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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 8

July 2015

"I don't like this." Matt then says quietly to his boyfriend as he looks around, there were so many people and some of the men looked really scary.

"You better not get a tattoo one day, they are horrible and ugly." Ben then says as he looks at some of the prisoners and although he really didn't like them, he was just trying to distract his boyfriend and hopefully help him relax before his dad came through the door.

"No way am I going to pay for someone to stick a needle in me Ben, I hate needles." Matt responds with a weak smile, he knew what his boyfriend was doing and appreciated it, but he was still nervous and quickly went stiff when he heard a door open and saw his dad walking through it.

"Just remember what we talked about." Ben quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear, he felt his hand being crushed a little and didn't have to look over to know that David was walking towards them.

"Hello Son." David says in a calm tone as he sits down and looks at the boy sitting opposite him. "You fucking faggot." He then states in a angry tone as he feels his sons spit running down his face.

"You aren't my dad." Matt then says in a calm and clear tone as he stares at the man sitting across from him, inside he was terrified and just wanted to run away and cry, but he wasn't going to give the man the satisfaction and smiled as he felt his hand being squeezed.

Seeing a guard moving towards the table, Mitch quickly gives him a shake of the head, he had only just stopped himself laughing as he watched the spit hit David right between the eyes, but he knew that he had to make sure this didn't get out of hand and gave the boys knee a gently squeeze and then gave him a knowing look when he looked up at him.

"No, I guess I'm not, I would rather die than have a dirty faggot as a son." David states as he wipes his face with the sleeve on his overalls, although he couldn't help but think about how things have turned out and despite having regrets, big regrets, he knew that it didn't matter any more and there was no going back.

"Coming from the man who raped his eleven year old son, being called a dirty faggot is a little hypocritical." Matt responds in a emotionless tone, just loud enough for most of the room to hear what he said and grinned as he saw him flinch a little bit and knew that he had hurt him.

"What the hell do you want you little shit." David then asks through clenched teeth, he had thought about how this conversation would go and how he was going to destroy whatever was left of his son, but he had never expected him to attack him like this while looking so calm and it rattled him.

"I want you to die." Matt answers coldly, he knew he had to be careful of what he said and how he said it if his plan was going to work, but he was finding it hard already and was again grateful to feel his boyfriend squeezing his hand.

"So the sweet and innocent little faggot wants someone to die, I bet your mum is very proud of you." David responds while sneering at the boy, after suddenly realising that while he hadn't killed the faggot, he had succeeded in destroying who he was and knew that he could break him easily before this little talk was over.

"Fuck off and stop calling him a faggot and his mum does still love him." Ben then says in an almost desperate tone and Mitch almost gets up, until he feels a hand on his thigh and remembers what the boys had told him back in the corridor and relaxes a little to see what they were up to.

"Aww the other little faggot is getting all upset, you disgusting things are so pathetic." David states with an evil smirk as he looks at the boy and could see he was on the verge of crying.

"You're pathetic, you raped your own son, that's disgusting..." Ben begins to says in a loud tone before being cut off.

"SHUT UP YOU IDIOT!" Matt shouts before shoving his boyfriend of his chair and on to the floor and only just manages to keep his act up after seeing that he over did it a little bit.

"Do you see this Mitch, do you see how pathetic they are." David then states in a delighted tone as he turns to the young man, who he could see was in shock. "You see, even after everything you stupid idiots have done, he is broken." He then says as he looks at his former son. "He is a disgusting faggot and just look at him Mitch, I won, I broke him and he will destroy your little piece of shit brother and all of you." He then states with a victorious look and smirks at the young man's face, before just enjoying watching the boys arguing.

"I love you Matt and I don't like him..." Ben then begins to says before being cut off and struggles to stop himself giggling, he hated role playing and acting, but this was quite fun.

"SHUT UP!" Matt shouts before pointing at his former dad. "He hurt me, not you, he raped me and beat me, not you Ben, so SHUT UP!" He then states again, struggling to keep a straight face himself, when they had practised this, neither could stop themselves laughing and he could see his boyfriend was struggling even more than he was right now.

"But I..." Ben then begins to say, but stops as his boyfriend tries to glare at him.

"I wish you weren't here." Matt then says, before turning to his former dad who was openly laughing now.

"Stupid faggots, you see Mitch, I may not have killed the little shit, but he is nothing now and I'm going to enjoy the couple of years I have in here knowing he will rip you all to pieces." David states as he grins at the young man, until the sound of the boys both laughing wipes the grin off his face and missing the shake of the head Mitch gives to the guards, who right up until he heard Matt and his little brother laughing was worried, but after he glances at his little brother, who was still on the floor and out of David's line of sight, he knew that they had planned this.

"You're so stupid." Matt then says after managing to stop himself laughing and helping his boyfriend back to his feet, he would have liked it to have gone on a bit longer, but his former dads ranting was too funny.

"What?" David asks in a confused tone and as he glances around he could see that most of the room was now looking over to them and he could feel himself blushing.

"You beat me David, you made me eat my own shit and sick and made me drink my own pee David, you tortured me, your own fucking son for a week, just because I was gay and then you raped me, your own fucking son and you did so much more than that as well and I have the scars to prove it David." Matt states before taking a breather as he glares at his dad and couldn't believe how good he felt, he had been so focused on the bad stuff, that he only just realised something and it made him smile even more.

"You're not my son, no faggot will ever be my son." David responds, although his earlier confidence and delight was now gone and he could see the look of disgust on his fellow inmates faces and was just starting to understand just how bad of a situation he was facing and knew that news of what he did would spread everywhere, up until now no one knew for sure and he had managed to stay under the radar enough that no one would find out, but now he knew he was in trouble.

"All this time I have been so scared of you and what you might do to me and how you have broken me or changed me into something, well something else." Matt begins to say before pausing to give his boyfriend a quick smile. "I came here to get closure, but I already had it, you did your worst David and yet here I am, with the love of my life and I couldn't be happier." Matt starts to say before pausing, but this time to give his boyfriend a quick but loving kiss on the lips. "While you're sitting their in chains and by the looks of the others in this room, you aren't the big bad man who was in my nightmares and it's so funny and do you know what's really funny David?" He then asks with a big grin after turning back to him, he was feeling amazing and seeing his former dad sitting there and looking so small was just so satisfying.

"What?" David asks despite his head spinning, this wasn't meant to be happening and the fact he had just realised that his son was calling him David all this time instead of Dad shocked him.

"The reason I'm gay is because you moved us here and I met Ben, who you actually encouraged me to be friends with." Matt answers with a smirk before giving his boyfriend another quick kiss and then smiling at him, this part of their plan was all his boyfriends idea and he couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it himself.

"You were gay with Tobias, you kissed him." David states in a confused and almost robotic tone, he was just in shock now and wasn't sure how this had happened and even noticing Mitch smirking couldn't knock his senses back into gear.

"We were nine years old and confused David, what we were feeling was brotherly love and besides, what's really funny is that Tobias isn't even gay and if you had left us alone, we would probably both have girlfriends by now." Matt then says and can't help but grin at the look on his former dads face as he tries to process what he had just said.

"He is a faggot and so are you." David then says, although if he wasn't in shock, he would just put an end to this conversation and gone back to his cell, but he was thinking anything but straight right now.

"Tobias isn't gay and do you know how I know that David?" Matt then asks as he waits for a response, but just grins as he sees him shake his head instead of saying anything. "Because he is living with us David, Mum found him and brought him home and we are brothers now and before you ask, he is fine and very happy and just to make it crystal clear for you to understand, I love Ben, who I only met because of you." He then says and can see that he had hurt his former dad as he took in his words.

"I love Matt with all my heart and we sleep together every night David, even after all you did to him, he never stopped loving me and I never stopped loving him." Ben then says before turning his boyfriends head and kissing him passionately.

"Guard we are ready to go now, you can take this incestuous paedophile piece of shit back to his cell now." Mitch then calls out, making sure that he was loud enough for the whole room to hear and smiles as he watches two guards walking over, who he could see were both smirking.

"Oh and one more thing David." Matt then says as he turns back this is former dad after breaking the kiss with his boyfriend.

"What?" David almost hisses, just before being pulled to his feet and held by the shoulders by the two guards.

"Thank you for helping me realise, that the only one of us who needs to be scared of someone hurting them, isn't me any more." Matt states with a big grin and could tell that his words had hit their mark, then decides to spit at him again and laughs as it hits him right on the nose, just before his former dad turned around and then walked over to the door and out of the room, without being given the chance to wipe it off.

"You were awesome." Ben then states proudly, before kissing his boyfriend again.

"Come on you two, break it up we need to get out of here." Mitch then states as he places a hand on each of their shoulders, after getting a signal from one of the guards who had walked over to them.

"Okay." Both Matt and Ben responds in unison as they hold hands and begin to walk out of the room with Mitch just behind them.

"I'm proud of you both." Mitch then says and although he suspected that the other inmates and visitors were amused by the spectacle, he could also tell that the boys kissing and then holding hands wasn't going down well and he understood why the guards had given him the signal to leave the room.

"Who are you?" Jim asks in a mixture of confusion and curiosity as he leans against the frame of his brothers bedroom door and stares at the cuffed naked boy sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Er... hello." Tobias says as he turns bright red, he was initially scared and almost screamed for help, but he had seen pictures of Wesley's brother and knew who he was, although he couldn't help blushing even more when he went to cover himself up and realised his hands were cuffed behind his back and just felt embarrassed.

"Hello, so who are you?" Jim asks again in an amused tone and instantly liked the boy, it was clear he was embarrassed, but he seemed to be taking it like a man.

"Tobias, I'm Wesley and Carter's friend." Tobias answers with a smile, he instantly felt safe with the man after seeing him smile and decided to have a little fun. "I er... I would shake your hand, but er... you can shake my foot it you want." He then says with a shy grin and hoped he would play along.

"Well if you insist." Jim responds with a friend smile and walks over and reaches down to shake the boys foot, but decides to be a bit mean and lifts his legs and swings him around on the bed so that his head was just hanging where his legs were a few seconds ago.

"Hey! No fair." Tobias then says as he looks at the now upside down man with an unimpressed look, unaware that in his new position his willy was even more exposed.

"Sorry, but I'm going to go find that brother of mine, you will be alright on your own won't you?" Jim then asks with a grin as he looks down at the boy and could tell that he was having a bit of fun, but he wanted to make sure he was alright, he now knew who he was now and knew what he had been through, so he knew he had to be careful.

"Yeah, but tell them to hurry up please." Tobias responds with a grin, he really liked the man and thought he was funny.

"No problem Kiddo." Jim then says as he turns around and heads out of the door to find his little brother.

"That was so scary, but so cool." Ben says as they walk down the corridor and grinned when he heard one of the guards walking with them chuckle.

"It was funny, but you should have told me what you were doing and I don't think we will mention it to your Mum okay Matt?" Mitch then states as he walks behind the boys, but when he doesn't get a reply from the boy he gets a little worried.

"Well, we won't tell her about the spitting or Matt pushing me, but we can tell her the rest right?" Ben decides to ask as he looks over her shoulder, but as he does he notices his boyfriend had tears running down his face.

"Okay, but we will have a talk about what actually happened at some point later boys." Mitch responds with a small grin, although he was still a little concerned that Matt wasn't talking.

"Matt?" Ben asks in a quiet tone, he didn't understand why his boyfriend had tears and could tell that they weren't happy ones. "Mitch we need to go to the toilet please." He then asks as he looks back at his brother and gives him a worried look.

"Oh, oh okay." Mitch responds as he realises that something was wrong. "Is there a toilet nearby, it's been a long morning for them both" He then asks as he turns to the guard on their right.

"Sure it's just around the corner Mitch." The Guard responds with a smile and Mitch can't help but give him an odd look and was sure he didn't know him, but the way he had said his name made him wonder.

"Oh er.. okay er..." Mitch begins to respond, but to his embarrassment he had no idea what the guards name was and just felt like a jerk if they had met before.

"It's okay Mitch, we have never met, but I know your friend Jim and he talks about you all the time." The Guard states before realising that he should actually tell the young man his name. "My name is Greg by the way." He then says as he guides them around the corner and opens the toilet door for the two boys to go in, it was only a single toilet, but he knew all about the boys and who they were from Jim and didn't see any problem with them going in together.

"Thank you Greg and don't believe a word that scoundrel has told you about me" Mitch then says with a smile and holds his hand out for him to shake.

"Any time and well he wasn't wrong about you being an Adonis, but I'm guessing that you aren't a raging homo, who has a soft spot for men in uniform?" Greg then asks in response with a giant grin, he was well aware of their mutual friends tendency to paint every guy he met as a raging homo and could already tell that Mitch was straight.

"Boys go on in and take as much time as you need." Mitch then says as he looks at the boys and could see the tears on Matt's face now and just felt so sorry for him.

"We will be okay." Ben says as he pulls his boyfriend into the toilet and closes the door.

"They are just adorable." Greg then says after his colleague gave him and nod and headed back to the visiting room, he could tell that Matt was upset, but the way that Ben obviously cared for him was amazing.

"You have no idea." Mitch states with a smile before remembering what the guard had said before. "And no I'm not a raging homo who loves men in uniform, I swear sometimes I could kill Jim." He then states in an amused tone, this wasn't the first time a random man had come up to him because of Jim and he doubted it would be the last.

