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Affair of a Foreign Nature

Chapter 9

Mean People Suck, But So Do Nice Ones

By and © Hans Schrieber

Siegfried and his terrorist thugs laughed harder the more I cried. I hated myself for giving them the satisfaction, but I couldn't help it. I had no more brave left in me. I thought I was saved. I thought I was being rescued and the despair of being back in their clutches was more than I could take. I didn't even fight against them binding my hands and feet. The creep who had captured me back in the villa picked up my wet, naked body and packed me back down into the smelly fish hold. He dropped me onto the slimy floor next to Antonio.

Antonio's eyes widened and he asked, "David? How ... what ... where?"

When the lid was closed on us, I controlled my crying and filled in the blanks for him. I explained about the kidnapping and how they mistook me for him. I asked how he got captured and he said that after John and I were taken, they immediately ordered a military evacuation for him and his sisters. He was to be taken on a separate helicopter back to Milan and his sisters were going to Rome. Gio was still incapacitated from the dart, so a rookie guard was assigned in his place. As soon as Antonio was loaded onto the evacuation chopper, it took off without his guard. It turned out to be an imposter chopper and Antonio was immediately tied up and flown a long ways away to an open field where he was loaded into a van and taken on a short ride to this boat and dropped into this stinking hold where I had now joined him.

"Do you still have the emergency locator on your wrist?" I asked.

"Yes," he answered, "but I can't push the button because my wrists are tied up behind me."

"Slide over and let me see if I can push it." He rolled over my naked body so that his back would be to my front and as he was doing so, the boat banged roughly into the dock. The jarring motion caused him to drop on top of me and his hip bone pinched one of my balls, sending a dull pain up into my stomach. I groaned and thought about the pain I'd inflicted on poor Stubby. A nightmarish thought struck me. We were headed back up to the island prison and Stubby would be there. If they let him loose, he might be able to exact revenge on my balls. The thought sucked all the air from my lungs and I began trembling. Antonio finished his roll off of me and just as I positioned myself to push the button, sunlight flooded into our makeshift cell. Two of the BAS creeps dropped into the hold and grabbed us like sacks of concrete and carried us topside. I watched Antonio's wrist with his emergency signal device teasing me with each step. I was so close. "Why am I always getting so close but never succeeding? Please God, help me," I silently prayed. My trembling increased.

There on deck, the ropes on our feet were removed and we were ordered to climb off the boat and up the stairs under our own power. The rough, stone steps hurt my bare feet. One of the terrorist jerks was between me and Antonio, so even though his wrists were behind him and mine were in front of me, I couldn't reach out and push the button. "Get in control," I told myself. "Don't panic." I looked around trying desperately to see something useful. There was nothing.

At the top of the stairs, my earlier suspicions were confirmed when we stopped. One of our captors unlocked a metal panel and switched off the electrical charge to the gate. Then the gate's lock and chain were removed and they swung the squeaky gate open on its ancient hinges. My legs barely held me up as I walked into the stone room and saw Stubby lying on the hard floor where I had left him tied up, still visibly in pain. Antonio and I were both pulled to the floor and made to sit there until Siegfried hobbled into the room. He looked at the bound guard, the empty chairs and the empty shackles and flew into a rage. I'm not sure of anything he said, but I'm certain most of it couldn't be repeated in church.

He poked his cane in my groaning victim's chest and began interrogating him. Stubby answered in sputtering sentences and received an occasional cursing and caning from his evil leader. Apparently, after a bit, he revealed his testicle injury and Siegfried ordered the rope from his feet to his throat cut loose. Stubby stretched out, groaned loudly, rolled onto his back, and peered full of fury over at me. The horrifying sight of Stubby's injured testicle was so awful even Siegfried winced and looked away. Siegfried glared over at me. I felt my balls pull instinctively up tight against my body and the trembling worsened.

Siegfried limped over to me and asked? "Where are ze Colonel and his brat?"

"They got away. They reached the shore and got away," I lied.

"You are lying. We would have seen zem in ze water." He raised his cane in a threatening manner and I cowered.

"Okay, you caught me. Truth is, aliens came down and beamed them aboard their spaceship."

