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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 1

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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Special thanks to our editor, Pablo.

"Hey Tyne, why the sad face? Tyne! Hello! Dude! Take those damn earbuds out, mo-fo. I'm talking to you."

"Oh. Hey Noah. I didn't see you there. Sorry dude. I was somewhere else."

"Duh, no shit. What's wrong with you?"

"You're never going to believe what happened in my Contemporary Lifestyles class. Shit! I can't even believe it myself. Let me put this crap in my locker and we can get the hell out of here. I'm so glad you finally got your driver's license so I don't have to walk home anymore."

"That's the goofy class you have with Ms. Harris, right? My sister said that class was an easy A. So what's the problem? You're so smart you don't even have to go half the time."

"I know - but get this, she gave us a new assignment where we get paired up to go on a mock Valentine's Day date with somebody in our class. Well, it's not really a mock date cuz we really have to do it. Then we have to do a one page report in front of the whole freakin' class explaining how it went. You know, like if its awkward or something."

"That doesn't sound so bad. What's the big deal? Just take the girl to McDonalds and report that you and your date don't have any chemistry. Like she's a Crispy Chicken Club and you're a McRib."

"That's not it, you dumbass. The deal is, Ms. 'I'm so new age' Harris, drew the names. And not just any names - oh no - that would be way too easy. She's making the guys go out with the guys and the girls go out with the girls," Tyne said as he slammed his locker shut with a bang. "Like we're all a bunch of fags!"

"Holy shit! No way. Oh my god! I'm afraid to ask this, but, oh damn! Who did you get?"


"Val. That Val? The Val? Oh my god!" Noah started to dance around, being the big flamer that he was.

"Oh yeah. And stop that, you fairy."

"Oh my god! Val the basketball jock? He's so fine! And that body – holy crap! So what's the problem? Don't you have a big hairy crush on him? Shit, I'd do him in an instant. C'mon big boy," he said, bending over and slapping his ass like he was getting it from Val.

"Down boy. Dude, no one knows I'm gay. Except you of course and, well, my mom. But anyway, how am I going to keep from outing myself in front of him? I'm going to look like a complete dweeb. Anyway, let's go. Where did you park that shit heap you call a car?"

"Over there, next to Amber's pink Beetle. God, what an ugly car. You know her mom won that butt-ugly thing for selling the most cosmetics here in Hartsdale."

"Yeah, her mom is always trying to get my mom to buy some of that cheap crap. Like seriously, could you imagine my mom with a sky-high bouffy hairdo and big red lips?"

"No way! That's funny dude. That would be a hair don't."

"No shit! So help me out here dude, what am I going to do with him?"

"Val? Drug him and then make wild sexy love to him in the backseat of his rockin' truck!"

"Shut the fuck up. You're supposed to be my friend. Seriously, what am I gonna do? How am I gonna even talk to him? Once I open my mouth he's gonna know I'm totally in love with him. I'm gonna be all shy and start blushing like crazy. Besides, he's straight. Shit!"

"Hello! Val, are you in there?" Nick asked waving a hand in front of Val's face. "Or you just trying to show off your sick abs. There's no girls in here so what's the point? We're already jealous enough of your fucking eight pack, all right?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I was just thinking about this dumbass assignment I just got in my Contemporary Lifestyles class just now." Val answered, snapping to and pulling on his practice basketball jersey. "And it's not an eight pack – yet!"

"Whatever. So what's the assignment about?"

"We have to go on a date and report about it," Val answered, grabbing his balls and adjusting them in his jock.

"So, you afraid you'll piss Lizzy off by going? I mean, since it's an assignment, she'll understand. It's not like you're really cheating on her or anything."

"No, that's not it. It's who I got paired up with that's bothering me. God, I only took the stupid class to get an easy A for a humanities credit just so I could stay eligible for basketball. I never figured on doing something as lame ass as this."

As they entered the gym and started stretching, Nick asked, "So who'd you get stuck with? Is she a total bow-wow or something?"

"No, actually if he had tits, he'd be kind of cute."

"Wait. What? Did you say … HE?" Nick broke from his stretch and gaped at Val.

"Yeah, it's that super brainy kid with the long blond hair, Tyne. Remember him? He's the one who beat all the Asian kids in the spelling bee in sixth grade. Ms. Harris has this dumbass idea to have us go on a 'date' with someone of our same sex so we can 'relate' to people with alternative lifestyles. Then we're supposed to report to the class what the experience was like for us. It's bad enough I have to go do it, but what the fuck am I gonna talk to Tyne about? Calculus?"

Nick fell over laughing. Everyone wanted to know what was so funny and Nick bogusly ratted Val out in front of the whole team. Soon, everyone was laughing and making sick ass jokes about him. "F off!" he said, giving them all a double barreled, middle finger.

Lukas, the big center started chanting, "Tyne and Val sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." That started a whole new round of laughter.

"No wait," Kerry, the point guard, cried out trying to shush everybody, "Listen, listen, that's fucking backwards. It should be Val 'n Tyne sitting in a tree."

That did it. Everyone was on the floor holding their stomachs and laughing their asses off and then chanting, "Val 'n Tyne, Val 'n Tyne."

