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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 14

October 2015

"How are you so perfect?" Matt asks as he limps out of the bedroom and sees his boyfriend cooking breakfast and couldn't believe how amazing he was, before looking down to the rose his boyfriend had got him in his hand and couldn't help but smile.

"You wouldn't be saying that if I had figured out how to put that new cock ring on you without waking you up." Ben responds without turning around, he had tried to put it on his boyfriend, but he kept stirring and he didn't want to risk waking him up before he made him breakfast.

"I don't know, I kind of like it." Matt responds with a grin, which quickly grows wider when he sees his boyfriend turn around and stare at him lustfully and straight away knew that he had made the right decision to put the cock ring on himself now.

"Fuck you look so sexy." Ben then says as he sees his boyfriend wearing the ring, before noticing him holding the rose he had brought for him and couldn't help but blush, he knew it was a little corny, but he wanted to give him a rose for every year they were together on their anniversary, although he hoped they might get a little cheaper in the future, because they weren't as cheap as he assumed they would be.

"The rose is beautiful." Matt then says as he walks across the room and wraps his arms around his boyfriends body, before kissing him lovingly for a few moments. "I got you something as well." He then says in a slightly shy tone, it may not be a rose, but he thought his boyfriend would like it or at least he hoped he would.

"I'm not sure your boner counts as a present Matt." Ben quickly responds with a cheeky smile, before feeling himself being kissed again.

"I'm going to go get it okay." Matt then says after breaking the kiss and ignoring his boyfriends joke, he was just too excited and nervous to see if his boyfriend liked his gift to relax enough to play along right now.

"Okay, but I think this will make it more fun." Ben responds with a evil grin and before Matt can even ask what his boyfriend was talking about, he feels his hand on his boner and then feels the cock ring starting to vibrate and can't help but moan. "There, now don't be long, our breakfast is almost done." He then states in a serious tone, while trying his best to keep a straight face, although as soon as his boyfriend pouts, he starts to giggle at just how adorable he looked.

"Creep!" Matt then retorts weakly as he tries to compose himself, the vibrating had caught him off guard and he couldn't believe how powerful it was and quickly turns it off.

"Hey!" Ben then quickly protests after seeing his boyfriend turning the ring back off and was a little disappointed.

"I want to give you your present first." Matt responds as he gives his boyfriend a loving smile, he would have kept it on, but he really wanted to give him the present first and he knew that his boyfriend would understand.

"Okay, but as soon as you give me your present, you have to turn it back on." Ben then states with a big smile, before leaning forward and giving his boyfriend another kiss.

"Such a creep." Matt then mutters with half a smile after his boyfriend ends their kiss.

"I'm your creep though, now get moving Matt." Ben responds with am amused smile, before turning his boyfriend around and giving him a gently slap on the bum and smiles as his boyfriend slowly limps towards their bedroom.

"If I have to wear this, then you can try the new butt plug you got." Matt then states with an evil grin after stopping at their bedroom door and turning back to face his boyfriend, who he could see wasn't expecting that and couldn't help but find his reaction amusing.

"I er... shit..." Ben then begins to say, before trailing off after seeing his boyfriend disappear inside their bedroom and knew that he had no choice in the matter and despite being a little nervous about the plug, they had been experimenting more and more with anal stuff and was actually a little excited.

"Dad, can I ask you something please?" Alex asks as he sits opposite his dad and couldn't help but be a little nervous and despite knowing his dad accepted his sexuality, he wasn't sure how he felt about everything that meant.

"You can talk to me about anything Alex, including your mother, if that is what you're going to ask about." Gordon responds with a warm smile, although from his sons expression he realises that he was way off with what his son wanted to talk about and couldn't help but look at him curiously.

"No, don't worry about it Dad." Alex then says in a disheartened tone, the mention of his mum had took him off guard and the fact his dad automatically thought he would want to talk about her actually upset him a little bit as well.

"Please talk to me Alex, I know I haven't been around as much as either of us want to, but I want you to be able to talk to me about anything." Gordon quickly responds in a sincere tone, before smiling as he watches his son trying to hide a smile and knew that he had at least made up for bringing up the subject of his wife.

"I'm going to ask Peter to be my boyfriend and I think he is going to say yes." Alex then states in a quiet tone, while at the same time trying hard to not look away from his dad, he knew his dad liked his friend and knew how he felt about him, but he still wasn't sure how he would react to him potentially having an actual boyfriend.

"Wait, you aren't already boyfriends?" Gordon quickly asks in a surprised and slightly confused tone, he knew they were friends and he knew how his son felt about the other boy, but he also assumed that they had been together for a while now and were just not ready to tell anyone else.

"Huh? Why would you think we were boyfriends?" Alex quickly asks in response, before just as quickly blushing when he thinks about how blunt and honest his dad could be and the things that might have led his dad to think that they were already boyfriends.

"Well I can see that you don't want me to answer that Alex, but let's just say that I have noticed that you two hold each others hands under tables, you stare at each other a lot and I have heard some things from your room, that even as a doctor who is used to embarrassing situations, is not something I really wanted to hear Son." Gordon answers honestly, although knowing that this would be somewhat humiliating for his son to hear, there was no other way to answer without at least embarrassing him a little bit.

"Oh my god." Alex then states in a mortified tone and quickly starts to get up so that he could run to his room and die of shame, there was no way he could look his dad in the eye now and just wanted the ground to swallow him up.

"Sit down Alex!" Gordon quickly states in a firm and serious tone, he knew what his son was doing and couldn't really blame him, but he couldn't let him run off like that and he knew that he needed to take control and then hopefully calm him down enough to talk about his sons relationship with his friend and tell him how proud he was of him.

"Okay." Alex responds in a defeated tone, he still wanted to run and hide, but his dads tone left him in no doubt that he needed to do a he was told and listen to whatever he had to tell him.

"Right, now that it's all in the open, I just want to say that Peter is a wonderful boy and a good friend and I think the fact that I had already assumed he was your boyfriend and not treated him or you any differently, I think that it's pretty obvious how I feel about him and you two being together Alex and I'm very happy for you." Gordon states in a sincere tone after watching his son sitting down again, he knew he had embarrassed him and knew that he should think a bit more before he spoke, but he hoped that he had at least made up for it now by being honest about how he felt about his sons sexuality once and for all.

"So you really don't er... well you really don't mind that I'm gay?" Alex then asks in a mixture of hope and nervousness, he knew his dad had said he was okay with it and what he just said had made him feel so happy inside, but he needed him to say it one more time before he could let himself accept how his dad really felt.

"I love you Alex and while I will admit to wanting grandchildren one day, that doesn't even come close to how much I want you to be happy Son, because all I want is for you to be happy and I can see how happy Peter makes you." Gordon responds from the heart after a few moments, he wanted to choose his words carefully and from the way his sons eyes instantly lit up, he knew that he had made a good job of it and can't help but smile proudly as he watches his son stand up and then walk over before embracing him.

"I love you Dad and what you said earlier, you know about being sorry that you weren't around enough, well er... well I just want you to know that you're doing er... well I love you and I'm proud to be your son Dad and you're the best dad ever." Alex then says from the heart, although he can't help but blush a little at how awkwardly his words had come out, but when he feels himself being held a little tighter, he knew that his dad really did love him and he really loved him as well.

"A USB stick?" Ben asks in a slightly confused tone, although he was trying his best to not sound too disappointed, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt his boyfriends feelings, but he couldn't help but look at the stick and feel underwhelmed.

"Yes, all I got you for our first ever anniversary is a USB stick, you're such a dumb ass sometimes Ben." Matt responds in a less than impressed tone, he wasn't really angry and knew that when he gave him the present, that he would be confused, but he was hoping his boyfriend would be able to hide his disappointment a little better.

"Is it a video of you naked?" Ben then decides to ask in a hopeful tone and despite his boyfriends obvious annoyance at his initial reaction, he was genuinely excited by the prospect of his boyfriend making him a sexy video of himself doing something.

"You're such a creep Ben." Matt responds with a shake of the head, although he couldn't quite stop himself from grinning, he could see his boyfriend getting hard and knew it was because he was excited by the idea of a video of him naked and was actually a little annoyed that he hadn't thought of making a naughty video of himself and knew that they would both enjoy watching it.

"Can you blame me? I mean I have the sexiest, the cutest and..." Ben then begins to say before pausing for a few seconds, while at the same time moves closer to his boyfriend and pulls his hips to his own. "The most perfect boyfriend in the entire universe." He then finishes before massaging his boyfriends bum and kissing him.

"I love you too." Matt states with a shy smile after their kiss ends, he loved his boyfriend so much and hoped he would like his present. "It has every song we have ever sang to each other on it, it took a while, well because I couldn't play the guitar or piano for too long at a time, but I thought you would like it and well er.. do you?" He then says in a slightly vulnerable tone, he was sure it was romantic, but he couldn't help but think it might be cheesy.

"So it's like a mix tape." Ben states with a small smile, it was just perfect in his eyes and just like his rose, it wasn't over the top, it was just something from the heart and couldn't help but pull his boyfriend back in for another loving kiss, before realising something.

"I guess so, but more modern and it's on a necklace, so you can listen to it any time you want if you're near a computer." Matt responds with a smile as he looks at his boyfriend staring at his present and could see that he loved it.

"Wait, you said it had all the songs we have sung for each other, how did you get me singing on there?" He then asks in a confused tone, although he was starting to wonder if his boyfriend meant that he had sung all the songs, which would make more sense to him.

"Seriously?" Matt quickly asks in response, at the time of making the tape he was a little worried his boyfriend would figure it out, but he assumed that he would work it out for himself after getting the present.

"I'm going to feel like an idiot in a minute aren't I?" Ben then asks as he looks at his boyfriend and he could tell that he was surprised that he hadn't worked it out for himself.

"Well yeah, I mean didn't you wonder why Tobias asked you to sing those songs in front of us a couple of weeks ago?" Matt decides to ask in response and despite his boyfriend obviously not thinking anything of it, he could now see him blushing a little and quickly leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Oh man, you're such a prick, I can't believe I didn't realise you were up to something." Ben then states with a shake of the head, he thought it was a little strange at the time, but he just figured that it was their brother being a little random again and now that he knew it was just a trick to get him to sing, he couldn't help but feel like a little embarrassed that he didn't even realise that he was being recorded.

"You aren't mad are you?" Matt then asks in a slightly concerned tone, he didn't think his boyfriend was angry, but he wanted to make sure, just in case he felt like he had been set up or something.

"Huh? No way Matt, I'm just a bit embarrassed about not figuring it out for myself, I'm meant to be smart and I should have guessed you two were up to something." Ben quickly responds in a sincere tone, the last thing he wanted was for his boyfriend to think that he was upset with him, when he was just feeling a little sorry for himself for once again missing something that should have been obvious.

"So you really do like it?" Matt then decides to ask in a slightly relieved tone, he was glad his boyfriend wasn't angry, but he was still a little nervous about whether a mix tape was a good present or not.

"It's perfect Matt, but it kind of makes my rose look pretty crappy now." Ben then states with a big grin, he knew what his boyfriends response will be and he knew that his gift was good, but he wanted to have a little fun and move the conversation away from his own stupidity.

"Shut up, it's perfect and you know it Dumb Ass, now do you want me to put this in or do you want to do it?" Matt then asks as he picks up the butt plug and couldn't help but grin at his boyfriends expression and knew that he had forgotten about it.

"Let me finish plating up and then you can put it in before we eat." Ben responds in a slightly reluctant tone, it wasn't that he didn't want to do it and he knew he would, well they would both enjoy the feelings they will be getting, but he also knew how hard it will be to eat and for him to sit down, but it's what his boyfriend wanted and he was going to give him everything he wanted today and knew his boyfriend will be thinking the same thing in return.

"I will lube it up then." Matt then says as he limps towards the bathroom, which was closer than their bedroom, while Ben smiles and goes back to plating their breakfast up.

"The bruise looks worse today." Ben decides to mention as he watches his boyfriend limping back over to the table after coming out of the bathroom and couldn't help but notice the bruise did look worse.

"Seriously, after all the bruises I've had this year and you still get worried about them?" Matt asks in response, while at the same time giving his boyfriend a bemused look, they didn't have to be geniuses or doctors to know that bruises got worse before they got better and couldn't help but wonder why his boyfriend seemed to be so worried about his current bruise.

"Don't worry about it Matt, I'm just being stupid." Ben then quickly states as he carries their drinks to the table and almost sits down, before remembering the that he still had to put the butt plug in and stayed standing up.

