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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 12

August 2015

"Want to know what your present is now?" Wesley asks as he gives his boyfriend a series of quick pecks on the lips, he had been giving his boyfriend all sorts of pleasure with his mouth and especially his boner, which he was purposely trying to get as wet and slick as possible and he knew that his boyfriend was too distracted to notice the fact he had been lubing and stretching himself out for the past five minutes, which he found to be a little awkward and difficult, but he knew he needed to do it and couldn't wait to give his boyfriend his present.

"Yes please." Carter somehow manages to answers, he was on cloud nine and was gasping because of all the attention his boyfriend had been giving him.

"Carter, I love you more than anything and I know I've told you that before, but well I mean it and to prove that you're my everything, I'm giving you my virginity and I want you to have it now." Wesley states in a sincere tone and he can't help but smile lovingly at his boyfriends reaction after seeing his eyes lighting up.

"Your virginity? Oh shit wow er... shit you really mean it?" Carter asks as he props himself up on his elbows and for the first time he sees his body and can see how wet his boner was and then notices the lube on the bed. "Oh fuck, you're serious aren't you?" He then asks as he sees the lube is opened and although his boner was wet, he knew it wasn't the lube and could see his boyfriends fingers were slick and couldn't help but smile as he realised what that meant.

"I'm ready Carter and I mean, I'm really ready." Wesley responds with a loving smile and couldn't help but be surprised by how all his nervousness had disappeared and realised that he was truly ready for this and decided to lay down beside his boyfriend. "Carter, you know more about this then me, so er... how do you er... you know want me?" He then asks and despite wanting this, he can't help but sound a little nervous again, although it was more to do with not really know how they should do it or if he was meant to be on his back or on his hands and knees and couldn't help but blush a little bit.

"I er... don't you want to pick?" Carter asks in response, he knew how he wanted to have sex with his boyfriend, but he was a little nervous to take the lead and didn't want to disappoint his boyfriend.

"Carter this is your present and I'm giving it to you, so we are doing it however you want, so just tell me what you want and make love to me please." Wesley responds from the heart, he knew that last bit sounded a bit cringe worthy, but right now he wanted to let his boyfriend know exactly how he felt and just how much he loved him.

"I want to see your eyes, so er... if you can lay on your back and er... can er... fuck." Carter begins to say before losing his composure for a few seconds, this was just everything he wanted, well he wanted his boyfriend to take his virginity more, but this was a very close second and he wanted it to be perfect. "Okay just lay on your back and put your legs around my waist, but not too tightly I want to be in control okay." He then decides to say in a more confident tone, he knew his boyfriend was ready and decided to be brave and to let him know what he wanted and couldn't help but smile as he watches his boyfriend doing as he was told.

"Carter, I already lubed myself, but er... can you, well you know er... can you do it again please?" Wesley then asks in a nervous tone, his nerves had disappeared earlier and despite wanting this to happen more than anything, it was still a massive moment in his and his boyfriends life and something that he would never be able to take back, so he wanted it to be as perfect as possible.

"Anything for you Wesley." Carter respond before leaning forward and kissing his boyfriend passionately, then after a few moments without breaking the kiss he reaches for the lube and pours some on his fingers, before reaching down and rubbing against his boyfriends hole until his fingers slide in and moans with his boyfriend as he begins to grind against him, which just causes him to kiss him even harder.

"Now Carter, please, now." Wesley then calls out in a pleading tone, his boyfriends fingers felt amazing and despite just asking him to lube him, his boyfriend was rubbing against his prostate and he just couldn't wait any longer.

"I love you." Carter then says after removing his fingers and breaking the kiss, he was a little nervous and knew that while he wasn't exactly big, it would still hurt his boyfriend a little bit and decided to go as slow and gentle as he could as he leaned into him.

"Oh fuck, I love you too Beautiful, OH FUCK!" Wesley replies just as his boyfriend pushes into him and despite it hurting, he couldn't be happier and knew that he was giving his boyfriend the most special and personal thing that he could ever give him.

"Oh wow! Just wow." Carter states as he feels himself inside his boyfriend and just couldn't put into words how wonderful it felt as he just held himself in place, he wanted to start moving, but he didn't quite know if he should wait or just go for it and after a few moments starts to move.

"Fuck!" Wesley then grunts when he feels his boyfriend move a little bit and while he thought it might hurt, he wasn't quite expecting how it actually felt and he didn't really like it at all so far.

"You okay?" Carter asks in a concerned tone and instinctively leans closer to his boyfriend to cuddle him.

"Oh shit, stop Carter." Wesley quickly calls out, it wasn't the worst pain he had ever felt, but it wasn't nice and it just felt uncomfortable and he wanted his boyfriend to stop moving.

"What? Does it er... should I..." Carter begins to respond in a mixture of concern and disappointment, but trails off as he thinks about their first time ending so quickly.

"Just don't move." Wesley quickly states, but despite how he is feeling, he realises how hurt his boyfriend looked and realised that he needed to say something else. "Carter it's just, Carter just give me time to get used to it, it's not like the plugs or when we fingered each other and..." He then begins to explain, but winces as his boyfriend moves again. "Shit, don't move Carter." He quickly says and although again it wasn't really painful, it just felt weird and he knew he needed to let himself get used to it.

"I'm hurting you." Carter then says in a quiet, but distraught tone, he had imagined this moment so many times, but hurting his boyfriend never even entered his mind and he didn't know what to do.

"You aren't hurting me Carter..." Wesley begins to responds, before pausing for a few seconds as he tries to think of the right words. "Come on Carter, we knew there would be pain, but shit, look just start moving a little, but go in and out, don't move like er... don't go er... like side to side okay." He then adds as he decides that it was going to be uncomfortable whatever they did and he remembered what his brother had said about it taking a little while to enjoy the feeling, so he was just going to deal with any pain and not let it ruin their first time.

"But I don't want to..." Carter begins to say before being interrupted.

"Carter even if you pull out it will hurt a little, so just go slowly and it should feel good okay, just trust me." Wesley states as he gives his boyfriend a loving smile, he knew his boyfriend was beginning to get upset and he wanted him to know it would be okay.

"Okay, I promise Wesley." Carter responds in a nervous tone as he slowly begins to move, although he quickly stops when he sees his boyfriends face.

"Carter, keep moving, it's going to hurt no matter what, all the things we read and even Jim told us that, so just go slowly and then speed up a little after a while." Wesley decides to say as he looks up at his boyfriend, he definitely wasn't comfortable and it did hurt, but it wasn't that bad and knew it would get better.

"Okay." Carter responds as he decides to trust his boyfriend and begins to slowly move in and out of his boyfriend again and despite the nervousness and disappointment he had been feeling, he can't help but forget about that and starts to moan as he feels his boner being squeezed as he pushes in and out of his boyfriend and again couldn't believe how good it felt.

"Okay, okay you win and I promise." Alex states in a pleading tone as he gives into his friends torture, well it wasn't exactly real torture, but he had never been edged before and had no idea where his friend had learned to do it, but he knew that he just couldn't take it any more.

"Ha, this is awesome and you better not be lying." Peter states in a gleeful tone, he had been looking up a few things about masturbating online and edging at caught his attention, but he didn't really have the patience or willpower to ever go through with it all the way on his own, but having his friend tied up, well he just couldn't resist and it was just so awesome.

"I'm not, but you have to untie me now." Alex responds as he stares at his friend, a part of him was desperate to cum, but he needed to get free and then tie his friend up to get revenge first and he couldn't wait to have him begging for mercy.

"You lying prick." Peter then quickly states as he looks into his friends eyes and realises that he was lying and decides to teach his friend a lesson as he reaches down again and lightly runs his finger along his friends twitching boner, he knew how sensitive his friend was now and knew how much it would drive him crazy.

"NO! Please, please Peter, I promise..." Alex quickly pleads as he feels his boner being teased again and realises his friend could tell that he was lying.

"This is going to be so much fun." Peter states as he ignores his friends pleading, he knew that despite how much his friend was protesting, he hadn't used the safe word yet and until he did that, he was going to carry on and couldn't stop himself from giggling at the sounds his friend was making as he lightly stroked him, he was barely making contact with his friends boner and it was making him thrust and twist all over the place.

"Please!" Alex pleads weakly as he feels his body tingle with pleasure and a little pain, this had been going on for what seemed like hours to him and he desperately wanted to use the safe word, but he wasn't going to let his friend win, although as he feels his nipples being sucked and nibbled alternatively, he was starting to weaken and wasn't sure he could resist for much longer.

"I really like this." Tobias says in a contented tone as he feels himself being cuddled either side by his two brothers, he had had a long and emotional day and this is just what he needed to get past it.

"Any time you need this, then just let us know and you can sleep with us okay." Ben decides to offer, he didn't want their brother to be with them all the time, but it was obvious that he needed someone to comfort him sometimes and he wanted him to know that they would always be there for each other and when he sees the proud look on his boyfriends face, he knows that he had said the right thing and smiled back at him.

"We mean it Tobias, we are here for you and all you have to do is talk to us and we will help." Matt then says after deciding to remove any doubt their brother may have about his boyfriends offer.

"I wish girls were as nice as boys." Tobias then decides to say, he was going to thank his brothers for what they said, but he knew that he didn't need to do that and despite it cheering him up, he was still disappointed with his experiences with girls so far and couldn't help but let his frustration show again.

"We just talked about this Tobias and they aren't all like those older girls and Beth and her friends." Matt says as he shifts a little to give his brother a sympathetic smile, he couldn't blame him for feeling this way, but he had thought that they had made him understand that there were nice girls out there.

"Just look at Erica, she is really nice and there are loads of girls like her Tobias." Ben the decides to add, they had already been over this, but it was clear that their brother was still feeling down and like his boyfriend, he was happy to reassure him again.

"Sorry for me being silly." Tobias then says after a few moments of silence, he knew he was being needy, but despite being comforted and loved by everyone, he was still shaken by what had happened earlier and was actually a little scared to go to sleep.

"Tobias can you go to the toilet please, I want to give Ben a goodnight kiss and well something else, but it's er... please?" Matt decides to whisper in his brothers ear and although he was lying about the reason why he wanted his brother to go to the toilet, he knew this was the only way to get him to go and not be embarrassed.

"You aren't being silly either Tobias, we love you and any time you need to talk, just come to one of us or both okay." Ben responds to his brothers statement, although he was curious about what his boyfriend had whispered into their brothers ear and wondered if they would tell him or not.

"I know and er... me want toilet before sleep." Tobias responds as he slowly untangles himself from his brothers with a half smile, he was really nervous about having a nightmare and wetting the bed and his brother had just given him the perfect excuse to use the toilet without having to ask and feel embarrassed.

"Okay and brush your teeth, your breath smells like death." Matt states with a grin, he knew his brother would appreciate the teasing and thought it might help him relax a little more.

"You two smell like poo." Tobias retorts half heartedly as he stops at the door, he would normally giggle and come up with a better comeback, but he wasn't quite in that kind of mood yet, but he still appreciated his brother trying to make him laugh.

"Do you think we should ask Wesley to introduce Tobias to Claire?" Ben asks as soon as their brother walks out of the room and closes the door behind him, he didn't know how long he would be gone and wanted to see if they could help their brother meet a nice girl.

"Maybe, but we can talk about that later Ben, we don't have much time and well I'm really worried about Tobias." Matt responds as he gives his boyfriend a worried look, he knew their brother would be fine, but right now he wasn't do as well as he was trying to pretend he was.

"Me too, but he will be fine after a good sleep and we have all day tomorrow to help him and..." Ben begins to responds as he tries to reassure his boyfriend about reassuring their brother, which makes him smile a little at the irony, before his boyfriend interrupts him and he can't help but be a little surprised.

"Ben, he is scared to go to sleep and although he isn't lying about the stuff he is saying, he is just trying to stall on actually going to sleep." Matt quickly states, he knew his boyfriend hadn't picked up on their brothers behaviour and as much as he agreed with what he was saying, he knew their brother would be back soon and needed to get to the point.

"Why would be be scared to go to sleep?" Ben can't help but ask in a confused tone, it's not like they didn't know he suffered from nightmares and didn't think he would be embarrassed about that, so he was just confused by what his boyfriend was saying.

"Ben when he has nightmares, he near enough always wets the bed remember and with us both sleeping with him, he is scared we will get angry or make fun of him." Matt answers in a sad tone, he just felt so sorry for his brother and knew how he felt, when he had wet the hospital bed with his boyfriend laying next to him, it had been a horrible and embarrassing thing and he had done it a couple of times since they had been home in the pool house and it never got any less embarrassing for him, no matter how much his boyfriend told him that he didn't care.

"We would never make fun of him and he knows that Matt." Ben quickly responds and although he knows his boyfriend wouldn't say it without a reason, he knew their brother would know that they would never react like that if he wet the bed with them in it.

"Ben he is vulnerable and emotional right now, so he isn't exactly thinking rationally at the moment, so if it does happen..." Matt beings to say in a serious but concerned tone, but trails off when he sees the look on his boyfriends face and realises that he didn't need to tell him how to react if their brother did wet himself and blushed. "Sorry, I know you wouldn't make fun of him, but I'm just worried about him Ben and er... sorry, I just..." He then begins to say in a guilty tone, before being interrupted by his boyfriends lips on his own and quickly returns the kiss.

"Wesley, I think..." Carter begins to say before trailing off in a series of moans, he had never felt anything like this and was really loving how good it felt as he was now sliding in and out of his boyfriend faster and faster.

"Just, shit slow, fuck, just slow down a bit Carter." Wesley manages to say in between grunting, he had finally started to enjoy his boyfriend having sex with him, but as his boyfriend increased his pace, it was starting to hurt and feel uncomfortable again and he preferred it a little slower.

"Am I hurting you?" Carter quickly asks in a concerned tone as he stops moving, he was close to cumming, but even though he was enjoying it, he didn't want to carry on if his boyfriend was in pain.

"No, shit..." Wesley tries to responds, but his boyfriend suddenly stopping just felt weird and it was enough for him to stop speaking for a few seconds. "Carter, it's great and I really, really like it, but not when you go too fast, I just don't like that." He then manages to say before letting out a long moan as his boyfriend leans forward and kisses him, the way he leaned forward and slowly pushed into him felt so nice and couldn't help but blush as his boyfriend pulls back a little with a bemused look.

"You like that huh?" Carter asks as he slowly pushes back into his boyfriend in the same way again and can't help but grin at the moan his boyfriend lets out and gets his answer.

"Fuck, I love you so much Beautiful." Wesley then somehow manages to responds in a contented tone, before moaning as his boyfriend slowly moves in and out of him in the same way.

"This is..." Carter then begins to say before tensing up, he didn't orgasm, but he felt something and it was amazing and despite knowing his boyfriend enjoyed the slow and long pace, he couldn't stop himself speeding up, although he made sure he didn't go too fast, his hormones might be taking control, but he wanted his boyfriend to enjoy this as much as he does.

"Oh wow!" Wesley then moans out as he feels his boyfriend slowly picking up the pace and although it was a little uncomfortable, he was surprised by how good it felt and the fact his boyfriend was loving it, just made it even better and quickly pulled his boyfriends head down and kissed him passionately.