The pain of the blow across my lower back hurt so badly, I couldn't see for a full minute as if I blacked out or something. I literally did see stars, though.

"I'm sorry," I sobbed. "It's true what I said before. They got away. They had a head start on me because I stayed back to tie up your guard." It wasn't completely true, but I had to try.

Siegfried asked Stubby something in German and he nodded uncertainly, still glaring with hatred at me.

"How did you get him free?" asked Siegfried, gesturing toward the empty shackles.

"I broke the bones in his hands so they would slip through. I used your guards boot to do it with." Siegfried confirmed this with Stubby, again in German.

"How did you get free?"

I thought desperately how to best answer. I wasn't sure if I should rat out Stubby on his sexual lust for me or not. What if they decided to let him have his way with me if they knew that? I considered lying that I needed to pee and he let me loose to do it. I didn't think he would tell the truth about the sex either. I stalled and Siegfried's anger flared. He slammed his cane across my back and shoulder and the force of it stunned me. This time, I screamed in pain and Antonio screamed as well in fear for my life. Antonio began crying. I took gasping deep breaths as the pain of the blow expanded across my neck and back. I looked Siegfried squarely in the eye and said angrily, "I offered him," I nodded toward Stubby, "oral sex."

Siegfried looked at Stubby, who averted his gaze with a shameful expression confirming the truth. "And you bit into his testicle while you were pleasuring him?"


"Du bist ekelhaft!" snarled Siegfried at the disgusting, cowering guard. Siegfried limped back over to Stubby who scooted as best he could away. Siegfried leaned on his cane and lifted his good foot. He stomped hard into Stubby's injured crotch. Stubby jerked upward, eyes wide and mouth open but no sound erupted. In place of a scream, his features went limp and he fell backward unconscious. My balls and I both breathed out a temporary sigh of relief when he collapsed.

"I bet the army will be here any minute," I threatened.

Siegfried whirled and glared at me. "If ze Colonel really escaped, you may be correct. Zat means we will have to skip ze fun of torturing you, und simply go straight to ze killing, like I should have done before I left."

He began barking orders. Antonio and I were jerked to our feet by our curly, black hair and marched back down the stone steps. Stubby was dragged unconscious out the door and down the steps by his feet. His head bounced and bobbed on the stone steps like a rag doll being dragged by a careless child. I wondered if he survived it. At the bottom, on the boat landing, I took in every detail I could. It was like that party game, "Picture Picture" where you have to find as many different objects in the picture as possible before time runs out.

Instead of being put back in the smelly, fish hold, we were left lying on the rear deck. We were guarded by two of the henchmen, one of them being my original captor. The boat pulled away and headed to the open Sea. I thought about Ricky of all people. We had been best friends for so long and I wished I was back home with him in my bedroom laughing, joking, and jerking off. I didn't want to die. I thought about happy memories from childhood and about my parents and my brother. "If I could only just have a chance to call and tell them all how much I loved them?" I wished. "Don't panic," I firmly told myself.

"Why not?" I answered out loud.

"David," said Antonio, bringing me out of my trance. "David, they are talking about us in German."

"What are they saying?"

"They are taking me to another hiding place and will use me to ... ahhh ... how you say, blackmail my grandfather. And they are going to ..." He trailed off.

"Kill me?"

He nodded sadly.


Antonio swallowed hard and hesitated.

"I know it's hard, but it will help me maybe, if I know how."

"They are going to tie that anchor to your feet and throw you overboard to drown." He broke into tears.

"Shit. I almost forgot. Roll over and let me push your button." He did and without anyone noticing this time, I pressed the button in the center of his fancy device. It was a balls feeling when it gave way under pressure of my finger.

"I don't think it's going to help," he said, sadly rolling back over to face me and dashing my slim hopes. "I'm sure it is out of ... ahhh ... space."

"You mean, out of range?"

"Yes, that."

"Oh well. It was worth a try I guess."

I looked over at the anchor. It wasn't all that heavy, but heavy enough with my arms bound. It was a four prong hook type with barbs on the end of each tine. I started to think. What would Frank Hardy do? I imagined how they might tie it to me. I imagined how I would deal with it in the water. I tried to recall everything I had seen on the boat as I scanned it over at the dock. Suddenly, the boat slowed and then stopped, rocking slowly back and forth in the small waves.

