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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 6

July 2015

"Remember just give yourself a chance to enjoy it, before telling me to stop Peter, but I promise you that you will really like it if you just trust me." Alex then says as he moves his free hand towards his friends nipples and knew that he had to be careful not to freak him out.

"I..." Peter begins to reply but just moans instead as he feels his friends hand begin to speed up on his boner and then whimpers a little after feeling one of his nipples being squeezed gently, followed by the other and although it hurt a little, it definitely felt nice and started to feel a strange tingling feeling.

"You're so sexy." Alex then states as he gets caught up in the moment and before he knows what he is doing he begins to lick and suck on one of his friends nipples while squeezing the other, all the while stroking his friends boner.

"Mmmm, aarrgghh... I'm... I'm..." Peter tries to say but trails off as he starts to moan and whimper, he had never felt like this before and even though he could feel his hips moving up and down in time with his friends hand, he had no control over his body.

"I love you." Alex then says after he finishes sucking his friends nipple and moves up a little further so that he could look at his friends mouth, he had now lost all control over himself and was just going on instinct.

"Huh?" Peter asks as his friends words cut through his pleasure and he suddenly starts to realise that he had made a mistake, but before he can protest he feels something against his lips and realises that he is being kissed and despite wanting to stop, he just found himself returning the kiss and whimpering as his hips began to involuntarily thrust up and down harder and faster, before his whole body tensed and he screamed out in pleasure, although his friends mouth muffled it completely and despite wanting his friend to get off him, he was just lost in pleasure and couldn't push him away as he felt himself being touched, kissed and stroked almost relentlessly.

"What do they do?" Tobias asks, he had managed to somehow avoid getting a dare for the last ten rounds, but he now found himself staring at a couple of little plastic things and had no idea what they were for.

"You will see, but you have to put one on the tip of your penis Tobias and the over goes under your balls." Carter explains with a grin, he had had a few chances to get one of his other friends to use them, but he and his boyfriend were both curious to see how Tobias reacted and had waited patiently.

"Oh wow Carter, when did you get those?" Ben then asks, he knew exactly what they were and had thought about getting them to surprise his boyfriend, although having to ask his brother to get them was too embarrassing for him to go through with it.

"A few weeks ago, but anyway come on Tobias or do you want me to put them on?" Carter responds before asking his friend if he needed help, he had noticed that he didn't seem to understand how they even went on.

"Help please." Tobias responds, he just didn't get it at all and couldn't figure out how he was meant to get them to stay in place.

"No problem." Carter then says before turning to his boyfriend. "Got the tape?" He then asks and can't help but grin at the look of excitement on his boyfriends face and he knew this was going to be great to watch.

"Sure." Wesley responds as he looks in the bag and passes his boyfriend the tape, although he was excited by this dare, he was also just relieved to get a break, so far he had been made to masturbate without cumming two times, had to kiss each of the others bum cheeks and had to suck the others toes and started to wonder if he was actually cursed at this game.

"Why do they have wires?" Tobias then asks in a mixture of curiosity and concern, he could see they had some sort of remote thing and wondered if they were going to hurt or whether it would be nice.

"You will see in a few moments, but I promise they don't hurt you." Carter responds as he tapes the first one under the tip of his friends penis, before lifting his balls and taping the other under them, although he had to giggle a little at the little whimpering noises his friend made at the contact.

"This is going to be so awesome." Ben then says as he moves a little closer to his brother to watch.

"Are you ready Tobias?" Carter then asks as he tapes the controls to his friends inner thighs, knowing they vibrated a tiny bit and would add to his friends pleasure.

"Yeah." Tobias responds meekly, before suddenly remembering that his friend still had to do his dare from earlier and figured that it was the perfect time. "Wait er... I want you to do my dare from earlier Carter." He then quickly states and can't help but grin a little at the look on his friends face and the chuckles and giggles from his brothers and other friend.

"Oh this is going to be perfect." Wesley then says as he remembers what the dare was and couldn't wait for his boyfriend to cum, while at the same time finally finding out if their friend could.

"Shit." Carter then says as he realises that he still had the dare from earlier and after some of the dares he had given the others, there was no backing out this time.

"Guys, I need to pee really bad." Matt then states, he knew it was poor timing, but he had been trying to hold it for the last few rounds and after being dared to cum and eat it earlier and then another dare of doing fifty sit ups while kissing his boyfriends boner on each one, he was desperate to go now, but he was nervous to ask in case that meant he would get dared to hold it until he won a round, like his boyfriend had been dared earlier as a forfeit for asking.

"Want me to help you or will you be okay with your cane?" Ben then asks after giving the others a quick look to make sure they didn't give his boyfriend the same forfeit they gave him and even though it was a little unfair, they all knew they had to treat him a lot more carefully than each other and were all happy to let it go.

"I can do it with my cane, I won't be long." Matt responds with a smile and despite knowing that they had let him off the forfeit, he knew why and while he didn't like them treating him differently, he was happy to make an exception this time.

"Right and remember you have to use the cold lube on your penis and the hot lube on your balls Carter." Wesley then states after watching his friend limp to the bathroom, he wanted to make sure his boyfriend remembered the whole dare and wasn't sure his friends would remember either.

"Oh fucking hell." Carter then states, he had actually forgotten that part of the dare and knew it was only a part of it because of his boyfriend and he was now glad he had dared him to masturbate twice without cumming earlier.

"Guys, I'm a little worried about Matt, he has been really quiet for the last few rounds." Ben then states in a hushed tone, he was amused by his two friends exchange, but he knew he might not get another chance to say this.

"Well he obviously needed to pee Ben, so he was probably just concentrating on that." Wesley responds honestly as he gives his friend a reassuring look, he had also picked up on how quiet he was, but after seeing him go to the bathroom, he knew why and didn't think they had to worry about him.

"I guess so." Ben then says as he glances over to the bathroom door.

"He is doing fine Ben and did you notice how quickly he did the fifty sit ups? I mean didn't expect him to be able to do that many and was really just testing him to see how he was doing physically and well he was just awesome." Carter then states in a serious tone, he felt a little guilty for using a dare to test his friend, but he was so happy with the result and knew that his friend was getting stronger.

"Well I was a little distracted by the other part of the dare Carter." Ben responds with a wry look at his friend. "But yeah he is definitely getting stronger and in the pool earlier he was swimming a lot better than he has been." He then states with a proud smile and although his boyfriend had a long way to go, he had noticed that he was making progress.

"His scars look so much better with a tan, you can barely see most of them." Tobias then decides to state, he was only half paying attention to the conversation, while he looked at the two things attached to his willy and balls, but he wanted to join in and distract himself for a few minutes from his dare.

"Yeah and he didn't even hesitate to get naked in front of us, so I think he really did get over them or at least with us anyway." Wesley then says as he thinks about how his friend wouldn't even take his top off a few weeks ago and now he was getting naked without even hesitating around them.

"Okay he is coming back, so get back in position guys and Carter don't forget you have to eat your cum afterwards." Ben then says as he hears the toilet flush and grins at the look of annoyance on his friends face.

"Fine, but only because Matt did it on his dare, but I'm not eating anyone else's cum." Carter responds as the bathroom door opens, but when he glances back at his boyfriend, he could tell what he was thinking. "Okay fine I might eat Wesley's, but I'm not going to eat anyone else's." He then states and although he was sulking a little bit, he actually loved eating his boyfriends cum and hoped he would get the chance at some point.

"Sorry guys, so are you two ready?" Matt asks as he limps over and sits in between his friend and brother, he had wanted to sit with his boyfriend, but his brothers dare wouldn't stop until he came and the game would carry on, but they had to wait for Carter to finish his before the game restarted.

"Sure." Carter responds half sarcastically, ignoring the grin on his boyfriends face and instead just concentrates on himself and starts to rub and squeeze his soft penis.

"What do it do?" Tobias asks, he wasn't really sure what happened next and looked to his brother for help.

"Oh right well er... Wesley can you turn those things on?" Matt asks his friend, he didn't really know how they worked, well he had a good idea, but he didn't want to do it wrong and hurt his brother.

"Sure, I will put them on medium to start with and when Carter finishes his dare I will put them on full." Wesley responds as he makes sure his friends knew what he was doing, before moving over and turning the vibrating bullets on and has to stifle a chuckle when his friend yelps in surprise.

"You okay?" Matt quickly asks in a concerned tone, just before his boyfriend, who was going to ask the same thing.

"They are vibrating." Tobias states in a surprised and slightly amused tone, it felt really weird, but at the same time really good and to his slight embarrassment he watched as his willy started to get bigger and bounce a little. "Oh wow..." He then starts to say before trailing off with a series on soft moans as his willy started to get harder and his balls just felt amazing.

"Wow!" Ben then says as he watches his brother practically purring as the little vibrating things buzzed away.

"Don't forget the lube Carter." Matt then reminds his friend, he was paying more attention to his brother, but he knew his friend hadn't used the lube yet.

"It's okay keep going Carter, I will just pour it on." Wesley then quickly says after seeing his boyfriend letting go of his boner and wanted to join in his dare and knew it would be more fun this way.

"Shit, okay." Carter responds nervously as he watches his boyfriend kneel beside him and then holding both bottles over his groin.

"Lay back and spread your legs, I can't get your balls like this." Wesley then instructs his boyfriend, although he could easily do it how his boyfriend was sitting, he wanted to make it sexier and knew it would mean his boyfriend would be exposing his bum to everyone as well.

"Okay." Carter responds in a suspicious tone, he knew his boyfriend was up to something, but he had no idea what and even when he felt his ankles being pushed towards his bum and his legs spread, he didn't realise that his boyfriend had exposed him bum hole to everyone and just found himself whimpering a little at the feeling of the lube being poured on him, before gasping and moaning as both lubes took effect and he couldn't believe how the two sensations were driving him crazy, he and his boyfriend had only ever used one of the lubes at a time and the hot and cold mixture was amazing.

"Oh, oh, oh wow... mmmm, so wow." Tobias then calls out quietly as his now rock hard willy started to get the full effects of the vibrating bullet, although Wesley noticed that they hadn't really thought it through and knew that he had to take the bullet of his friend and pull his foreskin down to get the full effect.

"Hey Ben, turn the one on his penis off and take it off for a second, he should pull his foreskin down and put it back on, it will drive him crazy." Wesley tell his friend, he was going to do it himself, but his hands were a little slippery after he couldn't resist groping his boyfriend while their friends were distracted.

"Okay." Ben responds before doing as he was told and couldn't help but giggle at the way his brother yelped after taking the bullet off and knew that the tape must have stung a little.

"You know if he puts this lube on it will make it feel better for him." Wesley then suggests after remembering the tingly lube and couldn't resist adding to his friends dare and knew once it kicked in, the look on his friends face would be priceless.

"Okay, just give me a second." Ben responds as he finishes pulling his brothers foreskin back and reattaching the bullet, before turning it back on and can't help but grin as his brother lets out a little squeal.

"This is awesome." Matt then says as he switches between watching his brother and friend, he just loved the little noises they were both making, although he was curious about the lube his friend had suggested and watched as his boyfriend poured it on their brother.

"Oh, oh ah, mmmm..." Tobias then begins to moan as the tingling sensation from the lube begins to take effect.

"What kind of lube is that Wesley?" Matt then asks in a curious tone as he turns to his friend after hearing his brothers reaction and while he and his boyfriend had used lube themselves it never made them make those kind of noises, well without being masturbated at the same time.

"It's tingly lube." Wesley answers in a distracted tone, he had been amused by his friends reaction to the lube, but his attention was firmly on his boyfriend now who was making some of the sexiest noise he had ever heard and knew that the hot and cold lube combination was driving his boyfriend crazy and just loved watching him like this.

"Tingly lube?" Matt then asks in a confused tone and although the name made it pretty obvious, he didn't see how it worked.

"Yeah it just makes everything more sensitive and tingles, so with that and the vibrating bullets, he will be in heaven, with a little bit of hell mixed in." Wesley responds again in a distracted tone and even though he didn't know if his friends would object, he couldn't resist laying beside his boyfriend and kissing him deeply.

"Oh wow." Ben then says as he looks over to his friends and sees them kissing.

"I er... mmmm..." Tobias then begins to say, but trails off as he falls on to his back panting, he had never felt anything like this before and it was amazing.

"We really have to get some of those vibrating things Ben." Matt then states as he looks at his brother and could tell that he was in heaven right now.

"Well you can ask my brother then." Ben responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, he knows it was a little stupid to feel that way, but he was starting to feel like their private lives were a little too public to those around them and he didn't like that.

"Actually I was thinking we could get Wesley to ask his brother, it's getting a little weird having Mitch know almost everything about our sex life Ben." Matt then states in a serious tone, although he was unaware that he had just said what his boyfriend was thinking.

