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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 16

October 2015

"Ben, why is it..." Matt begins to ask again after his boyfriend pulls away, but as he feels a finger against his lips, he quickly trails off and starts to wonder what is going on, because he couldn't here anything else in the room.

"It's okay, just give me a second." Ben says as he looks his boyfriend over and starts to make a few adjustments to his suit.

"What are you..." Matt then quickly starts to ask, after feeling his clothes being moved about and can't help but be confused, before being interrupted.

"Sshh, just trust me Matt." Ben says as he continues to sort his boyfriends suit out, so that it's perfect and after a few more tugs, he steps back with a big smile as he looks at his boyfriend.

"Seriously Ben, what's going on?" Matt then asks as he looks forward, to where he knows his boyfriend is standing and can't help but start to wonder where they really were, because there was no way a restaurant would be this quiet and he hadn't heard his brother or Mitch speaking or moving around since the door closed.

"Nothing much." Ben then responds with a small grin, before stepping forward a little bit and lifting his boyfriends blindfold off his head.

"Huh? What are we..." Matt then begins to say after letting his eyes adjust, before trailing off for a few moments to process what he was seeing. "This is your old house and the table and oh my god!" He then says as he realises not only where they were, but also the table and food on it and can't help but look at his boyfriend lovingly as tears roll down his face.

"I love you Matthew Summers." Ben then says in a loving tone, before leaning forward and wrapping his arms around him. "Happy anniversary." He then adds, as he feels his boyfriend crying and quickly begins to kiss him.

"Hey Mr Gilmar." Peter says after being let in by his boyfriends dad and couldn't resist having a little fun.

"Alex is just upstairs cleaning his room, do you want to have a drink or go up now Peter?" Gordon decides to ask, as he purposely ignores the boys obvious attempt to be funny and couldn't help but find his expression amusing.

"You're no fun Gordon." Peter then decides to say as he gives his boyfriends dad a big smile. "But can I have a drink please, I'm thirsty and I don't want Alex to get me to clean his room for him like last time." He then adds in a slightly shy tone, he thought his boyfriends dad was amazing and he really liked him, but at the same time, he wasn't always sure about joking around with him and just hoped he got it right this time.

"Well at least you're learning, he only got you to do that three times right?" Gordon asks as he leads the boy into the kitchen and can't help but chuckle at the look on his face and knew that he wasn't expecting him to say anything like that.

"Alex really loves you, you know." Peter then says as he gives his boyfriends dad a sincere smile, he didn't know why, but he just felt like telling him that and he could see how happy it made him.

"I know and I love him more than anything in the world Peter and I'm very proud of him for finding someone as wonderful as you, to not only be his friend, but his boyfriend as well." Gordon quickly responds from the heart, as he smiles with pride and even though he was trying to have a little fun with him a few moments ago, the boys unexpected words had reminded of just how special he was and he was genuinely starting to love him like a son already.

"I can't believe I'm gay and have a boyfriend though, it's weird, but good weird, you know." Peter then says with a shy smile, he had been thinking about it ever since he went back home and it was really starting to sink in just how much his life had changed in one afternoon and how he didn't even regret it in the slightest.

"You're happy though right?" Gordon decides to ask in a slightly cautious tone, he knew his son was over the moon about it all and from what he could tell, the boy was happy as well, but he was a little unsure of how to take what he had just said and wanted to see if everything was okay.

"Yeah, I love Alex, but it's still a little weird, I mean I'm gay, boys aren't meant to like boys, but I love one, so it's a little weird right?" Peter asks after responding to his boyfriends dads question, he still didn't regret his choice and he couldn't wait for everyone to know that they were a couple now, but he was new to all of this and the whole gay thing was still a little strange for him to understand, even if most of his friends seemed to be gay as well.

"Peter, you love who you love, there will be people who tell you that it's wrong and all kinds of things to be gay, but if you love someone, then that is up to you and it doesn't matter who they are, if you love them and they love you back, then you should be together and be happy together." Gordon responds sincerely as he reaches over and strokes the side of the boys face affectionately, before pulling his hand away after realising what he was doing and despite how much they had bonded, he wasn't sure how he would react to him doing that.

"I love you Mr Gilmar." Peter then states with a big smile, before quickly moving forward and giving his boyfriends dad a big cuddle, he wasn't sure if he really, really loved the man, but the way he just stroked his face, just made him feel so special and he wanted to show how much it meant to him and also show him that he didn't mind him stroking his face, after seeing how nervous his boyfriends dad looked after pulling his hand away quickly.

"You're an amazing young man Peter, now why don't you sit down and I'll get you a pepsi." Gordon then says with a warm smile, before walking over to the fridge, he had wanted to tell the boy that he loved him too, but he didn't quite feel that way about him yet and he wasn't someone who said something like that lightly to another person, but he knew the boy was quickly worming his way into his heart and he really was happy for his son, for finding someone so special to love.

"Can I just have a juice please Gordon?" Peter then quickly asks with a smile. "My mum told me to not drink fizzy drinks all night and well I kind of like juice better." He then adds after seeing the surprised look on his boyfriends dads face and knew that he had just assumed that he would want a pepsi, instead of a normal drink and couldn't help but smile at him.

"Just like Alex." Gordon then states in an amused tone as he puts the can back in the fridge and walks over to one of the cabinets.

"Yeah, he likes fizzy drinks, but he is always telling me how bad they are for you, but how he still likes to drink it sometimes." Peter then decides to say as he sits down at the table and waits for his juice.

"It's true, but a lot of things are bad for you, but only if you have too much Peter, but I'm sure Alex has already told you that himself." Gordon responds with a smile, as he fills the cup with water and walks over to the table.

"He doesn't let me drink more than two cans when I'm with him." Peter then says as he smiles appreciatively at his boyfriends dad, after taking his juice from him. "I like him looking out for me." He then decides to say, before taking a sip of his juice.

"You always look out for the people you love Peter." Gordon responds in a thoughtful tone and although he was in a good mood, the boys words had made him think about his wife and he couldn't help but feel a little sad. "Will you be okay on your own, I just need to get a few things ready for work and tell Alex that you're down here." He then decides to say with a slightly forced smile, he would have liked to stay and talk with the boy a little more, but he needed a few moments to himself and hoped that he didn't mind.

"Oh okay, I will be okay Gordon, but tell him that I'm not coming upstairs until his room is cleaned up, I'm not going to do it for him." Peter responds with a cheeky smile and although he was a little disappointed that his boyfriends dad was leaving him alone, he knew how important the man's job was and he didn't want to be the reason that he forgot something important.

"I'll make sure he knows Peter and I will be back down in a little while, so make yourself at home and make yourself another drink if you want one and there are some biscuits in the jar." Gordon responds with a chuckle and despite still thinking about his wife, he couldn't help but feel better already because of the boys words and he really did like having him around the house.

"Okay, thank you." Peter then responds politely, before taking another sip of his drink, after watching the man leave the room.

"Well she sounds like a nice girl Tobias." Erica says in a sweet tone, after listening to the boy talking about the girl he really liked and she couldn't help but find it adorable how his eyes lit up talking about her.

"She wants to talk to me tomorrow." Tobias then says with a big grin and although his brothers and friend had tried to lower his expectations, he couldn't stop himself from being excited.

"I really like her name, Lily is such a pretty name." Erica then states with a smile and although she could see her boyfriend sniggering a little bit from the rear view mirror, she was genuinely interested in hearing about the girl that had seemingly taken the young boys heart.

"Pretty like her." Tobias then says in a bashful tone, he just thought she was perfect and he couldn't wait to be her boyfriend.

"That's sweet." Erica responds with a sincere smile. "So tell me a little more about her, you know like her hair, her eyes and what does she like to do." Erica then asks, as she gives the front seat a gentle kick, after hearing her boyfriend trying not to laugh and although she knew that he wasn't mocking his brother, she still wanted him to behave himself.

"She had er... well brown hair and er... well it's different every time I see her, but it's always nice and she had really nice like brown eyes, but they sort of like sparkle a little bit like er... well they're pretty and well she likes doing girl stuff, because er... well, she's a girl." Tobias responds in a shy tone, but he can't help but feel a little silly, after hearing his big brother laughing and despite knowing that he wasn't making fun of him, he still felt a little embarrassed.

"Seems to me, that a certain Smelly Head sitting in the front of the car could learn a lot from you about girls Tobias." Erica then decides to say in a playful tone and knew that by using the boys favourite insult, that it would stop him from getting upset, before deciding to give the front seat another little kick, just to let her boyfriend know that he needed to get himself under control.

"Yeah, he is a big Smelly Head." Tobias then quickly states with a giggle, he just loved his brothers girlfriend so much and despite his big brothers laughing didn't really bother him, he was so happy that she had stood up for him and snuggled up to her a little bit more.

"Okay I get it, I get it." Mitch then states in a amused tone, before returning his attention to the road, he knew that he shouldn't be laughing, but his brother was just being so adorable and he couldn't help himself.

"So what's she like Tobias, why do you like her so much?" Erica then decides to ask, after giving the front seat another gentle kick, just to make sure her boyfriend knew to he needed to behave himself properly now.

"I think she is pretty and er... she is really nice and didn't make fun of me for talking funny, all the other girls looked at me like I was stupid, but Lily just smiled at me and kept listening, like I wasn't even doing anything wrong, she's special." Tobias answers honestly with a shy smile, he just wished he had never told her about kissing his two friends, because he knew that they would be boyfriend and girlfriend already, if he hadn't been so stupid.

"That's because you weren't doing anything wrong Tobias, you went through so much and you have been doing so well recently and I think she sounds like a very sweet girl for seeing the real you and not paying any attention to you messing up a few words, because that isn't important and she knows that Tobias." Erica then decides to say as she thinks about what he had just said and she had to admit, that she was starting to like this Lily girl as well and if she was like she was being described, then she could see why Tobias would like her so much.

"She said that I make her laugh and she thinks I'm cute and I'm really good at kissing, everyone I kiss tells me that." Tobias then states proudly, before blushing a little at what he just said about the kissing and could only hope that she wouldn't ask him anything about it.

"I see." Erica then says in a slightly cautious tone, as she thinks about whether she really wanted to ask him about how many girls he had been kissing and who they were.

"Tobias, we should be there in around ten minutes okay." Mitch then calls out, he could see his girlfriend in the rear view mirror and could tell that she was thinking about whether she should ask about the kissing and decided to try and change the subject, just to avoid his brother getting defensive or upset, he knew about him, Carter and Wesley, well he didn't know much, but he did know that the three boys had kissed and not just once either, so he didn't want that to come up now.

"Should I have changed first?" Tobias then decides to ask, he thought he looked great and he wanted his friends to see him dressed up, but at the same time he felt a little bit silly being this dressed up for a sleepover, even if there was a good reason for it.

"I think Carter and Wesley will want to see you dressed up Tobias, so you will be fine how you are." Mitch responds as he smiles to himself, his brother looked so adorable and handsome in his suit, all the boys did, but he liked how Tobias also wore his bracelets and his hair with the blue streaks just looked great and he actually wondered if he could pull off something like that with his hair, although he highly doubted it and the others would probably take great pleasure in teasing him about it.

