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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 20

By and © Hans Schrieber

Special thanks to my editors, Flip, Smallfox, Lisa and Pablo for their valuable assistance in making this story so much better.


I woke up to the sound of Mariah Carey spilling out an erotic bit of music.

I know that you've been waiting for it
I'm waiting too
In my imagination I'd be all up on you
I know you got that fever for me
Hundred and two
And boy I know I feel the same
My temperature's through the roof

I blinked a few times as I tried to figure out why a sexy, naked boy's back was facing me. My sleepy brain slowly grasped the memory of Scotty sleeping over and I smiled happily. Scotty was sitting on the edge of my bed with the green eyed monster's head in his hands turning it from side to side looking for a way to make it shut up.

I sat up and pushed the sheet away then slid over and wrapped my legs around Scotty's torso. I reached around to his chest with my arms and pressed my erection into his firm, muscular back. I started stroking up and down his strong thighs with my bare feet while I rubbed my hands across his chest. I kissed and nibbled on the back of his neck. The dim morning light was just barely enough to expose our image in the dresser mirror. I pulled both feet up into his crotch and began fondling his soft member with my toes. It was fun to feel it slowly expand under my touch. I pressed it between my toes and the balls of my feet and began stroking it until it grew totally stiff.

Mariah moved into the next chorus.

If there's a camera up in here
Then it's gonna leave with me
When I do (I do)
If there's a camera up in here
Then I'd best not catch this flick
On YouTube (YouTube)
'Cause if you run your mouth and brag
About this secret rendezvous
I will hunt you down
'Cause they be all up in my bidness
Like a Wendy Interview
But this is private
Between you and I

Scotty set the monster's head back on the nightstand and started caressing up and down my calves and the top of my feet. I picked up the pace and kept time with the driving beat of the last chorus.

Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more
Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did.
Touch my body
Let me wrap my thighs
All around your waist
Just a little taste
Touch my body
Know you love my curves
Come on and give me what I deserve
And touch my body.

Scotty began squirming underneath my control. I rubbed and pinched his stubby nipples and stroked my fingers through his small bushy pubes, then squeezed his tight abs. I could feel he was cresting into an orgasm and remembered we were supposed to meet up with Kirk for the triple J and stopped before Scotty blew his wad.

"Dude, why'd you stop? I was almost there."

"We can't cum here, we have to meet Kirk. He'll be really pissed off if we stand him up again."

"Yeah, you need to get going. I wasn't thinking clearly when I said I'd go. We've got a meet this afternoon, and I shouldn't wear myself out this morning."

"What? Oh man, if you're not going, I don't wanna go. Kirk's got to wrestle too. Besides, it's just Jefferson High, they suck."

"As a team, they suck, but I don't know if the guy in my class might be good. I'm the team captain; I can't violate the rules of taking it easy on a meet day to go running. Kirk can do whatever he wants and usually does."

"C'mon, please. No one will know besides me and Kirk, and we won't tell."

"I'd know. If I got in a position where I needed my legs to escape and didn't have them because I went running, I'd be really pissed at myself."

"Scotty, don't you think you're taking this captain thing a little far? It's not like anyone really cares about the captain. Seriously you're not setting some kind of example for anyone. Like you said, Kirk doesn't care, and no one else is around to see you."

"Kyle, you're not hearing me. I'm not doing it. Integrity is all about doing the right thing when no one is watching."

The truth of that statement and the earnest way he said it, hit me like a rock to the head. I welcomed an old friend, guilt, back into my life, only this time, I deserved to feel guilty. I realized why I was so unbelievably attracted to Scotty. I realized why I loved him. I felt so bad for all the mean things I'd said and done before I really knew him and what he was really like. Coach definitely made the right choice in captains. I was ashamed of myself.

"Wow. I'm such an ass. I'm sorry. You're right. That's why I ..." I stopped, uncertain, "like you." I finished. He suppressed a grin.

"Yeah, you kind of are an ass sometimes. I think you get that from your mother." Then he did grin.

I scooted around and stood up then kneeled in front of him. "Lay back and I'll finish what I started for you."

"Nah, I'm out of the mood now. My banana's gone mushy. Go before Kirk gets pissed off at us again. I'm gonna lay back down a while and then get up and shower for school so I can ride in with your father."

