Sarah then asks, she was going to just read it for herself, but then she wasn't sure if that was a good idea and knew that it might be a rude message and that neither her son or Ben would know she would be there to read it and decided to just let him tell her.

"They will be here in five minutes and they want to know if I still have my shorts on backwards." Tobias responds as he looks at the message for a few seconds, before realising what it said and quickly looked down at his shorts and blushes.

"It's okay, just stand up and put them on the right way." Sarah then says in a sympathetic tone, she could tell that he was embarrassed and wanted him to know that she wouldn't make fun of him.

"You not allowed to look though." Tobias then says in a serious tone as he slowly gets up and can't help but blush a little more as he looks at his shorts again.

"I won't and once you're done, I will show you how to text your brother back." Sarah responds with a loving smile before looking away and she couldn't help but compare the modest boy in front of her, to the boy who was running around naked and talking about his willy getting hard just a few weeks ago and couldn't be more proud of him.

"Are you okay?" Carter asks with a big grin as he takes off his boyfriends gag and blindfold, although he couldn't resist keeping the bullets on him for a little longer.

"Fuck." Wesley says in a tired yet satisfied tone, he was just feeling so many things right now, although if he could actually think properly he would tell his boyfriend to turn the bullets off.

"Want me to turn them off now?" Carter then asks as he looks at his boyfriend lovingly, he just thought he looked so sexy and the way he was twitching and still moaning was exciting him.

"So good." Wesley says and Carter knows that his boyfriend was in heaven, but he could tell that it was time to turn the bullets off, although he was looking forward to pulling the one in him bum out and decided that he would leave that one on while he pulled it out slowly.

"I'm not sure if you're actually hearing me or not, but I'm going to turn the bullets off now and then take them off okay." Carter then says and despite how much fun this was and how horny it made him feel and had obviously made his boyfriend feel amazing, he was now wondering if it was such a good idea considering they had to go to the sleepover and looking at his boyfriend now, he wasn't sure how quickly he would recover.

"Mmmm yeah." Wesley then moans and despite his concerns Carter can't help but grin as he turns of each bullet before removing it and got the same moaning response from his boyfriend each time, until he only had the one in his bum to take out.

"Wow you came loads." Carter then says as he takes a moment to look at his boyfriend and how much the bullets on his penis and balls were covered in his boyfriends cum, but as he looks at the bed he wishes he had put some towels or something down because they were covered in it as well. "Next time we need to use some towels Wesley." He then says, although he was still not sure if his boyfriend was capable of hearing him right now.

He then remembers that he had one more bullet to go and although he was still not sure if his boyfriend would recover before they had to leave for their friends house, he couldn't resist sticking with his original plan for the remaining bullet and slowly started to pull on the wire and couldn't stop himself giggling at the way it made his boyfriend squirm and moan and as he saw his hole open up slightly he let go of the wire and watched a few centimetres disappear back into the hole before it closed again and decided to repeat the process over and over again and each time pulling the bullet a little further out, while his boyfriend was now grunting as well as moaning and bucking a little.

"You like that then?" Carter then asks in an amused tone as he almost pulls the bullet all the way out before letting it disappear back into his boyfriend.

"No more, please no more." Wesley then pleads in a quiet and exhausted tone and Carter immediately stops and looks up at his boyfriend in concern and can see by his face that he was not enjoying it any more and just felt awful for putting his own amusement ahead of his boyfriends enjoyment.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to Wesley." Carter quickly says before switching the last bullet off and then gently pulling it out of his boyfriend.

"No worry, it just so good, love... you Carter." Wesley then says, he may be exhausted but he could tell his boyfriend thought he had hurt him and wanted him to know that he did the exact opposite.

"I love you too." Carter responds as he gives his boyfriend a loving kiss before getting the key for the cuffs and freeing his boyfriends wrists and ankles. "How are you doing now?" He then asks in a slightly nervous tone after sitting on the side of the bed and taking his boyfriends hand into both of his.

"Just so good, but wow... so tired." Wesley answers as best he can, he was thinking a bit more clearly, but he needed to sleep and couldn't keep his eyes open any more.

"Holy shit." Carter then says quietly, he just couldn't believe that his boyfriend had fallen asleep and was wondering if he will be able to handle it when he eventually tried it and was just relieved that it wouldn't be until at least next weekend, if it did this to his boyfriend.

"Oh my god that has to be either Mum or your dad helping Tobias text." Matt says as he reads the text message he just got from his brother, before giving his boyfriend his phone to read it himself.

"Ha, that has to be your mum, my dad near enough always puts lol at the end of each text for some reason." Ben then says as he reads the message and chuckles a little.

"We should have shown him how to text and stuff before we let him go to the house." Matt then says as he picks his cane up and follows his boyfriend as he heads to the door.

