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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 2

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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Special thanks to our editor, Pablo.

Val spied Lizzy near the entry to the quad talking to Tyne and Noah. He hesitated, looking around at who might be watching him, and then seeing nobody that he knew, he marched over to the little group. He was nervous about being seen with Tyne and Noah, but he wanted answers from Lizzy. As he approached, Lizzy was just finishing typing Tyne's number deftly into her cell. She smiled at Val as he approached.

"Lizzy, we need to talk," Val said. His rough tone set Lizzy back on her heels a bit.

"That seems to be going around lately," Noah said, with a flashy snap of his fingers, his iPod blasting in his head. "Everyone needs to talk, but no one wants to talk to me. I'm out of here, dumb-ass mo-fo's. If I'm late for home period one more time, I swear Mr. Dean is gonna chain me to the wall and whip me. Maybe I'll walk super-slow, cuz that might be super-hot." Noah stuck out his ass and laughed at his self-deprecating humor, but no one else did. Lizzy looked at him as if he were an alien from the Klingon moon Praxis.

"You can follow your little friend, Tyne. Bu-Bye." She placed a hand on Tyne's upper arm and gave him a little shove towards the direction Noah had just skipped off in. Tyne flinched at her touch, like her hand was on fire, and stepped back, completely ignoring her rude gesture.

"Hello Val," Tyne said.

"Hey," was all Val answered back. He seemed to completely ignore Noah's weirdness and was focused on Lizzy.

Tyne gave Val an annoyed look and then he glared over at Lizzy to indicate he was leaving but only because he chose to leave, and not because she wanted him to. Tyne slowly headed off to his AP Calculus class and turned his head to try to listen to Val and Lizzy as long as he could, but all he heard was the first part of the conversation. Val's tone was angry and Lizzy's was evasive. What a bitch, he thought. What does he see in her? If I was straight I still don't think I'd want to be with her.

"Lizzy, I want to know who put that sign up on the cafeteria wall for the Valentine dance and misspelled it to match my name and Tyne's name. Somebody wrote Val 'n Tyne. It had to be someone on the student council and I'm betting you know who it is."

Lizzy shrugged her shoulders and shook her head back and forth. "How would I know? I'm not in charge of everybody."

"Because you're on the student council and you're plugged in. You know everything that's going on. Whoever did it would have bragged about it and you would have heard. So spill it."

"Don't talk to me like that. You're being so rude lately, just like that Tyne kid. Did you see how rude he was to me?" Lizzy flipped her head and flicked her hair off both shoulders.

"Yeah, I saw rudeness all right, but it was from you. You're lying to me, Lizzy, and it sucks. This whole thing is getting stupid. Why is it some big F'n deal if I go hang out with some guy for a couple of hours for a class assignment? It's nobody's F'n business. Tyne's actually a pretty cool guy if you give him a chance."

"Wait. You're talking like you might actually go on this 'date' thing with him. You're NOT going to go, right? Val, think about it. You could ruin our status forever over this thing."

"OUR status? God Lizzy, you're so messed up. Who did the F'n poster? Just tell me because I won't quit until I find out."

"ME. I did it. All right? It was me. I could tell you were lying about going on that date when we talked on the phone last night and I thought it would scare you out of it."

Val stood in stunned silence. Lizzy stood there looking back at him, vacillating between guilt and defiance. Then Lizzy reached up and pulled Val's head down to her lips, "I'm sorry," she whispered against his indecisive lips, "I was just trying to help you." She kissed him but he didn't kiss back. She glanced about and slipped a hand to his crotch. "I'll meet you behind wood shop during our lunch break after third period. If you want, we can do that gay test you talked about. In fact, I'll prove how sorry I am by rubbing you off." She gave a quick squeeze of his package and ran off while first bell was ringing.

Tyne bounded off to his homeroom class, which just so happened to be his AP Calc class with Mr. Akamura. For him, this was a cakewalk and he could do all of the work during class because Mr. Akamura never called on anybody and instead just rambled on and on. Plus, he was Peruvian of Japanese descent so he was basically impossible to understand. That made first period really boring, and he had actually heard some of his classmates next to him snoring softly. Obviously, they didn't pass by Starbucks for an early cup of Joe on their way to school. But it was fortunate that the teacher ignored everybody because it gave Tyne time to dissect the little drama that had just unfolded out on the quad.

After he got settled into his seat, and after pulling out his big Calc book and his rainbow colored hi-liters from his green nylon bag, he started to think about what Lizzy possibly wanted to talk about. Tyne's phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out and peeked at it under his desk. It was a message from Lizzy, "Leave Val alone. He's mine. Stick to your bf, Noah. Tell Val you can't go." It pissed Tyne off that she assumed that he and Noah were hooked up. Tyne wasn't out and didn't plan to be in high school. It really wasn't anybody's business but his own. He wasn't a flamer like Noah, and he wasn't sexually interested in any of the other flamers like Noah who hung out in the GSA club. He was a man and he wanted to date a man. A big hunky man. A man that looked like Val.

Tyne returned the text, "It's not up to you, so butt out. Why shouldn't I go?" What did he care if she got mad over it? It's not like she could do anything to him. Besides, Val was a big boy and he could make up his own mind. This was just an assignment from a wiggy new-age teacher and it wasn't really a big deal. He wondered why she was so worried about it. It's not like Val was turning gay and pursuing him. It was obvious the whole thing was just a nuisance. After all, Val had barely acknowledged that Tyne was even standing there in the quad when he came up to talk to Lizzy. Tyne didn't think anything was a big deal to Val besides maybe basketball. Sure, the fantasy of getting with a stud like Val was really fun, but not the least bit realistic. Tyne knew that Val had a big deal going on in his pants, though. He had seen the bulge he was packing one day outside in the hallway. And it was a really big deal! Tyne thought that might be what Lizzy was so insecure about. Thinking of that made him giggle. He wondered how far the two of them might have gone. They hadn't dated all that long and Val seemed like enough of a gentleman not to go bangin' on a girl right off. He fantasized how awesome it would be to touch it before she did. Now that would be a big deal!

