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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 9

July 2015

"I'm proud of you both." Sarah then says, before looking back at Mitch. "I think you should tell them." She then says with a reassuring smile after being reminded that the young man had known about the two boys a long time before anyone else and how he had guided them, she felt that it was a good time to tell them, well more her son, but it affected Ben as well.

"Really?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't sure this was the time or the place for the conversation and especially since Tobias wasn't here.

"Tell us what?" Matt quickly asks and although he got the sense it wasn't anything bad, he was still a little worried.

"Go ahead Mitch and it will be easier to tell Tobias if we explain it to Matt first." Sarah then states as she decides to try another approach.

"Tell us what?" Matt repeats in a slightly irritated tone, which was made worse because it involved his brother as well, who wasn't here and he didn't know if that was good or not.

"Your Mum has asked me to be Tobias's and your legal guardian if anything happens to her Matt." Mitch decides to just answer, he was still not sure this was the right moment, but he could tell that the boys wouldn't let this drop and it was obvious for whatever reason, that Sarah wanted Matt to know now.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Matt quickly asks in a confused tone and couldn't quite understand what he was saying.

"Oh my god that it awesome." Ben then says as he quickly realises what that actually meant, although just as quickly he realises what else that meant and quickly looked over to his boyfriends mum. "You aren't ill are you?" He then asks in a concerned tone, he couldn't think of any other reason for her asking his brother to be his boyfriends legal guardian, although when he feels his boyfriend tense up, he realises that he had just made a huge mistake.

"You're going to die Mummy?" Matt then asks in a scared tone as a few tears roll down his face, before feeling himself being pulled into his boyfriends chest.

"No, no boys I'm not ill and I'm not going to die." Sarah quickly states before giving Mitch a quick grimace, she hadn't expected this to happen and felt guilty for not waiting until they were at home.

"Ben tell him that everything is okay, he will believe you and you know I wouldn't lie to you." Mitch decides to tell his little brother, he could tell Matt was freaking out and there was no point in Sarah or himself trying to convince him that everything was okay.

"Matt it's me, your mum is okay and it's nothing bad." Ben then whispers in his boyfriends ear after giving his brother an understanding look, he knew he wouldn't lie to him and he just needed to get his boyfriend to understand what Mitch being his legal guardian actually meant. "Matt it's like what your mum had with Tobias, you know just in case some thing bad happened to his parents." He then adds with a sad smile, he was a little angry at how his brother and Sarah had told them about this and also felt guilty because if he hadn't asked if Sarah was ill, then his boyfriend probably wouldn't be crying right now.

"She isn't going to die?" Matt then asks in a meek tone after a few moments, he felt embarrassed to be crying again and just wished he wasn't so emotional.

"Nope and sorry for scaring you." Ben responds as he looks at his boyfriend with an apologetic expression, he hated seeing him scared and upset and hated it even more when it was his fault.

"It's okay." Matt then says before giving him a quick peck on the lips. "So er... what does this all mean?" He then asks as he turns to face his mum.

"It doesn't change how we are at the moment Sweetheart, I will still be your mum and Mitch will still be who he is, but if anything did happen to me, then I want to make sure that you and Tobias aren't taken away and having Mitch as your legal guardian will guarantee that." Sarah responds with a warm smile, before waiting to see if he understood what she was trying to tell him.

"Why would they take us away though?" Matt decides to ask, he understood what Mitch being his and his brothers legal guardian meant, because it is why Tobias was now his brother and not stuck in the orphanage, but he didn't get why they couldn't just stay with his boyfriend anyway.

"Because you aren't related to Mike or Mitch, so legally they have no right to keep you and..." Sarah begins to explain before being interrupted.

"But Ben's my boyfriend and we live with Mike and Mitch already." Matt states in a confused tone, he couldn't see why they would be taken away after already living with them.

"It's not how it works Sweetheart and it's hard to explain, but by making Mitch your legal guardian, well none of that stuff will matter and that is why I asked him." Sarah answers as clearly as she can, she hadn't realised how hard this would be to explain and it was clear that her son was confused by the whole thing.

"Why isn't my dad going to be his legal guardian?" Ben then asks in a curious tone, he understood why they were doing the legal guardian thing now, but he would have thought his dad would be the one doing it and not his brother.

"Ben, I would do it in a heartbeat, but let's be honest, Mitch is the better choice." Mike decides to state, he knew he should be concentrating on driving, but he felt like he should say something.

"You're a good dad though." Ben then says in a sincere tone, his dad has his faults and if he was being completely honest, he still felt closer to his brother, but he wouldn't change his dad for anything or anyone and he wanted him to know that.

"Dad concentrate on driving, I got this." Mitch then decides to say, he knew his dad would probably be okay talking and driving, but he didn't want to risk it and they had been through enough already to risk having an accident.

"Okay." Mike responds as he smiles to himself, he was proud of both his sons right now and was happy to just drive and let his eldest son take over the conversation.

"Ben it's not a competition, Dad would be a great guardian for Matt and Tobias and you and me would help him, but you know he has to work and he does a lot of hours and it just makes more sense for me to be the guardian and I'm also closer to Matt and Tobias, so it would be easier for everyone." Mitch then says as he turns to his little brother with a caring smile.

"Oh okay, but er... will you be their dad, like their real dad?" Ben then asks, but despite still being a little confused, he smiles when he feels his boyfriend resting his head on his shoulder.

"It would be something we would discuss if we ever needed to discuss it Ben, but for me I would be happy with just staying how we are now, but if they wanted me to adopt them, then I would and Erica feels the same way." Mitch responds honestly after giving Sarah a quick glance and seeing her smiling at him.

"Erica knows?" Matt quickly asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't angry or anything, but it was a surprise that she knew about it before him.

"Sweetheart we can talk more about the details later, but are you okay with Mitch being your legal guardian if anything happened?" Sarah then decides to ask, they could go round and round in circles with the conversation, but she wanted to know if he was actually okay with it.

"I don't want anything to happen though." Matt states as he gives his mum a sad look, he had lost too much already and couldn't lose her as well.

"I'm not going anywhere Sweetheart, but things happen and I need to know if you're okay with everything." Sarah responds as she gives her son a sad but loving smile and knew that this must be both hard and confusing for him to process.

"Matt it's okay, she is just being a good mum and looking after you." Ben decides to whisper in his boyfriends ear, he could see that he was close to getting upset and wanted to reassure him quickly.

"It's fine." Matt then manages to say as he looks to his mum. "Just don't leave me please." He then says as a few tears roll down his face, he really couldn't lose her and knew he couldn't handle that.

"I promise." Sarah responds in a sincere tone and is thankful that he had his boyfriend cuddling him and again wished she hadn't pushed Mitch to talk about this in the car, she wanted to be able to comfort him herself and now couldn't.

"Don't tell Tobias about this yet." Matt then says and can tell that his mum wasn't expecting to hear that. "Mum he is finally happy and this will just confuse and upset him, just wait for a while." He then adds as he squeezes his boyfriends hand, he was still struggling himself, but he knew his brother couldn't handle this kind of thing just yet.

"Okay Sweetheart, but we are now going to pick him up, so you need to be brave for me and not look so sad okay." Sarah then states as she smiles at him sweetly, it was just like him to think of how over people were feeling and she loved him for being so kind.

"I promise." Matt responds as he sniffles, he knew they would be at least an hour before getting to their friends house and decided to have a little cry now and get it out of his system.

"He is okay, he just needs to get it out of his system." Ben then says as he looks around to see his brother and Sarah looking concerned that his boyfriend was crying and wanted to reassure then that he was fine and smiles when they all stop staring at them and starts to stroke his boyfriends side.

"Your parents are weird." Tobias says as he watches his friends parents drive away, even his mum and uncle spent more time at home than they did and they weren't there much.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Wesley asks in a slightly defensive tone, he could tell his friend wasn't trying to make fun of him or his parents, but he was still surprised by the statement.

"Did I say something wrong?" Tobias then quickly asks, he wasn't trying to upset his friend and felt bad if he had.

"Not really, but why do you think my parents are weird?" Wesley responds as he asks his question again and this time decides to smile, it was obvious his friend wasn't trying to be rude and he didn't want him to get upset.

"It's just they don't talk much and they were only here for a little while and then left again." Tobias decides to answer honestly, he just expected them to want to talk with him or at least their son, but neither seemed that interested and he hadn't experienced adults like that for a very long time.

"Oh well, well I guess they don't talk much." Wesley responds as he thinks about what his friend just said and had to admit that he hadn't really noticed, they had always been distant with him and even after the big showdown he had with them with Mitch, it hadn't changed that much, well his mum was a bit over the top to begin with, but that soon wore off.

"They are great though Tobias and really friendly, but they work a lot and do really tough jobs, so I guess they just forget to get to know new people sometimes." Carter then decides to say, he wasn't quite sure what he actually just said and knew it wasn't even close to how he wanted to say it and quickly started to blush.

"Huh?" Tobias asks and gives his friend a confused look.

"I think he means that sometimes they forget they aren't at work Tobias and that they don't have to keep a professional distance from people when they are not there." Wesley states as he gives his boyfriend a quick smile and appreciated him trying to help, even if he did make a bit of a mess of it.

"So er... well okay, so what should we do now?" Tobias asks after accepting what his friends had told him, he was tempted to try and get them to explain it a little more clearly, but he got their point and didn't really want to talk about it anymore.

"We only have like an hour before you get picked up, so I don't really know." Wesley responds as he gives his friend a curious look, although he quickly remembers that he was spontaneous and should be used to him changing subjects so quickly by now.

"Could you er... can we, well can I try er..." Tobias then begins to say before trailing off and looking down at his feet, he knew he shouldn't be shy around his friends, not after everything they had done, but this was different and couldn't stop himself blushing.

"Tobias quit being shy around us and just tell us what you want to do." Wesley decides to state as he looks at his friend curiously, he was surprised that he might want to suggest something naughty, especially after they had all talked about that sort of thing earlier and agreed to keep things normal between them.

"I want to try the enema thing." Tobias states in a quiet tone, he didn't know why he wanted to try it and wasn't sure if he should have one, but for some reason the idea popped into his head and he was curious about them after seeing his two brothers having one, even if that did end badly.

"Really?" Carter quickly asks in a surprised tone, he hadn't expected that at all and just thought his friend was going to suggest getting naked again.

"I don't know." Tobias responds in a confused tone and started to wish he had never said anything about it now.

"Come on Tobias, you must know, otherwise you wouldn't have said anything." Wesley then says as he gets up from beside his boyfriend and sits next to their friend, he got the feeling he was confused about something and wanted to help him in some way.

"Yeah come on Tobias, just talk to us about it." Carter then says and taking his boyfriends lead, he gets up and sits on the other side of their friend.

"Well it's good for you right and lots of people do it right?" Tobias decides to ask, he had looked online a few times and found out that it wasn't just about sex.

"I guess so, but I don't think many kids do it Tobias and well I know we do and your brothers are, but you know why we are doing it and well why do you want to?" Carter asks in response as he tries to figure out why his friend wanted to try it.

"I just want to see what it feels like and well can you help me?" Tobias asks as he gives both his friends a shy look, he knew this was weird, even for them and he just hoped they wouldn't make fun of him.

"Let me text Jim to see what time he will be home." Wesley then says as he gets up and tries to find his phone.

"It's upstairs in your room Wesley." Carter then says as he sees his boyfriend checking his pockets and looking around and knew he forgot they left their phones in his room.

"Oh okay, be right back." Wesley then says and quickly gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips, before walking out of the room.

