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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 7

The Naked Truth

By and © Hans Schrieber

I sensed a presence and peered cautiously with one eye. I found myself nose to nose with a green-eyed creature. I shrieked. It shrieked. Then I shrieked again as the small creature rose up on its feet, causing its underdeveloped sex organs, small and smooth, to flop and bounce into my view.

"He's awake!" the critter screeched as it ran off. Its naked, little butt twitched and flexed as it ran away screeching, "He's awake! He's awake!"

I rolled onto my back and blinked hard twice. One hand rose to rub the sleepy sauce from my blurry eyes and the other groped my naked crotch. The events of last night began replaying in my mind and my dick began expanding in my grasp. I was stark naked and my pubic hair was matted together as if glued. My growing erection pushed against the palm of my hand and I waited for the onslaught of guilt to begin. "What the fuck did I do last night?" I whispered. "Nothing," I mentally protested. "I did nothing. Scotty did it all. Scotty's the gay one, I'm not."

"But you let him do it. Willingly, too, and don't even try to deny you liked it."

I rubbed my face in the palm of my hand and stared at the ceiling trying to get a grasp of my emotions the way I had a grasp on my dick. William's image popped into my head and I heard him asking me, matter of factly in his whiny tone, "Regarding your homosexual tendencies?" William thought I was gay. He'd said as much. I wondered what Scotty thought after what I let him do to me last night. I wondered myself what I was.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and stared down at my naked torso, boner and all. "Good morning," said my dick, waving slightly up at me. "Thanks for the good time last night," it said.

My balls drooped onto the cool sheets in spite of my erection pulling them up slightly into their sac. I had a moderate need to pee. I wiggled my toes on the carpet, rolled my neck around and stretched my arms out wide just as Scotty sauntered into the room comfortably naked.

"Sure enough, he is awake," Scotty said. I looked up at Scotty whose limp dick bobbed slightly as he walked toward me. I put a hand over my erection and looked for my boxers and the borrowed shorts. Everything was missing. My bag was gone, the dirty clothes basket was gone and I had no place to hide. I considered crawling back under the sheets.

"Where's my clothes?" I demanded.

"Clothes?" spouted Scotty. "You don't need no stinkin' clothes. You're at Scotty's playhouse. No clothes allowed, remember?" He sat next to me on the bed and put his arm around me. The contact of his warm body against mine was simultaneously soothing and disturbing. "That was really nice last night. Did you enjoy it?"

I looked him in the eye. "Yes. It was great." I told the truth. It was great. Everything except the confusion over it was great. He smiled and reached over with his free hand and pulled my hand away from my erection and placed it onto his erection that had just sprung to life. Instinctively, I wrapped my hand around the second erection I had ever held in my young lifetime. Like William's, it was soft and squishy to the touch, yet firm and rigid beneath the surface.

"Do you wanna mess around some more?"

I swallowed hard. My heart was pounding in my ears and my mind was racing. "Yes. No. I shouldn't. But, yes I want to, I just shouldn't."

"Why not?"

"I ... it's just not ... you know."

"You worried about being gay?" He asked it straight out. There I was stark naked with the arm of a handsome, fit, naked guy around my shoulder, holding onto his erect penis and being asked if I was worried about being gay. Hell yes, I was worried about being gay. I didn't move and I didn't speak, but I did look him straight in the eye before answering.

"Yeah, sure. I guess I am. I mean this is a little freaky for me. I never thought I'd be okay doing what we did last night. I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoyed it and even though I want to do it some more, I'm worried if I do, there's no going back."

Scotty smiled in his disconcerting smug manner and said, "There's a little gay in everybody, dude. I'm a little gay; Kirk's a little gay; your old man and my old man are a little gay. Even your buddy, Dig, is a little gay. It's just kinda in all of us. Doesn't mean shit though about how we all end up. Right now, I just say fuck all that head game shit and do whatever feels good when you get the chance."