"Ha, typical Jim, but it is nice to meet you and I thought you handled the situation in there quite well." Greg responds with a genuine smile, he could definitely see why Jim raved about the young man and after seeing him with the two boys, he could tell that he was kind and caring.

"To be honest Greg, I had no idea what was going on and I was just about to carry both of them out of that room before they started laughing." Mitch responds honestly, the way David was talking took all of his self restraint to not knock him out, but he had been seconds away from getting the boys out of the room.

"So Ben was the one talking just now right and he is your little brother?" Greg then asks, he wasn't quite sure if he was overstepping the mark in talking to the young man like this, but he wasn't allowed to leave them alone until they were out of this part of the prison and he felt like they had a sort of connection.

"Yeah, he is a little sweetheart, but if you like your shins in one piece, never piss him off." Mitch answers honestly, although he felt a bit stupid calling his little brother a little sweetheart and knew he would be rubbing his shin right now, if he had heard that comment.

"I will keep that in mind, but can I ask you something personal, well not about you." Greg then asks in a slightly nervous tone, this was none of his business, but where as the guards knew almost everything about their inmates, David Summers had remained somewhat of a mystery and he was curious.

"If you want to ask about Matt then you can ask, but I can't guarantee I will answer your question." Mitch responds with in a slightly cautious tone, it wasn't his place to reveal anything about the boy and wouldn't answer anything too personal.

"Fair enough, but he is obviously David Summers son and well we have heard some stories, but is what he shouted in there, well was that true?" Greg asks and studies the young man's face, he knew it was none of his business and just hoped he hadn't offended him.

"What he said was just the tip of the iceberg Greg and whatever you have been told about David Summers, well whatever it was, what you need to know is that he is a complete monster who deserves to rot in hell and so much worse for what he did to his own son." Mitch responds in a quiet yet passionate tone and to his own surprise he could feel a few tears roll down his face.

"Here use this." Greg quickly says as he hands over a tissue, they had only been told that he was inside for rape and attempted murder and while it was covered in the papers a little but, it wasn't very specific and they knew that they couldn't take those seriously and their superiors wouldn't confirm or deny what they said, so to know that it was all true and that there was probably more to it, he could feel the anger build up inside himself.

"Sorry it's just, well what he put that poor boy through was horrific Greg and what he has been through since and what he has had to do to get to where he is now is, well it's hard and then to watch and to see that, that thing looking so smug and comfortable, it's just not fair you know." Mitch then states, while being careful to keep his voice low, he didn't want either boy to hear through the door.

"After what just happened, I don't think you need to worry about him looking smug or being comfortable and after what you just said." Greg begins to say before looking around and leaning closer to the young man. "Let's just say that a few guards might have to take a little walk from there normal positions over the next few days, poorly by accident of course." He then whispers in his ear before stepping back with a serious expression.

"He deserves everything he gets." Mitch then states before turning to look at the door and Greg gets the hint that they were done talking and he couldn't blame him for that, he could tell that talking about David was hard and had just remembered the part in the paper about a young man being stabbed by David and he quickly put two and two together.

"Talk to me Matt." Ben says as he sits his boyfriend on top of the toilet after pulling the seat down.

"Sorry." Matt says before sniffling, he wasn't sure what happened, one second he was on top of the world and then he just got hit with this feeling of well, he wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't like it at all.

"I knew this would happen." Ben then says as he wipes his boyfriends eyes clear with his thumbs, he wished he was wrong, but he could tell that his boyfriend was feeling guilty and he could see that it was hurting him.

"But I hate him and want him to die Ben." Matt then says as he realises what his boyfriend meant and just refused to believe it was true.

"We talked about this Matt and it's okay to feel this way." Ben then says as he gently rubs his boyfriends thighs, he felt sad that even though he had confronted his dad and even after everything that has happened, there was still a small part of him that loved him.

"I don't want to though." Matt then says as fresh tears roll down his face, he hated his dad and he never wanted to see him ever again and he didn't understand why he couldn't just feel those feelings, instead of these annoying and confusing ones that he hated.

"I know, but that's the difference between you and him Matt, he is a complete monster who is evil and you're the sweetest and kindest person in the world and it's why I love you." Ben then says as he uses his finger to tilt his boyfriends face up, so that he could look him in the eyes.

"So it's okay for me to, you know?" Matt then asks as he looks into his boyfriends sparkling green eyes and despite how he felt, he couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, well er... I'm sure Mitch could come up with a better speech, but er... well I think you love your dad, not the thing in that room Matt, but the person before that and I er... I think it's okay to love that person, but don't feel guilty about that thing he is now Matt." Ben responds with a shy smile, he just loved looking into his boyfriends eyes and uses his thumbs to wipe the tears away from them again.

"You were wrong." Matt then says with a grin and Ben can't help but be a little confused, his boyfriends words made him think he said the wrong thing, but the smile just confused him.

"About what?" Ben asks as he looks at his boyfriend curiously, wondering if he was okay or if he should be worried.

"Mitch couldn't have come up with a better speech." Matt responds before pulling his boyfriends face to his own and kissing him, what he had said was perfect and he could love the dad who loved him and cared for him and it had nothing to do with the monster he was now.

"He can't be home, we would have heard him." Wesley states as they look out into the hallway, there was just no way his brother could have come in the house and up the stairs without them knowing.

"Well his car wasn't there when Mitch dropped Tobias off." Carter points out as he tries to think of some explanation. "He could have dropped the car off and gone somewhere with some friends, you know like drinking maybe." He then says as turns to his boyfriend.

"We better get..." Wesley begins to say before trailing off as he sees his brother appear in the doorway with a serious expression and his heart quickly sinks.

"Er... hey Jim." Carter says as he tries to act normally, but he knew which way his boyfriends brother had come from and there was only once place he could have been and that was upstairs.

"Morning Carter, morning Wesley." Jim responds before looking at his brother and could only just keep a straight face.

"When did you get home?" Wesley then asks in a nervous tone, he, like his boyfriend knew exactly where his brother had just come from and he knew what that meant.

"About an hour ago, I just needed to crash out for a while." Jim responds and as much as he wanted to draw this out and make the two boys suffer a little, he just couldn't do it after the recent change in his and his brothers relationship, although at the same time even with that in mind, he had to tease them both a little bit.

"So er... you okay." Wesley asks nervously and wonders if they had gotten away with it, he just thought his brother would have said something by now.

"Oh I'm good, but I have been wondering about something and maybe you two could help me out." Jim then says and despite already feeling a little guilty about doing this, he couldn't pass up on this kind of opportunity and knew his brother would do the same to him.

"Yeah sure, we can help you." Carter responds enthusiastically, he was sure they had got away with it now and wanted to try and act as normally as possible.

"Yeah, what do you need?" Wesley then asks in a more confident tone, he could see that his boyfriend was looking relaxed and thought that if one of them could distract his brother, the other could go and get their friend out of the cuffs and dressed.

"Well I was just wondering how a naked boy ended up with his hands and ankles cuffed on my little brothers bed, I mean it's a really head scratcher and well what do you think boys, any idea how that might have happened?" Jim then asks and to his own amazement, he manages to keep a straight face, despite the fact both boys had turned an impressive shade of red.

"Fucking hell." Wesley then says as his mouth hangs open and just knows that he is in for a world of humiliation from his brother.

"Fucking hell indeed boys, so who wants to talk?" Jim then asks with a big grin and waits for one of the boys to say something.

"It's Tobias, you know Matt and Ben's brother and we are just looking after him, you know while they go to the prison." Carter decides to say, although he knows the fact they have him naked and cuffed on his boyfriends bed is hardly what some would call looking after him.

"Tying him up naked on a bed is looking after him?" Jim then asks in an amused tone and despite his best efforts he can't stop himself chuckling a little bit.

"Fuck off Jim." Wesley states in a pissed off tone, although he can't help but feel relieved and knew that his brother was just having a bit of fun.

"You aren't going to tell us off?" Carter then asks in a confused tone, he was sure they were going to get in trouble and have to explain themselves.

"Fuck no, he seems happy enough and was making jokes, so it's all good." Jim responds and couldn't help chuckling at the memory of the boys innocent smile, although if he had been scared and in distress, he would be having a very different conversation with the boys than he was right now and was just relieved that wasn't the case.

"He wasn't embarrassed when you saw him?" Wesley then asks in a surprised tone, he knew if he was caught tied up naked by someone he didn't know, he would be both scared and embarrassed.

"He knew who I was, so he must have seen a picture of me or something, but he seems like a nice kid and well I expected him to be different to be honest." Jim answers honestly, after hearing what he had been through and what he had lost, he wasn't really sure what to expect, so seeing a happy and playful boy was a pleasant surprise.

"Yeah he is amazing and is so much fun." Carter says as he relaxes, he knew they weren't in trouble now and was happy that his boyfriends brother didn't shout at them or worse.

"Mitch never told me he was gay though and I'm surprised you two are doing something with another boy." Jim then states, although he was well aware that he was hardly one to talk about something like that and couldn't help looking at his brothers boyfriend and wondering if he had any idea about his parents and what they did.

"He isn't gay Jim and we aren't doing anything with any other boys." Wesley quickly responds in a serious tone, he knew what his brother was implying and despite the fact they had actually done stuff with their friend, he knew it wasn't the same thing that he was clearly thinking.

"Then why is he naked and cuffed on your bed?" Jim then asks in a surprised tone and couldn't help but wonder if this was his brother being shy, or if he had missed something obvious.

"It's just a bit of fun, we were going to watch Guardians of the Galaxy and well he needs the distraction from everything else and he knows it's just a bit of fun." Wesley responds with a shy smile, he knew how it sounded and could tell that his brother was just finding it amusing.

"Look guys, I'm heading out for a couple of hours, just make sure he is dressed before Mum and Dad are home and hurry up there because he shouldn't be left alone like that." Jim then says before walking over to the fridge to get a can of coke for himself.

"We will and thank you Jim." Wesley responds and surprises his brother by giving him a quick cuddle and Jim has to take a few seconds to appreciate the change in how they are with each other now and gives his shoulder a squeeze in return.

"Just remember you have about four hours before they are home and if you don't want me to come upstairs when I get home, send me a text Wesley," Jim then states just as his brother and his boyfriend are walking out of the room with two trays.

"Jim!" Wesley responds as he gives his brother a glare, he could tell by his tone and the smirk on his face what he meant and he wasn't amused.

"Just hurry up and I will lock the door when I go." Jim states with a grin as they disappear out of the kitchen and he turns back to shut the fridge door, before heading to the front door.

"So that is all that happened?" Sarah asks as she looks to the boys in the back of the car, she could tell that they were hiding something, but she didn't want to push it and was just happy that her son wasn't in pieces and just seemed to be content, if not a little bit distant.

"Sarah they did great and Matt said everything he needed to say and David got what he deserved and any hold he still had over Matt is gone." Mitch then decides to say, he could sense that the boys were getting a little fed up with the constant questioning from her and wanted to try and put her mind at ease.

"Come on Sarah, give them a break and just be happy for him." Mike then says as he drives them to the restaurant they had decided on, he could see she was just concerned, but he could also see the boys faces in the rear view mirror.

"Okay." Sarah responds to both Mike and Mitch, before looking at her son. "Sorry and I promise no more questions Sweetheart." She then says, while giving him a loving smile, but she could tell that there was something on his mind as he returns the smile and just wished she could ask him what was wrong.

"It's okay Sarah." Ben then says after feeling his hand being squeezed and knew that his boyfriend didn't want to talk.

"I'm going to have the lobster." Mitch then decides to say, he could feel the tension in the car building and wanted to change the subject to something lighter.

"Same here Mitch." Mike then says as he sees what his eldest son was trying to do and wanted to keep it going.

"Well I have always wanted to try rabbit, so I will have that." Sarah then says as she takes the hint to move on.

"We are going to have t-bone steaks with chunky chips." Ben then says with a small smile, he just felt so sad for his boyfriend, he knew what was bothering him and just wished he could get him to be brave enough to tell the others what they had talked about in the toilet together.

"Come on Ben, try the lobster, you can have steak any time." Mitch responds to his little brothers choice, although he couldn't help but notice the look on Matt's face and could tell that he wanted to say something and he knew it had nothing to do with food.

"Can you stop the car please Dad?" Ben then asks, he was about to respond to his brothers remark, but he felt his hand being squeezed and could see that his boyfriend wanted to say something and he knew what it was.

"We are almost there, it's just another ten minutes Ben, can't you hold on until then?" Mike responds, thinking he just needed the toilet.

"Mitch tell him to stop the car." Ben then says as he turns to his brother with a pleading look and Mitch quickly understands that this was nothing to do with needing to take a pee.

"Dad pull over, I think Matt wants to say something." Mitch then says and when he sees the boy looking down at his feet, he knows that he was right.

"Pull over Mike." Sarah then says as she looks at her son and knew that if she wanted to find out what was wrong, then now was the time.

"Okay, but I need to find a safe spot first." Mike responds as he looks for a place to pull up and is relieved to see a rest stop coming up and after a few moments pulls into it and stops the car.

"Just tell her Matt, she will understand I promise." Ben then says in a soft tone as he puts his arm around his boyfriends shoulder and pulls him into his side.

