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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 13

October 2015

"I don't quite understand what you're asking me Matt." Mr Morgan states as he gives the boy a curious look and while he wanted to help, he wasn't sure how or why the boy was asking him about his hand.

"I know you can't fix it, but you know loads about music and well there must have been like er... well people who had accidents and hurt their hands right?" Matt then asks as he tries to explain himself a little better this time, although he had no idea why this was so hard, it sounded so simple when he came up with the idea to talk with his teacher, but it was now proving anything but easy right now.

"I'm sure there has been Matt, but I'm still not quite sure what your point is and as much as I want to help you and you know I do Matt, I can't if I don't know what you're asking." Mr Morgan responds in a slightly frustrated tone, he knew the boy was trying his best and he really wanted to help him, but he just couldn't work out what he was asking and knew he was risking upsetting him and that was the last thing he ever wanted to do to the poor boy.

"My hand hurts when I play the guitar or piano too long Sir, you know ever since my er... David hurt me and well I just want to know if there is anything I can do." Matt then says after a few moments and can't help but look at his teacher with a hopeful expression.

"I thought the doctors fixed your hand though." Mr Morgan responds in a confused tone, he knew he had a limp after what the boys dad had done to him, but he was sure Ben had told him that all his over injuries had healed, so he wasn't expecting to hear that he was having problems with his hand and was starting to understand what he was being asked.

"They did and it's pretty good, but when I try to use it too much, it kind of hurts and well I can still play the guitar and the piano, but it hurts and I can't play like I used to be able to play Sir." Matt explains as he gives his teacher the same hopeful look as before, he just knew that musicians must get hand injuries and that they must get it fixed somehow.

"I'm not sure how I can help with that Matt, I mean I want to help you and I'm really sorry to hear that you can't play the guitar or piano like you did before, but I just don't see what I can do to help." Mr Morgan then states in a reluctant tone, he didn't want to upset the boy, but he really didn't see how he could help and he didn't want to give him any false hope.

"Don't you know if like er... you know er... like any really good musicians who hurt their hands and got them fixed so they could play again though?" Matt then decides to ask, although his hopes were quickly fading and he could tell that his teacher was struggling to understand what he was asking him.

"I couldn't name anyone in particular Matt, but there are some things that may help you, but you need to be talking with your doctor about this and not me, because they are the ones who will be able to help you." Mr Morgan responds in a sympathetic tone, he could tell that this was something that really bothered the young boy, but he really didn't know how to help him other than suggesting seeing his doctor.

"Oh okay Sir." Matt then says in a disappointed tone, he wasn't mad at his teacher, but he was hoping he would be able to help him so that he could avoid going to his doctor, he had had enough of doctors for one lifetime and wasn't in any hurry to see another one.

"If it really is important enough to you Matt, than you..." Mr Morgan then begins to say after hearing the disappointment in the boys voice, but he can't help but be surprised at being interrupted.

"I'm already taking painkillers and they don't help and apart from some stupid exercises, there is only surgery and I don't want any more hospital stuff Sir." Matt states in a frustrated tone, before pausing for a few moments to compose himself. "Isn't there anything else I can do Sir?" He then asks in a pleading tone with a look to go with it and Mr Morgan can't help but reach over and take the boys hands into his own after getting up and kneeling in front of him.

"I know you must be sick of exercises Matt and I can't blame you for that, but those stupid exercises will help you, they may not cure the problem, but they will help you okay." Mr Morgan says in a reassuring tone, he just felt so sorry for him and he wanted him to know that he understood what he was feeling. "Matt you really need to talk with your doctor, but the surgery required, well what might be required is quite common for people like secretaries, sportsman and musicians, it's just the nature of those professions sometimes where there is a lot of repetitive movements, so it won't be like what you went through the last time you were in hospital." He then decides to add and can't help but give the boy a sympathetic look, he knew deep down that he himself wouldn't be strong enough to come through what he had endured and then what is still to come for him and he really did admire him.

"I looked online and I didn't really understand it Sir, but my hand was really bad and it's already scarred and stuff..." Matt then begins to say before trailing off for a few moments. "I just want to be normal Tom, I don't want any more scars." He then adds as he gives his teacher a sad look, he rarely ever called him by his first name, but he trusted his teacher and he wanted him to know that.

"I think you should talk with Ben about this Matt, because he will tell you the truth about your scars and for what it's worth, if playing the guitar and piano without being in pain means that much to you, then you shouldn't worry if you get one or two scars to be able to do that." Mr Morgan responds with a sincere smile, it wasn't often that Matt or Ben called him by his first name, but he always felt privileged when they did and he knew what that meant and while he knew he shouldn't have favourites, the two boys were definitely his.

"I know and I really try not to let my scars bother me Tom, but they still do sometimes and having more just feels..." Matt then starts to say before trailing off, he had hoped that talking to his teacher would put his worries to rest, but he was just getting more upset and could feel a few tears rolling down his face.

"Come here." Mr Morgan then says as he pulls the boy to his feet and then into his body for a comforting cuddle, he knew if someone walked in that they could get the wrong impression, but he didn't care and he knew that the boy needed a cuddle and wasn't going to let that get in the way.

"Sorry for calling you Tom, I know we shouldn't do that when in school Sir." Matt then says while he enjoys how safe and comforting his teachers cuddle felt, before smiling as he realises something else and despite still feeling down about his hand, he felt himself feeling a lot better.

"It's okay Matt, it means a lot to me that you and Ben are comfortable enough around me to call me that, but let's not make a habit out of it in school okay." Mr Morgan responds with a caring smile as he lets the boy go and was pleased, if not a little bit surprised to see him smiling.

"Thanks for coming to visit me Sir, it meant a lot and I know that you didn't have to do it and that people might think it was a little weird, but well I really thought it was nice and er... thank you Sir." Matt then says with a shy smile, he just really liked his teacher and he missed the feelings that he feels being around him and although Mike was cool and Mitch was amazing, neither of them filled the void in his life that his dad had left, but while he knew it was stupid and would never become anything, he really needed someone like his teacher in his life right now.

"The bell will be ringing soon, so why don't you get your bag and go find that boyfriend of yours." Mr Morgan then suggests after noticing the time, although he couldn't help but be taken a back by the boys words and he could feel himself smiling with pride.

"Okay Sir." Matt responds with a big smile, he could tell how proud and happy he just made his teacher and decided to tell him about what he had realised a few moments ago. "Guess what though Sir?" He then asks with a cheeky little grin, he was enjoying feeling more like himself again and wanted to keep the mood light.

"What?" Mr Morgan asks after a few moments and couldn't help but be curious about the boys question and wondered if he was being set up for a joke or something.

"We're all alone and you cuddled me Sir." Matt answers with the same grin as before, while at the same time not quite explaining what his point was completely.

"I'm sorry Matt, I forgot all..." Mr Morgan starts to say, before trailing off after seeing the boys expression and suddenly realises that at no point did he freak out and if anything, the boy had relaxed during the cuddle and couldn't stop himself smiling. "You never told me that you managed to get past being alone with a man and letting them hold you." He then states in a proud tone as continues to smile proudly at the remarkable young boy standing in front of him.

"No Tom, you don't get it." Matt quickly states as he decides to be bold and steps forward to cuddle his teacher. "I haven't got over it, I mean I've got better at handling it, but I still struggle to be alone with a man and I freak out if I get too close or one accidentally touches me." He then states as he lets his teacher go and takes a few steps back.

"But you can be alone with me and even cuddle me?" Mr Morgan then asks as he gives the boy a long look, he knew all about the boys issues, so he knew what a big breakthrough this was, as well as a sign of how much he actually meant to the boy as well.

"So far I have only been able to let Mitch and Mike do that, but I really trust you Tom and well I guess I like you too." Matt responds with a slight blush, he doubted the man would ever be anything other than a teacher, but that didn't matter to him and his brain obviously felt the same way.

"You're a very remarkable and resilient young man Matt and I'm very happy to have you back in my class." Mr Morgan then states and is about to cuddle the boy again, when the bell rings and knows that he should get him moving on to his next class.

"Thank you Tom er... I mean Sir and er... well just thank you and you should come to our house at the weekend, Ben's dad really enjoyed talking with you and well only if you want to Sir." Matt then suggests with a blush, while picking his bag up from the floor, he actually wanted to spend a bit more time with him, but it was also an attempt to help his boyfriends dad out, who they both thought could do with a few more friends and hoped his teacher would at least consider it.

"Thank you for the offer Matt and I will give your, well Ben's dad a call during the week about it, now you better hurry up to your next class okay." Mr Morgan responds with a sincere smile, he wasn't sure if he should get too close to the family, although it wasn't because he didn't want to, it was just he got the feeling that Matt was getting a little too attached to him and decided to talk with Mike and Sarah about it at some point.

"Okay and thank you Sir and see you tomorrow." Matt responds with a grin, before walking towards the door, he had almost cuddled his teacher again, but thought better of it and knew he shouldn't be too clingy with him, even if he did enjoy the comfort being around him brought him.

"See you tomorrow Matt." Mr Morgan then says as he smiles at the boy and watches as he leaves the room, before turning around and heading back to his desk.

"Seriously Tobias, just stop trying so hard and don't keep asking stupid questions." Ben says as he gives his brother a shake of the head, they had now talked to three different girls, who had actually came up to them and somehow, one way or another, his brother made them walk away and he just couldn't believe it.

"I'm trying, but it's hard Ben and I just want a girl to like me." Tobias responds in a somewhat deflated tone, he just didn't understand what was happening, he could talk to boys and adults just fine, well not fine, he still sometimes reverted back to messing his words up occasionally, but with girls, well it just somehow kept going wrong.

"Hey Ben." Ashleigh says as she walks over to the two boys and despite knowing he was gay and had a boyfriend, she thought he was hot and sexy.

"Hey Ashleigh, hows it going?" Ben asks in response as he smiles at the girl, he didn't know many girls, but he had always thought she was kind and fun to be around.

"Pretty good, so this must be the famous Tobias everyone keeps talking about." Ashleigh then says as she looks over to the other boy and couldn't help but be impressed and realised that the other girls weren't making it up, although she also couldn't help but wonder if they were telling the truth about the other stuff as well.

"Yeah he is my brother, well he is Matt's brother, but I think of him as mine as well." Ben responds as he gives the girl a smile, while gently nudging his brother with his shoulder.

"Nice to meet you Tobias, I'm Ashleigh." Ashleigh then says as she gives the boy a sweet smile and found the fact he was blushing adorable, although he wasn't quite her type, but she knew her friend Lily would just love him and knew that she would be coming over in a few minutes after giving her the signal.

"Why do you have a boys name if you're a girl?" Tobias asks in a curious tone, before giving his brother a surprised look when he sees him slap his forehead with the palm of his hand.

"I give up, I seriously give up Tobias." Ben then says in a dismayed tone, he just couldn't believe his brother was this bad at talking to girls and couldn't bring himself to look at Ashleigh's reaction.

"Oh wow, well I guess the other girls were telling the truth about that as well." Ashleigh then states in an amused tone, although she found the boy funny and adorable, rather than stupid like the other girls had made him out to be and wasn't going to make fun of him.

"I did it again didn't I?" Tobias then asks as he looks at his brother, before looking down to the ground, all he wanted to do was talk to a girl and for her to like him and all he kept doing was embarrassing himself.

"If you mean saying something stupid, then yeah you did Tobias, but don't worry about it, because I think it's funny and I know Lily will just love you." Ashleigh responds with a smile, which widens when she sees the surprised look on both of the boys faces.

"You aren't going to make fun of him and go tell all the other girls that he's retarded or something?" Ben can't help but ask in a surprised tone, not that he wanted her to do that, but he pretty much guessed that the others had been doing it and while he was getting a little tired of how his brother kept making a mess of things, he didn't want him to be humiliated.

"Not a chance, I don't know everything, but I do know that he has been through a lot over the last couple of years and if making a mess of talking to girls is the worst thing that he has to worry about, then he will be okay." Ashleigh answers honestly, she had heard a few of the other girls say some pretty nasty things about the boy, but she knew his family had been killed and that he been put away in some orphanage that wasn't even in his own country, so she wasn't going to give him any crap and was sure her friend would like him a lot.

"Who is Lily?" Tobias then asks with a small grin, he thought Ashleigh was nice looking, but he got the feeling she didn't like him like that and instead was hoping her friend would like him.

"We have to go in a minute Tobias." Ben then says as he checks his watch. "Ashleigh, maybe we could meet up later today and let them meet then?" He then asks as he turns to the girl with a smile and despite loving his boyfriend, he always liked the fact some girls obviously thought he was hot and it was a nice feeling.

"But I want to meet her now Ben." Tobias then states in a slightly whiny tone, before quickly blushing after realising that he was doing it again and he was really starting to hate this new trait he seemed to have developed and knew his mum didn't like it either.

"It's okay Ben, there is like five minutes and she is now coming." Ashleigh then says after seeing her friend walking towards them and smiles when she sees Tobias eyes light up.

"She is pretty." Tobias then states as he watches the girl walking towards them.

"Every girl is pretty according to you Tobias." Ben states with a smirk, before wincing and holding the back of his head after feeling himself being slapped across it.

"That's my friend Ben." Ashleigh states with a grin and can't help but find his mock pout sexy and again wished that he wasn't gay, he was just so hot and she just knew he was probably a great kisser too.

"Sorry, but it's true, but I'm sorry and she is really pretty." Ben responds in a sincere tone and although they had spoken quite a lot, he was finding himself enjoying being around her a lot more than before after the way she had been around his brother.

"What's Lily's name?" Tobias then asks in a slightly panicked tone as he starts to get nervous.

"He is just the cutest Ben." Ashleigh says in an amused tone at the boys question and could tell that he had no idea how stupid his question actually was.

"Oh dear god." Ben quickly declares as he holds his hands over his eyes and can't bare to watch as Lily finally reaches them.

"Hey Ashleigh, Ben and well you must be Tobias." Lily states in a cheerful tone as she gives her friend a smile, before turning to the very cute and hot boy, who to her delight looked really shy and she just loved boys like that.

"Hey Lily, you're really pretty and I like your bracelets." Tobias responds as confidently as he could manage, although he was having to try everything he could to not say something stupid, including using his elastic band.

"You look really nice as well Tobias and I like your bracelets as well, oh and yours have names on them." Lily then says as she gives the really hot boy a big smile, she had heard the other girls saying that he was some sort of moron and spoke like a baby, but she wasn't going to pay them any attention and liked what she both saw and heard so far.

"Yeah, my brothers got them for me and they have all the peoples names that I love on them." Tobias responds with a shy smile, he thought she was really pretty and for the first time wasn't nervous or saying something stupid to a girl.

"Oh wow." Ben then says in a quiet tone, he was fearing the worst after what his brother had said before the other girl had walked over, but he was happy to be proved wrong and thought his brother was doing just fine.

"Well he is making a good first impression, well better than what he did with me anyway." Ashleigh then says as she watches her friend and the boy talking to each other.

"This isn't some kind of trick though is it Ashleigh?" Ben then asks after they had stepped away from his brother and the other girl, he didn't want his brother overhearing him and knew that he was being over protective.

"Seriously Ben?" Ashleigh quickly responds in an unimpressed tone, she could be a bit mouthy sometimes, but she wasn't mean or a bully and didn't like the idea of other people thinking she was.