The Next Day

"Hey!" Tobias calls out after waking up to feel something nibbling both his ears and while at first he was enjoying the feeling, he quickly remembered where he was and who he was sleeping with. "Hey! Me not, Hey!" He then protests again as he feels two hands sliding down his stomach and rubbing his willy and knew that his brothers had forgotten that they weren't alone.

"Huh?" Matt responds in a confused tone as he stops nibbling his boyfriends ear and wonders why he was talking a little funny. "Oh shit." He then says as he realises that he had been nibbling his brothers ear and not his boyfriends.

"Get off my willy." Tobias then says after his brother doesn't remove his hand, although his other brother hadn't even stopped nibbling his other ear and despite his discomfort, he could feel his willy getting hard.

"Hey Ben! Wake up you dumb ass." Matt then calls out after removing his hand from his brothers now hardening penis and couldn't help feeling embarrassed, especially since his boyfriend was clearly still sleeping and had no idea what he was doing to their brother.

"Stop touching me Ben." Tobias then says again and despite wanting them to stop touching and nibbling him, he felt a little disappointed when he was finally released, he may not be gay, but that didn't mean he didn't enjoy getting touched like that.

"Oh shit." Ben says as he finally comes round and realises he had fondled his brother, they had slept with him a few times, but this was the first time he had forgotten that he and his boyfriend weren't alone.

"Tobias we're so sorry, we didn't mean to." Matt then says in an embarrassed and apologetic tone and although it was a bit funny, it was also embarrassing, he had often woken up with his boyfriend doing that to him or vice versa and for them to both accidentally do it to their brothers just made this even worse.

"You made my willy hard." Tobias states in a frustrated tone, while purposely ignoring his brothers apologies, he wasn't mad at them and knew that they didn't do it on purpose, but it was still weird and now he was feeling horny as well and he wasn't quite sure what to do about it.

"We really are sorry Tobias." Ben then decides to say, he wasn't sure if their brother was actually angry at them and he could tell that his boyfriend wasn't sure either and felt like he needed to apologise again.

"It's okay, but er... are your willies hard as well?" Tobias asks in response as he gives both his brothers a quick shy look, he was really horny now and wanted to play with himself, but he was too embarrassed to do it and even if he went to the toilet, he knew his brothers would know why and was hoping that maybe if he got them to play with themselves as well, it wouldn't be as embarrassing and might actually be fun.

"Not really." Ben responds in a slightly confused tone, he was a little hard, but he wasn't close to getting a full boner and wasn't sure why his brother wanted to know.

"Oh er... well we are brothers Tobias, wouldn't it be a bit weird?" Matt then asks as he thinks he understands what his brother is asking and while he knew he had messed around with Carter and Wesley, he wasn't sure he wanted to masturbate his brother or see his boyfriend doing it to him.

"No, not to each other, me mean er... can we play with our own willies er.. you know with each other?" Tobias quickly asks in response after realising they had misunderstood him, he didn't want to touch his brothers willies or have them touch his, but he thought it would be okay to touch themselves in front of each other and he really enjoyed doing it with Wesley and Carter, so he hoped his brothers wouldn't think he was being weird.

"Oh right, well I don't mind." Matt responds after a few moments and a quick glance at his boyfriend, it was a little weird as it was his brother, even if they weren't actually brothers by blood, he still couldn't see him as anything other than his brother now.

"Me neither, but if it does end up being weird, then we won't do it again okay Tobias." Ben then decides to say, they had seen each other masturbate at the sleepover, so it wasn't anything they hadn't seen before, but he knew this was a little different and while he was willing to see how it went, he wasn't sure if he wanted to make a habit out of it.

"Okay, but er... you two need to get hard willies first." Tobias responds before pulling his bed sheet off and can't help but grin at the surprise on both his brothers faces and knew they weren't expecting him to do that.

"Fine, but don't tell anyone what we are doing Tobias and I mean it." Matt then says as he looks his brother in the eyes. "Especially Carter and Wesley, I know you three are close and do stuff, but you better not tell them about this and I mean it Tobias." He then adds as he sees his brother was about to say something and took a chance on what he was going to say.

"Okay, but you need to get willy hard, me not waiting any more." Tobias responds with a slight blush, before looking down at himself and begins to slowly rub himself, while Matt looks over to his boyfriend and shrugs, before slowly stroking himself, while his boyfriend does the same.

"Wesley?" Carter calls out in a slightly sleepy tone, he was expecting to wake up in his boyfriends arms and couldn't help but be a little surprised that he wasn't even in the room. "Wesley, where are you?" He then calls out again, although as he sat up he could see that the bedroom door was open and suddenly smelled something that made him smile and relaxes back against the headboard.

"Just give me a few minutes Beautiful." Wesley responds with a grin, he felt a little annoyed that he hadn't finished before his boyfriend woke up, he really wanted to be with him when he did, but he wanted to make him breakfast in bed and couldn't wait to see his face.

"Okay." Carter calls back, before looking down at himself after pulling the sheet off and couldn't help but smile as he remembered the night before, he just couldn't believe he had had sex with his boyfriend and not just once either, although he can see that his penis was a little red, but it wasn't hurting and again just couldn't help but smile in content.

"Can't believe you woke up before I got back." Wesley says as he appears a couple of minutes later, he knew it wasn't a big deal, but he really wanted to be there when his boyfriend woke up, although the look on his face right now more than made up for it and he could see how happy he was.

"Are you okay?" Carter quickly asks in a concerned tone, he was initially happy to see his boyfriend and especially when he sees him holding a tray with their breakfast on it, but as soon as his boyfriend starting moving towards the bed, he could see that he wasn't walking quite right and was worried that he had hurt him last night.

"You try walking straight after having a massive boner up your backside Carter." Wesley responds casually with a smirk and despite being a bit sore, he wasn't hurt and he was delighted to see that his response had relaxed his boyfriend.

"Three and a half inches isn't massive Wesley." Carter states with a shy smile, he was still a little concerned about his boyfriend, but if he said he was okay, then he was going to trust him and was more than happy to have a little banter with him instead.

"Ha, three and a half inches my arse Carter." Wesley then decides to say in a teasing tone, while he careful sits down next to his boyfriend and rests the tray over their touching legs.

"Last night, it was up your arse." Carter retorts with a big grin and couldn't help but blush a little at the look his boyfriend gives him and despite joking around, he could tell that his boyfriend didn't regret what they did and despite the tray balancing on their legs, he manages to lean over and kiss him for a few seconds.

"We could do it again if you want, I mean if you aren't too sore." Wesley then suggests in a shy tone, he found his boyfriends retort funny, but he had really enjoyed having sex, well more so after the first time, which was a little hit and miss, but he definitely enjoyed himself and was hoping that his boyfriends penis wasn't hurt after noticing that it was a little red when he had walked over to the bed.

"If I'm too sore? What about you?" Carter responds in a surprised tone, he definitely wanted to have sex again, but despite his boyfriend brushing it off earlier, he knew he was definitely sore as well.

"Trust me Carter, if I was in pain I wouldn't offer, now let's eat and then we can have some more fun okay." Wesley states with a small grin, he was actually very hungry, but he wanted to make sure his boyfriend knew that he was serious about having sex again.

"Okay, but I need to go to the toilet before we start." Carter responds with a grin of his own, before looking down at the breakfast his boyfriend made him and just couldn't be happier with his life more than he was right now.

"No problem Beautiful." Wesley responds before giving his boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek and smiles as he picks up his fork and begins to eat his breakfast after waiting for his boyfriend to start first.

"Hey Sleepyhead." Alex says in a soft tone as he gently plays with his friends nipples, he had been waiting for him to wake up for ages now and was getting a little impatient. "Come on Peter, wake up already." He then says before blowing into his friends ear and smiles when he sees his eyes start to open.

"Mmmm, Mmmm!" Peter mumbles as he wakes up and sees his friend grinning down at him and quickly realises that he is tied to his own bed and can't help but wonder what is going on.

"Come on Peter, did you really think I wasn't going to get you back for last night." Alex then states with a big grin as he continues to play with his friends nipples, he knew he couldn't do much with his friends parents in the house, but after his friend had tied him up and edged and teased him for hours the previous night, he was going to get a little payback.

"Mmmm!" Peter protests, but gives up after realising that anything he said was just coming out as mumbles and knew he was going to regret what he had done to his friend last night and just hoped he went easy on him.

"Look, sorry about the gag Peter, but your parents are asleep and well I want to get even, but this is just a bit of fun okay and well I just don't want to risk waking them up okay." Alex then decides to tell his friend, he definitely wanted payback and was going to enjoy it, but at the same time even though his friend went a little too far, he had enjoyed it and when his friend finally let him orgasm, well that was the best feeling he has ever experienced and while he didn't have time to put his friend through the same thing, he was going to have some fun with him.

"Mmmm, Mmmm?" Peter tries to ask, but again it only comes out as mumbles and knows that while his friends words were reassuring, he was still going to be at his friends mercy and again tests how well his friend had tied him up and sighs in frustration when he realises that he had not chance of getting out of this until his friend let him go.

"Oh and just so you know, I'm not going to edge you like you did to me last night, we don't have time for that okay." Alex then says as he continues to play with one of his friends nipples with one hand, while he uses his other hand to start playing with his friends penis, which quickly hardens in his hand and can't help but smile at the sounds his friend makes.

"MMMM!" Peter tries to protest as he feels himself being stroked, not that he hated it or anything, but his friend just said he wasn't going to edge him and was confused by what was happening.

"Well you aren't the only one who looked up stuff online and the fact you found out about edging, means that you probably know what milking is as well right?" Alex then asks with a grin and can't help but smirk as his friends eyes widen and got his answer, although he had no intention of actually doing that to his friend, he was only going to give him two orgasms, but he didn't have to let him know that. "Seriously, after last night Peter?" He then asks in an amused tone as he hears his friend trying to plead to be let go and although he was actually tempted, he wanted to have some fun first and decided to increase his stroking, while at the same time leaning down and nibbling one of his friends nipples, while rubbing the other with his other hand.

"Everything okay boys?" Sarah asks in a curious tone as she walks over to the table with their breakfast and couldn't help but notice how her son was resting his head on his boyfriends shoulder.

"Yeah Mum." Matt replies in a contented tone, he was just so happy and despite his worries about things being weird with their brother, he was happy that he was wrong and although he doubted they would ever do it again, he didn't feel any regret and knew his boyfriend felt the same way.

"Yeah, we're okay Sarah and well how about you?" Ben then asks as he gives his boyfriends mum a warm and happy smile.

"I'm fine Ben and thank you for asking." Sarah responds with a smile and thought it was sweet that he was so polite.

"Is your brother awake yet?" Mike then decides to ask, he was curious that Tobias hadn't come down with the other two and wondered where he was.

"He is in the shower Dad." Ben answers after a few moments, he was trying to let his boyfriend answer, but he realised that he wasn't in a talking mood at the moment and answered before either Sarah or his dad started to worry about him.

"I will call up to him, I don't want his breakfast to get cold." Sarah then says as she walks towards the door.

"He won't be long Sarah." Ben then decides to say, he knew there was no reason for his brother to take too long in the shower and it had been almost ten minutes already, but he didn't want her to shout up to him.

"Okay, but if he isn't down in a couple of minutes, I will go and drag him out of the shower." Sarah responds with a grin and can't help but chuckle at the look on the two boys faces.

"She is kidding boys." Mike then says and despite getting a mock look of annoyance from Sarah for ruining her fun, he had noticed Matt being a little quiet and after the events of the day before, he didn't want to risk him getting upset.

"You wouldn't really come get one of us out of the shower would you Mum?" Matt then asks, he didn't really feel like talking much at the moment, but he couldn't help but take his mums words seriously.

"We will see what happens the next time one of you takes too long Sweetheart." Sarah responds with a smile, although straight away she can tell that he wasn't in the mood for jokes and quickly tries to think of something to reassure him.

"She is joking Matt and any way eat you breakfast already." Ben states as he gentle nudges his boyfriends head of his shoulder and smiles when he sees the small smile on his boyfriends face.

"Okay, but no more joking today please." Matt states as he looks over to his mum, but when he sees the concern on her face, he realises that he was worrying everyone. "I'm okay, I'm just a little tired Mum and I promise I'm fine." He decides to say with a small smile, he wasn't upset or angry at anything, he was just a little tired and also what had happened the day before was playing on his mind.

"Okay Sweetheart, now eat your breakfast." Sarah responds with a loving smile, before walking back over to get the other plates so that they could all eat together.

"Boys feed yourselves this time, it was cute the first couple of times, but when you aren't alone I don't want you feeding each other okay." Mike then decides to state after seeing his youngest son move his fork towards his boyfriends mouth and knew exactly what they were going to do.

"Aww Dad!" Ben quickly protests, he really enjoyed when he and his boyfriend fed each other and didn't see what the big deal was.

"Ben, just do as you're told please." Mike responds in a stern tone as he looks at his youngest son and smiles as he gives him a less then impressed look, before pulling the fork away from his boyfriend and eating the contents himself.

"Aww you started without me." Tobias then says as he walks into the kitchen and can't help but pout a little bit, before realising his plate on the table and quickly grinned, before sitting down and smiling at him mum. "Thank you Mum." He then says while flashing her an appreciative smile.

"Sorry Tobias, but we didn't know how long you would be and they told us to eat." Matt then says as he gives his brother an apologetic look, before glancing at their mum and Mike with a small grin.

"But they won't let us feed each other." Ben then states in a slightly sulky tone, he really didn't see the big deal and wasn't quite ready to let it fully go just yet.

"Ben, when you two are alone, you can do that all you like, but at the table with us and in restaurants, I want you to eat normally please." Mike responds to his youngest sons remark and despite being serious, he can't help but shake his head a little at the look on Sarah's face and knew despite agreeing with him, she was finding the conversation amusing.

"Oh good." Tobias then says, but quickly blushes when everyone gives him a confused look.

"It's not good Tobias!" Matt then says before blushing, he actually agreed with his boyfriend, but he had decided to keep out of it for now, but his brothers words had caused him to react and he couldn't help but wonder why his brother would say what he did.

"It is Matt, it's really gross when you two eat while kissing each other." Tobias responds with a grin and although he didn't want to upset his brothers, he really did think it was kind of disgusting and was glad that his uncle and mum seemed to agree with him.

"Hey!" Ben then protests at their brothers remark and couldn't help feeling a little betrayed by him.

"Don't be like that to your brother Ben and you as well Matt, feeding each other with your forks, I will admit is adorable and sweet, but I don't ever want to see you eating out of each others mouths again and especially when you're out in public and I won't tell you again okay boys." Sarah then states in a serious tone as she gives both boys a long look and struggles to not grin a little at their faces and just thought they looked adorable.

"We promise Mum." Matt quickly apologises, even if he thought there was nothing wrong with it, he knew that when his mum told him to do something, then he had to do it.

"Will Carter and Wesley be joining us soon?" Mike then decides to ask, he was going to wait until Sarah was out of the room, but there was a little awkwardness in the air after the last topic of conversation and he knew this would break it.

"Oh er... we will text him after we wash and wipe up Dad." Ben decides to answer, he could see straight away that his boyfriend wasn't sure what to say and he knew their brother could say anything, so just decided that it was best he did the talking.