"Whatever it is Sweetheart, I promise I won't get mad or angry." Sarah then says in a soft and loving tone, although seeing the look on her sons face and the fact Ben had to coax him into telling her, she was starting to wonder if she really wanted to know and how bad it was.

"I still love Dad." Matt then says barely above a whisper and Ben quickly sees that none of the others had been able to make out what he had said.

"Speak a little louder Matt." Ben then whispers in his ear, he didn't really appreciate how hard this was for his boyfriend until now and he realised that he was actually ashamed of himself, despite what he had told him in the bathroom and if it was him and he had to tell his mum something like this, than he would be terrified as well.

"Mum, I still love Dad." Matt then repeats, but loud enough for everyone to hear this time and squeezes his boyfriends hand tightly when he hears his mum gasp.

"You love him, how can..." Sarah begins to ask before trailing off, she just couldn't even begin to process what he was saying or even how he could feel love for that animal.

"I love Dad, not that thing Mum." Matt then says as he uses all his willpower to lift his head and look at his mum and instantly wishes he hadn't after seeing the look on her face.

"They are the same thing Matthew." Sarah says, unaware that she had just called him by his full name, which she normally reserved for telling him off.

"I told you she would hate me." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a sad look, before just looking down at his feet.

"I don't hate you Matthew, I just don't understand how you can love that thing after everything he did to you." Sarah then says in a softer tone, she could tell that he was upset and that she was obviously missing something.

"Sarah, he hates David, but he loves his dad, you know, the person who taught him how to ride a bike and climb a tree, the person who used to play football with him and play with him in the garden, he loves that person, that person was his dad Sarah, not that freak who did those things to him, that isn't his dad to him and well he can still love who his dad used to be." Ben then says as he looks at his boyfriends mum with a sad smile and just hoped that she understood what he was trying to say, because he didn't know how else to say it and he knew his boyfriend wouldn't be able to say anything else.

"Is that true Matthew?" Sarah asks as she turns to her son with a sad smile, but when he doesn't make any effort to reply or look up, she turns back to Ben.

"Stop calling him Matthew, you only call him that when you're mad at him Sarah." Ben quickly states as he rubs the top of his boyfriends hand, while trying to hide the fact that it was currently crushing his other hand.

"I'm sorry Sweetheart, I'm not angry with you, but I need you to tell me if what Ben said was true." Sarah then says, before giving both Mike and Mitch a worried look and saw the same look on both of their faces as well.

"Mum." Matt says and when Sarah turns back to him, she can see the tears rolling down his face. "I love Dad, I don't love David." He then says, but can't help but be confused when he sees her turning around and getting out of the car, but when she opens the door beside him and pulls him into a loving embrace, he just cries and cuddles her back, not noticing the look of relief on his boyfriends face as he nurses his now free hand.

"Are you okay?" Mitch then whispers into his little brothers ear, he was worried that he might be taking on too much again and wanted to make sure he was okay.

"Huh? Oh er... yeah, but this speech stuff is hard work." Ben responds with a grin after realising what his brother was doing and while he was a little worried about his boyfriend, he was feeling pretty good, well apart from his hand still feeling a little crushed, but it wasn't that bad now.

"Tell me about it, I lost count of the ones I have had to pull out of thin air for you lot over the past year." Mitch responds with a grin and was happy to see his little brother was fine and when he looked over at Matt and Sarah, he couldn't help but turn to his dad and give him a loving smile.

"So are you sure we can't tempt you to try something more exciting than a steak Ben?" Mike then asks as he gives his youngest son a proud smile, he thought he had handled himself well and from what his eldest son had told him, he did well in the prison as well and couldn't be more proud.

"Nah Dad, we are going to have t-bone steaks." Ben responds with a grin, although he notices his dad was now looking at him with a confused expression. "What?" He then asks in a slightly bemused tone.

"It's just you keep saying 'We' but you only found out that we were going to a restaurant when we got in the car and neither of you have talked to each other about what you wanted." Mike states as he looks at his son curiously.

"So?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he wasn't sure what his dads point was or why he was talking about it.

"Well how do you know what he wants without asking him?" Mike asks as he glances over to his youngest sons boyfriend and then back at him.

"Because we love each other." Ben answers honestly, although he still didn't understand why his dad was asking about what he and his boyfriend wanted to eat.

"Well I'm glad we cleared that up." Mike then says in a sarcastic tone and quickly gets an unimpressed look from both his sons.

"You're stupid sometimes Dad." Ben then says while giving his dad a curious look, while trying to work out if there was actually a point to his dads questions.

"Dad he knows, well they know everything about each other and that includes what they like to eat, so they don't have to ask each other that sort of thing to know what they want." Mitch then decides to explain to their dad, before turning his little brothers head to face him. "And Ben he was just curious about how you knew what he wanted without talking to him and it was a valid question and the fact you and Matt know each other that well is pretty impressive." He then says in a sincere tone and gives his little brother a proud look before letting go of his head.

"Well that makes sense and well I agree with your brother Ben, but I still think you should both try something different." Mike then says as he gives his two sons a loving smile.

"Nah we like steak and that's what we want to eat." Ben responds with a grin and couldn't help but feel lucky to have the best big brother ever and a not so bad dad.

"Give it up Dad, they know what they want and to be fair, the t-bones are to die for at this restaurant." Mitch then says with a small grin as he looks at his dad and was actually half tempted to change his mind and have the t-bone steak, but he had never tried lobster before and this was a special occasion.

"Yeah and I bet they are like gigantic." Matt then says and then giggles as they turn to him in surprise.

"See, I told you that she would understand Dumb Ass." Ben then says before pulling his boyfriend over and kissing him.

"Sorry for being a weirdo guys." Matt then says after his boyfriend lets go of his head, he felt a little embarrassed and just hoped he hadn't ruined everyone's day.

"Don't be stupid Matt, I can see how that was worrying you and I think you did well today." Mike responds with a sincere smile, he like Sarah knew that the boys were not telling them everything about the visit, but he could tell that there was a reason and apart from Matt's behaviour since he got in the car, they seemed fine and now that they knew why he was so subdued and distant, he was relieved.

"I'm happy I got to see him." Matt then says before smiling at everyone and relaxing into the back seat of the car.

"Right come on Dad, let's get to the restaurant already." Mitch then states with a grin, he could tell that no one really knew what to say next and decided to at least get them moving again.

"Sure and just well... okay." Mike responds, but decided against saying what he was going to, not that it was anything bad, he just caught a glimpse of Matt in the rear view mirror and could see that he was done with talking about his dad any more and he couldn't blame him.

"How did you get like that?" Carter asks in a bemused tone as he follows his boyfriend into his bedroom and sees their friend now laying on the bed with his head hanging off the end.

"I met Jim." Tobias answers with a grin, he was actually getting bored of being stuck how he was and was happy to see his friends finally come back.

"I see." Carter then says as he wonders if that answered his question or not.

"Why didn't you just roll on to your stomach?" Wesley decides to ask as he looks at their friend and can't help but wonder if he knew he had a boner.

"I might fall off the side." Tobias answers honestly, he couldn't even lift his head enough to see his own body, let alone see if it was safe enough to roll over and just decided that it wasn't worth the risk.

"Well you can't watch the film like that, so just let us put these down and then we will help you up." Carter then says as he tries not to look at their friends boner, which was pretty much impossible to miss.

"Okay." Tobias responds happily, he couldn't help but find it amusing to view the world upside down.

"Are you still okay with being like that though?" Carter then asks as he and his boyfriend move over and help get their friend the right way up.

"My willy is hard." Tobias states as he looks down to see he had a hard on and couldn't believe he didn't realise and quickly starts to blush.

"Seriously, after what we did together at the weekend Tobias?" Wesley asks as he gives his friend a big grin.

"I know, but it's still well er... it's still embarrassing." Tobias responds with a small smile, after thinking about what his friend had just said and knew that it was stupid to get embarrassed, especially since he had let them tie him up naked.

"So did Jim give you any shit?" Wesley then asks as they get their friend sitting against the headboard in the middle of his bed.

"Nah he was fun and he put me on the bed like that." Tobias responds with a little giggle, he was scared initially when the man walked in, but he thought he was funny and knew he could trust him.

"Good." Wesley then says, he could have said more or asked more questions, but he was just happy his brother was cool and didn't upset their friend.

"Okay shut up and let's watch the film." Carter then states with a cheeky smile after closing the door and putting the film on, he was eager to watch it and also play with his friend while they watched the film.

"Hey!" Tobias then protests as his friends place each bowl on his thighs and brush against his hard on, although it was more of a surprise protest then actually complaining, although even being as naïve as he was, he knew what was going to be happening with the bowls placed where they were and was actually a little excited.

"Sshh and just enjoy the film." Carter responds with a grin, before putting his arm behind and around his friends chest and giving his nipple a little rub.

"Hey!" Tobias then protests again at the feeling of his nipple being played with and just as he is about to say something else, he feels another arm going across his back and feel his other nipple being played with and knew that he was in for an interesting couple of hours and decided to just enjoy his friends attention, instead of trying to get them to stop.

"Just ask if you need a drink or want something to eat." Wesley then states as he gently squeezes his friends nipple, although he is careful not to hurt him, he wanted it to feel nice, not painful and he couldn't help giving his boyfriend a grin, when he sees him doing the same.

"You guys suck." Tobias mutters with a small grin, just as the movie starts.

"Okay if you insist." Wesley responds before giving his boyfriend a wink and grins when he winks back.

"Huh?" Tobias asks in a confused before taking a sharp breath as he feels his nipples being sucked and nibbled. "Oh... ah... mmmm..." He then mumbles as he enjoys the feelings from his friends and decides to try and enjoy the film.

"It's really busy." Sarah states as they take their seats, she knew it was the weekend, but was still surprised to see this many people in the restaurant and at this time of the day.

"Well it is Saturday Sarah and well it's a nice atmosphere." Mike responds as he looks around and can't help but grin and get an idea after noticing something in the corner of the room.

"Can I go to the toilet please?" Matt asks after sitting down, he thought about just holding it, but he had no idea how long the food will take and didn't want to risk needing to go then, although he had also noticed something in the restaurant and couldn't resist getting a great idea.

"Me too." Ben then quickly says, but just as Matt thinks his plan was over before it began, his mum comes to his rescue.

"Ben you will have to wait until he comes back, the toilets here are singles." Sarah states as she gives the boy a smile, although she couldn't help but notice the look of relief on her sons face and wondered if he was okay.

"Aww okay." Ben then replies in a disappointed tone, before blushing as he realises how obvious he was being.

"Such a creep." Matt then says as he gets up and gives his boyfriend a quick grin before heading to the toilet.

"What do you want to drink Ben?" Mike decides to ask as a slightly awkward silence had built up.

"We will have OJ and ice please." Ben responds as he glances over to the toilet, he had really wanted to go with his boyfriend and have a few moments alone, so he was a little disappointed.

"We?" Mike quickly asks in a confused tone, before he catches his eldest sons eyes and remembers the conversation in the car. "Never mind I get it." He then states with a shake of the head, before noticing Sarah smirking at him and knew that she was aware that he had forgotten about how the boys seem to speak for each other a lot lately.

"Ben can I ask you something about Tobias please?" Sarah then asks as she decides to make the most of her other son not being with them, to just double check something that was bothering her.

"Er... sure I guess." Ben responds in an awkward tone, not that he wasn't happy to answer questions, he just wasn't sure what she was going to ask and after the weekend, he couldn't help but be a little on edge.

"There's no need to worry Honey, I was just wondering if he has talked to you about going to England and visiting his families graves." Sarah states in a calm and reassuring tone, she could tell that he was worried about what she would ask and knew that she needed to let him know that it wasn't anything bad.

"Oh er... well yeah, he told you about it and he wants to go next year for his birthday." Ben answers as he gives her an odd look and wasn't sure why she was asking what she already knew.

"Okay, well I know that, but I was asking more about whether that is what he really wants, or if he was just saying it to make sure Matt could go, or maybe some other reason Ben." Sarah then states after realising that she hadn't been specific enough for him to know what she actually meant.

"Oh, well he really wants Matt to go with him, but he is er... shouldn't you ask him?" Ben then asks after he starts to answer, before thinking that she should be asking Tobias this and not him.

"I did and he told me why he wants to go and explained it, but be honest Ben, if he just made that stuff up so Matt wouldn't feel guilty, would he tell me?" Sarah then decides to asks, although when she glances at both Mike and Mitch, she can tell that they aren't quite sure why she is asking about this.

"He really wants to go next year, he er... well he, what he said is the truth Sarah." Ben responds in an uneasy tone, he really didn't like talking behind his brothers back and wasn't comfortable with being asked about it.

"Sarah I spoke with him about it as well and he really wants to go next year and he has his reasons and as far as I can tell, they are as good a reason as any and as long as he is happy then that is all that matters right." Mitch then decides to state, he could tell his little brother didn't like being asked about this and wanted to rescue him in case Sarah kept asking questions.

"What's going on?" Matt asks as he returns to the table and can see straight away that his boyfriend seemed uncomfortable.

"Your Mum was asking about Tobias and whether he really wanted to wait until next year to go to England." Ben quickly answers before any of the others get a chance to respond.

"Jeez Mum, Tobias already told you and he wouldn't lie." Matt states as he gives his mum an annoyed look, before sitting next to his boyfriend and taking his hand into his own.