"Sorry Ashleigh, but he has been through a lot and so far he hasn't had the best experience with girls and I'm not just talking about him messing up his words or asking stupid questions, so I need to know if Lily is playing some sort of game with him." Ben responds honestly, he didn't get the feeling that they were trying to play some sort of stupid game, but he needed to know for sure and wasn't going to risk his brother being humiliated again.

"Oh shit, so it's true what those older girls made him do in the park that time and that thing with that Beth girl?" Ashleigh then asks, while ignoring his question, it wasn't that she didn't want to answer, but if what those other girls did to Tobias turned out to be true, then she would have to cuddle him, because she had actually made fun of him for that, thinking that it was all made up and felt a little ashamed of herself.

"It's all true, but Ashleigh..." Ben begins to answer before trailing off, after seeing her turn away from him and moving back over to his brother and her friend and couldn't help but be confused.

"What?" Lily asks after her friend whispers into her ear and she can't help but look over to Tobias with a sympathetic expression.

"All that stuff those girls did to him is true." Ashleigh repeats, but this time doesn't bother whispering and can she the shock on her friends and was glad that she seemed to react in the same way as she had, they had been friends since either of them could remember and was glad to see that she was still the same sensitive and caring girl she had always been.

"Oh." Tobias then says and surprises both girls by getting up, while looking upset as his brother quickly walks over and put an arm over his shoulder.

"It's okay girls and well we won't bother you again." Ben then says, he had initially thought Ashleigh was okay, but seeing his brother getting up and on the verge of tears, made him think that they had made fun of him and he didn't want his brother around them for any longer than he had to be.

"Wait, we weren't making fun of him Ben, I promise." Ashleigh quickly states as she moves towards the two boys, who to her relief had turned back to face them.

"Then why is he almost crying?" Ben then asks in a slightly angry tone, neither of the girls seemed nasty, but again this was his brother and he wasn't going to risk him being hurt.

"I don't know, I just told Lily that the stuff about the older girls and Beth was true and he just stood up and then you came over." Ashleigh responds honestly, although if this was anyone else apart from these two boys, then she would just walk away and not bother explaining herself, but she knew what they had both been through and wanted to genuinely be friends with them.

"Tobias, what's going on?" Ben then asks as he turns his brother to face him and can't help but give him a sad smile, it was obvious that it wasn't the two girls and he wanted to find out what was wrong.

"They know what the girls made me do and now they think I'm stupid and pathetic." Tobias answers in a meek tone, he thought he had finally found a nice girl who he could talk to and now she was going to think he was a moron.

"Tobias, look they..." Ben begins to say, but trails off when he watches in surprise as Lily suddenly moves over to his brother and after turning his face, kisses him and he could tell that it wasn't just a quick friendly kiss either. "Oh wow!" He then says as he sees his brother returning the kiss and he just couldn't believe it.

"He must have made a really good first impression, because she never kisses anyone until they have been dating for at least a few weeks." Ashleigh then says in a surprised tone of her own, her friend wasn't a prude or anything, but she definitely wasn't someone who took risks or rushed things and this was definitely out of character.

"Holy shit Ashleigh, you have to kiss him, he is awesome." Lily then states after breaking the kiss and for a boy she assumed had never been on a date, let alone kiss a girl, that was the best kiss that she had ever had.

"Well okay, if you insist." Ashleigh responds with a grin, before quickly moving over to the stunned looking boy and kisses him.

"Okay, get off him right now Ashleigh." Ben then states in a slightly angry tone, as he pulls her off his brother, he wasn't sure what was going on, but he wasn't going to let them use him like a toy.

"Me want go Ben." Tobias then says, he liked the kisses and he really liked kissing Lily, but he, just like his brother, couldn't help but feel like they were messing around with him and he didn't like that at all.

"Oh no, look I'm sorry, I really like you Tobias and I think you're funny and really good looking." Lily quickly states in a sincere tone, she really did like him and didn't want to make him feel like he was being used for their amusement.

"Oh crap, seriously Ben, we didn't mean to upset him and he really is a good kisser, but I shouldn't have done that and I'm really sorry." Ashleigh then says as she realises what they had just done and knowing what the poor boy had already been through, she just felt really bad about what she had just done and could tell that her friend was feeling the same way.

"I just want to go Ben, please?" Tobias then asks as he looks at his brother, he appreciated what the girls were saying, but he was feeling too embarrassed now and what they just did, reminded him of Beth and what happened and he just wanted to get away.

"It's okay Tobias, the bell is now going to ring anyway." Ben responds in a sympathetic tone. "He really likes you Lily and even you Ashleigh, so maybe we can see you tomorrow, but well, we will see you tomorrow okay." He then says as he turns to the two girls and felt a little sorry for them, he knew his brother wasn't angry with them, but he also knew why he wanted to get away and his brother would always come first.

"We will meet you here at the same time, but we really are sorry and we won't do that to him again, I promise Ben." Lily then says, after stopping her friend from talking, she felt like she should be the one to respond and she genuinely liked Tobias and definitely liked kissing him.

"Say goodbye you idiot, she really likes you." Ben then decides to whisper into his brothers ear, after realising that Lily actually seemed to like his brother.

"Goodbye Lily and I er... really do like your bracelets." Tobias then says with a shy smile, he still wanted to just leave, but he did like her and his brother wouldn't tell him to say goodbye, unless he needed to and trusted him.

"Bye Tobias." Lily responds with a big smile, before winking at him and she couldn't help but find him even cuter when he blushed, before being turned around by his brother and led back to their school.

One Week Later

"You okay Wesley?" Ben can't help but ask as he watches his friend walking over to their table, well it was more of a hobble than a walk and wonders what happened.

"I'm fine." Wesley responds and despite trying his best his can't help but blush a little bit, his boyfriend had been a little rough the night before and he was still feeling sore.

"Fucking hell Carter, don't you use lube?" Ben then asks with a big grin, as his other friend sits down after noticing how sheepish he looked and quickly worked out what had probably happened.

"Hey! We're at school Ben." Carter quickly responds in an annoyed tone, although he was just as annoyed at himself as he was his friend, he knew he hurt his boyfriend and despite them both agreeing to trying a new position and for him to go faster, he still felt like it was all his fault.

"But seriously Ben, we tried something new and it went wrong, so just drop it please." Wesley then states before wincing a little as he sits down and again wonders how he was going to get through the rest of the day, it had been a few hours already and he was regretting coming in.

"Okay, but shit Wesley, why didn't you take the day off, you can't even sit down properly." Ben then asks in a concerned tone, he knew he would never have come to school if he hurt like that.

"Oh yeah, I can just imagine it, hey Mum can I stay at home today, my arse hurts because Carter pounded me too hard last night, yeah that is going to happen Ben." Wesley then responds a lot more angrily than he intended and could see his friend flinch a little at the harshness in his voice.

"Hey! He was just asking, so don't bite his head off for worrying about you Wesley." Matt then states as he defends his boyfriend, he wasn't paying much attention to the conversation as he was thinking about something else, but he didn't like anyone talking to his boyfriend like that.

"Can we just start over please, I don't want us to fight." Carter then says in a sad tone, he was still angry at himself and the last thing he wanted, was for everyone to start arguing.

"He's right, look I'm sorry Ben, you know I love you and maybe I should have come up with some excuse to stay at home, but it's too late now and well I'm sorry." Wesley then states in a sincere tone, he really didn't mean to snap at his friend and he really didn't want to fight with them either.

"It's okay and I'm really sorry about making fun of you." Ben responds and can't help but smile as his two friends cuddle up to each others side, before feeling his boyfriend doing the same to him.

"Where's Tobias anyway?" Carter then decides to ask, he wanted to change the subject and move on, while at the same time he was genuinely wondering where his other friend was.

"He's with Jordan, Ashleigh and Lily over the other side of the field." Ben answers with a smirk, he was so happy for his brother and knew he deserved to be happy, although it was still funny to see him around girls and thought Lily was really sweet and patient with him.

"Oh right, he's with her again." Carter then says in a sulky and jealous tone and quickly blushes when he realises what he just sounded like.

"Well, cheers for that Carter." Wesley decides to state in mock annoyance, he knew a normal person would have felt jealous of how his boyfriend just reacted, but he actually felt the same way as his boyfriend, neither of them really understood it or knew why they felt that way, but their friend liking someone else like that bothered them.

"Guys seriously, what's going on with you two and our brother?" Ben then decides to ask in a serious tone as he studies both of his friends expressions, it was obvious they were jealous of Lily and wanted to understand why.

"And don't try to pretend it's nothing, something is obviously going on and I want to know what." Matt then decides to state, he was only half paying attention again, but his friends reactions and his boyfriends question had brought his focus back to what was going on and he just felt like his friends needed to tell them exactly what is going on.

"Shit, we're in school and..." Wesley begins to say, but can't help but look at his boyfriend in surprise when he interrupts him.

"We don't know what it is Matt, but we like Tobias, but it's weird, it's not the same as the way we feel about you two or Alex and Peter, but it's not the same as we feel about each other, I'm not sure what that means and we have talked about it, but we like him okay and well it's just confusing." Carter decides to state in a slightly flustered tone, he knew this wasn't the best time to talk about it, but he was confused about their feelings for their friend and his friends were obviously going to push them to answer their question, so even if they did put them off today, he knew they would just ask again.

"You like him? Like you want him to be both your boyfriend or something?" Ben then asks in a confused tone and couldn't help but imagine how that would work and what people would think about it, especially his brother, who was straight and he wasn't sure what he would make of it at all.

"Well no, but I don't know Ben, we just really like him and we know it's weird and he is straight, but we still like him." Carter responds honestly, he knew that he only wanted one boyfriend and he already had his the perfect one, but there was no denying that they found their friend attractive and enjoyed being with him and the whole thing was just confusing.

"Does he know how you feel and if so, what does he think?" Matt then decides to ask, he was trying to work out his friends explanation, but it just confused him, he could never like someone other than his boyfriend like that and he just didn't get how his two friends could either.

"We have talked about what we do with each other and stuff and he is just as confused as us, he is straight and I think we all know that, but he likes what we have done together and he likes us, but he is definitely straight and well I guess he has a girlfriend now, so there is nothing to really think about now." Carter then says with a slightly disappointed tone, he wasn't sure why he was disappointed, he had the perfect boyfriend and their friend seemed to have found himself a girlfriend and he knew he should be happy about it, but he just couldn't be completely happy for their friend.

"I feel the same way." Wesley then whispers into his boyfriends ear, he knew what he was thinking and even though he was surprised by it himself, he was disappointed that their friend had found a girlfriend.

"Hey guys, what you talking about?" Alex asks after walking over to his friends, although as soon as he sees their expressions, he wonders if he should leave or something.

"What the hell happened to you Peter?" Ben can't help but ask in a surprised tone as he ignores his other friends question and notices Peter's arm and face.

"Ha, you guys are going to love this." Alex then states and relaxes a little as he sits down at the table, he had almost made an excuse to leave after seeing that his friends seemed to be in some sort of private conversation, but he took Ben's question as a sign that they were welcome and he couldn't wait for his friends reaction to what Peter was about to tell them.

"I fractured my wrist." Peter answers in an embarrassed tone, before quickly sitting down and looking down at the table, he felt like a complete idiot and just hoped that no one will ask him what actually happened.

"Oh wow, what happened." Matt then asks in a curious tone, he needed the distraction and the fact Alex was trying not to laugh out loud, had him wondering what happened to their friend.

"Just fractured my wrist, what were you guys..." Peter begins to try and change the subject, but can only blush when Alex starts talking and knows there was no way he was going to get away with no one finding out the truth.

"We were on our way back from the watching a movie and this idiot got hit by a car..." Alex begins to explain with a grin, before being quickly interrupted.

"Oh shit, you got hit by a car Peter?" Ben quickly asks in a concerned tone and although he was focusing on their friend being hurt, he couldn't help but wonder why Alex looked so amused about it.

"Why are you laughing Alex? He got hit by a freaking car." Carter then states as he sees their friend trying not to laugh and just couldn't believe he would act like that.

"Yeah what gives Alex?" Wesley then asks in a suspicious tone, although he knew his friend wouldn't be acting like this if Peter was really hurt and found himself thinking about how accident prone Peter was and could feel himself starting to smile, as he realises that it must have been Peter's fault he got hit by a car somehow.

"Tell them Peter, you got to tell them, they will never believe me." Alex then says as he looks at his friend and starts to chuckle, if he had been hurt badly then he wouldn't joke, but he knew that apart from his wrist and maybe his pride, he was fine and it really was hilarious.

"Come on guys, just tell us will you." Ben then states with a small grin, by Alex's behaviour and the way Peter was blushing, he knew this was going to be funny and couldn't wait to hear what actually happened.

"He got hit by a car, this shouldn't be funny." Carter then states in a serious tone as everyone except Matt, Peter and himself seemed to be either grinning or chuckling.

"Fine Alex." Peter then says as he gives friend a half serious glare. "We were walking through a car park and well we were talking about the movie and well I kind of maybe jumped backwards and well er... kind of well jumped in front of a car and er... well broke my wrist and bumped my head." He then states in an embarrassed tone as he tries to ignore his friend laughing, before turning bright red as he hears the rest of his friends laughing and just felt like a complete idiot, although when he feels his friend taking his hand into his own under the table, he can't help but give him a shy smile.

"Holy shit, that's epic Peter." Wesley finally manages to say after composing himself, anyone else and he would have called bullshit on that story, but he could just imagine him doing it and he just found it hilarious.

"How in the hell do you jump backwards into a car? I mean seriously Peter." Ben then asks in an amused tone and although he was actually worried about his friend, he could tell that he was okay and it was one of the funniest things he had heard in a long time.

"I was just excited and well it just happened you know." Peter answers after trying not to get upset about his friends laughing at him, he knew it was lame and stupid, but he still got hurt and he was hoping they wouldn't make fun of him for long.

"Shit, but you're alright though right?" Carter then decides to ask, he had tried to hide how funny the story was, but it was classic Peter and he was starting to feel a little guilty and thought his friend would appreciate it if he asked how he was doing and he was genuinely hoping he was.

"Yeah, I mean it's really annoying because I'm right handed, so it's hard to do stuff and my head kind of hurts a little still, but I will be okay and I only have to wear this for like 2 months." Peter responds in a slightly more upbeat tone, he was glad his friend asked how he was and was hoping that it would stop the others laughing as well.

"Wait, were you two on a date?" Matt then decides to ask, he could see them holding hands under the table from where he was sitting and it wasn't the first time he had noticed it, so he was genuinely interested and thought that this might be the perfect time to ask them and get a honest answer.

"What?" Alex quickly asks in response and can't help but blush, it wasn't exactly a date, but it wasn't not a date either and he didn't know how to answer.

"Were you two on a date with each other?" Matt then asks again with a knowing smile and couldn't help but find his friends reaction cute.

"Oh shit you two are boyfriends?" Ben then asks in a surprised tone, although their friends relationship was a regular topic of conversation, they could never come to any real conclusion about it and he was excited to see if they would finally get an answer.

