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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 5

July 2015

"Need to remember what?" Ben asks in a slightly concerned tone as he and Wesley rejoined the group and just caught the end of whatever his boyfriend had just said and couldn't help but notice that he look sad.

"We were just talking about what we are going to do before Mitch and Erica come back and Matt suggested we each come up with a game to play, but we have to remember that he is still recovering and not to make the games too hard on him." Carter quickly answers, he could tell his friend was a little unsure of how to respond and was happy to step in.

"Me want to play grab when we go skinny dipping." Tobias then says and again while he isn't completely sure he should actually play with four gay boys, he knew that later they would be doing dares and he wanted to try and see just how far he could go before being uncomfortable.

"Wait er... okay shit well, seriously you want to do that Tobias?" Ben asks as he tries to work out what his brother is thinking, sure he had agreed to strip poker and dares later, but he had made it perfectly clear he was not gay and that he didn't want to do gay things, so he was surprised that he wanted to play a game that involved groping and being groped by four other boys who were all gay.

"You said it wasn't gay with friends and just having fun." Tobias responds with a shy smile, he knew his other brother had already explained it to him, but he wondered if he would get the same answer.

"It's not, but you know we will probably all get boners and we will be grabbing you as well right?" Ben then asks as he gives his brother a curious look, he just wanted to make sure he knew what was going to happen.

"I know and er... well I just want to have fun and it will help me tonight if I play around now and well you four need to come up with some games now." Tobias responds before moving the conversation away from himself and was keen to see what the others wanted to do.

"Fair enough, but there isn't any rush and let's just all sits down for a little while at the table and talk." Ben then says as he holds his hand out for his boyfriend and pulls him to his feet and leads everyone to the table.

Seven Hours Later

"So who is going to deal?" Wesley asks as the all sit down in a circle.

"Wait, are we going to do it like last time and have one person deal or will everyone take a turn?" Ben then asks as he looks to his friend.

"I think it would be better for one person and well I don't mind, I did it for most of the game last time and it was fun." Wesley then offers as he really didn't mind doing it and thought it might get confusing if they took turns with five of them.

"So Wesley it is then." Matt then says with a smile, although he couldn't help but look over to his boyfriend and wish that he was sitting next to him.

"Tobias are you sure you really want to play?" Ben then asks as he gives his brother a serious look, they had all agreed to ask him before the game started when he had gone to the toilet and none of them wanted him to feel uncomfortable.

"I'm fine and well actually I have a suggestion that Mitch gave me." Tobias responds and can't help but grin at the surprised look on his brother and friends faces.

"What kind of suggestion?" Ben then asks in a slightly nervous tone, he knew it would be good because his brother came up with it, but it really could be anything and that was a little worrying.

"That the person who loses strip poker, you know like the first one to get naked, has to do a dare from everyone else and they can't refuse to do them." Tobias explains with a small grin, he was actually nervous about the idea, but he trusted his big brother and even if he lost he knew that his brothers and friends wouldn't make him do anything he wouldn't want to do.

"Oh wow, but well we have to have some sort of limit, I mean I don't care if I have to go home or something, I'm not going to do something I don't want to do." Carter then states in a serious tone, he was up for almost anything, but he wasn't comfortable being told that he might have to do something whether he liked it or not.

"I agree with Carter, so how about this, if everyone else agrees that a dare is not fair, whoever gave it has to come up with another." Matt then suggests before leaning over and giving his brothers knee a reassuring squeeze to let him know he did okay.

"Okay I like that." Tobias responds with a smile and gives his brother an appreciative nod, he felt a lot better about his suggestion now and relaxed a little.

"Right so everyone ready?" Wesley then announces after deciding to get the game started.

"Sure." The others say and watch as he shuffles the cards and starts to deal.

"I still can't believe they were actually wearing speedos." Erica says as she snuggles up to her boyfriend on the sofa.

"Me neither, but they aren't stupid Erica and probably spent near enough the whole afternoon naked up until that point." Mitch responds as he shifts a little and starts the movie.

"To be young and care free again." Erica then says as she watches the TV and for a few seconds wonders which movie they were about to watch, before looking back up to her boyfriend as he starts to speak.

"Coming from the naked girl holding my balls, yeah if only we were young and free as well." Mitch then states in a mocking tone, but quickly regrets his words when he feels himself being squeezed. "Okay, okay sorry." He then states with a chuckle as he feels her grip loosen.

"That's better, now which movie did you choose?" Erica then asks after giving her boyfriend a little smirk to let him know who is in charge.

"I thought you would have recognised it by now." Mitch responds, although this time is makes sure he doesn't use a mocking tone as he feels his girlfriends hand tighten a fraction.

"Oh my god, you remembered that?" Erica then asks in a surprised tone as she realises which movie he had chosen and couldn't believe he remembered.

"When your girlfriend tells you that her favourite movie is Alien, it isn't something that you forget Erica." Mitch responds with a smile, he wasn't a huge fan of horrors, but he loved Alien and Aliens and couldn't believe she did as well.

"You have to tell me what's wrong with you Mitch." Erica then asks as she sits upright and gives her boyfriend a cheeky smile.

"What are you talking about?" Mitch then asks in response as he gives his girlfriend a confused look and wonders if he had done anything wrong.

"No one is this perfect Mitch, so come on you must have some sort of flaw that you're hiding." Erica responds with a big grin and despite her hand still on his balls, Mitch can't resist teasing her.

"Well I have been told my taste in girls is awful, but whether you can..." Mitch begins to say, but his grin suddenly disappears and he can't help but yelp a little bit as his girlfriends hand squeezes him tightly, before releasing him.

"You were saying?" Erica then asks with a grin and Mitch can't resist leaning in and kissing her.

"That I have the sexiest and most perfect girlfriend in the entire room." Mitch then responds after breaking the kiss and although he tried his best to keep a straight face, his girlfriends expression was just priceless.

"You're so dead later." Erica retorts with an evil grin, but when she feels his lips against her own again, she can't help but feel like she has found the perfect man.

"So do you want something to eat?" Alex asks in a nervous tone as he looks at his friend.

"Yeah sure." Peter responds as he looks around his friends living room and can't help but wonder where his friends parents were.

"Mum left me two steaks, so we can have them with some chips and a salad." Alex then says with a big smile as he turns to head towards the kitchen.

"It's just going to be me and you tonight?" Peter then asks in a curious tone, he had assumed his friends parents would be home or maybe he had invited someone else around and wasn't expecting it to just be the two of them.

"Yeah we have the house to ourselves and my parents won't be home until midday tomorrow." Alex responds as he leads his friend through the hallway and into the kitchen.

"Oh, well okay." Peter then says in a slightly uncomfortable tone, he just wasn't expecting this when his friend invited him over for a sleepover and couldn't help wondering why he had only invited him.

"What's wrong?" Alex then asks after finally picking up on his friends tone and wonders if he had done something wrong.

"It's just I thought your parents were going to be here and I told my parents that." Peter responds honestly, well not completely honestly as he didn't want to bring up the fact he was expecting his friend to invite more than just him over for the sleepover.

"Oh shit, well you can phone them if you want, I mean it's not like we are going to go anywhere and the doors and windows are all locked." Alex suggests and relaxes a little, he was worried his friend was uncomfortable with it just being the two of them, but he was relieved to know he was just worried about his parents.

"No it's fine, so what are we going to do?" Peter then decides to ask, he hadn't been to a sleepover before and wasn't really sure what to expect, especially since it was just the two of them.

"Well first we are going to cook our dinner and I have a few movies we can choose from and maybe we can play some games that kids play at sleepovers." Alex answers with a smile and couldn't wait until later on and hoped his friend wouldn't be too shy.

"What games do kids play at sleepovers?" Peter then asks as he watches his friend getting some things out of the fridge.

"You have been at a sleepover before right?" Alex then decides to ask instead of answering his friends question, it never even occurred to him that he had never been to one and started to feel a little worried that his plan might not be as easy as he had first thought.

"Not really, I haven't really been invited to one before." Peter responds honestly, although he was still feeling a little uncomfortable with it just being the two of them and hadn't missed the looks his friend was giving him either.

"Oh well er... they are fun and don't worry you will enjoy yourself and well er... well you don't er... you know like want to go home do you?" Alex then asks in a nervous tone, he was starting to pick up on the uncomfortable look on his friends face and wondered if he had made a mistake in trying to get his friend alone like this.

"No way." Peter quickly responds, although he wasn't quite being honest, he trusted his friend and he had always been good to him and knew that they would have fun together.

"Good, now peel some potato's for the chips and I will get the steaks started." Peter then states with a smile and Peter despite still feeling nervous, returns it and starts to peel the potato's his friend had got out for him.

"I will take two Wesley." Ben says as he looks at his cards and smiles, he was sure with four others playing that it was good enough without getting anything from the other two.

"Two for me as well please." Carter then says confidently, although he starts to wonder if he should have went for three cards instead.

"I need one please." Tobias then states with a small smile, he was glad that he was going to get off to a good start and despite the fact they had spent most of the afternoon naked together, he didn't want to be naked first and doing four dares straight away.

"None for me Wesley." Matt then says with a grin, sure he could take one card, but he wanted to try and get the others thinking a little bit.

"Well I need two, so go ahead Ben, let's see what you have." Wesley then says as he takes two cards for himself and can't help but be a little disappointed.

Ben quickly does as he is told and turns over a three of a kind with the QC, QS, QH, 3H and 4H and grins knowing that he should be safe.

Carter then turns his cards over to reveal two pair with 5C, 5D, 9C, 9H and 6C, but he was a little nervous knowing that his friends hand was better than his.

Tobias with a grin turns over a four of a kind with KC, KD, KH, KS and 2H.

Matt then with a little grin of his own turns over his own four of a kind with 7C, 7D, 7H, 7S and JC and although not as good as his brothers, it was better than the others so far.

"Sorry Carter." Wesley then says before turning over a flush with 4D, 8D, 10D, JD and AD.

"It's okay." Carter responds before reaching down to take his socks off, but stops when his boyfriend reaches over and holds his wrists.

"What are you doing?" Wesley then asks with a grin, he knew that his boyfriend must have forgotten the rules and couldn't resist having a little fun.

"I lost so I have to take something off." Carter responds with a confused expression and didn't quite understand why his boyfriend stopped him.

"Yes and the winner of the round gets to tell the loser what to take off, so get your hands off your socks." Wesley then states and chuckles when his boyfriend quickly looks to their friend with a worried look.

"Oh this is so cool, take off your jeans Carter." Tobias quickly states after realising he had won the round, his big brother had given him a lot of advice for the game and knew that he shouldn't take it easy on anyone.

"Oh shit." Carter then says, but he knew what he was getting into and started to undo his jeans, before being stopped again by his boyfriend.

"Come on Carter, get up and do it standing up." Wesley states and even though he knew he would pay for this later at some point, he couldn't resist teasing his boyfriend.

"You're such a prick Wesley." Carter then responds with a grin, before getting up and deciding to not let his boyfriend see how embarrassed he was and starts to sway his hips a little as he slowly takes his jeans off.

"Anyway, get dealing Wesley and stop flirting with each other." Ben then decides to say and grins at both his friends who suddenly remember that they aren't the only two in the room and blush a little.

"Okay boss." Wesley responds with a smile as he quickly shuffles the cards and deals them out, starting with his boyfriend this time.

"I will have three please prick." Carter then says with a big grin and can't stop himself giggling, when he sees the look on his boyfriends face.

