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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 3

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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Special thanks to our editor, Pablo.

Val woke up on Wednesday morning and went through his normal school day ritual – yawn, stretch, scratch his head with all ten fingers and then stumble toward the bathroom to pee. On his way to the bathroom, peeking through one sleepy eye, he was startled by Violet's giggling as he passed her in the hallway on his way to the bathroom they shared. She rushed past him and on into her room as he tried to ask her what was so funny, but it came out a garbled mess. He thought how silly little girls were. When he lifted the toilet lid and reached down to undo the button in the middle of the fly on his Groucho Marx boxers, he realized what was so funny to Violet and he was sort of embarrassed by it. Groucho's cigar was in 3D.

When his mom first came home with the Marx Brother's boxers after he asked her repeatedly to buy him some "character" boxers, he was annoyed at her. It had become a fad among the jocks at school to wear superhero and cartoon character boxers and Val had bugged his mother, for a week solid, to buy him some at the mall. He couldn't believe she would buy the Marx Brothers and thought they were stupid. In an uncharacteristically demeaning manner, he told his mom she was basically stupid and she got offended and refused to return them, tossing them at him along with the receipt and told him to go return them himself. He felt bad for how he'd reacted and apologized later, but the damage was done and she still refused to buy different boxers. He ended up just wearing them, but instead of being made fun of, like he expected would happen, everyone turned out to be jealous over them.

He managed to undo the button, spread Groucho's face open, and pulled his boner out. He leaned forward and put his fist against the wall and then rested his forehead against his fist. He stared at his long, thick hard-on and tried to will it to go down so he could empty his aching bladder.

The damn thing just stubbornly bobbed in rhythm to his heartbeat, totally defying him. "F it." He pulled the fly up over his sizable peg and slipped his boxers off. He started the water in the shower and slowly stroked himself until the water warmed up. He stepped into the spray and slowly rotated his neck in the jets of hot water. He clenched his ass cheeks and concentrated on forcing the flow of urine out of his bladder. Slowly, he felt the pressure on the bladder overcome the kink in the piss tube caused by his erection. Once the piss pressure won out, he felt a little stinging sensation as the thick, yellow stream forced its way into the tubing and spread the slit on his dickhead open. It sprayed out in a forceful arc toward the back wall. He let out an audible sigh as the arc fell to a dribble and his bladder relaxed. He used his stomach muscles to squeeze the last bit from his bladder and stepped out of the shower spray to let it wash the dark urine down the drain. His stubborn boner had given up the fight in the process and hung down in a plump, semi-erect state over his dangling balls.

Val loved to look at himself in this state of partial bonerism. He stared admiringly at the extra girth created by the semi-erectness of his already large cock and was equally pleased with how low his balls hung in their sac from the warmth of the shower water. He sort of felt like a porn star without all the tattoos. Steam was filling the shower area and spilling into the bathroom. Val breathed it in and held the steam in his expanded lungs while it tingled and burned. Then he grabbed the Axe body wash and lathered himself up. The fresh scent of the body wash invigorated him and helped him wake up fully. He slipped a soapy finger down the crack of his ass and was disturbed to find a few little wads of TP tangled up in the brown hairs around his asshole. He grimaced as he squatted and reached in with his thumb and finger to extract the offending little beige wads. He scrubbed up the crack afterwards with an extra amount of body wash and vowed to be more careful about his wiping habits. He scrubbed his thumb and finger three times to make sure he got them totally clean. There was still the slightest odor when he sniffed them, but he decided that was as good as he could do. Damn smell was so hard to get rid of. He quickly washed his hair and got out.

He walked naked back to his room since Violet was always gone to school at this time. He put the Groucho boxers back on when he got to his room since he'd only slept in them and chose a pair of red basketball shorts and a blue A&F shirt with red streaks in it. He stuffed his half finished homework in his pack and headed to the truck. He hit the Micky D's drive through for a sausage and egg McMuffin combo and a cup of coffee. He wondered what day two of the Val 'n Tyne saga would bring. Once at school, he parked in his usual spot, popped the last, cold, greasy bite of hash brown in his mouth, shoved all the trash in the McDonald's bag and headed to class.

Lukas, Evan, Dane, Nick and Tyrell were all hanging out over by the Math and Science building and once Val spotted them, he headed toward them. Nick appeared to notice his approach first and said something to the group. They all turned at once and looked at him. It was odd. "Hey guys, what's up?" Val asked.

They all sort of shuffled their feet and shrugged. Nick finally spoke with a simple, "Nothing."

"I'm getting excited for the game on Friday, what about you guys? We're gonna kick some Firebird ass." They all made nods but no one jumped in and said anything. "What's up?" Val asked again, only this time it wasn't just a meaningless greeting, he really wanted to know why he was getting the weird silent treatment.

