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Val 'n Tyne

by Hans Schreiber and Flip McHooter

Chapter 13

Warning! This story is a work of fiction written by a legal age adult. Any similarity between the fictional characters and any live person is purely coincidental. This story contains fictional descriptions of sexual activity between consenting minor youth. If you are under the age of 18, and/or if you are offended by this content, and/or if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to possess or read such material, please leave now and do not read this story as neither the internet host nor the author can be responsible for your actions. Please, always practice safe sex; no momentary thrill is worth your life.

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Tyne's mom walked into his room and sat on the edge of his messy bed and watched him as he slept. She was taken with how much Tyne was starting to resemble her late husband, Spalding. They had the same beautiful blue-green eyes and defined chin. The arc of his nose and the beautifully shaped, ruby red lips were Spalding's as well. She sighed and blew out a big puff of air. Looking back down, she realized that Tyne was not as broad as his father had been, for he had more of her build, but the facial features were startlingly similar. Scary, almost. Then she wondered about something else. Cautiously, she untied the strings and slowly spread the drawn waistband of the cheap, hospital pajama bottoms wider. She lifted them, peeked inside and smiled. "Yup. Looks like Spalding's." She cautiously pulled the waist a bit tighter and tied the strings. Tyne didn't stir. God, she missed her husband. She didn't regret not dating after Spalding's death in order to focus on Tyne as much as possible, but she did miss having a man in her life. She looked back on Tyne's angelic, peaceful face and sighed again. She was thankful he had been preserved from injury. She wondered about him and Val. How could she not wonder? She wondered if she should ask Tyne or just leave it be. "Leave it be," she finally mumbled and got up to leave.

She wandered into the family room and turned the TV on for some noise. She felt like she should be doing something but she wasn't sure exactly what. The local news was in progress and she was about to turn away, not really in the mood for the litany of sad stories usually portrayed there. But before she did, the anchor's hook caught her attention. "When we return from these messages, we have a harrowing story of a high school basketball player and his friend who were rescued in the wee hours of the morning by the Sheriff's Search and Rescue Squad. Stay tuned." Mrs. von Tyne pressed her fingers to her lips. It surely had to be about Val and Tyne.

She frantically began pressing buttons on the remote to try and figure out how to record it with the DVR. She cussed herself for letting Tyne handle it 90% of the time instead of really learning how to do it herself. Finally, as the "Most Interesting Man in the World" was telling her to stay thirsty, she managed to start the recording.

"Here is Madeline Darnelli with an exclusive report from early this morning at the rescue scene," the anchor stated, proudly emphasizing the word 'exclusive'.

"We are here live on the scene of a dramatic rescue by the Sheriff's Search and Rescue team at the base of East Canyon where two young high school age boys have been plucked from a rushing mountain stream after their vehicle rolled over into the chilly water," The woman breathlessly said into the camera. "Here is one of the survivors. What is your name?"

"Umm, Tyne." He squinted into the bright light. Mrs. von Tyne gasped as she watched her son standing there wrapped in a grey woolen blanket being questioned on the TV news.

"Tell me, Tyne, what exactly happened up there tonight?" The news reporter queried.

"Well, we went fishing up by Mother Lode Lake and we got caught in the rain and hail. When it ended, it was dark and late and the roads were muddy, but we tried to come home anyway so no one would worry about us. Then while we were trying to get past the part where the road was washed out, the truck rolled over and down the bank and into the rushing stream."

"And what happened to your friend, what's his name? Sal?"

"Val. He was knocked unconscious and I had to drag him out of the truck and then we got washed downstream a ways until some branches stopped us and I could get him to shore. Luckily, I'd tucked a blanket between the door and the seats and it stayed dry. That saved us from freezing to death, I'm sure." When she heard this, Mrs. von Tyne felt a little better about the interview. It made Tyne appear to be the hero that he was.

The reporter with the heavy mascara and too-perfect hair for that late hour continued, "That must have been very scary for you. I understand from the deputies that the two of you were found completely naked, can you tell me how that came about?"

Mrs. von Tyne's hands flew to her mouth as she gasped. So much for any redeeming qualities of the interview. Her heart went out to Tyne as she could plainly see how unprepared he was for such an awful, prying question. Mrs. von Tyne watched sadly as Tyne gave what seemed like a contrived explanation of how their clothes had gotten wet in the storm and how he was trying to dry them with the heater vents. She knew it was the truth as it matched the story Tyne had told her at the hospital. Mrs. von Tyne wanted to punch the television when Madeline asked, with an insinuating smirk, whether they had huddled together under the one blanket to stay warm. Tyne's response sounded incriminating as he said, "That's right. Yeah. Just to stay warm though. You know?"

"Oh, you miserable bitch. I wish I could get my hands on you," Tyne's mom seethed. She cheered as the paramedics rescued Tyne from the evil woman's clutches, but she yelled out loud when they held the camera on him while he reached and stepped up to get into the ambulance, which allowed the shot to reveal his fully naked backside, before cutting away. They didn't even have the decency to blur out his ass.

Then the film stopped and they switched back live to the studio where the camera panned out and revealed Madeline sitting next to the over groomed anchor. The freakishly handsome anchor asked in his smooth baritone voice, "Madeline, any word on the condition of the comatose boy?"

"Yes, Martin. A little while ago, I spoke to the boy's father just before he was leaving to meet the tow trucks that will attempt to retrieve the pickup truck from the stream before another storm comes in. We were pleased to learn that the young man is out of his coma and recuperating in the hospital. His young friend who we spoke with on camera last night has been released and went home with his mother. We learned that the boy still in the hospital is a star basketball player for Hartsdale High, a contender for their league championship. That certainly doesn't bode well for the team."

"Thanks for that exclusive report, Madeline. If any of the rest of you are considering a naked frolic in the woods, you may want to reconsider because today's weather wouldn't be agreeable to that sort of thing. Here's Adam Raines to update us on the thunderstorm conditions we can expect later this evening. Adam."

"Oh you son of a bitch! I'd like to smash those aesthetically capped teeth down your throat. Naked frolic in the woods, indeed. I should sue your asses."

She turned the TV off and stormed outside. She paced around and then dialed a friend of her deceased husband who was the police union steward. He agreed to arrange a meeting for her with the free legal service available to union members.

Once Val had been peacefully resting for a while, his parents decided to go back home so that his mother could clean up and change from the clothes she had thrown on to go to the hospital. She also wanted to get some clothes put in a bag for Val to wear home from the hospital so he didn't end up in the same mess poor Tyne found himself in with no clothes to wear home. His father wanted to start working on getting Val's truck recovered. All the way home, his mother pondered what Mrs. von Tyne had spoken to her about. Images and recollections of Tyne's mannerisms and his speech played out in her mind. She was reminded of his soft hands and gentle touch. But she saw nothing particularly effeminate in his mannerisms and she recalled that he had arranged for the dancing with the girls at the school dance.

