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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 6

Friendship Redefined

By and © Hans Schrieber

I stormed up the stairs and slammed the door to my room. I threw myself on my bed and pulled a pillow out from under the covers and pressed it over my head. The coolness of the silky fabric and the total darkness it provided was a welcome relief to the hot fury burning inside me. "How could she be so damned cold? Why would it kill my mother to do something nice for me once? Since the novelty of William had worn off, she was done with him and called him freaky. One of her snobby friends probably asked why she was letting a boy like that stay in her house. She could take care of William if she wanted, but she's just too damn selfish. I hate her."

I lay there fuming and cursing for a long while. Finally, I tossed the pillow aside and dug my English assignment out of my pack. Moving over to my desk, I switched on the desk lamp and fired up my laptop. I pounded out two double spaced pages of a scathing critique on the dumbass book we were being forced to read, Pride and Prejudice. I expressed pity for the poor Mr. Bennett forced to live with five daughters and an annoying, bitchy wife. I didn't actually leave the word "bitchy" in the final draft but it made the first cut. I was annoyed at having to read the stupid "chick-flick" love story with its cumbersome old English speaking style and on top of that having just had a bad experience with my own Mrs. Bennett downstairs. "Women suck!"

Even as I said it, I knew I didn't entirely mean it. There were a number of women that I honestly admired. I loved my dad's mother. She was the most wonderful grandma ever until she got sick and passed away. I can still remember the weird feeling I had looking at her dead body in the casket when I was twelve. I told my mother, "That's not grandma." When she told me that of course it was grandma, I argued with her until my father put a stop to it. I could sense as a young boy that what made grandma be grandma was missing from the dead body in the casket.

When I thought about that, a warm, tingling sensation spread over me. In a moment of pure thought, like a brilliant flash of enlightenment, I came to understand in absolute certainty that the body is quickened by the spirit. What made grandma be grandma was her spirit, not her body. I desperately sought for more enlightenment on the subject but the flash was gone and I was left again to my own mortal thoughts.

I reflected on the Ladies Choice dance being only a week away and I still had not been asked to it. I sent Dig a text and asked him if he thought Carly liked me. Three math problems later, he replied that he didn't know. "why" he asked. "dunno jus wonderin" I typed.

That was no damn help. I really didn't want to go stag and end up as the odd man out at the bonfire at Brodie's ranch. How embarrassing would that be? I needed to put myself out there and drop some hints. I determined to do it at school the next day. Brodie had a group of about 4 girls he hung with at different times. I'm sure he had a date already lined up. Brodie's girls had to speak for him early to beat out the others. He wasn't super tight with any of them and hadn't done any more than make out some. But he always had a date whenever he wanted one. I wasn't so lucky. I was definitely shyer around girls and that made it hard for them to talk with me. I've never had a problem getting a date for a dance, though. This wasn't as easy because the girls did the asking, so it was out of my control. It made me appreciate what girls went through every other time when a dance came along.

"There's always Brenda," I laughed to myself. She was my debate team replacement for William at tomorrow's debate meet. She wasn't ugly, but she was definitely plain. I would say she was a "C" list girl. Carly was "A" list, cute and popular.

I finished my math and organized my papers for the following day in my binder and stuck it into my pack. I thought about a midnight snack. "Maybe some of mom's chocolate experiment?"

I decided against it since I needed to get back on track with my weight. Instead, I pulled off my shirt, pants and socks, did 40 pushups and 150 sit-ups in just my boxers. I walked to the shower and just rinsed off quick. I dried, brushed my teeth, slapped on some deodorant and walked naked back to my room. I pulled the covers back and was about to jump into my bronze colored silk sheets when the thought struck me that I should pray.

I considered for a moment putting on some boxers and sweats, but I remembered William saying "Why would God care?" It really did seem like a good question. He certainly must know what I've got. I guess some pious people would think it was disrespectful or even blasphemous, but to me in that private moment, it seemed to be an act of innocence. I knelt and shared my thoughts with God. I asked him to help poor William, and I thanked him for my dad coming to my wrestling meet in case God had inspired him to do it. Lastly, I thanked him for teaching me about spirits earlier. I said Amen and was ready to jump in bed when my conscience pricked at me. I sighed. "Oh, all right." I knelt back down and told Him I was sorry I had been so mean to my mother even if she was a …, well. "Anyway, I'm sorry."