"I gotta go. Later," Lukas said, peeling away and heading into the math building for his AP Calc class. Dane went with him. That was followed by a series of "me too's" until only Nick remained.

"That was awkward. What the F was that all about?" Val asked Nick.

"You know. The whole Lizzy thing."

"They don't want to talk with me because I dumped Lizzy? That makes no sense."

"Not because you dumped her, because she's spread it all over that she dumped you because you're gay and dating Tyne. I tried to tell them it's a load of crap, but it's so all over the place that I think they kind of believe it."

"And what about you? You were giving me a pretty big rash of shit yesterday in the locker room, acting all gay and hitting on me like it was all a big joke. You been helping spread the rumors?"

"No way, dude. I wouldn't do that to you. We're friends. I'm sorry for all that yesterday. I mean I wasn't really … well, let's just say it was stupid of me to act like that. But Lizzy's a mess, dude. She won't quit until you're sent to a leper colony, I swear. I got an idea for you, though. Tyrell dates Latwanza, and her best friend, Sheena, said she's got it going on for you. You could ask her out to the Valentine Dance after the game on Friday. You could kill the whole gay thing and piss Lizzy off all at once."

"Nice plan, but I'm not attracted to Sheena," Val said flatly.

"Why, because she's black? She's pretty hot and she's as popular as Lizzy. They say, 'once you go black, you can never go back.'" Nick elbowed Val and grinned.

"You're sick. It's not cuz she's black, it's just that she's just as conniving as Lizzy is. She's the one who put Lizzy up to giving me the 'gay test.' I'll just go with plan B instead."

"What's plan B?" Nick asked.

"Any other plan than that one."

"Think about it, Val. If Sheena suggested the 'gay test,' she might be willing to perform the test on you herself. It would make a great come-on line for when you're making out in the back seat of your truck up at the meadow: 'Hey, Sheena baby, want to test and make sure I'm not gay?'"

"No wonder you got such a bad boy rep," Val said, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Seriously dude, help me think of a way to get Lizzy to stop messing with me."

Before Nick could answer, they were interrupted.

"Hi Val. Hey Nick," Tyne called out cheerfully and stopped in front of them.

"Hey." The two answered back in unison.

Tyne gave Nick a sly smile and asked, "You two out here swapping pics or something?"

Nick gave Tyne one of those 'if looks could kill' glares and said "No. We're having a private conversation."

"Oh, excuse me. It was just a simple question." Tyne felt a little sorry he'd tried to be funny. Whatever they were talking about, he could see it had them both troubled. If it was jock talk, he knew he'd never fit in the conversation and changed course toward the doors.

The first bell rang and Nick and Val started toward their classes. Val caught up to Tyne who had started into the math building. Val yelled, "Hey, Tyne, wait up. I need to talk to you a minute." Nick shot Tyne another silent message behind Val's back of 'don't you dare say anything about me talking to you and Noah yesterday about pics' making a camera motion with his hands and then sprinted across the quad.

"Oh, so now it's okay to talk?" Tyne asked, sounding more pissed off than he really was. It was really hard to be upset at this hot jock. He sure looked good in that tight A&F t-shirt he was wearing.

"Sorry about that. Here let me get that for you." Val reached out and swatted some imaginary thing off Tyne's shoulder."

"What was that about?" Tyne asked after he relaxed out of his defensive stance that came reflexively from his Karate training.

"Oh, you had an ugly ass chip on your shoulder, so I brushed it off for you."

Tyne blushed with a mixture of irritation and embarrassment. He knew he was overly sensitive. Normally he would have struck back with a sharp comment, but when he saw Val's big, toothy grin, he couldn't help but smile himself.

"Sorry about Nick being kind of rude before. I'm starting to get some attitude myself lately. My friends are acting all strange, giving me the cold shoulder. Well, all except for Nick. He said he's been trying to stick up for me, but no one will listen to him."

"Why would they do that? I thought you jocks always had each other's backs. I thought that was like a code or something, you know, like a pledge you take when you make the team." Tyne could just hear Noah in his head, adding 'and you have to catch each other's balls, too.' But Tyne couldn't say that.

"It's not a rule, but we usually do have each other's backs. Anyway, I think Lizzy really worked the phone last night, more than she normally does. She's telling everybody we broke up because I'm part gay and she's trying to turn them against me. What a vindictive bitch," Val said.

"Well, I'm sorry for that. But I can't do anything about it. Why don't you just ignore her? It'll stop all on its own before long. That's how I handle it when people give me shit. If you don't give them the satisfaction of a reaction, they usually get bored with it and move on. Or why don't you just go get another girlfriend? There's got to be lots of chicks out there who'd want to date you and I'm sure once they hear you and Lizzy have broken up they'll be knocking your door down."

