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Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 21

By and © Hans Schrieber

Special thanks to my editors, Flip, Smallfox, Lisa and Pablo for their valuable assistance in making this story so much better.

What a Day

I awoke with the television on and blaring out some exercise infomercial. My limp penis was dangling across my thigh, and I was shivering. I pulled on the lever to the recliner, lowering my feet, and stood up to pull my shorts back on. I shut the television off and stumbled up the stairs to my bed. I crawled in under my warm covers and fell back to sleep. When I finally woke again, I peeked over at the green eyed monster to see that it was 6:00 a.m. and I realized that I had time to meet up with Kirk and Scotty at our jiggle spot.

Quickly, I hustled to the bathroom, pulled out my partially plump dick and pissed. I tensed my abs to press against my bladder and speed up the flow. I milked the last drops out and hurried back to my room, throwing on my team sweats and running shoes. I rushed through my stretches and then lit out at a quick pace. I arrived at the dirt road just as Scotty did and we met up with Kirk who had been waiting for us. The cold morning air was stinging my lungs.

We greeted each other silently since we were struggling for breath. We'd all worn our team sweats this morning and we looked like a real team. Once Scotty and I were able to breathe somewhat normally, we took off together up the dirt road until we reached the overgrown trail. We slipped into a single file line as we jogged along the trail through the trees. Dew soaked our sweats from the knees down. When we reached the small clearing by the brook we leaned against the log and pulled off our sweatshirts. I shuddered from the chilly air on my sweaty body and put my sweatshirt back on. Kirk and Scotty did the same. I realized our jiggling days were numbered.

Kirk and I climbed up on the log facing each other and slipped our sweat pants off, but we left our boxers on to leave some fabric, thin as it was, between our bare asses and the log. We each pulled our dick and balls out of our flies. Scotty just pulled his sweats down to his thighs then he grabbed a boner in each hand and began stroking us. It was kind of cool to watch Scotty's piston-like action pumping upward on Kirk's, then down on mine, then up on mine and down on Kirk's, back and forth. Scotty leaned in and pressed his erection against my calf and began rubbing himself off along the silky fabric of my sweats.

It didn't take long for all three of us to approach orgasm. Scotty actually shot first. His cum splattered across our sweats and then drizzled onto my already damp pant leg. Watching him shoot caused both Kirk and I to slip over the mental edge and blow our own wads. Kirk and I sprayed each other's sweatshirts with several squirts and then oozed out, slowly coating Scotty's hands with our warm spew. When we were finished, Kirk and I both leaned forward on our hands to recuperate. Our foreheads met in the middle and we pressed them together resting against each other panting in silence. Scotty flipped our warm cum off of his fingers and palms onto the dew covered grass. He licked the residue off his fingers and wiped what was still remaining onto his sweatpants.

Scotty pulled the cum rag out of Kirk's backpack and tossed it to me to wipe up with. When I was finished, I tossed it over to Kirk and then slipped my shrinking goods back inside my fly, pulled my sweatpants back up and then climbed off the log. I rubbed in the damp residue of gooey sperm on my shirt spreading out the wet spots. Before leaving, and while Kirk was cleaning himself up, I went to the brook and pulled out a smooth flat stone and carried it over to the pile at the head of Sam's grave. I admired the ice plant and how well it was growing. There was no need to water it because it was damp with the morning dew and there was a forecast for rain.

"That was awesome Scotty," I said with a smile. "I hope you got some enjoyment out of it."

"Oh yeah, it felt really good rubbing against the rayon fabric of your sweatpants. I've discovered a whole new use for them."

"It was really walkIt was really hot watching you do us both that way," said Kirk.

"I'm glad you liked it," Scotty said. And then added, "We better get going; at least a couple of us have to get to school this morning."

"Yeah, lucky for me I got booted for a week. I'll just be lying around the house vegetating, while you two are suffering it out in school."

"Oh man, that's just wrong. I've got to go pick a fight with somebody so I can get a vacation," Kirk said as he turned and began jogging down the path.

I lifted my foot up and grabbed the toe of my shoe, pulling my heel up into my buttocks to stretch my upper thighs. As I did so, I started to fall but Scotty steadied me and kept me from toppling over. I thanked him and twisted to head off down the path when he pulled me back into him and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back and closed my eyes. The tender pressure of his lips against mine and the fresh, clean smell of morning dew on the mountainside grass were accompanied by the soft background music of the babbling brook. The tenderness of the moment took my breath away. Much too quickly, the moment was over and Scotty was bounding down the path behind Kirk, leaving me behind to relish the precious moment. "Hey Sam, what did you think of that?" I asked out loud before jogging down the trail.

Fearing they might be late for school, Kirk and Scotty didn't wait for me at the pavement. They simply turned and waved over their shoulders as they jogged towards their homes. I understood and took no offense of course. When I got home, I headed upstairs and stripped out of my clothes and took a nice long, hot shower. It was glorious. I replayed the sensual kiss with Scotty over and over in my mind. I pressed my lips against the underside of my forearm to simulate the kiss. The shower water took the place of the gentle sound of the babbling brook, and the smell of my freshly washed hair substituted for the fresh clean smells of the clearing. I stood there kissing my forearm and tickling my erection for quite a while. Finally, I shut the water off and stepped out onto the soft bathroom mat and began toweling myself off. I draped the towel over my rigid boner like an improvised towel rack while I brushed my teeth and popped a couple of small zits on my chin.

Not seeing any need to get dressed, I headed to my room and lounged around naked, reading and surfing the web. I wasn't really in the mood for porn, so I just looked up different news feeds that were interesting to me. I checked out a couple of scholastic wrestling sites and I did a little research on the debate topic. I thought to myself how proud William would be of me for doing that. I found one good nugget that I added to my research list. That reminded me that I needed to make sure William, Scotty and Bodie all remembered about the decorating committee meeting this afternoon. I shot everyone a text message and asked William to remind Brenda. I decided to do some Google searches on dance decorating. I saw a really cool idea where they draped some sort of fabric across the roof of the gym held up by wires. They put black lights above it and then hung Silver stars so it was kind of like looking into a night time sky. I thought I would suggest it and see if it was feasible to do in our gym.