"You had that nightmare again didn't you?" Matt then decides to ask, they had woken up separately almost as many times as they woke up together, but it was usually him who woke up first, but recently his boyfriend had been having nightmares and while he had no reason to think that had happened today, he was now wondering if he had had a nightmare after his boyfriends reaction to his bruise and was worried about him.

"Yeah, but it's okay Matt." Ben responds with a slightly forced smile, but straight away he can tell that his boyfriend wasn't buying it. "Okay it sucks and well yeah it sucks, but today is our day Matt and we can talk about it tomorrow, but not today okay." He then decides to add, he knew what his boyfriend was going to ask and decided to just be honest and hope that they can just enjoy the day together.

"Turn around and bend over then." Matt then states in an expectant tone, he wanted to talk to his boyfriend about the nightmare, but he also understood what he was asking and today was too special to get into something that could wait another day or two.

*Just go slow." Ben responds in a slightly nervous tone, but almost as soon as he bends over he feels the plug at his hole and lets out a whimper as he feels it being pushed in. "Oh you fucking prick!" He then states in an annoyed tone, before whimpering again when he feels his boyfriend moving it in and out and despite wanting to pretend that he was angry, he couldn't stop himself moaning a little bit.

"Then tell me to stop." Matt then says as he reaches around his boyfriend with his other hand and begins to stroke his already hard penis, they had done this a few times and while it did hurt a little bit at first, he knew that his boyfriend enjoyed it and that it was a sign that he was getting nearer to being ready for the real thing, although he was still a little hesitant himself and even though they had been experimenting with their fingers and the plug, he was still finding it difficult to not let think about what his dad had done to him, but those thoughts were getting easier to ignore the more he and his boyfriend experimented.

"Oh fuck, turn it on, please Matt." Ben then almost pleads after moaning, he thought his boyfriend was a little rougher than normal, but he still liked it and he was definitely enjoying his boyfriend being dominant, it made a change from him doing it and while they both enjoyed that more, he still enjoyed when his boyfriend took the lead.

"Okay." Matt responds with an evil grin that his boyfriend can't see and after turning the butt plug on, he gives him a few more strokes before moving back a few steps. "Right time for breakfast, don't want it to get cold." He then states in a casual tone, although he almost starts giggling at the moaning and whimpering noises his boyfriend makes, he knew that the shock of the vibrations would take him a few moments to get used to and knew teasing his boner would only make it harder.

"You so better turn that cock ring on Matt." Ben then states after managing to compose himself, although the plug was definitely making it hard to concentrate on anything else and the fact his boyfriend had stroked him like that, it was definitely a defeat for him in their little game and he knew it.

"About time I got you back." Matt responds with a smirk, before reaching down and turning the cock ring on and can't help but whimper a little bit. "Fuck that's weird." He then states, before limping a little more uneasily than normal to the table and sitting down, although as he watches his boyfriend sitting down opposite him, he can't help but giggle at his expression and knew that it had pushed the plug in even further.

"Holy crap..." Ben then starts to say, but quickly trails off as he feels the being pushed deeper inside and press against his prostate and the vibrations were causing him to moan out loud.

"This is amazing Ben." Matt then says in an amused tone as he starts eating his breakfast, he was enjoying hearing his boyfriend moaning and couldn't resist being a little mean and acting like nothing is happening, even though the cock ring was doing a pretty good job on him as well, he knew by the look and sound of his boyfriend, that he got off lightly in comparison.

"Fuck... you... fuck..." Ben tries to retort, but gives up after moving a little and causing the plug to press even deeper inside him, which made him grimace a little bit.

"You okay?" Matt then quickly asks in a concerned tone, he wanted to have fun and it was funny to see his boyfriend trying not to move and moaning out, but if he was in pain or not enjoying it, then he wanted him to take the plug out.

"Yeah, but shit..." Ben then says before trailing off as he moans again, the plug was uncomfortable, but at the same time he was feeling so good and he could feel his boner twitching. "I'm okay, I promise." He then says and while he was still feeling his prostate getting constantly massaged, he had composed himself and started to eat his own breakfast.

"Okay." Matt responds in a curious tone, he knew his boyfriend wouldn't lie, but he knew that the plug must be driving him crazy as well and decided to keep an eye on him and make sure that he really was fine, although as he shifts a little, the vibrations from the ring send a shiver up his spine and he can't help but let out a long moan.

"Are you okay?" Ben then manages to asks in an amused tone, he could tell his boyfriend was fine, but he couldn't resist making a little joke, although he made sure he didn't laugh or giggle, the last thing he wanted to do was move with the plug now finally not pressed up against his prostate.

"Doing better than you." Matt retorts as he grins at his boyfriend, before going back to eating his breakfast, it may only be a fry up, but his boyfriends food always tasted amazing to him and this was no different.

"Dumb Ass." Ben responds as he sticks his tongue out at his boyfriend, he knew it was childish, but it was fun and knew his boyfriends response already, which made it funnier for him.

"Creep." Matt retorts with a shake of the head, he loved when they did this little exchange and knew his boyfriend would enjoy it more if he played along and knew he did the same for him in return.

"I'm sorry Alex, but it's a no, you're only twelve and there is no way that I can let you and Peter sleep here alone." Gordon states in a sympathetic tone, he knew why his son was asking and knowing what he was going to ask his friend, he understood why he would want to be alone with him, but they were just too young.

"Okay Dad." Alex responds in a disheartened tone, he wanted to argue and try and convince his dad to change his mind, he wanted to do it so badly, but he knew there was no point and he didn't want to upset him by being disrespectful.

"Alex..." Gordon then begins to say, but trails off as he sees the sadness in his sons eyes and despite himself, he just can't help himself. "If you promise and I mean really promise me Alex, to not leave the house and not open the door for anyone..." He then starts to say, before being interrupted by his clearly excited son.

"Thank you, thank you thank..." Alex states excitedly, but just as quickly as he interrupted his dad, he quickly realises what he had done and can't help but turn red.

"I'm going to let that one go Alex, but you know how I feel about being interrupted, now apologise." Gordon states in a firm tone, he loved his son and after everything that had happened recently, he wanted to protect and make him happy, but that didn't mean that he was going to go too easy on him and as much as he hated disciplining him, he would do it if he had to.

"I'm sorry Dad, it's just you're amazing and not every dad would help his son get a boyfriend and then let them stay home alone." Alex states in a sincere tone, he knew that he was lucky his dad was going easy on him, but he still wanted him to know how much he appreciated everything he was doing and after their earlier conversation, where it was clear his dad felt like he was letting him down as a parent, he wanted to again let him know that he was doing just fine.

"You're my whole world now Alex and the only thing that matters, is that you're happy and I can see that Peter makes you happy." Gordon responds with a loving smile, he was still a little angry at being interrupted, but his sons words were sincere and he couldn't help but be proud of him.

"So can we really stay here tonight?" Alex then decides to asks in a slightly nervous tone, he wasn't sure if his dad was going to carry on with what he was saying and definitely didn't want to interrupt him, but after a few moments, he was sure that his dad wasn't going to say anything else.

"Well as I was saying before you interrupted me Alex, If you promise to stay inside and not answer the doors, then I will have a word with Peter's parents and explain it to them, but while I trust you Alex and I really do, Peter is their son and if they aren't comfortable with you two being alone all night, then you will have to sleep around his tonight." Gordon responds in a softer tone, he was sure he could convince Peter's parents, but he wanted to make sure that his son understood that they might refuse.

"I promise Dad, you can trust me, I promise." Alex quickly responds with a big grin and before Gordon can even respond, he feels himself being cuddled and knew that he had made the right decision, he now just had to hope that Peter's parents would go along with it as well.

"Good boy, now why don't you do your chores and then you can go and see Peter, I will be calling his parents in a little while about tonight." Gordon then says in a firm but friendly tone, he couldn't help but feel proud of himself, his son was basically beaming now and he knew that the boys would be safe, he had very good security and would also inform the neighbours, who he knew would understand and keep an eye on the house as well.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Dad!" Alex responds excitedly and again quickly embraces his dad, he was just so happy and despite knowing that his friends parents might say no, he would be content with being at his friends house, so as far as he was concerned, he was in a no lose situation.

"Now get going and just because I've been so nice, you can clean the bathroom as well, you missed the toilet again this morning and I'm not cleaning it up, so I want it spotless Alex." Gordon then says in a firm tone, although he couldn't quite hide his smile and Alex knew that while his dad was serious about cleaning the bathroom, he wasn't angry and it was a joke between themselves that they missed the toilet sometimes in the morning.

"Love you Dad." Alex then says with a loving smile, he really did love him and despite not being around as much as he would like, he knew his dads job was important and was proud of the fact his dad saved lives every day.

"I love you too Alex." Gordon responds proudly and can't help but smile, when he feels his son cuddling him again, before disappearing out of the room to start his chores.

"Hey Perverts." Jim says with a giant grin as he watches his brother and Carter walking into the room and can't help but notice some tell tale signs of what they had been up to thee night before.

"Oh fucking hell." Wesley states in a defeated tone, he could tell straight away that he wasn't going to enjoy this exchange and was just hoping his brother wouldn't take it too far.

"You okay there Carter, you seem to be walking a..." Jim then begins to say in an amused tone, before finding himself being quickly interrupted.

"Don't be a dick Jim." Wesley states in serious tone, before looking at his boyfriend, who gives him a reluctant nod. "You heard us last night didn't you?" He then asks his brother as he turns back to him, he knew their parents were out most of the night and he was relieved that they had both gone to work early, but it was clear that his brother had either heard them or figured it out and wanted to just get it over with.

"Well do you want to have a serious conversation about it or a more laid back one boys?" Jim decides to ask in response, he really wanted to tease his brother and even Carter, but at the same time, he loved them both and wouldn't mind having a serious conversation about what he had heard and given their age, he was a little concerned about them having full sex with each other, even though he had helped them prepare by giving them the inflatable butt plugs, it was still something he wasn't comfortable with.

"Oh god." Carter then says as he turns bright red and slumps down on the sofa, before gasping after forgetting how sore he was and has to try his best to not cry.

"Oh shit, you okay Beautiful?" Wesley then quickly asks in a concerned tone, he knew his boyfriend was feeling sore and could tell from his expression, that he had just hurt himself.

"It hurts." Carter responds meekly, he didn't want to cry, but he could feel a few tears rolling down his face already and welcomed his boyfriends embrace.

"Let me get some tissues and something from my room and then we can have a serious conversation boys." Jim then states in a sympathetic tone, he knew what was wrong with the small boy and had something that would help him out a little bit, but he also wanted to give them a few minutes alone, just so they could either talk or for Carter to just compose himself.

"We can just go to my room or I could run you a hot bath Carter, we don't have to talk to my brother." Wesley decides to suggest after giving his brother an appreciative smile before he left the room and while he was a little angry at how his brother had tried to make fun of them initially, he knew that he was just trying to be funny and wasn't really mad at him.

"You never cried." Carter then states as he ignores his boyfriends suggestion, he just felt so stupid and pathetic for crying, sure it hurt, it hurt like hell, but he didn't want to be a crybaby, especially in front of his boyfriends brother, who he was hoping would see him in the same way as Mitch saw them all.

"You're kidding right?" Wesley quickly responds with a bemused expression, but when his boyfriend just looks at him in confusion, he knows that he needs to say a little more than that. "Carter you may not be as big as me, but I had tears in my eyes the other day when you decided to ride me like your life depended on it, but it doesn't make me pathetic or weak and you getting a few tears after sitting on your sore arse isn't weak or pathetic either, so cut it out okay." He then states in a serious and sincere tone, he actually had a few tears the first time his boyfriend had sex with him, but he thought the other day would be a better example and he wasn't embarrassed to admit that he had cried a little.

"I love you Wesley." Carter then says after deciding that there wasn't much else to say about what happened, he knew his boyfriend understood and he understood his boyfriend and that was good enough for him to stop feeling sorry for himself.

"I love you too Beautiful, so how about that hot bath then?" Wesley asks with a loving smile and couldn't resist giving his boyfriends nose a quick peck after seeing him blush a little.

"Okay, but we should talk to Jim first, he sounded serious and he said he was getting something that might help me and it really hurts Wesley, so er... well I want to talk to him okay." Carter answers honestly, he knew his boyfriend said he was in pain after his first time and he knew he was earlier in the week as well, but he didn't like how he was feeling now and other than going to his parents or a doctor, he knew that his boyfriends brother was the best person to get help from.