"Yeah, I feel a little bad for telling you to text him, I just didn't even think about the fact he obviously wouldn't know what a text message was or how to open one on his own." Ben responds as he opens the door and smiles as his boyfriend gives his bum a quick grope as he limps past him.

"Me too and we really should have told him about his shorts before he went to the house." Matt then says as they head towards the house and can't help but smile when he sees how clear the sky is and couldn't have hoped for a better day for the sleepover and knew they would have loads of fun in the pool and with his Mum and boyfriends dad leaving soon, he knew they could skinny dip.

"He will have plenty of chances to get us back later and I asked Mitch to give him some ideas for dares later." Ben then says and when he glances at his boyfriend he can tell that he is a little surprised.

"Seriously?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, not that he minded his brother getting help, he was just surprised his boyfriend would want his brother giving him ideas.

"I know it will probably backfire on me, but I wasn't sure if he has ever played dares before and after spending so much time in that orphanage, I was worried that he might be a bit scared or naïve to think of some embarrassing ones." Ben responds honestly and he knew that his brother might suggest some very embarrassing dares, but that was better than watching Tobias struggle and get embarrassed because he didn't know what to do or say.

"You're right and even if Mitch does give him some good ones, that is the point of dares and as long as we all have fun I don't mind." Matt then says with a smile as they reach the back door and this time decides to open the door and hold it open for his boyfriend.

"Dumb Ass, you know I like holding the door open for you." Ben then says as he walks through the door, he knew others would think he was being soppy, but he genuinely liked doing it for his boyfriend and he especially liked the fact his boyfriend would more often than not grope his bum as he walked past.

"I know." Matt responds before sticking his tongue out and shutting the door after walking through himself.

"You're so lucky I love you." Ben then states with a grin as they walk towards the living room.

"You two are so gay." Mitch then calls out as they walk past the kitchen and both boys stop and turn in surprise.

"At least the person I love doesn't love Carter more than they love me." Ben retorts as he gives his brother a cheeky grin, which broadens when he sees the look on his face and knows that he got him good.

"Well to be fair he looked pretty hot in those speedos." Matt then says as he limps over to the table and turns back to his boyfriend with a cheeky grin of his own.

"Yeah, if we ever had a threesome it would have to be with Carter." Ben then says as he walks over to his boyfriend and kisses him passionately. "Cheeky fucker." He then whispers in his ear after breaking the kiss and had to admit although he came up with a decent response, his boyfriend had got him just as good as he had got his brother a few moments earlier.

"You two are just amazing." Mitch then says, his brother got him and he had no comeback to it, but the way Matt jumped in was just priceless and he had to hand it to his brother again for his response to that remark.

"So are you." Ben responds in a sincere tone as he gives his brother an appreciative smile, they may tease each other sometimes, but he loved him so much and wasn't afraid to let him know.

"Mitch, is Tobias okay?" Matt then asks, he felt proud of what the older boy just said, but despite the fact his brother replied to his text, he couldn't help worrying about him.

"Yeah he is doing great, well actually thanks to you two he is pretty much on top of the world right now." Mitch responds with a genuine smile and was still proud of them both for buying him the phone and bracelets.

"Huh?" Matt responds and wonders what they did and then mentally slaps himself as he remembers the presents. "Oh right yeah, well it was Ben's idea really and we are just glad he liked them." He then says with a small smile, he really loved the look on his brothers face when he opened the presents and was glad he liked them.

"Well the bracelets were my idea, but Matt thought of the phone." Ben then says and although he was grateful his boyfriend gave him credit, he wanted his brother to know that it was both of them and not just him.

"They were both great presents and the names on the bracelets was a nice touch, especially the one with 'Mum' on it, you should of seen how proud he was when he showed it to me, I just wish I could have taken a picture of his face." Mitch then says as he kicks himself for not getting a picture of him at the time.

"Oh wow you actually went with mum instead of Sarah?" Ben then says with a genuine smile, they had talked about the bracelets and came up with the idea of having all their names on them, but his boyfriend wasn't sure what to put on the one with his mums name and was glad he went with mum in the end.

"Yeah, I wasn't sure until I was talking to the guy who makes them, but it just occurred to me that he is my actual brother now and my mum is now his mum and well it just felt right." Matt responds and is about to lean in to kiss his boyfriend, when he suddenly feels someone wrapping their arms around him from behind and quickly guesses who it is.

"I love you." Tobias says as he gives his brother a big cuddle, he had only just walked in when he heard what his brother just said and he couldn't be happier.

"I love you too Tobias, but let go and cuddle me from the front." Matt responds with a grin as he looks at his boyfriend, who was giving him a proud smile.

"Nah, you got enough cuddles." Tobias responds as he lets go of his brother and walks over to their mum and cuddles her by the door.

"Oh hey Mum." Matt then says in a slightly surprised tone, although he already had a pretty good idea she was with his brother, from the text he sent him earlier.