While her husband spoke to the towing company, Mrs. Hardcastle showered, did her hair and dressed in some comfortable slacks and a blouse. She went into Val's room and got a pair of Vans and a t-shirt and put them all into a plastic shopping bag. Next she opened his dresser and got his Spiderman boxers, a pair of gym shorts and socks. When she lifted the socks, something caught her eye. She pushed the socks aside and lifted two foil packets. One of them was labeled 'Magnum' and the other one 'Lifestyles Snugger Fit'. She was not surprised to find a condom in her teenage son's dresser; actually, she was pleased at his responsibility. What puzzled her were the two different sizes. As she turned to leave, she noticed the unmade bed. She imagined Val and Tyne sharing it and couldn't help but wonder. The thought left her unsettled.

She shook her head, replaced the condoms and went to the bathroom where she collected Val's toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. She picked up a jar of Neutrogena skin cream off the counter and a deodorant stick and stared at them for a moment. They weren't the brands she normally bought for Val. She realized they must belong to Tyne. She picked up the cologne bottle that was with them and read the label. It was 'Fierce' by Abercrombie and Fitch. There was a black and white picture of a man's extremely well built pecs and abs on the label and it reminded her of Val's incredibly well developed body. She wondered if it reminded Tyne of the same thing. She pulled the cap and sprayed a bit on her wrist and lifted it to her nose. "Mmm. That's nice." She sprayed her arms and pulled her blouse away from her chest and sprayed the captivating odor over her sizeable breasts. It was sweet and woodsy. She replaced the cap and set it down. The odor was truly captivating and strong without being overpowering.

She knew her husband must be starving, so Mrs. Hardcastle went to the kitchen and made meatloaf sandwiches and dished up two bowls of applesauce. "Buford, come eat," she called. He came in dressed in overalls and work boots.

"Thanks Polly, looks good. I got hold of the tow company and they have a heavy duty unit they can send to meet me around two o'clock today at the scene. What's that smell?"

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, ids grade," he mumbled through his mouthful of meatloaf sandwich. "Whud ids id?"

"It's called 'Fierce' I think. I came across it in … well, I just came across it and thought I'd try it out."

Buford washed down his last bite of sandwich with a swig of his cold beer. He got up and put the dishes in the sink and then came back over to the table and draped his arm over Polly's shoulder and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. "Mmm, you smell mighty nice. Mighty fierce, hehe. I appreciate the lunch. Buford slipped his hand under Polly's blouse and into the crevice of her bra to cop a grope of his wife's soft breast. "I love you tons, you know that?"

"I love you too," she said with a happy smile and patted the hand that was clutching her breast.

He gave a little nibble on her neck and breathed in the intoxicating smell of Tyne's cologne. "I'm relieved Val is going to be okay. If anything permanently bad happened to him or Vi, I don't know how I could handle it. I appreciate what a wonderful wife you are and how great of a mom you are to the kids."

"Thank you. You're a fantastic father, too. I'm one lucky woman. You know, Buford, I'm anxious to get back to see Val, but now that I know he's okay, and since Vi is over to her soccer friend's house, if you wanted to take a minute, we could go in the bedroom and show each other how much in love we really are. Feel like a quickie?"

With a little squeeze, Buford said, "I'll race ya. On your mark, get set, go!" He pulled his hand free and sprinted off to their bedroom, peeled himself out of the boots and overalls, jerked his boxers off and the sheets down, pulled the Vaseline jar out and leaped onto the bed and lay spread eagle sprouting an anxious erection, wearing nothing but a pair of white crew socks and a big smile.

Polly cleaned up the kitchen quickly and slinked into the bedroom smiling. She quickly disrobed and struck a seductive pose. "Ready, hot stuff? Little Boofy looks ready."

Buford wiggled Little Boofy at her a couple of times and said, "He's definitely ready, so jump in here toots and let's make some hay. Polly jiggled her tits, giggled and then climbed on the bed and slipped in between her hubby's legs. Then she began rubbing his dick between her ample breasts. He began slowly humping against them, then reached down and pulled her up to his lips. They began kissing more intensely than they had for a long time. Buford wrapped his arms around his wife's back and clutched her against his body, tenderly caressing her. Polly lost herself in the moment as they kissed passionately and wriggled against each other's bodies in the sensual dance of blissful lovemaking. Polly's juices were flowing more copiously than they had for a long time, dripping onto Buford's hard dick and sweaty balls. Polly reached down and lifted her hips enough to slip Little Boofy between the slippery valley of her flared vulva. She wiggled herself into the sweet spot and used the hot staff to manipulate herself into a sexual frenzy.

"Roll over baby. Boofy wants in." Buford started to roll Polly to her side but she stopped him in a semi-panic.

"No, stop! My hair! I don't want to have to do it all over again before I go to the hospital. Let me be on top so I don't mess up my hair."

"Really? We never do it like that. I didn't think you liked it."

"I don't know. I just feel frisky, that's all." She pushed him back over onto his back and popped the lid off the Vaseline jar. Polly scooped a dollop of the slippery gel onto two fingers and began spreading it over Buford's bulging pole. This was another break in the usual routine since he was always the one to grease himself up prior to entry. Although it felt a little odd and foreign, Buford had to admit to himself that he liked the idea of Polly taking more control over the act. It was kind of fun to just lay there for a change and be treated to a good time without any real effort on his part.

Polly straddled her man and raised herself up and reached between her legs to guide Little Boofy home. She found her entrance and held him in place as she slowly lowered herself down onto his greased up shaft. She sunk all the way down until she was resting on his pelvis and Little Boofy was deeply penetrating her tunnel of love. She rested there for a minute, relishing the feeling of being connected so deeply to the man she loved. She lowered her torso down, pressing her breasts to his broad chest, lying cheek to cheek. The two of them breathed in the wonderful aroma of Tyne's amazing cologne and Buford mumbled, "Summofabitch, that feels good, Polly."

"I'm glad. I like it too. I love feeling you inside me, you big stud." She rose back up and supported herself on his broad shoulders, forged firm and strong from many years of good, honest, physical labor as a plumber to support his family. She began a slow, rhythmic, rocking motion up and down, dragging Boofy's engorged head back and forth over her G-spot. Buford began moaning and fondling his wife's breasts, occasionally lifting himself off the bed to lick or kiss a nipple. Each time he began to approach his orgasm and start to uncontrollably hump upward into her, Polly would slow the action and let him subside.

Out in the hall, Violet had come home with her friend, Shawna, to look for her forgotten soccer gear when they screeched to a halt in front of her parents' bedroom door on her way to her room. She wasn't that good of friends with Shawna, because she thought she was so slutty, but her mother was the designated soccer mom and she had driven the girls over and was waiting out in the driveway. "Did you hear that?" Vi asked Shawna quietly.

"Yeah. Sounds like someone's getting plowed," she whispered back with a scoff. "That can't be your parents, can it?"

"Shut up. All you think about is sex. Besides, it can't be my parents. They went to the hospital to be with Val."

"Just because you wouldn't come to my party and do it with Danny doesn't mean other people aren't thinking about it. You should be a nun. Sex is cool. Try it sometime. You might like it."

"Shut up."

"Well, it sure sounds like your parents. Let's peek inside and watch whoever it is. I've seen my mom and her boyfriends do it lots of times. It's great!"