"Oh right well er... yeah we can ask him tomorrow and er... yeah I love my brother, but I want our sex stuff to be more private Matt." Ben responds with a small smile, he just loved how they were on the same wave length about their feelings and thoughts, although the sound of their friend moaning and groaning loudly quickly gets their attention.

"He having orgasm?" Tobias then manages to ask, despite feeling all sorts of pleasurable feelings himself, his friends loud moans got his attention and he managed to turn his head to watch.

"You're so sexy." Wesley then says after breaking the kiss, he had been tempted to carry on the kiss while his boyfriend orgasmed, but he wanted to see it and couldn't wait to watch him eat his cum afterwards and was already planning to kiss him before he could swallow it all.

"OH FUCK... FUCK... FUCK YEAH... FUCKING YEAH... I LOVE... AARRGGHH... LOVE YOU... FUCK... FUCK... FUCKING AARRGGHH!" Carter then cries out as he tenses up and shakes as he cums.

"Wow!" Matt and Ben both then say in unison, they had seen each other orgasm countless times, but to see their friend doing it and actually cumming as well was something else.

"He is going to need a few moments guys." Wesley then says as he gives his friends a small grin, before turning his attention back to his boyfriend, who was still panting hard. "You're so sexy Carter." He then states as he gently strokes his boyfriends hair.

"I feel funny." Tobias then manages to say after propping himself up on his elbows, he couldn't quite put into words what he was feeling but it was definitely nice and it had taken him a few moments to compose himself enough to speak.

"Good or bad funny?" Matt quickly asks in a slightly concerned tone, he had almost forgotten about his brothers dare as his friend orgasmed.

"Mmmm good, but mmmm...." Tobias then begins to explain, but trails off and lays back down again as he begins to moan and groan in pleasure.

"He isn't going to last much longer." Ben then points out with a smile, while their brother was clearly enjoying himself, although he was also curious about whether he could cum or not, when his brother had told them about finding him in bed naked the other week, he couldn't remember if he mentioned anything about cum and he half hoped he couldn't, just so he wouldn't be the only one who couldn't yet.

"Yeah we need to get the game going again." Matt responds before turning to their friends. "Hey is he okay now, we think Tobias is getting close and we need to start the game again." He then asks, he could see his friend was still panting but at least he was now sitting up and knew that he was okay.

"I'm okay, but you guys need to try the lube like that, it was so weird, but good weird." Carter responds, he was still trying to recover, but it really did feel amazing and being kissed by his boyfriend made it even better.

"Maybe later, but anyway finish your dare and we can get the game going again." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a quick grin, before turning back to his friend.

"I did my dare." Carter then quickly protests, he had orgasmed and came.

"Look down Carter." Wesley quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear, he knew his boyfriend had forgotten the second part of his dare and felt a little sorry for him, but at the same time he couldn't wait to kiss him in a few moments time.

"Oh shit." Carter then states as he sees his cum and realises that he still had to eat it.

"It's gross, but it isn't that bad Carter." Matt then states, after pretty much doing the same dare earlier, he knew how his friend was feeling and definitely found it both gross and embarrassing and even though he had tasted his own before after kissing his boyfriend a few times after he had given him a blow job, it was different in front of everyone.

"I know and well I'm only doing it because you did Matt." Carter responds before bringing his hand to his mouth and licking it, he actually didn't mind the taste of his own cum and had kissed his boyfriend enough times while he still had his cum on his lips or in his mouth, but it was definitely different doing it in front of his friends and couldn't stop himself blushing.

"It's not sexy when it isn't you doing that." Ben then whispers into his boyfriends ear, it was still cool and funny to watch their friend doing it, but it wasn't as sexy as when he watched his boyfriend doing the same thing earlier.

"Well Wesley doesn't seem to agree with you." Matt then responds, but doesn't bother whispering as he looks across to see his two friends now kissing.

"Hey look." Ben then says in an excited tone after glancing over to their brother, who to his amusement was actually humping the air.

"Oh wow." Matt responds as he stares at his brother and then over to their friends. "Hey guys cut it out and start dealing Wesley." He then decides to say, he could tell his brother was close and knew that his dare wouldn't end before he won a round and knowing how painful multiple orgasms could be, he was a little worried if they waited too long.

"Yeah come on guys." Ben then says with a big grin as their two friends break apart with a mixture of disappointment and embarrassment.

"Oh fuck, he is humping the air." Wesley then states in an amused tone as he sees his friend clearly about to orgasm.

"Yeah so hurry up and deal." Matt responds with a slightly irritated tone, although he quickly smiles when he sees his friends and boyfriend giving him a concerned look. "Sorry, just get dealing Wesley." He then apologies with a guilty smile.

"Sure." Wesley responds and quickly shuffles the cards and deals them out.

Matt then turns his right card over after deciding to fix it so his brother didn't have to do anything for a few more moments and was happy to see the QH.

Wesley then turns his right card over as well and sighs a little when he sees the 7S and while not the worst card, it wasn't the best either.

"Oh crap." Ben then says after turning over his left card and reveals the 5S and knows he is in trouble.

"Aarrgghh... MMMM... mmmm... mmmm" Tobias then cries out quietly as his first orgasm hits him and everyone quickly looks over in surprise, although it was more because of how quiet he was, they were all used to hearing each other shout and swear, so were a little shocked as they could clearly see that he was still bucking a little bit.

"Oh wow, I know Mitch told us about how everyone was different, but wow." Wesley then says as thinks about the talk the older boy had given them about how there were different ways people orgasmed, but he had never heard one like this as his boyfriend often swore quite a bit when he orgasmed and he wasn't exactly quiet himself, so it was an interesting thing to watch.

"Yeah, but it kind of suits him." Ben then says as he thinks about the same conversation as his friend was thinking about and couldn't help but think that it really did suit him.

"How are you doing Tobias?" Matt then asks after deciding to check if his brother was okay to carry on.

"So cool." Tobias responds in a contented tone before moaning out a little as the vibrating bullets continued to pleasure him.

"Well at least I don't have to do a dare next." Carter then says after deciding to get the game going again as he looks down at the 10C he had just turned over.

"Tobias left or right?" Matt then asks his brother, he could tell that he was too distracted to know that they had even restarted the game.

"Left." Tobias then finally manages to respond after a few moments, he was loving the feelings he was getting and couldn't believe his willy was still hard.

"Well you got the 9C Tobias, so you didn't win or lose the round." Matt then tells his brother, who to his amusement just moaned instead of actually responding to him.

"Looks like you lose then Ben." Wesley then states as he looks at the cards again and couldn't help but hope that this dare would be good after seeing that Matt had won.

"Ah cool." Matt then says as he realises that he won and gives his boyfriend an evil grin.

"Oh shit, but you know I will get you back if I win and you lose." Ben then states as he looks at his boyfriend and could tell what he was going to dare him to do.

"Good luck with that, but anyway I dare you to have an enema Ben." Matt then says, but can't help but giggle as his two friends both cough in surprise and knew that they didn't expect that.

"Holy fuck that is awesome." Wesley then says and although he had hoped the dare would be good, this was even better than he thought it would be.

"Me er... mmmm..." Tobias then tries to say, but just trails off and begins to moan again after his friend pours some more tingly lube on him.

"Carter?" Matt quickly asks in a surprised tone and wonders why his friend would do that to him.

"What? It's funny and well the noises he makes are so cute." Carter responds with a grin, although he can tell that his friend wasn't impressed and felt a little guilty.

"So cool." Tobias then says before he begins to pant a little more and buck his hips again.

"Okay, but no more and once he orgasms again I'm taking those things off him." Matt then states in a serious tone as he gives his brother a concerned look, but relaxes when he sees how much he seemed to be enjoying himself.

"Sorry, but you have to admit, he looks really sexy like that." Carter responds with a shy smile and as much as he wanted to deny it, Matt couldn't disagree as they all watched his brother humping the air again.

"How am I going to do the enema if he is like that?" Ben then asks as he looks at his brother on the floor and despite preferring him not to see, it wouldn't be fair if they just left him alone like that while they all went to the bathroom to watch him do his enema.

"Hmm good point, okay how about you wait until Tobias is done with his dare before you do yours." Matt suggests and gives his friend a nod to deal another round.

"Okay." Ben says with a little grin, he knew he would still have to do the dare, but he was glad that he had a little more time to get ready for it.

"Right let's get another round in." Wesley then says after returning his friends nod and deals out the cards.

"Yes!" Ben calls out with a big grin as he turns over the AC and can't resist turning to his boyfriend, who realises that he might be joining his boyfriend in having an enema a lot sooner than he hoped for.

"Well you got me beat I guess." Wesley then says as he turns over the QD and smiles, he may not have won the round, but a queen was pretty much a guarantee that he wouldn't lose the round.

Carter then just smiles nervously as he turns over the 5D and knows that he is in trouble, although he notices that while Matt smiles a little, Ben seemed to be a little disappointed and guessed that he wanted his boyfriend to lose this round.

"Left." Tobias then calls out, he was feeling all sorts of things, but he had tried really hard to pay attention and actually take part in this round, although the constant vibrating was beginning to make him feel all funny and tingly again, which along with the lube already tingling was bringing him close to his second orgasm and he didn't know whether to be excited or scared.

"You got the 6C Tobias, so you're safe again." Matt states as he turns over is brothers card, but then realises that he is next and couldn't help feeling nervous, he hadn't lost a round for quite a while and he was starting to get a little scared of the enema as well.

"Come on Matt." Ben then says in an excited tone, he knew it was unlikely his boyfriend would get lower than a five, but was hoping to have his boyfriend do his enema at the same time and not just for him, but he knew his boyfriend might be getting scared and wanted to be there for him.

"Mmmm aarrgghh mmmm." Tobias then moans out loudly, but as everyone turns to him, they can see that he hadn't had his second orgasm yet, but the way he was twitching and straining, they all knew it was close.

"Fuck it!" Matt then says as he turns over his right card and sees the 2H and frowns as the others turn to him to see what was going on.

"Yes!" Ben then states excitedly and grins at his boyfriend. "Looks like we get to do it together now." He then says in a slightly calmer tone, but just as he is about to move over to him, their brothers moaning gets both of their attention again.

"Mmmm... oh... oh... mmmm... ah... mmmm... yeah... mmmm." Tobias calls out, although it was barely above a whisper as his body tenses up and shudders for a few moments before collapsing back to the floor.

"That is just so sexy." Carter then says as he watches his friend, before jumping a little as his boyfriend pokes him in the side. "What? It is and I can tell you think so too." He then protests as he gives his boyfriend a knowing look.

"Fine you're right, but it doesn't mean you have to keep telling me how sexy someone else is being." Wesley responds in a slightly irritated tone, although he also smiles to let his boyfriend know that while he was a little annoyed, he wasn't angry or trying to start a fight.

"Sorry." Carter replies shyly as he gives his boyfriend a guilty look.

"Make them stop." Tobias then calls out, he had loved how the bullets felt so far, but now they were beginning to actually make him uncomfortable and he didn't like it any more.

"Help me take them off him Ben." Matt quickly tells his boyfriend as he kneels beside their brother and starts to take the bullet from under his balls off, while his boyfriend starts on the one on his penis after turning them both off.

"Carter I'm not mad at you and he is definitely sexy, but I don't like hearing you admitting it and I bet you would feel the same way if I did the same okay." Wesley then decides to tell his boyfriend in a quiet tone while their friends are distracted.

"I guess so, but I'm still sorry and I will try my best not to do it again." Carter responds with a sweet smile and Wesley can't resist leaning in for a kiss.

"How did it feel Tobias?" Matt decides to ask after he and his boyfriend had watched him for a few moments.

"So cool." Tobias responds before moaning again as he reaches down and rubs himself.

"I see." Matt then says as he gives his brother a bemused look, before turning to his boyfriend with a grin.

"Hey Tobias why don't you come and get a drink, you must be thirsty after that." Ben then suggests with a smile, he like his boyfriend couldn't believe that their brother was playing with himself, despite having two orgasms and wasn't even hard now.

"I'm all slippery." Tobias then says as he slowly gets to his feet, but as he tries to walk he stumbles a little bit. "What wrong with me?" He then asks after both his brothers help him stand up.

"You just need to rest for a few moments and we will help you wash the lube off as well." Ben answers with a little smile, he just thought his brother was adorable and it was funny seeing him discover new things.

"Okay well we need to er..." Matt begins to say, but trails off as he looks around to their friends and could only smirk at what they were doing.

"What are they doing to each others bums?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone and both Matt and Ben struggle to hold back their amusement as their two friends quickly break apart after remembering that they weren't alone.

"They were just rubbing them a little bit Tobias, now come with me and I will help you get cleaned up, while they get us some drinks ready." Matt answers, before giving his two embarrassed looking friends and big grin, they may not have actually been fingering each other, but he was sure that they would have been in a few minutes time and half wished his brother kept quiet.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he gives his two friends a curious look, but as his brother starts moving towards the bathroom, he follows him.