Lizzy's next text came back, "I can make it worth it to you. I know you wanted to be a rep for the National Honor Society convention in DC. I can hook it up so you can go all expenses paid." Tyne gulped. He did want to go badly. His mom had said maybe next year. He knew it was the cost. "Shit," he whispered and shoved the phone back in his pocket.

It was about fifteen minutes before the bell rang, when the Goth looking girl next to Tyne passed him a little folded-up note on a ripped-up piece of notebook paper. Looking around to see who it was from, and not being able to tell, he unfolded it and read it. It said:

If u go out with Val

I'll kick ur ass

Tyne couldn't tell from the writing if it was from a girl or a guy. What the fuck? he thought. Could everybody in the whole freakin' high school know what was going on? Why the hell did everyone care?

He decided that he wasn't going to take shit from anybody. So he scrawled out a reply to this happy little missive:

FU! Whoever you are

It's none of your business

He struck through his name and wrote "return to sender" on the front and passed it back to the girl on his right. He tried to watch where the note was finally delivered. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell, but he figured it was from one of Val's B-ball buds. There were only two in the class and they both sat in the back. What a bunch of dork's, he thought.

Finally, after an eternity, the bell rang and they poured out of the stuffy classroom and out into the hallway. All of the students seemed to be looking at him as he shuffled from one class to the next. Why was it that he and Val were the ones to get shit over this assignment? There had to be other kids in Ms. Harris' class that were just as different. Yeah, Val was the big jock at the school, and Tyne was the smartest kid here as well, but who cared? It was really starting to wig him out.

Fourth period was his other AP class, Biology, and his lab partner was his bud Noah. They were working together on a Biodiversity project which was almost completed. This was another relatively easy class for both of them and they spent most of the time talking quietly.

"So what are you going to do with that bitch Lizzy?" asked Noah, after they got settled in at the lab station and started to fiddle with his bow-tie.

"She told me to stick to being boyfriends with you and then she bribed me with an all-expense paid trip to DC for the National Honor Society convention," Tyne said, as he pulled out his lab book.

"What the fuck? You and me? She is so clueless. So girlfriend, what did you tell her? I know how much you want to go on that trip for another line on your college apps," Noah said. "Did you take her up on it?"

"No. Well, I just didn't answer." Then looking ponderous, he said, "Do you think Val thinks I'm like that? All queery? Don't take this the wrong way but I'm not all super-gay like you are. I'm just not comfortable calling attention to myself. I'm just a smart, geeky kid trying to get the hell out of here and make something of myself. I want to practice medicine someday and save lives. I want to make a difference in the world."

"I get it. But this is high school. It's supposed to be filled with teenage angst and drama. There wouldn't be all those movies and bad after school TV specials about the shit we have to go through, if it wasn't like this. Fuck everybody and just go out with him, okay? There'll be another year for you to go to DC."

"I guess."

"Don't say 'I guess'. Just do it. It's only one date and then that's it. These people are just being stupid," Noah said.

"Okay. I'll do it!"

Val had a hard time, no pun intended, concentrating on his first three classes. All he could think of was Lizzy's offer to meet behind the wood shop. He'd been passing the gay test all morning by popping serious wood every time he thought about meeting up with her. Then he'd hear Tyne's excited voice and remember how he choked up when he mentioned his dead dad and poof, the boner would deflate.

Val's stomach was actually churning as he walked over to the wood shop after third period instead of eating lunch. He was nervous, excited and torn. He got a text and checked it as he walked, "I'm here waiting. Are you cumming?"

Val felt like he did when he tried out for freshman basketball the first time. He was so nervous as a junior high kid on the high school campus. He sort of knew he was good enough to make it, but there was always that "what if?" in the back of his mind. He'd been jacked off by one other girl and she'd let him feel her up between her legs. Neither one of them had done it long enough to get the other off but he remembered how it felt to have her hands wrapped around his tool. All other sex-ploits he was famous for were made up. When it came right down to it, he was pretty shy and going past heavy make-out sessions had scared him. When he rounded the block wall and saw Lizzy sitting seductively on a stack of 2x4's he froze. Decision time was upon him.

She jumped up and moved to him, pulling him into the enclosure. "Kiss me." Val complied. She wrapped herself into him and pressed her belly against his raging hard piece of timber. Lizzy pressed her lips hard into Val's, slipping a hand behind his head and pulling him down into her. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and engaged his tongue in a feverish, hormonal battle. Her other hand roamed up under his t-shirt and rubbed all over his strong back. Her touch was silky soft. He liked it.

Val fell into a sexual trance and found himself slowly grinding against her. Her hand slid down and cupped his ass cheek and helped push him into her. Then she slipped both hands around to the front of his body and slipped them under his t-shirt, rubbing and groping his tight abs and well defined pecs. She pinched both of his nipples at once and bit his bottom lip gently. She checked his facial expression and smiled to herself. Her mission was accomplished. He was completely under her spell. It was time to move in for the kill.

Lizzy pulled away just enough to slide a hand down and untie the draw string on his black Nike basketball shorts. Then she slipped a hand, her petite, gentle hand under the waistband of his shorts and boxers. Immediately below the elastic band, her fingers contacted the damp tip of his bulging erection. Val started quivering in anticipation and Lizzy smiled to herself. She loved being in control of him. He was her whipped puppy on a leash and she would get what she wanted.