"Maybe he's right," I thought. Sometimes I get horny thinking about girls, after all. I doubted his words somehow, but I was willing to borrow the point of view for the sake of immediate convenience. I thought how lucky Scotty was to be in a family that allowed, or promoted even, such a carefree, open attitude toward sex. How lucky he was to be free of the shackles of social norms and sexual hang-ups. Live free and love free seemed to be his motto. If he was horny, he popped a boner, no matter if he was in the lockers, hallway or on the wrestling mat. "Why not, right? What does it hurt?" I wondered what William would think of it all. William's voice echoed in my head again, "Methinks the boy protests too much."

"Fuck it," I said at last. I pushed my team captain backwards, lifted his legs and swung him around onto the bed lengthwise. He got a big grin on his face as I rolled myself up next to him. I pressed my erection into his hip and began stroking his banana shaped dick. I watched intently as my hand moved over the smooth hardness of my teammate's erection - the very erection I'd scoffed at so many times in the lockers and showers. I wondered how hard it was going to be to share the lockers and showers with him after this and maintain my own erection control.

He reached over and pulled my face toward his. We pressed lips together softly and I shivered as his tongue traced against my inner lips. I pushed his tongue out of my mouth with my tongue and chased it into his mouth. He sucked it in and out of his mouth in time with my jacking motion on his banana. He pulled away and whispered in my ear, "Suck me, Kyle. Suck my dick. Please."

I swallowed and forcefully evacuated all my thoughts and inhibitions. God, he had to say "please." I was such a sucker for pleasing people. I slid downward and straddled his legs. My balls pressed into the tops of his feet as I lifted his banana slightly upward and examined the soft, bulbous head attached to the arcing, banana shaped shaft. I moved it side to side and took in every detail. I looked closely at the small ravines running from the slit to the flared ridge of the corona and tiny little white bumps here and there on it. I lifted it and compared the attachment of skin separating the underside into two sections and the crinkled folds of skin rippling beneath the engorged head. I pressed my lips to the underside of his head and felt the heat emanating from it. I had a pre-orgasmic rush and I became lost in the experience. My mind blanked and I went into erotica mode. I scarcely remember the initial point of passage as I sucked him into my virgin mouth, but I became suddenly aware of sliding rhythmically up and over his arcing dick in a steady rhythm. The friction of his bulbous head traversed my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I loved it. I loved the taste, the smell and the texture of it. My eyes were closed and my breathing shallow as I felt his perfectly conforming penis slip over my tongue and bump against the back of my throat. The banana shape was ideal for being sucked on.

His hands rubbed over the stubble of my buzzed hair. My nose buried itself into his soft blond pubes then retreated again as his penis' head trailed across the roof of my mouth. He was moaning and squirming. He fondled my testicles with his toes and feet. The motion of my sucking caused my own dick to rub over his ankles and leg sending slightly painful, yet somehow pleasurable, signals from my swollen glans to my brain.

He leaned up on his elbows and asked "Kyle, can I cum in your mouth? Please?" It barely registered and I think I must have given some form of positive reaction because he said, "Awesome," and immediately pressed the tops of his feet into my groin and secreted his hot juices into my virgin mouth. The sheer surprise of it caused me to freeze until natural reactions took over and I swallowed. I pulled upward in time for a second stream to spread itself across my tongue, which I curled around his boner while I slid his hot, rigid banana back toward my tonsils. I swallowed again with the slightest gagging reaction. After the third emission of hot juice into my mouth, Scotty collapsed onto the bed and muttered, "Holy fuck, that was good."

I held his quivering banana in my mouth, rubbing softly over his firm, heaving chest, sides and abs with both of my hands, savoring the new experience. After a couple of minutes, he shrank completely away in my mouth. It felt small and impotent compared to its former powerful, enlarged state. I let it slide out of my lips and I lay there a moment longer looking at his flaccid member slowly rolling over the top of his scrunched up ball sac. I slid my tongue over the roof of my mouth tasting his residue. Psychologically induced, perhaps, I thought I tasted a hint of banana flavoring. I slid upward and rested my cheek against his chest and was startled. Kirk and the little creature were standing there observing with their boners in hand.

Kirk and the creature laughed. Kirk lunged on top of us pressing his own erection into my butt cheeks and yelled "Doggie pile!"