"You have your bag though Tobias, so you can change after you get there." Erica then suggests with a warm smile and although she had wanted to ask the boy about this kissing, she knew her boyfriend had jumped into the conversation for a reason and was happy to move on, well at least until they dropped Tobias off at his friends house, because she was still curious about why her boyfriend had changed the subject.

"I know, but well er... never mind." Tobias then begins to say, before trailing off a little and despite how much fun he had been having and talking about Lily, he still couldn't quite keep his earlier darker thoughts out of his head and struggled to keep his smile up.

"Is everything alright Tobias?" Erica decides to ask in a caring tone, after seeing her boyfriend look back at him and she could tell that he was concerned about him and knew that he couldn't ask himself.

"I guess so." Tobias responds in an unsure tone, on one hand he would like to talk about it with his big brother, but on the other hand, he would be at his friends house soon and he really didn't want to turn up there all upset.

"You don't sound too convinced about it Tobias." Erica then states, while at the same time rubbing the boys arm, he had cuddled back up to her and she could tell that he wanted to talk about it, but for whatever reason, he was holding back.

"Tobias, we can pull over and talk about it if you like, we were going to be there early anyway, so we have plenty of time to just talk okay." Mitch then decides to say after seeing his brother cuddling against his girlfriend and with what Sarah had said to him earlier, he really wanted to try and get to the bottom of it now and was already looking out for a place to pull over safely.

"It's silly." Tobias then says and although he knew that it wasn't silly, he couldn't help but feel like it was, he just wanted to be like he used to be, but no matter how much he tried, he just never seemed to be able to do it and even thinking about it, he could feel a few tears running down his face.

"Oh Sweety, come here." Erica quickly states in a caring tone, after noticing him crying and quickly rubs his arm and leg soothingly. "Mitch find somewhere to pull over, he's crying." She then says as she looks forward and although she had to look in the rear view mirror, she could tell that he was really worried as well.

"Okay, there is a car park coming up, just give me a minute Erica." Mitch responds in a slightly strained tone and couldn't help but wonder if he should have waited until tomorrow to try and figure out what was wrong with his brother, because it was obviously something big and serious, for him to breakdown so quickly like he had just done.

"You... you did this?" Matt asks in a stunned tone, he could still feel the tears rolling down his face as he looked around the room to see everything and take it all in.

"It's better than a restaurant right?" Ben asks in response as he wipes away the tears from his boyfriends face, he could tell that his boyfriend loved it and he couldn't have hoped for a better reaction and knew that all the planning was worth every single second, to see his boyfriend this happy.

"I love you Benjamin Walker." Matt then says from the heart, before pulling his boyfriend in for a loving embrace. "You planned all this?" He then asks with a big grin, he was feeling overwhelmed by it all and he wasn't sure where to even start to process everything.

"Yeah, but everyone helped and well er... do you well, you know, really like it?" Ben responds in a slightly nervous tone, even though he knew his boyfriend loved it, he needed to hear him say it before he could really relax and enjoy the moment.

"I love it." Matt then says as he leans back a little, he wanted to say more and use bigger words, but he was still trying to take it all in. "Oh my god, it's our first date!" He then adds in a stunned tone, as he finally processes what he had thought as soon as he had looked around after his blindfold was taken off and he quickly pulls his boyfriend back in his arms.

"I wanted to do something special for you." Ben then says, before kissing his boyfriends neck for a few moments. "We should eat though, I don't want it to get cold." He then says as he lets his boyfriend go, before wiping his face again after seeing that his boyfriend still had tears rolling down his face.

"How? Who did..." Matt then begins to ask as he feels his boyfriend pulling him over to the table and he can't help but look at the food and wonder who cooked it.

"Erica cooked it, she wanted to be a part of it and well I asked her if she could cook this for us." Ben responds with a warm smile, he was so relieved when his brother suggested his girlfriend could help and he could see that she did a great job and he couldn't wait to start eating it.

"It looks just like it did before." Matt then says as he looks at the table and food in awe, he just couldn't believe that it looked just like he remembered from their first date. "Oh my god!" He then says as he finally takes in his boyfriend and couldn't believe how sexy he looked and quickly felt himself reacting.

"What?" Ben then quickly asks in a slightly bemused tone, he could see his boyfriend was starting to tent up a little bit and couldn't help but wonder what he was going to say.

"You look so sexy and wow!" Matt quickly states, before pulling his boyfriend close to himself again and kisses him passionately.

"Oh wow!" Ben then states in a surprised, but delighted tone, before remembering the food and reluctantly pushes his boyfriend back a little bit. "You look amazing too, but we should sit down and eat, I'm starving and we haven't eaten for ages." He then suggests as he helps his boyfriend to his chair.

"I can't believe you did all this." Matt then says after sitting down and he can't help but smile as he watches his boyfriend walking over to his chair. "What's wrong?" He then quickly asks, after seeing his boyfriend frowning and can't help but think that he had done or said something wrong.

"Nothing, we just need some music." Ben quickly responds with a smile, before reaching around his neck and he can't help but find the confusion on his boyfriends face amusing.

"What are you doing?" Matt asks in a slightly confused tone, as he watches his boyfriend reach around his neck.

"Getting some music, I thought it would be perfect to listen to." Ben answers as he removes his necklace, he hadn't planned to use his boyfriends present and had asked Mitch to get the same music that they had listened to on their first date, but he couldn't resist and he just knew that it would make the night even more special.

"I love you." Matt then says as he watches his boyfriend walking over to the table and turning on a laptop that he hadn't noticed before. "You thought of everything." He then says in an astonished tone, he thought of all sorts of things to make today special, but nothing came even remotely close to what his boyfriend had thought of and he just couldn't stop himself from grinning.

"You're worth it Matt, I love you more than anything and we're forever remember." Ben responds in a loving tone, before inserting the USB stick and opening up the files. "I'm just going to set it on random." He then says as he sets it up and grins as the first song starts playing.

"Ha, not quite a romantic one." Matt then calls out in an amused tone, after hearing his boyfriends voice and knew that it was 'The Summer of 69' and despite not being the most romantic ever, he didn't mind.

"I still can't believe you managed to get me to sing and then record me without me even noticing." Ben then says as he walks back over to the table to take his seat.

"Yeah, Tobias thought it was so funny that you never even got suspicious about it, he was sure you would figure it out." Matt quickly responds in an amused tone, although at the time he was a little nervous his boyfriend would wonder why he had got him to sing those particular songs.

"Well I thought it was weird, but well er... it doesn't really matter, I'm just happy that you're happy." Ben then states with a loving smile, he knew his boyfriend still had a lot of recovering to do, but he could see how happy he was right now and it gave him a nice and warm feeling inside, which he knew would feel even better before the night was over.

"You make me happy." Matt quickly responds from the heart, before he notices his boyfriend beginning to eat and quickly joined him.

"Are you feeling better now Sweety?" Erica asks in a caring tone, while at the same time brushing the boys hair away from his hair.

"I still want to be like used to be like." Tobias responds and while he was still feeling down about how he had changed, he definitely felt a lot better after talking to his big brother and her about it.

"No one ever stays the same Tobias and remember what we said, you still do a lot of the stuff you used to do, you just don't realise that you're actually doing it." Mitch then decides to say and while it sounded a little confusing, he knew his brother would understand and could see him starting to smile a little bit.

"Do I really er... you know talk to grown ups good?" Tobias then asks, before frowning after realising that he sounded like an idiot again, but when he feels himself being pulled into Erica's body, he can't help but smile a little bit.

"You do it all the time Tobias, I remember last week, I think I was waiting for your brother to try and make himself look a little less hideous..." Erica begins to answer with a smile, before being interrupted.

"Hey!" Mitch quickly protests, although he knew what his girlfriend was doing and was more than happy to go along with her plan and couldn't help but feel like the luckiest guy in the world, she was just perfect and he didn't know what he had done to deserve her, but he was grateful and he couldn't imagine not having her in his life.

"He isn't that ugly, but he is a Smelly Head." Tobias then states in a slightly shy tone, he kind of figured that they were trying to cheer him up, but he loved them both for it and he really did like seeing his big brother get teased and enjoyed joining in even more.

"Oh jeez, cheers Tobias." Mitch then states with a mock pout, which quickly turns into a smile when hears his brother giggling and quickly gives his girlfriend an appreciative look.

"But as I was saying Sweety." Sarah then says, after deciding to get the boys attention back on what they were talking about. "Last week, we talked for at least fan hour about things like your school and my work, then about a couple of films we both like, so you really haven't stopped being you Tobias, you've just grown a little, but you're still you and we all love you so much." She then adds in a caring and sincere tone, after he had turned his attention back to her and she couldn't help but smile at him proudly.

"I love you too." Tobias then says, before quickly snuggling back up to her and despite feeling tears running down his face again, they were happy tears and he really did love her and everyone else as well.

"I'm going to take a slightly longer route Tobias, so we should be at Wesley's in about fifteen minutes okay." Mitch then decides to say, after giving his girlfriend a big and loving smile, before looking at his brother a little sadly, he could see that he was crying, but at least they were happy tears and that at least for now, they had managed to reassure him about the concerns and fears that had been affecting him recently, although he knew that he was still vulnerable and that he would need to be talked to again soon.

"And just remember, you don't have to keep secrets or pretend that you're okay, we're all here for you and we love you okay Sweety." Erica then decides to say, although by the way he was holding her and the little sobbing sounds that he was making, she knew that he wasn't going to be able to speak for a while and just looked forward to her boyfriend and gave him a loving smile.

"You look funny." Peter states in an amused tone, while he was sitting on his boyfriends bed and watching him as he pretended to be mad.

"Do not!" Alex quickly retorts in a angry tone, although he had to try really hard to keep his act up and every time he looked at his boyfriend, he had to look away, because he just looked so cute and sexy.

"You look like a human tomato." Peter then states with a grin, before getting another idea when he realises that his boyfriend was doing his best to not look at him.

"Yeah and you look like a..." Alex then begins to retort, before quickly trailing off as he turns around to see his boyfriend slowly stripping on his bed. "What are you..." He then starts to ask, before quickly remembering that he was trying to pretend that he was angry at his boyfriend, although as he turned his back to him again, he couldn't stop himself taking little glances of him over his shoulder.

"I feel like doing some stretches." Peter then states in a casual tone, although he was struggling to keep himself from giggling, he could see his boyfriend trying not to look and keep his act up, but he was determined to out do him and after hearing his boyfriend make a strange sort of noise, that kind of sounded like a mix between a groan and a moan, he knew that he was going to win.

"Well er... I'm going to just do er... something." Alex then responds weakly as he struggles to stop himself turning around, although as soon as he takes another glance over his shoulder, he regrets it. "Oh fuck." He then lets slip, before moaning a little bit as well and quickly blushes at how easily his boyfriend was turning the tables.

"I love stretching, I think I like this position the best." Peter then states in a contented tone, as he kneels on his boyfriends bed and leans backwards, while he slowly starts to raise his hips, before lowering them repeatedly and again hears his boyfriend making that strange noise and decided to make a few noises of his own, just to see what it would do to his boyfriend.

