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Affair of a Foreign Nature

Chapter 10

Return to Tyrol

By and © Hans Schrieber

I woke tangled up in boy limbs. The sun was over the horizon and filling the room with light. I decided it would be better if we weren't discovered in our current condition and I slapped the little bare asses of my friends until they startled awake, protesting.

"You wanna get caught by the adults looking like this?" I asked.

"Good point," agreed John, rubbing his reddened butt cheek.

"I don't care," said Antonio, popping up and shaking his butt toward the door. His hairless little Italian sausage flipped side to side as he did it, causing John and me to giggle. Soon we were all giggling and play wrestling on the beds.

The beds slipped apart and John fell in the crack between them with a thud. That caused us all to bust up laughing. Every time he tried to get out, Antonio and I would push him back down or tickle his ribs to make him squirm. I attacked his ribs with my toe monster. Finally, we took pity on him and I pushed all the beds apart and we undertook a search and rescue mission for our khaki undies. I knocked on the door and announced to our guards that we all three needed to pee at once. One of them escorted us down the hall and chuckled as we all crowded into the single head restroom.

We surrounded the head and I lifted the seat. I pulled my dick out the fly but John and Antonio just dropped their boxers to the floor. Soon we were mixing streams and sighing in relief. I enjoyed peeking at their little weapons and I thought about sucking on John's. It hadn't been as gross as I thought it might be to suck on it. I flushed and we washed up. When we got back to the hospital room we'd slept in, there was a set of clothes for each of us on top of the beds, which had all been neatly made up in military style. "Very efficient," I thought. John and I both got Italian military sweats to wear that were so large we had to roll up the sleeves and the pant legs. Fortunately, they had a draw string in them or they never would have stayed up.

"Gosh, how did they know?" I asked.

"How did they know what?" asked Antonio, just like I hoped he would.

"That my favorite color is khaki green and I love my clothes baggy."

That started a fresh set of giggles. Antonio was putting on his normal street clothes that had been laundered and returned to him. I was a bit jealous, but of course, the only thing John and I had arrived in was our birthday suits so there was nothing to launder for us. I looked at John and laughed since he looked like an Irish clown in the oversized green suit.

I pulled my waistband down exposing the khaki boxers like I was sagging, flashed a sign and said, "Yo, what up homies?" That started a whole new scene where they copied my style and we danced a rap to some horrible made up lyrics,

Yo, lissen up, gonna tell it to you fast

We don' drink, we don' do no grass

But what we do is kick some BAS-turd ass!

Oh, yeah, we bad. Oh yeah, we bad.

We danced around and crashed into each other as we each attempted more stupid lyrics. Antonio really sucked at rapping, not that John and I were good at it. We laughed and teased each other and tried to look all tough and gangsta.

Once we grew bored of our rap, we were escorted to the mess hall and fed a great breakfast. I had this egg stuff with chunks of amazing Italian sausage and onions and peppers mixed into the scrambled eggs. Of course, they served pasta, even for breakfast, and some really good dark bread. We all had chamomile tea with honey in it at Antonio's suggestion. It was pretty good actually, but I wanted some cold apple juice to drink. I loved the apple juice in Europe for some reason. After we ate all we wanted, we went back to the main hospital and met with a nurse. She made a quick checkup of our vitals and then we went to visit Colonel Randall.

John crawled on the bed next to his father and gave him a gentle embrace to avoid hurting him. Both wrists were in casts and a tube was draining fluid from his side. He assured John and the rest of us that he was going to be all right and we shouldn't worry about him. He motioned for me and I stepped close. He held out his casted hand and I gripped it carefully. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Young man, you performed amazingly under extremely difficult circumstances. When we all get home, you and your family are invited to a special dinner in your honor where you will be awarded the DIA's Award for Meritorious Civilian Service medal."

"Wow, like a real medal I can pin on?" I asked.

"Absolutely; a real medal."

"Balls." When the Colonel looked at me disapprovingly, I said, "Sorry, I mean cool. My mom hates that expression too."

"Yes and that, it is not all," said a woman's voice with an Italian accent from behind us. We turned to see a smartly dressed woman walking in.

"Oh, hi Floriana," said Antonio. "This is my grandfather's assistant, Floriana."

