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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 11

August 2015

"You okay?" Alex quickly asks in a concerned tone, he knew his friend had trouble walking and tried to see if he could see his cane.

"I think of left my cane on the other side of the pool, can you go get it and I will meet you in the kitchen." Matt responds with a smile, he was in a bit of pain, but he could get to the kitchen easily. "Alex, I'm fine I promise, but I will need my cane for when we come back out." He then says when he sees his friend giving him a worried look.

"Okay, but don't trip over or anything, otherwise Ben will kill me for leaving you to walk on your own." Alex then says with a grin, while checking his friend out, he hadn't paid him much attention, well as far as looking at his body before now and couldn't help but be impressed, even with the scars he looked hot and if anything the scars made him look even more so.

"You know if Peter catches you looking at me like that, then Ben will be the least of your worries." Matt then says in an amused tone, he felt a little weird at his friend checking him out, but at the same time it felt great and definitely gave him a bit of an ego boost.

"I can see why Peter likes you all." Alex then says in a sincere tone, he had been nervous about trying to join the group of friends, but they had all been welcoming, even Wesley seemed to make an effort with him and he was grateful for that.

"Hurry up and get my cane then." Matt then says and grins as his friend turns around and begins to walk to the other side of the pool, before turning to walk towards the house and almost immediately being knocked to the ground by someone.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay..." Maggie states as she kneels down to help the boy up, but as soon as he looks up, she realises who it is. "Matt are you er... are you okay?" She then asks in a nervous tone as she feels herself shaking a little.

"HELP!!! BEN, HELP ME!!!" Matt quickly screams out after looking up and recognising who she actually was and could feel himself wetting himself.

"Sshh, it's okay, everything is going to be okay." Maggie responds in a desperate tone as she tries to calm the boy down, it was obvious that he recognised her and she knew that she was in trouble.

"BEN!!!" Matt screams out and begins to tremble, before feeling himself being suddenly held from behind.

"What did you do to him?" Ben then states as he glares at his friends mum and can't help but be confused by his boyfriend screaming and trembling.

"I er... he just walked into me and..." Maggie begins to say before being interrupted and can see everyone walk over to them.

"IT'S HER BEN, IT'S HER." Matt then screams out, before burying his head in his boyfriends chest and crying his heart out, he hadn't thought about the woman who helped his dad for a very long time and just couldn't handle it.

"What the hell did you do to my son Maggie?" Sarah then states in an angry tone as she stands in front of the other lady and knew that something else was going on, her son may be unstable at times, but he wouldn't be acting like this just because he accidentally walked into someone.

"I er... look he just fell over and maybe I should just er... go, I'm sorry if he got hurt Sarah, but I didn't..." Maggie begins to responds before again being interrupted and her heart starts to race as she realises the situation she is in is getting worse and knew that she had to get out of there.

"IT'S HER, SHE WAS THERE MUM... SHE HELPED DAVID." Matt manages to shout before feeling himself being held tighter and decided to just let it all out and cried even harder.

"Did you hear that?" Carter asks as he gets off his friend and sits up, they had been cuddling for almost five minutes and he had ended up laying on top of his friend, but he could have sworn he heard screaming.

"No, what was it?" Tobias asks in response, he had enjoyed the cuddle and didn't want it to end, it just made him feel so much better and he needed to be close to someone.

"It sounded like someone..." Carter begins to answer before the sound of someone shouting again causes him to trail off and look at his friend in concern.

"Matt!" Tobias then quickly states, he would know his brothers voice anywhere and even though he didn't know what he was shouting, he knew it was him and quickly got up and started to head towards his bedroom door.

"Shit wait Tobias, you can't go out like that." Carter quickly calls out before his friend can disappear out of the room and despite being worried about Matt as well, he couldn't help but smile at his friends expression and could tell that he had no idea that he was still naked.

"Huh?" Tobias asks, all he wanted to do was get to his brother, but he knew his friend wouldn't stop him unless it was important.

"You're naked and as hot as you're Tobias, you need to at least put your speedos back on." Carter explains with a grin, although when they both hear shouting again his smile drops, "Get them on quickly Tobias." He then states as he watches his friend hurry back over to his bed to get his speedos.

"Go, me catch up." Tobias then states as he struggles to get his wet speedos up his legs and decides to send his friend ahead.

"Okay, but, well okay." Carter responds as he turns and quickly heads out of the room.

"Maggie what's going on?" Gordon asks as he stands next to his wife, he had seen the boy walk into her and knew that it was her fault, but something else was clearly going on and he had a sinking feeling in his heart, that he wasn't going to like the answer.

"I need to go." Maggie states and begins to back away, before feeling someone grabbing her arm and holding her in place.

"What the hell did you do to my son Maggie and I swear to god if you don't answer..." Sarah states in serious tone before trailing off, she didn't want to finish that sentence and was only just able to stop herself from attacking the other woman.

"Sarah, the woman Matt told us about in the hospital, I think it's her, I think she pretended to be you." Ben decides to say after listening to his boyfriend whispering to him and despite barely being able to understand him, he got enough to work it out.

"I have no..." Maggie then begins to protest, but when she feels herself being slapped, she stops talking and just looks at Sarah in shock.

"What the hell does he mean, why would she pretend to be you Sarah?" Gordon asks, just as he sees their son standing behind the other boys and looking at them in shock.

"I have no idea, he just walked into..." Maggie begins to answer, before being silenced by another slap.

"When Matt was being tortured Gordon, David had some woman come in to pretend that she was me and try and break Matt mentally." Sarah states while glaring at the other woman and if it wasn't for Mike walking over and putting an arm around her shoulders, then should we have gone for her.

"What?" Gordon asks in a surprise tone before looking at his wife. "Maggie?" He then asks as he looks at his wife in disbelief.

"It's ridiculous Gordon, he is clearly confused and I've never met any of them before today." Maggie states as she uses all her training and experience to pull herself together, right now she was in trouble and there was no way to escape, especially after noticing Mitch and his girlfriend appearing from the kitchen and knew that she had to talk herself out of this somehow.

"Sarah he isn't lying, it's her, he wouldn't lie." Ben then says as he looks up to his boyfriends mum, his boyfriend never lied and he knew he was telling the truth.

"He couldn't even see, so how the hell would he..." Maggie then blurts out before going silent as she realises that she had just messed up big time and could see everyone looking at her.

"You fucking bitch!" Sarah says before feeling herself being pulled back by Mike and struggled against him.

"Mum?" Alex then says as he walks in front of his mum, he could see everyone else's expressions, but he just couldn't help himself and needed to find out if it was true.

"He is just confused, why would I do that? I don't know any of you and I have never met you before today Sarah and besides I was with Alex that day." Maggie then states in a confident a tone as she could manage and the fact that she had spent most of that day with her son helped her keep herself calm.

"Ben ask Matt what she said to him." Alex then asks as he ignores his mum and turns to his friends, he couldn't remember that day much and was trying to work out if she was actually with him or if she really was just a lying monster.

"Mitch call the police now, I want them here." Sarah then says as she looks over to the young man and sees him pulling his phone out straight away.

"What do you mean?" Ben then asks as he looks at his friend, he wasn't quite sure what he was asking him or what it had to do with anything.

"Well er... she must of talked to him if it was her, so what did she call him? Like did she call him anything bad?" He responds as he tries his best to not look at his mum, if it was her then he might lose everything and he could feel himself shaking a little.

"It's going to be okay." Peter then says in a quiet tone after he walks over and puts an arm around his friends waist, he was confused and didn't really understand what was happening, but he knew his friend needed him and he wanted to help.

"This is ridiculous, Gordon we are going home right now." Maggie then states, she knew exactly what her son was doing and knew that he was about to confirm what she had done and knew this was the last chance she had to get away.

"Sarah, tell the police to come to our house, this isn't the place and everyone is worked up right now." Gordon decides to state, he didn't know what else to do and as much as he wanted to believe his wife was innocent, he didn't like what he had heard so far and knew that it would be best to just try and defuse the situation as everyone was clearly on edge.

"Gordon if she..." Sarah begins to say before seeing her son talking with his boyfriend and quickly trails off, she wanted to hold him desperately, but she also wanted to make the other woman pay and just didn't know what to do.

"He said she called him a dirty faggot and a disgusting faggot Alex." Ben then says as he looks up at his friend, a lot more had obviously happened, but his boyfriend had just said those two things.

"Come on Gordon, let's go right now." Maggie then states as she hears what the boy just said and knew that she needed to get away.

"Dad it's her, she did it." Alex then says as he looks at his dad with a devastated expression, not only was it the same thing she had said to him more than a few times recently, he finally remembered the day and that she had gone out for a few hours and how she was wearing a wig when she had walked back in the house.

"Alex you know how..." Gordon begins to say before being interrupted by him.

"Dad she said the same things to me, she even hit me a couple of times and she even told us that she hates gay people." Alex states as tears start to roll down his face and was just glad his friend was holding him, because he was just devastated.

"But she said she was with you that day." Sarah then states, before realising what she just said and wondered why she was trying to defend the woman now.

"She went out, I remember now, she went out and when she came back she had a wig on and well er... it was her, she hurt Matt, she did it Dad." Alex then states as he looks at his mum and couldn't help but be disgusted with her, before realising that she might have done the same thing to him and couldn't stop himself from crying.

"It's okay, I still love you." Peter whispers in his friends ear after he turns him around and cuddles him tightly.

"Gordon you better get her away from me, but don't you dare leave the garden, the police will be here soon and she isn't going anywhere." Sarah then states as she only just manages to keep herself calm, she wanted to kill her, but she couldn't do anything to hurt her son, he needed her and getting herself arrested would be too much for him.

"Fuck you all." Maggie then states and pushes her husband before making a run for it, but just as she thinks she has timed her escape perfectly she feels herself being tackled to the ground.

"Mitch get her." Sarah then quickly calls out, although as he watches the young man move over and hold the woman down, she is stunned to see who had tackled her.

"Carter?" Michelle and Ian call out in a surprised tone, they had wondered where their son was and to see him come out of nowhere and tackle Maggie like that was amazing and they were both proud of him, if not a little confused.

"What happened?" Tobias then asks as he runs out from inside the house to see everyone looking, well he could see almost every emotion in their faces as he looked around, but as soon as he sees his brother crying in his other brothers arms, he runs over. "Matt are you okay?" He then asks as soon as he reaches him and kneels down beside him.

"Okay, well er... look, Michelle, Ian take all the other boys inside, Erica come and check Matt." Mike then states as he tries to take control of the situation, there were too many of them in one place and he knew he needed to try and get everyone separated. "Gordon, Jim help Mitch and make sure that thing doesn't get away." He then states as he looks around.

"I'm staying out here Mike and so it Carter." Wesley quickly states in a serious tone, there was no way they weren't going to stay with their friend as far as he was concerned.

"Wesley I need you and Carter to look after Tobias, take him to his room and just make sure he is okay." Sarah then says, she was in totally shock but had managed to snap out of it and was now looking from one son to the other and knew that both were at breaking point and she knew that Carter and Wesley would keep Tobias safe for a little while.

"We will look after him Sarah, I promise." Carter states after coming over, he was a little shaken from tackling the woman and was as shocked as everyone else seemed to be, he had only heard her shout out and then saw her run, but for some reason his instincts told him to stop her.

"We need to be..." Wesley then begins to protest, before feeling his boyfriends hand taking his own and can tell by his eyes that they should do as they were told.

"Mum please don't make me go." Tobias then pleads, he didn't want to go anywhere and he couldn't bare not being there for his brother.

"Tobias, I need you to do this for me please." Sarah then says in a soft and caring tone.

"NO!" Matt then shouts out and everyone quickly turns to look at him in surprise.

"It's okay Sweetheart, she can't hurt you now." Sarah quickly states in a reassuring tone as she turns to him, but can't help but be surprised that he was now sitting up and had stopped crying.

"I..." Matt then starts to say before trailing off for a few moments. "I'm okay, I just need to go to the toilet and er... I just need to er..." He then tries to say before just turning to his boyfriend with a pleading look.

"We will be back in ten minutes Sarah, just well er... let everyone come back out and er... it's really okay." Ben then says in an unsure tone, he was as surprised by his boyfriend as everyone else appeared to be, but he had a gut feeling that his boyfriend was going to be okay.

"Ben, he isn't in any..." Sarah begins to respond before being cut off by the boy.

"Sarah trust him." Ben states as he tries to hide his own uncertainty from her. "Tobias come with us please." He then says after turning to their brother, while he helps his boyfriend to his feet and turns towards the pool house, he had seen everyone else head into the main house and Maggie was still being held down near the back door, so he didn't want his boyfriend to see her.

"Okay." Tobias responds in a sad tone, before noticing his brothers cane on the ground and walks over to pick it up.

"I love you mum." Matt then says as he gives his mum a sad and distraught look, he wanted to be strong, but he needed to get away from everyone for a while.

"I love you too Sweetheart." Sarah responds as she tries to hold herself together, it was times like this when she resented her sons boyfriend a little bit, in her heart she was the one who he should want to be comforted by, but she knew that she was being selfish thinking like that and as much as it hurt, she knew Ben would be able to help him.

"We won't be long." Ben then says before turning and helping his boyfriend towards their pool house, he hadn't wanted to go there, especially with their brother, but it was still the only choice he had that would help his boyfriend.

"Sarah he will be okay, he had that look in his eyes." Mike then says as he stands near her, he wanted to hold her, but he wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not.

"That look?" Sarah asks in a strained tone, she could feel herself starting to fall apart, but when she suddenly feels herself being cuddled and sees Mike was still a couple of feet away, she looks down in surprise to see both Carter and Wesley holding her and just smiles.

"The look he got when he showed us all his scars, he has the same look in his eyes every time he fights to get over or past something and he had it just now Sarah." Mike explains as he smiles at their sons friends comforting her, he still wanted to do it himself, but there was already too much going on and he knew that it could stir up feelings that neither wanted to deal with right now.

"He's so strong and brave Mike." Sarah then says as she drops to her knees and begins to cry, but when the boys quickly reattached themselves to her she felt herself relax a little and jut let it all out.

"Should we go home?" Patrick asks in a confused tone, he knew that they weren't welcome here anyway, well at least by Matt and he thought that would be even worse now.

"We should go." Barry then says as he thinks about the fact their friend would definitely want them gone now.

"Boys, no one is going home just yet, we will give them as much time as possible and then we will all see what is happening." Ian states as he gives the boys a quick look, before looking at his wife and could see that she was wondering where their son was as well.

"But he hates us anyway, we should just go." Barry then states as he looks around the room.

"Yeah and just walking away is going to help him get over that hate Barry, for once try to be their for him for a change." Jordan then states in an unimpressed tone, he could see why they would both want to go, but he knew that if they left right now, then they would have no chance of ever making it up to their friend.

"Fuck off Jordan..." Barry begins to retort before being cut off.

