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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 15

October 2015

"So you two did kiss Tobias then Wesley?" Lily asks as she looks at the boy in confusion, she didn't really know him and so far she really didn't get why he had wanted to meet up and talk with her, especially about Tobias and what he had told her about what he had done with his friends.

"I'm not making much sense am I?" Wesley then decides to ask as he realises that he really wasn't making any progress and was starting to wish that his boyfriend was here, he was much better at this stuff than he was.

"Not really, can't you just, well er... tell me your point or something?" Lily then decides to ask in response, she got that this was about Tobias and what he had told her, but other than that, she hadn't really understood what he was actually trying to say.

"Well I, well we er... you know, well it's just that me and Carter think that you and Tobias would make a nice couple." Wesley answers and instantly slaps himself mentally, he knew how stupid and lame that sounded and again wished his boyfriend was here.

"I like Tobias and he is super cute and nice, but he is gay or at least likes boys and if I want a boyfriend Wesley, I would want a real boyfriend and not one that kisses other boys." Lily then states in a slightly reluctant tone, she didn't want to just be friends with Tobias, but at the same time, she knew what she wanted and it wasn't a confused boy who liked kissing other boys.

"He isn't gay though and he isn't confused Lily, he has just been through a lot and he really likes you, I mean you should see his face whenever you text or call him." Wesley quickly states after picking up on her tone and choice of words and for the first time since they sat down and started to talk, he knew exactly what to say and remembered what he and his boyfriend had worked out when they had talked about their relationship with their friend and he just had to take it a step at a time with Lily to explain it to her.

"But he kissed you and your boyfriend and he said you have done it a more than once." Lily responds with a curious expression and although she couldn't see what he could possibly say to change her mind about her and Tobias, she was at least going to hear him out.

"I know and well er... Lily it's hard to explain, but I'm going to try my best and well even if it doesn't change your mind, can you at least promise not to tell anyone else what I'm about to tell you, please?" Wesley then decides to ask after thinking about it for a few more moments, both he and his boyfriend were sure that they had finally worked out what was happening with their friend and why and they were equally as sure that if they told Lily, then she might reconsider being just friends with their friend.

"I tell Ashleigh everything, but I won't tell her anything personal, is that okay?" Lily then asks in response, there was no way she could lie to her friend, but that didn't mean she had to tell her all the details and she hoped that her honesty would let him know that he could trust her.

"Okay." Wesley responds before taking a deep breath, this was something really personal and he was putting a lot of trust into someone he didn't really know that well. "First I want to tell you about me, I know that doesn't make much sense right now, but it's important and the same when I tell you about Carter okay?" He then asks as he remembers his boyfriends advice about what to say and despite still wishing he was with him right now, he wasn't exactly a novice when it came to speeches and he knew that he could do it.

"I guess so." Lily responds in a slightly surprised tone, she really wasn't sure what he was going to say and now she was getting a little more confused by this whole conversation.

"Well I won't tell you everything, but for pretty much my whole life, up until I became friends with Matt, Ben and Carter I was pretty lonely and I was convinced that my parents and brother didn't love me..." Wesley then begins to say, but can see that she was about to say interrupt him. "I know it's stupid and I know that I was Mr Popular and had loads of friends Lily, but they weren't real friends, I was just a way for them to look cool and well I don't want to get into everything with my family, but I really did believe that they only looked after me because they had to, not because they wanted to Lily." He then decides to say, he knew he probably should have gone into a bit more detail, but this wasn't about his life story and he didn't want to overcomplicate everything, it was going to be hard enough to get her to understand, without all that as well.

"Well I don't really get how you thought your family didn't love you Wesley, but I get the cool by association thing with your friends, well er... I guess your pretend friends." Lily decides to say after thinking about what he had just said, although she did feel like a bit of an idiot after speaking and knew it sounded a bit stupid.

"Well basically my mum and dad never gave me any attention or showed any interest in what I did Lily and no matter how well I did on tests or in competitions, they never really took any notice, it was like no matter what I did, it just seemed like an inconvenience to them and my brother could never get away from me fast enough, I mean at the time it was, well it was hard Lily, but it's all sorted now and they always loved me, but I guess sometimes after a while people don't always realise what they're doing or how it affects others." Wesley then says after deciding to just be honest and explain it a little better.

"Oh right, well er... that must have sucked." Lily then says in a sympathetic tone, she still didn't get it fully, but she understood enough to know that he was telling the truth and she knew that if it was her, she would have just felt so lost and alone and couldn't help but feel a little closer to him now.

"Yeah, but anyway, Carter doesn't have any thing like that, but he cares about people and he wants to help people, that's why he wants to be a doctor and well he has helped Matt with his physio and stuff as well, he is just the sweetest and he is just so adorable and sexy..." Wesley then states as he decides to move on to his boyfriend, although he quickly trails off and blushes as he realises that he had started to go off topic a little bit and could see the amusement on the girls face.

"You really love him don't you?" Lily then asks with a sincere smile, she had got his point about his boyfriend and how he cared about people who needed help and while she still didn't have any idea what any of it had to do with how she felt about Tobias or why he kisses boys, she could definitely see how much he loved his boyfriend and she thought it was sweet.

"He changed my life Lily, I mean Matt and Ben did that first by becoming my friends, but as soon as I got to know Carter, well he is my soul mate and yeah, I just love him." Wesley responds with a big smile, he just couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found his boyfriend, before remembering what he was meant to be doing right now. "But you get my point right, you know about me feeling unloved and Carter wanting to help those that need it?" He then asks in a hopeful tone, he didn't want to have to go over everything again, so he was hoping that she had at least got his point, even if she didn't really understand everything that he had said.

"Yeah, but I still don't understand what it has to do with Tobias doing that stuff with you or how I feel about him." Lily answers honestly and again despite getting the points he was making, she just couldn't put it all together and was wondering if this was a waste of time, well not a complete waste, because she was finding out about Wesley and Carter and that was nice.

"Well you know about Tobias right? I mean his family being killed and then being sent to the orphanage?" Wesley then decides to ask, after deciding that he should get to the most important part and was hoping that he wouldn't make a mess of it, he and his boyfriend had only just worked it all out themselves along with their friend and he was still a little unclear on a few things, but they had both agreed that they needed to try and help their friend out and that this was the best way to do it.

"Yeah, we heard about it from others, but Tobias told me a lot more, but I still don't get what you're trying to tell me and how it will change how I feel Wesley." Lily responds honestly, she wished she did and knew that he was trying his best, but it just wasn't working and she wasn't going to change her mind about Tobias because of anything he had said so far.

"Well Tobias wasn't like he is now Lily, I mean since Sarah and Mike found him..." Wesley then begins to say before being interrupted.

"I know about his trouble talking Wesley and I know that he sometimes struggles with it now, but it still doesn't change anything." Lily states after deciding that while he obviously had good intentions, it was pointless for him to carry on and just wanted to stop him now and maybe give her friend a ring and meet up with her for a few hours.

"His speech was only part of it Lily." Wesley quickly states before pausing, he knew that he was close to failing and decided to just try once more. "He hadn't spoken a single word for almost two years Lily, when Sarah found him, he barely recognised her and she had basically been a second mum to him for nine years, it took him weeks before he even believed that it wasn't all just some dream, even after being back with Matt and he still has nightmares about his family and orphanage Lily and they aren't like the nightmares we might get, I mean he tries to act like they aren't that bad, but you can see it in his eyes and he is terrified by some of them." He then adds in a sad tone, even now his friend had those nightmares and he knew from a few unfortunate times on sleepovers that he still wet himself sometimes, but he didn't want to tell her that and he was making sure that he didn't accidentally say anything like that to her.

"He just said..." Lily begins to say in response before trailing off. "The orphanage couldn't have been that bad though right? I mean he hasn't really said much about it and always changes the subject, but it's an orphanage and they look after kids, that's the whole point in them right?." She then asks as she thinks about all the times she had tried to ask Tobias about his time in the orphanage and how every time he somehow changed the subject or just gave her some small and meaningless response.

"Think about it Lily, he was taken by a man who was basically a second dad to him near enough his whole life, then is told that his family is dead and that it's all his fault and then this man, well David scares the hell out of him and remember that Tobias has no idea what's going on Lily or why this man who he basically loved is treating him like this and telling him these things, then on top of that he is taken somewhere without knowing where and I really doubt that he was flying first class from England to New Zealand either." Wesley then starts explaining, before taking a few moments to catch his breath, this was hard for him to talk about and both he and his boyfriend had cried together after realising just how traumatic it must have been for their friend.

"I, I didn't..." Lily then begins to respond, but quickly trails off as she thinks about what she had just been told and she honestly didn't know how to respond to that.

"Lily it gets worse, I mean he isn't stupid and well he would have known where he was after hearing the staff and the other kids accents, but David had scared him so badly, that he was too afraid to talk and David had given the staff a false name, which Tobias wasn't aware of, so at first he thought that they were doing it on purpose, I mean he wasn't thinking straight, I mean who would after being told your family is dead and then being sent half way around the world and being terrified into silence by someone you thought you could trust." Wesley then says and again stops to compose himself, he wasn't expecting it to be this hard and seeing the look on the girls face didn't help either.

"He never told me that." Lily then states in an almost robotic tone, she was just stunned to hear just what Tobias had actually been through and was struggling to process it all. "Wait you said at first, what do you mean by that?" She then asks as she thinks about what he actually said and despite still not fully processing everything, she couldn't help but be curious.

"Well his family Lily, I mean what kid wouldn't want to hope their family wasn't dead and he was all alone and too scared to talk to anyone, so he started to think that his family weren't dead and that David might have lied, I mean hope keeps people going through all sorts of trauma and I guess that is what he was doing, but it didn't work Lily." Wesley then says, before taking another long breath and waits for her to ask the obvious question.

"What do you mean?" Lily finds herself asking as she leans forward a little bit, she still didn't think any of this would change her mind, but she found herself wanting to know everything about Tobias, even though the stuff she was learning was both horrible and cruel.

"Well think about it, if his family weren't dead, that meant that they were alive and if they were alive, then why was he on the other side of the world and in an orphanage." Wesley explains before pausing, but he can see straight away that she wasn't going to say anything. "I mean what would you think Lily, if he wished that his family was alive, then that meant that they didn't want him, on the other hand if they were dead, then he was all alone and no one would ever come looking for him, the only person who knew who he was and where, was David and Tobias knew that he couldn't trust him any more." He then adds as he decides to continue, before shifting a little to get comfortable and giving her a chance to take in what he just said.

"So he either had to hope they were alive, which meant they didn't want him any more or accept that they were all dead and he couldn't even talk to anyone about it for all that time?" Lily then asks in a stunned tone, as she looked at the boy sitting opposite her in shock, she couldn't imagine what that would be like and how you could even begin to cope with those thoughts.

"In the end he just reverted back to a child like state to survive, I mean even after he had been out of the orphanage for like two weeks before me and Carter met him, he was still acting like a child and we could tell that he wasn't quite right, I mean Carter spoke to him more and he had moments where he seemed normal, well apart from the talking, but he still wasn't quite right and it took a long, long time before he got better, but even then he wasn't quite with it Lily." Wesley then says as he tries his best to remember what he and his boyfriend had talked about, but he could tell that she was following what he was saying and decided to stop and let her speak for a while.

"What do you mean by not quite with it?" Lily decides to ask, she could ask a million questions and there was a big part of her that wanted to go and find Tobias so that she could cuddle him, but she knew that she needed to hear more, while at the same time, she was starting to think about what Wesley had said earlier and was slowly putting the pieces together.

"He was okay, I mean his talking improved and he seemed happier, but there was something missing, I mean we talked about it with and without him, but even Matt didn't know what was wrong with him and well we just had to do our best to be there for him, but then we had a sleepover and we played some er... well we played..." Wesley begins to answer, but can't help but hesitate about what he was about to say, he had agreed with his boyfriend that they should tell her the truth, but that they shouldn't tell her too much, because it wouldn't be fair on Matt and Ben, so he knew that he had to be careful and not say something that would embarrass them.

"You mean like strip poker or something don't you?" Lily then decides to ask, she and Ashleigh both had male cousins and they knew that boys played those sorts off games with each other, especially on sleepovers and could tell by Wesley's expression and hesitation, that they had probably done the same and she guessed it had a lot to do with the kissing between them all.

"Well yeah, but well I'm not going to tell you too much, but basically yeah, but we also did dares after, but eventually Matt and Ben needed some time alone and well me and Carter took Tobias to the pool and I don't know why, but it was like we knew what he needed and well we kissed him and well you know touched him together for a while, I mean it was a little gay, well a lot, but he needed love and that was the only thing we could think of Lily." Wesley answers honestly and he can tell that while she was probably a little intrigued by what actually happened, she wasn't going to ask about it.

"Okay, but how can you say that he isn't gay, when you just told me that you did gay stuff together and you have even been doing it since that sleepover." Lily then asks in a confused tone, although she had a lot more questions she could ask and she was still reeling from everything else she had just been told, but she wanted to understand what this all had to do with her and Tobias first.

"He didn't know who he was any more Lily, I mean before that night, I mean think about it, first he has his best friend in the whole world taken away from him, along with two people he thought of as his second parents, then one of those comes back and takes him away after telling him that his entire family was dead, he then spends two years without talking and being called by the wrong name, while struggling to know whether to accept that his family was dead and he was all alone or that they were alive and didn't want him any more." Wesley starts to explain, but like before he has to take a short break, because no matter how many times he thinks about it, it still has the same effect on him and he had been struggling to not show how upset talking about this made him.

"I know that, but I still don't get it Wesley, I mean I want to go and find him and cuddle him, but I don't get what your point is or how this is meant to change my mind about being his girlfriend." Lily then decides to state after he pauses, although she was holding back on her real feelings, she wanted to do more than cuddle him, she wanted to tell him that it's okay and that she would always be his friend and help him, but she didn't want to let her emotions get in the way for now and she really did want to understand why he was telling her about this.

"Ever since Sarah found him and even after being reunited with Matt, he didn't know who he was Lily, because even though Sarah adopted him, he didn't know if he was really part of the family and he was also confused about his sexuality, I mean being around four gay boys was confusing for him and because of what he had been through, he found it hard to know what was real and what was just in his head, but well after er... well after me and Carter made him feel good, I mean well er... crap, well damn." Wesley again tries to explain, but he can't help but stop in embarrassment after saying what he did and he knew that he made it sound weird.

"It's okay, it's weird and I er... well just carry on Wesley." Lily then states in an awkward tone, she found herself wanting to know exactly what he meant by feel good, but again, she didn't want to get distracted from the whole point of this conversation and knew that she needed to push him back on track a little bit.

