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Affair of a Foreign Nature

Chapter 11


By and © Hans Schrieber

When Karl said he'd let me tape the massage he was giving me, I jumped off the table and sprinted over to the bench by the fountain. I dug into my pants pocket and pulled out the spy camera and rushed back over. I positioned it carefully on the table and pressed the button. Karl moved into place and slipped my aching boner back into his warm, damp mouth. The feeling was terrific. Soon, he was working me over in a strong, stimulating motion that had me moaning and groaning. His eyes were closed and he had one hand fondling my nuts and the other one rubbing up and down my chest and abs.

"Karl, I'm ... about ... to ... shoot," I moaned. He paused. I saw the look of indecision cross his face again, then it faded and he resumed his sucking motion. The urgency returned quickly and my butt clenched, signifying I was about to shake and quiver and shoot. Chills ran up and down my whole body as the first shot hit Karl's tongue. More chills came and were followed by a shake, a shudder and a splooge. One last small shot escaped and then I relaxed, completely spent. Karl slipped off my erection and let my cum drip from his mouth onto my groin. He got a washcloth and ran it under hot water and cleaned me up.

"Thanks. That was balls!" I exclaimed.

"Can you do mine?" he asked.

"I will, but how about back in the room. I need a little time to build up my horniness again."

"Ja. I understand. But, Heiny und John are zere."

"Oh, right; I forgot about them. Okay, we'll do it here. But how about we go back to the mineral pools and I do yours there?"

"Ja, is good." We walked over to the hot springs after I grabbed the camera and turned it off." I positioned the camera at a good angle on the ledge and Karl followed me in. We lay next to each other in comfortable silence for a while letting the hot water relax us. Then Karl pulled himself up onto the ledge. I moved in front of him and spread his long, muscular legs apart. I caressed his inner thighs and watched his Schwanz grow from half height to its full, six plus inch boned height and thickness. The skin stretched as it grew, revealing just the very tip of his purple head peeking out of its hood.

When I reached in and took his balls in my hand, his Schwanz twitched and he sighed. I gently massaged his nice, soft balls and with my free hand grasped his erect firmness. Slowly, I revealed his entire bulging, purple head. I watched a small oozing of cum emerge and trail down the valley towards my thumb. I lifted my thumb and spread his slippery ooze across the underside of his sensitive head. This set his whole body into motion. "What would I want?" I asked myself as I thought about the best way to make my friend feel good.

I decided to lean in, using my arms to press his thighs a bit further apart. I licked up along his thick shaft, starting at the base of his ball pouch all the way up to the most sensitive part of his head. I kept the flat palm of my hand on the top of his shaft in order to apply pressure with my tongue to the underside while I licked it. I repeated the process several times and his body reacted with slow, involuntary motions. I slipped a bit lower into the pool until I was submerged up to my neck and took his erection in my full grip. Simultaneously, I sucked one of his balls from its resting place inside his scrunched up sac, past my teeth, and into my mouth. I ran my tongue around it over and over while I started jacking him slowly. That was something Antonio had done to me and I loved it. I could tell it was going over well with Karl too.

I smiled in knowing I was pleasing him and driving him closer to the madness of a powerful orgasm. I wanted this to be a memory capable of lasting us across the distance of an ocean and a continent. The sucking of his balls went on for a mini eternity since each time I pulled away to move on, Karl pressed his thighs against the sides of my head and begged for more. I was boned again and enjoying the experience almost as much as he was. I found great pleasure in giving him pleasure.

I thought about how disgusted I had been taking Stubby's balls into my mouth and compared that to how wonderful it was to experience it with Karl. I contrasted the feelings I'd had playing with John and Antonio the previous nights and realized that while that was fun, this was more than just fun. This was emotional. I was thankful for Antonio's demonstration on me and my practice time with John to help me do a better job tonight for Karl. I felt a deeper bond with Karl; a connection that I sensed was always there but undeveloped.

It was suddenly more than merely the fulfillment of my fantasies. It was a bursting of strange new feelings inside me. I recognized a longing desire and an actual lust for Karl. I knew it lay buried within me, but in that moment it burst free to my conscious understanding. My heart swelled up larger than my dick as feelings of love got all jumbled up with the desires of sex. I'd never been in love before, not even a puppy love, but I knew I wanted more than anything right then to please Karl. I was nervous he wouldn't like it or that he might push me away afterward. "What if he just wanted it to be about the sex part?" I suddenly worried.