"Anything you want Beautiful, but well he might want to have a look, you know like to er... well are you okay with him seeing your bum?" Wesley then asks in a nervous tone, he knew that despite his boyfriend being more confident with himself these days, this was something else entirely and he remembered his own reaction to when his brother wanted him to try the inflatable butt plugs in front of him that first time and he wouldn't blame his boyfriend for reacting the same way as he had done.

"I don't want him to Wesley, but it really hurts and well I trust him and he knows things and well, well I trust him Wesley." Carter responds reluctantly, he really didn't want anyone other than his boyfriend to see that part of his body, but he needed to be sure that he was okay and despite trusting his boyfriend with his life, he couldn't stop himself thinking that his boyfriend had missed something when he had checked him in the shower.

"To be honest, I wasn't going to have a look Carter, but I think I better do, just to make sure and I will rub some of this cream in as well." Jim states in a slightly awkward tone, he had only just walked in, but he caught what the small boy had said and thought that he had better make sure that there wasn't any damage.

"Can't you like knock or cough or something instead of just walking in on us Jim?" Wesley then states in a slightly annoyed tone, his brother had basically given them time to talk alone, so he was a little peeved that he had just walked back into the room without giving them some sort of signal.

"Fair point, but I think we should get this over with as fast as possible, so Carter get your clothes off and you might as well take everything off." Jim states in response, he thought that he had given them enough time alone, but it was obvious that he made a mistake and decided to just try and get on with things after acknowledging it.

"What's that stuff?" Carter decides to ask as he begins to take his clothes off after his boyfriend helps him up, he was nervous and hoped that his question would help distract him.

"Just coconut oil." Jim responds as he tries to avoid looking at the now naked small boy, although he can't help but mentally slap himself for avoiding it, especially since he was about to get very close and personal with the boys most private parts of his body.

"Coconut oil? What the hell is that meant to do?" Wesley quickly asks in a confused and slightly irritated tone, he thought his brother was genuinely trying to help, but he didn't see how that stuff could help make his boyfriends bum feel better.

"Does it really work Jim?" Carter decides to ask, after giving his boyfriend a look to tell him to calm down a little bit, he had read about coconut oil when he was reading some stuff on the internet, but he wasn't really convinced that the reviews were real, so he was interested to see if it really would work.

"Honestly, it's like a godsend Carter, but it won't magically make it completely better, but it will help and only has one downside." Jim answers honestly, although he wouldn't be himself if he didn't tease the boys a little bit and knew they would both want to know what the downside was.

"Seriously Jim?" Wesley then asks in an unimpressed tone, he knew exactly what his brother was trying to do and wasn't happy with him.

"It stains clothes doesn't it." Carter then states with a slightly unsure tone, he knew from the reviews that he thought were fake that coconut oil was pretty good for a lot of stuff and also remembered that they mentioned that it stained clothing and can't help but blush when he thinks about where he would be using it and would be mortified if his mum saw any stains in his underwear.

"It what?" Wesley asks as he gives his boyfriend a confused look, he had no idea what the deal with the oil was or how it was meant to help his boyfriend and then how staining came into the equation just confused him even more.

"Wesley just help him lay on sofa, I really want to get this over with and I'm pretty sure he does as well." Jim then decides to say as he looks at the time, he had a blind date tonight and he wanted to buy some new clothes and other things before he got ready, so he really didn't want this to take too long.

"I don't want to get stains in my underwear though." Carter then states in a timid tone, although he lets his boyfriend guide him back to the sofa and gently lays down and blushes, this was definitely something he didn't want to happen, but he knew that he needed some peace of mind and he didn't want anyone else knowing about this.

"Our parents are at work all day Carter, so just stay naked and try not to sit on anything, just well er... well just lay on your side or something, you should be fine after a few hours to get washed up or dressed." Jim states in a reassuring tone, before trying to figure out the best way to check the small boy without making it any more uncomfortable and embarrassing than it already was.

"Can we er... can we have some of that coconut oil for well er... you know, well other times Jim?" Wesley then decides to ask as he watches his brother pulling his boyfriend around a little, while kneeling beside the sofa and can't help but thing about how weird this situation was and could tell that he wasn't the only one thinking it as he sees both his brothers and boyfriends expressions.

"Sure, you can have this, but be quiet for a little while, I need to check him out and then put the oil on." Jim responds in a serious tone, he definitely wasn't enjoying this at all and despite how cute the small boy was and he really was cute, it was just wrong and he could only imagine what it would look like if someone walked in.

"Okay." Wesley then says as he decides to sit next to his boyfriend and put an arm around his shoulders, while watching his brother checking to see that his boyfriend was okay.

"Shit this is so cool Ben." Matt states with a big smile, they had finished eating and were now just standing in front of each other and even though his boyfriend looked hilarious as he was sort of bouncing on his feet, he was starting to feel an orgasm building and just loved how the cock ring was vibrating against him.

"Well you would say that, you haven't got something up your bum and vibrating against your prostate." Ben responds in a less enthusiastic tone than his boyfriend and even though he was enjoying it, he definitely couldn't wait until he could take it out, it was nice, but it wasn't what he wanted up his bum and quickly started to blush as he realised what he actually wanted and despite the fact they had talked about doing it, he still found it embarrassing.

"Why are you..." Matt begins to ask in a curious tone, until he realises what his boyfriend was thinking and he could help but blush. "Oh, well er... well we talked about this Ben." He then says in a slightly distracted tone, they had agreed to wait until they were both ready, but if truth be told, he was ready now and he thought his boyfriend was, but it was obvious that his boyfriend was just as embarrassed as he was to actually bring it up and make the first move.

"I know and well anyway, happy anniversary Matt." Ben then says in response, before moving forward and kissing his boyfriend, he was still a bit embarrassed about what just happened, but he suddenly realised that neither of them had actually said that to the other one yet and was happy to use it to change the subject.

"Happy anniversary Ben." Matt then says after ending the kiss, he just loved his boyfriend so much and even though he knew he was changing the subject, he was happy to go along with it and he definitely didn't want to get into any deep or complicated conversations today.

"Ha! You're so cleaning that up." Ben then states in an amused tone, after looking down to see that his boyfriend was actually leaking pre-cum on the floor and despite being jealous that he couldn't cum himself, he was happy that his boyfriend could and despite not really loving the taste, it wasn't horrible and he did like it.

"Huh?" Matt can't help but ask in a confused tone, he was still thinking about how special the day was and really didn't get what his boyfriend was talking about.

"You're leaking you dumb ass." Ben responds with a grin as he looks down to his boyfriends boner and can't help but lick his lips, he didn't care what anyone thought, he loved his boyfriend and he loved all of him.

"Oh shit." Matt then states in a surprised tone, he knew he was feeling good, in fact he was feeling great, but he still wasn't used to making pre-cum and the fact it made a bit of a mess, was starting to make him think that it wasn't that great of a thing to be able to do, but as he looks over to his boyfriend he can't help but just stare at his boner in surprise. "So are you." He then says in a stunned tone as he continues to stare in disbelief.

"What?" Ben then says in a slightly suspicious tone, he was sure his boyfriend was trying to set him up for a joke, but the tone of his voice and his expression, he wasn't really sure what his boyfriend was trying to do.

"You're leaking too." Matt then repeats, but instead of waiting for his boyfriend to respond, he quickly kneels down and quickly takes his boyfriends boner into his mouth and starts to suck, while at the same time ignores the pain in his foot, it always hurt when he knelt down too quickly, but there was no way he was going to let anything get in his way and quickly used his hands to hold his boyfriends bum cheeks to keep him in place.

"Holy fuck!" Ben then says as he tries to keep his balance, he had no idea what had gotten into his boyfriend, but he wasn't going to stop him from giving him a blow job to ask and quickly started to moan as he feels his boyfriend using his tongue as well, although when he felt his boyfriends fingers slide down his crack, he couldn't help but whimper in pleasure as he felt the plug being pushed in a bit more and moved around. "Oh fuck Matt!" He then calls out, he just couldn't believe how good he was feeling, his boyfriend had given him so many blow jobs and they were always amazing, but this time it just felt so much better and he could feel his knees buckling and knew he was going to orgasm very, very soon.

"Lay down now." Matt then says after pulling away from his whimpering boyfriend, he didn't want to stop and he knew his boyfriend was going to orgasm soon, but his foot was really hurting in this position and he wanted to enjoy this moment completely and smiles when his boyfriend does as he is told and as soon as he is laying down, he quickly takes him back in his mouth, while using his hands to move his boyfriends legs further apart.

"Holy shit Matt, keep... shit Matt..." Ben then begins to say as he enjoys how good his boyfriend is making him feel and now that his legs were spread out more, he could feel the plug moving around inside him and bumping against his prostate. "Oh fuck, fuck, SHIT MATT... FUCK... FUCK!!!" He then calls out as he feels his orgasm hitting and although he is in heaven and breathing heavily, this one definitely felt different and he could also feel his boyfriend doing something different, but he can't concentrate enough to give it any more thought and just starts to moan and whimper as his boyfriend continues to suck him.

"So er... well is it er... you know well okay?" Wesley asks in an awkward tone, normally with his boyfriend in this position, he would be turned on and having some fun, but with his brother here and actually still kneeling between his boyfriends legs, he can't help but find the whole thing weird and awkward.

"It's pretty red and swollen, but there aren't any tears or cuts, so apart from being painful for a while, he will be fine and the oil will help." Jim responds in a caring tone, before applying a little more oil to the small boys hole.

"Oh okay." Wesley then says, before looking back at his boyfriend and he can't help but feel bad for him. "It's okay Beautiful, no one will ever know about this and Jim will never bring it up again either." He then says in a caring tone, after pulling his head back on to his chest, he could see that he was embarrassed and wanted to reassure him as best he could.

"I know." Carter responds in a quiet and meek tone, this was up there with the talk his parents gave him after they found the sex toys, for most embarrassing moment in his life and he was finding it hard to not break down and cry.

"Hey come on Carter, I promise to never bring this up again or talk to anyone about it, you can trust me and once I get up, this never happened okay." Jim then says after deciding that he had to say something, in the small boys position, he would be mortified and he wanted to do as much as he could to stop him from getting upset.

"Can you, well can you move away now Jim." Wesley decides to tell his brother, he could tell that he was done now and knew that his boyfriend would relax a lot more if his brother moved away from him.

"Oh, sorry Carter." Jim states in an embarrassed tone, he hadn't realised that he was still between the small boys legs and felt like an idiot for not realising it himself sooner.

"Can I get dressed now?" Carter then asks, he just felt mortified and wanted to cover up and try and forget what happened.

"Honestly Carter, I would suggest you stay naked until the oil soaks in and dries up, otherwise it will just stain your underwear." Jim responds in a sympathetic tone and straight away he can see that it wasn't the answer the small boy wanted or needed to hear. "But I will go get you a blanket okay and you can just rest here for a few hours." He then says after quickly thinking on his feet, it wasn't a perfect solution, but he thought that it would be enough to avoid the small boy from freaking out or something.

"Okay." Carter responds as he looks at his boyfriends brother getting to his feet. "Thank you Jim." He then says almost whispering, it was still embarrassing and he was still blushing, but he appreciated what his boyfriends brother had done and knew that he could trust him.

"You're welcome Carter and well just so you know, you can, well you both can come to me about anything and I promise to do my best to help you." Jim states in response and although the whole situation was both weird and embarrassing, he couldn't help but smile with pride, he loved his brother and he was now realising that he loved Carter the same way as well now, he had thought about this before, but now he knew that it was true and he was so happy that his brother had found someone like him to love.

"Okay, but can you get me the blanket now, I don't want you to see me naked any more." Carter then says in a shy tone, but this time manages to smile and although he was pretty sure he would never need his boyfriends brother to see him like this again, it was still reassuring to know that he had someone he could talk to and get help from.

"No problem mate, but I need to go out and get some things for tonight, so if you go out, make sure you lock the doors." Jim then says as he gives both boys a serious look, they were his responsibility while he was looking after them and while he knew that they didn't need him to say any of this, it was more for his own peace of mind than their safety and he could see that they knew that by the smiles they were trying to hide.

"We might go out, but I doubt it Jim." Wesley responds as he gives his brother an appreciative smile, he really loved how cool he was now and despite wishing they had been this close from the start, he was just happy to have a real big brother now and the fact it was obvious that he had formed a connection with his boyfriend, just made him love his brother even more.

"Okay, I'm only going to be gone for like a minute, so behave because you will have plenty of time to be perverts when I go out." Jim then says with a massive grin, before quickly leaving the room before either boy can respond to his remark.

"He is such a prick." Wesley then mutters after his brother quickly disappears from the room.

"Sometimes, but he is so cool as well and he didn't make fun of me at all." Carter then says as he shifts a little to look up at his boyfriends face.