"That was Nick's idea too. You guys don't get it. It's not that easy, at least for me. I'm really shy around girls and my stupid comes out. I need them to make the first move like Lizzy did. And you're right: You can't do anything about it. It's my problem and I have to deal with it."

"So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"I was wondering if you could put some grub together for Saturday. I thought since I'm driving and paying for the gas and all, maybe you could get the food."

"Sure, I could do that. That seems only fair. What do you like to eat?" Tyne asked the big guy. He was pretty sure Val ate a lot. Maybe paying for the gas would actually be cheaper, now that he thought about it.

"Anything. It's all good," Val said, smiling for the first time. "Except sushi. Can't stand that slimy fish shit."

Tyne had to laugh. "Me, either. I can't eat fish. Just don't have a taste for it." Unfortunately, Val didn't get it. That's twice Tyne thought; maybe he just doesn't have a sense of humor or maybe I don't.

"Okay, see ya," Val said, and headed off to his first period class.

"Wait! What do you want me to get?"

"I don't know. Sandwiches I guess, or KFC like we talked about, if it's easier. Just get whatever you want."

"Okay. See you in fifth period," Tyne said, but Val was already walking quickly across the Quad, giving Tyne a great view of his hot ass. As Tyne turned to enter the math building, he saw two girls staring dreamily at the same thing he'd been staring at and he felt suddenly exposed, even though they paid no attention at all to Tyne as if he didn't exist.

Tyne headed into his AP Calc class and was surprised to see that Mr. Akamura wasn't there yet. That guy lived and breathed math and was always on time. Then, he was even more surprised when he saw that Lukas was sitting next to his usual seat. This can't be a good thing, he thought.

"Hey, Tyne. Howzit?" Lukas asked.

"Um, good, I guess," he said as he slipped into his chair. "Why are you sitting here?"

"So we can talk."



"Talk about what?" He shot Lukas a look of indignation.

"Lots of things. Mr. Akamura's out today and we're getting a sub. I thought we could get to know each other better."

"Seriously? Imagine that. You've never said shit to me and now all of a sudden you want to be best buds? I don't believe it. Oh I get it! I bet Lizzy's behind this, right? Or is it Nick?"

Caught off guard, Lukas had to quickly change course. "She didn't have anything to do with this. This is just between you and me."

"Okay, sure," Tyne drawled out. "So tell me, what exactly is 'this' thing that's going on between us?"

Lukas leaned over towards Tyne so the other kids in class sitting around them couldn't hear. "I don't like that you turned Val queer."

"I did? When? Are you serious?" Tyne said, starting to laugh.

"Yeah, I'm deadly serious."

"First of all, what makes you assume that I'm gay?"

"It's kind of pretty obvious. I mean, look who you hang out with?"

"Does sleeping in a garage make you a car?"

"Huh?" Lukas asked, wrinkling up his nose.

"Never mind. I think you've been watching too much of The Secret Circle. So if I did turn Val gay, then tell me how I did it. I'd like to know," Tyne said, wiping the tears from his eyes. He was trying really hard not to bust up.

"I don't know. You just did. All you gay guys must have special powers or something to make a straight guy turn queer. Maybe you drugged him or hypnotized him. I really don't know. All I do know is that my pastor says it's part of your recruitment plan."

"How would he know that? Has he been recruited too? Or is he God's special undercover queer agent? When he dies are they going to make him St. Fairy?" Tyne couldn't help himself and he started laughing again. That made the goth girl in front of him turn around to see what was going on.

"Shut the fuck up, Tyne. Don't make fun of our pastor."

"Lukas, are you really that stupid? How can you be doing honors classes and still think somebody could just change someone's sexuality? You know, if you're so straight, why aren't you out there recruiting the gay people to the straight side? That's so ridiculous I can't even believe you said it. Do you have selective stupidity or something?"

"No, it's not stupid. Listen, Val was fine until you guys got that date thing in Ms. Harris' class. Now he's all gay, dumping Lizzy and coming onto Nick and everything. It's your fault."

"Coming onto Nick? Who said that?" This was starting to get absurd, Tyne thought.

"Nick did, this morning. He said it happened in the locker room yesterday," Lukas answered.

"Yeah, like I believe that. If Val really did that, why would he risk it in the locker room? He could do that anywhere."

"I don't know. That's just what Nick said. Why would he lie? Nick and Val were best buds," Lukas said.

"Yeah, why would Nick lie?" Tyne realized Val's supposed best friend, Nick, was playing both sides and that made him furious.

Tyne sat there for a second thinking about how to respond to this Neanderthal. This guy is such a dork. Since the teacher still wasn't there, he decided to play with this dumbass and maybe turn the tables a little bit. He couldn't help it anymore. So he leaned over and said, "It's true. I did turn him gay. Just like that. All I have to do is look you in the eye and then you suddenly feel your dick twitch, and snap-a-roni, you're queer!" Lukas immediately broke eye contact and squeezed his legs together. Tyne continued, "My evil plan is to turn the whole basketball team gay. So far, I got Val, Nick and that hot black kid, Tyrell. Nick's hot for my gay friend, Noah. And guess what? You're next big boy!"