I stole a glance upward at him as he leaned backwards, supported by his hands, on the white, marble floor. His chin rested on his chest and his eyes were closed. A soft look of blissful peace radiated from his expression. "My god, he's beautiful," I thought. Chills ran through me in spite of being fully submerged in a hot bath. The sensation of the external heat from the pool combined with the inner fire of my emotions is a feeling I will never forget. I was flushed inside and out.

I pulled away and rose up from the bath and sucked on the tip of his beautifully shaped head. I retained my grip on his shaft as I sucked and tongued his sensitive cap. I gripped and twisted on his shaft as I sucked and flicked the top of his tower. I likened his strong, hard shaft to the rock island emerging from the Adriatic Sea, and the bulging tip to the stone fortress built atop it where I had been held prisoner not long ago. I released my grip of his rock hard phallus and plunged down over its smooth cliff surfaces into the depths below. The solid fortress pressed deeply into the back of my throat as I leapt toward sexual abandon. My nose splashed deeply into the sea of his curly pubes. Karl moaned and quivered.

I pulled my lips back up the smooth cliffs and plunged again and again, dragging my curled tongue back and forth across his powerful island fortress. I was in control of it, however, instead of being its prisoner. I held the power and I extracted its hidden power within. Karl's breathing was short and shallow. Gradually, he tensed and then spoke in low growl, "Ach, Mensch!"

He drew in a breath and held it in an epic struggle against drowning in an orgasmic sea. He stiffened from head to toe in anticipation of an approaching attack. In particular, his legs went fully rigid as if preparing to be ripped from their sockets by the force of a speeding and unstoppable orgasm. At the height of the tension, the rope snapped and a wave of indescribable relief spread through him. Multiple outpourings of hot, relief-giving, human mud, white instead of grey, filled my mouth, providing my Tyrolian friend intense satisfaction with each ejaculation. I felt a bit like a hero again, of a different sort.

"Ja, ja," he cried out as he pulsated and groaned. When it was over, Karl began gasping for air as he emerged from the depths of his orgasm. He slithered into the waters of the hot mineral bath. We melted into an embrace, our erections pressed together and our arms pulled each other into one combined mass. Two joined into one. Our heartbeats synchronized. We stared into each other's eyes and I weakened in the pool of his soft brown eyes glistening with dampness. I felt a quivering weakness in his body from the power of the experience we'd just shared. He moved his head in slow motion toward me then stopped. A brief look of indecision filled his expression. He pulled back slightly then moved back in and pressed his lips to mine for my first real kiss. A kiss filled with mutual desire and passion, like I'd never before experienced.

I involuntarily secreted a second load of my juices, spreading it between our merged bodies. We shared another kiss and I became weak in the knees. I don't know how long we stood there submerged in the pool, holding each other, tenderly locked in that kiss, but whether it was a minute or an hour, it was an eternity.

I know we showered and dressed, but I scarcely remember it. I do remember, as we walked silently back to the villa, Karl's hand slipping into mine. I remember seeing our shadows cast upon the snow from the brilliant moonlight displaying the connection between us. I remember feeling happier and more peaceful than ever before in my life. I remember the silence being more than comfortable; it was desirable. Any words spoken would only have ruined the experience shared between us.

We entered the villa and found Heiny and John sleeping peacefully in bed together. Their faces close enough to kiss. Karl turned off the T.V. and wound the wires to the PS3 controllers up while I covered their nakedness with the down comforter.

Karl and I followed their example and rolled into each other under the covers. There was no more sexual urgency between us and I enjoyed the simple emotional attachment of lying relaxed and naked against his strong body. We stared into each other's eyes in silence for a long time before he kissed me tenderly. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I found morning rays filtering through the blinds of the large window.

Reluctantly, one by one, we all woke. We lay in bed in our friend's arms for a long time, avoiding the inevitable separation for the day's activities. Finally, we succumbed to the physical demands of our bodies and took turns in the bathroom. John went first and when Heiny heard the shower start, he went in to pee. When he didn't come out, Karl and I went in to investigate. Finding them sharing the shower, we laughed and shared the toilet to relieve our complaining bladders.