"I know, but it was still weird and I kind of wished he let me put the oil on, I mean er... well that's er..." Wesley then begins to say, but is glad when his boyfriend interrupts him, he knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn't stop himself from getting tongue tied.

"Can we not talk about that please Wesley, I didn't like it and it was embarrassing, but he had to do it and he knew what he was doing, so well, can we just not talk about it again please." Carter then says with a small smile, he was quickly starting to feel more comfortable about what just happened, but he definitely didn't want to talk about it any more.

"Okay, but I get to rub the oil in later." Wesley responds with a loving smile, he new that sounded like a joke, but he was serious and he wanted to help his boyfriend feel better and he also wanted to play with his bum a little bit, but he wasn't going to let his boyfriend know that just yet.

"I love you." Carter then says as he returns his boyfriends loving smile and although he knew his boyfriend probably just wanted to finger him or something like that, he knew that he also wanted to help him get better and just loved him so much for caring about him like he does.

"I love you too Beautiful." Wesley responds, before leaning down and giving his boyfriend a loving kiss.

"You two are just too adorable together." Jim states in a sincere tone after walking back into the room, he had heard the two boys telling each other they loved them and just thought it was sweet and he was just so happy for them both.

"Maybe you will be just as adorable with your new boyfriend after tonight." Wesley quickly responds with a grin, he knew his brother was on a date with some random guy, but wanted to see if he could get a little more information about the guy if he teased him a little bit about it.

"Nice try Wesley, but I told you before, it's just some guy and a one off." Jim responds with a shake of the head, he felt a little uncomfortable when he first started to be more open about his life with his brother, but it was a lot easier now and he knew that his brother respected him enough to not take any teasing too far.

"Isn't that dangerous though?" Carter then asks in a curious and slightly concerned tone, while he pulls the blanket over himself after shifting on the sofa so that he was now resting against his boyfriends side, with his legs folded as he half lays down.

"It's dangerous to cross the road Carter." Jim quickly answers and while he meant it as a joke, he can see straight away that he had worried both boys. "It was a joke boys, but seriously, I'm not a little kid and this isn't the first time, I know what I'm doing and it's perfectly safe, I promise okay." He then states in a reassuring tone and while there was a risk, he wasn't exactly a small guy and he could take care of himself, so he wasn't worried about getting attacked.

"Don't you want a boyfriend though?" Carter then decides to ask in a curious tone, he was still worried about his boyfriends brother and thought it was risky, but he seemed to know what he was doing and decided to see why he didn't just get a boyfriend.

"Well as much as I want to talk about my love life with my brother and his naked boyfriend, I think I'm going to take a rain check on that and head out Carter." Jim responds with a grin and although the small boy had a point and he had thought about trying to find someone to settle down with, right now he just wanted a bit of fun and if this guy he was meeting was half as good as his profile suggested, then he was in for a great night.

"Bye Jim." Wesley decides to say after taking a few moments to enjoy hearing his boyfriend giggle a little bit, he could tell that his brother wanted to go and he didn't want to do anything to mess up his plans.

"Bye Wesley." Jim responds with a warm smile. "See you later Carter and remember to let the oil dry before getting dressed." He then states as he turns to the small boy with a genuine smile and was happy to see that he had taken it the way he had meant it and not as something to be embarrassed about.

"Bye Jim and er... well thank you for everything and well thank you." Carter responds with a shy smile, he almost thought his boyfriends brother might be teasing him, but he could tell by his tone and expression that he was only trying to look after him and he appreciated how much he cared and knew that it was genuine.

"Bye Perverts." Jim then says with a grin, before turning around and heading out the door and into the hallway, while ignoring the boys responses as he slips his shoes on and grabs a coat, he really loved both boys and couldn't stop himself smiling as he walked past the living room and saw just how happy both boys were being together and decided that after tonight's fun, he was going to actually try and find himself a real boyfriend.

"What do you mean you're with Ashleigh?" Alex asks as he sinks back into his chair, he was so excited to call his friend and tell him about how his dad said they could be alone together tonight, but he instantly felt crushed by his friends words and didn't know how to react to it.

"She called me and wanted me to meet her at the park." Peter responds as he gives the girl a goofy smile, she was doing her best to distract him and it was working.

"Just the two of you?" Alex then asks as he tries his best to hide the hurt in his voice, he just didn't know why she would ask him to go to the park and why his friend would go there.

"You okay Alex, you sound really weird." Peter then says as he gives Ashleigh a playful push and can't help but smile as she does an over the top roll on the ground, which distracts him from his concern over his friend.

"I'm okay, I just wanted to tell you about..." Alex begins to say, before trailing off as he hears his friend laughing. "Peter are you even listening?" He then asks, but when he hears them both laughing still, he realises that his friend wasn't listening and quickly hangs up the phone as tears roll down his face.

"Hey quit it Ashleigh, I'm trying to talk to Alex." Peter says as he gives her another playful push and giggles as she just gives him a funny pout.

"For a weirdo Peter, you're pretty funny." Ashleigh states in a slightly curious tone, he still wasn't her type and she would never date him, but there was still something about him that she found fascinating and definitely enjoyed being around him.

"Oh yeah, would a weirdo do this?" Peter quickly asks in response, before turning around and pulling his shorts down a little bit and slapping his own bum playfully, before turning around and smiling as he sees her trying not to laugh.

"Yeah, pretty much Peter." Ashleigh then manages to say in an amused tone after a few moments, normally she would find that sort of thing childish, but again there was just something about him and she decided then and there, that they would be good friends and the fact Lily liked him as well, just made it even easier to want to be around him.

"For a girl, you're really funny." Peter then says as he sits back down, he couldn't believe he just did that and although he didn't have the guts to pull his underwear down as well, he was still proud of himself for making her laugh.

"And for a boy, you're just as disgusting as the rest of them." Ashleigh retorts with a friendly smile, but then sees his phone on the ground and despite the fun they were having, she quickly remembers that he was actually talking to Alex and felt a little bad. "Hey, weren't you talking to Alex?" She then asks in a slightly guilty tone, she knew that she had distracted him and just hoped Alex wouldn't be mad.

"Oh shit." Peter quickly states as he looks down and sees his phone. "Oh, he hung up." He then says in an almost devastated tone and Ashleigh can't help but give him a strange look, she had been hung up on by accident and done it to Lily a few times herself and she had never reacted like this and couldn't help but be a little curious.

"Ring him up then, he is probably waiting for you to call him back." Ashleigh decides to suggest and again she can't help but notice his reaction and be confused by it.

"Okay." Peter responds, although he can't help but notice her expression, but as the phone just rings and his friend doesn't answer, he starts to worry. "He isn't answering Ashleigh." He then says after trying again.

"Then try again, maybe he needed to go to the toilet or his dad asked him to do something." Ashleigh suggests as she sits next to him and while she wasn't quite sure what was going on, she got the sense that he was genuinely worried and she wanted to help him out. "What's wrong Peter?" She then asks as she sees him tense up and could see the concern on his face.

"It went straight to voicemail." Peter answers after a few moments, he just didn't know what was going on, his friend obviously had his phone with him, because he turned it off and that meant that he was ignoring him on purpose and he just didn't understand why.

"He lives pretty close right?" Ashleigh decides to ask, she may be confused by his reaction and the fact Alex had obviously turned his phone off for some reason, but she was good under pressure and couldn't help but think that it was her fault for distracting Peter in the first place.

"Not far, why?" Peter asks in response and despite worrying about his friend, he can't help but blush at the look he was being given. "Oh right, but er... I'm out with you and well I can't just go." He then says after realising how stupid his question was.

"You're so cute, you know that Peter." Ashleigh then says after seeing him blush again and just found him adorable to be around.

"I can't just leave though." Peter then says again, while trying his best to not blush even more than he already was, she was so fun to be around and he liked how she seemed to know exactly what he was thinking.

"Sure you can, but I want to sign your cast first." Ashleigh responds with a grin as she pulls out a pen from her bag, although as she reaches over to his arm, she can't help but be surprised when he pulls it away.

"You can't." Peter quickly states in a defensive tone and despite knowing it might upset her, he didn't want anyone else signing his cast.

"Why not?" Ashleigh asks in response, while giving him a strange look, she could see someone else had already signed something and didn't see why he wouldn't let her as well.

"Because I don't want anyone to write on it." Peter responds in a defensive tone, after quickly thinking of an excuse for her not to sign it.

"Someone already has though." Ashleigh quickly points out in a confused tone, although as she looks back at the cast, she reads what it says and who had wrote it and something clicks in her head and she can't help but look at him in surprise.

"That's er... because well er... it's just different." Peter responds in a nervous tone, he was trying to think of an excuse, but he knew that he was making a mess of it, although when he looks into her eyes, he can't help but be a little surprised, he was expecting her to be mad and angry, but she was just looking at him curiously with a small smile and he wasn't sure what was going on.

"Are you and Alex boyfriends?" Ashleigh then decides to ask in a curious tone, she just really couldn't believe it, although it would explain Alex's behaviour recently and now that she was thinking about it, she can remember the way the two of them often stared at each other and it was so obvious that Alex didn't like Peter hanging around with her and then what just happened with the call and she couldn't help but wonder how she hadn't worked it out sooner.

"I think so." Peter answers after a few moments of silence, he just couldn't believe she asked that and thought about lying and trying to pretend she was wrong and just being stupid, but even though he wasn't expecting her to ask something like that, he couldn't deny that even though he loved being around her and how much fun they were having, it just wasn't the same as being with Alex and he was starting to realise that he was actually gay and not just confused.

"You think so?" Ashleigh then asks in an even more curious tone this time, it was pretty much a confirmation of what she thought, but the way he said it was a little surprising and she was starting to realise that they weren't actually boyfriends and despite still being surprised that another two boys she knew were gay, she was happy for them both and wanted to help.

"Alex told me he loved me months ago, but I er... well I was confused." Peter answers honestly, although he was suddenly starting to realise just how much he did love his friend and quickly gets to his feet.

"So he doesn't know how you feel about him?" Ashleigh then asks after standing up herself, but as soon as she sees his face, she realises that she needed to go him to go. "Peter, just go, go and tell him you idiot." She then states in a firm tone and couldn't help but smile at how happy he looked.

"You're the best Ashleigh." Peter then says, before giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "Er... sorry." He then says in a bashful tone, he really did like her and it was how much he actually did like her, that had made him realise that he was gay, because she was pretty and funny, but she didn't make him feel like Alex made him feel.

"Just get going you idiot." Ashleigh responds with a genuine smile and can't help but laugh a little at how quickly he turns around and starts to run off towards Alex's.

"Holy fuck Matt." Ben states after managing to compose himself, but just as he starts to try and get up, he feels his boyfriend climbing up his body and then being kissed passionately and quickly returns it before tasting something strange, but quickly forgets about it as he enjoys the kiss.

"I love you." Matt then says when he breaks the kiss after a couple of minutes and can't help but smile at the confused look on his boyfriends face and knew that he still hadn't worked it out yet.

"Did you cum?" Ben then decides to ask in a confused tone, while ignoring what his boyfriend said for a few moments, he definitely tasted cum, but it didn't quite taste like his boyfriends and he couldn't quite figure out whether he was just imagining it or if he did taste it.

"Nope." Matt responds with a cheeky grin, he just couldn't help playing around a little after realising that his boyfriend still hadn't worked it out yet and couldn't wait to see his face when he did.

"But you..." Ben then begins to say, but even as he starts speaking, he can see his boyfriends eyes looking down at him and realises what just happened. "I can cum." He then states in a stunned tone, he had been praying for this day ever since his boyfriend came for the first time and despite trying to act like it didn't bother him, he was starting to feel like he was letting his boyfriend down and now that he could cum, he just couldn't stop himself smiling with pride.

"And I got to taste your first ever one." Matt then sates with a big grin, before leaning back down and kissing his boyfriend again, he was just so happy and while it never bothered him that his boyfriend hadn't started to cum yet, he got the sense that it was bothering his boyfriend and he was so happy for him and he was definitely going to make the most of it.

"I love you too by the way." Ben then says after his boyfriend breaks their kiss, he just couldn't be happier with his life right now, although after moving a little bit he can't help but moan out loudly as the plug presses up against his prostate, he had forgotten it was there after his orgasm and the excitement of realising he could cum, but now that he remembered it was still inside him, he definitely wanted it out now and hoped his boyfriend would let him.

"You can't take it out until I cum Ben." Matt decides to state after hearing his boyfriend moaning and could see straight away that his boyfriend wanted to take it out, but he was too horny to stop now and wanted to carry on for a little bit longer.