"Auf Sonar, ist es hier ganz tief," the pilot of the boat called down.

Siegfried stood and watched as one of his evil henchmen cut a length of the anchor rope and tied the loose end to my right foot. I considered struggling against it, but realized it would be pointless. I was resigned to going overboard. I tried to keep my head clear but I couldn't prevent the thought of drowning from pushing everything else out, even Antonio's sobbing. I wondered what it would feel like when I was forced to gulp in lungs full of water. I wondered if it would be painful. Would the actual death be quick or slow and drawn out. I imagined my naked body floating up from the bottom of the ocean floor anchored on a rope like some macabre, underwater helium balloon. I actually wondered what the fish would think as they swam around me. "What if, one of them bites my penis off?" I actually worried.

Being dragged to the railing startled me out of my daydream and I watched as my anchor was tossed over, pulling the rope behind it until it tightened around my ankle and yanked it up off the deck. The large foul man lifted my body and I saw his tattooed arm flexing under my weight. The snake tattoo was dancing in grim delight as he heaved me over the edge into the watery depths. I sucked in a long, deep breath just before submerging.

I immediately started doing the mermaid motion, like you do when you jump off the blocks into the pool or after making a turn during a swim meet. It took a lot of exertion and I knew that even though my record for holding my breath was just under three minutes, with this much exertion, it would be half that. I once successfully swam three 25 meter lengths underwater without a breath during a water polo practice. I was finally appreciative for all the laps of swimming and hours of treading water I had put in during practices.

I managed to reach down and grab the rope tied to my ankle in my hands. Bit by bit, I maneuvered the rope until I was holding the anchor. I had drifted downward from doing this and had to start kicking hard to get back up to the boat. My lungs were burning and demanding air. I had purposely drifted underneath and to the rear of the boat and desperately tried to remember left or right. I knew if I was wrong, there would be no time to switch sides and I would drown. I chose left and was unbelievably relieved to see a ladder rung extending into the water. I'd noticed it extending down into the water back at the dock. I hooked the anchor onto the bottom rung and pulled myself up enough to clear the surface and draw a breath.

Never had I wanted something as much as I wanted to breathe. The air filling my lungs was the most gratifying experience of my young life. It was far better than riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. It was better than hot chocolate on a cold day. It was even better than my first dry cum lying on my brother's bed that one night a couple years ago when my brother taught me how to do it.

I supposed they must be watching to make sure I didn't surface, so I drew in another long breath and slipped back down under the water. The glistening of something shiny caught my attention and I focused on the large propeller. I pushed and wiggled my way to it and began rubbing the ropes against the sharp blades. In no time, it cut through my bands and my hands were freed. I grabbed the rope connecting me to the anchor, now hooked into the bottom ladder rung, and began sawing on it. Just then, the motor roared into life. Panic shot through me as I imagined being torn to shreds by the propeller. I pushed away as the pilot engaged the forward gear and the prop spun into life. The boat moved away, slowly at first but then picking up speed. I realized in a flash of horror, I was still tethered to it by the anchor. I imagined being drug to death behind the boat or worse, the force of the boat ripping my right leg entirely off my body.

Desperately, I tried swimming in the wake of the boat, as ridiculous as that was, and watched as the rope became taut and jerked me backward by my ankle. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as the pain in my hip intensified from the dragging motion. I was reminded of the cowboys in the old westerns being drug behind a horse as I flopped about in the wake. Suddenly, the pain in my hip disappeared and I bobbed to the surface. I opened my eyes to see the boat leaving me in its wake. It seems I had frayed the rope just enough that it broke under the force of pulling me through the water. I reached down and felt my leg to confirm that it was really there. "Balls on fire!" I said aloud. I began to tread water, but the soreness in my hip made it difficult. I was crying in relief at being alive.

I watched as the boat began a sweeping left turn. Soon it was coming back directly toward me. I realized someone must have spotted me in the water. I turned and started swimming with all my might. I knew it was hopeless, but my survival instincts forced me to try. Then another sound struck my ears. I looked around for another boat but couldn't see any. The fishing boat stopped pursuing me and turned away headed toward shore. I was confused until I realized the sound I was hearing was a helicopter overhead. I rolled onto my back in time to see an Italian Special Forces soldier being lowered down to me. I began slapping the water with my hands and crying out in joyful relief. "Thank You, God! Thank You!" I cried out.