We twisted and squirmed in a mass of naked boy flesh, wrestling and grabbing each other randomly. Laughter erupted. A high pitched laugh joined in as Scotty's little brother, the creature who had announced my waking up, bounced at the end of the bed on his knees, taking quick opportunities to slap our naked asses as we wrestled with each other and then dodge quickly back out of the way. I saw his tiny genitalia bouncing up and down as he used the bed for a trampoline, giggling his head off. I managed to overpower Kirk with a head lock but Scotty used the opportunity to put me in a cradle. "Okay, okay, I give," I said.

Simultaneously, we released each other and fell flat, panting and sweating in a fleshy heap. A woman's voice broke the resulting stillness as we caught our breath by calling everyone to breakfast. The little brother took off running, squealing with delight, and Scotty and Kirk jumped up as well and headed toward the door. Scotty stopped at the door and said, "My dad wants to talk with you a minute before you come down, okay?"

"I guess. Yeah," I said. I was unsure what he wanted to talk about. I was a little nervous about it, after what I'd just done with his son. I couldn't even begin to imagine what he'd say.

I leaned up against the headboard and pulled the covers up over my torso and waited for Mr. Simons to come in. In a moment, he walked in wearing a robe and slippers. Scotty trailed behind him, naked as usual. Scotty sat on the edge of the bed and Mr. Simons sat in the desk chair.

"Good morning, Kyle." He smiled warmly at me and leaned forward in the chair to slide closer to us. "Scotty tells me you understand about our lifestyle here."

"You mean about being nudists?"

"Well, I prefer the term naturist, but yes. Scotty also tells me that you're a nice young man, and I want you to know you're always welcome in our home. Not everyone is comfortable with open nudity and we want to respect your feelings about it. You're welcome to join us by being naked around our house, or if it is uncomfortable for you, we'll be happy to stay dressed while you are visiting. I want you to know we don't mind either way; it's totally up to you."

"I'm not going to lie, it's a bit hard to get used to the idea, and well, I'm kinda worried about ... well, if I get, umm."

"An erection?" he filled in. I looked away from Mr. Simons and over at Scotty and shook my head yes.

"I imagine you've seen Scotty with an erection before, since he gets them every ten to fifteen minutes it seems, and he's told me he even gets them in the locker room at school. Erections are natural, especially at your age. Scotty and Kirk, and even Mark, get them occasionally. On rare occasions, even I get them still. I assure you that no one will think anything of it, and in fact, will expect it to happen once in a while. It's natural. But again, it's entirely up to you."

"I'd like to give it a try then I guess," I said.

"Okay. I think you'll grow to enjoy it the way Kirk has. Just one more question. How do you think your family would feel about it? I don't want any trouble with angry parents for 'corrupting' their son."

"My father's a doctor and has actually seen me naked a number of times and is pretty cool about stuff like that. I don't really know how my mom would react, to be honest, but I don't intend to really talk to her about it."

"I'll leave that to your judgment, then. I'd really appreciate your commitment not to really speak of it outside our home to be honest. It just helps reduce a risk of some religious fanatic starting a crusade against us, you know? Remember, if you ever change your mind about the nudity here, just let us know." He smiled and stood up to leave.

"No worries, Mr. Simons, I promise I won't discuss it with anyone." I was being completely sincere. I couldn't imagine telling anyone about it.

"Let's go stud." Scotty nodded toward the hallway. I clutched the covers with one hand and pulled at my eyebrows with the other. Scotty smiled. "Dude, you're one of us now. C'mon, you can do this."

I was suddenly weak and trembling. My conviction had left me already. At least my erection had subsided in the heat of our little battle and the talk with Scotty's dad. "I'm one of them," said a voice in my head. "I guess I am. But, exactly what is it I'm one of?"

"I, I, I'm suddenly not sure I can do it," I stammered.

"I know. Kirk was freaked by it at first too. I get it. I grew up this way, so it's normal for me. Just pretend no one is really naked. Just pretend it's like some kind of costume we're all wearing. I told everyone you were part of us now like Kirk is, so everyone wants to be naked today, like we usually are at home. It would be weird if I gave you back your clothes now. You'd feel more self conscious wearing them, trust me."

I bit my lower lip and stood. "I gotta go pee."