I crawled into bed and pulled the covers up to my chin. I wondered how William was getting along. I thought about all I had learned from him. I worried about his recuperation at home and wondered why he was so against me going there. I had considered masturbating myself to sleep but after praying, and as I thought about poor William's bloody dick, I lost interest and drifted off to sleep gently stroking my abs and pecs and fondling my Gibraltars.

The nightstand monster woke me up early and I threw on my sweats without even opening my eyes and laced up my running shoes. I pushed my way through the back door and stretched out my legs. I fished the earphones out of my pocket, started the tunes and took off on a steady run out the gate and toward my secret spot in the foothills. I started getting winded sooner than usual from taking just a few days off. I marveled how quickly I could lose a level of conditioning. When I reached my spot by the creek, I sat on the log and caught my breath. Foo Fighters serenaded me while I dropped my sweats and played with myself, jacking in time with the beat. I smiled as I purposely timed my finale with the final verse and chorus:

And I wonder

If everything could ever feel this real forever

If anything could ever be this good again.

The only thing I'll ever ask of you

You've got to promise not to stop

When I say wheeeeeeeeen

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH Yeah!" The chills ran up my spine and my cum shot over the ground in front of me. I love my morning jog. It's a tradition to jog there, do a quick jiggle while I rest my legs and then jog back home to shower. I call it my morning triple "J." Only problem is, it never let's my heart rate recover. I think it actually increases while I'm jiggling.

I squeezed the last cum out of my dick and lay back on the wide log to recover. I stared at the morning rays of sunlight streaming through the leaves of the trees. A beam focused directly in my eyes and I closed them in peaceful contentment.

Will-i-am started singing "Tonight's gonna be a good night. Tonight's gonna be a good, good night."

"Today's gonna be a good, good day," I said to myself, changing the lyric slightly. I was feeling happier and more at peace with myself than I had for a long time. I really couldn't put my finger on why. The sun moved higher and the shaft of light shifted off my face. I sat up and rolled my dick in my fingers, examining it. It's just right. Not too short, not too long. It's thick enough to be a handful and is nicely proportioned. A small triangular bush of brown pubes accents it from above. I hefted my long, dangling balls that had already dropped back down into their sac. My sac hangs a good two inches below the tip of my dick when I stand up. I really like my balls. They're soft and mostly hairless. I pulled up my pants and sang out loud. I was horribly off key, but since no one was there to complain, I bellowed out, "Today's gonna be a good, good day." I sang along with the rest of the song until I was getting short of breath and had to stop singing and just jog.

In debate class, everyone was excited in anticipation of our meet. We were hosting, so we didn't need to travel. Brenda and I reviewed our approach to the topic and I found her to be bright and engaging. She was unbearably plain, though. "A little make-up and some work on that straight, mousy-brown hair would go a long way," I thought to myself. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she looked at me as if I'd asked about the weather on Mars. I told her I was planning to go visit William after school in an attempt to shift the conversation to him. She didn't bite.

"That's nice of you," was all she said.

"Who is your new partner going to be when William comes back?"

"I'm not sure. I'll leave it up to Mrs. Jones."

"Have you spent much time talking to William ever?" I probed.

"No, not really. Do you have any quotes on the value of federal funding of education from the Secretary of Education?"

"Yeah, I think William has some in his box. I searched my reference database on my laptop and pulled them out for her. He's pretty nice once you get to know him."

"Who?" Brenda asked, "The Secretary of Education?"

"NO! William."


All right, I'd beat around the bush long enough. "You know where the phrase 'beating around the bush' comes from?" I asked.

Brenda looked up at me with a puzzled expression. "No. But, I suppose William told you."

"Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Wild guess."

"So back in the middle ages, when they hunted wild boar, they would beat the bushes with sticks to scare out any wild boar that might be hiding in them. Since wild boar can be ferocious if you approach them directly, the hunters would scare them out of the bushes first."

"And you're telling me this because …"

"Well, I've sort of been beating around the bush with you over William. See, I kinda can tell he likes you and would really like to go to Fall Formal with you but he's terrified to come out and ask in case you have no interest. It would crush him if you said no."

"Hmmm. Did you just compare me to a wild boar?"

I busted up laughing and so did Brenda. We struggled to get control as Mrs. Jones walked over to see why we were drawing the attention of the whole class. We apologized and then snickered some more as she walked away.

"No," I said, wiping my eyes, "I just meant … you know what I meant."


There was a long pause.



"Yes, you know what I meant, or yes, you will go to Fall Formal with William?"

Brenda smiled and said, "Yes. And yes. But …"

"But, what?"