The soldier had me put my arms around his angelic neck and wrap my legs around his trunk. They hoisted us up and strong hands grabbed and pulled me safely into the helicopter bay. They took me to the opposite side and wrapped my wet, nude body in a blanket. A medic inspected me and treated my cuts and welts from the caning. I told them Antonio was on the boat. They explained that they knew that already from the tracking device on his wrist. One of the soldiers showed me the handheld device with a flashing green dot on the gridded screen. That was how they located our position.

My angelic rescuer explained that when John and I were kidnapped, they weren't sure which operating cell of the BAS had taken us. There are dozens of cells all over Eastern Europe and the Baltic. They had assumed Czechoslovakia and started the search there. They found my email about the BAS to Ricky and so the Army contacted him in case he might know something. He told them about the spy camera just in case it might be useful. They'd found the Old Spice deodorant case on the floor during their search of the crime scene but hadn't realized it was a camera or of any importance. When they reviewed the video and saw my captor, his image matched sightings of him in Dubrovnik and so they refocused their search here. Still, they had no idea where we were exactly until the beacon lit up on the tracking device.

The helicopter dipped and the co-pilot ordered the boat to stop in Italian over a loud speaker. I assumed, at least, that was what they were saying. The boat continued on. Again the order came to stop, this time in German. It still continued on. The chopper turned and spun, then came up alongside the boat's rear section and a large machine gun was manned by the angel that plucked me from the water and with a deafening roar, he sent a spray of bullets into the engine compartment of the boat. It immediately stopped its forward progression and slowly drifted to a halt. I could see from my vantage point through the open side door that Siegfried was screaming in fury and waving his cane in defiance. He dropped to the deck, throwing his cane aside after pulling a knife from its handle. He grabbed Antonio by the hair with one hand and held the knife to his throat by the other. His henchmen began swinging a yellow lifeboat over toward the edge of the boat on a crane device.

Antonio was screaming in terror. The filthy BAStard reached up to the railing with his knife in hand and pulled himself up dragging Antonio with him by his hair. A second soldier shouted something in Italian and the pilot brought the chopper to a stop in mid air. The soldier steadied himself against the open door's edge and slipped a sniper rifle out. He squinted into the scope and an empty casing suddenly ejected from the gun and rattled across the floor toward my feet. I saw Siegfried's head snap backward taking his entire body with it overboard. Antonio dropped back to the deck and continued screaming in terror. The remaining BAS thugs instantly raised their hands in surrender.

Once Antonio was lifted to the chopper and sitting safely beside me, two Special Forces men were lowered onto the boat to take control. Then, I moved up to the co-pilot's chair and directed the pilot to where I had left the Colonel and John. My rescuer was lowered again into the water and he swam into the cave in the cliff face. He emerged with John and then returned with the Colonel. We all clapped and cheered as the Colonel was brought into the open bay of the chopper and I moved back against the wall with the rest of the rescued souls. We all kept bursting into joyous cheers and sobs of relief except the Colonel who thought it unprofessional, I assumed.

When we arrived at a military base back in Italy, we were whisked away in ambulances to an infirmary. We were given thorough physicals and I was treated for my caning injuries and cuts. The Colonel needed the most attention of course. We were extensively questioned and de-briefed, in the Colonel's case. Finally, we were fed hot soup and thick slices of warm bread for dinner and went to bed. The three of us were allowed to share a private room. They wheeled a third bed in so that none of us had to sleep alone, which none of us wanted to do. I felt tremendous peace and security with my new friends in the secure confines our small, private, hospital room.

Even though it was a secure military base, guards stood just outside our door all night. If we needed to pee, we were told that we had to be escorted. When the door was shut, John rushed over to me and threw his arms around me. "You saved us!" he exclaimed.

"OUCH!" I yelled out. The guards rushed in. Antonio explained in Italian that everything was all right, that John had just accidentally hugged my injured back. They slipped back out, pulling the door closed behind them.