"Okay, then come downstairs after. Hurry though; no one will eat until the guest is at the table. It's bad manners." Scotty walked out and I saw him disappear down the stairs as I walked past into the bathroom. I remembered his sister when I saw all her stuff in the bathroom. I hoped she would be gone. I could not sit around naked with her there and not get boned, I was sure of it. I worried that I couldn't avoid a boner even if she wasn't around. I lifted the lid and had to coax out the flow. I washed my hands quickly and stared briefly at my naked body in the mirror. How many times had I run around my house naked when no one was home? Tons. But NO ONE WAS HOME. I blew out a breath. I grabbed a washcloth and washed my matted pubes. I dried off, fluffed them and even borrowed a brush and pulled it through them a couple times. I wanted to look my best down there. Then I steeled myself for whatever might come up downstairs. I turned and walked resolutely out the door, down the hall and made my grand entrance into naturism.

Scotty, Kirk, and the little creature were all sitting on the benches of the pinewood breakfast nook and were only visible from the belly up. His sister twisted in her chair and gave me a side view of her nice firm breasts and narrow waist. She smiled at me and pulled a chair out away from the table next to her. Scott's mom had her back to us. An apron string was tied across her bare back just above the top of her butt crack. The bow drooped down over her crack and tan cheeks. She was slender and nicely built for a mom. Her hips were wider than a teenage girl's but not overly so like most women who have given birth. She turned with a plate full of buckwheat pancakes and walked toward me. I instinctively, slid my hands over my privates and stared at the surreal site. Her "Kiss the Cook" apron was pushed out by breasts, larger than her daughter's, and I could not take my eyes off the resulting cleavage between the apron straps. She set the pancakes on the table and said, "Just sit there next to Cathy," motioning to the chair Cathy had pulled out for me.

I bit my lip, tugged at my eyebrows and obeyed. What else was I to do? I sat my bare ass on the soft orange cushion covering the wooden chair. Cathy reached over and took my left hand in hers and lifted it up. Scott's mom stepped in and held her left hand out for me to take it with my right. I had no more to cover me with. Everyone joined hands at this point as Scott's dad walked in from the living room. He stood next to his wife and joined the circle. Once everyone had taken hands, we all bowed heads and Scott's dad said, "God, giver of life, we thank thee for our bounty. We pray for thy continued blessing upon us. Let us show our gratitude by safeguarding thy creations. Amen."

"Amen." Everyone spoke in unison and dropped hands. The wrestlers had bowls of fruit and non-fat yogurt. Everyone else had buckwheat pancakes with syrup and fruit. They also had veggie-sausage patties. We all had more carrot juice to drink. Scotty's father looked like a slightly larger version of Scotty. The father son resemblance was incredible, right down to the unusually curved penises. They curled downward over their balls and the heads tucked into the crease of their legs even when flaccid. Mr. Simons was hairless except for a treasure trail and adult style pubic bush. His legs had just a trace of hair below the knees but he had no visible chest hair. A few hairs sprouted around his large pink nipples, however. Scotty didn't have that yet and his nipples were much smaller in diameter. He was clean shaven and had a handsome square jaw. Thankfully, Scotty's mom left her apron on. I wasn't sure I was ready to deal with whatever lay beneath it just yet.

I couldn't help stealing glances at Cathy. She would look at me and smile and occasionally peer at my crotch. I slid my chair a bit closer to the table and concentrated on my fruit and yogurt. Small talk about upcoming activities and the camping trip was made and everyone was completely at ease and comfortable except for me. They asked about my family and I answered their questions but did not elaborate. I was always relieved for the topic and attention to move away from myself. I was most uncomfortable by Cathy's question about how often I lifted weights. She commented on how well defined and muscular my upper body was. She felt my biceps with her hand. I could feel the heat in my face as I answered her questions and was relieved when Scotty's mom moved the discussion back to the plan for their weekend outing.

As we finished eating, Mr. Simons slid his chair back, turned to face his wife and said, "De-lish, just like you." He leaned in and pulled her to his lips with both hands behind her head and gave her a long passionate kiss, followed by a quick smooch. They stared dreamily into each other's eyes with a glowing smile. Their passion for each other radiated through the entire room. I'd never witnessed anything like that before - an undeniable passion and open expression of absolute love. It was ... it was simply touching. I felt myself choking up from witnessing it and a warm sensation flowed through me.