Val felt like kicking Nick's ass and thought he might just do it after practice. Lucky for Nick, Coach Carlson walked in and told them to start drills, saving his ass at the moment. Coach Carlson yelled several times for Val to get his head in the game because of being distracted. Random bouts of giggles erupted each time the Coach chastised him.

After practice, Val stood next to Nick in front of their lockers and stripped down to their boxers or in Val's case, his jock strap. The doctor told him he had to wear one to play in because he was having pain in his balls from them bouncing around too much. They each wiped the bulk of their sweat off with a towel. The showers in good old Hartsdale High were broken and since no one ever really showered in school these days anyway, they never bothered to fix them. "You realize I'm gonna have to kick your ass when we get outside, right?"

"Aww, c'mon dude, where's your sense of humor?" Nick asked. "Like if it was me, you wouldn't have spilled your guts? I mean, c'mon, you have to admit that's funny as hell."

"Yeah, well I might have. You still have to be punished somehow though," Val said, as he peeled off his sweaty jockstrap exposing his plump, six inch, cut dick. Nick sat down on the bench and reached into his locker for his street shorts while Val slipped behind him. While Nick was bent over, Val leaned over his back and pressed him down as he pulled his sweaty jock over Nick's head and then grabbed his arm and sent him sprawling off the bench into the center of the locker room.

It was perfectly situated with the sweaty, ball pouch over his nose and mouth and his eyes peering out between the leg straps. Everyone came rushing out of the locker bays to laugh and mock him. Val smiled smugly and pulled on his Bart Simpson boxers. "Okay," Val said, "now we're even."

"You want to come in for a while? I downloaded a bunch of new songs yesterday," Tyne asked Noah as they pulled into Tyne's driveway. They always hung out at Tyne's house because his mom was a nurse and was hardly ever home.

"Nah. Can't. I start my shift at Whole Foods pretty soon. So are you going to call him? Man, I wish I could be a fly on the wall and hear that conversation," Noah said, bouncing around in his seat. "Who'd have thought that you'd be the first one of us to go on a date with a guy?"

"I know. I always figured I'd fly under the radar until I got to college and then hook-up with some cute guy."

"Well, he is cute, that's for sure. And he doesn't seem like a big jerk like some of the other jocks," Noah said, fidgeting with the radio dial.

"Yeah, you're right. Well, I guess I might as well get this over with. Ms. Harris had us exchange phone numbers just before class ended. Val looked like a deer stuck in headlights. It was kinda cute actually. Anyway, it's not like he's going to call me. I'll just have to suck it up and call him cuz if I wait for him we'll never do it. And I'm not going to ruin my 4.0 average on a stupid jock. So where should we go? Palermo's for pizza? No, too many people from school would see us. God, I hate this."

"If it were me, I'd make him a big romantic picnic and then take him up to Make-Out Meadow. Pack some wine and cheese. You could even steal a bottle of your mom's good chardonnay. Roll out a big blanket under one of the shady oak trees. Then, when you get him good and drunk, you can take advantage of him."

"Yeah, right. Get real, doofus. Besides, it would take a lot more than one bottle of wine to get that bad boy drunk. You know how big he is. And besides, he probably only drinks beer. Shit. What are we going to talk about? Sports?" Tyne sighed as he gathered up his books off the floor of his best friend's car.

"Well, you could talk about Glee or Lady GaGa," Noah said thoughtfully.

"Dude, he's not going to be into that. I'm not even into that for shit's sake. Seriously, we're just going to sit there for an hour and not talk. Probably just stare at our food. What a freakin' waste of time."

"You could tell him about your Karate. That's a sport isn't it?"

"I guess. I just can't tell him the real reason I go is cuz once I told mom that I was gay, she wanted me to be able to defend myself if I ever got bullied. See, everything I say is going to out me," Tyne said with another long sigh.

"Well, you'll figure it out. If you do a picnic I can use my discount at the store and get you some good munchies."

"Thanks, Noah. But I don't think so."

"Okay. But if you change your mind, I'm your man. And don't look so sad. It's only one little Valentines date. OH FUCK! Did you get that?"

"What? Calm down, man. Did you take your Adderall today?"

"You're supposed to be the brainiac and you don't even get it do you?"

"No I don't. Will you please tell me what you're talking about?"

"Valentines! Val … and … Tyne! Do I have to spell it out for you?"

"Oh, no. No, no, no! Can this get any worse?" Tyne said as he slumped back in the raggedy bucket seat.

Val climbed in his lifted, dual cab, white F-150 and fired it up. He loved the deep roaring sound of the dual exhaust he'd gotten for Christmas. That and some new swag was all he really had wanted. His mother was against giving him something like that, thinking he needed something to open on Christmas morning. Luckily, his old man understood and won out. The day after Christmas, they took it in to Bob's Auto and got it installed. He loved how a crowd gathered in the parking lot on the first day back to school just to listen to him rev the engine. He especially liked Lizzy's comment that it sounded so manly.

He backed out carefully and headed out of the lot. When he made the turn, he stepped on it a little hard and broke traction. He loved the feel of being in control of something so big and powerful. Driving was a great adventure and he was damn lucky to have such a nice truck for his first vehicle. He knew it too. His dad got a smoking deal on it from a contractor that was going out of business.