Lizzy slipped on down over his dick and was a little shocked at how large and hot it actually felt. She'd known it was pretty big from the bulge he packed and from feeling it pressing against her when they slow-danced together, but to actually touch and feel it was shocking to her. It was awkward trying to keep her arm up high enough to reach down into his shorts like she was doing. So she gripped the waistband of his shorts and Superman boxers and pulled them out and down, tucking both underneath his balls and then rotated her hand around into a comfortable position, taking him in a full grip. Val shuddered and weakened in the knees.

Val kept tongue kissing Lizzy and moaning through this whole process. When Lizzy gripped his dick and made her first upward movement pulling his soft, tender skin up over his throbbing member, he was suddenly startled into the reality of the situation. He reached down and grabbed her hand. The added pressure of his hand over hers only intensified the desire already pulsing through his thick piece of manhood. It occurred to him how small and soft and silky her hand was. He broke their kiss and looked her in the eyes. "I really want this. I want it so bad, but I don't want it this way." Val pulled her hand free from his dick. It was the hardest thing he'd ever forced himself to do.

Confusion flashed in Lizzy's eyes. "What are you talking about? What other way is there? I'm not sucking on it if that's what you mean. That's just disgusting."

"No, you're not getting me. I don't want you doing this for me just so I won't go out with Tyne. You're not doing it for me, you're doing it just to get your way. The horny guy in me just wants to say fuck it and let you finish, but the guy I have to face in the mirror afterwards only wants you to do it because you have feelings for me." Val separated himself from her and pulled his shorts and boxers back up over his disappointed boner. He started tying his drawstring back up to strengthen his resolve. "I'm not going to disappoint Tyne and bail on him just to get my rocks off."

"You tricked me," Lizzy said. "You let me start rubbing your … thingy before you told me you were still going out with Tyne. That's sick."

"I tricked you? You're the one that suggested this and then jumped on me the minute I showed up. You didn't even let me say hello."

"Val. I do want to do this stuff with you," Lizzy said, pouring on the charm. "But I want everyone to know that it's just me. I don't want any more talk about Val 'n Tyne. I do have feelings for you and I want everyone to know that you'll do anything I tell you to do. I told everyone that you wouldn't go through with this Tyne thing if I asked you not to. Everyone knows I asked you not to go and if you do it, then every girl will think they have a shot at you. I just want you to be exclusively mine. And I hate the rumors about you being secretly gay. Think about how that makes me look."

"This doesn't have shit to do with 'everyone.' It's just about you and me and Tyne. Everyone else can F off. I don't even flirt. I do everything you want me to do. I go to your movies, hang with your friends, and sit with you at lunch. This is just a stupid assignment. Why am I getting all the shit for it? Why aren't the others who are doing this assignment getting crap over it?"

"I don't know. Maybe some of them are. Part of it's your names, Val 'n Tyne. It's just become this whole big joke thing. If you go, it will be a big slap in my face, and basically telling everyone that you don't care about my feelings." Lizzy pushed out her lower lip showing Val her best pouty face that almost always worked on her daddy.

"If I don't go, it will hurt a decent kid who didn't ask for this and doesn't deserve it. I'm taking Tyne four wheeling and fishing up at a lake. Just a couple of dudes doing dude stuff. His dad was going to take him up there for his first ever fishing trip and that same week his dad got killed in a bank robbery. His dad was a cop. It's important to him to go and I can't let him down."

"He'll get over it, but I won't. If you go, we're over. I'll spread it around that you admitted to me that you're part gay and you went with Tyne because he agreed to put out when I wouldn't. You'll never get another date. No one will think you dumped me if I tell everyone I dumped you for being gay."

"I don't know why I ever thought I liked you. I think Tyne just did me a huge favor." Val turned and stormed off. "Have a nice life, bitch," he called as he rounded the corner of the enclosure.

Lizzy was more angry than she had ever been. Time to pull out the heavy artillery. She pulled out her phone and sent a text to Nick, "I just broke up with Val. He says he's really hot for Tyne and is going to some lake with him this weekend for gay sex. Plus, Tyne's gay friend, Noah, wants Val to hook you up with him. Val told me that he took naked pictures of you in the locker room and then he sent them to Noah's phone. I think he masturbates to them." She smiled wickedly.

Shocked, Nick turned away from the group he was standing with and tapped out a reply, "Are you really dumping Val?"

"Yes, I'm done with him. I kicked his gay ass down the road. It's sick. Just wanted to warn you cuz ur such a cutie."

Nick smiled from ear to ear as his dick strained against the fly of his tight jeans.

Tyne and Val reached the doorway for fifth period together. Val, being the gentleman that he is, held the door open for Tyne and followed him in. They were both surprised to find their teacher had set out name cards putting each date group at the same table so they could get to know each other better. This way everybody could look around and see who everybody was paired up with. Lost in their own thoughts, Tyne and Val pulled out their chairs at the same time, and looking at each other, just nodded and grunted out a "Hey."

"I don't understand why this has to be such a big deal," Val said quietly after he sat down. The rest of the class was chatting away while they were waiting for Ms. Harris to start the class.

"I know what you mean. Why are we the only ones getting shit? Look over there – that's Regina, the girls volleyball captain sitting with Gwynnie, the resident, heavy-duty lesbian. Nobody's making fun of them and they seem to be getting along just fine. I bet if they walked across the quad with Regina on Gwynnies shoulders, nobody would even notice," Tyne said, trying not to look at Val because every time he did, electric bolts of energy would zip through his body.

"I know. And see those two guys over there? That's Evan and Tyrone. They both play water polo. Nobody's making fun of them, or mixing up their names, like Tyvan or something."

"I think Evron would be better. Anyway," Tyne said, taking a deep breath. "Um, Val? I shouldn't tell you this, and please don't get mad, but um, I think this whole thing has been orchestrated by your girlfriend. See, the thing is, she's trying to bribe me not to go out with you."