"Please?" Ben then asks in a pleading tone, he was still turned on, but he had been wearing the plug for a long time now and after cumming, his prostate felt even more sensitive and wasn't sure if he could take it for much longer.

"Not until I cum." Matt responds before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend again, but this time he holds his boyfriends arms down and squeezes his body with his thighs to hold him down. "Is it really bothering you?" He then asks after managing to hold his boyfriend down for a few moments, before he feels him giving up and after breaking the kiss, he can see the uncomfortable look on his boyfriends face.

"Yeah." Ben responds in a disappointed tone, he just couldn't help but think that he had let his boyfriend down, but the plug was starting to get really uncomfortable and he wasn't sure if his boyfriend would get annoyed or not.

"You're such a dumb ass Ben." Matt then states with a grin, before giving his boyfriend another kiss and rolling off him, he wanted to cum as well now, but he was just messing around and despite being horny, his boyfriends happiness came first and he would feel horrible if he had kept going, while his boyfriend wasn't enjoying it.

"Huh?" Ben asks in a mixture of surprise and confusion, although as he looks at the amused look on his boyfriends face, he can't help but smile lovingly at him. "I love you." He then says and despite being happy again, he can't help but blush again after realising that he was being stupid, neither of them would ever make the other do something they weren't enjoying and he knew that he should have known that.

"I love you too, now let me take the plug out and you can give me that blow job." Matt responds with a playful smile, he just loved his boyfriend and even though he was enjoying being a little dominant and actually being able to hold his boyfriend down, even though he knew that his boyfriend was still stronger than him, he knew he would enjoy it more if his boyfriend was comfortable.

"So romantic." Ben retorts with a grin and quickly found himself moaning as his boyfriend kissed his way down his body.

"I have my moments." Matt then says after teasing his boyfriend a little more by taking his balls in his mouth for a few moments, but quickly gets a evil idea and waits until his boyfriend starts to respond.

"If you say..." Ben starts to respond before grunting and moaning as he feels his boyfriend pulling the plug out, without any warning and despite wanting to complain, the feeling was strange enough to leave him speechless for a few moments.

"Oh shit, I didn't hurt you did I?" Matt then quickly asks in a concerned tone, the sound his boyfriend made and the look on his face, made it obvious that pulling the plug out like that didn't feel good for his boyfriend at all and just felt horrible for doing it.

"No." Ben responds as he gently sits himself up, it wasn't a horrible feeling, but it wasn't nice either and as he looked down to the plug, he couldn't help but blush at what was on it and feel a little ashamed of himself.

"Hey, come here." Matt then says in a caring tone, before pulling his boyfriend in for a loving cuddle, he had followed his boyfriends eyes to the plug and could see that it was dirty and knew straight away that his boyfriend was embarrassed and he knew it was his fault as well, especially for pulling the plug out like he did.

"Sorry for being stupid." Ben then says with a small smile after his boyfriend leans back a little and despite being embarrassed by what was on the plug, it wasn't that bad and he knew that he was being a little over sensitive.

"The other day I cried because I thought I wet the bed Ben, even after you told me that you accidentally spilled your drink after you woke up early and got one, so I think we are past being embarrassed about being stupid around each other, don't you?" Matt asks in response, sure it was a little gross, but they hadn't had an enema for two days now and he knew that he should have thought about that before suggesting his boyfriend use the plug.

"We should have an enema and get ready to hang out with Tobias for a little while." Ben then suggests with a warm smile, although now that he had composed himself, he had no intention of actually letting his boyfriend get up and every intention of returning his earlier favour.

"Okay, but I'm taking this off first." Matt responds as he starts to reach down to take off the cock ring, but before he knows what is happening, he finds himself being gently pulled on top of his boyfriend and then rolled on to his back.

"Not until you cum." Ben then says with a sexy grin, before kissing his boyfriends nose and slowly working his way down his body with a series of loving kisses.

"Oh fuck!" Matt then moans out as his boyfriend slowly takes him in his mouth and quickly relaxes as he enjoys his boyfriends blow job, although he quickly grunts in surprise when he feels his boyfriend working a finger into his bum, before quickly moaning in pleasure again as his boyfriend quickly finds his prostate.

"Hey Little Guy, what you doing?" Mitch asks in a bemused tone as he walks to the side of the pool and sees his brother laying face down on one of the inflatable beds.

"Nothing." Tobias responds in a contented tone, he had been quite bored earlier as he waited for his brothers to come out of the pool house, but after swimming around for a little while, he decided to just lay on one of the inflatable beds and had actually found it really relaxing.

"I see." Mitch then says with a shake of the head, before deciding to have a bit of fun himself and quickly strips to his briefs and dives into the pool.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Tobias then quickly calls out in an annoyed tone as he feels himself being splashed, he usually liked playing around in the pool, but he was really relaxed and didn't want to be disturbed.

"Nothing." Mitch responds in a mocking tone and can't help but smile in amusement as his brother pouts at him.

"Matt and Ben are still in the pool house." Tobias then decides to state as he struggles to think of anything else to talk about, well there were a few things he could think of, but he didn't want to talk about them right now.

"Not surprising, but can I ask you something Little Guy?" Mitch then asks as he glances over to the pool house, he doubted either boy was going to come out for at least another hour or two and even then he didn't think it wouldn't be for too long before they wanted to be alone again.

"I just felt like being naked and I like having an all over tan Mitch." Tobias states with a small smile after deciding to just be honest, it was obvious what his big brother was going to ask and there was no point trying to make up some stupid excuse.

"Ha, well actually I kind of figured that out for myself Tobias." Mitch quickly responds in an amused tone. "This isn't the first time you've been out here naked Tobias." He then states after seeing the surprised look on his brothers face and thought it was adorable.

"Oh right, well er... what you wanna know then?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone, he wasn't expecting his big brother to say that and despite not thinking that he spent that much time naked in the pool, he wasn't going to get into a conversation about it and was happy to try and change the subject.

"I was just wondering why you were out here alone and not spending time with that Lily girl you've been hanging around and talking with." Mitch answers in a serious but caring tone, he didn't know much about her, but what he did hear, he was happy for his brother and couldn't see why he wouldn't be with her now.

"She said she was busy." Tobias responds in a slightly down tone, he wasn't expecting her to say yes and he knew it would only be for a little while even if she agreed to meet, but he wasn't stupid and he could tell that she had lied to him about being busy and couldn't help but be a little disappointed and hurt.

"You really like her don't you?" Mitch then asks in a sympathetic tone, he could hear it in his brothers voice and just hoped that she had let him down gently, especially after the experiences with the girls he has met so far had all been negative for his brother.

"She liked me too, but I messed it up like I always do." Tobias answers honestly and while a few minutes ago he didn't want to talk about this, he just couldn't help himself and he knew his big brother would understand and somehow make him feel better about it.

"Want to tell me what you said or did?" Mitch then asks in a slightly cautious tone, he didn't want to make his brother feel like he was being hassled, but he could tell that he wanted to talk about it and just hoped he didn't say anything stupid himself.

"You have to promise to not get mad or tell anyone else first." Tobias states in a serious tone as he moves a little so that he is laying on his side and facing his big brother, although he almost falls in the water before his big brother quickly reacts and holds the inflatable bed still.

"Do you really have to ask Tobias?" Mitch then says as he give his brother a reassuring smile, although inside he was wondering if he really wanted to know what his brother had done and could tell that it wasn't going to be something amusing like the other attempts he had made to talk to girls at school.

"No..." Tobias responds before quickly trailing off for a few moments, he knew he could trust his big brother, but he suddenly remembered that this wasn't just his secret to tell and he just couldn't betray his friends like that, especially after already letting it slip to Lily and Ashleigh and knew that they wouldn't forgive him again if he told Mitch. "I can't tell you, I promised that I wouldn't Mitch, but I really like her and it's not fair." He then says and despite trying his best, he can feel a few tears roll down his face and then his big brothers hand wiping them away.

"It's okay Little Guy, you don't have to tell me, but can I be honest with you?" Mitch then asks after wiping a few more tears away from his brothers face and couldn't help but feel sorry for him and despite not wanting to know earlier, he was now a little curious, but at the same time, he could tell that if he pushed for an answer, he would just upset his brother and that was the last thing he wanted to happen.

"Okay." Tobias responds after sniffling a few times and even manages a small smile, he just loved his big brother and how he always put him and the others feelings first and didn't try and force them to tell him anything that they didn't want to tell him.

"You said she liked you right?" Mitch then asks after deciding to take it a step at a time, he wanted to get this right and not make his brother feel like he was being patronised.

"Yeah, but I..." Tobias begins to responds before being quickly interrupted.

"Sorry Little Guy, but just nod okay, I promise that I'm going to help, so just trust me okay." Mitch states with a warm smile, which widens when his brother nods. "Then you said something silly or embarrassing, that made her not like you like that right?" He then asks and again smiles when his brother nods. "But she is still your friend and you still see and talk to each other all the time?" He then asks and again his brother nods, but this time he notices that he was starting to smile and just thought he looked adorable. "You can talk after this Tobias, because it seems to me that whatever you told her, just made her a little worried or hesitant, now if she really didn't like you, then she wouldn't still be your friend would she?" He then asks after deciding to find out if his brother understood what he was saying, so that he can carry on with his attempt to help him out with this girl.

"I guess so." Tobias answers in an unsure tone and can tell that his response had confused his big brother a little bit. "We talk all the time and we text, but she lied to me earlier, you know I said earlier that she said that she was busy, but I know when someone is lying Mitch and she lied." He then decides to explain and can see his big brother thinking about what he had said.

"Maybe she was lying, but that doesn't have to mean it's a bad thing Tobias, people don't always tell the truth." Mitch decides to say and straight away he can see that his brother wasn't quite sure how to respond. "Look, it might just be something she doesn't want you to know about, maybe it's embarrassing or maybe it's something she promised not to tell anyone else about Tobias, so just because someone doesn't tell you the truth, it doesn't mean they don't like you okay." He then adds and while he wasn't really sure what was going on and what the girl had actually said, he got the feeling that she actually did like his brother and whatever he had told her that he wasn't meant to, was just holding her back for a while and wanted to try and get his brother to not give up hope.

"She did say that she would call me later." Tobias then says and can't help but feel a little stupid after seeing his big brother giving him a funny look.

"Sounds to me that she still likes you, but because of what ever it was that you told her, she is just reluctant to be more than friends Tobias." Mitch then states as he thinks about the whole situation and despite only knowing part of the story, he thought he wasn't far off and could see his brothers eyes light up a little.

"So I should ask her to be my girlfriend on Monday?" Tobias then asks in an excited tone, while also wishing that he had spoken to his big brother earlier about it and asked for his help, because he made it sound so easy and it would have saved him so much time feeling sorry for himself.

"No you idiot." Mitch quickly responds with a shake of the head. "Tobias, whatever you said will take a while for her to get past, so just keep being her friend and eventually she will come around and probably ask you to be her boyfriend okay." He then states after seeing the confused look on his brothers face and decided to just explain himself, before being asked to.

"Oh er... okay, but er... okay." Tobias responds in a slightly disappointed tone. "I really like her Mitch." He then adds with a sad smile, before being surprised by his big brother pulling him off the inflatable bed and into his arms.

"I know, but you need to go and get a shower and put some clothes on so we can go to the house and finish getting it ready." Mitch then states in a caring tone as he carries his brother towards the side of the pool, he wasn't planning to take him to the other house to finish up, but he wanted to talk to him a little more about some things and he couldn't do that here.

"Why?" Tobias asks in a confused tone and wondered why his big brother was changing the plan, he knew he was going to the house, but he was meant to hang around with his brothers and he was a little disappointed that he wasn't going to see them until the afternoon now.

"Because I need to give you another talk and we can't do it here and I could do with a little help to get the last few things done." Mitch responds with a smile, before lifting his brother on to the side of the pool.

"Do we have to?" Tobias then asks in a unenthusiastic tone, he knew what his big brother meant by another talk and he really didn't want to be having another sex talk.

"Yes we do Little Guy, now get inside and I will put your clothes in the wash." Mitch responds in an amused tone, before lifting himself out of the pool and walking over to his brothers clothes and couldn't help but smile at his expression.

"But I'm naked." Tobias states in a surprised tone, before watching his big brother picking up his clothes as well as his own and couldn't help but blush a little at the thought of his mum or uncle seeing him naked again.

"Then be quiet when you walk past the kitchen and living room, because your mum and my dad are in there." Mitch responds in a serious tone, before turning and walking towards the house with both their clothes, he knew that he was being a little mean, but at the same time he figured his brother needed to take his mind of things and knew that this would do the trick.