"You sure about this Tobias?" Carter then asks his friend after turning to face him and can't help but wonder if he had really thought this through.

"I want to try it Carter, just to see what it's like." Tobias responds with a shy smile, he was still unsure until his friend had asked him that, but he wanted to try it at least once and if he could do it now, it would save him having to ask his friends or worse his brothers if they could help him some other time.

"Okay, but we are only doing it if Jim won't be too soon." Carter then says as he gives his friend another curious look, before smiling at him.

"Talk to me Maggie, this isn't like you and I don't understand." Gordon states as he stares at his wife from across the table, he couldn't believe what he found when he had returned home and needed to get his wife talking, to try and make sense of it all.

"I can't have a gay child Gordon, we raised him to be normal and not some kind of freak." Maggie eventually answers after staring back at her husband for a few moments. She knew what she believed and had thought about what to do if this situation ever occurred, but was finding it almost impossible to actually follow through with that now that it had actually happened.

"He is our son Maggie, not a freak and there is nothing wrong with homosexuality." Gordon states in a calm but firm tone, he had never seen his wife be anything other than warm and loving, so he wasn't sure where this was coming from.

"Nothing wrong? It's disgusting and unnatural Gordon and I can't be near someone like that, let alone live with one and he just has to go." Maggie responds as she tries to keep herself calm, but she was struggling between what she truly believed and her love for her family and was surprised that it was even a competition between those feelings.

"Maggie, he isn't going anywhere, he is our son and I won't abandon him because you have some issues with accepting him for who he is." Gordon states in a serious and firm tone, he loved his wife and had done since the day they met, but he loved their son more and he couldn't live with himself if he kicked him out of the house and wasn't going to let it happen.

"Some issues Gordon? He is a disgusting faggot and this is my house and he is not welcome." Maggie hisses as she gets to her feet and puts both of her hands on the table and stares at her husband.

"This is our house Maggie and the only person who will be leaving is you if you don't calm down and stop talking about our son like that." Gordon responds in the same calm tone he has used through the whole conversation, although inside he was reeling from her words and seeing this side to her.

"You can sleep on the sofa tonight." Maggie then states in a cold tone, before giving him one last glare and heading out of the kitchen and up to their room, walking straight past her son without even noticing, she was just in shock right now and wasn't sure how to react and hoped a good nights sleep would clear her head.

"Fucking hell." Gordon then mutters to himself as he tries to process everything and could feel himself shaking a little bit.

"Dad?" Alex calls out in almost a whisper as he stands in the doorway with tears rolling down his face, he had overheard the entire conversation and was devastated by his mums words.

"What are you doing Alex?" Gordon asks as he looks over in surprise, he wasn't expecting to see him until the morning, although his initial surprise quickly turned to a mixture of concern and sadness as he sees him crying.

"I wanted a drink and heard you talking." Alex responds after sniffling a few times, the only reason he wasn't in his room crying himself to sleep was because of how his dad defended him and he needed to be with him and was hoping he wouldn't be sent to his room.

"She doesn't mean any of it Alex, she is just in shock and she will come round." Gordon states as he tries to hide the uncertainty in his voice, he knew it was possible that his wife was just in shock, but the way she was talking had reminded her of someone else and that thought unnerved him deeply.

"I'm sorry for being gay Dad." Alex then says as he struggles to keep himself together and just looks down at the floor.

"You have nothing to be sorry about Alex." Gordon quickly responds before getting to his feet and walking over and wrapping his arms around his son. "I love you." He then says after hearing and feeling his son crying into his chest and could only imagine what he must be feeling inside.

"Boys we are almost there." Mike states as he looks in the rear view mirror and can see that Matt still looked a little sad.

"Come on Sweetheart, you know Tobias can always tell when you have been crying." Sarah then says as she turns in her seat to look back at her son and while he had stopped crying a while ago, his eyes were still a little wet and red.

"Okay." Matt responds with a small smile, he felt so much better after that and definitely didn't want his brother to notice and start to worry about him.

"Let me do it." Ben then says as he swats his boyfriends hands out of the way and then uses his thumbs to wipe his boyfriends eyes.

"You two are just too adorable." Mitch then says with a little chuckle as he looks at the two boys and even though he was joking a little bit, he really thought they were perfect together.

"I bet Erica does the same for you when you cry Mitch." Ben then states as he grins at his boyfriend, he knew his brother couldn't see his face and he didn't need to see his to know that he was at least blushing.

"Is that why she keeps calling him Baby?" Matt then asks in an innocent tone, although Mitch could just about see his face and knew the boy was mocking him.

"Boys leave him alone, we didn't bring his dummy with us and I need to concentrate on driving." Mike then says and despite his best efforts, he chuckles after hearing his eldest son sighing in defeat.

"You guys are impossible." Mitch then states as he shakes his head, he knew he was beat and had to hope Sarah wouldn't join in.

"That's enough boys and yes that means you as well Mike." Sarah then states with a big smile, she felt sorry for the young man and knew that three on one was a bit unfair, although she was pleased to see her son smiling and despite his eyes still looking a little puffy, he looked happy now.

"There all better, well sort of." Ben then says after doing his best to sort his boyfriends face out.

"What do you mean sort of?" Matt then answers in a slightly annoyed tone, although he couldn't quite hide his smile and the fact his boyfriend was grinning didn't help.

"You just need a little something." Ben responds and before Matt can even think of asking what he means, he feels his left eye being kissed and then his right eye and can't help but smile lovingly at his boyfriend when he leans back a little.

"I love you." Matt then says with a big grin and ignores the look on Mitch's face and just concentrates on his boyfriends eyes.

"I love you too." Ben responds before leaning in and giving his boyfriend a loving kiss.

"Just a few more minutes everyone." Mike then announces, he had tried to pay attention to the road, but he couldn't be happier for his youngest son and seeing them like that made him look to Sarah and couldn't help returning the smile she gives him.

"Why you look me like that?" Tobias asks as he slowly pulls his briefs up, he wasn't sure if he would ever have another enema, but it was okay and didn't hurt him at all, but he was a little curious at the way both his friends were looking at him.

"Just well er... nothing, don't worry about it." Carter responds before giving his friend a friendly smile, although he couldn't help feeling a little jealous and wondered how he was so perfect, their enemas had really smelled bad and Matt and Ben's were pretty bad as well, but Tobias's really wasn't that bad, well it still smelled, but no where near as bad as everyone else's had.

"It's nothing bad Tobias, but come on and get dressed, they should be here to pick you up soon." Wesley then says after seeing their friend still looking confused and wanted to try and get him focused on getting dressed.

"Did I do something wrong?" Tobias then decides to ask after getting dressed, both his friends were still giving him a curious look, although he could tell that Carter wanted to tell him something and he wasn't sure if he had done something to upset them.

"Just say it Carter." Wesley decides to say as he looks at his boyfriend and he knew what he wanted to say, he had wondered why their friends enema seemed to be quicker and smelled less than everyone else's.

"Tobias are you sure you haven't had a enema recently?" Carter asks, it wasn't quite what he wanted to ask, but it was close enough and couldn't take it back now anyway.

"No, I never had one before." Tobias responds in a confused tone and really didn't understand what or why his friend was asking him that. "Why you ask that?" He then decides to asks in a curious tone, there must have been a reason and he wanted to know what it was.

"Because well er... it's just that you only needed two enemas and well the second was clear straight away and it didn't smell that bad when it all came out." Carter answers as he gives his boyfriend a quick shy look, sure it wasn't exactly important, but they were both curious and he knew his boyfriend was wondering how their friend seemed to perfect at everything as well.

"It did smell." Tobias responds and even though he got an answer, it didn't actually make his friends looks or reaction any less confusing.

"Yeah but not as bad as what your brothers did and mine and Wesley's smelled worse, so er... we were just curious really." Carter then says as he gives his friend an apologetic look, he really wished he didn't say anything or give his friend the impression something was wrong now and knew that it was a stupid conversation to be having.

"This is stupid conversation." Tobias decides to state and even though he was still confused by it, he decided that they should talk about something else and gives them both a grin.

"Well he has us there Carter." Wesley then states and despite their curiosity, it really wasn't something worth talking about and could tell by his boyfriends blush, that he felt the same way.

"Yeah sorry Tobias, but well are you okay after doing it, you know er... nothing hurts?" Carter then decides to ask, their friend had seemed fine and he had checked his bum after and that looked fine.

"It feels a little weird, you know like in my tummy, but not bad and it felt weird with the thing in my bum." Tobias responds as he thinks about the nozzle thing being in his bum and despite it stinging a little at first and feeling weird, it wasn't horrible, but he definitely didn't want things up his bum again, well maybe for enemas.

"Yeah we feel the same way, it's kind of like you're empty right." Carter responds with a smile and was happy that their friend was okay and described the feeling the same way he and his boyfriend had both felt after each of their enemas.

"And we promise not to tell anybody about it Tobias." Wesley then states as he puts an arm around his boyfriends waist and pulls him into his side, he was happy their friend didn't react badly, especially when his boyfriend had lubed his hole up and put his finger in a little bit, they had both been worried he would freak out, but apart form a few whimpers and a little groan, he didn't seem to mind.

"Me like you two a lot." Tobias decides to say as he gives both his friends a big smile, he really did like them and was glad they were his friend.

"We like you a lot as well Tobias." Carter then responds sincerely, before walking over and giving him a warm cuddle.

"Is that Matt?" Wesley then asks as he hears someone singing and can't help but look at his friend curiously as he pulls his phone out.

"Yeah, I asked him to be my ringtone." Tobias responds before looking to see who is calling and smiling.

Two Weeks Later

"I should have went with him." Matt says as he looks out the front window nervously, it had been almost three hours since his brother went out on his own for the first time and he couldn't stop himself from worrying.

"Matt calm down, we can't be with him all the time and he needs to be able to go out on his own sometimes." Mitch states as he watches the boy from the sofa, he couldn't blame him for worrying and if he was being honest, he was just as worried, but he knew that it wasn't fair for them to not give Tobias some freedom and he had been patient in waiting to go out alone.

"He is right Sweetheart." Sarah then says as she looks at her phone again, she was starting to wish she had insisted that someone went with her son, but she knew he needed to do this for himself more than anything and she knew he would be fine, but she couldn't stop worrying anyway.

"I know, but I wish we knew where he was going and well I just wish I could phone him." Matt responds as he continues to stare out of the window and wishing his boyfriend wasn't at Alex's today.

"He knows the town well Matt and is probably just down the park." Mitch then states as he tries to reassure him, they had all taken Tobias out at some point and helped him get used to the town and where everything was and was confident that they didn't need to call him or anything.

"I know but..." Matt then begins to say before being interrupted.

"Come and sit down Sweetheart, if he isn't back in twenty minutes, we will call him and tell him to come home." Sarah suggests as she walks behind him and turns him away from the window.

"I guess so." Matt responds as he lets his mum lead him to one of the chairs and reluctantly sits down.

"Have you talked to Carter about having his party here yet?" Mitch then decides to ask, he was hoping to take the boys mind of their brother for a little bit and could tell straight away that it had worked and smiled.

"Yeah and he is so happy, but er... he, well I er..." Matt responds with a smile, before trailing off as he thinks about what his two friends had asked him and he couldn't help but feel both annoyed and guilty by it.

"Sweetheart?" Sarah asks as she gives him a concerned look, she didn't like when he trailed off like that and could never help but fear the worst and think something had happened.