"My friend told me that Curtis Wilson is planning on asking me. I'd rather go with William, but if Curtis asks first, I'll have to accept. It wouldn't be polite to turn him down."

"Cool! How about you write your phone number on this index card and I can give it to him. Try and avoid Curtis today." She smiled at me and wrote her number down. I put it in the front of my backpack and we went back to work on the topic.

"Great. I got a date for William, now what was I going to do?"

I skipped lunch and gathered up my homework for the classes I would be missing during the debate meet. I also hustled to all of William's teachers and picked up his homework. I stopped in at the attendance office, pushed my way through the flapping doors that said "No Students" on them and walked over to the student helper, Gina Meriwether. I'd had a few classes with her last year and I think she tried to flirt with me a few times. If I'm bad at flirting now, I was horrible at it last year, especially if Dig or Brodie weren't there as my wing men. I smiled at her and she lit up a bit. "Hey," I said.

"Hi Kyle. You're not supposed to be back here." I ignored her comment.

"Hey, I got a friend who's out sick this whole week. His name's William …"

"Henry David Thames," Gina finished. "Yes, I know. His mother has called me like four times already to make absolutely sure that he would be marked as excused due to a 'serious medical matter' that she cannot discuss in detail."

"That's the one." I laughed with her.

"So YOU are friends with HIM?"

"Yeah. We're debate team partners."

"Ohhhh," Gina said,implying that's the only reason I would possibly hang with someone like that.

I let it go and said, "So, I, umm, need a little favor."


"I have a really important paper and also his homework to take to him, and I need his address."

"I can't give you that. I could get in huge trouble."

"C'mon. Please. I won't tell." I said winking. "Trust me."

"I can't." She said.

"Crap. Look, I need to take him a phone number of this girl who wants to go to Fall Formal with him before someone else asks her."

"So. What's that to me?"

"It's just … my parents said I can only go if I go with him, since they trust him and all. I was really hoping if he could get this date I helped find for him, I … um … I could maybe ask you if you'd like to go with me on a double date." I pretended to be embarrassed and looked away at the ceiling.


"I mean if you don't want to I understand and all. Its okay. Sorry if I bothered you."

"NO! I mean, its no bother. I mean, YES. I mean I'd love to go to Fall Formal with you."

"You would? Really?"

"Yeah. Sure."

"But what about getting his address? If he doesn't get that date, I can't go."

"Look, I'll go pull his file and accidentally leave it on my desk. Don't be obvious by writing it down. Just memorize it, okay?"

"Great! How about giving me your phone number and I'll put it in my phone." I suggested.

She fired off her number and I typed it in and took a picture of her to link to it in my contacts list. I grinned coyly, and winked. She looked nervously around and went to pull William's file. She opened it and excused herself for a minute. I peeked over and read 2315 Mandarin Way. Easy enough, I knew where Mandarin Way was since we passed it on the way to Dig's house. I called the hospital and they confirmed that William had been discharged. I thanked Gina when she got back and had just started walking away when she called me back.


"Umm, Kyle?"


"Umm, you got a date for Ladies Choice next week?"

I pondered if I wanted to do two in a row with Gina. That could give others the appearance, and her the impression, that we were starting to go out. She was nice enough and kind of cute, but she was definitely on the "B" list. Then I realized I wasn't exactly in a position to be picky, and if I didn't want to end up the stupid stag at the bonfire, I better take the bird in the hand instead of waiting for the 'wild boar' in the bush. I started to crack up at the little joke I just made in my head and panicked as I realized Gina would think I was laughing at her proposal. I maneuvered my laugh into a cheerful smile and said, "Not yet, but if you're asking, I'd love to."

"Cool! Great!"

I made the "I'll call you" motion as I pushed my way out of the glass door of the attendance office. She was smiling as if she'd won the lottery. I turned my head and saw her furiously texting someone.

The debate meet went well and Brenda turned out to be a very good debater. If her appearance wasn't so plain, she could really be strong with any judge, male or female, deep-thinking or shallow. It was always interesting to read the judge's comments after a debate and see how valid their reasoning was for their decision. Occasionally, their comments reflected a high degree of stupidity. Mostly, though, the comments were very on target and useful. Our school won handily and Brenda and I swept both of our debates with glowing comments from all the judges.