"Ahhh. All right. You sure?"

"Yeah, if I get horny again later, I'll just have Mr. Giggles here suck me off." Scotty stood up and grabbed the stuffed monkey my mother brought me and said, "How about it monkey, you like bananas?" He started acting like the monkey was sucking him off and grinning back at me.

"Smart ass."

"Better a smart ass than a dumb ass!" Scotty put the monkey back and crawled into bed, pulling the sheet over him. I quickly pulled on my running clothes and looked over at him. His eyes were closed and he had a peaceful look on his angelic face. His cheeks were slightly rosy and his lashes were long. I leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. His eyes fluttered open.

"I really am sorry for that shit I said. You're awesome."

"It takes a big man to admit when he's wrong. Now get your sorry ass out of here before I have to get up and kick it."

"Like you could," I said laughing on my way out the door.

I ran faster than usual to the meeting spot and Kirk said he'd only been waiting a couple minutes for me. He asked where Scotty was and sort of scoffed at the explanation. "Honestly, I think Scotty's just being lazy," he said. I didn't argue with him - what would be the point?

I was pleased to see the ice plant I put over Sam's gravesite was growing and doing okay. While Kirk stripped I grabbed the bucket I'd left in the bushes and watered the plants really good. Lastly, I selected a fist sized rock from the stream and added it to the head of Sam's grave. I did that each time I visited here now. I walked over to the log and Kirk was leaning his naked ass against it and had stroked himself into an erection. I started to pull my sweatshirt off and he stopped me. "Let me do it."

I held my arms up and he pulled my shirt over my head and off my arms and then rubbed his hands all over my chest. I was getting a little impatient and just kind of wanted to get it over with and try to get back home before Scotty left for school. Finally, he pulled the elastic band of my jogging pants out and down off my legs and held them while I stepped out. He was on his knees in front of me and I was leaning against the log in my compression shorts. Oddly, I still wasn't boned up yet. Kirk looked up and said, "Talk dirty to me."


"You know, order me to pull your shorts off and suck your dick. Stuff like that."

"Umm, okay. Pull my shorts off and suck my dick, please."

"No. C'mon, not like a fucking robot. Put some feeling into. Make like I'm your slave and order me around."

"That's weird, but okay. Pull my shorts off and suck my dick, now."

"Yes, master." He lifted my limp dick and began slurping it in and out of his mouth. "Keep going with the talk," he mumbled.

"Suck it harder, slave, make me hard. Suck my balls. Oh, that's it. Yeah suck that rock. Now suck the other one and stroke my dick faster while you suck that stone."

He smiled up at me and then got serious again as he pulled one ball and then the other past his teeth and sucked on them tugging and pulling just enough to cause a slight strain up under my abs. At the same time he stroked Little Rock up to full attention.

"Lick it now, slave. Lick my bone. Yeah, that's right, make it your lollipop." Kirk concentrated on the actions and was really getting into this whole thing. I thought it was kind of silly, but since he was getting into it so much, I played along for him. "Suck that beast. Suck me hard you cum sucking slave. Yeah, that's it; pound your throat with my big head. Faster, harder. Suck it hard, make me cum and shoot my hot load in your fucking mouth. Squeeze my balls while you suck me, slave boy. Yeah, suck that hot sausage, make me cum. Take it all in. Stick your nose in my bush, swallow that knob and hold it until you gag." He actually did it then convulsed backward only to swallow me down again. It was actually becoming sort of erotic for me to control the action like this. I had to admit to myself I was getting into it, as weird as it was. Kirk was jacking his own dick frantically while complying with my every order.

"Faster, I'm gonna cum, suck me faster, take my hot load and swallow it." The orgasm came and went quickly. I shuddered and spilled my load into his gulping throat. "Okay stop." I pushed him away and let my tender morsel recover. He stuck his tongue out and showed my cum to me. "Let me finish you off, so you can get going."

He stood up, leaned against the log and let go of his dick, so I could suck on it. It didn't take long and he began spewing his horny sauce into my mouth. I accumulated a pool and swallowed it. Then I took the second pool down my throat. The last bit swirled around my tongue and tasted like something. I couldn't quite figure it out, then I hit on it, Cheetos. I let him slip from my lips and looked up at him, collapsed against the log, recovering. "You've been eating Cheetos, haven't you?"