"Let go." Peter says as he tries again to push his friend off, but just like the last three attempts he just feels himself being held as his friend sucks and bites his nipples, while holding his hands to his sides. "You promised." He then says in a sad tone before sniffling.

"What?" Alex then asks after finally paying attention to his friend, he had gone into his own little world as he tried to pleasure his friend, but after hearing him sniffle he snapped back to reality and was confused by his reaction.

"I want to go home." Peter then states, but again his friend is too strong and he can't get free.

"What's wrong?" Alex then asks, before letting his friend go after realising that he was being serious and struggling against him.

"You promised and you lied." Peter responds as he sits up and backs himself up against the headboard of his friends bed, he didn't know how to feel about what happened and despite wanting to go, a part of him enjoyed it and it just left him confused.

"I thought you were enjoying it." Alex then states as he gives his friend a curious look, he could see that he was hard again and the moaning sounds he was making had told him he was enjoying it, so he didn't understand what was going on.

"You said you would stop if I told you to and you didn't, you lied and you tricked me." Peter then states as he sniffles again, he just didn't know what to think, he really enjoyed what his friend was doing and he really enjoyed his orgasm, but when his friend just kept going it scared him and he didn't like the fact he was helpless.

"I er... you did?" Alex asks nervously, he had been so focused on trying to show his friend how much he loved him, that he had pretty much blocked out everything else and just thought his friend was just squirming in pleasure.

"You..." Peter begins to say but trails off as he looks at his friend and despite feeling scared and angry, he could tell that his friend had no idea he had done something wrong and didn't really know what to do.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to make you see how good I can make you feel." Alex then says before getting off the bed to get dressed.

"It was good." Peter then says in a meek tone, he really did like the feelings he got, but at the same time he didn't feel anything for his friend, well he liked him, but he didn't like him as anything other then a friend.

"There is more we can do and well you will really like it." Alex then says as he turns back to his friend, he was harder than he had ever been and would give anything for his friend to want to make him feel good, but he could tell that unless he did something he had only done once before, they were never going to be more than friends and he was willing to give it a try.

"I don't want you to do anything else to me." Peter responds honestly, he just couldn't trust his friend to get carried away again and he didn't want him to touch him like that any more.

"Oh." Alex says in a disappointed tone and knew that he had messed his chance up and could feel himself getting angry for going too far.

"I er... can I well er... can I masturbate you though?" Peter then asks in a nervous tone, although as soon as the words leave his mouth he wonders why he had asked that and could feel himself blushing.

"What?" Alex quickly asks in a surprised tone, but as happy as the thought made him, he was now starting to wonder if he was just setting himself up to get hurt, he had made it clear how much he liked his friend and he in return had seemed to make it clear he didn't like him back, but now he was getting mixed messages.

"I just want to see what it is like, but er... Alex, I don't like you, well I like you as a friend and you're like my best friend, but I don't think I'm gay." Peter responds as best he can, to him sex was new and he definitely liked how his friend made him feel, but he knew he would like those feelings the same if not more from a girl and was sure he was straight.

"I don't know, I mean I want you to do it, but you're confusing me Peter, I love you and I want to make you feel good, but if you don't like me like that, then it's not fair and..." Alex then begins to say but stops talking as his friend gets off the bed and walks in front of him.

"I'm sorry." Peter then says as he gives his friend a cuddle. "I want to like you, but I still don't know what I am, well I think I'm straight but I don't really know and I'm only twelve." He then says before letting go of his friend and despite what he just said he can't help but glance down.

"We should put some underwear on and play some games for a while." Alex decides to suggest with a smile, he was devastated in one way at his friends words, but he had prepared himself for this and was happy to settle with just being friends, well he wasn't happy but he really liked being around him and he didn't want to lose that.

"Maybe, but can I still you know er... I really want to see what it is like." Peter then says as he glances at his friends now half hard penis, he knew that this was probably his only real chance to touch someone else's and he was curious enough to want to try it at least once.

"So this is just..." Alex begins to asks but trails of for a few moments as he looks at his friend. "Okay, but can I do you again at the same time?" He then decides to ask, he now understood this was just his friend being curious and decided that he would make the most of this chance as it was clear that after tonight they were just going to be friends.

"Okay and then I'm going to kick your arse on the computer." Peter responds with a grin, he was so happy his friend wasn't upset and was definitely relieved that he hadn't tried to force him to do anything, although he was still a little annoyed by what happened earlier, but he could tell his friend hadn't meant to do that and he still trusted him.

"You wish." Alex responds as he gives his friend a gentle push, before he walks over to his bed and sits up against the headboard and smiles when his friend joins him. "We can stop and just..." He then begins to say after sensing his friend was changing his mind, but he quickly gasps as he feels his friends fingers exploring his now hard penis and stops talking.

"It feels different to mind and it's bigger." Peter then states in a fascinated tone, while he reached down to his own boner and compared how they felt and was confused at how different it felt.

"Yeah it's something to do with well, honestly I can't remember but apparently there is a reason." Alex then manages to say, although as his friend began to stroke him, his mind went completely blank and felt a little stupid for saying what he did.

"You can do mine now, but none of that other stuff okay." Peter then says as he shifts a little and spreads his legs a little.

"I promise." Alex responds as he gives his friend a small smile before reaching down and starts to stroke him.

"Whose room is this?" Erica asks as she stands in the bedroom with a grin, after being made to wait outside for a few minutes while her boyfriend did something, she had never been in this room and was stunned to see candles and a king sized bed with rose petals on it.

"Once Tobias is settled and ready to sleep on his own, I will move in here and he will have the other room all to himself." Mitch answers as he wraps his arms around his girlfriend from behind, he had talked with Sarah and while they were originally going to let Tobias move into this room, they both agreed that he would feel safer and more comfortable staying in the other room.

"You're just amazing." Erica then says as she turns around in her boyfriends arms and kisses him deeply for a few moments. "I've never felt like this about anyone before." She then says in a sincere tone before resuming the kiss, every time she thought she had him figured out, he just did something else to surprise her and she couldn't be happier than she was right now.

"I love you." Mitch then says after breaking the kiss, he had said it to a few girls before, well to a lot of girls over the years, but this was the first time he meant it and it just felt so natural to say.

"I love you as well." Erica then says in response before giving him a long and passionate kiss, while again being surprised by him. "Now shut the door and show me how much you love me." She then states in a lustful tone before gently pushing him away, she had heard those three words from enough boys and men for it to feel like a cheap token gesture, but coming from her boyfriend just now, she knew he meant it and just wanted him so badly that as soon as he shut the door, she pulled him to the bed and pushed him do on to it.

"Is this me showing you or you showing me?" Mitch then asks with a small but lustful grin as he watches his girlfriend climb up his body with a trail of kisses.

"Shut up and kiss me." Erica states in a firm tone, after reaching his face and grins as she feels herself being held and then rolled on to her back as her boyfriend takes control.

"I'm going to kiss you until you are begging me to stop." Mitch then states in a playfully serious tone, before kissing her for a few moments and then to her initial disappointed breaks it, but as he begins to kiss down her body, she quickly realises where he is going and begins to moan as he gives each of her nipples a long kiss and nibble before continuing to his target.

"I really do love you." Mitch then says, but doesn't give his girlfriend a chance to respond as he spreads her legs and buries his head between them.

"You okay?" Ben asks as he holds his boyfriend in his arms with a sad expression, while their brother and friends sat around them looking both scared and concerned.

"I'm sorry." Matt then says as he tries to stop himself shaking, his enema had started out okay and even though he struggled a little when his boyfriend lubed him up and put the nozzle in, it wasn't until he had to let it out, that he freaked out as it triggered memories of his dad torturing him and he just felt devastated all over again.

"It's not your fault." Carter then says in a reassuring tone, although he was confused by what happened, he and he guessed the others as well thought the worst part for him would be putting the nozzle in, so after that seemed to go okay they had all relaxed, so when he freaked as the water started to come out, it came as a complete surprise.

"Do you want to tell them?" Ben then asks his boyfriend, he knew what had happened and felt angry at himself for not even considering what having an enema could do to his boyfriend.

"Tell us what?" Wesley then asks in a confused tone, just beating his boyfriend who was going to ask the same thing as they both realised that something else was going on.

"You do it please." Matt then says, he had never wanted to tell anyone else about this and wanted to keep it that way, but after what just happened he knew just telling his boyfriend and aunty wasn't enough and like all his other problems, he knew he just had to be brave.

"You don't have to tell us." Carter then states, he had no idea what they were about to hear, but he knew it must be bad and he felt like he had to say something.

"It's okay, well it's not okay but..." Ben then begins to say before pausing. "Are you sure Matt?" He then whispers in his boyfriends ear, he knew how ashamed his boyfriend felt admitting it to him and his aunty, so he wanted to make sure he was okay with it.

"No, but tell them please." Matt responds quietly as he tightens his hold on his boyfriend.

"You all know David did a lot of things to him, but there is something he has only told me and his aunty and well you all have to promise never to tell anyone else about this before I tell you." Ben then states as he looks at his two friends and his brother, who he suddenly realises is crying silently. "Guys can you hold him please." He then asks as he gives his two friends a sad look, he just couldn't believe how David, despite being in prison, had still managed to keep hurting his boyfriend and just wished he was dead or worse.

"Okay and we both promise not to say anything." Carter responds as he pulls his friend over to him, while his boyfriend sat on the other side so that he was in between them both.

"I promise as well." Tobias then states in between sniffling, he just couldn't stop thinking about what his brother used to be like and seeing him like he is now was just heartbreaking for him.

"David didn't let him have any food or water apart from a few sandwiches and a glass of OJ when he first woke up on the first day." Ben then states and although he could just come out and say everything, he was finding it a lot harder than he thought he would to tell them what his boyfriends dad made him do.

"Wait, he didn't let him have anything to eat or drink for the whole week?" Wesley quickly asks in a shocked tone, he knew his friend had been through hell, but to be starved and not given anything too drink just made it seem even worse.

"Not exactly." Ben responds and again struggles to say the words and feeling his boyfriend shaking just made it harder.

"Oh no." Carter then says as he quickly works out what had happened and couldn't help but give his friend a sad look.

"What happened?" Wesley then asks in a confused tone, he could tell by his boyfriends tone that he had figured it out and didn't like it, so he knew it must be bad.

"David made him eat his own shit and drink his own pee Wesley and if he was sick afterwards, he made him eat that as well." Ben states in an almost emotionless tone, although his friends and brother could all tell that he was both angry and upset.

"Every day?" Wesley then asks, although as soon as the words come out of his mouth, he regrets them and knew that it was a stupid question and one that didn't need asking.

"He wasn't allowed out of his room, so whenever he couldn't hold it, David would come in and make him eat or drink it." Ben then states as he gives both his friends and brother a sad look, before looking down at his boyfriend and kissing the top of his head.

"We should get dressed." Wesley then states and as much as he wanted to come out with some funny remark to make everyone feel a little better, he knew that it was impossible and not for the first time he found himself wondering how someone could do that to their own child.

"One time at school some bullies put my head in a toilet with poo in it and then afterwards they started peeing all over me and then just left me in one of the stalls and I was so upset, but Matt found me and he washed my face and hair and then he swapped clothes with me so that I wouldn't have to walk around smelling like pee." Tobias then says in a quiet tone, he didn't know why he told that story, but it just felt like the right thing to do and when he looked up he saw his brother smiling at him.

"You seriously spent the rest of the day in pee stained clothes, just so he wouldn't have to?" Carter asks as he turns to his friend, he knew he was a good person and had no doubt he would help a friend, but that was going above and beyond in his opinion.

"He was my best friend and he needed me." Matt manages to respond after a few sniffles, he couldn't believe his friends hadn't made fun of him or looked at him in disgust for what his dad made him do and then his brother revealing one of their secrets, just made him feel so much better than he was feeling.

"But didn't you get bullied or laughed at for the rest of the day?" Carter then asks as he looks at his friend curiously, he couldn't believe the sudden change in his mood, although as he thought about it, it really wasn't that much of a surprise and decided to just be happy that he seemed to be happy.

"Well I had sports the next lesson, so I just got to the changing rooms as fast as possible and got changed before anyone else got there." Matt answers with a small grin, he would have done the same thing even if he didn't have sports the next lesson, but if definitely made his choice a lot easier.

"Tell them what else you did." Tobias then states with a wide grin, the fact his brother had sports the next day didn't make what he did any less special in his mind and even though they were pretty much inseparable already, after that they were even closer and he knew he had a friend for life.

"Nah it was mean Tobias." Matt responds with a slightly guilty look, although he didn't regret doing it and the other boy deserved it, he had never enjoyed embarrassing someone else.

"Please." Tobias then says with his best puppy dog eyes, although he wanted the others to know what happened, he also wanted to try and make sure they didn't go back to talking about what David had made his brother do, he could see how upset it made him and now they all knew, he didn't see the point in talking about it any more.