Lukas kept his eyes averted and muttered, "That's just bullshit. Nick's a man whore."

"Is he? Check the contacts on his phone. I'm just saying, you can never tell for sure." Tyne fought off a smile. "And keep a close eye on Tyrell in the locker room. I think he has the hot's for you." Tyne didn't mind dragging Tyrell into it since he'd been merciless in middle school by calling Tyne and Noah, 'Pinky and the Brain' for months.

Before Lukas could respond, the substitute teacher walked in and called the class to order.

The rest of the day for Val was miserable. It felt like the entire student body was staring at him. The whole Val 'n Tyne thing was just so damned clever that everyone was joking about it. Val overheard it in semi-hushed conversations in the halls and out in the Quad area. He wondered if every time someone talked about the real Valentine's Day, he was being paranoid about them gossiping about Val 'n Tyne.

One thing was for sure, though, Lizzy had definitely done a number on his teammates. When he sat down by them at lunch, since he didn't have to sit by Lizzy anymore, the conversation instantly dried up. It was so uncomfortable that he got up and left, choosing to eat by himself outside on a planter in the Quad area. The thing that upset him most was the big shit-eating grin on Lizzy's face, surrounded by Sheena and all the popular girls, when he left the team and went outside to eat alone. She'd won and she knew it and she was way too pleased with herself.

"Well, if it isn't the Hulk out here in Munchkin land. What's the occasion big boy?" Noah said, flitting up with Tyne dragging along behind. "You hiding from the Wicked Witch of the West?"

Val just stared at Noah and realized why he wasn't Tyne's type. Tyne caught up and said, "Hey Val, don't worry, we're going over there to sit and play speed chess while we eat. We won't sit by you. I tried to get Noah to not bother you, but it's pretty much impossible to tell Noah anything." Noah beamed with satisfaction.

Val's next statement couldn't have surprised Tyne and Noah more if he'd said he could fly, "I like chess. Can I come watch you guys play?" Tyne and Noah stood there holding their trays and staring in speechless awe. Val looked at their loss of words and looked back at his french-fries and mumbled, "Never mind, I get that I don't really fit in with your group."

"No!" Tyne blurted out, "I mean, yes! Of course you can come over if you really want to. It's not that we wouldn't want you to, it's just, well it was a little shocking you'd want to be seen in public with us."

"Yeah, we are part of the Lollipop Guild, you know," Noah quipped as he spun and headed to the table with the chess board built into it. Tyne hung back a bit.

"You really aren't worried about what people will think?" Tyne asked furtively.

"Nope. F 'em all. You're a cool guy. Noah's, well, Noah's just entertaining. I can hang with whoever I want to hang with. That is, if you want to be seen with me?"

"Duh. Let's go." Tyne's curiosity prompted him to ask, as Val gathered up his tray, "So why are you sitting out here all alone?"

"The team treated me like I had the measles or something. It was obvious I wasn't wanted, so I left. And that bitch, Lizzy, was all smiles over it. She's really messing with the team."

"What about Nick?" Tyne asked.

"What about him? He just sat there and stared at his food the whole time. I couldn't believe he wouldn't even look at me."

"I hate to do this, but I have to tell you something. Lukas told me in first period that the team thinks I turned you gay. I'm sure Lizzy put that idea in their heads. Lukas has some kind of gay bashing Pastor that has him completely brainwashed against gays. For a guy with a high IQ, he sure can be stupid when it comes to common sense."

"I'm not surprised by that, knowing Lukas. We had him believing once that the booster club was going to pay for us to travel to North Korea to play ball during the summer break. We told him that their dictator, Sum Dum Eel, really loves basketball. He swallowed it, hook, line and sinker."

"There's more he said and you're probably not going to like it." Tyne sat his tray down and started opening up his milk carton. Noah's ears perked up. "Lukas told me that Nick has been telling the team that you were hitting on him in the locker room yesterday."

"Ohhhhhh myyyy Gawwwwwd!" Noah exclaimed, pressing both hands to his cheeks highlighted with rouge.

Val's expression steeled. "You better be shitting me about that."

"I swear that's exactly what Lukas said. I even challenged him on it." Then seeing the anger mix with deeply hurt feelings, Tyne added empathetically, "I'm sorry, Val. I thought you should know."

"I'm gonna kick his ass so bad, his own mother won't recognize him when I'm finished."

"Val. Calm down. Maybe I shouldn't have told you. Don't do something stupid and get kicked out of school over this. Listen, Noah and I have put up with shit like this our whole lives. Violence never works out. He'll just end up getting a group together to retaliate and then you'll have to get a group together and pretty much that would be me and Noah and even though I know Karate, we're not much help."