"Hey, there's two shower nozzles. What d'ya say?" He smiled and nodded and we crowded into the glass enclosure and took over one side. The four of us relished the invigorating spray of the hot shower and started playing with the nozzle settings. John and Heiny were pleasuring each other with the spray nozzle and Karl and I were washing and caressing each other. John replaced the nozzle onto the bracket and started jacking Heiny. Karl watched in awe as his little brother took John's hard dick in his hand and returned the favor. He and I got out and dried off, leaving them to their fun. Before I left, I turned on my spy camera and pointed it toward the glass doors.

We chattered and joked as we went to breakfast. As we sat down to our muesli, scones and juice. Karl said, "From now on when I call you Heiny, I'll have another image in mind." We all giggled like little girls and Heiny retorted, "Well, I'll never be able to use deodorant without getting a certain image of you in mind eizer."

After breakfast, we hurried back to the villa and suited up. John and Heiny had a great time on the lower slopes and I followed Karl down the challenging upper hills. We had so much fun and while I still didn't exactly keep up with Karl, I definitely did better. I loved the thrill of flying uninhibited down the mountain. I was relieved that riding didn't hurt my hip too badly, unless I crashed. Fortunately, I didn't crash too often or too hard. Toward the end of our morning riding, I tried Karl's trick off the half pipe. I tried to do exactly what he explained to me and launched off the near vertical edge with some speed. I crouched and flung my legs and board upward as I came off the ledge. I stuck my hands down and did a sort of handstand thing but then something horrible happened. I didn't finish rotating. Instead of my board going over and back down into the half pipe, I started compressing straight downward. Panic coursed through me as I realized this was gonna be bad.

I tried to twist and get my board back to the slope but I dropped head first into the half pipe and tumbled helplessly down the steep side into the rounded bottom. I rolled head over heels at least six times and my board slammed hard into my sore back. My right hip started burning and I felt a snapping in my neck. When I came to rest finally, I was on my back, sprawled out in the bottom of the half pipe. I was conscious but kept my eyes closed while I assessed the damage. I slowly moved my head from side to side. I wiggled my toes and fingers. My head was spinning and my back hurt.

Just then, Karl, who had been watching me attempt the trick from the top of the pipe threw his board sideways to a stop and dropped onto his butt to unbuckle. He stuck his board into the snow and rushed to me. He knelt down and with great fear in his voice asked, "David, are you okay?"

I didn't answer. In fact, I didn't breath. "Ach mein Gott, David. Are you breazing?" He leaned in close to see if he could feel my breath. I popped my eyes open grabbed his head and pulled him into a quick kiss. He pulled away and I broke into massive heaving laughter. The other people who had gathered around fell down laughing.

"You shithead. If your neck iz not already broken, I'm going to do it!"

I just laughed harder and sat up slowly. I arched my back and rubbed it and said, "I think I need a little more practice on that trick. What do you think?" He shoved me back down and people started riding off, still laughing. He hooked back in and we rode on. I never did try that trick again, though.

Around two o'clock we headed to the lodge and had hot soup and bread for lunch. The young boys headed back to the slopes and Karl and I dressed and took a shuttle into the village. I couldn't get enough of going into each little shop and soaking in the awesome atmosphere of the village. The old stone buildings and the cobblestone streets made me think I was back in medieval Europe. Many of the shopkeepers wore the traditional dresses and lederhosen. It was a cultural experience I'll always cherish. It was made all the better since I was sharing it with Karl. We joked and laughed together as we went from shop to shop. He found a pair of pink lace panties in a ladies shop and threatened to buy them for me. I found a cuckoo clock for my mother and a woolen tie for my father. For Ricky, I bought a picture book of the area and a German deodorant stick. It was actually full of deodorant, however. I had another idea about a special gift to bring home for Ricky.

Everything was so old and rustic. There was no trash to be seen and no one seemed rushed or hurried. The air was cool but not freezing. School children played tag in the schoolyard and old women carried their bags of groceries along the sidewalks. People smiled and greeted us as we passed them on the street. We toured the mountain church and I marveled at the grandeur of the ornate statues adorned in gold leaf and the large altar at the head of the chapel. A few faithful elderly knelt in the pews and spoke to their God. I was pleased that Karl showed respect inside the church and didn't rush me through it.

