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The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 17

October 2015

"Because I want to know Jim." Mitch states in a serious tone, they had been talking for a few minutes on the phone, while he waited in his car for Jordan to get ready and he was getting a little frustrated with his friend.

"Oh, I'm sorry Dad, I didn't realise I had to tell you where I was going any more." Jim responds sarcastically, while he checks himself in the mirror and while it was a little annoying, he actually enjoyed their little banter and his friend did this every time he went on one of these blind dates.

"Oh quit it you moron, you know how I feel about these stupid dates you go on and you know that I'm right." Mitch retorts in a matter of fact tone and despite the conversation being a little pointless, he couldn't stop himself from worrying and just had to hope his friend would listen eventually one of these days.

"Jeez, now I know where Carter got it from, you two ganging up on me or something?" Jim then states in an amused tone, while walking back to his room to check on a few things.

"Carter? No but come on Jim, if a fucking twelve year old is telling you the same thing that I am, doesn't that tell you something about what you're doing?" Mitch quickly counters and can't help but smirk a little bit as his friend falls silent for a few moments, which he takes as him not being able to think of some smart arse retort.

"He's a smart kid." Jim then says as he sits down on his bed and despite wanting to play down the situation, his friend made a good point and he was definitely going to make some changes to his life style. "But you know me Mitch, a dates a date and I don't stand people up." He then adds in a slightly hesitant tone.

"I guess not..." Mitch then states in a slightly frustrated tone, before noticing Jordan looking out of his front door and quickly signals him to give him a few more minutes. "Jim at least tell me which hotel you're going to be at." He then asks, as he decides to try one more time to get his friend to tell him.

"Hotel? Jeez Mitch, it's a blind date for one off sex, you think that I'm going to shell out for a hotel?" Jim quickly responds in an amused tone, before getting up and looking through his wardrobe and smiling.

"Fine, motel, park bench, behind a skip Jim, you going to tell me where it is or not?" Mitch retorts in a less than impressed tone and can't help but sigh after hearing his friend chuckling and he knew that he wasn't taking this seriously again.

"It's a motel, but that's all you're getting, so give it up Mitch and anyway, aren't you taking a romantic run in the park with your new boyfriend soon?" Jim then asks in a teasing tone and despite actually having second thoughts about this date again, he had made up his mind to go through with it and hoped he could get his friend to lay off him a bit, by bringing up his run with one of his brothers friends.

"You're sick, you know that Jim, just sick." Mitch responds with a shake of the head, before noticing Jordan standing at the front door again and this time waves him over, it was obvious his friend wasn't going to listen and he didn't want to keep the boy waiting any longer.

"You know it Mitch." Jim responds in a distracted tone as he pulls out a couple of shirts to try on.

"And a prick, you're a prick Jim." Mitch then adds with a shake of the head, just as he sees Jordan climbing into the passenger side seat.

"Hey Jim, can you piss off, the raging homo is meant to be taking me for something to eat and then for a run and you're going to make us late." Jordan quickly states with a massive grin, after snatching the phone from the older boys hand and he couldn't help but find his expression hilarious.

"Ah Jordan, a man after my own heart." Jim states in response, after chuckling at the young boys words and couldn't help but wish he could see his friends face right now.

"Ha! But can you do me a favour Jim?" Jordan then asks in a fake serious tone, before giving Mitch a quick wink.

"Sure, what do you need?" Jim asks in response, as he picks out some jeans for himself to wear later.

"Fuck off, because I'm starving." Jordan quickly answers, before cracking up with laughter, just as he feels the phone being snatched out of his hand.

"I swear he is like a mini version of you Jim." Mitch then states as he tries to ignore the boy laughing his arse off.

"Honestly, he's fucking hilarious Mitch, but where the hell did he learn about you being a raging homo?" Jim can't help but ask in a curious tone and even though he found it hilarious, he did wonder how a twelve year old would of heard about that little joke.

"Probably from... Oh fuck off Jim and seriously, you better quit with that shit." Mitch then responds with a shake of the head, it may be funny, well it was hilarious and he had to give his friend credit, but it was getting a bit old now and if the boys were starting to hear about it, then it was definitely going too far now.

"Yeah, it was fun, but as immature as I am, it's a bit wrong when kids our brothers ages are hearing about it." Jim responds after thinking about it for a few moments and while he would love to keep the joke going, he knew that it was getting a bit out of hand now and knew it was time to move on.

"Got that right, but I better get going, I promised this little prick some food and I don't want to leave it too late." Mitch then states with a grin, as he grins at the young boy sitting next to him.

"No problem and before you ask, because I know you will, I will give you a call when I'm on my way to the motel Mitch." Jim then states with a smirk, he knew his friend was going to ask him and he just thought he would get in first and save him the trouble.

"You better, now see you later Prick." Mitch quickly responds, before just as quickly hanging up with a smug smile.

"You're so different around Jim." Jordan then states in a slightly amused tone, the older boy was so mature and sensible when he was with them, that it was interesting and funny to see him acting differently around adults.

"How do you mean?" Mitch can't help but ask in a curious tone, before starting the engine and checking his mirrors.

"The way you talk, you never swear like that with your brothers or the rest of us, but with Jim, you just seem to talk differently." Jordan explains with a smile and wondered if the older boy even realised that he did it.

"Well, I can hardly go around calling you lot a bunch of pricks in front of everyone can I." Mitch responds with a little chuckle. "Although I'm not the one calling someone else a raging homo, so looks like I'm not the only one with a potty mouth." He then adds with a smirk, before shaking his head after hearing the young boy giggling.

"I can't believe so many people think you're one of those, it's so funny." Jordan then states, before giggling again after seeing the older boy frowning.

"Just who exactly did you hear that from anyway?" Mitch then decides to ask in a casual tone, he was tempted to try and have a little fun with the young boy, but he was more curious about how he even found out about it, than trying to tease him.

"A couple of guys at the swimming pool were talking about you, I think they were lifeguards or well I don't know, but they worked there and I was just getting changed and thought it was funny, but then when they said your actual name, I just burst out laughing and then got a little worried when they noticed me, but they were cool and I said I knew you." Jordan responds with a slightly blush, which he did his best to avoid, but he couldn't help it and could tell straight away that the older boy knew there was more to the story than just that.

"Why do I get the feeling that you didn't tell them that I wasn't a raging homo?" Mitch then asks with a shake of the head, before pulling out of the driveway and heading for somewhere to eat.

"Oh yeah, because they're going to believe a little kid like me about something like that Mitch." Jordan quickly responds in a sarcastic tone, although like before, he could tell that the older boy wasn't totally buying what he was saying. "Fine, I might have sort of played along and mentioned that you might only go down to the gym and swimming pool to check other guys out." He then adds in a slightly reluctant tone, although he can't help but giggle at the look on the older boys faces, before quickly looking down guiltily.

"Oh you little shit, no wonder why I've been getting a few weird looks from some of the guys down there recently." Mitch then states in a slightly unimpressed tone, before shaking his head as he thinks about how there were a few lingering looks among the weird looks.

"You aren't angry at me are you?" Jordan then asks in a slightly nervous tone, the older boy didn't seem angry and if anything looked amused by it, but he wanted to make sure that he hadn't done something wrong and crossed a line.

"Honestly..." Mitch begins to responds, before pausing for a few seconds to give the young boy a quick glance. "Not really, it's a shitty joke, but it's pretty funny and it hasn't caused me any problems, but I would prefer it if you didn't go round telling people it's true Jordan." He then says in a friendly tone and while he could be angry, it really didn't bother him much and he genuinely liked the young boy and enjoyed the fact that he seemed comfortable enough to join in on the running joke.

"I can't make any promises Mitch, I mean you know what they say, once a raging homo, always a raging homo." Jordan then quickly responds in a cheeky tone, before rubbing his arm as the older boy gives him a light punch. "Oww." That hurt you prick." He then adds with a grin and although it actually stung a little bit, he knew it was playful and he never minded a bit of rough housing.

"If you're going to play with the big boys, then you're going to be treated like one and besides, I seem to remember a little boy sitting in this car, who actually had a boyfriend, so are you sure you want to stick with your statement?" He then asks in a smug tone and can't help but grin as the young boy coughs in surprise.

"Oh man, I can see where Ben gets it from." Jordan states in an amused tone, he really did like the older boys company and was glad that he was cool about him joking around. "Oh and just so you know, I don't regret anything I did with Carter, so you can joke all you like about it, because it doesn't bother me." He then adds in a confident tone and while he did get a little touchy when people tried to use it to tease him, he really didn't regret what happened and he would always love his friend and that was all that mattered.

"Fair enough, so what do you fancy to eat?" Mitch then asks after giving the boy a quick look of respect, he knew that neither of the boys regretted being together, even if it was for a short time and he was proud of him especially, because he wasn't gay in the end and he could have taken a lot of flack for it from other kids, but he never seemed to be ashamed and would always be honest about having no regrets, so for him, the young boy deserved a lot of respect.

"I'm tempted to go with steak or something, but if we eat something like that, than we aren't going to be doing any running, so maybe just like a McDonald's?" Jordan decides to suggest after thinking about it for a few moments, he loved fast food and really enjoyed pigging out when he stopped training earlier in the year, but since he started up again, it had been a while since his last one and despite it being unhealthy, it wasn't a heavy meal and they would run it off afterwards.

"Sounds good to me, but if we have a McDonald's, then we're having a McFlurry afterwards, it's tradition." Mitch then says with a big smile and although he wasn't a big fan of fast food, it was a nice change every once in a while and he did love a McFlurry.

"Ha!" Jordan then states in amusement and can't help but giggle a little, after deciding to try and see if he can make the older boy laugh.

"Oh what now?" Mitch then asks in a reluctant tone, he knew he was going to be on the receiving end of some kind of joke and just decided to play along.

"When you're talking to Jim, you're all like prick this and fuck and shit and all that kind of stuff and within a few minutes being alone with me, you're all like, gotta have a McFlurry, you can't eat a McDonald's without a McFlurry, you're like some giant fat kid." Jordan quickly explains with a huge grin, before cracking up with laughter without even waiting to see the older boys reaction.

"You know what..." Mitch then starts to say, but the sound of the boy still laughing his arse off, causes him to pause for a few seconds. "You know what, you're alright, you know that Jordan, I know we're messing about, but seriously, you're a good kid and you really do know how to make me laugh." He then states in a sincere tone and can't help but smile as the young boy tries to compose himself. "Just get it out of your system, you prick." He then decides to add with a big grin, after seeing that the young boy wasn't going to be able to get himself under control and just shook his head, before concentrating back on the road.

"Hey! What about me?" Alex quickly asks in a slightly annoyed tone, they had been sucking each other off for a while now and his boyfriend had just orgasmed, before getting up and was now just sitting on the bed panting a little bit.

"I want to see you cum." Peter eventually responds after taking a few deep breaths, he loved getting blow jobs and he enjoyed giving them, but he liked see his boyfriend cumming even more and always found it fascinating.

"You've seen it like a million times already though." Alex quickly responds in a slightly disappointed tone and although he would give his boyfriend whatever he wanted, he was really enjoying the blow job and felt a little cheated that his boyfriend had stopped.

"When I have you all tied up later, I promise to give you loads of blow jobs." Peter then states with a big grin, which widens when he sees the look on his boyfriends face and knew that he understood what he was really saying.