"I can go get them." Tobias then offers with a smile, although he can't help but wonder why his brothers both give him a half glare.

"They deserve a lay in and Wesley said that they will either come out on their own or we should text them and they will let us know when they will be out." Ben quickly states as he tries to get his brother to shut up, their friends could be up to anything and the last thing he thought they needed was for someone to interrupt them, even if they were just asleep, he didn't think it was fair on them for someone to wake them up.

"Okay boys, now eat up and then you can get the kitchen cleaned up okay." Mike then tells the boys, he could sense something was up, but he didn't want to open that can of worms up and decided to get them focused back on eating and could tell that Sarah appreciated it as well.

"Thank you." Carter says in a sincere and loving tone, he was still half suspecting this was all a dream, because he thought it would be years before his boyfriend would be ready and even then he thought it would be even longer before he would actually let him have sex with him.

"Jeez Carter, seriously you aren't dreaming and you don't have to thank me every five minutes." Wesley responds with a shake of the head, he just loved how happy he had made his boyfriend and although any other time his boyfriends constant gratefulness might annoy him a little, nothing could ruin the mood he was in right now, he had given his boyfriend something that no one else could ever have and he couldn't be happier.

"I know, but I thought I would have to wait years before you would have sex with me and even then I thought it would be even longer before you let me, well you know do you." Carter then says after deciding to be honest with his boyfriend about what he was thinking, while at the same time enjoying laying against him, with his head resting on his chest and smiled as he could hear his heart beating a little faster.

"Me too, but well er..." Wesley begins to say before trailing off for a few seconds. "Carter you're everything to me and I wanted to give you a part of me and well I really liked it and we are definitely going to keep doing it." He then says in a sincere tone and smiles when his boyfriend shifts a little and does the same so that they could lay on their sides and face each other.

"I was worried that you were going to change your mind the first time and thought I was hurting you." Carter decides to admit, know his boyfriend enjoyed it and wanted to do it again relaxed him enough to be completely honest.

"It was just a surprise, I mean we have fingered each other and slept with inflatable plugs, but having you inside me and moving was just different." Wesley responds honestly and although his boyfriend is smiling, he knows that he should keep talking. "It did hurt Carter, but it was mostly just uncomfortable and well you know we sort of thought Jim was being over the top about all that, well he was right and well once I got used to it, it felt really good, especially when you went slow, I really liked that." He adds with a shy smile, he felt a little weird and embarrassed talking about it, even if it was his boyfriend, it was just so personal, although when his boyfriend leans forward and gives him a soft kiss, he just smiles back and thinks about how lucky he was.

"I really liked going fast, but slow was good too." Carter then says before smiling at his boyfriends shy smile. "It's really tiring though, I mean I thought it would be easier and well not er... you know so tiring." He then adds, but quickly blushes as he realises how stupid that sounded out loud and could tell that his boyfriend found it amusing.

"You're such a dork." Wesley states with a loving smile, he just loved his boyfriend so much and thought he was perfect.

"Can I ask you something serious though Wesley?" Carter then decides to ask in a serious tone, he was enjoying their conversation, but his boyfriends description of how he felt when they first had sex had him a little worried.

"You can ask me anything Beautiful." Wesley responds before shifting so that he could prop his head up with his hand and smiles as his boyfriend does the same.

"I'm not sure if I want you to have sex with me Wesley." Carter states in a nervous tone before blushing, he knew he was the one who was pushing to have sex, but he wasn't so sure of himself now and wanted to talk about how he was feeling about it now.

"Huh?" Wesley responds in a surprised tone, he didn't know what his boyfriend was going to say after getting all serious, but he wasn't expecting that and wasn't sure how he should react.

"Shit sorry, I meant I want you to do it to me as well, but well if my little thing hurt you, then I need to well er... you know wait a little longer you know." Carter answers nervously, he didn't want to upset his boyfriend, but he was scared that if he let him have sex with him now, then he would get hurt and knew he needed more time before he was ready.

"You're such a moron Beautiful." Wesley says and quickly leans in and kisses his boyfriend deeply, before pulling him across slightly and rolling on top of him. "Carter, just because I let you have sex with me, doesn't mean you have to let me do it to you and I don't care how long it takes, we have the rest of our lives together, so there is no rush." He then adds after breaking the kiss and smiles lovingly when he sees his boyfriend blushing.

"So you aren't disappointed?" Carter then asks, he relaxed a lot after what his boyfriend had said, but he wanted to make sure that he wasn't disappointed in him for not being ready.

"Well a little bit." Wesley answers honestly, but quickly realises how that sounded. "But only because I know you will love it, but I'm serious Carter, I love you and I definitely want to return the favour, but it's not worth it until you're ready okay and like I said, we have the rest of our lives to do these things." He quickly adds in a sincere tone and could tell straight away that he had managed to reassure his boyfriend before he took his initial response the wrong way.

"I know and I love you too, but I just hope it won't take too long, because I want you to know how good it feels." Carter responds after a few moments, he had started to get a little upset by his boyfriends initial response, but his follow up was amazing and he understood his point and loved how quickly his boyfriend could reassure him.

"Well until then, I guess I get to enjoy making you feel good." Wesley responds with a big grin, although he notices the look on his boyfriends face straight away and wonders if he had somehow upset him.

"It feels good for you as well though right?" Carter can help but ask as he looks into his boyfriends eyes, he knew that his boyfriend had said it felt good and that he had enjoyed it earlier, but he needed to know for sure, otherwise he didn't want to do it again, sure it felt amazing for him, but if his boyfriend got nothing out of it, then it wasn't fair and he didn't want to be selfish.

"Such a moron Carter, of course it feels good for me, I wouldn't have asked you to do it again after we had breakfast if I didn't and I definitely wouldn't tell you that we were going to keep doing it if I didn't like it." Wesley responds honestly and although he was being serious, he just couldn't help but smile at how sweet his boyfriend was to think about his feelings above his own.

"Can we, well I know it isn't exactly the same, but can you, you know do that thing with your tongue again, I really liked that and well please?" Carter then asks in a shy tone, he knew it wasn't his birthday anymore, but he hoped his boyfriend would use his tongue on him like he did yesterday.

"You're so sexy when you're being shy." Wesley responds and kisses his boyfriends nose, before pushing him onto his back and slowly kisses his way down his body, it may not be his boyfriends birthday anymore, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to give him anything that he wanted.

"Oh fuck!" Carter then calls out when he feels his soft penis being sucked and soon feels it getting hard and although it wasn't quite what he asked for, he knew his boyfriend was just teasing him and just loved him so much.

"Ha, you're just too adorable Peter." Alex states in a teasing tone as he stares at his friend, he had just untied him and could see the surprise on his face and knew he wasn't expecting him to stop so soon.

"You're letting me go?" Peter asks in a tired but surprised tone, not that he was complaining, his friend had made him orgasm twice and he knew what milking meant and had done his best to prepare himself for the worst, so his friend letting him go was confusing.

"Peter I just wanted to have a little fun and your parents are home remember, I mean sure after what you did to me last night, I was tempted to really go for it, but well, well I just wanted to have a little fun." Alex responds as he runs his fingers across his friends naked body and grins when he shudders a little at the touch.

"I'm sorry if I went too far last night, I just got a little carried away." Peter then apologises in a sincere tone, he knew his friend wasn't angry at him, but he definitely took it too far and wanted his friend to know he didn't mean to.

"A little carried away? Fucking hell Peter, you're just lucky I enjoyed it, because that was pretty intense and we're just friends and..." Alex begins to responds, before being interrupted by his friend and he can't help but be a little surprised.

"What if I kind of like you though?" Peter quickly asks, he was still unsure what he was and still thought he would end up straight, but over the past week he definitely started to see his friend differently and he really enjoyed what they did with each other.

"Peter you aren't gay." Alex responds as he gives his friend a curious look, he would give anything for him to love him back, but despite what they did and how his friend comforted him, he knew deep down that his friend would never feel that way about him.

"But I do like you Alex and I might not know if I'm gay or not at the moment, but I think I love you." Peter then says, but as soon as the words come out of his mouth he turns bright red and quickly looks away from his friend.

"You don't love me like I love you though Peter and well I think we should get a shower and then get dressed." Alex responds in a sad tone, even though his friend had just said the words that he had dreamed of him saying, he knew it wasn't the love he wanted his friend to feel for him and thought it would be best if they just got cleaned up and dressed.

"You're not mad at me are you?" Peter then asks in a nervous tone, he was still embarrassed about what he had just confessed, but he would be devastated if he had upset his friend and ruined their friendship.

"I can never be mad at you Peter, but you're confusing me and well I think maybe we need to er... I don't know, but..." Alex then begins to say, before being stopped in his tracks by his friend kissing him and despite wanting to stop, he lets his friend push him on to his back and returns the kiss.

"Where is Mitch anyway?" Ben asks as he sits on the sofa with his boyfriend in his arms, they had cleaned up and had decided to sit with their parents for a while after texting to see if their friends were awake yet.

"He and Erica decided to head out last night and said they were going back to hers Ben." Mike answers with a smile, although it was more because of how sweet the two boys looked together on the sofa, than thinking about his eldest son spending the night at his girlfriends.

"Oh." Ben responds and despite thinking of a few funny things to say, he didn't really want to say them in front of his dad and Sarah, before remembering what he overheard Erica saying after his boyfriend had finished singing for their friends the evening before and couldn't help but grin a little bit.

"Mum, do I have to go to the police station today?" Tobias then decides to ask, with everything that had happened the day before, he genuinely forgot if he was meant to go either today or tomorrow and while he was a little nervous about it all, he would rather get it out of the way with.

"They said we could take you both down there Monday boys." Sarah responds as she looks at both her sons and decided that she would include them both in this conversation, although they would be going in for separate things. "But depending on how you both feel and how today goes, we might go in the afternoon, but it's really up to you both." She then decides to add, just to see how they felt about it and while she didn't want them anywhere near a police station, she knew they had to go and give a statement and wasn't sure if they would want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible or not.

"Do I have to tell them that Beth and her friends saw my willy and balls?" Tobias then asks, he had tried to think about the interview, but he really had no idea what he was meant to say and if talking about his willy was allowed or not.

"Oh well er..." Sarah begins to respond before trailing off, it wasn't that she didn't know what to say, she was just taken by surprise by the question.

"Tobias, all you have to do is tell the truth and your mum will be there with you." Mike then says after seeing that Sarah was still recovering from the boys question and knew that she would appreciate his help.

"But I don't want them to er... know about my willy and balls." Tobias then says in a serious but embarrassed tone, although he can't help but give his brothers a half glare when they start giggling.

"Boys!" Sarah quickly states as she recovers herself and quickly gives them both an unimpressed look.

"Sorry Mum, but he is just so funny and we will talk to him about what will happen and what he will need to tell them." Matt responds with a guilty look, he knew they shouldn't laugh at their brother, but sometimes he came out with the funniest things and it was hard to not laugh sometimes.

"Okay, but how about you Sweetheart, do you have any questions about your statement?" Sarah then decides to ask, after being satisfied that Tobias would be okay after his brothers talk with him.

"Nope." Matt answers quickly, it wasn't like he hadn't been through this before and the last thing he wanted to do was go over it again and again before he even got to the station.

"He is fine Sarah, he just doesn't want to go over it too much." Ben quickly adds to his boyfriends response when he sees the look on her face and knew she was worried.

"Can I go see Carter and Wesley now?" Tobias decides to ask, he didn't really want to talk about the police stuff anymore, despite being the one to start the conversation and just wanted to see his friends instead.

"Have they texted you back?" Mike asks in a curious tone, he knew his youngest son had made it apparent that until their friends texted them, then they weren't to be disturbed and despite not wanting to think about the two boys being in the pool house all night alone, he was starting to wonder why that hadn't come out to the house yet.

"But I want to see them." Tobias then says in a sulky tone and Sarah can't help but look at him sadly, because as much progress as he had made in recovering from what he had been through, it was starting to become apparent that he wasn't the same boy he once was and the sulky sort of behaviour he was using now, was a big indication of that as she thinks about how he used to hold conversations with adults with ease and barely ever made a fuss over not getting his own way.

"Mum he will get there, just give him time." Matt then says after seeing the look on his mums face and smiles warmly at the surprised look see gives him.

"Huh?" Tobias quickly asked in a confused tone and wasn't sure what was going on after seeing the exchange of looks between his mum and brother.

"Tobias it's okay to go and see them now, but knock before you go in." Matt says as he turns to his brother and despite only guessing what his mum was thinking, he was pretty sure he was right and had noticed differences in his brothers personality as well, but he wasn't too concerned and knew that where it mattered, he was still the same boy he grew up with and loved with all his heart.

"I'll come with you and Matt can catch us up in a few minutes." Ben then says after looking down at his boyfriends face and then to Sarah and thought that they needed to talk about whatever they were thinking about, which he guesses is something to do with Tobias and he also wanted to make sure his brother actually knocked on the pool house door and didn't just walk straight in, their friends may have texted to say it was okay, but he wasn't sure if they had thought about how quickly Tobias would go to them.

"Yeah, I will be about five minutes." Matt states with a smile as he sits up and looks at his boyfriend, he just loved how he seemed to know exactly what he needed at times and just loved him so much.

"Ask them if they want dinner here or if they are going home Ben, then let me know so I know how many to cook for." Sarah then decides to ask her sons boyfriend, she was sure the other two boys were going home, but she wanted to make sure.

"Okay Sarah and see you in a bit Matt." Ben responds before getting up and giving his boyfriend a soft kiss on the lips.

"Bye and see you later Mum and you too Uncle Mike." Tobias then says before pulling on his brothers arm to hurry him up, he was hoping to catch his friends naked and despite knowing they texted to say it was okay, they might not expect him to come straight away.

"See you later Tobias." Mike responds in an amused tone, after seeing how excited he seemed to be about seeing their friends.

"See you later on Honey." Sarah then says in a loving tone and smiles as she watches him half drag Ben out of the room, before turning to her other son and giving him a warm smile.

"Are you sure that was a good idea?" Wesley asks as he gets some drinks ready for their friends, they had almost decided to tell their friends to give them a little longer, but he was a little sore again and he knew his boyfriend needed a rest as well.

"Probably not, but it's going to be funny to see the disappointed look on Tobias's face when he sees that we're dressed." Carter responds with a small grin, he knew their friend would probably already be half way to the pool house by now and despite them both being tempted to stay naked, they had decided to get dressed, just in case either Sarah or Mike came with them.

"I'm not sure underwear and a top count as getting dressed Carter." Wesley retorts with a wry smile as he sets the glasses down on the table and takes the seat next to his boyfriend.

"I love you Wesley." Carter then says before leaning over and giving his boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek and smiles shyly when he smiles back at him.

"I love you too Beautiful." Wesley responds, but just as he leans in to give his boyfriend and bit more than a peck on the cheek the sound of the door opening draws both of their attention to it.

"Tobias, I told you to knock first you idiot." Ben calls out just before following his brother into the pool house and despite being annoyed that he ignored him, one look at his two friends and he can't help but smirk at them as the door closes behind him.