Val plugged his iPod into the jack and turned up the bass. He had two 10's under the back seats and they vibrated the whole truck. Lizzy liked that too. He was hoping it wouldn't be too much longer before the two of them got into a little seat vibration in the back of his truck all on their own. Things were definitely progressing in that direction. She could still only go on group dates, but he was pretty sure he could get a group together that would conveniently get lost up at Make-Out Meadow. Valentine's Day was coming up and Val was hopeful that might just be the magic day.

Val was anxious to finally lose his V-card with her, especially since she'd be giving hers up to him too. He didn't kid himself though; he was a little scared by it as well. One thing was certain; he'd never pressure her into it like Nick did the skanks he dated. It had to be her idea. He wondered for a fleeting moment if Tyne was a virgin, then he laughed. "Duh," he said out loud, "how would a kid like Tyne ever find a chick to get jiggy with?" He wondered if Tyne had even been kissed.

Val pulled into his driveway, stuffed his iPod into his backpack, grabbed his gym bag from the back seat, and went in through the side garage door. Val tossed his gym bag next to the washing machine and burst into the kitchen, kicking the door closed behind him with his size 14 shoe. "Mom, I'm home. What's for dinner?" The smell of cinnamon rolls filled his nostrils and he dropped his pack and opened the oven door to peek in.

"Get out of there! They aren't done yet. They're for tonight's dessert. Val ignored her and snatched one off the pan tossing it from hand to hand to cool it off. He grabbed his backpack and ran laughing to his room as his mom playfully scolded him. Val sank his teeth into the partially baked dough and savored the sweet cinnamon taste and gooey texture. God, he loved his mom's cooking. Actually, he loved everything about his mom. She was like the perfect mom. Come to think about it, he loved everything about his life. He loved his mom and dad, his little sister, when she wasn't pestering him to play with her, his girlfriend, playing basketball, his buds, and definitely his truck. The only thing not perfect about his life was his grades. Wow, were they ever not perfect.

It wasn't that he didn't try, he just didn't get it. He finished his roll and licked his fingers. Then he opened up his Algebra book and turned to the "Solving for Multiple Equations" section. He wondered how he would ever solve multiple equations when he couldn't even solve single ones. He stared at the first odd numbered problem for several minutes trying to remember what Mrs. Collins had done on the board. It was useless. He fished his cell phone from his pocket and scrolled down the contacts to the newest one. It simply read, "Tyne." Val realized he couldn't even remember Tyne's first name. Tyne was part of his last name, but it was all anybody ever called him. His thumb hovered over the green call button, but he chickened out. He couldn't think of a way to even start the conversation. "Lame ass project anyway."

His mom called him to dinner and he joined everyone around the table. Val was on his second large helping of spaghetti when his mom asked him, "Why are you so quiet tonight. What's on your mind?"

"Nothing." He filled his mouth with a massive wad of sauce coated noodles he'd wound up onto his fork.

"Are you having trouble with one of your classes?" she pursued.

"No. More like all of them. Then, Ms. Harris gave us a stupid assignment in my Contemporary Lifestyles class."

"That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of," Val's dad piped in. "Whoever, heard of a school subject called Contemporary Lifestyles. They should just stick to the three R's and get rid of all that other socialist crap in schools. I don't know why you ever signed up for it."

"Yeah, well I agree, but I needed an easy A. I suck so bad in all the others. I get an A in PE and an A in that class and it balances out my D's. Anyway, she wants us to go on a pretend date with someone of the same sex in our class and then report on our feelings about it. To make us more sensitive to alternative lifestyles, I guess."

"Oh for the love of God. That's ridiculous. I have half a mind to go complain. What's next, having all the boys dress in drag and parade around the football field?" his father groused.

"No Dad, don't go complain. Geez. I'm a big boy. I'll just do it and get it over with and get the points. If I didn't need a solid A, I'd just blow it off, but it's a big part of the grade."

"Well, how bad can that really be?" his mom offered in a reconciliatory voice. "You just go get something to eat or to a movie like you do with your basketball buddies and call it a date. What's so different?"

"What's different is, I got paired up with this geek called Tyne who's a total braniac and probably knows nothing about sports. It's just gonna be all awkward and stupid. To top it off, I made the colossal mistake of telling Nick, and he spilled it to the whole team and they were chanting 'Val 'n Tyne' before practice."

"Hehe, that's funny. Val 'n Tyne. Why don't you just pretend you went and make it all up for the report?" asked his little sister, Violet.

"Good plan, sis, except, we have to take pictures of us together wherever we go, and we have to have a clock with the time on it in the pictures. The teacher already thought of that."

"Oh." Then she added, "Do you have to take a picture of you kissing your Valentine too?"

"Shut up. Not even a little funny, sis." She thought it was incredibly funny and was giggling her twelve year old head off. His mom also thought it was funny and was convulsing in her chair trying not laugh along with Violet. Val's dad thought it was not at all funny and was still grumbling under his breath about what the world was coming to.

After dinner, Val went back to staring at his Algebra. After thirty minutes and two problems, which he mostly guessed at, he slammed the book closed in frustration and pulled his World History book out. He was actually getting a C in that class since it sort of interested him. He was studying about the Roman Empire and he found the parts about all the wars cool. He'd read the same paragraph like three times and realized he still had no idea what he'd read. He kept thinking about the "date" with Tyne and what they were going to do. Biting the bullet, he fished his phone from his pocket, scrolled down to Tyne's name and pushed the call button.