"He wants to invite Barry, Patrick and Jordan." Matt decides to say as he gives his mum a sad look, he honestly didn't know if he wanted any of them near him, although he didn't hate them and had actually admitted to his boyfriend that he understood why Jordan had stayed away from him, it still hurt and his other two former friends hurt even more and he couldn't pretend to not be angry at them.

"They are your friends too though right?" Sarah then asks in a confused tone, she didn't know them all that well, but she was sure they were all friends.

"They were." Matt answers in a quiet tone and just slumps back in his chair.

"If you don't want them there, then Carter will understand Matt." Mitch then decides to say, he knew what the problem was and if he was could be completely honest, with the exception of Jordan, he didn't think the other two deserved to be any where near Matt or the others after what they have done or not done to be more exact.

"It's his birthday though and he wants to invite them." Matt responds as he gives the older boy a sad look, he felt so bad for not wanting them there and knew if he refused to let them, then he would be causing his friend problems and he didn't want to do that.

"Am I missing something?" Sarah then asks in a confused tone, she wasn't aware of any falling out between any of the boys and really didn't understand her son not wanting them there.

"They never visited me Mum." Matt decides to say, he hadn't realised that his mum didn't know and was actually a little annoyed that she hadn't noticed that two, well three of his friends hadn't been to the hospital or come to see him since he had been home.

"I'm sure that's not true Sweetheart and I remember Jordan visiting a few times." Sarah responds in a soft tone, she had definitely seen and talked to Jordan in the hospital and was sure she had seen the other two as well and wondered if maybe he just didn't remember them being there, with all the drugs and things going through his system, it was likely that he had forgotten most of his time in the hospital.

"Well okay Jordan did a couple of times, but I'm not really mad at him, I get why he doesn't come and see me, but Barry and Patrick never visited me in hospital once and they haven't come and seen me since I have been home, they haven't even called or texted me Mum and I don't want them to come here ever now." Matt then states in a sad tone as he gives his mum an equally sad look.

"I'm sure..." Sarah then begins to say as she thinks that the boys must have visited the hospital at some point, but is surprised when Mitch interrupts her.

"It's true Sarah and I think Matt has every right to not want them here." Mitch states as he gives her a sympathetic look, he knew what she was going to say and he knew how much that would upset Matt and he didn't want that to happen.

"I'm so sorry Sweetheart, I didn't know." Sarah then says as she gives her son a sad look, he had been through so much and she could tell that this hurt him just as much as the other stuff and just wanted to cuddle him.

"They..." Matt begins to say before trailing off, he was going to try and defend them somehow or make an excuse up, but he just couldn't and again just wished his boyfriend was with him.

"Matt why don't you go and take a swim, I will come and watch you in a few minutes." Mitch then suggests as he looks between Sarah and the boy and knew that someone needed to do something and thought a good swim would clear his head a little.

"Okay, but can I just wear my underwear Mum? I don't want to go and get my speedos." Matt decides to ask, he knew it wouldn't take much effort to go into the pool house, but he just felt like getting in the water as soon as possible and knew Mitch wouldn't have suggested swimming unless he thought he needed to.

"Okay Sweetheart, but don't do too much until Mitch comes out okay." Sarah responds with a loving smile and not for the first time, she was glad that Mitch was with them and was grateful that he always seemed to know how to handle her son.

"Okay." Matt then says as he gets up and quickly strips down to his underwear, before walking out of the room, leaving both his mum and Mitch looking at each other in bemusement for a few moments.

"When are you going to tell him?" Mitch then asks after a few moments, he wanted to make sure Matt wouldn't come back before he asked and could tell that she wasn't expecting him to ask.

"Not until he actually dies Mitch and not until Carter's birthday is out of the way." Sarah responds in a quiet tone, she was a little annoyed that the young man had asked with her son home, but at the same time it was a relief to be able to say something about it.

"He is as good as dead though right?" Mitch then asks, he didn't know much and from what he had been told, David wasn't likely going to be making any miraculous recovery from what happened to him.

"They told me that he was hurt badly and that there was a lot of injuries, but they couldn't tell me for sure." Sarah responds with a sad look, she wanted to hate him and had thought of ways she wanted him to suffer, but there was still the part of her that remembered what he was like before everything happened and no matter how hard she tried to turn it off, she just couldn't do it and felt ashamed of herself.

"It's okay to love the person he used to be Sarah, it's no different from what Matt told us about how he feels and as much as I hate the bastard, he was once a good dad and well, I guess if you ever want to talk about him, you know the person you loved, then you can talk to me Sarah and I promise I won't judge you or tell anyone else." Mitch then offers as he gives her a caring look, he could see it all over her face and while he couldn't really understand it, he knew that it didn't make her a monster and he wanted to support her.

"Thank you." Sarah responds as she gets up and walks over to give the young man a grateful and sincere hug, he really was amazing and she was glad her sons had him in their lives.

"Anytime Sarah and I meant what I said, I'm here for you." Mitch then says before looking at the clock. "But I should go out and watch Matt." He then says, before giving her a warm smile as she lets go and goes back to her chair.

"I will give Tobias a ring soon." Sarah then says as she watches the young man get up and walk towards the door.

"He will be fine." Mitch states before giving her another smile and disappearing into the hallway.

"Glad I'm not the only one who sucks at the skipping." Ben states as he watches his friend failing miserably at his attempts to get it right.

"At least this time he hasn't smacked himself in the face with the handle." Alex responds with a small grin, he was glad his two friends were here and needed the company, his dad had been great since his mum had tried to kick him out of the house, but she had made it clear she didn't want anything to do with him and he was struggling to cope, especially when he was alone in the house or worse when his mum was home and ignored his entire existence.

"Hey! I only did that twice." Peter protests as he gives himself a rest and looks at his two friends grinning at him.

"Three times." Alex then states with a slightly bigger grin and again was glad his two friends were here.

"Seriously? Three times Peter?" Ben then asks with a shake of the head, he loved how clumsy his friend was and he was forever bumping into things or finding something to trip over.

"It's not my fault." Peter then says before almost smacking himself in the face again as he swings the rope.

"Okay, I think you're done with that for one lifetime." Alex then quickly states as he hops off the table and just as quickly takes hold of the rope from his friend.

"You're just the best Peter." Ben then says as he gets of the bench and walks over to his friend and gives him a gentle slap on the back.

"It's not like you did any better than me." Peter then retorts as he sticks his tongue out.

"You both suck at it, but it's not easy to do." Alex then says as he turns away from them both and tries to hide the fact he had tears running down his face.

"So what's next?" Ben decides to ask as he looks at his friend curiously and wonders why he had his back to them now.

"Huh?" Alex responds after a few moments before turning back to his friends, he had totally phased out of the room and was a little confused.

"What do you want us to do next?" Ben repeats his question and although he could tell his friend was crying, he wasn't sure he should mention it, as his friend had obviously done his best to hide it from them.

"Oh right, well Peter I want you to do some sit ups and press ups, just do the same thing we did the other day okay." Alex states as he focuses on his friends and not his mum.

"Okay." Peter responds and moves over to the mat and decides to start with the press ups, he could tell his was struggling and wanted to comfort him, but at the same time he could tell that it wasn't the right time.

"Ben you should try the speedball again, you almost have it right and well yeah, just do that for a bit." Alex then says as he looks at his friend, but quickly looks away when he sees the worry on his face.

"Sure." Ben responds as he gives his friend another curious look and knows something is wrong, but right now wasn't the right time and decided to do as he is told and walks over to his friends speedball.

"So tighty whiteys still Matt?" Mitch asks as he sits on the edge of the pool, with his legs in the water.

"What's wrong with tighty whiteys?" Matt quickly asks in a defensive tone, he just didn't get why people seemed to hate them, they were comfortable and he thought he looked cute in them and he knew his boyfriend loved him wearing them.

"Nothing, I was just curious about why you would wear them, don't all the others wear either boxers or briefs?" Mitch asks in response, he wasn't too sure about Carter and he knew Tobias had a couple of pairs, but he knew Wesley and Ben both wore briefs.

"Because they well, just because." Matt answers as he looks up at the older boy curiously and wonders why he was talking about his underwear.

"Do you remember the talk I gave you and Ben last year about what happens to white underwear when it gets wet?" Mitch then asks with a sly smile, he doubted that the boy would go back in the house like he is, but there was always the chance and there was also the chance Sarah would come out and he wasn't sure if he remembered what happens and what he would be showing off.

"Yeah." Matt responds and again wonders what the older boy is on about, until he suddenly thinks about the conversation and what he was wearing now. "Oh crap." He then states as he realises what will happen when he gets out of the water and then remembered where his clothes were.

"Oh crap indeed, but do you want to know a secret?" Mitch then asks with a small grin, he just loved how cute the boy looked when he was embarrassed and it always put a smile on his face.

"Did I do something else stupid?" Matt asks in response and can't help but smile himself, he couldn't believe he had forgotten that white stuff goes transparent when wet.

"Probably, but you aren't the only one who wears tighty whiteys." Mitch responds with a grin, before getting to his feet and pulling the side of his shorts down.

"Oh my god, I thought you only wore boxers or briefs." Matt states as he sees the older boy wearing the same underwear as he was and couldn't help but be surprised.

"Honestly I prefer briefs Matt, but for work, well when I start work, they recommended these and well I figured they knew what they were talking about." Mitch decides to explain, he would still wear briefs most of the time, but he wanted to try to get used to them before he started working and despite feeling a bit stupid, he had to admit that they were comfortable.

"Policemen wear tighty whiteys?" Matt asks in a surprised tone as he watches the older boy sit back down.

"I doubt they all do, but it's something to do with protection and well I'm just taking their word for it." Mitch answers honestly, he was aware of the possibility that he was being set up, but even if that was the case he wouldn't be bothered and despite maybe being a little arrogant, he knew he looked good in them and his girlfriend seemed to like them as well.

"So er... when do you start?" Matt decides to ask, they had all celebrated when he had told them all he had passed and he knew that he had told them when he was starting, but he couldn't quite remember.

"I have some more training to do, but I should start in around three weeks time." Mitch answers with a smile, it always made him feel appreciated when the boys asked him about what he was up to and not just talk about themselves.

"Do you get a gun?" Matt then asks with an excited grin, he thought the older boy being a policeman was awesome and thought it would be so cool when Wesley was old enough and the two of them became partners.

"Nah, but I have firearm training next week and we do carry taser guns with us on patrol, but it's very rare that you ever use it." Mitch answers and again can't help but smile at the boy showing an interest in him and his new job.

"That's so cool and you're going to be awesome." Matt then says as he gives the older boy a proud look.

"You aren't so bad yourself little guy." Mitch responds before thinking about what they had talked about in the living room earlier. "Matt, if Carter wants your er... well your old friends to come to the party, I think you should let them, I know what they did and that it won't be fair on you, but it's Carter's birthday and it's not like you will have to talk to them." He then decides to say, he knew it was a little risky and he really didn't want to upset him, but at the same time he thought it needed to be said and he would rather do it now, then when anyone else was around.

"I know, but what if they try to talk to me?" Matt asks in response, he knew he shouldn't be selfish and it was his friends day, but he really didn't want to be anywhere near his friends or what he now considered his former friends.

"I will have a talk with them both before they come in the house Matt and I will tell them to stay away from you as much as possible." Mitch responds and despite being dressed, he slips into the pool and moves closer to the boy. "Matt you're the kindest boy I have ever met and I know they hurt you, but they aren't bad kids and Carter deserves to have who he wants at his party." He then states in a firm but caring tone, he didn't want to force him to let them go to the party, but he knew he had to push him a little bit.