I took off right after the final results were reported and Mrs. Jones lavished her praise on our team's performance. I rushed to wrestling practice and everyone harassed me about being dressed up in a suit. I didn't really care; actually I like getting dressed up and looking sharp. I checked with Coach and he said to go ahead and dress out even though there was only one-half hour left of practice. I went to the locker room and quickly got into my practice singlet and headed to the mats for stretching. I paired up with Captain Banana Boy and Kirk and we worked on take-downs. Neither one was particularly good at takedowns, and I took them down 4 to 1 compared to the number of times they took me down.

Coach had us spend the last fifteen minutes doing legal slams. In order for a slam to be legal in high school, you have to drop them slower than gravity and one of your knees has to be on or near the mat when your opponent hits. You also can't use "excessive force" when slamming them. It is a fine line sometimes, but if you ever drop them on their head or face, it will almost always be called illegal. It took a real finesse to slam in a way that is effective but doesn't look excessive. Again, Banana Boy and Kirk didn't really get it. Twice, after I let Banana Boy pick me up, he literally threw me down on my neck. I was able to twist enough not to get injured, but Coach cussed him both times.

I couldn't help but wonder if he was doing it on purpose to get even with me for the horrible nick name I got him stuck with. I couldn't really blame him if that was what he was doing. When it came my turn, I purposely reached through his crotch and grabbed a handful of banana and nuts before sliding my hand on up and lifting him laterally and dropping him chest first to the mat with me on top of his back. I could feel him pressed against my arm that was in his crotch. I pulled my hand down through his crotch and took another grab as I whispered in his ear, "No more dropping me on my neck, or I'll castrate you. Got it?" He just nodded and I let him up. When he stood, he grabbed at his crotch and adjusted. He had a partial boner showing. It amazed me how little it took to get him started.

After practice, I went to my locker and Dig was already naked and headed for the showers. "What's your hurry?" I asked.

"I'm going to the mall with Rochelle. Her mom's picking us up. Oh, crap, I forget to text you. Can you find another ride? My mom's not coming for us today because I'm going with Rochelle."

"Yeah, no problem. I'm actually planning on walking anyway. I need to go by my debate partner's house and drop off some stuff for him." I was now naked and we walked together into the showers.

"Oh yeah, it was your debate thingy today. I saw the geek team running around school all dressed up. That's why you were late to practice and wearing that monkey suit, right?"

"Right. I won both debates, by the way. Thanks for asking." I sneered.

"Oh yeah. Sorry. Glad you won."

"What you going to the mall for? Just to hang out?" I asked to make conversation.

"Nah, Rochelle wants to get matching t-shirts for next Saturday's dance."

"Serious? You're gonna get matching shirts? Oh my God, did aliens kidnap you and cut your balls off?" I teased. "Is it gonna be one of those teal ones that says 'I'm Hers' with an arrow pointing to Rochelle that says 'I'm His'?"

"Shut the fuck up." He said trying to sound menacing but struggling not to smile.

"You're pulling out all the stops on getting laid next week, aren't you?" I said.

"Whatever it takes." Dig smiled sheepishly. "I'm getting it in her this time. She already agreed to it."

"No shit?"

"No shit!"

I fell into silence imagining his oversized head pushing its way into Rochelle's tunnel of love. I had to actually force myself to think of something else to keep from ending up like Banana Boy. I glanced over and he and Kirk were showering in the corner again. It was their usual hangout. They both appeared to have pudgies like mine at the moment. I thought about William and his bloody bandaged boner from the other night and I shrunk back down immediately.

"So are we hanging out tomorrow? You talk to Brodie?" I asked. The Screw Crew hadn't gotten together for any real fun for a long time.

"Oh, yeah about that. I'm going over to Rochelle's. I promised to go with her and her family to her little sister's … thing."

"Serious? Dude, are you pussy whipped or what? You're seriously not hanging with us tomorrow, so you can go to her sister's thing. What kind of thing?"

"Dance recital," he mumbled.

"Holy shit. You really have gone to the dark side. Don't even bother with a condom when you fuck her, you already lost your balls, so no worries. " The conversation had moved from friendly banter to real annoyance. We used to text ten to fifteen times a day and now he didn't even bother texting me that I needed to find my own ride home from school and he didn't even bother telling me he was blowing off the Screw Crew outing for a dance recital. Amazing.

Scotty and Kirk bounced past us and I said, "Hey Scotty, do you and Kirk want to hang out tomorrow with me and Brodie? We're gonna go sign hunting, TP some teacher's houses, and play PS3."

Scotty looked at me very suspiciously, but Kirk spoke up immediately saying "Sure!" Scotty chimed in with a less committal maybe and we headed to the lockers and swapped phone numbers. Dig acted like he didn't give a damn, but I knew it bugged him that I was inviting Scotty and Kirk into the circle. But wtf, he's the Screw Crew dropout here.