"Hello." Tyne's voice was hesitant since he saw it was Val calling.

"Hey. This is Val."

"I know. This is Tyne."

"Umm, yeah I know, I called you. So, umm, are we gonna do this stupid date thing or what?"

Tyne waved goodbye to Noah and climbed the front steps to the modest ranch-style house that he shared with his mom. Since his dad died a couple of years ago, it was just the two of them now. He knew his mom was dealing with her grief by pulling double shifts at the hospital. She was a good nurse and it made him smile at the thought of her caring for the little kids in the pediatric unit. The loneliness didn't seem to bother him much, in fact, he rather enjoyed all of the privacy. But on days like this, he really missed his dad. Both of his parents were fully supportive when he came to them at age twelve and told them he thought he might be gay. They didn't make a big deal out of it and told him it made no difference in their love for him. His dad counseled him that he was heading into some pretty big changes in the next couple of years and he should just focus on being Tyne. If he was gay it was okay and if he wasn't gay that would okay too. But he should know that being gay wasn't any different than having the sparkling blue-green eyes he was born with.

His dad had been good with emotions and feelings, something that Tyne sorely lacked. Spalding von Tyne, Senior radiated honesty and empathy, something of an oddity in the Hartsdale Police Department. But it worked well for him and he became the department's first hostage negotiator. That was until he was shot seven times at a stand-off inside the vault of the Hartsdale Community Bank. As the days slowly turned to months, Tyne worried that the memory of his dad was starting to fade away. But not today. Today, he really missed him. He knew his dad would have a quick answer to make him at ease with his upcoming date with Val.

Sighing with resignation, he plopped his backpack on the kitchen counter and started to root around for something good to eat. His mom might not be home much anymore, but she always made sure the fridge and the pantry were stocked with plenty of his favorite foods. He found a pack of frozen Kung-Pao chicken in the freezer and dumped half of it in a glass bowl. Turning the microwave on, he took out his phone and looked at Val's number for at least the fiftieth time. Should he call him now and get it over with? No, he thought. I've got to figure out what to say first.

The machine squeaked out that irritating noise signaling that his dinner was ready. He grabbed his backpack and carefully pulled the hot bowl out of the microwave then bounded up the stairs to his room. He didn't have much homework, having completed most of it during class. Clicking on his laptop, he thought maybe he'd read some of the stories posted on a couple of his favorite gay websites. Maybe he could find an answer there. Waiting for the machine to boot up, he scarfed down his dinner, let out a large burp, and threw the empty bowl on the side of his desk. Clicking on his favorites, he was soon at his most-visited website. He liked this site because all of the naked guys looked like guys his age. He scrolled through the pictures stopping at the ones that he was attracted to. Rearranging his throbbing cock inside his jeans, he suddenly stopped when he saw a guy that looked like Val.

"Holy shit! That looks just like Val," Tyne said to the empty room. Leaning into the monitor to get a close-up on the buff guy's huge, rock-hard dick, he practically jumped out of his chair when his phone started to ring.

"Hello." Tyne couldn't take his eyes off the stud in the picture.

"Hey. This is Val."

"I know. This is Tyne."

"Umm, yeah I know, I called you. So, umm, are we gonna do this stupid date thing or what?"

"Yeah, I guess we, uh, have to." Tyne was having a hard time speaking, trying to match the voice on the phone with the picture on his screen. Could this be the same guy?

"Well, I umm, was trying to think of something we could do. You know, something we'd both like to do. What, ah, what do you like to do?"

He sounded so cute and he's just as nervous as I am, Tyne thought. Maybe this won't be too bad after all. "I don't care. We could go to the mall and hang out. Get a Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbuck's and just chill."

"Umm, yeah, we could do that. But I'm not sure we want to run into anybody from school, you know what I mean?" Val said.

"Yeah, I get it," Tyne said, starting to get mad. "You don't want to be seen with a geek like me in front of your jock friends. Just forget it. E-mail me your picture and I'll Photoshop it. You don't even have to do the report. I'll do it all myself."

"Whoa, slow down a minute, dude. That's not what I was saying. I was thinking of you. I have to confess something to you and I hope you don't get too pissed at me for it. I kind of told my friend, Nick, about having to do this date thing, and he shot his big mouth off to the whole basketball team and they started chanting, Val 'n Tyne, Val 'n Tyne over and over. I'm worried it's gonna get all over school and you might get shit for it."

"Oh. Sorry. I guess I just jumped to conclusions," Tyne said. "I'm not too worried about people teasing me over that. I've had worse, trust me."

"That's cool. Not that you've been teased, I mean it's cool that you're not mad about me exposing us." After an awkward pause, Val asked, "So what do you want to do?"

"I don't know. What do you want to do?" Tyne parroted.

"Geez, this is stupid."

"I know. I actually told a friend of mine about the assignment too and he had he stupidest suggestion ever. He said we should go on a picnic. Crazy, huh?"

"Maybe not. Hey, have you ever gone four-wheeling?"

"No. What's it like? Is it safe? My mom's a little overprotective about stuff like that."