"Holy shit." Alex the says in an almost breathless tone, he had glanced over his shoulder again after his boyfriends last comment and quickly turned around and forgot all about the fact that he was trying to pretend that he was angry at him. "Wow!" He then states as he subconsciously starts to remove his own clothes, while slowly moving towards his bed.

"Hmm yeah, I love stretching like this, it just makes me feel so good and..." Peter then begins to say, before trailing off with a series of moans, after feeling his boner being engulfed. "Mmmm, feels so good." He then manages to say, before groaning a little as he feels his boyfriend releasing his boner, before feeling him climbing over his body.

"You're such a prick, I was totally winning, then you go and be all sexy and gorgeous and..." Alex begins to say, before trailing off and leaning down to kiss his boyfriend, he had really wanted to try and make his boyfriend feel guilty about not helping him clean his room, but he was never actually mad in the first place and his boyfriends sexy teasing had quickly made him too horny to keep pretending.

"I'm sorry I didn't help you clean your room." Peter decides to say after his boyfriend breaks their kiss and despite not wanting to do it for his boyfriend, he did feel a little guilty for not offering to help.

"It's okay, I mean we both know that I would have made you do it all." Alex responds with a grin, before giving his boyfriend a quick peck on the lips.

"Can you get off me though?" Peter then asks with a smile, but he can see the confusion in his boyfriends eyes straight away. "My legs are all bent and it hurts a little bit." He then quickly adds, he could see that his boyfriend wasn't sure how to take his question, so he wanted to let him know that he was just uncomfortable and needed to unfold his legs.

"Oh right, well okay." Alex then responds in relief, before slowly getting off his boyfriend. "Hey!" He then calls out, after feeling himself being pushed to the side and then straddled.

"Beat you again." Peter then states in a mocking tone and although he was genuinely uncomfortable with his knees folded beneath him, he couldn't resist taking advantage of his boyfriend being off balance and quickly leans down to kiss him.

"You won't get so lucky later when we play our game, you fucking cheater." Alex quickly responds with a grin, but as he is just about to try and kiss his boyfriend, he notices the look on his face. "I was only kidding Peter, you know I love it when you try to cheat, it makes it more fun." He then decides to say, after assuming that his boyfriend had taken his teasing to heart and not as he intended it.

"It's not that and I don't cheat." Peter responds in a slightly downhearted tone, before rolling off his boyfriend and shifting so that he was sitting crossed legged on his bed.

"Then why the look?" Alex then asks in a confused tone, it was clear that he hadn't upset him and he didn't appear to be about to cry or anything like that, so he was just confused and a little worried that he was missing something obvious.

"We can't play your game." Peter responds in the same tone as before and he can't help but look down at his feet, he knew his boyfriend wouldn't be that mad, well he wouldn't be mad at all, but that didn't stop him from being disappointed with himself for ruining his boyfriends fun.

"Why not?" Alex quickly asks in a slightly annoyed tone. "I mean I don't mind, we can do whatever you want Peter, but you love playing strip wrestling, so what's up?" He then asks after seeing the look on his boyfriends face and knew that whatever was wrong, it was making his boyfriend upset and he wanted to at least let him know that he wasn't going to be angry or anything like that if they didn't play his game.

"Because of this." Peter answers as he lifts up his arm and again just felt like an idiot, if he was more careful, then he wouldn't hurt himself all the time and he definitely wouldn't have broken his wrist in the way that he did.

"Huh?" Alex then quickly asks in a completely confused tone, he just didn't get what his boyfriend was on about at all and what his broken wrist had to do with their game.

"My cast." Peter responds meekly and again just felt like an idiot.

"We've played strip wrestling before Peter and your wrist has been fine." Alex then states as he looks at his boyfriend and can't help but wonder if this was about something else, because they had played strip poker plenty of times since his boyfriend broke his wrist and hadn't had any issues.

"But the tie wraps won't work Alex, you won't be able to tie this arm up with them." Peter then quickly explains, after realising that his boyfriend obviously didn't think about his cast getting in the way.

"Oh." Alex then states in response, he hadn't even thought about that and quickly realised why his boyfriend had said what he had. "let's test it out." He then suggests with a reassuring smile, he wasn't sure if the tie wrap would work, but it was worth at least trying and if it didn't, then they could just play it without the tie wraps.

"Okay." Peter responds in a unenthusiastic tone, because although he did want it to work, he just knew with his luck, that he had ruined their first night together as boyfriends.

"Peter, I love you and it doesn't matter if the tie wrap doesn't work on your cast, we can just play normal strip wrestling and leave the tie wraps for when the cast comes off, it will be something to look forward to and either way, I get you naked and sucking me off." Alex then decides to state with a grin and straight away he can see his boyfriend cheering up, before suddenly seeing him move and before he can even react, he finds himself on his back and being kissed passionately.

"Oh my god, I remember when you did this one." Ben states in an excited tone, after hearing the next song come on and he couldn't help but remember how sexy his boyfriend had looked at the time.

"I'm just happy that I found the song, it hurt so much when I tried to play the guitar and knew that I couldn't play the whole song." Matt then states as he thinks about how he had surprised his boyfriend and despite the circumstances around the whole thing, he would never forget his boyfriends face and any pain he had from playing the guitar, was worth every second of it.

"I wondered why you didn't play it for long." Ben then says in a caring tone. "But you looked so sexy and as I remember it, you didn't get to finish the song anyway." He then adds with a naughty smile, he was a little concerned about what his boyfriend had said about being in pain, but it was a long time ago now and he wanted to focus on the good stuff and forget about everything else today and from the smile on his boyfriends face, he knew that he felt the same way.

"That was the first time I had ever tried to be really sexy, I was so nervous and I felt like a bit of an idiot at first, but I guess I did good." Matt then states with a shy smile, although as he looked at the wine on the table, he had to work hard not to frown a little bit, he wasn't angry with his boyfriend about what had happened and knew that it was partly his fault, but for him the wine just reminded him of how they had all let his boyfriend down back then.

"I won't drink any wine, it's just there for you and well we had some on our first date and I wanted it to be as close to that as possible." Ben then states in a slightly regretful tone, he had seen his boyfriend looking at the wine and then his attempts to hide his reaction, but he knew what he was thinking and couldn't help but remember how he had felt back then.

"You can drink Ben, I'm going to have a glass, but can we not do any bad stuff please? I just want it to be happy and good stuff today, we can talk about the bad stuff any time." Matt then says as he gives his boyfriend a loving look, it would be easy for them to get into all the bad stuff, but he was determined to forget about all of that today.

"Deal and you were so sexy and I don't think I had ever been so turned on in my life when I saw you on the sofa bed and then when you started singing, I was so hard." Ben then states in response and can't help but smile at the happy smile on his boyfriends face and knew that he appreciated him changing the subject so quickly.

"I remember the first time you tried to be sexy." Matt then says, before giggling at the look on his boyfriends face and he couldn't help but find it hilarious.

"Hey! You promised to never mention that again." Ben quickly responds in an embarrassed tone and was praying that his boyfriend wouldn't go into details about it.

"But it was so funny." Matt then says in an amused tone, before cutting up a few pieces of his steak and eating them.

"Okay, it was a little bit funny." Ben then concedes, before taking his boyfriends lead and going back to eating.

"I am you know." Matt then states with a small grin and can't help but find his boyfriend expression amusing, because he could tell that he had no idea what he was talking about.

"Huh?" Ben then asks in response, as he looks at his boyfriend curiously and although he knew that he was obviously being vague on purpose, he could also tell that it was nothing bad.

"Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with you." Matt then states in a loving tone, as he looks across to his boyfriend and could see his face light up, which quickly gives him a tingling sensation and he can feel himself getting hard and blushes a little.

"You're so gay, but you're my gay and I Truly, Madly, Deeply love you too Matt." Ben then responds with a shy smile, he really did love his boyfriend and when he sees how his boyfriends eyes light up, he just loves him even more.

"I am you know." Matt then decides to say with a small grin and despite being turned on and feeling his heart flutter at his boyfriends words, he couldn't resist having a tiny bit more fun.

"What are you?" Ben then asks and although he knew his boyfriend was being playful, he again wasn't quite sure what he was going to say this time either.

"Yours Ben and I'll always be yours." Matt responds from the heart, before getting up after seeing his boyfriend doing the same.

"And I'm yours, forever until the end of time Matt." Ben then states with a loving smile, after walking around the table and embracing him.

"He will be fine Carter, he's not a baby and he can look after himself." Wesley states as he gives his boyfriend a gently nudge, he loved the fact he obviously cared about his brother, but their friend would be here soon and he didn't want him to see his boyfriend looking so worried.

"I know, but it just sounds so er... well I just don't see the point of doing it like that." Carter responds with a shrug of the shoulders, he didn't want to annoy his boyfriend, but he really just found the whole internet blind date thing stupid as well as dangerous.

"Me too, but he's done it before and he will be okay, he told me that Mitch made him promise to call him before he met up with the guy, so he will be safe." Wesley then states in a reassuring tone, before pulling his boyfriend into his body.

"Where are you parents?" Carter then decides to ask and although he wanted to carry on talking about his boyfriends brother, the mention of Mitch looking out for him, had eased his fears and instead he decided to see where his boyfriends parents were.

"You really haven't been paying attention have you?" Wesley then asks in an amused tone, he just couldn't help but find it funny how distracted his boyfriend could get when he is worried about something.

"Oh god, I wasn't rude was I?" Carter then quickly asks, as he looks up at his boyfriend, he vaguely remembered his boyfriends parents saying something a little while ago, but he was too distracted by his own thoughts to really pay attention.

"Nope, luckily for you, my parents both think that you're adorable when you're deep in thought, although I think my dad is wondering if you would make a good subject in some research he was doing." Wesley responds with a warm but curious smile, just to see if his boyfriend was really listening and not still worrying about his brother going on the blind date.

"What research?" Carter quickly asks in a confused tone, he couldn't see what kind of research he could be a subject for, although if he wasn't still thinking about his boyfriends brothers blind date, he would have paid more attention to his boyfriends expression and figured out that he was being teased.

"It's to find out how someone so intelligent, can be so easily teased without even realising it." Wesley answers with a smirk, he was tempted to drag it out, but by the look on his boyfriends face right now, he knew that he had made the right choice and just loved how adorable he looked.

"If we were alone, I would so kick your arse." Carter responds with a smirk of his own, he knew his boyfriend got him good, but he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing just how embarrassed he actually was and just wished they were alone, because he knew just what he wanted to do to teach his boyfriend a lesson.

"My dad is at his office and my mum is busy in the back garden, so what's stopping you?" Wesley decides to say in a confident tone, he loved when his boyfriend got feisty and could already see him weighing up his options, which also left him feeling a little nervous, because ever since the incident when Jarred and his group attacked his boyfriend, he had been teaching him how to defend himself and while he would never be a strong or as tough as himself, his boyfriend was definitely a match for him when they were just messing around.

"Tobias will be here soon, but I will get you back." Carter answers with a loving smile, before slowly moving towards his boyfriend and he can tell straight away that his plan was going to work and he couldn't wait to see his boyfriends reaction.

"Aww and I was looking forward to teaching you a..." Wesley then begins to say in a cocky tone, as he goes to embrace his boyfriend, but before he can finish, he feels himself being thrown over his boyfriends shoulder and quickly straddled, with his arms pinned to his sides by his boyfriends legs.