"Shit, well we did stuff and well you know er... well anyway the next day he woke up and he was completely different Lily, I mean he still struggles with his talking sometimes and has nightmares and stuff, but for the first time since he got taken to the orphanage he was happy and I mean happy Lily, he also knew exactly who he was and it was kind of funny, I mean he told us that he was Tobias Summers, he was twelve years old and straight, I mean it was so funny seeing him like that and he was naked and er... well that isn't important, but yeah I mean we only just really figured out just what happened and why we carried on messing around recently, but we basically gave him love Lily." Wesley explains with a shy smile, he was still feeling sad about the other stuff he had said, but thinking about how happy his friend was that day, never failed to put a smile on his face and he knew that he loved him, even if it wasn't the same way he loved his boyfriend, it was still real and he knew his boyfriend felt the same way.

"You gave him love?" Lily then asks in a curious and confused tone, she understood that they had kissed and touched each other, well she didn't know much about sex and stuff, but she could guess they meant masturbating each other, she may be a girl, but she knew what boys did and even though it was a little inappropriate given what they were really talking about, she couldn't help but try and picture it, she knew she was attracted to Tobias and wondered what he looked like, but she also thought Wesley was great looking and had seen him swimming and there was no doubt that he was hot and she had even seen Carter topless recently and he looked really cute.

"It's hard to explain Lily, but while Sarah and Matt obviously loved him and he loved them, he hadn't been able to really feel that love, it was like it was locked away because of what he went through in the orphanage, but er... well you know, what me and Carter did with him, it wasn't about doing sex stuff or getting er... well er... it was just about giving him love, making him the most important thing in the world and making him know that he wasn't alone and well I guess also making him realise that despite how good it did feel, he wasn't actually gay, I think that was really important to him Lily, I mean he wouldn't have minded being gay, but just knowing for sure just sort of er... well I guess it just took that pressure off himself." Wesley then explains with a hopeful look, there wasn't much more to say and he felt like he had been talking for hours, so he was hoping that he had made sense or at least enough sense for her to understand, so he decides to just wait and let her take as much time as she needed to process everything.

"So you're saying that the kissing and stuff you have been doing together..." Lily then begins to say after a few minutes, but trails off for a few more moments. "It's nothing to do with er... well sex or that sort of thing, it's just him feeling love and support?" She then asks in a curious tone, she wasn't sure if she was right or not and started to think about what he had said about himself and Carter, she knew he had said all that for a reason and as she was thinking about it, she felt like she was finally starting to understand.

"Yeah, I mean I know how it feels to not believe that your family loves you or if you think people are only pretending to like you or be around you and Carter is just er... well, he just wants to help people and he and Tobias are so similar, I mean size wise and hobbies and stuff, they just have a connection and I guess without knowing at the time, well that night, we kind of just er... did what felt natural and we comforted Tobias on a totally different level to what the others could do." Wesley then answers as best as he can, before thinking of something else. "We still kiss sometimes and we have fooled around Lily, but it's not about sex and being gay, most of the time we just er... well we just sit next to each other or cuddle with him, so it's just something I think he needs and you could give him that, I mean me and Carter will miss being there for him like that, but we're boyfriends and he is straight, so it's got to end at some point and..." He then decides to say, as he grows in confidence a little, before being surprised as he is interrupted.

"So he was lost and didn't know how to fix it and you and Carter picked up on it, even though you didn't understand it and er... well it's a bit weird Wesley, but I think I get it." Lily states in a surprised tone, she still didn't understand why they had to actually kiss and do stuff, but she understood the feelings involved and why Tobias needed to feel that kind of love and why Wesley and Carter were drawn to him. "So he's really not gay and if he found a girlfriend, then you three wouldn't do that stuff again?" She then decides to ask and despite thinking that nothing he could say would get her to change her mind, she wasn't so sure now and wanted to ask a few questions to really think about how she felt.

"He's not gay Lily and he has never looked at me or Carter the same way as we have seen him look at you and he has the same look when he gets texts and calls from you." Wesley answers honestly with a sincere smile, he was just so happy and relieved that she seemed to have understood him, he knew it was a lot to take in and he was sure that he had messed up a few parts of it and knew that his boyfriend would have done a better job, but he was still proud of himself.

"He is special I guess, but you didn't answer all of my question Wesley." Lily then states with a curious but happy tone, but despite finding herself seriously thinking about being more than just friends, she wasn't totally convinced about the boys fooling around stopping and that was definitely a deal breaker for her.

"Oh right, well er... we have a connection Lily, I mean there is something that is a little more than friendship, but it's not er... well like sexual or that sort of thing either, so even though we wouldn't kiss or do anything like that again, it doesn't mean we won't want to cuddle him or give him er... I guess affection, I mean we love him, but not like that, does that make any sense?" Wesley then asks after trying to answer her question as honestly as he can.

"So if he slept over at yours, you would sleep in the same bed, but you wouldn't er... well do anything right?" Lily then decides to ask as she thinks about what he just said, she wasn't actually sure how she felt about the idea of him sleeping in bed with them or if that would ever actually happen, but she had a lot going through her mind and the question just came out for some reason.

"Carter is my boyfriend Lily, not Tobias and as much as we love him and have a special connection, we don't need to do that stuff with him, I mean it's fun..." Wesley begins to explain, before blushing and trailing off, he was finding it hard to explain himself, while at the same time not giving too much away. "Well it is fun, but Tobias just needs someone to hold him sometimes and just give him that love and that's all it is with us Lily, but with you it would be different, we both think that he loves you, I mean not like er... well you have to understand that Tobias is different Lily, he's been though too much and it's affected him, but he does really like you and it's obvious that you like him too." He then finishes saying as he looks at her carefully, he wanted to say more and make her understand that his friend might do some strange things, but he wasn't sure if he should or not.

"Okay, I think I get it and okay." Lily responds as she thinks about his response and she could handle what he had said. "Also I guess I know that he is different, I mean he doesn't act like any other person I've met and he doesn't seem to always know if me or Ashleigh are joking with him or being serious." She then adds as she thinks about the time that they have spent together and despite others thinking it was weird and judging him, she found it cute and found herself really liking his quirkiness.

"He struggles with that a lot, but he's getting better, but there are other things, like he isn't quite sure what he can do around girls, I mean so far apart from you and Ashleigh, his experience with girls our age or around our age has been, well it's not been good and I think you will need to be patient with him, but also take control, even with me and Carter, he tends to wait for us to tell him what to do and he is the same with everyone else, I mean don't boss him around and make him do stuff for the sake of it, he isn't a child or stupid Lily, but I think it will take him a long time before he gets used to being more er... well I guess er... more..." Wesley then states in a relaxed tone, although as he struggles to think of the right word, he is happy to be interrupted.

"Assertive?" Lily asks with a little smirk, despite what they were talking about and she was still struggling to process all that Tobias had actually been through, she couldn't help but find Wesley's behaviour amusing, she didn't know him, well they have talked a few times since she started being around Tobias, but she knew who he was and his reputation and was finding him to be a lot more interesting than she thought he would be, the way the other kids talked about him, she just assumed he was like a typical jock popular boy, who would be arrogant and over confident, but he was just normal and she liked that about him.

"Yeah, that's perfect, but there is something else and he might kill me for telling you this Lily, but he likes to be naked, I mean honestly it's not him being some sort of pervert or stuff like that, but ever since Sarah found him, he has just er... well I don't know exactly, but I guess he just feels comfortable like it, I mean I'm not sure he would do it around you or anything, but I guess it can't hurt to just give you a heads up, but please don't tell him I told you this, I mean he's been through enough Lily." Wesley then states in a slightly hesitant tone, he knew he might have crossed a line by tell her that, but he was convinced that his boyfriend and his plan had worked and he felt that he could trust her not to say anything to their friend about this part of the conversation.

"Oh wow, I mean, he wouldn't..." Lily begins to responds, but trails off briefly to really think about it. "He would wouldn't he?" She then asks with a shy smile and despite being embarrassed, she had been curious about what he looked like naked ever since she saw the little tent in his shorts that time at school and couldn't deny that she liked the idea that he might not be too shy around her.

"Honestly I'm not sure if he would be brave enough to do it around you Lily, but I just wanted to give you a heads up." Wesley responds and despite being a little unsure that he had done the right thing in telling her before, he could tell that she wasn't going to use it to embarrass his friend. "But er... shit, look Lily you know about what those older girls and what Beth and her friends did to him, so please don't er... well I trust you, I mean I wouldn't of told you any of this if I didn't trust you, but please don't like er... you know try and get him to be naked, you know like..." He then begins to say in an awkward tone, he didn't want to offend and upset her, but at the same time, he couldn't stop himself being overprotective of his friend and was a little worried as she interrupted him.

"I get it and I promise I won't ever do anything to hurt him Wesley, I really like him and he is just so sweet and nice." Lily quickly decides to say, she could tell that he was worried about offending her, but she wasn't and if anything, it just made her like him more, although as she realises what she had said, she realised that she was going to talk to Tobias and probably ask him to be her boyfriend and she couldn't stop herself smiling.

"So you will think about being his girlfriend?" Wesley then asks in a hopeful tone and although he wasn't expecting it to happen straight away, he was pleased to see that his and his boyfriends plan seemed to have worked and he couldn't wait to see how happy their friend was going to be after he next spoke to her.

"I don't know, I want to talk to him first and about some of the stuff you told me." Lily responds and sees straight away that he was a little worried about what she just said. "I won't talk about this Wesley, I just mean I will talk with him about the stuff we've already talked about together again, only this time I will know the truth and maybe he will trust me a bit more with his feelings." She quickly adds in a reassuring tone, she wanted him to know that she wasn't going to tell Tobias about this conversation, especially the more private stuff and was happy to see him relax again.

"He's spending the night at ours tonight Lily, it's Ben and Matt's anniversary and well he wanted to be with us, but we won't mess about I promise, but could you like text him or call him and well I don't know, like give him something to be happy about?" Wesley then asks as he thinks about tonight and while it didn't really matter, it would be a lot easier to convince their friend to not fool around if Lily talked to him, although there was a part of him that wanted to do it one last time and he knew his boyfriend would feel the same way.

"I will call him later, but I want to talk to him properly before I change my mind Wesley, I mean I like him and I mean really like him, but even though he isn't gay and you explained what you did with each other and why, all that other stuff is still hard to think about and I need time." Lily responds and despite how serious this conversation was and what Tobias had really been through, she found herself excited to speak to him and she knew what she was going to do already.

"He really does like you." Wesley then states with a warm smile, he could see why his friend liked her and he could see her fitting in with their group and Ashleigh as well, who he had actually met a few times before and thought she was interesting to be around.

"I really like him too and he is such a good kisser." Lily responds with a happy smile, because he really was everything she liked in a boy.

"Yeah, he really is good." Wesley then states as he thinks about how good his friend really was at kissing, before quickly blushing as he realises what he just said, although he is relieved to see the amused look on her face and knew he hadn't just messed up.

"I'm going to go now though, I want to think about things and then go and see Ashleigh before I call Tobias, you don't mind do you?" Lily then decides to ask as she thinks about what he just said and despite understanding what had been happening between the boys, she wasn't quite ready to talk about it like this and she really did want to see her friend and get her opinion.

"It's okay and I need to get back to Carter, because he will start to worry if I'm gone too long." Wesley responds with a smile, he could tell that she didn't want to talk about that kind of thing and felt the same way and was more than happy to get back to his boyfriend and hopefully get there before his brother, so that he could have a little alone time with him.

"Thanks for everything Wesley and I promise I won't tell anyone about the private stuff, not even Ashleigh." Lily then states in a sincere tone as she gets to her feet and smiles when he stands up as well and holds out his hand.

"Thanks for listening and understanding Lily." Wesley responds with a smile, but while he had held his hand out for a handshake, he was quickly surprised to feel himself being cuddled instead and it wasn't a quick one either.

"Sorry, it's just I can't believe what he went through and you and Carter are so amazing." Lily then says after pulling away from the embrace, she didn't know what came over her, but she just needed a cuddle and felt a little embarrassed.

"We just want him to be happy and well we think you can help him do that." Wesley responds with a warm smile, before deciding to return the favour and gives her a comforting hug, it was a little weird, but after what he just told her and the way she listened and understood, he knew that she was going to be around for a long time and wanted her to know that he liked her.

"I will try, but he's been through so much and..." Lily then begins to say before finding herself being interrupted.

"Lily you aren't alone, we all look out for him and always will, although if he realised that, he might get a little angry or self conscious about it, but we all love him and you will be okay, just be yourself, because he likes you, so just be you." Wesley quickly states, although he can't help but blush a little when he thinks about how corny he sounded at the end, but he meant it and he could tell that she appreciated his honesty.

"You're so sweet, thank you Wesley." Lily then says in a sincere tone, before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and turning around to head to her friends home.

"Seriously?" Peter asks in an excited tone, he wasn't really that interested when his boyfriend started to talk about their sleepover, he was too busy looking at his naked body and running his fingers up and down it, but his attention was now firmly on what his boyfriend just said and he knew what that really meant.

"Yeah, my dad phoned your parents up earlier and as long as we don't leave the house or open the door for anyone, they trust us and er... yeah, we have to make sure that we both have our phones on and near us at all times." Alex responds with a smile, he was enjoying the way his boyfriend was looking at him and using his fingers to explore his body, but as much as he wanted to let him carry on forever, he knew his dad was going to be home soon and he had remembered that in all the excitement, he had actually forgotten to tell his boyfriend about the change in plans for their sleepover.

"It's going to be so awesome, can we do some strip wrestling and play some other games?" Peter asks excitedly, he always enjoyed playing strip wrestling and now that they were really boyfriends, he thought it would be even better.

"You're such a pervert." Alex responds in an amused tone, before deciding to surprise his boyfriend by rolling on top of him.

"It's your fault, I was alright being all good and nice, then you come along and show me all these things." Peter then says as he looks up at his boyfriend and can't help but smile, he wasn't sure what he was really expecting to feel like to have a boyfriend or even a girlfriend, but he was happy and he knew that his boyfriend loved him and he loved him back.

"I have a new fun game we can play tonight, well it's not really new, but it will be fun." Alex then decides to say as he looks down at his boyfriend, before giving him a series of quick but tender kisses on the lips, he just couldn't help himself, this was his dream come true and he wanted to make the most of every second he could to show his boyfriend how much he loved him.

"What is it?" Peter then asks with a smile, he loved being kissed and he also loved the feeling of his boyfriends naked body pressed against his own.

"Well I know you love strip wrestling, so basically we start fully clothed, but we have to have tie wraps on our wrists and ankles, then we start and the winner is the one who strips the other naked and ties them up, then he can do whatever he wants to the loser for as long as he wants." Alex explains with a naughty grin, sure it wasn't that different to what they've done before, but the tie wraps were new and he thought it would be fun, although more because he was pretty confident he would win, his boyfriend had only beaten him twice and both those times were because he had cheated.

"Oh cool, but we don't have to strip the other naked before we can try and tie them up right?" Peter then asks in an enthusiastic tone, sure they had pretty much been doing that anyway, but it did sound more exciting with the tie wraps and he couldn't wait to beat his boyfriend.