Karl and I posed for lots of pictures and we laughed and joked together all afternoon. We enjoyed the most wonderful, lemon flavored Italian ice cream. It was spelled Eis on the sign but pronounced like "ice." Sitting next to each other on the sidewalk table, licking the spoonfuls of our ice cream, we looked longingly into each other's eyes. "You have some Eis dripping on your chin. Let me clean it for you," Karl said. I leaned toward him and he bent down and licked it off then sat back grinning. I wiped the saliva away with my napkin, batted my eyelashes and giggled.

"I'm gonna really miss you," I said, suddenly melancholy.

"Ja. I know. I will miss you too."

"But, I'll remember this time forever. Will you remember me?"

"Ja, naturlich, forever."

Karl took a quick glance around; then we leaned in and gave each other a quick smooch. I felt no weirdness from it and I certainly didn't recoil. I only felt happiness and comfort. I was happy and bubbly inside.

We returned to the hotel and dressed warmly in snow suits normally worn by the maintenance staff. We took two of the snowmobiles out and I got to drive my own. It was exhilarating to fly across the beautiful landscape. We dodged in and out of trees and sped down long ravines and back up the other side. I chased and matched Karl's lead. After an hour or so, Karl stopped on top of a ridge. I pulled up next to him and dismounted. We stood side by side and tears stung at my eyes as I beheld the glory of undisturbed majesty. As far as I could see, the magnificent, snow covered Alps expanded into the distance. A fiery red and orange sunset blazed on the far horizon. "This has to be where the angels come for vacation," I said when I got my breath back.

Karl slipped his arm around my waist and we stood there soaking in the awe-inspiring view. "Thank you for showing me that."

"Ja, is beautiful, no?"

"Very." I took a picture of Karl with the amazing backdrop of the Dolomite Alps and blazing sunset. He returned the favor as I posed for one. Then I maneuvered the camera onto the seat of the snowmobile and set the timer. I hurried back to Karl who was kneeling in the snow. We pressed our lips together as it recorded our speziallemoment in time. We hugged and then headed back to the hotel. I downloaded the prior night's video onto his computer for him and showed him how to encrypt it the way Ricky had taught me.

Karl had set up the reception hall in the main hotel building for our party. We had pizza and hamburgers to eat and the Tyrolian kids loved it. We danced to contemporary dance music and everyone got into it. John and Heiny were bouncing and jumping around like crazy rabbits. Karl's girlfriend and her cousin, Katarina, were there. I felt a little awkward in their presence and I could tell Karl did also. The DJ started a traditional polka and the cousin grabbed me. It took me a bit, but soon I was whirling around the dance floor doing the "step - hop, hop - step - hop, hop," with everyone else. It was raucous and fun. It morphed into a slow dance though, and she pulled me in close. I liked the soft feeling of her breasts pressing against me. She placed her silky cheek against mine and it reminded me of my mother's when I was very young and would lay my cheek against hers. Afterward, I thanked her and we all went to the tables for some sodas. The girls went to the restroom and I moved over next to Karl.

"Thanks for today," I said sincerely. "You made everything totally balls for us."

"Ja, naturlich." Karl smiled at me and the girls returned. His girlfriend pulled Karl onto the dance floor and Katarina and I stood alone, sipping our sodas and fighting awkward silence. Karl and his girlfriend returned and he asked if I needed to go to the bathroom. I told him no and he said, "I zink you should come try. You had lots of soda to drink." He tugged at my sleeve. I gave him an odd look, set my soda down, and excused myself.

In the bathroom, I followed Karl to the urinals. He told me that Katarina thought me cute and wanted to know if I would like to go to a room and have sex with her. I stared in stunned silence at Karl who stared back at me. "You told me zat you wanted to have sex with a hot Euro chick. Here is ze chance."

There had been a lot of firsts for me on this trip and here was the chance for the ultimate first. I wondered if we could go to the villa and I could use the camera to record it with. I imagined the slaps on the backs from my classmates as I pulled that up on my iPod. I was a little shocked and even disappointed in some ways that Karl was arranging it for me, though.

I looked over at the urine flowing from his penis. I looked down at my own, unable to flow not having any urgency for it. I couldn't believe he was offering me this. Emotions welled up in me and I looked up at him and said. "Thanks, Karl. But I think it would ruin the wonderful experience I just shared with you. Can you politely excuse me from doing it with her?"