"Okay." Matt responds, he was a little bit amused by the older boy being in the water with his clothes on, but he was distracted by his choice of words a few moments ago. "Mitch why did you say both of them instead of the three of them?" He then asks in a curious tone, he had tried to explain that he understood Jordan staying away and didn't blame him, but he wasn't sure if his mum, Mike and Mitch actually understood what he actually meant.

"Because you told us that you aren't mad at Jordan and I understand why you feel that way and he actually did visit you a few times." Mitch responds honestly, he was a little surprised at first, but after actually listening to Matt and remembering what the two boys went through, he could understand both boys being a little hesitant to be around each other.

"It's harder for him because Mr Jones did lots of bad things to him Mitch and when I see him or think about him, I remember the stuff Mr Jones did to me and I don't like that, so I really don't blame him." Matt then decides to say, he knew what his dad did to him was horrific and had left him scared for life in more than one way, but he knew his friend was raped by their teacher lots of times and was put through other stuff, so as awkward as he felt around his friend, he could only imagine what being reminded about their teacher was like for him.

"I hope he is doing okay." Mitch then says as he thinks about Jordan a little bit more, sure he never liked him that much and found him to be a little arrogant and a bit thuggish, but no one deserved to be molested by their teacher like he was and there was the fact he felt guilty for judging the boy, because if he had been going through that himself, he would have acted out as well.

"When he visited me at the hospital he said he had nightmares and was struggling a little bit, but Ben and Carter have told me that he is doing a lot better now and seems to be happy with his new friends." Matt answers with a small smile, he was happy his friend was doing well now and was glad he found some new friends.

"Good for him." Mitch then says before wondering if he should talk about the other two. "So Barry and Patrick still talk to the others at school, have they said anything to them?" He decides to ask, he again didn't want to upset him, but while they were talking he wanted to make the most of it.

"Sometimes, but less and less recently, but they don't talk about me really." Matt responds and paddles to the side so that he could hold on to it.

"You okay?" Mitch quickly asks in a worried tone after seeing him hold on to the side.

"Just don't like talking about them." Matt answers, before giving the older boy a sad look and then pushing himself off the side and begins to swim to the over side.

"Damn." Mitch mutters to himself, he could tell that he had upset him and felt guilty or bringing up the subject.

"Talk to us Alex." Ben says as he stands in front of his friend, who had sat on one of the tables.

"Come on, you can trust us." Peter then says as he sits on the table next to his friend and puts an arm around his waist.

"My mum hates me." Alex finally answers in almost a whisper after a few moments, he had tried to hide his feelings from everyone and had managed to for the last couple of weeks, but it was too hard and he just needed to talk to someone.

"What?" Ben asks in a shocked tone, he could tell his friend was upset, but he wasn't expecting anything like this and he could tell that he wasn't making it up.

"Did you break something?" Peter decides to ask, he knew his friend was upset, but he just thought it was a little thing and he had upset his parents enough by breaking things for him to think they hated him a few times, despite knowing they really didn't.

"Her heart." Alex mumbles in response, he was finding the conversation even harder than he had thought it would and he had thought it would be bad anyway.

"Huh?" Peter then asks as holds his waist a little tighter to his own.

"She found out I was gay and tried to kick me out of the house, but Dad stopped her, but she doesn't even look at me anymore and just acts like I don't exist." Alex explains after sniffling a few times, he knew he was going to start crying again and was trying his best to explain what happened before he did.

"She what?" Ben quickly asks in an angry tone, this was a little too close to home for him and he couldn't hide the fact he didn't like what he heard.

"She pretends I don't exist and I have to do everything myself, well my dad tries to help me out more than he used to, but he works most of the time and well..." Alex begins to answer, before breaking down and crying, this was too much for him and he just felt so hurt and abandoned.

"Aww come here." Peter quickly says as he gets to his feet and walks in front of his friend, before pulling him in for a cuddle.

"She hasn't tried to hurt you right?" Ben then asks, but he can tell that his friend wasn't going to be able to talk for a while and could only stand and watch as Peter comforted their friend.

"Jordan?" Sarah asks in a surprised tone to see the boy standing at the door, before noticing her son looking sheepish behind him. "Tobias, what's going on?" She then asks as she tries to get a good look at him.

"Er... can I like come in please." Jordan then asks in a nervous tone, this was the last place he wanted to be, but despite knowing he was probably going to see Matt, he couldn't just let this go and knew he had to talk to someone about what happened.

"Of course you can." Sarah responds as she moves to the side and let's both boys walk past her.

"Is anyone else home?" Jordan then asks in the same nervous tone earlier, he was hoping that she would say no, but he knew he wasn't that lucky.

"Matt is in the pool with Mitch, do you want me to call them in?" Sarah asks, although she was a little worried by how quiet her son was being and the guilty look on his face made it worse.

"No!" Jordan quickly responds, but sees the look on her face and realises how he sounded. "Sorry, it's just well er... look I'm just here to make sure Tobias got home and to er... talk to you about what happened." He then adds as he looks around and decides to sit down.

"What did he do?" Sarah asks and ignores the slightly hurt look on her sons face, she felt bad for assuming he had done something wrong, but she couldn't help thinking it, especially knowing what he was like and that it was his first time out alone.

"Well I don't know much about him or what he has been through, just little bits what Ben and the others have told me, but well er... he hasn't been around girls much has he?" Jordan decides to ask as he tries to think of a way to tell her without making a mess of it and making it sound worse than it actually was.

"Oh my god, what did he do?" Sarah quickly asks in a horrified tone, she knew what he was like around Erica and had a sinking feeling in her stomach that he might have tried to touch some poor girl.

"Mum!" Tobias quickly protests, he knew what his mum was thinking and just felt embarrassed, especially with a new friend sitting across from him.

"Don't you 'Mum' me Tobias, we talked to you about not doing anything..." Sarah begins to say before being cut off.

"It wasn't, well er... Mrs Summers, it wasn't his fault and well nothing really happened, well it almost did, but I stopped it and well er..." Jordan quickly states, but found himself struggling to put into words what happened, without it being embarrassing for everyone.

"They wanted to see my willy." Tobias then states as he looks at his mum as innocently as he could, he knew they told him not to show people, but they asked really nicely and they seemed to like him.

"You didn't..." Sarah begins to respond in a nervous and worried tone before trailing off, she had feared that this might happen if he was on his own and just couldn't believe it.

"He did, but I turned up before they got him to take all his clothes off and well it wasn't that bad, those girls are always trying to trick boys into getting naked and well they won't hassle him again, I promise Mrs Summers." Jordan decides to say, he knew some of the girls and after talking with them, he made sure they wouldn't do that to him again.

"Tobias we told you about this sort of thing." Sarah states as she stares at her son, she knew it wasn't his fault, but she had to make sure he understood that he shouldn't be doing that sort of thing.

"I was confused." Tobias responds meekly, he understood he did the wrong thing, but at the same time he didn't understand how it was any different from being naked with his brothers and friends and it just confused him.

"Mrs Summers, the girls are almost fifteen and they know how to trick a boy into doing something and well er... like I said earlier, I don't know much about Tobias, but I know that because of all that happened to him, he was easy prey for them and it's really not his fault." Jordan decides to say, although admittedly he was overdoing defending the other boy because he was feeling guilty about not coming to visit Matt, but he was still telling the truth.

"Jordan thank you for everything and I appreciate what you just said, but I have to ask you something and I need you to be honest with me okay." Sarah decides to say as she kneels in front of the boy, she knew he must be feeling awkward being here and close to Matt and understood why, but she needed to know if Tobias was hurt more than he had told her so far.

"They weren't going to touch him or take photos Mrs Summers, they normally just get the boy to strip naked and if he is old enough, they sometimes make them get themselves er... you know er... excited and then they like er... might laugh and then just walk away." Jordan decides to say, he knew what she was going to ask and thought it would be easier if he just told the truth and get it over with.

"Thank you Jordan, but I suppose it would be pointless for me to ask what the girls names are right?" Sarah then asks with a small smile, she was actually angry at the group of girls and worried about her son, who was obviously not ready to go out alone, but she could put that aside and just appreciate that Jordan had looked out for her son, even though he didn't know him and the fact he brought him home, despite knowing that Matt was probably here, just made her opinion of him sky rocket.

"If you force me to I would, but please don't." Jordan responds honestly, after everything with Mr Jones he had decided to never lie about anything again, especially to an adult and so far it has served him well, but he really hoped she wouldn't make him tell her who the girls were, he was dating one of the girls younger sisters and he knew that it would cause problems with her if he got the girls in trouble.

"I will make you a deal Jordan, if you go out the back and just talk with Matt for a while, I won't ask you who the girls are." Sarah then decides to suggest, she knew it was manipulative and she should be a little ashamed of herself, but she saw the hurt in her sons eyes earlier and knew that if she got Jordan to see him, then it would mean a lot to him.

"I er... I should get going though Mrs Summers." Jordan responds in a nervous tone, it wasn't just the fact he felt awkward around him because of Mr Jones, but he also felt guilty about not actually visiting him since he got out of hospital and thought it would be weird to suddenly turn up out of nowhere and act like nothing was weird.

"Jordan I know why you haven't visited him since the hospital, but it would mean a lot for him to see you and I know you have been through so much yourself, but can you please go and talk to him for me." Sarah decides to say and again feels guilty for pushing him, he was clearly reluctant and while she couldn't blame him, she was hoping he could put his feelings to one side for her son.

"Okay, but you have to promise not to shout at Tobias, it really wasn't his fault and well just, you know." Jordan responds with a shrug of his shoulders, he was still a bit of a idiot and occasionally acted like a jerk, but he had worked hard to improve how he acts around people and he actually found Tobias to be quite amusing, even if he did still hate the English accent.

"It's a deal." Sarah responds with a broad grin and watches as the boy makes his way to the door and then look back with a slightly sheepish expression. "Just follow the hallway and you will see the kitchen and the back door is in there." She then states after quickly working out that he had no idea where to go and smiles as he disappears out of the room.

"Mum, I didn't mean to be bad." Tobias then says as he looks at his mum nervously, he was still not completely sure why it was okay to get naked with the others, but not with girls, especially ones that asked to see him naked, but he could tell that it wasn't something he should have done now.

"You weren't bad, but you shouldn't get naked because someone asks you to Tobias, especially outside where anyone can see you." Sarah responds as she does her best to explain to him what he was doing was wrong, while at the same time not upsetting him and was finding it difficult to choose the right words.

"But they asked me nicely and they said I was cute and they liked the way I was dressed." Tobias then says as he decides to sit down, he could see it being bad if they forced him, but they really liked him and he wanted to show them that he looked good and had a nice body.

"Oh Honey." Sarah responds in a sad tone and knew that he really was too innocent for his own good and wasn't quite sure how to explain it to him so that he understood.

"I don't get it Mum." Tobias then states in a frustrated tone, he could tell that he had done something wrong, but he could also tell that it wasn't his fault and that his mum was going to give him another embarrassing talk.

"Come and sit next to me and I will explain it to you Honey." Sarah responds as she sits down on the sofa and smiles as she watches him get up and walk over to her.

"I want to be good Mum." Tobias then says as he sits down and relaxes when he feels his mum pulling him into her side.

"You're a good boy Honey, but now I want you to listen to me and not say anything until I am finished." Sarah responds with a smile before shifting so that they were face to face and begins to explain everything to him.

"Hey." Jordan calls out nervously as he walks over to the pool and despite being told about the house and the pool, he couldn't help but be surprised by how big it all was and was a little in awe of it.