"I know Sweetheart and I'm sorry Ben, I just wanted to make sure and thank you." Sarah then says in a guilty tone, she had thought it was an innocent question, but she could tell that she had crossed a line, even if she didn't really know what that line was.

"It's okay." Ben responds as he gives his boyfriends mum a friendly smile.

"Oh guess what?" Matt asks in an excited tone to no one in particular.

"What?" Mitch decides to ask after seeing both his dad and Sarah hesitate.

"If we stay until three, they have karaoke and they said me and Ben can sing some songs." Matt answers with a big grin, which widens when he sees the surprise look on everyone's face and knew what they were thinking.

"You want to sing?" Sarah asks in a slightly shocked tone, not that she didn't want to hear him, she was just surprised that after everything and especially today, he would actually feel like it.

"Yeah, so can we stay please?" Matt then asks in his best pleading tone, although he struggled to stop himself giggling after taking a quick look at his boyfriends face and knew exactly what he was thinking and it just made him smile.

"If it's okay with everyone Matt, but we have to leave by six so we can pick Tobias up." Sarah responds with a proud smile, although she couldn't help but be amused by Ben's expression and knew that he wasn't keen on the fact he had been volunteered to sing.

"Fine by me, but just to be clear and it's not open to debate, I'm not singing and I swear if Dad gets up there, I will walk out of here and wait outside." Mitch then says while giving his dad a little smirk.

"Hey! Well okay you have a point Mitch, but you could have sugar coated it a little bit." Mike then states in an amused tone, he knew that he was an awful singer and not even in a so bad it's funny way either.

"I don't..." Ben then begins to say before being cut off by his boyfriend.

"I knew you would agree." Matt states with a grin and quickly kisses his boyfriend before he can protest, much to the amusement of everyone else, who knew exactly what Ben was about to actually say.

"What song are you boys going to sing then?" Sarah then decides to ask, although almost as soon as the two boys stop kissing, the waiter arrives at the table to take their orders.

"This is so funny." Carter says as he feeds his friend another sandwich and teases him by pulling it away and then rubbing it over his mouth.

"And you're mean." Tobias states after managing to eat the sandwich his friend had practically smothered him with.

"Yeah Carter, you have to feed him like this." Wesley then says before picking up a sandwich and giving his boyfriend a quick wink. "Here comes the train, choo choo." He then says as he stuffs the sandwich into his friends open mouth, just as he was trying to protest.

"Let's see if this helps him eat faster." Carter then says with a grin as he starts to stroke his friends boner and can't help but giggle along with his boyfriend when their friend almost spits the sandwich out of his mouth.

"Maybe these make him go faster." Wesley then says as he begins to gently rub and squeeze his friends nipples, while giving his boyfriend an amused look.

"I'm missing the movie." Tobias states in a slightly annoyed tone, after he had managed to eat the second sandwich that he hadn't even asked for and while he was enjoying being at his friends mercy, he actually wanted to watch the film.

"Okay sorry, we were just having a bit of fun." Carter apologises, although to his boyfriends amusement he carries on slowly stroking their friend.

"And you know you like it." Wesley then says before nibbling his friends ear and can hear him moaning.

"Hey! No nibbling and oh... oh... mmmm..." Tobias begins to protest before just tailing off in a series of moans as he just sits back against the headboard and enjoys both the movie and his friends attention.

"Okay time to put some clothes on Peter." Alex tells his friend in a reluctant tone, he was enjoying watching and helping his friend work out, but seeing him sweaty and with his bits flopping around was getting too much for him and he knew he needed to get him covered up.

"Why?" Peter then asks in response, they had been naked all morning and the last few hours after his friends parents had called to say they won't be home until after five and he didn't see why he had to cover up now.

"Because your bits are flapping all over the place and it's distracting." Alex answers honestly, while giving his friend a cheeky grin, just to show him that he wasn't trying to make him feel bad or anything like that.

"You didn't mind before." Peter states as he looks at his friend and tries to work out if he was being serious or not.

"Seriously Peter, it's just really hard to see you like that and not be allowed to have you, so can you at least put some underwear on or something please." Alex responds in a half pleading tone, he would love to see him naked all day everyday, but knowing that they were only ever going to be friends, he knew that he had to start distancing himself from those other feelings.

"Sorry." Peter then says as he looks around to see where he left his briefs and Alex can't help but feel bad for making his friend think that he did something wrong.

"Peter you didn't do anything wrong and we are going to be best friends, but it's going to be a bit weird for a while until I, well we figure out how to be around each other and as much as I love seeing you naked, it's just going to be confusing for me." Alex decides to state and hopes his friend understands what he is trying to tell him.

"One last kiss? And then I promise to put my briefs back on." Peter then says and can see the surprise on his friends face, but while he knew it was probably inappropriate now, he also knew that they wouldn't be doing anything like they had done the previous night and this morning again and he really wanted to see if he had finally got this kissing thing right.

"I already told you earlier that you kiss just fine Peter." Alex responds without actually answering his friends question, he was trying to think with his brain and not with his heart, otherwise he would be kissing him right now.

"I don't want to be just fine though, I want to be as good as you're at it." Peter then says as he gives his friend a serious look, he may not think he was gay, but he enjoyed kissing his friend and even though he wasn't much good, his friends kisses felt amazing to him.

"You already are, but get your briefs on and I will teach you how to skip." Alex responds with a small grin, he really wanted to kiss his friend, but had to be strong and commit to ignoring those feelings from now on.

"I know how to skip though." Peter states in a slightly annoyed tone, a little kid could skip and he knew his friend was trying to make fun of him.

"Almost everyone can skip Peter, but not many people can do it like boxers and if you saw Ben attempt it the other day then you would see what I mean." Alex responds as he gives his friend a grin, before looking away to find his skipping rope, while also waiting for his friend to get his briefs on.

"Oh you mean do it like crazy fast." Peter then says after pulling his briefs back on and can't help but grin at the mental image of their friend attempting and failing at that kind of skipping.

"Yeah and you don't want your bits flapping about when you're doing it either." Alex responds as he hands the rope to his friend, although to his slight dismay, his friend being in his briefs did nothing to stop him having naughty thoughts about him.

"I guess so." Peter says as he tries to skip, while ignoring his friends amused expression as he struggles to even do it slowly and knows he is going to be making an even bigger fool of himself in a few moments time.

"Wow, if this wasn't so expensive I would be having it all the time." Mitch says as he almost finishes his lobster, he had heard others saying how good it was and was always sceptical, but he was a believer now.

"Same here Mitch, but I think for special occasions I might make an exception." Mike responds as he finishes his lobster and apart from the price and maybe the size, was impressed with how good it was.

"How about you two, are your steaks okay?" Sarah decides to ask the two boys, who to everyone's surprise had been feeding each other and she thought it was both sweet and adorable.

"So good." Ben responds before eating another piece off his boyfriends fork.

"Perfect." Matt responds in a distracted tone, he loved when they fed each other and being in a restaurant with other people around was even better and made him feel special.

"Have you both thought about the songs you want to sing yet?" Mike then decides to ask the boys, he was still surprised that they were going to do it, especially after seeing the look on his youngest sons face at first, but even he knew that he wouldn't say no if Matt insisted.

"Yeah." They both respond in unison before both taking a bite from each others forks again, while looking into each others eyes.

"Give it up Dad, they probably wouldn't tell us even if they weren't doing that with each other." Mitch then says with a grin as he looks from the two boys to his dad.

"Fine, so how's the rabbit Sarah?" Mike decides to ask after agreeing with his eldest son and knew that until the two boys finished, there wasn't much point trying to have a conversation with them.

"It's really nice, but I think I will try the lobster next time we come here." Sarah responds honestly, she really enjoyed it, but it wasn't anything special and from the other two's comments about the lobster she was curious about that.

"I will have the t-bone if we come back again." Mitch then says, he really liked the lobster and would be having it again at some point, but he really loved the t-bone steaks here.

"Can we have another drink please?" Ben then asks as he turns to his dad and Sarah, before his boyfriend turns his face back around and puts another piece of steak in his mouth.

"With ice please." Matt then says before leaning towards his boyfriend and kissing him.

"Well er... that's kind of gross." Mitch then says as he realises that the boys had found a new way to eat together and wasn't quite sure if it was sweet or cute, before deciding that it was gross.

"It's kind of well er... yeah." Mike begins to say, before realising that the two boys were kissing while actually eating and had to agree with his eldest son.

"I need to use the toilet, so I will order some more drinks on the way there." Sarah then says and although she had to agree it was a little unsuitable for a restaurant, it was also adorable and showed just how in love the two boys were.

"I will have another pint please Sarah." Mitch then says, he didn't drink often, but he was actually feeling a little stressed from everything that happened earlier and while it went well, he couldn't help thinking about some of the things that David had said and while he knew he shouldn't take any notice, the part about Matt ripping everyone apart was a possibility that he had thought about himself before and it was bothering him.

"Another coffee for me Sarah thank you." Mike then says, although he was wondering why his eldest son seemed to be in deep thought, but passes it off as nothing and looks back at the two boys, who to his slight relief, were actually eating normally now that they had gone back to their chips and salad.

"Okay and I will be back in a few minutes." Sarah responds with a smile and begins to make her way over to the bar, although she had actually decided to ask about the karaoke and see if she can finally get to hear the boys singing together.

"Are you okay?" Alex asks in a slightly amused tone, while he holds the tissue under his friends nose.

"It hurts." Peter responds in a slightly muffled tone, although he was also feeling embarrassed about what had happened.

"Well yeah, I mean being hit in the face like that tends to hurt." Alex then says as he tries to stop himself laughing.

"It's not funny." Peter then says with a small grin, he could hear his friend trying not to laugh and despite being embarrassed, he knew that it was a little bit funny.

"Come on it's a little bit funny and I have never seen someone hit themselves in the face with a skipping rope handle before." Alex responds and this time does laugh as his friend giggles.

"It's not broken is it?" Peter then asks, he had been punched in the nose a few times and although it was throbbing, he didn't think it felt any different to those times and it wasn't broken then.

"Okay lean back against the cabinet and tilt your head backwards over the sink and I will check." Alex instructs his friend and presses himself against him, while checking his nose.

"Alex?" Gordon asks in a surprised and startled tone as he walks into the kitchen to see his almost naked son pressing up to another almost naked boy.

"Oh shit." Alex quickly states as he looks over his shoulder to see his dad staring at him and had no idea what to do.

"What are you doing?" Gordon asks as he looks at the two boys, who were only wearing underwear and wasn't sure how to react and had missed the fact his son had just swore.

"It's er... well he er... why are you home so early?" Alex asks in response as his mind goes blank and he could feel himself trembling slightly, despite what they were doing being perfectly innocent, he could only imagine what it looked like and he was scared.

"Alex explain yourself right now young man." Gordon states in a firm tone as he stares at his son, he had no issues with homosexuality and after seeing Matt Summers and Ben Walker together at the hospital and how they loved each other, he knew that it was perfectly natural, but to see his son pressed up against another boy while almost naked was another story and he was struggling to know how to handle the situation.

"He was helping me exercise in the garage and I er... hit myself in the face and hurt my nose." Peter quickly states as he gently pushes his friend away, he could feel his friend shaking a little and knew that he owed him so much and wanted to try and help out.

"In your underwear?" Gordon then asks in a softer tone, he could see the boys nose bleeding and it looked swollen and decided that he was telling the truth, but he was still confused about them being in their underwear.

"Well I er... well we were naked, because well we thought it would be funny and we are both boys and er... well he made me put the underwear on in case I hit my er... you know with the rope, because er... he wanted to show me how to skip fast, but I er... well hit my face instead." Peter responds as he does his best to explain what happened and answer his friends dads question and can't help but be nervous.

"I see." Gordon then says as he studies the boys and despite believing the story, he couldn't help but wonder why his son was reacting like he was and knew that he had to ask. "Alex are you two boyfriends?" He then asks, before walking closer to them so that he could check on the boys nose and make sure that it wasn't broken.

"What? No Dad, he isn't gay." Alex quickly answers as he steps backwards to let his dad check on his friends nose, although he had no idea of what he had just told his dad without realising.

"I see, well your mum is at a friends house Alex, there was an accident and she is making sure she is alright, so why don't you go and get dressed and get your friend some clothes, while I check his nose and then we will have a little chat before your mum gets home." Gordon the suggests as he gives his son a curious look, he couldn't help but think about his choice of words and knew that he would have to talk to him about it.

"Okay Dad." Alex responds in a slightly nervous tone, he was happy his dad seemed to be okay with his friends explanation, but he was still worried about what he really thought about it all.

"Get going then." Gordon then says as he gives his son an expectant look and watches as he heads towards the garage, before turning back to the boy next to him. "How does it feel Peter?" He then asks as he gently presses it.

"That hurts." Peter responds as is friends dad moves and squeezes his nose and can't help but wince at the pain.

"Well it's not broken, but it will be painful for a little while and it will be a few days before it heals." Gordon then says as he gives it another look, before stepping back and again despite already being given a plausible explanation, he can't help but wonder why they were just in their underwear and also think about his sons choice of words when he had asked if they were boyfriends.