"Fine, but seriously the food will be here soon, so we need to hurry up." Alex then decides to point out, after realising the time and being a little surprised by how quickly it had gone.

"Cool, I love seeing it come out." Peter responds with an excited smile, before quickly getting comfortable and taking his boyfriends boner into his hand, while using his other hand to play with his balls.

"Oh fuck, I keep forgetting how good you're at doing that." Alex then moans out as he feels a finger from the hand playing with his balls, rub along his perineum which always sent a shiver up his spine and quickly starting to moan.

"I can stop and go back to a blow job if you want." Peter then decides to say with a cheeky smile and while he knew his boyfriend was disappointed that he had stopped giving him a blow job, he also knew that his boyfriend loved what he was doing now and there was no way he was going to ask him to stop doing it.

"You're a fucking prick, but I'm close, just don't stop." Alex responds after panting a little bit, he wasn't feeling that close after his boyfriend had stopped sucking him, but with what he was doing to his balls and perineum, he could feel himself getting very close.

"Oh." Peter then states in a slightly annoyed tone, as he hears the doorbell ringing and can see his boyfriend starting to lift himself up on his elbows.

"Oh fucking hell." Alex then states in a frustrated tone. "Come on let go Peter, but you owe me later, big time." He then states in the same frustrated tone, he knew that he had to quickly get dressed so that he could go down and open the door and being this close to cumming was almost torture.

"No way." Peter then quickly responds, before just as quickly increasing his stroking and rubbing, which quickly has his boyfriend moaning and whimpering a little bit.

"Fuck, stop Peter, I fuck, I got to... fuck..." Alex then begins to try and protest, before tensing up and feeling his orgasm hitting him like a train and slumps back on the bed panting heavily.

"That''s so nice, but don't worry, I will answer the door and pay for it." Peter states in an excited and delighted tone, as he started to look for his shorts and top, he just loved seeing his boyfriend cumming and just thought it was amazing.

"Just give me a second." Alex then states in a breathless tone, but as he hears the doorbell ringing again and looks up, he can see his boyfriend was almost of out the room already.

"I got it and you got cum all over you anyway." Peter quickly responds with a grin, before disappearing out of the room after taking one last long look at his boyfriends body.

"You're such an idiot sometimes." Alex then calls out, before looking down at himself and he can't help but smirk a little bit, as there seemed to be quite a lot of cum on his stomach and chest than usual and it even looked a little whiter and thicker than the last time he took any notice of it, but quickly remembering that the takeaway guy is here, he carefully sits up and reaches for some wipes from his bedside table and starts to wipe himself clean.

"Peter, you okay?" Alex then calls out after hearing a noise and couldn't help but smile as it sounded like he had dropped something and knew that it wouldn't be the first time his boyfriend had done that, but after getting no response, he quickly pulls on a pair of shorts and a tank top, before heading down the stairs. "Seriously, if you've broken another plate or glass, my dad is going to kill you Peter." He then calls out in a teasing tone, but when he gets no response this time, he begins to get a little worried and as he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he can see that the back door was open and couldn't help but be confused.

"Seriously Peter, if you're playing some crappy joke, then I'm..." Alex then says in a nervous tone, before trailing off as he walks into the kitchen and sees a leg poking out from behind the counter. "Peter?" He then calls out in a slightly scared tone, before slowly walking around, but as soon as he looks around the counter, he hears something behind him and then suddenly feels a sharp and powerful pain shoot through the side of his face as he turns to look, before everything goes black.

"So I've got a girlfriend now?" Tobias asks with a smile, they had eaten and even had a shower, although to his disappointment, his friends parents had still been home and he had to take his alone, but now that they had the house to themselves for a few hours, he knew that they could have some real fun, but only after he asked about Lily again.

"Well unless you somehow do something stupid again, then I'm pretty sure she wants to be your girlfriend Tobias." Wesley states with a grin, while enjoying his boyfriend playing with him bum, while they sat next to each other.

"But just because she's seen you naked now Tobias, it doesn't mean that you can strip in front of her." Carter then quickly decides to point out, he knew his friend too well and after earlier, he was taking no chances with him misunderstanding anything they tell him.

"No seriously mate, don't do it, just let her decide what you can and can't do, it will just be easier okay." Wesley then adds with a smirk, after seeing the look on their friends face and instantly knew what he was going to say.

"Can I er... am I allowed to go swimming with her?" Tobias then asks, as he tries to work out, just how naked he is allowed to be around a girl he is going out with.

"Of course you can, why would you think you couldn't swim with her?" Wesley quickly asks in a bemused tone, as he looks at his friend and tries to figure out what goes on in that head of his.

"Oh I get it." Carter then states with a wry smile. "Tobias, you can wear speedos in front of her, we're just telling you not to get naked in front of her or send her any more of those kind of photo's, unless she asks you to." He then states in a friendly and caring tone, because while he found his friend amusing in situations like this, he also loved and cared about him and he knew that they had to be patient with him.

"But you don't have to get naked either Tobias, even if she asks you to, because it's up to you if you want to do that, so remember what we've told you about that before." Wesley then decides to add, just to be safe and make sure that their friend didn't get taken advantage of.

"Okay, but can we get naked now?" Tobias then decides to ask, he was pretty sure he understood everything now and despite wanting to think about his potential new girlfriend, he also wanted to make the most of his last night together like this with his two friends.

"You're such a pervert." Carter then quickly states, before glancing at his boyfriend with a little smirk and knew that he was going to say the same thing.

"You're playing with his bum, so if I'm a pervert, then what does that make you?" Tobias then quickly retorts, before grinning widely at the look on both his friends face, after they turn to him in surprise.

"Ha! He has you there Beautiful." Wesley then states in an amused tone, before jumping up and yelping, after feeling him bum cheek being pinched.

"Serves you right." Carter says as he gives his boyfriend a grin. "But anyway, are you sure you want to do this Tobias, I mean we're sure Lily wants to be your girlfriend, so you don't have to mess around with us any more." He then asks as he turns to his friend, with a warm smile and although like his boyfriend, he wanted one last time with their friend, they had both agreed to let him decide for himself if he wanted to do anything with them.

"Yeah, I want to do it one last time and I want to play the cum race game." Tobias responds in an excited tone, before smiling after seeing that his friends weren't expecting him to say that.

"But you haven't had a blow job yet, I thought you were going to wait for a girl to give you one?" Carter then asks after a few moments in a surprised tone and could tell that his boyfriend was just a surprised.

"I want you two to give me my first one." Tobias then states in a shy tone and can't help but blush a little, he had thought about it for a while now and even though he was sure Lily was going to be his girlfriend, he wanted his two friends to give him his first blow job and he knew it would feel amazing and special.

"But what about Lily?" Carter then asks and while be he and his boyfriend had wanted to give him a blow job ever since they first fooled around with him, now that their friend had basically got himself a girlfriend, he wasn't so sure they should be his first time.

"I want you two to be my first." Tobias responds with a more confident smile, before standing up and lifting his shirt up.

"Hang on a second Tobias." Wesley then quickly states in a serious tone. "We've been wanting to give you one for a long time, but you've always said you wanted to wait for a special girl and now that you found one, you now want us to give you your first blow job, I just don't get it." He then says as he gives his friend a long look and wonders if something else was going on.

"Yeah, come on Tobias, let's play another game and you can wait..." Carter then begins to say, before finding himself being interrupted.

"I don't want to wait and I'm going win and both of you can suck my willy." Tobias states in a serious but happy tone and quickly starts taking his clothes off again.

"Well, I guess we're playing." Wesley then says with a shrug of the shoulders and starts to take his clothes off and while their friend had surprised them both, he seemed fine and as long as he was happy to go along with it, then so was he.

"How are we doing it though, there's three of us." Carter then decides to ask as he follows his boyfriend and friend by stripping off.

"First one to cum, has to masturbate the other two, then whichever one of those cums first, has to give the winner a blow job with the first one doing it as well." Tobias quickly answers with a grin and again can't help but find his two friends expressions amusing and knew that they weren't expecting him to have it all figured out, but he had been thinking about this for a few days and knew he was going to win.

"Nice idea Tobias, but we can't do ourselves, because we can cheat by going slow, so since it was your idea, how about you sit in the middle Tobias and you masturbate us, while we both do you?" Wesley then decides to state, before giving his boyfriend a quick wink.

"You two are going to do something." Tobias then states accusingly and is already starting to reconsider playing the game, because even though it would still be fun, even if he did lose, he wanted it to be fair.

"Oh I got it." Carter then states with a proud smile, he could see that this might get a bit out of hand, so he was quite pleased with himself for quickly thinking of a solution.

"Tell us then, you moron." Wesley then states in a curious tone and slightly relieved tone, because he could tell that their friend didn't quite like what he had suggested and he didn't want to ruin his fun.

"Yeah, because I going to win." Tobias then says with a grin, while actually feeling a little relieved, because he was reconsidering playing if his friends were going to cheat.

"Okay we each do ourselves, the first to cum gets to pick the next game and also gets his cum licked off him by the other two, before he then masturbates the other two to continue the game and whoever comes first out of the remaining two, has to give the winner a blow job with the person who came first helping him." Carter explains with a shy grin, he thought it was a great idea and especially since he had came up with it out of no where and was excited to see if they would agree.

"Well, aren't you just the perfect little pervert Beautiful." Wesley then says, before pulling his boyfriend into his arms and kissing him, it was a great idea and he was actually going to try and cum first, because he definitely wanted to give their friend a blow job and wouldn't mind having his boyfriend and friend licking his cum off his body.

"So, we're going to let him win right?" Carter then asks, as he whispers into his boyfriends ear and while he wouldn't mind winning, he definitely wanted to give their friend a blow job and wouldn't mind cumming first either, although he wasn't that bothered either way.

"Yeah, but let's not make it too obvious, although I'm going to try and cum first, that's too good a prize to resist." Wesley quickly whispers back, before giving his boyfriend another kiss. "You're still sitting in the middle Tobias." He then tells their friend with a big smile, although he can't hell but check him out and admire his body.

"Okay, but no cheating." Tobias responds as he gives himself a few strokes without realising, before looking around his friends room with a slight frown.

"We've all washed, so grab some pillows and a sheet and we will sit on the floor Tobias." Wesley decides to suggest, after seeing his friend frowning and knew what he was thinking.

"I just thought of a great idea for later, did you buy the extra batteries for the bullets?" Carter then asks his boyfriend in a hushed tone, as it was their last night together like this, he wanted to really give their friend a good time and he hadn't experienced the bullets to their full extent yet and knew that it would be so hot to watch.

"Oh you evil pervert, I like it." Wesley quickly responds in an eager tone. "And yeah, they all have new batteries and I even got my brother to buy a couple more for us, so we can put them all over him." He then adds with a smirk and even felt himself throbbing a little bit at the thought of their friend tied spread eagle on his bed, with all the bullets vibrating over him.

"Whose the evil pervert now?" Carter quickly retorts, before moving over to their friend and sitting down next to him, so that his boyfriend couldn't respond to what he had said and just grinned at him.

"Can the winner get a blow job any time he wants for the rest of the night as well?" Tobias then decides to ask, he wasn't able to hear what his friends were saying to each other, but he got the feeling that is was about the game and decided to try and add something for the winner, which he was still confident would be him.

"Sure, but as soon as my parents get home, we have to be careful not to make too much noise." Wesley responds, before taking his place next to his friend, while his boyfriend sat on the other side.