While I was texting, I chuckled about Mrs. Hansen's reaction when I'd tried to use the excuse of being suspended for getting out of the decorating committee. She just scoffed at me. She told me, "You just show up and if there's any flack over it, I'll be responsible. I'll just plead ignorance. It's generally much easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission."

The rest of the day was mostly spent battling boredom. I actually missed my classes and my friends. If I had something constructive to do and could still hang out with my friends, I wouldn't really miss school, but since neither of those were the case, I did miss it and was looking forward to going over for the decorating committee meeting. I fixed myself a sandwich and a bowl of soup for lunch. My dad called to check up on me and I told him that I was fine. I reminded him that I was having a group of friends over that evening. He expressed his concern over it, but then quickly added that he trusted me.

I decided to start working on my paper for the English essay competition. I'd decided to base my paper around the different social values of the Greeks as compared to our modern society and show how their values played a role in shaping ours. The more I researched into their societal practices, the more intrigued I became.

Our word, "gymnasium," literally derives from the Greek "gymnazein" meaning to "train in the nude." The idea of wrestling in the nude is both disturbing and intriguing to me at the same time. Evaluated from our modern, western values set, it seems inappropriate and wrong, yet in the perspective of the Greek society, it was both appropriate and natural. Nudity was commonplace amongst them in their society. Not that people went around nude all day, but there was no stigma attached to seeing or being seen nude for them.

Greek society did not distinguish sexual normalcy or prowess by the gender of the participants, but rather by the role that each participant played in the sex act, penetrator or penetrated. The active, penetrative role was associated with masculinity, higher social status, and adulthood, while the passive role was associated with femininity, lower social status, and youth. The most common form of same-sex relationships between males in Greece was "paiderastia" meaning "boy love" or known as pederasty in English. It was a relationship between an older male and an adolescent youth. A boy was considered a "boy" until he was able to grow a full beard. In Athens, the older man was called an erastes; he was to educate, protect, love, and provide a role model for his eromenos, whose reward for the erastes lay in his beauty, youth, and promise.

The gymnasium was not only a place of athletic exercise, but rather a place of learning as well. As a virile, athletic youth, I would almost certainly have been paired with an erastes to mentor me and it would have most likely had a sexual relationship attached to it. Naturally, in our view, from our value set, we would consider that deviant and criminal. To them, it was natural, and even beneficial to the young eromenos as a way to mentor a young man into manhood.

Doing the research and thinking about the whole pederasty thing got me partially creeped out and partially horned up. I wondered if I really had been born in that time, and if I was athletic like I am now, if I really would have been selected as an eromenos. The idea of being mentored by an older man in exchange for giving him sex was creepy and weird, but I started to fantasize about it anyway.

I remembered back on how I'd misunderstood my dad about the UNO thing, thinking he'd wanted to mess around sexually with me and what a weird experience that was. I thought about how the older men in Ancient Greece were the dominant penetrators and the boys were the passive receivers and that got me thinking about Scotty's offer to penetrate my virgin ass after Fall Formal next week. Thinking about that got me even more horned up. I was stroking my throbbing erection and wondering what it would be like having Scotty's live throbbing cock up inside me. I was slowly stroking my dick and slipped into a crazy mixed up fantasy of being a boy in Ancient Greece. I grabbed the substitute Mr. Giggle's off my dresser and wrestled with him on the floor for a minute and then pinned him.

"How did I do?" I asked my imaginary erastes.

"Very well done," my mentor told me. "Your wrestling ability is improving with every lesson. I think you will be a great Olympian. Now it is time for another kind of lesson."

"Oh no, not philosophy again," I complained.

"No, not philosophy," he replied in my daydream. "This lesson you will enjoy. I will teach you about the joys of sexuality and prepare you for manhood. Lie here naked on the bed next to me."

I imagined that my caring and gentle erastes removed his toga and explained the basics of sex to me almost like the father/son talk I'd experienced with my real dad when I was younger. Thinking about my father's sex talk with me inserted him into the wacky fantasy I was having. I jumped up and retrieved the rubber penis from its hiding spot in my closet and greased it up quickly. I grabbed the new Mr. Giggles and slipped the penis between his fuzzy legs and straddled him.

I pressed the rubber tip against the clenched ring of my asshole and dropped my weight onto the firm shaft. I felt the tip spread me open and slide inside. Slowly and steadily I dropped onto the greasy, rubber penis and felt the incredible filling sensations that came with it. "Oh," I thought quickly for a Grecian name and the only thing that I could come up with was Achilles. "Oh Achilles, your penis is larger than my father's," I said as I slipped fully onto the rubber shaft until the soft fur of the stuffed animal tickled against my ass cheeks. "It feels so good up inside of me just like his does. I love it when my father fucks me with his big penis. Do it to me like he does, Achilles." I pretended that I had actually done it with my father in this wild and stupid fantasy I'd conjured up. I continued, "My father likes to fondle my large testicles while I ride his large erection. Do that for me too, Achilles. Play with my big nads." With my free hand, I grabbed a fistful of my balls and squeezed them.

I was really getting into the fantasy and enjoying the sensations of the hard rubber penis up inside me. I was holding the rubber dick in place with one hand while I slipped my fingers off my balls and up to my dick so I could jack off. But the fantasy of being a Greek boy getting fucked by a grown man was much creepier than sexually exciting to me as it turned out, so I switched it up to a fantasy of Scotty being inside me. I guess I'm a victim of our Western Puritan values. I imagined myself riding Scotty's stiff banana. I wished the rubber dick was pliable so I could have bent it into the shape of Scotty's unusual dick.