"I will take two as well prick." Tobias then says as everyone gives him a quick look of surprise before giggling.

"You guys suck, you really do." Wesley then says as he shakes his head with a small grin.

"I don't need any." Matt then states while giving his boyfriend a smile, he was enjoying the others banter as well and knew that it was going to be a great night.

"I will take two again and Carter if you call me a prick again, your cute little undies are coming off as soon as I win and you lose the same hand." Wesley then states as he gives his boyfriend a big grin.

"I will take two." Ben then says as he returns his boyfriends smile, although he was wondering how long it would be before Wesley would regretted teasing Carter like he is.

"Shit." Carter then says as he reluctantly turns over his cards to reveal his second two pair with 2C, 2H, 9H, 9S and 3S and knows he is in trouble already.

"Say goodbye to those undies Carter." Wesley then teases and chuckles when his boyfriend sticks his finger up at him.

Tobias then decides to turn his cards over and smiles as he reveals his three of a kind with 3C, 3D, 3H, 2S and AC and knows that he was safe again.

Matt then turns his cards over and reveals a flush with 6H, 7H, 10H, JH and KH.

"You're so lucky Carter." Wesley then states before turning over three of a kind with QD, QH, QS, 4S and KS, knowing that he wasn't going to be able to get his boyfriends underwear off this time.

Ben then turns over a flush of his own with 4C, 5C, 9C, 10C and QC, before giving his boyfriend a smile. "Off with the jumper Carter." He then says as he turns to his friend, he was tempted to go for his underwear as well, but he wanted to see how his two friends banter developed as the game went on and thought it would be funnier to see.

"Okay." Carter responds as he gets to his feet and decides to do a little sexy dance as he lifts his jumper off, he was determined to not be self conscious and as he put the jumper next to his jeans, he notices his boyfriend looking at him and could tell that he was proud of what he was doing.

"You okay Tobias?" Matt asks as he looks at his brother and couldn't help but notice that he looked a little confused.

"Oh er... yeah me fine, let's keep playing." Tobias responds as he tries to focus on the game and not on what he was thinking.

"Okay, come on Wesley deal the next hand." Matt tells his friend after giving his brother a curious look for a few moments.

"Sure." Wesley responds as he deals the next round.

"Oh wow, it tastes so good." Peter says after trying a bit of his steak and couldn't believe how nice it was.

"Yeah I love steaks and always cook them the same way." Alex says as he looks across to his friend and smiles when he sees that he has a little juice from the steak on his chin.

"So you always put salt and pepper on them before you cook them?" Peter then asks as he cuts his steak into pieces and eats another bit.

"Yeah, food just tastes so much better when you season it properly, most people will put the salt and pepper, or anything else people have like that after they cook the food, but if you do it before or during, then it is just so much better." Alex responds and realises that while they have been friends for a long time and have talked to each other, they have never really gotten to know each other that much, well they have but nothing really in depth and he was enjoying talking about cooking.

"So you cook a lot then?" Peter then asks after thinking about what his friend just said and found it interesting.

"Well not all the time, but I do cook for myself sometimes and my mum and dad let me cook us all a meal at least once a week." Alex responds before eating some of his chips.

"So you want to be a cook or something when you grow up or well er... why do you cook?" Peter then asks, he didn't think there was anything wrong with cooking, but his friend was on the boxing team and thought he wouldn't waste his time doing something like cooking.

"I mean I don't know if I will want to work in a restaurant or something like that, but I love cooking and well it's a good thing to know how to do." Alex answers honestly, before reaching out to his glass of OJ and taking a few sips, while waiting to see how his friend reacts to what he had just said.

"I haven't ever really had to do any cooking, I mean I can do the basic stuff and help out, but actually cooking seems like a lot of work." Peter then states as he looks at his friend curiously, he was still feeling uncomfortable being alone together until the next day, but he was enjoying getting to know him in a different way to how they have talked before.

"It can be hard, but if you take you time and follow the instructions, it isn't that bad and well if you wanted I could show you one day, I mean if you wanted to learn to make something." Alex offers as he takes a few more bites of his steak.

"I don't know, I guess that would be cool, but wouldn't you rather be training or something for your boxing?" Peter then asks as he wonders why his friend would want to teach him to cook.

"Honestly, I do like boxing, but I do it to keep fit more than actually wanting to be a boxer Peter, I mean I'm pretty good, but will never be good enough to win many fights or win titles." Alex answers honestly and while at first that realization had hit him hard a few years ago, he was now happy that he didn't need to waste his life trying to succeed at something he would never be above average at and it allowed him to find other things that he actually enjoyed doing.

"Am I weird for having no idea what I want to do when I get older?" Peter then decides to ask, he liked finding out more about his friend, but he didn't want the conversation to be one sided.

"If you were like fifteen then I would say you needed to get yourself together and really think about it Peter, but we are only twelve and while I might have some idea of what I want to do, it isn't like it really matters just yet, so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you." Alex responds honestly, before deciding to start eating again.

"I guess so, but I don't know Alex, I don't really have any hobbies, well nothing that would be useful in a job and I look at other kids our age and I just feel like a little kid compared to them." Peter then states before finishing the last of his steak, he had never talked to anyone like this before, not even his parents and he couldn't help but be surprised at how easy it was to open up to his friend.

"Well why don't you let me teach you how to cook and maybe you could use my garage and I could show you some of the stuff I have to do for boxing, I know it isn't exactly something you're interested in, but it might help you focus." Alex then suggests and although he genuinely wanted to help his friend, he couldn't deny wanting to spend more time alone with him and thought that getting him to workout, might offer an opportunity for something else.

"You won't hurt me will you?" Peter then asks in a slightly nervous tone, he was actually a little surprised that he wanted his friend to teach him cooking and even the idea of getting fit was a little exciting, but he was a little scared of what sort of thing his friend did when training for his boxing.

"You're so cute." Alex then says, but quickly closes his mouth and looks at his friend nervously, he couldn't believe he just said that and was worried his plan for the evening was going to fall apart.

"Alex, why didn't you invite anyone else tonight?" Peter then asks, although he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer and wondered if he would have to get his mum or dad to come and get him.

"I still can't believe you love horror films." Mitch says as he gently rubs his girlfriends arm, he just couldn't believe how happy she made him and was hoping that she would enjoy the surprise he had for her later.

"Well I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, but I love this one." Erica responds in a slightly distracted tone, not only was she enjoying the film, but feeling her boyfriends naked body against her own and with his hand gently rubbing her arm, she just felt herself feeling happier than she had felt for a long time.

"Me too and well you're just amazing Erica." Mitch then says, before resting his head on the top of hers and felt so comfortable.

"I know, now shut up and watch the film." Erica then responds before giving him a little squeeze.

"Okay, okay I get it." Mitch then quickly says before chuckling, he just loved how she wasn't afraid to put him in his place and at the same time make him smile.

"Come on get it off Tobias." Matt instructs his brother, who was starting to get nervous as he only had his briefs and t-shirt left and he was now going to lose his t-shirt and that left him too close to being naked first for his liking.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he takes a quick look to everyone else and sighs as Carter would still have his t-shirt and underwear on, while his two brothers and Wesley each still had three items left on.

"Right say good bye to this undies Carter." Wesley then says as he deals the next hand, although Carter just shakes his head as his boyfriend had said the same thing every single hand and to his relief so far he hasn't been able to act on his threat and thankfully the others had let him keep his underwear on.

"I will have four." Matt states as he looks at his hand and then at the others, he knew it was a gamble, but he still had three items left and wasn't that worried about losing a round.

"Well I will take one card." Wesley then states as he gives his boyfriend and evil grin, he was gutted that he hadn't been able to get his boyfriend out of his briefs yet and was a little annoyed that the others seemed to be going easy on him as well.

"I will take four as well." Ben then says before giving his boyfriend a little grin, he could have gone for three cards, but he wanted to gamble like his boyfriend had.

"I will have two." Carter then says as he gives his boyfriend an unimpressed look, after he had blew him a kiss and was actually getting a little annoyed at his boyfriends constant teasing.

"I want er... nope me not need any." Tobias then says with a little smile, it was pointless asking for a fifth card and knew that it always worried the others when someone didn't ask for a card.

Matt then decides to just turn his cards over quickly and shakes his head as he reveals a pair with AC, AS, 2H, 4H and 8H and knows that his gamble backfired.

Wesley then gives his boyfriend a smirk when he turns over a full house with 6H, 6C, QD, QH and QS.

"You're so lucky Matt." Ben then says as he turns over his own pair with 10C, 10S, 2C, 8C and JD.

"Damn it." Carter then says as he turns over his own pair as well with 4D, 4D, 7H, 8S and JS, knowing that he has pretty much lost his briefs when he looks at his boyfriend, who was now grinning.

"Unlucky Carter." Wesley then states sarcastically as he grins

"Me win Wesley." Tobias then says with a giant grin as he turns over his own four of a kind with KC, KD, KH, KS and JH.

"Oh come on." Wesley then states in a disappointed tone, every time he had thought he would get his boyfriends briefs off, someone either beat his hand or turned over a worse hand than his boyfriend.

"Take you t-shirt off." Tobias then says after giving both his friends a long look and despite not wanting to be the first to show his willy or be naked in fact, he didn't like how Wesley was teasing Carter and wanted to try and help him out.

"Seriously?" Wesley then states and doesn't bother to hide his annoyance.

"You being mean to Carter and not funny any more Wesley." Tobias quickly responds as everyone looks at him in surprise, he wasn't going to say anything, but he didn't like bullying and he thought his friend was going too far.

"We are only having a bit of fun Tobias and Carter doesn't mind." Wesley then states in a defensive tone, he thought they were all having fun and wasn't expected to get told off.

"Actually you're starting to ruin the game for me Wesley." Carter then decides to say, he wouldn't have usually admit that, but the way his friend defended him, he felt like he had to justify him doing that and could tell by his little smile that he appreciated it.

"Guys if you need to talk, then you can use our bedroom if you want." Ben then suggests, he could tell that this was not just going to go away and thought it would be better if his two friends just talked alone for a few moments.

"But I was just..." Wesley then begins to says, but is quickly cut off by his boyfriend, who takes his t-shirt off after getting up.

"We need to talk." Carter states as he gives his boyfriend a half glare and walks towards his friends bedroom.

"Shit." Wesley then mumbles as he follows his boyfriend and closes the door behind him, leaving their three friends to look at each other awkwardly.

"Is it my fault?" Tobias then asks, he didn't regret defending his friend, but he felt a little guilty for causing his friends to argue.

"Honestly I should have said something earlier Tobias, I could tell Carter was getting annoyed with the teasing, so don't feel bad for having the guts to say something." Ben responds in a sincere tone, he knew that it could escalate, but he had hoped Wesley would realise he was taking it too far and avoid having to say something himself.

"Me too, I just thought Wesley would see that Carter wasn't enjoying the teasing." Matt then says and although he didn't realise it was annoying Carter that much, he knew that he should have said something.

"They not er... they will not hate each other will they?" Tobias then asks nervously, he was now a little proud of himself for speaking up, but again he was more worried about his friends.

"They will be okay Tobias, couples argue and stuff all the time and even Ben annoys me sometimes, but we always kiss and make up." Matt responds with a smile and the fact they couldn't hear any shouting was a good sign.

"Okay, me go to toilet okay." Tobias then says as he gets to his feet and starts to walk towards the toilet.

"Okay." Matt responds just before his brother closes the door behind him.

"Well this is going well." Ben then says with a little grin.