"Boys be quiet right now." Michelle quickly states, she could see this getting out of hand and knew that everyone was on edge. "No one is going home, so take a seat and wait, if you want anything to eat or drink just let me know and I will go get you something from the kitchen okay." She then adds in a firm tone and was pleased to see the boys nodding.

"Is he okay Peter?" Erica then asks as she looks at the other two boys in concern, she had no idea how this must be for Alex and could tell that he wasn't doing very well.

"I'm going to take him upstairs okay." Peter responds with a worried expression, his friend was just starting to act like himself again and now he could tell that he was anything but okay now.

"Use Tobias's room and call down if you need anything okay." Erica then says in a soft tone, she could see that Alex was only just holding himself together and as much as she wanted to comfort him, it was obvious that Peter knew what he was doing and decided to let him help his friend and just gave both boys a sympathetic smile as they walked out of the room.

"I can't believe she could do that to Matt." Jordan then states to no one in particular, thanks to Mr Jones he wasn't naïve about people being capable of hurting others, but he couldn't understand why she would do what she did to his friend.

"Boys sit down and if you want to say anything or ask any questions, then you can talk to me and I promise that I will try my best to help." Erica then decides to suggest as she sits down, she knew she wouldn't have many answers, but while they were here, she thought it would be a good idea and the fact none of them was really involved with everything that had happened made it a lot easier to offer to help.

"How could you Maggie?" Gordon asks as he kneels next to his wife and just couldn't believe what she had done, he had a low opinion of her after almost kicking their son out of the house, but this was just too much to process and he just couldn't understand why she would do such a thing.

"I didn't..." Maggie begins to responds before being cut off..

"Don't you dare try to deny it, your own son knows that it was you." Mitch states as he tries to control his anger, he had walked in half way through what had happened, but he heard enough to know that she was guilty and could only hope the police got here before he did something he would regret for the rest of his life.

"Mitch calm down mate." Jim then says in a concerned tone, he could tell that he was getting worked up, but straight away he could tell that his friend didn't appreciate being told to calm down and could only give him a sympathetic look.

"He's a disgusting faggot, they can't be trusted." Maggie responds in a hateful tone, they had no evidence and while she was scared, she also knew that they wouldn't be able to prove anything.

"Oh Maggie." Gordon then says in a sad and almost despondent tone, in the space of a few weeks he had gone from loving and adoring his wife, to hating and detesting her and he still couldn't believe what she had done.

"You two need to hold her down, the police will be here soon and I need to let them in." Mitch then states, although he was only being half honest, he wanted to kill the woman and knew that he needed to get away from her.

"Okay." Gordon responds almost robotically, his whole world was crashing down around him and he couldn't even think about what he and his son were going to do.

"Mitch she won't get away, just go mate." Jim then says as he looks at his friend and again can't help but be concerned, he knew his friend was strong, but he was starting to crack and he wanted to be there for him.

"Dad! I need to go out the front." Mitch then calls out as he looks across to his dad, he knew that Gordon and Jim wouldn't let her go, but it was safer to have as many people as possible watching her and as confused and angry as he was, he was still in enough control to realise that and as he watched his dad walking over, he could see the concern on his face. "Dad I'm fine, I just need to well, I'm fine." He then says after getting to his feet, he was anything but fine, but despite knowing his dad would see through his lie, he knew he wouldn't say anything and just decided to head out to the front without waiting for his dad to say anything.

One Hour Later

"Are you okay Gordon?" Sarah asks in a caring tone, she could easily hate the man for being married to someone who hurt her son, but she knew how he must be feeling and could see that he was struggling.

"How could she do that." Gordon asks in response, he was just feeling confused and shocked by it all.

"I ask myself the same thing about David every day Gordon and it doesn't make any sense, but you have to be strong for Alex now and just concentrate on him." Sarah responds in a sympathetic tone, she really did know how it felt and wanted to try and help him.

"Oh shit, Alex." Gordon then says as he remembers that he has to go to work and that there was no one to look after his son.

"Dad?" Alex then asks in a concerned tone, he had just come back outside with his friend and heard what his dad just said and was worried.

"It's okay Alex." Gordon responds before kneeling in front of his son, if he had any other job in the world, he would call in and stay at him, but he couldn't do that and wasn't sure what he was meant to do.

"You're still going to work aren't you?" Alex then asks as he gives his dad a sad look, seeing his mum being taken away in a police car was bad enough, but knowing why she was being taken was devastating and now his dad was going to leave him as well and it was just too much.

"You know that I have too, but you can come with me, just like you did when you were little." Gordon responds with a reassuring smile, although he could see the hurt on his sons face and knew that he needed more than that from him.

"I don't want..." Alex then begins to say before trailing off and looking to the ground, he knew his dads job was too important for him to not go, but he needed someone to comfort him and being stuck in a hospitals family room was the last place he would get that.

"He can just stay at mine Gordon and I promise he will feel better when we sleep with each other." Peter then states in an enthusiastic tone, without realising what he actually just said and can't help but be confused by the others faces as they look at him.

"Oh my god Peter! You're such an idiot sometimes." Alex then states in an amused tone, he may be having the worst day, well few weeks of his life right now, but his friend somehow always found a way to make him smile and it was one of the many reasons that he loved him.

"Huh? What did I do?" Peter then asks in a confused tone, he really didn't understand why everyone seemed to be grinning, he had only suggested that his friend slept round his house.

"Can I Dad? Please?" Alex then says as he gives his dad a pleading look. "I mean sleep around his Dad, not what he said." He then adds as he sees the amused look on his dads face and knew what he was thinking and despite it being embarrassing, his friends slip up had helped them all forget about the other stuff for a few moments.

"Of course you can, but you two should go in the pool or something for a while." Gordon responds, he was still thinking about his wife and the fall out, but he had to admit that despite his sons friends unintended double entendre, it had lightened the mood and distracted him enough to relax. "Oh and you can tell Peter what he actually said on the way Alex." He then decides to add, he could tell that the boy was oblivious to his own remark and thought it would help his son keep his mind of his mum for a little longer.

"Okay Dad." Alex responds with a small grin, it was really embarrassing knowing his dad knew what his friend had said and meant, but it was still funny. "Come on you idiot." He then says as he looks at his friend, before grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the pool.

"What did I say?" Peter asks in a confused tone as he is pulled along by his friend.

"Sorry about that Sarah." Gordon then says as he looks at her with an apologetic expression.

"Oh please Gordon, that was nothing compared to having to deal with Matt and Ben being around each other, trust me, when Alex gets a boyfriend you will know what I mean." Sarah responds with a knowing smile, it was nice to not think about what had happened today for a few minutes and she wanted to make the most of the distraction.

"I think he already has one." Gordon then states without thinking and quickly blushes a little.

"What, Peter?" Sarah quickly asks in a surprised tone, sure they seemed close, but she had overheard her son and Ben talking and they seemed to think that he was straight.

"Honestly everyone is adamant he is straight Sarah and he might be, but I have seen the way he looks at Alex, more so today than any other time and it's the same way Ben and Matt look at each other and the same with Carter and Wesley." Gordon responds honestly, he had already let it slip, so he decided to just come out and say it, while also using it to keep his mind off his wife for a little bit longer.

"Well I guess that would fit with his little slip up just now." Sarah then states as she remembers the boys words and can't help but grin a little bit and reminded her of all the times her sons and Ben had said something embarrassing without even realising and despite those times being embarrassing, they were also endearing and adorable.

"Either way, I think I will stay out of it." Gordon then says before looking at his watch.

"How long can you stay?" Sarah then asks, she was hoping it wouldn't be too soon and wanted him to check her son over, even if he wasn't a psychologist, he would still be able to check him over.

"I have to get going now Sarah." Gordon responds before looking over to his son. "If for whatever reason he can't go with Peter, can he stay here tonight Sarah?" He then asks, he couldn't see any reason that his son would be able to go with his friend, but he wanted to make sure he would have somewhere to sleep tonight and not have to worry about him being safe all night.

"Of course he can, I will leave you a message to tell you where he is later Gordon." Sarah responds with a reassuring smile, she was a little disappointed that he was going so soon, but she was happy to have Alex stay the night if he needed to and could see straight away how relieved the man was.

"Thank you Sarah." Gordon then says as he gives her an appreciative smile, before walking over to the pool to say goodbye to his son.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Ben asks as he holds his boyfriends hand, they had been in their home for almost an hour and a half and despite his boyfriend looking fine, he wanted to make sure he wasn't just pretending to be okay.

"Stupid question Ben." Matt responds as he gives his boyfriend a half smile, he had cried and was scared out of his mind at first and the fact he wet himself was humiliating, but his boyfriend and brother had been great and he was okay, well enough to not let it affect him like it had done.

"I know, but I..." Ben then begins to say before feeling himself being kissed for a few moments.

"Shut up Ben." Matt then says with a grin, before looking down at their hands and sees the rings and his grin widened. "Amor Vincit Omnia, Ben." He then says as he looks up and stares into his boyfriends sparkling green eyes, it had been a long time since he thought about the rings and it just seemed to be the right thing to say.

"I love you so much Matthew Summers." Ben says in response as he loses himself in his boyfriends beautiful green eyes and felt himself leaning forward.

"I love you too Benjamin Walker." Matt then says before meeting his boyfriend half way and kisses him.

"Er... I love you two as well." Tobias then says in a slightly awkward tone and can't help but blush when his brothers break their kiss and turn to him with grins. "But I don't want to make out with you." He then adds and despite being embarrassed, he manages to grin and could see that they were both trying not to laugh.

"We love you too and don't worry, we will leave the kissing to Carter and Wesley for the next time you're alone with them." Ben then responds with a big grin and was about to giggle at his brothers face, when he felt his boyfriend elbow him in the ribs and knew he might have gone a bit too far.

"We er... hey!" Tobias quickly responds as he blushes, he knew that it was weird that he liked their friends that way despite being straight, but there was just something about being with them like that, that just felt nice and he liked how they made him feel.

"Tobias open the door and let's go, I'm ready." Matt then decides to say after turning to his brother, he could tell that he was embarrassed and despite being curious about it all, this wasn't the time to talk about that.

"Okay." Tobias responds after sighing in relief, he could tell that both his brothers were curious about what he did with their friends and why, but he definitely didn't want to talk about it and quickly moved over to the door and opened it.

"I should be in there with him." Sarah says as she looks over to the pool house and despite knowing that it was selfish, she was his mum and it should be her comforting him.

"I know how you feel Sarah." Mike then says in a sympathetic tone, but he could tell that she wasn't impressed by it. "Sarah I have lost count of the amount of times Ben has gone to Mitch for comfort instead of coming to me and I know how much it hurts." He then adds in a caring tone, he knew she thought he was patronising her and wanted to let her know that he was being serious.

"I'm sorry Mike, I'm just worried about him." Sarah responds with an appreciative smile, she should know that he wouldn't patronise her, but she really wasn't thinking straight right now and just hoped he didn't take offence.

"Dad if you want me to talk with him about it, I don't mind." Mitch then decides to say as he looks over to his dad, he knew his little brother almost always came to him instead of their dad when something was wrong, but he hadn't realised how his dad really felt about that and couldn't help but feel guilty.

"Don't be ridiculous Mitch, he goes to you for a reason and as long as he gets what he needs, then that is all that matters." Mike responds as he looks over to his eldest son, sure he would have preferred to be the one either of his sons came to for help, but he knew that because of his misplaced priorities earlier in both of their lives, that he hadn't been there enough and he was just glad that Mitch was able to do what he couldn't.

"Well to be honest Dad, he goes to Matt more and more these days, so I guess I kind of understand how it must feel for you two." Mitch then says as he gives both his dad and Sarah an understanding look, he was happy his little brother had someone to talk to, but he guessed like them, he found himself missing being the one his little brother came to when he needed comfort.

"I like helping Tobias." Carter then says in a quiet tone, before blushing as he realises that he had said that out loud and could see everyone looking at him in surprise.

"You're such a moron sometimes Beautiful." Wesley then says as he gives his boyfriends hand a little squeeze and tried not to grin when he looked at him curiously.

"You're doing something." Carter then says as he carries on looking at his boyfriend, he couldn't put his finger on it, but his boyfriend had been doing something all day and he was starting to get a little annoyed that he couldn't figure it out.

"You will figure it out eventually Beautiful." Wesley responds with a grin, before turning back to the others, he couldn't wait for his boyfriend to figure out that he had been calling him 'Beautiful' all day and knew that it would be hilarious.

"He's coming out." Erica quickly states as she sees the pool house door opening and the three boys emerging.

"Is he, smiling?" Sarah asks in a surprised tone to no one in particular, she wasn't sure what to expect when he finally did come out, but despite wanting to hope for the best, seeing him smiling was the last thing she really expected.

"He's just incredible." Mitch then states and not for the first time he realises that he had been underestimating just how strong his little brothers boyfriend really was and was just so proud of him.

"You okay?" Ben asks as he feels his boyfriend tense up a little bit, they had just walked out and his boyfriend had stopped almost straight away.

"I don't see everyone." Matt answers in a confused tone, he had wanted to speak with Barry and Patrick, but neither seemed to be outside and he noticed Carter's parents weren't outside either and wondered where they were.

"They could be inside, but come on, we can ask your mum." Ben responds as he pulls his boyfriends hand and smiles when they start moving forward again.

"Tobias can you tell..." Matt begins to say, before trailing off for a few moments as he looks over to the pool. "Peter, Jordan and Alex to come over to the table please." He then says after seeing who was in the pool and smiles as his brother smiles at him, before then running over and diving into the pool.

"He is so weird." Ben then says with a chuckle, it would have been so much easier to just walk around the side of the pool to their friends instead of diving in.

"Coming from the boy with his hand down the back of my speedos, while our parents are looking at us Ben, maybe he isn't the weird one." Matt responds with a grin as he looks at his boyfriend blush and realised that he probably hadn't even known where his hand was.

"Not my fault you have the perfect bum." Ben then says as he removes his hand and despite trying to brush it off, he can't help but blush a little just as they reach the table.

"Hey Mum." Matt says as he gives him mum a shy look, he could see that she was happy to see him, but he also knew that she probably felt a little hurt that he hadn't let her see him in the pool house and felt a little guilty.

"Come here and give me a cuddle Sweetheart." Sarah responds as she stands up and holds her arms out, she could see that he looked guilty and didn't want him to feel bad for not letting her in the pool house earlier.

"Where's everyone else?" Ben then decides to asks, after letting go of his boyfriends hand so that he could cuddle his mum.

"My mum and dad took Patrick and Barry home and Mr Gilmar had to go to work." Carter answers after seeing that the others were too busy looking at Matt and his mum cuddling to answer.

"Oh and Jim has a date tonight, he was going to cancel it and stay, but well we told him to go and well he did." Wesley then says after remembering his brother left as well.

"Ah damn." Ben then says as he thinks about what his boyfriend wanted to tell them.