"I'm going to get you back for this Smelly Head!" Tobias states in a serious tone, before quickly running past his big brother with an evil grin, he wasn't that shy about his body and everyone had seen him naked enough now that it didn't really embarrass him, but at the same time, he didn't exactly enjoy his mum seeing him naked and just hoped he could get to the bathroom without being spotted.

"Oh you little shit." Mitch states with a shake of the head, after seeing his brother stop in the doorway and stick his tongue out before shutting the door, before looking out the little window waving the key to the door at him and knew that he would have to knock on the door to get in and with his clothes now wet from how he was holding them, he could only hope his dad opened the door and not Sarah.

"You're a little early aren't you Peter?" Gordon asks in a friendly tone after letting the boy inside the house and closing the door behind him, he was expecting him around four or five and wondered if it had something to do with the sleepover or not.

"Oh er... well I'm not staying, well..." Peter begins to respond, but just as he turns back to his friends dad, he catches his elbow on the side of the radiator and quickly yelps.

"Are you okay?" Gordon quickly asks and while it was funny and he had become comfortable enough around the boy to joke around with him, he was a little concerned because it was the same arm that he had broken his wrist with and he wanted to make sure he was actually okay.

"I'm okay." Peter responds in a less than convincing tone, he knew had hit his funny bone many times, but this time with his wrist, it really hurt and he was just trying his best to not cry in front of his friends dad.

"Well come in the front room and take your top off Peter, I want to check your arm and wrist okay." Gordon then instructs the boy and despite seeing the slight reluctance in his eyes, he is pleased to see him doing as he is told as he follows him into the front room.

"I haven't got anything on underneath." Peter then decides to say as he stands in front of the sofa and can't help but blush a little bit.

"I've seen you in your underwear and speedos Peter, now sit down and I will help you take your shirt off." Gordon then states in a slightly amused tone, he had almost said something about hearing the boy with his son, but stopped himself before he could land himself in that kind of conversation.

"Oh right, okay Gordon." Peter responds with a small smile as he sits down and lets his friends dad take his top off.

"Well you did a good job, but I doubt it will even bruise." Gordon then states as he looks at the boys elbow, before gently pulling his arm straight, so that he could take a look at his wrist. "Can you wriggle your fingers and thumb for me please Peter?" He then asks in a professional tone, before remembering that they aren't at the hospital and smiles at the boy, who was giving him an amused look in return.

"Okay Doctor." Peter then decides to state with a cheeky grin and despite his elbow still hurting a little, he did as he was told and wriggled his fingers and thumb.

"Any pain?" Gordon then asks with a smile, he didn't expect there to be any issues and was just being over protective of the boy and hopefully distracting him from the initial pain from hitting his funny bone.

"Just my elbow, but it's just well er... you know like it always feels when I hit it." Peter responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, he knew he was clumsy and always bumping into or tripping over something, but that didn't make it any less embarrassing.

"Trust me Peter, there isn't a person alive that hasn't hit their funny bone, so I know exactly how that feels." Gordon then says with a smile. "Alex is in the garage, so do you want to put your top on or just keep it off?" He then asks after remembering why the boy was in the house in the first place and despite everything, he couldn't help but find the way the boys eyes lit up at the mention of his son adorable and wondered what it will be like to have a son with an actual boyfriend.

"He will just make me take it off anyway, he usually makes me take every..." Peter begins to answer before blushing. "You er... well er... I sweat when we, when er... you know do workout stuff." He then quickly adds after pausing for a few moments and could feel his face burning even brighter now.

"I see, well while you two do workout stuff, I need to head into town for a few hours, so tell Alex not to leave the house until I get back please Peter." Gordon states in response and although he found the boys slip up and attempts to cover it up amusing, he was doing his best to not let it show and embarrass the boy any more than he was already.

"Okay and er... thanks for checking my arm Gordon." Peter responds with a smile as he gets up, but as he starts to walk towards the door, he promptly trips over the edge of the rug and lands on his front. "I'm okay." He then quickly says as he slowly gets to his feet and turns bright red.

"Are you sure?" Gordon can't help but ask, although he has to really try to hold in a chuckle at boys ability to trip over anything and almost loses it when he sees the adorable embarrassed expression on the boys face.

"Is there a cure for this?" Peter decides to ask with a cheeky smile, he was still embarrassed, but he remembered what his friend had been telling him about just owning it and not letting it show just how embarrassing it was for him and wanted to give it a go and see if it did help.

"If there was, then the hospital would be a lot quieter Peter." Gordon responds with a proud smile, he had actually overheard his son talking to the boy about trying to not let his accident proneness get him down and was sure that he was trying it now and wanted to do his part to help the boy not feel so embarrassed. "Now get moving, I need to be going now Peter." He then decides to say after seeing that the boy didn't quite know what to say next and he really did need to go sort out a few things.

"Okay." Peter responds with a sincere smile, before turning and heading out of the room, although this time he makes sure that he doesn't trip over or walk into something.

"So you still haven't heard anything else from Maggie?" Mike asks in a confused and concerned tone, they had talked about it before and both come to the conclusion that there had to be truth in the threat, but he was still not sure how much danger they were actually in.

"No, but it's hardly surprising where she is." Sarah responds in a distracted tone, she had tried her best to put it out of her mind, but it was getting harder and harder to hide it from the boys.

"I know we've been over this, but is there any chance she was just trying to mess with your head Sarah?" Mike then asks, although as soon as he asks the question, he knows how pointless it was, they had gone over it so many times now and he knew the answer already.

"If it wasn't for her concern over Alex, I wouldn't have believed her Mike, but she was scared and if someone like that is scared, then I think we need to..." Sarah then begins to responds, before being interrupted.

"It's the boys anniversary Sarah and Tobias will be with the Fisher's and Carter, if you tell them that they have to all stay in the house, then they're going to start asking questions." Mike quickly points out, he didn't like interrupting people, but he knew what she was going to suggest and they had talked about this several times already.

"I know, but I don't like the idea of the boys being alone in that house for all that time Mike." Sarah then states in a frustrated tone, her instinct was to not let any of the boys out of her sight, but she also remembered what Maggie had told her and she knew that by acting strangely, she could end up causing the thing she was trying to avoid happening and she just didn't know what to do.

"We do what Mitch suggested we do Sarah, he will be checking up on Matt and Ben and he has already informed our old neighbours to try and keep a lookout for anything suspicious and after everything David has done, they are taking it very serious and we will make sure we have our phones on and call the Fisher's tonight to make sure everything is okay with Tobias." Mike decides to say in a reassuring tone.

"Why does it have to be us though Mike, haven't we been through enough?" Sarah then asks in a defeated tone, she just didn't know how they were going to get through this, especially since they had no idea what was actually going to happen or even when.

"Mitch said that he will be talking to his boss on Monday about it Sarah, so we just have to keep it together and not let the boys figure out that something is wrong." Mike responds with a caring smile, before pulling her into his side to reassure her.

"Maggie told me not to talk to the police Mike." Sarah then states, she knew they couldn't do this alone and Mitch had made a good case for talking to his boss, but she was still no quite completely on board with it yet.

"We talked about this Sarah and I agree with Mitch, they know how to be discreet and he trusts his boss and we need help Sarah." Mike responds as he holds her a little tighter and relaxes when he feels her relaxing against him.

"I know." Sarah then says, before noticing the time. "The boys should be coming in soon." She then says in a slightly more upbeat tone, she knew that they couldn't let the boys suspect anything and also the fact that it was their special day, made it a lot easier to hide how she was feeling inside.

"They've probably eaten, but we should make them some sandwiches and get some drinks out." Mike then suggests after taking the hint to change the subject and despite what was going on, he couldn't hide the fact that he was excited about the day himself, he was just so happy for his youngest son and despite his initial knee jerk reaction to finding out his son was not only gay, but already had a boyfriend, he was proud of him and the way in which he has come through this past year.

"Good idea." Sarah responds with a smile, before pulling away and getting to her feet. "And thank you Mike, I couldn't do this without you here." She then adds in a sincere tone, before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek after he stands up.

"We're a family now Sarah and families look after each other." Mike responds with a smile, before following her to the kitchen.

"I can't believe I can cum now." Ben states in an excited and proud tone, it had been a while ago now, but he just couldn't hide how happy he felt and even though the butt plug kind of ruined the moment afterwards, he wasn't going to let it ruin it completely.

"I can't believe how different we taste." Matt then states in a slightly puzzled tone, he knew their friends had told them about it and even their brother had said that they all tasted different at the sleepover weekend months ago, but he wasn't completely sure that they were right or not and now he had confirmation, he was still a little surprised by it.

"It wasn't horrible though was it?" Ben then decides to ask in a slightly hesitant tone, he knew he was being stupid and his boyfriend definitely seemed to enjoy it, but he just couldn't help himself from asking anyway.

"Not really, I mean I don't really love it you know, you know like er... well you know what I mean, I mean it's okay but..." Matt begins to responds as he does his best to explain himself, but is interrupted by the feeling of his boyfriends lips against his own and quickly returns it.

"I know what you mean." Ben then states with a shy smile after breaking the kiss, he wasn't a big fan of tasting and swallowing cum, but it wasn't horrible and he loved everything about his boyfriend and it just felt right to do it.

"We should head to the house though, we did promise to spend a bit of time with everyone and especially Tobias." Matt then suggests as they both stand up and while neither really wanted to go, they weren't going to be selfish and knew they couldn't spend the whole weekend ignoring everyone else.

"It sucks that we're going to be having dinner with everyone later." Ben then decides to state after getting his boyfriends cane for him, he wasn't sure if his surprise was going to work, but he figured it would help if he made it sound like he wasn't looking forward to the evening his boyfriend thought they would be having.

"Yeah me too, but at least we will have all night alone together and it won't be that bad, I mean I saw Tobias's suit earlier it looks amazing and I can't wait to see ours." Matt then says with a small grin after taking his cane from his boyfriend, he had almost forgotten about it and again for what seemed like the billionth his boyfriend just knew what he needed without being told.

"I guess so, but I still don't see why we aren't allowed to see our suits and what's up with having to be blindfolded?" Ben then asks in response, although he was a little worried about his idea to throw his boyfriend off his surprise, the last thing he wanted to do was get him questioning the whole thing and trying to figure out if anything was going on.

"I don't know, but it's Mitch and well even if it's lame, we should just go along with it for him, because it's obviously important and we owe him so much." Matt responds with a smile after seeing his boyfriend open the door for him and despite being a little curious like his boyfriend was about the evening, he was just happy to be with him and knew that nothing could ruin today.

"I hate when you're right all the time." Ben then states, before smirking when his boyfriend yelps a little after he pinches his bum.

"Creep!" Matt quickly states with a pout, although he can't help but smile after seeing the loving look in his boyfriends eyes and knew that he couldn't even pretend to be mad at him.

"Love you too Matt." Ben retorts with a smile, before quickly giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek as he walks next to him towards the house.

"Alex?" Peter calls out after walking into the garage, he could see his friend and couldn't help but be a little nervous, he had accidentally half slammed the door shut and his friend hadn't even reacted and if anything just seemed to be hitting the punching bag harder. "I couldn't get through to you again and thought your battery might have died or something." He then decides to say, after getting no response from his friend and although he wasn't completely sure before he walked into the garage, he now knew that his friend was angry at him.

"What do you want?" Alex then asks in a dismissive tone after a few moments, although he purposely keeps his back to his friend, he was just so angry and upset with what happened and he didn't want his friend to see his face.

"I was worried about you." Peter responds as he takes a few more steps into the garage, he knew his friend would never hurt him, but he was clearly angry and he didn't think getting too close was a good idea.

"Well I'm fine, so you can go and be with your girlfriend now." Alex responds in a venomous tone and starts to hit the punching bag harder than he had been, he just couldn't believe this was happening and after speaking to his dad earlier, he just felt like a complete idiot for ever thinking his friend loved him back.

"Huh? I don't have a girlfriend." Peter responds in a surprised and confused tone, he knew his friend was angry, but he assumed it was because he had accidentally ignored him on the phone earlier and now he was starting to realise that something else might be going on.

"Don't pretend, you were with her earlier and it's obvious that you prefer..." Alex begins to respond angrily, before trailing off after turning around and despite how he was feeling, he couldn't help but take in his friends body. "Where's your top?" He then asks in a curious tone. "No, just go Peter, you probably have her waiting outside or something." He then adds just as quickly after remembering that he was angry at his friend.