"Come on Matt, if you tell us I will do any dare you want." Ben then says after sitting in silence for a while, he had never seen his boyfriend do anything mean or talked about doing something like that and he was willing to get embarrassed to find out what he did.

"Okay, but I'm not proud of it, but he did deserve it." Matt then says, he wasn't going to tell them anything, but he had a dare for his boyfriend and he knew it would be good.

"Well come on then Matt, tell us what you did and then Ben can do his dare." Wesley then states as he gives both his friends a grin, while reaching around the back of his other friend to rub his boyfriends bum, he was relieved that they weren't still talking about what David made his friend do, he knew how much it must have took for him to let them know and he didn't think he needed to talk about it any more than that.

"Hey!" Tobias then suddenly calls out and shuffles forward, before turning and glaring at his two friends. "No touching my bum." He then states in an annoyed tone and Wesley can't help but blush as he realises that he had squeezed the wrong bum.

"You're such a moron Wesley." Carter then states with a big grin as he looks over to his boyfriend and despite being a little annoyed that he was touching someone else's bum, he found it more amusing when he realised that he grabbed the wrong bum.

"None of you can touch my bum like that." Tobias then says in a serious tone, with a look to match it.

"Tobias calm down, he was just trying to squeeze Carter's bum." Matt decides to state as he looks at his brother with a warm smile, although he couldn't help but realise his brother was very protective of his bum and wondered if it was just because they were all gay or if something else was going on, but he knew that this wasn't the time for it and decided to forget about it for now.

"Okay, but no touching my bum like that." Tobias responds as he relaxes a little, but instead of rejoining his friends his moves over to sit on his own.

"I'm sorry Tobias and I really was trying to squeeze Carter's bum, but I'm still really sorry." Wesley then states sincerely, he felt guilty for upsetting his friend, although he wondered why he was so upset about having his bum squeezed, he had kissed another boy, kissed all their penis's and orgasmed in front of him and compared to those it was a strange thing to get upset over, especially since they also played grab in the pool earlier as well.

"I guess so, but Matt got to tell you what he did now." Tobias points out, he knew he was overreacting, but he couldn't help it and wanted to change the subject away from him.

"Yeah come on Matt, I pretty much screwed myself over so we got to hear what you did, so get talking." Ben then says after watching the exchange and thinking the same thing as his boyfriend and friend and decided to talk to his boyfriend about it later.

"It's not even that good, it was just mean." Matt then says as he stalls to see if his boyfriend might get impatient enough to offer to do more dares.

"Matt tell them or I will and then Ben won't have to do dare." Tobias then decides to say, he could tell his brother was stalling on purpose and despite still being a little annoyed over having his bum squeezed, he wanted to try and have some fun again.

"Fine, well like I said, I went straight to the changing rooms after making sure he was okay, but after getting changed no one came in and I knew that the leader of the boys who attacked Tobias was in the same sports class as me, so I got a great idea to get him back, I just needed to think of a way to get back to the changing room before the lesson was over for it to work." Matt explains, but decides to pause as he tries to remember everything, he knew the end result but it had been a long time since he last thought about it and he needed a few moments.

"So?" Wesley then asks in a slightly inpatient tone, although he quickly gets an elbow in the ribs and turns to his boyfriend with a quizzical look.

"Stop being a moron, it must have happened like five or six years ago and he is probably just trying to remember it all." Carter then states with a smirk before smirking at his boyfriend, he had a pretty good idea of what his friend did to the other boy, but he was interested in hearing how his friend got out of the class early.

"Fine, but just so that it's clear, you mean gym class when you say sports class right Matt?" Wesley asks after giving his boyfriend an unimpressed look, although he couldn't stop himself smiling as his boyfriend just stared at him and knew he saw right through his attempt to pretend he was mad at him.

"Yeah sorry, we call it sports class in England." Matt answers with a slight blush, he had actually adapted to calling it gym class almost straight away, but having his brother around and thinking about England, he had just slipped back to calling it sports class without even realising. "Right anyway, we wear doing some running I think, honestly I can't remember, but whatever it was I pretended to trip over and hurt my ankle, so I got sent back to the changing rooms early and quickly got the dirty and wet clothes from my bag and then found the other boys clothes and checked that none of them had his name on and that they were the same size and stuff." He then starts to explain before being interrupted by friend.

"No fucking way." Wesley states in disbelief, he knew his friend had a great sense of humour, but this was taking it to another level and he thought it was great, right up until he felt his boyfriends elbow dig into his ribs.

"Stop swearing and don't interrupt him you moron." Carter then quickly says with a big grin and can't help giggling at the look on his boyfriends face.

"Fine, but if you elbow me again Carter, I'm going to do what you did to me earlier with the bullets." Wesley retorts with an evil grin and the others can't help but wonder what he was talking about after seeing their other friend blushing and looking embarrassed.

"You wouldn't." Carter then states in a worried tone, he knew what had happened to his boyfriend and knew that they were too far into the dare game to back of doing any, so he was hoping his boyfriend was bluffing.

"We will see." Wesley responds before turning back to his friends. "So anyway, what happened Matt?" He then asks, before quickly winking at his boyfriend to let him know that he was serious.

"Yeah, so anyway I checked to make sure they weren't tagged and were the same size and switched them, we all wore the same uniforms and most of us were pretty much the same size at that age, so I knew he wouldn't be able to prove anything, so I quickly went back over to my seat and waited for the others to come in." Matt then says as he finishes explaining and waits to see if his friends thought it was funny or disappointing.

"Wait, did you just sat there in your gym stuff or did you get changed?" Ben then asks and despite getting odd looks from his friends, he was curious because if his boyfriend waited to get changed, then that would have been genius and the other boy probably would know who did it if he had changed, well it might be obvious because his boyfriend was in the room already, but at that age, he doubted logic featured in a boys mind much.

"I was going to change, but I thought it would be better if I waited, that way even if the boy knew it was me, he wouldn't dare tell on me and plus I had to pretend my ankle hurt, so I was going to ask another friend to help me get changed, you know when the teacher was there and well yeah, that's what happened." Matt responds with a smile, which quickly widens when his boyfriend kisses his cheek.

"You're awesome." Ben then says and this time turns his boyfriends head so that he could kiss him on the lips.

"Wow, but what did he do when he realised his clothes, well Tobias's clothes were covered in pee?" Wesley then asks as he tries to picture it in his head and couldn't stop himself grinning.

"I tried not to look too much, but I saw the look on his face when he started to pull his trousers up and realised they were damp and then when he held up his shirt and jumper and it was so funny, especially when some of the boys near him started to smell the pee and were laughing at him, I think he was starting to get angry, but then the teacher just told everyone to hurry up and get dressed and he had no choice but to change, the teacher would never let us wear our sports stuff out of changing room and it was just so funny seeing his red face." Matt answers and despite still feeling bad for being so mean, he couldn't stop himself chuckling a little.

"That's why Matt was my hero, he always looked after me." Tobias then says, he just always knew he would protect him or comfort him and he just loved him so much, even if he wasn't exactly a weak boy at the time, he wasn't invincible and was glad he had him protecting him.

"You were mine too." Matt then says before holding his hand out for his brother to take and smiles when he instead moves over and cuddles up against his side.

"Did he try to get you back?" Carter then decides to ask, he thought it was nice how his friends were reminiscing, but he was curious about what happened next.

"He tried to beat me up a few days later with his friends, but I kicked him in the balls and Tobias beat two of the others up, while I made the other one run away crying." Matt answers before blushing again, he hated fighting and hurting someone, but that didn't mean he didn't know how to defend himself, well at that age anyway, he doubted he could put up much of a fight against kids his age now though.

"Wait, you beat up two of them on your own Tobias?" Wesley then quickly asks in a mixture of surprise and curiosity, looking at his friend now he couldn't see him as much of a threat in a fight, but now he started to wonder if he had underestimated him.

"I would have beat them up the first time, but they surprised me and there were four of them." Tobias responds with a small grin, he wasn't some invincible killing machine, but he could fight and defend himself, well unless he got surprised like he did back then.

"He never got into any real fights though, well apart from that time and maybe once or twice before that, so no one ever really knew he could fight." Matt then states with a small smile, he had actually forgotten how tough his brother actually was, until he really started to think about it again.

"I don't like fighting though, it's nasty and mean." Tobias then decides to state, he didn't want the others to think he enjoyed it.

"I know exactly what you mean Tobias." Wesley then states after hearing his friend stating the same thing he believed about fighting.

"Really?" Tobias asks curiously, he remembered the first time he met his two friends in person and he remembered Carter telling him about how Wesley didn't like fighting and it only just occurred to him that they shared that mentality together.

"Yeah he hates it, remember I told you the first time we met about how much he hated it Tobias." Carter then states with a smile, he couldn't blame his friend for probably not remembering that, a lot was going on and it wasn't exactly something that was that important in the grand scheme of things.

"Oh right yeah, well it's cool." Tobias responds with a shy smile.

"So what's my dare going to be?" Ben then decides to ask, he looked at the time and thought about suggesting a break from the game soon to watch a movie or something, but he didn't want to spend all that time worrying about what his dare might be.

"Oh er... just give me a second." Matt quickly responds in a surprised tone, he had actually forgotten about the dare as he was remembering his past with his brother and needed to remember what he was going to make his boyfriend do.

"This is going to be awesome." Wesley then states with a big grin as he looks at his friend.

"Well should we call this the last dare and watch a film or something next, then if everyone is up for it we can carry on with the dare game." Carter then suggest, although he thought it was a good time to have a little break from the game, he really just wanted to snuggle up with his boyfriend for a couple of hours and just be in his arms, although he was also thinking about what his friend had been through and despite the fact he seemed okay now, having to eat your own shit and pee like that must have been traumatic and he just felt so sorry for him.

"Fine by me." Matt responds before giving the dare some more thought.

"Me too." Ben responds, although his attention was on his boyfriend and despite feeling nervous, he couldn't help but think he was going to enjoy the dare, he didn't know why, he just could tell by the way his boyfriend looked.

"Okay." Tobias then says, although he was disappointed that the dare game had stopped and wanted to experience some more stuff.

"So what's it going to be Matt?" Wesley then asks again, deciding to get the focus back on the dare again.

"Ben I dare you to kiss me and grind against me until we both orgasm." Matt states after a few moments with a shy smile, he would have loved to dare his boyfriend to have sex with him, but for now this was the closest they could get to that and it was good enough for him.

"Oh wow." Wesley then states in an excited tone, he may love his boyfriend with all his heart, but his two friends were hot and to watch them doing that was definitely something he wanted to see, especially knowing they wouldn't stop until they both orgasmed.

"So cool." Tobias then says as he absent mindedly starts to play with himself.

"Do you guys want some privacy?" Carter then decides to ask, he didn't know why and could tell straight away his boyfriend wasn't happy with his suggestion, but he got the feeling from his friends tone that this was more than just a dare and after revealing something so dark to them, he knew that he might just need to be alone with his boyfriend for a little while.

"I want to watch though." Tobias then quickly states, before blushing just as quickly.

"Wow." Wesley can't help but say at his friends words and wondered just what went through his head sometimes.

"What?" Tobias then asks curiously, he just wanted to watch and thought it would be cool.

"Nothing, just wasn't expecting a straight boy to be interested in watching his brothers having sex." Wesley responds with a big grin.

"I er... oh." Tobias responds meekly and wonders if he had done something wrong and Wesley quickly realises that he went too far with his teasing.

"Nice going Moron." Carter then states as he moves over to give his friend a cuddle, after glaring at his boyfriend first.

"I don't want to play any more." Tobias then says before trying to get up, but to his frustration he is held in place by his friend.

"Tobias it's okay, I wanted to watch them as well, but I just thought they might want some privacy and ignore Wesley, he was just trying to be funny and we both know he is rubbish at that." Carter states in a friendly and reassuring tone, before looking over his shoulder and sticking his tongue out at his boyfriend.

"Stultus es Wesley." Tobias then states with a small grin as he looks over to his friend, while the others wonder what he just said.

"Donate mihi?" Wesley then responds with a small grin of his own, it always amazed him that he remembered as much Latin as he did, he barely ever uses it and yet it is almost as easy as speaking English to him.

"Propitius tibi." Tobias responds with a bigger grin and despite feeling embarrassed a few moments earlier, he was feeling a lot better now and enjoyed speaking Latin again.

"Well that was confusing." Ben then says as he looks between his brother and friend, not having a clue what they had just said to each other.

"I'm pretty sure Tobias just called Wesley an idiot or a moron." Matt then says, he was awful at Latin and despite his brothers best attempts when they were younger, he never was able to pick it up, but he still remember a little bit and was sure he was right.

"So anyway, do you guys want to go to your room or are you okay doing the dare in front of us?" Wesley then asks, deciding to move away from the topic of him being a fool, even if it was true.