"What?" Carter quickly asks in a confused tone, he didn't want his friends to go home, but he had to admit that he thought it would be better if they weren't around when Matt came back out, so his friends reaction to them leaving was a little surprising.

"Wait they went home?" Matt then asks in a slightly annoyed tone as he pulls away from his mum.

"They thought you would want them to go." Wesley answers in a slightly hesitant tone, he didn't think their friend looked like he was about to freak out, but they had made that mistake before and couldn't help being a little on edge.

"Fucking hell." Matt then says in a disappointed tone, before jumping as he feels him bum being smacked and quickly turns to his mum in surprise.

"Language Matthew, I don't care what has happened, I don't want to hear you swearing." Sarah then says in a firm tone, with a look to match it and she could tell that he was sorry straight away.

"Sorry Mum." Matt quickly apologises in a meek tone, it wasn't a hard smack, but it was enough to let him know that she was serious about him swearing and he really didn't like disappointing her like that.

"It's okay Sweetheart, just don't let it happen again." Sarah then says as she gives him a loving smile, she was always nervous about disciplining him after what he had been through, but she knew that as long as she was careful and explained why, then he seemed to understood and accepted it.

"I won't Mum, but I really wanted to tell them that I was sorry and now they are gone." Matt then says as he gives her a sad look, he still didn't want to be their friend again, well not for a long time, but he had wanted to tell them that he was sorry for ignoring them like he had been doing all afternoon.

"We here." Tobias then says after walking over from the pool with the others behind him. "Hey Mum." He then says before quickly walking over to her and giving her a loving cuddle.

"How are you Honey?" Sarah asks as she rubs his back and despite the fact he was soaking wet, she always enjoyed cuddling with both her sons.

"I'm okay Mum, but Matt needs to talk okay." Tobias responds as he pulls away from her and smiles, before feeling himself being turned around and pulled back by his mum and smiles even more when she wraps her arms around him and relaxed as he enjoyed feeling loved.

"Where are you going Alex?" Mike then asks as he notices the boy starting to edge away, he had talked with Sarah earlier about what Gordon had said and they both knew that they needed to keep an eye on him.

"He hates me, I need to go." Alex responds in a sad tone, but as he tries to turn away, he feels his arm being held tightly. "Peter let me go, please." He then pleads as he looks at his friend.

"He doesn't hate you Alex." Peter quickly responds before turning to their friend. "You don't hate him right?" He then asks in a quiet tone, as he realises that their friend might hate him.

"Such an idiot" Alex then says as he shakes his head, although he suddenly realises that he was still standing there and again tries to move to leave.

"Alex please don't go." Matt quickly states as he limps closer to his friend, although he had noticed Mike and Mitch starting to get up and couldn't help but wonder what they were going to do.

"You're just going to shout at me, just let me go home." Alex responds before feeling his other arm being grabbed and is surprised to see it was Matt holding him.

"You're a good friend Alex and I want you to stay." Matt states with a smile as he holds his friends arm, although he could see the confusion on his face and wondered what he could say to convince him.

"But my mum hurt you and you almost died, she's a monster and I'm her son, so you have to hate me." Alex responds as he feels fresh tears running down his face and despite wanting to leave, he appreciates Peter moving to his side and cuddling him again.

"Just because your mum is a monster, it doesn't make you one Alex." Matt states in a serious tone, but he can see his friend still wasn't convinced and decided to carry on before he could try and deny it. "And before you say it, look at my dad Alex, he was evil and I hate him, but I'm not evil and I'm his son." He says before giving his boyfriends hand a squeeze, after feeling him taking his hand in his own.

"But..." Alex then begins to say before being cut off.

"You believed me Alex, it was your mum and you believed me, not her, so stop trying to leave and sit down or something before I handcuff you to Peter and lock you in the closet together." Matt then says with a big grin and despite being serious about what his friend did, he couldn't resist trying to lighten the mood, he had cried so much in the pool house and he didn't want to do it again now.

"Aren't threats meant to be something that he wouldn't want to happen?" Wesley quickly decides to ask with a grin, he could see straight away that his friend wanted to lighten the mood and was more than happy to try and help him out.

"Hey!" Alex quickly protests, but as he feels his friends hand rubbing his bum, he just as quickly starts to blush as he realises that he really wouldn't mind being handcuffed to him like that, although he quickly starts to get confused about his friend again, he knew he wasn't just imagining it because his friend had noticed earlier and he wished he could read his mind or something, because it was just too confusing to work out by himself.

"Okay boys, sit down and have a drink or something to eat." Mike then states after deciding that the boys conversation was getting a little inappropriate and wanted to give Sarah a chance to say something after noticing her looking a little confused.

"Are you okay Mum?" Matt then asks after everyone does as they are told and sits down, he could see that she was thinking about something and thought he knew what it was, but wasn't sure enough to say it out loud.

"Of course Sweetheart." Sarah responds in an unconvincing tone and can see straight away that no one was buying her attempt to pretend she was fine. "Why are you so happy Sweetheart?" She then asks, after deciding to just come out with it and could sense everyone staring at her in both shock and surprise.

"What?" Matt responds in a confused tone, he wasn't expecting that at all and was way off what he thought she was upset about and was just gratefully that he had chosen to sit on his boyfriends lap, because the feeling of his arms around him helped him relax a little, despite being worried about his mums question.

"You were..." Sarah begins to try and explain before trailing off, she could see the confused look on his face and she knew that she was probably upsetting him.

"Matt. I think she means that you were so frightened and upset earlier, but you seem fine now and well you look happy, so it's a little surprising for us all." Mike then decides to say, he could see that Sarah was regretting saying anything, but he knew it was too late to take it back and decided to explain what she meant and was happy to see her give him an appreciative smile.

"He's not fine, but he is done letting things ruin his life and just wants to enjoy himself Dad." Ben quickly says after feeling his boyfriend squeezing his hands and knew that he needed help explaining how he felt, they had talked a lot in their house and he knew his boyfriend found it hard to talk about his feelings in front of everyone sometimes.

"Yeah Mum, he is still scared and stuff, but he is the best and he isn't going to let them win." Tobias then says in a proud tone, he knew he didn't need to say anything, but he wanted to and he could see that his brother appreciated it.

"Oh Sweetheart, come here please." Sarah then says as she looks at her son and just wanted to cuddle him for being so brave, while also wanting to make up for upsetting him and questioning his feelings.

"Sorry for swearing earlier Mum." Matt whispers in her ear after getting off his boyfriend and limping over and cuddling her, he wanted to say so much more, but he was struggling to stop himself crying and just said the first thing that came in his head.

"I know you're Sweetheart." Sarah whispers in response before looking over to everyone else and seeing the happy looks on their faces.

"Well I don't know about anyone else, but I wouldn't mind hearing someone sing right about now, any volunteers?" Mitch then states with a grin after deciding to be a bit cheeky and seeing if he could get Matt or even his little brother to sing for them.

"I vote for Matt." Carter quickly states in an enthusiastic tone, he had thought his birthday was over and that everyone would be going home by now, but he could tell that everyone was willing to carry on and he was even happier that he would be getting one of his birthday wishes to come true if his friend did sing.

"I vote for him as well." Wesley then states and although he was actually going to say Ben, just to be different, but he could feel his boyfriends excitement as he bounced on his lap a little bit and knew Matt singing would make him happy and making him happy was all he wanted to do today and for the rest of their lives.

"Me and Alex vote for him as well." Peter then says and smiles as he feels his friend rubbing his hip and knew that he was grateful for answering for him.

"Okay, okay I get it and okay I will sing, but I need to talk to Alex and my Mum alone in the house first." Matt then says as he realises what is happening and just decides to accept the fact he is going to be singing and also to get his mum and friend alone to talk to them about something he had asked his boyfriend and brother about earlier in the pool house and wanted to get it out of the way now.

"Yes!" Carter quickly calls out before blushing. "Sorry, it's just I wanted him to sing something to Wesley for me and well I'm er... you know." He then says after everyone gives him an odd look and is grateful when his boyfriends arms tighten around him and just enjoyed feeling so safe and loved in them.

"You're freaking adorable Beautiful." Wesley then whispers in his boyfriends ear and pulls him a little tighter to his body, he loved when his boyfriend got embarrassed and then tries to explain himself, because he always messed it up and it was funny to watch.

"Stop poking me, that can wait until we get to mine later." Carter responds quietly after feeling his boyfriends boner starting to poke into the back of his speedos.

"Not my fault I have the hottest and cutest boyfriend in the universe Beautiful." Wesley whispers in response as he enjoys the closeness of his boyfriends body, while also knowing that his boyfriend still thought they were going home after the party and couldn't wait to see his face later.

"You want me to leave?" Alex then asks in a meek tone, he was just a wreck right now and if it wasn't for Peter giving him so much affection, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold himself together, but his friend wanting to talk to him alone scared him a little bit and he couldn't help thinking the worst.

"No way, but well it's no one else's business Alex, just come with me and Mum come on please." Matt responds as he looks at his friend and then his mum.

"Want me to come with you?" Ben then asks, he knew his boyfriend wanted to do it alone, but he wanted to offer one last time.

"I will be okay, love you though." Matt responds with an appreciative smile, before leaning in a little closer. "Make sure they don't pick stupid songs, I don't mind singing, but I'm not in the mood for those kind." He then whispers before leaning back.

"Love you to Matt." Ben responds with an understanding smile and knew his boyfriend wouldn't ask him to do that unless he really meant it.

"We won't be long guys, so think of some songs that you want and I will pick a couple from those." Matt then says as he turns to his friends and the remaining adults, before noticing his friend looking at him. "Carter, I will sing whatever song you want, I just meant for the other ones I will pick." He then says with a smile, which widens when he sees the relieved look on his friends face and knew that it must be a special song to him.

"Don't worry, just hurry back Matt." Ben then says and gives his boyfriend a quick kiss, before watching him limp with his cane to the house with his mum and their friend.

"If you want me to..." Alex begins to say as soon as they walk into his friends living room, but is quickly cut off by his friend.

"For the last time Alex, I don't hate you and we're still friends, so shut up and sit down." Matt states with a friendly smile as he limps over to the arm chair and sits himself down, before watching his friend and mum doing the same on the sofa.

"Sweetheart, is everything okay?" Sarah then asks, she had been watching him closely and while he seemed okay, there was definitely something bothering him and it worried her.

"Not really." Matt begins to answer, but pauses when he sees the concern on his mums face and knew he needed to be more careful with his words. "Mum come on, I'm fine, well okay you know I'm struggling after what happened, but I'm not freaking out and well it's okay." He then adds in as reassuring tone as he could manage, he knew he would be crying in his boyfriends arms when they went to bed later, but for now he was okay and wanted to have a good time for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

"Okay Sweetheart, but I want you to come and talk to me if you're feeling down okay." Sarah responds as she gives him a loving smile, although she again felt a little hurt and frustrated that she couldn't comfort him now and knew that he had sat on the arm chair for a reason and just felt like she was useless.

"So er... why are we in here like this?" Alex then asks in a nervous tone, he knew his friend obviously didn't hate him now, even after what his mum had done to him, but he was still too emotional to think clearly.

"I wanted to er... Mum can Alex have one of our rooms in the house?" Matt asks in a slightly nervous tone as he looks from his friend to his mum and could see the surprise on both of their faces.

"What?" Alex quickly asks, it was the last thing he was expecting and couldn't help but be both surprised and confused.

"He already has his own room, at his own house with his dad Sweetheart." Sarah then states, she wasn't expecting him to ask something like that and her concern for him was beginning to grow.

"I know Mum, but his dad works loads and now that his mum is well you know." Matt begins to say before pausing to give his friend a sympathetic look. "He can't stay home alone, well at night anyway and I want him to have somewhere that he can come and be safe." He then adds as he gives both is friend and mum a smile, he had talked with his boyfriend and brother about this and they were okay with their friend having his own room, it wasn't like he was going to move in and live their all the time, but he wanted him to have somewhere he could go.

"I can sleep at Peter's though." Alex states in response, before wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, he couldn't believe his friend would want to do that for him, especially after his mum had done what she did, it was just amazing and not for the first time recently, he realised how lucky he was that Peter had encouraged him to try and be their friends, otherwise his life would have crumbled around him right now.

"You can't sleep at his all the time Peter, as much as you both would like that." Matt then says with a knowing grin, which widens when he sees his friend blush. "I just want you to have somewhere safe to go and it will be your room Peter, so you can have your own stuff in it and well just use it whenever you can't go to Peter's and your dad is working." He then adds in a sincere tone, he really just wanted to help his friend, who had chosen to believe him over his own mum and he also felt like he now had someone who could understand what it felt like to have a parent who was a monster and while his dad obviously done worse stuff, his friends mum had probably done stuff as well and he wanted to be around him and help him.

"Matt I'm not sure..." Sarah then begins to say, before quickly being interrupted.

"Mum please, he's like me and we have loads of rooms and it won't be like he will er... well he won't be here all the time and please mum." Matt quickly pleads as he gives his mum his best puppy dog eyes, after he quickly realises that he should have asked his mum first, but he didn't think about that before and just had to hope she wouldn't be mad at him and say no to his idea.

"He's like you?" Sarah quickly asks in response, she was both annoyed and frustrated that he hadn't talked to him about this first and it was another reminder that they weren't as close as they once were, but for now she wanted to know what he meant by what he had said and would deal with the other stuff later.

"Yeah, his mum is evil and so is Dad, so it's like me and Alex are the same." Matt answers honestly and although his friend didn't go through what he did, he didn't care about that and still thought that his friend could help him and that he could help him in return in dealing with how it feels to have a parent like that.

"But she never hurt me like your dad hurt you." Alex then says, but quickly blushes when his friend gives him a slightly hurt look and knew that he had messed up a little bit.

"She might have one day." Matt responds in a slightly subdued tone, it wasn't like he hadn't been talking about their parents, but it always hurt when he thought about what his dad actually did to him and knew he needed a few moments to compose himself.

"Boys..." Sarah then begins to say, before trailing off for a few moments as she notices the look on her sons face and just felt so hopeless when he looked like that. "Alex while I wish he had asked me first, I think his idea is very good and we can easily make a room up for you, but only if it's something you want to do and if your dad agrees with it okay." She then says as she turns her attention back to her sons friend and managed a smile as his face lit up a little and while it didn't make up for her sons current expression, it was nice to see that he was feeling better at least.

"It will really be my own room, like mine?" Alex then asks before shaking his head a little as he realised how stupid he just sounded.

"Yeah, so you can like make it look like how you want and don't worry about money, I will pay for the stuff you want." Matt answers and manages to give his friend a genuine smile, although when he sees his mums expression, he knows that he was doing it again and knew that she didn't like him offering to pay for things, especially without talking to her first.