"What? F her!" he whistled through his perfectly straight, white teeth. "I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, she's not my girlfriend anymore. Truth is, the whole Val 'n Tyne thing got started by this kid on the basketball team just as a joke, but it was definitely Lizzy who spread it around. Otherwise, it probably would have just grown old and died out."

"Are you kidding me? You guys are supposed to be the 'it' couple. What happened? No wait, don't tell me. I don't really want to know. I guess her true colors just came out. She must really be insecure. That's sad," Tyne commented as he focused on doodling all over his notebook cover. "Are you mad at me over it?"

"Not at you. But you know, I'm kinda pissed, but then I'm also grateful," Val said, stretching out his long legs underneath the table.

"Why do you say that?" Tyne said, as he took a good long look at the athlete's powerful legs and bulging crotch. Once he realized what he was doing he instantly went back to drawing.

"Because if it wasn't for this Valentine's date thing, I would never have known what an evil bitch she is. I don't seem to have much luck with girls," Val said, mortified that he had just said that last part to Tyne. But then, on second thought, he realized that he couldn't talk to Nick or any of his other friends like this. And Tyne seemed to be sincere and totally real. "Anyway dude, it's definitely not your fault and I don't blame you, so just flush that shit. It's my problem, not yours. I shouldn't dump on you with my problems."

"Don't worry about it. You gotta have somebody you can talk to. I'm lucky I can talk with my mom or Noah. Noah and I have been best friends for like, ever. He helped me get through some tough times last year with my dad and all."

"You're lucky."

"I know."

"Can I ask you something? Are you and Noah, um, well, you know?" Val asked shyly.

"What?" Tyne said all too quickly. "Wanting to go to Harvard together?"

"No. Forget it. Never mind."

"No. Ask your question." Tyne wanted to hear Val say it. He knew what Val was going to ask and he wanted to hear the tone of voice he'd use when he spoke the words. The tone of voice always betrayed the real feelings someone had about it. He also wanted to hear which words Val would select.

"Well, it's just Noah's all out there, like totally flaming. And, well … it's just you're always hanging with him even though you don't really act like he does at all. I just, you know, wondered what the deal is between you two."

"Why do you want to know?"

"It's just, well. I don't know. We've gone to school together since third grade and I really don't know you," Val confessed. "We always swung in different circles."

Tyne smiled a bit at Val's innocent choice of words and took a deep breath. It was now or never. Finally he said, "He's not my type."


"Noah, dummy," Tyne said with a small smile. "He's not my type. We're just best friends."

"Oh." Then after a second his eyes got big and said, "OH!"

"Yeah, oh."

"Oh wow," Val said. "I guess I shouldn't have asked you that. It's not really any of my business. I mean, well okay, I guess I was wanting to know. I mean, I was curious."

Both boys were quiet for a minute. Finally, Tyne decided to turn the tables on this big jock. "Are you bothered by that?"

Tyne listened closely to Val's tone of voice as he responded. "Not really. No. Why should I be? It's your deal, right?" Tyne relaxed. The tone was perfect. It reflected simple ignorance without prejudice or judgment. That was something Tyne could work with.

Val was staring vacantly, lost in thought when Tyne asked, "What are you?"

"What?" Val's eyes grew wide as he looked at Tyne.

Tyne couldn't help it and stifled a giggle when he asked, "Are you … straight?"

Without hesitation, Val answered, "Oh, hell yeah. Straight as an arrow." Somehow, it seemed a bit forced and Tyne detected just a little too much quickness in the answer.

"So you want out?"

"Out?" Val asked. "I told you I'm straight. I don't need to come out."

Looking Val straight in the eyes, Tyne asked again, "Do you want out of our date, now that you know how I am? It's okay if you do. I'll understand with no hard feelings. I really can Photoshop us up so no one could ever tell."

Val didn't answer right away. He held Tyne's gaze without so much as a blink and then asked, "Do you want out?"

"No. I already knew what I was getting into."

"Then neither do I. I'm looking forward to it. I actually think you're kinda cool. I want to be better friends with you." Tyne couldn't suppress the smile. And surprisingly, Val smiled back.

"God," Tyne thought, "he's so beautiful."

"Damn," Val thought, "even without tits, he's really cute."

Ms. Harris interrupted the moment by calling the class to order. Once the chatter died off, she leaned against the front of her desk and said, "So I've had some inquiries made over my rather unusual assignment. Two parents, the principal, and one girlfriend …" Val and Tyne looked at each other and grinned knowingly as she continued, "have raised questions about the appropriate nature of this assignment. Let me be clear about the objective. This is not … let me repeat, this is not … intended to have any sexual connotations to it. This is a simple experiment to help you understand how two people of the same gender can engage in conversation and share feelings with one another in a "date-like" setting. I'm not trying to turn anyone gay, or straight for that matter, so please help me put a stop to any nonsense that might be going around school about this assignment. Any questions?" Following an appropriate pause without any indication that anyone was going to touch that subject with a ten inch pole, she continued, "Good. Excused."

Val stopped outside the door, in the hall, and gave Tyne a nod. "See you tomorrow," Val said. Then he lifted his arm with a fist intending to do a knuckle bump. Tyne picked up on his raising arm and stuck his hand out to shake. Both their eyes met and they snickered. Val quickly opened his fingers to shake and Tyne, equally quickly, made a fist to bump with. Now, both boys laughed out loud as Val just grabbed Tyne's clenched fist and wrapped his fingers around it, then shook his arm up and down a couple of pumps. "We'll have to sort that out," Val said with a wink. "Maybe we can make up our own special one." He stepped into the flow and was swept away down the crowded hallway toward basketball practice.