"No way. You're lying," Vi said. Then after a minute she added, "You are, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not lying. My mom and me share a connected bathroom and sometimes, late at night when I hear them bangin', I sneak in the bathroom and watch through a crack in the door. I like watching Ramon plow my mom the best. He's really hot and has a really big one. Sometimes I go back to bed and pretend he's plowing me with that hard, hairy cock and finger myself until my pussy gets all wet and tingly."

"Eww. Really?"

"Yeah, really. It feels soooo good and sexy. C'mon. Just open the door a crack, real slow like, and we can peek in. If they're anything like my mom and Ramon, they will be so into it they won't even notice. Besides, if they catch us, we can always say we thought someone was sick or injured and got worried," Shawna said with a twisted smile.

"Okay, but don't make any noise." Vi twisted the doorknob very slowly and then pushed the door open just a fraction. Nobody inside seemed to hear it or notice, so she cracked it open just a little bit wider. Shawna got down on her hands and knees between Vi's legs and peeked through the gap. Vi leaned forward and poked her right eye tight against the door jamb. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Back in the master bedroom, Polly took one of Buford's hands from her breast and moved it to her clitoris, then coached him along until he found the correct speed and pressure. In no time after that, she peaked, crying out in sheer ecstasy as she gave herself over to the automatic reflexive actions of a powerful orgasm. Her vagina contracted tightly, clutching Buford's erection, driving him wild. Watching his wife throw her head back and cry out in sheer pleasure and feeling her body react like this, gave him a thrill like he had not experienced in their lovemaking for some time. He took her by the hips and began wildly thrusting himself deeply into her. She threw herself into the action by bouncing up and down in a frantically erotic dance until Buford yelled out her name, arched his back and shoved himself deep, deep into his bride to explode his payload into her. Two thrusts later, accompanied by equally ecstatic eruptions, he collapsed back on the bed in a gelatinous mass of quivering flesh, totally spent and sweating. Polly lowered herself onto him, equally spent, and rested there, savoring the delightful experience.

Out of breath, Vi looked down and saw that Shawna had one hand slipped into her soccer shorts and was frantically moving it around on her taco. That kind of grossed her out in a way, but then she copied her and rubbed her own pink taco and realized she was all hot and wet, and she felt kind of tingly all over. She was sweaty, too. She flicked Shawna on the head and motioned for her to get back, since there wasn't much more to see. She slipped the door closed quietly and leaned against the wall wide-eyed and amazed. Her heart was pounding and her head was spinning. "Wow," she muttered. "I didn't know they still did stuff like that."

"No shit," Shawna whispered. "For old people they really got it going on. Did you see the size of your dad's dick? It's like a baseball bat! Kyle's was like a toothpick sticking in me."

"You think that's big, you should see my brother's. I walked in his room one time when I thought he was awake and doing his homework, but he was asleep on his bed and the covers had fallen off. It was humongous, and all hairy. It was sticking straight out of the pee-hole in his boxers. He must have been dreaming about his girlfriend," Vi said.

"Oh, I'd like to see that. Boys our age all have little ones, except for Danny. You missed out. Your loss was my gain. I'm still a little sore from it."

"Shut up. You did not do it with him," Vi said, trying not to yell.

"No, I'm just giving you shit for not coming to my party. I only ever did it with Kyle. C'mon, let's go. My mom is probably wondering where the hell we are."

Collecting herself, and feeling very brave all of a sudden, Vi reached up and knocked, "Mom? Are you in there?"

"What are you doing?" Shawna whined.

"Shut up."

Polly gasped, jumped off Buford's warm body and frantically searched for something to put on. "Just a minute, sweetheart." Polly quickly wiped between her legs with a corner of the sheet and grabbed a robe from the closet, while Buford pulled the covers over his nakedness. Then she opened the door. "Violet, what are you doing home? Oh, hello, Shawna."

"I forgot my soccer cleats and I came home to get them, but I can't find them. Shawna and her mom brought me. Her mom is waiting out in the car."

"Hi, Mrs. Hardcastle," Shawna sang out.

"Hi, dear, how are you," she said dryly.

Violet looked past her mother who was trying to fill the doorway and asked "What are you guys doing home? I thought you were at the hospital with Val? Is he okay?"

"Oh, well, yes, he's out of his coma and doing much better. I'm going back to the hospital in a bit and your father is going to try and get Val's truck out of the streambed."

"Oh. Good. I'm glad he's okay. I was so scared for him. What are you guys doing in here, anyway?" Violet pried, wondering what her mom would come up with.

"Oh, umm, well we were …"

"We were trying to get some sleep until you girls knocked on our door," Mr. Hardcastle said, rolling over in the bed to his side but keeping the covers up around his neck. "We didn't get any sleep last night and we're worn out."

"Oh, okay. You both really do look pretty worn out. I'm sorry I woke you. So do you know where my cleats are at? Shawna's mom is still waiting."

"I saw them out in the garage on top of the dryer. Did you look there?"

"Oh yeah. That's right. Thanks. See ya. You can go back to bed or whatever. I'll text you after my game and let you know if I scored." Violet winked, smiled, wheeled and trotted off to get her cleats, Shawna followed, hot on her heels.

"Bye Mrs. Hardcastle. Bye Mr. Hardcastle!"

"Good-bye, girls," Buford said.

Mrs. Hardcastle closed the door, leaned against it and asked, "You don't think they heard us, do you?"

"Lordy, we were so loud, I think they mighta heard us in the next county. But nah, I don't think they heard us. Vi didn't act like it at least. We were just laying on each other, panting like a couple of rabbits chasing hound dogs when she knocked."

"Isn't that backwards?"


"Rabbits chasing hound dogs. Isn't it the other way around?"

"Usually, I guess. But I had some mean damn rabbits growing up. Damn dogs hated them."

"That's funny. I can hardly picture it. That's as wrong as us getting caught by those young girls. Even if they didn't hear us, they could certainly put two and two together seeing us like this."

"Ah hell, they didn't know anything was going on. They're too naïve to think anything."

"I certainly hope not. It's one thing if Violet heard us, but it would be horribly embarrassing if her friend, Shawna, had heard us. It could be really troubling to her psychologically if she hasn't been properly prepared for such a thing by her mother. I think her mother is a little bit of a slut and I doubt she has bothered to give her daughter any kind of proper training on the subject. I've read about that in one of Dr. Ruth's books."

"Well, even if they did hear us, you already had that big sex talking thing with Vi and explained it all, didn't you? So at least she was prepared for what she might have heard and you can bet your last dollar the two of them will be talking about nothing else if they did hear us, so Vi can fill her friend in on all that womanly instruction you gave her. I wouldn't worry about it."

"Still, it's unsettling. Maybe I should try and talk to her again, just in case."

" Just forget it. They're too young and they didn't hear a thing. Do what you want, but for now, why don't you lose that robe and settle back in next to me, toots. That was one wild ride you just took me on. Hoo-wee! We're gonna have to mix it up like that a little more often. I might have to insulate the bedroom walls so we don't pervert our kids and the neighbor kids too. And wherever you got that new perfume, go get more of it. That drives me absolutely wild."