"Hey guys." Carter decides to say as he smiles at their friends, he knew Tobias would walk straight in, but it was funny that Ben had tried to get him to knock first and obviously failing.

"Yeah hey and don't worry about it Ben, we kind of guess he would walk straight in." Wesley then says with a warm smile as their friends sit opposite them.

"Why you wearing clothes?" Tobias then asks in a disappointed tone and can't help but pout a little when his two friends start giggling.

"Ha, told you he wanted to try and catch us naked." Carter then states with another giggle, before settling down after his boyfriend nudges him in the side. "Sorry Tobias." He then apologises and realises that for once, it was him who was taking a joke too far and not his boyfriend.

"It's okay, so did you have the sex together last night?" Tobias then asks, but everyone's attention quickly goes to Ben, who was drinking his drink and had promptly spat it all over the table.

"Jeez Tobias, what part of be cool and don't ask stupid questions didn't you understand?" Ben then says after recovering from spitting his drink everywhere and just couldn't believe his brother just asked that.

"It's okay Ben." Wesley says before giving his boyfriend a quick nod and smile.

"We aren't going to tell you any details guys, but yeah we had sex and it was amazing, but it's private and we don't want you knowing everything okay." Carter then says in a serious, but warm tone, he and his boyfriend had talked about what to tell their friends and were happy enough to admit to having sex, but that they didn't want to tell them too much because it was personal and special.

"Oh shit!" Ben responds before just staring at his friends open mouthed, he had known it was a possibility and Wesley had basically told him and his boyfriend what he was going to do, but him saying it and actually doing it were two very different things and he just couldn't believe it.

"Wesley put his giant willy all the way up your bum Carter?" Tobias then asks in a mixture of curiosity and disbelief, he had seen his friend hard and it was massive and he didn't see how it could fit into a bum hole.

"Wow!" Wesley states in a bemused tone, they all knew Tobias didn't have a filter at times, but despite how embarrassing his statement was, he couldn't help but find it funny.

"Oh for fuck sake Tobias." Ben then says as he shakes his head at his brother. "I will take him back to the house, sorry guys." He then says as he turns to his friends in embarrassment, he may have wanted to know the details as well, but they had made it clear that they didn't want to talk about it and despite finding his brothers directness amusing most of the time, it was times like this when he wished he thought before he spoke.

"I was just asking." Tobias quickly protests as he looks to his brother and hoped he wouldn't really take him back to the house.

"It's okay Ben." Carter then says after taking a few moments to think things over. "Tobias I had sex with Wesley, so I put my penis in him and not the other way around, but we really don't want to talk about our personal stuff with anybody okay." He then states as he turns to his other friend, hoping that he respects their privacy, he knew it wasn't his fault and wasn't angry, but he really didn't want to keep talking about it.

"Okay and me sorry." Tobias responds with a guilty expression, he suddenly realised how inappropriate his question was and could feel himself blushing.

"Oh wow, well er... I guess I don't have to ask what you guys did last night now." Matt then says as he walks into the pool house and can't help but grin at his two friends faces and thought they looked so cute. "Relax I heard enough and we can talk about something else okay." He then adds after realising that they probably thought that they would have to explain it again to him and smiled as they quickly relaxed.

"Okay and well it was awesome anyway." Carter responds with a shy smile, he didn't want to talk about it, but at the same time he couldn't hide how good it was and when he felt his boyfriend giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, he just smiled even more and knew that he was the luckiest boy in the world.

"So are you still coming back to school next term Matt?" Wesley then asks, he decided to take his friends advice and change the subject and wanted to avoid talking about what happened the day before and not just him giving his virginity to his boyfriend, but all the other stuff that happened as well and was genuinely curious about when his friend was coming back to school.

"Oh er.. yeah I think so, I mean it's like two months away and well I think I'm ready, so er... by then I should be really ready." Matt answers hesitantly, he wasn't expecting to be asked that and despite his less than convincing words, he was actually looking forward to going back and getting away from the house.

"Seriously?" Ben then asks as he quickly jumps into the conversation and couldn't help but grin at the prospect of his boyfriend going back to school and knew what that meant.

"Yeah, I mean I'm really nervous and I know I will probably struggle to be there, but yeah, yeah I'm ready to go back, well not right now, but you know what I mean." Matt responds with a grin and despite again making a bit of a mess as he stumbled over his words, he couldn't help but be happy and could tell how proud his boyfriend was of him.

"That's awesome and Mr Morgan is going to be so happy to have you back in class and well it's awesome Matt." Wesley then says with a grin, he was just asking really on the off chance, but to get that response from his friend was just amazing and knew that it was a big breakthrough.

"Me go to school then too." Tobias then states, but then quickly blushes and looks down at the table in embarrassment.

"Hey what's wrong?" Matt then quickly asks in a concerned tone as he limps over next to his brother and rubs his shoulder.

"Me er... fuck, I have been talking like an idiot most of the day already and then I embarrassed Carter and Wesley, I just want to be like I used to be Matt." Tobias then says as he uses his elastic band, he often forgot that he still wore it at times and couldn't help but glance down and despite feeling sorry for himself, he couldn't help but smile at his friend and was grateful for him giving it to him all those months ago.

"Neither of us will ever be who we used to be Tobias, but we will be okay and we have the best friends and family in the world and don't forget that we have each other." Matt quickly responds in a sincere tone, as he decides to just be honest, he was going to tell him that he would get better, but after the quick talk with their mum a little while ago, he realised that they could never be like they were back in England again and that they had to start living their lives now and not worry about how they have changed.

"I know, but Mum looked at me earlier and..." Tobias begins to say as he thinks about earlier, but is surprised to be interrupted by his brother.

"Tobias, I know and I talked to her and it's the same with me, neither of us are the same as we used to be and that makes me feel sad, but it's okay because she loves us and it's not just us Tobias, everyone changes and that is just how life is." Matt says in a sincere tone, the conversation with their mum had been longer and more in depth than that, but he just wanted to reassure his brother and could see the small smile on his face.

"Yeah I mean look at Wesley, he used to be straight and now he is a raging homo, who likes penis's up his bum Tobias." Ben then states with a massive grin as he gives his friend a long stare, before turning back to his brother, who to his delight was now giggling and despite knowing that he would pay for that comment, it was worth it and the quick cuddle and kiss his boyfriend gives him, just made it even more worthwhile.

"Prick!" Wesley retorts with a shake of the head and despite wanting to pretend he was angry, the way Tobias was now giggling just made him smile and could see that he wasn't worried about how he has changed from how he used to be anymore or at least not as much.

"Yeah, come on Ben, it's not his fault he can't resist my penis." Carter then states after deciding to play along with his friend and couldn't help but grin at the look on his boyfriends face.

"You guys are so funny." Tobias then says after managing to compose himself, he was feeling down a few moments ago and just like that his brothers and friends had cheered him up and he just loved them all so much.

"Want to go for a swim?" Matt then suggests, he was glad everyone was now in a good mood and wanted to make the most of what looked like a nice day and knew it would be fun.

"Sure, but we can't stay for much longer, my parents want me, well us back before one this afternoon and well we are going for a bike ride and then out for dinner." Carter responds with a smile, he would love to spend more time with his friends and well even more time alone with his boyfriend, but he made a promise to his parents and he didn't want to upset them.

"Oh jeez Carter, I'm not sure I can ride a bike today." Wesley then says, he was uncomfortable just sitting down, but the thought of riding a bike was just scary and he knew his boyfriends parents would probably put two and two together.

"Ha, too much riding something else right Wesley." Ben then teases, before quickly wincing a little bit, as he feels himself being smack across the back of his head.

"Cut it out Dumb Ass." Matt then states with a smirk, it may have been funny, but it was going too far and didn't want the mood to be ruined after everyone was finally happy.

"Sorry." Ben apologises to his boyfriend. "Sorry guys, I was just messing around." He then says as he looks to his friends and was glad they were smiling, although he was still genuinely sorry for his joke.

"It's okay and it was funny." Wesley responds with a grin, it may have been a bit of a low blow, but he still found it funny.

"I will tell them that we can go for a bike ride next weekend, they will probably be glad to put it off for a while, they haven't used a bike for years." Carter then says as he gives his boyfriend a quick kiss.

"You're the best Beautiful." Wesley responds and gives his boyfriend a quick but loving kiss on the lips.

"Come on, I wanna go get my speedos before they have to go home." Tobias then states in a slightly inpatient tone, he liked how in love his brothers and friends were, but he wanted to have some fun and knew that they didn't have that long.

"Just borrow a pair of mine Tobias." Matt decides to suggest, he could see how much his brother wanted to have some fun and thought it would be better if he just borrowed a pair of his, instead of going into the house to get a pair of his own.

"I will go get them." Ben then states as he gets up. "Oh and you two better come and get changed as well." He then suggests as he looks at his to friends and smiles when they get up and follow him into his bedroom.

"Get undressed then Tobias." Matt then tells his brother, before starting to strip himself, there was no point waiting for his boyfriend to get back and they had seen each other naked enough now to not even be phased by it and smiles as his brother does as he is told.

"Okay." Tobias then says, although he was already down to his briefs by the time he responded and smiled as his other brother and friends walked back into the room and just grinned at them.

"So you're okay with it?" Peter asks nervously, he was still a little unsure how it would work, but he wanted to help his friend through everything and knew this would make him happy.

"If you're sure, I mean I er..." Alex begins to responds before trailing off, the idea of being friends with benefits was amazing, but again it wasn't what he really wanted and knew that if he agreed, then he is just setting himself up to get hurt.

"You don't want to, do you?" Peter then asks in a slightly disappointed tone, he had thought it was the perfect solution, it was obvious they both enjoyed messing around together and while he didn't think he was gay, he was prepared to keep having fun and thought it would be enough for his friend.

"I want you to be my boyfriend and show you off to everyone Peter, I don't just want to be your dirty little secret that no one else is allowed to know about." Alex decides to answer a little more bluntly than he intended and could tell that his response wasn't what his friend was expecting and could also see the hurt in his eyes, but he knew he had to be honest now, otherwise they could end up not even being friends if they carried on like they were and he couldn't bare for that to happen.

"I like what we do though." Peter then states half heartedly and was starting to realise why his friend was rejecting his idea, even if his words were a little hard to hear.

"Me too, but we can still fool around sometimes I guess, but unless you want to be my boyfriend Peter, then we should just be friends." Alex answers honestly again and even though a part of him was screaming to take his friends offer and hope for the best, he had too much going on in his life already and he needed a friend and not another complication that would mess with his head.

"Maybe well er... okay we can just be friends, but we're only twelve and well I really do love you Alex." Peter then says, before leaning forward and cuddling his friend and despite being tempted, he doesn't do anything else and can tell straight away that his friend appreciated it.

"I love you too, but come on and let's go have something to eat, I'm starving and your parents might come and get us if we take any longer to get downstairs." Alex responds as he gently pushes his friend away and despite still hearing that little voice in his head, he was content to just be friends and go from there.

"Okay, but don't forget that I'm coming to yours later and then you're sleeping here again tonight." Peter then says with a grin, although as he thinks about the conversation they just had, he thinks of something else. "I'm going to ask my parents to by an air bed, so when you sleep over you can sleep on it." He then states with a shy smile, he was actually going to suggest they take it in turns to sleep on the air bed, but he wanted to gauge his friends reaction first.

"That's a good idea and well yeah that would be cool." Alex responds with a genuine grin, he wouldn't mind sleeping in the same bed as they had been doing recently, but it made sense for them to sleep apart, especially considering his friend only had a single sized bed and it was a tight squeeze for them to be comfortable.

"Cool and we can take it in turns on the air bed, it won't be fair if I got the bed all the time." Peter then offers after his friends response and knew he would appreciate it.

"Come on then and well thanks for everything." Alex then says before giving his friend a quick but loving peck on the cheek. "I mean it Peter, you're the best friend anyone could ever have." He then adds in a sincere tone, he honestly had no idea how he would have coped with his mum if he didn't have his friend and despite their complicated and confusing friendship, he was grateful for everything he had done for him.

"Thanks for showing me about er... the sex stuff, I really like it and masturbating is awesome." Peter then says with a big grin and although he was genuinely delighted by his friends words and knew that he meant it, he wanted to lighten the mood, because they were going to sit with his parents and he didn't want them to think there was something wrong.

"You're such and idiot Peter." Alex responds with a grin, he just loved how his friends mind worked and he always managed to make him laugh.

"I know." Peter then says before taking his friends hand and leading him out of the room.

Two Months Later

October 2015

"Oh my god!" Matt states in a quiet, yet overwhelmed tone, as he stands at the school gate and for the first time, he seriously starts to regret his choice to return to school.

"Sshh, it's okay Matt, I'm going to be with you in every class remember." Ben quickly states in a reassuring tone, before giving his boyfriend a soft and loving kiss on the cheek, he could tell that he was close to losing his nerve and going home and knew that he needed to try and help him stay strong and brave.

"Me scared too Matt." Tobias then says as he stares past the gate and sees what looks like 100's of other boys and can't help but be nervous, he hasn't been around this many people for a very long time and instinctively reaches out and holds his brothers hand.

"I don't think I can do this." Matt then says and despite feeling his brother holding his hand, he was really starting to panic and could feel himself taking a couple of steps back.

"Matt we can go home if you want, but please don't, you can do this and you know you can." Ben then says as he turns and holds his boyfriends head in his hands, while pressing their foreheads together, he had no real idea of what this is like for his boyfriend, but he wanted to try and help him be brave.

"I'm scared though." Matt responds in a sad tone, he wanted to be brave for his boyfriend so much, but he could feel himself shaking a little bit and just knew he wouldn't be able to do it.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the faggots" Jarred states as he walks over with two of his friends and despite being afraid of Ben, he was confident enough that the three of them could take him out and he knew Matt wouldn't be able to do much and the other kid looked like a little pansy to him.

"Fuck off Jarred!" Ben quickly responds as he moves in front of his boyfriend, he knew the boy was trying to look tough and couldn't help but smile inside as the idiot obviously viewed Tobias as a weakling and while he could do a decent job against the three bullies on his own, he knew that with his brother they would barely break a sweat.

"Oh please, your bodyguard isn't around and you can't take three of us on Ben and that cripple is just pathetic." Jarred quickly states in a degrading tone as he sneers at the three boys, he knew he was risking Wesley coming after him, but over the half term he had gained a few more friends and had done some self defence classes, so he was ready to really make his mark on the school this term.

"This doesn't count as being in school does it Ben?" Tobias decides to ask, he was told who Jarred was and wasn't going to let someone call his brother a cripple, but at the same time, the last thing he wanted to do was get in trouble with the school on his first day and he knew his mum would be mad.

"Nope, school doesn't start for another fifteen minutes and we are still outside Tobias." Ben answers with a smirk and wonders what his brother would do, while at the same time feeling his boyfriend reaching for his hand and quickly takes it.

"Tobias? What the fuck kind of name is that?" Jarred then asks and smirks when his two friends laugh. "Oh fuck it, I'm bored, now why don't you give us whatever money you have Ben, before I kick the shit out of the cripple..." He then begins to say, but before he can finish, he feels his arm being grabbed and then being pulled forward and before he knows what is happening, he feels himself landing hard on his back after being lifted up and thrown to the ground.