"Yeah, we got all the way to the end of the dares last time before someone got upset, we must have set a record this time." Matt then states and can't resist moving over to his boyfriend and kissing him.

"Hey have you noticed Tobias acting a little weird?" Ben then asks after breaking the kiss and although he wanted to keep the kiss going, he was curious about their brother and wanted to know if he was imagining it or not.

"You mean whenever Carter takes something off?" Matt responds as he thinks about his brothers reactions and had wondered if he was okay.

"Yeah, I mean what's that all about?" Ben asks in a bemused tone as he reaches over and takes his boyfriends hands into his own.

"Honestly I have no idea, but remember how excited he was to call Carter earlier and how he made sure he was sitting next to him? I mean I know there wasn't exactly many options to make sure we didn't sit in couples, but he was quick to make sure he was next to him." Matt responds and can't help but wonder if they were just making something out of nothing or if there really was something going on with their brother.

"It's weird, but he is so adamant that he is straight and I believe him Matt, I mean I know we all thought Wesley was straight, but I honestly think Tobias is." Ben then states in a thoughtful tone, he really wasn't sure what to make of it and knew he would be watching his brother for the rest of the night to see if he carried on acting the same way towards their friend.

"Me too, but he definitely has some sort of crush on Carter." Matt then says before glancing over to the bathroom door.

"We could have a little fun with him when the dares start." Ben then says with a smirk and Matt can't help but give his boyfriend a curious look.

"Like what?" Matt then asks, while hoping his boyfriend wasn't going to suggest something that would humiliate their brother or cause him to get upset.

"We could dare him to kiss Carter or dare Carter to kiss him, I mean Tobias did say he would do a kissing dare." Ben suggests with a wry smile, they had talked quite a bit with their brother and had a pretty good idea of what dares he would be comfortable with and which ones who wouldn't do no matter what.

"We better wait until we can tell if Carter and Wesley are okay before we try it though, I don't think Carter is that angry, but you never know." Matt then says with small smile.

"Okay and by the way, should we get Wesley to take his underwear off the next chance we get, you know like you did with him last time." Ben then asks with a grin, he knew it was mean but even if his friends made up, that didn't stop him and his boyfriend having fun.

"That is so mean, so hell yeah and it will be so funny making him do that again." Matt responds with a big grin of his own before giving him another kiss, just as the bathroom door opens and their brother walks back into the room.

"Carter I didn't mean..." Wesley begins to apologise as soon as he closes the door behind him, but is taken by surprise when he feels his boyfriends lips against his own and can't help but be confused by his boyfriend. "I don't get it." He then states after his boyfriend breaks the kiss and sits on their friends bed.

"You were being a prick Wesley, but I'm not really angry at you or anything, I just wished you noticed that you were going too far and stopped." Carter states as he looks at his boyfriend and could tell that he was still confused.

"I don't see what I did though." Wesley then states honestly, sure he was teasing his boyfriend a little bit, but they had done worse to each other and to their friends.

"You were being annoying, every single time you dealt you kept going on about me losing my briefs and then you kept saying it when I asked for cards, it was funny at first, but it got old fast." Carter then decides to explain, he didn't want to fight, but he wanted to make the most of the time they had alone to get his boyfriend to back off a little and there was also something else he had noticed and was debating whether to mention it or not.

"Oh wow, I was just trying to be funny and shit, I didn't know I was doing it that much." Wesley responds in an apologetic tone, he was just trying to be funny and felt like a jerk for annoying his boyfriend.

"You were, but I forgive you Moron, now come give me a kiss." Carter states as he gets to his feet again, he was still thinking about Tobias and whether he was just imagining it or not, but he wanted to make sure his boyfriend knew they were fine before bringing it up.

"I love you." Wesley then says before kissing his boyfriend.

"I love you too, but well there is something else and well I don't know if I'm imagining it or well I don't really know." Carter then says after breaking their kiss and can tell that his boyfriend was a little worried and knew he must be thinking it is something he had done.

"Imagining what?" Wesley asks in a slightly nervous tone, he didn't think he had done anything else to annoy his boyfriend, but then again he hadn't realised that he had annoyed him at all until he was told, so anything was possible.

"I think Tobias has a crush on me or something." Carter responds and almost laughs when he sees the look of shock on his boyfriends face and guessed that it was the last thing he had thought he would say.

"He is straight though." Wesley responds in a stunned tone, he just wasn't expecting that and hadn't noticed anything that would make him think their friend was gay.

"Everyone thought you were straight as well." Carter then points out and although he didn't think their friend was actually gay, he couldn't help but notice the way he had been sneaking looks at him and the obvious staring when he was taking something off and he was just confused by him.

"Well to be honest I was open to being gay Carter, but Tobias has made it pretty clear he is not gay and it isn't in that way someone in denial about being gay acts." Wesley then says as he tries to think it over in his head.

"Well okay I guess you have a point, but haven't you noticed the way he acts around me, I mean he was so excited that I was the first person he ever called on a mobile phone, when we were playing in the pool earlier he was always near me and he groped me a lot more than he did anyone else and he has barely stopped looking at me during the game so far." Carter the states out and after pointing it all out, he was now even more sure that he was right and could tell that his boyfriend was struggling to come up with anything to counter that.

"It could be hero worship." Wesley then states and can see that his boyfriend didn't have a clue what he was on about and while it was a weak theory, it was possible and it made more sense then him having a crush on his boyfriend.

"Huh?" Carter asks in a confused tone, he didn't get his boyfriends idea at all.

"Okay maybe hero worship is a little over the top, but look at the way Peter practically hangs off every word Ben says and always sit next to him, sure if it's just the four of us that isn't going to go any differently, but because Ben is the one who brought him into the group and has been the nicest to him, he sort of well, come on you get my point." Wesley responds as he tries his best to explain his point and although he made a bit of a mess of it, he hoped his boyfriend understood what he was trying to say.

"Okay, but what have I done to get Tobias to act like that around me?" Carter then asks, he thought his boyfriends theory was quite good, but it didn't quite match up in his head.

"Well you gave him the elastic band idea, then you practically stripped naked in the middle of town to stop him getting upset, every time we are around him and in a group when we come here, you always give him attention and the fact you both like graphic novels, oh and you're basically the same size as each other and I'm not just talking about height Carter, so maybe he just sees you as someone he well I don't know, someone to look up to or respect." Wesley answers as best he can, he didn't know for certain and he was still a little shocked by the whole conversation itself.

"Well that is better then him having a crush on me, but should I say something to him or well I don't know, what would you do?" Carter then asks, but as soon as he sees the small grin on his boyfriends face he knows what he would do. "I'm not kissing him you moron." He then states as he gives his boyfriend an unimpressed look.

"Hey, it works for me." Wesley retorts and can't help but laugh when his boyfriend sighs and shakes his head.

"Such a moron, now come on before they send out a search party for us." Carter then states as he heads towards the door and despite his boyfriend being an idiot, he was glad that they had talked and was ready to get on with the game.

"Come on Alex, just tell me." Peter asks after getting no response from his friend and couldn't help but think that he was being set up for something and wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not.

"I just wanted it to be the two of us." Alex finally answers after a few more moments of silence, he had waited too long to lie and knew if his friend saw through it, he would probably just leave and although being honest might result in the same thing, he would rather just tell the truth.

"So you were going to try and get me naked or something?" Peter then asks in a suspicious tone, he knew how his friend had felt about him, but he was sure he had made him understand that he wasn't interested in anything like that and was now realising that he might have been wrong about that.

"I wasn't going to force you or anything like that." Alex answers, but as soon as the words are out of his mouth, he realises what he just said and knew that he had just admitted why he had invited his friend around and no one else.

"Why can't you just leave me alone, I told you that I'm not interested in that sort of stuff and well why can't you understand that?" Peter then asks before getting to his feet, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do, but he knew he didn't want to sit down right now.

"Because I love you and how do you know that you aren't interested in that sort of stuff, have you even tried it yet?" Alex then retorts in an almost angry tone and only just stopped himself shouting at his friend and quickly realises that he had overstepped the mark when he sees his friend looking at him nervously. "Shit sorry, look if you want to go home then you can call one of your parents to come and get you." He then suggests as he slumps back in his chair and wonders why he was such a prick.

"What were you going to try and get me to do tonight?" Peter then asks and surprised himself almost as much as his friend with his question, but he realised that despite being a little angry and scared, he was also curious and wanted to know what his friend had actually planned.

"You mean the whole night or just well you know." Alex then asks in response, he was hoping his friend would say the whole night and then he wouldn't sound as creepy as he knew he would sound if he just said the other stuff.

"Well I know about the dinner obviously and we were going to watch a movie, but I want to know what you were going to try and get me to do." Peter answers in a serious tone, he knew he would have every right to leave right now, but he couldn't quite ignore his curiosity to actually leave just yet.

"I was just going to suggest playing some video games or something and then when it got a bit later take a shower and then ask you if you wanted one after, but either way I was going to then see if I could get you to play some cards and then if I didn't chicken out either suggest strip poker or if you weren't interested in cards, I was going to suggest truth or dare." Alex responds and despite wanting to lie, he just told the truth and would deal with the consequences once his friend decided what to do.

"Oh." Peter then says as he tries to process his friends words.

"Sorry." Alex then says as he looks to his friend and then down at his food, which he had only eaten half of.

"I've never really done anything Alex." Peter then says as he decides to take a chance and open up to his friend, who had quickly looked up in surprise at his friends admission.

"What?" Alex asks as he looks at his friend in confusion and wasn't quite sure what he was talking about.

"You asked earlier how do I know I'm not interested and if I had even tried anything and well I haven't tried anything yet." Peter explains as he blushes slightly and despite being the one to bring it up, he was starting to get embarrassed.

"Anything?" Alex then asks in a surprised tone, there was no way his friend hadn't masturbated, it was well known around the school that he got boners in every class with a female teacher and he had to be doing at least that.

"Nothing, I mean I have had the talk and watched porn and stuff, but I only tried masturbating once and it was okay, but nothing really happened and I just didn't get the big deal." Peter answers honestly and despite feeling embarrassed a few moments ago, he was surprised to find himself feeling comfortable talking about it to his friend and decided to sit back down.

"Oh wow." Alex states as he looks at his friend and can't believe that he had only tried it once, he remembered his first time and he hadn't stopped since.

"I know and it's kind of embarrassing, but I just don't think about sex Alex, well okay I get hard ons and that and I know why, but I don't know, is something wrong with me?" Peter then asks and Alex can't help but want to get up and cuddle his friend, but he wasn't sure if that would scare him off or not.

"I'm sorry if I freaked you out with the love declarations Peter and I will quit it with that, because to be honest I'm being a bit of an idiot for being like that, but there is nothing wrong with you and you will get there at your own pace." Alex then responds after giving himself a few moments to choose his words carefully, he had suddenly realised how stupid he has been with thinking he was in love and while it might turn out to be true, he was only twelve and the person he thought he loved, wasn't even sexually active yet and he knew he had to slow down.

"You weren't going to tell people what we did tonight were you? I mean like if it went as you planned it." Peter then asks as he gives his friend a long stare while he waits for his reply.

"Never, I would never do that to you Peter." Alex quickly responds in a slightly shocked tone and Peter can tell that his friend was telling the truth and gives him a shy smile.

"Let's finish eating and then watch a movie and well I will think about the other stuff, but you better pick a good film." Peter then tells his friend with a warm smile, he was feeling really good after their little talk and while he wasn't sure if he would go through with the other stuff, he was going to think about it and knew that it would stop his friend feeling guilty or upset.