"I guess not, I mean you can't tie them up completely while they still have clothes on, because then you can't win." Alex answers after thinking about it for a few moments, he hadn't actually thought about that and it could actually make things more interesting, but as soon as he sees his boyfriends eyes, he knows what he is thinking. "And no you can't just tie me up with my clothes on and do whatever you want to me, the other person has to be naked and tied up, not one or the other." He adds with a wry smile and the slightly disappointed look on his boyfriends face, lets him know that he was already thinking of ways to win.

"And we can do anything?" Peter then asks in a curious tone, he could think of a few things he wanted to do, although if he lost, there were definitely a few things he knew his boyfriend could do to him, so he was both excited and nervous.

"Well er... yeah, but well nothing new, I mean you can't do anything that the other doesn't want to do." Alex answers with a loving smile, he was glad that his boyfriend was taking it seriously and while it was meant to be fun, he had been around their friends enough to know that you need to talk to your boyfriend about the stuff you do and that you have to make sure you both want to do something.

"We aren't just going to do sex stuff though right?" Peter then asks in a slightly nervous tone and can see that his boyfriend seemed disappointed with the question. "I mean I want to and we are boyfriends now, but I want to eat and watch a movie as well." He quickly decides to add with a nervous smile.

"You're so cute when you get nervous." Alex responds in an amused tone and although he was a little unsure how to take his boyfriends initial question, he quickly realised what he meant and just thought it was adorable.

"I do really love you Alex." Peter then states with a shy smile, he had said it before many times, but until he was at the park with Ashleigh, he never quite knew if he really meant it, but now he was sure and the look on his boyfriends face right now, just proved how he really felt about him even more in his mind and heart.

"I really love you too Peter." Alex responds with a big smile, before leaning back down and kissing his boyfriend for a few minutes. "But we should get a shower, I want to be dressed and downstairs before my dad gets home." He then states after ending their kiss, he had always enjoyed their kisses, but knowing that they were actually boyfriends now, just made him enjoy them even more.

"I guess I better go home when your dad gets back, I said I wouldn't be gone too long and I don't want my mum and dad to ground me." Peter then states in a reluctant tone, he wanted to be with his boyfriend, but at the same time, he knew that he had to go home to get his stuff anyway and he really didn't like making his parents angry either.

"I wish you didn't have to go home though." Alex responds in a disappointed tone, before rolling off his boyfriend and then helping him to his feet after standing up himself.

"I won't be long, but I have to go." Peter then says, before pulling his boyfriend closer so that he could kiss him.

"Come on, we need to shower anyway." Alex then decides to state after feeling himself and his boyfriend getting hard and knew that he needed to stop before they got too carried away.

"Okay." Peter responds with another shy smile, before letting his boyfriend lead him by the hand to his bathroom.

"Feeling better now?" Jim asks as he watches the boy trying to get a little more comfortable on the sofa, he thought the talk went well and although he could tell that the small boy was as uncomfortable as he felt himself, he was proud of him for not getting upset or too embarrassed.

"Yeah, I mean I already told Wesley that I don't want to do it again for a while and he likes me doing..." Carter begins to answer honestly, but quickly blushes as he realises what he almost said and to who.

"Well, I think that this is a good place to end this conversation Carter." Jim then quickly states in an amused tone, he knew what the small boy was about to say and while it was a little awkward, he wasn't going to make a big deal out of it.

"Sorry Jim." Carter then apologises, it didn't take a genius to figure out what he was about to say and knew his boyfriends brother knew what he was about to say and felt like an idiot.

"Don't be Carter, to be honest with you, I think we've had enough embarrassing conversations for one lifetime, so why don't you tell me about something normal." Jim responds with a warm smile, he knew that he didn't really share much in common with the small boy, but they got on just fine and he genuinely loved having him around.

"Okay, let's talk about your hot date tonight Jim." Carter quickly responds with a cheeky grin, as he gets a little more comfortable on the sofa.

"Cheeky little fucker." Jim then states with a smile and shake of the head, but he did think that it was only fair after what they had just been talking about and although he won't be telling him much, he felt like he should be fair about it. "But okay, what do you want to know then Carter?" He then asks with a smile and he can't help but find the surprise look on the small boys face amusing and knew that he wasn't expecting him to actually be willing to talk about it.

"Oh wow, well what's his name?" Carter asks after a few moments, he was only messing around and didn't expect him to actually want to talk about it, especially since he had refused every time his boyfriend had asked the same kind of question.

"Ah shit, well to be honest with you Carter, I have no idea, but he looks hot." Jim answers with a slight blush as he realises how stupid he must look to the small boy right now and begins to have second thoughts about agreeing to have this conversation in the first place.

"Oh my god Jim!" Carter then states in a shocked tone, he knew his boyfriends brother had told them that it was a blind date, but he just assumed that they just called it that when you met up with someone from online, so the fact that he didn't even know his name was hard for him to understand.

"Come on Carter, you're only twelve and this is just a bit of fun between two adults and nothing more." Jim then states with an awkward smile and despite having done this before, this was actually the first time he hadn't know the other guys name, although he wasn't stupid enough to believe that every guy had given his real name to him either, he had given a false name enough times himself, but he had to admit that it was a little strange that the guy wouldn't even give him a fake name.

"I guess so." Carter then responds in a slightly hurt tone, although he knew that his boyfriends brother didn't mean to patronize him. "How do you even know what he looks like?" He then decides to ask, if he didn't even know the guys name, then he didn't see how he could know what he looked like.

"Well I can only go by the pictures and while some people do post fake ones, it's only sex Carter and it's not like they need to be models." Jim quickly responds, before just as quickly frowning a little bit after giving away a little too much information with his answer and could tell that the small boy wasn't impressed by anything he had told him so far.

"It just sounds weird and dangerous Jim, can't you just meet people in person or something?" Carter then asks in a confused tone, his boyfriends brother was god looking and really fun to be around, so he couldn't understand why he met up with strangers from the internet, when he could easily get a boyfriend or find someone at a pub or somewhere like that.

"Look Carter, I know I said we could talk about this, but as much as I like and respect you, you're still young and this isn't really something you can understand." Jim then decides to state instead of answering the small boys question, he genuinely loved him as a sort of surrogate brother, but this really wasn't something he should be talking with him about and if he was being honest, the boys questions were starting to give him second thoughts about his date and he didn't want to ruin his night by second guessing himself.

"You promise that it's safe though right?" Carter decides to ask, he was ready to drop the subject and could tell that his boyfriends brother really didn't want to talk about it, but at the same time he couldn't stop himself from wanting to make sure he was okay.

"I promise Carter, now let's talk about something else okay." Jim answers honestly with a caring smile, while at the same time again trying to get the small boy to change the subject to something that didn't involve his sex life.

"Well er... well I guess you could you know er... check me again, I mean I don't mind and I want to get it over with Jim." Carter then decides to suggest after they sit in silence for a few moments, he was tempted to wait until his boyfriend got back, but as he thought about it, he really did just want to get it over and done with.

"Well it wasn't quite what I meant by talking about something else, but it would be better if we got it over with and got you dressed, because as cute as you're Carter, I think I've seen you naked enough for one lifetime." Jim responds with a small grin, which widens when he hears the small boy giggling and was glad that at the very least, he had managed to lighten the mood and avoid any awkwardness between them.

"You aren't going to put any of the oil on again though right?" Carter decides to ask after shifting on the sofa so that his bum on on the edge, before drawing his legs up to give his boyfriends brother better access, he wanted to get this over with quickly and then get dressed.

"I could do Carter, but I think you will be fine just putting some more on before you go to sleep." Jim responds after thinking it over for a few moments, it couldn't hurt to put some more on, but then the small boy wouldn't be able to get dressed or sit down properly for a few hours and his parents could come back in that time, so he figured that it would just be more practical to wait until tonight.

"Okay." Carter then responds as he shifts a little bit, he just felt totally exposed and even though he knew this was for the best and they had done it earlier, it still took a lot for him to let it happen, especially without his boyfriend with him.

"I know it's not easy Carter, but try to relax a little bit, I won't push my finger in this time, but I need to have a little look to see if it looks any better than this morning." Jim then states in the most reassuring tone he could manage, this was just awkward and he definitely wasn't comfortable doing this to a twelve year old boy, but he knew that if he didn't and there was an issue, then things would get a lot more embarrassing for the small boy and even his brother.

"I'm trying my best." Carter responds meekly, he knew that he was struggling and was just hoping that it would be over soon, especially when he feels himself responding in a way that left him feeling mortified.

"Oh, well okay..." Jim then states in a surprised tone, before pausing for a few seconds. "Well this is just awkward Carter, but honestly it isn't that much of a surprise and to be honest I'm actually surprised you didn't pop a boner when we did this earlier, so don't get upset okay." He then states after noticing the small boy was getting hard and while it was a surprise to actually see it happening, he knew that it was a possibility and was quick to just reassure him.

"Can you hurry up please Jim, I don't want you to see me like this any more." Carter then says in a pleading tone, he wasn't stupid and knew that it was a natural reaction, but it didn't make it any less embarrassing and he really just wanted to get dressed now.

"Just a little bit longer Carter." Jim then states as he hurries up a little and uses his fingers to spread the small boys hole a little bit, before moving back and then standing up. "All done and while it's still a little red and bruised, it should be fine by the time you wake up tomorrow, just take it easy for a few days and remember what we talked about Carter." He then states with a warm and friendly tone, before smiling when he sees that despite the small boys embarrassment, he was okay and happy with the news.

"You aren't going to check again tomorrow though right?" Carter then asks after getting up and walking over to his clothes on the table, while at the same time trying to hide his boner as best he can.

"You don't have to worry about that Carter, but I want you and my brother to come to me if you ever need help, I mean what I said in our talk Carter, so I don't care how embarrassing it is for any of us, your health and safety is more important okay." Jim responds in a serious tone, he wanted to make it as clear as he could to the small boy, that he was there for them both and wanted them to know that they could come to him whenever they needed to.

"I know and well thanks Jim, you're the best." Carter then says with a big smile, although he quickly turns away from his boyfriends brother after almost walking over to give him a cuddle, but he still wasn't dressed and his boner still hadn't gone down, despite his embarrassment and could feel himself blushing.

"Ha, well as creepy as this sounds Carter, you have nothing to be embarrassed about, because for a boy your age and especially your size in general, you definitely have nothing to be shy about down there." Jim then decides to state after seeing the boy quickly turn his back to him again and despite how inappropriate it was to tell the small boy that, he wanted to boost his confidence and he wasn't lying either, the small boy wasn't huge or anything, but everything was well proportioned.

"Did you just tell my boyfriend that he had a nice penis?" Wesley states in an amused tone as he stands in the doorway, he was going to walk in and cuddle his boyfriend, but after his brother started talking he couldn't help but stay just out of sight and couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"I er... shit, well he has nothing..." Jim begins to respond in a slight panic, before noticing the grin on his brothers face. "You little shit, just get in here and sit down or something, I need a shower." He then states with a shake of the head and although he knew his brother was just messing around with him, he was actually relieved that he hadn't reacted the wrong way to what he had obviously overheard and it helped him stop himself from thinking that he had crossed a line with what he had told the small boy.

"It is nice though right, I mean it's not as small as it used to be." Carter then decides to say as he looks down at himself and while it wasn't even close to being as big as his boyfriends, he was sure that it had grown in the past few weeks and after his boyfriends brother complimenting him, he was feeling quite proud of himself.

"It was never small in the first place Carter." Wesley quickly responds as he walks over to his boyfriend and embraces him. "But we can measure it in a little while, because it has got a little bigger." He then whispers in his ear, he doubted that it had grown much in length, but it definitely looked a little fatter.

"It's inappropriate, but like I said already Carter, you have nothing to be shy or self conscious about." Jim then states with a smile, he could have just walked out of the room to get a shower, but he wanted to give the small boy another confidence boost and despite it still being a little weird, he was happy to see him smile proudly.

"Seriously Jim, stop talking about my boyfriends perfect penis and just go shower already." Wesley then decides to state in a teasing tone, he wasn't upset with him or anything, in fact he was grateful and could see how much it meant to his boyfriend, but he wanted to be alone with him now and tell him about how it went with Lily.

"Fine, but I want Carter to get dressed and no messing around Wesley, you have all night to do that and I'm being serious okay." Jim then says as he gives both boys a serious look, although if they did mess around he wasn't that bothered, but he wanted them to at least think about behaving themselves.

"Just go Jim." Wesley then states in a serious tone, although he can't quite stop himself grinning a little bit and could see his brother smirking at him, before turning and walking out of the room.

"So how did it go?" Carter then quickly asks as soon as he is sure his boyfriends brother isn't going to come back in.

"It went great, well I think it..." Wesley begins to answer, but as he feels his boyfriend pulling at his jeans, he can't help but trail off. "What are you doing?" He then asks in a confused tone and although it was obvious that his boyfriend was stripping him, he wasn't sure why he was doing it, especially after his brother told them not to fool around and for his boyfriend to get dressed.

"I want to play with you while you tell me about what happened." Carter responds with a grin, before pulling his boyfriends jeans and briefs down and then off his legs. "Now get your top off and sit on the sofa." He then instructs his boyfriend in a firm tone and despite not really feeling that horny after what he had just done with his boyfriends brother, he wanted to sit with his boyfriend naked and just be as close to him as possible for a little while.

"I love it when you take..." Wesley then begins to say, before pausing for a few moments. "What are you doing?" He then asks in a confused tone as his boyfriend starts to get dressed.

"I've been naked all day, so now it's your turn and you aren't allowed to cover up if your brother comes downstairs either." Carter answers with a grin, while getting dressed, he was actually planning on staying naked, but he couldn't resist having a little fun and he didn't really want to be naked all day, especially since he knew that his brothers boyfriend would be coming down again and he had definitely been naked in front of him enough for one life time, maybe even two.

"Fine, but only because I love..." Wesley then begins to say in a slightly reluctant tone, before being interrupted by the feeling of his boyfriend pushing him on to the sofa.

"I love you too, but tell me what happened with Lily." Carter states with a grin, he knew it was a little rude, but he wanted to be in control and from the smile his boyfriend was trying to hide, he knew that he loved his dominant side and quickly moved over and sat down against his boyfriend, who quickly puts his arm around him, before telling him about what had happened earlier.

"What's going on?" Mitch asks in a curious tone, after walking into the front room and seeing everyone looking a little awkward just sitting there.

"Oh thank god." Jordan quickly states in a relieved tone, he had only come round to see if the older boy was still okay to come running with him later and before he knew what was happening, he had found himself sitting in some kind of really awkward silence with his two friends and their parents.

"Jordan, what are you doing here?" Mitch then asks in a surprised tone, with made him even more curious by how relieved the boy seemed to be by his arrival.

"Hey Jordan." Tobias then says after coming into the room, although as soon as he sees everyone else, he can't help but be a little worried by how everyone's expressions.