He shot me a guilty glance and said, "How'd you know?"

"I could taste them in your cum."

"Shut up."

"Try it."

He milked the last of his dripping ooze into his palm and licked it off. He swirled it around a bit and then half grinning, said, "Busted."

"Dude, you better make weight. If you don't and with me out from being suspended, who will wrestle in our class?"

"It'll be okay, it wasn't like a giant bag, it was just like a medium one. Besides, I just unloaded about two pounds into your mouth right now. A pint a pound, you know?"

"Yeah, but you swallowed a gallon of mine so you're in negative territory on that one."

He laughed while he wiped up and started dressing. I did the same and stuffed the rag in his outer backpack pocket. It wasn't too messy today since we swallowed each other's mess.

"We better hustle back, so you're not late. If you're late, you might not get to wrestle."

"Dude, stop stressing so much. I'll make my meet. No worries."

We took off running and I set a really fast pace. At the road, we split off and he slowed up a bit. I continued on a quick pace to try and see Scotty before he left for school with my dad. I was too late and it made me sad. I fixed myself eggs and bacon and toast. Since I was suspended, I figured what the hell. Dad had gone shopping and our kitchen was back to a more normal state. Well, normal for two guys at least.

After enjoying my nice breakfast, I cleaned up the kitchen and headed up to my room to do what homework I had. Scotty agreed to gather my homework and bring it to me, so I wouldn't get that far behind. I was kind of thinking that this suspension thing wouldn't be so bad on a permanent basis. I did just fine without the class lectures just by reading the book and doing the online exercises. So many students don't take advantage of all the good stuff online, it's really dumb of them to be so lazy. Since I was home alone, I stripped naked and gently fondled myself from time to time while I worked. I kept a pair of shorts nearby just in case my mother, the warden, showed up to make sure I was serving my suspension and was sufficiently miserable.

When I was finished with my schoolwork, I decided to go workout in the garage. I lifted for about two hours. In between sets, I would pose and flex in the full length mirror on the wall. My rock hard body glistened with a light sheen of sweat. I was focusing on my arms and upper body and burned my biceps in a third set of curls and then meandered upstairs to shower up. I sat around the house naked for the rest of the morning. Around noon I tried to watch TV, but there was nothing on worth watching. I was bored and wished I had someone to hang out with. I played a little FIFA online, but since I don't play all that often, I pretty much got crushed in most of the games. At least I helped my opponents improve their ratings. I jumped on the internet and did some research into the debate topic. Bored, I slipped into some gay male teaser sites and surfed around a bit. Once I started clicking on the pics, more and more sites popped up. I had fun trying to find guys in the barely legal sites that looked like how I imagined my friends would look like in a couple more years. Before I knew it, I had like twenty windows opened up.

I was interrupted by the sound of the garage door just as I found the perfect likeness of Goob getting sucked off by a guy who looked slightly like Brodie. It made for a fun little fantasy to jack off to. I made a mental note of the site so I could check it out again later and quickly started clicking on the red X's to shut down the windows.

I grabbed my shorts and walked to the stairwell. "Hello, who's here?" I called down.

"It's me. What're you up to?"

"About six inches, what are you up to?"

"Oh, you. I'm coming up, are you decent?"

"Of course not, but come on up anyway."

I went in my room and spread open a couple textbooks for effect and double checked that all the naughty windows were shut down on the laptop and opened up the website for my history class. Dad walked in and chuckled a bit from finding me naked.

"What's with you and this nudist thing lately?"

"I dunno. I just like it, being free and comfortable. Can I tell you something?"

"Sure, what?"

"My friend Scotty who spent the night last night."

"Yes. What about him?"

"His family practices naturism. They all hang out around the house naked and they go on naturist vacations. Of course, they all covered up when I came to visit at first, but once I told them I was cool with it, everyone got naked again, including me. It was just kind of a good feeling there. Everyone is so accepting and kind and non-judgmental. Maybe it's not because their nudists, but maybe that has a part to play in it. I don't know, I just really like the feeling I get there. Does that make any sense?"

"Sure it does. When I took Scotty to school this morning I had a chance to have a nice chat with him. I'm very impressed by him. He's obviously a good hearted, decent young man. He's had good parenting. I don't know if it has anything to do with their naturism either, but I can understand your association with it. He speaks highly of you and appreciates your friendship."