"Not so cocky now are we." Carter then states in a mocking tone, before playful giving his boyfriends cheeks a few pinches and then squishing his lips together.

"Oh you little shit, you better..." Wesley quickly tries to states, before feeling his boyfriends hand against his mouth and quickly tries to get free, but much to his annoyance, he was locked firmly in place and struggled to breath a little bit and despite the situation, he couldn't help but be proud of his boyfriend for remembering what he had taught him.

"If I remember right, if I do this, then you can't escape at all." Carter then states, before lifting himself up slightly and then dropping himself back down on his boyfriends stomach to wind him, before then giving his balls a squeeze to get him to arch his back and quickly moves his legs under him to effectively trap his midsection and arms in a tight scissor hold, just like his boyfriend had taught him to do.

"Holy fuck, you little prick." Wesley then states in a breathless tone, while trying to struggle against his boyfriend, but he had taught him well and he knew he couldn't free just yet and would have to wait for his chance.

"You won't get free and I'm going to show you what teasing is all about." Carter then states in a confident tone, he knew his boyfriend would struggle a little bit, but he also knew that he would wait for his chance before he really tried to get free and despite being in a good position, he knew that his boyfriend would get out eventually, so he was going to enjoy it for as long as he could.

"You can't..." Wesley then begins to retort, but quickly pauses as he sees his boyfriend reaching behind himself and then feels his jeans being undone. "What the hell? My mum is..." He then quickly tries to protest, before trailing off as his boyfriend tightens his grip with his legs and can't help but gasp a little bit, while feeling his jeans and briefs being pushed down half way down his thighs and knew that he was completely exposed to anyone walking in.

"So whose a little shit and a little prick?" Carter then asks in a playful tone, while gently playing with his boyfriends quickly hardening penis, while also keeping himself focused on any noises from outside the room, he was only messing around and any sign that his boyfriends mum was back in the house, he would get off him and let him go, but until then, he was determined to teach his boyfriend a lesson.

"I'm so going to get you back for this and it's going to be..." Wesley then starts to state in a confident tone, but just like before, he is silenced by his boyfriends hand covering his mouth.

"If you don't play nice, I'm going to finger you and you know you can't stop me." Carter then states with a smirk and just to prove his point he leans back a little and begins to rub his finger over his boyfriends hole, while at the same time increasing the pressure around his boyfriends midsection and can't help but enjoy forcing his boyfriend to moan out.

"Okay, okay, you made your point and you win, just get off me Carter." Wesley then quickly states in a defeated tone, he knew he could get out of his boyfriends hold, but it would take too long and his boyfriend could get him very horny and excited before then and he knew in that state, if his mum came back into the house, even if his boyfriend let him go, he would struggle to pull himself together in time and that would just be too mortifying.

"Not a chance, I'm going to make you beg me to let you cum, not let you go." Carter then teases as he uses one hand to play with his boyfriends balls and the other to play with his nipples through his top and can't help but grin down at his boyfriend in amusement, after he starts to moan out and try to escape the hold.

"What are you doing?" Tobias then asks after walking into the room, he hadn't bothered to knock and just let himself in and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Oh shit." Carter states as he looks over to his friend and couldn't believe he hadn't heard him coming in, although he quickly decides to keep up his assault on his boyfriend, who to his amusement, was blushing and still struggling to get free.

"That was so nice." Matt says as he finishes his food, before smiling as he sees his boyfriend just staring lovingly at him.

"You look beautiful." Ben then says with a loving smile, he had finished his food a few minutes ago and was just enjoying staring at his boyfriend and just loved the way his green eyes sparkled whenever the candlelight caught them.

"So do you, did you pick these suits?" Matt then asks with a shy smile, he just loved when his boyfriend talked to him like that and he knew that he meant every word he said, just by the way he was staring at him.

"Yeah, I was going to wear what we did on our first date, but Mitch took us into this suit store and I just couldn't stop imagining you wearing that one and well, you just look stunning Matt." Ben answers honestly, he just fell in love with the suits as soon as he saw them and as soon as he saw his boyfriend wearing it, he knew that he had made the right choice, even if it meant deviating from their first date a little bit.

"Oh my god!" Matt then states as another song start and he can't help but smile, along with what his boyfriend had just said, which had caused him to blush, this song just made him remember how it had made him feel when his boyfriend had asked him to sing it and why and he just loved him so much.

"What?" Ben then quickly asks in a slightly confused tone, before realising which song was playing and he couldn't help but feel a little nervous, he knew how his boyfriend was feeling at the time when he had asked him to sing it, but he also remembered where they were and who was with them and he wasn't sure how his boyfriend would react.

"I remember singing this and I think it's my favourite song of yours." Matt answers with a loving smile, before noticing the confused look on his boyfriends face and wondered why he was looking at him like that.

"I didn't sing it though, it's you singing." Ben then states in a confused and slightly concerned tone, it was clearly his boyfriend singing and he didn't get what his boyfriend had said at all.

"I know that you dumb ass, I meant that you choose the song and even though I sung it, it was still your song and it's my favourite one." Matt quickly explains with a little shake of the head and although he could see why his boyfriend was a little confused, he still thought he was a dumb ass for it.

"Oh right." Ben responds a little sheepishly, after realising what his boyfriend had actually meant. "Wait, it's your favourite?" He then asks in a surprised tone, after thinking about what his boyfriend had said and even though he loved the song and the reason he asked his boyfriend to sing it back then, he was surprised that it was his favourite.

"Yeah, I mean I love everything we sing to each other, but when you asked me to sing Lean on Me, I knew exactly why you choose it and what it meant and I thought I was going to break down completely as I was singing it, because it was exactly what I needed to hear, especially with everything that was going on, so yeah, it's special Ben." Matt decides to explain honestly and although there was another song, which his boyfriend had actually sung himself that meant everything to him, he would always remember this song and it would always be in his heart.

"I just wish that I had sung it to you back then, but well you know why I couldn't and I'm just glad you got what I meant by picking the song." Ben then states, before reaching over and taking a sip of his OJ. "What?" He then asks, after noticing his boyfriend giving him a funny look.

"You can have a glass of wine, I meant what I said earlier Ben." Matt answers as he gives his boyfriend a long stare, before taking a sip of his own glass of wine and despite not being a fan of alcohol, he thought it tasted okay, but he was a little baffled by his boyfriend ignoring his own glass completely.

"I don't want any." Ben responds with a smile, which drops slightly when he sees his boyfriend give him a worried look. "It's fine Matt, it's nothing to do with all that stuff, I promise, I just don't want any." He then adds with a sincere smile, while hoping his boyfriend drops it, because even though he wasn't exactly lying, it wasn't the real reason why he didn't want any, he just didn't want to risk being drunk for his big surprise for his boyfriend.

"Fair enough." Matt responds with a loving smile, he still got the feeling that his boyfriend was avoiding it for a reason, but this was their special day and he wasn't going to ruin it because of a glass of wine.

"All better now?" Alex asks with a smile, after seeing his boyfriend standing in front of him and readjusting his clothes.

"Yeah and it's going to be so much fun." Peter responds with a grin, before walking between his boyfriends legs.

"Want to take a bath or shower together?" Alex then decides to ask and although he really wanted to have a bath, he wanted to let his boyfriend decide what they did and a he knew a shower would be fun as well.

"We've showered together loads, I want to see what a bath is like." Peter responds in an excited tone. "But how will we fit in?" He then asks in a curious tone, while hoping that he could be held by his boyfriend, he had heard Matt and Ben talking about taking baths together and while they never went into much detail, he knew that Ben held Matt and he definitely liked the idea of being held like that.

"I don't know, I've never shared a bath before, but we'll figure it out, it can't be that hard." Alex responds with a shy smile, he knew exactly how he wanted them to be in the bath, but he wasn't sure what his boyfriend wanted and he didn't want to disappoint him.

"Well Ben holds Matt in the bath when they share and I kind of want you to hold me." Peter then states in a shy tone, after deciding to try and be a little more confident, but he couldn't help feeling a little vulnerable and was just hoping his boyfriend didn't mind him suggesting how they got in the bath.

"Oh, that will be cool, I like holding you in my arms, you're all warm and cuddly." Alex responds with a loving smile, before instantly blushing as he realises how soppy he just sounded and tried to look down at the ground, but as he was sitting down on his bed and his boyfriend was standing in between his legs, he just ended up staring at his boyfriends groin and couldn't help but notice that he was starting to tent.

"I like you holding me, I always feel safe and it makes me feel really special, like er... you know, like you won't let anything hurt me and er... you know, it's just really nice." Peter then says in response, before blushing as well, because his boyfriends words had made his heart go a little crazy and he could feel his penis responding, but he felt a little silly for saying what he did, even if it was true.

"We're so gay." Alex then states with a grin, after deciding to try and lighten the mood a little, he could tell that his boyfriend was just as embarrassed as he was and while he knew that they were both being honest, they were still new to this and he thought it would help them relax a little more.

"And I couldn't be happier." Peter then responds with a smile, before pushing his boyfriend on to his back and leaning over him and kissing him lovingly.

"Oh fuck, stop Carter!" Wesley states in a slightly panicked tone, he just couldn't believe his boyfriend was carrying on with their friend there, even if they did mess around with him and have a special connection, this was different and he was a little angry with his boyfriend for not stopping.

"Carter can beat you up?" Tobias asks in a surprised tone, before walking over to get a better view and he could see that his friend was leaking a lot off pre-cum.

"Seriously get off Carter." Wesley then states in a firmer tone, just to let his boyfriend know that he wasn't joking around.

"It''s just Tobias, it's not..." Carter then begins to say, before pausing for a few seconds as he notices the look on his boyfriends face. "Oh fuck, you're going to be angry at me aren't you?" He then asks in a guilty tone, before letting his boyfriend go and slowly getting to his feet.

"Yeah, but I love you and it can wait until tomorrow." Wesley responds in a serious tone, he wasn't happy with his boyfriend at all and wanted to let him know, but now wasn't a good time and especially in front of their friend.

"I'm sorry." Carter then states in a meek tone, he knew that he had messed up and despite being relieved that his boyfriend wasn't going to do it now, he wasn't looking forward to tomorrow after their friend went home.

"Should I go home?" Tobias then decides to ask, he could tell that Wesley was mad, really mad and he wasn't sure if he was welcome or not now.

"What? No way..." Wesley quickly starts to answer, before pausing for a few seconds as he really looks at his friend. "Holy shit you look hot." He then states, while doing up his jeans after pulling them back up.

"Hey!" Carter quickly protests and although he agreed with his boyfriend, they had both talked about saying stuff like that about their friend. "Sorry." He then just as quickly adds, after his boyfriend gives him an unimpressed look and he knew that he had no right to say anything after what he had just done.

"Well he is and you know it." Wesley then states in a serious tone, before taking a long and measured look at his boyfriend. "Look Carter, I'm still mad, really mad, but I love you and we're good, I promise okay." He then whispers in his boyfriends ear, after walking over and cuddling him, he was still going to have a go at him tomorrow, but he didn't want to upset him and he had already calmed down and relaxed about the whole thing.

"I'm still sorry." Carter then answers with a slightly ashamed expression.