"Oh, Scotty it feels so good. That's the spot." I sped up the pace, impaling myself rapidly for a while and then I leaned down and kissed Mr. Giggles' look alike. I sat back up onto the large shaft and resumed my wild fucking action. I imagined Scotty telling me how good it felt for him and how much he loved me. Soon, I was not only physically on the verge of explosion, I was emotionally charged up as well. The imitation dick pounded against the sensitive spot inside me and I ejected a powerful blast of cum and cried out in ecstasy as familiar waves of pleasure rippled through me. Shot after shot of thick, white, cum splattered over the stuffed monkey's face. I collapsed onto my chest while the last bit of cum oozed onto the stuffed animal's fur. I stared into the face of the green eyed monster while trying to catch my breath and nearly shit the rubber dick right out of my ass. I'd lost track of time and was going to be late for the decorating committee meeting.

I quickly grabbed the dildo and ripped it from my ass, retrieved a hand towel from underneath my bed and frantically wiped up. I threw some clothes on and ran down the stairs. I paused in the hall and contemplated a somewhat crazy idea. I went in my dad's bedroom, opened the top dresser drawer and extracted the key to the shiny Mustang that was meant to be mine when I turned sixteen. Resolved to carry out the bad idea, I headed into the garage and pressed the button to open the door. I climbed behind the wheel and started it up.

It had the nicest sound. My dad had put dual exhaust on it and it purred. My stomach was flipping and flopping as I pressed the brake and carefully slipped it into reverse and then crept out of the garage. Once clear, I pressed the garage door button and watched the door descend fully and stay shut before I continued down the driveway, onto the street and then out of the security gate. I stopped and waved the guard over. He and I get along well and I got his promise to not tell on me.

I also warned him that I was having a party at my house and to let my friends in later. He gave me knowing smile and waved me off. I handed him a $20 bill with a wink and drove very carefully, so I wouldn't give a cop any reason to pull me over. Being so short didn't help me look the part of a legal driver, but I did my best to sit up very straight so I would look taller in the seat. I thought I should have grabbed a couple of textbooks to sit on.

I made it safely to school and parked way in the back corner where no one else was parked or would even walk by and possibly damage the car. I was still nervous about driving it and shaking slightly as I walked up the sidewalk and onto the school grounds.

I found Mrs. Hansen's classroom and took the crap from everybody for being five minutes late. I would have been much later if I hadn't illegally driven. When they got tired of harassing me, I sat between Bodie and William. "Dude, Bodie, I can't believe you actually came." I was happy to see Scotty there too. They both had to get excused from practice to be there. Somehow, Mrs. Hansen had gotten that all arranged as well. She seemed to get whatever she wanted around the school. William and Brenda were sitting next to each other and nervously avoiding conversation again like on the bus. There were a few others there that I didn't really know. Mrs. Hansen got it started and warned us that since the committee hadn't made much progress in their earlier meetings, we needed to come up with final decisions since the dance was next Saturday.

We chatted about some more lame ideas like the pastel balloons from last year. I could see Mrs. Hansen was getting nervous, so I suggested one of the ideas I'd seen on the internet, "We could hang tulle from the ceiling of the gym and put black lights above it and hang silver stars to make it look like a night sky."

"I'm not sure if we'll have enough budget for that much tulle," said Mrs. Hansen.

"Hey, we've got lots of tools at home we could borrow," suggested Bodie.

"Really?" asked Brenda. "That's great. What color is it?"

Bodie gave her an odd look and said, "Well, black and brown mostly. Besides the tools, I got a bunch of signs we could hang on the walls. It'd be cool? I've got 'stop' and 'yield' signs and like 'men working' and 'one way' ones. We could call it Signs of Fall. Hey, I could even follow Kyle around on the dance floor with a sign that says, 'Caution, Falling Rocks.'"

"You making fun of my dancing?" I asked.

"Dude, it's hilarious how you dance."

"Like you're any better," I said. "You dance like a plate umpire - squat point, squat, pump your fist, squat throw your hands up."

Everyone laughed. "I don't dance like that," Bodie protested.

"Uhh, yeah you sorta do." A couple others nodded in agreement.

"Shut-up." Bodie pretended to sulk, but it wasn't in his nature really to do so.

"And by the way, the tulle that I was talking about is spelled t-u-l-l-e not t-o-o-l. It's a special kind of fabric that is really thin and allows light to shine through it, kind of like a mesh. So if we could get it and drape it over the ceiling on wires, we could make it look like a night sky."

"Oh. Well I never heard of anything like that. The only tools I ever heard of you work with. I did think it was kind of a dumb idea to hang tools from the ceiling but I didn't want to say anything since Mrs. Hansen seemed to think it was a good idea." Everyone sort of chuckled at that but Bodie didn't even blush over it.

William spoke up, "In your defense, Bodie... or is it Brodie? I hear you referred to by both monikers actually."

"It's actually Bodie, but people screw it up all the time, even my supposed friends do sometimes." He shot me an accusing look and I knew I was guilty of it. Even though I'd known him a long time, for some reason I'd misunderstood his name and called him Brodie for a long time and when he finally corrected me, I kept getting confused which one it really was and he just sort of got tired of correcting me and answered to either one.

William continued, "In defense of Bodie, I was likewise severely confused by the tool reference."

The girls all seemed to know what I had been talking about, but the guys all had no clue. Once we got the confusion out of the way, everyone seemed to like the idea. Mrs. Hansen got on the internet and found a bargain fabric store and priced out the tulle and decided since it could be reused over and over again that it could probably get approved. She also found a source for black lights that would fit right in the overhead lighting fixtures. One of the other boys suggested instead of making silver stars, we all bring twinkling lights from our Christmas decorations and hang them up above the tulle. We decided to meet after sports practices on Wednesday and get started with it. William reminded me of youth group at church so we changed it to Tuesday. Mrs. Hansen contacted the maintenance supervisor and she apparently had some sort of blackmail going with him as well, because he agreed way too easily to set up all the wires across the gym by anchoring bolts in the walls and tightly stretching the wire across.