"Sorry," John said sheepishly. "I forgot."

"It's okay," I assured him, rubbing my sore back. "You didn't mean to hurt me. I'm just glad we're safe now. We were all brave and we all did good."

"Yes, but you were the bravest of all," said Antonio. "My grandfather will reward you much."

"Just getting us all out alive is enough reward for me," I humbly responded. I didn't feel like a hero, though I guess I should have. It almost felt more like a dream than real life now it was over. I'd just done what I had to in order to survive. I opened my arms wide and said, "Group hug, but a SOFT one."

We all laughed and draped our arms gently around each other, leaning our foreheads into each other. We stayed like that for a long time, enjoying the embrace, until I said, "Let's push the beds together and sleep next to each other, okay?" I needed the closeness of another human to reassure me things were okay. It was unanimous agreement for that idea and we pushed them side by side, un-tucking the blankets and sheets and just throwing them on top.

We pulled off the thin, cotton hospital robes and just wore the plain khaki underwear one of the nurses had brought to us earlier. We also had anklet socks to keep our feet warm. The seaweed green boxers hung loosely on all of us, since I think they were men's extra small size military issue. John and I had no clothes and Antonio had long since stripped out of his for the physical exams. I laid down in the middle bed with John and Antonio flanking me to the left and right. Lying in the cracks of the other beds was uncomfortable for them and the beds started to separate. We grabbed the pillows and twisted around to sleep sideways across all three beds - our heads on one, our butts on the middle one, and our feet stretched onto the third bed.

That worked well and soon I was enjoying the soothing warmth of my two young friends pressing their flesh against my sides with their arms draped over my chest. I put my arms under them and gently rubbed their bare backs. A streetlamp outside the window cast a soft light over our young bodies. It was warm enough in the room that we kicked the blankets and sheets off of us. John leaned in and kissed my cheek appreciatively. Antonio followed his example. I smiled. I continued gently stroking their backs and moved down to the mounds of their cute boy bottoms. I rubbed my hand over their matching humps and then slid my fingers beneath the elastic waist bands and let my palms glide over the soft flesh of their behinds. They gently snuggled more deeply into me and tickled my pecs and abs. A flood of emotion overcame me and I started to cry. I wanted to be held by my mom and dad. The two boys held me as replacements for them while I cried it all out.

After a while, I gained control of myself and thanked them for just being there. I thought I should feel embarrassed, but I didn't. We laid there awake and comfortable in the moment for a while until I felt the stirrings of their little soldiers stiffen up to attention. John slipped his hand into the fly of my loose fitting, green boxers and gripped the stiff barrel of my sniper rifle. His warm hand wrapped around my eager weapon, nearly tripping my hair trigger. I had to breathe deep and slowly to focus away from the sensations. Otherwise, I would be shooting off all my ammunition before the battle even started. I turned my head and leaned over, kissed John's forehead and squeezed his butt cheek. I slid my hand up and pushed his boxers down over his round, little ass. I did the same to Antonio and they both proceeded to remove them the rest of the way. Together, they pulled at the waistband of my underwear and I lifted my hips to let them rescue my erect little soldier from the confines of his green tent.

We were embarking on a joyful mission. We were drawn together after our incredible ordeal. It was more than just playful fun amongst horny young boys, it was a joyous celebration of life and of our survival. I wanted it and I needed it.

With the khaki's out of the way, John and Antonio snuggled back up against either side of me, and I resumed my long slow stroking of their soft flesh from their shoulders to the base of their round, smooth butts. They retaliated with gentle strokes along my well defined pecs and abs and Antonio started tracing a finger up and down my yearning penis. It twitched in response to his slight touch as his fingertip brushed across the sensitive bit of skin under my dickhead. I began squirming and moaning softly with each stimulating stroke. The two of them started squirming and grinding into my hips. My right one was still pretty sore, but the pleasure exceeded the pain and I ignored it.

Antonio slid downward and slipped between my legs. I lifted my head to see him smiling sweetly at me over the top of my throbbing boner that he'd pulled up away from my tummy. "Time to reward my hero," he spoke softly.