"Can you three go swimming or something, I want to just be alone with him." Matt responds with a shy smile, he had planned to just do it in front of them, but after his friends question about having some privacy, he really wanted it to just be the two of them, more because even though his friends and brothers reaction to his secret was amazing, he just needed his boyfriend to hold him for a little while.

"Aww." Tobias quickly says in a disappointed tone, he really wanted to watch and knew that after tonight, he might not get another chance to experience this sort of thing.

"Come on Tobias, me and Wesley can show you something fun and you will really enjoy it." Carter then states with a big smile, while hoping his boyfriend would be willing to give their friend some special attention and make him feel really good.

"Guys, just make sure he is er... well you know." Matt then quickly states in a slightly awkward tone, he wasn't completely sure, but he got the feeling his brother was going to be getting something he wouldn't be expecting and just hoped his two friends made sure he was okay with it and he didn't feel pressured into it.

"Huh?" Wesley then asks, before looking over to his boyfriend and straight away he realised what was being implied and couldn't help but grin a little. "Oh er... yeah, don't worry Matt he will be safe with us." He then states, there were a few things he could think of, that were probably going through his boyfriends mind and he was comfortable with those, but he definitely had some limits of what he was willing to let his boyfriend do with another person and he was sure his boyfriend felt the same way about him.

"I don't understand." Tobias then says as he tries to work out what they were all talking about.

"Tobias don't worry about it and just have fun and trust Carter and Wesley, they just want you to enjoy yourself." Ben then says in a reassuring tone, although he was a little worried they might get a little carried away.

"I promise you will like it Tobias." Carter then states as he gets to his feet and holds his hand out to his friend.

"Matt?" Tobias then asks as he looks to his brother for reassurance.

"Tobias just let them know if you don't like what they are doing and they will stop, but just try and enjoy yourself okay." Matt responds with a reassuring smile, he was still a little nervous about letting his friends do this, but he trusted them and could tell that his brother was curious about certain stuff and would definitely like what they did to him.

"Okay, but no bum stuff okay." Tobias then says as he lets his friend pull him to his feet, he now thought he understood what might happen next and although he was nervous, he was willing to at least see what his friends wanted to do with him.

"Should we say thirty minutes?" Wesley then asks as he looks at his two friends, who were now cuddling up to each other.

"We are going to our room, so if we aren't out here when you come back in, just give us a shout and we will er... well you know." Matt responds with an embarrassed smile, he wasn't sure how long he and his boyfriend would take or if they would do more than just the dare, but at the same time he knew his friends wouldn't make fun of them.

"Understood and we promise to look after him." Wesley responds as he looks over to his boyfriend leading their friend out the door.

"I trust you, but just make sure one of you can see his face, he might get too embarrassed to say no, but you will be able to tell by his face if he likes what you're doing or wants you to stop." Matt then responds, before giving his friend a smile and then letting his boyfriend pull him to his feet.

"And leave his bum alone Wesley, I mean even if you think it will be okay, just stay away from it because well, just be careful with him." Ben then states in a serious tone, there was clearly something wrong with his brother and he could tell his boyfriend had picked up on it as well, but for now they knew it wasn't the right time to talk to him about it.

"I know and well just so you know, I think you two need to have a talk with him about that, something is wrong there and well I will remind Carter to be careful." Wesley then says as he turns and walks out of the pool house.

"We will talk about it tomorrow Ben, but right now I want you to well, you know." Matt then says after watching their friend close the door behind him, he still wasn't sure he should let them fool around with his brother like they were obviously planning, but he knew they wouldn't take advantage of him or hurt him.

"He will be fine Matt, now get your cane and follow me." Ben then states, he could tell his boyfriend was worried and not just about their brothers issue over his bum, which was probably just them being paranoid, so he wanted to get him in their bedroom as quickly as possible.

"Okay." Matt responds with a smile as he picks his cane up and uses it to limp behind his boyfriend to their room and closes the door behind them both.

"Eww, it's all sticky and slimy." Peter states in a slightly disgusted tone as he holds his hand up and inspects his friends cum on it.

"You can taste it if you want." Alex then suggests in a contented tone, he was still coming down from his orgasm and had actually stopped masturbating his friend, who he could tell was more fascinated with his cum then his own pleasure.

"Eww gross Alex, no way people do that." Peter responds as he screws up his face as he continues to look at the stuff and wonder why it was so warm.

"Some people like the taste, I thought it was a little weird and salty, but it wasn't horrible." Alex then states after picking up on the fact his friend was seemingly in no hurry to wipe his hand clean and wondered if he could get him to taste his cum or not.

"You tasted your own sperm?" Peter then asks in a curious yet slightly disgusted tone, on one hand it was totally gross to him, but on the other he was curious about what it would taste like.

"Yeah and you will do the same at some point when you start cumming." Alex responds before deciding to coax his friend into it a little bit more. "Go on just give it a taste, no one else is going to know about this." He then states with a reassuring smile.

"I don't know." Peter responds as he considers giving it a try and Alex can't believe his luck and decides to up the ante a little bit.

"If you lick your hand clean, I will give you a blow job." Alex then states in a casual tone, although his heart was racing inside, he knew this was a risky move, but he thought it was now or never and didn't want to regret at least not trying to get further with his friend.

"Wait what?" Peter asks in a surprised tone, he was only half paying attention as he continued to look at his hand, but his friends words got his full attention that time.

"I will give you a blow job if you eat my cum off your hand." Alex repeats in the same casual tone, hoping to relax his friend by making it sound perfectly normal and not a big deal.

"Isn't that well er... Alex I don't think..." Peter begins to respond in a confused tone, before being interrupted by his friend.

"It won't make you gay Peter, the person sucking the dick is the gay one, the other is just getting a really good feeling and I think a blow job is like a million times better than a hand job and you liked that right?" Alex decides to quickly explain, he could tell his friend was confused enough to coax him into it and even though he was lying a little bit about it not making his friend gay, because he was hoping it would in fact do just that.

"I guess so, but how do you know it feels good?" Peter asks in response, he got the feeling his friend was as new to all of this as he was, he was just a lot more confident than himself it seemed.

"I watched some videos and read some stories and the guys love blow jobs and well I want to learn how to give them." Alex responds honestly, well not quite honestly as he was just trying to turn his friend gay if he was being totally honest, but if that didn't work, at least he might learn some things for the future.

"I don't want to suck yours though." Peter then states in a nervous tone, he wasn't sure about a lot of things happening so far, but he had enjoyed it all and he wanted to make the most of tonight to learn more about this sex stuff and just hoped his friend was telling the truth about not hassling him about being his boyfriend or something weird like that.

"Peter you get to say what we do tonight, I might make some suggestions, but it's completely up to you okay." Alex responds in a reassuring tone as he tried his best to hide a smirk, he was now sure he was going to get what he wanted, well okay he knew it was unlikely his friend was going to fall in love with him at all, let alone tonight, but if he could make him feel great, then it was a good start in his mind.

"You won't tell anyone else though right?" Peter then asks in a nervous tone, knowing that he had pretty much given his friend the go ahead to give him a blow job.

"I promise, now lick your hand clean and I will give you a blow job." Alex responds as he gets between his friends legs and spreads them apart, while keeping his eyes locked on his hand.

"I er... okay." Peter then says before nervously bringing his hand to his mouth and sticks his tongue out.

"It tastes better when it's still warm, so don't take too long." Alex then states after noticing his friend was hesitating a little bit and knew he had to keep encouraging him, otherwise he might get embarrassed and stop wanting to experiment.

"Okay." Peter responds before deciding to just go for it and puts a couple of his fingers in his mouth and begins to lick and suck them clean and to his slight distress, he thought it tasted horrible and was almost about to stop what he was doing, but the feeling of his friends fingers wrapping around his boner and then stroking it, distracted him enough to carry on cleaning his hand.

"I told you it didn't taste that nice when it was cold, but next time just eat it straight away and you will like it more." Alex then says in a casual tone, he knew he was manipulating his friend a little bit, but he wanted to do everything he could to plant the seeds in his friends head, in the hope he did fall in love with him.

"Wait, what do you mean..." Peter then begins to ask, with his thumb still in his mouth, but he quickly trails off when he sees and feels his friend taking his boner in his mouth and his mind goes blank as he feels the pleasure surging through his entire body. "Oh wow er... ah wow." He then says before falling into a series of moans and groans as his friend begins to bob his head up and down, while alternating between licking and sucking. "AARRGGHH WOW... MMMM.... mmmm wow, wow, mmmm." He then mumbles as he absent mindedly licks the rest of his hand clean before resting against the headboard of his friends bed.

After a few minutes Peter feels himself being pulled down the bed and despite wanting to protest, the feelings he was getting had drained his strength and he just felt himself being dragged into a laying position, then a few moments later he feels his legs being lifted slightly and then spread out, but again can only moan and groan in pleasure, before whimpering as he first feels his friends hands making their way up his body and then twisting and rubbing his nipples and quickly begins to squirm. "Nice... wow... feels mmmm, so ah ah oh... wow." He then manages to say in between moaning and whimpering.

"That was cool, so should we watch a movie now?" Alex then says after taking his mouth off his friends now twitching boner, he knew exactly what he was doing by stopping before his friend orgasmed and was again taking it to the next level.

"NO... KEEP... don't stop... PLEASE!" Peter quickly begs, he had never felt anything like that in his life and he never wanted it to end.

"I don't know, I'm kind of tired and my mouth aches a little." Alex lies in response, he knew he was being manipulative and shouldn't be doing it, but he wasn't doing anything that would hurt his friend and he really wanted to get him to give him a blow job as well.

"Please Alex, I think I was close to feeling good." Peter then pleads as he props himself up on his elbows and gives his friend his best puppy dog eyes.

"Oh wow er... okay." Alex then responds, although he wanted to try and get his friend to give him a blow job, he just couldn't resist that look and quickly leaned back down and continued his friends blow job and enjoyed the sounds his friend was making.

"So what..." Tobias begins to ask after getting in the water with his friends, only to be cut off by someone kissing him.

"Tobias we are going to make you feel really good, but nothing we do will make you gay or mean that we like you more than a friend okay." Carter states in a calm and reassuring tone as he watches his boyfriend kissing their friend and was surprised that he wasn't jealous at all, well maybe a little bit but not much.

"Oh wow, you weren't kidding about the kissing Carter." Wesley then states after breaking the kiss after a few minutes, he had doubted his boyfriends statement earlier, but that was probably one of the best kisses he has ever had.

"Told you." Carter responds with a grin, before turning to his friend. "Tobias did you hear what I said earlier?" He then asks with a reassuring smile, he was still nervous about this himself and wanted to make sure their friend understood what was going to happen and what it meant.

"What are you going to do to me?" Tobias decides to ask instead of answering his friends question, he was nervous and a little scared, although his brothers words had helped reassure him that nothing bad would happen to him.

"Well we will kiss you a lot and play with your body and make you feel really good." Carter responds as he moves a little closer to his friend and begins to rub his stomach with his fingers.

"We won't touch your bum though Tobias, we know you don't like that, but sometimes we might hold it, will that be okay?" Wesley then asks as he follows his boyfriends lead and begins to gently rub their friends chest with his fingers.

"Oh mmmm oh ah." Tobias mumbles as he feels his friends hands caressing his body and just feels himself relaxing.

"You want us to stop?" Carter then asks before leaning closer to his friend and begins to nibble his ear.

"Ah mmmm no, but er... ah oh... please." Tobias tires to respond, but as his friends hands stroke and pinch him, he just moans and the feeling of his ear being nibbled was just amazing.

"Please what?" Wesley asks in a slightly concerned tone and stops touching his friend, he had promised Matt that he would make sure his friend didn't do anything that he didn't want to and studied his face to see any signs that he didn't like it.

"Don't stop." Tobias responds after feeling one of his friends hands leave his body and wanted to feel good again.

"Just tell us to stop if you don't like something okay." Wesley then says before gently pulling his friend and boyfriend further into the water and then moves behind him.

"Promise." Tobias manages to say, but as he feels one of his friends moving behind him and the other in front of him, he let's out a slightly disappointed sigh, until he feels them both press against him.

"We promise too." Carter then says before kissing his friend, while using one hand to hold on to him and the other to play with his nipples and can't help but moan when he feels what he guesses is his boyfriends hands touching his penis.

"You smell amazing Tobias." Wesley then says as he begins to nibble and kiss his friends neck from behind, while reaching around his waist and playing with not only his boner, but his boyfriends as well and after a few minutes of enjoying the sounds of them moaning he decides to try something and holds both their boners against the others and starts to stroke them at the same time, enjoying the loud moans escaping both their mouths, even though they were kissing.