"The Prime Minister, he is most grateful for what you have ahh, performed for the Italy and especially for the saving the life of his grandson, Antonio. Of course, we would prefer to avoid the press about this whole ahh, affair, yes? But we also wish to reward you for what you have here done. Here is a certificate of the appreciation from the Prime Minister himself. Now, if you will provide me with the information where I am able to contact your parents, a trust fund of 80,000 U.S. dollars will be setup in your name to cover the cost of university study for you. Good, no?"

"Wow, that's totally bal ... listic!" I caught myself and winked at Colonel Randall who smiled and nodded. I didn't know what else to say over all that. I was a bit embarrassed for no good reason. I studied the certificate and then I said, "All this is really super and I appreciate it, but the best reward of all is just knowing we're all safe and those BAS creeps are stopped from doing any more harm."

"I want to have you and your family come visit me in Rome sometime. Maybe this summer if you want to," offered Antonio. I gave Floriana my address and phone number on her notepad.

"What about John?" I asked Antonio as I handed the notepad back.

"Oh yes, John and his family too, if they can. It will be a great adventure. Oh and who is the boy that made the camera?"

"You mean Ricky, my friend back home?" I asked.

"Yes, yes. He must come also. Floriana, can we invite them all to visit?" Antonio asked permission after already making the offer. I kind of think that's the way he usually does things. I'd get creamed by my mom if I ever did it out of order like that.

"I think that would be something we could get ahh, approval for, yes," agreed Floriana.

"Sounds great! Only next time, let's skip the whole kidnapping part; that's a little too much adventure," I said. Everyone laughed and agreed. Colonel Randall pressed on his ribs with his casted hands when he laughed.

Floriana told Antonio that he needed to leave and to say good-bye. I held my hand out to him and he pushed it aside and gave me a big hug. I hugged him back and then he gave John a big hug. Antonio waved all the way out the door. After they disappeared, I said, "He's the coolest billionaire I ever met - shortest one too."

"Stop making me laugh, it hurts," said the Colonel. The Colonel explained to us that he needed to recover a while longer and that John would be heading back to Hotel Tyrolier for a couple more days and then fly back home with me to California. John seemed a bit sad and asked if he could just stay there at the hospital with his dad until he was better. "No, you need to go with David, but don't worry, I'm getting assigned back to the States for a while and I'll be home with you soon." That brought a big smile to John's face and generated another hug.

We spent the rest of the day there at the medical center and I played chess with a guard while John and his father spent some private time. I got my injuries checked on and they took some x-rays. John and I met up in the early afternoon for lunch and I had this balls lasagna and vegetable soup. The lasagna was better than my mom's and I didn't think that was possible. Of course, I had more of the dark bread smeared with butter. John had pizza. We both drank apple juice. After lunch, John and I went to our private room and napped. Being full from lunch and exhausted from our adventure, we needed one.

We woke up about six o'clock and he wanted to go see his dad again. I followed him but after a while of just sitting there watching him sleep, I got bored. I needed to stay a little bit busy to keep from dwelling on what I'd been through. TV was awful and there were no books in English to read. It was nice outside so I went and sat on a bench and watched the soldiers go about their duties. I liked listening to their language and took in all the unique styles of the buildings and clothing. I became determined to learn as much as I could about the world and its people and their history. I wanted more than ever to become an agent for the CIA and make a difference to the world.

I went back to the Colonel's room about eight and tried to get John to come eat something. He reluctantly agreed. We had some cold cuts and bread and more juice. We finished off with these delicious cookies they call Biscotti and smooth Italian style ice cream. It was more like sherbet than ice cream, but it was really flavorful. John went back to his father's room afterward and I followed.

Finally, the nurse said we had to go to our room and get some sleep. John got real emotional as he left his father's room. I reached over and put my arm around his shoulder and we walked side by side. We stopped in the hall and I hugged him to me while he cried it out. It was nice to get a chance to return the favor he'd done for me the night before. I held him around the shoulder until we got to our room. The third bed had been removed, so we just pushed the two together. We stripped to our boxers and climbed in. I rubbed his back for him and we talked a long time. I told him of my decision to join the CIA when I got older. We talked about growing up and how scary it seemed sometimes. I told him about Ricky and how we have been friends for so long and about the weird experience I had with him just before we left. He told me about growing up and moving so many times and how he never got a chance to make permanent friends. He told me of his love for his dad, who was always as much a friend to him as he was a dad and his fears about what might happen when he finally tells him that he is gay.

"How do you know you're gay already?" I asked.

"I just know."