"Jordan?" Matt responds in a surprised and confused tone as he stares at his old friend.

"How did you get in?" Mitch asks in a firm tone as he gets to his feet, he knew he probably sounded harsher than he intended and can see it on the boys face, but he couldn't help but be protective of Matt.

"Matt's mum let me in Mitch." Jordan answers as he looks at him cautiously, he had always been a little off with him and being the jerk he was up until last year, he couldn't really blame him, but he didn't really want to stay too long and was already starting to regret coming out here.

"Mitch can you leave us alone." Matt then asks as he gives the older boy a nod, he could tell that there was a little tension and he could also tell that his old friend was looking nervous and he didn't want him to leave, well not until he talked with him at least.

"Okay, just shout out if you need anything, I need to speak with your mum about something anyway." Mitch responds with a smile, before he begins to head to the house.

"Mitch wait." Jordan quickly calls out after remembering Tobias.

"Huh?" Mitch asks as he turns back to the boys.

"She is, well Mrs Summers is talking to Tobias, he is fine, but he kind of got tricked into doing something and she is talking with him about it, but you shouldn't interrupt, but he is fine I promise and he isn't hurt." Jordan explains in a nervous tone, he was relaxing slightly and despite the older boys earlier tone, he knew he didn't need to be afraid of him and couldn't blame him for protecting Matt.

"Okay." Mitch responds as he thinks about asking me about what had happened, but he could see the boy was nervous and he knew that he would find out later anyway.

"Bye Mitch." Matt then states after pulling himself out of the pool, he was worried about his brother, but he was with their mum and he trusted his friend enough to know that if he said he was okay, then he would be okay.

"Call me if you need anything I will be in the kitchen." Mitch states with half a grin, he could tell that the boy had forgotten about being in his tighty whiteys and as he knew they would, they didn't hide anything now that they were soaked through.

"Okay." Matt responds as he waits for the older boy to go in the house and for his old friend to turn around.

"Look Matt, I'm really sorry that things are... holy shit!" Jordan begins to say before trailing off, he had just turned around and wasn't expecting to see his friend looking like that.

"What?" Matt quickly asks in a slightly defensive tone, he was still self conscious about his scars and couldn't help but think his friend was talking about them.

"I can see your dick and balls Matt." Jordan responds in an amused tone, although he suddenly notices the scars on his friends body and had to stop himself making it obvious that he had noticed them.

"Oh shit." Matt states as he quickly covers himself up with his hands.

"So still wearing tighty whiteys then." Jordan then decides to say as he tries to lighten the mood and not let things get any more awkward than they already were.

"Still being a jerk then." Matt retorts with a grin, he felt a bit stupid about giving his old friend a free show, but decided to try and take his lead and not make things weird.

"Sometimes, but there are days when I'm actually quite friendly." Jordan responds as he stands a little awkwardly, it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be around his friend, but at the same time it was a little weird that he was basically naked in front of him.

"So is he really okay?" Matt then decides to ask after a few moments of silence and he didn't really know what else to say, well he knew what he wanted to ask, but he didn't have the guts to ask him just yet.

"Yeah and well get back in the pool or something Matt, it's weird seeing you like that and as nice as your dick is, I don't really want to see it." Jordan then states as he grins at his friend, although he was wondering if he could still think of him as a friend, they were never that close and he hadn't spoken to him for months, so it was a little strange being with him now.

"What about you?" Matt asks, before deciding to take his advice and sits on the side of the pool, before lowering himself in.

"Mind if I join you?" Jordan decides to ask in response, he was wearing briefs and they weren't white, so he wasn't too bothered about swimming in them.

"Sure." Matt responds and can't help but watch his old friend stripping down to his briefs and was a little surprised that he wasn't quite as toned as he remembered.

"Quit staring you pervert." Jordan stakes in an amused tone as he sees his friend giving him a curious look and quickly guesses what he was thinking, he had had to explain himself so many times when he took his top off and while it was a little annoying now, he was glad that they weren't going to be talking about Mr Jones just yet.

"What happened to all your muscles?" Matt asks while giving his old friend a half smile at his joke, it had been a long time since he saw his friend topless, but he couldn't believe how different he looked now.

"I'm being lazy for a while Matt, I will get fit again later in the year, but it's nice to just relax and eat what I like for a change." Jordan responds before deciding to dive in the pool, he was a very good swimmer and had missed his training, but he really did just feel like a break from all of that for a while.

"Why are you here Jordan?" Matt then decides to asks after waiting for his friend to resurface and come back over to him.

"I brought Tobias home, he was pretty confused and I didn't want to just leave him." Jordan answers, but straight away he could tell that his friend wasn't talking about that and as much as he had relaxed a little bit, he was now nervous again and didn't really know what to say about not visiting.

"I know, but you know what I meant." Matt states as he watches his old friend closely, he could tell that he knew what he was really asking and could feel the awkwardness between them grow again.

"Lets be honest Matt, we were never that close and what did bring us closer, well come on Matt, it's not something either of us wants to be reminded about and well being around you does remind me." Jordan decides to just admit, they had talked about it before, but he guessed they never really had a serious conversation about it and knew that they needed to do that now.

"I know and I get it, but I needed my friends Jordan and it hurt that you barely visited me in hospital and then didn't come and see me when I got out, even a phone call or a text would have helped and even if we weren't that close before, it would have been... well you know." Matt responds honestly, he knew they weren't close and he felt the same way about being around him and being reminded of Mr Jones, but he needed his friends to help him and they should have been there for him.

"I know, I did think about texting you or calling you a lot, but the longer I stayed away, the more awkward it felt and it's a lame excuse Matt, well it's really lame, but I used it to justify to myself why I didn't do any of that and I wish I wasn't such a coward." Jordan then admits, he knew he had been through hell himself and the things Mr Jones did to him and also made him do, still made the hair on the back of his neck stick up, but what his friend went through was a billion times worse in his mind and he felt guilty for not being there for him.

"I'm not angry at you Jordan, I just wanted to know why, but you did really help me deal with being raped." Matt then says in a low tone, but could see his old friend tense up a little at the mention of rape and again remembered that he needed to remember that he had been through a lot as well. "I guess this is a good example of why you stayed away." He then says as he sighs.

"Yeah." Jordan responds and lets out his own sigh, before thinking about something else. "Carter invited me to his party." He then states and watches his friend to see his reaction, he really wanted to go, but he knew the party was here and he wasn't sure if he would be welcome.

"I want you to come, but we should probably try not to spend too much time near each other." Matt decides to respond, he wasn't sure up until now if he wanted him to be there, but Mitch was right about it being Carter's day and he also knew for sure now why his friend had stayed away and he really didn't blame him.

"Well it's not like we can't be near each other or speak to each other Matt, it's just one on one we are always going to end up talking about Mr Jones and I can't keep having to deal with that." Jordan states as he gives his friend an apologetic look, he wished he could get over it and not let it affect him still, but he doubted he would ever be able to do that and knew he had to make some sacrifices to protect himself from the memories and as hard as it was to distance himself from his friends, he had to do it for himself and just hoped they all understood.

"I know and you're a good friend Jordan." Matt begins to say after deciding that they were still friends, but he could tell by his friends expression what he was thinking and grinned. "Okay, you were a pretty shit friend to me, but you weren't all bad and I still liked you." He then states and joins his friend when he starts chuckling.

"I liked you as well, well not that much, but you were okay and I'm glad you and Ben are together." Jordan responds with a sincere smile, he was sure if it hadn't been for Mr Jones, he would have gotten on a lot better with him, although the fact he pretty much replaced him as Ben's best friend didn't help their friendship either.

"Do you know why Barry and Patrick never visited me?" Matt then decides to ask, neither his boyfriend or his other friends knew or if they did they wouldn't tell him and he hoped he could find out this way.

"What?" Jordan asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't expecting to be asked about anyone else and didn't quite know how to answer.

"I get why you don't want to be around me, but why don't Barry or Patrick, we were pretty close and they haven't even made any attempt to see or talk to me and well I just want to know why." Matt explains as he paddles to the side of the pool and holds on to the side and despite feeling a little upset about his other friends, he smiles when he sees Jordan paddle over and hold on to the side as well.

"I honestly don't know and to be really honest I don't talk to anyone about you Matt, well I do, but only if they ask or if I'm talking to Ben or Carter." Jordan responds honestly, although he thought he might have an idea, he wasn't sure if he was right or not.

"Oh okay." Matt states in a disappointed tone and begins to turn away from his friend, before feeling his hand on his shoulder.

"Look I don't know for sure Matt, but Barry has had a hard time with his family, you know his dad attacked him and everything right." Jordan decides to say, he wasn't going to say anything, but he could see the disappointment on his friends face and wanted to try and make up for not visiting him more than he did.

"Well yeah, but didn't he get put in prison or something?" Matt asks in response and he gives his friend a curious look, from how his boyfriend told the story, Barry had made a big deal of standing up for them and gay people in general to his dad and wanted to be their friend again, but still hadn't made any attempt to visit him.

"Not for long, but even though he moved out of the house, he has made his and his mums life hard and well I think he kind of resents you a little bit." Jordan states as he tries his best to explain what he thinks, but he knew he had made a mess of it and could see the hurt in his friends eyes. "Matt he doesn't hate you or anything like that, but I think he needed someone to be angry with and because you weren't around, well I don't know how it works and I know it doesn't make any sense, but for him, being angry at someone he wouldn't see was easier than being angry at someone he would see all the time." He then decides to say as he thinks of a way to help his friend understand.

"Oh." Matt responds as he pushes himself backwards away from the side of the pool, he actually thought he understood his friends point and although it sucked and was unfair on him, he could see that being angry and resentful at someone might help his friend with his families issues would help, even more so if you never had to see that person.

"I might be wrong Matt." Jordan then says as he paddles towards his friend, he was a little worried by his reaction and despite not being around, he did know about his freak outs and knew he needed to be on his guard.

"Carter wants Barry and Patrick to come to the party as well." Matt decides to say, although he was still thinking about whether he could accept the reason his friend just gave him and whether it was good enough for him to ever forgive his former friends.

"And you don't want them to go?" Jordan asks as he stays close enough to his friend to help him if he needed it, but not too close as to make him feel crowded.

"I didn't, but I think I can handle it after what you just told me, but I don't want to speak to them and I don't want them to try and talk to me." Matt responds as he stares at his friend and despite not having the best of friendships, he realised that he did actually miss him.

"But you said you understood why he might not have kept in contact." Jordan states as he looks at his friend in confusion and was wondering if he had missed something obvious.

"I might understand, but it doesn't mean I forgive him Jordan, I almost died, I have scars, mentally and physically and will never walk properly again and I needed all my friends and family around me." Matt begins to explain before pausing to calm himself down a little bit. "So why couldn't he pick someone else to be mad at Jordan? He could have chosen anyone, but he choose me and Patrick is even worse, at least Barry had his reasons, he didn't have any and he didn't even try and call me or anything." He then adds before sniffling and rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand.

"I didn't really think about it like that, shit Matt I'm really sorry for not being there for you more." Jordan quickly states in a sincere tone, he had been worried about him and had actually prayed for him to be alright, but hearing him talking now made him realise that he really should have put his own issues aside, well at least until he was better and it was now clear to him that he needed it.

"I'm not mad at you Jordan, I understand why you..." Matt then begins to say before being interrupted.