"Really? He talked about me?"

"A great deal. I think you are both good for each other in different ways. I hope you two will stay friends."

"So you don't mind me going there and being naked around them?"

"If you're comfortable with it, and I trust your judgment that nothing inappropriate goes on, then yes, I'm okay with it. I wouldn't mind meeting the parents sometime though. Seems like a good idea if you're going to be hanging out there." He emphasized the word "hanging" and added, "And yes, the pun was intended."

"Oh my god, that's so junior high." We chuckled together and then I asked, "So what brings you home in the middle of the day?"

"You, mostly. I just wanted to check up on you and see if you were okay. I thought maybe you'd like some lunch. I'm swamped at the hospital and I needed a stress break. We have this Western Oncology Conference coming up next week that we're hosting and I have several patients in critical stages of treatment right now. Two of them are really hard on me emotionally."

Dad got emotional and choked up. He rarely got emotionally involved with his patients. It wasn't a good idea because like he said, if he allowed it, he'd die along with them over and over again.

I went and sat by him on my bed and put my arm around his shoulder. He hugged me in an appreciative embrace and explained, "One is a young mother. It seems so unfair. She is such an example. Even in the darkest depths of pain and suffering, she is kind and she always gives love and encouragement to her children and husband. The other is even harder for me, though. He's a young athletic nineteen year-old with testicular cancer. I fear I'm losing the battle with him. I look at him and I think of you. I couldn't bear to lose you, son. I love you."

"I love you too, Dad. Even though this thing with Mom is hard, we'll get through it together, okay? I couldn't take losing you either. You're all I have left. Mom's gone and Sam's gone."

"Okay, Kyle. That's a good plan. We'll get through it together. But, after talking with Scotty, I don't think I'm all you've got left in your life; if you let him be, I think he'll be there for you if you ever need him."

"I'm glad you like Scotty. He's becoming my best friend. I'm glad you're not freaked out by the nudist thing, too. I've been kind of worried about that. I'm glad I finally told you."

"Me too. Let's not keep secrets. So, since you're already naked, stand up and let me examine your testicles. It's been a long time since I've checked them for you."

"Dad, trust me, I check them all the time. You completely freaked me out about it when we had the sex talk. Plus, seeing what William went through losing a testicle, I feel them up every time I shower and a couple times in between every day. The only things that get felt up more often than my balls are Lindsay Lohan's tits."

Dad busted up laughing and shook his head. "When did you develop this crude sense of humor?" I just grinned and shrugged as he continued, "Well, humor me anyway and stand up."

I guessed he just wanted his own reassurance that I wasn't going to end up in the bed next to his nineteen year old patient, so I dutifully stood up for my exam. I didn't really mind it that much and it didn't hurt to have an exam by someone who knew exactly what to look for. He lifted my penis with his left hand and rolled each of my testicles carefully between his fingers on his right hand. The sensation of being touched caused me to puff up just a little bit and when he let go of me, Little Rock didn't lay completely flat.

"Your testicles feel just fine. So how about that lunch? You can have the two eggs and sausage special." He chuckled and gave my slightly plumped dick a little squeeze.

"I guess we know where I got my lame sense of crude humor," I joked. "Lunch sounds great. I was planning on heading out pretty quick to go watch the wrestling meet at the school. You could drop me off after lunch."

"Sounds good. I'm sorry you don't get to wrestle today. I would have liked to come watch you win."

"Yeah, me too. Oh well. It's just one meet." While I pulled on some boxers and shorts, Dad picked up the monkey off my dresser and looked at it.

"Where did this come from?" he asked.

"Mom. It was a lame attempt to apologize for screwing me over with Mrs. Matthews. I guess it's also supposed to try and replace my old stuffed animal, Mr. Giggles that she threw out."

He sighed and tossed the Mr. Giggles imposter on my bed then said, "Sometimes I just don't know what gets into her."

"I know, I don't get her either." While I was tying my Vans, I asked, "Were you two fighting last time she was here?"

"Yes. I guess since I said we shouldn't have secrets, I should fill you in. The divorce is going forward for sure. We are trying to fast track it just amongst our attorneys. She wants to sell the house and split the equity. She's also..." He choked on the rest of the sentence. "She's also been having an affair for a while with that director of those charities she was involved with. I guess he's opening a new church over in Greenville. She's living with him."