"Like how? I don't know."

He rolled over and looked me in the eyes. "Kiss me."

I wrinkled my brow and recoiled a bit.

"You're not," he said.

"Why, just because I didn't wanna kiss you?"

"Who is the hottest chick in your school?" he asked.

"Easy one. Katie. Oh my god dude, she's got the nicest rack for a freshman you've ever seen."

"If she was lying here in just her underwear and asked you to kiss her, what would you do?"

I smiled. "Okay. I get it. So since I sucked your dick, does that mean I'm at least bi?"

"Hmmm, I'm not sure. Do it again and I can tell you after you're done." He couldn't hold it in and started laughing. I gave him a playful shove to the chest and chuckled with him.

"So if I'm not gay, how come I think about doing gay stuff sometimes? Like, why would I stick my hand up your shorts on the plane and jack for you in the airport bathroom? And what about last night? I'm really confused."

"I don't know. I just know for sure I am, because all I ever think about is guys. Maybe it's different for everybody."

"I'm so not tired from taking that nap earlier," I said rolling onto my back.

"I know. Maybe if we jacked off or something that would help us sleep. If you want, I could suck it for you; sort of return the favor from last night." I looked over at him and he was giving me a hopeful look.

"You want to?"

"Yes. Bad."

"You want me to do yours again?"

"Yes, but you don't have to."

"All right. I guess it could be fun and it might help us sleep."

"Want to do each other at the same time. Like 69 it?"

"I guess."

He scrambled over onto my bed and I slid to the edge. He swung around and positioned his already erect dick in front of my face as we rolled into each other, lying on our sides. I lifted his dick, warmed from the rush of blood into it, and brought it into my mouth. He watched it happen with a serious look on his face until I had completed four or five passes up and down his little buddy. Then he pulled mine into position and engulfed it. We rubbed each other's butt cheeks and thighs as we sucked each other off. There was no need for wild and crazy stuff. We just took it slow and easy. I found that when I concentrated on pleasing him, I would forget to focus on my own pleasure and that made the whole experience last longer.

I didn't love John; I just liked him a lot. I loved Ricky, but more as a brother. I couldn't imagine doing this with Ricky even. I worried how things would be for us when I got home. After an extended time of enjoyable tingles I felt the need to shoot. I warned him and he mumbled it was okay. I enjoyed the experience of depositing my seed in his warm mouth. It was similar but different from getting it from Antonio. It had no meaning with Antonio, it was just fun for him. I could tell John would have liked for it to have more meaning, but it was still fun. I had no emotional feelings from either one. It was all just for fun and to fill a physical urge for me.

We finally fell asleep after I brought John to orgasm. Once I partly recovered from mine, I could concentrate better on getting him off. In the morning, John wanted to kiss again, but I suggested a hug. We dressed and had a quick breakfast, then we visited his father for a short while and then it was time to leave. John had a hard time leaving him again, but held his composure.

We climbed aboard a waiting military car and traveled to a train station in Milano. We took the train all the way back to Innsbruck. The six hour ride was unbelievable as we sped across beautifully scenic mountains and villages. I was glued to the window and John watched too for a while, but finally laid back and fell asleep. I stayed awake and took in every detail from the farmers herding their cattle to the children playing soccer on makeshift fields. The sky was so blue and the fields so green. Entire fields of wildflowers that were just peeking out from their snowy blankets were in the lower elevations. As we climbed into the mountains the undisturbed fields of snow were so white and pure. Steep, craggy peaks of grey mountains jutted up on either side of us.

One of the hotel employees came to the train station in Innsbruck and met us right at the track when we got off the train. We were pretty easy to spot in our oversized Italian sweat suits. It's good he found us because it is really confusing in the large train stations with trains pulling in and taking off constantly. People are hustling about speaking German and Italian and who knows what else. It's organized chaos.

He took us by shuttle van back to the hotel at around six that night. When we arrived, Karl, Heiny, Maria, along with Mr. and Mrs. Baumgartner, met us out front of the hotel. When we stepped out, Mrs. Baumgartner started clapping. Heiny ran up and gave John a huge bear hug, and Karl grabbed my fist in his and pulled me in tight with our arms crossed over our chests. He patted my back with his free hand and said, "I'm so happy zat you are safe."