"Matt, I could have put my own issues aside, I have done it plenty of times around family and I should have done the same for you, even if it was only for a few weeks or a month, I should have..." Jordan begins to state before trailing off as he feels himself being hugged and despite feeling a bit weird, he knew what it meant and was happy that his friend really wasn't mad at him.

"I think I prefer it when you're a jerk." Matt then states as he floats back away from his friend a little bit and grins at him, he was still hurt and angry with the other two, but he was glad that he could at least get closure with him.

"Carter says the same thing sometimes." Jordan responds with a grin, he still had his moments, but he was a different person now and he was happy.

"Thanks for whatever you did for Tobias, you didn't have to do anything and well er... just thanks Jordan." Matt then says as he wipes his eyes again.

"I'm just glad I was there, but enough about how great I am, talk to me Matt, I want to know how you're doing and don't pretend to be fine, because that is bullshit and you know it." Jordan then states with a big grin and is happy to hear his friend giggling and knew that at the very least he had cheered him up a little bit.

"Jerk." Matt responds before pausing to think of where to start.

"Oh wow." Ben says after hearing his friend explaining what has happened over the last couple of weeks and despite feeling awful for him, he was relieved that she hadn't tried to hurt him.

"Well maybe she is just struggling to accept it and once she does it will be okay." Peter then suggests, although he could tell that it did little to comfort his friend.

"I guess so." Alex responds in an unconvincing tone, although he appreciates both his friends holding his hands and listening to him.

"If you want I could see if Matt can come over or you could come to ours Alex." Ben then offers as he thinks about what his boyfriend went through and although it wasn't even close to the same thing in terms of what actually happened, he will understand what being rejected by a parent feels like and it might even do him just as much good as their friend to talk about it.

"Huh?" Alex asks in a confused tone, he wouldn't mind going around his friends house, but he hadn't even seen Matt since he was at school and he couldn't ever remember really talking to him.

"It's not the same thing, because well you know what his dad did to him, but he can try to maybe tell you how he feels about well er... you know a parent not loving you anymore." Ben responds in an awkward tone as he tries to explain what he meant and straight away wishes he had chosen another word in stead of 'loving' and could see the hurt in his friends eyes.

"It's a good idea Alex." Peter decides to say, he could tell his friend was thinking about it and wanted to try and push him to accept.

"Would he want to talk about it though Ben? And especially to me?" Alex asks as he gives Peter an appreciative smile, before looking at his other friend.

"Let me talk to him and I will call you later or tomorrow to see if he will." Ben responds with a guilty expression, he hadn't even thought about that because he was concentrating on his friend so much and knew that it would have upset his boyfriend if they just turned up and he asked him on the spot.

"Okay." Alex then says as he looks down at his feet.

"You can sleep at mine for a few nights if you want to get away from here for a bit." Peter then offers, although he was a little hesitant, he didn't have a big house and his friend would have to sleep in his bed with him and it wasn't a big bed either.

"You're the best Peter." Alex quickly responds before getting up and cuddling his friend tightly.

"Your dad is pretty cool though right? I mean about you being gay Alex." Ben then asks after deciding to see if he could help his friend see that it wasn't all bad.

"He's amazing, I mean I always respected him and loved him because he was my dad, but he has been so nice and he has tried really hard to make me happy." Alex responds after letting go of his other friend and couldn't help blushing a little bit after feeling himself getting half hard and could tell his friend had noticed it.

"Well I try my best Alex." Gordon states in a proud tone, he had just opened the door when he heard what his son said and couldn't be prouder of him.

"Dad!" Alex quickly states in a slightly annoyed tone, he had told him so many times to knock before he came in and he still just walked in.

"I know, but I forgot you were in here today." Gordon responds with a guilty look, he knew if it was the other way around he would lecture him and knew he should respect his privacy more than he has done.

"Afternoon Mr Gilmar." Peter states with a smile before seeing the man's expression and quickly blushes a little bit. "Sorry, I mean afternoon Gordon." He then says with a shy smile, he could never remember to call him by his first name and always got the same look from him when he forgot.

"Afternoon Peter and the same to you Ben." Gordon responds before looking over to the other boy and was glad to see that he was looking a lot better than he did all those weeks ago and knew that whatever his son was doing with him, had helped him deal with his issues.

"Matt said to say hello and to tell you that he is doing really well if I saw you Gordon." Ben says as he gives the man a friendly smile, he and his boyfriend both liked him at the hospital, but knowing how much he has stuck by his son after Alex had come out to him, well that just made him like him even more.

"No issues with his foot and ankle?" Gordon asks in a curious tone, he was a little worried about the boys foot, they had almost decided to amputate it because of how damaged it was, so to hear that they made the right choice in saving it meant a lot.

"He says it hurts a little when it's cold and if he puts too much weight on it, but he said it's okay and the swimming helps a lot." Ben answers with a grin, he loved talking about how well his boyfriend was doing and it always cheered him up.

"I'm afraid that the cold will always make it hurt a little bit, but over time he should be able to put more weight on it." Gordon responds with a smile, before thinking about something else. "Has he done any cycling yet?" He then asks, it wasn't that important, but it would give him a good indication that they had done as good a job on the boys foot as they could have.

"Yeah, he has been out a few times, but he said it hurts a little bit after a while." Ben responds honestly and although initially he was confused why the man wanted to know about cycling, he quickly realises why he was asking and gave him a smile.

"It's nothing to worry about and like putting more weight on it, it will get better and you should consider getting an exercise bike for him." Gordon then suggests with a warm smile, before noticing the look on his sons face an realises that he had been crying.

"Okay." Ben responds with a smile and although he wanted to talk about his boyfriend a little bit more, he had noticed the man looking over and when he followed is gaze, he realised that his friend still looked down and knew he should let them talk for a while. "I should get going though, I promised Matt I wouldn't be gone all day." He then says as he also notices the time and while it was a little early, he guessed that he should give them some alone time.

"I can give you a lift if you like Ben." Gordon then offers, but straight away sees the disappointed look on his sons face and realises that maybe he needed to talk with him and wished he didn't just offer to give his friend a lift home.

"Nah it's okay Gordon, our brother is out on his own for the first time today and I might walk through the park to see if he is there on the way home." Ben quickly responds, he was going to turn the lift down anyway, but when he saw his friends expression, he could tell that he didn't want his dad to go anywhere.

"If you're sure." Gordon responds in a relieved tone, although he hoped the boy didn't pick up on it.

"Do you want me to go as well." Peter decides to whisper in his friends ear, he hoped he could stay and had already text his mum to see if his friend could stay a few nights and was waiting for her to reply.

"Stay please." Alex whispers back an gives his friends hand an appreciative squeeze and while they had settled into a normal friendship, he still found himself loving his friend and couldn't quite get rid of the hope that he would fall in love with him.

"Are you coming with me Peter?" Ben decides to ask, he knew his friend lived close enough that they could walk home most of the way together and wouldn't mind talking with him along the way.

"Nah Ben, I'm going to stay here and keep this little fatty company." Peter responds with a grin after deciding to lighten the mood a little, well he was hoping he would and felt a bit nervous as his friend let go of his hand.

"If my dad wasn't here, I would show you what this little fatty can do Peter." Alex responds with a big grin after getting off the table and turning to his friend, he knew what he was trying to do and just loved how he always tried to make him laugh.

"Well your dad is going to see your other friend out of the house and then make himself a cup of coffee, so have fun my little fatty boy." Gordon decides to say as he gives his son a smile and Peter a smirk, before putting an arm around Ben and leading him to the door.

"Wait you..." Peter begins to protest before feeling himself being picked up and gently thrown to the ground and suddenly bursts out laughing as he feels himself being tickled.

"You're so cool Gordon." Ben says as he looks over his shoulder to see his two friends on the ground and thought that the man was a great dad.

"He needs all the fun he can get at the moment Ben." Gordon responds as he closes the garage do and leads the boy to the front door, he wasn't sure if he knew about what happened, but guessed that he did by the part of the conversation he had heard and his sons demeanour.

"Just keep doing what you're doing Gordon and he will be okay." Ben then says, he wasn't sure if he should let him know that he knew about what had happened, but he thought he was being vague enough to get away with it.

"Thank you Ben and thank you for being his friend." Gordon responds with a smile as he opens the door, he wasn't trying to rush the boy out of the house, but he could tell that he wasn't bothered about it even if he was doing that.

"He is great, but he needs Peter right now and well just try to let him be around him as much as possible." Ben then says in a slightly nervous tone, he knew that they were just friends, but he also knew that Alex actually loved Peter and while he knew nothing would ever happen, he thought that them just being around each other was just what his friend needed right now.

"You're a good boy Ben and tell everyone that I said hello and don't forget about the exercise bike for Matt, it will help his ankle if he takes it slowly and I do mean slowly okay." Gordon states as he reminds the boy about the bike, although he was actually surprised at how quickly Matt was recovering and wasn't expecting him to be where he was for a few more months and marvelled at how quickly a focused younger person can recovered with the right support.

"I will and bye." Ben responds with an appreciative nod, before turning around and walking away.

One Week Later

"What are you doing?" Alex asks as he wakes up to a strange but nice feeling. "Peter stop it." He then states as he looks around his friends bedroom and realises what is happening as he looks down to see someone under the sheets and with the nice warm and wet feelings he is getting, he knows exactly what his friend was doing.

"Am I doing it wrong?" Peter asks after he feels the sheets being pulled off him and seeing his friends expression.

"You aren't gay Peter." Alex states instead of answering his friends question, he couldn't believe he had stopped his friend and had dreamed of him doing it so many times, but knowing they were only going to be friends was enough to make him think clearly and he didn't want to risk getting his feelings hurt more than they had been recently.

"I don't care, straight boys experiment with other boys and you have given me four blow jobs and I want to try it." Peter counters, his friend had given him two on their first sleepover and twice more when he slept round his at the beginning of the week for three nights and couldn't stop himself from being curious about what it was like to suck a penis himself.

"You just feel sorry for me." Alex states as he pulls himself up the bed and away from his friend, he was too emotional right now to think straight and the last thing he needed was his friend confusing him.

"I thought you said she wasn't ignoring you anymore?" Peter then asks in a confused tone, although he was hiding the disappointment of not being able to finish the blow job, he had only just got his friends penis hard and was surprised to realise that it wasn't as horrible as he thought it would be.

"I preferred when she pretended that I didn't exist." Alex responds honestly as he gives his friend a sad look, although he slides down a little bit and spreads his legs without realising what he was doing.

"How is that better?" Peter asks as he notices his friend is relaxing and despite being concerned for his friend, his hormones were making it hard to ignore the fact his friend was still hard and moved up the bed a little bit.

"Because I could pretend she was doing it because she was just confused and trying to deal with it, but I can tell that she hates me when she talks to me, I can hear it in her voice Peter and I hate it." Alex explains as he looks at his friend and can feel a few tears rolling down his face.

"Can I be honest?" Peter decides to ask, he was just thinking about giving his friend a blow job, but hearing what he said and see the tears rolling down his face snapped him out of it and he realised that he needed to be a good friend and had a theory he thought would make him feel a little better.

"Yeah." Alex responds as he wipes his eyes, he wasn't sure if his friend was going to give him a reality check or actually try to make him feel better and to his own surprise he wasn't sure which one he wanted.

"I think you just need to be patient, I know it can't be easy and I doubt I could handle it, but I know you can Alex and you know I'm right." Peter starts to say before pausing, he couldn't help but notice his friend going soft and surprised himself by feeling disappointed.

"Yeah be patient, great advise Peter." Alex responds in a dismissive and irritated tone, he wasn't sure what he had expected his friend to say, but he couldn't help but be annoyed by what he did say.