"He will be fine Matt, they would never hurt him and they wouldn't be doing this unless they wanted to do it." Ben states in a reassuring tone, although he couldn't help but feel a little frustrated, they had been kissing and grinding for a few minutes, until his boyfriend suddenly stopped and he knew what was on his mind.

"Sorry Ben, it's just strange, I mean Tobias isn't gay, but they are going to be doing stuff with him and I'm scared he doesn't understand and then I'm scared that it will mess Wesley and Carter's relationship up, I mean if you were doing that sort of stuff with someone else, I wouldn't be able to handle it and well shit..." Matt responds before trailing off, he just couldn't believe his mind was ruining this moment for him and his boyfriend and wishes he could just relax.

"Is something else bothering you?" Ben then asks, he didn't doubt that any of the things his boyfriend just said weren't bothering him, but he couldn't help but wonder if there was something else.

"It's my dad." Matt responds meekly, he didn't want to think about him, but ever since freaking out over having an enema, he had struggled to get him out of his mind.

"Is it about what happened earlier or about going to see him next weekend?" Ben then asks as he sits himself up, so that he could get a better look at his boyfriend.

"Those and everything else he has done." Matt answers with a sad look, although when he feels his boyfriends hand wiping away a few tears that were rolling down his cheek, he managed to smile as it reminds him that despite the bad stuff, he had his boyfriend and that was more important than any of that other stuff.

"Tell me about it." Ben then says, purposely being vague as he wants his boyfriend to take the lead in the conversation and go at his own pace.

"The enema was alright, I mean a little uncomfortable, but I did it, well I did the main part, it's just the smell and seeing my own poo everywhere freaked me out." Matt decides to say before pausing, he got the feeling his boyfriend was going to let him say whatever he wanted to say and again it made him realise how lucky he was to have him.

"It must have been so hard for you to let the others know what he made you do, but you were so brave and I'm really proud of you and of that story Tobias told, I always knew you were special, but that was just amazing what you did for him." Ben then says in a sincere tone as he reaches out and takes both of his boyfriends hands into his own and smiles sweetly at him.

"Thank you." Matt responds with a shy smile, before thinking about what he wanted to say next. "I want to try to have another enema, well not now, but maybe tomorrow or during the week." He then states and smiles as he feels his boyfriend gently squeezing his hands and just felt safe.

"Just the two of us this time though." Ben responds with a warm smile, but he can tell his boyfriend was a little surprised by what he said. "Matt we can do it in front of the whole school if you want to, but it should be a private thing and I didn't really like the others watching me, so just the two of us in future please." He then explains and as much as he wanted it to be all about his boyfriend, he wasn't comfortable with the others watching earlier and only went along with it because it was a dare.

"I love you Benjamin Walker." Matt then says, he felt a little guilty for not considering his boyfriends feelings, but at the same time it just proved how much his boyfriend loved him and he loved him just as much.

"I love you too Matthew Summers." Ben responds before leaning in to give his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

"Ben, I'm really scared about seeing him again." Matt then says in a quiet tone, he had wanted this and imagined this big confrontation where he would humiliate his dad and make him see that he failed, but now he was just afraid.

"I thought you might be after the excitement wore off." Ben then states and gives his boyfriend a sad smile, after seeing the surprise look on his face. "Matt I knew you were just concentrating on making your dad see how strong you were and how he didn't break you, but I knew once that wore off and it got closer to the day, you would get more and more scared." He then adds and gives his boyfriends hands another reassuring squeeze.

"I was planning to tell everyone else in the room what he did, you know what he did to me like the rape and I wanted them to like maybe hurt him or worse later on." Matt then states in an emotionless tone, he wanted one of them to kill his dad and make it hurt and he wanted it more than anything.

"I thought it would be something like that." Ben responds in a neutral tone, he had hoped his boyfriend wouldn't think of doing it, but he knew if it was him, then he would want the same thing.

"Are you disappointed in me?" Matt then asks in a sad tone, the last thing he wanted was for his boyfriend to not like him any more and he felt himself torn.

"If I was, I would be a hypocrite Matt because I would want to do the same thing, but you can't do what you wanted to do anyway." Ben responds and gives his boyfriend a small smile, he had asked Mitch about the visit and what it would be like and he was dismayed to find out that if his boyfriend wanted to go through with what he thought he wanted to do, then he could, but he also knew his boyfriend and knew he couldn't actually go through with it.

"Why not?" Matt asks in a mixture of curiosity and annoyance, he had every right to do it and he knew his boyfriend understood that, so he was confused by his boyfriends words.

"Because you aren't that person Matt, you're sweet and loving and one of the most caring people I have ever met." Ben responds with a big smile, but he can tell that his boyfriend wasn't quite convinced by his words. "Matt despite what he did to you, you're still that person and if you want to hurt him, then all you have to do is show him that and he will realise he failed." He then adds and although he believed the words, he couldn't take credit for them as his brother had been the one to come up with them after they had talked about his boyfriends visit to his dad.

"You're so amazing, but there is no way you came up with that yourself just now." Matt states with a small grin, his boyfriends words meant the world to him and he knew it was the truth, but he could also tell by his eyes that he was looking a little guilty and guessed that he had been talking with his older brother about this.

"Mitch said it to me when we were talking about you visiting David, but I meant every word Matt, even if they weren't..." Ben then begins to say before being cut off by his boyfriend leaning in and kissing him.

"I know and I love you for being so amazing, but I don't really know what to do when I see him now, I know Mitch will be with me, but it's not the same." Matt then states with a sad smile, his boyfriend had made him realise that his original plan was just never going to work out and was now feeling scared about seeing his dad again.

"I will be with you." Ben then says and can tell that his boyfriend wasn't expecting that and couldn't help but smile widely at the look of happiness on his face.

"Really?" Matt asks in an excited tone, he had given up on being able to have his boyfriend with him and just hoped his boyfriend wasn't just saying it to make him feel better.

"Me and Mitch talked to our dad and we convinced him to let me go, well Mitch convinced him, after telling me to shut up and well Dad gave in and well I'm going to be right next to you." Ben says, just before being tackled on to his back and smothered in kisses.

"I love you, I love you, I love you." Matt then repeats before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend deeply.

"You okay?" Alex asks in a slightly bemused tone as he watches his friends chest rising and falling rapidly, he had only ever seen one other person orgasm and that was his friend a little while ago, but this time it was so much more intense and he thought his friend was going to start floating or something.

"Blow jobs are awesome." Peter manages to say in a euphoric tone, he thought the actual blow job was amazing, but the orgasm from it was mind blowing and he just couldn't seem to get his breathing under control as the pleasurable feelings continued to run through his body.

"I will have to take your word for it." Alex then responds in a sad tone, although he was again actually trying to take advantage of the situation and hoped that in his friends current state, he could somehow get him to give him a blow job, despite knowing how wrong it was for him to do this to him.

"Don't do that." Peter then states in as serious a tone as he can manage, his hormones might be working overtime and he was feeling all sorts of pleasures, but he wasn't completely stupid and started to realise what might be happening.

"Do what?" Alex quickly asks in a fake confused tone, although he couldn't help but feel nervous, if his friend worked out what he was trying to do, it could be the end of their friendship.

"You promised you weren't going to do that love stuff Alex." Peter responds as he shifts himself up his friends bed and sits up against his headboard.

"What love stuff?" Alex asks, again feigning innocence, although he can tell that his friend isn't buying it and starts to panic a little inside.

"I'm not in love with you Alex and if you can't accept that, then I will go home now." Peter then decides to say, he was starting to come down from his orgasm and his head was clearing enough to put the pieces of what has happened so far tonight into place.

"You asked me to show you stuff though and I haven't forced you to do anything." Alex then protests, while trying to avoid answering his friends actual question.

"I'm curious and you're taking advantage of me and I don't like it." Peter retorts as he stares at his friend and despite feeling something he hadn't felt before, he still didn't want to be his boyfriend and knew his hormones were all over the place.

"You seemed to like it." Alex then states and instantly realises how childish he just sounded and is half expecting his friend to leave any second and can't help but kick himself mentally for moving too fast with his friend.

"I loved what you did and it felt great." Peter then says, but he can tell by the small smile on his friends face that he had made a mistake. "Look I may be completely new to this sex stuff, but I'm not stupid and I know what manipulating someone is Alex and you're doing it to me." He then quickly adds and although he wasn't completely sure he was right before saying that, the look on his friends face now just confirmed it and he couldn't help feeling angry.

"I wasn't Peter, I..." Alex then begins to say in a defensive tone, but is quickly cut off by his friend.

"So you weren't trying to get me to give you a blow job, hoping that I was too turned on and out of it to realise what I was doing?" Peter then asks in a harsher tone than he intended, if he was being honest he was tempted, he was still sure he wasn't gay, but he was still curious about a lot of stuff, but realising his friend was trying to trick him into it, well that just irritated him.

"Shit." Alex states in response before looking down at his bed covers. "I'm sorry." He then adds in a meek tone, after realising what he had really been doing and although he was aware he was manipulating his friend at the time, he wasn't aware of how his friend would feel about it and he was ashamed of himself.

"I want to be your friend Alex and you just made me feel so good, but I don't think I will be gay, I mean I'm still not really sure what I am, but surely if I was then I would know after that right?" Peter then asks after really thinking about everything and while he can see that it wasn't what his friend wanted to hear, he could also tell that he seemed happy that he hadn't run away and he liked seeing his friend smiling, even if he was trying to hide it.

"I guess so, I just hoped that you would fall in love with me after I showed you how good I can make you feel." Alex responds honestly, there was no point in trying to lie now and the fact his friend was still talking to him was a good sign that he still at least had a friend.

"Can you just be my friend though?" Peter then asks in a curious tone, he actually wanted to try some more things with his friend, but he wanted to make sure he knew it was nothing more than experimenting for him.

"I think so, it will be hard but I er... well er..." Alex begins to respond but trails off, he was sure he could just be friends, but he definitely wanted to try some more stuff and wondered if he got that out of his system he could move on.

"Just say it Alex, if I was going to hate you, then I wouldn't be sitting here right now." Peter states in a firm tone, he was caught between wanting his friend to just accept being friends and they spend the rest of the night just watching a movie and playing games, or his friend suggesting doing some more stuff for one night only and wasn't sure which one he honestly wanted to hear.

"We have all night and well I think I can accept that we will just be friends, but I kind of want to fool around some more and well maybe it will help me get over you, well I think I will always like you more than you like me Peter, but maybe it will just help." Alex answers honestly and while he really wasn't sure if it would help or not, he knew he would struggle to just be friends if they just stopped right now and wanted his friend to know that.

"Well I liked the kissing and I want to get better at that, but I don't want to do any stuff with our bums and I don't want to give you a blow job Alex, well maybe but don't push me to do it or ask me, I will do it if I feel like it." Peter responds and can't help but wonder what he had just said, he was going to say no, but instead that came out and was then about to tell his friend, but as soon as he sees how happy it made him, his heart melted a little bit and as long as they only did the stuff he said, he was comfortable enough to go ahead with it.

"Well you just orgasmed and I'm really horny, so er... should we just watch a movie and we could do a little bit of kissing and some touching, then we can go from there." Alex then decides to suggest, while inside wishing he had just been completely honest earlier instead of trying to trick his friend into liking him, but he couldn't change that now and decided that after tonight he was going to try his best to just be friends.

"Okay, but after tonight I don't want to do any more stuff Alex, it's confusing and not just for me." Peter then states as he moves to the edge of his friends bed and looks down at himself. "Jeez I got your spit and stuff all over me." He then says with a grin, after seeing where his friend had licked and sucked him.

"You're right, but until you decide whether you're straight or gay, I'm still going to hope you like me Peter, but I promise not to try and trick you again, that was so stupid." Alex responds sincerely, although he had to force himself not to make a funny comment about his friends body, but the fact he could play with it some more tonight, helped him resist saying something stupid.

"Just be honest with me Alex, it's all I want and well pick a movie." Peter responds with a small smile, he couldn't deny that having someone being in love with you and wanting you was amazing and a big part of him wished he felt the same way about his friend, he was definitely good looking and he really liked him, but just not in that way.

"Get comfortable and I will pick one out." Alex states ass he stands up from his bed and walks over to his closet, while Peter moves back against the head board with his legs spread in front of him.

"Switch around Carter." Wesley tells his boyfriend, he had enjoyed being behind their friend and playing with both their boners, but he wanted to kiss their friend for a while now.

"Okay." Carter responds after reluctantly ending the kiss, he just couldn't believe how good their friend was at kissing.

"Huh?" Tobias then asks in a confused and disappointed tone, he was feeling all sorts of pleasure, but as he was turned around in the water he wasn't sure what was happening.

"Just enjoy." Wesley then says in a sensual tone and quickly pulls his friend into a kiss.

"Just tell us to stop whenever you want Tobias." Carter then states as he wraps his arms around his friends hips and begins to stroke him and his boyfriend, while at the same time kissing and nibbling his neck.