"Right, ready, steady... GO!" Carter then calls out with a grin, after deciding to get the game started and despite trying to focus, he couldn't help but giggle a little bit at how fast his boyfriend was going, but even more of a surprise was their friend, who he would have thought would be taking his time, as he clearly suggested the game because he wanted to get a blow job, but quickly got back to his own boner and quickly started to play with his balls.

"Man, I forgot how good it tastes." Jordan says in a contented and satisfied tone, as he looks down to his now empty McFlurry cup.

"I just wish I could go in and get one, without feeling like I had to by a meal first." Mitch then says as he finishes his, before letting out a loud burp in the young boys direction..

"Eww, that's just gross, at least open the window you prick." Jordan quickly complains as he struggles to roll down his door window.

"Just be grateful that this isn't a new car, otherwise you would have to wait for me to start the car before you could open the window." Mitch then responds in a satisfied tone, before rubbing his stomach.

"I still can't believe you had two double cheeseburgers, we're meant to be running in a minute." Jordan then says in a slightly bemused tone, he loved fast food, but he wouldn't eat that much before a run and he knew the older boy took running as seriously as he did, so he wasn't expecting him to pig out like that.

"Tell you what, if I'm sick, then I will give you some driving lessons in a couple of weeks time." Mitch decides to say in response and can't help but smile at the excited look on the young boys face.

"Seriously?" Jordan quickly asks after sitting upright and looking at the older boy in excitement.

"Sure, but only if the car park is empty and you take it seriously Jordan, this may be a heap of shit, but it's my car and I can't afford a new one." Mitch responds in a serious tone and although he was still smiling, he wanted the young boy to know that he expected him to behave himself.

"Wait, you're really being serious? You're going to let me drive your car?" Jordan then asks in surprise, after realising that he was serious and not joking around.

"Only if I'm sick after running Jordan and if you want to take the bet, then you might want to know what you have to do if I make it without being sick." Mitch then decides to state in response and could instantly see the young boy frown a little, before perking up again.

"I don't care what it is, getting to drive a car is worth anything." Jordan then states in a confident and serious tone, although when the older boy smirks, he can't help but wonder if he was really sure about taking a bet.

"Okay, so here's the deal, if I'm sick, then the next time we come here and the car park is clear, I will give you a few basic lessons and let you drive around a little bit." Mitch starts to say, before pausing a few seconds after seeing the young boys eyes light up in excitement. "But if I make it without being sick, then the next time we come running, you will have to do it in a pair of Tobias's underwear and trust me Jordan, they aren't your normal boys underwear." He then states with a smirk and starts to laugh a little at the look on the young boys face.

"Oh fucking hell." Jordan then responds after a few moments. "Wait, what do you mean by not normal boys underwear?" He then asks in a confused and slightly worried tone, because he didn't like the sound of the dare anyway, so if the underwear was really embarrassing, he wasn't sure if even the chance of driving a car, was enough to get him to do it.

"Well, I could show you a picture, but I promised..." Mitch begins to answer, before finding himself being interrupted and he can't help but be a little surprised.

"Oh my god, no way am I wearing those things, they barely fit him and he is way smaller than I am." Jordan then quickly states in an unimpressed and slightly embarrassed tone, he had seen the picture of his friend in the really tight and small briefs, with little hearts on them and he really didn't think he could run around the park in those.

"Oh wow, he actually let you see that picture?" Mitch can't help but ask in a surprised tone, his brother seemed quite adamant that the picture be deleted and while he was never going to do that, he had assumed his brother had deleted the one he sent to his phone.

"Oh man, I really wanted to drive your car as well." Jordan then states in a disappointed tone and while he wasn't really upset, he was still gutted that he wouldn't be able to.

"Oh come on, there are never that many people around and your speedos aren't exactly hiding much when you're swimming Jordan." Mitch then says in a casual tone, as he tries to see if he can get the young boy to take the bet, because he knew that he wasn't going to be sick and he couldn't pass up on the chance to embarrass the boy if he could.

"No pictures though and I mean it Mitch, you have to promise and you can't make me do it if there are loads of people around either." Jordan decides to responds, while at the same time wondering what he was letting himself in for, but he was confident that there was no way the older boy could run after eating all that food and not be sick, so he was sure that he was just trying to scare him off.

"Deal." Mitch then quickly says, before holding out his hand. "Right get your backside out and we can bin this crap and then get started." He then tells the young boy after getting him to shake on the deal and couldn't believe how easy that was and although it was a bet, he was going to let the boy drive his car if he went through with his forfeit, although he knew that he would have to make sure it was completely safe first.

"Sure and we're doing our usual routes right?" Jordan then asks after they both get out of the car and walk towards the nearest bin.

"Yeah and remember, I don't want you straying off the path Jordan and you know that there are a few regulars who sit around the park or walk their dogs, so if you need to, then just shout out if something happens." Mitch responds as he gives the boy the same little lecture he always gives him and despite knowing he knew all of it already, he had to remind him for his own peace of mind.

"I know and I promise Mitch, I even charged my phone before you picked me up, so I know it's fully charged and I put you as speed dial one like you asked me to before." Jordan responds with an appreciative smile, he had heard this so many times already, but while it was a little bit annoying, he knew that it meant the older boy cared and he also knew that it showed how much he actually did trust him, because he did let him go on his own route, which gave him the chance to be alone in his own thoughts and just relax for a while and that was the whole point of him running at this time of the day in the first place.

"I know and I know I'm being over protective, but you're my responsibility and I would do the same if it was any of the others as well." Mitch then says, before starting to jog a little bit, after the young boy starts to pick up the pace a little bit.

"You're a good person Mitch and I like that you're looking out for me, I'm just more worried about you, so I got you this." Jordan responds with a big grin, before pulling something out of his pocket and holding it out for the older boy to take.

"A whistle?" Mitch asks after taking the whistle and couldn't help but be a little confused.

"It's a rape whistle, you know because you're such a raging homo, that you're bound to attract some kind of pervert and I want you to be safe." Jordan quickly answers with an even bigger grin, before just as quickly upping his pace to open up a gap between them.

"Oh you fucking little prick." Mitch then states in an amused tone, before quickly picking up his own pace to catch up to the now laughing young boy in front of him.

"This feels nice." Matt states in a contented tone, as he enjoys the feeling of his boyfriends body against his back and his arms around his waist.

"You feel nice." Ben responds in a blissful tone, while he gently rubs his boyfriends waist and plays with his bellybutton with his fingers.

"How did you do all of this, I mean no one's been here since we moved into the new house and it's all, well it's all got er... well you know what I mean." Matt then tries to ask, but struggles to put it into words and his boyfriend sliding his hands down to his balls didn't help either.

"I've been planning this for ages and everyone's been helping get the house ready, I just wanted to make it special for you." Ben responds honestly, before gently nibbling his boyfriends ear, while gently massaging his boyfriends stomach again.

"Have I ever told you that I heard you singing to me?" Matt then decides to ask in a thoughtful tone. "I mean in the hospital, when I was in the coma." He then adds after his boyfriend didn't answer him and realising that he needed to be more specific.

"I don't think so." Ben responds, as he tries to remember if they had talked about this before, but he honestly couldn't remember. "They always say that people in coma's can hear things around them, but did you really hear me?" He then asks in a curious tone, after really thinking about what his boyfriend had said and knew that he must of brought it up for a reason.

"It was weird and like er... well it was like really quiet, like you were far away, but I knew it was you and it was nice." Matt then says in response, it was really weird being told that he was in a coma, but he couldn't really remember much at all, but what he did remember from it, he remembered his boyfriend singing the most and he wanted him to know that he heard him, even if he might have already told him before.

"I was so afraid of losing you, seeing you like that with all those wires and the machines beeping was horrible Matt, but I never gave up, I knew you would never leave me and you didn't." Ben then states from the heart, before giving his boyfriend a series of loving kisses on his neck. "I never want to be without you Matt." He then adds in a whisper, before being a little surprised by his boyfriend shifting and twisting around.

"I don't remember much from the coma, but I remember you Ben and I'm not going anywhere, you and me are forever remember." Matt then says with a loving smile, before sliding up against his boyfriends body and giving him a tender kiss on the lips, before giggling a little bit as he feels them sliding down the bath a little bit.

"Maybe empty a little bit of the water?" Ben then suggests in a playful tone, as he feels the water around his head and while he was in no danger of drowning, he would feel a lot more comfortable if it was a little more shallow.

"I would rather head to our bedroom." Matt quickly responds with his best sexy look and quickly gives his boyfriend a couple of loving pecks on the lips.

"All in good time, but aren't you forgetting the bet we made." Ben responds with a grin and although there was a massive voice inside his head telling him to shut up and go to the bedroom, he still had something important to do and he wasn't going to let anything get in the way, even if he was finding it hard to concentrate with his boyfriends boner pressing and rubbing up against his own.

"Oh come on, it was a draw." Matt quickly states with a slight groan, he was really horny now and wanted to show his boyfriend how much he loved him, so he was a little frustrated that he brought the stupid bet up.

"Draw my arse, my penis is bigger and so are my balls." Ben quickly retorts with a grin and although he can tell that his boyfriend was disappointed that they weren't going to their bedroom, he knew that once he found out why he was stalling, he would be too happy to care about having to wait.

"Only by like a centimetre and your balls aren't bigger than mine." Matt then quickly protests, before leaning up a little so that he could get a good look at his boyfriend to see if he was up to something or not.

"Well our penises are the same length, so even if our balls are the same size I still win by one." Ben retorts with a grin, before pulling his boyfriend back down against his body and kissing him.

"Fine, you win, but can we go to our bedroom now, I want to..." Matt then begins to say, but is quickly cut off by his boyfriend kissing him again.

"Trust me okay." Ben then says, before waiting for his boyfriend to respond and smiles when he eventually nods. "Good now we need to get out and then get dressed, I have the clothes in the wardrobe in our old room." He then tells his boyfriend, who he could see was unsure of what was happening, but does as he is told and starts to get out, which makes him smile.

"You want us to get dressed?" Matt then asks in a confused and suspicious tone after getting out of the bath and grabbing a towel, he trusted his boyfriend with his life and knew that there must be a reason, but he had no idea what he was up to and why he seemed to be doing everything he could to stop them doing anything together.

"It's worth it, I promise Matt, just trust me." Ben responds with a reassuring and loving smile, he knew that his boyfriend was confused and couldn't blame him, but he was so close to his big surprise and he just hoped he would trust him and does as he tells him.

"You know I do, but you're still being weird." Matt then says with a cheeky smile as he continues to dry himself, while following his boyfriend to his old room.

"Oh shit er... wait out here and don't peek." Ben then quickly states in a slightly panicked tone, after remembering just in time what was in the room and there was no way he wanted his boyfriend to see it until after he proposes to him.

"Oh come on Ben, seriously?" Matt then asks in a less than impressed tone and was definitely getting a little fed up with his boyfriends behaviour and just hoped it was worth it, because it was their first ever anniversary and he wanted it to be their first something else as well. "Fine, but this better be good, because we could be sucking each other right now." He then states as he takes a step back from the door and despite being frustrated, he couldn't help but smile at his boyfriends expression and could see how he felt about that comment and suddenly realised that whatever his boyfriend was doing, it was important and quickly decided to quit acting like a child and just go along with it.