"We don't have to do jumps or go flying through the mud or anything like that. I don't really like to get my truck dirty anyway. We can just go out on some of the forest trails and listen to some tunes. We can chow down on some KFC or something like that. Maybe we could even do a little fishing in this stream I know about. Just some dudes killing a couple of hours."

"Okay," Tyne said, slowly warming to the idea. "That might be fun. My dad was going to take me to this old ghost town up in the forest behind the lake. But he never got around to it. Maybe we could go there. I don't know if there's fish in the lake or not, though."

"Cool. If you're talking about Mother Lode Lake, I think I know where that is. I've heard they stock that lake with trout. I'm not sure there are any left in it, but we could try. Wanna go on Saturday?"

"Sure," Tyne said with some hesitation. "Do you know where I live?"

"No. Text me your address. I'll pick you up at like ten. Is that cool?"

"Yeah, that's cool. And Val?"


"Sorry for getting mad."

"No problem dude. See ya Saturday."

Val hung up and sighed in relief. That hadn't gone too bad at all. He hit the return call button and waited for Lizzy to pick up. She let it ring a long time before her voice came on, "About time. Why didn't you take my call earlier?"

"I was on a call and couldn't switch over. What's the big deal?" Val defended himself.

"Who's more important than talking to me?" Lizzy whined.

"I was talking to a guy about a homework assignment. Geez, chill."

"Were you talking to that Tyne kid?" Val's stomach knotted at the mention of his name. Lizzy had already heard. Who else heard? It had probably gone viral.

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Duh, ever since you told the whole team, it's all over. Val 'n Tyne, such a perfect pair. Everyone's laughing about it. I'm sick of it already. School's going to be awful tomorrow."

"Shit, I was afraid of something like this."

"You're not really going on a date with him, are you?" Lizzy didn't pose it in the form of a question, it was more of an order, as in "You're NOT really going on a date with him, ARE you?"

"Uhh, hell no. But we have to make it sound like we did to get the grade. I need an A in that class to stay eligible for basketball."

"K. Just make sure you don't. If anyone sees you two together, I'll never hear the end of how I lost you to a boy named Tyne. Already, some of the bitches on the squad are asking me if I knew you were gay. Sheena asked me if I'd ever felt you get hard when we made out."

Val was freaked over the whole stupid thing. He had to find a way to stop this before it spun completely out of control. But he couldn't resist asking Lizzy, "So have you?"

"Have I what?" Lizzy snipped.

"Felt me get hard?"

"Oh my God. Don't be gross."

Val laughed. "Well, have you? Maybe I am gay if you haven't felt it."

"Or maybe it's just too small to feel." She said back sarcastically.

"Ouch, baby. But that's not it. I told you I'm packing big time. So have you felt it?"

"Shut-up. I'm not talking about this. This is so gross." Lizzy pretended to be disgusted, but Val knew better and he knew she'd felt it. She'd started letting her hand roam over it and he'd ground against her a couple times already. He just wanted to make her say it.

"Hey Lizzy, guess what?"

"What?" She snipped.

"I'm hard right now. I'll rub the phone over it for you so you can tell Sheena you felt it." Val laughed and rubbed his phone over his crotch.

"Val, stop it." She tried to sound all offended but she started to snicker. "You're awful. Boys are so disgusting."

"No way. Girls are way worse. No boys have asked me if I felt you getting all wet and squishy when we make out. It's just you girls who talk dirty like that with each other."

"Okay, are we done with this topic now?"

"I don't know. Are we?" Val pushed her buttons some more. He loved getting the upper hand on her, it happened so seldom. She'd already gotten comfortable enough with him being on her hook to move into the whole domineering and drama phase. That's when girls get annoying. It's the miserable phase between the excitement of the chase in a new relationship and when they finally crack and give it up. At this in-between phase, however, it's all pay and no play. Unfortunately, Val had never gotten past that point in a relationship. This time though, he could tell it was different with Lizzy. At least he hoped so.

"Yes, we definitely are. So this Saturday night, I have to go my grandparents' house for some family thing instead of going to my movie that you promised me. But, we can still go to a matinee. It'll be cheaper anyway and you won't even have to take me out to eat because we'll be eating at my grandma's."

"Oh. Okay, I guess. Do we really have to go to that movie? There's a new X-Men out."

"Yes we have to go MY movie. You promised me. I'm the only girl in school who hasn't seen it because of your stupid fishing trip last weekend." Her tone left Val no doubt.

"Okay, okay. It's just such a chick flick. What's it called again, Pantie's in Paradise?"

After a pause, she said, "Now you're just being rude. You know it's called Princess in Paradise. I'm hanging up now since you're being rude."

"K. I should do more homework anyway. See you tomorrow. Maybe we can go behind the wood shop and you can give me the gay test and see if I get hard when we make out."

Val laughed as the loud click signaled that Lizzy had hung up. Then he suddenly said out loud, "SHIT! Saturday!" He quickly dialed Tyne again. He hoped he wasn't going to be pissed.

"Hello? Val?"

"Yeah, hey Tyne. So about Saturday …" Val hadn't clearly thought through how to tell Tyne the bad news about the conflict on Saturday and fumbled. Tyne quickly jumped into the pause before Val could sort out his thoughts.