The next decision was what to do on the sides and the walls. Bodie had a great suggestion for that. "We're clearing a whole hillside of trees to get more acreage on the dry farm. There's a ton of trees with all the branches, and the leaves have turned colors. We could cut the branches and bring them in and hang them on the walls. We could even bring some of the smaller trees in whole if we wanted. He pulled up pictures of it on his phone and they really did look wonderful.

Mrs. Hansen was back on the phone with the maintenance guy and whatever she had on him must have been major, because he also agreed to build stands to hold up the trees. One of the boys was a good artist and he sketched out a diagram of how it could look like. We decided to get burlap and glue the colored leaves to the burlap to hang on the walls. One of the girls had another good idea to take pictures of couples going to the dance during the coming week, like at lunchtime and after school, and then hang them up amidst the leaves. Couples could then go find themselves hiding in the leaves during the dance.

We all agreed to meet the next day and the following Saturday as well at Bodie's ranch and work on getting the trees and branches and leaves. We left, buzzing with excitement over the dance. William and Brenda were holding hands. "Hey William, you wanna hang out with us tonight. I'm having some friends over later at my house."

"I sincerely appreciate the magnanimous offer, however, I have a previous engagement. I am dining with Brenda's family this evening."

"Oh, already meeting the parents, eh?" Bodie said jokingly. William and Brenda blushed at that.

"Well come over after and if you want, you can even sleep over."

William got his sullen look suddenly and he replied, "No, I cannot accept. My father requires my presence at a ... a sort of meeting to be held late this evening."

The way he said it, I knew something bad was up. I didn't want to press him in front of everyone else, but I was determined to find out what the hell was going on with his father. I gracefully accepted his decline of my offer and we all headed off. I arranged with Scotty and Bodie to have Hawk pick us up around six. I drove even more carefully going home than I'd done getting to the school. I passed a cop with his radar gun out and held my breath as I went by. He paid no particular attention to me, thankfully. I decided to stop at the market and get extra soda, more ice, and a bunch of additional snacks for the party later. I parked way out away from any other cars in the parking lot just like I'd done at school. When I finally got the car back in the garage and the door closed behind me, my whole body relaxed and I realized how incredibly nervous and tense I had been. A giant smile crept over my face from pulling it off successfully.

I left everything except the ice in the car and stuck the ice in our deep freeze in the garage. I hurried upstairs to change into my dark colored clothing for the covert operation that was coming up with the "Screw Crew" and to clean up the mess I'd left from my "Big Fat Greek Fantasy." When I walked in my room, I got a knot in my stomach. The rubber dick and lube were gone. The cum rag was also missing and my bed was made. The Mr. Giggles imposter was sitting back on my dresser staring at me, laughing at me almost, I imagined. I'd been busted. I presumed that Dad came home to check on me and found it all. Wow, was I ever embarrassed. That also meant he'd know I'd taken the car. "Shit!" I said out loud, "Shit, shit shit!"

Realizing there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, and after cursing myself multiple times for carelessly leaving it all out, I dressed in my black jeans and a black sweatshirt. I got the snacks out of the car and I pulled our two large Coleman coolers off the shelves in the garage for the party later. The doorbell rang.

Hawk and Bodie showed up on time and Scotty was already with them. To my pleasant surprise, Dig was along as well. I jumped in the truck and we sped off out the security gate and up Route 28 toward the foothills. "Where we headed?" I asked.

"Dude, I got a couple new signs scoped out that I gotta have and I even got one for you to hang over your toilet. Oh, and here, I'm giving this one to you for your bedroom." He handed back a yellow sign that said, "Caution, Watch for Falling Rocks." I laughed with everyone else over it.

"You need one of those embroidered on the crotch of your pants," Dig joked. "Only it should say, watch for falling boulders with the size of your nuggets." I was surprised by Dig's overtly sexual comment and that he'd noticed anything about my balls.

We headed up to a working mine and drove around the edge of a fenced off area. Hawk stopped the truck after turning around and facing back down the hill, and then we all headed up the mountainside. Bodie had tools in his hand. We climbed a fence and my stomach started churning with the excitement of our illicit activity. "Hurry, before the guard comes back around on his rounds," Bodie said. There were two signs here that Bodie wanted. The first one said, "Danger, Blasting Zone. Stay Back 500 Feet."

"Where you putting that one?" I asked.

"On the ceiling above my bed, duh." Bodie answered with a big grin. I just shook my head. The other one he wanted was for above my toilet and said "Toxic Waste Area, Protective Equipment Required." We had to hike a ways to get that one.

We just finished unbolting the toxic waste sign when we heard a truck coming. It was the guard. "OHHH SHIT!!!!" we all shouted in unison. We took off running through the sagebrush and I tripped on a rock and fell. I put a gash in my hand and jumped up and grabbed my sign and took off running again. The guard started driving over the hillside after us. He had to go slower than we could run, though, because of the rocks. We reached the fence and slung the signs over it and scrambled over it like we were Special Forces or something and jumped into Hawk's truck. Hawk started it and we lit out, leaving the guard shouting obscenities at us in a cloud of dust.

"Oh, man that was sketchy," Dig said as we all broke out in nervous laughter.

"No shit," I agreed, "I thought I was a goner when I fell. I showed off my bloody hand and we all chattered about it on our way to the next stop on our little escapade. This time we were in a retirement community near a golf course. Hawk busted up laughing as soon as he saw what Bodie had in mind. Since it was a private community the sign had obviously been ordered by the housing association and wasn't an official city street sign. It was shaped in the usual yellow diamond for a caution sign, but it had a line across the bottom of it and a parallel line above it with a rounded bump in the middle of it. The lettering said, "Go Slow. Speed Humps May Cause Damage." We were all busting up and had a hard time being quiet while we removed the sign from the post. Our last stop was on the adjacent golf course and I think it was my favorite sign of all. "Warning! There are snakes in the tall grass. Do not search for lost balls in this area."

"Where you putting that one?" I asked.