"Speak for yourself!" Noah said, acting all offended. He jumped up and put his hands on his hips and thrust his scrawny chest out. "The make-up alone in my man bag could do some serious damage." That broke the tension and even Val couldn't help from laughing.

"All right, so if I rule out hiding behind Wonder Woman here, what other options are there to get even and stop all this crap?"

"Well, I've come up with an idea, if you're interested. It'll burn Lizzy and Nick at the same time. But we need Noah's help, and Val, you have to do something you might not like doing." Tyne smiled mischievously.

"Okay, let's hear it." Val said, leaning in.

"Oh, count me in sweetheart. Revenge is sweeeeeet." Noah sang the last word in an off key falsetto.

"First, you have next period with Nick, right?" Tyne asked Val.

"Yeah, History. Why?"

"Can you get to his phone before or after class for a minute?"

"Probably. But why?"

"Great. Listen. Yesterday, Nick approached us in the parking lot and said that Lizzy told him that you took pictures of him when he was naked in the locker room. I guess she told Nick that when she sent him the text about you being gay right after you and her broke up."

"She said what? Shit, now I get it. Nick was all coming on to me after Lizzy sent him a text. He kept talking about pictures and about Noah and I thought he was just being his usual stupid ass self and messing with me."

"Nick was coming on to you? Like how?" Tyne asked.

"He was being really weird. He got naked and like paraded his junk in my face and was scratching himself and talking all sexy kind of. He even told me I had a hot body."

"Well, at least he appreciates fine art," Noah said. "Sorry, I'm just saying, you do got it going on," he added when Val glared at him.

"Do you think Nick might actually be gay?" Tyne wondered out loud.

"No way. He's laid so many girls already, he's like a legend. He was just messing with my head about being gay. Plus, he was probably really pissed off at me if he believed Lizzy when she said I took naked pictures of him. Or maybe … he was giving me his own gay test. You know, seeing if I'd bite on his advances toward me. When I didn't take the bait, he probably started telling the guys on the team that I'd come on to him just to get even with me over the pictures."

"Trust me Big Boy, he believed Lizzy," Noah piped up. "Yesterday, Nick pulled up to us in the parking lot, like Tyne said, in his bad ass Mustang and practically raped me to check my phone for the pics. I was in heaven! But I acted all pissy about it. Anyway, when he didn't find any and Tyne told him how ridiculous that was, he left. I'm not sure if he was really convinced or not. But I put my phone number in his phone before he left and told him to call me if he wanted to model nude for me sometime. Remember Tyne? His reaction was precious."

"Exactly, so I told Lukas in first period today that I really was trying to turn all the basketball players gay and that I'd already gotten you, Nick and Tyrell. He claimed he didn't believe me, but I planted a seed in his big, dopey head about it. I told him to check Nick's phone for Noah's phone number. So anyway, do you know how to transfer files by Bluetooth?" Tyne asked Val.

"Sure." Val answered, not sure where Tyne was going with all this.

"Here's what we do. But we have to hurry. We'll go to the boy's bathroom at the gym. Noah will take off his shirt and pull his pants down. We'll take pictures of him on your phone. Not full frontal shots, just obvious that he's naked and like looking seductive and all. He's good at that. After that, we'll go into the team locker room. It should be empty right now, shouldn't it?"

"Yeah, normally." Val said.

"Okay then, Val, we take a couple of shots using your phone again, of you just wearing your jockstrap. And maybe, one of you with your back to us while pulling your jock off in the lockers where you guys dress at. Then you transfer those pics to Nick's phone via Bluetooth and erase them off your phone afterwards. Transfer the pictures in your History class.

"What if he's avoiding me again like he did at lunch? Then I couldn't get his phone." Val asked.

"Then it all doesn't work and we have to think of something else. Unless, you can sneak it from him somehow. All you can do is try and you can't make it too obvious what you're doing with it." Tyne answered.

"Okay, I get it."

"Then, when you get in the locker room during sixth period, you have one of the teammates prod Lukas into checking Nick's phone for Noah's number and he'll find it and then suggest he better check the pics and he'll find these ones we just took. If anyone wants to check your phone, it'll be clean because you erased them already. BOOM! You're off the hook and Nick's screwed." Tyne made an explosion motion with his hands and sat back smiling.

"Wow. You're devious, girl. Let's get motating, I can't wait to show my stuff." Noah jumped up and dumped his lunch tray contents in the trash can.

"I don't know. This could backfire if Nick catches me sending the pics or something. And how does that burn Lizzy?" Val wasn't sure of this idea at all.