"Nah I will pay for it, but are you sure you want me to come here? I mean would I have my own key to the house or would I have to phone up before coming here?" Alex asks in response, he knew his friend had a lot of money, there were rumours at school about the stuff that happened with Mr Jones and he had asked Ben about it and he had confirmed it, although he did it reluctantly and he didn't want his friend spending that money on him.

"Er... well that's up to Mum really." Matt responds in an unsure tone, he was a little thrown off by his friend refusing his offer to pay for everything, but decided to let it go and not try to get him to change his mind.

"Alex, I would prefer you to call before you stayed the night or the day, but I think we can trust you with a key and that way if you ever just need to get away from something, you can just come here and let yourself in okay." Sarah then says with a sincere smile, while inside she was even happier that at least this time her son had remembered that this was her house and that he needed to let her make the decisions.

"This is so weird." Alex then states as he slumps down in the sofa a little bit, the day had started so well, really well, but then his mum had turned his life upside down, only to now be getting a place to stay when he needed it and he also had Peter, although his friend was sending him some very mixed singles and couldn't help but be bother excited and worried about when they got back to his house tonight.

"It's okay if you don't want to do it Alex, it was only a suggestion." Sarah decides to say as she tries to work out what the boy means, he looked okay, but at the same time she could tell that he was close to being overwhelmed, she had seen the same look on her sons face too many times over the past few months and she hated feeling so helpless to help.

"No it's just er... no I want to and it's really cool, but everything is just so messed up and..." Alex quickly tries to respond before trailing off, he had so many things going through his head and it was getting too much for him to deal with.

"Alex you can talk to us about..." Sarah then begins to say but is surprised to be interrupted by her son.

"Mum it's okay." Matt says as he gives his mum a small smile, before turning to his friend. "Alex go find Peter and have some fun, we can talk about this another day okay." He then suggests as he gives his friend an understanding look, he could tell that he was getting overwhelmed and knew that he needed to just get his mind of everything.

"Okay." Alex responds in an appreciative tone, he should have known his friend would understand and smiled at him. "Are you coming?" He then asks after getting up and walking over to the door.

"No, I just need to talk with Mum and er... tell everyone to not come in please, we will be out soon." Matt responds and smiles as his friend gives him a curious look, before nodding and leaving the room.

"Are you okay Sweetheart?" Sarah then asks, before feeling herself being cuddled and then hearing her son crying his heart out. "Oh Sweetheart, it's going to be okay, I promise." She then says in a soothing tone as she gently rubs his back and lets him get it out of her system, she had felt like he was pulling away from her on an emotional level recently, but she quickly realised that she was being selfish and stupid, as she both felt and heard him crying his heart out.

"I still think you should talk to them about it Mitch." Erica states as they watch everyone else at the table talking and discussing what they wanted Matt to sing, they had moved across to the other side of the pool to make the most of the sunshine and she couldn't help but want to try and get her boyfriend to open up more.

"Erica, I'm handling it and it's not that bad." Mitch responds as he gives his girlfriend a slightly annoyed look, although he was more embarrassed about it that actually being angry at her.

"If it was one of the boys Mitch, you would tell them to talk about it and not try to deal with it alone." Erica retorts as she gives him a sympathetic look, she didn't want to upset or embarrass him, but she knew that he needed to deal with it better than he had been doing.

"I'm not a kid..." Mitch then begins to responds in a low tone, before being cut off.

"Mitch for fuck sake, look what happened to Ben when he tried to hide what he was going through and remember what you told him." Erica quickly snaps, while only just managing to keep her voice low enough for no one else to hear them, she was really worried about him and realised that the nice and soft approach wasn't working.

"This is completely different Erica and you know it." Mitch responds in a less than impressed tone, he didn't want to have this conversation at all, let alone right in the middle of a party and with his whole family only metres away from them.

"Mitch you aren't sleeping and you're making mistakes, so stop pretending everything is okay and start practising what you preach to the boys." Erica retorts in a firm tone as she sits up and looks down at him, she had just found him and he was perfect, but right now he was in trouble and she knew she had to give him some tough love to snap him into gear.

"Mistakes?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he knew that he had been a little distracted and tired recently, but he was surprised by his girlfriends choice of words and knew her well enough to know that she had used that word for a reason.

"Mitch, you're forgetting things and not even noticing other things and don't try to deny it, you're the one who told me about the day you went to the prison with your brother and Matt and the way that you didn't even notice your dads car was gone or that there was a taxi that was waiting outside, despite walking straight past it and you know that those aren't the only things I could bring up as examples." Erica responds as she gives him a worried look, she had been worried about him anyway after noticing a few things recently, but she had just brushed them off as nothing, but when he had slept around hers a week ago and she had woken up to him having some kind of nightmare, he had admitted after a lot of persuading that he had been having the nightmares ever since he was almost killed by David and that it was getting worse.

"They are just dreams Erica and I will be okay." Mitch responds in an unconvincing tone, he knew he was in some sort of denial about it, but he had thought he had beaten the nightmares, ever since Tobias had slept in his room, they had faded away, but ever since he had moved out of that room, they had come back and he just didn't understand why.

"You're not fine Mitch and you need help." Erica states but decides to carry on instead of giving him a chance to say anything. "Mitch you told me that you used to see Doctor Fisher and that you sometimes go and see him every couple of months, what did he say about the nightmares?" She then asks, she knew the dreams had been going on ever since the attack, so she knew that he must have been to see the doctor at some point since and wondered what he made of them.

"I..." Mitch begins to answer, but just trails off when he realises that he was in denial and that he had been trying to pretend everything was okay, when it was obvious that he needed help.

"Oh Mitch." Erica then says in a sympathetic tone, she could see that he had realised what he was doing and quickly moved from her chair to his. "I'm here for you Mitch and you have your family, so please don't try to do this on your own." She then says in a soft tone as she sits on his lap and cuddles him.

"I will tell them tomorrow, I think Matt's been through enough today without me adding to it." Mitch then says as he wraps his arms around his girlfriends waist, he was so glad he had her in his life and although he wasn't looking forward to telling the others about his problem, he knew he had to do it and knew he would be one hell of a hypocrite if he carried on like he was doing.

"Now give me a kiss you dumb ass." Erica then says with a grin, before being kissed and despite still being worried about hi, she knew that she had finally gotten through to him and could relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

"Are you sure were can't have these ones Ben?" Jordan asks as he looks at the list of songs his friend had crossed out, he knew they were a bit corny, but they were fun and he thought they would be funny for a party.

"I told you already, he isn't in the mood for that kind of singing." Ben responds in a slightly harsh tone, he had told them a few times now and was getting a little annoyed at them for not seeming to take him serious.

"Oh come on, once he gets..." Jordan then starts to protest, before being interrupted.

"Jordan, jerk alert, cut it out." Carter states as he gives his ex boyfriend a cheesy grin, he knew that despite being a better person now, that he sometimes reverted back to being a pain in the backside and was always happy to point it out to him.

"Fine, but he could." Jordan begins to say before seeing the look on his ex boyfriends face. "Fine, you win and well sorry." He then says as he looks at both his ex boyfriend and friend apologetically, he knew that he could still be a jerk sometimes and despite being embarrassed when it was pointed out, he was always glad when they did.

"No problem." Carter states before turning to his friend. "Is my song okay Ben?" He then asks in a hopeful tone, he knew he friend had said he would sing whatever he choose, but he wanted to make sure and avoid risking him getting upset.

"Yeah, but do you really want him to sing that in front of all of us?" Ben asks in response, the song was good and he liked it, but he would have thought it would be better for something more private, then in front of them all.

"Why would that matter?" Wesley asks before his boyfriend can speak, he was looking at the song again and while it was kind of soppy and romantic, he didn't see why his friend was suggesting it would be better in private.

"Yeah, we're just going to dance and kiss when he sings it, people do that in front of each other all the time." Carter then says as he looks over to his friend, although when he feels his boyfriend tense up a little, he is a little confused. "What's wrong Wesley?" He quickly asks in a slightly concerned tone.

"Er... you want to dance?" Wesley asks in a nervous tone and quickly worked out why his friend had asked about whether they should do it in private or not.

"Oh this is going to be funny." Jordan then says with a grin, before seeing the look on his ex boyfriends face and quickly blushes and knew that he was doing it again.

"Even if it costs me all my tokens Wesley." Carter then tells his boyfriend as he twists around so that he can see his face and despite seeing how reluctant his boyfriend was, this was his birthday and he wanted to dance with him.

"Okay, but only if we both get dressed into something decent Beautiful." Wesley the states in a slightly reluctant tone, he was okay at dancing, well just about, but he was definitely a little nervous to dance with his boyfriend in front of everyone.

"We only have the clothes we came in though." Carter responds in a slightly disappointed tone, although he can't help but notice a couple of his friends giving him a funny look and wondered what was going on.

"It's okay, I packed a couple of things just in case." Wesley states before giving his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

"So what did Tobias get you anyway Carter?" Ben then decides to ask, he didn't mind listening to them talking, but he was worried about his boyfriend not coming back out yet and wanted to try and distract himself.

"Oh er... well it's amazing and..." Carter begins to answer in a slightly surprised tone, before giving his friend a confused look when he interrupts him.

"No, no tell them Carter, it's for you not them." Tobias quickly states, although as soon as he finishes talking he can see the surprised and confused look on everyone else's faces and actually wondered why he had said it himself, it wasn't anything embarrassing and knew his friend loved it.

"They are going to see it eventually Tobias." Carter then decides to point out, he could see that Ben was going to state the same thing to his brother, but he couldn't help but wonder if this was something to do with what happened earlier and wanted to be the one to ask.

"Oh er... me know er..." Tobias then tries to say, but trails off when he realises that he has just made himself look stupid and gives his friend a pleading look.

"How about this Tobias, I will show them later before I go home, that way it will be better okay." Carter then decides to suggest and could tell that he was right about this not being about his friends present and hoped they could go somewhere and talk alone for a few moments.

"Okay." Tobias responds with an appreciative smile, he knew he needed to get away again for a bit, but at least this time his friend would come with him.

"So have you finally picked some songs?" Mike states as he walks over to the table, he had decided to let the boys decide amongst themselves while he went out to the front garden to make a phone call to the police station, he had remembered about the woman who had visited David earlier in the week and that her name was Maggie and thought they should know, so that they could find out if it was her or just a coincidence.

"Yeah Dad, we got a few, but I don't want anyone hassling him and er... when he wants to stop, well he can stop okay." Ben responds as he looks up to his dad and then to his friends, he knew his boyfriend was putting on a brave face for the sake off their friend for his birthday, so he wanted to do everything he could to make sure he doesn't get overwhelmed and ending up having a freak out.

"Fair enough Ben." Mike states as he gives his youngest son a proud smile, he really did admire how devoted the two boys were to making sure the other was okay, although as he looked around at the other boys, he couldn't help but notice that Tobias was looking upset and remembered what had happened to him earlier. "You okay Tobias?" He then asks and quickly slaps himself mentally for being so tactless and knew that he had just made everyone stare at the already upset looking boy.

"Wesley I will tell you later, but I need to take Tobias somewhere and talk to him okay." Carter quickly whispers to his boyfriend, he could see everyone staring at their friend and just felt so sorry for him.

"Sure, but if it's private you don't have to tell me Beautiful." Wesley whispers back, before leaning back a little and giving his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips, he knew something was going on with their friend and although he was curious, he didn't want to put his boyfriend in a difficult position by asking him about it, they had both talked about the fact they couldn't tell each other everything, well at least when it was about a friend or family member and they both agreed that just because they were boyfriends, it didn't mean they could betray someone else's confidence by giving away something private.

"Hey Tobias, let's go back up to your room, I need to put your present in my bag." Carter states as he looks over to his friend and can't help but give him a sympathetic smile when he sees the surprised but relieved look on his face.

"Er... Matt said to tell everyone not to go inside until he came out." Alex then quickly states in a slightly hesitant tone, he wasn't stupid and could tell that Tobias needed to get away from them all, but he also knew that Matt was probably crying inside the house, he couldn't be one hundred percent sure, but he thought he saw some tears in his friends eyes before he came outside and didn't want anyone seeing him like that.

"It's okay Alex, they won't see us and well even if they do it's okay." Carter responds with a small smile, he knew his friend wasn't trying to be awkward and wanted him to know he knew that.

"Tobias, I will come..." Mike then begins to offer before being cut off by his youngest son.

"Dad let them go and take a look at these songs and see if you like them." Ben quickly states as he sees the look on his brothers face and knew that he didn't want his dad to go with him.

"We will be back out in a little while." Carter then says before getting off his boyfriend and holding out his hand for his friend to take.

"Take your time Beautiful." Wesley responds as he gives his boyfriend a loving smile and can't help but wonder how long it will take his boyfriend to realise what he had been calling him all day.

"We are going for a swim." Peter then states after watching the other two boys walking towards the house, he felt a little awkward during the conversation and decided he wanted to spend a bit of time with his friend in the water.

"We are?" Alex quickly asks in a surprised tone as he feels himself being pulled to his feet, he felt a little out of place at the table and a little embarrassed after speaking up about his friends not going in the house, but he was content just sitting there with his friend holding his hand under the table.

"Have fun." Ben then says as he watches Alex being pulled towards the pool by their friends and despite being worried about both his boyfriend and brother, he couldn't help but smile at how the smaller boy seemed to be taking control in his friends friendship and it reminded him of how Carter was with Jordan and how he is with Wesley.

"Yeah, he reminds me of Carter a little bit as well Ben." Jordan then states as he sees the way his friend was looking at the other two and took a guess at what he was thinking.

"Carter doesn't push me around like that." Wesley then protests, but can't help but blush a little when he hears his friends dad trying to hide a chuckle with a cough.

"Ha, even my dad has noticed Wesley, so just give it up and admit that he has you wrapped around his little finger." Ben then states as he gives his friend an amused grin and can tell that he knew it was true.

"He's worth it." Wesley then says as he decides to admit that while they had an equal relationship, his boyfriend did come across at times as being in charge and it didn't really bother him if he friends thought that, he was just happy to be with the person he loved more than anything in the entire world.

"So anyway, pass me the list and let me have a little look." Mike then states as he decides to change the subject and smiles when he sees the slightly disappointed look on his youngest sons face and knew he probably wanted to do a little more teasing and just gives him a knowing grin as he hands him the piece of paper.

"How are you feeling Sweetheart?" Sarah asks as she feels her son calming down, she was a little hesitant to disturb him as he had obviously needed to get it out of his system, but she had seen her other son and Carter sneak past the door and knew that it was probably best if they went back outside soon. "Just take your time Sweetheart, everything is going to be okay now, I promise." She then adds in a soft and soothing tone after he didn't make any attempt to respond.

"She won't come back will she Mummy?" Matt then asks after a few minutes, he hadn't realised just how much he needed his mum and despite loving his boyfriend with all his heart, he needed his mum to comfort him more than he had been letting her recently.