"Okay and yeah I think you will like the film, but Peter if you don't want to do the other stuff, we can just watch another film or play some video games, I was serious about the love stuff and well I will back off and stop being an idiot, I promise." Alex then says in a sincere tone and despite potentially getting what he originally hoped for, he found himself not feeling disappointed if they just ended up watching another film and just feeling happy that he had probably cemented their friendship, which he now realised was more important to him.

"Okay and well I will see how I feel." Peter responds as he drinks the rest of his drink, while they both finish their meals.

"You heard me, underwear off Wesley." Matt states with a big grin, no one was naked yet, but everyone except Wesley was down to just their underwear and he had finally gotten his chance to pull the same prank on his that he had done in the previous game they had played and the look on his friends face was priceless.

"You fucking prick, I can't believe you're doing this to me again." Wesley responds with a grin of his own, he was a little annoyed but at the same time he knew it was a possibility and instead just cursed his luck that he hadn't won a hand for a long time, otherwise a few of the others would be missing their underwear right now.

"I don't get it." Tobias then asks, his friend still had his jeans on and he didn't think taking off two items was fair and no one else had done it.

"Tobias he can put the jeans back on afterwards, so he is still only taking off one piece of clothing, it's just more embarrassing for him this way." Matt quickly explains to his brother, he hadn't even considered that he wouldn't know what was going on and felt a little guilty for not telling him about a few loopholes they had already discovered in their previous game.

"Oh." Tobias responds in a less than impressed tone and looks over to his friend.

"It's fine Tobias and it's part of the game." Wesley then says as he starts to take off his jeans and this time instead of trying to be quick and making a fool of himself like last time, he takes his time and gets them off along with his briefs, before giving the others a little twirl and then pulling his briefs back on.

"Guys now that we are all down to our briefs, well apart from Wesley, but he only has his jeans on, how about we play one more hand to see who is the first to be naked is and then everyone strips and we start the dares?" Ben then suggests, he actually couldn't believe no one was naked below the waist yet and wondered how that happened.

"Fair enough, but can we get something to eat and drink before we start dares?" Carter asks as he gives his friend a smile, he was a little hungry and also needed to go to the toilet.

"Yeah I need to use the toilet as well." Wesley then states and knew he didn't want to wait until the dares started.

"Sure, we could have a five or ten minute break while whoever loses the next hand does their dares." Ben responds and although he knew could lose, he thought the mini break would be perfect for the loser to start their four dares and smiles as everyone nods in agreement.

Wesley then gives everyone a grin and starts dealing out the last hand starting with himself, as everyone else looks on nervously.

"Well I will go with three cards." Wesley then says after giving his cards a long look and knew that he was in a little bit of trouble already.

"I will go with two cards." Ben then says, he was glad his friend asked for three and seemed a little worried and was confident he was safe.

"I don't need any." Carter then states and couldn't hide the grin on his face and knew he had no chance of losing.

"Damn me will er... damn." Tobias states before going silent, he couldn't have picked a worse hand if he tried.

"Just go with your gut feeling." Matt then whispers into his brothers ear, he could tell he was nervous and despite everyone knowing the rules, he didn't want him to lose the game and have to do four dares.

"I will take four please." Tobias then says after a few moments, before giving his brother an appreciative smile, he knew his chances were rubbish, but he had no other option.

"I don't need any cards." Matt then says and while he was relieved he wouldn't be losing, he felt bad for his brother if he ended up losing.

"Well I guess I better get us started." Wesley then states as he turns over a flush with 2C, 6C, 7C, QC and KC, he couldn't believe his luck and was just hoping to catch another queen or king, but to hit a flush was a relief.

Ben then smirks as he turns over a full house with 2H, 2S, JD, JH and JS and couldn't resist giving his friend a smirk, he knew a flush was probably enough to not lose, but he knew two flushes had been the losing hand earlier and wanted to tease him a little.

Carter then turns over a straight with 8D, 9D, 10H, JC and QD and despite feeling relieved when he had first seen his cards, he now felt nervous and couldn't believe he was losing and just hoped Tobias didn't get lucky.

"Sorry." Tobias then says as he glances at his friend before revealing his four of a kind with AC, AD, AH, AS and KS, he was relieved not to lose, but he knew he just got a minor miracle and even as he looked at the cards now, he couldn't believe his luck.

"Holy crap." Carter then states and was now starting to really worry.

"Wow, just wow." Wesley then states and although eh felt bad for his boyfriend, knew he had a great dare for him.

"Well sorry Carter but I got a flush." Matt then says as he turns over his cards to reveal 6H, 7H, 9H, QH and KH.

"Oh fucking hell." Carter then says as he looks at all the cards again and just couldn't believe he had lost.

"Tough luck Carter, but if you need the toilet go now and we can come up with your dares." Ben then suggests in a sympathetic tone, he couldn't believe his brothers luck to get four aces and could tell that Wesley had also gotten lucky to hit a flush.

"Okay." Carter responds in a slightly subdued tone, but when he gets up he feels himself being pulled around and then kissed by his boyfriend and despite the fact he was going to be doing four dares in a few minutes time, he appreciated his boyfriend comforting him.

"Come on everyone, underwear off and you first Carter." Matt then says and despite feeling bad for his friend, he had lost and should take his off first.

"Okay." Carter responds before giving his boyfriend a shy smile, he still couldn't believe he lost, but just like every other time he had taken something off, he decided to do a little dance as he did so and didn't take his eyes away from his boyfriends.

"Oh shit, look at Tobias." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear after moving next to him and he only just managed to stop himself giggling out loud.

"Oh wow." Matt responds quietly as he sees his brother practically ogling their friend, who was just about finished taking his briefs off, but what was the most surprising was he was actually rubbing himself and although he wasn't hard, it was obvious he was enjoying what he saw.

"Right get in the bathroom Carter and take your time." Ben then decides to say, he didn't want his friends to notice what his brother was doing and wanted to see what dares everyone else were going to choose for Carter.

"Just don't go over the top guys, I'm not going to do anything I don't want to do and well just remember that." Carter states as he gives his friends a slightly concerned look before walking to the bathroom and closing the door behind himself.

"Well Tobias you won the hand, so you get to go first, what do you want to dare him?" Matt asks as he turns to his brother, who he couldn't help but notice was looking a little bashful.

"I don't know." Tobias then answers as he looks around nervously, he had a few ideas but he was scared and was starting to wonder if he should be playing or not.

"Tobias you can dare him anything you want and it's fine with me, I mean if that is what you're worried about." Wesley then decides to say, he wasn't sure what his friend was thinking dare wise, but after his earlier talk with his boyfriend, he was curious and just thought if he reassured him a little, his friend wouldn't get too nervous and stop playing.

"I want to see him cum." Tobias then replies in almost a whisper as he looks down at the floor.

"You want him to what?" Ben then asks, he wasn't trying to make his brother feel uncomfortable, he just genuinely didn't hear what he said and he could tell his boyfriend and friend didn't either.

"Speak up a little Tobias, we are all going to be doing embarrassing things tonight, so you don't need to be shy." Matt then states as he moves a little closer to his brother and gives his shoulder a little squeeze.

"I want to dare him to make himself cum." Tobias then repeats a little louder and has to force himself to not look away from his brothers and friend, although he can't stop himself blushing.

"Oh wow." Ben states before he can stop himself, he just couldn't help but think about his earlier conversation with his boyfriend and started to wonder if their brother really did like their friend more than they thought.

"Well alright, great dare Tobias and it's going to be so fun to watch." Matt then quickly says with a smile, he knew what his boyfriend was thinking because he was thinking the same thing, but he didn't want their brother to feel like he was doing something wrong.

"I'm not sure he should do that first though." Wesley then says in a slightly concerned tone, not that he didn't like the dare, he actually thought it was great, but he was worried if his boyfriend did that straight away, he might lose interest in the game, at least on a sexual level, as they had already spent most of the morning messing around with each other and he knew his boyfriend wasn't that keen on playing in the first place.

"What do you mean?" Matt then asks, he was a little confused by his friends comment and didn't really understand what he meant.

"Well he will be getting four dares, so I think that should be the fourth dare, I mean let's face it guys, apart from maybe Tobias, Carter is the least willing to play, so if he cums straight away, I think he will lose interest completely and getting him to do any dares will be near enough impossible after that, I mean come on Ben you know more than anyone that he can be stubborn." Wesley explains as he tries to get his point across and was hoping they would understand.

"I guess so and well okay, I mean if it is okay with Tobias." Ben responds before looking at his brother with a warm smile, he knew that as long as their friend was at least horny, he would be more willing to do dares, but he had already made it clear he didn't really want to play, so they had to be smart about this.

"I don't mind." Tobias responds with a smile, he would have preferred to see his dare first, but he could wait.

"Good and well I'm going to dare him to kiss, suck and lick both of Matt's feet for two minutes each." Ben then states, he had come second in the last hand and decided to just get his dare out of the way, although he couldn't help but grin at his boyfriends expression.

"Oh give it up Matt, we know you loved it the last time we played." Wesley then says as he sees the look on his friends face and although he thought it was a little weird, he knew it would be funny to watch.

"Fine, but fucking hell." Matt responds, he actually did like it, well he didn't love it, but it turned him on a little bit.

"So what's your dare for him Wesley?" Ben then asks his friend in a curious tone, he was sure he wouldn't hold back, but after what had happened earlier with the teasing, he was a little worried it would be a tame dare.

"I'm going to dare him to run to the house and find Erica and Mitch and sing 'I'm a little teapot' while doing the dance to it." Wesley responds with a big grin and could tell that his friends liked his idea, when they all stare at him for a few moments before smiling.

"Oh man, that is going to be hilarious." Matt states and although he wouldn't change his dare, he thought it was genius.

"That so funny." Tobias then says as he tries to picture it and knew if it was him, he would be so embarrassed.

"He is going to kick your arse Wesley." Ben then says with a smirk and knew if his boyfriend did that to him, he wouldn't be happy, but in a fun way and actually started to feel sorry for his friend, the three dares so far were all embarrassing and just one of them would be bad enough, but these three and another one to come would be a lot to take at once.

"I know and trust me, he will get us all back, but anyway Matt, what are you going to dare him?" Wesley asks after remembering that his friend still hadn't revealed his dare yet.

"If it is alright with you Wesley, I'm going to dare him to kiss Tobias for five minutes and it will be a real kiss." Matt responds in a slightly nervous tone, he wasn't sure how his friend would react and he was also worried about his brothers reaction as well.

"Wait what?" Tobias quickly asks in a surprised tone and wasn't sure if he heard his brother correctly.

"Tobias, we talked about kissing dares and you said you would do them remember." Matt quickly points out to his brother, he knew he would be reluctant and wouldn't force him to do it, but he knew he had to push him a little bit and hoped he would go through with it.

"Hey wait, I mean well..." Wesley then begins to protest, but trails off as he thinks about the dare and wondered how he felt about it.

"Guys if you aren't comfortable with it, then Matt will come up with another dare." Ben then quickly states, he and his boyfriend had both come up with the dare, but they both knew it might get rejected and wanted to make sure their brother and friend knew that it was okay to say no.

"What's a real kiss?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone, he wasn't sure if he wanted to kiss his friend, but he had no idea what his brother meant by that and he was also a little embarrassed that he had only kissed one person before and that was his brother a long time ago.

"Oh er... shit well, it's..." Matt begins to try and explain, but as he struggles to think of something he feels his head being turned and then feels himself being kissed and quickly returns it.