"Just give me a few seconds." Ben then manages to say, while using all of his self control and will power to resist pulling his boyfriend into the room and throwing him on the bed, but he couldn't let that happen and he was determined to follow his plan all the way to the end.

"Oh wow, there's loads of it." Tobias says as he looks at his friends body in awe and he was sure there was usually a lot less than this before.

"Looks about the same to me." Wesley states as he looks down at his boyfriends body, although he does notice that it looked a lot thicker and whiter than it normally does.

"Wow, it's starting to look like yours now Wesley." Carter then states in a proud tone, he had been cumming for ages, but it had started to get a little thicker and whiter recently and it definitely looked more and more like his boyfriends.

"So cool." Tobias then says, before leaning down and taking his friends still slightly hard willy into his mouth.

"Oh fucking hell!" Carter quickly moans out, as he feels himself being sucked and while it felt nice, he was still sensitive down there and his friend was definitely doing more than licking it clean.

"Oh wow, look at him go." Wesley then states with a smirk, as he found it amusing to see his boyfriend squirming a little and despite loving him, he was a little annoyed that he had cum first, because he was trying his best himself and was now thinking about whether he should try and win the game, instead of letting their friend win like he and his boyfriend had agreed to do earlier.

"Oh shit, Tobias, you got..." Carter then begins to say, but quickly whimpers and moans after feeling his boyfriend leaning over him and licking his stomach and bellybutton.

"It tastes er... wow, it didn't taste like this last time." Wesley then says in a curious tone, after looking up to his boyfriend. "It's kind of well, see for yourself." He then states with a naughty grin, before leaning back down and licking some more up and then moving up to his boyfriends head and kissing him.

"It tastes like yours Wesley." Tobias then states after sucking on his boyfriends now soft willy for a few more seconds and while he still wasn't a fan of the taste of cum, he didn't hate it and he wondered if he would miss the taste after tonight was over.

"I don't know, it's a little sweeter than mine, but it's nice." Wesley then states after breaking their kiss and he couldn't help but smile at the slightly spaced out look on his boyfriends face and knew that their friend sucking him off like he had done, had pretty much wiped him out for a little while.

"I need a few minutes." Carter just about manages to say, before closing his eyes and panting.

"Is he okay?" Tobias asks in a slightly concerned tone, although as he really thought about everything, he couldn't help but start to have second thoughts about letting his friends give him a blow job.

"He's fine." Wesley quickly answers, after quickly glancing at his friend, although he couldn't help but turn back to him again. "Are you okay?" He then asks in a curious tone, after seeing him frowning a little bit and despite the fact he liked watching his boyfriend recovering from an orgasm, he wanted to see what was wrong with their friend.

"You promise not to get mad?" Tobias responds in a slightly nervous tone, after deciding that he really didn't want his friends to give him his first blow job and was just hoping they would understand.

"Seriously, after everything we have been through Tobias, you should know that we love you and if you don't want us to be your first, then it's okay." Wesley decides to say in a caring tone, after studying his friends face for a few moments and realised what he was going to say and despite being a little disappointed, he and his boyfriend would never force him into doing something he didn't want to do.

"But I told you I did." Tobias then says in a slightly upset tone and even though his friend said that it was okay, he couldn't stop himself from feeling guilty.

"So what? It's your body Tobias and to be honest, neither of us expected you to change your mind about wanting to wait for someone special and yeah, we would love to give you your first one, but I actually think you should wait until you find someone special." Wesley quickly responds in a sincere tone and although he wanted to say Lily, because it was pretty obvious that they were going to be a couple very, very soon, there was always the chance it might not happen and he just thought it was better to leave her out of it.

"Lily is special, but girls are strange and it will be different from how you two are and my brothers, won't it?" Tobias then asks with a smile and while he wanted to do this stuff with her now, he had been given enough talks and advice to know that he would have to wait until she wanted to do that stuff, but he really likes her and didn't mind waiting.

"I don't know, but I would guess it will be a while, but if you love her Tobias, then you will wait for as long as it takes." Wesley responds honestly and can't help but smile at the almost gleeful look on his friends face, just as his boyfriend sits up.

"So I guess he changed his mind about the blow job." Carter states in a slightly tired tone, before thinking of a great way to set his earlier idea up.

"Yeah, but I already told him that we don't mind and we can do something else." Wesley answer with a smile, which widens slightly when he sees the look in his boyfriends eyes and knew that he was up to something.

"Yeah, we can play er... well anything, but you can't give me a blow job." Tobias then states with a shy grin and although he wasn't going to let them do that to him, he was definitely looking forward to doing some other stuff.

"Okay, well get on the bed Tobias, because we're tying you up and putting the bullets on you." Carter then quickly states with a grin and can't help but smile at his friends face and he knew that he was aware of what that meant.

"Oh man, but er... okay." Tobias then responds with a slightly hesitant tone, they had used the bullets on him before, but never like his friend was suggesting and he knew from the times his friends had told him about when they did it, that it was going to be both fun and tiring.

"It will be fun and we will only do it for a couple of hours." Wesley then states with a small grin, before waiting for his friends obvious reaction, because he knew what was going to happen and knew that a couple of hours was way too long.

"No way, that's too long and I'm not stupid." Tobias quickly protests, before noticing both his friends trying not to giggle. "You're stupid Smelly Heads." He then states, before going over to the bed and laying down with his arms and legs spread out.

"We will put the timer for one hour, but we will take them off if we think you've had enough before then." Carter then says as he moves over and starts to cuff his friends hands to the head board, after getting the box from underneath his boyfriends bed.

"We won't gag you Tobias, but we won't let you go just because you ask us to." Wesley then adds and can see their friend looking a little worried, but quickly looks down to his feet and starts to cuff them to the bed, so he won't be able to move.

"Should we use the cock ring?" Carter then asks in an uncertain tone, they had got Jim to buy them a new type that was stretchy, so that they could put it on even if they had a boner and thought it would be fun to use.

"Sure, it should help him out a little, well at first anyway." Wesley responds, before kneeling between their friends legs and rubbing his thighs up and down.

"This is so cool." Tobias then says, after watching his friend going over to the closet and coming back with a small box.

"You get the cock ring on him and I will start putting the bullets on." Carter tells his boyfriend with a grin, before turning back to their friend. "We got a few more and we're going to put them on the random setting, I did it a couple of weeks ago and it feels so good Tobias, so it should feel even better with the extra bullets." He then says in an excited tone, before proceeding to tape the bullets to his friends nipples and bellybutton and then to just below either side of his ribcage.

"It's weird how easy it is to stretch, but how tight it fits around your stuff." Wesley then muses to no one in particular, before looking up to his boyfriend and seeing the bemused look on his face. "Well it is." He then adds in a defensive tone, before picking up a couple of the bullets and taping them to their friends inner thighs.

"Put two on each thigh, it should be fun for him." Carter then states, as he resists the urge to make fun of his boyfriend about the cock ring and instead attaches two of the bullets to his friends boner, with one on the head, after pulling back his foreskin and the other at the base.

"Hey!" Tobias then quickly calls out in protest, after feeling his balls being lifted and a bullet being taped underneath.

"Do you trusts us Tobias?" Carter then asks after looking at his boyfriend and then towards their friend, who they knew wasn't too keen on anything to do with him bum.

"Will it hurt?" Tobias then decides to ask in response, after quickly figuring out what they were going to ask him and while he wasn't keen to ever try it, he was also aware that this was probably the last chance he would ever have and he had been curious, although he definitely didn't want them to put their fingers or willies in him.

"It feels a bit weird when they go in and then when they come out, but it's not painful and it feels really good." Wesley responds in an honest tone and can see that their friend is thinking about it.

"And there is this little trick you can do with one of the bullets and it feels so good Tobias and with all the other bullets, you're going to love it." Carter then decides to say and while he knew their friend was still nervous about about this kind of thing, he thought that if he did agree, then they might as well try and make it feel as good as possible.

"If I don't like it, will you..." Tobias then begins to ask in a slightly nervous tone, but trails off as he remembers who he is talking to and knew they would never hurt him. "Okay, but you two have to let me take naked pictures of you with hard willies." He then demands with a small grin and while he was still nervous and a little scared, he was also excited and if he could get a couple of naked pictures of his friends, then he was willing to give it a go.

"Cool, now we need to put a bit of lube on your bum hole and push a little in, but we will be gentle." Carter then states in a reassuring tone, before reaching over to the lube and passing it to his boyfriend.

"It won't be easy and it will feel weird, but just try to relax and not tense up Tobias, I'm not going to finger you and I only need to get a little lube in." Wesley then says in a calm tone, while rubbing the lube on to their friends hole and straight away could see him tensing up.

"Let me turn the others on, that should distract him." Carter then suggests as he thinks about how nervous their friend must be and he knew that this would definitely take his mind of what his boyfriend was doing.

"Nice idea." Wesley then states as he gently pushes the tip of his finger into his friends hole, but is careful not to actually go in, all he wanted to do was push the lube in.

"Oh my god!" Tobias then calls out in a surprised tone, as he feels the bullets being turned on and while he could feel his friends finger doing something to his hole, the vibrations he was getting from the other bullets were quickly causing him to moan and forget about what he was doing.

"I'm going to put them all on random, at different points, so it should be even better, because you won't know what to expect." Carter then tells his friend, before changing the setting on each of the bullets.

"Oh, oh that's oh." Tobias then calls out in slightly bewildered tone, after feeling something seemingly popping into his bum and while it wasn't painful, it was definitely weird. "Is that them?" He then just about manages to ask in between moans after feeling another thing pop into him, before groaning slightly as he feels them both being turned on and moving around inside him.

"Feel okay?" Carter then asks in a caring tone, as he gently rubs his friends face with one hand, while running the other around his chest.

"Yeah, so cool." Tobias responds in a dreamy tone, everything just felt so good and while he didn't really like the idea of things in his bum, he was surprised that it didn't hurt and although he wouldn't do anything like this again, he didn't regret trying it at least once.

"Okay, but this one will be different Tobias, but even if you don't like it at first, just give it a couple of minutes and if you still don't like it, just let us know and we will take it out." Wesley then states in a warm and caring tone, he really loved when his boyfriend had done this to him and he was hoping their friend would have the same reaction.

"So cool." Tobias responds as he begins to pant a little bit more, everything was feeling great and even as he felt another bullet being pushed into his hole, he didn't care, even if it did still feel a bit weird.

"Now I'm just going to tape it in place and then turn it on." Wesley then states in an amused tone, after giving his boyfriend a quick smile, their friend was definitely enjoying it and barely even seem to notice that he hadn't pushed the bullet all the way in and how it was now taped in place to keep it from going all the way in or slipping out.

"Wow... cool... oh." Tobias then quickly moans out as he feels the bullet, which felt like it was stuck in his hole and keeping it from closing, began to vibrate and was causing him all kinds of tingly feelings throughout his body.

"I think he likes it." Carter then states with a grin, before giving their friend a long kiss.

"Let's get some drinks and then we can watch some TV." Wesley then suggests as he stands up and takes a long look at their friend and couldn't help but find how he was twitching and moaning sexy and while he knew they would be spending most of their time watching him, having something on the TV would be fun as well.

"Man he is so hot, Lily is so lucky." Carter then says, after pulling away from his kiss with their friend and couldn't help but smile as he gives him a pleading look to kiss him again.