"Yeah, I talked to my mom and I have to tell you something about that." Val was relieved since he assumed Tyne was going to say he had a conflict or that his mom was freaked out about four wheeling. "She is really happy that you're taking me to Mother Lode Lake. My dad was planning to take me there on the weekend before he got killed during that bank robbery last summer. She went and got all the fishing stuff out of the storage shed for me. He was going to take me fishing for my first time and then he died. When I found out about this assignment, I have to be honest, I wasn't too happy about it, but then after you called and were so cool about it and all and then when you suggested we could go to Mother Lode Lake, well …" Val could tell Tyne was fighting back his emotions and Val got a lump in his own throat. "Well, I just want to say thanks. Oh, so anyway what did you need to tell me?"

"Umm, I was just thinking, you should be sure and pack a coat, it's pretty cold up there this time of year."

"Oh. Good idea. Thanks, yeah I will. Is that all?" Tyne asked.

"Yeah. Pretty much. I just didn't want to forget to tell you. See you at school maybe, huh?"

Val hung up and collapsed on his bed. "Shit. Talk about solving multiple equations."

Tyne was excited. No, that wasn't really true. He was totally, completely, mo-fo freakin' excited! He couldn't stand it. He hadn't felt this good in many, many months. He slumped back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling and whispered under his breath, "Thanks, Dad."

He grabbed his iPhone and tapped out a quick text to Noah, "R u off work yet?"

Tyne fidgeted around at his desk for a few minutes before his phone beeped with Noah's reply, "in 15. I'll call u."

Having all of this nervous energy had masked the fact that he was still horny. He clicked back on the naked dude that looked just like Val and enlarged the picture to take a closer look. On the surface they looked alike, but this guy had a small tribal band around his big bicep and his hair was a little longer. Tyne didn't think Val had a tattoo since most of the jock's coaches were old school and wouldn't let the players tat themselves up. Maybe this could be Val's older brother if he had one. He'd have to ask him about his family on Saturday.

He slid his hand down his sweats and palmed his compact dick. He thought about rubbing one out real quick to the photo on the screen, but suddenly he felt conflicted. On one hand daydreaming to an image of doing it with Val was totally hot, but then he thought he'd feel guilty afterwards. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to look at Val on their date without blushing like crazy. It was one thing to jack off to some hot, anonymous guy's picture, but doing it to a straight guy from school just seemed wrong. Fortunately, that decision was put off when the phone rang.

"Dude, what's up?" Noah asked.

"Just chillin'. You're never going to believe where Val is taking me for our date."

"Spill it, T. I don't have time for twenty questions." Sometimes Noah's attention span was really short, especially if his medication was wearing off.

"Remember how you said we should go on a picnic? Well, Val suggested we kinda do the same thing. He's going to take me four wheelin' and maybe we'll do some fishing, too!"

"Awesome, dude. Gawd girlfriend, play it right and maybe you'll hook his worm. Where are you guys going to go?"

"Shut up, Noah. You're impossible, you know that? He's taking me to that lake my dad was going to take me to before he died. Val knows where it is. Isn't that cool? I just wish he was really gay and this would be like a real date," Tyne said.

"Maybe you could fall in the water and pretend to drown. Then he'd have to give you mouth-to-mouth," Noah proposed.

"Too obvious. How about this: When he's not looking I could scrape my leg and then yell like I'd just been bitten by a snake. Then he'd have to suck out the venom!" The two boys started to giggle like crazy. The two of them could go on for hours talking like this. The two of them had been best friends for years and had no secrets between them but shared a massive secret from the rest of the world. That created a unique bond between them. Noah had been the best friend ever, just holding Tyne quietly in his arms while he cried and cried over the loss of his dad. And even though they were both gay, nothing sexual had ever happened between them. They both agreed that they didn't want that to jeopardize their friendship. Besides, the chemistry wasn't there. Noah was a McFlurry and Tyne was a McRib.

"Hey. I've gotta tell you something I heard at work tonight. You're not going to like it."


"You know Val has a girlfriend, right? Lizzy something? She's that bitchy chick on student council."

"Yeah, I've seen her but she's not in any of my classes. What's the problem?" Tyne asked, starting to worry.

"Well, her older sister is a cashier and I overheard her talking to another girl about your date. I bet it's all over the school now. Lizzy's sister was saying that Lizzy was afraid if you guys go on this date you're going to turn Val queer."

"As if! If anybody was going to turn him queer it would be her. I don't see what he sees in her. She's pretty and all, but she's so bossy. She must really put out. So what's the problem?"

"I was thinking that if people at the store are talking about your date, then it's got to be all over the school by now. By tomorrow, everybody is going to know about Val 'n Tyne. You might get some flak from his boys," Noah said. "And another thing, if this is all over the school then your secret about being gay is going to be over. You're pretty much outed, dude."

Tyne took a deep breath. "First of all, I'm not worried about being bullied. I can take care of myself. And secondly, even though I don't go around shouting out that I'm gay, I don't deny it either. It's just a class assignment so that's my cover. Besides, I hang with you and you just scream queer! If that hasn't outed me, this probably won't either."

"Shut the fuck up! I'm as butch as they come," Noah protested.

"Dude. You wear eyeliner for god's sake!"

"Oh yeah. Well anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I gotta jam. I've still got homework to do."

"Okay Noah, thanks for letting me know. Pick me up at seven?"

"Yeah. See ya."