"Hey Tobias." Jordan responds to his friend, before turning back to the older boy. "I just came to see if you were still okay for tonight, but well you weren't here and well Ben and Matt asked me to stay and well it seemed like a good idea at the time." He then states in a slightly awkward time, he really didn't mind the idea of hanging around with his two friends, but as soon as he sat down and his friends parents came in, there had barely been anything said and whenever he tried to start a conversation, it quickly fizzled out and he really wished he had just gone home or out somewhere instead of staying.

"Yeah, I'm actually looking forward to it Jordan and I will come by yours around eight if that's alright with you." Mitch responds with a smile, although he still can't quite help being a little curious by how silent his brothers, dad and Sarah were being and could tell that something was going on, he just didn't have any idea what it could be.

"Eight sounds good to me Mitch." Jordan responds in an enthusiastic tone, he was hoping the older boy wouldn't cancel and was happy to see that he seemed genuinely happy about running with him, because he had been a little worried that he saw it as a chore and something that he had to do, which he guessed was a little true, but he really liked being around him and was pleased to now know for sure that it wasn't a one way thing.

"Why don't you and Tobias go up to his room Jordan, there are some things to take up and it will be easier for him with your help." Mitch then decides to suggests, as he again looks around the room and despite not wanting to send the two boys off, he got the feeling that it would be easier to figure out what was going on, if they weren't in the room with them.

"Aww, but I want to..." Tobias then begins to protest, before finding himself interrupted by his friend.

"Please Tobias, I really want to get out of this room." Jordan quickly whispers in a pleading tone, he had been in enough awkward conversations in his life and he really wanted to get out of the room and hoped his friend helped him out.

"Go on Tobias." Mitch then states with an almost pleading expression, before smiling when his brother gives him a slightly unimpressed look, as he looks around the room and takes his friends hand to lead him out of the room.

"So who is going to tell me what's up with you guys then?" Mitch then asks as soon as he is sure the two boys were upstairs, but straight away he can see that no one is going to talk. "Come on Dad, something is going on." He then states as he looks at his dad, he probably could have asked his little brother directly, but he thought it would be better getting either his dad or Sarah to do the talking.

"You really don't want to know and things are okay." Mike then responds as he gives the two younger boys a quick glance. "Well okay, it's a little awkward and it might take a little while for the boys to get over it, but it's nothing bad Mitch." He then adds with a sigh, after seeing that his eldest son wasn't going to let it drop that easily.

"I told them that me and Matt were wondering if cum counted as food or drink Mitch." Ben then blurts out quickly, before turning bright red as he realises what he had just done, he was just so tense and the awkward silence they were sitting in before his brothers came home, was just horrible.

"Ben!" Matt then quickly calls out in an angry tone, it was bad enough that his boyfriend had said it in front of their parents, but he couldn't believe he just told another person, even if it was Mitch, he wasn't happy with his boyfriend at all right now.

"Oh you didn't, did you Ben?" Mitch then asks in an incredulous tone, although as he thought about the awkwardness and silence of the room when he walked, he couldn't help but start to smirk a little bit.

"Oh he did Mitch." Sarah then states in a somewhat amused tone, although she did feel sorry for the poor boys and knew that it would be a while before they got over their embarrassment. "But no one is in trouble and as soon as the boys calm down, they will get over the embarrassment." She then adds in a more serious tone, before giving them both a warm and sympathetic smile, she and Mike had both found the whole thing amusing after the initial shock wore off, but it was clear to both of them that it would be a little awkward around both of them for a while.

"Can I talk to them alone please Sarah?" Mitch then decides to ask and although he could tell that both she and his dad were a little surprised, he could see his little brother and Matt looked relieved, although he could also see that Matt was still a little annoyed and he couldn't really blame him, he would probably feel the same way in his place.

"Of course, I need to head into town for a little while anyway." Sarah responds after a few moments, she only needed to get a few things and it could have waited until tomorrow, but this seemed like a good excuse to go and if the young man was going to help the boys get over their embarrassment, then she was more than happy to disappear for a while.

"I'm actually meeting Tom for a few drinks down the local in a little while, so I guess that will give you all plenty of time to talk." Mike then responds with a smile, before noticing the boys reaction and despite how awkward the last few hours have been, he was happy to see them both smiling for the first time at the mention of their teacher.

"Wait, Tom Morgan?" Mitch can't help but ask in a surprised tone, the man had been around theirs a few times now, but he wasn't aware that his dad had become actual friends with him, although by the reaction of his little brother and Matt, he could tell that they were at least happy about this and knew how much they respected their teacher.

"Yes Mitch, he called me yesterday and to be honest, he's a decent man and the boys love him." Mike responds with a smile, he had friends, well more work colleagues and while he figured the boys had more to do with Tom calling him than they would ever admit, he found that he enjoyed his company and they actually had quite a lot in common.

"No argument from me, as soon as he started visiting here to check on Matt, he had my respect Dad." Mitch responds with a smile, which widened a little when he sees the two boys blushing a little bit and thought they looked adorable sitting how they were.

"We will see you later boys and thank you Mitch." Sarah then decides to say after getting up from her chair, she thought about giving her son a cuddle, but she could tell that both boys were still too embarrassed to even look at her, let alone be cuddled and decided it would be better to give them some space.

"See you later boys and Mitch, can you give Jordan I lift home, I think we owe him something for making him feel so awkward." Mike then states after getting up and despite the fact for both him and Sarah the whole thing was amusing, he knew his youngest son and Matt were mortified, but he also felt guilty for how awkward the other boy must of felt being stuck in the room with them all and the least they could do was give him a lift home when he was ready.

"Sure, but don't forget about tonight Dad." Mitch responds as he gives his dad a quick wink, he knew Matt couldn't see his face and while he wasn't sure that they needed to do this, his little brother had asked them to keep up the act and he couldn't see the harm.

"Don't worry, Sarah has already threatened to do unspeakable things to me if I'm late back." Mike responds with a smirk, before feigning injury as he feels Sarah giving the back of his head a smack.

"Come on then, I will give you a lift to the pub Mike." Sarah then states with a smile, before turning to her son and giving him a loving smile, which she is glad to see returned, although she could still tell that he was embarrassed.

"Sure and good luck Mitch." Mike then states with a grin, before following Sarah out of the room.

"So she wants to talk to you?" Jordan asks as he sits on his friends bed and watches him strip down to his briefs.

"Yeah, she said it was really important and it's so cool Jordan." Tobias responds with a big grin, he didn't know what she actually wanted to talk about, but he was hoping that she would be his girlfriend.

"So you think she wants to be your girlfriend?" Jordan then decides to ask in a slightly bemused tone, after noticing that his friend had superhero briefs on and seemed in no hurry to put any other clothes on.

"I don't know, but I hope so." Tobias responds as he puts the clothes he was wearing in his wash bin. "What?" He then asks in a slightly paranoid tone, after noticing the look on his friends face and could see that he was finding something amusing.

"Batman underwear?" Jordan asks in response, he could have said more, but he knew that was all he had to say and couldn't help but chuckle a little at his friends expression.

"Prick alert Jordan!" Tobias then responds with a small smirk, he had learned the term from Carter and couldn't help but giggle after seeing his friends reaction to him using it.

"Oh man, as if Carter taught you to say that." Jordan then says as he shakes his head, he couldn't deny that he found it funny when his ex boyfriend says it to him, but he didn't want everyone else using it, although his friend saying it in front of him now in his superhero briefs was amusing and kind of cute. "But seriously, aren't you a little old for superhero underwear Tobias?" He then decides to ask, he didn't want to embarrass him or anything, but he was genuinely curious and wondered if there was an actual reason.

"I don't think so, I like them and Matt and Ben said that I can wear what ever I like." Tobias answers in a confident tone, he didn't see the problem, they were just underwear and he thought they looked cool.

"I guess so and they are kind of cool." Jordan then says, as he checks his friend out a little bit and while he wouldn't wear them himself, he kind of admired his friends self confidence and how he seemed to wear what he wanted to wear, without worrying about being made fun of because of it and he actually liked how his friend dresses and had recently started to think about his own style.

"Lily won't laugh when she sees them will she?" Tobias then asks in a slightly horrified tone, he hadn't thought about that before and judging from his friends reaction to them, he was now worried that she might laugh or something when he they got naked together and she saw them.

"Oh man, you're just well er... shit Tobias, haven't the others talked to you about girls yet?" Jordan asks in response, his friends question had taken him off guard and he wasn't quite sure how to explain it to his friend, although he was sure that he had talked to him a while back about girls, but he couldn't quite remember how that went or what he had actually told him about them.

"Yeah, but er... what do you mean?" Tobias then asks in response, he had been given enough sex talks now and didn't want another one, especially from his friend, but at the same time he had obviously said something stupid and he wanted to know what it was.

"We're twelve Tobias and while boys get naked with each other and you know what I mean by that." Jordan answers with a little smirk, before pausing, just to enjoy his friend blushing a little bit. "Girls aren't like that and trust me Tobias, you and Lily won't be showing each other your underwear, well not for a long time anyway." He then adds in as serious a tone as he could manage, although his friends confused expression, does confuse him a little bit as well.

"But if we're a er... you know couple, won't we be naked together like the others?" Tobias then asks, although as soon as he says that, he remembers the talk his big brother had given him and quickly realises that maybe he didn't quite understand the differences between girls and boys as much as he thought he did.

"Well maybe, I mean shit Tobias, girls aren't that different, but girls like Lily don't er... look I don't really know, but whatever you do Tobias, don't just get naked in front of her, just let her be in control and she will let you know when she is ready for that kind of thing." Jordan responds awkwardly after a few moments, he knew from his own experiences that girls were all different and some liked to mess around, while others barely wanted to kiss or even hold hands and he didn't know Lily well enough to know what she will be like and he didn't want his friend making a fool of himself.

"But er... so just because er... well if she was my girlfriend, we won't be doing the sex?" Tobias then asks in a slightly embarrassed tone, he again didn't want another sex talk, but he was confused by his friends advice and he just wanted to understand.

"Oh fucking hell Tobias." Jordan responds with an awkward chuckle, he didn't know how he had got himself in this mess, but he was trying his best to dig himself out of it. "Look Tobias, I've had a few girlfriends and some like to kiss and well touch, well you know er... like, well you know what I mean and others are the opposite, so just don't rush things with Lily and do something stupid like strip naked in front of her, just be yourself and er... well no, just don't get naked until she is ready okay." He then adds and despite wanting to help his friend, he really sucked at giving advice and he knew he was making a mess of it right now.

"So even if she wants to be my girlfriend, it doesn't mean we will do stuff together?" Tobias then decides to ask after a few moments, he was really getting confused and could tell that his friend didn't quite know how to explain it to him, so he decided to try and make it a little easier for him to answer.

"She might want to, but honestly Tobias, it's best to just let them be the ones to decide how much you do, but from what I can tell, she really likes you and I guess you will be kissing a lot and well just enjoy that, we're only twelve and I know Carter and Wesley do things and well your brothers as well, but there are more couples our age who barely do more than hold hands, so just don't rush things okay." Jordan responds as he does his best to answer his friends question as clearly as he can, he didn't want to give him bad advice or get him in trouble, so he tried to choose his words carefully.

"I think I get it, thanks Jordan." Tobias then states with an appreciative smile, before pulling his briefs down and throwing them in his wash bin.

"What the hell Tobias?" Jordan then quickly asks in a stunned tone, he wasn't expecting his friend to get naked and wasn't sure what to do or how to react.

"What?" Tobias quickly asks in response, he didn't understand what was wrong with his friend and was looking at him curiously.

"Get dressed or something, I don't want to see you naked, that's what." Jordan responds in a more amused tone this time, he couldn't deny that there was a small part of him that was enjoying the view, but he didn't want his friend naked in front of him and definitely wanted him to get dressed.

"But we're boys and we get changed at school together." Tobias then protests as he walks over to his chest of draws to find some shorts to put on, there was no point getting dressed properly as he would have to have a wash soon and then start getting ready for later, so he figured some shorts would do.

"Well er... okay you have a point, but seriously Tobias, you can't just get naked in front of people like this, it's okay in the school changing rooms and in front of your brothers I guess, but not your friends and definitely not Lily if she comes around okay." Jordan responds in a serious tone, although he is struggling to hide how amusing his friend is being, but the last thing he wanted to do was get another jerk alert comment from him.

"I'm sorry." Tobias then states in a sad tone, he knew that he should know these things and before finding out his family was dead and being taken to the orphanage, he knew he would have not only have known these things, but also understood them, but he wasn't that person any more and it upset him.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jordan quickly asks in a concerned tone, he wasn't trying to upset his friend or make him feel bad and wasn't sure why he was getting upset.

"Because me stupid and me not know things or stand things like normal boy." Tobias responds as tears start to roll down his face, he wasn't sure why he was reacting like this, but he couldn't stop himself and was grateful when he felt himself being cuddled by his friend.

"You aren't stupid Tobias, you just need time and even I can see how much better you're doing these days." Jordan quickly states in a reassuring tone, while he rubs his friends back and even though he felt a little awkward with him still being naked, he wanted to do his best to make him feel better.

"Can you stay for a little while please?" Tobias then asks in a hopeful tone, when he had been sent upstairs, he only intended to stay up here for a little while, but he definitely didn't want anyone else seeing him like this and was hoping his friend would stay with him until he felt better.

"I can stay for a little while, but you have to at least put some underwear on Tobias." Jordan responds with a little smile as he lets his friend go and he is happy to see that he at least got him to smile as well and despite wanting to go home earlier, he was more than happy to look after his friend until he felt better.

"Only if you're just in your underwear as well." Tobias quickly responds with a grin, he was still feeling sad and could feel a few more tears roll down his face, but he wanted to try his best to cheer himself up and his friends expression definitely helped a lot.

"Fine, but lock the door Tobias, I don't want your mum or uncle to walk in or anything." Jordan responds in a slightly reluctant tone, he didn't really want to take anything off, but he also wanted to cheer his friend up and decided that he wore less in the pool and definitely wasn't shy about his body.

"Cool." Tobias responds as he quickly walks over to his door to lock it and smiles as he turns around to see that his friend was already stripping and although he had pulled out some shorts earlier, his friend said underwear, so begins to walk over to his chest of draws to get some

"Get your briefs on Tobias, we aren't going to end up naked, I like you and all, but we're both straight okay." Jordan then states with a reassuring smile, he wasn't afraid that his friend would suddenly suggest they messed around, but he still wanted to set some boundaries and was happy to see his friend just shrug after walking over to his chest of draws and pulling out a pair of briefs.

"So, what were you thinking then Ben?" Mitch asks in an amused tone, he still couldn't believe what his little brother had told their dad and Sarah and knew that even if he could get them to relax about it, he knew that it would be a while before either boy could look at their parents in the eye again.