"Morning Sweetheart and morning Ben." Sarah responds as she gives both boys an affectionate smile.

"Morning." Ben responds as he steps closer to his boyfriend and puts an arm around his waist.

"The presents were very thoughtful boys." Sarah then says as she looks up at the clock and realises that she and Mike would have to leave soon.

"Thanks Mum." Matt responds as he quickly puts his arm around is boyfriends waist and pulls him a little closer to himself.

"I'm just glad that he liked them and I can't wait to see him wearing them later and in one of his outfits." Ben then says with a broad smile as he enjoys being so close to his boyfriend.

"Well why don't you three go in the living room for a little while." Sarah then suggests, she had to leave soon and wanted to have a quick talk with Mitch before then.

"Okay." Matt responds before looking at his brother. "We can show you how to use your phone." He then says with a smile as he starts to move towards the door, after untangling himself from his boyfriend.

"So cool." Tobias states as he quickly gives their mum a kiss on the cheek, before heading back to the living room, closely followed by his brothers.

"Is everything alright Sarah?" Mitch then asks as he sees her looking at him and couldn't help but wonder why she wanted to talk to him alone.

"I was going to wait until next week to talk to you about it, but I received the documents for the guardianship through the post yesterday and I put them in your bedside cabinet in a folder." Sarah says as she gives the young man a warm smile.

"Oh er... that was quick." Mitch responds in a slightly nervous tone, it wasn't that he didn't want to sign them, but he wasn't expecting it to happen this quickly and couldn't help but find it a little daunting.

"This isn't me telling you to rush and sign anything Mitch, I don't want you to sign anything without me and your dad with you, but I thought that maybe when you get a chance later, you could read through them and with Erica also coming around, she could also take a look and you can see if this is really what you want to do." Sarah responds as she glances out of the door to make sure the boys aren't standing within earshot of her.

"Oh okay." Mitch responds and was still a little too shocked to say anything more about it.

"Mitch there is no pressure and you can still change your mind, this is all about the boys and if you aren't comfortable with it, then it is better to be honest." Sarah then states in a soft tone, she could sense that he was a little overwhelmed and wanted to try and take the pressure off a little and was a little annoyed at herself for mentioning the papers now and knew that she should have waited until next week.

"No it's fine, it's just sooner than I thought it would be and well don't worry Sarah, I will read them and we can talk about it after you and my dad get home." Mitch responds with a sincere smile as he pulls himself together.

"I thought they would take a few more weeks to arrive myself Mitch, but seriously and I know I keep saying this, there really isn't a rush and I want you to take your time before signing the papers." Sarah then says as she walks over to him and gives him a quick cuddle, before moving over to the kettle and turning it on.

"I know, but if you don't mind Sarah, I need to go and move the papers, Tobias goes in that draw all the time and I need to put them somewhere he won't accidentally find them." Mitch then says as he gives her a warm smile.

"Oh sorry, I just thought that was your draw and he wouldn't go in there." Sarah then states apologetically, she just assumed it was the just his draw and didn't know they shared it.

"It probably should be, but I wanted him to feel comfortable and thought it would help him settle in if I gave him free reign to put his stuff where he wanted to put it." Mitch responds with a grin, he had made sure he hid the more adult things he owned, but he didn't want the young boy to feel like he wasn't allowed to treat the room like his own.

"It is things like that, that made me want you to be their legal guardian if something ever happened to me Mitch, but you better get a move on, you know what he is like, he could already be in your room reading through them for all we know." Sarah responds with a grin as she gets two cups ready with tea bags.

"Okay." Mitch responds with a smile as he walks out of the room, all the boys were a little unpredictable but Tobias was on another level and he doubted his brother even knew what he was going to do next.

"Carter?" Wesley calls out in a confused tone as he sits up on his bed and wonders where his boyfriend was.

"Yeah?" Carter calls out in response and Wesley can't help but slump back on the bed after trying to get up, he just felt so tired.

"Where are you?" Wesley then asks as he manages to somehow force himself into a sitting position and can't help but notice the state of his bedsheets and blushes.

"Just getting us some OJ." Carter responds as he walks through the door with a grin, he was happy his boyfriend was finally awake, although he could tell that he was still tired.

"Fucking hell Carter, you seriously have to try that, it was just well wow!" Wesley then says as he moves over a little so his boyfriend could sit beside him and happily takes his glass of OJ and starts to drink it slowly.

"We don't really have time, we have to leave in a couple of hours and you just slept that long to recover from it and you still look exhausted." Carter responds and although he wanted to try it, he also felt relieved that they didn't have time.

"Wait, I've been asleep for hours?" Wesley asks in a surprised tone, he thought it was only ten or twenty minutes and couldn't believe he slept that long.

"Yeah and you were out cold, you didn't even wake up when I cleaned you up." Carter responds as he takes a few sips of his OJ, although he noticed his boyfriend had already drunk his and took his empty glass and handed him his one.