"She will never hurt you again Sweetheart." Sarah responds in the same soft tone she used before, although she was worried that he was calling her 'Mummy' because she knew that he only called her that when he was genuinely scared.

"Will she go to prison Mummy?" Matt then asks, he was still feeling scared and wanted her to tell him everything was going to be okay.

"I don't know, I think so Sweetheart, but I promise that she can't hurt you again." Sarah responds as she gently rubs his back, as angry as she was and how much she wanted the bitch to rot in prison for the rest of her life, she just wasn't sure what they could charge her with or even if there was any real evidence or enough to get a conviction and she didn't want to lie to him and risk losing his trust.

"I love you Mummy." Matt then says in a sincere tone and although there was a part of him that wished his she would have lied to him, he knew she was treating him like an adult instead of a kid and he appreciated that.

"I love you too Sweetheart." Sarah responds in a sincere tone, before pushing him back a little bit so that she could see his face. "Are you ready to go back out and sing? Or do you want to stay here for a little bit longer?" She then decides to ask, she wasn't actually sure which answer she wanted to hear, but as long as he was safe, she could be happy and just be there for him as much as possible.

"I want to go back outside now Mum." Matt answers with a small smile, he was tempted to stay in his mums arms, but it was his friends birthday and he knew that if he stayed inside, then he would ruin it and he had plenty of time to cry a feel sorry for himself later on.

"Okay then Sweetheart, but we better get your face washed in the kitchen first." Sarah then states as she gets up, while at the same time lifting her son up with her and despite him being a little too big and heavy, she was just glad of the chance to comfort him and decided to carry him to the kitchen.

"I love you Carter." Tobias says after a few minutes, as soon as they had sat down in his room his friend had cuddled him on his bed and he felt so safe and loved.

"Me too and I really do love your present." Carter responds in a sincere tone, after breaking their embrace and looking over to the present.

"What's your middle name Carter?" Tobias then asks after deciding that he wanted to avoid thinking about what had happened to him earlier and he wanted to tell his friend one of his biggest secrets.

"It's Adam, what's yours Tobias?" Carter asks after answering, but as soon as he sees his friend blushing, he can't help but wonder if he was missing something. "What's wrong?" He then asks in a slightly concerned tone, his friend asking about his middle name was a little random, but the way he seemed embarrassed now was a little strange.

"You have to promise to never tell anyone Carter, not even Wesley okay." Tobias states as he looks at his friend with a serious expression, only a few people knew what it was and he didn't want the other kids at school to know what his middle name was, he was already nervous about starting at the new school, if they knew his middle name, then it would be too much for him.

"Tobias you know you can trust me with anything." Carter states in response, before reach over and taking both his friends hands into his own after they had sat up opposite each other, he really valued their growing friendship and he was glad that his friend trusted him enough to let him help him.

"My middle name is Madonna, my mum and dad loved her music and stuff..." Tobias then says before trailing off, although after a few moments he realised that his friend wasn't laughing at him and couldn't help but look up at him in surprise.

"Oh wow!" Carter responds in a stunned tone, he wasn't really sure what to expect his friends middle name would be, he had never given it any thought really, but he could see why his friend seemed so embarrassed and wondered how any parent would give a boy that for a middle name. "Who else knows?" He then asks after he could see that his friend wasn't going to say anything.

"Matt, Ben, Mum, Mike and Mitch." Tobias answers after a few moments, he was actually angry at first that Mitch and Mike knew and despite trusting them, he wanted to be the one to tell someone his middle name, so when he found out about Mitch being his legal guardian if anything happened to his mum, he couldn't help but feel annoyed and embarrassed after realising that his middle name was on the forms they were all looking at.

"You could change your middle name, I'm not sure how, but people change their names sometimes." Carter then decides to suggest, he would change it if it was his middle name, but the look on his friends face at the suggestion confuses him. "What's wrong?" He then quickly asks as his friends face drops.

"Well er... they kind of changed it to Samuel for school and stuff, but my real middle name is Madonna and well it's all I have left of them Carter." Tobias then says after a few moments of silence, maybe if his family were still alive he would change it properly and have it as Samuel officially, but despite hating it, he couldn't change it either and he could feel more tears running down his face.

"Come here." Carter responds as he pulls his friend over and cuddles him. "You can trust Wesley with your real middle name and I promise that we will never make fun of you about it Tobias, we both love you so much and well we think you're special." He then says as he gently rubs his friends back, he really did love his friend and he knew his boyfriend felt the same way about him

"Do you really like my present?" Tobias then decides to asks after a few minutes of enjoying the cuddle, he really loved his friends and while it was a little confusing, he knew that it was different to how he loved his brothers, but he knew it was a good thing and decided to leave it at that.

"I really love it Tobias." Carter responds as he lets his friend go and looks over to the framed picture sitting on his friends bedside table, for him it was just perfect and after he had realised that his friend had made the frame himself and that he had carved Elven words into the frame as well, it just made him smile and then as he looked at the picture his friend had drawn of the three of them together on his bed, he just thought it was perfect, although he had to sigh in relief when he opened the present that they weren't all naked in the picture, his friend was very unpredictable and he wouldn't have put it past him, but his favourite part of the gift was the elastic band in the bottom corner, he knew what that symbolized and he could feel a few tears running down his face.

"I know you like Elves and well yeah, I hoped you would like it." Tobias then states in a shy tone, he could tell that his friend genuinely loved the gift and he was so relieved that he hadn't messed it up.

"Thank you." Carter responds as he gives his friend a quick kiss on the cheek. "Ready to get washed up and then head downstairs now?" He then asks with a sincere smile, he could tell his friend was feeling better, but he wanted to let him decide if he was ready to go back to the others.

"Yeah." Tobias responds with a shy smile, before leaning in and giving his friend a kiss on the cheek and couldn't help but giggle with him as they broke apart and got off his bed.

"Come on then." Carter then says as he holds his hand out and smiles as his friend takes it and they both head towards the bathroom.

One Hour Later

"Are you okay?" Ben asks as he sits opposite his boyfriend, he could tell that he was tired and had already song four songs for everyone, so he wanted to make sure he was okay to sing their friends special song.

"They look really nice." Matt states in response, he knew he was avoiding his boyfriends question, but their two friends had just come back out of the house and they really did look great and couldn't help thinking how happy Carter looked.

"Yeah Wesley has good taste, but don't avoid my questions Matt, how are you doing?" Ben asks again after looking at their friends and was impressed by how good they both looked and could tell everyone else thought the same thing.

"I'm tired Ben, but I want to do this song for Carter and well yeah, I'm just tired, but I'm okay." Matt responds honestly, he was struggling to not only stay awake, but also to hold himself together, but he was determined to do this last song for his friend and knew how much it meant to him. "Can Tobias sleep with us tonight please?" He then decides to ask, he is sure they had already talked about this earlier, but he couldn't be completely sure and wanted to make sure his boyfriend didn't mind.

"You don't need to ask Matt, I know you're struggling and well I'm, I'm just proud of you and I love you so much." Ben responds in a sincere tone, before leaning forward and kissing his boyfriend for a few moments, he knew his boyfriend was only just holding himself together and despite knowing they already talked about their brother sleeping with them tonight, it was obvious his boyfriend forgot and didn't want to make him feel bad by reminding him about it.

"I know, but well er... well can you get me a drink please, I'm really thirsty Ben." Matt then asks after his friend breaks their kiss and despite feeling down, his boyfriend could always make him smile and he just loved him so much.

"Sure." Ben responds with a loving smile, before giving his boyfriend another kiss as he stood up.

"Wow!" Jordan states as he looks over to see his ex boyfriend walking towards them and can't believe how smart and great he looks.

"They look great." Peter then says as he looks between the two approaching them and wished he could look like that when he dressed up.

"Regretting breaking up with him Jordan?" Alex decides to ask in a playful tone, he had to admit he thought their two friends looked sexy as hell in their outfits and quickly blushed a little as he felt himself react to their appearance.

"Honestly, well I kind of miss him, I mean I'm really not gay, but I don't regret being with him like we were and it was fun." Jordan responds honestly and he could tell that he caught his friends off guard by his confession.

"So even though you weren't gay, you still liked er... you know doing er.. gay er... stuff?" Peter then asks in a nervous tone, he was still sure he was straight, but he was confused by how much fun he had with his friend when they messed around and by how good it all felt.

"I knew it! I knew you two were fooling around together." Jordan quickly states in a satisfied tone, he knew he wasn't imagining it and was relieved to see his ex boyfriend and Wesley stop off to talk to the adults and knew that he had a few minutes to get the truth out of his friends.

"Jeez Jordan, want to say that a little louder? I don't think they heard you on the other side of the world." Alex quickly states in a slightly annoyed tone, although he wasn't really annoyed at people finding out, he would love Peter to be his boyfriend, but he knew if his friend thought everyone knew they messed around, then he might get embarrassed and stopped wanting to do it.

"Shit sorry, but I thought Peter was straight." Jordan responds in an apologetic tone, although despite suspecting that his two friends were fooling around, he was still a little confused by Peter.

"I am, but er... it er... I like doing you know those things, like er... sex stuff with him, but it's confusing." Peter responds after looking around to see that no one could overhear them.

"Well I liked doing some things with Carter, but I didn't like everything, I mean the kissing was fun and I liked him er... well I liked him masturbating me and it was kind of cool to do it to him, but well that's about it, I knew I wasn't gay and well we both agreed to just be friends." Jordan decides to say as he thinks about what his friend was asking and could see that he was still confused.

"I like everything." Peter then says in a quiet tone and both Alex and Jordan only just about hear him and give each other a surprised look.

"So you want to keep doing it?" Alex then asks in a nervous tone, he was struggling not to get his hopes up and knows his friend was confused.

"I er... I don't think I'm gay though." Peter responds in a confused tone and Jordan can see Alex's face drop and feels sorry for him.

"Peter you like doing gay stuff, I'm guessing you have done a lot more than I did with Carter and you like doing it, I mean I just told you that I knew I wasn't gay after doing a couple of things, so maybe you're gay, I mean you might not be, but well I don't know, it just sounds to me like you enjoy doing it and well I think you just have to stop over thinking it, just enjoy it and see what happens." Jordan then states, although he was a little confused by his own words and didn't have a clue where he got that from, but he could see that both his friends were thinking about his words.

"Peter..." Alex then begins to say before trailing off for a few moments. "Peter, you know how I feel, but I really like what we do and if it is just a bit of fun for you, then I'm okay with that, I just like being with you and well yeah, I don't mind if it is just a bit of fun." He then says in a sincere tone, which surprises himself as much as he can tell that it had his friend, he was still in love with him and wanted to be his boyfriend, but right now he needed someone close to him and he could handle just having fun with his friend, without it having to mean anything more serious.

"I don't want to hurt you though Alex." Peter then says in a sincere tone, he might be confused by his own feelings, but he knew that his friend was in love with him and that he was vulnerable, so he felt guilty for taking advantage of him, even if it did feel good, he knew it was wrong.

"Guys they are coming over." Jordan then quickly states as he notices everyone walking over towards them. "You should talk about this tonight together, but well for what it's worth, I think you are both happier when you're together and Peter, I think you should listen to your heart and not your head, because I think you're gay and I've well, shit, look just talk to each other when you go home and just well yeah." He then states, although he has to smile as his friends both give him a bemused look and he can't help but blush as he realises how lame he sounded towards the end.

"Everything alright boys?" Mike asks as he reaches the boys and could see them giggling and blushing.

"Yeah Mr Walker." Jordan states in a slightly hesitant tone, he always got the feeling the man didn't like him much, although he had seemed to make an effort to talk to him today, but he was still a little shy around him.

"Jordan, call me Mike please and relax a little bit, I don't bite." Mike then says as he gives the boy a thoughtful look, he hadn't liked him much before, but ever since the whole Mr Jones saga, he had realised how wrong he had been about the boy, but he before today he hadn't really had the chance to get to know the real Jordan, but he could tell that the boy was still unsure about how to act around him and he felt guilty for making him feel that way.

"Sorry." Jordan responds with a half smile and Mike can't help but feel even more guilty and knew that he would have to make a bit more effort in the future to get the boy to relax around him.

"Hey Carter, you look amazing and you as well Wesley." Alex then states as his two friends walk over to them and smiles as they both blush a little, it really surprised him to see Wesley like this, in school he always seemed so composed and tough, so it was nice to see the more relaxed and somewhat shyer side of him.

"This is one of my favourite outfits." Carter states proudly as he gives his boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek, he didn't care if they thought he was being soppy, it was his birthday and he wanted his boyfriend to know how much he loved him.

"Hasn't Matt come back out yet?" Wesley then decides to ask, he was blushing from how everyone was complimenting him and he wanted to change the subject for a little while, he was already feeling nervous about having to dance soon, so he didn't want all the focus on him right now.

"You just talked to him Wesley." Carter quickly points out as he gives his boyfriend a confused and concerned look.

"Oh er... yeah sorry, I'm just nervous." Wesley responds as he blushes and knows everyone is looking at him.

"Give him a break guys." Matt then says, he was quite happy to just stay out of the conversation and enjoy his boyfriends arm around his waist, but he felt bad for his friend and could tell that he was nervous about dancing in front of everyone.

"Yes boys, why don't we all sit down and Wesley and Carter can stand over there, while Matt gets himself ready." Sarah then states as she decides to get everyone a little more relaxed, she couldn't blame Wesley for being nervous and just hoped he would come through for Carter, because it was obvious how much this meant to the tiny boy.

"Yep let's get this show on the road, I got my phone ready to record this." Mitch then states with a grin as he looks at Wesley and despite knowing it was a little mean, he found the boys nervousness amusing.

"You what?" Wesley quickly asks in a surprised tone, he was already nervous and the thought of being recorded was making it even worse.

"Wesley... Wesley please, this is all I want, please." Carter quickly whispers into his boyfriends ear, he could see that he was getting second thoughts and despite being a little disappointed, he wasn't mad and he just hoped his boyfriend loved him enough to dance with him in front of everyone.

"I love you Beautiful." Wesley states in a proud tone, before holding out his hand for him boyfriend to take, he was still a little reluctant, but he had promised to give his boyfriend anything he wanted and he wasn't going to let him down.

"I love you too Wesley." Carter responds with a loving smile as he takes his boyfriends hand and follows him away from everyone else, to where he assumes Sarah and Mike had made a space for them to dance together.

"You ready?" Ben whispers into his boyfriends ear, they had been watching the exchange and were both happy that Wesley hadn't backed out of it, but now he wanted to make sure his boyfriend was feeling up to performing one more time for the night.

"If it wasn't for them, then I wouldn't do it, but I want to see Carter happy Ben and well yeah I'm okay." Matt responds honestly before taking a quick glance at the others and smiles when he sees them all sitting down and getting comfortable. "I'm singing this for you as well Ben, you and me are forever." He then adds after turning back to his boyfriend, before giving him a quick but loving kiss.