"I don't know, it just came out and I don't know why." Ben responds in a slightly despondent tone, he and his boyfriend had laughed about it earlier, but as soon as their parents came to talk to them, they have both been too embarrassed to even look them in the eye.

"Well that is up there with the best of them I guess, but I think I still have you beat with the shower incident Ben." Mitch then decides to state, after thinking about the best way to try and help both boys get over their embarrassment and while he hated thinking about what had happened in the shower with his dad, he knew that it was the right thing to say.

"Yeah but..." Ben then begins to argue, but is quickly interrupted by his boyfriend.

"No way is what you did Ben, worse than being caught you know er... well you know what happened to Mitch, that is way worse and er... yeah." Matt states in an awkward tone, what his boyfriend did was embarrassing for both of them, but he wouldn't be able to deal with what had happened to the older boy, that would just be too mortifying for him.

"Not even close Ben, I mean it's embarrassing for you, for you both, but it's your anniversary, so how about you just take it on the chin and enjoy your day." Mitch then suggests as he smiles at his little brother and can't help but feel relieved that it had gone a lot easier than he had expected, after seeing him smiling back.

"I guess so, but it's still embarrassing." Ben then responds and despite still not being sure if he could look his dad or his boyfriends mum in the eye for a while, his boyfriend and brother were right and it could have been worse.

"I know you want to forget about it, but why were you talking about cum like that for anyway?" Mitch then decides to ask, he knew he should have probably just let the subject go, but he couldn't help but let his curiosity get the better of him.

"It's Mitch, if you want to tell him I don't mind." Matt then states as he turns to his boyfriend and despite it being more about his boyfriend, he wanted him to know that he was okay with him talking about that part of their lives with his brother, well their brother he thought to himself and couldn't help but smile at the thought.

"I can er... well earlier I you know er... for the first time..." Ben then begins to say as he mumbles a little bit, before being surprised by his boyfriend interrupting him.

"He can cum Mitch, it was the first time and well we were just talking about it because we both can now and well we were just being stupid and messing around as we walked over to the house, but then this idiot went and and opened his big mouth to your dad and my mum." Matt states in an amused tone, before playfully pushing his boyfriend a little bit, he knew it was embarrassing and he couldn't stop himself blushing a little bit, but the way his boyfriend was mumbling, he knew that he needed to step in and say it for him.

"Oh wow!" Mitch then responds in a slightly surprised tone, he knew that Matt could cum, but he had never thought about his little brother and it wasn't something you really ask someone, but he was proud of him and he knew from his own experiences that it was a right of passage for a boy. "Way to go Ben, I know it's weird to talk about it, but welcome to being a man." He then states as he walks over to his little brother and gives his hair a little ruffle.

"You aren't going to make fun of me?" Ben then asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't sure what to expect from his brother, but he definitely wasn't expecting that reaction.

"Ben I love you and I when you do something stupid, then I will make fun of you and enjoy doing it, but I remember my first time and it's something to be proud of, so no, I'm not going to make fun of you Ben." Mitch responds in a sincere tone, he loved his little brother and he was genuinely happy for him and wasn't afraid to let him know it.

"You're so awesome Mitch." Matt then quickly states, he knew the older boy loved them both, but he wasn't sure if he would make fun of his boyfriend or not, so he was glad to see him being awesome about it all.

"I can't believe I got the best big brother ever and the best boyfriend ever." Ben then states in a proud tone, he loved both of them so much and knew that no matter what happened, he would always have them and he found it so comforting to know that.

"You two are pretty awesome as well, but can you go and spend some time with your brother please, I need a shower and then I'm going to take Jordan home, so just let him get a bit of alone time with you for a little while please." Mitch then says in a caring tone, he probably didn't have to tell them to spend a bit of time with their brother, but it was their anniversary and he knew that they would want to spend as much time alone as possible, well more Matt because as far as the boy knew, they would be spending the evening with everyone at some fancy restaurant, so he just wanted to make sure, just in case they had other plans.

"He's alright isn't he?" Matt then quickly asks in a concerned tone, his brother looked alright when he came home, but he couldn't help but fear the worse after being asked to spend some time with him.

"He's fine Matt, he was just a little annoyed that he couldn't spend any time with you earlier, but that was my fault and you know how much he loves being with you both." Mitch answers honestly and was happy to quickly reassure the young boy or to be more accurate, soon to be step brother and couldn't help but smile at the thought of them being officially part of the same family in a few years time.

"Did you get our suits?" Ben then asks with a small grin, he knew that his boyfriend would love their matching suits and couldn't wait to see what they looked like in them, although he knew that his boyfriend wouldn't see either of them until he was sitting down at the old house.

"Yeah and I have to say, you three are going to look pretty good once we get to the restaurant, Tobias tried his on and they're worth the money." Mitch responds and despite the fact the whole night was a lie to surprise Matt, he was genuinely impressed with the suits and he couldn't wait to get a picture of all three of them together, even if Matt would be blindfolded, although as he thought about it, he wasn't quite sure whether he would need to be blindfolded until they left the house and decided to speak with his little brother about it before they started getting ready later.

"Can me and Ben get dressed in the pool house on our own?" Matt then asks in a hopeful tone, although as soon as he finishes asking, he can tell that he wasn't going to like the answer.

"If it were up to me, then I would let you Matt, but your mum wants you in the house and doesn't want either of you to get distracted." Mitch responds with a knowing smile. "Don't even think about denying it either." He then adds with a smirk, he knew exactly what the boy was going to say and despite finding it amusing, he knew that he had to make sure they knew that he was being serious.

"Fine." Matt then responds, before noticing the look on his boyfriends face. "Sorry Mitch, I guess I just want it to be just us tonight." He states in an apologetic tone, he loved that his friends and family wanted to be with them and have a meal, but it wasn't what he wanted to do on his first anniversary with his boyfriend.

"Don't worry about it Matt and besides we won't be out all evening, so you will have plenty of time to..." Mitch then begins to respond in a sympathetic tone, before trailing off as he realises not only what he was about to say, but also who he was going to say it to. "Well I think it's a good time for you two to go up and see your brother now, I'm just going to get myself a drink and then have a shower." He then states in a slightly awkward tone, although the amused look on both boys faces forces a smile out of him.

"Just because you were so cool about the er... well you know, I'm not going to make fun of you for that Mitch." Ben then states with a small smile, he wanted to tease his brother, but after everything he has done for them, he decides to just give him a free pass and when he feels his boyfriend giving him a quick peck on the cheek, he feels even better about his decision.

"Oh and by the way, I would edge towards it being classed as food rather than a drink." Mitch then decides to state with a smirk, before quickly walking out of the room and into the kitchen.

"See, I told you." Matt then states with a satisfied grin, before pulling his boyfriends face to his own and kissing him.

"So what do you think?" Wesley asks in a curious tone, after explaining how his talk with Lily had gone in the park earlier.

"Well I'm not sure if they will be together straight away, but it does sound like she wants to talk to him about it." Carter responds in a thoughtful tone, after thinking about what his boyfriend said about her reaction.

"I think she was a little surprised and upset by what Tobias has really been through, but I think she really likes him and I hope she does want to be his girlfriend." Wesley then states in a hopeful tone, their friend deserved someone for himself and despite actually finding the thought of losing him in that way a little sad, he was happy for him to move on and he knew that his boyfriend would feel the same way as he did about it all.

"He's been through a lot, but do you think we should tell him about what we did?" Carter then decides to ask, they knew that they did the right thing, but at the same time, they didn't want their friend to think that they were interfering in his life.

"I don't think we should lie to him Carter, but we should wait to see if he mentions her first." Wesley responds with a smile, before blushing slightly as he thinks about what else he said to Lily and hoped that his friend wouldn't find out about that.

"What did you do?" Carter then asks as he studies his boyfriends face and couldn't help but be suspicious of his blush, there was no reason for him to blush from what he had said and he could only assume that his boyfriend had done something stupid.

"Nothing." Wesley responds as he gives his boyfriend a fake look of annoyance and hopes that it was enough to get his boyfriend to back off a little, he knew he had picked up on something and once again and not for the first time he found himself both loving and hating how easily they seemed to be able to read each other.

"You're blushing and being defensive." Carter then states in a suspicious tone, he wasn't angry or upset with him, but he knew that he was hiding something and was already thinking of a fun way to get him to talk if he tried to lie again.

"Seriously Carter? I'm naked and my brother is going to be coming back any minute now and you keep getting me hard, of course I'm blushing." Wesley quickly lies in response and despite himself, he can't help but smile a little bit at how believable his lie was and technically he wasn't actually lying either, he definitely wasn't keen on his brother seeing him naked and with his penis half hard.

"Is that right?" Carter responds with a little smirk, he had almost believed his boyfriend, but the little smile he saw on his face gave him away and he decided to have a little fun getting the truth out of him and shifted into a better position.

"Yeah, I mean wouldn't..." Wesley then begins to responds with a smile, before trailing off with a yelp as he feels his balls being squeezed. "What the hell?" He then asks and although he knew that his boyfriend wasn't going to actually hurt him, he had been in this situation before and knew that he wasn't going to enjoy it.

"So what did you tell Lily then?" Carter then asks as he ignores his boyfriends question. "And don't lie Wesley, you obviously told her something you shouldn't have." He then adds as he sees the look on his boyfriends face and can tell that he was trying to figure out what to say and promptly gave his balls another squeeze.

"I'm not... Oh shit Carter..." Wesley tries to respond, but another squeeze of his balls quickly cuts him off.

"What are you two doing?" Jim then asks in a bemused tone, he had just come downstairs and heard someone yelp and couldn't quite believe what he was seeing.

"Oh shit, let go Carter for fuck sake." Wesley quickly tells his boyfriend, who to his dismay just smirks back at him.

"Not until you tell me what you did." Carter responds in an amused tone, he was a little worried about his boyfriends brother coming in, but he seemed to find it funny and decided that he was okay with what was going on.

"Jim, tell him to let me go." Wesley then says as he looks over to his brother, he knew that it was a low move, but he knew that his boyfriend wouldn't let go if he asked him himself and was hoping his brother would help him out.

"I would just do as he says Wesley, I mean he's literally got you by the balls and there is no way I'm risking getting involved." Jim then responds after a few moments with a grin, before sitting himself down on the chair opposite the sofa. "Just don't castrate him Carter." He then adds after turning to the small boy and can't help but be amused by how he was dominating his brother, he knew that he had a feisty side and had seen it a few times, but he was still surprised to see him being this dominant and was quite impressed.

"So what did you do Wesley?" Carter then asks again in a confident tone, he was hoping his boyfriends brother wouldn't tell him to stop and quickly gave his boyfriends balls another squeeze and grins when he hears his boyfriends brother chuckling.

"Fine, fucking hell Carter, fine!" Wesley responds with a little grunt, his boyfriend wasn't exactly hurting him, but he was definitely making his point. "I kind of told Lily that Tobias likes to get naked and er... well he might get naked in front of her." He then says in a guilty tone and he can tell straight away that his boyfriend is unimpressed with him, although he can't help but sigh in relief when he feels his balls being released.

"Wait, you told a girl that Tobias likes, that he likes to get naked and might do it around her?" Jim can't help but ask as he looks at his brother in disbelief, he had had fun at friends expense himself, especially with Mitch, but they were adults and they hadn't been through what the poor boy has and he was actually a little disappointed with his brother.

"Holy crap Wesley, he is going to kill you if he finds out." Carter then states in a shocked tone, okay it wasn't the worst thing you could tell someone, but it was definitely something that he shouldn't be telling people, especially a girl and one that their friend really liked.

"But she promised not to say anything." Wesley then responds in a weak tone, he knew that he had made a mistake as soon as he said it to Lily, but he was now feeling even worse after seeing his boyfriends and brothers reaction and wondered how he was going to get out of this one.

"Oh man Wesley, you have a lot to learn, a hell of a lot." Jim then states with a shake of the head and again while it would have been funny normally, the fact that it was Tobias just made it completely different and he didn't know the boy well enough to know how he would react, but he didn't think it would be in a positive way.

"Well you're going to have to tell him when he comes here later." Carter then decides to state and although he expected his boyfriend to be reluctant, he knew that he would do it and decided to reach over and grab his balls again, just to make sure he did agree.

"Well that's my cue to leave, good luck Wesley and if I were you, I would listen to your boyfriend." Jim then quickly says as he gets to his feet, he might have stayed a little longer, but with his brother being naked and getting his balls squeezed again, it was a little too weird for him and unlike when he had first walked in, he knew what this was about now and didn't have to worry about them hurting each other.

"Where are you going?" Wesley then asks as he watches his brother walking towards the door and can't help but give him a pleading look.

"I'm going to go listen to some music." Jim responds with a grin, he felt a little sorry for his brother, but he also thought he could do with a bit of tough love as well. "Some very loud music Carter." He then decides to say after turning to the small boy and gives him a wink before walking out of the room.

"Oh shit." Wesley then says, before grunting a little bit as his boyfriend tightens his grip. "Seriously Carter, can you let go, it's not funny any more." He then states in a serious tone, he knew his boyfriend was only playing around, but he was getting a little carried away and as much as he liked his boyfriend being dominant, this wasn't the time or the place.

"Only when you promise to tell Tobias what you did, because he will find out eventually Wesley and you know it." Carter responds in a serious tone, before gently massaging his boyfriends balls and smiles when his boyfriend lets out a low moan.

"Fine, but if you don't let go of my balls, then I will get my revenge later when Tobias is here and you know he loves it when we do that sort of thing in front of him and he won't help you." Wesley then responds in a much more confident tone than he was actually feeling and almost lets out a grunt, when his boyfriend tightens his grip a little bit.

"I'm pretty sure that after finding out what you told Lily, he will be on my side Wesley, now get dressed because I want to go outside and read for a little while." Carter quickly responds with a grin, he knew what his boyfriend was trying to do and he wasn't going to let him turn the tables, because he knew that he was in charge right now and as much a he preferred his boyfriend being in control, he liked to do it occasionally and this was definitely one of those times.

"I hope he doesn't get really upset." Wesley then says after sighing in relief as his boyfriend lets him go, before getting up and reaching for his clothes.

"He will understand." Carter responds with a reassuring smile, while enjoying the view of his boyfriend bending over in front of him and he can't resist having a little fun.

"Oh fuck Carter, Jim is here." Wesley quickly states after jumping a little bit in surprise, he just couldn't believe his boyfriend was trying to finger him and despite how nice it would feel, he definitely didn't want to risk his brother walking in on them doing that.

"I'm only messing around Wesley, we have plenty of time to do that later." Carter responds in a casual tone, while he continues to run his finger along his boyfriends hole, he had no intention of actually fingering him, but he wanted to tease him a little bit and couldn't help but giggle as his boyfriend pulls away and starts to get dressed.

"Very funny and just for that, I'm going to put the coconut oil on you after Tobias gets here." Wesley then states in a teasing tone, although when he turns to face his boyfriend, he can tell that he wasn't bothered at all and can't help but be a little surprised.