"I know, but let's forget about it, because he is sexy as hell right now and I want a picture of him." Wesley responds with a small smile, which widens a little when he really looks at their friend and he really did look amazingly hot in his suit.

"You two aren't going to break up are you?" Tobias then decides to ask in a worried tone, he just thought they were having fun when he walked in, but it was clear that Wesley wasn't happy and the look on his other friends face, just made him fear the worst and he really didn't want them to break up.

"He's a moron Tobias, but I forgive him and well don't worry, we love each other and people in love having little fights." Wesley quickly responds and although he wouldn't have explained it like that to anyone else, he knew that with their friend, they needed to go into a little more detail, just so that he would understand.

"He's going to have a go at me tomorrow after you go home, but it's really okay Tobias, couples argue and stuff, I've shouted at him plenty of times for being a moron, so it's okay." Carter then states in a slightly more confident tone than he had been feeling a few moments ago, but although he wasn't looking forward to being told off, hearing his boyfriends words had relaxed him and he knew that while he was in trouble, he hadn't seriously hurt and upset his boyfriend.

"Oh okay." Tobias then states with a smile, he could tell that both his friends were being honest and was just happy that their sleepover wasn't ruined.

"Now stand a little over there Tobias, I want to get a nice picture of you, because you really do look good." Wesley then suggests, after deciding to get back to getting a picture of their friend.

"Yeah come on, get a move on Tobias." Carter then decides to say, after giving his boyfriend another apologetic look, before really taking a good look at their friend and he did look amazing and he could feel himself react a little to him as well, which quickly caused him to blush a little.

"Me too Beautiful." Wesley whispers in his boyfriends ear, he could see that his penis was twitching a little in his shorts and he could feel his own doing the same and knew that despite them loving each other, their friend was special and they both found him attractive.

"Lily is so lucky." Carter then whispers back, while watching their friend move over in front of the window and straightening out his suit.

"I'm going to miss him after tonight." Wesley then whispers in a slightly sad tone, because although they had all talked about not fooling around any more, they all knew they probably would have done, but knowing that it was very likely that their friend would be dating Lily soon, he knew that tonight was going to be the last time they actually would do something.

"What are you two doing?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone, after finishing adjusting himself and noticing his two friends whispering to each other.

"Nothing, just saying how great Matt and Ben must look, because they're all suited up as well." Carter quickly answers with a little lie, knowing that it was harmless and actually kind of true, because he was now thinking about his other two friends and he definitely hoped there were some pictures of them together in their suits.

"Oh okay, but I'm ready now." Tobias then states with a smile, he liked having his picture taken and he was even more excited now, because he knew his two friends thought he looked sexy and even though he was straight and they were a couple, he liked that they felt that way about him and he definitely thought they were sexy.

"I'm going to take a couple, so just..." Wesley begins to responds, before pausing in surprise. "Oh never mind, you got it already." He then states, after realising his friend was already posing and didn't need to be told how to stand.

"You should send Lily a picture of yourself Tobias." Carter then decides to suggest, after his boyfriend finishes taking a few pictures of their friend, although he couldn't help but notice his boyfriend taking a few crotch pictures and quickly glanced at him and rolled his eyes.

"Of myself?" Tobias then asks in a surprised tone, he didn't really mind, but after everything they had all told him recently, he wasn't expecting his friend to suggest he do something like that.

"Yeah, I mean you're friends right and you really like her." Carter responds with a smile, although he wasn't quite sure why his friend seemed surprised by the suggestion, even if they were still just friends and his friend hadn't talked to her about the stuff his boyfriend had talked with her about, he still thought she would be happy to see him in his suit.

"Yeah, come on Tobias, you look good and it can't do any harm in showing yourself off a little to her." Wesley then decides to say with a smile, after thinking about what his boyfriend had suggested and thought it would help convince Lily that she really should be their friends boyfriend.

"Oh okay, can I do it in your room please and er... on my own please?" Tobias then decides to ask with a slightly nervous smile, he wasn't shy and especially not with his two friends, but he wanted to do this on his own and not have them watch him.

"Er... well are you sure?" Wesley then quickly asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't expecting their friend to ask to be alone for the photo and couldn't really think of a reason for him wanting to do that.

"Don't you want one of us to take the photo?" Carter then quickly asks, because he like his boyfriend was a little confused and wondered why their friend wanted to be alone for the picture.

"Well I guess so, but I want to do it alone and well er... Wesley has one of those big mirrors in his room, so I can do a selfie picture thing." Tobias responds and again while he didn't really care if his friends were in the room with him, he wanted to do this alone and hoped they would take the hint.

"Okay, well we'll wait here and well don't be long okay." Wesley then decides to say with a smile, after realising their friend wanted to do it alone for a reason and while he had no idea what that reason was, he wasn't going to get into a big discussion about it and he could tell that his boyfriend felt the same way.

"I won't be too long and er... well er... are you sure she will like it?" Tobias then decides to ask in a slightly unsure tone, he still had everyone's words running through his head about not doing this sort of thing, but on the other hand, he trusted his two friends with his life and if they thought it was a good idea and that Lily would definitely be impressed, then he would take their word for it.

"Honestly Tobias, it's just a picture and I think she will really like seeing you like that, I know I would if I were her." Carter answers sincerely, while reaching out to hold his boyfriends hand and despite knowing that he was still in trouble with him for earlier and that tomorrow he would know just how mad he actually was, he smiled as he felt his hand being held and squeezed affectionately.

"Okay, I will be back soon." Tobias quickly responds and to his two friends amusement, just as quickly scampers out of the room and up his friends stairs.

"Man he is so weird sometimes." Wesley then states, before giving his boyfriend a little pull, so that he can hold him in his arms.

"I know, but I wouldn't change anything about him." Carter responds with a smile, while enjoying his boyfriend holding him. "I'm really sorry about what happened Wesley." He then adds in a soft tone, before relaxing a little more, when he feels his boyfriends holding him a little tighter.

"I know, but we need to talk about it tomorrow, but you know I love you and we're good, but we still need to talk about it." Wesley responds in a caring tone, before just holding his boyfriend lovingly.

"He's going to be okay Mitch." Erica says in a caring tone, as she gently strokes his arm affectionately.

"I know, but it's just everything Erica, what he has been through and then with Ben and where the hell do you even start with Matt, it's just hard to stay strong for them all." Mitch responds in a slightly strained tone, he had done his best and he always will for the boys, but it was hard to be the rock and after this latest thing with his brother, he was struggling to keep himself together.

"Oh Honey, come here you big idiot." Erica then states, before pulling her boyfriend across the seats and cuddling him.

"I know, but I love them Erica and it's just hard." Mitch responds in a downhearted tone, he just wanted them to be happy and alright.

"They're happy Mitch and they're safe, so just concentrate on the positives okay." Erica then states in a reassuring tone, after leaning back from their embrace and smiling at him.

"He did seem really excited about this Lily girl, I think he might actually be in love." Mitch then decides to say in a more positive tone, he knew his girlfriend was right and he decided to take her advice and try to pick himself up.

"I'm not a hundred percent sure Mitch, but I think I might know who she is and if it is the same girl, then they will make the most adorable little couple and they might even rival Matt and Ben." Erica then decides to say and although she didn't know for sure, she was confident that the girl was the daughter of a friend of her families.

"Seriously? Well what's she like?" Mitch then asks in a curious tone, as he happily forgets about how down he had been a few moments ago and concentrate on finding out more about his brothers potential girlfriend.

"Honestly, if it is her, then she is sweet and really intelligent Mitch, I mean I wouldn't say she was on the same level as someone like Carter, but she knows what's what and is very picky about who she likes, I mean she will be polite, but she hasn't got much time for someone she feels is er... well I don't think she would actually use these words, but you know like obnoxious or rude people Mitch and well yeah, she likes honest and friendly people, who she can just talk to normally and I think Tobias is definitely someone who would get her attention." Erica answers as best as she can, she still wasn't sure if it was the same girl, but she was really hoping that it was her.

"Oh wow, well from what little he told us, they do sound like the same person and after the likes of Beth and those older girls, it's about time he met some of the decent girls out there." Mitch then states in a happy tone, before looking down at his watch.

"What time do you have to pick Jordan up?" Erica then decides to ask, she knew it was still hours away, but she was hoping that they would have a bit of time to have a little fun together.

"In a couple of hours, I'm going to take him for a quick bite to eat first and have a little talk with him." Mitch answers with a sweet smile, before leaning forward and kissing her for a few moments.

"I still can't believe you all said that he used to be a bit of a bully and a jerk, he is such a little sweetheart." Erica then states with a smile, she loved when he kissed her like that and was once again happy that she had gotten to know him, even if the circumstances that caused them to meet in the first place was less than ideal.

"Honestly, out of all Ben's friends, he was probably my least favourite Erica, I don't know what it was, but he wasn't someone I really liked and always seemed a little aggressive." Mitch then states honestly and although his opinion of the boy had changed completely, he was always honest about how he used to feel, which was down to a mixture of his own shame for thinking that way about such a young boy and also to show how much the boy had in fact changed.

"So he was always like that? Or was it just around the time when..." Erica then begins to ask, before trailing off for a few seconds. "Well you know, what happened with that pervert teacher?" She then finishes, after trying to choose her words carefully, she knew that it was something that none of them liked to bring up, let alone discuss and was just hoping that she wouldn't upset him.

"He was always a little off Erica, but yeah, I guess he was worse around that time, but recently, well he's been a little star, especially with Tobias and I'm happy to admit that I got him completely wrong for all those years." Mitch again answers honestly and although the mention of Mr Jones dampened his mood again, he wasn't going to dwell on it and was more than happy to praise Jordan up.

"He's also a little heart breaker in the making as well, although I was surprised that he and Carter used to date, I never got the feeling that he would do something like that." Erica then says, as she smiles at her boyfriend lovingly, she really did love him and even though they were having a sort of serious conversation, his beauty never failed to catch her attention.

"I think he genuinely loves Carter and Carter feels the same way, but it's more like brothers than anything else, plus boys tend to experiment a little as they grow up and while for Jordan it confirmed the fact he was straight, for Carter it just confirmed that he was gay, although I think he always knew that anyway." Mitch responds, before leaning forward and this time giving her a quick peck on the lips.

"So I take that as a confession that you have experimented as well?" Erica then asks in a playful tone and quickly grins when he starts to blush. "That's kind of hot." She then says, after taking his reaction as confirmation to her question.

"It's embarrassing." Mitch then says with a small smile, he had done a few things with his friends as they grew up together, but he wouldn't of thought that it could be considered hot now, especially his for his girlfriend.

"So what did you do?" Erica then asks in a genuinely curious tone, she knew that boys were different to girls as they grew up, but she still wasn't sure if everything she had heard was true or just rumours and was eager to find out if she could learn a little more about it.

"Seriously?" Mitch asks in response, he was hoping that she was just messing around and thought she was, but from the tone of her voice, he suddenly realised that she was dead serious about it.

"Well I don't want too much detail Mitch and for you to betray any promises and that kind of thing." Erica answers with a smile. "But let's head inside, because if you play your cards right, well you will see." She then adds with a smirk, before opening the car door and getting out.