Tyne plugged the charger to his phone and let out a big yawn. Thoughts of playing with his dick were totally forgotten now. He had a big day today and suddenly he felt exhausted. He needed to get some sleep. He remembered that he had a Karate class tomorrow so he packed a clean Gi in his gym bag and then headed into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Then, sliding between the cool sheets, he almost immediately drifted into a deep sleep, thinking of Val and their date on Saturday, dreaming of worms. Big worms.

Val plugged his phone in and fell back onto his bed. Fully stretched out, at 6'2" and growing, his size 14's hung off the end of it. Only Lukas, the center, was taller than him. Val was glad to be a little shorter than Lukas because he preferred playing power forward to center anyway. He had a nice fall away jump shot and could drive to the basket for a right or left handed layup as well. For a tall kid, he was pretty graceful.

He hadn't been too graceful on the phone, though. He had no idea what to do about Saturday. He knew there'd be hell to pay if he bombed out on Lizzy and it could probably ruin any chance of getting lucky on Valentine's Day with her. But hearing how excited Tyne was about going, and then after Tyne played the dead dad card, there was no way to bomb on him. Val decided to do the only thing he could do. The thing he always did in situations like this. He shut off his light, got naked, and jacked his dick, pretending the problem didn't exist. It was his solution to math tests, family pressures, loudmouth coaches, and especially high maintenance girls.

Only problem was, he couldn't use Lizzy as fantasy fodder, because if he thought of her, the problem resurfaced and his dick started shrinking. In a bizarre twist, Val's mind drifted to Tyne. His boyishly handsome face and sparkling blue-green eyes framed by long, perfectly-styled, blond locks kept popping into Val's head. He knew already deep down that somehow he had to disappoint Lizzy and follow through with Tyne, whatever the cost. Val's stroking intensified once he settled on that conclusion and the strangest, most unsettling thing happened next. Val erupted, spewing his heated seed over his bare chest prompted by the unlikely fantasy of Tyne completely naked and jacking off next to him on his bed. In his mind's eye, Val conjured up an image of a slender, pale body, and a small red dickhead barely peeking out of Tyne's closed fist. Fantasies are crazy things and sometimes so random. It was like the shot clock had run down to three seconds and Val had to just shoot without taking time to change up the fantasy. But damn it all, the shot dropped and he scored.

Val lay there wondering what had just happened. The confusion over it all sort of ruined the afterglow, but the buzz of the elicit fantasy was undeniable. As his dick shrank, Val reached down and found his boxers and gave Bart Simpson a face full of his slimy cum. He finished wiping himself dry and tossed them next to his bed. He'd rinse them out in the shower in the morning so they wouldn't be all crusty for his mom to find in the hamper. She'd asked why his boxers were damp so often and he told her that he cleaned the skid marks out in the shower, so she wouldn't have to see or deal with it. She bought it and actually thanked him for being so thoughtful. Sometimes it was just too easy with clueless parental units.

Morning came and Val got up after his mom's third rap on the door. "K. I'm up."

"Are you really up? Are you on your feet?" his mom asked.

Val slid a leg off the side and placed his long bare foot onto the boxers and grimaced at the thought of what he was stepping in. "Yep. I got my feet on the floor." Val waited to hear his mom retreating down the hallway before emerging naked from the covers and standing up fully.

He stretched and blinked and gathered up his soiled boxers. He looked at his long, fit physique in the mirror. "Damn Lizzy, you don't know what you're missing out on." Val pulled on a pair of Nike shorts and free-balled it to the bathroom just as Violet was coming out. Luckily, middle school started earlier than the high school, so she finished before he needed it. She could spend a full hour in there primping before school. She'd discovered boys and they were starting to notice her. Every now and then, there was a hair emergency in the morning. Violet would leave the house with mom red faced and frustrated and Violet would be crying over the cruelty of having to go to school looking like a freak.

"Violet, you are not wearing that to school. Go change," Val said sternly. "You look like a slut. Don't be that girl." The blouse she had on was obviously borrowed from a girlfriend because Val knew his mom never would have let her buy such a thing. She didn't have a whole lot going on in the tit department yet, but it was enough to be interesting to hyper-sexed, middle school boys. Val was a bit of an expert in that department.

"I'm going to be wearing a sweatshirt over it," Violet claimed.

"No you're not. You're going to change it now. I know you just wear the sweatshirt until you get to school then strip it off. I went to middle school already, remember sis? Go change now or I'm ratting you out to mom."

"You're such a dork. I hate you." Violet punched him in the stomach and stomped off.

"You love me and you know it. I'm just looking out for your rep," Val called out as he headed into the bathroom. He took a quick shower, rinsed out the Bart Simpson boxers and dried off. A dab of pit wax and a splash of his new Axe Anarchy later, he was streaking down the hall to his room. He didn't bother with a towel since Violet and his mom had already left. He stopped in Violet's room and checked the floor. The skimpy, borrowed top was lying there and Val smiled to himself. He was determined to protect his little sister as much as possible from those ravenous, hormonal, middle school coyote pups. If they got the scent of a slutty girl, they'd attack in packs.