"You're just the best and I love you so much Dumb Ass." Ben responds with a big grin, he could tell his boyfriend was tired and struggling a little and knew that he would appreciate him making him smile.

"I love you too Creep, but when I'm done I need you to come and cuddle me straight away okay." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips, before smiling at him, he just loved how his boyfriend knew just what to say to cheer him up.

"I promise." Ben responds with a loving smile, before turning around and heading over to the others so he could watch both his boyfriend singing and his two friends dancing together.

"Are you two ready?" Matt then asks as he looks at his two friends and can't help but give Wesley a sympathetic smile, he could tell that he was nervous and always liked seeing this side to his friend, he was normally so confident and sure of himself, that it really showed him how much he loved Carter and that just made him think about his boyfriend and how happy he makes him and couldn't help but grin to himself.

"Yeah." Carter responds as he gives his friend a big smile, he really wanted this to be magical and even though he knew the others were watching, he just turned and focused on his boyfriend and thought about how lucky he was to have him love him so much.

"This is going to be amazing." Tobias states in a quiet tone as he snuggles up to his mums side.

"It's a shame Michelle and Ian are going to miss this." Sarah then says as she looks at the two boys standing hand in hand and waiting for her son to begin singing.

"I'm recording it and so is Mitch." Mike then states with a happy smile, he had thought about trying to get Sarah to dance with him during the song, but he had quickly understood that this was just for the two boys and he respected that.

"Sshh, he's now starting." Ben then quickly states without taking his eyes off his boyfriend and everyone quickly gets the message and just relax just as Matt begins to sing.

"Every time our eyes meetThis feeling inside me

Is almost more than I can take

Baby when you touch me

I can feel how much you love meAnd it just blows me away

I've never been this close to anyone,Or anythingI can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams."

"Holy crap he is good." Jordan states, he had thought his friend was good before and had song the other songs pretty good, but this was just amazing and he was stunned.

"Yeah he is just like WOW!" Peter states as he can't help but stare in awe of his friends singing ability.

"I don't know how you do what you doI'm so in love with you

It just keeps getting better

I want to spend the rest of my life,with you by my side

Forever and ever

Every little thing that you do,Baby I'm amazed by you.

The smell of your skin,The taste of your kiss,

The way you whisper in the dark.Your hair all around me."

"I love you so much." Carter whispers in his boyfriends ear as they hold each other and sway and turn to their friend singing.

"I love you too Beautiful and I'm yours forever." Wesley whispers in response as he feels a few tears roll down his face, he was nervous about dancing like this in front of people, but as soon as their friend started singing and he held his boyfriend, he had just felt amazing and couldn't think of anywhere else he wanted to be at that moment.

"Baby you surround meTouch every place in my heart

And it feels like the first timeEvery time.

I want to spend the whole nightIn your eyes

I don't know how you do what you doI'm so in love with you

It just keeps getting betterI want to spend the rest of my life,with you by my side."

"I'm yours too and I'm going to prove it when we get back to mine." Carter the states as he let's his boyfriend lead him and while it could hardly be called dancing, this was the most magical and perfect moment in his life and he never wanted it to end.

"Anything you want Beautiful." Wesley responds in a sincere tone, although he couldn't wait to see his boyfriends face when he realised they were not only staying here, but that they would have the pool house to themselves all night, but he didn't want to spoil their moment and quickly lift his boyfriends face as they slowly twirled around and kissed him lovingly on the lips.

"Forever and ever

Every little thing that you do,Baby I'm amazed by you.

I don't know how you do what you doI'm so in love with you."

"This is just perfect." Sarah states in a proud tone as she watches her son sing his heart out and just hoped that he would do something with his gift when he was older, she knew he would never want to be a professional singer, but that didn't mean there weren't alternatives.

"I have the best brother ever!" Tobias then declares proudly, although he couldn't help but sneak looks at his two friends dancing and despite sitting with him mum, he could feel himself react and just hoped no one would notice the little tent in his shorts.

"It just keeps getting betterI want to spend the rest of my life,

with you by my side

Forever and ever

Every little thing that you do,Baby I'm amazed by you."

"You're staying around mine tonight Mitch." Erica states in a whisper, as soon as Matt finishes and smiles when she sees her boyfriend blushing and knew he wasn't expecting that.

"Eww, I don't wanna hear that." Ben then states in a mock disgusted tone, he was about to go over to his boyfriend like he promised, but he couldn't resist embarrassing his older brother and his girlfriend and grinned as he looked at them both.

"Get lost Ben." Mitch responds as he ruffles his little brothers hair and then smiles as he watches him heading over to his boyfriend.

"I should have known one of them would have had to have walked close enough to hear that." Erica then says with a smile and shake of the head, she was sure with everyone clapping that no one could have overheard her, but well she was obviously wrong.

"Don't worry, it's just Ben and trust me, I have overheard a lot worse from him and Matt." Mitch responds before deciding to pull his girlfriend in and kiss her.

"That's just too adorable." Mike then says as he stands next to Sarah and watches the two boys still dancing together and can't help but find it adorable.

"To be young and in love again." Sarah states in a thoughtful tone, she had been watching her son mostly during his performance, but she couldn't stop taking glances at the other two boys and she could tell that they really did love each other and the fact that they seemed unaware that her son had finished singing was just adorable and sweet to watch.

"Should I go with Matt and Ben?" Tobias asks, he could see Carter and Wesley were still dancing and his other three friends seemed to be off to one side talking and he wasn't quite sure what to do, especially after see his two brothers heading towards the pool house on their own.

"Sure Honey." Sarah responds with a loving smile, she was a little worried that her son was heading to the pool house, but figured that he probably just needed a few minutes alone with Ben and didn't think they would mind their brother joining them.

"Actually I would leave them alone until they come back out little guy." Mitch then says as he surprises Sarah and Tobias, who weren't aware that he was right behind them.

"But I want..." Tobias then begins to say before being interrupted.

"They just need a few minutes alone, so how about we go for a swim Tobias." Erica then states, she had actually seen Matt's face and saw that he was crying, so even though they probably wouldn't mind their brother joining them, she felt that it would be better if he didn't and was more than happy to help her boyfriend distract Tobias for a little while.

"Oh, okay, but er... well okay." Tobias responds reluctantly, he knew they were distracting him on purpose and he really wanted to see if his brother was okay, but he understood why they were doing it and didn't want to argue.

"Why don't you see if your other three friends want to play in the pool for a little while Honey, I just need a word with Erica and Mitch and they will join you okay." Sarah then suggests in a soft and caring tone and smiles as her son gives her a quick cuddle.

"Okay Mum, but don't be long." Tobias responds after giving his mum a cuddle, he thinks about giving his uncle a cuddle too, but decides against it and just turns and half runs over to his other friends.

"Is everything okay?" Mitch quickly asks in a concerned tone, after making sure none of the boys were close enough to hear.

"Nothing serious Mitch, but we were wondering about where the boys were all sleeping tonight." Mike then states and can't help but give his eldest son a confused look after seeing how uncomfortable he looked about the question.

"Oh well they are just having a sleepover, so yeah you know." Mitch responds unconvincingly, he had already talked to them about this earlier, but he was just caught off guard and could tell straight away that he had messed up.

"Well good luck Mitch, I'm going to join the boys." Erica then states as she blushes a little, she didn't know exactly what the sleeping arrangements were, but she wasn't naïve and she wanted no part in this conversation and despite being embarrassed, she couldn't resist giving her boyfriend a knowing smirk, before walking away and joining the boys in the pool.

"Okay as far as I know, Carter and Wesley will be in the pool house and Matt, Ben and Tobias will be in the house and I'm pretty sure I heard Matt and Ben talking about having Tobias sleep with them tonight, I think Matt just needs to be around them both after today." Mitch then says in an embarrassed tone, he could have tried to lie, but he just decided to be honest, while also hoping that if he tried to distract them with Matt not coping very well, that they wouldn't ask about Carter and Wesley being alone in the pool house.

"I'm really not sure..." Sarah begins to say after working out what the sleeping arrangements might mean, but is quickly interrupted before she can finish.

"Sarah please, just look at them and Matt and Ben just wanted to give them somewhere, where they could be alone and not have to worry about anyone else, it is all it is and I think they deserve it." Mitch states as he tries his best to convince Sarah that she shouldn't interfere in the boys plans and while he feels bad about basically lying to her about what the boys will be doing, he knew the importance of then night for them both and wanted to try his best to not have their night ruined.

"Sarah I think we should listen to Mitch, he knows the boys and I trust that he knows what he is doing." Mike then decides to say as he gives his son a long look, he wasn't completely sure, but he thought he had an idea of why the two boys would need their own place for the night and while the thought definitely made him feel uncomfortable, he wasn't going to say anything and decided to try and help his eldest son convince Sarah to let it go.

"Okay fine, but well, okay fine but I'm trusting you Mitch." Sarah responds and despite having reservations and certainly didn't want to think too much about the sleeping arrangements, she trusted Mitch's and Mike's opinions and she decided to go with them on this.

"I know and I wouldn't do anything that would put the boys in any kind of danger." Mitch states in a sincere tone and smiles when he she seems to relax and for now, knows he has done enough to convince her not to think about where the boys will be sleeping later.

"How about we have a drink and watch the boys play, while Mitch joins them Sarah." Mike then suggests, he was happy that Sarah had dropped the subject and didn't want to give it any more thought himself.

"What about the two love birds?" Mitch then decides to ask as he looks over to see Carter and Wesley still slow dancing together, well it was sort of like a slow dance anyway, but they looked happy and he wasn't going to mock them.

"I think we should leave them and just let them enjoy their moment together." Sarah responds as she looks over to the two boys and smiles, they really did look adorable and she didn't want to break their moment.

"Sounds good to me, so come on and let's move over to the table." Mike then says as he starts walking towards the table to sit down and have something else to eat, while Sarah joins him and his eldest son walks over to the pool to join the others.

"That was beautiful." Ben says as soon as he and his boyfriend sit down on the sofa, he had never heard the song before and it really was a perfect song for their two friends and also for himself and his boyfriend.

"I meant every word Ben." Matt replies, but Ben can tell that his boyfriend was struggling by the tone of his voice and quickly pulls him on to his chest.

"Sshh Matt, I'm here and if you need to cry, then just do it and you will feel better." Ben then says in a soothing tone as he rubs his boyfriends arm and side.

"I'm fed up with crying Ben, it's not fair and I just want to be happy and it's just not fair." Matt then says in a sad and defeated tone, he knew he was being self pitying, but he was just so tired and couldn't help himself.

"You don't deserve anything that has happened, but with that bitch being arrested, well that's it isn't it? I mean there is no one else who can hurt you now and well you have me and we are forever Matt." Ben decides to say in response in a hopeful and optimistic tone, he just wanted to try and make his boyfriend see that he can move on now and he just hoped he listened.

"I guess so." Matt the says, he wanted to let his boyfriends words cheer him up and despite knowing that he should, he knew there was still something that could hurt him and he knew he would spend the rest of his life worrying about the photo's and videos that Mr Jones took of him and he just couldn't let it go.

"I wish I could find them and destroy them all for you Matt." Ben then says in a sad tone, he knew as soon as he heard the tone of his boyfriends voice after he had tried to help him move on, that there was still something else that would probably have a hold over his boyfriend for the rest of his life and he just felt powerless to help him.

"Me too." Matt responds before snuggling up to his boyfriend a little bit more. "It's just horrible Ben, some pervert, well loads of them are looking at them and it's not fair, it's my body and I should choose who sees it, but Mr Jones took that away from me and it's..." He then starts to explain, before breaking down and crying, he didn't want to cry anymore, but he couldn't help it and just cried even harder for being so weak.

"Sshh, it's okay Matt, just let it out." Ben says in a comforting tone, although he was actually silently crying himself, but he didn't want his boyfriend to know and instead just held him even tighter.

"I never want this to end Beautiful." Wesley decides to say as he carries on slow dancing with his boyfriend, he was aware their friend had stopped singing a while ago, but he didn't care about that and just wanted to hold his boyfriend forever.

"Thank you Wesley." Carter then says as he leans back enough to look up at his boyfriends face and smiles lovingly at him, this was better than he had ever imagined and knew in his heart that they they were soul mates.

"It's okay, I love dancing with you and won't be embarrassed next time." Wesley responds as he looks into his boyfriends eyes and couldn't believe how the sun made his violet eyes even more beautiful.

"You're such an idiot Wesley, I meant for loving me, not for dancing with me." Carter quickly states, before giggling at the look on his boyfriends face and just loved him even more.

"I love when you giggle." Wesley states with a grin, before leaning forward and kissing his boyfriend as they continue to slow dance.

"I want us to be alone now Wesley." Carter then says after almost five more minutes of kissing and slow dancing, he knew his friends might want them to stay, but he wanted his boyfriend and he didn't want to wait any longer to get back to his house.

"Just a few more minutes Beautiful." Wesley responds, he couldn't wait to surprise his boyfriend with the pool house, but he wanted to enjoy just being like this for a few more moments and sighs in content when his boyfriend begins to kiss his neck.

"It looks really nice, Carter is going to be so happy." Matt states in a sincere tone, he had stopped crying almost ten minutes ago, but he didn't want his boyfriend to let him go and now felt a lot better about everything, he still wasn't sure if he would ever get over the fact there were photos and videos of him for perverts to look at, but he was determined to try and find a way to not let it ruin his life and he knew his boyfriend would do his best to help him.

"I can't wait to see their faces tomorrow, I bet they will have like the biggest smiles ever." Ben says in a thoughtful tone as he reluctantly lets his boyfriend go and watches as he stands up from the sofa, he would have been happy to just hold his boyfriend for the rest of the day, but he knew they had to go back outside and if his boyfriend was ready, then he knew they should go now.

"I just hope..." Matt begins to respond before trailing off and Ben can't help but give his boyfriend a concerned look.

"We can stay a little longer if you want." Ben then decides to say, he wasn't sure what was wrong and his boyfriends expression wasn't an upset or scared one.

"It's okay, I was just thinking about something and er... well it's okay, I want to go back out and er... yeah let's go back out now." Matt responds as he gives his boyfriend a slightly embarrassed look, he wasn't sure why he suddenly thought about school and going back, but it had distracted him and he could tell his boyfriend was confused, but he didn't want to talk about it now and just wanted to go back outside.

"Okay, but you can tell me what that was all about later and I want the truth." Ben states as he gives his boyfriend a curious look, before relaxing and smiling, when his boyfriend begins to blush a little more and he knows that it isn't anything bad.

"Okay, but it's, can we just go back outside now please?" Matt then says as he holds out his hand and pulls his boyfriend up to his feet.

"You're getting stronger." Ben states with a small grin after being pulled to his feet, his boyfriend had done it a few times, but this was the first time he noticed that he hadn't grimaced and it made him happy.