"You're right. That's the hardest part. Just make sure you don't get caught transferring the pics. As for Lizzy, that's part two of my amazing scheme. Noah and I found a pic on the internet of a guy in a locker room that looks just like you except for a tattoo on his arm. We also found one that looks a lot like Nick. Noah and I will skip next period and I'll go home and Photoshop them up so they look even more like you guys. Then, Noah will go find Lizzy and give the printed copies to her. Noah will tell Lizzy that Nick said she knew somehow that he had naked pics of Val taken in the locker room and that he got feeling guilty about having them and showing them to some people.

Noah will tell Lizzy that he actually does have pics of both you and Nick and that he wants to hand them over to her. He'll tell her that his big brother got in huge trouble over sexting some pics of a girl and he didn't want to get caught with guys' pics on his phone so he just printed them out. He'll pretend to be all scared about getting in trouble for it and he'll get her to promise not to tell on him since he is giving her both of the pics to prove he's really sorry. He'll beg her to tell him who tattled on him and ask if it was Tyrell's girlfriend, Latwanza, or maybe Lukas. Knowing her, she'll bite on Noah's story and start secretly passing them around and then they will be exposed as fakes and Noah will deny everything and she'll lose all credibility."

"I don't know if I want pics of me like that out there or on Nick's phone. And what if someone turns Nick in to the principal or the police?" Val said.

"Well, you know Nick will destroy the pics once he gets the phone back. You can make sure he does. Then, if Noah or you don't press the issue, the adults will want it to just go away. Besides, the ones we give to Lizzy aren't really you. It's up to you to decide. It'll work though and it will shut them both up for good. You have to make up your mind quick because we don't have much time," Tyne said.

Val thought for a minute then smiled and said, "F it. They deserve it. Let's do it."

The guys were short on time so they raced across campus to the boy's bathroom in the gym. They almost got busted by Tyrell, but he was busy talking to Latwanza and feeling up her big ass and he didn't see them when they passed each other. Luckily, no one was around the gym and they were able to sneak in the side door without being seen. They just had to be quiet because the coaching offices were on the other side of the wall.

"Gawd! It stinks like, well, I don't know what. What do you guys do in here?" Noah asked, scrunching up his nose.

"The same thing you do, only bigger," Val quipped.

"Hurry up, Noah and take off your clothes," Tyne said. "Val, give me your phone."

"Goodness, Tyney-baby, it makes me hot when you're so demanding. Talk dirty to me, cupcake."

"Here," Val said. "Just take a couple shots, okay? I really don't want a bunch of nude pics of Noah. My phone might get scarred for life. Sorry dude."

"Don't be sorry. Once you see this beautiful piece of art, you 'll be back begging me for more, Big Boy," Noah said to Val as he took off his shirt and pretended to flex his scrawny little guns. That made both Val and Tyne crack up.

Val was surprised to notice that even though Noah was scrawny, his body was tight and had good definition. He almost looked like one of those thirteen-year-old Russian gymnasts that he saw on TV during the Olympics. Granted, he only had a two-pack, if you could call it that. But if he worked out a few times a week, he might actually look pretty decent. But the make-up had to go.

"Do that again but look serious this time. That's kinda hot in a weird way and maybe Nick might actually like it," Tyne said, egging the flamer on. Val just rolled his eyes, but still kept watching the show.

Tyne took three shots and one actually did look kind of hot. Then he told Noah to unbutton his jeans and slide them down lower so that just his ass-crack was showing. Noah was really getting into this and started doing his best Top Model poses for the camera. Tyne got a couple more good shots and then told Noah to turn around. When he did, Val couldn't believe what he saw.

"Dude, are you F'n eight-years-old? How come you don't have any dick hair down there?" Val asked, staring at the patch between Noah's belly-button and the top of his dick that had become exposed when he slid his jeans and pale blue thong down. For some weird reason, probably the danger of doing this in the gym bathroom, Val's dick started to stir in his boxers.

"I like it smooth so I shave it all off. It feels great. You should try it. It's called manscaping."

"But that's just so wrong," Val said, shaking his head. "And the guys on the team would kick my ass if I did that."

"Well, would you like it better if I pushed my junk between my legs? Then it looks like a pink taco. I bet you'd dig that, huh?" Noah said, as he hooked his thumbs into the waist of his thong and started to gyrate around. His dick was pushing hard against the silky blue fabric between the open fly of his skinny jeans.

"No, I don't think so," Val said, starting to laugh.

"Okay. Would you like to see what I did to my balls?" Noah couldn't resist the opportunity to expose his favorite body parts to this hot hunk and jerked his jeans and thong down. Noah's average sized, cut dick sprang free and bobbed as he pointed to two small silver rings piercing his balls on either side of his dick.

"No. No way. That's just whacked. Just stop right there and put that junk away! I don't think I can do anymore of this. Tyne just take the pics and tell me when you're done. I'll be by the door."

"Okay. Just a couple more and I think we've got enough."