"Sir, we were just doing some training and er... I promise." Peter then says in a nervous tone, he could tell the man was thinking about something and had a pretty good idea that it was about what he saw when he had walked in.

"Peter I believe you about the training, but well, well let's just wait until you two are dressed and then I will find out the truth and I don't like being lied to Peter, so I expect the truth okay." Gordon responds in a serious tone, although he smiles so that he doesn't terrify the poor boy, after remembering that he was a guest in their home and shouldn't be made to feel unwelcome.

"Yes Sir, I promise." Peter responds as he looks up at the man with a nervous smile, he didn't feel threatened or afraid of the man, but he was still nervous and he hoped his friend would hurry up and then do most of the talking.

"Call me Gordon please Peter and please try and relax, no one is on trial and as long as you're honest, then we will get on just fine." Gordon then says with a friendly smile, he had prided himself on having a good bedside manner at work and he wanted to keep that same standard up at home and around his sons friends, especially after half terrifying Ben the other week.

"Okay and I promise to be honest." Peter responds with a smile, he was still nervous, but he felt a lot more relaxed now and thought his friends dad was alright.

"Here you go Peter." Alex then says after walking back into the kitchen and holds his friends clothes out.

"You two get dressed in here and I will be waiting in the living room, don't be long please." Gordon then says before giving his son a long look and then walking out of the room.

"You okay?" Alex then asks his friend in a concerned tone, he felt guilty about his dad walking in like that and also for leaving his friend alone with him, but he had learned a long time ago to not question his dad and knew he had no choice.

"Yeah, well I mean no, but he was nice and my nose isn't broken." Peter answers as he starts to get dressed, he felt embarrassed about being caught in that position and in just his underwear, but his friends dad despite being a little intimidating, was actually nice and he liked him.

"Look, just to give you a heads up Peter, my dad hates liars and well just be honest if he asks you a question, no matter what it is and well er... if he asks about me, just tell him the truth because I will if he asks me, so he will find out anyway." Alex then tells his friend, he could tell by the look his dad had given him that he was going to ask some personal questions and could guess what one of those would be after asking if they were boyfriends, so he wanted his friend to know he could tell his dad the truth and not feel guilty.

"Really?" Peter asks in a surprised tone, he knew exactly what his friend was really telling him, even if he hadn't used the actually words and wondered if he was being serious.

"He is going to ask Peter and well I have to tell him one day, might as well be now and it will be easier with you here." Alex responds honestly, he couldn't blame his friend for asking and being shocked, but he wanted his dad to like him and if his friend lied and tried to protect him, then his dad wouldn't like that, even if it was done with honest reasons.

"What about if he asks if we have done anything?" Peter then asks in a quiet tone, just to make sure his friends dad doesn't overhear him.

"Oh well er... let me deal with that and well I don't lie to my dad Peter, but I won't tell him any details and I will tell him that it's personal, will that be okay?" Alex responds as he gives his friend a concerned look, he hadn't thought about how this was for his friend and knew he must be feeling embarrassed.

"He won't tell anyone else right?" Peter then asks in response, he didn't want anyone ever knowing about what they had done, but he got the message loud and clear that honesty was a big thing in his friends family and knew he wouldn't be able to convince him to lie.

"No, but I will try to well, just trust me and it will be okay." Alex then says before checking himself over and looking towards the door. "Come on and well it will be okay." He then says, although he was trying to convince himself just as much as he was his friend.

"Okay." Peter responds as he nervously follows his friend out of the kitchen.

"They are really bad." Matt whispers to his boyfriend as they sit together watching a couple of woman singing.

"I don't even know what they are singing." Ben responds, he was trying to remember the name of the song, but they were singing so badly that he couldn't even get the tune in his head to figure it out.

"I think it's a Mariah Carey song." Matt responds as he tries to work the song out, but he didn't really know her music that well anyway, so even if they were singing it well, he probably wouldn't know what it was called.

"Boys behave yourselves and don't be rude." Sarah then whispers as she leans closer to the boys, they may be right about the two woman singing, but she expected them to not tease anyone like they were.

"Sorry." Both boys quickly say in unison and blush after realising that they had been heard.

"So what are you two going to sing?" Mitch then asks after listening to them getting told off, which he thought was a little harsh, but he wasn't going to question Sarah's parenting, especially when she was probably right.

"We don't know, we picked each others and we agreed not to tell each other what we picked." Ben answers as he makes the most of his brother changing the subject, he felt embarrassed being told off, even though he and his boyfriend deserved it for making fun of the two woman, although he was relieved that they had finished and weren't going to sing another song.

"Oh okay." Mitch then says in a slightly disappointed tone, although at the same time he thought that it was funny that neither knew what they were going to sing and wondered if they picked good songs for each other or embarrassing songs.

"How many are you going to do each?" Mike then decides to ask, he was hoping they would do a couple each or at least do a duet together.

"We just picked one each for now and will see after if we want to do more later, the guy said that there were a few people who wanted to sing and people didn't like seeing the same person on too much in one go." Matt answers as he turns to his boyfriends dad with a small grin, he was a little disappointed as he wanted to sing a couple of songs and maybe even sing with his boyfriend, but if there weren't too many others wanting to sing, he might be able to do that a bit later on.

"Fair enough, let's just hope the next few before you, are better than what we have heard so far." Mike then says with a grin, although he gives Sarah a surprised look when she swats him on the back of the head. "What was that for?" He then asks with a small grin, it was just a playful swat and he could tell the other three were amused by it as well.

"I just told the boys off for saying things about those two woman and there you go and do the same thing as them." Sarah responds with an unimpressed look, although she couldn't quite stop herself grinning a little bit.

"Oh, she is pretty." Matt then says as everyone gives him a surprised look, before looking over to the stage area and seeing who he was talking about.

"I bet she is awesome." Ben then says, if it were a boy and his boyfriend said he looked pretty, he might have been a little jealous, but as it was a woman and she was actually pretty, he just smiled and gave his boyfriends hand a little squeeze.

"Pretty usually means awful though." Mitch then says, but just grins when the others give him a surprised look. "Oh come on, we have all seen those stupid talent shows on TV and the good looking ones are awful most of he time." He then says with a small grin and knows that they can't disagree with him on that one, but as soon as she starts singing, he is quickly proven wrong.

"See Mitch." Ben then says with a smirk, but doesn't turn away from the stage as she carries on singing.

"Who sings this Matt?" Mike then decides to ask as he leans over to the boy.

"Sinead O'Connor." Matt answers quickly, he was happy to answer the question, but he hadn't heard many people sing in real life before, well not like the lady was right now and he thought she was amazing.

"She isn't as good as you." Ben then whispers to his boyfriend, she was good, well really good, but he knew his boyfriend was better.

"You're biased though." Matt responds with a little grin, although he did wonder if he was as good as everyone kept telling him.

"I'm in love with you Matt, but if you sucked at something I would still tell you." Ben then says as he uses his free hand to turn his boyfriends head to his own. "You're better than her Matt." He then states in a sincere tone, before leaning in and kissing him.

"They are so cute." Sarah says as she watches the two boys kissing and couldn't help but look at Mike and think about the times they have kissed and couldn't help but smile.

"I think she works at the hospital." Mitch then says as he starts to recognise her and he was sure she was a friend of Erica's.

"Really?" Mike asks in a surprised tone, they had all spent a lot of time at the hospital while Matt was in there and he couldn't remember seeing her.

"I'm sure she is one of Erica's friends." Mitch then says, although for the life of him, he couldn't remember her name.

"Her name is Lisa and she does work at the hospital." Sarah then states, she hadn't recognised her until Mitch had said she worked at the hospital and just smiled at her as she carried on singing.

"Oh my god!" Matt then says a little louder than intended and could see a few other people look over to him and quickly started to blush.

"What's wrong?" Ben quickly asks in a concerned tone, he could see his boyfriend wasn't freaking out, but he was clearly embarrassed about something and it wasn't just because people looked over to at him.

"She gave me sponge baths." Matt responds and turns a darker shade of red and knew that she would recognise him as soon as he went up to sing.

"Oh this is going to be hilarious when she sees you Matt." Mitch then says after overhearing what the boy just said and was already planning to call her over after she finished before hearing that and now he had another reason.

"If you make fun of him, I will tell Dad what I saw the other night." Ben says as he turns to his brother with a serious expression, he would never tell their dad what he actually saw normally, not even if his brother did something to him to annoy him, but he would if he upset his boyfriend.

"Whoa, shut up Ben!" Mitch quickly states with a worried expression, he knew his little brother wasn't bluffing and knew he had to be careful.

"What did you see Ben?" Mike then asks in a curious tone, although if he had to guess then he would say it had something to do with Erica and the way his eldest son was looking at his brother, told him that it wasn't anything good.

"Nothing!" Mitch quickly answers in a slightly panicked tone, he wasn't going to risk his little brother saying anything about it and could only give him a pleading look, knowing that any other approach was pointless.

"Nothing Dad." Ben then says after staring at his brother for a few moments and as much as he loved defending and protecting his boyfriend, he started to feel guilty for threatening his brother like that and knew that he was in the wrong.

"It didn't sound like nothing Ben." Mike then points out, after deciding to try and see if he could find out what they were on about one last time before dropping the subject.

"Well it is." Ben responds before giving his brother an apologetic look and then turning back to look at Lisa singing.

"Okay." Mike then says, just as Lisa finishes singing and quickly joins in the applause she receives.

"Wouldn't mind hearing her singing another song." Sarah then says after seeing her walking back over to her table.

"Oh that guy has a guitar." Matt then says as he watches a man walk on to the stage and sit down on one of the chairs.

"Well this is either going to be amazing or cringe worthy." Mitch then says, he hadn't seen much karaoke in his life, but people who brought their own instruments were either great or totally deluded about their ability.

"He will be good." Sarah states with a knowing smile as the others turn to her with a surprised look.

"Do you know him?" Mike then asks with a curious look, the way she said it, made it seem like she had heard him before.

"I have been here before and he is good, he usually does Johnny Cash, but has done others as well." Sarah responds with a smirk, although as she thinks about being here before, she remembers who with and only just manages to hide the sad and angry expression as she turns back to the stage.

"Doesn't sound like Johnny Cash." Mike states in a disappointed tone as he doesn't recognise the song, even though the man hadn't actually started to sing yet, he knew Johnny Cash well and this wasn't one of his songs.

"I have no idea Mike." Sarah then says as she gives him a small smile, she knew it wasn't Johnny Cash as well, but she had no clue what it might be.

"Oh my god he is doing Patience." Ben then says as he sits up a little more and grins, much to the surprise and confusion of everyone else, except his boyfriend who also recognises the song, although he hadn't heard it for ages and couldn't remember all the words.

"Patience?" Mike asks in a confused tone, just before Mitch, who was also curious could ask the same question.

"Guns and Rose's Dad." Ben responds quickly without taking his eyes away from the man and just stared in awe at how good the guy was.

"Oh right." Mike responds while giving his eldest son a quick smirk, it was starting to become apparent that both his youngest son and Matt knew a lot about music and he was impressed that they would know Guns and Roses and Sinead O'Connor.

"There are a lot of people here now." Mitch then says as he notices that a few more people have come in.

"Karaoke is really popular, some watch to have a good laugh and then you get families and people who enjoy the singing." Sarah states as she gives the young man a small grin, she had asked the manager before and he had said the karaoke had been a surprise hit and people seemed to really enjoy it.

"If they have singers like these last two, then I can see why." Mitch then states as he sits back and enjoys the performance, even if he wasn't a big fan of the song, he could still appreciate a good performance when he saw it.

"Can I get dressed?" Tobias asks, he had enjoyed the film and definitely enjoyed what his friends were doing to him, but at the same time he didn't think they should be doing it and he got the feeling they felt the same way.

"Really?" Wesley asks in a surprised tone, he thought their friend was enjoying it and wasn't expecting him to want them to stop.

"Yeah, it's nice and I like it, but it's er... well I'm not gay and it's not like last week." Tobias explains honestly and hoped he was right about his friends feeling the same way and didn't end up upsetting or annoying them.

"It's a little bit weird." Carter then says as he stops playing with his friends boner, it just wasn't the same as before and while he and his boyfriend had no regrets at the sleepover, he was already having them about doing it now and was glad his friend wanted to stop.

"I still think er... well I think the three of us are close, but maybe we need to, well I don't really know." Wesley then starts to say before realising that he couldn't really explain it, it was obvious that he and his boyfriend liked their friend in a different way to the others, but it wasn't the same feeling he and his boyfriend had with each other and it just confused him.

"I wouldn't do this stuff with Ben or Matt, but er... you guys are different, but er... I, well maybe we stop doing it and just be like er... friends?" Tobias then says as he tries to put how he feels into words and despite knowing that he is straight and that his two friends were in love with each other, it was obvious that they had a connection or at the very least were very comfortable around each other.

"I think we crossed a line though, I mean I like what we do with you Tobias as well, but we need to just be friends and not do this kind of thing again." Carter then says as he tries to work out just what they were doing and what that meant for them all.

"We can do it sometimes though, I mean er... we could because it's fun." Tobias then says and again despite being straight, right now he needed the closeness and affection he got from his two friends and wasn't quite ready to let it go fully, despite not wanting to carry on today.

"I don't know." Carter responds in a confused tone, he just didn't think it was a good idea and he just wanted it to be him and his boyfriend, even if he did find their friend attractive.