"I love you, you know that." Mitch then states after getting out of the car and taking her hand, before walking towards her flat.

"I love you too, but I want to know which boys you loved too." Erica then responds with a a playful grin, before chuckling a little bit at his expression.

"You're worse than the boys." Mitch then grumbles, as they continue to walk together.

"Which ones, your brothers and their friends or your boyfriends from when you were a little boy?" Erica then quickly asks with a straight face, before grinning widely as he coughs in surprise.

"All of them combined." Mitch quickly retorts and grins after seeing her look at him in surprise, just as they reach the flat and couldn't help but feel proud at turning the tables on her.

"Come on, before I have to start getting ready to go out." Erica then states with a shake of the head and although she loved teasing him, she also loved when he managed to turn the tables on her and it was one of the many, many reasons that she loved him with all her heart.

"I think this is my favourite song that you've sung to me." Ben says as he gently sways with his boyfriend, they had been in each others arms for a couple of songs now and he could stay like this forever for all he cared.

"It was the only song I could think of at the time, that I thought would make you feel better." Matt responds with a smile, before giving his boyfriends neck a couple of kisses.

"It was beautiful, just like you." Ben then says, before leaning backwards a little bit. "I really do love you." He then says, before kissing his boyfriend lovingly.

"You're my angel Ben, I love my mum with all my heart, but you're the reason I'm still here and I love you so much." Matt then says from the heart, before leaning in for another loving kiss.

"We really need to learn to dance though, this swaying thing is really sexy and I like being up against you, but we totally suck at actually dancing." Ben then decides to say, as he thinks about getting married and while he truly thought that them swaying together felt great, he knew that they should at least learn how to do a proper dance.

"Well as long as I don't have to twirl around or jump about, then I don't mind learning." Matt responds with a loving smile and while he wasn't really bothered about learning to dance, he could see that for some reason it meant a lot to his boyfriend, so while he wasn't going to say no, he wanted to make sure that his boyfriend remembered that with his hip and foot, he would be limited to what he could actually learn.

"Well I can promise no jumping, but I can't do anything about twirling, there has to be some twirling," Ben then states with a happy smile, before pulling his boyfriend back into his body and enjoys just swaying together again.

"As long as I'm in the arms of my angel, I can do some twirling." Matt then states as he can't resist referencing the song and he can't help but smile when he sees his boyfriends eyes light up.

"I love your singing voice Matt and you sing this one so nice and it just makes me feel so safe and loved." Ben then says in a sincere tone, he hadn't heard the song that many times since his boyfriend has comforted him with it, but every time he did, he imagined his boyfriend singing it to him and it just meant so much to him.

"That's how you make me feel all the time Ben." Matt responds, before leaning his head back a little and kisses him passionately.

"Where's your suit Tobias?" Carter asks in a surprised tone and can't help but look at his friend in bemusement.

"Never mind his suit, why aren't you wearing anything?" Wesley then quickly asks in a shocked tone and even though their friend was wearing his superhero briefs, it was still a shock and he didn't understand why he had taken his suit off.

"I couldn't be bothered to put it back on, it takes too long." Tobias answers with a smile, before deciding to sit down on one of the arm chairs, while his two friends look at each other in confusion.

"If it takes too long, then why did you take the suit off?" Carter then asks in a confused tone, before giving his boyfriend another quick glance and seeing him shrug his shoulders.

"So I could take the picture to send to Lily." Tobias answers with a smile, although he was starting to wonder what his friends problem was, it was obvious they were confused, but he had no idea why, because it was their idea.

"Say what?" Wesley then quickly asks in a slightly horrified tone and quickly looked to his boyfriend and could see that he was coming to the same realization as himself.

"I sent Lily the picture, just like you told me to." Tobias answers in a confused tone and again he found himself wondering why his friends were acting so strange.

"You sent her a picture of yourself in your underwear?" Carter then asks in a concerned tone and could only imagine what Lily was going to think after opening that message and seeing him like that.

"No." Tobias responds with a slightly annoyed expression, because his friends were acting very strange and he didn't get why they were asking him all these questions, especially since it was their idea in the first place.

"Oh thank god." Wesley then states in a relieved tone, after all his effort earlier to get Lily to hopefully reconsider only being friends with their friend, he would have been gutted if his friend had blown it by doing something that stupid.

"Wait! Oh fucking hell Tobias, please tell me you didn't." Carter then quickly states in a horrified tone and ignores the confused look on his boyfriends face, because he had just worked out what their friend had done and he couldn't believe it.

"I just did what you told me to." Tobias then states in a slightly worried tone, he was a little unsure that he should send Lily a photo like that, but his friends had told him that it would be alright and now they were acting like they didn't know what he did, which just totally confused him.

"What did he..." Wesley then begins to ask, after turning to his boyfriend, before trailing off and gasping. "Oh my god Tobias, you sent her a naked picture, didn't you?" He then asks their friend, after turning back to him in horror.

"But you told me to." Tobias responds in a scared tone, because he was starting to realise that he had obviously misunderstood his friends and even as he started thinking about the whole thing, he could feel himself blushing. "You told me to." He then repeats in a quiet tone.

"We told you to send her a picture of you in your suit Tobias, not to take your clothes off and send her a naked picture." Wesley quickly states in an almost despairing tone and could tell straight away that their friend was now realising his mistake.

"But I sent her a picture of me naked and she will see my willy." Tobias then states in a stunned tone, before quickly giving both his friends a sad and pleading look.

"Well maybe she hasn't opened..." Carter then begins to say in a reassuring tone, before being interrupted by the sound of his boyfriends phone ringing.

"Oh shit." Wesley then says, after seeing who was calling him and could only look at his boyfriend with concern.

"Come on Tobias, you need to get dressed, Wesley's mum is still here and you don't want her to see you in your underwear do you." Carter then suggests as he turns to his friend, he knew who was calling his boyfriend and he knew that it would be best to get their friend out of the room and distracted for a little while.

"Am I a bad person?" Tobias then asks, while letting his friend lead him out of the room by his hand.

"You're not a bad person Tobias, you're an idiot, but then we all are, so er... well don't worry, let's just get you dressed." Carter responds with a caring smile and although he knew that he needed to talk to him about this in a few moments time, he was happy to at least see that he wasn't getting upset, while he gives his boyfriend, who he could see was talking on his phone a loving smile.

"I think you have some hair." Peter states in a distracted tone, he was exploring his boyfriends body and he could see a little bit of hair on his arm pits.

"Everyone has hair you moron." Alex quickly retorts as reads the takeaway menu, he was content to let his boyfriend explore his body, but his comment quickly distracted him and he couldn't help but roll his eyes at his comment.

"Shut up! I meant that you have some hair on your arm pits." Peter then quickly states, before grinning in bemusement as his boyfriend quickly lowers the menu and gives him a surprised look.

"Seriously?" Alex quickly asks in an excited tone, he checked himself a lot recently, but hadn't done it for a few days now and couldn't help but feel proud of himself.

"Yeah, I mean it's just like a couple, but they are definitely hairs." Peter responds in an intrigued tone, before getting a naughty idea. "Here look, I will show you one." He then states in a mischievous, before plucking one of his boyfriends arm pit hairs out and holding it up for him to see.

"Oh you fucking prick!" Alex then quickly states in a slightly annoyed tone, after yelping in surprise and was about to jump on top of his boyfriend, before noticing what he was holding and couldn't help but smile proudly. "I have arm pit arm." He then states in an amazed tone, he knew all about puberty and how everyone was different, but he was a little worried that he would be one of those late bloomers, but seeing the little tiny hair in his boyfriends fingers, just filled him with pride.

"This is so cool, let me see if you have any pube hair." Peter then says in an excited tone, before quickly shuffling down the bed and inspecting his boyfriends groin area.

"You mean pubes." Alex responds in an amused tone, before just watching and enjoying his boyfriend inspecting his groin for any hair and while he doubted he had any, he couldn't help but be a little excited.

"Huh?" Peter asks in a slightly distracted tone, he wasn't sure why his boyfriend had said that and while he was more interested in his body, he still wanted to know what he meant.

"They're called pubes or pubic hair, it's not called pube hair." Alex explains in a caring tone, he just loved his boyfriend and while he often forgot how innocent he was about this sort of stuff, it just made him love him even more.

"Oh, okay, I wasn't fair away." Peter states in response and despite being a little gutted that he couldn't see any hair, he quickly got a better idea and grinned to himself.

"Oh shit Peter." Alex then states as he feels himself being sucked and quickly feels himself harden inside his boyfriends mouth. "Slow down, please." He then says in a soft and pleading tone, he loved when his boyfriend did this, but he preferred for him to go a little slower.

"It's weird how penises taste." Peter then says in a curious tone, after letting his boyfriends now twitching boner out of his mouth.

"What?" Alex can't help but ask in response, although as amusing as his boyfriends words were, he was now horny. "Peter, please." He then states as he looks down his body and towards his boyfriend, with a pleading look.

"Sixty Nine?" Peter decides to ask with a hopeful smile and straight away he can see his boyfriends light up and quickly kisses his way back up his boyfriends body.

"We need to order our takeaway first." Alex then reluctantly states, after his boyfriend finishes kissing his way up his body.

"Do we have to?" Peter then asks in a slightly disappointed tone, he was really horny now and he could tell that his boyfriend was feeling the same way.

"We just have to order, it will take like an hour to get here." Alex answers with a little smirk and quickly pulls his boyfriends head down and kisses him for a few moments.

"Okay, I want BBQ spare ribs and chips, with er... some crispy... no some er... yeah some crispy duck stuff." Peter then states with a slightly shy giggle and he could tell that his boyfriend was trying not to laugh at him and thought it was funny, if not a little mean at the same time.

"Some crispy duck stuff." Alex repeats in an amused tone, he just loved how random his boyfriend could be and along with his innocence and clumsiness, he just thought he was perfect in every way and wouldn't want him to change one bit.

"Well, what are you having then?" Peter then asks, as he tries to ignore his boyfriends attempts to mock him, even though he loved when he does it, but he didn't want him to realise it, just in case he went over the top and took it too far.

"I don't know, probably just one of their meal deals." Alex responds with a grin, before getting another idea as he reaches over to his phone. "So do I have any pubes yet?" He then asks in a casual tone, while secretly hoping that his boyfriend would do what he did earlier and end up giving him another blow job.

"Huh? What?" Peter quickly responds, before remembering what he had been doing a few minutes ago. "I don't think so, but I'm going to check again." He then states, before deciding to kiss his way back down his boyfriends body, just to tease him a little bit while he is trying to order their takeaway.

"Love you." Alex then says, before dialling the takeaway and smiling down at his boyfriend.

"Love you too." Peter states, before taking his boyfriends boner into his mouth, after instantly forgetting what he was actually meant to be doing.

"So er... hey Lily, you okay?" Wesley asks nervously, because although he couldn't know for sure why she was calling, it didn't take a genius to take a guess and despite being on the phone, he couldn't help but blush and wonder how he was going to explain what Tobias had done.

"Not really, I mean er... well I'm okay, but er... it's Tobias and he kind of did something." Lily responds in a slightly hesitant, because although she knew that Tobias was sleeping over at his house, she couldn't be sure if he was there now and she didn't want to tell him what Tobias had done, if he had no idea about it and was already regretting calling him.