"Wesley, your brother put that oil on and up my bum earlier, while I was completely naked, so do you really think I would be embarrassed if you put it on me in front of Tobias?" Carter asks in an amused tone, after seeing that his boyfriend had expected him to be embarrassed, but after what he had been through already today and the fact that they have done quite a lot of fooling around with their friend, he really wasn't phased by his boyfriends statement at all.

"Look Carter, I know we've been messing around a little, but you're really special to me and I just love how your confidence has grown since I've known you and well I just really love you." Wesley then decides to say from the heart after finishing getting dressed, he just really loved his boyfriend and just felt the need to tell him and from the look on his boyfriends face, he knew that he had just made his day.

"Oh my god!" Carter states in response, before quickly moving in front of his boyfriend and kissing him passionately, he just couldn't believe what his boyfriend had just said and just wanted to show him how much it meant to him.

"Why are you only wearing underwear?" Ben can't help but ask in a curious tone, after his brother had let them into his room and saw that their friend was trying to cover himself up.

"And quit trying to cover yourself up Jordan, it's not like we haven't seen you in your underwear before." Matt then states in an amused tone, he could tell their friend was embarrassed, but he guessed that it was more because of the situation, rather than actually just being in his underwear.

"Well he got naked for some reason and he would only put something on if I took everything else off." Jordan answers after deciding to just tell the truth and hoping that neither of his friends would make fun of him or think that they were doing anything naughty with each other.

"Why were you naked Tobias?" Matt then decides to ask his brother, he could tell that his friend wasn't lying and decided to see why his brother was naked in the first place.

"Because I wanted to change and we're boys, so it's okay to get naked in front of each other." Tobias responds with a shrug of the shoulders, he still didn't see the problem with it and it wasn't like they haven't all seen each other naked anyway.

"I tried telling him that just because we change in front of each other at school or the pool, it doesn't mean he should do it all the time." Jordan then states as he gets to his feet, so that he could get his shorts off the floor.

"You might as well stay like that Jordan, because Mitch is going to give you a lift home after he has a shower, so there's no rush." Ben then tells his friend and although he could still get dressed, he thought it would be funnier if he could persuade him to stay in just his underwear until he had to go.

"And Tobias, we talked about this already, it's okay around us and in changing rooms, but you have to stop getting naked in front of other people, it's a bit weird and well just be a bit more careful." Matt then tells his brother in a serious tone, it wasn't that big of a deal, but at the same time they had all noticed that he seemed to be naked a lot, especially while sunbathing or swimming and he knew that their mum or Mike were already thinking of having a word with his brother about it and he was hoping that he could help him avoid having that embarrassing conversation.

"I'm still going to get dressed Ben, it was okay with just Tobias and actually a little fun, but with you two here and well yeah, I'm just going to get dressed." Jordan then says as he carries on picking his clothes up, before starting to get dressed again.

"I don't mean to be stupid." Tobias then says in a downhearted tone, it was similar to what his friend had said after he first stripped naked and he could feel himself getting upset again.

"I told you before, you aren't stupid Tobias, you just need to listen to your brothers and friends okay." Jordan quickly states in a reassuring tone, before blushing a little as his other two friends give him a strange look. "What?" He then asks in a slightly paranoid tone.

"Aren't you meant to be the jerk of the group?" Ben asks in response and despite wanting to keep a straight face, he can't help but grin at the look on his friends face.

"Ha! Very funny you pricks." Jordan quickly responds with a shake of the head.

"Ah, there's the jerk we know and love." Matt then teases after his friends response and both he and his boyfriend can't help but giggle at their friends expression,

"Hey! At least he isn't a Smelly Head and being mean." Tobias then states as he decides to defend their friend, instead of siding with his brothers and although he knew that they were just having fun, he didn't want it to be three on one and could tell that their friend appreciated the support.

"But anyway, what were you guys talking about?" Ben then asks as he reaches down and holds his boyfriends hand, he didn't really feel like messing around and was curious about what they were talking about together.

"Nothing much, I was kind of happy to just get away from you guys and your parents, that was really awkward and weird." Jordan decides to respond bluntly, he was actually a little annoyed that he got stuck in the room with them and at the time, he was half praying for one of his friends to suggest going out or something.

"Oh er... shit sorry Jordan, we didn't mean for you to get stuck with us, but it was just well er... sorry." Matt then quickly states in an apologetic tone, although he knew that it wasn't the greatest of apologies, it was the best he could think of on the spot, without giving too much information away and embarrassing both himself and his boyfriend in the process.

"It's fine, but seriously, just for future reference guys, if it happens again, just give me an excuse to leave or something okay." Jordan then says as he gives his friends a genuine smile, he wasn't really angry at them or anything, but he definitely didn't want to have to go through that situation again.

"We promise." Ben responds with a slightly embarrassed smile, he felt guilty about how his friend felt and knew that it was his fault.

"It's funny when you do that." Tobias then states with a little giggle, which causes his brothers and friend to give him a confused look.

"Do what?" Ben then asks in a curious tone, after giving his boyfriend a quick glance to see if he was as confused by their brothers words as much as he was.

"Talk for each other, you two do it all the time and it's funny." Tobias answers in an amused and happy tone, he still felt a little down about earlier and despite everyone trying to reassure him, he missed how he used to be and he didn't like constantly doing or saying stupid things, but his brothers always cheered him up, even when they weren't even trying to make him feel better.

"Oh my god! You two are always doing that." Jordan then quickly states in an amazed tone, he had never really noticed at the time, but now that his friend had pointed it out, he could remember so many times when they actually talked for each other and couldn't help but smirk at them both.

"We know, but we don't care if anyone thinks it's stupid." Matt then says in response, neither he or his boyfriend cared if others thought it was stupid, they loved each other and knew each other, so for them it just proved how close they were.

"Laugh all you like, we don't care." Ben then states after their brother and friend start to giggle after his boyfriend just talked for them again, but like his boyfriend, he didn't care what others thought about it, he loved his boyfriend and quickly pulls him in for a loving kiss.

"It's nice though, I mean it's hilarious and stuff, but it's really nice and I'm a little jealous to be honest guys." Jordan then says as he thinks about how much he has actually missed being with someone, he had kissed a few girls recently and talked with them, but none of them were actual girlfriends and he had to admit that he didn't like being single.

"Still no luck finding a girlfriend?" Ben then asks in a curious tone, although he can't help but smile at his friends compliment and knew his boyfriend was feeling the same way, after feeling him gently groping his bum affectionately.

"Nope, I mean I've talked and hung out with a few recently, but well er... this is going to sound really gay and stupid, but I haven't felt er... well none of the girls I have dated have made me feel like I did when I was with Carter." Jordan answers honestly and straight away he can see the surprise, then curiosity on his friends faces. "And no that doesn't mean I'm gay or in love with Carter, it just means I haven't met the right girl yet." He then quickly clarifies, he knew by the look on their faces that they would ask him about how he felt about his ex boyfriend and while he loved him, it wasn't romantic, but more brotherly and he would always feel that way about him.

"Oh wow, but well just wow Jordan." Ben responds in an amazed tone, because although they knew how close their two friends still were, he and he guessed his boyfriend as well, didn't expect him to say something like that.

"What about Ashleigh?" Tobias then decides to ask, after just been listening to the others talk for a while, he was still thinking about his own problems, but he couldn't help but join in after hearing his friend talking about girls and thought that they seemed to like each other.

"What about Ashleigh?" Jordan asks in response, he liked her and she was pretty, but he was still a little cautious around her after she had groped him that time on the school field.

"Well she likes you and you told me that she was pretty." Tobias responds with a hopeful smile, not that it really affected him if his friend had a girlfriend, but he thought it would be cool to have a friend with a girlfriend and wondered if it would be different to having his brothers being boyfriends and Carter and Wesley being boyfriends, when hanging around with them.

"Er... well I don't know Tobias." Jordan responds in a slightly awkward tone, he again had to admit that he liked her, but he was still unsure of it all. "Can we talk about something else though please?" He then asks in a slightly pleading tone, he didn't want to upset his friend, but he really didn't want to talk about this sort of thing with them right now.

"Sorry." Tobias then says in a sad tone and quickly slumps down a little bit.

"Come on Tobias, we talked about this already." Matt then states as he reluctantly moves away from his boyfriend and limps over to his brother, before sitting down next to him.

"I know, but I don't like being like this Matt, I'm broken and I just want to be like I was back home." Tobias responds in a self pitying tone, before sniffling a few times, he just hated being so different and just wanted to be himself again.

"Come on Jordan, let's go and see if my brother is out of the shower." Ben then suggests as he gives his friend a quick pleading look, he knew that they could have stayed, but he had already seen his boyfriend give him a similar look to the one he just gave their friend, so he knew it would be better if they gave his boyfriend and brother some space to talk.

"Sure, it's getting late and my mum told me not to be out all day." Jordan responds with a half lie, although he felt a little bad for how his friend had got upset and while he knew it wasn't really his fault, he still felt bad.

"Don't go without saying goodbye though Jordan." Matt then quickly tells his friend, he had just pulled his now crying brother into his chest and couldn't help but feel a little bad for their friend, who he could tell was looking a little guilty, but he had to sort his brother out before he could tell him that he had no reason to feel like that, his brother had been having this issue for a while now and if anything, he was feeling guilty for not trying to sort it out sooner.

"I won't." Jordan responds with a half smile, he just felt awful as he looked at his friend crying and was glad when he felt himself being pulled out of the room by his other friend.

A Few Hours Later

"How can I get dressed if you blindfold me Mitch?" Matt asks in a confused tone as he thinks about the situation and realises that there is a big flaw in the older boys plan.

"Oh shit, I really didn't want you to see your suits until we got there." Mitch answers in his best fake disappointed tone, he had talked with his little brother about this and they both agreed that if Matt brought the issue up, he would pretend to be disappointed and then his little brother would come up with a solution and although he wasn't fully convinced it would work, he was happy to give him the benefit of the doubt, because if anyone could know if Matt would buy the lie, it would be his little brother.

"Well, is it like really important for us not to see them Mitch? I mean it's not like we haven't dressed up before and Tobias already saw them all." Ben then asks in response as he follows through on their plan, he knew he had to avoid his boyfriend suspecting anything and the best way to do that, was to seem like he was thinking the same as his boyfriend about the whole situation.

"I just wanted it to be a surprise, but I guess you have a point Ben." Mitch answers with a slightly sad look, although he was hiding a worried look after messing up his lines a little bit and could see his little brother giving him a very quick half glare.

"Er... well what about if you and Tobias blindfolded me and Matt, then you two could dress us, I mean let us put our own socks and underwear on, but well that will work right?" Ben then asks after giving his boyfriend a quick look and managed to give him an appreciative smile, without going over the top and giving anything away, they often never had to actually say anything to know what the other was thinking and he just loved just how in tune they were with each other and even if he was lying to his boyfriend a little bit right now, it was a good lie and he knew his boyfriend wouldn't be angry with him.

"You don't mind?" Mitch then asks in response and although his little brother was the one who suggested it, he directed his question at Matt with a hopeful tone and although he slipped up a little bit before, his little brother had easily avoided it ruining the surprise and he could already tell that their plan was working.

"Well it's a bit weird, but well we owe you and well okay." Matt responds after thinking it over for a few moments, he still thought it was weird and he got the impression that his boyfriend knew something that he didn't, but at the same time he was obviously a little confused by the situation like he was and decided that they owed the older boy so much and this wasn't exactly asking for much.

"This is so cool, can I dress Matt please Mitch?" Tobias quickly asks with a grin, he knew about the plan and how important it was that his brother didn't suspect anything, so he wanted to try his best to help out.

"Sure, but make sure his blindfold is on properly and no messing around Tobias." Mitch responds with a serious expression, although it was all an act and he couldn't help but think how adorably his brother looked as he tried to not giggle.

"So er... well I guess we should just do it Matt." Ben then states as he begins to walk over to their chest of draws to get some underwear and socks for them both.

"Fine, but well okay." Matt responds in a slightly reluctant tone, not that he was embarrassed about the situation, but he was still not too keen on not being able to spend the evening with just his boyfriend alone and even though he knew that was a little selfish, it was their special day and it was a little frustrating.

"Okay, well me and the budding nudist will be waiting in your living room guys." Mitch then states as he gives them all a grin, while trying his best to not laugh at the look on his brothers face after that remark.

"Hey!" Tobias quickly protests, although when he sees all three of his brothers grinning at him, he knew that he couldn't exactly argue, he liked being naked and it wasn't like he did it all the time and in front of everyone.

"Come on." Mitch then states as he leads his brother out of the room and into the other room, where he had left the boxes with their suits in them.

"Don't be annoyed Matt, it's only for a few hours and then we have all night to be alone." Ben decides to say after their brothers shut the door behind them, he knew what his boyfriend was thinking and wanted to stop him from getting upset, it had been a long time since he last had a freak out, but his boyfriend still had moments where he would get over emotional and he wanted to avoid that happening today.

"How did you..." Matt then begins in a curious tone, before trailing off and smiling. "Never mind and don't worry, I'm well, well it's fine Ben and I can't wait until we get back here after the dinner thing." He then adds with a naughty grin, before limping closer to his boyfriend and kisses him deeply.

"So you understand everything Alex?" Gordon asks as he sits opposite his son and can't help but be proud of him, he had changed so much over the past year and while he had started to worry about his behaviour, especially the bullying and general moodiness that he had been displaying, his son had changed so much ever since he had excepted his sexuality and had turned himself around and really made him proud to be his father.

"Doors and windows locked, no answering the door and keep the noise down, got it Dad." Alex responds with a smile and despite the fact that he knew this was serious, he just couldn't help it, his boyfriend would be here soon and he just couldn't wait to be alone with him all evening and night.

"And?" Gordon then asks in a expectant tone and while he knew how excited his son was and why, he needed to know that he understood that he had to follow the rules that he had set out.

"Answer the house phone if it rings and keep our mobiles near us at all times and if we hear anything suspicious, call the neighbours or Sarah and Mike." Alex answers in a more serious tone, after realising that he needed to show his dad that he was taking this seriously.

"I know I'm being over the top Alex, but you know that I shouldn't be leaving you alone at your age and Peter's parents feel the same way, but we want to give you a chance and well you know that I just want you to be safe Alex." Gordon then states with a slight frown after realising that it wasn't quite the inspiring and confident words that he was going for.

"I know Dad and I promise that we will be good and we won't even stay up too late." Alex responds in an excited tone and as much as he knew his dad wanted him to focus on their conversation, he just couldn't help himself.

"I know Son, but anyway, what time will he be here" Gordon then decides to ask, after realising that while his son had taken everything in, he was just too excited about his boyfriend coming around to fully concentrate on this conversation and decided to relax a little himself.

"Er..." Alex mumbles briefly before looking at the clock. "In like an hour Dad." He then states with a grin, he really couldn't wait and he knew that his dad would be leaving shortly after, so he was even more excited.