"It was sort of a date, but we're just friends guys." Peter then states in a shy tone, he really just wished he could figure his feelings out and a part of him just wanted his friend to take control and tell him that they were boyfriends, because it would be a lot more simple than what they were doing at the moment and he knew that he wasn't ever going to be brave enough to make a decision himself.

"How does that even work, you were either on a date or you weren't guys." Wesley then asks in a confused tone, he wasn't sure what was going on with his friends now, before he could relate because he was confused about his feelings for his boyfriend, but his two friends seemed to just be going around in circles and getting nowhere, despite everything they are obviously doing with each other.

"It's complicated guys so..." Alex then begins to try and explain, only to be cut off almost straight away.

"Okay let's make it simple then Alex, you love Peter and want to be his boyfriend right?" Wesley then decides to ask, after deciding to try to help them out a bit and knew if this didn't work, then they were just going to be friends and nothing more.

"Yeah." Alex responds before giving his friend a shy smile, he really did love him, but he just knew his friend didn't love him back in the same way.

"Okay, so Peter you like sucking cock and Alex doing things to you right?" Wesley then asks, but instead of saying anything, Peter just nods his head and blushes. "You don't like kissing girls though and if Alex found a boyfriend you would be jealous right?" He then decides to ask as he changes tactics a little bit and knew this was the best way to get his friend to be completely honest.

"I think I'm in love with you Alex, I mean I think about you all the time and well I think the stuff we do is amazing and I don't want you doing it with someone else and well you know." Peter then decides to confess as he ignores the question and just turns to his friend with a nervous smile, he wanted to be brave and ask him to be his boyfriend, but he lost his nerve and was hoping his friend would ask instead.

"What do you mean Carter and Wesley said the same thing Tobias?" Lily asks in a confused tone after hearing his response and wasn't sure what to think.

"Oh shit, look we need..." Jordan then begins to say, but to his shock and surprise, he feels himself being pushed on to his back and straddled, before being kissed and quickly started to struggle.

"I er... you can't..." Tobias quickly starts to say after seeing his friend being kissed by Ashleigh and he could see him struggling to break free, but before he can say any more, he is interrupted.

"Tobias, what did you mean? And don't lie to me." Lily quickly asks, she knew her friend was distracting the other boy, so she wanted to try and get Tobias to explain what he had just basically admitted, which she wasn't sure if she thought it was funny or disappointing, she really liked him, but she didn't want to go out with a gay or confused boy.

"I er... I like you Lily." Tobias responds, but he can't help but be worried about his friend and could see Ashleigh forcing her hand into his shorts. "Hey stop it, get off him." He then states in an angry tone, although just after he gets up and moves over, he sees his friend push her off him and crawl backwards.

"What the fuck Ashleigh? I thought you were our friends?" Jordan then states in an upset tone, he liked Ashleigh and thought she was hot, but he didn't like how she jumped on him and groped him, that was a little too close to home for him and he just wanted to get away from them and knew his friend felt the same way.

"It was just a joke Jordan." Ashleigh quickly states, although she actually felt ashamed of herself, she knew what he had been through with the pervert teacher and was only meant to hold him down long enough for her friend to get Tobias to explain what he had let slip, but she could tell that she went too far and knew she had messed up.

"Tobias, help me up and let's head back to school." Jordan then says as he looks to his friend and holds his hand out.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he helps his friend up, although he can't help but give Lily a sad look, he really liked her, but he knew his slip up had ruined everything and once again, he had made himself look like an idiot.

"I'm really sorry Jordan." Ashleigh then apologises again, she really liked him and while she didn't fancy him like she did Ben, she did think he was hot and she had just ruined any chance she ever had of dating him.

"It's fine, but well we have to get back, the bell is about to ring soon." Jordan responds in an awkward tone, she was nice and he knew she just made a mistake, but he also knew that he could never be near her now and not be reminded of Mr Jones and despite knowing it was stupid, he couldn't help how his mind worked and wondered if he should talk to Matt about it at some point.

"Tobias..." Lily then begins to say, but trails off for a few moments. "I think you're sweet and nice, but I don't want a boyfriend who kisses other boys." She then says in a slightly regretful tone, she really did like him, but again, she didn't want to waste her time on someone who is probably gay.

"I want to go Jordan." Tobias then says as he looks at his friend, he heard what Lily had said and decided to just get away, he was straight and knew he was, but he didn't want to try and explain something, that he didn't understand himself and he knew his two friends wouldn't want him talking about it anyone else either.

"Come on then mate." Jordan states after giving both girls one last look, before turning around and walking with his friend back towards their school.

"I'm sorry I messed up again." Tobias then says in a sad tone, he just couldn't believe he did it again and he was sure his friends and brothers were getting fed up with him.

"Tobias, you shouldn't have said what you did, but you didn't mess anything up and I would of wanted to go after what Ashleigh did anyway, even if you didn't say what you did, so it's not your fault okay." Jordan responds honestly, before the whole Mr Jones thing, he might have acted like a jerk, but he wasn't like that now and even though he was still bothered by what Ashleigh did to him, he wanted to make sure his friend was alright as well and knew that he needed looking after.

"I didn't like when Beth and her friends tried to touch my willy." Tobias then says after realising that he understood what his friend was feeling. "Why are girls so mean Jordan?" He then asks in a curious tone, he knew his mum was great and so were his friends mums and Erica was really amazing, but every other girl he had met, had either just wanted to get him naked or touch him and he was getting frustrated by it.

"Oh man, look just listen and don't interrupt me." Jordan responds with a sigh, he didn't really feel like going through this, but he had made a promise to look out for him to his friends and he wasn't going to break it, so after his friend nods, he begins to explain as best he can about girls, while they continue to make their way back over to their school.

"So it's settled then." Wesley then states in an almost smug tone, he had to try a few different tactics, but he finally got their two friends to admit that they wanted to be boyfriends.

"But he isn't gay guys." Alex then states in a frustrated tone, he wanted his friend to be his boyfriend and hearing his friend wanting to be his boyfriend was amazing, but at the same time, his friend wouldn't admit he is gay and he didn't see how them being boyfriends would work, if his friend didn't even think he was gay.

"Oh for fuck sake, I give up, someone else try." Wesley then says in an annoyed tone, before just putting an arm around his boyfriends waist and pulling him close, he had tried his best and decided to just enjoy the last few minutes before the bell rang, by holding his boyfriend close to him.

"Peter, you like doing gay things, you like Alex doing gay things to you and you say that you think you're in love with him, so how can you say you're not gay?" Ben decides to ask in a friendly tone, he didn't want his friend to feel like they were ganging up on him, but he was really confused now and just wondered what was going through their friends head right now.

"I don't know." Peter responds in a meek tone and despite the fact he knows his friends are only trying to help, he can't help but feel like they're ganging up on him and he couldn't stop himself sniffling.

"Hey guys, cut it out will you, we're friends and that is good enough for me and well, we're going to head to class okay." Alex then quickly states as he gets up and takes his friends hand again when he stands up with him.

"Oh shit, sorry Peter, but you know we're your friends and it's okay to be gay and well we won't hassle you about it again okay." Ben then decides to say in a sincere tone, he was trying to avoid making his friend feel like he was being hassled, but he could see that he had failed and felt guilty for upsetting him.

"Hey me too Peter, we're your friends and we just want you to be happy, I just think you accepting that you're gay, will make you happy and Alex will basically worship the ground you work on if you were boyfriends." Wesley then decides to say and while he started off trying to apologise for hassling his friend, he couldn't help himself and wasn't surprised to feel his boyfriend elbowing him in the ribs.

"What my moron of a boyfriend was trying to say Peter, is that we're sorry and we promise to not talk about this again and we will see you later okay." Carter then says in a sincere tone, while also giving their friends the go ahead to leave as well.

"Man we fucked that up." Ben then says after their two friends had walked away and just felt like a complete jerk.

"You two should know better, neither of you two understood your feelings at first and it's obvious Peter is completely confused." Carter then decides to say as he stays cuddled up to his boyfriend and knew by the fact that his boyfriend hadn't pushed him away, that he was right and his boyfriend agreed with him.

"Alex is doing the right thing though, he wants Peter to be his boyfriend so badly that it hurts, but he wants him to be a real boyfriend and not someone who is more than likely going to end up straight." Matt then states to no one in particular, he had again stayed quiet and out of the conversation, but now it was just the four of them again, he felt like he should say something.

"Damn." Wesley then says as the bell rings, he wasn't sure where their conversation was going, but he didn't want it to end right now.

"Well we have maths next, so see you next break guys." Carter then says, he was done with the conversation and was actually pleased the bell had gone, although he was disappointed that they couldn't just hang out together, instead of spending the entire break like they just did, he missed just hanging out with nothing getting them worked up.

"See you later and remember you're coming over ours for tea tonight." Matt responds with a smile, he would have preferred a quiet break with them just hanging out, but at least they had the evening and he was keen to show them how much his swimming was improving.

"Later guys and we can't wait Matt." Wesley then states with a smile, before wincing after getting up, with the conversation distracting him, he had forgotten how sore he was and despite snapping at his friend about it earlier, he was really starting to wish he came up with some excuse to not come into school today.

"Jeez Wesley, take a couple of these okay and don't tell anyone." Matt then says after seeing his friend wincing, before quickly pulling out a couple of his painkillers and holding them out for his friend, he wasn't sure if they would work on that kind of issue, but he didn't think it would make it any worse.

"What are those?" Carter quickly asks as he sees the pills and couldn't help but be a little protective of his boyfriend, he knew you should never take someone else's pills and despite his friend taking them, he knew that it didn't mean his boyfriend could,

"They are just ibuprofen Carter and not the strong ones, so he will be fine I promise." Matt responds with a smile, he had some stronger pills, but hadn't used them for a long time and he only carried these in case he somehow hurt hip or foot, so he knew his friend would be fine with just two of them.

"I'm not sure, you shouldn't..." Carter then begins to say, before trailing off as he sees his boyfriend taking the two pills. "Seriously Wesley, I was just saying you shouldn't take them." He then states in a frustrated and annoyed tone as he gives his boyfriend an unimpressed frown.

"Sorry, but my ass hurts like hell and we have like six hours left here Carter." Wesley responds honestly, he was actually thinking about telling their friends that he would prefer to go home after school, but he figured he would be okay once he could relax and if they were swimming, then he should be fine and just float around or something.

"Guys we're in the middle of the playground and you guys are talking about having a sore ass, let's just get to class before some idiot overhears you." Ben then decides to say with a smirk, he found the whole thing funny and still couldn't believe their friend came into school like this, although he still couldn't believe they were actually having actual sex with each other, although he knew that it was one way at the moment and if Wesley was getting sore, he couldn't blame Carter for being reluctant and would be the same way.

"Oh shit and er... okay see you next break." Wesley responds as he looks around nervously, it wasn't that he was scared of anyone, but he really didn't want everyone to know about his and his boyfriends sex life and why he was walking so weird.

"Wow, so she just pushed him down and put her hands down his shorts?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, they were just floating around in the pool and talking about school and just couldn't believe what his brother had just said or the fact Jordan never told them himself.

"Yeah, but he pushed her off and he looked really upset." Tobias responds, although he felt a little bad about telling them about what happened, he wasn't sure his friend wanted them to know or not.

"Fuck that Tobias, you told two girls that you fool around with me and Carter?" Wesley then asks in a slightly irritated tone, neither of them regretted what they did with their friend and enjoyed messing around with him, but he didn't want other people knowing and would have thought their friend wouldn't want people knowing that either.

"I didn't mean to do it, I promise." Tobias quickly responds as he stops floating on his back and starts doggy paddling to look at his two friends and could see that they weren't happy with him.

"It's not the sort of thing that you accidentally say Tobias." Wesley then states, before hearing his boyfriend whispering in his ear. "Look we aren't mad Tobias, but please be more careful, it's private and we don't want other people knowing about that sort of stuff okay." He then says in a more friendly tone after his boyfriend had reminded him that it wasn't their friends fault and they shouldn't be angry at him.

"You two kiss better then girls do." Tobias then decides to say, he was really sorry and was happy his friends weren't really angry at him, so he wanted to try and cheer them up and actually did enjoy kissing them more than any girl he had kissed so far, although he was lying a little bit, he really liked kissing Lily and he really did like her a lot.

"Guys can we talk about something other than how you two and my brother mess around together please." Matt then says in a slightly amused tone, although he was also missing his boyfriend a little bit and wondered where he had gone with Mitch.

"That Jarred boy and his friends tried picking on me and Peter earlier, but they were just saying stuff and I think they were scared to do anything else." Tobias then says, he couldn't think of anything else to talk about and wondered what his brother and friends would say about the bullies, he didn't like fighting, but he was starting to wonder if it was the best way to get them to not only leave him alone, but also Peter, who he thought was the person they were really trying to bully and not him.

"I wish I could just beat the crap out of them Tobias, but honestly, with how things work, I would end up in trouble and probably get suspended, while they just carry on getting away with it." Wesley responds in a frustrated tone, he hated how stupid the schools seemed to be when it came to bullying, kids would have their money stolen or stuff ripped and messed up or even have cuts and bruises and he knew the teachers knew who was responsible and what was happening, but they did nothing, yet when someone stands up to a bully, a teacher always seems to be around then and the person standing up for themselves or a someone else gets punished and the actual bullies just get away with it.

"If I were a teacher, I would sort bullying out in my school straight away." Matt then states as he decides to not let himself get distracted by thinking about his boyfriend and was more than happy to talk about how he would deal with bullying.

"You could be a teacher Matt." Carter the decides to suggest as he looks at his friend, they had talked about careers a few times and they never seemed to ever come to a conclusion to what either of their two friends wanted to do when they were older.

"Seriously?" Matt asks in a less than enthusiastic tone, not that he really hated the idea, but he couldn't see himself as an actual teacher.

"People like you Matt, you're smart and nice and well yeah, why not." Carter responds in a sincere tone, he could actually picture his friend being a teacher and genuinely though he would be someone kids would respect.

"He's right Matt, I mean you're one of the most popular kids in school, despite never joining in with anything, well except some music stuff and then there is the fact you're gay and have a boyfriend and despite it being more accepting these days, it didn't even dent your popularity, then there is always the fact you barely even really socialise with the other kids and you're still liked and respected, so yeah why not a teacher." Wesley then states after deciding to back up his boyfriends suggestion and could actually see his friend as a teacher and one who was respected like Mr Morgan and Miss Lee were.

"I don't know, I mean what would I even teach?" Matt then asks in response, he still couldn't see himself as a teacher, but he wasn't ruling it out either after hearing his two friends opinions.

"I would go with music Matt, you may not want to be a musician or a famous singer, but you could teach and you know a hell of a lot about music as well." Wesley suggests as he thinks about his friends question and he genuinely thought it suited him quite well.

"Or maths, you're pretty much a genius at maths Matt." Carter then suggests, he had actually gone to his friend for help a few times and while he was hardly an idiot when it came to maths himself, he knew his friend was better at it than he was and although he thought his boyfriends suggestion was better, he wanted to give their friend more than one option to think about.

"Damn guys, well to be honest I don't know, I mean I don't really think about what I want to do when I'm older much and well I guess being a teacher is something I might consider one day." Matt then says as he takes in his friends words and again he thought they made some really good points, but he still wasn't totally convinced.