"We will be right back Tobias." Wesley then states with a big grin, which widens when he sees the surprised look on their friends face. "We will be like a couple of minutes, now just enjoy yourself, because you got like an hour to go." He then decides to say with a big grin and to his amusement he didn't seem to even register what he had said about having an hour to go still.

"Me like this." Tobias then states in a contented and satisfied tone, while the bullets were giving him so many nice feelings at different times and he had no idea where the next jolt of pleasure was going to come from.

"Let me just set that one on the pulsing setting." Carter then says in a playful tone, after noticing that it was just on it's normal setting and couldn't resist causing their friend even more pleasure.

"Oh man, once he cums a couple of times, he is going to be begging us to turn them off." Wesley then states with a shake of the head, after seeing their friend twitching and moaning even more now, before taking his boyfriends hand and walking out his bedroom door.

"I know Mitch." Jordan states with a little shake of the head, they had reached the point where they took their own routes and the older boy always gave him the same lecture, despite saying the same thing before they even started running each time.

"And take this and I'm serious." Mitch then says with a expectant look, after holding out the whistle the young boy had given him earlier as a joke.

"Seriously? That was just a joke and I'm..." Jordan then begins to protest, but is quickly cut off by the sound of the whistle being blown.

"Humour me Jordan." Mitch then tells the young boy with a smile, he knew he was being over protective again, but as much as he tried to relax, he could never fully switch off with any of the boys and he knew that he would never change.

"Fine, but if you're getting raped and can't call for help because I got your whistle, then don't come crying to me." Jordan decides to responds with a big grin and while it was annoying being told the same thing over and over again, it showed how much the older boy cared and that meant a lot to him.

"You're a little shit, you know that Jordan." Mitch then states in an amused tone and while his brothers and Wesley and Carter often gave as good as they got, he found the young boy to be in a different class and he really enjoyed their little bantering.

"Damn straight!" Jordan responds quickly with a proud smile and again couldn't help but enjoy the praise the older boy often gave him.

"Well sort of straight, you still drool when you stare at Carter sometimes." Mitch quickly teases with a smirk and despite the fact he knew the young boy had no regrets, he would still get a little embarrassed about Carter and it was always funny to get a reaction out of him.

"Prick!" Jordan retorts with a shake of the head. "He is hot though and I just hope Wesley never hurts him, he's special, you know." He then adds in a slightly emotional tone, he really did love his ex boyfriend and while he knew Wesley would never hurt him, he still protective over him.

"You're all special Jordan, well in your own ways and trust me, Wesley would never hurt Carter and I can actually see them getting married one day." Mitch responds with a smile, after deciding to take the conversation a little more seriously and was happy to see the young boy smiling.

"You know at first, I was kind of surprised that Carter could get a boyfriend like Wesley, I mean it's hard to explain, but Wesley is like a superstar at school and no one even thought about him being gay, so I thought Carter was lucky, but when they're together, it's Wesley who is the lucky one and what makes me really like Wesley, is that he knows that himself and I can see how much he worships the ground Carter walks on and I think you're right." Jordan then responds in a sincere tone, before looking at his watch and smiling.

"They're both lucky, but how about you, no one you like at the moment?" Mitch then decides to ask, after thinking about the way the boy sounded as he talked about his two friends.

"There's this one girl, but I don't know, she did something a little while ago and it still kind of bothers me, but she's nice and I like being around her." Jordan answers in a slightly bashful tone, he did really like her and he thought she liked him, but he just couldn't quite get over her groping him like she did and despite knowing that it was stupid, he couldn't help it.

"Ah, I think I know who you mean." Mitch quickly answers, before realising from the young boys expression, that he probably shouldn't know about it. "Oh shit, look it's not like he told everyone, I was just talking to Tobias about the girl he liked and how he told them something he shouldn't and he kind of mentioned some girl called Ashleigh touching you." He then quickly tries to explain and can't help but cross his fingers and hope that he hadn't upset the young boy or caused any friction with Tobias between the two of them, because he had noticed that they had started hanging around each other a lot recently.

"Oh great, he's such an idiot sometimes, but shit, it's nothing Mitch, it's just after Mr Jones, some things just affect me and I don't really want to talk about it." Jordan responds with a forced smile and while he was tempted to tell the older boy, he really just wanted to run now and forget about his problems.

"Fair enough, but for what it's worth, my big mouthed brother, also said that she really liked you and thought you were hot." Mitch then states with a grin, after thinking how to respond to what the young boy had just said and was happy to see his fake smile, turn into a real one. "By the way Jordan, if you ever need to talk, then come to me, I helped Matt through a lot of his problems and you're like family to all of us, so don't feel like you have to deal with everything alone." He then decides to add in a sincere tone and again couldn't help but smile at the way the young boys eye light up a little bit.

"Thanks Mitch, thanks for everything." Jordan responds, before taking a deep breath and giving the older boy a big and loving cuddle. "But I want to run now and well I'll think about it." He then adds with a slightly shy smile, he wasn't much of a cuddling kind of person, but being around Tobias a lot recently, he had started to be more comfortable with it and it did feel nice.

"Sure and no worries Jordan." Mitch then says with a warm smile, before ruffling the young boys hair. "Meet you in about thirty minutes okay." He then states with a grin and could tell that like Wesley, he wasn't fond of having his hair ruffled like that.

"Okay and If you're sick, I will be able to tell." Jordan decides to say in response, before giving the older boy a grin as he turns away and begins to run down the pathway.

"Jokes on you Jordan." Mitch then says quietly to himself, before checking his watch and then turning around and starts to jog down the path.

"Ha, look at him go." Wesley says after he and his boyfriend walk back into his room, where they were greeted by the sight of their friend humping the air and moaning in pleasure.

"Ah crap, he already came, I told you to wait until later you moron." Carter then states in a slightly annoyed tone, he had wanted to come straight back up, but his boyfriend wanted to have a little fun and now they missed their friends first orgasm.

"Hey, it's not like you put up much of a fight." Wesley quickly retorts with a smirk, before walking over to his bed, so that he could get a better look at their friend.

"Idiot." Carter then responds as he struggles to stop himself from smiling. "How are you doing Tobias?" He then asks their friend, after going around to the other side of the bed and looking down at him.

"Bum feels tingly." Tobias moans out in response, everything was causing him to feel good, but the feeling of his hole being held open by the vibrating bullet was just so weird, but good weird and he definitely liked it.

"You're all sweaty." Carter then says in a playful tone, as he climbs on to the bed and snuggling up to his friends side, before running his fingers over his body.

"Your cum tastes nice." Wesley then states after copying his boyfriend by snuggling up to their friend and scooping a bit of cum on to his finger and tasting it.

"Oh... oh... mmmm." Tobias them mumbles as he tenses up and starts to buck his hips even more.

"I love how quiet his orgasms are, it's so cute." Carter states in a soft tone to his boyfriend, before nibbling their friends ear for a few moments and enjoying the little whimpering noises he makes in response.

"Two orgasms already and he has the cock ring on." Wesley the decides to state in an impressed tone, although as he looks at their friends body, he knew that he wasn't going to be able to last an entire hour.

"Yeah, I reckon half an hour at most, but it will probably be less." Carter then says with a half smile, after looking over to his boyfriend and while it would be fun to make their friend beg and beg for mercy, like they did with each other when playing with the bullets, they didn't want to put their friend through that and as soon as he genuinely looked uncomfortable, they would untie him.

"You doing okay Tobias?" Wesley then decides to ask their friend and while he doubted he would get much sense out of him, he was doing it more so that he would know that they were there and keeping an eye on him.

"Stars pretty." Tobias responds with a little giggle, before moaning in pleasure again.

"God he is sexy." Wesley then states, before looking over to his boyfriend and grinning.

"I hope Lily looks after him." Carter then states in a thoughtful tone, before gently pushing their friends hair out of his eyes.

"She seems to really care about him and that was before I told her a little more about what he has really been through and honestly Carter, if you saw her face, then you wouldn't be worrying about her looking after him and keeping him safe." Wesley quickly responds with a sincere smile and even though their friend was right there, he knew that he wouldn't be paying them any attention, although he was finding it funny how his body would react when he lightly traced circles around his stomach with his fingers.

"You think he would mind if we took some pictures of him like this?" Carter then asks in a hopeful tone, he didn't think their friend would mind and they could always delete them if he did, but he wanted to see what his boyfriend thought about it first.

"We can take some and maybe a video and show him after he recovers, that way he can decide." Wesley decides to suggest and can't help but look a little guiltily at his boyfriend, as he remembers what he had done before his boyfriend had come back round his house.

"Just tell me what you did." Carter quickly asks in a firm tone, after deciding to just get straight to the point, his boyfriend had obviously done something and he wanted to know what.

"Look up." Wesley responds with a slight blush, he had actually put it up a couple of days ago and had decided to turn it on just before his boyfriend came around, but he had forgotten about it after their friend had sent a naked picture of himself to his potential new girlfriend.

"Your bedroom lights?" Carter then asks in a confused tone, before looking at his boyfriend curiously.

"Look a little harder." Wesley suggests with a slightly nervous smile, which he knew was a little stupid, because they had joked about filming themselves a couple of times now and he was going to surprise his boyfriend, well until he forgot he put it up there until earlier.

"Holy fuck, is that a camera?" Carter then quickly asks in a shocked tone, he wasn't sure what to expect, but he wasn't expecting to see a camera on his ceiling. "Oh shit, are you filming this?" He then asks, before looking at his boyfriend with his mouth wide open and he wasn't quite sure how he was meant to react.

"I er... well I put it up a few days ago and was going to surprise you and see if we had the guts to actually films ourselves like that, but well I kind of forgot about it, until earlier and then after Tobias sent that picture, I just forgot I turned it on." Wesley responds as he tries to explain what the camera was doing up there.

"Oh, well that's er... well okay, kind of weird, but kind of naughty as well, but that doesn't answer my question Wesley." Carter quickly points out after briefly being distracted by what his boyfriend had said and while he actually found the idea hot, he wasn't convinced that his boyfriend should be filming their friend like this, even if it did seem unintentional.

"I was meant to tell you downstairs, but you were naked and I was really horny from the game we didn't actually finish and kind of forgot about it, until you just asked about taking a photo of him." Wesley answers with a guilty smile, before relaxing after seeing that his boyfriend wasn't going to have a go at him for it.

"Well if he gets angry, you have to tell him that I had nothing to do with it." Carter then states, before blowing his boyfriend a kiss and then going back to nibbling their friends ear, after hearing him moaning and whimpering a little more.

"You're amazing Beautiful, really amazing." Wesley then states in a sincere tone, before deciding to copy his boyfriend and quickly starts to nibble their friends other ear.

"You, oh, oh... so cool." Tobias then moans out and despite actually hearing a bit of their conversation, he was feeling too many things to really take it all in and care that he was apparently being filmed.

"Oww." Alex groans out as he tries to move, but as soon as he almost manages to sit up, he feels a sharp pain across his face and quickly slumps back down. "Peter?" He then tries to call out, but even to him he can tell that something was wrong with his speech.

"Sshh Alex, don't try to speak okay, just relax, everything is going to be okay." Erica quickly states in a reassuring tone, while she does her best to not scare the poor boy and keep him from trying to move too much.

"Erica?" Alex then tries to ask, after recognising her voice, although like before he can tell that he was mumbling and not actually saying what he was trying to say, which was beginning to worry him.