Polly smiled, slipped the robe off and crawled under the covers where the two of them snuggled and dozed for another half hour, kissing and caressing. Giving Buford one last kiss and a little playful squeeze of his nuts, she realized he was completely erect again.

"Did you take Viagra or something?" she chuckled as she gripped his erection and gave it a couple of gentle strokes.

"Hell no, I don't need that crap to get the job done. Not yet at least. It's that perfume you're wearing, I swear it's got powers over me. Any chance of a quick encore?"

"My goodness, Buford, you haven't been this frisky since our honeymoon. How about I just handle this second show on my own? She pulled the covers away, gripped his dick in one hand and fondled his balls with her other one. She stroked him until he bucked his hips and shot a second load onto his abs and pubes. Then she slipped out and went to the bathroom to freshen up. She tossed him a washcloth, through the open door, dampened with hot water to clean himself up with.

"Polly, speaking of putting two and two together, you don't think there was any funny business going on between that Tyne boy and our Val, do you?"

"Goodness no. Val's a big strong athlete and dates girls. You're being silly. But, just out of curiosity, what would you do if there were something going on between them."

"God only knows. At one time, I might have said I'd kick his ass to the curb, but I've watched a friend at work deal with it with his son and … ah hell, no need to even think about it. He's not one and that's that. Crazy thought, that's all it was." Polly looked at him and wondered whether to pursue it any further. She wondered herself if anything had gone on but decided it was best to just leave it alone.

Polly dressed, covered Buford with a blanket and gathered up everything she needed for the hospital, leaving Buford dozing in bed, naked. She drove to the hospital with a pad between her legs, smiling from ear to ear like a prom queen after the dance.

Noah glanced at his phone when it vibrated then did a little happy dance when he saw it was Tyne returning his 20 messages. "Hey Mofo, where you been hiding?"

"Hey Noah." Tyne's voice drawled since he was still tired. Glancing at the clock on his desk, he was surprised he'd slept until almost 1:00 in the afternoon.

"You okay, girlfriend? I was worried about you."

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just a little sore."

"Thank god, T! I was super-duper nervous about you after I got your mom's text early this morning. She sent me a text that you came home but Val had to stay in the hospital." Then, after a long minute, he said, "Saw your naked ass on TV this afternoon. It was cute."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You were on the channel six news. We were watching it while we were having lunch and my mom pointed you out to me just as I heard your voice come on. I about wet myself when you climbed in the ambulance and your blanket dropped showing off your plump little ass."

"Oh my god, they didn't. That's …Just … Freakin' … Great. I'm sure it looked bigger on the wide screen. At least that's what they say anyway. I imagine I looked like I had child-bearing hips."

"No way, Cowboy. Listen, sweetheart, you know your ass is cute. You got that bubble butt going on that all the girls adore! Boys, too. Anyway, it was kinda funny, really. So picture this: during lunch, we were eating turkey and avocado Panini's and watching the channel six news per usual, when my mom said, 'Isn't that Tyne? Why is he nude?' I looked up just in time to see your white bread ass cheeks splayed across the screen as you climbed up into the ambulance. Why did you do that?" Noah asked.

"Not by choice," answered Tyne.

"So why were you naked?"

"It's a long story."

"I'm sure it is. Feel free to start at the very beginning. But first, is Val all right?"

"Yeah, I think so. He got banged up pretty good and he has a concussion."

"Holy shit! I told you to get him drunk and ravage his body, not club him over the head. What did you do to him?"

"I didn't do anything to him, mother fucker. We had a great time fishing and … stuff … and then we got caught in a big storm. We got all wet and we were freezing from the rain and hail. That's why we were naked. We had to take off our wet clothes and get under the dry blanket to keep warm and not get hyperthermia. Val actually saved our lives with his knowledge of outdoor survival. Then, when we left, the road was washed out and Val rolled the truck and we landed upside down in the river and he hit his head in the process. It's as simple as that."



"It's pronounced 'hypo-ther-mia'."


"You should know that, brainiac. So what happened to his killer truck?"

"Totaled," Tyne said, after a pause. "And his 4-wheeler, too."

"Ah, shit. I bet he was totally pissed when he saw it. You sure you're okay? You don't sound all that together."

"I just woke up. I'm hammered. I got no sleep at all last night from getting caught in the hailstorm and nearly freezing to death with 'hypo-ther-mia', waiting while Val hiked back up to the hot spring to get our clothes, crashing into the stream, dragging Val to shore, getting the ride off the mountain with Search and Rescue and then all the hospital experience."

"Whoa. Hold on sister. You wanna rewind and expand on that hot spring and clothing thing? Is that the 'stuff' part you mentioned earlier?"

"I didn't say that," Tyne denied.

"Yes you did. You said you two had fun fishing and 'stuff'. Define 'stuff' for me. What exactly was it that you stuffed and where did you stuff it? Who stuffed who? Were you the stuffee or the stuffor? Or did both you guys do the stuffing? Come on, Tyne, this is Noah Secrets you're talking to here. Spill it."

"Dude, I can't talk about that. It's … personal and private. And shut up about all the stuffing crap, you make us sound like a couple of Thanksgiving turkeys."

"Oh no! No way, sister. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but I'm going to drag it out of you so you might just as well get it over with and save yourself from my incessant, annoying, and never ending nagging."

"God, you're impossible," Tyne said with a note of exasperation. "I don't expect details about you and Nick and I don't intend to disclose details about me and Val."

"Tyne! You can't do this to me. If you don't tell me, I'll be forced to make something up and start a rumor all over school about it."

"You wouldn't." Tyne was sure Noah was bluffing, but the way bad things were happening lately, he was worried he just might.

"No, I wouldn't go that far. You know that. I would never tell anyone, not even Nick. Well, especially not Nick. But you have to tell me. We're like brothers, only without all the fighting and jealousy parts. Please. You'll hurt my feelings if you don't tell me. I'll think you don't love me anymore." Noah poured on the guilt-trip syrup nice and thick.

"God. All right. I'll tell you about it, but not over the phone. It's something I have to share in person, eye to eye."

"Yes! Oh my god, I'm all prickly just thinking about it."

"Yeah, I'm sure you are." Tyne's tone was very lackluster.

"What's wrong Tyne? Are you sure you're all right? I mean, seriously, tired is one thing, but you sound downright depressed."

"I'm worried about Val. And I sort of think all of this was my fault."


"Because I made him drive down the slippery dirt road when we should have just waited it out. I was worried that my mom would freak if we didn't get home on time – you know how she is. Little did I know …"

"Dude, you can't second guess stuff like that. You know that psychic lady that lives across the street from me? She says that things always happen for a reason, and I believe her. Anyway, you're okay, and I'm sure Val will be okay, too. They said on the news story that he was out of his coma and recuperating and that you'd been checked out and released. Hang on a sec." Tyne held the phone out in the palm of his hand and stared into space while Noah read a text from Nick. After a few seconds, Noah came back on and asked, "You still there?"

"Yeah, I'm here. What was more important than your best friend almost dying? Madam Leibovitz?"

"Sister, get off the soap box, already! You're alive and well and Val's gonna be too. Not to mention you had sex by a mountain lake with Val Hardcastle. Val Hardcastle, you moron! You should be going to Disneyland to celebrate not whimpering over a little thing like rolling Val's truck. You should be happy that part wasn't any worse. You are gonna be all right, aren't you?"