"I want to help orphans when I'm older." Tobias then decides to say after listening to his two friends and brother talking and while he had an idea for his brother, he wanted to see what they thought about what he wanted to do when he was older.

"Oh wow." Carter can't help but say in response as he gives his friend a warm smile and could actually see him helping kids and was proud of him.

"Yeah, I mean yeah I think you would be awesome at that Tobias, but I wouldn't have thought you would ever want to go back to an orphanage, even when you grow up." Wesley then says as he looks over at his friend for a few moments, he really thought he would be amazing with kids when he was older, but he was concerned about whether he had really thought it through, because spending two years in an orphanage in the conditions that his friend had, he wasn't sure if it was him, that he would ever want to go back to one.

"I don't know, but I have a lot of money and maybe I could like er... you know buy an orphanage and make it nice, so no one will go through what er... you know what happened to me." Tobias responds in a slightly unsure tone, he really hadn't given it a lot of thought and wasn't even sure he meant working in an orphanage, he just wanted to help other kids who lost their families.

"I didn't think you had any money." Carter then states as he realises what his friend had just said and while it wasn't really important, he couldn't help but be curious.

"Well none of us did, but apparently after Mum took guardianship and adopted him, the well er... well I don't know what things are called and stuff, but because of what happened to his, well you know his family, things like houses and savings go to living relatives and well he didn't get it all, because well his family had wills to like friends and stuff, but well we overheard Mum talking to Mike and well they then explained it to us after we asked and he has quite a bit of money, well er... like a couple of house and stuff, so yeah if he sold all them, he would have lots of money." Matt then says after seeing his brother giving him a sad look and he knew he didn't like talking about his family and was more than happy to try and answer their friends question, even though he made a bit of a mess of it and made it sound more complicated than it probably was.

"Oh right and wow, but seriously Tobias, are you sure about an orphanage, I just don't think I would ever want to go back to one if I were you, even if I wanted to make it a better place." Wesley then says in a caring tone, they were all protective over him and were always making sure he was okay and safe and his future was no different in their opinion.

"I don't know, when I'm a bit older I want to talk to Mum about it and see what I can do, I just want to help kids like me when I'm old enough." Tobias responds with a shy smile, he felt a little silly, but that is what he wanted to do.

"Well we will help you as well Tobias, we're all going to be friends for the rest of our lives and friends help and support each other." Carter then says with a smile, although he couldn't help but blush a little when he hears his boyfriend snigger a little and knew just how corny he had just sounded.

"Can we do some stuff together again please?" Tobias then asks in a hopeful tone as he looks at his friends, until he hears his brother coughing in surprise and quickly blushes after realising that he had forgotten he was with them.

"Fucking hell Tobias." Matt states in an awkward tone, he loved his brothers randomness, but when he came out with things like this, he really wished he would be more careful and think before he spoke.

"I don't think..." Wesley then starts to say, before being cut off by his friend.

"Guys you have like half an hour, so just go to the pool house, I wanted to talk to my Mike alone about something anyway, so I might as well do it now." Matt states in an amused tone, he still felt awkward about his brother fooling around with their friends, but they weren't hurting anyone and he really did want to talk to his boyfriends dad.

"I don't know." Carter then says, he couldn't deny that his boyfriend and he always enjoyed fooling around with their friend, but knowing Matt knew what they were doing was a little too weird for him.

"Seriously Carter, I know about you three and yeah it's weird, but I really want to talk to Mike and the fact you're hard and Wesley isn't even touching you, tells me that you want to do it, so get a move on." Matt then states with a small grin, it was definitely weird, but he knew they enjoyed it and he knew his brother wouldn't have asked if he didn't want to.

"So you're going to be arresting paedophiles like Mr Jones all the time?" Ben asks as he helps his brother clear the front room, he hadn't been here since they moved into their new house and couldn't believe how dusty and messy it was.

"Not exactly Ben, it isn't just sexual stuff, the team deals with all forms of child abuse and well I'm just a rookie right now, so I won't be arresting anyone any time soon." Mitch responds with a smile, he always loved when the boys took an interest in his job or him in general and was happy to answer any questions about either.

"So like parents who beat up their children and stuff or don't er... let them eat?" Ben then asks in a curious tone, he remembered Barry and how his dad beat him up, so he knew a little bit about different types of child abuse.

"There is a lot more than just those things, but yeah you basically got it Ben." Mitch again answer with a smile, although he was also smiling at his little brothers reaction to the state of the house and could guess what he was thinking.

"Do you have to look at er... well you know like bad pictures and stuff?" Ben then asks in a curious tone, although as soon as he looks at his brother, he can see that he knew exactly what he was really asking and couldn't help but look down at the floor, which he couldn't help but notice was just as dusty as everything else and even though he knew he was trying to distract himself from what he had just asked his brother, he was genuinely wondering how an empty place could get so messy.

"Look Ben, you know that I love you and you're the most important thing in my life, but I'm not going to talk about that sort of thing with you okay." Mitch responds after taking a few moments to think about how he wanted to answer his little brother, the way he had quickly looked to the floor told him that he was talking about Matt and while he couldn't blame him, he just couldn't talk to him about anything he sees and not just because it was against the rules.

"But..." Ben then begins to protest after realising what his brother was saying, but is quickly cut off by his brothers finger on his lips.

"Ben just trust me okay and it's not just to protect you okay, I don't want to talk about it and yes that means I have seen some stuff already and I'm begging you to never ask me about this sort of thing again Ben, because it's something no one should have to see, let alone talk about to someone else." Mitch then says in a sad tone, he hadn't used his finger on his little brothers lips to stop him talking for a long time now and while it was nice to see that it still worked, he would have preferred not to be talking about what he had seen already in his short time in his new job in the first place.

"I promise." Ben then says in an almost meek tone, he didn't want to promise, but he could tell that his brother was being serious and he didn't want to ever make him feel bad.

"And I promise that I will do whatever I can to destroy those photos and videos of Matt okay Ben." Mitch then states before pulling his little brother in for a quick but loving cuddle and smiles when he feels him returning the embrace.

"I know you can't get them all, but er... let's get back to cleaning, I want this to be perfect for Matt." Ben then says with a sad smile, although when he thinks about their anniversary, he manages a genuinely happy smile and just knew it was going to be the best day of his life.

"It will take us a few days, but I've cleared it with Dad and Sarah, so that you will have the weekend here and I will just check in a couple of times and also make sure the house is locked at night." Mitch responds with a proud smile, he knew his little brother would have preferred to go to the camping spot at the lake again, but after testing the water a couple of times, it was clear that not only did Matt not want to go back there, but it just wasn't practical either.

"They don't know about what I'm going to do, do they Mitch?" Ben then asks after thinking about what his brother would have had to say to convince them to let him spend the weekend alone with his boyfriend here.

"Well everyone know it's the anniversary of when you two first became boyfriends, but they don't have any idea what you're planning to do." Mitch responds with a proud smile, he just thought his little brother recreating the boys first date for their anniversary was perfect and couldn't wait to see them the next day and see how happy they will be.

"I'm still a bit worried he will work it out though, well not everything, but you know, when we come here Mitch." Ben then says as he helps his brother lift the table and move it over the other side of the room.

"Well he will know something is up, but after you spend the morning and early afternoon doing whatever you will be doing, I will come and ask you two and Tobias to get dressed into something nice and then blindfold all three of you, before taking you to the house, that should throw him off and you won't be taking the blindfolds off until after I leave with Tobias remember.

"I know, I'm just nervous and I don't want anything to mess it up Mitch." Ben responds with a grateful smile, before walking over to get a chair, while his brother does the same. "Hey, where is Tobias going anyway?" He then decides to asks after moving the chair and remembering that his brother would be dressed up as well.

"Well I think he was going to go on a date with that girl er... Lily is it?" Mitch begins to say, but pauses as he waits for his brother to either nod or correct him. "But well you know more about what happened with that than I do, so instead Carter and Wesley said they would take him for something to eat and a movie." He then finishes saying, although the look on his little brothers face makes him wonder what he was thinking, there was definitely something his brother found either embarrassing or funny by the look on his face.

"Is he staying the night at theirs?" Ben then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, not that he had anything against it, he just didn't want his brother getting suspicious of why he asked.

"I think so." Mitch answers in a slightly curious tone, but decides to let it drop and he wanted to get a little more done before they went back home. "Come on let's clear the floor and then have a shower before we head back, we don't want to be too late and have Matt asking us too many questions okay." He then says as he walks over and starts to move some of the boxes out of the way and smiles when his little brother follows his lead.

Four Days Later

"Why am I here Maggie?" Sarah asks as she sits across from the woman who had helped almost killer her son and despite promising herself that she wouldn't let her hatred show, she was already finding it hard just to be in the same room with her.

"For payback." Maggie answers with a smug look, she really didn't care what happened and half expected the other woman to either leave in anger or try to attack her before leaving, but it would be more fun if she stayed.

"You helped a sick and twisted paedophile almost kill my son and you want payback?" Sarah can't help but ask in a stunned tone, she knew she should be feeling angry and attacking the bitch, but she couldn't help but find herself more amused than anything else at her audacity.

"Honestly, I couldn't give a shit about your little brat, but whatever I am, I was willing to change because of my son and how much I loved him and even after he testified against me, I still love him and want to protect him Sarah, but you and your stupid fucking..." Maggie then begins to state in a angry but controlled tone, before noticing the guard taking a step towards them both and knew that she had to tone it down, she may not be that bothered if this meeting got cut short, but she wasn't going to force it to end too quickly. "Your family could have shown a little compassion..." She then begins to say again, although this time she is interrupted by Sarah.

"Compassion? Are you kidding me you sick bitch, compassion is something..." Sarah then begins to say, before being interrupted herself.

"For Alex you bitch, I accept what I am Sarah, I deserve to be in here and I accept that because I love my son, I gave up my entire life because I chose to love him instead of doing what David did to your son, but you and your family could have shown him some compassion, by at the very least admitting that I was changing, but no, you all went out of your way to make me sound like a complete monster and that I showed no remorse." Maggie states in a venomous tone, she knew she would be sentenced to a few years in prison, but she couldn't accept how they portrayed her and made no mention of her changing for her son and she couldn't forgive that.

"Alex is happy now, he is safe and loved and do you really think he could ever trust you or love you again?" Sarah then says and although she hated the woman sitting opposite her, she couldn't help but actually feel a pang of guilt in her heart, the woman was the same as David, except where her husband had chosen his beliefs over their son, Maggie had chosen her son and she had never seriously considered that before now.

"Thanks to you and your family, I will never get the chance to show him how much I love him or have the chance for him to forgive me Sarah, you took that away from me and that is why I'm going to enjoy seeing what's coming to your family." Maggie responds with a grin, as far as she was concerned they all deserved what was coming and she owed them nothing.

"What do you mean, what's coming to my family?" Sarah then can't help but ask in a concerned tone, what little they had learned about the woman, one thing was very clear, she didn't make empty threats and even behind bars, she knew there were ways to make things happen.

"I want you to know Sarah, that all it would have taken was for you and your fucking family to admit in court that I had actually tried to change, that I loved my son and chose him over my beliefs and I would have done everything I could to stop what is coming Sarah, which let me tell you, is something you will be regretting very soon." Maggie responds in a cold tone, she wasn't sure what was actually going to happen, but what she did know, she knew they wouldn't even see it coming, not even with her warning about it now.

"If you're trying to threaten..." Sarah then begins to say in a braver tone than she was actually feeling, before being quickly interrupted.

"Sarah, stupid, stupid Sarah, I have nothing to do with what is coming, well not really anyway, but I could have stopped it or at least helped protect you and your precious family, but you lost that chance at the trial and there is nothing you can say to change that now." Maggie states in the same cold tone, she actually didn't hate them as much as she thought she would, she had hurt the woman's son and if roles were reversed, then she would have done the same thing, but that also angered her, she was a monster, she knew that, yet here this woman is acting all high and mighty, yet at the end of the day she did the same thing as she would have done and still thought she was a saint.

"What is coming Maggie and who is doing it?" Sarah then asks in an almost pleading tone, as she ignores her words and just tries to get something out of her that would help.

"I remember asking for your help and understanding for the sake of my family on more than one occasion Sarah, so I will return the favour, you can go now and I hope you enjoy what little time your family has left." Maggie responds with a smirk, although she can't help but be surprised by the feeling of guilt she suddenly felt, but just ignores it, she owed them nothing and was done with the meeting now and watched as Sarah stood up and walked towards the door.

"Alex! Maggie you must know that Alex stays at our house sometimes and is friends with my children, if we're in danger, then he could be as well and if you love him as much as you keep saying, then you will help us." Sarah then says after almost walking out of the room, she was almost in turmoil by the the other woman's words and warning, but in a moment of desperation or clarity, she wasn't sure which it was, she remembered Alex and knew that this was the only way she could get answers.

"He lives with Gordon, not with you Sarah, but nice try, you can go now." Maggie then responds in a hesitant tone after a few moments, she hadn't considered her son's friendship with the family and was genuinely worried about his safety, but she didn't believe that he lived with them and decided that just because they were friends, it didn't put him in any danger.

"Where do you think he stays when Gordon is working and he can't stay over at Peter's?" Sarah then asks in a much more calmer tone that she was actually feeling inside, her family was in danger and despite the fact she would go straight to the police with this threat, she knew this was a chance she couldn't waste to get more information and composed herself enough to not fall apart.

"You're telling the truth." Maggie then states in a shocked tone, but when Sarah only stares at her, she knows she has to do some serious thinking. "I will send you another request to come visit next week Sarah, bring Mitch with you, I heard he had joined the police." She then states in a serious tone, when she had sent this invite, she had only intended to use it as a way to hurt the Summers and Walker families, but with her son in real danger, she had to change her plans, but she needed to protect herself and make some calls before she could tell them anything, this was too big to go on what little she actually knew about what was coming.

"We might not have a week Maggie, you need to tell me everything right now, your son is in danger as much as mine are Maggie." Sarah then states in an almost desperate tone, she wasn't sure if using Alex would actually work, but seeing that it did and for Maggie to tell her to come back in a week, had broken her composure and she needed answers now.

"Sarah, come back next week." Maggie responds as she repeats her earlier words, she was working through her options and knew it wasn't going to be enough. "If I tell you what I know now, I'm as good as dead Sarah and then I won't be able to help and the information I give you won't do you much good anyway, all I can say is that things that you think happened, aren't all true and he is coming for you all." She then adds honestly, she didn't know for sure who was coming and she had a few suspects, but she was sure it had to be Nick, but again she had to be sure and there were other possibilities, one of which she couldn't even believe popped into her head because of how ridiculous it was.

"Who is he? And why is he coming for us?" Sarah then asks in a frightened tone, she could hear the fear in the other woman's tone and if something could scare her, then she was definitely afraid.

"Sarah, just come back next week with Mitch and I will help you, but what I will tell you, the people I suspect it could be are very patient, they won't do anything any time soon, but you need to keep and eye on the boys, all of them Sarah and that means Alex, if anything happens to Alex, then I will come for you myself Sarah and that is a promise." Maggie then states in a serious and cold tone, with her son in danger, all her hate and anger towards them had to be put on hold and she knew she needed to make sure they looked after her son, even with where she was and her contacts, she knew she wasn't safe and wished she had stayed out of it now, if she was right about it being Nick, then she was sure her son would have been safe if she had, but after getting involved, even if it was just to mock the woman and scare her, she had put him in danger and she had no choice but to help.