"Oh god, I was really hoping he was playing some weird joke on us." Wesley then states in a dejected tone and any hope that his friend hadn't really sent a naked picture of himself to her, had just been taken away as soon as he heard the tone of her voice.

"Why would he send me that Wesley? I just don't get it." Lily then asks after getting her confirmation that he did know and know she just wanted to try and understand what their friend was thinking.

"Oh, well er... it's kind of our fault, well more mine, but Carter's as well." Wesley answers, after deciding to just be honest and not make this conversation any more awkward than it already was by trying to lie.

"Your fault? You didn't tell him to do it did you?" Lily then asks in a slightly annoyed tone, although as she thinks about what he had said a few moments ago, she knew that if they did, then they didn't do it on purpose and also knowing Tobias, she knew that he didn't quite understand everything he was told and even with her, he had misunderstood what she had meant a couple of times.

"It's awkward to explain, but I'm going to send you a picture Lily, so hang up and open it, then phone me back and then I will explain okay." Wesley responds in a more confident tone, he was still embarrassed and he knew that his boyfriend was probably talking to their friend right now about what he had done, which as he thought about it, was probably a lot worse than the conversation he was having now and could feel himself relaxing a little bit in relief.

"Okay, I guess." Lily says in a less than convinced tone, before hanging up and waiting for him to send her the picture and can only hope that she wasn't falling for some prank the boys were playing, before hearing her phone beep and sees that he had sent her a picture, which she then opens a little hesitantly, before feeling herself blush a little bit as she sees Tobias in a suit and despite everything else, she couldn't help but smile and admire how handsome he looked.

"So er... did you open it?" Wesley asks after answering his phone and despite feeling a bit stupid for asking such an obvious question, he was still feeling nervous about this whole conversation.

"Yeah and he looks really handsome Wesley, but I don't see what that has to do with what he sent..." Lily then begins to answer, before pausing for a few seconds. "Wait, was he meant to send me that picture, but sent the er... well the other one by accident?" She then asks in a slightly relieved tone, because while she really didn't mind the picture, in fact she couldn't help but keep looking at it and just confirmed that he was definitely the kind of boy she wanted to date, she wasn't quite so happy about him sending her those kind of pictures in the first place and it did cause her to rethink her decision about dating him.

"Well er... sort of Lily." Wesley answers in a slightly awkward tone and knew while the picture his friend had sent was an accident, it wasn't because he accidentally sent the wrong one.

"Sort of?" Lily then asks in a baffled tone, she couldn't see how it could sort of be true, it was one or the other and she just found herself being confused by the whole conversation again.

"Well the picture I sent you is one I took of Tobias when he first came round mine, so we suggested that he send you a photo of himself, because well he looked really good and we thought you would like it, but well he must have got confused or something, because he asked to go to my bedroom to take the picture and for us to stay downstairs, which was a little weird, but well it's Tobias, so well we're used to him being a little weird." Wesley starts to explain, before pausing to take a breath for a few seconds, it was harder to explain than he thought it would be and was just hoping he wasn't making a complete mess of it.

"Oh my god, he thought you meant send me a naked picture, instead of a picture of him in his suit." Lily then states in a mixture of amusement and shock, after realising what he was going to say and deciding to save him trying to explain it himself.

"We're so sorry Lily, we should have realised that something was wrong when he wanted to take the picture alone and then when he came back downstairs in his underwear, well honestly Lily, we're so sorry and I know he didn't mean to do anything wrong..." Wesley then begins to apologise, but is interrupted before he can finish.

"It's okay Wesley, but I need you to promise me that he didn't do it on purpose, I mean I like him Wesley, I like him a lot and well the picture was really nice, but we're twelve and I don't want us sending naked pictures of ourselves to each other and well doing that kind of stuff, so I need you to be honest with me." Lily states in a firm and serious tone and again, while she really liked what she saw and was definitely keeping the picture, she was too young to be in that kind of relationship and needed reassurance that Tobias wouldn't be expecting them to be doing that kind of thing together.

"I promise Lily, I mean thinking back, he even asked us if we were sure he should send you the picture, so he knew that it was unusual, but he trusts us and we were just too dumb to realise that he misunderstood us, I mean he isn't like er... well you know right? I mean what we talked about earlier Lily, you know that he isn't like everyone else." Wesley answers honestly in a slightly embarrassed tone, because he knew that he and his boyfriend had messed up and that in doing so, could have cost their friend a chance to have a girlfriend.

"I know and I really like him Wesley and I can't believe how good he looks er... well he looked really handsome in the suit." Lily then states in a happy tone, before sighing a little in relief after nearly being a little too honest.

"Oh er... wow, so you liked what you er... well he is nice to look at isn't he." Wesley then states, before face palming himself for saying something so stupid and just hoped he hadn't made things any worse.

"He's perfect, but well er... he isn't like upset or well er... I don't know, I mean can you tell him that as long as he doesn't do it again, I'm not angry and well I will talk to him tomorrow please?" Lily then asks after feeling herself blushing and again found herself wanting to look at the picture again, he just looked so sexy and she had never had the chance to really look at a boy like that before and she definitely liked what she saw.

"Sure and thank you so much Lily, I just thought we had messed up and if you got angry with him, then it would have just hurt him so much, but er... you aren't going to like, oh shit, I mean he sent you a naked photo, can you like delete it please?" Wesley then asks in a pleading tone, after answering her question, he just knew that if that picture got out, it would not only hurt his friend, but he knew that it would affect Matt as well, he knew how he felt about the videos and pictures Mr Jones took of him being on the internet, so he just knew that he would freak if something like that happened to his brother.

"I er... why?" Lily answers after hesitating for a few moments, before quickly blushing as she realises that she had basically admitted to not wanting to delete the photo.

"Oh man, Carter is going to kick my arse for making a mess of this." Wesley then mumbles to himself. "Just promise that you won't ever let anyone else see it Lily, I know you wouldn't, but it would just hurt Tobias and Matt too much and I can't let that happen." He then states in a serious and slightly pleading tone, after realising that she probably didn't want to delete it and in any other situation, he would find it amusing, but his two friends were too important to make a joke about this.

"What does Matt have to do with the picture?" Lily then asks in a curious tone, she could see why Tobias would get upset and for that reason alone, she was going to save the picture to her computer in a safe file and delete it from her phone, but she didn't see why it would hurt his brother.

"Oh shit, I'm so dead..." Wesley states in a frustrated tone, before trailing off for a few seconds. "Please just trust me Lily, they're my friends and they've been through enough and I don't want to see them hurt again, please." He then states in a sad and vulnerable tone, he hadn't felt vulnerable for a very long time, but he could feel himself shaking a little bit and he just couldn't bare his two friends getting hurt and just hoped that she wouldn't do something like that.

"I promise Wesley." Lily then quickly responds. "Are you okay?" She then decides to asks in a concerned tone, she could here his voice tremble a little bit and she couldn't help but be a little worried, he didn't seem like the kind of boy who got upset easily.

"I'm okay, it's just I love them Lily and the thought of them being hurt gets to me sometimes, but I'm okay, I promise." Wesley then responds after a few moments of silence, he didn't think she would be able to tell that he was upset over the phone and while he was a little embarrassed, it actually made him like her even more and he couldn't think of a better girl for his friend to fall in love with.

"Okay and I promise that no one else will see the picture, but well, you know for yourself Wesley, there is no way I'm giving that picture up and I'm going to have the picture of him in his suit as my phones back round picture." Lily then decides to say in a more upbeat tone, after feeling bad about getting him upset and while it was a little bit his fault for their friend sending the picture, she could tell that it was an accident and just hoped she could cheer him up a little with what she said.

"He is perfect and looks a lot like Carter body wise er... shit, please don't tell Carter I just said that, he will probably kill me about this conversation anyway, so er... shit, you don't mind if I go do you? I think I hear them coming down the stairs." Wesley responds with a nervous laugh, he knew she was trying to lighten the mood and appreciated it, but it also caught him off guard a little bit and he knew he had just basically told her what his boyfriend looked like naked and knew that despite how confident his boyfriend was now, he wasn't that confident and knew he wouldn't be happy with him.

"You're so funny, see you later Wesley." Lily responds with a grin and although she was still a little bothered by the picture being sent in the first place, she definitely liked it and even the suit picture was nice and she liked them both for very different reasons.

"Bye Lily." Wesley states, before hanging up and sitting down for a rest.

"Want to take a bath?" Matt decides to asks in a seductive tone, or at least what he hoped was a seductive tone, neither he or his boyfriend had quite mastered how to talk dirty and stuff to each other yet and more often than not, they both just ended up giggling at each others attempts.

"I like it here." Ben responds in a contented tone, he was just so comfortable being in his boyfriends arms and wasn't in any hurry to let go.

"Me too, but I really want to take a bath together." Matt then states, but this time starts to nibble his boyfriends neck and cant help but enjoy the sound of his boyfriends little moans.

"Just one more song?" Ben then manages to ask, he was finding it almost impossible to say no to his boyfriend and especially with him nibbling his neck, but he didn't want the night to go too fast and he was still thinking about the perfect moment to propose, before smiling happily as the next song plays and knew that if his boyfriend was going to try and protest before, he wasn't going to now.

"Aww man, you totally planned that." Matt then states in an amused tone, after recognising the song and despite the events which lead up to that point, it was another special moment between them both and there was no way he was going anywhere, well at least until it finished.

"I wish, but I remember when I sung this to you, you looked so lost when I walked into that room and I knew I had been far away from you for too long." Ben responds in a sincere tone, before leaning back a little and looking into his boyfriends sparkling green eyes. "I really couldn't live without you Matt and I knew I needed to do something special to show you how sorry I was." He then adds with a smile, before giving his boyfriend a quick but loving peck on the lips.

"Sorry? What did you have to be sorry about? It was my fault and..." Matt then begins to ask, before being cut off as he feels his boyfriends lips against his own and despite wanting to tell him how it was his fault, he couldn't resist and quickly returned the kiss.

"We both fucked up, but my point is, this song just let me tell you exactly how I felt, well maybe not exactly, but it was pretty damn close." Ben then states with a small grin, after leaning back from the kiss and enjoying the look on his boyfriends face.

"You sound so good as well, I love the tone of your voice when you sing." Matt then says in response, before giving his boyfriend a couple of loving pecks on the lips. "I'm sorry for scaring you, well everyone like that." He then adds with a shy look, he knew that he had scared everyone after trying to kill himself and knew that he had been selfish and while everyone had forgiven him, he still felt ashamed of himself for it.

"You were an idiot and if you ever do something like that again, I will smack you over the head, but it wasn't all your fault Matt and can we talk about something else please?" Ben responds in an honest tone, as he tries to move away from any heavy conversations, they had plenty of time to get into those any other day, but this was their first anniversary and he didn't want either of them getting sad or upset.

"I promise." Matt responds with a smile. "Is there a tape measure here?" He then asks in a mischievous tone, before grinning at the look of confusion on his boyfriends face.

"I er... well there might be." Ben responds in a slightly confused tone. "Why?" He then asks in a curious tone, as he wonders why his boyfriend wanted with a tape measure.