"Sshh, it's okay Alex and yes it's me, but please don't try to speak okay, you're hurt and just need to rest." Erica then says in a soothing tone and while she couldn't understand what he actually said, she could see him trying to look at her and just took a chance on being right. "Everything is going to be okay and the ambulance is on it's way." She then decides to tell him, although from the way his eyes were unfocused and how swollen his face was, she wasn't sure if he was actually aware of what was happening and was pretty sure that his jaw was broken.

"I just don't get it." Michelle then says as she brings over a towel and a pillow, before gently laying the towel over the poor boy and then with her friends help, placing the pillow under his head.

"If I've learnt anything this year Michelle, it is that the world is full of sick people." Erica responds in a slightly distracted tone, as she gently rubs the poor boys head and she can't help but look at him sadly after his eyes struggle to stay open.

"I know that Erica, but what I meant was, that nothing is missing, well nothing obvious and the house hasn't been trashed. I just don't get it." Michelle then says as she tries to explain what she actually meant, because it just didn't look like a robbery or anything like that.

"Maybe something spooked them or maybe they stole jewellery or something from the bedrooms, but the police will deal with that, we just need to make sure that he stays awake or get too cold." Erica responds as she carries on stroking the boys head, while being careful not to touch his cheek or jaw.

"Where's Peter?" Alex then tries to ask again, but even though he was struggling to keep his eyes open, let alone focus on anything, he could see the confused look on both the blurry faces looking down at him and he knew that for whatever reason, he wasn't making any sense when he tried to talk and the pain from the effort, was enough to make him give up trying.

"Can you get me some water and a cloth please Michelle, I want to wipe away the blood and make sure he doesn't have any other injuries." Erica then tells her friend, who she could tell was still thinking about what happened. "Honestly Michelle, the police will find out what happened and why, so we just need to concentrate on Peter and can you check outside to see if the ambulance or police are coming please." She then decides to say and while she knew they would hear the sirens if either was close, she knew that her friend needed to stay busy and not feel useless.

"Here you go and I'm not going anywhere Erica." Michelle then says after bringing over the bowl of water and cloth. "He looks really pale." She then states in a sad tone, she just couldn't believe someone could break into a house, just to do this to a kid and then just leave, it just made no sense to her.

"Alex, don't go to sleep Sweety, just keep your eyes open for me." Erica then quickly states in a worried tone, she didn't need to be a nurse to know that he can't go to sleep and even though she had tried to send her friend away a few moments ago, she was glad that she hadn't gone anywhere.

"Why would Gordon leave him home alone, I mean Ian and I have gone out before together, but we never left Carter alone at night, he always slept over a friends or..." Michelle then begins to say, before trailing off after noticing the look of horror on her friends face. "What's wrong?" She then quickly asks in a scared tone, before automatically looking down at the boy and fearing the worst.

"Oh my god, Peter, where's Peter?" Erica asks in a horrified tone, she had completely forgotten about the other boy being here, but after seeing Alex on the floor like he was, her instincts had taken over and she had focused on him completely.

"Whose Peter?" Michelle then asks in a confused tone, before realising who he was and quickly stood up to look around in panic, this was just meant to be a small detour to check on the house, while they were heading into town to go for a few drinks, but it was fast becoming a horrific nightmare.

"Oh god Michelle, check the closets and the rooms downstairs and then upstairs, he has to be somewhere." Erica quickly tells her friend in a panicked tone and while she wanted to look herself, she couldn't leave Alex. "Hey, hey come on Sweety, keep those eyes open for me please, you can't go to sleep Alex." She then quickly says as she gently shakes the boy, who she had just noticed had his eyes shut and quickly sighs in relief when he groans a little and his eyes flutter open.

"Jim?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he knew his friend would be calling him, but he wasn't expecting it to be so soon.

"Hey, you're the one who keeps telling me to phone you before I met up with a guy, so don't go acting all surprised Mitch." Jim answers in a mock offended tone and smiles as he hears his friend laughing.

"Fair enough, but it's..." Mitch begins to state, before glancing at his watch. "Oh wow, I didn't realise that it was that late." He then says in a surprised tone, after realising that time had gotten away from him and he wasn't fair off from meeting back up with Jordan.

"Yeah and I'm already at risk of being late, so let's keep this brief Mitch." Jim states in a cheeky tone, although he had actually been having some serious second thoughts about going through with the date and was half hoping his friend would try and talk him out of it again.

"Well we can't have that, I mean if you're a no show then he is going to be seeking out the nearest raging homo and I'm in the middle of the park Jim, so I would rather you weren't responsible for me getting lucky tonight." Mitch then states in a teasing tone, before laughing as he hears his friend coughing in surprise and just wished he could have seen his face.

"I think I'm finally rubbing off on you Mitch." Jim then states in response, while trying not to laugh too hard and let his friend know just how funny he had just been.

"Oh man is that what that feeling is, I thought it was a damn dog humping my leg." Mitch then quickly retorts and again can't help but enjoy having the upper hand in their little exchange for a change.

"You're killing me hear Mitch, but seriously, I'm trying to have a serious conversation and you're hitting me with atomic one liners, you prick." Jim states after a few moments, after stopping just outside the office of the motel and again wonders if he should just walk away.

"Serious conversation? What are you ill or something?" Mitch then jokes as he glances at his watch again and decides to start walking towards his meeting spot with Jordan a littler earlier than normal.

"Ah never mind you prick, I'll..." Jim then begins to say in a slightly frustrated tone, before finding himself being interrupted.

"You're being serious aren't you? Is everything okay?" Mitch then quickly asks in a concerned tone, after realising that his friend was actually being serious and quickly stops walking.

"Yeah, but I've been thinking about what you have all been saying." Jim responds in a slightly hesitant tone, after seeing the manager in the office wave him in.

"That you're a prick?" Mitch quickly jokes, before remembering that his friend had been trying to be serious. "Look sorry, but seriously Jim, what's up?" He then asks in a more serious tone, before looking over into the wooded area, after thinking that he heard something.

"Well you might have a point about the prick thing, but honestly..." Jim then begins to say, before trailing off after being hushed by his friend. "Did you seriously just hush me Mitch?" He then asks in a mixture of surprise and annoyance.

"Sorry, I thought I heard..." Mitch then begins to apologise, before turning white. "Oh fuck." He then states after hearing a whistle being blown.

"Was that a whistle? What's going on Mitch?" Jim then asks and while he was annoyed at being interrupted, he knew his friend and he could tell that he wasn't playing around any more and was genuinely worried.

"Er... look have fun Jim and er... shit look, I got to go mate." Mitch states in a panicked tone, before hanging up and running towards where the sound of the whistle came from.

"Well see you later I guess." Jim then mumbles to himself and while it was obvious that something was going on, he was now annoyed enough to not go through with the blind date and was just about to turn and walk away, when he saw the motel manage George opening his office door.

"Hey Jim, I might have guessed you would have something to do with it, get your sorry pervert ass in here already." George calls out from the door, before going back inside with a smirk.

"Guess that's as good a sign as any." Jim then mumbles to himself, before walking over and into the office. "So what's he look like?" He then decides to ask with a forced smile.

"Oh shit, you really have no shame do you Jim." George quickly responds with a shake of the head.

"I think I have some somewhere George, but come on, throw me a bone, is he at least half way decent to look at?" Jim then asks in a half pleading tone, it hadn't bothered him before everyone seemed to point out how stupid this totally blind date was, but now he was having doubts, he wanted to at least try and get some information about the guy.

"Honestly Jim, if I could tell you anything I would, but the guy was pretty good at hiding his face and the only thing I can tell you is that he is white." George answers honestly with a grin and knew that his friend had mad another one of his ridiculous blind dates.

"Seriously, that's all you got for me, he's white?" Jim then asks with a roll of the eyes, before deciding to sit down and let out a frustrated groan.

"Oh wow, you really don't know anything about this one do you?" George asks in a slightly surprised tone, although when he just gets a shrug of the shoulders, he decides to try and help him out a bit. "Look he was probably a little taller than you, a little on the thin side and although it was hard to tell from what he was wearing, I think it was a fit skinny and not a lanky kind of skinny, oh and he had a wedding ring on and it looked like a decent one." He then says as he tries to remember what the guy had looked like and while it wasn't much, it was better than nothing.

"Ha! A married man, should have guessed that after he refused to give me any details, but I like skinny and fit skinny is even better." Jim eventually responds after thinking everything over and the fact that the guy was married, had set him at ease a little bit and just figured the guy was either a closet gay or just wanted to give it a go and either way, he was more than happy to have a bit of fun.

"So, I'm guessing you don't want to be disturbed tomorrow morning then?" George then states in a slightly teasing tone and gives his friend a knowing look.

"Hell, if he runs out screaming, I could do with a bit of alone time, so don't send anyone in until late afternoon mate." Jim responds with a grin and although he was still not quite in the mood, he knew that it wouldn't take much to change that and slowly got to his feet.

"No problem and just to cheer you up a bit more, the guy paid for everything in cash, so at the very least you don't have to pay for the room, which is room eighty seven by the way." George then states with a grin and although he knew that the money thing wasn't a big deal for his friend, he knew it couldn't hurt to tell him, although he decided to not mention the fact the guy had asked for that room specifically for some reason, because he didn't see the point.

"Cheers George and if I don't see you tomorrow, I'll see you in a couple of days." Jim responds with an appreciative nod, before heading out of the office and towards the room, which to his slight annoyance, was on the other side of the motel. "I hope he is hot." He then mumbles to himself as he walks for what seems like miles, before reaching the door and can't help but be a little surprised at how empty the rooms around this part of the motel was, but quickly pushes it out of his mind and knocks on the door.

"It's open." A voice from inside calls out and Jim can't help but wonder why the guy was obviously using a fake voice, especially since they were going to be getting very close to each other very soon.

"Hey, you a little shy or something?" Jim then asks after letting himself in and shutting the door behind him and noticing how dark it was inside.

"Lock the door." The voice then calls out again and this time, he could swear that he recognised it, but just couldn't quite place it.

"So, how do you want to do this?" Jim then asks after locking the door, before beginning to turn around. "Whoa." He then says in surprise as he turns and finds the guy standing right in front of him and straight away wonders if he should have just went home or to a bar or something.

"Like you dirty faggots like it." The guy states in an almost gleeful tone, that sends a little chill down Jim's spine and while he had just been thinking that he wished he had went somewhere else, that was just because the guy seemed a little weird, but now alarm bells were definitely ringing inside his head.

"So that is like..." Jim then begins to say, before being startled as he is pushed against the door and then feeling a wet rag being shoved and held over his mouth and nose, while he quickly tries to struggle free.

"That's it Jim, go to sleep, you dirty little faggot." The guy states in a amused tone, as he feels the younger man trying to fight against him, but he had planned this and knew that there was no way he could break free with the way he had him pressed against the door.

"Mmmm... mmmm..." Jim manages to just about moan out, as he feels his eyes starting to get heavier and can hear the guy laughing in amusement, just before passing out.

"This is going to be fun." The guy then says in a satisfied tone, as the younger man slumps against his body.

"Jordan!" Mitch calls out in a worried tone, after trying to phone the young boy again and getting no response. "Jordan, come on buddy, quit messing around." He then shouts out with a nervous chuckle, while heading towards where he thinks the noise came from, before trying his phone again. "Come on, pick up, for fucks sake pick..." He then starts to say in a scared tone, before trailing off as he hears a noise and quickly recognises the sound of the young boys ringtone.