"Me neither, but it doesn't mean we can't hang out Tobias, I like, well we both love being around you and we don't have to be naked and touching each other to have fun." Wesley then says with a small grin, he, like he guesses his boyfriend and friend were, was feeling confused about their increasingly confusing friendship and wondered if they really would end up in a bad place if they just carried on fooling around together, like they have been doing recently.

"We can still hug and go skinny dipping in the pool though right?" Tobias then asks in a hopeful tone, he was starting to see that his two friends wanted to stop messing around like they were doing and despite feeling like he needed the closeness and feeling of love that he had gotten from the stuff they did together, he started to wonder if he would get that same feeling if they didn't do the naked and touching stuff and knew if that was true then it would be better and not as confusing.

"Yeah sure and we can even hang around naked, but no touching and stuff, it's fun but we are boyfriends and love each other Tobias and while we like you a lot, we shouldn't be doing this sort of stuff with you." Carter responds with a smile, he was so happy that they were talking about this, although he suddenly realised that their friend was still naked with his hands and feet cuffed.

"Okay, but me want to get dressed now and go toilet." Tobias states as he realises that he needed the toilet and was still tied up naked.

"Okay." Carter responds as he reaches into his pocket and pulls the key to the cuffs out and smiles as his friend leans forward.

"We really have to get an all over tan as well Carter." Wesley then decides to say as he looks at their friends body and couldn't help being a little jealous that he and his boyfriend still had tan lines, while their friend was brown all over.

"We have a few hours and it's hot outside." Carter responds with a grin and can tell that his boyfriend wasn't expecting that response.

"Really?" Wesley can't help but ask in a sceptical tone, he was a little hesitant himself because he knew the back garden didn't have high fences, although he doubted any of their neighbours would be able to see them.

"Yeah, but only if Tobias doesn't mind staying naked for a little bit longer." Carter responds with a grin, before he stands up and puts the ankle and handcuffs back in the closet after walking over to it.

"I don't need to tan, but me sit with you." Tobias responds, he wasn't being shy or anything, but he didn't want to sit outside naked, but definitely thought it was only fair his two friends got naked for a while after he had been naked for hours already.

"You can put our sun cream on Tobias." Wesley states as he gets to his feet and walks over to the TV to turn it off and put the DVD back in it's case.

"You have to keep an eye on the time as well Tobias, it won't be so bad if Jim saw us, but I don't want his mum or dad seeing me naked." Carter then says as he starts to strip, but stops and thinks about it. "Should we take our clothes with us?" He then asks as he looks to his boyfriend.

"Nah strip off now and we will take our speedos with us, that way if anyone comes in we can put them on and it will be alright." Wesley responds after thinking about it for a few moments, his parents had seen them both in their speedos and thought it was the best way of doing it.

"Okay." Carter says before starting to take his clothes off again.

"Me go toilet and see you downstairs." Tobias then says, he really needed to go now and was a little embarrassed about his friends hearing him take a poo and hoped they went straight downstairs.

"Okay, don't be long though." Wesley responds as he gives his friend a curious look, before being distracted by his naked boyfriend and realises that he needed to strip off as well.

"Alex this is going to be..." Gordon begins to say after talking to the boys for a few minutes, he was actually proud of his son for helping his friend workout and could see that he could do with a little bit of muscle, but he really wanted to get down to why he really wanted to talk to them both and he would prefer to do it before his wife got home.

"I'm gay Dad, but Peter is straight and we are just going to be friends." Alex states in a slightly nervous tone after interrupting his dad, he knew he didn't like being interrupted, but he knew what he was going to say and he needed to just be honest before he lost his nerve.

"Oh well okay, but are you sure you're gay, because you're only twelve Alex." Gordon asks in response before thinking about what he had said and could see the slightly annoyed look on his sons face. "Okay stupid question, but it's a little bit of a shock, although it does explain a few things." He then states as he thinks about his sons behaviour recently.

"What do you mean?" Alex then asks after deciding to ignore his dads question about whether he was sure he was gay and couldn't help but be curious about what he meant.

"You're a good boy and a good son Alex, but you yourself have admitted to me that you haven't been the best person you could be outside of this house, but recently you have really changed and the things you have told me, even though you knew that you would be punished has made me proud of you Son, but it has also made me curious about what has made you change and well now it makes sense." Gordon answers as he does his best to explain what he meant clearly enough for his son to understand.

"Being gay has made him nicer?" Peter then asks in a curious yet unconvinced tone, he had always thought his friend was nice, although he bullied others, but he always knew that that wasn't who his friend really was, but he didn't see how being gay would change him.

"Well maybe not actually being gay, but accepting that he is gay would of helped him change how he acted Peter." Gordon answers with a smile, he had almost forgotten the boy was there and was happy that he seemed to be okay with Alex being gay.

"I wanted to be a better person for Peter Dad." Alex then decides to say, he wasn't sure he should tell his dad that he loved his friend, but he wanted to make the most of this chance to talk with him about it and wasn't sure he would have the courage if he put it off.

"But you said he was straight." Gordon responds in a confused tone, he didn't have to ask what his son really meant by his statement and wondered if something had happened between the boys.

"He is but er... well I love him Dad." Alex responds honestly, he knew he would have to learn to just love him as a friend, but for now he still felt more than that for him.

"You love him?" Gordon then asks in a surprised tone, although after spending so much time with Matt Summers and Ben Walker in the hospital, he knew that even at that age children could be in love and decided against trying to patronise him and instead let him explain it to him.

"He is perfect and yeah I do." Alex responds in a shy tone, while giving an equally shy smile to his friend.

"But he doesn't love you." Gordon then states as he tries to work out what is going on between the two boys.

"I like him and want to be his friend, but I don't love him like he loves me Sir." Peter responds in a nervous tone, before remembering what the man had told him earlier. "I mean Gordon, sorry." He then quickly adds with a nervous smile.

"It's okay Peter, but doesn't him being gay and in love with you bother you?" Gordon then asks and straight away wishes he had phrased that better than he had.

"Dad!" Alex quickly protests in an unimpressed tone, he couldn't believe his dad just said that.

"Sorry Alex, but it's a fair question and I'm curious." Gordon apologises as he gives his son a sympathetic look, he could only imagine how embarrassing this must be for him, especially in front of his friend and decided to try and treat him to a nice surprise later to make up for it.

"It doesn't bother me and well er... I wish I was gay Gordon, because he is great and he looks after me." Peter decides to say as he gives his friend a shy look, he really did like him and he enjoyed what they did together, but he just wasn't gay or at least he was sure he wasn't.

"Well you don't hear many people wish they were gay." Gordon states as he looks at the two boys curiously and despite not knowing if he really wanted to know, he was curious about what the boys had said and wanted to know if they had experimented with each other.

"Well I'm only twelve and I might er... I don't know, I'm just twelve." Peter then says in a confused tone, he really didn't know how to explain how he felt, but for now he was happy being nothing.

"We will be friends no matter what Peter." Alex then says as he gives his friend a friendly smile.

"You're quite right Peter and you have many years to decide what you want, but I do have a personal question and you don't have to answer, but I promise that I'm not asking to embarrass either of you." Gordon then states as he gives both boys a friendly smile, he knew they could react badly to the question and just hoped they wouldn't do that.

"Peter, it's up to you." Alex then says as he turns back to his friend again, it didn't take a genius to figure out what his dad was going to ask and decided to let his friend decide if he wanted to talk about it.

"Alex taught me how to kiss last night and we did some other stuff, but I don't want to say what we did Sir, I mean Gordon, sorry, it's just personal and private." Peter states in a much more confident tone than he actually felt and just hoped his friends dad didn't insist on knowing what they did, he just couldn't bare him knowing something that personal, even if he did just admit to doing stuff.

"Okay, well I guess it's normal for children your age to experiment, but I have to ask if you two..." Gordon begins to ask, but trails off as he tries to word it in a way that wouldn't embarrass everyone and he was also aware that he was close to crossing a line with his sons privacy and he didn't want to make him feel humiliated or violated in any way.

"No way Dad! We are only kids, jeez Dad." Alex quickly states after realising what his dad was going to ask and even if his friend loved him back, he wouldn't want to do that for a very long time.

"What's going on?" Peter then asks in a confused tone after seeing his friend looking embarrassed, while his friends dad looked relieved.

"I will tell you later Peter, but Dad, just no and even if I do find a boyfriend, no, just no for a lot of years." Alex responds as he looks to his friend and then to his dad, he definitely didn't want his friend to know what he and his dad just said to each other, well not until he had him alone.

"Understood Son, but I had to ask and well why don't you boys go and finish up in the garage or go and take a shower." Gordon then suggests after giving his son a warm smile, he could only imagine how embarrassing this conversation was for him and wanted to show him that he understood.

"My nose still hurts and I don't want to do any more exercise stuff today." Peter quickly states, he enjoyed it and would definitely keep doing it with his friend, but for now he didn't feel like exerting himself.

"Well go take a shower and do whatever you want for a few hours, but then I will give you a lift home Peter." Gordon then states as he gives the boy a friendly smile, he seemed like a good kid and although they had met before, he had never spoken to him other than a quick hello or goodbye and wanted to make him feel welcome now.

"Okay, but er... do we er... never mind." Peter begins to ask, but is too embarrassed to ask if his friends dad meant he and his friend had a shower together or not.

"You're such an idiot Peter, come on and you can have a shower and then I will have one after you." Alex then says in an amused tone and knew exactly what his friend was going to ask and thought is was funny.

"Oh okay." Peter responds with an embarrassed smile as he gets up.

"Just be careful with your nose Peter, it will sting a little bit in the water, but it will be okay." Gordon then says as he watches the two boys walking towards the door, he knew what his sons friend was going to ask and didn't really mind if they shared a shower and actually found his awkwardness endearing.

"Okay Gordon." Peter responds before feeling his hand being grabbed and then pulled and quickly follows his friend up the stairs.

"Afternoon everyone, for those that don't know me, my name is William and I own this place." William says as he stands on the stage with a big smile as a few people cheer out. "Now I don't normally do this, but our next two singers are newbies and they are the youngest we have had sing here, so I want you to give them a warm welcome when they each come up here and not to shout or call out while they sing, anyone who does will be asked to be quiet and then asked to leave if they carry on." He then states in a serious tone, he knew some people were awful at singing, but he was proud of the positive atmosphere he had managed to create at his restaurant and didn't stand for people being abusive.

"Oh my god we are next." Matt then says in a nervous tone and despite it being his idea, he was now having second thoughts about being able to sing in front of complete strangers, especially since the last four people were either amazing or really good.

"Hey come on Matt, you're awesome and they will love you." Ben quickly says in a reassuring tone, he was nervous himself, but he knew he had to act confident or his boyfriend might panic.

"If you can't do it, it's alright Sweetheart." Sarah then says in a quiet tone, she was hoping he would, but she wasn't going to force him and wanted him to know that he didn't have to do it.

"No, I want to, but it's scary." Matt quickly responds as he looks back at the man on stage.

"Now I'm doing this a little differently because of their ages and the fact the two boys obviously wrote these down for each other and the names are quite funny, so please give Matt 'The Dumb Ass' Summers a warm welcome." William then announces with a little chuckle, he had spoken to both boys and seeing what they wrote down for each others name was amusing.

"You're so dead." Matt states as he gives his boyfriend an unimpressed look, despite the fact he pretty much did the same thing when he wrote his boyfriends name down.

"And he will be singing 'Let it Go' apparently, so something for the kids and the birthday girl in the corner to enjoy." William then announces with a grin as he looks over to the boys and can see that even if they couldn't sing, at least they had a sense of humour and the crowd will like that.

"Oh, you're so fucking dead." Matt then says before getting a swat on his bum from his mum and can't help but blush a little.

"Language Matthew and don't let me hear you use that word again." Sarah states in a firm but quiet tone, she knew the boys swore and she knew he didn't mean to say it, but they were in public and she felt like she had to make a point.

"Sorry Mum." Matt responds in a sincere tone, but a quick swat from his boyfriend on his bum soon makes him smile.

"It's a good song, now get up there already." Ben then says with a grin, sure it was a bit of a joke, but it was a big song and not many people could sing it well, he had seen enough people on TV to know that much and most of all he thought this song was perfect for what his boyfriend had been through, well it wasn't the same thing, but he thought some of the words fitted well.

"Don't be nervous Matt, just try your best and have fun." William then says after the boy walks over to him, before handing him the microphone with a friendly smile. "Good luck." He then says before walking over to his desk and couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the boy, his friend had obviously set him up and knew despite the fact it was from an animated film, the song was a big one to sing and he had heard a few painful renditions in his time and thought this might be another one.

"He looks scared." Mitch then says as he watches him nervously and was just hoping that after the visit with his dad earlier, he wasn't going to suddenly breakdown.

"Wouldn't you be?" Mike responds, he was nervous for the boy as well, but at the same time, he thought anyone would be nervous and he knew even professional singers still got nervous standing in front of an audience, so he was trying not to worry too much.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonightNot a footprint to be seen

A kingdom of isolationAnd it looks like I'm the queen."

"He is so good." Ben states as he looks around to see the surprise on everyone else's face and knew that they probably thought his boyfriend would be awful.