After a deep sigh, Tyne said, "I guess. Who was that?"

"My god, you're so curious about everything. You need to be more like me and mind your own business. If you must know, it was Nick."

"I need to be more like YOU and mind MY own business? Are you fucking kidding me? Please!" Tyne laughed. "You're a freaking 'hypo-thermic hypo-crite' if ever there was one. You notice that I never pried into what went on with you and Nick when he took you home after the dance."

"You won't believe what's happened with me and Nick. He spent the night at my house and we got all sexy together. IT WAS MAHVELOUS!!!" Noah sang out the last sentence in a screaming falsetto. "Then we spent practically the whole day together yesterday. We went to an art gallery and ate at Subway and we even saw that red headed kid from the basketball team working at Subway. The one that's in one of your classes. His name rhymes with Drano or something like that. How weird is that? I think Nick was a little embarrassed by being seen with me but I snapped that shit and he totally apologized for it. We also saw Lizzie's mom and we kicked her tired old ass to the curb. Not literally, but she won't be bugging any of us any time soon. Anyway, He's gonna pick me up in an hour and take me to the hospital so we can check on Val. He's really worried about Val, too. Be ready 'cause we're gonna pick you up and take you with us."

"Nah, that's okay. I'll get my mom to take me later on this afternoon."

"Horseshit! We'll be there at two-thirty and you better be ready sister."

"No. It's cool. I can just go later."

"No fucking way. If you were in the hospital, don't you think Val would be there for you? You know I'd be there for you in an instant! Get over yourself, already and man up. We'll see you soon." Noah didn't give Tyne a chance to answer and instead hung up on him. Tyne shook his head over Noah and then peeled off the cheap PJ's and headed to the shower. Walking down the hall, he met his mom and quickly covered his privates with his hands. God, he thought, he sometimes liked it better when she was at work and he had his privacy.

"Sorry," she apologized. "I heard you talking and then it got quiet so I thought you were finished. After your shower, I want you to see something I recorded on the TV.

"The news story?"

"Yes. How'd you know?" she asked.

"Noah saw it and told me about it. Going back to school's gonna be murder if anyone else saw it. But, yeah, I'd like to see it so when I get out of the shower, I'll come watch. Also, Noah and Nick are picking me up in a little while to go back to the hospital and see Val. That okay with you?"

"That's fine." Mrs. von Tyne smiled lovingly and retreated.

Tyne made his way into the bathroom and studied himself in the mirror. A few cuts and bruises was all he had gotten. He felt lucky. He showered quickly and his dick and balls made no demands on him so that sped things up as well. He toweled off and went back to dress. He had a hard time deciding what to wear. He wanted to look nice, but not overdone for Val. Finally, he decided on a pair of fairly skinny jeans and a dark blue Hollister shirt that complemented his hair and complexion.

He went out to the kitchen and called for his mom. She came in from her bedroom and they went to the TV. Tyne watched in horror as the interview developed. He noticed in the background you could see the paramedics working on Val. At one point, the paramedics uncovered Val's torso and they did a blurry screen thing around his midsection. If they hadn't done anything it was doubtful that you could see Val's privates, but since they did that it made it obvious that he was naked. Tyne groaned. He wondered why they blurred out Val's junk but not his ass. When it finally ended and the news anchor made the frolicking crack, Tyne cursed, "Fucking assholes."

"Tyne!" his mom scolded.

"Well. They are."

"I agree, but still."

Tyne shook his head at the TV and got up for a drink of water. His mouth was suddenly very dry. His mother stood up and spread her arms. Tyne folded himself into her and she hugged him tightly. She didn't speak but Tyne felt the moist tears trickle down his neck. "I love you too, Mom," Tyne said, breaking the embrace and going for his drink. He had barely finished his drink when he heard the rhythmic rumble of Nick's Mustang idling in the driveway.

"Bye mom."

"Bye sweetie. Don't stay too long," she said, as Tyne shuffled out the door.

"Thanks for the ride guys, but you didn't really have to pick me up. I was going to go later on," Tyne said, as he climbed in Nick's Mustang.

"Don't be a martyr, princess. You're not all that," Noah hissed at his best friend. "Why are you still such a Debbie Downer? I thought we got that all straightened out."

"I think Val is mad at me. I really fucked him up. He didn't want to leave but I pushed him into it. I don't think he'll ever want to hang around with me again."

"You know, Tyne, I've been best buds with Val for a long time," Nick said, starting up the car and backing the car down the driveway. "And I can tell you for certain that he doesn't blame you for any of this shit. It just happened, that's all. And I also know that he'd be furious to hear you talking shit like this. Val was driving, he crashed, end of story."

"I guess."

"Look," said Noah, "wipe that frown off your face right now. Val doesn't need to see you like this. We all have to go in there, smile and be happy, and cheer him up. Think about him for a change and not about yourself."

"Okay, I'll try. Thanks guys. I really appreciate this. It's just so hard because I feel responsible for what happened."

"Look, Tyne. I don't know you that well, but I can tell you that Val wouldn't do anything because of you or anybody else if he thought something wasn't safe. That's just the way he is. If he agreed to go, he did it because he thought it would be okay. He doesn't get pushed to do anything he thinks is wrong. Fuck, I should know, I basically offered to suck his dick for him and he actually threatened to kick my ass over it. So none of this is your fault," Nick said, blushing slightly. Tyne and Noah stared in astonishment at Nick's little revelation. "What? So I tried, big deal. Can you blame me?" They looked at each other, shook their heads no, and then they all started laughing.

"Hey Nicolito, tell Tyne what you said to me after I called you about the news story I saw. The thing you said after I told you that they found them both naked. After I said Tyne had been cuddled up under a blanket against Val's naked, unconscious body."

"Hehe. I said, 'Damn, some guys have all the luck'." Nick and Noah cracked up over that, but Tyne only found it mildly funny.

Val looked through his drug induced haze toward the sound of approaching footsteps. He smiled when he peeked through heavily-lidded eyes and thought it was Tyne pulling the drapes closed around his bed. Tyne lifted the sheet off Val's large feet and gave him a nice foot rub. It felt nice and ended much too soon. The tender sensual touch caused Val to bone up. Tyne covered his feet back up and moved to his side. Val couldn't hold his eyes open any longer so he just let them fall back closed and let Tyne have his way. Tyne is a true friend – a friend with benefits, thought Val to himself as Tyne started caressing his outstretched arm. Sleep called to him, but Val didn't want to miss the experience and struggled to stay conscious.