"Why can't you stop it Maggie, you said earlier that you could stop it, so why can't you?" Sarah then decides to asks, she was trying to process everything, but she can't help but look at the woman in surprise when she laughs and wonders if this had all been some sort of sick mind game.

"Seriously, I'm in prison Sarah and not a low security one either, if you had done the decent thing for Alex, then I would be somewhere I could actually help, but because of all of your statements, I'm somewhere where even my contacts and resources are basically useless, but I will do what I can, now leave and don't tell anyone what I just told you Sarah, if the police start looking around or you all start behaving differently, then he will come for you and it won't be pleasant." Maggie responds in an almost sorry tone, she was starting to realise that it might already be too late and had noticed the guards reaction, which a normal person might have missed, but she couldn't help but feel a chill go down her spine and knew they didn't have much time.

Instead of responding, Sarah decides to just leave and walks out of the door, before heading to the nearest toilet, where after making sure the door was locked, turned to the toilet and vomited, she just felt like her world was being turned upside down and despite being told not to tell anyone, she knew she needed to speak to both Mike and Mitch about this, she couldn't handle this on her own and the fact she was told to bring Mitch next time she visited Maggie, she knew that she couldn't keep him in the dark about this.

"I'm glad we can be friends Tobias." Lily says as she walks along side him, she still found him attractive, but whenever she brought up Carter or Wesley, he shut down a little bit and that was enough for her to just stay friends with him and not anything more.

"Me too, I don't have any girl friends and I er... you're nice." Tobias responds as he tries to sound happy about being her friend, although deep down he wanted to be her boyfriend, but he knew that he had messed that up and every time she tried to talk to him about what he had let slip about his two friends, he just froze and knew he just had to make do with just friends.

"Ashleigh likes you as well and we both think you're funny." Lily then says with a genuine smile, he was just so different from the other boys and she could tell that he was a good person and he really did have a great sense of humour, even if he wasn't always doing it intentionally.

"She shouldn't be so mean to Peter though." Tobias then says as they sit down and watch their two friends talking to each other.

"She isn't being mean Tobias, she actually likes him, although he is too shy and awkward for her to really, really like him." Lily responds with a smile as she looks at her friend and knew that she was probably bossing him around a little bit.

"He is nice and she shouldn't try to boss him around Lily, friends don't treat friends like that." Tobias then says as he looks at her and can't help but think she looks a little like Carter in a strange but nice way.

"Maybe, but he is okay and something tells me that he is just playing along with her." Lily responds in a thoughtful tone, he was definitely a shy boy, but she also noticed a few wry smiles when Ashleigh wasn't looking directly at him and wondered if her friend had even considered that he might be messing around with her, just as much as she was messing around with him.

"Maybe, he really smart, well not really smart because keeps hurting himself somehow, which funny." Tobias then says with a slight blush, he knew that didn't exactly come out right, but when he sees her smiling sweetly at him, he manages to relax and returned it.

"You're very smart as well Tobias, I know you have trouble with your words and expressing yourself, but you shouldn't be embarrassed about it, well not around me and Ashleigh anyway, we think you're perfect just the way you are." Lily responds in a sincere tone, she really did like him and despite his problems, he was great to be around and talk to.

"Jordan isn't mad at Ashleigh any more, but I don't think he will talk to her for a while." Tobias then decides to say as he watches his friend and Ashleigh talking and is pleased to see them both smiling now.

"She is really sorry and she just wasn't thinking, we know, well everyone knows what Mr Jones did to him and your brother, so she really is sorry and she won't ever do anything like that again to anyone." Lily responds sincerely, she just felt awful for Jordan, well for Matt and Tobias as well for everything they had been through and she knew her friend felt the same way.

"He knows and well er... Lilly, we have to be going back now, but I'm really happy we're friends." Tobias then says with a shy smile, he really wished he hadn't messed up the chance to be her boyfriend, but he was happy to be her friend and maybe if he had some girl friends, then other girls will come and talk with him.

"Me too Tobias." Lily responds, before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and she can't help but smile at how quickly he blushes and just thought he was so sweet.

"I'm not gay." Tobias then says in a quiet tone and quickly blushes even more, he wasn't sure why he said that and could see by her smile that he just made a fool of himself again.

"Tobias, look you told me that you kissed two other boys, who are boyfriends and that it wasn't just the once, even if you aren't gay, I'm not going out with someone who kisses other boys, because you wouldn't do that unless you were a little gay and I want a boyfriend who is completely straight okay." Lily decides to respond after a few moments in a serious tone, she was good with words and thought that this was the best way to explain to him that they were only ever going to be friends.

"You won't tell anyone else will you, you promised you wouldn't." Tobias then says as he gives her a slightly worried look, she had already promised and so did Ashleigh, but he couldn't stop himself asking again.

"We're friends and even if we weren't, I wouldn't do that to you Tobias and you can trust me okay." Lily responds in a sincere tone, maybe if it was someone else, she would have been offended, but he had been through some terrible things and so has his family and although she did just want to be friends, she was wondering whether she will always just want to be friends and not something more.

"Thank you Lily." Tobias then says, before being a little more brave and leans forward to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "We have to go though." He then says as he blushes and gets to his feet.

"Bye Tobias and see you next week okay and remember to call me at the weekend." Lily then says, although she can't help but blush and had to stop herself giggling when she noticed his shorts were tented.

"Hey Lily." Peter says after walking over to them, he had enjoyed spending a bit of time with Ashleigh and thought she was really cool, but he knew they needed to head back to school now.

"Hey Peter, I hope Ashleigh was nice to you this time." Lily responds as she gives her friend a smirk after she had also walked over.

"Hey! I'm a nice girl Lily and a people person." Ashleigh states in a mock offended tone, although she couldn't help but smile, she actually really liked Peter, which surprised her because he really wasn't her type or at least she didn't think he would be, but he had made her laugh and gave as good as he got banter wise and that didn't happen often to her with boys.

"Bye Ashleigh and I will call you Saturday Lily." Tobias then says before pulling on Peter's arm and leading him away from the girls, he had just noticed his willy was hard and wanted to get away before either of them realised and saw it.

"Did he had a hard on?" Ashleigh then asks after the boys walk away, she couldn't be a hundred percent sure because boys shorts and trousers often made it look like they did, but she was sure he had actually did have one.

"Yeah and it's not too big either." Lily responds in a thoughtful tone, before getting up, she hadn't seen many penis's, but she knew she didn't like big ones and from what saw of Tobias, she was again starting to wonder if she was being a bit too quick to decide on just being friends with him, he just seemed like everything she liked in a boy.

"You really like him don't you?" Ashleigh then asks with a smile, she knew her friend was picky, but she could tell that she really liked Tobias and despite him being a little strange, she thought he was nice and that he and her friend would be a cute couple.

"I think so, but until he sorts his own feelings out, then I'm just going to be his friend, I mean he has been through a lot right? And that has to mess with his head and well yeah, I'm just going to wait and see what happens." Lily responds with a smile as she watches the two boys getting further away and couldn't help staring at his bum and thought it looked really nice, even from this distance.

"I give it a month before you ask him out." Ashleigh then teases as the start to walk back to their school and just smiles when her friend gives her a nudge and knew that she was right.

"Seriously Alex, could you be anymore obvious?" Wesley asks in an amused tone as he sits next to his friend, he had been in a mood ever since Peter spent the last break with Tobias and the girls and he was finding it funny to see how jealous he was.

"He asked for her number, I mean why would he want that?" Alex mutters in response, he knew he had no right to be jealous, he had made the choice not to be boyfriends, but he still didn't like the idea of him being with anyone else.

"I'm no expert, but I think it's to phone her Alex." Wesley retorts with a grin, which quickly drops when he sees a tear roll down his friends face and realises that he was actually genuinely upset. "Look Alex, we have been over it so many times and if you want Peter to be your boyfriend then ask him out, it's obvious that he is in love with you." He decides to say, he had vowed to stay out of his friends love life after their last group talk ended up being pointless, but he couldn't help himself and he wanted them to be happy.

"But he doesn't..." Alex begins to responds before being cut off.

"Alex he loves you, yeah he might be a little confused over his sexuality, but we're twelve and it's not like you aren't sending him mixed signals either." Wesley states in a quiet but serious tone, they were at the back of the class and their teacher was too busy writing on the board and talking with his back to them to get noticed, but he didn't want to risk speaking too loudly just in case.

"How am I sending him mixed signals?" Alex can't help but say in response, he just couldn't believe his friend said that, he had pretty much been telling and showing his friend how much he loved him for months now.

"Oh I don't know Alex, how about every time Peter tries to tell you that he loves you, you just shoot him down and tell him that he isn't gay or when he says he wants to be your boyfriend, you tell him no because he isn't gay and yet you constantly tell him that you love him and want to be his boyfriend, how about that Alex?" Wesley responds in a sarcastic tone, although he knew he said that a little too loudly, when he sees a few of their classmates turn around and grin at them.

"I don't..." Alex begins to say before trailing off for a few moments, after realising what he had actually been doing. "Oh fuck." He then says in a deflated tone, he couldn't believe he had ruined everything and knew it was too late, his friend had already got a girls number and could feel himself getting upset.

"It's not too late, from what Tobias told me, Peter wasn't really interested in Ashleigh like that, he just enjoyed being around her and besides, aren't you spending the weekend at his?" Wesley then decides to say after noticing his friends reaction and took a guess that he thought he had ruined his chance with his friend.

"Yeah." Alex responds in a distracted tone. "Wait, he really doesn't like her like that?" He then asks in a more hopeful tone as he realises what his friend just said.

"If you keep rejecting him than he might like her like that eventually, but I'm telling you Alex, if you ask him to be your boyfriend then he will say yes." Wesley responds with a smile, before they both turn to the front of the class after hearing a loud cough and can see that their teacher was looking straight at them.

"I will see you both after class boys." Mr Jacobs states in an unimpressed tone, he had no idea what the boys were talking about, but he didn't tolerate students not paying attention and wasn't afraid to hand out detentions.

"Sorry Sir." Both boys responds in unison and although a few others students snicker a little bit, both Wesley and Alex can't help but just feel like idiots for getting caught.

"Good job today Mitch." Hopkins says as he watches the young man take a seat and despite him being so young and inexperienced, he was genuinely impressed with his performance so far.

"Thank you Sir, but I haven't really done anything." Mitch responds as he decides to just be honest, he had been surprised by how welcoming everyone was, he had expected them to treat him differently because of his age, but if anything they had treated him like he had always been a part of the team.

"You don't have to be making arrests to be doing something in this team Mitch, the paperwork you have done and your progress in training have been exemplary and that isn't just coming from me, you've made quite the impression so far." Hopkins states with a smile, it took a lot to impress his team and a hell of a lot more to impress him, so he was feeling pretty pleased with himself for taking a chance on the young man so early in his career.

"Can I ask you something Sir?" Mitch then asks in a nervous tone, he was pleased with the praise and a part of him didn't want to do anything to ruin that, but he had to ask now and knew it wasn't something he could do later on down the line.

"I'm going to take a guess and assume that you would like this off the record Mitch?" Hopkins then asks as he studies the young man's face and knowing what he did about him and his family, he could guess that this was related to Matt Summers and despite not being overly happy about what the young man might ask, he would rather they talked about whatever was clearly bothering him now and now later down the road.

"If that's okay Sir." Mitch responds a little more confidently, he was still nervous about asking, but he didn't want his boss to think he was weak and afraid.

"Then go ahead Mitch." Hopkins then says in a neutral tone, he wasn't sure on exactly what he was going to be asked, but he was still sure it would be something involving Matt Summers and possibly a request to looking into finding and removing traces of the photos and videos of the young boy.

"Sir, I know the kind of work we do and I know that it is what I signed up for, but er... well..." Mitch begins to say, before tailing off for a few moments, he was already finding it even harder than he thought it would be and was hoping his boss wouldn't be disappointed in him. "Sir, if any more photos or videos of my little brother Matt are discovered, can I, well not be involved please." He then continues after trying to think of the right words to use, he knew when he joined the team, that he could end up viewing things with Matt in them, but after being made to watch the video they had found, he had found it hard to even look at the poor boy without seeing what Mr Jones had done to him now and he didn't want it to be like that every time he saw him.

"Is it really serious enough to risk your future on the team Mitch?" Hopkins decides to ask in response, he was going to grant the request, but he wanted to see just how big a problem seeing those images of a boy so close to him would be, because there would always be the chance of him seeing them at some point by accident and if he couldn't handle it, then it would be best for everyone if he joined another team, he had seen people struggle over the years and knew that some people, just couldn't do the kind of work his team specialized in and he couldn't blame them, some of the things he had had to deal with, well they have kept him awake some nights and he never judged anyone for admitting that they couldn't handle the work.

"Sir?" Mitch responds in a slightly confused tone, he thought he knew what his boss was asking, but wasn't confident enough to assume he was right.

"You know what kind of work we do now Mitch and while you won't be spending too much time on the internet looking for things, there will always be a chance that images and videos of Matt Summers will be found and that you might find them, so can you handle that?" Hopkins says in a serious tone, although he was actually feeling sympathetic towards the young man, in his place he wasn't sure he could do it and he would respect and support his decision to leave the team and pursue another field within the police force.

"I can handle it in those circumstances Sir, I'm just asking to not being involved in any investigations or to be shown anything to do with him please, he is practically family and I have viewed him as my little brother for a long time now and I don't want to see him like that." Mitch answers after deciding to be completely honest, he knew this could cost him his place on the team, but despite this being his career, Matt was more important to him and he would choose him, along with his actual little brother over it every time.

"We're not monsters in this team Mitch and while I could take this as a sign of weakness on your behalf, especially considering what our job and focus is, the fact you came to me about this so soon and were completely honest about where you stand, I can only respect that and as long as this doesn't impact your performance or ability to be effective in the team, then I will do my best, but I can't make any promises that it will never happen." Hopkins responds in a measured tone, he knew the actual chances of there ever being an investigation in regards to Matt Summers where next to zero, his case had been resolved and the abuser was deceased, so he knew that apart from stumbling on photos or videos of the boy, there wasn't much risk to it impacting the young man's effectiveness within the team.

"I understand Sir and thank you for understanding." Mitch responds in an appreciative tone, he knew that this could have gone either way and was genuinely happy that he was able to remain on the team and continue on his career path.

"In our line of work Mitch, especially our team, we need to support each other and be understanding, what we do is not something a lot of people are able to do, so please come to me about anything and we will work through it together." Hopkins then says, before noticing the time. "Now you need to get back to work Mitch, I have a meeting and I need to get a few things in order first." He then tells the young man with a smile.

"Okay Sir and thank you so much Sir, I won't let you down." Mitch responds in a sincere tone, he really looked up to his new boss and knew that he was the kind of man who cared about people and he could relate to that.

"Have a good day Mitch." Hopkins then says, before turning his attention to his computer after the young man leaves his office.

"So he is really going to ask Peter to be his boyfriend?" Carter asks in a slightly distracted tone, he was glad their friends might end up together, but he was thinking about tonight and what he and his boyfriend were going to be doing and couldn't help but feel nervous about it.