"Maybe, but come on, I want to actually say goodbye to people before they leave this time." Matt responds with a shy smile, before leading his boyfriend towards the door, he knew it wasn't much, but he was proud of his boyfriends compliment and it meant a lot to him.

"Okay." Ben responds, he wanted to say more and talk about it, but he got the message that his boyfriend wanted to go back outside loud and clear and that was good enough for him to follow.

"So when are you coming to school Tobias?" Jordan asks after they all stop messing around and swim to the opposite side of the pool to everyone else.

"I don't know." Tobias answers, but straight away sees the confusion on all three of his friends faces and knows that he needed to explain himself a bit better. "Well er... when you guys have er... do you guys call it a new term over here?" He then asks after realising that he didn't really know if the schools in New Zealand were the same as the ones back in England.

"What do you mean the same?" Peter asks just ahead of Alex, who was going to ask the same thing and can't help but look at his best friend with a loving smile.

"It's okay guys, I got this and don't worry about the differences Tobias, Matt adjusted really quickly and there aren't that many differences, it's just a school and well you already have all of us as friends, so you will be okay." Jordan then states with a friendly smile and although he knew his friend wasn't really that worried, he wanted to reassure him anyway and could tell that he appreciated it.

"Oh okay, well I will be there next term and I think Matt might be as well, but it depends on a lot." Tobias then says with a happy smile, he was really looking forward to going to school and the fact he didn't have to worry about making friends just made him even more excited, he just hoped his brother was well enough to return as well.

"Yeah I hope he comes back with you as well, but do you think he is ready?" Jordan then asks, sure they had never been close and despite actually spending time together recently, he wasn't sure if they would be close when his friend returned to school, but he did care about him and he did want him to get better and come back to school with them all.

"Me not er... me er... I'm not sure, I hope he is, but he still needs to get better." Tobias answers with a slightly frustrated tone, he was talking so much better now, but every so often he slipped back to talking like an idiot and he hated it.

"Hey come on Tobias, we have been playing for ages and you're just a little tired, so don't worry about talking like that around us okay." Peter then quickly states as he let's go of his best friends hand and gives him a shy smile, before going over to their friend and cuddles him, they knew he struggled speaking sometimes and knew why, so he wanted to reassure him quickly and let him know that they didn't care.

"And if anyone gives you any shit at school for it, well just let one of us know and we will sort them out Tobias." Alex then states with a serious look, a few months ago he might have been one of those people, but he was determined to be himself now and he wasn't going to let any friend of his be bullied.

"Ha, it's a nice offer Alex, but trust me, Tobias doesn't need help in the bully department and will be surprising a few people who are stupid enough to try something." Matt states after limping over to their friends with his boyfriend, they were going to talk to Carter and Wesley, but to their amusement they were still dancing and the adults seemed to be discussing something important, so he and his boyfriend had decided to join their friends.

"Yeah seriously Alex, he won't need protection." Ben then states as he sits next to the pool with his feet in the water, he and his boyfriend had both changed into shorts and a tank top before coming out and despite neither wanting to swim, they had put their speedos on underneath.

"Oh, hey guys." Jordan states in a surprised tone, none of them had seen or heard them coming and were despite being surprised, they were happy to see Matt smiling.

"No offence or anything, but you're small Tobias and..." Alex begins to say, but is quickly interrupted.

"I wouldn't challenge him Alex, he may be small, but he can fight and well just take my word for it." Matt then quickly says with a small grin towards his brother, as he sits down next to his boyfriend, he knew what Alex was going to say and was half tempted to see if they could get them to have a friendly fight, but thought better of it and really didn't want his friends fighting, even if it was just messing around.

"I don't like fighting, but I won't let someone bully me or my friends." Tobias then states in a shy tone, he was a little rusty, well quite a bit, but he knew he could fight and had heard about Alex being on the boxing team and wasn't that worried about him being much of a threat.

"So have they been like that since we went in the pool house?" Ben then decides to ask as he looks over to their two friends still dancing and wondered if they had really been doing that all this time.

"Yeah, it's really nice." Peter answers with a smile, he thought it was romantic and couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to dance with his best friend.

"It's a little bit weird though." Alex then states and can't help but feel a little defensive when the others all look at him in surprise. "Well it is, I mean there isn't even any music, how can you dance like that with no music?" He then asks and while he was a little embarrassed, he could tell that his friends understood that he wasn't being a prick and relaxed a little bit.

"I guess so, I mean I know Wesley hates dancing and really didn't want to do it, so yeah it's a little weird that they are still dancing.

"Should we tell them to stop?" Jordan then asks, he was happy for his ex boyfriend, but at the same time and like always, he was a little jealous and despite knowing he was straight, he knew that his ex boyfriend would always have a place in his heart and well he was just happy that he was happy.

"In a minute, let's talk about something else first." Matt then states and cant help but grin at the curious looks on his friends faces, although he notices his brother is staring at Carter and Wesley and noticed him blushing a little bit as well, but his boyfriend starts to speak and distracts him from wondering about his brothers reaction.

"So you want to tell them about next term?" Ben asks, they had talked about it in the pool house and knew his boyfriend wanted him to ask this and was so proud of him, he was worried his boyfriend would keep putting off going back to school, but he was now delighted that he was going to go back.

"You're coming back next term?" Peter quickly asks before the others and despite not really knowing his friend back when he last went to school, he was looking forward to him being there soon.

"Yeah, but no interrupting, I want to tell you all how I am and how I'm feeling about it." Matt answers before giving them all a reassuring smile, he then begins to tell them everything and can't help but grin as he feels his boyfriend squeezing his hand.

"So you want to see a psychiatrist again?" Mike asks in a surprised tone as he looks at his eldest son across the table. He knew he was struggling a little recently, but he didn't realise that it was this serious.

"Mitch why didn't you say something sooner?" Sarah quickly asks, she also knew that he was struggling recently and was going to talk to him about it, but with everything else going on, she just kept putting it off and felt guilty.

"They're just nightmares and..." Mitch begins to say, but is quickly interrupted by his girlfriend.

"Mitch stop trying to pretend it's okay, you just told them you're going to see a psychiatrist, so I think you can stop pretending that you're fine now." Erica states in a firm and serious tone, she loved her boyfriend and wanted him to accept that he needed help, because the nightmares he has been having worried her and she didn't get worried easily.

"Is it just nightmares?" Sarah then decides to ask, she wasn't aware of anything like that affecting the young man, but she had noticed that he seemed a lot more forgetful and seemed to not be aware of certain things recently.

"I don't know, I mean I have been missing things, like not noticing something obvious and forgetting some things, but it's not serious." Mitch states but can feel his girlfriend staring at him and sighs. "Okay it's serious, but I meant that it isn't really bad, well not yet, but I will see Wesley's dad and get myself sorted, I just don't want the boys to know and you have to promise not to tell them." He then adds as he looks at his dad and Sarah with a serious expression.

"We promise Mitch." Mike responds after giving Sarah a quick look and could tell that she was as worried as he was.

"Will this affect your job Mitch?" Sarah then asks in a concerned tone, she knew he would be starting soon and wondered if it would cause any issues.

"I'm not crazy Sarah, I'm just having trouble sleeping and it will be fine." Mitch answers in a confident tone, although inside he was a little bit nervous and hadn't even considered whether it would affect his career.

"Do you have to tell them about it though?" Mike then asks, although straight away he could see that their questions where starting to stress his eldest son out and realised that they needed to back off a bit. "Look don't worry about it Mitch, we trust you and I'm proud of you for getting some help and telling us about it." He then states and can see that while his eldest son was still far from being okay, his words had helped him relax.

"Well he had to be persuaded, but he isn't a complete moron and I'm proud of him too." Erica then states in a teasing tone, she didn't want them all to get into it fully now, especially with the boys close by, but it was important in her mind that her boyfriend told his dad and Sarah about this and could tell that he was feeling a little better for getting it off his chest.

"I've done this before guys, so I will be fine, but let's talk about something else please." Mitch then almost pleads, he actually did feel better for telling his dad, but this day wasn't about him and as he looked over to the boys he couldn't help but smile as he saw Carter and Wesley stop dancing and moving apart slightly.

"They won't be mad if we leave now will they?" Carter asks nervously as he and his boyfriend part a little bit, although he makes sure that they are still holding hands, the dance had been everything he had dreamed it would be and more, but now he wanted to get back to his house, he was nervous his friends would think they were being rude.

"We aren't leaving Carter." Wesley responds as he gives his boyfriend a small grin, he knew he was being cryptic and despite being a little nervous about his boyfriends reaction, he was sure he would love the surprise he has for him.

"But you promised Wesley and I want us to be alone." Carter quickly states in a confused and disappointed tone, he could understand not wanting to leave their friends too early, but he really needed to be alone with his boyfriend now and he didn't want to wait.

"We will be, but I kind of have another surprise and well we are staying here tonight." Wesley responds with a nervous smile this time, he was sure his boyfriend would love the pool house surprise, but at the same time he could tell that he was getting a little upset and confused.

"Huh? Why would we stay here? I want to be alone and not well, I don't want a sleepover Wesley." Carter asks in a now totally confused tone, he thought his boyfriend wanted to be alone with him, but now he was talking about a sleepover and he couldn't help but feel a little hurt and annoyed at him.

"Carter I asked Ben and Matt for a favour and for tonight and tomorrow morning, their pool house is ours and no one is going to bother us until we go into the house tomorrow." Wesley states after deciding to just come out with it, he could tell that if he kept being cryptic, his boyfriend would just get upset and it could ruin their day and night.

"Huh?" Carter asks in response, his head was spinning a little and he was feeling a mixture of embarrassment and excitement, if his boyfriend was telling the truth, then they would be able to do anything they wanted and not risk anyone interrupting or hearing them, but on the other hand, his friends and the others would have to know they were up to something and that was really embarrassing to think about.

"Carter I don't want anyone interrupting us, I still have to give you your actual birthday present and well don't worry about anything, everything is ready and well just be happy please." Wesley states in an almost pleading tone, he knew his boyfriend could get upset and embarrassed, but he hoped that he would just focus on the positives and just go with it.

"You already gave me my presents though." Carter then asks in a curious tone, he was still a little embarrassed about having the pool house to themselves for the whole night and knowing his friends will know they were up to something, but he didn't want to ruin his birthday and his boyfriend had obviously put a lot of effort into it all.

"Oh you have no idea Beautiful." Wesley responds with a grin, which widens when he sees his boyfriends eyes narrow a little and knows that he has figured out what he has been calling him recently.

"How long have you been calling me 'Beautiful'?" Carter asks, he was really curious about what his boyfriend was talking about by another present, but he just realised what his boyfriend had just called him and couldn't believe his boyfriend found a pet name that he actually liked.

"Long enough that I know you love it Beautiful." Wesley responds with a grin and although he can see that his boyfriend wants to deny it, the little shy smirk he sees, let's him know that he is right.

"I can't believe you found one." Carter then states before leaning back in and kissing his boyfriend, he hated pet names and thought they were tacky, but he couldn't stop himself loving how he felt when his boyfriend called him 'Beautiful' and just loved his boyfriend even more.

"So are you okay with the pool house thing?" Wesley then asks after his boyfriend breaks their kiss and despite wanting to carry on, he really wanted to know if his boyfriend was really okay with his surprise.

"I just want to be with you." Carter answers and while he knew he didn't exactly answer his boyfriends question, he could tell that it was good enough and can't help but moan as he feels himself being kissed.

"Well they have to come up for air eventually." Matt states in a teasing tone as he limps over to his friends with his boyfriend right next to him.

"I don't know Matt, I mean if you had to die, that's a pretty good way to go." Ben states with a grin as he watches their two friends stop kissing and then pouting as they look at them.

"So you two okay?" Matt then asks after his friends don't say anything and he can't help but feel a little guilty for interrupting them.

"I'm having the best day ever." Carter responds in a gleeful tone as he reaches behind his boyfriend and gently massages his bum.

"What time is it?" Wesley then asks, he was enjoying his bum being massaged, but he was hoping it was late enough for everyone else to leave and for him and his boyfriend to go to the pool house.

"Oh wow, well at least go over and talk to the others for a little while guys, then you can go and be horny perverts until tomorrow." Ben states with a big grin, he couldn't blame his friends for wanting to be alone and couldn't resist teasing them a little bit.

"Well er... we shit." Wesley then states as he realises how rude they were being.

"Relax Wesley, Ben is just being a dumb ass, but you should actually talk to the others, I'm pretty sure Peter and Alex want to leave anyway and Jordan has to be home soon as well." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a gentle elbow in the side, he was tempted to tease them as well, but it was getting a bit late and he knew their friends needed to be alone together.

"Okay, but er... don't er... what did your parents say about us having the pool house?" Carter then asks nervously, he understood that they needed to go and talk to everyone, but he was really nervous about his friends mum and dad knowing what they might be doing later.

"Don't worry about that Carter, seriously they just think you're sleeping over and well er... don't worry, just enjoy yourselves." Ben responds with a reassuring smile, although inside he felt a little jealous of his friends because he knew he and his boyfriend wouldn't be getting any alone time later and despite the reason why, he still couldn't stop himself feeling disappointed.

"Okay, but er... never mind, let's go over to the others and say goodbye." Carter responds with a smile, he really just wanted to get his boyfriend alone, but he wasn't going to be rude and knew he could wait for a little bit longer.

"Well you two can go and do that, me and Ben need to go to the toilet." Matt quickly states with a smile, while ignoring the surprised look his boyfriend gives him, he knew they might not get to be alone until tomorrow, so he wanted to have a few minutes now, even if they couldn't do much in the time.

"Fair enough, but well never mind, don't be too long guys and er... well fuck it, we want to be alone guys, so can you try and help if the others don't get the hint please." Wesley asks in an embarrassed tone, he wanted his boyfriend badly, but just by glancing at his boyfriend, he could tell that he definitely didn't want it to take too long to be alone and couldn't help but blush a little.

"Sure, but come on and get walking." Ben responds, he was still half distracted by his boyfriend saying they were going to the toilet and he knew what that meant, but he still understood that their two friends wanted to get to the pool house and while it was amusing, he couldn't blame them for wanting to be together and knowing what he does, he knew he would be the same.

"Okay, we will follow you." Wesley responds and smiles as his boyfriend holds his hands, before giving him a quick kiss as they follow their friends to the others.

One Hour Later

"Do you think I should have invited Jordan round for a few hours?" Peter asks as he sits on his bed and looks at his friend and can't help but smile a little bit.

"I suppose so, but he had plans anyway, so he would have said no and to be honest Peter, I kind of just want to hang around with you on our own." Alex responds as he looks at his friend and couldn't help but smile at him staring at him and again thought about their friendship and while it was definitely complicated, he was enjoying having his friend open to experimenting with him.

"My parents said they won't be back until around midnight." Peter then says in a slightly mischievous tone and his smile broadens when he sees the confusion on his friends face.