After I got Scotty's number, I reached out and cupped his balls briefly and said, "Sorry about threatening you earlier with loss of your little friends here; I was just pissed at you dropping me on my head those times."

He grinned and said, "Yeah, I deserved it. I was just trying to get even for all the shit you been giving me lately."

"I know. I deserve that too. I'm sorry. I never meant for the whole nickname thing to happen. How about we start over and try to be friends?"

"You want to kiss and make up?" He said with a wry grin on his face and one eyebrow raised.

"Ahhhh, no. How 'bout we just go straight to the making up part."

"Okay." He grabbed my balls and gave a gentle squeeze as I was turning to walk off and I spun back around. "God, you got a nice set; they hang like a pair of Brahma bull balls." He smiled at my discomfort.

I gave a nervous laugh and headed back to my locker. I put on the extra jeans and t-shirt I brought in my wrestling bag and carefully folded my suit and dress shirt, tucking them into my duffle. The room was mostly deserted and Dig was long gone to meet up with his new distraction. I was conflicted over Scotty's behavior. I supposed he must be gay and I wondered now about Kirk. I guess I did kind of start the grabbing thing, but it was all just to emphasize a point. His grab was just for the hell of it to cop a feel. I stood in front of the mirror and messed with my hair a bit before texting my mother and telling her that Dig's mom wasn't coming today but I would just walk home. I didn't expect her to respond and I'm sure she would be relieved not to have to pick me up. Still, if she got mad about me not letting her know where I was, I could prove I had done so by showing the text.

Walking out the door, I saw Scotty and Kirk walking together and picking up their pace. They caught up to me as we entered the gymnasium and we walked across the basketball floor together. "Kirk's coming over to my place for a bit to hang out. Wanna walk with us and hang a bit?" offered Scotty.

My first reaction was to turn him down since I was going over to William's house, but then I figured what the heck. William wasn't going anywhere and I wouldn't mind expanding my friend network a little, especially since Dig was cutting out on us for Rochelle. We pushed through the double doors and talked about wrestling and school and I whined about how whipped Dig had become. We all laughed about that. "Hey Kirk," Scotty said throwing his arm around Kirk's shoulder, "Maybe you and I should get matching pink t-shirts when we go to Ladies Choice together next week. They could both say 'I'm with HIM'."

Kirk pushed him away and took a playful swing at him. I stared in disbelief as they both broke out in uproarious laughter. "You should see your fucking face. We're fuckin' messing with you dude." Scotty confessed. "God, your look of horror was precious. Are you going?"


"Who with?" Scotty asked, batting his eyes.

"Gina Meriwether."

"She's pretty nice. I had some classes with her before," Kirk said. "Cathy Davis asked me."

"Cool," I said. "You been asked to go, Scotty?"

"Yeah. I got asked, but I'm not going. I'm out of town next weekend with the rents to visit friends." I wondered if he really was or if that was just a convenient excuse to avoid an uncomfortable boy/girl situation.

"So Kirk, you made any plans for after the dance? A bunch of us are going out to Brodie's ranch for a bonfire," I inquired.

"Sounds fun, I'll check with my parents and with Cathy."

We got to Scotty's house and went out back. He had a hoop on the back driveway where they parked their motor home. Scott got the keys and pulled it out of the way. I was jealous he could just drive like that. I can't wait to drive and get some real freedom. We played 21 where it's kind of every man for himself. Two guys guard the one with the ball and after every bucket you make, you get up to 5 free throws until you miss one. Then whoever gets the rebound has to take it back and try to score. It was fun since we all pretty much sucked equally at the sport. Scotty won since he had the height advantage and probably shoots hoops more than Kirk or I do. We peeled off our shirts early on in the game and were pressing our sweaty upper bodies against each other.

After we finished, we headed inside. We all went in Scotty's bathroom he shared with his little brother and an older sister. It was obvious the sister had taken over the place. Her shit was everywhere. We wiped ourselves down with a wet washcloth and then dried off. Scotty started a titty-twister game and pretty soon we were covering our nipples with both hands crossed over our chests and taking quick stabs at each other then clapping our palms back over our nipples to protect them from counter attacks. We were laughing our heads off.