"You're just the best." Wesley then says as he looks at his boyfriend lovingly, he was really thirsty and although he guessed his boyfriend had already had something to drink, he still thought it was sweet for giving him his drink.

"You would do the same for me, but I'm going to get the rest of our stuff ready for the sleepover, just let me know when you're up for a shower and we can get you cleaned up properly." Carter responds with a smile as he leans over and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss on the lips, before getting off the bed and moving over to the bags he had already half packed.

"We don't need that much stuff though do we?" Wesley then asks as he looks over to the bags and couldn't help but be surprised that he was using the big ones.

"We need a few pairs of speedos, same with underwear and we need some casual clothes for both days and some nice ones in case we go any where for dinner tonight or if we go somewhere tomorrow and then we need our school uniforms and books for Monday and I packed your violin just in case, oh and I have to pack the graphic novels I promised Tobias, oh and snacks, I know they will have loads, but I think it will be rude if we didn't bring some food and drink." Carter responds as he tries to think of everything they need and can't help but give his boyfriend a sly grin.

"Oh fuck, what do you want to take?" Wesley asks as he shakes his head, he knew that look and he knew his boyfriend was thinking of something naughty.

"Do you think they would mind if we took the lube and the vibrating bullets?" Carter asks in response, he could think of a couple of fun dares with them and didn't see anything wrong with seeing what his boyfriend thought.

"I'm not sure about the bullets, I mean look at me, I just think it would be a bit rubbish if it took someone out of the rest of the night." Wesley responds honestly, he had loved the experience himself, but knowing how exhausting it was, he knew that if one of them did it for a dare, they wouldn't be able to do anything else and thought it would be a bit unfair.

"Don't be a moron Wesley, I didn't mean do it like we just did, but it would be funny to dare Tobias to have one on his penis or one of the others to have to have them taped to their nipples for a while and see their reactions." Carter states as he shakes his head at his boyfriend, although he knew he should give him a break, he hadn't actually counted how many orgasms he had, but then suddenly remembered the phones and couldn't help but grin.

"Oh fucking hell, what are you up to now?" Wesley says as he sees his boyfriends grin and just knows he is thinking of something else.

"Well do you want to watch it?" Carter then asks with a small grin, purposely teasing his boyfriend by not telling him what he was talking about.

"Watch what?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, he was pretty sure his boyfriend was just teasing him, but he knew he just had to go with it.

"I filmed it." Carter then says and despite knowing he was being mean, he couldn't resist having a little fun and just loved his boyfriends confused expression and loved the stunned look on his face as he realised what he was talking about.

"Oh my god Carter, I thought you were kidding, you dirty little fucker." Wesley responds with a giant grin, he had heard his boyfriend saying something about their phones, but he was too distracted to take much notice of what he was talking about.

"So do you want to watch it?" Carter asks again with a grin as he started to rub himself without realising.

"Hell yeah, but only if you move your hand and let me do that for you." Wesley responds with a grin of his own as he glances down to his boyfriends hand and boner.

"If I sit on your lap you can finger me as well." Carter states as he lets himself go and reaches over for their phones, which he had put on his boyfriends bedside cabinet.

"Pervert!" Wesley responds but quickly adjusts his position and smiles as he boyfriend makes himself comfortable on his thighs and rests himself against his chest.

"Like you're complaining, now use this and go nice and slow." Carter retorts as he puts the bottle of tingly lube in his boyfriends hand, before choosing the video on his own phone to watch because it had more on it.

"Anything you want, just move a little higher and pull your knees up a little bit and spread them apart." Wesley responds as he helps his boyfriend shift in a better position for him to get better access, before pouring a decent amount of lube into the palm of his hand.

"I love you." Carter then says as he watches his boyfriend rub his hands together before reaching down and despite already spreading his knees apart, he opens them a little more when he feels his boyfriend teasing his hole with one hand and playing with his balls with the other.

"I love you too, but put the video on and let's so how many times we both end up cumming." Wesley then says before nibbling his boyfriends ear and just when he starts to moan he pushes his finger in and grins as his boyfriend tenses up a little before letting out a contented sigh.

"Oh shit." Carter then says, he had forgotten just how effective the lube was, especially when he feels his boyfriends hand switch from his balls to his boner and struggles to pay attention to his phone as it plays the video he made earlier of his boyfriend.

"If you liked that you will love this." Wesley then says as he twists his finger a little and begins to look for his boyfriends prostrate and almost giggles when his boyfriend jumps a little and moans loudly and begins to rub it even more, while he watched the video of himself and couldn't believe just how good the bullets made him feel and the fact he was now causing his boyfriend to buck a little and whimper as well as moan, just made watching it even hotter for him.

Three Hours Later

"Wait you mean they are gone for the whole weekend?" Wesley asks in a surprised tone, he remembered his friends telling them something about their parents not being there, but he just thought they meant during the day.