We'd been traveling most of the day and were pretty tired. After some friendly chatter, Mrs. Baumgartner headed inside to finish up the special dinner she prepared to celebrate our return with. The others filed in behind her, but Karl hung back and motioned for me to do the same. "I have two zings for you. First, a giant hug since I am so glad zat you are safe." He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. I squeezed him back and it felt really good to be in his arms. "I worried I would never see you again."

"What's the second thing," I asked, as we finally released from our hug. I was thinking he had a gift for me or something cool like that.

"Zis." He took half a step back, doubled up his fist and drove it hard into my gut.

I doubled over, staggered back a step, and gasped in a lung full of air to replace the wind that had just been knocked out of me. I straightened up gradually, still holding my gut, and asked, "What the hell was that for?"

He pulled the deodorant case that held the spy camera out of his pocket and placed it in my hand. "Ze polizei wanted us all to look at ze video on zis secret camera of yours in case we had seen ze evil guys who kidnapped you. Guess what ze first video on ze camera was?"

Realization dawned on me. "Oh my god, Karl. I'm sorry."

To my relief, he smiled and said, "I don't zink my mozer will ever get over seeing zat und lucky my little sister, Maria, wasn't included. Heiny just laughed his head off und still teases me. My fazer covered his face and shook his head, saying 'ach, no, no, no. I just gasped in fright. Ze poor policeman tried to push all ze buttons to make it stop. Lucky for you, he got it stopped before ze white cream sauce came out of my sausage or I would have to kill you now."

I tried not to. I really tried not to. But I laughed. He laughed with me and put me in a headlock and rubbed his knuckles into my scalp. We walked into dinner together as good friends. Somehow, I knew that in spite of the distance, Karl and I would remain good friends forever. When we walked into the apartment, the smell of Frau Baumgartner's cooking overwhelmed me. "Mmmmmm, I can practically taste it just from the smell."

"Ja, my mozer is a very good cook," Karl agreed.

We washed and sat down to dinner. Karl's father said grace and we dove in. We had sauerbraten, which is this really good roast beef with creamy, tangy gravy. I poured the gravy over my egg noodles they call spätzele. We also had the most amazing cheese dumplings. I was so stuffed by the time we got done eating. Then she brought out a silver platter with a long, hot apple strudel on it, and she poured thick cream over it. It was heavenly. I love good food and I like to try new things.

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Baumgartner. It was all really delicious. I'll remember this meal forever," I complemented. She beamed with satisfaction. I could tell she put a lot of work into the meal and wanted it to be special.

"Yeah, it's great," added John. "Could I please have some more apple stuff?" Frau Baumgartner happily added another helping to his bowl and doused it in cream. John made the same little cooing sounds when he ate it that he made when I sucked his dick. Some white cream dribbled down his chin and it made me giggle a little bit.

"So what do you have planned for tonight?" asked Herr Baumgartner.

"Nothing, I hope. I'd like to just relax. I've had plenty of excitement for a while," I offered. "Although, it got kinda boring at the hospital yesterday."

"Yes, we will just go to ze villa tonight," said Karl. "But tomorrow I have many plans for your last day in Tyrol. In ze morning we will ride snowboards und in ze afternoon, we are going into ze village und shop, und zen in ze night, I have planned a party wiz many of my friends from ze village to come."

"That sounds great. But, I'm glad the party's tomorrow, because I'm so tired and a little sore tonight. My hip really hurts from getting dragged by the boat," I said stretching.

"What? Dragged by a boat?" said Mrs. Baumgartner aghast at the thought.

"Let's go in the living room and have coffee and hear all your adventures," suggested Herr Baumgartner. All the Baumgartners agreed that was a great idea since they were all so curious what happened to us. I leaned over and whispered to Karl that I didn't think it was appropriate for Maria to hear most of what happened.

When Frau Baumgartner insisted that Maria had to go to her room and play while we told our story, she was very upset. Finally, I promised to tell her the story in a G-rated version before she went to her room and that made her feel a little better. In the living room, she sat right next to me and drank her lemon tea while John and I told the basic story. It all had to be translated to her anyway because her English wasn't very good at all. Even though I tried my best to not make it scary, she was freaking out. Finally, when I got to the part of being tied up in the island prison where John's father was chained to the wall, she said she didn't want to hear any more. When Frau Baumgartner left to take her to her bedroom, Heiny sat up on the edge of his chair and said, "Great! Now let's hear ze real story."