Scotty's mom asked if we wanted pizza and of course that was a really stupid question. None of us could eat pizza during wrestling season. We all kicked our shoes off and watched the movie, Hot Rod, on Scotty's PS3 in his room while we waited for the salads to show up. The rest of the family had the pizza and were absolutely merciless, smacking their lips and making mmmmm sounds as they ate it. They all drank carrot and mango juice with it. That seemed weird, but it tasted good actually.

Scotty had a sweet setup in his room. He had a double bed on the bottom and his little brother slept above him on a single sized bunk bed. Kirk crawled up the ladder and lay on top of the bunk bed with Scotty's little brother. Scotty and I lay on our stomachs on his bed with our chins in our hands and pillows stuffed under our chests for support. His TV was mounted on the wall across from the foot of his bed. It was obvious that Kirk hung out here a lot here because Scotty's little brother was very comfortable around him. They sat with their backs against the wall and pillows propped up behind them. Scotty's little brother sort of snuggled down in the crook of Kirk's arm and he was shirtless like Kirk was.

When the food arrived, I climbed off the bunk and looked up at the two of them and was a bit shocked that I could see up the loose gym shorts worn by Scotty's little brother. He had no underpants on and I could clearly see his tiny, hairless scrotum and his two inch limp penis lying over the small sac. I looked quickly away, a bit embarrassed.

While his family was tormenting us with the pizza, Scotty's mom asked if I was spending the night. When I told her I hadn't really planned on it, Scotty urged me to check and see if I could. Kirk chimed in that he was planning on it. Scotty's little brother offered to sleep in the family room so I could have his bunk. I was embarrassed about kicking him out of his bed and I offered to sleep on the couch or on the floor of the bedroom under a blanket. I suggested my mom could bring a sleeping bag when she brought my other stuff.

"What stuff?" asked Scotty, "Like your blankey and teddy bear?" He said it in front of his family and his sister laughed so hard I thought she was gonna upchuck her pizza. She was a freshman in the local JC and she was pretty good looking. She just had on a t-shirt - no bra - and some short shorts. The whole family was pretty casual. None of them wore much.

"No," I said indignantly, "Like my toothbrush and something to sleep in."

"You don't need nothin' to sleep in, I already said you can sleep in my bed," the little brother said looking confused.

"I mean bed clothes to sleep in."

Everyone sort of giggled. Even Kirk put a hand over his mouth and looked away from me. It was like I wasn't in on some private joke. They let it pass and no one explained. I called my mother and asked if it was all right for me to spend the night and she couldn't care less until I asked if she could bring me some things. Then her mood changed and I finally told her never mind. I never even told her where I was spending the night at. As a courtesy, I sent a text to my dad with Scotty's address and phone number. He returned my text to have fun and be good.

"It's fine with my parents," I announced, "But I'll just have to rough it and sleep in my jeans." Everyone objected at that, saying it was unhealthy and Scotty suggested he could give me a pair of his shorts to sleep in if I wanted them. I continued to feel there was an elephant in the room that only I couldn't see. We returned to Scotty's room and started playing PS3. We hopped from game to game for a while and settled on a racing game. Kirk and Sammy were better than me because they played it a lot, but it was fun anyway and I crashed less and less each time I played.

About ten o'clock, Scotty's sister walked into his room and said, "I'm showering first before any of you boy trolls, so you don't take all the hot water."

Scotty said "Yeah, whatever," without even looking up at her. I was looking at her though. Her perky tits pushed the loose t-shirt out and I could just make out the protruding nipples. When she turned around, her butt cheeks were spilling out of her black, short shorts. Long, slender legs emerged from the shorts and ran to the floor past her ankle, sporting a small gold ankle bracelet, and on to where her perfectly formed petite feet with painted toenails stood on the beige carpet. I was mesmerized. No one else paid any attention, except my dick noticed her too. I had already changed into the shorts that Scotty was lending me and I sat up and bent over to hide my erection. I scolded my naughty dick and commanded it to relax.

Scotty's mother called to his little brother to come to bed. He said he was getting to sleep in his mom and dad's room and was excited for it. When he said his sister was still hogging the shower, his mom told him he could shower in their bathroom. He jumped up and shucked his shorts, tossing them nonchalantly into a basket at the foot of the bed. I watched his cute, little, naked dick that barely hung over his little pouch. His little dick bounced as he skipped naked out of the room toward his mother's voice. Again, no one seemed to pay this any attention other than me.