He smiled his gorgeous smile, shook off, stuffed himself back into his pants and zipped up. I put mine away also and he kissed me. "I'd be glad to tell her zat you appreciate ze offer, but cannot accept."



After the party, Karl walked his girlfriend and her cousin out to the shuttle van. I saw them hug and kiss and then he waved them goodbye. We all walked back to the villa and chatted. I took the time to download the pictures off my camera and sort them between personal encrypted and shareable folders suitable for family viewing.

Heiny and John wanted to get in the hot tub, but first I took some naked photo shots of each of us posing and goofing off. John and Heiny boned up from doing it. Then, Karl and I sat together in the small sauna together while Heiny and John got in the hot tub. We talked of the day's events and pressed our naked sweaty bodies against each other. I traced my bare foot over his and I rubbed his thigh. I even copped an occasional feel of his limp dick, sometimes playing with the skin on the end of it. Eventually, we all headed back to the bedroom where we slept together naked. Karl and I slowly rubbed and caressed each other while we listened to much more active fun going on across the room. We kissed tenderly and slowly jacked each other off. This night's experience was slow and tender. We didn't bother cleaning up the mess we made, and simply enjoyed the bonding effect of our warm cum gluing us together. We drifted slowly off to sleep.

We were awakened early by the alarm clock. We quickly showered, finished packing and met the shuttle in front of the hotel. Mrs. Baumgartner had packed us a sack breakfast for the trip. We all hugged and John and I thanked them profusely. They returned the thanks for all we had done. Before pulling out, Karl asked me if I didn't need to use the bathroom quickly before the long trip. I was about to decline, when I caught his eye. "Yeah, I do."

"What about you John?" asked Mrs. Baumgartner.

"No, I just went," answered John. Karl looked relieved.

"I'll join you, I need to go very badly myself," Karl piped up.

We hurried into the bathroom and when the door was shut, he took me in his arms and kissed me long and deeply. "I will miss you terribly," he said emotionally.

"I will miss you too. Remember me always."

"Ja, naturlich. I think I might love you."

"I don't know what love is for sure, but I like how you make me feel."

We kissed again and he said, "I guess you have to go." I shook my head and said. "This isn't the end of our story, it's just the end of a chapter. We'll have more adventures together, just like the Hardy Boys."


"Here." I pulled the Hardy Boys mystery from my backpack and gave it to him.

"I don't know what to say," he whispered.

"I guess in the end, when everything's been said, there's nothing left to say."

This time, I kissed him.

The nearly twenty hour plane ride was long and tiring. We left Innsbruck around eleven and got into LAX at eight thirty in the evening. John and I played the secret video game again and watched the in-flight movies. We laid on top of each other to sleep as much as we could, but we didn't share anything sexual together. He didn't need to hold my hand when we took off or landed. I guess, considering what we'd been through, that wasn't scary at all anymore. When we finally pulled into the terminal at LAX, I got really excited to see everyone. John didn't know if his mom would be there or not or if he was going home with us. We hurried up the ramp and to the baggage claim. It seemed like forever before the bags showed up. They noted the few gifts I had bought such as the cuckoo clock, which I was carrying under my arm, and waved me through customs. John followed right behind and we rushed to the public area.

When John saw his mother, they rushed into each other's arms hugging and crying for joy. My mom scooped me up and I had to pass off the clock so it didn't drop. Dad gave me a big hug too and then Ricky grabbed me. He pulled me into a hug and said, "I was so scared for you. I'm so glad you're safe. I don't know what I'd do without you." I swallowed and smiled at him.

We decided even though it was kind of late, we would hit the first Denny's we could find and eat something. John and I were starved. The lame meal on the airplane sucked. We both ordered Grand Slams and dug in. John and I told our story and everyone was wide-eyed and amazed. I left the really disgusting parts out and when John would start to correct me, I'd step on his foot. He'd shove another pile of pancakes in his mouth and I'd carry on with the story.

We all drove home in our mini-van and John sat next to Ricky and me in the way back. John and Ricky hit it off really well and they were talking googly-bytes and mega-chips. My mom was peeking into the cuckoo clock box and showing it off to Mrs. Randall. She just loves that kind of stuff and I scored some major brownie points bringing it home for her.