Tyne pulled his hand in against his breast and thought he might not wash it for a few days. Val's firm, powerful touch, engulfing his fist, was extremely exciting to him. He drifted off in the opposite direction toward his last class of the day. He couldn't wait for school to end so he could share it all with Noah.

Val walked into the locker room, slipped past Nick, who was just pulling off his shoes and sat next to him on the bench. They shared the locker bay alone and the bays were staggered so no one could easily see them. "What's up with you?" Val asked looking at Nick's goofy expression.

"Nothing. Samo, samo with me. What's up with you?" Nick asked. Nick's demeanor was off somehow, and it sort of unnerved Val. Nick stopped fidgeting with his shoelaces and stared much too expectantly up at Val.

"Nothing's up with me either," Val lied. The last thing he wanted was to get into the Lizzy and Tyne thing and get Nick started on it again. He was hoping it was already dying out. Only a couple of people had said anything to him that afternoon.

"Not what I heard." Nick resumed undressing and tossed his street clothes in the locker. In a rare departure of his normal practice, Nick peeled his street boxers off and stood up naked. He usually left his boxers on for practice and saved the clean pair for after. Nick leaned against the lockers, facing Val, and scratched his balls. "It's me, Nick. You can tell me. Are you doing okay?"

Val glanced up at Nick fiddling with his junk and raised a questioning right eyebrow, which drew up the right corner his mouth. Looking up to Nick's grinning face, he asked, "What the fuck are you doing? And, what are you talking about? And get your junk out of my face."

"Just scratchin'. I got an itch. Don't you ever get itches?" Nick grabbed a fresh pair of boxers out of his gym bag and pulled them on as he said, "I already know about you and Lizzy, so spill it."

Nick watched with more than a casual peeking glance as Val dropped his boxers and pulled on his jockstrap. "Nothing to spill; we broke up. No big deal, she's a bitch and I'm glad to be rid of her. So, how the hell did you hear about it already?"

"Lizzy sent me a text."

"Really? Since when did you start texting with Lizzy?"

"Don't usually. I forgot I'd even given her my number. I think she's a collector. You know, girl with the most boys' numbers wins. Anyway, she told me everything. I just want you to know I'm cool with it, even the Noah thing. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little freaked by that part at first, but I'm not mad. I'm kind of flattered, actually."

Val was staring in complete bewilderment at Nick. "You may not be mad, but you're definitely crazy. Oh wait. I get what this is about. Lizzy told you she broke up with me because I'm gay, right? And now you're fucking with me by showing off your junk and acting like you're all hot for me. It's all a big joke, isn't it, asshole? Well, F you. I'm not gay, but the way you were staring at my junk just now, I have to wonder a little about you. Anyway, that's just Lizzy trying to mess with me because I dumped her for being such a bitch about this Tyne thing. So the joke's on you, dickhead."

"C'mon, it's me, Nick. You can talk to me, dude. I know about the pix and the Noah thing. I'm cool with it, and I'm here for you, dude." Nick looked around and lowered his voice even lower than it had been. "I took some pix of my own. I'm cool with it, really. But dude, I seriously think you can do much better than Tyne. You need a real man like me." Nick winked and smiled as he gave Val a playful shove, then flexed his biceps.

"Real funny. You killed it already, all right?"

Just then, Lukas stuck his head back in the locker room and yelled, "Hey, coach wants to know if you ladies are coming to the dance?" The two of them didn't realize they were the last ones left in the locker room. Then they both laughed at what Lukas said and jumped up and ran to the gym. Val threw himself into the practice totally forgetting about losing Lizzy.

Back in the locker room after practice an hour later, Val stripped to his jock strap and was toweling off the sweat. He felt Nick's eyes staring down on him. He turned to see Nick in just his boxers, pushed out in front from a semi. "What? What are you staring at?"

"Your smokin' hot body, dude. You don't even realize what you got going on. You got a broad chest, amazing long legs, nice firm butt cheeks hanging out of your jock straps, and an incredible package filling up that pouch. How could anyone not stare? And don't forget the eight pack abs."

"Enough of the hitting on me joke, all right? I'm done with it. It wasn't funny to begin with." Val turned away from Nick's ogling eyes and pulled off his jock, then stepped back into his blue Superman boxers with the big red S on the crotch. Val never brought fresh ones since he preferred to shower at home and put clean ones on then. Val turned to see Nick naked and fishing his street boxers out of his locker. Val was shocked to see Nick completely boned up, waggling his slightly curved erection side to side as he stepped into his boxers. "Damn dude, you always carry everything too far. You're creeping me out." Val was glad they had the locker bay to themselves. Nick was being so weird that it was starting to bother him.

On the way home, Val cranked up the rap tunes, trying to forget the weirdness in the locker room. The lyrics were sexual and the bass was thumping. He sprouted a very uncomfortable boner thinking about Lizzy's grip on his dick. Then, he wondered if he was being an idiot over this Tyne thing. He worried about Lizzy ruining his reputation. It was hard enough for him around girls as it was, without something like her accusations of being gay. He wasn't like Nick, who could pick up a girl and then be in her pants in a couple of dates. Probably because respect for women had been drilled into Val so much by his parents and he wouldn't want his sister, Violet, treated that way. He started worrying that he might end up leaving high school as a virgin. Lizzy, he'd thought, was his best shot for losing it. Now, he'd fucked that up. He laughed out loud at the thought of how he fucked up his chance to fuck up a fucked up chick like Lizzy.