When the hottie sister called down the hall to us that she was out, Scotty told me to go ahead and be next since he and Kirk were in the heat of a two man battle on the PS3. I agreed and pulled off my ankle socks and put them in my wrestling duffle bag. I walked down the hall toward the bathroom and passing the sister's room, I glanced through the open door and nearly swallowed my tongue. There she stood stark naked with her back to me, combing her hair with one hand and fiddling with her alarm clock with the other. I could see the side view of one breast and her perfect ass, shaped like an upside down heart. I looked away and did a couple quick double time steps to move past the doorway before she saw me. My heart was racing and my dick sprang back to full attention. I showered quickly and even though my dick was screaming for attention, I didn't want to do it in the shower and waste the hot water.

As soon as I started drying off, the door opened and in walked Scotty's sister. She was still naked. I gasped and quickly covered my privates with the towel. I got a full frontal view of her breasts emerging from her tan chest that gave way to a narrow waist, centered with a cute, little, inny belly button. A perfectly trimmed triangular brown bush disappeared between her milky thighs. "Forgot my phone in here. Sorry. Can't live without it." She grabbed her cell phone and whirled around to leave just as Scotty stepped in, also completely naked. They sort of brushed against each other as he walked in.

Scotty made no comment but moved to the toilet, lifted the lid and started pissing. I finished drying , put on my pit wax and wrapped my towel around me and carried my boxers and borrowed shorts back to Scotty's room. His sister's door was shut this time when I walked by. I couldn't shake the image of her. My dick kept stirring each time I had a flashback. Back in the boy cave, I dropped my towel and fished out the other pair of boxers. They'd been worn too, but I didn't sweat in that pair so they felt cleaner to me. Kirk was sitting on the lower bed and looking through a wrestling magazine of Scotty's. He paid me little attention.

"Dude, Kirk. I just saw Scotty's sister completely naked just now."

"That's cool."

"Cool? That's all you've got to say? Did you hear me? She was completely naked and she just walked in the bathroom when I was drying off and I was naked too. She came in to get her cell phone. How whack is that?"

Kirk looked up at me and smiled. "Probably should have filled you in earlier. Scotty's family isn't ordinary."

"I've noticed."

"Yeah, see if you weren't here, everyone would be going around naked all night. They're like really liberal and believe in like being all natural and stuff. They go on nudist family outings with other nudists. That's actually why he can't go to Ladies Choice next week. They're all going on a camping trip in their motor home with a bunch of their nudist friends."

I stared up at Kirk who stared back amused at the look on my face. He reached over with his bare foot and pushed my dropped jaw closed.

"Wow. So when you stay over, you hang out naked too?"

Kirk laughed, "Yeah, you could say it that way all right, I HANG OUT too." He stood up and dropped his shorts and boxers and said, "Sounds like he's out of the shower." He walked out the door and down the hall completely naked as if he was in the locker room. I just sat on the floor next to my duffle bag thinking all about what I'd just learned. Scott walked in naked and smiled at me.

"So Kirk filled you in, huh?"

"Yeah," I said.

"You freaked? Wanna bail?"

"No. I mean, whatever right? Live and let live? To each his own?"

Scotty just smiled. "Don't go spreading it around all right. I wasn't sure you could be trusted but since Kirk already told you, it's too late. My stupid sister does that shit just to mess with me. She did something like that to Kirk before he knew about us, too. I'm too tired to play any more PS3. When Kirk gets out, let's go to bed," Scotty said.

"Yeah. I agree." I stood up and watched as Scott pulled back his covers and slipped into bed naked. He slid over against the wall and patted the space next to him. "Kirk can take the top bunk."

I stood frozen, uncertain how to proceed. Scotty just stared at me in silence, lying on his side, his head propped up on his hand, and his limp dick dangling toward the bottom sheet. He had a completely blank expression on his face. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and boxers and took them down in one motion. I stepped out of them and tossed the shorts into the basket and stuffed my boxers in my duffle. My phone buzzed and I picked it up. It was the fourth message from William. I felt bad I hadn't sent him a text. I had completely forgotten about him; I was having so much fun with Scotty and Kirk.

He was wondering about the debate meet. He wanted to let me know he was home and was doing fine. He asked if I debated with Brenda and what I thought about her. Reading between the lines, I felt his loneliness and desire to connect with someone who cared about him. I shot back a quick text that I was glad he was doing better and I would call tomorrow. I told him to get some sleep. Immediately, my phone buzzed with his reply "Most Magnificent. I entreat you to engage in Sweet Dreams." I chuckled and tossed the phone back in the bag, turned and climbed into bed with another naked boy, rolled away from him and stared at the digits on the alarm clock, waiting for them to turn, minute by minute waiting for sleep to overtake me.