"Oh thank god." Mitch then states, as he walks towards the noise and can't help but wonder what the young boy was doing this deep into the wooded area and started to get a sinking feeling. "Jordan, if this is some kind of joke, then you're in deep shit and I mean it." He then calls out in a more and more concerned tone, there was no way the young boy would be this far from his route and he definitely wouldn't have used the whistle for nothing. "Jordan!" He then calls out again, before seeing something flashing in some bushes.

"Oh fuck, Jordan! Come on buddy, just call out or say something, Jordan!" He then shouts out, before leaning down and picking the phone up and stopping in his tracks, as he sees something at the bottom of what looks like a ditch and can't help but gasp. "Jordan?" He then calls out quietly, before slowly making his way down to the motionless body, that he was praying, wasn't what he feared it would be, but it wasn't easy and again found himself stopping in his tracks. "Oh no, no, no... no." He then starts to mumble in horror, after recognising the clothes and even worse, was the fact that his shorts and underwear were around his ankles.

"Oh god, I'm coming Jordan, just hang on, I'm coming." Mitch then calls out in a desperate tone, as he starts moving again, before suddenly slipping and knocking his head as he feels himself falling to the bottom of the ditch and hitting his head hard again against something and blacking out.

"Oww, ow, ow, ow, stop, it stings." Tobias cries out as he feels the tape being pulled off from the bullet attached to his willy.

"Maybe we should have been a little more careful with this one." Wesley the states in a slightly amused tone, before quickly trying to look more serious after seeing his boyfriend glaring at him.

"Look Tobias, we fucked up a little, but it's happened to both of us before and the best way is to do it quickly, but it will sting like hell, but only for like a split second, I promise." Carter then states in a reassuring tone, after give his boyfriend a less than impressed glare.

"Okay, but you guys suck." Tobias responds in a less than enthusiastic tone and couldn't believe how quickly he went from feel amazing, to having tape pulled off his willy.

"Okay, on the count of three okay Tobias." Carter then tells his friend, with a reassuring smile. "One... Two..." He then begins to count, before stopping as he hears his friend yelp and swear.

"What?" Wesley then quickly asks with a guilty grin, after seeing his boyfriend glaring at him again. "I thought you said three." He then adds with his best smile, until he feels him self being punched on the arm and turns to see their friend giving him the evil eye.

"You're a Smelly Head!" Tobias states in an annoyed tone, before looking down and inspecting his willy for any damage.

"You're a moron Wesley." Carter then quickly states, although with their friend distracted, he quickly winks at his boyfriend and smiles, because he knew that whatever they did, the tape was going to hurt their friend and it was better to just get it over with, even if it did mean tricking him.

"I'm sorry and I promise to stay away when Carter takes the bullets in your bum out." Wesley then states with a big smile and can tell that their friend had forgotten about those ones.

"Will it hurt?" Tobias then asks nervously, after realising that he had forgotten about those ones and couldn't help but wonder how, as now that he was aware of them again, he could feel how weird the one keeping his hole open felt.

"No, but it will feel weird, well not so much the first one, if anything it will feel nice, but the other two will feel weird as they come out." Carter answers in a soft tone and gently rubs his friends arm soothingly.

"No tricks this time?" Tobias then asks, as he gives Wesley a glare.

"Seriously, I'm not going anywhere near there Tobias, but Carter is telling the truth and it doesn't hurt, it just feels a little weird okay." Wesley quickly decides to answer and to prove a point, he moves up the bed and lays beside he friend, just to show that he can't do anything this time.

"Okay, but er... you not tell people I did bum things will you?" Tobias then asks in a nervous tone, he didn't regret it, but he didn't want anyone else knowing, because he thought it was a private thing and to him, it was a special thing between the three of them.

"We promise and no one will ever find out, we promise." Wesley decides to answer again, after thinking that the question was directed at him more than his boyfriend and after confessing to filming the whole thing to their friend, he couldn't really blame him for being a little paranoid.

"If the tape stings a little, then you can punch Wesley okay Tobias, because the moron didn't do it right." Carter then decides to state, before smiling to himself as he sees their friend glaring again at his boyfriend and despite knowing it was mean to lie, he couldn't resist as he had already pulled the tap off.

"Oh, that, oh that wow." Tobias moans out as he feels the first bullet being pulled out and he couldn't quite describe how it felt, although feeling his hole twitching was a little unsettling and he didn't really like it. "Oh god, that's oh." He then says as he feels the other bullets being pulled out quickly and wasn't quite sure how to describe the feeling either, as it happened so quickly, but again the way his hole was now twitching, wasn't very nice and he wished it would stop.

"Hey what's wrong?" Wesley then quickly asks in a slightly worried tone, his friend didn't appear to feel any pain and if anything seemed to enjoy the feeling, but he could see him frowning a little bit and he was starting to fidget.

"Oh, I know and well it won't last much longer Tobias, ours did that the first few times and it's a weird feeling isn't it." Carter states in a caring and understanding tone, after seeing their friends hole twitching and remembered how that felt the first few times.

"Oh, is his hole doing the twitching thing?" Wesley quickly asks in an amused tone, before quickly remember that this was new to their friend. "Sorry, but it will stop soon and I found it helped to walk around a little bit, it sort of distracts and relaxes you." He then suggests with a friendly smile, before being surprised by his friend pulling him into a cuddle.

"Can we just hang out now please, I want to watch a movie." Tobias then asks in a shy tone, after letting his friend go and getting to his feet, they had already talked about just hanging out earlier, but he wasn't sure if they wanted to carry on messing around or not.

"You need a shower first, but yeah, I have the new bond film and it should be fun." Carter responds with a smile, before moving over and putting an arm around his boyfriends waist.

"Want us to get in with you or go on your own?" Wesley then asks with a smile and although he was hoping their friend would shower on his own, he wasn't exactly against the idea of the three of them showering together and knew that they would have plenty of fun, but he wanted a little alone time with his boyfriend as well.

"Me shower alone." Tobias answers with a smile, before smirking. "You two going to sex together, when me gone." He then states with a giggle, before blushing slightly as he realises that he was talking like an idiot again.

"Oh get over it Tobias, you're still recovering from the bullets, so your brain is going to take a while to get itself sorted, so go get cleaned up and we will get the film ready and some snacks." Wesley quickly decides to say, after seeing him getting upset with the way he was talking and while it had been a while since they noticed him speaking like that, he wasn't worried and was happy to reassure him.

"Okay." Tobias responds happily, before deciding to just go straight to the bathroom.

"I can't believe he actually let us put them in his bum." Wesley then states quietly, before gently pulling his boyfriend on top of him.

"He has a nice bum, not as nice as yours, but it's nice." Carter then says with a dreamy smile, before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend.

"Yours is so firm and soft, I just love it so much and I really love what's hiding between you cute little cheeks." Wesley then states in a lustful tone, before rolling on top of his boyfriend and kissing his way down his body.

"Oh god!" Carter then calls out, as he feels his legs being lifted and spread, before feeling his boyfriend tongue against his hole and moans out in pleasure.

"I can't find him anywhere Erica and I..." Michelle begins to say after checking the house, but trails off after seeing the back door is open and she can't help but feel her insides tighten up.

"What? What is it Michelle?" Erica quickly asks in a concerned tone, before looking past her friend after hearing sirens.

"The back door is open." Michelle responds as she starts to walk towards it, before quickly stopping as she sees some blood on the floor and can't believe that neither of them had noticed it before.

"Mfhs, jdejd." Alex then begins to mumble, before getting really dizzy and closing his eyes.

"Hey, hey come on Alex, stay awake Sweety, please stay awake." Erica quickly starts to say, before rocking the boy and sighs in relief after he stirs and opens his eyes again.

"I don't see him Erica, I don't..." Michelle begins to say, before being distracted by the doorbell ringing and after taking a few seconds to process everything, she quickly pulls herself together and walks over to the front door.

"Alex, I need you to be strong for me okay, everything is going to be okay, I promise, just be strong for me Sweety and stay awake, you have to stay awake." Erica then says in a scared and upset tone, she hadn't know him for long, but he had made a real impression on her and to see him like this was just too much and she couldn't even begin to process what had happened to Peter and could only hope that he had crawled out the back door and was just out of sight, because the other alternatives were too horrifying to contemplate.

"Erica it's the police and the paramedics, the police are going to search the house and I told them to check out the back, just in case." Michelle then says after coming back over, before looking down at the boy and quickly wishes that she hadn't, because he looked even worse than before and she couldn't help but start to think about her own son and quickly felt her stomach turn and vomits all over the floor to her side.

"Hey! Hey, stay awake Alex, you have to be strong for Peter okay, you can't go to sleep Alex, come on, don't do this Alex." Erica then says as she feels the boy going limp in her arms. "Hurry up, please hurry up." She then shouts out to the paramedics, who she could see quickly moving towards her.

"I'll get it." Mike calls out as he hears someone knocking on the door and while it was a strange time of the evening for visitors, he couldn't help but be a little curious.

"Okay." Sarah responds from the kitchen, before going back to pouring a couple of glasses of wine for them both.

"Well that was weird." Mike then calls out, as he walks back into the living room with a small box.

"Who was it?" Sarah then asks, as she walks into the room and sets the glasses down, before noticing the small box and looking at his curiously.

"No one, this was just on the step and it has your name on it." Mike answers in a mystified tone, before looking up and smiling at just how beautiful she looked.

"Oh knock it off Mike, we talked about this and until things settle down, we're just friends." Sarah then states in a firm but playful tone, before looking at the small box again. "Does it say who it is from?" She then asks as she sits done and takes a sip of her wine.

"It just says Sarah... oh." Mike begins to answer, before frowning a little as he sees the name on the card.

"What do you mean 'oh'?" Sarah then asks in a slightly confused tone, before leaning a little closer to him.

"It says, Sarah James, I think they have the wrong address." Mike responds with a slight smile, although he felt a little bad, because with no address or other name on the box, it would be hard to track down who this was meant to be for. "What?" He then asks in a curious tone, after seeing her frowning now.

"James is my maiden name Mike." Sarah answers in a slightly shocked tone and couldn't help but feel a little uneasy, because she wasn't sure if her maiden name had ever come up in conversation before and she couldn't see why anyone would send her a gift by that name.

"Why would someone..." Mike then begins to say, before pausing for a few moments after noticing the uneasy look on her face. "Could be something from Amy, I think we both know how she feels about David and it's been a while since we've heard from her." He then suggests with a reassuring smile, after mentally slapping himself a little bit, because he knew Amy's surname and he knew she had never married and was Sarah's sister, so he felt a little embarrassed at not putting to two together when he saw the name on the box.

"It would be something she would do." Sarah then says, before leaning over and picking up the box. "I just don't get why she would leave it on the doorstep and there's no address, so how would it even get here, if it wasn't her?" She then asks in a confused tone, before deciding to just open it.

"What is it?" Mike then asks curiously, as he sees a confused look on her face.

"Just a bit of paper." Sarah answers, before unfolding the paper and gasping in shock after reading it.

"What's wrong? What does it say?" Mike quickly asks, before moving over and putting an arm around her shoulder, he could tell that whatever it was, it had scared her, but with the way she was holding the bit of paper, he couldn't see what was written on it.