I zoned it all out and leaned my head against the window watching the city lights zoom by. I thought of Karl and wondered what he was doing. I wondered if I ever would see him again like I said in the bathroom. I hoped it really was just a chapter and not the end of the book. John and Ricky had already planned a sleepover for the following weekend. They invited me to join them, but I made up some lame excuse about a school project. Ricky looked disappointed but John actually looked pleased.

We dropped John and his mother off and then we continued on to my house. Ricky was spending the night at my house. When we got home, we headed straight to my room. While Ricky was in the bathroom, I quickly pulled out my Mac and fired it up. I found the picture I wanted and sized it then hit print. I kept glancing nervously at the bathroom door. I managed to get it done and quickly stuffed it away before Ricky came back in. I saw I had an email from Karl. I quickly opened it.

"David, I miss you already. Don't forget me. I found the Collins College of Hospitality Management School at Cal Poly, Pomona University. It has a great reputation and my father says maybe I could go there to college if I work hard in school. We could make another Hardy chapter if I get to. Hugs." The door opening startled me and I shut down the Mac.

Ricky and I pulled the mattress in from my brother's room but Ricky never laid down on it. "Slide over," he said to me when I got in my bed.

I moved and he slipped in next to me. He quizzed me on my adventures again and I started telling him the gory details I had left out with our mom's listening. I told him about the massage by Gerta and playing around with John and Antonio. He didn't seem to like the parts about John. He hung on every other word though, and beamed when I got to the part about the spy camera tipping them off to our location. When I told him about getting invited to Rome by Antonio, I thought he was gonna pee his pants.

"David. Have you thought about what I told you before you left?" he asked turning to look at me in the dim light.

"You mean about what you think about when you do it?"

"Yeah." There was an anxious tone in his voice.

"I almost forgot. I brought you some gifts." I crawled over him and as I did, I felt his boner brush against my leg.

I turned on the light, walked over to my bag and pulled out the book and the deodorant, and also my Mac.

I powered up the Mac and gave him the book. He glanced at the pictures and said rather forced, "Thanks, it's great."

"Ricky, do you remember the gift you asked for when I left?"

"No, not really?"

"You said you wanted me to bring you home a hot Euro chick."

"Oh yeah. I was just making a joke."

"I know. Well I couldn't really find one of those so I got the next best thing." I put my hand on his knee and looked him straight in the eye. "Dude, we been friends forever and I love you, but I love you like a brother. I don't want anything to ever mess that up. I don't know what I really want or feel about sex stuff yet, but I have a special bond with Karl in Germany."

I hit play on the Mac and showed me and Karl sharing our special moment in the hot mineral bath. After a couple minutes of it, he reached over and shut it off.

"Don't show me that," he said sadly. I realized it was sort of insensitive of me.

"Sorry. Here, I got this for you too." I handed him the deodorant case. Ricky opened the deodorant and peered into it. "A deodorant stick? What kind of weird gift is that?"

"Exactly. But sometimes things aren't what they seem. Pull out the cartridge."

Ricky spun the dial and pulled out the cartridge and underneath was a small picture I had printed off as soon as we had gotten home. It was of John, posing seductively in front of the fireplace with a boner.

"I couldn't bring you a hot Euro-chick, but I found an amazing American dude for you." I smiled thinking how clever I was. "You two hit it off good too."

Ricky shook his head and set the picture on my desk. "So that's it. I get the booby prize?"

"Well no." I felt bad. I didn't know what to say. I tried stupid humor. "It's more like a prize from the penis gallery. John hasn't got much in the way of boobies."

Ricky looked at me and snorted out a laugh in spite of trying to avoid it. "You're an ass. I don't know why I even like you."

"Me either. Forgive me?"

He jumped me and we wrestled until we ended up on his mattress. I let him get the upper hand and he laid on top of me. His boner was gone. "I'm glad you're home and you're safe," he said earnestly. "You're my best friend."

"You're mine too. BFF?"


I hope you have enjoyed reading this little adventure as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I really love to hear from readers, even if it is just a short note letting me know you read it. Otherwise, writers have no idea if one person or one hundred people read it. (or ... maybe no one read it... gasp!) I try to reply to readers, but If you do not want a reply to your email, simply state that in the email and I will not do so.

Have an Inspired Day! Hans

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