When I got to the part about biting into Stubby's nut, I leaned over and told it to Herr Baumgartner quietly at first. He nodded approval since no women were present and I shared the story in complete detail. John would pipe in if I left any details out. When I told them about biting him, Heiny and Karl both grabbed their nuts and groaned, "Mein Gott!"

Finally, I explained about the importance of the secret video tipping them off to look for us in Dubrovnik and Heiny started laughing and Karl punched him in the shoulder. Herr Baumgartner just shook his head. I explained about Antonio's locator wristband and how the helicopter showed up just as the bad guys realized I was still in the water. The final dramatic scene that made Heiny squeal was when Siegfried got sniped and fell overboard. Everyone was highly impressed and amazed with the adventure.

I went to stand up but couldn't. My hip had completely stiffened on me. Karl had to lift me off the couch. "I zink you need anozer massage und ze use of ze spa, no?" suggested Herr Baumgartner. "Vood you like me to call for you?"

"Yeah, sure. Thanks," I accepted. We were allowed to ride the snowmobiles over to the villa and that was kinda fun. Karl said he would arrange to take a couple of them out to explore the mountain tomorrow afternoon and I was way excited for that. We shed the Italian army clothing and got our regular clothes on.

"Let's go you guys," Karl prodded Heiny and John. "We don't want to miss ze massages."

"Umm, if it's okay," John said, "Heiny and I would like to just stay here and play FIFA."

I smiled and gave him a little push to the shoulder and teased, "Don't hurt yourselves. I have condoms in my backpack you can borrow."

"NO. Not that FIFA, the real FIFA," John stated. "You're a sicko." He laughed and so did the rest of us.

"Good luck with your game then," I said with a wink. "Hope you score."

"Shut up." John pushed me out the door and closed it behind us.

As we walked over to the spa, Karl asked, "Why did you take that video of me? Do you like to look at boys making ze masturbation?"

I felt a little embarrassed. I walked several steps in silence before admitting, "Last summer, when you stayed with us, seeing you naked in the bathroom those times stuck in my head. I'd never seen an uncut dick like yours before and it interested me. Sometimes, when I jack off, I think about doing it with you. When I realized you were going to go do it in the bathroom, I decided to record it, so I would get to see you boned and jacking off. I wanted it to remember you by. I know I'll want to keep thinking about you when I'm home."

"Is zat all? You just wanted to remember me?"

"Mostly. To be honest, I kinda am curious about doing stuff with guys the same as with girls. Do you think I'm weird for that? I mean I don't think I'm gay or anything, it's just hard to explain."

"No. I don't zink zat is weird. I will be honest wiz you. I have zought about doing it wiz you a lot. I have never done it wiz anozer boy, but I zink about doing it wiz you. Sometimes at your house in California, I purposely let you see me naked and unlocked ze door to see you also. Besides your brozer, have you touched any ozers?"

"Well, I touched John's and well ... did something else too." I told him about my experience with Ricky the night before coming to Tyrol and then I told him about me and John on the plane and finally, I said, "And there is a part I left out of my story to your family earlier. In the hospital, John, Antonio and I all messed around in the bed together." I gave a brief description of what we all did and he grinned.

"Zat is way cool," he said, as we entered the back of the spa. "Zat gave me a boner."

It was dark again, but this time we weren't afraid as we made our way through the dark hallways to the baths. We looked for the massage therapists but they were gone. Karl called on the phone to his apartment and his father explained that none of them were able to stay on short notice, so we would just have to use the hot tubs and mud baths to relax in and miss out on the massages.

"I'm sorry," he said and then explained what had happened.

"Ahh, that sucks," I said. "I was looking forward to Gerta's 'special' massage. I haven't had a chance all day to take care of things, you know?"

"Ja, naturlich, I know. Me eizer." Karl adjusted the lights on low. We didn't bother going to the lockers since it was just us two. We stripped down and set our clothes on the benches next to the naked lady fountain. Karl still had a boner and looking at it gave me one. Neither of us commented verbally, though, as we just gave a knowing grin. We went into the mud bath first. I loved the feeling of sliding into the slippery, hot mud. When I laid down in it and rested my neck against the vinyl pillow, my entire body felt like it was suspended, weightless and floating. The warm mud soothed and relaxed me all over. I slid my hand over my body and gently stroked my erect dick a couple times, loving the unique feeling of the mud coating between my dick and my hand. I looked over at Karl and he had his eyes closed with a serene look on his face. I was afraid if I closed my eyes, I might fall asleep and drown in the mud.