"Fucking prick!" Ryan then says as he moves towards Tobias.

"I swear if you touch him Ryan, I will kick the shit out of you." Ben quickly states as he moves away from his boyfriend and steps beside their brother. "Well if he doesn't put you in hospital anyway." He then adds with a grin as he nods to his brother and can see the fear on the bullies face as he stops in his tracks.

"Don't just stand their you pricks." Jarred then hisses as he gets up and glares at his two friends. "Come on and help me." He then says before turning back to the others boys and quickly decides to try and punch Tobias, but to his dismay and embarrassment, he feels his arm being deflect and then feels a hard and sharp pain across his face as he falls on to his back holding his now bleeding nose.

"Tobias that's enough!" Matt then calls out in a serious tone, although he was stopping his brother more to stop him getting in trouble, than he was to save Jarred from a well deserved beating.

"Sorry." Tobias responds in a slightly guilty tone, while rubbing his hand, it had been a very long time since he punched someone and he quickly remembered how much he hated it.

"You did good Tobias, but come on let's get in before the bell rings." Ben then suggests as he decides to make the most of his boyfriend being distracted and get him into the school, he knew it was a bit of a dirty trick and knew his boyfriend was scared, but he just knew once he got in the school he would be fine.

"Fucking..." Jarred then begins to say, but is quickly interrupted by something wet pouring all over him.

"Oh shit, sorry Jarred I didn't see you down there." Alex then says in an over the top apologetic tone, while still standing above his former best friend with his bottle of water still emptying it's contents on him.

"Fuck off!" Jarred quickly states in an angry and pissed off tone, before getting back to his feet and despite his earlier confidence that he was going to rule the school, he was now feeling humiliated, soaking wet and his nose was still bleeding and his back was now really starting to hurt from being thrown to the ground.

"You go near any of us again Jarred and you won't like what happens." Alex then says in a dead serious tone, after walking right up close to his former best friend and could see him flinch a little bit.

"You don't scare us, you're just a bunch of faggots." Jarred quickly retorts with all the confidence and bravado he could force out of himself, while inside he wished he had just gone after some new kids and not try to take on someone like Ben this soon.

"Us? You might want to look around Jarred." Ben then states with a grin after giving his friend an appreciative nod, he hadn't seen Alex approaching, but he was glad and any remaining doubt he had about him still being friends with Jarred was gone now and while a lot was going on, he also noticed Peter as well and gave him a smile.

"Fucking cowards." Jarred mutters to himself as he turns to see that he was now alone and starts to turn back around, but quickly falls to the ground while holding his groin.

"That's for trying to strip me in that alleyway." Peter then says with a grin and just felt so proud of himself for finally getting pay back on the bully for everything he had done to him.

"So how is you first day back going Matt?" Alex then asks in a casual tone as he turns and starts walking with his friends, after seeing Ben steering Matt through the gates.

"Pretty boring so far." Matt answers with a slight shake of the head, he was still feeling scared about being back, but let his boyfriend walk him through the gate and was just praying that he didn't have a freak out.

"Me happy to be here." Tobias then says in an excited tone, before quickly blushing, he had been talking near enough normally ninety nine percent of the time over the past month, but couldn't help but be embarrassed that he was talking like an idiot again.

"Quit being embarrassed Tobias, we all have issues and you will be fine." Matt then says and despite his own worries, he was happy to reassure his brother about his talking.

"Okay, but I hope I don't talk like that in front of everyone else." Tobias responds with a small grin, he knew it wasn't his fault and he also knew that if he got himself worked up over it, then he would just end up talking like that more and he quickly decided to try and ignore it and not let it bother him.

"See you later guys, we need to go the other way." Alex then says in a slightly disappointed tone, he would have preferred to stay with them all day, but Peter and his first couple of classes were on the other side of the school.

"Yeah bye guys." Peter then says and although he was disappointed they didn't share any classes until the afternoon, he was glad he and his boyfriend had all the same classes as each other.

"See you at break." Ben responds with a grin as his friends nod and head in the other direction and couldn't help but laugh as he sees Peter tripping over.

"He is so clumsy." Tobias then says in an amused tone, he really liked Peter and thought he was funny, especially as he seemed to walk into or trip over everything.

"Yeah, but it's funny and at least he hasn't really hurt himself yet." Ben then says, he was amazed their friend hadn't seriously hurt himself with the amount of accidents he has had and despite it being funny, it was also a relief and he didn't want anyone else he knew getting hurt.

"Yeah he lucky, well not lucky because he keeps you know er... well you know." Tobias then says with a small grin, he was a little embarrassed because he got his words mixed up, but he knew that they all did that sometimes and decided to not let it bother him.

"I know and well yeah, let's leave it at that Tobias." Ben then says as he turns back to his boyfriend after giving their brother a grin, when he starts talking.

"I hope Jarred doesn't give us any more shit." Matt then says in a distracted tone, he hadn't been paying his brother or boyfriend much attention and was just doing his best to not think about the other stuff and although he wasn't really worried about Jarred, he was still not quite thinking straight.

"He is a bully Matt and while he might leave us alone, he is definitely going to go after Tobias and try to get revenge." Ben responds honestly and straight away he realises that he should have thought about his response before he spoke, especially when he sees the look on his boyfriends face.

"He will?" Tobias then asks, he could see his brother was worried, but his other brothers words had surprised him, he was bullied a lot in the orphanage, but back when he was little bullies always backed down after you beat them up and he thought it would be the same now.

"Tobias he will want to try and show his friends that you got lucky, but I will have a word with Wesley and Alex about it, because Jarred might be a prick, but he isn't completely stupid and you can defend yourself anyway, although you will always have one of us with you." Ben answers as he tries to reassure both his brother and boyfriend and while he can see that his boyfriend wasn't completely convinced, their brother seemed to accept his words and after actually seeing him in action, he knew even if Jarred did get to him, that he would be fine.

"Just don't hit him Tobias, if he tries anything just throw him around or like choke him or something until he gives up okay." Matt the decides to tell his brother, sure he was worried and didn't want him to get into fights, but he wasn't stupid and knew Jarred and knew he would try something, but he was more than aware of his brothers ability to defend himself and just wanted to try and make sure if it happened, he wouldn't get in trouble with the teachers.

"I don't want to fight though." Tobias then says in a slightly annoyed tone, he understood what his brothers were saying and knew he might have to defend himself again, but that didn't mean he liked the idea and just hoped the other boy would leave him alone so that he could just enjoy being at school again.

"I know, but come on, the bell will ring soon and I want to see if we can speak to Mr Morgan before lessons start." Matt then says as he gives his brother a sympathetic look, he knew he hated fighting, but his boyfriend was right and Jarred was bound to try something.

"Okay come on then." Ben then says as he holds his boyfriends hand again and starts walking towards the school, while smiling as their brother walks next to them and despite Jarred spoiling their day a little already, he was just happy his boyfriend was actually back in school and wasn't freaking out.

"I cant believe we're going to be late." Carter states in a tired tone, he was a lot fitter than he used to be thanks to his boyfriend, but he was still struggling to keep up with his boyfriend as they ran to school.

"Not my fault, so don't give me that look Beautiful." Wesley responds as he slows down a little bit, his boyfriend had come a long way in the last couple of months when it came to his fitness and stamina, but he could tell that he was struggling and he knew that although it would be close, they weren't going to be late.

"How isn't it your fault?" Carter responds after a few moments and although he felt a little frustrated that his boyfriend had obviously slowed down a bit to help him keep up, he knew that it wouldn't be long until he was able to keep up with him in the future.

"I don't know, I mean being tied to the bed and gagged sort of hinders your ability to be on time for things Beautiful." Wesley responds with a chuckle as his boyfriend gives him a sexy smile.

"Still your fault." Carter states with a grin, before deciding to speed up and try and beat his boyfriend to the school gates.

"You little shit!" Wesley then calls out in an amused tone, he just loved how ballsy his boyfriend was sometimes and despite wanting to let him beat him to the school gates, he knew his boyfriend hated when he let him win at things and quickly begins to sprint up to and then past his boyfriend with a grin.

"Fuck, I thought I had you that time." Carter then says after stopping next to his boyfriend just inside the gates and quickly put his hands on his knees and started to try and get his breath back, although he knew that unless his boyfriend let him beat him to the gates, then he was going to lose, but he was definitely getting closer to giving his boyfriend a serious run for his money and he was proud of himself.

"Honestly Carter, I'm not sure if you will ever be as fast as me, but you're definitely going to give a lot of people in gym a surprise this term." Wesley responds with a loving smile, he wasn't going to patronize his boyfriend and knew that he appreciated honesty and could tell by his smile that he said the right thing.

"I know, but well, just thank you for everything Wesley." Carter then says in a sincere tone, before standing up straight and pulling his boyfriend in for a loving kiss, just as the bell rings.

"Fucking bell." Wesley then mutters after his boyfriend pulls away from him and he can't help but grin at his expression and knew exactly what he was going to say.

"Don't swear Wesley, you know I don't like it." Carter states in a serious tone, although the look on his boyfriends face quickly makes him giggle and knew what he was thinking.

"Come on then Beautiful, it's maths and I want to see if Peter has walked into something else since yesterday." Wesley then says after deciding not to bring up just how dirty his boyfriend talked during sex, because as much as he loved their banter and knew his boyfriend did as well, the bell had already gone and unless they got a move on, they would be late and after already being late a few times in the past month, they knew they needed to be more careful.

"I just can't believe one person can be that accident prone." Carter responds as he walks hand in hand with his boyfriend towards the school and can't help but smile as he not only thinks about their friend constantly tripping over and walking in to things, but also because his boyfriend was gently using his thumb to rub the hand he was holding and it just made him feel so loved.

"I can't believe one person can be so sexy, but there you are Carter." Wesley then states from the heart and despite not wanting to be late, he let's his boyfriend pull him in for a long and loving kiss.

"I love you Wesley and well, just thank you for being you." Carter responds with a loving smile after breaking the kiss, he loved his boyfriend with all his heart, but when he said things like that, it just made him love him even more and again just couldn't believe how lucky he was to have him in his life.

"Thank you for being you too Carter, but come on because if we're late again our parents are going to kill us." Wesley responds with a smile, before taking his boyfriends hand again and pulling him towards the school.

Two Hours Later

"Good morning class." Mr Morgan states as he stands in front of the class and despite knowing it was a little unprofessional, he can't help but give Matt a warm smile after seeing him sitting next to Ben.

"Morning Sir!" The class then responds in unison and Mr Morgan can't help but be impressed by the enthusiastic response and wonders if it was because of Matt's return to class and the new boy, who according to what he could find out from his sources, which was harder than he expected, had potential and he was eager to find out what he could do.

"Right before we get started with today's lesson class, would like you to give a warm welcome back to Mr Summers please." Mr Morgan then states as he gives the boy a quick look and was pleased to see him smiling, he was a little worried about putting him at the centre of attention, but could see that he had been worrying about nothing. "Right thank you class, settle down please, we have all missed him but he isn't that good." He then decides to say with a big grin and was pleased to hear everyone laughing, before finally settling down.

"You're right Sir, he isn't that good, he is better." Ben then states proudly after raising his arm and waiting for his teacher to nod for him to talk.

"You're so embarrassing." Matt then quickly whispers to his boyfriend as he blushes and despite his boyfriends words actually making his heart flutter a little, he really wished he hadn't said that in front of the entire class.

"Okay settle down again class and thank you for that Mr Walker." Mr Morgan states with an amused grin, he had missed them being in class together and despite Ben returning to school a long time ago, he had never been the same without Matt. "Now today we also have a new student and I would like him to come down and introduce himself to the class, so Mr er... well Mr Summers, could you come down in front of the class please." He then asks the new student, although he had suddenly realised that he now had two boys with the same surname and had never had that before in his class and wondered if it would be an issue, while he watches the boy get up and walk towards him and at the same time noticing that he had been sitting with Wesley and knew that he would be in good hands sitting with him.

"I'm er... well hey, my name is Tobias and well I'm er... Matt and Ben's brother and Wesley's friend and I er... well hello." Tobias states in a nervous tone and despite not wanting to, he used his elastic band, he had tried not using it in the first class he had to introduce himself in, but that proved to be a mistake and the second class was almost as bad, so he didn't want to make it three times in a row.

"It's very nice to meet you Mr Summers, I know you're nervous, but can you tell us a little more about yourself, maybe tell us if you sing or what instruments you can play." Mr Morgan decides to suggest to the boy and although he knew this must be embarrassing for him, he did this with everyone and although there were times when he had was tempted to let a student get away without introducing themselves, he knew that it wouldn't be fair on everyone he had made do it.

"Oh, well I'm bad at singing, like really bad, but not in a funny way, I just suck at it." Tobias states after giving his brothers a nervous look, he really hated doing this, but he wasn't going to let them down and managed to at least make the rest of the class laugh and grinned when he saw his friend giving him a thumbs up. "I can play a few instruments though, but my favourites are the guitar and piano and well er... what else do I have to say Sir?" He then asks after saying what his teacher had already suggested he tell everyone.

"I think that is all and thank you Mr Summers, you can go back to your seat now." Mr Morgan responds in an appreciative tone and smiles as he sees the relieved look on the boys face. "Now as it is the first day of term, why don't we have a volunteer or two perform for us and by volunteer, I mean yourselves and not someone else thank you." He then suggests as he looks around the room and could guess that the class were going to volunteer Matt to do something, so he made sure that wasn't going to happen, despite wanting the boy to perform, he didn't want it forced upon him and was going to just be patient and wait for him to settle back in.

"What are you doing?" Ben quickly whispers in his boyfriends ear after seeing him put his arm up and wasn't sure if he was going to volunteer or ask to leave the classroom, like he had done in their first class after getting overwhelmed.

"Yes Mr Summers?" Mr Morgan asks in a surprised and curious tone, he wanted to believe he was volunteering, but he knew that is was more than likely that he wanted to leave the classroom and knew that he had done it on his first lesson, which the teachers were worried about, they had all been briefed on him and also Tobias and knew that they had to keep an eye on them both.

"I would like to sing something please." Matt answers in a slightly nervous tone and couldn't help but blush after a few of his classmates called out and after glancing at his boyfriend, he knew that he wasn't expecting it and had purposely kept it a secret from him as a surprise.

"That's wonderful, do you have a song in mind?" Mr Morgan responds after thinking for a few moments, he was tempted to ask him if he was sure he wanted to sing, but he didn't want to put any doubt in the boys mind and could see that he was already nervous.

"Yes Sir and er... can I have Tobias and Wesley play the guitar and piano for me please." Matt responds with a small smile after giving his brother and friend a guilty glance, he wasn't sure about getting his brother to perform on his first day, but he felt that it would relax him and show the class how good he was.

"If they both agree, I don't see why not Mr Summers, how long will you need to prepare?" Mr Morgan then asks in response, he was tempted to just tell the other two boys that they would be performing, but he was again trying to let his students perform when they wanted to and not force them into it, although there would be occasions when he wouldn't give them a choice, but that would be when he was grading the boys officially.