It shouldn't have shocked me, but it did. The look of betrayal on my dad's face as he said it was really sad and hard to take. I pitied him but when the realization of what he said hit me, I got really pissed. "What? Sell the house? No! Dad, you can't let that happen. I'm not changing schools. Why do we have to lose our house because Mom's being a jerk?"

"I've got my attorney working on it. I might not be able to stop it, but I'll do my best."

"And she's sleeping with that slimeball? That's just disgusting, and she has the nerve to lecture me on discipline? Fuck that shit."

"Kyle! Control yourself. You're better than that. It disgusts me too and I feel so betrayed by it all. But, losing our temper over it won't change anything."

"Yeah, okay. I'm sorry, Dad. I know it's bad for you, but damn, our house?"

"Thanks. Enough of that already, let's go get some eggs and sausage." Lunch was nice and we talked of happier things. We talked about my future and how I planned to get a degree in political science and history as a pre-law path. We talked about all the different law schools I might want to go to and what kind of law I wanted to pursue. I did not have eggs or sausage, however, I had a Cobb salad. I had a hard time not letting my anger creep back in.

He told me that he would be really busy for the whole weekend and asked if I'd be all right home alone, Friday and Saturday. I assured him I was okay and asked if it would be all right if I went out with Scotty and Brodie and the crew and then had a few friends over to our house to spend the night. He wasn't too sure about it, but decided to show his trust in me and agreed. As we left the restaurant, I got him to walk over to the shopping center with me and rent a few movies out of the Redbox dispenser for us to watch when everyone came over.

On the ride over to the wrestling meet, I lit up the phone setting things up. William replied that he could not attend because his father, the barnacle, had some kind of big meeting that William had to be there for. That struck me as odd that his father was involving him in anything, but I hoped it would turn out good for William. Everyone else was in.

"Hey Dad, next Friday is the Fall Formal, you can still take us, right?"

"Absolutely! I scheduled it. The Oncology Conference ends on Thursday. I promise you I'll be there.

"Great. Thanks. William is so excited, it's funny. He asks me something about it like three times a day. Scotty and Kirk might get dates and join us at our house afterwards if that's okay. They'll get their own transportation though."

"That's fine."

I climbed out of the car and waved goodbye. I watched him drive off feeling thankful for my dad. I loved him so much and if anything good had come out of my mom being an idiot, it was that he and I had grown closer. I headed into the gym and sat next to Dig's father. He asked why I wasn't wrestling and I explained about the suspension. "Hmmm," was all he said and I couldn't really tell if it was an approving or disapproving 'Hmmm.'"

Little Willy got things off to a good start with an embarrassing pin of his opponent in the first grapple. The kid dove in and Willy got under him, dropped to a knee and spun the kid onto his back. Willy put an arm around his neck and another around a knee in a cradle then drove his knee into the kid's ribs for a quick pin.

My stomach churned, however, as Willy headed back to the bench area and was handed a Gatorade by Kirk dressed in his street clothes. Just as I feared, he didn't make weight. Alan Bixby wrestled in my spot and got clobbered. The kid who won wasn't even good but Alan's inexperience showed. The coach still smacked Alan on the butt and gave him words of encouragement for trying his best then shot Kirk a dirty look. Kirk looked away in guilt.

Scotty took the mat and I slid forward in my seat in anticipation. Scotty shook hands and squared off for the start of the match. The two wrestlers circled slowly making a few false starts at an attack but not finding a good opening. At last, Scotty dove in and they tied up, cheek to cheek each with one arm under and one arm over. They pushed and pulled each other, locked for a full minute in a power struggle like two longhorn sheep butting heads over territorial rights. Scotty had a slight reach advantage and slid his right hand down to get a grip just under the other kid's buttocks and then spun enough to get some momentum and took the kid down for the first points. We all cheered. I was on my feet, twisting and turning while grabbing at an imaginary opponent in the air with my hands, wishing I could help Scotty control this kid.