"Well I suppose that is one way to answer your question Tobias." Wesley then jokes as he watches his two friends kissing each other, although he was still unsure if he was comfortable watching his boyfriend kissing someone else.

"I not do it, if you not want me to Wesley." Tobias then states without taking his eyes off his brothers kissing.

"So you want to kiss him?" Wesley decides to ask after picking up on his friends choice of words and couldn't help but think about his conversation with his boyfriend earlier and despite still being reluctant, it would tell them for sure how their friend really felt about his boyfriend.

"I only kissed Matt once and well er... me want to know how to kiss before I get a girlfriend." Tobias answers honestly, although he was actually curious about kissing his friend and had found himself staring at him a lot during the day and the game of strip poker and was a little confused.

"Okay, but I don't want anyone else kissing Carter after this." Wesley then states before looking over to his two friends who were obviously getting carried away. "Hey, cut it out guys or my first dare to you two is that you can't kiss or touch each other for the rest of the night." He then states before chuckling as his two friends quickly break apart and look at him in surprise.

"Huh?" Ben then asks, he had heard his friend, but he was a little distracted to really take it in.

"Nothing, but break it up and well me and Tobias are happy with Matt's dare." Wesley then states, but before either Matt or Ben can respond the bathroom door opens and Carter comes back into the room, while looking nervous.

"Oh fucking hell, come on then tell me what I have to do." Carter then states as he looks at his friends and knows he isn't going to enjoy what they were going to dare him to do.

"So did I do good?" Alex asks as they continue to watch the film he had chosen, he could see that his friend was enjoying it, but he had so far avoided answering his questions since he started the film.

"You did okay." Peter answers with a smirk, he knew he was probably worrying his friend with his short responses, but he was still thinking about what to do later and couldn't decide what he wanted to do.

"Well I figured you would like it." Alex then says in a slightly disheartened tone and Peter despite his own thoughts, can't help but take notice of his friends tone and realises that he needed to say something.

"I do Alex and it's actually one of my favourite action films, but I'm just thinking about later and trying to decide what I want to do, so well sorry if I'm being rude." Peter tells his friend in a sincere tone and couldn't deny that seeing his friend smile, made him smile as well and he found himself at least considering taking a shower, even if he didn't need one, he thought it might help him relax and maybe try some other stuff.

"Oh, well okay cool, but seriously Peter, don't even worry about it, we will just play some games and have a laugh." Alex responds with a small grin and despite knowing if he pushed his friend he might get what he had originally wanted, he didn't want to push him and then have him regret doing it and then ruin their growing friendship.

"Have you done a lot of kissing?" Peter then decides to ask, he wasn't quite ready to stop thinking about everything and now that they were actually talking, he wanted to try and get some answers to some of the question going through his mind.

"I have kissed a few girls and it was pretty nice, have you?" Alex responds and can't resist asking the same question back, although he was pretty sure he already knew the answer.

"So you haven't kissed any boys?" Peter then asks as he purposely avoids answering his friends question, he pretty much admitted earlier that he hadn't done anything sexual earlier and didn't feel like admitting to not even having a kiss yet.

"Well I almost kissed you that time, but you practically beat me off with a stick, so nope I haven't kissed a boy yet." Alex answers honestly and despite his friend not answering his question, he was now sure he knew the answer and didn't want to embarrass him.

"So how do you know you're gay? I mean you have kissed girls and liked it, but you have never kissed a boy, I just don't get it." Peter then states, although he actually did understand, he just wanted to stop his friend asking him questions, while he tried to make his mind up about later.

"Because I like you and don't get mad at me because you asked me Peter, but when I look at you I get excited and I think about you all the time, I mean sure I look at girls as well, but you're in like a different league and well you're beautiful." Alex states with a blush and can't help but look away from his friend and had his fingers crossed that he hadn't freaked him out.

"I don't want to do any sex stuff Alex, but I want to learn how to kiss, but well er... it doesn't mean anything, I just want to know how to kiss." Peter then states in a surprised tone, he wasn't planning on saying that at all and quickly felt uncomfortable when he sees the look in his friends eyes and wonders if he had given him some sort of signal that he liked him back, because he really didn't, well he didn't really know what he wanted and was just feeling confused.

"I will teach you, but not tonight Peter, we are just going to hang out tonight and well let's just enjoy the movie before we each have a shower." Alex then states after giving his friends words a long think and while he was delighted, he could see his friend was confused and knew that if he had any chance of getting him to be his boyfriend, he had to take it extremely slow and that meant being careful not to take advantage of his obvious confusion.

"But I just said I wanted to kiss you." Peter then responds in a confused tone and surprisingly felt a little hurt that he had been rejected.

"I know and I will teach you, but you're confused right now and I would be taking advantage of you and I won't do that, so shut up and just enjoy the film." Alex states in a serious tone before grinning and can't help but feel proud of himself for doing the right thing..

"Thanks for being my friend." Peter then says as he turns back to the film with a little smile.

"You want me to do what to his feet?" Carter asks in an unimpressed tone, sure it wasn't exactly a hard dare, but it was kind of gross and he wondered if they were just kidding around.

"You heard me, so come on Carter get to work." Ben responds with a grin and knows despite his friends protests, he will do as he is told.

"Fucking hell." Carter says as he kneels down in front of his friend and looks at his feet nervously.

"You're so sexy when you swear." Wesley then says, he just can't resist teasing his boyfriend a little and really did love when he swore.

"Fuck you." Carter retorts with a weak grin as he gives his boyfriend a long look, before turning back to his friends feet and sighs.

"Wait!" Tobias then says and everyone quickly turns to him in surprise.

"What's wrong?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he wasn't expecting this and didn't know what to think.

"I want Carter to do Matt's dare before this one." Tobias quickly explains, he was having trouble going through with the dare as it was, but there was no way he was going to kiss his friend after he had licked and sucked on his brothers feet.

"Why?" Ben can't help but ask, he thought his brother would put it off for as long as possible and didn't get why he seemed so keen now.

"What's Matt's dare?" Carter then asks curiously, he would jump at the chance to put this dare on hold for as long as possible if Matt's was easier.

"You have to kiss Tobias for five minutes Carter and it has to be a real kiss." Matt answers and as he looks between his friend and brother, he suddenly realises why his brother wanted to get it done now and couldn't stop himself giggling.

"Wait what?" Carter asks, with his friends giggling and the new dare, he was just completely confused.

"We have to kiss and I'm not going to kiss you after you do that stuff to his feet, because it would be gross." Tobias then states defiantly, leaving everyone in no doubt that he was being serious.

"You agreed to this?" Carter then asks as he gives his boyfriend a questioning look and couldn't help but wonder what he was up to.

"I trust you and Tobias is straight." Wesley responds calmly, he wasn't quite as sure on the inside, but this was a game of dares and he knew that pretty much anything could happen and he did trust his boyfriend completely.

"Fine I will do it." Carter states reluctantly, it wasn't that bad and it was definitely better than kissing his friends feet, he just hoped that the other dares were going to be easier.

"Okay, so he will do Matt's dare, then Ben's, then mine and finally Tobias's in that order right." Wesley then states with a slight grin, knowing that the two most embarrassing dares were last and that his boyfriend still had no idea what he was in for.

"I'm going to get you all back for this." Carter then says as he walks up to his friend. "Do you want to do it standing up or laying down?" He then asks him, he would prefer to be laying down if they were doing it for five minutes, but despite it being his dare, he knew his friend wasn't very experienced and was probably really nervous, so he wanted to try and make it better for him.

"I don't know, can we er... Matt?" Tobias asks as he looks to his brother for help, he had no idea what to do and felt like an idiot.

"Tobias lay on your back and Carter can lay on top of you, that way he can take control and you just copy what he does." Matt suggests as he gives his brother a sympathetic look, he knew he must be nervous, although he didn't think he needed to be, it may have been a long time ago now, but he remembered when they kissed and he enjoyed it a lot.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he does as he is told and lays on his back.

"I swear if one of you tries to record any of these dares, I will leave and go home." Carter then states in a firm tone and Wesley can't help but feel like a naughty boy and quickly forgets about getting his phone.

"Get on with it Carter." Matt then says with a grin and watches as his friend climbs on top of his brother and quickly starts to kiss him.

"Hey, why did you make them lay like that?" Ben then whispers into his boyfriends ear, he would have thought they would be standing or sitting down, but he didn't get why his boyfriend suggested this way.

"You will see in a minute." Matt replies with a small smile, he just thought it would be funny to see what happens and he was also curious to see how his brother reacted after the dare and if there was any truth in their theory that he had a crush on their friend.

"Okay, but I hope Wesley doesn't freak out or anything." Ben then whispers as he looks over to their friend, who to his surprise seemed to be enjoying the show.

"Two minutes gone guys." Matt then calls out for no real reason other than the room was way too quiet for his liking.

"Holy shit." Ben then says as he sees his brother and friend really getting into the kiss and they were even gently grinding against each other.

"Shit this is so hot." Wesley then says quietly as he watches his boyfriend kissing their friend, he was just surprised that it didn't bother him at all, even if they were practically humping each other, he knew his boyfriend loved him and he understood that this was a dare and he was okay with that.

"It doesn't bother you at all?" Ben then asks his friend in a surprised tone, if it was his boyfriend doing this, he would put a stop to it straight away.

"Nope, it's weird but I know he loves me Ben and it is really sexy seeing him like that, I might have to get a mirror in my room." Wesley responds honestly and despite joking about the mirror, he found himself actually considering it for real.

"You're seriously weird." Ben then says, although he had to admit the mirror might be really sexy and was wondering if he could convince his boyfriend to get one.

"There is no way we are getting a mirror Ben, so you can get that out of your head." Matt then says before grinning at his boyfriend, he could read him like a book at the best of times, but when it was something to do with sex, he was a completely wide open book.

"Shit, look at them." Ben then says after looking back at his brother and friend to see that they had rolled over and his brother was now on top.

"He has a great bum." Wesley then says as he looks at his friends bum as his friend grinds into his boyfriend and again although he should feel jealous, he didn't and he wasn't sure if they was a good sign or not.

"Okay guys break it up." Matt then says, they still had a few seconds left, but he thought they were really getting carried away now. "Seriously, break it up guys." He then has to say again as neither of them made an attempt to break their embrace.

"Wow!" Carter says as soon as the kiss ends and can't help but pant a little as he tried to regain his breath.

"You two okay?" Matt then asks in a bemused tone.

"Yeah just give me a minute." Carter says, although even if he wanted to move he had to wait until his friend got off him and so far he hadn't made any attempt to get off him and could still feel his boner pressing against his own.

"Tobias are you okay?" Wesley then decides to ask as he kneels down next to them both, he was a little concerned by his expression and wanted him to know he wasn't angry at him.

"Am I gay now?" Tobias then asks in an almost distressed tone, he didn't want to be gay and he liked girls, but he was now scared he had been made gay and was only just managing to stop himself from crying.

"Do you fancy any of us?" Wesley decides to ask in response, although he quickly gives his two friends a concerned look and can see that they were worried as well about his reaction.

"No, but I was rubbing my willy against his and it felt really nice and I really liked the kiss, but I don't want to be gay." Tobias answers honestly, just as a few tears roll down his face.

"You aren't gay Tobias, you're just horny and right now you would hump a pillow if we made you lay on one." Wesley quickly responds with a warm smile, although behind the smile he was feeling like a complete jerk for what they had done to him and even though it wasn't his idea, he didn't try and stop it and they all knew how he felt about being gay.