"We are fine with it Sir." Wesley decides to answers after giving his friend a quick look to see if he was okay with it and was happy when he nodded, although he suspected it was only because Matt had asked him and if it was anyone else, he probably would have refused.

"Sir, could we have like five minutes please, they know the song, but we need to move the piano and stuff." Matt then asks as he gives his teacher his best confident smile, despite feeling increasingly nervous, until he felt his boyfriend squeezing his hand and couldn't help but relax a little and smile at him. "I love you." He then says in a quiet tone, although he was sure some of the others close to them would be able to hear it, he was fast realising that he didn't have to be afraid of people knowing about their relationship and it felt so good to not have to hide anymore.

"Love you too." Ben responds before leaning towards his boyfriend and giving him a quick peck on the lips, he was tempted to ask what he was going to sing, but he knew he wouldn't tell him and decided to be brave instead and kiss him in front of the class and couldn't help but smile lovingly at his boyfriend blushing shyly at him afterwards.

"That is fine Mr Summers and while they are preparing the rest of you can talk among yourselves, but keep it down otherwise you can all sit in silence." Mr Morgan then says with a small grin as he looks at the expressions on his classes faces and knew that he didn't need to remind them to keep the noise down, but was also pleased to see that they respected him and did as they were told.

"We're ready Sir." Matt says with a smile and gives his teacher a confident look after taking a quick glance at his boyfriend.

"Very well Mr Summers, start when you're ready." Mr Morgan responds with a smile, he was really looking forward to hearing the boy sing again. "Quiet down class, the same rules as always apply and just because it's the first day of term, doesn't mean that I won't hand out detentions." He then decides to states as a few of his class were talking a little too loud for his liking.

"Yes Sir!" The class answers back in unison and Mr Morgan can't help but smile at how well behaved his class was and despite handing out the odd detention, it was becoming more and more rare as the years went on and felt proud of the respect he seemed to have from his students.

"Sorry Mr Summers, when you're ready please." Mr Morgan then states, after realising that he had held up the boy after telling him to start when he was ready, but smiles when he hears Wesley run his fingers over the piano and Tobias playing a few chords

"Tried to keep you close to me,
But life got in between
Tried to square not being there
But think that I should have been
Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
Hold back the river so I
Can stop for a minute and see where you hide
Hold back the river, hold back."

Mr Morgan can't help but enjoy the boys singing, but he was also keeping a close eye on Tobias as well and so far was very impressed with how he was performing on the guitar and as always Wesley seemed to be doing a very good job on the piano, although he knew that it wasn't his strongest instrument and he could hear a few little mistakes already, but nothing that would ruin the song and was pleased with his progress.

"Once upon a dear friend, lifeWe rode our bikes into the sky
But now we crawl against the tide
Those distant days are flashing by
Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
Hold back the river so I
Can stop for a minute and be by your side
Hold back the river, hold back."

Noticing their teacher was looking very happy with his boyfriends, brother and friends performance, Ben can't help but grin as he turns his attention back to his boyfriend, it didn't seem to matter what song he sung, he just always seemed to sound amazing and he really liked this song anyway and his boyfriend was making him like it even more now.

"Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
Hold back the river so I
Can stop for a minute and see where you hide
Hold back the river, hold back
Hold oho, oho, oho, Oho, oho, oho, oho
Lonely water, lonely water won't you let us wander
Let us hold each other
Lonely water, lonely water won't you let us wanderLet us hold each other."

While feeling delighted that Matt hasn't lost any of his considerable talent and if anything he thought the performance was one of his best yet, as it wasn't the usual ballad he usually sung, he couldn't help but focus on Tobias and tried his best to listen to any flaws and mistakes in the boys performance, but so far and with the singing and piano being a distraction, he couldn't hear any and was suitably impressed, although he would go over all three performances again later and listen to each individually once he had some free time to get on his computer.

"Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
Hold back the river so I
Can stop for a minute and be by your side
Hold back the river, hold back
Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes
Hold back the river so I
Can stop for a minute and be by your side
Hold back the river, oh."

Apart from loving the whole performance and mostly focusing on his boyfriend, Ben couldn't help but notice their brother taking quite a few lingering glances at their friend and despite the distance between them, he could swear he saw his shorts moving a little bit and again wondered just what was going on with his brother and their two friends, because it was obvious their was an attraction, but it was also obvious that his brother was straight and his attempts to get a girlfriend had so far been very amusing, but just as he starts thinking about it all, he realises that the song is almost over and focuses back on his boyfriend, who he could see was staring straight at him and he couldn't help but blush a little bit.

"Lonely water, lonely water won't you let us wander
Let us hold each other
Lonely water, lonely water won't you let us wander
Let us hold each other."

"Very, very good performance from each of you and a great improvement on the piano Mr Walker, I know it isn't your favourite, but you did a fine job." Mr Morgan states after letting the class settle down, it really was a great performance and decided to praise each both separately.

"Thank you Sir." Wesley responds in a proud tone, he knew it wasn't a perfect performance, but he was happy that his teacher was impressed with his improvement.

"Mr Summers, well Matt, that was very impressive and a nice change of genre and you should be very proud of yourself." Mr Morgan then says as he turns to the young boy and once again wondered if he would have to change how he addressed his students or at least the Summer boys as it was going to be difficult calling them both by their surname.

"Thank you Sir and er... well it's okay if you just call me er... you know like just Matt, I don't mind and some of the other teachers call me that or Matthew anyway." Matt responds as he offers a solution to his teachers obvious problem, he knew his teacher had stumbled twice now on what to call him or his brother and he really didn't mind what he was called, as long as it wasn't Matty, then he was fine.

"Thank you Matt and it will make it a lot easier to tell you off, without risking your brother thinking he is the one in trouble." Mr Morgan then states with a small grin and is pleased when the class laughs, along for both of the brothers.

"Don't worry Sir, I will make sure he doesn't cause any problems." Ben then decides to say as he joins in with the joking and is pleased when he gets a laugh from his teacher.

"Then god help us all Ben." Mr Morgan retorts with a bigger grin, before remembering he had one more boy to talk to and he really didn't want him to feel like he didn't deserve any praise. "Tobias, that was very impressive, I often ask around about students that are joining my class and I have a few friends in England and unfortunately I couldn't find out much about you and what you could do, although Ben did tell me that you could play quite a few instruments and well I think you should be very proud of yourself, because to me that was flawless and I will be looking forward to seeing what else you can do in the future." He then states in a sincere tone as he looks at the now beaming boy and knew that he had boosted the boys confidence.

"I could play the piano if you want Sir." Tobias offers in response with a big smile. "Oh er,,, sorry Sir, I meant to say thank you for your er... nice words." He then quickly adds after realising that he hadn't said thank you to his teacher and he really didn't want to upset him or make him think that he was rude and ungrateful.

"It's okay Mr Summers and I would like to hear you play the piano, but it will have to wait until later in the class, we have quite a bit to get through and I would like to get that out of the way with." Mr Morgan responds in an amused tone, he was already finding the boy endearing and could tell that he wanted to make a good impression.

"Okay Sir." Tobias responds in a happy tone, before following his friend to their seats after he gives him a little nudge.

"Right then, now that we have had a little fun, it's time for the actual work to start and if you could all open your text books and take notes on what I will be saying over the next thirty minutes, then we can make this as painless as possible." Mr Morgan states in a serious tone and can't help but smile as the gets a less than enthusiastic response from the class and understood how they felt, he loved teaching with all his heart, but he would be lying if he said he enjoyed the none practical side of his lessons as much as he enjoyed the practical.

"Relax Mitch." Erica says as she looks at her boyfriend and can't help but smile at how nervous he looks.

"I know, but I've only been here for three weeks and the boss wants to speak with me and that can't be good Erica." Mitch responds as he thinks about what he could have done wrong and just can't think of anything obvious, he had made a few errors, but he had been told everyone makes those for the first few months and was wondering if maybe they were just saying that to make him feel better.

"Mitch I've lost count of the amount of times I have been to see the boss and worrying about it, but nine times out of ten it turns out to be nothing to worry about." Erica then says in a sympathetic tone and knew that no matter what she told him, he was still going to worry about it.

"I know and it will probably just be one of those talks where he wants to know how I'm fitting in and finding the job, but it doesn't help me feel any less nervous Erica." Mitch then decides to say as he gives his girlfriend a loving smile, he really did love her and appreciated what she was saying, but he just couldn't help feeling that something was wrong and that he wasn't going to like what his boss was going to say.

"At least you've been sleeping a lot better recently Mitch, I know you didn't want to see anyone about it, but it has helped and well I'm proud of you." Erica then says after deciding to change the subject and knew that despite the fact he still had a few nightmares, they were a lot more mild and she knew he appreciated her pushing him into getting help.

"I know Erica and thank you for pushing me and the boys have all been great as well." Mitch responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, he knew it was stupid to be embarrassed, but he couldn't help it and was really happy with with how supportive everyone has been, especially his girlfriend and decides to leans across the car and kiss her.

"I'm just glad you can help each other, it's always easier to talk with someone who actually knows what you are going through." Erica then responds with a sincere smile, she could reassure him and love him, but she knew that she couldn't truly understand what it was like to have those kind of nightmares.

"Ben actually told me, that Matt had told him that he felt a lot better about his own nightmares now that he knows someone like me can have them as well." Mitch then decides to admit, he wasn't quite sure how to take that himself and had just told his little brother something nice in response, so he was actually keen to see what his girlfriend makes of it and hoped it would help him understand it.

"It makes sense I guess and I can see why he would feel like that Mitch." Erica responds with a sincere smile, it just amazed her that even when her boyfriend was struggling with something, he still somehow helped the boys with their own issues. "What?" She then can't help but ask when she notices his expression and can't quite make out what he is thinking about.

"I'm going to sound like a complete idiot Erica, but I don't really get what he means by 'someone like me' I mean is that er... well is that good or bad?" Mitch asks in response, he couldn't imagine his little brother or Matt saying anything negative about him, but at the same time he didn't see how he could take it in a positive way.

"You really don't get it?" Erica then can't help but ask, she knew he had been through a lot and that he was stressed out and nervous about his meeting with his boss soon, but she thought it was pretty obvious what Matt had meant by that statement.

"Seriously Erica, I know I'm being an idiot and it's probably obvious, but help me out a little please?" Mitch answers in a pleading tone, he really would like to get it off his mind before he met with his boss and just concentrate on that.

"Mitch you're like a god to those boys, you're who they want to be when they grow up and they love you, so for someone as amazing and perfect like you to be going through something they can relate to, well that just makes them realise that they aren't weak or pathetic because of it, because you aren't either of those things to them Mitch." Erica explains with a warm smile, which widens when see sees her boyfriend smiling for the first time since he got in the car with her.

"I love you." Mitch quickly responds, before just as quickly leaning across and kissing his girlfriend passionately, he knew once she explained it to him, he would feel like an idiot for not working it out himself and was hoping she wouldn't tease him about it.

"I love you too Mitch, but unless you want to go to your meeting with a hard on, then we better stop." Erica then responds after reluctantly breaking her boyfriends passionate kiss, which was easier said than done after he had started to rub her thigh and it took all of her willpower to stop it from going any further.

"Well it might be a good way to distract him from whatever I have done wrong." Mitch then says after taking a few moments to calm himself down, the last thing he wanted to do was get caught with his girlfriend in a car outside the station.

"Okay Mitch, let's make a bet." Erica then suggests after deciding to take a different approach in getting her boyfriend to relax.

"Seriously?" Mitch asks in response, before seeing his girlfriends expression. "Fine, but you know you aren't going to win every bet we make." He then says with a small grin, so far he had lost every single bet they had made together and while it annoyed him a little bit, the fact that the prize for the winner was always something they could both enjoy kept it fun for both of them.

"We will see." Erica responds with a big grin. "But anyway Mitch, the bet is that if your boss gives you a bollocking for whatever reason, then you win and get to pick what we do tonight and if he doesn't rip you a new one, then I get to pick, so take it or leave it Stud." She then states with a big grin and despite knowing he was still nervous, she wasn't going to go easy on him and she knew he loved when she took control like this and just loved him even more for being so amazing.

"You have such a nice way with words Gorgeous." Mitch decides to say in response, he knew stalling on answering her offer would annoy her a little bit and knew she loved when he played hard to get, even if it isn't sexual.

"You going to take the bet or should I see if Carter wants to come round and watch a movie tonight?" Erica quickly asks with a wicked grin as she enjoys her boyfriends reaction, she knew even though he denied it, he was a little jealous of the smaller boy and always enjoyed using him to get her boyfriend to do something, although she also knew he took it in good spirit and knew that he could easily use Tobias to make her blush and they both enjoyed teasing each other.

"Like you could get him away from Wesley these days Erica, but we have a bet and all joking aside Erica..." Mitch begins to respond with a smile, but trails off for a few moments. "Erica thank you for everything and I don't just mean for today." He then says in a sincere tone as he looks at his girlfriend with a shy smile.

"Everyone needs somebody to look after them Mitch and we have each other now, so give me another kiss and then get that cute and sexy arse of yours to work." Erica responds with a caring smile as she meets her boyfriend half way and kisses him.

"Love you." Mitch then says after breaking their kiss, he was so used to being the one that was there for others and even though he hadn't realised it before, he was now aware that he needed someone to be there for him and he was so happy that he had his girlfriend in his life and she seemed to always know what to say and how to help him with anything that was bothering him.

"I love you too, now get going Mitch and quit stalling." Erica responds with a loving smile and knew that he wasn't even aware that he was stalling and knew that he needed her to push him.

"Okay Gorgeous." Mitch responds with a grin, he wasn't even aware that he was stalling, but was glad that his girlfriend never walked on eggshells around him and quickly gives her a goodbye kiss, before getting out of her car and heading towards the station.

One Hour Later

"That's weird." Wesley states as he looks over to their friends and can't help but notice something and it wasn't the first time he had noticed it either recently.

"What?" Carter asks in a curious tone, he had quickly looked around and he couldn't see anything that was weird or even remotely interesting and wondered if he was missing something obvious.

"Check Peter out Carter." Wesley responds as he pretends to pay attention to Miss Lee and despite her being his favourite teacher, he was finding the lesson quite boring so far and it was only because of that, that he noticed his friend and more specifically something unusual about him.

"What? He looks fine to me and he already told us how he got that cut on the side of his head." Carter then says after checking over his friend quickly and despite the cut, he couldn't see anything weird about him.

"Seriously Carter?" Wesley the asks in a surprised tone. "He isn't hard Carter, he always gets a boner in this class and this isn't the only time he hasn't had one with the female teachers recently." He then decides to just explain after seeing the blank look on his boyfriends face and knew he didn't get it.

"So? I don't see what's so..." Carter then begins to respond before his boyfriends words sink in and he couldn't help but give their friend another quick look. "That is weird." He then adds as he tries to work out what it means or even if it meant anything, because despite loving his boyfriend with all his heart, he didn't get hard every time he was near him, although as he thought about him he could feel himself actually getting hard and quickly blushed a little.

"Stop thinking about my arse Carter, you can have that tonight." Wesley then says with a grin, as he can't resist teasing his boyfriend after looking down to see his shorts starting to tent.