"I, well er... Alex I don't have..." Peter begins to respond, but his friends reaction to him being topless and him accusing him of having a girlfriend was too confusing. "Ashleigh is just a friend and er... well I'm allowed friends and just because er... I don't even want a girlfriend." He then adds in a firm tone, he wasn't sure what was going on, but he definitely knew now that he didn't want a girlfriend.

"Yeah right, I heard you two laughing and joking around." Alex responds as he turns back to his punching bag, before giving it a few big punches as he feels a couple of tears roll down his face.

"Why are you being like this Alex?" Peter then asks in a confused tone, he just didn't get it at all, he just told his friend that he didn't even want a girlfriend and he was still being weird.

"Fuck off you prick, just go and be with that..." Alex then begins to respond in an upset tone, but before he can finish he feels himself being turned around and kissed passionately.

"She isn't my girlfriend and she was the one who told me to come and talk to you." Peter then states in a serious tone after breaking the kiss, although as soon as he looks into his friends eyes, he realises that he had been crying and couldn't help but feel guilty for what had happened earlier.

"But you ignored me and you didn't even notice when I hung up for ages." Alex responds in a sad tone, the kiss should have cheered him up and made him feel better, but even though his friend keeps denying it, he can't stop himself thinking that Ashleigh was his girlfriend and that he was just trying to be nice.

"I don't like it when you cry." Peter states in a warm and caring tone, before reaching out to his friends face and wiping away the fresh tears.

"Just leave me alone and go back to her, I don't need you!" Alex then states angrily as he pushes his friends hand away, he just wanted to be alone and he didn't want his friend being so nice and then just leave him to go and see his girlfriend.

"I just..." Peter then starts to say before trailing off, he just didn't know what to do, he had never been in this situation before and was starting to consider just leaving.

"Just go and don't worry about coming around tonight, I'm going to sleep over Matt and Ben's." Alex then states in a cold tone, although as soon as he sees the hurt in his friends eyes he realises that he was being stupid and just couldn't believe he was doing this.

"But er... Alex?" Peter responds in panic, although he has no idea what he is doing or saying, he had been so happy just a little while ago and now his whole world was crashing down around him and he didn't know what to do.

"Maybe we shouldn't see each other for a while." Alex then states, although as soon as the words come out of his mouth he holds his hands over his mouth, he couldn't believe he just said that and he again could see the hurt in his friends eyes and despite being angry and upset himself, he suddenly realised that he had it all wrong and his friend was telling the truth about Ashleigh.

"I HATE YOU!" Peter then shouts, but just as he turns around to run away, he feels himself being grabbed and falls to the ground face first, with his friend laying on top of him on his back.

"Please don't go." Alex then states in a pleading tone, while at the same time letting his friend turn over, although he makes sure that he can't get up, he wasn't going to force him to stay, but he had to at least try and apologise before he ruined their friendship.

"Let me go!" Peter responds half heartedly and although he was hurt by his friends behaviour so far, he knew deep inside that this was an important moment in both their lives and whatever happened in the next few minutes would decide if they would see each other again or not and with that in mind he stopped struggling against his friend.

"Did you really mean it, you know when you said you didn't even want a girlfriend?" Alex manages to asks after a few moments of them just staring into each others eyes, he wasn't sure what to say or how to apologise and in the end just decided to go with his gut and hope that he hadn't ruined their friendship.

"I thought I wanted one, but I don't want one now." Peter then answers after a few moments, he thought about making a stupid comment or just telling his friend to let him go, but they had been staring into each others eyes ever since he turned over on to his back and as hurt and upset as he was, he knew what he really wanted to do and he was hoping his friend felt the same way.

"Why not?" Alex then asks in a hopeful tone and despite trying not to smile, he couldn't help himself after seeing his friend doing the same.

"Because I want a boyfriend." Peter then states as his smile widens, he thought about waiting for his friend to make the first move, but he was tired of missed chances and lifted himself up enough to kiss his friend on the lips for a few seconds.

"I don't want to hide or pretend that we're just friends at school though Peter." Alex then says in as serious a tone as he can manage, he knew what his friend just said and the kiss confirmed it, but once again he needed for his own peace of mind, for his friend to say that he wanted to be his real boyfriend and not some little secret.

"I'm gay, I was confused and er... well I liked being around girls and well Ashleigh is so much fun, but it's not like it is when we're er... well you know together and I want to be you boyfriend and I love you." Peter then answers sincerely after a few moments, he knew he could have put it better, but he could tell from his boyfriends expression that he understood and smiled back up at him.

"I'm sorry I told you to get out." Alex then says, just before lowering himself so that he was laying on top of his friend... well boyfriend and quickly gives him a couple of pecks on the lips.

"Sorry I said that I hated you and for ignoring you on the phone and for accidentally showing your dad the naked photos I have of you on my phone." Peter then says in response and despite trying to keep a straight face, the look on his now boyfriends face was just too funny.

"Oh you fucking prick!" Alex then states in a relieved tone after seeing his boyfriend trying not to laugh and realising that he was messing around. "Oh you think that's funny do you? Well if you want to laugh, then I'll help you." He then states with an evil grin, before waiting for his boyfriend to take in what he just said.

"I don't..." Peter then begins to say in a slightly confused tone, before feeling himself being tickled and quickly starts to squirm and giggle. "Stop... stop... no... no... please..." He then starts to plead as he struggles to even hold one of his boyfriends hands, let alone both, especially since he couldn't use his right hand because of the cast and knows that he is in trouble.

"Tell me that you love me again." Alex then states in teasing tone as he continues to tickle his boyfriend and he just couldn't get enough of his giggling and pleading, although he also remembered his broken wrist and was careful not to knock it or hurt it.

"I... Stop... Stop, no stop... Love... I love you... Stop, please..." Peter then responds as best he can, but with his boyfriend tickling him relentlessly he knew how stupid he probably sounded.

"I love you too." Alex then says after ending his tickling assault and despite being tempted to carry on, he just wanted to enjoy being with his boyfriend, although the thought of having an actual boyfriend was starting to really hit him and he couldn't help but blush.

"Something else loves me too." Peter then states in a naughty tone after getting himself under control after a few minutes, he was a little embarrassed at how easily his boyfriend had tickled tortured him, even with his broken wrist, he didn't want it to be that easy for his boyfriend, but as soon as he felt his boyfriend getting hard, he only had one thing on his mind.

"I wish my..." Alex then begins to say, before being surprised by his boyfriend and quickly found himself on his back, with his boyfriend kissing him passionately for a few minutes.

"Your dad went out and he won't be home for hours, he told me before I came in here." Peter then states with a big grin, while at the same time pushing his boyfriends shorts down with his hands.

"Oh fuck." Alex responds as he realises what his boyfriend just said and feeling his shorts being pushed down.

"Where are your briefs?" Peter then quickly asks in a bemused tone as he realises that his boyfriend wasn't wearing any underwear and can't help but find the fact he was now blushing sexy.

"Er... well I had a shower after what happened earlier and well I knew I just wanted to hit something and didn't bother with them." Alex responds in a slightly embarrassed tone, although as soon as he finishes talking, he realises that he didn't need to be embarrassed, this was his boyfriend and he shouldn't be getting embarrassed because he was going commando.

"Can we go to your room?" Peter then decides to ask as he pushes his boyfriends top off, before smiling and giving him a quick kiss on the lips, he was still in a little bit of shock at actually having a boyfriend, but at the same time he wanted to go somewhere a little more comfortable and despite his boyfriends dad saying he would be gone for a few hours, he would feel a lot more relaxed if they were in his boyfriends bedroom and not the garage

"Only if you get naked as well." Alex responds with a cheeky smile, after seeing his shorts being pulled all the way off as his boyfriend got off him to get to his feet.

"Okay, but I got to do something first." Peter responds before pulling his phone out and holding it out in front of him.

"Did you just take a picture of me?" Alex quickly asks with a grin, before slowly getting to his feet without taking his eyes of his boyfriend, who was still holding his phone in front of him.

"Nope." Peter responds with a cheeky grin, he almost did take a picture, but as he held his phone up he got a better idea and couldn't wait to see his boyfriends reaction.

"Oh fuck you're filming me aren't you?" Alex then quickly asks in a slightly embarrassed tone as he covers himself up with his hands.

"Seriously?" Peter then asks with a smirk, he wasn't often in control when they messed around, but he was enjoying himself at the moment and stopped recording after his boyfriend drops his hands to his sides.

"You aren't going to keep that are you?" Alex then asks in a slightly nervous tone, he trusted his friend with his life, but if anyone got a hold of his phone somehow and looked at the videos, it could end up on the internet or something and he couldn't bare it if that happened.

"I'll delete it after I get home and save it on my computer." Peter responds in a slightly distracted tone, while he searches through his contacts until he finds the name he was looking for.

"What are you doing?" Alex then asks as he watches his boyfriend curiously, he knew he was going to save the video on his computer and while that was still risky, he wasn't really that bothered as it would be pretty much impossible for someone to see it on there, but he was a little confused that his boyfriend seemed to be calling someone.

"Hey Ashleigh, guess what?" Peter asks as soon as his friend answers her phone, although he couldn't help but notice the surprised and confused look on his boyfriends face and quickly gave him a reassuring smile.

"What?" Ashleigh asks in a slightly confused tone, she knew that he had gone to Alex's and why, but she wasn't sure why he was calling her now, even if she was actually curious about how it had gone between them.

"Alex and me are boyfriends and I love him." Peter responds with a big grin, which grows even bigger when he sees his boyfriends expression and knew that he had just proven himself completely.

"Oh my god! Are you serious?" Ashleigh quickly asks in an excited tone, she knew that this was a possibility, but she wasn't completely sure what would happen and she couldn't be happier for her friend, although surprisingly she actually felt a little bit of jealously as well, she didn't want to be his girlfriend, but she did actually find herself liking him and knowing that she definitely couldn't date him now, she couldn't help but think about what it would have been like and she had to admit, he was cute and the fact that he was a really good kisser didn't hurt either.

"Yeah, I love him and we are boyfriends and I can't wait until Monday and telling everyone else Ashleigh." Peter responds in a happy tone, although as he thinks about it, he wasn't exactly thinking about running around and telling everyone and he could tell his boyfriend was thinking the same thing and couldn't help but feel a little stupid for saying it.

"Ha! You're so adorable, but maybe you should just do what your other friends did and just be normal and not run around screaming out that you're gay like some creepy weirdo Peter." Ashleigh respond with a smirk, she could tell he was excited and guessed that Alex was with him and even though she didn't know him that well, she could imagine the thought of Peter running around telling everyone was not something he would be too thrilled about it.

"Oh right, well yeah I didn't mean I would er... you know do that." Peter then states in a slightly embarrassed tone and while he didn't regret calling her, he really just wanted to hang up and stop his boyfriend playing with his boner, which he had done as soon as he had walked over and taken his shorts, briefs, socks and shoes off him, while he was talking on the phone and was already struggling not to moan out loud.

"But if you do decide to be an idiot, then let me know so that me and Lily can come and watch you." Ashleigh then states with a grin, before being surprised by a strange noise and couldn't help but look around in confusion.

"You don't mind if I hang up do you Ashleigh? I mean I just wanted to tell you and well I did." Peter then asks in a slightly awkward tone, before blushing again as sees his boyfriend shaking his head at what he just said and knew that he just sounded like a complete idiot again.

"So in other words, you and Alex want to be alone together." Ashleigh responds with a grin, she wasn't stupid and although she could be wrong, she was pretty sure from his silence that she was right. "It's fine Peter, I'm just happy that you wanted to tell me first, so see you later and I'm really happy for you." She then decides to state after hearing him mumble a few times and knew that he wasn't sure how to respond and quickly hangs up, before dialling her friends number to tell her the news.

"What did she say?" Alex asks after seeing his boyfriend looking a little confused.

"She said congratulations and hung up." Peter responds as he looks at his boyfriend, but despite being a little confused by his friend, he quickly realises where he was and who he was with and grins.

"Come on then." Alex then states as he pulls on his boyfriends hand and begins to lead him towards the door, before being surprised when he feels himself being stopped.

"We need to take our clothes you idiot." Peter quickly points out after seeing the confused look on his boyfriends face, he wanted to get to the bedroom as quickly as possible, but he wouldn't be able to look his boyfriends dad in the eyes again if he came home and found his clothes in the garage while they were upstairs.

"Oh shit, okay, but hurry up." Alex quickly responds as he quickly picks up his top and shorts, before waiting for his boyfriend to pick his stuff up.