"They won't be home until sometime Monday, but Mitch will be here and I think Erica might be staying over because Tobias will be sleeping with us for the next two nights." Matt replies with a smile, he was sure they had told them about their parents being away for the whole weekend, but it was obvious they had either forgotten or misunderstood.

"Oh wow, this is going to be awesome." Wesley then states with a grin, but when he glances at his boyfriend he is a little surprised by his expression.

"I'm not getting naked in front of Erica." Carter then says, he already had a pretty good idea that they would be skinny dipping at some point over the weekend and was going to join in, but he wasn't keen on doing it now that he knew Erica would be here all weekend.

"Oh don't be an idiot Carter, she won't be here all the time, Mitch is taking her out for most of the afternoon and they are bringing us all a takeaway when they get home for dinner, so once they leave, we will have at least four hours maybe longer to do it if want to." Ben then says, he could see his friends point and he didn't want her to see him naked either and wanted to reassure him.

"Don't call him an idiot Ben, there is no way I would skinny dip with Erica here either, he just has the guts to admit it." Wesley then says as he defends his boyfriend and grins when he gets rewarded with a kiss on the cheek.

"I would, I mean everyone has seen me naked now and with a boner, so I have nothing to hide." Matt then says as he looks around with a grin, which quickly disappears when he sees who is standing behind them all. "Oh crap." He then says, as the other three boys turn to see what he was looking at and all quickly blush.

"Afternoon boys." Erica says as she grins at the boys, she had just about to say hello a few moments earlier until Carter started to talk and she just couldn't help but find it highly amusing.

"Yes, hello boys." Mitch then says as he shakes his head at them and despite knowing it was likely to happen, he wished his girlfriend hadn't over heard them talking about it.

"You heard that didn't you?" Ben then asks as he blushes even more, he knew that Erica had seen them all naked at some point, but being caught talking about skinny dipping was embarrassing.

"I did, but as long as you all promise not to come out later tonight when me and Mitch are skinny dipping, I promise not to come and see you doing it." Erica responds with a smile, before turning to her boyfriend with a smirk.

"Okay enough of this conversation, where's Tobias?" Mitch then asks as he looks around the garden, knowing that he wasn't in the house, well at least wasn't downstairs.

"Oh er... well er... you don't really want to know." Matt answers in an awkward tone, his brother had said he was going to the toilet and that was almost ten minutes ago and the fact he obviously had a boner, left him with no doubt about what he was actually doing.

"No way." Wesley then says in a surprised tone as he realises what his friend just said, although now he thought about it, he had been gone quite a long time.

"Can one of you go get him, we are going out and I want to say good bye to you all and go over some of the ground rules again." Mitch then states as he just shakes his head again, even if it was true, he wished Matt hadn't basically told him and his girlfriend his brother was masturbating.

"I'll go, I have to go to the toilet anyway." Carter says as he gets of his chair and gives both Mitch and Erica a shy smile, before heading towards the house.

"So er.. well are you two going any where nice?" Ben then decides to ask as he tries to change the subject and couldn't help but give his boyfriend a shake of the head, he couldn't believe he just practically told Erica that their brother was playing with himself.

"It's a surprise apparently." Mitch answers as he gives his little brother an appreciative smile for changing the subject.

"Oh wow, so Erica is taking you out?" Ben then asks as he realises what his brother just said and Mitch can't help but blush a little.

"Yes I am and he has no idea where we are going." Erica answers before Mitch gets a chance and he can't help but blush a little when the three remaining boys grin at him.

"Seriously you will end up in the water Wesley if you do that again." Mitch then says with a shake of the head, after the boy had started making whipping noises.

"If Erica lets you Mitch." Ben then teases before sticking his tongue out at his brother.

"You little..." Mitch then begins to say before Erica decides to join in the teasing and interrupts him.

"Don't swear and I think you should apologise to Wesley for threatening him with violence Mitch." Erica says as she turns to her boyfriend and gives him a hard stare, while trying to keep a straight face after Wesley makes another whipping noise.

"I'm not going to win this one am I?" Mitch then asks to no one in particular as he sighs in defeat.

"Do you ever win?" Wesley then says with a big grin.

"Guys knock it off." Matt then says, he thought it was funny, but he didn't want the day to be full of teasing and thought it was a bit unfair on the older boy.

"Are you in pain?" Ben quickly asks in a concerned tone as he looks his boyfriend over.

"No but if you keep asking me if I'm alright, you will be in pain you dumb ass." Matt responds with a grin and lightly punches his boyfriends shoulder.

"I love you too, but seriously what's up with you?" Ben asks with a grin, although he was still a little worried about him.

"I just want it to be a fun day for everyone and while it is funny watching you all pick on Mitch, I don't want to spend the weekend teasing each other and well can we just have fun without doing that please." Matt answers honestly as he gives his boyfriend a shy smile, before leaning in and giving him a quick but loving kiss.