"Shut up!" Carter quickly responds, but quickly blushes even more after saying it a little too loud and sees everyone, including their teacher looking at him.

"Excuse me Carter?" Miss Lee states in a serious tone, she had never had any trouble with the boy before, although she could tell by his red face that he hadn't meant to speak so loudly and despite it being a little amusing, she couldn't help but wonder if having the to boys in the same class was a good idea or not.

"Sorry Miss." Carter responds nervously, he rarely ever got in trouble and wasn't quite sure what to do or how to respond properly.

"Don't let it happen again Carter, otherwise I will have to reconsider your seating arrangements." Miss Lee then states in a serious tone and despite knowing the two boys were boyfriends, she wasn't going to let them disrupt her class.

"Sorry Miss." Carter responds in a more subdued tone, he never got in trouble in class and felt embarrassed and also a little angry at his boyfriend for provoking him, they didn't have many class together and he didn't want to get split up from him in the classes they did share.

"Way to go Beautiful." Wesley then teases his boyfriend, although if he knew how badly his boyfriend was taking being told off, he would have know that he shouldn't be teasing him.

"Shut up Wesley, it's your..." Carter quickly starts to respond, before being interrupted.

"Carter, what did I just tell you? See me after class and you can stay as well Wesley." Miss Lee states in a stern tone, again she didn't want to separate the boys, but she would if they carried on disrupting her class.

"Sorry Miss." Wesley quickly apologises as he suddenly realises how serious this might be and can't help but feel like a complete moron for getting his boyfriend in trouble by teasing him.

"Don't let it happen again boys." Miss Lee responds as she looks at the two boys and can see that they were both genuinely sorry. "That goes for everyone else as well, so I don't want to hear another word." She then adds in the same stern tone she used a few minutes earlier, before carrying on with the lesson.

"Sir?" Mitch can't help but ask in a confused tone, as he just sits and stares at his boss on the other side of the desk, he had been waiting around just over an hour waiting for what he assumed was a lecture of some sort, but he definitely wasn't expecting this at all.

"Normally it would be several months, if not years before you are considered for a specialised role Mitch." Bob states as he gives the young man a measured look, he was definitely promising and showed a lot of potential so far, even if he had made mistakes, but those weren't anything that near enough every officer hadn't made themselves when starting out, but he was still a little surprised that he had been basically head hunted so soon and even though he understands why now, he wasn't sure if it was the right time for the young man to go into something like this.

"I don't understand Sir." Mitch responds after a few moments, he was trying to work out what his boss was saying and despite the fact he was clearly not in trouble, he was still unsure of what exactly his boss meant by specialised role.

"As you know from your interviews and training so far Mitch, there are many career paths in the police force and many specializations, like forensics and things like working undercover." Bob starts to explain before pausing for a few seconds to let his words sink in. "But as I said just now, it usually takes years for someone to move into those fields." He then adds and decides to see what the young man says before saying anything else, just to see if he was following him so far.

"I know Sir and I have thought about a few possibilities, but I'm still not sure what this has to do with me now, like you said, it will probably be at least a year before I can seriously think about those options." Mitch responds in a confident tone, he was starting to wonder if this was some sort of random test, just to see if he had been paying attention and decided to just try and answer everything his boss asked him as honestly and clearly as possible.

"Mitch, I'm going to be honest with you and say that I don't think you're ready for what I'm going to be offering you and if you refuse, I wouldn't think any less of you and if anything, I would respect you more." Bob decides to say before again pausing, but this time just to gauge the young man's reaction to what he had just been told. "How do you feel about joining our 'Child Abuse Team' Mitch?" He then asks after deciding to just get to the point and not confuse and worry the young man and even though he knew he had to show him something and knew it would influence his decision, he wanted to see what he thought before he showed him the photo's.

"Sorry Sir, but er... what does that mean?" Mitch asks in response as he tries to process what he has been told and despite pretty much being able to guess what it was, he wanted to make sure he knew exactly what his boss was offering before he could make a decision.

"As I explained earlier Mitch, you would normally carry on with your current training and gain experience over the next few months and years, where you will then either choose or in some cases be what people called Head Hunted for the many fields and roles available for you, but even though it has barely been a month, your call about Conner Smith and your tip off in regards to Andrew Smith, proved to be extremely helpful and resulted in two convictions, so you've caught the eye of Senior Sergeant Hopkins and he has expressed a very strong interest of adding you to his team." Bob explains as he continues to gauge the young man's reaction to everything he has told him so far and despite still having reservations about his age and experience in regards to joining what he considers one of the hardest jobs in the force, he was impressed with how he was handling himself right now.

"I'm not experienced enough for that kind of role though Sir, I mean sorry Sir, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I thought that would require years and years of experience to be just considered for the role." Mitch responds in a nervous tone, he had tried to stay confident, but lost his nerve a little as soon as he thought that he was being disrespectful and just hoped he hadn't made a mistake.

"Relax Mitch, this isn't an interview or an interrogation and for what it is worth, I agree that you're not experienced enough and I wouldn't have even brought this to your attention in normal circumstances." Bob then says and again just like before, he waits for the young man to process what he has said so that he could gauge his reaction, he still wasn't sure about this and knew that the pictures were difficult to look at and knew they would be even worse for the young man.

"Normal circumstances Sir?" Mitch then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, he had noticed the folder in front of his boss as soon as he sat down and while he hadn't taken notice of what was written on it, he now took another look and could feel his stomach tighten a little bit, with how the conversation had gone and his two former friends being brought up, he was starting to get a good idea of what was in the folder and he wasn't sure if he could stomach seeing them if he was right.

"Mitch we can end this conversation now and we won't talk about it again, I can see that you have a good idea of what is in the folder and you don't have to look and I will take care of Senior Sergeant Hopkins and explain that you don't feel that you're experienced enough at this moment in time and that in the future it would something that you would like to consider." Bob then decides to say after seeing the young man's reaction and also noticing his glances towards the folder laying in front of him and could see that he had figured it out.

"Are they bad?" Mitch then asks in a quiet tone, his head was starting to spin a little after hearing his boss as good as confirm what was in the folder and despite finding the thought of seeing them disgusting, he couldn't help being curious and started to wonder if he should take up the offer, if he was in that role than maybe he could do some real good and maybe even help Matt if he could find and destroy the photos and videos of him that were out there somewhere.

"Mitch, I can't show them to you unless you agree to join Senior Sergeants team, I know this isn't fair on you, but even if it wasn't for what is in this folder and despite your lack of experience, this is a very good opportunity for you and it's one I think you should consider." Bob states in response, he still wasn't completely sure he would be able to handle being a part of the team and work on what they did day in, day out, but he also knew that the people in that team were some of the best and that he would learn a lot from them.

"I'm not sure Sir." Mitch responds honestly, although his head was spinning, not only from the amazing job opportunity he was getting, but also from the folder and he knew that it contained images of children either undressed or being molested, which then made him wonder if he was capable of being on a team that solely focused on child abuse.

"Take a few minutes to think about it Mitch, it's an amazing opportunity, but not one that will tarnish your reputation if you refuse, I know a few very experienced officers who turned down a position in that team and that includes myself." Bob decides to admit after seeing the confusion on the young man's face and knew that it wasn't just about the position he had just been offered, he had seen the photos and knew that while not blood related to the boy in them, they were living together and they were as good as brothers, so he could only imagine how hard looking at them would be for him.

"How did you find those pictures Sir?" Mitch then decides to ask after thinking about it for a few moments, sure it could just be a coincidence and that is what the team is there to do he guessed, but he was starting to wonder why he was being shown these in particular and if they weren't just random and he actually felt himself getting a little angry if his suspicions about who was in the photo's was right.

"Normally I wouldn't let you anywhere near these Mitch, even more so as they involve someone very close to you, but it was actually your tip off about Andrew Smith that drew Hopkins attention to you and while I strongly disagree with his reasoning, he wanted you to see these to know exactly what you will be focusing on and what you will be seeing if you accept the position." Bob answers honestly, although he instantly realises what he had just let slip about the photo's and although the young man hides his anger well, he could still see it in his eyes and couldn't blame him at all for feeling that way and was impressed with the restraint he was showing.

"They are pictures of Matt Summers aren't they?" Mitch then asks in as calmer tone as he can manage, while looking down at the folder and he can feel his stomach churning.

"I'm really sorry Mitch, you weren't meant to know until you accepted the position and even then I was hesitant to let you see them." Bob answers in a sincere tone and again could only imagine what this must be like for the young man.

"Andy had these?" Mitch then asks in a stunned tone, after realising what else his boss had said and while he knew his friend had gone the same way as Conner had, which is why he had no choice but to report him, he just couldn't believe that he was getting off on pictures of Matt and had actually made attempts to be friends again and realised that it must have been some sick attempt to get to Matt and felt the urge to kill the bastard.

"Unfortunately yes Mitch and also, just because I want to be completely honest with you, Conner Smith also had a couple of photos with Matthew Summers on them and there was also a video that it turns out Conner Smith had shared with Andrew Smith." Bob responds honestly and while he knew he shouldn't be telling the young man any of this, he had already let it slip and now felt like he deserved to know everything and was also using it to test just how he would react to this kind of news and knew it would go a long way in showing if he had what it took to be a police officer in the long run, especially if he did accept the position in Hopkins team.

"They were two of my best friends." Mitch then half mumbles in a quiet tone, although Bob was close enough to hear him and also pick up on the sadness in the young man's voice.

"I wish I could pretend to know how you're feeling right now Mitch, but while we can't talk about it right now, I want you to know that if you ever do need to talk to someone, then my door is always open and just because I actually like you, even if I thought you were a raging homo after seeing your name when you first started here..." Bob begins to say and while he didn't like being interrupted, he was expecting it after saying what he had and was just hoping he got the reaction he was looking for and not angered the clearly upset young man by trying make light of the situation.

"Fucking Jim, I swear I'm going to kill him one day and you can quote me on that Sir." Mitch states in an amused tone as he shakes his head, he hadn't felt like laughing, but his bosses statement instantly brought a smile to his face and once again wanted to knock his friends head off for seemingly telling the whole town that he was a raging homo.

"Jim is a good man and it will be a sad day, but the wake should be worth it I guess." Bob responds with a grin, he has know Jim for a very long time and knew what he was like, so he was more than happy to joke around about him, even if it was a risky subject to joke about, especially given where they were and what their jobs were.

"He is amazing and I love his little brother to bits, so I guess I can't kill him unfortunately Sir." Mitch then states as he thinks about Wesley and wondered if he should give the boys interest in being an officer a mention or not, it would be five or six years before he would even be able to join, so it didn't seem worthwhile right now and decided against saying anything.

"Good to hear Constable Walker." Bob responds with a smile, he was glad to see that despite hearing what he has so far, he was still able to smile and laugh and for him that was a clear indication that he had the mental toughness for the job, although only time would tell if he could handle being on Hopkins team, well if he accepted the position like he thought he would do now and had called him constable to see if he was paying attention still.

"Constable? But I'm only a recruit Sir." Mitch asks in a surprised tone and wasn't sure if it was a genuine mistake or if he was being tested in some way by his boss, he had got the feeling throughout the entire meeting that he was being tested and was sure he was right again.

"You're a recruit right now and will remain that until you complete your training, however if you take the position in Hopkins team, then you will be moved to constable as that is the lowest rank that can join that team, so have you made up your mind Mitch?." Bob asks after clarifying why he had referred to him as constable and not recruit, while at the same time being pleased that despite everything, the young man was still paying attention and was focused.

"It was one option I would have considered moving into when I gained more experience Sir, you know after everything that has happened to my family, so if the Senior Sergeant really thinks that I have something to offer to his team, then I would like to accept and prove him right Sir." Mitch answers after taking a few moments to quickly go over it again in his head, it was a fantastic opportunity and he had always lived his life with a no regrets philosophy and didn't want to start now.

"Then I will arrange a meeting between you and the Senior Sergeant for tomorrow Mitch." Bob states with a smile, before looking down at the folder and can't help but think about what is in there. "Mitch I want you to look at these now and take your time, you don't have to worry about working today because your mind won't be on it and it will give you a chance to think about tomorrow and any questions you might have for the Senior Sergeant." He then suggests and while he could see the initial surprise on the young man's face, the look of dread quickly replaces it as he pushes the file over to him.

"Meeting Sir?" Mitch quickly asks and can't help but be a little surprised, he thought the job was his and now he had to have a meeting about it, although he was also letting himself be distracted as he slowly opened the file and was relieved to just see a page with some information on it and not one of the pictures straight away.

"The position is yours Mitch, but you will still have to meet him in person and he will go through everything that you need to go through before it becomes official." Bob explains as he watches the young man opening the file and could see that he was nervous, which he couldn't blame him for, he hated seeing things like those himself and .

"Oh Matt." Mitch then says in a heartbroken tone, he could see the fear and shame on the boys face in each photo as he looked through the folder and just wanted to hold and comfort him.

"Mitch look through them all and take as much time as you need, I will be right here and if you want to say anything and I mean anything, then it will be just between the two of us and it won't leave this room." Bob then offers as he sees the young man's expression darken and he could imagine the thoughts going through his head and started to question whether he should have let him see the file and could only feel relieved that he had refused to let him see the video, as he knew that would be going to far and as much as he respected his colleague and Hopkins was a close friend as well, he definitely didn't agree with him on showing him that.

"This are everywhere aren't they Sir and the videos as well aren't they?" Mitch then asks, although he said it more as a statement than an actual question, he knew the answer already and could feel his stomach churning even more when he turns over to the next photo and quickly shuts the file.

"We can shut down sites and pages with those pictures Mitch, but given how long those pictures and videos have been out there, it's virtually impossible to remove or destroy all of them and that is just the stuff on the internet, people would have downloaded them and printed the photos and copied the videos." Bob answers honestly and genuinely wishes he could lie to the clearly heartbroken young man, but he knew it would be pointless and he also knew that if he was going to be able to handle his new position, then he would have to be able to handle this as despite not letting him see the video of Matthew Summers, it would only be a matter of time before Hopkins was going to get him to view it and knew it would be make or break for the young man.

"I know, but he doesn't..." Mitch then starts to say before trailing off, he just couldn't believe what Mr Jones had made him do and he knew there were a lot more photos and he definitely didn't want to see the video, although he didn't think his boss would have mentioned it unless at some point he might have to watch it.

"I don't really want you to look through the file Mitch, but if you're serious about taking the position in Hopkins team, then you will undoubtedly view worse things and well I think you need to see the rest of the photos and then look through them again, because if you can't then I will let Hopkins know and you can continue your current training with my full support." Bob then offers after deciding to give the young man another chance to reconsider and just carry on with his current training, the only people who knew about this was them and Hopkins and he knew full well that his friend understood that some people just weren't capable of doing that kind of work and doesn't think any less of someone for admitting that, their friendship was living proof of that.

"I want to do this Sir and well it's just harder because I know him and he is just the sweetest little boy and I want to stop people doing this to other kids." Mitch responds as he gives his boss a long look, before opening the file again and looking through the photos.

"So the eating what you like and being lazy thing lasted long Jordan." Wesley states with a small grin as he sits opposite his friend at the table and can't help but notice that he had slimmed down quite a lot since his boyfriends birthday a couple of months ago.