"Well not today, he wants to ask him tomorrow, they're spending the weekend together and I guess they have the house to themselves tomorrow and if they're anything like us, then they're going to be celebrating." Wesley responds with a smirk, although he quickly notices his boyfriends expression and it takes him a few moments to realise what was wrong.

"I hope Peter says yes, even if it doesn't work out, at least they will know for sure and be able to move on." Carter then says after he realises that his boyfriend was staring at him and knew that he had probably figured out why he was so distracted and didn't know if he wanted to talk about it or not.

"I hope they stay together, but you're right." Wesley responds, while still studying his boyfriends expression. "Carter, there is no rush by the way and I know it didn't go very well last time, but you don't have to prove anything." He then says in a caring tone, he was a little disappointed after the first time he tried to have sex with his boyfriend went badly and didn't work out, but he knew it wasn't either of their faults and that his boyfriend was always going to take a little longer before he was ready for him to have sex with.

"I'm ready now, it's just I wasn't expecting it to hurt that much before." Carter responds in a quiet tone, he knew his boyfriend said it was painful and uncomfortable, but he wasn't expecting it to hurt as much as it did and his boyfriend barely even went an inch inside him.

*I know, it's not like the other stuff we did before and I really don't mind waiting Carter, you know I like you doing me." Wesley then says with a loving smile, although he was hiding how amusing he found his words, he just never expected to say he enjoyed having a penis in his bum before he started having feelings for his boyfriend and yet here he was, doing exactly that and he couldn't be any happier if he tried.

"Doing me? You're so romantic Wesley." Carter then says with a little smirk, he loved the way his boyfriend talked sometimes and despite still worrying about having sex, he knew he was going to go through with it once his parents went out for the evening.

"Damn straight Beautiful, but seriously Carter, there is no rush." Wesley responds as he repeats what he had told his boyfriend a million times before.

"I know, but when my parents go out after we go to mine, I want to do it Wesley and well, I want this okay." Carter then says with a smile, he felt a bit nervous having the conversation in school, but no one else was near enough to overhear and they wouldn't get a better chance to talk before they got to his house.

"I'm just glad you finally got a bigger bed, I mean the single was nice for snuggling up, but it sucked when you kept falling off and pulling me with you." Wesley then states with a smirk, he knew full well that it was near enough always his own fault they fell off his boyfriends bed and knew it would get a smile out of him.

"You're such a prick sometimes." Carter then retorts with a grin, he would have normally thought of a better response, but he was just enjoying his boyfriend making him feel better and decided to give him a loving kiss.

"Love you too." Wesley then says after the kiss ends, he loved being able to kiss and show his boyfriend affection in public and even though they still got some dirty looks and a few nasty things shouted at them when they were outside the school, it didn't bother him and never let it get to him.

A few Hours Later

"I don't care if he started it Tobias, I don't want you fighting and especially at school." Sarah states as she gives her son a disappointed look, she had always hated bullying and hearing that he had beat up a couple of kids, was something she really didn't need right now after the day she was having.

"But Mum he..." Tobias quickly begins to protest, but is just as quickly cut off by his mum.

"I don't want to hear it Tobias, you're grounded for two weeks and I want your phone as well." Sarah responds in a firm tone, she knew he was a sweet boy, but she couldn't let him get away with bullying and wanted to nip this kind of behaviour in the bud.

"Mum you aren't listening to him." Matt then says as he walks into the room, he had been told to stay out of the room as soon as their mum found out what happened, but he couldn't let his brother get get in trouble for defending himself and their friend.

"Matthew I told you to stay out of the room." Sarah states in an annoyed and frustrated tone, she knew she was taking out her frustration and stress on her two sons, but she also couldn't let either of them think that they could get away with fighting especially in school.

"He isn't a bully though Mum, those other boys are the bullies and they tried to attack Tobias and Peter, he was just defending himself and Peter." Matt then says as he gives his mum as serious look, he could tell that something else was bothering her, but he was more concerned about defending his brother to give it much thought.

"Please don't Matthew, he was caught fighting and..." Sarah then begins to say, before being quickly interrupted.

"Mum I'm not lying, Jarred Miller was the boy who attacked and tried to strip Carter that time, remember when Wesley brought him to ours and he was crying, he is a bully Mum and he has some new friends and they have been trying to get Tobias since he started school and they hate Peter too." Matt quickly says as he gives him mum a pleading look, he never lied and he was hoping she trusted him.

"Please don't be mad Mum, they were going to hurt Peter and he's not so tough and you have to look out for your friends, otherwise er... well you aren't a good friend." Tobias then says in a slightly desperate tone, she may not be his real mum, but he loved her and he never wanted her to be disappointed in him or think that he was a bully.

"Come here boys." Sarah decides to say as she holds her arms open and smiles when they both give her a cuddle. "I'm so sorry for not believing you Tobias and for sending you out of the room Matt, I love you both and I'm really proud to be your mum." She then says from the heart as she pulls them both a little tighter, she should have trusted Tobias as soon as he told her what happened the first time and just hoped she hadn't hurt his feelings because she had let her fear of what Maggie had told her get to her.

"I love you too Mum." Tobias responds as he enjoys being held and even though it wasn't the same as his real mum cuddling him, he still found himself feeling both loved and happy.

"I love you too Mum, but I need to go and see Ben now, we want to get all our homework done before the weekend." Matt the says as he pulls away from the embrace and smiles when he sees his brother wasn't going to let go any time soon and knew that he always needed a little affection after being told off, even if their mum did apologise for not believing them at first.

"Okay and remember that you're eating with us tonight." Sarah responds with a loving smile, she just loved them both so much and despite her other problems at the moment, she was in no hurry to let Tobias go.

"Okay Mum." Matt responds with a smile, before walking out of the room after giving his mum a quick kiss on the cheek.

"You won't have to bring any of that stuff home with you though right?" Erica asks in a curious tone and although her boyfriend still lived at home, he had been spending more and more time at hers and knew that it wouldn't be long before they had a serious conversation about moving in together, but despite being proud of him and what he will be doing, she couldn't help but find it a little unsettling and just hoped he would never bring any of that stuff to hers.

"Trust me Erica, I don't want to look at some of the stuff we see when I'm at work, so there is no way I'm bringing anything home with me." Mitch responds as he sits opposite her at the table, it was a little early to be eating, but he loved his girlfriends cooking and they had plans for the evening and couldn't help smiling at the thought.

"Sorry, it's just that I see a lot of things at work, but I don't think I could ever look at those sorts of things." Erica then says in an honest tone, before noticing her boyfriends face drop a little. "Mitch I'm proud of you and what you and the others do, it's amazing and you should be proud of yourself as well." She then adds after realising that he might have misunderstood what she was trying to say and she wanted to let him know that she was proud of him.

"Can we talk about something else please Erica, I really don't want to think about it outside of work." Mitch then asks with a slightly forced smile, he knew it was his job now and that he choose to do it, but he knew that if he brought the job home with him, then he wouldn't be able to cope with it and he couldn't let that happen to himself.

"Okay Honey, how about tomorrow, it's the boys anniversary isn't it?" Erica asks with a warm smile, she understood why he didn't want to talk about his work and couldn't blame him and was genuinely curious about his little brothers anniversary and if one of the boys was going to pop the question, they had both talked about it and Ben had even talked to her alone about it twice, so she was sure they were going to be engaged before the weekend was over.

"Yeah and you should see how excited Ben is, it's just too adorable." Mitch responds with a big smile, he was so happy for his little brother and knew that it was going to be a massive day for him and Matt and even though both of them had been open about wanting to get married, he knew that no one would be expecting them to be engaged so soon.

"So you think he might be popping the question? Or maybe Matt will?" Erica then decides to ask, they had talked about the boys often and they had also made it no secret that they wanted to get married one day, so she was sure one of the boys would do it tomorrow and also knew that if anyone knew for sure, it would be her boyfriend.

"Don't you ever tell him that you knew and that I told you this Erica, but yeah Ben is definitely going to ask Matt to marry him." Mitch answers with a shake of the head, he should have known she would know what was going to happen and couldn't help but smile at her reaction and could tell that she loved both of the boys, which in turn just made him love her even more.

"He is a little sweetheart." Erica then says, before thinking about something else. "So that's why you've been at your old house?" She then asks, she knew they were cleaning it and that it was for a reason, but she had just assumed it was because they might be selling or renting it out, after failing to get her boyfriend to tell her why they were doing it.

"Yeah, remember he wanted to either go back to that lake place or recreate their first date for the proposal, but it was obvious the lake was a no go for Matt, so he went with the first date idea instead." Mitch answers with a slightly confused expression, he was sure they had talked about this before a few times and that she knew about his little brothers ideas for proposing, but he couldn't quite remember enough to be completely sure and he didn't want to make a fool of himself by asking if they had talked about it.

"Oh shit, I can't believe I forgot about that and with you two at the house..." Erica responds with an embarrassed smile before trailing off for a few seconds. "Wow, how didn't I put two and two together." She then adds with a shake of the head, before taking a long sip of her wine, it was just so obvious now that he had reminded her and she felt like an idiot.

"Well it makes a change from me being the stupid one." Mitch then says in an amused tone, before taking a few sips of his own wine and then eating a little more of his food, while secretly feeling relieved that they had talked about this before and getting away with not having to admit that he wasn't completely sure.

"Well it had to happen once in your life Mitch." Erica quickly retorts and grins when he coughs and struggles to not spit any food out. "But seriously Mitch, how will he do it, I mean won't Matt get a little suspicious if they go to your old house and he sees it all cleaned up?" She then decides to ask, she could see that he was still struggling a little after her retort and quickly took the chance to go back to talking about the boys, before he could get his own back.

"I would tell you, but I really don't know much and Ben would kill me if he knew I was even talking to you about this Erica." Mitch responds with a slightly guilty expression, he knew she was his girlfriend, but his little brother had made him promise and he always came first in his heart.

"Relax Mitch, I know how close you two are and I love you even more because of that bond, so why don't you get started on the clearing up, while I go get a shower and get dressed." Erica responds with a smirk, she knew that he would tell her something important, if she asked him to, but for things like this and others like it, she was more than happy to respect her boyfriends promises to other people and especially to the boys.

"How about you help me clear up and we can shower together." Mitch then says with with a grin, he knew she was trying to bait him and wanted to see if he could have a little fun before they went out.

"Nice try, but I won our last bet and we're doing things my way tonight, especially since you're ditching me to going running with a twelve year old boy tomorrow night." Erica responds with a grin, before getting up and giving her boyfriend a quick kiss as she passes him and stands in the doorway.

"You know why I'm going running with him and you can try to bait me, but I'm not going to bite Erica." Mitch then responds in a slightly smug tone, he knew she was trying to bait him and decided that for once he would not let her, although that was more because he knew that she understood why he was going out with Jordan and that she loved how he looked after the boys.

"You're no fun sometimes." Erica retorts with a grin, before turning and walking out of the room, she knew she could still get him to bite, but while it would have been fun to try, she knew that leaving like that would annoy him as well and just grinned more as she made her way towards the bathroom.

"You know what I think?" Matt asks as he watches his boyfriend cleaning up, while he lies on the sofa enjoying the view.

"Is this about Peter and Alex, or Tobias?" Ben asks in a curious tone as he carries on tidying up the room, there wasn't much to do, but he knew his boyfriend was in a little pain and he wanted him to rest for a little while.

"Nope, it's about you pretending to clean up Ben, just because I hurt myself and you think I will want to do something if you finish too quickly." Matt responds with a small grin, although as he thinks about it, if his boyfriend really was stalling, then he was doing the right thing, because despite knowing that he had hurt his hip and needed to rest, he knew that he would try to get up and do something.

"Oh come on, I'm hardly..." Ben quickly begins to protest, but then trails off as he sees his boyfriend pouting at him. "Fine, but you have to promise to not move Matt and I mean a real promise." He the states in a firm tone, he knew it was pointless trying to lie and decided to just try and get his boyfriend to rest.

"Only if we can go in the jacuzzi later and use that bath salt stuff you got me." Matt responds with a loving smile, he just never stopped finding himself being amazed by his boyfriend and how he seemed to always know what he needed.

"You just want to get me naked." Ben responds in a playful tone while he finishes cleaning up, although when he hears his boyfriend giggling, he can't help but look over. "What?" He then asks, he knew his comment was a little funny, but he didn't think it was that funny.

"You're already naked you dumb ass." Matt responds after a few moments, sure it wasn't that funny, but his painkillers were kicking in and they always made him a little giggly.

"Shit, I don't even remember taking my clothes off." Ben then states in a surprised tone as he looks at himself, before frowning a little bit. "Hey! Why are you still dressed if I'm naked?" He then asks after realising that his boyfriend was wearing shorts and wondered how that had happened, they always got naked together and he was actually struggling to remember a time when they didn't.

"Because you're a pervert and I'm a good boy." Matt responds with a grin and can't help but giggle when his boyfriend pouts at him. "But can we use that er... Calpa salt stuff?" He then asks after deciding to get back to the jacuzzi, he really wanted to just sit and relax in there with his boyfriend holding him.

"You mean the Calspa pacific sea salts?" Ben responds with a smile, he wanted to say something in return to his boyfriends comment, but he knew he changed the subject for a reason and really wanted to use the jacuzzi as well now and he was proud of himself for getting the salts, because like with his boyfriends cane, he had thought about them himself, he knew his boyfriend loved baths with salts and gels in them and had looked online to see if the jacuzzi could have them in it as well and was so happy when he found out they could and the Calspa one was perfect for his boyfriends foot and hip as well.

"Yeah." Matt responds with a shy smile and can't help but blush, he knew it was stupid, but again he was thinking about how much his boyfriend loved him and how much he looked out for him and he just couldn't believe how lucky he was.

"You look after me just as much as I look after you Matt." Ben then says as he sees his boyfriends expression and knew exactly what he was thinking, he had seen the look so many times now and it always made his heart skip a beat, as well as making him smile at his boyfriends reaction every time they had this exchange.

"I know, it's just weird is all." Matt then says as he thinks about his life so far and despite all the bad and there was so much bad, Ben had always been his shining light, the one thing that kept him going and he was happy, despite it all, he knew he was happy.

"Weird?" Ben can't help but ask in a concerned and slightly worried tone, his boyfriend had never said anything like that when they had talked about this before and he wasn't sure what to make of it.

"It's just everything that has happened to me Ben, you know er... well everything, I should be miserable, sad and angry and er... well you know what I mean right." Matt responds as he tries to explain how he is feeling as best he can, he had never talked to his boyfriend about this before, well he hasn't told anyone and as he thought about it, he wasn't sure why he had never mentioned it before, it wasn't a bad thing and he knew it would make his boyfriend happy, which would then make himself feel even happier.

"I think so." Ben responds in a slightly hesitant tone. "I mean you're happy right, I mean that's what you're trying to say?" He then asks with a curious look, his boyfriend definitely had his moments and bad days, where even he was ignored or on the receiving end of a verbal assault, but he was sure he was actually happy despite all the bad stuff he had been through, well at least he was hoping he was happy, because he would be devastated if he wasn't.