He extended his tongue and licked slowly up the length of my pole in the same manner he'd been doing with his finger earlier, flicking it over my bulging helmet. The moist, sensitive sensation nearly sent me over the edge again, and I began hyperventilating slightly. He tilted his head and plunged downward over the barrel of my four inch gun and sucked me ever so slowly. His movements were graceful and deliberate, causing the most amazing tingles to spread through it. I couldn't stop staring at him work me over. I moaned softly as I experienced my first blowjob in the experienced mouth of a horny billionaire heir and grandson of Italy's Prime Minister. "Balls on fire!" I muttered.

John was watching it also, equally wide eyed. As I watched, it occurred to me how very similar Antonio and I really did appear. His thin red lips, accented by his olive complexion, were gliding smoothly up and down my young weapon. John moved his hand down and ran his fingers through Antonio's curly, jet black hair while he rose and fell over my midsection. We were so similar; it was almost as if I was watching myself sucking on my own dick, as impossible as that would be.

John was now thrusting his erection into my sore hip with increased intensity while he watched me receive my reward from a grateful Antonio. I didn't want to spoil things, but the pain was distracting me from the wonderful new experience in my groin. I tugged on Johns butt cheeks and said, "Slide up, John. Let me suck yours."

His eyes grew wide and his smile grew wider. He got to his knees and scrambled up to straddle my chest. I pulled his adorable little soldier downward and guided him between my thin lips. I was really just doing it to get him off my sore hip, so I could enjoy what Antonio was doing. The bonding experience of the last twenty-four hours was drawing us together. We all needed to share this powerful release of tension and fear.

I hadn't expected to enjoy the sensation of his small piece in my mouth. However, I loved the feeling of my tongue gliding along the underside of his turgid little pistol. I sucked and suckled on him as he arched his back and moaned in numbing ecstasy. Antonio pushed my legs together and was humping his cute little erection and balls into the tops of my feet, getting himself off while he worked me over in his mouth. I raised my foot up and pulled my sock off. I wiggled my toes and said, "Look, John. The tickle toe monster and his little friends have come out to play." John started giggling hysterically and Antonio looked on in confusion. I slipped my toes between Antonio's legs and fondled his small balls and dick with my toes. I slipped his stiffie between my big and second toes and began retracting his hood over the purple tip of his little toy. Antonio smiled and started humping between my toes and resumed sucking on me.

"Mmm, ahhhh, and ohhhh" was all any of us could say as we sucked, humped and slowly gyrated into each other. John was the first to fall off the cliff as he grabbed the sides of my head and pushed deeply into my mouth. I tasted his sweet ejaculate with each pulsating release; his tender dick was clamped firmly between my lips. The erotic experience of taking my first load of boy cum sent me off the ledge, and I wrapped my arms around John's butt and pulled him tightly into me as I flung myself into the deep waters of an enormous orgasm. I shook and quivered as I unloaded my full store of ammunition into Antonio's experienced and accepting mouth. By my second round of fire, he was grunting and oozing his own warm juices onto my foot. When it was over, John slid down over my abs as Antonio retreated from my surrendering little soldier and pulled free of my toe monster. John leaned in to kiss me and I turned my head to the side to let him press his soft lips against my flushed cheek. He seemed a bit disappointed.

Antonio hopped down and returned with damp cloths to wipe my feet off and for the dribble on his and my chins. We nestled back together in the same design we started off in and pulled a single sheet over us. It barely covered the two boys on either side of me. As I came off my sexual high and recognized the absence of all the tension in my gut, I started to giggle uncontrollably, in my little girly way. Antonio was infected and began to giggle as well, quickly joined by John. We giggled for what seemed like forever; we just couldn't stop. As soon as we would wind down, someone would start up again and we would all erupt in more wild giggles. I gently caressed their backs and round little bums as we eventually calmed down and just melted into the warm glow of the experience.

John gripped my relaxed balls and gave a little squeeze. I turned to face him questioningly, and he said with his sly little grin, "Kiss me on the lips or I'll nuke your balls."

"Hey, that's not fair," I declared.

"With a playful chuckle, he responded, "All's fair in love and war, remember?"

"Well, I've had enough war for one day, so love it is, I guess." I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to his in a tender and lengthy exchange before we all drifted off to sleep.

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