"Sorry Mitch." Wesley then says, he was having a lot of fun, but he also understood his friends point and while teasing was amusing, he would prefer to have real fun instead.

"I'm sorry too Mitch, but I reserve the right to tease you if you do something stupid." Erica then says before giving him a quick kiss.

"It's okay guys and Erica that works both ways, I mean Tobias has been eager for you to go in the jacuzzi with him without anyone else and we don't want to upset him." Mitch responds before giving his girlfriend an evil grin.

"Guys seriously." Matt then says and this time he feels himself starting to shake and can't believe it was bothering him this much, although when he feels himself being pulled into his boyfriends chest, he quickly calms down. "I love you." He then whispers in his ear.

"I love you too." Ben responds before pushing his boyfriend back enough to give him a kiss.

"I wonder what is taking them so long." Wesley then says, he could see that there was a little awkwardness now and wanted to change the subject, although he was genuinely wondering where his boyfriend was.

"Tobias?" Carter calls out again, he wasn't quite sure if he would be in his bedroom or in the toilet and as both doors were shut, he was a little nervous about just walking in, just in case he saw something he really didn't want to see. "Tobias everyone is wondering where you are." Carter then says as he walks over to the bathroom door after thinking he heard a noise coming from there. "Tobias?" He then asks as he puts his hand the handle and despite being nervous about what he might see, he was worried something might be wrong and begins to open the door.

"What do you want?" Tobias asks a little abruptly as he walks out of his bedroom and Carter can't help but jump a little as he turns around to see his friend now standing outside his room and can't help but be a little surprised by what he sees.

"Oh er... wow." Carter states in a shocked tone as he checks his friend over.

"Why you looking that at me." Tobias then asks in a slightly paranoid tone, he hadn't had only just finished getting his hair right after taking ages to decide on an outfit to wear.

"Well er... just er... you look well, you look hot Tobias." Carter responds honestly, he may be completely in love with his boyfriend, but this was the first time he thought another boy looked really sexy and he was taken by surprise.

"Oh, but..." Tobias then begins to say but trails off, he wanted to look good and for them to think he looked amazing, but he wasn't expecting to be called hot, well he half hoped Erica did, but he wasn't quite sure how to react to one of his friends saying it and felt a little awkward. "You not allowed to touch me Carter, me not gay and Wesley not like it." He then decides to state in a defensive tone, he really didn't understand his friends reaction at all and just panicked a little.

"Wait what?" Carter quickly asks in a surprised tone, although almost straight away he realises that he must have made his friend feel uncomfortable by staring at him like he was.

"You said I'm hot and you keep staring at me, I'm not gay Carter." Tobias answers as he stands a little awkwardly and didn't quite know what to do.

"I'm so sorry Tobias, I didn't mean to do that and I know you aren't gay, but I was just giving you a compliment and it came out wrong." Carter quickly says as he bends the truth slightly, he wasn't suddenly in love with his friend and wanted to date him, but he definitely thought he looked hot and he knew his boyfriend would be thinking the same thing when he saw him in a few minutes.

"Oh er... was it like when I first met you and said you looked cute instead of saying cool?" Tobias then asks as he relaxes a little, although he felt a little stupid for thinking his friend wanted to have the sex with him.

"Not exactly, I mean I don't like you like that Tobias, we are just friends and I love Wesley, but you do look hot and I bet you that when you go downstairs everyone will give you a few looks and that is okay and don't be embarrassed okay." Carter responds as he tries his best to explain to his friend that he was just giving him a compliment.

"Sorry if I was being stupid, it's just no one except Matt has ever looked at me like that and I'm still confused about things Carter." Tobias then apologises, before checking himself over and smiles at his friend.

"It's okay, but you have to stop telling us you aren't gay Tobias, we know and we won't ever try to well er... try and change you, but you're our friend and we want to have fun and joke around, so well er... just relax a little more and especially tonight, because there might be some embarrassing dares and I just want you to know that it is just a bit of fun." Carter responds and decides to try and reassure his friend that none of them are trying to make him gay.

"I will try and tonight is going to be so fun, Mitch gave me some ideas about dares because I wasn't really sure what to do, but he said I can refuse to do some if I don't want to, is that true?" Tobias then decides to ask, his big brother had already told him and he believed him, but at the same time he wouldn't be playing with them and he wasn't sure if he would be brave enough to say no on his own.

"Well firstly Matt would never let us make you do something you didn't want to do Tobias and secondly Mitch is right, if you don't want to do a dare then just say something, I mean we might be a bit disappointed, but it doesn't mean we hate you or that we will be angry, it is meant to be fun and that is the most important thing and there are so many other dares we can choose okay." Carter responds with a friendly smile and can tell that he had reassured his friend.