"Kiss me, Tyne" Val entreated in a low, whisper. Tyne abruptly stopped his caresses. Instead of kissing, Tyne ignored his plea and moved right on to the main event. He knew what Val needed. It was the same thing every boy needed. Val immediately progressed from being mostly hard to being fully rigid when the sheet and gown were removed, exposing his considerable manhood. Tyne paused, then gently took the large penis in hand and lifted it. Gently, he traced his finger around the tip, and yet something didn't feel just right. Tyne wiggled something inside of him. Whatever it was, took Val over the edge too quickly, much too quickly. "Ohhh," Val groaned at the onset of the orgasm. His voice revealed the mixed emotions of pleasure and disappointment at the suddenness of it. He wanted it to last longer. He wanted to be caressed more and teased. There was no stopping what had started however, and Val bucked his hips and gasped in short, shallow breaths as the involuntary reactions played out. The familiar mental buzz was there along with the spinal tingles, but there was no satisfying squirt. Instead there was resistance. It dampened the experience for him. There was, however, another sensation deeply seated up inside him between his balls and his ass. As that part of him reflexively contracted, there was a new, heightened feeling. A feeling of being intruded. It was intriguing and confusing to his dazed mind.

"Oh dear, that's not good," a voice exclaimed.

"No," Val thought, "it wasn't that good." It was definitely not as good as he wanted it to be. Val realized that something else wasn't right. That wasn't Tyne's voice. Val forced his eyes open to see a fairly plain looking, lumpy young woman with short blond hair styled much like Tyne's, holding his penis on one hand and wiping up the small amount of his cum that had escaped the blockage with her other hand. There was, however, a fair amount of cum running down his shaft and pooling on his balls.

She smiled at him when she noticed his open eyes, and Val, in addled disbelief, mumbled, "Sylvia?"

"No, afraid not. I'm Danielle, your nurse. I'm afraid my inspection of your catheter triggered a reaction from you. I'm sorry for that. I should have waited and checked it later, but it looked a bit inflamed at the tip. And now that I see it, it actually is. Now with this 'substance' in there, we will have to change it out or you'll really have problems with it. I really don't see why you need it anymore anyway. You're aware enough to use a bed urinal from now on. I'll check with the floor doctor and see if we can't just remove it and leave it out. That sound okay with you?"

Slowly the situation dawned on Val. He'd mistaken the nurse for Tyne and to his sudden horror, realized what he'd just done in her presence. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry." Val felt the blood rush to his face and it worsened his headache. "I can't believe that just happened."

"Don't worry. It's a natural thing for teenage boys. I've witnessed this before. I'm sorry I somewhat initiated it. I didn't think I handled it enough to trigger that. You must have already been thinking about Sylvia. Is she your girlfriend?"

"NO! I wasn't thinking about Sylvia, I was … umm, I don't know. Sylvia's just this girl I know. She's not my girlfriend. I like her and all but we just met. But I wasn't thinking about her doing … you know. Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. I'm just going to stop talking now." He pulled the pillow over his head.

"Don't be embarrassed. Seriously. It's natural. It happens." Then she leaned in close and whispered, "It was kind of nice to witness. You have a beautiful body, young man. It's exceptional, really. Sylvia's a very lucky girl." She pulled the gown down and the sheet back up, extracted her rubber gloves and tossed them before leaving to find the doctor.

She returned relatively quickly with a tub and some sponges. "Good news," she chirped. "You can get rid of this nuisance." She pulled the drapes closed, exposed Val's member again and put more gloves on. She snipped one of the tubes and then took Val's penis in one hand while gripping the Foley tube with the other and gave a long steady yank on it. While it wasn't painful exactly, it was a bit uncomfortable as the tubing and deflated balloon at the end was extracted from his bladder and slid upward and out of his urinary tract and through the end of his long dick. She placed the extracted tubing into the bucket and then sponged around Val's penis. Then she applied a little ointment with a Q-tip into the end of his pee slit and around the tip. She smiled, covered him back up and went about disposing of the paraphernalia. The whole time she was doing this, Val said nothing, being mortified from the experience and freaked out by watching the tube being pulled out of his guts through his piss-slit. He swore to himself that he'd never have this happen to him again.

She handed Val a plastic urine collector that he hung on his bedrail and asked if there was anything he wanted or that she could do for him. He asked her to turn the TV on and she showed him how to do it with the remote by his left arm. Channel six came on. He thanked her and she left. Val blinked a few times to clear the stickiness out of his eyes and watched as an overly made up news woman started interviewing some kid in a blanket. "Holy F'n Shit!!" Val cried out. "That's Tyne." He watched and listened in stunned silence as Tyne explained about getting caught in the hailstorm. He gasped in horror as the snotty woman brought up about them being found naked. Then he saw the blurred out section of his privates and Tyne's naked ass as he climbed into the ambulance. The final straw was the news anchor with the fancy hairdo insinuating that they were up there messing around together or frolicking as he called it. "Son of a bitch!"

Val jumped as the automatic blood pressure cuff started filling up. It startled him. When the pressure of it released and the results were measured, it triggered an alarm. Nurse Danielle came in and asked, "Is everything all right, Val?"

"Hell no, everything's not all right. They just showed a news story about me and my friend, Tyne. Sons of bitches showed us naked and insinuated we were up there doing gay shit. I need to get out of here and go kick their asses."

"Well, that's not possible. I understand that would upset you, but it's not good for you to get your blood pressure up. Try and relax."

"How? I can't believe it. Everyone at school is gonna think we were up there being gay. Son of a bitch. I'm gonna have to move and change my name. Dammit."

"Well, that is unfortunate. They shouldn't be allowed to do something like that. But for your own good, try to put it out of your head. Find some sports or a funny movie to watch."

The nurse flipped channels and then stopped. "How about this? It looks like a sitcom." She got almost to the door when she realized it was Will and Grace. She scurried back and changed it again to ESPN. She smiled awkwardly and rushed out.

Val watched the analysis of the last Superbowl with minimal interest for a few minutes, but he found that the light began hurting his eyes. He clicked the TV off, pulled the sheet and thin blanket up over his head to block as much light as possible and stewed over the news program. His large feet stuck out at the bottom of the covers, but he didn't care. He could only imagine what the haters were going to do when he got back to school. He thought about whether he could drag out the head injury thing long enough for the whole thing to kind of die out. He wondered if Sylvia would even go out with him now. He groaned. His headache was back.

As he lay there reflecting on the implications of the stupid news report, he had to admit that part of him was okay with it. Part of him liked the idea of being linked with Tyne. He imagined making his own announcement that he loved Tyne and he didn't care who knew it. That thought both excited and frightened him at the same time. His dick reacted to it and twitched as he reflected back on the unbelievably hot experience in the mountain spring when Tyne actually helped suck on his cock.

Changing positions in the uncomfortable bed, he buzzed for the nurse and asked for some more pain meds since his headache was back. Nurse Danielle popped in the room a few minutes later, saying she had checked his chart and decided it was close enough to the scheduled time to inject some more Dilaudid into his IV tube.

While she was there, she did a quick review of his vitals, checked his extremities for any latent effects of his exposure and took a peek under the covers. "Just can't keep your hands off my junk, can you?" Val joked with a wink, as the strong medication took hold. "I have that affect on women, but I'm afraid you already wiped me out for today. No more performances." Val's joking was his way of dealing with the lingering embarrassment of the earlier episode.

"Yeah, it's just too irresistible," she quipped back. "It's looking better already, by the way. Is it tender or does it burn when you urinate?"

"I don't know. I haven't had to yet."

"Okay. Well it may sting a little at first, but if it burns intensely, let me know. Anything else?"