After Tyne took a couple more and told Noah to hurry-up and get dressed, he went over to Val. He scrolled through the pics and asked Val which ones he thought were the best. They settled on three and deleted the rest. When Noah was finished with his primping, the three boys double-timed it across the gym and into the locker room that the basketball team used. Just as Val said, the room was empty.

"Oh, this is nice," Noah said looking around. "I could see myself hanging out in here. I'd have to repaint, of course, and put up some posters of Big Time Rush and Adam Lambert." Val and Tyne just looked at each other and shook their heads. Noah added disdainfully, "We're not going to pick up any nasty shit like athlete's foot or crotch rot in here are we?"

"Where's your locker?" Tyne asked.

"Over here."

"Oooh, it's so big!" Noah crooned "I could hide in there and jump out all naked and singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga. I'm sure I'd be a big hit."

"Shut up, Noah," Tyne said. "Val, hurry up. We don't have much time."

"Okay, okay, I just hope this is worth it."

For the next minute or two, Tyne and Noah stood there transfixed, watching Val take off his clothes. Neither boy could take their eyes off this hot stud and couldn't believe that this was really happening right in front of them. Every time a piece of clothing came off of Val's muscular body, both boys made mental notes and filed them away in their heads for future reference. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of boneritis going on in the room.

"W-where's your phone," Tyne croaked out as he rearranged his straining dick in his pants.

"In my red basketball shorts, right there."

As he walked over next to Val, Tyne couldn't believe that he was standing right next to this awesome, almost naked body. He caught a whiff of Val's scent, a heady mix of sweat, testosterone and Axe. If he didn't focus, he thought he might pass out right there on the floor.

"OMG, Killer. What are those boxers? Turn around and let me see the front," Noah begged.

Val sighed and shook his head but stood up and turned toward them. Noah started to giggle and Tyne smiled wide. "Groucho Marx. Are you jealous?"

"Please, dear God, tell me you can make him wiggle the cigar," Noah said between giggles. Tyne sat on the bench so he was eye level with the cigar and began absent mindedly fishing for Val's phone in his shorts without taking his eyes off the show.

"As a matter of fact, I can." Val smirked and began flexing his abs and butt cheeks making his dick twitch under the fabric and wiggling the image of Groucho's cigar. He started laughing at the expressions of wide eyed wonder on Tyne and Noah's faces. Chuckling, he turned away and pulled off the boxers exposing his fully naked backside to them.

Noah couldn't resist, and once Tyne started really going through Val's pockets looking for his phone, Noah slipped out his own phone and took two quick pics of Val as he was bending over and stepping into his jock. When they left later on, he was going to e-mail them to himself and then delete them so no one would ever find out what he had just done.

"Okay, let's get this over with. Tyne, stand over there. That's where Nick's locker is. I'll face a little this way so it looks like I'm not paying attention."

"Can I just interrupt for a teeny-weeny second?" Noah said, holding up his hand to ask a question like a third-grader. "Do you, like, take 'roids or something? I mean, your body, it's so, umm, well, how do I say this? Yummy. Do you, like, umm, spend every free second, umm, in the gym?" For once, Noah was tongue-tied – totally out of character for him.

Val turned around and looked at Noah, not quite sure how to respond. Val didn't seem to notice, but Noah's eyes immediately zeroed in on Val's big, straining pouch of his jock.

"Yeah, I'm curious too. How much time and effort does it take to get a body like that," Tyne asked. Even though this wasn't planned, Tyne was glad Noah asked the question because it gave them more time to perv on Val's hot body.

"Um, well, quite a bit, actually. I work out at least five times a week, and combined with all of the sports I do … it just looks like this. I guess maybe I have good genes, too. Oh, and I try to eat right," Val said, shrugging his shoulders. He felt strange being looked at like this. He was used to the guys on the team briefly checking each other out, mostly out of curiosity, but this was different. It was almost like admiration. It made him nervous and horny, all at the same time. He felt his dick stirring in the pouch of his jock. "Let's get those pictures taken and get the hell out of here, okay guys?"

"All right. Reach in your locker like you're looking for something and turn your butt my way," Tyne said. If someone had told him yesterday that he was going to tell the hottest jock in the school to turn his naked butt his way he'd tell them to go to hell. That made him giggle.

"What?" asked Val.

"Nothing. I was just thinking how surreal this is."

"What's surill mean? Is that gay talk or something? And, don't get used to this, because it's never happening again," Val said, turning around. "How's this?"

"Great." Tyne fired off a couple of pics.

Tyne couldn't believe that he was going to say this, but he took a deep breath and said, "Bend over and flash me your ass."

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Val said with a smile. He actually was starting to feel flattered having the two gay guys drooling over his body.

"No. I actually hate it," Tyne deadpanned.

"Well, I don't, sister. I'm lovin' it! I can't wait to go home and write in my diary: Dear Diary. Today I stripped for Val and then he stripped for me and then flashed his ass. Oh baby!" Noah said.