"You're the best Carter." Tobias then says, before walking forward and cuddling his friend, who couldn't help but be a little surprised after his earlier reaction to his compliment.

"Come on let's get downstairs, Mitch wants to go over some of the rules before he goes out with Erica." Carter then says after being let go and couldn't help but give his friend a curious look after smelling him, not that he did it on purpose, but it was hard to miss it while being that close.

"Okay." Tobias responds and smiles as he follows his friend down the stairs.

"Right I'm going to go and get them, no one else disappear okay." Mitch states as he looks at his watch and although he has no idea where his girlfriend was taking him, he knew that they couldn't wait much longer.

"Here they come and wow." Matt then says as he sees his brother and friend emerge from the house and can't help but grin as he sees what his brother looks like and was so happy.

"Fucking hell, he really isn't going to have a problem getting a girlfriend." Wesley then says as he checks his friend out and despite the fact he loves his boyfriend, he couldn't help but admit his friend looked really good.

"About time boys." Mitch then states and tries his best to sound annoyed, but despite seeing his brother dressed up already, this was the first time he had seen him really make an effort and couldn't be more proud of him.

"Sorry it was my fault." Tobias apologises, although he couldn't help but blush a little as everyone stared at him.

"Hey, knock it off with the staring." Matt then says after seeing the uncomfortable look on his brothers face and knew that feeling all to well himself.

"Thanks." Tobias quickly states as he gives his brother an appreciative smile.

"Okay so anyway, boys pay attention because I don't want anything to ruin your weekend, but if you don't follow these rules then I will send Carter and Wesley home and Tobias you will come back to the house and you will be grounded Ben, so listen." Mitch then states and smiles when the boys quickly turn to him and nod their heads, he then gives his girlfriend a quick glance before going over the rules with the boys again and making sure that they understand what he expects of them. "Everyone got that?" He then asks after finishing, although he can't help but be a little distracted when he notices the sexy look his girlfriend is giving him and starts to smile.

"We promise Mitch, but what time will you be home?" Matt responds as he looks at the older boy nervously, he knew he was perfectly safe, but he still had issues with not having his mum, mike or Mitch at home with him, although it was more when it got dark than during the day.

"We should be home around six in the evening, is that okay or do you want us to come home earlier?" Erica answers in a sympathetic tone, she knew her boyfriend wouldn't be able to give an actual answer and could tell that Matt needed an actual time to reassure him.

"No it's alright, as long as you're home before it gets dark I will be okay." Matt responds with a shy smile, he knew that none of them would make fun of him, but he still felt a little stupid for being afraid.

"I promise we will Matt." Erica then says with a warm smile and couldn't help but walk over to him and give him a little cuddle.

"We better be leaving, so Ben and Wesley come with us and make sure the front door is locked and I want you to double check the windows and make sure the garden gate is locked as well." Mitch then says as he gives each boy a quick smile, before taking his girlfriends hand into his own and heading towards the house with his brother and Wesley following them.

"So how come you got all dressed up Tobias?" Matt then decides to ask, not that he didn't think he looked amazing, but they were pretty much going to be messing around and he doubted his brother would want to ruin his good clothes.

"Well we are going to be pretty much naked all the time and I just wanted to dress up for a little while before we do that." Tobias responds as he sits down next to his brother and gives him a little smile.

"I love your new bracelets by the way Tobias." Carter then says as he sits down next to his friend and gives the bracelets an admiring look.

"They have all our names on them and I love them so much." Tobias responds proudly as he reaches out his arm so that his friend could see them more clearly.

"Ha, Matt you got these didn't you." Carter then says with a grin as he looks at the colours and designs.

"How you know he got them?" Tobias then asks in a confused tone, he was pretty sure he had already told him about the bracelets, but not who actually went and brought them for him.

"Because each one has the persons favourite colours on them, well I am guessing a little because I have no idea if those are your mums or Mike's favourite colours, but the others all match." Carter explains as he gives both his friends a smile and can tell that he was right.

"Ben helped with his dads and Mitch's, but I thought it would just make them even more special." Matt then says as he confirms his friends guess.

"I love them." Tobias then says as he looks down at his arms to look at the bracelets and smiles.

"So what are we going to do, you know like before they come back and then after we finish eating and getting a shower?" Carter then asks in a curious tone, obviously he knew they would be playing strip poker and dares, but that would be later and just wondered what they were going to do in the mean time.

"Well Tobias wants to stay dressed for a while, so I wouldn't mind if we just talked or did something like that for a little bit." Matt answers with a small smile, he wouldn't mind just chatting and he wouldn't mind hearing about school and if anything had happened.

"Sounds good to me." Carter then says with a warm smile, he knew that things might get a little naughty before Mitch and Erica came back, but he had hoped they would at least do something normal and low key to start with.