"Well why don't you have a bath or shower and I will get some food ready for you both Alex." Gordon then suggests as he decides to leave him alone for a little while, he had been going over the rules with him for a while now and didn't want to go to keep going over it and annoying him to the point where he felt like he didn't trust him.

"I er... well I don't have time, I will have one later Dad." Alex then responds in a slightly awkward tone, he had already planned to either have a bath with his boyfriend or a shower and the last thing he wanted to do, was have one before his boyfriend even got here.

"Well in that case, if you have any homework, I suggest you make a start on it Alex." Gordon then states in a slightly flushed tone, he didn't have to be a genius to work out what his son was really saying and he definitely didn't want to give it any more thought, he knew what he was doing by letting the boys be alone for evening and night and was more than happy to leave it at that.

"I guess I could do some." Alex responds as he looks at his dad carefully. "Okay Dad, see you in a bit." He then says after getting up, before walking out of the room with a little skip in his step, which causes Gordon to shake his head in amusement, before getting up himself and heading to the kitchen to make the boys some snacks and something to heat up for dinner later for themselves.

"You aren't going to wear those are you?" Wesley asks as he sees his brother walking out of the bathroom, his boyfriend had gone home for a few hours a while ago and had decided to just get some homework done and couldn't stop himself from being curious about his brother, after deciding to take a break from that and use the toilet himself.

"Why wouldn't I wear these?" Jim asks in response as he looks down at himself and then back at his brother in confusion.

"Well they look crappy, shouldn't you look good for a date?" Wesley then states in a serious tone, he wasn't trying to tease his brother or anything, he was genuinely surprised by what he was wearing.

"Fucking hell Wesley, I'm not heading out until like nine, so I think it would be a little bit early to get ready, don't you think you moron?" Jim quickly responds with a bemused tone and not for the first time, he can't help but wonder if his brother was really as intelligent as they all thought he was, because the things he often came out with strongly opposed that viewpoint.

"Oh right, well er... okay sorry." Wesley then says in a slightly embarrassed tone, he had no idea why he had thought his brother was going on his date now, they had talked about it enough to know that he was actually going back to his flat to get ready.

"Are you alright Wesley?" Jim then decides to ask in a concerned tone, he had seemed a little off ever since he had talked to him about what the two boys were doing with each other a little while ago and he was genuinely worried that he had over stepped the mark a little bit.

"I guess so." Wesley responds unconvincingly, he wasn't exactly feeling upset or anything, but his brothers words a little while ago had got him thinking about things and while they weren't bad things, they were playing on his mind.

"I wasn't trying to make you feel bad or feel like you had done anything wrong earlier Wesley, you know that I just want you to be safe." Jim decides to say in a serious tone, as he tries to work out if he really needed to be worried about his brother or not.

"You still think that we shouldn't be having sex though." Wesley then states in response and again he wasn't angry or upset, he just didn't know what to make of it all and while his brother had a point, a really good point, he also knew that he loved his boyfriend and now that they had both gone all the way, he knew that they couldn't just go back to just kissing and stuff.

"And I stand by that Wesley, but you have to be more careful and I don't just mean you either, I've seen you walking around a bit funny recently, so I'm just looking out for you both." Jim then says in a measured tone, after taking a few moments to think of the best way to get his brother to understand that he was only looking out for them both and not just trying to embarrass them.

"I know, but it's just..." Wesley then begins to say, before trailing off for a few moments, this was just embarrassing and couldn't help but blush. "We will be more careful Jim, I promise." He then states in a serious tone, he still felt embarrassed and was hoping his brother would stop going on about it, but he also appreciated the fact he was looking out for him.

"Good, now what time will the two little devils be here?" Jim then asks after deciding to change the subject, he knew that he was getting close to getting on his brothers nerves and knew that talking about the sleepover would be a good way to avoid doing that.

"Carter should be back by like six and Tobias around seven I think." Wesley quickly responds with a grin, he was really looking forward to the sleepover and knowing they would have the house to themselves until at least midnight, just made it even better, although he doubted they would stay awake that long, they would still have plenty of time for some fun.

"I'm sure Mum and Dad can't wait until then." Jim then states with a grin of his own and although he would have liked to be here when his brother tells Tobias about what he had told the girl he liked about him, he was glad that he hadn't been roped into staying here to look after them all.

"They're out most of the night though." Wesley then responds, before frowning a little bit. "Hey! We aren't that bad." He then protests, after realising that his brother was mocking him and even though some of the sleepovers he had had, were a little loud, they behaved themselves, well he thought they did anyway.

"Ha! If you say so Wesley, but anyway, if I were you, I would get some chores done and definitely clear your room up a little bit." Jim then suggests with a smirk, he had peaked in his brothers room a little while ago and it was only a little untidy, but the smell definitely needed sorting out and he could tell straight away, that his brother knew exactly what he was talking about.

"It's not that er... you know er... bad is it?" Wesley then asks in an embarrassed tone, he knew what his brother was really saying about his room, because while not exactly tidy, it wasn't messy and that just left the smell and he couldn't help but cringe a little at the thought of his parents noticing it.

"Tell you what, go in my room and pick out a deodorant to use, I will pick you up a couple of different ones either tomorrow or Sunday, but don't over do it Wesley, otherwise it will be obvious that you're trying to cover something up and that would make the whole point of spraying your room pointless okay." Jim responds with a proud smile, he just again wished that they hadn't lost so many years not being close to each other, because he was really enjoying looking out for and guiding his brother into growing up and being able to pass on his knowledge just gave him a really warm feeling in his heart.

"You're so awesome Jim." Wesley then says in a sincere tone, before giving his brother a loving cuddle.

"Love you too Wesley, now get a move on." Jim responds with a smile, before giving his brother a little playful push towards the door and watches him disappear into his room to get the deodorant.

"Well, I don't know about the blindfolds, but you both look so nice and smart." Sarah states in a proud tone as she looks at the two boys and despite the fact that her son was the only one wearing a blindfold, she knew the plan and was playing her part in that. "You also look very smart Tobias." She then adds with a genuine smile, he may not be her real son, but she loved him like he was and just loved how adorable he looked as he blushed with pride.

"Very smart indeed boys, although I agree with Sarah, the blindfolds are definitely going to look strange in the pictures." Mike then states in a amused, yet proud tone as he takes a couple of pictures of the boys and although Matt was blindfolded, they would get them to wear the suits again either tomorrow or the next day to get some real pictures.

"I don't like wearing it." Matt then states in a slightly meek tone, he had worn blindfolds with his boyfriend when they tied each other up a lot, but that was a lot different to what they were doing now and he really didn't like it.

"Me neither, but it won't be for long and then you can stare at me for the rest of the evening." Ben then responds in a cheeky tone, before taking a hold of his boyfriends hand again, he could see him shaking a little bit and gave everyone else a slightly concerned look, because no one was expecting his boyfriend to be scared and it did worry him a little bit.

"Yeah, we're here and you don't have to be scared." Tobias then says as he holds his brothers other hand and although he could see that everyone was worried, he knew that it would be okay and that his brother wasn't going to freak out and could see him relaxing already.

"If you want to take the blindfold off, it's okay Sweetheart." Sarah then says and although she can see the surprise on the others faces, she wasn't going to risk him freaking out, just for a surprise, no matter how big the surprise was and how important it was to Ben, her sons safety always came first and it always will.

"Sarah, he will be fine." Mike decides to quickly whisper into her ear, he knew she was just looking out for her son, but this was a big deal for his son and he knew that it would upset him, if his surprise was ruined.

"I'm okay, it's just a little scary." Matt then says in a more confident tone, he still didn't like it, but after feeling both his hands being held and hearing what his mum had said, he realised that he was safe and that they wouldn't let something happen to him, so he wanted to show that he was brave and not afraid.

"Can we go now?" Ben then decides to say, he was relieved to hear his boyfriend wasn't going to take the blindfold off, because it would just ruin the surprise completely and he would then be annoyed at his boyfriends mum for ruining their anniversary.

"Of course we can, just let Tobias guide you Matt and I will lead you Ben." Mike responds quickly, while at the same time trying his best to hide his relief at Matt speaking before Sarah could respond to what he had said, because he knew that she would have followed through with Matt taking off the blindfold and was just glad that the issue had been resolved without anyone getting upset.

"Where's Mitch?" Matt then asks in a curious tone, while he lets his brother guide him towards the car, he hadn't heard him for a while and thought it was a little strange that he wasn't with them.

"He's just talking with Erica on the phone Sweetheart." Sarah answers as she looks at him sweetly, she was so proud of him for being brave and was so relieved that he had decided to keep the blindfold on, because she was now realising that she had been a little selfish with what she had said and knew that it would have caused a lot of issues, so she was glad that they could move on from that now.

"Oh okay." Matt responds with a smile and although he wasn't looking forward to the meal, he was a little gutted that Erica wouldn't be there, he really liked her and considered her a part of the family, so he really was disappointed that she had to work.

"I hope they have steak, because I want the biggest one they have." Ben then tells his boyfriend in a low tone, they were still holding hands and he knew that the others could probably hear him, but he wanted them to know that he was just talking to his boyfriend.

"Yeah me too Ben and I hope they have proper chunky chips." Matt quickly responds with a big smile, which widens even more when he hears the others chuckling, but it's his boyfriend squeezing his hand that is really making him feel happy and he never wanted him to let it go.

"Ha! You and your chunky chips." Ben responds in an amused tone, they had chips here, but they never seemed to be the right ones for his boyfriend and he just loved hearing him complain about things not being as good as they were in England.

"Oh jeez, is he doing that 'Things are better in England' thing again?" Mitch then asks as he walks towards everyone, who were now standing in front of the car and like his little brother, he just loved when the boy did that and even Sarah did it occasional, which while not quite as funny as Matt, was still amusing to hear.

"I like the chips here, but hardly anywhere does chunky chips the way I like them." Matt then decides to say as he looks around, although he can't help but wonder why he is bothering, he couldn't see anything and quickly went back to just looking forward.

"And he isn't doing that thing, he just wants chunky chips and not the thin crappy ones most places do here." Tobias then states in a serious tone, after looking over to his big brother with a slight frown.

"Whoa, I'm just messing around Tobias." Mitch quickly states in a surprised tone, he wasn't expecting anyone to react like that and felt a little guilty for upsetting his brother, even if it was unintentional.

"Come on boys, time to get in the car, Mike and I will be in our car and you boys can go in Mitch's." Sarah then decides to say as she sees her son looking a little angry and while she was also surprised at his reaction, she didn't want to let things get out of hand.

"Is it far?" Matt then decides to ask, he couldn't see his brothers face, but by his tone and the way he had tightened his grip on his hand, he could tell that he was a little upset and while he was a little surprised and concerned by the reaction, he was glad that their mum had turned their attention back on to the meal.

"Nice try Sweetheart, but it wouldn't be much of a surprise if we told you where it was." Sarah quickly responds and can't help but smile sweetly at her son, who despite being blindfolded, still managed to look adorable as he pouted.

"Cool, I'm going to sit in the front." Tobias then decides to state, after realising that he had overreacted to what his big brother had said and wanted to try and forget about it and at the same time making sure he got to sit in the front with their big brother, because he knew that his brothers would want to sit in the back and would probably be kissing for most of the journey.

"Come on Matt, at least we get the back seat to ourselves." Ben then decides to point out to his boyfriend and can't help but smile lovingly at how happy his boyfriend looked after realising what that meant and even though their brothers were going to be in the car, he knew that they wouldn't give them any hassle over having a little fun, it was their anniversary after all.

"Well, get a move on then you dumb ass." Matt the decides to say in response, he knew exactly what his boyfriend was really saying and just wanted to get in the car as quickly as possible now.

"Well that's our cue to get moving as well, we will see you soon boys." Mike then states in an amused but awkward tone, after realising what the two boys were likely to be doing in the back seat and while he knew it wouldn't be anything too serious, it was still more than he wanted to know about and was relieved to see the boys getting into the car, although they did require a little help from their brother.

"I will be back in about an hour, I need to drop Tobias off and take Erica home before I come back." Mitch then says in a low tone as he moves away from the car, he didn't want Matt overhearing him and in the process ruining the whole surprise.

"Okay, just make sure Tobias is okay before dropping him off Mitch, he has been a little off for the last couple of days and I'm worried about him." Sarah then states in a slightly worried tone, although she knew that she was being a little overprotective, he was still her son and he was acting strangely.

"Don't worry, I'll talk to him with Erica and see if there is anything we should be worried about Sarah." Mitch responds with a sincere smile, he was as surprised as anyone about his brothers reaction a few moments earlier, but he wasn't too worried and thought that he might know what was going on.

"Come on Sarah, I could do with a drink and something to eat." Mike then decides to say, before giving his youngest son a wave, he could see him looking out of the car and couldn't help but smile at how excited and happy he looked.

"See you soon boys." Sarah then calls out and smiles happily when they respond in unison and just thought it was adorable, which helped distract her from her concerns over both her sons and all the other stuff going on, that they don't even know about.

"Bye guys and see you soon." Mitch then states, before heading to the car and getting in the drivers side, while his dad and Sarah walked back to the house.

"So is it far Mitch?" Matt then asks as soon as he hears him getting in the car, he knew he wasn't going to tell him, but he still thought it was worth a try.

"Shouldn't you two be kissing or something?" Mitch decides to ask instead of answering his question and to his amusement, he sees his little brother quickly taking his advice and chuckles as he turns to look forward.

"Can we put some music on please?" Tobias then asks with a little smirk, he didn't care if his brothers were kissing and doing stuff, he just didn't really want to listen to it on the way to his brothers old house, especially since he knew that they would be taking the long route and likely to be in the car for over half an hour.

"Sure, just turn it on and hit play." Mitch responds before turning on the engine and driving forward, he wasn't quite sure which CD was in at the moment, but he knew his brother seemed to enjoy the same music as he did and he was sure he was just using it as an excuse to not have to listen to the two love birds in the back seat anyway, which made him smile a little as he hadn't thought about that when he had suggested the boys kiss and was glad that his brother was at least thinking ahead enough for the both of them.

"Oh cool, I like her." Tobias then states in a contented tone, as he recognises who it was and he really loved her songs.

"Same here Little Guy." Mitch responds with a smile, before reaching over and ruffling his brothers hair affectionately, before concentrating back on the road.

"You have Adele's album?" Ben then asks in a bemused tone, after reluctantly breaking the kiss with his boyfriend for a few moments.

"What's wrong with Adele?" Mitch can't help but ask in a slightly defensive tone, he didn't know many people who didn't like her music and he didn't see anything wrong with it.

"Nothing, but it's a bit gay Mitch." Ben responds in as serious a tone as he could manage, although his boyfriend giggling a little bit, was making it almost impossible to keep a straight face.