"Yeah, you aren't gay Tobias, but you're one hell of a kisser, I mean I thought Wesley was awesome and he is, but you, well, just wow!" Carter then states honestly, he still preferred his boyfriends kisses, but his friend was a natural and he was definitely going to make a lot of girls happy.

"Well cheers for that Carter." Wesley states sarcastically, although he wasn't really upset and if his boyfriend was being honest, then he was curious about how good a kisser their friend was himself.

"You know I love you, but honestly he is amazing." Carter responds, although he can't help but wonder why his friend was still sitting on him.

"Me get off soon, I just er... can't yet." Tobias then says as he looks down at his friend, he was sure if he moved he would have an orgasm and definitely didn't want that to happen.

"Oh I see." Carter says before getting an evil idea and gently starts to rock his hips a few times and quickly gets his answer as soon as his friend begins to whimper a little and quickly stops.

"What happened?" Matt then asks in a concerned tone and wonders why his brother was being a little weird.

"Matt you better go wash those feet and you two better go make sure he does it." Carter quickly suggests, he now knew what was wrong with his friend and wanted to get the others to leave the room and when they didn't seem to take the hint, he looks over to his boyfriend and gives him a little nod.

"Yeah come on you two, let's go wash Matt's feet." Wesley then says after seeing his boyfriend looking at him and realised he really wanted them to leave for a few minutes and was happy to oblige.

"Okay." Matt says as he gives his friend a questioning look, but follows him to the bathroom with his boyfriend helping him walk as he had left his cane in their bedroom.

"Tobias you really aren't gay though, so stop worrying about it and just enjoy tonight okay." Carter then states, he knew his friend was probably more focused on calming down than worrying about being gay, but he thought it might help distract him.

"I really like you though, like really like you Carter." Tobias then says as he looks down at his friend, but as soon as he sees the surprised and almost scared look on his face, he starts to giggle as he loses his battle to keep a straight face.

"Oh you bastard, I thought you were being serious for a second there." Carter responds in relief and can't help but join in with his friends giggling, he had to admit that he had him hook, line and sinker.

"Am I really a good kisser though?" Tobias then asks in a more serious tone, he just couldn't help but think his friend was just being nice or was trying to make his boyfriend jealous for some reason.

"Honestly Tobias, I have kissed four boys properly, well five now that I kissed you and you were the best one." Carter responds honestly, although from how he was laying and how his friend was sitting on him, he found it hard to not notice that his friend was still hard and realised that he is probably very horny right now and had to stifle a giggle.

"Shouldn't Wesley be upset though?" Tobias then asks, although more to buy himself some more time, because he could feel that his friends willy was now soft, but his wouldn't go down at all and he still felt it tingling a little bit.

"He is probably a little jealous, but we trust each other Tobias and he knows I love him." Carter responds with a smile, he could tell that if anything his boyfriend was actually excited by what had happened and he had heard the comment about getting a mirror and wondered if he had the guts to ask his parents or if his boyfriend could get one in his room.

"Why won't my willy go soft?" Tobias then asks and despite his best efforts Carter can't help but giggle a little, which he can tell has upset his friend a little bit.

"Sorry, but you say the funniest things sometimes Tobias and well please don't ever change because we all think it's awesome." Carter quickly says as he tries to reassure his friend.

"I don't want to be stupid though." Tobias then says in a sad tone and Carter realises that he needs to do a better job of reassuring his friend than he did before.

"You aren't stupid Tobias and the things you say are funny, but in a good way and people will like you because of it, we all love you and we don't want you to change, you're perfect how you are okay." Carter then says as he decides to be completely honest and can tell that this time his little pep talk had worked.

"Okay I will try, but why won't my willy go soft?" Tobias then asks again with a little smile, although he really doesn't understand why his willy won't go soft.

"It's because you're horny Tobias and don't worry it will go down and trust me we are all going to be getting them all night." Carter then says and to his relief, his friend starts to get off him and he starts to get back to his feet as well.

"Can you make your willy hard so I'm not the only one please?" Tobias then asks with a shy smile, he knew he was being a little silly, but he didn't want to be the only one with one right now and his didn't seem to want to go soft anytime soon.

"Only because it's you Tobias, but can you look away while I do it?" Carter asks in response, he knew he had to be quick to get hard before the others returned and he didn't want his friend to see how he gets himself hard that quickly.

"Okay." Tobias responds before turning away from his friend, although he was a little curious as to why his friend was being shy, especially after what they just did.

"Okay done." Carter then says after a few moments and Tobias can't help but look at him in surprise and wonders how he managed to do it so fast, but before he can ask he hears the bathroom door opening and sees his brothers and friend come out.

"Okay Carter they are clean so get to work." Matt states as he limps over to his friend with the help of his boyfriend and sits down with his legs stretched out.

"Two minutes on each foot right?" Carter then asks, just to make sure he remembered right, he didn't want to do this dare any longer than he had to do it.

"Yep, but you have to lick, kiss and suck them both remember, otherwise you have to do it again." Matt responds with a grin and could tell his friend hated this dare, although he was sure he would hate what his boyfriend had come up even more when he found out soon.

"Fine." Carter states before leaning over and decides to just go straight for the sucking and hoping that the rest would be less gross.

"So should we have another drink before we head upstairs?" Mitch asks as he pulls his girlfriend a little tighter into his chest and smiles when she sighs in content.

"Are you trying to get me drunk Mr Walker?" Erica asks in response as she sits up and gives him a mock look of shock.

"Ha, coming from the girl who has been molesting me all evening." Mitch retorts, but when his girlfriend attempts to grope him this time, he catches her hand and pulls her into a loving kiss.

"You loved every second of it, now go get me another glass." Erica then retorts after they both pull away from each other and she can't help but stare at his body as he gets to his feet.

"Take a picture, it will last longer Erica." Mitch then teases as he smirks and turns towards the door and begins to walk towards the kitchen.

"Okay." Erica responds and just as Mitch turns around he hears a series of clicking noises and to his slight embarrassment, he sees his girlfriend holding her phone up towards him.

"Well I guess I asked for that." Mitch then says, before deciding to just head towards the kitchen to get them both another glass of wine.

"Mitch your phone is ringing." Erica then calls out after a few moments, before leaning over the sofa to see who it was.

"Who is it?" Mitch then calls back, hoping that it isn't anyone important and that he could ignore it.

"It's Ben, should I answer it?" Erica asks as she picks the phone up.

"Yeah sure, I will be back in a few seconds." Mitch responds casually, it wasn't the first time she had answered his phone to one of the boys and they didn't seem to mind so neither did he.

"Hey Ben, it's Erica, is everything okay?" Erica asks as she answers the phone with a smile.

"Oh hey Erica, well er... are you and Mitch in the living room or kitchen?" Ben asks in a slightly surprised tone, he knew that Erica was with his boyfriend and she sometimes answered his phone, but it was still a surprise.

"Yeah we were just about to head upstairs in a few minutes though." Erica responds and wonders if she really wanted to know why he was asking where they were.

"Oh well er... don't go just yet, just wait where you're because you will love what is about to happen, just trust me and just enjoy." Ben then states before hanging up and Erica can't help but be a little confused, but smiles anyway and wonders what is going to happen next.

"So what did he want?" Mitch asks as he walks back into the room with two glasses and sees his girlfriend putting his phone back down.

"He asked us to stay in here and to enjoy what happens." Erica replies with a shrug of the shoulder and wasn't quite sure what to make of it.

"Oh fuck, put some clothes on Erica quick." Mitch then quickly says in a slightly panicked attack, he knew the boys were playing dares and he knew at least one of the boys was going to be coming into the house.

"What?" Erica asks in a confused tone, until she suddenly realises herself what her boyfriend means. "Oh crap." She then says as she tries to find her clothes and then quickly pulls some jeans on before just grabbing a top, as the back door opens.

"Those little fuckers." Mitch then states with a wry smile as he hears the back door closing and wonders who is going to appear.

"No way, Erica is in there and I'm not going to..." Carter begins to protest, but is interrupted, he had just come out of the bathroom after brushing his teeth a second time after his previous dare and wasn't impressed with the next one in the slightest.

"She has seen us all naked and come on Carter, a dare is a dare and it's not that bad." Wesley then points out, he knew it was pushing his boyfriends limits, but he also knew that he would do it.

"Come on Carter, you will get your chance to get your own back later and it's really not that bad, I think licking and sucking feet is worse." Ben then states, although he wasn't quite sure he believed that himself, he wouldn't be keen to do Wesley's dare either.

"If I do this, I don't want to do any more dares outside the pool house and in front of Mitch or Erica and you all have to promise." Carter then states in a serious tone, he didn't want to do this at all, but he wasn't going to spoil the rest of the night and there were definitely worst dares to do, so at least this way he could avoid doing any more dares in front of other people.

"Deal and don't forget you have to do the dance and you know what you have to hold when you get to the spout part." Wesley states after getting a nod from his three friends and everyone was grinning as he reminded his boyfriend about the dance, well everyone except his boyfriend, who was looking more than a little annoyed.

"You guys are so fucking dead later." Carter then says as he shakes his head, but he wasn't going to back out of it and starts to walk towards the pool house door, which his boyfriend quickly opens for him.

"Mitch will tell us if you don't do it properly Carter." Wesley then states as he watches his boyfriend slowly walking towards the house, they were all going to watch, but they were all naked and his boyfriend had pointed out that it wouldn't be fair if they got dressed and no one wanted Erica to see them like this.

"I know." Carter replies as he stops for a few seconds, he then takes a deep breath and walks the rest of the way before disappearing inside the house.

"You don't have to take a shower." Alex states in a serious tone, he was surprised by his insistence and wondered why he was so keen to get naked.

"You had one and I want one too." Peter responds as he looks at his friend and despite being curious, he just wasn't getting excited seeing him in just a towel and just wanted to get away from him for a little bit and give himself some more time to think.

"I freaked you out didn't I?" Alex then asks, he could see his friend was looking at him and to his disappointment, he didn't seem to be interested in him and knew that he needed to find a way past what he now considered a crush, or what he wants to call how he feels about his friend.

"I don't know, I mean I just er... can I just have a shower please." Peter responds in a confused tone, he really didn't know what to do or what to think, before he came here he had no sexual thoughts at all really, but now he was seriously thinking about trying something with his friend, but he was scared for so many reasons and again just wanted a few moments alone.

"Yeah sure, just go to the bathroom and there is a towel in the cabinet." Alex says as he can't help but be surprised when his friend starts to strip in front of him and he really had no idea how to react.

"I won't be long, just set whatever game you want to play up." Peter then says as he finishes stripping down to his underwear, although as he looks to his friend, he quickly blushes and had no idea why he stripped in front of him and although he wasn't shy about his body, he knew he had probably confused his friend or given him some sort of signal and he didn't want to do that at all.

"Okay." Alex responds, although he had to try his hardest not to look at his almost naked friends underwear, which were so tight that he might as well have been naked as they hid nothing.

"Just don't pick a racing game, I hate racing games." Peter then says as he tries to do something to break the awkwardness that had built up because of him, before deciding to turn around and head to his friends bathroom as quickly as he could.

"Okay." Alex responds, although his friend had already disappeared out of his room and he just felt completely confused by his behaviour.

"Carter, what are you doing?" Mitch asks in a half bemused and half stunned tone, out of all the boys, Carter was the last one he thought would be coming into the house, especially naked and he could tell by how red he was that whatever dare he had been given wasn't just coming here naked.