He scooted back and stood up to go get dressed in order to take Mark to his basketball game. Mark gulped down the last of his juice and scurried off to put his uniform on.

Scotty and Kirk asked to be excused. Permission was granted, and I asked to also join them, expressing thanks for the nice breakfast. Before going upstairs, we all cleaned up the dishes and the table. I had to avoid looking at or thinking about the naked bodies. I found that it wasn't just Cathy I had to avoid thinking about. Memories of last night and this morning kept flooding into my head, and the sight of the naked bodies was risking my first public erection. Natural and expected or not, I was in no hurry to experience it.

Surprisingly, Scotty's mom reached an arm across my shoulders and pulled me into her. My bicep pressed into the side of her large breast. "I'm so glad you've made friends with Scotty. I hope you will always feel welcome here."

I was relieved when she released me. I was uncomfortable with hugs from clothed strangers. I hadn't hugged or been hugged for a long time by my parents. It just wasn't something we ever did. I breathed again and said, "Yeah, thanks for having me. And thanks again for the nice breakfast, Mrs. Simons."

"I know it's a little shocking at first," she admitted with a wink. "But once you get over the shock, you'll find our lifestyle very liberating. Won't he, Kirk?"

"Definitely. I love it here," chimed Kirk.

"What do you boys have planned for today, then?" Mrs. Simons asked.

"Just hang out here for a while. Later we're going over to a friend's ranch and mess around for a bit, I guess. It's a friend of Kyle's really. He's including us in his group."

"That's nice. Just don't be out too late and call and let us know where you are at all times, okay?"

"Yeah, I will. I know the rules," Scotty said.

We headed back upstairs and went back to our video games. When it was my turn to be out, Scotty asked me to go downstairs and get some water for us all. He explained where the drinking glasses and water pitchers were kept and told me to get ice from the freezer. I agreed a bit reluctantly. I didn't really want to venture outside what had become a relatively comfortable situation of just the three of us in Scotty's room. I had almost completely forgotten we were naked as we sat on the bed and his desk chair playing the PS3.

In reality, I was starting to enjoy the freedom of being naked and carefree. I hadn't entertained a guilty thought all morning. I thought about asking for my clothes for the trip downstairs, but I knew it would just be met with some teasing and a refusal. I tugged at my eyebrow and lit out on my assignment. I walked past Mrs. Simons sitting in the living room sewing. She was completely naked. She was a nice looking woman and she had her legs crossed with her handiwork resting on the upper thigh. Only a portion of her pubic bush was visible, but her large breasts were exposed and I was intrigued at the sight of them. She had large brown nipples the size of silver dollars. Her nipples stuck out prominently like on baby bottles. I had always wondered why they made baby bottles to look like that and realized now it was actually very realistic.

I scurried past as she looked up and smiled politely at me. I got to the kitchen and set out to find the drinking glasses. "What do you need?" asked Cathy. I turned to see her toned, naked body walking toward me. She was also an athlete of some sort, although I hadn't caught on exactly what sport yet. The two of us naked in the kitchen alone was like a dirty movie, only it didn't seem dirty. My heart started to race and my mouth went dry.

"Some water glasses," I squeaked out.

She leaned into me and opened the next cupboard. Her breasts pressed into my arm and her bush brushed against my hip. I felt the tip of my expanding dick pressing against the lower cupboards. I was about to experience that whole "natural and expected occurrence" that Mr. Simons talked about. "Thanks," I mustered and slid down to get three glasses out. "What about a water pitcher?"

"Over here." She slipped behind me and opened a cupboard on the opposite corner. I turned and my erection sprang upward. She handed me a plastic water pitcher and smiled down at my erection.

"Nice," she said as I took the pitcher from her. "You're very good looking, you know that? You have an amazing body. I really love your balls. They're so long and large."

There I stood, boned, three glasses in one hand and a water pitcher in the other getting compliments from a hot, college coed. She stood between me and the freezer containing the ice. "Umm, thanks. You're pretty hot looking too. I need to get some ice."