"I was thinking of giving it to your friend, William. Do you think he'd want it?" Bodie answered, completely serious.

"Oh man, I can't decide if that's funny or cruel. I don't think he'd get the humor in it so we better pass on giving it to him. Nice thought though."

"I'll take it if you don't want it," Scotty piped up. "My parents didn't care about me putting the others up and I think they're hilarious." Bodie handed it over with a deep bow.

Having successfully pulled off our quadruple sign heist, we headed back to my place. Hawk dropped us off but asked if he could come back with a couple of buddies later on. I reluctantly agreed when Hawk promised not to bring any of the assholes that harassed William at the bonfire. He assured me that he didn't hang with them anymore after that mess. It was part of the deal with his parents to get his driving privileges back. When he left, I asked Bodie how Hawk knew about the party, and Bodie confessed to sort of inviting him in exchange for taking us out to get the signs.

Dig, Scotty, and Bodie all stayed at my place and helped me get it ready. Bodie borrowed some tools from the junk drawer in our kitchen and set to work hanging my new signs. I wondered what my father would think of them. We set out the sodas in coolers with ice. I had a bunch of diet ones for the wrestlers. I opened various kinds of chips and made popcorn. I bought rice cakes for me, Dig and Scotty to munch on. We started playing PS3 while we waited for some of the others to show up. I had some movies rented and looked forward to playing host to my friends. I was a little worried about Hawk coming.

Bodie grew bored with PS3. He liked more physical activity and suggested we play a game of "UGLY" on my pool table. We went to the game room and I pulled the cover off the pool table and we all took our shoes off. I set the eight ball at one end and we set the order as me, Dig, Bodie and then Scotty going last. They all argued against following me since I was the best at pool. Finally, Dig agreed to follow me so we could start. I took the cue ball in my hand and rolled it across the table, striking the eight ball. Dig quickly grabbed the cue ball and rushed to the opposite end of the table and rolled the cue ball at the rolling eight ball and struck it. Then it was Bodie's turn to quickly grab the cue ball and hurry to the opposite side that the eight ball was on and try to hit it, but he missed. The rule is, you have to be on the opposite end of the pool table from the side that the eight ball is on, and you have to roll the cue ball to hit the eight ball before it comes to a complete stop. If you don't hit it in time, or if the person before you puts the eight ball in a pocket, then you get a letter. The first one to get all four letters is "UGLY" and loses.

It gets really crazy as you are rushing around to get on the proper side of the table and grab the cue ball and hit it. Being in stocking feet on a tile floor added an element of fun to it as we slipped and slid around. Scotty was the first one to get a letter as he was scurrying to the opposite end of the table and slipped and fell flat on his ass. We all busted up laughing and he stood up rubbing his tailbone. He started it again and soon we were all at U-G-L and the next one to miss would be the UGLY loser. Bodie, being the crazy dude he is, suggested a penalty for the loser. When he told it to us we all groaned, but we all agreed to be subject to it.

The next round went a long time. We were flying around the table turn after turn to stay alive and avoid the penalty. Scotty made a great hit on the eight ball and it was slowing down on the opposite side that I was on and I rushed to the other side of the table, grabbing the cue ball along the way. In my rush, I slipped on the tile and missed my grip on the ledge of the pool table and went flying down on my hip and sent the cue ball rolling across the tile and into the games cupboard. I frantically crawled on my hands and knees to retrieve the cue ball and then pushed off the cupboard to get back just in the nick of time to sling the cue ball at the eight ball as it was just about to roll to a stop. My roll was on target and just in the nick of time to save it. I leaped into the air and tossed my fist into the air, screaming "Yeah!" The other four were screaming and yelling too and Dig, who had been counting his chickens before they hatched, realized it was his turn now and shrieked as the white cue ball fell into a pocket. He had to quickly pull it out and get to the end of the pool table and roll it at the black, eight ball. He too, barely hit the eight ball in time to stay alive. Just as Bodie grabbed the cue ball for his turn, the eight ball dropped into a corner pocket.

"OHHHH NOOOOO!" Bodie cried out. He was UGLY and had to pay his own penalty. The rest of us cheered and harassed him as Bodie groaned and danced around. He was a good sport and made his way to the end of the table. We all gathered on the opposite end with a pool stick in hand. Bodie placed a quarter on the table's green felt about six inches from the edge, hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and then groaned and backed off.

"No way!" we all said together.

Then I added, "It was your whacked idea so you have to go through with it."

"I know, I know. It's just so scary." He took a deep breath and stepped back up to the edge of the table. Bodie slipped his thumbs back into his waistband and slid his shorts and boxers down to his ankles, lifted his dick and balls up onto the edge of the table and laid them on the ledge. He was tall enough that his balls and the tip of his dick barely touched the table's polished, wooden edge. He clapped his hands over his eyes and peeked through the fingers.

"Guys, do you think this is a good idea?" I asked. "After seeing what happened to my debate partner, William, when my mom cracked him in the nuts, I'm not sure we should take any chances."

"Don't be such a wuss." Dig said. "This can't be so bad that you'll lose a nut over it. It just hurts for a little while. Bodie and I have both done it before."

Scotty took the first shot by lining up the cue ball at the opposite end and shooting it toward Bodie. Scotty missed the quarter lying on the felt and the cue ball just bounced off the bumper and returned to the other end. Next, Dig took a shot and the cue ball glanced off the edge of the quarter and careened to the side, missing Bodie. Bodie relaxed again having escaped with his nuts unscathed.

I lined the cue ball up just slightly off center and sighted in on his most exposed, left testicle. Because I play pool quite a bit, I can hit the ball pretty accurately and hard. I got down low to the table and sighted down my cue stick. I pulled the stick back slowly and held it. Everyone thought I was concentrating on the cue ball, but in reality I was concentrating on the Bodie ball. I was checking it out along with the little nuances about his dick and pubes. I was satisfying my curiosity about his privates while I made two or three false starts on hitting the ball. Finally, I pulled the stick back and slid it quickly and smoothly forward, striking the cue ball dead center. The cue ball streaked down the table directly hitting the quarter. The cue ball was launched into the air and smashed hard into Bodies left nut.