Scotty had been right about not knowing what his opponent would be like just because the team sucked. This kid was as good as or better than anyone Scotty had ever faced before. The kid managed an escape and they began circling again in the attack dance after both scrambling quickly to their feet. After the kid faked an approach, which Scotty didn't fall for, Scotty used his opponent's off balance moment to dive in and wrap his arms around the kid's right leg. Scotty was kneeling on his left knee and his right leg was bent at a ninety with his foot planted perfectly next to the kid's right foot. Using his strong legs, Scotty pushed upward dragging the kid's right leg off the ground and forcing him to hop on his left foot to retain his upright position. Soon, he toppled over and Scotty was on top of him in a flash. The first round ended with the kid struggling underneath Scotty.

For the second round, Scotty elected the offensive referee's position and started off dropping the kid for two more points. The rest of the second period belonged to the other kid, though. Everyone was into the match, standing and cheering them on. Both benches were up off their seats and shouting instructions and bobbing and weaving with the action. I was as nervous as a cat as the kid scored point after point to tie it up and then pull ahead. Scotty started the third round underneath his opponent and behind by two points.

On the referee's signal, Scotty dropped and spread out flat on the mat with the kid on top of him. The kid tried in vain to flip Scotty over. Scotty managed to resist each of his attempts to roll him onto his back. You could see the immense strain in both faces as they struggled against the desperate resistance of each other's well developed muscles. The kid rode Scotty, sliding from side to side trying to flip Scotty over. Scotty pulled free of his grips each time and made an attempt at escape to prevent being called for stalling. I figured it was just a matter of time though, since it looked like Scotty was physically spent and this tactic was just a matter of avoiding a pin. Eventually, the kid rode Scotty all the way out of the ring and they returned back to the center where, Scotty got down on all fours again and the kid knelt over him looking confident.

Once again, Scotty immediately went spread eagle and history repeated itself with the kid sliding from side to side vainly attempting to roll Scotty over. When they got near to the end of the mat and the end of the time limit, Scotty slid his right leg outward as far as he could then pulled it upward bending his knee. He pulled both arms in under his shoulders and pushed upward lifting his opponent, who was draped over his back like my grandma's shawl. He let out a groan deep from his gut and shrugged the kid off his back like a grizzly bear. Scotty spun quickly to his feet and was about to pounce on his prey. The kid sensed the attack and scrambled to get off the mat. He could afford the escape but not the reversal.

Scotty wasn't having it and grabbed his ankle and dragged him back and then dropped his weight onto the kid's back for the match tying reversal. The spectators and the teammates exploded in cheers, but no one louder than me. I was screaming and pumping my fists and dancing in the aisle. The timekeeper blew the air horn ending the match in a dramatic tie.

Both wrestlers moved to the center of the mat and grabbed two fistfuls of Lycra just above their knees, bent at the waist and gasping for every drop of oxygen they could suck in. Neither wrestler appeared to be listening as the referee reminded them of the rules for the tie breaker, "This is a one minute overtime period. It's sudden death so the first to score any point wins. You will start in the neutral position."

They faced off in the center of the mat for the start of the overtime period. As before, they circled and struck at each other and tied up. Scotty took a high crotch shot, holding his opponent's arm over his shoulders while his other arm went under one leg for a dump like we'd practiced together when Scotty was mad at me and dumped me on my head.

Scotty tried to pull the other kid's arm down on one side while throwing the kid's legs over the top, but the kid was smart and hipped down so Scotty ended up pressed under the kid's weight with no leverage. It took all his strength, but gritting his teeth and with the veins popping out in his neck, Scotty lifted the leg closer to his opponent's leg up and drove off of it with every ounce of strength he could muster. He pulled down on the kid's arm while he drove upward with his leg forcing the kid to do a full front flip over Scotty's shoulders. Scotty was careful to drop to a knee before dropping his opponent to the mat and risk an illegal slam. Once he flipped the kid to his back, Scotty wasted no time in attempting a pin. The kid spun and escaped, however, and the referee instantly stopped the match since Scotty had scored with the takedown giving him the win.

As the referee lifted Scotty's arm, signifying his win, he caught my eye. "Yeah!" I yelled out and his smile grew even wider. I wanted to run down the bleachers and throw my arms around him and give him a big sloppy kiss. Of course, I controlled myself.