"Yeah what's up with that Jordan, I thought you weren't going to start getting fit until next year?" Alex then asks in a curious tone as he swats away Peter's hand under the table, he was once again having to resist his friends confusing signals and wondered if it was worth them having their conversation earlier, especially if his friend insisted on trying to touch him every chance he got.

"Honestly, I was going to just carry on pigging out, but getting constantly hassled about it was taking all the fun out of it and well screw it, I'm just going to get fit again and well that's it really." Jordan answers after giving his two friends a measured look, neither were really close friends, but he did like them and he appreciated them making the effort to talk to him, although to his amusement he is sure that Alex is having a little trouble with Peter, who hadn't said a word yet, but was definitely doing something under the table and noticed Alex jumping a little bit occasionally.

"Fair enough and I know we have teased you Jordan, but I'm glad you're getting fit, are you swimming or something?" Wesley then decides to ask as he apologises to his friend, just in case his teasing had caused him to start getting fit sooner than his friend had obviously wanted to, although he was also curious about how his friend was exercising and what he was doing.

"Yeah I have been doing quite a lot of swimming and the usual sit up and press ups, but the running is the main thing that is doing the trick." Jordan responds as he gives his friend an appreciative look, he always liked when someone took a genuine interest in what he was doing and could tell that his friend was doing that.

"If you want I can help you with a routine, I mean you sound like you have it sorted already, but you would be doing me a favour as well Jordan." Alex then suggests after swatting his friends hand away again and ignores his pouting as he takes an interest in his other friends fitness.

"Couldn't hurt I guess, but how is it helping you out?" Jordan asks in response and although he pretty much had a routine, it couldn't hurt to get a second opinion and was curious about what his friend had just said.

"I'm seriously thinking about being a personal trainer and well it would give me a lot of experience if I can learn the practical side of things now." Alex answers with a slight blush and this time when he feels Peter's hand grab his, he lets him take a hold of it and despite knowing he shouldn't, he could only resist for so long before he always gave into his friends persistence.

"Yeah Jordan, he is already helping me and Ben and once Matt is able to take part, he is going to train him as well." Peter then says after finally breaking down his friends resistance and could now join in the conversation and was always happy to tell everyone how amazing his friend was.

"Really?" Jordan asks in an impressed tone and although he didn't really need the help, he was willing to help his friend out, although the mention of Matt put a slight dent in his enthusiasm.

"You can do it separately from the others Jordan and I think having too many people in one go would be counter productive anyway, wouldn't it Alex." Wesley then decides to say as he quickly sees the slight apprehension on his friends face and he knew how awkward it was for him and Matt to spend too much time around each other and he wanted to try and offer a solution.

"Yeah sure, I mean I was actually going to do Peter on his own when Matt is ready and put him and Ben together, so it would be better one on one Jordan." Alex responds in a serious tone, although his friends expressions confuse him and he can see that Peter was blushing a little bit and wondered what was going on. "What?" He then asks in a confused tone.

"You just told them that you wanted to do me on on my own." Peter decides to whisper in his friends ear, before leaning back and giggling as his friend turned bright red.

"Well anyway, it sounds good to me Alex, but I'm still going to do my running, it just relaxes me and I like how quiet it is." Jordan then decides to say as he changes the topic to something less embarrassing for his friend.

"How is running relaxing or quiet?" Carter asks after walking over and nudging his boyfriends shoulder with his hip. "Move your arm please." He then asks him, before smiling as he quickly slides over him and sits on his lap.

"No problem Beautiful." Wesley responds with a loving smile, before wrapping his arms around his boyfriends stomach after he had made himself comfortable in his lap.

"That's just too adorable." Jordan then states with a smile, he honestly thought it was sweet and also brave, because even with Wesley being well Wesley, it was still something that would draw attention to them and it wasn't all positive.

"I'm his boyfriend and I feel safe and happy in his arms, so I don't care what anyone else says." Carter decides to state in a contented tone as he feels his boyfriends fingers gently drawing little patterns around his stomach. "Anyway Jordan, answer my question about the running." He then states as he remembers what he asked and still didn't see how anyone could find it either of the things his friend had said.

"Well I run at night, so the park is nice and quiet and well it's just really relaxing because of the stars and the birds making well er... bird noises." Jordan responds, but straight away he can see his ex boyfriends face change from happy to shocked and sees that Wesley was giving him the same look.

"You going running on your own in the park at night time?" Carter quickly asks in a concerned tone, he was hoping he was just overreacting and his friend meant like after dinner or something and not really late.

"Yeah, what's wrong with that?" Jordan asks in response as he gives his ex boyfriend a confused look.

"How late are we talking Jordan?" Wesley then decides to ask, he was surprised his friend would be so careless, especially after everything he had been through, so he like his boyfriend was hoping he was just misunderstanding his friend.

"It varies, but like nine or ten and I run for about an hour, sometimes a bit longer if I get carried away and lose track of time." Jordan again answers honestly and still doesn't understand why his friends were getting so worried, he had been doing it for the past month and it was fine.

"Do your parents know you go out alone like that?" Alex then decides to ask, although he wasn't as concerned as the other two and knew people often ran late in the evening and early at night, although admittedly they were adults and his friend was only twelve, but if his parents were fine with it, then he didn't see the problem.

"Not at first and they weren't happy that I hadn't told them, but I have my phone on me and I stay in the open." Jordan responds as he slowly starts to understand their concern and actually conceded that they had a point, but he had been fine and his parents wouldn't let him go if they were concerned about it.

"His parents wouldn't let him do it if they didn't think it was safe." Peter then decides to say after being briefly distracted by his friend gently squeezing his hand and instantly feeling himself getting hard, but was now trying his best to ignore it and hope that they wouldn't have to get up any time soon.

"Can't you just run when it's light though." Carter then asks and despite understanding what had been said, he still thought it was a stupid risk to take and couldn't stop himself worrying about his ex boyfriends safety.

"I guess so, but honestly Carter, if I didn't think it would be safe, then I wouldn't do it, so quit worrying about me okay and well I promise to not do it as much from now on." Jordan responds in an appreciative tone, anyone else and he would have been annoyed, but his ex boyfriend was different and he was the one person he would always listen to.

"Sorry if I'm being over the top Jordan, but I don't want anything to happen to you and well, I just don't want that." Carter then states in a sincere tone as he looks to his ex boyfriend with a shy smile, they may not be together any more, but he would always have a place in his heart and if anything ever happened to him, then he knew it would hit him hard.

"I know and well I'm still going to do it Carter, but I promise that it won't be all the time and I will be even more careful than I already have been." Jordan responds as he reaches out with his arm and extends his his little finger and smiles as his ex boyfriend reaches out with his own and locks his little finger with his.

"Mitch goes running at night sometimes I think, not sure if he does it at the park, but you could see if he would run with you Jordan and it doesn't even have to be together, it would just be a lot safer if he was close by." Wesley then suggests as he remembers that Mitch often went running and also remembering that his friend gave the impression that he liked running alone and thought he came up with a decent idea.

"I will see, but can we talk about something else please?" Jordan asks in response, he really appreciated the concern, but he was starting to feel like he was being hassled and he really didn't like that feeling.

"How's Tobias and Matt doing today?" Alex decides to ask, so far he hasn't had a class with either of them and apart from seeing them just after Tobias had put Jarred firmly in his place, he hadn't seen either since and was genuinely curious.

"I think Tobias has struggled a little, but only in being worried that he would mess up his words, but everyone has a good idea of what he had been through and it's impossible to not like him." Wesley decides to answer as he thinks about their friend struggling a little bit when he had to introduce himself to each class he had been in so far, but from what he could tell, the other kids thought he was okay and kind of funny and the fact he was pretty amazing on the piano and guitar will definitely help him in the popularity department once that gets around.

"I'm glad and I heard he pretty much owned the guitar and piano in your music class." Alex then says as he remembers hearing a few of the other kids talking about it. "What about Matt?" He then asks, after realising that no one had mentioned him and hoped there wasn't a reason for that and that it was just because they got distracted with Tobias.

"He is doing okay now, but he really struggled in the first couple of classes, but once he got into the music class, well he was amazing and sang Hold Back the River and it was so good and I love how he can sing any kind of song." Wesley then decides to answer after being in all his friends classes so far and was just happy that both his friends were settling in well.

"I know I don't know him as well as any of you, but I'm really happy that Matt is okay and I just wish I got to hear him." Alex then states in a sincere tone and he really had come to like all his new friends and just felt like the luckiest person in the world, because after what he had done to Carter, he never thought any of them would really ever fully accept him and yet they have and he couldn't be happier with his new life.

"Where are they anyway?" Jordan then decides to ask, he had noticed they weren't out of the school straight away, but just passed it off as nothing, but break was almost over and they still hadn't come out yet.

"Matt wanted to see Mr Morgan about something in private and Ben is with Tobias across the field to meet some girl he likes." Carter answers with a grin, their friends attempts at meeting and talking to girls were hilarious so far and a part of him wished he could see how this encounter went, but Ben had made it clear that they weren't to go anywhere near them and despite still being tempted, he and his boyfriend respected them too much to break their promise.

"Any girl with a pulse is a girl that Tobias likes, but seriously guys, I would love to see how he messes this one up." Alex then states in an amused tone, his friends attempts with the opposite sex were just so funny and even though he did feel sorry for him, he also admired his persistence and how he didn't let it get him down.

"Girls are so annoying." Peter then mutters, he had started to get some attention from the girls since he had been working on his fitness and had changed his hair style and learned out to pluck his eyebrows the right way and while at first he thought it would be amazing, he was quickly learning that he found girls really annoying and boring.

"You're seriously the gayest straight person ever Peter." Alex then states and smirks at his friend pouting at him, he had said it many times and meant it each time.

"You mean all those girls that I have seen talking with you didn't lead to anything Peter?" Jordan then asks, he could see that while his friend was never going to be like a stud, he had a unique and nice look and he was friends with enough girls to know that his friend was getting noticed and especially recently with his new confidence and style, so he was surprised that he wasn't enjoying that attention.

"I kissed a couple but they were rubbish and I thought one of them was trying to suck my lungs out or something and they don't like touching or being touched, I mean Alex let's me touch him and he touches me, so why don't girls?" Peter asks in response and instantly blushes when he realises what he just said and felt his friends hand pull away from his own.

"Come on Alex, we know about you two and how you fool around, so give him a break, you know he didn't mean any harm." Carter quickly states after seeing their friends reaction and while he couldn't blame him, because he would be a little angry in his position as well, but they all knew that Peter didn't have a nasty bone in his body and often let slip embarrassing things unintentionally.

"Sorry Alex, but well it's just confusing and I don't understand these sort of things, I mean I asked my mum why girls won't let me touch them and she went really red and shouted at me about not getting a girl pregnant and well I don't get it, how would I get a girl pregnant by touching her boobies?" Peter then asks in a confused and frustrated tone, he just had so many questions and confusing feelings, that he didn't know what to think.

"Holy shit Peter, you're just fucking awesome." Jordan then states in an amused tone, his friend was funny enough with how accident prone was, but the way he seemed to say the most embarrassing things and not even realise he was doing it, was even more amusing and he was struggling not to drop to the floor and laugh his arse off.

"Guy, I'm going to take him somewhere and try and explain it to him okay, see you all later." Alex then states after deciding that while it was funny, he really needed to talk to his friend and thought that he had embarrassed himself enough, without explaining things to him in front of everyone.

"I made a fool of myself again didn't I?" Peter then asks in an embarrassed tone after seeing all his friends trying their best not to laugh, but he knows he had just said something stupid again and just wished he thought before he spoke more often.

"Yeah, but it's okay and it's not like any of us are any better and besides, I think you're cute when you blush." Alex responds before getting up and smiles when his friend does the same.

"See you later and seriously Peter, it's okay and you know we all like you, so don't be embarrassed." Carter then says and smiles as his two friends walk away and couldn't help but notice that they were actually holding hands.

"Jeez, you can't honestly tell me that those two aren't boyfriends, I mean look at them." Jordan then says after watching their friends walking away, while holding each others hand.

"I think they will be soon, Peter is changing and I just hope Alex hangs in there long enough." Wesley states before turning his attention back to his boyfriend and despite being in the playground, he slowly and gently works his fingers under his boyfriends shorts and underwear waistbands and grins as he feels his boyfriend shift a little bit and knew that he couldn't stop him, well not unless he wanted to draw attention to them, so he slowly reaches lower and begins to slowly play with his soft penis.

"I don't know, with all they have done, well I don't know." Carter then says, their friends sexuality was becoming a pretty interesting talking point for them all, but no one was completely sure of what he will end up being and he and his boyfriend already made a secret little bet on it and win or lose, he was looking forward to the prize.

"Anyway, I need the toilet, so see you guys in class." Jordan then says and although he didn't really need to go, he could see that Wesley's hands were below the table. "Oh and get your hands out of his pants Wesley, because the tables are that high." He then decides to say after getting up and couldn't help but smirk at their faces and knew they thought they didn't think anyone would notice.

"Shit, get off me Wesley you moron." Carter quickly states, he was enjoying his boyfriends fingers playing with his penis and balls, but if their friend noticed, then anyone could and despite being out as a couple, he didn't want to be that out to everyone.

"See you later guys." Jordan then says before walking away with a shake of the head, he really thought they were a good match and despite still being a little jealous, he was happy for them and knew his ex boyfriend was happy.

"Like you were complaining." Wesley then states, after deciding that he wasn't quite ready to let his boyfriend go and moved his fingers a little further down.

"Oh you fucking dare Wesley, we're in the middle of the fucking playground." Carter quickly states in an unimpressed tone, before pulling his boyfriends hands out of his pants and shorts, it was one thing for him to play around with his penis and balls, but he wasn't going to let him finger him and was a little angry that he would try.

"I was only messing around Carter and besides, we have the whole night for me to play with your cute bum." Wesley whispers in response, he knew he was going a little too far and just hoped he hadn't crossed a line, he knew his boyfriend was getting more confident, but there were limits and he knew he needed to be more sensible.

"Just don't mess around like that again Wesley." Carter responds, he could tell that despite his boyfriend trying to lighten the mood, that he was genuinely sorry for what he was doing and he just loved him so much. "I think I'm almost ready, you know to er... well return, I mean to give you something of mine." He then says and while starting out okay, he quickly realised where they were again and knew he sounded like an idiot again and could see his boyfriend grinning a little bit.

"Carter, just take your time, we have all the time in the world, but we better head to class now." Wesley responds and despite finding his boyfriend messing up what he wanted to say amusing, this really wasn't the time or place for that conversation, even if he did find it exciting and had been wondering what it would feel like to be the one giving and not receiving, but he was patient and didn't want to hurt his boyfriend.

"Okay, but I meant what I said and I love you Wesley." Carter then says in a sincere but shy tone, before getting up and quickly adjusting himself, he wasn't hard, but he was definitely a little excited after his boyfriend had spent the last five minutes fondling him.

"I love you too Beautiful." Wesley responds before adjusting himself after realising that he was a little more excited than he thought he was, but as soon as he gets up and feels his boyfriend taking his hand into his own, he quickly forgets about it and starts to walk towards their next class.

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