"Don't you F'n dare put this in writing. It's really not that big of a thing."

"Oh, that's where you're wrong, Vally, so, so very wrong. That thing you're packing is a really big thing," Noah said, pointing to Val's expanding pouch.

"Okay, I got it," Tyne said. "Get dressed and let's get out of here. Here's your phone. You remember what to do?"

"Yeah, I got it. You guys take off before the bell rings so you can get out of the parking lot. I'll catch you later." Val wanted them to leave, because he was afraid what their reaction would be if they saw his dick. He just didn't want to go there. Once he heard the door shut behind them, he pulled off his jock strap and freed the eight inch monster, which rose up tight against his eight-pack and small treasure trail of brown pubes. The idea that showing off for two gay guys got him all boned up only slightly bothered him. Mostly, he was feeling a little pride in all the hard work he'd put into sculpting such a hot body. He just needed a girl without all the annoying baggage like Lizzy to take notice and make a move on him. He started thinking about Sheena and wondering what she would be like to be with. He'd just started stroking himself when the bell for fourth period rang.

Val hated boners in the hallway. His was so damn big, it was hard to hide. He pulled on his clothes and wished he was wearing something a little better than basketball shorts. He looked in the mirror on the end of the lockers and even with his hand shoved in the pocket of his shorts the tent was way obvious. "What the F am I gonna do now?" he said out loud.

The more he tried to will his boner to go down, the harder it got. He started to really panic when he felt the pre-cum oozing. He quickly pulled his shorts and boxers off the tip to avoid a big wet spot and squeezed a small puddle of pre-cum into his palm. For lack of any better solution, he licked it off. Holding his shorts and boxers away from his dick, he hobbled into a toilet stall beyond the broken showers and sat on the john. He grabbed his iron mast and jerked it wildly as visions of Noah's hairless dick and pierced balls flashed into his head. He shook his head and refocused his thoughts on what Sheena might look like naked and finally cum to visions of fucking her in the back seat of his truck with the sound system thumping out a hot rap song with filthy lyrics that his mother hated.

Val opened his eyes and regained his breathing. He pulled his A&F shirt back on after wiping up the goo on his chest and flushing it. He watched as his monster dick drooped back down and behaved like he wanted it to. He pulled his shorts and boxers back up and grabbed his pack and headed for History class. Late again, but the History teacher was also a baseball coach and cut slack to most male athletes. Nick and Val were often late for his class, especially since it was after lunch. Twice a month or so, Nick or Val would bring him an Oreo milkshake back from Jack in the Box to insure their tardy free status.

Val slipped in and sat next to Nick. Nick gave him a 'where you been' look and Val winked and smiled. When they broke into study groups, Nick asked, "So where were you? I looked for you after you left the lunch table."

"Yeah, what was that shit all about? It was like I was a F'n leper. And you wouldn't even look at me, you fucker."

"Look," Nick said. "It was awkward, that's all. I just didn't know how to deal. The guys are all fired up about this gay thing. Lizzy got people saying that if the team accepts you and this Tyne thing it means they're all gay too. And Lukas is on some big religious kick about it saying how it's all unnatural and shit."

"Whatever. I don't give a fuck. I really don't. Lukas has his head so far up his ass, he can suck on his own nipples from the inside. But why didn't you stick up for me?"

"I do stick up for you, but they all mostly shout me down. Honest," Nick lied. Then, he changed the subject, "All right, so where were you at during lunch?"

"I got this new cool game app on my phone. I was playing it. Give me yours and I'll download it for you. It's a three point shooting contest."

"Cool. Here." Nick handed Val his phone and Val couldn't believe how easy that had been.

"While I do this, go talk to Adam and see if he'll give us the test answers again," Val said to get rid of Nick. Nick shrugged and did as requested. He was trying to suck up to Val so he wouldn't get suspicious about playing both sides and trashing him to get points with the other guys on the team. Val quickly pulled up the Bluetooth and confirmed the connection on both phones. He downloaded the pics into the general pics file. Then he verified that Noah's phone number was still in Nick's contacts and finally downloaded the lame ass three point game app.

Nick came back over and Val showed him the game. "This thing sucks," Nick said after playing a bit. "You actually like this? Why?"

"I guess just because of the basketball angle, you know?" Val lied. They spent the rest of the time actually studying for the test since Adam had shut Nick down on a cheat sheet. Nick's mind kept roaming to how he could work it so Val would get so pissed about the gay bashing that he might actually agree to do some gay stuff together with him, since he was already being accused of it anyway. He thought this might be a good chance to get some fun out of it.

Val's mind kept roaming toward what was about to happen when sixth period came along. He wondered if he should bait Lukas to check Nick's phone before or after practice. He decided after would be best. He had a hard time not smiling over it.

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