And for what? For a brainy geek named Tyne? A gay kid no less. He thought about Tyne and their chat in fifth period. There was a little discomfort in the realization that he found Tyne's face, circled about by thick blond hair sweeping over his forehead and curling over his ears, cute. Val realized just how easy it was to talk to Tyne because there was no pretense with him. There was vulnerability, though. Tyne had entrusted Val with a dangerous secret and something more. He'd opened himself up to be hurt by Val and Val sensed Tyne's fear over it. That wasn't a position Val was used to being in. That power and the responsibility he felt from it, unnerved him a little but then he felt good that Tyne had confided in him. One other thing bothered him. As hard as he tried to deny it, seeing Nick's boner in the locker room was intriguing. He'd never seen another dude's real live boner in the flesh, and it triggered something in him that had made him want to reach out and touch it. Seeing porno dudes' dicks had never had that effect on him. In fact, he avoided porn that involved dudes with the chicks for the most part. But seeing it live and up close excited him. His erection became all the more uncomfortable and not just physically speaking.

When Val walked into the house, he could hear Violet sobbing. He walked into the hall and his mom was just coming out of Violet's room shaking her head. Val gave her the "What's up?" look and his mom rolled her eyes, "Junior High drama," she said. "Why don't you go talk to her?"

Val wasn't sure he was up to any more drama today. He had enough of his own. He tossed his pack and gym bag into his room and walked tenuously into his sister's room. She was sprawled on the bed sobbing into her pink pillow. "Hey Sis. What's wrong?"

"This," she said into the pillow. She held up a crumpled piece of notebook paper. Val took it from her and spread it open. "Violet, if you don't want to do the fun stuff, I might have to get another date for the dance – Danny."

"The Danny on the soccer team we saw at the park last week? What's this about?" Val asked, putting a gentle hand on his sister's shoulder. Violet rolled to her side and looked at Val, weighing in her mind whether to trust him with the truth.

"Me and Danny have been going out for a while. He asked me to the Valentine dance. After the dance, there's this party we've been invited to. Couples get to take turns going into a bedroom to do stuff. I told him I just wanted to make out and maybe like … you know … lay on each other some. He wants to do more and I told him no and so he had Corey bring me over this note just now. Please don't tell mom or dad about this."

Val drew a tissue from the box on Violet's nightstand and wiped her tears. "I won't tell. I'm proud of you for telling him no. And I'm proud of you for telling me. Do you know what it is he wants you to do for him?"

Violet bit her lip and nodded yes.

Val could tell she didn't want to say it out loud so he did the multiple choice list. "Does he want you to rub it for him?"

She shook her head, no.

"Suck it?"

Again, no.

"He wants to stick it in you?" She looked at her hands and nodded, yes.

"What an asshole. Have you done the other stuff for him already?" She looked at Val with widened eyes and shook her head firmly, no. Val was relieved.

"So he wants to go straight from first base all the way to home plate? Do you know why he wants to do that?"

"Because he loves me?"

"Hell no. So he can be the first one to brag to his little coyote pack that he went all the way. He'll put your picture up next to his little league and soccer trophies and you'll just be one more first place trophy. Then he'll dump you and move on to the next round and try to score another trophy for his shelf. You want to be a trophy?"

"No. But, he isn't like that."

"Really, Vi? Be honest. If he wasn't like that, he wouldn't be pressuring you to let him FUCK you." She winced at the emphasis Val put on that nasty word, making it sound as crass as possible.

"You don't understand. I knew you wouldn't. It's easy for you; you have Lizzy and are the big basketball stud. You can get anything you want."

"Hey, it's not so easy for me. And don't sell yourself short. You're really cute and more important, you're really sweet. You can get good, nice guys. You don't need the sex dogs like Danny just looking to score a fuck. I don't treat girls like that. I just broke up with Lizzy today, for your information, because she wanted me to do something that was wrong. I've never done what Danny wants you to do. I'm gonna tell you something private, so you don't need to be telling anyone else this, but I'm still a virgin. I don't want to just collect trophies, Sis. Don't be that kind of girl. Make it mean something when you finally do it. You're too young for this shit already, stop rushing it. Find a good guy who likes you just for being you. Okay?"

"Okay," she sobbed. "Thanks."

"I love you Vi. I don't want to see you get hurt." Val gave her a hug and she smiled at him full of appreciation and even understanding.

Val told his mom he had an errand to run and would be back in about half an hour. Val jumped in his truck and drove to the local soccer field. Val walked the fields until he found Danny's team practicing. He'd seen him there when he drove Violet down to meet up with her girlfriend at the park. Violet had pointed him out and said she liked him. He watched the team scrimmage a while and then waited for the crowd to disperse.

He spied Danny and two others in his coyote pack changing out of their soccer cleats. Val could see why Violet was infatuated with the little shithead. Danny was a cute kid. The little coyote was tan and athletic with thick brown hair and an impressive smile. From Val's angle standing over him, he could see Danny's tanned, adolescent thighs fade to milky white as they extended up underneath his soccer shorts. The left leg of the blue Umbro shorts dangled open and Val actually caught a glimpse of Danny's youthful, hairless ball sac behind the fold of his boxers. Val looked quickly away, fixing his gaze on Danny's eyes. "We need to talk."

"What about?" Danny said, his voice shaking. Val knelt down in front of Danny and he glared at his two buddies. They got the message and told Danny they'd meet him over by the bike rack. They scurried off like frightened pups, abandoning their pack leader.

"I don't like what you did to my sister. I don't like that you're pressuring her to have sex with you. I get that you want to look cool in front of your buddies by scoring on her, but she's not your toy. She's a person. If you want to dip your dick, find a skank, but leave the nice girls like my sister alone. Got it?"

Danny couldn't speak, he just nodded. Fear and panic were all over his face.

"Is everything okay here?" Danny's coach asked, walking up to the two of them.

"Yes, Coach," Danny squeaked out.

Val recognized the voice and turned around. "Hey, Coach. Howzit going?"

"Oh, Val, it's you. What are you doing here?" the coach asked.