Kirk walked in, smiled broadly at me, killed the light, and then he climbed up into the upper bunk in the dark. The silence was deafening until the upper bunk began a slow rhythmic squeak. My heart was pounding. The covers rustled and a hand slid slowly over my hip then paused tentatively. I held my breath. It continued a gentle stroking motion up my ribs and over my shoulder.

"Don't" I silently said to my stiffening dick. "You'll embarrass me and give him the wrong idea about me." It ignored me completely. More rustling occurred. The warm hand traced its way back down over my shoulder, along my ribs and hip, then turned and moved across my firm ass cheeks, squeezing and fondling them. I was trembling. More rustling.

I felt the impression of Scotty's downward arching dick press into the crack of my ass and his solid chest press firmly against my back. His arm draped over me and softly rubbed my pecs and abs. He traced slowly up my neck and with one finger traced around the outline of my lips. I parted them and moaned softly. He slipped a finger between them barely and I bit gently on the tip of it. A leg draped over mine. The touching of his flesh to mine was incredibly satisfying. It felt like my entire body, not just my dick, was one enormous erection. His blood filled banana was pushing itself into my crack and I could feel it straining against it.

I was beyond any means of self control. I was hopelessly subject to anything Scotty wanted to do with me. I was in an hypnotic trance. I could smell the pleasant scent of his freshly washed hair. I tried to focus on every point of contact between our two bodies, and on every sensation from all my senses. I listened to the slow rhythmic squeak from above and smelled the odor of a boy's bedroom, and focused my eyes on the neon green digits flicking slowly minute by minute, willing them to stop and leave me suspended in this moment, not wanting to miss any part of the experience.

Scotty's hot breath warmed my neck with each exhale. He pulled slightly away and with the leg draped over me and his hand on my chest, rolled me a quarter turn onto my back. I turned my head toward him, glassy eyed and smiled. In the dim light, I saw him smile back. "Time," he said.

I wrinkled my brow. I thought maybe he meant that was it. Like in "times up."

"Time to kiss and make up," he whispered. He slid against me, pressing his erection into my hip and draping his knee over my manhood. He leaned in and pressed his soft lips against mine. His hand slid behind my neck and he pressed me deeper into the kiss. Slowly, he suctioned my lower lip into his mouth and nibbled on it. My eyes were forced closed and I focused on the incredible sensual experience. He released my lip and I pressed my lips back against his firm and passionate. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and we batted tongues against each other for a brief eternity of blissful foreplay. He broke the kiss and said, "I want to suck your amazing balls. Is that okay with you?"

It was so okay with me, but all I could do was nod. He descended slowly kissing my neck, chest, nipples, abs, and tonguing my belly button. Then, lifting my precious penis, he swirled his tongue over the engorged head of it and down the shaft. One hand caressed my chest and his other my legs and thighs as he sucked in first one of my large rocks and then the other. They had pulled up in my sac but were still loose enough for him to fully engulf each one of them in his mouth. Suddenly, I realized how fortunate I was to have testicles. I pitied every woman in the world for the lack of them. I recognized the horror William must have experienced at losing one. I closed my eyes again as Scotty spent days and weeks exploring, licking, sucking and tugging on my rocks and their pouch. His upper hand moved from my chest to my aching erection and was slowly, gently stroking me while he continued sucking my sensitive stones.

Never had the sexual tension built so slowly and evenly, almost imperceptibly. Never had the gates of my orgasmic reservoir held back such a tremendous demand for release. The anticipation of the impending flood consumed me until somehow, instinctively, Scotty knew the very instant to slip his mouth over the head and down the shaft of my desperately aching penis. The timing of the moist warmth of his mouth on my sensitive pillar of manhood burst open the gates and the flood of orgasmic power washed over me from head to toe. I cried out in ecstasy, I shook and twitched all over and felt the enormous explosion of my juices into his welcoming receptacle. Wave after wave shook me until I was rendered a quivering mass of warm goo, panting, giggling and weeping all at once.

I lay there motionless except for my twitching dick that hadn't yet forgotten the power of the experience, when I felt his soft lips press again to mine. A familiar taste slid between my lips as Scotty shared my own nectar with me. I sipped my sweet juices in over my tongue and savored this sublime finale to the most amazing sexual experience of my life. I sensed no expectations or hints from Scotty to perform anything for him in return. It was all about me. The slippery residue on his shrinking penis pressed against my hip told me he had achieved satisfaction from providing me with satisfaction - friend to friend.

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