"Oh shit er... not, Alex I wasn't finished, I just got distracted." Peter quickly states, but can see his friend was about to say something and didn't want him to ask what he was distracted by. "Alex your mum went from ignoring you completely to talking to you in like a couple of weeks, so something must of changed otherwise she would have kept ignoring you." He then adds as he moves up a little more and was now between his friends knees.

"It was better when she..." Alex begins to responds before quickly getting cut off.

"Alex think about it, if she hated you and never wanted to see you again she would have moved out or just kept ignoring you, so you just have to keep being patient and let her get over it and stop being so stupid." Peter states as he gently spreads his friends legs and smiles when he doesn't protest.

"I never... you're the best Peter." Alex responds with a small smile, he hadn't really thought about what the change in his mum might mean, he had just been concentrating on her hating him, but his friend was right and if she hated him, then she wouldn't have bothered trying to talk to him now.

"Let me show you how good I am." Peter then says with a grin after deciding that once he started, his friend wouldn't try to stop him again.

"Huh... oh... Peter stop." Alex states in a surprised tone as he feels himself being sucked and quickly puts his hands on his friends head. "Peter please..." He then tries to say before trailing off and letting go of his friends head, before feeling himself being pulled down the bed a little and realises that his friend was copying what he had done to him at their first sleepover and decides to just enjoy it instead of protesting.

"Talk to me Maggie." Gordon says as he looks at her across the table.

"It's not right Gordon, it's not natural and it's evil." Maggie responds as she looks at her husband, she had been questioning everything in her life and her beliefs ever since finding out her son was gay and just didn't know where to go from here.

"Maggie it is natural, animals in both captivity and the wild show homosexuality exists outside of the human race and it isn't evil, abandoning your own child because they are gay is evil though and if you can't see that, then I want you out of this house and our lives." Gordon states in a serious tone as he tries to study her reaction as his words sink in.

"If it was natural then they would be able to reproduce with each other Gordon, you can throw the 'all the animals are gay and people don't choose to be gay' all you like Gordon, but you can't deny that it's unnatural." Maggie chooses to say in response, she knew she was grasping at straws as her whole belief system faltered, she had been one of the most vocal in the organisation, but seeing her sons face and seeing how hurt he was because of her just melted her heart and all her maternal instincts were kicking in to comfort him and she found that side of herself winning.

"Oh the reproduction argument, how original Maggie." Gordon states in a dismissive tone, he had heard it many times along with many other arguments and he found them all equally as stupid, he may not be perfect when it came to views on homosexuality, but he believed it was their own business and that they shouldn't be hounded or shunned by anyone else.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Maggie responds in an irritated tone and hated when he talked to her like that.

"Maggie, how many times have we had sex?" Gordon decides to ask instead of answering directly, he had overheard this from two people having a similar conversation and found it to be very useful.

"What?" Maggie asks in a confused tone and wondered what he was talking about.

"Come on give me a rough figure, humour me Maggie." Gordon responds with a hint of a smirk as he watches his wife.

"I don't know, hundreds, thousands Gordon, what's your point." Maggie states as she tries to work out what her husband was up to.

"Okay let's just for arguments sake call it a round thousand." Gordon states before pausing and after a few moments Maggie gets the hint and nods for him to carry on. "So if it was unnatural to engage in sex without reproducing as they state in your case against homosexuality, then shouldn't we have a thousand kids and not just one?" He then asks and decides to not hide his smile as he watches his wife sit back and think about what he just told her.

"Don't be stupid Gordon, we are married and we did reproduce once, so it isn't the same thing." Maggie counters in an unconvincing tone, she had to admit that the more she thought about it, the more she could see why he would try and justify it like that, but it would take more than this to change her mind.

"Okay Maggie, so would it be natural and alright for me to have sex with another man?" Gordon decides to ask, there was more to his previous tactic, but he could tell that it would be pointless, so he thought of trying this approach instead.

"Gordon stop asking me stupid questions and just make you damn point." Maggie responds after deciding that she had had enough of playing her husbands Q and A game.

"Fine, Maggie you said homosexuality is wrong because they can't reproduce, so if reproducing was the only reason for sex then anyone having sex without reproducing is unnatural, failing that you said that because we have a child then it doesn't matter if we reproduce anymore." Gordon starts to explain before pausing for a few seconds, he could tell she was listening, but he couldn't read how she felt about it. "So by your logic, I could now be in a homosexual relationship because I have already reproduced and just in case you mention marriage, that is legal now and for arguments sake let's assume I married the guy first, it would be perfectly alright for me to have sex with another man right." He then states before leaning back in his chair and reaching out for his coffee.

"I'm not promising anything Gordon." Maggie eventually responds as she thinks over his words and despite wanting to counter them, the truth was that she couldn't and as absurd as her husband using himself as an example was, he had a point and she knew she had to get out of the house and clear her head.

"He is your son Maggie, I don't care about whatever someone has brainwashed you with, we made him, you and me and it is our job to protect him and make sure that he is happy and safe." Gordon then states in a serious tone as he tries to get her to understand that she needs to support their son.

"I will be home later Gordon and I will get myself something to eat." Maggie states as she gets to her feet, she was just feeling too many things right now and despite conceding in her head that he had a point, she needed to speak with someone else first and she couldn't have her husband come with her.

"Don't come back unless you're ready to be a real mother Maggie." Gordon states after watching his wife get up and walk to the doorway, before being surprised by the realization that he meant that and wasn't just threatening her.

"I'm not a monster Gordon." Maggie responds before walking out of the room.

"Do we have to sing?" Matt asks as he looks to his friend.

"It's my party and I want you to sing together." Carter answers with a grin as he his friend giving him an almost pleading look, which might have worked if he didn't know how many times his two friends had done karaoke at the restaurant they have been going to recently at least four times in the past few weeks, so they couldn't pretend they were too shy.

"Do we really have to?" Ben then asks in an equally unenthusiastic tone as his boyfriend.

"Nope, well yeah, but other people well er... come on guys, just one song together." Carter responds as he gives them both a pleading look, after getting a little flustered and confused.

"As long as I don't end up having to sing more." Matt responds, he didn't mind singing in front of people now and he had to admit it was fun, but he wanted to enjoy the party and not be stuck singing all the time.

"Me too." Ben quickly states as he decides to make sure he doesn't get stuck singing all the time as well.

"As awesome as that would be, I wouldn't do that to you guys." Carter responds with a smile, his boyfriend had warned him that their friends would be reluctant and they had talked about ways to get them to do it and not refuse.

"Are you going to sing?" Ben then asks with a grin and straight away sees the surprised look on his friends face and knows that he hadn't even considered it.

"If you don't promise to sing at least once Carter, I won't sing at all." Matt responds in a serious tone, although he wasn't actually being serious and was just trying his luck, he had never heard him sing and he was curious to see if he could.

"I don't know." Carter responds nervously, he hadn't even considered singing and he didn't want to do it either, he was terrible and not even in a funny way and being in front of everyone would be too much for him.

"I won't sing either Carter." Ben then states after picking up on his boyfriends trick, while giving his friend a serious stare.

"I er... please sing." Carter then says in a slightly panicked tone, he really hadn't thought about singing and his friends threatening to not sing had him thinking that his birthday would be ruined.

"Oh shit." Matt states as he gets up and limps over to his friend to give him a cuddle, he could tell that his plan had backfired and the last thing he wanted to do was upset him.

"We were just kidding Carter." Ben then says in a slightly surprised tone, he hadn't expected his friend to react like that and was a little worried.

"Sorry." Carter responds as he mentally slaps himself for being so emotional and knew that he had made a fool of himself.

"What was that all about Carter?" Matt then decides to ask, his friend had come a long way and he didn't think he was that self conscious anymore.

"I guess I still have some confidence issues." Carter responds in a sheepish tone, he had worked hard to be more confident and his boyfriend had helped him so much, but every now and then he was reminded that he just wasn't ever going to like his friends or boyfriend and would always have his limits.

"I hope Tobias doesn't get tricked into getting naked by a bunch of girls again." Ben then states as he decides to change the subject and couldn't help but remember how funny it had been when his boyfriend had told him about what happened to their brother.

"He gets naked a lot." Carter then says as he gives his friends a little smile, he wasn't sure how much they knew about what he and his boyfriend had done with their brother and knew he had to be careful and avoid telling them, well at least while he was alone anyway.

"Well you would know I guess." Matt responds with a little smirk, he had no idea that his brother and friends had fooled around a lot more than he knew about since the sleepover and was a little surprised by how much his friend was blushing from his comment.

"Have you and Wesley been doing stuff with him again?" Ben then asks after picking up on his friends reaction and thinking about the contented and happy look on his brothers face whenever he had spent time with their friends alone and couldn't help but be curious.

"No!" Carter responds quickly, but realises straight away that his responds and tone had pretty much confirmed his friends suspicions.

"Holy fuck Carter, he isn't gay and you and Wesley are boyfriends." Matt then states in a slightly annoyed tone and although he trusted his friends and knew his brother was so much happier these past few weeks, he didn't like the idea of them fooling around like that.

"We haven't done much and it was only a couple of times." Carter then says as he gives his friend an embarrassed look. "Most of the time we just sit and watch a movie naked or play computer games naked and that's about it." He then decides to add after seeing the doubtful look on both his friends faces.

"Carter, he is still confused about stuff and you and Wesley shouldn't use him as some sort off sex toy for yourselves." Matt then states in a firm tone, he didn't mind them messing around with him at the sleepover, but he really didn't think they should still be doing that sort of stuff with him now.

"He knows it's just a bit of fun Matt, he isn't a baby." Carter quickly retorts, although straight away he can see that his two friends were less than impressed by that remark.

"A bunch of girls convinced him to strip off in park last week Carter and if it wasn't for Jordan, they probably would have had him masturbating for them, so he may not be a baby, but he is vulnerable and you and Wesley should know better." Matt then states in a serious tone, as he gets to his feet and gives his friend a hard stare.

"Matt calm down." Ben then quickly says as he gets up and cuddles his boyfriend from behind, he could tell his boyfriend was getting worked up and while he agreed that their friends needed to be more responsible, it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Sorry Carter." Matt then says after realising what he was doing and quickly relaxes into his boyfriends arms.

"It's okay and you're right." Carter responds with a small smile. "We actually talked about it together and agreed to stop doing it, well you know like touching, but we still get naked and it's just a bit of fun and Tobias is happier than he was before." He then adds and this time is is relieved to see that his two friends seemed to accept what he said.

"Let's talk about something else." Matt then decides to say, he was still a little worried and was going to talk to his brother about what he has been doing, but he was happy enough with his friends reassurance to move on to something else.

"Well it's good that you and Jordan got to talk." Carter decides to say, he was surprised when he found out what happened, but in a good way and both his friends seemed a lot happier since.

"It really helped and he has called me a couple of times since and we have talked, I don't think we will ever be friends again, well we weren't that close anyway, but it's nice to speak to him sometimes." Matt responds with a small grin, he was really happy that Jordan had come to the house and was grateful that he kept his promise about keeping in touch with him from now on.

"He's actually spent a bit more time at school with us as well Matt." Ben then states and can see the surprise on his boyfriends face. "I think he was a little embarrassed about not seeing you Matt and felt guilty, but now I guess that is sorted and while it won't be the same as it used to be, it's nice to have him around again." He then adds with a sincere smile, nothing would ever be the same again for any of them, but that didn't mean it had to be all bad.