"Hey Karl. You awake over there?"

"Ja, I am."

"You should try stroking your dick in here. It's really weird feeling."

"Okay." He got a big grin and looked over at me. "Ja, zat is a very strange feeling."

"Wanna get out now and get in the mineral springs?"

"Ja, okay." When we emerged, coated completely from head to toe in the thick grey mud, both of us still boned up, I laughed. We look like a couple of naughty statues. He laughed with me and reached down and took some mud from the bath and smeared it on his face. Then he posed with his flattened hand shielding his eyes as if searching the horizon and his other hand on his hip. I smeared some on my face too and balanced on one foot and stretched my hands out in a ballet pose. He came over and posed in front of me like he was going to suck my dick, and said, "Now zat would make a great fountain statue."

"Yeah, like the water squirting from my boner onto your face. Oh my god, that's so balls."

We went to the showers and rinsed the mud off of us and watched it turn us from grey statues back into fleshy humans. Our dicks drooped back down as we showered off the mud. It was interesting for me to watch his change from erect back to soft with the foreskin forming its little nub at the end as he shrank. We took a quick dip in the cold pool and then went into the hot mineral spring water. It was relaxing also, but in a different way from the mud. The water circulated slowly in this pool and so after the ripples caused by us climbing in settled down, I had a crystal clear view of Karl's dick floating in the water. I suddenly had a longing to touch it and be touched by him. It was weird and I shuddered.

"Hey Karl, how come dicks float in the water?" I asked.

Karl glanced down at his five inches bobbing slowly in the water. "I don't know. Zat is interesting." We sat there in silence watching our dicks float for a bit. It gave me a good excuse to stare at his.

"I really wish we could get a massage now. I'm kind of disappointed."

"Ja, naturlich. Hey. I have an idea."


"I will give you a massage. It will be fun and will be my gift to you," offered Karl.

"Okay. Cool," I agreed right off. I worried I might have sounded a little too eager, but the idea was really exciting to me. We climbed out and rinsed off quickly in the showers and then dried with the big fluffy towels. I followed Karl over to the massage rooms and we went in. I assumed the position and had to lift my hips to let my boner spring up and then lay back down, trapping it between the table and my belly. Just the anticipation of getting massaged by Karl had gotten me boned. Once he started touching me, I felt the extreme hardness extend all the way down to my butt.

Karl spread the oil on my back and began slowly rubbing it into my muscles. He wasn't as pro at it as Gerta had been, but he was doing a pretty good job anyway. I guess he'd had enough massages before that he kind of figured out how to do them. He worked my shoulders and back and moved on to my butt. He spent a long time rubbing and punching my butt. Then he did each leg and foot. He went a little faster on my legs and feet than I would have liked but I didn't complain.

"Roll over."

I did and he smiled and grabbed my boner. "Want ze spezialle treatment?" he asked.

"Hell yeah." I said. "That'd be balls."

Karl poured more oil on my chest and rubbed it in. He did my arms and hands. When he worked on my groin area, I had to tell him to go softer on my sore right hip. He apologized and rubbed that one more gently. Then he took my anxious penis in his oily hands and slid it through the fingers of each hand, one hand quickly replacing the other. He slid my excited 4" boner through one slippery fist and then the next over and over again until I couldn't stand the intense stimulation any longer and grabbed his hands.

He began fondling my balls and rubbing over my belly and flicking my boner with his fingers. Next he took my penis between his thumb and forefinger and held it up. He looked at it then he looked me in the eyes and stared back at my penis. He was thinking about something but I didn't know what. Suddenly, I saw his face expression change from indecision to determination and he bent low, sucking all four inches into his warm mouth. He held it there for a minute. I wasn't sure if he was savoring the moment or deciding if he really wanted to continue. I watched closely as he slowly slid up and then back down on my erection. I was thrilled and way excited. I wanted to remember that image forever. I'd imagined this dozens of times during my jack off fantasies and now it was happening for real.

"Karl, wait," I pleaded.

He turned his head and looked at me curiously without pulling off. "I want to record this on my spy camera so I can remember it forever. Will you let me?"

He pulled off of me and said, "Okay, but you can't show it to my mozer, or to yours."

"Are you whacked. No way! So you're okay with it?"

"Ja, naturlich, but I want a copy of it und one of you doing mine."

"Balls on fire! Deal. Don't move."

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