"Then we can skinny dip and play grab." Tobias then says with a big grin and while his brother just shakes his head with a smirk, Carter can't help but look at his friend in a mixture of nervousness and confusion.

"Play grab?" Carter then asks and can't decide whether he wants to hear the answer or not, especially since they would be skinny dipping and while he wasn't completely sure, he had a pretty good idea what the game would involve and couldn't help but be a little surprised at his friends enthusiasm after what he had said just a few minutes ago in the house.

"Yeah Ben and Matt said it isn't gay for boys to grab their friends bums and things when they are playing around, so we should do that when we skinny dip." Tobias explains with a slightly nervous expression, he hadn't really thought it through and despite knowing he wasn't gay and that his brothers and friends wouldn't do anything bad to him, he was still a little confused by what was appropriate and what wasn't.

"Well we didn't say that exactly Tobias, I mean yeah if the others want to 'play grab' as you put it, then it will be fun, but you can't always just grab us if we are playing together okay." Matt then quickly states after realising that his brother may not realise that he can't do it with friends, just because they are playing together.

"Oh well er... okay I get it now, but you will play won't you Carter?" Tobias responds with a shy smile before turning to his friend with a hopeful expression.

"Well er... I know it's pretty obvious what you want to play, but I mean I don't just want to be in the water and being grabbed and stuff all the time, I mean sure that will be a little fun I guess, but well we will do other things today that don't involve us doing well naked stuff and touching each other or ourselves right?" Carter responds in a slightly nervous tone, he wasn't just concerned about the grabbing game, it was the fact he would be naked and his friends would not only be touching his little penis, but his boyfriends and he didn't like the idea of that one bit.

"Huh?" Tobias asks in response, he didn't really get what his friend just said or if it even answered his question.

"How about when the others get back, we all come up with a game to play, that way we will have five different games to get through in lets say a two or three hour period and they can be in or out of the pool." Matt then says as he gives his brothers shoulder a little squeeze to reassure him after seeing the confused look on his face.

"I guess so, but we can pick any game right and no one will complain if they don't like it?" Carter then asks as he thinks his friends idea over in his head and had to admit it sounded fair.

"No one has to do anything they don't want to do Carter, but unless you're planning on getting us all to take pictures of ourselves and sending them to our parents, then I don't think there are many games that any of us will come up with that we wouldn't want to do." Matt responds with a reassuring smile.

"Me not send naked pictures to Mum, no way, me not play that game." Tobias then quickly says and Matt can't help but shake his head and chuckle at his brothers reaction.

"No you idiot, that was just a stupid example that I was using the explain to Carter, plus that isn't even a game Tobias, so don't worry about it." Matt then says, although he can't help but find it amusing that his brother thought he was being serious about doing that.

"Oh okay." Tobias responds with a sheepish smile.

"Well I guess I can at least make it so we have one game where we aren't being a bunch of horny perverts." Carter then states in an attempt to be a little less serious, although he was still nervous about what his boyfriend, Matt and Ben would come up with.

"Make it two Carter, I don't want us to always do naked or naughty things just because there isn't an adult around and plus I can't keep up with all of you and what ever games everyone comes up with, you guys need to remember that." Matt then says and despite wanting to stay positive he can't help but give his friend a sad look.

"Need to remember what?" Ben asks in a slightly concerned tone as he and Wesley rejoined the group and just caught the end of whatever his boyfriend had just said and couldn't help but notice that he look sad.

"We were just talking about what we are going to do before Mitch and Erica come back and Matt suggested we each come up with a game to play, but we have to remember that he is still recovering and not to make the games too hard on him." Carter quickly answers, he could tell his friend was a little unsure of how to respond and was happy to step in.

"Me want to play grab when we go skinny dipping." Tobias then says and again while he isn't completely sure he should actually play with four gay boys, he knew that later they would be doing dares and he wanted to try and see just how far he could go before being uncomfortable.

"Wait er... okay shit well, seriously you want to do that Tobias?" Ben asks as he tries to work out what his brother is thinking, sure he had agreed to strip poker and dares later, but he had made it perfectly clear he was not gay and that he didn't want to do gay things, so he was surprised that he wanted to play a game that involved groping and being groped by four other boys who were all gay.

"You said it wasn't gay with friends and just having fun." Tobias responds with a shy smile, he knew his other brother had already explained it to him, but he wondered if he would get the same answer.

"It's not, but you know we will probably all get boners and we will be grabbing you as well right?" Ben then asks as he gives his brother a curious look, he just wanted to make sure he knew what was going to happen.

"I know and er... well I just want to have fun and it will help me tonight if I play around now and well you four need to come up with some games now." Tobias responds before moving the conversation away from himself and was keen to see what the others wanted to do.

"Fair enough, but there isn't any rush and let's just all sits down for a little while at the table and talk." Ben then says as he holds his hand out for his boyfriend and pulls him to his feet and leads everyone to the table.

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