"I'm a little teapotShort & stout

Here is my handleHere is my spout

When I get all steamed upI just shoutTip me over & pour me out."

Mitch while barely being able to stop himself laughing, manages to glance at his girlfriend and could tell that she was really struggling herself and the fact the poor boy was doing an interesting if not somewhat inappropriate dance to go along with the singing, just made it even harder to not burst out laughing.

"I am a very special potIt is trueHere is an example of what I can do

I can turn my handle into a spoutTip me over & pour me out

I'm a little teapotShort & stout

Here is my handleHere is my spout

When I get all steamed upI just shoutTip me over & pour me out."

Seeing the boy blushing and also sporting an erection, Erica couldn't quite figure out where to look and quickly held her boyfriends hand tightly, just to give herself a distraction as she tried her best to not laugh out loud, she knew that the tiny boy must be feeling humiliated and she cared for him too much to add to that.

"I am a very special potIt is trueHere is an example of what I can do

I can turn my handle into a spoutTip me over & pour me out."

"Well er... thank you for that Carter." Mitch then says after the boy had finished singing, he could tell that if either he or his girlfriend laughed, they could cause him to break down and he didn't want to do that to him.

"It was a very interesting interpretation of the song Carter and very memorable." Erica then decides to say after the tiny boy hadn't made any attempt to responds to her boyfriend or even look up from the ground and she knew how self conscious he was and was worried about him. "Carter do you want to come and sit down for a few minutes?" She then asks in a concerned tone, it was clear he was on the verge of tears and although she didn't know why, she felt responsible for his well being and wanted to protect him.

"Come on Carter, just come and sit with us for a few minutes and then you can go back to the others." Mitch then states as he picks up on the fact that he wasn't doing very well and he couldn't help but remember the day in the middle of the town, where the boy had exposed himself to stop Tobias from freaking out and how he had broken down afterwards.

"I know you must be feeling embarrassed, but apart from it being funny, it was really good and you have nothing to be ashamed about Carter." Erica then states in a sincere tone after he had sat in between them.

"Really?" Carter asks in a slightly surprised tone, he was so sure they would laugh and make fun of him, so to hear them complimenting him was just a complete surprise.

"Well to be honest it was hilarious Carter, but to have the guts to do that and go all out like you did was amazing and you should be proud of yourself." Mitch then says and could tell that his words had worked as he watches him sit up straighter and relax, although in doing so he had put everything on display and wasn't sure how his girlfriend would react.

"I hate playing dares though." Carter then states, although he couldn't stop himself smiling a little at the older boys praise.

"You can stop and come and sit with us for a few hours if you wanted to Carter." Erica then offers, although she notices the surprise look on her boyfriends face straight away and just gives him an apologetic smile, she definitely had other plans for the evening and night, but again she found herself caring about the tiny boy and wondered if this was what having a little brother felt like and if it was, then she liked it a lot.

"Thank you, but I will keep playing, but I don't think I will ever play again, it's just not how I thought it would be." Carter responds honestly, he knew it would be embarrassing, but so far he felt like he was just being picked on and although he knew that wasn't actually happening, he still wasn't enjoying himself.

"Ah, I take it you lost the strip poker then Carter." Mitch then states as he picks up on the boys tone and remembers what he had suggested to his brother earlier and knew that he must be doing his four dares for losing.

"Yeah, this is the third dare and I still have one more to go before we start actually playing dares for real." Carter responds and can't help but slouch down a little as he remembers he still has one more dare to go and could only imagine the worst after the three he had had already.

"I will never understand why you boys play these kind of games." Erica then says in a slightly bemused tone, sure when she was younger she and her girlfriends had played plenty of truth or dare, but the dares were never sexual or involved any nudity and she had never understood why boys did it.

"Oh come on Erica, you can't tell me you girls never play truth or dare with each other." Mitch quickly retorts and despite still thinking about his own problems with dares, Carter can't help but smirk a little at the older couple.

"Okay you got me there, but honestly the truths were just embarrassing and about who you have kissed and who you fancy and that kind of thing, but the dares were never that, well let's say adventuress and there definitely wasn't any nudity or anything sexual." Erica responds honestly, although she could guess from the look on her boyfriends face that she had just burst some sort of bubble in his mind and probably all men's minds that girls got up to all sorts of sexual stuff together at slumber parties.

"Well damn, I guess us boys are just horny perverts." Mitch then states in an amused tone, although if he was being completely honest, he was one of the few boys who never quite believed girls got up to the kind of stuff boys did when they were alone together, but it was still a little disappointing to have it confirmed.

"I had to kiss Tobias for five minutes for the first dare." Carter then decides to state, he was amused by their exchange, but he wanted to talk about his dares for a few moments and give himself a little longer before he had to face his final dare.

"Seriously?" Mitch quickly asks in a surprised tone, not that he didn't think there would be kissing dares, but he was surprised Tobias was involved and it was for five minutes.

"Tobias let you kiss him for five minutes?" Erica then asks before Carter gets a chance to answer the first question and he gives them both a quick look of confusion.

"He really enjoyed it and he is an awesome kisser, better than the others that I have kissed, even Wesley." Carter then states and although he wasn't quite sure if that actually answered either question, he decided it was good enough.

"Seriously?" Mitch then asks again, he just wasn't expecting this at all and couldn't help but compare his brother to Wesley and wondered if he would turn out to be gay as well.

"Honestly Mitch, he was just so good and before you ask, no he isn't gay and you better make sure he knows about safe sex, because the way he looks and the way he kisses, he is going to be very popular." Carter answers with a little smirk, although he was also a tiny bit jealous of just how sexy and perfect his friend seemed to be, but he knew that was stupid and that he had Wesley, who was everything he could have dreamed of in a boyfriend.

"Well wow, he just never stops surprising me." Mitch then states as he takes in the boys words and found himself once again wondering what his brother would do next.

"He is certainly full of surprises, but this one could be quite useful for you Mitch." Erica then says after giving Carter a quick wink and only just manages to keep a straight face as her boyfriend turns to her with a confused expression.

"What can be so useful?" Mitch then asks in a curious tone, although he could see Carter trying not to giggle and felt himself feeling confused again.

"Well I was thinking if he would be willing to teach you how to kiss, I mean it couldn't make it any worse." Erica then says and although she still managed to keep a straight face, she could hear Carter giggling a little bit and her boyfriends face was just priceless.

"You're just so funny." Mitch responds in an unimpressed tone, although he couldn't hide his smile and give away his amusement at his girlfriends joke.

"You two are so funny." Carter then states after giggling for a few moments, but as he glances at the clock he sighs. "I need to go back, thanks for be... well thank you for not making fun of me." He then says as he gets up and walks towards the door.

"Carter just make sure that no one does anything they don't want to do and that means you as well okay." Mitch then states in a firm tone and when Carter turns back around he smiles and knows that even now the older boy was concerned about them, even if it was obvious that he had an attractive distraction sitting right next to him.

"I will and just because I'm so nice, you have each others t-shirts on and Erica's jeans are inside out." Carter responds with a big grin before quickly turning and heading back to the pool house.

"Oh crap." Mitch then states as he realises what the tiny boy was actually saying and couldn't help but blush a little.

"He just sang 'I'm a little teapot' Mitch and he did an original, if not somewhat x-rated dance to it and you're getting shy because he figured out we were naked before he came in here?" Erica quickly asks in a sarcastic tone, before getting up and taking off her boyfriends t-shirt, quickly followed by her inside out jeans.

"Okay fair point, but why don't we head on upstairs, I have a surprise for you." Mitch suggests with a little grin, he was a little worried earlier about doing anything while the boys were awake, but the fact his little brother had called him before Carter had come inside made him relax enough to move things along.

"Lead the way Mr Walker." Erica responds just after stripping completely naked and can't help but admire her boyfriends body after watching him remove his shorts.

"You have to be kidding." Carter says as he slumps down on the sofa, he just couldn't believe he would have to do that in front of everyone and started to think about ending the game or even going home.

"A dares a dare Carter." Ben quickly points out in a friendly tone, although he was surprised his friend was being like this and knew that he must have known they would all cum eventually during the game.

"Shut up Ben." Matt then states and quickly gives his boyfriend an apologetic look, he didn't mean for it to come out that bluntly, but he wanted to see what was bothering their friend. "Carter you must have known we would dare each other to do this sort of thing, so why get upset about it now?" He then asks as he turns his attention to his friend.

"Because it's too early and I just had to do the most embarrassing thing in my entire life, so sorry if I'm not in the mood right now." Carter snaps back in an irritated tone, he didn't want to be rude and left the house feeling quite happy, but this dare just annoyed him too much not to say something.

"I have an idea." Tobias then states in a slightly nervous tone, he could tell that the night was in danger of being ruined and had a fun idea that might keep everyone happy.

"You do?" Matt asks his brother, jumping at the chance to not look at his friend, who he could tell was being serious about not wanting to do the dare.

"Yeah, Carter can just do the dare later on, but I get to choose when he does it, it just won't be for like at least ten dares into the game once we start." Tobias replies with a grin, although he had another condition, but he wanted to get his friends and brothers reactions first.

"Well that sounds fair to me." Ben states as he gives his boyfriend a quick smile to let him know he wasn't angry with him, before turning to his friend to see how he took the idea.

"Come on Carter, it's a good deal and I don't want the game to end just yet, you still have the bullets remember and you know that will be so funny." Wesley then whispers into his boyfriends ear, he really didn't want to go home and knew if his boyfriend stopped playing now, that is where they will end up.

"Okay, but seriously I know dares are meant to be embarrassing, but this is meant to be fun for everyone and so far it just isn't." Carter eventually states after thinking his friends suggestion over and after being reminded about the bullets, he knew he would get revenge on the others.

"Good, now deal the cards Wesley and we will do the two card draw thing we did last time to see who wins and loses." Matt then states after deciding to move straight on to the game before anyone changed their minds about playing.

"Fine by me." Wesley responds with a grin and was glad his friend got the game going, he then quickly finds the cards while everyone else sits where they were before.

"Okay Tobias, just remember you have to choose one and turn it over, if there is a tie, then you turn over the other card to see who loses the round." Matt then tells his brother, just in case he had forgotten.

"I know and this is going to be so cool." Tobias responds as he watches the cards being dealt and decides to be brave and turns his left card over to reveal the 4H and sighs a little.

"Oh wow, well I guess someone is keen to get a dare." Ben states as he looks at his overeager brother and grins.

Deciding to go next and praying for a bit of luck for a change, Carter turns over his left card and smiles when he sees the 5H and despite knowing he wouldn't be able to dare one of the others, he was happy to avoid another dare.

Ben then quickly turns his right card over and grins when he sees the QD and gives his brother an evil grin.

"Oh." Tobias says as he realises that he might actually have to do a dare and couldn't help but feel nervous at the way his brother was looking at him.

"Anyway." Wesley then states before turning over his left card and can't help but feel a little disappointed at only getting the 9D and would have to wait until later to give Tobias the dare he had in mind.

Matt then turns over his card and gives his brother a sympathetic look when he gets the JC and knows by his boyfriends expression, his brother wasn't going to like the dare.

"Ha, well Tobias are you ready?" Ben then states mockingly, although a quick glare from his boyfriend let him know he was taking it too far.

"No." Tobias responds as he tries to prepare himself for whatever his brother had in mind.