"He didn't change the words either." Mitch then states and ignores the odd look his dad gives him, he may not be a kid, but it was impossible to not know most of the words and he was impressed that Matt hadn't changed the word from 'Queen' to 'King' and wondered if anyone else in the room would be thinking the same thing.

"The wind is howling like this swirling storm insideCouldn't keep it in, heaven knows I tried

Don't let them in, don't let them seeBe the good girl you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel, don't let them knowWell, now they know

Let it go, let it goCan't hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it goTurn away and slam the door

I don't care what they're going to sayLet the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway."

"They love him." Ben then says proudly as he sees the look on the other peoples faces and hearing them cheer and clap was so cool.

"Can you blame them, I saw most of them rolling their eyes a little when he walked on stage, but he just showed them." Sarah then says as she looks at her son proudly and could tell that he was enjoying himself.

"It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me can't get to me at all

It's time to see what I can doTo test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for meI'm free

Let it go, let it goI am one with the wind and sky

Let it go, let it goYou'll never see me cry

Here I stand and here I'll stayLet the storm rage on..."

"I think you might have some competition for his love Ben, that table of girls look ready to jump him." Mitch then whispers in his little brothers ear after noticing the table of girls that the manager had pointed out earlier, seeming to be going crazy over Matt.

"They can get in line and wait their turn." Ben responds with a grin as he turns to his brother, he was too happy and proud of his boyfriend to let his brother bait him.

"Stop teasing your brother Mitch." Mike then states as he gives his eldest son a playful swat on the back of the head, he was glad to see them having a laugh and couldn't resist joining in.

"My power flurries through the air into the ground

My soul is spiralling in frozen fractals all aroundAnd one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

I'm never going backThe past is in the past."

"Aww, he is crying." Sarah states in a proud tone, she knew that she didn't have to worry about the tears and knew that they were good tears.

"Some of the woman are wiping their eyes." Ben then states quietly and couldn't be happier with his choice of song now and knew his boyfriend was putting his heart and soul into it.

"Well I hate to say it, but good luck following this Ben." Mitch then says in a sympathetic tone, he wasn't trying to tease his little brother and knew he was a good singer too, but he doubted anyone would want to follow this performance and he could see the guy with the guitar from earlier and Lisa looking impressed by it as well.

"He is happy Mitch, that's all that matters to me." Ben responds without taking his eyes off his boyfriend, he couldn't care less about his song now and was just happy that his boyfriend was doing so well.

"Let it go, let it goAnd I'll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go, let it goThat perfect girl is gone

Here I stand in the light of dayLet the storm rage on!

The cold never bothered me anyway."

"Well, well, well if anyone says they saw that coming then they are lying." William says as he quickly gets on the stage to join the boy and he had to admit he couldn't believe what he had heard. "Okay, okay calm down and stop scaring the boy." He then states as he gets the room to settle down, he wasn't too sure what was going through the boys mind, but he looked half terrified and half excited and decided to try and help him out.

"Thank you everyone." Matt then manages to say as he looks around to see everyone smiling and quickly wipes his eyes with the back of his hand when as they start clapping and calling out again.

"That was quite the performance young man and I hope you will be doing another song later for us." William then says as he kneels down next to him and could tell that he was getting slightly overwhelmed by the situation and decided to look across to his family, but was surprised to see his friend stand up and quickly walk over instead of one of the adults.

"I might, but my boyfriend is next and he is just as good as me." Matt responds without really thinking about what he said, or seeing the surprised look on everyone's faces either.

"I see and this must be him." William then says in a surprised tone, although he tried his best to hide it, he had plenty of gay friends to not be bothered by that sort of thing, but even he was surprised that the boys were boyfriends and that he actually just basically told a room full of strangers and didn't even flinch.

"You're were awesome." Ben then says before cuddling his boyfriend tightly. "I love you." He then says before giving him a quick kiss, he knew people were watching but he didn't care what they might think.

"I love you too, but it's your turn now." Matt responds with a big grin before giving his boyfriend a kiss and couldn't believe how good it felt to do it in front of other people and knew this was a big moment for them both.

"Well let's give Matt another round of applause while he goes and sit down, while his friend, well his boyfriend it appears, sings for us next." William then announces and is relieved to see that despite a few odd and unimpressed looks, everyone else either didn't seem bothered by the boys being boyfriends or thought it was adorable, he knew that despite it being more accepted these days, there were still idiots out there and was glad none of those were apparently here today.

"No you have to let us sit down and call him up like you did for me." Matt quickly states in a serious tone and William couldn't help but smile at the boy and think how adorable he sounded.

"Okay, well go and sit down then." William responds with a chuckle as the boys walk hand in hand back to their seats to a round of applause and couldn't help but notice their family glowing with pride.

"I'm so proud of you Sweetheart." Sarah says as she pulls her son into her arms and gives him a big cuddle.

"Did you see everyone clap and cheer Mum?" Matt quickly asks in an excited tone, he had song in front of family and friends and even his classmates, but this was the first time in front of strangers and he felt amazing.

"I did and you deserve it." Sarah responds before giving him a kiss on the forehead, she was just so proud of him and could see how much it meant to him.

"Matt you were amazing and I think for the first time, I actually enjoyed that song." Mitch then states with a grin as the boy sits next to him.

"It's an okay song." Matt then says as he gives the older boy a shy grin and was happy that he had made him proud of him.

"Okay, I think that is enough time, so everyone please give a warm welcome to Ben 'The Creep' Walker." William announces with a shake of the head and even though it was childish, he found the names the boys had written for each other amusing and could tell that he wasn't the only one as the boy walks towards him to a series of cheers and clapping. "Good luck Ben." He then whispers to him in a reassuring tone.

"This is proper scary." Ben then says, he had never done anything like this, well apart from when he sang in front of his friends and family, but this was nothing like that and he could feel his stomach tighten.

"Just relax and have fun." William whispers in an encouraging tone, he actually had plenty of experience dealing with nervous singers since he started the karaoke, but he was finding it a lot more difficult when it was just a little kid on the stage and genuinely felt sorry for him.

"What am I singing?" Ben decides to asks after realising he had no idea what his boyfriend had chosen for him.

"Well he is a little nervous, so I don't want to hear anyone mocking him or making fun of him, so take this as your final warning." William decides to tell the audience, he never normally bothered with this as he knew most of the crowd and they were good people, but he wasn't going to take a chance and was hoping for the boys sake, that he was a decent singer and wouldn't end up embarrassed. "And he will be singing 'Summer of Sixty Nine', oh wow, well this should be interesting." He then says as he checks the ticket again, he hadn't paid attention to the song when Matt had given it to him and was curious as to whether this was going to good or very, very bad.

"Bryan Adam's?" Mitch asks in a curious tone as he wonders how they knew all these older songs.

"What's wrong with Bryan Adam's?" Matt asks in a surprised tone as he turns to the older boy, it was a good song and he thought it suited his boyfriends voice and he knew his boyfriend didn't know many songs all the way through and this was one of the few that he knew he did know.

"Nothing, just expected you to pick a more modern song or a joke song to embarrass him." Mitch responds with a grin, although he realises that he was the only one who thought that would be funny when he sees the unimpressed look on his face.

"We don't embarrass each other like that Mitch." Matt quickly responds while giving the older boy an unimpressed look, before looking over to his boyfriend and gives him a little wave.

"Well that told you." Mike then says in a quiet tone as he teases his eldest son, although he was actually feeling relieved as he was going to say pretty much the same thing before he got beat to it.

"Er... Mr er... the guitar man from before, er... can I ask you a favour please." Ben then says and instantly blushes as everyone stares at him and starts to wish that he just started singing, instead of trying to make the song better.

"Kurt, I think he means you." William quickly says, he was just about to start the music and was surprised by the request and wondered what he could possibly want from a guy he clearly didn't know.

"Oh okay, what's up Little Dude?" Kurt says as he sits up and looks at the boy with a bemused expression, he was actually impressed with the boys boyfriends singing ability and was looking forward to him singing this song and wondered if he could actually pull it off or not.

"Er... well I er... I don't have a guitar and er... could I borrow yours please?" Ben asks nervously as he struggles to not just stare at the floor, he really wished he never said anything now and wasn't sure what he was going to do if the guy said no.

"I don't know Little Dude, it's expensive and you're very young." Kurt responds in a sympathetic tone, he would love to help the kid out and see if he could actually play, but it was an expensive guitar and he wasn't sure he could risk him damaging it.

"Kurt er.. hey I'm Matt and I have a Martin D-eighteen at home and Ben can play it perfectly and he won't damage it and even if he did somehow, I can buy you a new one or er... one like your one or pay for it to be repaired." Matt then says as he quickly gets up and walks over to his boyfriend, he could tell that he was nervous and wanted to support him.

"You know what guitar I have, even though you only saw it from across the room?" Kurt decides to ask in a surprised yet impressed tone, he was proud of his guitar and it was his pride and joy, so the fact the boy clearly knew his guitars got his attention.

"Well I don't really know much about them, my brother Tobias knows more, but I have one like yours and I love it and I promise Ben won't damage it." Matt answers with a smile as he gently rubs his boyfriends back.

"I see." Kurt then says as he thinks about giving it to the boy, but he was doubtful that he truly understood just how expensive it was and even if he did know, the boy was only eleven or twelve years old.

"Kurt, trust me the boy can buy you hundreds of those if he wanted to and they are good kids." Lisa whisper into her friends ear, she hadn't recognised who the boys were until Matt had got on stage earlier and then looked over to see the others and was happy to reassure her friend that his guitar was safe.

"He is like twelve Lisa." Kurt then whispers back in an unconvinced tone.

"Kurt, trust me, that kid has it covered and you have my word." Lisa then says, she didn't really know any of them that well, but she knew what the poor boy had been through and she also knew that her friend Erica was dating Mitch and she was always telling her about how nice the family was and she really wanted to help the boys out.

"Okay, but you owe me a duet later on and I get to pick the song." Kurt responds with a smile, she had been a good friend to him and he saw her as the little sister he never had and if she vouched for the boys, then that was good enough for him.

"Deal, now be nice and encourage the poor kid, he looks terrified up there." Lisa responds before standing back up and returning to her table with a grin.

"Okay Ben 'The Creep' Walker, you owe your boyfriend for this." Kurt then says as he gets to his feet and opens his guitar case, he was still a little hesitant, but he was curious enough to see how the boy did.

"Thank you Sir." Ben responds in a happy and excited tone, he couldn't believe his boyfriend had convinced the man and he couldn't wait to sing the song with a guitar.

"Just be gentle with it and no going crazy and swinging it around." Kurt then states after walking over to the boy and handing him the guitar, although he had to admit it felt good to do a nice thing for someone like this and the round of applause he got as he returned to his seat made him feel even better.

"I love you Matt." Ben then says with a loving smile and despite being nervous just a few moment ago, thanks to his boyfriend he felt great and couldn't wait to sing.

"I love you and you're going to be awesome." Matt responds and gives his boyfriend a quick but loving kiss on the lips, before heading back to their table and this time decides to sit on his mums lap.

"Well let's give a some more appreciation for Kurt, I know how much he loves that guitar and he is a good man." William then says as he decides to try something else and walks next to the boy."Ben do you want to do this acoustically now that you have the guitar?" He then asks in a hushed tone, he thought having the music playing in the back round would distract everyone from the boys performance and wanted to see if the boy could really play the guitar or not.

"What's that mean?" Ben then asks in a confused tone, he was sure he had heard Mr Morgan talking about it in class a few times, but he couldn't remember what it meant.

"It means that it will be just you and your guitar without any other music, I think it will sound a lot better this way and Kurt did it earlier with his performance." William explains and quickly remembers that he is dealing with a kid and despite clearly being a mature boy, he was still just a kid at the end of the day.

"Oh okay yeah, I want to do that please." Ben responds enthusiastically as he looks up to the man and thought he was nice and friendly.

"Okay ladies and gentleman, Ben has asked if he can do an acoustic version of the song and I for one can't wait to hear it, so please be quiet and try not to call out during the song thank you." William then says before giving the boy a wink after he had looked up at him and quickly turns and walks back over to his seat to hopefully enjoy the performance.

"We should buy that Kurt a few drinks after Ben is finished Mike." Sarah says as she leans a little closer to the man, she had wanted to tell the boys to not bother the man, but she was glad that she hadn't and was also a little curious about what Lisa had said, as she had obviously convinced him to let Ben borrow his guitar.

"I think we will be buying him more than a few, I just hope Ben doesn't drop it or something, those things cost a fortune." Mike responds with a slightly nervous grin, they had the money, but it was money that he didn't want to waste like that.

"I said I would pay for it and Ben won't break it anyway." Matt quickly states as he gives his boyfriends dad an annoyed look, he said he would pay and he meant it.

"He's now starting guys." Mitch then says, he could see this could get a little out of hand and was glad when he heard his little brother play a few chords and knew that it would get his dad and Matt to forget about what they were talking about.

"I got my first real six-stringBought it at the five-and-dime

Played it 'til my fingers bledIt was the summer of '69

Me and some guys from schoolHad a band and we tried real hard

Jimmy quit and Jody got marriedI shoulda known we'd never get far

Oh when I look back nowThat summer seemed to last forever

And if I had the choiceYa - I'd always wanna be there

Those were the best days of my life."