"Danny's friends with my sister and I saw him scrimmaging, and I was just talking to him about his ball handling skills. He needs to limit things to one or two touches and then pass. Otherwise he risks losing his balls." Val said.

"Now Danny, isn't that just what I been telling you? Don't try to force things. Thank you Val, maybe he'll listen better to you than he does to me."

"Yeah, I think he'll listen. Won't you Danny?"

Danny shook his head in agreement.

"Okay then, you got a ride home, Danny?" Coach asked.

"Yeah, Cody and Mike are riding bikes home with me," Danny confirmed.

"I'll let you guys talk then. Good to see you, Val."

"Good to see you too, Coach."

When the coach was out of earshot, Val glared at Danny and said, "Here's what you're gonna do then. You're gonna pedal home as fast as your skinny little legs can go and then you're gonna call Violet. You're gonna tell her that you're sorry you sent the note. You're gonna tell her she doesn't have to do any sex stuff with you. You're gonna tell her you're really sorry for pressuring her and you know she's not that kind of girl. Then you're going to say you really want to go to the dance with her but skip the party afterward. When you get to the dance, you're gonna excuse yourself and go in the bathroom and jack your tiny little dick until you squirt your horny boy juices into a wad of toilet paper and then you're gonna go back to the dance and talk and show her a great time dancing without any sex stuff. GOT IT?"

He nodded.

"Say it!"

"Yes, I got it. No sex stuff."

Then Val did something that surprised even himself. He glanced around and seeing no one was watching except Danny's two little coyote buddies, and he wanted them to witness it. Val reached out and grabbed a handful of Danny's dick and balls. "If I hear of you or any other guy in your pack ever messing with my sister or even dissing on her, I'll rip your balls off with my bare hands and feed them to my dog. Any questions?"

"N-n-n-o," was all Danny could croak out.

Val tried hard not to laugh at the horrified look on Danny's face as he let go and stood up. Danny was jerking his head up and down like a bobble-head doll looking on the verge of tears. "Good. Remember, two touches and a pass. Oh, and nobody tells Violet I talked to you, or else. Make sure your little buddies understand that."

Val was pleased with himself when the phone rang later at home. Violet came rushing out of her room bubbling over with the news. "Danny just called and apologized for the mean note. He still wants me to go to the dance with him. Can you believe it?" She threw her arms around Val and hugged him. Val's mom gave him a questioning look and Val smiled a little and shrugged. His mom just winked at him and mouthed the words, "Thank you."

"Oh, he wants to know if we can all go over to his house afterward instead of to that Shawna girl's. Is that okay with you, Mom? His parents will be home and we're just gonna watch a movie together. One of the Twlight movies, I think."

"That sounds nice, of course it's okay. I'll call his parents first, just to make sure."

"I'm going to shower before dinner." Val grabbed clean boxers and shorts and headed to shower. He pulled the curtain and lay down in the tub letting the water spray over his naked body. He was pleased with himself how he handled things for Violet. He started to handle himself and literally pleasing himself. He wished someone could handle the Lizzy/Tyne problem for him. He lay there enjoying the warm spray on his body while he slowly rubbed one off. He pulled on it nice and slow stopping at the top and the bottom to savor the tingle. He thought about Lizzy's hand on his dick and wished she hadn't been such a bitch. He desperately wanted to be touched, handled, and played with by someone besides his own hand.

Val tried using Lizzy for his fantasy but he just couldn't hold her image any more. Instead, he thought about how soft Tyne's hand had felt. How cute his face was. He wondered what he'd look like naked. He wondered if Tyne's balls would be as small and tender looking as young Danny's had appeared to be under his shorts. Nick's boner crept into his thoughts as he picked up the pace. Soon, his face was twitching and he pressed both feet against the top edge of the front of the tub and pressed his back into the sloped side, arching his back and lifting his ass cheeks off the bottom. "Ahh," he groaned out as the blinding rush of orgasm shook him. Four hot blasts of cum expelled onto his chest and flexed abs. He collapsed back onto the bottom of the tub and panted while the remainder of his offering oozed out. Val shielded his sensitive dickhead from the water jets with his palm and stood to rinse the cum off his torso.

He washed up quickly, dressed, dragged his fingers through his hair a couple times while studying himself in the mirror, and then went out to the dinner table. His mood was seriously improved. He'd made the right decision about Tyne. He could look at himself in the mirror without guilt. His sexual pressures had been handled with a better than average 'gasm, and he'd done a really good thing for his little sister. On top of that, his mom had made his favorite chicken casserole.

Tyne was standing by Noah's beater waiting for him to show up and give him a ride home. He hated being seen with this crazy old junker of a car, but even so, he didn't want to walk home all on his own. And as squirrelly as Noah was, he was always late and that made Tyne totally frustrated. He thought that his ADD, or whatever he had, would make him zip out of class ready to rock on home. Oh no - not Noah. That would be way too simple. Whatever he had was a total mystery to Tyne. Maybe when he got to be a Doctor he could invent something that made Noah more 'normal'. But then he had a thought – Noah is normal. That's just the way he is and part of his personality and why he liked him as his best bud, even if it frustrated him sometimes. Anyhow, he was anxious to fill Noah in with everything that had happened with the crazy drama of Val and Lizzy. He had just received a text from his sensei cancelling his Karate class, and he was hoping that Noah didn't have to work this afternoon so he could show him the nude pic of Val's look-alike that he'd saved to his computer, once they got to Tyne's house.

Tyne was fishing out his iPod just as Noah was walking up. Suddenly, Nick zipped his cherry-bomb red Mustang into the empty spot next to Noah's shit-heap of a car, practically out of the blue. "Hi ladies. Planning an afternoon tea?" he said, jumping out of the car and walking over to Tyne and Noah. "I'd like cream with mine. And one of those itsy-bitsy finger sandwiches."