"It doesn't make me weird does it? You know, for er... being happy after all the stuff Mr Jones and David did to me does it?" Matt decides to ask in response, he was sure it was okay for him to be happy and that everyone would be happy for him, but he needed to hear his boyfriend say it and then he could fully accept it himself.

"It doesn't make you weird you dumb ass, it makes you incredible and amazing and beautiful and most importantly..." Ben quickly begins to responds with a giant grin, before pausing as he walks over and kneels beside his boyfriend. "It makes me feel like the luckiest person in the universe, because I get to be in love with the bravest and sexiest person alive and have him love me back." He then continues from the heart, before pulling his boyfriends head towards his own and kisses him passionately, while at the same time begins to pull his boyfriends shorts and tighty whiteys down and then off.

"I made a decision about my hand." Matt then says after they break apart, although there were a million other things he wanted to say after what he thought was one of the best kisses of his entire life, but he knew that they didn't need to always say how they were feeling, they both knew each other enough to know just by looking into each others eyes.

"You're not going to have the surgery are you?" Ben asks in response with an understanding smile, he could see it in his boyfriends eyes, well after a few moments anyway, because all he could see was how happy his boyfriend was and how much he loved him and he was pretty sure his boyfriend saw the same thing in his eyes as well, because he couldn't be any more in love with him if he tried.

"I can still play the guitar and piano and that's enough for me Ben, I don't need to play like I used to be able to." Matt responds with a smile, he was actually still considering it before the kiss, but he really was happy and he knew in his heart that having the surgery wasn't going to make him any happier and it wasn't like he couldn't play any instruments, it just meant he couldn't play for too long and he never liked doing that anyway.

"Tom will be a little disappointed I think, he said you were the best guitar player he had had in his class for a long time." Ben then says as he thinks about their teachers reaction and knew that he always liked his boyfriend performing with a guitar over any other instrument.

"I know, but he said that I had to do what I wanted to do Ben and besides, he has Tobias now and you're getting pretty good yourself." Matt responds with a loving smile, his boyfriend was still learning, but he was definitely getting a lot better with his lessons from Kurt and his brother was always better than him anyway on the guitar, so he knew their teacher would respect his choice.

"It's really funny how much he blushes when we call him Tom in school." Ben then says as he gently strokes his boyfriends thigh with his fingers, he could see the bruise on his hip from where he fell and despite knowing it was just a bruise, he still couldn't help but think it looked worse than it should.

"Yeah, but he doesn't really mind and well I like being his friend, he is so nice and he came to visit me Ben, he didn't have to do that, but he did and I just er... well er... never mind." Matt begins to respond, before trailing off as he thinks of how has been feeling about their teacher recently and despite knowing he was just missing a father figure in his life at the moment and that it was all he was feeling, he still wasn't sure if his boyfriend would understand.

"Matt you can tell me anything, you know that right?" Ben then decides to ask after seeing his boyfriend blush a little and knew he was hiding something.

"It's just a phase and it isn't real Ben, but I think that I er... you know er... well I think I'm seeing Tom as a sort of father figure and it's really embarrassing." Matt eventually responds after a few moments, he knew his boyfriend would think it was weird, but he also knew that he would never judge him and would only ever support him.

"Really? Wow I would have thought it would have been my dad or well actually I thought it would be Mitch, but not our teacher, that's a little strange Matt." Ben responds in a slightly surprised tone, although he had thought his brother was just being over the top when he said that his boyfriend might look for a new father figure and he didn't really get what he meant, but hearing his boyfriend now, he realises that his brother was right and luckily he knew how to react to it now, instead of making a mess of the conversation and upsetting his boyfriend.

"Huh?" Matt can't help but ask in a confused and surprised tone, he had expected his boyfriend to find it weird and not judge him, but he wasn't expecting him to act as if he knew this was going to happen.

"Oh right, well Mitch kind of gave me a talk ages ago about how you might sort of well er... I think he said latch on to a man to replace losing your dad Matt and well I didn't really think he knew what he was talking about, but well I guess he was right as usual and well I guess I just assumed if you felt that way about anyone, then it would be my dad or more likely Mitch." Ben responds as he does his best to explain himself to his clearly confused boyfriend, after quickly realising that he wasn't expecting him to respond like he had done.

"I don't want him to be my dad though Ben, I just like being around him and I know it's..." Matt then begins to say, before being stopped as his boyfriends lips press against his own and despite wanting to explain himself, he could never resist his boyfriend and quickly returned the kiss lovingly.

"I know Matt and I understand." Ben then says after breaking the kiss, he knew what his boyfriend was going to say and knew he would probably struggle to put it into words.

"I don't want anyone else to know about it Ben." Matt then says as he looks at his boyfriend lovingly. "Hey! where are my shorts and tighty whiteys?" He then asks in a confused tone, after feeling his boyfriend gently playing with his balls and looking down, he knew he was wearing them before and knew he hadn't taken them off.

"Seriously, you only just noticed? I took them off a few minutes ago Matt." Ben asks in response and can't help but give his boyfriend a bemused look, he knew the kiss they were having at the time was incredible, but he was sure his boyfriend would have felt him pulling his shorts and underwear off.

"All I remember is being kissed by the most amazing, the most thoughtful and the best person I know, who I love more than anything in the universe." Matt responds from the heart, before reaching out and slowly playing with his boyfriends boner.

"I love you too, but you need to rest, while I go and get the jacuzzi set up." Ben responds in a reluctant tone, he was enjoying what his boyfriend was doing with his hand and definitely enjoyed doing the same back, but they had all night to be together like that and the next day was going to be the best of both their lives and was hoping by the end of the evening he would have a fiancée and knew he needed to try and get his boyfriends hip feeling better as quickly as possible.

"Spoilsport." Matt responds in a slightly sulky tone, he knew his boyfriend was just looking out for him and knew that his hip needed resting, but he was feeling horny now and would have liked to carry on and have some fun.

"I know." Ben responds in a slightly down tone, although when he feels his boyfriend stroking his cheek with his fingers, he can't help but smile again. "Can you phone Tobias to not come here tonight please? I just want it to be us." He then decides to ask, he was sure their brother wouldn't come in the pool house, but he wanted to make sure and knew his boyfriend would understand why he was asking.

"Just pass my phone and don't take too long okay." Matt responds with a loving smile, he knew that with his hip, they wouldn't be doing much sex wise, but knowing his boyfriend wanted them to be alone, he knew what that meant and couldn't help but look forward to just being held by his boyfriend all night and losing himself in his eyes until they fell asleep.

"Promise." Ben then says with a smile as he gets up and starts to walk over to the bathroom. "Oh and stay hard, if you're soft when I come back, I'm having the jacuzzi to myself." He states with a grin and could tell his boyfriend wasn't expecting that.

"Creep!" Matt responds with a shake of the head, although to his boyfriends amusement, he starts to gently play with himself, while holding the mobile to his ear with his other hand and despite being excited about the rest of the day, he was also hoping his mum wouldn't get angry about them not eating tea with them, he had promised her and just hoped she understood.

"What's wrong Tobias?" Mike asks as he sees the boys face after walking in the living room and couldn't help but wonder why he looked a little upset.

"Matt called me and said that he didn't want me to go to the pool house today." Tobias answers in an annoyed tone, before slumping back into a chair and to his mum and uncles slight amusement sits with his arms crossed.

"Don't be like that Tobias, you've spent a couple of nights with them already this week and it's okay for them to want to be alone sometimes." Sarah then says after deciding to join in the conversation, she knew both Matt and Ben did their best to include their brother, but she also knew that they needed some alone time sometimes.

"I know, but it's not fair." Tobias responds in a sulky tone, before blushing as he realises that he is doing it again. "Sorry Mum, I don't like being like this." He decides to say as he gives his mum a guilty look, he knew that he never used to be sulky and like this and knowing how he used to be, just made it more embarrassing for him.

"Tobias everyone changes and we all love you, even when you sulk." Sarah responds with a smile, she missed the boy she used to know and she knew he didn't like being sulky himself, but he had been through too much and it had affected him, so she knew that it was important to reassure him and knew that the others did the same whenever they could.

"Your mum is right Tobias and besides all teenagers are moody and sulky most of the time, it's like a right of passage, especially for boys and you're no different than anyone else." Mike then says with a grin and although he was just trying to reassure the poor boy, he was also telling the truth and his grin widens a little when he sees his eyes light up a little bit.

"Even Mitch?" Tobias quickly asks in a hopeful tone, he knew his uncle and mum were trying to reassure him, but also knew that they wouldn't lie to him to do it and he had seen plenty of moody older boys when he was younger and in the orphanage to know that they were moody and sulky a lot.

"Ha! Mitch was a nightmare at times, but looking after Ben mellowed him out quite a lot and he wasn't so bad most of the time." Mike responds with a little chuckle, his eldest son was amazing and a godsend at times, but he still had his moments and his journey through puberty was a bit of a nightmare, although more for one incident in particular and ever since that, he had never looked at a shower the same way again.

"Really Mike? I thought Mitch was a good kid?" Sarah can't help but ask, she knew that they were meant to be reassuring her son, but she had always got the impression that Mitch had been nothing but a well behaved and mature kid throughout his life and was surprised that he might not have been the angel she thought he had been.

"Well maybe nightmare was the wrong choice of words Sarah, but even the best of kids have their moments and Mitch was no different, but I wouldn't change a thing about him and the same goes for Ben and well all the boys, they're all amazing and sweet, even when they're being a pain in the backside." Mike then explains in an amused tone and was happy to hear Tobias giggling.

"We're definitely lucky." Sarah then says in a thoughtful tone. "Wait, does this mean your brothers aren't eating here with us tonight Tobias?" She then asks in a slightly annoyed tone as she suddenly remembers why her son was upset in the first place and could tell straight away that she was right by his expression.

"Yeah, he said after he fell and hurt his hip, that he just wanted to rest because tomorrow was a big day and he wanted to be able to walk around." Tobias answers in a slightly meek tone, he could tell that his mum wasn't happy and remembered earlier that she had told his brother that he had to eat with them in the house and just hoped she wouldn't be angry now that he had explained why.

"It was a bad fall Sarah and that bruise looked pretty painful." Mike then decides to say, he knew that she wanted them to eat together tonight, but he also knew that Matt was in pain and that it would be unfair to make him sit at a table and Tobias was also right about tomorrow being a big day for the two boys and couldn't blame him for wanting to be rested.

"I know, but I..." Sarah begins to responds before trailing off for a few moments. "We aren't going to see much of them this weekend and I guess I just wanted to have him here tonight eating with us." She then says in a slightly sad tone, she was happy for her son and his boyfriend and knew it was a special moment for both boys, especially with what has happened these past few years and everyone knew that there was a long time when no one knew if her son was not only going to wake up, but even since then there have been times where they have all been concerned about him hurting himself or worse.

"Is an anniversary like a birthday?" Tobias then decides to ask, his brothers had tried to explain it to him before, but he still didn't quite understand the point in them or if people where meant to give them presents and stuff, so he wanted to see what his mum and uncle would say about it.

"Not exactly, but I guess it's a good comparison Tobias." Mike answers in a slightly surprised tone, although it was more to do with not expecting that sort of question, than the actual question itself.

"No I mean er... I don't well er... you know, get it." Tobias then quickly says in a slightly desperate tone, he could tell his uncle thought he had answered his question and he didn't want to pretend he understood what it was again, like he had done with his brothers.

"Oh, it's just something people celebrate Honey and for your brothers, it will be one year ago tomorrow that they asked each other to be boyfriends, so for them, it's a special day and one they want to celebrate, so in a lot of ways, it is like a birthday." Sarah explains with a loving smile, which quickly widens when she sees him smile back and she knows that he understood now.

"Thank you." Tobias then says as he gets up and moves over to give his uncle and then his mum a loving cuddle, he really did love them both and although his uncle misunderstood him, he was glad that he found out what an anniversary actually was and what it meant.

"Now Honey, did you make sure it was still okay for you to sleep over at your friends house tomorrow?" Sarah then decides to ask after watching him sitting back down on the sofa and was glad to see him looking much happier, although she hears his phone beeping and sees him looking at it.

"Er... yeah, I can't wait Mum, I love sleeping with Carter and Wesley, they're the best." Tobias responds in a distracted tone as he sees who just messaged him and can't help but grin.

"Oh, well that's nice Honey." Sarah then says as she gives Mike a confused look, she knew that he still sometimes messed his words up, but knowing the boys and how close they all were, she couldn't help but find herself worrying a little bit about his apparent slip.

"It's fine Sarah, he's said that before and the boys explained that he always says it like that for some reason." Mike decides to say in a quieter tone, although he knew if Tobias wasn't distracted by the text message, he would be able to hear him easily.

"I know and well okay." Sarah responds with a relieved look, she was more than happy to let her train of thought end there and couldn't help but smile when she turns back to her sun to she him blushing as he was still reading the text.

"So who is she then Tobias?" Mike decides to ask after recognising the look on his face, he had seen it plenty of times on his eldest sons face and enough times on his youngest sons face when Matt called him, to know what it meant and couldn't help but find his reaction to his question adorable.

"It's Lily." Tobias answers with a shy smile after a few moments, he had forgotten he wasn't alone and couldn't help but be embarrassed by his uncles question.

"I see, so is this Lily your friend?" Mike then asks with a knowing smirk, although he has to ignore the look Sarah gives him and knew that he should be careful not to upset him by teasing him too much.

"Yeah she's my girl friend." Tobias answers with a proud smile, he had a couple of female friends now, but he liked Lily the most and was still hoping she would be his actual girlfriend one day.

"You have a girlfriend?" Sarah then quickly asks in a surprised tone, not that she really wanted to know a lot about either of her sons love lives, she assumed someone would have mentioned him having a girlfriend at some point.

"Yeah, she's a girl and is my friend, I have a couple of girl friends." Tobias answers in a confused tone as he looks at his mum. "Matt and Ben said that it's okay for boys to have friends who are girls." He then states as he starts to wonder if his brothers had tricked him or if his mum was just being weird.

"Oh, so she is your friend?" Sarah then asks, but can't help but feel a little stupid at the look on her sons face and knew that he must be thinking she was being weird.

"Yeah, that's what I said Mum." Tobias answers in the same confused tone and wondered if his mum was feeling okay, because he already told her that Lily was his friend and didn't know why she was asking again.

"Tobias, what we mean is, is this Lily just a friend or are you a couple, like your two brothers or Wesley and Carter are?" Mike then decides to ask after seeing how confused the boy was getting and knew that he didn't understand what they were asking him and that they needed to be clearer.

"She is really pretty and I really like her, but she doesn't want to be my girlfriend." Tobias answers in a slightly downhearted tone, he really did like her and wished he had kept his mouth shut about what he did with his two friends, although at the same time he wasn't ashamed of what they did, well still do and he knew they would have some fun tomorrow night, but he still wished he hadn't said it at all.

"Aww Honey, it's okay and you have plenty of time for that kind of thing." Sarah then says with a loving smile, although straight away she could tell that he wasn't taken it the way she had intended him to take her response.

"I'm not a baby Mum, I just said something stupid and she just wants to be friends." Tobias quickly states in a less than impressed tone, although he is actually still just annoyed at himself for messing up his chance to have a nice girlfriend and knew from his short experience in trying to get one, that there weren't many nice girls around.