"I got them." Peter says, although as soon as he finishes talking, he feels himself being pulled towards the door again and while a small part of him wanted to protest, he knew where they were going and why and he was too excited to put up any resistance and just let himself be half dragged towards his boyfriends bedroom.

"Morning boys." Sarah states happily as her son and Ben walk into the kitchen, she had seen them walking across from their pool house and could see that they were having some sort of conversation, which made her a little curious about what they were discussing.

"Morning." Matt responds with a smile, although he can't help but blush a little at how his mum was looking at him and knew that she was proud of him.

"Morning Sarah and hey Dad." Ben then says after noticing his dad, who just nods as he drinks his coffee.

"So what were you two talking about then?" Sarah then asks in a curious tone, she was happy to see them, but couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about on their way over.

"We were just trying to work out if cum counted as food or drink, but we..." Ben begins to answer before feeling his boyfriends hand clamp over his mouth and instantly starts to blush as he realises what he had just said and the sound of his dad spitting his drink all over the table leaves him wishing the ground would swallow him whole and he couldn't even bring himself to look at his boyfriends mum.

"Fucking hell Ben." Mike then states in a dumbfounded tone, as he looks over to his youngest son and could see straight away that he was mortified and Matt wasn't exactly doing much better it seemed either and knew that they had to deal with this carefully, before either boy broke down or worse.

"Boys, why don't you go and sit in the living room for a minute, I will bring you both a drink and something to eat okay." Sarah then instructs them in a firm tone, although inside, she wasn't sure if she was amused or horrified by what the boy just said and knew that she needed to get them out of the room, she just wasn't ready to talk to them about this right now.

"Okay." Matt quickly responds, before just as quickly pulling his still stunned boyfriend out of the room and into the living room. "Oh my fucking god Ben!" He then states in a quiet but angry tone as he sits on the sofa with his boyfriend, who he could see was as white as a ghost right now.

"I just told my dad and your mum about whether cum was food or drink." Ben then states in a stunned and distant tone, he just couldn't even process what just happened, let alone explain what he was thinking at the time.

"What the fuck were you thinking?" Matt then asks and although he wasn't really mad at his boyfriend, he was struggling to keep his voice down, it was already going to be mortifying talking to their parents in a few minutes time, so he didn't want them overhearing this conversation and hearing him swear as well.

"I told them that we were talking about whether cum was food or drink." Ben repeats as he again tries to wrap his mind around what just happened, it was like he was watching it in slow motion and he could see his boyfriends mums shocked expression, his boyfriend then turning to him and putting his hand over his mouth and then seeing his dad spitting his coffee all over the table and he just couldn't believe it had actually happened.

"Oh shit, it's going to be okay." Matt then states in a concerned tone, he could see his boyfriend shaking and he knew from his own experience that he was in shock and quickly pulled him into his arms and cuddled him tightly. "It's okay, it's embarrassing, but I promise that it will be okay, I promise." He then states in a reassuring tone as he uses his free hand to rub the side of his boyfriends head, just like his boyfriend had done for him so many times before.

"But I told them..." Ben then begins to say again, before being quickly interrupted.

"It's not that bad." Matt states in a less than convincing tone, he knew that it was bad and wished he could say something more reassuring, but he didn't know what he could say to make it better and could only hope that their parents didn't make a big deal about it in a few moments time.

"How can it not be that bad?" Ben then states as he pulls away from his boyfriend, although as soon as he sees his expression, he can't help but smile a little bit and despite still being mortified, he suddenly starts to giggle.

"I can't believe you told my mum and your dad about whether cum was food or drink." Matt then states with a grin, before finding himself giggling despite that fact that this wasn't something they should be laughing at, he just couldn't help himself after his boyfriend had already started to giggle. "You fucking dumb ass." He then adds as he gives his boyfriend a playful punch on the shoulder.

A Few Hours Later

"Hey, you guys okay?" Jim calls out as he walks through the front door. "Wesley, if you two are..." He then begins to say, before trailing off after walking by the front room, where he could see Carter laying on the sofa with the same blanket he had given him earlier wrapped around him.

"Wesley?" Carter then mumbles as he shifts a little bit to reach out for his boyfriend, he was still half asleep and wasn't quite sure where he was or what was happening.

"It's just me Carter." Jim responds after deciding that he had already woken the small boy up, so he might as well see what was going on and where his brother was.

"Oh, well hey." Carter then says as he stretches out and lets out a long yawn.

"I can leave if you want to sleep a little longer." Jim then decides to suggest after seeing just how tired the small boy was and despite still wondering where his brother was, he also knew that after last night, the small boy must be tired.

"What time is it Jim?" Carter then asks after ignoring his suggestion, he couldn't actually believe he fell asleep and was wondering if his boyfriend was back yet.

"It's coming up to around one Carter." Jim responds as he sits down in the chair opposite the small boy, he could tell that he was still a little groggy and after seeing that he wasn't going to be going back to sleep, he didn't see any reason to leave him alone.

"Oh wow, where's Wesley?" Carter then asks in a surprised tone, he hadn't been asleep that long and thought his boyfriend should have been back by now.

"I don't know, but why isn't he home?" Jim then asks in response, it wasn't like the boys weren't allowed out, it was the weekend after all and the middle of the day, but he was surprised his brother would leave his boyfriend alone in the house while he went out.

"Oh right, well he went to meet someone, but I didn't er... Well you know er... I didn't feel like walking around, so he went to see her on his own." Carter answers in a slightly nervous tone, although as soon as he sees his boyfriends brothers bemused expression, he relaxes, they had talked quite a lot recently and got on very well and the fact that a few hours ago he had seen and touched his most private body part, he knew that it was stupid to be embarrassed to talk with him.

"She?" Jim then asks in a curious tone, if the small boy had said he, he would have assumed that he meant one of their friends, but it was rare that the boys ever mentioned girls, let alone spend time with them.

"Oh right, well er... her name is Lily and we think she really likes Tobias, but he kinda of said something stupid, well you know what he's like and well we are going to try and help Tobias get a girlfriend." Carter answers with a smile, just thinking about Tobias and the things he comes out with, always puts a smile on his face and despite not only his own slight jealously over their friend potentially getting a girlfriend, but his boyfriends as well, they both agreed that he deserved to be happy and they couldn't let their own feelings stop them from helping him.

"Oh wow, I thought, well it doesn't really matter, but it's nice of you to help Tobias out, he's been through a lot." Jim then states in a slightly surprised tone, he was one of the few people who knew about the three boys messing around together and was half expecting one day for them to become an official threesome or whatever it would be called, so he wasn't expecting Tobias to be actively looking for a girlfriend and the other two to be helping him.

"We all have, but him and Matt have been through hell." Carter responds in a slightly sad tone, thinking about what both his friends had been through always got to him and his natural instinct to help people, was one of the reasons he was so drawn to Tobias in the first place and his boyfriend was the same and it had been the starting point of them understanding just what was going on between the three of them and despite knowing they will miss their friend in that way, they knew that it couldn't carry on and they valued his friendship too much to risk anything ruining that.

"I see..." Jim then says in a thoughtful tone, before pausing for a few seconds. "Carter, you can tell me to fuck off if you want, but can I talk to you about what happened with you and my brother last night?" He then decides to ask in a serious but warm tone, he knew that this could upset the small boy and make him feel uncomfortable, but he had come to see him as a real brother recently and he was concerned about him.

"Okay, but I might tell you to fuck off anyway." Carter quickly responds with a grin, before just as quickly blushing as he realises what his boyfriends brother just asked and that he had just agreed to talk about it.

"You don't have to Carter, but I really would like to talk to you without Wesley here, but it's not bad and I'm not going to have a go at you or give you a lecture, I just want to have a talk and maybe if it's not too awkward, give you some advice and tips for the future." Jim then decides to state, he could tell that the small boy wasn't totally comfortable with this, but he really hoped that he trusted him enough to let him help him, because despite there being no cuts or tears that he could see when he checked him earlier, it was very red and a little bruised, so he knew that he needed to give them both some advice, but he wanted to do it separately and just hope that he didn't make a complete mess of it.

"I'm still naked." Carter then states in a slightly nervous tone, although this time he can't help but grin a little at his boyfriends brothers expression and once again realised that he really shouldn't be embarrassed around him any more.

"Well to be honest, I want to check you over again, just to make sure you're okay Carter, but that will be up to you if you want me to, especially since Wesley isn't here." Jim then states in a caring tone, he could see the small boy relaxing and was already working over what he was going to say in his head to him.

"I trust you Jim." Carter responds and with a deep breath, he pulls the blanket off, he knew he didn't need to do this and could tell by his boyfriends brothers expression that he wasn't expecting him to do it, but he was actually proud of his body and the little bit of muscle he now had and it wasn't like he hasn't been naked in front of him before.

"Well I didn't mean do that, but I guess it doesn't matter and I got to say Carter, if you don't put on too much more muscle, then you're looking pretty good, just don't go over the top with the working out okay." Jim then states and despite how weird the situation is with the small boy being naked, he could see the pride in his eyes after the compliment and it was a genuine compliment, because the small boy did look pretty good and had just about the right amount of muscle for a boy his size, although too much more and he would just look weird.

"I know, everyone keeps telling me that, but Alex and Wesley make sure that I don't do too much, they both said that I would look weird if I had too much muscle and well I don't want to look weird Jim." Carter responds with a proud smile, he felt a little weird that his boyfriends brother had obviously checked him out, but it wasn't in a creepy or dirty way and was just an honest compliment and he felt himself totally relax as he shifted a little to get a little more comfortable, without sitting down directly on the sofa, he still had the coconut oil on and he didn't want to leave any stains anywhere.

"So are you ready?" Jim then decides to ask as he gives the small boys hair a little ruffle and can't help but smile at the cute little giggling he lets out.

"Just don't make it too embarrassing Jim." Carter responds with a smile and waits for his boyfriends brother to start.

"So you two did kiss Tobias then Wesley?" Lily asks as she looks at the boy in confusion, she didn't really know him and so far she really didn't get why he had wanted to meet up and talk with her, especially about Tobias and what he had told her about what he did with his friends.

"I'm not making much sense am I?" Wesley then decides to ask as he realises that he really wasn't making any progress and was starting to wish that his boyfriend was here, he was much better at this stuff than he was.

"Not really, can't you just, well er... tell me your point or something?" Lily then decides to ask in response, she got that this was about Tobias and what he had told her, but other than that, she hadn't really understood what he was actually trying to say.

"Well I, well we er... you know, well it's just that me and Carter think that you and Tobias would make a nice couple." Wesley answers and instantly slaps himself mentally, he knew how stupid and lame that sounded and again wished his boyfriend was here.

"I like Tobias and he is super cute and nice, but he is gay or at least likes boys and if I want a boyfriend Wesley, I would want a real boyfriend and not one that kisses other boys." Lily then states in a slightly reluctant tone, she didn't want to just be friends with Tobias, but at the same time, she knew what she wanted and it wasn't a confused boy who liked kissing other boys.

"He isn't gay though and he isn't confused Lily, he has just been through a lot and he really likes you, I mean you should see his face whenever you text or call him." Wesley quickly states after picking up on her tone and choice of words and for the first time since they sat down and started to talk, he knew exactly what to say and remembered what he and his boyfriend had worked out when they had talked about their relationship with their friend and he just had to take it a step at a time with Lily to explain it to her.

"But he kissed you and your boyfriend and he said you have done it a more than once." Lily responds with a curious expression and although she couldn't see what he could possibly say to change her mind about her and Tobias, she was at least going to hear him out.

"I know and well er... Lily it's hard to explain, but I'm going to try my best and well even if it doesn't change your mind, can you at least promise not to tell anyone else what I'm about to tell you, please?" Wesley then decides to ask after thinking about it for a few more moments, both he and his boyfriend were sure that they had finally worked out what was happening with their friend and why and they were equally as sure that if they told Lily, then she might reconsider being just friends with their friend.

"I tell Ashleigh everything, but I won't tell her anything personal, is that okay?" Lily then asks in response, there was no way she could lie to her friend, but that didn't mean she had to tell her all the details and she hoped that her honesty would let him know that he could trust her.

"Okay." Wesley responds before taking a deep breath, this was something really personal and he was putting a lot of trust into someone he didn't really know that well. "First I want to tell you about me, I know that doesn't make much sense right now, but it's important and the same when I tell you about Carter okay?" He then asks as he remembers his boyfriends advice about what to say and despite still wishing he was with him right now, he wasn't exactly a novice when it came to speeches and he knew that he could do it.

"I guess so." Lily responds in a slightly surprised tone, she really wasn't sure what he was going to say and now she was getting a little more confused by this whole conversation.

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