"I'm sure you would," cracked Noah. "I can't even believe you know about that shit. Are you sure you aren't batting for the other team, princess?"

"What do you want, Nick?" Tyne asked. He could sense that this wasn't going to be a good thing, so he quickly took off his backpack and set it on the trunk. Then he exhaled a deep breath to center himself. He had learned that he needed to be in control in a situation like this if he wanted to get away unharmed. His sensei had taught him to be calm, cool and collected, because hotheads like Nick would always overcompensate. That always led to their disadvantage.

"I need to look at Noah's phone," Nick demanded, holding out his palm, turning serious.

"In your dreams, cupcake. If you want my super-digits, just ask, pussycat. I'd be happy to give them to you," Noah said with a snap of his fingers. "You can have my numbers anytime you want, big boy."

"Why do you need to look at his phone?" Tyne said, ignoring him and moving in between Noah and Nick. He was pretty sure that he could put Nick in his place, but he didn't want to cause a commotion in front of the kids going home, or worse, have his b-ball buddies gang up on him later on after he neutralized Nick. It was possible that if Nick went all crazy on Noah, Tyne would do some serious damage to Nick. That couldn't possibly be a good thing. Better to nip this in the bud right here and now.

"Because I just do, that's why. Let me see it, Noah," he demanded. "Whip it out!"

"That's just so wrong, mister. No way. I'm not going to show you my phone," Noah snapped. Then, changing his tone said, "You show me yours first, if it's not too small to find."

"Ha-ha. You're so funny. Somebody told me you had naked pictures of me on your phone, and I want to see if it's true or not. So let me see it."

"A naked picture! Of you?" That sent Noah into a fit of giggles. "Seriously? That thing you're packing has to be microscopic. Why would I want that when I could download pics of real men?"

"Hold on!" Tyne said, turning around and looking at Noah. He was pretty sure that his friend didn't have naked pics of dudes on his phone, let alone ones of Nick because his parents kept him on a very tight leash. His older brother got caught last year for sexting some trampy girl and they weren't going to let it happen again.

"Oh brother. Whose crack pipe have you been smoking, Nick? I thought they did drug tests on all you hot jocks. If I had pics of nude dude's on here, they surely wouldn't be of you. Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart. You're not all that."

"Noah, give me your gawd-damn phone," Nick shouted and held out his hand again. "Right fucking now!"

"Wait," Tyne said, holding up his arms to block both guys. "Nick, give me your phone first. I'll hold it for security and then Noah can show you his pictures. I'm sure he doesn't have any pictures of you, nude or otherwise. Okay?"

"Yeah, all right. That's fair, I guess. Here."

Tyne took Nick's phone and put it in his pocket. "Give it to him, Noah."

"Oh, all right. But I feel like I'm being ravished and I'm not even enjoying it." Noah reached around Tyne and handed Nick his phone.

Nick flipped through the menus, and finally found the pictures tab he was looking for. He scrolled through them quickly, and started to get pissed when there wasn't anything even remotely interesting. There were only a few pictures, and none of them were of guys. Mostly fashion pictures and girls from their high school. "Where the hell are they?"

"I told you. I don't have any pictures like that. Maybe you should check with your homey," Noah said.

"Who told you that Noah had naked pics of you on his phone?" Tyne asked.

"Li … um, I mean, some girl just told me. That's all. Anyway, it's none of your business."

"Of course. I get it now. I should have known it the minute you pulled up. It's Lizzy. Don't you see? Are you really that clueless? Damn! Girls are so conniving. She's just making this all up because she can't stand the fact that Val and I have a mock date for our class. Why is she so threatened by me? And why are you involved with her crazy little drama? What's your angle?" Tyne asked Nick. "Do you really think somebody would take naked pics of you and then send them to Noah? Who would do that?"


"What? VAL? No way. Do you really think he'd do that? He's as straight as they come. Maybe you've got some wishful thinking going on there, dude, inside your brain," Tyne said, with a slight snicker.

"If you want, you can come over to my place and I can personally take some naked pictures of you – very tasteful ones of course!" Noah teased. "Nobody has to know."

"Shut the fuck up. Both of you. Give me back my phone. Um, sorry to bother you guys. I've gotta go find Lizzy and figure this out. This sucks. I hate this fucking drama. Don't tell anybody I've been here, okay?"

"It's all cool, Nick. I've been sucked into her little game for the last couple of days too. Some girls are just bitches, I guess, and will do anything to keep their status as the high school queens. Don't be pissed at Val. I don't think he had anything to do with this," Tyne said.

"Do you guys really take naked pics of each other in the locker room?" asked Noah. He was jumping from foot to foot over the hot scenario of that playing off in his mind.

"Well, um … of course not. Just shut-up." Nick said, turning red.

"Give me his phone, Tyne."

Tyne gave Nick's phone over to Noah, and Nick grabbed for it. Tyne blocked his reach.

"Here are my digits, Nick. If you ever want to send me your pics, I'd be happy to receive them," Noah said, handing over the phone to him and then sticking out his ass in a seductive way.

"Dream on, flamer. See you guys later."

Tyne and Noah just stood there looking at Nick as he jumped in his Mustang and took off, leaving skid marks down the pavement. Once he was gone, both boy boys erupted into a total fit of giggles.

When they got to Tyne's house, Noah joined him in his room and Tyne pulled up the lookalike picture of Val. "Oh, girlfriend," Noah said, "That's one fine piece of work." Together they searched site after site until they found a reasonable likeness of Nick in a locker room. It wasn't anywhere near as good as the Val pic, but it would serve the purpose. Tyne printed it on his color printer, folded it up and Noah stuck it in his pocket and slapped a high five with Tyne.

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