Bodie cried out and dropped to the ground clutching his jewels as the cue ball bounced and clattered on the tile floor. It was a direct hit and the rest of us cracked up laughing hysterically. I'm not sure why it's so funny to see another teenage boy get cracked in the tender morsels, but it is. It was extra funny that Bodie was a victim of his own stupid idea. Part of the fascination of the game for me was getting to see Bodie's dick and balls in the light. I hadn't seen them since he reached puberty other than when he jacked off next to me in the dim light outside of the cabin, while Dig was trying to fuck Rochelle. That made me curious to see them again in full exposure. His dick was about the same size as mine, but his balls were smaller. It was pretty much your average, run of the mill dick and ball set with a fairly thick patch of blond pubes above it.

We played a few more rounds and I lost twice. I had to stand on my tippy-toes to get my balls up over the edge of the table. Because they were so large, I joked that it was unfair since I had bigger targets than anyone else. Fortunately, I escaped unscathed the first time as all three shooters missed their mark. The anticipation of it was brutal, though. All I could think about was William's missing testicle. The second time I had to lay my goods on the line, I wasn't so lucky. Scotty was the culprit and hit what seemed like a lucky shot that sent the cue ball flying directly into my right testicle. It dropped me just like it had done to Bodie. Of course, everyone was laughing and Scotty was even crowing about the direct hit he'd just made on me. Our next game was interrupted by Kirk's arrival.

Kirk showed up with a couple of carloads of people including his date for the Fall Formal, Cathy Davis, along with a bunch of her friends. To my dismay, he also had a couple twelve packs of Budweiser. I was just telling him to turn around and take it back to his car when Goob and Little Willy arrived along with six others from the wrestling team. I turned around to see who all was with them and I spied one of the dorks that Kirk brought with him filling up glasses of my dad's $300 bottle of A.H. Hirsch Reserve Bourbon Whiskey and passing out some of his other prime stuff from the liquor cabinet. I started screaming at them to put it back.

"No sweat, dude. I can fix it so he'll never know." The idiot opened a bottled water and started pouring it into the bottle of bourbon. Before I could get to him, he had watered down more than half the bottle. The guys he'd passed the premium bourbon to were slogging it down without any appreciation of what they were drinking. I gathered up the other stuff that I could and stuffed it back in the glass cupboard. I managed to snag back his bottle of Dom. Romane Conti, a $1500 French wine from 1997. I had to chase two assholes into the entry way by our front door to retrieve two bottles of scotch. By the time I got back to Kirk, he had already stocked the ice chest with beer and was gone off somewhere in the house.

Suddenly, Hawk burst in yelling "Party time!" He too had a truckload of baseball players and more beer. Things were out of control and I was running from room to room trying to control an uncontrollable situation. A group of potheads was raiding my refrigerator, couples were pairing off into dark corners and making out, beer was getting consumed and spilled all over the house, and someone had discovered the sound system. They figured out how to connect their Ipod into it and were blasting Jay-Z throughout the entire house at window rattling decibels.

The TV was on and a group was eating the snacks, drinking beer and watching Jackass on it. I know for a fact that we don't own the movie, so I assumed they brought it with them. That group seemed relatively harmless except for the booze raider who was back at it. I grabbed him by the hair and drug him away from the cabinet. I threatened to kick his ass if he didn't stay out of my old man's liquor. He backed away and disappeared. I decided I'd better hide the liquor and hurried to the garage to get a basket. I found one and hustled back into the TV room. I unloaded the entire liquor cabinet into the basket and carried it into my father's bedroom. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. That seemed odd since he never locks it. I thought maybe he did so because he knew I was having friends over. I couldn't believe how quickly out of control things had gotten.

I left the liquor by the door and ran to the kitchen. I got in the drawer with the small tools in it and retrieved the tiny, long screwdriver that could be used to open my dad's door. I just ignored the fact that the entire contents of our fridge and pantry was spread out on the kitchen table. Hawk was with that group and stuffing his face with what appeared to be a pickle and cheese sandwich on rye.

I got back just in time to shoo away another liquor thief. I inserted the screwdriver into the slot and twisted it. My entry into the room was quite a shock for its occupants. It took a full minute for it to register that I was staring at a half drunk slut on her back in my father's bed, beer can still in hand, naked from the waist down and her knees raised. Between her legs was none other than a completely naked Dig, who had frozen mid-hump when I walked in. The anonymous slut broke the awkward silence by waving her beer towards me and saying, "You want the sloppy seconds? I think first timer here's about done."

I actually started to laugh. If I hadn't laughed, I'm sure I would have had a screaming meltdown. What made me laugh was the imploring look on Dig's face seeming to plead for me to let him finish what he'd started. "No thanks. I don't like greasy leftovers. Don't either of you move for a second." I went into the bathroom, grabbed a towel and walked over to them. As I got close, I could see that Dig had her blouse pushed up and had two fistfuls of rather large tits. Her large nipples protruded between his fingers. "Lift up your hips," I demanded. She did, and I slid the towel underneath them. "Throw the towel in the hamper over there and make the bed when you're done. And lock the damn door behind you when you leave so no one else comes in here."

Dig got the biggest, most appreciative smile I've ever seen him with and released a tit to give me a thumbs up. "Def, Rock. I'll cover it. Thanks dude." I stashed the booze in the closet and left Dig to his work. He'd already started back up even before I left the room and I paused to watch just for a minute before leaving. I can't lie; it gave me a boner to see it, with his head cocked back and his nice, firm ass humping frantically up and down between her legs. No sooner had I locked and closed the door than I heard Dig start groaning out loud in what surely had to be his victory speech. I sort of regretted leaving before the end of the match, thinking it might have been fun to watch.