"I'm sorry I ruined your fun." Matt says as he lays in his boyfriends arms, they had both been horny when they came into their bedroom, but he had ruined that and started to feel guilty.

"Matt I love you and I always want to have some fun, but I like making sure you're alright even more and just laying here like this, well it's perfect and I just love you." Ben responds from the heart, sure he was a little disappointed at first, but he truly loved holding his boyfriend in his arms and the only thing that would make it better is if they were face to face.

"I love being in your arms." Matt then says in a contented tone, if they could spend the rest of their lives like this, then he would die happy he thought to himself.

"I wonder what they are doing to Tobias though, I mean he hasn't come running in screaming or anything, so it must be good." Ben then says in a thoughtful tone, wondering how their friends could be comfortable pleasuring another person together and didn't know what to make of it really.

"We could take a look out of the window and see if we can see anything." Matt then suggests and as much as he wanted to stay in his boyfriends arms, he was curious about what his friends were doing to his brother as well.

"Do you think straight guys fool around with gay couples a lot?" Ben then asks as he gets off the bed and then helps his boyfriend to his feet.

"I don't know, I mean we are all just kids still and maybe until Tobias adjusts fully to being out of the orphanage and hangs around with more people, he will er... I don't if it's the right word or not, but maybe experiment a little bit and if Carter and Wesley are willing to well play with him, then I don't see any problem with that." Matt answers as best he can, it was confusing and kind of weird, but as long as they were all happy to do it, then he didn't have a problem with it.

"I have to admit I'm curious about how good he is at kissing, I mean for Carter to say that, especially in front of Wesley is well, it's made me curious." Ben then admits, but although they weren't actually brothers, he thought of him as that and it ruled out any chance of finding out for himself in his head.

"I remember when I kissed him back in England, it was really nice, but it was a long time ago and well I will just take Carter's word for it, I already have you and you're perfect, so I don't care about other boys and what they can do." Matt decides to respond from the heart, he would never forget his first kiss, but at the same time he couldn't really remember how it felt or compared to kissing his boyfriend.

"You and me are forever Matt." Ben then says as he helps his boyfriend out of their room and over to the window.

"I love you." Matt responds with a sweet smile, he just loved how his boyfriend could make him feel like the most special person in the world and knew he made his boyfriend feel the same way.

"Oh wow, are they well, wow." Ben then says as he sees their brother and two friends, well he couldn't really see their brother because he was sandwiched between the other two.

"I don't think they are doing much, but we are too far away." Matt responds in a curious tone as he looks at them through the window and can't help but smile.

"We could go out there and watch them." Ben then suggests, he was still feeling a little horny, but he wasn't interested in doing anything and he could tell his boyfriend wasn't either, so thought it would be fun to see what the others were actually up to.

"I don't want to interrupt them, Tobias might get embarrassed if he sees us watching and well he kind of looks like his is enjoying himself, I think." Matt responds and while they couldn't see much, it was clear their brother wasn't resisting and could see his hands rubbing who he guessed was Wesley's back.

"Is it okay if I go round Alex's a few times after school next week?" Ben then decides to ask, he was happy to just watch their friends and brother through the window, but also decided to talk about his own problems for a while and knew his boyfriend would understand.

"You don't need to ask my permission Ben." Matt responds with a smile after turning to face his boyfriend and thought it was sweet of him to ask, but suddenly felt a little guilty about not asking how he was doing and knew he was being selfish with his own problems. "You're okay though right, I mean do you want to talk about it?" He then asks as he gently pulls his boyfriend closer to himself.

"I know I don't, but I just wanted you to know and well er... I would well er... you don't mind talking about it?" Ben asks in a nervous tone, although he wasn't sure why he was nervous and knew his boyfriend would want to help him.

"Of course not you dumb ass, you're my boyfriend and I want to help you, just like you want to help me." Matt responds honestly as he starts to stroke his boyfriends hair affectionately.

"Sorry, I guess I just want to make sure you're okay and forget about myself sometimes." Ben responds with a sad smile, knowing that is exactly the thought process that had made him end up the way he was in the first place.

"I'm sorry for not thinking about you more, but come on, let's go and talk at table and have a drink." Matt suggests with a warm and loving smile, which widens when his boyfriend helps him walk towards the table.

"Thank you." Ben then says after getting his boyfriend in his chair and then getting them both a drink, before sitting down himself.

"So come on talk to me Ben and just be honest." Matt then says as he takes a few sips of his OJ, before listening as his boyfriend talks about his feelings.

"You okay with this Tobias?" Wesley then asks after breaking the kiss and makes sure he keeps a firm look at his friends face.

"What else can we do?" Tobias asks after a few moments of panting, he just felt amazing and the way his two friends were making him feel was blowing his mind and he wanted to do more.

"Well we can keep doing what we are doing or we could do some more er..." Wesley begins to answer before pausing and looking to his boyfriend, he wasn't too sure about suggesting what he was thinking and wanted to see what his boyfriend thought.

"Do you want to know what a blow job feels like Tobias?" Carter then asks after seeing the look on his boyfriends face, this was a new feeling for him and he could tell his boyfriend was feeling the same way, but while it was scary, he found himself okay with it and thought it was exciting.

"It won't make you gay and you won't have to give us one, we just want to make you feel really good and I promise that you will really like it." Wesley then states in a reassuring tone as he begins to rub his friends thighs.

"I er... ah mmmm... is it okay for me to er... wow ah... can mmmm." Tobias tries to respond but as his friends hands continue to stroke his thighs, while his other friend nibbles his ears and squeezes his nipples, he struggles to compose himself.

"Tobias this is all about you, we will do anything you want us to do, just enjoy yourself and remember that you can tell us to stop whenever you want." Carter then reminds his friend, before going back to nibbling his ear and can't help but enjoy how naughty and sexy this whole thing was.

"Think about it Tobias and we will ask again in a few minutes." Wesley then says before kissing his friend again, while reaching around and squeezing his boyfriends bum.

"Switch around Wesley." Carter states after a few minutes, he was enjoying working around his friends neck and ears, but he wanted to kiss him again and smiled as his boyfriend broke the kiss.

"Okay, but then we move on to the next thing." Wesley says, before turning the friend around, who was just about to say something when he feels another pair of lips kissing him. "Wow." He then adds, before rubbing his friends sides and hips, while nibbling his ears.

"Sorry." Peter says as he moves away from his friend a little bit, feeling embarrassed and nervous.

"It's okay, but maybe we should put some underwear on now." Alex responds in a slightly disappointed tone, they had been enjoying the movie and occasionally kissing as they just played with each others balls and boners, but to his initial delight his friend started to lean down towards his boner, only to give it a little lick before sitting back up with a scared look on his face.

"I'm sorry." Peter then repeats and realises that this must be horrible for his friend, but he really couldn't suck his boner and felt bad.

"At least you were going to try, but seriously I think it's pretty obvious you aren't gay Peter and while it hurts a little, well I don't know, it just hurts a little." Alex responds as he gives his friend a sad look.

"There must be someone else you could like though." Peter then says in a soft but caring tone, he felt even worse after hearing his friend saying he was feeling hurt and wanted to say something to help.

"Do you have a gay twin brother?" Alex then asks with a smile, he was still feeling hurt, but his friend had made it perfectly clear that he wasn't sure and he didn't want to cause them to be awkward around each other.

"If I were gay, I would be your boyfriend Alex, but well you will still be my friend right?" Peter then asks with a small grin, he was happy his friend was trying to lighten the mood and decided to make sure they could still be friends.

"We will always be friends Peter, but maybe we should put some underwear on now and just be friends." Alex responds as he gets up and walks over to his clothes.

"I'm going to stay naked and sleep naked, it feels nice and I doubt I will get another chance, my mum always comes into my room in the mornings and there is no way I'm letting her see me naked." Peter then states, he was comfortable being naked around his friend and really wanted to make the most of a night of freedom.

"You want to sleep naked with me in my bed, even after everything?" Alex can't help but ask in a surprised tone, he would have given everything a short while ago for his friend to say that, but he know found himself wondering if it was a good idea.

"I trust you and well I still want to practice kissing, I mean if you don't mind." Peter responds with a shy smile, he really wanted to learn how to kiss and knew that he definitely wasn't a natural.

"Well you aren't a bad kisser, but you definitely need some practice, but I want to give you another blow job and before you freak out, I know after tonight we are just friends, but I might not get another chance at giving one for years and well I like your penis." Alex then states in a slightly nervous tone, he knew he was going to find it hard to just see him as a friend, but this was just about making the most of the chance and nothing more for him.

"Well let's just watch the rest of the film and well okay, but after tonight we can't do any more things okay." Peter responds with a shy smile, he really wished he could be in love with his friend and knew he would make him happy, but right now he didn't and felt bad for his friend.

"Deal." Alex says as he drops his briefs back on the floor and sits back on his bed next to his friend and smiles when he feels his hand being held.

"Have you made your mind up?" Carter asks after breaking the kiss with his friend, he was close to cumming and could tell his friend was close as well and wanted to see if he was ready for the next step.

"Blow job is special?" Tobias manages to ask, he was still being stroked and rubbed and was finding it hard to concentrate, but he was definitely enjoying himself.

"It's amazing and you will love it Tobias." Carter answers as he smiles at the sight of his boyfriend nibbling their friends ear and could tell that he was loving it.

"You er.. will be angry if I say no?" Tobias asks before tensing up a little and then sighing, he was close to another orgasm and the way his friends were touching him was sending waves of pleasure through him.

"Tobias we just want to make you feel good, if you want to stop, then just say so and we will go back to your brothers and have fun watching the movie." Wesley answers as he gives his boyfriend a smile, this was a totally new experience and while he wasn't sure he wanted to repeat it, he didn't regret what they were doing with their friend.

"I want to wait." Tobias then says as he leans forward and wraps his arms around his friend again, he was starting to pant more and knew he was going to orgasm soon and just couldn't believe how good he felt.

"Wait for what?" Wesley asks in a curious tone and wasn't quite sure what his friend meant.

"I want ah... oh... oh... I want to er... wait until ah... ah... for someone special..." Tobias tries to answer but he was struggling to breath now and could feel his body tingling all over.

"Do you want us to stop?" Carter then asks with a smirk, he knew the answer already, but he wanted to make sure and knew that if they hurt or upset their friend, then Matt and Ben would give them hell for it.

"No ah... mmmm.... mmmm... just no blow job and oh wow oh... just make me feel good please oh..." Tobias responds before surprising his friend by using his hands to bring his friends head close enough to kiss again.

"That is so hot." Wesley then says as he sees his boyfriend being kissed and decides to take both their boners in his hand again and resume nibbling his friends neck.

"Alex sounds great." Matt states after hearing his boyfriend explain how he is feeling, he knew that his boyfriend had spent some time with him the day before and also talked to him on the phone earlier in the day, but he was surprised to find himself liking the other boy, despite knowing what he did to Carter.

"Well I wouldn't go that far Matt, I still don't really know him that well, but Peter thinks a lot of him and I do like him." Ben responds honestly, he still wasn't completely sure about his new friend, but so far he had been nice and he wanted to give him a chance.

"You know even if we get the stuff you want, you should definitely go and use his garage sometimes, I mean you lot keep going on about Peter and well if they are friends and you like Alex, then I guess you should make the effort." Matt then suggests and as much as he loved being with his boyfriend, he didn't want him to be stuck at home with him and wanted him to go out and have some fun with other people.

"So in other words, go out more and don't just stay here and look after you all the time?" Ben asks with a small grin, he knew his boyfriend was being sincere about his suggestion, but he also knew what he was really saying and just loved him even more for it.

"Well I guess so, I mean I want you here all the time and I miss you so much when you aren't, but you need to have your own space away from me sometimes and Alex seems like the perfect excuse." Matt responds with his own grin and knows that it was pointless trying to get away with fooling his boyfriend, they could both read each other easily and knew how special that connection was.

"Maybe in a couple of weeks they could both come and visit here, I mean I think it would be good for you all to meet." Ben then suggests, while smiling at his friends words and knows that he had a point.

"It would be nice to see some other people, I mean I love Carter and Wesley, but it would be nice to see some other friends, even if I don't really know them." Matt responds with a sad smile and knows his boyfriend will guess what he was really saying and despite trying to not let it get him down, the fact their other three friends hadn't visited him since he came home hurt.

"We don't see much of Patrick or Barry any more at school either and I think Jordan only comes over to see Carter and even that is getting more and more rare." Ben then says as he gives his boyfriends hand a gentle squeeze, he was both disappointed and angry at their other friends and as time went on, he actually preferred not seeing much of them, he could forgive them drifting apart, but to not even make any effort to visit his boyfriend was unforgivable in his mind.