When the meet was over, we'd won easily, only losing two matches, my spot and the super heavyweight. They had a six foot, 250 pound Sumo lookalike who destroyed our guy. I went down into the locker room afterward and it seemed odd to be dressed in there while all my teammates were getting naked. I felt a little like a peeping Tom or something. Scotty and Dig both agreed to come to my little party on Friday. Kirk didn't want to join with Brodie for the sign stealing action, but asked if he could come over later to my place. He also asked to bring a couple of friends along. I thought that would be okay. Goob overheard and asked if he could come too. When I said he could, Willy asked also and all of a sudden there was a crowd. I decided I better stock up on some extra soda and munchies.

I watched all the boys wander naked to and from the showers, but particularly Dig and Scotty. I arranged Little Rock in my jeans to allow myself the guilty pleasure of being boned up while I enjoyed the show. I bummed a ride home from Scotty's mom and along the way she figured out I was headed home to an empty house, so she invited me to dinner. I took her up on it and sent a text to my Dad. He was pleased. At Scotty's house, I felt a peaceful, warm feeling in the air when I walked in. Scotty's little brother came running up and jumped on Scotty, wrapping his arms around his neck. Little brother kissed big brother on the cheek and asked, "Did you win?"

"I had to go into a sudden death, tie breaking round, but yeah, I won it."

"Cool! I knew you would." He looked over at me and said, "Hi Scotty's friend. Did you win?"

"No, I didn't get to wrestle today, I just watched. And, my name's Kyle."

"How come, Kyle?"


"None of your nosy business, pipsqueak," Scotty chimed in and pinched his brother's bare bottom.

"Ow! Stop it." He giggled and pushed away. Scotty released him and he dropped to the floor. He turned and scampered away to the TV room where he sat on the floor next to a naked little friend and leaned against the sofa to resume their Toy Story game on the PS3. I marveled how a nine or ten year old boy and a little girl the same age could sit comfortably next to each other completely naked like it was no big deal. Up in Scotty's room, I commented on it as we both stripped out of our clothes to get naked.

"Yeah, that's Lilly. Her family's part of our naturist group and she always hangs out with Stevie on the outings. They've been naked around each other so much; they don't even realize they are.

I got my assignments from Scotty and borrowed his History book to work on my homework assignment while he did his other homework. When I finished with my one assignment I could do there, I picked one of the Redwall adventure series books off the shelf and lay on Scotty's bed to read while he finished his homework. I was getting into the story, when I heard a textbook slap shut and then felt motion on the bed. I felt Scotty crawl up between my legs and snatch the book away from me.

"Hey! I was reading that."

"Oh, sorry. Here, read my lips instead." He crawled up a bit further until our junk was pressed together and planted a kiss on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his back and my legs over his and we made out for ten or thirty minutes. I don't really know. He raised himself up slightly and wiggled his erection against mine and said, "Guess what, Kirk and I both got dates for next week, so can we still hang out at your house after the dance like we talked about?"

"Yeah, sure. That's great. So who you going with?"

"Kirk's going with Cathy Davis and I'm going with Jennie Gorham."

"Jennie Gorham? But I thought she was ..."

Before I could finish my sentence, Scotty cut me off saying, "She is. It's a matter of convenience for both of us." He smiled and kissed me again. "I want to have the full Fall Formal experience," he said.

"How do you mean?" I wondered what he was getting at.

"What do most couples do for Fall Formal?"

"Get dressed up, go to dinner, then hit the dance. Get pictures taken."


"And ... go home?"

"No, they lose something."

"A boatload of money?"

"No! Dork! They lose their virginity."

"Oh my god. You're gonna do it with Jennie? That makes no sense."

"No, silly. I want you to lose it with me. After we take the girls home, I want to spend the night at your house and do it with you, if you want it."

"Hell, yeah. I've thought about it so much. Ever since I did it with you, I've wanted to experience it myself."

"I thought you might want to. I really want to be your first."

"Nice, dude! Now I really can't wait for it. I'll be almost as bad as William is." Then I asked him cautiously, "So just out of curiosity, how many guys have you done the main event with?"

"You mean letting someone inside of me?"

"Yeah, that."

"That's what I'm saying, you goof. I want you to be your first."

"Wait. Are you saying you've never done it before? Ever?"

"Yeah, of course. When you did me that night after your dog, Sam, died, it was the first time I'd ever had someone inside me. You'll be the first one for me to do it to. That's why it's like losing our virginity. Hello? For a smart guy, you sure can be dumb sometimes."