Just then, Scotty found me and said he needed my help with a "situation" in the TV room. I followed him to find the Jackass gang involved in a little competition where they were tying six packs of beer to their nuts using the twisted up plastic things that hold the cans together. The goal was to see who could get the most six packs attached and one guy was impressively straddling the coffee table and the couch in order to get enough clearance for his fourth six pack to be attached. That wasn't really the problem, the problem was two large seniors in a shoving match over one of them claiming that the other one had grabbed his dick while attaching the cans to his nuts and was calling him a gay fucker. It was just about to escalate into swinging fists when Scotty and I stepped in between them. I managed to negotiate an apology from the "gay fucker" and an admission from the violated jock that it could have been an accidental touching. We left them with arms around each other's shoulders slurring their words and calling each other good buddy.

That's when Bodie started yelling for me to come into the kitchen. Scotty and I headed in that direction and found the liquor thief on his hands and knees barfing his guts out. A thick pool of goo was spreading across the tile floor. It was a color not found in nature. The stench of weed filled the kitchen and I could see Hawk blazing a hit on a fat boge. One of barf-boy's buddies walked over to try and help his drunk friend and slipped in the vomit and smashed his head hard on the tile. I thought for sure he was dead. Instead, he sat up and rubbed his head and shook it back and forth a couple times repeating, "fuck," over and over again. I grabbed some dish towels and started wiping up. Scotty jumped in and helped me, but Bodie started gagging and ran to the sink and tossed his own cookies into it. At least he made it to the sink.

We got barf-boy and concussion dude onto a chair and I intercepted the boge and the rather large bag of raw material on the table. I took it to the garbage disposal and threatened to grind it up. Hawk begged me not to saying it was some premium shit. He agreed to 420 somewhere else and went to gather his group. It took a while, but he finally returned with them and they thankfully left. I made him take barf-boy and concussion dude with him. That luckily wiped out most of the Jackass crowd and a number of senior girls left with them including Dig's first experience slut. Bodie decided to leave with Hawk and apologized for inviting him without asking. I waved it off and went back to wiping up the vomit. Dig wandered in with an ear to ear, shit-eating grin and a new swagger. I was honestly sort of appalled, but I figured it was his life to screw up however he wanted. I was dying to know if he'd at least had sense enough to wear a rubber. That's when we heard somebody yell out "LAGNAR upstairs!"

One after another, voices chimed in saying, "I'm in," or "Yeah!" I definitely recognized Little Willy's voice from the wrestling team as one of the willing participants. Then, they started chanting "LAGNAR! LAGNAR! LAGNAR!"

I turned to Dig and Scotty and asked what the hell is LAGNAR?" They both shrugged. "I got a feeling we better go check it out. First, I've got to go shut the fucking rap music off before the neighbors call the cops. That's all I'd need." They followed me into the TV room and I pulled the Ipod off the system and shut down the power. To be safe, I pulled the plug on the amplifier. Then we all three headed upstairs and followed the noise into my bedroom.

Kirk, Cathy, Goob, Little Willy, three other boys I didn't recognize, and four other girls were either already naked or in the process of getting each other naked. I grabbed Little Willy by the arm just as he stood up from exposing his nine inch boner and asked, "What the hell is going on?"

"It's LAGNAR."

"What's LAGNAR?"

"Dude, seriously? LAGNAR - Let's All Get Naked And Rub. LAGNAR." He smiled and pulled me into the crowd where some girl pulled my shirt off while Goob pulled my shorts down. My first reaction was to scream for everyone to get out, but as soon as I felt Scotty's naked dick rubbing up and down in my crack while some unidentified chick was sliding her breasts across my chest, my resolve faded. Soon there was a mass of naked flesh, tits and asses, hands and feet, lips and genitals slipping and sliding all over each other. We spilled on and off the bed and onto the floor, then sometimes back on the bed. Somebody was sucking on my toe and some chick slapped Dig hard in the face and warned him if he stuck it in her cunt one more time she was gonna bite it off. "LAGNAR means rubbing only, asshole!" she exclaimed. I'm sure he didn't know the rules since I didn't either, and I figured he thought he'd gotten a chance to get lucky twice in one night.

I had two fistfuls of Little Willy's nine incher and was stroking him off while some random chick was getting her jollies by rubbing herself off on my Achilles heel. It was all slimy and felt weird. I was leaning on my elbows and up on my knees. If I hadn't been in such good wrestling shape, I couldn't have held the position for as long as I did. Her breasts were pressed against my ass cheeks. I was fascinated by the almost cartoon looking, massive dick I was stroking. It was like someone had Photoshopped some porn star's giant dick onto Little Willy's small body. Scotty was lying under me parallel to Little Willy sucking on my dick's tip and balls as Little Willy jacked him off next to his face. I felt Little Willy tense up and I knew what was coming. I sped up the two handed pumping action on his big dick until he shot his load. I quickly followed by jizzing into Scotty's mouth and face and soon all the guys were spreading their cum over the various naked bodies. When Kirk shot and collapsed onto Cathy's naked and now gooey chest, it marked the end of the event. We all lay there panting until the doorbell rang.

Never in my life have I known fear like that moment. Panic raced through me. "Holy shit, everybody get dressed. It might be the cops." People started grabbing clothes and quickly gave up finding their own and just grabbed anything. I almost laughed out loud in spite of my panic when Goob pulled on a pair of pink panties with his still erect dick peeking out of the waistband. I swear he did it on purpose. I just opened a drawer and grabbed some clean boxers and Scotty borrowed some as well. So did Little Willy. I pulled on a t-shirt and some shorts and headed downstairs as the bell rang for the third time. I peeked out of the peep hole and breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was Hawk. He'd left his wallet and came back for it after dropping everyone else off.

I went upstairs and announced the false alarm and everyone started changing back into their own clothes. In the end, I was left with a light blue bra, two pair of g-string panties and a pair of Bjorn Borg boxer briefs. I managed to get Kirk to round up his crowd and leave and Dig left with them. Before he left, Dig asked if I wanted help cleaning up. I told him I'd rather everyone just left so they couldn't make any more of a mess. Dig smiled at that and said, "Dude, thanks for not making me stop what I was doing in there earlier. I owe you one."