"Nice try Ben, but you will have to do a lot better than that." Mitch then states in an amused tone, he had almost taken the bait, but he had looked in the rear view mirror and could see his little brother trying his best to not laugh and he quickly realised what was going on.

"Worth a try." Ben then says with a slightly disappointed tone, he was sure he would get a reaction out of his brother, but as he feels his head being turned, he quickly forgets about his failed attempt at embarrassing his brother and just enjoys the feeling of his boyfriends lips against his own.

"Why would listening to Adele make you gay?" Tobias then decides to ask, he was thinking about what his brother had said and while he knew that he was messing around, he still couldn't help but be curious, because he had heard some of the other boys at school calling someone gay, just because of something they were doing and it made him curious about the whole thing.

"Oh jeez Tobias, it doesn't make you gay, it's just something people say to be funny or try to..." Mitch begins to answer after sighing a little bit, he could kill his little brother for dropping him into this kind of conversation, but as he thinks about what he was going to say, he trails off for a few seconds to rethink how he wanted to answer. "It really is just people messing around, but if you still don't understand, then we can talk about it tomorrow okay Little Guy?" He then asks with a reassuring smile, there wasn't really much to explain, but he really didn't want to get into it right now.

"It's okay Mitch, I think I get it and it's just people being stupid." Tobias responds with a small grin, he was fed up with not understanding things and couldn't help but be a little proud of himself for quickly understanding what his big brother had said and while it was obvious there was more to it than people just being stupid, he was happy enough with what he did know for now.

"Yeah, you pretty much got it Little Guy." Mitch then states affectionately as he gives the boy a quick glance and couldn't help but smile at how happy he looked at himself.

"Can you guys keep it down, we're trying to kiss back here." Ben then states after pulling away from his boyfriend for a few seconds, he was in a good mood and as much as he didn't want to stop kissing his boyfriend, he couldn't resist teasing his brothers for a few moments.

"If you keep talking like that Ben, I will drop you off here and you can walk to the restaurant on your own." Mitch then decides to responds with a big grin and despite wanting to concentrate on the road, he couldn't resist looking in the rear view mirror and knew it was worth it, just to see the look on his little brothers face.

"Man, you're no fun today Mitch." Ben then states in a slightly annoyed tone, he hated when his brother didn't take the bait, although just like before, he feels his boyfriend pulling him back in for a kiss and quickly forgets about failing to wind his brother up for a second time since they got in the car.

"She is really good." Tobias then decides to say as he listens to the next song to come on and couldn't help but think that she was amazing.

"She writes them all herself I think." Mitch then states as he gives his brother a little smile, he was a little worried about him earlier, especially after Sarah had been concerned herself, but looking at him now, he just looked both happy and content with himself.

"Cool." Tobias states in response, as he relaxes into the seat a little more and Mitch quickly gets the hint to be quiet and goes back to concentrating on the road as he drives around the town, as he tries to make the journey to his old house take as long as possible.

"Okay guys, we're here so zip and button up." Mitch then states after driving for around thirty minutes, even though the drive should have taken about ten minutes at most, he had to try and drag it out a bit, although as he parks up, he can tell that neither his little brother or Matt had any idea how much time had actually passed and wasn't surprised to see them with their trousers undone.

"Oh man, their clothes are all messy." Tobias then states in a slightly amused tone, although he did think that it was a bit of a problem, as he knew how important it was for them to be be dressed perfectly and was a little worried his brother might get a bit upset if something went wrong.

"Oh shit." Ben then states in an annoyed tone, he had been careful at first to just kiss his boyfriend, but after a while he couldn't stop himself from letting his boyfriend put his hand in his trousers and then do the same back and now both their shirts were ruffled and he couldn't help but be a little upset.

"It's okay, just let us help you out of the car and we will get you straightened out and tucked in." Mitch then quickly states and although he could tell his little brother was a little upset, it was an easy fix and there wasn't anyone around, so it's not like anyone will see them.

"But what if someone..." Matt then begins to say, as he thinks about having his clothes rearranged and straightened out in the middle of some car park at a restaurant, before finding himself being interrupted.

"Matt it's okay, I parked round the back and there is no one around and besides, it's your own faults for not being able to control yourselves." Mitch states in a serious tone, although he couldn't stop himself grinning and despite his little brother half glaring at him, he just found the other boys expression adorable and even with the blindfold, he just looked so cute as he pouted.

"I'll help you out Matt." Tobias then states after getting out of the car and opening the back door for his brother to get out.

"Same to you Ben and be careful, it's a bit of a step down, so go slowly." Mitch then states in a caring tone and although his little brother can see fine, he was keeping up with the plan, so that Matt wouldn't know that he was the only one actually blindfolded.

"Right, Tobias, why don't you get their clothes sorted and I will just pop inside quickly." Mitch then suggests with a smile to the boys, with his little brother giving him an excited smile.

"Don't be long Mitch, we're in a car park and blindfolded." Ben then states in a concerned tone, although it was just for show and he couldn't wipe the smile off his face if his life depended on it right now.

"I will be a couple of minutes at most Ben." Mitch responds with a proud smile, before heading towards the house, just to make sure his girlfriend was okay and if she needed any help to finish up.

"Everything okay?" Erica asks as she looks up to see her boyfriend walk into the room and despite being happy to see him, she was a little concerned that the boys didn't seem to be with him.

"Yeah, the boys are just outside, I just wanted to spend a few minutes alone with you." Mitch responds with a warm smile, before walking over and pulling her into his arms.

"Well I have been slaving away for hours Mitch." Erica then says with a loving smile, before leaning forward and kissing him for a few moments.

"I know and thank you so much for doing this Erica, it means so much to me and well Ben as well, he was close to tears when he thought that no one would be able to cook the food without Matt finding out that something was up." Mitch responds in a sincere tone, before giving her a quick but loving kiss on the lips.

"Well I'm no cook Mitch, but it's their anniversary and I wanted to do something to help make it special for them." Erica then says, before giving him a quick peck on the lips, she loved him so much and she felt the same way about the boys as well and she wanted to do whatever she could to make the day special for them both.

"You're amazing, you know that right?" Mitch then states in a sincere tone, she really was amazing and he just felt like the luckiest person in the world to be her boyfriend and to have her in his life.

"You aren't so bad yourself Mitch." Erica responds with a loving smile, she couldn't believe that she could love someone so much and wasn't expecting him to be like he was, because while she knew it was a little shallow, she only saw this as being a little bit of fun with a hot guy at first, but he had quickly changed her mind as she had got to know him and she couldn't be happier to be wrong about this just being a bit of fun.

"Do you need any help with anything, or is everything done?" Mitch then decides to ask, after he remembers what he actually came inside for and that the boys were outside and probably wondering what was taking so long.

"Every thing is done, but I wasn't sure if I should put the food on the table or if we're going to bring it out to the boys after they come in." Erica responds with a warm smile, she knew what this was all about and had been told about the plan, but she wasn't sure if they were meant to be here for when Matt took his blindfold off or not.

"Honestly, it took a while to decide, but Ben wants us all to be gone when Matt takes his blindfold off, he just wants it to be the two of them, so we just need to get everything on the table and when they walk in, we will leave with Tobias and just let them be together." Mitch answers with a proud smile, he would have liked to have seen Matt's face when he took the blindfold off, but he understood why his little brother wanted them to be alone and he was just so proud of him for coming up with all of this.

"They are just so adorable and Ben, well isn't he just the master romantic." Erica then states sincerely, as they walk into the kitchen to get the plates for the table.

"Yeah, the little shit is setting a pretty high bench mark, not sure how anyone can top this and he's only twelve for Christ sake," Mitch quickly responds with a grin and although he was joking around, he was actually proud of his little brother and also a little in awe of what he was doing and again found himself wishing he could there when Matt took off his blindfold.

"Well, I look forward to see what you got Mitch." Erica then teases with a quick wink and can't help but smile at his expression. "Relax you idiot, you do just fine, now hurry up before they come searching for you." She then states with a an amused smile, before picking up a plate and a bottle of wine and heading towards the front room.

"Oh right, okay." Mitch responds in a slightly distracted tone, he was caught off guard by what she had said and even though she had said that he was doing fine, he couldn't help but want to really sweep her off her feet and decided to start thinking of something special to surprise her with.

"Can't we just take them off now?" Matt asks after thinking how stupid it was, they were already at the restaurant, well at least the car park anyway, so he couldn't see the point in keeping them on.

"Come on Matt, I know they suck, but it's for Mitch and we can take them off soon." Ben quickly responds in a half pleading tone, he may not actually be wearing one himself, but he knew that it would be frustrating and couldn't blame his boyfriend for wanting to take it off, so he was really hoping is brother would hurry up, because he was taking a lot longer than he should be to come back out.

"I just don't like wearing it like this Matt, it's weird and I don't even know where we are and it doesn't even smell like a car park." Matt then states in a slightly fed up tone, although as he really thinks about it, it really didn't smell like a car park or sound like one and surely there should be people coming in and out of the restaurant.

"I guess so, but er... maybe it's just a really nice one." Ben then responds in a unconvincing tone, he wasn't expecting his boyfriend to say something like that and had no idea how to really respond to it.

"Hey! What the hell?" Matt quickly calls out in a surprised tone, after he feels his bum being pinched and quickly forgets about the car park.

"You're being stupid and Mitch is now coming." Tobias states in a serious tone, although he can't help but grin and knows that his brother can't see him.

"About time, he was gone ages." Ben then states in a slightly relieved tone, after giving his brother an appreciative nod, he knew that his boyfriend was starting to get suspicious and he was grateful that he had distracted him enough to stop him figuring anything out.

"Where are everyone else?" Matt then ask, his brother pinching his bum may have distracted him a little bit, but he was starting to wonder what was going on, because nothing was making any kind of sense to him.

"Probably inside, I bet they're going to do something lame like they do for surprised birthday parties." Ben quickly responds, while smiling at Erica as he watches her walk over with his brother and despite not being able to say anything to her, he gives her a quick cuddle and a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay boys, we can go in now, so start walking and let Tobias guide you Matt." Mitch then states with a smile, before giving his girlfriend a quick kiss before she walks over to the car to wait for him and Tobias to come back.

"I'll open the door." Tobias then says as they reach the front of the house and quickly opens it, before helping his brother walk in.

"It's quiet." Matt then says in a confused tone after walking into the restaurant and taking his boyfriends hand.

"Yeah." Ben responds in a distracted tone, as he gives his brothers an appreciative smile, before they both leave and shut the door behind themselves.

"Well er... can we take..." Matt then begins to ask, before feeling himself being kissed and despite how weird and stupid this whole thing seemed, he couldn't help but forget about all of that and just enjoy the feeling of his boyfriends lips against his own.

"You look amazing Tobias and so handsome." Erica says as soon as he walks over to the car with her boyfriend and can't help but smile at how bashful he looked after hearing her compliment.

"You always look pretty." Tobias then responds in a shy tone, he had thought she was pretty from the first time that he had met her, although he couldn't help but blush as he thinks about how he had behaved around her back then and quickly looked down to his feet.

"Aww, come here you little heart breaker." Erica then states with a big warm smile, before pulling the boy into a loving cuddle.

"Thank you so much for everything Erica, I mean it and I just wish we could be in there to see his face and reaction." Mitch then says as he gives his girlfriend a quick kiss on the cheek, while being careful not to squash his brother and crumple up his suit up.

"They deserve to have a little happiness Mitch and I wanted to do my bit to help out." Erica responds and although they already had this exchange in the house, she didn't mind going over it again, especially with Tobias holding on to her and knowing how the boys had accepted her, really made her feel like she belonged and she couldn't help but love them all.

"Well, after seeing Ben's face when he walked in the house, you can bet your life that he will show you how much he appreciates what you did Erica, the next time he sees you." Mitch then states with a smile, before opening the back door of the car. "Come on Tobias, get your cute little butt in." He then states with a grin, which widens when he sees his brother turning his head to him with a big smile of his own.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he reluctantly lets go of his brothers girlfriend, he loved getting cuddles from her and he just thought she was amazing and loved her a lot.

"You don't mind if I get in with him do you Sweety?" Erica then asks as she gives her boyfriend a loving smile, after watching Tobias climb into the back seat.

"Sure, he will really like that." Mitch responds with a smile, after a few moments, he would have preferred to have her in the front with him, he was more than happy for her to sit in the back with his brother and even though he seemed to be okay now, he had been down for the past few days and he knew how much his brother liked being around his girlfriend, so he knew it would make him happy.

"You're sitting with me?" Tobias can't help but ask in a surprised tone, he was expecting to be sitting on his own and wouldn't have minded, but he definitely wasn't going to complain about being able to cuddle up with her, before being dropped off at his friends house.

"Of course, we haven't seen each other for a while and I want to catch up." Erica answers with a sweet smile, after getting in the back and can't help but find the boy adorable, after he quickly moves to the middle seat so that he could cuddle up with her.

"Cool." Tobias responds in a contented tone, as he leans against her and he can't help but smile after she puts her arm over his shoulder.

"Right, well we will head to Wesley's now, but will take the more scenic route okay." Mitch then says after getting into the drivers seat and despite being a bit worried that his brother might get a little defensive about why he was taking the longer route, he could see that his girlfriend being with him in the back had distracted him enough to not make a big deal about it and couldn't help but smile.

"Okay, you're the best Mitch." Tobias responds in a happy tone and although he was a little suspicious about why he would take the long route, he just thought it would give him more time to talk to Erica and maybe he could talk to her about Lily and she what she thought about the call he had gotten from her earlier.

"Ben, why is it..." Matt begins to ask again after his boyfriend pulls away, but as he feels a finger against his lips, he quickly trails off and starts to wonder what is going on, because he couldn't here anything else in the room.

"It's okay, just give me a second." Ben says as he looks his boyfriend over and starts to make a few adjustments to his suit.

"What are you..." Matt then quickly starts to ask, after feeling his clothes being moved about and can't help but be confused, before being interrupted.

"Sshh, just trust me Matt." Ben says as he continues to sort his boyfriends suit out, so that it's perfect and after a few more tugs, he steps back with a big smile as he looks at his boyfriend.

"Seriously Ben, what's going on?" Matt then asks as he looks forward, to where he knows his boyfriend is standing and can't help but start to wonder where they really were, because there was no way a restaurant would be this quiet and he hadn't heard his brother or Mitch speaking or moving around since the door closed.

"Nothing much." Ben then responds with a small grin, before stepping forward a little bit and lifting his boyfriends blindfold off his head.

"Huh? What are we..." Matt then begins to say after letting his eyes adjust, before trailing off for a few moments to process what he was seeing. "This is your old house and the table and oh my god!" He then says as he realises not only where they were, but also the table and food on it and can't help but look at his boyfriend lovingly as tears roll down his face.

"I love you Matthew Summers." Ben then says in a loving tone, before leaning forward and wrapping his arms around him. "Happy anniversary." He then adds, as he feels his boyfriend crying and quickly begins to kiss him.

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