"Okay I dare you to kiss all of our penis's for ten seconds and it has to be an actual kiss, just like you were kissing Carter earlier." Ben then states in a slightly hesitant tone, it sounded funny in his head, but after actually saying it out loud, he wasn't sure if his brother would do it and quickly thought of a back up dare just in case.

"Oh fucking hell that is well... wow." Wesley can't help but say, he had thought his friends would take it easy on their brother and even though the dare he had in mind was probably worse, he felt sorry for his friend.

"I don't want to suck a willy though." Tobias then says in a meek tone, he was a little more open after his kiss with his friend earlier, but in his mind there were some things he wouldn't do and sucking a willy was near the top of that list.

"No you don't have to suck them Tobias, just kiss the tips and nothing else." Ben quickly explains, he wasn't sure if that would make any difference, but while the dare was on the table, he wanted to see if his brother would do it.

"Matt?" Tobias then asks as he looks to his brother, he knew he could ask any of them for the honest opinion, but his brother meant so much to him and he trusted him above anyone else.

"Honestly, it's close to a blow job Tobias, but it will only be for ten seconds each and you only have to kiss it, so I would do it and I think you can to, but you don't have to do it." Matt then states as he gives his brothers hand a gentle squeeze, he knew it must be hard for him to be with four gay boys and knew he still didn't quite understand what was right and what was wrong when it came to this sort of thing.

"I want to er... can I start with whoever I want?" Tobias decides to ask as he looks to his other brother, hoping he can start with Carter's because it was the smallest one he would have to kiss.

"Sure, but like Matt said, you don't have to do it Tobias." Ben responds, while also making sure his brother didn't feel pressured into it, especially after what Carter had said about him not having fun so far and he didn't want his brother feeling like that as well.

"I know and well I want to start with Carter." Tobias responds before getting to his knees and turning to his friend, who to his slight dismay was already hard and wasn't sure if that would make it better or worse.

"Ben it's your dare, so you have to time him." Matt then states, although he wondered if they should be making their brother kiss or even touch their penis's, they all knew he didn't want to be gay and was still confused about things.

"No problem." Ben says but almost as soon as he moves over to get in position, Tobias quickly leans down and kisses his friends willy, hoping if he just did it without thinking, it wouldn't be as gross as he expected it would be. "Okay time Tobias." Ben quickly states, although he had actually let it go on for almost twenty seconds, but mainly because he was shocked by what he was seeing, despite it being his idea.

"You okay?" Matt then asks his brother, he could see he looked a little nervous and wanted to make sure he was okay.

"It tasted weird, do all willies taste like that?" Tobias asks in response, he was expecting to taste pee, but instead it was a weird salty sort of taste that was a little sticky.

"Well you have to do it to all of us, so you can answer your own question Tobias." Wesley decides to state with a grin, although it was because he was thinking about how his boyfriend had started to produce a little more pre cum over the past week, than it was about his friends question.

"You're going to love it." Carter then whispers in his boyfriends ear and was already planning on making it a regular part of their relationship, well them doing it to each other, not having their friend do it to them he thought to himself.

"I want to do Ben next and then Wesley and Matt can be last." Tobias then announces as he decides to just try and get it over with.

"Okay sit next to each other guys and he can go from one to the other and I will keep count." Carter then states, after picking up the fact his friend wanted this over with and he wanted to help him out.

"Sure." Matt responds as he sits next to his boyfriend, while Wesley sat down next to him.

"Go ahead Tobias." Carter then prompts his friend, who he had noticed seemed to be hesitating.

"Okay." Tobias responds before kissing his brothers willy, followed by his friends and then his other brothers and couldn't help but compare each of their tastes, they were all different, well Ben's didn't really have any taste or sticky stuff, but his other brother and friend were the same as Carters, but his brothers definitely tasted the best, although he didn't exactly like any of them and wasn't keen on ever trying it again.

"So do all penis's taste the same Tobias?" Wesley then asks and ignores the looks his friends and boyfriend give him for not dropping the subject.

"Not really, but I don't want to taste any more of that stuff." Tobias answers honestly, before moving back to his original position while wiping his lips with the back of his hand.

"You okay?" Ben then asks in a slightly concerned tone, although he knew what the problem was as he had done that a few times himself after he and his boyfriend had been a little naughty, but he knew how his brother felt and didn't want him to be uncomfortable.

"I can still taste it." Tobias responds in a slightly downhearted tone and Ben quickly gets to his feet and goes over to the kitchen and returns with a packet of chewing gum.

"Here you go, but drink some of your OJ first." Ben then says as he hands his brother the packet, before sitting back down in his place again.

"Thank you." Tobias responds before doing as he is told, while Wesley decides to get the next round going.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" Alex asks his friend in a slightly distracted tone, he was trying his best not to check him out after he had come back in his bedroom, but it had been a few minutes and wondered why he just had the towel wrapped around his waist.

"I'm scared of you." Peter then states, while ignoring his friends question and just looking straight at him.

"What?" Alex quickly asks in a stunned tone, he knew he had been a little too open with how he felt, but he hadn't done anything to scare his friend and he never would.

"You really like me and well I want to do some stuff, but I'm scared you will think it's because I like you, you know like in the same way you like me, but I just want to try some stuff." Peter responds honestly, although he could only hope his friend understood what he meant, as he couldn't think of a way to make it sound any clearer and was too nervous to even try.

"I may like you, I might actually really love you Peter, but I'm not a baby and well as long as you don't pretend to like me more than you do, then I will be fine." Alex responds after taking a few moments to think over his friends concerns and although it again seemed to put another nail in the coffin of his hopes of being boyfriends, he could settle for maybe getting to see him naked and kissing him, even if it meant nothing to his friend.

"Let's just play for a little while and maybe we can look at each other naked after." Peter then states as he sits down next to his friend on the bed.

"We could play naked, I mean you're only wearing a towel and I just have my shorts on." Alex then suggests after deciding to be a little braver, his friend obviously wanted to experiment and even if it wasn't what he had hoped for, it was better than nothing.

"You first." Peter responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, he hadn't even thought about doing this before he confronted his friend earlier and here he was now about to sit naked with his friend on a bed and actually wanting to do other things and just couldn't believe it.

"Okay." Alex responds before slowly lowering his shorts and kicking them off.

"Where's the hood?" Peter then asks in a mixture of surprise and curiosity, he had never seen a penis without a hood and wondered why his friend didn't have one.

"Oh right well I'm Jewish, well my family are, but I don't really believe in all that stuff, but they circumcised me when I was a baby." Alex explains and although he was on full display and had the boy he thought he loved staring at him, he didn't feel embarrassed and didn't mind answering his friends question.

"I've never seen one like that before." Peter then says as he stares at his friends penis and couldn't help but be fascinated by it.

"You must have seen them in the showers Peter, I mean there are quite a few others with circumcisions in our school." Alex then states in a slightly bemused tone, although as he really thought about it, he realised that his friend really wasn't interested in sex at all, well until now it seemed and he was just happy that he was going to get to show him the things he can do.

"I don't really look at other boys though, but yours looks cool and can I like touch it?" Peter then asks in a curious tone, he still wasn't interested in his friend as anything more than a friend at the moment, but he was curious and didn't see the harm in touching it.

"You have to show me yours first Peter." Alex responds and although he definitely wanted his friend naked, he was actually just trying to buy himself some time to stop himself thinking this was more than it really was and end up scaring his friend away for good.

"Okay I guess." Peter responds in a slightly surprised tone, he had forgotten that he hadn't took his towel off yet and just lets it drop to the floor, although as soon as he sees his friend looking at him he has to fight the urge to cover up with his hands and just let him see it.

"Oh wow." Alex then says as he looks at his friends penis and while it wasn't huge or really that big, it was nice to look at and his balls hung quite low and were bigger than his own.

"You can touch mine while I touch yours if you want." Peter then offers after deciding to try and be the one in control of what happens, although he can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable when he sees his friends penis starting to twitch a little and getting bigger.

"Look er... we can forget about the game and just jack each other off, it's not gay or anything, well okay it's a little gay I guess, but lots of straight boys do it to each other as well and well do you want to try it?" Alex then suggests and decides that he can push his friend a little harder after he had told him he could touch his penis.

"Okay." Peter responds and although he could feel his heart racing, he was close to getting dressed and going home, he just didn't know what to do and half wished he had never accepted his friends invite.

"Well if you hold mine first, I will hold yours in a few moments." Alex then suggest with a nervous smile and can't help but moan a little as he feels his friends hand gripping his penis, which he realised was going to be fully hard in a few moments time, so decided to take a hold of his friends before he freaked out or something.

"Oh er... what do we do now?" Peter then asks after a few moments of just holding each others penis's, but while his was still soft, his friends was hard and he couldn't help but think about how weird it felt.

"Just copy what I do." Alex responds before slowly moving his hand, well his finger and thumb up and down his boyfriends penis, which to his slight disappointment was still soft, although he did start to feel it getting slightly harder, but as soon as he feels his friends hand moving up and down his own penis, he couldn't stop himself moaning loudly and quickly blushed.

"Should I stop?" Peter quickly asks in a slightly concerned tone, while actually stopping his hand in the process, although to his surprise his friends hand kept moving and he could feel himself getting hard and let out a moan of his own.

"Yeah just lay down and let me make you feel good and then you can do it to me if you want to." Alex responds as he decides to take full control and take the chance to explore his friends body completely.

"Okay." Peter responds nervously, he was still torn over wanting to experiment and wanting to just go home, but as he felt himself being stroked he found himself laying down, before feeling his friend laying on his side beside him.

"I'm going to do some other stuff while I jerk you off, just give them a few moments and if you don't like it, just tell me to stop okay." Alex then says as he continues to stroke his friend with one hand, while slowly running the fingers of his other hand down his friends thighs and can tell by the moans that as long as he went slowly, he could do almost everything he had wanted to do with his friend.

"Mmmm... okay... mmmm." Peter responds as he closes his eyes, he had masturbated himself that one time and it didn't feel anything like this and could hear himself moaning, as he felt his friends free hand running up and down his thigh, while each time it went higher up his body.

"Remember just give yourself a chance to enjoy it, before telling me to stop Peter, but I promise you that you will really like it if you just trust me." Alex then says as he moves his free hand towards his friends nipples and knew that he had to be careful not to freak him out.

"I..." Peter begins to reply but just moans instead as he feels his friends hand begin to speed up on his boner and then whimpers a little after feeling one of his nipples being squeezed gently, followed by the other and although it hurt a little, it definitely felt nice and started to feel a strange tingling feeling.

"You're so sexy." Alex then states as he gets caught up in the moment and before he knows what he is doing he begins to lick and suck on one of his friends nipples while squeezing the other, all the while stroking his friends boner.

"Mmmm, aarrgghh... I'm... I'm..." Peter tries to say but trails off as he starts to moan and whimper, he had never felt like this before and even though he could feel his hips moving up and down in time with his friends hand, he had no control over his body.

"I love you." Alex then says after he finishes sucking his friends nipple and moves up a little further so that he could look at his friends mouth, he had now lost all control over himself and was just going on instinct.

"Huh?" Peter asks as his friends words cut through his pleasure and he suddenly starts to realise that he had made a mistake, but before he can protest he feels something against his lips and realises that he is being kissed and despite wanting to stop, he just found himself returning the kiss and whimpering as his hips began to involuntarily thrust up and down harder and faster, before his whole body tensed and he screamed out in pleasure, although his friends mouth muffled it completely and despite wanting his friend to get off him, he was just lost in pleasure and couldn't push him away as he felt himself being touched, kissed and stroked almost relentlessly.

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