"You were warned not to get the police involved, now someone you know has paid the price, don't make the same mistake again, tell no one, I will know." Sarah states in an almost robotic tone, before feeling herself shaking as she lets the note slip out of her fingers and to the floor.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Mike asks in a confused tone, before thinking about it. "We haven't been to the police about anything." He then states as he tries to make sense of the note and the only thing that would make any kind of sense, was the warning they had received from Maggie.

"I don't... it must be some kind of prank." Sarah then states in an unconvinced tone, before hearing the phone ringing. "Can you get that Mike?" She asks in a half pleading tone, her head was spinning and she couldn't deal with talking to someone on the phone right now.

"Sure and it's probably some moron messing around." Mike responds in a reassuring tone, before getting up and walking over to the phone to answer it.

"You're probably right." Sarah then says in a quiet tone, without really believing it, she knew it was serious and she knew that it was something to do with what Maggie had warned her about.

"It's Maggie." Mike then states in a stunned tone a few minutes later, after putting the phone down.

"Why would she do this and how do you know it's her?" Sarah quickly asks in slightly relieved tone, which doesn't last long as she sees the look on his face.

"No, it's not her Sarah, she's dead, she was found in her cell and there was some attack, but they couldn't stop the bleeding or something, she's dead." Mike responds in the same stunned tone, as he tried to process what else he was told and could feel himself shaking a little.

"How? What happened?" Sarah asks, after getting to her feet, before looking down at the note. "Wait, why would they call us? We aren't family and I don't understand Mike." She then asks in a confused tone, too much was happening and nothing was making sense.

"It was a guard, someone called Greg and he said something, he said Maggie told him to tell you something and because he knew who you were, he called us as soon as he could." Mike states in response, although he still couldn't work out what Greg had told him and what that had to do with anything.

"What did she want to tell me?" Sarah then asks, after walking over and standing in front of him, she knew it had to be important and with everything else, she needed to get answers to something, even if she didn't understand what it meant.

"He said it was hard to understand her and he didn't get it all, but he said that she told him to get a message to you, saying that he wasn't dead, he's still alive, but he doesn't know who or what she meant and the only reason he called, was because he knew who you were." Mike explains as he tries to keep himself together and understand what it all meant.

"He's still alive? What the hell does that mean?" Sarah then asks in an angry and frustrated tone, none of this made sense and at the same time, she was scared and she felt completely overwhelmed.

"We need to call the police." Mike then states, but as soon as he reaches for the phone, he feels a hand on his arm.

"The note Mike, we can't, we can't go to the police." Sarah quickly states in a panicked tone.

"Shit, but we..." Mike then begins to say, before trailing off as he can't think of anything else to say.

"We need to go get the boys though Mike and we..." Sarah then begins to say, before looking at him in surprise as he interrupts her.

"It's the same as the police Sarah, he said he would know if we told anyone, but they're safe, the neighbours are keeping an eye out and Mitch is going to check on them." Mike reluctantly states, before walking back over to the sofa and sitting down.

"How could he know... wait, we didn't even go to the police Mike, we..." Sarah then begins to say, after walking over and sitting down next to him, before being interrupted again.

"Mitch, we talked to Mitch and he is in the police Sarah." Mike says in a defeated tone, whoever was doing this was watching them and knew who they all were and he couldn't help but feel unsettled by the thought.

"Then what do we do?" Sarah then asks in a desperate tone, after sitting in silence for a few minutes.

"We do what we've been doing Sarah, the note said someone we know would pay the price and well Maggie was hardly a friend, so we just have to be more careful and we will figure something out." Mike answers with a reassuring smile. "Sarah, we will figure it out and we will get through this." He then adds, before pulling her into his side and gently rubbing her arm.

"I knew it, I knew that they were missing." Matt declares after his boyfriend finally lets him take off the stupid blindfold, which he was actually starting to develop a dislike to, after spending so much of the day wearing it.

"Yeah right, like you notice anything." Ben teases back, while trying to remember what he had rehearsed, which now that he was so close to the moment, he was struggling to remember at all.

"What gives though and why are we back here?" Matt then asks as he looks around the front room and ignores his boyfriend attempts to bait him, he was just too confused to get into teasing each other and just wanted to know what was going on.

"Well I wanted to wear what we were wearing when I first realised I loved you, but well we were naked and sitting in a pool of water and er... well I didn't want to be naked for this." Ben quickly answers as he tries his best to explain what was happening, while at the same time not ruining his big moment.

"Are you sure you didn't have any of the wine, because you're being weird and you're all red." Matt then asks in a slightly concerned tone, because he really had no idea what was going on and his boyfriend was acting strange.

"Just a little nervous, but shut up, I want to tell you something and I er... shit." Ben responds before looking around and while he planned it to go like this, he just didn't think it felt right and couldn't help but frown.

"What now?" Matt then asks in an even more confused and concerned tone, his boyfriend was definitely not acting like himself and he couldn't help but wonder if he should call Mitch.

"This isn't right, we need to go to our bedroom, it will be better." Ben responds as he looks at his boyfriend and smiles. "Trust me, I just want it to be perfect." He then adds in a reassuring tone, before holding out his hand.

"I trust you." Matt states in response, before taking his boyfriends hand, which he noticed was shaking a little bit, but he did trust him and he was going to just go along with his boyfriend, unless something really got him worried, but until then, he was just going to let his boyfriend do whatever it is that he is obviously trying to do.

"These are a little tighter than I remember." Ben then says, as they head towards their bedroom, he was getting really nervous and it was as if everything he had practised saying, had completely left his mind, so he decided to try and relax himself with a little distraction.

"I think we just got taller, because we haven't put any weight on." Matt decides to respond, as his boyfriend was obviously nervous about something and he still wanted to play along and see what happened before letting his concern get the better of him.

"Just er... don't get all horny and stuff, I need to tell you something first and it's important." Ben then states as he gives his boyfriend a nervous smile, before opening their bedroom door and stepping inside, with his boyfriend following him in.

"Wow!" Matt then simply states in a stunned tone, while looking around the room in awe and quickly forgetting how worried he was about his boyfriend seemingly forgetting about the fact they were talking about their clothes, because what he was seeing just took his breath away. "This is... this is amazing." He then states as he continues to look around the room and seeing candles and rose petals, which just look so amazing and romantic, before settling on his boyfriend, who suddenly he now noticed had a serious look on his face.

"Matt, ever since I first saw you, I knew you were special, even if it was just a quick glimpse as you ran from your car to your house, there was just some feeling inside of me that changed and I just knew that I had to be your friend, that's why I kept coming around every day, I mean everyone else thought it was funny at first, but I know my dad and even Mitch were a little unsure of why I was still bothering after like the seventh day, but I knew that I needed to see you and when I finally did, well I got to see a lot more than I expected." Ben states in a sincere and loving tone, with a hint of a smirk, before taking a few seconds to get his breath back and compose himself.

"I er... what's going..." Matt then begins to say, before trailing off as he feels his boyfriends finger gently pressing against his lips.

"I didn't really get it Matt, I mean I had friends, great friends, but there was just something about you and being around you just gave me so many strange feelings and while I didn't understand what they were, I knew that I liked them and that when I wasn't with you, I missed them and it felt like I was missing a part of me, which was really confusing." Ben then states from the heart, before pausing again. "There was so much going on though and it was scary not knowing why I was feeling like I was and whether it was normal or not and even worse, was not knowing if you felt the same way, that was the worst part Matt, even if I didn't know what I was feeling, the thought of you not feeling the same way scared me." He then adds with a slightly croak in voice and despite this being a happy moment and something he wanted more than anything to do, he was struggling to hold himself together and not just cry.

"Ben I..." Matt then begins to try and say, before his boyfriends fingers press a little harder on his lips and he quickly gets the message, that what ever his boyfriend was doing, he had to let him finish.

"But that moment at the lake place, you know when we found that special place together and we er... you know got naked and er... you know kissed, it was like a cloud was lifted and everything made sense, I mean I still didn't understand everything or what it all meant, but I knew that I love you Matt and more importantly, I knew that you loved me, even if I didn't know it at the time, looking back, that was the moment I knew that I loved you." Ben then says with a shy, but loving smile, he wasn't quite sure where this was all coming from, because it wasn't what he had been practising, but right now, in this moment, it just felt right and he wasn't going to go against his instincts, not for something this important.

"Then when everything happened and I thought you're were going to be taken away from me, I thought I was going to break Matt, I could feel my heart breaking and I was so scared, but I didn't give up Matt, I never stopped believing and I knew that you were going to wake up, there was just something in my er... my soul, yeah, there was just something in my soul that told me that you were going to wake up Matt and when you did, I knew, I knew with every fibre of my soul, that we were forever and I know we tell each other that we're forever a lot Matt, but it's because it's true and I know we've had a few er... well a few bumps, but I've never doubted us and I never will." Ben then says with a big and loving smile, before taking a deep breath and blushing slightly, he could feel himself getting excited and the look on his boyfriends face, just melted his heart and he could see the love in his eyes.

"So you see, I've loved you since the first time I saw you Matt and I've never stopped loving you and I never will." Ben then says, before taking a deep breath and going down on one knee.

"Oh my god!" Matt quickly states in a stunned tone, after finally understanding what his boyfriend was doing, when he watches him pulling out a small box from his pocket.

"Matthew Summers, I love you with all my heart and soul, will you marry me?" Ben then asks from the heart, after opening the box and holding it in front of himself, with a loving smile.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes and a million, billion more times yes, I will marry you Benjamin Walker." Matt quickly answers excitedly, before smiling widely when he feels the ring being slipped on to his finger and he just couldn't believe what was happening and all the effort his boyfriend had gone through to propose to him.

"You're beautiful, you know that." Ben then says from the heart, after slowly standing up and embracing his boyfriend in a long and loving cuddle.

"You're beautiful too and I'm going to show you how much I love you." Matt then responds teasingly, after giving his boyfriend a long and passionate kiss, before pushing him on to the bed and climbing on top of him and kissing him again, he knew what he was going to give his boyfriend and he knew that it would be special for the both of them.

The End!

Well that's it and I want to say a massive, massive thank you to everyone who has emailed me and really helped me stay motivated to complete the story and it's been a long journey for me and a huge learning experience.

Now I know that I have left a lot of things open and ending the story has been something I have been thinking about for a very long time and trying to find the perfect ending was very stressful, however after seeking advice and reading other stories, I realised that it was impossible, so I decided that while this chapter is the end, it's not the end of the boys journey and while a select few people who I email regularly with already know this, there is a sequel coming and also a plan in place for two mini stories, so that is why things have unfolded the way they have.

I know people are probably going to want to know the fates of a few characters and what happens next, but unless you directly ask me to give you spoilers you will have to wait until the mini stories and the sequel to find out, I know it's cruel to have an ending with cliffhangers, especially since there are a couple in this one, but I made those choices based on the sequel and hopefully you will understand.

In regards to the planned sequel, it will be a long wait, I haven't started it yet and I plan to write the entire thing before submitting it, so it will be a long wait and that is where hopefully the mini stories will help out a little, but again I have a lot to plan out and figure out, so there will be a long gap between this story and those and I do apologise for that.

Again, I am open to giving people spoilers if they request them and while I would prefer no to, I feel like because of the potential wait for you readers, I kind of owe you the option.

Thank you again and I've really, really enjoyed writing and creating this story and I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I have.

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