"It hurts, but I don't hate them or anything Ben, I mean I think I remind Jordan about what happened with Mr Jones and he went through so much and I don't blame him and well Barry is going through a bad time with his dad and his mum and well Patrick was always Barry's friend ahead of any of us, so well it hurts and a visit or a phone call would have meant a lot to me, but it's okay and I have you and you're the most important thing to me Ben." Matt then says with a small smile, he really did understand Jordan not wanting to see him and he had to admit that he felt a little uneasy around his friend at times when he had visited him at the hospital and knew it must be worse for him.

"I know and well okay let's talk about something else for a while." Ben then suggests as he pulls his boyfriend tighter into his chest and begins to draw little circles around his stomach with his fingers.

"No talking Ben, just hold me please." Matt responds in a sad tone, talking about his friends or now what appeared to be his former friends upset him and even though he understood, it still hurt a lot and he just wanted to be held.

"Anything you want." Ben then says before kissing the top of his boyfriends head.

"Are you sure about the blow job, we will make you feel amazing." Carter asks as he and his boyfriend help their friend out of the water.

"No more." Tobias responds as he feels himself being lifted out of the pool, he just felt so good, but he was even more exhausted and just wanted to rest.

"I think we wore him out." Carter says in an amused tone as he looks over to his boyfriend, he had really enjoyed their little threesome and even though he wouldn't want to do it again, he still loved every second of it.

"He is so adorable and man he can kiss." Wesley states with a grin, he still preferred his boyfriends, but his friend was definitely going to make a lot of girls happy.

"I'm right here." Tobias then says with a small smile, he may be tired and definitely wanted to lay down, but he didn't want them talking about him like he wasn't even there.

"Sorry, but you did like it right?" Carter asks after apologising, he hated being talked about when he was right there as well and knew how annoying it was.

"It was so cool and I love kissing." Tobias responds with a big smile, he loved the touching, with the rubbing and the nibbling as well and his two friends were really good kissers and he liked it a lot.

"Well again, you're an amazing kisser Tobias and girls are going to love you." Wesley then says with a smile, he just knew his friend was going to be very popular with the girls and wondered if he would fall in love straight away or be more of a heart breaker.

"Me want to be in love like you all." Tobias then says as he looks at his two friends and couldn't help being a little jealous, he definitely wanted someone to love him and could see his brothers and two friends were so happy together.

"You will Tobias, but there is no rush and just have some fun." Carter then says and can't help but be a little worried that his friend might need another talking to about some things.

"Thank you for making me feel really good." Tobias then states with a shy smile, he was still tingling a little bit and would never forget what they did to him, well not for a long time at least.

"It was fun for us too Tobias." Carter responds as he takes one of his friends arms into his own and smiles when his boyfriend does the same with their friends other arm.

"Let's go see if your brothers are done yet." Wesley then suggests as they lead their friend back to the pool house, while half hoping to be able to see his two friends together.

"Okay." Tobias responds with a contented smile, he still couldn't stop thinking about his two friends and the way they made him feel and was surprised to find himself missing those feelings already.

"They should be back in a minute." Ben points out as he gives his boyfriends soft penis a gently rub.

"I wish it was just the two of us and we could stay like this all night." Matt then says as he reaches down and runs his fingers along the arm his boyfriend is using to rub him.

"We can stay like this when they get back Matt, they won't mind and I bet you anything Tobias will be sitting in between Carter and Wesley when they come back in." Ben responds with a smile, he didn't know exactly what their two friends would do with their brother, but he knew that they would have made him feel really good and he doubted after doing that sort of thing they would want to be apart from each other for the rest of the night.

"What about the dares?" Matt asks in a curious tone, he would love to stay in his boyfriends arms, but they were meant to carry on playing dares after watching a film.

"Honestly Matt, I don't want to play any more, I just want to hold you." Ben responds before using his free hand to turn his boyfriend head and then kissing him.

"I don't think your brother can play any more either." Wesley states after holding the door open and letting his boyfriend help their friend through the door, he had only caught the last thing his friend said and actually felt a little relieved the dare game might be over, he just wanted to relax with his boyfriend himself.

"Oh er... how long have you been there?" Ben quickly asks in a surprised tone, he hadn't heard them come in and was a little embarrassed.

"And what happened to him?" Matt then asks in a slightly bemused tone as he looks over to see his brother.

"We just literally walked in and well he had a good time." Carter responds to both questions with a little grin, while helping his friend with the help of his boyfriend over to their friends.

"A very good time." Wesley then adds with a big grin.

"You okay Tobias?" Matt then asks after giving both his friends a smile, he could tell that they definitely enjoyed themselves and he could tell his brother must of orgasmed.

"So cool." Tobias responds before letting his friends pull him down to the floor in a sitting position between themselves.

"Ha, I told you Matt." Ben then states in a triumphant tone as he sees where their friends and brother ended up sitting.

"Huh?" Carter asks in a confused tone at his friends words and tone.

"Nothing important, he just bet me that when you came in, you would sit down with Tobias between you and well he was right." Matt explains with a shake of the head, especially when he looked down to see a few marks on his brothers neck and shoulders.

"Are those love bites?" Ben then asks as he whispers in his boyfriends ear, he couldn't quite tell for sure, but they looked like it.

"Yeah." Matt whispers back in an amused tone and wondered how his brother would feel when he realised he had love bites.

"What are you two looking so happy about?" Wesley then asks in a suspicious tone and couldn't help but be a little paranoid.

"Nothing, just go and pick a movie to watch." Ben responds with a cheeky grin and knew his friend thought they were talking about him.

"What should we pick though?" Carter asks, although he was just buying himself a few minutes before having to move, than actually thinking about the movie, he could feel his boyfriends fingers playing with his bum and sliding down between the cheeks and to his surprise his friends fingers were playing with his boner and he definitely didn't want to move.

"Tobias stop touching their boners and go pick one from our room, there is a box under the bed with a load of films in it." Matt tells his brother with a wry smile and could tell by his face that he had no idea he was playing with their boners.

"Oh er... okay." Tobias responds in an embarrassed tone and with a blush to match it as he quickly gets up and heads to his brothers bedroom.

"What the hell did you do to him?" Ben then asks his two friends with a big grin, he knew it was nothing bad, but he was now really curious about it now.

"Come on and be quick before he comes back." Matt then states as he looks over to his friends with a smile.

"Well we just got him in the water and one of us held him from the front and kissed him, while the other held him from behind and nibbled and kissed his neck and ears, while reaching around and playing with the other two's boners." Carter answers honestly with a shy smile, he still couldn't believe how exciting and sexy it felt and definitely enjoyed it.

"We turned him around a few times, just so we both got to kiss him and play with him and he really loved it guys, I mean he actually pulled both of us in for kisses a few times and man can he kiss." Wesley then adds with a wry smile, before giving his boyfriend a shy but knowing look and while they would never do something like that again, he was glad they did it with their friend and knew his boyfriend felt the same way.

"Oh wow, but well I trust you guys and he looks so happy, but I have to..." Matt then begins to asks, but is quickly cut off by his friend.

"Matt we made sure he was okay with what we were doing and made sure that he could stop any time he wanted to and he did, so you don't have to worry about him, he knew what was happening and stopped when he didn't want to do any more." Carter states with a friendly smile, he knew what his friend wanted to ask and didn't want him to feel guilty for asking them.

"Okay." Matt responds before thinking about what his friend just said. "Wait, you said he stopped it?" He then asks in a curious tone, it was obvious that his brother orgasmed and had a great time and all three of them seemed really happy, so he was curious about his brother stopping it.

"Oh right, well we offered to give him a blow job, well it would have been an awesome one because we would have both done it at the same time to him, but he didn't want to and we just went back to what we were doing until he had enough fun." Wesley responds, although he did feel a little disappointed that his friend didn't let them give him a blow job, he knew it was all about their friend and making him feel good and he respected that.

"Oh wow, you two were really going to give another boy a blow job?" Ben then asks in a surprised tone, he would never let Matt do that or want to do that himself, so he wondered how his friends could do it.

"Ben, we love each other and this was just about making Tobias feel good and it wasn't anything more than that." Wesley responds while pulling his boyfriend closer to himself, he understood his friends question and what he was really asking and couldn't blame him for being curious, before tonight he would have never considered doing what they just did, but he still didn't regret it.

"It was really amazing as well, but it was a one off and even though we will never do it again, I'm glad we did it and Tobias is just, well he is amazing and well yeah." Carter then states, but starts to blush as his mind wonders back to what they were doing and couldn't help but get a little flustered.

"As long as it doesn't cause any problems." Ben then states with a smile, he would be devastated if it had caused issues and affected his friends relationship or had caused his brother to get upset, but he could tell that they had enjoyed the experience.

"This is going to sound weird because he is your brother, well pretty much anyway, but you two should try something with him as well, I mean while he is still adjusting I think it will do him good and you won't be disappointed." Wesley then suggests with a little grin, he was only being half serious and didn't think his friends would go for that sort of thing, but he wanted to see their reactions.

"Well we are both curious about his kissing ability, but honestly I don't want to be with anyone except Matt and I know he feels the same way about me." Ben responds with a smile, he had to admit he was curious, but he wasn't curious enough to do anything and thought it would be a little weird.

"I can't believe he turned down a blow job though, especially from you two." Matt then says as he purposely changes the subject, he had started to think about what his dad and Mr Jones had done to him and he wanted to get his mind of it as quickly as possible.

"Yeah, I mean did he say why?" Ben then asks, he had felt his boyfriend tremble a little bit and when he looked at his face he could tell he was close to getting upset about something and knew he had changed the subject on purpose and although he had a good idea of what happened, he knew this wasn't the time or place to talk to him about it.

"I want to wait until I find someone special." Tobias states as he walks back over from his brothers bedroom and although he hates people talking about him, he wasn't bothered this time and was happy to answer the question he heard.

"Makes sense, I mean blow jobs are great and you will love it Tobias, but I'm glad Matt gave me my first and it made it more special." Ben then says and can't help but blush a little at the look his boyfriend gives him.

"Yeah, I think I would have been gutted if Carter wasn't my first time." Wesley then states with a big smile, but just as he is about to lean in to kiss his boyfriend he is surprised by their friend squeezing between them and sitting down, despite the fact they were near enough side by side.

"Er... Tobias..." Matt then begins to say after seeing what his brother had done, but is cut off by his friend.

"It's okay Matt." Carter quickly states, he knew what his friend was going to say and could see the surprised look on his boyfriends face, but he didn't mind and after the way they made their friend feel in the pool, he couldn't blame him for wanting to be close to them for a while.

"What I do?" Tobias then asks in a confused tone, he was still holding the DVD's and didn't quite understand what was happening.

"Nothing, but why don't you go and put one of those films in the machine and come back and sit with us." Wesley then states, he was a little annoyed, but after glancing at his boyfriend, he remembered what they had talked about earlier and they had both known that their friend would probably want to be with them for a while.

"Okay." Tobias responds with a smile and gets up and walks over to the TV.

"We can tell him to sit with us if you want Wesley." Matt then asks his friend in a hushed tone, he heard what his friends said about it being okay, but he wanted to make sure and knew it wouldn't hurt to ask.

"It's fine and we knew this was going to happen, I just forgot and it's really fine." Wesley responds quietly, just as his friend turned back around and started walking towards him again.

"So what did you pick?" Carter decides to ask as his friend sits back in between him and his boyfriend again.

"I don't know, I just put one in." Tobias answers honestly, he didn't recognise any of the films in his brothers room as they weren't in proper cases, so he just pick out a few and then picked one at random.

"Oh er... okay." Carter responds with a smile, although the feeling of his boyfriends fingers returning to him bum distracted him from asking anything else.

"Oh, it's a good one." Matt then says as he recognises the introduction and gives his brother a pleased smile, it wasn't his favourite, but he did like watching it.

"What is it?" Tobias then asks as he looks over to his brother.

"It's X-Men Days of Future Past." Matt responds with a small grin, he knew his brother liked super hero films and they had watched the other X-Men films together back in England.

"Oh cool, I love X-Men." Tobias responds enthusiastically and Wesley can't help but notice his boyfriends face light up a little and knows that they have that in common.

"Me too and you will love the graphic novels I brought round for you to read." Carter then says as he gently rubs his friends thigh.

"Me can't wait to read them." Tobias then responds as he absent mindedly plays with himself.

"Fucking hell, look at him go again." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear as he sees their brother playing with himself.

"Yeah it's so funny, but look at Carter and Wesley's hands on his thighs, I bet they don't even know they are doing it." Matt whispers in response as he looks at his friends and brother with a small grin.

"What are you two whispering about?" Wesley then asks in a suspicious tone after seeing his two friends whispering and smirking.

"Nothing, but let's just watch the film." Ben responds with a snigger, before pulling his boyfriend in a little tighter and turning back to the TV.

"Right." Wesley responds in an unconvinced tone, but turns to the TV anyway, while running his fingers up and down between his boyfriend bum cheeks with one hand and rubbing his friends thigh with the other.

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