"Why did you bring that up?" Alex can't help but ask in a hopeful tone, he was a little confused by his friend talking about his parents, but he could see that he was up to something and couldn't help but be a little excited.

"Because we can strip wrestle now." Peter responds, before quickly getting up and tackling his friend to the ground, they had played this a few times and he had always lost, so this time he wanted to surprise his friend and had already hidden some duct tape under his bed and next to his bed side table, he just had to hope his friend didn't overpower him as easily as he normally does.

"You little fucker." Alex responds, but despite never losing a game so far he knows he is in trouble this time as his friend is all over him and he knows he has to try and roll over some how.

"Come on Tobias, you have to at least put some underwear on." Matt states in a bemused tone as he and his boyfriend sit on their brothers bed, while he sat on the floor in front of them.

"Why? It's my room and I don't feel like wearing anything." Tobias responds with a grin, he had no intention of staying naked, but it was funny to mess with his brothers and knew that they weren't sure if he was going to stay naked or not.

"Well you aren't sleeping naked with us." Matt states in as serious a tone as he can manage, although he knew his brother wasn't fooled and could see him smirking at him.

"You two can sleep on the floor then, it's my room and my bed." Tobias retorts as his smirk widens and he just loved the banter that they had going on at the moment and just loved his brothers so much.

"We could sleep naked though, I mean I don't mind and well come on let's sleep naked." Ben then decides to say, he had stayed quiet and was just happy to listen to his brother and boyfriend going back and forth, but he actually thought it would be fun for them to all sleep naked.

"Seriously?" Matt quickly asks as he turns to his boyfriend, they always slept naked together, but he wasn't keen on having his brother snuggling up to him naked and wondered if his boyfriend had thought it through.

"Well yeah, I mean you're going in the middle Matt, so it's not like I have to feel his little thing against my butt." Ben responds with a grin and despite never wanting his boyfriend to be naked in bed with anyone else, their brother was different and he knew there was no need to be jealous.

"But I er... can I sleep in the middle please?" Tobias then asks, he wasn't sure why, but he suddenly remembered what happened earlier to him and he really wanted his brothers to comfort him and he knew he would sleep a lot better if they both held him.

"Sure Tobias." Matt answers quickly, he had wanted to sleep in the middle but he could tell his brother wanted and needed it more and was happy to let him. "Shit wait, so we're really going to sleep naked?" He then quickly asks as he realises what they were talking about and despite being a little nervous, he thought it might be fun.

"I'm in if you two are." Ben quickly answers and decides to stand up and slip his briefs off, before sitting down and giving his boyfriend a shy look.

"Me too, but if you two poke me with your willies, I'm going to slap you in the balls." Tobias then states in a serious tone and if it wasn't for the big grin he had plastered across his face, Matt and Ben wouldn't have been able to tell if their brother was kidding or not.

"In all seriousness though Tobias, we are boys and I know Mitch has talked to you about puberty, so you know we're all going to get boners while we sleep and we are probably going to wake up with them, so are you sure you want us to sleep naked?" Matt then decides to ask, he wasn't bothered either way, especially since he wouldn't being able to snuggle up to his boyfriend.

"I know and er... me want to er... I'm okay and I understand." Tobias answers, but can't help but frown at messing his words up, he was almost speaking normally all the time now and it was frustrating him that he was still making the odd slip up.

"Tobias stop getting upset, you're talking so much better now and you will be fine in a couple of days, so quit worrying about it." Matt states as he stands up to take his tighty whiteys off, although he was surprised that his brother still wanted to go through with sleeping naked together, but he wasn't going to bring it up and quickly gives his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek after sitting back down.

"Can we get in bed now and just talk for a while please?" Tobias then asks in a slightly nervous tone, he knew his brothers would be okay and they wouldn't make fun of him, but he wanted to talk about everything that had happened with him meeting girls so far and wanted their advice to finding a nice one who wouldn't try to hurt him or trick him into getting naked.

"Sure, but turn the light off and we can just have your night light on Tobias." Matt answers with a warm and loving smile, although he misses his boyfriends surprised expression.

"Night light?" Ben can't help but ask in a curious tone, he knew their brother had nightmares, but he didn't know that he had a night light and was surprised.

"I'm not a baby." Tobias quickly states in a defensive tone, he was just about to turn the main light off when his brother asked the question and couldn't stop himself feeling embarrassed.

"I know and I'm sorry Tobias, I was just surprised and well is it because of your nightmares?" Ben quickly asks after realising that he had embarrassed him and felt guilty.

"You not make fun?" Tobias asks in a surprised tone, he was sure his brother would mock him and he wasn't sure what to think now.

"Never, you're my brother Tobias and you have been through hell, so if you need a night light to help you sleep for a while, then you shouldn't be embarrassed about it." Ben quickly answers and smiled when he saw his brother relax and he knew that he had said the right thing and was happy to reassure him.

"Me love you Ben." Tobias then says before turning the light off and slowly starts walking back to his bed, he was just so happy that his brother understood and knew he had the best brothers ever.

"If I didn't have Ben, then I would have a night light as well Tobias, I know it's stupid and that we're twelve, but it helps and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, we're the ones who have been through hell and we are just trying to get better." Matt then decides to say, he knew he didn't have to say anything after his boyfriend had quickly reassured their brother, but he wanted his brother to know that he really understood and that he had nothing to be ashamed about.

"I love you too Tobias, now come and get in bed and then you can tell us about what happened to you earlier and we will try to help." Ben then says and smiles when he sees the surprised look on his brothers face and knew that he wasn't expecting him to know what he wanted to talk about.

"Okay, but er... can you both just hold me and er... just let me talk before asking questions please?" Tobias asks in response as he climbs on to his bed and then crawls between them and can't help but smile as they pull the cover over and then snuggle up to him.

"Sure, just start whenever you're ready and take your time okay." Matt responds with a loving smile, before deciding to lean over and kiss his brother on the cheek and watches as his boyfriend does the same.

"Okay." Tobias responds with a blush, he just felt so safe and loved with his brothers and decides to just enjoy being held for a few moments before starting.

"I still can't believe you did all of this." Carter says as he let's his boyfriend carry him from the bathroom to the bedroom, he was just overwhelmed that his boyfriend had actually cooked them something to eat and then the jacuzzi was just amazing and just so romantic and he could only wonder what the bedroom would be like.

"You're worth it and I can't wait to give you your birthday present." Wesley responds with a grin and he can see the surprise on his boyfriends face again and knew that he thought the pool house was the present.

"You mean all of that wasn't my present?" Carter asks in a curious and slightly confused tone, his boyfriend just kept surprising him and every time he thought he was done, he would pull another surprise out of nowhere and he just couldn't believe how lucky he was to have such an amazing boyfriend.

"Nope, your present is more special than any of this and it's something only I can give you." Wesley answers with a smirk and although he wanted to tell his boyfriend what his present was, he wanted to tease him a little, well long enough to put him down on the bed and then put some music on anyway.

"Wesley I love you and you have been amazing all day and well you have made me so happy, but I don't want to play any more games." Carter then says with a loving smile, he didn't want to be rude or ungrateful, but he wanted to get his boyfriend to give him his real present and then hopefully they could have some real fun together.

"Anything for you Beautiful." Wesley responds with a big grin, although he purposely avoids actually telling his boyfriend and instead walks over to the door and shuts it, before turning off the light and finally walks over to their friends Ipod.

"Oh come on Wesley, just tell me please." Carter then quickly pleads, he knew his boyfriend was teasing him and he could tell that he was up to something big, especially when he hears the soft and romantic music playing, but he wanted to have some real fun and just knew if he could get the present out of the way, then they could do that.

"Lay down and spread your arms and legs Carter." Wesley states as he slowly walks over to the bed and despite seeing that his boyfriend was getting a little impatient, he smiles as he does as he is told and couldn't help but admire how beautiful he really was. "Perfect, you have no idea just how sexy you really are Beautiful." He then says as he slowly climbs on the bed between his boyfriends legs and then just as slowly kisses his way up his boyfriends body starting with his feet.

"Oh fuck." Carters moans out and wonders if this was his present, he really had no idea what it could be and wanted to get it out of the way with, but if it was something sexual, then he was going to enjoy every second of it. "Oh fuck, is this is, is this my present Wesley?" He then says after moaning and whimpering as his boyfriend kissed and nibbled his inner thighs, he was already on cloud nine and he knew that it was only going to get better.

"Nope, just enjoy and I will give you your present after." Wesley responds, before taking his boyfriends boner into his mouth and grins around it after hearing his boyfriend moaning and he decided to spend a little longer sucking him before moving down to his balls and again couldn't help but enjoy the sounds his boyfriend was making.

"Oh fuck, I fucking love, oh fuck I love you Wesley." Carter then manages to say as his boyfriend moves further down and to his delight he feels his tongue against his hole and felt like he had died and gone to heaven.

"What the hell?" Alex asks in a surprised tone, he was now shirtless and his jeans were unbuttoned and couldn't believe his friend was actually winning this time and when he was rolled over and felt some thing wrapping around his wrists, he was even more shocked.

"You aren't winning this time Alex and let's see how you being stronger helps you now." Peter responds with a grin, he couldn't believe he had managed to get his friends hands taped up and knew it was more to do with him being surprised then actually overpowering him, but he didn't care, he was going to have some fun and he knew his friend would love it.

"Fucking hell, what is that?" Alex then asks in a defeated tone, he was trying to get his hands free, but whatever his friend had used was too strong and he when he felt it going up his forearms, he knew that his friend wasn't taking any chances in just taping his wrists up and knew he wasn't going to be able to get free.

"Duct tape, you're mine tonight Alex and I'm going to make you cum so many times, you will be begging to suck my dick and more." Peter responds before rolling his friend on to his back again and slowly starts to remove his jeans and couldn't help but smirk at not only the look on his friends face, but the fact he was hard already and knew that he was loving this.

"Peter you aren't..." Alex begins to say, but before he can finish he feels himself being kissed and not for the first time, he found himself half regretting teaching his friend how to kiss so well and was soon moaning.

"Alex we will talk tomorrow about what we are, but for now just enjoy, because well you're tied up and I have plans and you're going to love it." Peter then states after breaking the kiss and despite being tempted to carry on, he wanted his friend naked and quickly got back to pulling his jeans off.

"But, I don't..." Alex then tries to say, but this time his friends finger over his lips stops him.

"Alex don't, tonight I'm going to make you feel good and I promise that we can talk seriously tomorrow, but please just shut up, otherwise I am going to duct tape your mouth and I would rather keep it open for other things." Peter states in what he hoped was a sexy and seductive tone, he had no real idea how to sound like either of those two things, but by the look in his friends eyes, he thought that he must have got it right and couldn't resist kissing him, while at the same time grinding against him.

"Just don't keep me tied up all night Peter, I want to make you feel good too." Alex then states in an almost pleading tone after his friend breaks the kiss, although as he feels his underwear and socks being removed he can't help but blush a little bit at being naked and at his friends mercy, he had always been the dominant one when they had messed around before, so this was a new and exciting feeling.

"We will see." Peter responds teasingly, he was going to untie him, but he wasn't going to let him know that and quickly leaned down to kiss him again before he could say anything else.

"Want to know what your present is now?" Wesley asks as he gives his boyfriend a series of quick pecks on the lips, he had been giving his boyfriend all sorts of pleasure with his mouth and especially his boner, which he was purposely trying to get as wet and slick as possible and he knew that his boyfriend was too distracted to notice the fact he had been lubing and stretching himself out for the past five minutes, which he found to be a little awkward and difficult, but he knew he needed to do it and couldn't wait to give his boyfriend his present.

"Yes please." Carter somehow manages to answers, he was on cloud nine and was gasping because of all the attention his boyfriend had been giving him.

"Carter I love you more than anything and I know I have told you before, but well I mean it and to prove that you're my everything, I'm giving you my virginity and I want you to have it now." Wesley states and he can't help but smile lovingly at his boyfriends reaction and could see his eyes lighting up.

"Your virginity? Oh shit wow er... shit you really mean it?" Carter asks as he props himself up on his elbows and for the first time he sees his body and can see how wet his boner was and then notices the lube on the bed. "Oh fuck, you're serious aren't you?" He then asks as he sees the lube is opened and although his boner was wet, he knew it wasn't the lube and could see his boyfriends fingers were slick and couldn't help but smile as he realised what that meant.

"I'm ready Carter and I mean I'm really ready." Wesley responds with a loving smile and couldn't help but be surprised by how all his nervousness had disappeared and realised that he was truly ready for this and decided to lay down beside his boyfriend. "Carter you know more about this then me, so er... how do you er... you know want me?" He then asks and despite wanting this, he can't help but sound a little nervous again, although it was more to do with not really know how they should do it or if he was meant to be on his back or on his hands and knees and couldn't help but blush a little bit.

"I er... don't you want to pick?" Carter asks in response, he knew how he wanted to have sex with his boyfriend, but he was a little nervous to take the lead and didn't want to disappoint his boyfriend.

"Carter this is your present and I'm giving it to you, so we are doing it however you want, so just tell me what you want and make love to me please." Wesley responds from the heart, he knew that last bit sounded a bit cringe worthy, but right now he wanted to let his boyfriend know exactly how he felt and just how much he loved him.

"I want to see your eyes, so er... if you can lay on your back and er... can er... fuck." Carter begins to say before losing his composure for a few seconds, this was just everything he wanted, well he wanted his boyfriend to take his virginity more, but this was a very close second and he wanted it to be perfect. "Okay just lay on your back and put your legs around my waist, but not too tightly I want to be in control okay." He then decides to say in a more confident tone, he knew his boyfriend was ready and he wanted to let him know what he wanted and couldn't help but smile as he watches his boyfriend doing as he was told.

"Carter I already lubed myself, but er... can you, well you know can you do it again please?" Wesley then asks in a nervous tone, his nerves had disappeared earlier and despite wanting this to happen more than anything, it was still a massive moment in his life and his boyfriends and something that he would never be able to take back.

"Anything for you Wesley." Carter respond before leaning forward and kissing his boyfriend passionately, then after a few moments without breaking the kiss he reaches for the lube and pours some on his fingers, before reaching down and rubbing again his boyfriends hole until his fingers slide in and moans with his boyfriend as he begins to grind against him, which just caused him to kiss him even harder.

"Now Carter, please, now." Wesley then calls out in a pleading tone, his boyfriends fingers felt amazing and despite just asking him to lube him, his boyfriend was rubbing against his prostate and couldn't wait any longer.

"I love you." Carter then says after removing his fingers and breaking the kiss, he was a little nervous and knew that while he wasn't exactly big, it would still hurt his boyfriend a little bit and decided to go as slow and gentle as he could as he leaned into him.

"Oh fuck, I love you too Beautiful, OH FUCK!" Wesley replies just as his boyfriend pushes into him and despite it hurting, he couldn't be happier and knew that he was giving his boyfriend the most special and personal thing that he could ever give him.

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