"Wow. I just thought..."

"Yeah, I know what you thought. Just because I'm a naturist and Kirk and I mess around a little, you assumed I've been sexually active with a bunch of people. But naturism really isn't like that and all Kirk and I have done is jack off and suck a few times. It's strictly about getting off with him. No emotion. It's different with you. I have ..." He sucked both lips between his pretty, straight teeth and then said, "Feelings for you."

I smiled and pulled his head down to my lips and kissed him tenderly. We made out a while longer until we both started to squirm. Soon, Scotty was humping into me as we swapped spit, eyes closed, gripping and clutching at each other's backs. Scotty unloaded first and the warm, slippery cum coated our abs sending me over the edge and I shuddered in sheer pleasure as my own sexual juices spread between our naked bodies. He dropped his weight on me and slipped his cheek against mine as we enjoyed a moment of afterglow. Then he slipped off me and swung around. He licked at the little pools of semen liquefying in the crevices of my abs. He cleaned me up, bathing me with his warm tongue and I returned the favor by licking the sweet, sticky mixture from his strong abs. Soon after, we were called to dinner. We stopped in his bathroom and washed up before heading down.

We had a nice meal and pleasant conversation. Sandy, Scotty's sister kept purposely rubbing her foot over mine as we ate. I need to remember not to sit next to her. I felt much more comfortable this time being naked around everyone. It felt more natural with the exception of the little friend of Stevie's. I couldn't get used to being naked in the presence of a young girl. My social norm training was battling with my new found sense of living naturally. The conversation revolved mostly around Scotty's amazing wrestling performance and I chimed in with details every time he modestly downplayed part of it.

After dinner, we cleared the table and I helped Scotty load the dishwasher. We walked into the TV room to see if we could watch Fantasy Factory just as Lilly and Stevie were putting the PS3 away. Stevie jumped on Scotty's back and pleaded for a horsey ride. Scotty got on all fours and Stevie sat on his back. Then Scotty started bucking like a bronco and trying to toss Stevie off. Stevie held on as long as he could but then went flying off, laughing his head off. Lilly took a turn and then Stevie jumped right back on after Lilly got tossed. They were laughing and squealing with delight.

Scotty finally sprawled out flat on the floor and announced the horse was dead. Stevie grabbed me and said, "Now you be the horse."

I protested at first. I didn't really know how to horseplay with little kids and I felt awkward and conspicuous over it, especially in the nude. Stevie was relentless until I agreed. It was strange to have the little kids' bare bottoms slapping on my bare back. I enjoyed making them squeal and laugh. Soon I was really into it and in the end we all ended up in a big pile of laughing, naked flesh engaged in a merciless tickle fight.

At last, it was bedtime for the younger kids and Lilly and I got dressed for the ride home. Mrs. Simons drove us home and asked about the plans for the Fall Formal. I explained that my dad was taking William and me to the dance and then we were going to meet back at our house with Scotty and Kirk and their dates and my dad would be at home to chaperone. We were planning on watching a movie and eating munchies and taking our dates home by 1:30. I wondered if Scotty and Kirk wanted to join us for dinner before the dance at the King's Table restaurant. Mrs. Simons thought that would be a good idea and agreed to discuss it with Scotty.

When I got home, I went up and peed, watched Sports Center on ESPN, and thought back on the massively fun interlude with Scotty on his bed. I kept thinking about what he'd revealed to me. I barely dared believe he had feelings for me like I was feeling about him. It sounded like he was. I got an erection over the idea of his taking my virginity after Fall Formal, and I started making plans for ways to make it unique and special. "Maybe I could put up posters of rainbows and unicorns with pastel balloons tied to the bedpost," I joked to myself. I laughed heartily at my own little joke as I fell asleep halfway through Jay Leno's monologue.

Lyrics to Touch My Body by Mariah Carey E=MC album, 2008 copyrighted by the copyright owner. Reproduced under Fair Use.

I hope you are still enjoying the adventures of Rock. I love hearing from you all. I appreciate all of you that emailed me about my Halloween story, Tricked for Treat. I hope you didn't mind me taking a short break in writing Rock to produce it. Thanks again to my editors, Flip, Pablo and Smallfox, and especially Lisa and her son for the extensive wrestling editing in this chapter.

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