"The lights hurt my eyes."

"Okay, I'll dim them." She turned them nearly off as she stepped out and closed the door. Val dozed back off.

After a while, he felt a caressing touch on his large feet. He had no idea if he'd slept an hour or a week but the drugs had definitely improved his headache, and gave him a warm buzz. The hands caressing his feet were petite and soft, and their warmth felt good on his chilly, exposed feet and toes. He wondered how long he'd been out. He tried to think of something clever or witty to say to the nurse, but couldn't come up with anything. He decided to just pretend to stay asleep and see if she tried to touch his privates again. He felt pretty sure she probably would. After the brief foot rubdown, she moved to the side of his bed. She brushed his hair off his forehead and kissed it gently. When that happened, Val realized it wasn't his nurse at all. He recognized Tyne's distinctive cologne and smiled beneath the blankets shielding his eyes. He hoped Tyne had come alone. Val felt the gentle caress of his special visitor's soft hands over his arm and then tenderly swipe across his cheek, then come to rest on his forearm just above the insertion point of the IV.

Val could still smell the sweet, woodsy odor of Tyne's cologne and combined with his soft caresses, it caused him to get stiff again, somewhat to his surprise. It hadn't been all that long since he'd busted a nut in front of the nurse. Val listened carefully and there were no other sounds. Tyne just left his hand gently resting on Val's arm for the longest time and it became a little frustrating to Val. It seemed so typical of Tyne that he would be too hesitant to go any further. Val reached down with his free arm and slowly slid his gown up to his chest, then said, "Dude, I've lost the tube up my dick so finish what you started." He tossed the covers downward off of his head and torso, exposing his magnum-sized, erect penis. His broad smile quickly retreated as his eyes adjusted and met those of his bewildered and shocked mother. "Oh god, Mom! What are…?" He scrambled to gather up the covers and pull them up. "Oh god, I thought you were…"

His mother recovered enough from the shocking site of her son's well endowed and obviously stimulated sex organ to fill in the blank, "Tyne?"

"Yano. NO! Oh god no. I, umm, I thought you were uhh, uhh…" Val's injured brain couldn't come up with any reasonable explanation and he just continued to stammer.

Mrs. Hardcastle placed a finger to Val's lips to silence him and said, "It's okay Val. Calm down. I know about Tyne and I suspect you and him have, well, shall we say, experimented together. I'm not angry or upset. Surprised and a little unsettled, I won't deny, but not upset."

Val looked at her, still filled with trepidation and turmoil, but her eyes were full of love, compassion and understanding. The lack of animosity, disgust or even serious concern disarmed his nervousness and he started to relax. "Mom, I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't know it was you. Your perfume smells so much like Tyne's cologne that I assumed…"

"I know. So Val, tell me honestly, do you think you're gay?"

"No. Maybe. It's confusing. I have strong feelings for Tyne, I do. But, I'm still interested in Sylvia and girls in general. Maybe I'm a bisexual. Other guys have never really gotten me hot and bothered before. Like when N… this other guy came on to me, I was more disgusted by it than anything else. I don't know what it is about Tyne, though. He's special."

"Tyne's mother informed me that Tyne is gay and she was suspicious that perhaps he had influenced you into doing whatever it is two guys do with each other. I still haven't exactly figured that all out and I'm not sure I really want to. I'm definitely sure your father, being as opinionated as he is, wouldn't get it at all." Then, switching gears, she asked, "Did you two sodomize each other?"

"I'm not sure what that means."

"Did you stick your penises into each other's poop holes?"

"Eww. Mom! Geez. NO! We didn't do anything like that. You can be so gross sometimes. I wouldn't even think about doing that."

Val's mom stared intently at him for a minute and then said, "Well, then why do you have two different size condoms in your dresser drawer? I just got a glimpse of why you have the Magnum size, but why would you have the snuggy fit one if it wasn't meant for Tyne's sleepover?"

Val stared at her for a long minute with no answer. Finally, he decided to trust her. "Okay. I thought about it. I bought both sizes to be prepared in case something like that did happen, but we didn't do it. We messed around together, just harmless stuff, but I honestly don't know if I could go that far with Tyne or not. I'm pretty sure Tyne's the only guy I could do that with. Maybe I'm Tyno-sexual."

His mom took his hand and asked, "What about girls? Have you put your penis in a girl's vagina before? Did you do it with that cheerleader girl, Lizzy?"

"Mom, I've told you 100 times, she was not a cheerleader. She was a wannabe and she was a bitch. Pardon my language, but she was. No, I never put it in her and I've honestly never put it in anyone, boy or girl. I'm still a virgin."

"Do you want to go all the way with girls? Do you think about sticking your penis inside one of your girlfriends?"

"Yes. I think about it a lot. All guys do."

"Hmm, I doubt Tyne thinks about it. I'm guessing he's thinking more about sticking it in your poop hole, like I so eloquently put it."

"Oh my god, Mom. That sounds so disgusting coming from you. I don't think Tyne is really interested in my poop hole like you think. Honestly, and I hope you won't be shocked by this, I practically had to seduce him up at the lake just to get him to do anything with me and it wasn't all that much. He was very reluctant. Yes, he's gay like you said, but he's not all F'n horned up like you seem to imagine. He's just a nice guy and yeah, I was curious about it and talked him into doing some stuff together, but it's not like we're gay lovers or anything."

"Okay. Thanks for being honest with me, sweetheart. I love you and will no matter who or what you are or become. Be true to yourself. For your father's sake, please give Sylvia and other girls an equal consideration. Tyne seems like a very nice young man, but I'd really like grandchildren. And like I said, I think this kind of open conversation with your father is best delayed as long as possible, even up to never if it can be."

"Well I sure as heck don't plan on bringing it up if you don't."

"I won't. Keep me posted on how you're doing with it. Please."

"Sure. Okay. I love you, Mom."

Mrs. Hardcastle leaned in and kissed Val on the forehead and patted his cheek. "By the way, the reason I smell like Tyne is because I found his cologne on your bathroom counter and used it. It drove your poor father wild. He loved the smell of it and in fact, I would have been here earlier but we went to the bedroom and engaged in the most incredible, passionate, wild..."

"MOM! Stop. I don't want to hear that. Please let me go on believing Violet and I were found in a cabbage patch, all right?" They shared a laugh together and she kissed his forehead again.

"I'm so glad you're okay. You haven't lost your wonderful wit, I can see that."

"Hey Mom, can you do me a favor? They took that stupid tube out of my dick and I need to pee but I can't reach the bottle."

"I'm glad they took the tube out of your PENIS. Dick is your uncle and my brother, who lives in Milwaukee," she scolded as she handed him the urinal bottle and turned away. He ignored the scolding since he'd heard it before and concentrated on starting the flow. It took a long time of concerted effort to get the flow, but then the warm, orange liquid filled half the bottle up. He set the bottle on the rail and told his mother she could turn around.

Val told his mother about the television program and how angry it made him. He shared his worries about what kids at school would say and how much crap he and Tyne would get over it. He seemed as genuinely concerned for Tyne's safety as for his reputation and that pleased his mom. After listening intently for a long while as Val rambled on over the news story and its possible implications, she finally interjected, "If anybody hassles you over it, just tell them to mind their own fucking business."