She smiled, stepped aside and opened the freezer door. She pulled out the ice tray and shook some cubes into the pitcher. They clattered. I turned away and filled the pitcher with water. My heart continued to pound and then the most unexpected thing of all happened. Cathy came up behind me and leaned into my back and side. Her breasts lay against my shoulder blade and her bush tickled my ass cheek. She whispered into my ear. "If you want, you can come to my room and we'll play. I'll let you put this in me, if you want to. I have condoms." I almost passed out as she gripped my boner in her soft, petite hand.

"But. Uh, your mom's home."

"Yeah, it's okay. She'll be cool with it, as long as we both consent and use a condom. Besides, she never comes upstairs."

"K. I guess so." I started shaking and tried not to, but I couldn't help it. She took the glasses and I carried the water. I rushed past the living room and Mrs. Simons didn't look up. I was thankful.

At the top of the stairs, Cathy turned toward Scotty's room and I followed her in. She set the glasses on the desk and announced, "I'm gonna show Kyle some things in my room. Don't bug us." Scotty hit pause and both he and Kirk looked up at me with wide grins.

I felt crazed. My mind was buzzing, telling me this and that and the other thing. Tons of thoughts were rattling around in my brain, trying to be heard over the others. Then I opened my mouth and blurted out the stupidest thing I think I've ever uttered, "Actually, I may need a rain check on that. I just realized what time it is and I have to go visit a sick friend. I need to give something really important to him." Everyone did a double take at me.

"Whatever," sniped Cathy. She turned and flitted off.

"Seriously?" asked Scotty. "Did you just pass on my sister? Maybe you are gay?"

"No! I'm not gay. I seriously have to go. Shit you think I'd leave if I didn't have to?" I protested.

"You don't know what you're missing?" Kirk said with a sly grin and a reminiscent gaze toward the door.

"I know, but I really do have to do this. It's important. Where are my clothes?" Scotty pulled my bag from under his bed and I got dressed. Kirk excused himself and Scotty switched to single player on Call of Duty. I told him what time to be at Bodie's ranch and gave him directions. "Dude, apologize to your sister for me, okay?"

"Sure. No biggie. Kirk's in taking your slot, just like in wrestling. I'm sure he appreciates your dropping out of both sports." He chuckled to himself and I left. I couldn't resist my curious urges as I walked past her closed door. I leaned my ear against it and heard them fully engaged in the nude wrestling match. It sounded like Kirk was definitely scoring a takedown and was close to a pin.

The bed was squeaking and thumping lightly against the wall. "Oh, oh, oh, oh" Kirk's voice was calling out in rhythmic bursts timed with the thumping of the bed on the wall. I reached up and pinched my other ear between my thumb and finger and dragged myself away from the door toward the stairs. I trudged dutifully down them and asked myself what kind of idiot I must be. It was more or less a rhetorical question though. I already knew what kind of idiot I was. I stopped at the front door and thanked Mrs. Simons for having me over. She looked up, uncrossed her legs and set her hands on her knees. Smiling, she said "I hope we haven't scared you off. Come again anytime."

"No, it was very nice, really. Strange, I'll admit, but nice. Oh and if you'll have me, I'd love to come back again. C'ya." I struggled to keep eye contact as I spoke. I pulled the door open and escaped into the normal world where people had both clothes and sexual hang-ups.

At the corner, I got my bearings and headed toward Mandarin Way to see William. I couldn't really jog with my bag slung over my shoulder, so I just did a really brisk walk. My mind kept drifting back to Scotty's playhouse. It was so crazy and foreign to me in so many ways. The nakedness and uninhibited sexuality was impossible for me to really grasp. On one hand, it was just plain weird, but on so many other levels, it was truly natural. I wondered if that really is how nature intended us to be. It certainly was how most animals in the wild acted. But we're more than just animals, right?

Of all the extraordinary new experiences I had there at Scotty's, the most powerful one, even more impactful than the amazing sexual experiences between Scotty and me, had been the kiss Mr. and Mrs. Simons shared. I simply couldn't get over the exhilaration of witnessing true, unadulterated passion on that level. I didn't think anything so purely passionate was possible to achieve between two people. I certainly had never witnessed it in my home. Mutual tolerance was about all my parents could muster up. Thinking about it, I got the warm tinglies again and I shuddered. "I want a relationship like that," I said aloud as I walked. Nothing less would ever do.

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