"I want to see how big we are, we never measure ourselves and I want to know." Matt responds with a naughty grin, before giggling shyly at his boyfriends expression.

"Hmm, want to make it interesting?" Ben then asks in a playful tone and can already think of a few ways to have some fun with his boyfriends idea.

"What do you have in mind?" Matt then asks in response, before pressing back up against his boyfriend and begins to sway again.

"We can measure the er... length and the er... what's it called? The fatness? And then we can measure our balls and whoever has the biggest in two of the three wins." Ben suggests in a slightly unsure tone, after struggling to remember the actual word people use to say how fat a penis is.

"Ha, you're so lame, it's girth you dumb ass, but yeah, I like it, but what does the winner get?" Matt then asks in an amused tone, he just never got tired of teasing his boyfriend whenever he got the chance and even enjoyed when it was the other way around and it just made him believe that they were soul mates even more than he already did.

"If you win all three, the loser has to do anything you want for a week, if you win two out of three, it's just for this weekend." Ben responds in a slightly unsure tone, he knew if he had planned this, he could have come up with something special, but with the proposal still on his mind, he couldn't think fast enough to come up with anything better on the spot.

"When you say anything, does that just mean sex stuff? Or everything?" Matt then decides to ask in a curious tone, after realising that his boyfriend didn't have time to come up with something really good and getting an idea of his own to spice it up a little bit.

"Everything I guess, why, what are you thinking?" Ben then asks in an intrigued tone, although as he feels something hard poking against him, he can't help but feel himself reacting as well and quickly starts to nibble his boyfriends neck.

"Well if it's for a week, how about we go all out and the winner gets to pick what we wear, eat and where we go?" Matt suggests in response, although he can't help but moan out in pleasure as he feels his neck being nibbled and the feeling of his boyfriends boner against his own, just made it even better.

"Deal." Ben responds in an excited tone and despite being tempted to say that they can't make the other do something they don't want to, he knew that neither would do that anyway and that it didn't need to be said out loud.

"Can we do it now?" Matt then asks as he pulls away slightly from his boyfriend, with a cheeky grin.

"Let's take some pictures first, I know your mum wanted some of us together and you on your own, you know, without your blindfold on and then we can go run a bath and measure each other." Ben suggests in response with a smile, before reluctantly moving away from his boyfriend to get his phone.

"Okay." Matt quickly responds with a loving smile, he just loved how thoughtful his boyfriend was, because he hadn't even thought about getting a picture and especially for his mum and quickly tried to straighten his suit out, so that it would be a nice picture.

"How did it go?" Carter asks as he walks into the living room hand in hand with his friend.

"Well it's..." Wesley then begins to answer, before pausing as he looks up to his boyfriend and friend. "Where are your clothes?" He then asks in a surprised tone, he could have almost understood their friend still being in his underwear, but he couldn't believe his boyfriend would have stripped down as well.

"It's a long story." Carter quickly answers with a sigh, before rolling his eyes a little at his boyfriends expression.

"I bet him that my willy was smaller than his and I won." Tobias then states happily, as he stands in front of his friend with a grin.

"Okay, so not that long of a story." Carter then states with a shake of the head, he had only agreed to the bet to cheer his friend up, although if he had known what his friend would make him do, he would definitely have reconsidered playing along.

"Well as funny as it is, my mum is home and I don't think she wants..." Wesley then starts to say, before trailing off after seeing his mum appear in the doorway.

"What?" Carter decides to ask in a confused tone, after his boyfriend trailed off and he couldn't help but be a little curious.

"Where are your clothes boys?" Mary asks in a bemused tone, she had heard voices after coming in from the garden and couldn't resist popping her head in after hearing Tobias, but she wasn't expecting to see two of them in their underwear and was especially surprised by Carter.

"They made a bet with each other Mum, but er... can we leave it at that please?" Wesley quickly asks after answering his mum's question and despite being a little tempted to have a little fun at his boyfriend and friends expense, he knew that it was the wrong time and he hoped his mum wouldn't be too embarrassing.

"I see and you weren't a part of this bet?" Mary then decides to ask with a warm smile, as he nods at her. "I see, well when you have the house to yourselves for a few hours later, you can wear or not wear what you like around the house, but I would prefer you to at least put some less revealing clothes on boys or go to Wesley's room please." She then states in a firm, but relaxed tone, she wasn't angry or anything and actually found both boys being in their little briefs adorably cute, but she would prefer that they were dressed while being downstairs.

"Sorry Mrs Fisher." Carter quickly apologises as he quickly covers the front of his briefs with his hands and can't help but blush.

"Sorry Mrs Fisher." Tobias then decides to say as well, although he wasn't too bothered about being seen in his underwear right now, he was still feeling like a complete moron for sending Lily a naked picture of himself and knew that he was going to struggle to look her in the eye again.

"Well first off, it's Mary okay boys." Mary states in a semi serious tone and smiles when both boys nod. "Secondly, Carter you can move your hands, I've seen you with less on than that and I'm not going to be looking at you like that, so quit blushing and being so embarrassed." She then states in an amused tone and can't help but smile sweetly at the small boys expression, especially since he really had no reason to be shy, he was a little cutiepie and just needed to be a little more confident about himself.

"It's still embarrassing and I kind of forgot you were home Mary." Carter then states in a quiet tone, he would have definitely not gone through with the bet if he had remembered that his boyfriends mum was still home, but in all the confusion and drama with their friend, he had just plain forgotten.

"He's got a nice body and I like his..." Tobias then begins to say, but is quickly interrupted.

"Okay, let's get you two to my room." Wesley quickly states in a slightly panicked tone, after quickly guessing what his friend was going to say and just knew how awkward that would be.

"I think that is a wise idea Son." Mary then states in a mixture of amusement and relief, she had a fair idea of what the boy was going to say and she definitely didn't need to be in a conversation about that kind of thing and was more than happy with her sons suggestion for them to head to his room and out of her way.

"Was I stupid again?" Tobias then asks, as he finds himself being lead out of his friends living room and back upstairs.

"Almost, but we wouldn't change you for the world Tobias." Wesley responds as they make it to the top of the stairs, before heading to his room.

"Does Lily still like me Wesley?" Tobias then decides to ask in a hopeful tone, Carter had reassured him, but knowing that he had actually talked to her, he knew that he would be able to tell him for sure.

"You're just lucky that you're so hot Tobias, because I think she really liked what she saw." Wesley responds with a little shake of the head, after seeing his boyfriend heading straight over to his chest of draws and pulling out a pair of shorts, while their friend just sat on his bed, without making any attempt to put any more clothes on.

"She liked my willy and stuff?" Tobias then quickly asks in an excited tone, he had been worried that he had blown his chances for good this time, but his friends answer gave him hope and also caused him to feel a little proud of his body.

"Oh god, now look what you did Wesley, you moron." Carter then states, with a roll of the eyes as he sees their friend slipping a hand into his briefs.

"Get your hand out of your briefs Tobias, there's plenty of time for that when we have the house to ourselves." Wesley then states in an amused tone and can't help but chuckle at the look on their friends face and it was obvious that he had no idea that he was playing with himself.

"So what did Lily say?" Carter then asks, after deciding to try and get back to what they were talking about and not their friend touching himself.

"Yeah, did she like my willy?" Tobias then quickly adds with a slightly embarrassed expression, he had found himself playing with himself without realising it more and more over the past few weeks and despite trying his best, he never seemed to be able to stop himself doing it.

"Well she wasn't happy that you sent her the picture Tobias and I'm pretty sure if you did it again, she would never speak to you again." Wesley answers honestly, but after feeling himself being nudged in the ribs by his boyfriend, he realises that he was a little too blunt about it. "But she isn't angry with you Tobias and she pretty much admitted to finding it really nice to look at, so yeah, she likes you and I guess that means all of you now." He then adds quickly, after seeing their friend looking a little down with his initial response and can't help but smile in relief after seeing him smiling now.

"Cool, I like my body and er... I guess my willy really isn't too small." Tobias then states with a big grin, before reaching down again without realising it.

"Oh for the love of god." Wesley then says in an amused tone, before shaking his head at their friend. "Carter get him some shorts and a top and I will hold him down." He then states with a grin, which widens when he sees that his boyfriend knows what he wanted to do.

"Huh?" Tobias then quickly asks in a confused tone, before feeling himself being pushed on to his back and held down by his friend. "Hey!" He then protests as he struggles against his friend, but even when they had play fights, he was no match for how strong his friend was, but he wasn't going to give up and kept trying to get free.

"Ha, he's got a boner." Carter then states in an amused tone, before struggling to get his friends feet into the shorts.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Tobias then asks in a surprised and confused tone, as he feels something being pulled over and past his feet and then legs, while he continues struggling to get free.

"It's like strip wrestling, but in reverse." Wesley responds in a teasing tone and although there is no chance his friend was going to get free, he was surprised with how much stronger he was getting over the past month and like his boyfriend, he was definitely benefiting from letting their friend Alex give him some personal training.

"Hey! Get off my willy." Tobias then calls out as he feels himself being squeezed and instinctively tries to buck his hips to get free.

"Ha! Got you." Carter then calls out in a satisfied tone as he pulls his friends shorts under his bum and all the way up, before doing them up. "Now for the top." He then states and smiles at his boyfriend, because he couldn't believe how fun this actually was, they had stripped each other and their friend plenty of times, but this was the first time they had forcedly dressed someone and it was surprisingly fun.

"You're cheating." Tobias then whines, as he feels his friend shifting on top of him, before his other friend pulls one of his arms out and then over his head.

"We might dress you like this all the time from now on Tobias." Wesley then teases, as he basically smoothers is smaller friends body and effectively immobilising him, while he watches his boyfriend getting each of their friends arms into the top one at a time.

"I get you back, you Smelly Heads." Tobias then states in a frustrated tone, as he feels the top being pulled over his head and then down his chest.

"You're so sexy." Carter then states in a playful tone, as he lays across his boyfriends bed, so that he can look down at their friends face from above.

"He is just so cute." Wesley then says, after deciding to join in with his boyfriends teasing of their friend and he can't help but chuckle at his expression.

"Hey! Get off or I'm going to er... well, I'm going to beat you both up." Tobias then threatens in a less than convincing tone, as he again tries to struggle free, but with his friend on top of him like he was and with his other friend basically holding his arms above his head with his body, he knew he wasn't going anywhere.

"We're going to miss being able to do this." Carter then states in a sincere tone, after giving his boyfriend a long look and despite being happy for their friend and being in love with each other, they were finding it hard to accept that this was probably the last time they would ever be able to fool around with their friend like this again.

"I'm not going..." Tobias then starts to respond in a confused tone, before being stopped mid sentence by his friends lips pressing against his own and despite his feelings and excitement over Lily, he quickly returned the kiss and suddenly realised what his friend had meant by missing him and felt the same way.

"Don't hog him, you moron." Carter then states in a playful tone, before quickly pulling his boyfriends head away from their friends and taking his turn in kissing him.

"Oh you're such a prick." Wesley then states with an amused grin, before sitting up and settling for straddling their friends hips and sliding the top they had just forced on to him up, so that he could get to his nipples and quickly leans forward and begins to suck and nibble on them.

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