"Tobias, why don't you go and make a start on dinner and we will come help you in a minute." Mike then decides to suggest, he could see that he was getting upset and knew from his experience with his eldest son, that it wasn't just because of the questions he and Sarah had been asking him and wanted to give him a distraction.

"Okay Uncle Mike." Tobias responds in a slightly relieved tone, he was glad to not have to talk about Lily any more and was definitely happy that they wouldn't ask what he said to make her want to be just friends, but at the same time, he wanted to be with them both and hated being on his own, even if it was just for a little while.

"Good boy and be careful if you use a knife and don't turn the hobs on okay." Mike then says with a caring smile, he knew he didn't need to tell the boy to be careful, but it was a parent reflex and he knew all the boys were used to it by now.

"I will, I don't want to cut myself like you did the other week, I like my fingers Uncle Mike." Tobias then responds with a cheeky grin, before making a quick exit from the room before his uncle could respond.

"That little..." Mike begins to mutter, before trailing off after hearing a loud cough. "Angel, that little angel." He then quickly adds with a smile as he looks over to Sarah and could see that she was finding it all amusing.

"It sounded like he really likes this Lily girl, have the boys mentioned her to you at all Mike?" Sarah then decides to ask in a curious tone, she wasn't that worried and knew that her son would find someone eventually, but she still wanted to know a bit more about the whole thing.

"Honestly Sarah, not a word and it's a little strange." Mike responds with a warm smile, although straight away he can see the confusion on her face. "I mean strange, because they have pretty much told us about all the other times Tobias has tried to talk to girls, but they have never mentioned one called Lily and Tobias made it clear that the two of them are actually friends." He then says after guessing that she didn't understand what he had meant at first.

"It's a little strange I guess, I was going to ask what he said to her, you know to make her just want to be friends, but there is no way I want to open that can of worms up Mike, we both know what he is like." Sarah then says with a little chuckle, she may find the sulking a little sad, but almost to compensate for that, his ability to put his foot in it and dig himself a pretty impressive grave, made up for it and she couldn't help but just love him.

"Well I can't argue with that and I certainly won't be asking him Sarah." Mike responds before getting up and offering his hand to her to help her up.

"It will be nice to have the house to ourselves tomorrow night, I might even let you pick the movie." Sarah then says with a wink, before heading towards the door.

"A whole night to ourselves, it's been a while." Mike then says as he tries to remember the last time they truly had the whole place to themselves, without at least one of the boys home or in the pool house and can't help but smile as they walk into the kitchen.

"Is it working?" Ben asks in a caring tone, he was enjoying the jacuzzi a lot and it felt pretty great, but he was more interested about his boyfriend, who was nestled under his arm, with his head resting on his chest.

"A little bit." Matt responds honestly, he could have lied and said it was fine, but he knew that he wouldn't really know if it helped until the got out and he was in no hurry to do that.

"I know I keep asking, but you're okay aren't you?" Ben then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, he knew he could be over bearing sometimes when his boyfriend hurt himself, but he knew his boyfriend understood that he was just trying his best to look after him.

"Apart from falling over and hurting myself, I'm good Ben, I promise okay." Matt responds honestly, if it was anyone else, he would get annoyed at them for hassling him about how he felt, but his boyfriend was different and he knew that he was just doing the same thing he would be doing if the roles were reversed and he could never be angry at him for just loving him.

"Sorry I keep asking, I know I'm being annoying, but I just, well you know..." Ben then says in a sincere tone, before trailing off after feeling a little embarrassed.

"You're cute when you blush." Matt then says as he moves and sits up, before pulling his boyfriends face to his own and kisses him lovingly for a few moments.

"You think Jarred finally got the message to leave Peter and Tobias alone now?" Ben then decides to ask a few moments after their kiss, he could feel himself getting hard and despite enjoying the feelings his boyfriend gave him, he knew they weren't going to do anything tonight and didn't want to work himself up.

"He better do for his own sake, although it was funny seeing how easily Tobias dealt with him." Matt responds with a smile and although he doesn't like fighting, Jarred deserved getting what he deserved and he knew that their brother was a little bit of a hero to a lot of the kids at school now and was happy for him.

"Yeah, I still can't believe how tough Tobias is, even Wesley is impressed and told me that if they were the same size, then he thinks Tobias would be able to take him easily." Ben then says as he gently pulls his boyfriend back against him, he loved holding him in his arms and knew that his boyfriend loved being held by him.

"Nah Ben, it might be close, but we both know that Wesley would still win, although Carter is getting more muscles, he looks really hot and I saw some girls checking him out when Wesley persuaded him to go topless last weekend at the park." Matt states in a contented tone, he just loved how safe and loved he felt in his boyfriends arms.

"I just hope he doesn't over do it, he looks really good right now, but any more and I think he will look at little weird." Ben responds in a thoughtful tone, their friend definitely looked really good right now, but if he went too far, then he would just look stupid and hoped that Wesley would make sure he didn't end up like that.

"Wesley would never let him overdo it Ben." Matt then says as he snuggles up a little more to his boyfriend. "Can you just hold me now please?" He then asks, he loved talking with his boyfriend, but he just wanted to be held now and relax in his arms.

"Okay, but if you start snoring again, I'm going to dunk you under the water." Ben responds with a grin, he was more than happy to just hold his boyfriend, but he couldn't resist having a little fun first.

"I don't snore and if you dunk me under the water, then I'm going to tell Mitch about what really happened to Erica's bikini." Matt quickly retorts without moving or looking up to see his boyfriends reaction, he knew it was a low blow, but at the same time he knew that he would play along and not take it too seriously.

"You wore it as well Matt." Ben then says in a slightly embarrassed tone, they had just been messing around and dressing up, but before they could put it back, Erica had noticed it missing and it was only their brother who saved them from getting in trouble and having to explain what they were doing.

"We still owe Tobias for saving our backsides for that." Matt then says, they were both caught and knew that they wouldn't have been able to come up with something believable, so when their brother said that he had taken them by accident when he was doing the washing, they both knew that they owed him big time and were still trying to figure out how to repay him.

"I was thinking we can try and talk to Lily and see if we can help him out with her." Ben decides to suggest, it was obvious that their brother really liked her and from talking with her, they both thought she liked him the same way and thought that it was worth a try.

"I guess so, but can we just be together now please, I don't want to talk any more." Matt responds in a loving tone, he didn't want to be rude, but he really did just want to relax and the Calspa salts were making him feel amazing and relaxed.

"Anything you want Matt." Ben then says from the heart and couldn't help but sigh in content when he feels his boyfriend shift a little more and snuggle up to him.

The Next Day

"How are you feeling?" Wesley asks in a caring tone after watching his boyfriends eyes flutter for a few moments before opening, he knew how he felt after waking up after his first time and was worried about him.

"Sleepy." Carter responds in a groggy tone, before yawning and closing his eyes again.

"You're so cute." Wesley then says in an amused tone, he could tell that his boyfriend was happy and could see him trying not to smile. "But seriously, you okay Beautiful?" He then asks after giving him a light kiss on the lips, he knew that he was still tired, but he also knew that he was just pretending to sleep and wanted him to be honest with him.

"It hurts a little bit, but I thought it would be worse." Carter then answers after trying to keep his act up, but after his boyfriend started to kiss his nose, he knew that he needed to just be honest and stop messing around.

"I felt the same way and it feels weird and uncomfortable when you walk around." Wesley then says in a slightly relieved tone and even though his boyfriend was in a little pain, he wasn't too concerned and had been through it himself.

"I really liked it Wesley." Carter then says in a sincere tone, it hurt quite a lot at first, well for a long time, but his boyfriend was gentle and patient and he eventually really enjoyed how it felt.

"But?" Wesley can't help but ask, he knew his boyfriend was telling the truth, but he also sensed a but coming and while he felt a little disappointed, he would never make his boyfriend do something he didn't want to do.

"No buts Wesley, I really did like it." Carter responds as he shifts a little and can't stop himself wincing.

"It's okay if you don't want to do it again, I love you Carter and as amazing as it felt and it was really amazing, you being happy and safe is all I want." Wesley decides to say, he could see it in his boyfriends eyes and he just wanted to let him know that it was okay.

"I do want to do it again though." Carter quickly protests, but as he looks into his boyfriends eyes, he knows that he has to be honest. "Well okay, maybe not for a little while, but it was really weird, but er... good weird to cum like that and I liked you being er... well it sounds stupid, but I liked how it felt to have you in me." He then says in a sincere tone, although he couldn't help but blush at the bemused look on his boyfriends face and knew that he had once again made a mess of expressing himself and wondered if he would always be like this.

"You're so adorable when you get embarrassed." Wesley then says with a loving smile, before leaning across and giving his boyfriend a few pecks on the nose. "But I know what you mean about cumming, I know we have done it with our fingers to each other, but it was just something else with you inside me and I'm really happy that I could make you feel good, even if it was just the once." He then adds in a sincere tone, he just loved him so much and was happy that he had enjoyed it.

"It's not just he once Wesley, but just not for a little while, I promise." Carter then quickly states in a reassuring tone, he could tell that his boyfriend wasn't upset with him, but he wanted to make sure he knew that it wasn't just a one off, he just needed a little time to recover from it.

"I know and well I love you Beautiful." Wesley responds with a loving smile, before feeling himself being kissed and quickly returns it.

"I love you too, but we both kind of smell like er... well you know sex stuff and I don't want your parents or brother to smell it." Carter then says and despite blushing, he can't help but giggle as well when he sees his boyfriends expression and knew that he had caught him off guard.

"You're so weird sometimes." Wesley then says after managing to compose himself. "And god I love when you giggle, seriously Carter, I just love you so much." He then adds from the heart and quickly met his boyfriend half way, after he sees him leaning in for a kiss.

"So about that shower." Carter then says with a small grin after breaking the kiss, he would kiss him for the rest of their lives if he could, but he really wanted to wash and also was a little scared of going alone, just in case there was blood or something.

"Anything you want Beautiful, but let me help you up." Wesley responds with a smile before getting up himself. "Don't give me that look Carter, I know what it's like to try and get up and walk after, so suck it up and let me help you." He then adds in a serious tone, he knew what his boyfriend was going to say and wanted him to know that he was going to help him whether he liked it or not.

"Fine, but I'm going to do you so hard tonight, that I will be helping you out of bed for the next week and we will see how you like it." Carter quickly retorts with a smirk as he watches his boyfriend walking around the bed and couldn't help but giggle a little at his face and knew that he had caught him off guard again.

"Just one little problem with your plan Beautiful." Wesley then says after taking a few moments to compose himself, his boyfriend often surprised him when it came to this sort of thing, but that was taking it to another level and he had to admit that he liked when his boyfriend talked dirty, although he knew he had forgotten about later and could see the confusion on his face being slowly replaced by a slightly disappointed expression.

"Ah damn, I forgot about Tobias." Carter then states and despite loving their friend, he couldn't help but be a little disappointed because even though he was joking around, he was actually looking forward to having sex with his boyfriend later on and knew that he would have to wait now.

"I know, but let's face it Carter, unless Lily finally figured out that she does actually want to be his girlfriend, we're still going to be having fun, especially since we will have the house to ourselves for most of the night." Wesley then decides to point out and despite his boyfriends obvious disappointment a few moments ago, he could see the excitement on his face now and he felt the same way.

"Come on then, let's get a shower and we better open your window as well." Carter then says in a more upbeat tone, sure he was a little disappointed still, but he couldn't deny that when their friend came over, it was always fun and exciting.

"I thought that would cheer you up." Wesley responds as he helps his boyfriend up and just like he thought, he was in a bit of pain and even though his boyfriend doesn't say it, he can see that he appreciated his help and as he walks over to the window, he can't help but grin at how his boyfriend was walking and wondered if he looked like that after his boyfriend had sex with him.

"So there's no chance of changing your mind about tonight?" Erica asks in a playful tone, she knew the answer already, but she couldn't resist making him suffer a little bit for a little fun.

"I made a promise to Carter that I would keep an eye on Jordan when he wanted to go for a run at night Erica and..." Mitch begins to responds, before seeing the little smirk on her face. "You''re winding me up again aren't you?" He then says with a shake of the head and he didn't need her to answer, to know that he was right and wondered how many times he was going to fall for that.

"Yeah, but seriously Mitch, I'm okay with it and well actually I think it's sweet and he really shouldn't be out running on his own at night." Erica responds with a smile, before eating some more of her breakfast, she had to be at work soon, but was happy that she could spend a bit of time with her boyfriend and just talk.

"I know and I have talked to him about going earlier in the evening, but he likes the quietness and to be honest, when I go running I like that as well." Mitch then says as he gives his girlfriend a loving smile, before carrying on eating his breakfast as well.

"Yeah but you run together, so what's the difference between running on his own earlier in the day and with you at night?" Erica then asks in a curious tone, not that she was making any particular point, but she couldn't see the difference and it would just be safer for the young boy to run during the day.

"We don't actually run together for most of it Erica, he runs to just relax and have some time to himself, so we have separate routes, but I made sure his is in the open and not secluded." Mitch answers with a reassuring smile, he knew it was still risky letting him run alone, but there were other people in the park who ran or just sat there and he knew most of them quite well and had planned Jordan's route to pass by them, just to make sure he was safe.

"If it was anyone else, I might be a little worried about that Mitch, but I'm guessing somehow he isn't alone while running." Erica then says before drinking the rest of her coffee, she knew her boyfriend too well for him to take chances on any of the boys safety, even if Jordan wasn't that close to them, he was still a friend to the family.

"He is safe Erica and I make sure that he has his phone on and fully charged." Mitch responds with a loving smile, he was glad that she wasn't questioning him and knew that she trusted him and felt the same way about her.

"I know, so how about Ben and Matt, what time are you taking them to your old house?" Erica then decides to ask, she knew there was nothing left to say about Jordan and was genuinely curious about the two boys anniversary and what was actually going to happen and smiles as she listen to her boyfriend explaining the plan and couldn't help but be surprised by how well thought out it sounded.

"How are you so perfect?" Matt asks as he walks out of their bedroom and sees his boyfriend cooking their breakfast and couldn't believe how amazing he was as he looks down to the rose his boyfriend had got him in his hand.

"You wouldn't be saying that if I had figured out how to put the vibrating cock ring on you without waking you." Ben responds without turning around, he had tried to put it on his boyfriend, but he kept stirring and he didn't want to risk waking him up before he made him breakfast.

"I don't know, I kind of like it." Matt responds with a grin, which quickly grows wider when he sees his boyfriend turn around and stare at him lustfully and knew he made the right decision to put the cock ring on himself now.

"Fuck you look so sexy." Ben then says as he sees his boyfriend wearing the ring, before noticing him holding the rose and couldn't help but blush, he knew it was a little corny, but he wanted to give him a rose for every year they were together on their anniversary, although he hoped they might get a little cheaper in the future, because they weren't as cheap as he assumed they would be.

"The rose is beautiful." Matt then says as he walks across the room and wraps his arms around his boyfriends body, before kissing him lovingly for a few moments. "I got you something as well." He then says in a slightly shy tone, it may not be a rose, but he thought his boyfriend would like it or at least he hoped he would.

"I'm not sure your boner counts as a present Matt." Ben quickly responds with a cheeky smile, before feeling himself being kissed again.

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