"You're welcome, I guess. So how was it? Everything you dreamed of?"

"Well. It felt awesome, don't get me wrong. But I think it would be better if you were like emotionally into it. I wish I hadn't fucked things up with Rochelle."

"Did you at least wear a condom?"

"Shit yeah. She had one with her. Actually, she had a whole collection. She made me show her my boner so she knew which size to use."

"How romantic." He let out his familiar chuckle and made a fist. I bumped knuckles with him and he followed the crowd out the door. I turned to Scotty and smiled. "So much for having a few friends over to watch a movie."

He started to laugh and I started to laugh. We laughed long and hard. We laughed as we cleaned up the TV room and rubbed the carpet with rags to soak up as much of the spilled beer as possible. I forgot about the liquor I'd taken out of the cabinet and stashed in my Dad's closet, however. I could still smell the spilled beer in the carpet. There was obviously no hope of getting the smell out before my Dad came home, so I figured I'd prepare him ahead of time with a nice long text message in the morning. Despite the hopelessness of it, we opened all the windows and turned on all the ceiling fans to try and air things out. I sprayed Lysol all over the house, especially in the kitchen where they'd been blazing. The cold air made us chill and we put dark colored sweats back on that we had used for the sign swiping operation.

Scotty really laughed his ass off as I sniffed my father's sheets to make sure there was no evidence of what had gone on in there. Finding no detectable signs of Dig's residual DNA, I carefully remade the bed and took the soiled towel they'd used to the laundry. I started a load of wash while Scotty vacuumed.

When the house was back in as good of shape as we could get it, we plopped down onto the couch in the living room and stared at each other. We broke into stupid laughter again. Then Scotty slid over next to me and pulled me in for a kiss. We made out for a bit, but I was so sexually and emotionally spent from all I'd done earlier in the day that I really didn't even get hard over it. I just enjoyed the closeness and he seemed to sense it and didn't try to take it any farther than just holding each other and kissing. I got up and started up the gas log in the fireplace. We moved over next to it, sitting on the plush carpet and enjoyed the radiating warmth. We began making out again and occasionally, he would pull away and lightly brush my cheek while he stared into my eyes, then move back in slowly for another sweet kiss. I loved it.

After a bit, he slid down and laid his head on my lap. I pulled his sweatshirt up and tickled his back while we chatted. We talked about our lives and our dreams. We laughed over all that had happened that day. He revealed to me that after yesterday's wrestling meet, he was determined to improve and take a shot at a scholarship in it. He knew his family couldn't really afford college for him and he thought wrestling was his best shot at being able to go.

"Go for it," I said. "You can do anything you put your mind to." He smiled appreciatively at me for my confidence in him. I told him about Dig's private lessons and Scotty asked how much they cost. He was pleasantly surprised by the cost and thought he could manage it. "Do it Scotty. I know you can be a State Champ. How cool would it be for you, me and Dig to all win at State the next two years?"

Scotty rolled over and looked me in the eyes. He reached up and pulled me down close and pressed his lips tenderly into his. He held me there a full minute, quivering. He released me from the kiss and spoke softly, "I love you, Kyle."

"I love you too, Scotty." We kissed again.

I sat back up and rubbed his abs and chest with my hand as we enjoyed the comfortable silence and I reveled in our newly proclaimed status of being officially in love with each other. Whatever the consequences of the day's events might be coming to me, I didn't really worry about them anymore because now, I knew for sure, Scotty was there for me. Scotty loved me.

"I wonder how things went for William at Brenda's house tonight. I wish I could've been a fly on the wall there," I commented after a long period of silence.

"I know. I like William. He's so refreshingly honest and innocent."

"Yeah, once you figure that part out, you can't help but like him. It worries me though about what's going on with his old man and him. Something's not right."

"Why do you say that?"

I filled Scotty in on all the crap I'd witnessed. I shared the little innuendos and about the creepy guy in the old car with the garbage sacks. I shared the bizarre experience in William's bedroom when his father wanted William to expose his dick to him. I told him how William's countenance changes whenever the subject of his father comes up. Then I came up with an incredibly stupid idea.

"Let's go over to William's house and see if we can find out what's going on. I've been thinking about it, and I have a hunch that if we can find one of those trash bags in William's garbage, we might get some kind of clue."

"I don't know. I'm not sure that's a good idea. Things haven't really been going according to plan for us tonight," Scotty said as he sat up. "I think we better just stay home."

"Please. I really want to know what's going on in case William needs us to intervene for him. But, honestly, I'm kind of scared to go there alone."

"All right. Let's go. We gonna run?"

"No, we'll take my car."

"Your car? You don't even have a license yet."

"I know, but I have a car. It's meant for me when I'm old enough and it's sweet. I already drove it earlier today to get to the decorating committee meeting on time. Well, almost on time. I'm pretty sure my dad came home while I was gone and I'm already busted, so I might as well take it again. I can't get in any worse trouble for it. We'll just go over there and check out the trash and then come right back."

I grabbed a flashlight and a dark beanie for both of us and we headed to the garage. As we passed my dad's bedroom, I remembered the liquor. I thought about asking Scotty to remind me to put it back when we got home, but then I remembered the missing dildo and decided I better deal with it now just in case my dad came home for some reason. I opened the bedroom door and retrieved the basket of liquor. I thought about where I could just stash it until we got home, but I couldn't really come up with a suitable place. I decided just to put it in the trunk of my car and that way, I'd be sure to remember to get it out and replace it when we got home.

"Scotty, remind me to put all this back in the liquor cabinet when we get home, okay?"

"Sure. I'll try to remember."

I climbed in behind the wheel, opened the garage door and started the engine.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Scotty asked one last time.

"No, it's a really stupid, bad idea. Buckle up. Let's go!"

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