Val's eyes shot wide open and his jaw dropped. "Whoa, mom. I've never heard you say anything like that before."

"Well either that or tell them they can just blow it out their poop holes." That made them both laugh. Shortly after, there was a small knock on the open door and Sylvia stepped in. She was wearing a plain brown jumper and white knee socks. She looked like a badly dressed girl scout. Her hair was braided, but not well. Her eyes, however, lit the room up.

Mrs. Hardcastle stood up when she introduced herself as Sylvia, a friend of Val's from school. They shook hands in greeting and Mrs. Hardcastle said, "Oh yes, I know about you. Val talked about you a great deal after the Valentine's dance. It's so nice to meet you. I could step out if you wanted to have some private time with Val. I know he'd love to chat with you."

"It's okay. You can stay. I just had to come see how Val is doing."

Val leaned up on his elbows and said, "Hey Sylvia. Thanks for coming. How'd you even know how to find me?"

"I saw the news report this morning and I knew someone who knew Noah and he gave me your home number and I got ahold of your dad and he told me where you were at." She was a little nervous and sort of rambled. Val thought it was kind of cute.

"Oh, you saw that? How embarrassing. I worried if you saw that, you wouldn't want anything more to do with me."

"Why would you think that?" Sylvia looked sincerely puzzled.

"Because it made it sound like Tyne and I were up there in the mountains being gay."

"I didn't take it like that at all. You were just trying to survive. It sounded like an awful experience. I'm so glad you're doing better."

Mrs. Hardcastle smiled and sat back down pretending to read her magazine while she strained to hear every word of Val and Sylvia's conversation. It was small talk on Sylvia's part after she finished expressing her deep concern and getting a detailed account of everything the doctor said might happen to him. "Don't worry, Sylvia, my old man already asked if I was still gonna be able to wipe my own butt and feed myself," Val joked. "It was good news."

"You're so funny. I love that about you." Mrs. Hardcastle peeked up and smiled wider when she saw Sylvia was holding Val's hand as they chatted. The rest of the chatter went to idle flirting which neither of them seemed very good at. Val ended up telling Sylvia all about his various fish stories from his childhood and she soaked it in as if she were really interested.

Just then, Nurse Danielle appeared at the door and asked, "So who are your visitors?"

"This is my mom," Val said motioning toward the chair.

"And I bet you're Sylvia," Nurse Danielle guessed.

"Yes, I am," Sylvia said with surprise. "How did you know that?"

"Val mentioned your name earlier."

"He DID?" Sylvia and Val's mom said in unison and with the same tone of pleasant excitement.

"Oh yes. Excuse me just a minute while I give him a quick checkup." Danielle motioned for Sylvia to step back and then she drew the curtain closed around his bed. She checked his temperature, felt his feet and toes, looked over the automatic blood pressure readings and inquired about his head. She checked the level of urine and then peeked at his penis without touching it. "Looks good. Any pain?"


Leaning in, Daniele whispered "I like her. She's nice. I got your back. Check this out." Nurse Danielle slid open the curtain and announced, "All done. He's looking good. He's a model patient. I wish all my patients were as good as him."

"I'm surprised to hear you say that," Val quipped with a wink, "here I thought I was one of your bigger handfuls to deal with."

Nurse Danielle, was knocked off guard and flushed red. It took her a moment to give herself some recovery time. When she regained composure, she pulled a bottle of lotion from her pocket and said, "Oh no, not at all. You should see the old man in 314, Now HE's a handful. I was about to give you a backrub with this medicated lotion to prevent getting all itchy from lying in bed so long, but I'm afraid my 'handful' in 314 needs me. Maybe you could get your mother, or even Sylvia, to do it for you. Or if you just want to wait, I'll come back and take care of it later."

Val smiled and said, "Thanks. How about it Sylvia, do you mind helping me out?"

"Umm, I don't know." Sylvia glanced nervously at Mrs. Hardcastle who set her magazine down and said, "I really need to stretch my legs and get a cup of coffee. If you don't mind, Sylvia, I'd appreciate your help while I'm gone. Would you like something from the cafeteria?"

"Okay, I guess I can do that if Val doesn't mind. And no, I wouldn't care for anything. Thanks."

"Very good then. Here's the lotion." Nurse Danielle handed it over to Sylvia and left. Mrs. Hardcastle pulled the drapes closed before leaving the two alone together. She wished desperately she could be a fly on the curtains and watch. She hung just outside the door for a minute and craned her neck.

"Thanks for doing this." Val rolled over. "Can you help me with this IV tube? Drape it over my pillow. Thanks."

"Is it okay if I pull the sheet back?" she asked shyly.

"Yeah, of course. I don't know how else you could lotion me up." There was a period of silence and then Mrs. Hardcastle smiled as she heard Val elicit a pleasant moan and say, "Mmm, that feels really nice. Rub a little harder. Mmm, thanks."

Nick, Noah and Tyne all arrived in the parking structure just as the backrub was beginning. Nick parked his nice Mustang on the top tier away from any other cars and the three hopped out. On their way through the lobby, Tyne stopped and bought Val a Kit Kat, since Val had told him once that was his favorite. He hid it in his pocket in case it wasn't allowed. The three made their way up the elevator just as Sylvia finished Val's back. It was all Noah and Nick could do to keep their hands off each other. Tyne just rolled his eyes and shook his head when Nick pinched Noah's ass.

"All done," Sylvia pronounced. "Did you like it?"

"Oh yeah. It was great. You're really good at that. You should become a nurse or a massage therapist."

Sylvia smiled. "I sort of had nuclear engineering in mind, but if that doesn't work out, I guess I can always fall back on those careers instead."

"Wow. I keep surrounding myself with super brains these days. Maybe some of it will rub off on me. Hey, can I ask another favor? If you don't want to, just say so but, I'd really like to have my bottom and legs lotioned up too, they're kind of itchy too."

"Really?" There was nervous anticipation in her voice. "You think I should?"

"Why not? It's not like we're doing anything dirty or anything. It's just to keep me from being all itchy, you know? If anyone comes in, just stop and pull up the sheet. Please."

"Okay. If you need me to." Sylvia nervously took the sheet and pulled it down over his firm buttocks and solid thighs to his knees. A shiver of nervous excitement coursed through her body. She spread a large pool of lotion on her palm and rubbed it to warm it a bit between her hands. She moved to the opposite side of the bed and placed her trembling hands on Val's tight ass cheeks and began massaging in the medicated lotion. Val moaned appreciatively and wiggled just a bit to let his erection slip upward beneath him. He spread his legs just a tad to hopefully provide Sylvia a little better view of his nice set of balls.

The three amigos exited the elevator on the third floor and Tyne led the way past the nurses' station to the room. He peeked in first and saw the room was quiet and the curtain drawn. "He might be sleeping or resting. Let me go in first and surprise him with the Kit Kat," he said to the guys.

Tyne crept in ever so quietly and pulled the candy bar from his pocket. He slipped a hand between the curtain break and popped inside, "Surprise!"

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