"Told you he would be good." Matt states proudly as he watches his boyfriend and despite a few mistakes on the guitar, he thought his boyfriend was doing great.

"It definitely suits his voice." Sarah then says and while she knew her son could probably sing it just as well, there was no doubt Ben was better suited to these types of songs.

"He just needs to practice a bit more with the guitar." Matt then says as he keeps his eyes firmly on his boyfriend.

"Ain't no use in complainin'When you got a job to do

Spent my evenin's down at the drive-inAnd that's when I met you yeah

Standin' on your mama's porchYou told me that you'd wait forever

Oh and when you held my handI knew that it was now or never

Those were the best days of my life

Back in the summer of '69."

"Doesn't sound like he needs the practice to me." Mitch decides to say as he tries to pay attention to his little brother playing the guitar, but he couldn't hear anything wrong with it.

"Oh he is doing great Mitch, but there are just a couple of little things and if you don't believe me talk to that Kurt guy after and he will tell you." Matt responds as he gives the older boy a quick smirk, he wasn't trying to make out his boyfriend was playing it wrong or anything, but he knew he could and would want to do even better.

"Man we were killin' timeWe were young and restless

We needed to unwindI guess nothin' can last forever, forever, no

And now the times are changin'Look at everything that's come and gone."

"Told you." Lisa says as she sits down next to her friend, she hadn't known what to expect and was delighted to hear the boy singing so well and really liked the raspy tone he had, especially for a boy his age.

"Okay you were right and he is pretty good on the guitar, with a few lessons he could be really good." Kurt responds with a smile, he could hear quite a few mistakes, but for a twelve year old boy, it was still pretty impressive.

"Talk to them in a little while and I'm sure both boys would be happy for you to give them some lessons." Lisa then states with a smile as they enjoy the boys performance.

"I might just do that." Kurt responds with a grin, before drinking the rest of his pint.

"Sometimes when I play that old six-stringI think about you, wonder what went wrong

Standin' on your mama's porchYou told me it would last forever

Oh and when you held my handI knew that it was now or never

Those were the best days of my life

Back in the summer of '69."

"Well, try and pick your favourite from those two performances." William announces after waiting a few moments for the applause to settle down and could see the mixture of shock and delight on the peoples faces, it may not have been perfect, but it was pretty damn close in his opinion, although he would have to ask Kurt how the boy did on the guitar.

"Stay here Sweetheart." Sarah says as she feels her son trying to get off her lap and knew where he wanted to go.

"Why?" Matt asks in a slightly annoyed tone, he wanted to go and kiss his boyfriend and tell him how good he did and wasn't happy about being restrained.

"Because this is his moment and that Kurt is now walking over to him, so just wait a few minutes Sweetheart." Sarah responds as she relaxes her hold on him and smiles when he doesn't make any attempt to move.

"Fine, but I'm going to him when I want to go." Matt responds in a slightly sulky tone, while he looks over to see Kurt kneeling in front of his boyfriend.

"Bye Peter." Alex says as he walks his friend to his dads car, he was gutted that he had to go home, but he had enjoyed having him sleepover and although he didn't get what he really wanted, he was content with having a friend for life.

"Thank you for everything." Peter says with a shy smile, before looking at his friends eyes. "And I mean everything." He then says before giving his friend a quick kiss on the lips.

"Whoa." Alex states as he stares at his friend after he had pulled away, he wasn't expecting that and although he knew that it didn't mean anything, well anything like them being boyfriends, he couldn't help but blush and smile.

"Sorry, just well you know." Peter then says in a slightly embarrassed tone, he didn't quite know why he kissed his friend and could see that his friends mum was giving them a strange look from the house, which made him realise that it was probably not the smartest thing he had ever done.

"I know and well just friends right." Alex responds before giving him a quick hug.

"Come on Peter, time to go and you better get inside Alex and don't forget to clean the bathroom." Gordon then decides to say, he thought it was a nice moment between the two boys, but he could see the look on his wife's face and he couldn't help but be a little surprised by it, although he just put it down to just being surprised and decided that they would all talk about it later as a family.

"Okay Dad and see you at school Peter." Alex says as he gives both his dad and friend a smile, before turning and heading back to the house.

"Sorry for kissing him Gordon, I didn't mean to make Mrs Gilmar mad." Peter then says after he gets in the car, he had seen the look on his friends mums face and knew that she wasn't happy about it and felt guilty.

"It's fine Peter and call her Maggie, she doesn't like being called Mrs Gilmar, it makes her feel old." Gordon responds, although he wonders why he had bothered to tell the boy that, it wasn't like she was in the car with them.

"Oh okay, but she looked kind of angry." Peter then says as he puts his seatbelt on.

"Like I said Peter, don't worry about it and everything will be fine." Gordon states in a reassuring tone, although he had to hide the fact he was a little surprised by her reaction still, although again he just thought it was just the shock of her son kissing another boy, although if she knew they were just friends, he thought she would get over it quickly.

"Okay and er... thanks for the lift home." Peter then says with a smile, if his friends dad thought it would be okay, then that was good enough for him, he was a doctor after all and they knew everything.

"It's my pleasure." Gordon responds with a smile of his own, before checking his mirrors and pulling out of the driveway.

"Mum, I'm just going to check the bathroom is clean okay." Alex calls out as he shuts the front door behind him, he wasn't sure where she was, but thought he better let her know where he would be, just in case she wanted him for something.

"Come in the kitchen now!" Maggie states in an angry tone, she just couldn't believe what had happened and wasn't going to tolerate it in her house.

"What's wrong?" Alex asks in a hesitant tone, his mum hardly ever got angry about anything and wondered if she was more angry than she had let on earlier about skipping school.

"I don't want you to be friends with that boy any more Alex." Maggie states bluntly, she didn't care if they were friends, she saw him kiss her son and the only reason she hadn't reacted right there and then was because she saw that her son hadn't returned the kiss.

"Huh? Why not?" Alex asks in a confused tone, she seemed to really like him when they had been talking before he left and couldn't think what would change her mind, unless, well no she couldn't have seen them kiss he thought to himself.

"Because he is gay Alex and I won't allow one of them in my house again." Maggie states in a clear and serious tone, there was just no way she could have one near her like that.

"Wait what? Peter isn't gay Mum." Alex quickly responds in a confused tone, although he suddenly realised that she must of seen the kiss and quickly tried to think of some excuse that would explain it.

"We have always brought you up to respect others and be loyal Alex, but I saw him kiss you and he isn't welcome here anymore." Maggie states as she studies her son, she wasn't stupid and could tell that something was on his mind and could only hope that he wasn't going to say something they both would end up regretting.

"Mum he isn't gay, trust me." Alex quickly responds, but could tell by her expression that he might have said something wrong and was starting to worry about the way she was looking at him.

"I'm going to ask you a question and god help me Alex, if you lie to me then you will regret it." Maggie then states and despite the fact she had thought about this as a possibility after what had with the Summers, she was finding it a lot harder then she expected.

"Mum can't we wait until Dad gets home please." Alex decides to suggest, he was sure his mum was going to ask if he was gay and it didn't take a genius to work out that she wouldn't be happy when she heard the answer and desperately wanted his dad to be here.

"Alex, I'm going to go and take a bath, if you aren't out of this house by the time I'm out and dressed, then you won't like what happens." Maggie states in a cold and harsh tone, although inside she couldn't believe this was happening and was even more surprised to find herself not hating him like she thought she would.

"Mum?" Alex asks in a scared and confused tone, out of both his parents, he had always been afraid to tell his dad, not his mum, he thought she would be the kind and understanding one and was just completely shocked at being told to get out of the house.

"You're a dirty faggot and I want you out of this house." Maggie quickly repeats her previous statement, but again as much as she wanted to hate and despise him, she just couldn't and she just felt completely confused, she was known in the organisation for being cold and ruthless, but right now she felt anything but those things.

"What time should I come back?" Alex then asks and although he knew what she meant, he was hoping he was wrong and could feel himself starting to shake a little, especially as her words began to sink in.

"Get out of this house Alex and if you don't start packing right now, I will throw you out myself." Maggie states in a cold tone, she had only just managed to not shout out and was starting to wonder if this was how David Summers had felt, although as she looked at the tears in her sons eyes, she didn't know if she respected David more for what he did to his son, or just disgusted that he could do that to his own son.

"What about Dad?" Alex then says, although he has no idea how he is even functioning right now, he was being rejected by his own mum and being thrown out of his home.

"Fine, but you aren't welcome in this house after tonight Alex, so go to your room and pack your things, because one way or another you won't be here for much longer." Maggie responds in a slightly flustered tone, she just felt ashamed of herself, she knew what to do and had gone over this scenario so many times in case it ever happened and yet she couldn't hate him, well she did hate him, but not enough and she just had to get away from him.

"Mum please don't hate me, I'm still me, I'm still the same boy and Peter really isn't gay and I don't want a boyfriend, so I'm not going to..." Alex begins to say until he feels his cheek burning with pain and steps back after realising that his mum had just slapped him and that she hadn't held back.

"You're a disgusting faggot." Maggie then hisses before turning away from her son and heading to the bathroom, she wasn't even sure she wanted a bath now, but she had to get away from him and get her head sorted.

"Man that was so cool." Ben says as he gets in the car with his boyfriend, he was just so happy and proud of himself and his boyfriend.

"We have to do that again." Matt then says, he was just so happy and despite a couple of guys calling them bad names before being kicked out of the restaurant, he had loved performing in front of people, even if he had only performed twice.

"Can Tobias sing?" Mike then decides to ask after everyone was in the car, he was curious and wanted to know before he started driving them home.

"Huh?" Ben asks in response, he was still thinking about the duet he sang with his boyfriend and wasn't quite paying attention.

"He could do Karaoke, but he isn't very good at it." Matt answers as he gives his boyfriend a quick smile, he knew why he was distracted and just loved singing with him and couldn't actually believe they had never done it before.

"Ah, so finally something the boy wonder can't do." Mike then says with a grin before pulling out of the car park.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Matt then quickly asks in an irritated tone, he didn't like the way his boyfriends dad said what he did and wanted to know what he meant.

"Calm down Matt, he is just messing around and to be honest, Tobias seems to be great at everything, so it's kind of nice to know he is bad at something." Mitch quickly states, he could tell the boy had taken his dads words the wrong way and with him driving, he felt like he needed to stop him being distracted.

"Oh right." Matt then says in a slightly embarrassed tone, before giving his boyfriend a confused look after being elbowed in the ribs. "Oh right er... sorry Mike, I just don't like people saying bad things about Tobias, so er... sorry for being rude." He then says in a sincere tone, he didn't have to look at his boyfriends face for long before he realised why he elbowed him and felt bad for overreacting.

"It's alright Matt and I'm sorry for making you think that I was making fun of him." Mike responds with a small smile, he wasn't expecting an apology and was a little surprised, but in a good way and was glad his eldest son had intervened.

"Have you got Kurt's number Ben?" Sarah then decides to ask, she was a little apprehensive about the man giving the boy his number and offering him guitar lessons, but he seemed friendly enough and after Lisa had come over, she felt a lot more comfortable with it.

"Yeah, he was so cool and although he said I was bad on the guitar, I definitely want to learn." Ben responds happily, he was a little unsure himself about the prospect, but he knew his boyfriend and brother would be with him and knew nothing bad could happen.

"Hey! You aren't bad and he didn't even say that, he said you just need a little practice." Matt then quickly states, he didn't want his boyfriend thinking he was bad, even if he did make a lot of mistakes, they were barely noticeable and he could tell that Kurt was impressed.

"I know, but well okay." Ben responds with a small grin, he wasn't sure why he was going to argue, but he was glad that he had stopped himself, especially when he feels his boyfriends lips against his own.

"Are you two okay about what happened with those couple of men?" Sarah then decides to ask, she was going to wait until they got home, but was curious as they didn't seem to be phased by it at all.

"It was scary, but I don't care, Mitch warned us about people like that when we first became boyfriends and we talked about it together afterwards and decided to ignore people like that." Matt answers honestly and although it did bother him a little bit, because of his boyfriends brother, they had both been able to prepare themselves for that kind of reaction.

"Yeah Sarah, we don't care about that kind of thing and it was so cool how they got thrown out, that was funny." Ben then says with a big grin, he could tell by the looks on the men's faces that they weren't expecting to be kicked out and he found it amusing.

"I'm proud of you both." Sarah then says, before looking back at Mitch. "I think you should tell them." She then says with a reassuring smile after being reminded that the young man had known about the two boys a long time before anyone else and how he had guided them, she felt that it was a good time to tell them, well more her son, but it affected Ben as well.

"Really?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't sure this was the time or the place for the conversation and especially since Tobias wasn't here.

"Tell us what?" Matt quickly asks and although he got the sense it wasn't anything bad, he was still a little worried.

"Go ahead Mitch and it will be easier to tell Tobias if we explain it to Matt first." Sarah then states as she decides to try another approach.

"Tell us what?" Matt repeats in a slightly irritated tone, which was made worse because it involved his brother as well, who wasn't here and he didn't know if that was good or not.

"Your Mum has asked me to be Tobias's and your legal guardian if anything happens to her Matt." Mitch decides to just answer, he was still not sure this was the right moment, but he could tell that the boys wouldn't let this drop and it was obvious for whatever reason, that Sarah wanted Matt to know now.

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