"Yeah he kind of hated himself for not wanting to be around you Matt, but well like you two just said, he is over that now and well yeah." Carter then says with a little giggle after making a bit of a mess of his point and is glad that his friends join in, before they all stop and start talking about his party again.

"Was I good?" Peter asks with a grin, he wasn't sure if he ever wanted to give another blow job, but he was glad that he had at least tried it and while his friends cum tasted odd and weird, it wasn't totally disgusting and he had swallowed it all.

"Oh wow!" Alex responds, he never knew a blow job felt that good, sure his friend seemed to really love them, but now knowing how they felt for himself, he knew he had underestimated that feeling.

"So you aren't mad at me?" Peter then decides to ask, he knew his friend was trying to stop him at first, but he figured it was the same thing that his friend did to him and he didn't think he could really be angry at him for it.

"A little bit." Alex responds honestly, he didn't want to be angry, not after his friend made him feel that good, but that was the problem in his mind, they were just friends and while he could kid himself that it was okay to give him blow jobs, he didn't know if he could do the same with his friend giving him one and not view it as something more.

"You did the same to me though." Peter then states and straight away he realises how childish that sounded, although his friend chuckling relaxed him a little bit, it still confused him at the same time.

"You aren't gay Peter, I wish you were and I would give anything for you to love me back, but you don't and it's not fair on me when you give me false hope and with everything..." Alex then begins to explain before feeling himself being kissed and can't help but kiss his friend back, while mentally kicking himself for teaching how to kiss so good.

"I may not be gay, but you're my best friend and you need someone to look after you, so that's what I'm going to do and I will do it for as long as you need me to." Peter then says after breaking the kiss and despite seeing the surprise on his friends face, it was nothing compared to his own surprise at his words and realised he had basically just told his friend he will do sex stuff with him for as long as we wanted. "Well at least until your mum gets her act together and well none of that bum stuff or telling other people." He then quickly adds in a slightly panicked tone, he couldn't believe he had basically given his friend a free pass to do stuff with him and was quickly regretting it.

"You're so cute when you're being stupid Peter." Alex decides to say, his friends words definitely got his hopes up, but he could tell he didn't really mean it and if he couldn't have him like that fully, then he just wanted to be friends and hopefully over time those feelings will fade and maybe he will find an actual boyfriend one day.

"Huh?" Peter asks in a confused and slightly relieved tone, he wasn't quite sure, but he thought his friend was rejecting his offer and while it actually hurt a little bit, he was happy if he was right.

"I don't need you to do sex stuff with me to make me feel better Peter, if you were gay and wanted to be my boyfriend then yeah it would be great, but you aren't, so just be my friend and do what you have been doing." Alex explains while trying his best to hide his reluctance to turn his friends offer down.

"Oh." Peter responds before thinking about the things they had been doing. "But you can still give me blow jobs right? And I want to give you some back if you do." He then adds and not for the first time wonders what the hell he was thinking, his friend had just gave him the biggest out to all this gay stuff and he just jumped straight back into it.

"So stupid." Alex responds with a grin before pulling his friend in for one last kiss. "You aren't gay Peter, now let's take a shower and then I need to go home." He then says with a grin, he could feel his friends boner and couldn't help but smile.

"Okay." Peter responds with a smile, he may not be gay, but that didn't mean he didn't enjoy kissing his friend.

"I don't care, I need to see him and you need to go and tell him that Maggie Gilmar is here to see him." Maggie states in an angry tone, she was not in the mood to listen to some jumped up secretary getting in her way.

"Madam, he is in no condition to receive visitors." The receptionist responds in a professional tone, she was aware of who Mr Summers was and what he had done and wasn't going to go above and beyond for him in any way.

"Then I will speak to the manager or director or whatever the person in charge is called here." Maggie states as she tries to not shout at her, she needed to see David and after being told where he was and what had happened, she knew she might never get another chance.

"He is in room four seven two, there is a guard outside his room." The receptionist responds after deciding it wasn't worth the hassle to get her boss involved and wasn't going to risk getting in trouble.

"Thank you." Maggie then states in a half sarcastic tone before walking away, she had been here before and while she didn't know it that well, she could find the room just fine by herself.

"You can't go in their Ma'am." The guard states as he watches the woman approach the door.

"I have permission and you can confirm it if you like, my name is Maggie Gilmar." Maggie responds in a professional tone, she had pulled some strings to get this visit and knew exactly what to say.

"Oh Mrs Gilmar, go right ahead, but I have to warn you that you may not like what you see." The guard states as he steps aside, he had only looked in the room a couple of times and didn't like what he saw and not because the man inside was a convicted paedophile who raped and tortured his own son.

"Thank you." Maggie responds before walking through the door and closing it behind herself.

"Maggie?" David quickly asks in a strained tone, he was told he was getting a visitor and had been given a strong dosage of painkillers to help him get through it, but he wasn't expecting to see anyone from the organisation and especially Maggie.

"Well you look like shit." Maggie states as she stares at the man she had admired for more years than she cared to admit, before moving to the side of the bed and pulling across a chair to sit in.

"Well cheers for the compliment Maggie." David responds as he grins at his friend, although even in his condition, he could see the look on her face and knew that she wasn't making a joke.

"Don't mistake me being here as a form of friendship David." Maggie states in a cold tone, she may need him to be honest with her and she had respected him more than anyone else she had known, but the moment he raped his own son, whether he was gay or not, he became the lowest form of life in her opinion and she wasn't going to pretend otherwise.

"What?" David can't help but ask in a surprised tone, although just as quickly he realises that after what he had done, he didn't have any friends left.

"Beating, torturing and breaking and even killing a homosexual was our duty and what you had been doing to your son was nothing short of inspiring David, right up until you raped him, it doesn't matter if he was gay or not, there is a line that even we don't cross and for that reason you deserve to be where you are right now and you won't get any sympathy from me." Maggie answer in an emotionless tone, she had thought about what to say in this situation and despite her reasons for being here, she couldn't hide the fact he now disgusted her.

"Then why are you here?" David decides to ask after wincing a little, both from his now apparent former friends words and from the pain he was in.

"I'm here for..." Maggie begins to say before trailing off, she had planned it out in her head, but actually asking in person was proving to be a lot harder than she had anticipated.

"I'm probably going to die Maggie, someone like me doesn't get everything they need in these kind of situations and I doubt I will be around in a few weeks time, so why have they sent you to kill me now?" David then asks in a slightly bemused tone, although as he starts to chuckle at the absurdity of the situation, he goes into a violent series of coughs.

"I would gladly kill you David, but I'm not here for that." Maggie responds as she maintains her cold stare. "I'm here because I need to ask you something and I need you to be completely honest David." She then adds as she sees him thinking over her words and decides to answer the question he was obviously going to ask.

"So you tell me that I look like shit, that I'm a monster and that you would gladly kill me and you expect me to help you with something?" David responds in a sarcastic tone and would have laughed had he not known how painful that would be for him.

"Nothing I have said has been exaggerated David and you will listen to my question and you can either answer honestly or I can make what little time you may or may not have even shorter and a hell of a lot more painful." Maggie states in a cold tone, equal to the stare she has maintained throughout the visit so far.

"I would be disappointed in you if you didn't Maggie." David responds in a serious tone, he now knew that this wasn't a professional or official visit and despite the pain he was in and his own issues, he quickly worked out that this was a personal visit and given her obvious disdain for him, he guessed her son was gay as nothing else he could think of made sense for her to be here like this.

"David, if you could go back to that day you found out Matthew was..." Maggie begins to ask, before pausing for a few moments when she noticed him smirking and knew he had already worked it out. "David if you could go back, would you do it again, was it worth it?" She then asks and for the first time drops her cold expression and just looks at her former friend almost pleadingly.

"Faggots need to be destroyed Maggie and it doesn't matter if it is Matt or Alex, they are unnatural and a..." David begins to respond, but is cut off swiftly.

"Cut the bullshit David, I know the company line and I could go to anyone and get that response, but I want the truth, so tell me the truth David, no bullshit, no bravado or any of that macho crap, if you could choose between what happened and where you're now or being with your family and living a comfortable and long life, while being adored and idolised by your son and loved by your wife, which would you choose?" Maggie asks and despite hating the man and actually thinking about killing him, she needed him to be honest with her and knew that his answer was the only way for her to decide what to do with her own son.

"Knowing everything I know now?" David asks, although he had intended on mocking her after realising he owed her nothing, he could see the inner turmoil in her eyes and realises that maybe he had a chance to redeem himself a little bit, even if it was insignificant and too late for it to make any real difference to him or his fate.

"If I have to tell you again to cut the bullshit David, then my previous threat becomes a reality." Maggie states as she adopts her earlier cold expression, she wasn't going to be mocked and despite needing his answer, she wouldn't compromise herself anymore than she had done already to get it.

"Don't do what I did Maggie and I don't just mean the rape, there isn't a day where I don't wish I could go back and stop myself, but life doesn't work that way and I have lost everything." David responds before pausing for a few moments. "Maggie if you have to leave the organisation or even move and disappear, then you should do it, because I don't care how tough you think you are, you won't come back from doing what we have been conditioned to do, it's not the same when it's your own flesh and blood." He then adds after thinking about how to word it the right way, he had been horrified after sobering up and realising what he had done and it had destroyed him and despite her ego, he knew she would end up the same way and despite everything, he was determined to do something good.

"Leaving them won't be an issue David, it has been quiet and low key since you pretty much turned into everything it stood against and someone as high up and respected as you falling so far, well it has rocked the organisation to the core and it will take a while to pull itself together." Maggie decides to state, she had picked up on his choice of words and despite feeling the urge to ignore it and let herself fall into denial, she was smart enough to know that they had been recruited young and had been conditioned and pushed to think and act in ways that they wouldn't have done freely, although she wasn't deluded enough to think that she didn't already have those feelings, even if they were buried deep.

"I'm not a paedophile Maggie." David then states as he looks around the room, he may be many things and none of them good, but he was sickened and ashamed of what he had done and despite being in denial and blaming everyone else ever since it happened, he was now beginning to accept that it was all his own fault.

"The moment you raped a child you became one David, I respected and admired the man you once were, but you aren't that person anymore and you're getting what you deserve." Maggie responds after adopting her cold tone again.

"Just don't make the same mistakes I did Maggie, all that crap about them being unnatural and disgusting may or may not be true, but when it is your child... well you're here talking to me Maggie, so we both know that you understand, so do what I couldn't and protect him from people like us." David then says as he sighs and relaxes, he was getting tired already and even with the painkillers he was still in a lot of pain.

"I will see you in hell one day David." Maggie states as she gets to her feet, before looking down at the man and despite her own feelings about him, she found it hard to not feel sorry for him.

"Maggie if there is a hell, I think protecting your son will keep you out of it." David responds before coughing painfully.

"David, we both know that I could spend the rest of my life making Florence Nightingale look like a Nazi supremacist in comparison and it wouldn't wipe away the things I have done." Maggie then states with a slight grin, she knew what she was and the only thing she could hope for now was for her son to be safe and happy, even if it went against everything she had spent her entire adulthood believing.

"Goodbye Maggie." David then states as he watches her walk away, although he can't help but be surprised when she turns and walks back to him.

"Wait a couple of days." Maggie says in an emotionless tone as she takes his hand into her own for a few seconds, before turning around and leaving the room.

"Thank you." David eventually says after a few moments of looking around his now empty room, before looking into his hand at the pill she had given him and knew what it was and why she had told him to wait a couple of days and despite himself, he couldn't help but smirk a little at the gesture.

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