On the way to school, worries over his Lizzy dilemma outweighed his worries over the unfinished homework. As soon as he hit the quad area, he knew it was gonna be a bad day. He went straight to the outside wall of the cafeteria and ripped down the big pink sign for the Valentine's Day dance. It had been purposely misspelled, "Val 'n Tyne Dance." He was pissed. Lizzy was on student council so it was someone she knew who did it and he was determined to find out who it was and make them pay.

When Tyne woke up, the house was quiet because his mom was putting in more and more hours every day at the hospital. Not only did he miss her, he just hoped she didn't burn herself out. But that also gave him his freedom, freedom that he truly enjoyed. He did miss the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of sizzling bacon wafting up the stairs from the kitchen, though. He rolled over and looked at the clock. It was only a quarter to six. He idly scratched at his balls and wondered why he was awake so early. Then thoughts of Val came screaming into his cloudy head with a vengeance.

He still remembered parts of the vivid dream he was having of Val just before he woke. He forced himself to review the details before they faded. They were fishing at the lake and somehow Tyne had tripped on a rock and fell in the water. After Val had stopped laughing at him, he became a gentleman and reached out to help Tyne get up. As the two teens waded to the sandy shore, hand in hand, it was Val's turn to trip and this time he took Tyne down with him. They fell on top of each other, face to face and crotch to crotch, half in and half out of the water. Panicking, Tyne moved to get up but surprisingly Val was holding him tight and staring deep into his eyes. The mood became serious. Tyne could feel the heat rising from Val's tan skin, the damp smell drifting up from his body. He saw something deep in Val's liquid eyes. He wasn't sure what it was but it made him relax just a little. He could feel the hardness between Val's legs starting to get bigger and bigger. That, in turn, made Tyne's own maleness become engorged.

They continued to stare into each other's eyes until finally Tyne could take no more. He slowly leaned down and pressed his lips to Val's meaty pink lips, beautiful shiny lips. Sensing no complaints from the bigger teen, he pushed harder and was rewarded with Val's hot, trembling tongue, tentatively at first and then suddenly with more force, darting into his mouth to begin a duel of the tongues. The tastes, the sensations, and the hotness were so new and foreign to him, and yet, felt so right and good. He wanted it to go on forever.

But he was on sensory overload and Val seemed to be too. The teens were grinding into each other now, fast and furious. Val had reached around the small of Tyne's back and was pulling him in, tighter and tighter, grinding and grinding. The kisses became deeper and more passionate. As their bodies became one, Tyne could take no more and sudden warmth blasted from his engorged staff, filling his wet shorts with abandon.

Tyne's eyes popped wide open with the realization that he had just shot all over his chest and chin. He hadn't even realized that he had been slowly stroking himself while he relived his erotic dream. He had never, ever, had an orgasm that strong and powerful before. Wow, he thought, what a dream! He grabbed his plain white boxer briefs and wiped up the mess. Still breathing hard, he slowly got up on his shaky legs and headed into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Tyne was on his front porch a couple of minutes past seven, munching on a cold Pop-Tart and sipping on a bottle of Sunny-D, just as Noah came blasting down the street. He could hear Noah's shit-heap of a car long before he saw it, but it didn't matter to him because Noah's junker was way better than the car Tyne had. His mom kept promising to get him one but she was always too busy. He made a mental note to start bugging her about it again. Then he worried that "too busy" really meant "too broke" and that was why she was putting in all of those extra hours. He suspected his dad had little or no life insurance besides whatever small amount was paid out by the Police Union. Right after his dad had died, he remembered some of the other officers taking up a collection to help with the funeral costs. That was probably expensive since it was held at the big cathedral downtown. Tyne quickly decided that maybe he would hold off pressuring his mom about a car, after all.

"Morning, dude," Tyne said with a smile as he slipped into the passenger seat.

"T! Damn, girlfriend, you sure look fine this morning. Tight black jeans and an A & F shirt? I didn't even know you owned that stuff. This is all for Val, isn't it?" Noah asked, his mouth hanging open. He was nattily attired all in black, save for a red bow tie.

"No. I just thought I'd start dressing a little nicer, that's all."

"Whatever." The rest of the short drive to school was quiet, both boys lost in their own thoughts. Noah zipped into the parking lot and took a space towards the back. They were a few minutes early and so they took their time gathering theirs books and getting out of the car.

"Can you drop me off at my Karate class after school?" Tyne asked, throwing his gym bag with his Gi into Noah's trunk.

"Sure. I have to work again tonight so you'll have to get your mom to pick you up. I sure hope this Val 'n Tyne thing isn't going to mushroom into a big deal for you. You don't want that bitch Lizzy on your bad side. If she's anything like her evil sister at work, you're going to be in a world of hurt," Noah said. "She sure makes life miserable for the baggers that get assigned to her check-out lane."

"I told you I can take care of myself," Tyne said, as the boys walked through the busy parking lot. As they got to the walkway leading to the quad, Tyne started to become unusually self-conscious. Everybody seemed to be looking at him, even the lower classmen. And even some of the girls were giving him tiny little waves. What the fuck?

"Dude! What's going on?"

"I don't know. This is surreal."

"Isn't that Val over there tearing up a sign?" Noah asked.

"Yeah. And he sure looks pissed." Before they could find out what was going on across the quad, Lizzy pulled up next to the boys, seemingly from nowhere.

"Hi Tyne," she said sweetly. Then, changing her tune, she grumbled, "We need to talk."

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